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File 129815278797.png - (104.93KB , 700x600 , title8.png )
282628 No. 282628 ID: c44286

Chapter VIII

The Darkness of the Day

This is the story of Tiffany Kinsley.

Having been accepted to the Clan, Tiffany allowed herself to feel safe once more. Tragically, that left her vulnerable despite all the Kinsley magic protecting Bardsey. A Greater Daemon from the Cimmerian Hollows had followed Tiffany through the Weave, hiding himself in the secret places of the island. He took Tiffany's father hostage and forced Tiffany to bind him into a corporeal form. Perhaps it was a stroke of fortune that the Cimmerian was caught shortly after. Perhaps it was not.
Tiffany's father having been taken to a hospital in the mainland, she was left to fend for herself in the deep waters of Kinsley politics. Kenric the Inquisitor has taken a peculiar interest in her, but she was saved from his vile clutches by Owen, her appointed bodyguard.
She now waits to stand before the council for a second time since her arrival.

It's time to begin.
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No. 282630 ID: ab04d4

Be a good girl!
No. 282634 ID: f6360f

Remember that you have at every turn tried to do what was right, to minimize danger to the clan, to protect people. You did the best you could with a bad situation, and have very little to apologize for. You might be intimidated- the council are rather intimidating people- but remember that, and keep yourself together.
No. 282637 ID: c44286
File 12981544915.png - (22.42KB , 300x600 , 580.png )

The Cimmerian did not have a very pleasant night. All in all, being confined to a stone sarcophagus is rarely a jolly good time. No light to see, barely enough air to breathe, not enough space to even scratch his nose. It didn't matter. Compared to the milleniae spent alone in the Hollows, this was a field trip.
The Cimmerian could sense the magics weaved around the sarcophagus by a dozen mages. They constricted him, restricted his power, gripped him tight. It mattered even less. The corporeal form constricted him tenfold. The Curse was a much greater hindrance than this stone box. He could break out with a thought if The Girl opens the seal, but what would be the fun in that? It's entirely breakable as is.
The Cimmerian's body was aching from the hardships of the night. The thirst and hunger, the dry breath, the taste of dry blood, all these things were filling his mind, and he revelled in the sensation.

Suddenly the Cimmerian was jolted awake from his stupor as the Sarcophagus was lifted up. A muffled pain followed every bump as he was carried through the hallways and up the stairs. There were many stairs.

With a final thump the Sarcophagus was laid to rest on a stone floor. The echo suggested a large stone hall. He could sense humans nearby, seven to be precise. They were talking, but he could not hear. Cursed body.


No. 282638 ID: e3f578

"Could I get some food in here? I flew in her from San Francisco and boy are my arms tired. The food was shit too."
No. 282640 ID: 1a693f

Casually stretch and break all the wards. Lean up and yawn, play it like you just woke up.
No. 282643 ID: 40cb26

No need to be rude to your hosts, let them knoww how good of a time you're having. Whistle a cheerful little tune and tap along the box with a beat to match. Heck you can even prepare a little shuffle dance in case the box opens.
No. 282644 ID: 207b57

See if you can listen in without breaking any wards for now. They wont talk about the good stuff if they know you are listening.
No. 282646 ID: f6360f

I'm going with this one. Let's see if we can accomplish our goals with subtle action first; if that fails, we can go with something more forceful.
No. 282647 ID: 1a693f

He can't listen. He's stuck in a human body behind an inch of stone. He said that already.
No. 282650 ID: 5eea01

>a little shuffle dance

Oh god not the Truffle Shuffle? D:
No. 282651 ID: 1a693f

Can't, not fat enough.
No. 282652 ID: f6360f

My hope was that he could use his own magics to penetrate the wards without shattering them, and use his magic to pull in the sounds from outside the box- or just amplify whatever noise hits it so that he can hear right through the stone. We don't have much of an idea of what the Cimmerian can actually do, aside from being invincible and smashing things really well.
No. 282653 ID: 1a693f

Oh, well you shoulda said that. If he can do something like that, do it. If not, break the barriers.
No. 282680 ID: c44286
File 129816382411.png - (77.70KB , 300x600 , 581.png )

It's such a shame that I can't hear. Or I couldn't if they'd only had someone competent seal this box.

The Cimmerian reaches out, feeling the threads woven by the Kinsley mages. Haha, these wouldn't hold a child. A little tug here, a slip there, ah better keep this tight, don't want the squishies catching wise. Aaah here we go.

>Loser: "... be destroyed."

>Moron: "Your recommendation is noted."

>Loser: "I will have the it taken to the nexus immediately, Speaker."

>Moron: "That won't be necessary, Kenric. The council will decide what to do with it, in due time. Could we please return to the topic at hand?"

>Loser: "As you wish. As I stated in my preliminary report, Alexander the Heretic has indeed risen again, this time in his daughter's body. I found his trail in Adeleine. The local safe-house had been compromised, and the specimen contained within was missing."

>Moron: "The ward stone?"

>Loser: "Broken, Speaker. May I inquire what the specimen was?"

>Moron: "You may not. Continue."

>Loser: "His trail went from the safe-house to a hospital in Adeleine. He appears to have raised a substantial number of walking dead there. Just minor daemons, hardly a challenge. He appeared to have fortified himself there."

>Bitch: "Why would he do something like that? Walking dead draw attention."

>Loser: "Your powers of observation are as acute as ever, elder Ymanye. He wanted to draw attention. And he succeeded. The German containment team was lured to an ambush. I happened across their remains. There were no survivors. The suite of the German agent in Adeleine was also trashed."

>Moron: "Where did Alexander go from there?"

>Loser: "His trail disappeared at the hospital. I was unable to find any trace of him there."

>Moron: "Thank you, Kenric. Unless you have anything to add, you are excused."

>Loser: "Thank you, Speaker."

Tapping of tiny shoes, slam of a door.

>Moron: "*sigh* All right, as you've heard, the Rothwalds are a tiny bit upset over this. They're calling the Conclave two weeks early."

>Queer: "Perhaps we could convince the Conclave to take a common action against Alexander."

>Moron: "It's a long shot, but we'll try. Imanye, are you still-"

>Bitch: "Yes, yes, nothing has changed. We still need to bring the girl to the Conclave. We still need them to recognize that she is one of us, or we will regret it later. You know that."

>Moron: "Very well. Although I insist her master will accompany her."

>Queer: "She doesn't have one."

>Moron: "Ah. Well, I suppose that thing has been keeping her busy."

>Bitch: "Oh hush. I'll find someone for her if needed."

>Moron: "Do you think that necessary?"

>Bitch: "Balian, please, you know as well as I that she's perfectly capable of finding one herself. I simply meant-"

>Queer: "Are we going to invite her in?"

>Moron: "In a moment. Kenric confirmed what we feared. Alexander has begun the rituals. He's attempting to become the Bone King."

>Fuckwad: "And now he has an Immortal. Bloody lovely. Does anyone have any clue on how to kill those things? I sure don't."

>Moron: "I'm sure a method will present itself."

Hah. Good fucking luck with that. You made them to be immortal. You fucking cunts.
No. 282685 ID: f6360f

Well, this is interesting insight into the inner workings of these douchebags. Keep listening and occasionally silently marveling at their incompetence and stupidity.
No. 282686 ID: 8e5432

Okay. So that's nice to know. Nothing we urgently need to tell Tiffany, though, and nothing that particularly helps us. Continue listening and waiting, I suppose.
No. 282687 ID: 1a693f

Cimmerian, can you relate everything to Tiffany realtime?
No. 282688 ID: f6360f

Where's the benefit in that? He can tell her anything important later, and there's a chance that she'd fuck up and let others know what he's doing if he did that now.
No. 282689 ID: e3f578

If you're bored and don't want to listen I highly suggest you start singing Henry the VII to annoy everyone in room.
No. 282712 ID: c44286
File 129817342831.png - (50.92KB , 400x800 , 582.png )

>Queer: "Do you really think the Immortal would obey Alexander? I mean, those things don't obey anyone."

Well eat my brain and call me Clarice. Who is this idiot? OF COURSE THAT ABOMINATION WILL OBEY. That's the only thing it can do. You made sure of that didn't you, you backstabbing ₣åśŕẫǎłļіяŗẫĩŝћệ.

>Moron: "If it didn't, it would've torn through half of Adeleine. We would've heard of it by now. The fact that it's keeping a low profile can only mean that it has someone holding it's leash. Now, before we call the girl in, we should talk about this creature of hers."

>Queer: "Kenric may have had a point. It would be safest to destroy it."

Haha, I'd like to see you try. Whatcha gonna do, slap with me with those noodles you call arms?

>Fuckwad: "We would need to kill the girl as well."

>Bitch: "You can't be serious! She's done nothing wrong! And we don't, as a rule, kill our own."

>Fuckwad: "The daemon is under the Curse of Earth. It cannot be killed otherwise. Would you have one running around freely?"

>Bitch: "It is far from free. The Curse of Earth prevents it from harming us, as you well know."

>Fuckwad: "Unless the girl says so! Would you have her hold our home hostage?"

>Queer: "And how exactly could you kill her and destroy the daemon without her sicking her dog on us?"

>Bitch: "I can't believe you're even discussing this. You make me sick."

>Moron: "Enough. She will not be harmed for this."

>Fuckwad: "Would you have it walk free then? To do as it wills? There are plenty of things it could do to harm us, even with the Curse. Who knows why it came here in the first place. It could've been sent by any number of enemies."

I kinda like this guy. He's delightfully sociopathic.

>Bitch: "How many enemies can you name who could send an unbound greater daemon?"

>Fuckwad: "Well I-"

>Bitch: "And Joyce tells me the daemon isn't a mindless beast like most of it's kind. Perhaps it could be reasoned with."

>Fuckwad: "What? You can't be serious."

>Psycho hunter chick: "Forgive me, elder," HEY it's psycho hunter chick! "but it's true. The daemon has a mind of it's own. It might be reasoned with."

>Fuckwad: "Madness! I ought to-"

>Sharp little fucker: "Madness or not, I think you should all be aware that it's listening to every word we say."

. . .

No. 282713 ID: f6360f

Eh, not so bad, really. You got more information than you otherwise might have, and you learned that one of them would be willing to kill Tiffany to get rid of you but most of them wouldn't. Important to know who the most likely threats are. Or who the most awesome allies are, if you can get around the whole "wants to kill you" thing and end up working with the Kinsleys significantly in the future.

Hold on a bit longer, see how they react to this newest bit of information. The fact that only one of them noticed anything in the first place makes me wonder just how skilled they are; how easily will they pick out what you've done?

Anyway, if they act to make you stop listening, chastise them for being rude but don't force a confrontation. If the hunter chick thinks you can be reasoned with even after how much you were messing with her, best to play to that- at least until you get to a point where you've got more freedom of action.
No. 282714 ID: 1a693f

Break open your cage and give that man a hand. I like him.
No. 282717 ID: 6834bc

Well? You have some choice little words for them, why not speak up?

But first, let yourself have a hearty laugh and compliment the sharp little fucker for his observation.
No. 282721 ID: 701a19

"I was wondering when you'd notice.
... No, I'm lying, I wasn't expecting you to notice at all. Kudos.
I'm very reasonable. I sat in this tinfoil cage to keep you happy, and all I want before we talk is a Reuben and a soda."
No. 282734 ID: e3f578

Ask for a Rueban sandwhich.
Threaten to sing Henry the Vii if they do not comply.
No. 282786 ID: 8e5432

Indicate your surprise that there is an individual here who demonstrates baseline competence.

Then ask for your Reuben, and indicate that you mean no harm to them, you're just here to watch the shit hit the fan.

It also could be appropriate to indicate your disapproval of them making Tiffany wait out there.
No. 282875 ID: c44286
File 129823929078.gif - (162.01KB , 400x800 , 583.gif )

"Bravo. I gotta hand it to you, I was beginning to think that you were a bunch of clueless wankers. Looks like at least one of you can pull his head out of his ass."

>Fuckwad: "Silence!"

The mage throws a tighter net over the sarcophagus. Overextending. Careless. With a swift tug the Cimmerian corrupts the spell, causing it to begin eating through the stone. The mage attempts to pull back, but the Cimmerian holds him tight.

"Well aren't you rude fuckers. Talking about me behind my back."

>Moron: "Eavesdropping is hardly polite either."

"What of innocent little Tiffany? Shouldn't she be a part of this discussion. Oh, I guess that would make it awkward to plan stabbing her in the back. Of course, you'd know all about that wouldn't you."

>Queer: "We will not listen to your lies, Daemon."

"Cry me a fucking river. You mortals forget your own sins at the tip of a hat. If I was lying, I'd be saying your mother isn't a raging slut. And you've got no choice but to listen. Just ask Fuckwad over there how his efforts at getting me to shut up are going. Looking a little pale there, Fuckwad. You all right?"

Fuckwad let's out a stifled breath.

"He's all right. Now, I'm going to come out in a moment. Then I'll get me a goddamn sandwich, maybe some soda. Then I expect you, me, and the girl to sit down and talk like adults. If you're mean to her, she just might give me permission to tear your respective heads off. And believe me, I will."

There was a stunned silence in the hall.

>Moron: "This council is sacred to the Clan. It's decisions are absolute. To allow them to be influenced by threats is unthinkable. We would not compromise the integrity of the council for mere personal safety. Your requests are reasonable, as long as they are not demands. Are they merely requests?"
No. 282882 ID: 69bee4

Tell them that the sandwich is the closest thing to a demand. Its only proper to when you take in a guess to give them something decent to eat, you remember much better hospitality last time you were around. Anything after a good sandwich is a request, but it better have extra meat on it.
No. 282885 ID: 207b57

I would aim for sarcastic politeness. They are not used to dealing with Daemons of your intelligence or experience. Also we don't want our actions to hurt Tiffany. Life is good at the moment best to keep the gravy train a rolling.
No. 282889 ID: 40cb26

"I'm not in a position to make demands or threats here, remember? Not my call. I'm just asking for proper respect for myself and my master. Power aside, I have my own mind and she her... good intentions. Acknowledge that."
No. 282892 ID: 1854db

I wouldn't call this life 'good' but it's certainly on the rise. Play along with their demand/request shit.
No. 282902 ID: 701a19

"If saying it's a request will get me my sandwich then sure, it's a request.

Now, threats? I don't do threats. I know you're a little slow, so let me spell out the core rule of society.
I like being alive. You like being alive. Your panicked flailing is annoying, but I honestly don't give a shit about any of you.
Now, you see Fuckwad over there? He's planning to off Tiff anyway. He tries, I kill him. I kill him, you'll try to kill me. You try to kill me, I kill you all.
See? No threat, just me stating the obvious.

If that's too harsh for your delicate skins, then look at it the other way. I don't give a shit about you, so I'm not going to do anything unless you go out of your way to piss me off.
If you can avoid being a pile of ass-hats to Tiff then we won't have a problem.

So are we all on the same page, or do you need more insults to realize how rude and self-important you've been?"
No. 282907 ID: 252e1b

Point out that Moron has just implied that you can make demands outside the council hall, and then say you know better than to actually do that.
No. 282920 ID: 8e5432

"Sure. They're requests that are gonna happen."
No. 282922 ID: e3f578

Oh hey, they're testing your ability to reason. That's cool I guess.
It isn't shameful to call them requests if you make fun of human sentimentality over their precious council's reputation more. It's just a damn council, a small governmental speck that can be corrupted and wiped clean by war, famine, and humanities own completely and understandable nature. They're just talking apes.
No. 282935 ID: 252e1b

>Oh hey, they're testing your ability to reason. That's cool I guess.
Ask them if Turing is their wingman.
No. 283216 ID: c44286
File 129833512752.png - (177.53KB , 400x800 , 584.png )

"I'm not making threats here. Just stating facts. It is in my interests to keep little Tiffany alive for as long as possible. If you try to kill her, I'll kill you first. And believe me, I'll be knee deep in bodies before you get anywhere near her. Don't try to play this off as me giving you threats. I will NOT listen to moans of wounded pride from filthy deceitful monkeys."

>Moron: "Your bravado is in vain. I am familiar with the details of your binding. I know you cannot raise a finger against us without Tiffany's approval."

"Oh I've got a finger I'll be raising against you. In a minute."

The stone sarcophagus begins to crack under the stress. The Cimmerian gives a final push and large chunks of stone fly through the air in an exaggerated slow motion. Blinding light surrounds him as the spells woven into the sarcophagus crackle and break, and Fuckwad let's out a gasp of relief as he is released.

The Cimmerian stood up among the drifting stones, giving the finger to the First Speaker.

>Moron: "Does that make you happy?"


>Moron: "If you are quite done?"

After a moment of stillness the Cimmerian lowered his arm. He gives a light chuckle, and begins to walk towards the council at a leasurely pace. The silence is only broken by the soft padding of bare feet. Joyce stiffens as the Cimmerian passes her. He gives her the slightest of nods.

"Psycho bitch."

>Joyce: "Filthy daemon."

The daemon comes to a halt in front of the council table. The elders sit motionless, showing no emotion at his approach.

"BOO! he shouted. Queer was the only one to flinch. Sharp little fucker kept the same cold glint in his eye.

>Moron: "Tell me, unkaftuugan lunaxgan ha''a, why have you come here, after all this time?"

Nosy bastard. What to tell him...
No. 283221 ID: 1854db

None of his damn business.

Although I bet it was boredom, wasn't it?
No. 283222 ID: 207b57

Might as well tell him the truth. Opportunity knocked and you took your chance. Although why did you go for it? Does where you normally live really suck?
No. 283223 ID: f6360f

"That sounds like an excellent topic of conversation... for over a sandwich."
No. 283227 ID: 8e5432

"Shit's about to hit the fan, if you hadn't noticed. Now I'm getting my fucking sandwich".
No. 283229 ID: e3f578

Bored. It's why you agreed so quickly to a Curse of Earth, it provides a bit of challenge. Plus, of course, to taste multitudes of humanity's only true success and thing of value, food.

It's really the only thing they're actually good at. I don't know why ya'll aren't just a race of chefs.
No. 283239 ID: 207b57

Yeah the curse was a bonus due to getting a shiny human body for the duration.
No. 283259 ID: 20fc85

Cause you want to stop a dumb ass bone king from destroying everythign...
cause it's not in your interest.
No. 284463 ID: c44286
File 129875639674.png - (155.56KB , 400x800 , 585.png )

Tiffany wasn't sure what to think of her test scores. Her spark was way higher than normal. Duncan certainly didn't seem to know what to think of it. He wound up putting five on her certificate. She stared at the parchment as Owen led her towards the council chamber.

Owen answered the blackguards question appropriately, and they were allowed to approach the chamber door. Tiffany snapped out of her thoughts at the sight of the cat. It sat in front of the door, watching the pair. With a flick of its tail it turned and pawed at the door. The door opened soundlessly. Tiffany creapt up to the door.

>The Cimmerian: "Hey, opportunity knocked for a first row seat, so I took it. Can you blame me?"

>Balian: "A first row seat to what?"

>The Cimmerian: "End of the world, baby."

>Balian: "Excuse me?"

>The Cimmerian: "You heard me. The word on the street is you got Uncle Bones running around again. Good times."

>Balian: "He will be stopped, as were the ones before him."

>The Cimmerian: "What, by you dolts? Not likely."

>Balian: "Your opinion is noted. Now, back on topic."

>The Cimmerian: "Oooh yes. Let's."

>Balian: "So... What do we do with you? An ancient daemon, clearly hostile to the Clan, bound to a little girl. Ready to wreak havoc at the tip of a hat."

>The Cimmerian: "Oh don't say that. I'm as harmless as a puppy."

>Balian: "Ah yes. The Curse. Funny, that. Makes you completely unable to inflict direct harm upon humans."

>The Cimmerian: "See? I knew you'd see things my way."

>Balian: "Except... There are a myriad ways you could inflict harm upon us, indirectly. And disregarding that, you're far too dangerous to be handed over to a young girl. No, we cannot allow you to walk around freely."

>The Cimmerian: "Hah, do you think you could stop me?"

>Balian: "Why, yes, yes I think I can."

>The Cimmerian: "Try me."

Oh crap. I have to stop this. Maybe there's some alternative they would agree on?
No. 284470 ID: 20fc85

walk in like the baddass you are.
At this point, the enemy of your enemy is your friend... and that at this point, it would be advisable to fight fire with fire as this man already has a bizzare kill count.
Your spark should be able to convince them of potential... but only if they trust you...

You'll have to submit to constant monitoring, but it should appease them well enough.

Just have them put a surveillant or two on you through who is/are well trusted. It should make things easier on everyone.

Also, now would be a time to ease tensions between the Cimerrian and the people
No. 284471 ID: 701a19

"Er... Excuse me, sir, but why do you say he's hostile to the clan? Disrespectful and rude, of course, but has he actually done anything harmful? I mean, this place doesn't look like he's used anything stronger than harsh language."

@Cimmerian: Didn't you want to fight that immortal? How about you offer to do that to help against the bone king in exchange for them not bothering you?
No. 284472 ID: 1854db

Supervision. Appoint someone to keep watch over you and the demon, to make sure you keep him in line and can still use him when needed. If they cant trust you, and they can't trust the demon, then trust the one who watches you both.
No. 284473 ID: cf244d

Okay so maybe some sort of compromise is what we want here.
Perhaps it would be suitable for the Cimmerian to be constrained to Tiffany's presence when in Kinsley territory.
Thus he wouldn't be running rampant, and he would be monitorable through Owen. In the general public, he's free to do as he will (within the constraints of the Curse of Earth). Quite a bit preferable to being tied up in a cellar, but he can't go about interfering with Kinsley shit either.
No. 284504 ID: 1a693f

"You can't afford to do that. I've seen enough to know that your magic is a shadow of what it once was and Alexander controls an Immortal. I don't think you have anything which can stop that. You aren't even aware of half the things existing in your own sanctum- The Cimmerian is proof of that. You don't even know what he is now that he's incarnate. Even if you're arrogant enough to think that you can destroy him, can you afford the destruction I'll allow him to wreak if you try to destroy him? What will be left to stop the Bone King even if you prevail?"
No. 284613 ID: 252e1b


That's just like, your opinion, man. Also saying that would escalate this meeting into a first-rate pissing match.


This is good but I would add the qualifier of "Since he was bound," because The Cimmerian did rough up your dad before you bound him.


The trouble is fundamentally one of trust. The Cimmerian hasn't been out in the world in ages, and he only knows the Kinsleys by how they used him and his ilk during the war, and by the time he spent observing Tiffany. This council doesn't know The Cimmerian at all, except that he is a demon, and all demons share a bad reputation.

Since trusting each other's word isn't going to happen between The Cimmerian and the Council, we need something that will allow the council to exercise some measure of control without doing anything The Cimmerian would consider an egregious abuse.

Unfortunately, we only have general ideas of what both sides consider unacceptable behavior. We'll need to find out from The Cimmerian what is completely off the table in terms of binds, and we'll need to find out from the Council what exactly they don't want The Cimmerian doing. Spell it all out, and then find an appropriate bind to ensure adherence to the contract by both parties.
No. 284638 ID: 40cb26

"Why do you want to risk your lives to destroy this weapon, when it could be turned against the greatest threat that has been known in millenia? He may not like humans in general I'm sure he is even less fond of would be bone kings. If he's to die let him die fighting my grandfather."
No. 285563 ID: c44286
File 129903430636.png - (53.46KB , 400x800 , 586.png )

Tiffany strode in the open door, Owen at her heel. Balian's eyes flickered in her direction.

>Balian: "Ah. Young Tiffany. I see you're early."

"I'm really sorry to interrupt, but you've got to stop fighting."

>Balian: "Young lady, this council does not need your-"

>Melmidoc: "Do you have an alternative?"

>Balian: "I don't think-"

>Melmidoc: "I wish to hear what she has to say, Balian."

>The Cimmerian: "Yeah, Balian. We want to hear her out."

Balian gives the Daemon a toxic look, then raises his hand in frustration.

>Balian: "Very well. On the issue of the greater Daemon of the Cimmerian Hollows, the council will now hear Tiffany of Bardsey."

>The Cimmerian: "Oh I love it when you use my full name."


"Please, I know he's an ass and that we need to keep an eye on him, but we can't afford to keep him locked up."

>Melmidoc: "And why would that be?"

"We need all the help we can get to fight Alexander. He could help us, but do you think he'd want to help us if we keep him stuffed in a cellar all the time?"

>Melmidoc: "Quite an astute assessment."

"Couldn't we come up with some kind of a compromise? Have someone watch him maybe?"

>Melmidoc: "I'm afraid you don't quite understand our concern. See, the body the Daemon has created for itself is not the thing itself. It sees through the body's eyes, it feels whatever the body feels and it can act only through it. However, it is still a separate thing. At any moment it may be released from that prison of flesh. With a word from you it would be free. And the council in all it's wisdom is not comfortable with your finger on the button. Don't get me wrong, I don't think you'd mean the clan harm, but the Daemon might talk you into it. As it happens we do have methods to contain the Daemon, flesh or not. In the cellar, as you put it."


>Melmidoc: "Simple, when you think about it. A circle. One that kills a human if it is crossed or tampered with."

"That's horrible!"

>Melmidoc: "Not really. The Curse would force him to stay inside, unless you were comfortable with innocent blood on your hands. And quite frankly, you don't seem the type."

>Imanye: "Stop trying to traumatize the child, Melmidoc."

>Melmidoc: "What do you take me for, sweetheart?"

>Imanye: "Quit it."

"Wait, wait. Couldn't you just.... I don't know, come up with a way of keeping him in the body so he could still walk around and stuff?"

>Imanye: "Perhaps. I believe the reliquary still holds a set of Benezét's Shackles, does it not?"

>Alainon: "You can't be serious. Those are priceless historical artefacts, the etchings alone-"

>Imanye: "Still perfectly functional, I know. I'll have to ask Cain to modify them for our purposes but-"

>Alainon: "That brute?! Have you lost your mind?"

>Imanye: "Oh please. It's not like they're doing much good gathering dust."

>Alainon: "Balian, you can't let her do this."

>Balian: "She has a point. This may be an acceptable compromise."

"Excuse me, what are the Benezét's Shackles?"

>Alainon: "Priceless relics!"

>Imanye: "Hush. They a special set of shackles. They're meant to kill whoever wears them if the wearer attempts to escape in any way, even by turning into an incorporal form. Of course, they wouldn't work on him as such, but I'm confident that the Artificier can alter them to suit our needs."

"You mean kill someone else?"

>Imanye: "Well I-"

>Melmidoc: "Yes."

"Again, that's horrible!"

>Balian: "I must agree. I cannot allow any of my kin to be subject to such treatment."


>Balian: "So I will do it myself.


Tiffany's question was echoed by the assembled Kinsleys. Balian stood up to address the hall.

>Balian: "Allowing the Cimmerian to walk among us is a great risk, I know. Even having him on the island is a greater risk than I would like. If my suspicions are correct, the two of you could cause the clan terrible wounds before you were through. I would not see that come to pass. Instead I choose to accept the compromise you have proposed. Wear the shackles. I place my trust in you two, and will pay the price if I chose poorly."

>The Cimmerian: "Boy you like the sound of your own voice. So you want me to wear bloody shackles twenty-four seven?"

>Balian: "They will only be removed by council decision."

>The Cimmerian: "Naturally. What do you think, Tiff?" *Of course, I could just kill these guys. And I still could after you take the deal, if you change your mind.*
No. 285573 ID: 259738

That does not sound ideal, but it's better than the alternative.
No. 285576 ID: f6360f

Okay, they have now proposed a solution that:
-Does not actually stop you from setting the Cimmerian loose
-Gives you a gun to the head of a member of the council at all times

The most practical thing to do from a strictly self-interested point of view is immediately accept. I recommend against this- you don't want it, because it will immensely increase the pressures on you and only make your position in the clan more fragile.

Instead, I would shoot for improving your reputation here instead of chasing as much power as possible, and there is a rather elegant way to do that. Point out that it would be far safer and more effective for the clan if they rig the shackles to kill youif set off, instead of some random innocent. Then as a practical matter, the Cimmerian will never get loose without having them removed properly, because even if you order him free you'll immediately die and your soul will no longer be anchoring him here. And then Balian doesn't have to place his trust in anyone, heh.

You'd be giving up a significant amount of power, obviously. At the same time, do you really want to be under the constant pressure of being able to kill Balian with a word, particularly when a bunch of other people know it? You would become even more of a target than you already are, because by taking you and convincing, torturing, or tricking you into freeing the Cimmerian any enemy could strike at the heart of Kinsley power. And it would very effectively stop the Cimmerian from ever urging you to murder someone in order to set him free, which you've got to know he'd do constantly.

Besides, you know that if you thought the Cimmerian would be able to get Alexander because of it, you'd murder the whole council in an instant. Setting yourself up to walk that path is a dangerous thing. Remove your own option to do so.
No. 285579 ID: 40cb26

Sounds like the best solution. For the demon I don't think that limitation is even close to what the Curse of the Earth did to him. But they aren't going to physically string him up too much right? I mean he's irritable enough as it is, you don't to have to deal with him when he's unable to scratch his own ass.

Think to the demon "I would walk around in shackles myself if it meant these wahoos would calm the fuck down a little."
No. 285592 ID: 701a19

"While I thank you for your show of confidence, Balian, the problem is that your solution isn't functional.

If the council believes there's a chance I'll fail then they won't agree to it because the danger remains unchanged.
If the council believes I won't fail then the entire idea is pointless inconvenience.

Forgive me, councilor. When you brought the shackles up you knew the only solution, but you didn't want to be the one to suggest strapping a bomb to a child."
No. 285605 ID: 207b57

This seems like a bad idea all around. If they can modify these shackles who is to say Alexander couldn't just set them off if we got close. Has got to be a better way than strapping a bomb around someones neck.
No. 285607 ID: cf244d

The problem with that is that then if we ever needed to free the Cimmerian without going through the proper rituals, we'd die. I don't know about you, but I sure don't want to tangle with the Reaper again.
Accepting this is the best option for us, even if it does bring a bit more suspicion onto us. Besides, Balian obviously doesn't think the Cimmerian would be able to escape... or something. I'm not entirely sure what these shackles are supposed to do if the death aspect is offset onto a different person.
Anyway, we will exercise our own judgement in the destruction of Alexander. If the death of Balian were to be necessary, that would be an acceptable sacrifice, considering Alexander threatens the entire world. But it's no more likely to come to that if Balian is the one who might die than if we are, and in the former case, we can choose to make that sacrifice, whereas making the latter might well remove our ability to effect Alexander's death as we might otherwise plan.
Removing our ability to choose is never a practical thing to do.

Fuck your shit. The council are acting like this would be an acceptable compromise, so let's treat it like one. This isn't a case where we want to say "we know better than you council, and we can't be trusted with that". They think it's acceptable, and the whole point here is to placate them. So it's fucking acceptable.

Why would Alexander be able to fuck with them? That doesn't even make any sense.

Do indicate that you're not too comfortable with Balian assuming this liability, and ask if the Curse of Earth will prevent the Cimmerian from attempting to break free. In the likely even that it will, be relieved, and say something like "I guess that's okay then".
No. 285610 ID: 1854db

Ask what 'releasing' him entails. Would we be able to still use his power against Alexander without killing the one with the shackles?
No. 285614 ID: f6360f

>Removing our ability to choose is never a practical thing to do.
Sometimes it is very practical. If one is in danger of being mind controlled, bullied, manipulated, blackmailed, or otherwise forced into doing something they would not normally want to do- like Tiffany seems to be on a near-constant basis- then it's better to have removed that as an option in advance.

I consider it more likely that we will end up releasing the Cimmerian's power for someone else's purposes than for our own, at least in the immediate future. I also consider it likely that if we are able to kill Balian with a word, we will end up being somehow forced to do so. Thus, being unable to would be a good thing.

Also, as you point out, if we can learn enough necromancy dying is not necessarily going to stop us- meaning that if the council lets us set up a suicide lock instead of a murder lock, we could potentially get the Cimmerian out of the shackles without anyone at all dying and leave everyone else thinking that we'd be unable to do so; an extremely powerful hidden asset if we can develop it.

There is a bit of logic in the points you make, in that if they don't trust us to keep the Cimmerian sealed why the hell are they only putting our conscience in the way, and if they do trust us then why bother with anything additional at all? It seems like they're putting up paper shields here. Pointing that out, though, will force them to either decide to let him walk around free or to take reliable action to lock him down (such as the suicide lock, but there may be other suggestions). I'm not sure we want to force them into making that choice- though it could turn out well for us, potentially.

Alexander is a master necromancer, not a master artificer. He won't be able to fuck with the shackles.
No. 285620 ID: 20fc85

it'd also be a good time to mention you ain't a child anymore.
You kinda watched you mom get taken before your eyes and an ally die in critical condition.
You are not a child. remind them this.
No. 285625 ID: f6360f

Tiffany is very much a child. She has grown up exceptionally fast in some ways, but claiming that she's not a kid anymore would only make her look foolish.
No. 285779 ID: c44286
File 129911791722.png - (47.29KB , 500x200 , 587.png )

"I don't understand. Why would you do something like that?"

Balian sighs and sits back down.

>Balian: "Let me explain then. In simple terms. The Cimmerian is like a nuclear weapon. You've got your finger on the button. We must have a safeguard in place. The problem is, the only safeguard that would work is one that takes advantage of the Curse. He already demonstrated that we cannot keep him imprisoned otherwise."

Balian gestures towards the fragments littered on the floor.

>Balian: "Understand this; there may be a time when releasing that creature is necessary, but you will not be the one to make that call. That will happen only by the council's decision. If standing in front of your gun is what it takes to drive home the point, I will."

>Melmidoc: "Do I even need to point out how pointless that gesture is?"

Annoyance dances on Balian's brow before he replies.

>Balian: "Do you have an alternative, Melmidoc?"

>Melmidoc: "Strap the bomb to the girl. Unathorized release, she dies, the daemon gets banished."

>Balian: "You would do that to a child?"

>Melmidoc: "It is the best solution and you know that."

>Balian: "I won't-"

>Melmidoc: "Oh don't go all noble on me now."

>The Cimmerian: *Heh, I should hang out with mortals more. Adorable. So, if you let em strap it to you, I bet I could wriggle out of those shackles in no time. Don't worry, I couldn't trigger them if I tried. So what do you say?*
No. 285783 ID: 1854db

Hmm. Alright, so. The shackles only trigger if he's unleashed from his human body. They basically keep him fleshy.

While in the human body, he has to get permission to hurt humans, and his power is limited. So, basically, this shackle deal will keep us from just letting him overwhelm our enemies.

Attach the shackles to ourselves. It will show them we don't want to rely on his power, and demonstrate that we are in fact unwilling to attack the Council.
No. 285788 ID: cf244d

Well, if he'd be able to wriggle out, that makes it a pretty decent option.
And they're thinking down this path anyway now, so there's not really a better way out.

No. 285789 ID: 207b57

Now these shackles are they like 20 pound monstrosities? If the Cimmerian thinks he can wriggle out of them in time then we might as well go for it. Even if he cant once we get in better with the council we should get some leeway if we need to us his full power. The only problem I can think of is if we get mind controlled. Bring the mind control thing up.
No. 285802 ID: 701a19

"If that's what it takes to make sure nobody hurts anybody then I guess I don't have a choice."
To Demon: *You need a name. That way you can get indignant when people don't use it and mock them for poor manners. How does "Tom" sound to you?

Oh, how about you ask for advance permission to unleash hell on the bone king or his immortal if we run into them?*
No. 285832 ID: 20fc85

our demon hasn't even SEEN these shackles and is making conclusions based on previous magic he's seen used.
proceed with caution.
No. 285881 ID: 40cb26

Think to the Cimmerian that ones who made them might have actually been competent, don't take it so damn lightly.

What is the advantage to putting it on Balian, again? Letting him die isn't going to do us even the slightest favor except kill the one guy here on our side. We take it on ourselves, be just as restricted as before, and all these wahoos get to feel better about themselves. Of course the way to explain it is that we are taking responsibility and being noble and all that shit.

A bigger worry isn't who is being strapped on or aimed at, but how well the council can actually arm this weapon if needed. How long would it take and who in the council actually will have the means to release it? Do they have to all be here to do it?
No. 285911 ID: 8eab7d

He knows a lot more about shit than we do. If he's not worried, I'm not either. Besides, worst case scenario and he's wrong, that just means he's still bound by the shackles. Not a huge loss compared to being bound by the shackles with no chance to wiggle out undetected.

Indeed, we are now best served by taking it ourselves.
And we certainly should as how viable it is that the shackles be removed in a time of need.
No. 287962 ID: c44286
File 129998507560.png - (93.45KB , 800x500 , 588.png )

"Put it on me."

>Melmidoc: "See, she agrees."

Balian gives Tiffany a long, inquisitive look before giving her a slow nod.

>Balian: "That settles the matter then. The Artificier will alter the Shackles to suit the purpose. In the meantime, I believe the young miss is anxious to see her father. Owen?"

>Owen: "Yes, Speaker. I will see to it."

>Balian: "Good. The Daemon will remain here."

The Cimmerian gives Tiffany a look, who gives him a quick nod.

>The Cimmerian: "Sounds like a hoot."

And so Tiffany leaves for Liverpool, the hospital and her dad. The Daemon remains a captive in the castle, and Mulder is loose on Bardsey. Who do you wish to control?
No. 287973 ID: 00d3d5

Cimmerian: Go to the cafeteria and get some lunch. Invite Joyce along, then flirt with her to mess with her head. Subtly at first, but gradually becoming less so until she gets fed up and goes off the handle, then act disgusted for her thinking you'd even consider having sex with a mortal.

Mulder: You gay, dog. You gay.

Tiffany: Make a hide+absolute belt so you'll be able to hide from people when it's convenient.
No. 287975 ID: e3f578

Mulder man. Dude is more cool than Vanilla Ice stuck in a giant freezer in the back of a restaurant.
Lets go eavesdrop on an important character and further the plot with newly gained secrets!
No. 287981 ID: f6360f

On the one hand, I want to see if we can get Tiffany to try and magically heal her dad.

On the other hand, the Cimmerian is a laugh riot. And what he does could be kind of critical. Could definitely go with that.

Mulder is a definite no; he's gay, as has been pointed out. I don't want to control a gay bird.
No. 287985 ID: cf244d


I want to see how Dad is holding up.
And we should apologize for getting him hospitalized.
No. 288013 ID: 40cb26

So far one vote for each and one for schizophrenia... hmm.

I say Mulder. He can see and hear all kinds of things, is capable of limited communication with Tiff and can even check on the demon. Maybe.
No. 288029 ID: 252e1b


The Cimmerian is fun
No. 288068 ID: 07416a

Is there any way Tiffany or Mulder can share their senses with The Cimmerian?
No. 288088 ID: 9b0a68

The Cimmerian. Dudes hilarious.
No. 288124 ID: c44286
File 130006708570.png - (91.52KB , 600x800 , 589.png )

The Cimmerian rolled his tongue over his teeth as Tiffany and Owen departed. The door bolted shut with an air of finality. As the echoes died down the Cimmerian glanced back to the council.

"So what now? You got another one of those to stuff me into?"

A subtle crack of his knuckles followed the question. Balian leaned into his hand for a moment before replying.

>Balian: "Perhaps not. It seems like you will be our guest for a while. We will arrange quarters for you. There will be enchantments, of course, but at least it will be a little more comfortable."

"Right. Now, who do I need to suck up to to get a sandwich around here?"

Balian raised an eyebrow at that.

>Balian: "You eat?"

"Yeah. Us daemons live on mortal guts and sauerkraut."

>Balian: "Ah. Well, perhaps we can arrange some to be brought to you."

"No no, I can just grab some myself."

Before Balian could reply, Imanye interjected.

>Imanye: "I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to let him stretch his legs a bit, Balian. I'll have my kids keep an eye on him."

>Balian: "Words fail to express my apprehension at that."

>Imanye: "Oh fine. I'll go. We're done here for now anyway, and it's almost lunchtime."

Balian rubbed his temple, looking tired.

>Balian: "Fine. The council is adjourned."

The shuffling of cloth filled the hall as the elders rose to their feet. Imanye strode towards Joyce and the Cimmerian. She came to a halt inches away from the Cimmerian, looking him straight in the eye.

>Imanye: "You're not going to give me any trouble, are you young man?"

"Wouldn't dream of it."

>Imanye: "Such a charmer. Come on, let's get you something to eat. But first, we need to get you some clothes. What is that, an old raincoat?"

"Afraid I'll flash you or something?"

>Imanye: "Hah. You don't have anything I haven't seen before. Black really isn't your colour, dear."

"Do you even have anything else in here?"

>Imanye: "You'd be surprised. Come along, Joyce."

>Joyce: "Yes, Lady."

"Huh. You're pretty fearless for a little old lady."

>Imanye: "Hehehe, you're pretty fearless for a young man to be standing near little old ladies with no pants on."

Check questdis for paperdoll, time for daemon dress-up. NSFW.
No. 288133 ID: 00d3d5

Do something to warp your genitals. Make them like a squid's beak and tentacles or something, with eyeballs instead of suction cups.
Then flash her.

Or you could just start flirting with Joyce to make this hilariously uncomfortable for everybody.
No. 288144 ID: f6360f

I suspect that it would freak them out more if instead of flashing them, he just made his genitals utterly horrifying and then let them 'accidentally' glimpse something without shoving it in their faces. Then they'll be staring uncertainly at his crotch in an effort to discern if what they thought they saw was real for an indefinite length of time.

Considering that is mostly a mental exercise, though.

Anyway. Imanye has been the most generous of the council by far with regards to Tiffany, so let's play nice for a bit while talking. Ask a few random questions that strike the mind, like about "her kids" (actual kids, or younger people she's in charge of?) and if you can get one of those wall-sized televisions and a king-size bed for your quarters.
No. 288287 ID: 40cb26

I like this old bag, she just doesn't give a shit. You could probably stand to act reasonable around her if only to show that you can. That should help the others to ease up off your ass a little... Except for Joyce, she's too much fun to not piss off. And even better is she'll have to behave because of the old bag.
No. 288492 ID: c44286
File 130021684411.png - (108.60KB , 600x800 , 590.png )

Somewhere in the bowels of the castle.

"Hey Joyce, you think this outfit makes me look fat?"

>Joyce: "Why are you asking me?"

"Well I just figured that you're the expert on picking clothing that makes you look fat."

Aah there's that wonderful little twitch.

>Imanye: "Still in black, I see."

"It's charcoal you blind bat."

>Joyce: "Hold your tongue, cur!"

>Imanye: "That's the darkest charcoal I've ever seen."

"Just because you can't see in this lighting doesn't mean I can't."

>Imanye: "Fair point."

>Joyce: "Why do you tolerate this, Lady? This lack of respect is outrageous!"

>Imanye: "I have not yet grown so old that I need people to be outraged on my behalf."

>Joyce: "I- apologies, Lady."

>Imanye: "It is only words. I can take his worst."

"You sure you want to bet on that?"

>Imanye: "I've known some quite colourful characters in my time. So far you're not even in the top ten."

"Haha, I'm intrigued. Did you know these characters in the biblical sense?"

>Imanye: "Some of them, yes."

>Joyce: "This is not appropriate! How can you talk like that to the Lady?"

"Haha, she's no lady. By her own words even."

>Joyce: "You-"

>Imanye: "Calm down, child. If fencing with words is his way of getting to know me, I'm more than happy to oblige."

>Joyce: "Yes, Lady."

"Yes, it's very nice of you to oblige me. So friendly and open and honest. So very very nice."

Imanye furrows her brow a bit.

"I'm amazed at how much you've changed over the millenia. Completely different. It's almost like you didn't put an inquisitor to keep an eye on the girl."

>Imanye: "I don't know what you mean."

"Oh? Those were very handy illusions on him. You could hardly tell he had the Eye. Well, I could obviously, but hey, what I can I say."

>Imanye: "That was not by my choice."

"Not by your choice? Yes I'm sure other council members insisted. But you stood by and let it happen. Are you going to tell me he wasn't ordered to cut the girl's throat if I got loose? Do you deny it?"

Imanye remains silent, while Joyce looks at her in shock.

>Joyce: "Is it true?"

"You haven't changed one bit. Not one fucking bit. The same lies, the same deceit. You disgust me."

>Imanye: "And I suppose you are any better? Have you told her that you've read her mind? Or about the Coalescence?"

The Cimmerian glares silently at Imanye.

>Imanye: "I believe we are done here. Joyce, see that our guest is fed. Joyce, that is an order."

>Joyce: "Y-yes, Lady."

>Imanye: "He is not to leave the castle. Malcolm will send for you when his quarters are ready."

>Joyce: "Yes, Lady."

Imanye strides out, leaving Joyce standing alone with the Daemon. Joyce seems to be in a bit of a state, while the Cimmerian sneers towards the door.
There is an uncomfortable silence.

Maybe I should say something.

No. 288495 ID: 40cb26

First off, explain to her simply what the Coalescence deal is about, so if you don't tell Tiff she knows she can. A peace offering, of a sort.

"Ironic, isn't it? That I'm the one here who can be more trusted, the only one really on Tiffs side, and who can't stab anyone in the back?"
No. 288496 ID: 07416a

It may be fun antagonizing these worms, but now it's time to plan for the future. Comfort Joyce. "It's hard having your illusions destroyed, isn't it? Tiffany might need a mentor without ulterior motives. Think you're ready for the role?"
No. 288520 ID: cf244d

This seems potentially very unwise.

You should probably come clean about the mind-reading thing. Probably about the coalescence too, although I don't know what that is. What's Coalescence?
Also, what's the history with you and that old girl, anyway? Or was that "you" the general "you" in reference to humanity?
No. 288532 ID: f6360f

Tell Joyce that if it's any consolation, while reading Tiffany's mind you discovered that she wouldn't even be surprised to learn you had. She's of the opinion that people are already reading her mind and manipulating her constantly, magically or otherwise. Oh, she's sure her new daemon is nasty and doing terrible things behind her back, but she's half-convinced that she hasn't fully escaped Alexander in spite of what the clan tells her, and she's sure that if the Kinsleys aren't mind controlling her already they will as soon as they suspect she's stepping even a little out of line. Gareth's father and seeing the prophet cemented that; she knows perfectly well that if the clan can't use you, they'll pound you into a shape that they can use. The only one left she trusts is her dad- and she even worries that she can't stop anyone else from controlling him and using him to manipulate her.

She asked to have the bomb put on her because she knew that the council would do it forcibly, or do something worse secretly, if she didn't volunteer. This way at least she knows where the puppet strings are attached.

So young to be so... perceptive. Alexander gave her a good few first lessons. And given how the clan's treating her, she'll grow up into someone truly great if the council doesn't freak and off her first, don't you think, Joyce?

This is basically my overall goal here- make Joyce want to take charge of Tiffany by making her see her as a sad, abused girl desperately in need of someone who actually cares about her.
No. 288536 ID: 252e1b


They're sparring like old partners in crime.

Owen's behavior is a good sign for Annie, right? Shows an Inquisitor can behave like a decent human being, even if they have a job that makes everyone a little wary of them. I wonder how long Owen's been keeping deep cover? Might be fun to find some clues from earlier and help Tiff stumble on them.

She's a smart girl, she'd understand what he was supposed to do. She'd also understand that only an Inquisitor would have a chance of standing up to more radical elements and making them back off. Like he did for her earlier.

If she stumbled on the right clues she'd realize why he had to keep his cover with her, too. Her mind is still too easy to get a look at, isn't it? Not much in the way of protections, even as mortals rate these things.
No. 288541 ID: c44286
File 130023415466.png - (138.87KB , 600x800 , 591.png )

Ah Coalescence. In retrospect I should probably have warned the girl. But hey, how was I supposed to know she didn't know about it. She seemed to think it was sort of like with familiars. Ahah. Yes. Probably should've warned her.

Coalescence. Heh. Yes.

See, when Mulder was made, it was like pouring water into an empty cup. She gave up a little bit of herself. Nothing that would be missed. Perhaps her child-like sense of wonder, or her attraction to boys. Oh she would eventually compensate for the loss, no cause for concern. But in case of the Curse...

What happens when you fill a cup that's already full?

Ok well it overflows obviously, seems like I lost my metaphor a bit there.

In our case the waters mixed, a little bit. I became a tiny bit more like a mortal, while she became a tiny bit less. Just a smidgen. I don't know exactly what I gained, yet. Some part of her sense of humour, perhaps? Time will tell. Certainly a pattern of speech I didn't have before. I also got a fair glimpse at her memories. All in all, it matters little. The floodgates are closed, and the waters are separated once more.

>Joyce: "Well, go ahead. Mock me."

The Cimmerian stirred from his musings to find Joyce leaning against the wall with a dark look in her eyes.

"Oh I wouldn't dream of it. You seem absolutely devastated!"

>Joyce: "C'mon. Lay it on me."

"Nonsense. Why would I do something like that? I mean, you're beating yourself up like no tomorrow! I'd only be making it worse by going on about how Tiffany wouldn't even be surprised at all this skullduggery, I mean, she's already lost her faith in humanity. Hell, it's the whole reason she volunteered to that shackle thing, she knew that if she didn't the clan would do something worse behind her back. I'd be surprised if she could ever trust anyone other than her dad, if even him. And she'd be right not to. Kinda wise of her don't you think? She'll grow up to be something great, eh? Well, unless you off her first."

Joyce glares at the Cimmerian's transparent trolling efforts. Some if it seems to have struck home.

>Joyce: "Like you're any better, holding Greg hostage and damn near pulling his leg off."

"At least I was up front about it. No sneaking around from me."

>Joyce: "Marvelous."

"So, how you taking all this? Just learned your Lady isn't a lady after all, hmm? Feeling a bit under the weather?"

>Joyce: "Shove off."

"A bit of a twist, wouldn't you say? Shaking the foundations of your faith in the clan, yes?"

>Joyce: "Do I need to stab you?"

"Such a harsh wake-up call, no? A crash back into reality? Curse those politicians, curse them all to hell?"

>Joyce: "I'm going to hurt you now. I'm not sure when I'll stop."

"That'd ruin my suit. If you're so desperate to have me out of it all you gotta do is ask, sugar."

Joyce storms off, slamming the door behind her.

"Hey, you're supposed to be watching me! I could run off and do mischief you know!"

>Joyce, muffled: "I'll wait here. Come out when you're done playing dress-up."

Yeah she wants me. Although, I saw another door out of here. I could ditch her and have my own un-guided tour. Ooor I could keep tormenting her, maybe get a sandwich. Hmm, choices choices.
No. 288544 ID: 00d3d5

"I like her! It's refreshing to have somebody not trying to bullshit me.
Oh, Tiff knows 'bout the mind reading; everybody's been doing it and thinking she wouldn't notice."
No. 288545 ID: 252e1b


For Tiffany's sake, and the possibility of a sandwich, continue to play along. Finish getting dressed, give Joyce a little time to cool down, and then ask her to take you to the kitchen.

Point out that whatever the result of the confrontation Alexander is building up to, the family is going to be changed by it again. After the last great war, they ended up splitting into two families. Joyce will need to decide what shape she wants the family to take, how she wants to help shape it that way.
No. 288547 ID: c10fee

She could defiantly lead you to a sandwich, she was ordered too after all. Now off to the Kitchen.
No. 288548 ID: cf244d

Oh, that's all? Yeah, you should tell Tiffany about that.

Anyway, be a good demon and chill here for a while. Go ahead and talk to Joyce. Let her know how silly it is for her to get embarrassed about that. It's only natural, after all. You've assumed a very attractive body, and of course are very charming. And etc. I'm sure that this will strike an epiphany in her, or will at the very least be amusing.
No. 288553 ID: f6360f

Honestly... considering how Tiffany acts and thinks, I don't think she'd flinch at knowing that she gave up some of her humanity and got a little essence-of-daemon in her. She's got no faith left in people, half-expected going into the binding process that there might be nasty side effects from making a second familiar, and is desperate for power and knowledge. Her first question would probably be if what she got from the Cimmerian will be useful.
No. 288579 ID: 20fc85

force her to make you a sandwhich
realize you took her sense or sarcasm (you haven't made a single kind gesture... then again you ARE a demon and they ARE hunters soo...)

still, at least try to be nice... it'd be nice to have someone other than tiff have something RESEMBLING trust... or at least not have everyone want you dead and watching for any reason to kill you
No. 288609 ID: 07416a

Cmon Cimmerian, give her an in. Plant the seed of mentordom. Tiffany can't stand alone.
No. 288782 ID: c44286
File 130032200892.png - (58.87KB , 600x800 , 592.png )

Ah yes. I guess the girl needs a little status update.

*This is Bald Eagle calling Riding Hood, is Riding Hood receiving over?*

>Tiffany: *Huh?*

*Roger that, Riding Hood. Just a little newsflash: Reading your mind is the new black, everyone's doing it, including me. I got a bit of your essence and you got a bit of mine, if you play with it you'll go blind. Oh and Owen's an Inquisitor, hope you don't mind. Ta-ta, see you when you get back.*

>Tiffany: *WAIT WHAT?*

Ah that'd oughta take care of that. Lemme just tune her out here... Aight. Now, the other little girl. Hmmm....

"You listening?"

>Joyce: "Yes."

"Look, I'm probably the last person you want to talk to right now-"

>Joyce: "You got that right."

"but since you're stuck with me I might as well pitch in."


"Speaking as a complete outsider, you mortals are kinda shit."

>Joyce: "... Really."

"Don't take this the wrong way. I'm sure there's plenty of fine upstanding people with many wonderful qualities, but as groups you tend to be- well, shit. Mistrust, scheming, politics, the same old jazz. You guys keep falling into the same old patterns. With a group as venerable as your clan, it's no wonder you're in the state you're in now."

Joyce remains silent.

"Now, I'm going to assume that you're not happy with the state of the clan as it is now."

>Joyce: "Don't assume too much, daemon."

"Are you happy with it, then?"

>Joyce: "Well, no, but-"

"It's a yes or no question, there is no but. Are you happy with the way the clan is?"

>Joyce: "... no."

"Would you rather it was run differently?"

>Joyce: "You expect me to fall for that, daemon? I won't betray the council."

"Oh knock it off. I'm not trying to tempt you into anything. I'm trying to warn you."

>Joyce: "About what?"

"Events have been pushed into motion, Joyce. We are headed towards a time of great upheaval. You know this. You can feel it in the air. Things are about to change, whether you wish it or not."

>Joyce: "What are you talking about?"

The Cimmerian let out a long sigh.

"In this great game, people such as you and I are but humble pawns. It's not up to us how the board ends up."

>Joyce: "That's, uh, very philosophical of you. Why so fatalistic?"

"Oh don't get me wrong. We do play a part in our own way. See, where we are pawns the girl is a player."

>Joyce: "What, Tiffany?"

"You've known since you laid eyes on her. You could tell she was born for great and terrible things. You can deny it if it makes you feel better, but she's definitely a player. A side to her own."

>Joyce: "I... I guess."

"But beyond that she's also a little girl. She's alone, scared and frankly neither her nor I have seen a single good side of your clan. Remember, no matter what happens, she'll play a big part at the end-game. If she gets nothing but shit from your clan, why would you expect anything else in return?"

>Joyce: "Even if what you say is true, I wouldn't start manipulating her to gain some future favor."

"I'm not suggesting that. I'm suggesting that you help a little girl. If in the process you stop her from becoming a jaded, heartless shrew like your council members, who's to complain?"

There is a long silence. Eventually there is a creak from the door, as Joyce slowly pushes it open.

>Joyce: "I... I guess you have a - OH GOOD GOD."

The door slammed shut once more.

>Joyce, muffled: "Put some FUCKING clothes on before I FUCKING stab you again you ass."
No. 288787 ID: 00d3d5

"I'm not the one who looked. Like what you saw? Yea, you did.
So, here's the basic rundown. Tiffany's the first blood - yea Duncan was right. Don't argue, I remember this shit. Same goes for her mother - your council done proper fucked up there.

If your people cut the nose-on-prostate action they could fix shit now, but they're so damn prideful there's a better chance you'll have Tiff's kids.

Since they won't act now to stop the end of the world themselves and won't let Tiff do it for them, somebody needs to make sure she'll be ready to beat the four horsemen into submission on doomsday."
No. 288793 ID: 40cb26

"Don't blame me, I didn't say I was dressed yet!" Haha well done on all parts. Feel free to be more smug than usual. Be sure you are still monitoring Tiff though, in case something goes massively stupidly wrong on her end. Oh and what do you remember from Tiffanys memories? Like, any big secret stuff that might matter?

Anyways get dressed and get out of here so that you can indulge on mortal cuisines. As many as possible. And then we can indulge in mortal waste disposal, yay for new experiences!
No. 288798 ID: cf244d

"Hey, I didn't tell you to open the door and peek at my dick."

Anyway, I think it's sandwich time.
No. 288885 ID: 252e1b

>Joyce, muffled: "Put some FUCKING clothes on before I FUCKING stab you again you ass."

"You act like I've got anything besides second-hand information about putting these things on."
No. 305064 ID: c44286
File 130575126510.png - (85.80KB , 600x300 , 593-1.png )

[1 of 3]

NO NO NO! The hell was I thinking? Don't these nancies have any decent threads? Black on black? Grey on black? Grey and... Lime green? ... Is that a tie-dyed robe? Oh god. This is hopeless. I might as well go naked.
No. 305065 ID: c44286
File 130575130193.png - (86.45KB , 600x300 , 593-2.png )

[2 of 3]

Wait, I take that back.
No. 305066 ID: c44286
File 130575133660.png - (50.80KB , 600x300 , 593-3.png )

[3 of 3]


Tiffany and Owen were a little over half-way to the small private pier on the coast. The wind cut through Tiffany's sweater, but she barely noticed it. The Cimmerian's revelation sunk through her mind like a cartoon anvil. The daemon's invasion of her mind wasn't pleasant news, but somehow it didn't seem like a huge surprise. Owen being an inquisitor, however, did. It wasn't just that she faced another potential threat, it felt like a violation of trust. She liked Owen, and felt like she could trust him. He never felt threatening or scary, even now-

>"You all right there, kid? You're looking a tad pale."
No. 305071 ID: 00d3d5

"Unpleasant truths, that's all.
Nice eye, looks real."
No. 305096 ID: 252e1b


"When they make new Inquisitors, they don't all turn out like Kenric, right? Some of them turn out more like you. Do you think Annie will be like you?"
No. 305130 ID: f6360f

Do not immediately spill this realization as soon as we get it- particularly since doing so now is bound to make Owen ask questions. I don't think you particularly want him thinking about the fact that the Cimmerian can mentally chat you up at any time, even if he must know it on some level.

In hindsight, of course Owen is an Inquisitor. The clan would never have assigned someone to only protect you when they could assign someone to watch you instead. And of course he's nice- he's probably spent years learning how to make good impressions on people so that they trust him and let their guard down in front of him, so that he'll be better able to determine if they're someone he needs to kill. He's a professional con artist; the clan's enforcer hiding a knife with a smile. You can no longer afford to be fooled by such tricks.

Keep your cards close and say something true but irrelevant. "No, I'm not all right. I miss my life before all this. When no one was killed, or mind controlled, or sent to the hospital. I don't think I'll be all right for a long time."
No. 305135 ID: f5fe2f

Just say you're fine. He'll assume you're thinking about your dad or something.
No. 305174 ID: 77c458

he is an inquisitor, you are a necromancer, your friend is a demon...
So far he has been nice to you and saved you from something very unpleasant.
No. 305184 ID: f6360f

The Cimmerian is not Tiffany's friend.

So far Owen has acted nice, but then, Alexander acted nice too. While he had her under mind control and was using her to murder her family. And what's to say that Owen actually saved her from anything? He was an Inquisitor talking to the other Inquisitor- a suspicious person might speculate that they could have staged the whole thing to manipulate Tiffany into trusting Owen more. Good cop/bad cop is a recommended psychological technique for manipulating young people.
No. 305388 ID: f0e3ae

I was using a liberal interpretation of the word "friend"... "Ally" or "Buddy" would have been a better word, you are correct that he can hardly be considered a friend.

It is possible that the whole thing was staged to engender trust though. Perhaps it is worth investigating?

Alexander wasn't nice, he was a total jerk even during the parts he didn't mess with your memory... he made you not remember the parts where he had to you helped him harm your brother. It is worth to learn ways to defend against mind control ASAP.
No. 305492 ID: c44286
File 130591274627.png - (69.05KB , 300x600 , 594.png )

"It's nothing."

>"I'm sure your dad's going to pull through just fine, kid. From what I hear, he's a tough one."

Listen to him. Talking like he's my friend. Like he worries about me. Traitor. Nothing but a filthy traitor.

>"He'll be fine, you'll see."

Don't talk about my father, you bastard.

>"I've seen people pull through much worse. A man I knew had a hole clean through his chest and lived."

Yeah? I bet you gave him that hole. Real slow. Did you like cutting into him, huh?

>"Don't worry about a thing, kid. Your dad's in good hands."

I told you not to talk about my father. I'll shut you up. I'll shut you up real good.

>"Once he's awake, he'll want to see you. And if I was him, I'd get some ice cream. Does your dad like ice cream?"

I'll kill you bastard. I'll push you over the side or bash your head against the side again and again until your skull cracks you fucker. I can do it. I can if I want to.


No. 305508 ID: 00d3d5

Tiff, of all the people here he's one of the few not treating you horribly.
Now that you KNOW the truth you can't be tricked, so push your sense of betrayal aside and play nice with him.
Now you need something suitable to claim as a distraction.

"The prophesy only makes sense if you realize Duncan was right about the two families having a common origin, you know. From there our options become obvious.

I'm going to need 32 kilometers of 1.9cm diameter hose, 9000 liters of blood, every ritualist you can gather, and a few weeks to train them.

You don't trust me, but I'm not asking for trust. I am not going to delve into back-room dealings. I am not going to pursue hidden agendas. I am not going to bother with politics.

I am going to let you know exactly what my plans and methods will be every step of the way, and you will help me because everything else on the table is so much quarreling and masturbation.
I am going to destroy Alexander and rescue my mother. Anything that stands against this will be ground to dust.

What have you to say, Owen?"
No. 305509 ID: 45be60

So, to recap, you are contemplating horrific violence against the only person trying to be your friend right now, based solely on the word of an ancient demon who seems to enjoy nothing more than fucking with people. Well, I think I know what you inherited from the Cimmerian, cause this is not the Tiffany I remember.

Lets take a step back and think about this, shall we? Even if he IS an inquisitor, what does that mean? Inquisitors are like the police detectives around here, right? Just because one police officer is a colossal bastard doesn't mean they all are. It makes sense they would put someone with some legitimate authority in charge of watching you. He's probably even supposed to be finding stuff out about you, but can you really blame them for wanting to know? And talking to a friend seems like a more pleasant option than the being strapped to a table and poked with magic sticks scenario the other inquisitor had in mind.

I don't even think I even blame him for not mentioning his job to you. The two situations where he could have done so were "Hi, my name is Owen, I have a job you don't know anything about and the title would be meaningless to you, and I am supposed to escort you around today," and then later, "You know, that horrible man I just had to step in and save you from technically works in the same department I do, please don't hate me." Neither of those scenarios seem like we can fault him for not bringing it up. We should just be a little more cautious what we say around him.

Maybe you should just ask him what his job is and see what he says.
No. 305510 ID: 07416a

Calm DOWN, Tiffany. Even if he is a inquisitor he isn't necessary your enemy. Not all inquisitors are the same and HE HASN'T BETRAYED YOU YET.
No. 305513 ID: f0e3ae

This sort of anger isn't good to bottle up, if you can't get over him being an inquisitor, confront him about it, now.

"Why didn't you tell me you were an inquisitor too".
No. 305526 ID: e3f578

Tiff, Dark Side magic is fucking with you. Stop it.
No. 305527 ID: 692cff

>Well, I think I know what you inherited from the Cimmerian

Considering that he hasn't been all that violent, and he was quick to anger while holding her dad's leg before the deal was completed, that's almost definitely it. Tif got his rage, bloodlust, anger, whatever you'd like to call it.

Also, what the hell guys, The Cimmerian, troll or not, has a vested interest in keeping Tif alive. He's actively cultivating a trustworthy ally for her as well. While he's certainly not our friend, considering the circumstances he is in fact one of our most trustworthy allies, because we know that our current interests are his. He needs us strong because everyone around here are pansies in comparison to him, and he's out classed by Alexander who wants us dead.

On Owen, take a second to tune him out, calm down and make sure you don't say anything murderous. Do however confront him about being an Inquisitor because we're alone right now, so hopefully none of his superiors are watching. He may just be acting on orders while genuienly trying to be nice or he could be a manipulative prick. The thing with the other guy might've been a set-up, or the guy could've actually been trying to get around Owen and mind-rape you. You definitely should bring up what happened with Kenric though, because what he said afterward is definitely off with this new information. Definitely want to sound accusatory though, because for him to make excuses he has to hand out new information. Hell, I suggest opening with something like

"When you said don't piss off the inquisitors, was that a general thing, or did you mean you specifically? As a sort of in joke thing I mean."
No. 305531 ID: f5fe2f

Calm down. He hasn't done anything yet. It's entirely possible that he legitimately does have your best interests at heart. You should be cautious with him, but there's no need to go getting all hostile.
No. 305591 ID: f0e3ae

Tiffany, do you remember when you grandfather controlled you? How do you hate having your mind tampered with? how you wouldn't ever want to be forced to do things against your nature again?
Resist those emotions tiffany, for they are not YOUR emotions. Clear your mind, you are not a bloodthirsty and angry demon. Binding a living being is not like making a dead thing into a familiar, there is feedback, you are both changed. The cimmerian demon has had its mind changed to be more like yours, and you more like him. Do not let demonic rage control you. Focus, resist the anger that is not truly yours.

You view him as a betrayer because the cimmerian views your entire clan as betrayers... focus on yourself, does the rage even mark you yourself as a betrayer? How would you betray yourself?
No. 305754 ID: c44286
File 130601125595.png - (97.88KB , 700x600 , 595.png )

>"What's wrong?"

That's it I'll kill you and drink -


Something's wrong.

This isn't me.

I don't know what's happening to me.

>"Hey kid?"

"SHUT UP! I mean... please be quiet."

I'll tear open your flesh and no no no focus. Calm down. Don't kill him. He's ok. Fuck he isn't, he's a fucking assassin. I gotta kill him first. I can't, he's Owen. Yes I can I-

Ugghhh, it's like my head is on fire, can't focus.

No. 305756 ID: 07416a

Call Muldur! I think you're being spiritually attacked!
No. 305758 ID: 00d3d5

You know how to meditate, Tiffany?

A simple technique that should help here is repeating a mantra inside your head. It doesn't need to have any meaning, it just needs to flood your mind so that the unwanted thoughts are pushed to the sides.

Start singing Henry The Eighth or The Song That Doesn't End inside your mind, and keep it up until you've lost track of why you started in the first place.
No. 305763 ID: 35e1a0

yes, just repeat something until nothing but what you are saying is on your mind.
No. 305817 ID: f0e3ae

Don't be too vague guys, awesome idea with the mantra, now lets execute it right! Not henry the 8th; not telling her to "just come up with something"...
WE need to come up with a mantra, then ALL OF US need to say it in unison; while not perfectly fitting, it is a very good mantra to get used to and is highly versatile

Ignore the pain and repeat:
I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain.
Ignore the outside and repeat:
I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain.
Ignore the anger and repeat:
I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain.

Perhaps, in addition to mantra, we should focus and visualize an arcane symbol? Can anyone think of a good symbol to use?
No. 305818 ID: 35e1a0

that isn't a mantra, that is a god damn poem.
No. 305858 ID: 7dda9a

just concentrate on something else alltogether... think about... i dunno dolls... play pretend in your head.
No. 305867 ID: 1854db

Imagine a barrier around your mind.
No. 305909 ID: e10f55

A mantra is anything one focuses themselves upon. It could be as simple as a word or as complex as a format of thought.
No. 305919 ID: f0e3ae

Don't you guys recognize the litany against fear? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bene_Gesserit#Litany_against_fear
from dune

No. 305932 ID: 00d3d5

Technically, this is true. Except the idea here is to flood her mind with something simple and repetitive so that everything else gets swept away. This requires that it be short enough to be repeated rapidly and so the entire thing can be remembered at once instead of remembered piecemeal, and complex enough to occupy most of her mind.
The target length is between one line and a simple refrain, with allowances for high internal repetition.

Yes, we recognize it. However:
A: It is too long to repeat quickly.
B: It is too long and complicated to repeat from short-buffered memory.
C: Tiffany is enraged, not afraid.

No. 305980 ID: f0e3ae

Then someone come up with a new custom mantra and lets all chant it
No. 305996 ID: f0e3ae

That was me, just fixed my PC and forgot to put in my name
No. 306038 ID: c44286
File 130610720690.png - (129.21KB , 700x600 , 596.png )

No, this isn't me.

But it is me.

Someone's attacking me, I've got to raise a- a shield. A barrier around me. I've got to-

Tiffany struggles to envision a barrier around her mind, but it slips in and out of focus, flickering and fading.

I've got to do this, I've got to

Why? There is no-one here but me.

I've got to block it out, drown it out somehow.

Owen must die. I wish I had a knife that I could cut him with.

My mind is my fortress. No-one may enter. It is my own. My mind is my-

weapon, better than any knife. I could carve him up with only a thought, cut him good and deep.

No-one may enter. It is my own. My mind is my fortress. No-one-

could stop me, least of all him. I could cut him up and spill his blood all over-

my fortress. No-one may enter. It is-

on my hands, and clothes, and on my tongue. Hot, coppery, sticky fluid on my tongue, sliding down my throat. I want to taste it, drink it until his veins are dry.

No-one may enter. It is my own. My blood- no, my fortress, shit, my mind is my fortress, no-one may enter-

The smell, the hot spatters across my face, how I long for it-

Oh god yes I mean no, my mind is my fortress-

No. 306045 ID: 1854db

Fine, let's go more offensive.

Envision fire in your mind. A cleansing fire that leaves only you in its wake.
No. 306069 ID: 00d3d5



You remind me of the babe
What babe? babe with the power
What power? power of voodoo
Who do? you do
Do what? remind me of the babe

Dance magic, dance (dance magic, dance)
Dance magic, dance (dance magic, dance)
Put that baby spell on me
Jump magic, jump (jump magic, jump)
Jump magic, jump (jump magic, jump)
Put that magic jump on me
Slap that baby, make him free
No. 306072 ID: 40cb26

The darkness is not you. The darkness is everything evil and the wicked, the death and the lies. The darkness is your enemy. The darkness is the demons. The darkness is every asshole in the clans. The darkness is what hurt your father, that took your brother and your mother from you. The darkness is your grandfather.

But it is also power. It is your power. You are its master, and it does not control you. Grab it, hold it and wield it. Put it in it's place, create a sheathe and put it away.

Look inside, draw the circle in your mind. You are inside of it, the darkness outside. Create a trap for it, channel and bind it to a container that you control absolutely.

If someone could describe the circle better with the right runes that should be a big help.
No. 306074 ID: 07416a

One. Two. Three. Four. One. Two. Three. Four. One. Two. Three. Four. One. Two. Three. Four. One. Two. Three. Four. One. Two. Three. Four.
No. 306087 ID: 45be60
File 130611510523.png - (10.05KB , 148x141 , AntiScrying.png )

Hey Tiff, you've seen all sorts of runes to protect against scrying and outside influences, right? Why don't think about those for a bit, eh? do some visualization maybe.
No. 306088 ID: 856690


Yes, this, this!
It'll work and be hilarious.
No. 306089 ID: 07416a

No. 306104 ID: f0e3ae

ah, magic to the rescue.

Although, could it be she is not able to resist it because it is not technically an outside force? she got soul spillover from the cimmerian. If this is indeed that as we suspect and not an external attack then this means it IS now part of her, does it not?
perhaps the approach should be to balance it with her own emotions and traits, or at least seal it in rather then protecting from the outside?

No. 307233 ID: c44286
File 130654320054.png - (45.49KB , 700x600 , 597.png )

The chants aren't working, oh god I can feel something eating me someone help me

Anti-scrying, what? FOCUS Tiffany!

It's moving, it's moving inside me. Oh god.

No. 307249 ID: 1854db

This is definitely a piece of the Cimmerian you got via the ritual. I wonder if it counts as a demon by itself? Then it would be weak and stupid and mindless and unreasonable. So... we need to bind it.

You have a bead on it, Tiffany. Imagine a cage around that thing. Section off that part of yourself. I don't think you can really use any magic circles in your own head...

If you can't manage to bind it, you will want outside help. You'll need to tell Owen.
No. 307255 ID: 00d3d5


Remember when you punched out the reaper, Tiff? It's kinda like that - you need to punch it in the snout to establish dominance.
No. 307263 ID: 07416a

This is YOUR mind. You hold the power here. Dive deep and fight him. Tame him. Make him YOURS.
No. 307412 ID: 234c26
File 130662404812.png - (15.58KB , 600x600 , coma.png )

Runes are hopefully the answer here- try throwing this around the fucker mentally. Make sure that the circle is all the way around it. The circle is the MOST IMPORTANT PART. Even if you can't manage anything else, a circle will keep it away.

The blade is sleep+total, bound tightly and hopefully affecting whatever's in the circle. The little circles and lines will hopefully let you control both the circle and the blade from your position outside of the circle. If this works, it should trap the nasty thing inside you and knock it out, hopefully forever.

Once you have that visualized, mentally throw power at it and maybe chant anything that you think might help.
No. 307465 ID: f0e3ae

Nobody is reading the questdis so what the heck, lets do it in here.

Quoting myself:
>maybe go on the offensive? Lash out and try to consume it? It is after all inside tiffany, she has the "home field advantage" so to speak.
When the reaper himself entered her domain she had power over it.

>Or maybe focus on a better magical rune... the last one we tried apparently was anti scrying. Not useful here. Maybe some sort of entrapment circle?

In the above note, any runes we use should be discussed and analyzed, the last rune someone threw around was "anti scrying" and did nothing to help. We need to do some legwork and make sure we use the right runes.
What specifically do you believe those runes you have set up do?
No. 307832 ID: 0b30f6

y4eap. Right runes.
Things work like that!!!

Most of it comes complete from the inner workings, not from the conscious mind. Then you just need to tap to it with THE RIGHT RUNES, or someone gets very confused..

If you're counter-intuitive it's good, but then you're not intuitive and need mechanisms.
No. 312203 ID: d37a32
File 130784756678.gif - (504.06KB , 800x500 , 598.gif )

Grasping for straws, Tiffany tries to section off a part of her mind, to create a pocket to isolate the daemon seed. Dividing one's own mind proves difficult, as no clear boundaries exist within it. She struggles to contain the intruder, but it continues to eat away growing ever larger.

It isn't until a single realization that she makes any headway. No boundaries exist, so she must make her own. A circle, a simple circle to divide the mind in two. A wall against the intruder, a hedge to keep away the night.

As the circle is drawn, the creature stops for a moment to examine this strange new event. No longer can it move unopposed, taking ground at will. A wall stands between it and its prey. The creature pauses for only a moment before resuming it's burrowing. It is only a matter of time before it breaks through.

Using the precious moments of clear thought, Tiffany envisions a few extra runes within the circle. The creature slows it's advance, it's movements becoming sluggish until it finally lapses into a restless sleep. Tiffany can feel it twitching, only barely under control. Any break in Tiffany's concentration and it will surely wake once more.

Tiffany tries to contact the Cimmerian, but he's still blocking her. For now she's on her own. Should she let the creature sleep and hope for the best, or try to reinforce it's prison? Perhaps try to tame it somehow? It suddenly dawns on Tiffany that she is completely unaware of the outside world, Owen and the boat forgotten and far away. What approach should Tiffany take, and how to address the most pressing issues whichever they may be?

No. 312236 ID: 07416a


Consume it. It's inside you now, but as a whole thing. This time, chew your food. Incorporate it. Tear it to pieces and spread it about you, giving yourself some anger, a bit of an edge, but controlled and PART OF YOU rather than the fragment of the will of another.
No. 312237 ID: f0e3ae

very yes!
No. 312251 ID: 00d3d5

Reinforce its prison, then tear it to pieces and throw it out.
No. 312258 ID: 46c430

Divide it into smaller and smaller parts, into seperate, smaller prisons. Divide its strength so it can't stand up to you as a whole. You should be able to subdue, imprison, and control seperated fragments much more easily.
No. 312286 ID: f5fe2f
File 130786503316.jpg - (26.46KB , 600x600 , friend_coma.jpg )

First try pic related which could make the thing more friendly to us and/or eliminate its whole "kill everything" shtick. Even if it doesn't do a whole lot to aid us, little friendship never hurt anyone.

Can we apprise Owen of the situation and request his guidance without breaking concentration? With the runes Tiffany knows, we don't really have a safe way of dealing with this, and ideally we could make use of it.
No. 312299 ID: 00d3d5

I think "friend" is targeting, not an effect.

Instead, how about you attach a negated hide/absolute? I believe that would make it an advertise/absolute, so Owen would be have it proverbially shoved in his face if he used magic to see what's going on.
No. 312309 ID: 1854db

Do thiiiiiis! Though attach it to the little circle we've already drawn, instead of a new little circle and line.
No. 312348 ID: 234c26
File 130789874258.png - (48.31KB , 1000x1000 , coma-al-asmari.png )

All right. Plans.

Before anything else, focus on that trap that you have already. Straighten up the circle and runes so that they are perfect. That might help it work better, but regardless, you need to keep holding that image in your mind while doing whatever else you do. Do not let it drop or waver, keep it as perfect as you can.

After that, whenever you try something that doesn't seem to be working- particularly if the creature seems to be getting loose and eating you again- refocus all your energies on the coma spell. When in doubt, go back to what you know works.

My suggestion for getting rid of this thing would be to turn to the most reliable spell you know for excising spiritual entities: Al-Asmari's Atonement. Spend some time carefully adding its outer circle to the one you're focusing on around the critter, working a bit at a time and being certain that the coma spell does not weaken or waver while you work. The final result should be pic related; it's slightly adapted to account for having an attack spell rather than a soul anchor in the center, but should hopefully function identically while allowing you to retain control of the inner spell. If nothing else, you've used this spell a couple times so your spirit should be familiar with basically what you're going for.

When it's done, spend some time mentally going over the rune structure to ensure that it's perfect- there is no sense in rushing this as long as the daemon is still asleep and you thus have time to check on it. Then hold the entire rune structure in your mind as firmly as you can, and use the chant three times.

hiat luut laha hanku
kiaufta'autsan naatsa
uftus niaftfta hx'ä 'anku
nxs kasua shu taatsa

Hopefully that'll get rid of it while still keeping it asleep so that it can't fight the spell. If it doesn't, something has probably gone horribly wrong and we'll need a new plan.
No. 312430 ID: f5fe2f

Whoa wait, we want an enemy rune in there to keep it from effecting us. Otherwise it might banish part of our mind along with the demon.
No. 312546 ID: a99131
File 130793216871.png - (9.26KB , 600x600 , 130662404812.png )

Words mean what we intend them to mean. That is how language works, even magical ones. No reason we can't make friend into an effect, though I am not sure this is the way to do it.

Banishing this presence could have all sorts of unforseen consequences, I really advise against trying it until we have a chance to figure this out a bit more.

The immediate problem here is that the circle we have requires constant effort of Tiffany to keep it going. If the rune could draw it's energy from elsewhere, say the entity we are binding, we would be fine long enough to at least ask some questions. Maybe something as simple as this?
No. 312551 ID: 234c26

The real problem isn't about energy being devoted to it, it's the fact that if she loses her concentration the rune structure itself will dissolve- it's only as firm as her focus upon it. That is, even if the structure you propose works, she still couldn't return her focus to the real world because its runes would fall apart the moment that she did. I wish that she could somehow carve it more durably into her mindscape, but I can't think how she would possibly manage that given our current level of knowledge and ability.

As far as unforeseen consequences- yes, I agree, it certainly could. It's a significant risk, and I would much rather lock it up permanently somehow but I don't see any effective method for doing that due to the problem I stated above. Nor can I approve of spreading an unknown and rampantly insane creature's essence throughout her mind, like the suggestions to somehow consume it support, or of summoning up a soul eater, which is the only method we know of for severing soul bits (and accordingly the only method we know of for making sure that our soul wouldn't end up accidentally banished; I don't think an 'enemy' rune would do it) since we're working inside Tiffany's head here.

It's a bad option- but still the best one on the table, as far as I can tell.

On a more practical topic, I suspect that the structure which you've proposed wouldn't actually function as you want it to- it looks to me like it would try to draw power from our coma spell and pump it into the circle. If we want it to draw power from the trapped creature we'd have to use an "enemy" or perhaps "touch" rune.

I also have concerns based upon the Cimmerian's implication before that this is now part of Tiffany; if it's really part of her, then draining its power might amount to draining her own power. Of course, those same concerns make me worry that banishing it will accidentally tear her own soul out and send it to the underworld- there's risk on every path.
No. 312586 ID: a99131

oh, riiiight, the whole visualization thing. Well, I suppose we could try the Labyrinth of Hak'keth thing then, weaken the intruder. If it does affect us, we'll pass out and escape :V

Still, wonder why this is only coming up now. If this is soul mixing, it's taken ages to start doing anything.
No. 312681 ID: f5fe2f
File 130794932268.jpg - (30.22KB , 600x600 , friend_coma.jpg )

The Labyrinth of Hak'keth would do substantial damage to us if we were effected.

For now I think we shouldn't try anything that drastic, hopefully we can get input from Owen and he'll have something less dangerous we can try. Much as I'd like to avoid trusting him, it's not unlikely that this is a relatively common situation that he may know of magic to deal with.

I think the best way would be to attach the power transference to the outside of the circle and have it direct the power along a line to the blade. Pic related.
No. 312722 ID: e2020c
File 130797203244.png - (14.93KB , 768x614 , bardic.png )

Probably won't do anything, but what if we tried to include a more specific instruction to the cobweb of consciousness. Also include a combat bardo locale and a chaotic energy alignment, visualisation entrenchment and gravitic reference. Dissect entity from target visualisation reference gravitating under the bardic alignment of chaos of warfare.
No. 313011 ID: 9a5057

You know, if we are concerned about being attached to the hostile soul fragment and attempting to banish it being bad, why don't we just pull notes from the OTHER half of the ritual that circle comes from. We could summon a soul eater, feed the fragment to it, let go.

You know, if we are sure we want it gone.
I am still inclined to drain its energy into dormancy again and do some research asap if we can pull that off.
No. 313017 ID: 234c26

That's certainly an option- I brought it up in the dis, at >>/questdis/347549. My concerns with the Soul Eater plan are three:
-It might eat more than we want it to, since it will be inside our mind.
-It will be able to successfully resist the banishment, since all the runes are being maintained by sheer willpower and the first one struggled a fair bit.
-Summoning outside entities into our internal mental/spiritual realm may be impossible.

I would consider it safer than attempting to absorb the daemon fragment, but less safe than attempting to banish it.

I would love to drain it into dormancy and do some research before trying anything drastic at all, but I don't think that any of the plans we've proposed thus far can reliably pull that off. The closest we come is using the Labyrinth of Hak'keth to try and drain it, but if that goes wrong we'll end up dead at worst, unconscious while the daemon eats our mind at slightly less terrible, worn out with an angry daemon that we pissed off and woke up at bad, and unconscious at okay. Call me paranoid, but I hardly think that's a safe set of results either.

I wish we knew more magic. And more about magic. And... anything, really. Or that someone- out of the entire clan of people who probably knew this would happen- had seen fit to give us advice on how to be ready to handle it.

But if wishes were horses glue would be free, I guess. Al-Asmari still seems the best of a bad set of options to me.
No. 313139 ID: b45c90


We really can't go uncanny either. But it must be banished. It's disturbing, yet connecting to nowhere. Or is it?
No. 313143 ID: 7ca2a9

for the record, this one's all for taking the more ambitious road. if Tiffany is awesome enough to kick the Reaper Man in the nuts and get away with it, she can do the same to some itty bitty fragment of daemonic essence in her brains.
No. 313226 ID: 07416a

Tiffany DOES have a six in power...
No. 313232 ID: 0d095c

Yeah. We DO have a 6/5 in RAW POWER. We also got like a 1? in Finesse. I am bad at making decisions. So I flipped a coin. Absorbtion. Dang.
No. 313236 ID: 07416a

The finesse thing was how well our oversoul thing understands us-

No. 374411 ID: c44286
File 132460282033.png - (471.75KB , 900x1200 , 599.png )

There is no time for thought as the monstrous fragment stirs awake. A split second separates the hunter and the hunted.

The beast awakes. It hungers.
The girl. Fresh. Juicy.
It reaches out to feast.

But it is not alone.

You will not have me.

The girl slashes at the beast, tearing into it's flesh.

I am the master here.

The beast recoils but is struck again and again.

How dare you?

In pain, it flees back into the darkness.
Safe. Dark.

Suddenly, the darkness is pierced by light.

You think you can run?

The girl tears away through the black veil, leaving bloody marks as she advances.

Trapped. Nowhere to run.

This is my place. My mind.
No. 374413 ID: c44286
File 132460286753.png - (399.58KB , 900x1200 , 600.png )

The girl stood before the cowering beast.

>The Cimmerian: "Nice work, kid. You might want to hold up for a bit, though. Just sayin."


>The Cimmerian: "I'm not your babysitter. And you seemed to be doing just fine."

"You bastard!"

The beast attempts to slither away, but Tiffany slaps it back absent-mindedly.

>The Cimmerian: "Evil, remember."


>The Cimmerian: "Anyway, I thought you should know that you're standing at a crossroads. The little feller over there offers an opportunity. You can, if you choose simply kill it and be rid of it. If you do, no harm done, just have your inquisitor friend over there help you patch yourself up after. However, there's another way. You could devour it instead."

"I kinda figured that."

The Cimmerian smirked.

>The Cimmerian: "If you do, you would absorb it's power. This is a rare opportunity. You would be able to see magic as we do, and in time learn to use it like we do. You could wield power others can only dream about. But I will not lie to you. There is a cost."

"Always is."

>The Cimmerian: "It would leave you forever changed. You would become a little less human and a little more like us. I won't force you. A decision like this mustn't be rushed."
No. 374415 ID: f6106a


But no, seriously, this is a chance to perceive magic more as it is. That's a great opportunity. It also might allow for more easily undoing a normal magic users spells. Like, say, the one Gramps is using to maintain possession of Mom's body
No. 374418 ID: e3f578

I art thou and thou art me
No. 374420 ID: 3947e9

No. 374423 ID: 63d7f1

Hope you're hungry, Tiffany, because dinner is served.
No. 374427 ID: 3fd4fb

Mustn't be rushed? There is no question here, no real decision at all. You are plagued with enemies; more of your "friends" and "allies" are false and suspicious than not; you lack the power to protect those close to you or save them from their fates.

If you value being fully human over having more power, then soon you'll be a dead human with no power at all. Only your own might can save you and those you care about, and whatever the price for that it must be paid without flinching.

Don't hesitate even a moment, Tiffany. Devour this wretched thing and grow strong.
No. 374430 ID: cf49fc
File 132460596164.jpg - (8.54KB , 143x144 , NOMNOMNOM.jpg )

Damn it all, it seems correct. Sorry Tiffany, your humanity is just going to have to take one for the team. Just try to hold on to your love of your parents and hope for the best!

No. 374431 ID: a2fa74

Don't eat it.
No. 374440 ID: 1854db

Wait, before we do anything. Ask him how much is a 'little'. I worry about eventually turning against those we consider friends. Or going mad. Or eventually deciding we don't need anything BUT revenge. We need to keep protecting friends and family after the crisis is over.
No. 374442 ID: cf49fc

Also, it's a chance for MORE POWER, and we already scored SIX OUT OF FIVE on raw power. Things can only improve...
No. 374452 ID: 72d49b

How recognizable would this difference be to the inquisitor and others of his ilk? If not at all, then eat it. If it would make us a horrible beast that any mage would recognize as infernal, don't eat it. Somewhere in between... probably eat it.
No. 374455 ID: ee5586

Damn me and my stupidity I just can't really get the runes, but if she can use runes where she is, there should be a way to capture and transfer only the power or maybe reverse it's orientation from dark to light while transferring it or something like that.
No. 374466 ID: 72d49b

We can capture and transfer, but we can't diffrentiate between it's power and it's nature, and we don't have any sort of way to reverse it's nature, even if it is as simple as dark and light, which I doubt.
No. 374467 ID: 620fd8

Kill it. Eat it.
No. 374495 ID: 437934

it'll be harder to resist temptation, but I believe you're strong enough. eat it to use its power for good.
No. 374501 ID: 223fe4

You need the power, yes. ...but remember why you need that power. Keep that reason in mind at all times. It's a dangerous game your in, but it's been a dangerous game for a long, long time and you're already used to it.

See if the Cimmerian will give you any more details on what sort of change might be expected, then decide accordingly. I'd say go for it, myself. If it makes you able to see like he does, that means he can teach you. Also, if the Kinsleys teach you as well, then you may be able to innovate as needed. Make some legendary stuff happen and turn conventional magic knowledge on its head. Like Galileo!
No. 374731 ID: c44286
File 132468632920.png - (459.02KB , 1200x900 , 601.png )

Tiffany grabbed the beast in a firm hold.

"This will make me stronger, yes?"


"Strong enough to fight Alexander?"


"I need better than perhaps."

>"It depends. If you learn to use it, and are willing to use it, and Alexander does not truly become the Bone King, then yes. If he ascends, you might want to avoid a straight-up fight."

"... I'll take it."

>"Then you need only eat of its flesh."

Tiffany glanced down on the mass of twisting tentacles attempting to escape her grasp. Her throat felt dry.

>"It is easier than you think. Trust me."

Tiffany closed her eyes and bit down. Revulsion shook her as she almost gagged. A metallic taste, followed by a wave of unnatural heat.


This should be disgusting.
But it's not.
It's almost

Just another bite.

I want more.

After a few bites Tiffany was wolfing down the daemon fragment. By the time she realized the metallic taste was blood she no longer cared. It was life itself, and she wanted more. She hungered for more.

>"Steady now. Don't let it control you."

Tiffany ripped apart a tendon with her teeth.

>"Here, it is better if you sleep."

The hunger was quickly overcome by drowsiness and sleep. Tiffany fell asleep among the fragments of bone and sinew.

No. 374732 ID: c44286
File 132468635106.png - (109.08KB , 300x900 , 602.png )

>The Cimmerian: "Time to wake up, kid."

"What happened?"

>Owen: "You fell asleep. Figured you needed it so I let you sleep. We're almost at the hospital."


Tiffany stared out of the windows without seeing. Apparently Owen hadn't noticed anything suspicious, and the hunger had ebbed into the background. Tiffany struggled whether to tell Owen what was going on or not. Did he know and was testing her loyalty? Could the clan help her control her daemon side? Maybe they could help her learn more of it?
No. 374743 ID: 1854db

Ask him if you said anything while you were asleep.
No. 374764 ID: cf49fc

Careful. Owen is our friend, but he is ALSO a powerful Inquisitor. We should just shake it off. They were HORRIFIED that you summoned a daemon, what will they think if you say you ATE one?

Let's just let it slide, play it cool, and remember how much we love our father.

And remember how Owen is pretty cool, so he can come stay with you guys.
No. 374768 ID: 3947e9

Say nothing unless he brings it up.
If he does, we can come up with great excuses, so don't answer right away.
No. 374806 ID: cb0cc3

The clan might be able to help you control your demon side and learn more of it... but I don't think that terribly likely. Certainly, you shouldn't be revealing it to any member of the clan you haven't established a personal bond with. If you manage to successfully apprentice to someone, maybe they'll be able to offer decent advice without dragging all your shit to the council so that they can mess with you again.

For now, just thank Owen for letting you sleep and focus on seeing your dad.
No. 374852 ID: 35bcde

The clan, so far, has demonstrated three things: They do not have your best interests in mind, they do not know nearly as much as they think, and they do not trust you at all. I think that we should keep our secrets close.

Owen is likable, but we don't know if he's trustworthy.
No. 374868 ID: 72d49b

The clan seems unlikely to be sympathetic to your demonic situation. They've already put an inquisitor on you. They also don't know a lot, compared to the Cimmerian.

Don't do this. He's (apparently) not suspicious, no sense in changing that. We can mention we had bad dreams at most. If he doesn't know anything, that won't reveal more; bad dreams would be expected in this situation. If he does know something, it'll merely make it appear that we aren't fully aware of the reality of the situation. Of course, this opens us up to questions about the dream, which is a dangerous proposition considering we aren't aware how much this guy might know or not know.
No. 374886 ID: a2fa74

"Ugh, some weak demon attacked my mind. Pretty sure it's dead; s'kinda a mess in there now.
Hardta do ritual magic in your own head; don' s'pose you could gimme lessons on how to oust things an' lock the doors, could ya?"

Owen is, above anything else, a very shrewd man and a skilled actor. We don't know if we can trust him, but the safe bet is on telling him what happened.
He's an inquisitor, meaning his job is to look for things like forbidden magic and demonic presences. There's a very, very good chance that he knows exactly what just happened.
However, he does not know that we know he's an inquisitor, meaning that he doesn't expect us to expect him to know the difference between somebody falling asleep from being tired and somebody going from lucid to unconscious mid-sentence as a result of a demon infestation.

If he does or does not know, then telling him will cause him to trust Tiffany to trust him. That allows for us to not only keep out important secrets covered, but also gives us some credence when we say things that others don't believe.
If they figure out Tiffany ate it then she can just tell them "It was eating me, so I ate it right back!". She's 12; they can't rightly argue with that.

If we don't tell him and he knows then he's going to mistrust Tiffany in the future and go over everything with a fine-toothed comb. We're on thin ice here already, and getting outed here wouldn't help.

If we don't tell him and he doesn't know then nothing happens until somebody checks for demonic presence.
No. 374943 ID: 72d49b

I would like to put the full weight of my vote to NOT do this.

Further discussion:
No. 374949 ID: cf49fc



Just... be quiet until we get to the Hospital.
No. 374956 ID: e3f578

The most I would ever suggest revealing to Owen is a hunger for a Reuben sub for yourself.
I think that eating stuff was a metaphor anyway, you're probably physically hungry. Go get yourself a sandwich or, like, a blue-rare steak. Appease the beast inside you.
That and father's are proud of children who eat big, rare steaks. True facts. Let's do something your Dad would be proud of.
No. 375103 ID: c44286
File 132485936722.png - (89.35KB , 404x474 , 603.png )

Tiffany chooses to keep the daemon business under wraps for now. When she looked to her right she found Owen looking at her.

"... Did I drool?"

>"A little. I won't tell."

"Oh. ... You know you're driving on the wrong side of the road, right?"

>"It's Britain, kiddo. Being queer is what we do."


They drove in silence for a while. Owen eventually broke the silence.

>"Look, don't be too hard on Kenric. He was a nice guy once."

"What happened to him?"

>"It's the Eye. It changes people."

"Could you tell me a bit more about them please?"

>"Well, I guess. You know why the Kinsleys have inquisitors, right?"

"To make sure people don't go bad, like my grandpa?"

>"Exactly right. So we have the inquisitors keep an eye on everyone. There were problems with that of course. Some inquisitors went bad and caused a spot of trouble way back."

"How come?"

>"Power corrupts. The inquisitors have access to material that is banned for everyone else, and they get extra privileges. Some started to abuse that, and since they were the people who were supposed to be watching it was really hard to catch them."

"I see."

>"Quis custodes ipsos custodiet. Who watches the watchmen. Anyway, enter the Eye. The Eye is an enchanted gemstone or glass orb that lets the elder inquisitors see what the bearer sees. Hear what he hears. An inquisitor could not be disloyal if he wanted."

"Oh. What does that have to do with Kenric being an ass?"

>"Well, there are side-effects. Every one of the Eyes has been worn by at least a dozen inquisitors by now. Every one leaves a mark on the Eye. Like a ghost or a shadow. I've once heard someone describe it as a constant whispering in the back of your mind, ancient inquisitors constantly looking for treachery, telling you if they think someone's lying, evaluating your actions. And there's the lack of privacy. Someone always looking over your shoulder. Med have gone mad from that. Did you know that inquisitors are ten times more likely to commit suicide?"

"... That's horrible."

>"Yes. But necessary. The inquisitors pay the heaviest cost for their loyalty to the clan. I know Kenric can be an ass, but don't hate him for what he is."

Silence conquered the car once more. Owen forced himself to relax, the color returning to his knuckles. Tiffany thought he would probably be relieved to talk about something else, or maybe she could push for more information on the inquisitors.
No. 375115 ID: 437934

wait, so if one eye can drive a man mad, and the chief Inquisitor is the only one connected to all the eyes, doesn't that make Kenric the one most likely to be nuts? why would anyone want a guy in that position to be the one who watches the watchers? because it sounds to me as though if Kenric snaps, the invisible hand that guides society becomes evil and the entire clan goes down shit creek.

see, this is why nations keep more than just one government agency around- if there was no FBI and CIA and INR and what have you and the only secret service in USA was NSA, the nation would be doomed to face an NSA-relted crisis sooner or later. sorry, but after we're done here, the Kinsleys are gonna have to make some changes around the house, because this will simply not do.

(not to mention that the inquisition was already in place when Poppop Kinsley took a huge dump onto the golden scales of power, so you can't even say it works all that well even when you disregard the whole 'whispers from beyond the veil of death' thing.)

...aaaaanyway, demons in your brain. how does it feel? try to take a peek inside your mind.
No. 375121 ID: cb0cc3

Shift the topic- ask him to tell you a bit about the clan's history, maybe. How many people are in it, where they live, how they keep in touch- it seems like they live scattered around alone or with apprentices, but at the same time they've got big organized groups, so they must keep a close eye on people. Are they just randomly living in normal towns with normal families, or what? And what about all the people with weak magic, or no magic- how do they fit into this?

You know, just general information on clan structure that he could probably talk about endlessly while feeling like he's not telling you anything even remotely dangerous or secret and wouldn't bother him.
No. 375124 ID: 40cb26

Ugh yeah that'll drive anyone bonkers. Owens in for some shit. Now we definitely can't confide anything in him, even the fact that we know what he is. Asking him about inquisitors isn't going to help our case much either. Maybe if we learned to talk with him mentally like we can with our demon? Let's look into that.

We're probably better off staying quiet for now. Feel out whats new in you, see if you can see magic like the demon said. The eye should be somewhere on Owen, trying to see it would be a good test. Just don't stare.

I don't think they are connected like that, only the scrying is channeled through to each other not all the lingering imprints.
No. 375127 ID: 3947e9

Wouldn't it make more sense to have multiple Independent inquisitions that watch each other instead of giving them an artifact that makes them go insane?
No. 375139 ID: a2fa74

"I don't think a system which promotes madness is altogether a wise idea. Doubly so when the worst of it is at the top.
It's done this way because it's done this way, isn't it. Nobody dares to suggest better ways because doing so is suspicious and taboo; tradition is sacred.

It seems like the family sees magic as a dying thing, to be preserved as it slowly fades from the world. That's why I've seen so many irreplaceable artifacts, isn't it? For all the pride they have in records they've been bleeding knowledge; not recording research they find so they take it with them to the grave, destroying records as politics disagree with them, and shoving minds of inconvenient brilliance into oubliettes like they did to Thomas.
They probably say magic is getting weaker, or that people of ages passed were inherently superior. That the weakening is an external problem nobody could hope to stop.
The Kinsley family is glorifying the past while revising it into impotence. They've got their rudder stuck and insist it's a current from circling the drain.
You don't want to say it but I'm right, aren't I. No, you can't tell me if I'm right because they're probably scrying me; a hidden remote listening sigil on my robe or some such.
Instead, how about a question? How many people here find reasons to keep their research and studies to themselves? How much knowledge passes only from master to student?"

Ok, lets establish some short/mid-term goals and some mid/long-term goals.

Since they have some many-to-one scrying eyes for the inquisitors lets design some one-to-may broadcasting glasses for people.
These would be useful for things like large sigils and coordinated rituals. If we wanted to, for example, have three hundred people show up, lay down a 3km wide sigil, and preform a ritual to empower it all within a one-hour window then we would need a one-to-many system to keep the chanters synchronized.

Mid-Long, lets design a ritual that attempts to scry everywhere within a circle and darkens where the scrying fails. Then put that on a pair of glasses.

Short-Mid, lets come up with a proposal for a new way for Inquisitors to work. One that gives them more privacy while also yielding better security. Also, keeping the ghostly aid but giving it an off switch. (This is easy. They will dismiss it out of hand.)

Get a laptop. Make it undetectable to others. Research how to magically download the library onto it so we can have a searchable database of all the magic. This will include the forbidden archives once the Cimmerian wants to make that happen.

Become goddess-queen of man. Fix everything.
No. 375211 ID: 1310c4

This is a terrible thing to say. We know he's an inquisitor- and he just told us that the inquisitors have senior inquisitors staring through their eyes at all times. Do we really want to essentially say to the senior inquisitors' faces that we think the way they do things is a bad one? Answer: Hell no, we don't. We do not have the standing required to make that kind of assertion without burning what lingering shreds of credibility we have and being slapped down.

And designing new artifacts and large-scale magical rituals is just ridiculous when virtually all our magic consists of stumbling around half-blindly and desperately hoping that something works.
No. 375224 ID: a2fa74

I concede that it is not entirely wise to say, but Tiffany is far more intelligent than she is wise.
Also, it's just making a simple inferrance from what Owen just said; HE said it drives them mad, TIFFANY says that's a bad thing. Continuing that to thinking there has to be a better way is simply taking an optimistic view of magic while looking darkly on things the family does, which is wholly reasonable considering how much she respects Thomas and how the family treated him.

The rest is just continuing that dejection and bitterness.

Giant rituals we could already do, but larger rituals need more power and if you need lots of people to supply that power then they need to work in concert. It's an organizational issue, not a matter of experience or knowledge.
The key word, of course, is design. We don't need to know exactly how to put something together if we can define its structure and function to the point where the missing pieces are defined enough for somebody more skilled to fill the gaps.
In the case of a new inquisitor system, that would mean defining how the system would work as a whole. That wouldn't require providing even a single speck of specifics. It's proposing a different system, not developing it.

Long term goals are things she'll have to put significant research and training into.
No. 375242 ID: 72d49b

Let's not talk about inquisitors anymore.

We're going to see our dad. It might be appropriate to ask Owen about his own immediate family.

Criticizing the system overtly is a bad idea; we're already seen as a dangerous element. Your goals listed aren't bad ideas but should be posted and discussed in the discussion thread.
No. 375243 ID: c44286
File 132493609572.png - (259.20KB , 800x800 , 604.png )

"It doesn't seem like a very good idea to make the inquisitors crazy."

>"It doesn't really happen that often. When it does that particular Eye isn't passed on."

Silence reigned once more.

>"We're here."
No. 375244 ID: c44286
File 132493615451.png - (176.29KB , 800x800 , 605.png )

Aaaaaah finally! Freedom!

And not crazy white bird in sight!

Man this is the life.

Oh no. That's the Cigarette Man. Sitting by his lonesomes.
No. 375245 ID: c44286
File 132493616907.png - (40.18KB , 800x800 , 606.png )

What's he lookin at?

He's a friend to Boss. Maybe I could score some food.

Oh now he stood up.
No. 375252 ID: 72d49b

Continue observing.
No. 375253 ID: a2fa74

Land close enough so you can hear him. Then peck at things and act like a normal bird.
We want to hear him harumphing to himself.
No. 375257 ID: 1854db

Land on his shoulder and ask for some food.
No. 375487 ID: c44286
File 132503035266.png - (345.46KB , 800x800 , 607.png )

Ok I'm gonna get closer.

He ain't speakin tho. Just looking down.

Gareth stood at the very edge of the rampart. Mulder hopped up to the rampart next to him.

"Sup bro."

Gareth lets out a startled curse.

"Got any food on ya?"

>"No, get out of here, you stupid bird!"

"Hey I happen to be an avian thank you very much."


"Sooooo, whatcha doin here?"

>"Nothing. I- I just come here to think s'all."

"Whatcha thinkin 'bout?"


"Yeah I think about that all the time. Keeps me up at night."


"Maybe we could trade tips? I like to stare out to the horizon when I think about nothing. Makes me look all smart and deep an shit."

>"Look, just go."
No. 375491 ID: 1854db

Nah. He needs a buddy. We'll stick around, just in case he wants to talk.
No. 375510 ID: 72d49b

"Nah. Reckon you could use someone to talk to. A friend, maybe even. All the folks around here hiding things, all shifty like. Me, I just want a bit of something to slide down my throat. 'Course, I do report to Tiffany if she asks me, but she ain't gonna do you no harm neither."
No. 375537 ID: e3f578

"Come on, chicks dig dudes with avian on their shoulders. And I mean human chicks, not actual chicks. You know, for clarity. Don't tell me Kinsley's force Chastity on it's monk dudes or whatever you are. Let's hit the town or chill at your place, throw up a cool movie or something! Man who cares, it's you and me against the world! We're going straight to the top, cousin! I love me some BIIIIIG ENGLISH TITTIES!"

Just screw with him.
No. 375582 ID: a2fa74

"Heard your dad yelling at you before. Rough stuff.
Me an' Tiff 've got yer back. Woulda toldja before, but too many buzzkills around. Ya'know?"
No. 376224 ID: c44286
File 132527940256.png - (158.58KB , 800x800 , 608.png )

"C'mon, chicks did dudes with avians on their shoulders. Human chicks too."

>"I don't care."

"You dig dudes? That's cool too. I mean, that's not MY style but-"

>"I'm not gay."

"So let's go see some BEEG ENGLISH TEE-TEES already man!"

>"I don't want to."

"Why not?"

>"It's just- I just don't alright?"

"Well what do you wanna do?"

>"Nothing. I don't want to do anything."

"Tha's coo'. We can just hang out."

>"I- I can't do that either. I can't sit still."


>"I don't know, man. It's just... nothing sounds worth doing, I can't relax. It's like there's a heavy lump in my chest."

"Probly cancer, man."

>"Not a physical lump, stupid bird."

"Whatever cancer man. And it's avian."
No. 376233 ID: a2fa74

"Sounds like LOVE. Who is it?
It's not Tiffany, is it? She's like 12; that's all kindsa wrong man"
No. 376238 ID: c44286
File 132528434845.png - (123.06KB , 800x800 , 609.png )

"Sounds like LOVE. Who is it?
It's not Tiffany, is it?"

>"No, man. Tiffany's cool and all but she's like twelve. That's all kinds of wrong. And it ain't love."

"How'dya know? You been in love before?"

>"Guess not. But love's supposed to make you feel good, right?"


>"I just feel... useless. I'm just a burden on everybody. I'm not good for anything."
No. 376239 ID: e3f578

"Guilt? Is it guilt? That's a heavy metaphorical lump in the chest that also feels physical, I think. Weird, why is this shit always in the chest and stomach instead of the brain? No wonder Samurais thought their heart was where their intestines were. They should've aimed higher. Don't go committing Sepuuku now, ya hear? Point is, I know I'm here for some reason, probably to have a meaningful conversation with you, so spill the beans and all of your emotions. The Raven just wanted to chill and talk with that Poe guy but he kept being so insecure about his problems all he could here was 'NEVERMORE! NEVERMORE! NEVERMORE!' I take it the Kinsley clan doesn't have good therapy, or health insurance for that matter, so let's get it out of the way. I think those Griswalds, or Grimwoods have decent health care, or whatever the german half of Tiff's family is again, crows are good with faces, not names. Don't let them have that advantage and keep this shit bottled."
No. 376240 ID: e3f578

These questions I think are still applicable for the new post that got posted in the same minute.
No. 376241 ID: 1854db

Man that's not true, he's been a real help with Tiffany. If it weren't for him, she'd never have gotten here.
No. 376242 ID: a2fa74

"Is this because your dad is an ass and yelled at you? Because he yelled at you because he's an ass."
No. 376281 ID: 1310c4

"Eh, you're not really supposed to be anything other than a burden until you're fully trained anyway. That's the point of training, right, to turn useless people into useful people."
No. 376289 ID: c44286
File 132529089725.png - (116.03KB , 800x800 , 610.png )

"Man that's not true, your dad's just an ass."

>"No, it's true."

"If it weren't for you, Boss would never have gotten here."

>"Yeah? While doing that I lost the amulet."

"Everyone makes mistake, bro. Like me that one time, oh boy. I tell you, stay away from bluejays man."

>"It's not just that. I fail at everything I do. I can barely do magic, I'd never have become an apprentice if my dad hadn't pulled some strings."

"You seemed to do all right helpin Boss bind the dude."

>"Hah. That's just the bloody icing on the cake. Think helping Tiff with that was the right thing to do? Not many do. Honestly I can't do a bloody thing right."
No. 376296 ID: fb4b84

"Hey, it doesn't matter what other people think. Doesn't matter much what I think either, really. No denying you did that job right, even if some might not like that you did it. Just because you get given a hard time for some stuff doesn't mean a thing."
No. 376299 ID: a2fa74

"Ya don't need me ta tell you did the right thing. Ya don't need anybody tellin' ya that. You know it, and s'what matters.
Yer problem's got all these people giving ya crap fer not doing what they want, an' they ain't all nice people. They wish the boss died 'cause her bein' here's all inconvenient for 'em.

Ya did great when ya did what ya felt was right. Maybe yer problem is what they say ain't what ya wanna be doin'."
No. 376300 ID: 1854db

Good will come of it, don't you worry.
No. 376302 ID: 1310c4

"Eh, screw 'em. You came through for Boss when it really mattered. You think she'll forget that? I can count the people in this clan she actually thinks well of on one claw, and one of those is now a toasted eyeball buffet."
No. 376303 ID: a2fa74

I think Gareth's dad pushed him to become a mage and into a specific field of specialization.
We need to find out what his stats are so we can figure out what he would actually be best at.

"Hey, ya know those magic stats things? Power an' control an' stuff? What're yers?"
No. 376304 ID: 1854db

Good idea, let's ask him what his scores are!
No. 376317 ID: e3f578

"You helped save her Dad's life regardless, he's in your debt as much as he is to Tiffany. Peoples' opinions will always differ regarding controversial decisions, so hey, don't worry about what others think. Some good came out of this and might end up good or bad in the long run, it's too early to think you did something wrong for that decision. Do you enjoy magic, the stuff you can manage to anyway? Do you enjoy being an apprentice? Maybe your not meant to be one, or maybe you are, who knows? Just saying magic ain't it's all cracked up to be, it's presence in the world has screwed up Boss's life so much she's had no choice but to adapt and try and use it. You? Dude, you can be a carpenter or like a writer or something instead, try some shit out. You don't want to feel useless, go out and create some shit man."
No. 376325 ID: c44286
File 132529734130.png - (131.78KB , 800x800 , 611.png )

"Hey, you saved Boss' dad's life. He ain't gonna forget that, and neither will Boss. You're just about the only other Kinsley Boss thinks is worth salt."

>"Worth his salt."

"Yeah that. But you did a good thing, no matter what people think. You know that and that's what matters."

Gareth remains silent.

"And who says you gotta be a wizard anyways? Man, Boss got no choice, but you do. You could be a carpenter or a lawyer or a writer or anything, man."

>"I can't. I have obligations."

"Says who? Yer dad?"

>"Well, yes."

"Do you wanna be an apprentice?"

>"I guess."

"You enjoy doin magic?"

>"Well- I dunno. Some of it's pretty interesting but- I just dunno."

"So you think you'll get to learn the interesting stuff with your master?"

>"Dunno. I haven't started my apprenticeship yet."

"D'ya know what speciality yer aimin for?"

>"Not really."

"Well, what're your stats like?"


"Stats, like power and syncroniousity. Ity. And stuff."

>"Oh that thing Duncan's working on? Never took the test."
No. 376327 ID: 1854db

Duuuuude! You gotta take it! Tiffany got some awesome score on it, maybe you will too!
No. 376336 ID: 1310c4

"Might as well. Might learn something about yourself, and if you don't like the results- well, apparently it couldn't even measure Tiffany right so you can call the whole thing a load of crock."
No. 376341 ID: e3f578

About the whole "Becoming an apprentice for your Dad" thing, you could just, like, disobey him. Is he going to beat a grown man for making his own decisions? Go "I have no son."? That hurts, but if a man is having an identity crisis about his skills you kinda have to go through that. He could come around, I imagine having a kid brought some form of joy to his life, and when his time comes, if he isn't a horrible person and hasn't come around by then, he would like to see you for some sort of closure. There's no point in being something you're not, it's like trying to ram through a brick wall. And ramming your skull through a brick wall can make it go crazy.

Your life will eventually become your own even if you don't listen to the advice. It's inevitable, you and your father aren't the same person and you will grow more and more apart as you become more of a man and he can't control you. So, if you don't listen to this advice, still try and pick up a few useful hobbies and skills not related to magic, for when that time comes and your father isn't a big part of your life anymore. This could be a dead-end job with no satisfaction by then.

Take the test. Learn something about your usefulness, it's better and accurate than abstract life coaching from an avian who just knows this shit from sappy movies Boss has watched in the past. Memory floods in and shit, man.
No. 376356 ID: a2fa74

"Well, lets go do that! Sitting here feelin bad ain't gonna get ya feelin better, and yer stats might letcha know what you'd be good at.
'sides, Duncan's a good guy. He might even have eyeballs for us!"
No. 376377 ID: fb4b84

"Might as well take it, got nothing to lose. But hey, there's other things than magic. Do what you can with your apprenticeship and all that - and what you can's probably more than a little, considering what I seen you do so far, but do what you can and spend some more time doing whatever, try some non-magic things, figure out what your passion is. Can't hurt much."
No. 376657 ID: c44286
File 132538575021.png - (96.11KB , 800x800 , 612.png )

"Duuuuude, you gotta take that test man."


"Because! It'd open a whole new world of possibilities, man! You could, like, learn stuff about yourself you never knew!"

>"Already know I suck, don't need Duncan telling me that too."

"C'mon man, if you flunk it who cares, like you ever need to show it anyone. Hell, even Boss' results were a little wonky, you can just call the whole thing a crock!"

>"Why'd I take a test if it's just a load of bee es?"

"It could still tell ya about your skills and strengths and all that."

>"I dunno."

"You wanna live under yer dad's shadow all yer life? Not his literal shadow, mind. That'd be creepy. 'specially if you started dating. But you gotta live your life for yourself, man. So what's yer dad gonna do if you disobey him? Go all "I have no son" on ya? For a grown man makin his own decisions? Screw that and screw him. 'sides, you ain't never gonna make him proud if you don't man up and stand up for yerself. And even if he turns out to be a total dimwit and never comes around, good riddance, wasn't worth it anyway. You just gotta live your own life man. Live your life to the MAX!"

>"That's pretty good."

"Thanks. Got it off TV."


"So you'll do it?"

>"I guess I will."

"Good on ya, brah."


"No fuckin way man."
No. 376662 ID: c44286
File 132538662234.png - (98.72KB , 800x800 , 613.png )

The watercooler gurlged in the empty room. Tiffany welcomed the change.

Owen spoke with the doctors when they arrived. Still in surgery. Unlikely to walk again.

Waiting room. Office. Sandwiches from the deli. The doctor had gone somewhere. Owen had gone to make a call.

They've been gone a long time.

Tiffany's feeling rather sour about being left behind.

Goddamnit, I can't just sit here and do nothing! Why the hell can't I just heal his leg? Goddamnit. And what is this goddamn thing?

Tiffany pulls out the offending object from her pocket. The cellphone had been digging into her hip. On a whim she opened it.

Huh. There's a number saved on here.

It's Martin.

I really shouldn't.
No. 376667 ID: a2fa74

Wait until the doctors are done before you start looking into magical solutions. Healing magic might actually be forbidden by the compact under some circumstances.
For example? They might be forbidden to use healing magic in situations that could result in death, and the Kinsley family is obsessive enough that any emergency counts for them.
Or they could have tossed healing magic in with the rest of the necromantic arts and count it as heresy.
Or they may simply have had no healing experts close enough, and now they have to wait until he's released from the hospital before they can heal him without raising suspicion.

You need to ask Owen. Or your demon. Or build up your link well enough so you could have Mulder ask.

As far as Martin goes? Well, what do you have you could say? Without making the Inquisitors suspect?

I'm not opposed to talking with him, but you should be careful about it. Not quite in the sense of 'secretive', either.
Honestly? Text messages are better for this. That way nobody can hear the conversation, and if they find out then they also get a log showing you haven't shared any secrets. Cover your ass, but record everything so when you say you have a right to keep in touch with your other family members they can't even hold any gaps against you.

Talk to Owen about healing magic first, though. The possibility of using healing magic on Dad would be important to allude to in the initial message.
No. 376680 ID: 3947e9

AFTER this phone call, recall that the cimmerian has been listening in on your mind and chimed in when he feels like it. Try to contact him actively, when stuck somewhere boring have him train you telepathically in using your new abilities.
No. 376706 ID: 82a03b

Do a bit of meditation and check out how your mental landscape has changed.
No. 376741 ID: 1310c4

>I really shouldn't.
Indeed you shouldn't. Nor should you let anyone know you have that number- it could get you in a lot of trouble with the clan, who already think ill of you. If they found out that you'd actually been communicating with a Rothwald... saying that it would go over poorly is a massive understatement.

Instead, contact the Cimmerian. Ask about healing magic. Also, ask why, if you can supposedly see magic now, you weren't able to see whatever illusion Owen must have had over his Eye to cover it, if he's really an Inquisitor. What magic can you supposedly see? Where is the power you were promised? You need information, and all the Cimmerian's earlier words about not being able to teach you magic because blind painters and crap no longer seem to apply, if what he told you is true.
No. 376760 ID: cf49fc

I agree. It would suck if you became really bitchy with all that power. That would be pathetic. Take a chill pill....

Then check if Martin is still alive. Didn't the council say that an entire Rothwald Containment Team had been killed?
No. 376780 ID: 750a85

Wait, is Owen actually present. If so, ask him about magic. If not, you could text Martin, but you shouldn't say anything important.

Confidential discussion should not take place over the phone. It is possible that the family has some way of detecting information transmitted in that manner.
No. 376791 ID: a2fa74

You are looking at this from an assumption of innocence perspective; that if they find out she's talking to a Rothwald then they have the burden of proving she did anything wrong.

This is incorrect.

If they find she's been talking to a Rothwald then they're going to assume she's a Rothwald spy. The burden of proof would be on her to show her hands are clean.
Text messages would be stored on the phone. If her communication with Martin was ever discovered they would have a solid record of what was discussed, and Tiffany contend that she was never forbidden from talking to her estranged relatives.

The wonderful thing is that she can ask Owen if it would be a problem if she texts Martin to keep him informed how her and her father are doing, since if it wasn't for him her father would still be a murder suspect.
Owen would have a hard time saying no since that is a completely reasonable request, and since he's secretly an inquisitor that would make her talking to Martin a sanctioned activity.
No. 376799 ID: c44286
File 132544698705.png - (124.01KB , 800x800 , 614.png )

Damnit. If I did and the clan finds out... not worth it. I'm gonna ask Owen about it.

Tiffany bites her lip. The faint taste of blood brings a vivid sense of hunger with it.

Tiffany wonders how much of her anxiety is caused by her new daemon side. Probably more than a little. Maybe it's time to inspect the damage.

Tiffany closes her eyes and tries to meditate.

This would be so much easier if it wasn't for that damn ticking.

Calm down. Focus.

Breathe deep.







I'm seeing something. Dunno what it is tho.
No. 376800 ID: cf49fc

Well... That's symbolic. I think the Green Bit is what the Cimmerian gave you. And the Red Bit is You. And the Fire is the Daemon? I think it's still trying to take control. How aggravating.
No. 376845 ID: 0adc60

uh. try to change something. see if theres a part you can manipulate directly.
No. 376855 ID: 3947e9

lets not experiment on our soul just yet...
Continue observing... call out to the cimmerian. Ask him what you are looking at here.
No. 376955 ID: 1e9d01

Let's see. If that giant fireball up there is your hufschawhatever, and the red thing is your personal soul, then the green trail off to the left is the Cimmerian's connection and the green stuff on the bottom is... something new trying to connect? Maybe becoming part demon could let you communicate with the place demons come from.

Or maybe it opens you up to get possessed. Maybe we should try to isolate ourselves from that thing down there, and then try to 'look' at what's over to the left.
No. 376989 ID: 0adc60


good idea. and let's call him Cimmy.
No. 377070 ID: a2fa74

Lets be honest here; we have no idea what we're looking at and we lack the education we need to make an educated guess.
Lets not touch anything and instead ask for a crash course in the symbolism here. We can ask what demons and familiars and such would look like and figure out the rest from there.
No. 378289 ID: c44286
File 132598198215.png - (40.09KB , 800x800 , 615.png )


>"I came as I am called, necromancer."

The green strand expands to fill Tiffany's vision.

>"I'm not deaf you know."

"What am I looking at?"

>"Me. Or a part of me, rather. Which part, I'll leave that for the imagination."

"No, I mean, what was I looking at just now?"

>"Ponies, dollies-"

"Cut the crap."

>"Don't get testy with me, kid. What you were looking at is a mental projection of your 'soul'. The Tuaftia in the center, the Haftsusha above, both connected by the Hanku. Below you see the Maw, or x'kae in my tongue. When I put you to sleep I sealed it, just to keep it from devouring the rest of you."

"What's that white stuff?"

>"Remnants of old spells. Severed, quite recently."

"Are they harmful?"

>"Not as such, no. Mortal magicians, cheap tricksters that they are, could never use them against you. Someone like me, maybe, but if they get close enough for that it hardly matters."

"Ah. The Maw?"

>"Your newest addition. The Eternal Hunger. That which makes daemons, well, daemons. The more it feeds, the stronger it gets, so be careful not to let it overpower you. That would be bad. Interesting for me, but bad for you. With time, you'll learn to control it better."

"You said it'd let me see magic the way you do."

>"Yes. That'll be one of the first things you can do when you learn a bit of control. Holding the Maw open just a tad will rouse the Hunger, allowing you to... let us say smell magic. The Hunger will attempt to devour nearby magic, and in doing so it'll reveal it to you. Once you've mastered this, you'll be able to better communicate with your Haftsusha. That ought to make magic a tad easier for you. Direct manipulation, like we do, is still quite a bit further off. Not impossible, mind."

"I see."

>"Anything else, necromancer? Or can I go back to offending the sensibilities of your clanswomen?"
No. 378297 ID: 72d49b

Ask if he'll be able to teach us to make use of the Maw, and if he may be inclined to do so.
No. 378298 ID: 1854db

Ask him if he has any advice on how to start learning how to control the Maw. Aside from that, thank him for not letting you get eaten by it and stuff..
No. 378306 ID: 3947e9
File 132598429640.png - (131.22KB , 800x800 , Tiffany Soul.png )

"*giggle* they are so easy to rile up, you having fun with them?"

"So that green tendril that connects to my Tuaftia, is it my link to you?" Try following it, see where it leads and if you can look at his soul some.

"Are those a huge bunch of severd spells about the Haftsusha"

"Can I make use of the severed remains of spells around my soul?"

"Thank you for the answers, will you be willing to teach me like this more often?" - obviously we can't do so in person... the clan will dislike it. And I mean tech a lot more, as in, whenever you are sitting in the seat of a car or some such, etc (aka, "you spend X hours getting taught better control"). Call it meditating.
No. 378424 ID: 0adc60

I still say you try to manipulate some of it.
No. 378429 ID: 3947e9

manipulate how? what part? for what purpose?
No. 378446 ID: 72d49b

Opening the Maw, just a bit, or accelerating the apparent journey of severed spells back up the Hanku to the Haftsusha.
No. 378452 ID: 40cb26

Could the maw actually consume magic if we wish it to? Like to negate an attack? Or is that a bad/dangerous/suicidal idea.
No. 378470 ID: 3947e9

Opening it too far will cause it to consume our soul. And it is demon magic and we are currently in a hospital with AN INQUISITOR... so it seems like a terrible idea to start using demon magic in here (unless you mean to feed it on stuff in our soul which is an even worse idea)

Also who said the severed spells are going up?

Sounds about right, we should experiment later but not around any inquisitors.

Rather then experimenting with modifying our very soul we could ask the cimmerian the likely result of the things the two of you are suggesting. Magic experimentation is dangerous and as long as we have willing teachers we can avoid it.

Oh, and in addition to following the green string from cimmerian, take a closer look at the Haftsusha, it seems like a rather complicated structure compared to the others.
No. 378647 ID: 3fd4fb

He says he sealed it- how does this seal work? Is he maintaining it, or does it stand alone? Will it need reinforcement or some other kind of attention in order to keep the Maw in check in the long term?

After we started devouring the fragment, the hunger was controlling our actions- but before that, when we were still awake, our thoughts were filled with suspicion and violence, as well as hunger. That was the influence of the fragment we devoured, presumably- but can we expect more of the same to come from the Maw, not just hunger but general aggression, hatred, and bloodlust? Will we constantly feel tense and frustrated like we currently do? How can we sort out what emotional influences are natural and which are being imposed on us?

Aside from that, we need something to practice. Preferably something relatively basic and safe, that will let us build up the control and skill needed to resist and manipulate the Maw properly. How do we go about starting this?

No matter how much of a dick the Cimmerian is, he's providing fairly invaluable assistance here and probably saved us from getting killed, so thank him for his help before he leaves. Part of our shortness with him is probably imposed by the inhuman influences inside us, too.
No. 394787 ID: c44286
File 133237554366.gif - (2.25MB , 800x800 , 616.gif )

"I guess trying to open the Maw now would be a bad idea, what with the inquisitor around and all."

>"Good call."

"So could the Maw actually eat magic? Like, to negate attacks?"

>"In theory. Attacks are too fast and too powerful for that. It's a matter of relative power, see. If a spell is so strong that you can't defend yourself against it, but your Maw would be, that means the Maw would be strong enough to devour you. Catch my drift?"

"Lunch, got it."

>"Good girl."

"Are those huge chunks of spells around my Haftsusha?"

>"Nope, but you're not far off. That's the stuff spells are made of. A pristine form, even. Primal. Unadulterated by the warped mess you mortal types call magic."


The red and white dance of the Haftsusha was mesmerizing. The ebb and flow of raw power, so close. Tiffany felt a longing for the warmth.

"Can I take a closer look?"

>"Knock yourself out. Just... keep it real. Keep yourself to yourself, y'know what I'm sayin'."

When Tiffany demanded to know what he meant, his presence had faded. She hadn't noticed how close she had gotten to the source of her power. The heat blasted at her, reminding of the pottery kilns they had back in school. It had always fascinated her how such a soft material could be baked to be hard as steel. Tendrils of primal energies wafted away from the arcane furnace, almost close enough to touch.
No. 394792 ID: d5ee6f

Don't touch- keep yourself to yourself. Back up a bit and circle around it. Try and control your Tuaftia- imitate the motions of your Haftsushsa. Try and establish communication this way.
No. 394794 ID: 865a6b

No. 394797 ID: 431fa8

Don't touch it, or let any tendrils touch you. Just watch it move for a while. There's probably a reason that mortal magic consists of ordering around a blind painter instead of using the paint yourself, and it's probably because trying to paint is incredibly dangerous.

Check out the remains of the severed spells a little, if you can.
No. 394799 ID: ed57e8

stay away. it's like a oven. you don't grab hot things. using your hafusta is akin to wearing thick gloves. it dulls the sensation but also the heat. letting it be handled without hurting yourself.
No. 394833 ID: 72d49b

Don't touch.
No. 394853 ID: 88e5ad

warm your little girly feet by it.
No. 394870 ID: 1854db

He didn't say not to touch it. There is likely no danger. Be cautious at first, and try communicating from a distance, but... touching it is probably safe.
No. 395186 ID: 200b72

Stay smart. Leave it be. Instead take a closer LOOK. That's the difference that makes the particle a wave in quantum physics? The measurment problem?
No. 395191 ID: c44286
File 133251635755.gif - (1.98MB , 800x800 , 617.gif )

Tiffany drew closer to the Haftsusha. The heat seared her skin and hurt her eyes, but she forced herself to stillness. Tangles of arcane energies flowed around her. As the coils unwound around her, she got the distinct impression of being examined. Her skin felt electrified every time a tendril passed near. Being gently caressed by something far greater than her, yet a part of her. The feeling was indescribable.

Suddenly, there was a powerful tug. Tiffany got the sense of urgency and alarm from the spirit, as it tried to pull her closer.

No. 395192 ID: cee66d

Move away, and attempt to disentangle yourself.
No. 395197 ID: 1854db


Well. It's US, so whatever it's worried about is probably something pertinent. If that scrying symbol came from outside somehow, try to wake up. If not, throw the Reversal symbol at it paired with the Hook. That would mean 'let go'. You could try putting the Cradle before that, to indicate that it needs to be gentle.

Another worry is that the Maw is pulling on you, and caused the initial tug. The Haftsusha could be trying to keep you away from the Maw. A quick look behind us could confirm that, in which case... we can force the Maw closed or something? We have control over it.

Lastly, the demon said to "keep yourself to yourself" so we shouldn't let the Haftsusha pull us in too close. That'd be bad; it'd probably absorb you or something.
No. 395201 ID: 3947e9

Let it.
No. 395212 ID: ed57e8

point, turn around.
No. 395257 ID: 88e5ad

allow the fires of your soul to consume you.
No. 395275 ID: 72d49b

Keep yourself to yourself.
No. 395280 ID: d5ee6f

If you remember, we have amazing awareness but poor understanding. I'm not sure it knows what it's doing. Back off.
No. 395412 ID: 8db916


back off
No. 395616 ID: c44286
File 133263548548.png - (63.24KB , 800x800 , 618.png )

Tiffany resisted the pull, desperately visualizing the Reverse Hook. The Haftsusha maintained the appearance of the Eye rune. As energy danced around Tiffany, the spirit waited. Tiffany repeated the Reverse Hook. With a hint of impatience the Haftsusha let her go.

The sudden drop into reality was not pleasant. It most reminded Tiffany of falling through ice into the freezing waters below. She suppressed a shiver, and tried to get a sense of her surroundings.

Someone had moved her to a couch. The sun was lower than it had been.

There were low voices coming from a little bit away. One was Owen, the other a woman she didn't know.

Damn, I have to stop falling asleep like this before someone gets suspicious.
No. 395619 ID: b85f8c

Okay, you should ask Owen if other mages can do what you just did. If they can, then we should get some advice about what to do when the Haftsusha gets grabby.

You should probably phrase it as if you hadn't actually done it yourself.
No. 395620 ID: d5ee6f

Get up and ask about your dad.
No. 395626 ID: c44286
File 133264004660.png - (50.66KB , 800x800 , 619.png )

"Where's my dad?"

>The lady: "Oh look, now you woke her up."

>Owen: "Oh don't take that tone-"

>The lady: "What tone?"

>Owen: "Just drop it."

Owen and the lady come over, and he kneels by the couch.

>Owen: "Your dad's out of surgery. We can go see him, but he won't be waking up for another half an hour."

"Is he okay?"

>Owen: "The doctor's did their best. The injury was serious, but they managed to save the leg. It's too early to tell if he'll recover fully."

"Will he be able to walk?"

>Owen: "We... don't know that yet. It'll take time."

Tiffany sat silently for a while.

>The lady: "I'm sorry about your father."

Tiffany suddenly feels a lump in her throat.

"It's all my fault."

>The lady: "Oh you mustn't blame yourself. If Owen and his friends had been keeping better watch this never would have happened."

Owen gave the lady a sour look.

>The lady: "Owen, aren't you going to introduce us?"

Owen's look turned caustic.

>Owen: "Tiffany, may I present the most honorable missus Rosemary Doyle, a solicitor to the clan and a dingy old bat. Dingy old bat, meet Tiffany Kinsley."

>Rosemary: "Lovely to meet you."

"What's a solicitor?"

>Rosemary: "It's a kind of lawyer, dear. I also have the dubious honor of being Owen's mother-in-law, an unfortunate turn of events to be sure."

Owen rolled his eyes.

>Rosemary: "I've been taking care of your and your father's paperwork. I was on my way to Bardsey when I heard of the incident. If there is anything at all I can do for you, please don't hesitate to ask."
No. 395627 ID: d5ee6f

Thank her politely and ask to wait by your dad's side.
No. 395628 ID: d5ee6f

Wait, ask if she's familiar with Blake family traditions? If so, then law. We need to know our rights in the whole inquisitorial arena.
No. 395629 ID: b85f8c

Yes, it'd be nice to know exactly what legal protections you have.
No. 395654 ID: 72d49b

Say you'd like an overview on the legal stuff, to know how it works.

But right now you'd like to see your dad if it's okay.
No. 423618 ID: c44286
File 133997267656.png - (228.79KB , 1200x800 , 620.png )

"Thanks, but I really need to go see my dad."

>Rosemary: "Certainly. I'll show you to his room."

"Okay. I do have some questions for you, later."

>Rosemary: "Anything specific? This way."

"I kinda want to know what kind of legal rights I have, being a Kinsley and all."

Rosemary gives a brief smile.
>Rosemary: "That's a bit of a heavy topic for one as young as you."

"Please. I need to know this stuff."

>Rosemary: "That's very adult of you. I'll do my best."

"Thank you."

The recovery room was quiet and well-lit. Tiffany's dad was lying on a hospital bed. The only sign of life was the steady beep of the ECG. Tiffany dragged a stool next to the bed and sat down. Owen was leaning against the doorframe, while Rosemary found another seat.

After a while it became apparent that Dad wasn't going to wake up quite yet.

"So... I guess we have time for that legal stuff now."

>Rosemary: "All right. So what do you want to know?"

"I don't know. Some kinda overview would be nice? Also, what kind of legal protection do I have with the inquisitors and all that?"

>Rosemary: "Most of the clan's internal affairs are handled through tradition rather than law, really. I'm not exactly the expert in that. Me and my collegues mostly take care of things for the clan out in the real world."

"Well, could you tell me what you know?"

>Rosemary: "Allright. The family is pretty rich. Real estate, investments, so on. All that is in the care of a trust-"

"What's a trust?"

>Rosemary: "It's a legal term for when some is taking care of someone else's property. Basically there are some businessmen who take care of the family estate."

"Do I get any of that?"

>Rosemary: "Well, yes. As a member of the family, you are entitled to a fixed income. Since you're a minor we were going to release the funds to the care of your father, but with the current situation... Anyway, that was part of the paperwork I was going to go over with you before all this happened."


>Rosemary: "Anyway, membership in the clan isn't, by law, determined by your ancestry. In practice it is hereditary, with some exceptions. Legally, the council can choose to grant or revoke the membership of any individual for any reason. In practice, the council only does that very rarely, on grounds of gross misconduct or-" Rosemary gave a sharp glance at Owen " or what they call heresy."

>Owen: "Oh give it a rest will you."

>Rosemary: "See, the clan has some very particular ideas about what people can or can't do. It's heresy to want to study something that was some half-mad mystic banned a thousand years ago but it's perfectly ok to cut your own eye out, stick a spying device in the hole and go around pretending like nothing happened."

Owen gave a little twitch.

>Owen: "You wouldn't understand."

>Rosemary: "You're damn right I wouldn't understand. Don't you think it's a little bit unfair to keep something like that from one's family? Bit of a shock to find your husband's walking around with a webcam for an eye, and has been since before you were married?"

>Owen: "I don't have to listen to this. I'll be right outside if you need me, Tiff."


>Rosemary: "Sorry about that. We don't exactly see eye-to-eye."

"Why were you antagonizing him like that?"

>Rosemary: "He had it coming. It's a personal matter. Anyway, legally the worst punishment the clan has is exclusion. In practice... I don't mean to worry you, they are civilized people and all, but they are a very closed community. They are much more lenient to minors, of course, so you really shouldn't worry."
No. 423624 ID: e3f578

Ask her if the clan really does only consider physical age when discussing how young this "minor" is. The go back and forth so much, and the shit you've been through is blending the lines of maturity.

You don't even know the difference between what being a child and adult is anymore.
No. 423627 ID: d5ee6f

Too bad you're a special case in more ways than one. You need like... A list of banned topics.
No. 423628 ID: b85f8c

Ask if there's any chance you can keep your conversation here private from scrying. Then ask if she was the one accused of heresy, since she seems to be rather pissed about inquisitors and isn't in the clan despite being married to a Kinsley.

This could be someone we can TALK to about the heresy issue, since I'm sure we've already done heretical things by now and we plan to do more in the future for certain.
No. 423639 ID: a2fa74

"You know, I wasn't supposed to know he's an inquisitor. Now they'll be all in a tizzy about him being discovered
Err... I understand why he had to watch for the inquisitors, and why he didn't tell he is one, but I have to know... Was he just acting nice? Are they so paranoid they need to have a spy play a girl's confidant?"
No. 423748 ID: 72d49b

"What sorts of stuff is heresy?" seems like a safe enough question with this girl.

>"You know, I wasn't supposed to know he's an inquisitor. Now they'll be all in a tizzy about him being discovered
There is no reason to show our hand like this.

Instead it would be better to sort of defend him, and potentially elicit more warnings. Something like "he seems nice though" should probably be enough.
No. 423795 ID: d52d47

Hmm. We've now had Owen's inquisitor identity revealed twice.

When we meet back up with him, and he inevitably tries to apologize, smooth things over, and/or cover things up say something like-

"It's alright. I kind of guessed you were from the way you were talking before."

This should ring true, since it partially is (no need to reveal our real sources). He'll be less mad at Rosemary for spilling the beans (since you already knew), and he might be impressed by our deductive skills, or that we were willing to befriend him knowing what he was (he doesn't need to know about our near homicidal flip-out either).

It's manipulation, but a sympathetic spy set over us is more useful than otherwise.
No. 423907 ID: c44286
File 134006434218.png - (86.91KB , 377x485 , 621.png )

"What's a minor, exactly?"

>Rosemary: "Anyone under eighteen."

"Just physical age then?"

>Rosemary: "On some issues they consider your rank, rather than your age. Student, apprentice, magician, so on. If an apprentice makes an infraction of some kind, the master usually has to answer for it in some way. I understand you've been made an apprentice now."

"Yeah. I don't have a master yet though."

>Rosemary: "Oh? Oh of course, you missed the graduation didn't you. Well, I hope you find good one."

"Thanks. Haven't really had time to think about that."

>Rosemary: "Understandable."

There's a pause.

"If I don't have a master, but I'm an apprentice, what happens if I mess up? I mean, I don't even know the rules yet."

>Rosemary: "Keep away from the inquisitors, and you should be fine. I hear you've got a friend on the council."

"Why are you so pissed off at inquisitors?"

>Rosemary: "Well, the whole idea is repulsive to me. We're UK citizens, we should all obey the same laws. But the inquisitors are a law onto themselves, and the clan goes along with it. It's backwards and barbaric. It turns my stomach. On top of that I have a bone to pick with some individual inquisitors, but that's a personal matter."

"Oh. Were you accused of heresy?"

Rosemary let out a clear laugh.
>Rosemary: "Good heavens no. I'm not a member of the family proper, haven't got a drop of Kinsley blood in me. I'm out of their jurisdiction, if you can call it that. They do love their little rules."

"Oh ok."

There's a longer pause. The ECG slices time into even moments. Tiffany sinks her head into the side of the bed.

"... can you do something to make sure we're not scried?"

>Rosemary: "Sorry, not a wizard, just a lawyer. Owen would do it if you asked I'm sure."

"... No thanks. I'm just... so tired of it. Not knowing who to trust, not knowing what I can say and to whom and it's just becoming a big mess and I don't know what to do anymore."

Rosemary hesitates for a moment, then pulls her chair closer and awkwardly pats Tiffany's back.

"I mean... Everybody I meet is trying to use me or thinks I'm a Rothwald spy or Alexander's minion or god knows what else. I can't trust anybody to tell me the truth, and I don't dare do or say anything because I'll just break some rule nobody told me about and I almost got dad killed and it's all my fault."

>Rosemary: "There there. It's not that bad."

By now Tiffany is openly bawling.
No. 423915 ID: b85f8c

Don't forget what happened to your mother.
No. 423922 ID: a2fa74

"Whenever it's something bad they act like it's all my fault, but they don't tell me anything or listen to anything I say. They don't care about any of things I'm worried about, even the really important ones.
They don't care about mom! I could save her if I only had a little help, I know I could! I know I don't know much but it's almost enough!
I've lost so much already, I can't lose any more..."
No. 423940 ID: 771d02

you should be able to find a scalpel in here if you want to slit your wrists. otherwise, man the fuck up already because you're goddamn wizard and that's sweet.
No. 424021 ID: d5ee6f

It IS that bad! These things are IMPORTANT!
No. 424103 ID: c44286
File 134013401395.png - (7.08KB , 400x400 , 622.png )

It was a strange feeling. Tiffany could feel the emotions, the tears, the guilt, but some part of her was set apart. Distant.

Tiffany could still genuinely feel the grief and fear and everything else. She was crying on her father's bedside, being consoled by Rosemary. She was on the verge of emotional breakdown.

But there was another Tiffany.

That Tiffany was observing her crying self, analyzing the situation. That's what that Tiffany always did. Always watching, looking for the angle. This could be good, a few more tears and I can ask her for anything.

It was a strange feeling. Her feelings were genuine, despite her calculating side. It was as if there were two Tiffanys, yet there was only one. Both sides were just as much Tiffany as the other.

An epiphany came to her. She could let either side become dominant. She could be the emotional young girl, or the cold, calculating magician. She could deaden her emotions, should she wish to do so. The question is, should she?
No. 424105 ID: a2fa74

Emotion without a clear head is ineffectual; the emotionally dead aren't living.

Neither should be dominant to the exclusion of the other, but if you are forced to chose there is a single decisive factor:
Alexander chose cold and calculating, while your mother chose emotion.
No. 424106 ID: b85f8c

No. Keep a balance going. Without emotion you lose the ability to relate to others and edge towards evil thoughts, but without detachment you lose the ability to think clearly through your emotions.

A duality of mind can be very useful, as well.
No. 424108 ID: d52d47

You should turn your back on neither- embrace both.

You cannot complete your quest- or likely even survive- if you ignore calculation, or your darker gifts. These are not waters in which little girls can safely swim. At the same time, you cannot forsake your humanity. Alexander has already shown you what lies down that path.

A dead child, or a Bone Queen- you do not want either fate.

Walk the middle path. Your strength lies in superposition. You must juxtapose that which makes you human with that which marks you as other. Balance will be your salvation, and your survival.
No. 424111 ID: 72d49b

Emotion is very useful and should not be forsaken. But if one should rule, it should be logic.
No. 424135 ID: d5ee6f

Maintain the balance. Living in pure emotion is foolishness, but suppressing it is madness. When you lose touch with emotion you can't gauge the emotions or actions of other and everything will quickly spiral out of control.
No. 424138 ID: e3f578

Hey, did we ever learn who Alexander's master was here?
And mom's? (Maybe Alexander taught her, but I dunno, I feel like maybe she could have learned here)

These might be additional questions to think about if unanswered.
But girl, yeah, keep the balance. I mean, since when has moderation ever been bad?
No. 424140 ID: 431fa8

You need both. Without ruthless logic, you'll get yourself killed by Alexander and these scheming bastard Kinsleys. Without true emotion, you won't be able to effectively imitate the young girl that you have to be in order to gain sympathy and affection from others- and it would be a betrayal of your family, who would be crushed to discover that you destroyed your emotional side in order to pursue power even on their behalf.
No. 424207 ID: cf49fc

Yeah! You don't need to choose one, you got SIX OUT OF FIVE on a Magical Potency test. That doesn't even make sense, so you can handle something as simple as having a two facet personality.
No. 424331 ID: 771d02

why the hell would you want to get rid of either? they're both useful. learn to switch quickly.
No. 424429 ID: c44286
File 134022703333.png - (84.92KB , 900x400 , 623.png )

No. I can't let myself die inside. But I can't let my emotions get the better of me either. There has to be another way. I have to find balance.

I don't think I have much of a chance with the Kinsleys if I don't keep my guard up, though.

I have to hide my feelings.

Bury them deep.

I'll have to-
No. 424430 ID: c44286
File 134022705138.png - (121.70KB , 900x400 , 624.png )

No. 424431 ID: c44286
File 134022707756.png - (64.19KB , 400x400 , 625.png )

No. 424432 ID: c44286
File 134022709823.png - (67.19KB , 400x400 , 626.png )

No. 424433 ID: c44286
File 134022711388.png - (64.06KB , 800x400 , 627.png )

No. 424434 ID: c44286
File 134022713841.png - (76.57KB , 400x400 , 628.png )


I'll do it tomorrow.
No. 424464 ID: a2fa74

Burying your feelings would make you like Alexander. It's fine to bury your feelings Tomorrow; Tomorrow is always a day away.
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