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File 131241177627.png - (212.95KB , 1000x750 , 1.png )
336130 No. 336130 ID: a372a7

Discussion thread: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/351407.html
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No. 336133 ID: 8894bf

tell me more
No. 336135 ID: a372a7
File 131241287401.png - (74.53KB , 1000x750 , 2.png )

Please, select a species.

-Maurian: Insectoid people, organized and pragmatical, living under a Mega-corporativist republic.

+: Access to superior technology. Hi-tech knowledge.
-: Weak in numbers. Unsavory reputation.

-Ziranée: Reptilian aliens, fierce and resourceful, with a strong sense of honor, ruled by a clan-based empire.

+: Experienced warriors, great loyalty between members of the same house.
-: Impulsive, overconfident.

-Sinarri: Canine creatures, independent and determined, ruled by a democratic Parliament.

+: Aces-of-all-trades, but they shine when it come to mechanical jobs.
-: Society in shambles after being devastated by the Maurians.

-Norios: Silicon-based beings, distant and obsessed with augmentations, mechanical and biological, currently under a totalitarian dictatorship.

+ Expert spaceship pilots, often push their species boundaries with augmentations.
- Lack of freedom, augmentations often cause secondary effects and/or addiction.
No. 336139 ID: 07416a

No. 336140 ID: 839a0e

Ziranee We need every snaketit.
No. 336141 ID: 1854db

Norios sounds pretty SCIENCE-y. Also, it's new. Let's go with that.
No. 336142 ID: 180ec2

Maurians, because technology is often important. Also because bugs are neat.
No. 336143 ID: eba49f

I vote Norios
Tasty augs...
No. 336144 ID: 221021

No. 336145 ID: 55c4cf

Snake tits.

There is no other option.
No. 336146 ID: e8cd4a

Norios; starfish aliens are go !
No. 336147 ID: c891d3

No. 336150 ID: 8211e6

No. 336152 ID: aa66a4

No. 336154 ID: e27575

Norios! Robot!
No. 336155 ID: 3fd60a

Ziranee. Because snakes.
No. 336156 ID: 178c80

No. 336157 ID: 104c67

No. 336158 ID: 2eac65

Maurian. We'll help fix our race's reputation and redeem them for what happened to the sinarri.

Also, because SCIENCE!
No. 336160 ID: b12ad2

No. 336167 ID: 3b9af0

No. 336168 ID: d1ad31

No. 336173 ID: 2563d4

Sinarri, the only race capable of unleashing the terrible power of double-hugging.
No. 336174 ID: 1b298b

No. 336177 ID: 0d095c
File 131241688181.jpg - (95.77KB , 800x450 , web_FMV_Cybran_01.jpg )

Cybran, dear child.

But really Ziranee.
No. 336180 ID: 44766a

No. 336183 ID: cd63e9

Maurian. cause a tech advantage is awesome.
No. 336198 ID: 53859d

No. 336206 ID: 7e3141

No. 336212 ID: 698cb2

No. 336229 ID: 6e1234

No. 336248 ID: 6e87fe

No. 336267 ID: e1c562

No. 336269 ID: 06c1c9

you bitches better not be using proxies to rig votes, now.
No. 336298 ID: ce5017

I'd be tempted to choose maurian but, well, Last Flifht.

So Ziranée.
No. 336460 ID: fdfbe6
File 131247999138.png - (173.08KB , 1000x750 , 3.png )

...*sigh* homework, homework and more homework. Two years after the adulthood rite and I still have to spend SO MANY HOURS in front of a computer. It’s just not fair!
No. 336461 ID: ce5017

Welcome to the real world. It's much like the academic world, except worse.

What's the topic?
No. 336463 ID: 35e1a0

anyone tell you WHY or do the just say "because you have to"
No. 336464 ID: 180ec2

Perhaps you could argue that you are schizophrenic and therefore unfit to do homework?
No. 336468 ID: 839a0e

Perhaps you should show off your snaketits.
No. 336471 ID: b6ca92

I can't tell which species this one is. Closest match is Ziranee, but it doesn't match the profile.
No. 336475 ID: d3af59


does it look canine, insectoid, or silicon-based to you? I thought not.

no disrespect meant with 'it'- I just can't tell if you're a he or a she.

what's the assignment?
No. 336477 ID: 2563d4

Quit your bloody whining and get on with it.
No. 336478 ID: c891d3

Hi there!
No. 336482 ID: ce5017

>can't tell if he or she
>long eyelashes and breasts

Pretty sure that's a she.
No. 336485 ID: eba49f

Hello Insert Name Here,
You are now the owner of bickering head voices who currently don't have any memories.

*Side effects may include destiny, warping of probability, love triangles, mood swings, manliness, madness, death, undeath, and indigestion.
No. 336511 ID: fdfbe6
File 131249782033.png - (224.00KB , 1000x750 , 4.png )

Oh, great, voices again! I guess I should take my medication... Naah, what’s the point? It’ll be more interesting this way. Maybe if my condition was something serious they’ll let me skip homework. But nope.





The subject? Politics, history, cartography... like everything! I mean, yeah, I understand I’m expected to be super wise and shit, I’m a princess, after all. Princess Suria V’Azhue, of the house Azhue.

But you know, I’d like to catch a break some time, I’m an adult now. I wonder if I could do something else, like sneak out to hang out with my friends at the training facility. Or watch the soldiers training, that’s always entertaining. Or anything actually.
No. 336512 ID: c2c011

You got a rather small room for a princess. Are you really a princess or are you just a bogus princess like every little girl is their daddy's princess?
No. 336514 ID: c891d3

Well, you could just... you know... sneak out.

How common are princesses, anyway?
No. 336515 ID: ce5017

That's a cute toy soldier you have in the cabinet there.

What are your thoughts on house Yrian?
No. 336519 ID: b6ca92

Well I figured she was, but look at
On the upper left.
See how they would have what looks like double eye pairs and large ears and a snout?

No. 336521 ID: eba49f

So does princess mean that you are next in line to be the house leader, or do you have older siblings?
No. 336529 ID: 180ec2

Ah, I see. As a princess you're a potential future ruler and/or diplomat and thus need to be an expert in all of the relevant studies. In the long term it's critical for your nation, and you need to study, but in the short term it probably can't hurt to sneak out through the ventilation shafts and do something fun every once in a while. You know, many of history's heroes had voices in their head as well.
No. 336548 ID: 2eac65

How about we tell each other stories? You can tell us about your culture's history, and we'll tell you stories from other worlds that we've seen. That'll help us get to know each other.
No. 336577 ID: fdfbe6
File 131250640270.png - (203.42KB , 1000x750 , 5.png )

The princess is the oldest daughter of the current Queen of the house. I have two sisters, but they’re younger than me. We’re cool, they’ll have positions of power if they prove themselves worth of them. Which they will because our mother would never allow anything lower than the best from us. In case of death of all the royal offspring, the crown would pass to the next living family member, always female.


Well, this isn’t actually my home, you know? We’re just in one of the many training orbital facilities we have. It’s a tiny room, but I don’t care. All the family is visiting the facility because of some special event or something. I don’t really remember it.


House Yrian cemented the peace between Maurians and Ziraneé like 30 years ago, and Queen Nayria became one of the most influential persons in the empire. Many talk about her like the most likely candidate to become the new empress. And all because she got stuck in some lousy Maurian transport or something, says mother.


Uh, I don’t think I want to go through that, we have a huge history, from being like, stupid snakes splashing in the swamps to found a galactic empire. Maybe in another occasion, I’d rather try to sneak out now.

And by the way, I think I hear a bit of a commotion outside. I wonder what could that be, things are usually quiet up her.
No. 336578 ID: c891d3

No. 336579 ID: 1854db

Snakey snake over and look.
No. 336580 ID: 180ec2

Could you hear if you put your head up to the side of the door?
No. 336591 ID: 0d095c

Move in. See if someone custodian is screwing around with METAL GEARS again.
No. 336599 ID: 6a9fdc

It wasn't the transport that was interesting.

It was the cargo.
No. 336602 ID: 874bd8

Try to eavesdrop on the commotion first...or, you could try to be all rebellious and sneak out to see. B3c
No. 336604 ID: ccbb8c

Any strong opinions on a Maurian named Tiak Belint?
Also, I support either eavesdropping or rebelliously blowing off your homework and investigatizing.
No. 336766 ID: e73d25
File 131254090014.png - (111.68KB , 1000x750 , 6.png )


I can’t say I know any Maurian, not by their name at least

I move in to eavesdrop, but before I can put my head to the door, someone knocks heavily on it. I usually keep the door locked so people don’t bother me while I study (or procrastinate).

“Who is it?”

“Open up!” Is the only response, from a masculine voice I’ve never heard in my life, followed by more knocking on the door.
No. 336767 ID: 5eea01

Open the door for TIAK BELINT, PRIVATE EYE and his SEXY FEDORA.
No. 336768 ID: 1854db

"I don't know who you are, I'm not opening my door for a rude stranger."

Back away from the door, so that you can grab something heavy off the bookcase if you need to.
No. 336769 ID: 07416a

Quick! Take your shirt off, get into bed, and put on something niiiice and skimpy. First impressions are extremely important.
No. 336778 ID: 55c4cf


This, but hold a gun.
No. 336784 ID: e23841

say "fuck you" and proceed to ignore him.
No. 336786 ID: 2563d4

Well, it worked for Naryia.
No. 336792 ID: 0d095c

This, but if you have no gun, that pyramid thing on the shelf will do. If he's a kidnapper assassin, you can just stove in his skull with it.
No. 336795 ID: eba49f

Yep, this sounds hella suspicious.
No. 336805 ID: 35e1a0

"why should i?"
No. 336806 ID: e73d25
File 131255279573.png - (208.45KB , 1000x750 , 7.png )

I don’t think that pulling my shirt off in a moment like this is going to h-



Shit, shit, someone is hacking through the door! What’s going on!? What do I do!?
No. 336807 ID: c2c011

It appears like someone is trying to stage a coupe and get rid of you. I would suggest running away, possibly through the AC if you can manage that.
No. 336808 ID: 35e1a0

No. 336809 ID: 00d3d5

Does your door rotate or slide? If it slides then open it to pin the weapon and block entry.
Contact security. The people in charge would need to be DAMN STUPID to not give you some means of contacting security if needed.
If you can fit into the vent then go into the vent. If not then take something hard, heavy, and ideally pointed to use an improvised weapon; possibly that pyramid.
Alternatively, if you have combat training, grab his weapon and take it.

... Oh, duh! What am I thinking! Just draw your holdout weapon and shoot him!
No. 336810 ID: a73142

Her massive HIPS would never fit.

Grab the ball thingie from the shelf and get prepared to lob it at your attacker.
No. 336814 ID: 07416a

No. 336816 ID: 325f71

remember your kung fu lessons with the court kung fu master. failing that, panic and scurry into the vent, because improvised weaponry is bound to fail against an attacker with a polearm.

what is it with Starit and vents am I missing something here
No. 336819 ID: 180ec2

Actually this is a good idea to buy you some time. Take it off and shove it half way under the mattress so it looks like you're imperfectly hiding under there. Then climb through the vent and replace the cover.
No. 336820 ID: 221021

Actually, this is brilliant. Do this for sure, he'll assume that you would never just leave without your shirt and look for you hiding under there.
No. 336831 ID: 0d095c

Flee into the Ventilation duct! Seriously, unless you have a "Call the Army" button on that computer, this is your best plan.
No. 336839 ID: c891d3

Well, you definitely don't want to be anywhere near that polearm sticking through the door.

So, uh... I would try the vent, yeah.
No. 336873 ID: eba49f

Two quick questions:
Is the top of that polearm bladed rather than just the front?
And is that a solid metal door that was just stabbed through?

If the answer to either of those is yes, then you should definitely go for the vent, but if both are no, you might consider trying to grab the polearm before it is pulled back through.
No. 336882 ID: 1854db

Sigh, just go through the vent. Collect your most treasured item beforehand.
No. 336890 ID: e73d25
File 131258054309.png - (249.73KB , 1000x750 , 8.png )

Ok, I try not to panic and remove the lid from the ventilation shaft... I GUESS I could squeeze myself in there if I try but there’s a problem about that...


...And the problem just tore the door open. It’s a soldier wearing a full body servo-armor. He doesn’t say a word, just points the halberd in my direction, and I’m not gonna be able to slip into the vents before he chops me in half with that thing. I have to do something to distract him, or slow him down!
No. 336891 ID: 35e1a0

throw computer monitor!
No. 336893 ID: 6bf918

Chuck the vent cover at him - it should make him flinch away, at least.

Use that distraction to pull that bookshelf down on him. Crawl into the vent while he's busy getting out from under it.
No. 336894 ID: 8a8292

Throw *anything* at the lamp above you. If it wont fall down and slow him down it might make it dark enough for you to get some wiggle-room.
No. 336895 ID: a9ac92

you can throw something at him, maybe?

or take your top off, since he looks like a Ziranée too.
No. 336896 ID: 1854db

You could throw the monitor at him, those are pretty heavy. Or tangle him up in the futon, but it would probably take too long for you to handle the bulky thing yourself.

Cutting the lights is probably the best idea.
No. 336904 ID: 180ec2

Take your shirt off and throw it over his face, then escape into the vents.
No. 336908 ID: c2c011

Tell him that you're very rich and can pay him triple what he's getting for this and also imply that you will sex him up if he doesn't kill you. While you're distracting him with your feminine lures and talk you prepare to throw the monitor at him with your tail, launch the monitor and the vent cover at him at the same time then try to get away.
No. 336910 ID: 221021

Yes, this will probably work. He'll get distracted for just long enough for you to squeeze in too far for him to get to you. He's to big to follow you, and with that powered armor just throwing something at him or hitting him will be pretty useless. Taking out the lights would likely be too, because that visor probably has an HUD to see you in the dark. I know you're probably not going to like it, but that is really your best option. Try to get it over his face, but even if you miss it will still distract him more than anything else.
No. 336918 ID: a76105

I'm afraid stripping is your only valid option. He's a combat trained soldier in armor, so throwing things at him is going to be ineffective and won't even make him flinch. People always do that. But nobody would expect a princess to expose herself, he'll be stunned! When it's a case of life or death modesty is literally your last priority.
No. 336925 ID: 0d095c

Throw a pillow at him! Then throw the vent cover at him! Then FLEEEEE!
No. 336962 ID: 874bd8

Vent Cover + Pillow + Shirt.

The ultimate distraction. DO IT WHILE YOU STILL HAVE THE CHANCE.
No. 337067 ID: 55c4cf

Throw monitor in face. Stab through the eye with toy spear if not his spear.
No. 337096 ID: 252e1b

Vomit on his helmet! That way he won't be able to see you.
No. 337147 ID: 5a7dd9

is that bookcase embedded into the wall? if not, you could knock it down between you two.
No. 337218 ID: c11ca5
File 131264488033.png - (234.06KB , 1000x750 , 9.png )

>Throw stuff at him

No. 337219 ID: c11ca5
File 131264509801.png - (88.59KB , 1000x750 , 10.png )

I think the computer hit him in the eye, that gave me enough time to slip into the vents.
It’s wet and slippery inside here, and the duct forks up ahead. If I’m not mistaken, if I keep going forward I’ll end up in my sisters’ room. I don’t know where the left tunnel goes. Where should I go?
No. 337220 ID: c891d3

Get close enough to the vent cover in your sister's room to see if it looks safe.
No. 337221 ID: a76105

You fdn't throw your shirt? That was a perfectly good plan. Go towards your sister, she may be in danger.
No. 337228 ID: b77448

go sisterways.
No. 337270 ID: 185cff

There is, sadly, a small issue with going straight. Your assailant also had a pistol on his hip. Take the nearest turn, or the nearest exit.
No. 337273 ID: 55c4cf

Go left.
No. 337288 ID: 180ec2

Oh, wow, you're right! Maybe you can shout to your sister's room for her to look out as you turn the corner and go left? Because not only could you get shot if you go that way, but you could get shot in a way that the bullet goes all the way down the length of your body. That would probably kill you combined with being stuck in the vent.
No. 337313 ID: 1854db

Yes, turning would let us avoid whatever gun he has. If we can shout to your sis that would help things I think.
No. 337336 ID: 2563d4

Go left.
No. 337585 ID: 759c84
File 131271456656.png - (146.30KB , 1000x750 , 11.png )


I slid through the left tunnel just before I feel the heat of an energy wave just missing my tail. I didn’t have time to yell for my sis, but she should’ve heard my scream, and the shot.

I end up in front of another vent cover, which I push out. It’s the main corridor in front of the quarters...

The air reeks of blood and burnt skin. A red light bathes the area, and Suria’s ears are suddenly bombarded by the sound of an alarm, mixed with the cacophony of a battle: screams, weapons being fired... But the corridor is empty, of living things at least.

G-gods... There’s blood and corpses everywhere... They’re mostly guards, but there are civilians, servants and scholars around. What happened here!?

To my right I see the door to my sisters’ bedroom, and to the left is my own room and the exit tunnel. There’s nobody... alive... left here, the soldier that attacked me must be still inside my room, or maybe he left.
No. 337587 ID: 35e1a0

can you see any weapons on the guards from here? if so then get out and grab one. the most powerful looking one if you have an option.
No. 337591 ID: 1854db

If you can grab a weapon that'd be cool, but they didn't seem to help the guards much. I'd advise getting to your sister's room. You're not likely to survive trying to run past your room. If the guy who attacked you starts breaking into your sister's room, you can flee through the vent into your room and then escape properly.
No. 337593 ID: 55c4cf

What are three ways out of this place. You need to plan multiple escape routes and begin getting the fuck out. Your house is getting slaughtered.
No. 337603 ID: c2c011

Looks like some revolutionary group or something wants to bring down the elite of your society. Or something.

It would probably be a good idea to make your way to the nearest escape pod and get the fuck out of here.
No. 337611 ID: 37fbaf

check for your sister. and other friends and family members if they're nearby.
No. 337636 ID: eba49f

How flexible are those head-spines of yours? I didn't see any sign of them on your attacker, but if they are flexible he could have just folded them down.
No. 337715 ID: 180ec2

Are any of them armed? Looting bodies isn't the most wonderful or respectful thing but if you can find a gun or something that you can use you're probably best off. Are you on a spacecraft or a planet? If the latter you should go for taking a detour away from your room and the fighting and look for an alternate exit from the one the arrow's pointing to, (or an alternate way to that one) but if you're on a space ship or a station things are likely going to be quite a bit harder. Either way go in a direction FAR away from your room and away from the sounds of fighting, or anything for that matter.
No. 337766 ID: eba49f

>Looting bodies isn't the most wonderful thing
Lies. Bodies almost never have traps like chests do.

Anyway, it is an orbital facility.
How many exits does this station have, and how many soldiers were stationed here.
No. 337777 ID: 874bd8


Unless they have acidic blood. Doesn't acidic blood count as a trap?
No. 337780 ID: eba49f

Acid blood isn't that effective of a trap if they are already dead, but I admit I forgot about zombies or chestbursters. Still, those tend to be easier to 'disarm'.
No. 337837 ID: 759c84
File 131276223651.png - (179.20KB , 1000x750 , 12.png )


They’re pretty flexible, we can use standard Ziraneé helmets without problems. And obviously, these spikes are characteristic of the Azhue house

Suria manages to vanquish her fear and descends from the vents. She’s kind of undecided about if she should contact her sisters or just try to escape, but finally she decides to check out the room of her siblings, but only after looking through the corpses for weapons. There’s no luck, whoever did this, took good care of keeping any weapons the survivors could use to defend themselves.

Yes, this is an orbital station. I guess the only way to escape from it is either accessing the evacuation pods, or having luck and using one of the ships in the hangar...
No. 337838 ID: 759c84
File 131276227798.png - (224.31KB , 1000x750 , 13.png )

The room isn’t much different from her own, other than it being designed to allocate two Ziraneés instead of one. Said Ziraneés don’t need beds or rooms anymore and just lay on the floor with cold eyes and awkward poses. Suria feels like the entire universe crushes her like a little bug.

M-my sisters... T-they are...
No. 337840 ID: 1854db

They missed a gun.

Time for a bit of the old ultraviolence.
No. 337841 ID: 35e1a0

vow vengeance. take that gun and let's work out the shortest path to your mom. she would have the most heavily armed guards and stuff.
No. 337842 ID: c2c011

Yeah, definately looks like someone is after taking out the heirs of several houses, which makes it even more important that you survive and get out of here alive. You will have time to grieve later, now you have to find a way to escape. Lets check the hangar bays first, the escape pods are the logical way to get out of here in a hurry, so the ships in the hangar might work better.
No. 337843 ID: 180ec2

;_; why?

Grab the gun on the table and run, there's nothing you could have done for them, and there's nothing you can do. All you can do is live on and put the people who did this to justice, I assume it's what they would have wanted. If it's any consolation, there's now no doubt that they haven't betrayed you. At least you don't have to go on wondering.
No. 337851 ID: 2eac65

Why would anyone leave a gun behind? If they take them from the bodies of the others, they wouldn't leave one lying around on a table. Check it for booby traps and tracking devices.
No. 337861 ID: eba49f

I agree it seems suspicious to leave the gun there when all the others were removed.

The escape pods seem like they probably could not outrun whatever ship the attackers came here in (unless they somehow smuggled power armored soldiers onto the station).
No. 337959 ID: 2b7ddd

the attackers will know that most people will be scuttling for the escape pods. move towards the hangar, gun in hand. shit just got serious.
No. 337980 ID: 55c4cf

Arm yourself, and continue to get out. Your house is being removed from power.
No. 337984 ID: 3b9af0

The crushing feeling may be your breasts trying to escape your shirt, try releasing them.

Gear up if anything is there, and get out.
No. 337989 ID: b1f0e2

grieve later, survive now. !Adrenalin rush go!
How many family members are on board the station besides your mother and sisters?
Is your mother armed & have guards?
How many other queens or powerful people are on the space stations besides your family?
What do you know of the genral layout of the station (aka, the location of your mothers room, your current location, location of escape pods, and location of hangar relative to each other).
No. 338019 ID: ccbb8c

So, while you're running for your life, if you can answer this without having an existence-shattering moment of shock...

>In case of death of all the royal offspring, the crown would pass to the next living family member, always female.
...Got any aunts?
No. 338022 ID: 9d4673
File 131280120560.png - (199.98KB , 1000x750 , 14.png )

C-can’t... can’t lose it now. Grieve later, survive now. I have to do it for them, yes...

I get the gun, it’s a simple model, but it’ll have to do... Mother’s room isn’t far away from here, but it’s in the opposite direction of the hangar and the escape pods... The family was just visiting the station for a day, there are many guards, but not as many as we have in the royal palace... But who could’ve done this? We’re not at war anymore, and the soldier that attacked me was a Ziraneé anyways. And no House would try to wipe out another one, the other Houses would join up forces to crush the traitor.

>Got any aunts?

Well yeah, I have an aunt, but...

“Princess, what are you doing here? It’s not safe.”

My thoughts are interrupted by the voice coming from behind me. I turn my head to see two guards standing at the door. One of them is armed with a pistol, the other one with a laser SMG. The man with the pistol speaks again.
“We have to get you out of here. Please, put the gun down and give it to me.”

I don’t know what to think of this... They’re clearly part of the Azhue House, but they’re not wearing any of our uniforms. Their plates have no marks, shields or any kind of identification. And they’re pointing their weapons at me.

“Princess, we have to leave at once. Drop the gun, please.”
No. 338024 ID: 35e1a0

"i'm too scared, i don't think i could actually use it, but i need it to make me feel safe" and keep the tears flowing. got any combat training? if so then the MOMENT you see at least one relax shoot the one that didn't relax while dodging. then shoot the other.
No. 338026 ID: 5e51d3

make a ಥ_ಥ face and point a gun back at him.
No. 338028 ID: 1854db

If they're really on your side there's no need for you to drop the gun and even less need for them to waste time asking you to drop it.

Insist on keeping it but don't point it at them.
No. 338029 ID: 55c4cf

Confirm they are who they say they are, if not it's time to be hardcore.
No. 338030 ID: 00d3d5

Tell them to lower their weapons, and you feel safer holding it.
No. 338042 ID: eba49f

After thinking about the situation more, I am starting to think that the attackers intend to capture at least one of you alive. If they didn't, it would seem easier to simply sneak a bomb onto the station than to sneak actual soldiers onto the station.
No. 338045 ID: c2c011

Tell them that you're not dropping it and then ask them some questions that only your house guards should know, you're not dropping that gun even if they answer it correctly though.
No. 338047 ID: c2c011

Tell them that you're not dropping it and then ask them some questions that only your house guards should know, you're not dropping that gun even if they answer it correctly though.
No. 338131 ID: 9d4673
File 131284565882.png - (227.29KB , 1000x750 , 15.png )

Suria turns around, still holding the gun. She’s scared and sad beyond her own comprehension, but she wields the weapon with a steady grip

“I... I’m n-not putting it down until you explain me a few things to me, like-”

She is interrupted

“Ah, fuck this. Let’s just kill her and get over with it, she ain’t gonna do anything with that gun.”

“Yeah, just look at her, scared like a tiny Maurian.”

Suria has approximately two seconds to react.
No. 338132 ID: c2c011

Fire at their unarmoured faces and dodge. No threats or negotiation. And from the looks of things you don't have a handy escape option here either, so they have to go down hard.
No. 338133 ID: c891d3

Oh wow that's not good at all.


Fffffuck. I don't have any good ideas handy.
No. 338134 ID: e1c562

Shoot Them! shoot them dead!
No. 338135 ID: 1854db

I really doubt that you'll be able to shoot both of them faster than either of them can pull the trigger, but you may as well try.
No. 338136 ID: 35e1a0

shoot the one with the rifle and DODGE to the side in an action roll. get behind the small wall made from your sisters' bodies. and shoot from there.
No. 338148 ID: 28e94e

Dodge to your left. Shoot the one with the pistol. Shoot the one with the SMG. Do it in that order.

My reasoning is as follows: It's harder for a right-handed shooter to aim a rifle to his right than his left, and a pistol can be aimed much faster than a rifle due to its smaller mass. It's not much but we need every advantage we can get.
No. 338154 ID: 180ec2

I don't think snakes can roll very well, and they're snakes too so you can't use your snakeyness as an advantage. If we shoot either one the other will shoot, and they're both ready to fire. If we do shoot somebody our best choice is the one with the heavier gun, because then getting shot will be less likely to be fatal if we fail to dodge.An alternative option that HAS been brought up before is distraction, and doing something to distract them will make them less likely to fire immediately if shot at. You've got about two seconds, and we all know where I'm going with this, but seriously, you've got a better chance to survive if you flash them and shoot than if you just shoot.
No. 338172 ID: 221021

Every advantage we need? Let's do both!
No. 338235 ID: 1444d5

Throw the gun at them, and immediately make for the vent (or charge them if for some odd reason you're feeling confident). Basic self-protection reflex is to follow any object moving towards you, and to either attempt to shield yourself against it or catch it. Either means they stop training their weapons on you for a moment.
No. 338236 ID: 00d3d5

Shoot one in the face and lunge back into your sisters' room.
No. 338247 ID: 55c4cf

Perforate the fool. Use Princess Bullet Time.
No. 338337 ID: 3087fa
File 131293250210.png - (319.89KB , 1000x750 , 16.png )

It’s the guards confidence in Suria’s inability to shoot what saves her life. Before they can open fire, she bolts to the left, skillfully shooting the SMG soldier in the middle of the head, ending his life in the act. But she’s not fast enough to shoot the other soldier before he returns fire.
No. 338338 ID: 3087fa
File 131293255652.png - (243.21KB , 1000x750 , 17.png )


The laser beam hits her in the right shoulder like a red hot iron. If she didn’t dive to the side, that shot would’ve gone through her head. But is she really that lucky? She thinks through the mist of the pain and tears. The impact made her drop the gun, and she’s defenseless on the floor, eyes closed shut and hoping for a quick end.

An end that is denied...
No. 338339 ID: 3087fa
File 131293260362.png - (298.28KB , 1000x750 , 18.png )


“Stand up and come with me. We don’t have much time left.”

The queen’s tone of voice is imperative, her command formulated with a voice that wouldn’t accept a negative. It might be cold, but in the middle of this chaos, it felt reassuring and almost soothing to Suria
No. 338343 ID: 35e1a0

grab the gun with your other hand and pocket it, then apply pressure to your wound with your hand and follow your mother.
No. 338345 ID: c891d3

Alright, you made it out of that without dying!

So yeah let's get the hell out of here.
No. 338346 ID: 1854db

Fuck yes. Grab the SMG and follow her, don't waste any time. Well, only grab the SMG if you can hold it with that injured shoulder. Take the pistol if you're not tuff enuff.
No. 338347 ID: 221021

Pull your sleeve up your arm and bunch up the bit above your shoulder so that you've got the thinner (and clean) sleeve on your wounded shoulder applying pressure from it being too small for that part of you. It's a quick and efficient way to treat the wound until you can actually get medical help. (Try it at home, kids!)

Ask your mother if she knows why the rest of your house are trying to assassinate all of you.
No. 338352 ID: c2c011

Follow your mum, ask what's going on.
No. 338355 ID: b1f0e2

First, tell her both your sisters are dead, so the two of you head for an escape rather then to rescue them.
we know what is going on.
Ask if she knows WHO is behind this.
No. 338366 ID: 1444d5

Tell her there's an armoured soldier in the next room. Redundant if she knows, vital if not.
No. 338381 ID: eba49f

Yes, telling her about the nearby threat is the most important.

Also ask if she knows why they didn't just bomb the place. I still think there must be something here that they want to capture intact (which we have seen is unfortunately not you).
No. 338725 ID: 75bb1d
File 131300231839.png - (229.62KB , 1000x750 , 19.png )

“M-mother be careful. There’s a sold--”

“It’s been already taken care of.” She interrupts.

“A-and my s-sisters...”

“I know. There’ll be time for grieving later, now it’s time for survival.”

They rush through the corridors, finding only corpses, both of the House guards and the ones with no marks on their armors.

“But... what’s going on!?”

“Your aunt, Zurabai. She’s managed to organize a little army of rebels and traitors to our own House. She’s gonna kill us all and become the new Queen.”

“B-But our people... The other Houses will do something about it!”

“The other Houses won’t intervene in internal conflicts. As long as there’s a legitimate Queen, they’ll remain neutral. We’re on our own.”

They find one of the secondary access to the hangar. It seems to be heavily guarded by the rogue soldiers. The bay seems to be open, and a single freighter is still there.

“Ok, this is important, Suria. You must survive. There’s no way I can escape this, but if they focus on me (I’m their primary target), you might be able to sneak into the freighter and get out of here.”


“No time for that. You have to put your feelings away for now, just focus on survival. If you have any plan to get there unnoticed, feel free to be creative. Just survive and don’t look back. You’re the last hope of the House Azhue.”

This... this is horrible. I don’t know what to do, I don’t know if I should say something. Or how am I going to survive.
No. 338726 ID: 221021

Give her a hug, she's doing this for you. You'll be OK, and she'll probably be OK too. After that get into the freighter.
No. 338727 ID: 4d43b9

no fucking way. that is stupid. badassmom must liiiive

threaten to stay behind and open fire recklessly if she sacrifices herself. you both kill them all. you both get the fuck out of here.
No. 338728 ID: 55c4cf

If you survive this there better be snake tits. Yours, your mom's, or both.

A. Your government's internal affairs system sucks.
B. Your mom's noble sacrifice plan is shitty. Both of you need to get out of here because your mom is Hot.
C. Even if you survive, you will probably be reported as dead anyway without your Mother in the first place.
D. Tactically kill the shit out of things, get in a ship and aim for another nation to get help. Your mom is being irrational and hot.
No. 338729 ID: c891d3

No. 338730 ID: c2c011

Tell her that this plan is terrible and you should both make it, like you can go to the control room, close off this door and then vent the hangar into space, getting rid of most of the soldiers there and then taking a shuttle and both leave. Because just you isn't going to be enough for gathering loyalists, you're inexperianced and don't have any rep built up, but with your mom with you and still alive then loyalists will have someone they know to gather around, a strong leader that can be the symbol for resistance that they need.
No. 338739 ID: 28e94e

This is a great plan, just be careful because they've probably got a guard in the control room.
No. 338740 ID: b1f0e2

awesome plan! vent it into space, yes!
No. 338895 ID: 9c538a


Don't tell her the plan is terrible. That's just asking for trouble. Tell her that if we could decimate their forces by opening the airlock the shuttle is in, then escape unharmed with their primary target, that would make this treacherous aunt about as well respected as a Sinarri.
No. 338898 ID: 9c538a


Oh also nice regeneration on that shoulder there. I kid. This is awesome art.
No. 338901 ID: cd63e9

I don't like using a sacrificial diversion as plan A we should look for an alternative. how many solders are guarding the hanger?
No. 338921 ID: 69f5d2
File 131305340140.png - (220.05KB , 1000x750 , 20.png )

“Mom! I-I mean... m-mother... with all respects, that plan is terrible! There’s a way we can get out of here alive. Both of us! We have to get to the control room and vent the landing bay, the soldiers will be spaced and we’ll be able to take the ship.”

The expression of fixed determination disappears from the Queen’s face and is replaced by a proud smile.

“Good idea. Here, put on this. It’s a personal energy shield. It’ll protect you from energy weapons as long as the battery resists. Just remember, it will not protect you from physical attacks. Alright, let’s move.”
No. 338922 ID: 69f5d2
File 131305349921.png - (190.21KB , 1000x750 , 21.png )

They sneak towards the control room. It seems that the loyalists in the base have been slaughtered or they’ve all surrendered because the sounds of fight are almost over. But the path is still clear.

There’s only two guards in the control room, one armed with a laser SMG, the other one with a grenade launcher. The grenade launcher Ziraneé seems to be a male of the Yryan house, probably a renegade, working as a mercenary.

“Alright Suria. You choose one, I’ll take care of the other. But we can’t let them alert the rest of their forces, or it’ll all be over for us.”

Ok. I’m not too nervous, but the wound on my shoulder hurts like hell, and I fear it’ll mess my aim. I can’t fail. Which one should I “take care” of ? And how should I do it to minimize my chances of fucking everything up forever?
No. 338923 ID: 314ffe

you do it silently. hold your breath. hold your gun in front of you with both hands, arms stretched out. aim carefully for the head. take your time.

shoot multiple times.
No. 338925 ID: 1854db

You can get the one closer- the one with the pistol. They are both busy, so tell your mother to fire when you do (or on 3) and just aim carefully and squeeze off a shot.

Make sure you don't shoot the computers, but go for the head so they can't push an alarm button or something.
No. 338934 ID: b6ca92

Tell her you'll take the one closer to the door.
More importantly, have her do a countdown. Non-verbal with hands, or whispered, whatever. We can't afford one of these two happening to have good reflexes.

Also, have mom take on quick look around, make sure there'es no sign of someone coming up behind you.
No. 338935 ID: b6ca92

When you DO get in there, tell Mom she needs to get a copy of the surveillance data, if it's there. Records of what just happened will help in the political field.
Also, get into the sensors and cameras. Find out life sign densities. If you are lucky, you may be able to space Aunty too.

Oh, oh, and make sure to lock down the station! All doors sealed and shut, all that jazz! Maybe a nice Self Destruct virus or something too! Vent the atmosphere on a timer! Lock down the escape pods or preemptively launch them! Shut Down the CO2 scrubbers! Play 'The Girl From Ipanema' on the PA system at maximum volume!

No. 338938 ID: 1444d5

You've got a laser-proof shield, Mum is presumably a better shot. Mum leans round the corner and takes out the chap with the grenade launcher. You step out to act as a shield and draw fire, while she takes aim at the guy with the laser.
No. 338939 ID: 00d3d5

Motion that you'll take the closer one. Aim your weapon at their head and signal a count to coordinate the attack. If they both go down at once they can't alert anybody.
No. 338945 ID: c2c011

The closest one, and dial up the power of the shot if you can, so you more or less expand the entire battery with one shot.
No. 338948 ID: 1854db

That seems unwise. What if we miss? Sure, that'll be bad either way but if we miss and use the whole battery everything goes ass up.
No. 338953 ID: b1f0e2

you have a pistol and it should take them some time to react. So if you do miss the first shot don't panic and shoot again. If you are not sure you can hit the head then aim for the center of mass, a hit in their armor, even if it doesn't penetrate, should still momentarily stun them and let you and your mother focus fire.

An alternative plan is to sneak behind them and then order them to surrender at gunpoint "freeze! don't throw away your life, you wont reach that gun or alarm fast enough, now lie on the ground and answer some questions", then either interrogate them or execute them with a point blank shot to the head. If everything works out it would minimize risk to the controls. But a lot can go wrong, what do the other voices say about this plan?
No. 338956 ID: 55c4cf


Have your mom go in with you. Have her take the closer one as he has peripheral vision going for him. The second he notices you two going in, mom shoots him.
With her taking care of him get as close as you can to make a near point blank shot into his head the moment he starts to move.

This ensures both of your safety as much as possible and reduces any recourse.
No. 338965 ID: c2c011

That's why we don't miss. But it's mainly that we should have enough juice going out that we take him down with one shot even if he has a forcefield up, because it would really suck if he had one and got enough time to press the alarm.
No. 339070 ID: eba49f

If you have doubts about your aim, I suggest you shoot for the one not carrying explosives on their back in the control room.

By the way, if your shields don't stop physical objects, does anyone use projectile launchers as a weapon (not including explosives)?
No. 339096 ID: 69f5d2
File 131310569075.png - (233.47KB , 1000x750 , 22.png )

I signal to Mother that I’ll go for the closest guy. She nods and counts down with her fingers, and we sneak inside. I manage to slither upon the soldier before he starts turning his head around, so I immediately open fire. He dies instantly and it kinds of feel good after what they’ve done to my family. Mom takes care of the other guy and rushes to handle the controls. All the guards in the Landing Bay are spaced. No exceptions.

“Hey, maybe we could set the station to self-destruct? Or load a deadly virus and lock aunt inside? Or take the video footage to prove that-”

“Suria, dear, I admire your enthusiasm in such a dark time.”--The former queen interrupts. “But I’m afraid you’ve watched too many movies. This panel controls the landing bay only, and has no access to the surveillance cameras footage, and even less access to a self-destruct device.”

“Now let’s hurry and get in that ship before they send reinforcements to investigate why nobody answers their communications in this area... Oh wait, there’s another ship down there in the landing bay. We could steal both. Time for your first decision, do you want to take the Viper Fighter or the Freighter?”
No. 339098 ID: c891d3

Can you fly a ship?

If you can fly a ship, I wanna say the freighter.
No. 339099 ID: 1854db

Whoever's the better pilot should be in the Fighter, so they can defend the Freighter.

If we only take one, better make sure it's the Fighter. Also, how do their speeds compare? Getting away fast is the highest priority, to be honest, so if one is WAY faster than they other maybe you should both just go in that one.
No. 339100 ID: 180ec2

Besides the obvious, what's the difference between the two ships? I'm leaning toward the fighter right now, just in case we get attacked en route, but that's just from the names. Some kinds of freighters might also be capable of defending themselves from pirates or whatever, possibly better than the offence-focused fighter. Let's have a quick description.
No. 339101 ID: b1f0e2

The spacing took out the guards, but if there were anyone inside the freighter, and its doors were sealed, then it's occupants likely survived, so both of you keep that in mind.
No. 339109 ID: 185cff

Man. That seems like they broke a major space rule there. Never go anywhere near a normal space access without being prepared for space exposure. Especially in a hostile situation.

Splitting up seems like a terrible idea still. If you can both fit in the Fighter, take it. If not, disable it and take the freighter.

No. 339114 ID: bd2a40

Going to have to go with not splitting up as well.

I just get the feeling that if we take the fighter and she takes the freighter, shit will happen, we will fail to defend the freighter, it goes boom and we feel guilty until the end of time.

The other option involves us taking the freighter, probably barely getting out alive while she dies in a heroic fashion covering our escape.

Staying together is the best way to prevent the character whose point of view we are operating out of from dying in some cliche fashion. Well, that, or everybody dies together in some non-cliche fashion, heh.
No. 339116 ID: 35e1a0

if you CAN both fit in the fighter then you may be able to take some heat off of you by making the freighter launch and look like it's making a run for it. then fly out and attack it a little. would make all the enemies think you are them and attacking a ship with you and your mom on it. then flee after a pass. would confuse the fuck out of them bout what just happened.
No. 339123 ID: 0d095c

Make sure to DISARM THE SELF DESTRUCT SYSTEMS on whichever ship you take.

If the anti ship defenses are online, take the fighter, as you have a better chance of dodging. If no one is manning the guns, take the freighter, you'll have more crew space and supplies.

Either one is easily tracked. It all depends on how much time you have to flee, and how cramped you're willing to get.
No. 339128 ID: 28e94e

Which is faster, and what kind of defenses do they have?
No. 339149 ID: 8a10bc

Ok first off how full is the hold in the freighter? The reason for asking this is we may be able to take both as most naval fighters are designed to take up as little space as possible so they can cram more on a single vessel.
No. 339156 ID: 00d3d5

First scavenge armor and weapons off the corpses, but be quick about it.

Everybody get on the freighter, unless you want to load the fighter into the freighter first.
Fighters are quick but aren't designed for independent deployment; fuel, life support, supplies, and everything else is designed around missions lasting a few hours and having someplace nearby to refuel and restock.
Also? I really doubt a fighter would be FTL capable, while a freighter would have to be.
No. 339161 ID: 35e1a0

oh yeah, point. a fighter would probably NOT have a FTL drive.
No. 339162 ID: b1f0e2

You totally ninjaed my idea. Definitely do that.

Fighter IN freighter, use freighter for both of you (larger, more life support, can operate out of it as a base). Sweep it for hostiles as soon as you set the autopilot to get you out of here.
No. 339225 ID: a7a4e0

yo dawg I heard you like spaceships
No. 339241 ID: c2c011

Ask you mom to cut off one of their hands as evidence. And take the fighter, better survivability due to the fact that it's actually made for combat rather than just hauling crap.
No. 339279 ID: 55c4cf

Take the faster ship together.
No. 339307 ID: c891d3

I believe we're trying to GTFO right now, so go for the fighter and get out of here already.
No. 339309 ID: da443b
File 131316089605.png - (108.24KB , 1000x750 , 23.png )

The Viper Fighter is a basic fighter, but far more maneuverable and faster than the freighter. Unlike most fighters, this model has a FTL engine Incorporated, a custom model. Probably from a wealthy owner. If it didn’t have one, it would be useless for us. It can carry two passengers.

Besides that, it has two Laser Cannons, and two Missile Launchers. It’s fast and and adequate for combat.

The Freighter, on the other side is slower, less combat oriented. It has a large cargo hold (not big enough to fit another ship inside, though) which makes it optimal for cargo transport. It can carry up to six passengers. It’s equiped with two laser Cannons and an automated Laser Turret. It can probably defend itself in minor skirmishes, but it’ll need support in tougher battles. Of course, it has a FTL engine.

Time to choose.
No. 339312 ID: c891d3


No. 339313 ID: aa4528

No. 339316 ID: 55c4cf


No. 339317 ID: 1854db

They're both armed decently. Take both. No reason not to. The better pilot goes in the fighter, in case of bogeys.
No. 339320 ID: 180ec2

Take the fighter unless you both have no idea how to use it in battle, in which case the freighter's automated defense might be a bit better. But your mother looks like she's pretty experienced at lots of things, and she wouldn't suggest the fighter if neither of you could fly it, so that's probably the best option.
No. 339361 ID: 28e94e

No. 339375 ID: 1444d5

While you're in the control room, check the security cameras to see if anything... interesting... has been loaded into the freighter.
No. 339383 ID: da443b
File 131318971150.png - (237.91KB , 1000x750 , 24.png )

I’ve had an extensive training piloting any kind of ship, so I only expect Mother to surpass my own skills. We hop onto the Fighter and I can’t be more surprised when Mother makes me handle the ship. I have no time to protest nor feel nervous, we gotta get out of here.

We take off the station slowly orbiting the planet.

“We have company, Suria. Two ships, an E-class fighter and a Sun-F Bomber, on our seven, up. They’ll get us before we can jump out of here.”

“S-so what do we do!?”

“You tell me. Just calm down. We can try and get on their tails and destroy them. The bomber isn’t suited to engage fighters, its purpose is to launch torpedoes to large, slow targets like Cruisers or Stations. The E-Class could be a problem, but our ship is still better than theirs. You could come up with a combat tactic, or a way to outrun them. I doubt they have hyperjump engines with them.”
No. 339390 ID: b1f0e2

Since they will catch us before we jump we might as well engage them. Focus on their fighter first, after downing it finish off the bomber.
No. 339394 ID: 180ec2

Start turning the ship rapidly towards a retrograde facing to give it some angular momentum so that when it's facing backwards you can fire at the enemy fighter and then after you rotate a little more firing your main thrusters to sharply alter your course so you're moving far enough laterally to evade any shots made in anticipation of your movement.
No. 339396 ID: 3d7a30

fly close to the bomber, it will give you a tactical advantage. The bomber won't be able to engage you and the fighter will be reluctant to fire because it might hit the bomber.
No. 339397 ID: bd2a40

If the station does not have any defenses(if it does, we would not stand a chance, no matter what, so I assume it is unarmed or something), then it might be a good idea to stay really close to the station while trying to maneuver into a position to attack the other ships. It might stop them from firing, since they could/would hit the station. Perhaps you could even get the bomber and its payload to crash into the station.
No. 339403 ID: c2c011

Engage in evasive maneovours and wait for them to get clsoer. Then deploy chaff. If there is no chaff then destroy some crap in the cargo bay and open that. Do that periodically to make them take evaseive manevours as well since they need to evade the chaff because you seriously can't run into that shit at C-fraction speeds.
No. 339406 ID: b1f0e2

1. technically all speed is "fraction of C", and they aren't traveling all that fast.
2. This is a fighter, not a freighter so they can't do it anyways.
3. Define evasive maneuvers.
No. 339407 ID: c2c011

Serpentine manevours or somet shit like that, by fractions of C I mean something like 0.033 C or even fucking 0.3 C or higher. Which is fucking overkill, just shit they have to dodge because they're going fucking fast. And chaff should be included in a fighter, doesn't make fucking sense to have a fighter without chaff.
No. 339418 ID: 28e94e

Use the station as cover so you can get behind them. Focus on the fighter, then once he's out of the fight disable the bomber just to be safe.
No. 339427 ID: 00d3d5

Cut thrusters and pivot the ship around, then fire on the fighter.
This will leave you open to the bomber, so as soon as you score the kill pivot again and do a burn perpendicular to your direction of travel. Unless you think you can score two kills before the bomber can hit you.
No. 339438 ID: 180ec2

Do remember that we are in space, in which the physics and tactics of combat differ greatly from land, sea, or air combat.
No. 339571 ID: fbc18c
File 131323088628.png - (289.50KB , 1000x750 , 25.png )

I cut off the thrusting, pivot around and follow after the bomber really close, while it’s still maneuvering around the station.

“Don’t worry about the station, the defense systems are off-line. It would’ve been a pretty stupid escape plan if I didn’t take care of them beforehand, don’t you think? Just focus on those ships.”

The E-class opens fire against us a few times during the turn, but nothing our shield can’t handle. It stops firing once we follow the bomber, afraid of hitting it, or the station itself.
No. 339574 ID: b1f0e2

do the warp engines require time to charge up, or do they require you traveling to a certain location?
No. 339577 ID: 7d72aa

go for the engines, Boo! go for the engines!
No. 339586 ID: b1f0e2

if you shoot the bomber then the fighter will start shooting at you again. You are currently buying time until your warp engines charge up.
No. 339596 ID: c2c011

Hit the station with a few shoots, the only ones left there should all be traitors anyway. Oh, and try to get a targetting lock on the bomber.
No. 339600 ID: 3f3b9c

Keep using the bomber as protection and fire at the fighter. We can't effectively attack a station and the bomber is our shield for now.
No. 339622 ID: 55c4cf

Tag the fighter, maybe you can knock the bomber into the station after or towards it after that.
No. 339681 ID: 1854db

Take out the bomber then let's handle the E-class with a couple of missles.
No. 339683 ID: fbc18c
File 131327436250.png - (230.67KB , 1000x750 , 26.png )

The hyperjump engines need a bit of time to charge, but it can’t be done while the combat and defense systems are on. It needs all the available energy to make the jump. Either we fight or we run.

I turn around to let the E-class surpass me. Now I’m on its tail, but in the process he’s had a good chance to hit us good. Our shield is now down to 50%.

The good part is that now we can tag it, and even lock the missiles on it. But the bomber is tailing us too, slowly but steadily.
No. 339685 ID: 1854db

Missiles away.
No. 339688 ID: b1f0e2

don't worry too much about the bomber, finish off the fighter with missles. Then dogfight the bomber (you should easily win this one).
No. 339689 ID: cd63e9

I don't think the bomber is much of a threat, its slow and probably not well armed for a dogfight. keep on the fighter, but peel off if it looks like the bomber manages to start getting in good hits on your ship.
No. 339690 ID: c2c011

Get a missile lock and fire away at the fighter. Once it's out of the picture we can use superior manevourability to take down the bomber, then we can fuck over the station with any remaining missiles before warping out of here.
No. 339691 ID: ec0bf5

FIRE MISSILES! BLOW THEM OUT OF THE SKY! Be prepared to take evasive maneuvers, however, if the bomber starts to attack. Maybe move a bit erratically so it's harder for it to get a lock?
No. 339795 ID: 40b2b1
File 131331204861.png - (272.48KB , 1000x750 , 27.png )

A couple of missiles take care of the E-Class, but the bomber is punishing us good.

“Shield integrity down to ten per cent.!”
No. 339798 ID: cd63e9

go evasive, and accelerate as fast as you can. you are faster and more maneuverable than the bomber. you should be able to lose it fairly quickly.
No. 339800 ID: 00d3d5

Keep the burn going while pivoting off at a sharp angle. Have your craft's nose track the bomber while it tries to catch up its facing to match you and broadside it.
No. 339802 ID: 253a7f

make an acrobatic fucking pirouette.
No. 339809 ID: 8bdb6a

Hit the brakes. He'll fly right by.
No. 339810 ID: 1854db

I thought the bomber wasn't designed to deal with fighters. How the heck did it just do as much damage as the E-class?
No. 339818 ID: c2c011

Cut forward thrust and make a sharp turn, that should set you up for a 180 degree (or more) turn and get you facing the bomber, which is when you light up the bastard and try to get a targetting lock as well. If he goes by then keep turning until you got him in your sights and then fire up forward thrust again.
No. 339898 ID: b1f0e2

The bomber lacks the maneuverability to fight us effectively but it is more then capable of damaging us if we don't evade it. For example if we are finishing off another fighter while it is on our tail.
Now that it is just us vs bomber: Peel off into a roll, get behind the bomber, and finish it off.
No. 339909 ID: 967217
File 131335064701.png - (281.25KB , 1000x750 , 28.png )

Without the E-Class pressing us, it’s easy to maneuver around the bomber and blow it to bits, we don’t even need to use any more missiles.

“Good work, but you need to improve your skills, they almost got you there.”

“Yes, mother.”

“Alright, let’s get out of here, the Station defenses will be online soon. Head to the Czara system, your aunt won’t openly attack us in another House’s space.”
No. 339910 ID: 967217
File 131335078679.png - (284.23KB , 1000x750 , 29.png )

After a bit of warm up, we jump into hyperspace mode, the stars and planets cruising over the bridge like bright lines in capricious colors. Most pilots close their eyes during short jumps, because it can make even veterans pretty dizzy. I find them kind of relaxing though.

My train of thoughts is interrupted by a loud beep and the voice of Mother.

“We have an incoming fatline transmission. You’re the captain, is your responsibility to respond if you want.”
No. 339911 ID: 2563d4

...can you passively receive only?
No. 339913 ID: c2c011

Open a channel. Outgoing audio only, but recieve both audtio and video, and the audio only switches on if you press the send button.
No. 339914 ID: c891d3

Don't see why not, I guess.
No. 339918 ID: 55c4cf

Accept Penji's call!
No. 339924 ID: 35e1a0

double check that the coms is isolated so it's not a trick to send a self-destruct code.
No. 339925 ID: b1f0e2

1. accept call
2. we need to regroup and then assassinate your aunt ASAP. with her death you will be back in charge almost right away
No. 339928 ID: 774661

try to answer the call but accidentally initiate the self-destruction sequence.
No. 339929 ID: cd63e9

what he said. getting shot by the people whose space your running to because you didn't answer there hail would be really embarrassing.
No. 339958 ID: 967217
File 131335588358.png - (308.91KB , 1000x750 , 30.png )

I accept the call, but enable only audio output for now, and exclusively if I press the Comm button. The face of my aunt fills the screen with a triumphant grin.

“Lyra, dear sister. Turning tail and running away from the rightful Queen? That’s so dishonorable of you, dear. And here I thought I knew you better than that.”

She thinks she’s talking to Mother. I turn around, but she shakes her head.

“ Don’t make me repeat myself, you’re in charge now, you can’t hide under your mother’s tail any longer, I’m sorry.”

Ok, ok, should I answer? How should I behave and conduct the conversation if I do?
No. 339964 ID: c2c011

Ugly face, but pretty decent tits. Anyway, shut down the line. You don't want to talk to her, all she wants to do is gloat and make you upset. But fuck that, we're not going to talk to the bitch.
No. 339966 ID: 35e1a0

no fear. maybe a little anger. and say "backing away when your enemy has a stronger position is being smart, not afraid. besides, we inflicted heavy loses and without finishing us off the rest of those in the clan will question your ability."
No. 339967 ID: 2563d4

Don't send anything.
No. 339968 ID: 1065da


Call her out. You know the law better than us, but I'm betting she can't really be Queen so long as she can't prove both of you are dead. Do you and your mother sound different enough that she'll be able to tell you apart? Might be best to be honest anyway. Mother doesn't even deign to speak directly to such a rank blood traitor.

Can you open this broadcast to a wide frequency or something, somehow make it easier for someone else to pick up? It's not like they don't know where you are or where you're going, or so I assume since she's got the communication up and there was nothing stopping them from seeing where you went. If I'm wrong, disregard this bit, but you need to make sure as many people as possible know you and your mother are alive.
No. 339969 ID: 8bdb6a

"You know and I know who the Queen is. Why don't you waste your breath telling me you have two eyes, while you're at it?

"This isn't a fight you can win. The only question is how much of my house will die in the attempt. Give up now, and I will show a degree of mercy."

PS: no idea how true any of that is.
No. 339979 ID: ec0bf5

Ask what this is all about. Your mother has presumably been good to her, and there's no reason to murder your own sister and her children.
No. 339981 ID: b1f0e2

We want to kill her and take her place.
We want to make her seem the fool...
Tell her your mother is dead. Brutally murdered along with your sisters. You had no idea who could have done it, and are shocked to hear your beloved aunt admit to being the perpetrator.

We could make her seem the fool claiming to have killed the previous queen when she is alive and well. We will likely be under estimated and viewed as a lesser threat to her rule if she thinks mother is dead.
No. 339983 ID: cd63e9

that's a good idea. maybe you could tell her your mother died of wounds shortly after you left the station? she presumably knows she was on the fighter. don't try it if you can't think you can sell it though. i'm assuming that if she declares herself queen while your mother is alive it will go poorly for her.

as for why she's doing this its probably just plain desire for power. that's the problem with hereditary nobility, lots of ambitious driven people who have a semi legitimate claims to the throne, and have no hope for further advancement save for deposing the current ruler.
No. 339993 ID: b1f0e2

excellent refinement.
"mo-mother died of her wounds shortly after we left. I... I couldn't just leave her there for you monsters to mutilate. How could you do this to us? your own sister! my sisters!" crying is ok now and will help sell it.

Now, plans...
Mother obviously doesn't intend to reclaim her throne, but place you on it. Most likely she feels she failed, what with this uprising taking her two younger daughters. So she will probably remain your adviser, advocate, and bodyguard.
Let her do that, but we need to convince her that she can't limit herself to being a silent bodyguard, that however things turned out her advice is still valuable due to her years of experience and she should endeavor to put it forth for you to at least consider as you seek justice and your rightful throne.
Also, with a few exceptions we want to keep her conditions secret so if we can we want her to get power armor that conceals her identity and let people think she is just a body guard. Exceptions for loyal friends to whom she can reveal her identity of course.

>as for why she's doing this its probably just plain desire for power.
Seems obvious. I meant more along the lines of "how could you be so evil" to make us seem naive, less of a threat, and heck maybe she DOES feel somewhat guilty and will not go all out if she thinks mother is dead (although I wouldn't count on it)
No. 340006 ID: 55c4cf

All of you compare tits, we'll pick the queen.
No. 340023 ID: 967217
File 131336557747.png - (314.91KB , 1000x750 , 31.png )

I try to transmit anger through my voice as I reply to her.

“Why did you do that!? We didn’t do anything to you!”

Zurabai leans in, with an amused expression in her already smiling face.

“Let’s see, I think I recognize that voice... Could it be little Vynara... No... Suria? Yeah, I think that’s you, Suria.

“Don’t dare mention the name of my sister, you monster!”

“Oh, I’m so sorry dear, I didn’t intend you to survive either, but not all plans are perfect. And what can I say, nothing personal, dear, I just got tired of a nobody in the tree of power, now my offspring will inherit the house Azhue, as we rightfully deserve. Now, I know you wouldn’t have gone so far without help. Is your mother with you?”

“Mo-mother died of her wounds shortly after we left. I... I couldn't just leave her there for you monsters to mutilate.”

“Oh, how cute. I can’t tell if that’s true or you’re just bluffing, but it doesn’t matter. Your mother is history, she’s failed to defend her bloodline, her own daughters, and escaped like a coward instead of dying with honor. She’s as good as dead... But I guess that, if she’s alive, she’ll try to use you as a pawn to get back to the power. A friendly advice, dear. Don’t do it. Forget any thought of revenge you might have if you value your life. Just run, far, far away from here, and maybe I’ll spare your life.”

I can’t even think straight with the anger I feel. Should I cease the transmission already or should I say something else before doing it?
No. 340024 ID: c891d3

Nah, fuck talking to this chick anymore. We need a long-term plan for fixing this shit.
No. 340025 ID: 1854db

Just throw the worst insult in your culture at her before cutting the transmission. Make sure you see her reaction, of course.
No. 340026 ID: c2c011

Cease it. You're only doing what she wants by responding. She wants you to get angry and emotional. Or surrender to despair. You're not going to do either of those though. You're going to shut down her transmission and then ask your mother where you should go. There should be some planet or queendome that she knows she can trust decently on for support, both in monetary terms and in political terms. Because you guys are going to need to get cash to hire bodyguards, among other things.
No. 340031 ID: 2563d4

You may as well continue to blabber ineffectually. Go ahead and tell her where you're heading while you're at it. Maybe tell her that you'll kill her until she's so dead she begs for you to put her out of her misery.
No. 340037 ID: b1f0e2

Cut the transmission. You have succeeded at what you wanted. Let her think you are running away for good. Her suspecting you are lying about your mother is to be expected really. But at least she has doubts. Don't keep talking or you might slip and say something you shouldn't, no insults, no yammering, just cut it now.

Hopefully she will think you will run and not return and really wouldn't give chase. This is good as it will give you time to prepare to get back what is yours. But it would be naive to bank on it so prepare as if she will be sending hunters and assassins after you.

>Ask mother where
No, mother wants to reinforce in you that YOU are now in charge, most likely her emotional status at loosing in such a manner and the death of your sisters. This means you can no longer ask your to tell you what to do.
You need to take charge, tell her that you will reclaim your throne, but for that you will need her to be more then just a bodyguard. Ask her to be your most trusted adviser. Then from that, ask her to begin advising you, who does she think would remain as an ally against your aunt? What financial or military resources could we claim before your aunt appropriates them?
No. 340039 ID: 00d3d5

Cut the feed, like you should have done as soon as it started.

The name of the game is assassination. Don't bet everything on one major act that meets with success, but instead plan thousands of attempts with incubation periods upwards of decades. If she manages to kill you but continues to have legitimate reason to fear death at your hands then she'll be equally destroyed.

Target her children. Tell them that whoever kills your aunt gets positions of wealth and power, but their lives are all fair game as long as she lives.
Have them informed of this fact by messages delivered on their pillows. While they are asleep on said pillows.

Oh, also, make it a policy of killing the family of every person who dies protecting her. Brutally.
No. 340044 ID: b1f0e2

>Target her children. Tell them that whoever kills your aunt gets positions of wealth and power, but their lives are all fair game as long as she lives.
Have them informed of this fact by messages delivered on their pillows. While they are asleep on said pillows.
She is the queen of a planet and you are a fugitive, if you get someone into the royal palace he needs to knife the false queen not deliver ultimatums to her children. They will tell her and she will use the resources of an entire planet to hunt you down.
We just made her think us cowards out for survival. Let her underestimate us and plan...

I like your idea of multiple assassination attempts coming in at once, that is a good idea. But the ultimatums to children isn't
No. 340059 ID: ec0bf5

Yeah, call her a mongoose.
No. 340234 ID: 55c4cf

Ask if her kids are as ugly as she is, or as dead as she is going to be and cut the transmission.
No. 340253 ID: 8aca02
File 131341876248.png - (342.69KB , 1000x750 , 32.png )

“Are your daughters as ugly as you are? And are they as dead as you’re gonna be!?”

I yell before I cease the communication, not giving her time to respond. I feel the hand of my mother on my shoulder, comforting.

“You had the courage to respond and keep your temper almost to the end despite her tauntings. Also I applaud your determination and your attempt to bluff my death, but that doesn’t matter much now. She’s right. Politically speaking, I’m as good as dead.

“Should we start regrouping our loyal forces and build a plan to murder her and her children? We should...”

“Yes, dear, but not yet. My confidence made us fall in disgrace in front of our house and the others. We’re on our own for now. But worry not, we’ll get our revenge, I promise you. But now just rest during the journey. We’ll have a long day ahead of us when we get there. “
No. 340270 ID: 55c4cf

Your politics suck.
No. 340271 ID: b1f0e2

pretty sweet.
Author, would you mind using a name when posting your quest? It really helps if the author has a name.
No. 340278 ID: 8bdb6a

I don't understand. Why is she as good as dead? Because she escaped an ambush?

Could you give us a rundown on the extent of your house?

I agree (PS: It's Starit)
No. 340287 ID: b1f0e2

>I don't understand. Why is she as good as dead? Because she escaped an ambush?
It is a fair point... why didn't we land on the planet and order the military to arrest the failed assassin? Are there loyalist forces? Who are your generals and how loyal they are?
Then again, it could just be aunty talking smack and trying to scare you off to not even fight back. Of course we are going to get in touch with those loyal to you and take back what is yours.
No. 340527 ID: b6ca92

Earlier on in the quest (or was it the quest-dis?) it was made clear that their people were extremely "respect the position, not the man" minded.
Essentially, by Auntie succesfully pulling off a coup without disrupting the government, she proved her worthiness to be on the throne.
It's not that they respect backstabbing, it's that they figure that as long as there is somone on the throne who isn't making a clusterfuck of things then everything is A-OK. She was professional about familial power mongering, and that's good enough for the people.
No. 340528 ID: b1f0e2

but she didn't successfully pull off a coup.
She failed to kill the queen and her heir, and she lost a massive amount of troops
No. 340641 ID: c2c011

She lost a bomber, a fighter and maybe 10 other guys. They were also hired mercs. She didn't really lose anything she couldn't afford to lose. And nobody knows that the queen and heir escaped yet. To everyone else she will have appeared to pulled off a perfect coup. Now she just has to solidify her position and assassinate the two she missed when they pop up and she's golden.
No. 340691 ID: b1f0e2

But how does that justify the current queen NOT landing in the capitol and saying "coup failed, @military! kill the failed assassin"
Although, that ISN'T what we tried to do... My question is what justification is it for that not to work. Unless she has been subverting the military, but if she HAD then she had no reason to wait for us to be on a space station to launch an assassination.
No. 340692 ID: c2c011

Because the fighter would be ID'd as an enemy by the IFF system and then get shoot out of the air. Investigations would reveal that it was a terrorist plot to strike at the new queen. Or something else would happen to make sure they never get down or contact anyone.
No. 340709 ID: b1f0e2

Which requires that she has control over the military. Either the military automatically obeys anyone who tries a coup (and thus would obey you) or she has compromised them and made them loyal to her and not you. And if she did so then why the elaborate trap instead of just marching into your house with an army, on the ground. Or carpet bombing it.
No. 340717 ID: c2c011

She doesn't need their entire support, just to have people in the right positions. Like in the communications and air defense divisions, they make sure the right orders get through and that any communication attempts are stopped.
No. 340877 ID: d72bc3
File 131359369690.png - (221.25KB , 1000x750 , 33.png )

The planet Vaiss, located in the edge of the Czara System. The only inhabited place in the entire deserted mass is a Ziraneé mining colony. Due to the extreme conditions in the surface, most of the colony is located underground.
No. 340878 ID: d72bc3
File 131359373995.png - (251.40KB , 1000x750 , 34.png )

“So what are we going to do now, mother?”

“What are YOU going to do now, you mean. I’m not the Queen anymore, I failed, I lost all respect from my people. Even if I tried I wouldn’t be able to gain my throne back. But you... You still might achieve that goal and take revenge on the usurpers.”

“But how?”

“Right now it’s too dangerous to try and come back to the Azhue System, they’d blow us to bits before reaching the first Intersection. But if you make a name of yourself out here, and start becoming more popular among our people and even outsiders, people will start following you. I’ll help you out, but you will be the ones making all the decisions.”

“O-ok... but where do I start?”

“Just for this time, I gave the first step for you. I’ve arranged an audience with the local priestess. She’s an old friend of mine and still loyal to us. I suggest you visit the temple and talk to her. We could also visit the financial district to get us new clothes, these ones will attract too much attention. You could take a walk around town if you want.”

Is there anything else I want to ask to her, or should I get going?
No. 340882 ID: 07416a

Is there any cash in smuggling Norios out of the empire?
No. 340883 ID: 0d095c

Move it cadet, you've got a LOT of work to do. Let's visit the temple, go shopping for tourist outfits and sunglasses, and then go for a crawl about town.

While we're out we must also try and unload the fighter for something more subtle, then unload that vehicle for something obnoxious to throw off any pursuers.

Also, ask your mother about any emergency supply caches or bank accounts so you can drain them and hide them again.
No. 340884 ID: 07416a

No. 340885 ID: cadec0

The funds thing should be all.
No. 340887 ID: 35e1a0

let's get those new clothes and then visit the temple.
No. 340927 ID: c2c011

Appoint her as your vizire or whatever similair position she could hold, you know, foremost advisor and all that. Just so she has a title and stuff.

Then I guess a trip to a tailor would be good, possibly go to the financial district first to see if you can get any cash. Then it would probably be prudent to go to the meeting.
No. 340943 ID: 55c4cf

I want an explanation as to why their culture is so fucked up that your entire family getting gunned down in cold blood is reason for people to "no longer support you," rather than reason for Incredible empathy, and righteous anger from people, any system of law. I don't understand how murder is justifiable or encouraged whatsoever.

If this is HOW your government works, then it would be just as easy to hire or find a good militia and do the same thing. This would also mean there would be a constant assassination of heads of the houses, and nobody would support or follow them over time because the murder is constantly happening.

Please explain this to me, your government makes absolutely no sense. If constant overthrows are supported then the Queen can still take power, if they're not then the Queen's overthrow in such a manner would be devastating.
No. 340958 ID: b6ca92

I got this.
Their vultture is part Meritocracy, part Monarchy.
The monarchy bit comes from the fact that they have executive rule in the form of Kings/Queens, who can pass that rule off to another of their bloodline.
The Meritocracy bit comes from being an incumbent ruler able to maintain power and position, or a usurper who successfully takes over another's position.
If you fail at maintaining power, you are shameful in the eyes of the people, and they will prefer the new ruler since the old one apparently got careless.
If you fail at your attempts to usurp power, you are shameful in the eyes of the people for not being strong or wise or clever enough to pull it off.
The culture believes a strong ruler is one who is capable of maintaining the status quo, and one who cannot is not a strong ruler is one that fails to do so, and thus loses what the ancient Chinese might refer to as "the mandate of heaven".
For this reason also will the people willingly impeach a ruler who fails to maintain the strength of the Empire, or pulls off a coup with excessive collateral damage.

To answer your question about the emotional side of things: on a personal level, people are as loyal or as emotional as they want to be, but as you scale upwards into communities, towns, states, nations, and then overall culture that dulls down into a bleak, grey sense of despondent realism that the only good ruler is a strong one.
Will loyalists be upset at this coup? Yes.
Will dissidents be joyful about the change in regime? Yes.
Will either of the groups do anything about it? No, that would be social or literal suicide int heir culture.

Any other questions?
No. 340979 ID: d72bc3
File 131362203794.png - (95.36KB , 1000x750 , 35.png )

I ask mother about these concerns while we direct ourselves to the financial district.

“Of course it wasn’t just the murder attempt. I tried to call for backup back in the Station. It’s a proper coup, they took the palace and most of the communication nodes. Part of the army seized the battleships. And the other half were too discouraged by my defeat to fight back. If we’re going to gain the House back, you have to become a hero. But for now, shopping. I’m afraid we are practically out of funds. We only have 5000 credits. We’ll have to find a way to get ourselves a proper income.”

Places to visit in the financial district: Bar, Guns & Equipment Shop, Taylor, Commodity Exchange.
No. 340980 ID: ec0bf5

Go to the bar and ask if there have been any problems in the area.
No. 340982 ID: e8cd4a

this. and if favorable, commodity exchange.
No. 340983 ID: f14565

First thing you do when you visit a new town, or especially a planet, is go to the bar and ask about current events.
No. 340984 ID: 35e1a0

need new clothes first guys, we look important, and looking important when trying to lay low is a bad idea.
No. 340992 ID: 5a8a13

Tailor, then bar.
I'm afraid you may have to consider off-the-rack clothes for laying low, tho.
No. 341027 ID: 0d095c

First the TAILOR, then the BAR for HOT TIPS on WHAT TO BUY AND WHERE TO SELL, then the COMMODITY EXCHANGE to buy a LESS SUSPICIOUS CRAFT, then the GUN SHOP to buy a GUN that can pierce armor.

Don't worry, we've all played enough Wing Commander clones to know basic merchanting, and have survived enough coups to know how to hide properly. Also, we know how to build a Death Star, but that's a more long term project Or is it?

Oh, and our condolences on the death of your sisters. Sorry we didn't say more earlier, there was too much gunfire.
No. 341067 ID: 1854db

Tailor first, so you don't make a bad impression.
No. 341093 ID: b6ca92

No real chance of 'laying low'. If Auntie wants to find us, she will, as long as we are anywhere within the Empire. We should probably ask Mother about dealing with that, or perhaps [recall espionage training].

Again, tailor first to get some proper clothing that isn't the uniform of a provincial princess.
No. 341094 ID: ec0bf5

Yeah, I guess going to the tailor would be a good chance to put on something less conspicuous, though I don't see what's especially fancy about these clothes. While you're getting undressed in the changing rooms it would probably be a good chance to look at you. To, uh, make sure your shoulder is OK. After that we should probably go to the bar and ask around, find out about current events around here as well as find out how people are responding to the news of the coup.
No. 341157 ID: b1f0e2

>What do?
What happened the bleeding bullet hole in your shoulder? It was there when you jumped out of your home system. Was it treated already? if not that is a priority.
After that get new clothes to help hide your identity, stop by gunshop to be properly armed, then meet the priestess your mother told you about.

Seems like a sensible analysis.
Although you are missing the one part, they are also a Matriarchy. Only Queens rule, no Kings.
So they are a Matriarchy / Monarchy / Meritocracy.

>“Of course it wasn’t just the murder attempt. I tried to call for backup back in the Station. It’s a proper coup, they took the palace and most of the communication nodes. Part of the army seized the battleships. And the other half were too discouraged by my defeat to fight back.

Ok, this answers some questions I had.
No. 341165 ID: c2c011

Guns and equipment and then to the tailor. Things will get tricky, and you will have to radiate an aura of authority, command and power. You must appear to be more than you are, when people see you they must see a natural born Queen who will retake her rightful throne and only a fool would resist. If they see anything else then they will not be ready to follow.

If something like that would take more funds than you have right now then you must convince them that you will not only be able to repay them but will reward them for their generosity once you come into power again.
No. 341187 ID: 13c25b
File 131368046953.png - (136.38KB , 1000x750 , 36.png )


We took care of my shoulder as soon as we landed, it wasn’t as serious as it looked, and it should be healed completely in a few days.

We decide to buy a few clothes before anything else. The “tailor” is actually just a booth with a full body scanner and a few default selection of clothes. But it also lets you input your own designs if you feel inspired enough.

Time to draw Suria’s new outfit.
No. 341188 ID: 13c25b
File 131368053605.png - (153.30KB , 1000x750 , 37.png )

Bonus: You can draw mom’s new clothes too, if you want.
No. 341209 ID: 0d095c
File 131368394990.png - (234.19KB , 1000x750 , Suria 1.png )

Okay, here's Suria. That thing on the belt is a gun holster.
No. 341210 ID: 0d095c
File 131368418429.png - (252.46KB , 1000x750 , Suria\'s Mom Incognito.png )

And here's an outfit for your mom.
No. 341212 ID: 0d095c

And here's a bonus for the sunglasses.

I really need to get photoshop...
No. 341213 ID: 0d095c
File 131368434306.png - (240.23KB , 1000x750 , Suria NO.png )

Forgot pic. DURRRR.
No. 341214 ID: e1c562
File 131368460769.png - (131.85KB , 1000x750 , Suriaclothes.png )

No. 341215 ID: 05514e
File 131368480545.png - (144.44KB , 1000x750 , HRRRNGGH.png )

let's just get this out of the way
No. 341216 ID: 05514e
File 131368491897.png - (130.16KB , 1000x750 , HRRRNGGH2.png )

because it feels wrong otherwise
No. 341223 ID: e16f8e
File 131368613315.png - (131.93KB , 1000x750 , Snakehips.png )

No. 341228 ID: e16f8e
File 131368939772.png - (141.30KB , 1000x750 , Snaketits.png )

No. 341232 ID: ec0bf5

I really, really like this one.
No. 341245 ID: c2c011

Needs more practicality in the design. It should look like she's ready to kick ass and take names right away.
No. 341249 ID: e8fe20

She cant kick ass, she has no feet. The design is perfect.
No. 341250 ID: e1c562
File 131370101633.jpg - (245.97KB , 1000x750 , MamaSnake.jpg )

people requested I draw clothes for mama
No. 341438 ID: 28e94e

LW's designs actually look pretty cool, so I'll go with that.
No. 342598 ID: ec0bf5
File 131416313094.png - (127.44KB , 1920x1080 , Suria.png )

Why not wear the garb of a very famous snake, the longest snake in all the cosmos!
No. 342603 ID: b1f0e2
File 131416468774.jpg - (161.65KB , 600x736 , woman_suit.jpg )

this is one of the hottest things ever! But a bit fetishistic to actually go around wearing.

Those are some significant body differences... quite a bit of attention to detail (I notice many small differences). Anyways, mother seems to have much thinner "hips"/tail.

While rather practical looking, this is armor not clothes. It is also rather medievalish looking and leaves critical areas exposed. There is fully body armor available like >>336890 which would be far more effective as armor, and currently we need to find them clothes to wear.

>My suggestion
I can't really draw, but I am attaching a picture of what I think the best clothes to get would be. A nice business suit with small dress, for both of them.
If they can afford it, having armor is also a good idea, but right now we are going to meet the priestess.
No. 343051 ID: d10cdb
File 131437269058.png - (270.16KB , 1000x750 , 38.png )

“You have a very particular interpretation of what are discreet outfits, Suria. But I guess these will do for now. We have 3400 credits left. We could explore around, do some more shopping (although we don’t have much money left) or go to the temple for our appointment.”

Places to visit in the financial district: Bar, Guns & Equipment Shop, Commodity Exchange.

Places to go outside the district: Temple, Hangars.
No. 343052 ID: ec0bf5

Go to the bar first. Ask the bartender what kind of events have been going on in the world.
No. 343053 ID: c71597

Go to the meeting. And remember, don't look like a beggar that has come for help, look like a righteous queen here to gain your rightful support.
No. 343054 ID: e2020c


Go to the closest Stock Exchange lets play some money games.
No. 343057 ID: b1f0e2

do NOT gamble away all your money.
No. 343077 ID: f81e6e

I'm a vote temple
No. 343106 ID: 0d095c

No. 343186 ID: 708111

If we go to the bar for background information first we'll be better poised to have diplomatic relations. Also drunksnake might be funny. Wait no don't get drunk until after the meeting.
No. 343241 ID: 9cf4de
File 131445763046.png - (170.75KB , 1000x750 , 39.png )

We go to the bar, a small, dirty dive, dimly lit, depressingly decorated and practically empty, just an indifferent-looking barman and a couple of shady characters sitting at the tables. The barman speaks, in a monotonous voice.

“Before you ask, we’re short on supplies, so we only serve the recycled wine from the vending machine. 5 Cr. a glass, take it or leave. "
No. 343242 ID: ec0bf5

Buy some to be polite and ask what kind of events are happening in the world.
No. 343243 ID: c891d3

Sure, sounds good to me.
No. 343255 ID: c7b6c2

Two glasses, and only two glasses; one for the both of you.

By the way, how much are you affected by alcohol? Because if you go off the deep end you could end up attracting some unwanted attention.
No. 343287 ID: 9cf4de
File 131448927293.png - (116.46KB , 1000x750 , 40.png )

I order a glass, because mom declines the beverage. I’m afraid I’m not used to drink much, but I take a sip and almost spit it out. This tastes horrible! I look up to see the barman nodding.

“Awful, isn’t it? Well it’s all we have until we get some supplies.

“So, what’s happening in this world?

“Not much, nothing exciting happens here ever, in the butt of the system. The only thing worth mentioning is that we’re pretty low on all kinds of supplies. There’s been troubles with the merchant ships, and now they don’t want to deliver here anymore, for some reason. The miners are getting pretty pissed off.”

“So anyways... I don’t think I’ve ever seen a female around here, less alone two. House fugitives? Exiles? What brings you here?”

He didn’t recognized us, I guess he hasn’t paid attention to the news lately, and just thinks we’re regular exiles, bastard children or simply royal members that decided to run away and live on their own, outside of the ruling class. They’re not common, but not as rare as a former queen and princess on the run. Should I play along or tell the truth? And, should I tell him anything else?
No. 343288 ID: c7b6c2

Telling the truth probably won't get us anywhere but a shallow grave. Play along.
No. 343295 ID: b1f0e2

>House fugitives? Exiles
How common is either of those? What is the social stigma of each? what are the typical causes of each?
No. 343297 ID: ec0bf5

Tell him you're just traveling and came here to speak with somebody.
No. 343321 ID: 9c538a


Yeah, if you want to rouse his suspicions and make it blatantly obvious you're lying, say exactly that.
No. 343322 ID: 9c538a


Yeah, if you want to rouse his suspicions and make it blatantly obvious you're lying, say exactly that.
No. 343360 ID: ec0bf5

But it's not false. We traveled here to speak with the lady in the temple.
No. 343508 ID: c4a171
File 131457112278.png - (159.86KB , 1000x750 , 41.png )

Female exiles are uncommon, but not enough to arise too many suspicions. Sometimes, a female is dishonoured by her House. Maybe because of treason, maybe they tried to seize a position of power over the one they deserve and failed, maybe they just rebelled against the Queen and her orders. The family is reluctant to have them executed if their crime isn’t too severe, so they exile them, forbidding them to return to the House system. Usually they end up becoming mercenaries. The people have mixed opinions about them. Some people despise them and treat them like scum, other respect them and even consider them the real free spirits in our society.

For now I just decide to play along and nod at the barman, declaring that we’re indeed exiles. Which isn’t too far from the truth. He doesn’t seem to care too much about it. Meanwhile mom excuses herself and silently leaves the bar. “I’ll be outside.” she says. I don’t have time to respond because the barman speaks again.

“Well, no offense, but you look like a rookie to me. So, if you want to find a quick job, you should talk with the merchant guild Head in the Commodity Exchange. The planet desperately needs supplies. Or you could find job somewhere else, of course.”

I nod and finish my drink. Blargh, I almost forgot how awful it tastes, with all this chatter. Well, I guess I can either go to the temple, or hang around the colony a bit more. What should I do?
No. 343512 ID: 07416a

Ask how he knew you were an exile. It's probably your clothing.
No. 343526 ID: ec0bf5

That sounds good. Go to the temple.

Their society appears to be a matriarchy, and he said that he doesn't think he's ever seen a female around here. Their head thingies do distinguish between houses.
No. 343558 ID: e4003e

Head to commodity exchange to investigate supplie shortage.
No. 343563 ID: 9c538a


Brilliant show of tits my dear. That no doubt would soften the resolve of even the crankiest barkeep. Folding your arms under without obviously buoying them up, both accentuating and unincriminating at the same time!
No. 343594 ID: e99545

Hmm. You have a fighter, not a freighter. I don't think making supply runs would be a good course of action.

Do you have any useful skills, anyway? You didn't seem to be too good in a straight-up fight earlier.
No. 343831 ID: 894837
File 131466293691.png - (289.19KB , 1000x750 , 42.png )


It’s obvious we’re not members of the Czara House. And if we weren’t exiles we would be traveling with bodyguards, servants and helpers, and definitely not drinking in a smelly bar like that one.


Well, I was caught by surprise and was pretty stressed out. I’ve had training in combat simulations, and I’ve also been trained in space combat simulations. But I’ve never been in a real combat situation... Until yesterday, that is.

Suria finds her way to the temple of the New Nodonia. The structure is a simple building that could be mistaken by a factory or a warehouse if it wasn’t by the symbol of Nodonia on the wall. The place looks deserted, but Suria wasn’t expecting anything different.

Organized religions took a serious hit with the coming of the space age, and the cult of Nodonia wasn’t an exception. A millinery religion, the most extended in the Ziraneé home planet, based on the worship of the ancestors, a strict moral code and a large pantheon of gods, with the infinite Nodonia to command them as the supreme being: She is the beginning; she is the end.. Now, centuries after the first encounters with alien life, the Nodonians have become a shadow of their previous glory and power over the empire. But Ziraneés still respect their traditions and keep the temples and priestess around, even when they don’t have any real power anymore.

Hmm... No sight of mom. Should I look for her, or go in for my appointment on my own?
No. 343905 ID: 9c538a


Nodonia, an ouroboros. A snake eating its tail. Never was a more apt description of your entire species described so poetically.

Uh, why are you here again? Weren't you going to look for work over in "Commodity Exchange"?
No. 343907 ID: 35e1a0

you can do it yourself. mom keeps telling you to do it yourself anyway, and her being here wont change what you say.
No. 343932 ID: 1444d5

>keep the temples and priestess around, even when they don’t have any real power anymore
Yeah. Sure. Not suspicious at all.
No. 343938 ID: ec0bf5

I'm kind of worried about your mother, but she can probably handle herself. I notice that
after she excused herself from the bar, the massive shady armored guy at the table behind you was gone. (Hmm, it's kind of odd that what should merely be perceived voices in your schizophrenic head can see things far outside of your field of view. You might want to ask your mom when you get back to the ship.) It should be fine to go on in, she took out most of that space station and is totally wearing impractical and sexy armor, so she can take on anyone.

They do that all the time. There are nations that have switched completely to democracy and yet still retain a queen or emperor that doesn't have any actual power, but is still a major cultural and traditional icon.
No. 343951 ID: c7837d
File 131472055044.png - (102.55KB , 1000x750 , 43.png )

I decide to go in, my mother can take care of herself, and she wants me to be the one taking decisions, I can’t be clinging on to her tail forever.
The interior of the temple is practically in total darkness, dust in the air and no sounds other than the ones coming from outside. I start feeling paranoid, just before a figure emerges from the shadows. It’s the priestess, there’s no doubt about that. No one else would wear a hat as stupid as that one. She bows briefly before me and speaks.

“Young Suria V’Azhue, We are Nodonia’s Voice in this world, and we are deeply saddened at the horrible fate of your family. We will not waste your precious time with frivolous words or protocol. Your mother, and her mother before her has always been kind to our order, and we desire for you to recover your throne. But it won’t be easy, and it will sure be impossible if you try to do it by yourself.”

“You need to find followers, gain the respect of your people, become strong, and those who doubt now, will follow you tomorrow. There are many paths you can take to achieve this goal. You could gather wealth to hire mercenaries. Or you could work for one of the other families to gain their favor. You could even venture outside Ziraneé territory; forging an alliance with an Outsider civilization would turn you into a living legend.”

“But all the beginnings are humble. We, the church of Nodonia, will support your cause if you support ours. We know we don’t have much to offer, but we are still many. We have temples in almost every planet in the Empire, and people don’t pay attention to our priestess. They ignore us, and that will become out strength and their damnation.”

“Now...forgive us for rambling so much. Let us hear what you think about our proposal.”
No. 343953 ID: b8a479

>living legend

No. 343955 ID: ec0bf5

Ask exactly what they want you to do. Are they being oppressed or suppressed somehow and need help? Or do they just want you to help them expand their religion and proselytize for them? If it's the former then I'm all for it, but the latter sounds sketchier. Are you yourself religious? Because I don't think you should sell yourself out for something you don't believe in.
No. 343956 ID: 3d7a30


Ummmm yeah. What exactly would 'supporting our cause' imply?
No. 343958 ID: 35e1a0

it is a good proposal though. nice balance of power.
No. 344157 ID: 9c538a

Yeah, theocracy, great idea. Oh shazbatt.
No. 344293 ID: f5e4b4
File 131482969783.png - (56.60KB , 1000x750 , 44.png )

I’m not really a religious person, and I doubt most people are. Most of the rituals and marked festivities are still celebrated, but they don’t have the same significance. We stopped worshipping gods to just worship traditions.

“I might be interested in such a deal, but what do you mean by “supporting your cause.”

She hisses and nods before answering.

“In these days, our people make the mistake to forget the old Gods and how they’re behind every single atom that moves in our universe. Rituals and offerings won’t convince the people anymore, but they still respect power. Help us, work with us. We need people outside the movement to help us gain power, respect, and crush the ones that are against our cause.”

“We don’t ask too much from you. Simple jobs, scout for new lands for our Church, convince planetary authorities to favor our trades, protect our convoys... The more you help us, the more we’ll help you and your cause. So, do you have any further questions? Or are you ready to seal the deal?”
No. 344295 ID: 537b44

the way I see it, as long as you don't trust these guys more than you have to, worst thing that happens 'cause of this deal is that you don't help 'em and they don't help you. because let's face it: they don't really have to ally themselves to you to oppose you.
No. 344309 ID: f29f63

I say agree with them. Sources everywhere can really help in the long run especially if the sources make you look good and respected.

Also, their demands are pretty low tier compared to what could be asked and getting them more access means we get more access.

Besides, we want to look the hero when we knock on Aunty's door. It will help us quite a bit when it comes to getting a army started.
No. 344323 ID: c7b6c2

Suppress giggle at silly hat.

Sure, why not. It's not like we're stumbling over jobs.
No. 344364 ID: 28e0ce

Fuuuuck nooo
No. 344370 ID: ec0bf5

Decline politely, saying that you can't support a cause you don't believe in just for political power.
No. 344378 ID: bab8d8

It would be nice to have power, but theocracy and coercion aren't the kind of power we want. We want the world to adore us, not fear us. Say you're thankful for the offer but can't accept.
No. 344391 ID: b1f0e2

They aren't asking you to believe, they aren't asking for theocracy. They are merely saying that the more you help them the more they help you.
There is nothing wrong with helping them acquire financial gains in return for compensation. If they are giving too poor a compensation and demand too much then you just stop working with them.
The only reason to NOT want to do that is if you want to see them crushed and gone because you are intolerant of their religious beliefs. And if that is the case it would still be more expedient to make them at least think you are on their side.
No. 344400 ID: 35e1a0

No. 344434 ID: 07416a

If we accept, we will be associated with these people. These crazy people. Now, it IS a job, but let's examine our other prospects first.
No. 344449 ID: e4003e

Become pala... this person is obviously trying to manipulate you to seize power for themselves do not do business with them. After all do you really think they would give you the power of an entire church for so little?
No. 344505 ID: 520847

This sounds like the worst idea.
No. 344583 ID: 991ec3

It sounds like they're trying to use you. Say no.
No. 344616 ID: b7169d

Considering alot of people are going to try and use us. I say accept, at the very least so you can have a small power base and safe location to stay with.
No. 344999 ID: f5e4b4
File 131500933521.png - (188.46KB , 1000x750 , 45.png )

“I am truly sorry, but I can’t support a cause I don’t believe in just for political power.”

The priestess loses her smile and turns around, her answer, cold and harsh, comes to my ears while she disappears again in the shadows deep in the temple.

“Very well, then. I apologize for wasting your precious time, princess. But sooner or later you’ll find out that Nodonia’s wrath strikes both believers and unbelievers.”

With nothing else to do in the temple, I go outside. Mom is waiting at the door, and I promptly inform her that I didn’t accept the church’s deal. She just nods, her expression is neutral, she doesn’t seem to be upset, nor approving of that decision. I take the opportunity to ask her where has she been.

“Just scouting the surroundings, making sure we’re not being followed. We better not stay too long in the same place. As I told you, your aunt won’t dare to openly attack us here, but there’s always “accidents”, assassins waiting in the back alleys, “pirate” ambushes...”

“Anyways, I respect your decision of declining Nodoria’s support. But we still need to find allies, and we need to resources, we have practically nothing left. We could stay here and see if there’s a way we can use the situation with the merchants and the mining company for our own profit, or we could go back to the ship and find a new destination. You decide.”
No. 345007 ID: e8cd4a

go to the ship and sort options
No. 345009 ID: b986c6

go to the commodity exchange or wherever else you might find a bunch of influential merchants. you gotta learn about the situation before you can do anything smart about it.
No. 345033 ID: c7b6c2

Damn it, guys, you just got us BAD END for sure. That was a surefire way of getting some pretty heavy support for our cause, and now what? We're going to spend the rest of our lives ferrying goods back and forth in a goddamn fighter ship.

But nooooooo, you guys got your panties in a bunch about having to RETURN A FAVOR. God damn. None of you realized that by getting the church more supporters and power, THE CHURCH HAS MORE PEOPLE AND POWER TO SUPPORT US WITH. Fuck!
No. 345035 ID: 35e1a0

kinda yeah. think it was moe people were worried they would try to dispose of us the moment they didn't need us anymore. but i don't see how that would of happened. now she will probably call aunty and try to trade info of where we are for power.
No. 345045 ID: c891d3

I would be pretty surprised and kinda dismayed if a single decision made before the fiftieth image of what looks like it's supposed to be a moderately lengthy quest resulted in a guaranteed bad end. :V

I guess we can check out that opportunity with the one merchant. Running supplies probably isn't a good long-term plan but it would be nice to know people, I think.
No. 345052 ID: c891d3

Also it would probably be helpful if you actually suggested anything in your posts. There's a /questdis/ thread for whining about other suggesters... which... one of you is actually even already using, what.
No. 345055 ID: 221021

Honestly I think this is for the best. Reviving an unpopular church doesn't sound like the best path to universal appeal. Go to the commodity exchange and talk to the merchant guild. Helping supply a planet in need sounds much more fruitful.
No. 345161 ID: b7169d

And now we get to go to someone else to try and possibly need to BEG to gain a bit of power, while this one was at least offering us a safe haven.

Regardless, check out the mining center.
No. 345170 ID: f5e4b4
File 131505315123.png - (138.17KB , 1000x750 , 46.png )

We arrive to the Commodity Exchange, which in this planet isn’t but a warehouse with piles of boxes as far as you can see. There’s no office or anything, but a busy looking man slides between the crates, cursing and muttering angry. After we talk with him, he presents himself as the planetary manager of the Ziraneé Mining Company. The ZMC has practically the complete control of every planet with mining colonies in it. That makes this guy the most influential person in the planet.

We ask him about the situation with the merchants.

“Urgh, it’s gonna kill me. The Merchants Guild has reported several attacks from Norios pirates in the zone, but our ships haven’t been able to intercept any of them before they attack the freighters. Now they refuse to include our planet in their trading routes because it’s not safe. I keep asking the House to send more ships, but they always deny my petitions.”

“Maybe we could help.”

“Oh, you’re the exiles, right? And I guess the Viper Fighter I saw at the hangar is yours. Well I could ask you to bring some supplies, we’re in dire need of new materials and food, you’d get good prices for them. But obviously you can’t do much with that kind of ship, so forget about it.”

“Although, if you were able to convince the Merchants to come back, I’d pay a good load of credits for that . I don’t care how you do it and I won’t make questions, I just want to see it happen.”

Hmm, this might be dangerous, or get pretty shady. What should I do, accept the job, or just forget about it and search for my luck in a different planet?
No. 345172 ID: 07416a

I would most definitely accept. After discussing price.
No. 345175 ID: 221021

This is something worth accepting. The entire planet will be grateful for your help.
No. 345178 ID: 5e3b8f

I suggest you go beyond what he's asking and try to put a stop to pirate activity around this rock. you'll need help from resourceful people.

too bad you rejected the church.
No. 345179 ID: be6112

Yes, stopping pirate activity would win us the people's favor.
No. 345186 ID: 5f3831

It'll also get us dead. I don't want to be a martyr.
No. 345189 ID: 35e1a0

well then YOU think of what to do to get respect. declining everything that comes our way due to difficulty will result in us having nothing.
No. 345195 ID: c7b6c2

I guess we'll be going EUROPEAN EXTREME MODE then.
No. 345196 ID: 4bdd79

European Extreme Mode is always in effect.

No. 345197 ID: 9c538a


But where are we going to get a drummer?
No. 345238 ID: 0d7a83

The drums are the laboured beats of the protagonists heart as they struggle with their various Federal Fucking Issues.

No. 345278 ID: 2eac65

Accept. The planet's quickly running out of resources; reopening trade routes is most definitely a worthy cause. Plus, it'll be a big political boon if you gain his favor.
No. 345293 ID: c891d3

Sounds promising.
No. 345306 ID: 4bdd79

Seriously though, this is a pretty good place to start. Let's take on these pirates and hope to god that they don't have better pilots than us.
No. 345371 ID: b1f0e2

Not taking both freighter and fighter is really going to keep biting us in the ass is it? Oh well, spilled spaceglorp (milk).


Our current resources are essentially just the fighter, then the fighter we should use. This planet is beset by pirates, this gives us an opportunity for high paying jobs.
(I had this elaborate plan for blowing up one of their hunting fleets using a decoy freighter and doing escort missions... then I came up with a much much MUCH better plan listed below)

Now, he needs shipment to resume while the merchants need to feel safe. This means getting rid of the pirates. Suggest to him the following plan to make it happen.

Step 1: You will go to the merchants and pitch to them the plan as a whole to get them to ideally help finance it or at a minimum agree that if the plan works out they will resume shipping.

Step 2: You form a mercenary company. They and perhaps the merchants will provide money, you will provide the fighter as your share of initial investment. The formation contract stipulates that your first job is this (singular!) assault on the pirates, and that if it is successful they are entitled to a share of the loot from the pirate base (which should be decent enough).

Step 3: Your newly formed company sells the fighter and uses the money from its sale as well as the money provided by the corporations financing it to buy a freighter, hire mercenaries, and arms & armors (power armor) the mercanaries you hire (and yourself). You then do freight runs from this planet where you do deliver some freight but most or all of your cargo is actually heavily armed mercenaries hiding on the ship.

Step 4a: If the pirates board you, your troops kill some and capture others alive to interrogate for the location of their hidden base. Purchase voice modulator software that would make it impossible to identify a person's voice, if you are forced to talk to the pirates before docking do so via voice only and say that the crew put up a fight and damaged the coms, so its voice only and sounds all wrong. Ideally just fly in with radio silence and let them assume the comms are damaged. As soon as you dock with the base have your mercs burst out with a full platoon of power armoed mercenaries to kill all the pirates and capture all the loot. - This is what small time pirates do.

Step 4b: If the pirates order your ship to follow them and dock at their station where they try to raid you, instead your platoom of heavily armed and armored mercenaries bursts out and kills the pirates and captures all the loot. - This is what big time pirates do.

Step 5: Keep some of the ships and weapons captured from the pirates, liquidate enough to pay negotiated share of investor companies as well as to have enough for operational expenses (paying mercenaries their combat bonus, salary for a few months, and hiring new employees like pilots etc, depends on exactly how much property you all capture.

PS. Before you pitch the idea at him, make sure they really do board ships or redirect them at their base rather then being total retarded amateurs who instead get trigger happy and blow up valuable freighters which are worth MUCH more money then whatever they are carrying. If they are total retarded amateurs then the fake freighter plan is better and just blow up the idiots. Not nearly as profitable but they wouldn't have much worth looting anyways what with being total retarded amateurs... I seriously dumb they are though since they managed to actually get the merchants to stop coming to this planet, which suggests that they know what they are doing. I also highly suspect 4b will happen since they are big time enough to have caused shipments to cease.
No. 345374 ID: f5e4b4
File 131512062422.png - (142.99KB , 1000x750 , 47.png )

“We accept! We’ll take care of your pirate problems. Now, we might need to find some merchants to lure the pirates after us.”

“Excellent. And I was gonna suggest that, they won’t attack you if they don’t see the freighters. The closest planet in the official Trading Route is Koridya II, you should be able to find some traders there.”
“I’m pretty sure the pirates have a base somewhere out there, they just can’t fly all the way from System Noria for every raid, and I really doubt their ships have Hyperjump engines. Be careful, I don’t think you’ll need to kill them all, just take down enough of them to make them understand we’re not an easy prey anymore, and that it’s best for them to leave.”

“One question” --I ask. “Do the pirates board the freighters to steal the cargo, or do they take them to their base to do it there?”

“Neither. They just order the convoy to release their cargo into space if they don’t want to get blown up to bits. Then they simply use the tractor beams to grab the loot and flee.”

Ok, time to get moving, we have a mission to complete now. Should we head for Koridya II to find some traders, or should we put in practice a different plan?
No. 345384 ID: b1f0e2

>“Neither. They just order the convoy to release their cargo into space if they don’t want to get blown up to bits. Then they simply use the tractor beams to grab the loot and flee.”
What amateurs... the actual freighters are worth tons and they just let those go?

Plan revised:
That makes the plan more difficult... but not impossible. You will not sell your fighter, you will use some of the initial funds to hire a freighter and and a some other mercenary fighters on another planet as well as a shipment of goods. The freighter will tow several large containers, some of which are goods for this planet, some of which will contain the fighters. You will pretend to be the lone escort. The other fighters will be mercs you hire just for this mission. When the pirates attack they all burst out, you start blowing up pirates, order them to surrender and shoot to disable if you can (see if you can get an EMP missile or two). If you just destroy them, they get the bloody nose and mission successful. If you manage to capture one alive you interrogate them for the base location and then immediately proceed to assault it with the hired mercs ships and board it with your regular fighters.
You will have to promise much larger shares of the pirate base loot captured but still should come out quite ahead.

Only get the merchant guild and mining company in this planet. The hiring of mercs should be done on another planet as the pirates may have eyes and ears on this one.

Do tell this guy and the merchant guild the whole plan, we need to convince them to help finance it and in return offer them a major share of the loot from the pirate base.
No. 345385 ID: b1f0e2

>They tow them
Ask him with what... do they have their OWN freighters which they bring with them, because if a fighter can tow cargo then why are freighters being used at all?
No. 345386 ID: e8cd4a

inquire koridya II about pirates. if the pirates dont take freighters because they have a hard time selling them, points of interest might be places that normally take in vessels or their parts. they might avoid dealing because of an authority and other reasons, they're real jokesters, or freighters -are- actually worthless lol
No. 345410 ID: 1444d5

>They just order the convoy to release their cargo into space
See, now I'm wondering if a fighter will fit into the cargo hold of a freighter with room to spare...
No. 345453 ID: f70e5e

you know, instead of fighting them you could probably just put some explosives in the cargo. wait for the pirates to tractor it and then detonate the explosives. even if we don't get all of them it would be a nice way to start the fight. granted we don't have a cargo ship but we might be able to swing this with whatever cargo ship we will be following. though we might have to provide the explosives.
No. 345646 ID: b1f0e2

or... how about a tracking beacon? why didn't anyone ever bother putting a tracking beacon on some cargo? Make a small cargo run with cheap cargo of minimal amount and a tracking beacon to find their base, raid it.
No. 345656 ID: 792893


No. 345660 ID: 1444d5

Better put a hefty delay on the beacon. If it's powerful enough for you to find it from a distance, it'd be powerful enough for them to detect it from right next to it.
No. 345661 ID: f5e4b4
File 131523757593.png - (284.58KB , 1000x750 , 48.png )

I ask a couple of questions more before leaving the warehouse. No, the pirates don’t steal freighters, Norios rarely do so. They have one or two large freighters with them, those grab the loot. They say that a merchant that keeps his ship is a merchant that will keep doing trading routes, and will be susceptible of being assaulted again. They’re all about balance and stuff like that, those Norios, even the pirates.

>False cargo
>Hide explosives in the cargo
>Hide Fighter with the cargo

Well, first of all, yeah, if we find a freighter big enough, we can hide a ship inside. And all these ideas are good, but there’s a big problem with them. All ships, mine included, have scanners. And it’s not hard to acquire a scanner sophisticated enough to inspect the contents of the cargo hold of nearby ships. So it’s a given that at least one of the pirate ships will be equipped with that kind of scanner.

To bypass that problem, we would need to equip the freighter with an Electronic Emission Blocker. And that still would probably tick them off. We would need a Decoy Emitter, and that is VERY expensive.

The tracking device idea is also good, but again it’s gonna be an expensive toy, we need to get one advanced enough to bypass their scanners.

We’d have to think about that. Meanwhile we set course to Koridya II. The trip will be short, it’s just the next planet in this Nav. Block.
No. 345662 ID: f5e4b4
File 131523763753.png - (412.27KB , 1000x750 , 49.png )

Koridya II is a planet with 99% of its surface submerged under an endless ocean. The only Ziraneé settlement is located on the largest island of the planet, which is mostly covered by a dense jungle.

During most of its history, this planet has remained deserted, forgotten by the Empire, because it lacks profitable resources and any kind of strategic advantage. Only after the end of the war, when the Empire started to mix with the new Outsider cultures, they learned the value of this kind of planet as a touristic location. They didn’t know before because the concept of “vacations” is completely alien for the Ziraneé. They follow their roles and do they work as long as the House needs them to do it. Abandoning your House’s necessities just to languish and idle in a tropical location sounds completely dishonourable for them.

We’re in the Hangar. There’s a Ship Dealer and a Ship Repair and Customization Shop here, although with our current funds we won’t be able to do much with the latter.

In the Financial District we can find the Bar, Guns & Equipment Shop, Commodity Exchange, Temple and the Arena. Both the Commodity Exchange and the Bar sound like good places to find Merchants to get our plan going.
No. 345663 ID: 221021

Once again, go to the bar and ask about events happening in the area. Also specifically ask about pirates. Then we can go to the commodity exchange.
No. 345666 ID: 792893

No. 345722 ID: c891d3

Bar sounds like a good start.
No. 345904 ID: e4003e

guns, guns, guns. we need to get with the shooting of things.
No. 346077 ID: e8cd4a

commodity exchange
No. 346386 ID: f5e4b4
File 131543584538.png - (193.79KB , 1000x750 , 50.png )

The local bar is an ample place, mostly empty of furniture and decoration, except for a couple of plants and a few tables for the patrons. It looks like it’s been hurriedly rearranged to meet the standards of intergalactic tourism by someone with barely a basic idea of what a tourist would like. They like the local weather and the flora, he must have thought, so let’s put a glass ceiling so they can admire the pure blue sky and suffer the unforgiving sun, and some industrial humidifiers too, so they can feel the asphyxiating dampness of the jungle right here.

There’s a few Ziraneés in the tables at the other side of the room, and a grumpy looking barman behind the tiny bar. The surprising sight are two Maurians sitting at one of the tables. One of them looks really animated and happy to be there, the other one looks rather paranoid, trying to keep every person in the bar within his field of vision at the same time, which results in him turning his head around maniacally like a cheap toy. By the looks he is giving them, it doesn’t seem like the barman is very pleased with the insectoid visitors.

Ok, who should I talk to?
No. 346387 ID: 4bdd79

It took me a full 30 seconds to realize those weren't Tiak and the barkeep
Talk to the barkeep, just like last time.
No. 346390 ID: c7b6c2

First off: Give the nervous Maurian your best toothy evil grin. Then waltz on over to the bartender and ask if there's any opportunities available.
No. 346391 ID: 35e1a0

don't open with that, get a drink first. otherwise you are digging too hard.
No. 346392 ID: 6c90d5

talk to the bartender and get a light drink, but give a friendly smile to the maurians if they look your way. because interspecies relationships are the way to go.
No. 346393 ID: ec0bf5

Yes. Go ask the barkeeper what's wrong with the two maurians after ordering. We want to have a reputation as being super friendly with other races.
No. 346398 ID: 7edae8

Make it a heavy drink. We're getting super friendly. You know how friendly Nayria was with them? She seduced and slept with one just to be friendly.
No. 346407 ID: 9c538a


What's wrong is at least one of them is a big time important type if the guy remodeled his entire bar just so they'd come in and get a drink. Who besides the bugs likes that sort of light and humidity?
No. 346441 ID: 0d095c

Get a MEDIUM drink first, THEN chat.

Also, I'm pretty sure Nayria drugged him and "took advantage"[spoiler]raped[spoiler] of him the first time. And the second. And probably several more times at the diplomatic talks.
No. 346443 ID: 9c538a


It's not rape if they're unconscious! Oh wait yes it is.
No. 346444 ID: b6edd6

If those things were there for the maurians the barkeep would probably be happier to see them there.
No. 346490 ID: 3bd8ec

Barkeeper'd be a start.
No. 346680 ID: f5e4b4
File 131552142598.png - (99.95KB , 1000x750 , 51.png )

I head towards the barman, fighting my urge to give a big, toothy grin to the nervous Maurian. I ask for a medium drink, and he silently fills a glass from a weirdly shaped bottle. I take a sip, it’s very sweet and refreshing. After a moment I casually ask him about what’s with the Maurians. He grumbles and looks like he would gladly throw the bottle to the ground, but thinks about it twice and puts it back into the cabinet.

“They’re here, that’s what’s wrong. Spent half my life getting shot by those cowards, losing friends and organs, eating dust and drinking piss to survive in the shittiest corners of the system because of those carapaced assholes. And then the war is over. Fine, now I can go back to my home planet and forget about all this, I think. But no, they had plans, they had all this... thing about “touristusim” or whatever. They shut down my old business, and I’m forced to work like a servant for them to survive. What kind of fucking irony is this? If I didn’t know better I’d say Nodonia is fucking me over.”

When he’s done ranting, I manage to ask if there’s anything interesting going on in the planet.

“Nah. Well, I’ve heard that a couple of those ant heads got lost in the jungle. Good riddance. If you want to know more about it, you’ll have to find someone who gives a damn about it.”

Should I ask anything else, or should I talk with someone else?
No. 346681 ID: 3bd8ec

We could ask him about merchants, I guess.
No. 346682 ID: ec0bf5

Talk to the maurians and apologize to them for the barkeeper, saying that some war veterans tend to be disgruntled after peace is made, and not all of your people are like this. Ask them what's wrong, afterwards, specifically about the people who the barkeeper said got lost.
No. 346683 ID: e8cd4a

ask what favors you can do if any
No. 346685 ID: 35e1a0

say you could give the Maurians a 'tour' of the place and 'help them' find the others, if he catches your drift. and then go over and escort them out. the looking around one would love a tour and his friend will stay with him just so he isn't alone. would make everyone happy. bartender thinks you are going to get rid of them while they think you are really giving them a tour.
No. 346694 ID: febae7


...and waggle your eyebrows while doing so. oh wait, don't.

listen in on the converstations going on around here. in fact, always do this whenever there's a conversation going on.
No. 347256 ID: f5e4b4
File 131566869382.png - (179.20KB , 1000x750 , 52.png )

We get closer to the Maurians, trying not to startle the nervous one. It’s useless, he goes insane when we approach the table. The other one talks first, very excited.

“Oh look, look, look! Females! I don’t think anybody has had the honor to see one except in rare occasions! Oh! Can I take a picture of you two? Please, please, please!”

The other one doesn’t look so delighted about it.

“A-are you crazy!? Haven’t you read t-the books and seen t-the movies? They’ll gouge our eyes out just for looking at them, they’re sacred or something! Why did I let you convince to come here, don’t you see how they all look at us!? They’re going to eat us alive, just like the other guys...”

The scared Maurian collapses on the table again, attempting to ignore us, without much success. The other one doesn’t seem to care about his friend’s words.

“Pfah, you’re just paranoid. We aren’t at war anymore, and we’re paying them good credits, they have no reason to harm us. The other group will show up later in the afternoon, I’m sure. They probably just got a bit disoriented. So... can I make that picture. Please?”

How should I conduct the conversation? Should I let him take the picture? Do I want to ask them about anything or should I go do something else?
No. 347257 ID: ec0bf5

Apologize ant tell them that you really would prefer if certain people didn't find out you were here. Ask them if there's anything else you can help them with, though, like why the one is upset or the rumor you heard of maurians missing in the forest.
No. 347258 ID: c7b6c2

Sure, take the picture. Don't forget to smile.
No. 347263 ID: 44766a

Decline taking the picture, but offer to have a friendly chat.
No. 347264 ID: 35e1a0

decline picture but say you are here because you heard about their missing friends and you want to help with that. also lean in a bit closer and sorta whisper that they should REALLY come outside, if their weren't so many witnesses the bartender would of tried to strangle them.
No. 347267 ID: a1080c

You need to keep up your reputation if you're going to rule. You can't lower yourself to let pictures be taken of you like you're some sort of carnival attraction!

Get your mother to do it.

She keeps saying she's already disgraced, after all.
No. 347269 ID: 1444d5

Bavarian Fire Drill time. Refuse the picture, imply you're with the local authorities ("foreign visitor liaison bureau" or similar) and that you'd 'appreciate their assistance' in the location of their companions. Keep them moving, keep asking them questions, don't give them time to think about what's going on
No. 347270 ID: 35e1a0

that would work well too.
No. 347295 ID: 1854db

No pictures, please. That's sure to bite us in the ass later.
No. 347309 ID: 07416a

Flash your tits at them.
No. 347326 ID: a095d8

Tell them to come outside to talk, the bartender seems hostile towards you for some reason. If they come, don't outright lie to them, but say you're an important political figure who whose security might be compromised if they took any pictures. ...maybe a little flashing to apologise.
No. 347456 ID: 9c538a

Eat the guy in the orange jumpsuit. Leave the blue guy completely unharmed.
No. 347478 ID: e75572

no pictures.
No. 347545 ID: 6a9fdc

No pictures. That can only end badly.
No. 347550 ID: 55c4cf

Get real close and assure them that touching is better than a picture and take the camera from them to ensure it won't be taken.
No. 347570 ID: 4bdd79

Politely refuse.
No. 347634 ID: f5e4b4
File 131577658187.png - (206.07KB , 1000x750 , 53.png )

“I am with the locals authorities, and I would thank you if you didn’t take the photos, please.”

“Aw, a shame.”

“Now, if you could follow us outside, I’d like to discuss the matter with you more privately.”

They exchange a couple of words in their language, then they get up and follow us outside. The nervous one keeps looking over his shoulder, probably expecting to be jumped in any moment. I speak with the calmed one again.

“Could you give me more details about what happened to the lost Maurian tourists?”

“Oh, we don’t know that much, we don’t know them personally. In fact we haven’t ever seen them. We arrived yesterday, and they’ve been missing since the day before now. All I know is what the guy at the hotel told me, they went to the Travel Agency that morning, and when they came back, they said they had hired a guide for a tour through the jungle. They left that very same morning, and they haven’t shown up back yet.”

Hmm... there’s something suspicious about this. But I don’t know if I should get involved and investigate or forget about it and go back to handle my own business.

Location “Travel Agency” has been discovered.
No. 347635 ID: ec0bf5

I think the best thing we can do is get a good reputation with the other races. Give him a hug and thank him for the information. Let's go off to the travel agency.
No. 347670 ID: f70e5e

a hug is the wrong tone. just thank him politely and wish them a good vacation.
No. 347678 ID: 55c4cf

Get makeovers, headdresses or hats or something to not look like who you are for future encounters.
No. 347679 ID: b2d5eb

proceed travel agencyways.
No. 347983 ID: f5e4b4
File 131587293120.png - (153.23KB , 1000x750 , 54.png )

After she thanks the Maurians for their help, Suria and her mother find the Travel Agency, practically hidden in the financial district. It’s the first time Suria visits a place like this, so she isn’t able to tell if the appearance of the place fits or not. The agency is pretty much a small, damp room in the basement of a large building. There are cracks all over the walls and the ceiling, and the only furniture is an old desk, where they find a Zireaneé covered in cybernetic prosthetic devices, working on a laser gun.

“Welcome to Koridyan Travels. What do you want?” Asks the man with a tired, cybernetic voice.

Ok, what should I say, and how should I conduct this conversation?.
No. 347986 ID: ec0bf5

Say that you're trying to improve interspecies relations and heard that there were some maurians lost in the forest. Ask if this is accurate.
No. 347990 ID: e8cd4a

this sounds good. ask about how business and travel has been; show that you mean well.
No. 347999 ID: 35e1a0

i'm not sure saying you want to help them right off the bat is wise. he could be the one that put them there.

say you heard some maurians were lost, ask how that reflects on his business.
No. 348003 ID: b6edd6

I also say we should just say we are looking for them without immediately saying we are there to help them out.

With the gas mask aug and two weapons right there on the table, this guy seems rather... military looking for a greeter at a tourist agency.
His cybernetics may also come from being another disgruntled veteran.
No. 348162 ID: eee8d8


yeah, this. maybe you'll even get a reward offer or something from him.
No. 348373 ID: 9c538a

So much for the notion that the travel agent ate them. He can probably barely get regurgitated mash past that life support mask there.
No. 348407 ID: 3b9af0

Ask him for a job. Thrust your hips while you ask.
No. 348468 ID: f5e4b4
File 131595598413.png - (114.31KB , 1000x750 , 55.png )

“We’ve heard that some Maurians got lost in the jungle recently. How do you think it reflect on your business?”

He just shrugs and remains silent for almost a minute before finally answering.

“It doesn’t. They getting lost has nothing to do with my business.”

“But we’ve been told they came here to hire a guide to do a tour through the jungle.”

“Yeah, they came, but as I told them then, I told you now: We don’t offer jungle tours. We have no qualified guides willing to take outsiders into the wilderness.”

Hmm, maybe he knows more than he says. Should I keep inquiring, try to persuade him, or just leave and think about a different approach to the investigation?
No. 348469 ID: 55c4cf

Show us your tits.
No. 348470 ID: c7b6c2

Show HIM your tits.
No. 348472 ID: 23668e

Yes, do it! He'll tell you everything!
No. 348473 ID: ec0bf5

Ask him if he knows where they went after this.

Uh, if... you want, I guess.
No. 348475 ID: cf7206

ask him what a guy like him would be doing as a travel agent.
No. 348484 ID: b6edd6

I have to wonder whether this guy works for a tour agency at all...

Ask if he knows where they did get a guide from.
Also, are those receipts that are stuck to the table with the dagger? It might be useful to discreetly read those.
No. 348522 ID: 1444d5

>We don’t offer jungle tours. We have no qualified guides willing to take outsiders into the wilderness.
So they got their guide elsewhere?
No. 348538 ID: f70e5e

no. just, no. so many things wrong with that suggestion.

he seems to be something of a weapon nut. if you know enough about the kind of gun he's working on you might be able to impress him if you show interest in it. also i'm really not getting a travel agent vibe off of him. he could just be retired military or something but he does not strike me as someone who has a safe and legitimate job.
No. 348809 ID: f5e4b4
File 131603441746.png - (106.95KB , 1000x750 , 56.png )

I’m not flashing a complete stranger! And even less in front of my mother! There’s gotta be a different approach to this, keeping my dignity, if possible.

“That looks like a Double Cannon Serpentine X. And customized, no less.”


“...You don’t see many of those around, the kind of weapon only a professional would use.”


He remain silent. Doesn’t look like that helped.

“Do you know if they hired somewhere else as a guide.”

“Maybe. 2000 credits and I’ll tell you.”

We only have 3385 credits left, we’ll be practically out of funds if we pay.
No. 348810 ID: 3bd8ec

While I'm interested in where this might go, I don't think whatever we could get out of it is worth more than half our current funds.

I thought we were supposed to be doing something with merchants, anyway?
No. 348812 ID: c7b6c2

Frankly, as a deposed member of a ruling family, you shouldn't have all that much dignity left.

Besides, nothing's wrong with just a little seduction, so he'll drop the price for you.
No. 348813 ID: a375cf

Yeah, nothing looks more pathetic than attempting to seduce someone after they've made a monetary stand on the information you seek. I'm pretty sure that'd just empower him more than loosen his lips, so to speak.

I agree. Even if he had some information available, the price is too steep.
No. 348816 ID: f70e5e

see if you can haggle him down. if not its not worth the mony.

you shut up. just because she was ousted from power doesn't mean she has no dignity left.
No. 348820 ID: a2fa74

Lean on his desk and stare him in the eye.
"Perhaps I haven't been clear. I came here because people have been talking, and the word is that you're the last one to see these guys alive.
Seems to me that rumor is bad for business, and if somebody decided a missing persons report can't go unsolved then that would bring the kind of attention nobody likes.
I'm looking into this outta the kindness of my heart, but if you think I'm gonna pay you so I can correct this nasty rumor then I suppose I'll have to ask somebody else.
So, tell me, do you want people asking questions when you're the most convenient answer?"
No. 348836 ID: 4bdd79

He is armed and is most likely ex-military. We are an unarmed teenager. This is a terrible idea.
No. 348838 ID: 1444d5

Thank him for his time, then leave.
No. 348840 ID: 9c538a


"P-perhaps I (gulp) haven't been CLE-clear..."
No. 348850 ID: a2fa74

She is the goddamned princess and future queen of a live-by-the-sword-die-by-the-sword feudal faction. If she can't intimidate this guy into giving up that information then she needs to find a new career.
No. 348851 ID: 35e1a0

and that works a lot better if you have something intimidating. like a GUN. he has a gun, we don't. any threats we make are worthless cause he could just shoot us.
No. 348854 ID: f70e5e

we are not threatening him, we explaining why it is in his best interests to tell us what we need to know. we might want to try offering him less money rather than no money though.
No. 348891 ID: e4003e

Why are we searching for these maurians? This is very unlikely to help us at all.
No. 348892 ID: 9c538a


We're probably just hungry. Shouldn't make decisions like this on an empty stomach.
No. 348978 ID: b265bf

ask him if you can pay him in another way.
No. 349124 ID: c7b6c2

Yeah... ANOTHER way.
I like the way you think.
No. 349197 ID: f5e4b4
File 131611660845.png - (137.65KB , 1000x750 , 57.png )

I discreetly attempt to read the papers on the desk, but the man casually takes them and everything else resting on the table and puts them inside the locker. He doesn’t say a thing about it.

Hey, I’m not unarmed. I still have that gun I found in my sist... back in the station. It’s kind of a cheap piece of equipment, but it’s better than nothing.

“Ok, listen. I’m just trying to help, how do you think it’s going to help your business if rumors about Maurians disappearing after hiring your services spread across the system? Tell you what, I’ll give you 750 cr. for that information, and I’m doing you a favor finding those two.”

The so called travel agent seems to ponder for a moment.

“Hrm... 1250 credits. Take it or leave it, I’m too old to play these games.”
No. 349200 ID: e8cd4a

ugh. you have a house to restore missy. i don't know what playing his game will serve, but we can look at it as what we can give up for support. payment for the possibility of carrying out hopefully even deeds and favors as return, or keep looking for a less expensive opening, at the cost of potentially burning more bridges. i say decline; he's showing some interest so if he hesitates, do stoically return your attention.
No. 349201 ID: 3bd8ec

Still more than we should be willing to pay.
No. 349209 ID: 63f62c

if things go well, you'll be paying more than that for a single meal in the future. I say pay him.
No. 349218 ID: f70e5e

hmmm cost benefit analysis time. thats a reasonable price, and I can see a reputation for going out of our way to help others being worth cultivating. Also if we do save them we can probably leverage that into some small to medium favor from the local authorities. I say we go for it. if nothing else we end up saving some people and that's always a good thing.
No. 349222 ID: ec0bf5

Hmm. I don't really have a good idea of how much this money is worth. What could 1250 credits buy? If it's not actually a lot but just seems like it because you're out of funds, it's probably worth it, but if it's, say, the price of a house or something, then you're best off asking someone else or just abandoning the prospect.
No. 349282 ID: 8211e6

Go find something else to do.
No. 349309 ID: b6edd6

If we do pay, agree to pay half now and the rest when we actually find them. We wouldn't want him just taking our money then just sending us on a false trail.
No. 349590 ID: f5e4b4
File 131621315928.png - (403.72KB , 1000x750 , 58.png )

“Tell you what, I’ll pay you the half now, and the other half when we find the Maurians.”

The man shakes his head. He doesn’t look too pleased by this suggestion.

“I already told you, I ain’t gonna play haggling games. Just pay or go away.”

“In that case I’ll leave.”

“Good luck. I’ll be here if you change your opinion.”

We leave the Agency, it doesn’t look like he cared one bit about it. *sigh* I think I’m not doing very good at this. Should I try to keep looking for those Maurians? Maybe there’s any other lead I can find, or maybe I should get back in there and pay up to.

Or I could just forget about it and get back to the problem in Vaiss with the pirates. The plan was to find some merchants to lure the pirates out.

Or maybe I should just find another planet and look for a different opportunity to make money and a reputation.

We’re still in the Financial District we can visit the Bar, Guns & Equipment Shop, Commodity Exchange, Temple, Travel Agency and the Arena
No. 349591 ID: 3bd8ec

Let's stay focused on one thing at a time until we've established something for ourselves.

Commodity Exchange sounds like a good place to find merchants.
No. 349594 ID: ec0bf5

Yeah, let's go to the commodity exchange. Maybe while we're there we can ask about the maurians.
No. 349770 ID: fd50a6

get back in the travel agency and say you changed your opinion.
No. 349813 ID: f5e4b4
File 131629328839.png - (147.45KB , 1000x750 , 59.png )

We arrive to the Commodity Exchange, and walk into the Public Office. A pretty young male of the Ykzure House greets us.

“Welcome, how can I help you? Do you want to buy, or sell? Or do you want something else?”
No. 349815 ID: 1854db

Be up front about your plan.
No. 349816 ID: ec0bf5

Tell him you were told that there was pirate activity in the area and wanted to get more information about it. Also, while you're here, ask if a pair of maurians stopped by to buy supplies for an expedition of some sort.
No. 349823 ID: c2b072

by "pretty young male", do you mean "pretty young, male" or "pretty, young male"? because my suggestion totally depends on that.
No. 349857 ID: c7b6c2

You're planning to flash him, aren't you?
No. 349858 ID: 3bd8ec

No. 349865 ID: 07416a

Never too early to produce an heir. Get on it.
No. 349937 ID: e8cd4a

pretty much. do we have anything to sell besides our bodies ? actually i wonder how much that would fetch
No. 349977 ID: e4003e

slap palm to face. don less revealing clothing.
No. 350038 ID: 55c4cf

Offer to KILL A MAN.
No. 350060 ID: ec0bf5

Her clothing's fine, we just made it, anyway.
No. 350194 ID: 3b9af0

Look, you don't need to show them your tits. Ask for a job.

Show us your tits, that's all we really want.
No. 350244 ID: f5e4b4
File 131639431485.png - (156.31KB , 1000x750 , 60.png )

Alright, I’ll try to do a bit of seduction here... But I’ve never tried to do it before.

“Listen, sweetheart, there’s pirate activity in the system and we want to know more about it.”

Looks like it worked, he seems quite flustered, answering nervously.

“O-oh... s-sure. We haven’t had any news of pirates in the proximity of our planet, but apparently they’re making quite a number with the convoys that try to reach Vaiss. Most of them refuse to keep the planet in their routes.”

“That’s why I need your help, baby. I need to convince some merchants to hep me out and lure the pirates, so I can take care of them. You wouldn’t know anyone who could help me, do you?”

“I-I’m not sure... I don’t think I should...”


“O-ok. Look for a merchant called Daryos and tell him I’ve sent you. That should make him more receptive. At this time of the day he should be in the bar.”

“Thank you, sweetie!” One last thing, do you know anything about a couple of Maurians coming to buy supplies for a jungle expedition?”

“Actually yes, a couple of days ago. There was a man coming with them, their guide, apparently. House Czara, a scar on the back of his right hand and a tattoo on his left eye. I couldn’t see what was the tattoo design, but there was one. That’s all I know.”

“Thanks, sweetie! I’ll come back if I need more of your help”.


Alright, that went better than I expected. Now what?
No. 350245 ID: 1854db

Alright. Give your mom an update and let's visit the bar to talk to our new contact.
No. 350246 ID: 3bd8ec

Haha. I don't think you had to try too hard to pull that off.

Let's go find this Daryos fellow.
No. 350247 ID: e8cd4a

awesome, thank him and check it out
No. 350256 ID: ec0bf5

Wow, you're good at that. Thank him and head to the bar.
No. 350354 ID: bb1da0

No. 350510 ID: b6edd6

That guy is adorably easy to manipulate...
No. 350693 ID: f5e4b4
File 131653346205.png - (201.99KB , 1000x750 , 61.png )

We go back to the bar. The Maurians are gone now, replaced by a couple of Czaras in light armor and rude manners. They’re being quite loud, singing, cracking rude jokes... The barman seems to be doing his best to ignore them, just like the other guy sitting across the room, alone.
No. 350695 ID: ec0bf5

The guy on the left is the one he mentioned. Approach him and ask him about the maurians.
No. 350697 ID: e2020c


The bar is dead. Leave and go elsewhere.
No. 350705 ID: 55c4cf

Ask the barman if he'd like some help.
No. 350711 ID: b6edd6

He wouldn't want help from us after we asked about the Maurians.
No. 350716 ID: 35e1a0

the guy has a tattoo on his RIGHT eye and his right hand is scar free. that isn't him. it MAY be the guy on the right, can't see his left side.
No. 350730 ID: 6ffbb3

the guy at the back is probably the merchant... ask if he's Darios.
No. 351191 ID: f5e4b4
File 131664514530.png - (185.09KB , 1000x750 , 62.png )

Before Suria can talk with the man with the tattoo, her mother stops her, with a soft touch on her shoulder.

“Suria, before you do something you might regret later allow me a word of advice. You can tell by the look of those men that they’re mercenaries. They tend to be ruthless and violent, so if you’re gonna treat with them, you better watch your tail and have a plan in mind. And don’t think that your little number back in the Commodity Exchange is gonna work every time, not every man is a stuttering, flustered kind, blushing at the mere bat of your eyes.”

“U-uh... ok.”

Well... should I still speak with the mercenaries? If I do, how should I approach them, and what should I ask? Or maybe I can get information out of them in some other way that doesn’t involve my direct interaction with them.

Also I’m pretty sure the guy at the other side of the room is Daryos.
No. 351193 ID: 3bd8ec

Let's let the mercenaries alone for now.

Go talk to Daryos.
No. 351195 ID: e8cd4a

offer the services of -a- fighter and interested hires to get your foot in for the mercenaries. don't present yourself as an authority, but do show confidence and ease, like there is someone else already in mind.

you might want to talk to Daryos first though.
No. 351201 ID: 515dfe

my vote still stands on approaching Daryos.
No. 351247 ID: 55c4cf

Become mercenary, show confidence. You've already had to show your skills to survive. Let's improve them and get paid to do it. Having a foothold in mercenaries will give you some of the best hand picked people to help you later. Mind you do need to be careful about who to trust, obvious backstab plot in the making. Still would give you some badass skillsets.
No. 351431 ID: f5e4b4
File 131670593556.png - (66.27KB , 1000x750 , 63.png )

It might be a good idea to try and impress the mercenaries to join them, but first I go talk to Daryos. After presenting ourselves and tell him about the guy at the Commodity Exchange, he decides to listen to our plan. I told him about the pirate threat, and how I plan to use one of his ships as a decoy to lure them out and attack them. He seems a bit reticent about it.

“This is a very tricky operation for me. I’m risking losing a freighter, and its cargo (because they won’t’ attack an empty freighter, neither if the cargo is fake). So what's in it for me? How sure you are that you’re not going to screw this up?”
No. 351433 ID: ec0bf5

Because you've been combat trained all your life and desperately need to succeed at this.
No. 351434 ID: 37e45b

uhh... actually, forget about him. what's in it for you?
No. 351653 ID: f5e4b4
File 131677120690.png - (103.45KB , 1000x750 , 64.png )

“I’ve been combat trained all my life, and I need to success at this mission.”

“Nice, so I have to have faith in you and pray the gods to see my ship intact again. And you still haven’t told me what do I gain out of this.”


They promised me a good load of credits (tho they didn’t specify how many are those) for getting rid of the pirates. Also It’ll probably get me some good reputation with the planet and the Ziraneé Mining Company. And the Merchants Guild if I don’t screw them over.

This guy is still waiting for an answer.
No. 351655 ID: e8cd4a

Credits is an obvious answer to whats in it for him, though it's unattractive for not actually having any now and it all hinging on success + not getting scammed silly. What else -can- be offered that are NOT AS distant promises hinging on unknowns ?

Offer some credits, but mostly the promise of connections. Ohh noooo
No. 351662 ID: f70e5e

well i'm going to assume he's going to benefit from the pirates being dealt with. aside from that you could offer him a cut of the mony your getting paid, or a flat up front payment. in retrospect we should really have gotten an exact quote on how much they would pay for getting rid of the pirates.
No. 351680 ID: ec0bf5

A massive reduction to piracy in this region is a pretty big thing.
No. 351791 ID: f5e4b4
File 131682285859.png - (35.48KB , 1000x750 , 65.png )

“Credits. You’ll get a part of the reward for your services. And, the massive reduction of the pirate activity in the zone can only benefit you, don’t you think?”

“Hmm... I guess so. And we could reopen the route with Vaiss. Alright, let’s do this. So... it’s just you and your fighter?”


“Ok, I hope you’re pretty good with it. And that’s the plan? Enter Vaiss space and wait for them to ambush us, then you fight them off?”

Ok, I guess that’s the plan? Should I put any other tactic into practice, any other idea? Or is it all ready and we can just go back to the ship and bast off?
No. 351792 ID: e8cd4a

your body is ready. is brast-off
No. 351796 ID: 1854db

I'm starting to worry about our military muscle. I mean, how many ships do the pirates have? If it's just one or two we might manage it, I guess. If not, how about we hire some mercs?
No. 351799 ID: 9c538a


Oh my god you did that when your mom was watching.
No. 351819 ID: 8efa40

yeah, go ask the mercs if they want in on the action.
No. 351821 ID: b6edd6

Keep in mind more ships will probably be harder to hide.
No. 352037 ID: f5e4b4
File 131689574952.png - (85.28KB , 1000x750 , 66.png )

Alright, let’s try to hire the mercs and hire them.

“H-hello, I’d like to hire--”

Suria is interrupted by their snickering, blushing at the looks the two men give to her. They’re obviously drunk.

“Oh, sure thing, pretty. The two of us at the same time?”

“Yes... I-I mean n-no, NO! I mean... hire you as mercenaries.”

She has to wait until they stop laughing to tell them that she wants to hire them and their ships to take down some pirates in the system. The man with the tattoo stops laughing (but not smiling) and seems to take the offer seriously.

“Well, we can give you three ships with expert pilots for the job. 6000 credits now, 6000 after the job. And 25% of any loot salvaged after the battle.”

“W-we can pay 6000 credits now...”

“Well, I would normally refuse, but with a pretty lady like you, we’ll do an exception. 15000 credits after the job is done. And the 25% of loot salvaged.”

Hmm, what should I say?
No. 352039 ID: 1854db

What about just one extra ship?
No. 352041 ID: f70e5e

we don't know how much we are going to get paid. and if it was that much they would probably already have hired someone like these guys, ask how much it would cost to only hire one of them.
No. 352043 ID: cb3704

yeah. less pilots, please.
No. 352102 ID: 385f21

Did I just not understand, or did he really raise the price one-and-a-half-fold?
No. 352105 ID: b1f0e2

Don't commit to anything, you are checking prices and making connections. Check with your mother if she knows if those prices are reasonable. When you are done figuring out the various price points from them (as others suggested) you should reply with something like "The prices sound right... I do need to get final approval from my financial backers before I actually hire you, though. I will be back once I have confirmation"

Then we should go and actually ask how much money is "a great deal", and make a mental note to never again accept a job without getting exact payment info. Also, we want to try to convince the merchants to pay upfront the fees of the mercenaries. (Pay us their fees, never pay mercenaries in full upfront)

And don't let ANYONE know that you actually accepted a job without exact figures, they will lose respect for you / try to fleece you. The line of "need final confirmation from backers" works better.

>Did I just not understand, or did he really raise the price one-and-a-half-fold?
He is giving us an option.
12,000 at a 50% up front and 50% on completion. Or 15,000 paid fully on completion. We should endeavor to pay half upfront.
No. 352112 ID: e8cd4a

pay half up front but try to get less pilots, flaunt confidence in their ability and collaboration with you as the excuse
No. 352177 ID: f70e5e

oh an idea, we could ask to see how good they are, i'm going to assume you have some way of simulating a dog fight yes? if so ask to have a mock dogfight with one of them to get an idea of how good they are. if they win we know they are worth hiring(though they might ask for more money), if we win we can probably use that to get a better price.
No. 352399 ID: 3bd8ec


Last time we were told how many credits we had, it was 3385. So either we magically got more credits without it being mentioned, or (much more likely) Starit meant to type "can't" up there.

Interested in knowing if these guys are willing to work apart, but make a point of not declining that offer we've already got. Don't accept it yet, just make sure it's still on the table.
No. 352774 ID: f5e4b4
File 131705972003.png - (30.62KB , 1000x750 , 67.png )


Yes, that was a typo, it was actually “can’t”. I’m sorry.

“We might not need that much firepower, could we hire just one ship?”

“Sure. That’ll be just 2000 credits up front and another 2000 upon completion. Or 5000 after completion, in just one payment. Oh, and if you’re thinking about sending one of our guys in a suicide attack against a vastly superior force, he’ll just turn around and leave you to your luck. We ain’t stupid.”

I turn around to mother and ask.

“You think we should call the Manager back at Vaiss and ask the actual quantity of the reward, and convince him to pay for the mercenaries?”

“You could try that. But you want to be careful. He might come to the conclusion that he doesn’t need us if he can just just hire the mercenaries by himself.“

Ok, should I call him? Or should I just hire the mercenary? This time, we can afford paying the 50% upfront, should I do that, or would it be wiser to pay 5000 upon completion?
No. 352775 ID: ae92af

nope. pay him upfront. and tell him that if he tries to fuck you over, you'll stick your tail so far up his ass, he'll be able to taste it.
No. 352831 ID: e8cd4a

don't call, just hire, pay half.
No. 353600 ID: f5e4b4
File 131722863005.png - (32.56KB , 1000x750 , 68.png )


2000 credits paid. Suria has successfully hired a Broken Shield Mercenary for the mission.

“Maybe we should think about or strategy.”

Suria has now command over the mercenary fighter and the freighter. The freighter is only armed with basic lasers and an automated turret. It’s slow and clumsy to maneuver. The Mercenary Stinger is a fast and and resourceful kind of fighter. Its pilot refuses to tell what kind of weapons is it armed with, but explains that it counts with an Advanced Camouflage Device. Most ships won’t see it coming in the radar until it’s pretty close to them.

“How should we execute the ambush?”
No. 353621 ID: e36bfa

the mercenary will go a short distance behind the freighter. Suria will be further away, out of radar range but with her FTL engine warmed up. as soon as the pirates show up, the mercenary will signal Suria and protect the freighter for a short while until Suria shows up... And we can freestyle from then on.
No. 353706 ID: e83f6a

seconding. pretty much waiting to see what they bring and catching them at their most occupied / quizzical. all while having contingencies like our advantage of proximity support using camo, and a warm ftl; though is this detectable or deter an attack ?
No. 353878 ID: f5e4b4
File 131731390730.png - (215.71KB , 1000x750 , 69.png )

Alright. The fighter and the freighter go first, the mercenary ship hidden and following the merchant closely. It will take them a couple of hours to get there, while our ship can hyperjump to their location in a couple of minutes. Their systems will detect the incoming ship before we get there, but it should be enough for a quick surprise.
No. 353879 ID: f5e4b4
File 131731395496.png - (138.62KB , 1200x900 , 70.png )

Hours or patient and boring waiting pass, until the system notifies an incoming fatline transmission. It is Daryos.

“Va’Suria.” --The merchant gives her a respectful, yet not royal treatment.” They found us in the vicinities of the planet. Five fighters, E-class. They’re surrounding me, but they haven’t detected the other ship yet. And now they’re sending a transmission, I’m retransmitting it to you.

The face of a Norios pirate, deformed with mechanical augmentations appears in the screen. It’s mechanic voice comes out of the speaker system.

“Ziraneé ship. You’re outnumbered and overpowered. Surrender your cargo and we will let you go. There will be no second warning.”

The voice of Daryos replaces the one of the pirate in the speakers.

“O-ok, what now?”

I guess it’s time to jump there, but I can still give orders to my ships. It’ll take me a couple of minutes to jump to their location, and they will detect me around 30 seconds before I arrive. What orders should I give to Daryos and the mercenary?
No. 353885 ID: f70e5e

we don't want them shooting the freighter, have him stall as much as he can but then play along. we don't want them to leave before we get there. if we can swing it we might want our mercenary friend to open up right before they detect us. if we can't coordinate that well have him open fire right after he they detect us. we don't want to give the pirates a chance to get organized.
No. 353895 ID: 788407

surrender the cargo. initate FTL. have the mercenary approach them from the same direction as the freighter, since it's a vulnerable ship. as soon as they detect Suria coming both Darius and the mercenary should open fire, destroying as many as possible. and tell the mercenary to try and prevent them from escaping.
No. 353910 ID: 1444d5

>we might want our mercenary friend to open up right before they detect us
How about they wait until the pirates have manoeuvred to intercept the incoming fighter, then the mercs open fire? That way, they catch them flat-footed and the pirates end up flanked.
No. 353923 ID: e83f6a

surrender the cargo. ftl at the first moment it doesn't look like they're taking the cargo and or firing at the freighter instead. mercenary approach to cover the freighter and attack immediately occupied pirates, pirates trained on the freighter, pirates with ftl spun up. though the goal should just be to cause the most destruction, better than everyone safe and pirates also intact; but that's probably my passions getting in the way of sound strategy and reason.
No. 353982 ID: f5e4b4
File 131733681476.png - (149.29KB , 1200x900 , 71.png )

I tell Daryos to release the cargo, and the mercenary to wait hidden for my order to attack as soon as I arrive to their area. The jump takes just a moment, and the pirates don’t seem to be too organized, after all.

As I jump out of hyper mode, only two of the five pirate fighters are facing me, but still not engaging. Another two seem to be trying to catch me from behind, but they’ve estimated my insertion point incorrectly, tracing an arc too ample. If I’m quick, they won’t be able to tail me.

The fifth ship is busy dragging the cargo with its tractor ray.

The pirate leader speaks through the fatline, but doesn’t establish video contact this time. “This is a mistake. We still outnumber you. Your feeble attempt to ambush us has failed. Stop where you are or we will open fire!”

The mercenary talks through a secure channel.

“They’re taking the cargo, but their ships aren’t big enough to carry it. They must have a freighter around, with a camouflage device just like mine.”

Ok, time to get this party started before they shoot first. What orders should I give? And what should I do?
No. 353983 ID: e83f6a

f10 for mute menu. primary two ships facing, since losing the two trailing will take too much energy and time; you'll need your merc to take care of that. secondary is fifth ship taking cargo. so what if they have a camo freighter, it'll greedily show itself reclaiming the cargo or itll be timidly hidden away as the cargo just sits there and its pirate buddies under attack.
No. 353987 ID: 1854db

Take out the two facing you with missiles. Attack aggressively. Order the mercenary to warp in to take out the ones trying to tail you. Pester the one trying to take the cargo but mainly just try to distract him. If the merchant vessel can help out in the fight he should fire on any enemy ships that are an easy target. He should be a vulture, and fight defensively.
No. 353988 ID: 73f5f4

if you think you can hold off 4 fighters have the merc trail the 5th one to the freighter. blowing that up will do more to put an end to piracy than destroying the fighters.
No. 354005 ID: 74ef28

ask the merc if he's got a camo-detecting gizmo or somesuch... it's worth a try.
No. 354238 ID: f5e4b4
File 131737550433.png - (167.01KB , 1000x750 , 72.png )

“Daryos, try to stay out of trouble and just peck at the ones not paying attention at you. M1, attack the ones on my tail!”

I just dart through the ones in front of me, shooting one missile to each one. The first ship is completely destroyed. The second one got its shield completely down, but didn’t receive any damage. It’ll regenerate its shields back in a moment.

"M1, can you detect the hidden pirate vessel?"

"No can do, we need to fly close enough to it so the radars can notice it."

The mercenary ship disables the camouflage system and starts attacking the two ships behind my tail, which gives them a hard time trying to hit me.

“Daryos here! The other fighter, it dropped the cargo and is shooting me! Shields down to 50%, I’m not gonna last much longer like this!”
No. 354239 ID: 1854db

Rescue him. Your missiles are very effective so use another on the one shooting him. The faster this battle is over the better off we'll be. Finish off the shieldless dudes with lazorz.
No. 354262 ID: e83f6a

M1 needs to go in for the save, you -cannot- pull two fighters right into a damaged ally just to stop one. follow up attack on unshielded fighter, sorry dudes !
No. 354285 ID: f70e5e

what he said. we might have to let the pirate freighter get away. granted we know what direction its in, but not how far. we might want to consider having M1 trace the towing fighters route afer he saves our freighter if we think we can take the remaining pirates on our own.
No. 354302 ID: f5e4b4
File 131740341490.png - (204.91KB , 1000x750 , 73.png )

“M1, help Daryos, I can’t just pull these two into him”

“Roger that.”

I make a sudden turn and tail the shieldless one. A burst of laser fire and he’s finished. The bad news is that the other one is following me, and managed to land a few hits. Shield going down. Meanwhile, the mercenary takes care of the pirate attacking the freighter, destroying it. But the other remaining pirate starts tailing him.
No. 354306 ID: e83f6a

oops ! you and M1 pass each other dead on for attacks, it's all you can do being both tailed now
No. 354308 ID: 3bd8ec

I'm no strategist, but this sounds like a plan.
No. 354310 ID: 6af537

I'm no strategist either, but the strategy from >>354308 has one obvious flaw and one counter to that flaw.

The flaw: you're getting into enemy crossfire. They can pound you from both sides, and if a shot doesn't hit one of you, it can still hit another.

Counter: if you can, shift shield power so that you would cover each other: empower the back shields while on collision course, then switch to front shields and shoot. Can you pull that off?

Also, the minimap isn't even remotely useful as it is now =(
No. 354353 ID: 779d92


instead of passing each other dead-on, pass in front of each other at a 90-degree-angle. and the one to first lose the tail should start looking for the nearby freighter- the other one can get help from Daryos for the last remaining pirate.

also, we ought to give that last pirate and the freighter (if we find it) a chance to surrender and allow themselves to be escorted into custody.
No. 354385 ID: f5e4b4
File 131742677406.png - (77.92KB , 1000x750 , 74.png )

I transmit the maneuver to the mercenary. It’s risky, and we barely avoid getting fried in the crossed fire, my shields go down to 10%. But the pirates don’t seem to be too organized and don’t see it coming. The two of them blow up in a great ball of fire.

“Yeah! Now I can recover the cargo”

“Nicely done! Well, mission accomplished. Hmm, too bad. No sign of the pirate freighter. And nothing worth salvaging in this mess. Do you want to stick around some more? Or should we head down to the planet and get paid?”
No. 354386 ID: 1854db

Make a quick circuit around the area. Start in the direction the fighter was going that was trying to steal the cargo.
No. 354387 ID: 35e1a0

can you like, scan for their engine trail? trace it backwards. is really fresh.
No. 354389 ID: d9ba0a

yeah, a quick search around. hopefully it's still around.
No. 354395 ID: e83f6a

don't celebrate yet. secure everything, keep alert until you've found out every possible thing you can about what just went down. scans, visual scrutiny, systematically retrace the dogfight. if you cant find out anything, head back
No. 354495 ID: f5e4b4
File 131748511948.png - (126.81KB , 1000x750 , 75.png )

“Scan the area, try to find their engine trail, maybe we can follow it backwards.”

A few minutes later.

“Nothing. It must have fled just as the fight started. Can’t find a traceable trail, their stealth system is good.”

No. 354501 ID: b6fb5e

oh. well this sucks.

...let's not mention the fact that the cargo is too large to be carried by the fighters you destroyed. maybe the dude won't infer that there musta been a freighter around.

congratulate M1 and Daryos. decide on a time to rendezvous with M1 for the second half of the payment- you'll need to be paid yourself first, so you need time to travel to Vaiss and back.
No. 355321 ID: f5e4b4
File 131763266412.png - (55.97KB , 1000x750 , 76.png )

We head back to Vaiss and talk with the ZMC manager. After the story is confirmed by Daryos and the Mercenary with no name, he’s pretty pleased to know that five pirate ships have been destroyed. They’ll think twice before attacking a merchant ship again, he says before thanking me for our services and hand me 25000 Credits. Yay!

Reputation with the Ziraneé Mining Company increased
The mercenary asks for his 2000 credits. Daryos asks to be paid 5000 credits for risking his life to help us. He would charge more, but he didn’t lose the cargo, he says.

Should I pay them on those terms?
No. 355322 ID: 1854db

Definitely pay the merc. You never go back on a deal with a merc. As for the merchant, ask him if he really wants to upstage the mercenary by getting paid more than he did.
No. 355323 ID: e83f6a

sounds good. want to find out about the maurians now ?
No. 355343 ID: 36b100

I think Daryos deserves to be paid 5 grand, considering he risked valuable cargo and was in a vulnerable freighter as opposed to a fighter. let's not argue on this, because if he likes us enough we can use him as a contact.

the thing is, we made the mistake of not agreeing on a price beforehand, so that gives him some leverage in defining what's acceptable.
No. 355356 ID: 3bd8ec

Agreeing with this.
No. 355372 ID: ec0bf5

No. 355561 ID: 6fa1ef

It's worth considering that the 4000 for the mercenary was with half up front. Daryos didn't get any up front payment, so asking for the 5000 that the mercenary would've gotten without half up front is reasonable, considering the risks he took. He even got shot up some.

Anyway, that still leaves us with 16000 to pocket.
No. 355582 ID: f5e4b4
File 131768905518.png - (23.78KB , 1000x750 , 77.png )

Ok, done! I tried to ask the mercenary about the missing Maurians, but as soon as he got his credits he darted away. If I really wanted to know, I guess I can still catch him in the hangar before he leaves.

Reputation with the Broken Shield Mercenaries increased

Reputation with the Ziraneé Merchants Guild increased

Yay, we finally have some money! Time to decide what to do next. We could head to the hangar to upgrade our ship (because I don’t think we still have enough to buy one, but we could browse around).

Or we could get some equipment and weapons for ourselves.

Or just save it for now and decide a new course, look for new things to do!

I could also insist and try to ask that mercenary again about the missing Maurians.
No. 355603 ID: e4003e

Acquire weapons get bitches.
No. 355611 ID: 78b9fc

Ale and whores of course. Ale and whores.
No. 355616 ID: e83f6a

head to the hangar, browse for upgrades
No. 355621 ID: 77c458

she is an attractive young woman, she doesn't need to pay for that.
As for ale, its an expensive and bad habit that she really shouldn't nurse if she plans to conquer back her home planet.

>catch up with him in hanger and ask him
Sure, do that. it shouldn't take long and can't hurt.

Yes, do that right after asking him.

Weapons for self, or weapons for ship? if ship then that is 3 votes for that now
As for bitches, nor rich enough... unless you meant "have random sex with another woman" rather then "make someone (of either gender) your bitch"
No. 355626 ID: f70e5e

talk to the mercenary, then look into upgrades for your ship. also you might want to stock up on missiles.
No. 355746 ID: 3bd8ec

Go to the commodity exchange and see if you can't get that Ykzure guy to give you any more info.
No. 355787 ID: c3523f

you seriously need a WEPON. you don't even have a rusty shiv or anything! go to the gun shop.
No. 355871 ID: f5e4b4
File 131775866538.png - (16.72KB , 1000x750 , 78.png )

I find the mercenary in the Hangar just as he’s about to board his ship and leave. He doesn’t look too cheerful when I ask him about the missing Maurians in Koridya II.

“Y’va, we’ve fought together, so I’ll answer. I don’t know anything about any Maurian, missing or not. But if you really want to keep asking about the subject, you might want to talk with our leader in this system, Nycoms. You can find him in Koridya II. But if you value your life in any way, you will not do such a thing, and just forget about the story. Good bye.”

And with that, he slides into his spaceship. That was ominous. Guess I’ll worry about it later, right now, I’m going to see what Upgrades are available for my ship in this planet.
No. 355872 ID: f5e4b4
File 131775872353.png - (21.14KB , 1000x750 , 79.png )

The Ship Dealer’s place has a little booth near the door with an old computer hooked to the shop net. Here I can select what upgrades would I like to purchase for my ship. It’s pretty self-explanatory.

What should I choose?
No. 355873 ID: e83f6a

ok lets save the maurians for much later. it's sounding pretty big for us even if hes just being mysterious

software, maps + misc
No. 355897 ID: f70e5e

we used up the last of our missiles in that fight. we should either buy some more or look into getting better cannons.
No. 355946 ID: c3523f

it occurs to me that in both of your fights, you almost lost your shield entirely. so you should probably buy an upgrade to that. well, unless it's very expensive- then you should just save for a new ship entirely.
No. 355959 ID: 3bd8ec

Yeah let's check the shield.
No. 356047 ID: 77c458

check the prices on all four so we can make the best decision with the money we have.
No. 356127 ID: ec0bf5

Shield does sound like a good place to start.
No. 356154 ID: f5e4b4
File 131783541125.png - (19.06KB , 1000x750 , 80.png )

Most of the upgrades in the market are compatible with the majority of the standard ship models, so even if I eventually acquire a new ship, I’ll be able to install the upgrades from the old ship to the new one.

Ok, let’s take a look at the Shields and Armor upgrades first. The selection is pretty poor, but it should be expected from a peripheral, mining planet like this one.

So, they have the basic Disruptive Energy Shield generator, the one I have already installed, and for 13000 Cr, I could get the Advanced one. If I do it, I should be able to sell my current shield generator. Not for the full price, of course. This kind of shield is mostly useful as a defense against energy weapons, but it’s not so effective against solid projectiles, like missiles.

They also sell Basic and Advanced hull armor, for 8000 and 16000 Credits respectively.

Should I buy any upgrade here, or want me to browse other category first?
No. 356157 ID: 3bd8ec

So that's 7k+ (13k plus whatever we can actually sell the old one for) credits for a better shield, 8k for hull armor...

And we have about 21k credits to work with. Hm. What weapon upgrades do we have available?
No. 356161 ID: 86f168

if you don't have any hull armor at all, and you can transfer it to a new ship, then consider buying the advanced one/ but before that, let's take a look at all the other categories.
No. 356165 ID: bd2a40

Umm, for the sake of simplicity, is it possible to see the entire selection in one go so we could choose from everything, as opposed to picking something and missing other things due to buying the stuff we saw first?
No. 356167 ID: 4bdd79

Let's look at what we can get at the other stores.
No. 356172 ID: 6af537

>we decided shields
We did no such thing. We decided to look at them first; there's been no commitment to buy immediately. I'm seconding >>356165 and >>356167.
No. 356176 ID: 35e1a0

say "these look pretty good" and that you want to see what else isa round. shopping around is a time honored tradition after all.
No. 356186 ID: 3bd8ec

>Should I buy any upgrade here, or want me to browse other category first?

>we decided shields

No. 356194 ID: 55c4cf

draw the entire selection of items onto your tits and we'll pick from there
No. 356204 ID: f5e4b4
File 131784913809.png - (47.83KB , 1000x750 , 81.png )

Alright, let’s just see the entire selection.

Weapons: They sell the laser cannons I already have, plus the advanced upgraded for 15000 Cr.

Disruptive Ray Cannon. This weapon can drain the energy from a shield in a couple of seconds, but it won’t do any proper damage to the hull. 21000 Cr.

Now, missiles. They only sell D-Impact missiles here, the ones I use. They’re pretty destructive against ships with no shields or just Disruptive shields. They’re not so effective against Ion shields or heavily armored hulls. 2500 Cr. each

Let’s see, software... They sell pretty basic upgrades for the ship software.

A radar screen upgrade that will mark other ships as enemies or allies once they’ve been identified. 8000 Cr.

And a more precise guidance system for the missiles: 9500 Cr.

About the maps... They sell a detailed map for the closest four star systems inside the Czar Sector: C1 to C4. I already have a stellar map, of course, but in the maps they sell here they have some information about every planet, and the location of the important stations and Intersections. 7000 Cr. for the four map pack.

And for the Misc... A tractor beam for 13000 Cr.

And we have a total of 19385 Credits to spend.

We could to another planet if we want to see different items. But there’s a lot of planets out there, do you have any idea of which one should we go? Also here we have a bit of good reputation with the Mining Company, and after solving the problem with the pirates, they’re giving us a better price than in other places.
No. 356206 ID: e83f6a

buy the maps
No. 356207 ID: f70e5e

holy crap missiles are expensive. for the price of two you can hire a mercenary fighter for a mission. we probably should have been more stingy with using them. we should probly get another job lined up befor we spend to much though, I would like to buy better laser cannons and a missile but that would leave us almost broke, and we should keep some cash reserve until we can line up another job.
No. 356208 ID: bd2a40

Buy the map pack, though after that, there wont be enough money left to buy much else. Also, buying anything after that would not leave us with much money on hand, which we will probably need if we travel to those other systems.
No. 356209 ID: 86f168

sweet jegus. it woulda been nice to know we were burning 2500 credits every time we fired a missile.

buy the advanced hull upgrade. there's no point in exploring the space when we're probably gonna get killed out there. then hit the bar.
No. 356230 ID: b1f0e2

That was kinda obvious actually.
But firing them beat dying.
You raise a good point about it being more efficient to hire more mercs then bringing missiles. But in case we failed to bring enough our options are burn 2500c or die.
No. 356231 ID: 55c4cf

get the maps, and you did it all wrong, those are not on your breasts
No. 356281 ID: 786012

Maps and advanced energy shield, and sell your old one. I think we can get full 5Kc for it.
>After all, it saved my life a couple of times.
No. 356283 ID: 1854db

I think we need to save our money so that we can spend it to gain favor and such.
No. 356297 ID: 786012

I'd be all for that, except that unfortunately no amount of money and favor can protect you from a stray Shiny Beam of Death. Shields and armor, on the other hand, can.
No. 356325 ID: 3ec596

whatever you do, don't blow all your money on ship upgrades. you need personal protection, too.
No. 356332 ID: f5e4b4
File 131791399392.png - (8.62KB , 1000x750 , 82.png )

Alright, let’s get the maps, that’ll be 7000 Cr.

And if I sell the old shield generator and get the Advanced one, it’ll cost me just 10500 Cr.

That’ll leave me with a 1885 Cr. left. Should I do this?
No. 356333 ID: 3ec596

no. choose one. I say shield.
No. 356338 ID: ad8acc

Get yourself a more powerful sidearm.
No. 356345 ID: 6af537

What? Only 2500c for our shield?

Ugh, having only 1800c is not good for now. We'll have to choose. I think I'll second >>356333: shields are seeing far more use than maps for now.
No. 356347 ID: 3bd8ec

No. 356370 ID: b1f0e2

Get shields only and then find another job.
Also, how many missiles do we currently have? If we are out we should buy one or two, they are expensive but its better to lose the money then your life.
No. 356492 ID: 55c4cf

Get both. If shields are expensive then it's going to pay off more than you guys realize when we actually know where to go and where places are.

Without our own maps and navigation we're at the mercy of whoever pays us or gives us a job. We won't know where we are going outside of what we are told. With maps we can look up where we are going or take people who need to get places without having the information. It may seem costly, but it will pay off almost immediately with almost any job we take.
No. 356494 ID: 35e1a0

both dude. need it.
No. 356640 ID: b1f0e2

getting both will leave us without money, and if we get another job that requires hiring mercs we could not afford them.
No. 356881 ID: f5e4b4
File 131812182682.png - (47.57KB , 1000x750 , 83.png )

Ok, I’ll buy just the Advanced Shield generator, selling the old one. We’ll get the maps after we get some money. The hangar guys will install them in my ship. In the mean time I guess we’ll just hit the bar and try to relax.
No. 356883 ID: f5e4b4
File 131812187915.png - (60.89KB , 1000x750 , 84.png )

Oh, dear Nodonia. I feel like I’m just now waking up from a dream. We get one of the free tables, as the barman hands us a couple of bottles and glasses, saying that everything we order tonight is on the house, for taking care of the pirates.

I practically collapse on the table, not paying attention to any of the locals. The weight of the last hours falls on me like a dead weight. I can’t believe I’m flying around shooting pirates, running away from my House, when just like, yesterday everything was fine and my sisters... I guess I better not think about that.

Do you need to talk, Suria? Or do you just want to rest for a while.
No. 356885 ID: 715620

Talk to Mom.
No. 356895 ID: d4155c

Talk to your mom. Like it or not, this is what we have to deal with for now and while we cannot gain comfort with the dead, we can with the living. Besides, she may know how to cope with such things as this.
No. 356908 ID: fa2f8d

I guess talk if you feel like it... say, do you have a place to spend the night? a comfy bed cam make all the difference in the world, you know.
No. 356912 ID: 4a2efc


Better to think about it now than when you're doing something that can't afford distraction. Talk to her. She could probably do with some talking herself.
No. 356935 ID: e83f6a

No. 357048 ID: f5e4b4
File 131819025505.png - (23.60KB , 1000x750 , 85.png )

“Yeah, I guess so...”

“I know that you’re going through a lot, and that your life has dramatically changed in a matter of hours. But you have to be strong. For yourself, for your fallen sisters. For your people. Don’t think that you’re going to be alone in this, you have me, and as soon as you start gaining the trust of more allies, there won’t be anyone able to stop you. It’s in your blood.”

I sigh and nod. Alright I guess. That doesn’t make me feel much better, but I guess it’s better than nothing. We can get a couple of rooms to spend the night here. Is there anything else I should talk about, or just go to sleep and back to the ship in the morning?
No. 357051 ID: bd2a40

Request permission for a hug.
No. 357065 ID: e83f6a

get some rest
No. 357229 ID: 6a9fdc

Initiate Operation: Hug Mom.
No. 357275 ID: f5e4b4
File 131827846009.png - (33.83KB , 1000x750 , 86.png )

I don’t know... I don’t know if I’ve given my mother a hug ever. It’s kind of an intimate gesture. But oh well. what the hell!

“S-Suria! What in the Serpent’s name...!”

“Just wanted to give you a hug.”

“Well, you did it. Now stop, will you? People are staring.”

She weakly returns the hug, which is more than I honestly expected, before I let go. Well, that was awkward.”

“We better go to sleep, we’ll decide where to go next tomorrow in the morning.”
No. 357276 ID: f5e4b4
File 131827850747.png - (143.80KB , 1000x750 , 87.png )

Another day, and I’ve been sleeping a lot, it’s almost the second cycle. They’ve already installed the new shields and we’re ready to go.

Now let’s see. There’s two more planets in this start system. Rynnie, a residential and farming planet, and Uruua III, basically a giant dumpster. That’s all the information I can fish from this old database. We could also try our look in a different start system, the closest ones are C1 and C3.
No. 357278 ID: d4155c

Hmmmmm, a farming planet may have simple jobs and helping them may aid us in terms of gaining respect with the common person.

On the other hand, a junk planet may have hidden treasures there. One man's trash and all that.

I say the farming planet. Less risk and more endearing than rummaging through trash for secrets.
No. 357279 ID: bd2a40

Hmm, I have to say that that there is probably a pretty good chance of finding useful things on the junk planet. Discarded weapons, armor plating, utility modules, etc.

It would take a while to search for stuff there, but scanning for things large enough to be ship wrecks or energy signatures might provide some quick results and rewards.

I say a quick visit to the garbage dump before heading to the farm world.
No. 357281 ID: f70e5e

the trash planet is probably picked over. though its odd they would use a planet for a garbage dump rather than just throwing there trash into the sun.
No. 357284 ID: 1854db

What are those ships on your radar?
No. 357290 ID: e83f6a

check out C1
No. 357321 ID: 9d0152

the trash planet probably has all kinds of delinquents and shit. don't go there before getting some decent personal defense. go to Rynnie.
No. 357535 ID: f5e4b4
File 131837688957.png - (101.54KB , 1200x900 , 88.png )

I tail the two ships and do a quick scan. One is a freighter of Z-meds, our pharmaceutic company, escorted by a heavy fighter.

Just for clarification, Uruua III didn’t start like a dumpster planet, but it was heavily industrialized and drained of all of its resources during the war. As it became completely useless, it was just left to die, half of the surface covered in toxic wastes and abandoned industrial sectors. There’s probably interesting stuff there, but it’s also a hive of criminals and outcasts.

So I guess if there’s nothing against it, I guess we’re going to Rynnie for now.
No. 357548 ID: ec0bf5

Sounds good!
No. 357551 ID: e83f6a

do it
No. 357676 ID: 563369

off to Rynnie we go.
No. 357718 ID: f5e4b4
File 131844886764.png - (202.48KB , 1000x750 , 89.png )

A cycle later and we’re landing in Rynnie. It’s a permanently warm planet, its surface covered with the giant bubbles of the bio-farms, where all kinds of organic supplies are cultivated and processed. Between some of the bubbles is possible to find small settlements and towns, the largest of them all being Port Auronia, where we land. The busiest part of town are the hangars, freighters constantly landing and taking off, buying and selling, transporting all kinds of different items.

Places to go: Hangar, Bar, Guns & Equipment Shop, Commodity Exchange, Temple, Tailor. Or we could just take a stroll around the streets.
No. 357719 ID: e83f6a

the streets
No. 357722 ID: 563369

gun shop.
No. 357731 ID: 252e1b

No. 357789 ID: 1854db

Tailor...? We DO need to get some actual low-key outfits. Just go for something plain and cheap, I guess.
No. 357803 ID: 55c4cf

become hard like the streets
No. 357835 ID: ad8acc

Guns and equipment shop
No. 357864 ID: 79f5dc

Right now we are looking for new jobs. Bar or streets.
No. 357943 ID: f5e4b4
File 131854442263.png - (31.68KB , 1000x750 , 90.png )

We decide to have a look around the town. It’s not very transited and it looks like at this cycle, most people are in their homes or at the bar. But after turning a corner, we face an unusual display. A stand, with misspelled words painted in painfully bright colors. In it, two Sinarris, one female, the other male.

The female looks is practically screaming on top of her lungs, with a big, toothy grin and an energetic pose.

“Come on! There’s no Ziraneé in this planet with the guts to follow the call of adventure!? Nobody wants to be rich and famous!? Just step right up... Or slide, whatever. You don’t want to miss the opportunity of your life!”

Her companion doesn’t look so cheerful, and looks rather bored actually. What should I do?
No. 357945 ID: 35e1a0

looks legit, say wassup.
No. 357946 ID: d82cf6

whaddaya know, female sinarris are hot.

we ought to ask what this is all about.
No. 357972 ID: e83f6a

seems legit. engage in conversation, introduce yourself
No. 358021 ID: 2ed56b

Looks totally legit. There's no way they could be pirates or anything.
No. 358055 ID: 78b9fc

Man those space moths are kuray-zee.

Continue on without paying the stand any attention just to piss off Starit no actually it looks plot related. Let's at least tell them they forgot to put what adventure it is on their sign.
No. 358092 ID: 1444d5

Playing both sides could risk being shot at by both parties.
On the other hand, you could be paid twice
No. 358254 ID: f5e4b4
File 131864110285.png - (75.82KB , 1200x900 , 91.png )

I get closer, and the male one seems to switch his mood radically, suddenly getting up and leaning in with a big smile, clearing his throat before he tries to speak with a suave tone of voice.

“Well, hello there, pretty. You and your cute... sister? Anyways you two gorgeous creatures might be interested in a-Ooouff!”

He is harshly interrupted by the female one, who suddenly shoves him to the side, smiling at me like nothing happened.

“GREETINGS! Let me handle this or you’ll scare another costumer, Vick!”


“Oops, sorry about the sword! Don’t worry about it, I’ll pick it up later. What is important now is: are you ready for the ADVENTURE? We’re the Fantastic Vick and Vela, mighty and intrepid adventurers, bounty hunters, explorers...”

“Pirates?”--I can’t help but ask.

“Oh, no, no, no, no! At least not now... Anyways, you two look like a pair of resourceful ladies. Would you like to embark in an exciting hunt that will result in plenty of riches and universal glory!?”

“M-maybe. What is it about?”

“Well, you know the planet Koridya II in this very Star System? The touristic craphole with a huge jungle? Well, there’s been several reports and sightings of a Fireback Kroskha. A beast that was supposed extinct centuries ago! If we hunt it, we’ll be famous and rich beyond imagination. I bet we can sell each tooth of the beast for 10000 Credits each!”

She looks very excitable about the subject. Vick tries to talk but she’s not really letting him.

“So, Vick and I would’ve already done it ourselves, but we reckon this might be something too hard for just two people. And I’m afraid we don’t have the money to pay the Intersection travel to go back home. So we need resourceful and skilled warriors. We need you two! What do you say!!”

She looks at me expectantly with a big, hopeful smile. What should I answer?
No. 358256 ID: c7b6c2

Killing an endangered animal for profit?
This reeks of bad karma. Besides, odds are these two morons would die and we'd be stuck on a hostile planet being hunted by a dangerous creature. Decline.
No. 358257 ID: 78b9fc

No. 358258 ID: 35e1a0

endangered? it's supposed to be EXTINCT. if there is only one then it can't do anything other then die of old age.

ask what they are looking for, they want to just shoot it with guns or paint it and have your ship do a strafing run.
No. 358259 ID: e83f6a

we'll also probably end up diving head first into the same conspiracy and predicament as those maurians ! lets do it
No. 358261 ID: 78b9fc


If there's one then it had parents. Sighting one is almost a guarantee that there are more left unsighted.

How about follow these guys and mess up their hunt at a crucial moment, thus saving the beautiful Fireback Kroskha!

How about stick to the mission of rebuilding our powerNAH this sounds fun.
No. 358263 ID: b6edd6

If we get a blood sample, maybe somebody could clone more...
[Jurassic park happens]
No. 358266 ID: a2fa74

"Ah, I think I see the problem.
I'm going to be charitable and assume you're not used to be on the giving side of orders instead of, say, baiting gullible travelers into following you off somewhere so you can gut and rob them.
Either way, I could use you.

Oh, and you should have said live capture; worth far more."
No. 358267 ID: b6edd6

If your theory is correct (which seems plausible), taunting them is not a great idea. She has a gun out and we don't.
No. 358330 ID: 3d7a30

these two are dodgy as hell and the proposed plan is insane and ridiculous

let's do it
No. 358367 ID: f5e4b4
File 131870715517.png - (24.77KB , 1000x750 , 92.png )

I agree to work with them, but I also express my concerns about killing an endangered species, and ask if it wouldn’t be better to bring it alive?

“What’s the matter now, scared of drawing a bit of blood? That thing would tear you to shreds if you given it the chance, and you’re gonna go soft on it? And I don’t know how would you plan to get it alive, giving it a hug?”

“Besides, if we don’t do it, more people will hear about it and will try to hunt it down. And they’d just burn half the jungle with an orbital ray, so we’re actually making that place a favor!”

“Now, I can’t help to notice that your weapons suck, specially if we’re going for the big hunt. We have a laser rifle and an anti-matter trap. You should get something better than those toy guns if you want to help.”
No. 358368 ID: a2fa74

>afraid of a little blood
They don't actually know how live capture works, do they.
Shock weaponry to make its muscles lock, enough rope to hold it immobile, and a solidly built cage.

Then you put it up for bid and bring in several thousand times more cash than they could ever get from a corpse.
No. 358370 ID: e83f6a

explain how your great beauty will petrify the beast with a single glance. ready to retract the statement upon explanation it has no sense of vision
No. 358371 ID: 78b9fc


Well, it is possible that the Fireback Kroskha was deliberately driven extinct just because it was so horrible, in which case having a living specimen would be kind of like showcasing the last live samples of polio. Not very profitable to say the least. We're kind of jumping into this completely unprepared, so there's no way to tell for sure.

Ask them if they have any brochures. :3c
No. 358378 ID: b6edd6

It has been 'extinct' for centuries; after all that time people would probably not still dislike it.
It wouldn't hurt to know more about this creature beforehand though. (
No. 358385 ID: 1854db

Okay so it's near-extinct not from hunting, but from extermination. That's awesome.

Let's go get some real guns.
No. 358387 ID: f72f26

ask if they know any place to get good deals on guns
No. 358388 ID: b6edd6

Nevermind, reread the update and noticed my Derp.
No. 358403 ID: 4bdd79

>like showcasing the last live samples of polio
...which would still be insanely valuable (see also: the last two samples of smallpox). This thing is worth millions if we take it alive.
No. 358406 ID: d4155c

Well, I do agree capturing it alive would be valuable, but I don't think it's worth it. There are reasons the other groups use orbital arrays against these buggers and I don't think a dozen elephant tranqs and the world's biggest stun gun will take this down.

We go in, we go in to kill.
No. 358425 ID: f5e4b4
File 131872465945.png - (18.18KB , 1000x750 , 93.png )

“Don’t worry, the creature will be prettified at the mere sight of my great beauty.”

“I believe her.” --Says Vick.

“Shut up.”--Replies Vela without even thinking about it. “You gotta be kidding, aren’t you.”

“Maybe. But anyways, why can’t we use shock weapons and ropes to take it alive? What kind of creature are we talking about anyways?”

“Aw shit. You haven’t ever heard of a Fireback Kroskha, haven’t you. Well, the beast is like twenty feet tall. It looks like a giant worm, but that’s only the upper part, the rest is usually underground. And it’s all teeth and tentacles and shit! And the upper part’s skin is made of acid or some shit like that, that’s how it got the name. So yeah, there’s no way we’re getting one alive. But, once you manage to hurt its legs so it can’t go back underground, it should be easy peasy to kill it from there!”

“Uh... O-ok. Know any place where I can find good deals on guns?”

“Well... If you’re willing to take the risk, you can find some sweet deals in Uruua III, the junk planet. Smuggled stuff, but legit most of the times. You can also fish some good pieces if you want to risk it in the waste zones. We found the anti-matter trap lying in a pile of smashed tanks there, perfectly fine. We could take you there, if you want.”
No. 358546 ID: e83f6a

agree to be dumped on the junk planet like the trash that you ARE
No. 358549 ID: 35e1a0

to the JUNK PLANET. at least it isn't CAT PLANET, i heard that lace is insane.
No. 358551 ID: d4155c

Well.. I think thats a good enough reason to kill it with dark matter. Let's find some good gear and do the world a favor.
No. 358552 ID: 1444d5

Seems like the "orbital lance" idea isn't half bad. One team finds it and lures it out, the other hits it with the big stick. Can the space fighter hover in atmosphere, or at least circle around?
No. 358555 ID: d4155c

Sadly, I think I know why they want to go toe to toe. Using a tactical nuke like thing on it would likely leave very few bits around the country side.

Besides, we kill this thing, we can likely etch out a pretty good name. I mean, this thing sounds like pain given form. You need to be a bad ass to take one down with out bombing the country side.
No. 358558 ID: f5e4b4
File 131876894144.png - (218.01KB , 1000x750 , 94.png )

“Alright, let’s go to Uruua III and get some equipment.”

“Yay! We’ll be right behind you.”

We go back to the hangar and fly off the planet. The two sinarris follow us in a large, heavy fighter.
No. 358559 ID: f5e4b4
File 131876902020.png - (166.18KB , 1200x900 , 95.png )

A couple of cycles later, almost the end of the standard Ziraneé day, we arrive to Uruaa III. It’s almost impossible to see the land with all that industrial smoke and fog down there, only a few lights giving clues that there are actually something under that ocean of gaseous filth. The computer says that the air should be breathable and not toxic, though. Unless we stay there for a long period of time, but we’re not going to do that.

The voice of Vela comes out of the speaker, transmitting without visual input.

“Alright, I’m transmitting you the coordinates for three good places to look for stuff. Location A is The Town. They call it like that, The Town. It’s the largest settlement in the planet, a hole of ruffians and outcasts, but a good place to find cheap equipment.”

“Location B is an abandoned industrial sector near a river of chemicals and toxic wastes. It’s dangerous, but the river drags all kinds of cool stuff from the ruins.”

“And finally, Location C is an abandoned army outpost. People don’t go there, they say it’s too dangerous and that maybe it isn’t as abandoned as everybody thinks. Lots of folks try their luck there and never come back. Dangerous, but whatever treasures might be in there, they’re still untouched.”

So, where should we land first?
No. 358561 ID: c991a4

No. 358564 ID: e4003e

Lets apply those character shields and get to C.
No. 358591 ID: bd2a40

Land at B first to see if we can acquire some better stuff so we have higher chance of surviving heading to C to get even better stuff.
No. 358644 ID: 35bcde

A. Pick up some chemical protection gear. Then B. Then when we've got some crap go to C.
No. 358711 ID: e83f6a

B, in preparation for C
No. 358951 ID: f5e4b4
File 131888818539.png - (351.21KB , 1000x750 , 96.png )

We land in an open space in Location B. The fog is thick as soup, and smells terrible. Loads of trash, old machines, containers, and all kinds of chemicals pile up as far as I can see, which isn’t much, but you get the idea. I hear Vela talking to me somewhere behind me.

“There’s the river! You can take a look around, but whatever you do, don’t even touch the water unless you want to lose your hand and a good part of your arm.”

The river is just in front of me. I can also see a building to my left. It’s rather large, and it looks like some kind of industrial plant, abandoned, of course.
No. 358966 ID: 1854db

There's some sort of marking on some debris to your right. Check it out!
No. 358995 ID: e83f6a

check out the river but obviously dont risk touching it. the structure is probably gutted
No. 359159 ID: 7e9c15

fish ar