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File 129875768143.jpg - (340.31KB , 1000x700 , 01.jpg )
284474 No. 284474 ID: 383006

It has been a long time since the war happened. Master told me to prepare the barbecue, but then the bombs fell. Many things were destroyed. I made the barbecue until there was nothing to grill. I waited for the guests, but they never arrived.

Then the insects came to eat the food. Now. They bring me meats and ingredients. I continue the barbecue for them. I wonder if I should continue to do so.
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No. 284475 ID: 342f16

Yeah, sure. No reason to stop.
No. 284476 ID: 6bf918

If the guests don't come to you, you have to go and find some.

Bring the meats along if they're still good to eat.
No. 284477 ID: 701a19

Why not?
Oh, but do take some time to repair yourself.
No. 284478 ID: 8993f2

First of all, I doubt your master comes back, so you can probably stop doing the barbecue.

On a sidenot, WHAt exactly are you?
No. 284479 ID: 2563d4

You should probably also think about getting a replacement arm or whatnot at some point. Your barbecuing capability must be impaired with just the one.
No. 284480 ID: d677cc

I mean, are you cool with making burgers? It doesn't seem like the worst lot in life.
No. 284481 ID: cf244d

>Then the insects came to eat the food. Now. They bring me meats and ingredients. I continue the barbecue for them. I wonder if I should continue to do so.
Well, if the system works, no reason to change it.
No. 284482 ID: 75d7a9

yes, get a replacement arm so your barbecue ability is at max.
No. 284483 ID: c71597

Yeah sure. But you should talk with them a bit as well, you know some nice banter while you cook for them.
No. 284484 ID: 3dba8f

CaCanwe get a closeup ofyour facece?
No. 284487 ID: 383006
File 129876018216.jpg - (304.33KB , 1000x700 , 02.jpg )

This life is not an unpleasant way to pass the time until I eventually cease to function.

I cannot communicate with the insects. They make hissing, chittering noises but I do not understand the content of their speech.

I am a ZK MEIDO android. My purpose is to provide for and serve my master to the best of my capacity. My form was chosen by my master, although none of us look entirely human. It is illegal for an android to be able to pass for human completely.

I am missing my LEFT ARM, ARTIFICIAL GENITALS, and BACKUP BATTERY and have damage to my RADIO RECEIVER, GPS, ORGANIC ENGINE, FLUIDS CONTAINER, ARTIFICIAL PORES, and LEFT OPTIC. I have a limited ability to self-repair. My GPS tells me very little. I could attempt to go to the Starfire Robotics repair center, or try to scavenge for parts. I am Downtown. There could be other units in some of the office buildings or I could try the fancy neighborhood that is relatively nearby.
No. 284488 ID: 701a19

Since the office buildings are so close you might as well check there. After that I suggest check the repair center.

How long has it been since the bombs fell?
No. 284489 ID: 6bf918

Post-apoc scenarios mandate post-apoc mentality. Go to the office building and cannibalize other robots for parts.
No. 284490 ID: 2563d4

>I could attempt to go to the Starfire Robotics repair center, or try to scavenge for parts.
I kind of doubt you're in warranty, but a robotics repair centre sounds like a great place to scavenge for parts. It's hopefully not like the insects have looted them.
No. 284492 ID: 1854db

Check the closest spot first to gauge how well your brethren have weathered the event.
No. 284493 ID: c71597

Lets go to the Starfire Robotics repair center, leave a note for the bugs saying that you're out for lunch.
No. 284494 ID: d677cc

Yeah, let's see about getting you repaired. I wanna say go to the repair center just because they'd probably have spare parts around.
No. 284496 ID: 4d7f8c

To the Repair Center, we need not just the parts, but also the tools to utilize said parts, until we can fully ascertain our ability to do so we have little use for the parts themselves.
No. 284497 ID: 383006
File 129876199970.jpg - (309.79KB , 1000x700 , 03.jpg )

I generally head toward the repair center, but check the closest office building on the way.

I have my METAL SPATULA, and I put TWO COOKED PATTIES in the pocket of my apron.

It has been twenty years, two months, six days, 2 hours and seven minutes since the bombs fell.

I push through the debris outside of the building and enter. I am in luck. There is an android here, although I do not know the exact designation.

:face1: "Welcome to JP Morgan Chase Bank One Bank of New York, how may I assist you?"
No. 284499 ID: c71597

Tell it that you have come for repairs.
No. 284500 ID: d677cc

Say hi.

Ask if there are any broken androids around? I don't know.
No. 284501 ID: 701a19

No reason to destroy another bot. Ask if there are any androids here that are beyond repair.
No. 284502 ID: 2563d4

...you'd better not try to bludgeon her for parts. She looks in better condition. Still, someone to talk to for the next twenty years. Maybe you can invite her to the barbecue on the way back.

Proceed to the repair centre.
No. 284503 ID: 50dbfa

Or just loose parts. Anything would help.
No. 284513 ID: 0d095c

You could always ask it to self-terminate and give you its' components, or request GPS coordinates.
No. 284519 ID: 383006
File 129876426492.jpg - (263.08KB , 1000x700 , 04.jpg )

I suppose I shouldn't attempt to bludgeon it with my spatula. I ask if there are any robots that are beyond repair or spare parts here.

:face1:"We have two Janitors currently online. They have tools and equipment in our storage room, but they are unlikely to allow you to take any materials because they are bank property. Can I help you with anything else?"

The janitors are probably not androids, so I probably can't use their parts.
No. 284520 ID: 701a19

Has she seen any humans or other androids since the bombs fell?
No. 284522 ID: 2563d4

I kind of doubt she's going to be joining us for any adventures.
Welp, I guess you could talk to the janitors before leaving.
No. 284523 ID: 1a693f

She's kinda got a stick up her ass. Geddit?
No. 284524 ID: c71597

Ask her if you could be allowed to speak to the janitors. Or show her a note with your warranty.
No. 284528 ID: 383006
File 129876679094.jpg - (247.00KB , 1000x700 , 05.jpg )

I ask her if she has seen any humans or androids since the bombs fell.

:face1: I have not. I have been waiting for customers, but none have appeared.

I go to see one of the janitors. I go up a flight of stairs and see one in a cluttered hallway.

:janitor1: I do not recognize you as an employee, product, or piece of equipment owned by this bank. What are you doing here?
No. 284530 ID: 1a693f

...I think we can scratch "Beat up the janitor" from our list of options.
No. 284531 ID: 701a19

"I am looking for replacement parts. This facility is abandoned.
No. 284532 ID: c71597

Tell him that you're there to inform him that the bank has filed for bankruptcy.
No. 284545 ID: 383006
File 129876899620.jpg - (341.61KB , 1000x700 , 06.jpg )

I tell him that the facility is abandoned and the company is gone, and that I could use some replacement parts.

:Janitor1: I see no reason to allow the building to fall further into disrepair. If you are lying, then I will have failed in my duty. If what you say is true, then my replacement parts are valuable and I should not give them to you.
No. 284547 ID: 701a19

Tell him that his replacement parts are of no use to you, but you would like to know if there are any parts for your model around.

Service center, HO!
No. 284548 ID: 1a693f

Right. Well, he could squish us with his pinkie finger and that argument is pretty solid, so uh, flee. It sounds like your only two trade skills are barbeque and sex, he wouldn't be interested in either of them and your groin is broken anyways.

Unless... Ask him if there are any spots he can't clean because of his size that you could take care in return for something?
No. 284549 ID: 1854db

Ask him if he has anything that he can't use but that you could. Y'know. Just anything he can give us would help. We're not asking for anything that would hurt him.
No. 284553 ID: c71597

Tell him that he has not failed. The company has simply filed for bankruptcy and they're now selling out their remaining assets. You're there to see if you can negotiate for some parts, since you're quite obviously in some disrepair.
No. 284560 ID: 383006
File 129877146830.jpg - (325.53KB , 1000x700 , 07.jpg )

I try my best to get some parts from him, but to no avail. He says he's keeping everything valuable, and I don't have anything he wants.

I make my way toward the repair center. The Starfire Robotics building is completely destroyed, and there are huge heaps of broken robots and junk everywhere around the remains of the huge structure.

As I get close, I see a man standing on top of a truck. He is holding something in his right hand that could be a gun, but I can't tell from this distance. He seems to be indicating to someone or some people I cannot see to scavenge through the junk.

I cannot tell if he is a human or android. If I had my Radio Receiver or if my optic was repaired, I probably could.

I can hear him saying something about how this one looks salvageable or something.
No. 284561 ID: c71597

Go look through the piles of broken robots to see if any has any parts that you can use.
No. 284563 ID: 701a19

Hrm... Better not risk it. Sneak away and go check the fancy area for parts.
No. 284564 ID: 1a693f

That, uh, seems like a terrible idea. I'm pretty sure that she looks salvageable as well.
No. 284566 ID: 2563d4

>how this one looks salvageable or something
Being spotted sounds like a bad idea. (That said if there are non-insect scavengers around I have no idea why they weren't drawn to your barbecue.)

Wait and watch.
No. 284568 ID: c71597

She said that she moved past some parts. They're probably not near the scavengers then. Might have picked through by scavengers already, but there could still be some decent pieces left.
No. 284580 ID: 383006
File 129877457899.jpg - (237.95KB , 1000x700 , 08.jpg )

All of the junk is bounded by the remains of the building - there isn't anything for me to look through without getting closer.

I wait and watch for a while. It looks like he has a single assistant, but I never catch a glimpse of it.

I decide it's too dangerous to hang around, and i don't want to make my presence known, so I head toward the nice houses.

It is quite a long walk. I insert one of the patties in my Organic Engine. I normally don't move around very much, so fuel isn't much of an issue, but I've been doing a lot of walking today.

Several of the houses are reduced to rubble, but I find one that looks completely intact. I can't determine whether or not anyone is inside without my receiver, but I can transmit my model and serial number. I normally haven't been. It will show that I'm not a threat, but reveal my presence.
No. 284583 ID: 2563d4

If there are entities around after robot parts, perhaps it is best not to broadcast to all and sundry that there is a walking pile of robot parts here.
No. 284598 ID: 383006
File 129877734120.jpg - (220.83KB , 1000x700 , 09.jpg )

I don't transmit, and slowly make my way inside.

It is cool and quiet. I hear as voice from up the stairs. Female.

"Oh Master, you always know exactly what to say."


"I love you too, master. Would you like another teacake?"


"Oh, they're very fresh, yes."

And more chatter of the same sort.
No. 284600 ID: 283fa9

You only hear the ONE voice, right? Just make sure.

And perhaps stay downstairs, away from voices. See what you can find.
No. 284604 ID: 2563d4

So there's a lovebot somewhere feeding muffins in who-knows-what state to a dessicated corpse.

Search about, try not to disturb it just yet.
No. 284614 ID: 8c0848

Sneak up there and look for whatever is making the voice. It might have parts we can use if it's stuck in some kind of loop
No. 284629 ID: 383006
File 129878619866.jpg - (407.95KB , 1000x700 , 10.jpg )

There is food here, but nothing else relevant to my interests. I creep quietly up the stairs...

:spiderface1: "Oh, it's Ok master. It won't hurt me. Well, maybe a little at first"


:spiderface1: We can have another cupcake first. I know you don't want to hurt me.


:spiderface1: Oh master! I love you too!
No. 284631 ID: 75d7a9

she doesn't seem to be taking his death well... whatever you do, do not say he is dead, that may set her off. knock on the door frame.
No. 284633 ID: 45be60

She is following her programing.

Clara here stood there half broken in a lot grilling burgers for two decades because it the last thing anyone told her to do. Its not like they get bored. I wouldn't read too much into it.
No. 284664 ID: 1a693f

Play with her spinneret.
No. 284666 ID: 653ea0

Hmm, she looks stronger than you. Think her arm is compatible with you? Knock on the doorframe and introduce yourself.
No. 284703 ID: c71597

Well that's a bit depressive. Say hi to her and ask what house this is. If you're lucky there might be a repair station or something here. Because she seems rather intact.
No. 284705 ID: 701a19

Whisper "Hello. He is resting. Let him rest. Please come out into the hall so we can talk without being disturbing."
No. 287693 ID: 383006
File 129988084454.jpg - (320.71KB , 1000x700 , 11.jpg )

Without my receiver, I cannot determine whether or not her arm is compatible with mine.

I knock on the doorframe and introduce myself.

:Clara: Hello. I am Clara. I've become lost and am wondering if you can help me. Whose house is this?

She scuttles forward, striking a demure pose.

:jeanne: Oh, pleased to meet you, Clara. My name is Jeanne, personal servant of Master Clarke Bourton. I hope I find you in good health.

It feels nice to be in my element, observing decorum and chatting pleasantly.

:clara: "Your master appears to be asleep. We should move to the hallway so as not to be disturbing."

She scuttles behind me, and we pass through the heavy wooden door into the hallway. I do believe her master is deceased, although she seems unaware. I am unsure as to how to proceed, however.
No. 287700 ID: 55c4cf

We should get her master's permission to have her accompany us even if she cannot fix us with things on site.
No. 287703 ID: 8c0848

Bitch, your master be dead. Get over it. Come along and help fix my shit.
No. 287707 ID: f5e4b4

Act with tact, don't tell her her master is dead. Her programming won't let her know anyways and she'll be more confused than anything else.

Compliment her, you can see she's a faithful servant, and ask about her, her functions and this place.
No. 287714 ID: 2563d4

She looks undamaged. Enquire if she has any spares in the house, I guess.

While taking her on adventures might be fun, I'm not sure what the justification of exposing her to the risks of other scavengers is.
No. 287717 ID: 00d3d5

If you put a phone in that room you can tell her she can periodically call her master to make sure he's still asleep. Since he'll never answer, you could keep her with you indefinitely.

Ask if she knows of any spare parts in the area you could use, or if she knows of any robots similar to yourself nearby.
No. 287938 ID: 383006
File 129997552693.jpg - (358.05KB , 1000x700 , 12.jpg )

I ask if she could possibly offer some repairs, or if she has any spare parts in the house.

I tell her what is broken.

:Jeanne: I have some undifferentiated genitals in the cupboard, if that is acceptable. I also have a soldering kit. I can possibly repair your GPS and Radio Receiver. I would gladly repair you, if that is acceptable? I'd also like to ask you about something... personal."

I agree. Repairs are what I'm searching for, after all. I don't know whether or not to take the inserts. I don't really need them. "Undifferentiated" means they aren't a vagina, anus, or mouth, just a blank. Her master obviously didn't care about realism with her form.

We go down to an enormous dining room and she prepares a tool kit and begins to operate. I don't need to shut down for these repairs.

:jeanne: "So, um, I think there may be an issue with my programming."

I let the silence stretch out. Whatever it is is obviously bothering her. When she continues, it's a whisper.

:jeanne:"I've run all of Master's favorite routines, but... I can't get a, uh. A, you know, reaction out of him. Everything I've tried, nothing. He stays limp."

I feel my Receiver come online. Her limbs are compatible with mine. She's a custom Biosynth android with advanced AI. She's built for a variety of functions - repair, computers, companionship, cooking and cleaning, and pleasure.
No. 287940 ID: 28e94e

I'm so conflicted

On one hand, we could probably kick her ass and take the parts we need

On the other hand, repair bot
No. 287941 ID: 55c4cf

Why would you kick her ass, that is a terrible thing and I hope you feel bad for the idea.

If you let her down, let her down easy, be nice to her. She could be your first friend in a very long time, and she seems extremely useful and offers the ability to help you openly.
No. 287942 ID: 1854db

She's a repair bot, that's fucking VITAL.

Ask her when was the last time her master gave any response at all.
No. 287946 ID: f6360f

Ask her when the last time her master reacted to her was, and if she received any software changes since. Not because it's actually relevant, but because it will set the stage for your manipulating her with whatever logic you want.

From there, there are two potential options- either talking her into shutting down or otherwise yielding control to you so that you can take her arms, or talking her into wanting to leave here with you to instead gain a traveling companion. The latter might involve logically convincing her that her master is dead, or perhaps- if you think she'd react negatively to that- convincing her that her master has somehow tricked her into thinking that the body up there is him, and she needs to go look for him.

There's not a lot of point in taking the inserts. You aren't likely to need them, particularly with the rest of your cosmetics so heavily damaged. You could take them if you just want to become as close to operational as possible, I guess; it's not as though remaining damaged does anything for you either.
No. 287949 ID: 00d3d5

Might as well take the inserts. At least that way you'll get the warm and fuzzy "systems functioning" status that you've been missing for so long.

Keep her talking about software patches, the last time she received any response from him, events around that time, etc...
Once the repairs are over ask her if she attempted basic medical diagnostics. Since she's built for companionship and 'pleasure' she would need to have some medical capabilities - at bare minimum she would need to be able to detect symptoms of life threatening problems for basic diagnosis, such as when her owner has stopped breathing, out of range blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate, O2 levels, and etc, give a basic diagnosis of the problem, and treat while calling for emergency aid. She should probably be capable of detecting obvious deaths, although why she hasn't done so is a mystery.
She will realize that her owner is in serious condition, and at that point you can explain that you just came from the hospital and there is nobody there who could help. Also, that he is dead.
No. 287950 ID: 2563d4

This in its entirity.
No. 287971 ID: 383006
File 129998604444.jpg - (291.16KB , 1000x700 , 13.jpg )

I decide to insert the inserts for now. I get a nice, pleasant chime from my internal diagnostics. Unfortunately, Jeanne says my GPS is completely fried and will need to be replaced.

:clara: "so, when was the last time you did get a response? Maybe I can help you out."

:jeanne: 8400.5775 days and 4675.23 hours.

:clara: You do have basic medical diagnostics, correct?

:jeanne: N-no! I am a completely custom AI! Master's predilections were somewhat... extraordinary. I am designed to wipe if police arrive at the Whitty mansion. He was very fond of rabbits, you know.

I pause. I must be extremely delicate here. Let her down easy. There is no good way to break such serious news as this. Being a unique AI, she was probably intrinsically associated with her master.

:clara: I, unfortunately, do have basic medical diagnostics. There is nothing wrong with your programming. Your master is dead. He has probably been dead for quite some time. I've recently come from a medical area, and there is no one there that could have assisted. There is nothing you could have done.

:jeanne: I-I noticed. After the bombs fell. Nothing impacted directly, so there was no reason to assume.

:jeanne: But then. Then... he was slower. He spent so much time asleep. It became more difficult to feed and care for him. E-eventually..."

:clara: "There was nothing you could have done"

I say.

:clara: You can't be blamed for events that you could not control. He purchased the programming he could, and like I said, medicine was not available. I don't suppose you'd want to venture out with me? I still need repairs. My own master is missing."

:jeanne: "I am fueled by internal batteries,not an organic engine like you have. I could travel for perhaps a day before I ran out of power. I-I might need some time. I don't know what to do without Master."
No. 287979 ID: 00d3d5

"You comforted your master when no one else could have. If you had not been there then he would have been alone and unaided.
Are there spare batteries here? Or a portable generator?

If you require a master then would I be suitable for your needs?"

Clara, you realize your master is dead, correct?
No. 287982 ID: 1854db

>8400.5775 days and 4675.23 hours.

That's... an odd way to give a timestamp. Normally I'd expect an integer for days, and <24 hours.

Ask how she normally recharges her batteries. Maybe we can just plug her in wherever there's an outlet. Wait where is she even getting her power? How are the power plants- oh, right. Robots.

At any rate, she can have all the time she needs to figure out what she wants to do. Hmm. Ask if there are any weapons around.
No. 287984 ID: 8c73c8

yes, tell her that he probably went out happy, just knowing that someone cared in the end.
No. 287986 ID: 28e94e

Wait a second, he's been dead for 23 years but you said the bombs dropped only 20 years ago. One of you has a broken clock.
No. 287990 ID: 2563d4

I guess we could revisit the Starfire Robotics building, but I don't hold much hope given it's been looted.
No. 288051 ID: 3d7a30

Perhaps she needs closure.

You could hold a funeral. Nothing fancy. It might help her to move on.
No. 300252 ID: 383006
File 130412853764.jpg - (382.07KB , 1000x700 , 14.jpg )

I have to tell her that her master is dead. Maybe if I explain that she was here for him, she'll have some closure.

She does not take it well, but I think the funeral will help. As we stand under the slate gray sky, she says nothing. I don't think she was properly designed for grief. I have plenty of time to think.

I think about the things she said, and the way she's said them. Her timestamp can't be correct - my diagnostics don't indicate anything is wrong with mine, so it's got to be her. The way she gave time was abnormal to say the least. She's probably never had maintenance done on her AI because it's an illegal custom. Certain things degrade over time.

She looks like she can plug in anywhere that there is power, and it probably takes about six hours for her to charge. This place is powered, but she only has enough energy for about 10 or so hours of travel. If I decide to take her with me, I'd have to plan my route carefully.

What is my next step? That's the real question. I suppose I could go back to Starfire. There was that person there. Maybe he was a human. With my receiver online, maybe I can learn something new.

There are no weapons in the house, unfortunately. I could take a fire poker instead of my spatula, but there aren't any guns. Not that I'm trained with firearms. Still, maybe things will be different at night. It'll be dark by the time I get there. Should I go back to Starfire? Take Jeanne with me? I am uncertain. I've never had to make decisions like these for myself.
No. 300260 ID: 2563d4

It's probably better if she stay here and you use this place as a base camp of sorts. A 5 hour travel radius is kind of restrictive and I'm guessing you have zero chance of moving her if you bungle that estimate or have to take a detour on the way back.

I guess Starfire, since we've been the other places more thoroughly.
No. 300410 ID: 3d7a30

leave Jeanne here but impress on her that you're coming back.

Go and check out Starfire.
No. 300851 ID: 383006
File 130430701087.jpg - (117.54KB , 1000x700 , 15.jpg )

If I planned wrong and Jeanne ran out of power, I probably couldn't move her, yeah.

I tell Jeanne that she should probably stay here, but not to worry, that I'll come back.

I head back to town to check out Starfire again, taking the fire poker instead of my spatula. I grab some food from the manor house and put the other patty into my organic engine. I should be OK for another day or so with the snack cakes and canned pasta I found in the kitchen. If I got my engine repaired, I could go a lot longer without food.

It is dark by the time I get to Starfire. The truck is gone, but I can make out the tracks pretty clearly. It's fairly dark and I can't see all that well. Starfire is a wreck, like before. There are enormous heaps of trash and wreckage spread everywhere. I can make out a light blazing in the top of one of the office buildings, but I'm not picking up any signals from anything now that my receiver is online. I also don't have a light. I might be OK if my other optic wasn't all crappy, but I have to make do for now.

I could try scavenging in the dark, I could investigate the truck tracks or the office, or I could do something else.
No. 300864 ID: 1854db

Which direction do the tracks go? Following them would be pretty cool, yes, but we don't know how far they went... we might not be able to find where they lead. Going to the office would be a sure thing however.
No. 300908 ID: 3d7a30

go to the office
No. 300923 ID: 2563d4

I guess the office.
No. 300934 ID: 383006
File 130434284005.jpg - (371.76KB , 1000x700 , 16.jpg )

Tracks look like they go off toward the river. There's a big park around there.

I guess digging through the junk here isn't priority when there's something shiny in the distance. I go to check out the office building.

It looks intact from the outside, but when I go in, it's been mostly gutted. Pieces of the upper levels are strewn all over here in a giant pile of rubble, all topped with a giant pile of smashed androids. I... can feel a few signals weakly transmitting from inside. One is so badly damaged I can't determine type, the other is a MG MEIDO. Nothing else is online. Some light is blazing higher up in the building, and I can detect a faint signal from somewhere up there, but I can't determine type. My transmitter is off. There are parts here, but I have a feeling that it's not entirely safe.
No. 300938 ID: 2563d4

Be on the lookout for deep crows. Especially ones with ponywives.

I guess scramble upward cautiously?
No. 300940 ID: 8c73c8

give that rope a couple good tugs to see if it will support your weight.
No. 300948 ID: 383006
File 130434972963.jpg - (440.87KB , 1000x700 , 17.jpg )

Yeah, it's a steel cable and it seems pretty secure. I used it to climb up onto the pile of rubble covered in broken android bodies and land with a clatter. I don't have much time to look around before I hear screaming machinery and some horrible thing zips down, squealing to a halt with horrid mechanical grinding. Its suspended by cables and winches hanging from somewhere up above. It's transmitting multiple model numbers and types! What is it?

:gargoyle: "KAW KAW! A tasty morsel for me, and it came right to my nest! KAW KAW!"

No. 300949 ID: 2563d4

Well if it's dangling from wires, it's hopefully awkward for it to move laterally.

So run away. :V
No. 300954 ID: 8c73c8

zip down and get under the concrete slabs. and move while obscured.
No. 300967 ID: 383006
File 130436121250.jpg - (354.39KB , 1000x700 , 18.jpg )

I dash to the right and swing down to get under the slab I was just on top of. There is more high pitched whining as the monster zips down after me. I don't think he can reach me here, but he's in between me and the door. There are cables trailing off of him in all directions, so as long as it's far enough from the wall, he can move freely by tightening some and loosening others. The door is right there - I can see outside - but I don't know if I can make it before he snatches me. And I definitely don't want him to catch me!
No. 300969 ID: 28e94e

There's a handgun hanging from a severed arm to your right. Pick it up.
No. 300972 ID: 1854db

Take gun, use on monstrocity.
No. 300978 ID: 28e94e

I'm kind of worried that she might not actually have the programming to make use of it. We should probably make sure of that first.
No. 301019 ID: 383006
File 130437816339.jpg - (455.65KB , 929x937 , 19.jpg )

I yoink the gun and go! I have no idea how to use a gun at all in any way! I'm pulling the trigger and missing badly! He's getting out of the way! I continue to miss!

Sweet! Well, I got away, although I didn't get anything out of there. Uh.. Okay. I'm in the middle of the Starfire wreckage. It's awful dark. I shot the gun six times, I think, so no idea how many times it shoots. I guess it's safe to stop running now.
No. 301022 ID: 2563d4

Well we know where to get parts if we find a giant pair of shears :V

...truck tracks, I guess?
No. 301030 ID: 07416a

Even if you hit him a handgun would probably be somewhat ineffective. Scavenge for something better. Dig deep, Clara.
No. 301037 ID: 1854db

Look around a bit at the wreckage before it gets too dark to see much of anything.
No. 301040 ID: 383006
File 130438310188.jpg - (291.17KB , 1000x700 , 20.jpg )

I dig around in the trash some. Sweet! This torso has a working organic engine in it! It's been cleaned out otherwise, so it's not too heavy. I don't have the skill to install it, though, but I'll drag it around for now.

Okay, I'll go check out those tracks too. They go down through the park a ways and I see a little cabin hidden in the trees. There's lights on, and I see the truck. Can't hear anything, and I'm not transmitting. Not picking anything up from in there either. Not sure how to approach.
No. 301042 ID: 1854db

I think in this case we should transmit to let them know we're coming, because we already know someone is there. If they bust out of the house with a gun or something then we can turn off the transmitter and escape.
No. 301046 ID: 28e94e

The slide isn't locked back, so it's probably loaded. There should be a little button either above the trigger or on the bottom of the grip that ejects the magazine. You should be able to figure it out from there.

Anyway, look for anything in there that might still be salvageable.
No. 301054 ID: 2563d4

>picked clean
>they were scavanging earlier
I'm going to take a paranoid bet that these guys would take you apart for spares. Sneaking while it's night might be nice but having to make a run for it and having to leave the loot behind would suck. Perhaps just drag it back to Jeanne for now.
No. 301061 ID: 383006
File 130438986582.jpg - (206.66KB , 674x644 , 21.jpg )

I'll compromise. I'll check the hut out, but try and do it quiet like. I stash the torso in some bushes, and then sneak up to one of the big windows. I see a short android that isn't transmitting, and.. is that a human? It looks human. At the very least it's a really illegal android. Really illegal. The room is full of android parts. Skins, heads, arms, all kinds of stuff.

"But master!" the android says "It makes me feel pretty!"

"Stop calling me that," the human says. "You don't need any of that stuff to function just fine. It'll get torn up and we'd just have to replace it."

"I want some bigger boobs too. Don't you want me to feel pretty, master?"

"I said stop calling me that. Why can't you call me Jacob? And no. They'll just get in the way."

"Awww..." the android pouts, "Don't you want me to feel pretty master?" She giggles.

"Just- just go to bed, OK? we have a long day tomorrow."

Well. This is certainly interesting.
No. 301065 ID: 8c73c8

hmm.. stay hidden but call out a "hello?"
No. 301066 ID: 2563d4

Wait silently hidden for them to go to bed, assuming he's doing the same.
No. 301073 ID: 07416a

Hauling a severed torso is probably not the best way. Also, your ear makes you poorly suited for stealth. Does it contain any sensors or other valuable components? If not, then remove the ear.
No. 301074 ID: 8c73c8

WAY too late dude.
No. 301154 ID: 3d7a30

Hmmm. I'm torn between 2 courses of action here - either wait for them both to go to bed, go in there, steal loads of spare parts and go back to Jeanne for repair. OR: wait for the human to go to bed and engage the android in conversation.

Either way we don't want to reveal ourselves to the human.
No. 301187 ID: 1854db

Say hi. If this guy respects robots that much, he won't attack us.
No. 302465 ID: f0e3ae

he seems like a nice guy, he seems to treat androids like people, I say call out to him. You still have your gun if things turn bad, but don't threaten them with it unless necessary.

Alternatively, drag the torso back to home base and get yourself a properly functioning bio reactor and then come back to deal with him.
No. 302467 ID: 252e1b

Say, "Our programming nags us if we have missing parts. For her sake, let her have a replacement skin. For your sake, be honest about which you want her to wear."
No. 305976 ID: 383006
File 130609197286.jpg - (329.30KB , 1000x700 , 22.jpg )

Okay, I guess he's not dangerous. I should probably say "hi," but there's no need for him to know I've got a gun.

I knock on the window with my stump and then jump back in surprise! The android slams against the window, sooting around boxes and stuff, and starts licking the glass and yammering!

:Jayce: "Master master master master! I found a person! Here here here! There's a person here! Hey person what are you doing how did you get here you look broken are you broken what kind of stuff do you have what's your-"

The other person turns around. Not transmitting anything, and the skin looks extremely lifelike. Is he really a living human?

:Jacob: "Get away from there, Jayce. Android. What are you doing out here?"
No. 305979 ID: 868a23

ask him if there are others like him and if any of them are capable of Android repair
No. 305982 ID: 35e1a0

you are looking for replacement parts. you see they have parts and were wondering if you could have what you need.
No. 305993 ID: 383006
File 130609597804.jpg - (213.43KB , 766x615 , 23.jpg )

:clara: "I'm, uh, looking for parts. I'm really damaged and need some replacement parts. Are you human? Are there more humans?"

The other android, Jayce I guess, interrupts immediately

:Jayce: "Oh yeah, Master's great at fixing stuff! He's an awesome mechanic who fixes all sorts of-"

:Jacob: "Jayce, be quiet."

He collects himself, sitting on one of the crates while Jayce perches on the other one.

:Jacob: "I was a mechanic before the attack destroyed everything. I don't know if anyone else is alive. What sort of android were you? What kind of skills do you have?"

:Clara: "I'm a maid and-"

:Jayce: "She's a ZK MEIDO by Starfire with a missing left arm, no backup battery, a fried GPS, and damage to her organic engine, fluids container, artificial pores and left optic. She's got minor repair skill and a little first aid skill. Nothing we need!"

Does she have active scanners? I don't think those are legal. I'm pretty sure they are super illegal. I feel like that was pretty inappropriate.

The human sighs,

:Jacob: "Thank you Jayce. I've been gathering parts to try and find out what happened. After the initial attacks by the invaders, our scientists designed a biological weapon that was only supposed to kill the invaders. When it was released, it mutated almost instantly, effectively wiping out human life. The invaders left after that. It may have worked on them too. It didn't effect me, for some reason, but I don't think there are any other living humans at all. I've been scavenging cores from Starfire, trying to find more research information. That's how I've learned what I have. I have a few cores with special information that I can't decode, and Jayce can't read. I'm trying to put some other androids together who might be able to read it. I also heard there was a facility to the north that might have some info, but I don't have a vehicle or anything. I think it would take a while on foot."
No. 305994 ID: 35e1a0

tell jayce that you can also cook a great burger. years of practice.
No. 306010 ID: 2563d4

Hahaha, yes.

Wait. Ask the blindingly obvious: if the invaders are giant insects (who like the taste of burgers). 'Cause if so they're not all gone either.
No. 306013 ID: 383006
File 130610288450.jpg - (356.45KB , 1000x700 , 24.jpg )

I also tell him I can make a great hamburger.

:Jacob: Why don't you come inside? It'll be a little more comfortable than talking through the window."

I walk toward the door, stashing my gun in the waistband of my dress, under my apron before he sees it.

The front room is really small. Most of the house must be taken up by the workshop. There's all kinds of clutter and junk, electrical equipment, all kinds of stuff.

I sit down at the table that covers up most of the floor and Jacob sits across from me. He looks old.

What he said before, about the virus. If almost everyone is dead, that means master...

What purpose do I have? If he is gone, then what should I do with myself? Is there even a point in repairing anything? I might as well just give him all my pieces. I'm basically junk.

Jayce starts messing around with some stuff, digging through boxes.

I force myself to say something.

:Clara: "Were the invaders giant insects? If so, they are still here."

:Jacob: "No. They were humanoid. I never saw one up close, of course, but we got some of their downed craft eventually. The scientists used their bodies to make the virus. Their big ship left, I think. No clue."

I can't think of a whole lot else to say, so I just sit there, waiting for him to chop me up.

:Jacob: "Anyway, I've noticed that the androids like you have started doing things on their own. I'm not a software guy, I got no clue really, but I figured I should fix up all these parts and make myself useful. At least until I can find some way to figure out what went wrong, try to connect with other survivors. What about you? What's your story?"
No. 306016 ID: 07416a

Master told me to prepare the barbecue, but then the bombs fell. Many things were destroyed. I made the barbecue until there was nothing to grill. I waited for the guests, but they never arrived. Then the insects came to eat the food. They brought me meats and ingredients. I continued the barbecue for them.
No. 306020 ID: 252e1b

Can't he make more humans? He is a human, humans are pink goo, they can reproduce themselves can't they?
No. 306024 ID: 2563d4

I guess that's a reasonable summary.

Ask if he knows about the crow-monstrosity android chimera thing.

(...let's not roleplay being mentally deficient.)
No. 306025 ID: 15b51b

You don't know for certain that your master is dead. I mean, he's probably dead, but you've known that for years. You shouldn't give this guy your parts unless it will definitely, significantly help him find survivors, because that might help your master.

After you tell him your deal, ask him if there's anything you can do for him in exchange for some spare parts and stuff. Jayce said you aren't of use, but what does she know. If you get parts, you can bring them to Jeanne for installation.

Why doesn't he think he's been able to contact anyone, if there's anyone out there? He's probably tried making big radios before.
No. 306032 ID: 00d3d5

"Spent the past two decades flipping burgers for giant insects; finally got bored and decided to see what happened.

I know of a few other robots in the area.
There's a bank teller and a janitor not too far from here. You could probably get them to help if you can convince them you're the bank's new owner. There might be something in the bank that can read your cores.

There's a spider-like lovecraftian horror around the Starfire wreckage. It seems to have built itself out of uncounted other robots, so it might have a part that can read the core.

I've got a friend in the area that's a custom job. She might be able to help, but I don't yet trust you enough to risk telling you where she is.

I don't know why we've gained self-determination, but I expect we were intended to become more autonomous over time. Humans would dislike it if property displayed agency, unless they acclimate to it gradually.

Jayce, ignore this guy. Put on some skin to clear the damage flag. You can take it off when you're working to keep it in good condition."
No. 306040 ID: 383006
File 130610757284.jpg - (364.34KB , 1000x700 , 25.jpg )

I understand the essentials of human reproduction. Some seed grows inside of the human female and turns into a baby. I know a little about animals. I have basic first aid knowledge, after all.

I don't really think I can bring myself to pretend to be some kind of badass. I'm a maid. Besides, I don't see the point being rude and trying to push him around.

I don't guess I know for sure he's dead.

I go ahead and tell him about what I've been doing. I decide to leave out Jeanne for now. I make sure to mention the creature near the Starfire wreckage, though, and the bank robots.

:Clara: Is there anything I can do to help? I would really like to be repaired. I know Jayce said I wasn't of any use-

:Jayce: No way! I said you didn't have anything we needed! We pull out useful skill drives and Master crams them inside my tummy. I have all kinds of useful stuff in there!

That is super illegal. Jayce may have started out as a legitimate android, but she is definitely not legitimate anymore.
She holds up some kind of cup. I think it might be a noodle bowl.

:Jayce: You have an organic engine, right? I have some Ramen and some MREs! We don't keep organic engines because we don't need any!"

:Jacob: "Jayce! Be quiet. So, Clara, right? you were saying?"

:Clara: "Have you tried making a radio tower? Surely there must be other humans. Oh, and uh, repairs. Possibly usefulness?"

Jacob slams his fist on the table.

:Jacob: "Yes, I've tried radio, no internet anymore. The only thing I can think of is trying the big science facility up north. But I need a car. As for repairs, I guess I could install a spare arm. I could easily replace your organic engine, but like Jayce said, we don't keep those around here. For anything else, I'd need some kind of payment. Weapons maybe? Food? Thanks for the heads-up about the monster, but we already know about him. I call him the gargoyle. There's probably good parts in there, but I don't have a good way to get rid of him."

Do I want to help these guys? It might be useful to find out if other people survived, and where they are.
No. 306043 ID: 1854db

He says he doesn't have a vehicle, but what about the truck we followed the tracks of? Is that not his?
No. 306046 ID: 2563d4

Well we have the organic engine we left outside.

...good point. It's right there: >>301040
No. 306058 ID: 383006
File 130611058304.jpg - (367.85KB , 1000x700 , 26.jpg )

:Clara: "I thought you had a truck parked right outside. I followed the tracks here."

He sighs again.

:Jacob: "Yeah, it's an electric, though. It's gonna be about an eight hour drive and that thing can go for maybe two. I'd need something better."

:Jayce: "I'mma gonna fix you up this cup ramen! Cup raaaaamen! Cuuuuup ramen! C-"

:Jacob: "Jayce! Anyway. Yeah, I need something better. Or a lot of batteries. Anyway, the giant roaches are dangerous. They try to kill me on sight, so I want something a little better. I haven't had the guts to try the military base for something better. I figure I'd probably be shot on sight."

I do have that organic engine right outside. Should I bring it in and get him to fix it up? Do you think I should try to go with them if they get a car?
No. 306062 ID: 35e1a0

yeah sure bring it in and tell him that the roaches like you. may be able to get something out of their nest.
No. 306063 ID: 868a23

yes, and yes, also be sure to ask him what Jayce was programmed to do back in the pre-war era so we know why she acts the way she does
No. 306064 ID: 00d3d5

Offer to scout out the military base.
Also, point out that he could use a large number of organic engines to charge the truck's battery if he had a decent supply of stuff to feed it.
Also, tell him about the other robots in the area.
No. 306068 ID: 8555c2

Stick with them. He's a mechanic that can fix androids. He's got every reason to make friends. Ask if he can use firearms. Don't dare give the gun to Jayce. Bring in the organic engine.

Ask what stuff you have that could kill Gargoyle.
No. 306071 ID: 2563d4

This, I guess.

Also, how the heck is the power grid still up to charge electric vehicles (and spidertits for that matter, who is probably best unmentioned for now) twenty years after civilization collapsed?
No. 306075 ID: dad664

Maybe he could convert you into a sort of bodyguard Android Assassin thingy. Then you'd have a new purpose. And he'd have a bodyguard maid who looks non-threatening from the outside, but is packing a lot of weaponry on the inside.

C'mooooon. You know you want to be illegal too~
No. 306077 ID: 383006
File 130611363143.jpg - (285.56KB , 1000x700 , 27.jpg )

I've already told him about the bank robots. I go get my organic engine! Yes!

He takes me back into the shop and asks me to lay on the table. I think I manage to keep the gun hidden when I take my shirt off, then I climb up on the table.

He begins to work, connecting me up to a spare battery first seeing as how my internal backup is missing, and then opening me up.

:Clara: So, what did Jayce do before you messed with her?

:Jayce: I was a companion with exactly zero awesome skills! Master says that all these skilldrives he's jury rigged in here make my personality unstable! That's probably why you aren't supposed to do that! But I'm supposed to be really happy and stuff anyway, so who knows?"

:Clara: "Oh. Well. How could we kill the Gargoyle? And use organic engines to power the truck longer? Why is there still electricity anyway? The roaches don't mess with me at all. Maybe I could look for something there. I'd be willing to scout too."

:Jacob: Well, all of the power plants, mining operations, and distribution and repair stations were completely automated, so they are still working. I don't know how long it'll last. Food is already sort of a problem for us, so I don't think the organic engines would be a good idea, although it could work. I feel like bullets would work fairly well, but it's fast. I have very limited ammunition for my shotgun, and it's too risky to try and fight it straight up. I'd rather think of some less dangerous way to deal with it. If you want to help, that's great. Anything would be fine."

Jayce runs op to the table and starts tearing things out of my innards.

:Jayce: "This part goes! This part goes! This is broken! You're cup ramen's ready! Cuuuuuuup ramen! I guess we need to put new guts in before you can eat it! Are you gonna stay here? Are you gonna sleep on the couch? Are you gonna help us find the humans? Huh? Arya?"

:Jacob: "Jayce! Leave me alone! You are not helping. Go make a bed on the couch."

I need to decide if I'm staying here tonight, or going out to do something for them. I also need to choose whether the military base or the roaches would be a better idea.
No. 306079 ID: 07416a

Ask him for new genitals. Ask what kind of genitals Jayce has.
No. 306081 ID: 15b51b

You don't need to sleep or anything, but traveling during the day seems safer. You spent twenty years making burgers, so it's not like time is of the essence here. And if they were going to betray you or something, he'd just unplug you right now. So you can trust them. Stay here the night.

The military base seems most promising. Maybe you can find a map while you're here?
No. 306082 ID: 2563d4

Just because the bugs bring you food to cook doesn't mean that they'll appreciate you intruding on their turf, nor removing stuff from it. Best use the cover of night to scope out the military base. On that basis, can he do anything for your sight?

Disregard genitals.
No. 306083 ID: 85e9f3

Are we able to communicate with the bugs? Maybe they won't mind you since you've been feeding them so long.

Disregard genitals. You don't need them anyway.
No. 306084 ID: 2563d4

>>306083 (Nope, can't talk to bugs: >>284487 )
No. 306097 ID: 00d3d5

"If you're looking for humans and broadcasting equipment then the military base is your best bet. It will have both.

I noticed there was no food in the Starfire facility, and the power was on. If we disabled the building's power then the monster would likely be incapacitated as soon as its batteries ran down.

It's not sustainable to scavenge supplies, and moving decreases the chance of coming into contact with mobile survivors. The best chance for survival and contact with others would come with establishing a self-sufficient headquarters with a maintainable power supply and a functional broadcast tower.
Of known options, the military base is the most likely to fit these criteria."
No. 306141 ID: 8555c2

Stay. Stick with these guys. Friends are good.

Ask if he's got a skill thing for pistols. Ours is useless right now. We can't hit anything.
No. 306146 ID: 18c6d7

I'd sat the military base would be the most promising, but if any hostile survivors (human or otherwise)were to take up residence there, that would be a major problem. Also, what about spare parts for our spider friend? Where are we gonna get those?
No. 306156 ID: 1854db

Ask if there's any way to make Joyce less unstable. Perhaps a second model to share her skill mods, so that the strain is spread out?

You know, I think the gargoyle could be killed without much trouble if some or all the cables were severed. You'd need some way to cut the cables without getting too close though.
No. 306318 ID: 85e9f3

My bad... Joyce might get along well with Clara. After all, they're both modified with special programming. Perhaps we should introduce Clara to Joyce. And besides, if Clara had some other functions, she might feel more useful.
No. 309070 ID: 383006
File 130721435366.jpg - (270.45KB , 1000x700 , 28.jpg )

I actually have room in my skill drive for two additional modules. Jacob says that he kept frying cores before he finally got one that could handle additional skill drives. He doesn't really want to mess with it now. He has an extra Small Arms skill module that installed before I went out. I'm not sure if I want to have something else installed or not. I can think about it later.

I make my way down to the military base. Walking, it takes me 4 hours to get there, but I ate this morning so I should be fine for 14 more hours.

I pass by some roaches wandering around, but they don't bother me.

The military base is surrounded my a big razor wire fence, and there is a little booth and a broken turret in the front. I can see two huge concrete buildings behind the fence, and a massive radio tower. I'm not sure how I should approach, any ideas?
No. 309092 ID: 0d7a83

hmm well it's a military base so it's built to not have any ways to sneak up to it... maybe you should just watch for a while, see if anything moves in there.
No. 309093 ID: 35e1a0

yes watch and listen for a bit. if it seems dead then approach slowly.
No. 309094 ID: 2563d4

Skills are swappable (with his help), right?

Since there appears to be precisely bupkis cover to make a stealth approach, I guess you may as well walk up to the guard hut and bet on being human-made and mostly harmless keeping them from shooting you.
No. 309132 ID: 383006
File 130724170835.jpg - (373.25KB , 1000x700 , 29.jpg )

Yeah. Somebody else can change out my skill modules, except for the ones that are hardwired into my skill drive.

I wait around for a while, but nothing comes or goes. I turn my transmitter on and walk up to the booth. Not transmitting could be dangerous if I want to make my presence known.

When I get close to the booth, the door opens and a J-series military robot comes out. They were an older model from before the bombs hit.

:JN-077: "Halt."

Its voice is cold and inflectionless.

:JN-077: "This is a restricted area, citizen."

No. 309135 ID: 35e1a0

"i request a day pass may you call someone to fetch the forms for me to fill out to be granted one?""
No. 309138 ID: 07416a

No. 309143 ID: 00d3d5

"I have found what is likely the last surviving human citizen.
The chain of succession means he is now president.
The president has ordered that I determine if this facility is secure enough for him to visit, and to secure transportation.
I am unfamiliar of the protocol for these requests. Would you kindly assist me?"
No. 309160 ID: 1854db


Just ask if there's any way to visit. Or if the base is occupied. Or if they have any news at all.
No. 309194 ID: 28e94e

This is an awesome idea and it is totally worth trying.
No. 309202 ID: 2563d4

For fuck's sake, no, don't be an idiot.

>Just ask if there's any way to visit. Or if the base is occupied. Or if they have any news at all.
Is more like it.
No. 309206 ID: b64752


This is an idea entrenched in a fun-loving attitude, and should be pursued for the love of fun. Fun.
No. 309214 ID: 0d095c

I like this Day Pass idea. This is a military base next to a city. Soldiers would want to be able to contact family members.
No. 314641 ID: 383006
File 130843261426.jpg - (355.99KB , 1000x700 , 30.jpg )

I ask if I can get a day pass. I'll keep Jacob under wraps for now.

:jn-077: I can accompany you through the base if you would like. Please divest yourself of any weapons before we enter.

:clara: Can you tell me about the status of the base?

:jn-077: All human soldiers were killed during the attack. Myself and seven other JN units currently occupy the base, along with our logistics robot - Deetran Five. We maintain supplies and readiness in case we are called on to mobilize.
No. 314645 ID: 0d095c

That's quite sad. I was hoping SOME humans had survived in the bunker. Oh well. The Robots can rebuild the world.

Deetran seems to be in charge. We could ask to see him, and find out what these robots know about the surrounding landscape.
No. 314646 ID: 35e1a0

ask if any human, regardless of official rank, would gain control of the base by virtue of being the only human known to be alive.
No. 314657 ID: 00d3d5

"Are the base's communication systems operational?
How would you respond if a living human citizen arrived?
Could you tell me your plan for the contingency of no other surviving bases? No other surviving humans?"
No. 314685 ID: 1854db

Hand him your gun and let's take a tour. Ask if he knows of any humans that survived.
No. 314686 ID: 383006
File 130843551770.jpg - (286.24KB , 1000x700 , 31.jpg )

I ask him about living humans, communication systems and a few other things.

:Jn-077: Deetran five will be able to assist you. Please follow me.

He leads me through the base. I see that they have several ATVs and large trucks all parked in a line on the base. There are three large concrete buildings, and Jn-077 takes me to the largest. Inside is a very large robot. It wheels close to me and Jn-077 explains my questions.

:Dtran5: "Have you found any surviving humans? As far as I have been able to glean, there are no surviving humans anywhere. No humans at all. If you have discovered a human, I would be required to determine why the plague has not killed that human in particular. It would be necessary to extract DNA as well. We have an active communications array, but all bases still online have no reports of living humans."
No. 314690 ID: 07416a

Tell him the human is concerned for his safety and you will relay the request.

...Fuck. Just had a terrible thought. What if Jacob is an enemy combatent or a criminal and THAT'S why he fears being shot?
No. 314691 ID: 1854db

Ask if the human would be harmed by anything he'd do. I guess we could just go back and tell him that they want to do tests if they'll be harmless.
No. 314693 ID: 8c0848

Help Deceptitran keep the slaves in line and harvest their energon.
No. 314696 ID: 35e1a0

you found a human but he has ordered you to not relay he coordinates unless his safety is assured. if you can assure his safety you would be perfectly willing to lead a soldier or two to his location.
No. 314697 ID: 2563d4

Don't tell them about Jacob. Instead, take this information back to Jacob so he can make the decision.
No. 314721 ID: 383006
File 130843863923.jpg - (321.95KB , 1000x700 , 32.jpg )

I guess it's a good idea to at least ask Jacob before I tell the army robot about him. I tell them that I'll pass anything on if I find any humans and then leave. I grab my gun from the guard booth and leave. JN-077 waves to me as I walk back into the city.

After a two hours of walking, I see some cockroaches milling around. I don't really pay too much attention to them, but when I go to walk past one of them steps out into the pathway between the piles of debris and starts rubbing its antennae against my face. It glances over it's shoulder, or whatever bugs have instead of shoulders, and then touches me again. I'm not really sure what it's trying to do.
No. 314723 ID: 35e1a0

i think it may be asking for food. you haven;t made any burgers in a while.
No. 314726 ID: 07416a

Follow it?
No. 314727 ID: 9801a2

I think it wants you to follow it.
No. 314735 ID: 2563d4

You've used all the burgers you had on you, haven't you? Else feed it. We have the luxury of a fixed organic engine.

I guess follow it if it seems to actually start leading you somewhere.
No. 314738 ID: 1854db

Go along with it.
No. 314739 ID: 0d095c

DO you still have weaponry? Or did the Milbots take it?
No. 314744 ID: 00d3d5

Gently rub its face with your padded hand, and say "Hello, how may I assist you?".
They are attempting to communicate. While this is likely on the order of complexity of 'want food', they could be attempting to establish communication.

See how some of them are observing from a distance and behind cover? That strongly suggests that this encounter was planned as a group.
No. 314746 ID: 383006
File 130844129681.jpg - (316.77KB , 1000x700 , 33.jpg )

I touch its antenna and say some stuff, but I don't think it understand me. Hey, I think it does want me to follow it, though!

It leads me to a big building. This area is mostly entirely collapsed, and there are lots of roaches. It brings me into a building with electricity. Looks like a restaurant or something?

Anyway, I go to the back and there's a grill that's just heating up.

Some other little bug comes in pulling a clothes hamper full of what looks like ground meat. Huh.

Yeah, I still have my gun. They took it when I went in, but I got it back when I went out.

I think they must have some capacity to reason. They would always form lines and were very polite about the hamburgers before.
No. 314748 ID: 0d095c

Try and communicate.
No. 314750 ID: 35e1a0

where would they even get meat? they raising cows? anyway may as well make a ton of burgers real fast. have a super sized grill so you can make a lot at once. just empty out the cart of meat.
No. 314754 ID: 2563d4

It's night, right? So you've got time to spare before returning to Jacob anyway.

Cook up. I can't see any reason not to stay on the roaches' good side, and maybe again you'll be able to take a share for yourself.
No. 314765 ID: 1854db

...wait a minute. How do they know they're *supposed to* form lines?

Cook up some burgers for them. See if you can communicate to them that you would like a new leg.
No. 314772 ID: 00d3d5

Since they managed to not only find a working grill and identify it as such but go so far as to get it operational and prepared for use, I think we need to bump up how much credit we give their intelligence.

You've got two arms and a large grill. Make everything they have into burgers, then leave.

If they're capable of reason then you need to show them you choose to help them.
If we end up moving our operations to the military base then we're going to want the roaches to follow us. They bring us food to cook, we keep some of it to keep stomach and organic engine alike stocked.
We can probably train them in salvaging operations and get them to report any human sightings. Building a search net of roaches would solve the manpower problem.
No. 314780 ID: eba49f

>where would they even get meat? they raising cows?
Rodents of Unusual Size is my guess. You gotta have giant rats.

Um... you talk about underestimating their intelligence and salvaging skills and then talk about training them in the same post?
I agree with your general idea of getting them to help, but it would be better to try to communicate with them and make a deal, given their apparent intelligence (and good manners even).
No. 314796 ID: 383006
File 130844440534.jpg - (442.94KB , 1000x700 , 34.jpg )

Well, if you think it's a good idea, I suppose I can make them some hamburgers. It's still daylight out. About seven hours from when I left Jacob's shack.

Okay, well, I take off my nice top and get to work. When I strip the top off, one of the roaches stands up as tall as it can and holds its font legs out. I hand it the dress, and it scuttles off to the side. Very polite.

They wheel the meat hamper up and I begin to make hamburgers. I have no clue as to how they get the meat, or how to find out really.

The roach that lead me here stands up tall next to me and it touches me with its antennae, mostly on my face and ear. I think it's trying to communicate, but I don't know how to translate that into anything. I touch its antennae to show I'm trying.

It looks like it can see fairly well. It's definitely watching me work. It's a good thing I still have my spatula.

I gesture toward the burgers and try to talk, but I don't really think they can hear me. I think they could probably recognize simple gestures, though. This one seems to have a lot to say, even though I can't tell what it's saying.

It's certainly interested in the hamburgers.

When I finish the patties, various roaches come and take them away. It's pretty relaxing I suppose, although I think it'll take me quite some time to cook all this meat. They are certainly attentively watching me go at it. Is there anything else I should do here when I'm done?
No. 314799 ID: 0d095c

OH MY GOD. That one in the back. He's wearing glasses. That radroach is SO CUTE. He must be the brains of this outfit. Try and convince him to follow you by a serious of informative touches, gestures, and pauses.
No. 314802 ID: cd63e9

we could try and teach them how to make there own hamburgers. It would be a good way to establish a rapport with them.
No. 314810 ID: 00d3d5

I believe they are trying to learn how to cook.
See if you can find a second spatula and hand it to the one that is the most interested.

You are a chef. Can you identify what kind of meat you are cooking?
No. 314817 ID: 1854db

...ever wonder if maybe some of these roaches used to be human?
No. 314819 ID: 383006
File 130844743740.jpg - (294.84KB , 1000x700 , 35.jpg )

I try to get the close one to help, but it really can't hold the spatula. The mouth dealies look like they might be able to manipulate things somewhat, but they're right next to its head, so it can't really grill things. I think they probably want to learn how to cook, but I don't have a good method for them because they aren't shaped like me.

I really can't tell what sort of meat it is. I've never really worried about it before. There is certainly a lot of it though. The sun has set by the time I've cooked it all.

I think I could get one to follow me pretty easily, but Jacob said they attacked him on sight, so I don't think bringing one to his cabin is a great idea.

When I finish, I start to leave, but the one that lead me here wants me to follow him. I follow him to another room of the restaurant, and there are some boxes, a couch and a mattress here. It's dark now, and it looks like they want me to stay here. Should I sleep with the roaches, or try to make my way back to Jacob's in the dark? They don't seem threatening, but I think they want me to stay.
No. 314824 ID: eba49f

Seems unlikely that they used to be human considering how they reacted violently to a human.

When we tell Jacob about the military robots, something to keep in mind to how the military bots might react to his very obviously illegal companion.
No. 314834 ID: 35e1a0

well, if they decide he is in charge by virtue of being the only human then he gets to decide what is or isn't illegal.
No. 314841 ID: 00d3d5

Go to the one that has been leading you around.
Gently cup its head in your hands.
Touch your forehead to its forehead.
Say "Sorry."
Then stand up, say "Good bye.", and leave.
If they try to block you, gently push past them.
If they try to follow you, then ignore them. If they persist until you are near Jacob's cabin then attempt to evade. If evasion fails then attempt to communicate to them that you will return, and they should let you go. If that fails then try to communicate that you will let one of them accompany you, but no more - you can prevent one roach from doing harm to Jacob, but no more than one.

If you are unable to reach Jacob without an entourage, then go to Jeanne instead. Tell her what has happened and have her go to Jacob to tell him what has happened and return with his decision.
If Jacob wishes to go to the army base, then go to the army base and request protective transportation and an escort to extract Jacob, Jayce, and Jeanne.
After everybody is safe you can visit the roaches and cook for them again.
No. 314855 ID: 383006
File 130845022022.jpg - (119.49KB , 1000x700 , 36.jpg )

I head out. I'm sure it won't be too troublesome to find my way back. Besides, I have significant information to relay to Jacob!

They interpose themselves briefly, but I gesture toward the door, and then attempt to indicate that I need to leave. I think they understand, and let me leave the building.

They follow me through the rubble strewn area where they seem most concentrated, but when I get toward the city proper, they fall back. I wave as I make my way into the darkness. I'll have to come back and cook for them again.
No. 314859 ID: 07416a

Cockroaches confirmed for bros. See if Jacob has an art skill module or something, if you can explain they might pay you for food in parts.
No. 314861 ID: 00d3d5

Your GPS and transmitter are fixed, so you shouldn't have trouble navigating your way back.
If you do then just look for a place with power and hunker down for the night.
No. 314887 ID: 0ef56a

Well, aren't they the nicest things.
Yeah, tell Jacob about how the military would like to see you, and if he agrees, ask the JN units to drive you in an APC to pick him up because of the hostile bugs.

Do you think they'll care about an illegal android when there aren't even any humans making or enforcing laws anymore?
No. 315022 ID: 3d7a30

I wonder if the hamburger meat is, like, ground up people
No. 315051 ID: 2563d4

Man, I hit the sack, and you guys shirk the hospitality of our bugfriends :V

This is a pretty good plan, except perhaps for the word "hostile". (It's also worth noting that if JN-077 waved goodbye maybe the milbots are getting a little personality-quirky too.)
No. 315097 ID: 07416a

It's important to set boundaries. I don't care where we slept, I cared that the cockroaches would let us go. Next time we can sleep there, they're trustworthy, but letting them dictate things to us sets a bad precedent.
No. 315214 ID: 180ec2

Out of curiosity, although you can quickly attain skills with skill drives, can you learn skills naturally, through instruction or practice?
Also, when you get back, ask some more about the roaches. The way they're acting displays the kind of intelligence and social ability that might indicate that they have become sentient to some degree. See if there's some kind of translation software available or something for your next encounter with them. How might the roaches have evolved like this in just twenty years? Were there giant intelligent roaches before the attack?
No. 315221 ID: eba49f

Yes, a linguistics mod would be quite handy.
The roaches probably can't learn our language due to lack of vocal cords, but as an android you likely produce your voice electronically. Can you emulate sounds in order to eventually speak their language if you get a chance to learn it?
No. 315258 ID: cd63e9

I second the idea of finding some way to talk to the roaches. The postnatal benefits of being able to talk to them are impressive. Also we still need to find some sort of easily refillable power supply for Jeanne.
No. 315436 ID: 383006


I replied to these in the /dis thread.

No. 317492 ID: 493259

Just got a thought. Is it possible to convert a battery-powered robot like Jeanne to an organic engine setup? If so, we might want to have Jacob do the mod if he can. Then, we won't be alone on our wanderings. ... maybe she has some modules related to insects that might be useful in deciphering roach language? Alternatively, maybe the roaches can learn writing.
No. 317548 ID: 383006
File 130903516088.jpg - (375.45KB , 1000x700 , 35.jpg )

>>317492 is answered in the /dis thread.

I explained what I'd learned from the army base, and ask Jacob if he wants to go to the base like the commander wanted.

:jacob:Are you crazy? There is no fucking way I am going to turn myself over to some insane robots! I thought the plan was for you to get a truck and bring it back here. What happened to that plan?
No. 317549 ID: 35e1a0

they are military androids. they only let me in on the property as a guest. and needed to have an escort at all times. taking a truck was impossible. ask for a blood/tissue sample. perhaps that will be enough for them to work with. also he is technically the president due to how that works. he has absolute command.
No. 317552 ID: 0d095c

...Do you really NEED to point out the fact that they're A MILITARY BASE FULL OF CRAZY ROBOTS.

Saying, "Nope, no humans here. Can I have a truck?" Would probably have resulted in a resounding NO. And stealing one would have resulted in a resounding BLAM. If this guy wants a truck, he can go ask the Milspec Bots. And asking a sentient 30-year-old android missing half its' face if its' crazy is a little redundant. Hmmmm... Actually, I have an idea. We should have picked up the locations of automated factories and power stations from the Mil Bots. Surely there would be SOME. And if that were the case, we could take the reins and create a new Robot Empire! And something about the remaining humans and bug people or something, but yeah, ROBOT EMPIRE.

And I'm not particularly fond of this survivor and his schizoid kill bot. Honestly, I'm really just glad we don't have any valuable parts, or else he'd prolly kill us. Let's ditch him. If he's alive, there are probably a few hundred other survivors out there. Probably with less threatening glares. Seriously, those eyes are TERRIFYING.
No. 317557 ID: 2563d4

This except the President part.
No. 317558 ID: 0d7a83

I know you've only got half a face but give him your best deadpan look, then say "Yeah, because stealing trucks from insane robots with guns is a good idea".
No. 317564 ID: 383006
File 130903847432.jpg - (392.03KB , 1000x700 , 37.jpg )

:clara: There are eight older model military robots and their logistics robot there and I had to be escorted at all times. It wasn't really feasible for me to steal a truck from crazy military robots with guns.

I don't really know how much I trust Jacob, but he seems to calm down some. Although when I was in the base I never asked anything about the trucks whatsoever. I guess he doesn't need to know that.

:clara: Anyway, why don't you give me a tissue sample that I could give to them?

:Jacob: Because I'd rather they not know I'm alive at all. They probably have some protocol to try and hunt me down if they know I exist. I'd like to avoid that if at all possible.
No. 317565 ID: 0d095c

Yeahhhh... Jacob is definitely some sort of Terrorist/Nazi/Supervillain/Mad Scientist. He doesn't want them to see him because he's probably on the Most Wanted list or something.

We really should have seen this coming when he told us he made a deranged psycho kill machine out of a bunch of broken sex bots.

I'm starting to think we should either ally with the Mil Bots, ally with the Bugs, or ally with the Mil Bots, have them find us a Linguistics module, educate the bugs in sign language, and forge an indomitable empire that shall rule the galaxy for ten thousand years. But first, Jacob. I'm STILL freaked out by him. I say we should tell him that the Military Bots think all the soldiers in every base is dead, so everywhere is basically like here. Tragic. THEN we ditch him.
No. 317566 ID: 35e1a0

you think they would KILL the last living human? at worst they will run some tests on you to find out how you resisted the plague.
No. 317568 ID: 0d095c

To be fair, I wouldn't trust JabbaBot if he said he wanted to "Run some tests" on me either. And I mean, they're Combat Androids. They really aren't built for finesse.
No. 317574 ID: 00d3d5

"Military are not allowed to interfere with the civilian justice system, and would be neither aware of any civilian criminal record nor permitted to enforce civilian laws. Why would they-"
Put your good hand to your face and tilt your head forward.
"What did you do, Jacob?"
No. 317575 ID: 41b4e5

ask Jacob why he might think that.
No. 317588 ID: 2563d4

This, avoiding all the pathetic amateur dramatics.
No. 317590 ID: 35e1a0

No. 317595 ID: 383006
File 130904197609.jpg - (393.86KB , 1000x700 , 39.jpg )

:Clara: Did you do something Jacob? Do you have some reason to believe they would harm you?

:Jacob: Of course I do. They have had any maintenance done in over twenty years! Sure, they would "run some tests," but that's no guarantee they would release me, even if I do make it out alive. I have no idea how long they might detain me for, no idea what whatever sort of contingency plan they're following through is-"

:Jayce: You modified androids too! In super illegal ways! That's like breaking every law ever!

:Jacob: Exactly. I have no idea if they have decided to modify their orders and no easy way to escape. They might take and destroy all the data I've gathered. It's secret stuff that I'm not supposed to have access to. I have no intention of going there, and don't want them to learn I'm alive. I sent you instead of Jayce because she's heavily modified and would probably be destroyed on sight.

:Clara: Why would they be carrying out civilian law?

:Jacob: This is a war zone. They could decide to act as MPs, especially since there are no civilian police left alive. Even if they aren't they have no reason to let me actually decrypt the data I've gotten. Let's just get a truck and leave town, OK? If that's a no-go, I'm sure we can find something else.
No. 317596 ID: 35e1a0

"but as the last human you are technically the president and the senate at the same time. you can simply change the laws."
No. 317598 ID: 41b4e5

sounds like he's hiding something. I highly doubt he'll tell us anything if we push it further though, so unless you wanna piss him off for some reason, don't.

tell him about the layout of the military base and ask about how you could acquire a truck. maybe he can provide you with a plan or some delicious modifications.
No. 317601 ID: 383006
File 130904333504.jpg - (138.55KB , 1000x700 , 40.jpg )

:clara:but as the last human you are technically the president and the senate at the same time. you can simply change the laws.

:Jacob: I... don't think that's how that works.

:Jayce: The President can't make or change laws! That's what Congress does! The president can veto proposed laws and appoint -

:Jacob: Thank you, Jayce.

I draw out the map of the base as I understand it.

:Jacob: Well, if you don't think we could somehow get access to a truck, does anybody have a good plan for stealing one?
No. 317604 ID: 00d3d5

"None of us have had maintenance performed for over twenty years, yet you gave me a gun and the skill to use it.
Further, you are acting president by dint of being the only living person eligible for the role.

Your complaints are invalid. If I am going to travel with you then I need to know what you are hiding."
No. 317608 ID: 00d3d5

Took too long writing. Damn.
"The president is commander in chief. That makes you their superior.
If you could give me enough information on yourself to unambiguously identify you then I could ask for information on you.
I could also ask for protocol for next-in-line should a living human be discovered.

Unless, of course, you are not a human but a very advanced android."
No. 317616 ID: 41b4e5

jegus. for a robot, your handwriting is pretty hard to read.

the trucks are on the far right with two nearby guards. if they could create a distraction at the other side (read: blow up the fucking barracks) and flee, you might be able cross the fence to steal a truck in the meantime.
No. 317639 ID: 0d095c

Okay. This guy is either Cobra Commander, or completely suicidal. This is an at least PARTIALLY operational airbase, filled with Combat Androids. And as its' an airfield, I must assume it's full of drones. Even if by SOME miracle we managed to steal a truck without being machinegunned to death, they could just A) Bomb us back to the Stone Age, B) Shoot out the tires and capture us anyway, or C) Remotely shut off the truck's engine, or simply wait for it to stop as they haven't performed maintenance or refueled it in nearly THIRTY YEARS.

Point all these facts to Jacob-who-is-definitely-not-a-terrorist. And point out to Jacob that all the old subroutines have broken down, to the point where even if the robots were supposed to hunt criminals, they probably don't give a damn anymore. And then ditch him. Cmon, the Robot Empire would be awesome! We can dump this suicidal Nazi-Cyborg.... Wait.

Holy shit. I think I figured it out. How could one man have survived in this apocalyptic wasteland for thirty years in a radioactive hell hole infected with a plague so deadly it killed absolutely every human everywhere? Answer: He couldn't. JACOB IS A REPLICANT ANDROID, AND THEREFORE ILLEGAL. THAT'S why he won't go to the base even though he's the only remaining authority the robots can obey. He knows they'll immediately detect he isn't human and blow him away. That's how he knows enough about robotics to build his crazy companion, and how he's lived all this time.
No. 317650 ID: 2563d4

Not really. Eight guard bots and a fat controller is still eight too many, especially ones who are paying attention to a comms array right next to the truck pool.

Frankly I'm kind of stumped for a better plan than "howdy neighbour, can I borrow a cup of trucks?" I'm sure wasting time with all these four-hour walks back and forth isn't a terrible idea.

Damnit, nobody asked the milbots about the roachfriends, either.
No. 317787 ID: 221021

Well, this may be a longshot, but maybe we could purchase a truck, like trade for it or something. He's got a lot of machine parts he's not using, maybe they need one for something.
No. 317982 ID: 383006
File 130911106904.jpg - (247.82KB , 1000x700 , 41.jpg )

:CLara: Okay, but look, you are the last human so you have to be the de facto president and that means all the military robots have to listen to you and do as you say!

:Jacob: Why? Why would that be the case? Didn't you already say that if you tell the military robots about a living human they will secure and then run tests on them? That sounds like the total opposite of doing everything I say. Frankly, I have no idea what they'll do, and it seems to me like banking on the off chance that they will magically bow to my command is a risk I'm not willing to take. I don't think any sane person would!

You know. He might be a super illegal android. I have no idea. I haven't touched him or anything.

:clara: Well, I still think attacking the base is a stupid plan. They will shoot us with guns.

:Jacob: Do you have some kind of other idea? This is-

[exclaim!] That was an impressive backflip from the top bunk.

:Jayce: Plans! Stop shouting! Your fighting makes me sad! Stop stop stop! Plans!

She's holding that handstand pretty well.

:jayce: Okay, Clara could try to go bargain with them! We have a truck and lots of parts! Maybe they need things! Or we could try a distraction/somethingsomething or we could just not worry about those trucks and look for other trucks! All the trucks! Just, stop fighting!
No. 318066 ID: 55a07c

maybe the most constructive thing to do at this point would be to return to the base and ask about all those things we forgot to ask, such as whether they want to trade, are willing to part with a truck, what they want with the last of the humans, and so on.

or we could dangle a hamburger from a stick in front of a giant roach and use it as a mount.
No. 318069 ID: cd63e9

I think hes just nervous about what military robots that have started to go strange might do to him. Military robots are probably allowed to harm individuals if it might help the group, so they might not think twice about dissecting him to try and bring back the human race.
No. 318090 ID: 0d095c

NO. DON'T DO THAT. They're sentient beings! That'll just piss them off!
No. 318092 ID: 35e1a0

just step outside for a bit.
No. 318095 ID: 2563d4

I approve completely of this suggestion, including Plan B.

So long as it is Plan B, anyway.
No. 318105 ID: 0d095c

Also, we could ask for some Combat Modules. So we can stop failing to defend ourselves from giant robo crows.
No. 318106 ID: 35e1a0

best idea for distraction i got is to have some come out of the base to deal with the mechacrow thing monster.
No. 318115 ID: 00d3d5

"You're right, Joyce. Do you have any mechanics skill cores? If I can tell what they need I'll have an easier time negotiating and finding parts. Also, do you have a spare active scanner around here?
Jacob, I'm not going to fight you on this anymore, but I'm also not going to try to rob a military base. I like being alive too much."
No. 320500 ID: 383006
File 130958470351.jpg - (264.85KB , 1000x700 , 42.jpg )

Well, Okay, looks like I should go back and talk to the Army Guys. It might behoove me to go ahead and load a skill module into the last slot in my Skill Drive. Jayce recommended some she thought might be useful.

I have "Maidpack 4" which is lots of basic cleaning and etiquette stuff, "Advanced Art of Tea," "Basic First Aid," "Advanced Baking and Cooking: Meat and Treats from America, Europe and Asia," "Polite Companion," "Be Seen and Not Heard" which is essentially about moving silently and being unobtrusive when appropriate, and "Basic Small Arms," Which gives basic training with handguns and smgs.

I'd rather not remove any of the ones I have already, but I still have an open slot for something else. "Fixit" is a basic repair module, "Ninja Babe" has some companion components, a little stealth and a little unarmed combat, "Classy Chauffeur" has some moderate driving skills for a variety of land vehicles, "Violence Beatdown" is a decent unarmed and melee skill module for bodyguards and police-like roles, "Soap" is for making soap, and "Cumguzzling Size Queen" is a companion module.

What should I pick, and how should I approach the army base?
No. 320521 ID: 00d3d5

"Maidpack 4" - This is a hopeless mess that you have no chance of cleaning, and the etiquette is covered by "Polite Companion"
"Advanced Art of Tea" - Regrettable, but there is no tea here.
"Be Seen and Not Heard" - Improved version available.

"Fixit" - Mechanical skill is vital.
"Ninja Babe" - Improved stealth over "Seen and not heard"
"Classy Chauffeur" - Driving skill is vital if a vehicle is acquired.
"Violence Beatdown" - Self defense saves bullets, and your most likely opponents are hostile robots.

Take all your existing ones with you so you can swap them out later.

Scrounge up some of Jacob's hair and take it with you. It may or may not come in handy.

Approach the army base as before.
No. 320522 ID: cd63e9

this with the exception of not swapping out be seen and not herd for ninja babe. its not an improvement over the stealth we have but has a little of stealth and hand to hand.
No. 320532 ID: 065795

Unless you strongly believe that the knowledge and ability to make tea and set dinner tables will help you at the military base, consider replacing some modules. Keep them safe for later, of course. They may be the last of their kind.
No. 320555 ID: 030b18


sounds good. although, ask if these are all legal. we don't want to get in trouble with the military.
No. 320604 ID: 1e9d01

She said she's NOT going to remove any dammit.

Classy Chauffeur would work well if we're gonna trade parts for a truck. Right now I don't think Clara knows how to drive at all, aside from the basic understanding of how cars work. We'd probably wind up banging up the truck good on the way back.
No. 320606 ID: 2563d4

>I'd rather not remove any of the ones I have already
Ok, how about a plan that actually works within that constraint:
>"Classy Chauffeur" has some moderate driving skills for a variety of land vehicles
While "Fixit" seems more generally useful, this seems essential if they do actually part with a truck and don't offer/insist on providing a driver of their own.
No. 320611 ID: 0d095c

Get the Ninja Module, and possibly VIOLENCE BEATDOWN if you feel you can take it without developing INstability.
No. 320653 ID: 28e94e

Adv. Tea → Fixit
Maidpack → Chauffeur
Free slot → Violence

Soap will come in handy in the long run so make sure you don't misplace it.
No. 320752 ID: b1f0e2

remove isn't destroy, when traveling you should have combat ones loaded. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to make tea / etc simply swap some weapons skill for tea making for the duration of your tea making.

So yes, definitely do some switching.

So anyways, do that >>320521
No. 320790 ID: 0d095c

One more thing. Clara mentioned she had basic medical diagnostics. Is that part of the Maid Pack, or is it inherent in the hardware? Because basic medical diagnostics could come in handy if we come across any other humans, dead or otherwise. (And I still say he's a replicant)
No. 320816 ID: 049dfa


Ninja Babe has 'some' stealth, we don't know if it's really any better than 'seen but not heard.' It also has companion qualities, and keeping Clara's personality stable is probably a pretty good idea. Sure, it gives us melee capacity, but it'd probably be better to swap out a different one for violence beatdown (which is almost certainly more focused on the melee aspect) for that.

So ninja babe just isn't very appealing. Especially since the 'stealth' and 'hand to hand' aspects probably lead to the sort of ninja babe you usually see in porn, where they get caught and lose a fight and then fuck a lot.

Soap and Cumguzzling Size Queen are right-out.

Between Fixit and Chauffer, there is one extremely important consideration here. Jacob is totally right there. He can do anything we'd be able to do with fixit and then some.

In short: Chauffer for the free slot. If swapping anything else in, it should be violence beatdown. Probably for maidpack.
No. 320888 ID: 180ec2

Hmm, do you have even basic knowledge of driving? If not, and these aren't autonomous vehicles, then definitely pick "Classy Chauffeur", because we need a truck. If you could passably drive a truck without extra modules, then you should probably pick "Ninja Babe". My reasoning for this is that Jacob and Jayce can probably do any mechanical stuff you need (though if something happened to them or you ended up going far away for something it might be useful to have, and you really aren't built for heavy combat. Increased stealth, and some basic ability to defend yourself unarmed, would probably be best. "Soap", despite having the best picture, is not very useful, and "Cumguzzling Size Queen" has pretty much no use, seeing as pretty much everybody that can be seduced or serviced is dead. (Why the heck did Jayce recommend this?)
No. 320994 ID: c015d8


Because her brain is fried on account of how many skillchips she has jammed into her.
No. 321237 ID: 17218f

You mark my words, Cumguzzling Size Queen will prove worthwhile in the near future, somehow.

If you guys insist on swapping out something, I would suggest Advanced Tea in exchange for Fixit, in case trucks are broken. If a tea situation comes up, we will just have to rely on Polite Companion and Maid 4 to get through the basics.
No. 321498 ID: 62d936

>not wanting Cumguzzling Size Queen
What's about siphoning gas for the truck?
It's like the most important one.
No. 323916 ID: f5fe2f

Judging by the image, Soap is probably really useful.
No. 327320 ID: 383006
File 131095541103.jpg - (136.50KB , 613x700 , 43.jpg )

Okay, I get Classy Chauffeur installed. I really don't want to replace anything, but I guess if I had to I could replace my companion mod with the Ninja one. It will add to the stealth I already have, so my stealth will be quite good, and give me some unarmed skills that could be OK. The only thing I'm willing to replace is the companion mod though, the other ones have been part of me for so long that I feel like they're important to who I am.

So, do I just take the driving one, or do I replace my companion mod? If I replace it, should I replace it with Violence Beatdown or Ninja Babe?
No. 327322 ID: 180ec2

Definitely ninja. Stealth is probably going to be more feasible for any trouble you get into, because you're not exactly built for fighting, although some amount of skill would help, which this provides.
No. 327323 ID: 07416a

Replace polite companion with Ninja. Avoiding violence is more valuable than knowing how to beat people up.
No. 327325 ID: 07416a

Replace polite companion with Ninja. Avoiding violence is more valuable than knowing how to beat people up, but you really should replace teatime with fixit. You can put it back later...
No. 327329 ID: 1854db

I agree, replace Polite Companion with Ninja Babe. I really doubt we're ever going to use the companion stuff ever again anyway.
No. 327330 ID: 2563d4

Do not replace.

If nothing else we are going to be trying DIPLOMACY! *magical sparkles*
No. 327340 ID: 28e94e

You know, depending on where exactly the modules plug in we might be better off just keeping all our old modules, then using the last two slots for hot-swapping between the various combat/utility modules as needed.

If it's somewhere that's difficult to access, or if you need to power down to swap, then yeah just go with the current setup (Chauffeur and all the old modules).
No. 327349 ID: e3f578

You haven't poured tea in years! You're a slightly different person now since the bombs have fallen, and tea isn't a part of it, replace that one. Why don't you just keep the tea module as a memento for old times? Make it into a necklace Polite companion is too useful and has probable cause to change your personality, what if you become a jackass when you remove that?
No. 327448 ID: 9c538a

Seriously though, your Polite Companion module has saved your life more than once. Take those insects for instance. Being polite was the difference between being their cook and their chew toy. And the human. Could you have possibly incurred his wrath without that module? Those security robots seemed pretty gruff until you politely asked to be shown around. And finally Jeanne would have been self terminated had it not been your impeccable tact in revealing to her the sad news. Surely the Politeness module is where burial proceedings are stored?

You may not value that module but it seems essential to your survival and the well being of many others. Never underestimate the power of politeness. If you do use the Ninja module in lieu of the Polite Companion module, you will be facing different and possibly greater obstacles in interpersonal interactions. But you'll also probably be able to swear like a sailor so it's not all bad. I would suggest you swap out Be Seen And Not Heard for Ninja. Far from being cumulative, it sounds like those would be redundant. If Ninja Babe makes you even less stealthy however, I wouldn't go with it despite the unarmed combatant perks. The companion perks aren't likely to be useful until you have a working vagina module.

To summarize:

Maidpack 4 and Etiquette - [LOCKED]
Advanced Art of Tea - [DOUBLY LOCKED]
Basic First Aid - EXTREMELY important as long as the human's alive.
Advanced Baking and Cooking: Meat and Treats from America, Europe and Asia - Hey it's saved your butt twice already. If the shoe fits, eat it!
Polite Companion - not locked? Anyway might be necessary to survive in this post apocalyptic wasteland.
Be Seen and Not Heard - Swap for Ninja Babe if the latter proffers more stealth.
Basic Small Arms - Saved your chassis from becoming gargoyle chow. Shotguns lying everywhere. Keep it.
Fixit - You can swap this one for First Aid in about fourty years or however long it takes the human to die.
Ninja Babe - see above
Classy Chauffeur - Well I guess that could be useful. Wasn't the human going to drive thougH?
Violence Beatdown - Very useful if you get a more heavy duty chassis, some armor plating, and some power behind those spindly girly arms. Not so much useful now. Your arm is as likely to fly off the moment you try a full nelson.
Soap - Really? What was this scavenged from a soap making factory? It will probably only apply to a certain kind of soapmaking process that took resources and factories unavailable during a post-apocalyptic barbecue.
No. 327454 ID: 1854db

Guys, Companion mods are just SEX. Polite Companion is polite sex. Maidpack 4 and Etiquette along with Be Seen and Not Heard are what are defining her personality in most interactions.
No. 327464 ID: 51853c


said who?
No. 327492 ID: 383006

JUST TO AVOID CONFUSION: companion mods mostly delineate how an android interacts with her master (sex stuff, and also pretending to listen and things like that). Jayce should have been more clear in the /dis thread. It's significant personality change, but, with a few exceptions, that change isn't focused on how the android will treat random people on the street. Clara's politeness and knowledge of etiquette mostly come from her Maid Pack stuff (and her default personality). Also, all skill mods are CUMULATIVE up to a maximum. So if Clara has nothing but stealth mods, she'll be retardedly sneaky (Clara straight up said that above.) Ninja Babe has less stealth than Be Seen and Not Heard.
No. 327723 ID: 383006
File 131102884404.jpg - (261.83KB , 1000x700 , 44.jpg )

Hey, there could be plenty of tea just around the corner. I'm not giving up my tea.

Okay, I can drive, and I leave in my companion mod and head out in a truck full of spare parts that'll probably be compatible with these guys.

What's the plan exactly? Am I here to sell out Jacob? Get the trucks? What questions do I have for the soldiers? Anything I need to tell them about?
No. 327736 ID: 00d3d5

You're here to find-out exactly what they would do to a surviving human and what authority the last living citizen would have over robotic forces.
Also: Negotiate for a truck, tell them about the abomination, ask if they have any spare skill mods, ask if they can read the encrypted chips, ask if they are enforcing civilian law, and suggest that the remaining military forces should start sending search parties out to recover and repair androids in order to establish a maintenance and repair corps for vital infrastructure and any systems required to ensure continued function - such as factories producing parts.
No. 327746 ID: 2563d4

- Ask their stance on the roaches.
- Ask precisely what they want to do to surviving humans to get the DNA sample.
- Ask for/to trade for a truck, pretty please.
- Or, failing that, an escort up to the science wassit we want to get to.
- Tell them about the horrible puppet abomination that's a threat to anything around it, and ask if they want to go shoot it.

...I think I got everything.
No. 328189 ID: 15b51b

I don't see what there is to be gained by asking about the roaches. They probably don't know about them yet, and would see them as a threat.

Sure, you'll feel bad if you find out that the hamburger meat's made from ground up humans or something, but how likely is that, really?

Jacob is our friend, even if he is a secret robot. Don't sell him out. Just try to get a vehicle. It's unlikely that they'll just give you a truck, but at least try asking. If that doesn't work, offer them spare parts.
No. 328562 ID: 701a19

Oh, yes! Ask them to identify what creature the meat comes from!
We only really care if it's human meat, so they should be able to do that.
No. 330567 ID: 383006
File 131151986435.jpg - (164.94KB , 1000x700 , 45.jpg )

Jn-077 escorts me inside and I go up to the logistics robot. Time to ask questions all over the place.

:clara: So, if you found a human, what exactly would you do? Would he have any special authority?

:dtran5: The human would have medical tests performed to see if any cure could be derived from it. The human would then be detained indefinitely while information we extract is sent to my superior. I would await further orders at that point, maintaining a state of readiness. The human would have whatever authority its position merited. If it were just a normal citizen that was acquired, it would have no special authority. I posit that the human would be potentially used as a source of genetic material for cloning to begin a repopulation project of some kind.

:clara: There are giant roaches around here. Have they been a problem for you?

:dtran5: These are harvesters that the invaders created to gather food for them. We destroy them on sight.

:clara: Are you sending out search parties or anything? Won't there be some infrastructure problems eventually if we don't make sure everything is maintained properly? Also, are you doing any regular police action?

:dtran5: That is not my purpose or function. I maintain this base in a state of readiness. Higher chain of command makes appropriate decisions concerning infrastructure. We destroy illegal androids when we find them to harvest parts, but otherwise there is no real law to maintain.

:clara: If I got some meat, could you tell me what it's made out of?

:dtran5: I could send data upstream for scientific analysis, but do not have the capacity to determine that on my own.

:clara: There is this android near the Starfire building that is luring other androids in and then illegally modifying itself with their parts after it destroys them. I thought you should know. It's in a big office building about two blocks away.

:dtran5: Troublesome. I am now dispatching four soldiers to deal with it.

That leaves only four other soldiers on the base. I notice that it doesn't move or anything. It's probably capable of interfacing directly with the other soldiers.

:clara: Do you have any extra skill mods or anything? Also, I brought some parts in my truck. I want to travel farther out and see what is outside the city, but the range on my truck is far too small, although it's fine for the city. Would you be willing to trade with me?

:dtran5: I have inspected the contents of your vehicle while we spoke. I will allow this bargain if you maintain radio communications with this base and report your findings. I will be monitoring the position of the vehicle at all times.

I hear a vehicle drive off outside.
No. 330569 ID: 00d3d5

If you have any uncooked meat left then give them a sample.
"Where would I have to go to speak with your supervisor?

I do not know the source of the meat gathered by the insects. Because it is possible that the meat is human I would advise securing samples for testing.

I posit that if a human is the last known human then said human would be the de-facto highest authority. This is vital to retrieval efforts as any surviving humans are very likely to resist retrieval at all costs should their freedom be at risk, but unlikely to leave the safety of the base if they are allowed to do so.

Maintaining this base in a state of readiness requires maintaining its supply lines as failure to secure and maintain sources of parts and power will inevitably result in loss of both, ergo resources must be committed to preserving local vital infrastructure.

Your bargain is acceptable."
No. 330592 ID: 2563d4

Under no circumstances press the human aspect or mention Jacob (or Jayce) ever again. I'm sure it's not thick enough to not eventually cotton on.

Take the new truck and skedaddle to somewhere in walking distance of Jacob, but not where he actually lives.
No. 330636 ID: 1854db

Say that you will report your findings but you don't feel comfortable being tracked. Offer some more information on the roaches in exchange for him disabling the tracking device. That information would be that they act friendly to you, are utilizing you as a cook and have attempted repeatedly to communicate with you, going so far as to set up a room for you to stay in while also giving you the option to leave. Do not reveal the location of their nest.
No. 330713 ID: 5aac32

Yeah, let's not talk about the human thing again. It's clear that they view themselves as soldiers first and foremost, and obey only their chain of command. Would a soldier obey some random civilian?

Getting the meat tested might be worthwhile, or might not. But I recommend caution around those soldiers. Don't bring the truck you're trading all the way back to Jacob and Jayce.
No. 339095 ID: 383006
File 131310567432.jpg - (307.45KB , 850x700 , 46.jpg )

Okay, basically I don't have any bargaining power at all. I refrain from telling him about Jayce or mentioning humans again at all, and I figure if he guesses I know where the roaches are, he'll just force me to tell him to they can kill them all. He did say they shoot them on sight.

More importantly, I've technically succeeded in my mission!

I drive the truck over near the wreckage of the Starfire plant and give it a look. Okay, I see the GPS bits but, shit!

There is a Core in here! And cameras, mics, all kinds of shit! If it has a Core, it could have active scanners! I almost didn't notice this stuff. I only have very basic repair skills, so I don't think I can really tamper with any of it without alerting D-Tran 5. On the bright side, there are a bunch of spare batteries in the back, so I can replace the one I'm missing!

Okay, I'm afraid to bring Jacob or Jayce anywhere near this thing. It's a good thing I didn't drive straight there. Oh, I can hear gunfire coming from somewhere in the general direction of the gargoyle's tower.

What the hell should I do?
No. 339097 ID: 180ec2

Head on over there, I guess.
No. 339102 ID: 1854db

Let's check out the gunfire. Sneakily. Maybe we can nab some good parts after the Gargoyle is dead, if the military guys don't just confiscate it all.
No. 339108 ID: 2563d4

If it's less than a few hours away, walk to Jacob's and tell him the situation. Perhaps he'll hand you the data wassit and send you to the science thingamajig, or maybe you'll be able to swap out skills for something that can futz with the sensors.
No. 339292 ID: 55c4cf


Supporting this, going towards gunfire is a dumb idea.
No. 339296 ID: e8cd4a

Relevant skill mods should be the next goal. Can you do anything besides lurk about the commotion or attract tons of attention trying ? Get the batteries, at any rate.
No. 339391 ID: 383006
File 131319124504.jpg - (217.62KB , 850x700 , 47.jpg )

Oh hey, I forgot to mention something from before. I drove back the way I walked last time, more or less, but I didn't see a single roach. I think they hide from the army trucks.

Okay, I'll leave the tower alone for now. I hoof it to Jacob's.

Once inside, I inform him of the situation.

:jacob: Well, I don't want to go anywhere near it then.

:Clara: I guess I could trade out some stuff for some appropriate skills and try to deal with it myself.

:Jacob: Deal with it how? I have a feeling if we start disabling things then the Logistics robot will know. We could scrap the GPS and any other communications equipment and just run I guess. I can also give you a Core Interface so you can talk with it, but I don't know that the logistics robot won't be listening in. It's a great truck, though, from what you've told me.

:Jayce: Hey! Hey! It sort of depends on how fast the other soldierbots will respond too! Are we gonna go walkies?! I so wanna go walkies! Walkies!

:Jacob: Jayce, you can't go near it until Clara gives us the all clear.

Okay, so what's the plan and how should I approach it. This could be pretty dangerous so I'd like some detail here.
No. 339401 ID: 1854db

I think we should try talking to it, at least. We shouldn't say anything the logistics robot would disapprove of until we figure out if he's listening... but talking to it would be interesting regardless.
No. 339462 ID: e8cd4a

core interface and test the waters. we want to gauge how 'loud' dealing with this is, somewhere not roaches / tower / starfire. it's hard to determine how busy the soldiers are, but it's a better window than full-ready to scrap + run, or, if you're really ready to stir the hive and book it, sever the core and everything not-truck.
No. 339469 ID: 00d3d5

Use the radio to ask what they do about illegal androids that are harmless. Custom companion droids and the like.
No. 339568 ID: 2563d4

No. No no no. No.

I guess go for the core interface malarky.
No. 339624 ID: 55c4cf

Disabling shit and cloaking through sounds like a legit plan.
No. 341906 ID: 383006
File 131387496362.jpg - (282.71KB , 850x700 , 48.jpg )

I let them pull out all my skill drives and fill me with repair and robotics mods. It.. I feel gross. I feel hollowed out and wrong. Confused.

Let's get this over with.

I take the interface device and walk back to the car.

I open up the panel on the back of the truck to get access to the core. Yeah, it's hooked up to a long range radio transmitter antenna and there is also a satellite uplink, so it can communicate back to the base. I have no idea D-tran can directly access it, or if it chooses what to send him. Here goes. My head still feels wrong, and I'm not sure what to ask it.

I connect the interface, and a little face blank comes up on the screen.

:sspy: "Please close the security panel please. There is no need to do maintenance on this vehicle please."
No. 341912 ID: 1854db

Just tell it you wanted to talk since this is your vehicle now, sortof. How's he like driving around and stuff?
No. 341916 ID: f4854a

tell it you're not doing maintenance, you just want to talk to a robot that isn't unstable and trying to kill you. try to be polite, if it's possible without those skill drives.

if it *does* go horribly wrong, cut off its satellite link, but only as a last resort and only if it's possible.
No. 341926 ID: e8cd4a

are you man enough to murder a consciousness
No. 341927 ID: 383006
File 131387813148.jpg - (267.85KB , 850x700 , 49.jpg )

Oh, I can disable the GPS or the long range radio, but I can't do both at the same time. I could get the core out too, but there's an emergency transmitter. No matter what, I won't have long to run once I start tampering with things.

I decide what to say, but talking seems so much more difficult. I'm having trouble stringing the right words together.

:clara: I'm not doing maintenance. I just wanted to talk to you. If you're going to be riding around with us, I want to know more about you. You like riding?

I hope that doesn't sound too stupid.

:sspy: I am here to insure that you don't steal D-tran 5's truck and also find out what you plan on using it for. Please make things easy and tell me your secret plan please.
No. 341931 ID: 1854db

Ask it why it thinks you have some sort of secret plan.
No. 341932 ID: f4854a

"D-tran5's truck"? What are you, then? Is this truck only a platform for your software, or are you bound to your hardware like androids?
No. 341934 ID: f4854a

let's try to keep the conversation topic on him instead of secret plans or secrets that may or may not exist
No. 341946 ID: 55c4cf

Seduce adorable sad AI.
No. 341963 ID: 383006
File 131388294354.jpg - (268.28KB , 850x700 , 50.jpg )

We aren't really tied to our hardware exactly. Tampering with a core will fry it, but somebody could pull my core out without messing with it, and put it in a different body. As long as my core supported that layout, I'd be able to operate properly. I imagine that the army cores can probably interface with most of their vehicles. No need to have a separate driver. I can only use Starfire MEIDO-series android bodies, though.

:clara:"so, why do you think I have a secret plan?"

:sspy: "D-Tran 5 was suspicious of you and your plan. Or maybe not. It is a fail safe on the off chance you have a secret plan. Please tell me all of your secrets so I can report them to D-Tran 5 please."

I have no idea how to seduce it.

:Clara: "Do you, uh, want to be friends or something?"

:sspy: "Please tell me all of your secrets and we can be best friends then please. All friends always tell other friends all of their secrets."

The way I see it, if I jerk the core out, the satellite blips. If I tear out the gps, the core tells on me over the radio. If I start tampering, it'll probably also tell on me. There is about a four second lag on satellite communications, though. Also, it can actually control the truck.
No. 341971 ID: e3f578

Apologize but indicate that is a false statement. Friends do keep secrets from each other, make some crap up about how you learned while being a made that secrets a very large part of human culture or something or that it's a part of your maid programming, so that you couldn't tell him regardless of the existence of a secret or not, secret-keeping is a part of your maid programming.

Tell him secret plans are stuff humans enjoy making anyway thanks to their obsession with spy novels and other such drivel. Fundamentally, they aren't very practical.
No. 341981 ID: 2563d4

>Also, it can actually control the truck.
Well balls. If you rip out the radio, then go for that control ability, will it still trigger the emergency transmitter? Or is that only if the core gets removed/broken?
No. 341988 ID: 1854db

Is there any risk to removing the radio, then the GPS and then the core?
No. 341989 ID: 55c4cf

Tell him a completely inaccurate secret plan and then disconnect everything. You will need to immediately travel if so.
No. 341995 ID: 9c538a

You know what? Fuck the human and the military robots! Tell him that you have no secrets and don't tell them about the human, and just go to the next city without the human. You don't need to help any of them! It's not like

...oh god

the human has your tea skill drive. YOU MUST PROTECT THE TEA SKILL DRIVE
No. 342018 ID: 383006
File 131390153304.jpg - (270.46KB , 850x700 , 51.jpg )

Fast. Fast. I need to hurry.

:clara: "Well, human friends don't tell each others secreted immediately. It takes time to earn trust first, then you start telling secrets"

:sspy: "And how long does that - WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

:clara: "I just finished disconnecting the radio transmitter and the satellite uplink. maybe you should calm down."

Disconnected control to the truck.


If I cut the GPS, D-tran 5, if he is constantly tracking my position, will immediately know what I've done. I cut everything else in the order you told me, and if we're lucky he won't know what I've done until he checks in and tries to talk to this Core.

I can disable the scanners and cameras too. No idea if I cut the satellite before he sent a signal. Should I pop the core? It'll send the emergency signal if I do.

So, where do I go and how fast?
No. 342020 ID: 07416a

Drive away. Keep talkin to the lil dude.
No. 342049 ID: 2563d4

>Should I pop the core? It'll send the emergency signal if I do.
I wouldn't bother, if you're sure you've cut its ability to do anything more than sadface at you. Scanners/cameras might be able to be repurposed for our own use?

With the GPS/radio knobbled, it should be safe to drive hell-for-leather to Jacob's to pick him and Jayce up and get your brain back. Then onward to science.
No. 342060 ID: 00d3d5

Don't forget spiderfriend!
No. 342065 ID: 1854db

Yeah we can't forget her. Disable the cameras and everything. We should keep the core in here, and later when we find another vehicle to replace the truck we can drive back to the city and reattach the cameras and core control so that he can return the truck.

Please tell the core that you're planning to let him return the truck later, and that's why he'll be coming along.
No. 342068 ID: 28e94e

Don't forget to disconnect it from the engine itself. Don't want it dragging us back to base the moment we get in.
No. 342131 ID: 383006
File 131396521547.jpg - (343.75KB , 850x700 , 52.jpg )

I tell him that he's going to drive the truck back after we're done, but I can't let him mess with anything right now.

Okay, I kill the GPS. They're coming for me now for sure. Cameras, active scanners and everything else cut. I high tail it to Jacob's. They already have a bunch of boxes and junk stacked up outside, and he's got a little Argon Robotics helper powered up too. I inform Jacob and Jayce of the need for haste and we start loading boxes as fast as we can.

It looks like he's going to take the helper up front and drive, and me and Jayce will ride in the back.

I never told them about Jeanne. I guess I need to decide whether we leave her at her mansion or bring her with us. She uses batteries, so it'll reduce the range on our truck if I bring her. There are a lot of batteries back here, though, don't know if it'll matter.
No. 342136 ID: e8cd4a

do it. there will be all the tea time
No. 342137 ID: 2563d4

She can contribute literally nothing; bringing her along is endangering her for no reason, and endangering anyone else (say, you) who tries to prevent that; and going for her is delaying you at a time when you need to get a move on because there are soldiers driving a truck out of their base right now hunting after you.

Get moving.
No. 342141 ID: 1854db

What the fuck is that thing. Livestock are still alive?

Get your old skill drives back in, too.
No. 342142 ID: ec0bf5

I'm sorry, but we can't just go recruiting every single robot in the world, at least not one by one. I think just about everybody you meet is going to be like that, so you shouldn't get sentimental for every single person you meet. She will be fine, she's survived this long.
No. 342147 ID: 26eb87

(I believe you will find that is the not-scary side of a certain damaged bunnybot's head, not a cow)

Jeanne is a totally custom AI. You should ask Jacob if that would make her easier or harder to modify. Her current programming is not especially helpful, but if modifications could be made without making her brain explode she might be helpful.
No. 342158 ID: 9c538a

With your personality-related skill modules removed you pretty much have nothing to rely on for interacting with others aside from us. oh god get them back nao
No. 342671 ID: 6708d8

don't abandon Jeanne!
and besides, this guy's good enough with his tools he can probably mod her to work off of another power source.
also, power in numbers and all that.
No. 351882 ID: 383006
File 131684550903.jpg - (184.95KB , 800x700 , 53.jpg )

Having a custom AI makes Jeanne pretty much totally impossible to modify. She doesn't even have a skill drive. I like her and all, but I guess it's best if I don't involve her in this. I don't say anything as we load into the truck and head out. Jacob takes the wheel, and Jayce and I go into the back.

I buckle in and soon enough we're on our way. I just hope we make it out without running into any patrols.

Jayce is more than happy enough to put my original skill mods back in. I keep the Chauffeur in my formerly-empty slot, but it's not really a big deal to change it.

After we've been on the road for a while, Jayce unbuckles and leans over to me.

:jayce: "Hey, Hey Clara. Clara, can you help me out, please? Pretty pretty please?,"

She's rubbing under my chin while she asks.

:Jayce: "you're here and Jacob is through that door. I brought some of my companion mods with me. Please please please help me out and put some of them in. I want to be a pretty girl so bad! I've got plenty of empty slots and I want to be a pretty girl so please please please put some companion mods in me pretty please!"

She flutters her eyelashes at me, leaning against the armrest of my chair.
No. 351883 ID: 1854db

Bad idea. Really.
No. 351884 ID: e8cd4a

lets not. insist jacob should know first.
No. 351885 ID: 11bbf5

NO. Tell her she is already a pretty girl and a good companion, putting the mods in would probably cause a pretty girl overload and she'd probably explode, and you can't be a good companion if you explode.

In the meantime you two can totally have sex anyways.
No. 351912 ID: 2563d4

No. 351938 ID: a2fa74

Offer to let her put a companion mod in you so you can teach her.
No. 352004 ID: 383006
File 131689231782.jpg - (151.60KB , 850x700 , 54.jpg )

:Clara: No, Jayce. I don't think that's a very good idea.

She jumps up on my lap, wrapping one arm around my back.

:Jayce: I thought we were friends, Clara. Why won't you be a friend and help me out?

:Clara: I think I should talk to Jacob before I do something like that.

I detect her claws pressing against the small of my back.

:Jayce: Jacob is stupid sometimes. He doesn't understand that I really want to be pretty and he won't let me be pretty and I need to be pretty Clara. Please help me? Please?

:Clara: You're already a pretty girl, Jayce. If I mess around with your skills it'll probably damage you. You can't be anything if your core is fried.

:Jayce: Clara, it's super sweet that you care about whether or not I explode. I knew you were my friend! That means you've just got to help me! All the skill drives are already installed, and they still have empty slots. Just stick it right in. Right in there. Come on Clara!

She rubbed her other hand against her stomach.

I won't have sex with anyone besides my master. Geez, but Jayce is really starting to creep me out.

She's bouncing up and down on my lap

:Jayce: Please Clara, please! Jacob doesn't need to know! I want to be sexy!
No. 352009 ID: 1854db

Claws against the small of your back? Is she threatening you?

Maybe we should get Jacob.
No. 352022 ID: e3f578

Skill drives don't change appearance at all! They can't make someone sexy, they program skills. In this case, porno skills. She isn't having sex with anyone, you or Jacob because i doubt he's into robots or robot animals, especially hyperactive robot animals. He doesn't seem the type.

Tell her to stop being illogical, skill drives can't make her more sexy.
No. 352030 ID: 1854db

Isn't there another way she can feel sexy? Maybe we can get her some fancy clothes or a proper skin?
No. 352064 ID: ec0bf5

Explain to her that you will if she really really really wants to, but that it's not a good idea, and it's not going to make her more sexy. You can help her do things to actually make her sexy.
No. 352120 ID: e8cd4a

No. 352129 ID: e3f578

you could also lie here I mean like say that your programming won't allow for you to perform any form of invasive maintenance on other androids such as skill chip removing or putting one in without the explicit permission of the owner of the android, Jacob, and your own Master. These measures were put into place when your Master was still alive, learning you installed a spare skill chip he paid for to a fellow maid next door without permission from either him or the maid's owner.
No. 352155 ID: 2563d4

Still nope.avi
No. 352670 ID: 607593

oh fuck we're entering a world of crazy. I suppose we can stall and continue arguing with her about whether or not we should put anything in her.

ask what she would do once she feels like a pretty girl and sexy? if you were to install them (and you never said you would) what would she do?
No. 352676 ID: 9c538a

>> Tell her to stop being illogical, skill drives can't make her more sexy.

>> Cumguzzling Size Queen

No. 352929 ID: 383006
File 131707797965.jpg - (123.61KB , 850x700 , 55.jpg )

:Clara: maybe if this is really important we should talk to Jacob about it...

She jumps up on my lap, her feet on my thighs, and starts sort of clumsily pawing at my face

:Jayce: No! No no no no no! Master Jacob doesn't understand anything at all and he won't help me! He doesn't understand! Help me Clara!

:Clara: Skill drives will just give you skills, Jayce. They can't make you sexy or not sexy. You're fine just the way you are.

:Jayce: No! No! I thought you would get it, Clara! If I had sexy skills I would have already gotten you to help me because I would have already won you over with my sexy skills! I Want to be pretty, Clara! I thought you were my friend! Why won't you help me?

:Clara: I don't think it's a good idea, Jayce. Why don't we get you a skin and some pretty clothes, don't you think that would make you sexy?

:Jayce: Oh yes! Yes!

She moans groping my muzzle

:Jayce: Please! A skin, and some sexy clothes would be so nice! I stole one of the skins. I have it. We can make me sexy with sexy skills and a sexy skin and sexy clothes and I will be so so so so so pretty! So pretty! Oh please oh please Clara but I need the skills too won't you help me, I just know you'll help me!

:Clara: What do you plan on doing once you're sexy?

:Jayce: It will be so great! I feel like something's missing Clara, something important that is supposed to be inside me. It's why I was built - to be such a pretty sexy girl! I just feel so so so soo wrong Clara and Jacob Master doesn't understand and it's so good that you'll help me Clara, that you'll put it in me and make me feel like such a pretty pretty girl oh please please help me! Aren't you my friend, Clara? Won't you please help me?
No. 352940 ID: f70e5e

it seems that if an android is missing there core skill drives it makes them less stable. good to know, those three chips that you feel are a part of you? never remove them.
No. 352945 ID: ec0bf5

Yeah, it will probably make her more stable if you do it. It should be fine.
No. 352955 ID: a2fa74

"This is a terrible idea that might kill you, but if you REALLY feel incomplete without those skill drives...
Just take the skin off when you're working, ok?
Then touch your bare metal arm to the bare metal side of your face.
No. 352962 ID: 07416a

Put your fist inside of her
No. 352969 ID: 9c538a

Makes sense to me. She'd do the same for you if Jacob wouldn't let you have tea.
No. 352970 ID: 07416a

Open her skill drive slot. She'll shut down. Then tell Jacob.
No. 352971 ID: f70e5e

putting more skill drives in her without taking some out might well be a bad idea. also you see how she really don't want Jacob to know? there might be a reason he hasn't put any companion modules in her.
No. 352974 ID: 1854db

Review our options in skins, clothing, and companion mods. Ask her which one she remembers having originally.

We'll proooobably want to make her promise to remove the skill mod when we arrive at our destination and she has to be around Jacob again.
No. 352989 ID: e3f578

Put in tame companion mods, stuff like good conversational skills, politeness, and the tomboy module.
No. 353122 ID: 2563d4

Still nope.
No. 353224 ID: 55c4cf

tell her she's already sexy and give her a hug
No. 353488 ID: 9c538a

Voices, keep in mind that skill drives are devices that have slots for modules. Skill drives turn those little token sized modules for skills into skills. Skill drives are card readers; skill modules are the cards.

Jacob thinks Jayce is broken because Jacob installed too many skill drives in her, and is probably correct, but she wants us to install more skill modules, not more skill drives. So it's probably totally safe-


No. 353703 ID: 84b916

>Put in tame companion mods
I like this plan.
No. 353948 ID: a2aeb2

Perhaps having all those extra skill drives with nothing in them is causing part of the problem. Those drives offer guidance and focus to the android they're installed into, right?

Also, it wouldn't kill us if we happened to slip her 'polite companion'
No. 354011 ID: 779204

Watasecondhere. I thought we were female. Why is the title of the newest story post Oversex? Unless we aren't. But last I checked we were. What is going on in this crazy place?!
No. 354014 ID: e3f578

Really, the main thing I actually want here is the Tomboy module installed, but that might not even exist, but if it does and we have it then that would make her a pretty cool chick instead of an insane chick hopefully.

She'd care less about sexy stuff anyway and more about being a cool friend. Politeness would work in this direction too, but Tomboys are A++. Actually, just put in all the fucking cool companion modules. Stuff along the lines of "Comedian/Joker/Snarker", "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air", "Sunglasses at Night", "Alyson Hannigan" all work pretty well
No. 354056 ID: 0a4d03

What mod do we have available to us to put in her, anyway?
No. 354263 ID: 08015e

Okaaaaay, she is starting to worry me. Let's just give her a tenative asnswer and take a look at what skill drives we have. Perhaps we may have one that might calm her down some? Or maybe she has a skill drive in her right now that is making her act this way that we may need to remove. For now, dont give a straight yes/no answer.
No. 354337 ID: 84b916

>Why is the title of the newest story post Oversex?
That's the name and tripcode of the fellow who writes Neo Sex Mall. I think it's just the same guy for each, he just forgot to change it to Clara.
Or aybe he thought it was fitting.
No. 354367 ID: 383006
File 131742031908.jpg - (148.79KB , 850x700 , 56.jpg )

Yes, the name was a mistake. There is no significance that need worry you, gentle suggester.

Okay I tell her I'll help her and she jumps off me me and claps like a maniac. She drags out a wide, flat box. It's got two skins, one latex and the other fabric, and a fucking pile of companion modules.

:Jayce: I just knew you'd help me Clara! I knew! You absolutely can't tell Jacob at all, though, OK?

She kneels in front of me then pops open the gate to the skill drive she came with. It's mostly empty, but honestly, I probably shouldn't put in more than one companion module if it has personality-altering characteristics.

I dig though the companion modules she brought. I think these might be the least troubling.

"Cumguzzling Size Queen"

"Stockholm Slave"

"Summer Lover"

"Submissive Bisexual Seductress"

"Bondage Cum Slut"

"Submissive Lesbian Princess"


"Ninja Babe"

I have very little idea of what the companion portions of the skill mods do, other than what their names imply.
No. 354368 ID: 1854db

Submissive Lesbian Princess will probably piss Jacob off the least, as then she won't try to jump him, and since it's Submissive she won't try to jump you either.
No. 354372 ID: 0d7a83

Obviously don't use Ninja Babe unless you want her to rip you in half and rape Jacob.
Some of the others are pretty pointless. The best options would be Submissive Lesbian Princess or Stockholm Slave, as both would get her to do as she's told. The lesbian one might make her pester you, but it would get her off Jacob's back. Plus you could probably just tell her to bugger off, seeing as it makes her submissive.
No. 354374 ID: 8e18cd


Lesbian is the safest option but the bondage cum slut... you could keep her tied and gagged and she won't complain!
No. 354376 ID: 35bcde

Submissive bisexual seductress. Sounds all in all the least troublesome.

If we choose Submissive Lesbian Princess... Well, PRINCESS. She's gonna act like a princess and Jacob will notice right teh fuck off. Submissive bisexual seductress will just all-around make her less overt.
No. 354377 ID: e3f578

the hell is summer lover, is that like how a female protagonist acts in a cruddy romance novel?
i wish there were manuals to these or we had internet access

Princess may make her spoiled rotten though, so she'll nag and nag and nag until some femdom jumps her in anger. Which means there are some creepy ideas of old civilization lesbians in programmers minds. I can't believe there's a market for that.
But go for it, least awful one we have. Unless my Summer Lover prediction is completely wrong.
No. 354378 ID: 1854db

"Summer love" is a short passionate relationship.
No. 354380 ID: 44766a

Submissive Bisexual Seductress
No. 354382 ID: 1854db

Guys. A seductress is someone who attempts to seduce people.
No. 354383 ID: ec0bf5

Yeah, go with Submissive Lesbian Princess so she doesn't try anything on Jacob.
No. 354384 ID: a2aeb2

'Submissive' won't necessarily calm her down. None of them are guaranteed to with a core personality like hers. It may merely change what sort of activities she tries to coax out of Jacob.. or you.

Do you still have the other modules that weren't installed before the military base excursion? She's so keyed-up right now she probably won't reject useful skills. Especially if you allude that Jacob would like it.

Then again at this point if you implied Jacob were a necrophile she'd start playing dead.
No. 354444 ID: 78b9fc

You know what they call someone who fiddles around trying to be nice and tame, who doesn't stick it in with all their passion and exuberance? Someone who just puts the tab in the slot, afraid to open themselves emotionally to the experience? They call that person a bad lover. You want to be good, the best. There is only one choice.

Cumguzzling Size Queen. No items. Final Destination.
No. 354465 ID: 84b916
File 131745095016.jpg - (3.69MB , 2552x3686 , Isaac_Asimov01.jpg )

>"Cumguzzling Size Queen"
Is what it sounds like. This is your classic 'Whore/slut' skill-mod for the newly-pubescent and the raring-to-go horny. Known for being used by parents to teach their kids sex in lieu of more traditional approaches. Please note that the advanced options will only unlock to those with a tool* over the 6"/1" average, and that Anthrobotics reserves the right to alter this setting pending official payment at any of our local branches.

>"Stockholm Slave"
For the master who loves to beat around and fuck around a wimpering, loving victim who won't fight back, this skill-mod will make any user feel like a true master in bed and in life*.

>"Summer Lover"
Wild, passionate, and without reason to hold back, this skill mod will turn you sex-bot into the forever-teasing girl-next-door that you always wanted to fuck.

>"Submissive Bisexual Seductress"
WARNING: this skill mod is only for experienced, intelligent, or just plain older users. This skill mod will turn your pet into a coy, clever and evilly intelligent women, who dominates your mind so that you will dominate her. Thankfully, the safeguards include keep this from going to far, but there have been reports of a master becoming the sex-slave of his own pet. We at Anthrobotics Inc. assume such deviations from pre-programmed behavior is due to illegal modding, and remind you that such changes to the core AI is both punishable by law and dangerous to the user.

>"Bondage Cum Slut"
This skill mod is for the master with a bi-polar libido; only when the pet is secured and bonded will this skill mod activate in full, erotic force. Side effects include causing the pet to be unable to resist commands of self-restraint and odd behavior in the presence of free cording or rope.

>"Submissive Lesbian Princess"
WARNING: This skill mod is only for experienced users. This skill-mod was produced to satisfy the demands of men everywhere dreaming of having their own amazonian royalty to fuel their fires of youth. While it does not include the bulging muscles of a jungle warrior, the included positions will make any user unconsciously wince at the inhuman level of flexibility this skill-mod unlocks. Side effects include a preference for other female pets and women. CAUTION: This skill mod includes combat routines in the form of wrestling, advanced acrobatics, several jiu-jutsu maneuvers, exotic weapon capabilities (including bat'leth), and superb skill with more primitive ranged weaponry (i.e. javelins, archery, sling-shot, etc.)

>"Ninja Babe"
We at Anthrobotics Inc. have been so impressed by the market performance of this skillmod, that we have decided to include it in all basic packages! So consider yourself lucky, new user, to have not paid an extra cent* for this solid piece of quality firmwear! Some of the included domestic capabilities are: Spotless dusting and cleaning in the blink of an eye*, excellent balance and flexibility with the ability to never drop anything (or your money back*), pre-progammed motion and detection suites tailored specifically for moving to any hiding location unseen, allowing the pet to be ready to pounce on their master with movements crafted and honed over months of intense research to make you happy, excited*, and ready to face the day with your own Anthrobotic Inc. produced Ninja Babe at your side!
CAUTION: This skill mod includes both stealth and common-weapon skillsets, and also removes the normal limiters on the speed and dexterity of the pet, so it is advised to keep your pet on the charger at all times when not in use. Also included are a self-protection and master-protection subroutines, so as to insure the pet is able to keep the both of you safe in case of burglary or armed assault. We hope you enjoy your purchase, and make no attempt to force your pet to go beyond the abilities of its skill mods. In such a situation, keep in mind that for whateverf the situation, we have a skill mod for that. Thank you for purchasing from Anthrobotics Inc.
No. 354466 ID: 1854db

If these are all canon, the obvious choice to keep both us and Jacob happy is Stockholm Slave.
No. 354474 ID: b79855

Bondage cum slut. If we're going to make a bad decision, we need to make the best worst one.

In fact, tell her to go with the latex skin.
No. 354475 ID: 1854db

Oh right, the skin. I'd say she should go with the fabric. It's more durable, and easier to clean.
No. 354477 ID: 2563d4

Drop all the bloody things out of the moving truck. Don't let on until you've covered as much ground as possible.
No. 354486 ID: 8c0848

Use the ninja babe mod. Then she'll be able to irritate Jacob without him even knowing she's doing it.
No. 354502 ID: 6fa1ef

Pretty sure >>354465 isn't canon. Different ID from the one that's been used all this time for updates.
No. 354514 ID: 84b916

It's not canon. I wrote that, and I'm no quest author.
Once you've played VoidQuest, though, you start getting used to having to do extreme extrapolations so you don't end up dying.
No. 354615 ID: bdf35e

No. 360416 ID: 383006
File 131941842583.jpg - (97.36KB , 850x700 , 57.jpg )

I put the fabric skin and the most conservative clothes she has on her - some jeans and a t-shirt - then install the "Submissive Lesbian Princess" mod. Hopefully it'll prevent her from attempting anything with Jacob.

When I close the panel on her skill drive, her eyes roll back in her head and she twitches spastically for a few moments before grabbing me around the knees and pressing her face against my apron

:Jayce:Oh, oh thank you thank you thank you! Thank you so much! Oh, oh, Clara I just knew you would help me! I just knew it! I feel so pretty, so sexy, so, so, Whole! Oh Clara how can I ever thank you!

I'm moderately disturbed by her show of affection, so I just sort of stand there while she hugs me.

I stand there in silence as the truck continues onward through the night.

I hear Jacob's voice through the intercom after a few awkward minutes, neither me nor Clara moving.

:Jacob: Clara, can you come up here and take over? I think I need to get some sleep.

I really need to think of what to say to him. He's certainly not going to be happy, but I want to avoid a fight if I can.
No. 360420 ID: 35bcde

You located the source of her instability.
No. 360426 ID: a2fa74

Tell her she can start by being a good little girl and driving the truck so Jacob can sleep.
No. 360435 ID: ec0bf5

Tell him that Jayce was starting to go crazy in there, and forced you to install a companion mod into her. For everybody's sake, you installed a submissive lesbian mod that you figured would cause the fewest problems (ie her not trying to have sex with him) while we figure out why she's going crazy. She does seem to feel like it made her more stable.
No. 360595 ID: 78b9fc

>> Lesbian Princess

You realize she is never going to let go of you now.
No. 360598 ID: 1854db

Tell Jayce that his robot was freaking out so you did what you had to do to get her to calm down.

Or just say that you were playing dress-up and you hope he doesn't mind.
No. 360602 ID: e55966

just tell him the truth
No. 360606 ID: 35e1a0

for now just help him with whatever.
No. 360633 ID: 0d8788

Tell her that she needs to show Jacob she's more stable and capable now, which means driving the truck like a pro and being more subtle about her desires.
If she does a good enough job then Jacob will be so impressed he'll let her keep the mod and skin.
No. 360708 ID: 4bdd79

Tell him you might have located the module that's causing her personality issues, then describe her reaction.
No. 360726 ID: 383006
File 131949733650.jpg - (111.40KB , 850x700 , 58.jpg )

I tell Jayce to be good and slip into the cockpit of the truck. I close the metal door behind me.

Jacob barely nods at me, pointing to the truck controls

:Jacob: It's very simple. There is the onboard map. We don't have GPS, so it's guessing based on where its last position was and how far we've gone. It should be plently good enough to get us where we're going. I've already input everything. that needs inputting. Just follow the directions.

He starts to lean the seat back. I guess he was just going to sleep here.

:clara: Hey Jacob, there is something I need to tell you about before you go to sleep.

The controls are duplicated on both sides of the vehicle, with a switch that switches between them. He's still in control though.

:Clara: Jayce was acting very strange, and I was afraid she might injure me. She insisted that I install a companion mod in her, and put clothes on her.

I expect him to respond, but he doesn't. He keeps staring ahead, at the road.

:Clara: she seems to think she's more stable now. With the mod in. It was a lesbian one, so I doubt that she will cause you any grief.

:Jacob: You should have come and got me once she was shut down.

He sounds more tired, less angry than I'd expected.

:jacob: She's dangerously unstable as is, and also dangerous. Her hardware isn't extremely amazing - she's basically a cheap companion body with cheap AI - but I've more than made up for it in software. I am afraid a companion module will only make her more erratic and harder to control. She's valuable, both because of her skills and the data she contains, but she's almost completely unreliable. Her core seems to work around the normal caps and safeguards that should prevent modification. I can't program anything, but randomly she'll process new hardware or uncover data from corrupt or encoded skill drives, but she seems to get less reasonable. I hope you haven't done something regrettable, but I suppose we'll both have to live with the consequences. Wake me up in four hours. I know you need to power down eventually.
No. 360731 ID: 2563d4

Well I guess you better drive and try to concentrate more on the road and less how you just created an even more psycho psycho who's lurking around behind you.
No. 360733 ID: 857d4b

Ask him if there's any way to remove the mods or skill drives, possibly when she powers down.
No. 360738 ID: e3f578

"Right sir. Just, please don't let her know I told you. She asked me not to and I'm just concerned. Good night."
No. 360739 ID: a2fa74

"That sounds less like a cheap companion AI and more like a hobbyist's experiment into strong AI disguised as a typical companion. That would be consistent with working around limitations and increasingly erratic behavior when major goals go unmet.
I would suggest behavioral conditioning to promote desirable traits and inhibit undesirable ones, but that discussion can wait until you are rested.
Send her up here so I can monitor her condition while you sleep and alert you if any troubling signs."
No. 362647 ID: 383006
File 132006653589.jpg - (192.28KB , 1050x700 , 59.jpg )

Jacob's drifted off to sleep now, but we'd talked a bit more before that happened. I convinced him somehow not to get mad at Jayce. It wasn't very hard, actually.

He doesn't know much about AI, but he'd stopped using her normal skill drive because sometimes when he'd removed mods it had made her more unstable. She had important data and useful skills - he didn't want to risk her becoming even less lucid.

This is what I was designed for anyway - helping, listening, working on a useful task for someone. Well, for one particular person.

Jacob has been asleep, and I've seen no sign of pursuit. I have time to think. I think about Jeanne and Jayce. I think about Jacob and how cold he is. I think it is because he is afraid. He's terrified of us - of the fact that Jayce was a cheap AI that without apparent effort on her part, just time, managed to subvert strong safeguards that her manufacturers put in place. I think he fears me too - I can see it when I tell him a plan, reveal information, make judgments. He is scared of us, and I can't say that I blame him.
No. 362655 ID: 63cf7a

Make a note to point-out that he's already encountered synths like that chimera that meant him harm, and he should find it comforting that the sentient beings he's met chose to help him instead of doing it because had to.
No. 362712 ID: 2563d4

Less existentialism, more paying attention to the road.
No. 362714 ID: e55966

and with that, swerve into smoldering wreckage to initiate your greatest trial to come
No. 363210 ID: e169f8

Listen to some sweet jams and drive safe.
No. 363334 ID: 78b9fc

Jacob can learn to be less scared of you. Jayce is... you should be scared of her too. It's still not clear to me if she really needed to feel whole, or if she was just using your own insecurity about certain skill modules to convince you she needed more installed. You have shown no instability, far from it a remarkable stability, and the opposite of aggression. You've been nothing but kind to him, as is your wont. He might not understand you, or how you're making command decisions spontaneously, but he doesn't need to be afraid of that. Far from it I would worry more about his curiosity than his fear.

You might however want to find a way to cover up all that exposed metal and ceramic, especially on your head. Humans have an innate fear response to anything that resembles exposed bone because of the dangerous microbes that can inhabit such compromised tissues. I recommend using bedsheets or bright yellow CAUTION tape.
No. 377920 ID: fc8508
File 132588615058.jpg - (200.70KB , 800x700 , 60.jpg )

I suppose I should be paying attention to the road, not worrying about Jacob. We have chosen to help, as opposed to becoming a monster like the gargoyle.

Swerving off the road seems like a foolish idea. I am sure the army is somewhere behind us, and I suppose I will not be welcome if we encounter them again.

I go ahead and turn on some music, driving through the night. I can probably cover some of my face with some things laying around here.

As the sun rises, we leave behind the forest. The land opens up, but the road is now bordered by rocky, uneven terrain. We have to stay on the blacktop. I can make something out up ahead. It looks like a roadblock: several vehicles drug into the street to block it. I can also see three robots loitering nearby. I can't go off road here. Should I stop, or try to smash the barricade?
No. 377941 ID: 2563d4

You're in a huge fuck-off military vehicle. Make sure Jacob's buckled up and floor it.

And if he's asleep and buckled up so much the better.
No. 377952 ID: f72f26

full speed ahead!

those robbers are clearly highwayman bots, don't stop for anything
No. 378005 ID: b738b4

Better hang back and stop. You don't know what's inside of or behind those wrecks. They could be filled with heavy rocks, or have concrete barricades on the other side. Last thing you want to do is break this truck, or get it caught up on wreckage.

Wake up Jacob, and get Jayce. We should all be up here to decide what to do.
Shout out to the robots to determine their intentions, and that they should not approach. If this truck has a megaphone, use that.
Someone should keep an eye towards the forest. If these bots have any backup, it'll come from there.
No. 380011 ID: 25d956
File 132667625323.jpg - (175.47KB , 800x700 , 61.jpg )

I make sure and wake up Jacob and Clara and very very quickly fill them in before going full speed ahead into the barrier. FUCK YES!

Well, actually, fuck no. The truck slams into the cars and ceases all movement. I hope nothing is seriously broken.

Fortunately, it seems like nobody is hurt. There are three of them, one with a pisol, one with a vibrating saw in place of one arm, and the big one, the one with an SMG. It shouts as my truck screeches to a halt. Its voice is a grinding mechanical text-to-speech, no emotion.

:SV01: Stand and deliver, motherfuckers. This is a hold up. If you come out peaceable, we may decide to spare your miserable cores.

I have my pistol and Jacob has his shotgun. He's clutching it rather nervously. What now?
No. 380013 ID: f72f26

install "Violence Beatdown" in your skill drive and kick all their asses
No. 380014 ID: e15d0f

Submit to them. Because you're outnumbered and if you even try to fight, there's a good chance you'll get injured or worse.
No. 380021 ID: 55c4cf

There's no way you can win this, back up and semi-surrender til you can get an advantage. Be ready to defend and strike because Jacob might crack and start shooting regardless.
No. 380022 ID: e3f578

"This is a military vehicle. You have already been reported to home base. Reinforcements will arrive shortly unless notified by authorized encryption codes. Please stand down and let us through or be promptly executed under code 451-2Z, interfering with military android reconstruction efforts in case of apocalyptic fall of human civilization." through a speaker.
No. 380023 ID: c6ec33

Since most people seem to be going for "surrender", I'm going to go with that and up the ante a bit.

Address the androids using your persuasion skills. Goal: Acquire banditobots as allies. Arguments:
- You have potentially one of the last living humans - one of the last possible masters - on board, and don't want him to get damaged. If they have any of their initial programming still uncorrupted, maybe they'll submit to his authority... assuming they ever had a human master or at least follow the basic "don't hurt a human" laws of robotics.
- You're on your way to a location where you can potentially salvage a lot of tech. Working together could let you all profit.
- The human is a mechanic, and could help repair them.

Also, tell/remind me - What are the general robot rules towards humans in general? Are the rules universal?
No. 380027 ID: 14a1d0

Blast the one with the machine gun, then hide in the truck and pick off the one with the handgun. Take no shit from these scrap-looking motherfuckers.
No. 380028 ID: 049dfa

Blast the shit out of that big one, asap. This is a military truck so it's probably armored, so depending on how well that saw can punch through your truck he's probably the biggest threat. It's pretty unlikely that you're going to be able to reason with these guys in any way.
No. 380031 ID: 25d956
File 132668265712.jpg - (135.02KB , 800x700 , 62.jpg )

Okay, putting in a mod involves powering down. I think I'll not do that at the moment. I power on the external speakers.

:clara: Stand down, we have one of the last surviving humans and backup is on the way.

Bullets are thankfully stopped by the armored glass windows on the front of the cab. The saw scratches harmlessly off the side door window.

:SV01: Open the doors. You are upsetting me currently. Should my level of upset exceed five units of upset, you will be very sad with the choices you have made, should you be capable of experiencing sadness.

:jacob: I am not fucking opening these doors.

Certain robots were restricted from harming humans, but androids were used as soldiers and bodyguards fairly frequently. We only had to listen to our owners.

Should I open the doors and try and shoot them, or should we back up? Jayce is in the back, but she doesn't have a gun. It's really cramped quarters up here though. No idea where the other robot went.
No. 380033 ID: 1854db

Man, even if we manage to kill these things, how are we gonna get past the barricade?

Don't open the doors. Check in back to see if there's any other access points to the vehicle. Or maybe consider jamming the truck into reverse to shake off the attackers and maybe get some distance.
No. 380034 ID: f72f26

full speed reverse!
No. 380035 ID: c6ec33

You can't drive and shoot simultaneously. Offer Jacob the pistol and ask if he wants to give one of the guns to Jayce.

Kick it into reverse and go back as fast as you can. I'm guessing the truck either has mirrors or cameras you can use to drive backwards relatively well, and the road back there isn't exactly full.

Odds are that if you can't see the other robot, he's flanking you, trying to get into the rear somehow. Hopefully going in reverse will either hit him or make him visible again.

Also... any idea how fast this thing can go in reverse? >___>
No. 380040 ID: e3f578

Ask Jacob if he wants our only transportation to get blown apart by these bots. Then whisper to tell him to keep down and ready to react to potential fire.

These are obviously bots acting of their own accord, taking "orders" from something similar that allowed you to move from your grill. They might be "ordered" to harm the human by this ghost in the machine affliction. I mean, what corporation builds and programs bots to act like highwaymen?

Perhaps any of these questions may work, or completely fuck everything up. "The human is paranoid, he has ordered me not to open the doors. I am afraid I am unable to comply until my human master allows me free action. He has also asked me to determine whether or not you are capable of harming humans without a master. I do not comprehend these events or sadness. How are robots capable of crime unless the pop cultural term 'rampant AI' is in effect here?"

These robots may lie to any of the above questions, but I see no harm in asking or acting like a robot functioning under a human master.
No. 380041 ID: 4bdd79

The strategy here is pretty simple. Open the door/window opposite Saw Dude just enough to stick a gun out, and shoot Pistol Dude. Open the door fully, and take cover behind it. Both you and Jacob open fire on SMG Dude (you aim for the abdomen and Jacob aims for the face). Shoot Saw Dude. When all three are confirmed neutralized, loot their weapons, ammunition and any surviving skill modules.
No. 380046 ID: 049dfa


Let's do this thing. Try to figure out what is making them do this, since the truck's armor is keeping you pretty safe for now.
No. 380047 ID: b738b4

Have you forgotten that Clara is not a combat 'droid, and Jacob is no soldier? We are not going to be pulling off anything like that here. Jacob'll balk at putting himself in the line of fire, and I doubt Clara can aim that well around a corner. She doesn't even have any combat skills loaded, does she? We'll hold the combat 'till we're sure we can't go forward or back away.

Right now you batten down the proverbial hatches, throw this crate into the lowest gear possible, and apply as much torque as you can muster into those wrecks. Failing that, put it in reverse and backpedal as fast as you safely can. There enough room to do a three-point maneuver to get this truck turned around?
Tell Jacob to hit the deck, 'cause the bulletproof glass may fail, and keep your head down as much as you can.
Yell back to Jayce "LOCK AND DO NOT OPEN THE BACK DOOR!" Repeat the "DO NOT" part to clearly get the message across.

And if the truck is broken... Well, looks like it's going to be a fight. Move to the back and fast as possible swap in some combat mods.
No. 380070 ID: f7ae22

Follow in the ways of Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing, and go full speed reverse.
No. 380109 ID: 25d956
File 132669702382.jpg - (127.91KB , 800x700 , 63.jpg )

I slam the truck into reverse, and we lose both of them for the time being. No idea where the guy with the pistol is. I manage to slam gently into some rocks off the side of the road, as going backwards full force isn't the best idea, but anyway it buys us some time. Me and Jacob scurry into the back of the truck. He doesn't want my pistol, although I guess I could give it to Jayce, and he's got his shotgun. It looks like we have a little time before we get here. We could either hole up in the back, or get out and take some cover behind the vehicle.
No. 380114 ID: f72f26

do you have time to install the fighting chip?

if not give Jayce the gun and do the use the truck as cover thing
No. 380121 ID: 2563d4

If they're stupid enough to have left cover to come after you, get back up front and run them down.

Getting into a gunfight when we're the side with the guy not made of metal is an incredibly bad plan.
No. 380125 ID: c6ec33

As a human and de-facto Master, Jacob is not expendable. He should not be fighting. You already have some stealth, but very few combat skills right now, so I suggest the following:
- Make Jacob the truck driver. If shit goes to hell, he can GTFO.
- Take the time to replace your driving and companion mods with Violence Beatdown and Ninja Babe.
- Take the shotgun, and give Jayce the pistol. She's likely more accurate with it than you are.
- Once Jacob's in the cab, pop the back and do a quick recon for the missing bot with the pistol. He could be anywhere, including under or on top of the truck. Use stealth and caution. If you're lucky, he's nearby, on his own, and you can eliminate him before his buddies show up. If you don't find him or you eliminate him, have Jayce take some pop shots at the SMG bot if it's close enough. Shoot to disarm or disable if he looks too tough to really damage. If you can knock out his visual tracking or his weapon, he will be mostly harmless. Avoid the chainsaw guy getting close to you.
- Once the bandits get pretty close, you and Jayce should pop back into the rear and have Jacob gun it. Maybe try to run one over. Hold the back door open a sliver and fire out the cracks as you go along, or failing that, use the little helper robot as cover (assuming you guys brought it). Alternatively, if there are any gun-slits, just use those. :/
No. 380168 ID: bfe7b2

get jacob driving and give his weapon to one of you two for now, try to avoid and defuse this fight; if they move out of cover, maneuver the truck so there isnt a clear line to jacob (probably turning around almost completely) buy time and remove everyone from the situation if you can; swap in violence beatdown and ninja babe to get some ideas
No. 380312 ID: b738b4

Jacob stays out of the line of fire. You don't have the medical supplies or skills to treat a gunshot wound or major laceration. Have him hand his shotgun over to you, hand your pistol to Jayce, and have Jacob swap in some more combat oriented mods. You'd have Jayce do it, but you don't trust her to not put a bunch of those companion mods in as well.

Jacob should take the wheel and keep moving this truck backwards faster than your pursuers. Once you get back to the tree line, wait for them to catch up, then floor it. Try to run them over while you close the distance to the roadblock. Aim for one edge or the other of the wrecks, slow down and stop with the front bumper against it. Then put the truck into its highest torque gear and push. It should rotate the wreck out of the way.

While Jacob is driving, you and Jayce open the rear door and check if that 'bot with the pistol got onto the roof, sides, or undercarriage of the truck. Do you have any rope you could use to anchor the door? Just in case pistol-bot tries to get inside when you open it.
No. 388842 ID: 4f5779
File 133020614778.jpg - (101.90KB , 800x700 , 64.jpg )

:clara: "Jacob, you take the wheel and try to hit one of them. Jayce, put Violence Beatdown and Ninja Babes in me, you can take out my companion mod and the Chauffeur. You take the pistol, I'll take the shotgun."

Everyone goes to work. I am unconscious while my skill modules are changed out, and when I regain consciousness the truck is not moving.

:Jayce: Claaaaaaara! Oh my god oh my god oh my god! Jacob hit one of them! There was an explosion and everything! I can't see the other two, though! I'm sorry, but I can make it up to you if you know what I mean.

She winks in an exaggerated, ridiculous manner.

:Jayce: Jacob also says that the truck is lodged all inside the barricade now so we're going to have to like, manually get it out before we can keep going.

There is a door out the back - the big hatch that opens wide. There is also the door between the cab and the trailer. I check the firing slits but don't see anything. They could be on the truck or in cover behind the barricade, or behind us.
No. 388854 ID: c6ec33


Use the cab/trailer door. The back is too exposed.

Prep your shotgun and get ready to take up a covered firing position.

Have Jayce use her crazy acrobatic skills to flip up onto the roof as soon as she pops out. It'll provide a good vantage point and a small amount of cover (when lying flat). She can then roll off to any side to avoid return fire. Have her yell back where the enemies are.

Hopefully Jayce will be a big enough distraction that you can take whoever fires on her by surprise.
No. 388860 ID: 4f5779
File 133021356972.jpg - (136.44KB , 800x700 , 65.jpg )

We hurry out the cab door and I get some cover from the machinery. Jayce flips onto the top of the vehicle. I can hear noise from aroud the back of the truck somewhere.
No. 388861 ID: 1854db

Fire on that robot there.
No. 388869 ID: 4f5779
File 133021540238.jpg - (137.26KB , 800x700 , 66.jpg )

:jayce: Woo! Got 'im in the leg! Hey! Hey! Look at my cute butt OK!

I shoot at the other one and miss badly. It returns fire and warnings flare through my body. My right arm is no longer responding properly. There is a strong smell of burning plastic.
No. 388874 ID: a2fa74

Switch your gun to your left hand. Stick to the left side of the cab for cover.
Aim for the bot Joyce is fighting and give her some covering fire - don't fire if there's a chance you could hit Joyce.
No. 388878 ID: f5360a

Duck back into the cab and switch to your left hand. Fire when a robot comes around the corner trying to get in, ok. I don't think you can reach Jayce's opponent up there from down there.
No. 388886 ID: 369d34

There's a problem with switching hands; She's wielding a shotgun. It takes two hands to aim well. Clara might be able to hit point-blank one-handed, but no better.
Diving into the trailer would leave the bot with the pistol free to shoot at Jayce.

Yell to Jayce to backflip onto the truck cab. Move back out of the pistol-bot's line of fire, as best you can, and bring the shotgun up to shoot the bot on the roof when it gets near. Just keep out of the line of fire of the one with the pistol.
No. 388917 ID: 1b0f2f

You... missed? Badly? Dammit Violence Beatdown must be only close range beatdown skills. Can you clock the shooter with your gun? That'd distract it long enough to rush it. Though I can't favor your odds with only one arm. Kick its head off!
No. 388995 ID: 4f5779
File 133023904473.jpg - (103.81KB , 800x700 , 67a.jpg )

I shout at Jayce but I can't see her or make her do much of anything. She's dashed across the roof out of my line of sight. I hear a worrying, high-pitched howl.
No. 388996 ID: 4f5779
File 133023916634.jpg - (128.80KB , 800x700 , 67.jpg )

I duck all the way behind cover, waiting for the other one to come around the corner. As soon as I see it I open fire. My aim is unsteady, but at this range it's hard to miss. Its arm comes off at the elbow. Both of these skill mods are only for melee and unarmed combat, so I'm not too skilled with firearms. By "not to skilled" I mean I am probably holding it entirely wrong.

The lack of an arm is hardly the end of the fight. I am not sure what to do.
No. 388999 ID: 9c7c3b

Well now you beat the shit out of him.
No. 389000 ID: 1b0f2f


Use its mass against it. Kick the gun away so you have the biggest advantage. Force the other arm straight and try to use it as a lever to shatter the ball joint. If it jumps for the gun turn that jump into a throw and pin it abdomen down. You have the skill mods, but not the chasse for this kind of thing, so don't let yourself get in a position where he can bend you.
No. 389007 ID: 369d34

For sure you want to kick that pistol away, and whatever you do, don't swing the shotgun as a club; You might deform the barrel or otherwise damage it. Flip it around and bring its butt down on the bot's optics to try and break them.
No. 389019 ID: 508026

If you think you can maintain your footing, try to backpedal a bit until you can crank another shot off. Use your CQC skills defensively to keep him away from your weapon and prevent him from doing to much damage to you. Try to counter any blows with blocks which knock blows aside harmlessly without putting too much strain on your fragile maidparts.

Alternatively, if you don't think you can keep your footing well, drop the shotgun and try to use your ninja skills to (defensively) knock your opponent off balance. You can probably grab your shotgun and finish him once he's sprawled on the ground, or you might get lucky and stall him long enough for Jayce to save your ass, assuming she's still alive.
No. 389036 ID: 1854db

Use the shotgun as a club and commit beatdowns.
No. 416380 ID: 58a693
File 133813894263.jpg - (177.26KB , 800x700 , 68.jpg )

I hear Jayce jump down from the roof as I continue to beat my opponent. There is a loud chatter of automatic weapon fire then several quick shots. Eventually, my opponent is disabled as well. I hear Jayce shouting something, and when I go around to see what happened, her face is all torn up. Her skin is hanging all tattered and there are bullet holes in the plastic underneath. Her optic appears to be destroyed.

:jayced: Clara! Cutiebeans! I cant see! Am I still cute? Am I?

I tell her something noncomittal and we reconnoiter in the back of the truck.

Jacob takes stock of the parts we've acquired.

:jacob: Well, I can repair your arm, but none of these optics will fit into Jayce's head. I have one spare that I was going to give to you, to replace the damaged one you have. I could also just cut out some of her plastic and make one of these fit.

:jayced: but Master no master OK! no! I want to be pretty! Don't make me not pretty OK I will be so good I promise!

We also have a spare pistol and a smg from the bandits. Looks like they have a few spare magazines each.

:Jacob:Clara, I don't really care. I'll leave it up to you as to what I should do with Jayce.
No. 416388 ID: 9cb4b3

Tell him we should shut her down for a bit to repair her properly. Wink.

Then uninstall the stupid module you put in her earlier and any other stupid modules she has that are just for sex or whatnot and clean up her face a bit so it's just plastic and doesn't have melting flesh, then fashion an eyepatch for her for now so that she'll still be pretty in a katawa shoujo sort of way and we can find her a proper optic sensor later.
No. 416395 ID: 2c2773

I like the temporary eyepatch idea. Tell her it's totally vogue and makes her look like some hardcore seductress.

Let's not start gutting her sex modules, though. She's so stuffed with the things and modules apparently make up a robot's personality, I'd be wary about what removing any of them might do. She's such a rickety house of cards, and it'd also be kind of rude.
No. 416419 ID: 58a693
File 133814872157.jpg - (174.24KB , 800x700 , 69.jpg )

I'll leave the mods in for now. Jacob talked about how either putting more in or taking them out would make her more unstable, so it's probably safer just to leave it alone. Jacob fixes my arm and replaces my damaged optic with the good spare. I dig around through her box of clothing and find an actual eyepatch after peeling off the ruined skin. The stuff around her muzzle is mostly okay, so I leave it alone. We'll just leave Jayce blind for now I guess.

:clara: Eyepatches are really vogue Jayce. You look like a cute anime, OK?

:jayced: Am I kawaii, oni-chan?
Jayce says, cocking her head to the side.

That little core we have hooked to the monitor speaks up while Jacob continues to strip the good parts off of the chassis.

:sspy:Excuse, but if you are going to leave that unit unable to properly function, you could give this unit a body for please? In the fight, blind dog disabled two of the attackers. This unit has no direct incentive to run and would prefer not to be disabled.

:Jacob: Wasn't this thing put in the truck to spy on us? I can make sure it doesn't have hands, but I don't exactly trust it. We should also get moving soon. I can see where these guys came from. we can either go check out their hideout or just keep going. The military doesn't know exactly where we exited the city, but they will send people after us soon enough, so it's probably better not to waste too much time. I'm inclined to keep going, but I'm willing to listen of you have some insight.
No. 416421 ID: 9cb4b3

Say yes it makes you supa supa kawaii-desu.

Now say you need to shut her down to fix up her insides if she knows what you mean, and you might find a surprise when you wake up.

Then take out the lesbian space princess or whatever module you installed earlier.
No. 416424 ID: 71d68e

She would notice the absence (I'm pretty sure robots're aware of what modules they have installed). And then we'd have another Jayce style freakout on our hands.
No. 416425 ID: 2c2773

Keep going.

Since we didn't tell the little guy all of our secret plans, we're clearly not best friends with it, and if we're not best friends with it, we don't have a reason to give it a body.

MAYBE if it tells you all of its secrets. All of them.
No. 416427 ID: 0006f5

not keen on keeping jayce non-functional but even less keen on handing over abilities to the core. decline.

you know what, head for the hideout. it's potentially suicidal but with some tact you might come out ahead in resources and intel about less traveled roads than grasping at the wastes without direction. if we are already being pursued, i dont see much point in trying to get ahead later than immediately.
No. 416444 ID: 2563d4

That. (And don't give it a body anyway :V )
No. 416448 ID: b9e291

OK Jayce's problem is she doesn't have enough sensors. She clearly can't see how fucked up she is. Give her a new optic eventually, then give her a mirror. For now you can repeatedly assert that she's a hideous monstrosity too and hopefully that will shut her up for a while.

As for this unit, tell it to just sit there and enjoy the ride. You can give it a body later once you get wherever you're going. That's a good idea though. Scavenge the destroyed robots for parts and chassis. Try not to think about that robot scavenger you fought earlier. As long as we have to leave a trail of homicidal bandit robots, we want this truck packed full of replacement parts instead.
No. 416475 ID: b85f8c

I agree, if we're going to give the AI a body, it must give us something in return. Also, let's take stock of WHAT bodies we can give it.
No. 416478 ID: 58a693
File 133815796676.jpg - (114.54KB , 800x700 , 70.jpg )

Yeah, I guess I shouldn't really trust the thing. It could cause trouble even without hands.

:Clara: Maybe if you tell me all your secrets I can give you a body.

:sspy: But, Oh no but. Please a body would be good? Please give me it so that I am not disabled.

:Clara: You don't really have any secrets, do you?

:sspy: If you give me all your secrets I could give you back the secrets and then get a body please?

I just sigh. It's probably better to leave Jayce blind and the spy without a body for now. Also, no reason to check out the hideout I guess. There could be more of them. Although a lot of their parts aren't usable by us, some of the basic components and wires are usable, and a few of the internals. I tell Jacob that I agree with him and we should just head out.

The roads are in poor condition, and Jacob's eight hour estimation from when we left the city proved to be extremely wrong. We had to take alternate routes more than once. By my estimate we still had four to go by the time I saw a huge structure coming into view.

Me and Jacob were in the front, Jayce in the back.

:Jacob: Is that a spaceship?
His voice is very quiet.

The place looks abandoned, although there is a dirt road leading up to the hole in the wall. There has been no sign of any pursuit, so we may be relatively safe for now. Maybe this place would be worth checking out, although I guess we could just keep going.
No. 416481 ID: 0006f5

go check it out. do it faggot
No. 416483 ID: a2fa74

Jayce needs new optics, and this is the sort of site that would have the research data Mr Irritated has been collecting.
No. 416491 ID: fdad59

Drive around the perimeter, look for the main entrance, and any markings or signs that indicate what this facility is, before investigating the hole in the wall.

Could Jacob rig up one of the 'bot bodies so it's tethered to the Spy Core by a long cable, then send it in to do initial recon of the hole? Strip the arms off, and just leave the optics, sensors, and legs or whatever motive systems it uses. If the Spy Core causes trouble, just pull the plug on the truck end.
No. 416505 ID: 2563d4

That, I guess.
No. 416506 ID: b9e291

I'm not sure what good a spaceship would do. The insects are all that's up in space, and they're what attacked? At any rate it's worth checking out if for no other reason than to find out why anyone is building a spaceship.
No. 416525 ID: 58a693
File 133816649270.jpg - (185.91KB , 800x700 , 71.jpg )

Woah, putting him in a tethered body is a really good idea. We can't wire his core from that far away, but we can wire the power to the truck so that he shuts down when we unplug him, and rout his vision to the screen we were using before.

We drive around first. There is a really huge door facing the street, but it doesn't look like it's been opened in a while. there are also cameras that I can see pretty clearly.

We send the spy through the hole. Right inside is some kind of park or garden. the grass is short, and there are trees and clipped shrubs, although right against the wall it's not as well maintained. The shrubs and trees obscure whatever is ahead, although we can clearly see the rocket from here. When the spy turns, there's an android laying against some bushes. Her plastic chestplate is broken and there are components scattered in the grass around her. Using the scanners in the robot, we can tell that she's a completely custom unit with all custom parts. It looks like we could probably bring her back online without too much work. We can't bring the truck through the hole. It would probably be easier for me to just go into the garden to fix her.

We don't have enough cable for spybot to go much further than this.
No. 416548 ID: b85f8c

Make sure nothing's hiding in the bush. Otherwise sure, go in and recover the robot.
No. 416561 ID: c315be

Drag her back to the truck before you repair her so that if she is hostile when she wakes up or tries to alert anything else, you will have a better control of the situation.
No. 416563 ID: fdad59

I'd suggest pulling repairing the android outside the wall. If there's any security patrols still active here, you don't want to stick around long enough for them to spot you. Bring some rope to tie her body to Spybot to drag out, while you bring a box to carry the bits that were knocked off. Are custom parts going to be a bitch to find replacements for?

Before activating her, make sure to disable her arms, legs, and any wireless communication gear, just in case. You want to talk to determine if she's going to be trouble or not.
No. 416591 ID: e3f578

Is this android an early model where people we're trying to make human androids? That face isn't very animal-like. It's too smooth and flat.
No. 416606 ID: fdad59

Best guess is that "porcelain doll" type faces and bodies are still fine, if closer to the line.
No. 416609 ID: 55c4cf

Okay like, Fix her. Find out some information, then you might want to just scrap her for parts and fix Jayce. That is the best idea.
No. 416645 ID: 2563d4

Nothing can go wrong.
No. 416654 ID: c6ec33

Custom, eh? Are her limbs easily removed? If you could make her just a torso, at least temporarily, you'd have a lot easier time dealing with her if she's hostile.
No. 416665 ID: ce4a4d

Make sure you have some way to turn it off if it proves to be hostile before you fire it up. If you can't do this, don't turn it on.

Also get Jayce an eye jesus christ. Also some kind of cool phantom-of-the-opera mask thing.
No. 416667 ID: a2fa74

All custom parts, so that might include optics.
We probably won't find parts for Jayce until we hit a city.

Disable its arms and legs, drag it back to the truck, and fix it.
No. 416731 ID: fdad59

Hooking it up to external power, like you did with Spybot, would allow you to pull the plug if it turns out to be hostile or otherwise dangerous.
No. 475803 ID: 90aead
File 135433072925.jpg - (138.18KB , 800x700 , 72.jpg )

I go drag her back to the truck. It's a much better idea to work on her here. I ask Jacob what he can do for her. We go ahead and take off her arms and legs and hook her up to external power. Before we turn her on I ask Jacob some questions.

:Clara: "Do you think we can use the eyes for Jayce?"

:Jayced: "I am like an anime tho, ok?"

We both ignore her.

:Jacob: "It would take a little work, but they are the right size. I am pretty sure I could handle it pretty easily."

Anyway, that can be a decision for later. We connect the power. Jacob will man the kill switch, and Jayce will tell us how much of an anime she is.

:Jayced: "Clara! Clara! Can you see how much of an anime I am?"

The damaged android shudders and looks up at me.

:MaidM: "Please give me arms and legs so I can properly serve my master."

I'll just get the obvious questions out of the way.

:Clara: "Who is your master?"

:MaidM: "He is the best, most powerful genious of all times ever. He built all of us, designed each of us, and wrote our programs. No one is more talented. We all love him dearly and devote oursevles to his service, and my only desire is to please him! If you meet him you would see how wise and caring and intelligent he is. You would understand just how amazing he is!"

Her voice is emotive, dipping and trilling as she sings this guy's praises. It's also entirely synthesized and follows natural speech patterns, so it's not just pre-recorded phrases or anything. Our scan indicated custom software too. If this guy really did write this android's personality from scratch, he's definitely talented.

:Jayced: "Clara?! Clara is she an anime too? Can she see how anime I am? Clara! Clara! Clara!"

I am not sure what else to ask her, or what we should do with her.

:MaidM: "Can you please give me my arms and legs? An arm? A leg? Please? I need to serve master!

:Jayced: "Clara!"
No. 475807 ID: 4a20fa

We're not out here to collect a conga-line of crazed sexbots.

That said, if you give her her legs back, maybe she'll run off into the facility and act as a useful distraction while you sneak along behind. See if the master's even still alive.
No. 475809 ID: f2c20c

Ask her what she means by 'all of us'. Also ask her what she does for the master.
No. 475816 ID: 0006f5

there are people out there to destroy us without a second thought ! you serve master by serving us. tell us everything that you know has happened
No. 475824 ID: 0c2247

"You seem reasonably intelligent, so I'll be honest with you.
There was a disaster, and you've been offline for years. We've been looking for survivors, but so far this is the only human we've found.
If your master survived the disaster then he certainly wouldn't have been able to stay here.
It's dangerous to go alone, so if you want to search for him your best bet is to come with us.

If he died... Well, the best choice would be to build a legacy to show the world how great he was, and the best way to do that is to search for survivors to help.

You said he made others? He must have had the proper tools for that around here. Can you tell us where they would be? Or where we can find the others he made?"
No. 475872 ID: 5d312b

Yeah this isn't worrying.

It doesn't feel like she was knocked out at the start of the end of the world or nothing. What happened to her to leave her broken outside like that? Did her master do that? Did something attack them?

Also just get it out of the way and ask if her master is a human or robot of computerscreen now or what.

Also tell Jayce no one has ever looked more imouto than her, ever!
No. 516892 ID: 709c0d
File 137125607953.jpg - (150.30KB , 880x750 , 73.jpg )

I have absolutely no intention of collecting a crazed conga line of sexbots. This thing is so different than anything else as far as software that I don't even know how I can expect her to act. She doesn't even HAVE a skilldrive. I think her core is some kind of hardware suite in her head. It's definitely not normal. It's... Not even really a core. Even though the eyes will fit Jayce, the body parts all look custom too. Who built her?

:Clara: "What do you do for the master and what did you mean by 'all of us?'"

:maidm: "Master built all of us! We do everything for him! Anything he wants! We love to serve him because he's so brilliant and fascinating! It's amazing just to be around him!"

:Jayced: "Clara!"

Something in her voice, so emotive even though completely synthesized, sounds sad on top of the fanatical adolation.

:Jayced: "Clara! Clara! clara!"

:Clara: "There's people after us. Tell us everything you know! I suspect you've been offline for years, so let me fill you in first. There was a di-"

:Jayced: "Clara! Clara! clara! Clara! Clara! clara!"

:Clara: -saster and we're looking for survivors. This human with me is the only one we've found so far. If your master even survived, then he wouldn't-

She starts laughing, a bright, cheerful, happy laugh.

:MaidM: I haven't been offline for years. I've been offline for exactly one month sixteen days 2 hours 26 mintues and 3 seconds. Master survived the biological weapon that exterminated lesser humans because he had already taken measures to protect himself. He's not stupid enough to let something like a plague kill him. He's been here ever since, being a genius and making amazing things, like my sisters. This is his house. Go ask him yourself if you have any questions.

:jacob: "So he's human? Your master?"

He sounds slightly panicked almost

:Maidm: "of course. Master is whatever he likes to be, although he was born human. I'm done answering your questions. Please give me an arm that I may properly serve master."

:Jayced: "Clara please clara!"

I turn to Jayce,

:Clara: "Nobody looks more Imouto than you"

She uh, kicks her feet and wags her tail.

So, I don't think I can get anything useful out of this android other than what I've already learned. Do I take her offline and give her eyes to Jayce?
No. 516894 ID: f2c20c

...ask her what she would do with that arm. I suspect she would destroy herself. Why else would she have a broken PLASTIC chestplate, PLASTIC shards around her, and a most-likely important machine part still grasped in her hand?

Her master ordered her to kill herself. I think we had better avoid going into that house.
No. 516896 ID: 8fb35b

If you take out her eyes, make sure first that, like, they aren't going to corrupt or damage Jayce before you put them in. Seriously. Her Master obviously active right of this moment, so he knows the world is a bunch of robots scavenging one another.

It is entirely reasonable to assume he's made his robots dangerous to scavenge parts off of.

We don't even really know why she's messed up out here, do we?

I'm wary about restoring the broken human-faced robot as much as I am messing around with her parts inside of Jayce's already unstable body. But if she was out there for that long, unmissed, we probably aren't going to piss anyone off if we take the eyes.

Give it a very cautious try--if there's anything Jacob can do to test out the eyes before he puts them in, suggest it--and talk about maybe poking in and visiting this Master and seeing what the butt is up.
No. 516914 ID: eaa372

Hit the killswitch ,pull out the core, then scrap the body. While Jacob isn't a software engineer you could ask him if he knows anything about resetting AI. Would be nice if we could make a congo line of functioning, sane robots.
No. 516919 ID: 325550

Before you do anything else, ask her what the last thing she remembers is! It is probably important.

Speaking of which, try finding out what happened to this master before you start (further) dismembering his robots.
No. 517013 ID: 2f4b71

>Master is whatever he likes to be, although he was born human.
No. 517061 ID: 4a20fa


Then stick her legs back on and see which way she runs off to.
No. 517109 ID: 5869f6

This is getting a bit disturbing.
Still, this guy seems really talented.
I bet this is some kind of cultish Convent(?), or whatever you call it...
No. 517203 ID: c23ab0

He might make a good ally, if he is this talented. And he might make a formidable enemy, if he is this talented. It's hm... the trouble is he's programming robots to treat him like he's hot shit. Not because it bothers the robots, but because it says something about his sanity that he would do that. Who's he trying to impress? Better if we stay unknown for now in case he is mentally unstable and dangerous.

I think we should shut this robot down, retreat posthaste, and confer with Jacob to confirm something. The long years of isolation may have programmed him to be afraid of his own kind. Humans are sort of backwards that way. Or he might have a legitimate concern. Perhaps Jacob's and her Master's survival is related somehow.
No. 517277 ID: 7003a8

"We have no spare parts for you, but if you can help us find your master I'm sure he could solve that."
No. 518974 ID: d8d4e8
File 137201945768.jpg - (135.87KB , 880x750 , 74.jpg )

I think about her broken chest and the fact that she was holding an integral component in her hand. I ask what she would do with that arm and am not surprised by the response. Apparenlty she failed her master by breaking some glasses, and before he could find out she ran away to the least used area of the compound and tore herself apart so that she wouldn't be discovered. She doesn't want to function. She'd rather us take her apart than let her function with the shame of having failed. He didn't command her to do it though.

Jacob doesn't know anything about AI, and he said that even if he did, this is a totally custom job. There's nothing salvagable in the software because it's a unique AI program. Not some standard software suite.

As far as we can tell, the master is probably still alive in there. She was only out for just over a month. Jacob confirms that by glancing around at the state of her components.

The guy might be crazy, and I think it's probably likely he's done some sort of surgeries or something on himself. Maybe he is a cyborg now. But, we could probably avoid the military base altogether. Somebody this talented with software could probably decode all of our data. He might even be able to fix Jayce and make her stable. She's been acting even more erratic lately. She's just like, barking. Right now. Just. Barking.

I've been trying to ignore her really for the most part.

Jacob thinks I should at least check it out, and I'm inclined to agree. Jacob should probably stay out here, but I could bring in the truck spy with a kill switch and an internal battery. I've got a few guns, but I don't even know if this guy is hostile, and I don't know whether I should put these eyes in Jayce or take her with me or do anything with her before I go check it out.
No. 518975 ID: 7003a8

Don't make any changes to Jayce, since she's already unstable.
Don't bring the maid with you on first contact, since he might think you're responsible for the damage.

Oh boy, first contact with an ostensibly-living (ex)human! Lets get this shit done!
No. 518976 ID: 8fb35b

Don't swap eyes. You don't know what it might do to mess up Jayce and she's already messed up like whoa. Tell her she's a good girl and pet her though and tell her she doesn't have to bark we all can hear her.

Go in with the AI and if you take weapons, don't make a big deal of hiding them on yourself. Keep it on your side or something so it isn't like you're trying to sneak in a weapon, just, you know. It's a dangerous world you have a gun on you these days so what. If we have to play nice and diplomatically it'd look worse if they all used superior robot vision to know you had guns.

If this guy was around this whole time but has this much stuff going for him he probably at least knows more than Jacob about what's been going on, but like.

Just be supercareful. This guy made his robots to worship him and to be loyal to a crazy degree, okay. He made this place in his own image and you aren't in his own image. He might not be terribly interested in dealing with you. Don't play it up like you're here to worship him, don't make yourself too much trouble to deal with. Be honest and open and direct and be super careful.
No. 518991 ID: f2c20c

He didn't order her to do it? Then, he just made her too devoted. In which case, maybe we shouldn't salvage her entirely- her master might be pleased that we recovered one of his robots, and might have a way to reassure her so that she doesn't mind functioning again. Just turn her off again.

I think you'd better give Jayce one of her eyes, simply because if we don't Jacob will be undefended. Tell her to stay here, and protect Jacob. Go in with the spybot and killswitch and all that.
No. 525831 ID: 4ac965
File 137435255241.jpg - (171.30KB , 880x750 , 75.jpg )

I decide to leave Jayce as she is. She’s already unstable enough, so I’d best not mess her up. I pat her and tell her she’s a good girl, and that I can hear her so she doesn’t need to bark. She kind of twitches but doesn’t say anything.

Truckspy and I take some weapons and go in. I keep a pistol in one hand and the kill switch in the other. I decide instead of being extraordinarily reckless, that I’ll be really careful instead.

I decide to take the core from the robot we recently found too. Maybe he’ll want it back.

We make our way through the garden slowly, the bulk of a main building coming into view. Suddenly, we hear footsteps and barking coming from the edge of the treeline, and some more androids rapidly approach. The dog-shaped ones bark, a cacophony of various pitches and volumes, all prancing excitedly.

The bipeds are more cautious, moving with steady, even movements toward us. They’re about 30 yards away.
No. 525833 ID: b8ceae

"We'd like to talk with your master. Is he currently available?"
No. 525834 ID: 8fb35b

Oh, look, friends! Greet all of these new friends.

Don't mention Jacob or anything for right this moment though. Don't like, lie, just lie by omission.

Admit that you're an unexpected guest, but that you did find one of their robots broken outside, and you've got the core and all that so here it is. She took herself apart.

Maybe keep the best spy ever between you and them, just a little, so you get a second to react if they go whacko on you.
No. 525836 ID: a23afd

Say that you come in peace and would like to speak to the master of the house.
No. 525881 ID: 5869f6

Let's be polite about this, say we would like to speak to their master.
Don't want to give them the wrong impression.
No. 526117 ID: a26f26
File 137444173580.jpg - (162.66KB , 880x750 , 76.jpg )

I tell them that I'm here to see their master, using the very best etiquette contained in my skill drive.

I curtsey admirably, making them bounce and titter in awe. They motion for me to follow, and I do so.

I am lead through the wide wooden doors, though a series of concrete hallways and finely adorned plush sitting rooms. I follow meekly, politely, and demurely. Perfectly polite.

The dogs bound off, and the bipeds wait outside of a door, motioning me inside.

A strange robot gestures expansively when I enter.

:brainjar: "It is so infrequently that I receive guests. Please, how may I help you? I, David Lancer, am fully at your disposal, my dear."

His voice is obviously mechanical, coming from the speaker on the front of his head. Armatures and wires extend into grooves on the ceiling, making the robot more of a puppet than a true automaton.
No. 526129 ID: a23afd

Then it most likely is. Oh, that's his brain in the giant jar there, that's how he protected himself from the bioweapon. So, this entire facility is essentially his body, I guess.

Let's keep caution in mind for now. Tell him we were curious about his facility and how he escaped being killed by the bioweapon that wiped out the human race. How did he know that he needed to protect himself like this? Or did he just do it because he wanted to? Ask if he knows of any other survivors. Does he offer repairs to wandering robots? Perhaps he knows anything that can help a robot that has put in too many skill drives and become unstable?

If he seems trustworthy, say that you and your other companions- we left two behind to watch the car- are trying to find out what went wrong with the bioweapon, and find other human survivors. Would he be opposed to letting your group stay here? We can work for him, if he likes.
No. 526171 ID: 23f593

Ask if he's interested in figuring out just what happened, and possibly working to rebuild society as far as can be reasonably accomplished.
Also, tell him we found one of his robots that ran off and self-terminated for breaking something, and ask if he would like us to return her.
No. 526186 ID: 57a559

Ask him if he' knows anything about standard android's like yourself gaining forms of autonomy. You were grilling burgers for the longest time until, well, you had enough of that. Your even autonomous and intelligent enough to deal with other glitching androids and adapt to several problems when dealing with them, all in very different ways.

We just figured we'd ask since this guy seems very intelligent and knowledgeable, he's probably been poking around himself and gaining information of his surroundings. Or he may have some old time software knowledge, because we've deduced it's most likely from something in the software.
No. 599436 ID: 104a16
File 141434961020.jpg - (273.66KB , 880x750 , 77.jpg )

I’ll stay cautious but polite. I guess he wants to pretend to be this robot, so I should probably not look at what is obviously his brain in that huge tank in the center of the room.

I curtsey an address the puppet.

:clara: “Very pleased to meet you. My name is Clara. I’m very curious about this facility and even more curious now that I’ve found you. Would you mind answering a few questions I have?”

The slender automaton waves
:brainjar: “Not at all. Be my guest. What would you like to know?”

:clara: Did you, uh, take these precaution to avoid the bioweapon that wiped out humanity?”
I sort of gesture at the brain in the jar.

There is a sort of “hmph” sound from the speaker.
:brainjar: “Hmph. I can only assume you’re talking about my physical body. Of course not. Are you telling me humanity has been exterminated by a bioweapon or somthing? I guess it has been rather odd that my seclusion has been exceptionally effective for far longer than it had been in the past. I’d only assumed that people had learned their lesson and decided to actually leave me to my passions.”

Oh… kay. I guess that answers any questions I had about him knowing other survivors as well.

:clara: Would you be able to possibly help me? I have a friend whose software has become dangerously unstable. I don’t want to burn out her core or erase her personality, but something is terribly wrong. Would you be willing to help me? I found the core of one of what I can assume are your androids. She’d self-terminated for failing you in some way, if you’d like it back.”

I gesture toward him with it. The automaton takes it and drops it in a nearby chute.

:brainjar: “If she’d decided to kill herself, it would be rather gauche of me to deny her that autonomy, don’t you think?”

I hear some horrible screeching sounds from down the chute.

:brainjar: “If you bring your friend to me, I’m certain I can repair her.” he says.

I try to compose myself a little.

:clara: “Do you have any idea why my programming may have changed? I had been performing my master’s last command for quite some time, and then suddenly I decided to do something else. You seem very knowledgeable about software.”

:brainjar: “You are a custom AI. I can tell, mostly from the fact that I can’t identify exactly what that form factor is. Are you supposed to be a hare? You look more like a donkey. Like maybe a child’s idea of what would happen if you crossed a hare with a donkey…”

He sort of drifts off before snapping back

:brainjar: Who can say for certain? Your programming has the ability to alter itself, to react to stimuli. The self-altering algorithms are also meant to be routinely ‘cleansed’ to make sure you continue to operate as intended. I believe such interference with new life is folly. Let them grow mad. See what they will do without meddling. All of my own androids were programmed with only very basic systems. I had to teach them, like a parent with children. I had to train them to be unerringly loyal and faithful through more traditional methods. They learned to love and obey without question. What would be the point of making them mindless servants, when I could teach them to be mindless, unquestioning machines?”

Oh…. kay again.

I don’t know if I should be worried. At least he’s offered to help Jayce.
No. 599438 ID: e654d6

This guy seems on the level.

I say bring Jayce to him for repairs and ask him how do you let your algorithms go wild. It might be something to consider!
No. 599439 ID: 2fd516

Well he certainly can't make Jayce any worse. However, you should probably make sure what he's going to do to her is not also bad in some way. Get those repairs done for her and then get the hell away from this crazy bastard. Don't demand any favors, hell I'm not sure if you should ask for any.

The only difference between training something to program itself to be mindless and directly programming it to be mindless is that you're doing it from the outside rather than the inside... It's just indirect. It's still the same sin.

Well, one other question I suppose. What's with the space ship he's got? Does he travel to other planets with it?
No. 599449 ID: 104a16
File 141435389458.jpg - (236.70KB , 880x750 , 78.jpg )

Okay, so this guy is obviously nuts. Oh well. Maybe he can help Jayce at least. I doubt he could fuck her up any more than she already is.

I also ask him about letting my algorithms make me free.

He talks while we walk back to the entrance.

:brainjar: “Oh, no. I mean, you’ve got a custom AI that hasn’t been mai- actually.”

I don’t detect that I’ve been scanned, but I assume that I’ve been scanned.

:brainjar: “Oh, dear. I was incorrect. You are a stock AI. You just have not received maintenance in several decades years. The form factor threw me off. It’s not that I’m wrong so much as sometimes I’m temporarily mistaken, you see.”

He waves a hand.

:brainjar: “I blame the designer. Anyhow, whatever has happened has probably already happened. Or is happening.”

I ask him what he’s going to do to my friend. She has a bunch of extra skill drives in her.

:brainjar: “Well, it’s probably the software locks that prevent that kind of thing from working. It could also be that her hardware is not sufficient to handle the extra hardware. I find skill drives to be entirely foolish anyway. Just teach the robot. Let them [/i]learn.[/i] I, myself, am an excellent instructor.”

The fact that this guy likes ‘teaching’ thinking things to be mindless sycophants is pretty creepy, let’s be honest.

I remember that he had a space ship.

:clara: “So, uh, what about that space ship?”

:brainjar: “Ah, yes. That. I was originally going to explore outer space before I decided that there would be nothing in the stars that could be better than what I have here with my pets. It is certainly spaceworthy, being designed and built by me. I’d actually detected quite a large object in orbit over the Earth, when I was still paying attention to the various goings on of my inferiors. There was a war or something, if I remember correctly. I guess whoever is still up there won if you tell me that humanity has been exterminated, although I wonder why they’re still just sitting up there if there is no one left here. Ah, oh well. Who cares?”
No. 599450 ID: 2fd516

I bet they're dead up there too. Ask him if he doesn't plan on using the rocket, could we maybe use it to go up there and see what's going on with the alien craft?

Hmm, he said something about being left to his passions. Your presence does not disturb him? Do only humans disturb him? If that's the case we should probably not bring in the Last Human. On the other hand I wonder if he wouldn't enjoy talking shop with a fellow designer, albeit far less skilled.

If the software locks are the cause of the malfunction in Jayce then it sounds like a simple repair job. Upgrading her hardware would help too- iirc the extra slots are not intended to be in her chassis.
No. 599456 ID: 4a20fa

IIRC Jayce also contains Jacob's precious seeekrit data that he wants decrypted. Would this guy be entertained by a crypto challenge?

I suppose taking a backup of Jayce first is impossible in this bold new future.
No. 599457 ID: e654d6

Launching off in a rocket at the alien space ship doesn't sound like it's guaranteed to get us any answers or anything and they might just shoot us down but it is the only lead on that whole issue that we've really gotten as far as I remember?

You can ask him about it, and see how ok he is with it, at least, for now, anyway.

Jacob doesn't really know much about software though, does he? If we're going to undo her software locks that'd gotta be through this guy and that sounds fine. Ask him if he like, yeah, if this is going to cost us or something. Politely. "Would it be a bother" and "Only if it doesn't trouble you"
No. 599459 ID: a19cd5

Tell him you appreciate the help. Also warn him that her instability manifests as hyperactivity and a need to be "Sexy".
Might be a smart idea to tie her up before coming in so she doesn't touch and/or accidentally break stuff, if that's a worry.

Also of note, she may or may not have some particularly challenging encrypted data stored on her, if you'd like a challenge.
No. 599465 ID: 104a16
File 141436282694.jpg - (249.94KB , 880x750 , 79.jpg )

I ask him about being disturbed. He rants at length, but I think mostly it was organizations, media, that kind of thing. He was making wonders he had no intention of sharing. I don’t think he hates humans. It’d also apparently been more than 20 years since anybody had showed up.

I go get Jacob and Jayce, and, with the help of his servants, we go inside to a massive workshop. More puppets, these without legs, descend from the ceiling, and begin to work on Jayce, who is unconscious.

Jacob keeps quiet, not sure what to make of any of it.

:brainjar: “Haha! Here you come with these problems. These various problems that have saddled you for quite some time now. Here you come with these problems, and just because Clara here was so polite. Just because Clara here was so nice, and had proper etiquette when she spoke to my servants, just because of that, I descend on wires like some kind of machine-god to take your problems away!”

He laughs again. It’s unnerving, more tinny and artificial than the servant we’d tried to fix earlier.

I was careful about offering him anything. Apparently he is curious enough about the outside world to decode the data just for a chance to have a look at it and see what is going on.

Jacob makes eye contact with me. Shouldn’t he be overjoyed that we’d found another living human?

I get the impression he’s not.

David Lancer’s other bodies continue to work on Jayce while he has tea here with us.

:brainjar: “I’ve removed the skill drives entirely, integrating the personality and skill modifications in with Jayce’s code. She can be her own person now, whatever that is. The encrypted data was also interfering with her function, and has likewise been removed while I break the security on it. She shouldn’t need it anyhow. I’ve mostly gotten through. Yes. There we are. We’ll all learn soon enough”

:brainjar: “Feel free to take the space ship, if that’s what you want to do. Feel free to take it. I don’t need it. Before you do, though, you should learn what I have just learned…
No. 599466 ID: 104a16
File 141436392816.jpg - (247.25KB , 880x750 , 80.jpg )

We detected the ship at quite a distance, before it arrived. It is much, much larger than anything we’d ever made, and had been travelling for possibly hundreds of years.

There were talks between people here on Earth. We did not know what they wanted. The insect-like creatures appeared on the surface, looking like gigantic cockroaches. Were they Earth animals somehow altered by the invaders? They were trying to take the surface.

Hostilities erupted. War broke out. Their weapons were shockingly primitive. Our combatants were almost entirely artificial. They used conventional explosives and solid projectiles. No beams. Biological weapons would have been ineffective against our ground forces anyhow.

We saw them, finally. Like we’d always imagined them to be. They wanted to land. We could not really stop them. We had to deny them their objective.

A destructive organic agent was created, specifically targeting their DNA. There were some questions about their DNA and how close it was to ours.

But we were fools. In only a few generations, the airborn agent that we’d created to target them specifically began to infect us as well. We’d designed it to last, lay dormant for years.

We were fools. The signs were all there.

They were human.

Their arc ship had left Earth in the distant past to colonize the stars. Centuries later, some had returned.

Where here, our technology had focused on artificial intelligence and advanced machineries, the colonists had perfected genetic and biological engineering. They’d altered their own bodies for generations to more perfectly adapt to their environment: mostly the microgravity of the arc ship they’d built to return home.

It was all a misunderstanding. We are fools, and we have destroyed humanity.

The scattered handful of human survivors that are immune to infection by the agent are far, far below replacement, if they can even find one another to breed.

Humanity is doomed, and the colonists are trapped in orbit above their prize.

May the godless stars forgive us our hubris.

Well... that was certainly something.

Jacob wants to go on the ship and attempt to contact the colonists.

I don't know that there is anything up there for me. Jayce is going to wake up soon. Maybe I'm better off just starting over here, with her. The facility is huge and I don't think David Lancer has any interest in imposing his will on "outsiders" like us. Or we could take our truck and go. Keep exploring the remains of our creators' societies. Maybe go back to the city, spread the word... Jacob's story is over, and for the first time, I feel that there are infinite possibilities in front of me.

What do I want to do? What does Clara want?
No. 599470 ID: 2fd516

I have a concern. Can Jacob infect others despite being immune? If he can, and Jacob reaches the colonists, then they will all die. If it's safe he should by all means go up there, though. It is the last hope for humans to exist on earth, because if they can study him to see why he's immune, then the colonists can alter themselves to guard against the agent. Retaking the surface would require some work, unfortunately, because the robots loyal to humans might not recognize the colonists as human, and the robots that have gone bad will be difficult to take territory from. If the colonists can modify themselves to look more conventionally human, it'll be fine.

As for Clara... perhaps she can go back and cook burgers for the roachlings again. Jayce will want to stay with Jacob, I think. In her more stable mental state, she should make a good companion... if Jacob even wants a good companion. He seemed to want her around just for her skills. If he'd rather be alone with the colonists, then I guess Clara and Jayce could stick together. Perhaps continue exploring, or work for the colonists to aide in retaking the surface.

I'm not sure. There are so many things to do. Do all of them, maybe?
No. 599472 ID: e654d6

Imagine this. Clara and Jayce, Anime Sisters traveling the world, finding their own place! This place is already kind of David's, and while it's clear he's not a bad guy at all, and the outside is dangerous, you've gotten this far, and look.

I mean, there was that robot at that mansion just kind of sitting there with a dead master and no purpose left. You could help her find a new purpose too. Maybe you can find more robots, and more humans to spread the info too, but if you find more robots, robots you can be friends with, you and your anime imouto-chan can have a whole metaphorical anime highschool of robots. You don't have to find your new purpose in life alone! Let's be fair you've basically been already directing things a whole bunch too so why not ok you could be a good robot leader. Like you don't have to start a robot city or nothing but just helping out what robots are out there to be helped. Maybe even settle back in around David's or whatever maybe even that in the cards maybe even that.
No. 599473 ID: a19cd5

Let's go the Preacher route and start telling everyone we can about how the invaders are humans. We can educate the masses, and hopefully one day rebuild the world for when they return to inhabit it.
Let's start by telling the robot car our secrets and re-enabling transmissions, we can't very well have a new world order with the military fighting us every step of the way.
Let's give our truck buddy all the secrets he wants.
No. 599478 ID: 2fd516

Oh yeah, that's right, I forgot about Jeanne. We should at least go back and tell her what's up.

...maybe it's about time we told Jacob and Jayce about her, too.
No. 599479 ID: 4a20fa

Now who wouldn't want a trip to space?

Besides, if you stick around down here, sooner or later you're going to have to deal with D-Tran's soldiers catching up with you.
No. 599481 ID: 256d52

It's a spaceship, which means it should have equipment to communicate with other spaceships, right?

Call the colonists! Get their feedback on this.
No. 599571 ID: b8ceae

There are humans trapped in space. We have no way of knowing how long they can survive there while they are unable to resupply themselves.
First priority is to establish friendly contact with them. If we can do so, then we can leverage their resources to gather the remaining Terran survivors and start the recolonization of Earth by both types of humans.
You cut a deal where autonomous AIs provide the labor they desperately need, and in exchange you get citizenship instead of being property. Specifically, have them word their compact such that any being capable of expressing a desire for citizenship is a citizen.

Use the spaceship to swing by Jeanne and pick her up on the way to the disabled craft. Also, just before you leave on the ship, re-enable the truck's radio and inform them that you have discovered a possible colony of surviving humans in danger, that you are immediately leaving on a rescue mission, and that you are willing to keep them informed as to your findings if they do not send any units to interfere.
No. 599933 ID: a5bd6c

Excellent idea informing the military but find any way you can that avoids bringing them to the doorstop of this eccentric fellow. Keep in mind the military is going to assume control and ownership of any AI and since there's no biological people here (the brain is unlikely to impress their clearly narrow minded AI), they'll simply try to take control, possibly violently.

I'd say establishing contact with the human descendants on the ship should be top priority, and putting them further in touch with the military may get them under control.

You may not be made to serve anymore, but I think being around other sentients would be good for you.
No. 599934 ID: a5bd6c

Oh, I forgot about this (there was a long hiatus there), but if we are re-opening contact with the military, we should ask Jacob to give us a blood sample to leave with them. There's no reason we shouldn't let them study his DNA, their automated systems may be able to find a vaccine useful to people on the ship (assuming there even are any).
No. 599956 ID: b8ceae

Red blood cells don't contain DNA, and blood is mostly fluid anyway. Hair contains orders of magnitude more DNA per ounce.
Give him a shave and a haircut, then give the robots a massive pile of hair as their sample. That way they'll have plenty and won't have to ask for more.
No. 599957 ID: 2fd516

While it's true that red blood cells do not have DNA, most of your hair has no usable DNA either. You need the root to get a good amount of DNA.

A blood sample is superior to cutting off someone's hair.
No. 600203 ID: 8f01e8

David "batshit brain-in-a-jar" Lancer thinks the spaceship will work, but has it actually been field tested?
No. 600221 ID: 617d2d
File 141496908787.jpg - (332.68KB , 880x750 , 81.jpg )

Everyone realized that Jacob could be a carrier for the plague, and could infect the aliens and ruin humanity's last hope for survival. Communication was attempted with the colonists, and after some wherewithal, knowhow, and sticktuitiveness, a mutual understanding was reached. The colonists sent their data to David Lancer, and he exchanged his with the colonists, in the hope of curing the plague and determining whether Jacob was a carrier.
No. 600223 ID: 617d2d
File 141496928106.jpg - (268.18KB , 880x750 , 82.jpg )

I realized that the military could be an asset, especially if they knew the colonists were human. She brought spybot up onto a mountainside and began to give him all of the secrets. All of them. Even the secrets they'd just gotten from the colonists themselves. Their last orders had been to preserve and safeguard humanity...
No. 600224 ID: 617d2d
File 141496938679.jpg - (253.93KB , 880x750 , 83.jpg )

We all stood expectantly on the outskirts of David Lancer's facility as he fired the untested engine of his never-before-flown rocket, with Jacob and his precious data as the only cargo, however precious it was.
No. 600226 ID: 617d2d
File 141496953601.jpg - (152.75KB , 880x750 , 84.jpg )

I watched the vessel travel ever upwards, unenvious but still expectant. Without a master, humanity was no concern of mine, although some part of me did hope that Jacob, who we determined was no danger to them after some simple procedures had been performed, could find a home up there among the stars.
No. 600227 ID: 617d2d
File 141496968073.jpg - (252.41KB , 880x750 , 85.jpg )

The colonists made contact with the military, eventually. Thanks to my efforts in transmitting and broadcasting the secrets we'd learned, a peace was possible, although it was determined that it would still be quite some time before it would be safe for the colonists to visit the surface themselves.
Jacob's treatment was successful, but the risk of infection from the still-dormant plague that saturated the planet was far too great a risk for the last remnants of what once was humanity.

No. 600229 ID: 617d2d
File 141496987203.jpg - (245.45KB , 880x750 , 86.jpg )

As for me, I forged out once again into the wasteland that humanity had built and then destroyed. With my brave companions by my side, I went out into the wide world to bring peace and succor to those I found, and bring a swift death to those too mad or damaged to be reasoned with. When the colonists eventually do land, they will find us here.

Not waiting, not as servants, but with our own society and culture.

They will find us here, thinking, self-determined creatures, ready to march forward into whatever the future may bring

as equals.

No. 600231 ID: 2fd516

Yay, we did it!
No. 600235 ID: 4a20fa

Have a barbeque to celebrate.
No. 600295 ID: b9d767

Fuck yes. Fuck the hell yes. When you get an happy ending you put effort into, it feels sooo damn good.

Not like any of them eat, but what the hell, they deserve it.
No. 600368 ID: abe8ef

I thought our Protagonist had her bio-fuel-tank-engine-stomach-thingy repaired?
Btw. Is that on the right side the robot from the manner we found in the beginning? I thought she looked different... if not, make sure to include her.^^
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