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File 130844805845.gif - (9.75KB , 800x600 , 1375.gif )
314825 No. 314825 ID: 543aa6

When I woke up, for that briefest moment before my situation came back to me, I thought I still had my hand.

I suppose I should look into doing something about that.
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No. 314826 ID: 543aa6
File 130844809203.gif - (10.83KB , 800x600 , 1376.gif )

Also, I should probably not tell Miss Openda I was dreaming about her.
No. 314830 ID: 0d095c

....Yeah. You don't wanna do that. What was in the dream?
No. 314831 ID: 35e1a0

well, not about HER, about her past. ask if she was almost crushed by a pipe on her stove.
No. 314839 ID: 40cb26

I'm sure you could explain it so it she clearly knows it was nothing perverse. But that would still mean we were reading her private personal memories by a psychic connection and that isn't really better. Let's just use this insight into her and not indicate we know of it.

Time to get up and make the rounds boss. At least see who is up and about. We could just check ourselves but its kind a pain for us waking people up. So damn grouchy.
No. 314843 ID: 0d095c

The REASON behind your dream is that you're sleeping next to her weird sigil thing. Seriously, don't do that in future. It'll probably screw your brain up even MORE than it is now.
No. 314846 ID: 543aa6
File 130844949658.gif - (13.38KB , 800x600 , 1377.gif )

I get up. It's still fairly early to mid morning.
Finesse greets me as I exit my chambers.

>"Good morning, Master Muschio. You look well today."
>"Dompag is looking after the prisoner. Ashedel and I are taking care of planning this morning. Ona is working on breakfast, and Babrakus is busy in his workshop. It's no rush, but once you're ready, you may want to head outside. Hookdon's men have arrived and will probably want to speak with you."
No. 314848 ID: 35e1a0

cool, thank her for her prompt report and lets get breakfast.
No. 314849 ID: 978003

Let's head out there, see what kind of men Hookdon sent us.

Good thinking, wearing a glove over your stump to make it look more natural til you get a prosthetic one.
No. 314850 ID: 072521

Odd, but where did Finesse pick up the black tenchcoat deal and all, is that leather?
No. 314854 ID: d4d2eb

Let's get breakfast first. It's good to have a full stomach. Makes you less cranky. More amicable. Helps diplomacy.
Also Ona's a pretty awesome cook.
No. 314857 ID: 00d3d5

Give Finesse a hug and say "I'm glad I chose well in the heat of the moment."
You really don't want her to think you resent her for the loss of your hand, or that you regret your decision. These are both things she is probably thinking, and her performance will suffer if you don't take steps to counter this.

Physical contact is the most effective technique for reassuring somebody and convincing them you are telling the truth, and you would be a horrible king if you shunned this power.
No. 314858 ID: e6097d

Breakfast (for strength and energy!), then check on then new guys (assure your crew you care about them before anyone else), then meet these visitors.
No. 314860 ID: e9ab30

Why do you still have 2 hands in this picture?
No. 314868 ID: 543aa6
File 130845164608.gif - (10.65KB , 800x600 , 1378.gif )

I sit down at the mess hall table. Breakfast first, then I'll handle the Prince's men who await me outdoors.

>"Morning, Mister Muschio! I made tuber crisps and mashed arobaro with bits of venison. I hope you like it!"
"Thank you, Miss Openda."
>"You can call me Ona, boss."

>"Master Muschio, sir! Finesse and I have been working on plans for the immediate future. Would you care to discuss them over your meal?"
No. 314869 ID: d4d2eb

Sure, why not? We can multitask. We've got two han-oh.
No. 314871 ID: 978003

Of course we would.
No. 314872 ID: 1854db

Remark on Ona's good mood.
No. 314878 ID: 543aa6
File 130845288304.gif - (22.07KB , 800x600 , 1379.gif )

"It's good to see you in good spirits, Ona."
>"Like I said, I love to cook!"

Ashedel lays out the map on the table as I continue to eat, and she and Finesse gather to discuss immediate plans.

>"Now that Hookdon's men are here, we have some basic protection outside. Since our Odds are currently incapacitated, we may want to start building aboveground. A few small shacks would be simple enough to make and could more comfortably house Wes and Pendle, and perhaps a few future recruits. We could even make a barracks if we plan on bringing more troops on-site."
>"On the subject of our two new officers, Mr.Khaneh has asserted that he may be able to control the magic gems that are currently disabling our Odds, but he will need a furnace and forge, and Mr.Fumo's help, to proper enact his plan. I would say a forge should be top priority for other reasons as well."

"And how do we stand on foreign affairs?"
>"In the Southwest, the reforged Kingdom of Dorada is rising again. Through its lost prince, Rungord Hookdon, we've already forged an alliance with them."
>"The Timore Woodlands to the west are filled with unrest but our Denlings haven't been able to pinpoint exactly why. They're in a delicate political position and one day soon we may be able to swoop in and unite them under our banner."
>"Information from Commander Coriander Salamander's Tower has revealed the city of Tela Cruz is in some kind of military lockdown. Through Commander Salamander we may be able to infiltrate the walled city. Rumors suggest inner political turmoil has led to the lockdown, meaning public opinion is against the Czar. Now would be an opportune time to strike."
No. 314880 ID: 978003

Let's find out what this political turmoil in Tela Cruz is about so we can come up with a course of action. Perhaps we can befriend someone vying for leadership of the city, and help him rise to power, gaining another valuable ally, or even better, see if we can't manipulate the situation to take over the city ourselves.

You should go there, Muschio. Let's meet up with Coriander's crew and find a way into the city.
No. 314881 ID: 1854db

So, situation unknown in the woods, possible opportunity in the city? While the woods are like, right there and it would be quick to investigate, the city could stabilize and taking them by any sort of force would be impossible.

Hmm. Maybe we can manage both? I remember that the goblins in the forest thought that the other village was all WEIRD, when they seemed to be basically the same to us. Perhaps Finesse (being a goblin and a hell of a sharp one at that) could go check on that, while another group travels to infiltrate the city?
No. 314882 ID: 978003

Oh, and you had assigned Ashedel to go recruiting in the Timore Woodlands, right? While she's there, ask her to find out more information about the unrest there.
No. 314883 ID: 0bd0b0

Receive respect from your followers.. like boss. Strike that shit.
No. 314884 ID: 543aa6
File 130845399218.gif - (22.60KB , 800x600 , 1380.gif )

All right.
"Here's the plan. Once I'm done eating I'll meet with Hookdon's men outside and make sure they're stationed without trouble. Then I'll be assembling a small group to head to Coriander's Tower with me. We'll proceed from there to Tela Cruz. Finesse, I may need you to investigate the Timore Woodlands, see if you can learn more about the situation there."
>"Yes, Master Muschio."
"Before I leave, I'll have to decide who's going to be in each of the two groups, and who's going to be staying at the base. I may also get a list of supplies to bring."

"Until then, I need you all to be prepared to leave at a moment's notice. Time will be of the essence in today's efforts."
No. 314885 ID: 3416ec


I assume you still have the rapier from the bug kingdom. If so, take that along with you.
No. 314891 ID: fa6e8d

Well, I suppose we should get to it then.
Time is one of our most valuable resourses.
No. 314893 ID: e4003e

Bring Ashedel with you to Tela cruz and send Tislomer with Finesse. (Also could we get a full list of our resources?)
No. 314902 ID: 543aa6
File 130845759015.gif - (8.35KB , 800x600 , 1381.gif )

Yes. I'll get to it as soon as I'm done eating.
No. 314904 ID: 3416ec

"Morning, Wes. New quarters to your liking?"
No. 314907 ID: f7ae22

Ruffle his head fluff and yell "HEY CHAMP HOW YA DOIN?"
No. 314908 ID: 543aa6
File 130845823157.gif - (7.66KB , 800x600 , 1382.gif )

I continue eating.

"Morning, Wes. Did you find your accommodations acceptable?"
No. 314909 ID: 07416a

...Ask Ona to make more food.
No. 314910 ID: 978003

Let's switch our perspective over to Wes.
No. 314911 ID: 3416ec

Does coffee exist in this universe? 'cause it looks like he needs a cup or two.
No. 314912 ID: 40cb26

Honestly, I like him better like this than all spazzed out. Let him be, even if he were awake he wouldn't be too useful right now.

Go out and meet your new troops.
No. 314915 ID: 0bd0b0

I think this situation does need a little investigating. Maybe not now though. If Wes continues to be sleep deprived it will certainly affect the quality of his work and morale.
No. 314927 ID: f5fe2f

Wes isn't a morning person, then.
No. 314934 ID: d4d2eb

Do we have any coffee for the little guy? If not we should see about getting one of those giant pots that people leave percolating at all hours of the day. Apparently it would be a good investment.
No. 314938 ID: 543aa6
File 130846243522.gif - (8.17KB , 800x600 , 1383.gif )

I head out to meet with Hookdon's forces.

I must admit, I'm caught a bit off-guard. This is a rather generous deployment of troops. It's not just a squad; it's a whole platoon!
There must be a thirty trained men here!

I meet with the platoon leader, a human who introduces himself as Ian Hyde.

>"You must be Lord Muschio. On behalf of the returned Prince Hookdon. We answer to him, and to Dorada, but for as long as we are stationed here we will protect this area and defend you and your men, and work with you as best as we are able."
"I appreciate all the help I can get."
>"We'll be stationed out here, a short distance from your fortress, in case of any hostilities. We'll keep an eye out for the paladins, but otherwise, my men will be doing their best to keep out of your way."
No. 314939 ID: 3416ec


"Have you encountered Paladins before? They seem like an unruly sort."
No. 314983 ID: 35e1a0

tell him that if they have any requests and your people have some free time you will see about filling them.
No. 314992 ID: d6ae01

Commend the prince's incredible generosity, apologize for the current housing situation, and promise to put some effort into creating more permanent and agreeable lodgings as soon as materials and labor allow. Then go back in and let's split the party.
No. 315032 ID: a41aaf

Ask if he has any recommendations for the location of stockades and the like.
No. 315035 ID: 1854db

I think we will definitely need to build a barracks for these guys. Surely they are not content to sleep in war tents.

Ask for a rundown on the troops here. Are they all soldiers or do we have medics, or engineers... Are they receiving supplies from home?
No. 315072 ID: 7dda9a

keep out of our way?
proper thing to do is embrace them... maybe not fully... but still embrace them in some way

it'd make for good reports back and they'll probably fight harder if it comes to it.

Let's get some barracks up. Maybe some makeshift housing until the barracks is done?

An armory is probably something we should think about for the immediate future considering how fast we're growing now... or at least planning to grow.
No. 315123 ID: 543aa6
File 130851632655.gif - (8.43KB , 800x600 , 1384.gif )

"I appreciate the respectful sentiment, but if you or your men need anything please, let us know. I'll set to work building you all a barracks for more permanent lodgings."
>"With respect Lord Muschio, that won't be necessary. We are perfectly fine in our tents, and this is only a temporary deployment. Prince Hookdon has stationed us here only until your own defenses have become more stable. We're posted here under all considerations of self-sufficiency, and a transport route to Dorada will be bringing us the necessary supplies so your own resources aren't drained supporting us."

"Very well, I suppose. Thank you for your help."
I should probably have Babrakus start building out here all the same. We do still need additional housing for Wes and Pendle, and a barracks would be nice to have eventually, since I plan on having an army of my own.

What now, then?
No. 315124 ID: 3416ec


Think they could give us a hand getting a furnace and forge built? The sooner we get that done, the sooner the odds can get back to building and expanding.
No. 315128 ID: ec7698

Now we commence with deployment.
No. 315130 ID: 978003


We shouldn't ask too much of them, they're already doing us a big favor.

As for the party to go to Tela Cruz, we should bring Ashedel and Pendle. We're probably going to be getting involved in politics courtly intrigue, so his knowledge of law and history and his experience with royalty will be useful. Wes and Babrakus will stay behind to build the new barracks and furnace, and they'll have Dompag available for heavy lifting.
No. 315131 ID: 40cb26

I don't think they can do all that much, we should not expect them to have skill in construction or to put their efforts into that at the expense of their real jobs. It would be disrespectful to order these soldiers to do menial labor at expense of their duty as soldiers. But we can ask that they assist Babrakus with simple tasks requiring extra hands if he asks and they can spare the manpower. It will only get them home quicker, after all.

Now head back in to have a group meeting and assemble a team.
No. 315132 ID: 62fa28

You may want to get Babrakus started the princess's cell first (to free up Dompag) and Pendel's abode second.

Unless Babrakus is needed to make the forge?
That remains the top priority.
No. 315135 ID: ec7698

I think Tislomer would be a good person to accompany Finesse, if only because she's also a local. Having the scholar to consult with could help on our own trip, and I doubt he'll be needed elsewhere. Babrakus needs to work on construction, and the smith is probably better off helping with or directing construction of the forge. Since our fort is currently defended by the army on our doorstep, I reckon Dompag can go with Finesse, which would be good since he's a big scary ogre and he's dealing with goblins. Obviously Geppa should go with him, and the task may well be good for her. Ona should remain home, unless she has any contacts where we're going. Ashedel could go with us to round out our party, considering she's from Coriander's Tower, she may well be of use here. If she knows nothing of this place, however, she probably wouldn't be too useful anywhere. I reckon she's still most useful with us, though.
No. 315136 ID: 1091a0

perhaps you should ask Babs or Wes what would be required for the forge so you can get started on it as soon as possible. maybe form a third team for a supply run if necessary and feasible.


Dompag ought to stay behind either way, to keep an eye on his 'sister' so she doesn't burn down our base while we're gone.


I agree. these people may be touchier then they look, and may be hurt by being asked to work as simple peons. if we had a young and attractive elven archaeologist to do the asking for us it might've worked, but alas.
No. 315140 ID: 543aa6
File 130852149204.gif - (8.84KB , 800x600 , 1385.gif )

Very well. I'll head inside and have a meeting with my officers to divide them up to three groups: One to the goblin and kobold villages to the west, one to accompany me east to Salamander Tower and on to Tela Cruz, and one to stay here and work on construction of a furnace, forge, and above-ground lodgings.

"I don't mean to bother you, Officer Hyde, but some officers and I will be leaving this morning for business. There is going to be some construction while we're away. We'll try not to impose on your men but if there is any help you would be willing to give, we would greatly appreciate the assistance."
>"I understand, Lord Malto."

I turn to leave, and head back to decide who goes where.
>"Sir! If I may. One last point of interest."
>"Be careful on the roads today. On our way here, my men found the body of a young woman in a field by the edge of the Timore Woodlands. It was in pretty bad shape. We believe someone or something may be on the prowl."
"...I'll keep my eyes open. Thank you."
No. 315143 ID: af72f6

If time allows, ask Ona if she's made any headway on replacing your hand. You're still not at full capacity, and that needs to be fixed ASAP.
No. 315157 ID: d6ae01

As much as Ash is really one of your most capable minions, she pretty much needs to come with you if you're heading out to Corriander's place. It'd be cruel to leave her out. Bring Ona for support, as well.
Babrakus needs to stay back and work, so send Finesse and... let's say Dompag out to Timore. We don't know what's out there, and it's not like we need our doorman to stay at the door with a platoon at our gates. Anything Finesse can't handle Dompag can punch.
No. 315161 ID: 701a19

A body? Whose body?
Don't just go 'oh, ok' and leave it at that, find out what you can from him then ask to see it yourself. This is potentially important information; we can spare the time to follow it up.
No. 315192 ID: 1091a0


50 bucks say we'll find out. it's sidequest time.
No. 315210 ID: 543aa6
File 130853235360.gif - (8.62KB , 800x600 , 1386.gif )

I should hurry, Tela Cruz is a good distance away, but this issue may require attention.
"Do you know the woman's identity?"
He clasps his hands together behind his back and shakes his head.
>"A young human woman. Judging from her attire and possessions, she was most likely a lone traveler. She wasn't robbed, and along with the state of the body it suggests attack by wild animals. Most likely it was something from within the Timore Woodlands."
"Is this sort of thing common?"
>"Not common, sir, but certainly not unheard of either. Even the roads are dangerous these days, especially in wild areas like the Woods. Just see that you remain cautious when you travel."
No. 315212 ID: 1e11d7

When you talk to Babs, make sure he has an eye towards further future developments, like maybe some fortifications of some sort.
No. 315213 ID: d28b6e

This could be what causing all the commotion in the woods.

Slay the beast win over the hearts of the people.
No. 315215 ID: af72f6

I think the most this recurring mention of 'beasts in the wild' should be taken as is: Take a reliable bodyguard on your travels. Ashedel is first choice, since Dom is best kept back at base.
No. 315220 ID: 00d3d5

Tell him you'll have your doctor examine the body, since you're ultimately responsible for the safety of people in your domain, and you have a duty to investigate, notify next of kin, and make sure she gets proper funerary treatment. This will make him and his people respect you more, and the information you get out of it is somewhat important - some of your enemies are animals, and spies often fake animal attacks to cover their tracks if an unfortunate person stumbles across them.

Since Ona is a WITCH doctor she should be able to get the victim to tell her all about what happened. The Kobold and Goblin villages are close, so this shouldn't cause too much of a problem.
No. 315223 ID: 1091a0


I suggest we refrain from assuming she can do that just because her job title has the word 'witch' in it. I think it kinda pisses her off.
No. 315232 ID: 35e1a0

can ask before we leave if she can see the last thing a body saw or something. and if we bring it into the room with the giant magic symbol she would have more then enough power for it.
No. 315240 ID: 543aa6
File 130853740266.gif - (7.90KB , 800x600 , 1387.gif )

I call an assembly in the main hall, and assemble my officers. Time to decide who's going where.

"Today is a day of action. There is turmoil in the woods to the West and in the port city of Tela Cruz to the East. We must act quickly, and to do so, we must split up and cover as much ground as possible. I will assemble three teams:
Team A is going to be heading with me to Salamander Tower, then on to Tela Cruz, to see what we can learn, infiltrate the city, and perhaps gain what leverage there is to be gained over its despotic Czar. With the Red Mesas in-hand, Tela Cruz could mean strategic and economic domination of the region.
Team B will head west to the Timore Woodlands. They will need to communicate with the locals, measure the political atmosphere, see what's going on. This will be a mission of reconnaissance. Learn what you can, and report back. Don't do anything drastic, especially without my go-ahead.
Lastly, Team C will stay here to work on building up the base and its facilities. Primary focus will be on constructing a makeshift forge and furnace. Once that's done we may be able to diffuse the magic crystals that are impeding the Odds. Second priority will be re-establishing the princess's cell and constructing above-ground housing for Pendle and Wes. Should there be any time afterwards, construction on more homes and a barracks would be the best goal."

My loyal friends look on patiently, absorbing the information.
"I need to decide who's going to be on which of the three teams."

Wes raises a hand weakly after a few quiet moments.
>"I'll stay here and build the forge."
Pendle speaks up.
>"With respect, I should like to stay here as well, to help Wes with the crystals once the forge is established. Refining the peregast requires special procedures which my assistance would ensure goes smoothly. If you really need me in another group I won't force the issue, but any instructions I leave will be a barebones replacement for my supervision."
Babrakus leans back in his chair a bit.
>"I'll stay here too, to build."

Ashedel salutes, respectfully.
>"I recommend myself for Team A. I can protect the group and I have a familiarity with the tower and our liaison."

Dompag nods, hands folded.
>"Wherever you send me, you'll probably want to send Geppa, too."
Geppa slaps him loudly on the back, gaining my attention.
>"My bro's a big guy, he can take care of himself. We'll survive. Even if you have to split us up."

The rest of the group is quiet. Evidently the rest is up to me.
No. 315242 ID: 35e1a0

i suggest finny in team A and tislomer dompag and geppa for team B. if it is some kind of assassin using wild beast attack as a cover then having them watch eachother's backs would bea good idea
No. 315246 ID: e3f578

Geppa, You, Ashedel and Dompag would make a decent Team A with sufficent offesive power
Team B seems most fitting to the support characters Tislomer, Finesse, and Ona for recon.
No. 315247 ID: 978003


I'm seconding this allocation of officers, with one condition. How much does Pendle know about Tela Cruzian law and history, and how knowledgeable are you about the subject, Muschio? If he isn't any more knoewledgeable than you, then he should stay behind, but if Pendle knows considerably more than you, then we need to take him along. Tela Cruz is too vital for our interests to wing it.
No. 315248 ID: d4d2eb

Team A will be you and Finny.
Team C will be Babrakus, Tislomer, Pendle, and Wes.
Team B will consist of Dompag, Geppa, and Ona. For reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with hilarity.
No. 315251 ID: af72f6

It's been a while, and relatively quiet, but where does Ridder stand in terms of allegiance with us? Does he stand as an ally to our north? Do you think we should get in touch with him? Perhaps he can send someone to help with the trouble in the woods.
No. 315252 ID: 1854db

Hey Muschio, that pendant- did you try using it with the portal yet?
No. 315253 ID: 35e1a0

point. have dompag in the room with you in case it is a fire thing.
No. 315263 ID: 3416ec

Team A: Muschio and Ona.
Team B: Dompag, Geppa, and Finesse.
Team C: Everyone else.
No. 315264 ID: ec7698

Okay. Let everyone go where they want to. Do request a debriefing from Pendle first. Dompag (and Geppa) and Tislomer should go with Finesse. Ideally the Tela Cruz crew should have at least one more person, but I have no particular arguments as to whom.
No. 315267 ID: 00d3d5

Dompag and Geppa should be on Team A with Ashedel. If Ashedel makes the call that it's time to cause trouble then they're the best ones for the job, and with the army out front you don't need to keep Dompag guarding the homefront.

You, Finesse, and Tislomer should be Team B, since that's you and two locals. We aren't expecting much trouble, and it's not that far away. Even single-handed you're more than a match for most attackers.

Ona stays here to examine the corpse, since even without guessing about what her magic could do she would be able to tell a real animal attack from a fake one, and stands the best chance of reconstructing what they would have looked like. Ask Ona if her magic could help her learn about a corpse.
No. 315270 ID: 543aa6
File 130854089590.gif - (10.25KB , 800x600 , 1388.gif )

I should clarify that because Tela Cruz is so important and immediate a concern, I myself must insist on being on Team A. I cannot entrust even my most competent officers with this duty.

Team C needs no protection necessarily, given the guard force here, and Team B may not need any at all, depending on what the political climate is like in the woodlands.

But before I make my final decision, I'm reminded of the trinket given to me by Rungord Hookdon before he left. He said it might be a mannikin, so it's worth testing.

Dompag stands by in case of trouble.
No. 315271 ID: 1854db

The portal reacted before when we touched the side of it with the mannikin, so do that before you throw it in.
No. 315272 ID: 35e1a0

in the old setup yes, but with the new setup it may not.
No. 315278 ID: d6ae01

Guess I voted a little early earlier.

A: Ash and Ona. You should have a doctor with you until we deal with that hand, and this is Ash's home turf.
B: Finesse and Dompag. Everything Finesse can't handle on her own can be punched into submission by Dompag.

C needs as many people as it can get, so leaving so many people back at base is probably for the best.
No. 315287 ID: af72f6

I second this set. Everyone who wants to stay behind gets to, and we're covered on protection, and care for team A.
No. 315292 ID: 543aa6
File 130854312413.gif - (9.00KB , 800x600 , 1389.gif )

No. 315295 ID: 978003

Dompag: eat fire demon
No. 315297 ID: 00d3d5

Call out over your shoulder "GEPPA! WE FOUND A BOYFRIEND FOR YOU!"
Then turn back and say "Was it paladins that sealed you there? Because if it was you're going to love working here..."
No. 315298 ID: f536f2

"Dompag, teach this gentleman some manners before he gets ashes all over the tapestry."
No. 315299 ID: 3416ec

No. 315300 ID: 40cb26

"Oh hey that's nice. Say, my friends need to get a forge going, think you can help with that? Dompag here will carry you if you can't help but burn what you touch. If you'd rather insist on burning everything then Dompag here will eat you."
No. 315301 ID: 543aa6
File 130854349770.gif - (10.70KB , 800x600 , 1390.gif )

>"Nah I'm jus' kiddin'.
>I jus' like ta put on a show now an' den."
No. 315302 ID: d4d2eb
File 130854357410.jpg - (160.58KB , 640x346 , howls-moving-castle-calcifer.jpg )

Neat. Can you power a forge? We're building one and we'll need a lot of fire.
No. 315303 ID: 00d3d5

Clap for that performance. It was beautiful.
No. 315304 ID: 978003

This guy seems pretty cool.

What sort of abilities do Great Fire Demons have?
No. 315305 ID: 6746fe

..."So...what are you and what can you do?"
No. 315308 ID: d6ae01

Complement Burnie's flair for the dramatic, then tell him to report to Fumo. We have other matters to attend to; a full debriefing can wait.

...Unless you want to bring him along to burn ANOTHER town to the ground.
No. 315309 ID: 40cb26

Applaud his showmanship, ask if he can do bigger and scarier if needed. A little searing intimidation is nice to have handy.

Discuss him about helping to make a forge, or even to double as one to take care of a little urgent smelting problem.
No. 315310 ID: 543aa6
File 130854435542.gif - (5.59KB , 800x600 , 1391.gif )

"Welcome to our base, Embraddeus."
>"Call me Emmy."
"I would like to give you a more thorough greeting, but I'm afraid I'm in a hurry. Can you handle the duties of a forge?"
>"You kiddin'? I love workin'a forge. Jus' point me inna right direction."
No. 315311 ID: 978003

Introduce her to Wes. I just know they'll hit it off.
No. 315313 ID: bccf7b


D'awww... they'd be so cute together!
No. 315314 ID: cdbdc1

"The Forge is not yet extant. The smith is a fellow named Wes Fumo."
Find Wes and introduce them.

Also find out what this dude can do besides power a forge. I'm getting a feeling it mostly amounts to "be fire", but it's still a good idea to ask.
No. 315315 ID: 543aa6
File 130854541778.gif - (10.55KB , 800x600 , 1392.gif )

"We don't have a forge yet."
>"Hey no problem. I'll take care a'dat."
"Very well. You'll report to the smith Wes Fumo for duties."
>"Y'got it big boss. I'll do my best!"
No. 315317 ID: 1854db


You know Geppa's issue with fire? We'll want to introduce the two carefully.
No. 315329 ID: 6746fe

We better cancel all our orders to almost everyone for a forge now that the mannikin has it covered.
No. 315332 ID: 35e1a0

cool. guess wes and pendle can start on getting those crystals purified and the odds up and running again sooner.
No. 315334 ID: 978003


We still need to get the structure itself built. We need more than fire to have a good forge.
No. 315413 ID: b9bd4f

Definetly, we want Emmy to take care about Geppa. Otherwise things might get out of hand and nobody wants that.
No. 315428 ID: 2563d4

My one reservation with this plan is separating Geppa and Dompag, especially in light of our new minion. If she becomes troublesome back at base Dompag will be out of range to deal with her, and anyone else may lack his, uh, finesse.

It might be better to leave him at base (where he can also help with any heavy labour), and let Finesse depend on stealth (which is helped by the absence of ogres).
No. 315432 ID: a41aaf

Also, tell Emmy not to pull his 'fire demon' act with Wes. He's skittish enough as it is.
No. 315434 ID: 6a4a02

just dropping by to say you might not want to send Dompag and Geppa on a potentially diplomatic mission, boss. you should probably take 'em with you.
No. 315448 ID: 543aa6

I concur. Take the "bro and sis" with you. They seem like they'd be formidable backup, especially together. Sending Finesse on the diplomatic mission makes sense, as they're her people.
No. 315463 ID: 978003


It's probably not a good idea to send Finesse out alone, especially with whatever attacked that woman near the Timore Woodlands on the prowl. We need to send one of our heavy hitters with her, and with Ashedel coming with us to Tela Cruz, Dompag is the best choice to go with Finesse. Geppa will need to go with Dompag, of course. And let's not forget that Kobolds inhabit the Timore Woodlands as well, so Tislomer might be of help too.
No. 315465 ID: a1a536


send Ash with Finny and Tissy then.
No. 316662 ID: 2d7bc5

Group A: You and Finesse, considering you both work very well as an ambassadorial couple, if the trip to the Red Mesas have taught us anything. Take Ashedel with you just to make sure that you have enough defensive/offensive power in case of any funny-business.
Group B: Geppa and Tislomer should be a great pair since they both seem to be the most agile of the remaining three choices.
Dompag will have to stay at the base as a guard. We wouldn't want any uninvited guests (or paladins) barging in on the Vault.
No. 319638 ID: 41868f

You may want some fire safety equipment around the base, in case Emmy and/or Geppa get rambunctious.

Team A - Muschio, Ashdel, and Tislomer.
(Her tracking abilities could be useful, and she may find some new alchemical materials)

Team B - Geppa and Dompag can act as bodyguards for Finesse, as long as they let her do all the talking.

Ona should stay at the base; if there is a medical emergency, it would be good to have her in a central, static location.
No. 322455 ID: 5f11b8

>DiveQuest will never be finished
No. 322529 ID: 54d1d0


>This has been said before.
No. 322563 ID: 28e94e

The hell you guys bumping for
No. 323127 ID: c2c011

Looks good, lets get this show on the road then.
No. 323128 ID: 5b8932


Yes, that is correct.

No. 323130 ID: 364f46

I guess you could send scholarbug with Finny and take Ona with you, if that's what you're playing at.
No. 323135 ID: 2563d4

Move Ashedel to your group, since she has ties to the tower, and you are going to the tower.
No. 323138 ID: 453e62

yeah looks good.
No. 323172 ID: 451cb8

>Ona with Dompag and Geppa
>Rape thing
Seriously though I think she needs a break from those two

I think Ash should be coming with us for the same reasons others have said (and she said herself), but that would leaving Finesse and Tislomer unguarded. Perhaps a few of those humans would be okay tagging along with them, given it's just for defense - they're not going to be doing the talking.

Alternatively Ona. As much as she won't really offer any protection, who can say no to a girls' night out?
No. 323210 ID: 3416ec


Works for me.
No. 323248 ID: f5fe2f

This division of labor looks good, and not only because it looks like ice cream.
No. 323329 ID: b6ca92
File 131010192767.jpg - (21.34KB , 380x253 , istockphoto_11359161-neapolitan-ice-cream.jpg )

Cannot.. unsee...

...the deliciousness!
No. 323346 ID: 1854db

Hrmmmm... maybe Ash should swap with Dompag and Geppa.
No. 323348 ID: 451cb8

I don't think Geppa in that forest would be a good idea. I think she might have a hard time shutting up. This is just a reconnaissance thing, and she could get in the way of that.

I'm worried about her in general actually, as much as she seems to want to get better, she's got a long way to go. I hope Dompag can keep a metaphorical leash on her. Diplomacy's at stake.

Or a literal leash if you want to be a pervert.
No. 323349 ID: 52102a

Actually I think this is good.

Go Ice cream vault!
No. 323686 ID: bb79e2

Ash needs to stay with the forest group in case of potential threat. With Dompag and Geppa, Master Muschio has more than enough muscle and he himself is all that's needed when it comes to negotiation.

Let's stick with your plan, boss.
No. 329791 ID: 5c1153

Looks perfect to me.
No. 331342 ID: 37300d

We may have no precedence over memory, but that won't stop us from reminding you of the little things occasionally.

Before you set off, remember to ask Tislomer if she has any potions to distribute to anyone who might need it. You can never be too prepared.

As for Ona, she can use the rune you've been sleeping next to to aid you from a distance, but she needs a personal belonging or voodoo doll for it to be effective. Might I suggest a shard from the Orb of Infinite Psyche?
No. 331767 ID: 7b4a2c

>> No. 331342 : Technically, Ona already *has* a shard of the Orb, as an implant. That's how we talk to her, remember? Still, checking with her about what she might use as a remote assistance focus is probably a good idea, since the orb has some pretty funky and sometimes unpredictable properties, as is asking Tislomer for first aid potions for all traveling parties. You never know what we're going to run into.

Actually, given Geppa's thing with fire, you might want to ask both of them about burn treatment and/or fireproofing things in particular. I don't think she will mean you any harm, but that one's a few apples short of a bushel if you know what I mean.
No. 331776 ID: 37300d

While I'm sure it would be possible to use the shard she already has to interact with the boss, remember exactly where her shard is located. Perhaps is would be a little more...comfortable...to simply break off another piece. I could also suggest the severed hand, but something so infused with dark energy is bound to only cause trouble with Ona's magic.

Oh, yes, and Sir Muschio, you mustn't forget to bring rope! Heavens knows what that fish has planned for you...
No. 336162 ID: 685167

What's our Mana pool look like, anyway? Been quite some time since we've checked on that. I'm sure we can rustle up a few more Odd to get started on construction.

Just need to keep them away from that stone.
No. 336254 ID: 40cb26

The mana pool mechanic was ditched entirely in favor of just throwing the damn summoning items in the portal directly.
No. 336289 ID: 685167


Oh. I must've missed that. The mechanics confused me a bit. When'd that happen?
No. 336319 ID: 865a02

I think it was only a chapter or two after. Was never really implemented.
No. 339773 ID: c7b6c2

Damn shame, too. We might have been able to get more Odds.

As it is, the whole "one mannikin-one minion" thing seems pretty expensive, considering the rarity of said little dolls. Kind of hard to see how it'd be maintainable for a large dungeon.
No. 340101 ID: 39faf9

Step 1: Find dolls
Step 2: Take dolls
Step 3: Bring dolls to portal
Step 4: ???
Step 5: Profit
No. 340200 ID: 865a02

I suspect that glowing stone may be used in some way down the road to make new mannikens when we really start becoming a fortress.
No. 342592 ID: 03212a

I don't think it would be wise to bring Geppa to Salamander Tower. Remember who's there? Buster. Nothing good will come of this.
No. 342593 ID: 28e94e

For the love of fucking god, stop bumping this thread until it actually updates.
No. 352254 ID: 543aa6
File 131692891869.gif - (16.58KB , 800x600 , 1393.gif )

Very well, the division of labor is complete.

Group A will head to the Timore Woodlands to investigate the situation there. Finesse and Tislomer will serve as intermediaries to the locals and learn what they can, both natives of the area. Ashedel will accompany them as support and emergency muscle, if the corpse the troops discovered is indeed indicative of some kind of danger -- which may, unsurprisingly, be tied to the rumored troubles in the area.

Group B will remain at the base. Ian Hyde, the human platoon leader, will serve as defense in case the Helianthus or any other hostile forces attempt another incursion. Pendle, Wes, and Embraddeus will get to work on the forge, so that we can get the necessary steps working towards getting the Odds back in shape, which will in turn get us more space and housing in our subterranean area - not to mention set up a necessary smithing operation. Babrakus, conversely, will set to work on creating above-ground shelters for the troops and officers, both those we hold now and intend to hold in the future. Ona will remain to tend to any remaining matters or health concerns, and because I do not think she is suited to accompany either of the other groups.

Group C will head to Salamander tower and meet with the Commander, retrieve the necessary intelligence, and proceed directly to Tela Cruz. Geppa and Dompag will accompany me as necessary muscle. I don't yet know what dangers to expect. Ashedel, our contact to the tower, has briefed me and assured me her presence is not necessary at the Tower rendezvous.

Everything seems set.
No. 352255 ID: 543aa6
File 131692898491.gif - (5.00KB , 800x600 , 1394.gif )

It will be a long hike just to get to the tower. But I suppose all three groups have their work cut out for them.

The only other question is: Where should YOU all be right now?
No. 352256 ID: 07416a

Group A.
No. 352257 ID: e79d6a

I am torn between A and C. Group B we really don't have to monitor since they're holed up at the base.

I'm going to go with A.
No. 352259 ID: d0ef57

Let's go with group A. We can rejoin you once we've gotten a start on our investigation and you've reached the tower.
No. 352262 ID: 1854db

Yeah, that's good logic.
No. 352270 ID: c51036

Yeah, I'll go along with that.
No. 352272 ID: 81dd60

A sounds good to me too.
No. 352291 ID: 543aa6
File 131693505267.gif - (9.46KB , 800x600 , 1395.gif )


>"That sounds really good, Tislomer."
>"YEAH! I'm sooooooooooooo hungryyyyyy~!♪ An' it's gonna be SOOOOOOOOOO TAAAASTYYYY~!♪"
No. 352294 ID: 35e1a0

tislomer, you need to keep your voice down, you can talk but don't yell, okay?
No. 352295 ID: c51036

Wait, what was that bit about candy? I love candy!
No. 352296 ID: 81dd60

oh my god cream rolls
No. 352298 ID: 6f1d54

Tislomer: Begin singing "Cupcakes" but replace the word cupcakes with cream rolls
No. 352323 ID: 499111

Sounds awesome but geeeeeeeeeeeez turn it down a couple o' notches, it's like you just want to attract all sorts of unwanted attention.
No. 352333 ID: 1854db

I thought we were investigating the trouble happening? If we attract attention, then GOOD. Faster investigation.
No. 352423 ID: fd2068


And on a more serious note...
Hello Finesse, I suppose we are headed by your village first, no? I'm somewhat under the impression it is nearest the edge of the forest, the kobolds living deeper in as the shy, timid creatures they are.
No. 352429 ID: d0ef57

Finesse, it wasn't too long ago that you left the forest. Was there anything going on then that might be causing unrest now?
No. 352430 ID: 543aa6
File 131697501536.gif - (6.16KB , 800x600 , 1396.gif )

"Tislomer, don't shout. Use your indoor voice."
>"Why? We're not inside. We're outside!"
"We just don't want to attract so much attention. There could be danger out here."
>"Finnie, I like you. But sometimes you worry too much."
No. 352431 ID: e79d6a


"In case you forgot, there are a group of knights hellbent on murdering us. I'd like to keep as low a profile as possible."
No. 352437 ID: 35e1a0

yeah "we have those paladins that hate us, remember?"
No. 352443 ID: 543aa6
File 131697587785.gif - (7.71KB , 800x600 , 1397.gif )

"Do you remember all those knights trying to kill us? Or how about the danger that could be lurking out in these woods?
>"Oh my GOSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHH FINNNIIIIIEEEEE, why are you always being SO serious ALL the time."
No. 352445 ID: 35e1a0

"it's my job"
No. 352447 ID: e55e1e

seriously guys WHY SO SERIOUS ALL THE TIME we have lady swordlegs to protect you
No. 352448 ID: e79d6a


"SOMEONE has to be. Now let's continue on."
No. 352464 ID: 07416a

Grab her koboob.
No. 352485 ID: 607593

yeaaaaaaaaah, pretty sure all this buildup and fond memories might mean that you'll find the village decimated. just sayin' you should be prepared for the worst; your group doesn't exactly look typical for this area and it'll definitely merit investigation if there's hostile forces about.
No. 352640 ID: c04c0d

We have to be careful so none of us get hurt.
No. 352978 ID: 543aa6
File 131708201017.gif - (8.63KB , 800x600 , 1398.gif )

>"...that's where they said they found the body."

>"Down that clearing."
>"I don't want to go see it."
No. 352979 ID: 07416a

Be careful. Have someone watch your backs. The one who doesn't want to see it.
No. 353125 ID: 22e0b1

Keep a lookout, and move forward carefully. Does anyone know the area well? If so, have them lead.
No. 353375 ID: 218cef

"I sure as hell do."
No. 353376 ID: 1854db

Tell her she can cover her eyes.
No. 353924 ID: 543aa6
File 131732584681.gif - (6.40KB , 800x600 , 1399.gif )

"Let's go check it out."
"Tislomer, come on. You can stay back and keep watch."
>"No! I don't wanna go near it! Someone else can do it!"
>"Calm down, Tislomer."
>"I thought Ona or someone else was gonna take care of it! I don't wanna go!"
No. 353929 ID: 788407

okay, send us to Tissy. Tissy the sissy.
No. 353933 ID: 218cef

Second. If Charmed doesn't want too see it, I suppose we can distract her for you.
No. 353944 ID: a2aeb2

We can watch with her. Maybe if we focus right we can get a wide view of the area around her while we're with her.. though things look kind of.. simple when we talk to her.
No. 354042 ID: 543aa6
File 131735295554.gif - (20.60KB , 800x600 , 1400.gif )

No. 354043 ID: a59e68

No. 354044 ID: 35e1a0

calm down. keeping watch means you make sure no one else goes near it. you don't need to go near it yourself.
No. 354046 ID: fb8ba7

I think maybe magic is involved here. Anyways, you don't gotta go.
No. 354048 ID: 543aa6
File 131735348002.gif - (27.84KB , 800x600 , 1401.gif )

No. 354050 ID: c51036

No. 354052 ID: 1854db

No. 354054 ID: a59e68

Then uh.. don't?
No one is making you.
No. 354055 ID: fb8ba7

No. 354062 ID: 4d2470

well if you don't calm down and explain yourself, someone's gonna make you. so chill.
No. 354063 ID: 389ef2

No. 354067 ID: 543aa6
File 131735484844.gif - (9.04KB , 800x600 , 1402.gif )

>"Calm down. You don't have to go. No one will make you."
>"If it upsets you that much, we can get someone else, okay?"
>"...let's get going."
No. 354080 ID: c51036

No. 354082 ID: 21d891

No. 354086 ID: b6edd6

The vision seems strangely consistent for a hallucination.
Maybe we should test Tilsomer for latent magic ability/senses at some point.
No. 354088 ID: 1854db

Hmm. Maybe we should switch Tislomer and Ona, then?
No. 354327 ID: a979a2

I can't actually taste anything but that sounds delicious.
No. 354371 ID: f85218

Charmed, what was with that red thing? Is this because you got blown up or is it something different?
No. 354415 ID: 0448b9

What trickery is this?
No. 354524 ID: 6fba28

I would ready weapons before heading down there, that vision was rather ominous. Send Tislomer back to the Vault to wait for you, or perhaps ahead to the Kobold Village if you feel it's safe enough.
No. 354770 ID: 218cef

People, people. The big red thing was just, in Charmed's mind, the imagined or symbolic version of whatever she doesn't want to see.
No magic, just a simple mind.
No. 356699 ID: 543aa6
File 131805983934.gif - (12.43KB , 800x600 , 1403.gif )

>"Okay. We'll leave it for someone else to take care of."
>"So, where are we going first?"
>"The Goblin village is our best bet. They're the most likely to give us the information we need."
"Uh, HELLO. Kobold village is way better, AND they have mint soup, let's go there."
No. 356700 ID: 35e1a0

no no, see, you save the best for last so you end the day happy. if you find something bad at the goblin village then do happy things you will go to sleep happy and have happy dreams. if you do the bad things last then you will go to sleep sad or scared and have bad dreams.
No. 356701 ID: c61ec8

Charmed has a pretty solid case here. Unless Finesse knows of something better than mint soup (WHICH IS OBVIOUSLY IMPOSSIBLE) that is at the Goblin village then you should hit up that kind of rush at the Kobold village first.
No. 356740 ID: e3f578

just go to the closest one
because this kind of bickering is childish and that suggestion would eliminate any further bickering hopefully.
No. 356747 ID: fa2f8d

dude what.

mint soup sounds horrible. let's not go to the boldling village.
No. 356763 ID: 4bdd79

No. 356787 ID: d6ae01

You know what would make mint soup better? Working up an appetite first by solving some mysteries.
No. 362119 ID: 685167

Mint soup, then corpses.
No. 362138 ID: c91514

Whenever you fellas get around to visiting the Kobold village make sure you check on that adorable cutebold girl Muschio saved. :3
No. 363247 ID: 76909b

We could just go with the closer village. And maybe we should practice jumping between different people, yeah? Accurate mind jumps could be useful.
No. 363895 ID: bb0df0

Coming into this way late (I just read all of Divequest. Like, in the last three hours. :I) but I still think we need to check out where Hyde found that corpse. We don't have to send Charmed back there. She could just stay with Ash while Finesse investigates or vice versa. Either way, this giant cloud of evil seems pretty relevant right now.
No. 378337 ID: 543aa6
File 132599061628.gif - (11.63KB , 800x600 , 1404.gif )

No. 378339 ID: 4bdd79

No. 378342 ID: ebfc41

Lift with your knees! Get your hands under... whatever that is! Metal ingots? Stone blocks?

Lift your knee up under for extra support while you shift your grip around!
No. 378344 ID: 453e62

how about you put it down and each take half?
No. 378345 ID: 8bae5c

WOAH, did anyone else feel like reality skipped a beat there? Anyhow.

Guys, chill... okay... one of you chill, the other one, erh... keep on burning or whatever you do.
No. 378346 ID: 543aa6
File 132599253419.gif - (9.39KB , 800x600 , 1405.gif )

>"You dingus!"
>"Ugh. WhatEVER! Kee-ripes."
"Are you g-g-g-gonna help or w-what?!"
>"I'm doin' ALL the work! Your skinny butt can't even-"
"ME?! You're only like a f-f-foot t-tall!"
>"Well at least I know how to say a word in one try!"
"Why you fffiery little b--b----b-bitch!"
No. 378347 ID: 453e62

No. 378348 ID: e79d6a


Hey! Dudes! Chill out!
No. 378349 ID: 7f7745

Calm down Wes. It's an elemental... they've got famous tempers.
No. 378354 ID: 45fc67

Probably a bad time to ask but...what'cha doin?

Telling the fire elemental to chill out? :3
No. 378361 ID: e79d6a


He needs to quit being so hot under the collar.
No. 378362 ID: a8763a

> "Well at least I know how to say a word in one try!"

No. 378364 ID: 1854db

So hey, what seems to be the problem here? You guys are fighting. Why? Are you trying to share tasks, rather than splitting them up? I suggest splitting tasks, rather than trying to double team it and getting all your hands confused.
No. 378365 ID: 543aa6
File 132599533924.gif - (9.42KB , 800x600 , 1406.gif )

>"Y'can't talk to me that way!"
"Th-then get b-b-back to work on the ffforge!"
>"Make me!"
"I don't make monkeys!"
No. 378367 ID: a3a2e6


what started all this
No. 378368 ID: 453e62

No. 378371 ID: e3f578

WES Bro stop this go do something productive
Fire chick you go stay away for a while

The only people who get to act like bickering children is the orb of infinite psyche
Everyone knows you can't build something without beer what are all you doing being sober
No. 378375 ID: 45fc67

>I don't make monkeys!
Methinks we need to expand our repertoire of comebacks.

Also, it's evident that this is going to end in a fight--barring the intervention of third-parties--so why don't you go ahead and sock that fella in the face. His giant, flaming, hot-enough-to-melt-iron face. I'm sure there will be no consequences.

If it does help you calm down, remember that, since you're all connected by the orb, everyone else in the dungeon will eventually know about this petty conflict and likely use it to judge your behavior, your ability to handle stress, and so on. You could wind up looking bad in front of your boss....or someone else...
No. 378381 ID: 543aa6
File 132599707787.gif - (9.62KB , 800x600 , 1407.gif )

"S-SHE STARTED IT. You want to know how it S-SSTARTED? It STARTED w-wwwhen this little excuse for a d-demon dropped a load of BRICKS on m-my ff--ff--fffoot!"
>"WHAT?! No way, it STARTED when you couldn't mix mortar to save your life!"
No. 378382 ID: 453e62

No. 378383 ID: e3f578

I don't care who started it I'm going to be the one to end it

Wes, right up a list of steps to construct a forge and follow them. I don't give a fuck what happens, you people move on and on to build this fucking thing so HELP ME GODS
No. 378385 ID: e79d6a


I think at this point it's best to let them fight it out.
No. 378386 ID: 1854db

Sounds like you both made mistakes. GET OVER IT AND STOP THIS INFIGHTING!

Hang on, you can hold the burning demon without getting burnt? Are you immune to fire like Dompag is?
No. 378390 ID: 45fc67

"Wuv, true wuv!"

Steal a smooch while you're so close together. Emmy won't mind.
No. 378393 ID: 1963d1

Round 1
No. 378398 ID: 4bdd79

No. 378401 ID: 9c7c3b

>Round 1
No. 378404 ID: 45fc67

Get drunk, kiss her, beat the tar out of her....Muschio's subconscious is a dark place indeed.
No. 378425 ID: 0adc60

stop. fighting.
No. 378427 ID: 0d7a83

"She started it!"
"No he did!"

Fuck just stop acting like children.
No. 378428 ID: a8763a

Okay, look, you obviously need to settle this and there's clearly only one way that doesn't devolve into bitch slapping and pointless bickering.

Dance off. Go.
No. 378476 ID: 543aa6

ten bucks on the one MADE OUT OF FIRE
No. 378499 ID: cad45e

Ok see you obviously got a bad start so why not sit down and talk about it all quickly EMMY, AIM FOR THE BALLS!
No. 378504 ID: 2563d4

Pendle, get in here and look at them over the rims of your glasses with silent disapproval.
No. 378529 ID: b56f12

this, defintevely the best suggestion
No. 378531 ID: b56f12

ffff definitely
No. 378536 ID: 6f1d54

Finesse: Take a break from writing your erotic fiction.
No. 378610 ID: d96499

Even if he is a blacksmith, I don't think I'd want to hold someone MADE OF FIRE that close to my face.
No. 378738 ID: 24acdb


I'll set the mood.
No. 378969 ID: 2fd111

EMMY: Aim below the belt!
No. 379037 ID: bd7afe

Return to the planning stages.
No. 379213 ID: b22d56

Hothead and Cheese Eater, comedy duo.

Consider that there may be needs the other had that must be met. You two will be in a working relationship, so there will have to be some compromise.

Is there a little cart anywhere to haul the bricks instead?

...and if you two can't stop arguing, you might need a third party mediator. One who is well practiced in remaining unobtrusive as things are going on, and striking when it would have most effect.

Go see if the mimic would be able to mediate. Or heck, if it can even speak.
No. 379277 ID: 2fd111

I take back what I said before
,this sounds like a plan.
No. 380702 ID: 543aa6
File 132691853113.gif - (7.76KB , 800x600 , 1408.gif )

Absolute children.
No. 380703 ID: bdb3f8

Hey there bug bro. How long have they been going at it like this?
No. 380704 ID: a1ad69


So, what's been going on at the base since the gang split up?
No. 380706 ID: e79d6a


Pendle. Status report.
No. 380707 ID: b4adaa

yeah have those two gotten anything done yet at all?
No. 380708 ID: 1854db

Would you mind getting like, a bucket of water and throwing it on them? This kind of behavior is not acceptable amongst our staff.
No. 380710 ID: 543aa6
File 132691935506.gif - (7.75KB , 800x600 , 1409.gif )

Very well, here is where we stand since the two other groups departed this morning:
Human Platoon Leader Ian Hyde has been managing security without incident. His troops are still garrisoned outside.
Mr. Fumo and Embraddeus have been... working diligently on the construction of the forge.
Miss Openda and I have been making preparations for the processing of the crystals which I believe are crippling the Odds. Our work is nearly finished, and once the forge is complete we should be able to put the last steps in motion right away.
Resident carpenter Babrakus has been gathering lumber and other supplies outside. I believe he is beginning work on new Officer housing this afternoon.

Overall, I would say progress has been above average, especially with the minimal supervision we have.
No. 380718 ID: e79d6a

Think you can somehow get Wes and Emmy to stop fighting?
No. 380721 ID: a2fa74

A little bit of hard-won wisdom:
Competent people don't need supervisors to tell them how to do their jobs.
No. 380739 ID: beb6d7


>Miss Openda and I

thank the gods someone knows proper grammar around here. if I heard one more person say "me and blahblah" I would have... uhh... been really angry, I guess.

thanks for the update. need anything?
No. 380743 ID: b4adaa

Since everything seems to be going smoothly, maybe somebody else could use some help.
No. 380744 ID: 1854db

Tell them that one or both of them are going to get kicked out if they don't stop fighting.

Or maybe just tell them to take a break from working until they calm down and can discuss their issues with eachother like adults.
No. 380748 ID: 459534

I'm not sure we *can* break up the fight. Might have to just let things take their course.

So...let's find something else to take care of around the base while those two are "working things out". Unless getting the forge completed is that much of a priority, that is. If that's the case just send Openda to give Wes and Emmy a good tongue-lashing and/or tranquilizing drugs.
No. 380752 ID: 459534

Same guy as the last post. Just wanted to note that I probably should've emphasized the "tranquilizing drugs" bit in that post more--it may be a better idea than I originally thought. Stick 'em with a couple darts and the problem disappears!

'course, you'd have to wait for the drugs to wear off before construction could continue...
No. 380850 ID: 543aa6
File 132695016538.gif - (8.46KB , 800x600 , 1410.gif )

I'm afraid I'm not much of a disciplinarian. Perhaps it would be better to let them work things out between themselves after all.

I return to the table with young Miss Openda. She seems to have put away her witch-doctoring tools, or whatever one would call such magics.
>"Everything's all prepped for the ore, like you said."
>"Are those two fighting in there?"
"I'm afraid so."
>"That shaky guy gives me the creeps. He seems kinda shady."
"I'm sure Mr. Fumo is perfectly harmless."
>"Maybe. I dunno. I'm just a suspicious type, I guess."
"Well, until they get the forge ready, there's not much we can do. I'm sure they'll have it managed out soon enough."
No. 380856 ID: 2d996a

The stress is getting to them. They just need some time to cool their jets. Let em take some time off after they've finished the forge and then they'll realize how irrational they've been acting.
No. 380899 ID: 72d49b

Hey, Miss Openda!

Pendle's a bit too non-confrontational to set those two straight, but you're capable of going and telling them how to act, right? Do so.
No. 380938 ID: 202e3b

DIVEQUEST <3 <3 <3

Ona, I feel like you're the best equipped to cool things down between Fumo and Emmy; you're bluntly honest, but in a nice way, and I think you can be intimidatingly in charge without being scary. Can you get in there and calm things down between the two of them? Maybe find out what needs to be done to make the forge and delegate tasks between the two of them so they don't need to work directly together as much?
No. 380943 ID: 459534

Maybe we should focus on something other than breaking up the fight? Pendle seems pretty confident that they'll take care of things themselves. How about those ores? How's the work with them coming along? And why's Openda putting away her things? ...is it time for lunch/dinner?
No. 380946 ID: beb6d7

you know what they say. the most harmless looking ones are always the rapists...
No. 380990 ID: 543aa6
File 132700933155.gif - (8.11KB , 800x600 , 1411.gif )

"Perhaps you should go in there and help smooth things out."
>"Are you kidding me? No, that guy gives me the heebie-jeebies even when he's NOT screaming."
"Well, I suppose they'll just work it out between themselves eventually."
>"Anyway, speaking of heebie-jeebies, I might go take a look at that body out by the woods. I told the boss I was going to. Want to come with?"

"Me?! T-to the... the body?"
>"Yeah, I'd rather not go alone."
"Oh dear. I - Well, I must say, I'm not particularly fond of scenes of violence. Especially where... b-blood is involved. I am just a touch... squeamish, you see."
No. 380992 ID: 6fdf5f

Maybe you could ask Emmy if she'd like to accompany Ona, she could probably provide some decent protection and it would be a good excuse to split her and Wes up.
No. 380993 ID: 2ac82f

Only one cure for that, buddy!
No. 380994 ID: 1854db

Would you rather let a lady wander around alone in the wilderness?
No. 381003 ID: beb6d7

how ungentlemanly of you, Pendle. I would never have expected such a thing from a fine chap like you.
No. 381008 ID: 459534

Pendle, the circumstances surrounding this death are particularly mysterious. It may have been caused by some new animal or entity, one unknown to this region--if not unknown to this world! Learning more about it should prove both fascinating and useful. Isn't that reason enough to investigate? Besides, as a scholar you have a duty to seek new knowledge when the opportunity presents itself, even when doing so is difficult or dangerous. Get out there, man! Knowledge awaits!

I mean, I guess you *could* let Ona handle this herself, but she doesn't have a scholar's eye and may miss important details.
No. 381723 ID: 2e575f

Squeamish? Until recently you were a general in a civil war! Get out there and help Ona, you pansy!
No. 381735 ID: 72d49b

Pendle, you're a huge pussy. Man up already, a dead body isn't gonna hurt you. Not unless it's a zombie, but that doesn't sound like the case this time.
No. 381885 ID: 4f1b29

Oh Pendle, I'm quite sure that the body won't have that much of blood left in it. You should just refrain from...you know, looking at the immediate area.....or tell yourself that red is in fact the natural color for grass. Green as grass is merely figure of speech anyway!

But really, as squimish and scared of blood you are, imagine the horrible, horrible guilt you'd be feeling if you let little Ona go out alone in the woods, only to get jumped by a big evil beasty and TORN TO TINY BLOODY SLIVERS THAT ARE SPREAD ACROSS THE ENTIRE FOREST TO FEED THE BIRDS!
Seriously dude, go with her.
No. 382061 ID: 680ff4

Pendle MAN UP AND GO already. a little blood never hurt anyone. you even have to look at it, just watch Ona's back.
Seriously, what's the worst that could happen?
Ok, saying that may have been a bad idea...
No. 382062 ID: 680ff4

you don't even...damn typos
No. 382074 ID: 202e3b


If Ona goes, Pendle, you really should go with. It's not safe for one person to wandering around by themselves when you don't know what killed that woman.

But, speaking of, you might suggest that unless the two of you can get some of the soldiers from outside to come with you, it would be more prudent to wait until you have someone more combat-capable (say, Dompag or Ash) to come with you to investigate the body.
No. 382095 ID: 680ff4

Before either of you go (and damnit Pendle, you're going!), you should probably get Emmy and Wes to stop fighting. We don't want them accidently demolishing the place while you're out. If you don't want to go near them, throw a bucket of water at them or something.
No. 382100 ID: 4f1b29

Hold on, we might extinguish the little fire demon that way. Can't have that. How else will we roast the little marshmallows?!
No. 383951 ID: 680ff4

hmm i suppose you're right; extinguishing our minions may be a bad road to follow. i'm not sure how else to get their attention though...
hang on - can we talk to Emmy yet?
No. 385967 ID: e4b2f0

First of all, Pendle, man the heck up. You knew this job was going to be less than some cushy court wizard appointment when you took it. Time to put your developed mentality to work on the unpleasant things. Seeing as how there is a surfeit of troops up there, you might want to ask if they can loan you one of their own for a short trip.
Secondly, what are the uses of the substance when it is finally refined? Can it be forged into magic weapons and/or armor, used in alchemy, or something more exotic? We need to know this sort of thing to plan appropriately.
No. 386200 ID: 7b34fd

Just watch out for her while she does her work. You can stand guard, yes? It wouldn't be gentlemanly to let a lady go alone like that, now would it?
No. 388063 ID: 58d742

Pendle man, grow a pair. If you don't like blood don't look but your knowledge may help in identifying what it is that killed the poor girl. It's your duty as a gentleman and as a kind man in general to assist in preventing further loss of life.
No. 388845 ID: 4d068d

This quest dead?
No. 388847 ID: 576063

Don't think so...
Weaver just finished a chapter of NANquest, so this thread maybe will continue in some days...
except he want to work on the next NANquest-chapter first^^
Give weaver a break!^^

No. 388972 ID: ca95d8

Weaver's working on NanQuest at the moment. He takes breaks like this pretty often.
No. 391597 ID: 543aa6
File 133136840947.gif - (8.40KB , 800x600 , 1412.gif )

Yes, of course. I wouldn't want the young lady going out there on her own, especially with the threat of danger about. If Miss Openda needs an escort, it wouldn't do to sit here...

"Well, if you're set on going, then of course I'll accompany you."
>"Thanks, Pendle!"
"Well it's... no problem at all."
>"Great. We'll go right now, then."
"Right now? Right now, right now?"
>"Unless there's anything you need to take care of first."
No. 391598 ID: 1854db

Why you need to get your traveling gear on, of course. Don't you have, like, a gentleman's rapier or something?

Or maybe you need a touch of liquid courage, eh?
No. 391600 ID: d5ee6f

Go with her now. Get some weapons or something first idunno but this is a very shapely young woman and you need to impress her.
No. 391609 ID: 88e5ad

maybe soon you'll become a real man.
No. 391616 ID: 9f645e

Take a couple of soldiers with you for security, neither of you are exactly powerhouses at stabbing people in the face.
No. 391706 ID: fc582e

Well, the first thing I'd advise you to do, Pendle, is to gear up. Some good walking boots (unless your feet are too tough to need them, what with your carapace and all) a walking staff (which also is useful for whacking things and pushing them away from you, and makes a good pole for poking things you don't want to touch from a distance) some traveller's clothes, and a backpack. Wouldn't hurt to grab a canteen and a couple of snacks or something to go with you, just in case. Bring enough for her, too. Don't weigh yourself down, naturally, since this will hopefully be a short trip. It's also good to see someone else suggesting checking with the soldiers up top, so I'll repeat the suggestion to see if one of them can act as an escort.
No. 392024 ID: a8a610


This. Ask a solider to act as a body guard.
No. 392712 ID: 0ae447

Agreed, make sure you and Ona are armed, and also ask for a soldier or something to come with you, then it's time for adventuuuuuure!
No. 393123 ID: c8d49c

This isn't going to update for a while. Weaver and his bro just got evicted, and it may be months before he even has internet access again. Check his tumblr for more info
No. 400181 ID: 34b761

He's got a new place to stay! wooo!
No. 406241 ID: 3f1ffb

Soooooo ... who's watching the prisoner? She doesn't even have a cell yet.
No. 407145 ID: 183058

Dompag i guess
No. 407330 ID: 3f1ffb

But Dompag is with Muschio ..
No. 413159 ID: a58362
File 133728603909.gif - (7.49KB , 800x600 , 1413.gif )

Ah, yes, good thinking.

I approach the human platoon leader, Ian Hyde, and ask for a small team of maybe two people to accompany us.

>"Not possible. We're not to leave our encampment, nor leave the base unguarded by the full force for any reason."
"I understand your objective, but all I'm asking is one or two men."
>"No offense, sir, but we don't answer to you. Our orders are clear."
No. 413161 ID: b85f8c

Welp, can't go against orders like that. Time to prep. Got any cool armor or something stashed away?
No. 413163 ID: 5029d1

hrmph, very well then. maybe we can get and wes and emmy to come? some time outside to calm them down
No. 413164 ID: a58362
File 133728663564.gif - (8.00KB , 800x600 , 1414.gif )

Hm. I'm afraid I don't have any weapons or armor myself. I'm not much of a fighter, you see. Wartime tactics are one thing, but being directly involved in a life or death situation is another thing entirely.
No. 413165 ID: b85f8c

Nothing for it, then. We will just have to avoid conflict until we meet up with the others.
No. 413167 ID: 5029d1

sounds like we need to just hope nothing bad happens.
No. 413176 ID: a58362
File 133728804039.gif - (9.24KB , 800x600 , 1415.gif )

I suppose there's nothing to be done for it. I accompany Miss Openda out to the site of the attack.

>"I really appreciate you comin' out here with me. Kinda spooky goin' by myself, you know?"
"Think nothing of it. It's my duty as a gentleman."
No. 413177 ID: 72d49b

Ah well. Good thing you're a man's man, and able to overcome anything if you just grit your teeth and get it done. Right?
You also have a thick carapace so it's not like much can hurt you.

Not that any of this is likely to matter, you're just going for a stroll in the woods and there's probably no enemies anyway.
No. 413186 ID: 5029d1

indeed, that as well, most monstrous beings use sharp claws which would be most ineffectual.
No. 413188 ID: a58362
File 133729182489.gif - (6.65KB , 800x600 , 1416.gif )

Something in the clearing ahead.
>"That looks like it."
No. 413190 ID: b85f8c

Well that certainly appears to be a corpse. What are the wounds like? Claws, bladed weapons, clubs, arrows, what?
No. 413191 ID: adc994


Hyde said it looked like a wild animal attack. But hey, maybe you have a different hypothesis, Pendle.
No. 413193 ID: a58362
File 133729239265.gif - (9.48KB , 800x600 , 1417.gif )

"C'mon, let's go take a closer look."
"Uh.. erm."

What a mess.
>"What seems to be the matter?"
"This is what I was afraid of. I don't think we're dealing with a monster, here. Or at least, not an animal."
>"What precisely are you saying?"
"A man did this."
No. 413195 ID: adc994

What makes you say that?
No. 413196 ID: b85f8c

Please give us a bit more detail. Our vision refuses to extend to the corpse itself. What weapon was used? Was excessive force used?
No. 413197 ID: a58362
File 133729304143.gif - (9.44KB , 800x600 , 1418.gif )

"Clean, precise wounds. Something very sharp. If it was an animal - teeth or claws - you'd get ragged wounds, open tears, punctures. Nothing like that here. I mean, you don't need to know much about medicine to be able to tell. I'm wondering if Hyde even saw the body himself."
>"Ah. Hm."

"Whoever did this was very angry, or very sick. Or both. The face has been sliced up. Now, the wounds around the eyes show some signs of scavengers, but look here. See how clear this is? Almost careful. She was laid out here. See here, the breasts have been mutilated. Given the state... And look at these wounds near her thighs. Can't tell if she was alive when these were made. What do you think, Pendle?"
No. 413199 ID: adc994

Is there any way you can divine what happened to her? Like, look into the past and see the murder?
No. 413200 ID: a58362
File 133729358870.gif - (10.53KB , 800x600 , 1419.gif )

No. 413201 ID: b85f8c

Hmm. The victim is human so that implies they're not from around here. Either they were a traveler or the body was dumped here very far from the scene of the crime.
No. 413202 ID: a58362
File 133729362880.gif - (5.99KB , 800x600 , 1420.gif )


He fainted.
No. 413203 ID: 5029d1

he's a scholar not a fighter. anyway, sounds like a rape/murder combo.
No. 413204 ID: 1cf9fb

Oh dear, his people arn't used to their combat being quite so, brutal. A lot of their warfare was apparently for 'show' so he's probably not used to stumbling across mutilated people.
No. 413205 ID: b85f8c

Heh. Must be his first time seeing a dead body. Even though their culture's been in a state of civil war, it's done with low-casualty weapons, so... Well.

See if you can wake him up.
No. 413206 ID: 6fdf5f

That does sound very plausible, have there been any rumors around the neighboring area about any possible culprits?
No. 413210 ID: 86e062

well, but the others didn't seem so... worried about the time when Muschio almost got... decayed (and lost his hand btw...)
No. 413217 ID: 72d49b

Well now that there's no man, check for evidence of whether it was actually a rape. It probably won't matter with respect to determining our actions, but more information is always better, and this could give insight into motives. And you're certainly the only one qualified to do this sort of thing.

After you're done examining the corpse, I guess you should take care of Pendle. Probably also ought to give the poor thing a proper burial. The victim I mean, not Pendle. He just needs a slap in the face and a big cup of man the fuck up. I don't suppose there's a shovel handy? Pendle would probably be useless to help move her to a better burial ground.
No. 413228 ID: a58362
File 133729577707.gif - (7.86KB , 800x600 , 1421.gif )

He's out like a light. I can probably bring him to though. I should, I suppose, since there's no shovels around and I can't bury this poor girl by myself anyway. Might be better to head back and just get the denlings to do it or something. Pendle won't be much help.

Some aspects of the attack are pretty obviously sexual, but I don't think this girl was raped.
This is some sick shit. I guess I don't blame Pendle for passing out.
I suppose we better tell Hyde there's a sicko on the loose.
No. 413230 ID: b85f8c

...was this lady killed before the soldiers got here?
No. 413233 ID: 7a2104


I suppose. I'd rather have the corpse brought in for identification though. And have Pendle forced to help so he mans up.
No. 413255 ID: 628b63

Do you have anything to wake Pendle up, Ona? I hope he didn't hit his head on the way down.
No. 413258 ID: 96fc43

i don't know if our mastermind/boss will care enough to solve this mystery but we both know you can't leave this crime as it is. the kind of person who'd do such an atrocity is sure to do so more than once. i suggest you'd make sure SOMEONE solves this or else another woman will suffer like she did, not to mention the fact that there will be a more-than-zero percent chance that you'll be the next victim.
No. 413259 ID: 96fc43

Ona dear, you're currently alone in the crime scene of a terrible murder. serial killers are known to always come back to the scene of the crime. i suggest you wake the feeble general up.
No. 413272 ID: 2fd111

Ummm Ona, I might be prying a little deep, but you seem, how to put this, surprisingly calm ,as well as knowledgeable, about all this. Given the that whole 'is the one of those rape things' fiasco a while back,the state of the corpse, your calm and knowledgeable attitude... well... I can't help but conclude that this isn't the first time you've seen something like this before somewhere...
No. 413301 ID: 6ed27a

Well she 'is' a doctor. My guess is she has a higher tolerance for gore than most civilians.
No. 413310 ID: 2fd111

huh, didn't think of that...
No. 413313 ID: a58362

ona kiss pendle
No. 413321 ID: a58362
File 133731145241.gif - (7.29KB , 800x600 , 1422.gif )

As a doctor I guess I've seen my share of bodies. But they're just dead bodies. They're not people anymore. That part's long gone.
And they can't hurt you.

So I guess the plan is to go back, report this to Hyde and his men, and get someone to come back and bury her, right?
No. 413325 ID: b85f8c

Draw a moustache on his face, and huge eyebrows.

Then wake him up.
No. 413327 ID: adc994

I suppose so. Is there no magic shit you can do to tell us anything more? Who she was?
No. 413329 ID: 7acb8e

"But they're just dead bodies. They're not people anymore. That part's long gone.
And they can't hurt you."

Zombies man, fucking Zombies.
Anyway, yes do that thing that you said.
Right after you draw a mustache and giant eyebrows on bug dude.
No. 413333 ID: a58362
File 133731220523.gif - (9.32KB , 800x600 , 1423.gif )

Anyway don't worry about him I'm a doctor I know how to wake people up

No. 413334 ID: b85f8c


So back to base, I suppose?
No. 413335 ID: 695c02

You should both don monocles so when he stands up you can pop them at each other.
No. 413353 ID: 7acb8e

Ona, you're the best doctor ever. *Metaphorical Thumbs up*
No. 413432 ID: fbd8d6

Wake Pendle up and tell him to get his candy-ass to doing something useful like looking for clues to who is responsible for this murder.
No. 413493 ID: 952353

Did it work? Is he awake?
No. 413514 ID: dcd48d

Good job with the stache! not back to base to report your findings!
No. 414742 ID: 077efd


Of course he's awake, can't you tell??

Come on, Pendle, chop chop!
No. 414751 ID: 699da6


I guess.
No. 414769 ID: 48e057

Shall we go see how Wes and Emmy are doing?

If not, then back to the base, carefully of course.
No. 415067 ID: 0cc69e

How about we head back to report your findings Ona, but be on the lookout for any trouble just in case the perp's still lingering around the area.
No. 416042 ID: 7fcc51

Keep an eye out around you for the possibility of danger in the area. Not sure if was her imagination or something more, but Tislomer seemed to experience something unwelcoming in the area.
No. 416176 ID: 447919


hey ona

do you know

your first name is a synonym for masturbation in certain languages
No. 416185 ID: 4f1b29

Ah Ona, you're such a little artist! Is it a little talent of yours, or a side effect of your ritual symbols? Regardless, you should try that more often. Perhaps make a portrait of the wonderful Muschio?

*ahem* Apologies there. You should probably head back to the safety that is our mountain. You are both unarmed there, and I doubt that the sicko who did that to the poor girl -providing he is still out there but until the opposite is proven we better assume the worst- will wait until a potential target is alone. Keep a careful eye on your surroundings.

Also, are there any things, prints, marks around the body (not on, you described that quite well thank you) that seem out of the ordinary? Something that can give a clue to the identity of the murderer?
No. 416362 ID: 8d33b9

Make sure poor Pendle is alright. Be sure that he's not going to faint again while we're out, because I'm sure you couldn't carry him.
No. 416934 ID: c50354

Let's just get the fuck out of there
No. 418737 ID: b939e5
File 133883184797.gif - (10.47KB , 800x600 , 1424.gif )

Successfully resuscitated, Pendle gets back to his feet and comes with me back to the base. We don't stick around, but I want a chance to investigate the body in more detail somewhere safer, so it might be a good idea to find a way to bring it back to the base.

"Thanks for your help, Pendle. I don't know what I would have done if I didn't have a big strong man protecting me."
>"Look, I told you I was squeamish."
No. 418745 ID: 132b99

hehe. well, he came anyway, that counts for... something..
No. 418748 ID: 1f8505

Go back to base and get a wheelbarrow to bring the body back.

And get a sheet for it so Pendle doesn't pass out again.
No. 418817 ID: 3dc62f

If not a wheelbarrow, perhaps Barbarkus could rig up a stretcher? The sheet idea is also sound. If we don't have the stuff ourselves, we might be able to borrow some from Hyde.
No. 418832 ID: 503921

Ona doesn't need our help just to tell the soldiers what went down. Switch to Muschio he should be nearly at the tower by now.
No. 418844 ID: b85f8c

You could get some of the little guys to help. Denlings or uh, those stonemasons if they're up to it.
No. 418904 ID: 4f1b29

Make sure he never forgets this Ona :3

Also, don't forget to keep an eye on your surroundings. You never know if the person that did that is still out there. You got two pairs of eyes there, use em while on your way back to the base to get that stretcher or wheelbarrow.
No. 418962 ID: 952353

Maybe you should get Wes or Emmy to help you transport it. Seperating them would probably be for the best right now.
No. 424753 ID: 50dac1

Switch to group C. We're done here. :)
No. 424769 ID: d17d40

Say, Ona, before we go, do you know much about interbreeding? Say, what races can have children together? I've got some long-term planning in mind. Lord Muschio does need to continue the lineage, sooner or later.
No. 437217 ID: 2073cc

Whichever group we return to, can one of the members say "It's good to be back?"
No. 438071 ID: 42357b

Oh man can't wait for some moar divequest
No. 438072 ID: 1f8505


Take it to the discussion thread, guys.
No. 438493 ID: 759569
File 134395391310.gif - (8.31KB , 800x600 , 1425.gif )

When we return to camp, I have a few preparations to make.

"Officer Hyde! We just got back from checking out the body in the woods you found. It wasn't an animal attack. A man did that. We need to borrow a stretcher. Tell your men there's a maniac on the loose."
>"I'm afraid not."

>"My men don't answer to you. We are not here at your beck and call. We're here to protect your superior's fortifications. That body is none of our concern. And frankly, it's none of yours, either. You would do well to mind your own business and focus on your immediate threats. That's why we were needed to begin with."
No. 438495 ID: b85f8c

Sus levels rising fast.

Tell him we're not asking for his men to carry the body, we just need to borrow the stretcher. We'll give it back afterwards. Also it IS our business, as these are OUR LANDS. It is a king's duty to protect his people, from all threats.
No. 438496 ID: 99090a

Some madman cutting up people in the woods isn't a concern? He, or she, or it could come after our people! Or your men!
No. 438497 ID: 1f8505


"Can we borrow a stretcher anyways?"
No. 438498 ID: bf54a8

okay "i mean, take care because if a maniac is nearby perhaps he will attack here, insanity would mean they would care not for their odds of survival simply how much they could kill. i was simply suggesting a decisive strike to solve the problem before it starts"
No. 438503 ID: e9c0eb

Can we have a stretcher?
No. 438504 ID: e3f578

We have other teams to deal with the immediate threats, we tending to the home base and securing it. Investigating other potential threats is part of our job. Our plant expert goes in those woods for her job for god's sake and she's scared shitless. She ain't a fighter, she's support. Hell, she helps grow the food around here which is vital for our independence, and should you run out of your own rations, you as well.

What if a team of yours patrols in the woods occasionally for whatever reason, one soldier gets separated and is killed by this intelligent creature? Preventative measures are important here. And this effects potential trade routes. There are many practical reasons to investigate this mess.
No. 438519 ID: d94e2c

Naw, don't get all defensive or overly logical with the captain. He doesn't want to have much to do with us. Ona should play all nice to soften him up. Ona, you tell that man that he and his men should be careful in case they run into that crazy guy, and that if anybody gets hurt, you are a doctor and you are "Happy to help" if they need it. Then go make cookies or something, I don't know. Soldiers like cookies, right? Sure they do.
No. 438551 ID: 2073cc

Methinks the soldier hates his current assignment. You could argue this is his problem, or his king's problem, but he will say it is not. You know, superiority complex and his stick up his ass, and so on.

How-ev-er, ask him what EXACTLY he is assigned to do here. Maybe you can see a loophole that allows you some aid in the form of a soldier medic possessing a stretcher, or something better than I can think at the moment.
No. 438575 ID: d94e2c

Yeah, but he will totally see what you are trying to do and probably take offense to it. That's just going to make him MORE unhelpful. If we play it polite maybe we have a chance of getting under his defenses or at least getting his men's sympathy.
No. 438593 ID: d53c59

Say please. something like "Please at least warn your men, or at least those who are in positions of leadership, that whatever killed that poor girl was sentient." that might be all we can get from them. Babrakus is still here, he can probably fabricate a makeshift stretcher before too long. a pair of sticks and the bosses tarp. We can even go ahead and ask him for you. he won't like leaving his work, but he'll do it to help Tisolmer. he might even help you bring the body back, since he is PROBABLY the most combat capable person still here, except maybe embardius.
No. 438600 ID: a3b384

There's a good chance that this will become an immediate threat. Retrieving the body is a step to understand that threat. There is no vice in being proactive. Well whatever, we informed him and if he wants to do nothing about it, fine.

If he can't spare a stretcher than make one yourselves. In fact, let's just remember these guys are useless for anything but standing around, and act accordingly.
No. 438725 ID: ceda9f

ona please dont die
No. 438738 ID: b62897


Soldiers did it. This could be a rape thing.

Freak out at this knowledge.
No. 438764 ID: 5c0329

well that's not suspicious at all.

a serial killer is a threat to us, who he's supposed to protect, and to their ranks, for whom he's even more responsible. so he's welcome for informing him.
No. 438769 ID: 29fc40
File 134399127773.gif - (0.96MB , 500x283 , finnkissfirebitch.gif )

So with wes and emmy I'm worried that something like this will happen

No. 438811 ID: 58396a

Time to play a game of Guess Who.

I think we found our maniac.
No. 438889 ID: 759569
File 134401864518.gif - (9.77KB , 800x600 , 1426.gif )

"Now listen here, you big stuffed shirt, whatever your orders are, this is IMPORTANT. There's a maniac out there, and that means he's a threat to both our camp and yours. So the LEAST you could do is tell your men, and get us a damn stretcher!"

No. 438890 ID: e3f578

Ona duck or back off a little
you might get surprised bitch slapped
just saying
dude looks pissed
No. 438896 ID: bf54a8

good job.
No. 438898 ID: 1f8505


Excellent. Retrieve stretcher with Pendle and rescue the body!
No. 438910 ID: d53c59

Thank him. We don't need more enemies, and a little politeness can go a long way to not getting a sword through your neck. Too much politeness, however, might be seen as weakness, and thus makes you open to assassination. I doubt YOU have to worry about that, though.
No. 438920 ID: b85f8c

Alright, thank the man and let's continue the investigation.
No. 439009 ID: 5c0329

thank you.
No. 439114 ID: 5215e9

Can we have one of the Denlings keep an eye on the captain of the guard?
No. 439394 ID: 4f1b29

Guard doesn't look happy. Probably best not to offer him help in removing that stick up his ass, at least not right now. Play it nice and thank him for his oh so gracious help. At the same time, see if you can't get one or two soldiers to accompany the two of you and help bring that body back. I doubt Pendle will be of great aid with that what with his weakness to blood.
No. 439543 ID: a6222a

Don't ask for guards, we've been testing our luck with this guy too much already. Just thank him and if Pendle can't handle the blood, just bring a blanket or something along to cover the body so he doesn't have to see it.
No. 439769 ID: 4ece84

Figure out where your hat went.
No. 440062 ID: 20264e
File 134431970660.gif - (15.44KB , 800x600 , 1427.gif )

All right. Well, with the stretcher at least we'll be able to head out later and pick up the body. I won't bug Hyde for more, but you'd think he'd care more about a psycho-maniac out there.

Might as well check on how the forge-
>"Ain't she somethin'?"
>"W-we're all done!"
>"Integrated anvil, built-in quencher, ceiling vent to keep the temperature level, the list goes on."
>"Pretty c--cc--cc-cool, huh?"
No. 440065 ID: b7169d

Okay, now that is quite awesome. Good job!
No. 440068 ID: b85f8c

Compliment them seriously on the job. It looks great! The skull motif is appropriate for a serious dungeon, too.

The vent is secure, right? Nobody can get in that way?
No. 440070 ID: 2d7b2e

You're a doctor! You don't care about this!
Aw, but they worked so hard on it.

Fake enthusiasm.

You've done that before, right?
> "Oh god... OH GOD... YES~!"
No. 440072 ID: bf54a8

>climb through a vent that is full of smoke and BURNING.
i guess you should check it to be sure.
No. 440075 ID: b85f8c

Well I mean, the forge isn't always on.
No. 440086 ID: 9ec813

Hey Ona, kinda off topic but, did your taco ever heal up from that incident with the crotch high battering ram?
No. 440087 ID: d94e2c

Pretty sweet Furnace. Now you get to making the Odds better with Pendle. We should go see Muschio now. He should be nearly at the tower, and i'll be Damned if I miss seeing Geppa meeting up with the new addition to the staff there.
No. 440175 ID: a6222a

Shouldn't we retrieve the body before the wild animals have a go at it?
No. 440299 ID: f45b08

Make your best fake smile and give them the thumbs up, then go outside and check if the soldiers have the stretcher ready.
No. 440325 ID: 16e627
File 134439484341.gif - (8.37KB , 800x600 , 1428.gif )

"That's great. I'm glad you got so much done."
>"Y-y-you know, y-you don't r-rrrr-rreally seem to app-precate all the work we did."
"No, no! Seriously. It's great. It looks great. I'm sure it'll be really useful to have working, too."

Heebie-jeebies, man.

"Hey, look, since you're not working on that right now, do you think you could help me pick up a body that's been left out in the woods? I don't want scavengers getting to it and Pendle's too squeamish to go back to the woman's body."
>"Sure. I ain't squeamish of b--b-blood. Won't be the first girl's c-corpse I seen, probably w-ww-w--won't be the last, neither."
Oh, well, gee. When he puts it like that how could I possibly find him creepy?
No. 440326 ID: b85f8c

Ask him what he means by that.
No. 440331 ID: 16e627
File 134439523745.gif - (7.86KB , 800x600 , 1429.gif )

"What... exactly do you mean by that?"
>"I've c--c-c-covered w-wars, y'know."
No. 440335 ID: a9298b

Alright, time to head into the woods with the guy expecting to see more girls' corpses in the future. What could possibly go wrong?

No seriously though, it's just bad people skills, don't worry about Wes so much, he seems pretty harmless. Probably harmless anyways...
No. 440341 ID: b85f8c

Oh. I didn't know he worked in the field. Probably salvaged equipment and stuff. Alright, let's get him and the stretcher and get that corpse in here for a proper examination.
No. 440342 ID: bf54a8

ah yes the wars. okay then. lead him to the body.
No. 440343 ID: f0550c

Tell Wes that's FAAANTASTIC and get that body before the buzzards get to it
No. 440382 ID: d94e2c

Okay retrieve body, then fix odds.

Group C Away!
No. 440410 ID: 2fd111

Ona, this may sound weird ,but ask him if his real name is Frank. Just trust me on this one, I got a feeling he will react hilariously.
No. 440495 ID: ce47da

go on then. git!
No. 440803 ID: 5ed066
File 134448507435.gif - (9.68KB , 800x600 , 1430.gif )


Things are going good back there huh
Things are going good here too

Master Bignose is upstairs talking to Lady Bigtits about Stupid Town No One Cares About

Meanwhile I'm having tea and catching up with an old friend
No. 440806 ID: b85f8c

How's he doing?
No. 440811 ID: bf54a8

hows the friend doing?
No. 440884 ID: 72d49b

How's your tea?
No. 440899 ID: 9ec813


You seem very calm around this friend of yours. Would you mind telling us why that is?
No. 440925 ID: 092a91

Where's your little bro?
No. 440989 ID: 2fd111

Hey, don't suffocate the girl with questions. She's probably not used to our presence yet.
No. 441014 ID: 1f8505


Still having issues, I see.
No. 441118 ID: d53c59

Hello. We haven't spoken yet, have we?

We are the voices. Some of us are mean. Some of us are smart. Sometimes both. Generally we want what is best for you, but sometimes we just want something funny. I'm sure you understand.

Please bear with our questions. The mean voices prefer to antagonize people who don't, and the smart and nice ones can't help as much if we don't know whats going on.
No. 441198 ID: 092a91

We are about 7 thousand million possible different voices, speaking through about 2 thousand million possible different windows.
our intentions may vary as much as our numbers allow.
Just be prudent to whom you listen.
No. 441200 ID: 5ed066
File 134457909485.gif - (9.78KB , 800x600 , 1431.gif )

My little bro is downstairs flirting with some fatty-fat girl. But I can tell she doesn't care so he's not gonna get any.

> hows the friend doing?
Better than when I saw him.

>"It's nice here."
"Good. Hey, I'm sorry I was so mean to you before."
>"That's okay. I kind of liked it."
No. 441207 ID: 7da9c1

How soon do we set out?
No. 441367 ID: a5f39d

Is that buster?
No. 441389 ID: b85f8c

Huh. So what's the history between you two?
No. 441391 ID: ce47da

ain'tcha bored?
No. 441431 ID: 092a91

Hey Grey Fang i mean Geppa Do you think your Lil' Bro would win a fight against that Black Fang dude?
No. 441625 ID: a6222a

>"That's okay. I kind of liked it."

Do you like your little friend Geppa? Would you like to be more than friends with him?
No. 441632 ID: 092a91

The old sex for beating deal is still standing?
No. 441729 ID: 5ed066
File 134468303180.gif - (9.52KB , 800x600 , 1432.gif )

Nah, I already fucked Buster before. But I don't feel like it anymore.

"They're taking forever."
>"I have to go check on Miss Lina."
"Okay. I wanna hurry up and see this city."

Fucking talkhards.
No. 441735 ID: 275003

Is there anyone you ARE interested in? For yourself I mean.
No. 441788 ID: ce47da

I'd more like to know if there's anything she's interested in. uh, in a non-sexual way.
No. 441790 ID: e3f578

Pet buster
scratch behind ears
No. 441805 ID: b85f8c

Have you taken up any hobbies?
No. 442350 ID: f45b08

Go see what the "fucking talkheads" are up to.
No. 442466 ID: 0d2bec

Geppa, would you please warn Muschio that things back at base aren't going that smoothly?

The men garrisoned outside are uncooperative assholes and I have a feeling they don't exactly have our... your bro's interests in mind.

Also pass along that the body was ripped apart by a weapon and not an animal.

If you want, you can also tell him that the forge is up and running, but that's whatever.
No. 442650 ID: d94e2c

Geppa isn't our bitch. She is our new friend. We can tell Muschio ourselves when he tells us what he's being a talky talkhard about.
No. 442655 ID: b85f8c

Well I dunno if she's got anything better to do. Can't just sit alone in a room, so it's either go hang out with Dompag or give Muschio a brief message.
No. 442698 ID: 305060

I know that. It's not like I told her to run in circles and bark like a dog. I asked her to do something politely, for the benefit of everyone.
No. 442713 ID: d94e2c

I know that. I just didn't want her to think we were bossy jerkfaces so she wouldn't like us.
No. 442743 ID: c336e6
File 134492245138.gif - (14.03KB , 800x600 , 1433.gif )

Good question. I'll ask 'em.

I'm getting tired of just sitting
No. 442745 ID: e3f578

Suggest Muschio put a sock on the trap door next time.
No. 442747 ID: 1f8505


Back out of the room.
No. 442748 ID: b85f8c

Turn right around and go back out without saying anything.
No. 442749 ID: e3f578

wait, nope, went back what I meant to ask what
Nymph's Jynx?
No. 442831 ID: 6a1ec2

Do I sense something stonking great up in here?
No. 442893 ID: 58396a


I'd say join in (not really), but perhaps it's best to ask Muschio what in the hell he's doing.

Isn't he supposed to be on some manner of liaison task?
No. 442897 ID: 2fd111

It might be her lack of 'detail' in her vision, but she carrying a knife?
No. 442911 ID: 4f1b29

Well this is awkward...
Then again, we might be misinterprenting things. Ask what they're doing? ^_^
No. 443078 ID: c7db3d

get out of there stalker
No. 443392 ID: d53c59

Switch focus to Muschio.

No. 443400 ID: c336e6
File 134502301220.gif - (13.90KB , 800x600 , 1434.gif )

Leave? I'm not gonna leave. This is choice.

>"Look, I know what you think you saw..."
"Because that's what I saw."
>"There's nothing unseemly going on here."
"Does that mean the same thing as unsexy?"
>"We weren't having sex."
"Well, not yet anyway."
>"I can assure you, this was purely scientific inquiry."
"I didn't know you were a boobologist."

Lady BigTits chuckles.
>"She's cute."
No. 443403 ID: bf54a8

well seems friendly enough.
No. 443404 ID: e3f578

"I'm also a sociopath, but I'm working on that."
No. 443409 ID: b85f8c

Thank the nice lady.
No. 443414 ID: 8843e6

ask to be introduced.
No. 443428 ID: 58396a


I think we just made a friend!
No. 443485 ID: ea36ec

I think that's Ms. Salamander, right?

Aren't salamanders fire-breathers?
No. 443489 ID: 4536ff

this. just to make sure everyone knows about the blood in the water, as it where.
No. 443755 ID: c336e6
File 134509805240.gif - (13.51KB , 800x600 , 1435.gif )

"Nice t'meet you. I'm Geppa. Recovering psycho."
>"Commander Coriander Salamander, at your service."

Bignose Bluehair goes BUH BUH BUH for a sec then finally remembers what words are.
>"RIGHT! Anyway! I'd prefer you didn't speak to the others about this."
"I won't tell anyone you were ogling her titties."
>"I-! That you-!"
>"The... examination I performed was for science. I assure you there was no sexual element present."
"Except for the titties you mean."
>"Just keep your mouth shut. Understand?"
No. 443756 ID: b85f8c

He's the boss.
No. 443760 ID: d94e2c

I like the commander. You two should hang out.
No. 443769 ID: c336e6

yo i think tits is trying to wrangle you into a threeway
No. 443773 ID: 6a317b

So are you done, then?
No. 443813 ID: 0e79f4

Not like you should care one way or the other. Let it go.

File it away for possible blackmail purposes later of course.
No. 444036 ID: 9e283a
File 134517286899.gif - (13.44KB , 800x600 , 1436.gif )

Little brother?
No. 444037 ID: 1f8505


Everyone downstairs! Now!

And grab weapons! Several of them!
No. 444038 ID: bf54a8

let's show them why nobody should mess with you and your bro.
No. 444039 ID: a3b384

Uh oh. Sorry Geppa, I think we should head back to the boss for this. No creating carnage until given the go ahead, got it?
No. 444100 ID: d94e2c

Muschio Time!
No. 444112 ID: ce639c

Awright Geppa, time for action! But before you go, know this:

The study of boobs would come under the general heading of gynecology! On which subject you should probably consider a general checkup some time reasonably soon!

Now fly!!
No. 444193 ID: 0e79f4

Do you think you can get the jump on them from the window? If so you could always jump down (if safe) and flank them.
No. 444446 ID: 6feddc
File 134526919475.gif - (9.49KB , 800x600 , 1437.gif )

>"A dozen, maybe more! Look like Sprites! They've got swords! Gather everyone in the tower, I'll try to keep them busy!"

>Switch perspective to Muschio
What?! How- you can't expect me to give up control, not while my little brother is in danger! I can't!

He needs me!
No. 444451 ID: b85f8c

Alright lady calm your shit. What weapon do you use nowadays?
No. 444454 ID: a3b384

Well the boss does a good job of protecting everyone, but he can do that without us I suppose. We don't quite know how you kick ass, though. If you need a weapon I suppose you could tackle one of these jerks and steal their sword?
No. 444455 ID: 6a1ec2

First, remove price tag from your toupee.
No. 444459 ID: d94e2c

Your Brother has the sweetest haircut.

Alright! time to rain death from above. Grab something from the room and drop on their heads! Or you could jump down on one of them.
No. 444523 ID: 9718f3

Gather everyone in the tower, while he keeps them busy.
No. 444535 ID: a5f39d

Time to barricade!
No. 444536 ID: a5f39d

Time to barricade!
No. 444547 ID: d53c59

Remain focused. Do NOT shout "I need to help him!" and do something reckless. That won't help him. If you are good with a ranged weapon like a bow or crossbow, grab one. Explain that you are helping hold them off. If lady bigtits doesn't tell you they are on her side and not to attack them, start raining arrows on the ones far enough from your lil bro to make sure he wouldn't get hit. He can take them if they get in range of his fists, but you could keep them from ever getting that close in the first place.

But I don't think you have much archery training. I expect you would do better in the thick of things. If so, explain again to lady bigtits that you are helping and nothing you stop you from doing that and grab whatever weapon you are best with. No, fire doesn't count this time. Stand by lil'Bro, and fight beside him. With luck, a big ogre AND an armed, angry, Gnoll will be enough to scare these people into peace. Bignose prefers peaceful solutions, and he would do all the talking.

If they attack once, kill as many as you can reach. If they call for peace after, wait for bignose's command to stop. If they never attack, they MIGHT be allies who aren't expecting an ogre to be guarding the tower.
No. 444574 ID: d7361e

All right. Calm the hell down. Explain to Lady Bigtits and Bignose what you just heard, just in case they didn't hear. Explain also that by attacking your bro, they just made you their enemy. This tower has some people who can contribute to it's defense, especially that one troll chick. We've seen her kick ass, she's good at it. Mobilize whoever you can. Ask Lady Bigtits how her people fight. Melee fighter types go and hold the doorway with your bro, archers, spearthrowers and so forth go up to floors 2 and above to shoot at them through windows. Everyone else helps build a barricade. If you spot a bottle of booze, join in the defense at the door, and try to keep them bottlenecked there.
No. 445407 ID: e123c1

luscious locks. killin' time. no mercy.
No. 445903 ID: b56cce
File 134554547607.gif - (11.27KB , 800x600 , 1438.gif )

All right
You're right

Calm down

First priority is telling everyone the situation, which I do
Next priority is telling people to group downstairs to help defend, which I do

I have to be real collected here
I have to focus
Can't do anything reckless


No. 445904 ID: b56cce
File 134554576552.gif - (12.19KB , 800x600 , 1439.gif )

I dive out the window in a really calm way.
No. 445907 ID: b56cce

remain calm in your interactions with the rest of the fuckers until they are all dead.
No. 445908 ID: bf54a8

catch that sword out of the air and join in the fight with your bro, nothing gonna stop the both of you.
No. 445925 ID: c71eb4

Continue being calm while using the dead guys sword to disarm the dude strifing with your bro.

But maybe try to leave him alive for questioning. If you remember.
No. 445934 ID: 58396a


Calm? Maybe.

Badass? VERY.

Geppa is bestgnoll
No. 445935 ID: d53c59

Fair enough. I suppose there will be no dissuading you from eviscerating everyone here, on the off chance that they are actually allies and this is a misunderstanding? Because that would be a real shame.

How about this. Let them run, if they try. If they stand back but don't actively flee, just stand there glaring angrily at them. If they stay hostile, kill them. I'm sure with your calm state of mind you can handle that. After all, they won't be a danger if they can't get close enough to do harm.

Actually, I'm a bit curious. Do these people look familiar to you or Dompag?
No. 445936 ID: 9718f3

Go to your brother, stick close to him. He needs someone to watch his back.
No. 445978 ID: 1f8505


Use your calm on that other soldier.
No. 446021 ID: 6a1ec2

Use the soldier's hook sword on the other soldier's hook sword, spin around then let go!
No. 446049 ID: 72d49b

Grab the sword of the fallen soldier. Use it to make the other soldiers fall.
No. 446107 ID: d94e2c

Try to leave at least one alive.

If any surrender, Don't kill them, just move on to the next one. That would be the calm, NICE, reasonable thing to do. And Bossman Bignose would probably appreciate the hostages.
No. 446141 ID: d53c59

Also, for future reference, if any of the voices say "Disarm" they do NOT mean "cut off their arms". Let's just get that potential misunderstanding out of the way right now.
No. 446287 ID: b56cce
File 134563110870.gif - (9.20KB , 800x600 , 1440.gif )

I am really calm while I cut my way through the battlefield.
Little brother is holding up okay for now. It looks like backup is on the way. Even so there are lots of these guys.

What's my priority in this fight? Better know now before things get out of hand.
No. 446291 ID: b85f8c

Priority is keeping them from getting into the tower and hacking up all our squishies. We're on defense, so don't go out of your way to kill attackers.

Stick together with your allies and everyone should get through this fine.
No. 446292 ID: b56cce

priority is body count.
No. 446293 ID: bf54a8

stick together let them come at you, not the other way around.
No. 446295 ID: 0e79f4

Top priority should be the defense of your own life and the lives inside the tower.

Meaning if you think you may start to be overwhelmed by their numbers retreat.No use getting yourself or anyone else on your side killed.

On the other hand If you see any of the enemy retreat try and stop them, as lethally as you desire. They may be trying to report back to whoever sent them. But once again, if its too dangerous let them go.

If anyone surrenders try to just knock them out or something to interrogate later.
No. 446426 ID: 4bdd79

No. 446471 ID: d94e2c

Yeah, Listen to this guy, Geppa. Good job being calm so far.
No. 446544 ID: cc6049
File 134571121083.gif - (9.35KB , 800x600 , 1441.gif )

Friends: Defend at all costs.
Enemies: Kill, kill, kill. Accept surrender.
I'll work on that one.

What should I do about Fatty here? Do I have to defend her?
No. 446545 ID: cc6049
File 134571137147.gif - (9.11KB , 800x600 , 1442.gif )

She kinda seems like she's okay.
No. 446547 ID: bf54a8

well defend if wounded. if it ain't broke don't fix it.
No. 446553 ID: 0e79f4

Hey can you check out what species or whatever that dude you stabbed is? If hes wearing a helmet take it off.

Then get back to murdering I guess.
No. 446563 ID: 77f3f5

Hey, isn't that that orc lady who helped Mushy kill that hero carpenter. She's friendly, Gepps. Don't hurt her. Help her out.
No. 446574 ID: 0d2bec

To all of us wayfaring shards of Muschio's mind: Don't mention much about orc lady. We must keep his secrets sacred.
No. 446604 ID: b85f8c

Consider her an ally. She can probably handle herself mostly though.
No. 446631 ID: d94e2c

Yeah she's a pretty good fighter. She's from the tower so she's a friend, but you probably don't need to help her any.
No. 446705 ID: 63393e

No, no, let Big Brother help her!

This one is better than that Witchdoctor! Bet Big Brother will like the orc more!
No. 446899 ID: e9130b
File 134580140797.gif - (6.94KB , 800x600 , 1443.gif )

These guys aren't wearing masks or anything. They just have weird fucked-up faces and big mouths. Lil brother is distracted trying to fight them way back at the tower door. He said they were Sprites.

And yeah, fatty over there seems to be doing okay for herself actually.
No. 446900 ID: cfd2bf


Then you know what must be done! REAP A BLOODY...Calm...UPON THEM! It's ok to kill these guys, they started it!
No. 446901 ID: b85f8c

Huh. Is everyone really spread out? You guys should all stick together, near the door.
No. 446905 ID: e9130b
File 134580242749.gif - (8.22KB , 800x600 , 1444.gif )

Oh. Hm.
She's kinda getting swarmed.
No. 446906 ID: cfd2bf

No. 446908 ID: f2974f

Yell for Big Bro that fatty needs his help.
No. 446909 ID: 72d49b

Go kill the ones swarming her.
No. 446911 ID: b85f8c

Better go save her giant ass. Little Bro can hold the door.
No. 446913 ID: e0f5a9

f'ck yeah divequest
No. 446915 ID: e9130b

make like laurel and hardy
No. 446928 ID: bf54a8

and THAT is why you don't run out all by yourself. save her fatass.
No. 446932 ID: cfd2bf

Yeah, better save her for Lil' Brother.
No. 446989 ID: d53c59

Make sure YOU don't get swarmed. Actually, we never got a good look. How many of these guys are there? a dozen? a hundred? ten billion million zillion? only three more than what we already see?
No. 447354 ID: e9130b
File 134588523148.gif - (9.45KB , 800x600 , 1445.gif )

Okay. If Fatty needs help I'm on it.
Lil Brother's got the door. Protect the people inside.

She's still swarmed, but it might help if she doesn't get this guy's sword in her back.
I'm calm.
I'm helping.
No. 447357 ID: b85f8c

Doing good. Keep that up until she's not so bogged down. Maybe watch her back a bit more until the crowd's thinned out.
No. 447367 ID: bf54a8

tell her off for running out alone.
No. 447388 ID: a6222a

You are awesome Geppa. Very good work. Your allies will like you very much and that will make lil' bro so much more proud of you than he already is.
No. 447437 ID: 300b12

Once Fatty is safe order her to retreat back to the tower, you're both kind of exposed here, prone to getting surrounded. With the tower behind you you'll be safer plus you'll be near Lil Brother so he can watch your back and you can watch his.
No. 448701 ID: 59a5f4
File 134615397347.gif - (5.91KB , 800x600 , 1446.gif )

And then -- and I swear this happened...
No. 448702 ID: 81b312
File 134615403520.gif - (9.16KB , 800x600 , 1447.gif )

She tears all of her clothes off and goes on a rampage.
No. 448704 ID: 81b312
File 134615417053.gif - (6.54KB , 800x600 , 1448.gif )

I know you guys must think I'm a weirdo 'cause in the few minutes you've been watching me there have already been two naked ladies, but I'm just telling you what I see here.
No. 448705 ID: feea89


Nobody said you need clothes to go berserk.

Take a look at how your bro is doing - if they're getting swamped, he might need you.

You're doing great Geppa!
No. 448706 ID: 533c7a

not saying you are weird, you are just surrounded by weirdos.
No. 448708 ID: d7361e

Which really isn't a bad thing, because weirdos often care more about each other than "normal" people.
If she just 'zerked out, you probably don't need to worry about her for the moment, and really should stay away from her anyway until she comes out of it. Pull back to the front of the tower and get into a flanking position with your bro. Keep him covered, and take a glance at troll chick every now and then, just to make sure she doesn't overexert herself. When she crashes after the berzerking, it's likely to be pretty hard. You're keeping your head well, Geppa, and fighting like a pro. I'm sure wherever his spirit is now, White Fang is smiling.
No. 448761 ID: 300b12

Well, people don't just get naked for no reason generally. Maybe there's a reason they're doing this, how about you take your clothes off and see if you feel more powerful?
No. 448775 ID: 2073cc

Geppa, just walk away from the nude beserker.
Return to the tower to see how its defenses are faring. Oh, and can you fight with a sword in each hand? If you can, pick up a second sword, and swing low, sweet chariot.
No. 448776 ID: d53c59

Nah, we don't think you're weird. honestly, I like being inside your head. You give a perspective on things we rarely get to enjoy.
No. 448796 ID: 54c7e5

And obviously he means the ladies.
No. 448874 ID: a3b384

Actually I think every single person here is a weirdo. Including all us migrating voices headvoices. Especially us. It's great!


Just look around and see if any of our friends needs a hand. They can't all be as tough as your bro or the naked berserker lady.
No. 448885 ID: 275003

Hey, that looks like fun. You want to rip off all your clothes and go berserk too.
No. 448899 ID: d94e2c

Man, I really hope your little brother isn't distracted by this. He's pretty strong, but we know he isn't as good at being calm concentrating as you. He might let his guard down.
No. 448918 ID: cfd2bf

i have a feeling she is now corrupted by something... anyone remember the first chapter of knight blade?
No. 448972 ID: d7361e

Shhhh! No one's supposed to know some of us headvoices moonlight as other people's headvoices!
No. 449016 ID: ffd73c

Eh, by this point it'd be weirder if something strange DIDN'T happen, so don't sweat the idea that the voices in your head won't trust your word. Since the naked lady seems to have things under control, focus on cutting down the enemy's numbers and helping those who DO need the assistance of some good, calm stabbing action.
No. 449081 ID: cfd2bf

man, i'm working 17 jobs as a disembodied voice,my favorite one is the pope, "THIS IS GOD, PUT ON A POINTY HAT", i'm just annoyed that he has the other voices there, /b/ is all 'kill the fags' and 'Hitler was right', damn /b/.
No. 449090 ID: ec9dfb


/b/ isn't 'Hitler was right', that's /pol/
No. 449101 ID: feea89

Shoo, troll somewhere else! Serious questing is done in this thread! Also boobology!
No. 449102 ID: 130eee

As long as you have thoughts like the ones we are telling you only when you are using us, everything is fine ;)
No. 449296 ID: 4f1b29

Geppa, be a dear and stay clear of those flailing arms of the berserker lady okay? Let her have her fun with those things. Just, keep an eye on her for us. Make sure that she doesn't suddenly snap out of it, collapse and then get swarmed or something.

As long as she seems perfectly fine, see if you can't help your bro out and guard the tower entrance.
No. 449519 ID: ec9dfb


Not trolling, just correcting.

Either way Geppa you should probably quickly check if your bro is okay and scout the area you can immediately see, If you keep on top of this then nothing can go wrong.
No. 449542 ID: cfd2bf

i cant help but notice that Weavers id has been changing a lot recently, like once every second post. just something i noticed...
No. 449824 ID: 9ec813

No this is actually kinda normal at the tower. Nudity happens by the cartload here.
No. 449843 ID: 00fd65
File 134638497214.gif - (7.62KB , 800x600 , 1449.gif )

I head back to the tower to make sure little brother's okay. He's fine. I think we've got this under control now.

We won and I don't think anyone even got hurt. At least not really. So good job.
No. 449845 ID: 00fd65
File 134638525738.gif - (7.20KB , 800x600 , 1450.gif )

"Quit staring, little brother, she's not interested in you anyway."
>"How can you tell?"
"I just can."
>"Ha ha! You're always looking out for me aren't you?"
"Hush. Let's get inside."
No. 449929 ID: 1e7d43

Your little brother is very handsome. For an ogre, I mean.

Report back to your boss like a good little soldier. But...er...make sure you knock this time.

Ask him if things are proceeding on schedule. I'm sure your little brother's itching for that siege.
No. 449978 ID: dcd676

But if he's on the top floor, might wanna knock this time. We've had quite a bit of nudity already.
No. 450035 ID: 4594e2

You make it sound like a bad thing.
But anyway...
Yes Geppa, do report to the boss like any dependable soldier should. The attackers didn't get inside, showing just how good of an ally your boss is to the lady commander. Heck, zero casualties on our side always looks good! BTW, how did you deal with that hellspawn carp?
No. 450060 ID: 300b12

Also, as you're passing through to report to the boss, maybe ask someone to get a blanket ready for when the berserker rage wears off, you know, just to be nice.
No. 450073 ID: 2073cc

Okay, won the battle.
At least do a quick search or scan of the battlefield and collect whatever swords and other sprite equipment are left. Maybe you can find some rare weapon you can use, maybe you can sell the loot at the next town for some gold. Either way, please consider seeking out spoils.
No. 450440 ID: 2cc3ac

DON'T knock. I mean, c'mon. Do you want to pass up the chance to catch him in another awkward situation?
No. 451618 ID: 8a01ea
File 134676155183.gif - (15.80KB , 800x600 , 1451.gif )

The battle's concluded. We've won without casualty, thanks largely to Geppa, Dompag, and Arabella. A worthy team, it seems.

The question now is...
"Why were you attacked?"
Commander Coriander Salamander shakes her head.
>"This was a coordinated strike. Sprites don't have the know-how for it, and they wouldn't just storm a fort like this unless someone had paid them in advance."

>"I believe our intelligence-gathering have been found out, and that Tela Cruz may not be kindly receiving our intrusions."

"You think the Czar sent them?"
>"I do."
No. 451623 ID: feea89

You do realize that no matter how you try to switch up our focus, the collective thoughts in the Orb will inevitably question you about your sudden boobologist interests, right?

Well this voice, for one, will try to stay focused instead of trying to question your titscinations, and instead suggest to ask the Commander about the Czar, especially regarding his possible motivation for staging an attack right now - if his forward intelligence was good, why wait for you to strengthen the garrison?

Also, breasts, boobs, knockers, fun bags, hooters, dirty pillows, milk sacks, ta-ta's, melons, gazungas, flesh pumpkins, sweater meat, nipple backstops, big bobblin' boobly oobly ooblies, two moons and a tractor beam, bosoms, melons, milk factories, busts, funbags, knockers, ballistics, jugs, nipples, jubblies, STONKING GREAT TITS! *shakes fist*
No. 451625 ID: e3f578

Mushcio comment on that tapestry. That's a werid as hell tapestry, or at least the way it was painted makes it weird. Those broad fuzzy black strokes just weird me out and make me suspicious.
No. 451627 ID: bf54a8

even if we didn't defend the tower just closing the door would of defeated them. they had no siege equipment. thus this WAS the scouting force.
No. 451641 ID: dcd676

If it's actually important to the goings-on, I'd like to know what the boob viewing was all about.

That's a good point. Either those three make an insanely good team, or that was not intended to be an effective storming force. It might well have been meant as little more than a warning not to interfere, otherwise why would they waste the chance for an unexpected, full-force assault? I don't think the Czar has the forces to spare on outside issues.

But that's just conjecture. What have we learned from the commander?
No. 451659 ID: 300b12

If you haven't done so already, the next time you see Geppa you should commend her for her calmness and bravery in the battle. She's come a long way since we first met and it can't have been easy for her, having her efforts recognized would help improve morale and loyalty.
No. 451725 ID: 2073cc

Let's get dangerous, shall we?

The core of your upcoming plan is the Commander's intelligence. Right now, that's a mystery to the orb. Muschio, do you know this intel already? Can you share with the rest of the class, or is this info better kept to yourself?

Also, the Sprite army dead outside the tower is still there, right? They have no armor and weapons you cannot collect for cash in the next town? Gruesome and grave-digging, yes, but also pragmatic.

Finally, can Geppa wield two swords? No, seriously, I am asking you, Geppa, can you dual wield? Cause your second Sprite kill after the first one you landed on had you using one arm to hold your sword, and then you held it with two hands the rest of the battle. Yes, it's a stupid detail, but if you are capable of this, then you should not hold back. Especially if soon to be infiltrating a military locked down city. Agree?
No. 451746 ID: 0315bb

Let's discuss what we know of the Czar, then.
No. 451775 ID: d94e2c

Nice Yahtzee there.

Okay, I agree that commendations are in order for Geppa. Not so much for her Bravery, I doubt there is much she actually fears. But totally for her calmness and efficiency. Positive reinforcement and all that.

So what does the Commander know about the Czar and his movements?
No. 451907 ID: 6b4185
File 134684405308.gif - (15.91KB , 800x600 , 1452.gif )

As I was explaining to Geppa, the Commander and I were discussing mind-control bras. You may remember them from my first foray here, when the sorcerer Olber, in disguise, enslaved the female occupants with such devices. The Commander and I have held correspondence on the subject since.
Perfectly legitimate, you see.

As for spoils, technically I believe they're claimed to the Commander and her men. Or rather, her women.

"If this force was sent from Tela Cruz, then I need more information. Commander, what have you found about its Czar?"
>"Not enough. Czar Anolei Bomba came to power fairly recently - within the last year - but he's already whipped Tela Cruz into a nearly fanatical military state. And we've yet to get close enough to figure out why. He's either rallying to some cause we've just never seen until now, or more likely, he's trying to build an army. And if he's building an army, he plans conquest."
"A man with ambition is dangerous indeed."
>"I suppose you would know best. Either way, our intelligence on him and his city is limited to some basic numbers, and a few key positions and routes that may help you gain access. Once inside, you'd be on your own."

"One more thing. This force was small. Maybe they didn't anticipate us being here to back you up. Perhaps they did. But even with your core defenses, it wouldn't have stood much chance of success. It wasn't a siege. They were testing your defenses."
>"I quite agree."
Arabella tenses.
>"That means they could be sending more. And soon!"
Coriander nods.

She turns to me.
>"Well, Lord Malto. You have the superior force, and you're mobile. It's your call what to do from here."
No. 451908 ID: f00984

Yeah, okay, bras, callback, awesome, look.
We know that you're the one with the body, and therefore by default kindof the one in control of the situation, but you really gotta give us a heads up for stuff like that.
I mean, we're the thought process over here. The semi-conscious realms of possibility. The unwrought force behind that which may be. We need to be here to think about that kindof stuff. To consider all the angles of what we're looking at. All the curves that may come at us, the desires yet unfound, the endless possibilities. Perfectly legitimate, you see.

Muschio, I am slightly offended that you wouldn't think to call us back for that.
I really don't know how you're going to make this up to us.

... Well. What are our options for route and positions?
No. 451909 ID: feea89

Yes. Perfectly legitimate. Right.
You know, I understand this whole quest for becoming the all-ruling Devil of this land, but being evil does not mean detaching yourself from your, let's say, baser instincts. I mean, if you just felt like kneading some titties, who are we to oppose? But we need to have some sort of understanding here - it's not proper to have your minions constantly barging in on you while you're doing something potentially... untoward. We're really trying to help you! Thus, it might be a good idea to let us know when your proximity to female mammary glands exceeds a certain treshold. That way we can try to direct attention elsewhere, thus avoiding the whole stress of explaining to your force why you were groping someone's funbags.

Just a thought.

But Arabella is right, even if we managed to destroy this... scouting force of sorts completely, without any survivors returning to report, we still have precious little time for maneuvering. Your minions have just proven that they are a very formidable strike force (remember to commend Geppa, she really outdid herself out there!), so a small intrusion force might fare better than a hastily organized rag-tag defensive post at the Tower.

Ask about those potential infiltration routes, then request a change of gear better suited for stealth purposes, like daggers and a different set of clothing for your team.
No. 451910 ID: dff13d


Yeah, we LOVE bras!

Hmmm...Muschio, do you think it would be possible to have our dear allies move in with us at the base? it WOULD be a better defense. Think of it! More minions! And a perfect excuse to expand the base!
No. 451914 ID: dcd676

I have to disagree, here. The tower itself is well-built for being defended, and our allies have already proved themselves capable and willing to help us, and two reasonably well-defended bases means the occupants of either one can evacuate to the other in case of an emergency.

With that said, it's possible we should stay here and shore up the defenses of the tower in case of a larger force arriving soon, giving our allies a better chance to all survive if another force does arrive. It seems likely, if the city is as frenzied as the commander says, that they could easily have a larger force already on the way, without waiting for the initial force to report back.

On the other hand, if they haven't sent anyone yet, now would be a good time to head out and possibly fix our problem before they can send another group.

My votes on the first one; better safe than sorry, and we can't afford to lose our allies.
No. 451915 ID: e70efb

At the very least, invite Coriander and her allies to join up with us. It's only courteous.

That being said, could they withstand a siege out here? What kind of supplies do they have? If they can't or don't have supplies, you should consider using Geppa and some others as a mobile strike force, harrying their main host if they actually DO have a siege on the way. Guerrilla tactics can bring down a significantly larger force if applied correctly.

Annnnd are your other employees safe at home?
No. 451936 ID: 1e7d43

He gave up evil. He's more into simply regaining power now. [/nitpick]
No. 451937 ID: feea89

WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN (that's what you get when reading through the archives then joining an active quest rather than being there at the beginning, sigh)

This is a good point, which is why some more intelligence would be great. I suppose there is no problem with turning back and defending this position if we see a massive army approaching, but I would still opt for a small tactical infiltration.
No. 451952 ID: dcd676

Changing my vote for this. Worse possibility is getting stuck in the tower where we couldn't do anything productive. Let's not do that.

Also, Muschio, HONK the Commander's TITS. It's not like she cared too much earlier, right?
No. 451957 ID: 300b12

Ask the commander if she has anyone suited for a recon mission (I don't think you, Geppa or Dompag would really be all that suitable for it). If we could get some more information (i.e. is an opposing force on the way) it would certainly be helpful.

If there is no one suitable I say we shore up defenses and wait to see what kind of opposing forces appear. Better to be in a secure tower than risk heading to an army that might surround or ambush yourself.
No. 451963 ID: bf54a8

go on the offense, start going TOWARDS the town they came from and ambush the larger force. hit and run for a bit.
No. 452065 ID: 2073cc

Ask for one of the mind control bras, if possible.
If it comes with remote control, even better.

What? You may never know when it comes in handy.
No. 452102 ID: 68bbc5

We've got a small army deployed around our base right now. Nothing will get through while the temporary troops are there. We should therefore leave some of our primary warriors to stick around and help guard the tower. Namely, Dompag and Geppa. Now that we've got a working forge, it would be in our best interests to cook up some better equipment for our allies as well. We don't want to risk losing any of them.
No. 452166 ID: 6b4185
File 134694440049.gif - (8.65KB , 800x600 , 1453.gif )

"Commander. How do you propose we move forward?"
>"We don't have enough intelligence on the enemy's plans or numbers. There may be another assault on the way, and I couldn't guess when or how many. If they come to strike too soon, or in numbers too great, the tower may fall. But neither do I know how long your window of opportunity into Tela Cruz may be, and the Czar is tightening his grip on the city every day.
>So in the end, Lord Malto, they're your forces. It must be your call."
Arabella huffs.
>"Whatever your decision is , you better be sure you have a damn good reason for it."

>"What's it going to be? Are you staying here on defense, or taking to Tela Cruz for offense?"
No. 452168 ID: 1963d1

Perhaps we should go for a solo recon/assassination mission? Because we all know how well that worked last time we tried sneaking about in a hostile town.
No. 452169 ID: a7f4bd

no use sitting around waiting to be attacked, i think it's time to take the offense
No. 452170 ID: feea89

So, we've just received a not very subtle nod that our assistance on defense will be appreciated.

On the other hand, having extra intelligence would REALLY help right now.

You know what? I just had a crazy idea: Leave your minions here to bolster the garrison and scout yourself. After all, you are the ONLY one who was not in plain view during the battle, so you have the best chance to skulk around some.

Of course, this also means that if you manage to get your reproductory organ into a carpenter's holding tool... well, expect more than just a squeeze.
No. 452171 ID: cfd2bf

send the scout/stealth manikins to recon while you do some defense.
No. 452172 ID: feea89

Too far away, not enough time for maneuvering.
No. 452181 ID: 2f4b71

Gordian option: Reconnaissance In Force.
Unless Tela Cruz intend to literally destroy the tower itself, attacking with the full force of Muscio's man and the Commanders (wo)men would mean all the Czar could gain would be a pyrrhic victory.
No. 452192 ID: 2073cc

Muschio HAS to leave for Tela Cruz. No choice there. Maybe take either Donpag or Geppa with the promise of girls or bloodshed for whichever one you take with you?
No. 452194 ID: feea89

Geppa will not leave Dompag period. We could ask I suppose, but it should be obvious what her opinion will be.

If anything, selecting Arabelle could be doable, but I doubt that too - she'd much rather protect the Tower based on her reaction I think.

Remember to ask for some stealth gear and a change of clothing. Your Volto roots will show obviously, but we can still hope to keep a low profile and that the Czar hasn't been made aware of your existence yet.
No. 452195 ID: f2c20c

I'd like to point out that Tela Cruz is a HUMAN city. They are racist fucks, and so I would be surprised if anyone but Muschio were able to get inside it.

It really shouldn't be hard. We can just walk right in, if we're not wearing recognizable clothing, and maybe have our hair dyed or covered, if blue is a recognizable color.
No. 452198 ID: f2c20c

Muschio, you should really stop hallucinating that you have both your hands still. Or did you pick up a prosthesis when we weren't looking?
No. 452242 ID: 54c7e5

Very good points.
I advise that Muschio goes into the city alone and tries not to make much trouble. With any luck, this should result in burning the entire city to the ground again.
No. 452244 ID: 60baf5

"I have this excellent plan: some milk for cats, some flammable fluid and a source of fire!" ^^

But seriously, going there alone would be the choice of the moment. anyone has to go there as everything else will result in waiting for uncertain events here for uncertain time. Of course they could already know who Muschio is, but with him the only human, it is more like to go well with him... and when everything goes well... high roller still lives, right?^^ (well, those thieves don't count)
No. 452257 ID: 26c5d6

>>452168 >>452170 >>452242
You know what, I'm going to second these fine voices here. Leave Dompag and Geppa here to assist in bolstering defenses, while we go forth incognito to try to gather more information and/or find an opportune opening.
When we're ready to make an overt move, time and circumstances permitting, we'll send word back to Dompag and Geppa through the shards to meet us. And if time and circumstance don't permit, well, we'll just have to wing it.
We probably won't die. Probably!
Better ask Coriander for any supplies she can offer without compromising her defenses before we go.
No. 452284 ID: f2c20c

...well, there is ONE issue I forgot about. Muschio is a glaring beacon of evil. If they have any paladins there, we'll be chased off.
No. 452327 ID: d94e2c

You forgot earlier she said that it was okay and that he could look after himself.

I actually vote for Geppa being sent in to spy since she's had actual assassin training. She might be able to poke her nose around without being spotted and Muschio has instantaneous updates on anything important via the orb.

Face it, if we bring an ogre into a city, we can pretty much kiss goodbye any chance of not being spotted. And if the situation on the inside is too hot to handle, it would be easy for Geppa to sneak (or kill) out or to sneak Muschio in.

Also, If team Mint soup got through their mission without incident, Ought we bring Ash to the tower to help bolster defenses? I know she won't arrive for, like, a day or something, but it gives us more flexibility up here. Besides, the vault is safe.
No. 452347 ID: 9ec813


Your lair has better defenses AND reinforcements. It would probably be best for everyone to pack up and leave the tower for a while and set up a defense at your place.
No. 452384 ID: ecfcdc

Yeah, Muschio alone to Tela Cruz while the other two bolster the defense might be a good idea. But... what's our objective? We can't conquer it by ourselves. There's not a ton else we want to do is there? Assassinating the Czar would be handy, but it's not likely to be easy. It might be better to hold here and break their army against our walls, then march on Tela Cruz in all our strength. But that's what they're planning for, so it would seem an offensive would be better. I can't see us taking the city overtly without a proper army, though. Even if our intent is to seize the Czar's head and proclaim ourselves masters of Tela Cruz in a relatively bloodless coup, we'd want a small army of our own to dissuade whatever force remains in the city from just arresting us, and to stave off rioting. If we could get support from military elements in the city we might not need our own forces, but building that up will take a while unless there's already substantial discontent.

Perhaps the best solution is indeed to leave our forces here with instructions to march on Tela Cruz after smashing their army, while we go to indulge in reconnaissance and intrigue in Tela Cruz in hope of seizing power there.

I don't think we're bad off enough to necessitate abandoning this place.
No. 452386 ID: f2c20c

...well, we DO have the princess. We could use her as a bargaining chip somehow...
No. 452422 ID: 2073cc

Arabella saying "damn good reason" has me leaning toward defending the tower with Geppa and Donpag, while Muschio goes solo toward Tela Cruz.

You want a sincere plan what to do NOW? Ask the people at the tower to give Muschio a makeover AND a disguise, like a different set of clothes that can help him fit inside the city. If he is becoming infamous, then the way he looks now could eventually lead to his reveal and capture. The plan here is to find whatever opportunity at Tela Cruz can become your advantage, and claim it, right? Well, to do that, you may have to stay a few days, so you should prepare accordingly so as to not get caught.

I'm asking you to plan ahead like a spy or secret agent here. Gather resources here at the tower, change your look a little bit so paladins and whatever enemies you encounter inside the city do not recognize you until you finish claiming the opportunity, and maybe ask the Commander if they have any magic items that can disguise your alignment so if paladins reside inside the city, they will not recognize you right away.

Now, maybe they know you are coming-hence the attack on the tower. Divide your party, so they can conquer you on two different fronts. BUT, this is only theory, and waiting for confirmation takes too long. All you can do is move forward, and if something happens, you have the orb to contact your allies at the hideout. Seriously, the forge is done, so the creatures can be healed. Most importantly, they can come to either your aid or the aid of the tower.

BUT, that's thinking TOO far ahead. For now, act like 007 and prepare yourself for the long haul.
No. 452424 ID: dcd676

Basically, this. I'd also add that we keep the other groups abreast of the developments and our plans so they know what to be prepared for and keep themselves in situations where they can respond as quickly as possible if they're needed.
No. 452440 ID: 233d60
File 134704121579.gif - (8.53KB , 800x600 , 1454.gif )

"Dompag. Geppa. You will stay here."
>"You got it, boss."
"As for me, I will proceed to Tela Cruz alone."

That decision is met with silence.
No. 452441 ID: 233d60
File 134704127862.gif - (7.47KB , 800x600 , 1455.gif )

"If that force were hired and sent by the Czar, it could be for any number of reasons -- a scouting team, a test, a warning, perhaps even to provoke a counterattack -- but one thing it means for certain is that he is hostile. And if he's reached out to a distant and foreign force like Sprites, he's clearly got dangerous resources at his disposal.
I won't ask you to abandon your tower. Nor would I expect you, my dear allies, to stand alone.
The Czar will be expecting a counterattack perhaps. An army. A brigade. A strike force, maybe.

But he won't be expecting a lone man.
And this may be my only chance."
No. 452442 ID: 233d60
File 134704137561.gif - (7.61KB , 800x600 , 1456.gif )

"I have less than an hour to make preparations.
I wouldn't want to be late for my appointment with the Czar."
No. 452443 ID: feea89


Godspeed Muschio. Godspeed.
No. 452474 ID: f25542


No. 452559 ID: 6e44d2

Good hunting.
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