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File 131681219514.png - (8.97KB , 600x600 , 685.png )
351734 No. 351734 ID: c811c4

>"So that's it? That's the end of the Lich King?" Ears asks.
"Only the end of being the Lich King, but now we're the same. I'm not the Lich King, and I'm not the construct."
"I am Chee."

I feel like I can take on the known universe.

Which is good, because I may have to.
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No. 351735 ID: c811c4
File 131681223570.png - (16.05KB , 600x600 , 686.png )

>"That hat doesn't match you anymore, Chee."
"Just for now, Ears."
No. 351736 ID: c811c4
File 131681229602.png - (21.11KB , 600x600 , 687.png )

"Come on, Kip, Ears, let's destroy the earth god. I hope this works for Fen!"

>"Hey, Chee?"
"Yes, Ears?"
>"About this whole god slaying business."
>"There's three of us."
>"That's a god."
>"We're going to kill it? An embodiment of the elements?"
>"Do you know how?"
>"But we're doing it?"
>"I have... concerns about this. Yes. I'm concerned. That's a good word to express my feelings towards this. Wasn't that god sleeping or something?"
>"Oh, Sir, that is an error on my part. I did not mean to insinuate this was literally a sleeping god, but simply that when he first walked this land, he never showed himself to be a god. It was not until his exile he apparently, one might metaphorically say, "awoke", to realize his godhood."

>"Okay, okay. I still have concerns. Mostly on topic of our own well being."
"Like butterflies in your stomach?"
>"Well, yes, yes, you could say that, but pissing my pants would also be an accurate term, but we can settle with butterflies. Let's just pretend we have a plan, or pretend that we have a hunch on how to do this? That would make me feel a lot better. Okay, a little. But still better."
No. 351737 ID: 0bd0b0

Do you have anything that could possibly weaken or destroy a god? Otherwise, the plan would just be to kick its ass.
No. 351740 ID: 025654

if lichee doesn't know, nobody's gonna.
No. 351745 ID: 35e1a0

tell ears his job is just to weaken his power. it's an earth god and he is an earth mage, he needs to try his hardest to make sure the rocks around the battle don't move.
No. 351746 ID: d97c6d

"If it makes you feel better, I chose you to assist me for a reason. Certain forces forbid me from telling you just what that reason is, but I will say that you're... special. You and Kip both are. I have confidence that the two of you, at least, will come out of this alright."
No. 351748 ID: 1854db

Oh fine we'll do research first. Party pooper. We need to go find as many books on the death of gods as we can get. Which could be as many as ONE!
No. 351750 ID: e3f578

Well, I'm pretty sure gods stop moving if you impale, set them on fire, and punch 'em enough like with everything else. So that's a plan! Let's just get brutal.
No. 351757 ID: 72d8c7

Also we never found out what happened to Kradis. He seemed to have be disappeared'ed from the timeline after the dream. Chop didn't remember him.
No. 351758 ID: c811c4
File 131681751675.png - (27.52KB , 600x600 , 688.png )

"Ears, and also Kip, there's a very good reason I've brought the both of you along! You guys are special.. and I mean that in the good kind of special! Ears, your job is to weaken his power. You're good at earth, right? Just try to keep the land from... doing stuff."

That is the best idea that we probably maybe don't have time for!

>"Okayyy, and you guys will.. magic and beat him into submission or something?"

"We are going to kick its ass! It should just be over this hill!"
No. 351759 ID: c811c4
File 131681756305.png - (26.10KB , 600x600 , 689.png )

"Oh my."

That's not how I remember him.

>"Chee, you are the last person in my proximity that I ever want to hear say somethiiiing like... that."
No. 351760 ID: a2fa74

He's earth, so hit him with Water
No. 351761 ID: 35e1a0

charge! make walls of air to slow any attacks he makes and use blades of water. try to suck the energy out of him.
No. 351762 ID: e3f578

did the god say that or did ears or kip?
Just saying, us advice souls can only tell you or the person we're with apart from other people. Not other people from other people. Usually it's easy with context but... well, context is floating around here in this group conversation.

Alright, he looks like a hydra. Let's not behead him. Maybe once to see if his biology acts like a hydra. I believe the weakness the earth is fire, usually. Sometimes it flips to wind, depending on the universe rules soooo fuck, fire it up. Then air it up if it doesn't help. But this one time I helped this guy slay an earth elemental in a desert filled with cat-people and salesmen and wizards spoke in bad puns. Fire was the only way to kill it to get past it's high defense.
No. 351763 ID: 4e7705

just get him soaked with water and then freeze the whole thing.
No. 351764 ID: e4003e

use a splash attack!!!
No. 351765 ID: d97c6d

Well, now, someone's gotten bigger since we last saw him. Also less lich-like. You know, with those eyes he actually looks a bit like Tom. Hey, Tom, what's his soul smell like?
No. 351766 ID: 72d8c7

Well all things have to start somewhere. He's obviously some sort of snake or hydra, so you could try to ride him and exploit his inability to attack you without greatly risking just hitting himself. I doubt you have a means to hurt him, but perhaps you could trick him into "eating his own tail."
No. 351768 ID: f70e5e

this is a good idea. water expands when it freezes so it pries any cracks its in open a bit wider. getting him wet and freeze him a few times should do something to him. its one of the most common forms of erosion so that might help since he's the embodiment of earth and all.
No. 351769 ID: 1854db

Illusions everywhere, put Speed on Ears so he can dodge stuff, Giant Strength on Kip so he can wreck shit, and shapeshift yourself HUGE. Start pummeling him with uhh I dunno, anything. Water, then freeze it to break him apart.

Tom: Any thoughts on this guy's soul?
No. 351772 ID: fee6e1

Never expected to be attacking a giant three-headed earth serpent.
No. 351778 ID: c811c4
File 131682201342.png - (37.08KB , 600x600 , 690.png )

That would have been Ears, but I understand the confusion!


"Leave Fen alone, god!"

It's.. hissing? It's trying to rush us, but the water is just managing to keep it back!
No. 351779 ID: c811c4
File 131682207855.png - (41.65KB , 600x600 , 691.png )

"Ears, what are you doing?!"
>"I know it looks like I've sunk to my knees and started crying, and I probably am, but in the meanwhile I'm trying to keep the ground around us stable! If you notice, everywhere else is trying to impale us!

Then Ears and I are pinned. If I cast any other spells on anyone, the water will stop, and the serpent will get through for a physical attack. I can't cast multiple spells of this magnitude at once, so we'll need a plan in order to get time to give speed, strength or shape shifting! Here's a reminder of what spells I have, at the top of my head.

-Elemental magic. All of the elements.
-Tom's spells (Open Lock, Shapeshifting and Increase Speed)
-Increase Strength

Also, I can still use ability souls in an explosive burst out of Tom.
No. 351782 ID: d97c6d

Okay guys, it's time to do what made Fen so awesome in combat. Kip, jump into the water and get ready to stab something. Chee, redirect a bit of the water to send Kip into one of the head's eyes.
No. 351783 ID: c811c4
File 131682239795.png - (13.86KB , 600x600 , 692.png )

Huh? Heard my name! Oh, man. That! I don't even think whatever that god has is what you could call a soul! If souls were eggs, this is the chicken. If a soul was a log, this is the house. You get the idea! I don't even know if I could eat that! Oh, do not think that that means I don't want to try. Because I do. Oh, how I do.
No. 351786 ID: e3f578

Either Explode Dragon Lich we've been saving for so long and we've never figured out what it did or try fire now.

Water slows it down, but what hurts it? I don't think illusions will work on this omnipotent of a foe.
No. 351787 ID: 1854db

Kip isn't pinned. Ask if he's learned any new tricks since last we saw him, because that sword is a little small for chopping this guy up. Has he gotten any better at elemental magic? At any rate, if he can do anything right now that'd be cool. Maybe cut off a spike and throw it at the thing.
No. 351789 ID: 1854db

The dragon lets us gain talents by merely having the advice souls inside someone when they perform some sort of magic. Or does it also work with skills? Besides, we don't really have a spare moment to use a Soul Explosion, unless Tom can do that while Chee is still channeling. In that case, we could burn a mage soul on this guy. See if you can pick one that would result in an ice explosion.

Heyyy... maybe you could send us to Kip momentarily for that sort of thing, if he has anything we don't know how to do?
No. 351790 ID: a2fa74

Can you cast a really quick spell that would freeze all that water before that thing can escape the wave?
If not, then try to trade volume for pressure. Make it a smaller but much more powerful stream of water. Powerful enough to erode rocks instantly.
No. 351805 ID: 9c538a


The earth god surely cannot do whatever it is he does if he's not on the earth.

I'm still with the theory that Dereego isn't really a god and is just using mad hax on the actual dreamer. Actually every god is probably like that. Why else would warboy stop mortals from approaching the sleeper?
No. 351807 ID: f70e5e

thats a good idea actually. angel the water so it lifts it off the ground if you can. if nothing else even a small fall would damage something of that size.
No. 351818 ID: 8efa40

make a little surf board out of earth and have Kip ride it to the leviathan's head. heads. whatever, just get him in range in an awesome manner.
No. 351924 ID: c811c4
File 131687783632.png - (17.23KB , 600x600 , 693.png )

"Kip, have you learned anything new?"
>"I'm sorry, miss, but while I am improved over the Kip you are most familiar with, my magic can't compare to you two."
"Then I need you to ride up to the serpent, I can direct the water well enough for you!"
>"Very well, miss!"
No. 351931 ID: c811c4
File 131688032334.png - (32.06KB , 600x600 , 694.png )

>"You're insane, Chee! He's insane!" Ears says.
"Oh my gosh Ears, quit whining! Tom, can you spit out a soul?"

>"Why yes I can~! 50% power to let the soul remain within us and it will heal, or we can give 100%! I haven't taken stock recently, but there's mage souls that will allow us a pretty good variety here. We have three powerful mage souls, one lich soul and the healer. We can shoot off a burst of just about any element."

Kip is still traveling up there, but Tom can follow Kip's attack with a burst. I think I'm lifting up the hydra as well, but it's hard to tell! There's so much water now. Should we use a soul, and if so, half or max power, and what element? Air and water would likely knock it around a whole lot, and fire might actually crack and damage it directly. I don't know about other elements!
No. 351933 ID: 814a58

what? no, sacrifice 50% of a soul to cast strength enhancement on Kip. or shapeshift, even, to make him huge and airborne.
No. 351934 ID: 803b7c

No. 351940 ID: e3f578

Kip get's massive redemption, wears giant's mask
final destination
No. 351945 ID: c811c4
File 131688411176.png - (43.20KB , 600x600 , 695.png )

"Tom, use shapeshift on Kip with one mage soul, half power!"
>"You got it!"
No. 351946 ID: c811c4
File 131688416048.png - (354.05KB , 600x600 , 696.png )

He sliced through!

>"Chee!" Ears says, "I can feel the rest of his body going through the ground, at the bottom of the ocean you just made!"
"Is that a good thing?"
>"I don't know, I still feel it moving around, like it was swimming in the earth!"

It's true, it feels like there's an earthquake rumbling.
No. 351948 ID: 35e1a0

are the heads dead? if so then be ready to dodge out of the way of him coming out of the ground.
No. 351949 ID: 814a58

drop the aquamancy and join powers with Ears to squeeze him out of the earth in a painful way... make sure he comes out somewhere in Kip's range.
No. 351967 ID: ff1292

Yes. Move him where you want him.
No. 351971 ID: c811c4
File 131688839357.png - (146.58KB , 600x600 , 697.png )

"Ears, get ready to dodge if it comes out of the ground, but let's try to squeeze him out for Kip."
No. 351972 ID: c811c4
File 131688840373.png - (195.20KB , 600x600 , 698.png )

Got him!

Another pair of heads?! Kip got one of them!
No. 351974 ID: c811c4
File 131688845049.png - (218.97KB , 600x600 , 699.png )

>"We have a problem!" Ears yells, "The original three heads are reattaching themselves at the back end of the body! Are we even hurting this thing?!"

What? They're all casting a breath spell of some sort, but I have no idea what kind of magic that is! It's completely new! No element I've ever seen!
No. 351976 ID: 35e1a0

max power reflection spell!
No. 351978 ID: 814a58

focus entirely on aeromancy. blow a gust of wind upwards strong enough to throw the heads' aim off by a lot.
No. 351980 ID: 1854db

New element? Maybe we can steal it. Are you powerful enough to send advice souls over then take them forcefully back after it casts? Or... something like that? Also, you have necromancy power- can you use any sort of soul-draining spell on this thing?

And yeah if you can just misdirect their aim we should be good. I wouldn't count on dodging since nobody has speed, and we don't have any way of knowing what would block or deflect that element. We don't have knowledge of any general magic shield do we?
No. 351983 ID: f29f63

Crap, the buggers a hydra type. Seal the stumps and try to keep him away from the earth somehow. As a god of Earth, his power is probably related to him being on the ground.
No. 351986 ID: 1854db

...have you tried using earth magic on the serpent itself? I mean, it's made out of earth so just... break it apart manually.
No. 351995 ID: c811c4
File 131689157432.png - (193.90KB , 600x600 , 700.png )

I dropped off the anti magic bubble back at the tower, and I don't know any shield or reflects that I'm confident can block whatever this is!

His own body is where his source of magic is, so not even I have the amount of power to just take him apart manually.

It's difficult, but I might be able to block a direct hit like this. It's made of rock though, so it's not easily swayed like a twig.

>Send souls over/soul drain

Yeah... yeah! I can send souls over to someone, but I have to touch them if I don't know them at all!

"Ears, I'm focusing on air, send me up!"
>"What? Are you going giant too?"
>"And you want me to send you up."
"Yes! I'm going to take his magic!"
>"Chee, I want you to think about this."
"Magic blast! Immenent! Right over us!"
>"And you want me to send you right into him?!"

Well, okay, it is risky. But think of the rewards! If I can pull this off, I'll have his magic! I'll have all the magic!

Or, I can continue attempting to lift it up off the ground while Ears and Kip try and do damage.
No. 351997 ID: d97c6d

Hey, Tom, how were you killed? Was it just physical damage, or did the paladins do something special to you?
No. 351999 ID: 1854db

We are NINJA. Also you can redirect your path all over the place via air, and have Kip distract him. You just need to touch him when he fires, that's it. Also, we can touch any part of him.

But seriously make sure Ears doesn't get hit by whatever it is. That's the first priority.
No. 352000 ID: cb3704

if you do this, Ears will die. defend him first, then you can get to learning his magic- no reward is worth letting your friends die.

goddammit what is Kip doing? he's supposed to be our tank! get him to slash this dude up- he needs to build some aggro. meanwhile, you and Ears go fly away and hide behind a mountain.
No. 352008 ID: c811c4
File 131689256427.png - (17.04KB , 600x600 , 701.png )


It was what the paladins claimed was 'holy' magic, whatever that means! But I'm no god, so there's no reason regular magic wouldn't work!

Oh, while I'm here, I may as well let you guys know your stock!

2 prepped mage souls, one delicious healer soul, one profound lich, and 1 wounded mage soul.

>Worry about ears

>"Of course I won't let Ears die, I'll make sure he's alright after he launches me up! I hear Kip coming back, he was probably handling the hydra head that he didn't cut off right as it rose up!" Chee says.
No. 352013 ID: 1854db

Why launch yourself? Teleport onto him.
No. 352015 ID: cb3704

if you're sure Ears will be okay, do it.
No. 352034 ID: 1854db

If we can't teleport and keep his heads out of aim at the same time, wait for Kip to help with that.
No. 352038 ID: f70e5e

trying to take his magic is a very risky move. however we just picked a fight with a god because it was getting in the way of our attempt to alter the past. its a little late to start worrying about this being risky. have ears launch you.
No. 352046 ID: 1854db

hmmm... we could do both. Ears can launch us and we can teleport reflexively if the god breathes at us.
No. 352052 ID: c811c4
File 131689679112.png - (10.61KB , 600x600 , 702.png )

>Why don't you just teleport?
No. 352053 ID: c811c4
File 131689682147.png - (167.35KB , 600x600 , 703.png )


Right. Fraga learned that, and so I did too.
No. 352054 ID: c811c4
File 131689686118.png - (55.16KB , 600x300 , 704.png )

Earth God

>"Alright!" Chee says, "Hang on for just a moment until he casts it, that should be enough to learn the spell!"

>"Huh? Cheelop? And, the voices? It's me, Fen!"
No. 352055 ID: 1854db

Fen?! Why are you in the earth god?! We're trying to kill it so you'll survive the past! Wait. You're one of these heads, aren't you?

Chee! See if you can isolate Fen's soul from in here and yank it out! That should weaken the Earth God. The other two heads are probably people from the past too. Holy crap, it's using souls to boost its power! I don't recognize the other two heads. One looks like the birdlich, the other... I don't know.

Tell us what you know, Fen. Anything about this Earth God you can tell us would be useful. Does it have any weaknesses or limitations? Is there a central core that we can destroy?
No. 352062 ID: 35e1a0

tom, if you see his soul poke out grab hold of it and pull it out of the earth god.
Fen, try to make a bit of your soul come out.
No. 352070 ID: b6edd6

Hey Fen! Are there any horrible consequences of killing this earth god that you happen to know about?
No. 352071 ID: cfc3ea

what are you talking about? Fen wouln't try to murder Cheelop.
No. 352074 ID: c811c4
File 131689950639.png - (5.75KB , 600x600 , 705.png )

>"Wait! If Chee is with you, and she's actually fighting this person, that means you guys are back in the future? I don't know if I'm one of those heads in your time, but I feel like my energy is being sapped out! After you guys left, I was able to hold my own for a bit, but then it... well, it ate me, and I've felt weaker and weaker since just floating around in space I can't feel. I was sure I was going to die! Sorry, I don't think I know much about this guy to be much help."

>"Oh! So his conscience is still in the past! I can still feel his soul though, and I can pull out it. I have no idea how that would interact with the timeline, though, so it might bring him back into our time."

>"Um, killing the earth god while I'm inside it might kill me too. I'm not trying to get in your way, though."

What are all of these souls doing inside of me? Bodies, I need bodies!
No. 352075 ID: c811c4
File 131689951911.png - (164.26KB , 600x600 , 706.png )


>"Oh! I got it, that magic! I can cast it, now! Also I'm going to make sure Kip and Ears found cover!" Chee says.
No. 352076 ID: b6edd6

And the paladin in us probably would not try to kill the gods, yet here we are.
FirstChee seems to have plagiarized our core ability from the earth god.
No. 352083 ID: cfc3ea

forget about the Earth God's soul, Tom.

say, Fen- how do you feel about living as a soul inside Chee's body?
No. 352084 ID: 1854db

Earth God, why are you doing this? Can you not see the suffering you are causing? Let those you have consumed go! We don't want to wake the dreaming god, but we will destroy you if we have to to make this stop! Your past self can see these events unfolding. If your past self spares Fen, you will survive this. Since you need bodies to recover your strength, why don't you just make a deal with the kobolds to protect the continent from invaders in exchange for all the corpses they can give you? Stop all this killing.
No. 352087 ID: 35e1a0

hit him with it! with a soul burst boost.
No. 352089 ID: d97c6d

Chee, can you figure out how the earth god's time magic works? It seems to allow a soul to exist in all time periods simultaneously by using his body as a conduit. Maybe we can get it to work with your body to link us to the you in the past so she can kill the earth god before it eats Fen, while it's still weak.
No. 352091 ID: 07416a

Personally, I think we should retreat to not do this half-assed like we are.
No. 352092 ID: 02f4a6

Yank out Fen, then kill the God.
No. 352096 ID: b6edd6

Can we send souls to Fen in the same way we send them to other people?
No. 352100 ID: e3f578

Super charge Fen's soul in the past with speed, willpower, and strength with half of all full souls now
use lichee's time soul powers to do so, so track his damn soul timeline. I don't care if I'm making bullshit up, rip quantum necrosoulmancy a new one and make that bullshit possible
you have her power man, use it.
No. 352103 ID: c811c4
File 131690353230.png - (7.93KB , 600x600 , 707.png )


>"Um, what? Well, if I had to be a soul living in Cheelop, that depends entirely on whether or not the alternative is 'getting devoured by the earth god' or 'getting out of the earth god so I can go home with Lily!'"

>"Wait wait wait no! Tom here, and Tom would like to express his great dissatisfaction at forgetting about this earth god's soul! So does Minci! And... and Shabin and... all of us! You can't hear them so you'll have to take my word on it that I should get his soul!"

Kobolds would not keep a deal for bodies! I will take them myself! Even if you could slay me, the other gods will take notice and avenge me!
No. 352104 ID: c811c4
File 131690359513.png - (258.30KB , 600x600 , 708.png )

Okay, everyone! I want to use that new magic, but what is my goal about Fen? I have to rescue him somehow, either by yanking out his soul, or somehow getting the earth god to let Fen go! I'll make whatever we decide happen, somehow! Killing him outright might not be good for Fen, but I don't know.

If you still want to talk to Fen, I can pass on the messages!

His body is a form that transcends time... it isn't a casted magic that I can just learn. I can't time travel so easily, I'm sorry! I might be able to do more if I had his soul.

But you know what? And this is a big but. I have a grasp on Fen's soul at his own present time. I think I can send souls to him in the past where he currently is at! I still need to save him before that does him any good, I can't send it to him before he went to the earth god.

>"Hey hey hey, Tom here again! I completely forgot we had Kragnar the paladin, too! That's another piece we can use for soul explosions, hah!"

In short, should we pull Fen out and see what happens then kill the god, or try and save him some other way?
No. 352107 ID: e3f578

>Even if you could slay me, the other gods will take notice and avenge me!
No they won't, you're like the weird, creepy co-worker or student that's quiet all the time. You just weird the other gods out man. They'd be glad your creepy ass wouldn't be around anymore. I mean really, why would the other gods care about you at all, chump. You're just small time. You couldn't even get a date at the heavenly prom.

I'm still up for imploding Fen with so power that the Earth God can't contain him anymore. Take Fen a level beyond ascension, you know? He's a hardy guy, he can take it. Make creepy earth guy go BOOM from the inside.
No. 352110 ID: cfc3ea

go for the longshot. send us to Fen! let's do this! BRING IT ON
No. 352118 ID: 1854db

Send ability souls into the past AND pull him out. The combination of these two actions might ensure that his soul is pulled back to his zombie body in the past, and that would proooobably let us rally everyone to evacuate the continent. Which in turn would weaken the God of Earth here, and make killing him and stealing his soul easier.
No. 352124 ID: f70e5e

earth god, you really don't understand people that well do you? we have a deal with a village exchanging protection for there dead. most people wold sacrifice there corpse to help there living friends. hell your a god, call it a holy burial right. if you work with us and let fen go we can probably come to an arrangement to get you alot of bodies.
No. 352126 ID: 1854db

(guys we aren't connected to the God of Earth anymore)
No. 352130 ID: c811c4
File 131690737666.png - (70.28KB , 600x600 , 709.png )



>"Yeeep! Soul transfer is go!"
No. 352132 ID: c811c4
File 131690743709.png - (8.55KB , 600x600 , 710.png )

Huh? What's this? I feel like I could break a sword with my pinky! I feel the god rumbling.
No. 352133 ID: c811c4
File 131690744953.png - (107.11KB , 600x600 , 711.png )

What's going on?
No. 352137 ID: f29f63

Yup, looks like Mr God does have our ability, but rather than having Tom serve as our little storage area/buddy, it needs to make heads for them.

We are over feeding a GOD here people! This is bloody awesome!
No. 352139 ID: e3f578

wait no don't clear the area Fen punch the weird grey background your standing on. If you can break a sword with a pinky, a punch with some effort should shatter the space and time around you. Just punch everything Fen. Punch it all.

Man, yall out there can clear if you want. Tom, maybe nibble his soul a little bit. Just a little taste and savor the flavor. I figure a nibble will be like a regular sized soul anyway. Then send that nibble to Fen. Maybe more nibbles. You know, just surge more and more power to Fen by feeding him more and more of the god at a time. Just make the god unstable as possible so Fen can break out on his own.
No. 352141 ID: 1854db

Struggle, Fen. Try to break out. Feel around you! Strike out at anything you can detect.
No. 352144 ID: 889a26

you're inside the god, Fen. but you don't have to be. you're stronger than him. break yourself out. it's time to see Lily.
No. 352153 ID: c811c4
File 131690965822.png - (14.56KB , 600x600 , 712.png )

>Punch everything

Yeah, yeah! I can see it, he must be getting torn apart! Even though my punches may or may not have anything to do with it, it's working, it's working! I'm going to get out of-
No. 352154 ID: c811c4
File 131690969440.png - (241.34KB , 600x600 , 713.png )

No. 352161 ID: 1854db

What happened? What happened? Where's Fen? Where's the Earth God?
No. 352163 ID: 4bdd79

We can't see, what happened? Did we win, or did we make things worse?
No. 352164 ID: c811c4
File 131691025799.png - (229.25KB , 600x600 , 713pause.png )

No. 352170 ID: 35e1a0

No. 352192 ID: 52a490
File 131691774723.gif - (5.29KB , 230x224 , Thatkindaemotion.gif )


> Paused
No. 352301 ID: c811c4
File 131693669882.png - (88.29KB , 600x600 , 714.png )

The god of earth is dead. Definitely dead.

>"Did we save Fen?"
No. 352303 ID: c811c4
File 131693678219.png - (8.71KB , 600x600 , 715.png )

"Fen was hurt in a fall, and was knocked unconscious. He's not hurt too bad though, he'll be fine. And he's in his own time, so he can still work on his own problems!"
No. 352304 ID: c811c4
File 131693680251.png - (97.42KB , 600x600 , 716.png )

As for us, well...

>"That... we just killed a god...? W-wow. Chee, you couldn't hear anyone else in the Earth God?"

"No... they couldn't speak, I don't think."
No. 352305 ID: c811c4
File 131693684227.png - (271.68KB , 600x600 , 717.png )

It's... it's beautiful.
No. 352306 ID: c811c4
File 131693687918.png - (21.64KB , 600x600 , 718.png )

>"It's.... it's full of souls..."
No. 352308 ID: c811c4
File 131693696328.png - (358.04KB , 600x600 , 719.png )

>"Chee! Minci! That god! It's full of souuulllls!"

We'll go back to Fen when he wakes up! Utill then and while he's working on his things, what should I be doing? I think Tom is going to try to eat the Earth God's soul, that cluster in the middle. And all the others, probably! That should be alright, right?
No. 352309 ID: f70e5e

hell I don't know. it would help if we knew how the talent souls felt about this. hmmmmmm I wonder if we could create a virtual realty for them. sorta let em have a nice peaceful afterlife in exchange for there aid.
No. 352310 ID: 07416a

That's uh. Yeah, that works. Wow. Chow down, dude. See if you can use wind/paladin magic to sorta gather them in one spot, keep them from drifting around.
No. 352311 ID: 715620

Man this is a mess of souls

I vote for him eating all the loose ones
No. 352312 ID: e3f578

He can eat the Earth God's soul, but let the other souls return to their time. I hope that's how it works.

Unless Tom can detect which souls were douchebags, of course. Then a little of hypocrisy is in order. God, I hope the earth god really was the creepy guy in the yearbook the other gods don't give a shit about.

Usually this is cause for a Roger Dangerfield character turn to the party and saying "Hey, everybody, we're all going to get laid!" but... well not everyone can have fun there. Still, let's throw a party. It's time we taught you how to down shots.
No. 352313 ID: 6a5a08

This on all accounts.
No. 352314 ID: d97c6d

Chee, look at how happy he is. Do you really expect us to take that away from him?
No. 352315 ID: 81dd60

This, if it works like that.

I think having the earth god's soul is still a major LEVEL UP so it should be fine just sticking to that, right?
No. 352316 ID: 1854db

I don't see why not. He's born for this purpose. Do warn Tom to be careful about overeating anyway. Hmm. Is there any way to tell if any of these souls are from the past? I know we operate independently of time altering shenanigans somehow, so... if we eat a soul now, that may interfere with their past fate.

It does make me feel bad to immediately imprison these souls after finally releasing them from the Earth God, but... it's for a good cause. We can use this power to defend ourselves from the other gods, and possibly kill more of them if they're big enough dicks. I don't think we should wipe them out tho. For instance, the God of War seems like a reasonable guy. He operates under specific rules that don't actually interfere in the lives of that many people as far as we can tell. It would be nice if he put up a sign or something in his shrines that explains what the aura involves though.

What should you do right now...? Well, find out more about how the new element you learned works. Test it out!
No. 352319 ID: 1854db

To be clear, I am against Tom eating any souls that would result in repercussions in the past. I mean, we destroyed the Earth God to prevent the continent's ruination. If we eat all these souls and that re-kills everyone in the past then that's just not cool.

Tom should eat the god cluster first, then decide from that experience what we should do with the others. I mean, we're supposed to get some understanding of time magic from it, right?
No. 352321 ID: f70e5e

thats a good point. we should eat the gods soul first. some of those souls might be tied to the past, once we eat the god souls we will probably understand enough about it to know weather eating the other ones are safe.
No. 352324 ID: 499111

Yeah, eat the big shiny first and then we'll see if we can find out if you can eat all the little shinies.
No. 352327 ID: c811c4
File 131694460605.png - (545.70KB , 600x600 , 720.png )

I can't claim to understand the time magic that was used to make me, not even Lich Chee understood it. Whatever it was, allowed all of you to alter the past, and allow me to remember any changes.

And now Tom has swallowed the earth god, and... I feel all tingly. It's a good tingle, too. With his soul, I'm able to keep all of my friend's memories intact from all of the time changing. It should be simpler to explain, with that. As for the other souls, their bodies are already dead. It's either get eaten by Tom, or go... wherever souls go when they die. It shouldn't be a problem to eat them, regardless of when they were eaten, they're in our time now.

The god is dead, and as far as I can tell, he's always been dead. Which begs the question, why would Fen have gone to the crags if Dereego was never around? The paintings, the box? All of those things shouldn't exist. We'll investigate that on Fen's side, when he wakes up. But, it might have something to do with...

>"Why does it feel like the ground is wobbly and everything looks... that?" Ears asks.
"That's probably us making a time paradox! Maybe even a dozen!"
>"Isn't that a problem?"

"Hey Tom, can you really fit that many souls in, if you eat them? It might be already to eat all of them, not just the god soul."
>"Hello Chee, I don't believe we've been formally introduced. They call me the devourer."
No. 352328 ID: 715620

Well, Tom...
No. 352329 ID: 35e1a0

we'll just UN paradox it from fen's side. just weave together the strands of fate.
it's most likely you chee. if the earth god didn't eat fen then you wouldn't exist to kill him in the first place. so yeah. need to make sure you still become you. the rest of the little paradoxes will go away.
No. 352330 ID: 35e1a0

tom: eat souls.
No. 352331 ID: 499111

Looks like we've dumped history into a blender and pushed button 3.

Oh well, might as well do something productive while we wait for Fen.

Should we go investigate the fact that Kradis seems to be missing?

Oh and Chee, I don't suppose you can sense your parents?
No. 352332 ID: 1854db

I think we might need to get out of here in a hurry. The time paradox might be localized to this continent which means we're in danger HERE but elsewhere is fine.

But y'know if Tom can grab the tastiest souls that'd be cool.
No. 352334 ID: e3f578

Alright, let's mass teleport somewhere safe... oh wait, we gave everything to Fen and have to heal. Cheese it!
Oh hey I got why Cheese's name is Cheese now.
No. 352336 ID: c811c4
File 131694854793.png - (652.38KB , 600x600 , 721.png )

>Eat souls

>"It's like an all you can eat buffet in the form of a ball pit!"
No. 352338 ID: c811c4
File 131694868056.png - (22.01KB , 600x600 , 722.png )

Hours later, back at the Lich Tower

I'll look into Kradis, and I can't sense my parents at all.

>"So, that's my concern. The world looks like it's trying to turn itself inside out. Maybe end of it all. And you're... here." says Ears.
"Well yes, I've send my necromancy skeletons to investigate things like Kradis and history and all that business!"
>"Well, shouldn't you be.. practicing that new element? Reading a book? Something, anything?"
"I can't help it, I've been put into this situation!"
>"You took out a god, Chee, you're not defenseless to this situation!"

>"Oh my good gosh, Ears, no one enjoys a buzz kill! Minci, get him to shut up!" Tom says.
No. 352339 ID: c811c4
File 131694871609.png - (15.19KB , 600x600 , 723.png )

>"Not even a god slayer can resist peer pressure! Chug! Chug! Chug!" says Tom.
"I've never had alcohol, Tom!"
>"And now is a good time to start! You do nothing but study and fight and investigate, you used to enjoy fun! I think! Shabin, back me up!"
>"Quit being a wimp and down it, Chee."
No. 352340 ID: 499111

> Child with extremely powerful magical abilities.

> Intoxication.

Nothing could possibly go wrong.
No. 352341 ID: 4bdd79

Minci what are you doing to Ears

No. 352342 ID: 1854db

We can assume that alcohol will affect you about as much as it would any other kobold. That construct body isn't half-assed. This probably isn't much of a risk to take though considering you were once a ball of hate and barely caused any damage.

Oh that reminds me. Since you can shapeshift now, can you rearrange yourself to have the proper anatomical correctness? Just asking if it's possible. You probably shouldn't until things calm down quite a lot more. Also you'd probably find it annoying to have to deal with the biological functions that come with that.

I don't think we can consider Chee to be a child anymore. Lichee was definitely an adult. Also keep in mind, construct body.
No. 352343 ID: c811c4
File 131695089309.png - (7.66KB , 600x600 , 724.png )

Er, y-yes, I could be a real female now if I really wanted to.


>"Yes! That starts the party!"
"That tasted bitter! And what party?!"
>"The party we're about to have! I have prepared the list of possible themes, but don't let it be limited to just that!"
No. 352345 ID: c811c4
File 131695102619.png - (7.38KB , 600x600 , 725.png )

"I feel funny."
>"That means it's working. Here's the list! Some of them might seem extreme, but remember, you've slain a god! That means you can do anything! Just think of the possibilities!"

-Go minecart riding at the dwarven lands
-Burn down an elf tree and enjoy the party that follows
-Turn the lich tower into a giant waterslide
-Overthrow a human kingdom, then give it back when it gets boring
-Make orcs extinct, raise them and have their reanimated corpses do silly competitions for the chance at resurrection

"T-Tom! This list is horrible! I can't do any of these!"
>"That 'can't do' attitude is going to be decimated in about 20 seconds! Which is about how long you have to choose while you're sober!"
No. 352346 ID: 4940e4

3 and 5.
No. 352347 ID: c71597

Number 1 and number 2 and, oh fuck it. Do all of them!
No. 352348 ID: 67240c

No. 352349 ID: a6ab09

No. 352350 ID: 81dd60

water slide forever. in fact, turn BOTH lich places into water slides. in fact, turn EVERYTHING into a water slide
No. 352352 ID: bf95d9

make a mountain using earth god powers, turn it into a water slide.
No. 352354 ID: e55e1e

the dorfs! make sure you visit the dorfs.
No. 352367 ID: c811c4
File 131696307567.png - (14.38KB , 600x600 , 726.png )

"We couldn't possibly do some of these, they would take hours just to get to the location!"
>"Not quite, Chee! You see, you've prepared the magic for the teleporters before you left to meet with the Lich King. With the money you had, and with the help of some of your sentient constructs, we were able to build the teleporters! This is a good time to test them, too!"
"Oh, well then I gu-"



"We're doin... averything!"
No. 352368 ID: c811c4
File 131696312535.png - (27.40KB , 600x600 , 727.png )


2 minutes later

>"Wh-wh- Master Chee! You cannot possibly be serious!"
"SO HELP ME WINSTON I WILL TURN YOU INTO A SKELETON CHIPMUNK if the preparationsh are not prepared by the time we get back! This tower WILL be a water slide! Everyone else, grab your alcohols and let's pay the orcs a visit! They're right next door, then we're gonna give the teleports a good trying!"
No. 352369 ID: c811c4
File 131696318093.png - (10.72KB , 600x600 , 728.png )

>"You guys were about to go fightin' orcs, and didn't think to invite ol' Clamp, eh?"
"Good! We could use you for... for... well, let's have the party! Clamp, Shabin, Ears, Tom, Minci and Kip, let's roll! I mean fly!"
No. 352370 ID: c811c4
File 131696324311.png - (24.47KB , 600x600 , 729.png )

More than 2 minutes later

"There it is guys! The orc'sh capotol!"
>"It's a bunch of tents! This isn't the capital!" Tom says.
>"Oh yes it is. The fact they could keep a buildin' upright and stick a few logs together to hold up a tents means this is the techonological capital of 'em, too." says Clamp.

"Alright~! Lis'en up, I'm gonna.. I'm gonna do somethin'. We're gonna take these orcs and... and..."
>"Shove their attitudes up their warpipes!" says Tom.
"Yeah! They're evil an stubborn an I can stomp 'em! How should we do this?!"

They're evil. They're stubborn. And I can obliterate them. The question is, what would be a best possible method for annihilating a camp of these guys?
No. 352371 ID: 3bad4c

Time freeze, obviously.


Because that way if you think of a better way later, you can still do it.
No. 352372 ID: a2fa74

1 and 3.

Remember! You became a powerful god-killing being to HELP people! Killing innocent people or making them homeless is the opposite of that!

Minecart riding? Completely ok.
Waterslide? Just put it on the outside of the tower.

Conquering a kingdom? That is utterly boring. The fun things about ruling a kingdom come from being powerful enough to do things, which you already can do.
Burning down an Elf tree? They live there! That's horrible! Tell Tom to stop being evil!
Genociding Orcs? That's beyond horrible!

I'd like to suggest an alternative: Become a real girl, then seduce Ears.
No. 352373 ID: 81dd60

Obliterate them by sending in fuzzy animals. Way too many fuzzy animals. So many fuzzy animals. Just waves and waves of fuzzy animals.

The orcs shall fall to fuzziness eventually.
No. 352374 ID: 3bad4c

Oh, how about transforming them so they're not orcs anymore? Make a new race, something that's not completely worthless like orcs are.
It's genocide without killing anyone! I think it's called mass rehabilitation.
No. 352375 ID: c811c4
File 131696482639.png - (12.99KB , 600x600 , 730.png )

"Wait a minute, that's right! I'm not a murderer! Darnit Tom I'm not gonna kill a buncha orcs!
>"Snrrrk oh my gosh you were actually about to do it, weren't you?!"
"Was not!"
>"Was too, haha!"
"Nuh uhh. We're gonna ride some minecarts, dangit! We're outta here!"
>"We just got here, Chee, we have to do something!"

Bah, he'sh right! Maybe I'll send in illusory fuzzy things just to see what'll happen, or I can transform the orcs into something else! How about that? What should these orcs be turned into?
No. 352376 ID: e3f578

ohoho yes Tom did this before
SWITCH THEIR GENDERS every single one
the chaos that ensues will either completely destroy them, have an orgy, or completely reconstruct their culture
No. 352377 ID: a2fa74

Turn all their swords into plowshares.
Their other weapons can be other stuff.

No. 352384 ID: e55e1e

turn all their weapons into sex toys.
No. 352385 ID: b6edd6

Weapons --> Nerf Bats.
Watch their shock and horror!
No. 352391 ID: 4bdd79

This. Their reaction will be hilarious.
No. 352392 ID: 0bd0b0

I think Winston may actually turn the tower into a waterslide.. Please go back and stop him.
No. 352393 ID: c811c4
File 131696840366.png - (11.29KB , 600x600 , 731.png )

>Switch genders, make weapons useless

"Minci, take a note! We're learning academically about orcish behavior when all of their genders swap! Begin the timer... now!"

"Stage One! The deafening silence of wonder, even making us observers feel awkward!"
No. 352394 ID: c811c4
File 131696844747.png - (12.96KB , 600x600 , 732.png )

"Stage Two, fourteen seconds in! Screams, cries, all with rage and confusion!"

"Stage Three! In their desperate attempt to wrap their minds around this, they go to the shaman, the chief, everyone, and demand answers they won't get!"
No. 352395 ID: c811c4
File 131696847156.png - (16.90KB , 600x600 , 733.png )

"Stage Four! With no answer in sight, they turn on one another, each one absolutely certain the cause of this is a witch or warlock within their own base! The men, now women, say this transformation is the worst thing ever, and the women, now men, take great offense to that! With their weapons rendered useless, their rage filled cries are completely renewed, and are forced to resort to their fists to discuss the matter with one another."
No. 352396 ID: c811c4
File 131696851461.png - (24.95KB , 600x600 , 735.png )

"Final Stage! It only goes downhill from there until they tear down their own encampment and begin running away. Got that, Minci?"
>"Got that!"

"Alright let's go ride some minecarts wait a minute how are we supposed to get into the dwarven strongholds?"
No. 352397 ID: e55e1e

...they didn't even try to have sex? that's weird, man.
No. 352407 ID: f70e5e

as funny as that was we should turn them back before we leave. its funny now, but its going to get depressing as they all have to deal with something like that. also turn there weapons back. if we disarm them its good odds someone will come along and finish them.
No. 352409 ID: b6edd6

What if we cursed the are so additional weapons brought in or made there will also become useless? It will be THE LAND OF PUNCHING.
No. 352415 ID: c71597

Cool, now lets go back to the original thing. Lets kill em all and then reanimate them for the lulz. They're a bunch of unlikable assholes anyway.
No. 352417 ID: f29f63

Nah, killing them means we can't do this again later. We could turn them into kitties or puppies!
No. 352418 ID: 6a5a08

They're dwarves, Chee. If anyone's up for joining in the alcohol induced stupidity, it's the dwarves.
And if not, mind control can fix that.
No. 352419 ID: c811c4
File 131697386766.png - (319.29KB , 600x600 , 736.png )

The absence of that did not disappoint me in the least! Not in the least!

I'd love to do that, but it would only be fair if I cursed ALL the orcs, and everyone the orcs fight! And everyone those fight!

But fine fine, I'll change 'em back! Even their weapons. If I don't, it really might be an indirect genocide! Now we're going to the teleporter!

Haha it's night again.
No. 352420 ID: c811c4
File 131697391577.png - (89.95KB , 600x600 , 737.png )

"Hey! It worked! Minci where are we?!"
>"An area just half an hour from the Dwarven fortresses, just where you told me to send us to."
"Great! I love you Minci you're the best! I think I love all you guys!"
>"Aw. You're drunk."
No. 352421 ID: c811c4
File 131697395240.png - (10.35KB , 600x600 , 738.png )

Well, here it is! Dwarven fortress, for real! Pretty sure there's like two dozen archers trained on us, but no problem!

Knock Knock!

>"Whattaya want, out there? Who is it?!"

"We have alcohol! We wanna party!"

>"Feh, ya take me fer a fool?! World's all actin' funny, then a ragtag group o' misfits come runnin to the dwarves fer cover, an' ya expect us to just open the gates with open arms?! Well shove off laddies, we've got a dwarven party to guard, and we ain't gonna let ya stink up the halls!"
No. 352422 ID: 856397

Change selves into dwarves temporarily!
No. 352424 ID: f29f63

Chee, I hope you can summon booze. A lot of booze. No dwarf can say no to a mountain of kegs full of booze.
No. 352425 ID: f70e5e

this is a job for dwarven diplomacy! summon large amounts of high end booze!
No. 352426 ID: 3fd4fb

Kegs? Just summon it in a massive flood. Ride through those doors on an unstoppable wave of alcohol.
No. 352449 ID: e55e1e

>I'd love to do that, but it would only be fair if I cursed ALL the orcs, and everyone the orcs fight! And everyone those fight!

so it has been decided. we're going to curse the entire continent with any weapons brought here becoming useless.

what's all this about the world acting funny? do they mean those black rifts in the sky? I'm sure that's nothing to worry about- I hear black rifts in the sky only lead to empty voids with no ancient horrorterrors whatsoever in them.
No. 352455 ID: b6edd6

Offer socks that menace with spikes of cloth.
They will not be able to resist.
No. 352456 ID: c811c4
File 131697771913.png - (10.54KB , 600x600 , 739.png )

I know, right?! Those black rifts and, in case none of you noticed back at the orc camp, it was day. And we haven't been gone for so much as an hour!

"Nono, I have a lot of booze! I can summon a lot!"

>"Summoned ale? What an insult to the fine craft o' brewin! Summoned booze tastes of paltry magic, hollowed hops and cheap fancies!"
"Oh come on, just try a little! Here's a shot, I'll put it through the door!"
>"If it'll get ya to shove off without makin' us clear yer dead bodies, so be it!"


>"I'll be spitted on a spike, lass! Never tasted such authentic liquor outta magic! Now let's take a look at how much you got with ya!"
No. 352457 ID: c811c4
File 131697773938.png - (18.37KB , 552x600 , 740.png )

>"Hah! A respectable amount, but I was hopin' fer more! You show us more booze, and we'll let ya in!"
No. 352459 ID: c811c4
File 131697778205.png - (10.87KB , 600x600 , 741.png )

>Summon MORE booze

No. 352463 ID: a6ab09

aw yea, time to surf minecarts on a booze waterslide. LET'S DO THIS
No. 352467 ID: c811c4
File 131697910985.png - (6.78KB , 600x600 , 742.png )

Wait hold on you guys, I'm pretty sure the dwarves want some of this booze first before they let me in to the mine shafts! The minecarts aren't going anywhere, but we are! I could use a little bit of alone time first. No offense, but you guys are, after all, around me for all my waking moments. Don't worry, I still like ya, it's just nice to have only myself in the mind every once in awhile, you know? Go party in the mind of one of the others for a bit! We'll go to the minecarts later!


No. 352468 ID: 96f335


you be good in the meantime.
No. 352470 ID: a2fa74

No. 352473 ID: e3f578

No. 352476 ID: a6ab09

kip, I wonder what he's like drunk
No. 352478 ID: d97c6d

Seconding Kip.
No. 352480 ID: bf95d9

No. 352482 ID: 35e1a0

yeah sure, kip.
No. 352483 ID: 16d65a

Kip sounds like a good choice.
No. 352488 ID: c61ec8

Kip forever.
No. 352489 ID: f70e5e

No. 352492 ID: 07416a

No. 352499 ID: 6a5a08

No. 352500 ID: c811c4
File 131698476212.png - (12.14KB , 600x600 , 743.png )

Oh, hello everyone. I never did get a chance to properly thank you for helping Fen so long ago, but you have my greatest gratitude. What brings you to me, now?
No. 352502 ID: 2913e7

it's about time someone helped you. isn't there anything you want?
No. 352503 ID: bf95d9

We wanted to know what you're like when drunk!
No. 352507 ID: f70e5e

chee decided to get drunk and have fun. this is kinda a bad time for it , but up until now she has had like 12 hours total that she wasn't frantically preparing for some big showdown. anyways she wants some time alone in her head and we wanted to check up on you so here we are.
No. 352511 ID: 1854db

Glad to see you smiling, buddy. We wanted to hang out! Hey, you said us getting back in touch with you was the most interesting thing in decades. What was it that happened that was so interesting back then? Does helping kill a GOD rank higher?

Also, how does your immortality work exactly? Do you still feel pain?
No. 352514 ID: c811c4
File 131698641670.png - (6.02KB , 600x600 , 744.png )

What do I want? Hm... I don't remember ever being asked that. What I want... that's not even something I've asked myself. It sure is a difficult question.

I'm just a little... shaken, for lack of a better word. A couple hundred or so years of nothing, and then Cheelop, all grown up and powerful, comes to me, and of all things... within a few hours we're fighting a god beast, and now I've been whisked over more land than I've ever seen before, seeing life and... well, this! I'm sorry, I'm still wrapping my head around it. I would admit that I have occasionally wondered if I'm still sitting in my cave, and finally went insane.

As for getting drunk... well, that's been a very long time since that's happened, too. I'm not quite sure what one is supposed to do, getting intoxicated.

A few decades ago, I found a flower. It sprang up in the otherwise barren region. I wondered if it would spread, but it died, and life went back to normal. Yes, killing a god did end up being a more interesting thing, I dare say. Continuing on, I do feel pain, yes, but as a Dragon Knight I learned to ignore it. Otherwise, all wounds have healed up quickly no matter how mortal, though I have never been decapitated. I don't need to eat or drink, but I do get hungry. Not starving, just hungry, then it stops. Regardless, it seems like the war god gave me immortality, then forgot about me.

Yes, this is a bad time, but from what little scraps I've picked up, Chee hasn't had the time to rest. Maybe she's looking for any excuse to just let the ball drop once, even as the world is getting ripped. Perhaps I should take up the slack for her? She has saved Fen in the past, so I owe her much. Do dwarves have gods? Perhaps I can look into this matter.
No. 352524 ID: 1e754f

sure, why not, if that's what you feel like doing.
No. 352531 ID: 1854db

I think it's likely dwarves follow some sort of religion. If you're up for investigating the time crisis, then I'm sure we can count on you.

Though if the angle you're looking for is to get information on gods, there's a more direct way we can do it... but that would also get you in trouble with the gods.
No. 352534 ID: c811c4
File 131698958742.png - (8.55KB , 600x600 , 745.png )

Yes, now is not the time to get mopey! I'll extend a hand to Cheelop so that she may have her fun! I will finish this drink, then let us begin!

Sir, at the risk of sounding as though I have become cocky over our last victory, I do not fear such bold maneuvers! If it truly is out of the question, then perhaps a more moderate approach will be better, but I am truly out of my element in this tavern.
No. 352536 ID: a2fa74

We have to fix this paradox crap, but in order to do that we'll have to help Fen set things right back in that time.
You can't do much of anything to help fix this problem at the moment, but you've already done so much more than your share getting to this point.

If you want to look into dwarven gods or something we won't stop you, but first you should take a moment to realize that there's hope for the past.

Oh, and I doubt the war god would let you slip into insanity to escape his punishment. You probably can't even get drunk.
No. 352547 ID: 1854db

Well, you know how Fen drank two of those anti-illusion potions? That allowed him to project himself into a sort of background reality where we met the God of War, who would've killed Fen for discovering the secret behind reality that I won't tell you now, if it weren't for the fact that he was blessed by the God of War, and said god does not directly kill those who he blessed. So I'm worried that you will get killed by him.
No. 352606 ID: 72d8c7

For a man like you Kip, you are definitely gonna need more than that one glass. Go drink more, then have the sudden realization that the most impressive and respectful thing you could do for the war god is to challenge THE WAR GOD HIMSELF TO A DUEL AND FUCK HIS OMNIPOTENT SHIT UP.
No. 352607 ID: 84b916

We need to find that spellbook then if we want to double-dose our way outside of the universe.
No. 352619 ID: 6cdad8


While using your shirt as a blindfold and your mug as a helmet.

...Do iiiiiiiiiiiit. OwO
No. 352623 ID: 6a5a08

The rifts lead to the gods' world, where it's all shown as black with white lines.

The dream world is literally coming apart at the seams.
No. 352637 ID: 1854db

The spellbook probably doesn't exist anymore since Dereego doesn't exist anymore. Chee probably remembers how to make it from Fen's memory though.
No. 352639 ID: 9c538a

It's only torn. We have at least a week before the damage spreads. What we need is a giant... space needle! Space needle.
No. 352643 ID: 6a5a08

Alright. We're going to need a large, pointed monument, and the world's longest electrical cord!

Move, people! Let's start thinking with portals!
No. 352667 ID: 083ab4

This reminds me of Problem Sleuth.
No. 352698 ID: ae92af


No. 352712 ID: c811c4
File 131703918483.png - (7.12KB , 600x600 , 746.png )

I have half a mind now to challenge the god of war! Except in his case, he may be able to retract my immortality upon fighting him, as I do feel he truly has forgotten about me. It would be silly to give myself a pointless death. In any case, I do not have the recipe, and I would prefer not to bug Chee about it. I will keep this in mind.

>Drink more

It appears there is little I can do for Chee right now. So, bottom's up. Oh, a dwarf is coming at me. Heh. He's getting bigger quick!
No. 352713 ID: c811c4
File 131703921951.png - (10.55KB , 600x600 , 747.png )

Ah. The ground just went lower.

"Hello, Sir."
>"You! Where is the slayer of Kragnar?!"
"Excuse me, Sir! I am unfamiliar with whom you speak."
>"Don' play games with me, shorty! The kobold with the straw hat known as Cheelop! Where is she?!"
No. 352715 ID: 6ebddf

No wait, scratch that, you already showed him you're fine.

Tell him you don't know. I mean, I think you don't actually do know where she is right now.
No. 352716 ID: a2fa74

"Oh, she's around here somewhere. Celebrating killing some all-powerful divine being and taking his power for her own."
No. 352718 ID: bf95d9

Barf in his helmet! It'll take ages to get the smell out!
No. 352721 ID: c811c4
File 131704571855.png - (7.37KB , 600x600 , 748.png )

Ah, but I do know where she is, at least generally. The celebratory halls here seem to be divided between the proper party hall, where things sound rowdy and excitable, and this tavern, where one could actually hold a conversation. Chee would be in the louder area, of course. Regardless, I cannot bring myself to tell a flat lie, even drunk.

"She is around here somewhere, Sir. She is celebrating killing a divine being you see, and taking its power."

>"Ya dare smile at me when ye say that?! First Kragnar, then you claim she attacks the heavens themselves?! Prepare yourself to be smited, wr-"

>Barf in his helmet

No. 352723 ID: c811c4
File 131704600470.png - (21.14KB , 600x600 , 749.png )


>"Ye filthy wretch! It's in me helmet!!"

Heh, that got the attention of other dwarves.
>"'ey! Keep it down, paladin! You want to be loud, go over next door, they'll like ya there!"
>"Hah, ye smell the same to me, ya tin-can wearin' oaf!"
>"Yer in fer it now, bear!"

Haha remember how I said I feel pain? Not anymore, Chee's booze is sincerely strong!
No. 352725 ID: f80fb0

Hmmm, the patrons don't seem to respect Paladins all that much.

Perhaps we can stir an all out drunken brawl and get away in the confusion?
No. 352734 ID: ae92af

taunt him a little more. hopefully a brawl will occur and you'll be able to slip away and go warn Chee in the meantime.

it's nice to see you smile.
No. 352737 ID: 1854db

Or maybe we should, y'know, give the paladin the full story so we can get his help fixing the time paradox problem.

I mean, I doubt he'll be too upset that we killed a god that was responsible for infesting the eastern continent.
No. 352741 ID: e3f578

"So much hubris and anger over a simple bear is unbecoming of a paladin. Beware or your god might take your powers away." Don't even care if it isn't true, just play more mindgames with the guy.
No. 352742 ID: a4cab9

"Sorry, I'm drunk off my ass. What's your excuse?"
No. 352744 ID: c811c4
File 131705201465.png - (8.17KB , 600x600 , 750.png )

"Haha! Hey dorf! You got a lotta hubris gettin angry over me! Truly unlike a paladin! You better not take me lig *hic* lightly! I got more of a beard than that stubble on yor chin!"


>"Let it go, paladin! He's drunk, he din' mean it! Don't go startin' any fights in this tavern!"
No. 352745 ID: c811c4
File 131705203614.png - (7.19KB , 600x600 , 751.png )


>"Oy! That was my beer mug, ya git!"
No. 352746 ID: c811c4
File 131705207028.png - (16.30KB , 600x600 , 752.png )

Haha he started a fight! That worked peachingly. Now, off to Chee. Wait a second. You know, I'm enjoying this! And it's not often I get to enjoy a little immortality. Part of me... part of me wants to go back in there and join in! How about it? Warn Miss Chee, or join in an innocent lil barfight?
No. 352747 ID: c61ec8

You have to go get in that fight, there's an innocent cat to save from harm!
No. 352748 ID: bf95d9

Warn Chee then come back for the fight.
What happened to your armour?
No. 352749 ID: b6edd6

We could jump to someone else and have them warn Chee.
No. 352750 ID: ae92af

do what you want.
No. 352751 ID: f80fb0

Congratulations, you are drunk as hell and you are executing it splendidly.

So yeah, I agree with the rest of da voices, Warn Chee then come back and save the cat/fuck shit up real good.
No. 352752 ID: 998059

go fight the FUCK out of those people. im a little blotto too. i seriously must see this
No. 352753 ID: 63cf7a

Save the cat, THEN warn Chee!
No. 352754 ID: e3f578

get your wild side on. Remember to build your combo.
No. 352755 ID: 4784be

Perpetrate some bare-knuckle tradgedy on those bar patrons.
No. 352757 ID: c811c4
File 131705501173.png - (17.61KB , 600x600 , 753.png )

Ah. I don't know how to do that. I hear that Chee's usually listenining in on this sort of deal so she could, but it seeeeems like she's absent for now.

The magic on my armor wore off without a recharge for too long, and turned into a regular suit. And a regular suit doesn't last decades or centuries too well.

Oh, I'll save that cat first! And afterwards I'll had over to Chee.

Heeeeee, I got thrown.
No. 352758 ID: c811c4
File 131705507645.png - (15.06KB , 600x600 , 754.png )

There she is, sure enough, still in the main party hall.

"Excuse me, miss! I believe that one p-"
>"Hold on Kip we're taking betsh! We challenged Clamp that he couldn't drink an entire keg in one go!"
No. 352759 ID: c811c4
File 131705509480.png - (11.69KB , 600x600 , 755.png )

No. 352760 ID: c811c4
File 131705510815.png - (6.00KB , 600x600 , 756.png )

>"Teeheeheehee Kip just between you and me I keep on summoning more booze in his keg! It's not going down at all!"
"Ha! Well, a paladin was looking for you. Somethin' about... what was it.. Kragag? Kragnor?"
>"Oh who cares?! I-I can take 'em if they wanna fight!"
No. 352761 ID: ae92af

mmmmaybe you should go with her.
No. 352765 ID: 84b916

>I keep on summoning more booze in his keg! It's not going down at all!

INB4 lethal alcohol poisoning.
No. 352766 ID: c811c4
File 131705829330.png - (8.98KB , 600x600 , 757.png )

"I think I will accompany you, if you choose to fight."
>"Okay okay but only if you use your bear fists! Oh, let's move the souls on!"


No. 352768 ID: b7169d

To ears!
No. 352770 ID: ae92af

No. 352779 ID: 4bdd79

No. 352786 ID: e3f578

The cat you're holding
No. 352788 ID: 16d65a

No. 352789 ID: 938c76


...yeah, I'm totally changing my vote to this.
No. 352790 ID: c811c4
File 131706440575.png - (11.03KB , 600x600 , 758.png )

"How about the cat I'm holding?"
>"Pfft haha oh gosh Kip I didn't think you were a joker!"
"Ah, actually, it was their idea!"
>"Oh my gosh are you kidding me? Well okay then!"
"Shabin please, after this."
No. 352791 ID: c811c4
File 131706442148.png - (13.31KB , 600x600 , 759.png )

No. 352792 ID: f599e6

meow meow meow.
No. 352793 ID: 3bd8ec

No. 352794 ID: 3bad4c

Nice kitty.
No. 352797 ID: c811c4
File 131706501641.png - (11.13KB , 600x600 , 760.png )

Whoa! What the, voices? Wha... what's going on?!
No. 352798 ID: f599e6

calm down, we just wanted to hang out with you.
No. 352801 ID: 57ce63

you've got souls in your head. the souls are made of awesomeness. do you know what this means? it means your time to be awesome has finally come. go forth and be awesome, cat.
No. 352803 ID: c811c4
File 131706544477.png - (10.53KB , 600x600 , 761.png )

R-really?! Maybe luck finally hit me! You guys aren't gonna believe this! I used to be a kobold right? But these dwarves... their mages like testing stuff! They wanted to swap bodies for "academics" and "science" and things, using a potion! Next thing I know, I'm a cat, and I keep getting impulses like cleaning myself!
No. 352805 ID: 57ce63

oh. well, you probably can't speak, but you can write, right? we just need to find you something you can write with and...

oh wait. Chee? you hearing this? can you dispel the magic on this guy?
No. 352806 ID: 40cb26

Whoa that sucks... well kinda, at least you're a cat and not some manner of rodent or cattle or something. Anyways we can try to help you out. Do you remember where it happened and who did it? And more importantly, where is your cat minded body at?
No. 352808 ID: c811c4
File 131706617535.png - (6.54KB , 600x600 , 762.png )

Who is Chee? But I can't hold a quill or anything but I do have claws, so I can scratch words! And yes, I know where my body is! It's in the magicians lab! I've been trying to counteract it for so long, but.. cat paws! Plus, there's a missing ingredient. I have to dip a rabbit's ear in the final solvent before drinking it! Do you guys know where I could get one? The dwarves don't keep rabbits around!
No. 352809 ID: f599e6

you are in luck. we brought a rabbit with us. and chee is the kobold talking to the bear that was holding you.
No. 352811 ID: e3f578

holy shit you actually went along with it
We have a rabbit construct friend called Ears that could dip his ears in the solvent if dipping them doesn't hurt.

Or Chee could shapeshift some random rabbit ears for you if they do hurt. Shapeshift any old thing really. Chee's the kobold the bear carrying you is with. Clone/Duplicate Construct of the legendary lich slayer Chee from like around a century ago, give or take a decade.
No. 352813 ID: d97c6d

Does it have to be an actual rabbit or will a rabbit-like pers- you know what I don't care. We'll find out if it works for Science! Also because we don't know where to find a normal rabbit. Now the only question is where to find him. He doesn't seem like the partying type, but on the other hand there's a bar fight going on in the other room. Well, find a good vantage point and look around, he shouldn't be that hard to spot.
No. 352814 ID: c811c4
File 131706733089.png - (10.65KB , 600x600 , 763.png )

This Chee sounds pretty awesome but they have to be real authentic ears they can't be summoned! Are you serious a rabbit no way! Oh my gosh there he is all sulking in the corner!

>"The heck?"

Oh gosh how am I supposed to get him to come with me?
No. 352815 ID: e4003e

Offer him sexual favors!
No. 352816 ID: f599e6

lie on your back and show him your belly.
No. 352818 ID: d97c6d

He's weak-willed. Start making gestures to follow you and he should do so once you get the point across. Even if he wasn't weak-willed, you're a cat now. Lesser creatures such as rabbits and dwarves and kobolds exist to serve you.
No. 352819 ID: e3f578

Use recognizable gestures after a friendly greeting such as rubbing against him. Then look at him in the face, meow, walk in your body's direction, look back to him and meow again then continue.

If he doesn't follow come back and irritate him with meows and paw at him until he gets up then push the back his leg with your forehead towards your body.
No. 352820 ID: 57ce63

be all cute and shit. I dunno how it works. I'm not a cat person.
No. 352821 ID: c811c4
File 131706857052.png - (9.82KB , 600x600 , 764.png )

I am not that kind of cat! Kobold! Catbold!

Yes his ears are ridiculously huge not like mine at all they're perfect okay let's go!


>"Hey, I'm not following you if you're one of those danged cats that wants attention but never stays in arms reach."
No. 352822 ID: c811c4
File 131706859153.png - (10.49KB , 600x600 , 765.png )


No. 352823 ID: c811c4
File 131706864621.png - (11.29KB , 600x600 , 766.png )

Okay here's the potion area none of the guards or mages paid attention to us which is totally weird but who cares. How do I give him directions? Especially the part about how he has to dip his ear in the solvent?
No. 352824 ID: 07416a

Interpretive dance. Also, show him your body.
No. 352825 ID: e3f578

Hop up near solvent, rub ear with paw, then point paw towards solvent. Maybe make a dipping motion.

By the way, how did you learn what you needed for the solvent and such? Did you read it from a book? You can also direct him towards that book or go near your body and play charades that your trapped in a cat body.
No. 352826 ID: e3f578

OH MY GOD nevermind someone made Ear's ears into cat ears! They're shorter and pointier now nooooooo.
No. 352827 ID: 57ce63

is the solvent around? alternatively, is the recipe around?
No. 352833 ID: c811c4
File 131707038616.png - (10.88KB , 600x600 , 767.png )

Oh my gosh I have been a cat for like a year and every waking moment has been me trying to learn the counteragent and I'm so close don't ask questions!

What no they totally aren't but that would be cool!

But through a clever display of charades, he slowly gets a decent potion up!

With interpretive dance, I try to show him to dip his ear in!
No. 352834 ID: c811c4
File 131707040030.png - (9.24KB , 600x600 , 768.png )

>"... excuse me?"
No. 352835 ID: 07416a

Meow at him until he does it. Do a little circle frustrated dance and show him your belly
No. 352837 ID: 1854db

Raise your paw up at him, then touch your ear, then point at the bowl.
No. 352843 ID: c811c4
File 131707168397.png - (12.57KB , 600x600 , 769.png )

>Show him belly

>"Fine fine you can get a reward what do you want from me?!"
No. 352844 ID: 57ce63

make huge puppy eyes at him.
No. 352845 ID: c811c4
File 131707170956.png - (11.46KB , 600x600 , 770.png )

>Tap ear, point at bowl

No. 352846 ID: c811c4
File 131707173780.png - (11.32KB , 600x600 , 771.png )

"This better be what you want and for a good cause, cat."
No. 352848 ID: 1854db


You know what to do.
No. 352849 ID: 07416a

No. 352850 ID: 16d65a

No. 352854 ID: f599e6

No. 352856 ID: 63f8eb

No. 352857 ID: 0d7a83

No. 352859 ID: c811c4
File 131707333555.png - (9.47KB , 600x600 , 772.png )

>"Alright cat there you go, drink up! Er, wait what... ah? Ahhhhh?!"
No. 352860 ID: c811c4
File 131707334821.png - (7.36KB , 600x600 , 773.png )

No. 352863 ID: c811c4
File 131707348970.png - (11.82KB , 600x600 , 774.png )

SNRRRRRK OH MY GOSH you guys actually thought that random cat was a kobold oh my gosh oh my gosh and Ears totally went with it now he's pink pfffft!

>"I'm sorry, I was involved too. Chee had to be told how to make a prank potion. I also got a dwarf to tell us where the potion area was!
No. 352865 ID: 57ce63

shit, man. they done pimped you up good. I'm telling you dog, the ladies at the village won't be able to get enough of you now.
No. 352866 ID: e3f578

Who was the cat?!
No. 352868 ID: 1854db

Hahaha! Oh man you TOTALLY got us!

What'd you do with the paladin? Did you explain what happened with Kragnar, and how the Earth God was an evil soul-sucking undead-creating monster that destroyed the eastern continent? And how that's creating a time paradox that's fucking up reality and we kinda need to fix it so maybe he should help us out?
No. 352870 ID: 1854db

OH! While we're here, want to make two of that anti-illusion potion Fen drank and go visit the realm beyond this one? You will need to make sure you're guarded properly, since apparently your body keeps walking in this world.
No. 352872 ID: bf95d9

Turn the cat into a catbold!
No. 352877 ID: c811c4
File 131707435478.png - (5.65KB , 600x600 , 775.png )

The cat was just a cat! I was masking my voice to you guys through the cat and made it sound like it was thinking those thoughts! Oh and I never thought an ability to mind control small animals would ever come in handy but there we go!

Right now an illusory Chee is stringing along all the angry angry paladins! I'll deal with them later. Kip stayed behind at the barfight. Oh and since I was distracted I stopped summoning booze, and Clamp was actually able to finish off the keg! He's so drunk! I'm going to wait before I chug any potions that knock me out, that doesn't sound half as fun as the current Fun Requirement.

Hey I think I will! Maybe give him a bit more intelligence with a spare soul! I'm going to find Ears and the cat so I can look at Pink Ears in person and probably point and laugh. Anyways here's Shabin, as Kip said to do after the cat!
No. 352878 ID: c811c4
File 131707436824.png - (11.09KB , 600x600 , 776.png )

How did they...

Oh, hey, it's you guys. Feels like it's been forever. I was just looking at these engravings the dwarves put all over the walls.
No. 352881 ID: f599e6

ah yes, elephants. dwarves and elephants have a long standing unreasonable hatred of eachother.
No. 352891 ID: 57ce63

noble creatures, aren't they?
No. 352895 ID: e3f578

Beware the carp as well, young Shabin. And hope they haven't started building their inevitable "fuck the world" project that usually involves lava gates. We should probably sabotage it if there is one.
No. 352897 ID: bf95d9

Heh, I wonder what'll happen if we set a dwarf on fire.
No. 352906 ID: c811c4
File 131707612037.png - (12.17KB , 600x600 , 777.png )

You don't say.

If these engravings cover their whole history, there's no problem with carp. Just elephants. Seriously. The entire walls. Nothing but elephants. Take the one behind me. "Engraved on the wall is a superiorly designed image of an elephant and the Fortress of Butterswords. The Fortress is on fire. The Elephants are laughing."

I don't know why they all actually say "Is a superiorly designed image," if not "is masterfully designed." Seriously, what kind of artist scrawls "this is some masterpiece of mine" in the description?

These are pretty well made. Back at the caves, it was decadent to have slightly-smooth rocks, let alone completely smoothed and engraved in art. We just don't have the time, we constantly have to make new rooms for refugees like Chee. Even then, their engravings are smooth. If I tried it, I'd crack the rocks way too many times. I just mine.

I want to go to the minecarts. Seeing Chee make a joke of herself is funny and all, but I was secretly happy to hear we were going to the dwarves. I've always wanted to. I am a bit worried about Chee, though. I'm surprised she's not bawling her eyes out or something of equal wimpiness.
No. 352908 ID: 07416a

Whatcha mean? Anyways, you could stand to loosen up yourself. Go explore behind a beard or something.
No. 352909 ID: bf95d9

Dwarves tend to be really drunk alot of the time, might explain the engravings and the drinking explosive alcohol while on fire.
No. 352910 ID: f599e6

she just killed a god. i am pretty sure their is no wimpiness left. also dwarves make over a thousand engravings before they start making high quality ones. so they have the skills to back up their claims.
No. 352922 ID: 1854db

If she is being wimpy, then she has no idea how to deal with the current situation and is therefore basically goofing off because there's no point. It's hard to say, really. She might just be multitasking.

Oh, did you know? She merged with Lich Chee. Since that version's been around for a lot longer, I bet Chee has matured a bit.

Try asking a dwarf how they engrave stuff. Maybe they have special tools?
No. 352930 ID: c811c4
File 131707810158.png - (9.62KB , 600x600 , 778.png )

Oh, magically she's strong. Strong being an understatement, in fact, to kill a god. She's probably not so physically weak either, I bet. But emotionally? I have my doubts. Behind that fun exterior, she could be using Tom's insistence on a party as an excuse to distract herself that she likely caused the whole world-falling-apart busines. Tom's always inside her, it wouldn't surprise me if he knew it, too, and threw a party for her. But then again, he is Tom.

Yeah, I knew she merged with the Lich version of herself. Hard to tell if she changed, it doesn't seem like getting souls changes her much now, but then again, this one might have been different.

There's a lot of tales about dwarves to scare children. One of them being touch a dwarven beard. Or to look at a dwarf. Some are silly, like they come out of the ground to snatch away wandering pups, but of course that's thought as silly past the age of one.

Oh yeah, tools. It's possible they have different ones for that. Hell, for all I know they just have rough fingers they use for fine details. I might ask, yeah.
No. 352931 ID: c811c4
File 131707811750.png - (14.27KB , 600x600 , 779.png )

Something else besides Chee is weird, and is also why I might ask, but not definitely. I mean, the whole dwarves letting us in and party. Last I was familiar, a dwarf looking at you meant a dwarf wanted to kill you. Now they don't seem to mind a godslayer, gnoll and succubi sharing their booze, even if a lot of it is Chee's. I'm probably worrying too much. I'll have a beer to loosen up. After all, a person could now say the world is ending, and simply be labeled a pessimist instead of an insane doomsayer. And I get to see the earth dwelling dwarves. That's more than I could have asked for.

I'm split. Chee promised we'd go to the minecarts, but she's distracted and the thought of going right now makes me giddy, as well as staying sober enough for asking a miner the tools of the trade, pun intended. Or I could just party it up. Well, you guys are good at decisions, and I'm indecisive, so help me out?
No. 352937 ID: f70e5e

well someone needs to stay sober, and the mine carts seems like a good way to have fun while keeping your wits about you.
No. 352939 ID: 1854db

Ask about the tools of the trade, and then while you've got a dwarf's ear, ask why they let you in at all. Specifically mention that you thought dwarves were pretty hostile towards outsiders.

It's possible that they think the world's gonna end and they don't really care about petty squabbles anymore. Fatalism brings apathy. Or it could be a trap, but... if it was a trap they would've sprung it already. Unless they're waiting for everyone to get drunk, perhaps?
No. 352954 ID: 57ce63

don't go to the minecarts without Chee; that's just unladylike. I suggest you go look for a sober miner.
No. 352960 ID: a2fa74

Oh, that's easy.
1. The dwarves let you in because you have great booze in unlimited quantities. Dwarves love booze more than they dislike outsiders.
2: Don't get drunk since SOMEBODY needs to be sober.
3: Ask a dwarf how they work stone to be so flat and smooth, and etch it with such fine detail.
No. 352982 ID: 9c538a

The world isn't ending so much as waking up. What that means for you isn't clear. Honestly you don't seem like the partying type to me. Why not go somewhere to watch it all end?

I mean, you guys could have spent the last day finding the sleeper and rocking him back to sleep, but it's kind of late to do anything like that now. No idea really what to do at this point. When that happens I like to spend it in quiet contemplation.
No. 352983 ID: fbd31a


Nah, none of the people need to be sober. We're sober. I think. Hopefully. Are we? .... WWWEEEEE-
No. 352997 ID: c811c4
File 131708524918.png - (13.06KB , 600x600 , 780.png )

Yeah, hell, I came all this way. There's a miner over there. Judging by the wear on his hands, anyway. Not sober at all, but I'd need to be a god myself to find a sober dwarf in this fort. And I'm not the wimpy kobold in our bunch, so here goes.

>"Whatsat? Yer a funny lookin' gnoll. A small 'un, too. "
"I'm.... right. I want to learn how to engrave. And mine. And to be shown minecarts."
>"Pahahaha! A wee lil' gnoll wants to know the fine art o' mining, eh? What makes you so sure ya can handle life down under?"
"Because I lived underground for years doing nothing but mining."
>"Issat so?! Alrighty lass, ain't often a gnoll wants ta learn how to mine in a manner tha' doesn't make a real dwarf want to break down in tears, so we may as well see if yer a real gnoll!"

He's drunk all right.
No. 352999 ID: c811c4
File 131708527331.png - (67.91KB , 600x600 , 781.png )

>"Well here it is, lass! Best mining facility in all the known world!"
No. 353000 ID: c811c4
File 131708529591.png - (8.94KB , 600x600 , 782.png )


"What kind of underground space is this?!"
>"Hah! Let me show you around! I'll show ya how to engrave and mine worth a damn! You aren't some squeamish type to the minecarts are ya, gnoll?"
"N- hell no! Put me on!"
No. 353001 ID: c811c4
File 131708533640.png - (18.76KB , 600x600 , 783.png )

>"Come on lass, what kinda gnoll are ye? Ya should be overflowin' this cart with yer piss! If I wasn' so astute, I'd say ye were a dwarf!"

"I should've been born one! So why'd you guy's let us in?! I thought we were everything all of you hated?"
>"Feh, it's the end o' the world out there, and we don't think you laddies are to blame, so what the hell! Long as you don't start no trouble, real trouble that is, the paladins can shove their opinions up where even the god's light don't shine. Ever since the Lich King actually helped us out back when one of those other liches went crazy, we figured not even the worst o' you lot are all bad!"

Ah, that's right. Chee gave us awareness of the changes in time. Apparently when Chee first went to the Lich King for help against the northern Lich, the Lich King obliged, this time. She still let the northern lich attack us, but we didn't suffer as many losses, and she saved a great deal of all the other races from further damage.

Apparently, Lich King as a title is more catchy than Lich Queen.
No. 353002 ID: c811c4
File 131708538390.png - (7.77KB , 600x600 , 784.png )

Some time later

Hey everyone! We're all ready and here to start riding the minecarts! There's Shabin, she showed up early, but that's everyone then!"

"Oh, Shabin! Why are you hugging me?"
>"Shut up, this is the only thanks you'll get for bringing me here."

"Haha you're welcome! You'll never believe what the dwarves had in their refuse pits! Orc remains! I had spare orc souls, so I revived some undead ones with old orcish consciouses, so we can do some of our original plan, without the genocide! I'll still want to burn an elf tree though. Not one with elves in it. Just a tree, to see if they get as angry as I'm told!"

I don't know though guys, we should do more then just ride the minecarts! What kind of game, maybe a drinking game, should we play while riding them?
No. 353005 ID: 0bd0b0

Drinking games are fun, but while you are going super fast down a track in a minecart? Sounds messy.
No. 353006 ID: f599e6

every time you see lava take a shot.
No. 353007 ID: e3f578

Take the most dangerous mines filled with all manners of evils
Drink everytime you see a creeper and miss firing an arrow at it

that's right, let's mix Dwarf Fortress with Minecraft.
No. 353008 ID: 1854db

Before getting on, name a vein of metal. Then take a shot for every one of that metal you see.
No. 353036 ID: c811c4
File 131708953083.png - (17.82KB , 600x600 , 785.png )

"Hey mister dwarf, for a drinking game, what kind of metal is common in here?"
>"We mined out most of this area of any valuables, but hey, there's pockets of bauxite if it's just a game yer after!"
"Alright then! Every time we can see either lava or bauxite, someone has to yell it out, and everyone else has to take a shot!"
>"Hah, yer in fer it! I'll link up all yer carts, and go for one o' the big tracks fer yer large gnoll friend there!"
No. 353037 ID: c811c4
File 131708954175.png - (119.39KB , 600x600 , 786.png )

Oh, before we start, I grabbed some pieces of corpses for something! And I can make it look all nice, too!

No. 353038 ID: c811c4
File 131708962911.png - (5.64KB , 600x600 , 787.png )

>"Wh-where am I?!"
"You're physical body way back when is unconscious! Your soul is fine though, so I nabbed it for now and put it in some spare parts I messed around with that the dwarves had! Don't worry, you'll still wake up before your tournament! Your body in the past is technically an empty shell right now but who cares you'll be fiiiine once I put you back."
>"You can do that?!"
"Aaaaapparently I can! Didn't know it till I tried it! Lich Chee and god magic is pretty powerful! Now get in a cart, we're drinking, and you've been a missing thing this party needed, Fen!"
No. 353040 ID: 3aaf60

No. 353044 ID: 3fd4fb

Fen should really be showing these ridiculous future people how to party old school. So incredibly old school that his civilization is now almost entirely dust.
No. 353046 ID: e3f578

Kip come on man we got to brohug Fen, all of us bigass group hug right now
No. 353050 ID: 1854db


Uhhh. Thankfully it doesn't really matter too much since it's someone from the past in the future and not the other way around.

I wonder what else we can do with this. OH hey you know what, we need to confirm that the time paradox effects started at a singular point in time, and exactly when that was.
No. 353057 ID: f70e5e

wait, hold up. you made a temporary body for fens currently time displaced soul, holy crap, unless death alters the sould somehow you can probably use that technique to raise the dead.
No. 353085 ID: c811c4
File 131709243290.png - (8.40KB , 600x600 , 788.png )

Yes I can kind of raise the dead I mean with the souls. Fen right now is technically undead, and needs my concentration to keep his soul in his body, so it's not a perfect resurrection! It's soul time traveling, as well! I can only do it with Fen and I guess I could do it with others I'm close with.

>"Wait a second Chee, don't you guys have anything better to do th-"
"OH MY GOSH FEN don't be Ears, shut up and get drunk!"
No. 353087 ID: c811c4
File 131709246694.png - (8.25KB , 600x600 , 789.png )

>"O-oh! Kip?!"
>"Hello, Sir. Is that truly you, at least in a fake, yet convincing, body?"
>"Well, I guess so! And you're still alive?"

"Good gosh you guys you guys can have a heartfelt reunion in the same cart! Get your keg and let's go!"
No. 353091 ID: c811c4
File 131709255883.png - (66.84KB , 600x600 , 790.png )

A ten minute cart ride later...
No. 353093 ID: c811c4
File 131709263809.png - (17.70KB , 600x600 , 791.png )

>"Lava! These dorfsh have lava on every turn!" Fen says."
>"And bauxite! Auuugh! The entire cavern was a constant 'pocket' of bauxite!" says Ears.

Okay, okay. I think... I think that the dwarf party is over. What's next on the list?
No. 353097 ID: b7169d

A quick check to make sure nobody's about to hurl for the next ten minutes should be the first priority considering Ear's color
No. 353098 ID: 1854db

Next, try healing everyone to see if that makes you feel any better. Wait, don't heal your undead buddies, obviously. Isn't there some undead-healing spell? I guess you could shapeshift them better.

Also Chee, are you deliberately avoiding the issue of the time paradox instability? We do need to fix that!
No. 353111 ID: 9c538a

The time paradox instability is exactly why we're having this huge shindig! Nobody would be dumb enough to ignore it. It's just affecting their faculties Discord style.

We need to go deeper.
No. 353112 ID: f70e5e

I think a sober up spell would be useful for planing purposes. shenanigans planed sober and carried out drunk tend to funny, but shenanigans planed and carried out while drunk tend to end badly.
No. 353113 ID: 80a4c2

But.... but the elvish tree.... and... and arson... ;_;
No. 353114 ID: f70e5e

is a perfect example of why being sober while planing the next activity is a good idea.
No. 353116 ID: c811c4
File 131709545263.png - (7.10KB , 600x600 , 792.png )

>"Hey everyone...! I think... is that... we missed one pocket of... ba... bauxi-"
No. 353117 ID: c811c4
File 131709546540.png - (9.84KB , 600x600 , 793.png )

>"No ya don't!" Clamp says.
No. 353118 ID: c811c4
File 131709548691.png - (7.76KB , 600x600 , 794.png )

NO. We are partying! We will fix it when Fen is awake! I can't do anything more than wait to see what happens with Fen's past! If nothing else, I'll have Fen look up that potion recipe so Minci can study it!

We might not do the human kingdom overthrowing, but we'll do everything else, even if I have to shorten it! For instance, here, I'm going to get a couple of orcs for a quick competition! And I have just an idea of what they are going to do!

"Orc Zombie Number 1! Are you ready?!"
"Orc Zombie Number 2! Are you ready?!"
>"Ya! Ya!"
"Alright, release the carts!"
No. 353120 ID: c811c4
File 131709557629.png - (18.36KB , 900x600 , 795.png )


"Alright! I think we'll be heading to the elven lands just for a quick little detour. Shouldn't take more than half an hour! The question is, do I gather the elves first for an unsuspecting audience, or do I mess up the tree first and see them rally?"
No. 353124 ID: a2fa74

Resurrect the winning Orc, then give him a large barrel of ale and tell him to bring it to the dwarves and he's on his own from there.

You don't need to actually mess up the elves' tree. You could just make a very convincing illusion of it being on fire.
Just make sure to keep them from trampling anybody to death in the stampede, since then you'd feel terrible about the whole thing.
No. 353128 ID: 1854db

This is the best thing ever.

Um... I'm actually a little worried about the tree burning thing. Can't we just make it LOOK like we're burning it instead of actually burning it? Illusion magic! I mean, if they care that much about their trees it's pretty mean to actually destroy one. And what if the trees are really beautiful?
No. 353130 ID: f70e5e

nah, messing with the orks was one thing, they were jerks and we didn't do anything permanent. but burning down an elf tree is bit mean for a prank. we should do something else to the elves. t maybe we should put something harmless in the branches? one prank i know off is throwing a bunch of thin streamers over someones tree. maybe we could do something like that? though the elves haven't done anything to us so messing with them seems kinda pointless.

somthing to keep in mind is that the list was written up by tom, and he can be a bit of a sociopath at times. so not everything on it would actually be fun. like the orc genocide, that would have been rather horrific.
No. 353197 ID: 8c5153

i have an idea for the elf thing

we make them a new, BETTER tree. like summon a SUPER AMAZING TREE, and then if we ask nicely they might let us burn down their old one.

you know, hopefully it's not sacred or anything, that would be a bit of a pain.
No. 353201 ID: 72d8c7

We could ferment all the fruits and vegetables the elves eat in the forest. Or carve one of their trees into a dwarf. Or ride a stampede of wild cute fuzzy animals into their capital.
No. 353236 ID: c811c4
File 131712930052.png - (8.30KB , 600x600 , 796.png )

"Tom your idea for the elves suck! We're going to go in and I'm going to make them the best tree ever! It'll be in the shape of a dwarf! Also all of their food will make them drunk! Okay everyone, let's go!
No. 353237 ID: c811c4
File 131712935888.png - (304.85KB , 600x600 , 797.png )

... the rifts are getting worse. Also I'm kind of pretty sure that the stars didn't look like that.

I hear commotion down below the trees. Those must be elves. Ohhh, it really wouldn't be any fun pulling a prank on them like they are now.

"Minci, take a note!"
>"Yes, Chee?"
"Elves are a complete party buzzkill!"

We're going back to the tower! There's a lot to do! I have to practice magic, try and see if I can't manipulate time and space to fix these paradoxes! The world is ripping at the seams, and I'm not sure if there's anyone else who has a shot in changing it, if even I do! But even more importantly...
No. 353238 ID: c811c4
File 131712937502.png - (407.94KB , 600x600 , 798.png )

Our tower is now a water slide!

But fine, if I'm to do something about this whole world breaking thing... what should I do? There might have been books I've overlooked about gods, or I can practice that god's magic, oooor something else.
No. 353241 ID: bf95d9

Ears needs new clothes. Magic clothes that look like different types of clothing depending on who's looking at him
Seriously I think he's been wearing the same clothes since we met him.
No. 353242 ID: c04c0d

Well the rips could be because of the time paradox's and such or it might mean we need to replace the god of earth. Insane as he was he might have stabilized something or other. At this point you probably have the power to be a god yourself if you can figure out how to take the job. Or it could be something else entirely.
No. 353247 ID: c811c4
File 131713369836.png - (12.29KB , 834x700 , 799.png )

>Become the earth god.

Hmmm! That might work, yes! When I think about it, we're not even sure that the definite existence of a paradox is what caused this! So, I might be able to use the god's soul to...

>New clothes

Oh my gosh! Not just Ears, Kip has a terrible set as well! Even mine is showing wear! For now, here's... here's Ears and Kip! Suggest clothes if you like, I'll go look at a few books. While everyone is off having fun.
No. 353249 ID: c811c4
File 131713374148.png - (292.53KB , 600x600 , 800.png )

>"Chee, why are you looking at me like that? What are you thinking about?"

"Pffft nothing nothing go in the water! It's warm! Hehe! I'll be in the library if you neeee pffft!"
No. 353252 ID: bdb895

Clearly, going naked is the best option.
No. 353258 ID: fa0fb5
File 131713677536.jpg - (129.62KB , 834x700 , year.jpg )

No. 353260 ID: bf95d9

What happened to Chee's swordstaff anyways?
Also, you should put Ears in Minci's little black dress.
No. 353261 ID: c61ec8

A little black dress does seem like it would suit Ears well.
No. 353275 ID: c811c4
File 131714411614.png - (203.53KB , 600x600 , 801.png )

First off I'm visiting the newly formed hotsprings to make some questions!

"Hey Minci I want some clothes for Ears and Kip! You wouldn't happen to know how to make clothes, do you?"
>"I do!"
"Where would I be without you?"
>"Oh, probably slaying gods while looking scruffy, but doing it anyway!"
"Still! I'm going to use your abilities to get a few constructs to do it, so you won't need to lift a finger. As long as you know how! Now, Tom!"
"I need to be a god! Like, really. I should be able to mimic a god, but is there a way I can digest the soul fully?"
>"Oh man Chee that's evil. I mean, you mean actually dissolving the soul? Not even I would do that. Or could. It's impossible, but! There's a way you can strip it of all its power, and make it a blank slate. Sort of like when a soul is just made in a newborn."
"That could work, that would work."
>"You sure you could handle that though? I mean, for all I know, you'll just fizzle out of existence or something if you try and take a god's soul!"
"Got any ideas to test it out?"
>"Hah, you're sobering up! But sure. Get another godsoul. There's one of Sea, as well as the god of life and death now, right? You do that, and I'll be able to test if you're good."
"...how? And wouldn't killing another make this whole situation worse?"
>"Just trust me, trust me! Get another godsoul! We could be screwed anyway, so we don't have a lot of options, yeah? It's the quickest way, easy. Otherwise, the Lich here does have all those notes about me in his study that you didn't completely look over. That's pretty boring, but there might be something about stripping souls greater than the host. Or hey, humans have libraries too, right? Go see about some of that human knowledge! I still recommend eating another godsoul."

I'll probably look into either while you're all with Fen, but what do you think is better? Trust Tom's recommendation, or go the academic route?
No. 353276 ID: b6edd6

Tom just wants to nom more god souls >.>
We probably shouldn't do that (right now at least).
No. 353278 ID: c870bb

hit the books.
No. 353279 ID: bf95d9

Can't you raise a bunch of zombies to read the books for you?
No. 353281 ID: aef021

Yeah, it's probably better to study this one.
No. 353285 ID: f70e5e

hit the books, if you pass us around to some constructs you might be able to read more than one book at a time so you get the research done faster.
No. 353287 ID: 1854db

I think at this point we don't want to take any crazy risks, BUT! Talking to a god would be a good idea. If there's any way at all we can possibly do that, it could help us get to the root of the problem.
No. 353342 ID: c811c4
File 131715690042.png - (394.27KB , 600x600 , 802.png )

I can't give good concentration reading a book through several zombies at once. That does give me an idea though! Sure, they can't read in length, but they still can look through possible bookes, so I'll have them bring them out to me. In the hot springs. We're winding down now anyway, we're just laying around the pools finishing off what I've left of the booze. I'm probably going to bed soon as well, that party made me so tired.

Which is good, because I sense that we can get the ball rolling again. No need for you guys to read books!

"Fen! Kip! Have you caught up!"
>"Yes, maam, thank you for this reunion. It means more to me than you could know."
>"Yep! I'll be honest Chee, I'm really shaken up by all of this, but it's been enjoyable still!"
No. 353343 ID: c811c4
File 131715694882.png - (318.77KB , 600x600 , 803.png )

"Good! Off you go then!"
>"Wha-? Fen?!"
"Don't worry Kip I'll store his body so we can use it later. But his past self is good to go, and he has things to do! Oh I'd better get a construct over here before he drifts off into a water slide..."
No. 353345 ID: c811c4
File 131715701108.png - (12.17KB , 800x600 , 804.png )

No. 353346 ID: 07416a

Jump! Hallelujah you are risen from the dead!
No. 353347 ID: 1854db

Wake up! Ask what's happening. Does the painting still exist? LOOK at the painting. Check on little Chee's status, first of all.
No. 353349 ID: c811c4
File 131715787706.png - (62.67KB , 557x591 , 805.png )

"What's happening?!"
>"Fen! You're awake! Oh, I was so worried! You've been out for several hours, it's nearly the next morning. You have a fight in at least a few hours. I'm worried still though, you're in no condition to fight!"
"I'll see what I can do! I want to see the painting."

The painting is changed! I don't know why, but it show's Lily as happy. But something's missing?
No. 353350 ID: f70e5e

the kobld skeleton is gone, huh that could be bad. goddamn temporal mechanics.
No. 353352 ID: c811c4
File 131715822806.png - (5.21KB , 600x600 , 806.png )

>"Chee, are you alright?"
"My name is Cheelop! Can.. can you still spar, mister?"
>"Yeah... well, I could, but I have to do something!"

What that something is, I don't know. What should I do before Kajos? Oh, and my aura still isn't back.. I wonder if it's gone for good?
No. 353356 ID: 1854db

Chee isn't in there at ALL. This is bad, very bad. We have to fix that. We have to steer little Chee's life so that she has the drive to fight liches and gods, so that the future can happen and thus not be all paradoxy. You will train her for this purpose. It is quite possibly more important than anything else you can do.

I wonder if, through you, Chee will become familiar enough with herself to actually send us to herself in the past? Or would that create a bigger time paradox? Risky.

Also don't worry about the fight, we can send you ability souls so that you'll be mega good at fighting. The aura being missing could mean you're free from the blessing/curse, which is actually good in the long term!
No. 353357 ID: f70e5e

eh, lets not jump to conclusions just yet. we still exist so someone still makes us. who knows what the skeleton in the painting represented.
No. 353359 ID: 1854db

It represented her being a Lich, dummy. Not being in the painting at all means she vanishes or can't be parsed by the prediction at all.
No. 353360 ID: d97c6d

No clue on the aura. It being gone would be nice, but we don't know if the war god gave you a punishment of some sort in its place.

The painting could just mean Chee won't become a lich. We don't even know where the liches Chee and your siblings fought came from in the first place, so that might never happen if Dereego was in any way involved.

Kip knows some basic magic, right? Ask where he is right now. We can have Chee send you some talent souls that'll let you learn really quickly.
No. 353366 ID: c811c4
File 131716119682.png - (10.01KB , 600x600 , 807.png )

"Lily, I'm really happy to see you, but I have to get to business!"
>"Oh, please, I understand! Go do what you need to do, I'll be here."
"You're the best! Do you know where Kip is?"
>"Oh, yes, he let us be alone, he's just outside this room."
No. 353367 ID: c811c4
File 131716123484.png - (7.47KB , 600x600 , 808.png )

I'll be sure to train Chee, but it sounds like she needs more motivation than she does training!

>"Ah, Sir! I am glad you are alright. What happened back at the crags?"
"It's a very long story and there is no way you'll believe me, I even have doubts myself, but Dereego is dead."
>"I'm sorry, Sir, but who is Dereego?"
No. 353368 ID: 1854db

Ayep, he's been erased from history, but... the painting is still there. Wait, does that mean the painting is nonmagical now? Maybe that's why Chee isn't there.

Also it seems Kip doesn't remember the changes, like he does in the future. Ask him what he thinks you went to the crags for.

In fact, maybe we should ask everyone for a summary of the events since you got here. Lily, Kip, Chee, Zizi. Get everyone in the same room. Also hug Lily, she needs one.
No. 353369 ID: d97c6d

Oh, sorry, I guess no one's told you but Chee said that Dereego's always been dead. I guess that's a downside of his body transcending time. You should put finding out the origin of the painting on your things to do list.
No. 353371 ID: 1854db

Err, I'd like to specifically point out that this exercise would be to both inform you as to what in history changed, and to expose possible gaps in their memory. Like, if they talk about something that required information about Dereego, try to get them to come up with reasons why that thing happened.
No. 353372 ID: c811c4
File 131716215571.png - (6.80KB , 600x600 , 809.png )

>"Oh right, this is Chee! Past Kip, and really any past versions of everyone besides Fen, won't remember any changes like we can! Um... I could change that if I wanted to, but I'm not sure. That may mess things up, based on what little scraps of information we've seen for sure! Let's keep it like it is unless past Kip really needs to know."

"What did you think I was going to the crags for?"
>"Sir, you would not say. You simply said that you had to go, and we couldn't stop you. For some reason you insisted that Cheelop and Lily be brought with."

That's beyond weird. I can get everyone in the room, but it'll take awhile for everyone to get here. I won't have time for that and anything else before I fight Kajos. Momo is still missing, as far as I know, and Shup... he would be the best person to ask about the painting to confirm any more oddities on that regard.
No. 353373 ID: f599e6

yeah. figure out who made the painting.
No. 353374 ID: 1854db

Alright... fine. Let's focus on giving Chee motivation for becoming who she must become.

Tell her what the God of War was doing to you. That should get her somewhat pissed about gods. The problem is getting her pissed about undead, when the major cause of the undead infestation here was the Earth God, who no longer exists. Also we'd have to get lichified somehow. Which means... yes, Momo. Momo needs to learn to be a necromancer, and take Chee under her wing.

Or we could find out who the false king is and why they know about necromancy. That could be a good lead. Besides, we were supposed to attempt that originally. If we can find Momo at some point... Ergh. Since the fight with Kajos is in a couple hours we won't be able to discover the false king's true face since he won't be sleeping then.

Right, to sum up, right now we need to tell Chee about the God of War and the aura and what that made you do, and why that was bad. That might help ease the pressure off the paradox. After that, we should probably train a little with Kip while the ability souls are in you, so you're strong enough to fight Kajos. I'd say try to learn healing magic. We've been able to teach pretty much anyone healing magic to some degree, and every little bit counts.
No. 353377 ID: d97c6d

Okay, so it looks like time (or perhaps just the dream) is attempting to rationalize things in any way it can. That's good to know. I advise learning magic, especially healing, before your fight with Kajos. Unless Chee can do her learning trick in reverse to teach you, then you should find out about the kinds of changes that happened.

No. We still have a good long while before Cheelop's anywhere near ready to fight liches, and Fen has too much other stuff on his plate to worry about preserving the future. Keeping Fen, Lily, and Cheelop alive should be our top priorities, and discrediting the king our secondary one. We can worry about liches and the future when we either reasonably clear the first two objectives or the liches force us to worry about them.
No. 353379 ID: 1854db

Why are you downvoting talking to Chee for five minutes?
No. 353382 ID: c811c4
File 131716490934.png - (9.10KB , 600x600 , 810.png )

"Okay, Chee, you might not understand what I'm giong to tell you, but if I fall in combat, uhm... gods did it. Also liches."

Well, that's something?

I'll train with Kip, then. I'll worry about the dream trying to rationalize itself later.
No. 353383 ID: c811c4
File 131716492351.png - (14.20KB , 800x600 , 811.png )

Hours later

>"Sir! You should have been a mage. You have just accomplished in hours what most try months for. It is prodigal, to say the least."

Knock knock.

I hear a voice behind the door.
>"Hey Fen, you in there? It's Kajos."
No. 353384 ID: f599e6

kajos seems honorable enough. may as well say yes.
No. 353387 ID: 1854db

Yeah, sure. Ask what he wants. It's almost time for the fight, isn't it?
No. 353390 ID: c811c4
File 131716720807.png - (8.14KB , 600x600 , 812.png )

>"Hey man. How's that trinket working out for you?"
"Er, I think the god of war doesn't give me an aura anymore."
>"Ah yeah? Weird. Anyway, you got more issues. A friendly tip you heard from no one, if you catch me. Just before the fight starts, dragon knights are going to surround the arena. Every exit, every sewer drain. Everything."
"... how many?"
>"All of them. Every single Dragon Knight in the kingdom."
"I have to ask why you're telling me this."
>"I'm not some ally of the king. He's gone pretty crazy. Look, don't get me wrong, I'm pretty darn sure I can kill you without a sweat in the arena. But I didn't get this far by being overconfident. Fights are volatile, I could die. It's possible. I want to be prepared. You shouldn't kill the king. Yeah, I said it. No, I don't know why. I had the craziest dream. I don't know. Normally they're just dreams, yeah? This one didn't feel like it. I had to come tell you. Don't kill the king. Don't dethrone the king. He deserves it, sure. But man, I got a terrible feeling if you do it. Not sure if it meant you can't, or if he just in general shouldn't be. Oh, man, apologies here, I feel silly saying this without a shred of evidence. But there you go. Take it. Leave it. If it matters to you in an hour, it means you killed me, and so I can't help what you do. Oh, I'm warning you because you can't get killed by a dragon knight. Don't get killed by a dragon knight. Get killed by me, the king, hell, your girlfriend. Just not a dragon knight."
No. 353391 ID: 6f1d54

Ask him if the term "Time Paradox" rings a bell.
No. 353395 ID: 1854db

Okay that's pretty much a confirmation that the king is incredibly important to the timeline, and that... for some reason, you being killed by a Dragon Knight specifically sets off a bad chain of events that leads to NOT the right future. Also it sounds like he's saying the Dragon Knights surrounding the arena are ordered to kill you if you try to leave after the fight.

I wonder if there's any way to get out of this with you and Lily happy? I'm sorry, the situation is looking grim again. If you do die, Chee can probably recover your soul for the future though. Maybe we should see if we can get Lily 'close' enough to tranport her into the future too? Or can we do that now? If we can, then you can just go right into that arena and get killed by Kajos, and Chee can grab Lily's soul for the future so you two can live together. Then things should be fine, I think?

Chee, how's the paradox effect looking? Better or worse since we told little Cheelop that thing about the reasons behind Fen's death? Hey, if Fen is touching Lily when he dies, can you grab Lily's soul too?
No. 353397 ID: e3f578

Ask Kip if you can tell him about the conspiracy.
If only we can get some clarity. Does he mean the fake king or real king? Ask this question to Kip so he can see your point.
Probably fake king, but exact details do matter.

We could also have Kip dethrone the king to do so. Just saying.

Also ask if Kajos has a dog kobold girlfriend. Suggest he spend quality time with her just before the match, just in case. Then tell Chee to tell her parents when she sees them next that she wants a brother or sister with puppy dog eyes. It'll be awkward but please, one of our cool bros dissapeared from the future Fen. We have to recreate him, and that means all dog kobolds in this country have to get it on.

Entertain the thought your new wish, since the Lily situation is resolved, is a holiday where all Dog bolds in the country get it on. Know what, no, all bolds day to celebrate fertility and life.
No. 353398 ID: d97c6d

He can call us crazy if he wants, but I believe him. Of course, since we're admitting to being crazy we aren't necessarily going to accept the advice unless we know more about the dream that prompted it.

...Oh dear, I think I've figured out the paradox. The universe rationalized your being at Feather Crags by making you act a bit irrationally. Cheelop, on the other hand, it's apparently having trouble convincing to go crazy on the liches (and later, gods) without you dying. I'm guessing dethroning the king will cause a problem with the liches or something, since the lich problem eventually led to Tom being created. Now, I'm not saying that it's hopeless, or that we shouldn't dethrone the false king, just that we'll be fighting the universe itself in doing so. Now, if you can find some way of making Cheelop immortal, then that'll probably help clear the paradox up; Chee will just be a normal kobold in body instead of using a construct body.
No. 353400 ID: 1854db

Aaaah but in our future Chee became immortal via some other method already. In fact at some point she must become a lich. Dereego made her into one in one timeline, and at some other point she made herself into one. It's a constant. It must happen.
No. 353407 ID: d97c6d

No. The only important thing is that Chee, Tom, Ears, Kip, and us are around at the right time. Possibly everyone else Chee has protected from temporal changes as well. Doing all of that without requiring Cheelop become a lich or resolving the lich problem before the continent is ruined is challenging, but not impossible. Their bodies will be updated accordingly once the appropriate changes are made in the past. You might not want to prevent the continent's devastation, but it's already been placed on my "to do if at all possible" list.

Thinking about it further, I'm not so much opposed to Cheelop becoming a lich as I am the circumstances that resulted in the lichification. Getting necromancers a more neutral reputation while saving the continent from the evil ones has a good chance of allowing both that and Tom's creation.

Fen, put "find Momo and help her learn necromancy" on your to do list as well.
No. 353410 ID: 922059

dude better elaborate on that dream of his.
No. 353421 ID: 1854db

Dude. No. The time paradox problem is being caused because the overall series of events in the future cannot be explained in a halfway reasonable manner without our intervention. CHEE MUST BECOME A LICH OR SHE CANNOT BE THE LICH KING. Chee being the lich king is crucial for the Chee construct being created and the entire lich war happening. Chee also requires the MOTIVATION to become Chee the Relentless. Luck and enemy hubris can carry her through where strength fails her. Time will attempt to ensure that the main events happen by any means possible. Right now, however, there is no telling if it is possible! WE MUST MAKE SURE IT IS POSSIBLE!
No. 353425 ID: c811c4
File 131717518431.png - (7.27KB , 600x600 , 813.png )

He must mean the fake king, since the real king can't actually be dethroned. Even if he was, I wouldn't dethrone him!

Chee, how's the paradox? Also are you able to grab Lily's soul, by chance?
>"Same as usual! And sure I can nab her soul."

"Do you know anything about time paradoxes, Kajos?"
>"Uh what, no."
"Okay, don't worry about it! By the way this might sound a little bit weird, but do you have a mammalian kobold with you? Someone special maybe?"
>"Huh? No. Well, no one special. Only seen one around, just a little tyke. Not the one there or her parents, but another. Man, I'd think you're crazy, but I'm not sounding better."
"I actually believe you might be onto something here. That dream of yours, can you elaborate?"
>"What dream?"
No. 353426 ID: c811c4
File 131717519464.png - (14.51KB , 600x600 , 814.png )

No. 353427 ID: c811c4
File 131717523869.png - (6.08KB , 600x600 , 815.png )

>"Wasn't a dream, dude. Was the sea god. In the flesh and everything. Didn't tell me why all this was the case. More just put the ideas in my head, I guess."
No. 353429 ID: 0bd0b0

All of this time paradox stuff seems silly. Punch time-continuum.
No. 353431 ID: b6edd6

"Umm... tell him I said thanks for the tip."
No. 353434 ID: 922059

oh man, I've got this awesome idea you guys. let's dethrone the fake king.
No. 353437 ID: f599e6

sea god was last noted to be an asshole too. he demands that the ocean creatures be assholes. so yeah, let's do the opposite.
No. 353439 ID: c811c4
File 131717619798.png - (8.86KB , 600x600 , 816.png )

I cannot punch time continuum, but I really would like to learn how.

"Uhm.. y-yeah, that's good. Thanks for the tip, Kajos."
>"Sure, no problem man. I gotta ask now though, and I'm trying not to freak out here, but uh.. who's your buddy there? He seemed to pop out as soon as I said--"
No. 353440 ID: c811c4
File 131717621028.png - (15.66KB , 600x600 , 817.png )

>"I heard there was a god! I came as fast as I could!"
No. 353442 ID: 6a5a08

He's also the only person we know who became a god.

If anyone know how Chee can replace the Earth God, it's him.
No. 353443 ID: 1854db

>time paradox effect
AUGH that's uh really scary.

...oh wait a second, I bet the false king is the sea god! That would make everything make sense. He has yet to steal his divinity at this present time, and thus if you kill him or expose him it'll create another paradox because then he won't be able to carry out whatever plans he's brewing. And if a Dragon Knight kills you, that'll screw up his public relations, I think...

Tom, how are you even doing that? Get back into Fen this instant. If you don't, we'll have Fen heal you.
No. 353444 ID: b6edd6

Are we going to have to take you to demon rehab, Tom?
No. 353447 ID: d97c6d

"Tom, you are not eating any more god souls without better reason than how tasty they are. Even if said god is supposed to be an asshole that deserves it. The last time you ate one resulted in a potentially world-ending paradox that we are still trying to fix."

Note: Tom makes a great comic relief.
No. 353448 ID: bf95d9

He's a soul consuming monstrosity that developed a taste for divine souls after eating the earth god's.
Why do you ask?
No. 353449 ID: e3f578

"Just a soul devouring fiend from the future, pay no mind to him. He just likes eating big, insanely powerful souls like dragons, liches, paladins and gods.

His owner killed a god to save me right now, and now that god never existed ever. The owner and her advice souls have been helping me ever since Lily got kidnapped by Shup, but I thought they were my own thoughts until Momo's match disillusioned that illusion, and now Shup never had a reason for kidnapping Lily and trying to marry her. Or he came up with a new one, he is a douchebag after all."
No. 353455 ID: 1854db

We should not tell people about the cause of the paradox, lest the paradox get worse.
No. 353456 ID: b6edd6

Just go with the first sentence of this.
No. 353458 ID: 1854db

OH! Chee, if you're awake in the future right now it would be a very good idea to try to get an audience with the sea god. They'll probably be able to tell us more information on what courses of action we can take that won't cause a paradox. He might even be able to satisfy our curiosity and directly tell us who the false king was.
No. 353471 ID: c811c4
File 131718010775.png - (14.81KB , 600x600 , 818.png )

I don't even care anymore.

"He's a soul consuming monstrosity that developed a taste for divine souls after eating the earth god, but also enjoys dragons liches and paladins."
>"Right. No problem. You know, I said there's a chance you could kill me. Maybe that chance got a little bigger. Not like I'm going to excuse myself to go piss my pants. But I am going to excuse myself. Goodbye for now."

"Goodbye. And you, Tom! You're not eating any more godsouls just because they taste good!"
>"You wouldn't say that if you ever tasted one! It was like a superpowered delish-bomb! It was, you could say, divine."
"Get back in me! How are you even doing this?!"
>"Chee's screwing around with god magic and time, no biggie! Apparently since I'm not physical, I'm easier to send. Well, the real me. The temporary body is enjoying a hot bath right now. With the best looking girl. All it needs is a god-soul. Go fight him!"
No. 353474 ID: c811c4
File 131718042893.png - (437.99KB , 600x600 , 819.png )

>"Oh my gosh Fen you better not fight a god! We're still trying to enjoy ourselves in our remodeled tower, I don't want to have to run off to the peninsula to fight another one!"
"I wasn't planning on it!"
>"Anyways I was screwing around with some of that god magic and it actually pierces some time barriers a bit! Plus it seems like the concept of time in this world is weak now, so it's pretty defenseless. In fact right now I'm keeping the sun from rising!"
"How do I get Tom back in me?"
>"MINCI DISTRACT TOM. TOM if you don't stop fooling around I will heal bomb you so hard you won't even know what a Minci is!"
>"Okay Fen, all gods can try and mess with the past, but it's pretty hard and it's pretty risky. I mean, this sort of thing would still be impossible, but the whole world is basically a dreamland, so I guess what we're doing is inducing the arch god's memory to go "oh wait that didn't happen hold on." I guess the Sea God did it to Kajos. There's probably rules against it, according to this book I have. Anyways, I, too, can influence things. Maybe active things for you like get Momo to show up, or to retract something someone said. The more important to history it is, the higher the risk of it failing horrible. Oh, and failure can probably be pretty bad. If it's totally asinine, I can do it no problem. Keep that in mind if things get dicey, even if failure is bad stuff! I'm this close to practically on the edge of being a de facto god, and I'm with you!"

That's something. Well, the fight is soon. Should I chase after Kajos to get him to introduce me to the sea god, or go ahead and just fight Kajos?
No. 353479 ID: 1854db

If we can get in direct contact with the sea god, we could better plan to prevent the time paradox plaguing us in the future. So I think we should do that, so long as we can keep Tom in check. I guess Tom wouldn't actually be able to soulsuck the god anyway though. Not like he did with the dragon... but he might still cause trouble.

Also at this point I think it's fairly obvious that the sea god knows we don't want to stop the dream.
No. 353483 ID: a2fa74

Chee, can you make the crowd want the loser of this fight to live? Maybe have Momo feel like she owes Fen an explanation?

OH! Could you make it so that Degeero existed, but was just an old prophet who wanted to stop some nameless disaster by changing Fen's destiny? That would patch up all the holes left by him not existing.
Have him be the child of a prostitute; that's the easiest way to fudge him into re-existing.
No. 353487 ID: d97c6d

Wait, so the "don't dethrone the false king" thing was the sea god messing with time? Well we aren't going to listen to him, then, although you talking to him about ways of eliminating the paradox without killing Fen sounds good, Chee. Also, is there any chance you can send us to Momo for a minute? Get ready to send Lokirm's soul, too. A necromancer helping take out the false king would be awesome.
No. 353489 ID: 1854db

That sounds like a pretty major change. If Chee failed it, we'd have big problems.
No. 353491 ID: 6a5a08

I repeat, we already know the Sea God was not born a God.
That means he knows how to become one, officially.
He also seems to have no qualms about messing with mortals, since he's teaching the sea people to be jerkasses and fucking with time.
No. 353497 ID: c61ec8

Make Fen wear a silly hat that changes every time someone looks at it. This will throw Kajos off and allow Fen to successfully avoid the dragon knights via his new cunning disguise.
No. 353520 ID: 72d8c7

We need to do two things right now:

Immediately we need to establish a method of stabilizing reality, possible by consuming the sea god, consulting the sea god, or consulting library material we haven't read.

The second thing we have to do is make sure we don't suffer an existential break down. We could either risk pursuing knowledge of the dreamer and the dreamer's world and the existence of everyone outside it, or we could reinforce the dream itself. Our leads would include Momo, Shup, the real and fake King, and the gods.

Despite what we have accomplished so far, to pursue the dreamer outside of the dream would be unlike anything we could know of and filled with ineffable consequences. We would risk not just our own existence, but the existence of our beloved companions and the reality we have called home.

Despite this, I vote that we attempt to penetrate the dream. CheeQuest has come this far gentlemen, I intend to see it through.
No. 353523 ID: 5b4be6

Dammit I missed the pool party.

Chee, make Shup appear and make him do cartwheels down the hallway. :3
No. 353558 ID: 3aaf60

We definitely need to speak with the sea god, and if at all possible the war god (since we have done so already, it shouldn't be too hard to do so again).

They should be able to give us the whole heads up on how to be a god.
No. 353560 ID: cfe1d2

Chee, could it be that the "gods" of this world, this dream, are "plot devices" meant to readily patch up inconsistencies and detail gaps? When Kajos approached with his dream information, the dream used the sea god to make it more plausible. And when Deerego realized he was part of a dream, perhaps it was then that the dreamer's subconscious made him into a sleeping god to rectify the otherwise disruptive existence of such a self aware component. The war god too has shown himself to act as an device of the dreamer's subconsciousness by guarding the dreamer's awareness, protecting and furthering the "plot continuity" of the dream.

Question and investigate the sea god's "purpose" towards the dream when you are able.

Also, investigate the works of Deerego to uncover what truths he may have discovered of the nature of the dream. I am convinced his existence as a mortal was replaced to conceal his work.
No. 353568 ID: c811c4
File 131721413370.png - (168.40KB , 600x600 , 820.png )

>"Alright, I'll list each idea with Chance of Success, Severity of Consequences in case of a fail, and how much it should change things!

>Momo shows up: 80%, minor, possible significance
>Momo shows up AND gives an explanation of all she knows: 50%, medium, medium
>Audience to wish for the contestant to live: 50%, severe, very high
>Make degeero exist as a plain prophet to explain items: "This one isn't worth it! I don't think the items are big issues."
>Fen's silly hat: 95%, very low, very low
>Make Shup appear (no cartwheels) before the fight: 90%, low, low

>"I cant send the souls to Momo! Which is strange, I think that I should be able to, but something's blocking me.

>"I don't think Gods are supposed to patch up inconsistencies and detail gaps. It's like they're acting out of line."
No. 353569 ID: c811c4
File 131721414514.png - (9.21KB , 600x600 , 821.png )

I run out of the room to catch up to Kajos.

"Hey, wait! I want to speak to the god."
>"You do? You do. Alright. Cool. Two problems. First, dragon knights. They're not all in position yet, sure, but the outside is still crawling with 'em. I can tell you the safest route, and the safest is what most would call dangerous. Second problem. The fight. You probably don't have time for the sea god, then to come back here in time. Her shrine is all the way at the docks. I'd say you'd be a hunted criminal if you go missing for the fight, but then again, you already are."
"Yes, I want to see the sea god."
>"Alright. First choice. Sewers. Not many down there, but you'll almost definitely run into them and have to fight. Otherwise, back alleys. Easier to avoid any, but if you do, you're going to have packs on you."
No. 353570 ID: c25a48

What's the chance WITH the cartwheels?

...I kid, I kid.

Anyway, I kind of want to risk 2, and of course, 5 all the way.

I say we go down the sewers. Chee, can you help on your end by making a variety of minor events? Like it's a sewer, make a swarm of angry, hungry sewer rats attack the knights or make them slip or other indirect (and if possible, funny) events.
No. 353571 ID: b5d7b8

yeah, no fighting Kajos. let's let him live. and Shup too- he's not a bad dude. and to be honest, this tournament has become a fucking joke.

Momo should definitely show up and explain us things. it's worth the risk. and how about make Fen find another sword of metal slicing?
No. 353575 ID: c811c4
File 131722031978.png - (9.29KB , 600x600 , 822.png )

Yeah, this tournament is hardly worth the time! Let's ditch it, Chee, everyone.

"Kajos, the sewers, please."
>"Cool. Just in here, take your first left and go straight. Hope you got a sense of direction if you have to make a turn. I'm off to win the tournament. Too bad I agreed to not make a wish, yeah? Would love to see the look on the kings face if I laid claim to a wish. Either way, I'm off to prepare for a non-fight. See ya."
"Thanks, Kajos.
No. 353576 ID: c811c4
File 131722042494.png - (315.91KB , 600x600 , 823.png )

Okay, everyone. While Fen is going through the sewers, let's have a vote. I shouldn't risk multiple time shenanigans at once, so choose a wish! Again, listed with success rate, severity if I fail, and how much it could change things.

Oh, and the chance of Shup doing cartwheels to fen makes the success rate go from 90% to 20%! The universe does NOT want Shup to do cartwheels, let me tell you!

A. Momo shows up AND explains (80% - minor, possible significance)
B. Fen's Crazy Hats - 95%, very low, very low
C. Fen's Magic Sword comes back: 80%, medium, medium
D. Screw it, ALL OF THE ABOVE in a single attempt! (68%, better not think about it, unknown significance)

No. 353577 ID: 07416a

No. 353579 ID: c25a48

Bah, stupid universe. Oh well.

D leans toward success by 18% more. I think it's worth it. I'll go with D.
No. 353580 ID: 1854db

Have Momo show up on the way, but don't force her to explain everything. We can just speak to her and try to convince her to talk.

I say we take the back alleys and use time manipulation to avoid the dragon knights. It'd be EASY. Alternatively we could ask for Momo to cast invisibility on us to get through.

But uh... you do realize that avoiding the arena fight will make it harder to achieve your 'correct' death? I mean, you wouldn't actually die, since we can rescue your soul, but it's something to consider. ALSO, skipping the fight basically guarantees that you won't be able to live peacefully in the past. You won't get your wish, so you and Lily will remain slaves.

Chee, do we have an alternative? Would it be possible for you to go to the shrine and speak to the sea godess? Or the future sea god, whoever that is? That reminds me, if the future sea god is different, how come the sea god in the past exists? Perhaps it was the method of taking the godhood that didn't cause the god to lose divinity across all time periods?
No. 353581 ID: 1854db

Arse. Uh, okay, I don't have the time to rewrite that.

I like A. How come the success went up and significance went down? Is she not explaining EVERYTHING?
No. 353583 ID: c811c4
File 131722167476.png - (480.34KB , 600x600 , 824.png )

OH WHOOPS I confused which condition Momo showed up with! Choice A is just for Momo to show up now, so Fen will have to try to get her to explain! Otherwise if she explains by my meddling, it's 80%, medium, medium and I gotta recalculate everything and people already voted and ohhhh everything is all screwed up and oh god I'm going to take a little break from the booze.

Maybe I could go to a sea god shrine. But I don't really wanna.
No. 353584 ID: e3f578

Chee, couldn't you like teleport Fen places too? To make moving around faster?

And Fen, what about Cheese? We promised to kill Kajos, even if he is a cool dude.
No. 353585 ID: aef021

I do so vote for Fen's hat. The Dragon Knights will be stumped! B it is.
No. 353588 ID: b5d7b8


double D
No. 353590 ID: a4cab9

A, but I don't think you need to meddle with time magic to get her to talk since we can do so much to convince her.

Oh, also, can you tell us if she's pregnant or not? That would really help us convince her.
No. 353593 ID: c811c4
File 131722653982.png - (365.42KB , 600x600 , 825.png )

I need way more god magic and soul power and thingies before I can cast through other people! Teleport or anything! It's hard enough just to send you guys to Fen.

Oh speaking of Fen he's talking.
>"Oh right, Cheese wanted me to kill Kajos! I completely forgot that. Maybe I can sort out the bad blood between the two, somehow. I'll need to ask either Cheese or Kajos how that can happen."

"Back to business! The votes are still all over the place, it's currently a tie between just Momo showing up, and everything! While we wait, what should I name our new catbold?"
>"D-don't I get a say in it...?"
"Catbold, you're a catbold! You gotta end every sentence with meow!"
>"Don't I get a s-say in it... meow?"
No. 353594 ID: c61ec8

Catface Meowmers. D sounds like a pretty good idea that can't go wrong in any way.
No. 353595 ID: e3f578

Bruce "Meow" MacCreed
No. 353597 ID: c811c4
File 131722821929.png - (159.10KB , 600x600 , 826.png )

"Your new name is Catface Meowmers!"
>"Th-that's a terrible, terrible name! I kind of liked that Bru-"
"CATFACE MEOW MEOWMERS what did I tell you mister?!"
>"That's a terrible name, meow!"

D, you guys say? Everything, you say?! Let's do it!

A 1d100 will be thrown. A attempt is successful if the dice lands from 1 to X, where X is the percentage of success. For instance, if the chance of success if 40%, and 1d100 lands on a 37, then Chee will successfully manipulate the past.
No. 353598 ID: c811c4
File 131722826985.png - (159.65KB , 600x600 , 827.png )

rolled 24 = 24

"Here we go! Magiiiiiiiiiii~"
No. 353611 ID: c811c4
File 131723087117.png - (11.49KB , 600x600 , 828.png )

Attempt: SUCCESS

I just got a memory that when Momo blocked the shot from my magic sword, she didn't actually break it! It just didn't work at all, so the rest of the fight went as normal. So I got the magic sword again.

There's at least 2 dragon knights around the corner. I think I'll go around... wait, there's noise coming from the opposite end!
No. 353612 ID: c811c4
File 131723089046.png - (10.99KB , 600x600 , 829.png )

>"Fen, dear! There you are. I've been looking for you. I was attempting to sneak through the sewers to see you. I wished to thank you for what you've done. You've taken to wearing ridiculous hats, I see."

The dragon knight noticed didn't he?
>"Halt! Surrender, criminal, and your death will be painless!"
He noticed.
No. 353613 ID: 1854db

Alright, we've got Momo and a magic metal-eating sword, you know some real magic, plus your power is boosted overall. I think we can handle this.

Ask for her help real quick with the Dragon Knights, and we can talk right after.
No. 353615 ID: 1854db

...hey wait a sec. Chee, if you can tell what impact each change would make on history, can you use that kind of data to figure out exactly what the paradox is being caused by?

I'm starting to suspect that a lot of the problem is that there's several thousand new draconic kobolds contributing to history. After all, we prevented the Earth God from destroying the continent.
No. 353616 ID: c61ec8

Throw your hat at the front dragon knight's face to distract him while you get your magic sword ready to slice through both of their armors. Ask Momo for some help to restrict them and prevent them from alerting other knights right away, then head off to the sea god shrine.
No. 353619 ID: e36bfa

just kill the dragon knights however you see fit... they're probably just faceless mooks to you by now anyway.
No. 353622 ID: c811c4
File 131723524812.png - (16.21KB , 600x600 , 830.png )

"Momo, help me out here? Can you restrain them?"
>"I'm sorry, Fen, but my spells are designed to kill, but I will try to make the wounds not mortal."

With a combo of my breaking down their armor and Momo's magic, these elite guards put up an embarrasing fight.

>"Whoa, Fen, not so fast! It's Chee. I might not be able to cast through you, but one of them sent out a magic beacon! I think it works like an alarm. You better get out of there! If what Kajos says is true, you should be able to escape that area in time, but don't just stand there."

"Momo, we have to get moving!"
No. 353623 ID: c811c4
File 131723532644.png - (407.76KB , 600x600 , 831.png )

>Sense paradox

Fine! Fen isn't hearing this, by the way. I haven't been completely open with anyone. There's not 'a' paradox! Ever since the earth god died, it wasn't just Fen's past that got paradoxy, it also affected my past, too. Meaning that for hundreds of years, everything the earth god did behind the curtains is now under question. That's not all! Everyone he affected did stuff randomly and unknowing of the reasons, and so everything they did is under question, too! And everyone they affected because of how they were affected! It's a complete mess of paradox webs! There won't be any paradox fixing, we're just stabbing around with a twig in the forest at this point! The arch god is in that state when your dream is jolted, but you're still in. He's trying to stay in the dream, but it's slipping up! There's little I can do as I am. Not even retract the earth god slaying. I can affect mortals, but not-mortal beings are rather immune! It's not impossible, but it's close.

I'm trying to get a happy end to this. Just a happy end for Fen, and a nice party for everyone, because we could all go *poof* in a single instant. We wouldn't even know! The books are a last ditch effort for a single sentence that changes everything, and the sea god is a desperate shot for any scrap of information.

>"Eh? What're you looking so angry about, Chee?"
"NOTHING go back to the pool Shabin!"
No. 353625 ID: 35e1a0

how about we make up a person to do a bunch of the stuff the earth god did? some guy NAMED deerego that did everything. he worked behind the scenes so no one saw him.
No. 353626 ID: e36bfa

...so you haven't found anything on how to un-rape reality?
No. 353627 ID: e3f578

Dereego existed as an eccentric prophet man possesed by a demon
Killed a lot of people (If Kradis's family is among the people he originally killed, remove that with Dereego getting some vision that Kradis will someday being very important so he spares him) beginning with Fen's fight, but he lost the fight to Fen, who fought him off until he escaped to go regenerate and hibernate for some years.

Let's also make Dereego a good guy and the demon within him sometimes escapes, or he's got multiple personality disorder, who cares about the specfics. Dereego must fight the inner "demon" within to control himself like your average ANIME FANFIC protagonist.
No. 353628 ID: e3f578

and to convince Chee to become a Lich later in life, Dereego kills someone important to her and then she finds out Dereego was created by a god (you but she'll never find out) and hates them all after this. Just make Chee care about a random person Dereego killed origenally, someone we don't know. But it will be later in her life. This person is also important to Kiki and Zizi, but not Fen. Like they're bestest drinking buddies or something.
No. 353631 ID: c811c4
File 131723848130.png - (112.70KB , 600x600 , 832.png )

It could work, maybe, but just having some prophet that happened to live for a few hundred years and just also happeneed to have god-powers, regardless of whatever specifics, is about a 15% success rate with major failure repercussions, but it massively help things if I pull it off.

No, I'm afraid I have to glean topics that are similar, but there's no manual for these kind of situations!
No. 353636 ID: c811c4
File 131723870774.png - (22.50KB , 600x600 , 833.png )

Alright, we made it to the sea shrine. It's more like a pedestal in honor of, it looks like. I'm not sure how to get the Sea God to come out, th-
No. 353637 ID: c811c4
File 131723872216.png - (26.19KB , 600x600 , 834.png )


>"Whoa, what the?! Fen, that's not the usual archgod's effect, that's something else! Someone's messing around like I was!" Chee says.
No. 353638 ID: c811c4
File 131723873315.png - (24.72KB , 600x600 , 835.png )

>"Yo. I abandoned the tourney, too. Had to stop you from messin' around with the shrine, here. Nothin' personal. Turn around and I won't kill ya. You too, Momo."

>"That's not supposed to happen! Someone messed something up! Fen, you might have to fight Kajos after all! Or I can retract that action and have Kajos actually be in the tournament, with a 70% chance of success, but it'll definitely be a worse scenario if I fail!" says Chee.
No. 353641 ID: f70e5e

lets try and talk to him. we both stand to benefit from reality surviving so we share a goal.
No. 353642 ID: aef021

Yeah, let's talk. It's probably not gonna work though, so be prepared for a battle.
No. 353644 ID: 1468b9

No. 353645 ID: 3aaf60

Screw kajos and mechanic stuff.

Just talk to the sea god as though she's there. It's pretty obvious that she's watching.
No. 353647 ID: 1854db

Tell him you know the sea god is listening, and you were trying to get advice on how to fix things. We're desperate, here. What's special about the false king? What's special about dying to dragon knights? Plead with him, and the sea god.

Chee, what about going back up to the background realm that Fen reached and attempting to manually keep the archgod asleep via a sleep spell or something?
No. 353654 ID: c811c4
File 131724700360.png - (316.72KB , 600x600 , 836.png )

"Minci get over here!"
"... I'm sorry. What I mean is, well, I need a type of potion made, and Fen has the recipe. Could you do me a favor and look at it through Fen's? I link you through his vision once he has time, please learn the recipe then."
>"Oh, sure!"
"Thank you, Minci. Sorry, again."
>"No problem, hun!"

The potion will eventually be ready, I'm confident. Even if I don't use it right now, it may be nice to have for later. Either way, I don't know a sleep spell. I also don't think it'll be that easy to cast it on the archgod, even if I did.
No. 353655 ID: c811c4
File 131724702221.png - (12.07KB , 600x600 , 837.png )

"The sea god is listening, I'm sure of it! Sea God! I want to know how to fix up the dream. What's special about the false king and dying to a dragon knight?"
>"... ain't gonna answer you, man. Doesn't wanna talk to you. Now turn around, or I'm gonna fight ya."
"Well, what about you, Kajos? You might not believe me, but reality might be at stake here!"
>"No offense kid, but I'd trust the matters of reality more to a god than you, or hell, any one of us. Doesn't look like you're gonna move on. Let's go."

Chee, he's going to come at me!
>"Yeah, I'm on it!"
No. 353656 ID: c811c4
File 131724707716.png - (120.38KB , 600x600 , 838.png )

rolled 53 = 53

Back to the tournament, come on!
No. 353657 ID: 3aaf60

yay, now kajos can't kill us.

i wonder how the sea god's going to react to that one.
No. 353658 ID: b5d1b9

yay, now we don't have to kill Kajos.

hope the sea god shows up.
No. 353659 ID: 0bd0b0

>yay, now kajos can't kill us.
>yay, now we don't have to kill Kajos.

I hope the sea god doesn't come at us. No way to combat it currently. I suggest we do not show hostility.
No. 353660 ID: c811c4
File 131724799117.png - (24.74KB , 600x600 , 839.png )

Kajos is gone! Thanks, Chee. In his place though is...

"Sea God, right?"
>"Yes.. I am. Why are you doing this?"
"Doing what?"
>"You're... trying to keep the dream, aren't you?"
No. 353662 ID: 3aaf60

well, yes. shouldn't we be?
No. 353663 ID: 35e1a0

because, without the dream we wouldn't exist.
No. 353665 ID: 1854db

Uh. What? If there's a reason to not keep it... then does that mean that the versions of us in the 'waking' world will remember this? Is that what the afterlife is?
No. 353666 ID: b5d1b9

dude, we are the dream. it's called self-preservation instincts.
No. 353668 ID: f70e5e

as far as we can tell if the dream ends everyone ceases to exist right? we don't want that to happen. if there is a way to save them that doesn't involve keeping the dream going we would be willing to do that instead.
No. 353669 ID: c811c4
File 131724905260.png - (19.58KB , 600x600 , 840.png )

Momo's behind me, good.

"Shouldn't we be? Without it, we wouldn't exist. Unless there's another way."
>"What's an existence, when it's so fickle, so fake, as to be dreamed? Are the characters in your own dream real? Would it not be better for our arch god to wake up, and serve real mortals, and stand by real gods? But why... no, how are you doing this? The God of Earth is dead. The God of War has abandoned you. The God of Life has promised he would not actively participate. I cannot believe he would go back on his words, him of all people! What god do you serve, kobold?"

>"Oh my gosh she sounds so angsty and this might not go pleasantly. Minci, is that teleporter to the eastern continent up and running yet?" says Chee.
>"Yes, Chee! It just went on a few hours ago!"
No. 353672 ID: b5d1b9

nobody. but you have friends.
No. 353673 ID: c04c0d

We serve the souls we protect.
No. 353674 ID: 35e1a0

"I serve no god. i am only helped by my friends."
No. 353675 ID: 1854db

And who says the arch god will wake up to a reality that is not a dream? There are dreams within dreams. Besides, who can say what is real and what is not? It is merely our experiences that define it. We are alive. We think independently of the archgod. That is what counts, even if it is because of a dream.

We serve no god, we just have friends in high places.
No. 353681 ID: c811c4
File 131725122974.png - (43.97KB , 600x600 , 841.png )

"I don't serve a god. I have friends. I kind of serve some souls though. It's weird."
>"No. You must serve a god. Gods don't make friends. Unless your god.... ah, your god is rogue? Rogue gods don't last long. If you want to stop the dream, I'm going to stop you. And I'll tell the others a rogue god is on the loose."
"Who's to say the arch god would wake up to a reality that isn't a dream? There are dreams within dreams! Besides, we're alive, we think independently of the arch god! That's what counts."
>"Maybe you think that's what counts, mortal. But there are only souls and free will because the arch god expected it. He doesn't know, but he's about to find out, some time from now. Still, we're just a mistake. A byproduct of idle thoughts. I cannot think of anything more depressing. Where has this god that slew the earth god gone? I will kill him and any followers using my own followers, including yourself."

>"Oh come ONNNNN why is every god we've come across a murderous crazy psycho?!" Chee says.
>"Does this mean we get her soul?!" says Tom.
No. 353683 ID: e3f578

Lady, you are talking crazy semantics. The fuck cares if it's real or "fake". The pain is real enough, as are the feelings and people. The potential for an early death of loved ones is too great to be trying crazy waking up bullshit. If you could let one person go into the waking world per their own choice, rather than force EVERYONE at once, that would be better, but no we can't do that.

The waking world cannot possibly be any better or worse than this. Sentience is still here, so no matter what life would be pretty much the same.
No. 353684 ID: 3fb003

Slew the earth god? We devoured him.
No. 353685 ID: 35e1a0

No. 353687 ID: c04c0d

We just need to stall until chee gets there in the future.
No. 353688 ID: 1854db

Tell her it's not a rogue god, it's a NEW one! One that took the Earth God's power through killing him, and if she doesn't stop it'll happen to her too! Tell her we don't want to stop the dream, we want to keep it going and what she's doing now doesn't accomplish anything!

But yeah, talk while running, and see if Momo can conjure up some sort of shelter from the waves. Or make you go faster so you can pick her up and run.
No. 353694 ID: 5984a5

Sea god needs to get her priorities straight. First she talks about how the Creator should stop the dream and help people "in reality", then she claims she's going to prevent you from stopping the dream after you've already argued that you want it to continue just because she thinks you serve a "rogue god"! What the hell! Is all divinity this crazy or am I just seeing things?
No. 353697 ID: 1854db

Yeah, I'm beginning to think that the archgod expected all the gods to be crazy, and thus they are. Except the God of War. That dude's alright. I hope he doesn't attack us too.
No. 353699 ID: 4512fc

yes, Tom, this does mean you get to eat her soul. you have to. Chee?
No. 353700 ID: d97c6d

Now, Chee, that's not entirely fair; The War God is only murderous.

"If the arch god wants to dream that's his choice, not yours. If you don't want to be a part of the dream, though, my friends and I will be happy to help you attain that goal. Momo, if you want to run now's your chance."
No. 353701 ID: bd7cc2

Does eating the souls give us their knowledge too? Can we have Tom interrogate the earth god's soul to see if he knew anything that would help?
No. 353707 ID: 8c5153

>Would it not be better for our arch god to wake up, and serve real mortals, and stand by real gods
>If you want to stop the dream, I'm going to stop you.

I can't tell if the sea god is crazy or just typo.
No. 353736 ID: f70e5e

people no matter how they exist are ultimately information. our minds are us no matter what medium is storing them. if a person can think and feel then it doesn't matter if the information is being stored in there soul, there body, or even the dream of a god, they are still a person and worthy of existence.
No. 353737 ID: a2fa74

"You want to know the truth? The 'arch god' is an accountant living in New Jersey that hates his job, lives alone, and dreams for respite from the tedium he lives with.
If you wake him up early then he will see what time it is, roll over and go back to sleep, and have a worse day than if he slept well.
You can feel it, can't you? He's fighting to stay asleep right now.

There's nothing depressing about being figments in a dream. You can think, you can feel, you can enjoy the time you have.
Think about all those here who want to live.

If you can't live knowing that your existence is a dream then we can let you forget. If you really want your suffering to end then we can do that too.
But forcing that on all the people who want to live? Forcing it on the arch-god that wants to rest? That's just cruel.

Don't be evil. Decide for yourself, not for everybody.
No. 353745 ID: c811c4

Yes, that was a typo! My mistake. It should be "If you want to CONTINUE the dream, I'm going to stop you."
No. 353746 ID: c811c4
File 131726618937.png - (315.49KB , 600x600 , 842.png )

"Alright everyone! Party is on break! Fen's in trouble, let's...."

"Let's decide who to bring. And take the teleporter. Fen just has to last long enough for me to waltz over to the God of the Sea. The God of the Sea. And I'll save him from the murderous god. Just like that.
No. 353747 ID: c811c4
File 131726623945.png - (222.98KB , 600x600 , 843.png )

Let's... save him... from another god. Again. Just like that. No problem. I'm a god, or close enough to it. Just like that. I can say "you know what, past? That wave didn't happen. That wave is now a slab of meat that Fen would find delicious. Just like that. 55% chance of success. I can say Fen's hat is now a blaster of magic missile. 40%. I can even have Kip and Shup and Zizi and Kiki show up with a little luck. Just like that.

I can move across the known world in less than an hour.

I can defeat the Devourer with a single heal spell.

I walked in the strongest dwarven strongholds like I was their best ally.

I can bring a human kingdom to its knees in 30 minutes if I wanted to.

I can say it doesn't matter if Fen dies right here and now. I'll just nab his soul and bring it here before the Sea God can get to it. Same with Lily's, so they can have their happy end. There's nothing blocking me from going to her soul like there was with Momo. Just like that, I can do it.

There is no way this is right! I am not having so many problems with whiny little Sea Gods and some fickle dream!

I'm not just some god granted divine powers by some method I honestly don't care about!
I took on a god, sucked out his soul and power, all without being so much as a demigod!

You all remember when you first talked to me, right? Not more than a few months ago, I was just a kobold. I was scared, lonely, and in desperate need of affirmation that I was any good. And you know what? I miss that. Oh, tonight was a blast, it really was. I love all of the friends I made. But you know what? I'm a kobold. I'm a short, female mammalian kobold named Cheelop, running from village to village until I landed a home in those caves, with Shabin here as my room mate. That was what my life was supposed to be.

And I never could hope for anything more.
No. 353748 ID: c811c4
File 131726630541.png - (7.25KB , 600x600 , 844.png )

Let's look at our goals. Not options! Goals! There's a lot of logistics, a lot of details, but let's try to look at the big overall picture.

We can try to do what I've been doing the past half a day, and living the best life possible until the apparently inevitable collapse. That's half as depressing as the Sea God.

We can try and beat the Sea God, and use that power to try and fix the paradoxes. We can do that if we want the dream to continue another day, another year, another century. With this choice, we'll go right along side, and I'll pass you guys back off to Fen, and we go as we were.

Last option. I've been thinking. We almost definitely have legit souls, right? The archgod made us in his sleep, but he still made us, even if we're just in some pocket dimension that'll fizzle out when he wakes up. Sure, that reality could be another dream, and this dream may be real enough, but what we can assume is that the waking world from this dream is more stable by a huge margin. We can live without having a reality crisis every hundred years or whatever. And here comes the question. What if we can transcend it? What if I were able to pick up every single soul in this world, past and present, every single soul that ever was, and was able to make a bridge between a god's dream, and his waking world?

What if I was able to hold everyone's souls, suck the Arch God's soul lastly, yank his power, and make his dream a reality?

How about it?
No. 353750 ID: bf95d9

The whole escaping from a person's dream into the "real world" sounds like a really awesome idea and a bad horror movie plot, so go for it!
No. 353755 ID: a2fa74

Go for it!
It probably won't work unless the sleeping archgod is a REAL archgod too, but yours is the will that will pierce the heavens!

Oh, but first you should find out what's blocking Momo. She could be soulless, or she could be the archgod. Or something else!
No. 353762 ID: 1854db

That last option sounds like Lichee's original plan of "kill all the gods". I was against it originally because, well, not all the gods are dickholes. We should speak to each god in turn, to see if they will support us without having to be killed for it. But yes. Let's try to make the rainbow bridge.


Also we need to ask Momo why her soul is blocked. That is very very strange. Can you time manipulate Fen and Momo away from the sea god to buy us some time for them to talk?
No. 353767 ID: f70e5e

hell yeah! we won't let the struggle and sacrifice of our entire would be rendered meaningless! our history shall not be reduced to a half remembered dream, even if we must strike down GOD himself! now lets go save fen from the sea god, we are going to need her power, and something that would see the world erased deserves no mercy.
No. 353768 ID: 3bad4c

('he' as convenience)
There's no way the archgod could let his own soul be affected by his dream. That would be like dying in your dreams, and I've done that. I didn't die for real.

However, there's every chance that you can strongly suggest that he bring you all into reality when he wakes up. Perhaps the threat of a recurring nightmare? *wink* Or perhaps a hypnotic suggestion, one he's not even aware of until he's done it?
No. 353773 ID: c811c4
File 131726919189.png - (8.56KB , 600x600 , 845.png )

It's just some god blocking Momo, I think! I could probably try and have an unknown success chance.

No, we're going for it! The world is on its edge, and I don't want to fail because I tried to cover each loose end! Fen's coming back to me! That Sea God is some pathetic power, her power might not even help me that much!
That's the difference with a god's dream! We're real, independent from the god himself, as opposed to just a figment of the imagination! Either way maybe we can talk to him first and see what is up!

"FEN you can still make that potion right?!"
>"Wh-what the?! What ab-"
"Okay go get Minci we're gonna do this!"
No. 353774 ID: c811c4
File 131726919912.png - (13.22KB , 600x600 , 846.png )

Shortly Thereafter

No. 353776 ID: c811c4
File 131726927863.png - (5.74KB , 600x600 , 847.png )

Okay that worked alright. That's the tower, right?

The war god is there, if I remember. What should I do under the very likely chance he doesn't yield?
No. 353779 ID: 72d8c7

First test and confirm your abilities here in this level, if you still have your fuck-all capacity, then beat his ass down. Alternatively, invoke the fragility of the dream to phase through any obstacles. Remember "there is no spoon."

And as a last gambit,find a way to chug another anti-illusion potion.
No. 353781 ID: b6edd6

Well, we might as well at least try convincing the war god. Talk about the frailty of the world and such.
No. 353785 ID: bd7cc2

Yeah, we could use some advice from a god who might know how to save the world. From what Fen saw, it looks like the war god is interested in keeping the dream intact.

And it's a good idea to test your power before you meet him, just in case.
No. 353786 ID: fb8ba7

Marry him. Grow genitals and make all the babies. As is traditional, he will eat them or something gross like that and then in like 50 years or something one of them will grow up and slay him.

You're a god now this is how these things work.
No. 353787 ID: 1854db

Just go around him. You can teleport, remember?
No. 353789 ID: a22f27

Rape his ass real good with your magic.

There's really not much more to it than that.
No. 353793 ID: c811c4
File 131727267901.png - (36.50KB , 600x600 , 848.png )

So be it! My magic is working, tom is working. I can pull souls here.

I can teleport past him, sure, but I don't want him coming and interfering when I'm inside the tower. If I have to defeat him, it's best out here.
No. 353795 ID: c811c4
File 131727270418.png - (7.25KB , 600x600 , 849.png )

"God of War, right?"
>"This is correct. Turn back, or face my wrath."
"Yeah yeah okay. Where are we first off? Not the world as we know it, right?"
>"Correct again. It is a subconscious region of the creator."
"It stays intact if he wakes?"

Excellent. I'll bring all the souls I have here.

"I'm going to go in that tower. The world is collapsing."
>"My duty is here till the end."
"Know how to fix it up to last longer?"
>"I do not."

Welp I tried.
No. 353796 ID: c811c4
File 131727272024.png - (96.17KB , 600x600 , 850.png )

"You don't know what you're getting into, but that's okay, because you still wouldn't budge even if you did."
No. 353797 ID: c811c4
File 131727274992.png - (29.25KB , 600x600 , 851.png )

"I don't know how powerful you are. That's okay too, because I still wouldn't stop moving forward even if I did."
No. 353798 ID: c811c4
File 131727277281.png - (225.35KB , 600x600 , 852.png )

"What I do know, is that I was raised to be a container of power to slay gods, but things changed. I took a god without being a god myself. And now that I have a god's power? I can say with confidence..."
No. 353799 ID: c811c4
File 131727279705.png - (196.03KB , 600x600 , 853.png )

"I am the godslayer."
No. 353800 ID: c811c4
File 131727284884.png - (88.83KB , 600x600 , 854.png )

"Tom. Go crazy. I'll be inside."

Just like that. I'll pull everyone inside here, in case this goes horribly wrong. Is there anything else I have to do? I won't do anything that takes more than a few hours, and if possible, I would like to avoid chasing loose threads, unless it's quick and easy.
No. 353801 ID: 1854db

Optimally you would have Tom suck the souls of EVERYONE ON THE PLANET. However, the paladins are worrysome. They killed him once before. Perhaps we could send all our buddies to help protect him while he grabs everyone for safekeeping?

Also I want to know who the false king is. That is nagging at me so much oh my god. Can't you just time manipulate something so that WE know who it is and nobody else?

Aaaalso see if you can grab Momo again now that the God of War bit it. I'm pretty sure he was the one protecting her.
No. 353802 ID: 35e1a0

can you tell if your ability to change the past has improved? would make the harder things easier.
No. 353805 ID: f70e5e

aside from getting as many souls as possible into the subconscious of the creator? nothing springs to mind. though we might want to make sure them being here doesn't drive him crazy, him going mad would make pretty much anything we try to do harder.
No. 353808 ID: e3f578

Everyone in the world Chee plus Fen and company?
That's a lot.

Well, I guess we'll never learn about the whole conspiracy about the King, there's a few loose ends here and there like the other gods, how they came to be or their motivations, but I guess this is almost the end anyway. If this works none of what's happened will matter anymore. Not even sending Fen back to the past. There will be new laws of physics to learn and everything...

You can't really believe it will be that simple, do you?
No. 353812 ID: c811c4
File 131727427242.png - (15.12KB , 600x600 , 855.png )

It's not true that none of what's happened will matter. All of what's happened is what led to my being able to do what I'm about to do! Even looking into Fen's past! That led to the slaying of the earth god. Everything led to this all or nothing.

"Tom. Change of plans. I want you to eat all of the souls."
>"...all of them? Did I hear that right?"
"All of them."
>"All of them in the world?!"
"Yes. I'll set you loose. I'll meet up with you again before you go to the paladins, since you might have trouble there."

That'll work. But the rest... the past is in the past. Anything else will just be for curiosity, but I may as well do it while I set Tom loose. He's stronger now, since I've let him eat a couple god souls. He can probably move quick enough. It'll take me a bit before I can do anything anyway. I can't send souls to Momo, because she got killed from the sea god. It's fine. I'll just resurrect her when the anti illusion potion wears off. Along with Lily and all the rest, why not. Oh, it seems all souls either hang out in the world or come here, so we don't have to worry about dead people either way. Tom'll catch them all.

For now, I can still send you all off to past-Kip, and he can just go and assault the king if you guys are curious. I can probably manipulate time well enough to get Kip to successfully uncover the king, and hey, even if I fail, it probably won't make my current mission any worse off! Is that a plan?
No. 353815 ID: e3f578

Screw it, let's have Kip redeem his honor before it ever needed redeeming, even if he redeemed it in the earth god fight.

I feel it will have some emotional appeal. I don't think Kip could rest easy not knowing what really happened to his life in the dream.
No. 353817 ID: a22f27

Sure, sounds good.
No. 353818 ID: 1854db

Yes! Also we need to kill Kajos so that Cheese lives a happier life before she dies and follows us to the next realm.
No. 353828 ID: f70e5e

we should probably tell people whats going on before we let tom loose. assuming it won't accelerate the collapse of the dream somehow. a booming voice from the sky telling them that the world is ending, but you have tamed the devouter and are going to use him as an ark to move there souls to another world, where you will make new bodies for them. its close enough to the truth. many won't believe it but it might make getting vacuumed up by tom less traumatizing, also we should keep in mind that there are still gods out there. a message might make them less inclined to fight tom, though we should still watch him so we can step in and save him if any of the remaining gods (especially the god of life) decides to try and kill him.
No. 353835 ID: 3aaf60

hey, hey, hey, tell your friends first before you go stealing their souls

everyone else, whatever, tell them or don't, i don't have an opinion either way there
No. 353838 ID: 1854db

OH! And can we have a chat with Su? She is our most important ability soul. Without her, none of this would have been possible. We should thank her.
No. 353842 ID: 1444d5

>I can't send souls to Momo, because she got killed from the sea god.
Whoah whoah wait, what?
No. 353843 ID: e3f578

Well, if she was going to have a baby, nope, not anymore. I'm not sure if resurrecting her would help her with that.
No. 353846 ID: a65adf

Send us to past-Kip and we'll settle the matter of the false king.
No. 353859 ID: 3bad4c

Chee, why would a god sleep, anyway?
No. 353869 ID: c811c4
File 131731030820.png - (322.83KB , 600x600 , 856.png )

I won't tell people in advance I'm letting Tom loose. Except my friends of course! There are probably factions who will not take well to "hey I'm going to take your soul but it's cool reality is fake", and try and prepare themselves. It will be traumatizing, but I'll tell them what's going on after Tom goes vacuuming them.

I'll thank everyone at the end, including Su!

Yep, she was still around when the Sea God attacked Fen- she got mixed up in the assault.

Who knows! I'll ask when he wakes up.

Let's go to Kip.
No. 353870 ID: c811c4
File 131731035796.png - (12.90KB , 800x600 , 857.png )

>"Hey Kip! It's Cheeeee from the futtuuuuuure but seriously, we want to find a few things out! Are you ready to do something crazy?"
>"No! You are not going crazy!"
"I am unsure, miss! Where are you?"
>"In your head. We want to find out who the King is! You may as well dethrone him while you're at it."
"Will that not be far too reckless?"
>"No, no it will not. Just trust me. Kajos was just declared the winner, right?"
"Correct. The King is in his booth."
>"Okay! Who is that, by the way?"
"Piplis? He and Chee have gotten along well recently, since Fen left her back in this room."

>"Everyone, I can modify the past better. Also, I'll give him awareness of changes. I can give him a wand to discharge the King's illusion, that's a 70% chance. Or we can have Kip just charge in and wing it!"
No. 353872 ID: 2563d4

30% chance of breaking everything vs Kip's raw determination?
The latter, every time.
No. 353874 ID: e3f578

Okay my theory about Kradis being Chee's great grandson just got a little strength.

Kip, we've never seen Piplus before. Err, us guys that have been helping Fen and you from your subconscious, so you didn't recognize us. Remember those random thoughts of Liches and Zizi becoming a legend? That was us. Who's Piplus's parents?

Let's go kick some ass. Hard boiled Kip is ready for action. Chee, if you're going to give Kip anything, make advanced modern guns a real thing in the past and Kip is also a duel-wielding guns master. Then make another change that Dove's were very prevalent in this country.
No. 353875 ID: 35e1a0

that... how can that work?
more probable is to replace kip's brooch with a protection charm that LOOKS like his regular brooch. is that fen's magic sword on the wall? take that.
No. 353876 ID: e3f578

I don't really care if it can't work
It just would just make everything more over the top if it did. And show how much impossible stuff Chee is capable of.
No. 353877 ID: b6edd6

But what if there is a spoon?

(And I don't think Chee can create something she has never seen herself.)
No. 353880 ID: e3f578

Chee, girl, if you can't understand me, what I'm asking is that I want you to make someone invent goddamn little metal machines that are like portable cannons you can carry around in your hands and shoot tiny metal fragments really fast at other people. Modern ones are capable of shooting many metal fragments without reloading or rearming the tiny cannon. And I want Kip to have training in using two of them at the same time.
If your concerned of the implications they could have on everybody, make them illegal for all but high ranking government officials and defenders. This won't make the problem go away per se but they'll be less widespread and defend Fen from most of them.
No. 353883 ID: c811c4
File 131731466646.png - (4.59KB , 600x600 , 858.png )

>"You mean like... wands of earth and metal geomancy? It would be easy enough, but there's still a chance of failure, and it's not worth it since it wouldn't make Kip any more effective!"

>"Fen took his magic sword through the sewers, it isn't around."
"Do not worry about that, I know enough about Dragon Armor to pierce it, if not quite as easily."

"Piplus, Sir, may I ask whom your parents are?"
>"My mother was Bobus, and my father was Kradis, but both of them are dead, Sir!"
"Ah, my apologies, sir."

>"OH. Chee here, again. I just checked, Kradis is around again! They must follow a name-your-kid-after-your-grandfather type of thing! Don't touch anything, Kip, make sure these two stick together!"
"Certainly, Miss. I will head to the King, then. I will go straight through the arena, as there are sure to be many dragon knights in the standard path to the king. That is not to say that I cannot combat them, but the King will easily be able to escape."
No. 353884 ID: c811c4
File 131731471203.png - (305.55KB , 600x600 , 859.png )

I am at the gate to the field.
The announcer is speaking.

>"Ladies and gentlemen! Fen has abandoned the fight, and will not give us a show! This will be punished, but for now, Mercenary Kajos is the winner!"

Kajos is still playing under the king. He may attack me when I show myself outright. It is a shame, he is a most respectful fighter.
No. 353886 ID: e3f578

it was a joke really, don't worry about it. Just something crazy to apply for shits and giggles sake, not for effective offense, like making everyone in the past have bigger heads.

Let's do a stealthy route. Kajos is too cool a dude and if anyone is going to make him fall, it should be Fen.
No. 353887 ID: c811c4
File 131731618916.png - (17.98KB , 600x600 , 860.png )

This is the layout, to my knowledge, and an estimation of how many dragon knights are around. The purple one is the King. The arrow is my own recommendation, but is not set in stone. I do not know how I wwould stealth my way through so many dragon knights on patrol.

I do not believe Kajos is terribly loyal to the King, based on Fen's conversation earlier, but he still acts it.
No. 353888 ID: 35e1a0

it's time for the dramatic reveal. walk out into the middle of the ring, and take off your helmet. then tell kajos "who do you serve, the man upon the throne, or the king?!"
No. 353889 ID: e3f578

I'd just say go around the ring first, fight all the dragon knights and throw the king into the ring. Take his helmet off, then maybe take yours off if you do want a big reveal, but Kajos's real loyalty is to money. Not to a king fake or real.

You might have to fight off Kajos when you get the King in the ring, but I'm pretty sure he'll just leave you alone if you've pretty much already have the King in hand. Too much risk he might think, after you slaughter through the dragon knights and pretty much are still moving with inevitable impaled swords through your chest.
No. 353891 ID: 2563d4

No. 353893 ID: c811c4
File 131731929566.png - (9.56KB , 600x600 , 861.png )

Of course! It did not even occur to me to reveal myself. This may not make any less chaos, but it may hurt the King's case.

The crowd falls silent on my entrance. I continue forward, with a careful look on the King. Not a single person moves, until the announcer speaks once again.

>"I have just been informed that the Dragon Knight that has entered the arena is a traitor! We will see a fight yet, then! Kajos, the king, and all of the audience, would enjoy having you slay this one!"

The crowd is cheering again, all in favor, of course, for Kajos.
No. 353894 ID: c811c4
File 131731933494.png - (355.39KB , 600x600 , 862.png )

And then it falls silent, aside from what's starting to become boiling murmurs across the audience.

"You know who I am, Sir? That makes it easier. The one whom you believe is king is an imposter. I have little proof."
>"Nah, man. Fen trusted you, and he makes some good company. And you know what? We've never met personally, but I always thought you should've won your fight and been King. A lot of people did. You want any help? I've been looking for a good excuse to get out from under his thumb."
No. 353896 ID: 788407

Chee? how much to create an opening?
No. 353897 ID: 35e1a0

double team the shit out of the knights guarding the king.
No. 353898 ID: c811c4
File 131732101776.png - (55.82KB , 600x600 , 863.png )

I need a specific thing to happen over 'an opening!'

Having an ally show up spontaneously is 80%, doesn't matter who, long as it's someone who is in the same town and same timeline. That's all I can think of, but I can do other stuff. What's the king doing, Kip?

>"He's standing up, waiting for Kajos to come at me. Kajos and I are both capable of quickly scaling the wall the King is on, but he will most likely flee. One of us may be able to run around to block the escape, while one scales the wall."
No. 353900 ID: f70e5e

would the false king be able to get away fast enough if he tripped while running? going to assume that making someone fall would be fairly easy.
No. 353901 ID: 1854db

Also ask him what it'd take for him to leave Cheese alone.

...oh. Chee, if Kradis is around again because Piplus is getting along with little Chee, that means Kradis is directly related to you? Heh, that means you were a mother at some point. Must be some good memories there.
No. 353902 ID: 788407

how about Kip approaches him from one side, Momo from the other, and Kajos starts to scale the wall?
No. 353903 ID: c06037

Shup arrives with the real king.
Shup can turn that to his advantage, so the chance of success should be more like 95%
No. 353904 ID: 1854db

Momo is DEAD but even if we could get her back in action, please note that she wants to learn necromancy from the false king.

Shup is our best bet for an extra ally, I think. He's a powerful mage and has had a kind of falling out with the false king. Also we have dirt on him.
No. 353906 ID: c811c4
File 131732271992.png - (22.79KB , 600x600 , 864.png )

>"We'll be pretending to fight until your word, Chee, then Kajos will scale the wall, and I will attempt to intercept the imposter in the halls, and hope that I am able to guess which way out he will go."

Momo is too dead to approach anyone, sorry!

Voting for a wish time! Having the king trip would buy a slight bit of time, but it probably won't make or break our plan. We'll keep it on the list for later though if it does, as it isn't too hard! Heh, I guess I was an ancestor of Kradis after all.

A. Trip - 90%, low, low
B. Shup and the King both arrive - 85%, medium, medium
C. Both of the above - 86%, medium, medium
D. Nothing.

No. 353907 ID: 788407

I thought you could just make her not have died... Oh well, get Shup and the King here, then, and let's save the tripping thing for later.
No. 353912 ID: 1444d5

So, at least one of you needs to scale the wall before the king can flee?
Kajos has a sword. Swords are often made of spring-steel. Kip is not particularly large or heavy.

I thing you can see where this is going.
No. 353913 ID: 35e1a0

upgrade just 'trip' plan to have a rack. king runs and steps on a rake, it slaps him in the face. when he backs up another rake will be behind him which he steps on as well and slaps him in the back of the head. then the rakes vanish.
No. 353917 ID: 1854db

Shup and the King. Kip can trip him himself, or we can set up something else if things go awry.
No. 353919 ID: 1854db

...wait a second, the odds increase if you add another, more likely low-impact event to the combo? What if you added a whole bunch of likely small events?
No. 353928 ID: c811c4
File 131732663493.png - (54.93KB , 600x600 , 865.png )

rolled 23 = 23

Agh I meant 76%, for the third option! I can't seem to keep my own lists straight, booze or no! It doesn't matter. Kavrus and Shup will show up.

As great as this idea is, and much as this would happen if I were really there, I can't do that from where I'm at!

Option B. 85% chance. Let's tryyyy!
No. 353931 ID: 788407

No. 353934 ID: c811c4
File 131732866178.png - (6.40KB , 600x600 , 866.png )

>"Kajos. Scale the wall, the king will flee. I will attempt to intercept him."
"Gotcha. It's been an honor, Dirk."
No. 353935 ID: c811c4
File 131732867587.png - (7.79KB , 600x600 , 867.png )

Luck is on my side, today. He went down my hall.

>"I thought of you as dead. So did the world. You'll still be thought that way, before the day is up. Knights."
No. 353936 ID: c811c4
File 131732869279.png - (30.30KB , 600x600 , 868.png )

I exchange a part of lethal blows with the first. Lethal blows are only lethal to him, of course.
No. 353938 ID: c811c4
File 131732873962.png - (10.00KB , 600x600 , 869.png )

Ah! He is not letting me pull my sword back out, and the other knight is going to flank me.
No. 353939 ID: c811c4
File 131732877349.png - (7.13KB , 600x600 , 870.png )

I have the sword in me, though.
No. 353940 ID: c811c4
File 131732880813.png - (12.73KB , 600x600 , 871.png )

And that's good enough for an unorthodox surprise attack.

Shall I ask anything of the King, before I unmask him to the arena?
No. 353942 ID: 779204

Well. That impressed me. Moving on! Take the sword that you used to stab the guy behind you out. Could be useful later. And I can't think of anything to ask him.
No. 353951 ID: c811c4
File 131733038054.png - (6.37KB , 600x600 , 873.png )

I hear fighting ahead, and the King is not keen on running in the other direction. Whatever is back there, it is more than just Kajos. The audience is riled up now, but they're waiting awkwardly. I do not know what is going on, but it does explain why there were only two knights to contend with.

"It is your loss. Take off your mask. I am prepared to kill."
>"You wouldn't dare, not now. You are aware my death will not result in peace."
"It has come to my attention that there are things far more important than this. Dead or alive, I will see you yet."
>"Very well. You have seen me without my mask. What of it?"

His illusion is up, as expected.
No. 353957 ID: 2563d4

Drag him out into the arena and sword him. Probably hard to maintain an illusion while dead, and the whole rest-each-evening thing presumably means it's not mained by someone else.
No. 353959 ID: 3aaf60

Then tell him to dispel the illusion! Or get it dispelled, whatever.

Don't go killing him just yet, keep that for when we have to.
No. 353960 ID: 35e1a0

"come now, you think i can't tell the difference between you and my brother?"
No. 353961 ID: 1854db

Chee. Percent chance to get his concentration to falter?
No. 353963 ID: a2fa74

Lop off an arm from him.
"You are quite mistaken. You see, the consequences are no longer of concern to me. I will see who you are and bring you down for what you have done, and while I don't care if you live or die I have mild curiosities you could answer."
No. 353965 ID: d97c6d

He has to regenerate it each evening, which means it needs either time to wear off or dispelling to eliminate it, so that won't work. Chee, if he doesn't remove the disguise himself give Kip the wand to discharge it.
No. 353972 ID: c811c4
File 131733397988.png - (13.26KB , 600x600 , 874.png )

"Oh, my liege! You're here!"
>"Yes, Shup told me everything in detail. He has little left to gain by this charade. It is reckless, but not ruinsome, to reveal this act."
"If I may make my recommendation, it would be to show this one to the crowd. It may minimize confusion, and as such, future damage."
>"Very well, brother."
No. 353973 ID: c811c4
File 131733400522.png - (105.10KB , 600x600 , 875.png )

Between Kravus, Shup and myself, we explain everything to a hushed crowd. The impostor, realizing that he is through, regardless of how this turns out, gives up the illusion. Kavrus is first to speak.

>"I recognize him. He's an old mage, powerful even when we had our amnesia. Ambitious, which is why I am of little surprise that he would try such a heist."
No. 353975 ID: 803b7c

No. 353976 ID: 1854db

Hmm. Out of curiosity, ask him what his long term plans were if he had pulled this off. Ask him his name. Also, this guy was willing to teach Momo necromancy- what's up with that?

Also, I think this guy is the necrobold. Regardless of whether or not that's true, these actions we took will cause a big paradox, as he was a very significant player in the fate of the world. Hard to become king and NOT affect history, eh? Chee, I hope you've got everything set up or close to it, because things are gonna get worse quick.
No. 353977 ID: c811c4
File 131733576050.png - (6.45KB , 600x600 , 876.png )

"What is your name, and just what were you planning on doing?"
>"Once things should have settled down, I would study my magic, teach others, and start the greatest magical school of all time!"

Well, Chee and everyone, is this satisfactory?

>"Yes thank you Kip for everything. Goodbye for a couple hundred years, and have a nice life. And you know what? You will."
No. 353978 ID: c811c4
File 131733578434.png - (285.08KB , 600x600 , 877.png )

Because you guys saved the entire eastern civilization. Apparently the imposter would, perhaps inadvertently, do what the earth god would've and taught Momo necromancy or something and sucked at it I guess. Until he was stopped. Which is all sweet and everything, except that now there's like a million more paradoxes, which means I have less time, but I need more time, because I need to rescue thousands and thousands of souls more! I barely finished up with most of the humans, here! But I should be able to do it. I can sense its collapse, I can save everyone. Is there any other thing I'm forgetting to do before I bring the souls to the other side?
No. 353979 ID: a2fa74

Yea, make sure you find Momo and snag her soul. It was being blocked before, remember?
No. 353980 ID: 1854db

Well you could send Fen back to a body in the past so that he can live with Lily and his family and all that, or you could just grab Lily's soul from out of the past and somehow either let people know that they're both fine or leave it as a mystery.

Whatever causes less paradox, really.

What are we forgetting? Well, depends on if you want to grab all the god souls or just tell them to get up into the subconscious realm like the God of War was.

Also while you're on your vacuum trip, can we get a quick tour of the unexplored regions?

OH AND FIND THAT GODDAMN NECROBOLD! Unless they've been erased from history?
No. 353981 ID: 1854db

Well since Momo is dead, her soul's up here already. We don't need to grab it.

OH that reminds me. What happened to Cheese? Did Kajos stop chasing her? Or did Kajos get killed?
No. 353991 ID: c811c4
File 131733900069.png - (6.34KB , 600x600 , 878.png )

Momo's soul is accounted for, I guarantee it.

I don't particularly care to fetch the other god's souls, or try and find specific people like the necrobold. I'm on a time constraint, I have just enough to nab as many people as I can, but not people who are hiding away! I'm sorry. I should have asked 'is there anything I'm forgetting that I can do in less than I don't know 10 minutes. So, no tours, I'm afraid!"

While moving though, I'll recite to you a few facts that happened, through future-Kip. Kavrus regained his throne, of course. Past Kip explained the helpfulness Cheese gave, and so Kajos and the King and Cheese all discussed the matter, and came to an agreement that gave Kajos no reason to go after her. Zizi and Cheese became quite an item over time, and Cheese slowly backed out of the information business. Kip became a recluse, though he was far more content knowing that civilization was just over that hill, even if he did not participate. Kavrus regained his reputation, and made a good king till his death. Shup was watched carefully, but he minded himself, and managed to keep his comfortable life.

Chee learned of Fen's death by the Sea God, so while she would later become a lich, it would be in the pursuit of power and immortality rather than forced onto her.

Now, let's finish up here, and then... well, hope for the best.
No. 353992 ID: c811c4
File 131733901293.png - (65.72KB , 600x600 , 879.png )

Sometime later, back at the tower

"Oh! Ears and Kip. I'm glad you got new clothes, but I'm sorry it happened so late."

I should thank them. I could say "Thank you both." but that seems underwhelming, even if it's heartfelt!
No. 353996 ID: 35e1a0

well, may as well try making a fake dereego, once everything is accounted for anyway.
No. 353997 ID: 1854db

Oh, you never explained what you meant when you told them they were 'special'. This is a very good time for that. Speaking of which, did we ever find out what happened to the two cat people things that were put on the other side of the continent?

Thinking about it, if the archgod put Kip and Ears on this earth... maybe the archgod actually planned for your existence, Chee? Did he intend for you to become powerful enough to preserve everyone beyond the dream, and possibly take him into the realm beyond his, if his realm is a dream as well? Where did the artifact that Tom ate come from? Where did you learn the time magic to create us?

Tell them they were placed on this land by the archgod for a purpose, and you are starting to suspect that you are that purpose.
No. 354006 ID: 7cb667

Duh, Chee. You obviously have to add hugs with your thank you. :3
No. 354008 ID: 2563d4

It could destablise our current plan, and if nothing else detracts time from it. So, no.
No. 354012 ID: e3f578

Brofists? Hugs? A Threesome? All three?

Honestly, if you only have about 10 minutes to do shit and tie up loose ends, that's really all you can do besides more hugs for Shabin, Fraga, Clamp, Kradis, Tae and helping that one old kobold get his groove back. (His beard)
No. 354016 ID: a2fa74

Hug Kip, kiss Ears!
No. 354024 ID: 0a4d03

That's a wee bit conceited, but not untrue. Let's just keep that to ourselves.

Just, hugs and thanks and offer them everything they wanted.
No. 354031 ID: c811c4
File 131735249855.png - (6.25KB , 600x600 , 880.png )

"Ears, Kip, I never explained what I meant by 'special.' You guys are direct souls under the arch god, you were born straight from the area I'm going to bring you back to. The archgod may have used you guys for a purpose, I don't know. But none of that matters, I'm still happy I met the both of you! I have to say my possible goodbyes to everyone quickly."
No. 354032 ID: c811c4
File 131735252533.png - (13.14KB , 600x600 , 881.png )

"Shabin, you were the first real companion of mine! Thank you isn't enough. Even if I thought you were mean at first, I've always looked up to you! Maybe after all of this is over, we can live together again, like it was supposed to be. I have so much to say, but not a lot of time! And thank you Clamp, for taking care of Shabin!"
No. 354033 ID: c811c4
File 131735253941.png - (7.90KB , 600x600 , 882.png )

"Fen, Lily, your original lives may have not been kind, but I still upturned them! I hope that after I leave, I'll be able to give you each two lifetimes together."
No. 354034 ID: c811c4
File 131735259272.png - (10.45KB , 600x600 , 883.png )

"Tom, you might be a soul sucking monstrosity, but you're my soul sucking monstrosity. And more importantly, my friend! And I couldn't have done any of this without you. And same for you, Minci, your ability in potions has, and is, crucial, and I'm very happy that you'd done a lot of side tasks that no one else could do! I hope that after this all settles, I can get Tom permananently out of myself, so you two can be left alone. I'm very glad we crossed paths! Thank you!"
No. 354035 ID: c811c4
File 131735263953.png - (10.54KB , 600x600 , 884.png )

Oh, and I did find Kradis and Tae!

"You both might not have been around as long as the others, but you've still been a great help, and I'm very happy to see both of you again!"
No. 354036 ID: c811c4
File 131735266665.png - (5.98KB , 600x600 , 885.png )

"And no, I haven't forgotten about you, Mr. Meowmers. Thank you for showing up to the party."
No. 354037 ID: c811c4
File 131735269284.png - (6.97KB , 600x600 , 886.png )

"Everyone, we might not be able to speak again after I do my business inside of the arch god's tower, depending on how it goes. But I'll always remember all of you, and I hope for the best! Minci, please bring me to the stored potions we've got. After I have them, I'm going to have Tom eat all of your souls, and you'll be in a stable area."
No. 354038 ID: c811c4
File 131735271627.gif - (49.32KB , 600x600 , 887.gif )


"But first of, hugs and fistbumps for all!"
No. 354039 ID: c811c4
File 131735281801.png - (12.24KB , 600x600 , 888.png )


"Chee, those souls weren't nice to eat."
"They tasted delicious, but it's weird! Especially for Minci, I mean, that was better than all the godsouls combined, but it makes me want to cry. And not the good kind of cry! You'd better be able to bring her back!"
>"Tom! Don't get all sappy on me now, not you of all people! Come back into me. We'll carry them off."
No. 354041 ID: c811c4
File 131735288931.png - (15.25KB , 600x600 , 889.png )

And there it is. It... it's a strange feeling. There's certainly a few people out there, but I do mean literally a few. The world is, otherwise, completely empty.

I guess it's just a moment though. It's a bad time to think about it too much. But the world is on the verge of fizzling out, and there won't be any coming back once I take these potions again!
No. 354049 ID: 0a4d03

We just wanna say we love ya, bro. We know you can pull this off, you havent let us down yet!

No. 354051 ID: b6edd6


turns into orange juice
No. 354058 ID: f70e5e

we have to succeed, so we will. we have allot of practice beating things that are much stronger than we are. Kragnar, the liches, the very gods themselves. each time we won and got stronger for it, and now at the end of the world we against yet another foe far stronger than us. so long as we fight for our friends we will not fail.
No. 354059 ID: d4155c

You have grown Chee. You have faced death, liches, undead armies, gods and the end of the world itself. You went from a kobold to the Lich King to a Godslayer in record time. You have made many friends, saved many people, and now you are fighting fate itself so that everyone may continue to exist. I am sure everyone is proud of you.

There is no telling what will happen, no telling what the god of all gods is like or even if we will win or not. But we are here for you. In short:

Heaven or Hell. Let's rock. *soul fist bump*
No. 354060 ID: bf95d9

This is gonna be fun!
No. 354061 ID: 4d2470

so long as you've got Fen's moonwalking skill, you don't need anything else from here. go.
No. 354064 ID: 1854db

There won't be anything to come back to. Gee I hope your body here being wiped out won't cause any problems for your body in the subconscious.
No. 354066 ID: 6a5a08

Onwards, to either Best or Worst end!
No. 354068 ID: c811c4
File 131735557613.png - (5.60KB , 600x600 , 890.png )

I go straight to the tower. There's no welcoming party or other guards. It seems that the only person on duty was the god of war! Nothing to do but go up. It's still a bit hard to see, but I think my eyes will adjust.

The souls are still with me, for the record, inside Tom! If something should happen to me, they'll just disperse in here, and should be fine. Otherwise, I'll still carry them to the waking world.
No. 354069 ID: c811c4
File 131735564752.png - (8.90KB , 600x600 , 891.png )

That must be the creator, in his bed. That's kind of weird, wouldn't he be sleeping somewhere else? Maybe what I see here is the link between him and this place.
No. 354070 ID: 35e1a0

walk up to him, and gently shake him awake
No. 354074 ID: 1854db

We're on a time limit. The god needs to wake before the potion wears off or else we'll get sent back to the dream.

Wake him as if you'd wake someone who could be very grumpy when they wake. After all, we were told before that the archgod could get angry if Fen woke him.
No. 354075 ID: c811c4
File 131735633109.png - (7.23KB , 600x600 , 892.png )

"Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey."

>"Arghhhrggg geez what wait who is it geez? Man, how long have I been out?"
"Are you the god?"
>"The heck? You aren't an animal! You're a kobold! What are you doin... oh geez that dream was real wasn't it."
"Was it not supposed to be?"
>"Darn right! You know how when humanoids dream, they go running around wherever in their mind, but their body stays still? There's a mechanism that prevents them from running around their house and tacklings their bookshelves or whatever. Gods have it too, so we don't go creating worlds in our heads and well obviously that failed! That's never happened before! Someone must've messed me up hard, I don't remember going to bed!"
No. 354076 ID: 1854db

Ask him what's the last thing he remembers. And what his name is. And all that kind of stuff. This is very curious.
No. 354077 ID: 35e1a0

"that's because you are double asleep. this is still in the dream. if you can make a staircase or something that would be great. i'm kinda carrying the souls of everyone you made."
No. 354083 ID: 1854db

Actually this is his subconscious.
No. 354090 ID: c811c4
File 131735750121.png - (9.69KB , 600x600 , 893.png )

Ah! The visibility changed now that he's awake.

"What's the last thing you remember, and what's your name? This is the place where you store souls inside of yourself, right? The god's subconscious?"

>"Answering backwards, yes, I store souls here. Me, the me inside here, is my inner self, you might say. A sort of reflection on my outward being, another could say. Anyway, it's not like I keep many souls around, jus' ab WHOA WHOAAA why are there th- you actually swallowed my entire world didn't you?! I did not intend to have this many! Not even close! Man, you're making me look bad. Well to answer that first pair of questions, last I remember, I was just minding my own business, living up to my name!"
No. 354095 ID: c811c4
File 131735771243.png - (18.33KB , 600x600 , 894.png )

>"The name being the God of Chaos, or just the God of SomethingIHateAndSoShouldYou," depending on the civilization ya ask."
No. 354096 ID: 72d8c7

"Well here we are. I don't know if you made us, but here we are and we aren't going to fade away with your dream. Shall we all wake now and walk in fresher air?"

Also you forgot to fist bump Fraga. The bro-est Bro-Bold ever to save you from banishment.
No. 354097 ID: 35e1a0

i.. it.. a.. BUH?!
No. 354098 ID: 3bad4c

Aww, he's so cute!
Show him Tom.
No. 354099 ID: bf95d9

... I Knew This Would Be Fun!
No. 354100 ID: b6edd6

Which kind of Chaos?
Probabilistic chaos (averages to stability or entropy over a long time)?
Disorder chaos (consistently works against order)?
Strange chaos (more or less consistently bizarre and unpredictable)?
GRIMDARK chaos (spikes and demons and skulls)?
No. 354101 ID: bd7cc2

So... are we going to have to eat him too?
No. 354106 ID: f70e5e

huh, he looks way to much like tom for it to be a coincidence. something tells me we should be wary. ask him what does he mean when he says he didn't mean to have that many. also if he asks you how you managed to eat the world simply tell him that once you slew and devoured the dream earth god and used his power to slay and devour the dream war god there wasn't anything strong enough to stop you. something tells me making a point of not being seen as easy prey around him might be prudent
No. 354108 ID: 1854db

Oh great. BBEG. I'm not sure what would happen if we killed this guy, since we're in his subconscious... but why is he speaking to us in here? Maybe this is a god who got imprisoned or... I don't know. Something.

Well, uh, ask to be let out. You've got a world to reconstruct. Or we could just reconstruct it here, I guess.

Or maybe Tom can eat him. Or merge with him.
No. 354109 ID: f70e5e

we don't know that he's hostile, and we should avoid making the first aggressive move. way to many unknowns if it comes down to a fight between us and him.
No. 354111 ID: c811c4
File 131735888276.png - (17.99KB , 600x600 , 895.png )

>"So yeah, you're here, what exac-"
"Oh my gosh no I forgot to fistbump and bring fraga ohhhhh I will fistbump all of his fists when I get the chance!"
>"Th'heck? You okay, little buddy? Focus, focus. God of Chaos might be the God of Chaos, but no one likes being ignored!
"What kind of Chaos are you? Probabilistic, Disorder, Strange, Grimdark...?"
>"Fun. Capital F, Fun chaos. Once again, what counts as Fun depends on who ya ask!"

"You didn't want to have this many souls?"
>"Nah I don't like to keep that many. Maybe a few hundred tops. Then you come in bringing tens of thousands!"
"I also have a couple of gods."
>"Oh yeah? Musta been the gods I drove mad and ate, I can't make god souls from scratch!"

"You remind me of someone I know! Tom, meet Chaos God, Chaos God, Tom."
>"Wow Chee this guy doesn't look anything like me I mean look at his ears they're thin and spindly and all that." Tom says.
>"Well that's new! And I love new! He's kinda dumb though, he looks and acts like a younger me! Anyway, why'd you come all this way to me? Didn't even think that was possible!" C.G. says.
"I want to go out of the dream."
>"Not with all those souls, you're not! I think I'd like to have them."