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File 130639195354.jpg - (93.56KB , 756x540 , WA2page1.jpg )
306812 No. 306812 ID: b6c6fc

it is said the old gods are fickle, and their judgment upon the lives of mortals may as well be left to chance . . .
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No. 306813 ID: b6c6fc
File 130639203845.jpg - (56.25KB , 756x540 , WA2page2.jpg )

male wizards tend to excel in aggressive magic

female wizards tend to excel in defensive magic.

what is the best choice for surviving in this harsh world?

No. 306814 ID: 07416a

No. 306817 ID: 00d3d5

Previously there was one vote for male and two votes for hermaphrodite.

Hermaphrodite vote.
No. 306819 ID: 1854db

Male because last time we were all out offensive.
No. 306821 ID: 35e1a0

No. 306828 ID: 868a23

male, because nuking shit is cool
No. 306829 ID: b6c6fc
File 130639314909.jpg - (66.00KB , 756x540 , WA2page3.jpg )

even with all the knowledge the magic can provide humans remain a superstitious lot hermaphrodites and other similar deformities to them are signs of demons work, such creatures are never to be trained in the ways of magic and are killed upon discovery
No. 306830 ID: 07416a

Their power is to be feared. Excelling in all schools of magic? Frightening.
No. 306834 ID: 00d3d5

Hermaphrodite posing as something besides a hermaphrodite.
No. 306836 ID: e3f578

No. 306838 ID: 0d7a83

No. 306848 ID: c71597

Manly musclebound wizard, a musclewizard if you will. With a mustache and a shaved head.
No. 306878 ID: 7aedd2

Mustache Wizard
No. 306895 ID: 856690
File 130642577796.png - (218.54KB , 972x898 , Yamamoto_-_That_all_you_got.png )

What is this mustasche nonsense.

This man should be what we aspire to look like
No. 306897 ID: f0e3ae

manly mage with a big BEARD!
No. 306898 ID: f7aa74

manly mage? hopefully this manly mage meets with a manly dorf and they adventure together

Moustache of infinite lengthe
No. 306901 ID: 15b51b

No. 306908 ID: 47ad9a


Yes Manly Mage with Massive Moustache but NO BEARD; there so cleshay.
No. 306909 ID: 5f0943

No. 306910 ID: 28e94e

Manly man with a manly beard who is secretly a hermaphrodite.
No. 306911 ID: f0e3ae

enough with the herms already.
Slay those abominations!
No. 306912 ID: 35e1a0

a dude.
No. 306937 ID: cf65c1

Hmm, do we want to try and make it a faggot? We don't often play with the male-homos here on quest.
No. 306947 ID: c71597

Sexual preferences can come later. After we have a stupidly huge musclebound wizard.
No. 306971 ID: f0e3ae
File 130645263265.jpg - (56.10KB , 271x200 , Louie.jpg )

And his name shall be Louie.
No. 306973 ID: cf65c1

>>306947, 306971
Damn, yeah, okay, musclebound twink right there. I wasn't quite prepared for something quite that flaming but I'll try to keep up since it was my idea.
No. 306974 ID: f0e3ae

can come later =! gay.
Make him a straight guy.
No. 306982 ID: e41ad5

A Fist Wizard?

You have my attention.
No. 306983 ID: 45be60

Louie isn't gay, he's the one dude in a harem anime. And also a wizard with fighter stats.

Probably much more survivable than our last wizard.
No. 307002 ID: cf65c1

See, no. I'm gonna have to refute you.
He waxes his chest and does enough bodybuilding to have that build. Totally gay.
No. 307082 ID: f5fe2f

All true wizards have beards. But ours shall not be some unkempt monstrosity. Oh no, our beard shall be an exquisitely trimmed ensemble, which merely accents our strong chin. It shall of course be accompanied by a mustache, which we carefully wax each morning.

Oh yeah, and we should be male.
No. 307088 ID: 0d7a83
File 130648615158.jpg - (143.46KB , 512x384 , SparklyGayFistMage.jpg )

>Manly mage, mage with fighter stats, fist mage
>possably gay

Ok, I know I'm not the only one to think of this guy.
No. 307115 ID: f0e3ae

No. 307133 ID: f7aa74


i'm going for this one, but in order to be copyright protected make his mustache lolhuge
No. 307154 ID: 441b13

I think we're protected under parody, here.

Still the image is forming here. A masculine male wizard. Perhaps his magic studies have centered around spells that benefit from his mighty musculature?

Also, I elect adding a teeny pair of nez-pince glasses to the guy.
No. 307164 ID: 120db2

He's trained to use every single twitch of his muscles to boost his spells.
This grants a bonus when he flexes, the more the better.
There's also a corona that appears, a glowing light that proclaims him 'KING OF THE BEACH'.
Seconding huge mustache.
No. 307171 ID: 1f2692

>He's trained to use every single twitch of his muscles to boost his spells.
>This grants a bonus when he flexes, the more the better.

maybe instead of so much flexing, he has tattoos on his muscles and they activate when flexed?
No. 307175 ID: d96bc4

His name shall be Zuke Von Magestrong.

The ways of the Muscle Mage have been passed down the Magestrong line for generations!
No. 307176 ID: f0e3ae

I love it. let it be so!
Sounds like flexrick from bob's golem quest
No. 307180 ID: 1f2692
File 130652669912.png - (55.11KB , 518x763 , wizardswithmuscles.png )


pic most definitelly related
No. 307181 ID: dad664

This, but with a pipe and bowler hat.
No. 307203 ID: 13b3e1
File 130652952363.jpg - (53.09KB , 171x297 , 1278758702824.jpg )

No. 307213 ID: e41ad5

No. 307221 ID: 980ade

Oh yes ;D
No. 307228 ID: 0d7a83

No. 307259 ID: 450ff1
File 130654916571.jpg - (72.06KB , 600x890 , i-cast-fist.jpg )

Just to add more fuel to the fire...
No. 307291 ID: 6a9fdc

It would be a travesty to deny this idea.
No. 307295 ID: a63f8b

I vote for this
No. 308462 ID: b6c6fc
File 130699713683.jpg - (97.81KB , 756x540 , WA2page4.jpg )

My name is Lellonar Barogought

I am a high court wizard and chief adviser to King Tulose
but I have lied about my talents I am no great mage
were my King to find out the truth he would have me executed on the spot

as a wizard I have magic to help me out of difficult situations
my current spells are:

I can also try to make up magic on the spot, but it will drain my mana a lot faster, and the spell might be unreliable

an Elven ambassador has just arrived.
in five hours there will be a war council meeting.
the elf will be pushing for the king take action, and the king will turn to me for aid I am too weak to provide.

if the meeting doesn't expose me as a fraud, the war to follow will. I have no intention to die this way, I must find a way to save myself!

(suggest actions for Lellonar!)
No. 308463 ID: 7aedd2

Well you can run, but I think the best way to deal with all your problems at once is to expose the ELF AS A FRAUD!
No. 308464 ID: 15b51b

Hang 'do not disturb' sign on door. Jump out window. Stop fall with telekinesis. Start running.
No. 308468 ID: 40cb26

So you can't use much power, so what? You are a "great mage" so the mere threat of your power can be enough, if you're smart about it.

But I wonder how smart you could possibly be if you let yourself get into this horrible situation...
No. 308469 ID: 35e1a0

practice making BIG flashy lightning bolts that have no real power to them. just a big bluff lightning.
No. 308472 ID: 07416a

The run away idea has some merit, but before we doing something we can't take back, I'd like a rundown on what you've promised. How much can we reliably fake and what props have you used to fake your powers so far?
No. 308488 ID: c71597

Couldn't you go to the Elf and see if he could help you? Maybe defect to their long eared side.
No. 308499 ID: f7aa74


w-what happened to our fist magic? ;c;
No. 308513 ID: 0d7a83

Correction; your current spells are:
No. 308525 ID: 28e94e

Rip off your shirt to reveal your manly muscle. Go around like this for the rest of the day your life
No. 308595 ID: eba49f

What kind of telekinesis are we talking here?
Important factors are:
Force exerted
Can you concentrate the force in a smaller or larger area
Distance that you can cast at
Number of items lifted
Dexterity of maneuvered items
Do you need to see items to move them

If your telekinesis is good enough, you don't need any other offensive spells.
No. 309441 ID: b6ca92

Better idea: telekinesis on self!
Sure you may not have the power to throw boulders, but a little telekinetic force to your own body means you can throw them yourself!
So as for as making a good impression in court, grab the offending diplomat with telekinetically enforced super-strength, and proclaim you are the mighty MUSCLE WIZARD, SLAYER OF ARMIES, DESTROYER OF CASTLES! Then prove it by throwing one of his servants at a wall, pulverized into a splatter of bloody goo (or perhaps through the wall even)
No. 309455 ID: f0e3ae

can you use telekinesis to fly?
No. 312602 ID: b6c6fc
File 130794005414.jpg - (79.56KB , 756x540 , WA2page5.jpg )

hmmm discrediting the ambassador might work but how?

I cannot move myself with Telekinesis, I would need a levitate spell to get down that way

I've promised to defend the realm with my amazing powers, a task the King will soon call upon me too fulfill.

the elves despise me, as they do all non-elf wizards.

"fist magic"? what a preposterous idea, besides my Telekinesis is more than adequate for cuffing someone good

my shirt is of the finest make, I'd prefer not to damage it

my Telekinesis is as skilled as my own two hands and has the strength of well trained soldier
No. 312657 ID: f0e3ae

>my Telekinesis is as skilled as my own two hands and has the strength of well trained soldier
Cam it be used to sever a vein in the brain of the opponent? Even the smallest of such cuts would spell a quick death to the victim.
No. 312712 ID: e3f578

Yeah, let's just engage in stealthy murder using telekinesis powers. Don't tell me they have bitchin' forensics in your medieval world yet? It couldn't be too hard to stage a poor accident for the fellow.

Actually let's kill the king and frame the elf with regicide.
No. 312713 ID: 0d095c

This is a GREAT plan. Upvoting killing the king and starting a war with Elf Land. Grand Vizier Quest HOOOOO!

It will surely end our crippling disappointment at your lack of muscles, courage, manliness, beards, hair, honor, magic power.... I'm sad again now.
No. 312718 ID: c2c011

Killing the king would take care of a few problems. But you should probably kill the ambassador as well just to be on the safe side.
No. 312719 ID: 0d095c

Good idea! We assassinate the king, frame the ambassador, AND HAVE HIM EXECUTED! MWUHAHAHAHAHAHAH!
No. 312732 ID: f0e3ae

The problems with "Kill king, frame elf" plan is:
1. How do we actually kill the king, he is guarded.
2. How do we frame the elf?
3. We will still be in trouble for being unable to fulfill our promise... not only did we fail to protect the king, we will then be called to defend the country from the war with the elves, and we are back at square one.
No. 312735 ID: 0d095c

We just said we would telekenetically fatally wound the king with none the wiser and blame the elves. But hey. It was just a suggestion. We could try RUNNING or BECOMING A COMPETENT WIZARD. Every plan has a fatal flaw in it though.
No. 312812 ID: eba49f

I also say killing the king is a terrible idea. If nothing else, we would be known as a failure for letting him get killed.

People probably resist direct magical manipulation. However; here is something we should try:
You pick up a grain of sand with your telekinesis, then slam it into your enemy's head. The concentration of force in a small area should have an effect similar to stabbing them with a needle (except that length is not a problem and it does not have issues with bending like a physical needle would).
No. 312878 ID: c7b6a0

well you can take the diplomatic way out of it. why not simply remind everyone that it is certain they have their own great mages, and that we should not push for the use of magic in fear of escalating the problem?

also telekinesis? damm dude, you need some trainning.
No. 312903 ID: eba49f

Sure there are other spells you need than telekinesis, but if you use it well telekinesis is a great spell. (IMO the cheapest of the standard psi powers. Telepathy can be more powerful when it gets into mind control, but is also much more easily countered.)
No. 313562 ID: b6c6fc
File 130817158705.jpg - (192.26KB , 756x540 , WA2page6.jpg )

I am fairly certain it is completely impossible for the humble Telekinesis spell to do that

yes King Tulose's death would be very convenient for my situation

but how could this be achieved?

yes, the ambassador too must perish, elves are too clever and he would likely see through any subterfuge.

yes . . . framing the ambassador would be an ideal solution

it is exceedingly difficult to kill a man with telekinesis, and to do it with any degree of subtlety would be impossible
No. 313570 ID: c2c011

Well just because you can't use your spell to just sever a few bloodvessels doesn't mean you can do it subtly. Find a razor sharp metal shard, use telekinesis on it and float it up to king, slice throat and he bleeds out in seconds, dispose of blade and accuse cloaked elven assassins. The ambassador sadly did not survive the attempt to apprehend him.
No. 313571 ID: e3f578

It is very simple. Push the king off a high place using telekinesis with the elf nearby. Prejudice and racism will then force all officials to conclude that the elf is the kingslayer.

Or simply poison one of the king's drinks and place the poison within the elf's quarters. You'd have to keep track of the ambassadors location and lure him into the winery at least once. Racism will still prove to be the greatest tool in your plan.
No. 313577 ID: e3f578

You can make an auto-poison spell right? Or do you have to mix known spells and "make" your own spell? Try to make the composite magical poison a famous elven one.

Just hope some progressive douchebag that is intelligent with ample deductive skills wont get involved.
No. 313669 ID: 0d095c

I have an idea. The king is a fairly decent human being right? Find an incompetent JACKASS who DARED demand a position in the king's court. Make sure he is an arrogant loser, who is hungry for power. Give him a knife, convince him that you can turn him invisible so long as he does not speak, have him knife the king/ambassabor/both and then stab him with telekinesis when he tries to escape. Make sure you are JUUUUUST far enough away that you failing to save the king but killing the assassin is plausible.

Shocking how similar Lellonar is to the description I gave. I hope he's better at evil than he is at magic. I'm still bitter at his lack of Muscle Magic... If he isn't good at Evil I don't know what I'll do.
No. 313738 ID: 332ddc

with your current selection fo spells and its own limitations, you better try a sneak approach.

i liked the idea of framing the elf embassador, but this has the downside of actualy leading to a war on 2 fronts, thus increasing your demmand.

if you cant make way to peace, better pack your bags, loot what you can and leave.
No. 313869 ID: 28e94e

This is an excellent idea.
No. 315318 ID: b6c6fc
File 130854591670.jpg - (192.48KB , 756x540 , WA2page7.jpg )

it is the casting incantations and light from arcane power the will reveal me

but how would I lure the king to such a place with no witnesses?

Arcane poison is not a specialty of mine, but it is indeed an attempt I could make

this could work, but to find a patsy on such short notice may prove difficult . . .

a disgruntled young noble bursts into the room

Lellonar: "Bah what is it you want Geltic?"

Count Geltic: "Lellonar you lying Bastard!, you promised the elves would never set foot in the castle!"

Lellonar: "I have much to prepare for, we'll discuss this another time-"

Count Geltic: "Well discuss this NOW! our fool of a king is on the verge of declaring a war that will be the end of us all! now I need you to talk sense some sense into . . ."

I don't have time to deal with this fool . . .
No. 315320 ID: 07416a

Dunno, you both kinda want the same thing...
No. 315327 ID: 7bfeb5

...Right. If you prevent the war, then you don't have to use your magic to protect the kingdom.

Discuss this civilly.
No. 315357 ID: b6c6fc
File 130855058355.jpg - (177.27KB , 756x540 , WA2page8.jpg )

very well I shall speak to this fool

Geltic: "You must convince King Tulose to see reason!"

Lellonar: "at this point the King may as well be blind, he can no longer see what reason is, no we must now take matters into our own hands"

Geltic: "if he does not see reason then we must flee this land!, let the elf loving fools suffer the fates they deserve!"

hmmm Count Geltic seems even more concerned by this war than I . . .
No. 315377 ID: 46c430

Hmm... Well, if there's two of you who are opposed to entering the war with the elves... Perhaps there are more? Let's try and see how many other people share your opinions.
No. 315400 ID: e3f578

here's your damn patsy
let him in on half the motivations
have him kill the king and dress himself up as an elf, then fry his ass with a fire spell immediately after the king is slain you can make up at the cost of more mana to make his body completely unrecognizable and then quickly blame the ambassador as an accomplice in the regicide, that he must have let him in or something. Remember, the petty minds of regular human beings and the meatbag guards will be quick to agree with you irregardless of the elf's claims of innocence and he'll be hung.
just tell this chump about the plan except for the part where you kill him, replace that with letting him conveniently escape through "complex machinations" that you'll set up but you really won't because that's a lie.
If he needs convincing just tell the fool that if you and him leave the king will send the army on a manhunt for the both of you, leaving regicide as the best option here.
No. 315449 ID: b6c6fc
File 130858120528.jpg - (200.58KB , 756x540 , WA2page9.jpg )

a foolish plan, >>313669 this plan is far more to my liking.

in any case Geltic will still be of use to me

Lellonar casts a charm spell

Count Celtic: "master I live to serve . . . "

hmmm now what orders to give this puppet?
No. 315450 ID: 2b89ff


Clean my magic black hole, aka arse with your dick so this adventure gets kick-started!
No. 315452 ID: 0d095c

Roll with the Patsy plan! Convince this noble the king has betrayed him, and make him KILL the King and/or the Ambassador. Then, arrive JUUUUUUST barely too late to do anything and KILL the patsy with a Telekinetic neck snap.

Also, nice beard. Work out more, for a bigger beard!
No. 315454 ID: c2c011

To get close to the king while he's on the privy or something and knife him. Or get the king to a somewhat secluded area where people won't see you casting your spells while you do the whole floaty bladey throat slashey thing.

Something that kills the king atleast.
No. 315460 ID: a41aaf

Important point: When giving orders to him, disguise yourself as the elven ambassador (either with illusion, or good old-fashioned costumery). In the event everything goes tits-up and the guy gets captured alive, he'll still point the finger at the elves instead of you.
No. 315477 ID: b6c6fc
File 130859159541.jpg - (174.40KB , 756x540 , WA2page10.jpg )

a few minutes later

I have just discovered the king has asked the elf ambassador for a sword play lesson

we are outside the training hall now

that is of no concern, by the time Geltic becomes coherent he will remember none of this!

now how should I phrase this command?
No. 315479 ID: 07416a

Run yourself up their swords and kill them both.

Also, abort the whole "Trying to stop the assassination" thing. That is retarded and likely to get you caught. And killed. Dead.
No. 315487 ID: c2c011

He's to go in there all friendly like and then shank the king in the throat, followed by shanking the elf. Act friendly and courteous until he's right next to them.

Also, you're probably going to have to personally supervise it to make sure he gets them and that they don't surivive their injuries.
No. 315517 ID: 1854db

Or we could be clever and telekinesis the elf's sword into the king, and then finish the elf off because obviously it was murder.
No. 315524 ID: b6c6fc
File 130860442705.jpg - (177.19KB , 756x540 , WA2page11.jpg )

after I'm sure Geltic understands my instructions, we enter the training hall.

* * *

King Tulose: "Geltic? what is it- argh!"

the guard and the elf are momentarily stunned by the sudden turn of events
No. 315533 ID: 28e94e

No. 315535 ID: 28e94e

(just to be clear, I mean the assassin)
No. 315540 ID: 55c8ab


get stumped before doing something.

maybe its best for the embassador to kill him. scream for guards and medic, try to "capture" the puppet and kill him if the embassador doesnt.
No. 315548 ID: 07416a


No. 315555 ID: 0d095c

STOP GELTIC! STOP HIM! You were foolish enough to enter the room with him at your side, make this good to avert suspicion. Shout, "GELTIC, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?" And telekinetically knock him off balance. If you do it right, he'll fall into the elvish ambassador and be spitted on the guys' sword, making it look like you tried to get him alive but accidentally killed him.

DON'T LET THIS END UP LIKE MACBETH. DO NOT kill ANYONE after this incident is over unless we specifically tell you to. Too many murders will put all the suspicion on you. You can testify at the trial, however, that Geltic had been babbling that the King was an Elf Lover and would bring doom to this land, and TRUTHFULLY at that.

This should eliminate ALL problems, and hopefully the NEXT king will hate elves. If the heir is too young, try and angle yourself to become his advisor, or even Regent. Then you can seize power without any problem...

And remember, your excuse for coming in with Geltic was that he was distraught and said he needed to speak to the king, and asked you to help him find him.
No. 315584 ID: b6c6fc
File 130861157640.jpg - (174.64KB , 756x540 , WA2page12.jpg )

Lellonar: "Geltic! what have you done man? are you mad?, somebody stop him!"

Ambassador: "Yield traitor!"

Geltic: . . .

Ambassador: "by the stars! this man's been hexed!"
No. 315593 ID: c2c011

Well the king looks dead, but we must make sure. Have to kill the elf and the guard as well. Grab the dagger telekinetically and kill the elf, then kill the guardsman as well. If our patsy is still alive at that point then we kill him as well. After which we get out of there.
No. 315597 ID: 07416a

Everyone but you is ON FIRE NOW. Make it happen please.
No. 315605 ID: 7bfeb5

Why would we need to kill the elf and guard? Just wait as long as you think is plausible for you being in shock, then TK the mindslave's sword and stab him with it.

Also, why didn't you tell us you could mind control? That's useful magics, we gotta know this stuff man!
No. 315625 ID: 28e94e

TK-backstab the assassin. Pretend to be shocked by what just happened.
No. 315626 ID: c2c011

Because the elf knows our patsy has been hexxed. And we can't just kill the elf without killing the guard. There is also the slight chance that the king isn't dead yet and might make it if help arrives soon enough. Or we could be asked to give that help in the form of magical healing, which would reveal that we're not as awesome magicians as we say, which is the whole reason why we're killing the king.

So to make the plan work everyone in the room has to die.
No. 315635 ID: 0d095c

DAMMIT LELLONAR. YOU SUCK AT EVADING SUSPICION. Act all shocked and crap and RESTRAIN THE BASTARD with your TK spell. And PRAY TO YOUR GOD that Geltic doesn't remember the moments BEFORE you charmed him. AND NEXT TIME DON'T BE SUCH A DUMB ASS AS TO WALK IN NEXT TO THE ASSASSIN.

You REALLY suck at forward thinking, Lellonar! I'm starting to miss the dessicated Elf corpse we use to be stuck with. At least they had a snazzy hat. Then again, they were even worse at magic than Lellonar.
No. 315712 ID: b6c6fc
File 130862399768.jpg - (178.55KB , 756x540 , WA2page13.jpg )

Lellonar draws his wand and casts Telekinesis on the knife
No. 315730 ID: 55c8ab

what have you done???

kill the guard with the elf embassador weapon!
No. 315775 ID: 07416a

Tell Geltric to charge the guard, then repeat what you just did on the guard with the sword.
No. 315786 ID: 7bfeb5

Godammit why do you keep following our WORST suggestions??
...Or are you just following the first ones.

Anyway, well, in for an inch... KILL EVERYONE. Well, everyone in the room.
No. 315875 ID: c2c011

Excellent, now kill the guard before he can raise the alarm. Then we make away with our patsy. After that we can either alert the guards ourselves or go someplace and chill until this heinous crime is discovered.
No. 315919 ID: 28e94e

>picking the worst possible suggestion
>even when half the suggestions are specifically saying not to do it
No. 315920 ID: 28e94e

Anyway, let's just kill the guard with the elf's sword and HOPE TO GOD nothing else goes wrong.
No. 316117 ID: 370aa3
File 130870486828.jpg - (75.50KB , 756x540 , WA2page14.jpg )

Lellonar commands Geltic to charge the guard
Lellonar casts telekinesis on the elf's sword

the bastard elf realized Geltic was charmed, as the only true spell caster in the castle I could not allow for that information to -

Lellonar misses

oh dear . . .
No. 316127 ID: 1854db

Follow through and nail the guard with the sword.
No. 316140 ID: 0d095c

Lellonar. I am going to make this very clear. Follow through with that sword swing and kill the guard. Then VERY CAREFULLY avoid suspicion by sounding the alarm and calling for help, AFTER you are certain there is nothing to link you and the murders besides YOUR PRESENCE YOU THUNDERING MORON. THEN call the guards. We will talk you through the trial. If you do EXACTLY AS THE INTELLIGENT ONES say, you will live. So in all likelihood, you are screwed you incredible moron. I miss the Elf corpse. Is there any chance we can make that guy come back as a Skeleton or Mummy or something?
No. 316182 ID: 370aa3
File 130871765029.jpg - (168.98KB , 756x540 , WA2page15.jpg )

Lellonar continues
No. 316187 ID: 07416a

Oh, and are you capable of erasing memories or anything?
No. 316189 ID: 07416a

Try to get back to your room without encountering anyone. Leave this to be discovered by someone else.
No. 316191 ID: 1854db

Rotate him around so that he falls towards the other two bodies. This will make it look like he was attempting to assist but got cut down, instead of like he was trying to attack someone at the door and got killed.
No. 316259 ID: c2c011

Move the body so it looks like he was killed further away from the door. Then it's time to get out of here and hope that nobody saw anything.

Go back to your room, read some wizardy books, eat something and maybe have a sip of wine. Wait for the guards to find the very dead people themselves.
No. 316268 ID: 0d095c

Remain TOTALLY UNSEEN if you leave this room. If even ONE witnesses sees you on the way back, or, gods forbid, LEAVING THAT ROOM, well, you might as well just jump off the tower, because you will have NO EXCUSE AT ALL. And also, make sure you don't get ANY blood on yourself. AT ALL.
No. 316292 ID: c2c011

Right, we can make up new magic also. Use a invisibility spell to get out of here unseen.
No. 316293 ID: 370aa3
File 130875527906.jpg - (162.78KB , 756x540 , WA2page16.jpg )

if being unseen is paramount then there's nothing else for it

Lellonar casts invisibility

perhaps, though I've not tried that type of spell before
No. 316296 ID: c2c011

Ok, time to get back to your room and rest up to recover some mana. Wait for someone else to find the mess and call you in for consultation. Be very surprised at the whole affair, not too surprised though. You know just normal shock at someone killing the king, the patsy, the ambassador and a guard.
No. 316299 ID: 0d095c

Also, Lellonar, you LIED. You said you sucked at magic, and would die horribly in the war. Yet you just murdered a room full of armed warriors with TK, mind controlled one, and TURNED YOURSELF INVISIBLE TO ESCAPE. You can't think of ANY WAY that could be useful in a war? You basically just fucked over the kingdom for NO REASON! You only used HALF your MP to perform an assassination on a KING. And no one suspects you! If you weren't so bad at planning, you'd be unstoppable. That's where we come in, I suppose.
No. 316319 ID: 0bd0b0

Lellonar, how fast are you able to regenerate mana? Can you absorb it from certain sources like people? Potions probably work.
No. 316346 ID: 370aa3
File 130877259597.jpg - (183.47KB , 756x540 , WA2page17.jpg )

Lellonar reaches his chambers then dismisses the invisibility

Ha Ha! now no one shall ever suspect my involvement, the perfect crime has been achieved!

No. 316393 ID: a928a0

did anyoe saw you walking there?

also. you did not prevented any war. soon the kingdom will be in political shambles with enemies at the door.
No. 316420 ID: 980ade


Implying there was going to be a war and we weren't just supposed to start an internal conflict that would help him gain more power.

I really hope he was smart enough to plan something like this (that is know we would help him plan this whole thing instead of just "lemme get some advice"). Because otherwise I'll be really dissapointed.
No. 326698 ID: e1c562
File 131078663802.jpg - (86.27KB , 756x540 , WA2page18.jpg )

it is said men are the tools of gods, and their actions are a reflection of the god that most favors them
No. 326699 ID: e1c562
File 131078679834.jpg - (133.09KB , 756x540 , WA2page19.jpg )

not an hour passed before I was summoned from my chambers.

it's seems Prince Galathas desires my aid with solving mystery behind some recent horrible regecide

Two of his knights and the captian of the guard have escorted me to the scene of the crime

after a show of confusion murmuring and poorly guessed explanations the Prince turns to me

Galathas: "tell me wizard, what do your arcane eyes make of all this?"
No. 326705 ID: 4f4447

Tell them something like 'I see murder, and little else, but this can be fixed'.

say that you need certain spell components or a focus for an advanced spell such as peering into the past. Ask for someone to retrieve some mundane items that will take a few minutes, then ask for everything that is known about the killings, and if anyone else is working on it. The more we know, the easier to lie.
No. 326856 ID: c71597

Ask them if they moved anything, then tell them you're going to need some space to work and some stuff to work with to find out.

After which we tell them the story we want to be spread. Possibly that the elf killed everyone or whatever we feel like.
No. 326863 ID: 0d095c

Blame DEMONS. Cmon, it's easy. Everyone always blames demons. Did you at least clean the blood off your hands Lellonar?
No. 326868 ID: 28e94e

For now, tell them you'll need several minutes to examine the corpses.

After a while, come out and tell them the following story: The elf possessed Geltic and made him kill the king. He then murdered the guard because he'd witnessed it. Geltic's possession wore off, and they killed each other.
No. 326885 ID: e3f578

Yeah, just tell him arcane magics only work well for offense and defense, maybe some mundane actions like moving items. There's no such things as forensics spells or weird psychic crime spells like Divination or some shit. Tell him you're basically smart enough to do some basic detective work but an experienced detective has more chance to figure out the truth than you. Fortunately, there shouldn't be a way for him to detect your involvement since most of your shit was pulled off with mind control magic (and your telekinesis sword swing at the end, but this scene is all messed up to accurately guess that) and unless he has a way to detect mind control magics, no problem.

You can admit your not an all-knowing wizard, no one expects you to be that (unless you admitted your a god-like wizard with unmatched and unimaginable power then holy fuck you're retarded). Just an adviser and being a generally powerful wizard, which you sorta are since you pulled this off. You're trained in telekinesis but you just need to be creative and wise enough and have the proper mana to do the creative spells you come up with. You know, in all honesty, I forgot why you were so damned worried about this coming war, you have enough mana to mind control and do some razzle dazzle, your charade could have lasted.
No. 326898 ID: e1c562
File 131084730453.jpg - (121.53KB , 756x540 , WA2page20.jpg )

Lellonar: "I see murder and little else, but this can be fixed"

I explain to the them what "arcane compenents" I will need to solve this murder.

the Prince dispatches a servant to collect the materials, in the meantime I ask the Captian for more details.

Captian: "whoever did this had a great deal'o skill AN power. judgin by the devestat'n swings and the ability to vanish so quickly after killin four armed men.
If you ask me I reckon this to be the work of some sort of demon!"

The two knights nod in agreement with Captian Rubelt's statement
Prince Galathas on the other hand seems less then impressed by this explanation.

Lellonar: "has anything been moved?"

Captian: "no sir"

Lellonar: "good, I shall examine the bodies"

I put on a show of examining the bodies, find nothing I didn't already know.
No. 326928 ID: 07416a

Tell them that it appears that the elf killed the king, then the guard and Geltic, but Geltic was able to get revenge before he succumbed to his wounds.
No. 326933 ID: 0d095c

NO. Bullshit that something conjured a Demon who promptly SLAUGHTERED everyone in the room, then ran out of energy and vanished. Blame it on a piece of jewelry or a mark of some sort on the elvish ambassador. If there IS no mark on the ambassador besides his enormous sword wounds, then MAKE one. But make sure NO ONE CAN SEE YOU DO IT.
No. 327008 ID: e1c562
File 131086526130.jpg - (134.81KB , 756x540 , WA2page21.jpg )

Lellonar: "I agree with the Captian, indeed this was the work of a demon."

Captian: "HAH! I knew it!"

Galathas: "a demon? what evidence have you to support such a claim? I smell no brimstone I see not the marks of hellish fire. what do you see and smell that I have missed?"
No. 327014 ID: 0d095c
File 131086592260.jpg - (38.34KB , 562x600 , gallery_11038_597_19415.jpg )

Tell him that he is a fool to think that all demons are so unsubtle. Tell him that when necessary, they can be conniving and insidious beings. When they want to.
No. 327033 ID: 07416a

Yes, just start raving.
No. 327117 ID: c71597

Demons are tricky beasts. They use the whole brimstone and flames thing when they're after intimidation and terror tactics, but that doesn't mean that they can't use more subtle means to get their work done. There's also the possibility that someone summoned the demon and ordered them to do this, could be some infernalist cult out there just waiting to unleash a horde of demons on the kingdom right now.
No. 327386 ID: e1c562
File 131096552869.jpg - (132.09KB , 756x540 , WA2page22.jpg )

Lellonar: "Demons are tricky beasts. They use the whole brimstone and flames thing when they're after intimidation and terror tactics, but that doesn't mean that they can't use more subtle means to get their work done. There's also the distinct possibility that someone summoned the demon and ordered them to do this, could be some infernal cult out there just waiting to unleash a horde of demons on the kingdom right now.

Galathas: "I would imagine summoning such a creature would be difficult work, and would require a man of great knowledge of the dark arts to pull off. how did such a man enter my kingdom with out your detecting him?"
No. 327394 ID: 384e35

"It is entirely possible the demon was summoned out of the bounds of your kingdom, disguised, and sent to do his work here."
No. 327403 ID: e3f578

You are merely a master wizard of arcane knowledge and practice. There's no such thing as a spell to detect someone's specific knowledge and experiences and magic power of either dark or light elements is not measured in quantity or weird detectable radiation, it is but mere knowledge. Magic is an art studied, like science, it is not gained through magic rays, genetics or other crazy whatnots.

Basically, say trying to detect power levels is a thing of fiction. A motherfucker could have a magic skill of 10 or over 9000 you can't fucking tell because it's skill and this shit ain't got units of measurement. Bitches just got to have rituals written down somewhere or in their head to summon the demon. Then who cares, say you can't sense powerful summons either, like a technique hasn't been invented yet or it's just as impossible.
No. 327455 ID: c71597

There are ways to hide ones magical signature, not a field in which you have great expertise since you're more combat oriented. Or magical artifacts that can duplicate the effect and maintain it for far longer.

Or the magician could have simply found a stealthy way to insert the demon into the palace without triggering your magical detection devices. Could even be that the demon had taken possession of one of the people in the room and once here reassumed its own shape and then possessed someone else and wandered off again. The possibilities of what a twisted but intelligent mind can come up with to get into some place using magic is almost infinite.
No. 327500 ID: e1c562
File 131100131238.jpg - (128.75KB , 756x540 , WA2page23.jpg )

I choose to go over in intricate detail how this task could be done, the prince doesn't seem to follow and after a while, he simply get's aggravated.

Galathas: "bah! what ever the method, one thing has not changed, YOU were responsible for protecting this land from arcane threats! you have failed your king.

I should have you executed for incompetence, but as a fair King I'll give you one chance at redemption.

I want this summoner's head! and it will be you who gets it, understand this for it will be your head on the pike if you fail!"

with that the Prince storms off

I don't think he likes me

The Prince then calls back.

Galathas: "expect a cleric in the morning, he will be assisting you!"
No. 327503 ID: c71597

Ok, so we need a practioner of the dark arts. Or atleast someone looking enough like it. Preferably far away, and preferably the cleric should perish in the attempt as well.

Lets go to the study and look at maps as well as a few history books and religious books. Find some legend or something about a place with a dark and nasty history, then we go there, try to find some practioner of the dark arts and cut off their head. If no dark and evil wizard is found then we just cut of someone evil looking dude's head, or maybe just a head. If it's far away enough then the head is likely to be decayed beyond recognition once you get back.
No. 327536 ID: 830e2a

> We need a person who has been in touch with demons.
Then we need to create some "evil cult" evidence, kill some more people who we blame are cultists (fry their bodies) and return with the head of their "leader", in this case the one with most "evil aura" surronding him.
Might as well make this "quest" as long as possible.
Yes! That's a perfect idea! We might as well use this oppurtunity to find a magical item that will aid us in the future by reading myths.
No. 327542 ID: e3f578

This prince's terms and beliefs about wizard's powers are ridiculous. Hell even if you were a master wizard you couldn't have protected the king if our lie was a truth. what a pompous dick, if we didn't really commit the regicide he would really be pushing it.

Fuck his quest, let's kill him and let's say we did it.
The answer is always more regicide.
No. 327543 ID: e3f578

when i say "let's say we did it" I mean did his quest. Just get a smuck next door's head and burn it beyond recognition and show it to the captain.
No. 327547 ID: 0d095c

I recommend we simply tell our friends that the prince is an unreasonable shit head and leave. Seriously? This guy hates you because he blames you for his father's death (quite rightly heheheh) and will never be satisfied. He most likely intends to kill you regardless of what happens.
No. 327687 ID: e1c562
File 131102333930.jpg - (127.26KB , 756x540 , WA2page24.jpg )

I head back to my study

after looking through some of my journals I remember there being a cultist encampment in the western woods.

this leaves me with three options

1: I kill cultists as to my lords request
2: go to the village east of here and kill some random peasant a pretend he was a cultist.
or 3: flee the kingdom
No. 327690 ID: 1854db

Flee! That's what we were out to do in the first place, right?

But make it look like you went after the cultists and died.
No. 327691 ID: 07416a

Kill some cultists. Send a report back that the arch-heretic is hurf durf whatever and then "chase him" off somewhere where people are not trying to kill you. And by chase I mean he should not actually exist and is just an excuse.
No. 327717 ID: c71597

Lets kill some cultists. Then it's possibly time for more regicide until we get a king we like.
No. 327726 ID: 0d7a83

4: Join cultists. Actually get better at magic.
No. 327734 ID: 27858b

has a point. you do have a lot of people fooled but your tongue has already betrayed you. if you seriously cannot get better at magic, simply flee.

another choice is to use the little you know to actualy follow trhu real investigations of cultists, while trainning what you can in cleric magic. you will use the excuse that you want to learn why you failed, so you will start from ground zero with the cleric as a teacher.

having sucess at that part, you must find a way to blame the summoning of demons/the death of them to a party foreign to the country, wich will be your excuse for the failure in its detection.
No. 327851 ID: e1c562
File 131104871197.jpg - (123.33KB , 756x540 , WA2page25.jpg )

the next morning

myself and some cleric have travel to the edge of the western woods

what ever the ultimate goal, finding these cultists is my first objective
No. 327852 ID: 07416a

Tell us more about this... "Cleric".
No. 327870 ID: 0bd0b0

He does not look very powerful. We may be able to use some mind magics and fool him into relaying a convincing story, in case things don't go our way. Cultists aren't well known for being weak.
No. 327964 ID: c71597

Chat a bit with the cleric to see what his experiances are. If he has ever been in combat before, ever killed a man and stuff like that. See if he's someone we can rely on to do some of the work or if he's just some pancy ass.
No. 327987 ID: 830e2a

Speak to the cleric and ask him about cultists, his white magic spells and if he likes the idea of having the prince act as the king after the assassination.
> make the cleric see that there is a conspiracy in the kingdom. First suspect, the prince.
No. 328234 ID: e1c562
File 131111678597.jpg - (113.55KB , 756x540 , WA2page26.jpg )

He is brother Partheon a fledgling priest of some sort.

Lellonar: "tell me boy, have you ever bared arms against the enemy slain heathen in combat or the like?"

Partheon: "I'm afraid not my lord, my service to the Order has not been a long one and my time has been spent mostly in prayer."

Lellonar: "this may get a little rough, I must warn you cultist are a dangerous lot."

Partheon: "I am read to give my life in service of the kingdom!"

Lellonar: "so what manner blessings can we be expecting from your god?"

Partheon: "the goods work in mysterious ways my lord, it is hard to say in what ways the will work, but if our motives be pure we can count on their protection."
No. 328236 ID: c71597

Well then we know we can't count on those divine assholes or this wanker then. Let him eat a cultist dagger or something.

Well maybe he got some detect cultist mojo or something. Ask him if he can sense the dark gods at work in any place.
No. 328328 ID: 0bd0b0

We should focus on keeping this guy alive. We can use magic to make him believe whatever we want so he can tell of our heroic slaying of a cultist leader and his followers when really we just brought back the head of some peasant. Lellonar may not be powerful enough to actually do this the way he is expected to.
No. 328379 ID: 46c430

If we wanted to do that, why are we here at the forest? Asides, the elf could tell right off when we enchanted that other guy, and the prince may be suspicious enough to check if we charmed the priest here. Let's just ask what he can do, and then continue on into the forest.
No. 328642 ID: e1c562
File 131119679437.jpg - (131.77KB , 756x540 , WA2page27.jpg )

I doubt I'll get any practical information out of this fool, so I'll give my own recollection of what a novice priest can do

1: heal light injuries
2: ward off dark magic
3: inspire courage

* * *

we come to a fork in the road
No. 328643 ID: 1854db

With no indication of where to go...

Go left.
No. 328644 ID: 35e1a0

approach the fork and act like you are magicing up a direction to go. then pick one at random.
No. 328645 ID: 07416a

No. 328648 ID: 0d7a83

Get out your wand, sway it back and forth between the two paths, then go left.
No. 328655 ID: c71597

Hmm, yeah sure, lets go left.
No. 328699 ID: e1c562
File 131120611261.jpg - (148.08KB , 756x540 , WA2page28.jpg )

we travel down the left hand path

* * *

hmmm, well I believe we've found the cultists
No. 328700 ID: 0bd0b0

... Really? Shortest adventure ever.
No. 328702 ID: e3f578

Give him a slight push forward and say give him courage and ward that evil right off. Say it should be simple, even for a novice, they're just maddened cultists. Barely able to structure an action, they are. Then when they're done killing him chuckle loudly and thank the cultists for the show.
No. 328703 ID: c71597

Hmm, they certainly look evil enough. And they got a wizard dude there. Need to take him down quickly, telekinetically grab the chick's sword and use it to carve up the enemy wizard.

If anyone gets close then toss the cleric at them to tangle them up.
No. 328707 ID: e3f578

ooooon second thought, let's just kill these fuckers in case the prince sent some spy after you to make sure you follow through.

Yoink the wizard's staff right out of his hands with telekinesis then mind control one of these chumps to fight to others, first stab the wizard before moving on to the main group. Just remember to stand behind the cleric as a meat shield.
No. 328708 ID: 1854db

Using telekinesis to yank the wizard's staff away is the first priority. Chances are he could cast something that would just RUIN us.

I don't think we should use mind control here. That would make us a suspect in orchestrating the king's death. Telekinesis is suspicious enough.
No. 328710 ID: 0d095c

Grab the wizard's staff via telekinesis.

No. 328720 ID: 0d7a83

Sacrifice priest for dark powers.
No. 328741 ID: 644ca1

The target is the other wizard.

No. 328788 ID: e1c562
File 131122125424.jpg - (146.60KB , 756x540 , WA2page29.jpg )


Lellonar: "Partheon, hold off those cultist, I'll deal with their leader!"

Partheon: "may the golden light protect us!"

The priest castes some manner of protection spell and proves to be an adequate meat shield.
No. 328790 ID: 35e1a0

flip it around and slam the pointy bit into the female's skull. then throw knife and use more telekinesis to make it strike the leader in the heart.
No. 328802 ID: 5b2a97

Impale the woman with the staff, then telekinetically stab the wizard with your knife.
No. 328927 ID: c71597

Kill the shit out of that wizard with his own staff, do it quickly before he has time raise a shield or something. Then it's time to grab some swords and kill the rest of them.
No. 329383 ID: e1c562
File 131131706606.jpg - (144.55KB , 756x540 , WA2page30.jpg )

if there's one thing to know about fighting wizards, NEVER give them the chance to caste a spell.

he made this mistake. I WON'T!

summoner: "AAAaargh!"

the female cultist drops her sword and shrieks in terror

No. 329386 ID: 1854db

Make with the telefists against the cultists the priest is fighting.

...or maybe you could help the cultists with telekinesis. Depends on what we want to do here. Kill the priest, or just the cultists?
No. 329409 ID: 0bd0b0

Kill cultists, cut off the head of the wizard guy, call it a day? And brainwash the priest for good measure. Can't see any good reason to kill him. It would be a very suspicious thing for the priest to die along the way. You are supposed to be some super magic guy that is awesome.
No. 329442 ID: c71597

Grab a blade or two and chop down the cultists, then chop off the head of the enemy wizard and start walking home.
No. 329461 ID: 644ca1

Help the priest, use telekinesis to punch one of them in the face. In other words, CAST FIST!
No. 329462 ID: c04c0d

We don't know what type of divine protection the priest has so best not be meddling with him just yet.
No. 329492 ID: 00d3d5

Use your mind control to make the female cultist verbally defiant but physically passive.
Capture the female cultist, then kill the rest. Tell the cleric to report your success back to the prince while you interrogate the female cultist.
If he wants to stay then tell him a proper interrogation is going to take quite a long time, it can't wait for you to bring her back to the castle, it's not safe to bring her back to the castle, the prince needs to be informed immediately, and priests don't have the stomach for a proper interrogation.

After he's gone, take your robe off, slash it up, soak it in blood, put it on a corpse, burn the corpse beyond all recognition, leave identifying items behind, and run off with your new minion. Run FAR off, since when you fail to return and they find your apparent corpse they'll send in the army to clear this forest out with extreme prejudice.
No. 329498 ID: 0bd0b0

The prince wants "this summoner's head". The powerful guy we killed was labelled as "summoner". Victory.
No. 329571 ID: 1854db

If we're gonna put down a fake corpse, better make sure it's a NEW corpse. Otherwise a simple headcount would call suspicion on it being yours.

I think it would be best if we used the female cultist for this.
No. 329630 ID: e1c562
File 131137444319.jpg - (149.28KB , 756x540 , WA2page31.jpg )

Lellonar casts telekinesis
No. 329640 ID: 07416a

Yank the sword from her hands and strike her in the back of the head with the pommel. HARD.
No. 329651 ID: c71597

Tell the priest to occupy the incoming wench while you grab the sword one of them dropped in their haste to run away and cut him down with it. Then finish the one you just stunned and then it's time to decapitate the wench as well. Using mind magic to make her confess to something can backfire on you, better to have the priest's story of your awesome skill in battle and your bravery.
No. 329929 ID: e1c562
File 131139946601.jpg - (143.10KB , 756x540 , WA2page32.jpg )

I doubt the priest will be of any assistance at the moment
No. 329985 ID: 07416a

Convient. Welp, that's that. Make sure she's out. Can you charm her fine enough that'll she'll 'admit' that the cultists were summoning demons without being obviously charmed like Geltic?
No. 329986 ID: 07416a

More importantly, heal him if you can and he's not TOO dead.
No. 329997 ID: 1854db

One fled. Wanna bet he's gone to get reinforcements? You may want to skedaddle.
No. 330000 ID: 0bd0b0

Now is time to enact the brainwashing upon either of the living subjects, I would prefer the young priest as he is credible. And cut the summoner guy's head off for extra proof.

Also chase after the minion that fled if you can. If he escapes it will be bad for Lellonar in the future. All loose ends need to be tied or they may grow out of control.
No. 330010 ID: c71597

Check if the priest is still alive, if he is then tie up his wounds. Then cut off the head of the summoner, tie it to your belt and then hoist the priest up on your back and start making your way back home. Slice the throat of the remaining cultist while you're at it.
No. 330057 ID: 4f4447

Don't forget upon return to have some dramatic flair on the order of 'I have slain the kingslayers'. Be self-righteous a bit about your quest for 'revenge', all that.
No. 330072 ID: e1c562
File 131143768661.jpg - (134.05KB , 756x540 , WA2page33.jpg )

the fleeing cultist is too far, I would need some sort of spell to catch him

I make sure the cultists are a knocked out, then turn my attention to Partheon . . . he is dead.
No. 330074 ID: c71597

Well fuck, we're going to need to drag the corpse back anyway. And possibly the surviving cultist to act as a witness of how awesome we were in the fight.

Ok, first things first. Get the head off the summoner, then cut off his clothes to use as bindings for the cultist and to strap Partheon's corpse to her. Then it's time to get her up and get moving away from here.
No. 330081 ID: 00d3d5

We don't want the cultist saying anything that would disprove our demon story, so see if you can put a permanent charm spell on her to bind her loyalty to you.
No. 330144 ID: 1854db

I think we should just kill the cultists. Also, cast a fleetfoot spell on yourself so you can catch up to the fleeing one. Or maybe a haste spell. Making it up on the spot may take too much mana though, useful as full-on haste would be.
No. 330157 ID: 00d3d5

No, we want survivors so we can use them to fake our death and skip the country.
No. 330162 ID: 1854db

...why do we need alive people to fake our death?
No. 330234 ID: 0bd0b0

We are faking our death?
No. 330259 ID: c71597

Not yet. We wouldn't really have anywhere to go anyway if we did. The Prince is probably a bit suspicious at us right now though. But hopefully a nice summoner head can change his disposition.
No. 330306 ID: 00d3d5

Because inanimate corpses are notoriously bad at killing things.
No. 330313 ID: 1854db

That matters why?
No. 330336 ID: 00d3d5

If we fake our death and skip the country then nobody will look for us.
If we skip the country without faking our death then the prince will send soldiers after us.

The difference between the two is a living cultist being spotted wearing our blood-stained clothes as spoils of war, or it showing up on a mangled and unidentifiable corpse.
No. 330393 ID: 0bd0b0

rolled 7 = 7

What I am about to say would be more appropriate in a discussion thread, if one existed for this quest. (i couldnt find one).

I don't think the prince will have Lellonar executed if he is satisfied with the results. Then we may be free to conspire against him, possibly become the king ourselves. At least save our own ass. I am not one for honor, but cowardice is boring. I respect your opinion, feel free to disagree.

Rolled in case a majority is not met.
No. 330427 ID: e1c562
File 131147947883.jpg - (141.70KB , 756x540 , WA2page34.jpg )

I take the cultist woman's sword and cleave off the summoner's head

hah! I've achieved my mission!

Or have I? will a false assassin's head sway the prince's opinion of me? will all be well?

or perhaps it'd be best duck and run, I could perhaps send the prince an arcane message giving some excuse to buy me some time but where would I go?

I have a difficult choice ahead of me, and the decision must be made soon . . .
No. 330435 ID: 00d3d5

Send him your location and the following:
"Summoner killed. Forest full of cultists. Partheon dead. Don't think I'm far behind."

Then put a sword through your coat as if you were wearing it, cover one of the stab holes with blood as if you were on top of it and bleeding out, charm that female cultist, make her take you to her camp, make her give it to somebody and say she took it off some dead wizard then return to you, and finally flee this land with your new minion never to return.
No. 330546 ID: c71597

His opinion might not change that much, but you will probably gain a bit more respect from other important members of the court. Which would be helpful to you and keep the prince from just having you killed, atleast if you can gain allies in the royal guards, and maybe point out that the prince has been acting a bit irrational since the king died, sending out untrained priests on highly dangerous missions and all that. Get enough support and maybe you can do regicide part 2 and possibly become the ruler after this one, or atleast decide who becomes the next ruler.

Which means you're going to have to return, so bundle up the summoner's head in his clothes, then sling the priest's corpse over your shoulder (this is to show your piety and respect for your fellow men, rather than leave him to be desecrated by the enemy you take his corpse along with you) and possibly kill the last female cultist. Yeah probably better to do that, she would only be trouble anyway.
No. 330551 ID: 0d7a83

You want to say something like this, but you need to beef it up a bit. Leave some cryptic warning that the threat is much greater than you thought and that some ancient evil has awoken so you must try to stop it etc etc.
No. 330560 ID: 0d095c

Pose Partheon's body in a respectable funerary position, then continue after the cultist. We must battle onward. If we gain enough respect in court, and accomplish all the bullshit tasks the prince assigns us, he won't DARE try to harm us, as we'd have the loyalty of the people, and he'd be a bratty prince.
No. 330707 ID: 07416a

Set up a controlled longterm telekinesis spell to carry the bodies of the female cultist and the priest, then retreat as quickly as possible. Also distribute a few scorch marks and scatter blood so the battle looks much larger than it was.
No. 330828 ID: 55c4cf

Let's pretend to be a hero. This seems like it is difficult, but for the most part any problems will be obvious. Fleeing would still be sort of suspect, and we could have enemies after us in the shadows instead of in our faces.

Let's just hope we don't screw up our bluff.
No. 331163 ID: e1c562
File 131161390003.jpg - (143.04KB , 756x540 , WA2page35.jpg )

>Respect from the court
the court nobles care for nothing but lining their own pockets, the fact that I killed the kings assassin means little to them.

>I'd have the loyalty of the people
Wizards are viewed as little better then demon worshipers by the common people. it is more likely they would cheer at the prospect of my execution

Lellonar castes a RUN spell to catch up to the fleeing cultist
No. 331164 ID: 00d3d5

Then give this guy your coat and screw with his memories so he thinks he killed and ate you, then gather your new minion and leave the kingdom.
No. 331176 ID: 252e1b

Kill the king and all the other nobles! That'll show them!
No. 331199 ID: c2c011

Kill his fucking ass in a messy and brutal fashion. Here is a victim that you can take out all of your anger and aggression at and still be safe, let loose and have fun.

Then kill the female cultist, collect Partheons corpse and start on your way back. If the nobles are only after money then you could try for their support by hinting at the money to be gained by supporting you and maybe a slight shift in the kingdom's rule, like say a council of nobles rather than a king.
No. 331251 ID: 0d095c

ARE YOU ALL COMPLETELY INSANE!? We are ALREADY on thin ice. Hinting at REBELLION will simply get us executed. Naw, we're better off leaving, forming our own cult, and building a massive army of daemons to exterminate those fools. After we deliver the Summoner's Head of course.
No. 331371 ID: e1c562
File 131164879945.jpg - (134.88KB , 756x540 , WA2page36.jpg )

>alter his memory
a complex memory charm is probably beyond my current mana threshold

Lellonar uses telekinesis to kill the cultist

>return head, build cult.
it would be very difficult to build a cult under Galathas' suspecting eye
No. 331480 ID: 07416a

Set up an alarm spell. Go find somewhere to sit on the female cultist and sleep for the night.
No. 331682 ID: c2c011

Kill female cultist, grab head, grab Partheon's body, start on your way back. We have done what we were sent to do, the prince is probably still going to be a suspicious ass, but we can get to him at court. If we try to fake our death or run or some shit like that then we can't get to him anymore, we're out of the loop and out of the halls of power, our ability to influence things go down to zero.
No. 331695 ID: 1cf58e

eh. it seems you fell short on something that could justify the mess you made.

do they look foreign to you? the female cultist is alive, she may hint to others her master wasnt even planning killing the king like that. its also possible they are a part of the war plan of the enemy...

better to interrogate whoever looks alive to kill them later. also do they have any strange possessions? a map could do, just scribble a path to the castle and you could have a justifiable excuse to either go there or blame who was there.
No. 331786 ID: e1c562
File 131171414620.jpg - (140.92KB , 756x540 , WA2page37.jpg )

>also do they have any strange possessions?

Lellonar searches the bodies for strange possessions, and finds a SPELL SCROLL!

Ah, what luck! I can use spell scrolls to learn new spells!

>female cultist.
I'm not quite sure what I want to do with the cultist women but clearly she will be more useful

what should be done with the second cultist though?
No. 331787 ID: 07416a

Take your time on the way back. Bind her and alter her memories when you have the mana so that she actually remembers summoning a demon.

Actually, ask if they summoned a demon first. Maybe you get a lucky coincidence.
No. 331788 ID: 35e1a0

can you figure out what spell is on the scroll before using it?
No. 331808 ID: c2c011

Kill all, carry the head and the body of the priest back.
No. 332001 ID: e1c562
File 131173430593.jpg - (140.48KB , 756x540 , WA2page38.jpg )

Whatever the plan, it's unlikely I'll need TWO cultists.

Lellonar executes a cultist

>what's on the scroll
I would need to caste a READ MAGIC spell to find out whats on the scroll or to master said spell.
No. 332009 ID: 1cf58e

im prtty sure you shouldnt keep 2 cultist alive even if one of them is cultist chan

tie her up, interrogate the bonk out of her. you gotta figure out their plans in order to figure out if you can use it to clear yourself and possibly prevent a war.
No. 332047 ID: 07416a

Start traveling back. Find an out of the way protected spot to set an alarm spell and sleep for a while. Make sure she's securely bound and gagged.

Read Magic the scroll first though.
No. 332344 ID: e1c562
File 131178855140.jpg - (126.83KB , 756x540 , WA2page39.jpg )

Lellonar binds the cultist

* * *

this looks like it could be a safe place to rest

Lellonar castes READ MAGIC on the scroll

hmm it seems to be a scroll for a MENDING spell
No. 332352 ID: 6a5a08

Is there a limit to how many spells we can have at once?
No. 332353 ID: 07416a

Welp. Double-check she's gagged, set an alarm if anyone comes within 50 feet of you, then rest.
No. 332392 ID: 1cf58e

learn the spell

keep your things away from her sight

make sure she is well binded

with knife on hands, wake her up and interrogate her
No. 332395 ID: 1854db

Rest for a bit.
No. 332397 ID: c2c011

Learn the spell as well, not the most useful thing in the world, but it's a good thing to expand the amount of spells you know.
No. 332407 ID: e1c562
File 131180052873.jpg - (129.67KB , 756x540 , WA2page40.jpg )

Lellonar reads the scroll and masters the new spell MENDING!

there's no limit to the number of spells I can master, so the more the better!

Lellonar double checks the bindings on the the cultist, then castes an ALARM spell
No. 332413 ID: c2c011

Ok, should be safe to wake her up and ask her some questions now.
No. 332454 ID: 644ca1

Not with that little magic, now is the time for rest.
No. 332494 ID: c2c011

You don't need mana to make someone talk or ask them questions.
No. 332749 ID: e1c562
File 131182919187.jpg - (127.32KB , 756x540 , WA2page41.jpg )

Lellonar rests to recover his strength

there are no disturbances during the rest

Lellonar recovers mana

* * *

ahh! well that was peaceful.

hmm it seems the prisoner is awake
No. 332759 ID: 07416a

That's it?
No. 332770 ID: 0bd0b0

That is a pathetic amount of mana regeneration. We need to find a way to get more magic. Like potions, or a spell that absorbs magic/soul from somebody. Also now is a good time to interrogate the cultist.
No. 332775 ID: 252e1b

Ask if she needs water or anything like that.
No. 332937 ID: c2c011

Time to start asking the cultist what the fuck they have been up to lately.
No. 332990 ID: e1c562
File 131186768011.jpg - (119.01KB , 756x540 , WA2page42.jpg )

Lellonar ungags the cultist and begins his interrogation.

Lellonar: "would you like some water?"


Lellonar: "what was your band doing here?"

No. 332996 ID: 35e1a0

uh huh.... i am not sure we will get anything out of her.
No. 333006 ID: c2c011

Ok, seems like someone already melted her brain. Lets make it simpler, ask her what day and what year it is. Then follow that up with asking who the Master served.
No. 333013 ID: 00d3d5

"Your master was unworthy of living, and so I killed him. You now serve me.
My first order is to stop shouting.
Which elder god did you serve?"
No. 333014 ID: f2977d

this is good, however im sure we wont get details.

ask her about possible loot, then its safe to say we can go home with nothing to fear. if you want to blame the cultists you may run into some issues if she ever recolects herself and remember what her master has been doing, so you may be willing to say they served as a stepping stone.
No. 333023 ID: 07416a

Welp. She's useless. Ask her about demons, if she doesn't babble something helpful just put her out of her misery.
No. 333347 ID: e1c562
File 131191249164.jpg - (119.68KB , 756x540 , WA2page43.jpg )

Lellonar: "Your master was unworthy of life, so I deprived him of that luxury. I am your master now"


Lellonar: "first you will stop shouting. this is my will."

cultist: "YESsss MASter, I will apPEASE the SPIRits of SILence."

Lellonar: "which god is the elder you serve?"

cultist: "ALL BUT THE- all but the greatest fools know WORship shOULD onLY BE for MORGRATHE: TALON OF PROPHECY!"

Lellonar: "can you tell me what year it is?"

cultist: "IT is THE YEar of REBirth, THE ELDER GODS WILL WALK THE WORLD AGaaainnnnn."

Lellonar: "no it isn't"

cultist: " . . ."

Lellonar: "tell me the real year."

cultist: " . . . one HUNdred THIRty eight?"

the current year is 127
No. 333370 ID: 07416a

Uh. Wipe the symbol off her head. Unless it's stuck on or something.


Welp, better than nothing.
No. 333373 ID: cd63e9

wow. she is really, really crazy.
No. 333374 ID: 6a5a08

"Like I said, it isn't. The year's 127, not 138. You got a while before the rebirth."
No. 333383 ID: 00d3d5

"It's 127, not 138. There are years left before the rebirth, and you must be able to hide your affiliation until that time.
I will help you prepare to bide your time. First we shall work on controlling your voice."
Deprogramming! Hooray!
No. 333535 ID: c2c011

Oh yeah, someone went into her skull and raped her mind before you got there. Total nutcase. Well then it shouldn't be a problem to show her off to the court, as crazy as she is she will probably just make the cultists seem like even liklier suspects.

Anyway, get on the move again. She can talk while walking and you can ask her a bit more on what the cult has been up to, besides worshiping some dark lady of prophecy or whatever.
No. 333559 ID: d6f13e

theres no reason to keep her tied, or even with a weapon.

id say you got a nice lapdog apprentice combo. after updating her on the year, if she doesnt freak out just untie her, cover her and head back to your castle.

looks like we still need to convince the prince this isnt over yet. ask her about a certain demon capable of looking human, then what her former friends think of the king.
No. 333701 ID: e1c562
File 131198149557.jpg - (123.47KB , 756x540 , WA2page44.jpg )

I explain the date issue, but she doesn't seem bothered by it

I untie her legs and we begin walking back to the castle.
No. 333799 ID: 1444d5

Is she still referring to you as 'master'? Because that would be a Bad Thing.
No. 333981 ID: c2c011

Well she can probably provide some proof that the cultists are all fucking crazy and won't be able to prove that they didn't kill the king. So score I guess.
No. 333984 ID: 07416a

Ask her about demon summoning. Also, Morgrath. Could be more than just crazy raving.
No. 334290 ID: e1c562
File 131206603522.jpg - (126.84KB , 756x540 , WA2page45.jpg )

when reach the castle I am escorted to the throne room, my prisoner is escorted elsewhere, to the dungeons I presume.

King Galathas: "You've returned Wizard, and quickly! It seems I may have misjudged you."

Lellonar: "Thank you my Lord."

King Galathas: "tell me, what have you discovered?"
No. 334295 ID: c2c011

Throw over the head while telling him that you found some evil cult leader dude and cut off his head. The cult appears to worship some prophecy thing and was working to bring about the end of the world.
No. 334329 ID: 1444d5

Mention that you've discovered and eliminated a small cult, but one with no immediate links to the king's assassination, and that you intend to interrogate the captured cultist for leads to the larger group. No matter if there is one or not: inquisitorial carte-blanch is better than 'I have no further use for you'.
No. 334334 ID: 6a5a08

Add that the assassination was likely intended to induce chaos and anarchy throughout the kingdom, resulting in a war that would allow them to awaken their heathen gods.
No. 334366 ID: cd63e9

oh that's a good idea. if you sell the idea that the cult has been working to start a war between your kingdom and the elves they might stop the war entirely. how about the cultist are planing on using the ensuing mass death and weakening of the kingdom a war would cause to overrun the kingdom with a horde of demons or some such.
No. 334396 ID: 2d80cd

go with this, it has the most chances to give you what you want.

also hint they may have spies in the castle. their arcane use was "decent" but nothing we could claim demonic.
No. 334398 ID: 252e1b


Tell them the cleric got saaaaaaacked.
No. 334565 ID: e1c562
File 131212798233.jpg - (107.89KB , 756x540 , WA2page46.jpg )

I toss Galathas the head

Lellonar: "I present you with the leader of a small band of cultists I discovered in the western woods. it is uncertain whether these fools were the ones directly responsible for your father's murder, but it does prove one thing, cultists are plotting against us and where there is one band there are many."

Galathas: "I shall dispatch my knights immediately! I'll have every last one of them slain, and the woods burned if need be!"

Lellonar: "with all due respect my king, I believe that could be unwise, and further more it may be exactly what they expect. Cults are not nations of power, and to march to war against them might only strengthen the will of the demons they summon."

Galathas: "What are you suggesting?"
No. 334566 ID: c2c011

You have had quite a bit of success in the past. Tell him to give you the manpower and resources that you need and you will get right on cleaning out that cult.

A few more priests could probably be useful, preferably a few that have combat experiance.
No. 334586 ID: 2d80cd

emphasis on experience

also remember him they may be willing to kill the current king as well. he should keep some forces around just in case.
No. 334588 ID: 6a5a08

Yeah, offer to take a band of specialists and adventurers to hunt down and eliminate them without drawing major attention, or creating negative emotions for demons and elder magic to feed off of.

You will require a few warriors to keep their monsters and servants away from you, priests to banish the evil spirits and demons, and a scout to help find them.
Add that you doubt more information can be gained from the woman, and her mind has been twisted by evil forces. It would be merciful to end her tortured existence.
No. 335063 ID: e1c562
File 131222630986.jpg - (157.52KB , 756x540 , WA2page47.jpg )

I explain to Galathas my plan, and ask of the manpower to ensure it's success

Galathas grants this request, and to this end I lead these brave men to hunt shadows that may not even exist . . .
No. 335068 ID: 830e2a

YEEEEAAAHH!!! Now make those who follow us into brainless servants and then find secret artifacts that will make us immortal!
No. 335076 ID: 6a5a08

Send Scout to seek out any remaining cultists off of the main road. You and the other men will go along the more well traveled paths, looking for groups like the one you encountered.
No. 335112 ID: e1c562
File 131223689171.jpg - (102.30KB , 756x540 , WA2page48.jpg )

Mortals are known for their fear of destiny just as they fear the gods who lay it before them.

Indeed, in mortal man's constant struggle to evade it's trappings the best they ever achieve is to inadvertently rush headlong into it's embrace

It is said that every now and then man has the strength to escape the random fate of destiny . . .

They usually achieve this through finding an early grave.

No. 335116 ID: e3f578

he died fighting? Or now just leads a team assaulting cults throughout the country and there's not much to tell besides he escaped his fate of being outed?
No. 335123 ID: 6a5a08

The elder god awakened while we were distracted and destroyed the world
No. 335191 ID: 252e1b

I don't get it.
No. 335193 ID: 07416a

We won.
No. 335224 ID: 4ee2ef

His hunt for a scapegoat gave him a new lease on life, possibly bringing attention to a real threat.
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