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File 130921398318.png - (562.57KB , 555x555 , Lilac000.png )
318478 No. 318478 ID: 55c4cf

[ For Quest Discussion please come to #lilac on irc.rizon.net ]
Quest Discussion: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/337623.html
Wiki: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Lilac

Session 01.
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No. 318479 ID: 55c4cf
File 130921404902.png - (406.39KB , 555x555 , Lilac001.png )

Since 1777 when the Age of Balance began, a long age of peace reigned. There were many factors in it changing, but the nation of Mingxia was one of the largest contributors. Their leaders had quelled wars, and inspired a great focus into the arts, and furthering the world's technology to better the lives of its inhabitants. Things would continue to be relatively calm for several hundred years. Life is not without its turbulence, though.
The current year is 2027 SL. The sky and waters are both clear off the south east coast. The city of Hongni is not nearly one of the largest ports in the country, or even the region. It is however a popular starting point for a lot of Bubble Dragons and foreigners to come in and try to make a living.
The airplane about to land is also experiencing turbulence. Less seasoned travelers gripping their armrests in shock and confusion. Soon to be comforted as the visuals outside are that of their destination. Landing to experience a new life, or returning to their old lives depending on the individual.
Our story will have a mixture of both.
No. 318480 ID: 55c4cf
File 130921410072.png - (443.66KB , 555x555 , Lilac002.png )

Traveling alone is certainly one of the least compelling ways to go somewhere. The terminals are all just filled with assorted groups of strangers wanting to sell you food or duty free merchandise. All one usually wants to do is find a chair and wait for the connecting flight, or in our first character's case: Get out of the airport.

Not knowing anyone in a foreign land is unpleasant. Not knowing almost anything at all is probably worse. Those are the breaks when you are a Wraith, though. Living again with some shreds of ghostly abilities, and none of the baggage of your past. Not even the good things.
Assuming this particular Wraith made the transition willingly, it is safe to assume that the good things were not a significant factor.
No. 318481 ID: 55c4cf
File 130921415357.png - (462.03KB , 555x555 , Lilac003.png )

[ Mechanics 1: Character Sheets ]

Further is the first character we shall meet.
Through her, some explanation of the mechanics in Lilac will be explained for future reference, and future characters.

The system runs on 3d6 rolls, and rolling low is optimal. Most rolls are done against the five base stats and modifiers, whether bonuses for skills or advantages, or penalties for difficulty.

STR: Strength. Character's melee prowess and physical power.
END: Endurance. Character's stamina and health.
REF: Reflex. Character's speed and dexterity.
MEN: Mental. Character's knowledge and psychic prowess.
SPI: Spirit. Character's faith and magical prowess.

Secondary stats are mostly based on the base stats. They can all be expended or gained.

Life is the character's overall level of health. If they reach zero they are unconscious, and if they reach a negative amount inverse of their maximum health, they are considered dead. Death can only be circumvented by a few things in the world, and none of them are easy or guaranteed.
Willpower is similar to, “MP,” in that it is used to access special skills like special moves, magic, and psychic abilities.
Resources can be used in tandem with crafting skills. They allow for some leeway in inventory management as well, but all uses can be scrutinized and should make logical sense for the character.
Fate Points are used by channeling a Trait to give your character an advantage. Traits can also be channeled in negative ways and allow you to earn Fate Points.

Traits are aspects of the character which can use Fate Points for their benefit, or earn Fate Points for their disadvantage.

Further uses ORBS for inventory management. They are magic based objects which can be used to store items. Although very convenient, the use of orbs can be detected and are on a decline of usage in the last couple of centuries.

Her weapon is a set of ethereal swords.
Her armor is minimal, and only provides damage reduction half the time.

Skills are declared actions that a character is proficient in doing. There are three skill groups, and four main skill types.

General: A broad and varied skill that allows the character to perform a large number of things centered around the subject. Can be used in combat with ease.
(Further's Example: Sword Combat)
Specific: A single action or type of action with limited parameters the character is capable of. These can also be used in combat.
(Further's Examples: Overdrive and Combo.)
Mundane: Often broad abilities that the character can do, but they take time. Usually hobbies, or crafts. These are the easiest to level and are considered long actions. Difficult to do in combat. Usually don't expend any consumable stats except Resources.

Proficiencies: Allows the character to skillfully wield weapon(s) or armor. Do not expend Willpower or Resources, but are dependent on the item the character is proficient in being present. (Example: Sword Combat)
Abilities: Magic, Psychic, or Physical skills that the character has to fatigue themselves with in order to do something beneficial or damaging against a target. Expend willpower to use. These skills are usually obvious, but clarification can be made. (Examples: Overdrive and Combo)
Crafting: The character can create something, or change things into something useful. These usually require the correct location, Resources, and time. (Examples: Disguise and Blacksmith)
Sense: Communication abilities, Knowledge bases, and honed senses fall into this category. Most don't cost anything to use. (Examples: Knowledge(Animals/Monsters) and Taming)

Although the monetary system is usually known as Points, the most commonly exchanged unit of currency is the Ray. Most prices will be denoted in these units, and Further has 80 available to start.

Most of the mechanics are fairly intuitive, and any questions are welcome and should be answered.

Further expounding on combat and skill mechanics may come in time.

Please don't feel limited by what you can “see listed.” Anything that is plausible to be done can be attempted in the system. Players will not be (purposely) punished for trying to think out of the box.

All the characters will come with an intro sheet like this, but none of the others will have such in depth explanation. Please do your best and try to have fun.
No. 318483 ID: 55c4cf
File 130921422172.png - (440.27KB , 555x555 , Lilac004.png )

Further is walking through town. She has a place to stay in mind. An Inn she made arrangements for a room before she flew here. It is still day time, and it's probably a good idea for her to try and get a job. She is also hungry.

How should Further begin her first day in Hongni?
* Register for her room at the Inn.
* Try and find employment: Farm, Hunter, Blacksmith
* Find a place to eat.
No. 318485 ID: cb5aac

I almost thought you had said Fürher.

Why not try to search for employment among the Hunters?
No. 318488 ID: 35e1a0

think getting a bite to eat would be best first. so you are full of energy and ready for anything.
then try the hunters. you can invert your animal care skill to be extra deadly against critters.
No. 318490 ID: f5e4b4

Find a cheap place to eat, then go find job at the hunters, sounds fun.
No. 318493 ID: 1dbd20

Stop for a bite to eat and then apply at some farms, they almost alway need some extra help.

If you have to check into your room by a certain time though, then I suggest that you drop by the inn before you go job hunting.
No. 318498 ID: c891d3

Food first.
No. 318503 ID: 476456

bite to eat sounds good.
No. 318504 ID: 11841d

Register at the inn first. Unless you have made a reservation, you probably want to give them as much time as you can to get everything sorted out. Get something to eat afterwards.
No. 318506 ID: eb1e43

register and eat. I'm sure travelling here has taken a bit out of you. work comes later.
No. 318898 ID: c59625

Let's go register ourselves at the inn, and since most inns worth their snuff offer some sort of dining establishment as well, we can quickly pick up a bite to eat right there once we've done that, then we can think about becoming gainfully employed.
No. 318904 ID: 15b51b

Definitely get food and then a place to stay first. You won't have an easy time finding work all jet lagged and stuff.

How incorporeal are we talking?
No. 319870 ID: 9f54d0

Eat. Then get checked the fuck in. Then eat again. DON'T NOT BE A GLUTTON.
No. 320056 ID: 55c4cf
File 130948856955.png - (433.97KB , 555x555 , Lilac005.png )

Although checking into the Inn is a high priority, and becoming a Hunter to make some money crosses her mind, Further steps into a restaurant on the way. It is late in the day, and the sign says, “OPEN,” although the closing time written on the entrance is past. Further steps in anyway hoping to take advantage of the sign and get something to eat.

A red scaled Bubble Dragon is filling a glass. Most of the place is cleaned up. She is dressed in a nice suit and has short curled gray hair.

“Welcome!” She says, prepared to take a drink, “How can I help you?”

What should Further get to eat? About how much should she spend? What should she talk to this dragon about, if anything?
No. 320057 ID: 35e1a0

get that fish soup special. sounds good. and ask about what's up in these parts.
No. 320059 ID: 43f5a7

Delicious soup~
No. 320068 ID: 9f49d3

Fish soup. But ask what type of fish it is.
No. 320098 ID: 9a34be

Agreeing on soup.

Also, Lust: blush and become awkward when ordering.

Never too early to start racking up Fate points.
No. 320217 ID: f5e4b4

Get the Egg Moons because any dish with "Moon" in its name has to be good.

Talk with her, say that you're new in town and you don't know anybody around so it'd be nice to drink with her.
No. 320447 ID: 1dbd20

Fish soup looks fairly inexpensive so lets go with that.

Ask the lovely lady about any job openings in town, and compliment her on the soup. No matter how bad it may or may not taste.
No. 321067 ID: c27049

You should spend less than 10 Rays total. Introduce yourself and ask for her name. Get a drink and some food. The specials are good but maybe you could request for your favorite food.
No. 321196 ID: 11841d

Get some fish soup, and tell he you're new here. This place is near the airport, so she may be used to seeing new faces in Hongni. Hopefully you'll be able to find out a thing or two about this place.
No. 321583 ID: 1e9d01

Try not to spend a whole lot of money on food. Since apparently Wraiths aren't food-free we're gonna be spending money every day to get food, well, gotta remember to account for your budget.

Ask about what goes on around here. What do people do for fun?
No. 321933 ID: 476456

Ponder lapping up drink like a dog and maybe buying this newcomer a drink, she seems pretty friendly.
No. 322320 ID: 55c4cf
File 130994642313.png - (458.10KB , 555x555 , Lilac006.png )

[ Mechanics 2 ]

The Party System

Lilac has multiple characters that can potentially work together during the Campaign.

The character already introduced is Further. Further is an entirely communal character, and is the default suggestion target. Please separate suggestions with a soft return, target's name, and a colon before the dialogue and actions, for example:
Further: Try and do a thing.
Hashidoi: Do something else.

The other characters in the party fall under the jurisdiction of the Officers that are responsible for the characters. Anyone is more than welcome to suggest for the other characters such as Hashidoi, but the Memory and Voice officers have the final say over their chosen dialogue and actions.

Keeps track of stats, inventory, goals, and anything surrounding the character. Helps Voice make well informed decisions before the next update. Can suggest immediately. (Denoted with the character name in small-caps as their trip-code)

A few hours to a day before the update the Voice weighs in all of the normal suggestions for actions and dialogue as well as keeping the character's personality in mind. Voice also makes the rolls needed for actions. (Denoted with the character name with the first letter capitalized as their trip-code)

Officers are usually in #lilac (irc.rizon.net) for discussion and to confirm what is needed for rolls before Voice posts, for example.
If you are interested in becoming an officer, that is also the place to go.

Posting for Actions and Traits
When suggesting for any character to use a Skill, or in order to use/earn a fate point.

Skills or Intended Rolled Actions are Denoted in [Brackets]
Channeled Traits should be denoted inside of {Curly Braces}
No. 322321 ID: 55c4cf
File 130994648623.png - (448.16KB , 555x555 , Lilac007.png )

This restaurant is actually a fair distance from the airport directly. It is nearer to the Inn that Further reserved than it is to the airport.

Further orders the fish soup from the well dressed Bubble Dragon.
“That will take a moment, so here, have a drink,” She produces another glass from behind the counter and begins filling it for Further, “The Soup will take a few minutes, so I'll go heat it up for you. Is there anything else you'd like?”
No. 322323 ID: 43f5a7


No. 322330 ID: 83800f

how about some company.
No. 322349 ID: 0d7a83

No. 322350 ID: 35e1a0

Further:ask for some crackers. crackers go great with soups. and and take a drink, not too much, want to be decent for your job interview.
No. 322367 ID: ad186f

Delicious bread. Also company, you're new in town, going to get a job and you don't know anybody here, and she looks like a nice, friendly lady.
No. 322393 ID: 950529

How about current happenings, important events, local news, word on the street, or just what's going on right now.
No. 322443 ID: 5f0cad

Sip at your drink and thank her for her kindness, don't ask for anything else unless you need it. When she's done with the soup, question her about any job opening she may have heard about.
No. 322776 ID: 1854db

Sounds like a plan.
No. 323298 ID: 11841d

Bread it up in here
No. 323320 ID: 476456

go for a glass clinking
No. 323493 ID: 55c4cf
File 131012334994.png - (444.42KB , 555x555 , Lilac008.png )

Hashidoi ushers Further into a chair.
A bowl is placed in front of Further and the strong scented fish soup is poured into the bowl slowly. The heat rising from the freshly boiled soup.
“May I get some bread with my soup, please?” Further inquires.
“My fried bread is more of a dessert, but I could find some softer bread for your soup if that is what you want.”
“Give me a second to think about that. What's going on in this town. You're the only person I know so far, which is probably lucky for me. Is there anything I should know around here, any event coming up?”
“There is going to be a concert in the village in a couple of days. It is a huge event. They say some of the Emperor's personal guard will be here and possibly the Emperor himself. As such a small place, it's an honor. You should certainly come, but Tickets are expensive with such little time left.”
In the background you can hear some man on the news, the Chief of the Arts to the Mayor of Hongni talking about the same event.

Once the soup is poured, Hashidoi gets her drink and clinks the bottom of her glass with yours and you both take a small drink.

Further's Decisions
1. Fried Bread or Soft Bread.
2. Go check into room, or continue to spend time with Hashidoi after breakfast? If Further stays, what are her plans.
3. Further is currently leaning to apply for a Hunter job. Confirm job choice: Farmer, Blacksmith, or Hunter.
No. 323500 ID: c3c9c0

1) Fried bread
2) Spend more time. Ask if she already has tickets for the concert, and show interest in it. Ask to know a bit more about her.
3) Hunter.
No. 323556 ID: a4d333

1. fried bread.
2. chat up Hashidoi. she has "hash" in her name, there's no way she's not worth being around.
3. hunter.
No. 323558 ID: 15b51b

1: Who cares
2: Spend some more time flirting drinking hanging with Hashidoi. Ask about her friends and what she does here.
3: Hunter sounds most interesting. Especially if it's like, monster hunting.

Tell us about the Emperor. Is he a dick?
No. 323561 ID: 0d7a83

1.Fried bread
2.Fried bread
3.Fried bread
No. 323664 ID: 5f0cad

1. Fried Bread

2. Stay and get to know Hashidoi. Inquire further into the concert, ask about job openings in town, ask about good places to go in general and ask about her personally.

3. Farming sounds a lot more appealing then hunting to me.
No. 323676 ID: 43f5a7

Fried bread! Chat it up with Hashi~ And go for being a hunter.
No. 323731 ID: 11841d

Ask for some soft bread, chat it up, and go for blacksmith.
No. 323778 ID: 9f54d0

1. Bread
2. Hard Bread
3. Soft bread
No. 323812 ID: 1854db

1) no opinion.
2) Chat for a little longer about the concert and related subjects.
3) Hunter!
No. 323965 ID: d56764


1. Soft bread
2. Checking into a room would be wise. Waiting too long might leave without a place considering the event of the concert.
No. 326972 ID: 476456

Elaborate on the festivities a little bit,maybe get some fried bread for yourself.
No. 328224 ID: 55c4cf
File 131111621913.png - (459.67KB , 555x555 , Lilac009.png )

Hunter locked in as Further's intended occupation.

Further orders some Fried Bread to go with the soup.

Emperor Jianyu is a very decorated and world renowned Monk. He has attempted to step down as Mingxia's leader on multiple occasions, but the populace have not entertained another leader and requested he lead again. In this time, Jianyu is unbelievably old, but his body is ageless and incorporeal in the night.
The citizens of Mingxia believe in their country, and their leader almost unanimously. Other world leaders come to him for guidance, or to mediate disputes. One of his major policies that draws so much respect is his restructuring of the population and racial tolerance during the age of chaos. Turning the country into the most diverse and tolerant land on the planet.
Meeting him is like a dream, and many followers of the Waning of the Moon aspire to speak with him at least once before they die.

This is why Mingxia was probably the most promising for a Wraith to come try her luck.

Hashidoi shares some more bread, and keeps the drink filled.
“Will you sit and talk to me a little longer, I know you are closed, but I am enjoying your company.”
“It's fine, don't worry about it unless you're planning to dine and dash. Then we will have a problem.”
“I'd like to know more about the concert. Do you have tickets for it?”
“Yes, I have a ticket for myself, and my friend Meyeri. There is going to be a lot of music, and a couple of art galleries set up. On top of that there's going to be a myriad of food available to anyone with a ticket, and some important speakers are going to address us in between the music. It's going to be a lot of fun, it's a pity you got here so close to the event.”

Is there anything else you would like to talk to her about, or are we ready to go to the Inn?
No. 328229 ID: 1854db

Maybe we can find someone who wants to sell their ticket... You could ask about Meyeri. What's she like?

I think we're about ready to go to the inn otherwise.
No. 328231 ID: e8cd4a

ask about meyeri, otherwise you're ready to go to the inn.
No. 328237 ID: c3c9c0

Ask her about her friend Meyeri, does she work here too? Then I guess we're ready to go to the inn. Pay up and compliment her for the delicious food and the great company. Then say bye and head to the inn.
No. 328259 ID: 15b51b

Ask about Meyeri. Politely ask about other people she knows.
No. 328528 ID: e3f514

Inquire about Meyeri and job openings.
No. 328776 ID: 476456

Drink, see her to the inn unless you have stuff to do.
No. 329063 ID: 11841d

We should head to the inn soon. Hopefully we'll be able to find someone selling a ticket, at a price we can afford at that. A ticket to meet such a man probably won't come cheap.
No. 329197 ID: 10d022

Also ask if she knows where we might find someone willing to sell a ticket. Do we even have any money on us?
No. 329227 ID: 10d022


Ask how much the original tickets sold for. We'd probably get them for a bit higher, if at all.
No. 329274 ID: 9f54d0

Check out the inn. YO.
No. 329488 ID: 55c4cf
File 131135123494.png - (462.19KB , 555x555 , Lilac010.png )

Further finishes off the soup and bread separately. The two do not complement each other very well, but individually they were both tasty, and filling. The sweet bread is more of a dessert, and covered in a sweetened glaze. At the very least, Further has had her fill for a few hours.
“Would you care to tell me more about Meyeri, Hashidoi?” Further inquires.
The inquiry is met with excitement, and gushing almost instantly, as if the dragon had waited for Further to ask the question.
“Meyeri is an incredible healer that works at the clinic here. Back in the military, Meyeri was a phenomenal soldier. Received a direct commendation from the Emperor. All of that makes is enough to make Meyeri a dreamy orca, but Meyeri is also an incredible drink mixer. I can mix a drink or two, but I am no where near as talented.”
“Sounds like Meyeri is very important to you. I am very interested in attending the festival, what do you think my price range is for trying to get a ticket.”
“If you're lucky, you might get one for a couple hundred Rays, but you'll have to look around pretty diligently. The only kind of people I think would give up a ticket are the ones who bought tickets specifically to hock them.”
“Well, it was very nice meeting you. I need to check in at the Inn.”
“It'll be 11 Rays for the meal. Restaurant's closed with you gone. Would you mind if I joined you?”

The food was 11 Rays, how much shall Further tip Hashidoi?
Should Further welcome Hashidoi to join?

No. 329491 ID: a35261

I think 4 Rays is a good tip for an 11 Rays dinner.

Further: Tip 4 rays. Respond that you'll be pleased if she joins you.

Hashidoi: Join Further.
No. 329504 ID: 90abeb

four should be enough, that's like twice the 'acceptable' amount in our world.

sure that'd be fine, but we aren't really about to engage in any group activities, are we? it'd be pretty weird to bring her along just to check in at an inn and go to sleep.
No. 329505 ID: 07416a

Just to chat. The amount is good though.
No. 329663 ID: c891d3

Sure let's chill with Hashidoi. Why not.
No. 329687 ID: 7557bd

A 4 Ray tip is quite acceptable, we can afford it easily enough, and hey, sure, someone to chat with some more is also nice, plus it looks like we're well onto our way to making our first friend here, which is a good thing.
No. 329720 ID: 15b51b

Well, he's immortal, so it's not like you won't have another chance to see him some day.

Hashidoi seems like a stand-up guy. Add her to the party.
No. 329884 ID: 1854db

Ummm... yeah. Sure. And 4 rays seems fine since she gave you some good service.
No. 333495 ID: 476456

Bring a little more fried bread for the trip.
No. 348353 ID: 55c4cf
File 131593107347.png - (499.56KB , 555x555 , Lilac011.png )

Further gives Hashidoi a total of 15 Rays.

Further gathers some extra fried bread, and closes up her store. The two walk together towards the Inn that Further got a room at in advance.

Nearing the Inn, the two can hear music. It's pleasant to hear. It appears to be coming from inside.

Is there anything special Further should declare for her room?
This could range from anything from an extra bed, food, supplies(be specific), taxi service(limited daily use), or anything within reason. Further can only get one extra service from the Inn until she can afford more privileged access.
No. 348356 ID: f5e4b4

Instead of asking for an extra bed, tell them to replace your current one for a double bed.
No. 348362 ID: 9f54d0

im with starit make yourself into a doubledown but with two bed matresses.

get a nice lamp while you're at it.
No. 348363 ID: 6f1d54

Extra pillows. There's never enough pillows in a hotel room.
No. 348390 ID: e8cd4a

ok bed it is we are starting this flower harem right NOW. investigate the music if you can; it's coming from a keytar
No. 348404 ID: 3b9af0

Get the taxi service. Get places rapidly.
No. 348523 ID: 07416a

Double bed or extra pillows. Seduce Hashadoi.
No. 348568 ID: 11841d

I didn't know I was giving services in Hongni

Get the Taxi service anyway

Tip me generously
No. 349435 ID: 476456

Check dat hot beat
No. 349439 ID: ccafc7


I say taxi service. Ability to get around quickly is pretty important.
No. 349579 ID: 510737

ask where she got DEM GLASSES, so we can get a pair. no seriously they are awesome.
No. 350036 ID: 55c4cf
File 131636382597.png - (437.86KB , 555x555 , Lilac012.png )

The two enter the inn. The Lilac Inn is a pretty fancy hotel. It's not the best in the city, but it's probably the best in its price range. This is where Further is staying. It's why she wants a job in order to extend her stay. Further checks in and lets the receptionist know that she wants more bed in case she has a guest.

A lamia is playing music in the lobby. Hashidoi seems to be listening to the music with a light bob in her posture to the notes. The lamia appears to be trying to raise money from her music to try and afford a room.

She has made a little bit, as she is certainly playing skillfully, but she is by no means close to even a night's stay.
No. 350037 ID: 3bd8ec

Well, you could certainly conveniently solve her problem with that extra bed space you conveniently just happened to ask for.

I'm not saying you should necessarily do that, but it's totally a thing you could do.
No. 350040 ID: f5e4b4


She looks legit, wait till she finish the song to talk to her, compliment her about the music and ask her what's she doing in town. If she's cool with it, offer her to share your room with her.
No. 350041 ID: 510737

bob your head as well, then flip a coin into the bowl without looking...Like a boss.
No. 350045 ID: 3ece60

give her a couple rays... but only if you genuinely like her music.
No. 350072 ID: e8cd4a

just engage in conversation; ask what she wants a room for
No. 350104 ID: 07416a

Invite her up to your room. Of course.
No. 350105 ID: 6f1d54

Mo' people means mo' money in yo pocket.

Ask Hashidoi if she'd be adverse to allowing a total stranger bunk with you two to save money on room cost.
No. 350191 ID: 3b9af0

Further: Introduce yourself to the snaketits.
Hashidoi: Offer fried bread to the snaketits.
Snaketits: Trade tits for room.
No. 350214 ID: 950529

theres only one thing to do
start a band
No. 350238 ID: b69beb

begin to dance to whatever melody is being played then converse with them.
No. 350383 ID: 0ef5d9

Mysterious, unnamed snake: Smile and wink flirtatiously at anyone who puts money in your bowl, and ask if they have a request.
No. 350804 ID: c0e5fe

Give some money to the Lamia. If you feel like it's not too creepy to do such a thing for a complete stranger, you could offer her the more bed in your room.
No. 351260 ID: 5eea01


Er, I mean. Offer the lamia a party slot.
No. 351307 ID: b79855

Hashidoi: Start dancing with Further.
Further: Offer extra bed.
No. 351397 ID: f5e4b4

Smile and wink charmingly at the pretty ladies, play a lovely song for them.
No. 351585 ID: 476456

No. 351998 ID: 8f40d5

First, like others have suggested, we should compliment her playing once she is done, introduce yourself, lets try to make yet another new friend while we're here! And of course offer the extra bed space, if she's not comfortable sharing the bed with someone she just met today we can totally be classy and offer to sleep on the floor or something.
No. 352555 ID: 55c4cf
File 131699360941.png - (458.73KB , 555x555 , Lilac013.png )

[ Mechanics 3 ]

Blessings: Can be used to alter the luck of a situation, or to increase the potency of an object temporarily.
If a character follows a religion, they can be gained or lost based on convictions or restrictions surrounding their actions.


In order to channel a trait or use a blessing, a certain number of suggestions need to support it.

Traits can either benefit or hinder the character dramatically depending on the situation. It should be emphasized if it is good or bad. (Good costs a fate point, bad earns one).

Further requires a majority vote for using Fate or Blessings.

Party characters require a 2/3 majority vote for suggestions for Fate or Blessings regardless of Voice's decision. At least ½ with Voice's favor.

Fate Points can call most mundane actions as an instant success. Anything with a challenge (combat, rolls vs. enemies or another player character) are still rolled and have a chance of failure, but the chance of success is increased significantly.

Blessings are acquired more often by characters with high spirit and are used to alter rolls. They are not as potent as Fate Points.
No. 352556 ID: 55c4cf
File 131699364844.png - (438.64KB , 555x555 , Lilac014.png )

Further steps over towards the lamia and drops a coin into her bowl. The snake lady looks over and continues to play her music with a smile.

“Why thank you, is there any song you would like to hear?”
“I did fly in from Rotarm. Do you know any songs from there?”
“I'll do my best. Krasavits, by the way.”
“I'm Further, and that over there is Hashidoi.”

Hashidoi is of course, breaking it down to the music for the time being.

“Nice to see my music is being enjoyed already!” Krasavits smiles and continues to play.
“I already have a room, would you like to stay with me?” Further looks at the floor, her hands crossed over her lap.
“That's quite a nice offer, I'd hate to be alone if I got a room anyway.”
No. 352558 ID: 715620

No. 352560 ID: 3bd8ec

Party member get!

Uhhh... rock out, I guess.
No. 352696 ID: f5e4b4

Enjoy the music until it's time to go to your room. If you're not distracting her too much, ask her about herself and what is she doing in the city. Is she going to the concert?
No. 352764 ID: 950529

yeah ask her for her ambitions
No. 353072 ID: 3b9af0

Thank Hashidoi for walking you to the hotel. Offer to come eat at her restaurant tomorrow after you look for a job.
Share room with Krasavits, she seems legit.

Krasavits: Compare tits with Further in the hotel.
Hashidoi: Visit Meyeri.
No. 353229 ID: 510737

but first this has to be said:
No. 353245 ID: 9f54d0

Play Journey.
No. 353257 ID: fa0fb5

No. 353291 ID: 6f1d54

If you can sing well and know the lyrics, sing with her music while Hashidoi grooves it on up.
No. 353844 ID: b79855

Further: Mention that it's no trouble. You only just arrived in town and would like to make some friends.
Hashidoi: Further just has to meet Meyeri. Meyeri is so cool. You can have a sleepover or something.
No. 353849 ID: df879e

Keep playing (Journey, if possible). Thank her kindly for the offer. After the song is over, chat a bit with the ladies, answer to their questions.
No. 353850 ID: 476456

check if its late, mull over meeting Meyeri if it isn't. And maybe introduce further to her later
No. 354720 ID: b69beb

No. 361427 ID: d02459


Another vote for meeting Meyeri. Not that I'm biased or anything.
No. 397375 ID: 55c4cf
File 133320524918.png - (454.58KB , 555x555 , Lilac015.png )

Further enjoys the music that Krasavits plays alongside Hashidoi. The woman standing at the hotel lobby's counter stares at the group with an unenthusiastic expression.
“I think the nice clerk wants some clarification, Further milady,” Krasavits stops playing her instrument and follows along with the wraith to the front desk.
“Welcome to Lilac Inn,” the furred woman speaks dry and monotone while leaning upon her own hand and staring blankly towards Further, “the finest hotel in all of Mingxia. It is your lucky day. My name is Louju, how may I assist you?”
“I requested more room and another bed for my stay here, I am already registered. This fine lamia, Krasavits, will be staying with me.” Krasavits leans in and gives the clerk a wave of her hand including wiggling fingers. She does appear to be examining Further, however.
“I see, so the very talented musician who may or may not be effecting my business with her musical wiles shall be sharing your room. I will make a note of it.”

Hashidoi smiles and waves, and speaks sharply to interrupt.
“Sorry, but I need to get going. I'm going to go see Meyeri. Feel free to stop by tomorrow when you have a moment. It was nice meeting you both.”

“Miss Further,” Luoju speaks after the group finishes their goodbyes, “Please enjoy your room, and have a good rest. Is there anything else you require?”

It's time to prepare for her big day tomorrow procuring employment. Is there anything Further should request from Lady Louju or Krasavits?
No. 397377 ID: 71d5ae

You have got this under control.

Search hotel room fridge for UHT milk cartons and also biscuit packs.
No. 397438 ID: d5ee6f

Cuddles to sleep.
No. 398161 ID: bdb3f8

Krasavits stop staring at Further's butt so obviously

Ask the nice lady what brings her to town, and offer any advice you can think of on the subject. Maybe read her fortune for her when you get to the room.
No. 398261 ID: b9d767

Ask about the geography of the immidiate area, what promenant places there are. That way we know where to look for a job.
No. 398427 ID: 3b9af0

Further: Ask for a local map, the geography idea is a good one.
Krasavits: Remove top.
Hashidoi: Draw a picture for Meyeri.
No. 398612 ID: 82dd9a

bottle of whiskey and a bad movie
No. 398771 ID: 6f1d54

Extra pillows. Hotels never have enough pillows on the bed.
No. 398843 ID: 0006f5

wont stop until we collect all the pillows in the quest, starting with meyeri
No. 398851 ID: f5e4b4

Politely wait until Further is done with her inquiries, then follow her to her room. Then remove your top.
No. 398857 ID: e169f8

golly don't be so hasty you just met
No. 398863 ID: 9f54d0

Steal all of the pillows. And the bed sheets. Then make a fort. This seems like an important objective.
No. 398884 ID: 16677f

Walk out with a swagger in your step, draw your plans with Meyeri for tomorrow.
No. 399030 ID: ce4a4d

Hashidoi: Be the only person to remember that Further is looking for a Hunting job. Good thing you are so loyal by nature and have contacts and people skills. Make a note to ask around for leads during business hours.

Though, y'know. Don't break your back, here. You're not her mom or anything.
No. 399090 ID: d5ee6f

Hashadoi- imagine Further suckling on various things and places on your body.
No. 399656 ID: 55c4cf
File 133395326428.png - (463.91KB , 555x555 , Lilac016.png )

Further requests a rundown of the general area from Louju. She gives a local map with an incredible lack of urgency.
Notable locations on the map: Airport, Beach, Farm, Hunters' Guild, Police, Bank, Lilac Inn, Blacksmith, Bar, Flower Shop, Market, Theater, Clinic, and the Fire Station.

Most importantly for Further, she now knows exactly where the Hunters are, so she can go in for work in the morning.

Krasavits removes her top once she is safe in the hotel room. However, Further is unaffected by her wiles. Further is safe inside of the fort she has constructed of all the pillows from both beds, as well as most of the blankets.
Krasavits is mildly frustrated.
Further is giggling happily inside of her fort.

It is time to rest. Resting can recover some stats, although no one is in need of it at this time.
No. 399682 ID: d5ee6f

Invite her into your pillow fort don't be rude.
No. 399691 ID: 673411

Indeed. You invite a lady into your room, and don't even let her into your pillow fort? You are being a terrible hostess.
No. 399730 ID: 49d4d7

"Be you friend or foe, ye who would enter Fort Further."

Then let her in.
No. 399830 ID: 3ce5b2

Just let her in, even if she says foe? Dear god man, this conniving snake could be besieging Fort Further and you'd just open the gate for her? Make your inquiry and then be prepared to batten down the hatches and defend your pillowy homeland at all costs.
Unless she says friend, I guess. In that case, I guess you can let her in, with caution.

Krasavits: say foe and attack!
No. 399839 ID: b85f8c

No. 399850 ID: 61e7f9

No. 400236 ID: a05d5a

lol this
No. 400355 ID: bdb3f8

Krasavits, stay up late and be loud. Annoy the neighbors with the volume of your late night shenanigans with Further. Get them to call the front desk with a complaint. :V
No. 400356 ID: 3b9af0

Krasavits: Please do not do this, it is a terrible idea! Further is giving you a place to stay and you would be terrible to risk your own shelter as well as your new friend.

Further: Give Krasavits some pillows and go to sleep. You just met her, let her know she doesn't need to do anything sensual to repay you. Which also means she puts her shirt back on.
No. 400357 ID: 3ce5b2

>Let her know she doesn't need to do anything sensual to repay you.
She seems to want to, but that's not really the point.
Krasavits's intro card says she's nocturnal, so she probably doesn't want to go to sleep now anyway. And Further is undead and also doesn't have any stats to recover by sleeping, so she probably doesn't have to either. She's also got that "lust" trait, whatever that means.
Pillowfight sounds like the way to go.
No. 400400 ID: ddf2ca

huh had forgotten about those traits yeah lets have fun
No. 400516 ID: 673411

Krasatits, play along with Further's game, invading her fort.
No. 400601 ID: f5e4b4

Claim that you are Foe, and loudly invade Further's fort, invited or not.
No. 400602 ID: ce4a4d

Look, she is dancing topless and you have the 'lust' trait. Do I have to draw you a map?
No. 401967 ID: e169f8

Before we all use Lust as a trait, think of the consequences. I'm guessing we will cause a huge problem if we do it. Krasavits is pretty, but maybe we can make something more out of this rather than immediate intimacy.
No. 402137 ID: 600930

If it inconveniences us by using Lust, we get fate points.

If it doesn't, hey, free sex.

Honestly I don't see how there could be too many negative consequences to this anyway.
No. 402172 ID: a7adbc

"Hoe-*cough*-how about a night out on the town, hm? You're noctournal, I'm undead, let's go see things! C'mon, whuddaya say?"
No. 429507 ID: 55c4cf
File 134157096921.png - (500.62KB , 555x555 , Lilac017.png )

Further channels {Lust} and leaps toward Krasavits with a little too much exuberance. Further's enthusiasm is immediately a problem, crashing into the snake lady's face. The injection of Krasavits' {Venom}enters Further's torso.


The undead only carry the characteristics of their traits. The basic needs such as sleep, health, and food are still important unless noted otherwise. Wraiths' main features are the ability to be part-time ghosts, and the complete lack of memories from a certain point.

Those “human” traits are important now, being that Further is now Badly Poisoned!
Further immediately falls ill with paralysis.
Control changes to Krasavits, who now has to deal with Further's condition.
Krasavits needs to care for the wound and hopefully get an antidote made, how shall she go about this in time?
No. 429509 ID: 16677f

Go on about how you usually never poison a girl on the first date.
No. 429515 ID: 0d9d4d

1. Get Further laid down on the bed or the couch and remove any clothing from the bite area in case of swelling.
2. Find a phone and call the equivalent to 911, inform them you accidentally bit your friend and she's poisoned. Get an ambulance so she can be rushed to a hospital.
3. If the room has it, find the first-aid kit and take the bandages from it. Clean the bite with soap and water and apply light dressings to it so as not to restrict bloodflow.

Krasavits'll probably have to go along with the ambulance or medical peoples as they'll probably need her venom to make an antigen.
No. 429526 ID: 0006f5

this is going to be really silly, but remove clothing from the bite location, use a music buff to inhibit the venom reaction, get help while informing you've accidentally poisoned a friend then clean her wound with an antiseptic, alcohol, or just soap and water

having the slowest speed of everyone so far, youll only be able to do a few of these things i think but it's a good to-do until complications arise or otherwise
No. 429572 ID: 147853

apply pressure so the poison doesn't spread, and then suck it back out using your mouth.

Get your mind out of the gutter! It's a legitimate treatment!

Although it could easily be taken the wrong way... it does seem like something the snake girl might do.

What does she normally do with accidental bite victims?
No. 429582 ID: 132b99

don't you have anti-venom for yourself? just in case of shit like this.
No. 575209 ID: 55c4cf
File 140068853542.png - (460.62KB , 555x555 , Lilac018.png )

Krasavits does not have any anti-venom to apply to Further’s wound. She is going to need help. She does now have in mind that she should in fact prepare anti-venom serums for any future accidents.

Soon the phone started ringing a couple of blocks away. It was late, and the person who ran the clinic was not expecting anything. They rush to the phone and answer it. A soft but distressed voice carries in through their receiver. The orca’s night was no longer going to be uneventful.
This orca is named Meyeri. It appears they have a job to do.
“Are you in any state to travel here, or should I go over to the Lilac? If you can make it here, it would be better. I’d have access to all of my supplies and gear,” Meyeri explains to the lamia over the phone.

Whichever choice is made, urgency is probably desired.
No. 575211 ID: f2c8fe

meiyeri: take what you can and go to them. did hashidoi ever see you ?
No. 575224 ID: 2bfcdf

I think it'd be doable for a lamia to carry a wraith on their back/tail.
No. 575278 ID: f31369

give her a lamia horsey ride to the hospital.
No. 575596 ID: 052639

Krasavits: Best option is probably going to the Clinic to avoid any complications or delays in treatment due to needing to go back and forth in an emergency.

Meyeri: Get information from Krasavits about the patient so you can prep before Further arrives. It is helpful to know those kinds of things.
No. 575804 ID: b6981d


Further: Feel regret that you are paralyzed and cannot motorboat those boobs in your face.
No. 576383 ID: 55c4cf
File 140136731098.png - (465.63KB , 555x555 , Lilac019.png )

Meyeri regards the ticket that Hashidoi dropped off earlier. It was very sweet of her to get one, but it was also a strange matter over whether or not it was a date. Meyeri suspects that it was intended to be one but it was not actually asked. They decide to get up and start preparing for the injured to arrive at the Clinic.

Krasavits felt pretty horrible. She probably pushed the seductive aspect a little too far, but it was a little late for that. The mood was fairly ruined for the time being.
When the lamia arrives, Meyeri rushes Further into a room to lay down, and has Krasavits milk some of her venom so a few doses of anti-venom can be made. “A wraith, hm? Neither of you seem local, are you going to be trouble for me often?” The Orca watches Further and starts to treat the wound, hoping to avoid any complications.

An incredibly loud gunshot pierces through the air.
No. 576387 ID: 04fea9

Meyeri: Stay calm and tend the wounded!

Krasavits: Don't feel bad, it wasn't -entirely- your fault. Peek out and see what's going on. Try to not get shot while you're doing it.

Further: Don't die!
No. 576405 ID: f2c8fe

meyeri and krasavits: look surprised and slow gasp ! unless youre being fired upon, focus on treating further
No. 576417 ID: 6e0170

yeah, she kinda jumped on your teeth...
No. 576737 ID: b6981d

Look outside the window like it's an old western and see who's shootin.
No. 577142 ID: 55c4cf
File 140191870865.png - (427.74KB , 555x555 , Lilac020.png )

A cloaked soldier stood on the top of a building. He was assigned to lookout for a very important woman who had traveled to Hongni before the festival. The public was unaware that there was trouble brewing. This bio-android was there to ensure it stayed that way.

A quiet command resonates in the pseudo Bubble Dragon’s ear. He remains silent.
The Corporal was not willing to act unless The Librarian, one of Jianyu’s personal Guard, was in danger.
The sniper thought a prayer to his goddess, Lilac, as he usually did before needing to use his martial talents.
No. 577143 ID: 3d177c

Who's that green person on the roof? And the pink one on the bridge? I'm guessing the pink is your charge and the green is an enemy sniper.
No. 577145 ID: 04fea9

Mysterious Sniper: What was the command? Can you see if there's anything dangerous going on from here?
No. 577165 ID: b6981d

Possible contact, 4 story building, roof, right side.
No. 577289 ID: f31369

look at the green thing
No. 577311 ID: f2c8fe

do you know what the librarian is doing right now ?
No. 578140 ID: 55c4cf
File 140247679311.png - (458.90KB , 555x555 , Lilac021.png )

[ Mechanics 4: The Back Down ]

(Out Of Character): The system set up for the Voice and Memory Officers is being dropped in favor of a consistent narrative & not depending on more community members for an update than normal.
The officer system was nice when the quest had just started the eight officers for the various characters were all present and easier to communicate with. Upon returning to the story after some time, a good fraction of said officers are MIA for one reason or another. The Quest will just function as normal henceforth with fond regards to the early Lilac group who helped put the party together. Thank you!

Suggestion Recap:
Direct actions to specific party members with Name of Character: Suggestion here.
Skills & Actions intended for a roll – Please put in [Brackets]
Channeling a Trait or Blessing – Please put in {Curly Braces}

Please do not feel limited by the mechanics of the system that Lilac runs on. Characters are free to do realistic and/or believable actions.

Party Structure: The story will focus almost entirely on the characters already introduced: Further, Hashidoi, Krasavits, Meyeri, and Dooryard. The story will mainly be from their perspective who is controlled. If not explicit stated otherwise, suggestions to the five members of the group are welcome.

Closing: The fifth character sheet will be posted upon Meyeri's return. Please address any Mechanics question to [chigui] on IRC to be cleared up. It should ideally be the final one.
No. 578162 ID: 468ab9

Dooryard: Be the dandiest sniper and stay on guard.
No. 578312 ID: 55c4cf
File 140256945557.png - (373.61KB , 555x555 , Lilac022.png )

The soldier's name is Dooryard. He is an active Corporal in the Mingxian Army. The communication was, “In position.” The Librarian is doing some diplomatic visits around the city before the festival. She is a very massive creature, so she has been traveling quietly in the night time to avoid much attention. The Librarian wished to go to a new library, so Dooryard is assisting the location change.

It appears that someone else might have an issue with the Moon Guard being here. It is doubtful that a standard assassin can even put a scratch on The Librarian in the first place, but there's no reason to allow trouble just because it might amount to nothing. It is fairly odd that someone would attack now, before the Emperor even arrives. It will just increase security when the leader arrives.
While Dooryard is of the belief that whoever is conducting this attack has poor planning, it does not detract from his duty.
No. 578326 ID: 410c24

First up, are you sure they're targeting the librarian, and not part of your or another security force? It's not like you're wearing much of a uniform (except the moon armband).
No. 578335 ID: e0a74e

Dooryard: Don't hesitate or they might shoot you/their target first. Don't shoot to kill, try to disarm / incapacitate.
No. 578337 ID: f2c8fe

sharpshoot it up
No. 578345 ID: ac14c0

Keep an eye on them, radio it in that you have a possible enemy sniper, but the weapon looks harmless and they aren't aiming at anything. If they aim at The Librarian, take them out anyway.
No. 578663 ID: f31369

If they're that unlikely to hurt the librarian maybe its a distraction.
No. 579607 ID: 55c4cf
File 140327441666.png - (421.19KB , 555x555 , Lilac023.png )

There is no way that this hit is against the army itself. Dooryard watches closely to ensure the target of the stranger with the rifle. While it isn’t laser sighted, Dooryard can pick up the trajectory pretty well. It is appearing that the gunman is aiming toward The Librarian’s Heart.

It could be a distraction, and I need to keep on guard. That is what Dooryard has been hired to do for the time being. The Librarian is said to be Emperor Jianyu’s favorite in more ways than one. The Librarian is not a small creature. She stands at about twelve feet tall. She just really, really, loves to read books. She is in charge of the Library at the Palace at the nation’s capital.
That may be why Dooryard was hired to be on guard. The Librarian’s interest in the books in the port city of Hongni is very enthusiastic, and she is too friendly to be trusted for discretion by herself.

Attacking one of the Moon Guard could be to draw someone out, or cause them to change their plans for some other strategy. The soldier and the higher ups are well aware that trouble is brewing. The important part is keeping that away from the public.

Does Dooryard wait more, fire upon the gunman now, or think of some alternate plan?
No. 579630 ID: 4f0da9

Drill him. There's no telling what he's actually about to hit her with. If its not a normal bullet, or contains some kind of toxin.. He might even be aiming for the book for some obscure reason.

Still, trying to hurt your charge has earned him a new hole. sweep the area afterwards to see who pops up.
No. 579638 ID: a6dc3e

Shoot him. Even if it's a distraction, it'd be careless to let him shoot first, if he's obviously pointing that gun at her.
No. 579660 ID: f31369

Take him down, multiple shots. You dont have time to issue a warning so repeated gunfire will have to do.
No. 579661 ID: f2c8fe

in the wise words of kibai, fire.
No. 579667 ID: ac14c0

Take him out.
No. 579736 ID: 052639

Fire a round into his shoulder/torso area to throw off his aim, and then fire a second into his head.
No. 581482 ID: c2407a

dooryard: double-tap the enemy sniper to ensure the elimination of the immediate threat.

can you communicate with the librarian? if so -
dooryard: advise the librarian to take cover and wait for assistance
No. 582082 ID: 55c4cf
File 140410302545.png - (402.68KB , 555x555 , Lilac024.png )

"Guardian, there is a sniper to your ten o' clock on the roof. I am going to disable them," Dooryard chirps to communicate with her, as well as the couple of other soldiers strewn around.
"Oh, I know that! Thank you anyway. Do you think they want to read with me?" The Librarian makes it obscenely obvious she is communicating, but has stopped at the corner.
The gunman makes a motion to fire, but Dooryard fires two shots in succession and nullifies the threat.

There is a long spat of silence before anyone speaks, the loud gunshot echoing through Hongni's quiet streets.
"I don't think they're going to be able to read anything anymore," The Librarian pouts.
No. 582084 ID: 50338d

>I don't think they're going to be able to read anything anymore
Probably not, Guardian. Sorry about that.

Apologize as you quickly scan for additional threats that may be trying to take advantage of your momentary focus on the sniper.
No. 582086 ID: 2fd516

Look around for any more threats. There could be a counter-sniper set up somewhere to take you out after you shot the obvious mostly-harmless sniper.
No. 582090 ID: dc9b7e

can you whip up a sand screen ? itll keep us useful looking for additional threats and not taking cover
No. 582111 ID: a6dc3e

Change positions, if there was another sniper, they know where you are now. Try to scout the area too.
No. 582166 ID: 052639

Dooryard: Ask the Librarian what else she knows? If she knew the sniper was there, maybe she she can inform you of more.
No. 582410 ID: c2407a

dooryard: ask the librarian why she would assume that the late enemy sniper wanted to read with her rather than harm or kill her as you make your way over to inspect the body. request that she inform you and other members of her security detail if she sees another potential reading buddy.
No. 582879 ID: 55c4cf
File 140456010318.png - (437.46KB , 555x555 , Lilac025.png )

Dooryard cloaks back out of sight. He does not want to take the risk of a secondary shooter taking a shot of him.

“Guardian, why do you believe the shooter would want to read with you?”
“Everyone should love to read books, they’re beautiful!”

While the Librarian chatters about books, the Owl like sniper’s body erupts in blood. The metallic horror reaches down before the gun drops and prepares to leap off of the building toward the Librarian.
No. 582880 ID: f31369

Oh dear, it may be time to start shooting again
No. 582881 ID: 4326b0

Keep calm, shoot the robotic thing. Tell the librarian that you'd love to read books with her, if she gets out of there, tho.
No. 582884 ID: 50338d

Switch to AP rounds and try putting one though the robot.

Try to encourage the librarian to keep moving. (Better than a stationary target). And stop looking at her that way, you don't have time for thinking about anything but saving her life!
No. 582899 ID: 9b57d3

I see two other possible points of interest in the distance but eliminate this most pressing threat first.
No. 582957 ID: 052639

Dooryard: You might want to use your {Speed Alteration} to make it to resolve the situation since you just ran off from your post you had.
No. 583249 ID: 49df83

There appear to be two other potential threats to your back. Move quick since your position is exposed and take cover if possible. Inform your fellow unit members of the one known threat and two potential threats, also let them know that you're intention is to intercept and nullify the known threat and then move into action via whatever other suggestions given are best for this situation.

Also when you have a chance let The Librarian know that you would like to read with her, if only too keep her out of trouble.
No. 583490 ID: 55c4cf
File 140488910229.png - (535.97KB , 555x555 , Lilac026.png )

The Robot silently plummets toward its target with malicious intent. The Librarian smiles warmly up toward the robot. She opens up the book to find a place in the pages.
"Yay, I get to read to you after all! This new book I got is really cute."

While The Librarian starts reading from the pages of the book. Dooryard cannot begin to comprehend the words. Dooryard can speak Mingxian, Draconic, and Folite. The language is not something he can translate, it's not anything he recognizes as a spoken language he has ever heard before. He can barely parse the sounds that escape at all.


That's as close as Dooryard can understand what is said.

The Robot abruptly starts shattering down the middle. Its eye shatters, its limbs start rattling violently.
The Librarian starts another word...

Dooryard has never seen the Librarian act before. On the upshot, there do not appear to be any other threats he'll have to shoot. Who knows what this was intended to accomplish.
No. 583491 ID: b54b37

well ! radio it in.
No. 583492 ID: 4326b0

Well, dang. Communicate what happened through radio, then wait and watch if the Librarian is ok and what is she gonna do next.
No. 583494 ID: dc4b80

Well she is not as defenseless as she lets on that's for sure. I guess when you have access to all sorts of ancient knowledge you pick up some tricks here and there.

As for what it was supposed to accomplish they might have wanted her dead but just underestimated her abilities. Or it could have been a test to see how well she was protected. Or a distraction while they did something somewhere else.

That and where did that thing come from anyways? Was it inside the owl sniper guy or what? If you have to worry about killer robots inside every would be assassin things could get messy.

That and if she had not stopped it could you have protected her? Might have ended badly if it had attacked someone less capable. Might want to get some heavy armor piercing rounds or other anti robot weaponry.
No. 583495 ID: 26941a

The assailants were expecting that kind of response. They may be probing for a weakness.

Its pretty clear you're more an early-warning system than her last line of defense. Scan the area for anything else suspicious.

No. 583508 ID: 052639

I don't think that Dooryard is incapable of taking out a robot. The issue is that sniping takes a moment to set up and after the target was down he cloaked and ran to change positions. You can't take a rifle shot easily when you are going to the roof's stairs to move.

Dooryard: Get her to the library that she was going to as soon as possible. Your primary job appears to be keeping her on track.
No. 583513 ID: 50338d

>Who knows what this was intended to accomplish.
A test? A distraction? Who knows. Now is not the time to ponder the enemy's motives.

>killing it with reading.
Your only comment, when she's finished, should be "well read".
No. 583517 ID: 2fd516

Perhaps this was to provoke her into reading and causing a stir, or collateral damage. Come to think of it, your mission was to keep the public from realizing there was trouble brewing... which means keeping the Librarian from reading...

Shoot the robot again.
No. 583763 ID: 55c4cf
File 140508513255.png - (454.76KB , 555x555 , Lilac027.png )

The Robot rips apart and bursts harmlessly away from the Librarian. The massive lady snaps her book closed.
Dooryard calls for a clean up on the street, and gets off the roof to meet The Librarian on the street.

"Well read," He speaks to her as she steps into the Library with Dooryard.
"Thank you, I'll find a book for you too," she sings back.

The two disappear into the Library and neither saw any more incidents until The Festival.
Most of the City sleeps peacefully tonight.
One robot sleeps forever.
No. 583764 ID: 4326b0

Sing her the Reading Rainbow song
No. 583775 ID: f31369

Get hype for reading.
No. 583776 ID: dc9b7e

get the death note
No. 583912 ID: 052639

Dooryard: You could ask her if she has any rare books about your Goddess.
No. 583933 ID: 557bac

Curious that they'd send just one robot at her. Does the library have any information on groups that might be targeting the emperor?
No. 584142 ID: 55c4cf
File 140533971636.png - (440.23KB , 555x555 , Lilac028.png )

Dooryard asks about books that may relate to the assailant, but the Librarian needs a clue or something to go on to research it.
He asks if it was possible the Librarian could find something in regards to his Deity, Lilac.
“I’ll keep an eye out!” She responds excitedly delving into the library shortly after with Dooryard as her only visible lookout. There are other soldiers posted, but their job is not as direct.

The gunshot from Dooryard’s rifle had unbeknownst to him frightened the folk inside of a small clinic. Despite the worrying situation, Meyeri has spent their time crafting the anti-venom to treat Further. Krasavits is not handling the situation very good. Meyeri is curious what they should do:
Treating Further is likely a high priority.
Contacting someone about the gunshot and finding out what the danger is.
Consoling Krasavits, the lamia was already upset poisoning Further & the blast.
Mixing a nice stiff drink for themselves (and maybe the other two).

Meyeri sighs. They realize that if things are not particularly safe, Krasavits and Further are going to have to stay the night. How troublesome!
No. 584145 ID: 4326b0

Meyeri: Of course, treat Further. Then, if you have a moment, get some drinks and try to console Krasavits. Tell her that it's gonna be ok.

Krasavits: Calm down, do it for Further because in that state you won't be of much help.

Further: Be treated by Meyeri and don't die.

Dooryard: If the Librarian is safe for the moment being, how about going out and investigate the remains of the robot?
No. 584150 ID: 2fd516

Krasavits: To make yourself feel useful, call in the gunshot to the police.
No. 584152 ID: dc9b7e

Dooryard: Investigate the remains of the robot.
Meyeri: Treat Further
Krasavits: Go call in the gunshot, see if you can get answers
Further: Touch snak tail
No. 584205 ID: e607cd

Hey, nervous or frightened people sometimes sing to themselves to calm down. I bet Krasavits would be like, extra good at that with all that music skill she has.
No. 584248 ID: 052639

Krasavits: Try playing some music to help cheer up.
Meyeri: Apply anti-venom to Further, you should probably be the one to call for help since you live here and the other two have only been in town a few hours.
No. 584434 ID: 55c4cf
File 140557805522.png - (478.83KB , 555x555 , Lilac029.png )

[ Mechanics 5 ]

User Interface: In future updates where status of characters change, a small interface showing their current values of their Life, Willpower, Resources, Money, Fate, and Blessings will be displayed.
For any further information please refer to the character sheets or join #lilac on rizon to discuss.

Gender: While it is mostly been and preferably will not be an issue, I feel being clear about the protagonists is a final gesture of clarity.
Further: Female She/Her
Hashidoi: Female She/Her
Krasavits: Female She/Her
Dooryard: Male He/His
Meyeri: Neutral They/Their

Please do not argue about sex and gender, it is not welcome.
Thank you.

This is the final character sheet of Lilac’s Playable Cast.
Their adventures await with no further interruptions.
No. 584441 ID: 4326b0

Further: stop interrupting
No. 584461 ID: b54b37

find out who drank your kool-aid
No. 584493 ID: 53548a

Meyeri: Wear beer goggles. Serve liquor while you treat Further.
No. 585130 ID: 55c4cf
File 140596829219.png - (393.53KB , 555x555 , Lilac030.png )

Meyeri lifts themselves up and gives Further the anti-venom.
Krasavits pulls herself up and plays a slow cheerful tune on her keytar to cheer the small group up.
Further daydreams about touching snake and not getting injured.

Once everything is all cleaned up and treated, Meyeri calls a number for the local military. Meyeri gives their appropriate military identification from their service and inquires about the loud gunshot.
"A small team prevented an attack, there is little reason to assume you are in danger," is what they are told.
"Alright, just needed to know have a late night clinic emergency handled. Thank you."

Meyeri hangs the phone up.
It might be some time before Further regains consciousness.
No. 585150 ID: 2fd516

Krasavits: Ask Meyeri about herself. How's a big strong lady such as her doing in the medical field? (yeah the pronouns are wrong, Krasavits wouldn't know any better yet)
No. 585215 ID: dc9b7e

Meyeri: fix up a cool drink and maybe pass the fuck out.
Krasavits: likewise. Make small talk too >>585150
No. 585338 ID: 6d3b18

>Further daydreams about touching snake and not getting injured.
You'll find a way. A vaccine or inoculation of some kind? Heck, maybe you'll just build up an resistance by repeated exposure.
No. 585385 ID: 052639

Meyeri: Mix a deceptively tasty fruity liqueur for your guests.
Krasavits: Hold Further, apologize when she wakes up.
No. 585580 ID: 71c006

Meyeri: Continue to monitor Further to make sure the anti-venom is working.

Krasavits: Ask if Meyeri has any requests for you to play?
No. 585645 ID: 55c4cf
File 140623768089.png - (339.20KB , 555x555 , Lilac031.png )

Meyeri scoots over to start mixing some drinks for both themselves and Krasavits at minimum. While they are working at that, Krasavits take up Further to hold whilst she recovers.

“After watching you work, I’ve been asking myself this big strong lady how did she end up in the medical field?” Krasavits inquires toward the orca.
They.” Meyeri spits out, their disgust and discontent pouring out with the word, their immediate correction of Krasavits’ statement.

There is a short pause before Krasavits responds with, “I’m very sorry, Meyeri. I did not know, I will not make the mistake in the future.”
“Thank you,” Meyeri’s voice softens as the words escape.

Further stirs, but is still not conscious.
“What kind of drink would you like me to make you, Krasavits?” Meyeri requests.
No. 585646 ID: 2fd516

Rum and cola!
No. 585649 ID: 4326b0

Blood I mean, Vodka or something
No. 585733 ID: dc9b7e

No. 585740 ID: 53548a

Mike's hard lemonade.
No. 585800 ID: f31369

Something blue
No. 585916 ID: 052639

Mix together an orgasm.
An orgasm will help everyone relax.
(I mean the mixed drink, of course).
No. 585918 ID: 53548a

You mean a Screaming Orgasm?
No. 585923 ID: 052639

While acceptable, I just meant a regular Orgasm.
No. 585935 ID: f996af

A Bellini (2 parts sparkling wine + 1 part Peach purée)
No. 586470 ID: 55c4cf
File 140659988891.png - (397.03KB , 555x555 , Lilac032.png )

Meyeri mixes together some sparkling wine with some Tamarind.
While the drinks are being mixed, Further starts to wake up from her short coma. Krasavits picks up the fey higher and croons, “I’m so sorry, I ruined the moment pretty badly.”
“You fixed me up so I suppose I could forgive you, voluptuous snake lady.”
“Ah! You better be careful if you’re going to continue that path,” Krasavits hisses.

Meyeri smirks as they finish up pouring the glasses, “Welcome back to our realm, miss. Are you going to be able to walk back to the Inn with your friend there? Please share a drink with me before you go. I’d recommend that Krasavits not forget the anti-venoms I made to prevent any more late night accidents, hm?”
No. 586560 ID: f839a9

Pff. I love the snakebit heart.

>I’d recommend that Krasavits not forget the anti-venoms I made to prevent any more late night accidents, hm?
Get some corks for her fangs.
No. 586599 ID: b54673


That'd be pretty humiliating.

Krasavits and Further: Thank Meyeri for the help and drink with her. Be thankful, ask if you can do anything for her in return.
No. 586683 ID: 557bac

See if Meyeri wants to tell you about their time in the military and meeting the emperor while enjoying your drink. They might be able to tell you a bit more about their relationship with Hashidoi too.
No. 586687 ID: 052639

Meyeri: Plot against Hashidoi.

Krasavits: Big hearty drink with the orca. Thank them, go home with Further kiss and go to sleep. Further needs to go get her job tomorrow so thanks for not accidentally killing her. Grab the venom for when you inevitably bite her again.
No. 586735 ID: f31369

Try not to get poisoned while drinking. Thank the orca with a firm handshake.
No. 587164 ID: 55c4cf
File 140682879486.png - (445.20KB , 555x555 , Lilac033.png )

Further and Krasavits agree to having a drink and they just make small talk for a little while while Further regains her strength and composure. Meyeri wishes them well and that they wish that they can be under better conditions if meeting in the future.

Krasavits and Further make the short stroll to their hotel hand in hand.
“I’ll be gentle, Further,” Krasavits muses in a whisper whilst the pair traverse.
Further turns with a crooked grin.
The lamia blushes for the first time.

[ End of the first day. ]

Hashidoi is the first to wake. Open your eyes, dragon.
No. 587167 ID: f839a9

Perfect response.

>Hashidoi is the first to wake. Open your eyes, dragon.
Peek around, lazily.
No. 587168 ID: 5006fb

That was one busy day.

Wake up, don't be a lazy dragon. Get a healthy breakfast
No. 587199 ID: dc9b7e

mention the funny dream you had about Meyeri !
No. 587236 ID: f31369

open one eye
No. 587247 ID: 2fd516

No. 587435 ID: 052639

Roll over in rebellion.
Who is talking to you, Hashidoi?
No. 587606 ID: e90d5e

Get up.

And get down. On the dance floor.
No. 587917 ID: 55c4cf
File 140713121055.png - (373.33KB , 555x555 , Lilac034.png )

”Rise, Dragon. Dragon arise.”
Hashidoi cracks her eye open with a mixture of fury and confusion. She was mostly sure she was awake and she really did not want to be awake. The Kibai ran her restaurant in the afternoon to late night so there was no reason she should be getting up this early. Hashidoi carefully examines her room.

Hashidoi lived in her loft apartment above her own restaurant. It was a rather convenient and self contained legal little set-up she had. There was however nobody around to be talking her awake. She was, as far as she knew, alone. The window was left open, however, and the wretched sun was interrupting her peace even further.

Hashidoi stares at the window, and she tells it, “No,” for many well thought out reasons. This does not however close the window to her dismay. The grumpy dragon lets out a long drawn out sigh of defeat.
No. 587936 ID: 2fd516

No. 587938 ID: f31369

Consider putting your sunglasses on and going back to sleep
No. 587940 ID: 5006fb

Do the Rise of the Dragon
No. 587955 ID: f996af

Pull your shirt over your head to block out the sun
No. 587992 ID: b54b37

No. 588000 ID: f839a9

*looks down* I don't see any dragon rising up, there.

Just flop back with a long sigh and an arm over your eyes.
No. 588456 ID: 052639

Curl up in bed and whine about it.
No. 588458 ID: 55c4cf
File 140738377841.png - (345.99KB , 555x555 , Lilac035.png )

Hashidoi decides that getting up and closing the window would be far too much effort when she has a nice pair of glasses to darken the light pouring in. The dragoness pulls her blanket up and begins to snuggle up to assist further in pretending it was still a comfortable shade of darkness. The comfort is quickly interrupted by the same voice, albeit this time it is much louder and Hashidoi is much more certain that she is in fact awake.

“Okay, no. Do not roll your abhorrent fire dragon ass back to dream land. You wake up right the hell now. I do not have time to handle your non-sense, you thieving scum. Get up now.”
The last word echoing with the sour tinge of magic. The threatening tone growing the longer the voice carries.
No. 588460 ID: dc4b80

Looks like you have a shadow on your bed. Either someone is in here or you have a magical visitor.

Better figure out what they want because you are not getting back to sleep now.
No. 588461 ID: 2fd516

Get up and see who it is. Maybe get your gun if it's a threat.
No. 588462 ID: b6981d

"Fuck off Nerd"

Then toss up the blanket towards the shadowy figure and grab your pistol from the holster.
No. 588487 ID: f839a9

Turn and give whoever that is the glare of death / who the fuck do you think you are / I am so fucking unimpressed with you look dismissively over the top of your shades.
No. 588514 ID: 9043e8

This but spit a bubble at him instead of using that wee babby gun.
No. 588539 ID: 556a19

Take off your shades and do as if you were going to put them back on the nightstand, that way you can get your hand near your gun to grab it quickly if you need to.

Answer "What are you doing in my room, you creepazoid?"
No. 588545 ID: dc9b7e

"Deal with it"
No. 588615 ID: 052639

Do not spit fire in your own room!
See who it is but be on the Defensive.
No. 588715 ID: 9b9ee7

curl up into a smaller ball and cover yourself with more blankets
No. 589103 ID: 55c4cf
File 140779160599.png - (358.77KB , 555x555 , Lilac036.png )

Hashidoi throws her blanket up and reaches toward her gun to defend herself if needed.
“Excuse me, who do you think you are yelling at me in my own bedroom?”
I am the voice of The Magician, one of the Jianyu’s personal guard. Get up and go downstairs now. I am not patient, and I can fulfill my orders whether or not your restaurant is left in tact. Hurry up so I can leave this shithole, thank you.

Hashidoi is not happy about the way she is being spoken to, but she is aware of The Magician. She is has seen The Moon Guard in person at a distance once. The Magician was rather known for being selfish and violent. He could possibly blow up her whole home and business if he wanted.
Hashidoi exhales a rather downtrodden sigh. This was a pretty lose-lose situation. What an awful start to a day.
No. 589105 ID: 2fd516

Oh well. Go with the lesser evil and get your clothes on and go downstairs, and don't drag your feet.
No. 589114 ID: dc9b7e

or just go downstairs without clothes ? boundless possibilities
No. 589127 ID: b6981d

Ugh I guess we can listen to the nerd bird, hop to it.
No. 589148 ID: 9b9ee7

Bark at him a few times then go downstairs
No. 589149 ID: 9b9ee7

Alternatively: hide under the strongest armor known: blankets
No. 589169 ID: 4b571b

>thieving scum
Uh, did you rip this magician off, in the past?

>what do
Throw on your shades, your guns, head downstairs in you underwear, and slouch in a chair at your rude, unwelcome, and unfairly overpowered guest.
No. 589197 ID: a73525

Stick your tongue out at the bird and then go downstairs.
No. 589230 ID: f31369

You may have sassed him enough.
No. 589260 ID: 052639

You are a spell thief. I assume you either did something to make him aware of you as he is being cautious.

Be on the defense to steal a spell or something. If you steal a spell from this person it would probably pay off later.
No. 589372 ID: 55c4cf
File 140799421771.png - (165.12KB , 555x555 , Lilac037.png )

Hashidoi throws on her clothes and her gear and she finishes dressing herself as she goes down the stairs toward the sidewalk level door. She can sense The Magician through the door. Arguably the third strongest living thing on the planet. She did not like him but she wasn’t going to get herself killed if she couldn’t do much about it, definitely not worth losing her restaurant she’d actually earned herself.

Hashidoi was a well known thief gone officer through Jianyu’s good graces back when she was conscripted. She has been clean a long time but the Mystic had seemed to enjoy reminding her.

Good, not as fast as I’d like but still acceptable. If I told you someone was going to die at the Festival, how would you feel Hashidoi?”
He pauses to laugh and he slides something Hashidoi cannot make out from his cloak.
”Jianyu sent me to give you a present for you and your friends. You can all witness death together. Like a horrible family.
No. 589374 ID: 2fd516

Hmmm. Go take the present.

Ask if it's possible to prevent this death.
No. 589384 ID: b6981d

Well actually most good families witness deaths together, it's called a funeral.

Take gift; hug Magician
No. 589386 ID: a73525

What a dick.

"If you'd tell me that, I'd ask who is gonna die and why. If it was someone else saying it, I'd also ask how do they know that."

Then go and get closer to take the 'present'.
No. 589394 ID: dc9b7e

people die all the time. but of course the magician doesnt mean that. a death could also be a boon or a bane, both, or neither.
No. 589402 ID: 4b571b

>If I told you someone was going to die at the Festival, how would you feel Hashidoi?
Would depend on who's going to die, and how, and why.

You got something useful to say, or is this going to be all hypotheticals and riddles?
No. 589413 ID: f31369

Hope that he's speaking in metaphors.
No. 589414 ID: 9b9ee7

Take the present

No. 589639 ID: 052639

Take the present but don't get close to him.
Ask him why they would get the message or the present, and what does he mean about someone's death?
No. 590076 ID: 55c4cf
File 140840094136.png - (381.75KB , 555x555 , Lilac038.png )

“What would the Emperor have for me, much less my friends? Who is going to die, what do you want me to do? Please, I don’t understand.”

“The repulsive wraith, and the lewdly dressed snake. They should go to the Festival. It would be better if they joined you. As to the death, I’m sure you’ll find out soon enough. Goodbye now! Enjoy your date.”

The Magician just leaves. The raven delivering the tickets to Hashidoi’s hand.
“DATE? What date, nobody’s going on a date!”

Rude! Hashidoi flusters, as the cursed mystic shortly vanishes down the street in tandem with his familiar. The red dragon is not given much of an explanation to her misfortune.
No. 590082 ID: b6981d

only two tickets? But we have 2 friends!

how rude of him

Guess we better go worn them, where are those ladies anyways?
No. 590084 ID: 1c60e0

Well it's a good thing you already have tickets for yourself and Meyeri. Call her, tell her to meet you at the Festival.

Then go to the hotel to see your new friends, give them the tickets and tell them what's all about. Sounds like it's wise to play along this Wizard dude.
No. 590085 ID: f31369

Welp...Enjoy your date!
No. 590086 ID: 2fd516

No. 590261 ID: 94db37

Time to get your friends and head to the festival thingy!

We gotta get to the festival and figure out who is most likely to die at a big shindig like this. Looks like we're on the case!
No. 590610 ID: 55c4cf
File 140869435824.png - (394.85KB , 555x555 , Lilac039.png )

Hashidoi stares at the tickets for a while. The Magician was gone without much of a trace. If the dragon was not holding the tickets in her hand she might dismiss it all as an unpleasant night terror. She calls the Lilac Inn.
“Hello? Are either Further or her snake friend in? They’ve both went out, okay. May I please leave a message for them? Okay thank you…”

✿ ~ ✿ ~ ✿ ~ ✿ ~ ✿ ~ ✿ ~ ✿ ~ ✿ ~ ✿

“Ma’am, you’ve been standing there for a while. Have you just never seen a brown haired man, before? If you want to become a Hunter, you need to sign the registration and waiver forms. Are you there?” The man working the office of the Hunter’s main guild office was rather confused at this fey wraith in front of him.

After a pleasant night, Further had followed through with going out to get a job. While it was an unstable job, it was said to earn between 400-2000 Rays a week. She’d get paid more if she can complete harder jobs.

“V-very sorry, sir. I have literally never seen a human in my life. I’d certainly heard the population was starting to recover but --I should probably sign.”
“Yes, thank you. The girl behind you has been waiting very quietly,” the man of clerical duty sighed.
No. 590611 ID: 21c819

Sign up and apologize to your eyepatch buddy.
No. 590612 ID: dc9b7e

can you take out a loan or sign up for credit anywhere ?
No. 590622 ID: 487455

I hope you read that paperwork before signing it.
No. 590623 ID: 9b9ee7

Sign on up!
Do you know what jobs are available right now?
No. 590627 ID: 8f890f

Sign the forms, and let the dame behind you deal with this human galoot. After she's done with 'em, grill the brown haired nerd for some job related things; maybe even see if he's on the up and up.
No. 590657 ID: f31369

akwardly apologize to the girl behind you
No. 590904 ID: 052639

Definitely find out jobs.
Your [Animals/Monster] Knowledge should give you a good handle on which jobs you can take on for an appropriate amount of money!
No. 591088 ID: 761017

That's a cyborg eye-patch; notice how it matches her eye movement.
No. 591103 ID: 55c4cf
File 140897727963.png - (406.00KB , 555x555 , Lilac040.png )

Further reviews her agreement with the Hunters. As long as Further completes one contract in a week she will be paid a living wage of 255 Rays in addition to whatever the mark awards. This does not apply once a Hunter achieves a higher rank, the highest two ranks only need to complete one mark a month. Further can worry about that later.

She is suggested one of three starting marks, and how well Further does on said job will determine her rank, and could in fact give her an immediate rise in weekly wages.

“Yeah, so uh… If you want an easier hunt, hunt down some Navdeer outside of town and bring us back the meat for vendors and restaurants. It’s not likely to raise your rank, but there’s little risk. There’s a Basalisk that has been harassing people on the edge of town and we need a slightly experienced hunter to take it down. Lastly, if you feel confident or suicidal there’s an outlaw around town named Yingti who has been tormenting people. He’s very dangerous, and the payout is the same dead or alive.”

“Aaa, well I will need a moment, Mister…”
“Maluo, sorry...” He sighs once more.

Further turns toward the small oni girl while she is thinking about her mark.
“I’m sorry for holding you up, I might be a minute if you want to talk to the man.”
“OH! It’s perfectly fine,” She claps her hands together and approaches the desk, “Mister Maluo, I would like your absolutely most dangerous mark you have.”
“Wh-wha..” Maluo’s befuddlement hints that this girl may not be a known registered hunter.
No. 591104 ID: 21c819

Hey I have a crazy idea. How about we propose to go for the Yingti with the Oni girl and split the reward.

If she argues, we can give her a bigger share (or even all) of the reward, because we're going to gain a sweet rank out of it.
No. 591105 ID: 94db37

Fightin' a basilisk might be a good way to cut your teeth, but everyone knows fortune favors the bold! (Unless it kills ya) If fightin' this "Yingti" fella is suicidal on your own, it might just be doable with two people! Unless there's rules against that.
No. 591109 ID: 9b9ee7

You should ask if you can take two targets at once, you could potentially do the Basilisk and then the Navdeer if they're in the same area.

Also do you know if there's any significance to a crescent moon eyepatch?
No. 591123 ID: 2fd516

Ask her if she's trying to get herself killed so she can be a cool wraith like you.
No. 591174 ID: dc9b7e

basilisk for normal difficulty
No. 591256 ID: ccd544

"Hey, you look kinda familiar. Are you famous?"
No. 591298 ID: 052639

If the plan to team up with the strange girl doesn't work, go with the Basilisk.
No. 591801 ID: 55c4cf
File 140939160320.png - (384.59KB , 555x555 , Lilac041.png )

“Okay, uh. Little girl, the top class Hunter Marks are reserved for only the highest rank members. I can’t even show Further here any of them since she just started. What credentials do you have to take a mission here?” Maluo very awkwardly tries to stand his ground and explain to the oni girl without being mean.

He is met with a giggle, “Oh! Well I shouldn’t need to register to be a Hunter.”
“Wh-WHAT? This is the Hunters’ main office. Our jobs are just for Hunters. This isn’t a game, okay. Please I am trying to work here,” Maluo seems to be getting more frustrated as time goes on. He isn’t quite prepared to deal with children, they don’t really come into the building.

“You are very cute, sir! Well you see there’s a big strong man named The Swordsman who worked for Jianyu. He was probably the closest friend our Emperor ever had…” She trails off in a sing song voice, taunting the human maybe.
“Yes, I know of The Swordsman. He… died a few years back, if I recall correctly. It was a time of mourning for the nation. I be--” The Oni cuts him off.
She slides an Emperor sealed and signed identification card toward the man.

“I am The Swordsman’s replacement. Emperor Jianyu told me you have to give me the biggest baddest mark you have. Don’t worry, I can take care of it for your town. It just seemed like a fun thing to do!”

Maluo is speechless. Further does not believe they are going to be splitting a mark at this point.
No. 591805 ID: 21c819

Welp. Ask for the Basilisk mark then. Sounds like a good challenge to test out our habilities.
No. 591808 ID: dc9b7e

introduce yourself, at any rate. try not to party too hard
No. 591863 ID: 2fd516

Ask her for tips on how to get STRONK.
No. 591864 ID: b6981d

Thisun, it pays to have contacts in high places.
No. 591960 ID: f31369

think about seeing if you can tag along with her to watch.

From a considerable distance.
No. 592040 ID: a50c06

Bring Krasavits along for basilisk-hunting. She's less likely to get lost in the course of finding the quarry, and backup is always helpful in a fight. She has already proven her ability to take charge of the situation when Further is bitten by a reptile and incapacitated, which is one of the likelier bad outcomes of hunting a basilisk.
No. 592053 ID: d470e9
File 140955516578.png - (128.61KB , 555x555 , Lilac042.png )

“I have to concede that being a member of the Moon Guard does in fact qualify you to take care of those kinds of jobs. I am very sorry, I had no way of knowing you were-- you are sm-- I uhm. I’m sorry, Lady Cibai.” Maluo rubs the back of his neck and looks away. Going through files to find the high rank Marks for the deceptive oni.

“Hello, Guardian Cibai. My name is Further. Very nice to meet you, you are very adorable!” Further wasn’t sure if she meant for that last part to slip out, but it was a little late now.

“You can just call me The Swordsman if you want, or Cibai. Either work. I knew your name Further. Just pretend I am invisible if you can, okay. We’re not supposed to hang out until tomorrow. At least I hope so, don’t die today, please!” She giggles, although with the timing it was rather heart piercing.
No. 592054 ID: 2fd516

I uh... okay! Talk to you later then.
No. 592056 ID: b6981d

Thumbs up on that, no dying again, I doubt it was very healthy the first time.

I guess if we can't hang out today then that knocks out the 'tag along' plan, she probably out levels us so much we wouldn't get any XP anyways; so back to the basilisk quest I suppose.
No. 592062 ID: 21c819

Ok! We'll have to die some other day, I guess. Take the basilisk job.
No. 592067 ID: f31369

welp...Don't die.
No. 592123 ID: 9b9ee7

Don't die.

Also take the basilisk job.

Also don't die.
No. 592150 ID: 94db37


But you know what? LET'S TAKE ON THIS BANDIT. He seems like a right jerk and could use a good trouncing. Wait no!

No. 592161 ID: d6f8c9


Huh. You didn't know you'd be hanging out with someone tomorrow, but okay.
No. 592163 ID: 9b9ee7

oh wait i forgot:

smoosh her cheeks unless that would probably get you the deads
No. 592198 ID: 052639

Ask Maluo for any hot tips about the Basalisk and confirm hat job.

Thank the Swordsman for her time, and bid her well until tomorrow.
No. 592433 ID: 557bac
File 140979973287.png - (421.85KB , 555x555 , Lilac043.png )

"I will do my absolute best to not die anymore, Cibai. I can't make any promises, I seem to be pretty good at dying if I do say so myself," Further poses proudly and turns to Maluo who is nervously going between couple of the most dangerous marks in the files. "I will hunt down the Basilisk. Is there anything I should know about them?"

"Uh, yeah. Don't get turned to stone, good luck?... Miss Swordsman, I need to take you to another room to discuss the Mark. These ones are pretty hush hush."
"Okay, Mister Mal-Mal. Goodbye Further! You might want to contact your friend soon."
"Why?" Further asks, but Maluo and Cibai disappear behind a door.

"Well, time to go kill me a monster, so I can pay my rent."
No. 592435 ID: d90668

Man everyone seems to have creepy future sight or something. Might want to get a hold of your friend and try to avoid dying before you head out.
No. 592436 ID: 2fd516

Take her advice.
No. 592450 ID: ebbdd7

Yeah, it couldn't hurt. The monster will still be there.
No. 592593 ID: 052639

Call Krasavits. I assume she is out playing music to earn money herself. Leaving a message may be your only option.
No. 592595 ID: b6981d

Priority on not dying
No. 593543 ID: 55c4cf
File 141033947695.png - (388.53KB , 555x555 , Lilac044.png )

Further decides to find a payphone on the way to the outskirts of the town where the Basalisk has been sighted. During her trek she stops at a payphone and spends a single Ray to call and leave a message for Krasavits. She wanted to talk directly, but like Hashidoi before her she discovers that the Lamia had left the Inn to work.
“You have another message once you return to the Lilac Inn, Miss Further. It was left for you and Miss Krasavits by a ‘Hashidoi’,” Louju makes sure to let the guest know before the call ends.

Meyeri was having a rather typical day at the clinic. The state provided healthcare to virtually anyone in need. There was not a lot of worry for the Orca. They would be paid for their expertise whether or not a dying whale of a client fell in their lap or if people were healthy and came in regularly.
The Festival was tomorrow. This left Meyeri pondering on what they was going to wear in Hashidoi’s company tomorrow. It’d been a while since they had thought a lot about their apparel.
No. 593545 ID: 4ef19e

cant go wrong with a pretty dress.
No. 593546 ID: b6981d

Right one, you've already seen further wearing something like the left and it would be so embarrassing to go wearing the same thing!

That or in some hip leather jacket and jeans.
No. 593547 ID: d635a8

Further: Carefully track the basilisk!

Meyeri: Put on something cute and festive.
No. 593594 ID: dc9b7e

business orca means business
No. 593597 ID: e6e219

Its going to be a giant party right? So something stylish yet easy to move in. Do not want a long dress if you have to walk a lot.
No. 593610 ID: 06449f

a simple dress with good accessorizing to bring the outfit on point >>593543
No. 593628 ID: 9b9ee7

Gonna have to go with this. Something short but not too close-fitting, maybe a little longer than your knees with a slit up the side?

Unless the two dresses in mind are the ones you're picking between in which case go with b.
No. 593678 ID: 052639

I'm siding with the short split dress.
Combine that with with some thigh highs and some cute shoes and you're good to go.
No. 594024 ID: 55c4cf
File 141068917933.png - (417.58KB , 555x555 , Lilac045.png )

Meyeri daydreams of the outfit they were going to wear tomorrow. They have not really dressed outside of casual clothes or work clothes in so long so looking pretty had not crossed their mind in a while. The pleasant daydream was soon interrupted.

“D-Doctor Meyeri. What should I do about my problem, is it going to be baaad? Hello are you listening to me?”
They had not been.
No. 594025 ID: d635a8

Yes, I mean no, I mean I don't know I mean can you repeat please, I was daydream about how cute I'm gonna look tomorrow at the festival.
No. 594026 ID: f31369

Make sure to answer sheepishly
No. 594029 ID: dc9b7e

strike up conversation about the festival
No. 594050 ID: 8b533b

>what should I do about my problem?
Ask her what she already tried. From that, you can guess her symptoms, and from those, you can tell her what to do. All without letting on you weren't listening.
No. 594055 ID: 2fd516

Don't screw up your job. Ask her to repeat herself.
No. 594162 ID: 052639

Yes, talk to her about it and get as much information as you can and apply [Diagnosis] to the task. This should increase the chance you get it right.
No. 594166 ID: 06449f

seconding these
No. 594171 ID: 53ba34

make sure the robots bring excess material so they can cover the bottom when it breaks away.
No. 594220 ID: 9b9ee7

Just tell her it'll be fiiiiiine.
No. 594311 ID: 55c4cf
File 141086777422.png - (357.30KB , 555x555 , Lilac046.png )

“I apologize for not appearing to focus on you, miss Ewelinda. Tomorrow is the Festival, I’ve been looking forward to it very much.”
“Oh,” there is a slight pause while the patient rubs her neck, “I have taken some pain relievers for the cramps, but I don’t have anything at home for losing my voice, or the dizziness. I’ve been feeling really awful and it’s been about two days so I figured I’d come to see you.”

Meyeri uses their expertise in Diagnosis for the purpose of examining the sheep and the information given. They believe they know what is wrong which is fortunate. They likely missed a bunch of information not paying attention, so it was nice to be able to reassure her. “Please just come back with me to the office for a quick checkup so I can look you over and figure out the best means to make you well. I’ll do my best to ask questions so you don’t need to strain your voice anymore.”
Thank you..”

Crisis averted, but Meyeri decides that they will focus on work until the general walk-in hours are over. A fun game of treatment, charades, and prescription writing was in their near future.
No. 594313 ID: d635a8

Let's play doctors
No. 594340 ID: b6981d

Surgeon simulator go!

Or just be a good doctor that works too.
No. 594393 ID: dc9b7e

do you get a lot of work-related injuries ?
No. 594584 ID: 052639

Will you be using your Healing Touch?
Does that come into play often, I assume a lot of difficult operations demand you to refer them to a hospital outside of your clinic.
No. 595228 ID: 55c4cf
File 141140107849.png - (369.69KB , 555x555 , Lilac047.png )

Meyeri gives Ewelinda a physical to confirm further that she is suffering from food poisoning.
Meyeri could either expend their willpower to use Healing Touch to help the sheep heal, along with some supplementary medication, or write her a couple of prescriptions and let her recover over the next couple of days. Meyeri’s decision to apply Healing Touch to patients as a judgement call.
No. 595229 ID: 239110

Use your Healing Touch with her, she seems pretty worried.
No. 595230 ID: 8b533b

Food poisoning sucks, but it's treatable and it's not going to kill her. Shouldn't you be saving healing touch for when you don't have an alternative? I assume you can only use it so often, or so much. (Especially if we expect trouble tomorrow).

Although, heck, if you cure her, I guess she gets to go to the festival herself instead of staying home sick.
No. 595235 ID: 2fd516

You should save it for a patient that is in serious danger. Normal treatment should be fine here.
No. 595237 ID: e6e219

How much willpower does healing touch use up? And how fast does it regenerate?

If you can use it often I would say go ahead and help her heal up. Make sure to double check that she does not have any extra symptoms other than the food poisoning and send her home with some medicine. The voice loss concerns me because that could be a symptom of botulism poisoning. Which can have all sorts of nasty effects.

Also make sure she checks all her food once she gets home so that she does not keep eating something that will make her sick again.
No. 595303 ID: f31369

She'll be fiiiine, it'll be fiiiine.
No. 595317 ID: 052639

Use Healing Touch, then Ewelinda can attend the festival tomorrow. If you don't use your Willpower a lot today, or at all, you'll likely recover it when you sleep tonight.
No. 595319 ID: b6981d

Thisun, she can live through a bit of vom even if it's uncomfortable.
No. 596400 ID: 55c4cf
File 141199318874.png - (371.46KB , 555x555 , Lilac048.png )

A lengthy internal debate ensues as Meyeri decides between giving medication or draining their willpower and applying their Healing Touch. Eventually Meyeri rests their hand on Ewelinda and applies the orca’s magic to combat Ewelinda’s illness.

“You still need to take some medication to help your throat, but you should be fine to attend the Festival. Do your best to eat healthy and drink a lot of water, and some juice. Come back and see me in a week or so to make sure you are recovering fine. If you lose your voice, come in as soon as possible.”
“O-okay, thank you very much Doctor Meyeri,” she bleats back.

It’s almost lunch-time, so Meyeri starts mulling over what they will have for lunch.
No. 596401 ID: 239110

Hashidoi is not available, so how about some fish?
No. 596402 ID: dc9b7e

fight back the highly inappropriate thoughts, go with some meat buns
No. 596668 ID: 052639

Fish ball noodle soup
No. 596812 ID: 55c4cf
File 141227098556.png - (388.52KB , 555x555 , Lilac049.png )

A tall lanky figure looms on the outside of Meyeri’s Clinic. The figure just stares inside.

Ewelinda is still very relieved at how much the healing touch had improved her overall ailments. The sheep has her back to the door, which means she cannot see the stranger. “Thank you so much, Doctor Meyeri. I am very sorry for doubting you were listening to me earlier.”

Meyeri had immediately snatched up a pad so they can write the prescription for the very satisfied patient. Meyeri’s focus being on their job and imagining the fish ball noodle soup they were going to grab for lunch also prevented the orca to not notice the masked being.

“It is not a problem, Miss Ewelinda. Just take care of yourself and do your best to enjoy the Festival tomorrow, alright?” Meyeri scrawls their signature down. Ewelinda bleats joyfully and waits patiently for her prescription and debriefing.
No. 596814 ID: b6981d

Rush her out so we can get some of that soup

Also so she doesn't see that thing you also don't see.
No. 596816 ID: fe4bfc

Well once you do notice the figure after you look up and hand her the prescription make sure to ask if they need anything. They might have a problem and be nervous about coming in while you are with a patient.
No. 596823 ID: 2fd516

Ah. Um. You better notice that figure soon, because... it's green. Green is the color of danger. Also it's pretty spoooky!
No. 596825 ID: 18e52d

Accompany her to the door, and check out if there's any ominous figures outside that only you can see.

If that's not the case, go get that soup.
No. 596846 ID: f31369

MAke sure ewelinda leaves safely then check out that spook
No. 597236 ID: 052639

If you see the spook at the door, don't let Ewelinda go out there in case of hostility.
No. 597510 ID: 55c4cf
File 141262760913.png - (375.70KB , 555x555 , Lilac050.png )

Meyeri decides to check outside. Something was nagging at the back of their mind and they did not want to let Ewelinda exit without making sure. There’s nothing outside at the moment, there is no one in sight at all.

“Remember to give me a call and tell me how your recovery is going in a few days.”
“Oh, don’t worry, have a pleasant night Doctor Meyeri!”

Meyer was closing for lunch, and they were going to stop around to replenish some supplies and get a couple of flowers. The surprise visit from the snake and wraith the previous night drained some of their stores of ingredients.
They’ll grab a bite to eat, get some supplies, and work at their clinic until the evening.
No. 597512 ID: 915fb7

That sounds like a good plan. But trust your instincts and keep an eye out in case there's anything weird going on.
No. 597634 ID: dc9b7e

grab some lilacs
No. 598745 ID: 55c4cf
File 141358786113.png - (381.90KB , 555x555 , Lilac051.png )

It was the afternoon, and Krasavits was doing her best to raise money. While easy to give up hope trying to perform, she kept in mind that she had only just arrived. Different streets would have different traffic, and it might take her some time to figure out where and when to play.
The lunch crowd had been more generous than she expected. She did feel accomplished for the first day. If she got lucky quickly enough, she could be asked to play at some venue. The real mystery was whether it was the music she was playing or her good looks.
No. 598750 ID: e25717

Probably both!

You could play some more, then call it a day, if you've got enough money and go back to the hotel.
No. 598752 ID: b6981d

Clearly the only way to solve that mystery is to take your top off.

Have you considered asking around if anywhere would want some music? Might be more steady and would be faster than waiting for someone to ask.

Like the festival perhaps
No. 598766 ID: dc9b7e

this requires more testing ;o
No. 598814 ID: 330ce5

You're doing fine, keep them hopes up and most important have a GREAT day. Oh, side note how much have you earned so far?
No. 598815 ID: f31369

Maybe ask around for work
No. 598861 ID: 8b533b

>Probably both!
Yeah. There are people who will appreciate your music, and people who will appreciate your looks, and people who will appreciate both. Beggars Buskers can't be choosers.

Anyone approached you to talk in your downtime, at all? If people were just hitting on you, or if anyone wanted to talk shop, you'd have some idea.

That's kind of a big bowl. Don't drop it when you carry your earnings away!
No. 598876 ID: 052639

It is only your first day playing around here really. It'd probably be easier to find a place that might want you to play there once you know the area. You could ask the clerk back at the Inn.
No. 599054 ID: 55c4cf
File 141386353254.png - (671.62KB , 555x555 , Lilac052.png )

Krasavits really wants to play on a stage, sure. If this wasn’t her first day in town she might see if she can play somewhere. The snake wanted to earn some money today to make up for Further covering all their expenses thus far. The good thing about traveling around the city and performing is you get an idea of where would be possible to even play a show in the first place while also earning some income.

Oh, it’d been a while since she got to play for an audience. Krasavits daydreams about her possible future success.
No. 599057 ID: b6981d

Hey I don't think that nerd is giving you cash, in fact I think he's about to take some! Go into SNAKE ALERT MODE MAXIMUM EXCLAMATION POINT!
No. 599059 ID: f31369

Open eyes, probably end up seeing nothing
No. 599064 ID: 052639

Play a heavy guitar riff to go with the surprise of the stitched stranger.
No. 599065 ID: 4d85c5

Stop daydreaming. Unless that guy just dropped something off, it really looks like he's reaching for your earnings.

Possible countermeasures: glare at him or curl your tail tighter so you cover the top of the bowl (a 'lid' of coiled snake) protectively.
No. 599071 ID: 642fdf

Creepy dude alert! Don't freak out, but be on guard, see what he's doing. Be ready to defend your honestly earned ca$h
No. 599078 ID: dc9b7e

cue very accented very off-key guitar note
No. 599139 ID: 55c4cf
File 141395959220.png - (426.32KB , 555x555 , Lilac053.png )

Krasavits senses that something is amiss. The lamia’s eyes open and this tall, skeletal figure is looming over her, holding an ancient coin from the cursed country of Rotarm. The shock almost causes Krasavits to drop her instrument.

Sing,” the voice is dry and raspy. While sparsely feminine, it still was so. The figure shakes and gestures for Krasavits to either take the coin or if they should just drop it into the tray. A heavy strained breath is heard.
Keep this coin, please. Live.”

Krasavits was having a severe difficulty determining whether or not the stranger was a threat. The snake was shaking in horror and unsure how to respond.
No. 599140 ID: 2fd516

Hmm. Well, she seems... okay. Sing for her.

Why not keep the coin on your person? It's a special coin.
No. 599141 ID: 642fdf

I say do your best to focus and sing. If the figure wants to give you the coin, it can drop it in the basket like everyone else, you're too busy playing to take it yourself.
No. 599142 ID: d90668

Creepy does not always mean dangerous. Give her a song and motion to drop the coin in your case.

The live comment reminds me of how everyone has been telling character to not die lately. Something is up and everyone knows about it but us.
No. 599143 ID: fe4bfc

If its a coin from a cursed country then maybe this is a cursed citizen of Rotarm. No idea what that would entail but they do not seem like a threat.

So give them a nice song.
No. 599144 ID: b6981d

This, no reason to upset them, have them drop the coin and sing and play more.
No. 599145 ID: 330ce5

If she wanted to hurt you she would have done so already, she doesn't seem to be hostile anyway. I mean you can't always judge a book by its cover, sing her a lovely song.
No. 599147 ID: 4d85c5

>Keep this coin, please. Live.
You heard the skeleton. Sing your heart out.

Music is beauty, and life. That's what she wants, share it with her again. And it sure as hell beats horror. Take the coin and sing.
No. 599166 ID: 052639

Ask them what their name is?
Take the coin, it seems special.
No. 599168 ID: 9b9ee7

Take the coin. Even from a cursed country, a token of goodwill is good, no?
No. 599247 ID: 55c4cf
File 141413398671.png - (395.36KB , 555x555 , Lilac054.png )

After some internal debate it is decided to take the coin directly. It has a significant weight to it, a lot heavier than modern currency. It was a little worn and beat up, but it felt special in her hands.

“What would you like me to sing?” Krasavits bubbled.
Please sing tomorrow,” The figure removed an old fountain pen and a small slip of paper, “You must find this song.

“I’m sorry, I really don’t understand. You want me to sing a song--tomorrow, but a specific song I need to find for you?”
I believe in you. You will know when.”

There is a long pause, Krasavits has never been asked to do such a strange specific request before.
You must trust me.” The raspy voice figure sounded rather desperate and forlorn.
No. 599248 ID: 642fdf

Sure, say that you will, and pocket the coin. It must have a special meaning.
No. 599249 ID: 4d85c5

>“You must trust me.” The raspy voice figure sounded rather desperate and forlorn.
Aw. I think they really need this. I guess we've got a musical quest, now.

Okay? (Confused, but earnest).

Is she going to write the name of the song, or a hint on how to find it, on the piece of paper?
No. 599250 ID: 2fd516

Aha, so, she's not dangerous after all, that's just a bad first impression due to her appearance. Tell her you'll try your best! Ask her if she can tell you what's going on, maybe? And who she is? May as well introduce yourself.

After the conversation, I suppose you should get right to it. There's no telling how long it'll take to find the song.
No. 599251 ID: dc9b7e

get inspired ! and keep the coin as safe you can
No. 599252 ID: f31369

Sounds important, go find the song i guess.
No. 599254 ID: b6981d

Sounds to me like they know something important and want to help. Definitely find that song asap.
No. 599279 ID: 052639

Agree and we'll look for the song, but seriously ask who she is. What is your name, spooky figure?
No. 599314 ID: 71c006

Ask for the cloaked person's name and where to find them, so we can play them their song.

After our conversation with the mysterious masked person, we should find out what that song is...is there a music library somewhere in the city?
No. 599315 ID: 9b9ee7

Tell them that you will!
No. 599354 ID: 330ce5

What's the harm of accepting their request, you should do it. Agree to sing tomorrow, and maybe you should thank them.
No. 599498 ID: 55c4cf
File 141438260686.png - (368.41KB , 555x555 , Lilac055.png )

Krasavits takes the note gently when it is given. The note says:

Ar Hyd y Nos
yn ail Distawrwydd

While the lamia does not understand the note, at all, she smiles, “I never caught your name, by the way.”

The figure rattles back, “Even if I told you my name, it wouldn’t mean anything to anyone,” with a deep sorrow in their voice.

Before Krasavits can reply, the figure leaps across the street and lands on the top of a building and just stares back, fading away.
No. 599499 ID: f31369

well...go find someone that knows what the heck that means.
No. 599500 ID: 2fd516

Farewell, traveler.

That might just be a strange dialect. It almost sounds like something but I can't make sense of it. Take it to the library, maybe someone there will be familiar with it.
No. 599501 ID: 4d85c5


Well, I guess you have your first gig, sort of. And a mystery. How are you supposed to find the song to play, or know when to play it?

Maybe you know someone who might be able to help you with the note? Maybe it's a code?
No. 599502 ID: b6981d

aw :c

Hug Fading Figure

Or just honor its request and find that song, may I suggest the library?
No. 599504 ID: 0ee153

It's Welsh. Translates to:
Through the Night
secondly Silence.
No. 599507 ID: 2fd516

I think
"All Through the Night
secondly Silence"
is a more accurate translation.
No. 599508 ID: 2fd516

All Through the Night is a welsh folksong. Dunno what the second part of the note is about. Maybe sing the song and then be quiet?
No. 599509 ID: 2fd516

Okay, "secondly" was wrong. It's "alternate". There are various translations of All Through the Night. We want the one that talks about silence.
No. 599510 ID: 642fdf

>a welsh folksong

So that might be the song he wants you to play. Do you know it? If not, we should think about finding someone that does.
No. 599513 ID: 052639

Don't forget that all your money is right in your tail.
No. 599556 ID: a19cd5
File 141445080017.png - (52.75KB , 1040x808 , yes.png )

Clearly the answer is to do a backflip while shredding out a sicknasty solo on your instrument, if you know what I mean.
See my totally awesome diagram to see for yourself the merits of this plan of action.
No. 599590 ID: 55c4cf
File 141450377755.png - (376.16KB , 555x555 , Lilac056.png )

Krasavits needs to determine whether to go to either the Library or the Inn for the time being.

Shall the snake return and recuperate back at her new home, or will she research the song she was pointed toward?
No. 599591 ID: 642fdf

To the library. This seems to be something important, let's see if we can solve the mystery!
No. 599594 ID: f31369

lets all go to the library
No. 599595 ID: b6981d

Let's go be nerrrrds
No. 599607 ID: 4d85c5

You made a promise. Now's not the time to procrastinate! Find that song.

(...unless carrying a big bowl of monies through the library is going to be awkward or problematic. You could drop off your earnings at home first, if you need to).
No. 599609 ID: dc9b7e

uhm, home. regroup, team !
No. 599616 ID: 330ce5

Time to go read some books. Libraries are always full if books and interesting people, this could be really fun!
No. 599621 ID: 052639

Let's prioritize getting the information before the Library closes. We can lounge comfortably in our bed the rest of the night afterward.
No. 600178 ID: 55c4cf
File 141494106705.png - (371.55KB , 555x555 , Lilac058.png )

A choice is made to go to the library and try and look up the song for tomorrow. Upon arriving at the venerable repository of knowledge Krasavits realizes that she doesn’t particularly know where to start looking to find what she came here to get.
“There are quite a lot of books here,” the Atheris Hispida mumbles.
No. 600180 ID: 642fdf

See if you can find a helpful (and curvaceous) librarian, ask if she knows of any books about old folkloric songs, maybe show her the note, see if she recognizes the language.
No. 600184 ID: b6981d

if you can't find The Librarian you should look for a librarian. Like a normal one that would work here. Or maybe just the index cards so you can look for folk musics of ancient societies
No. 600186 ID: 4d85c5

Ask a librarian for help. That's what they're for!
No. 600205 ID: dc9b7e

but keep your voice down !
No. 600285 ID: 052639

Is there a computer terminal you can look things up on, or at least a physical index? Use those.
No. 600436 ID: 55c4cf
File 141518554204.png - (388.69KB , 555x555 , Lilac059.png )

Looking around the Library to find a search index computer or card listing was a good first step.
“I just need to find a book with this son--” Krasavits was interrupted by a massive form with an excited booming voice.

The snake was going to get more help, which also means more books than she ever wanted or needed.
No. 600438 ID: 642fdf

Oh shit!

Well, be polite and say hi. Show her the note and tell her that you think it's the name of a song, but you don't know the language, and thought that maybe there's a book here that could shed some light into it.
No. 600445 ID: b6981d

Squeak adorably in surprise.

Then ask for help with this song thing.
No. 600446 ID: f31369

get booked
No. 600448 ID: dd8e0b

Sing the reading rainbow song to appease the library giant.
No. 600458 ID: dc9b7e

stare politely
No. 600465 ID: 330ce5

No. 600466 ID: 330ce5

Tell her you are looking for a book and would very appreciate some help. If it helps any show her they note.
No. 600534 ID: d41409

Inquire about the person and ask for help while at it seems to be the logical choice
No. 600545 ID: 71c006

Fall on your ass in surprise because fuck the library looks dark and this giant woman comes out of nowhere yelling about books.

Then ask her for help and show her the note.
No. 600546 ID: 052639

Hug note.
Read Librarian.
No. 600606 ID: 27fd16

charm the pants off of her! that'll get you the best book
No. 600616 ID: 0ee153

Too late, someone else already did that. Got the legs off of her, too.
No. 600636 ID: 55c4cf
File 141535890804.png - (356.49KB , 555x555 , Lilac060.png )

Dooryard quietly admires the bouquet that he has been sprucing up for quite some time. He got lost in his work. Clients may arrive soon. The projects they hired him for aren't done either. This could be a problem.

Unfortunately, he can't call off his Military obligations for his part time business. A sigh escapes the bio-android’s lips, mulling over when more of his time could be spent on flowers.
No. 600637 ID: dc9b7e

spend a little time on a certain flower then
No. 600638 ID: 642fdf

Do you have to go on a mission right now? Or do you still have to protect the Librarian?
No. 600641 ID: b6981d

Commence shooting of dudes? Or whatever the contracts entail. The flowers won't go far while you're away.
No. 600642 ID: d41409

Take a flower with you at least, so you will not feel that far from home, perhaps try to speed up your projects if that is possible
No. 600714 ID: 557bac

IF duty calls go ahead and wrap that up with a ribbon or something tasteful. Might want to take a flower with you: in case you run into someone you want to give it to.
No. 600829 ID: 052639

When do your clients arrive, will the requests take long?
No. 600886 ID: f31369

take a flower with you, you never know when you could need a flower.
No. 601498 ID: 55c4cf
File 141569825013.png - (376.57KB , 555x555 , Lilac061.png )

Dooryard’s Military position is not relevant for these clients. He has had a couple of orders that were supposed to be done today and he were fortunate that he ended up taking a position near his home. The vase being put together is one of them, another one is a few plants meant for medicinal purposes, and the project is just a small bouquet.

The sniper is rather proud of his small storefront, but he doesn’t have it decorated with a lot of flowers at the moment. Being out of town without caring for them would have been neglectful. Instead Dooryard grows what is needed, and only keeps a few projects that can handle these period in the store or in his home. While the storefront itself is very small, the rest of the building is his house.
No. 601499 ID: 642fdf

Well, get to work on those projects then, the one with the medicinal plants sounds important.

Also work on excuses to tell said clients if they decide to come to the store now.
No. 601500 ID: dcd676

I'd say to work on the commissioned projects, starting with the medicinal effort.
No. 601521 ID: dc9b7e

grow your pretties big, strong, and violently carnivorous ! if you cant do that, work on the medicinal plants
No. 601565 ID: d41409

Work on the clients orders, that´s what matters in the end, and your flowers. Then you can worry about what´s next, so focus and do what you must!
No. 602788 ID: 052639

Does your love of carpentry affect your flower shop dreams at all, Dooryard?
No. 603877 ID: 55c4cf
File 141646516430.png - (380.56KB , 555x555 , Lilac062.png )

The storefront was there to display a lot more arrangements, and some day it would be gorgeous. The android built most of the furniture himself to go with all of them. He might have been relieved of duty about a year and some change ago. He was specifically requested to do a few jobs with the Moon Guardians, and would be free in just a few more months.

Dooryard steps back and goes to the right side of the store, where the partially finished displays and growing plants are. Immediately getting to work collecting the plants around the room to go with the orders made. The plants made him feel like a part of nature. They were as quiet as he was and being around them made him happy.

The chime for the door resonates through the empty shop more than it would if it wasn't currently empty.
No. 603878 ID: 07a835

Ah, a customer! Go and greet them in your usual manner.
No. 603879 ID: f31369

greet them in an extra excited manner.
No. 603908 ID: d90668

Go say hi to whoever came in.

Also make sure not to die.
No. 604312 ID: 052639

Turn around in an aggressively cute anime way and welcome them to the store.
No. 604313 ID: dcd676

Look up from your work and see who came in. If it's a customer, it's important to be polite and quick to provide service!
No. 605406 ID: 55c4cf
File 141692708970.png - (336.98KB , 555x555 , Lilac063.png )

Dooryard turns his head and holds up a flower dramatically, “How may I help you?”

An orca known for their healing prowess had entered the shop, and warmly greets the robot.
“Oh, gosh. I just came here to pick up my medicinal plants. No need to charm me.”

“I suppose not, former Commander. I was just preparing your order before you arrived. This shouldn’t take long at all.”

Should Dooryard rush to complete the order for the client, or ask them politely to wait a little bit longer for the package to be ready?
No. 605407 ID: dcd676

Get to her order for now, it'd be impolite to put a customer's work on hold while they're right there waiting. Keep the charm up, though. I'm sure they appreciate the service. :3
No. 605408 ID: e6e219

Chat with them while you get things together. Do not rush to much as that can lead to mistakes. But get things together quickly now that your customer is here.
No. 605410 ID: 971111

Don't rush your art, chat with her and tell her that you need a moment to finish and do it.
No. 605523 ID: f31369

continue to sparkle as hard as you can
No. 606015 ID: 052639

Ask Meyeri to please wait. Making a mistake on medical plants sounds dangerous and worth taking your time with.
No. 606245 ID: dc9b7e

slow motion--
No. 606286 ID: 55c4cf
File 141720342031.png - (130.56KB , 555x555 , Lilac064.png )

“You know I’m no longer a Commander, Dooryard. You can just call me Meyeri,” the orca replies.
“I know, but your leadership helped me become a strong soldier. If it is bothering you, I’ll stop. It will be a little bit before I can finish your order, if you pull up a chair and sit down I’ll get it done as soon as I can.” Dooryard takes one of the plants down and begins going over it.

“That’s sweet of you, but I don’t want anyone else to get the impression I am still military.”
“Understood,” they respond to him and patiently waits for the medicinal plants.
No. 606288 ID: f31369

ask how her non military life has been going.
No. 606297 ID: efa783

Ask her how things are going in the medical business and all. Also ask if she's going to the festival, to make a little of small talk.
No. 606306 ID: 9b57d3

Wrong pronoun, guys. Myeri goes by "they".
No. 606430 ID: dc9b7e

more small talk. books and songs and whatnot
No. 606517 ID: 9b9ee7

Ask them how they have been. Unless I am missing something and you two have been corresponding since that time.

You seem to be both familiar and somewhat estranged from each other!
No. 607364 ID: 052639

Apologize for the wait when you finish and give them the package.
No. 607548 ID: 55c4cf
File 141746927675.png - (399.92KB , 555x555 , Lilac065.png )

It takes as long as Dooryard estimated, which forces Meyeri on a tight schedule to make it back to their clinic. Meyeri does not vocalize their schedule, but the pseudo-dragon was familiar with the clinic’s working hours.
“I am very sorry about keeping you so long. I was working late last night but I could have easily done this first thing in my shop.”
“Relax, Dooryard. I should have called before I got ready to pick up my order. Just have a good night, the Festival is in the morning.”
“I have to work tomorrow, though.”
“Oh, well that’s unfortunate, but you got to enjoy your flowers today.”
They were right. Dooryard smiled.

Further stood at the outskirts of town, having followed the Hunters’ directions, and asking people in the area. She could sense that the Basilisk was around, but couldn’t determine where.

Immediate defensive measures required.
No. 607554 ID: 07a835

I see something. Opposite direction to where you're looking. You get turned to stone if it looks you in the eye, right? Don't look directly at it, use your sword as a mirror. If it has some sort of petrifying gaze attack that doesn't require you to look at it, DOOOOOOOODGE and get behind cover, then pop out and strike once it's closer.
No. 607555 ID: efa783

It's right behind you! Evasive roll behind the bushes and cross the swords in front of your eye so you don't gaze into its eyes.

Does your knowledge in animals/monsters tell you something about how to deal with this beast?
No. 607557 ID: b6981d

to your 5 o clock, and if it's as basilisk-y as most you might want to cover your eye. otherwise swords out!
No. 607558 ID: f31369

do a sick dodge, but stay on you feet.
No. 607565 ID: 052639

It's a tough sell, but try countering. If successful it'd be a good turnaround as a defense.
No. 607693 ID: 4c5cf2

Use one swordblade as a mirror to look behind you, and strike with the other when the beast tries and fails to attack you unsuspecting.

Oh, and remember the important advice you got earlier. Try not to die!
No. 608149 ID: dc9b7e

upskirt revealing roll outta there !
No. 608726 ID: 55c4cf
File 141772297173.png - (462.82KB , 555x555 , Lilac066.png )

An evasive roll is attempted, but it is fruitless. The Basilisk strikes without Further noticing the creature until its fangs sink into her right arm. The wraith cries out in pain! She is now at a disadvantage, and needs to take charge of her situation quickly.

Further has lost 3 Life from the bite.
What actions, skills, or traits shall Further take?
There is a limit of 2 actions she can make per turn.
No. 608732 ID: efa783

Go berserk and slash it with your other sword in the face!
No. 608752 ID: f31369

Poke it in the eye with your free sword arm,it's a basilisk it probably has dangerous eyes anyway
No. 608757 ID: b6981d

Use your other sword for an attack, preferably a [Combo]
No. 608760 ID: 687279


What does Overdrive do exactly? What sorts of actions can we take? Can we just use two offensive actions at once, or does one have to be non-offensive?
No. 608780 ID: 4f77ab

The fact that its biting your arm means it's head and upper neck are easy to hit, Decapitate or just stab in eye/head/neck.
No. 608984 ID: 4c5cf2

Well if it was gonna kill you with a look, you'd be dead already.

Yank your right arm (and the basilisk head) forward and you stab backwards with your left-hand sword. It can't dodge without letting go of your arm, and you can impale it on your blade. Aim for a nice big eye. Angle towards the middle of the head and hope you hit the brain through the eye socket.

If it does let go of your right arm to dodge, whip your right arm back, so your right-sword slashes through the inside of the mouth (possibly severing jaw tendons, cutting off the jaw, or the spine through the spine. Or beheading it, if we're really lucky).
No. 609006 ID: 330ce5

Stab it in the eye, then slice at it wildly then goal is get it off you. Then get on guard this is a hunt not a tea party, you need to get super serious!
No. 609169 ID: 052639

Full defense to get your arm back. (I hope)
Then use [Combo] to attack.
No. 609828 ID: 55c4cf
File 141799919940.png - (421.51KB , 555x555 , Lilac067.png )

Further’s left sword stabs toward the Basilisk’s eye. Basilisk releases the arm that it had held in its teeth and attempts to use its petrifying gaze against Further, but does not succeed fortunately for her.

Now that Further’s arms were both free, she strikes with both swords. The blades cleave wet chunks of the monster, splattering blood across the ground with her muscular arms. The creature hurls itself around haphazardly, trying to strike back but to no avail.

The Basilisk has used 1 Willpower.
The Basilisk has lost 11 Life from the blades.

How shall Further try to end this Hunt?
No. 609830 ID: 687279

Off with its head!
No. 609832 ID: efa783

Stab it in the eyes!
No. 609833 ID: b6981d

go nuts on it, you don't have any real defense to its gaze so just kill it or cleave its eyes before it can use it again.
No. 609834 ID: dc9b7e

attempt a decapitation !
No. 609840 ID: f31369

bring your other sword down in the afflicted area, see if you can hack through all the way.
No. 609843 ID: 4c5cf2

Yeah, aiming to blind or decapitate it is your best bet. Its mouth and eyes are its best weapons.

And if you force it to turn or move its head away from you, hey, free attacks on the body.
No. 609861 ID: 052639

Use a fate point to channel {Breaker}
Break the Basilisk.
No. 610653 ID: 55c4cf
File 141828682490.png - (219.30KB , 555x555 , Lilac068.png )

Further ensures that the Basilisk can not use its petrification again. A mess has been made in the process.

The Basilisk has lost 24 life from a severe critical hit aimed to decapitate.
The Basilisk is now dead.

No. 610654 ID: b6981d

woo! keep that head, we need a trophy. and maybe a way to prove we killed it. are the parts of that thing worth anything? Use some of that [Knowledge] of yours
No. 610656 ID: efa783

Dang, son.

Yeah, take the head, and see if there's any other valuable parts that you can sell. Other than that, maybe it's time to go back to the doctor to get your arm treated. It doesn't look like there's poison, but just in case. Then it's time to collect the bounty.
No. 610677 ID: dc9b7e

bring back that head and assess your injury
No. 610694 ID: f488ee

Claim proof of kill, wipe blood (or equivalent) off your swords, and see about treating that wound on your arm.
No. 610923 ID: 052639

Use your Knowledge to know what sells for more, go to the clinic, go to check in with the Hunters, then Go home!
No. 611002 ID: e8e71a

Take care of your wounds first, and see if you can take advantage of the body, to earn a few extra cash from it
No. 611922 ID: 55c4cf
File 141862668323.png - (397.85KB , 555x555 , Lilac069.png )

Further uses her knowledge of creatures to her advantage and she removes the eyes, fangs, and the poison sac as they are valuable. As a trophy to prove her hunt, she takes the head. Figuring to get some help she travels to the clinic on her way back to the inn.

To her disappointment, the person who runs said clinic was gone from their workplace and waiting patiently for supplies to be fulfilled. It doesn’t look like she is going to get professional help in a timely manner, but she doesn’t know when Meyeri would return. Further could do it herself, if she wanted to try.

What should Further do? Wait for the clinic to open back up, Go back to the Inn, Give herself first aid, or go to the Hunter’s Guild.
A wound can only receive healing once, recovery other than from a fresh injury requires rest!
No. 611923 ID: f31369

hunters guild might have some medical staff on hand maybe.
No. 611925 ID: c9f2af

Are you capable of assessing the seriousness of your wound? Or can you use your knowledge of creatures to check what the risks of not having your wound treated by a professional might be?

Normally, I'd say to wait for it. But we did receive the mysterious warning that we'd want to contact your friend soon...
No. 611926 ID: b6981d

Hunter's Guild, they might have someone with First Aid experience there too.
No. 611930 ID: 687279

You have no skill in first aid. I think you're best off hoping there's a medic in the hunter's guild.
No. 611946 ID: efa783

Yeah, go claim your reward to the Hunter's Guild before that head starts smelling. Hopefully they'll be able to help you out, or at least direct you to someone who can do it.
No. 612010 ID: 052639

Turn in your hunt, if no one can help there just do it yourself and go home. You've only lost 3 of your Life. Any attempt at first aid in addition to rest should heal that up fine.
No. 613108 ID: 55c4cf
File 141897146372.png - (385.43KB , 555x555 , Lilac070.png )

Arriving at the Hunter´s main office, Further drops off the Basilisk´s head, “There you go, I took care of it. I was curious, the clinic was closed. Is there anyone here who could take care of the wound I received?”

“Hey?” A skeleton steps into the room, waving their hand in a very blasé fashion.
“New Hunter got bit by the Basilisk, I have to determine her rank and set her up on the paygrade. Would you mind taking care of her wound.”
“I guess,” they reply.
No. 613121 ID: dc9b7e

mention that theres a skeleton in all of us, unless youre an insect folk then its on the outside and if youre a robot or a plant then thats a whole different story
No. 613127 ID: f31369

Show the sawbones your wound.
No. 613135 ID: efa783

Repress the urges to make a million bone puns.
No. 613165 ID: b6981d

Make a million bone puns.
After he heals you.
No. 613169 ID: 185cb8

Glasses, but no eyes. Smoking with no lungs. This guy's funny.
No. 613283 ID: 052639

Scream at the skeleton, it is how they communicate.
No. 613332 ID: 330ce5

Accept treatment, attempt bone pun, befriend the spooky scary skeleton that sends shivers down your spine.
No. 618664 ID: 55c4cf
File 142063094195.png - (390.04KB , 555x555 , Lilac071.png )

It was getting late, back at the book mines The Librarian and Krasavits were gazing through books. Krasavits had trouble scouring through the books that were in the same language but The Librarian was well versed in what seemed to be all languages.

“It’s got to be in one of these! It’d be a lot easier if you didn't need a specific version of the song. How are you doing?” The Librarian bubbles excitedly.

Krasavits only had around three books that she could even read, “Can’t find anything myself, I’m glad you’re here or I wouldn't find it on time.”
“Yes! It’s great that I exist,” The massive woman giggles.
No. 618665 ID: e844a4

Well, no point on leaving now that we've come so far. Stick around a bit longer and keep searching. Ask politely if she's coming to the festival.
No. 618674 ID: dc9b7e

stretch provocatively
No. 618680 ID: 42443a

>Yes! It’s great that I exist
And so modest, too!

Keep skimming through the books you can read.

Maybe the language or song is related to ancient Rotarm, since that's where the coin came from? Have you taken a look at the coin- what's depicted on it, what does it say?

Have you shown the librarian the note yet? She's fluent in many languages, could she read it?
No. 618853 ID: 052639

Thank the Librarian for finding it for you. Hope that Further doesn't wait for you too long.
No. 619515 ID: 55c4cf
File 142100125244.png - (415.31KB , 555x555 , Lilac072.png )

“Miss Librarian, are you going to the Festival tomorrow?”
“Oh I HAVE to be there, my lovely tiny man is going to be there with me and I have to make sure he is safe, like a precious baby.”
“Wow, what a lucky guy! What’s his name?”
“Oh, everyone knows him.”
“Is he a celebrity or something?”
“Jianyu is so gentle and considerate, he’s smiled for me like three times!”

Krasavits pauses, she knew of a Jianyu, but didn’t think this giant bookworm was talking about the same one. The snake inquires for clarification, “Aha, Emperor Jianyu? The emotionless immortal.”
“YEAH, he helps me find ALL OF THE books.”

There is a lengthy pause, Krasavits is incredibly embarrassed to be assigning menial tasks to a lady who seems to be the leader of the nation’s girlfriend. Eventually the pause is broken when The Librarian squeals and hands over a book, the page displaying the specific rendition of the song they were looking for.

Will Krasavits stay and talk to The Librarian longer, or will she go back to the Lilac Inn?
No. 619518 ID: 69ab8d

Quickly look over the song as you thank the librarian.

Stay and talk with her a little longer before you go. She did help you a lot!
No. 619519 ID: b6981d

Thank her profusely, probably blush and with lots of bowing, but don't use up too much more of her time, head on back to inn.
No. 619534 ID: 07e788

Well, I guess that's the reason why she's a target and "needs" protection.

Thank her, copy the song (or straight away ask if you can borrow the book) and excuse yourself. You need to get some rest, otherwise you won't be in shape for the festival tomorrow!
No. 619566 ID: dc9b7e

thank her in your special way and head back to the inn
No. 619846 ID: 9b9ee7

You really shouldn't be dragon your tail in one place, but she seems like she'll really open up to you if you really get down and read into what she says.

What i'm saying is that you should stay with cute dragon library lady.
No. 619876 ID: 768e0f

Shower her with praise.
Also, tell here where/when you plan to perform during the festival! Maybe she'll enjoy the fruits of her labor. Maybe you can do a song especially for her, too <3
No. 619877 ID: 768e0f

Also: Show her the coin! This is probably the most knowledgeable person you will ever meet and they are delighted to share.
No. 620044 ID: 052639

You should go home, you need some rest and it'd be good to talk to Further about the things that happened.
No. 620046 ID: fb17e6

No. 620048 ID: 71c006

Seconding this. She's a librarian and is highly knowledgeable and loves helping people. She may know something about that coin which may give you another clue about your patron!
No. 620478 ID: 55c4cf
File 142130304821.png - (426.45KB , 555x555 , Lilac073.png )

Krasavits decides to stick around and talk to the Librarian more. Now that she has the book with the song she is to sing for the next day, she shows the big abnormal dragon like being the Coin that she was given by the mysterious masked figure earlier.

“Do you know anything about this?”
“OH WOW. You bet your cute little fangs I do. This coin is from back during the Age of Order. About a millennia old or so. This was printed during the reign of the final King before the land was corrupted.

The Kingdom of Rotarm was one of the first nations in the world of Eight. It is past the desert and over the mountains on the far west of this continent. The southern continent of was eventually established Amaranton. Mingxia developed to the east, and far over the ocean independently were the lands of the Folitus and Buena Vida.
The Prince and the Princess noticed some foul evil about to burst and they damned Rotarm. Some say for selfish reasons, some say to save their father, some say to confine the horrors. Few go toward the Castle of Rotarm, not many have layed eyes and survived.
This coin is old, but links to rather unfortunate events really…”

Krasavits listens with great interest. She won’t be home for some time.

Are there specific things Krasavits wants The Librarian to teach her?
No. 620481 ID: b6981d

Pickup tips, if she got the emperor, imagine what you could catch!

Or maybe some [Music] or [Negotiating] tips?
No. 620492 ID: 07e788

Exchange beauty tips.

Or maybe ask her to tell you about the song you just learned and its significance, why would someone want you to sing it at the festival.

Maybe also ask her about the festival itself, and its significance.
No. 620506 ID: a18f15

Maybe on how the people were cursed? That might be relevant to our client.

I suppose staying late might be disadvantageous with Further's warning to talk to Krasavits sooner than later, but Kras doesn't know that.
No. 620520 ID: dc9b7e

how about a curse ?
No. 620639 ID: 55c4cf
File 142147338571.png - (273.07KB , 555x555 , Lilac074.png )

Hashidoi was doing last minute stuff around her restaurant. Closing hours were soon. With the Festival tomorrow, most people were very busy. There is a knock at the door. The dragon scoots over to disappoint a customer.

Upon opening the door, Meyeri without their hat holding a bag smoothly presses in the door, “Sorry if I am interrupting you. You wanted to go to the Festival together, right? How would you like me spending the night with you? We could spend the whole festival with one another.”

Hashidoi was flushed so intensely, she is unable to immediately respond to them.
No. 620640 ID: b6981d

say yass
No. 620652 ID: dc9b7e

say "it's possible"
No. 620656 ID: f31369

Thats a yes.
No. 620668 ID: 07e788

Say yes with kisses.
No. 620699 ID: a18f15

Tease her- start pretending to try and come up with reasons she couldn't stay.
No. 620754 ID: 91cfcf

No. 620984 ID: 052639

I agree with teasing them before letting them in.
No. 621145 ID: 9b9ee7

Say yes, let them in.
No. 621222 ID: 55c4cf
File 142171808795.png - (393.23KB , 555x555 , Lilac75.png )

The Kibai clan dragon turns around and feigns an internal debate.
“You think I have personal time to just throw around right now? I have my shop to run,” Hashidoi taps her chin.
“O-oh. I suppose I should have called first, I was inconsiderate and didn’t think about you being busy. I’m really sorry, I’ll still see you tomorrow?” Pouts the orca.

Hashidoi spends a moment more stewing in Meyeri’s embarassment. Waiting for a satisfying level of fidgeting to be obtained, and before the healer could start leaving. When Meyeri starts to turn around, Hashidoi snatches their arm and drag them inside playfully in tandem with flipping the sign over to read, ‘Closed’.
No. 621226 ID: b6981d

Suck their dick.
No. 621230 ID: 5cc85a

Suck their tongue.
No. 621247 ID: 88960e

Cross swords, fade to black.
No. 621274 ID: 07e788

Get lewd
No. 621432 ID: 052639

I guess it's time to be destroyed, Hashidoi.
No. 621454 ID: 9b9ee7

Cuddle cutie, fade to black.
No. 621643 ID: 55c4cf
File 142196909492.png - (370.51KB , 555x555 , Lilac076.png )

Further arrives back at the Lilac Inn, and is immediately called over by Louju.
“Welcome back, Miss Further. Your fellow room dweller has not returned, before you ask. I have not heard from her. I did however receive these two tickets from the lady Hashidoi who stopped by. These are for you and Krasavits for the Festival,” There is a pause, followed by the most dry, “lucky you,” that Further had ever heard.

“Uh, thank you. I’m really tired from work, and I guess I have to go to the festival tomorrow. Please tell Krasavits about them and to hurry to the room when she gets back, okay? Thank you Louju.”

“It is my pleasure to serve my guests. I will let her know upon her arrival. The most pleasant dreams will be yours, Miss Further,” Louju returns to her calm apathetic gaze toward the front door.
No. 621644 ID: b6981d

Lucky you! I guess just rest in the bed for a bit.
No. 621645 ID: 07e788

Ask if you can order a food to your room. If that's the case, do it, and rest for a bit.
No. 621649 ID: 88960e

Go upstairs, vaguely wondering when Krasavits will be back. You did have that cryptic warning about talking to her...
No. 621663 ID: dc9b7e

have a ghost shower
No. 621745 ID: ecd0ab

eat some ghost food
No. 622028 ID: 052639

I waited for you, Krasavits.
No. 622273 ID: 55c4cf
File 142226065915.png - (356.23KB , 555x555 , Lilac077.png )

Further gathers some sandwiches and some nice drinks for when Krasavits returns back.
After a long while, Further eats some of her sandwich because she is very hungry.

Unbeknownst to Further, Krasavits is at the Library having very educational conversations with a very large Guardian.
The wraith eventually falls asleep waiting for the snake to come home.
No. 622274 ID: b6981d

Sleep softly and carry a big ghost.
No. 622275 ID: 07e788


Well, hopefully Krasavits will come later to snug in the middle of the night.

I mean, it's getting late, she should get some sleep.
No. 622278 ID: 0ee153

Claim both pillows and wrap yourself in the entire blanket.
No. 622289 ID: 9b9ee7

Whoops actions have consequences.

Have a nightmare.
No. 622292 ID: dc9b7e

aww. await snak snugs, preferably without biting
No. 622297 ID: a18f15

Krasavits, come home, snuggle in bed with sleeping companion, eat a sandwich.
No. 622621 ID: 052639

Dream about killing things.
No. 622764 ID: 55c4cf
File 142253351185.png - (382.48KB , 555x555 , Lilac078.png )

The flower shop was closed a couple of hours ago, and Dooryard was cleaning his body in an attempt to clear his mind. There would be no fun at the festival for the pseudo-dragon. Immortals were concerned about assassinations, and that made him worried as heck too. He wanted to rest, if someone died tomorrow it wouldn’t be because Dooryard wasn’t alert enough.

It was up to the guard to ensure everyone else’s Festival was enjoyable even if he would not be able. Dooryard was a soldier, and he had no idea what the next day was going to take him. None of them did.
No. 622765 ID: 07e788

Scrub yourself good, then go to bed early, you gotta be ready for tomorrow.
No. 622766 ID: d958ad

Do you even sleep? Meditate, maybe. Do some target practice or exercises? Walk around town looking out for anyone suspicious?
No. 622776 ID: a18f15

All you can do is be at the top of your game. Worrying yourself into being less effective won't help.
No. 622777 ID: b6981d

Bioandroid, they do living thing stuff.

Don't forget to wash dat ass, punk. Need yourself so sparkling clean the radiance of your body will ward off attackers.
No. 623255 ID: 55c4cf
File 142287947216.png - (390.96KB , 555x555 , Lilac079.png )

It was very late, and it would be a handful of hours before the sun was out. The emperor stood with his back to all four of his guardians. It had actually been a very long time since all of them had been in one place. The guardians all worked on their own missions and individually returned to him when they were done and ready for another task.

“Thank you all for showing up here. I love all four of you very much, and I am sorry that this may be the last time we all get to see each other.”
“Jianyu, please don’t talk like that,” the Librarian interrupts.
There is a pause, and none of them express much, but the feeling of concern is tangible.

Interrupting Jianyu was remarkably dangerous, particularly during important discussions. Jianyu responds with a very soft tone, “Kiimarda, my darling, the world depends on these changes to be built into a better place. We know someone dies tomorrow, we know that some of us will die. We must still fulfill our roles, because no one else can.”

The Librarian, Kiimarda, nods and glances to the ground forlorn. Cibao is as cheerful as always. The Magician snickered and waited. The doll tarried in silence.
No. 623256 ID: dc9b7e

1. try really hard to not cry
2. cry
No. 623257 ID: 07e788

Oh hey it's that dude that told us about the song. Funny we've met all the guardians already.

Ok, I've got this.

Librarian: don't die tomorrow.
No. 623267 ID: 330ce5

Might as well acknowledge that tomorrow is going to be a bad day. But that doesn't mean you need to accept it, forge your own destiny.
No. 623277 ID: 7d265e

Huh. One guardian, each with a connection to one of our other characters. That... doesn't bode well with the apparently fated death thing.
No. 623288 ID: b6981d

Cibao make a peace sign.
No. 623301 ID: 5e8892

Maybe they should discuss this whole "one of us is going to die tomorrow" thing. Is it a surprise to us?
No. 623305 ID: d958ad

Why don't you know who is going to die? What is changing?
No. 623417 ID: 052639

Was Cibao's hunt important, did she kill someone vital?
No. 623606 ID: 55c4cf
File 142312666994.png - (221.23KB , 555x555 , Lilac080.png )

“I trust you have all completed your tasks,” and the Guardians all nod politely in response.
“It is important that I see those five after the ceremony.”
The Magician speaks up, “Master Jianyu, why are you putting your trust in these regular people? They’re nobodies. We could do these things easily.”

“I was once an orphan raised by our church, you must let the butterflies emerge.
The citizens of our country are all valuable. If you did the things I am asking of them, it would be obvious, and it would be loud and messy. If they rise above nobodies, as you call them, it will happen after they have helped Mingxia.” Jianyu speaks slow, and firm. He’s not angry, but the four can see he could be easily despite how dull and expressionless the man was.

“Kiimarda, I will stay with you tonight.” The emperor turns his head, “All my work comes to bloom starting tomorrow. It is unfortunate that people must die for it to happen. Rest well.”

End of the second day.
End of the Session.
No. 623607 ID: 07e788

Magician, ur a shit
No. 623631 ID: 052639

The Magician in this position of power seems like a dangerous thing to me.
No. 623748 ID: 9b9ee7

Magician: be less of a dick.

Librarian: be more of a cutie.
No. 623938 ID: 5e8892

Jianyu: After everyone splits up, give the Magician a fucking stern talking to. You're going to let him represent you after all the threatening and shit he's done?
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