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File 130163838280.jpg - (69.48KB , 896x480 , wizard1.jpg )
292465 No. 292465 ID: 30d82a

>This adventure began over at wizardadventure.blogspot.com. It got it's start because LonelyWorld, the author, was under the impression the site was going to have a fairly lengthy downtime and wanted to keep questing, so, he started Wizard Adventure!
>The suggestions that lead to each post will be greentext'd above the post's writing.
>Please wait for all the previous posts to be posted before you give suggestions.

My name is Zarasmata Lyffe

I am an apprentice wizard,
I conjure magic from my mind!
but when my Mana runs out I will begin to die

my current spells are:
read magic

I can also try to make up magic on the spot, but it will drain my mana a lot faster, and the spell might be unreliable

It is my duty to warn the human king of the coming of the flame wraiths

but this gate stands in my way, what can I do?

(suggest actions for Zarasmata!)
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No. 292466 ID: 30d82a
File 130163841794.jpg - (69.79KB , 896x480 , wizard2.jpg )

>Knock on the skull-helmets with your staff. They are obviously door-gongs for visitors.

I knock on the helmets of the severed heads with my staff

. . .

it doesn't seem to have much of an effect
No. 292467 ID: 30d82a
File 130163844059.jpg - (70.54KB , 896x480 , wizard3.jpg )

>Open the doors then? Send up a loud illusion sparkly thing?

I'll just cast a spell to let these people know I'm here!

(the magical spark go high into the sky)

well that's done it! I think I can see movement in the upper windows,
and my keen elf hearing can detects the sounds of grunts and grumblings
No. 292468 ID: 30d82a
File 130163847265.jpg - (69.64KB , 896x480 , Wizard4.jpg )

the doors slowly creak open, almost as if moving under their own power

thats odd, no one to welcome me in?
No. 292469 ID: 30d82a
File 130163849233.jpg - (83.12KB , 896x480 , Wizard5.jpg )


this is clearly the work of evil doers, I must press the attack!

No. 292470 ID: 30d82a
File 130163852550.jpg - (84.26KB , 896x480 , Wizard6.jpg )


I quickly throw my water skin knocking the torch out of the orcs hand.
No. 292471 ID: 30d82a
File 130163855471.jpg - (85.31KB , 896x480 , Wizard7.jpg )

>oh fuck! your pony is a goner. leap to it's right/down and go down the stairs.

Good bye Silverhoof your loyal service will not be forgotten!
No. 292472 ID: 30d82a
File 130163858724.jpg - (73.77KB , 896x480 , Wizard8.jpg )

undead dwarves! this looks like it could be trouble
No. 292473 ID: 30d82a
File 130163864399.jpg - (72.78KB , 896x480 , Wizard9.jpg )

well they seem to be only simple skeletons
they also seem stuck in that shallow pit
No. 292474 ID: 30d82a
File 130163867962.jpg - (71.65KB , 896x480 , Wizard10.jpg )

>bop one on the head with staff. see what happens.

I'll try to hit them with my staff

Zarasmata's feeble swing misses

Oh no! they've grabbed it!

>Okay, all done.
>Go ahead and post!
No. 292475 ID: e02378

channel lightning through staff.
No. 292476 ID: 3416ec

Quick! Yank it away!
No. 292477 ID: 1854db

Skeletons? Fire.
No. 292481 ID: e3f578

Urinate all over them, then apply lightning. Soaked foes increase lightning damage, I learned this from Magicka.
No. 292657 ID: 07416a

Mock them relentlessly. If you apply enough EMOTIONAL DAMAGE they will be overcome with shame.
No. 292957 ID: b6c6fc
File 130171745764.jpg - (72.12KB , 896x480 , Wizard11.jpg )

Feel my arcane wrath foul undead!

No. 292958 ID: 8c73c8

okay now stand near the bottom of the edge so the other two shuffle over there. then run to north side and hurry accross.
No. 293207 ID: b6c6fc
File 130177373935.jpg - (68.88KB , 896x480 , Wizard12.jpg )

I stand at the far edge, and the skeletons shuffle close
No. 293209 ID: 8c73c8

now hurry to the top and quickly shimmy across the ledge.
No. 293220 ID: b6c6fc
File 130177657846.jpg - (71.00KB , 896x480 , Wizard13.jpg )

in the hurried attempt to cross the pit Zarasmata trips and falls
No. 293221 ID: cc04a7

Die hilariously. Or, alternatively, GET UP
No. 293223 ID: 1854db

They seem rather slow. Just climb up over the ledge.
No. 293224 ID: 8c73c8

they are still far enough away, get up and climb out of the pit.
No. 293229 ID: 1854db

A quick question: What magical tricks can you do without using very much mana?
No. 293620 ID: b6c6fc
File 130187413231.jpg - (71.73KB , 896x480 , Wizard14.jpg )

Zarasmata struggles to climb the ledge
No. 293631 ID: cb45f0

Just jump back into that pit and die, you useless piece of shit.
No. 293638 ID: 15b51b

Give 'em the ol arcane wrath again.
No. 293643 ID: 1854db

Go on, get up there.
No. 293945 ID: b6c6fc
File 130196924628.jpg - (70.60KB , 896x480 , Wizard15.jpg )

thank goodness, that was a close call!
No. 293947 ID: cb45f0

Look you left your staff you useless fucking elf. You better have a way to get that back. Go get it.
No. 293948 ID: 1854db

Do you need your staff to cast magic? If so try luring the skeletons to the lower side of the pit then dash up and lean down to grab your staff.
No. 294179 ID: b6c6fc
File 130204602652.jpg - (71.77KB , 896x480 , Wizard16.jpg )

as an Elf my innate magical nature allows me to cast spells even without such implements

perhaps I could use some magic to retrieve it
No. 294180 ID: 07416a

Have you tried asking nicely? You should ask nicely.
No. 294190 ID: 8c73c8

just call it to you. maybe levitate it.
No. 294198 ID: 7d5f7a

Know and telekinetic or wind spells?
No. 294707 ID: b6c6fc
File 130219357843.jpg - (73.35KB , 896x480 , Wizard17.jpg )

"Return to me staff!"
No. 294721 ID: 1854db

Cool, that didn't even take much mana. Go right.
No. 294727 ID: cd758b

kill the other skeletons, you might need to pass by here again in a hurry, also, fire should work better on them
No. 294934 ID: b6c6fc
File 130223749813.jpg - (71.67KB , 896x480 , Wizard18.jpg )

"Burn foul undead!"
No. 294961 ID: 900c9c

This quest is too cute for its own good.
No. 294972 ID: 1854db

Huh. It took less mana that time? I guess once we try/learn one spell it's cheaper from then on?

Go right.
No. 295113 ID: b6c6fc
File 130231072365.jpg - (73.38KB , 896x480 , Wizard19.jpg )

it situations of panic or strain, it is much more difficult to cast spells and will drain my mana faster

Oh no, what's this? a deadly Orc warrior!
No. 295114 ID: 8c73c8

ha, simple enough. cast move earth to bind his feet to the ground. then warp metal to make a spike grow from his chest plate into his heart.
No. 295115 ID: 07416a


Anyways, cast grease on his boots.
No. 295116 ID: 73904e

Do you have charm spells? that way you could discover whats going on
No. 295117 ID: cc1b79

Reason with him. Everyone knows orcs are calm and erudite individuals.
No. 295118 ID: 1854db

Grease seems like a good idea, yeah.
No. 295216 ID: b6c6fc
File 130236422236.jpg - (77.47KB , 896x480 , Wizard20.jpg )

"this should slow you down!"

Zarasmata has developed the spell "grease"!

yes! now I can cast this spell with very little mana loss!

uh oh, the spell's slowing him down, but he's still advancing!
No. 295217 ID: b854d5


Cast MARBLES or "Small Glass Balls" or "CALTHROPS"

No. 295224 ID: 28e94e

Light the grease on fire, and retreat to the opposite side of the pit.
No. 295248 ID: f88f02

Both of these. In order.
No. 295256 ID: 73904e

can you push him, with a spell?
No. 295261 ID: e6b25f

Cast Bigby's Hand of Pushing, and slide him off the side into the chasm.
No. 295262 ID: 1854db

Cast firebolt on the grease.
No. 295263 ID: 07416a

Wind spell!
No. 295443 ID: a41aaf

Case "HEY, LOOK AT THAT DISTRACTION BEHIND YOU". No need to waste mana to make Orcs spin around and fall over.
No. 295649 ID: b6c6fc
File 130254383752.jpg - (77.72KB , 896x480 , Wizard21.jpg )

Zarasmata tries to think of a clever way to defeat this foe, in desperation the poor wizard castes a fire blast spell!

oh no! it's still advancing!
No. 295650 ID: 8c73c8

use wind and knock him to his right.
No. 295658 ID: df5fff

Cast an illusion of swirling, blinding, colorful lights around the orc's head, then step into the room before. hopefully he'll charge into the pit.
No. 295660 ID: 28e94e

Just lure him into the pit. He won't be able to climb out with all that heavy armor.
No. 295701 ID: 1854db

His boots are greasy. Wind blast. Either knock him into the pit or knock him over then run past.
No. 295751 ID: 73078c

"but when my Mana runs out I will begin to die "

As in "I am helpless and my enemies kill me"
or "I die from mana starvation"

In regards to orc, summon grease into his lungs... or just use telekinetic push on him.
No. 296133 ID: b6c6fc
File 130264693092.jpg - (75.90KB , 896x480 , Wizard22.jpg )

"I call upon the mountain winds to protect me!"

the orc cries out and tumble off the cliff

as an elf I always need at least some mana in reserve to survive, without it my body will slowly begin to decay . . .
No. 296134 ID: cc04a7

Rest for eight hours to refresh mana/spells in a convenient fade-to-black manner which only actually takes twenty seconds.
No. 296135 ID: 8c73c8

yeah, meditate and recharge.
No. 296304 ID: b6c6fc
File 130271851369.jpg - (68.34KB , 896x480 , Wizard23.jpg )

Zarasmata rests to regain energy but after 4 hours is awakened by footsteps drawing closer
No. 296305 ID: 8c73c8

ready yourself for battle.
No. 296320 ID: 07416a

If they're coming from above stealthily grease the ladder.
No. 296414 ID: 1854db

Hmm, you recovered HP too. I think we can probably manage to move on now.

How about an invisibility spell? Limit it to only being active while you stay (relatively) still so that it doesn't cost much mana.
No. 296440 ID: 28e94e

Which direction are they coming from? If they're coming through the doorway, grease the floor next to you and kick them off the ledge as they enter. If they're coming down the ladder, grease the rungs of the ladder and the floor beneath it, then quietly walk up and push them off as they come down.

Flawless victory.
No. 296840 ID: b6c6fc
File 130285136823.jpg - (76.80KB , 896x480 , Wizard24.jpg )

Zarasmata's trap is successful!

he won't be stunned for long, now what?
No. 296841 ID: 8c73c8

apply knife to base of skull
No. 296844 ID: 1854db

Knifing him seems best. We could try kicking him but I doubt he's lubed enough.
No. 297078 ID: b6c6fc
File 130293036470.jpg - (76.65KB , 896x480 , Wizard25.jpg )

Zarasmata stabs the downed orc, the monster cringes then goes limp, dead.
No. 297079 ID: 8c73c8

push the body off the cliff. then test weight of axe. can you carry it?
No. 297080 ID: 07416a

No. 297133 ID: f50f53

Check the body for loot.
No. 297134 ID: 0d283e

loot, then push the body, close the door and adorably rest some more
No. 297262 ID: 73078c


Victory dance => victory music => find treasure => gain XP.
No. 297531 ID: b6c6fc
File 130310885999.jpg - (72.04KB , 896x480 , Wizard26.jpg )

ten tarnished silver coins are found on the body of the dead orc, which Zarasmata then pushes off the ledge
No. 297533 ID: 1854db

Awesome. Now get yer elf butt up that ladder.
No. 297536 ID: 8bdb6a

You seem low on magic. How can you recharge?
No. 297710 ID: b6c6fc
File 130319566719.jpg - (74.69KB , 896x480 , Wizard27.jpg )

I can only replenish my mana through sleep, though I've heard some powerful warlocks use potions to aid themselves

Zarasmata climbs the ladder in time to see two small figures rush to the wall
No. 297712 ID: 07416a

Burn the bowstrings.
No. 297714 ID: 8c73c8

yes, just a tiny bit to make the bows not work.
No. 297736 ID: 1854db

You've used a wind spell before. Using that here would shove the arrows off-course, making them miss, if you had the wind go sidways. If you just made the wind head-on the arrows would fall short.
No. 297742 ID: d4122f

The wind would drain too much mana. A small fire spell to burn the bow strings would be better, yeah.
No. 298071 ID: b6c6fc
File 130341855979.jpg - (77.96KB , 896x480 , Wizard28.jpg )

The spell is successful.

AAH! I-I've been shot!
No. 298072 ID: 28e94e

Retreat. Rest again.
No. 298077 ID: 483bc6

Grease the bit behind the wall where they're standing. That should be hazardous enough for them. Then retreat.
No. 298078 ID: cc04a7

Die having learned why mages require meatshields to stand in front of them and take ,the hits.

Alternatively, beat a hasty retreat, possibly with something vision-obscuring if they're still able to attack you.
No. 298370 ID: b6c6fc
File 130352009346.jpg - (94.81KB , 896x480 , Wizard29.jpg )

after a lengthy retreat

*pant,pant* I don't think they're chasing me any more
No. 298372 ID: cc04a7

Dude in your haste to escape you blitzed into the next county over. And we can't stop here; this is spider county.
No. 298386 ID: 8c73c8

do you have enough mana for a pain killer spell? would be wise to use that and carefully remove the arrow.
No. 298388 ID: adfa55

No, no, no... we need a spell that lets us regain mana, badly. Like maybe necromancy to drain the life from targets and increase your mana? We're on a deadly quest where we've faced a number of lethal situations already, we have to make good use of all our options.
No. 298423 ID: 1854db

Sit down by a tree, calm down as much as you can, and cast a pain-dulling spell on yourself. Then remove the arrow, and cast a minor healing spell.

Afterwards, if you have any mana at all, become as calm as possible and cast a spell that will make you hidden- camouflage or invisibility- then rest.
No. 299409 ID: b6c6fc
File 130385579499.jpg - (95.88KB , 896x480 , Wizard30.jpg )

I've heard of dark warlocks that drain mana energy from other wizards . . . but those sorts of spells are forbidden

Zarasmata attempts to cast healing magic, but the spell fails

ahh, *gasp* the life I've gained will not last long . . . I have a few hours at most
No. 299413 ID: 1854db

Shit. Spiders. Giant spiders. It's time to run again. See if you can get away from the webbed area. Go back to territory you're already familiar with, if possible. We need to find another safe spot to rest.
No. 299726 ID: 73078c

whats so dark about draining the life of another?
what is it called when you eat the meat of an animal or the flesh of a fruit? a living being is consumed for nourishment.

It is only evil if you use it for evil, say consuming the life of your underlings or innocents.

Anyways, while your HP is slightly better, your mana is drained, to the point where you are risking mana starvation... while this does not look like a safe place to rest, we have little choice. You must begin meditating right now to recover mana. If you can, don't rest fully, just enough to leave this place.
No. 299743 ID: adfa55

Your magic is currently so low it may kill you, your health is weak and there are spiders after you. Your choice seems to be between becoming such a dark warlock and death, choose wisely.
No. 300069 ID: 73078c

I didn't see them there... yea, either you drain the spiders for mana or you die...
just think of it as eating a steak, its not like they are people.
No. 300336 ID: b6c6fc
File 130414178668.jpg - (241.83KB , 896x480 , Wizard31.jpg )

if I were ever to use such dark magic, I would appear tainted in the eyes of my own kind and would never be able to return home

on top of that it is only possible to drain mana from other living things that have it, like fellow wizards

unless these spiders are magical in some way, I would receive no benefit from draining them, and likely only weaken myself from the casting
No. 300372 ID: 7aedd2

Okay so since you can't combat these spiders in any magical way and you're not exactly one for brute force, it's time to continue walking. At the moment the spiders seem to be small enough that you might crush one under food or staff, but if you start seeing bigger... probably best to retreat back to the fort and down the ladder to previously cleared out areas.
No. 300380 ID: 07416a

Dude, these things are the size of cats. Nonmagical spiders do not grow that big, ever. The largest nonmagical spider is about a foot long in LEGSPAN. The BODY of these dudes is larger than that. Drain or die.
No. 300404 ID: 1854db

This is a fantasy realm, dude. I think what she means is, they have to be able to cast spells, not just be something created via magic. Draining will do nothing. We do have a weapon, though.

Get to stabbing. First, kill the spider coming up behind you and to your left.
No. 300412 ID: d833e0

A true spider would not act so boldly. These are clearly a magical threat.

Attempt to flee for now. If they stray beyond the bounds of this webbed- up area THEN it might be time to fight.
No. 300552 ID: f0e3ae

Actually, the Goliath birdeater spiders do... but they shouldn't attack people. And why are they acting in a group? and coming off of their webs? those are behaviors of perhaps magical spiders... problem is, if they AREN'T he would die from mana shock just for trying... his only option is to flee slowly.
No. 302900 ID: b6c6fc
File 130499684970.jpg - (97.73KB , 896x480 , Wizard32.jpg )

there could be dozens of reasons for spider that large!

and the risks of such dark magic . . .
No. 302909 ID: 1854db

Shit, we're losing health. Our only hope is that these spiders can be reasoned with. That huge one there... while continuing to move, ask if it can understand you.
No. 302914 ID: 07416a

No. 302932 ID: f0e3ae

I like the way you think. don't stop walking away from the swarm while asking that.

The health loss would be mana starvation, he is completely out and needs to stop and rest to recover it or he will die
No. 302941 ID: 1854db

Well IF a giant spider bigger than you is sufficiently magical to drain with that previously mentioned dark magic, AND the thing doesn't want to talk, then let's drain it.
No. 302954 ID: 7aedd2

I shall mourn you, Zarasmata Lyffe.
No. 302978 ID: f0e3ae

so, when you say outcast to your people do you mean "burnt at the stake on sight" or do you think you could explain "I was about to be eaten by a giant spider and had to do that or die, and it was only a monster"

Try to talk to it, but if its just gonna try to eat you then your choice is outcast or dead...
outcast wouldn't be too disasterous... live amongst the humans, they can't sense this... find a nice cute human girl, have some babies....

Or you could do something sufficiently heroic that all people will know your name and accept your explanation...
No. 302991 ID: b6c6fc
File 130504947442.jpg - (97.11KB , 896x480 , Wizard33.jpg )

Zarasmata: "Great spider can you speak the words of nature?"

the gigantic spider looks at Zarasmata as if deep in thought

spider: "speaks to us, speaks to us"

the spider inches closer

spider: "faerie need sleep, to weak to fight, to weak to run."

it appears to understand my nature speak, it must be one of the ancient breed. it also doesn't seem very smart
No. 302994 ID: 07416a

Thaaat's about as magical as a spider can get. Also, it's stalking you slowly so you don't spook. Drain it.
No. 302995 ID: 8c73c8

ask for protection well you rest. if it denies then drain it.
No. 302999 ID: 7aedd2

Don't appeal to its altruism. Make a deal with it. Suggest that it COULD eat you since you ARE admittedly weak, or it could offer you peace to rest, in which case you can be of later use to it by using your magic to give it... whatever spiders want. I don't know, think of something that you think would interest it. Summon herds of elk, rid them of fleas, make local easily-trappable-insects grow bigger and juicer. Something.
No. 303115 ID: b6c6fc
File 130506776070.jpg - (98.04KB , 896x480 , Wizard34.jpg )

Zarasmata: "Great Spider if you do not harm me and let me rest here, I will bring forth a great bounty food for you and your kind!"

spider: "yessss, it should rest so weak, it needs to rest to be strong again, we not eats it, it should not be afraid"

the giant spider stops inching forward
No. 303118 ID: 7aedd2

He seems legit. But, y'know, not at all. I think you need to continue sweet-talking it. I think you MIGHT be able to convince it that it's in its best interest to let you live (it's smart enough to understand the basics of deception), but I don't think you've convinced it.
No. 303148 ID: 8c73c8

pass out.
No. 303186 ID: 07416a

I give up. Get et.
No. 303187 ID: f0e3ae

mmm, it might be trying to deceive us... I wouldn't drain it now unless it attacks.
I recall that before you didn't sleep, but meditated, if elves only meditate, then you are in a good position as you will not be caught unaware.

We should cement in the spider the notion we are up for it and that it can gain more by dealing with us fairly.

"Then a deal is made, for your hospitality I shall use my powerful magics to draw many animals to your nets, after I am recovered"
No. 303373 ID: b6c6fc
File 130514732727.jpg - (99.03KB , 896x480 , Wizard35.jpg )

Zarasmata: "Then a deal is made, for your hospitality I shall use my powerful magics to draw many animals to your -Gaaah!"

Zarasmata feels a heavy weight land onto his back, then a quick bite Zarasmata feels the whole world go numb as the poison does it's work
No. 303374 ID: b6c6fc
File 130514750899.jpg - (100.00KB , 896x480 , Wizard36.jpg )

as the spiders draw closer and Zarasmata believes himself to hear the giant spider cackle, Zarasmata then loses conciousness . . . never to recover it
No. 303375 ID: b6c6fc
File 130514789404.jpg - (107.52KB , 896x480 , Wizard37.jpg )

if it is of any consolation Zarasmata, if the spiders weren't magical before your tasty magical elf juices have insured that they are now!

No. 303387 ID: 1854db

No. 303525 ID: f0e3ae

question, with 0 mana, his HP draining from mana exhaustion, and seeing how he has lost mana from running here... would he have actually been able to run from the spiders had he just tried legging it?
No. 303550 ID: 07416a

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