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File 130532092283.jpg - (144.91KB , 912x547 , CQ2title2.jpg )
303938 No. 303938 ID: b6c6fc

previous thread


>It appears our heroes are in trouble again, but what is the real danger this time? the hostile world? or each other?
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No. 303940 ID: b6c6fc
File 130532102279.jpg - (132.51KB , 912x547 , CQ2page34.jpg )

I am AcePilot Oken, a hero from the destroyed world Doraun, and I find myself again in the company of Pinkskins

My father spoke often of the pinkskins when I was young.
My father always spoke of the "peace that could be"
He spoke to many people from many worlds and they actually listened.
He insisted that the pinkskins wanted this peace too.
He was wrong,
and millions of Astranians had to pay the price for his error

My father trusted the Pinkskins, and he was a fool for it
I refuse to repeat his mistakes.
No. 303945 ID: 7aedd2

So don't trust this guy. And, you know what, since it's fresh in your brain right now and in all likelihood he's crashed you here specifically for his own nefarious reason, perhaps it'd be best if you zapped him right now.
No. 303954 ID: 28e94e

Politicians, in my experience, are almost universally corrupt no matter which side you're on. Don't condemn an entire race based on the decisions of its worst men.

This guy, on the other hand, is a total scumbag and you should totally be suspicious of him (though you should avoid acting outwardly aggressive, lest you spook him).
No. 303961 ID: e3f578

Pinkies can be of use.
Use him.
No. 303964 ID: 544dd4

What of the Bugs? These 'Tech-Leaches' They become increasingly suspect in all these matters. Their widespread distribution on both sides of the battlefield. The hivemind aspect, as well as ability to subtly influence or drive people to madness... may have more implications in well 'everything' you know about this conflict?

Anyhow, let the man live, for now. But watch, if he displays untrustworthyness we need to dispose of him.
No. 303980 ID: 00d3d5

Remember Enrad?
Nice guy, sacrificed himself to get Hoft to safety?
Remember how he said the Pinkskin civilians live in constant fear of the bugs because the bugs are in absolute control of their lives due to their entire government structure being infested?

Remember how your mentor told you that his planet, Vin Malor, fell to 'the enemy'? Remember how the Pinkskins never even went near it?
Remember how those bugs are native to Vin Malor?

Yea, all that is related.
No. 303996 ID: e41ad5

Inb4 she says that it's all the mad ravings of a pinkskin BUT IT'S FUCKING NOT, pay attention.
No. 304073 ID: 43b2e5

And might I add, the nice guy that still helped you after you incinerated his comrades and a large section of his own body?
No. 304117 ID: b6c6fc
File 130534514792.jpg - (122.75KB , 912x547 , CQ2page35.jpg )

Jones: ". . . but no! you couldn't wait two seconds till we cleared the blast radius, you just had to try out . . ."

looks like Jones is verbally abusing my gunner . . .

>Jones crashed the skimmer
I don't think so, he seems to like his skimmer a lot. it be weird for him to want to hurt it for no reason

>use him
he said he was going to help us get off this planet, trusted or not he's still our best bet

I'm pretty sure all the bugs died when Hoft blew up the PirateShip, I doubt we'll be seeing any more of them.

the prisoner I interrogated, he said a lot of things that made absolutely no sense, he was a weird guy even for a pinkskin.

Jones: " . . . and now the skimmers totaled! do you have any idea how much this thing cost?! of course not I bet you communist . . . "

umm maybe I should do something
No. 304120 ID: dad664

Hoft: Engage "Deal With It" face.
No. 304121 ID: 7aedd2

How dare he talk down at you just because he's bigger than you. It's a devious trick, it is! You just monologued to yourself that you wouldn't be as foolish as your father, that you wouldn't make the mistake of trusting pinkskins. So interrupt his pointless noise-making and get him talking about things that matter to you, the few things in his mind that might be of use to you and your comrades before you are forced to obliterate his pirate-ass due to his future inevitable betrayal.
No. 304122 ID: 46c430

....God damnit Hoft, nice going ya crazy Astranian bastard.

Ok... I think we should probably press the hole 'We should move before nightfall comes and/or before bugs/wildlife try rushing us' point to postpone the argument and get our butts outta here. Where are we going, exactly, anyway?
No. 304123 ID: e3f578

explain to him that by the end of this we'll probably pick up enough sellable loot to pay for the skimmer and more.
No. 304125 ID: 1854db

Step in and tell him that he's got no authority to browbeat your gunner. That's your job. Then browbeat Hoft.
No. 304126 ID: 2de37a

Oken, being a pilot you must understand that it would be a bid deal to you if some one destroys your ship because it's not a big enough deal to them to be careful around it.

"Sorry for wrecking your ship. I'm sure Hoft didn't realize that firing it then would put us and the ship in danger."
No. 304173 ID: b6c6fc
File 130538691337.jpg - (136.40KB , 912x547 , CQ2page36.jpg )

Oken "Sorry for wrecking your ship. I'm sure Hoft didn't realize that firing it then would put us and the ship in danger."

Hoft: "yeah I had no Idea!"

Oken: "shut up Hoft"

Jones: "don't apologize to me! now we're all gonna have to make our way on foot, and on that note we should all get moving"

Mint: "not so fast, I can get this scrap heap air worthy in a couple hours easy, in fact-"

Jones: "we don't have a couple hours! between salvage team and pirate survivors I'd give us less then 10 minutes, and this crash site will stand out like an open pyre"

Hoft: "then let em come, it'll be their funeral"

Fuze: "Oken, what do you think is best?"
No. 304181 ID: 868a23

leave, I'm not sure you'll be able to fight them off with the BFG forever
No. 304183 ID: 35e1a0

ask how many shots the gun has. if less then 1000 leave.
No. 304197 ID: 28e94e

You know, you could try to ambush the salvage team and steal their ship. It's risky, but it beats going on foot.
No. 304209 ID: 0d7a83

No way do you have the fire power for a drawn out battle, which is what it'll come to if you try to bunker down around the skimmer. Time to gtfo.
No. 304211 ID: 7aedd2

What makes him think there will be pirate survivors if the blast radius on that gun was enough to take out his ship mid-air at that range? And who exactly is sending a salvage team? I'm actually more for setting up here rather than walking... to where, exactly?
No. 304258 ID: 2de37a

"I'm sure that Johns would be more enthusiastic about getting his ship fixed if we stood much of a chance, and he's the only one with a good idea of what we're up against."

"A 5 person team with limited ammo would not be able to hold a position well where the enemy can use or lack of mobility to quickly pin us down and run down our ammo, attack us from out of range or out of sight. Or just blow up our whole location if they don't want to salvage the ship. Not to mention we would have to defend the ship from damage in any fights and a ship can't move around or use cover."

"Our best change would be to avoid conflict and use the weapons to give us the ability to fend off attacks."

(After telling everyone how we can't do something we want. Encourage and inspire them what we actually have going for us.)

"Our chances may be have been dismal if we tried to stay and defend or if we didn't come upon armament and someone knowledgeable on all this."

"But our chances AREN'T so dismal. We have a competent team which are armed well and someone who knows their way around this kind of location and situation. We stand a good chance if we all focus on escaping and dealing with any situation with the teamwork and intelligence that got us off the Guilder ship and surviving the bugs on Juca-19."

"Don't be disappointed with the things we can't do! Be encouraged with all we have done and will be doing!. We beat two impossible situations and only lost one crippled prisoner who couldn't handle tubes. Because when challenges come we don't back down WE OVERCOME THEM. Now lets escape and give it everything we've got like those 'hopeless' situations we've already defeated!"
No. 304259 ID: 2de37a

>I'm sure that Johns would be more enthusiastic
Should be
I'm sure that Jones would be more enthusiastic
No. 304260 ID: e3f578

How about we survive the day and return to the skimmer later, hoping they don't do anything to it while we're gone? Their main target should be us.

Anyway, tell Mint to take the most valuable parts of the skimmer with us so no looters take them and let's bolt. If we can, we'll return later, likely at night.
No. 304312 ID: b6c6fc
File 130543573523.jpg - (123.63KB , 912x547 , CQ2page37.jpg )

>Hoft's ammo
the AntiMatter Cannon has 80/100 shots, and 4 reload charges of 100

>I'm sure that Jones should be more enthusiastic
it seems kind of strange that he's so quick to abandon his ship

Oken: "Well staying here does seem like a bad idea, and going on foot seems our only other option, but first Jones there' a couple things that I don't quite get."

Jones: "Like what?"

Oken: "if our ship got brought down by the explosion at mid range, how would any pirates survive since they'd be much closer?"

Jones: "maybe you missed the huge chunk of metal sticking out of the ship. we got pegged by shrapnel, bad luck more than anything."

Oken: "also who would be sending out salvage teams, who would know that our ship or the pirates have even crashed?"

Jones: "all ships that large have auto distress beacons, and this planet is crawling with pirates their buddies will probably be here in no time"

Oken: "one more thing, where are we going?"

Jones: "there's a town about three days march from here, best place to get transport off world."

well I guess that all makes sense . . .

Fuze jogs up to Oken, and whispers to her

Fuze: "Oken, I'm not sure what, but something about Mr Jones' concerns and explanations seem off to me, don't you think?"

Jones: "We shouldn't stay here, we can talk while we walk."
No. 304315 ID: 46c430

Honestly, it's kinda weird in the first place that he helped out when every single other pirate has tried to kill us or something. ...also, if it's three days' march, what will we do for food and water?
No. 304317 ID: e3f578

Tell Fuze that your tired of paranoia and that Jones is acting consistent since we've first met him, he's always been odd. At most he's probably got some personal stuff with the pirates that he really wants to avoid them, so he's just coming up with excuses. He's helping us, we sort of owe him right now, so let's just do what he says. This weird pinkie is probably trustworthy because he's so damn weird and caught up with his own shit.

Have Mint scavenge the most valuable parts like I said and bring 'em with you. If we get separated from this damned Solar, coming here at night is Plan B or whatever.
No. 304319 ID: e41ad5


There's a war on between pinkskins and your peeps, right?

So uh.

What kinda town is this?

Isn't wandering into a random town what got you into the whole pirate mess?
No. 304327 ID: 544dd4

Actually, I want to know why Mr. Jones left the pirates. He was one of them yes? Why the treason?

It indicates a rather untrustworthy personality. I wonder, have we had a look at his neck yet?
No. 304343 ID: 07416a

Tell him to strip and spin. Bugcheck.
No. 304347 ID: 252e1b


Not now, there's no time for it. Maybe later, once you're clear of this mess. But I don't think it's bugs anyway. I think that Jones is probably a double-agent, working for the human governments to help them deal with the pirate problem.

Ask him how long he has to report to his handler before they write him off. But ask it privately, it'll make him feel better if you play along with his conspirator's instincts to keep a secret a secret from as many people as possible.
No. 304360 ID: 7aedd2

Well Fuze is getting bad vibes from this guy and I don't blame him. Why don't we do a small group-huddle and get everyone else's readings on him? I'm still more inclined to distrust him, but considering it's the four of you Astranians that are going to be putting your lives in his pinkskin hands, perhaps you ought discuss amongst yourselves rather than have us attempt to sway the tiny-deer-de-facto-leader? That way, whatever we decide, we're not entirely to blame.
No. 304361 ID: a41aaf

He certainly does seem on edge. Ask him if he's more worried about the guilders finding us with him, or just finding him.
No. 304418 ID: b6c6fc
File 130550084568.jpg - (143.59KB , 912x547 , CQ2page38.jpg )

Oken: "I think pinkskins are just weird like that, I don't think it's anything to worry about right now"

Fuze: "I suppose you are correct"

Oken: "do we have enough food and water too last us a three day journey?"

Fuze: "it will be a little complex, but I think I can ration out what we have left to keep us healthy"

the four Astranians gather up their supplies, and valuable parts from the craft and the head out for their long march

Oken: "Jones aren't you a pirate, or are you a double agent or something?"

Jones: "I'm not a pirate nor do I have any connection to em, I was just a wanderer hitching a ride."

Oken: "tell me about this town, with the war I can't imagine it being a very safe place for us"

Jones: "Memora is safe for anyone as long as they don't cause trouble. of course your kind are not really liked much any where but this is about as good as it gets."

Oken: "that's not very comforting"

Jones: "Memora is a neutral port, drop your factions at the door sort of thing."
No. 304422 ID: e3f578

Oh sweet, just like in those oldish pirate stories... just like the one we left.

We're not going to run into enslaving Guilder's here too are we?
No. 304501 ID: ac081d

can we have a list of the valuable parts from the craft we gathered and know what they do
No. 304720 ID: 53ba94

Can we get any further idea on the whole "drop your faction" thing? Does this include Astranians, or just guilders, and pirates and pinkskins?
And just what classifies as trouble? With the whole enemy species thing, that could be as small as looking at someone funny
No. 304770 ID: b6c6fc
File 130561515776.jpg - (107.51KB , 912x547 , CQ2page39.jpg )

>the parts
Mint has gathered 4 valuable solar ship parts.

Oken: ". . . so it's just like the other "free port" we went to?"

Jones: "you mean Subturn? that's just a way point owned by pirates, nothing free about that hell hole, as far as Memora's concerned the Pirates are a faction in of themselves and their pillaging shit and butchering of Furres isn't tolerated."

Oken: "how is all of this enforced?"

Jones: "Shit, I dunno. Marshal Droegen and his his sheriffs found a way to keep the pirates in line, he's the guy who's going to help you off this planet by the way, so you can ask him about that."

the path ends

Jones: "there are a numbers of ways to cross the bog, but no matter how you do it there's a fair chance you could fall into the water . . . except that's not water it's some sort of sticky substance, you get stuck in it you don't come out."

Oken: "well I guess we'll just have to be careful . . ."

Jones: "or you could cover yourself in mushroom powder, it's what the locals do, neutralizes the glue or something . . . anyways I'm not sure if the powder is poisonous to your kind, tons of stuff is so it's your call."

does Oken think covering her team in powder is a good idea?
No. 304771 ID: 07416a

Just one, at first. Oken, as leader you're gonna have to take the bullet.
No. 304784 ID: 1854db

in b4 it's hallucinogenic.

One person should experiment with it first, obviously. Ask for a volunteer- if nobody speaks up do it yourself.
No. 304793 ID: 252e1b


Fuze is a doctor, have him take a look at it. He may recognize it.
No. 304801 ID: 28e94e

Yeah let's do this before we rub poison all over our skin
No. 304802 ID: 2563d4

Yeah, direct the medical question to the medical guy.
No. 304816 ID: 0fcc1a

in b4 it's an aphrodisiac.
No. 304839 ID: b6c6fc
File 130566138971.jpg - (111.85KB , 912x547 , CQ2page40.jpg )

Oken: "Fuze what do you think?"

Fuze: "Well with out a medical scanner there's no way to be certain, but as long as the spores are out of season we shouldn't have too much to worry about from the powder."

Oken: "so you think we should be fine?"

Fuze: "most likely yes, but there is of course always small margin for error."

Jones: "with out any gear or a ship, there are two main ways to cross the bog, we can grapple gun from shroom to shroom, or we can climb down and walk across vine paths."
No. 304843 ID: 7aedd2

Grappling sounds kickass, if infeasible. So unless anyone else volunteers, start rubbing yourself down with that mushroom powder and wait a bit to see if there's any adverse effects... then the others
No. 304849 ID: 45be60

What's that you say? Bungee grapple adventure? great plan! and then hugs for everyone!
No. 304855 ID: 28e94e

Since you only have one grappling gun, vine paths will be way faster.
No. 304873 ID: a41aaf

Does anything live in the bog?
No. 304892 ID: 53ba94

Grapples won't carry everyone's weight. So I say we go along with the vine path. And is anyone willing to guinea pig on the powder?
No. 304969 ID: b6c6fc
File 130569816340.jpg - (117.09KB , 912x547 , CQ2page41.jpg )

Oken: "with only one grapple gun it will probably be safer to vine walk"

Fuze: "um is the pinkskin leaving?"

Oken: "wait, what? hey Jones where do you think you're going?"

Jones: "you seem pretty well set for your journey, I think my work here is done, with any luck we'll meet up outside of Memora in three days"

Oken: "Wait!"

Jones: "see you then."

Jones fires his grapple gun onto a far mushroom.
No. 304972 ID: 7aedd2

No. 304975 ID: 544dd4

Meh, let him leave, we are probably safer without him.
No. 304976 ID: 7aedd2

In all seriousness, though, you're going to need pretty accurate directions if it's a three-day trek to the settlement (and then you blast him)
No. 305006 ID: c825ed

Shoot him, pinkskins cannot be trusted.
No. 305007 ID: 2044df


Don't kill him. That's pretty dickish.
No. 305026 ID: ed9087

If he has met and could introduce us to this 'Marshal Droegen' who will be getting our butts off this planet, trying to kill him would not be in our best interest.

Ask him directions and let him leave.
No. 305041 ID: b21009

He offered your team a ride when he could've just set off on his own and leave you on a crashed pirate-ridden ship. He probably wouldn't have ended up ship-less if it wasn't for Hoft's enthusiasm.
So that kind of counts as saving your lives. Let him go.
No. 305129 ID: b6c6fc
File 130576606895.jpg - (128.73KB , 912x547 , CQ2page42.jpg )


Jones: "north-north-east, it's the first thing that not a giant mushroom!"

Jones then jets off to another mushroom and is out of ear shot

Hoft catches up

Hoft: "good riddance I say."

Oken: . . .

Hoft: "so how do we get that powder stuff down"
No. 305171 ID: 53ba94

If everyone works together, can they shake the nushrooms for the powder?
Oh, and try not to break the stalks too much.
No. 305200 ID: 544dd4

Spores should be between the gills under the caps, so directly above you. Perhaps a shot from one of your smaller, quieter weapons will dislodge some?
No. 305208 ID: 7aedd2

I'm tempted to say that Hoft should use his D-Gun on Mr Jones, just in case he's thinking of double-crossing us.
No. 305226 ID: 2563d4

Get Hoft to give Fuze a boost up toward the mushroom cap so he can take a closer look.
No. 305397 ID: b6c6fc
File 130586500337.jpg - (112.13KB , 912x547 , CQ2page43.jpg )

Oken: "well I guess a shot from one of our quieter weapons might dislodge some powder . . ."

Hoft: !!!

Oken: "or maybe we could all try shaking it to- HOFT NO! DON'T-"

Before Oken can even finish her sentence, Hoft opens fire.

No. 305398 ID: 00d3d5

Confiscate that weapon. Hoft is no longer allowed to use anything besides his FISTS until further notice.
No. 305400 ID: 35e1a0

reprimand hoft, tell him that was pretty much a giant I'M HERE sign.
No. 305402 ID: 6b2b68

Slap Hoft on the nose.
No. 305403 ID: ed9087

Demand to know why Hoft is so trigger-happy lately.
No. 305413 ID: 7aedd2

Respond to him that one should NEVER eat a Death Mushroom.
No. 305447 ID: b21009

This. Hoft's behavior is getting out of hand.
Hop if you can't reach his nose normally.
No. 305498 ID: 0d7a83

Yeah bap him on the snout to reestablish dominance.
No. 306339 ID: b6c6fc
File 130620250596.jpg - (122.94KB , 912x547 , CQ2page44.jpg )

Oken smacks Hoft in the nose to reestablish dominance

Oken: "bad gunner! don't give away our position!"
No. 306390 ID: 1854db

We gotta get moving, now. Don't waste any time! Make sure everyone's got a good coating of spores though. Get everyone to check eachother.
No. 306394 ID: 35e1a0

okay, everyone is spored to hell and back. let's move.
No. 306431 ID: 2563d4

And for the love of whichever heathen gods you worship hold your weapons above your goddamn heads and out of the goo this time.

Consider Hoft's inevitable armache his penance for being a blithering idiot with the thing.
No. 306559 ID: 544dd4

Okay, make sure you are thoroughly dusted and let's move out.
No. 306591 ID: b6c6fc
File 130631000578.jpg - (142.24KB , 912x547 , CQ2page45.jpg )

Oken makes sure everyone is thoroughly dusted.

the team then activates their GravBoots and descend to the bottom of the mushroom, and prepare to traverse the alien landscape

No. 306855 ID: 45be60

Resist the urge to skip merrily along the roots. That would be needlessly dangerous, despite being absolutely adorable.
No. 306865 ID: 93b315

Daydream of an older, simpler time when you and Dina would have skipped/walked through forests like these together.
No. 306886 ID: 677003

Watch for bubbling or disturbances in the muck. Don't want to disturb unstable outgassings or such vile beasts who could possibly live in this stuff.
No. 306903 ID: 3735db

Do we have any way of figuring out the direction of North Northeast? How about food and water for the journey?
No. 306907 ID: 28e94e

Don't you have a compass? Use that to figure out which way to go.
No. 307290 ID: b6c6fc
File 130655834806.jpg - (99.65KB , 456x274 , CQ2page46.jpg )

Oken guides her team forward using her trusty SpaceCompass to lead the way

through the long trudging the AcePilot begins to daydream

I can still remember the name of my recruiter.
InfantryTrooper Pelendina Zane.
mostly rally agents come from the officer core; mandatory duty dreaded by most.
Zane was different though, she enjoyed it.
I can still remember her inspiring call to arms against our enemies, mighty words filled with fervor and spirit.

it's funny how the words seem to lose their power over time . . .
No. 307300 ID: 7aedd2

Fuze seems uncomfortable. Ask him what's up. It's important to always know what's on your comrade's minds, and he's probably the most submissive of the group, meaning you might need from time to time to make a special effort to get him to share his thoughts.

This is totally not an attempt to get the quest to feature more mai husbando
No. 307305 ID: 07416a

Ah. Aha. AHAHAHAAHAohgodyougotrecruitedbyzane.
No. 307319 ID: 6b2b68

Those words only lose power if you don't think about them, Oken. Her will and resolve should be an inspiration to you in a tough time like this.

Does she spout propoganda? Sure. But she's right. You and your companions are Astranians, the conquerors of hundreds of worlds and the dominant force in the galaxy. Even when things look bleak and the Alliance seems ready to crumble, know that with strategy, skill and a little bit of luck, you and your people will prevail.

Tell the group to stay frosty and tell you if they see anything.

Then tell Hoft that the mushroom stalks don't count.
No. 307361 ID: 441b13

Getting the feeling that Fuze is extremely averse to being dirty. Hopefully it will not stop him from fulfilling his duties.
No. 307373 ID: b473dc

Warriors like Zane are one in a thousand, zealous almost to a fault. You're smart enough to not take patriotic speeches at face value, Oken.

Impossible. Fuze is a medic and there's a war that's been going for quite a while. He must've seen enough gory stuff and battle aftermath to get used to dirt (and intestines).

It's something else. Ask Fuze what's wrong.
No. 307404 ID: 6b2b68

>Hang in there baby, we can do this!
>No, we're smart enough to not listen to propoganda, that stuff is silly, we should continue to move along with low spirits
No. 307410 ID: 44b73c

No, I think it is the dirtiness.
He's used to blood, but not used to trudging through swamp (or sewer water for that matter).
No. 307424 ID: 28e94e

If Colony Guard is any indication, every single soldier in the Alliance has severe psychological issues.
No. 307426 ID: 35e1a0

she was probably tricked as well. if she knew what you know now i'm sure she would side with you!
No. 307438 ID: 6b2b68

>implying Zane and Oken didn't join willingly.
No. 307839 ID: b6c6fc
File 130676712629.jpg - (143.09KB , 912x547 , CQ2page47.jpg )

Oken: "Fuze are you doing alright?"

Fuze: "pleas don't speak to me right now, I need to concentrate on my footing lest I slip"

I guess he's having more trouble balancing than me

the hours slowly drag on

Hoft: "try to keep up Mint, you're slowing us all down!"

Mint: "burn in hell fluffy! it's your fault we're walking to begin with!"

Hoft: "well at least I can fight. you couldn't even screw things up you're completely useless, we'd all be better off to leave you behind!"
No. 307841 ID: 35e1a0

look right into hoft's eyes and hold up your hand in a 'i'm gonna slap you' position.
No. 307843 ID: 1854db

HEY! Keep your thoughts on balance. No arguing, just marching.
No. 307847 ID: 644ca1

Tell them both to shut up and keep moving.
No. 307851 ID: 823015

This but just Hoft
No. 307858 ID: 00d3d5

"We don't abandon our allies, Hoft.
Besides, Mint has saved our lives plenty of times. We'd be dead without her skills; your argument is invalid."
No. 307859 ID: e3f578

Ask what's up with Hoft, he hasn't been acting like himself at all lately. I don't even think real Hoft is dumb enough to shoot lasers to get you noticed.
No. 307864 ID: 104c67

No. 307923 ID: a41aaf

Well great, the effects of walking through what are essentially giant Psilocybin are kicking in.
No. 307952 ID: 476456

"dont talk to my waifu that way" @ either of them
No. 307979 ID: 6b2b68

Threaten to bap Hoft on the nose again.
No. 307986 ID: cbc115

To be honest it might be a good idea to just flip the fuck out on them at this point. I mean how many times are you going to have to deal with this shit? what are you, their mother? There supposed to be soldiers for fuck sake.
No. 308023 ID: 0cb62d

Agreed. Your squad in general and Hoft in particular lacks discipline.
I know it's not easy keeping everyone under your control when you're a tiny deer, but you know what?
Stop right in your track. Lash out on Hoft and give him a lecture on how you're supposed to be a team. And follow it up by saying that now you all have to waste time on discipline because of Hoft, and it's slowing you all down much more than Mint.
No. 308080 ID: 441b13

one of the big issues here is they were never really a 'squad' cept for Ms Oken and Mint. And even they didn't get along.

Tell them to keep it down. You're moving through potentially hostile territory.
No. 308096 ID: 0d7a83

They might not be a squad, but generally speaking when you find yourself behind enemy lines with a few soldiers from your army, you forget that kind of technicality and work with them. You DONT start petty arguements while balancing above what might as well be Instant-Death-Juice.
No. 308219 ID: b6c6fc
File 130691213191.jpg - (139.91KB , 912x547 , CQ2page48.jpg )

Oken: "We're a team Hoft we've got to start working together if we wanna survive out here!"

Hoft: " . . . I guess"

Oken: "there's no half-hearting this ya gotta-"

Fuze: " Oken! I think I saw something in the water! "

Oken: " Don't interrupt me! I'm telling Hoft about being a team play-"

the whole vine shudders

Mint "ack!"

Mint almost slips
No. 308220 ID: 35e1a0

okay NOW is when the giant death ray can be of use. shoot whatever is moving.
No. 308221 ID: 07416a

Shoot the tentacles. It's about to get Evil Dead in here.
No. 308222 ID: 7aedd2

I KNEW that Jones was fraud! I bet he tricked you into covering yourself with spores that attract giant tentacle monsters or whatever it is that lurk in the depths down here! He directed you down here to DIE! ALL BECAUSE YOU TRUSTED THE PINKSKIN
No. 308223 ID: 00d3d5

Hoft! Shield on! Retrieve Mint!
Mint, grip in with your claws and slowly make your way here!
Fuze! Get to the trunk and dig your claws in!"
Argument over. Save each other's asses now.
No. 308242 ID: 644ca1

Are those bugs in the water? Because I'm pretty sure those are bugs. Which means Mint is in trouble.

Tell her to haul ass while the rest of you shoot to kill, just be sure to watch it so you don't get any friendly fire.
No. 308244 ID: 2563d4

Looks like the tips of a pair of mandibles either side of Mint to me. Perhaps you should shoot at it.
No. 308457 ID: d8d42e

No. 308727 ID: b6c6fc
File 130711079103.jpg - (151.20KB , 912x547 , CQ2page49.jpg )

a tentacle grabs mint with it's sticky grip

my RayGun has too wide of an effect, if I try to shoot the tentacle I'll hit Mint as well!
No. 308729 ID: 35e1a0

shoot below the water line!
No. 308731 ID: 00d3d5

Shoot wide! Catch it in the Area of Effect!
No. 308732 ID: 5dc35a

She's still too close, it could cause an explosion of slime and knock her off.
No. 308735 ID: 522684

If you fuck up and can't save her, shoot her in the face. She'd thank you if she weren't dead.
No. 308752 ID: 0d7a83

If you don't shoot it Mint will die. Try shooting between the 2 tentacles on your left.
No. 308789 ID: e3f578

Set to stun mode?
No. 308820 ID: 7aedd2

Yeah you're pretty much in a position where you have to take the shot or she's most definitely dead. Aim low, aim wide, do whatever it takes. She probably won't thank you if you vaporize a leg, but being able to gripe at you means she's not dead.
No. 308839 ID: dad664

Mint: You're a cat. Do what cats do.

Bite and claw the shit out of that fucker.
No. 309030 ID: 441b13

Aim into the muck then. Taking the tentacle off ten feet into the muck is about as good as taking it off from the surface..

Actually, will the rays penetrate viscous fluids like this?
No. 309062 ID: 1854db

>too wide an effect
Bullshit, you have a focused beam, use that.
No. 309068 ID: 2cc5f0


Investigate what's in the water FUCK! It has tentacles!
No. 309940 ID: b6c6fc
File 130741377138.jpg - (138.16KB , 912x547 , CQ2page50.jpg )

Mint, I won't let you get killed!

Oken fires her RayGun
No. 309944 ID: b6c6fc
File 130741386730.jpg - (232.50KB , 912x547 , CQ2page51.jpg )

Hoft: "Yeah, you better run! . . . tentacle bastard"

like a nail driven clear through her skull a cold predatory hiss pierces into Okens mind

Voice: " There is no escape Dorau . . . exist while you can . . ."

Oken: "Gyaa!"

Fuze: "Oken are you alright?"
No. 309948 ID: 35e1a0

tell fuze "psychic bastard around here or something. broadcast words, was a threat."
No. 310120 ID: 104c67

"IT's some kind of psychic bug adapted to the water down here! The pinkskin has sent us into a trap!"

I'd even be surprised if the town was where he claimed it was. all is lost
No. 310122 ID: 35e1a0

what kind of attitude is that! chin up.
No. 310142 ID: 2563d4

Well, Mint looks pretty dead. inb4 poison.

Have Fuze focus his attention on her.
No. 310146 ID: 00d3d5

"Psychic bug being pissy about losing. Grab Mint; we need to keep heading for town."
No. 310148 ID: ed9087

She did just have the hell squeezed out of her by a tentacle.

Ask her if she's okay, if she doesn't respond go check on her.
No. 310149 ID: 9cb4b3

Activate gravboots, get up high and away from the bottom floor, let's regroup and think about this.

The bottom floor is just plain unsafe to traverse, we're going to have to figure out something else.
No. 311162 ID: b6c6fc
File 130766401902.jpg - (267.61KB , 912x547 , CQ2page52.jpg )

all I can feel is my head throbbing in pain

Oken: "ugh, it attacked my brain, ergg some sort of taunt"

Fuze: " . . . I see, Hoft collect our engineer we need to get to high ground, it's the only place we will be safe!"

Oken: "ugh I feel dizzy . . ."

Fuze: "Oken, we really have to be moving!"

Hoft picks up Mint

Hoft: "climbing that mushroom'll just get us killed, we've got pirates chasing us right? we need to keep moving and take advantage of that thing running away!"

Fuze: "we have two injured soldier, I've yet to even inspect their injuries! we're in no physical condition to increase our march, Mint and Oken need rest!
No. 311169 ID: 35e1a0

"it will be back, only wounded it. if pirates are on foot too they may have to fight it as well."
No. 311183 ID: 7aedd2

I'm more inclined to trust Fuze in this, as he's not been the one to show recent signs of SPACED MADNESS (or itchy trigger finger syndrome)... and if they come at you while you're on top you've got the advantage, as you'll be able to see them easily and you've got a destructo-cannon. Down below there's lots of cover and things that attack from the murky depths. My only concern with taking the high route, however, is that i'm not sure we'll be able to get from mushroom-to-mushroom easily.
No. 311191 ID: 00d3d5

"Fuze's right. Hope we can see town from up there."
No. 311236 ID: 1854db

We're only down here because it's the only place we can travel. Going up is a good idea for resting up.
No. 311242 ID: e3f578

We can deal with pirates, they have less cover then whatever the tentacle beast is thanks to all that scummy liquid.
No. 311997 ID: b6c6fc
File 130782643367.jpg - (226.01KB , 912x547 , CQ2page53.jpg )

Oken: " . . . Hoft, Fuze is right, we can't keep going like this."

the team activates their GravBoots

* * *

Fuze: " this is what I was afraid of . . . "

Hoft: "this gooey acid stuff?"

Fuze: " well technically it's not acid it's . . . never mind, in any case I was referring to these spines, I can count thirteen piercing her flesh."

Hoft: " . . . "

Fuze: "but that's not even the worst of it, the venom covering the spines is the truly worrying part"

Hoft: "doesn't the MedKit have anti-toxin?"

Fuze: "yes, but I doubt it will help in the long run, it may delay the poison but it will only give her a couple hours at- hmm?"

Mint: *mumbling*

Hoft: "I think she said something about an antidote."
No. 312003 ID: 00d3d5

Fuze and Hoft: Listen carefully.
Mint: Repeat that part about an antidote.
Oken: Check your SpaceCompass. See if there's a town where you were told there would be one.
No. 312042 ID: 35e1a0

try some anti-toxin to get her stable enough to say it more clearly.
No. 312073 ID: 7aedd2

I definitely think we should listen to whatever Mint's saying, as long as she's not delusional. Still, use the anti-toxin, as a few hours is better than the alternative.
No. 312344 ID: b6c6fc
File 130789658347.jpg - (116.35KB , 912x547 , CQ2page54.jpg )

after injecting her with the antitoxin Mint manages to tell me of an antidote she has in her backpack, she then passes out

* * *

Inside her pack I manage to locate two syringes, each containing similar chemicals.
No. 312346 ID: b75ae4

I'm forced to assume that the silver and medical looking one is the antidote.
Black and barbed is something you normally only want jabbed into other people.
No. 312347 ID: f5e4b4


The left one looks more like a weapon than a syringe. Specially with that nasty arrow head at the end.

Use the right one.
No. 312351 ID: 0f19d6

No labels?
Is robofriend functional?
If so, ask him. If not, use the one on the right.
If Mint dies because we picked the wrong one then she's to blame for not labeling chemicals. Idiot.
No. 312358 ID: 942ce7

The barbed one looks like a 'throwing' weapon of sorts, likely full of something nasty like a paralytic, or a soporific, note it also lacks the volumetric markings for safe usage, thus we must assume the other, more standard looking injector is for 'medicinal use'.
No. 312363 ID: 8c0848

Just scan that shit. Your race is not smart with design decisions.
No. 312364 ID: 2563d4

It's obviously a two-part treatment and you need to jam one into each tear duct, duh.

The hell was Mint even doing with this?
No. 312368 ID: 1854db

...wait where the hell IS our robot?
No. 312376 ID: 0d7a83

currently all we have is his head. I guess it's in someones pack.
No. 312484 ID: 9cb4b3

Hoft: Let Oken inject Mint with the right syringe, you tend to go overboard and would probably jam it through her arm and out the other side, causing the antidote to spill onto the floor.
No. 312523 ID: b6c6fc
File 130792856263.jpg - (117.38KB , 912x547 , CQ2page55.jpg )

I can't just choose one of the syringes based on aesthetics alone! I couldn't live with myself if I chose wrong! I need more solid evidence as to their nature.


the robot's medical scanners would be ideal for this sort of problem, but by the looks of it it seems Mint has not had a chance to get it back online

what really strikes me as odd is our engineer even having this sort of thing. what was Mint doing carrying various chemicals?
No. 312528 ID: 1854db

What else is in her backpack, or in her pockets? A notebook perhaps?
No. 312533 ID: 35e1a0

yes at least see if there is more info in the pack then. and see if prince can do ANYTHING.
No. 312537 ID: 252e1b

That's just a cap, not a barbed point, right?

Anyway, check how they smell. Most antitoxins are solutions of antibodies specific to the type of toxin. A broad-spectrum general antitoxin for field use would have many different antibodies for the most common sorts of toxins. A solution of antitoxin won't smell like much of anything. Thus you should pick the syringe that contains the odorless solution.
No. 312538 ID: 383006

No. 312542 ID: 942ce7

I can think of two possibilities, Mint being either an addict, or an assassin of sorts. Either would explain having toxic substances on hand, as well as possession of an antidote.

Either warrants a full examination of her kitbag alla >>312528
while >>312537
has a point about antibodies not really having much smell, being little more than a saline solution and specialized proteins, while providence in quite handy in supplying most creatures with the capacity to taste or smell likely toxins (many pungent 'spices' actually being toxins too weak to affect us any longer.)
No. 312611 ID: 7aedd2

The barbed syringe's design reminds me of the guilders, and if I go along that train of mental path I'd be forced to assume she found it while y'all were a prisoner or after the initial crash... which would probably mean she wouldn't know what's in it, which then would mean that by process of elimination, the other would be the antidote. Still guesswork, but more 'support'
No. 312881 ID: b6c6fc
File 130801070945.jpg - (216.00KB , 912x547 , CQ2page56.jpg )

>just a cap

huh, so it is. I suppose that makes the needle less hazardous.

>looks like guilder design

ah, now I remember! this is the combat drug injector we picked up in the Pirate ship, funny I could have sworn I placed this in the MedKit . . . in any case the remaining syringe must be the antidote.
No. 312885 ID: 35e1a0

yes yes. now, arm, ass, or straight in the heart? let's go with arm.
No. 312895 ID: 1854db

Stick it in wherever you feel like it.
No. 312898 ID: 00d3d5

Traditionally syringes full of antidote are injected directly into the heart, but you are a doctor so I'm going to trust your judgement on this.
No. 313398 ID: b6c6fc
File 130811929110.jpg - (281.38KB , 912x547 , CQ2page57.jpg )

After removing the spines and stitching the wounds I inject Mint with the "antidote".

Her condition seem to improve.
No. 313399 ID: 35e1a0

observe for a bit to make sure she didn't somehow switch them and she only appears to be improving due to being hyped up on combat boosters.
No. 313499 ID: a6dd15

Let's get out of here before those pirates start to show up.
No. 313537 ID: 104c67

Well, are there actual signs of pursuit? Because I'm pretty sure the only one who can carry Mint is Hoft, and I'd rather not lose our gunner to carrying around an insensate cat. I'm not sure we can really continue up here, since the mushrooms are basically isolated islands up above and we don't have a way to get from one to the other. Which means we'd have to proceed down below where it's dangerous and would need our gunner. Thus I recommend we wait until Mint awakes, and until then we can keep watch and DESTRUCTO GUN any approaching pirate ships and/or forces.
No. 313982 ID: b6c6fc
File 130826818791.jpg - (229.81KB , 912x547 , CQ2page58.jpg )

Hoft: "now that tubby's patched up we should get moving!"

Fuze: "we can't!"

Hoft: "ugh, what now?"

Fuze: "if you're carrying Mint you won't be able to wield your weapon to defend us from the dangers of this world!"

Hoft: "oh right, I guess that makes sense . . ."

Thank the gods, I can't fathom how Oken deals with these two on a daily basis, it's simply madness!

Hoft: "if those bastard pirates try anything I'll show'em the real terrors of space!"
No. 313987 ID: 2563d4

Perhaps you should actually check on Oken, having dealt with Mint.
No. 313988 ID: e3f578

Tell him not to fire unless he can see a visually aggressive target. No shadows in the sky or anything. We have yet to see a single pirate. Just poison tentacles.
No. 314052 ID: 7aedd2

Remind him that our supply for his favorite gun is very limited, so while you both need to keep a watch out for any ships, only fire if it's become obvious they've seen you.
No. 314382 ID: b6c6fc
File 130836597435.jpg - (235.75KB , 912x547 , CQ2page59.jpg )

huh, still no sign of em.


guess I'm going to be waiting at least another day.
No. 314383 ID: 35e1a0

what have you been up to?
No. 314384 ID: 7aedd2

Realize the dangerous of the planet both above-and-below the ground that you failed to warn the Astranians about, plus the vague nature of your direction to this town, then decide it's best to soothe your nagging conscience (me) and go look for them. Also remember to stock up on smokes.
No. 314411 ID: 00d3d5

Did you see those legs? How short and stubby they are?
If you're bored then head back out and check up on them. So, what's your angle on this? Seeing if they're tough enough to deserve a spot on your pirate crew?
No. 314517 ID: 2563d4

They're basically a liability, as their tardiness indicates. May as well move on.
No. 314581 ID: b6c6fc
File 130842802107.jpg - (225.09KB , 912x547 , CQ2page60.jpg )

>what's Jones been up to

lying low and takin it easy mostly

>short stubby legs

the fact that they can get anywhere on those tiny pegs is beyond me.

>they're a liability move on
that'd be a waste after all the hard work I've put in, they owe me a ship, and I expect to get my money's worth before I'm through with em

>go back and help the Astranians

naw, I've already helped em out way more then they deserve, besides I can't keep play sides like this, Pirates gotta eat too!

more so I might have too help em out some on this end
ya see I kind of exaggerated about Memora being cuddlesville towards all Astranian.
the main problem being they don't look like Astranian Shadow Merchants, Astranian soldiers aren't gonna be liked so much.
there's gonna be trouble here when they arrive unless I think of something clever.
No. 314585 ID: 35e1a0

well the cat was an engineer or something right? maybe she can fix some stuff around here. and the fox was a medic, got anyone needing one of those? deer was a pilot and the wolf can be their guard.
No. 314595 ID: 00d3d5

I didn't say you should help them, I said you could go check on them.

It shouldn't be that hard to get people to warm up to them. Just talk to them before they get to town and tell 'em to act like deserters looking for work.
As far as getting your money back goes, you could probably sell the big one's overcompensation gun for enough to get a decent sized ship.
Hell, sell it to the Solars. They'd pay out the ass for any piece of Astranian tech that's in the working prototype pre-deployment stages, and that goes double for a manpack weapon that can obliterate a frigate in one shot.
We're talking set-for-life rewards here.
No. 314613 ID: 644ca1

You probably need to talk to Marshal Droegen, he kept the place in line right? So make sure he wants the Astranians to come and so that he will make sure nothing happens to them until they leave.
No. 314618 ID: 7aedd2

Their skills are beyond doubt, so they wouldn't have a difficult time making profit here, were they inclined to do so. I'm more worried about whether their nationalism and pride would rear itself were they to find some actual 'shadow merchants' (traitors)... However, for the moment, you can go about procuring some suitable outfits for them, since you say they don't LOOK the part.
No. 314916 ID: b6c6fc
File 130845863022.jpg - (231.40KB , 912x547 , CQ2page61.jpg )

>useful skills
none of that matters if the people get scared, Astranian soldiers in any form are not a welcome sight here.

>sell RayTech
I'm no dealer, and best it stay that way. I've got enough heat coming from the Pirate Guild as it is.

>Marshal Droegen
I owe the man a fair bit of money . . . and I may have also "borrowed" one of his speeders.
I'm gonna wait to see if my furres survive the marsh before me and him have a chat

>procuring some suitable outfits
now that's something I can do . . .
No. 314928 ID: 104c67

No. 314970 ID: b6c6fc
File 130846524787.jpg - (261.42KB , 912x547 , CQ2page62.jpg )


I'm not sure "shopping" is the method I'll be using to get this stuff

If I remember correctly their body types went something like this

now to get some clothes, but what kind of clothes should I get?
No. 315065 ID: 8c0848
File 130850081153.png - (149.69KB , 912x547 , most stylish.png )

Obviously you want them to be stylish as all fuck. This is the only option.
No. 315066 ID: 8e18cd
File 130850094952.png - (214.11KB , 912x547 , GIMPEVERYTHING.png )


Play a little joke on them...
No. 315076 ID: 9cb4b3
File 130850417999.png - (147.73KB , 912x547 , mojavemoproblems.png )

Mo'-jave, Mo' problems.
No. 315079 ID: 28e94e


No. 315086 ID: f536f2

Innnnteresting... I suppose that might help blend in with the 'frontier atmosphere', and I can certainly see one of the party would be getting a pretty hefty 'distraction bonus'.
No. 315094 ID: 07416a

This is a thing that should happen.
No. 315095 ID: 8555c2

No. 315122 ID: 644ca1

I do believe we have found a winner.
No. 315138 ID: 7aedd2

This is great except for Fuze. He needs a bit of work.
No. 315341 ID: 049dfa
File 130854857017.png - (187.77KB , 912x547 , COWABUNGA.png )

No. 315462 ID: 55c4cf
File 130858530906.png - (179.30KB , 912x547 , cccostumedesigns.png )

No. 316733 ID: e1c562
File 130884525608.jpg - (282.75KB , 912x547 , CQ2page63.jpg )

yeah this'll be great
I know exactly what clothes to get!

Jones leaves in search of clothes

No. 316735 ID: 35e1a0

you can't use doors?
No. 316736 ID: 9cb4b3

It's a disability. He can't use doors.

Don't make fun of his disability.
No. 316742 ID: 7aedd2

Well first off, he did say that he didn't really intend to go 'shopping,' hinting that he might not be doing something strictly legal.

Secondly, he's got a grapple-shot-thing. Who the heck would use any OTHER mode of transportation?!
No. 317812 ID: e1c562
File 130906642908.jpg - (166.59KB , 912x547 , CQ2title3.jpg )

> the poor Astranians can't seem to catch a break, as once again they find themselves under the threat of merciless Pirates!
No. 317813 ID: e1c562
File 130906657708.jpg - (164.51KB , 912x547 , CQ2page64.jpg )

I am Oken an AcePilot, though I've been trained for this kind of thing, I've never liked infantry combat

I first heard the thunderous roar of the Pirate skimmers when we reach the cliffs

My Team made great efforts to hide from their stealth-less approach, but it made no difference, the Pirates found us all the same. I never suspected Pirates to be so observant.

now my squad finds it self pinned in a desperate attempt to hold off these cyborg raiders

I don't think I want to die this way . . .
No. 317815 ID: 7aedd2

So don't die. Hoft's got that one skimmer toasted, and against the cliffs as you are the ones above the cliff have no shot at you. So how many are still intact and how many guilders on each, do you reckon?
No. 317819 ID: 35e1a0

fire your gun at the purple part of what appears to be en engine on the craft right above you. may not do much but hitting an engine with a gun usually does something.
No. 317825 ID: 00d3d5

They're mostly inside their vehicles. This is to your advantage.
See the engine overhead? Shoot that. The poor engine distribution and reliance on direct thrust for loft will leave it completely off-balance and cause the craft to pitch over it's center of gravity and fling itself over your heads before crashing terribly abo~ut 100m or so away, assuming those mushrooms are a bit mushy.
If not then it'll smack into the mushroom, roll off to the side, and likely go into a spin in the general direction of the ship Hoft just trashed.

This will dislodge any unsecured personnel onboard and fling them towards certain injury and possible death.

Oh, and there's a pirate above you on the cliff. Be ready for him.
No. 317890 ID: 1854db

Shoot the guy right above you on the ledge. If you can, aim so that the focused ray hits the ship too.
No. 317983 ID: f536f2

Shoot the grav engine above you, and scatter both ways along the ledge. Be mindful of the cyberpirate ready to snatch up runners or drop down off the ledge.
No. 318003 ID: e1c562
File 130911429797.jpg - (137.11KB , 912x547 , CQ2page65.jpg )

Ok, I can see a bit of the engine, maybe if I take a careful shot I can-

FirstMate: "Gut the other prisoners, their lives be of no concern, but the cap'n be wantin the Dorau alive!"

a figure leaps down from the ledge

Oken: "Eaah!"
No. 318006 ID: 35e1a0

fall on your back and fire again!
No. 318021 ID: 104c67

Hmm, now what would they be wanting with everyone's favorite Tiny Deer...? Anyway, if Mint has a clear shot, laser-shotgun that bastard. Or the engine. Or something. Generally, if she has a gun, she should be trying to using it.

Also, while it wouldn't be serious, if they're REALLY into keeping their precious Dorau alive, the others can use her as a meat shield...
No. 318072 ID: e3f578

I'm guessing Dorau are rare as hell now since their planet blew up so slaves and Dorau blood are top dollar.

Hell, probably even a market for Dorau eggs for vat grown babies to reestablish the species on the astranian black market, where I'm sure the Guilder can sell shit. They'd make a super killing off of Oken.

Roll bitch, roll. Hell activate slo-mo mode if you got good reflexes.
No. 318103 ID: 1854db

Dodge the remaining claw, and tell fatstuff to shoot him.
No. 318206 ID: 8555c2

Shoot him fatty.
No. 318791 ID: e1c562
File 130924081564.jpg - (152.44KB , 912x547 , CQ2page66.jpg )

Mint and Fuze draw arms to aid their leader
No. 318802 ID: 35e1a0

aim for the head! he has too many cyber parts that he can keep working even this badly wounded!
No. 318804 ID: 7aedd2

Fuze: Keep Firing

Oken: Crab-scuttle backwards

Mint: Staunchly refute the idea that Oken is your leader.
No. 318834 ID: f536f2

Blow out his legs. Good luck going anywhere without those.
No. 319892 ID: e1c562
File 130945588235.jpg - (158.11KB , 912x547 , CQ2page67.jpg )

Fuze: "Oken! I can see four more who've just disembarked, what should we do?"

if we try to fight them like this we're dead, or worse . . . I've to figure out a plan
No. 319894 ID: 55c4cf

is there a choking point you can back up towards, or a trap you can set. Their numbers are meaningless if you protect yourself foremost. They're advancing on you currently.
No. 319899 ID: 35e1a0

yes, a chokepoint would let you and hoft use your more powerful weapons more effectively.
No. 319942 ID: 5b41b7

From what I could see those mushroom-tree caps are higher up their skimmer skiff is hovering.

We could have Hoft blow one down on them, he should be able to make the shot without directly exposing himself to their fire.

Do we have any grenades?
No. 319986 ID: fb10df

I'm thinking we should have Hoft do something clever with his D-gun, both in the Charging-Vaccum part and the Firing The Doomsday Blast part... but I can't think of anything clever atm.
No. 320507 ID: e1c562
File 130958633009.jpg - (156.06KB , 912x547 , CQ2page68.jpg )

Oken: "everyone! make for that cave, it'll give us a choke point we can use!"

Fuze and Mint dash for the cave

in that close a space Hoft's gun should be able to- OH NO! Hoft's in trouble!
No. 320510 ID: 35e1a0

charge in and save him. they want you alive. right now their gun fire is all bluff. just leap towards him and over the root and shoot at the dude's head. the dude hoft is fighting.
No. 320516 ID: 00d3d5

Shoot the purple part of the thruster over his head, then rush towards him. They'll be distracted by their ride getting trashed, and they'll have a hard time aiming at him without hitting you.
No. 320601 ID: 2563d4

>Sidearms vs vehicle armour
>Sidearms vs personell
I think I'mma go "this" the plan to shoot Hoft's assailant.
No. 320651 ID: 35e1a0

when the side arm is a DISINTEGRATOR. what it DOESN'T work on is very little.
No. 320795 ID: 7aedd2

Hoft's got his shields activated, right? So while you're mounting a rescue for him he should be barreling towards you, disintegrating flesh and deflecting shots. Just make sure not to actually get to close to him that your Astranian-ness deactivates his field.
No. 320851 ID: e1c562
File 130965408365.jpg - (162.31KB , 912x547 , CQ2page69.jpg )

my RayGun is design for taking out lightly armored infantry, there's no way it'll hurt that transport.

Oken: "Hoft! we have to get to the cave now!"

Hoft seems to agree
No. 320858 ID: 7aedd2

I remember that when Hoft's D-Gun charges, it makes some kind of suction vacuum that destroys matter... it's how we made that one hole out of the guilder ship, right? Well if his gun is currently uncharged, I'd recommend that as he runs to the cave he Charge the gun and aim the suction-vacuum-thing upwards at the cliff, which might either bring part of the cliffside down and unbalance the guilders up there or if we're really lucky it might eliminate them entirely.
No. 320872 ID: 35e1a0

shoot at the gunner on the ship. just need to get close enough that he pauses trying to shoot.
No. 321135 ID: e1c562
File 130972928231.jpg - (223.35KB , 912x547 , CQ2page70.jpg )

Oken makes a shot for the gunner
No. 321136 ID: e1c562
File 130972933367.jpg - (196.07KB , 912x547 , CQ2page71.jpg )

Oken and Hoft dash for the cave
No. 321141 ID: 35e1a0

nice shot. be ready to give cover fire.
No. 321148 ID: 7aedd2

That was... surprisingly simple.
No. 321190 ID: e3f578

Yes, get that guy to Hoft's left who's hitting his shield. Hoft's got the guy on his right pretty good.

If you get a another sweet shot like you did on the gunner you have to blow on the end of your gun because honey you are shooting HOT today
No. 321418 ID: e1c562
File 130975956425.jpg - (191.48KB , 912x547 , CQ2page72.jpg )

Oken provides covering fire, but her shot doesn't find it's mark

* * *

huh? they're not following us, in fact it looks like they're falling back to their ship . . .
No. 321419 ID: 7aedd2

We have to assume that if they're falling back it's because they've got a plan B. So rather than sitting around waiting to find it, we need to look for an alternate escape route. Now unless the cave actually leads somewhere, we're going to have to make our own exit. Ask Hoft what he knows about his D-Gun... He seemed to know what he was doing when he made that escape hole out of the guilder ship. If we can do something like that and 'dig' ourselves an alternate exit that the guilders don't know about, we might be able to escape that way.
No. 321499 ID: c04c0d

Or the cave is filled with horrors and they have given us up for dead.
No. 321511 ID: 0d7a83

Retreat further in incase they bombard the entrance.
No. 321524 ID: 2563d4

I know this is a different planet, but in case they spread, keep an eye out for hungry ceiling-mounted tentacular monstrosities.

Or wall or floor-mounted. With flora this big, I doubt the cave is devoid of fauna.
No. 321535 ID: 03d7b6

Hopefully they aren't about to lob stun bombs or something into your cover.

If you can keep moving, do it.
No. 321609 ID: e1c562
File 130981681767.jpg - (200.24KB , 912x547 , CQ2page73.jpg )

we travel further into the cave, it goes on for quite a bit further but it's too dark to see where the cave ends

Hoft: "If you want I can blast us a new way out

Hoft pulls out the AntiMatter cannon.

Oken: "are you sure it's safe to use the Cannon? it looks damaged."

Hoft: "huh, it does?

Hoft examines his weapon

Hoft: "it's just a couple scratches, superficial damage, I'm sure it's fine."

Oken: . . .
No. 321614 ID: 35e1a0

"for all you know that scratch is in the main power line. just have mint give it a once over before you use it. would you rather take a little longer and guarantee it works or go now and risk it blowing your arms off?"
No. 321615 ID: 7aedd2

Mint's the Engineer. She should be the one to determine whether or not it's in any condition to fire. Speaking of fire, however, we're going to need something to use to light the way if we wish to continue down this way. Any of you got anything that can be used for such, or are we going to end up setting fire to our own clothes wrapped around a stick as a makeshift torch?
No. 321627 ID: 9c538a

Mint is the ship's engineer. She might be able to fix such a weapon if it were broken, but Hoft has surely had more experience with it, and would be a better judge of whether it was broken. He might find it insulting if you tell him that Mint knows his weapon better than he does. Do not insult the man holding an anti-matter cannon.
No. 321634 ID: 9c538a

lol just kidding a baby could tell that thing's shredded, and the containment field is clearly full of cracks. Insult the man if you have to but do not let that chunk of anti-matter fall out of its containment field.
No. 321641 ID: 03d7b6

Get a second opinion. Mint isn't nearly as attached to the thing and should give a more precise diagnostic. If Hoft objects, remind him how powerful and important the cannon is, and that it could be damaged further if something wrong was overlooked.

Say nothing about the horrifying possibility of it blowing up the next time he pulls the damn trigger.
No. 321712 ID: 00d3d5

"And if it's not we all die in a misfire.
Mint! Inspect this weapon."
No. 321799 ID: e1c562
File 130983738694.jpg - (191.35KB , 912x547 , CQ2page74.jpg )

>Light source

my RayGun can provide a dim light to see by, but it's charge is down to 20% so I might not want to be to conservative with it. I suppose I could also ask Mint to make us some torches.

Oken: "Mint, can you take a look at Hoft's gun and tell us if it'll fire?"

Mint turns around

Mint: "yeah, it'll fire, it'll fire in all directions at the same time. it'll solve our light issue in one heck of a way"

Hoft: . . .

Mint: "what I'm saying is It's going to explode meat head, sooner rather than later if you try to use the damn thing."

Hoft: " . . . can you fix it?"

Mint: "heck should I know? you're the gun enthusiast."

Hoft: . . .

"I might be able to stabilize it, but that'll take at least an hour or so, I'll let Twiggy make the call whether it's worth the hassle. first things first, you need to shut your toy down before it microwaves us all."

Hoft powers down the gun
No. 321801 ID: 35e1a0

"just stow it for now, we need to keep moving. if i have reason to believe we will run into more armored targets then i'll say to fix it."
No. 321817 ID: 7aedd2

We certainly can't just wait around for an hour now. Keep the weapon stored, if nothing else it should serve an an excellent deterrant if they think that it's capable of firing... they've seen its destructive potential.

Torches it is.
No. 322005 ID: e1c562
File 130988579033.jpg - (160.15KB , 912x547 , CQ2page75.jpg )

Mint explains that she could easily make some torches

Mint: "I can use some of these Shroom roots for the shaft, but we'll need some cloth, and we'll need to sacrifice a RayTech device to get the flammable battery juice "

hmmm, so we need to sacrifice some cloth and a RayTech device, what can we afford to lose?
No. 322007 ID: 35e1a0

fuze's laser gun? if that wont work then check which of hoft's shield modules have the least energy.
No. 322009 ID: 9cb4b3

Sacrificing a shield device should be a last resort, those things can save your life even at 1% power.

Ask Mint if it will ruin the device or if she just needs to remove the battery.
No. 322023 ID: 2563d4

>sacrifice a RayTech device to get the flammable battery juice
Well nuts to that. Make your pistol glow instead; at least you might be able to recharge it.

Mint's time is best spent making our only heavy weapon usable.
No. 322027 ID: 28e94e

No. 322030 ID: 7aedd2

How about we get a list of things that'd work and their respective energy levels at the current time?

You said you've got your gun at 20%, what else do we got?
No. 322192 ID: e1c562
File 130991729412.jpg - (189.38KB , 912x547 , CQ2page76.jpg )

>Fuze's gun
StunPistol (6/20 shots), Solars made this gun, Mint says it's battery is not good

>ruining the device
Mint says the device will be fried and useless afterwards.

Here's a list of RayTech devices we have and their current charge rating
GravBoots(x4)(84% charge each), RayGun (2/10 shots, 20% charge), StunPistol (6/20 shots), hat, HandLaser (10/20 shots, 50% charge), HandLaser (16/20 shots, 80% charge), NanoStitcher (72% charge), Tazer (90% charge), AntimaterCannon (70/100 shots, 94% charge), ShieldBattery (x4)(94%,96%,96%,90% charge), SpaceCompass! (70% charge), RapidLaser (2/50 shots, 5% charge.)

Battery (100% charge)
it's probably not a good idea to use this one, it's too useful for charging another device

I also need to decide what cloth source to use
No. 322196 ID: 9cb4b3

The Rapidlaser. Two shots means that thing doesn't have a lot of use left and it's less useful than the raytech piston and the antimatter laser by far.

Hoft is obviously the Kirk of the group, I'm a little surprised he hasn't volunteered his shirt already.
No. 322200 ID: 7aedd2

We'll want to continuously feed the flame so that we don't have to use more battery juice to rekindle one, right? I mean, it'd suck to have to sacrifice ANOTHER thing to the flame, so that means we need to have a steady flow of flammable clothing to the fire. And since we're prudish Astranians, the bandana and hat should definitely go first.

When it comes to what item to sacrifice for its battery juice, I'm against using the rapid laser. Sure it's low on ammo now, but we can recharge it, while we can feasibly sacrifice one pair of boots (or maybe just one boot) and have Hoft carry whoever doesn't have a working pair when you need to. Alternatively, the RayGun seems to have a low ammo capacity AND a low current amount of ammo/charge, so that might be easily sacrificed, unless it's more powerful/effective than the HandLasers... or the Stungun, which has a better ammo capacity but we're not exactly in it for nonlethal means, right?

So for clothes I'd say sacrifice the Bandana, Hat, and Gloves (in that order as necessary to feed the flames), and when it comes to raytech, I'd sacrifice a boot (or two) or the StunPistol
No. 322214 ID: 252e1b

Use the spare battery to charge something else up, and then cannibalize it for fuel. Charge up several somethings in fact. Top off the space compass and NanoStitcher and then put the rest of the charge into the hand lasers and rapid lasers.
No. 322292 ID: 9cb4b3

Uh, the RayGun is Oken's gun that kills absolutely everything ever. We want to keep that.
No. 322303 ID: e3f578

use the simple handlaser since you have two of them
everything else is potentially too useful
No. 322328 ID: 2563d4

Sticking with >>322023 .
But, failing that, >>322196 .
No. 322474 ID: e1c562
File 130998768176.jpg - (206.02KB , 912x547 , CQ2page77.jpg )

Hoft and Mint offer to sacrifice their headgear for the greater good of the mission.

the RapidLaser is also sacrificed.

* * *

after what feels like an hour of marching, Hoft sees what appears to be natural light
No. 322475 ID: 35e1a0

tell hoft to turn his shields back on and check it out. make sure they don't have a surprise waiting for us.
No. 322491 ID: 104c67

quite right
No. 322735 ID: 271a3e

Remember not to bring your lights/torches too near the entrance, they may be watching for them.
No. 322772 ID: e1c562
File 131002318825.jpg - (139.38KB , 912x547 , CQ2page78.jpg )

Hoft hands Fuze his torch, turns on his shields and stealthily approaches the light source.
No. 322774 ID: 1854db

Listen, then take a peek if you can't hear anything.
No. 322777 ID: 7aedd2

No. 323042 ID: e1c562
File 131007805384.jpg - (138.71KB , 912x547 , CQ2page79.jpg )

I listen for a while but don't hear anything, guess it's safe enough to take a peek.

Can't see any pirates up there, looks like just a bunch of rocks and shrooms.
No. 323045 ID: 453e62

stand there on guard and wave the others forward.
No. 323051 ID: 7aedd2

First check to see if there's anything visible further down the cave length, then get everyone forward and you can perhaps get someone to peek and see what's above. Also Oken needs to check her Space Compass to see if we've been heading in anything approaching the correct direction.
No. 323276 ID: e1c562
File 131009600242.jpg - (184.62KB , 912x547 , CQ2page80.jpg )

the passageway seems to continue going after this point, Space compass indicates the passage is going in a north east direction.

Oken: "Hoft can you go take a look around up there?"

Hoft: "Sure thing"

Hoft takes a look around
No. 323283 ID: 453e62

the cliff to your left looks off.
No. 323312 ID: 0d7a83

Don't get shot in the face.
No. 323372 ID: 7aedd2

Is it possible for Mint or someone to modify the space compass in order to detect the presence of guilder technology nearby or something? If not, it still seems like it's time to cautiously get everyone up here, then proceed towards the town
No. 323779 ID: e1c562
File 131016829582.jpg - (258.99KB , 912x547 , CQ2page81.jpg )

let's check the "pirate" setting on the SpaceCompass!

hmmm looks like there's a distant pirate reading coming from the south
No. 323782 ID: 7aedd2

Well since your last contact with the guilder pirates was to the south west, this makes sense. It's also very handy. Anyway, looks like it's time to scratch Mint behind the ears for luck and head above-ground, then hopefully make it to the town before anything else goes wrong.
No. 323809 ID: 1854db

Let's go.
No. 324372 ID: e1c562
File 131026123223.jpg - (200.33KB , 912x547 , CQ2page82.jpg )

Now what to do with the torches?
No. 324374 ID: 453e62

snuff them and put them all on the opposite side of the hole you are going.
No. 324375 ID: 252e1b


Get some pitchforks and pretend to be an angry mob of villagers.
No. 324376 ID: 7aedd2

Perhaps set fire to the forest in order to create a smoke cloud cover and possible a forest fire to make a diversion? Or would it attract attention to us? Maybe if we can make it a delayed fire...
No. 324377 ID: 126430

>Set fire to the forest your in.

No. 324378 ID: 7aedd2

You have no sense of adventure.

But like I said, maybe you can make an hour-long fuse before it lights fire to the brush?
No. 324459 ID: 271a3e

I don't think there 'is' brush here... or anything to burn really, mushrooms tend to be fairly damp things, might be able to burn the spores, but the caps and stems should be too juicy I imagine.
No. 324746 ID: e1c562
File 131034036441.jpg - (240.42KB , 912x547 , CQ2page83.jpg )

the torches are put out and left behind

* * *

Travel continues,
but after hours of further marching my team has become exhausted and still there is no hint of our destination.

There haven't been any complaints, but I can see their weariness in the way they limp forward.

our bodies aren't built for this kind of travel, I'm not sure how much further we'll be able to walk . . .
No. 324752 ID: 7aedd2

Well all we can really do is check the various settings of our Space Compass (tm) and see if there's any nearby tech that might correspond with either the Pirates or the Town... and then we can rest, but is it possible to make the Space Compass into an alarm where it goes off if Pirates come near? And while we rest Mint can repair shit.
No. 324754 ID: 453e62

go to the top of the cliffs to get a look around.
No. 324908 ID: e1c562
File 131035358259.jpg - (240.06KB , 912x547 , CQ2page84.jpg )

the cliffs go up too high, so I climb a mushroom instead, it doesn't give me much better bearings on the area . . .

I try flipping through the space compass's other settings. there are some inclinations towards north east but I can't get any sort of accurate distance reading.

Mint might be able to rig the compass into some sort of alarm but I'd rather she not tamper with it.
No. 324909 ID: 453e62

before you come down can you see any small caves to rest in?
No. 324911 ID: 7aedd2

Well then find a suitable place to camp and have Mint fix Hoft's gun. Silly small-legged Astranians... Mr Jones made the trip in less than a day!
No. 324955 ID: 271a3e

I think you should keep moving, the pirates might also be able to sense the distinctive power signatures of Astranian tech (what if they have a Space Compass too?)

Don't want to be caught by them again.
No. 325050 ID: e1c562
File 131040411014.jpg - (141.30KB , 912x547 , CQ2page85.jpg )

At this point it seems that rest is our only option.

Oken: "this looks like a good place"

During the rest time as team leader I can choose to Bond and increase the morale of one of my team mates, who should I pick?
No. 325053 ID: 9cb4b3

Uh, why don't you guys just sit in a circle and talk as a group?

Start by talking about the first thing you want to do as soon as you get out of here. Maybe have a nice Skrynn trout dinner or a Maloran ice pop on the beach at sunset.
No. 325057 ID: 00d3d5

He's been hostile to Mint, has shown poor judgement, does not deffer to your command, and has shown unstable and irrational behavior.

You need to find out what's going on and get him back under control before he screws everything up again.
No. 325105 ID: 7aedd2

Either Hoft or Mint. Hoft seems like he's kind of becoming a crazed loner but Mint seems more the type to harbor secret grudges and then turn traitor. Fuze, to note, is wonderfully submissive to your every tiny-deer whim.
No. 325118 ID: 73eb25

Talk with all of them and improve TEAMWORK. MORALE is ok, but TEAMWORK is better (and much more in need of improvement).
No. 325144 ID: 7c418e

I would suggest Mint. She seems to have been hiding some Bad Habits from everyone, and had a bad run in with that creature in the swamp.

You may need to find out what her problem is before you reach civilization. It could be harmful to everyone if she goes into withdrawal in the middle of nowhere, or tries to sneak away for a 'fix' somewhere in the trading post ahead.

Given the circumstances, try not to 'fix' her issues, or force her to make any promises regarding them. A greater awareness is the best you can hope for right now, so you can better protect one another.
No. 325183 ID: 1854db

Getting Hoft to stop being crazy is a good idea, I think.
No. 325213 ID: e1c562
File 131044532275.jpg - (185.45KB , 912x547 , CQ2page86.jpg )

Hoft: " . . . Oken, I owe you my life. if you hadn't come back for me that Guilder would've torn my head off!"

Oken: "Hoft, I would never leave anyone behind!"

Hoft: "that's why you're team leader and I'm not.
It's hard to follow orders, to just be the pawn on a chess board, to accept that others know better than you.
but now I understand how foolish I've been, now I'm ready Asnia Oken, I'm ready to obey!"

Oken: "thank you Phestrius Tsen-Hoft"

Oken performs the ritual of bonding

* * *

The Ritual is successful! Hoft's Loyalty is now bound to Oken's Command!

Hoft: "Oken, I'm sorry for all the mistakes I've made, I will not fail you again! I shall fight by your word now and your word alone, I swear it"
No. 325220 ID: bc56d1

No. 325226 ID: 453e62

"one last thing, you aren't a pawn, you're a knight"
No. 325227 ID: 104c67

THAT was your idea of BONDING? No wonder you Astranians are so depressed.
No. 325256 ID: 55c4cf

Seconding the knight reference. that'll do hoft.

mint can be a pawn. i bet she only moved two spaces one time in her life ever until she becomes queen.
No. 325404 ID: e1c562
File 131050055938.jpg - (153.61KB , 912x547 , CQ2page87.jpg )

Oken: "Phestrius, you are not a pawn, you're a knight!"

I'm not exactly sure what that's suppose to mean, but it seems to make him feel better anyways.

as I talk more with Phestrius, the conflicts of our cultures, the politics between our worlds and all the other differences we hold seem to have faded away. It is as if we are simply two clanmates, long time friends and true allies fighting against the universe for our survival.

We exchange war stories, reminisce of simpler times, and joke about our plans for the future.

Time seems to pass quickly . . .
No. 325419 ID: 7aedd2

Someone needs to photoshop above/under Mint 'And so a super villain was born'
Seriously, great job on Hoft and all (even if Oken used a chess analogy when Astranian culture has no knowledge of chess) but I'd be surprised if Mint doesn't turn traitor soon
No. 325439 ID: 88d8ef

To be fair, Fuze is there too, Mint just looks naturally sulky I suspect.

Besides, I don't think we have the luxury to get all paranoid, especially not after saving her life.
No. 325448 ID: 453e62

mint may be a druggy but i can't think of any reasons for her to betray us.
No. 325876 ID: e1c562
File 131054042551.jpg - (199.22KB , 912x547 , CQ2page88.jpg )

Fuze: "you don't appear to be working on AntiMatter Cannno . . ."

Mint: "I'm not, I'm working on improving the piece of pinkskin scrap you've been waving around"

Fuze: . . .

"How did you get that anyways?"

Mint: "I picked it up after you dropped it back in the tunnel."

Fuze: "I don't recall that . . ."

Mint: "your welcome."

She doesn't seem in much of a mood to chat
No. 325880 ID: 453e62

just stutter out a 'thank you'
No. 325893 ID: 0d7a83

It's kind of rude to accuse her of stealing when she's only trying to help. Say thanks.
No. 325940 ID: 7aedd2

Fuze: Weep quietly because no one ever understands you or appreciates your good intentions.

Mint: Explain how exactly you're making his weapon better. No use 'upgrading' it if he uses it in the same way he always has been, right?

Oken and Hoft: Get it on.

Seriously though, do make sure to get that Antimatter Cannon fixed, or be ready to explain why you didn't do so.
No. 326043 ID: e1c562
File 131059425196.jpg - (199.31KB , 912x547 , CQ2page89.jpg )

what am I doing? Mint has been a great asset to our team, and has worked very hard to insure our success. Despite her peculiarities and objectionable attitude she deserves far more respect then I've given her!"

Fuze: ". . . thank you Mint, thank you for everything you've done for us, none us would have made it this far if it weren't for you, I apologize for my poor conduct and lack of respect."

Mint: "Don't worry about it Fuze, like any good soldier I'm just doing what's best for the Alliance."
No. 326052 ID: 7aedd2

Fuze always looks so sad...
No. 326108 ID: 271a3e

He does have a bit of a 'long face'...

Huh, I wonder why he hasn't gotten surgery for his eyes. I mean, surely that would be possible?
No. 326444 ID: e1c562
File 131070164632.jpg - (136.99KB , 912x547 , CQ2page90.jpg )

hmmm something sounded off about what she just said-

huh? what is she doing pointing the gun at-
No. 326445 ID: e17291

No. 326446 ID: e1c562
File 131070185783.jpg - (193.37KB , 912x547 , CQ2page91.jpg )


I feel a sharp burning sensation in my chest!
I've been shot!

I try to cry out, but the words die in my throat

everything begins to fade . . .
No. 326448 ID: 3416ec


No. 326451 ID: 7aedd2

Relax, it's just a stun gun. I'm sure she's just going to use the opportunity to get the physical gratification out of him that she'd never manage were he conscious.
No. 326452 ID: bccf7b

Which is hopefully limited to making him out to be a random chick she found and laughing as Meaty McHotPants gets it on only to realize... it's Fuze! (not that there's such a difference)
No. 326454 ID: 35e1a0

oken: turn around and draw your gun due to gut instinct.
No. 326455 ID: f5fe2f

No. 326467 ID: e1c562
File 131070381942.jpg - (206.12KB , 912x547 , CQ2page92.jpg )

Chapter 3: End
No. 329427 ID: 0ef56a


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