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File 130834227086.png - (187.52KB , 1000x750 , 100.png )
314238 No. 314238 ID: f5e4b4

Tread 1: http://quest.lv/kusaba/questarch/res/290529.html
Discussion thread: http://quest.lv/kusaba/questdis/res/347404.html

Many decades ago, deep in the mountains of Loirri, within the Valley of the Ambush, a tribe of nomad Gorks decided to settle down and form a small village, using the large web of natural caverns of the nearest mountain as their homes.

Gorks are violent and belligerent beings, worshippers of many of the evil gods of Meigara. So they were very pleased to find a strange creature, agonizing in one of the deepest chasm of the valley.

Even after it was obvious that the creature was young, they were impressed by its voracity. It would practically eat anything. So they captured it and dug a pit in the cave they used as shrine and threw the creature inside.
For many years, they threw their sacrifices into the pit, as well with any traitor or dissident to the tribe, to be devoured by the monster, as they simply called it. The creature had nothing to say about it, of course; any escape attempt was quickly and violently stopped. It was a miserable existence, but it was the only existence the creature knew. And at least they kept it well fed.
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No. 314239 ID: f5e4b4
File 130834235796.png - (202.65KB , 1000x750 , 101.png )

That was until a week ago, when the food stopped coming. The creature waited, and waited, but no corpses, no agonizing or panicking Gorks fell down the pit to satisfy its hunger. And it was awfully quiet out there. Too quiet.

The creature waited for another three days, until the hunger became stronger than the fear of being punished. The morning light beckons it, but will it gather the strength to climb up and find out what happened to its masters? Should he be cautious or not?

The creature has never been in the outside world since they threw it into the pit when it was too young to remember. It doesn't know what to do.
No. 314240 ID: 7aedd2

No. 314241 ID: 46c430

Climb up. And caution is always a good thing, unless there is no time to be careful; You have time here.
No. 314243 ID: 0d095c

Climb out. Hug anyone who stops you.
No. 314255 ID: e3f578

No. 314256 ID: 35e1a0

yeah little beast, you have no reason to rush. climb out and look around with caution.
No. 314263 ID: 2e85b0

For to long they have caged you in this hole. It's time for them to pay the price in flesh and marrow. It's time for the world to remember why monsters are feared. RISE UP.
No. 314276 ID: eba49f

Whatever did away with the Gorks is probably gone after three days, but it is best to be cautious.
No. 314284 ID: 2563d4

>You have time here.
No, you do not have time, unless you like starving. Get up the damn hole.
No. 314306 ID: f5e4b4
File 130835583632.png - (375.07KB , 1000x750 , 102.png )

The creature finds enough courage to creep its way up the hole, and overcomes its fears enough to peek out.

The sunlight is blinding and a bit painful, but it also feels invigorating. There's no sight of the masters, and it's awfully quiet out here.
No. 314308 ID: 35e1a0

a bone! crack it open and suck out the marrow.
No. 314309 ID: 7aedd2

Gnaw on bone and rip bag to pieces as you wait for eyes(?) to adjust to light
No. 314311 ID: 0d095c

Reach backwards, grab the bag. GRAB IT. It's full of delicious choclots!
No. 314322 ID: eba49f

Is that a tentacle that we have?

Anyway, we should expect the BAG and check the BOWL for anything left in there.

Also, we probably want to take that torch if we can dislodge it. A magical torch of not burning out seems like it would be useful. (Defacing altars sometimes springs traps, but I think we are the trap.)
No. 314323 ID: 1854db

Eat any goddamn thing you can manage in here.

Also try to read what's on the walls.
No. 314336 ID: 28e94e

Wait for the sun to go down, or at least for your cave to be in the shadows.
No. 314338 ID: f5e4b4
File 130836062651.png - (382.68KB , 1000x750 , 103.png )

The creature impulses itself out of the hole, and the first thing it does is absorb the nearby bone and bag. It's able to digest them without problems, and the bone soothes its hunger for the moment. The bag isn't really tasty, though. It kind of tastes like metal. A shame the creature doesn't know yet the concept of bags and how to open them. Whatever was inside that one, is gone now.

The creature wiggles softly under the sunlight, realizing that this is the beginning of a new life. Of the real life, even. And it doesn't even have a name. Before exploring further, that task should be taken care of.

The creature needs a NAME.
What should it be?
No. 314341 ID: 7bfeb5

What? Name? Pfft. You don't need one of those. Where did you even come up with that?
No. 314347 ID: 35e1a0

you are MECHI
and can you also eat the wood in the firepit?
No. 314348 ID: 7aedd2

I call you Gorki
No. 314360 ID: 0d095c

There is WOOD next to you in the STONE CIRCLE. Eat it. There is BLOOD on the wall next to you. Absorb it. The FLAPPY THING is made of organic fibers. CONSUME IT as you go OUTSIDE. Concentrate on developing CONCEPTS.
No. 314363 ID: eba49f

We don't want to eat the BLOOD as it might be useful if we acquire some KNOWLEDGE any time soon.

Hrm, the magic in that torch (still burning and burning blue after three days) looks delicious, but if we just try to eat it it will burn us.
No. 314481 ID: e3f578

Fraelick York Gorgon The First
but your friends call you York
No. 314519 ID: 28e94e

Your name is The Giant Space Amoeba.

Consume anything of any nutritional value in the room.
No. 314563 ID: f5e4b4
File 130842465565.png - (374.55KB , 1000x750 , 104.png )

A storm of thoughts and ideas assault the creature's minds, even asking itself why would it need a name, and where did that idea come from anyways? But after all, it decides to stick to the first name that came to its mind. Mechi.

Well, what next? Oh yeah, eat everything! Mechi absorbs the wood in the fireplace. It's not really tasty and barely soothed its hunger.

The blue torch looks menacing and mesmerizing at the same time. It's beautiful, but just looking at it Mechi feels like it's not safe to be anywhere near it.

The red stuff on the wall? Of course Mechi doesn't know how to read that, they're merely random splashes on the wall for it. The gooey creature tries to suck the blood, but it's been dry for a long time. No way to scrap it out unless he takes a chunk of the wall with it. And after all these years stuck inside a pit in a cave, he's had enough of munching on rocks (or rather, eroding them).
No. 314564 ID: 2563d4

Nibble on the curtain while peering into the light.
No. 314575 ID: 35e1a0

yes, go through curtain and get fist feeling of sun.
No. 314577 ID: 0d095c

Our new objective is EATING THE SUN. Via Photosynthesis. SUN HOOOOOOOO!
No. 314578 ID: 1854db

Peek under the curtain before going out.
No. 314615 ID: 7aedd2

I wonder how much freedom we have when it comes to molding our amorphous friend here...
No. 315073 ID: f5e4b4
File 130850320580.png - (612.10KB , 1000x750 , 105.png )

Mechi peeks out and immediately backs off to the other side of the room, blinded by the sun. Two hours later, when it get used to the intense sunlight, it peeks through the door again.

Mechi has never seen the village before, but it could hear it from the pit. There was always the noise of people talking loudly, tools, metal against metal. But now the silence was complete, and there was not a single person out there.
No. 315074 ID: 2563d4

Taste delicious grass. I'm sure the bloody footprints are of no consequence.
No. 315080 ID: 1091a0


No. 315093 ID: 35e1a0

eat TALL grass.
No. 315096 ID: f5e4b4
File 130851236846.png - (625.02KB , 1000x750 , 106.png )

Mechi mows the lawn.

Mechi feels USEFUL!


It actually looks like a small collar case. But Mechi doesn't know that, it's just some shiny colored thing on the ground for him. It doesn't even look or smell particularly tasty.
No. 315099 ID: 07416a

Flatten yourself. Increase surface area and EAT EVERYTHING.
No. 315102 ID: 35e1a0

if it's not tasty then ignore it. go eat the extra tall grass around the rocks and stuff.
No. 315108 ID: e3f578

put it in magical hammerspace INV
No. 315126 ID: 2563d4

Even the topsoil appears to be delicious!
No. 315134 ID: 1091a0


...man, I wish I could get you to work at my Dwarf Fortress.

if you can take it with you without devouring it, do so. otherwise leave it alone. we don't want you to get fat after all.
No. 315137 ID: 7aedd2

Does eating things gain us Mass (like in BlobQuest) or just fill Mechi's hunger?
No. 315139 ID: 1854db

Investigate that mat over there. By which I mean check to see if it's tasty.
No. 315149 ID: eba49f

Just to test, try going over some grass without eating it. Then eat the grass afterward.
No. 315173 ID: f5e4b4
File 130852774382.png - (568.55KB , 1000x750 , 107.png )

Mechi experiments with its body, realizing that, to digest stuff, it has to absorb them into the darker, heavier cores inside its form. So, it could carry some items as long as he can keep them away from the big, purple blobs.

The goo monster picks up the case, not really knowing why. But it felt like a smart thing to do. And that feels kind of good.

Mechi also notices that flattening itself to cover more space isn't that efficient at all. Covering more surface spreads the acidic cores. So they corrode more area, but they also do it slower.

Mechi eats some more grass. It guesses that it can survive off this stuff... if it ate every inch of grass in the valley, that is. Seriously, this stuff is like eating air.


No way, soil is gross! Years of life inside a hole tell you that.


Mechi has no idea! It still feels pretty hungry and weak. The creature should try to find some real food if it wants to survive to discover its potential.


The mat smells of blood and... something else Mechi can't identify. Other than that, it doesn't look particularly tasty.
No. 315177 ID: 104c67

You can climb even near-vertical surfaces, correct? Well let's go see if there's anything decent to eat in any of the other cave dwellings.
No. 315196 ID: 180ec2

Examine the blood on the road ahead.
No. 315202 ID: 1091a0


perhaps we should satiate our hunger before we walk... slide? ooze? towards potential threats. I second exploring the settlement in search for food and info.
No. 315236 ID: 1854db

Quickly search the other caves for food.
No. 315453 ID: 2029ca


Stop blinking and stare intensively. See the difference.
No. 315458 ID: eba49f

Would that WOODEN POLE be tastier than the grass?
No. 315469 ID: f5e4b4
File 130858895480.png - (226.04KB , 1000x750 , 108.png )

Mechi climbs up the hill and slides towards the closest cave, peeking through the entrance.

Uh oh. It seems that Mechi isn't the only one with an interest for empty caves. The intruders don't smell like Gorks, and they don't look very friendly either.
No. 315470 ID: 856690

Try hiding and then if they are hostile, ambush and devour.
No. 315471 ID: 07416a

BUCKET! GET INSIDE BUCKET! Put your vulnerable orbs inside it and then go eat that axe. Eat them at your leisure.
No. 315475 ID: 35e1a0

they will probably try to attack you with their hands. which you will eat.
No. 315482 ID: 180ec2

Really. Hasn't it been established by now that Mechi can't get sufficient sustenance from random things like rocks and plant matter? I mean, maybe some fruit would work, but we pretty much need to eat some sort of animals. Animals like those guys. But I do suggest getting in the bucket. Are you strong enough to pick up the axe at all from within the bucket?
No. 315483 ID: 856690

The axe's handle is wood, eat if need be, but really I'm not too sure these are those kind of things, I think they make attack with claws and teeth
No. 315488 ID: eba49f

If we eat the the only visible weapon they have is the hammer, which shouldn't do much harm to a blob.
Too bad we can't talk though.
No. 315497 ID: 2563d4

No. 315509 ID: f5e4b4
File 130860214380.png - (156.65KB , 1000x750 , 109.png )

Mechi (which from now on I'm gonna refer as a "she", even when her sexuality is probably a bit more complicated than that) quickly hides inside the steel bucket, before the angry-looking creatures can react.

She could easily reach for the axe, but I'm afraid her current form is too weak to grab it, less alone wield it.

The tiny cyclops snarl at Mechi with hostility, but from a safe distance. They show caution and just throw rocks at her from the other side of the cave.
No. 315510 ID: 529a19


Shift your mass in the bucket until it falls over, then cling to the inside of the bucket and the ground to get leverage and put it ontop of you.

Advance towards the cyclops.
No. 315512 ID: 35e1a0

yes, a slime snail of doom!
No. 315518 ID: 566d38

and if they try to yank it from on top of you, eat them.
No. 315520 ID: 180ec2

Yep, that's a good plan. Slime snail your way over to them. Maybe detour towards the axe and dissolve the handle a bit so they can't use it, but then go towards them. Then you can jump out at them when they try to lift it, or just nibble at their feet until they do.
No. 315534 ID: 566d38

and if you can cling to the bucket, you can let one of them lift you along with the bucket and drop on their head for maximum damage.
No. 315618 ID: f5e4b4
File 130861645061.png - (235.96KB , 1000x750 , 110.png )

Mechi shifts her mass back and forth until the bucket falls over. Now, with this quality piece of armor, she feels safe forever. Slowly, like a battle tank, she slides over the axe, dissolving the handle, to make sure the little monsters can't use it.

Just as she's about to slide towards the cyclops at the other side of the cave, the one hanging from the ceiling drops on the bucket, stabbing it repeatedly with a small bone knife. The bucket is holding up pretty well against the attack, and even when the knife manages to pierce through it, it's not long enough to reach Mechi's cores. But the constant bumping on the bucket is getting annoying.

The other creep grabs the hammer but doesn't join the brawl. He seems to be waiting for a good opportunity to strike.
No. 315622 ID: 07416a

Grab him and use him as an imp shield and/or horror weapon.
No. 315634 ID: 44766a

Flow though the holes in the bucket and eat him.
No. 315655 ID: 28e94e

OM NOM NOM the one on your back. How fast can you move, anyway?
No. 315659 ID: 566d38


this, if you can. in fact, don't just nibble on his toes. flow into his stomach, eat him from the inside, and wear his skin like a British officer from the 18th century.

if this is not something you can do, stay inside the bucket.
No. 315677 ID: 835a2d

Move your core into the bukket, flow out the holes and eat his hands.
No. 315806 ID: 1854db

Let the bucket fall partially off you to knock the guy off, and then eat the knife-wielder. Keep a grip on the bucket so you can pull it back over you afterwards.
No. 315832 ID: b9bd4f

I agree with this course of action. Creep tentrils up from the bucket, and bind him to the top, then force your way into his bodily cavities to devour his delicious organs.
No. 315883 ID: 6e44d2

Hey, what kind of sensory organs do you have, anyway?
No. 315903 ID: 55c4cf

Smash one using the bucket.

Be beautiful.
No. 315905 ID: f5e4b4
File 130866956760.png - (216.06KB , 1000x750 , 111.png )

As it's been said previously, Mechi is too weak to grab the tiny cyclops, but she can easily entangle him with her tendrils, then knock over the bucket, making him lose his balance and fall down. Mechi slides over him, absorbing his body.

The other monster, obviously horrified of his friend's fate, panics and runs away, taking the hammer with him. But Mechi is too busy enjoying her first decent (if only a bit noisy) meal in weeks to care about that!

Once she finishes absorbing the cyclops, she feels much better, stronger and more solid.
Mechi should now be able to move faster, do some basic shapeshifting, and grab and wield objects (not too heavy, though). If she keeps eating healthily, she'll become more powerful and control her mass and form better.


Mechi has no idea, but if she knew about those things, she'll tell you that she has a decent sense of hearing and touch. She has a pretty good sense of smell. An an excellent vision too, she even has infrared vision to see in the dark. Pretty good for a blob with no distinguishable organs, huh?
No. 315906 ID: 99da04

Form breasts
No. 315907 ID: e3f578

Just plop your gooey noneyeball lookers all over that fucking note after you get done hugging that cyclops
No. 315912 ID: bfee60

equip that bucket.
No. 315917 ID: 55c4cf

bucket armor is the only armor.
No. 315998 ID: f5e4b4
File 130869138919.png - (220.22KB , 1000x750 , 112.png )

Mechi recovers her IMPENETRABLE ARMOR.


Mechi doesn't know what breasts are!


Mechi ogles the note on the wall, but for her it's just a piece of paper full of squiggly lines and symbols she doesn't understand. She can't read!
No. 316000 ID: 35e1a0

oh well, leave cave and check others. maybe more have cyclopes you can eat.
No. 316001 ID: bfee60


head downtown to acquire critical information regarding mammary glands. jesus, it's like you grew up in a pit or something.
No. 316003 ID: 221021

Oh well, maybe now we can head off down the blood soaked trail, seeing as we've eaten.
No. 316005 ID: e3f578

Damn, you're telling me you can't absorb intelligence by eating people? How the hell we gonna get intelligence. We have to eat enough to get lips and vocals, if you even know how to talk.

Try basic shapeshifting to make a mouth to make a noise
No. 316035 ID: 2563d4

Eat note to deny others this sinister advantage over you of knowledge!
No. 316044 ID: 1854db

Can you hold the axe in your wiggly graspers without cutting yourself? It could be a good weapon in short range, rather than grappling range.
No. 316066 ID: b9bd4f

We are an OOZE, we dont need tools such as that. For offence all we need is our caustic devouring touch.
No. 316078 ID: b1f0e2

Inspect the other caves, maybe there are more "delicious red food" (imps) in them.
No. 316301 ID: 2afc9c

Can you roll up the mat and keep it inside the bucket? Maybe it can be used to protect you against the hazards of weather and wind.

Do you have enough control to grow some centipede like legs for faster movement? Try that.
No. 316322 ID: f5e4b4
File 130876428342.png - (569.69KB , 1000x750 , 113.png )

Mechi rolls up the mat and stores it inside the bucket, takes the hatchet and slides outside, turned into a fearsome warrior!

The rest of the caves are empty, though. No imp cyclops, nothing useful, and more important, no food.


Mechi can form a mouth and even articulate sounds, but she doesn't know any language yet! She can mimic the snarls and groans of the imps pretty well, though.


Mechi tries, but her body isn't able to shapeshift into something that complex yet. She needs more food.

Now she's outside again, and has to decide where to go. She can follow the blood marks on the road that goes to the west, towards the forest, or she can go in the opposite direction, to the east, deeper into the mountains.
No. 316325 ID: b1f0e2

dawww. she is adorable.

follow blood
No. 316327 ID: 1ca8b5

follow the smell of food, if you can even smell at all.
No. 316338 ID: 2afc9c

Bah! Why follow the blood? to find the Gorks that kept you imprisoned? To meet the ones who freed you from the Gorks, when you have proof of a possible genocide?

Go the other way - hunt fresh food and knowledge!
No. 316339 ID: 35e1a0

follow blood to wounded thing to eat.
No. 316341 ID: 856690

Why follow the blood?
Go the otherway! To freedom from the past etc...!
No. 316342 ID: 1ca8b5


we'll be free of our past once we eat our past.

blood trail GET.
No. 316392 ID: 55c4cf

we must quest for more food to make this bucket proud.
No. 316744 ID: f5e4b4
File 130884994154.png - (464.99KB , 1000x750 , 114.png )

Mechi follows the trail of blood as the little village disappears between the mountains behind her, and she slowly slides into the forest. She almost forgets about the blood as she contemplates in ecstasy all the new forms and colors that surround her, the smell, the trees, the sound of the wild animals.

She snaps off that trance, gods know after how long, just in time to notice that the trail of blood leaves the dirt path and enters deeper in the woods, towards a small cave in a nearby hill. Should she follow it?
No. 316745 ID: 35e1a0

first reach into the little hole in the tree and see if it has a small animal in it. then follow blood.
No. 316746 ID: 180ec2

Blood means that something is injured, which means it makes an easier meal. Unless of course something else has it. Go off anyway, you'll either get a meal or meet some kind of predator. It won't eat you, though, because you don't look like you taste very good, or are indeed even possible to eat.
No. 316754 ID: 2563d4

Scarf the whole tree. Just look at all that biomass!
No. 316756 ID: b1f0e2

yea, I am curious to know if we have to eat animals or if a tree works too.

Make the sound "om nom nom" while eating.
No. 316764 ID: 28e94e

No. 316767 ID: a13d68

follow the smell of the meat.
No. 316775 ID: 0555b4

First check the hole on that tree to see if there's anything useful or edible inside, then continue following the trail of blood.
No. 316776 ID: 55c4cf

I don't know, the cave sounds like it might be a bit more dangerous for Mechi. Maybe we should go down the path instead.
No. 316777 ID: e3f578

I believe that Mechi is an Omnivore but meat is the most beneficial to her. IF we found some nutritious vegetables, sure, it could help her evolve more, but for right now in a forest setting animals are the most healthy thing to eat. Until we see a fruit tree or something.
No. 316781 ID: b6ca92

Correction: Mechi is the Omnivore. Can't imagine how bark would be tasty... though if you could find some bulbous or tuber plants...
No. 316836 ID: f5e4b4
File 130887126957.png - (463.39KB , 1000x750 , 115.png )

Mechi inspects the hole in the tree, but it turns out to be empty. She starts scarfing the bark of the tree, but It's not really satisfying. For starters, it's incredibly insipid, and second, it's not very nutritious. She would have to spend the entire day eating trees to get enough energy to compensate being the entire day eating trees!
No. 316837 ID: f5e4b4
File 130887130637.png - (221.90KB , 1000x750 , 116.png )

So she follows the trail and scent of blood and carefully peeks into the cave, to find the source of all that deliciously-smelling fluid. It's a corpse, a fresh one, by the smell, covered by arrows.

The smell emanating from the corpse suddenly feels incredibly familiar to Mechi. Of course! It's a Gork, just like the ones she's been eating since she can remember.
No. 316839 ID: 55c4cf

Carefully drag corpse out of the cave without going too far in, it may be trapped with more arrows.

Then eat you gluttonous whore.
No. 316841 ID: 35e1a0

poke it in the foot a couple times to make sure it is really dead.
No. 316843 ID: 7b1d27

before you eat it, and eat it you will, check for valuables. maybe he has some money or something.
No. 316844 ID: 1854db

Fully inspect corpse before lunch.
No. 316867 ID: b1f0e2

yes, inspect the corpse for any odd items, especially those <insert description of pockets>...
Then om nom nom it.
No. 316871 ID: e3f578

Devour brain first to see if you can gain it's delicious knowledge.
No. 316875 ID: f5e4b4
File 130887693990.png - (231.78KB , 1000x750 , 117.png )

Mechi searches the pockets of the dead Gork, but they're empty. Unfortunately, she can't make a more thorough search.

But as she tries to pull the corpse, or turn it around, she finds that she's still to weak to move such a massive weight. She would have to eat it where it is. And boy she's hungry.
No. 316876 ID: 1854db

No. 316878 ID: 180ec2

Well, I can't possibly imagine any downside to eating it, so go right ahead! *nom*
No. 316879 ID: 0d7a83

No. 316880 ID: 35e1a0

eat gork hug larger size
No. 316885 ID: 0d095c

Eat Gork, receive STRENGTH. And make sure to eat the Brain first. And draw a Smiley on the front of the bucket in Gork Blud. To confuse adventurers.
No. 316886 ID: 35e1a0

i say eat the brain super slowly to try and glean the knowledge off of it.
No. 316920 ID: 77db9a

Nourish thyself. Keep arrows/arrowheads to Menace with Spikes.

Mechi has, over the years, had plenty of Gorks to eat. She may not have the ability to evolve via just studying what she eats, or she would have by now. I think any sort of advancement is going to be either supernatural, tactical (our guidance) , or mechanical.
No. 316950 ID: b1f0e2

Om nom nom!
No. 316994 ID: 55c4cf

so tired from not eating i like 10 minutes
No. 317065 ID: b6ca92

"This is a Mechi. It is purple and made of an oozing substance. It is acidic. It wears a bucket of iron helmet. It menaces with an iron axe. It menaces with flint arrows."
God, I want a proper Dorf Fort description template.

And you have a point about the natural evolution thing. For all we know this could end up in the same direction as Slime Quest, minus the gainax ending.
No. 317082 ID: 07416a

Crawl inside it wear its skin
No. 317100 ID: 6e44d2

Disagree. While she may have had lots of nourishment, she's never had a chance to flex her muscles. She'll grow plenty simply by exploring the boundaries of her capabilities.

Amyway, Mechi, chow down. See if you can try to gain knowledge by eating the gork's brain.
No. 317128 ID: f5e4b4
File 130893582267.png - (236.36KB , 1000x750 , 118.png )

Mechi feels rather artistic and paints a smiling face on the bucket, for not very clear reasons. Also she sticks some of the arrows on her bucket helmet, to increase protection. This is the best helmet ever!

After that, she begins devouring the decaying feast with eagerness. She starts with the head, but unfortunately, that doesn't give her any kind of knowledge. The brain is delicious, though.
No. 317129 ID: f5e4b4
File 130893586420.png - (218.23KB , 1000x750 , 119.png )

She dissolves and assimilates most of the corpse in a matter of minutes, and feels stronger, her body more powerful as she keeps eating.
No. 317130 ID: f5e4b4
File 130893591202.png - (222.36KB , 1000x750 , 120.png )

There we go: Mechi's body is stronger, and she has more control over it. She's also able to do more advanced shapeshifting than before.


Uh... what was that? Well, probably nothing important, thinks Mechi.
No. 317131 ID: 180ec2

Oh look! He had an indigestible glowy purple orb! Or did Mechi make that?
No. 317132 ID: c05a3a

if you stash the axe in your inventory, you'll almost look sociable.

inspect magic orb, move further into the cave.
No. 317136 ID: 2afc9c

Very much seems like an indigestable, yet potentially useful glowing orb. Hode it in the mat in the bucket so it doesn't give you away at night.

Can you form some legs now or perhaps harden your surface and move like a snake? Keep the bucket of course.

Move further into the forest along the road and keep an eye open for wild game on the way.
No. 317141 ID: 0d7a83

Attempt to drop the orb.
No. 317142 ID: e3f578

shapeshift a booty and shake it
No. 317153 ID: 0d095c

Investigate magic ball. Also,>>317142.
No. 317188 ID: f5e4b4
File 130895586688.png - (206.58KB , 1000x750 , 121.png )

Mechi stores the axe safely in her "inventory", ready to wield it if the necessity arises.


Funny, Mechi can't digest the orb. It's the first time she hasn't been able to dissolve anything. And she can't drop it either, it's firmly attached inside her main gelatinous core. Oh well, it'll probably fall by itself eventually.


Mechi doesn't know why is she doing this, but even with her rudimentary knowledge of the world and society she can tell that this is incredibly ridiculous.

Just then she hear something. Voices, coming from outside the cave, in the forest.
No. 317190 ID: 35e1a0

heheh. anyway, sneak up to the voices.
No. 317191 ID: 28e94e

Remove ass. Attempt to form legs. Failing that, flee into the woods.
No. 317192 ID: 221021

No, legs sound like a bad idea at this moment, though do try later. Stay low and slither out into the forest towards the voices, trying to stay obscured by the brush.
No. 317207 ID: 1854db

Sneakily sneak and eavesdrop.
No. 317383 ID: b6ca92

Sneak over and eavesdrop by the side of the cave, and see if you cant hide yourself completely with the bucket.

Note to self: As soon as we find civilization again, get a bigger bucket!
No. 317397 ID: 07416a

Like, a billion legs. Scuttle up that wall.
No. 317428 ID: 9bdbfc


and name it "Wilson".
No. 317444 ID: 55c4cf

i think the quest can end after the ass shake
No. 317455 ID: 1854db


*credits roll*
No. 317511 ID: f5e4b4
File 130902000050.png - (345.56KB , 1000x750 , 122.png )

Mechi peeks outside, hidden in the shadows of the cave. There are two creatures talking out there, and Mechi recognizes them as humans. The gorks used threw a few humans in the pit sometimes; they don't taste bad.

But the amazing thing is that suddenly Mechi can understand what they say. She hasn't spoken or been taught any language in her short life, but she can understand what they say perfectly. Mechi listens in amazement.

"...incredible. How could someone get so far with so many arrows stickin out of his back? I tell you, the guy looked like a pincushion, yet outran the entire fuckin' company!"

"Eh, gorks are tough fuckers." --The other human replies. "And what do you expect when they hire smelly gnolls with their cheap ass bows to do the job? Now, these beauties are something different. They'll turn that coward into a fine red mist with a couple of shots before he has time to turn around."

"Yeah, well, he's probably agonizing if not dead anyways. The blood leads to that cave over there."

Uh oh. They're walking towards the cave where Mechi is hidden.
No. 317512 ID: 55c4cf

hide in bucket
No. 317513 ID: 41b4e5

...shit. dive into the cave. check for ambush spots.
No. 317514 ID: 0d095c

OH SHIT. HUMAN GANGSTERS. They want the PURPLE BALL inside you, and they'll kill you for it. HIDE IN BUCKET IN THE BACK OF THE CAVE. If they look inside it, grab their face and pull them in, to stop them from shouting. They're BAD MEN.
No. 317517 ID: 0d7a83

Be very careful Mechi; they have ANTI-BUCKET weaponry.
No. 317524 ID: 2563d4

Leave the bucket, hug the ceiling, find a crack to stuff the glowing part of you in. By the time they realise you're not just slick lichen you'll hopefully be able to get the drop on them.
No. 317527 ID: 41b4e5


don't you dare leave that bucket behind, Mechi.
No. 317528 ID: 35e1a0

sounds good plan
No. 317530 ID: 221021

See if you can sneak out of the cave in time. If not, then use the bucket as a decoy and come back for it.
No. 317589 ID: f5e4b4
File 130904141499.png - (233.63KB , 1000x750 , 123.png )

Mechi sneaks back inside the cave, leaving the bucket on the ground, to catch their attention, then climbs up the wall and sticks to the ceiling, with her new glowing stone hiding inside a crack.

One of the humans carefully walks in.

"What the... there's nobody inside. And the fuckin' blood trail ends here. How is that possible? ... Is that a bucket?"

The voice of the other human comes from outside, confused.

"A bucket?"

"I don't like this." --says the one inside the cave. "Wait outside and stay on your toes, I'm gonna take a closer look at this thing."
No. 317593 ID: 41b4e5


drop down and try to engulf his head and his weapon to prevent him from making sounds as you devour him voraciously.
No. 317594 ID: 35e1a0

wait until he is near the bucket. then drop on his head and melt it enough to kill him. then slither back to your hiding spot and leave the body for now. when the other guy comes in to check what is going on melt his head too. then eat both bodies.
No. 317597 ID: 7aedd2

When you drop down and devour him, save the cigarette intact. Because there will be NOTHING more BOSS than a purple all-devouring slime smoking a cigarette.
No. 317603 ID: e3f578

Don't engulf his head first thing, it will allow him to struggle. Snap his neck and then drag his body into you.
No. 317619 ID: 2563d4

Stay put to avoid getting shot by the very alert person outside.
No. 317631 ID: 0d095c

...Make it so.

But in all truth, I recommend staying put for now. The Very Alert Man Outside has a gun. That is bad. Wait. If we consume the Bumbling Fool in The Cave, we would have HIS gun. THAT would be boss. If you must kill him, same the doohickey he's holding, as it shall be useful. And if you DO kill him, chop his skull open with an axe first. THAT'LL stop him struggling.

But yes. Wait in the Shadows.
No. 317640 ID: b1f0e2

on the one hand, the method of killing both of them is awesome...
on the other hand we could actually QUESTION them now that we can speak, then eat them when done.

So if you can hit them in the head hard enough to knock out... then when they wake up with you sitting on top and threatening to eat them if they don't tell you everything. About the gork, about the stone, etc. Then when you get everything out of them... THAT is when you eat them :P
No. 317680 ID: 28e94e

If we drop down on this guy, we are going to get blown to bits by his partner. Instead, let's go for the partner first.
No. 317686 ID: 41b4e5


we should eat one of them first to show the other one we're not fucking around.

I guess whether we jump him now or not depends on whether we're in the second guy's line of sight or not. if we aren't, kill this bitch now. otherwise, lie in wait until one of them is by himself and within our range.
No. 317692 ID: f5e4b4
File 130905272698.png - (272.40KB , 1000x750 , 124.png )

Mechi waits until the thug walks closer to the bucket, then drops on his head, attempting to silence and consume him. Unfortunately, the man manages to let out a scream before the goo covers his face.


The goo mutes him and starts doing her corrosive work, but the acid isn't quick enough to kill him in the act, and the man is pretty strong, Mechi needing of all her strength to keep him from struggling and tossing her off.

"What was that? Are you ok? I'm coming in!" yells the human outside the cave.

To make things worse, the first human sticks his gun in Mechi's body, and in his agonizing madness, he seems to be desperate enough to fire it.
No. 317694 ID: b1f0e2

pull his hand so that the gun comes out of you on the other side
No. 317695 ID: 7aedd2

DO NOT MELT HIS SKIN. Instead, enter him via his orifices and consume his innards, then wear him as a suit and use it to ambush his friend.

Probably too late for such a suggestion but it would've been wicked cool.
No. 317697 ID: b1f0e2

dude! crazy! do that!
No. 317698 ID: 55c4cf

If you can focus your corrosion melt off his hand or shift your body so the gun shoots outside of you at least.
No. 317699 ID: 35e1a0

yeah morph so the very end of the gun is outside of you. then after he is dead leap off and get back up the wall.
also his face is already half melted. we cant wear his skin.
No. 317703 ID: 41b4e5

point his gun towards his friend. he's blind, he'a in too much pain to think, he's about to shoot.
No. 317704 ID: 221021

Try to focus on disabling the gun. See if you can mess up the mechanisms inside of it or prevent the man from pulling the trigger.
No. 317709 ID: 07416a

No. 317731 ID: 6e44d2

Can you jump down and land in his mouth? The very alert one outside probably can't see too well into the cave. If you can move quickly enough, drop down into the cave guy's mouth and burrow straight for his spinal column, try to sever that. Your body mass should prevent him from screaming long enough to kill him before he discharges his weapon. If you move quickly enough, the guy outside won't be able to see it, you dark blur you.

Anyway, after he's dead, hide on the ceiling again.
No. 317766 ID: 2563d4

If you can, do. Either way make a clear path for the barrel.
No. 317773 ID: 835a2d

we are horrible people

No. 317804 ID: e3f578

You could just twist the rotation of your goopy body real fast to snap his neck if you think taking control of his corpse is too farfetched.
No. 317836 ID: 6e44d2

Oh woah, I posted this way too late. Yeah, drop down into his mouth and hide out inside his body. Eat him from the inside. The other guy will have no idea how to react. Don't burn through the skin, though.
No. 317958 ID: f5e4b4
File 130910531252.png - (351.99KB , 1200x900 , 125.png )

Mechi shifts her weight and slides into the body of the thug without much effort, even doing it before he has time to shoot his gun. She does a quick job, the guy is pretty much dead at this point, the body stumbling in its last spasms before collapsing.

The other human rushes into the cave.

"Derek, what's happen... what the hell is wrong with you!?"
No. 317964 ID: 07416a

"Something wonderful."
Go over there and give her a kiss.
No. 317965 ID: 35e1a0

No. 317974 ID: 0d095c

No. 317976 ID: b1f0e2

pretend to fall down, so she will run to help him in concern. when she does, that's when you nab her.
This time aim for capture alive over kill. that means grab her hand and get rid of the gun, avoid digestion.
No. 317979 ID: 2563d4

Fall toward her, and go for the face when she inspects the body. Kill her quick too because she still has a damn gun and is delicious.
No. 318019 ID: 2afc9c

Yeah give out a little "help", let Derek's body fall over fall over and wait for a chance to pounce. Go for the hand holding the weapon so you won't take damage.
No. 318022 ID: 104c67

See if you can imitate the sounds they're making, producing such an effect as the words others have listed, or, if you need more time to set yourself up as a trap, have the body fall face down while you mutter "trap" or something. She'll probably think you're wounded and put down the gun, kneel down over you, and then roll you over. That's when you get her.
No. 318029 ID: 28e94e

No. 318038 ID: f5e4b4
File 130912456423.png - (246.25KB , 1000x750 , 126.png )

Mechi tries to vocalize and mimic the voice of the dead thug, muttering something about a trap and help. And she can't really control the body, just make it fumble and collapse forward.

But the girl seems to be of the cautious, and maybe even paranoid kind, because instead of trying to help out the fallen man, she steps back, aiming the gun at the thug's body.

"Yeah, no way. I don't know what's going on here, but I ain't THAT stupid. So whoever is possessing Derek's body or whatever, you better start talking. And if you move again, we'll find out if ghosts can survive a bullet to the face."
No. 318041 ID: 835a2d

Exit from the belly, point the gun at her.
No. 318044 ID: 35e1a0

do nothing. just wait.
No. 318046 ID: 2563d4

Sit still and quiet. She'll eventually either have to leave or try to tend to him, and either avoids us getting shot.
No. 318048 ID: b1f0e2

"bullet to the face"
Move your important bits to his legs. Try to grab the gun, when she shoots him in the face or body, collapse and don't move until she turns to leave. Then jump her.
No. 318055 ID: 221021

If you can, say something to the effect of "I'm sorry everything's trying to hurt me I just want to be left alone but I keep having to defend myself" to see if you can get a sympathetic response from her.
No. 318058 ID: b9bd4f

He wished to harm us, and paid the ultimate price. Now he belongs to us. We doubt you wish to make the same mistake.
No. 318068 ID: 55a07c

I agree about sitting still and not doing anything while Mechi's vitals are tucked somewhere unlikely to be shot through in case she does try to kill us.
No. 318166 ID: 104c67

Don't talk or even try. Best to shift your valuable parts, like your core, to places she's not likely to shoot. Like his feet or arms or something. She'd probably try to shoot him in the head or torso
No. 318179 ID: b6ca92

Best plan. And after she shoots, start dissolving the body in randomly growing areas. If we can do this right, it'll look like after she killed the host, it just self destructed into a slowly spreading pool of solid miasma.

Alternatively, after she shoots, she gets closer, and we then grab at her ankles.

wait a minute what are we thinking?! THOSE ARE SINGLE SHOOTERS!
Once she's wasted the shot she'll retreat to reload, leaving only a brief gap to lunge forward and claim her legs.

And then, perhaps, we could pump her for some information? Civilization is looking like a tasty meal now, and we lack a direction...
No. 318189 ID: 1854db

Heh. If she's gonna shoot the face, don't be at the face. Then grab the gun with a tentacle and shoot her with it.
No. 318443 ID: f5e4b4
File 130920636079.png - (253.69KB , 1000x750 , 127.png )

Mechi remains silent and slides back into the legs of the already dead thug. But this won't do for long, because she will soon corrode through the body and clothes, and be exposed.

The other human doesn't get any closer, and stays at a safe distance from the body, gun pointing at it.

"Come on, I know that you can talk. And I know you're trying to pull off something. A friendly warning, don't underestimate me, it might be the last thing you'll ever do. So start answering. Who are you, and what did you do with the Gork?"
No. 318444 ID: 35e1a0

"gork brought shiny ball to me, hid it under me, i woke up, he had pretty arrows, i took them to make myself pretty. i look pretty right? your friend lift my up, try take orb, i take him."
No. 318453 ID: 0d7a83

I'm a little apprehensive about telling her you have the orb, and about pretending your the bucket. At this range she could probably tell where the voice was coming from.

I'm sort of leaning towards just telling her you ate the gork and your name is Mechi.
No. 318454 ID: b1f0e2

>Single shot gun

rapidly raise the top half of the body by pushing on from below his abdomen, she will fire at the head or chest. Then immediately jump towards her before she can load another shot.
No. 318455 ID: e3f578

"Ate Gork body. Gork imprison me long time. Just learn to talk your language. Very bad at talking. Desire freedom. Killed friend from inside because big threat, also very dumb, naive, and tasty, but mostly threat."
No. 318456 ID: 1854db

The gork? ...yeah there's really no explanation for a missing body with a blood trail leading here, aside from "I ate him." Mentioning that the arrows were kinda prickly may make her think you are in the bucket, though...

Ask her why she's so willing to shoot her partner. He could be alive...
No. 318460 ID: 2563d4

I can't see any reason to believe those are single-shot weapons.

Flow into the low points of and space below the body and try not to touch the upper parts of the carcass, if you can't stop melting everything, then. He's got a convient cloak on top and I still think your best bet is to force her to move first.
No. 318513 ID: 28e94e

Let me revise this a bit, to better fit our limited vocabulary:
"Ate Gork body. Gork trap me long time. Just learn to talk. Very bad at talking. Want freedom. Killed friend because big threat, also dumb and tasty, but mostly threat."
No. 318544 ID: 55c4cf

Aim for her tits.
No. 318567 ID: f5e4b4
File 130922351247.png - (180.73KB , 1000x750 , 128.png )

Mechi decides to try this new thing, speaking.

"I eat Gork." That sounded pretty good for a first time, in her modest opinion. It even sounded a bit feminine. As feminine as a gurgling voice can be.

The girl seems to laugh for a moment, before speaking with an amused tone of voice. "You don't say? So uncooperative. Oh well, I don't like using this, but you leave me no choice."

There's soft clicking noise, and then a ghostly red glow comes out of the female's hood. There's a small pause, while the girl stays in place, still aiming at the corpse and staying at a safe distance. Mechi wouldn't be able to leap so far.

The girl suddenly giggles. "Oh, you're just a slime. Now it all makes sense. But it's the first time I see one of your kind being able to talk." The girl makes a brief, thoughtful pause, before adding, almost to herself. "But you swallowed the gem, after all. Interesting... Tell me, do you have a name? And, why did you kill my friend here?"
No. 318568 ID: 835a2d

"Guns scare me."
No. 318569 ID: 35e1a0

"you want gem, kill me, take it, i kill first"
No. 318572 ID: b1f0e2

The Gem lets me talk, you killed the gork, you want to take gem.
No. 318573 ID: 221021

"Mechi. He wanted the shiny thing in me, and everyone keeps wanting to hurt me."
No. 318575 ID: 0d095c

"Your weapons disturb me, and I figured you'd kill me since you killed everyone else for this gem. That, and I wanted his cigarette."
No. 318576 ID: 44766a

"Take off hood. Please. It freaking me out."
No. 318580 ID: 6a24f2

he smelled good.
No. 318593 ID: 6e44d2

Let's not say our name, that gives her power over us, seeing as she's apparently magical in nature.

"Seemed like the right thing to do at the time, really. You don't seem particularly bothered, though. I think the world I'd pick is 'intrigued.' Tell me, what's your business, here?"

Let's be an articulate slime, yeah?
No. 318594 ID: 2563d4

It's succinct, I'll give it that.
No. 318599 ID: e3f578

"He threat. Eat threats, eat tasty animals, eat unused things, eat corpses, Gorks are exception. Always eat Gorks, threat or no threat. Hungry or no hungry. Kill all Gorks"

"Name... name pointless. Weakness." Lie, lie like a fiend Mechi.
No. 318604 ID: 55c4cf

Shake your ass.
No. 318762 ID: 7aedd2

I don't like her. We really should figure out how to eat her.
No. 318768 ID: 70a25f

Or for more fun, we could alternate sentences of fine articulation and extreme simplicity. Confuse all.

Or that.
No. 318797 ID: b1f0e2

I like that! articulate FTW.

We could pretend to be stupid in most conversations and then when someone merits it surprise them by being highly articulate?
No. 318847 ID: 6e44d2

Hm, good point. If we reveal our intelligence now, then she'll see us as a real threat. Instead, let's play dumb. Makes us much more dangerous.

I'll second "Guns scare me."
No. 318920 ID: f5e4b4
File 130928043976.png - (313.95KB , 1200x900 , 129.png )

Mechi decides not to show her cards and play stupid.

"He had gun. Guns scare me."

The girl laughs softly again. She doesn't sound irritated, nor annoyed, just amused.

"I see, no name, and lying to me, aren't you? You're very smart for your a slime... this shall be interesting." --She mutters to herself. "Very well, I'll let you live for now, but I'll keep an eye on you. We'll meet again, strange creature."

And before Mechi could reply, the woman walks out of the cave, leaving the ooze alone with the late Derek.
No. 318921 ID: 55c4cf

cool let's eat
No. 318922 ID: 28e94e

Eat the man and his clothes. Acquire GUN.
No. 318923 ID: b1f0e2

learn to use gun
No. 318926 ID: 1bad9a

it's like she's staring into your soul. I don't like her.

did the orb give you any other knowledge than language? do you know, for instance, enough about biology to form a bunch of organs and appendages? because after eating this dude, you'll probably have enough substance to do a whole bunch of interesting stuff.

since you can hold things without digesting them, perhaps you could wear his clothes? it'd make your sentience visible to any bypassers who might otherwise mistake you for a mindless ooze.
No. 318928 ID: 1bad9a

...and don't forget to grab that cigarette. smoking makes you cool and edgy.
No. 318937 ID: c9e3c6

Yeah this is vital.
No. 318991 ID: 2563d4

Delicious meat.
No. 319042 ID: f5e4b4
File 130929828695.png - (217.76KB , 1000x750 , 130.png )

Mechi happily consumes the body of the deceased thug, feeling thrilling with energy. She also recovers the gun, and the cigarette although she doesn't know how to use the pistol. And she doesn't have a clear idea about how to smoke the cigarette either. Kinda hurts.


Mechi hasn't received any knowledge other than her ability to understand what the human said and be able to reply to her. She can't even think of particular words or build sentences, she is just able articulate what she wants to communicate.

Other than that, nothing, she only knows of what she's seen and experienced so far.

But anyways, now that she's feeling fully renovated after that meal, she can go and keep exploring. Or maybe she could try and shapeshift into something specific.
No. 319050 ID: 35e1a0

turn the cigarette around.
and try to shapeshift into the person you were talking to.
No. 319052 ID: 221021

See if you can shapeshift into something like one of those people you just saw. I'm sure you'd be less feared if you looked like a lady.
No. 319053 ID: 55c4cf

slimegirl shape is our fetish.

i believe in you.
No. 319054 ID: 0d095c


And shapeshift into Derek, the man you just ate.
No. 319059 ID: b1f0e2

hold the side that isn't on fire
No. 319061 ID: 221021

Also, put that cigarette down! Do you want to get slime cancer?
No. 319073 ID: c9e3c6

Well you could try shifting into something like a human but it s thats to hard then WOLF-SLIME.
No. 319090 ID: 2563d4

Reclaim bucket hat.
No. 319191 ID: 0d095c

Do you have any idea how annoying wolves are to DRAW? HUMAN FORM.

Also, bucket hat.
No. 319239 ID: 07416a

Back in yo bucket. Scuttle forth on a horde of tiny legs.
No. 319313 ID: 3cf049

be a centipedetaur. it's like a centaur, except instead of half-horse you're half centipede.
No. 319449 ID: f5e4b4
File 130935495503.png - (222.78KB , 1000x750 , 131.png )

Alright, with a bit of effort, Mechi manages to compress her body and shift her shape into the closest to an humanoid form she's able to get, choosing the female human as a model.

As she starts morphing, something in her mind starts telling her how a human should be. Just like the way she learned to speak, she just knows it.

Well, it could be worse. The face (or lack of) would need a bit of work. Also she's pretty sure (don't ask her how) that humans have something on their heads called hair, but she didn't really got the concept. Any suggestions, about hair, or her general form?

Also, she thinks she could change color if she wanted. Is purple fine, or should we try something different?
No. 319450 ID: 55c4cf

Now we need to find some means to safely wear clothing.

And/Or devour more mass so we can become queen slime.
No. 319457 ID: 9cb8c9
File 130935836048.jpg - (129.70KB , 342x342 , Color_Wheel_475.jpg )

colorwheel GET

I suggest a mixture of 12-13.

also, grow Asari hair.
No. 319468 ID: 0d095c

Remember that hood thing the woman was wearing? Do that.

Ah crap, she's gonna wind up looking like Tali
No. 319471 ID: 0d7a83

As for hair I have no idea. Can you create materials in your body? Like spiders create silk? If you could do something like that and push it out of your head I think it would look pretty good.
No. 319472 ID: d0d439

Is that bucket huge or are you small? I think it's the latter rather than the former...

Anyway, try active camuoflage! How about the colours of the cave wall?
No. 319473 ID: 28e94e

And that's supposed to be a bad thing?
No. 319474 ID: 221021

Stay purple. Purple is the best color. And maybe grow several of some kind of thick but tapering "hair" appendages to about neck length. But definitely stay purple.
No. 319475 ID: 0d095c

Purple is the best color. It's a combination of RED and BLUE, the OTHER best colors. Therefore, it rocks.
No. 319476 ID: b1f0e2

certain materials are immune to acid dissolving them.
No. 319499 ID: 7aedd2

Let's please not give her dreadlocks. But some kind of hair would be nice. Shoulder length, wavy, luxuriously maintained and decadent to touch...
No. 319506 ID: 2563d4

Get back in your protective bucket before your pendulous, squishy form gets damaged.
No. 319509 ID: 6e44d2

Can you do two different colors at once? Try an outer layer of brown, like leather, with a hood, so that you can stay mysterious and disguised. Inner layer can be flesh-colored, but it doesn't need to be too precise if you make your hood big enough.
No. 319515 ID: e3f578

shoulder length hair is top tier
I suggest adapting a human-ish skin color. It's not that exotic or exciting but you can blend in better.
No. 319545 ID: 1854db

Stay purple. Straight, shoulder-length hair seems ideal. Make sure it can't cover your eye/sensing things, though.

Let's... hmm. I still like the idea of keeping that bucket as armor. I suppose it does limit our ability to dodge now, and against any decent weapons it won't be very useful.

Keep the arrows as spines though.
No. 319619 ID: f5e4b4
File 130938819630.png - (224.89KB , 1000x750 , 132.png )

Mechi stays purple, and forms a hood similar to the thug's over her head. She also forms long tendrils under it, that fall on her shoulders. She guesses that this isn't too bad for starters, and she can always change to anything else later, as long as she's well fed.


Indeed, Mechi can blend with the colors of her surroundings, but for now she'd rather stick to "default" colors, until she needs to blend in.

Also the cube is a rather large one, and Mechi isn't too big herself. In her current form she isn't going to be able to use it as a helmet.
No. 319620 ID: 35e1a0

okay that is adora-sexy with a hint of badass. A+
now, let's head on out.
No. 319624 ID: 0d095c

Let's cheese it. Also, remember: while storing your Core in your head makes it easier to dodge, it also increases your fragility.

Anyway, let's teach you to fish, sing, dance, and get money from strangers. Trust us, they'll love you. Long as you don't melt their skin off, anyway.
No. 319703 ID: 221021

That's absolutely perfect, nice job.
We can leave our bucket here, perhaps to return some day, but always remembering our first true friend.
Let's head out and try going down the road into town, and try out this fancy new body on the locals.
No. 319735 ID: 7aedd2

Oh goodness, with a look like that you might be able to pull a Water-Elemental look (if you were to change to Blue)... and as purple you could pass for some kind of sorceress, especially if you just kind of flow forward across the ground.

Anyway, our ultimate goal now is to make that bitch pay for making us feel vulnerable.
No. 319769 ID: 221021

Why? She could have easily have hurt us, but she didn't. I think she was being pretty nice to let us go.
No. 319772 ID: 55c4cf

it is time to hunt with the hatchet or gun to get more food and get bigger.
No. 319794 ID: 415e39

agreed, you need size and/or density. scout around for life.
No. 319842 ID: 6e44d2

She plans on using us. She's trying to figure us out right now, I think. She's probably watching.
No. 319843 ID: 2563d4

>and try out this fancy new body on the locals.
By which you mean hiding in dark alleys so they can't see that we're a gelatinous abomination as we lure them in, then engulfing them and consuming their delicious flesh?

We are going to need to become much, much bigger. One village full of meat will do for starters.
No. 319886 ID: f5e4b4
File 130945509604.png - (466.14KB , 1000x750 , 133.png )

Mechi slides out of the cave to explore and find more delicious preys to eat and gain more mass and density. As she returns to the dirt path, she senses the smell of the hooded woman that threatened her earlier, following the path to the west.

Mechi could follow the scent, or she could just wander deeper into the forest and see what she can find. What should she do?
No. 319888 ID: 55c4cf

go left.
No. 319890 ID: 7c5179

Go left.
No. 319891 ID: 0d7a83

Rule of Left.
No. 319896 ID: 0d095c

Deeper into the woods, ye purple beasty.
No. 319901 ID: 221021

Follow it, it probably leads to civilization!
No. 319984 ID: fb10df

Assuming that the more we eat the stronger we get, we're more likely to find things easier to devour in the wilderness rather than on the path, so I'd vote Forest
No. 320237 ID: f5e4b4
File 130954259293.png - (563.17KB , 1000x750 , 134.png )

Mechi goes left... which means she finds herself back to the Gork village. Nothing seems to have changed, only that it's starting to get dark, the sun slowly hiding behind the mountains. Oh, and Mechi finished her cigarette.

If she keeps following the path to the left (east), she'll go deeper through the mountains.
No. 320238 ID: 180ec2

Go back into that one cave you found the bucket in and see if you can read the paper now.
No. 320243 ID: 35e1a0

oh yes, examine those notes again. maybe you will know how to read them now?
No. 320248 ID: 0d095c

After going into the cave, I highly recommend going West.
No. 320249 ID: 35b957


go on then. read the note, and proceed to find something to hug.
No. 320250 ID: 0d095c

But her hugs are corrosive! It's just not the same...
No. 320276 ID: e3f578

She only corrodes stuff in her acidic cores. She can handle her inventory and interact with people all the same with her lighter purple slime
No. 320327 ID: 2563d4

Eating people is the whole point. Reading the note while we're here is good, but the mountains do not sound like a good source of meat.

Although I do wonder how she can be holding things if she couldn't stop herself melting away the dude with the gun. :V
No. 320416 ID: f5e4b4
File 130956850825.png - (202.33KB , 1000x750 , 135.png )

Mechi returns to the cave where she found the bucket and the note on the wall, and she tries to read it. Amazingly enough, she's able to decipher most of it.

"Dear Ga'nruka.

The eyes are open. They know it, and I fear they'll come for us first to obtain them.
This scroll contains a glyph of Sleep; in case of necessity, it should buy you enough time to escape from your aggressors.

May Vilar never notice your shadow.

And the rest of the note is completely unintelligible to Mechi. Weird symbols all over it.


Mechi's control over her acidic cores is still clumsy at best. Juggling trying to avoid burning between her inventory AND the corpse would've ended up poorly.
No. 320420 ID: b1f0e2

the weird symbols, what do they look like? (weee, we are gonna learn MAGIC!)
No. 320422 ID: 35e1a0

memorize the symbols so if you ever somehow need to you can make it again, then eat it. also, take out the purple box and try to open it. perhaps now you can. and head back to the pit cave and see the symbols on the wall in blood.
No. 320428 ID: fb10df

If Mechi eats more, will she get stronger/bigger?
No. 320438 ID: 52e9fc

agreed about memorizing the gylph, but we should take this scroll with us. maybe we'll find a way to use it.

shit, learning magic is pretty cool too. maybe there's more to being a sentient slime than just getting bigger. I guess I'm as okay with seeking civilization as I am with hunting in the forest.
No. 320456 ID: 180ec2

I think finding civilization would be a good idea. Maybe we can make some friends!
No. 320519 ID: 6e44d2

You guys are too wide-eyed and optimistic. Right now, we should hunt. We have no form of currency, anyway, and you need that in civilization. Hunt. Also, keep on the look out for sky pirates.
No. 320602 ID: 2563d4

And the best place to hunt for delicious meat is the run-down parts of civilization, not mountains.

Take note if you can't remember the glyph.
No. 320697 ID: f5e4b4
File 130962890344.png - (151.31KB , 1000x750 , 136.png )

Mechi does her best to memorize the arcane symbols on the piece of paper, and takes it with her once she's finished.

Then she opens the purple box she found on the grass earlier. It contains a rather strange medallion, made of silver, with a large crystal in the midle.

Now Mechi is still uncertain about where to go next, so it's time to decide. Should she go deeper into the woods? Follow the path to the east, to the mountains? Or follow to the west, towards civilization?
No. 320706 ID: 35e1a0

No. 320708 ID: 587e03

No. 320730 ID: 0d095c

No. 320739 ID: 28e94e

Equip medallion, go west.
No. 320742 ID: 0555b4

People will probably be hostile towards Mechi. I say go east, hunt for a while and get stronger.
No. 320894 ID: 180ec2

Well, we've taken a humanoid form, so we probably won't look like some regular monster. From the lady's reaction, most slimes probably aren't as smart as us and probably wouldn't act like us, so as long as we just act calmly people probably won't be at least openly hostile towards us. The people in town are probably used to dealing with other races, so being merely different shouldn't be a problem.
No. 320980 ID: b6ca92

Yeah, no. We still appear slimey, and pretty much every species has a natural dislike of slimey things, even the most ignorant under-a-rock child would agree. Besides, we still have no clothes to wear, which is necessary to be accepted anywhere in civilization.
We need strength. Go hunt.
No. 321140 ID: 0d7a83

look there are some simple things that need to be done to allow for safe interaction with people:
You need to get to a size similer to a human, so that you can better blend in.
You need clothes. Clothes are a sign of intelligence and will make it less likely that people will attack you on sight. You'll also need to talk, but thats pretty much covered. Basically the plan is to make it clear to others that you are a person, and not just some mindless monster.
No. 321564 ID: f5e4b4
File 130981009288.png - (348.16KB , 1000x750 , 137.png )

Mechi decides to follow to the path to the west, and that's what she does. The walk (or slide) is quite pleasant and relaxing now that the slime doesn't feel the painful need to eat with so much urgency as before. She can enjoy the sight, sound and smell of the nature around her.

Just as the sun is about to disappear behind the horizon, she hears a loud noise coming from behind her. A loud, continuous rumble, like a colossal beast awakening from its sleep. She turns around to see something coming her way from the east, following the same path as her. It's something large, and looks metallic. What should Mechi do?
No. 321568 ID: 55c4cf

get out of the way i don't think metal is something we can eat
No. 321573 ID: 35e1a0

stand off to the side a bit behind a tree.
No. 321576 ID: 2563d4

Or, ideally, up a tree, so you have the option of dropping on it should it look delicious.
No. 321586 ID: 751acc


No. 321591 ID: 7aedd2

It seems that Mechi is more of a fully-grown slime organism rather than some kind of slime that grows bigger the more it eats. Therefore there's little need to eat when not hungry, as we don't grow bigger/stronger. Therefore it'd be best to hide and witness whatever's coming, but stealth is the main priority.
No. 321625 ID: 0d095c

It's an SUV! Dive into the bushes!

What? Those guys had REPEATING PISTOLS and SUITS. They could have SUVs...
No. 322001 ID: b63afa

Or a tank. Either way, we want to be somewhere that is not the road.

No. 322493 ID: c3c9c0
File 130998961686.png - (505.26KB , 1000x750 , 138.png )

Mechi hides behind the bushes next to the road and waits. Soon, a strange device fills the road with a curious sound that Mechi would've recognized like music, if she knew what that is.

It is a massive object being dragged by a metallic creature, expelling clouds of dark smoke, whizzing, whirling and making all kinds of mechanic noises as it makes its way to the west. A human sits on the contraption, smoking something similar to the cigarette she found before, but not quite like it.

The sides of the artifact are messily painted, and she can read the words. "Fantastic Dr. Intrigo" written there. There seems to be a door on the side and, as Mechi notices once it starts rolling past her, another little door at the back.
No. 322497 ID: 104c67

Perhaps this is some sort of traveling menagerie... I think we should try to get its attention. Or maybe if possible we should try to get inside and evaluate the situation first. If this is the type of 'freak show' where the 'freaks' are treated well, it'd be a good way to experience the world in relative safety whilst learning.
No. 322502 ID: 453e62

indeed, hail the driver but stay hidden. when they ask you to come out explain you fear for your life due to what you look like, but they appear to be a safe place for one such as yourself.
No. 322504 ID: 0d7a83

What the shit?
Uhhh anyway yeah you should try talking to him; partly because anyone going around on this thing is probably weird enough to not think your a monster, and partly because your orb is glowing.
No. 322507 ID: d4d9dc

he may be a bad person. or maybe he just sells unusual toys. who knows? I say Mechi sneaks in via the rear entrance to see what this guy's deal is, and then decide whether she reveals herself or not.
No. 322549 ID: 0d095c

Step down from the tree and be like, "YO. I WANNA BY A GUIDE. WITH WIZARDS N SHIT. LIKE, ZAP MUTHAFUCKA!"

I guarantee he'll be too confused to attack.
No. 322571 ID: 28e94e

I really don't think it's a good idea to approach this guy. Stay hidden.
No. 322589 ID: 2563d4

Just stay hidden and let it pass.
No. 322609 ID: 1854db

Okay this guy is weird enough that talking to him might be enlightening. Reserve eating him until we can figure out his motives.
No. 322985 ID: 3e272f

Yeah this guy seems legit.

Maybe you can learn a few things from him. Things to ask are:
-Where does this road lead?
-What does this guy do?
-Does he have anything acid resistant that you could wear or use to carry things easier?
- Can he show you how to use that weapon you've found?
- How does his cart work?
- How does he think other people will react to you?

If he wonders what's up with you being a slime just say you've lived in a hole for most of your life, but since getting outside you've grown a bit smarter.

When talking keep moving around and swaying your body a bit to seem attentive and alert. Also you might throw him a bit off guard if you jiggle appropriately.
No. 323009 ID: c3c9c0
File 131007407504.png - (361.11KB , 1000x750 , 139.png )

Mechi decides to catch up with the carriage and let the driver see her. The man stops in place, pulling the bridles of the mechanical creature, and stares at Mechi puzzled, with curiosity, but not really frightened.

"Well, well, well.... what do we have here? For a moment I took you for a young human lady, but my mistake is obvious."

The man has a deep, smooth voice and talks with confidence. Mechi decides to try to be more eloquent than with the female thug back in the cave.

"Hello, I've been lost and scared in these woods for a while, I just wanted to talk with a friendly face that might explain a few things to me."

"Ah, I see... Hmm, you look like a slime." --Replies the man, mostly to himself. "But I've never seen one able to take such an humanoid form and be able to speak... Oh, but where are my manners? Allow me to present myself: I'm the marvelous, the fantastic, Doctor Intrigo!"

The man raises his voice, a thunder that makes some of the birds on the nearby trees flee for their lives.

"I travel all across the world searching for the unusual, the unknown, the unsolved enigmas around us! I've found the most fantastical and magical creatures, the marvels the science isn't able to explain, and I show them to the people, letting them catch a glance of what's out there, in the deepest corners of this wild world."

The man clears his throat before recovering his normal tone of conversation.

"So, I would be immensely honored if you accompanied me at least to Bargarad, the next town. I'll give you food and a place to sleep, and I'll answer to your questions, my knowledge in magic and strange happenings is vast. So, what do you say?"
No. 323010 ID: 7aedd2

Try to gather some evidence as to how his curiosities are treated, but don't trust his word for anything. Agree to go with him, but don't do anything that'd put you in a situation with no escape route, and don't tell him all of your abilities and whatnot, lest he prepare for them
No. 323013 ID: 180ec2

Tell him that you really don't have anywhere to go, and as long as you're treated as the intelligent being you are, it would be good to go along with somebody else.
No. 323015 ID: 453e62

agree, tentatively. and ask to shake on it. if he is wary about touching you inform him that you are only as acidic as you want to be. and shake his hand without melting it.
No. 323017 ID: b7abd3

so he does run a freakshow of magical beasts. beware this man. he is very likely to try and capture you, and se seems to be smart enough to know about your strengths and weaknesses as a slime.
No. 323018 ID: 1854db

Sounds like a good deal on the surface, but we better check to see where exactly this place to sleep is. At the very least we should make sure we have the capability to escape.
No. 323620 ID: c3c9c0
File 131014514715.png - (311.63KB , 1000x750 , 140.png )

Mechi hesitantly extends her "hand", making sure her core isn't anywhere near it.

"I... agree. As long as I'm treated with respect, and not just like a beast. And where is this place to sleep?"

The man just glances over the hand of the slime for a second before he gives Mechi a vigorous handshake. Maybe a tad too vigorous.

"But of course!" --Replies the man with his avalanche of a voice. "Dr. Intrigo only gives the best for his associates. And you would sleep inside the coach, of course! There's a bed and some food inside, feel free to get in if you're tired or hungry. Or you could ride with me here for a while until you're tired, your call!"

Mechi takes a moment to glance at the back door. There's nothing special about it, other than there are some warnings painted on the metal, to keep curious villagers away from it, done with the same artistic ability that decorates the vehicle.
No. 323621 ID: 180ec2

Before you get in, check that you can see what it's made of. Is it something you can get through if you need to? Just in case the door gets "stuck" or something. He may not be as legitimate as he says he is, and more "come inside my van, child, there's rainbows and candy!"
No. 323622 ID: 0d095c

...Bad feelings +10......
No. 323623 ID: 453e62

see if you can use the doorknob yourself.
No. 323624 ID: a4d333

well, are you tired or hungry? if you aren't, accompany him to ask questions and stuff. for example: where are you, how is the geographical and political landscape, what's up with the gorks and the cyclopes, and who is he.
No. 323625 ID: 453e62

oh yeah, ride up with him until you are hungry and/or tired.
No. 323663 ID: 55c4cf

Wait until Wednesday to use Doorknob.
No. 323669 ID: 1854db

...is the entire thing made of metal?
No. 323687 ID: 28e94e

This is a terrible idea and we should not get anywhere near this guy.
No. 323696 ID: 1854db

Err right. We are suspicious still, so ask to meet his associates. Keep an eye on him- I'm sure with your morphable body you can do that while also looking at what you're doing.
No. 323698 ID: 0d095c

Did anyone else see The Last Unicorn? I'm starting to feel we should leave. Very promptly. I'm pretty sure OUR magical orb doesn't shoot lasers...
No. 323701 ID: 55c4cf


Yes, I have a real bad vibe about this guy, I'd much rather we didn't approach him in the first place.
No. 323702 ID: c6fa00


unlike that unicorn lady, Mechi isn't a stupid whore. for now at least, she can safely milk this guy for information.
No. 323704 ID: 0d095c

... You have no soul. But fine, let's chat, THEN bugger off. At least we know orbs eat magic. Kinda.
No. 323705 ID: e0d368

Just ride outside and get some information for now. Then you can go your own way at night and creep into some crevice to sleep. You don't have any strict comfort needs after all.
No. 323776 ID: c3c9c0
File 131016819354.png - (140.96KB , 1000x750 , 141.png )

Mechi discreetly touches the door with her acidic core. Yeah, the entire coach is made of metal, but Mechi should be able to burn through it. Would take a bit, but it would be doable.
Mechi thanks the man for the offer, but says that she's just going to ride on the vehicle for now. She also asks about her whereabouts and the city they're going to visit.

"Oh yeah. Bargarad used to be a barely alive village forsaken by the gods in the Arelian Valley, but after the invention of the flying ships and all the mechanical wonders we're witnessing, it became a perfect place for the ships crossing the mountains to stop and stock up fuel, food and water: The town has grown ten times its original size since then."

Intrigo smokes his pipe quietly for a minute, then continues speaking.

"The townsfolks are diligent and honest people, yet a bit superstitious. Perfect vict- I mean, a perfect public for my show."

Mechi also inquires about the Gorks and the Cyclopes.

"You better stay away from the Gorks, they're maniac murderers, worshipers of the Dark Gods. People tell stories about them sneaking into town at night, stealing babies from their cradles to sacrifice in dark rituals. Yeah, just stay away from them."

"And don't worry about those One-eyed imps, they just crawl around eating garbage or stealing chickens at most. Nothing to worry about."

It's getting late and Mechi is starting to feel a bit hungry and very tired. She could accept the offer of the strange Dr. Intrigo and sleep in his truck or leave him and look for a place to rest on her own.
No. 323780 ID: 7aedd2

I'm for checking out the truck/wagon/carriage thing. It'd give us some more information and if we end up having to eat this guy it'd be better to do it when there aren't witnesses around. Also get to know your fellow freaks.
No. 323783 ID: 453e62

yeah, since you can burn your way out if you need to i see no reason not so sleep in it.
No. 323785 ID: 221021

This guy seems totally legit. And if he is somehow the worlds best liar and actually not a totally nice guy then we can get out.
Seriously though, he doesn't look like he wants to hurt us, and he's probably a con artist at the worst. He almost said that the superstitious people would make good victims, and he isn't some kind of cult leader, so he's probably just trying to trick gullible people out of their money or something. It fits his mode of transport and demeanor, too. We don't have any money to steal, so we should be fine going with him.
No. 323807 ID: 1854db

It seems safe to sleep in there, and eat his offered food. The guy's a shyster but we will be part of his act, so he needs to keep us happy. Just be careful with your core. Don't burn through the floor!
No. 323826 ID: 9c9933

this guy has imprisoned magical creatures before. I wouldn't be surprised if he had a way or two to block Mechi's attempt to escape.

that said, I'm really curious about the contents of this wagon. we should at least have a peek inside.
No. 324184 ID: c3c9c0
File 131023870606.png - (363.44KB , 1000x750 , 142.png )

Mechi thanks the man for his hospitality and decides to at least peek into the wagon before deciding if it's safe to stay inside. She hops down and slides towards the back door, to open it. Just as she turns the handle, she can hear a faint clicking noise.

And then everything becomes pain: a piercing, electrical pain shocking her very core and every inch of her body. It's not part of her nature to scream, but if she were used to it, she would've screamed like nobody did. And then, everything just goes black.
No. 324185 ID: c3c9c0
File 131023874608.png - (15.57KB , 1000x750 , 143.png )

"Heh heh, it always works! Another one for the collection."
No. 324186 ID: 1854db

We're gonna eat this one slowly.
No. 324188 ID: 0d095c

Gee. If only someone could have predicted this. Possibly everyone. Why can't we learn from the past? Now we he have to switch POV. AGAIN.
No. 324189 ID: 081429

damn right we are, and then where gonna steal his hat.
No. 324190 ID: 0d7a83

So what? There are only two POV's anyway.
No. 324193 ID: 0d4400


and his pipe.
No. 324194 ID: 0d095c

New quest: Gather all Evil smoking paraphernalia. IN THE WORLD.
No. 324768 ID: 7c418e

Three, actually. It is time to begin the tale of the Wizard.
No. 324791 ID: e74e93

I dont think we're doing the wizard. He or she is staying NPC.
No. 324793 ID: 0d095c

No, the POV called,"The Wizard" was one of the others we were offered.
No. 324801 ID: f8be40


it was cancelled, I think. also, questdis.
No. 324802 ID: 453e62

yes it WAS offered, but isn't anymore.
No. 326024 ID: c3c9c0
File 131059333136.png - (156.29KB , 1000x750 , 144.png )

As her consciousness returns, she moves a bit about, before a voice coming from behind the veil covering the cage stops her. It sounds feminine.

"Oh, you're awake. Word of advice, unless you like unbearable pain, don't move around too much. The cage is electrified."
No. 326025 ID: ffa55d

try to melt the veil without touching the bars.
No. 326026 ID: c3c9c0
File 131059349727.png - (89.07KB , 1000x750 , 145.png )

There's a soft ruffling sound at the other side and then the voice speaks again.

"Not the best of views, isn't it? He had to put that blanket on the cage because that shining ball inside your guts wouldn't let us sleep. He yanked out everything else you were carrying, but he couldn't get the ball, and boy did he try!"
No. 326031 ID: 7aedd2

Hands off Mechi's balls. Anyway, identify the speaker
No. 326034 ID: 180ec2

Try to dissolve the bars while asking who that is.
No. 326036 ID: 1854db

Don't touch the bars. Instead, attempt to dissolve the floor.
No. 326077 ID: b9bd4f

Would you be so kind as to divulge my current whereabouts?
No. 326078 ID: 0d095c

Demand the return of your cigarette. It was one hell of a cigarette, and never wore out, even when smothered in goo. GIVE IT BACK.
No. 326085 ID: c3c9c0
File 131060052559.png - (300.08KB , 1000x750 , 146.png )

Mechi decides to play safe (her body still hurts from the last electrocution) and tries to melt the blanket, carefully extending a tendril through the bars. It seems to be unnecessary, as after a few bumps, the whole thing falls down, revealing the rest of the place to the slime.

She looks around, examining what must be the interior of Intrigo's truck, or at least part of it. There are all sorts of jars, bottles, boxes and gizmos scattered around the room, along with some cages and glass boxes, with a bunch of weird-looking creatures locked inside.
A glance through the dark reveals that the voice talking to her was coming from the creature chained to a post just in front of her. In the dark. Mechi isn't quite able to make out the forms, bu she just looks like a pile of feathers to her.

"Well, hello there and welcome to the most pathetic prison of all. I believe you can talk, can't you? Got a name? Mine is Mirla.
No. 326087 ID: 7aedd2

I'm guessing she's a harpy. And we've got a Black Fuzzy beneath us. But what scares me out the most is the wooden doll that he keeps LOCKED IN A CAGE. Anyway, CAN you dissolve the flooring? You're resting on it so it can't be electrified. Anyway, some time you're going to have to learn how to eat electricity.
No. 326088 ID: 1854db

Give your name. Attempt to snake a tendril out of the cage between the bars (without touching them) and pull on an insulated wire. Try to detach one of them from the cage.
No. 326089 ID: e3f578

Can you make some of your slime+acidic components thin enough to get through the bars without touching them? If you can manage to melt one of the electric cords above you should be able to make the circuit incomplete and stop the electricity from flowing... this device is weird nontheless. Electricity shouldn't be trying to escape through you as a conduit to the ground if you aren't touching it.

Introduce yourself while you try.
No. 326090 ID: 0d095c

State your name and rank. Demand nicotine. Ask questions as to your destination. Exhibit moderate frustration as to your incarceration so soon after your release.
No. 326092 ID: 55c4cf

I am dumb and did not run away from a creepy situation I do not deserve a name.
No. 326093 ID: 7aedd2

Oh scratch my idea about melting thru the bottom of the cage. I took another look and realized how wrong i was. best plan is >>326088 and >>326089
No. 326106 ID: a5387f

I'm guessing trying to melt the wires with electricity flowing through them is a bad idea. try to melt the chain instead, if you can reach it.

oh, and introduce yourself, too.
No. 326110 ID: ccd30c

Intrigo was a smart guy. We're suspended in a bowl in the center of an elecrified metal cage. If we melt through the bowl we'll fall into the cage floor and get electrocuted to death...

There's nothing for it except to try to see how far and how thinly you can reach yourself through the bars.
No. 326139 ID: 28e94e

Yank on the red cords. Don't touch the bars. Don't stop to ask why.
No. 326146 ID: 830984

If the other plans don't work, hold out the orb and touch it to two bars. This plan is somewhat risky, so try the other plans first.
No. 326159 ID: 180ec2

Say hi, and say who you are. Ask if they can move at all and cut the red wires. If not, try to focus your thoughts on the orb or something. Perhaps it does something magic? Tell her that we're going to kill that man slowly and wear him as a suit.
No. 326240 ID: 1444d5

The sling is only supported on two sides. Rocking back and forth should set the whole cage swinging, eventually dislodging the wires.
No. 326248 ID: 2563d4

It's a good answer.

Trying to tendril the wires seems like a plan.
No. 326298 ID: c3c9c0
File 131066386530.png - (305.93KB , 1000x750 , 147.png )

Mechi extends a tendril through the bars and carefully reaches for one of the cables on top of the cage, corroding it without effort. The cage is now harmless, and Mechi easily melts the puny metal holding her captive.

"Well, that was impressive." Says the feathered lady, smiling. "But you better think the next step carefully. We're getting close to the city, and the people there don't appreciate those of our monstrous kind. Also Intrigo himself carries an electrifying rod at all times."

Actually now that Mechi pays attention, the truck is starting to go slower, and he can hear faint voices outside, they must be entering the town.

"Please, don't leave me here, I can help you out if you're going to escape. Just don't ask me to make plans, I just can't. Have any ideas?"
No. 326300 ID: 7aedd2

Ideas are easy. GOOD ones, on the other hand.... It may be that you won't be able to save everyone, but perhaps if you melt all the cages and get the creatures inside of them out, they'll cause enough of a ruckus for you to use them as a distraction and escape. Like... The mindless beasts rush Intrigo the moment he opens the door, meanwhile you escape via the hole you've melted in the floor. Not quite sure how our Harpy(?) friend will manage to get thru it, but it's all i can come up with at the moment.
No. 326301 ID: 55c4cf

Release everyone, ride the harpy or whatever to freedom.

Especially basketball player head i think he could stir a little chaos (dunk).
No. 326316 ID: 35e1a0

put the blanket back up so he wouldn't be able to tell you are missing. then hide above the door if you can, or next to it on the side with the hinge on it. then when he comes in he will not notice you are missing until after he closes the door behind im, at which point you attack him. make sure get some acid into his throat so that even if he manages to knock you out he will die.
No. 326322 ID: 180ec2

Perhaps you could burn a hole in the back (big enough to let the harpy through as well) so he won't see you escape until it's too late. You should probably take your humanoid form again so it is less alarming to the people. They'd likely just attack you on sight if they saw a slime monster racing through the town, but a weird translucent girl would be at most questioned by a guard.
No. 326326 ID: 0d7a83

Burn a hole in the bottom of the cart and look out. If your in a dense urban area there should be alleyways and side streets you guys could escape down. I'd suggest opening the door and letting all the animal oddities run out and cause mayhem. Then you make the hole in the bottom larger and use it to escape. What you do after that depends on how close to the edge of town you are. If your close you could just try legging it, but if you to far in you'd need to find somewhere to hide untill you can figure out how to leave. An abandoned building would be ideal.
No. 326335 ID: 2563d4

It has an agreeable mixture of simplicity and surprise.
No. 326339 ID: 6561ac

I think you shouldn't escape by yourself. you've got at least one compatriot here, and you can take revenge on Intrigo by freeing all the specimen and ruining his business.

in my opinion: FREE EVERYTHING
No. 326346 ID: e3f578

ugh if he didn't stop I'd just suggest burning through the floor and freeing everyone
nope best solution was previously said, sorta
put blanket over cage, stick to roof, wait for him to come in

What wasn't said was try to unlock everyone first and then possess his body through his head orifices, shouting "BE FREE MY ANIMAL FRIENDS!"
No. 326357 ID: 28e94e

Break all the locks. Assume humanoid form. You and that human below you (seriously, what's his deal) open the door and slip out before he realizes what's happened. From there you can either tell everybody his crimes, in which case he'll probably get arrested and most of you will go free, or you can just kill Intrigo in his sleep and smuggle the others out of town after he's dead.
No. 326361 ID: 0555b4

We basically have two options: killing Intrigo or just escaping. Trying to kill Intrigo will be dangerous, especially since it might cause a commotion and we're in a populated area.

I would set the other creatures free, asap. The plan is for everyone to run in different directions to make it harder for Intrigo to catch any single one us. Creatures that can't run on their own should be carried by others. We can have our revenge by ruining Intrigo's little business.
No. 326372 ID: 1854db

A disguise... yes. Wear that loose cloth, and hold the dude's head above it. You'll pass for a human.

We could even drive the carriage like that, if we can overpower Mister Fuckhead. The question is... when do we do this? He will likely notice the severed cable even with the cloth on the cage.

Hmm. Perhaps we can set up an ambush for him when he comes in, by severing the harpy's restraints and putting the cloth back over the cage. When she attacks him, you help out. Two against one should work out. Maybe you can release the dark fuzzy thing if it's intelligent.

Ask the harpy what that black creature is. Also say hello to the talking head... and hell, ask if that doll in the other cage is intelligent too. Four against one would guarantee escape. There is the issue of getting away from the city, though.
No. 326392 ID: c3c9c0
File 131068492444.png - (171.91KB , 1000x750 , 148.png )

Mechi burns a hole in a corner of the wagon to peek through it, just at the same time the vehicle stops in place. It's difficult to see anything other a lot of feet and legs surrounding the truck, as a small crowd gathers around it with curiosity. But Mechi is pretty sure that they're in the city. He can hear the voice of Intrigo over all the others, screaming with his loud voice, announcing his act.

She goes back up to tell the plan to Mirla.

"I'm going to change into a more humanoid form, then free all of you. And then we storm through the door as soon as Intrigo comes in for us. That should cause enough confusion for us to escape."

Mechi still hasn't decided if she's going to try and kill Intrigo or just burst through the door and make a run for it. Mirla seems to read her mind, because she asks:

"Alright. Are you going to take care of Intrigo or not? He's dangerous, but I'll help you out if you decide to do it. Otherwise, I can fly high once we're out and tell you good places around to hide."
No. 326393 ID: cd63e9

I think killing someone in the middle of a city would be a bad idea. Kill him if you have to or he comes after you. otherwise just run.
No. 326394 ID: 2bcdd1

I sure as hell want him to die, but I agree that we can't just do that in plain sight. perhaps if an opportunity for a stealthy kill presents itself. perhaps the harpy has a plan, but I doubt it.

wearing cloth and holding up the severed head is a genius idea, though you should free everything as well.

No. 326395 ID: 35e1a0

hmm... think you should get rid of him. just need her to hold his hands so he can't use that shock stick while you melt his face off.
No. 326403 ID: 1854db

Escape first. We can kill him later.
No. 326404 ID: 180ec2

We're slipping out. If Intego notices us and gives chase we can kill him in self-defense, as opposed to now when it would just be revenge murder and possibly get us in trouble in this city. It's quite possible that if we're his act and we get away these people will angry mob him, too. Either way, we don't want to go and try to kill him if we don't have to. It will put us at risk. Make a break for it.
No. 326415 ID: 7aedd2

You're not nearly fast enough at killing to make killing him a priority. But actually, something that MIGHT help us out would be if, when the door opens, you and/or the bird yell out "Intrigo, I'll make you pay for turning me into this THING!" It'll certainly make the audience think twice about helping this guy.
No. 326417 ID: e3f578

it should be as simple as catching him under surprise eating him from the inside out.

if people are freaking out just give them a warning that it's stupid to enslave intelligent creatures for a circus act, but that we're pretty much no danger. We don't give no fucks. then ride the harpy out of here fast and don't look back.

Take the poor head guy with you though, put him in the Harpy's INV instead of yours so he doesn't have to breathe goo. He's not going to be able to escape on his own.
No. 326418 ID: 830984

I support the shouting about transformation plan.
No. 326435 ID: b6ca92

We still don't know about the other critters yet.
No. 326438 ID: e3f578

You know, in all honesty, I do not care about the truth or potential collateral damage. I just want that scheming punk dead.

It's also just important to say that capturing sentients is the dumbest market imaginable, really. Especially deadly sentients, leave 'em alone cocky motherfuckers. We don't need to say it, put it's poignant in a form.
No. 326479 ID: b9bd4f

As do I, it will turn the crowd against him and allow us to escape. Also, we should make our form as humanoid-seeming as possible so that the crowd will see us as another one of his "victims".
No. 326504 ID: 0555b4

I vote for leaving Intrigo alone. Killing him would take time and make it harder to escape later, since it will attract negative attention.

Besides, killing a guy in plain sight would ruin our chances of peacefully interacting with humans in the future. Getting a reputation for being a vicious man-eating monster wouldn't help us.
No. 326547 ID: 2563d4

You're in the middle of a human city planning to murder a human in the middle of a crowd of humans?

Do you want to give any peacekeeping or vigilante forces time to shoot you with whatever schizo-tech weaponry they have before you get out of there?
No. 326644 ID: c3c9c0
File 131077804104.png - (351.43KB , 1000x750 , 149.png )

Mechi decides not to confront Intrigo for now and focus on getting the hell out of here. She melts the cages of every creature in the wagon, even the damn doll locked in one. Then she melts the hinges of the door, bursting it open as soon as he hears Intrigo opening at the other side.


They all jump outside, to he amusement and horror of the bystanders that are having troubles determining if this is part of the show or not. To add to the confusion, Mechi points towards the shocked Intrigo and starts yelling at him.

"Intrigo, I'll make you pay for turning me into this THING!"

More creatures burst through the open door, pushing the showman back. The audience slowly realizes that this isn't being played for their amusement and they start to panic, screaming at the same time, their self-preservation instinct fighting a hard battle against their curiosity, unable to decide between running for their lives and staying here to see what happens.

Monsters! The monsters are free

Call the guards!

He turned that poor girl into jelly, get him!

No, I didn't! My freaks! Stop them before they can escape! And kill the slime, she's the most dangerous of them all!

In the middle of all the commotion, Mechi is able to hear the voice of Mirla calling her from above.

"We have to get out of here! You could try to lose them running through the side alleys if you head to your right! And to your left, all the way down the street there's what looks like a church and an abandoned warehouse where we could hide for a while! You better choose quickly!"
No. 326645 ID: 7aedd2

Hiding for a while would give Intrigo a chance to explain the situation, possibly with some evidence to back his story, which would mean he and the town organizing to find you. Plus the other non-intelligent monsters would be trapped/killed/captured, thus they'd be able to concentrate on you. Instead, go for the Losing Them In The Alleyways and Getting The Fuck Out option. to your right, s'il vous plait
No. 326647 ID: 1854db

LEG IT! Oh wait.

Go left.
No. 326648 ID: 180ec2

I suggest finding some city guards and telling them to stop and arrest Intrigo.
No. 326651 ID: e3f578

Right, right! With your abilities you could easily lose them in the allies. Make the church a hideout for later, don't lead 'em to it!
No. 326653 ID: 180ec2

Maybe you could shout something to the crowd to turn that against him, like "That man abducts girls off the side of the road! He's the real monster!
No. 326656 ID: 35e1a0

No. 326657 ID: 6e44d2

Do the running away thing. Sapient slimes are apparently rare enough that your accusation should make quite a bit of trouble for Intrigo. Just get out of dodge right now.
No. 326667 ID: 2563d4

Keep schtum and follow the ancient tradition of going left right.
No. 326687 ID: 28e94e

Churches are always a safe choice.
No. 326689 ID: 07416a

Yes, a round of YOU MADE US THIS WAY. Go for the sewers.
No. 326712 ID: 1854db

Break out sobbing while you run away.
No. 326742 ID: b9bd4f

This, and then head to the Abandonded Warehouse. Once things cool down, we should get the hell out of town and look for more things to devour.
No. 326844 ID: d527cb

I'm for the alleys.
No. 326880 ID: c3c9c0
File 131084582259.png - (213.85KB , 1000x750 , 150.png )

Mechi slides as fast as she can towards the alleys, while shouting "He made us this way! Abducting girls on the roads!" The rest of the creatures scramble around the city, while Mirla flies high over Mechi, scouting the city. But as soon as Mechi runs into the maze of alleys, the buildings block her view and she can't see her feathered friend anymore.

The alley splits into two different ones, and Mechi hears voices coming from behind, over the chaos around the truck. Apparently the city guards are coming, and some of them spotted Mechi. They're coming this way, and their legs can run faster than Mechi can slide. Time to decide what to do.
No. 326881 ID: 07416a

Through the bars!
No. 326882 ID: 55c4cf

time to hide in a window, go in the left one.
No. 326883 ID: 35e1a0

yes, through the barred window would be the best. make sure you don't acid the bars so they can't get any clues. and hide to the right or left of the window, whichever side is wider.
No. 326886 ID: 180ec2

Move the trashcan next to the high window, and then go through the bars.
No. 326887 ID: 1854db

Get up into that high window.

Leave some burn marks on the bars though, to throw them off your trail.
No. 326889 ID: ccd4eb


clever. I'm for this.
No. 326908 ID: 28e94e

Either of these.
No. 326925 ID: bf8b5d

Either window is fine, but pick whichever building looks to be in the worst shape as you are only passing through after all. If the interior is badly maintained then you cal slip through cracks and melt locks easier.
No. 326939 ID: 7aedd2

Go for the open window without the bars, for many of the reasons listed before, plus the fact that the bars suggest something important, which means the guards might be extra diligent about making sure whatever's inside is safe.
No. 326940 ID: 0d095c

Burn the bars, go for the highwindow.
No. 326943 ID: 0d095c

Seconding Highwindow
No. 327010 ID: c3c9c0
File 131086562603.png - (176.56KB , 1000x750 , 151.png )

Mechi melts the iron bars on the window to her right to leave the guards a false clue. Then she climbs to the tall window with the help of the trashcan.

Through the window Mechi finds a rather empty and small room , just a couple of barrels and a bottle here. But she doesn't have time to think about this development, because she can hear a voice coming from somewhere inside the house.

"Hmmm? Who's there? Who's sneaking into my house?"

The voice and the sound of footsteps starts getting closer to the room Mechi is hiding in. She better decide what is going to be her course of action.
No. 327011 ID: 0d095c

"Uhhhhh, it's Yog Sothoth. Grrr. I am the gate, I am the key. Go away."
No. 327012 ID: 7aedd2

Adopt ye olde 'Crawl up the walls and hide above the doorway and then drop down and smother/eat whoever shows up' routine. Gets 'em every time...
No. 327013 ID: 180ec2

Announce yourself calmly. "My name is Mechi, I'm escaping from a kidnapper who abducted me. I'd really appreciate it if you would help to protect me from him or anybody else he's tricked into looking for me." You don't want to make anybody else upset when you already have an angry mob. And it would be nice to have somebody helping you. Friends are good.
No. 327015 ID: 221021

Let's NOT murder and eat a random unarmed stranger who's home we just broke into. Let's just be honest with them. If they aren't one of the people in a fanatic frenzy from Intrigo then they can probably help us.
No. 327017 ID: 35e1a0

yeah this sounds good. they may get freaked out a little. but if you can explain that intrigo made you a slime. they should show some sympathy.
No. 327021 ID: 07416a

Hide in barrelll
When he looks into it give him a face full of jelly.
No. 327024 ID: 1854db

Hide above the doorframe and DON'T eat him when he comes in.

Alternatively, we could drop on him and avoid eating him, simply restraining and informing him that we don't want to have to hurt him.
No. 327027 ID: 07416a

I see no reason to depart from a winning strategy at this point. Eating has served us well so far.
No. 327029 ID: 44766a

Lets not murder someone in town.
No. 327030 ID: 6a9fdc

Eating horrible people is fine, but come on, don't start eating random people that have nothing to do with your problems and haven't committed any crime other than "living in the house you decided to hide in".
No. 327036 ID: c891d3

Don't kill whoever shows up for no good reason.
No. 327046 ID: 180651

This, but greet him with a "Hello" before introducing yourself.
No. 327076 ID: 6dc347

+1 vote for being nice.
No. 327080 ID: cd63e9

lets try diplomacy. if that goes south run. we should avoid a habit of killing innocents, especially in town.
No. 327098 ID: a2819e

I was hoping she could climb without the aid of a thrash can; that might give us away. we need to get out of here stalker.
No. 327120 ID: 55c4cf

Be nice, offer to do work.
No. 327129 ID: 2563d4

Sounds good to me. Close the window, though, lest the guards notice it.
No. 327157 ID: c3c9c0
File 131092443825.png - (186.90KB , 1000x750 , 152.png )

Mechi starts explaining, decided to try and be nice to the stranger living in that house.

"Hello, my name is Mechi, I'm escaping from a kidnapper who abducted me. I'd really appreciate it if you would help to protect me from him or anybody else he's tricked into looking for me."

The owner of the house makes his slow appearance through the door. It turns out to be a male human, short and old, by the looks of it. It also looks like he can't see, because he replies to Mechi:

"Oh, a young lady? Well, that's unexpected. Running from a kidnapper, eh? Well, in that case the best thing we can do is tell the city Watch about it, they'll get that bastard in no time."

"N-no! Don't call the guards!" --Interrupts Mechi.

"Hm? Why not? Because maybe it's all a lie, there is no such kidnapper and you're just a young lady running away from her family, hm?"
No. 327158 ID: 07416a

Ask him please?
No. 327159 ID: 02de21

"Please. I don't have any family in this city, and the man will claim that I belong with him and am making things up. I don't have any proof or any connections... no one would believe me over him. I do not wish to trouble you; please just let me stay here a short while."
No. 327160 ID: 35e1a0

"he cursed me to look like a monster. have you heard of intrigo? he took me off the street and used some dark magic to change me. the guards would slay me before i could explain. here feel my hand" and put your hand in his free hand, make sure not to burn him.
No. 327162 ID: e3f578

Admit you're a cursed woman turned into a slime for some traveling circus show and that the guards will want to capture you regardless of capturing the kidnapper. Which we're pretty sure he already is captured.

Tell him you just want to get back to your family, maybe get to some mages guild or something to fix the curse. You don't know if the guards will believe you or the kidnapper because you don't have any proof, but neither is he and that they're just going to end up in the same prison together and that would just take so much time for the guards to detect the truth and you just want to get back to your family.
No. 327163 ID: e3f578

also tell him your family doesn't live in the city or retract the family statement and tell him you have no family. It's a complex story that involves disappearances, misfortune, a crime family and a sister that disappeared into a prostitution ring. May give you pity points if you retract having a family.
No. 327164 ID: cd63e9

we could go with the truth. we are not human. we don't really know what we are. but we don't want to hurt anyone and if the guard comes after us we might have to hurt someone to survive.
No. 327165 ID: a456b1

tell him you have a special condition that makes the guards think you're a monster. it's not even lying.
No. 327177 ID: 180ec2

I think the truth is the best thing. Tell him the kidnapper is most likely lying to the guards and telling them that you're a dangerous monster, and they'll probably believe it because you don't look human.
No. 327178 ID: 180651

Yes, this. We're in a situation where the truth won't hurt, and lying is likely to come back and bite us in the metaphorical ass later.
No. 327179 ID: 221021

Yeah, let's not lie to the man, although outright telling him you're a "monster" might not be the best thing ever. Tell him that you don't have any family to speak of, and that the kidnapper is lying to the guards and the people to get them to come after you. Although it might still be good for him to tell the guards that he's a dangerous kidnapper as long as he doesn't tell them we're here.
No. 327180 ID: 1854db

This is probably best.
No. 327181 ID: 7aedd2

That does not look like a real beard. IT'S INTRIGO IN DISGUISE!
No. 327233 ID: 830984

Intrigo had a differently shaped head and more hair.
No. 327270 ID: c3c9c0
File 131094717349.png - (184.14KB , 1000x750 , 153.png )

Mechi attempts to tell the truth to the old blind man.

"Please, my kidnapper has told the guards that I'm a dangerous monster, just because I look... different!"

The old man burst out in a husky laughter.

"Oh my, kids nowadays have such an imagination! So the guards are looking for you thinking that you're a monster, aren't they? Hah! Alright, you can hide in my house just for today, but don't touch anything! And what was that?"


Someone is loudly knocking on the door. The old man turns around and slowly makes his way to answer it.

"I'm coming, wait a moment, jeez!" --He shouts at whoever is knocking so insistently on the door. "Alright dear, I'm gonna go see who is it, so stay here and don't break anything!"

The man leaves Mechi alone in the room, with the sound of the commotion still happening outside, and the continuous bangs on the door.

"Humans are weird."
No. 327271 ID: 35e1a0

look in the barrels
No. 327272 ID: 7aedd2

Listen in. Oh and don't close the window or be visible from outside. Rather unwise
No. 327273 ID: 1854db

It's probably best if we hide. That's probably a guard.

Attach yourself to the ceiling. Away from the window. Wait, actually, better not stay in the room at all- someone could see you on the ceiling through the window. Sneak, and eavesdrop.
No. 327297 ID: 55c4cf

Close the windows and get out of common lines of sight.
No. 327304 ID: 180ec2

Hide in one of the barrels, if they look in it you'll just look like wine or something.
No. 327310 ID: 2563d4

Moving the window at this point is just going to make it obvious where you are.

Follow the old man, find a different room to glob to the ceiling of.
No. 327312 ID: 0d095c

No. 327434 ID: b6ca92

Hey, now that we are in civilization, ITS TIME FOR A NEW BUCKET-FRIEND! Or barrel, as the case may be.

Can Mechi even get drunk?

Sadly for this plan,we would appear more like grape jelly, and would be betrayed by the glowing orb in our gut.
No. 327782 ID: c3c9c0
File 131103585001.png - (259.55KB , 1000x750 , 154.png )

Mechi hides inside the closest barrel, which turns out to be empty. From her hideout she can hear the old man opening the front door and speaking with another man with a deep voice. She can't quite make out what are they saying, but the exchange quickly evolves into a loud argument, with both men speaking fast, loud and angry.

Meanwhile she hears the sound of wings flapping near the window, then something stepping inside the room, walking with a "clicking" sounds with each step. There's the faint sound of someone sniffing the air and then Mechi is looking directly into the face of Mirla, the harpy.

"There you are! Nice to see you haven't been caught. Some of the others didn't have such luck. Listen, I've been flying over the place and spying them. Looks like your idea of screaming like a maniac worked, they've arrested Intrigo and taken him to the city dungeons to interrogate him about abducted kids!"

Mechi jumps in place and wiggles excitedly.

"Really? That's great!"

"Don't get too excited. They'll just keep him in during the night and release him in the morning. They don't have anything on him, after all. But hey, at least he'll have to spend a night in the dungeons. They've confiscated all his stuff and taken it there too."

His stuff? Mechi suddenly realizes that Intrigo took all her cool things, and now they'll be all inside the dungeon. That makes her a bit sad.

"Anyways, they've put troops in all the gates"-- Continues speaking the harpy. " if I were you I would wait a day or two before trying to get out of the city... unless you plan to stay here for a longer time. "
No. 327783 ID: 104c67

Meh, you didn't have anything too valuable. How strong is the harpy? Could she perhaps carry us out of the city in this barrel, or a basket if the barrel's too heavy? I get the feeling, however, that we'll probably soon be going on a side trip to reattain our goods, with a side-dish of revenge.
No. 327786 ID: e3f578

oh no our special necklace and gun! we can probably sneak in and out easy if it wasn't for this damn glowing orb to get stealthily through to get the junk

if they're questioning him about abducted children, that means that's a thing in this city! Looks like we got a quest to make a name for ourselves! Ask the Harpy if she's got more information on the missing children.
No. 327787 ID: 1854db

The only thing I'd miss is the amulet.

Maybe we can visit the dungeon and get our stuff, along with killing Ichigo? I guess it depends on how easily we can sneak/melt our way in.

Ask if the dungeon is underground or in a castle or what.
No. 327792 ID: 02de21

None of our stuff was really that valuable. We'll get more eventually.

I am not inclined to bother with revenge, or with chasing our stuff, or with altruism. All of those are dangerous. Really, our primary concerns are:
-Remaining safe
-Getting more food, since we need quite a bit of it to remain strong

It's not such a great thought, but a city is full of people... and many of them wouldn't be missed if they vanished. It's dangerous, but there's probably a lot more food here than there would be wandering around elsewhere. Unless we found a farm or something and ate all their animals, that would probably be better.
No. 327796 ID: 0d095c

Don't forget to grab our ever burning Cigarette on the way out!

But who needs a GUN? We can DISSOLVE ANYTHING. There will be OTHER GUNS. But there is only ONE everburning cigarette.
No. 327806 ID: 2563d4

I like your reasoning.

Also ask if the harpy has plans.
No. 327811 ID: 35e1a0

that necklace looked pretty important. it would be possibly valuable.
No. 328263 ID: c3c9c0
File 131111821637.png - (164.33KB , 1000x750 , 155.png )

"Hmm... I might try to sneak into the dungeon and recover my stuff, maybe take revenge on that bastard. Do you think there's a way to sneak in? Maybe you could carry me?"

"Hah, no way, I'm too tiny and young. Only someone like my mo --she interrupts herself and coughs, ruffling her wings for a moment before she speaks again. "...a bigger harpy... I guess that, if you want to find a way to sneak you'll need a... how was it called... a map! Yeah, a map of the city! I could try and steal one for you if you want."

"I'll think about it... so what are you going to do? Have any plans?"

She thinks for a moment, then energetically shakes her head.

"Nah, I have nowhere to go. I'll hang around for a while, it's easy to steal stuff from the humans and there are plenty of places to hide in. Besides, I owe you my freedom, so I'll do whatever is in my wing to help you out."

She climbs on the window and jumps out, turning around, flapping her wings in the air while she asks Mechi:

"I'll be back at midnight, you should have some rest meanwhile. Want me to bring that map? And,is there anything else you would want me to find and bring you?"

Mechi hears the sound of the door slamming shut, and the old man slowly coming back to the room, mumbling angrily.
No. 328270 ID: 1854db

A map, and a robe or something so you won't attract as much attention. Maybe something that you can even hide your face with?
No. 328271 ID: 900685

a map, and, this is very important, some cigarettes.
No. 328272 ID: 7aedd2

If the guy needs some convincing and he's not completely blind, do what you did in the Chest Day thread.
No. 328274 ID: 35e1a0

yes a large cloak would be nice. could hide in it.
No. 328289 ID: 2563d4

Given the glowing, perhaps a heavy raincoat and wide-brimmed hat with veil or bandana, even
No. 328479 ID: 221021

Yeah, some kind of hooded coat or robe and a pair of gloves would probably be able to conceal us sufficiently. We could probably go to the police station or wherever the guards are holding Intrigo and ask for the return of some items he stole. You could probably convince them that they were yours if you describe them.

Are you TRYING to kill our protagonist? We're not getting her addicted to toxic substances.
No. 328493 ID: ce15d1

can we shapeshift and try and fly. is that possible
No. 328558 ID: 653c0a


she's a slime, silly. she can't get cancer.
No. 328594 ID: 7896f5
File 131118817333.png - (206.44KB , 1000x750 , 156.png )

"Yes, bring the map. Also see if you can find some kind of coat or robes to cover my glowing body. And cigarettes!"

The harpy looks a bit puzzled about the last request, but agrees to try and find some and be back for midnight with everything, if she has luck with the scavenging, of course.
Shortly after the feathered girl leaves, the blind man come backs, mumbling and ranting.

"... no decency or respect anymore. Talking slimes! What will be next!? Singing werewolves!? And he was implying that it could've sneaked into my house, like a war veteran like me wouldn't be able to recognize a slime, even when my sight isn't what it used to be anymore! Such nerve!"

The man coughs and grumbles some more before he calms down and speaks again, with a softer tone of voice, directed to Mechi.

"Don't worry dear, I didn't tell them about you. They weren't asking for a runaway kid after all, hah hah! I'll prepare you a nice dinner and let you sleep in the guest bedroom."

Is there something else Mechi should do or ask, or should she just have dinner and rest until midnight?
No. 328596 ID: 35e1a0

save some of the meat from dinner for your harpy friend. other then that i can't think of anything.
No. 328598 ID: 65d8b1

thank him profusely and ask how you could repay him. oh, you don't have his name either. try o learn if he lives all by himself or something, etc.
No. 328605 ID: 221021

Ask him exactly why they said they were looking for a slime. There's always the chance that they just want to question you.
No. 328607 ID: 35e1a0

yes, ask why it would be so hard to find it, don't they leave trails like slugs? (yes we know you don't but he thinks you are a kid.
No. 328609 ID: 02de21

Thank him emphatically. Ask if there's anything you could do to repay him. You might also ask him what war he fought in, if he's a veteran; it seems like an opportunity to learn some history and possibly geopolitics of the region.

Say nothing which would directly imply that you're not a slime- don't want to really lie to the guy, after all. Just avoid the topic.
No. 328673 ID: 2563d4

Sure, why not.
No. 328681 ID: 7aedd2

These people have the right idea.
We can't trust that the guards' motives were completely honest with this guy, whatever he was told may not be what the guards think/feel/know.
This might also work.

Also, when you talk to him make sure to pop your head out and make it as human-like as you can while you do so, just to not at all seem suspicious
No. 329575 ID: a35261
File 131136867364.png - (304.00KB , 1000x750 , 157.png )

Mechi sits with the old man, who puts a dish with some cooked bird on it. She immediately and takes care of her dinner with voracity. Her table manners aren't really something to be proud about, but she's lucky to have a blind host, so everything goes on smoothly. She even attempts to make some conversation.

"So, you mentioned you're a veteran? Of which war?"

"Which war? The war against those damned Mallalonians, of course! --Exclaims the old man. "Don't they teach anything anymore in the schools nowadays?. I was lieutenant of my archer "claw", and we were the most deadly "claw" in the entire "arm". I even remember that time in the Stupid Swamp when we got cornered by half an army and we had no rations or clean water and only... But there I go again, rambling like a poor devil. I don't want to bore you, just keep eating."

Mechi continues eating in silence after the sudden interruption for a moment, before she breaks the silence again.

"You mentioned that they're looking for a slime? How would you recognize one, don't they leave a trail behind them?"

"Hah hah hah, no they don't. Eh, don't worry about those stupid guards. Slimes don't sneak into cities and even less adopt human forms like they said. They're too stupid to do that! They just hide in dark holes, dungeons and forests, waiting for some unsuspecting victim to drop themselves onto them.

"So they can't shape shift into different... things, like people?" --Insists Mechi with curiosity.

"Well, I guess that technically, they can. But they're too stupid to do it, they have a brain the size of a snail... Actually I'm not sure if they have brains at all!"

Mechi shifts her weight in place uncomfortably and finishes her dinner. He thanks the old man for his hospitality and asks if there's any way she can repay him.

"Hah, nah, having someone over to chat with is payment enough for a lonely old man like me. Your room is upstairs, have a pleasant night."

The guest room turns out to be pretty much just an attic with an open window and a bed. But Mechi can't complain, as it is the first time she sleeps on a soft surface. She feels pretty well after the copious dinner, so she's able to maintain her human form even while sleeping. The sheets are going to have a few burned marks, though.
No. 329576 ID: a35261
File 131136875421.png - (301.02KB , 1000x750 , 158.png )

In the middle of the night, a soft tapping on the floor wakes Mechi up. She looks up alarmed, but it turns out it's just Mirla, returning at midnight, just like she promised.

"Having a good night? Here, this is what I've been able to pick up without raising too many suspicions."

There's a few items on the wooden floor of the attic, and Mechi picks them up. A map of the city, a heavy coat, a box of matches, and a metal cigarette case with a bull or something engraved on it. It's full of cigarettes.
No. 329577 ID: a35261
File 131136878642.png - (316.54KB , 1000x750 , 159.png )

Mechi opens the map and Mirla points at one corner at the western side.

"See, I flew over the city for a bit to understand the map. See this "X"? I did it! That's this house. See that yellow start (I didn't draw it, it was already there.) That's the Watch House, with the dungeon inside. Next to it you can see a few houses and a big inn (I wrote INN on top of it!). You'd have to sneak through a couple of streets to get there and find a way in."
No. 329585 ID: 6e44d2

What're those black dots in the middle of the road? Anyway, yeah, let's go to the dungeon I guess. Get our gear back. Might as well.
No. 329586 ID: 90abeb

have you slept enough? because now might be the right time to sneak into the dungeon and get your valuables, if that is something you'd like to do.

the inn should be irrelevant, as you can make your way in or on anywhere you want- finding a secluded place for the night should be no trouble for you.

try the coat on to see how it looks on you. are you able to look somewhat human with it?

and finally, thank Mirla and ask her if she's got any plans. as far as I can tell, you don't.
No. 329587 ID: 0d095c

I believe those are manholes. We can use the sewer to sneak into the Dungeon.

Also, if we are really going to try this, we might as well get our everburning cigarette. If we're going to have a vile habit, may as well make it an inexpensive one.
No. 329588 ID: e3f578

We could go tonight I suppose with you wearing the coat, doesn't seem too far down the street actually. Hopefully there's no curfew so as long as you're able to conceal the glow, you should be fine. Especially if you travel by alleyway, though guards may patrol them since our fiasco.

What's most important to get is the weird necklace-amulet thing I suppose. If we can identify it, we can maybe trace it to get more information about your previous captors and how they got fucked up and more about the orb you have.

Or just stay low for a few days and let your stuff and that guy go with it, I suppose. But that sounds boring and waiting too long, and we really don't have any other goals.
No. 329601 ID: 07416a

Why are you going to the dungeon? It's just a bunch of junk!
No. 329604 ID: 90abeb


see >>320697

the gorks had it. it may be a lead. also, there's a gun. and while we're in there, I'm thinking let's free Intrigo just to piss him off.
No. 329608 ID: 2563d4

Second that.

If you don't want to sleep, just go for a wander and find all the seedy back alleys of the city, full of delicious people nobody will miss.
No. 329609 ID: c891d3

I think the potential reward of getting some stuff you briefly possessed back doesn't really outweigh the potential risk of, y'know, getting captured again. It'll probably be harder to escape a proper dungeon than the incompetent freakshow guy's place.

But we should try for some kind of goal.
No. 329626 ID: 7aedd2

If we're going to the dungeon, the manholes/sewers sound like a great idea. However, it might be best if we just try to escape in the night while we can. However, our problem is that we glow. Is it possible for Mechi to try to 'thicken' herself around the orb to make it less obvious? Increase opaqueness, if you know what I mean?
No. 330099 ID: a35261
File 131144550271.png - (214.43KB , 1000x750 , 160.png )

"Thanks for bringing me all this stuff... but I'm not sure yet if I want to storm the dungeon for a bunch of junk I only got yesterday... Actually I don't really know what am I gonna do. Do you have any plans for yourself?"

The harpy sighs and sits on the bed, curling up her wings around her own body, with a melancholic expression on her face.

"Not really. I have no place to go, I have no family left. I've been a prisoner of Intrigo for almost a year. I don't really know where to go now or what to do." --She sighs. "I was hoping... well, you freed me and... you're the only... I mean I hoped I could stick with you for a while. I just don't know anyone else. I can be of help, whatever you're going to do from now on."

Sorry, had to reupload the picture because I forgot to add the orb's glow to Mechi.
No. 330119 ID: 7aedd2

Well let's not devour her or anything. but hey, you've got a friend! And it looks like one that needs you as much as you need her, so that's great. It's delightful when things work out like that. I'd say to give her a hug but you might dissolve some necessary feathers off her, so maybe a quick pat on the shoulder(?) and a smile(?) and tell her that you'd like that.
No. 330120 ID: 65c63c

tee hee. I guess you didn't.

yeah, let her join.

I'm still for visiting the dungeons next.
No. 330136 ID: 2563d4

Well if you're going to do something else tonight it should be finding a better place to hide out. The old man's charity isn't going to be limitless.
No. 330139 ID: 1854db

I think we should at least sneak over and check to see if we can easily get into the dungeon. Whatever we can do with low risk should be fine.

Remember though, we can always have our new harpy friend keep watch to see when Intrigo leaves town later on, and then we can nab him. There's nothing keeping us from just hiding out in the forest or something, waiting. Patiently. Like a slime.
No. 330538 ID: 07416a

Didn't we save her some food?
No. 330561 ID: 0d095c

Yes, let us search for a place to live. Also, let us be BFF with our harpy comrade. We can go found a Kingdom of our own! But first, let's find a home, maybe team up with some sky pirates or something.
No. 330577 ID: a35261
File 131152539193.png - (388.11KB , 1000x750 , 161.png )

"Sure, we can be friends and be together! Also I saved you some bits from the dinner!"

The harpy smiles and makes a tiny "chirp" sound, happily.

"Thanks! I'll be useful, you'll see! And thanks for the food, but I already caught some rats on my way here, there are thousands of them! You can have that."

They agree that even if they don't go to the dungeon, they should find a place to stay after the night, so Mechi puts on the heavy coat that effectively hides her glowing orb and sneak outside. The streets are almost empty, and they avoid the main streets, sneaking through the side alleys.

They take a look at the Watch house (or the Station, how they call it here, in Bargarad) from the opposite alley, from the shadows. The front side of building is illuminated by many light crystals, but the back seems to lack those and sinks in the darkness. There are still people working inside, as the light coming from one of the front windows indicates. Two guards are standing ,on duty, at the front doors.

It's time to decide. Mechi could try to sneak inside, through one of the manholes, the back door or any other way she might come up with. Or she could wait for the morning, and find Intrigo after he leaves the city. Or just forget about the whole business.

If she chooses not to sneak into the dungeon, though, she needs to find a place to stay. The abandoned warehouse or the old church seem like good places to hide, but she could try and find others if she wanted.
No. 330587 ID: e63976

I think you should sneak into the dungeons. it's a place you know you'll find at least some things of value to you, and you may find more than just that, too.

rescuing others from Intrigo's freakshow seems like a pretty awesome idea- you'll be like the Town Musicians of Bremen, except even more awesome. but no point in doing that beofre you go to the dungeons, since sneaking into a dungeon is a two-man job. or a five-goblin job, but you don't have any of those with you.
No. 330590 ID: 2563d4

>Or just forget about the whole business.
Quite. Try the warehouse.
No. 330593 ID: 35e1a0

tell her a little plan. you will sneak in while she waits out here and watches the windows. if she sees a purple flash 2 times quickly in a row then she takes a few little rocks, flys over the guards and circles over and drops them so they look up and then fly off when they do. lead them on a chase for a bit then lose them. is just for a distraction. hopefully it wont be needed.

then sneak through the bared window.
No. 330595 ID: 5aac32

Remind me, what's in there that isn't easily replaceable junk?

I'd say try out the old warehouse.
No. 330600 ID: 1854db

If we enter the dungeon now it'll just be to kill Intrigo. Unless of course the guard stationed by where they keep personal affects is asleep. I imagine we make no sound at all while moving about.

I think we should go around back, and then check out those bars on the side. Maybe we can just go between the bars to get to his cell! That would be an easy meal.
No. 330650 ID: 28e94e


No. 330668 ID: eba49f

Now that I think about it, it would be hilarious if we could sneak into the prison and unlock Intirgo's cell without anyone else seeing us. The guards would think he is trying to escape, and his protests about a slime would sound crazy.
No. 330736 ID: a35261
File 131154869618.png - (244.59KB , 1000x750 , 162.png )

Mechi decides to peek through the bars in the window at the side of the building. She tells Mirla to fly around and keep an eye on the windows. If she flashes her purple light twice, she should create a distraction outside.

Then she slides out of the guards' field of vision, sneaking between the bars with ease. It communicates with an empty hallway. One side goes back into the station, the other one has a door with a descending staircase, probably leading to the dungeons. There's light down there, and Mechi can hear voices, but she can't make out what are they saying from here.
No. 330744 ID: 1854db

Hmm... Go closer and eavesdrop.
No. 330750 ID: 7aedd2

Oooooze along like the ooooze you are
No. 330766 ID: fbd140

make like liquid snake.
No. 330781 ID: eba49f

Keep to the ceiling if you can. Lots more people look at the floor than look up.
No. 330791 ID: 55c4cf

eaves drop
No. 330859 ID: 5aac32

Sticking to the ceiling while you eavesdrop is a good idea.
No. 330870 ID: 146bca

Keep to the ceiling, eavesdrop, and blend with your surroundings.

Can't we do that.
No. 330877 ID: 221021

Yeah, let's stay around on the ceiling and see what the guards are talking about. It would be really good to find out if the guards would be actively hostile towards us or not, and why they were looking for us. Things would be a lot easier if we found out that they were willing to talk to us or have us testify against Intrigo, but it would also be useful to know if they would be planning to kill us on sight. I think we should stay away from Intrigo himself until we can better assess the situation.
No. 330880 ID: eba49f

If they weren't hostile to us before, they will be if they see us breaking into the prison.

And yep, its time to drop those eaves like their hot.
No. 331106 ID: 07416a

I'd recommend the church. Cozy, you know? Anyways, wait to stalk and ambush Intrigo between the station and his vehicle. If he's got the bag of stuff just have birdface yank it out of his hands.
No. 331155 ID: 221021

Yeah, whatever you do, don't let yourself be seen by ANYBODY.
No. 331173 ID: a35261
File 131161966761.png - (263.66KB , 1000x750 , 163.png )

Mechi carefully sneaks into the dungeon, sliding on the ceiling. Down the stairs she finds another open door, but now the voices are close enough to sound clear.

A male human with a deep, authoritarian voice is speaking.

"Let's try this again, shall we? I have all the night to keep playing this cat and mouse game. Too bad that's exactly how long you're going to remain alive."

Mechi recognizes the next voice: It's Intrigo's! But he doesn't sound as confident and nonchalant as the time she met him. He actually sounds quite scared.

"P-please! I already told you everything I know, I'm telling you the truth!"

"I'll be the judge of that." --Interrupts the first voice. "So, this medallion, where did you find it? "

"T-the slime had it! I only took it from her."

"Again with that tale about talking and walking slimes that talk and turn into ladies, Mr. Intrigo. Are you taking me for a child?"

"Yes! I mean no! No! It's the truth! I swear!"

"And I guess this gun... which clearly has the marks of The Brotherhood... was of course stolen by this mysterious slime again, right?"

"Yes! Yes! You have to believe me! Everybody saw her! They-"

"They say a young, robbed lady escaping for the carriage. They agree that there was something off about her, but I'm still not stupid enough to believe in magic slimes."

"B-but... but..."

They keep talking down there. Mechi isn't sure if she should stay here and hear more of the conversation, peek inside or just leave.
No. 331175 ID: 252e1b


Sounds like all of that stuff will just get you in trouble. Leave.
No. 331177 ID: c891d3

Okay, that stuff you took is...

You don't want it back. Let's find another plot thread to grab onto something else to do.
No. 331178 ID: 35e1a0

HA, knew that medallion was important. peek in, but be ready to duck back out of view if intrigo is facing the door.
No. 331180 ID: 221021

Yeah, carefully leave. Make sure nobody sees you. That stuff wasn't very important anyway. If he gets in trouble for taking your stuff and kidnapping you, even indirectly, it will put him to justice for what he did to you. No need to murder him and get yourself found out and in trouble.
No. 331183 ID: 28e94e

The medallion is apparently very valuable. Let's see if we can't steal it back.
No. 331184 ID: 02de21

Okay, I think we've learned here that all that stuff is a hell of a lot more trouble than it's worth. I'd say listen just a little bit more in case they spill more information, but leave when you suspect anyone is coming rather than investigating further.
No. 331192 ID: 0a7b71

you want that stuff. leave it so it doesn't get you into trouble? you already have the orb stuck into you. you're neck deep in this brotherhood shit already. you must take that stuff. you'll need it for your investigation.

plus, I still insist on freeing Intrigo, because irony can either be a girl's best friend or her worst enemy.
No. 331194 ID: 02de21

By "freeing Intrigo", do you mean "devouring Intrigo and leaving no evidence behind, thereby making it look like he escaped and confusing the hell out of the guard"? Because I suppose I could get behind that, if we're exceptionally sneaky about it.
No. 331196 ID: 0a7b71


no, I mean "freeing Intrigo" as in "unlock his restraints and allow him to escape the dungeons unharmed, making him owe us one and feel like the total asshole he is."

because if Mechi was to act like a mindless slime, she would have been one.
No. 331202 ID: cd63e9

lets leave. it sounds like our stuff is contraband and he's going to get the book thrown at him for being caught with it.
No. 331203 ID: 35e1a0

we have something DOUBLE contraband merged to our core. i am pretty sure we can't get in any MORE trouble.
No. 331206 ID: 146bca

Leave him. He's going to be executed, anyway.
No. 331211 ID: 1854db

I think we should listen a little more to see if we can figure out what this Brotherhood is.
No. 331212 ID: 5d4add

Leave. He's getting what's coming to him.
No. 331213 ID: 35e1a0

why do you think we are going to rescue him? we still need more information about what the HELL the amulet is and why it's important. who gives a shit about intrigo? i want information.
No. 331214 ID: 146bca


I don't want to rescue him. In fact, I was fairly certain the entire point of coming here was to make sure he dies. I said leave him. It sounds like he's going to die, so let him die.
No. 331215 ID: 5d4add

Leave. He's getting what's coming to him.
No. 331217 ID: 7aedd2

This is definitely Plot Relevant Information, which means we definitely want to hear it, but in order to do so we need to not be spotted by anyone. That includes people coming down and the people talking. Their words indicate that the first voice has the thing(s) we'd want to reclaim, which makes things easier for us, but if we peek in and get spotted we'll lose out on any information he's about to say.
No. 331219 ID: 6e44d2

I'm kind of curious about what this medallion actually is. It seems like it's pretty important. I dunno... It may not actually be worth it. Let's listen in a little longer. Keep your eyes (?) peeled for people coming down the stairs; now would be a terrible time to get caught.
No. 331230 ID: 146bca


So why don't we just blend with our surroundings? Make things easier for us?

No. 331680 ID: ce15d1

Let's get that medallion back as well as revenge if we can get it.

Stealth kill. Intrigo douche should be locked up and easy to take on our own time.
No. 331684 ID: 2563d4

The absolutely worst thing you could do now is get seen and support Intrigo's story.

Get out of there and to the warehouse.
No. 331691 ID: 3b9af0

Don't be a pussy, kill and eat.
No. 331692 ID: eba49f

We don't want to kill Intrigo because that says that there is more to the amulet thing than him. Even if we kill the guy questioning him, someone sent that guy and would notice if he disappeared.
No. 331723 ID: a35261
File 131169875235.png - (257.20KB , 1000x750 , 164.png )

Mechi decides to stay and spy a bit longer, interested about the amulet and its significance. She peeks through the door carefully. Intrigo is tied up to a chair in a dim lit room with scarce furniture. He looks rather worried, shiny beads of sweat all over his forehead. In front of him, a tall man gives his back to Mechi, wearing an expensive-looking suit, hat and cane. And close to the door, behind the tall man, there's a table, with the gun and the medallion on it.

The tall man is talking.

"So, are we going to confess? Only four hours, eleven minutes, thirty-two seconds to dawn, and your inevitable demise! Unless you tell me the truth, of course, and drop that ludicrous tale about the slime."

"But it's the truth!" --practically yells Intrigo, desperate. "I found it by the road to the town, she would've looked like a young girl if it wasn't for the fact that she was made of like, jelly, and had that purple glowing thing inside her chest and..."

"Glowing purple what?" --The man in the white suit interrupts, his tone of voice suddenly urgent.

"I-It was like a purple ball stuck inside the chest of that c-creature... It was glowing like a light crystal, it was eerie! I had to put a blanket on the cag--"

"Enough." --Interrupts the standing man again. "I've heard enough... Purple orb, right? Well, well, well... Maybe your words aren't as insane as I thought at first, this changes everything. And the idea of a talking slime sounds a lot more plausible as well."

The man seems to get absorbed in his own thoughts for the moment. Mechi tries to think about what to do now, nervously. Should she stay a bit more, flee, or try something else?
No. 331729 ID: 35e1a0

whelp. if he is after the orb then our in trouble-ness cannot get any higher. slither down the wall a bit so you are level with the medallion. then quickly reach out and grab it and and pull it away then get back to the ceiling.
No. 331731 ID: f9620f

stay. do not let this man leave or harm Intrigo. they both have quite a few questions to answer now.
No. 331732 ID: 24b747

It's not really worth interfering or risking being caught now. Hide in a corner and cover up the light from the orb and wait for that guy to leave. Then try to follow him and see where the medallion is taken.
No. 331747 ID: 02de21

I don't like this guy. He obviously know a lot of things- too much about us for comfort. We're at a significant disadvantage if people come hunting us, and he might well do so. I say we wait for him to leave, then drop on him from the ceiling and proceed to interrogate and possibly devour if things go south. Don't take any action before ambush time.
No. 331750 ID: 180ec2

This is bad, very very bad. This man knows too much, and we can't let him leave alive. He's not some normal guard, and I'm getting that "evil" vibe from him. Try to blend in with the color, and reach a tendril down to the gun.
No. 331769 ID: 55c4cf

Stay hidden. I wouldn't risk acting unless you are absolutely sure you can get away with it.
No. 331772 ID: 28e94e

Unfortunately, we can't just take the gun and blow his brains out because then every guard within two blocks will hear us. Instead, let's just eat this guy and be done with it.
No. 331868 ID: cd63e9

we don't know enough to really make any decisions I think we should keep listening for a bit longer.
No. 332280 ID: 6e44d2

We need to get the fuck out of here now. The man knows what the orb is, he knows we could feasibly exist, and he wants the orb. We leave NOW. Get out of town with the harpy, if you can, or else continue hiding out in the old man's place.
No. 332368 ID: a35261
File 131179530132.png - (290.34KB , 1000x750 , 165.png )

Mechi chooses to stay and listen for a bit more, still trying to decide if she's going to try and kill the stranger or not. As a reminder, she can't blend with her surroundings because she's wearing a heavy grey coat. And even if she took it off, the shining orb in her body would give her away! And just then, the tall man suddenly raises his cane and speaks again to Intrigo.

"Thank you, my good man, for your cooperation and misunderstood honesty. I would talk and chat a bit more but, well, just look at the time! Your time, to be more precise, as it escapes from the pores of your body and soul."

"What? What do you me..a.arrghhl..."

The man in white is blocking Mechi's vision so she doesn't know what's happening to Intrigo, but when he moves to the side...
No. 332370 ID: a35261
File 131179549525.png - (263.32KB , 1000x750 , 167.png )

...Only dusty bones in ragged clothes sit on the chair where seconds ago the man who kidnapped Mechi was sitting.

The man in white turns around, letting Mechi see a face smooth and metallic, shining with the light of the magic crystal hanging from the ceiling. Whistling a little song, the man grabs the revolver and puts it in his pocket, before taking the medallion as well. He's about to leave the room.

Mechi doesn't lie to herself, this man scares her and she's not so sure about attacking him anymore. But if she's going to try and do something, it should happen now. Either stick to the ceiling and try to not be seen, or attack him. What should she do?
No. 332374 ID: c25664

...shit. if he's made of metal, you probably can't melt him before he casts some time shenanigans on you. you should probably make like a tree.
No. 332376 ID: 07416a

You're gonna have to tangle with this dude eventually. Drop down on him and MAKE SURE TO SWAT AWAY HIS WAND.
No. 332377 ID: 1854db

No. 332385 ID: 35e1a0

plop on his head and smack him with the crystal a few times. at least melt his magic stick apart.
No. 332386 ID: cd63e9

he used the amulet to age that guy to death. we may not know how to use it but if we do attack him we should probably make sure to get it out of his hands as quickly as possible.
No. 332387 ID: 1854db

No, he used his CANE to do it.
No. 332391 ID: 46c430

I am rather against tangling with this guy, we do not know how powerful he is...
No. 332396 ID: e3f578

I almost feel sorry for that chump
he looked so pathetic and scared against this man
so bald
but he's a creep and fucking stupid so whatever.

Bolt Mechi
No. 332402 ID: 55c4cf

we were warned about his power level, he is clearly a bbeg
No. 332417 ID: 180ec2

Yeah, we're leaving. That guy is way too strong to not at the very least severely harm you in resistance, if not be totally immune to your attacks. He doesn't look human. Not being seen is even more important than ever now.
No. 332445 ID: 7aedd2

Yeah this guy is clearly antagonist material and not just simply some guy we'll devour and see the last of.
No. 332461 ID: a35261
File 131181103553.png - (188.55KB , 1000x750 , 168.png )

Mechi cant' leave now, the man is already facing the door, he'll see her! She just sticks her body to the ceiling and flattens herself as much as she can and closes her eyes. Hopefully the man just walks straight towards the staircase without looking up, whistling.

Mechi opens her eyes just in time to see the man abandoning the room leaving her there alone.

"That was close..." --she mutters.

Now that the mysterious man is gone, she has to decide what to do next.
No. 332463 ID: 02de21

>She just sticks her body to the ceiling and flattens herself as much as she can and closes her eyes.
What the hell?
No. 332466 ID: 7aedd2

If there's nothing else of value in the room Intrigo was in, then it's time to leave. No point in 'eating' what's left of Intrigo. The guards' prisoner disappearing and only finding a pile of dust might actually raise some suspicions and lead to an investigation that might hinder WhiteFace.
No. 332470 ID: 55c4cf

Investigate the room, maybe something was left behind.
No. 332471 ID: 0c816c

search for loot.
No. 333015 ID: 221021

Perhaps we could write some kind of cryptic message to the guards such as "Beware the faceless man in white, his evil powers turned this man to dust." using some kind of sharp implement to scratch it into the walls or table or failing that burn it in. (Though preferably an option that is less characteristic of you) The guards might not fully know about him and he isn't going to come back to this empty room for a while, but some kind of guard or janitor might.
No. 333211 ID: f5e4b4
File 131190231578.png - (169.69KB , 1000x750 , 169.png )

Mechi slides into the room now that it's empty and looks around. There's nothing left of Intrigo but a pile of ash, not even his clothes survived.

But she finds something under the table, though. It looks like someone forgot here a silver pocket watch with weird symbols engraved over it. And it seems that it stopped some time ago and nobody winded it up.
No. 333212 ID: 7aedd2

Take it but don't fiddle with it right now, it's almost certainly dangerous.
No. 333214 ID: 1854db

Heheheh. This belongs to the metal man. Let's take it, and wind it somewhere safe.
No. 333222 ID: 07416a

Steal it!
No. 333240 ID: 696710



No. 333246 ID: e65307

Obviously not the best watch with two XII and no XI,
It'll probably sell well though.
Take it.
No. 333270 ID: 0d095c

Our cigarette? Gone?


Also, don't fuck with the watch. Seems like a trap.
No. 333275 ID: 0199a3

Not to mention IV is written as IIII.

Take the watch, but don't wind it up. No telling what it'll do, since its previous owner could apparently use time magic.
No. 333571 ID: f5e4b4
File 131195370289.png - (378.16KB , 1000x750 , 170.png )

Mechi takes the watch and slides out of the building unseen. Everything is quiet outside, and shortly after she returns to the observation point, Mirla descends from one of the roofs where she was watching the place.

"What happened? Did you get your stuff back?"

"No..." --replies Mechi, proceeding to tell the harpy about the mysterious man, his power and how he got her stuff. And that he's probably searching for her now.

"Wow... You're definitively something special!" --Replies Mirla, with her eyes open wide in awe, with a hint of admiration. "But don't worry! They won't be able to find us, it's a pretty big city and we'll be careful. And you got a shiny thing from the adventure anyway, didn't you?"

Mechi looks at the watch, nodding. It's shiny and pretty, that's right. She doesn't really know what is it or what is it used for anyways. Any observant individual would notice that the watch had two XII (one painted in red) and no XI. But Mechi is ignorant to such thing as well.

Now it's time to decide if Mechi is going to go back to the old man's house and try her luck there, or go to the warehouses to find a place to hide with her harpy friend. Or maybe look for somewhere else.

> 333275

Just as a note, that's actually correct. Most pocket watches with roman numerals use IIII instead of IV.
No. 333577 ID: 7aedd2

Mirla seems like she has the potential to be a very good friend to Mechi. We should try to solidify that friendship, possibly by giving her the watch, considering she seems to appreciate its shininess. However, when it comes to what we do, we should be attempting to leave the city. Considering Mechi can slide up walls and Mirla can fly, this shouldn't be too much trouble, but there's certainly no need to go back to the old blind man and impose on him further.
No. 333578 ID: f33eee

what about the rest of the freakshow? does she know where they are? if so, we should try and free them.
No. 334120 ID: f5e4b4
File 131201843041.png - (183.14KB , 1000x750 , 171.png )

Mechi gives the pocket watch to Mirla, who chirps with glee and puts it around her neck.

"Here, you can keep it for now. We should leave the city while we can. Oh, and do you know what happened to the others locked in Intrigo's truck?"

"Yay, thank you! Does it look pretty on me? Oh, yeah, the others. I have no idea, haven't seen any of them since we escaped. Maybe some of them were captured, maybe some of them escaped. Oh and leaving the city? The west wall isn't too far from here, you could probably climb it easily and I could distract the guards so they don't spot you. Shall we go?"
No. 334121 ID: 55c4cf

go left
No. 334122 ID: 07416a

Yeah, leave the city. You got no reason to stay, do you?
No. 334129 ID: 1854db

I want to at least tell the blind guy that we were a slime and sorry about the bed.
No. 334140 ID: 195ab3

Yeah head for the wall. If you're going to make a name for yourself you'll need to do it far away from this city. There are people looking for you. Probably not with your best interests in mind.

See if you can find something nice to eat on the way like stray dogs or an unsuspecting robber in a dark alley.
No. 334144 ID: fb10df

Compliment the way it looks on her, but tell her she might want to put it under her tunic(?) so that people do not see it and attempt to steal it from her. Then head to the wall, and tell Mirla only to make a distraction for you if necessary and to stay safe, as White Face is probably looking for anything out of the ordinary.
No. 334178 ID: 6e44d2

Not really a priority, bro. Let's jet.
No. 334210 ID: f5e4b4
File 131205335278.png - (135.43KB , 1000x750 , 172.png )

They sneak through the empty streets towards the west wall. Mechi takes a moment in their hike to compliment Mirla about how good does the watch look on her, but recommends her to keep it under her clothes. The harpy smiles, flattered, but unfortunately she can't hide it: the chain is too short, and she doesn't have enough clothes to do the task.

After a few minutes, they find the large mass of rocks and bricks that is the west wall. Mirla guides Mechi to a poorly illuminated zone where, she says, the defenses are weaker. Just a couple of guards watching up there .

"I can try and distract them if you want me to." --Says her. "But be careful, they're faster than you! If they decide to chase you, they'll get you. So don't let them see you."

What is Mechi's plan to sneak out of the city?
No. 334233 ID: 7aedd2

I recommend you ditch the cloak and instead change your coloring to camouflage with the surfaces you're on. If you're able to get to the wall unseen you should be able to slide up it and to the crenelations rather easily, especially if you blend with the walls coloration. The issue then is getting across the rampart and down the other side without being witnessed. But Mirla still needs to get out herself, so she's going to have to take wing and fly over eventually, which may draw their attention, so if she just flies over at that time off to the right or something, potentially drawing their attention there, it should provide for enough of a momentary distraction for you to ooze across and down the side.
No. 334255 ID: eba49f

Instead of throwing the cloak away we should see if we can hold it so that it covers our core but is still under our outer surface.
No. 334274 ID: 0646ff

you have a purple lamp inside you, and you must often be sneaky. the cloak is too useful to throw away. keep it, and get Mirla to distract them.
No. 334275 ID: 35e1a0

hmmm... yes, she leads them right, you go over.
No. 334540 ID: 55c4cf

look for a faulty brick or something, maybe we can slide through or under it. We're not people.
No. 334559 ID: 07416a

No. 335134 ID: 3147f0
File 131224110034.png - (77.34KB , 1000x750 , 173.png )

Mechi inspect the wall closer until she finds a faulty brick. With her acidic body it only takes a few minutes to dissolve the loose pieces of the brick and make a hole to slid through. Mirla darts over the wall, and Mechi's maneuver doesn't need a lot of distraction, so the harpy doesn't need to stay around for long enough to give the guards a chance to shoot her down. There's a few screams and fingers pointing up, but by the two monstrous girls are far away from the town by the time they've realized what just happened.
No. 335135 ID: 3147f0
File 131224118047.png - (201.65KB , 1000x750 , 174.png )

They march for another hour through the west woods, just trying to get as far away from the town as possible before they look for a cave or some place to rest until morning. Mirla is rather excited about their escape.

"...And did you see their faces? They were like "who's that!?" And I was like "Ziuuum!" and they didn't even see the feathers of my tail before I was darting way over..."

Mechi isn't feeling as cheerful as her companion, her mind still full of doubts and worries about the man with the metal head and the realization of the existence of dark, dangerous people wanting the orb inside her body.
No. 335136 ID: 3147f0
File 131224128445.png - (35.24KB , 1000x900 , 175.png )

But for now they're away from the immediate threat, and they'll decide in the morning what to do next and basically what to do with their lives. For now, it is time to rest.
No. 335144 ID: 55c4cf

dumb town we didn't get to eat anybody.
No. 335254 ID: 6e44d2

And now it's time to be the wizard.
No. 335934 ID: 3b9af0

no wizards let's be furry
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