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File 131012128339.png - (259.75KB , 1314x670 , 1.png )
323481 No. 323481 ID: 3bad4c

Bad End Quest - Round One.

This is Bad End Quest! How fast can you get to a bad end?
Expand all images
No. 323482 ID: 3bad4c
File 131012130562.png - (92.09KB , 1600x1200 , 2.png )

Step 1: Build your character!
Step 2: Suggest actions!
Step 3: Achieve a bad end!
Step 4: Start the next round! (Repeat steps 1-3)

Let's get started. Our first victim has....
SKILLS? (Pick two - e.g. warrior/warrior, arcanist/psionicist, rogue/soulshaper)
No. 323483 ID: 07416a

No. 323484 ID: 3bad4c

Unfortunately, the FEY type is currently LOCKED.


[Additionally Fey is barred from Arcane, as are the Aberration, Outsider, Plant, Ooze and Construct types]
No. 323485 ID: f4eed5

Half-elf, Quarter-goblin, Fifth-human, Twenty-fifth-dragon, Hundredth-slime
Soulshaper, other
No. 323486 ID: 7aedd2

Male, Elf, Priest-Thief, Sad Background, Peaceful Area
No. 323510 ID: c2c011

Former M, now a eunuch.
Skill: Psionicist warrior
Background: Horrible, a eunuch slave soldier for an evil empire, taken at a young age and having witnessed the death of his family.
Hostile start area. It's a fucking warzone.
No. 323517 ID: 0d095c

Sex: F
Race: Shadar Kai
Job: Arcanist
Background: Horrible
Start: Hostile
No. 323531 ID: 3bad4c
File 131012866850.png - (28.78KB , 800x600 , 2-2.png )

Sex is Male!
Background is "Partially Happy, Partially Horrible"
Starting Area is Hostile!

To be decided:
RACE! [No consensus]
SKILLS! [No consensus]

Pixies/Shadar Kai are FEY type, which is LOCKED.

Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Halflings, Half-Elves are HUMANOID type, which is AVAILABLE.
No. 323533 ID: 0d095c

Human Psi Warrior then
No. 323537 ID: c2c011

Human psi warrior. Should still be a eunuch though.
No. 323539 ID: 0d095c

NO EUNUCHS. Do you know how MANY bad ends that eliminates on its' own?
No. 323540 ID: 3bad4c

I think the earliest a psionicist can regrow his own balls is level 9.
No. 323541 ID: c2c011

But it opens up for an entire new amount of bad ends. Like having to guard a Harem and he's got no junk!
No. 323546 ID: 3bad4c

Our first victim is a Male Human Psi/Warrior.

What is his name? (20 characters max. please)
No. 323547 ID: 0d095c

But he has no BALLS either, so he won't feel anything! Except perhaps depression.
No. 323548 ID: 05514e

Chuck L. Hed
No. 323549 ID: 0d095c

Red the Red
No. 323552 ID: 0d7a83

Bane Decimus
No. 323554 ID: c2c011

That and frustration over the fact that he should be able to feel something. He will have to stand guard and be mocked for his inablity for the rest of his life.

No. 323555 ID: 3bad4c

*beep boop beep*
No. 323562 ID: 0d7a83

Here ya go.
No. 323571 ID: 3bad4c
File 131013530063.png - (299.78KB , 1600x1200 , 3.png )

Abed Decimed the Red apologises for being poorly drawn.
He is at the doctor's office, and has just been informed he has testicular cancer.

His doctor is advising him to have them removed.
What should he do?

Abed is a Warrior [Warblade] / Psion [Egoist].
He has the power to:
* minor shapechange [no ability changes; +30 or -30cm in height, +50 or -50kg in _apparent_ mass, possible sex change]
* kill things with his sword
No. 323572 ID: a5a1cd

Shapeshift his testicles into a different but similar set of testicles not afflicted with cancer. Keep them that way.
No. 323573 ID: a4d333

off with them.
No. 323574 ID: 92c9a1

Kill self.

There you go, bad end in one turn.
No. 323575 ID: c2c011

Ask if there is an alternate way, like maybe shapechange out the cancer of the balls. If that's not possible then take it like a man and say good bye to your little friends. Then go to a blacksmith and get new balls made, out of steel.
No. 323577 ID: 0d095c

Go on a quest to find the magical wizard Elcatnet Retsnom, ask him to heal you.

No. 323578 ID: 55c4cf

have q do the next update
No. 323579 ID: 3bad4c
File 131013653350.png - (308.83KB , 1600x1200 , 4.png )

Abed doesn't think that killing himself is a good idea. That wouldn't be worth any points.
Wait..what points?
It doesn't seem possible to get rid of the cancer through shapeshifting. Presumably if he shapeshifted
into a woman it would become ovarian cancer.

Abed knows that there are such things as priests that could rid him of his disease with magic.
Did he mention his country was under attack by dragons?
Well, he's mentioning it now.

The doctor doesn't seem to notice the sounds of screaming and destruction from outside.
So, surgery or find a priest? Or something else?
No. 323580 ID: c2c011

Ask how common those healing priests are. If they're rare as fuck then it's chop chop time.
No. 323582 ID: 0d095c

This is my feeling too.
No. 323584 ID: c10733

No. 323585 ID: 3bad4c
File 131013762822.png - (312.16KB , 1600x1200 , 5.png )

Abed knows that while very uncommon, priests exist and are local. Unfortunately, to cope with the very high demand for their services, they are known to charge a lot of money for these miracle cures.
Currently, Abed only has 5 gold pieces, and would need 150 to pay for an instant cure.
His doctor, on the other hand, is willing to do the surgery for free. Abed is very happy to have the doctor waive the fee for old time's sake.
(Abed and the doctor's sister were a couple for a time. She got pregnant, and then they split up. Last he heard, she was running a lucrative door-to-door business. Abed didn't know door-to-door saleswomen were the world's oldest professionals.)
No. 323587 ID: c2c011

Well how much do you get for fucking up a dragon? Because if you get enough cash for it then it's time for some motherfucking dragon slaying!
No. 323590 ID: 0d095c


Anyway, you should TOTALLY trust the Doctor. DO IT.
No. 323598 ID: 1854db

Have the doctor chop off your balls.
No. 323599 ID: 3bad4c
File 131014207414.png - (360.17KB , 1600x1200 , 6.png )


Wait wait wait..she's a whore now!? Of course! World's oldest pro..




He looks surprised.

Oh crap. I killed my doctor, and I might still have cancer! What do I do?
No. 323602 ID: c4468a

The time honored tradition of adventures everywhere. Loot the body.
No. 323604 ID: 6293d0

No. 323605 ID: 3aa9e6

Eat the body to hide the evidence! Or just, y'know, kick it under the table.

And cancer is really bad. Maybe you should try to figure out which of your balls it's in and cut that off yourself. You've got everything you need for surgery right there, it's a doctor's office! And you're a warrior, you don't need anesthesia! Nor do you even need balls, it just means no more accidental pregnancy!
No. 323615 ID: c2c011

Steal all of his cash and valuables that can be easily fenced. Then it's time to go slay that dragon in an epic fashion. Oh, also change your height, weight and face before exiting this place, have to throw off any potential witnesses.

Anyway, kill dragon, obtain sweet loots and a boost in reputation. Go to healer priest and get cancer in balls fixed. The dragon is right there so it's not like you need to hunt after it.
No. 323616 ID: a4d333


actually, he won't be able to get it up without balls.

fuck it. loot his shit. did he have and documents about you? take them with you.
No. 323741 ID: a5a1cd

>actually, he won't be able to get it up without balls.
Not strictly true. Sometimes even after having the testicles severed men remain capable of erection.

But that is not terribly important.

>Unfortunately, to cope with the very high demand for their services, they are known to charge a lot of money for these miracle cures.
Are these priests also capable of miracle blasting? Or inflicting horrible curses, or anything of the sort? Because if not, the time-honored tradition of "force him to heal you for free with a sword to his throat" could be the solution to all your problems.
No. 323773 ID: 0d095c

Oh shit! You killed an innocent man for no reason!

MY GOD! As penance, you must kill the dragon! QUICK, OR THEY'LL SAY YOU'RE A MURDERER!
No. 323832 ID: 3bad4c
File 131017310860.png - (374.72KB , 1600x1200 , 7.png )

Twelve pieces of gold, one healer's kit (masterwork) and one set of patient notes.
Wait, this is just doodles of laughing faces.

Yeah, the priests capable of curing disease are just as capable at removing life. Abed would have to be some kind of infamous villain to successfully intimidate a priest of that calibre.

'Oh crap, I'm a murderer! Dragon..'
'I can't see the dragon anymore. Everything is on fire..'
Abed quickly forms an idea!

'It looks like his secretary left early today. That's good.'
No. 323842 ID: 9c9933


you're already a murderer. you just gotta convince them to heal you before you pay them, and after the cancer is gone, you'll just do what murderers are wont to do.

on that note, upgrade your CHA.
No. 323843 ID: 3bad4c

Abed is not sure where to go now.

Into town? (It's on fire)
Out of town? (Less on fire)
No. 323846 ID: 1854db

Into town!
No. 323848 ID: c2c011

Follow the trail of tears and fire to the dragon, then slay the beast. Or possibly lay it if it's a hot female dragon.
No. 323850 ID: 9c9933


a sound plan.
No. 323869 ID: 0d095c

No. 323905 ID: 3bad4c
File 131018216272.png - (459.06KB , 1600x1200 , 8.png )

Abed walks into town.
The smoke is unpleasant.
He can hear the screams as people are burnt alive while trapped in their homes.

He turns towards the screaming, prepared to help.

Then there's a low rumbling sound from in front of him.
Out of the smoke, a (very) large dragon head appears.
No. 323907 ID: 378220

Shapechange into small dragon. Meowl pitifully.
No. 323910 ID: 3bad4c

Abed can't shapechange into a dragon of any size until level 7 at the earliest.

Meowl anyway?
No. 323911 ID: 6a5a08

No. 323912 ID: 378220
File 131018297968.jpg - (29.64KB , 420x319 , CLEAVE AND SMITE.jpg )

No. 323914 ID: 28e94e

1. Keep advancing
2. Shield up in case it tries to roast you
3. Immediately whip out that bow and shoot it in the eyes
4. Finish up with your sword, try to avoid being bitten in half
No. 323915 ID: 75ce8a

Use Psionic powers to control/seduce dragon. It is female right? Right?
No. 323921 ID: 451cb8

Use upgrade point on dragon
No. 323922 ID: 6a5a08

Shapechange dragon into kitten
No. 323926 ID: 00d3d5

Seduce dragon, hope it's female.
No. 323992 ID: 1854db

No. 323993 ID: 3bad4c
File 131018895151.png - (286.00KB , 1600x1200 , 9.png )

(Upgrade points are for upgrading the next character - higher levels, advanced races, artefacts of power, that kind of thing)

Abed's level 1 minor shapechange only works on Abed, and he still has to look humanoid. He could maybe impersonate an elf, or half-dragon humanoid, or something like that.

Abed has NO idea the sex of the dragon. Dragons don't have tits.

Sounds like a good plan B.
Hopefully plan A will be enough to confuse the dragon!

Abed enacts plan A.
* Manifests 'Conceal Thoughts' +10 Bluff
* Says to dragon 'Wow, you're beautiful. Hey, I'm a shapechanger, I can look like anything roughly human. What do you say me and you go someplace *cough* not as full of smoke? Meow!'
* Waits for inevitable death.
No. 323994 ID: 3bad4c
File 131018899491.png - (316.68KB , 1600x1200 , 10.png )

(Some time later)
+5 upgrade points.
Not a female dragon.
'That.. was the best experience of my life. And now he's licking me.'
"Hee.. do you know you're really good at this?" Abed asks the dragon.
>"No, not really. I don't usually play with my food."

'Oh crap.'
Abed makes a Knowledge (arcana) check: Red dragons' favourite food is young humans and elves.
No. 324001 ID: 00d3d5

Convince dragon you'll help it get a steady supply of food in exchange for being its mate. Or love slave.

There are always criminals in need of execution, after all. Besides, does he really want to eat something he put his dick in?
No. 324009 ID: 0d7a83

Yeah go with this. Plan B can be turning into a dwarf or something. By the way how much is dragon semen worth?
No. 324019 ID: 1854db

Shapeshift into something that he wouldn't want to eat. Like an orc, perhaps. Or an ent. Or something.

THEN bargain with the dragon.
No. 324044 ID: 451cb8

shapeshift into a really old-looking human


No. 324058 ID: 3bad4c
File 131019862812.png - (352.35KB , 1600x1200 , 11.png )

Well, as fun as being its 'love' slave would probably be, Abed can't think of a way that h-SHE would be better at finding humanoids for the dragon to eat that he could be.

Oh.. Abed doesn't know. There sure is a lot of it around though.

Yeah, plan B sounds like a better one this time.
Abed uses minor shapechange! Form of an ugly man-orc!
It's not working.

Form of an ugly she-orc?
Hnnng.. that worked!

There's only one reason she can't turn back..
"Don't eat me, I'm pregnant with your child."
>"What.. DAMN."
"You're not going to eat me?"
>"I'm not going to eat you. I suppose you'll have to stay here as I've burnt your home to ash. Do you like elf meat?"
Abed doesn't think she likes elf meat..
What should Abed do?
No. 324061 ID: 00d3d5

Ask what form he would find the most appealing to lay with but least appealing to eat, then take that form.

What, you want to get away? You think you can escape a dragon once he's caught your scent? You think he would let the creature bearing his offspring escape?

Get used to eating elf and human meat, since you're going to spend the rest of your life as his incubator and sex slave. Maybe if your prayers are heard and you behave yourself he'll become attached to you, and won't eat you the moment his child is born.
He probably won't kill you until you birth his child, but don't delude yourself into thinking that fleeing or defying his will is anything but a delayed death sentence.
No. 324062 ID: 1854db

Umm... how about you just say you'll hunt your own food? You can kill things with your sword, after all.

(man, are we just really good at not getting a bad end? I thought we'd be dead by now!)
No. 324067 ID: 313ae6

Use sword on limp dragon penis. Its weak spot is exposed, you can get away while it writhes in agony!
No. 324069 ID: 451cb8

Since the point of it is getting a bad end, I think we're really bad at getting a bad end.

I think we should at least TRY Elf meat. Can't be sure whether or not we like it until we've tasted it.
No. 324084 ID: c2c011

Tell the dragon that you can get your own food if given funds, and also some nice stuff for a coming baby.

If the dragon buys it then get enough cash for an abortive and a heal from a priest. Then get out of here and get away. If dragon follows then it's a fight to the death.
No. 324086 ID: 24eaa3


you're thinking too small. we obviously need to achieve bad end by conquering the world by manipulating our new draconic master.

I agree that you should try to eat elf.
No. 324088 ID: 0d095c

Maybe he'll get Kuru and FINALLY DIE. Cuz seriously Psithief, you made him REALLY COMPETENT, even if he is outrageously impulsive
No. 324092 ID: 3bad4c
File 131021396091.png - (345.00KB , 1600x1200 , 12.png )

That was a tongue dripping with saliva, so it's not as much of a weak point.

'Where is the sword?' Abed wonders, as she looks around the dragon's lair.
There seems to be quite a few swords in the dragon's hoard.

The dragon has left its lair to get me some food.
'I'm alone with his treasure, but the nearest exit is high above my head.'
'Oh, and there's a lake of lava between me and it.'

Abed searches through the dragon's hoard looking for useful items and clothing.
It's a well-known fact that dragons will hoard anything of value, regardless of their ability to use it.

Abed thinks the dragon is either going to keep her, or eat her, but doesn't think it's going to let her just go.
Items found:
• Sword, probably magic. Oh wow, that's really cold.
• Cloak. Maybe magic?
• A few potions
• Chain shirt, maybe magic.
Everything else is coins and other loot.

The dragon is still away, so Abed searches the cave thoroughly for another exit. Unfortunately, Abed would have to be extraordinarily good at climbing to get out. It looks like the only way out is to get the dragon's trust, or have treasure hunters get her out. Abed really really hopes she's not addicted to really great dragon sex by then.

He returns, dropping to the platform with the hoard. He drops some partially mangled corpses, and starts snacking on one.
They appear to be elves, one still has a bow in his hand.
Here goes.. [Fortitude save success] 'Ugh..raw! But it's this or starve.'

2 weeks pass.
No. 324093 ID: 3bad4c

Sorry, warblade//egoist is my favourite v3.5 gestalt. They're super powerful and awesome!
Also I'm rolling dice behind the scenes, and they keep coming up with high numbers.)
No. 324095 ID: 00d3d5

There's a lake of lava. Just use the sword to hold some meat out over it and let convection cook it for you.
No. 324096 ID: 0bd0b0

Sword may have some sort of freezing enchant, I think using it to cook may lead to something bad but eh I'll second it. We ARE supposed to get to the bad end.
No. 324097 ID: 0d095c

No. 324099 ID: 00d3d5

>There seems to be quite a few swords in the dragon's hoard.

Pretty sure they aren't all magic.
No. 324100 ID: 451cb8

actually this is worth a shot, see if we can solidify patches of lava using that freezing sword
No. 324101 ID: 0d095c

Also, when this plan inevitably falls through, ask the Dragon to cure your cancer.
No. 324102 ID: 451cb8

and when we eventually give birth make sure it is properly baptized

in the lava
No. 324103 ID: 0d095c

Ah, but Red Dragons are IMMUNE to fire, so it wouldn't die.
No. 324104 ID: 451cb8

that's why it's a baptism, not a murder...ism.

I'm pretty much just thinking about goofy things we could do. I wonder if we should do some kind of check just to make sure we haven't gotten addicted to dragon sex in the past two weeks, like Abed was worried about.
No. 324106 ID: 00d3d5

You mean the cancer diagnosed by a doctor who hated the fuck out of him?
The doctor whose patient notes were just gloating scribbles?
The doctor who probably just wanted to chop his balls off?
That cancer?

Yea, I don't think we should waste our time asking about it.

>use convection from lava to cook food
>ignore convection and try to make flimsy rock bridge that would quickly melt and sink

That's a stupid way to die. No style or substance.
No. 324107 ID: 712d5e

welp, if you weren't pregnant before the two weeks of dragon sex, you probably are now.
No. 324108 ID: c2c011

Tell him you're hungry again, then prepare for a trap while he's out. You can transform into a monkey or something that is great at climbing and prepare one at the entry point. Then when he comes in again, bam! trap triggers and you jump down from above, grab a hold and then kill his scaley ass.
No. 324109 ID: 0d095c

What part of BAD end quest did you not get!?


And asking a DRAGON to HEAL you would probably result in SOMETHING happening...
No. 324110 ID: 3bad4c
File 131022121725.png - (525.23KB , 1600x1200 , 13.png )

[Will save success] Abed is not yet addicted..
Abed finally managed to convince the dragon she wasn't going to run away. She's been allowed out to hunt for her own food.
[Survival check failure] She doesn't know how to hunt for food in the middle of a forest wilderness.
[Survival check failure] She also doesn't know the way to the nearest civilisation.
Perhaps she can instead find a cave or underground tunnel system to escape the dragon?
Or should she try to kill some monsters (if there are any) in the forest? That way she will become more powerful, and have an easier time escaping the dragon later, as long as she can resist his lure, that is.
No. 324114 ID: 451cb8

We don't know how to hunt... but can we scavenge? Alternatively, can we find edible plants?

Not supporting killing monsters; I (only kind of) want to hold off dying until the inevitably horrible birth.
No. 324115 ID: 0d095c

Dude, he failed BOTH survival checks. I think we're lucky this isn't MORDOR. Let's go find a monster! And return before the dragon gets back, and we die of Kuru from eating all those elves.
No. 324116 ID: 00d3d5

If you can't hunt game, then try foraging.
If you can't do that, then shapechange into a werewolf and try to sniff out game.
If that fails, then shift into a harpy or other flying hominid so you can get up high and look for civilization.

Alternatively? Go ahead and hunt some monsters. Maybe you'll get lucky and kill something edible.

The dragon let you out to hunt, but you're intelligent enough to know that it's keeping a close eye on you. If you try to flee you'll never be allowed outside again.
You want him to trust you to the point where he lets you come and go freely, and from there to the point that he wouldn't worry if you spend the occasional night outside.
Rushing will doom you, so take a few months to convince the dragon you've fallen in love with him.
No. 324117 ID: 0d095c

This actually makes a hell of a lotta sense. And to be honest, I don't think shapeshifters can GET Kuru, as the Prions would be incompatible with the new proteins. Or some shit.

Let's do this plan!
No. 324118 ID: 00d3d5

Kuru also incubates for 5-20 years before symptoms manifest, and from that point it takes about a year to die.
Also, you can only catch it from people who have it. I'm pretty sure Elf adventurers don't have a reputation for eating people.
No. 324119 ID: 0d095c

Hmmmm... I'm not sure which elves exist here. So I'm going to assume they are cannibals. OH WELL.
No. 324121 ID: 0d7a83

S/he does not have Kuru. It's only found in humans, not pussy elves. Now it's time to become more powerful. KILLING SPREE.
No. 324124 ID: c2c011

Find monster, capture monster then interogate monster about how to get to the nearest settlement.
No. 324125 ID: 3bad4c

(People, people..
Minor shapechange is really really minor.

It can't let you fly, nor climb better nor become an animal.

Change Shape

You gain the minor change shape ability, like that of a changeling.
Level: 1st.
Replaces: The bonus feat at 1st level.
Benefit: You gain the minor change shape ability that is possessed by changelings.
Minor Change Shape (Su): Changelings have the supernatural ability to alter their appearance as though using a disguise self spell that affects their bodies but not their possessions. This ability is not an illusory effect, but a minor physical alteration of a changeling's facial features, skin color and texture, and size, within the limits described for the spell. A changeling can use this ability at will, and the alteration lasts until she changes shape again. A changeling reverts to her natural form when killed. A true seeing spell reveals her natural form. When using this ability to create a disguise, a changeling receives a +10 circumstance bonus on Disguise checks. Using this ability is a full-round action.
Disguise Self
Illusion (Glamer)
Level:Brd 1, Sor/Wiz 1, Trickery 1
Components:V, S
Casting Time:1 standard action
Duration:10 min./level (D)
You make yourself—including clothing, armor, weapons, and equipment—look different. You can seem 1 foot shorter or taller, thin, fat, or in between. You cannot change your body type. Otherwise, the extent of the apparent change is up to you. You could add or obscure a minor feature or look like an entirely different person.

The spell does not provide the abilities or mannerisms of the chosen form, nor does it alter the perceived tactile (touch) or audible (sound) properties of you or your equipment.

If you use this spell to create a disguise, you get a +10 bonus on the Disguise check.

A creature that interacts with the glamer gets a Will save to recognize it as an illusion.

Finally, failed Survival checks to find food can't be retried for 24 hours. Abed will 'take 10' next time.

We'll return with some actual combat tomorrow.
No. 324143 ID: 1854db

Looking for edible plantlife is an option too; try that. But yeah, we should at least hunt a monster or two while looking for some caves.

(Hey, how do we use Upgrade Points?)
No. 324146 ID: 451cb8

about upgrade points, and
>>the post directly before you
about survival checks relating to food
No. 324390 ID: 3bad4c
File 131026533689.png - (693.13KB , 1600x1200 , 14.png )

Yeah! Abed is really psyched to go stab something.

Then she walks into a web.
It's an ettercap web!
Abed manifests a power to help free herself just as the ettercap notices something has walked into its web.

It comes down to bite, but Abed blocks it with her shield!
Focusing, she swings the magic scimitar, surprising the ettercap! The scimitar sinks deep into its hide, and there is the sound of frost shattering.
Wounded, the ettercap withdraws. It climbs high into the trees, much faster than Abed could.
Should Abed follow it (on the ground) and try to kill it (possibly with the bow)?
Or try to find something else?
Or some other course of action?
No. 324391 ID: 126430

No. 324448 ID: 00d3d5

Trap-laying monsters are a pain in the ass to kill, and that thing isn't going to make a good meal. Go kill something else.
No. 324504 ID: c2c011

Injure it a bit more with an arrow and then follow it towards the nest. Following the blood trail should be possible for you.
No. 324526 ID: 0d095c

Wait, is that Icingdeath? BWAHAHAHAHAAHAHHA.

Anyway, remember that Ettercaps travel in groups, in company with Large Numbers of Giant Spiders. Also, their flesh is horribly poisonous. So yeah, screw this. It's better to leave and become a loveslave than be eaten by hundreds of giant spiders.
No. 324540 ID: 9bc0e3

attempt to follow it.
No. 324541 ID: 451cb8

Don't follow!
No. 324545 ID: 3bad4c
File 131030500328.png - (694.92KB , 1600x1200 , 15.png )

Abed isn't sure it has a nest, but is definitely sure that if it does then going there could be a very quick way out of her predicament.
Even so, maybe she can still kill the fleeing creature!
She manifests grease on the branch the ettercap is standing on. It falls from its branch, hitting the leaf-covered forest floor with a sickening crunch.
Wow! I can't believe that worked.
She yells as she charges it, sticking the scimitar through its side, ripping a gory hole. It collapses, spewing green blood across the leaf litter.
Haha! Die, die!
She giggles as she stabs it a few more times.

Later, Abed finds some items in the branches nearby. They're probably what's left of someone else that passed through.
• A sack, made out of some kinda hide
• A piece of jade
• A gem? Carnelian?
• An amulet. Magic? Must be!

Abed can't follow the dead ettercap anymore. Also, her sword appears to be fairly awesome.
Search for more danger?
No. 324546 ID: 0d095c


If Nethack has told me anything, it's that unless it's an amulet of ESP or Lifesaving, IT WILL KILL YOU DEAD.

Just loot everything, and leave. AND WATCH OUT FOR SPIDERS.
No. 324547 ID: 9bc0e3

yes. kill more things.
No. 324548 ID: 697036

I'm from Buenos Aires, and I say kill 'em all!
No. 324549 ID: 00d3d5

The dragon lives in a cave on a mountain, right? Can you climb up the mountain to survey the area?

Ask the dragon if he would be willing to take you flying. If he agrees, then keep an eye out for towns you can visit on your next outing.
If you see one, then when you next go out tell the dragon you plan to go there to get supplies - fruits and vegetables and other such things to keep your diet balanced, plus a bedroll so you don't have to sleep on a pile of gold.
Again, the dragon is going to keep a close eye on you, so do what you said you would do and return.
No. 324555 ID: 3bad4c
File 131031026683.png - (700.10KB , 1600x1200 , 16.png )

Abed already has a bedroll. This is what Abed started with:
• a backpack and a sack
• flint and steel (used to set alight the doctor's office)
• 1 shortbow and a quiver of 20 arrows
• one bedroll
• one waterskin
• one torch (unused)
• scale mail (discarded)
• one heavy wooden shield
• one longsword (discarded)
Abed also had to climb down the mountain to get into the forest, at least part of the way down.

Abed was all gung-ho for killing more things, until she realised they'd probably be more spiders.
She turns back in the direction of the mountain, and runs into a spider.
Surprised, she just barely dodges out of its way!
She brings the scimitar down in a blow to the spiders head!
It carves its way straight through the beast's head.
Ok..wow. Too bad whomever had this sword didn't succeed in killing that dragon.
No. 324558 ID: 3bad4c
File 131031115563.png - (678.26KB , 1600x1200 , 17.png )

Maybe just one more? Just one more..
A snake. Can I sneak up on it..yes!

The scimitar finds the snake's heart, and it dies confused.
Abed is now level 2.
The snake looks edible. Drag the snake up the mountain, or eat it here?
No. 324565 ID: c2c011

Eat here and camp outside. Tomorrow it's time to kill more monsters. We're taking that god damn dragon down and aborting its vile spawn. Or possibly raise the vile spawn as a future mount. But the dragon dies!
No. 324568 ID: 0d095c

Are you sure we should try and kill the dragon? We're level TWO, and apparently this dragon killed Drizzt PERMANENTLY. Or at least recently enough that he still hasn't gotten his stuff back.

Also, be VERY careful with the snake. I know this is BAD end quest, but I just got emotionally invested in Abed! Avoid the head, cut it off and then don't touch it. Those muscles are spring loaded, and the fangs are envenomed with god knows what. Remove the organs and glands and cook the muscle well before eating it. DO NOT eat the liver. Snakes are carnivores, and it probably won't be healthy for an omnivore to eat.
No. 324570 ID: 00d3d5

It's probably safe, but we're looking to avoid needless risks.
Take the snake back with you and eat it inside the dragon's lair. If it's poisonous then the dragon will either heal you or take you to somebody who can heal you. Besides, you don't want the dragon to think you're trying to escape the very first time he lets you out.
Go back and enjoy more mind-blowing dragon sex. Nothing bad could possibly come from something that wonderful.
No. 324574 ID: 3bad4c

Abed totally knows about venom glands. She cuts the head off, leaving a good margin for error.
Wait, this is a constrictor snake, it doesn't have venom glands!
Abed doesn't know much about guts though, so she just dumps them all out.
She makes a fire and cooks the meat/muscle, and succeeds in not setting the forest on fire. It was a close one though.

She thinks about going back for a good long hard ten minutes or so, and decides that it's probably much safer than being out in the forest with no shelter at night.
Abed decides that whomever created dragons must have been a huge pervert. She can't think of any other reason they would need a prehensile penis, nor the ability to control how much it engorges.
She rubs her legs together at the thought, almost wishing there was some underwear that would fit in the dragon's hoard.
Maybe I'll just steal his next meal's panties.
No. 324588 ID: 0d095c

I highly recommend wandering around a little more before going back.

Also, too much information.
No. 324600 ID: 00d3d5

Climb as far up the dragon's mountain as you can and survey the area, then return to the dragon.
Remember, you want him to think you're loyal so he'll trust you.
No. 324601 ID: c2c011

You can build shelter in the forest, and if you're wimpy and stay by the side of some protecter when things look rough then you will never get free. There is also a time limit. You still got cancer, time is not on your side here.
No. 324603 ID: 9bc0e3

you are pissing the dragon off. don't piss off the dragon goddammit. return to the lair.
No. 324974 ID: 3bad4c
File 131037354663.png - (412.17KB , 1600x1200 , 18.png )

Abed decides to return to the lair, but is going to have a good look at the surroundings before going inside.
By the time she hauls the cooked snake up the mountain it's getting to be late. The sun is going down, and the sight is pretty.

Abed sits down to consider all her problems.
She considers that she's a man currently trapped as a female due to pregnancy.
She considers that there's a dragon that keeps her as a pet.
She considers that she killed her son's uncle.
She considers that her son has been burnt to ash by a dragon. Good thing she never met him.
She considers that all the people she knows are dead.
She considers that she has some mental issues, probably from being sexually abused by her step-mother when she was a boy.
She considers how awkward pronoun usage is for her right now.

She wonders at length if the dragon is going to be perturbed by her increase in power. Is she going to have to do something ridiculously risky to survive, or can she keep it amused for long enough?

She worries about all these things as she chews bits of snake and watches the red sun paint the clouds in crimson hues.
No. 324983 ID: 3bad4c
File 131037808529.png - (1.27MB , 1600x1200 , 19.png )

Moping done, Abed looks around.
She can't see any obvious signs of civilisation, but obvious civilisations probably wouldn't last long with a red dragon around anyway.
The sun sets as she meditates on her new abilities, she picks and chooses carefully. Then, expending the last of her power, she stretches out her senses, looking, searching.
Fifty seven k to a village called La'themi. It sounds elvish.
The name and direction drift into her mind, and she relaxes. Finally, an obvious opportunity.

But when to flee? Occasionally the dragon leaves for much of the day, usually returning with new treasure for its hoard, but she never knew when that would be.
How should she ask when it will be out longer without the dragon getting suspicious?
No. 324992 ID: 00d3d5

If you're in good shape and you have a clear path then you might be able to get there in a day. You do not have a clear path.
The dragon could get there in under an hour, has your scent, and would obviously know the location of the nearest town.

Your best chance to flee would be to convince the dragon you are both loyal and madly in love with him, then tell him you plan to go to the town and give an estimate of when you should get back. Then fake your death. He'll destroy the town in a rage, but it might fool him long enough to get out of his hunting range.

For now, return to the dragon and show him thanks for letting you outside. Start to be affectionate towards him.
No. 324993 ID: c2c011

Hmm, 57 k over uncleared terrain. Can be done in a day if you're in good shape and know how to move in the forest. Which means you need more time out there hunting and killing as well as building up stamina.

You need to convince the dragon to let you out more. Since it's likely still planning to eat you I don't think it's going to fall for any plot involving you being madly in love with it. But you could say that you want to get more food for yourself and hunt the lands outside because you like killing stuff with your own hands. Then try the cravings trick, tell the dragon you crave something special that is hard to get and far away, if he falls for it then that's great. If not then try to see how long he lets you be outside before getting suspicious. If it's long enough then you might have a chance to simply wait until you see him fly off and then make for the village.
No. 324998 ID: 00d3d5


Actually, lets review:
Everybody you ever knew is dead.
You've been feasting on elf flesh, which is a crime punishable by death in addition to being abominable.
Escape is nigh impossible, and attempts will result in more restrictive slavery, if not the deaths of you and/or entire cities full of people.

Now that you are allowed outside it's not so bad living with the dragon; you aren't subject to abuse, your 'owner' doesn't really care what you do, your dragon is concerned for your physical well being, and the sex is indescribable.
And what of your pregnancy? If you don't intend to end it then you will either have to leave it with a dragon that wouldn't know how to care for it, or take it with you and keep it secret from the world lest its father find it. Neither would be right for the child.
Dragons live for tens of thousands of years. It would think nothing of spending a century hunting you down; you would live in constant fear of the day the dragon finds you.

Even if you escaped, you have no home, no friends, no family, no mission, no goals, and no prospects for any of these things.

There is only one way you will ever know happiness. Return to the dragon, and indulge until you no longer wish to leave. Perhaps one day your powers will grow until you can become a dragon yourself.
No. 325001 ID: 0d095c

This sounds good. But also, make sure you develop extreme bloodlust, as that's the only way to get more powerful... somehow. Balance your two mind-fracturing addictions.
No. 325010 ID: c2c011

One little problem with that. The dragon still considers Abed as food. Now it's just food that happens to carry the dragon's progeny. Once that's no longer the case then it's likley Abed will go back to being just food. And there's the cancer to consider. If it's real then it will lead to death in a fairly short while if not treated.

Staying here means death. Not immediatly but it's inevitable, and both probable ends are rather gruesome and painful deaths. The most immediate goal is killing the dragon and escaping. Followed by curing the cancer and possibly getting rid of the baby dragon.

After that we will have an entire dragon hoard to spend. No real goals are needed aside from ale and wenches at that point.
No. 325011 ID: c2c011

One little problem with that. The dragon still considers Abed as food. Now it's just food that happens to carry the dragon's progeny. Once that's no longer the case then it's likley Abed will go back to being just food. And there's the cancer to consider. If it's real then it will lead to death in a fairly short while if not treated.

Staying here means death. Not immediatly but it's inevitable, and both probable ends are rather gruesome and painful deaths. The most immediate goal is killing the dragon and escaping. Followed by curing the cancer and possibly getting rid of the baby dragon.

After that we will have an entire dragon hoard to spend. No real goals are needed aside from ale and wenches at that point.
No. 325012 ID: c2c011

One little problem with that. The dragon still considers Abed as food. Now it's just food that happens to carry the dragon's progeny. Once that's no longer the case then it's likley Abed will go back to being just food. And there's the cancer to consider. If it's real then it will lead to death in a fairly short while if not treated.

Staying here means death. Not immediatly but it's inevitable, and both probable ends are rather gruesome and painful deaths. The most immediate goal is killing the dragon and escaping. Followed by curing the cancer and possibly getting rid of the baby dragon.

After that we will have an entire dragon hoard to spend. No real goals are needed aside from ale and wenches at that point.
No. 325013 ID: 00d3d5

Assuming the cancer is real, the dragon WILL see to it that it's cured.
As far as staying alive goes, I wouldn't worry too much. Do you really think the dragon is going to want to take care of a half-dragon kid on his own? Do you think the dragon is going to even be capable of taking care of a half-dragon kid on his own?
It'll be years until the kid is capable of surviving in its father's care, and by that point it will already be old enough to talk and the dragon won't be able to kill Abed without permanently alienating it.
One meal is far from worth the trouble.
No. 325018 ID: 565abe

the way I see it, power is our goal and the birth is our deadline.

I wonder how long a half-dragon would take to gestate.
No. 325020 ID: 3bad4c

Hmm..looking at gestation times..
I'm going to guess 18 months for now.)
No. 325023 ID: c2c011

I think the dad will kick out the kid and let it survive or die on its own to prove its worth and then eat Abed. I also think the cancer is real and it's a very painful way to die.

That's why I think your plan of settling down is bad in the extreme. Suicide would be better.
No. 325026 ID: 519d0a

Why don't we, instead of trying to guess what the dragon will do, attempt to find out? At the very least we're still going to be there in the short term. Let's just fucking well ask!
No. 325032 ID: 0d4861

You are all overthinking this. We get points for BAD END. We litrally need her/him to die horribly to advance.
No. 325037 ID: 3bad4c
File 131039990324.png - (444.02KB , 1600x1200 , 20.png )

Abed is fairly certain that she's absolutely terrible at fooling the dragon. He seems to be able to read her very well. She'll try to make her actual feelings towards the dragon useful somehow. Half-truths should be easier than lies.
Yeah, Abed sure didn't learn how to kill things with a sword only to not kill things with a sword! It's so obvious!
>"Ah, my little pet knows it's way home."
And so the dragon managed to sneak up on her as she pondered.
Craning her head back, she answers, trying to think of the most likely method to manipulate the dragon.
"Yes.. I uh, sliced a few things out there. Just keeping your forest clean of uh, vermin."
The dragon chuckles.
>"I like you, little pet! You know you are nothing compared to me, and yet you still look me directly in the eye as if daring me to eat you."
She sighs. "Other people, humans. They would say I'm crazy. Violent."
>"Ha! Yes, and now they're all dead aren't they?" He is grinning.
"Yes." She pauses. "I wouldn't have lasted long there anyway."
True enough, I am a murderer.
He's moved his head closer. He sniffs her.
"Why..", she stammers, "why keep me?"
>"Ah, brave little pet. I had a half-dragon pet guarding my hoard when I was younger. They're suprisingly loyal, and entertainingly vicious!"
He turns to bark a laugh, probably remembering a particularly gory scene.
>"And of course, there's that thing you can do, pretending to be a different female every night. Hmm." He sniffs her again, then licks her face once.
Oh gods..
>"I should let you out more often, you taste much better when you're sweaty."
Abed breathes out hastily, feelings of lust and feelings of shame battling it out in her mind. Desperate to think clearly, she puts all of her focus into clearing her mind. Suprisingly, it works.
You're such a dirty girl. Stop lusting and keep looking for an angle.
She notices her pulse is slowing again. The dragon sees her as cowed, possibly even predictable. She considers if she can use that. The dragon would never believe she's fallen in love.. but maybe something similar?
She reaches up, gently touching the dragon's jaw. "I don't want to fight you anymore," she says, softly.
>"My pet is finally acknowledging its master. I knew you would. Come inside, little pet, I'll make good use of you tomorrow."
Abed doesn't know what that means, but it sounds like progress. She follows the dragon inside and has a wonderful, dirty night.

Early the next morning, Abed finally manages to open the hide sack she found by using her teeth on the leather strap.
Inside she finds sixty coins, they're Aurae, worth ten gold each.
She looks around, then sighs and just empties the sack onto the dragon's hoard.
>"Don't be so hasty, little pet," the dragon says as it stretches and gets up. "Today we're going to do a little test."
"Tell me," she states without a hint of argument.
>"You're going to be my delicious little spy. I'm going to drop you off near a nice big town and you're going to find out where all the most valuable things are."
"So you don't burn them?"
>"Yes! So I just burn all their defences, and we add to my hoard at our leisure."
"How many days do I have?"
>"I'll say three, little pet. I'm sure you can manage without me for that long."
Abed looks at the dragon longingly, or does her best impression.
"Alright. Don't forget about me."
>"Haha. Now see if you can find something wearable." He looks over to the pile of bits of clothing his meals wore.
Oh good.. now I get to watch another burn. What is wrong with me? Three days of chances, and I'm still terrified!
Abed sorts out a new outfit, packs her backpack and a few coins. Coins that will probably be back in the dragon's hoard soon enough.
She tries not to think any rebellious thoughts as she the dragon picks her up.
Some hours later, they start descending. Abed can see a town, and though it seems to be home to quite a few people she's sure that it will fall to the dragon just as easily as her home did.
He lands in nearby forest, drops her, licks her face once, and flies off.
Okay. Here I go...
No. 325039 ID: 519d0a

Okay so the dragon wants us for sex and his half-dragon kid. No objections here! I say, provided we don't get a bad end in this place, we stay with the dragon.

Holy crap we're good at this whole dragon sex thing.
No. 325040 ID: 0d095c

Wander into town along the side of the road.
Make up a believable story about a borked coach. Wander around town and chat up the locals about the local locales.
No. 325043 ID: c2c011

Wander into town and see what they have. Look for a temple that might have a healer priest, lets get that cancer thing verified and hopefully fixed. Then it's time to go to the tavern and look for any adventurers or similair types. If you find them then point them towards the dragon. If they fall for the bait then it will be a win-win situation. Either they kill the dragon and you're free to go or they die horribly against the beast and you can loot their body for any useful artifacts or weapons.

Also, good thing that the dragon thinks you're cowed. It will make the stabbings more unexpected when they come. You're fucking Abed the Red, servant and fucktoy to nobody! The dragon will die and learn its proper place in the order of things, below you, same as everything else.
No. 325047 ID: 00d3d5

You're already a murderer and a cannibal. There's nothing you can do to keep this town from burning three days from now, and the dragon said outright he was testing you.
If you try to escape or betray him then you're going to suffer horribly for it.
Do what was asked of you, but also find whatever adventurers might be in town. In the middle of your last night here murder some of them in their sleep, and collect their heads to present to the dragon. Going above and beyond the expected will surely sway his opinion of you.
No. 325048 ID: 0d095c

This, but instead of HEADS, bring CHOICE FLAMMABLE TREASURES. This will please him, as the treasures will be destroyed otherwise.
No. 325279 ID: 3bad4c
File 131046126730.png - (385.63KB , 1600x1200 , 21.png )

It couldn't hurt to know.
Abed enters the nearest Temple of Light and talks to the priest there.
After introductions, she tells him, "Sir, I am worried that I may have cancer."
He looks Abed up and down.
>"You're one of us, aren't you? An awakened?"
"Well, yes." He's referring to people with strong souls.
>"Then you have nothing to fear, you're immune to such diseases until you die."
"Really?! Thank you sir, I feel much better now."
>"It is no problem. Do come back if you have any real issues."
That IS interesting. Power has such strange advantages.
Well, that's sorted.

Abed leaves the temple, stepping back into the town.
She breathes the fresh air, a little giddy with delight. Such a weight off my mind.
Fuck it, I'm going to get drunk.
No. 325283 ID: 00d3d5

Good plan! Adventurers love to get drunk, so you'll be able to spy on them early and have plenty of time to plan their murders.
No. 325285 ID: 0bd0b0

Getting drunk is a bad idea while a dragon is "testing" you. At least wait until you have found something good.
No. 325290 ID: 519d0a

don't listen to this man with his logic
getting drunk is the best plan
No. 325291 ID: 3bad4c
File 131046594987.png - (398.02KB , 1600x1200 , 22.png )

Right..right, I should get a sheath for this sword before someone tries to steal it.
A brief shopping trip later she has one.
Alcohol time! Of course, it's not really late enough to start drinking..
And I need somewhere to stay tonight. Maybe I can get some of these things identified?
She asks around the shopping district and finds a little corner store that deals in disposable magic.
Handing over the equivalent to 229 gold pieces, she learns that her amulet will summon a giant wasp to defend her once a day,
and the potions she carries have spells to neutralise a poison, make her harder to target, and make her more agile.
The sword, she finds, is worth a substantial amount. Finally she learns the command to stop it from freezing everything it touches.

Then she goes and arranges an inn for three nights.
She finds the nearest tavern for all those out of town people, and walks between the inn and the tavern a few times. Sometimes it helps.
Abed wanders around, taking in the sights.

After sunset, she finds her way to the bottom of a nice tankard of strong booze. Or a few. She's not counting anymore.
She just wants to forget for a little while that she values her own life so much more than all these strangers' lives put together.
I'm a bad person, but..
Right on cue, the three men in shiny armour sidle up to her big, empty table.
Welcome to my trap, boys.. as she puts on her best 'sexy drunk girl' act.
>"Hey, I'm Garm," says the first. "How's your day going?"
"Oh..hey! I'm Lilly," she lies. "I am having SUCH a good time!"
The boys try to chat her up, but she insists they get just as drunk as her.
"I don't want to be the only one here having a good time!"
"Don't lemme forget my stuff," she slurs.
Later, she's gone with one of them to his room, and she lets him fuck her.
A few minutes later he's asleep. Reaching into her backpack nearby, she unsheaths the sword.
Gently covering his mouth, she stabs is deep into his chest, killing him instantly.
After cleaning the blood of the weapon, she sneaks out, and finds the next of the trio.
"Oh man, your buddy almost threw up all over me!" she exclaims. He immediately hits on her.
She repeats the process, and soon all three adventurers are no more.
She loots all the bodies, absconding with their items in one of their own extra-dimensional space bags.
She, of course, shifts her appearance, as she had planned in advance. Nobody will suspect the adolescent girl,
nobody has achieved a strong soul before they turned 18.
She finishes her thought from before.
I'm the lesser evil.
No. 325294 ID: 0bd0b0

>I'm the lesser evil.
Good, evil, those are just words. Do whatever the fuck you want with disregard for any consequence or weight of morality. Chaotic neutral up in this bitch.
No. 325296 ID: 3bad4c

(>>325294 That is chaotic evil and you know it. :D)
No. 325302 ID: 00d3d5

Well, you're on a roll!
Too bad they their crude fumbling was nowhere near the masterwork that your dragon lover provides.
The night is young, so go ahead and look around for places with flammable valuables.

Oh, and put that blade away. Blood draws the wrong kind of attention.

You should make use of that bag of holding. Once you've had enough looting of valuables that will soon be lost you should fill your bag with food. Mostly things that keep well, but you need lots of vegetables in your diet.
No. 325305 ID: c2c011

Nice job there, shame you can't get those things identified here in town. Someone would probably notice something amiss if you came in with stuff taken from the dead adventurers. Also, that extra dimensional holding bag will be awesome, you can use it to store stuff needed for an anti dragon fight and a seperate cold stash to buy stuff like that. Now wash off that blood and go to sleep. Have to find out what sort of defenses they have and what the dragon should avoid burning today. Then on the last day you can attempt a raid against a potion shop. Grab every resist fire and stoneskin potion you can find alongside with any healing potions they might have.
No. 325309 ID: 519d0a


i like us
No. 325310 ID: 519d0a

oh also we should have 51 upgrade points now~
or maybe that'll be updated in the next one
No. 325313 ID: 3bad4c
File 131047502926.png - (436.21KB , 1600x1200 , 23.png )

(>> 3­25310 Ah, thanks. I managed to add it up to 54.)
Abed groans..
It's morning, and she spent th­e rest of the night throwing up.
She staggers around for a bit, then does her best to clean herself up.

Then she sits down and cuddles a pillow for a bit, wishing she could be around the dragon again, just to be wanted. Just to be useful.

She looks in the mirror. How should she disguise herself today?
No. 325314 ID: 00d3d5

Middle-aged noble lady.
We want to find out where the wealthy people are, and looking the part helps.

See how you miss your dragon? By going above and beyond his expectations you can have him go from tolerating you to actually valuing you. One day he might even truly love you.
No. 325315 ID: c2c011

Older lady look could probably be useful. Try to make sure you don't have any clearly memorable features. Then it's time to go look around at the defenses and stuff.

And there's no reason to get attached to one dragon. When you're done you're going to have an entire harem of the things. Besides, that fucking thing is using you, and it burnt down your shit. That demands vengence!
No. 325320 ID: cabe8d

aye, be a noble and visit the houses of the rich people. later on you could probably turn into a maid or something and infiltrate them. we're looking for flammable riches; better prove our worth.
No. 325321 ID: 3bad4c
File 131047898009.png - (440.79KB , 1600x1200 , 24.png )

Such is the nature of adventurers. A dragon burns down your home and everyone you knew and yet you inevitably get richer than you've ever been in your life.

Abed dresses up, doing her best to look the perfect combination of unattractive and haughty.
Finished, she goes to walk around town.
She starts asking the locals where the wealthy people live, looking for wealthy suburbs. Two hours later she's fairly sure of the general area of town where the best stuff is.

Next she asks about the town's defences, framing it as looking for a particular militia member. It takes the another seven hours of questioning, but eventually she finds someone willing to cooperate.
It's been a long day, but she got all of the information. Abed is starting to want adventure, violence, sex or alcohol again.
What should she try to get?
No. 325324 ID: cabe8d

No. 325326 ID: 0bd0b0

Why not all of them at once?
No. 325328 ID: 00d3d5

Go wandering around back alleys in the bad part of town as if you were lost.
You will be jumped by thieves. Kill them with something besides your scimitar and leave no survivors or witnesses, memorize what they look like, and shove their bodies into a bag of holding. Do not loot the bodies.
Assume the appearance of one of them, take the sword and get it identified, rob some rich guy's home without letting any bags of holding be seen, make sure somebody sees you murder the owner with your scimitar.
Head back to the bad part of town, dump the bodies in an alley, assume the noble woman disguise, and call the town guard.
Claim they jumped you and you killed them. Insist on keeping at least the sword for having to do their jobs for them.
Take the sword and get it identified again. You now have somebody who can attest that they identified the murder weapon for three different people - one of which brought it in last night when she entered town and then vanished, a second which then used it for a bloody robbery, and a third which took it from the murderer.
No. 325331 ID: c2c011

Revenge is also in the nature of adventurers. What he took was yours, he must pay for that. Preferably with his life.

Now lets go for some adventourus violence. Assume the shape of someone fairly well known in town, sneak into a shop and kill the owner then steal anything in it of value. Don't bother with not being seen, just make sure you don't get captured and then change back into someone else. Bonus points if it's a very vicious murder.
No. 325332 ID: 3bad4c
File 131048361538.png - (440.52KB , 1600x1200 , 25.png )

Night adventuring! Of course!
Abed wanders around the town as it gets dark, looking for trouble.

Trouble finds her.
There's a poke in her back. A raspy voice comes from behind her.
>"Drop all your valuables, old hag."
Abed turns to swipe at the mugger with the back of her hand, but he's too fast.
Before she knows it, she's been stabbed twice.
She grunts in pain, but stays standing.
The mugger is surprised she isn't down yet, and stabs her again. Without the element of surprise it only hurts a little.
Abed grabs a dagger of her own from the magic pack and stabs it deep into the man's chest.
He staggers around, gasping for air. Desperate, he tries to escape.
Abed lets him stagger away. She doesn't feel like hiding another body tonight, not after those wounds.

She decides to go rest.
Walking along a dusty street, she comes across sounds of fighting.
Two groups of armed men are battling it out in the street. They don't seem to be guards.
Recently reminded of the lucky hits though, she decides not to join in.
The men are to busy fighting each other to bother the old lady.

Abed makes it to her inn room without further incident. Inside she examines the damage.
Her wounds seem to be closing up already, so she decides to rest.
The next day has come.
The dragon will probably be back late today. This is probably the last day this town will ever see.
What should she do with it, this last of days?
No. 325334 ID: c2c011

Time to rob the potion store. If there is one in town that is. You need healing potions, fire resistance potions, magic resistance potion, any and all magical bombs they might have as well as any magical carrying devices they have. You're going to need them all if the dragon is to go down.

If there isn't a dedicated potion store then ask around for a place where one can get their hands on various potions or magical iteams.
No. 325335 ID: cabe8d

retrieve flammable valuables goddammit. you need to prove your worth. you've been fucking around too much. I don't wanna fixate on the idea of robbing the rich folks, but I can't think of anything else.


this is a good idea. check out stores that deal in magic paraphernalia.
No. 325336 ID: 00d3d5

Cut off strips of the sheets to bandage your wounds, then head out to finish casing the town for caches of flame-vulnerable valuables.
You're still rather wounded, so try to avoid fights.
Get the rest of your loot identified at some point before your dragon returns.

You can't wait to rejoin your dragon, can you? Once he gets here he'll heal your wounds. Ask to ride him into battle and use your abilities to aid his attack.
Soon after that he'll bring you pleasure beyond anything you could otherwise have, and reward your loyalty. Don't resist his pleasure, give yourself over to it.
No. 325337 ID: 3bad4c
File 131048527806.png - (359.71KB , 1600x1200 , 26.png )

Abed is extremely wary of this idea. Anyone that has the ability to create magic items is already on par with her in power at the minimum. On top of that, anyone with access to magic is going to spend quite a bit of that just securing their merchandise.
As much as she likes her scimitar, she's been getting by on misdirection and subterfuge. Robbing is one thing, but robbing a place selling magic is just suicidal.
There will be time for retrieving valueable goods when the dragon starts creating the ultimate distraction. Until she's got the backup she shouldn't be trying to in broad daylight.

So yes, all this is going to be looted, but it's not "safe" to do so yet.
No. 325345 ID: 8e16f5


perhaps I should've been able to tell all that. I guess my WIS stat is lower than Abed's. must be like a 6 or something.

okay, how about some recon? we can learn where the good stuff is stashed before our dragon daddy comes a-thrashing.
No. 325346 ID: c2c011

Well then not a broad light robbery but possibly something more sneaky and insidious. Like offering to move the wares to a safer location in case of a dragon attack.

Or sleeping with the manager and then knifing them in the dick. It's the high risk high value loot that we need.
No. 325348 ID: c2c011

To add something. If stealing in any way is not possible, then buy. There should be some stuff you're able to purchase now, and you will get the money back. Or well, not exactly, but it's not like it was your money anyway.
No. 325351 ID: 00d3d5

HEY! Rope in that bloodlust! You're getting your crazy all over our interface!

Also, consider that you've become more powerful in two weeks with your dragon than in the twenty one years leading up to it.
No. 325353 ID: 519d0a

point. we can recon like >>325345 suggested, but we can also purchase some flammable goods - the gold won't necessarily burn, so as you say, we can get it back.

i think we should also avoid robbing what with being stabbed.

and apparently crazy. what's going on with our interface?
No. 325616 ID: 3bad4c
File 131052288884.png - (434.29KB , 1600x1200 , 27.png )

Abed does a quick check.
Yep, still pregnant.
More reconnaissance couldn't hurt, though her old disguise (ha!) has probably already attracted too much attention.
Abed wanders around the shopping district, making note of what's close to the first obvious targets for fire.
As she does so, she comes across a purveyor of magic goods, and one catches her eye.
It's a mask that allows its wearer to breathe freely in smoky conditions. That would be very useful, but it's also got a price tag of two thousand pieces of gold.
Perhaps she could sell the potions and amulet and have enough? She's not sure of the worth of the rest.
No. 325645 ID: 9b6da0


that's way too convenient to pass up, what with all the fires about to pop up all over the place and all. I support this purchase.

also, try to haggle a bit.
No. 325843 ID: 3bad4c
File 131053708352.png - (434.44KB , 1600x1200 , 28.png )

There's been a whole lot of very convenient items on sale, but this is the first one Abed has really considered.
Abed now owns a MASK.
All places of interest have been memorised.
She's got the rest of the day to kill.
No. 325845 ID: 519d0a

>rest of the day to kill
shall we?
No. 325855 ID: 3bad4c
File 131053839827.png - (366.17KB , 1600x1200 , 29.png )

Yes, yes. Abed is finally starting to like being a deranged psychopath.
But kill whom? She's only been good at killing things that have interacted with her first. She doesn't know how to start picking targets that don't pick her.
No. 325887 ID: 00d3d5

Go to some rich person's house.
Kill them.
Take their burnable stuff. Tapestries and paintings and such.
No. 325892 ID: 519d0a

go to the richest house that you're confident won't have magic defenses! then carry out rest of this suggestion
No. 325929 ID: 00d3d5

Actually, nevermind. The dragon is probably waiting for you already, and you spotted the likely treasure troves you were sent in to find.
Go to your Dragon, tell him what you've found, and ask to ride into battle on his back.
No. 325937 ID: c2c011

Actually, don't go after anyone right now. Instead ask the dragon if you can attack the place on the ground after he has done his initial firebreathing pass. The smoke won't really have any greater effect on you and in the confusion and terror you could come up to the magic goods place again, kill the owner and then steal all of their shit.

If the dragon asks you why then don't tell the entire truth of wanting to steal goodies. Instead say that you wonder what it's like to charge through the streets of a burning city and cut down everyone you see and that this seems like a perfect opportunity to do so.

So have some patience for now. You will get many more victims later.
No. 326518 ID: 3bad4c

(Does this need a discussion thread?)
No. 326536 ID: 0d7a83

No. 326537 ID: 3bad4c

No. 326760 ID: 3bad4c
File 131079474281.png - (371.21KB , 1600x1200 , 30.png )

No. 326762 ID: 3bad4c
File 131079477126.png - (253.75KB , 1600x1200 , 31.png )

No. 326763 ID: 3bad4c
File 131079479420.png - (402.74KB , 1600x1200 , 32.png )

Mission successful!
The town has been destroyed, but all of its best stuff is now part of the dragon's hoard.
It's been a relaxing few days (hurr hurr?) but Abed has a decision to make and she finally feels ready to make it.
She doesn't want to stay here. [Addiction resisted]
Should she:
• attempt to kill the dragon in its sleep and kill its unborn child (and revert to being a boy), but then need to find a way to escape the lair?
• attempt to part with the dragon on friendly terms, probably staying friends with occasional benefits? (Also stay female, pregnant)
attempt to part with the dragon on friendly terms, then kill its offspring at the first opportunity? (Bluff modifier too low for any chance of success)
No. 326769 ID: 3785bf

second option
No. 326785 ID: ac6c03

Second option.
Did we retrieve our amulet of vermin atleast? Please?
No. 326788 ID: f5fe2f

Second option, I suppose. I don't see why she shouldn't be happy with her current situation, but oh well.
No. 326798 ID: ac6c03

Is this possible?
>• attempt to kill the dragon in its sleep and keep its unborn child to raise as your own.
No. 326800 ID: 3bad4c

Why would she want to keep it for herself? It's going to have an inherent genetic bias towards Chaos and Evil like its daddy.
No. 326801 ID: 00d3d5

Explain that you enjoy being with him and everything you do together, but living in a cave with a lava pool is bad for your health and you need accommodations that are more comfortable for you.
Tell him you'll try to find a castle for him, and in the mean time you'll meet with him as often as possible.
Part on friendly terms.
Keep the kid.
Grow in power.
Once you find a castle that is fit for the dragon claim it, then claim him as your mate and rule together.

...actually, what's the dragon's name? Does he have any artifacts or spells that would let you communicate easily?
No. 326814 ID: 5aac32

Because Abed's already acting pretty Chaotic Evil so far? Also, if viable, I'm actually voting for this just because it seems like it might have interesting consequences.

Alternatively, option 2.
No. 326820 ID: 00d3d5

Except if she kills him then she won't be able to have him guard her horde once she gets a castle for him to live in.
And she won't be able to have dark forces bind his life-force to hers so she can live for thousands of years.
She's a Psion. She can bend him to be loyal to her, and this friendly contact will give her a chance to do it.
No. 326846 ID: d527cb

no fucking way we're killing the badass dragon offspring.
No. 326857 ID: c71597

First option, dragon fucking dies. We might have to kill a few more monsters first to become more awesome though, but the dragon is not going to be allowed to make it out of this alive. And think about the hoard, it's ours if the dragon just meets an unfortunate death.
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