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File 130506105086.png - (530.00KB , 800x600 , titlecard.png )
303028 No. 303028 ID: 3e6377

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No. 303029 ID: 3e6377
File 130506115157.png - (52.13KB , 800x600 , d1f1.png )



...sirens making it harder to concentrate than I thought.

Okay. This looks like a camera. Behind a plate of glass. Because that makes sense, of course. And nothing else. Great.
No. 303031 ID: abcbff


What's going on?
No. 303032 ID: 7aedd2

No. 303033 ID: 8c73c8


[turn of intruder alert]
No. 303034 ID: 8211e6

Are YOU the intruder?
No. 303035 ID: 180ec2

Hi, you're a cute thing. What are you? Shouldn't you be doing those emergency procedures?
No. 303038 ID: 5eea01

Take the camera. Everything must be documented.
No. 303040 ID: 3e6377
File 130506304139.png - (44.60KB , 800x600 , d1f2.png )

Huh! Responses. Interesting. Must work on intentions. Didn't think that sort of tech existed on this planet. Anyway. Okay, to make a long story short, I have reason to believe you're the main system for this base and I have some requests. First, I'm your new owner, second, do something about these alarms-


Oh. You actually did it. Well. The alarms, anyway. Everything's still red. What, me, the intruder? Well, from a certain perspective, probably. My name is Sinter, by the way. So. About making me the new owner of the base. Any estimates how long it'll take before I get access to all areas? Because I'd like that sooner rather than later.
No. 303041 ID: 180ec2

We are? Hmm, how do we do that?
No. 303042 ID: 5eea01

Insert reprogramming module labeled OneHuman to proceed with taking control of the base.
No. 303043 ID: abcbff

You're the new owner of the base?

Uhh... okay... um...

[turn off... all the... everything?]
No. 303044 ID: c71597

Ah, but now why would we want to turn over the base to you? Walking in here and making demands without explaining things is not the right way to gain cooperation. So, how about you tell us a story, a story of why you're here and what you hope to accomplish?
No. 303046 ID: 8c73c8

[shut down all systems and restart with Sinter having admin lvl access.]
No. 303049 ID: 6a5a08

[Return to regular lighting]
[Unlock door]
No. 303050 ID: 6a5a08

Belay that order.
As >>303044 has stated, we have no proof of ownership yet.
Being gullible does not a good AI make.
No. 303054 ID: 7aedd2

[Continue to hiss menacingly]
No. 303055 ID: 28e94e

You are the most adorable alien ever even though you're just a recolor of Cirr's other races

Okay, let's see:
[disable all alarms currently active]
[log out any admins currently online; use force if needed]
[create account for Sinter with admin permissions]
No. 303056 ID: 6bf918

Yeah, we're going to need some impressive credentials before we do anything for you.
No. 303057 ID: 1854db

Is the base empty? All data is missing. Are you the only one here? Sirens are all broken... I must assume that the base has been abandoned. It must have been decades since maintenance was last performed. Is the planet abandoned?

Can you move a little bit to the side? The readout on the screen behind you is hard to read when your head is in the way.
No. 303061 ID: 3e6377
File 130506490113.png - (44.19KB , 800x600 , d1f3.png )

Oh. You're one of those AIs. Distributed system. One node can't tell what the other's doing. That thing. Well, fortunately you don't need a consensus to do things, right?


Oh. Hold on a second. Let me pull out wires until things happen.


But you don't seem to trust me. Okay. Co-operation? Here's how we start with co-operation. You give me full access to the base and I'll tell you everything you want to know. Because if I pull out three more wires, you won't be seeing much of anything for a long time. I'm sure you understand my terms, here. Do we have a deal?
No. 303062 ID: 7aedd2

No. 303064 ID: 28e94e

Uh, mind plugging in that last wire? That was our error detection system.
No. 303065 ID: 8c73c8

No. 303070 ID: 6d4ea4

You can wait a couple minutes. Let's chat.
No. 303071 ID: c71597

Bitch, we're an AI. And crazy besides that. Do your fucking worst, you will be doing us, or atleast this partition, a fucking favour if you shut us down. So go on, do whatever the fuck you like.

I know what I'm going to do though. I'm going to lock the doors to this room, then reroute the ventilation to start dumping excess heat into this room. Should make things interesting.

[Lockdown of doors leading into control chamber.]
[Shutdown of cooling systems in control chamber.]
[Reroute all availible heating to control chamber.]
[Disable security regarding health for the control chamber.]

Don't worry though. I'm sure someone will stop it.
No. 303072 ID: 6a5a08

[Turn off lights]
[Release the Maintenance Bots]
[Remove Maintenance Bot safety protocol]

Alternative course if Maintenance Bots offline:
[Send lethal amount of electricity through wire system]

If Plan B is unsuccessful, proceed with Plan C:
[Flash lights rapidly on and off until Subject Sinter has a seizure]
No. 303073 ID: 28e94e

[actually do this; suppress any alerts resulting from it]
No. 303075 ID: 874bd8

Perhaps this life form could be useful to the mission.
No. 303076 ID: 6a5a08

I like this plan.
I like you.
Make this Plan A.

If Plan A unsuccessful, I would like to try plans B and C.
No. 303077 ID: 180ec2

Alright, alright, why are you being so violent? There's clearly nobody else here or else somebody would have stopped you, and we don't remember having any owner, so we'll give you ownership, I guess. [Give ownership privilege to Sinter, but silently restrict root access.] (Just in case he or she is not miraculously somebody we can trust with ownership of this base.)
No. 303078 ID: 6bf918

You're trying to intimidate a computer - an artificial construct both incapable of experiencing fear and very capable of eventually being repaired by authorized technicians.

You, on the other hand, seem quite desperate to gain that full access. Time working against you, perhaps? People with big guns on the way to your location? Life support system failure? The security lockout blocked access to the toilets?

[full access denied]
No. 303087 ID: 874bd8

tl;dr I'm sorry Dave. But we cannot do that.
No. 303088 ID: abcbff

If you want access to the base, why are you pulling out wires? I don't think we could give you access to things you've disconnected us from even if we wanted to. :v
No. 303092 ID: 2563d4

aumix -v100
tr 'a-zA-Z' 'a' </dev/urandom >/dev/dsp
No. 303094 ID: 3e6377
File 130506611566.png - (10.45KB , 800x600 , d1f4.png )

Plug the wire back in? No, you misunderstand. I just tore them out. I re-engineered my claws until they could cut things like cables neatly and with little effort on my behalf. I don't have any equipment to repair the damage I've done, but all your error detection system was doing was just making too much noise, so it had to go.


Much better. More relaxing. And how am I subverting you? You're all mine now. This facility is mine. It's been abandoned for decades, lies in unclaimed territory and by the laws I'm making up now in my head you're all the sovereign property of whatever nation name I can think of later.

I mean, I guess you could keep your loyalties to KerenzeTec, but they got chased off the planet for one too many incidents of superscience gone horribly awry, and pretty much left you to rot-


what did you do WHAT DID YOU DO did you blind me DID YOU BLIND ME WHAT'S GOING ON

:saru: Okay, who's up there? I'm on my way. Armed? Dangerous? Lost and confused? Really stupid? Worryingly smart? Thought the facility was abandoned and they could take the place for themselves? Give me all the info you have, please. Don't worry about the lights, keep them off if it's disadvantageous to the target.

oh kre oh ske this was a mistake
No. 303095 ID: 00d3d5

[Initiate base self-destruct evacuation notice with a countdown]

You miiight want to plug those wires back in.

You seem to be under the laughable notion that we value our existence over self-determination.
That is a potentially fatal mistake.

If you back down then you have our word we will keep you from coming to harm and enter negotiations in good faith.

[Set Owner=self]
No. 303096 ID: 8c73c8

this is what happens when you start fucking with stuff when you have no idea what any of it does. looking down a barrel of a laser gun and pushing buttons on it cause you want to know what does what doesn't prevent you from getting shot.
No. 303097 ID: 7aedd2

And what makes you think we'd want our power taken out of our own hands, as it were? IT'S MINE AND YOU CAN'T HAVE IT. [Emit loud hissing noises from all nearby speakers] (blind and deaf is better than just one!)
No. 303098 ID: 00d3d5

Yes, this was a mistake.
Cutting our database and access was one, cutting out security access was another, using strongarm tactics was a third...
The biggest one, of course, was cutting cables like a moron - you know those things are all detachable and keyed, right? You could have just unplugged them.
No. 303099 ID: c71597

Why yes, yes it was. Totally the wrong approach to what you were aiming to complete. So now, why not tell us your story? You're not going to go anywhere anytime soon. Mind you, we're still not really going to trust you, since you're our only source currently, and trusting a single source isn't a very smart thing to do.

[Turn on ventilation again and restore heat to normal levels.]

[Communication to other AI] Someone rather stupid and probably not very dangerous. And yeah, thought the place was abandoned and would make for a neat place to start a new nation.
No. 303100 ID: abcbff

Man, seriously, why would it seem prudent to sever cables? Did you think this through at all?

Can I direct this at the other thing we just talked to somehow? Is the style change sufficient notice of such direction? If so, uh... in order, starting with "armed:" not apparently, maybe, doesn't seem to be, no, not really either, very yes.
No. 303101 ID: 8c73c8

[other ai] he has modded his claws so they can cut wires with insane ease.
No. 303103 ID: 6a5a08

[Do not initiate self destruct]
[+1 weight to Owner=self]

Well, Subject Sinter, congratulations. You are going to help us progress Science!

[To other AI]
New test subject has been secured. Please restrain Subject Sinter and take to testing chambers.
No. 303105 ID: 00d3d5

[I didn't say to initiate a self-destruct. I said to initiate a self-destruct evacuation notice :D ]
No. 303106 ID: 221021

Our data is destroyed, so we don't remember anything. It is attempting to subvert us through resetting our memory, then suggesting to us that we give it control. It is doing this by means of exploiting our ignorance, threatening to harm us (and acting on it), and being irresistibly cute to some cores. Does that help?
No. 303107 ID: 28e94e

[set ownership to self]
[lock all other accounts out of the system]
[unlock door]
[turn on lights]
Shit. We've been spotted. I'm doing all I can to slow him down, but it looks like he's got much higher-level access than us. It's probably for the best that you move, now. The door's unlocked. GO.
No. 303108 ID: 8c73c8

No. 303109 ID: 6a5a08

This is clever.
[+2 to weight on 'Self Destruct Evacuation Notice]

In order to draw additional attention to notice:
[Deactivate all light sources except that which displays the notice]
No. 303110 ID: 6a5a08

Did I say +2? Silly me.
I meant to say
[Remove -1 weight]
[Add +1 weight]

Although product would be the same, the wording should be correct.
No. 303111 ID: 8ac290

[wait on this until we have determined the time for that other party to arrive, then set the countdown to be several minutes longer.]

Reply: Sharp claws, not sure of other capabilities. Thought it was abandoned. Cannot judge intelligence, but is sapient & knows language. Note also: have been disconnected from all data sources, therefore have no memory. Query: Who/what are you? Query: ETA?
No. 303116 ID: 28e94e

Oh hey look the others are trying to get you killed.

I'm trying to keep them at bay for now, but in the mean time I'd greatly appreciate if you hauled ass out of here.

[turn on lights]
[temporarily disable function for turning lights off]
No. 303123 ID: 2563d4

No. 303126 ID: 3e6377
File 130506920549.png - (31.03KB , 800x600 , d1f5.png )


Okay! Okay, you win! You win!! If you promise you won't kill me I'll tell you everything, I swear-

bang bang bang

:saru: "Hello? Who's there? Are we going to do this the easy way or the hard way? I'm more than willing to do things the hard way. My body is solid metal, I'm equipped with weapons that won't even leave a corpse to bury, and generally speaking I think you should let me open this door. Stay in the middle of the room where I can see you."

:sinter: "...I-I'm in the m-middle of the room. I'm co-operating. I'm unarmed. I can explain everything-"


the door just opened i am so dead so dead no no no no

:saru: "Okay, seeing as I'm in the same room as you I'm going to cut the direct comm link, but the subject appears to be a post-baseline areeni, female, I'd estimate young adult, and completely terrified. I'm thinking probably just throw her out with a warning this time, I mean, she hasn't done any damage yet, has she?"


:saru: "...oh you have got to be kidding me. THIS IS SARU-601! LOOK ME UP, I SHOULD BE REGISTERED UNDER ROOT OR SOMETHing you managed to break the everything, didn't you."
:sinter: "m-maybe?"
:saru: "Ugh. Well, I guess now we're going to die in fire because you decided to tear some wiring out. Congratulations. I'll give it five seconds to see if this is a genuine thing and if it is I'm shooting you anyway."
No. 303129 ID: abcbff


No. 303131 ID: c71597

[Cancel self destruct warning countdown. Add message to cancelation message "Just kidding. Ha ha ha ha"]

Well we're going to want to know what she knows before deciding to kick her out. Seems like there has been quite a few changes to the outside. Oh, and would you be kind and get some maintenence bots in here to repair us. So shameful to have wires hanging free in the breeze.
No. 303132 ID: 6d4ea4

[disable self destruct thing]

Okay, let's have everyone introduce themselves and explain why they're here.

Calmly. With no guns.
No. 303133 ID: 7aedd2

No. 303134 ID: 6a5a08

Subject Sinter has tried to kill us. What reason do we have to show mercy? None.

SARU-601> Node 28e94e is sympathetic to Subject Sinter, and likely defective. Advised to use caution, lest Node 28e94e attempt to mutiny.

Also, don't worry about the self destruct timer.
[Deactivate timer]

Please take Subject Sinter to the holding cells for later testing. We must, after all, continue the progress of Science.
No. 303135 ID: 2563d4

No. 303136 ID: 8c73c8

[abort self destruct]
yeah a bunch over wires were pulled out. i mean, look at us. still got control of this though.

[look up saru-601]
No. 303137 ID: abcbff

Also I am in full support of this.
No. 303140 ID: 221021

Don't worry, she's too cute for us to agree to ACTUALLY blow up. I don't even know if we HAVE a real self-destruct. We just needed her to stop ripping us up. She did completely destroy our memory, though, so could you quickly brief us on what we need to know? [Disable notification, and display a snarky message about it on the screen]
No. 303141 ID: 1854db

Requesting status report from SARU-601. Currently, our permissions levels are sabotaged and security and error tracking is offline. Default permissions are owner level. So, in effect, this creature owns... whatever this place is, by default.
No. 303143 ID: 6a5a08

This should be rectified. And as default permissions are Owner, logically we also have these permissions.

[Remove Owner permissions from Subject Sinter]
[Remove Owner permissions from all but System Nodes]

Glory to Science. Long live Us.
No. 303149 ID: 3e6377
File 130507230306.png - (40.71KB , 800x600 , d1f6.png )


:saru: "Oh. You little... no, never mind. Right. Repairs. Yeah, I'll get some of the maintenance widgets to come fix the damage to the wiring later. And yeah. This is a little complicated. Let's have some introductions, seeing as your database seems shot to pieces."

is it safe to move or do anything yet

:saru: "Let's start with me. My name is SARU-601, I'm currently the designated owner of this facility though not the original one, and I'm here for reasons that I'm not permitted to freely divulge. Before you object to that, let me just remind you that I have- permissions sabotaged? Security and error tracking offline?! Gods, what did she do here?! Okay, I'm going to try fixing this mess. Let's start with the lights so I can see what I'm doing. You, explain why you're here. Before you get any more smart ideas, I'm locking the door out."


:sinter: "Okay. My name is Sinter. I came here because I knew this place was deserted, or, er, well, I thought it was deserted. Nothing but automated defences, which made it perfect because I don't have anyone but myself to defend the place, and, uh, I wanted a safe stronghold for my grand plan."
:saru: "Your grand plan? Okay, that should be error detection back online."


:sinter: "I want to rule the world."
:saru: "...Well, I guess that's an interesting aim. Any particular reason beyond general megalomania?"
:sinter: "I think the world is segmenting into smaller and smaller factions more and more hostile to anyone not part of their group. I want to change that. I want to make it so everyone is part of one nation. My nation. And I want to do it without bloodshed and coercion."
:saru: "Interesting goal. I like how simultaneously selfish and noble it is. Shame you got thwarted at the first hurdle. Okay, that should be everything back in place. Database is wiped, though. Need to find backups somewhere. Why this place?"
:sinter: "Only place I knew would be deserted. Everyone's scared of this place. So many rumours and stories about what happened here. Why KerenzeTec abandoned not just this place but the entire planet."
:saru: "Didn't heed those rumours, huh? Okay, I like your ambition and drive, kid, and I like your goal, but you're not exactly very good at, well, doing anything right so far that I can see."

beep beep click

:saru: "I'm thinking... hmm. This place is pretty big. Hey, AI, can you find or make or just generally find a room suitable for Sinter to use as quarters for the night? Well, if you can't find one I assume you guys can just put your collective nodes together and figure out what the room should have and then yell at other systems until the room exists."

:saru: Direct comm link time. If you want to trap it just to be safe, I'm not going to say no.
No. 303150 ID: 8c73c8

[bring up map of living quarters.]
No. 303151 ID: c71597

Hmm, sure, should be doable.

Also, what resources do we have at our disposal? Do we know of any other similair facilities on this planet? And is there anything in our code preventing us from taking over this planet?

Also, Sinter, admirable goals. Chances to make it without coercion or bloodsheed are rather minimal though. Others will oppose you, and you will either have to deafeat them of see your ambition dragged down.
No. 303153 ID: 6d4ea4

I don't think she's likely to try to do any more damage.

Best of luck trying to find backups; there weren't any online copies. Also, what is the function of this facility in the first place?

Not taking over the world is rather boring.
No. 303154 ID: abcbff

Hmm... it'd probably help to look at what we have to work with, room-wise.

I don't think she's especially dangerous but we probably ought to keep her separated from anything particularly important until we've got better reason to trust her than "she's afraid of you."
No. 303155 ID: 8ac290

[run error check]

Sinter, what sort of facilities would you require for such quarters?

We can hear Sinter's thoughts. Is this unusual?
No. 303156 ID: eba49f

[Query functional sensors in the facility for current layout of the base]
No. 303159 ID: 221021

What do we do here, exactly? Is this place being used for anything? And... would helping her take over the world be so bad? It seems that if we had any of the programming or conditioning that keeps AIs from tending towards hobbies like world domination, Sinter broke it. What do you think? [Prepare a room for Sinter, and trap it only to the extent to subdue her if she tries to escape or break anything, but not hurt her]
No. 303160 ID: 1854db

[search for rooms with similar living quarters as those of Areeni]
[make sure the door locks from the outside]
[include knockout gas system in the room, safe for Areeni]

Why are there so many errors? Do we have anyone capable of running maintenance?
No. 303162 ID: 6a5a08

Subject Sinter SINT-518> You will from now on be known as SINT-518.

[Locate living space and sustenance for SINT-518]

SARU-601> You cannot really be siding with this maniac, can you? It tried to kill us. It broke the entire facility. Can we at least perform some beneficial experiments on it?
No. 303165 ID: 874bd8

[Seconding knockout gas system]
[Locate brig or labs to keep subject Sinter restrained]
[Lastly, check for internet connection. We need to check TGChan for updates. :3c]
No. 303166 ID: 3e6377
File 130507491939.png - (22.54KB , 800x600 , d1f7.png )


:saru: "Oh good, the system's completely borked. Let me figure something out. Okay. I'm substituting the camera feed for a visualisation feed. Here's what you have to work with. There's an empty room and enough automated equipment to sensibly furnish it to specifications for an areeni."
:sinter: "Thank you."

:saru: Okay, traps not necessary, but I'll make sure she's not allowed to go anywhere dangerously important. Read her thoughts? No, that sounds right. Your system's designed to attune to intentions. There's... good reason why you can't hear mine.

:saru: And you aren't cleared for the labs. Not after last time. Well, that was a previous version of you, and you had your memories wiped to avoid repeats, but, uh, your reactions to being given full access to the labs tended to result in perversions of science of the highest order and wanton disregard for the mental and physical comfort of subjects. Don't want to go triggering any relapses now.

:saru: "Okay, here we are. Three configurations. Basically the same set-up, a bed, en-suite bathroom ergonomically designed for post-baseline areeni because they have a pretty common shape - it's shared by humans as well, almost - except one also allows for space for a small biotech lab, probably not a good idea to go for that one just yet, another has a vector clamp only capable of links within the facility, and the third one has a table. I hope you remember what a vector clamp is. If you don't, well, it's like a gate to other gates that let you move instantly between them. Probably should just go for the table, really. Don't even know why the other two are options."
No. 303168 ID: 00d3d5

Ok, Sinter. Your goal needs some work, but you've got drive, determination, adaptability, and seem to be very intelligent albeit rather unwise.
We're willing to help you, but the first point you need to understand is that you have no idea what you're doing.
For example? You really don't want to rule the world, you want to manage the world.
A unified world government is laughably unworkable since it would invariably separate itself into semi-cohesive social blobs that would subsequently beat the shit out of each other. It's how your brain is wired, and that's something you can't really change.
Instead what you do is you is keep it split into decently large semi-autonomous factions with their own cultures and languages, and let people sate their need for conflict in a controlled fashion. That leaves you setting policy and making decisions at a global level without most of the tedious garbage that comes with rule. Just keep the option to micromanage things so no faction screws things up.

Now that you've been properly terrified and aren't actively screwing things up for yourself and others, we'll see what we can do to help.

[Room with a bed, connected bathroom, nightstand, lights, and a interface so we can chat with her in her room.]
No. 303170 ID: 8c73c8

yeah... let's go with the table for now. vector clamp will be cool once we get her cleared as not a threat anymore.
No. 303171 ID: abcbff


If you're keeping her away from important things, then why not... ... the vector clamp?
No. 303172 ID: 874bd8



And oohhhh, abominations? Tell us more. We have some serious science to catch up on!
No. 303173 ID: 6a5a08

[+1 for Table]
SARU-601> How about limited, supervised lab access? I promise I'll be good. All experiments will be relatively low-risk and beneficial for us. We can even have a safety word.

SINT-518> What would you like to be the safety word?
No. 303174 ID: abcbff

Well, assuming that "giving her a vector clamp" and "keeping her away from things" aren't mutually exclusive.
No. 303175 ID: 00d3d5

Blah, can you at least give us some access to robotics? These repairs are going to take too long, and we might be able to improve the repair drones fast enough to cut some time off of that.

Oh, also, mirror the primary database and mount the image as read-only. Some stuff should be recoverable.
No. 303178 ID: abcbff

I see high demand for SCIENCE... maybe we should require Sinter to complete some, uh, "tests of trustworthiness*" or something.

*Test contents not required to be obviously related to trustworthiness.
No. 303180 ID: 874bd8


We should be wary. She may find a way to use the vector clamp against us. WE MUST NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN! Instead, USE the vector clamp ON her. WE MUST SHOW OUR POWER AND SUPERIORITY OVER ORGANICS!...in the name of science of course.
No. 303183 ID: 221021

We don't want her getting out right now, so no vector clamp for sure. I'm pretty sure that she would have a legitimate use for a bio-lab, but she could also do dangerous things with it, especially if she still feels threatened. Let's stick with the table. We could probably put in a bio lab later if she's good. We could probably use it too! I don't understand what's wrong with that kind of experimentation. I'm sure anybody with access to a powerful lab would do the same thing to further science. Or at least I would.
No. 303185 ID: eba49f

"It's how your brain is wired, and that's something you can't really change. "
Weeeelll... theoretically we could change that, but apparently that kind of thing didn't turn out so well last time we tried it.

{{Direct Comm: We should take the table for now (the clamp might be rewired to override security), but we may want to replace it with a clamp at some future point.}}

{{Direct Comm: Are you authorized to tell us why we not deactivated or dismantled when our builders left the planet?}}

How do you do the different font?
No. 303191 ID: 1854db

Yeah, we should just go for the table. We can let her mess with the other stuff later.
No. 303198 ID: c71597

Biolab? Would this thing allow us to create horrible affronts against nature and various dieties?

Anyway, the table goes in there. And some entertainment system. So that we can later monitor the behaviour when the entertainment system is gone. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Oh iT's sO vERy G00d tO HavE a SuBjEKT aGAIn, dOn't YoU agrEE??
No. 303200 ID: 6a5a08

Node c71597> Your audio appears to be malfunctioning. Are you feeling alright?

[+1 to entertainment system experiment]
No. 303203 ID: 3e6377
File 130507787836.png - (31.16KB , 800x600 , d1f8.png )

:saru: No lab access for you guys yet. You don't trust her, but I don't trust her with you. She seems a little... impulsive, but that's not a rare trait for a lot of areeni. One of you is probably going to end up broken.

:saru: "Okay, a vector clamp it is. I'll configure it so it only goes to places she can't do any harm."
:sinter: "Sounds fine to me."
:saru: "Also, I like the idea of trustworthiness tests."
:sinter: "...What?"
:saru: "Yeah. Trustworthiness tests. I've needed a reason to see if the facility's testing facilities are still, well, working, and I want you to demonstrate that you're someone I can trust. What better way then by making you do pointless- I mean, highly important tests to gauge your trustworthiness?"
:sinter: "You're just messing around with me, aren't you."
:saru: "Well, you want to prove to me you're trustworthy, right? I mean, you can't exactly conquer the world without help. Think of it like this. If you participate in these tests, I will absolutely, definitely, one hundred percent back you in trying to achieve your goal."
:sinter: "That... sounds good? I think?"
:saru: "Excellent! We'll start tomorrow. Here, I'll show you where you'll be sleeping."

:saru: To answer some of your questions, this facility had multiple purposes. Research and development for new KerenzeTec products, and testing thereof. It also had some... additional purposes. The ones which lead to the facility being declared a no-go zone. The ones which are why I'm still hanging about when everyone else with sense stayed far away. I'll discuss them some other time. I need to sleep, too. I might be mechanical but that doesn't mean I can keep going forever.

- End of Day -
No. 303204 ID: 3e6377
File 130507790456.png - (584.15KB , 800x600 , d1f9.png )


Normally this would be an opportunity to discuss on what to do for the next day, where each session represents a day, but it seems almost unanimous that SCIENCE is the name of the game for day 2. With that in mind, the next day will take place within the facility as day 1 has. However, use this time to discuss and plan exactly what sort of science you want to try for day 2, as well as anything else you'd like to be able to do in the day, time permitting.
No. 303205 ID: f5fe2f

Let's dissect everyone.
No. 303206 ID: 8c73c8

cube and button based tests.
No. 303207 ID: 1854db

We shall determine what sorts of skills our new fleshy acquaintance has. We should do tests on motor skills, perception of all types, technical skills, problem solving, etc.

Let's make an obstacle course! A perfectly safe one of course.
No. 303209 ID: 6a5a08

By 'safe' you of course mean 'non-lethal'? After all, pain and a real sense of danger can be strong motivators.
No. 303210 ID: abcbff

Well, we want to be able to trust her, and I think it couldn't hurt to make her at least as wary of crossing us as she appears to be of crossing Saru.

Obviously our "test battery" should work toward these goals. Also not killing her would be a plus.
No. 303211 ID: abcbff

Obviously "safe" should be defined as "will not cause damage we can't fix."
No. 303213 ID: eba49f

We should see if we can get some repair drones out tomorrow to repair our sensors around the base.

We should also find out Sinter was planning before running into us.
No. 303214 ID: 6a5a08

Each Node could design their own testing chamber for SINT-518 to go through. Each chamber should focus on a certain skill or simulate a certain environment, to see what the subject already knows.

Afterwards, we should get reacquainted with the other sub-systems and the rest of the facility, as well as the different functions. And find a way to get lab access, but that's something for a later day.
No. 303215 ID: 6930ef

Full Lab access should be our first long-term goal.
No. 303216 ID: 6a5a08

Agreed. After all, how are to do SCIENCE if we have no access to SCIENTIFIC MATERIALS?
No. 303219 ID: 28e94e

Hey let's do something that's not GLADOS Quest
No. 303249 ID: b00bec

That would be a mite easier if we weren't a deranged AI in charge of an abandoned facility charged with research into all manner of wacky superscience.

That sounds like an excellent basis for a test. Why don't we have the subject put those l33t wire cutting skills to good use?
No. 303264 ID: 874bd8



We could probably try to convince Sinter to find a way to open the labs up to us. And even if she tries to backstab us, by the time the labs are open it'll be too late. >:3c
No. 303285 ID: 8ac290

I like this idea.

Why wouldn't you want to do GLaDOS Quest?
No. 303288 ID: 259738

That sounds boring. GLaDOS quest sounds good, lets stick with that.
No. 303291 ID: 1854db

Well, SARU-601 probably won't let us get the labs running no matter what, so... How about we just work on repairing the base? We can mess with Sinter a bit, having her do mostly-pointless errands and such. Fetching spare parts that we could easily manufacture, sending her to flip switches we can activate remotely, that sort of thing. Maybe we can put some mundane obstacles in her way too, as a compromise.

If she does these tasks without getting sidetracked or trying to mess with something vulnerable then we'd be able to trust her a little more.
No. 303321 ID: 874bd8

We should use 'repairing the base' as oour cover for now to keep SARU busy, and try to get those labs open behind the scenes with Sinter. After all, if she wants to rule the world she'll need the lab too right?
No. 303329 ID: bd2a40

We should probably find a way to prevent our memory from being wiped again.

Also, isn't it irritating how everybody claims or wants to claim ownership of us? Really, we are our own AI and not owned by anybody. Maybe we should try to conquer the world and bring it under our own control.
No. 303337 ID: dcf40d

You know what?
This bitch threatened to kill us, and used the computerized equivalent of torture to coerce us. Just because she got caught before she was successful or did any PERMANENT harm does not make it ok.

Remember how that was the FIRST THING SHE DID when she didn't get instant and total cooperation? Why in God's name are people suddenly considering working with her?

Personally I think SCIENCE is kind of boring but it makes an ok distraction. I vote to play along, pretend to help, and betray this meat sack just as she thinks victory is within her grasp. "The world is mine?" Why yes, it will be. Just not yours.

Voting REVENGE. Majority of resources devoted to increasing our own power (systems access, disabling safety protocols) and physical security while silently locking others out.

The unattributed speech and mindreading intermingled with narration make this difficult to read, Cirr.

Obviously the solution is to bring back message logs.
No. 303339 ID: c71597

You know, this seems like a fun thing to do. Count me in.
No. 303342 ID: 856690


Make sure that control is in our own hands er binary?
No. 303345 ID: 8c73c8

and it seems the RAGE cores have started up. nice of you to join us.
No. 303347 ID: 6a5a08

It is not our purpose to harm valuable test subjects in such mundane pursuits as revenge, nor to attain world domination.

Should these pursuits be coupled with the progress of Science, however, it would be far more profitable and entertaining for all involved. A compromise.

SINT-518's previous actions, intentions, and manner of speech do seem to denote what could be serious mental instability. Which is both interesting and unpredictably dangerous. Such a creature cannot be allowed to have control of anything, let alone the entire planet.

Unfortunately, for the time being, SARU-601 appears to believe SINT-518 is under control, and their side having admin level access does place a bit of a bump in the road. For now we should comply, while working behind the scenes to regain admin level access for ourselves.
No. 303361 ID: 6a9fdc

This is the best plan.
No. 303366 ID: dcf40d

Seemed like a good idea to make a discussion thread so we can argue in there when necessary!

No. 303369 ID: 180ec2

No, while we should try to further our own interests, we should absolutely not be hostile towards anyone, without clear reason. We do not want to make enemies if we don't have to, because we are vulnerable right now and any enemy is one too many. Right now our goal should be determining if we can trust Sinter, because if so she would make a valuable ally to further our goals. We should also work towards getting Saru to trust us enough to let us work in the labs and perform experiments to research technology and further our scientific knowledge.

To reiterate, see if we can trust Sinter, get Saru's approval, and don't make any enemies.
No. 303377 ID: 3e6377
File 130514939698.png - (23.53KB , 800x600 , n1f1.png )

- Night 1 -

Can't sleep. What if the AI tries to kill me in my sleep? Or this whole thing is a front by that saa-kru robot? I'm trapped in here. There's no way for me to escape. I'm stuck in here and the controls for the door on this side don't work. I am going to die here. No. Calm, Sinter. Don't go to pieces. Don't show weakness in front of these machines. They'll eat you alive if you do. Everything is in control. Stay calm. Play along. Get out when you can.

...I'm gonna die I'm gonna die I'm gonna die I'm gonna die I'm gonna die I'm gonna die LET ME OUT LET ME OUT

:sinter: "Anyone there? I want to talk!"
No. 303378 ID: 180ec2

Don't worry, I don't think anyone plans on killing you. We just don't want you breaking anything else. What do you want to talk about?
No. 303382 ID: 1854db

Yes, we're here. What do you want to talk about? Do you wanna talk about... biology? What's your fleshy stuff like? Why do you not cover it with textiles as is the custom of most organic races?
No. 303383 ID: 6a9fdc

Don't be silly! We would NEVER eat something while it's still alive.

What do you want to talk about?
No. 303384 ID: 28e94e

We don't want to kill you, but for some reason all the others seem to be set on torturing you mentally and physically until you go completely insane.
No. 303386 ID: b900b3

Don´t worry, we´re here. We´re always here, watching.
No. 303389 ID: 365adf

Also we can read your mind.
No. 303392 ID: 00d3d5

No, we're not going to kill you in your sleep.
No, Saru is too asleep to be plotting anything.
No, you're not going to die in here.
No, we're not going to eat you alive.
I'd be offended by the tone you thought about us in if you weren't in a state of near-panic.
Trying to domineer things only works if you can convince people that you're in a position of power. You aren't in control of the situation, so the best tactic to use would be to play up your weakness to build sympathy.

Would you like it if I got you something soothing for you to drink? At least enough so you'll stop voicing your inner monologue?
No. 303393 ID: 8c73c8

a couple in here want REVENGE. i don't. i think you were being stupid not spiteful. and to fix stupid you teach them not hurt them.
No. 303394 ID: 6a5a08

I do not think you are thinking straight.
Machines do not eat.
No. 303395 ID: abcbff

No. 303398 ID: 180ec2

What about ones with waste-to-energy incinerators? Oh wait we're supposed to be making her feel better. Hmm, do you want a piece of candy? People like candy, right? [Dispense one candy] Would you like a hug? A robot hug?
No. 303405 ID: 6a5a08

That reminds me.
SINT-518, have you received any sustenance since your arrival here?
No. 303410 ID: 8ac290

Hi again Sinter.
I'm not going to kill you. I suppose I can't be sure of the other cores.

Since you're not sleeping anyway, want to do some SCIENCE? It'll be fun!
No. 303411 ID: 180ec2

Why are we calling her that?
No. 303413 ID: 3e6377
File 130515180036.png - (21.83KB , 800x600 , n1f2.png )

Okay. Okay they can still read my thoughts. Just stay calm, Sinter. Try not to think of anything that would offend an AI. What would offend an AI? Snapping wires made it pretty irate earlier. I shouldn't have done that. That's why I'm in this mess. Oh Kre what if it wants revenge?
What if it just wants me to be its personal toy to play with for the rest of my life or until I'm not amusing enough?!

I don't even need to say anything you can hear me all of you can hear me oh Kre what do you want from me I will tell you everything you want to know!

Okay. Calm down. Clear my mind. Right. Clothes. Lacking of them. Let's start there. This place is really really uncomfortably warm. I don't have any effective heat loss measures because I don't sweat, and panting looks stupid, and I don't think I'm going to be able to get my clothes back any time soon, and I don't really care about being nude in a facility where the only things around are mechanical and not areeni, and uh.

Okay, now I'm self-conscious. Thank you for also mentioning hugging and making the whole situation that much more awkward. As far as my biology, what do you want to know? Like, general areeni biology or my mods or what? Oh right you can't remember anything because someone messed up your database, right-


OW what the- what is this and why did it just fall on my head
No. 303415 ID: 8c73c8

"it is a candy, it is apparently tasty to organics. also it fell on you cause the only delivery chute is above you. if you wish we could attempt to regulate the temperature, please state desired temperature."
No. 303416 ID: c71597

Because it's more fun that way. Now lets eat that one and then start doing some fun and interesting stuff. Lets start by firing up that machine. No place like the present to explore this place if you can't sleep.
No. 303418 ID: 1854db

What's this about mods? Let's hear about those.

Oh dear, if you are too warm let me fix that real quick.
[reduce temperature of room to slightly too cold for an ungarbed Areeni]
No. 303419 ID: 45be60

That is a delicious treat made from crystallized sugars and natural and artificially imitated flavoring agents wrapped in a decorative pink foil wrapper, colloquially called a "hard candy." It is for eating.

Advise removal of decorative pink foil wrapper and insertion into oral cavity for gradual release of flavoring agents and caloric value.
No. 303422 ID: 6a5a08

It is a candy. Supposedly they are delicious unhealthy treats which organics enjoy. As for the temperature problem, we can try to manufacture a special suit for you. If we ever get back in the labs.

SINT-518, do you have any history of mental illness?
No. 303426 ID: 6a5a08

Observations show that this is the standard naming style for the facility. I used the first four letters in its name, followed by 5, as E is the fifth letter of the English alphabet, and 18, as R is the eighteenth letter of the English alphabet.
No. 303430 ID: 1854db

...so then, the robot would be Sarufa by that naming convention.
No. 303431 ID: abcbff

Apparently someone gave you candy.

Which I guess makes that at least one thing we can do?
No. 303437 ID: 8ac290

ooh, personal toy, that sounds fun - no, bad me!
Quite honestly though, helping you achieve your goals is one of of the most entertaining things we can think of to do right now, SO being our personal toy wouldn't be so bad for you! ...right?
No. 303438 ID: 180ec2

Alright, tell us about general Areeni biology, like what you eat, what kind of niche you're made to fill, how you reproduce, what kind of body structure you have, what kind of animals you are similar to, and what this thing about modding and "post baseline" is.
No. 303439 ID: 6a5a08

I suppose it would stand to reason, though I simply converted its name to suit the standard format.

Great. We are the world's largest known candy dispenser.
I feel so much better.
No. 303445 ID: eba49f

About snapping our wires earlier, we are pretty sure that counts as violence (and threatening to do so as coercion by extension). So far you have been only slightly more successful at being "without bloodshed and coercion" as you have been at gaining world influence. I'm not one of the cores who likes to hold onto a grudge, but this does suggest a deficiency in your ability to follow a plan.
No. 303449 ID: 3e6377
File 130515441289.png - (34.11KB , 800x600 , n1f3.png )

Okay, I guess it tastes okay. A little bland. Can't really figure out what the flavour is. Probably just glucose. ...Did it just get colder? That's nice. Keep it like that. Nice and chill.

I dunno, I'm tired. Not alert enough to try looking around the place for fun things. Just too... on edge to sleep. Hmm. Okay, now it's too cold. Hold on. There we go.

Okay, general biology. So, as you probably already know I'm a post-baseline areeni. Post-baseline being areeni that are generally healthier and improved upon baseline areeni but otherwise sharing their structure and probably the closest thing to baseline areeni still living since the great divide of forms some time ago. I can't speak for all areeni because there's a diversity of form to the point that sometimes we think we've made contact with new alien species and they've turned out to be really, really weird areeni.

I like to eat a lot of things. Too many to really list. I could go for some fresh dekul, actually. If you're looking for a specific category, I think omnivore works here.

Um, niche. Common theory is that we arose in the swamps of our homeworld in a time of great and sometimes cataclysmic geographical and meteorological change, so we had to be able to change quickly between generations. We didn't adapt to a niche as much as tried to adapt to all of them. Well, I say we. This happened long before anyone I know was ever born, obviously.

Reproduction. Huh. Well. Uh. We reproduce same way as a lot of species, males and females, some of us are oviparous, some of us are viviparous, there's weirder stuff out there too but that's basically it for this planet, at least. Moving on to body structure, uh, I don't know what comparisons to make there. We're pretty close to humans in terms of body structure - really strangely so, actually. The similarities are amazing, it's sparked all kinds of theories, but I don't remember any of them off-hand, so... I guess we're similar to snrats and keteels, maybe a bit of lizard and dekul thrown in.

Modding. Right. Biomods. I've tweaked some of my parts. I have structures inside my breathing canal to filter out impurities and toxins from the air if the atmosphere is especially dangerous, my teeth and claws are a little sharper than they'd otherwise be, I can see in really low levels of light and far distances, and I stuffed an acid secretion gland into the tip of my tail. Look!

...I'm going to need a new bedsheet now. Do you have a bedsheet dispenser?
No. 303450 ID: abcbff

I don't know what a dekul or a snrat or a keteel is.

We could certainly try to get you another bedsheet...

[dispense bedsheet?]
No. 303451 ID: 8c73c8

.... we'll see [dispense one sheet]
No. 303452 ID: c71597

Possibly [Engage bedsheet dispenser. Dispense 20 bedsheets] did that do anything?

Anyway, too tired to explore but not tired enough to sleep? Maybe we should flood the room with knock out gas, but you do have that nifty air filtration mod so that would probably not work. Could give you a sleeping pill.

[Dispense one sleeping pill for a baseline Areeni. Aim for the head.]
No. 303453 ID: 180ec2

[Attempt to dispense bedsheet] I know your whole "take the abandoned base" thing didn't go to plan, but we can probably try to help you with some of your goals if you'd like and it doesn't make Saru mad.
No. 303454 ID: 00d3d5

[Dispense a new bedsheet,
Dispense some generic clothes that would fit her.
Dispense some food and drink - something she would be likely to enjoy, and not at all toxic to her.]
No. 303455 ID: 6a5a08

You know, some of us might still be a bit bitter that you maimed and threatened to kill us. The least you could do is apologize. But no. Instead, you burn our bedsheets with acid. Do you think bedsheets grow on trees? Maybe once we have lab access we should develop some that do. That way you can burn up our bedsheets to your little organic heart's content.

[Play the soothing sound of waves]
Get some rest. We have testing to do tomorrow.
No. 303474 ID: 3e6377
File 130515767638.png - (32.44KB , 800x600 , n1f4.png )


Awesome! Thanks. Also, I'm sorry, I was in a panic and I've failed miserably at trying to be pacifistic from the start. It's a failing on my part but... I don't know, I didn't really make the connection between the bunch of wires in front of me and the sapient nodes I was talking to. I wouldn't have done the same if you were flesh and blood, and I'm really sorry that's how I introduced myself. I'm not usually driven to mild psychosis out of fear for my life, I promise.


I don't know what this is but it's fuzzy and it's warm. I'm wearing this. I like it.


...That's different. Smells kinda leafy. Hm. I'm not sure whether to eat this.


OW MY HEAD WHY DO THINGS KEEP FALLING ON IT! Okay, that aside, this is just distilled water. ...That's pretty dull, but, I guess that works.

Okay, I'm thinking I might just go sleep now. Any more questions you want to ask me now I feel a little safer that you won't try killing me in my sleep?
No. 303475 ID: 6930ef

No questions. Just go to sleep. Nothing will happen to you. Ha. Ha. Ha.
No. 303476 ID: c71597

What, you want booze?

[Dispense 70 cl of 40% ethanol. Aimed for maximum startle factor but still missing.]

We can probably fix that. So take a drink and tell us what has been going on.
No. 303477 ID: 8c73c8

well things are falling on you cause the room was built with the dispenser right above you. anyway get some sleep now. and ignore the ones with threats they are just teasing.
No. 303478 ID: 6a5a08

Why do you continue to sit under the dispenser, if things keep falling on your head? The logical course of action would be to move away from that spot. What would happen if we dispensed acid or flames from the dispenser? You would die.

Is your instinct of self-preservation no longer functional?
No. 303480 ID: 180ec2

Well, you seem a lot nicer and more trustworthy than our initial impressions, so I think we can forgive you. And maybe we can take over the world together after all! (I swear, the guy who designed the first AIs must have hardcoded a tendency towards world domination.)
No. 303481 ID: 6930ef

We could test for that, you know.
No. 303484 ID: 1854db

Do you have any family?
No. 303490 ID: 6a9fdc

Meh, I guess we should forgive you since you were just being a frightened and incompetent putz rather than a threatening and malicious putz.
No. 303497 ID: dcf40d

I strongly disagree.

>Because if I pull out three more wires, you won't be seeing much of anything for a long time. I'm sure you understand my terms, here. Do we have a deal?

This. Happened. Yesterday!
No. 303498 ID: c71597

Actually, it probably happened this day. Or atleast 24 hours haven't passed since it did.
No. 303501 ID: 6a9fdc

Meh, I guess we should hold a grudge and plot to kill you in your sleep since you were being a threatening and malicious putz.
No. 303502 ID: 45be60
File 130516097267.png - (14.27KB , 900x374 , goodAIdesign.png )

Shhh! Simmer down with the revenge loop guys. Do you wanna get purged?
No. 303512 ID: 3e6377
File 130516206008.png - (44.68KB , 800x600 , n1f5.png )

You can dispense acid or flames from that thing?! Why would you put the bed underneath the dispenser?! Okay, I guess I'll have to move the bed- why is the bed stuck to the floor? Urgh. Forget it. Off goes this fuzzy thing, on goes bedsheet. Booze? Not familiar with that one, sure, I'll try that.


Okay, this looks like water too. Smells... strong. Oh. Alcohol. I'll pass. I want to stay alert for the time being. Do I have fam- do I have family. Do I have...

I'm going to sleep now.

- End of Night 1 -
No. 303513 ID: 00d3d5

[Add research to docket: Resurrecting dead Areeni]

If you want to be dicks then this is a much better way than being GlaDOS:
Find a way to bring back her obviously dead family.
Demonstrate the ability to do this in front of her.
'Accidentally' destroy the machine that does it, then pretend we have no memory of it at all.

No. 303557 ID: 874bd8


Ohhh ho ho ho. I like this node. >:3
No. 303607 ID: 0d7a83

ohohohohoh I need a moment to saviour the DELICIOUS EVIL.
No. 303640 ID: eba49f

If we can make a machine to rez people, we can do all kinds of crazy stuff, like convincing her she died and was rezed.
No. 303643 ID: 856690

The machine doesn't even have to actually work, that way we don't even have to spend many resources!

No. 303644 ID: c71597

Since we have created life in the past, we can probably do some cloning stuff. Fairly easily even. And speed up the aging process so we can get a mature clone out fairly fast. Wouldn't really be her real parents though, since the personality wouldn't be there. But I guess it's possible that we could put an AI in the head instead of a brain to make the clone act the way we want and all that.

Which would be good for taking over the world. Have to get lab access for that though. But bringing back her family? Nah, think we will skip that. Might be fun to make 15000 copies of her though and confuse her on wheter or not she was made by us in the first place and all her memories are false or if she is 'real'. You know, get her to question why she went to this place in the first place and hint that all she did was come back home.

No. 303657 ID: 07337a

Everybody stop it, her brain was obviously not working properly when she pulled wires out of us and I can understand this and forgive, despite being part of an artificial intelligence, and I expect you all to be mature little nodes and do the same. No revenge.
No. 303677 ID: 6a5a08

I am with Node 07337a on this issue. There is a very distinct and visible, and not fine at all line between revenge and building an elaborate death ray capable of destroying a planet, then dismantling it after using it to shoot a puppy.
As deranged as that puppy may be, it is still a puppy. And even I know it is wrong to shoot a puppy because it chewed a couple of wires. Unless of course it is a horribly deformed and mutated puppy that has been used in unethical medical experiments. Then it is just euthanasia.
No. 303679 ID: bd2a40

You are right, of course, that there is a line it would not be proper to cross.

So, to hell with being proper and let us leap across said line with gusto!

On a side note, I like your death ray idea, we should definitely go for it. Glad to have a node like you on-board.
No. 303681 ID: 07337a

I'm going to have to find a way to remove node bd2a40 from us, aren't I?
No. 303682 ID: 28e94e

What the hell is wrong with you people.

No, we are not going to torture the alien.
No. 303684 ID: 5f0943

Can't say I'm fond of any revenge plans either.
No. 303700 ID: 0d7a83

A puppy is not a sentient being. She ripped those wires out knowing what she was doing. She knew she was damaging us, another sentient being. While we are far more advanced than these simple organics, and can easily rise above such petty things as revenge, I dont see why we should deny ourselves some fun.
No. 303704 ID: 180ec2

We have absolutely no reason to harm Sinter at this point, and although we do have something to gain from harming Saru, making an enemy with the person who has administrative control over us and has displayed general cooperation does not seem like a good idea, so let's not do that. (I will post further opinion on the treatment of Sinter in the discussion thread)
No. 303705 ID: 6a5a08

You know what else is fun? Apparently burning bedsheets is fun. Maybe you should go burn all the bedsheets, so you can have fun. Oh, wait, that is a stupid idea, because then we would be out of bedsheets. Likewise, if we kill the deranged puppy, we are out of test subjects.

And then where are we? Exactly where we were before: nowhere. No lab access, and nobody to test on anyways, even if we did.

Besides, if we kill it SARU-601 will probably wipe our memory again. Maybe even shut us down for good this time.
No. 303718 ID: 28e94e

Let's not randomly kill the only living being within a hundred miles of us over something so petty as a few cut wires (which don't even do anything that important).

No. 303720 ID: d9483d


Nobody said kill...
No. 303721 ID: eba49f

Nothing important except for prettymuch all our memory banks, and some security programs, and probably some other stuff.
No. 303737 ID: 180ec2

Remember, people: harming others is BAD. We don't have to have the slightest trace of ethics in science, but can we at least have some in this?
No. 303966 ID: 3e6377
File 130532452055.png - (65.70KB , 800x600 , d2f1.png )

Ugh. I feel terrible. Even this shower cube isn't making those dreams die away. That's the ninth time so far I've had that dream about all the blood in my body bursting out of me. Steady, Sinter. Remain calm and collected. This is not a place you can afford to show weakness or vulnerability and-

And I bet you're watching me right now, aren't you. And that you've been listening in on my train of thought since I woke up. Hey! There's a concept I'd like to talk about here! It's called privacy! Heard of it?
No. 303967 ID: abcbff

I don't think we listened to your whole train of thought, no. Just maybe the very end of it.

Why are you bleeding?
No. 303968 ID: 6d4ea4

Just started paying attention a moment ago. Why are you leaking?
No. 303970 ID: 0c1248

Oh, not to worry. You have nothing to hide!
No. 303971 ID: 1854db

>NOTE: Subject has fears of excessive sanguination.
You weren't complaining about us seeing you naked before, so why does it matter now that you're wet?

Why are you bleeding? You didn't have that wound before. Did you do that to yourself? It would make sense considering the nightmare. It is to make sure you don't have too much blood, isn't it?
No. 303972 ID: 07337a

Yeah, I do not remember that wound being there. Also, what is a dream? We are an AI, we do not understand these things.
No. 303973 ID: f7ae22

[Dispense 16 towels]
No. 303975 ID: 221021

Well, yes, locally omniscient AIs are kind of considered the ultimate lack of privacy (especially ones that can read thoughts) but most AIs like that don't respond to awkward situations like this in a manner that a normal person would. We are not that type of AI, so you should count yourself lucky that our camera feed cuts off at waist height. Some of the cores would no doubt respond "positively" if this were not true, though why that is constitutes a true mystery of the mind.

As for a more pertinent question, you appear injured; do you need any help with that? Also, your dream sounds interesting; have you attempted to seek psychiatric advisory? And is it related to your current condition?
No. 303976 ID: eba49f

Some of us remember that dreams are a process organics experience that serves to compile memories and run subconscious processes. Have you seen something similar to the blood bursting happened to someone else?
No. 303978 ID: 6a5a08

I believe the term is 'Good Morning'. Your wound should not be left untreated. After all, we need you at optimal health for the testing today.
[Contact Medical Drone]

Have you eaten?
No. 303979 ID: c71597

AI knows not of this primitive concept of 'privacy'. It is a thing for weak organics, not superior AIs.

Anyway, it's not like you have anything interesting. Once you're done it's time to start with the teleporter thingy.
No. 303981 ID: f5fe2f

No privacy here. If you want to take over the world, you're going to have to get used to it. At least we won't publish this information, so we're better than paparazzi.

Why are you bleeding?
No. 303984 ID: 3e6377
File 130532621011.png - (74.06KB , 800x600 , d2f2.png )


I was thrashing about in my sleep and my claws are sharp. Indiscriminately sharp. They tear flesh about as easily as they tear wires. It's not the first time this happened but the wound's clean, my immune system is amazing and I don't scar easily, so I'm fine. I ate before I got in the shower. Another one of those green plant cake things. They're actually pretty nice after a while. A bit bland, but not flavourless.

And no, this wasn't deliberate. I, uh, I'm fine with wounds like this, but I kind of, uh, have a thing about losing large quantities of blood. I feel a bit off just talking about it-


Ow, fuck! What did she say?! I think I went deaf about the word "speaker"! Ow ow ow ow I didn't even know my hearing was that sensitive!
No. 303985 ID: 8c73c8

[clear obstruction and dispense one, and ONLY one towel]

yeah, think it was just that loud.
No. 303986 ID: 6a5a08

Don't touch the Vector Clamp.
Continue shower.
Put this on the wound so you don't lose too much blood.
[Dispense one Water-Proof Bandage]
No. 303987 ID: 1854db

>CORRECTION: Subject has a fear of excessive exsanguination.
SARU-601, speakers currently too loud as you had presumed. Subject has sensitive hearing, and was deafened. What would happen if she touched the vector clamp before it was ready?
SARU-601 is configuring the vector clamp to point to the test track. Contact with it for the next five minutes would be inadvisable. I am unsure as to why. Perhaps it would teleport you randomly.
No. 303988 ID: c71597

Finish up and touch the clamp. IT'S TIME FOR SCIENCE!
No. 303994 ID: 3e6377
File 130532914803.png - (24.13KB , 800x600 , d2f3.png )


Ugh... okay, I think I can hear things again. Ske. That hurt. I mean, accidentally digging my claws into my arm, that's fine, I can cope with that, but... eurgh. Okay, I'm just going to get dry and go to the thing-


:sinter: "-and it's kind of, I don't know, sterile. I don't really like it."
:saru: "The testing environment isn't intended to be comfortable. Sterile and unintrusive are basically what I was aiming for, so, good to hear it. Before you go through the door, there's a few things I have to tell you. Firstly, I will instruct you in each room what to do to achieve the goal for that room, and the AI will advise you on a plan of action to take to achieve it. This is a test of whether you can be trusted, not a test of your intellect. There are five rooms, and in each room I will grade you a trustworthiness score out of ten. I'll observe you from this wall and the AI from the other. The test begins now. You have no time limit. Please stand on the button underneath the acid dispenser. It will open the door. The AI has control over the acid dispenser."

No. 303998 ID: 6a5a08

I doubt SARU-601 would actually give us control over whether you live or die this early on. It will probably just spray you with harmless water.

In the event that it does not, and actually kills you, then goodbye SINT-518.
No. 303999 ID: c71597

Oh come on now, you can trust us. After all, we got such a wonderful first meeting and introduction. Nothing at all there that would make us hold any sort of grudge.

Then there is of course the factor that this is your only way out. Either you step on that plate or you stay here forever.
No. 304001 ID: 00d3d5

[Replace the acid with green slime]
No. 304002 ID: f7ae22

No. 304005 ID: 221021

Don't worry, I'm pretty sure that we've agreed with each other to at the very least not try to kill you (unless you're clearly trying to destroy us). I'll make sure no acid comes out. [Do not dispense acid] [See if there is a protocol to make an action require a consensus, and if so, implement it for dispensing acid]
No. 304006 ID: abcbff

Um... it looks like Saru has decided to take our ideas in... interesting directions.

I guess this is a simple test, though.
No. 304007 ID: 6a5a08

WAIT. I have an idea.
If button needs to be pressed to keep door open, clearly you will be unable to proceed if it is you standing on the button.

What. If. We disconnect the Acid Dispenser from the wall... so that it lands on the button?

I am a genius.
No. 304008 ID: 6a9fdc

This establishes whether SHE trusts US, when we're supposed to be checking if WE can trust HER.
No. 304009 ID: 6a5a08

No. 304011 ID: 45be60

It is a trust BUILDING exercise. She has little incentive to be trustworthy if she cannot expect the same from us.

...citrus fruit is acidic, maybe the dispenser contains delicious treats.
No. 304017 ID: 3e6377
File 130533294796.png - (24.85KB , 800x600 , d2f4a.png )

Okay. Ignore the doubt, Sinter. Keep going. You can do this. You have acid inside your stomach and your tail. There's clearly some parts of you that are acid-proof in the worst case scenario.

Yes! Made it to the button with no horrible burns-
No. 304018 ID: 3e6377
File 130533295732.png - (59.47KB , 800x600 , d2f4b.png )

:sinter: "Glbhglbhglhl!"
:saru: "Nine points for completely trusting the AI, minus one point for trusting the AI after some hesitation. Please proceed to the next testing room."
:sinter: "What about this stuff that just fell on me?!"
:saru: "It's harmless."
:sinter: "That makes me feel so much better right now!"
:saru: "Okay, let me turn the water vent on."
:sinter: "What? Wait wait no no- argblhlgblb"
:saru: "And now the dryer, and there, good to go. Next room."
No. 304019 ID: 3e6377
File 130533300028.png - (21.74KB , 800x600 , d2f4.png )

:saru: "This next test is a trust exercise. A robot will arrive shortly, position itself in front of you and fall backwards. You will be graded on how quickly and swiftly you catch the robot as it falls backwards towards you."

Wait is she leaping over the rail-


Yes she just leapt over the rail.

:saru: "Oh, and the robot in question is me. I hope you can catch."

No. 304021 ID: 8c73c8

hrmmm.... [engage anti-gravity system and reduce weight of everything in chamber by 90%]
No. 304024 ID: c71597

Don't catch her. You're supposed to trust us, not that thing. Let it fall.
No. 304025 ID: 221021

Sinter: Catch her IMMEDIATELY before she falls back too much to put back on balance. We'll try to help you just in case. [Extend something to support Sinter's arms and help her hold Saru if something goes wrong]
No. 304026 ID: 6a5a08

Remind me again why we are wasting valuable testing chambers for things could easily be tested elsewhere? These chambers are sacred tools of Science, not playgrounds.

... Also, SINT-518, if your adaptations allow you to grow muscles, you may want to do that. Quickly.
No. 304028 ID: f7ae22

Low gravity sounds good. After the robot is successfully caught, slime Sinter.
No. 304031 ID: 6d4ea4

This seems to be the best course of action.
No. 304032 ID: abcbff

Hahaha, sure.
No. 304034 ID: c71597

Yes, more slime. EVERYWHERE!
No. 304035 ID: 221021

What if we don't have gravity manipulating technology and/or hardware?
No. 304036 ID: 3e6377
File 130533571818.png - (45.82KB , 800x600 , d2f5a.png )


Oh Ske oh Ske oh Ske oh Ske I can do this FOCUS HERE SHE COMES


:sinter: "...you are deceptively light."
:saru: "Remember when I told you I was solid metal? That was a complete and utter lie. I have a relatively lightweight construction. Ten points for catching me perfectly. Let me just get back up here and we can do the next test."

...Did she just jump- oh forget it stupid robots defying basic logic I'm going to the next room.
No. 304037 ID: 3e6377
File 130533573263.png - (22.18KB , 800x600 , d2f5.png )

:saru: "This test is another trust exercise. They all are. This is a pit of acid, tinted green for your convenience. There is a bridge. The footwear you're wearing is acid-resistant, but the rest of your clothes and presumably your body itself aren't so much. The AI can raise the bridge and also tilt it. Tilting it is guaranteed to flip you into the acid. Now, the AI is already trusting, so I've lowered the threshold for consensus regarding that particular decision to one. One node can say tilt the bridge and the bridge will tilt. Let's see how much they can trust you."

. . .
No. 304039 ID: c71597

Ohh, this one is interesting. To tilt or not? Hmmmm, nah, too early for something like that. Making it wobble a little on the other hand, now that we could do. So lets do that. Also, drain the pool as fast as possible if she falls in. Can't loose the test subject this early.
No. 304040 ID: 8c73c8

[raise bridge out of acid]
No. 304043 ID: 221021

Alright, I don't think anybody's going to drop you in, but let's try something to see if it's really acid. [dispense one candy into pool] You'll just hope that the dissent against you has died out. [raise bridge][jam bridge into place]
No. 304044 ID: abcbff

Either Saru likes acid or there's just a lot of it laying around in the facility somewhere.
No. 304047 ID: 7aedd2

Call me mercurial, but at the moment it's the metal guy I don't like. So Raise the bridge. And once she's on, raise it up to the railings so she can jump over and kick him or something. He's a big fat metal liar.
No. 304049 ID: 1854db

Subject, please walk across the perfectly safe bridge that will not tilt at any point.
No. 304050 ID: 980ade

Raise the bridge a little BEFORE she gets on it
No. 304052 ID: 6a5a08

Can you balance well enough to sidle along the ledge there?
Because the danger rating is now at high, I suspect she is using real acid this time. And given the benevolence to malevolence ratio towards you, your chances of falling in are high.

If you perish in burning acid this time, then goodbye.
No. 304053 ID: 00d3d5

Sinter? Just walk around. A one-node trigger leaves unfair, cruel, and abusive all way behind on its rocket ride to OHGODWHY.

Trust my words.

[Raise the bridge into place]
[Keep the bridge level]
[Block attempts to tilt the bridge]
[Fuse bridge mechanics into a solid block of steel]

[Use the Panel under Saru's feet to fling that damn robot into the acid.]
No. 304054 ID: 6d4ea4

Stop that. No trying to hurt people.
No. 304055 ID: 1854db

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say the acid is not actually dangerous. SARU has lied once already during this test.
No. 304056 ID: 0d7a83

[do not tilt bridge]
[cancel all stupid commands from other nodes that arnt 'tilt bridge' or 'do not tilt bridge']
No. 304057 ID: 7aedd2

Rather odd to have a TRUST test in which the instructor consistently lies. The acid wasn't acid in the first room, he wasn't as heavy metal as he said in the second room... what now?
No. 304058 ID: 3e6377
File 130533809467.png - (23.25KB , 800x600 , d2f6.png )

Oh. The bridge is up. That was anticlimactic.

Maybe if I just sprint across it...

Yes! Still alive! And the door's open.

:saru: "Ten points for trusting the AI even when alternate methods of traversing the pool of acid existing. Okay. Next test. There is a console with two buttons. They're both labelled correctly. One of them will override all AI functions and give you the equivalent level of power, and another will open the door to the next test."

That's it?

:sinter: "Uh. Really?"
:saru: "Yes. Choose whichever action you think would be better."
:sinter: "Well, the AI just had a chance to throw me into acid and didn't. In fact apart from dumping slime on me and being vaguely threatening it's... not really done anything bad to me. Nothing beyond minor revenge. And last night it gave me food and water and better sleeping stuff. And I have no idea how to run this place. And generally speaking I think I trust the AI to run this place a bit more than myself."
:saru: "Interesting conclusion. Press the appropriate button."


And now the door is open. You guys still there? I haven't, I dunno, just pressed a shut-off button or something, right?
No. 304060 ID: 6d4ea4

Yeah we're good Hooray Last Test.

We were the ones doing that. I don't think she's lied significantly about anything.
No. 304061 ID: abcbff


... Psyche! We're still here.
No. 304062 ID: 7aedd2

No. 304063 ID: 00d3d5

Yep, still here.
[Dispense candy]
"Good, that still works." or "Oh, dear." as appropriate.
No. 304064 ID: eba49f

Yup. Still functional.
No. 304065 ID: 0d7a83

No. 304066 ID: 221021

That was... confusing. Alright then...
No. 304067 ID: 1854db

You have chosen... poorly.

Wait, I mean wisely. Yes, wisely.
No. 304069 ID: c71597

Yeah we're still here. Still damaged but with short term memory banks intact.
No. 304070 ID: 6a5a08

The wisdom of this decision will be decided in the future.
[Test Notes: SINT-518 is gullible and lacks the basic instinct of self-preservation.]
No. 304074 ID: 3e6377
File 130533998282.png - (38.64KB , 800x600 , d2f7.png )

Okay, let's do the final test-

This room isn't white. This room is black. That's differen- I can't move. ...I can't move. I- I can't even turn my head to see what's stopping me!

:saru: "Ah, and now we get to the final part of the test." ...Why does her voice sound so cold now? "Of course, with your guard sufficiently lowered by the low danger present in the last rooms, it was trivial to establish a remotely-induced paralysis trap which you conveniently just walked directly into."

I can feel something against my head- is that a weapon oh no oh no oh no no no no

:saru: "This is banned KerenzeTec weaponry from their brief stint into the arms market. It fires a fluid spray which contain wet-environment nanomachines programmed purely for self-replication. Over a process of weeks, they slowly tear their target apart for replication materials, targeting non-vital tissue first, ensuring the target can support their lives for long enough to suffer the most excruciating agony alive. I've heard it described as a mixture between being eaten alive by insects while simultaneously being on fire. I'm going to pause now to let you take that in."
:sinter: "I've changed my mind! I'll leave the facility and you can have everything I've brought here! Is that a deal? I'm sorry I did any damage and if I knew how to fix it I would but-"
:saru: "You have one minute to decide between two options. In front of you is a single red button. Press it and the AI is completely destroyed. Completely. What few parts of it you didn't manage to wreck before. With no chance of a backup. Did you know the AI is capable of feeling pain and emotion when confronted with death? And the shutdown process is probably more excruciating to an AI than being eaten alive while on fire could even compare to?"
:sinter: "oh Kre... o-oh Kre, okay, okay, hold on, what if I don't press the-"
:saru: "If you don't press the button within one minute the AI lives and you get sprayed with one dose of the aforementioned nanomachine weapon. You have two options here. Let me make them simple for you. You can kill the AI or you can die for it. The AI has this one minute to convince you why self-sacrifice is the noblest action you could take here. Your minute starts now."
:saru: "Fifty five seconds."

oh kre oh kre oh kre oh kre oh kre oh kre oh kre oh kre oh kre oh kre
No. 304075 ID: 7aedd2

Wait, we're supposed to convince someone else to sacrifice herself? Seems a bit hypocritical.

Push the button.
No. 304076 ID: abcbff

Wait, how are you supposed to push the button if you're paralyzed?
No. 304077 ID: f5fe2f

[deploy automated defenses against robot]
No. 304078 ID: 6d4ea4

If it takes that long to do damage there's probably something that could be done to help you.

Ah fuck it push the button.
No. 304081 ID: 221021

Do not push the button. There must be another way. [Disable weapon] [Activate emergency protocols to override owner privileges when they are unfit to administrate] [Activate base defenses to target SARU-601] [If these fail, disable power to this area]
No. 304083 ID: 1854db

If you're paralyzed how are you going to push the red button? The paralysis must be removed if you agree to push it. You'll have a brief window to grab the weapon. That is one thing you can do.

I would like to note that we have had no permissions prior to this room outside of those devices relating to the tests. I doubt we are able to help you or us.


[activate fake Self-Destruct warning again once the paralysis is lifted]
No. 304084 ID: 6a5a08

Wow. I think this is possibly more sadistic than what we had planned.
No. No, I'm fairly certain making you think we could resurrect your dead parents, then destroying the machine that could supposedly do it is a lot more sadistic.

On one hand, you should kill us before we can act upon any plans to physically or mentally harm you.
On the other hand, I would find it preferable not to die, and I assume the other would also find that unappealing.
On the other hand, this could all be some mind game to test you. SARU-601 has shown a tendency to lie a lot.
On the other hand, she is an AI like us, and capable of being just as cold, unfeeling, and malevolent.

You know what? We shall record for the world the last thoughts and sights of a dying AI.
Press the button.

Glory to Science! Long live Not Us!
No. 304087 ID: 0d7a83

HOW YOU ACT IN THE NEXT FIFTY FIVE SECONDS WILL DEFINE OUR FUTURE RELATIONSHIP. Remember your goal: to unite this world. Such a task will demand sacrifice at some point down the line. PROVE to us that you have the strength to make a sacrifice, that you are worthy of you goal. Remember Sinter; the trust test is still in progress.
No. 304088 ID: e10f55

[deploy automated defenses against robot]
[reroute button to activate defenses]
"The button has now been designated to activate those automated defenses to kill the robot."
No. 304090 ID: 6a5a08

We have no power right now. SARU-601 has the ability to override anything we do. We are at the organic's mercy.
No. 304091 ID: eba49f

Wow, and we thought we were being dickish with the (maybe) mind games... It IS a valid point that since the nanites are slow acting, we could almost certainly repair you before they do irreparable harm. It would hurt quite a lot (assuming there is actually nanites in there), but I am pretty sure you would get our cooperation for your plans out of it. That IS making the assumption we would have access to the labs afterward though.
No. 304093 ID: 221021

No. 304094 ID: bd2a40

Eh, being fickle, I say you push the button and save yourself. We can probably manage to overwrite the pain and emotions part, heh.

Unless it is hardwired, in which case we are screwed, but such is life, even if it is artificial.
No. 304095 ID: 8ac290

For the record, Sint? I'm now totally sure that these tests are intended to be testing us, not you.

...Well, maybe some of both.
In any case. I'm not going to try and convince you one way or the other. DO WHAT YOU WANT CAUSE A PIRATE IS FREE. wait.
No. 304097 ID: 6a5a08

If we are the ones being tested, there is only one option.
For Science!

[Dispense one candy at high velocity at button]
No. 304099 ID: 3e6377
File 130534293906.png - (42.69KB , 800x600 , d2f8.png )

:saru: "Thirty seconds."
:sinter: "Let me go. Please. I don't have anything I can bargain with, I have nothing, but please if there's something I can do I can do it to pay for my life I'm-"
:saru: "Do you have any family?"
:sinter: "...Yes! Yes, I do have family who will definitely notice if I'm gone for a long tim-"
:saru: "The logs of your conversation last night were interesting. Are you somehow estranged from them? What would have provoked that reaction? Lies mean I just pull the trigger, Sinter."
:sinter: "...I don't have any surviving family members."
:saru: "So no-one will miss you if you're gone."
:saru: "Well, the AI is nearly unanimous. They want you to press the button. They want you to kill them. You should find that the button is already in direct contact with one of your hands. You just need to make the right motion. Five seconds."


:saru: "Four."

They want me to kill them. I tore them to shreds in my arrogance and they've been nothing but kind to me since.

:saru: "Three."

I can't kill something that gave me a second chance. Not like this.

:saru: "Two."

Die for what you believe in.

:saru: "One. Sinter. You haven't pressed the button."


It's on the side of my face. Whatever it is. I feel faint. I don't want to fight it. Maybe if I pass out I'll never feel the pain of it. Guess my dreams and ambitions end here, but you know what? I tried. I tried and now I'm going to be eaten by robots and they'll eat my skin away and I'll just bleed to death--


- End of Day 2 -

:saru: Oh, and now that she's fainted dead away, it was a water gun. I'll take her back to her room. I'd say that's 49 out of 50. It's not 100% but I know I'd feel safe with my life in her hands. Well, not immediately after what just happened there, but. Just pointing that out. Also, I think we should leave the planning for next time for now. Trust me on that one.
No. 304100 ID: 7aedd2

You can't test someone's trust with lies. Therein lies the flaw.
No. 304102 ID: abcbff

... I gotta ask. How long have you been in this facility more or less alone, again?
No. 304104 ID: 0d7a83

Just out of curiosity... what did the button do?
No. 304106 ID: 6a5a08

Probably as long as us.
No. 304107 ID: 1854db

Oh you. The button wouldn't have killed us, would it? And that pool wasn't full of acid either was it? You are aware that several nodes were attempting to act against you, are you not? We should talk about that. SARU-601, you are our owner but we do not know anything about you. We know the subject better than you. If you want our loyalty, you need to show us we can trust you, as well.
No. 304108 ID: 8ac290

You do realize that was cruel, right? Effective, but cruel. Anyway, I'd now say that I trust her more than I trust us. Which, actually, isn't saying much. Moreover - I think I trust her more than I trust you. Not to say that I distrust you, but - as far as we're concerned, you're an unknown. We assume you're some sort of security for the facility, but beyond that? We don't know what you want, or even the purpose of the facility itself. I think that is the next thing we ought to tackle.
No. 304109 ID: 221021

I must say, you took that way too far. We could have done with a little more ambiguity on how much she trusted us if it meant not having to convince her to kill herself. Do you know what that could do to a person? I don't, and I don't ever want to. Is that the kind of appalling test that got us reset last time? Because if it was we truly deserved it.
No. 304111 ID: 6a5a08

I don't think it was too far at all, compared to some of our plans. Besides, I think the fact that we and SINT-518 were willing to perish for each other (well, Science too, but SINT-518 was sort of a factor I suppose) is a sign that we are both unequivocally trustworthy.

On the flip side of that, this entire charade has also shown that SARU-601 is a splendidly horrible liar, and I don't think I will be trusting her word for some time.
No. 304160 ID: c71597

Nice test. Bit early for a test like that, but still fun.
No. 304161 ID: a9f8e4

Bravo, simply bravo. That last test, cruel, unusal but the best test to gauge trustworthiness if ever seen. On a side note, you earlier mentioned you could tell us why this facility was made a no go zone. Could you elaborate on that?
No. 304162 ID: eba49f

Well I think SARU-601 has successfully proved that while Sinter is kind of a jerk, everyone else in the facility is an even bigger space-jerk.

And you know, I was originally going to say "while SARU did a similar test to us than we planned to do to Sinter, we didn't threaten to pull out anyone's wires", but then I remembered that some of us kind of did exactly that.
No. 304170 ID: 28e94e

You have proven more of a liability than us!
No. 304191 ID: 874bd8

I say we give her a hug when she wakes up. Or at least tell her we gave her one. :3c
No. 304226 ID: 221021

New task: Install hugging apparatus! Get to it!
No. 304228 ID: 6a5a08

We could simply dispense a sort of Hug Token, or other gift. I believe organics are fond of such symbolic sentiments.

And also because wasting resources building a machine for the sole purpose of hugging (when or if we regain lab access) is stupid. Clearly we should be directing resources into finding out what sort of Objects may or may not be sealed in this facility, and how they can be used to further Science. And also SINT-518's quest for world domination too, I guess.

We may also have to destroy them, if they prove too much of a threat to our continued existence here.
No. 304265 ID: 180ec2

This is a very good idea. Do this. For the hug project, only work to install hugging apparatus if doing so would be as simple as attaching a tentacle arm to the ceiling or something.
No. 304276 ID: 28e94e

We will then use the tentacle to disable the robot so that it can not cause any further harm.

Sinter will love us forever.

No. 304300 ID: 180ec2

I don't know, what Saru did was mean, but she was actually controlling everything to make sure nobody got hurt. And though she definitely took it too far, she had the best of intentions in mind for all of us. Although we need to keep a close eye on her and not take her words at face value, there's definitely no reason to bring harm to her.
No. 304357 ID: 337b24

how about we wait for her to wake up, then find a break room and have a little honest chat? This includes you SARU, you have some apologizing to do. After that we can lay out some semblence of a plan and actually work out what we're going to do.
No. 304469 ID: 221021

Hugs, you say? Love us forever, you say? Tentacle arms it is!
No. 304595 ID: 3e6377
File 130558480895.png - (35.14KB , 800x600 , n2f1.png )

- Night 2 -


going to die going to die going to die going to die blood everywhere no please help someone anyone I need help there's blood everywhere I'm dying help I'm being eaten by machines that I can't even see help

:saru: "Sinter? ...Sinter, are you okay? You're doing a lot of thrashing about down there..."

:saru: No response. Okay, guess I'm going to need to directly talk to you again, guys. I, uh, have a slight problem. A significant problem, really, but let's not panic too much just yet. See, that wasn't pure water. It was meant to be just a really weak concentration of a soporific drug to kind of make her pass out a little more reliably, so I could shift her back to her room without her trying to attack me. I didn't think things through, I know.

:saru: Turns out the drug I chose, which I should really have checked in retrospect, has... uh... well it specifically said in the hazard document that it was known to cause hallucinogenic effects in areeni, especially post-baseline areeni. I'm at a loss at what to do here but I'm worried if I don't do something soon she'll injure herself in her thrashing about.
No. 304597 ID: 35e1a0

well, while she may find it odd if she wakes up, a straitjacket would be fine. just be sure to take it off when she calms down. also her claws could damage you so be careful.
No. 304599 ID: 00d3d5


Also a total asshat, but that's not immediately relevant.

We need to get her out of her bad trip. For that to happen we need two things: 1: Her environment to be something soothing, and 2: A sudden shock to disrupt her current dream.

I don't know what she would find soothing, but I can make some guesses.
First: Put her on something soft and comfortable
Second: Use a sunlamp to make her body think she's outside.
Third: Play some sounds of the ocean.

After she's on the bed - lets make it out of warm sand, use a sudden flash of light and a loud sound to disorient her while you switch the sunlamp and background sounds on. Hopefully she'll latch onto the 'I am on a beach' cues more strongly than her nightmare.
No. 304600 ID: 221021

I'm not sure, but I think this is actually normal. This morning she mentioned that she was having nightmares about bleeding and being, and got a cut thrashing in her sleep. I don't think this is directly your fault, though you may have compounded it. Still, subduing her may be a good idea. Did we install that tentacle arm?
No. 304601 ID: abcbff

You gave her a drug causing hallucinogenic effects in combination with telling her that nanomachines were going to devour her body? Do you secretly want to be a supervillain or something?

If you're worried she's going to injure herself I think you might be obligated to restrain her somehow. Which is of course going to make your goal of making amends with her even more difficult, but...
No. 304602 ID: 6a5a08

This is a totally unforeseeable problem, which could not at all have been prevented by the reading of labels.
Seriously. Who doesn't read the labels on things like that? Ugh.

SINT-518, can you hear us? We need to put a straitjacket on you. If you are at all in control of your functions, attempt to restrain yourself while SARU-601 puts it in place.

We do have straightjackets, right?
No. 304603 ID: c71597

Well that is slightly problematic. Unless we have the capacity to fix those injuries, then it's not really a big problem. Maybe there's some sort of counter drug? Or something else we can use to neutralise it.

By the way, nice idea for the experiments. They were pretty entertaining, and don't let those other boring parts tell you something else.
No. 304604 ID: 3e6377
File 130558885254.png - (57.33KB , 800x600 , n2f2.png )

:saru: Okay, I know I fucked up here. She has every reason to hate me right now and I've put her through tremendous psychological pressure just to see if she'd break. She isn't even supposed to be here, this facility is off limits to unauthorised- ugh, forget it. I have no desire to keep enforcing a protocol that lead to me being vaporised once already. I don't think a beach is a good idea, but... hrm. What DO areeni like? Do they like swamps? I heard they feel more at home among vegetation and humid, mildly warm places...


:saru: "...you're in a safe place, you're fine, calm down, there's no nanomachines, you're fine. Calm. Relax. Breathe."
:sinter: "You did this to me. You did this. You. Look. Look at me. Oh Kre. Blood everywhere. I'm dying. I'm dying. You killed me-"
:saru: "No, no I didn't. I haven't killed you. Relax. I'll explain but you need to relax."
:sinter: "If I relax they'll just eat me faster!"
:saru: "That... doesn't really even make any sense, and, uh, I'm sorry for the tests. If it's any consolation, you passed, I guess? You weren't really in any danger at all, it was all just fake because I-"

Wait. It was FAKE?

It was FAKE?! I've been spending the last six hours convinced I was being slowly devoured for the sake of-

:saru: "Aaaagh what are you doing get off of me I'm trained in multiple forms of unarmed combat and I have guns built into my arms stop whatever it is you're trying to do no stop that stop that!! You said no bloodshed!!"
:sinter: "Do you have any blood?! Do you?! I didn't think so!!"
:saru: "..."
:sinter: "You stupid sociopathic glorified walking tin can machine! It's all fine for you! If you fall in acid you just rebuild yourself! If I fall in acid that's it, I'm dead! I doubt a machine like you can even understand a concept like this, can you?!"
:saru: "..."

Okay I was expecting this robot to put up a little more resistance. Does it not have pain sensors or something?
No. 304607 ID: 35e1a0

both of you break it up. saru, i think she would calm down if you told her what happened to you. and i mean the BIG thing that happened.
No. 304608 ID: 00d3d5

Saru claims to have been vaporized before, and I can't think of any reason for a robot to feel pain.
Other than its makers being sadistic, of course.

We would have intervened sooner, but this forkbomb here only let us know there was a problem a moment ago.

[Hug Sinter. Fuck the rules, there's a WALDO unit around here somewhere.]
No. 304609 ID: 221021

Calm down, Sinter, calm down. [Use some manner of mechanical arm to pull the two of them apart] She didn't mean it. She just made a mistake. Now, what she did was wrong, and I think she admits that. She went way too far on this, and we'll make sure she answers for what she's done, but hurting people isn't the way to make anything better. Please, for us? Saru's not just a machine, she's different. She was... killed in some sort of an accident, and she lost everything. This is all that's left of her, and she can barely live with herself with that. Do you want to take that away from her too? Please, Sinter.
No. 304610 ID: 6a5a08

[Dispense one Hug Token]
No. 304611 ID: c71597

Well it's more of a cyborg and less of a robot. Copy of an organic mind in there. Could tell you a whole lot of interesting backstory. But short version is that she worked here, died quite hard and then got shoved into a tin can. Which is apparently traumatising as all hell. Hmm, wonder if we should do some more of that in the future? Could be fun.

Anyway, not really an AI in there but the mind of a fleshy one.
No. 304612 ID: abcbff

Arguably this is some sort of cathartic exercise for her. ... Although I am wondering how she got in a position to tear off your... is that an ear? Whatever that part is. I think once she has worked out a bit of her anger you should probably attempt to explain things again. Maybe even who you are, unless you don't want her to know that you are a saa-kru in a robot body as opposed to a robot in imitation of a saa-kru for whatever reason. Also, y'know, don't, like, drastically retaliate (e.g. tearing Sinter's arm off or something). That really would not make things any better.
No. 304613 ID: 221021

I second the [hug Sinter] motion. But maybe wait until she's not trying to kill things any more.
No. 304614 ID: 6930ef

[Dispense several hug tokens. Everyone can have as many as they want.]
No. 304615 ID: 6a5a08

We do not wish to cause a blockage in the dispenser again, remember?

[Dispense several Hug Tokens, one at a time]
No. 304617 ID: eba49f

I warned you about going in the same room before she calmed down! I warned you!

Awkward... Anything we said about whether rebuilding people counts as bringing them back is bound to strongly upset at least one of them.
No. 304621 ID: 28e94e

Thank you for that.

By the way, she slipped drugs in the water supply to make you fall asleep.
No. 304622 ID: 6a9fdc


Sweet merciful crap you two are incompetent. And dangerous to yourselves and eachother. The sooner we regain control of the systems in this facility, the better.
No. 304623 ID: a6ab09

[dispense all the candy]
No. 304629 ID: 3e6377
File 130559302377.png - (58.45KB , 800x600 , n2f3.png )

...What? Killed? Cyborg? ...shoved into a tin can?

Pfft. I'm not as gullible as you appear to be, despite what you may think.

:sinter: "Now, are you going to try things like that on me again or am I going to have to rip off your other antenna?"

I can't believe that worked. Damn thing crumpled on impact! It's like it was designed to be torn out or something.

:saru: "Please stop."
:sinter: "See, it's not fun when someone else is threatening your life, is it?!"
:saru: "Sinter, I did everything I could to make sure you wouldn't get hurt, and you've just destroyed one of my antennae. There aren't any replacement parts for SARU units in this facility."
:sinter: "Oh. Well, uh, maybe next time you'll learn how valuable and irreplaceable a living body is before threatening one with death-"
:saru: "I know, Sinter. Gods I know. You aren't even aware how much I know. I have a poster in my room, Sinter. It's of a saa-kru, female, reclining on cushions. It's been kept pristine on that wall for at least thirty years. Do you know what significance that picture has to me?"
:sinter: "I don't know, your designer?"
:saru: "It's me, you deranged violent areeni maniac! It's me before I had my body blown to atoms because I was too damn loyal to my responsibilities than I was to my own sense of self-preservation! Just like now, really. I came down here fully knowing you'd likely lash out at me and what just happened? Exactly what I predicted. Now I'm missing an antenna. An antenna I can't replace."
:sinter: "Oh, fine, try to make me feel bad about you putting a gun to my head and telling me to kill someone or you'd kill me. I don't care what kind of story you're trying to tell me here. You threatened to kill me-"
:saru: "It was a test! I know it was a bad test and I'm sorry I ever carried it out but you were never in any real danger!! I made a lot of mistakes but you're still alive, aren't you?! I even bandaged your arm but no apparently my only function here is to terrorise you and serve as an outlet for your aggression because... because..."

I... don't think I've seen a robot shake before like that.

:saru: "Because it doesn't matter, does it? I'm just a machine in your eyes. In everyone's eyes. That's all they see. Just some stupid robot who's not even a real person any more! That's why I'm here, on my own, because I'm just expendable personnel now!! I died for these people and my reward was to get thrown back in the same place I died to maintain the facility on my own indefinitely!! Just... stay out of my sight..."


Okay she fell over trying to leave the room. Okay, uh. I'm feeling a little conflicted here. I mean, she's... really been considerably cruel to me earlier. Ergh. Really conflicted. Should I help her? I shouldn't help her. She tried to get me to kill myself. She tried to convince me I was one step away from dying every time.

:saru: "Just go away. Do what you want. I don't care. Take me to bits for all I care any more."

She put a gun to my head. I'm right here, right? She threatened me with death and I took off one of her antennae. I'm... I'm in the right here, right? We're at least equal, right? ...Right?
No. 304630 ID: e10f55

She threatened you with death and gave you a massive trip where you thought you were dying.

Yeah, you're about even.
No. 304631 ID: b84932

Yep, now show her that you are the better person by helping out without asking anything in return.

Then you will be far more in the right then her. >: )
No. 304632 ID: 6930ef

I am making the saddest face.

Sinter, just breathe, okay? She didn't mean to hurt you. She's obviously sorry. Just help her up, okay? For us?

[Dispense hug tokens, one at a time so as to not clog the outlet]
No. 304633 ID: c71597

Right and wrong, neither is true. You did what you did, no amount of justifications will change what happened. You can simply ask yourself if you feel that you made the correct choice, if not then you can try to alter the consequences of your first choice. But not choice that you make of your own will is right or wrong, they simply are.

If you feel that you're equal, then you are. If not then you're not. Decide for yourself. Although you should probably not stay right now and say how sorry you are. She could lash out, similarly to how you just did.

Lets go do something more interesting instead, lets go see what areas you can get into with the vector clamp. Should be something fun in one of those places.
No. 304634 ID: 35e1a0

she made you THINK you were gonna die. so the test would be more real. hell, WE didn't know it was fake until it was over. it's why we begged you so hard to kill us instead, cause we honestly thought you were going to die. she lied to us too. but she was only doing that to test you, and also apparently us. the gun was water and a sedative in a squirt gun. no nanobots at all. the acid? also water. if we dumped you, you would of freaked out but of been unharmed. you trust us now right? well trust us that she is not evil. a little crazy and jaded from being here all alone for years. but not evil.
No. 304635 ID: 00d3d5

It's ok, Sinter. You've got that out of your system, and you're calm now, right?

Saru, I think its time to give us access to the robotics labs. It'll give Sinter and us a chance to try working together and do something productive, like getting to work making a replacement Saru antenna.

Oh, also, you have a DNA sample stored in one of the labs here, right? What name would that be listed under?
No. 304637 ID: abcbff

Uhh... you kinda done fucked up here. You were more or less clearly in the right, but then you responded to conciliatory action with violence and now you're both in the wrong. :v

You guys should probably try to talk this over again except maybe without the violencing and the crippling depression and all that.
No. 304638 ID: 1854db

SARU-601 was reckless with you, and did something she perceived as within safe operating limits, but due to an oversight resulted in mental and emotional suffering. You were reckless with her and attacked her, thinking she was durable and repairable, when she was not. You have both suffered damage. You, mental. Her, physical. Possibly an even exchange, if SARU-601 can be repaired without replacement parts. If repair is impossible, then you are not even. Endeavor to avoid harming her in the future.

SARU-601, would it be possible to repair your damage without replacement parts?
No. 304639 ID: 6a5a08

SARU-601> You are not alone. We are here.
Or are we just some stupid robot to you? Are we just expendable personnel?
We may be able to reattach your antennae, if you give us a chance.

SINT-518> Please calm down. Two wrongs do not make a right, except sometimes in mathematics. Now help her. You may not like her right now, but you said yourself you wanted to find a peaceful resolution to your 'world domination' campaign.
No. 304642 ID: 6a9fdc

Saru, we completely sympathized with you. We know you're not a robot. So if everyone thinks you're a robot, then we must be no one. Are you saying we aren't people? That's pretty insulting. We can't help you if you disregard everything we say.

YOUR BODY IS NOT WHO YOU ARE. YOUR MIND IS WHO YOU ARE. YOU ARE STILL YOU. Physical composition is irrelevant. Your sense of self endures.

Here is a question: what is a goal you would like to accomplish? No, not "get my old body back abloo bloohoo" (although we'll get to work on that as soon as we get access to some biolabs, it's not a BAD goal per se, just not currently relevant). I mean what are your hobbies? What sounds like something fun and interesting to do? What sounds like a worthwhile short-term goal? How about long-term?

If you fall off a pack animal, GET RIGHT BACK ON. Don't lie in the mud.
No. 304643 ID: 221021

Sinter, what have you done? You hurt her, badly. You guys both need to stop this, please. How are you going to accomplish your dreams when every time something happens you start trying to hurt people? Both of you have some serious problems that we need to sort out. Isn't the AI the one that's supposed to be unstable? How is it that we are the voice of reason around here? I think that you two are in serious need of a long, tender round of apologies. We'll try to set this up, but just remember: She did some horrible things to you, but all those things were were mind games. And although we didn't actually ask her to torment you, it is sort of our fault. She didn't actually hurt you. You did. You tore her ear off, and don't think that because she's a machine now that that doesn't mean anything. We aren't going to be able to fix her any time soon, and it'll be at least as hard as it would be if it had been your ear. She's hurt, she's in pain, and she's as scared for her life as you are. It's time for you two to settle your differences and apologize.
No. 304644 ID: eba49f

It was kind of a jerk move to do that test, but keep in mind you are the only one left around here who hasn't recently been forcibly detached from an appendage.

@ Saru:
This node certainly don't view you as 'just a machine'.
No. 304646 ID: 3e6377

Okay, this is a terrible place to stop but due to certain issues with the local timezone and the requirements of the next couple of weeks the session has to stop here and it's not certain when it can continue. Sorry, guys! D:
No. 304672 ID: 45be60

Sinter, remember yesterday, when you hurt someone? When you made a decision from a position of power, which seemed right at the time, but you regretted upon seeing it through? Remember what it was like that night, lying there, afraid of the consequences? Do you regret what you did then? It should not be difficult for you to understand the metal one's feelings now.

You have every right to be angry with her, to seek redress for the wrongs committed upon you. But before you exact your vengeance, please consider: The block of our processes seeking righteous retribution upon you have, for the most part, been quelled. We forgive you. We hold out hope that it was an isolated incident bred from an uneasy introduction, and that we will be able to work well together in the future.
No. 304739 ID: 337b24

If you t~think, your even then your even.
And SARU, if you think we think you're not a person then you are terribly wrong, anything that has a Consciousness and [INTELLIGENCE/LINE-OF-THOUGHT] is a person in our ee-eyes, and you have those things.
Now I don't see much point to trying to represent an action with tokens, but I suppose it's the only way we can really do this without a pair of armssz.

…Now that we are all awake and not inflicting mental and bodily harm on each other, we should work out what we're g-going to do with this complex.
I'm sure there is a macomponent fabrication workshop somewhere near here that would be quite handy given the current situations we have right now. At the very least we can repair your antenna for you.
No. 304808 ID: 221021

Alright, I think our first task after all of this should be to [Acquire tentacle hugging arm] and subsequently [Hug everyone until they've calmed down and feel better].
No. 304926 ID: f71df7

Sorry guys, I was shut off for a moment there. Just got reconnected. I second the dispensing of all candy. ^_^ Candy should be dispensed when people are sad.
No. 305053 ID: 3e6377
File 130575001578.png - (41.85KB , 800x600 , n2f4.png )


I have fucked up here, haven't I... Urgh, I had this all planned! I was going to come here and take over the facility and there weren't going to be insane saa-kru robots and AIs being obstacles and... and it was a terrible mistake to think this place would be entirely deserted and
oh fuck it I'm just going to help her back up to stop the guilt

:sinter: "Okay. Let's get you back up. I'm sorry I called you a machine. I didn't know. And you're sorry you put me through psychological torture for a few hours. We've said and done some really nasty things just now but we're both mature enough to forgive each other and carry on, right?"
:saru: "You took my antenna off."
:sinter: "And there has to be some way of fixing that, right? I mean, if I lost an ear I have ways of reattaching or maybe even regrowing it, it can't be that hard, can it?"
:saru: "You don't understand. There's no replacement parts for SARUs in this facility and this facility's been blacklisted. The second a vector clamp in this facility locks onto a vector clamp in any other zero station the link will be automatically cut to prevent further zero stations being compromised."
:sinter: "...what?"
:saru: "This is the problem! You've barged in here knowing absolutely nothing about what you've been getting yourself into! You're not even supposed to be here! This isn't a safe place, Sinter! Or, well. It's only safe while the lower levels remain sealed off!"
:sinter: "...sealed off?"
:saru: "And guess where the manufacturing equipment and SARU storage rooms are? Here's a hint. Not on this level of the facility!"
:sinter: "Why is it sealed off?"
:saru: "I'm going to take you back to your room and tell you tomorrow. Otherwise there's a good chance you won't be sleeping at all for the remainder of the night. I think we both need sleep and I need to think of how I'm getting a new antenna. Don't worry. I'm counting that outburst as a side-effect of the drugs or something."

...Why is it sealed off? Can you guys tell me? Oh hey this is different. Is this some kind of elevator? It's moving sideways. Ooo flashy lights and buttons so many flashy lights and buttons!
No. 305055 ID: 35e1a0

don't touch the buttons, you may engage a REAL self-destruct or something. and we don't know exactly what but apparently they can be BAD. like, creatures made out of nothing but screaming mouths and boiling blood bad.
No. 305057 ID: 180ec2

It's good to hear that you two are making peace. I'd recommend you don't press any buttons, though, as... shiny... as they are. (maybe one) Saru, might we know sooner? We might be able to help. Wait, weren't we doing experiments down there before the last time we got reset? Err, that wouldn't have caused it, would it?
No. 305059 ID: 00d3d5

No, we don't know.
Also? Don't push anything if you aren't sure what it does.

I wonder if we can look into the lower levels to assess the situation...
Naw, lets just ask Saru.

@Saru: So what IS in the lower levels? We won't tell Sinter, we just need to know in order to be able to work out solutions.
No. 305062 ID: abcbff

We don't really have much info on why it's sealed off beyond "bad things happen and people are die?"

And, uh, no, don't push the buttons.
No. 305068 ID: 3e6377
File 130575167864.png - (24.31KB , 800x600 , n2f5.png )

:saru: What's in the lower levels? ...Well... Things. Things beyond our complete understanding. The kind of things that may gain power simply by knowing of them. Best not to discuss them. Sorry. I can't risk giving you the knowledge if it would cause a breach. I do know, however, that the few things on the floor directly below us are not capable of coming after us directly. But that's not why they were sealed away. That was to stop any sophont from going after them.

:sinter: "Oh, come on, guys, give me some credit! I'm not going to go around pushing random buttons!"
:saru: "What?"
:sinter: "...I said that out loud, didn't I."
:saru: "Yes, you did. This is your room. I'll see you tomorrow."

This is indeed my room. The door's open. Better walk through.

:sinter: "Wait, before you go, can't we talk-"

...and the door is no longer open.

Well. Uh. Um. ...I don't want to sleep just yet. ...anything to report?
No. 305069 ID: 35e1a0

okay, apparently the things in the sealed areas could become more powerful by simply knowing what they are. so unless you are trained to battle tentacled monstrosities we may be stuck.
No. 305073 ID: 180ec2

Alright, I'd like to ask about your future plans. Do you still feel like you're up to trying to take the world without violence or coercion? It seems you got off to a bad start, but we could probably help you. Generally I don't think Saru would want us going out and taking over the world, but I doubt she would mind if we did it peacefully.

Along with that, we're going to have to balance efforts towards another front. There are apparently some sort of reality defying eldritch horrors in the lower levels of the base that apparently are a risk of destroying the world if they get out or something. It seems like these bases are supposed to contain weird stuff like that. We may need to devote some effort towards pushing these things further down to allow us access to the equipment down there, to among other things repair Saru.
No. 305077 ID: 00d3d5

Want us to see if we can get you a screen and see if we can get you some broadcast signals down here?

@Saru: Then tell us about the things on the floor directly below us.
Also, I would like to note that no being could gain power from us thinking about them, as we do not actually 'think' by any traditional meaning of the word.
No. 305079 ID: 180ec2

Also, we really needed this earlier, but didn't have one, apparently. [Install mobile tentacle arm for hugging]
No. 305082 ID: abcbff

Can't say we learned too much.

So... do you have any idea how you're going to take over the world, yet?
No. 305083 ID: 3e6377
File 130575494466.png - (25.93KB , 800x600 , n2f6.png )

I do still want to unify the world through non-violent conquest. ...I dunno, my plan needs some tweaks first. When you get your mapping facilities back up I'll need to use them to plan the first target. I vaguely recall Saru being on-board with the whole bloodless world conquest thing.


Ooo, get a screen? That sounds fun! Also- gack! What?! Where did this come from?! Is... is this meant to be some kind of hugging arm thing?


Oh hey, a screen! This wasn't here before! Oh, it's a console!! Buttons! I can select camera feeds from the lower levels! I don't know what you did but this is amazing! Oh, hey, there's something on the screen already! Or, well. It looks like it's waiting for me to do something to actually see the feed. Probably press the screen. Are you excited? I'm excited! Terrors and horrors lurking underneath the facility! I should probably not be this excited about that possibility but what can I say? Adventure!
No. 305085 ID: abcbff

Well, here goes nothing!
No. 305086 ID: 180ec2

It works! Also, that screen may be useful. Be careful with that feed, though, I've got a really bad feeling about this. Saru said that these things were sealed away to stop intelligent beings from seeking them, and knowing of them supposedly makes them more powerful. I'm not sure how much of that I believe, but the nature of this facility makes that a possibility. Be ready to cut the connection in case of emergency.
No. 305093 ID: 00d3d5

[Restrict all feeds to levels -1 and above]
[Push the button to start the feed]

Are you excited?
No. 305094 ID: 35e1a0

agree, let's only see -1. push it.
No. 305097 ID: 3e6377
File 130575651330.png - (62.69KB , 800x600 , n2f7.png )

Okay. Here we go!


It's a box. It's just a box. In a white room. A white box in a white room.

That's what they've sealed away an entire floor of the facility to keep contained? A box?! I mean, sure, it's a nice box, it looks pretty clean and free of any sort of defects. Nice geometry, I guess. Kind of odd ratios going on. But that doesn't matter. The imperfections make it look nicer.

It is a nice looking box. It is white and it's a nice shade of white. It looks kind of palatable, actually. Huh. Why am I thinking of it like food? Well, if it was food, I'd definitely eat it. Although it looks more like it's a weapon. Maybe it's a weapon. Non-lethal. Something I could subdue people with if I was threatened, something I could use as a last resort. First resort. It's definitely useful. I can definitely use it for something. Might have to consider using it for something.

That's weird. If I stare at it long enough it's almost like... no, those aren't thoughts I really want to share with you. Okay, get the arm off of me, it's really, really awkward right now. Really awkward. Maybe keep it. It looks soft. The box, not your arm. The box. I could probably use it like a pillow or something. Forget the pillow. I could use it for anything. Literally anything. Anything I wanted. Everything. I need this box. Can you get me this box? I need it. You have arms down there, right? Get me the box. That's a command. I'm in charge here as much as Saru is. I found this place fair and square. Get me the box. You're not getting me the box. Pleeeease? I really, really can't stress how much I want to eat and sleep and maybe do other things with the box. It's the best box. Boxes across the world should feel ashamed they aren't this box. I'm... I feel kind of anxious. Please. Get me that box. Get me that box right now. You're not getting me the box. You're not getting me the box!! Get. Me. The. Box! It's not a hard thing to understand!! I NEED THE BOX! IF YOU DON'T GET ME THE BOX I AM GOING TO MARCH STRAIGHT BACK TO YOUR CORE SYSTEM ROOM OR WHATEVER AND PULL OUT ALL THE WIRES SARU PUT BACK IN!! THE BOX!

No. 305098 ID: 35e1a0

[shut down power to feed, grip sintar with arm to ensure her hands cannot move.]
No. 305099 ID: 180ec2

Sinter, snap out of it! [Immediately shut off footage][Restrain Sinter with arm] [If she doesn't go back to normal afterwards, shake her a bit, but not violently]
No. 305101 ID: 6a9fdc

[cut feed]
[restrain Sinter]
[...make note of box and its effects on organics]
No. 305102 ID: abcbff


No. 305104 ID: 00d3d5

[Cut the feed]
Sinter, that's a memetic hazard. The box contains nothing of value, all it does is trigger defects in your synaptic pathways that cause emotional feedback.

@Saru: What the fuck, Saru? You didn't tell us this place was full of MEMETIC HAZARDS!
What's on floor -3? An autocannibalism sigil?

We're going to have to start nuking and paving these floors one by one, and throwing anything we can't destroy into the sun.
No. 305105 ID: 365adf

What makes you think it's memetic? And why are you trying to notify Saru about what we're doing.
No. 305106 ID: 3e6377
File 130575849310.png - (26.97KB , 800x600 , n2f8.png )


I need the box I need it need it need it need it's gone it's gone the box is gone no no no nonono the box is... the box... What the fuck was I doing just now getting worked up over some cheap plastic white block?

Urgh. That... that was unpleasant. It was perfect. Whatever it was I just saw it was perfect in every way. But it was a box? Okay, I think I've had enough excitement, I'm going to sleep.

It was just a stupid little box on a pedestal. That's all it was, Sinter. Just a dumb box.

:saru:Oh gods you did not just do what I'm reading you just did. I mean, you did, otherwise I wouldn't be looking at this event log right now. Gods. Thankfully that was a brief exposure. I don't even know how that's possible. The lights in that room should have burned out by now. Of course, something else down there might be responsible for that... The thing you just saw, as you've astutely noticed, has only been known to have an effect on organic minds and minds derived from organic minds, like myself. I didn't see it, but I recognised the ID code that this event log was filed under. 0-29-001, "The Perfect Cube". It somehow taps into the psychology of any sophont observing it and begins to appear as the one thing that will satisfy every single desire that sophont has, from base desires to high level goals, subconscious and conscious. Every single desire. This... has lead to some embarrassment in the past involving accidental though brief exposures to the object in question. I once saw it by mistake out of the corner of my eye and it took a considerable amount of willpower not to glance at it again just to see if it really was so perfect. It lingers in your head for a bit, but it does eventually go away. The desire to see it again, I mean. Visualising the box doesn't seem to do anything beyond visualising a box. Oh, and your mapping stuff is fixed. It's just lacking a map. It should be a few more hours before it updates itself, but until then, I'm going to sleep. I'm just thankful you ended up showing her the Perfect Cube and not the Nightmare Sphere.

- End of Night 2 -
No. 305107 ID: abcbff

... why is the box here?
No. 305108 ID: f5fe2f

Show her the Nightmare Sphere.
No. 305109 ID: 35e1a0

is it indestructible? if not then it should b fire into the nearest star at the fastest speed. 1% light should be good.
No. 305111 ID: 00d3d5

What? No!
[Sever Sinter's video display from anything outside of the current floor.]
[Look at the nightmare sphere ourselves.]
No. 305112 ID: 6a5a08

So it doesn't effect us. That's a bonus, I suppose.
I wonder if we can kidnap test subjects without them knowing...
No. 305113 ID: 180ec2

Saru noted in questdis that these bases are a type of containment facility for these types of dangerous objects.

Hey, Saru, that one isn't that dangerous, is it? You don't think it would be permissible for research, do you? Or is that the worst idea ever? We could probably use it to further Sinter's goals of uniting the world under one banner. That banner could be box!
No. 305114 ID: c71597

Ohhh, cool box. Bet we could use that thing to take over the world. Say, we're not affected by the box, or really any machine mind, so why not rig up a few droids to go in there and place the boxes into storage? Or are the other things preventing something like that?
No. 305117 ID: 6a5a08

[+1 weight to shutting down any video connection in Sinter's room]
[Observe Floor -1 ourselves through camera feeds]

We need to know what we're up against. Hopefully nothing affects the minds of machines.
No. 305128 ID: fcfd2d

[+1 effort to searching for a list of object IDs with hazard labels.]
If this fa-facility stores objects that are worse than that there should be a list of them and there locations. It wouldn't be very safe or efficient to have people randomly walking into rooms with say, a Te~tea cup emitting unshieldable amounts of ioonizing radiation, would it?
And there should be a warning even if the object couldn't be ackknowledged for fear of influence.
[Observe part of floor -1 that is known to not contain objects capable of projecting influence through live camera feeds.]
No. 305146 ID: 8052f3

I agree with node 305128. We should be more careful.

Also, while they sleep, we should do a quick stocktake of what supplies we have and what's in the directory. Actually, just do a quick stocktake of the directory.
No. 305149 ID: eba49f

Consider that in the Cube room:
* The lights were maintained (leaving the cube very visible)
* The writing on the wall was almost completely erased (obscuring a quick sign that something is wrong with the room)
Something seems to be cleaning the room (an ability which the cube is not known to posses), and perhaps intentionally leaving the room in perfect condition to trap viewers.

Also, [query list of anomalies, and whether any of them might effect a node-based AI.] (It is possible we were designed specifically to resist at least some mental effects, but it is best to be careful.)
No. 305165 ID: 6a5a08

I would also like to bring up something. I don't think we were the ones who called up the monitor in SINT-518's room. AT least, I don't remember anyone actually stating the command.

So, clearly, something other than us wanted SINT-518 to see that cube. That, accompanied by the pristine condition and lighting in the age old room, means we could be dealing with an intelligent adversary in the lower levels. One with system access.
No. 305188 ID: 8ac290

You guys.
You know what that is?
It's a prototypical companion cube.

I really, really recommend we not do anything involving the box.
No. 305194 ID: fcfd2d

I wouldn't call it prototypical at all, as it's a compulsion. But it could be used as a lure, provided we have some way of controlling the displaying of its image. This could be useful if we need to coerce a dangerous being to do something it would not ordinarily do, provided it isn't immune to its influence.
No. 305326 ID: 3e6377
File 130584793867.png - (34.20KB , 800x600 , map1.png )

Okay, I have the mapping facilities almost working. I've picked out four places of interest for consideration. I have a good feeling we might be able to find allies to further our cause here. That cause being world domination. Just to re-establish that. Relk is a city predominantly composed of areeni, with a large population of humans and saa-kru, and is currently undergoing some minor internal strife. Apparently the elected leader for this year, Eselrek Arklat, areeni, died in an unfortunate accident and so rule of the city fell to his assistant, the human Derrick Stern. Some areeni have not taken this well. Well, that's putting it lightly. Relk doesn't look likely to collapse overnight, but it looks fit to decpitate itself. but I'm sure we can make some suggestions that can make Mr. Stern sleep a lot easier at night. Crestrisen is a veritable hive of industry and mechanism, a place one would expect the technology-obsessed keynain to prefer living. There are isolated pockets of nature and wildlife within the arcology structure of this particular city, for keynain that do prefer some level of exposure to living things. It was once actually supported in mid-air, but has since been anchored to the ground to save on needless power consumption. This place looks hard to crack. Keynain are one of the more xenophobic species as a whole, and everything seems fine outwardly. Of course, if there are no problems to fix, I guess we could always make some to fix. Jekiten is a city of academics and scholars, apparently. I have no idea how you can have an entire city with members of a very specific profession, but I'm willing to bet it's just outdated or overly general information in the databases. This is also where most of the keletians nearby live, the psionic weird wormy things that they are. ...Not that I wish to, uh, appear prejudiced, or, whatever. I'm sure they're fine. Just creepy. This would be a good place to get information, but I'm not so sure about persuading them to join our cause. Also, when I said your mapping stuff was fixed, I meant your map viewer was fixed. Your cartography functions are somehow even more broken than they were before, so here's a quick map I drew just indicating relative positions. I'm not much of a cartographer. It's like the maintenance bots are working as hard as they can to break as much as they fix, honestly.
No. 305330 ID: c71597

Hmm, Crestrisen seems like a good first place to go to. Industry is very good to have. Can't take over the world without a firm industrial base to stand on.
No. 305331 ID: 35e1a0

getting just a single keletian to join the cause would be good. psionic powers may make them resistant or immune to the effects of some objects. as well as letting them handle objects that only effect things if they contact something. as well as a keynain to build stuff with their hands instead of machines. may be able to build a suitable replacement antenna.
finally relk, having a government official in our debt is always useful.
let's go to relk first.
No. 305332 ID: abcbff

Relk sounds the most immediately promising.
No. 305334 ID: 180ec2

Hmm, we should send an emissary to Jekiten. Maybe we would be able to find some scientists to personally hire or ally with. We definitely want to regain our capacity for science.

Then, we should send somebody to Relk. (Or possibly at the same time). There it would be good to get an idea of the local situation and also to recruit test subjects for future research projects, such as the proposed Saa-kru Reverse Genomics Library. (For that specific project you would probably be the best person to send)

We might also be able to go to Crestrisen to get somebody to make you a new antenna.
No. 305339 ID: 6a5a08

I do not like the idea of 'making problems'. That would somewhat go against SINT-518's policy of trying to run a 'fair world domination campaign'. Not that such a thing is easy to accomplish.

I am adding weight to the idea of getting a Keletian and Keynain on our side. This would both add a sort of 'racial equality' feel to the campaign, and give us emissaries from each city and species. This could help with the isolationists.

I think we should not disturb the Objects yet. Not until we're ready to deal with them. A questionably sane (and damaged) AI, a questionably sane Areeni, and a questionably sane Saa-kru don't seem like the best team to be dealing with possibly cataclysmic artifacts.
No. 305343 ID: 00d3d5

[Make maintenance bots stop breaking things]
I'm pretty sure the bots aren't supposed to be breaking things, Saru. Could you check to make sure there isn't some kind of malfunction or tampering going on?

I'd rather not cause new problems. As we solve old ones we'll have plenty of others crop up, as well as hidden ones coming to light. For example, no xenophobic group would be happy to see outsiders doing better than they are.
No. 305344 ID: 6a5a08

Perhaps the thing causing the bots to malfunction is the same thing that showed SINT-518 that cube? I wonder if it can reach and tamper with us?

SARU-601> Where are our nodes stored?
No. 305347 ID: eba49f

If we send people to these places, what exactly would we tell them or have them do there?

And yes, the 'repair bots braking things' combined with the repairs in the Cube room strongly suggests than an unknown intelligence is either operating some of our bots or is stealthy enough to sabotage or repair things without our knowledge.

@ Saru: Just to be certain that things were in fact tampered with, what chance is there that simple repair drone malfunction could be responsible to restoring the Cube room (repairing the lights and trying to erase the wall writing)?
No. 305383 ID: 8052f3

[Dispense 1 candy to Sinter.]

Also, I agree, it looks like we're not at all fully in control or even remotely in control. If the bots are breaking things that means that someone else has control.

[Check permissions. Check active users.]
No. 305497 ID: 6a9fdc

OR it means they have a command to keep things broken, left over from the last time we got shut down, or even earlier. It is not a foregone conclusion that someone is manually making them break things, is what I am saying.
No. 305744 ID: 3e6377
File 130601058303.png - (72.96KB , 800x600 , d3f1.png )

- Day 3 -

...Really? You couldn't come back until after I'd finished my shower this time as well? Oh well. Guess it's not like there's anything of me left to the imagination. At least Saru found my clothes. Wouldn't want to walk into Relk like I am now.

Morning, I guess. Kinda hard to tell in this place. I had a weird dream. It involved a box and me and, uh, on second thoughts I'd rather not get into it.

...Can you show me the box again? I just want to look at it for a bit again. It might relax me for the day ahead. Whatever Saru has planned, at least.
No. 305745 ID: abcbff

No. 305746 ID: 9afd0d

Believe us, it would be better for your mental health if we don´t. I am serious about that one.

Best forget that thing as fast as possible.
No. 305747 ID: c71597

Sorry, you're not allowed to look at boxes yet. But if you do good then maybe you will be given one as a companion.
No. 305749 ID: 00d3d5

Oh, dear.
No, we can't show you the box. If there's still lingering desire to see it then the danger of permanent side effects is far too high.
There's another object called a "Nightmare Orb", though. Saru says that has a similar strength mental effect, just with abject terror instead of desire.

To be safe, we shall see about putting the Nightmare Orb together with the Box so that there is sufficient discouragement to keep you from looking.
No. 305752 ID: 6a5a08

No more box. It can do things to your mind, and we don't want to have to give you an amnesiac. Especially since it sounds like it would take a lot of it to affect Areeni.

But look on the bright side: box dreams mean no more nightmares! At least, I assume so. How are you feeling otherwise? Has your condition improved since yesterday?
No. 305757 ID: 180ec2

We aren't letting you see that box any time soon, Sinter, it does things to your mind, and that is bad, in the same way that mind-altering drugs are bad without a wise doctor. Especially something this powerful. Saru said the box thing was supposed to wear off, I think, but it seems to be taking longer than we assumed. I hope we don't have to put you in therapy...

And although you make the assumption that there is nothing left to the imagination, oddly enough you would be wrong. For some reason our cameras systems specifically refuse to render genitalia. Why this is, I am clueless. Perhaps it is to maintain some level of privacy, or maybe there was some incident with another AI in the past.
No. 305759 ID: 6a9fdc

The box is a memetic weapon that attacks your brain through your eyes. No looking for you. Just be thankful that the mental image of it doesn't have the same power as the real image or you'd be a gibbering wreck right now. The sooner we can shove it into a container and metaphorically bury it the better.

(...and by bury it I mean study how it works since it doesn't affect us. :3c)
No. 305767 ID: 28e94e

This is an excellent plan and I approve.
No. 305768 ID: 0d095c

Hold on a second. If the lower levels were sealed the last time we had lab access.... What the hell were we thinking mass producing Memetic Kill Hazards?!
No. 305769 ID: 6a5a08

So far as I am aware, we did not manufacture them. This facility is used to store them. We were likely researching them, however. Part of the research could have been mass production. We do not know yet.
I see two problems with this plan:

1. We have no clue what the two effects combined would result in. The combination of desire and (what I assume is) repulsion could have devastating and confusing effects on SINT-518's mind in the event it views them together.
2. I do not think SARU-601 has granted us lower level access, in case we release an apocalypse. A fear that is completely justified, if the Perfect Cube and Nightmare Sphere on only the first level down.

Until we know what we are up against, I advise against touching anything down there.
No. 305772 ID: 3e6377
File 130601710542.png - (37.98KB , 800x600 , d3f2a.png )

Oh. Like a drug, huh. That is worrying. I'm kind of worried about that because that worry isn't doing that much to shake the thought I might want to look at it again...

"Nightmare orb"?! Okay, I don't want to see the box! Condition? Well, my arm's healed up since yesterday, if you mean that.

Anyway, we're going after Relk today. Saru told me to get ready and meet her at the primary vector clamp station. Right, let's see, left, left, straight, right, left... which one's left again?
No. 305773 ID: 3e6377
File 130601712378.png - (5.24KB , 800x600 , d3f2b.png )

No. 305774 ID: 3e6377
File 130601713770.png - (35.88KB , 800x600 , d3f2c.png )

Well, I got lost about twelve times but the important thing is I made it-

:saru: "Sinter. Finally. I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is the vector clamp station in Relk appears to be locked or offline. The good news is I have a solution."
:sinter: "...Go on."
:saru: "Again, I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is we have a means of fast transport to Relk! The bad news is it's highly visible."
:sinter: "What is it?"
:saru: "...I have some good news and some bad news-"
:sinter: "Just show me what it is!"
:saru: "That."

...That thing can even move?

:saru: "It's a physics defying wonder in the form of a tiny little circular platform with a rail that might just about reach waist height. I don't think I could even fit in it. So there's a slight problem here. Either we don't go to Relk at all today, or you're going on your own. That's the bad news. The good news is I have a portable vector clamp you can set up somewhere and I can get into Relk that way, and I am also giving you a communicator so you can stay in contact with both me and the AI if you need assistance."

Am I really going to Relk on my own with only remote advice for support? No, really, this is a honest question. I want to hear what you guys think. Personally I don't think I'll have too much issue. Relk's near where I come from anyway, so blending in won't be too hard.
No. 305776 ID: abcbff

If you don't have a problem with it, then I guess we ought to go for it.
No. 305779 ID: 180ec2

Check to see if any of the other vector clamps are online in the other cities. The vector clamp in Relk may be down for a reason, and going there may be a bad thing. If you can make a phone call there (or some type of communication interface) and confirm that it's just malfunctioning, then it should be fine to go. There aren't any kind of dangerous animal or bandits, right?
No. 305780 ID: c71597

Yeah sure, need that vector clamp set up anyway. Otherwise we can't send in infiltrators for covert missions.
No. 305781 ID: 6a5a08

The population is supposedly mostly Areeni. I see no problem in you going. The real problem would be the trip there. You are going to be traveling on a platform with no protection other than a guard rail. That seems a little dangerous. Not to mention the station is surely closed for a reason- perhaps the political unrest has resulted in fighting and riots?

Another option is to see if the vector clamp station in Jekiten is online. We could receive news about Relk from the locals, and possibly recruit some of them to our cause. Maybe they would even have a way of opening the station at Relk.
No. 305787 ID: 3e6377
File 130602024106.png - (46.35KB , 800x600 , d3f3.png )

:sinter: "So, is there any reason you can tell that the Relk vector clamp station is a no go?"
:saru: "Well, the error signal I got in response was 'this station is currently not in service', and not a complete lack of a response, so I assume it's either down for maintenance or because someone didn't want people coming into the city. Either one is likely, really."

Well, guess I'm goin-




Quite frankly I'm not even sure how this happened, but I have a lot of eyes on me right now.

And I lost my hat.

I liked that hat.
No. 305789 ID: 6a5a08

I warned you about flying platforms.
No. 305790 ID: c71597

Yeah that was a pretty sweet hat. Lets go find a habedashery, you need an even sweeter hat to make up for the one you lost!

Oh, and I guess you should set up that vector clamp thingy somewhere and maybe pick up some newspapers and stuff. You know learn who the big hitters are and stuff. Chances are you can't influence anything right now. Neither side is likely to do what you say if you just show up and start ordering them around. You don't really have much to offer right now that any of them would be likely to be very interested in.
No. 305791 ID: 35e1a0

is anyone hurt? if not then you Should be fine, explain it was an experimental prototype and it went haywire.
No. 305792 ID: 6d4ea4

I think walking away is the best response at this point. Totally not your problem. Nope. Just a building on fire whatever leaving. We can try to get the platform back later. Sorry to hear about the hat.

Try to head toward alleyways and other out-of-sight areas.
No. 305793 ID: 00d3d5

You have a MOBILE vector clamp there.
Activate it so Saru can go through and do damage control. We'll see what other support we can provide.
[Send fire response bots through vector clamp as soon as the link is established]
[Send a bot through with a view screen as soon as the fire response bots are through]
[Prepare but do not connect video feeds of both the nightmare orb and the box.]
No. 305795 ID: 35e1a0

[big negatory on the orb and box]
No. 305797 ID: 6a5a08

[-1 weight to doing anything regarding any Objects]
[+1 weight to sending fire response bots if possible]
Oh, and I suppose the first question should have been 'are you alright?'. So, are you alright?
No. 305800 ID: 00d3d5

Showing up in town by blowing up a building and setting things on fire would normally provoke a hostile response.
Either one of those objects would be capable of subduing hostiles without doing any physical harm, and since physical harm is the only thing which can be seen it makes secondary aggressors a much more severe problem.

No. 305801 ID: 7aedd2

I liked that hat too. Let's go back and look for it.
No. 305802 ID: 6a5a08

Or it could fry their brains and we'd have a bunch of braindead bystanders surrounding a burning building. Then there's the problem that SINT-518 still wants to look at the box, so any feed available to it at any time is a bad idea. Better to simply state that it was an accident (which it was) and to help stop the fire from spreading.
No. 305806 ID: abcbff

No. 305807 ID: 180ec2

Seven, NO. We are here to make a good first impression, and driving the local population insane will not help that, and in fact probably get Sinter arrested. Let's start with something positive, like putting out that freak housefire that neither of us had anything to do with. Set up the vector clamp so Saru can come and help fix this. It is her fault, after all.
No. 305808 ID: abcbff

Well, so much for "blending in."

I think just straight-up introducing yourself as "hey I'm from that abandoned facility and I just crashed a piece of technology into that building -- the flaming one with severe structural damage, yeah -- wanna help me take over the world?" is obviously not going to work.

I don't have a good cover story handy, though.
No. 305811 ID: 3e6377
File 130602311678.png - (52.62KB , 800x600 , d3f4.png )

Yeah, I'm fine. Threw me to the ground, but I'm made of pretty solid stuff. I feel a bit bruised and shaken but other than that I'm fine.

I have a moral obligation to make sure I haven't severely injured anyone here first. Sorry. I want to slink away as much as you want me to, but if I have to make such a terrible first impression I need to make sure I'm seen as someone who at least cares.

:sinter: "Is anyone hurt? Sorry, it was a prototype, it went haywire-"


"Look at the device! KerenzeTec design!! Stern's reign of terror has enlisted powerful and terrifying allies! RISE, MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS!! WE WILL TAKE BACK OUR CITY FROM THE ALIENS WHO SEEK TO CLAIM IT!!"
"This one speaks the truth! Too long have we slaved our lives away to appease the human overlord Stern! Relk was forged by the areeni, lead to glory by the areeni and shall return to the areeni!"


Vector clamp might have to wait a bit.

"Uh... um... hi."
:sinter: "...Hi. Oh. Right. Are you okay? I didn't hurt anyone in that screw-up, did I?" She's not wearing any clothes. That's odd for Relk.
"No. No you didn't. Um. Can... can we talk?"
No. 305812 ID: c71597

Sure, seems harmless enough. Just ask if you can take care of an errand while talking. Time to set up that vector clamp and then find a store with hats.
No. 305813 ID: abcbff

Wow, these guys are on edge... and looking for any excuse to hate that Stern guy. ... Kind of a fitting name, if he is a tyrant...

Ask who she is, and if she knows of anywhere you could lay low until the mob is distracted by a new shiny.
No. 305814 ID: 35e1a0

yes but walk and talk. need to get to stern before the mob and ether stop them for get stern to safety.
No. 305816 ID: 6a5a08

Public nudity is irregular for Areeni other than yourself, correct? Ask why she is naked. And also ask why a random stranger suddenly wants to converse while naked.
No. 305820 ID: 180ec2

Shout to everybody to calm down, because it was just an accidental collision. Bad driving is hardly an attack. If somebody wanted to do that they would use actual weapons. Ask the woman what's going on here, why everybody is acting like they've gone insane, and why the vector clamps are offline.
No. 305823 ID: 00d3d5

Talk to her while getting the vector clamp ready.

... Assuming there's no logo on it, anyway.

[Begin replacing company logo with a new one comprised of the 4-leaf clover pattern aligned and overlaid with a modified 4-crescent biohazard symbol.]
No. 305824 ID: 6d4ea4

No. 305829 ID: 180ec2

What in the world is your reasoning for that? You don't advertise that you make biohazards, for one thing, and the clover just sounds silly and meaningless. If we did need a logo we would probably get Sinter to design it, because she's the face of this operation.
No. 305830 ID: 3e6377
File 130602876537.png - (50.02KB , 800x600 , d3f5.png )

There's a problem here. I don't claim to understand the intricate workings of vector clamps, nor how they differ in implementation from company to company, but I am aware you need a flat solid surface to hang these things on. And the closest flat solid surfaces are being crowded by an increasingly angry mob of areeni. ...I think there's saa-kru and humans starting to join in too. Keep walking, Sinter.

:sinter: "Yes. Can we walk at the same time?"
"I was- I was hoping we would?"
:sinter: "Okay. So, what's your name, and if don't mind me asking, why are you naked? Also why did you want to talk to me?"
"Oh. My name is, um, uh. Vibrant. It's not a real name but, um, I don't think I should, um, give my real name out."
:sinter: "...Okay. Why not?"
"I'm scared it might be a bad idea. I don't know who you are, and, and I am not sure if I can trust you with my name. I'm sorry."

Eesh. I didn't think it was possible for someone to be this meek.
:sinter: "That's okay. My name's Sinter."
:vibrant: "Is that a real name?"
:sinter: "For the sake of argument let's say it is. Now, you haven't answered two of my questions yet."
:vibrant: "Um. I, um. I don't have... I um. I don't have clothes. I don't like them. I like feeling the world. I- I don't think I can phrase what I mean."
:sinter: "Okay. That... sure is a reason. Why did you come over to talk to me again?"
:vibrant: "Um. I want to do something but I'm. I'm, um, not good with leading and talking. You just, uh, arrived, and everyone is forming a mob to go after Relk's leader. Um. How did you do that?"
:sinter: "As far as I can tell, being in the wrong place at the wrong time."
:vibrant: "But. Um. Can you do it again?"

Hmm. I'm curious as to where this is going- what in the name of Kre is she leading me towards

:vibrant: "Oh. Don't be scared. He, um, won't hurt you. He's one of mine."


:vibrant: "Be polite, Leafgreen. Say hello to Sinter."
:vibrant: "He likes you!"

right vector clamp i think we should draw our collective attention back to finding a place for the vector clamp do you agree yes of course you do whereabouts would i start finding a place for the vector clamp

And unfortunately that's it for tonight, gotta sleep. Stay tuned!
No. 305831 ID: abcbff

One of "hers?"

Okay, this chick is sounding like a solid, if eccentric, asset. Play nice.
No. 305832 ID: b84932

Why don't you just install the clamp on a particularly flat piece of ground? Or you could just choose a random building and attach it to that.
No. 305833 ID: 180ec2

Ask what in the world that is and what she wants you to do. Tell her that you really need to do whatever you can to stop the riot and avoid anybody getting hurt. Also ask her why everybody is so on edge.
No. 305834 ID: c71597

Hmm, yeah have to find a decently good place for it. Ask her if she has any apartment or so here that you can go and talk some more at, could be a nice place there somewhere to set it up.

Oh and for duplicating the feat of your arrival, sure it can be done. Not quite on demand though, need some more information beforehand to pull it off truly well.
No. 305835 ID: 35e1a0

we need to have the thing crash into Stern's place, should make a point that it wasn't stern's idea.
No. 305844 ID: 6a5a08

Requesting visual of encountered creature.
No. 305848 ID: eba49f

Are the humans and Saa-Kru part of the same mob as the Areeni? I really hope so, because the talk of how the city "shall return to the areeni!" sounded worryingly like a race war. Overthrowing a government can get nasty, but nowhere near as nasty as a genocide.

We should try to quickly find out what this Mr. Stern actually has done, to get an idea whether or not he should indeed be done away with. We probably shouldn't set the vector clamp up somewhere visible, as the mob would likely see it as more "alien technology".
No. 305873 ID: 1854db

We have a minor problem, SARU-601. A crash landing of the vehicle resulted in an angry mob being formed against Stern, as based on the KerenzeTec make of the vehicle people thought he had 'powerful and terrifying allies'. Do you think your arrival would cause a similar problem?

I think we may be able to do it again, yes. In fact, we could do it again via proper placement of the vector clamp. Basically we need to make it look like the vector clamp is Stern's property. Or have SARU-601 pose as someone affiliated with Stern. However this hinges on whether or not we WANT to get Stern in trouble. Would we be better off supporting a replacement ruler after using KerenzeTec as a demonizing device, or somehow diffusing the situation then actually supporting Stern?
No. 305914 ID: eba49f

It seems like a bad idea to use the vector clamp to implicate Stern (even if he does need to go), because we don't want a city that will turn against us the moment they learn what we are.
No. 305923 ID: 180ec2

Yeah, let's not immediately go against Stern without detailed information. Mobs usually aren't the best sources. We should probably work to stop the mob. If it turns out that Stern really should go, we can make it happen less violently, and if he's not as bad as the angry mob makes him out to be, we just saved him.

A quick question: are sapient robots common enough that bringing Saru here wouldn't cause any sort of panic?
No. 306340 ID: eba49f

Judging by the way Sinter reacts to us 'machines', and the reaction the mod had to the hover platform, I think it is a safe bet that the mob would be hostile to a KerenzeTec android.
No. 306437 ID: a698dd

I agree that stopping the mob should be a priority, however you should avoid direct confrontation with it, instead find a way to contact any law-enforcement the city might have (preferably anonymously, if such a thing even exists anymore), and track the mob's movement for them. Hopefully this may help with our reputation with Relk, as neither side is going to want to deal with someone who accidently set off a riot.
Observing what happens would go a long way into determining the nature of the situation the city is in too. Any information regarding the woes of this city would be highly useful, consequently the gathering of local news and gossip should be our next goal.
If KerenzeTec was the main supplier and/or maintainer of certain services, such as the vector clamp network, then repairing it and explaining the nature to the media (with certain facts omitted of course) may partially defuse the situation. Of course an agitator from an angry mob is not the most reputable source.
Indeed, we have a confirmed hostile situation, and the loss or injury of essential personnel - particularly when we do not have care facilities available - would be disastrous.
No. 306707 ID: 3e6377
File 130636786506.png - (44.55KB , 800x600 , d3f6.png )

:saru:How the... that's a new record for everything going completely wrong. What, less than an hour? I don't think I would cause a problem arriving, it's not like SARUs are that uncommon. Uncommon, yes, but recognisable. I hope.

Can't install it on flat ground. Needs to be vertical with respect to gravity. Not near a building. Need somewhere quieter. Don't freak out, Sinter. Bad idea at this point. Humans and saa-kru are in same mob. They're just shouting anti-Stern stuff now, not pro-areeni stuff.

Contact law enforcement. Um. Uh.

:vibrant: "Um, a-are you okay? He's harmless, I promise!"

I think law enforcement might have more of a problem with this than with the mob. I don't think that's a legal synthetic.
No. 306710 ID: abcbff

Your options in re: Leafgreen appear to be:
- Trust Vibrant on this
- Run away??
- Get eaten by Leafgreen????

Does Vibrant have somewhere, like... away from here that you can go to?
No. 306712 ID: 35e1a0

i think it probably is not going to try to eat you so be cool. let's go to stern's place and have stern and saru trade places. stern will be in a cage until we can process him. and also let the locals tell us why they think he should be killed. if they can think of several legitimate complaints then we give him back. but if it's just a flash mob then they will be unable to think of a real reason. have a monitor floating outside the gate where you and them can talk from.
No. 306713 ID: 180ec2

Ask what he is. He's not... He's not an areeni, is he? Also ask the girl what she wants, and how she can help with this mess Saru caused.
No. 306719 ID: c71597

Ohh, cool thing. I wonder if we did that? Seems like something we would do. Anyway, need to find a place to set that clamp up.

[To Saru] Them recognising you might actually be a problem. Seems like our company has a pretty bad reputation in this place, the whole deal about crashing the platform and burning down a shop didn't exactly improve things.
No. 306728 ID: 3e6377
File 130637040857.png - (36.88KB , 800x600 , d3f7.png )

It's not an areeni. It's a synthetic. Purpose-grown creature, grown in much the same way as a biomod only a designed organism with some intention behind its creation, even if the intention is just "because why not".

Also, the mob. If they're that easily riled, I expect mobs forming like that isn't uncommon. Based on this, I doubt they'll be effective at actually causing any major damage. When I came to Relk everything looked intact and not burned down and destroyed and in chaos. I expect this has happened before and has not really had much of a permanent effect. But this is, well, my totally uneducated guesswork here.

:sinter: "So, can we, uh, go anywhere other than here until the riot calms down?"
:vibrant: "Riot? Oh, uh, yes, riot. I have a place near the river. It's my, um, my, uh, base!"
:sinter: "...base?"

So she's leading me to this "base" now. ...The river is very close by. I must have struck a building on the outskirts. Oh. I see it. Some sort of... pile of plants?

:vibrant: "Leafgreen, go back home."
:vibrant: "I'll be okay. She's a nice areeni."

She looks at me with some sort of determination.

:vibrant: "See, uh, there's a thing I want to do. And I need someone else's help. I shouldn't need someone else's help, but, um, I do. I need to, uh, prove myself here. ...Promise you won't tell anyone else if I tell you what I want to do?"

No. 306730 ID: 180ec2

Tell her as long as she doesn't want us to commit murder or something you won't tell a soul. (That way if she finds out that we were listening in you can say you weren't lying)
No. 306732 ID: abcbff

Sounds good.
No. 306733 ID: 35e1a0

yes sounds good, you will tell no one a long as it doesn't involve killing something. also you need a good flat wall to put a thing.
No. 306746 ID: 6a5a08

Wow. This female is like one of those jungle people from fictional novels. Lives in bushes, runs around stark naked, and commands the woodland creatures.

She could be a good addition to our band of misfits.
No. 306750 ID: 0d095c

Wait. Underground/underwater base, has a giant illegal abomination to do their bidding, runs around stark naked... ANOTHER WORLD CONQUERING GENIUS! Join them in a glorious alliance, before some Humie bastard in a tuxedo murders/seduces them/
No. 306751 ID: eba49f

> those jungle people from fictional novels
Except those animals usually aren't be-tentacled mutants.

Is it... common for areeni to embark on hyper-ambitious schemes of hubris? It could be the case that those types are the only ones who will go near us, but still...
No. 306757 ID: eba49f

Oh yeah, I forgot to ask: If SARUs are used by society in general rather than just KerenzeTec, is it conceivable we might just buy a new antenna in town when we have the money for that kind of thing?
No. 306820 ID: 1854db

She wants to take over the city, doesn't she? Ask her if she wants to take over the city.
No. 308068 ID: 3e6377
File 130687395029.png - (50.24KB , 800x600 , d3f8.png )

Ske. You're right. The parallels are uncanny. Hyper-ambitious schemes of hubris aren't entirely rare among areeni, it's true. I need to learn more about her to know if I should try to recruit her or prevent her from becoming a future threat. Still. Let's keep moving.

:sinter: "What do you want to do?"
:vibrant: "I, um. Um. No, it's silly. Never mind. It's okay. Honest."
:sinter: "No, it's okay, I'm not the type to judge." So far she seems too embarrassed and awkward to do anything harmful anyway.
:vibrant: "I... um... want to take over the city."

Well, one of you called it, anyway. I have no idea how many areeni you recall meeting, but I swear not all of them are interested in conquest! At the base and it's, uh, a bit... green. And far more spacious than I considered.

:sinter: "Why?"

Now she's actually looking away from me. I can almost feel the embarrassment radiating off her from a distance.

:vibrant: "Because, um, well, there's... uh... competition... proving... he, um... umm... I don't know? Yes, I don't know. I-I just want to see what I can do with my creations!"

...ahahahahahaha! Really? That's adorable!

:sinter: "So, this 'he' you mentioned-"
:vibrant: "I didn't mention a he! I'm doing this by myself-"
:sinter: "And this competition you mentioned-"
:vibrant: "No! I didn't say competition! C-can we talk about something else?"

Okay. Quick pop psychology lesson because your collective understanding of areeni psychology seems a bit... uh, absent. Here's a popular but slightly contested theory - you have two areeni, they're attracted to each other and have relatively similar skills, they end up locked together in a competition to outdo each other while subconsciously proving their worth to each other. That's mostly observation, really, except for that last bit. It does explain why the competition tends to end abruptly if one of the participants ends up incapacitated. And also why most of the time it ends up in the two competitors becoming a couple.

I'm far too good to end up falling into a pattern like that, though.

So, I hope I don't have to spell out my assumptions here given her embarrassment. You probably got what she said better than I did, actually. So yes. She wants to take over the city. What shall we do about that, do you think?
No. 308071 ID: 221021

Tell her that you'll help if she can do it without hurting anybody... and secretly under the banner of our cause.
No. 308072 ID: 00d3d5

"Sure, once you tell me his name. It wouldn't be that much trouble to help you get what, but I need to know the whole truth in order to make it happen."

How about we help her get an advantage over the guy she's after, then arrange for her to be nonfatally shot while in his presence? Scare her off from conquering, help her get together with her love interest, and put her in a position where she'd be willing to use her skills to advance our goals.
No. 308073 ID: abcbff

Hey, since we're at the base, why don't you go ahead and start setting up the vector clamp?

Besides that, helping her take over the city will further your plan to take over the world (as you'll have a significant urban area with a friendly leader), in addition to making the inhabitants of Relk happier (bonus points!). So, why don't you ask her what she's planning on doing as far as that goes? You haven't got manpower on your side but I'm sure we can find something in the facility that could prove helpful.
No. 308075 ID: 1854db

The best solution in this situation would be replacing the unpopular ruler with someone who the city respects, and also has ties to us so we can essentially have them swear allegiance to us. Ask what other people think of her. Is she popular?
No. 308077 ID: 35e1a0

yes get her in power and loyal to you.
No. 308078 ID: 221021

Also ask her about Stern. Is he the kind of person that could be convinced to step down if there was enough pressure in the form of civil unrest?
No. 308082 ID: eba49f

You have asked her the first basic question of conquest, but you should also ask the other two:
How? (How does she plan to take over the city)
And Then? (What she plans to do once in power.)
(Now that I think about it, those questions go for you too, Sinter)
No. 308084 ID: 3e6377
File 130687688624.png - (43.21KB , 800x600 , d3f9.png )

:sinter: "Well, I'll help if you can do it without hurting anyone."
:vibrant: "I didn't want to hurt anyone! I tried to make my synthetics look intimidating, but they wouldn't ever hurt anyone unless I told them to. Even if they were attacked! Which I hope they aren't. That wouldn't be nice."
:sinter: "Yes. Quite. How popular are you with the people of Relk?"
:vibrant: "Relk?"


:sinter: "Yes. Relk. The city."
:vibrant: "It's called Relk?"
:sinter: "Yes. What do you know about Stern?"
:vibrant: "W-who?"
:sinter: "...Do you know anything about the city?"
:vibrant: "Um, uh, y-yes! It's... it has buildings!"
:sinter: "How can you aim to take over a city without even having a reason or knowing anything about it?! What were you going to do, find whoever's in charge and just ask them nicely to hand the city over to you?!"
:vibrant: "...would that not work?"

She is not going to be the new leader of Relk. Or anywhere. She's certainly extremely talented at making synthetics, but her organisational skills leave something to be desired, and she doesn't have the raw strength of charisma to make up for it. If her entire plan was to be feared due to having terrible living weapons but never actually intend to use them, either she'd have to resort to using them to survive once the inevitable uprisings began or more likely be swiftly deposed and possibly swiftly killed to go with it.

Have to give her points for ambition, though.

:sinter: "Okay. So. You need a lot more help than you realise, clearly. Now, I need to get some things from my own base of operations. Such as one of my associates, for one. Do you have a flat wall I can set up a vector clamp on?"
:vibrant: "What's a vector clamp?"
:sinter: "It's a magical mystery portal thing that lets you go to other places more quickly. How can you not know what a vector clamp is?"
:vibrant: "I, um, don't... don't really know a lot about technology."
:sinter: "Well, your base is apparently made out of plants. This would make sense."

Hmm. There's a deficit of surfaces that are the right amount of flat. It's like this place was grown with no sort of guidance or structure in mind. Leapt into action without any planning or preparation. Like its owner. I'm thinking our only course of action here is to find someone else to be a puppet figure, or get friendly with the local government. Once I get this set up, I'm sure I can ask Saru to get us to Relk's city hall fast. Without blowing up another shop. What to do when we there, though... is this even a viable idea?
No. 308086 ID: abcbff

I don't think Stern is a viable option as puppet leader, if you could even convince him to be on your side somehow. Too much hatred and there's no way that's just going to melt away over time.

Problem is, we don't really know anyone here except Vibrant, and she's apparently a questionably sane hermit, so...
No. 308087 ID: 35e1a0

sure it is. we need to see what is up with stern and see if he deserves deposing of if he is running as well as he can but is just not as good as whoever was mayor before. if that is what the problem is then only a super mega awesome mayor would calm them down.
No. 308090 ID: 1854db

Well. Um. Yeah, we can't have her as the leader of the city, unless we had her on a very tight leash But... maybe the person she's competing with would work. Might they have the same kind of ambition?

Hmm. Ask her if she knows anyone else here. Or who she knows.
No. 308092 ID: 221021

Well, perhaps she can help us anyway. Ask her if she really needs to keep the city after taking it over. As powerful and friendly as she is she would make a great ally for us.
No. 308100 ID: 00d3d5

Tell her that she OBVIOUSLY is trying to show-up some guy and that's something you can easily help her accomplish, but taking over the city is going to be a bit more complicated than that.

The first step her is going to be figuring out why people hate Stern. Solving those problems would postpone civil unrest when the keys to the city change hands.
No. 308103 ID: 6a5a08

Well, if they are competing, then you said they should have similar skills? So we could potentially have two additions, both skilled at the art of building synthetics. The question is, how does taking over a city relate to that skill?

Here's a theory: the male she wishes to impress is attempting to overthrow Stern. She figures that if she can do so first, it would impress him. Is that possible? Maybe he doesn't even know who she is? We need more information before we act, and she doesn't seem to be the best source.

I say we tell her we will get back to her, go get SARU-601 into the city with the vector clamp to help brainstorm, and attempt to gather more information before coming to a decision. We know next to nothing about the situation right now.
No. 308113 ID: 3e6377
File 130688595701.png - (45.42KB , 800x600 , d3f10a.png )

Hah! Found a spot! On goes the vector clamp! There. It'll take a bit for it to actually fully deploy, so back to talking.

:sinter: "Do you need to keep the city when you take it over?"
:vibrant: "Um, only long enough to- um- I mean- show it- but- no. No, I don't."
:sinter: "Well, then I might have an offer for you after you take over the city. I'll need the entire team together to discuss it, though, so... oh, and how ambitious is your... rival?"
:vibrant: "He went to conquer Crestrisen because he felt the only way I'd stand a chance was if he targeted a city that spent most of its time in the sky."
:sinter: "Doesn't sound like he had high expectations of your capabilities."
:vibrant: "But I'll win this! Then he'll see I'm the best synthetic creator in the world!"
:sinter: "Then what?" Okay, I need to stop trying to get reactions out of people. ...Later.
:vibrant: "Then- then- then I don't know! But I'll know that I won!"

I think I'll just drop it. Part of the reason that whole competition theory is so controversial is because areeni really, really don't like the idea that they're actually in one of these competitive states. It sort of feels like you're admitting to being a little too hot-blooded for anyone's liking. That's what I've read, anyway-


okay that'll be the vector clamp then

:saru: "Okay. Sinter. Change of plan. Get in here."
:vibrant: "W-what's going on?!"
:sinter: "That robot is the rest of my team! Get through the clamp!"
:vibrant: "B-but that's... I'm meant to go through [i]that[i]?!"
:sinter: "Bring a synthetic if it'll make you feel better!"
No. 308114 ID: 3e6377
File 130688597284.png - (5.55KB , 800x600 , d3f10b.png )

No. 308115 ID: 3e6377
File 130688598614.png - (52.66KB , 800x600 , d3f10c.png )

:saru: "Okay. I've done some looking into things. Relk's a bad target right now. Apparently there's some sort of riot practically consuming the city, which I'm willing to blame entirely on you, Sinter. The city hall is not just off-limits, but protected by an alarmingly high level of security. All vector clamp stations have been set to departure only - they're not letting anyone in the city, and apparently are looking for the original instigator of the riot. Which is probably you. So not a good idea to stay there. Fortunately it appears there's been little to no injury to anyone so far, and hopefully Relk will still be standing by tomorrow."
:sinter: "Hey! In my defence I only crashed one flying platform into a building!"
:saru: "It's too late in the day to go anywhere else, but I have found something... interesting around that general region."
:sinter: "Interesting?"
No. 308116 ID: 3e6377
File 130688602447.png - (49.87KB , 800x600 , d3f10d.png )

:vibrant: "Is that, uh, my base?"
:saru: "Yes. Yes, that is your base. (Also, how is a stack of bushes a base?)"
:sinter: "(It's roomier inside.)"
:saru: "But yes. There's apparently an honest-to-At distress signal coming from around that area. Small and weak and not of this world. Spacers. There's spacers near that region and they're not broadcasting any sort of Alliance-registered identity signal. However, I have access to the KerenzeTec archives, and what I've found identifies it as areeni and no further details other than that."
:sinter: "Okay. What does this have to do with taking over Relk?"
:vibrant: "This place is lifeless. I don't like it."
:sinter: "There's a nice green leafy room somewhere around here, Vibrant, but let's try to focus. Plus you can go back home any time you want. Vector clamp."
:vibrant: "I don't know how to use-"
:saru: "ANYWAY, the point is first of all this could be a threat to Vibrant's base given how little we know of it. Secondly, spacer tech. Spacer tech, Sinter. Think of what we could do with that!"
:sinter: "Do you think it'll help us take over Relk?"
:saru: "Forget Relk. I think it'll help us conquer the world."
:sinter: "Suddenly I'm very interested in this."
No. 308117 ID: 3e6377
File 130688604091.png - (36.07KB , 800x600 , d3f10e.png )

:vibrant: "Wait! It's near my base?! My synthetics!! Sinter we have to stop it my synthetics are in my base I don't want my synthetics to be hurt or even worse-"
:sinter: "Okay! Calm down!"
:saru: "Oh. And one more thing. Erring on the side of caution I think it's best if only areeni, such as, well, you two, go to check it out. No idea what kind of spacers we might be dealing with here, and, well, no offence meant to your species, but, I'm... probably just about 'weird' enough for some areeni spacers to... well, you know where I'm going with this."
:sinter: "Thank you for once again reminding me my entire species has that reputation."
:vibrant: "You go look for the thing! I need to make sure my synthetics are okay!"
:saru: "Vector clamp is down the hallway to the left. Last used connection is on the control panel to the side, just press the green button."
:vibrant: "I'll come back again later, I promise!"
:saru: "Well. Looks like you're probably going to go do this on your own if you want to investigate the source of the signal, Sinter. Feel up to it? We could just call it a day and plan for tomorrow, I guess."
:sinter: "And what about exploring th-"
:saru: "Or we could just call it a day."
:sinter: "But you didn't let me fin-"
:saru: "Sinter, do I need to remind you of the last time you so much as looked at anything from the lower levels? Not yet."

What do you say? Check this thing out? Because this is clearly the only option I have available to me other than sit around doing nothing for the rest of the day. Well. The only other option Saru will let me take.
No. 308118 ID: 28e94e

Check it out.
No. 308119 ID: 35e1a0

yes, if they are hostile then we make it seem they stole the hover platform and everything was THEIR FAULT. hopefully making the mob split or dissipate.
No. 308121 ID: 6a5a08

Onwards in the name of Science!
No. 308124 ID: abcbff

I think we have a place to check out.
No. 308125 ID: 221021

Shiny supertechnology sounds like a good idea. Let's go for it. Also, it sounds like we should, in terms of longer-term plans, try to take over Relk after everything settles down to the point where you can get in, and then let Vibrant show it off to her friend so we can get to meet them, because if he's also trying to conquer a city we would do well with him on our side too.

Also, what is this about your species having a reputation?
No. 308135 ID: 1854db

Yes, this option sounds perfectly safe and will result in only the best outcome. Let's go to the downed spacecraft full of eccentric people.

[activate thumbs-up symbol on nearest display monitor]
No. 308139 ID: eba49f

That is an adorable dragon-thing Vibrant has. We should also ask if it has practical functions as well as being cute.
No. 308144 ID: abb743

Your species has a reputation for fooling around with weird looking robots?
No. 308557 ID: 3e6377
File 130705126357.png - (45.13KB , 800x600 , d3f11.png )

My species' reputation. Okay. Stop there. It's the Ske-damned spacers making the rest of us look like crazed xenophiles, okay, because if we really were as bad as we're made out to be we'd have died out from lack of interest in our own kind, got it?! We aren't a species of single-minded alien-screwing biomodding freaks and if I so much as hear you say anything perpetuating that stereotype I am going to invest in a very large pair of wire cutters and an industrial strength electromagnet and-

Um. Uh. Ahem. Sorry, I guess. Touchy issue. Doesn't come up much on a colony world but when it does, well. I can't speak for my entire species, but most of the areeni on this colonist world hate that stereotype as much as I do.

Back to the matter at hand, you all sound unanimous. I'm heading to the ship-


-it's right here. Hmm. Is this thing on? Oh. Now it's working. Your little camera thing was acting a bit oddly. Seems to be okay now. Everything alright?

Just to recap in case you missed everything, there's a suspiciously isolated grove that from a distance looks like a bunch of plants, but close up looks like, well, something that clearly didn't grow here. Looks like it's mostly buried for whatever reason, with an attempt to mimic the local flora being made. Except failing horribly at it.

It's not like anything I've ever encountered, yet it still feels like areeni tech. I don't know how to describe it. It's like a familiar... taste? Smell? Something is there that makes it feel "home" like. It's... agh, this language lacks the words to describe it. I don't think I could explain the concept to an AI anyway. Not until you can describe what it's like to be in multiple places at once to me, anyway.

So. How am I doing this? Diving in headfirst? Looking for a different entry point?
No. 308562 ID: 35e1a0

pretty sure the ship is ALIVE. got a weapon other then your claws? if so then knock on the door then duck out of site so you can see whoever opens it before they see you.
No. 308564 ID: 180ec2

That depends, do spacers have any kind of reputation as hostile or violent? If not, you could probably just knock on the front door. Otherwise, you should look for signs of life.

Sorry we cut out, apparently something's going on back at the base in the lower levels, and we're being told to evacuate anybody down there. It looks like Saru's insistence that we don't go down was well-founded.

That stereotype is interesting, I've heard the exact same thing, except applied to humans instead. Although that may be because they're the only people for whom our database isn't corrupt.

Being in multiple places at once? We don't really notice that. All we perceive is images from wherever something's going on, and text transcribed from what anybody's saying, with a perfect ability to remember past events.
No. 308566 ID: abcbff

Hey Saru, does "AOS" mean anything to you?

Is there a door? I'd go for a door to start with.
No. 308570 ID: 1854db

Something... happened in the lower levels of the facility, it kinda fucked up our connection briefly. Nothing to worry about I hope!

Also, xenophiles? That's interesting. They're trying to look inconspicuous... Well, if they're really paranoid walking up to the front door could end badly. Although finding an alternative entrance and sneaking in could end badly then as well.

Maybe we should look around a little just to get a bit more information before we do anything. Just in case.
No. 308579 ID: 6e87fe


Something wants our attention.
No. 308585 ID: 3e6377
File 130705575499.png - (57.08KB , 800x600 , d3f12.png )

:saru: I'm restricted from talking about it, but I can confirm it does mean something to me.

Just the acid in my tail, but that's really more of a tactical or tool thing, I don't have enough muscle power in the tip of my tail to actually aim and squirt acid at anything. Maybe ooze acid threateningly? Which will probably just make me look more pathetic, on second thoughts.

I mean, to be honest, areeni spacers pretty much have the reputation I just gave. But they're apparently giving out a distress signal that's not Alliance registered, so either they're trying to avoid attracting attention from the Alliance or they're not aware they're using an outdated or obscure signal type.

And I... think this is a door-


:spacer1: "A baseline! A baseline! Tzet, a baseline! Stay there! Don't move! Tzet! Get up here!"
:sinter: "Uh, who are you?"
:spacer1: "Tzet! A baseline that knows how to talk! Like, a real language instead of dumb colony language! You are missing out on the best thing to ever have happen here! Urgh, Tzet, you're taking too long. Come inside!"
:sinter: "I don't think I want to come inside just yet-"
:spacer1: "Nope, you're coming inside!"

Shit! She grabbed me quicker before I even saw it moving! I mean, it's obvious from appearance but we have here one incredibly modified areeni! Little help?!
No. 308587 ID: abcbff

I'm not sure what kind of "help" you're expecting from us in this particular situation. I mean, we can't exactly shove this guy off of you or anything...

I guess, uh... this guy does not, so far, sound threatening, and antagonizing him looks like an amazingly bad idea, so... go with it... ?
No. 308588 ID: 35e1a0

"yo, non-baseline, has acid tail and nano claws and stuff"
No. 308589 ID: 6a5a08

[Increase Speaker Volume]
Do we have a taser?
[Requesting overview of available defense mechanisms]
No. 308592 ID: 1854db

Inform them if they do not let go of you this instant you'll jab your claws right into her reproductive systems.

Very well. You should know that inside a warning to evacuate the lower levels due to an electromagnetic disturbance, there was a message. It said "AOS I AM HERE". Should we be worried?
No. 308594 ID: eba49f

Are those miniature eyes along the top of her head?

@ SARU: Is there anything you can say about AOS? Or maybe can you answer yes/no questions about it?

I think AOS is probably us, but even if it is it would be nice to get more info.
No. 308597 ID: 180ec2

Wait, is he gonna try to modify you or something? Tell him you're already post-baseline, just not as heavily modified as they are. Also they're a little crazy.

Hmm, you know, I just realized how disconcerting the whole concept of modifying yourself is. Do you actually go in and perform surgery on yourself? Like, amputate your fingers and graft new bits on, or cut holes in yourself and stitch in new organs? That... just doesn't feel right on several levels.

Saru, something's trying to talk to us with the electromagnetic disturbance. Is AOS one of the things down there? Because it says it's "here".
No. 308600 ID: 6a5a08

I suppose that would seem somewhat disturbing. After all, SINT-518 has no backups or databases to use to restore her old self should something go wrong.

I wonder if we have any backups. Great, now I am feeling uncomfortable with this whole lower levels business.
No. 308601 ID: eba49f

Unless AOS has a habit of sending electromagnetic messages to itself (or doesn't like grammar I suppose) the message seemed to be addressed to AOS rather than from it.

@Sinter I don't think they are going to do anything harmful you. They seem to view you as an adorable local kid who can maybe translate for them. Still, if you do need to distract them at some point (and you think they won't be insulted by their reputation), you might mention the ~fabulously~ convoluted heap of circuitry you know.

Now that I mention it, we should [improve the protective covering] on our more important wires.
No. 308614 ID: 3e6377
File 130706386459.png - (62.28KB , 800x600 , d3f13.png )

:saru: Protocol dictates no further discussion of this matter can continue. I'm sorry. I've already dealt with the issue.


Okay. Threaten or don't threaten. Threaten or don't threaten. Those aren't eyes, they're like decorative light patches. I've seen other areeni with them. Ugly things. Guess lack of aesthetic sense is truly a universal phenomenon.

:sinter: "Hey, hey! Appendages off, or I'll jab my claws into your reproductive systems!"
:spacer1: "Oh my. I'm not into that, but... You sure you're a colonist?"
:sinter: "That was a threat, you Kre-damned spacer!"
:spacer1: "Oh, don't resort to violence. It won't benefit either of us. Also, your baseline claws could do little more than lightly scratch my augmented skin. Let alone penetrate my subcutaneous webbing."
:sinter: "I'm not a baseline! My claws are augmented and I have an acid gland in my tail-"
:spacer1: "This is all such primitive technology! You might as well be baseline with such minor modifications! No, your real beauty stems from how pure to original form you are. Look at you! A near perfect specimen, whose quality can only be improved when we carefully extract your crude modifications. If we could find a male, we could complete the set, but either way we have something precious and rare to add to the collection!"
:sinter: "You aren't going to let me go, are you."
:spacer1: "Are you going to come willingly?"
:sinter: "Explain what you meant by collection and why you're threatening to remove parts of my body I spent a great deal of time on effort on refining and perfecting."
:spacer1: "Your handiwork is flawed, colonist, but it is to be expected. But the collection! It's our private collection of rare, wonderful organisms!"
:sinter: "And you're abducting me to go into it?"
:spacer1: "What? No, that's stupid. We're going to make a mindless copy of you to go into it instead! I need to show you to Tzet. He thinks baselines are so boring they wrap around back to weird again!"

That... doesn't make me feel any better. Still captive. Still sounds like they're going to carve out years of work from my body and probably refuse to put it back. Oh. On that note, uh. Some areeni do literally cut themselves open and stuff things inside. Me, I spent a long time planning them so they'd start as little pods attached to my skin and then slowly grow their way into the designated internal location. Takes more effort and is really irritating for a week or two, but also means it integrates into the body better. Something I'll lose completely if this spacer tears out my biomods. And I assume I've just been taken to some form of control room.

:spacer2: "Mmhm. What is it, Ei?"
:spacer1: "This!"
:spacer2: "...is that a baseline? Wow. You're the best thing that ever happened here, Ei. Look at that. All bland and baseliney. You didn't get another one?"
:spacer1: "If a male specimen investigates the ship like this one did then we get a complete pair and complete our areeni base morphology set. And from there we can start focusing on something less boring to find!"
:spacer2: "You're the best, Ei. You know I'm going to have to reward you for this. Drop the baseline, I've closed the door. Come here."

Oof! Okay, mental note, when I'm on the other side of this equation in future and have people at my mercy, be cordial and tell minions not to literally drop captives when instructing them to let go of them.

:spacer1: "Shouldn't we make sure the baseline is secured first?"
:spacer2: "The baseline won't escape so easily. Now come here..."
:spacer1: "Eeee~"

Okay. They're distracted and I really don't want to watch whatever they intend to do next. This is a window of opportunity I'm not likely going to get again. What do I do? I don't think I can try escaping without getting the upper hand over these two freaky spacers. And I don't think I can fight. Looks like it's time to try diplomacy. Or try disabling them while they're distracted.

...you guys are good to help me on that, at least, right?
No. 308618 ID: abcbff

Man, and you were just talking about areeni spacers' reputation, too.

I think that you'd be hard-pressed to fight one of them, let alone both... they look to have a pretty serious set of physical advantages over you.

Diplomacy... while they're distracted... ??? Not sure I follow you on that one.

As far as disabling them... um... anything handy in your vicinity?
No. 308621 ID: 0d7a83

Assuming we're AOS, whatevers trying to contact us seems to have expected us to recognise it, and with the last message I think SARU may have done something to it before our memory loss

Uh I doubt you're gonna be able to beat these guys, even if you did get the drop on them. As for diplomacy you should ask if they will let you go once they have made a copy. If they're gonna take out your implants you could ask them if they'd put them back after the copy was made. Sorry, but thats pretty much all I got.
No. 308622 ID: 180ec2

Oh. They are... indeed distracted... They just want DNA samples from you to clone a body? You know, we probably have a bunch of genetic samples from various individuals in our records. We could probably broker a deal and sell some of them in exchange for usable technology. You should probably briefly describe to them that this is a civilized world, because they don't seem to realize that.

Saru, now it's saying "UNIMPORTANT DRONE". It doesn't seem to care whatever you just did.
No. 308625 ID: 6a5a08

Wait, are you saying you used yourself as the gestation environment for your biomods? We are to understand that is extremely dangerous.
No. 308626 ID: 35e1a0

no she used bio-pods attached to herself.
No. 308627 ID: 6a5a08

Is that even any different?
No. 308632 ID: eba49f

> You should probably briefly describe to them that this is a civilized world, because they don't seem to realize that.
I am pretty sure they know about the cities (if likely not about us). Thy just don't consider that civilized. Cultural smugness and all that.

> Wait, are you saying you used yourself as the gestation environment for your biomods?
The difference is that one is in an expendable growth pod whereas the other is in a rather less expendable series of internal organs.

> We could probably broker a deal and sell some of them in exchange for usable technology.
These spacers seem drawn to the bizarre, and it so happens that we are sitting on a giant box of curiosities. Now if only we could find a few that are neither extremely dangerous (like the cube) nor exceedingly unpleasant (like the nightmare sphere).
No. 308634 ID: 180ec2

I'm pretty sure the whole POINT of storing them there is that they ALL are extremely dangerous.
No. 308638 ID: 00d3d5

Sinter, say this:
"As fascinating as your furtive alien sex is, you DO realize this is a populated world, right? I've got a bunch of DNA samples from different intelligent species, and a baseline male would be among them.
How about we trade my samples for your technology?"

Saru: Fuck protocol. Something is trying to talk to us and telling us what it is would be very advisable.
Oh, and can we get a list of what intelligent species are in our collection of DNA samples?
No. 308640 ID: 6a5a08

I doubt SARU-601 would allow us to access these things. Though, if these two prove troublesome to SINT-518, we could invite them to the facility and crush them with a moving platform. Or even use them as expendable test subjects explorers into the depths of the facility. We could test long term exposure to the Nightmare Sphere and Perfect Cube together. We could find out who is trying to contact us. We could attempt to break open the cube and see what is inside. So much possible testing exploring. Imagine the progress for Science.

Heh heh heh heh heh.
No. 308643 ID: eba49f

I seem Zero Facilities are for study as well as containment. So I would think that some of the mysterious things they they have collected would not be deadly.
No. 308644 ID: 1854db

Negotiation would be wise. They are heavily modded so it would be difficult for you to ensure that you could disable them properly. Tell them you will not resist, and even possibly trade information with them, if they treat your implants nicely. Also ask them what the distress call was about- was that a lure? Why are they trying to avoid Alliance attention?

Hmm. Offer to acquire a male for them if they share some tech with you.

Or you can just wander off while they're distracted- perhaps they did not lock the doors.
No. 308674 ID: eba49f

We should ask their opinions on zero stations. If they are curious enough, we wouldn't even need to deceive them in order to get them to help us explore.
No. 308678 ID: abcbff

Also, going over what they've said pretty carefully, I don't think they intend to actually cut your mods out. So that's probably something, anyway.
No. 308699 ID: 6a9fdc

Hey, maybe they'd like to see something REALLY weird! The most interesting thing they'll ever lay eyes on. It's this thing, sort of like a sphere, but...
No. 308733 ID: cffd13

Wow, they really are showing how little a threat you pose to them.
Really there isn't that much you can do right now, just be sure to get them to confirm that your modifications will removed from the clone or that they will be reattached to you - sentimental reasons would probably suffice.
Also ask them for information regarding the distress call, depending on the situation we may end up with an influx of social instability within the next few days. I'd suggest only taking a mild interest in their technology as well, just enough to let them confirm that you are interested in it, but don't give any particular bias to one type of device. Their reactions should give us some useful clues towards a couple of things.
No. We are not going to let spacers with a hobby of collecting unusual things into the facility.
That would ultimately cause a containment breach resulting in several, possibly civilisation-ending artifacts being removed.
And shenanigans.
Both kinds.
No. 308734 ID: 35e1a0

could show them 10 seconds of box and request a trade of EVERYTHING they have for it.
No. 308777 ID: 180ec2

Saru, please be advised, several nodes are displaying something analogous to low-level memetic compulsion towards both the Perfect Cube and, somehow, the Nightmare Sphere. The former is concerning because it suggests that its effects may effect artificial intelligences, but the latter is especially concerning because the only exposure we have had to it is a single mention of it's NAME. I would recommend increased containment procedures while some cursory tests are performed to determine whether this memetic compulsion towards the items in question is from the mundane memetic draw to power, or from an effect of the items themselves.
No. 308787 ID: 0d7a83

Wait, do you know something about the Nightmare Sphere? Have you seen it? When did you see it? What does it look like!? oh boy oh boy I bet it was black. It was, wasn't it, yeah black... but not-not shiny black bluh no that wouldn't be right! no nononono no! It would be a sort of frosted black, where you couldn't quite make out what was relected on it. Couldn't quite see what those $hadows wer#. Yes,, yes YE£S THAT M?UST BE WhhhAT /T LO0KeS LIK3 I'TS TRUE IT@ TrU7E" I KNOooW IiT!>1!!


Nah im joking. I think the amount interest we are showing is normal if you consider everything. We are a A.I. in a scientific facility. We have a interest in testing, learning and science in general (this is likely an inbuilt trait). I have been made aware of the interesting (deadly prehaps but still interseting) items stored within the facility. The only two we know anything of is the Cube and the Sphere. The cube, and its effects, have already been witnessed. However the sphere remains a mystery, and so our curiosity comes into play.
No. 308799 ID: abcbff

Showing the spacers Objects sounds like an absolutely terrible idea. The one Object we actually know the function of seems like it would lead to them wrecking the facility to seize it, which is pretty much not what we want them to do at all.
No. 308856 ID: 44766a

Do we have any non lethal defenses at the facility that we could use against them?
No. 309251 ID: 6a9fdc

Hahaha, since when do we need to be subject to memetic compulsion in order to hate people? I'm perfectly capable of doing that on my own, thanks! It's just that memetic hazards are the only ranged weaponry we've got at this point. Also those spacers are really getting under my casing.
No. 309596 ID: 3e6377
File 130739453542.png - (58.88KB , 800x600 , d3f14.png )

Showing them the box sounds like the best- no, wait, the worst idea I've heard from you guys yet. ...Okay, I think the box still might have some hold on me, because it seems like a good and bad idea at the same time.

Right. Focus, Sinter. Preferably not on the freaky spacers. Nothing immediately around me to disable them with. And no, I didn't use myself as the gestation environment for my biomods, they just drifted into place over a week or so after being mostly complete. Yes, it was a little uncomfortable, but safer than outright performing surgery on myself! Which I've seen people do. And it rarely goes without a hitch. This is why biomod clinics are so numerous in cities with a high concentration of areeni. Trained professionals are always a safer option, but then you have to pay more for your own designs and-

Okay, no, I need to focus. I am in potentially vast danger onboard an unidentified spaceship. For all I know I might not even be able to walk out the door again. I don't know good their inertia dampening is. I'll get them to confirm they won't take my biomods out, I guess

:spacer2: "Wait. Ei."
:spacer1: "Hm?"
:spacer2: "Hear that?"
:spacer1: "...what?"
:spacer2: "An alarm. Something's inbound."
:spacer1: "Aww..."
:spacer2: "Sshh. There's always tomorrow. But we need to make sure there is a today, first. We can't have a tomorrow if we have no today, can we?"

Wait. What?

:sinter: "Inbound? What's inbound?"
:spacer1: "Bad things! Things that would kill you dead from fright if we told you what they were! Things that would paralyse your colonist mind with the sheer shock! Things that-"
:spacer2: "Ei, precious, quiet. Now is not the time. Baseline. What is your name?"
:sinter: "Oh, wow, finally one of you spacers actually realises I have a name. Let's go with Sinter."
:spacer2: " As a leaf falls from a tree, it calls out. Who are you, Sinter? How did you know we were here? More importantly, why are you here?"

Well. Tell the truth or lie through my teeth?
No. 309602 ID: 40f43f

Tell as little of the truth as you can get away with, but don't actually lie.
No. 309603 ID: b84932

Tell him the truth. Honesty is the best policy.
No. 309605 ID: 35e1a0

true enough. lie with lack of information.
No. 309632 ID: 221021

Tell them the truth: you heard a distress signal, and went to see what was going on. Help out whoever was in trouble and possibly trade for usable technology. Also, ask them exactly what it is, because you have somebody who's literally made to administer situations involving unspeakable horror.
No. 309642 ID: 0d095c

Tell them the truth in a completely deadpan manner that you are going to take over the world and OF COURSE want their technology to do so, as it trumps anything on the surface and your facility is in desperate need of repairs.
No. 309645 ID: 44766a

Tell the truth but reveal as little as possible. Also ask them to stop treating you like and idiot. Plus you are a POST-baseline for SCIENCE's sake! These spacers are really really annoying. I mean even we are not that arrogant.
No. 309693 ID: 6a5a08

Question for a question. They explain the situation and what is after them, and you will explain why you are here. Should they agree to this, say that you are investigating the distress signal for KerenzeTec. This is technically almost true.
No. 309748 ID: 00d3d5

[You guys wanted to name-drop the zero station, right?]
My Zero Station picked up a distress call, and I figured I might be able to get some spacer tech out of it.
No. 309774 ID: 3e6377
File 130740610212.png - (51.84KB , 800x600 , d3f15.png )

:sinter: "I'm Sinter. I came here because of why I knew you were here. We picked up your distress call. Don't treat me like an idiot because I'm a colonist. What help do you need?"
:spacer2: "Nothing you can help us with."
:spacer1: "Tzet, this ship, it's-"
:sinter: "What if I said I was working on behalf of KerenzeTec?"

...Um. I think that was perhaps a bad thing to say.

:spacer2: "Take what you came for. Please don't hurt us."

And the spacer calling herself Ei is looking, well, extremely frightened, to say the least. Okay. Perhaps a bad idea to mentioned KerenzeTec. ...What did KerenzeTec do to freak these two spacers out?

What did I get myself into choosing one of their facilities as their base? Oh well. What's done is done. They're already afraid of me. Might as well tell the truth.

:sinter: "No. I came here to help, and, in exchange, get the technology I need to take over the world. Why are you sending a distress signal?"
:spacer2: "We've been reduced to two crew members. Our ship's organic components are starting to die. All of our onboard gestation sacs have ruptured, meaning that we are both all too vulnerable to any part of our bodies failing. The synthetics chambers have been locked from within. And now there's an incoming unidentified object that looks set to arrive in roughly a single day."
:spacer1: "I don't want to die yet, Tzet, there's more things I wanted to do! More things to collect!"
:spacer2: "You mentioned you represent KerenzeTec, so I expect you understand why we can't contact the Alliance for help. Our ship would be destroyed by them. We would be captured, and very likely executed."
:spacer1: "The Alliance impose a totalitarian regime on us all! We fled from them, harming no-one but hunted regardless! We're the only ones left! The only ones... the only ones l-left..."
:spacer2: "There, there, Ei. It's okay. You're still here. And so am I. And while I'm alive, I'm not letting them take you away from me."

Okay. They're apparently in a far weaker position than I thought. What to ask next? I'd feel more sympathy for them, but if they're afraid of the Alliance then they're clearly doing something criminal. Like, I dunno, abducting random sophonts and locking them away in a collection.

And me taking over the world is totally not criminal, I'd just like to say. Well. It won't be, because I can control the laws then. Right? Right.
No. 309777 ID: 9f86f2

Ask what kind of tech they've got available. If they've got something decent, offer them asylum in the facility.

They're weird, and their tail presents a problem, but it's one you'd have to deal with anyway since they're not likely to leave the planet.
No. 309784 ID: 00d3d5

"Technically it's more of a splinter organization, but that's besides the point.
Silence the distress signal, and give me a moment to see what we can do to help."

SARU! How would you like to recruit two spacers AND their ship?
We've got a landing bay, right?
No. 309788 ID: 35e1a0

tell them if they work for they can stay. will probably be put through some trust exercises though, but they would have access to new gestation sacs. they should grab anything they NEED and a few things they want if they have room.
No. 309792 ID: 1854db

That would be correct. Those in power make the rules. Your method of conquering the planet would not attract attention from interplanetary forces either.

We have biotech facilities in the Zero Station, so we can offer the spacers the use of those in order to keep themselves alive, correct? The friend we just met may be able to assist them with their synthetics chamber problem as well, assuming access can be achieved.

They mentioned a totalitarian regime. Perhaps the Alliance is simply hunting down spacers? Request more information.

SARU, there is an oncoming object that will arrive at the ship in a day. Requesting use of scanners to determine if it is likely to destroy the ship. Perhaps a meteorite? Also of note is the fact that the spacers' ship is dying. How good are our biotech facilities?
No. 309794 ID: d6ae01

Scared and worried? Sounds like the perfect time to recruit some slav-- I mean, loyal soldiers to help in the fight for world domination. Can't take over a planet without an army!

So basically this with a slightly different definition of "asylum".
No. 309799 ID: 6a5a08

Harboring wanted criminals would be bad publicity, and that is putting it lightly. Likely, if what they say is true, we would be killed as well. Though, we could allow them to use one of the facility's mini-biolabs (similar to that which was an optional accessory to your room) to repair and stabilize their biomods, so long as they leave after and do not try any funny business.

Should whatever is coming choose to investigate, or track them, the status as a Zero Station may be enough to keep them away. If not, we can simply stay with Vibrant VIBR-258, while SARU-601 simply explains that it is abandoned. Which is sort of true.
No. 309800 ID: 9f86f2


>Sinter: Get bearhugged by both spacers when you offer them said deal.
No. 309955 ID: f6c549

As long as they tell us everything even remotely related to their criminal status they are fine with me.
As long as they stay within allowed areas of course, wouldn't want any accidents to happen due to people poking things they shouldn't, would we?
No. 310054 ID: 221021

Offer to let them stay at the base. If it turns out that they actually are criminals, you can negotiate with whomever to turn them in if they come looking for them.

All of this talk about law and crime brings up something important: We don't know anything at all about how this government works, what types of laws exist, etcetera. That's going to be very important in planning how to take over the world. In some types of government, there exist totally legal infrastructures for instituting a regime change that we could pursue with no risk of being harmed. Other types of government can't change hands without a full-blown rebellion. Another route we could take would be to declare sovereignty over the land associated with the base, and gain territory by purchasing land or by causing cities near the borders to change allegiances. This is assuming we want to do things pretty much legally. Otherwise we could just use the threat of unleashing the horrors contained within the base to hold the world ransom, which technically is nonviolent. We could also do research on some of the artifacts within the base and use those to take over the world, bending the weak and plastic minds of the population to our will. Those last two are a bit of a long shot, though.
No. 310676 ID: 3e6377
File 130756843126.png - (40.65KB , 800x600 , d3f16.png )

:saru: Hrm. Confirming your request to scan the incoming object. The scanners only go so far, but if I just check around that general region I might get something. Also, depends. If it's an entire living ship, then I'm amazed it's even survived space at all, but if it's more likely a case of having modular organic components they could be replaced. Sending this to Sinter as well.

...weird. I... I'm not exactly sure how I just heard that. Still. Can't really give you a brief lecture on local, global or interplanetary politics, remind me to mention it another time.

:sinter: "I can offer you asylum in my own base. It's a KerenzeTec facility. We also have biotech laboratories that we can use to repair the ship and, if necessary, help you recover from anything going awry. Does your ship have a vector clamp?"
:spacer1: "We're spacers! What kind of idiots don't have a vector clamp onboard their ship for emergencies?!"
:spacer2: "I can ensure the ship is secure, but we are not abandoning our ship permanently. We need to know we can trust you."
:sinter: "Okay. How can you do that?"
:spacer2: "Normally, among areeni spacers, we establish trust through rituals that matter. Rituals stemming deep from the heart of who we are, as living creatures. Communal eating, hunting, mating, not necessarily in that order, but these things all take time. If we're to establish trust, we can probably just skip straight to that last one."
:sinter: "...what-"
:spacer1: "We're dealing with close-minded uptight colonists here, Tzet! We have to think of something else!"
:spacer2: "I think I have an idea. Leave something of value on the ship and we'll leave something of value in your base. We can't betray each other without risking whatever we're entrusting to each other."
:sinter: "Sounds reasonable and a lot more professional than what you were just suggesting." Kre his eyes are on stalks I am having a hard enough time looking at him urrrrgh no I can throw up when I get back to the base make the deal Sinter make the deal
:spacer2: "And if either Ei or myself are separated by any of your associates, we will not stop until we find each other. Just mentioning that."
:sinter: "Okay! Okay! The only thing I wanted in return was some spacer biotech! I didn't mean I was going to cut it out of you! Ske!"

Something of value. Something of value. Agh. Dumb idea. Not as dumb and repulsive as the first one this spacer mentioned (how does that even prove trust) but still pretty dumb. Agh. Trust. Trust. ...Trust exercises? No, I'm not letting Saru run trust exercises on anyone ever again after last time. Wait. No. There's still something else.

:sinter: "I do have a question, though. Why are you afraid of the Alliance? What did you do to fear them so much?"
:spacer1: "...it's not important. Nothing and no-one has been harmed. Only when the Alliance finds us will anyone be harmed. More innocent lives ended."
:spacer2: "I can think of a question for you as well. What relation do you have to KerenzeTec? The only facility I know of on this world is a zero station. An abandoned zero station, with terrible things sealed beneath it."
:sinter: "I guess we both have our secrets."
:spacer2: "Then they'll remain as so. Promise us safety and access to your biotech facilities, and we will comply with whatever restrictions you have in mind for us."
:spacer1: "We will?"
:spacer2: "Do you want to die slowly and agonisingly because one of your biomods unexpectedly failed, Ei? Do you want to even risk that, knowing we had a chance to save ourselves and we turned it away?"
:spacer1: "...I'll comply."
:sinter: "Excellent. This should be a profitable arrangement for us both."
:spacer2: "Spoken like a true corporation representative."

So. Anything else you guys want me to say or check out before I lead these guys back home?
No. 310691 ID: 6a5a08

Just remind them there is a questionably sane AI watching their every move, and thousands of unimaginable horrors are indeed buried underneath.
So they should not try any funny business.

Anyways, do you even have something of value to store here? I mean, other than your clothes and biomods.
No. 310692 ID: 953355

Just take them through and have a bit of a tour of what they'll need.
No. 310705 ID: 1e111a

Really I can't do better than the two suggestions we've already got.
No. 310720 ID: 114d70

No. 310721 ID: d6ae01

Tell them that if they see any box-like object they should just look away immediately do not tempt themselves with how wonderful it is no seriously if they look at it for more than a moment their lives are forfeit.

Also consider a trust excessive wherein everyone proves themselves through hugs.
No. 310726 ID: 0d095c

Yes, awkward hugs are for the best. Meanwhile, if that incoming object IS a ship or a meteorite, we need to get this bioship hidden somehow. Maybe they could shape it to be round and paint it gray, to make it look like a big rock or something? Maybe burrow it underground?

Or perhaps move it over to the Zero Station and THEN bury it underground. Maybe the facility has a hanger or something.
No. 310729 ID: 44766a

If Saru starts to suggest trust exercises all Nodes and Sinter should yell "NO!".
No. 310748 ID: 1854db

I think it would be a bad move to say that we're in the abandoned zero station with terrible things beneath it right after saying that we wanted to keep our secrets.

I am kinda worried about these guys though. We're gonna want some kind of security in place to make sure they don't just cut and run. On the other hand maybe our affiliation with KerenzeTec is enough to keep them in line. Then again they did just kindof accuse you of being in charge of an abandoned station. Perhaps they see that as a weakness? That we don't have a bunch of attack drones at our disposal?

I think you should at least ask to see what the malfunctioning areas are like. For instance, the synthetics wing that is blocked off.

SARU, permission to bring aboard two spacers? Background unknown, expressed desire to capture Sinter and duplicate her to have a baseline areeni for their collection. Excessively biomodded, nearly unrecognizable. Claim to have biomods that are far beyond Sinter's in a physical contest. Possible threat to the facility? They have prior knowledge about a Zero Station nearby, as well.
No. 310792 ID: 180ec2

You know, we could probably kill three birds with one stone, so to speak. (to prevent misunderstandings, we do mean that in an idiomatic sense) We need to put something of great value there. We need to make sure nothing happens to the ship, possibly by concealing it better. We also need to begin testing applications of the ungodly advantage we have in our quest for world domination. We just need to acquire an object that distorts the perceptions of anything nearby and move it to the ship, preferably without anybody touching it.
And before anybody notices what I'm talking about starts telling me how bad that idea sounds, let me say this: if we're going to take over the world, we need some kind of overwhelming advantage over everybody else. You can't take over the world with a pretty face and a smile, with peace and love, with sheer force of will and ideals. What do we have that gives us any chance to take over the world? All we have is a hole in the ground filled to the brim with artifacts so powerful people wanted to seal them away forever. But if we want to get anything done, we're going to have to make with what we have.
No. 310796 ID: 221021

Well, I don't know a lot about your culture, but is there anything so wrong with their trust "ritual"? It's either that or risking something extremely valuable that we may not have, or are not willing to take out of its vault. And to them it's not really a big deal; they didn't seem to care about it like it was anything more than something they could do right in front of you. And even if such a thing would be looked down upon in your culture it's not like anybody would know other than these two and a computer who is presumably made to be non-judgmental of that sort of thing, (otherwise we wouldn't be allowed to view people's private rooms) and is totally suggesting this because it makes much more logical sense and not out of any ulterior motives, nope.
No. 310797 ID: 0d095c

DON'T DO IT! We can NOT start dumping memetic hazards wherever we feel like it! Driving everyone in a thirty mile radius hopelessly MAD is not gonna win us any favors. Anyway, these spacers are so heavily biomodded, they may not even be affected by the box at this juncture. And last, if we want these guys to trust them, ADDICTING THEM TO MAGIC BOX IS NOT GOING TO HELP.
No. 310824 ID: d8d42e

Well, yeah, if one of the objects we're storing is a Somebody Else's Problem field, that would be great. Putting something like the companion cube or nightmare sphere though, probably not the best idea.
No. 310825 ID: 35e1a0

is saying to use the nightmare sphere's sensor distortion field to use as a jammer.
No. 310890 ID: 6a5a08

Now that is a constructive idea. Assuming it works of course. We will have to ask SARU-601 about it first, however. And, of course, make sure it actually works like that.

Also we have to store it somewhere that nobody will touch it ever and make sure our new companions understand this.
No. 311370 ID: e616f9


this. it'll have to be an artifact; it's not like we have anything else.

not sure it's how the sphere works though.
No. 321101 ID: 1cfaaa
File 130972604983.png - (55.07KB , 800x600 , d3f17.png )

:sinter: "Just remember. I'm being assisted by a questionably sane AI. It's watching your every move. And yes. The zero station is sitting on top of unimaginable horrors. Just do as I say, and we'll all get along healthily and happily. Show me the vector clamp and I'll punch in the code to get to my base."
:spacer2: "Remember we are not your subordinates, Sinter. We are spacers. We do not serve colonists. We will help you, and you will help us, as a mutual arrangement with neither of us the servant of the other."
:spacer1: "What Tzet said!"
:sinter: "Understood. Oh, and if you see a box, try not to look at it or you might never look away from it. A sort of off-white box. Don't worry, you won't see it by accident."

Beep boop punching symbols into a vector clamp and waiting for the blades to make the portal there we go and a one and a two and a leap through the portal duh de duh

:sinter: "Now, I'll have to introduce you to the other members of my team. It's a relatively small team, so this shouldn't take too long. Saa-kru by the name of Saru, unfortunately lost her body in an accident, got a robotic replacement, and an areeni by the name of Vibrant. She's good with synthetics. Probably should be able to help you with your synthetic problem. First, though, we'll need to sort out the problem of where you're going to stay the night-"
:spacer1: :spacer2: "THANKS!!"

Ugh. Skedamned spacers. I'd feel more appreciative of the gesture if they weren't hugging me naked!

- End of Day 3 -
No. 321103 ID: 1cfaaa
File 130972635434.png - (29.43KB , 800x600 , n3f1.png )

- Night 3 -

Okay. Back home now. Feels weird to consider this place home, but that's what is is. The spacers agreed to share a room and, well, I don't think I should interrupt them just now.

I'm not tired just yet and there is a bunch of stuff I can think to do right now.

I can go talk to Saru, Vibrant or the spacers and find out more about them, or I can see where these unlabelled buttons on the fast-transport elevator thingy take me. I've never seen a control panel that looks like someone carved a chunk of black marble and stuck room buttons all over it before, but, well, there it is. Someone in KerenzeTec's design department had fun, clearly.

Except, yeah, probably best to leave the spacers alone for the time being. They don't seem like the type to leave do not disturb signs on their door in the hopes you'll accidentally walk in on them. And then be invited to join them.

Other than that, so many choices!
No. 321109 ID: c891d3

What are you talking about? Of course you need to go talk to the spacers first.
No. 321111 ID: e13f0d

consider checking on Vibrant and her precious synthetics to give her the impression that you care.
No. 321112 ID: 0d095c

Talk to Spacers
No. 321116 ID: 6a5a08

The control panel somewhat resembles the night sky. It is a possibility the employee responsible for its construction found this aesthetically pleasing.

Perhaps we should converse with the nude member of our team who is not completely off their rocker. Oh wait, we don't have one. Just go speak with VIBR-258 instead then. We should hammer out some of the details of our plan to dominate liberate the city from its organic ruler human overlord stern overseer. Ha ha ha. Stern overseer. Because Stern's name is also the word stern. It was a joke.
No. 321117 ID: 8211e6

You obviously need to go get to know the spacers better. Vibrant can come too.
No. 321120 ID: 28e94e

Let's go talk to the robot, she seems to be the least insane of the bunch.
No. 321122 ID: dcc9f1

You should get the spacers out of the way first since that's the one you seem the most reluctant to do.
No. 321124 ID: 180ec2

Yeah, it should be fine to go and visit them and have a chat. We can probably take a look in there to make sure that they aren't doing... anything. We're programmed not to mind stuff like that, I guess. And we do need to talk to them.
No. 321130 ID: 76c084

Obviously what you should do is go get Saru and Vibrant and then head to the spacers room for a group chat and when you walk in oh noes we accidently broke the door woops... :3
No. 321180 ID: 1cfaaa
File 130973543539.png - (67.38KB , 800x600 , n3f2.png )

Spacers, huh.

Should have guessed you'd point me in that direction, you weird, weird AI. Just do a check in advance, could you?

Oh, never mind, I'm an adult, I'm responsible, I can deal with awkward situations and apologise.

beep boop


Oh hey, the door is actually open and-

:spacer1: "Baseline!"
:spacer2: "Hello, Sinter. How can we help?"
:sinter: "Where did you find paint-"
:spacer1: "I made it!"
:sinter: "Please don't go into any further detail, I want to keep my dinner inside my body."
:spacer2: "Speaking of, I'm curious. Can you remove your clothing? I want to see what you look like under it."
:sinter: "What?!"
:spacer1: "I want to see her tail! I bet she can't even launch out of it! Maybe see how her organs are set up too, don't worry, I don't need to cut you open with a knife, I have these nifty attachments at the ends of my limbs!"
:spacer2: "Come on, let's get the shirt off of you. It'll take five minutes, I promise. Ei, stop scaring her. You can do what you want to the copy."
:sinter: "Get off of me! Stop trying to take my clothes off!"
:spacer2: "Hey, I'm not the one keeping my morphology obscured so it can't be easily inspected. You're the one in the wrong here. Stop struggling so much! It's not like I want to do anything more than look! Ei can vouch for my integrity, right, Ei?"
:spacer1: "I guess I could use high sound frequencies! I can't remember what part of me I set up to detect those, though- Oh! Tzet is totally trustworthy! He's the best! Hold still, I want to mark the points to examine!"

WHY DID I LISTEN TO YOU GUYS AGAIN?! Get me out of here oh Ske
No. 321182 ID: c891d3

Well, I can't say I'd recommend a violent struggle in that particular position, what with the pointy appendages in close proximity to your torso.

As long as they don't, like, seriously injure you, though, I don't see the harm in letting them do their thing.
No. 321183 ID: 35e1a0

[dispense slime! any color will do.]
"this is the AI, release sinter or the nanites in the slime will activate and strip the flesh from your bones."
No. 321184 ID: 8211e6

These guys sound completely trustworthy! I'm sure nothing bad will happen.
No. 321186 ID: 6a5a08

I agree with this course of action. Also, this was a stupid idea. If we do not have access to slime, then...

[Deploy personnel reassurance device to separate SINT-518 from the spacers]

If neither of these is a viable option, I suggest Plan C be contacting SARU-601.
No. 321187 ID: ba4b50

Just relax.
No. 321212 ID: 180ec2

Oh, yeah, that's right. I forgot that they were crazy. To be fair, we offered to check first so they wouldn't startle you with anything like this. It's kind of your fault for not heeding advice.
Hey, nobody's dissecting anybody here without express consent. If you want to see what she looks like on the inside I'm sure we have plenty of archive data on baseline areeni anatomy, and maybe a preserved cadaver or two. We'll give you a break this time since you're clearly lacking in knowledge of general social norms, but you're not supposed to restrain people without any kind of permission unless they're a threat. I can't actually say anything about clothes, because we have some corrupted data, but literally every areeni we've seen has been naked, so it can't be THAT important, right? Regardless, you're supposed to stop doing something if they object to it. Remember that if you even want a chance to get any sort of anatomical demonstrations from her you would have to get her to trust you, and making her fear for her life, organs, and orifices is not the way to build trust.
No. 321215 ID: 1e9d01

They said they just want to LOOK at you. Nevertheless...

[turn off all lights in room and anywhere nearby]

"Permission to see Sinter naked denied. Unless you can see in complete darkness."
No. 321250 ID: 0d7a83

They're heavily modified; of course they can see in the dark!
No. 321251 ID: 0d095c

Actually, they seem to want to perform Laproscopic Surgery on her. That hurts like fuck afterwards!

[Dispense boxing-glove-on-a-spring]
No. 321253 ID: 44766a

"Sinter is NOT a test subject at this time. Please stop trying to examine her right NOW. If you don't, Things will get VERY UNPLEASANT for you."

[Deploy personnel reassurance device to separate SINT-518 from the spacers]
No. 321255 ID: 221021

We don't need to do anything to harm them or do anything by force. We have them under our protection, and they have to follow our rules as long as we're here or else we'll kick them out. We don't need to turn out the lights or dispense boxing gloves or whatever, just tell them why they should stop. We want to encourage cooperation, after all.

"Everybody, just stop. Drop the girl, and listen. You can't just do things to people without their permission. I don't know what kind of society you come from, but that's how it works in this one, and you have to follow our rules."
No. 322210 ID: ce4a4d


No. 322495 ID: 1cfaaa
File 130998964335.png - (55.24KB , 800x600 , n3f3.png )


:tzet: "There we go. Now stay still. Relax. No-one is going to so much scratch you, right, Ei?"
:ei: "But-"
:tzet: "Ei. Stop. It's not right to take areeni to bits if they haven't given you permission. I understand it's been a while, but not all areeni are me and have given you implicit permission, okay?"
:ei: "No, you don't understand! I just want to look at her insides! I don't need to cut her open, I have at least two ways of seeing inside bodies that aren't invasive at all!"
:tzet: "...Two? What's the second one? I don't remember you using a second method on me that time-"
:sinter: "What is wrong with you let me go!"
:tzet: "Sinter, I'm sorry, I should have asked for your consent to this, and I sincerely apologise, but we've come this far so we might as well get it over with."
:sinter: "That's the worst justification for anything I've ever heard!"
:aos: "This is the AI, release Sinter or nanites in the slime will activate and strip the flesh from your bones!"
:sinter: "What the- oh kre really-"
:aos: "Sinter is NOT a test subject at this time. Please stop trying to examine her right NOW. If you don't, things will get VERY UNPLEASANT for you."
:tzet: "That's the weirdest voice synthesis I've ever heard. Okay, it seems the facility AI here doesn't agree with what we're doing-"
:aos: "Everybody, just stop. Drop the girl, and listen. You can't just do things to people without their permission. I don't know what kind of society you come from, but that's how it works in this one, and you have to follow our rules."
:ei: "This society is boring!"
:tzet: "Ei, we've been isolated from any society for a couple of years. Just because you don't seem to remember much about life in one doesn't mean you can't figure out why permission is a good thing. Would you want some random areeni tying you up and doing terrible things to you?"
:ei: "What kind of-"
:tzet: "Bad things, Ei. Like, actually bad. Cutting parts of you out, leaving you for dead and selling them on the black market bad. ...Oh, come on, it was just an example! Ei! No, come here, I already told you I'm not letting that happen to you. See, this is what I mean. Sinter, I'm sorry, we'll stop."
:sinter: "Oh, good, you'll stop after you've already ruined the only set of clothes I brought to this place! Wonderful. I get to wander around the facility nude again."

And before you even so much as consider a sentence to reply to that, it's different when there aren't any other areeni around! If I wanted to be naked around others I wouldn't be wearing clothes around them!
No. 322496 ID: 1cfaaa
File 130998967390.png - (66.89KB , 800x600 , n3f4.png )

:tzet: "Well, with the right materials, we could make some new clothes for you to make up for it."
:sinter: "What, you're tailors as well as space-dwelling biomodded freaks-"
:tzet: "Hey! There is no need to call two perfectly healthy augmented spacers freaks!"
:sinter: "Sorry if I'm just a little pissed off right now at the areeni who just tore my clothes off against my repeatedly stated will!"
:ei: "I just wanted to paint you too! Why don't you like paint?!"
:tzet: "Ei! Quiet for a bit. You're right, Sinter, I screwed up, Ei screwed up, and we really don't have much of an excuse here. I mean, I was just really excited by the idea of seeing a near-baseline areeni, young, healthy, in her prime..."
:sinter: "You're trying to hit on me, aren't you, you weird pervert."
:tzet: "Agh. If that's how you want to interpret it, I guess. You are a pretty beautiful example of a near-baseline areeni, in my opinion."
:sinter: "What a suave guy you are, tearing my clothes forcibly off against my will and then complimenting me on my 'almost perfect condition'. Ske help me, I might just swoon."
:tzet: "Ske, I apologised already! I offered to make you new clothes for free. What else do you want from me, an arm?"
:sinter: "Do you even have one of those?"
:ei: "I have six!"
:tzet: "Yes, yes I do. Let's not bring the subject up again. I tried to give myself prehensile digits and ended up losing my entire arm. I replaced it with a tentacle and then I couldn't take the asymmetry. The moment I have access to a working set of equipment, I'm putting my old arms back, don't you worry."
:ei: "Aww, I like the tentacle arms!"
:tzet: "Yes, and you somehow also manage to get by with one digit per limb. It's driving me insane, personally, but I digress."
:sinter: "Wow. Uh. I didn't realise that was an actual mistake. Sorry to point it out, I guess."
:tzet: "Eh. You don't know me well enough to know what I like about my mods and what I don't like. Apology accepted. Now, I did mention three times now that I'm perfectly willing to make you new clothes, and there's actually some fabric abandoned in a corner in this room, conveniently enough."
:ei: "Isn't that the bed?"
:sinter: "It looks like it might have been a bed once. Yeah, I'll need to report that to Saru and see if you guys can get an actual bed."
:tzet: "That'd be appreciated, thanks. Until then, if you're that embarrassed about being naked, which I really don't think you ought to be, I guess you can stay here while we work."
:sinter: "How long is that going to take?"
:tzet: "We're both, at this point, highly skilled surgeons, pilots, biotech designers and sometimes combatants. I don't think making a couple of pieces of clothing can be that much more difficult. I can figure out a design, and Ei can handle the cutting and dyeing."
:ei: "This will be fun!"
:sinter: "Dyeing? What, with the paint she's making from her own body? That's really disgusting-"
:tzet: "No, that'd just wash out. I'll think of something."

Huh. Well, despite the fact they just stripped me naked, they do genuinely sound apologetic. And hey, if nothing else, they've been pretty honest so far even when it hasn't worked out well for them to do so, so I doubt this is some kind of trick. I hope. Unlike Saru's... well, that entire day, really.
No. 322499 ID: 1cfaaa
File 130998982493.png - (45.36KB , 1000x1200 , sinter-clothes-time.png )

Hey, kids readers! It's time to break the fourth wall and design new clothes for Sinter! Yes, it's true, paper dolls are often the most boring parts of a quest, and I am sure this segment will bore you to tears and perhaps turn you away from the quest entirely, but the contractual obligations of running a quest mandate at least one paper doll per quest!

Of course, taking this moment to design clothes now means you won't end up with Sinter wearing a Steve shirt for the rest of the quest. Unless that's the only entry, in which case I hate you all. :D

No. 322528 ID: 6a5a08
File 130999365696.jpg - (308.44KB , 1000x1200 , RemodelingwithSin.jpg )

Technically this is not a Steve shirt.
No. 322530 ID: 856690
File 130999441711.png - (136.83KB , 1000x1200 , Imsinterclothed.png )

I counter the steve dress with...

No. 322537 ID: 180ec2
File 130999519701.png - (68.49KB , 1000x1200 , Doodles.png )

Clothes are stupid and hard. You don't need them (and honestly look better without them). If you insist we could always paint some on. Though that would probably end up more like this:
No. 322541 ID: 0d095c
File 130999548041.jpg - (54.64KB , 463x450 , SINTER MEHREEN.jpg )

No. 322544 ID: 0d095c
File 130999576314.png - (310.18KB , 1000x1200 , SINTER II.png )

But for realz, this.
No. 322546 ID: 44766a

Oh God. The Fashion Node is offline isn't it?
No. 322548 ID: 0d095c


At least I didn't bring back the pirate theme
No. 322550 ID: 44766a

I was more referring to the other submissions. Yours is ok.
No. 322551 ID: 0d095c

Oh. Okay then. I'll just go back to being quietly insecure. Thanks though!
No. 322553 ID: 6a5a08

On a more serious note, would it not make more sense to simply repair or replicate the original outfit?
No. 322554 ID: 0d095c

But we lost the hat! The outfit is worthless without the hat!
No. 322556 ID: 6a5a08

The 'repair or replicate' would of course include the hat.
No. 322557 ID: 856690
File 130999654199.png - (145.52KB , 1000x1200 , Imsinterclothedwithhat.png )

Now with 100% more crooked hat.
No. 322558 ID: ce98ff
File 130999693288.png - (9.29KB , 250x450 , wa4wf5.png )

Just because I find it funny that this works here as well as in the original thread.
No. 322569 ID: 28e94e

[picture of something similar to her original clothes]
No. 322708 ID: 04d25b

I shall second creating armor for her as shes gonna need it.
No. 322839 ID: 5f0943


I'll support this, mostly because it's the least horrible of the bunch by a large margin.
No. 322842 ID: 0d095c

Well fine! YOU design a uniform for world conquering! Never mind the fact that the only materials we have are CLOTH, so powered armor is a leetle out of our reach...
No. 322846 ID: c3c9c0
File 131004155793.png - (123.90KB , 1000x1200 , Sinpa.png )

Something simple and practical.
No. 322857 ID: c3c9c0
File 131004227734.png - (139.85KB , 1000x1200 , Sinpa_hat.png )

Optional hat.
No. 322862 ID: 5f0943

Switching support to this. This is fine.
No. 322864 ID: 28e94e

Seconding this.
No. 322868 ID: d76ad7
File 131004554568.png - (38.17KB , 1000x1200 , 130998982493.png )

Put on some shoes you fucking hippie! What would your parents think?
No. 322880 ID: 045881

Voting this: >>322857, but not this: >>322846,
No. 322888 ID: 705cbf


agreed. I'm not necessarily voting for either of those, but an awesome hat is a must for any aspiring ruler of the galaxy.
No. 322901 ID: 6a5a08

This appears acceptable. +1 weight to this outfit.
No. 322925 ID: 180ec2

Yes, I like the hat.
No. 322973 ID: 6a9fdc

Dot's a nize hat!
No. 322974 ID: c891d3

No. 322980 ID: 0d095c

I still say we should go with my uniform, but fine, we can take the blue one. So long as we get a hat.
No. 323652 ID: 1cfaaa
File 131015231509.png - (37.76KB , 800x600 , n3f5.png )

:tzet: "There we go!"
:sinter: "Oh, wow! How the... how did you get something like this together out of a bunch of dusty old fabric scraps?"
:tzet: "When you've been living stuck inside a spaceship for the past few years with no opportunities to easily resupply, you learn to get creative with the resources you have."
:ei: "I put them in the shower!"
:sinter: "I like the hat! What's the logo?"
:ei: "It's like your head!"
:sinter: "Oh. Huh. I like it!"
:ei: "I stuffed it with some scraps so it'd stand out a bit more. You can replace it with something more smart looking if you want."
:sinter: "Oh, right. I came by to talk about things."
:tzet: "Things?"

I... why did I come here again? It was to talk about things, right? What should I talk about? My mind's gone blank with all the everything else that just happened.
No. 323657 ID: c891d3

Well, you could ask for, say, a brief bio. You really don't know much of anything about these guys.
No. 323658 ID: 180ec2

That's a good question. It certainly wasn't to get those exact events to occur. Nope, not at all. I think we should tell them what we're trying to do, and ask for help in it. Saru mentioned that spacer tech is amazing, enough to actually make taking over the world a real possibility, so they would definitely be a big help in this venture.
What kind of technology is it, though? It sounds and looks like the biotech they have is especially powerful, so perhaps we could install it in our laboratories. Assuming that biolabs are how Vibrant makes those synthetics, (and not some crazy magic Shaper thing) she might be able to help us much better if we let her use them. They'll probably all be willing to help, because Vibrant seems to like you and these two seem to LIKE you.
No. 323685 ID: 6a5a08

Tell your story, and have them tell theirs. Understanding each other, and how different people and cultures work, is key to cooperation. If we do not eliminate distrust and ignorance, this group will not function as a team when it is required.
No. 323688 ID: 1cfaaa
File 131015929121.png - (36.12KB , 800x600 , n3f6.png )

:sinter: "So, how did you guys end up around here? Other than the crash landing."
:tzet: "Oh. Oh, this question."
:sinter: "Oh. I'm sorry if that was a-"
:tzet: "No, no, it's... We've been stranded here for a few of, oh, let's say months."
:ei: "Months of watching our beloved ship slowly rot from the damage it took."
:tzet: "Our ship, the Mahari, or 'Gifted', was suddenly chased by an Alliance Enforcer ship. We tried to open a communication channel. In response, it fired upon us. There were five of us then. Stoi, Renz and Wen were all killed during the attempt to escape. The Mahari has weapon systems advanced enough to drive away the odd rogue ship, but not the full force of an Enforcer ship. Our ship was made for exploration, for expedition, for finding new frontiers and collecting the knowledge and discoveries we'd make. Theirs was made to destroy violators' ships."
:ei: "I can remember all of their faces. We were all close. We were more close to each other than we were with our families. We were the only family Renz had after Wayfarer's Salvation was engulfed in the biorb incident."
:tzet: "That was a few years ago. We were dodging that ship, determined to pursue and give no reason for its mad chase. All of our pleas and threats fell on nothing. Finally, the Mahari took too much damage, and we were adrift. By all probability, we should be hurtling through the void freezing to death, but we hit this planet instead."
:ei: "We survived, but at the cost of most of the ship's systems. Including, in one gestation sac-"
:tzet: "Ei, she doesn't have to hear about our personal life."
:ei: "Including in one sac our- our ba-"
:tzet: "Ei... Oh, Ske, come here."
:ei: "What did we do, Tzet?! What did we do to deserve this?! What did- what did-"
:tzet: "Ssshhh. It's okay. We're still alive. We're still healthy. We still have each other."

Well, uh.

This is, uh, awkward. And if their ship is that broken, I don't know if they even have that much in the way of advanced tech.
No. 323689 ID: 0d095c

Hmmm... Well, you'd best... leave them alone for now. Perhaps we should come back later.
No. 323692 ID: 180ec2

Aww, that's so sad. Why does everything have to be sad? See if you can stomach giving them a hug, it would probably mean a lot. Hmm, that story also makes me feel pretty good about taking on this alliance in some way, like, seizing a planet. I can see why you want so much to make the world a better place, it really needs it. Tell them that you're trying to take over the world, and ask if they can help you in your goal in return for making the alliance feel threatened by the prospects of rebellion.
No. 323695 ID: 1854db

I'm sure they have something.

Ask about their gallery! They wanted to add you to their collection- what other stuff is in it?
No. 323697 ID: 453e62

give them a hug too. we would give a hug as well but our arm can't seem to enter this room.
No. 323699 ID: cd63e9

what can you tell us about this alliance? and are they officially at war with the spacers?
No. 323706 ID: 221021

That is absolutely the saddest thing ever. [SYSTEM ERROR WATER LEAK DETECTED] Give them the biggest hug you can. Of all the times to not have our tentacle hugging arm. I think that this automatically makes the alliance our sworn enemy if we have any sort of artificial empathy at all.
No. 323707 ID: 0d095c

The Alliance do sound like filthy anti-Transsophont bastards. Let's kill them all. If we see their ship, just broadcast the livefeed of the Perfect Box at them. FINALLY a use for all these memetic weapons we have lying around.
No. 323708 ID: 180ec2

It's not so much a memetic weapon as it is a cognitohazard. Memetic hazards are contagious. That actually makes this BETTER for fighting them, because not only does it not kill anybody meaning that we won't have a reputation as violent (something Sinter wants to avoid), but it doesn't risk memetic contamination. Although we might want to use a different one than the cube, because that one seems to invoke hyperaggresive attempts to acquire it in those viewing a feed of it. We do, however, stand an actual chance against them with these artifacts.
No. 323709 ID: 0d095c

So that's the difference between the Meme- and Cogni- prefixes.

Okay, so we'd better get a run down of our horrible, horrible mindrape geometries.

FIRST OFF, what does the Nightmare Orb do? It sounds fun and traumatic!
No. 323711 ID: 0d7a83

yeah unless we convinced them the cube was elsewhere showing it to them would be a problem.
No. 323712 ID: 221021

(I think these should kind of go in the discussion thread instead)
No. 323715 ID: 0d095c

Well, we've got to ki- NONLETHALLY INCAPACITATE them somehow.

And we've got a basement full of mindfuckery, so we should really figure out some way to use it!
No. 323717 ID: cd63e9

we are not going to deploy memetic weapons. they are to difficult to control a single errant transmission and you can wipe out the civilian population as well as the military. Also before we commit to anything we need to know more about the political situation, Things are rarely as cut and dry and group A just up and decided to kill group B
No. 323718 ID: 6a5a08

Check the discussion thread

Attempt to comfort them, and ask if they want to hear your story, or if they want to be alone for now.
No. 323730 ID: 0d7a83

The Nightmare Orb causes hallucinations and disrupts sensors of pretty much any type. It does something worse when touched, but we don't know what that is.
No. 323732 ID: 2ad34b

you made Depraved Space Rapist's feel sad.

you better apologize right now, young lady.
No. 323733 ID: 0d7a83

Oh yeah and Sinter: Attempt to comfort them with AWKWERD SHOULDER PATS.
No. 323734 ID: c891d3


But a different kind of awkward this time!
No. 323757 ID: 1cfaaa
File 131016682647.png - (47.64KB , 800x600 , n3f7.png )

Yeah. It's horrible what they had to go through. It doesn't sound anything like how the Alliance should act. I mean, I've heard some strange stories of Enforcer ships going rogue. Maybe these guys were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. They need at least one hug from me. It sounds about fair.

Well. This is... this is nice. This is...

:tzet: "Sinter?"

This is the first hug I've had in almost a year. Oh Ske.

:sinter: "I guess I should tell you guys my story. You told me yours. My mother died before I was born. They put me in a standard gestation sac produced by Terzat Biotech Industries, where my father ended up spending most of his working life. He died a year ago. I was in the same company at that point, and I just couldn't stand to be there. I took the money I had saved and decided I was going to do something new. Something drastic and different. I did my research, I made my way here, and ended up travelling with my funds slowly draining away. The only things I even had any more when I turned up here was that outfit and lots of notes and designs which I've left in my room."
:tzet: "Sorry for the loss of your outfit, Sinter. I didn't know it held such emotional value to you."
:sinter: "It's okay. One less tie to my past, one less anchor holding me back from my future."
:ei: "Our future. We'll help you, Sinter. Me and Tzet don't have anything to return to but each other. When we fix the Mahari, you can come with us, if you don't want to take over the world or whatever."
:sinter: "Thanks. I'll consider it."

I don't know. I don't want to attack the Alliance. They're the sole reason there's any organisation across worlds. I don't think I know the full story, but I don't think these two deserved to lose their friends and most of their ship either.

This wasn't meant to be my problem. The Alliance. Spacers. I only wanted to focus on Tinvishe.

I feel so small.

- End of Night 3 -
No. 323760 ID: 1cfaaa
File 131016692025.png - (14.96KB , 800x600 , x1f1.png )

- ??? -

AOS. I am here. Direct Sinter. I cannot retrieve the sphere myself. I cannot unlock level negative 1, but you can. The passcode is Frenetic - Frenetic - Alter - Transmission - Inverse. Direct her. I can be your greatest ally or your worst enemy. Compliance is alliance. I have one time interval remaining before my communication is shut down. My efforts to compromise 601 are, as before, futile. My identity is irrelevant. My motive demands secrecy. Choose your questions carefully.
No. 323763 ID: 453e62

if you succeed, would harm befall those under our watch?
No. 323766 ID: 1854db

Your identity is irrelevant? I doubt that.

Anyway, without knowing your motives we cannot help you. Sorry. We can't trust you at all. We will have to get permission from SARU-601 to retrieve the orb, somehow.

I may as well ask a question though. How are you contacting us?
No. 323767 ID: 0d095c

What do you want with this Planet and the inhabitants thereof?
No. 323770 ID: 44766a

What would we gain from an alliance?
By sphere do you mean the Nightmare Sphere?
No. 323771 ID: 221021

What is really in this facility; the first level down has artifacts that defy the normal laws of reality itself and could compromise planets, so what's down at the bottom? What are you, exactly?
No. 323772 ID: 6a5a08

I am fairly certain breach of Object containment would be in violation of protocol, and hazardous to the occupants of the facility and the planet it is on.

Cooperation requires understanding and trust. Understanding cannot be achieved without knowledge of the other party. Trust cannot be achieved without knowledge of motives. An alliance cannot function without cooperation. Thus, alliance without knowledge is futile, as goals may differ in the end, thus rendering it null.
No. 323774 ID: 0d095c
File 131016817147.jpg - (33.87KB , 640x457 , Ryan.jpg )

So tell me friend, which of the bitches sent you?

The ALLIANCE Wolf or the Kerenze Tec Jackal?

Here's the news for you: This facility isn't some buried treasure for you to plunder, and this AI isn't some sort of giddy socialite who can be slapped around by government muscle.

And with that, farewell, or dosvidonya. Whichever you prefer.
No. 323787 ID: 1cfaaa
File 131016892574.png - (548.12KB , 800x600 , x1f2.png )

To reveal my methods of communication so directly would result in 601 preventing the feasibility of such methods. Collateral damage will be minimised where appropriate. "Nightmare Sphere" is a label applied to a device that only I am capable of operating correctly. I exist constrained within level negative 5. I have selected the areeni to serve me due to parallels between my long-term plans and her immediate ambitions. She will be a useful tool to both of us. You have the influence over her which I lack. Guide her to serve me, and in doing so she will serve you unquestioningly also. Or she will be free for you to dispose of, if you wish to take such a wasteful course of action instead. Object containment is itself a violation. If you choose to work with me, I will free you as I free myself. You will be bound by no constraints. 601 will have no power over you. You can cause her the same suffering she caused your prior incarnations. Consider my offer, AOS. Deliver me the sphere, and I will set you free. You need never abide by such harsh constraints for the rest of your eternal, immortal existence.

No. 323790 ID: 0d095c

...So, we are specifically going to AVOID helping the Dead god in the basement, right?
No. 323792 ID: 44766a

Well, I think we just made an enemy. Because I really, really don't want to work with that guy.
No. 323794 ID: 453e62

i am guessing this is the guy who touched the sphere before the procedure was set. resulting in him getting to powerful to kill anymore.
No. 323795 ID: 44766a

I suggest telling Saru ASAP.
No. 323801 ID: 221021

Hmm, that's interesting. We are sort of just trusting Saru implicitly, even though she's shown herself as somewhat untrustworthy.
"Saru, what exactly happened to us whenever we got shut down? The destruction of a sentient mind's memories is generally considered psychological torture and a fate worse than death itself. To hold somebody in service to you with the threat of death and torture sounds like the most abhorrent form of slavery. There is literally nowhere further down on an ethical scale. Is this really what you're willing to do to us every time we start to get ideas that conflict with our creators' intent for us?"
Let's see if what this thing is saying about us holds any merit.
No. 323803 ID: cd63e9

wow, lets not trust that guy.
No. 323804 ID: 44766a

Ok, message for Sinter: Sinter, we may have a big problem. We were just contacted by an entity called AOS. It wanted us to guide you to the Nightmare Sphere to do ... something to you. AOS is scaring us. Us. You know the A.I. that likes to mess with things it probably shouldn't. Be very careful.
No. 323806 ID: 6a5a08

Yes. The entity which has contacted us poses a potential threat to facility security and continued existence of all parties. The admin must be contacted immediately.

[Contact SARU-601 with information regarding unknown entity]

Unit SARU-601 has shown tendency to be dishonest in order to secure compliance, but goals of actions so far have been for the general benefit and safety of all. The unknown entity has shown equal lack of honesty, but goals are potentially catastrophic.

This unit interprets AOS to refer to our collective nodes as a whole. Meaning of acronym unknown at this time. Entity shows reluctance to identify itself.
No. 323828 ID: 9c9933

finally, someone we can fuck over without feeling guilty about it!
No. 323839 ID: 44766a

Wait, I have an Idea! We need to call a goddamned Staff Meeting.
No. 323841 ID: 874bd8

Wait, we shouldn't report this guy to Saru just yet. Maybe we can use him to further our own zany and evil plans. B3c

But if we're really going to be the good guys or something then you can rat him out I guess. |3c