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File 129775224689.jpg - (383.60KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin 33.jpg )
281680 No. 281680 ID: b6c6fc

The PoisonWorld: Daztrenian

Announcer: "kill Pelendina Zane, it was simple task. How could you not understand?"

a drop ship enters the toxic atmosphere

Announcer: "Apperently it still wasn't simple enough."

7 Pods are ejected onto various locations on the world

Announcer: "perhaps this will be simple enough: SURVIVE!"


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No. 281683 ID: 701a19

Ahmed. His weapon is all-around effective, and he's not maimed.
No. 281684 ID: ec3a94

Midori. She is a girl, and the closest resembling a furry.
No. 281685 ID: 20fc85

NOoooo... Ahmed very well may be one of our best fighters. Let's not waste him too early...
We don't even know our opponent yet...

That said we ain't using any of the injured...
and Dominic only has a grenade...
I'll say Henry, as he'll be able to do enough heavy damage to let another take the opponent.
No. 281688 ID: 58db22

Henry, fo sho.
No. 281694 ID: 701a19

The goal is SURVIVAL. We don't know what they're sending us up against. It's not out of the question for them to give us no hostiles and simply try to stay alive in a hostile environment.
OR they might be planning surgical orbital bombardments.

If you're afraid of losing Ahmed then send in Dominic, but remember that these pods are in different parts of the world.
No. 281706 ID: 4c7b39

As bad as it sounds, we need someone expendable to find out what we're up against. And the person with half a tic of health is probably not going to be useful for much else.

That said, Midori.
No. 281707 ID: 2563d4

Midori, the unhealed, mostly-dead furry sympathiser whose weapon may or may not be lightly melted from being used to bash at things inside shields.

No. 281708 ID: e3f578

I thought the Announcer was brutally lynched by Zane supporters. Sure this could be a different announcer but he has the same damn attitude.

The announcer is a Master Planner. The lynch ruse...
was a distraction

Henry up in this bitch
No. 281709 ID: cd691a

No. 281727 ID: 701a19

They're at different parts of the globe. Very little information we get from one is going to help with the others.

I am voting AGAINST Midori.
No. 281730 ID: 7d2e86

Let's go with Ahmed.
No. 281733 ID: 254399

Ahmed! Show them the full fury of you AWESOME BERET AND MOUSTACHE!
No. 281736 ID: 8d8786

I'm going to vote Peter just because, with a Sniper Rifle, he might be our best scout for us to later use Meta knowledge with
No. 281741 ID: b6c6fc
File 129779917567.jpg - (247.92KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin34.jpg )

Announcer: "your goal here is simple, survive until we send a drop ship to pick you up, this will be anywhere from a day to a week, and depends greatly on how entertaining you are"

"Good Luck!"
No. 281742 ID: c71597

Do you detect any fumes that might be flammable? Also, are you floating? Would it be possible to use the recoil from the minigun to gain momentum to float to the cliff edge?
No. 281743 ID: 2563d4

>unpleasant looking goo
>probably sinking in pod thing
>set of barrels acting as stepping stones to edge
Ok, that's simple enou---
>huge fat bloke with heavy minigun
Well, Henry, I hope you like searing chemical baths.
No. 281745 ID: 28e94e

See if those barrels can support your weight. If they can, climb across. Otherwise, get to the top of your pod and start praying.
No. 281750 ID: e3f578

use your minigun like a paddle and your pod like a canoe... unless that would make it not work. Is there anything you can grab that will make a decent makeshift paddle?
No. 281751 ID: 254399

Just shoot your minigun to propel you across the lake.
No. 281763 ID: b6c6fc
File 129780879054.jpg - (244.60KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin35.jpg )

it appears to be working, but progress through the thick slime is slow . . . and ammo seems to be being spent fast

Announcer: "Smart thinking Pinkskin, but will it be smart enough?"
No. 281764 ID: e3f578

Use your massive girth and use that barrel as leverage or a paddle damn it. Your close enough to grab it. Probably. You could probably just exploit a physics engine glitches and manage it anyway.
No. 281771 ID: a41aaf

If the slime is thick, it is likely dense. If the slime is dense, anything in it will be pretty buoyant (and there maybe additional dilatant properties). If you're quick, you should be able to run across the barrels without them sinking.

Of course, if it's Thixotropic or psuedoplastic...
No. 281774 ID: 931c7c

Does the door pop off or can it be shot off? That might work as a paddle. Then a really crazy idea would be to propel ourselves on the door using the minigun (given that it has less mass and drag.)
No. 281777 ID: 15b51b

Break the door off and use it as a paddle.

If that doesn't work... Try jumping across the remaining barrels to get to shore.
No. 281778 ID: 931c7c

If we try jumping across the barrels we should hurl the minigun over first, to keep them from sinking as quickly.
No. 281779 ID: 28e94e

Good thinking, both of you.
No. 281781 ID: 8d8786

Before we get blindsided by being out of ammo, let's throw up an Ammunition Remaining bar on the screen or something
No. 281791 ID: 2563d4

I...kind of doubt Henry is going to be able to surf?

Breaking the door off and using it as a paddle's not a bad idea, but the "water"line's pretty damn close to pouring delicious jam searing goo into the pod.
No. 281835 ID: 20fc85


also, we're in a toxic atmosphere. Congregation is critical. Here's somethign more important:
You need to know what the chem pool is made of.

Use your pod door as a paddle... Or find something organic and see what the chemicals do to it.

Door paddle is better though
No. 281896 ID: b6c6fc
File 129784319462.jpg - (116.87KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin36.jpg )

Henry manages to break off the door, but in the struggle splashes himself with some toxic goo

Announcer: "Careful! that slime is dangerous"
No. 281897 ID: b78332

You are a large man with an eyepatch, a little caustic substances cause you no fear. Paddle to the closest shore and drag yourself out.

Is there a puzzle we're supposed to be solving?
No. 281899 ID: 252e1b


Paddle carefully and slowly.
No. 281904 ID: e3f578

Balance your pod better if you can, at that angle things will not go well
No. 281936 ID: b6c6fc
File 129788302120.jpg - (109.67KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin37.jpg )

Henry pushes through the pain, and despite a few more chemical burns makes it to the other side

Henry's not feeling so good . . .

Announcer: "hell we don't even know everything that in that slime, what ever it is though I can't imagine it being healthy"
No. 281938 ID: 197650

There's some on your lip, don't swallow it.
Quickly check the surrounding area, find a tacticly favorable position. See if there are any kind of resources available. If it can take days for the ship to arrive you might need to put down makeshift traps to catch some local critters for food.
No. 281939 ID: d5c481

Shit man, did it eat your shoes too! Try and scrap off any of it you can, maybe use some dust of something, is there anything left of value in that pod? Because I can suddenly see dieing of thirst becoming a bit of a problem on this world.

The cans are just full of that goop right?
No. 281940 ID: c44286

It's unlikely you'll survive to the end, especially if you're covered in that stuff. Do the noble thing: try to find a way to prevent the next guy from falling into that stuff. Some kinda barrel raft, or rope across the pool.
No. 281941 ID: c71597

Next guy is in some other place. They were all sent down planetside at the same time at random locations.
No. 281942 ID: c44286


Then make some kinda signal so the others can find you. Big fire? Shoot into the sky?


That might attract monsters and stuff.


Bring it.
No. 281944 ID: 105294

Spit. Never, ever allow yourself to reflexively swallow. Even if its your own blood or saliva, it may have become contaminated by being near that crap. Try to get away from the pools, there's probably fumes affecting you too.
No. 281966 ID: 0d095c

Throw up. Get that crap out of your digestive tract.
No. 281973 ID: b6c6fc
File 129790539957.jpg - (117.11KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin38.jpg )

Henry coughs up a large amount of blood, it doesn't seem to help much
No. 281974 ID: 133617

How fast can you run? If you can run fast, try to run then jump over pit, if you can run, try the ledge on far left.
No. 281976 ID: 46c430

Move the pole over next to the ledge, so that you can balance and walk across on both the thinl ledge and the pole?
No. 281982 ID: 46c430

Actually, a step further, once the pole and ledge are near each other, move the two metal plates that are bolted together over onto them, you'll have your own little bridge.
No. 281986 ID: 28e94e

Stop thinking of all the good ideas before I do, damn it
No. 281988 ID: 133617

That sound much better and safer then my idea.
No. 282116 ID: b6c6fc
File 12979847364.jpg - (113.18KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin39.jpg )

it works!

Henry makes a bridge and safely makes it across
No. 282118 ID: 133617

Well turn that corner and see what new dangers await ahead for us.
No. 282149 ID: 68f11f

So, Henry, what were you before all of this bullshit, anything interesting? Watcha in for?
No. 282156 ID: 252e1b

Take the pole before you go. Poles are useful.
No. 282159 ID: 2563d4

As long as it's clean, sure. No adventurer dare be without a ten-foot pole.
No. 282253 ID: b6c6fc
File 12980093471.jpg - (106.19KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin40.jpg )

Henry can not carry the pole, both his hands are busy carrying his gun, and it's too big to fit in his pockets
No. 282254 ID: 252e1b


He's got elbows, he can pin it in the crook of his arm and carry it that way.
No. 282255 ID: c71597

The ground there looks quite unsteady, like it would collapse if some porky dude tried to walk over it. Lets leave the gun on the ground here and walk back to the previous obstacle. Bring over the pole and the bridge parts here so we can try to use them to bypass this place as well.
No. 282256 ID: 252e1b


That's a good idea.
No. 282277 ID: b6c6fc
File 129801167112.jpg - (109.84KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin41.jpg )

Henry fails to remake the bridge
No. 282278 ID: 252e1b


Plan #2: The Acrobat

Toss your gun over to the other side of the weak ledge, then use the pole to pole vault over the weak area.

You can do it!
No. 282279 ID: c71597

Slightly problematical. Probe the ledge to see if it might even hold. Then push the gun over first. After which you're going to get down one your belly and crawl over it, hoping that if you distrubute your weight somewhat evenly then it won't collapse.
No. 282284 ID: 8d8786

Fatty making that jump? Sure, let's see it
No. 282289 ID: a7a85a
File 129801425434.gif - (83.42KB , 552x326 , breakaway.gif )

Without risking your balance, stomp the obviously weakened ledge so it will crumble.

Use a very small amount of amo to shoot a small indent on either side of the ledge. Place the pole between the new ruts. Carefully lowery yourself into the rock formation that is left after the crumbling. Use your knees to 'walk' across the slope while holding on to the pole.

Your weight will be on the rocks and your balance on the pole.
No. 282306 ID: 28e94e

No. 282310 ID: 2563d4

Or stab at the broken parts with the pole until they crumble away and leave a more solid base which can be carefully crawled over.
No. 282365 ID: b6c6fc
File 129806182433.jpg - (112.98KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin42.jpg )

Henry stomps the ground a bunch, but the cliff despite it's cracks seems far too solid

Henry tries a different plan

the plan proves effective!

Announcer: "Pinkskin, I would like to take this random moment to congratulate how entertaining you've been so far . . ."
No. 282366 ID: 2563d4

Now would be an excellent time to jam the pole upwards violently.
No. 282367 ID: 695660


Your pole is your weapon. Violently jab upwards, try to push yourself back some. The ledge is sturdy for the time being, focus on getting some distance. Retrieving your weapon can come once these suckers are dealt with.
No. 282381 ID: 68f11f

Jam the pole upwards along the rockface, between the 'thing's mass and the surface it's attached too. If anything the flesh should be softer there along the underside...

AND you may be able to flip the beast out into the toxin pool using your body as a leverage device (you will have to press your body against the stone with the pole on the outside.)
No. 282487 ID: b6c6fc
File 129809075743.jpg - (111.94KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin43.jpg )

Henry attempts to attack the creature with his pole, it has little effect

Henry: "eeyaaaaarggh!"

Announcer: "oh dear, it seems our poor little pinkskin friend has stumbled upon a CowledFangus! though not native to this world the CowledFangus were brought here as pets by one of the lesser species, the toxic world forced them to grow far more hostile just to survive the harsh environment, it looks like it feels Pinkskins would make a most suitible snack!"
No. 282488 ID: 133617

Struggle like hell! Do anything in your power to get out of that fungus!
No. 282489 ID: 8c0848

No. 282492 ID: 68f11f

Erh, this would be a REALLY good time to tell us about any phychic/mutant powers you have. Anyhow, uhm... perhaps slam yourself into damn thing, jump against it with all your force?

Hell, for all we can hope it's got a lethal allergy to the wrong pH or something I dunno?

Wait, you wouldn't have a HOLDOUT LASER EYE under that patch would you? You know... just becasue you seem like a man of 'mor dakka'.
No. 282496 ID: 1a693f

This would be a really good time to be the guy with the grenade.
No. 282508 ID: 9a9984

What are you doing? It's hardly any bigger than you.

All you have to do is EAT IT FASTER THAN IT CAN EAT YOU!
No. 282525 ID: b6c6fc
File 129809876399.jpg - (110.59KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin44.jpg )

Struggle as he might, Henry simply cannot over power the all encompassing mass of the deadly Fangus

No. 282528 ID: b6c6fc
File 129809954642.jpg - (191.34KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin45.jpg )

Announcer: "don't worry pinkskin you'll have the last laugh in the end, all that pudge can NOT be good for it's cholesterol!"

No. 282529 ID: 8d8786

I never liked fattie anyway. Well at least we're now more familiar with SOME of the hazards of this world. Still, might be good to find out more of them with someone also expendable... To that end, I nominate Janine One-Arm
No. 282531 ID: 8c0848

Midori. Let's see what she can do with a gaping wound.
No. 282535 ID: 701a19

NEITHER Midori NOR Janine.
Our mission is to survive until pickup, and it seems that the pods only open when that person is picked. Since each pod is in a different area we can't gain any pertinent information by throwing people at it.

Lets go with Dominic. He has the least useful weapon and appears to be the most physically fit. Remember that our goal is survival, not completing their objectives.
No. 282537 ID: e8fede

The Black guy. We don't need to waste anyone with a legit weapon when we're just starting out. Plus, he looks like he's the kind of guy that could survive this "jungle".
No. 282550 ID: 1854db

No. 282555 ID: 20fc85

Domonic the rock johnson.

He doesn't need guns.

(Rose's weapon is by far the most useful in terms of multipurpose... but domonic seems like he's fit and skilled in survival)
No. 282579 ID: 28e94e

Dominic, obviously.
No. 282581 ID: c71597

Rose, lets burninate some shit.
No. 282589 ID: 252e1b

I vote for Peter!
No. 282590 ID: 5f0943

I vote for Dominic
No. 282596 ID: 2563d4

Domonic indeed.
No. 282684 ID: 197650

No. 282692 ID: f0e540

Voting for Dominic.

This is where we will get a smack in the face, revealing that he's in a wheelchair or something.
No. 287891 ID: 000a99

No. 290523 ID: b6c6fc
File 130099578326.jpg - (124.73KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin46.jpg )

Announcer: "I'm afraid you're going to have to be taken off live projection, our show run time has reached it's limit!, don't worry though contestants all your hilarious antics will now be automatically recorded!
see you soon!"

suggest actions for Domonic
No. 290524 ID: 28e94e

Did you just crash into a... skyscraper?

No. 290591 ID: e3f578

there be a window below the ledge. Your physically fit enough to swoop down in right?
No. 290597 ID: 6b2b68

Admire an advertisement for Maloran Cola (Always Ice Cold!™) on one of those giant-ass billboards.
No. 290660 ID: b6c6fc
File 130102099571.jpg - (123.80KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin47.jpg )

I gotta get into this place, but how?

do I look like a hawk to you? I don't do "swoop"

they look like mostly gun adverts, and other war propaganda shit
No. 290665 ID: 46c430

There appears to be a hatch on the left side of the roof.
No. 290709 ID: 1854db

You could try sliding down the pipes.
No. 290717 ID: 20fc85

Tear enough fabric to make emergency parachute.
slide down pipe

if you slip off, use parachute to slow landing enough you don't splatter... and only break a bone if it's too bad a landing instead of splattering.
No. 290719 ID: 20fc85

... or you could make the emergency parachute and slip in that hatch
No. 290733 ID: b6c6fc
File 130108346267.jpg - (123.82KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin48.jpg )

I could probably jump to reach the pipes

I don't see how I could make it to that hatch

how the hell am I supposed to make a parachute?
No. 290737 ID: 00d3d5

Climb across that billboard to the hatch.
No. 290854 ID: b6c6fc
File 130110920894.jpg - (124.28KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin49.jpg )

Shit! this roof is slick as hell

I gotta remember to murder the fuckhead who's bright idea it was to buff this shit twice a day
No. 290855 ID: 3f1b5c

Try tearing the board material (hopefully some kind of canvas) to lower yourself down towards that hatch.

Also, kinda sucks that you aren't even considered worthy of being on air 'Live', I mean sucks to be in a deathgame at all, but one would hope at least that you get the decency of their attention.
No. 290858 ID: 1854db

Get as much of your surface area on the roof as you can. The more surface area you have contacting the roof, the more friction, and the better chance of you not falling off.
No. 290860 ID: 07416a

PS there is a little man in the window. Give him a grenade breakfast and hope his weapon is not explodo.
No. 290889 ID: b6c6fc
File 130112046189.jpg - (124.32KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin50.jpg )

God damned furry assholes, first they don't give me shit all but this one lousy grenade
now the bastards don't even think I'm worth watching die

Furry fucks are all like "his skin just ain't pink enough!" and "he won't be easy enough to hate with out pink skin!" damn racist midgets I swear I'll gut every last one of the little rats

one careful slide later
damn I'm good!
No. 290891 ID: 00d3d5

Open the hatch, then go inside.
No. 290895 ID: e3f578

Keep repeating Nukem one liners, you'll probably go live soon then.
"Damn, these alien furry bastards are gonna pay for wrecking my ride."
Suddenly realize your true weapon is your mighty foot. Remember your fight and loss with Falcon? Did he teach you the Falcon punch in return for making such an exciting fight and becoming your best friend a few sequels later? That's another weapon added to your repertoire. Then reach through the forth wall and steal your authors sunglasses. Win the game.
No. 290922 ID: b6c6fc
File 130115105910.jpg - (113.19KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin51.jpg )

Falcon ain't taught me shit
and the second I get out of this shit hole I'm gonna kick his sorry ass
No. 290928 ID: 2563d4

Grab sacks. Beat mutant to death with sacks. Do not touch mutant directly and try to avoid getting splattered too much.

...I'm guessing you're not the sneaky type. :V
No. 290930 ID: 46c430

Pull the pin on one of your grenades and toss it down the stairwell. Hopefully the mutant will wonder what the noise was and then run down.
No. 290931 ID: 2563d4

>one of your grenades
>one lousy grenade
No. 290932 ID: 46c430

...Ah. Yeah, I missed that.
No. 290936 ID: 3f1b5c

Looks like this is going to have to be a pillowfight, to the death. I suggest a sacktackle from behind and followed by smothering until dead.
No. 290946 ID: e3f578

Man, he's just barfing a corner minding his stupid business. Let's try and sneak past. If he finds use, use mighty foot to him down the stairs, Bulletstorm style.
No. 291000 ID: b6c6fc
File 130118213638.jpg - (111.34KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin52.jpg )

Shit. guess I'm really not that sneaky . . .
No. 291018 ID: 3f1b5c

Gunna say, best bet may be stepping to your right a bit then slamming/kicking/boxing him down those stairs, keep the high ground and all.

But try not to get cornered unless you happen to be some kind of wrestling champion. Actually what 'were' you before you changed professions to the 'deathgames gladiator' bracket?
No. 291130 ID: b6c6fc
File 130120474964.jpg - (112.07KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin53.jpg )

I am a head hunter, the government pays me to take out the trash

I get paid 2 grand for every furry skull I haul in, but hell I'd do it for free.
No. 291193 ID: 644ca1

Grab the knife and make sure the mutant is dead, then head downstairs.
No. 291235 ID: 1854db

Sweet, a weapon! Wipe off the blood before you do anything with it; that stuff could be infectious.
No. 291253 ID: 3f1b5c

Stomp his genitalia, or whatever the closest analog is, just to keep him stunned, then acquire knife and 'rinse off' the blade... Thoroughly.

I'd suggest actually ventilating the veins in the interior thigh, has this lovely gravitational drain effect, high pressure, and the benefit of being essentially unable to tourniquet.

P.S. May want to pick up the knife using that cloth from the torn sack, that purple shit looks nasty, best to avoid skin contact.
No. 291280 ID: 8e2e95

he's still going down the stairs. Use this time to get the knife, using the cloth to protect your knife hand.

Then execute mutant in a hardboiled manner.
No. 291455 ID: b6c6fc
File 130128843633.jpg - (128.34KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin54.jpg )

that's no knife, just some sort of dead animal this bastard must've been chewin on
No. 291456 ID: 1854db

Good job taking that one out. Next one, be careful and keep the high ground advantage.
No. 291459 ID: 8e2e95

Well, then take that...

Find something with some weight to it that also increases your reach... Going mano a mano with these things is probably not a good idea
No. 291483 ID: 28e94e

Repeat the same tactic with the second guy.
No. 291541 ID: b6c6fc
File 130134847712.jpg - (123.89KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin55.jpg )

????: "wait you- Krraaaah!"

Domonic: "is that all you got?"
No. 291543 ID: 4e6eaf

I have a bad feeling that these things where once human
No. 291547 ID: 1854db

...wha? This second one can talk. Stop beating him for a second and ask what the hell's wrong with him.
No. 291549 ID: 8c73c8

just keep your feet ready. it's wearing the remains of human style pants and a belt. if it makes any aggressive move then kick it more.
No. 291552 ID: 3f1b5c

Dom I think we've made a mistake. Just hold up a second. The shit here might be mutagenic. They don't look like mutant furries, no tails, nor fur.

How long you think they been dumping humans here on shitworld for their deathgames?
No. 291553 ID: 2563d4

Enh, if they were human, you're still doing the merciful thing. Keep on kickin'.
No. 291560 ID: 00d3d5

The furries conquer species, enslave them, make them strip planets bare of resources, then leave the least cooperative slaves behind on the toxic and barren planets and call them 'reservations'.

"Shit, you can talk? Sorry man, damn furs got me and my buddies in bloodsport. S'got us paranoid."
No. 291611 ID: b6c6fc
File 130136960985.jpg - (132.18KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin56.jpg )

????: "Do not kill me! I'm not like the other my mind's yet to twist away!"

hmmm doesn't look like this guys gonna attack me, should I ask him something or just keep moving?
No. 291612 ID: 07416a

So, how's tricks? What do you guys do around here for fun? You got something not horribly mutagenic to eat?
No. 291613 ID: 8c73c8

tell him you are watching him, he looks at you like a snack and you gonna rough him up.
then ask what makes you mutate so you can avoid it.
No. 291618 ID: 1854db

Yes, ask him questions. Like, what he's doing here. How he got mutated. How long it takes to lose your mind.
No. 291620 ID: 3f1b5c

Well, yer wearen clothes and not eating raw animals so that's points in your favor. I suppose it's all the purple shit here huh? How long you been here, you a deathgamer too?
No. 291631 ID: 8e2e95

the purple crap mutates you into a flesh eating thing...

get what you can from him, and then mercy kill him.
No. 291633 ID: 3f1b5c

He's more useful to us as a possible ally and informant rather than dead. Besides, the degeneration likely takes a bit longer than a few hours or days to fuck your mind up completely.
No. 291637 ID: 8e2e95

Mercy killing still required at some point...
probably when our newfound ally asks us to kill him in the future in a grimdark "what have i done" moment
No. 291646 ID: 28e94e

Ask him what happened here, and what the best way out of here would be.
No. 291649 ID: 00d3d5

It's not a mercy kill if they want to live.

See if he can be a guide, but don't trust him.
Also, find out what happened to him.
No. 291676 ID: b6c6fc
File 130142164611.jpg - (118.69KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin57.jpg )

Domonic: "you look like shit man, what happened to you? and how do I make sure it doesn't happen to me?"

????: "I was twisted by the air it self, radiation I think. I was careful to stay away from the ooze, and to stay out of the rain, I would recommend you do the same . . . but it will twist you all the same eventually"

Domonic: "how did this place get so fucked up?"

????: "the Furres were the ones who blasted apart the cities and killed the original inhabitants, but it was the Guilders who poisoned the entire planet

Domonic: "you a deathgamer too?"

????: "No, I was part of a colony that the Furres deported here"

Domonic: "How long you been here?"

????: " . . .ten years . . . I think"
No. 291677 ID: c71597

Sounds like you should possibly get out of built up areas. It's possible that they got hit more heavily.
No. 291678 ID: 8c73c8

okay cool. IF the deathgame guys keep to their word and come back to pick you up then you should be off this rock before you start changing. as long as you are careful. ask about food. if it's just critters that's fine as long as you can cook them first. raw critter can get you sick. and being sick on death planet is a bad idea.
No. 291692 ID: cc04a7

Well you only have to stay, what, a few days before they pick you up and declare the game over? Dont' worry too much about latent radiation
No. 291695 ID: 2563d4

A big guy like Dom can stand to be hungry a while. It's drinking water that's the real concern there.
No. 291743 ID: b6c6fc
File 130145301954.jpg - (119.09KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin58.jpg )

Domonic: "so how do you get clean food and water around here?"

????: "Food and water are easy enough to find, *cough* but clean stuff now that's hard and more dangerous"

Domonic: "how dangerous?"

????: "too dangerous for any unarmed man to try alone . . . to be honest, I was hoping you would have some food, or at least a purifier"

Domonic: "tough luck on that man"
No. 291747 ID: 07416a

A name would be nice. Tell him that if he sticks with you and makes himself useful you can get him a ride off this rock.
No. 291750 ID: e02378

you do have A weapon. which may be of use depending on what is guarding the goods. could also try to find another of your group. rose's flamer would be great against mutant space weeds.
No. 291761 ID: 3f1b5c

They dropped a couple of us all over, not sure if they would be of any use, or if we could even find them, but if we can, our chances go waaay up.

Guess if we could find Henry... well, what's left of him, I mean, he had a minigun, this place is going to be hell isn't it?

What does the mutation do to you, I mean, how do most of them act?
No. 291891 ID: 6d4402

Domonic: Strip naked, those clothes won't help you anyway, and your massive muscles will scare off any potential hostiles.
No. 291897 ID: 28e94e

No. 291901 ID: b6c6fc
File 130151930072.jpg - (110.84KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin59.jpg )

Domonic: "by the way, I'm Domomic Kolwall You got a name?"

????: "Lar, Lar Benson"

Domonic: "Okay Lar, I've got a bunch of friend who might have crashed near here, all of them armed, did you see any other pods come down?"

Lar: "No, I only saw yours. perhaps we might meet up with one or two but-"

Domonic: "Wait something happening down there"

there appears to be some sort of commotion going on at the bottom of the stairs . . . and who ever it is doesn't sound friendly.
No. 291902 ID: 6d4402

Fine, shirtless then.
No. 291905 ID: e02378

take out grenade and look down. be ready to pull pin and drop it on the commotion.
No. 291917 ID: 3f1b5c

Determine source of riot, it could be a band of the more goulishly degraded individuals who want a taste of pure untainted flesh, but lets not throw our 'one' grenade until we have gotten a rundown on the situation.
No. 291923 ID: e02378

well sure. saying if it's a GROUP of monsters then a grenade would be perfect.
No. 291936 ID: 6d4402

No big, they're probably just eating the dead guy.
No. 292103 ID: b6c6fc
File 130155614866.jpg - (138.26KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin60.jpg )

looks like there's three of em,

I could take them all out with the grenade easy
No. 292106 ID: 15b51b

Do it. This is probably the best use you'll realistically be able to make of the grenade.
No. 292108 ID: 207b57

Ask your lumpy friend if loud noises will bring a million of them first. Also how dangerous they are to non lumpy people.
No. 292109 ID: e02378

good point. yeah, ask if a really loud bang will make them swarm.
No. 292110 ID: e3f578


but seriously they're eating their own.
No. 292120 ID: a41aaf

He's behind you now? Prepare to be shoved down the stairs.
No. 292122 ID: 28e94e

No. 292135 ID: 2563d4

Probably wise.

Probably. :V
No. 292162 ID: b6c6fc
File 130158954446.jpg - (117.45KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin61.jpg )

Domonic: "Lar will this grenade attract the attention of all the other lumpy men in the area?"

Lar: "No, my once brethren tend to fear and hide from the sounds of thunder and loud noises, it is an animalistic trait they have devolped"
No. 292163 ID: 15b51b

Throw the damn thing already!
No. 292171 ID: 2563d4

Right, lob it. I kind of doubt we'd live to regret it later if we didn't.
No. 292194 ID: 1854db

Best to use resources when the opportunity presents itself than to hoard it and die before using it.
No. 292218 ID: b6c6fc
File 130159957495.jpg - (145.03KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin62.jpg )

. . . I don't think they'll be causing much more of a problem
No. 292237 ID: e02378

nice. go down. is that a tire in the top left corner?
No. 292266 ID: 1854db

Go down and scope out the room.
No. 292400 ID: b6c6fc
File 130162660430.jpg - (139.25KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin63.jpg )

that's more than a tire man, it's a whole damn wheel

there appears some crates down here, what ever's in them smells like shit
also there's a black couriers bag
and a couple large bottles of some sort of liquid

there's only one door leaving this room
No. 292401 ID: 6d4402

Pick up the tire, your new weapon.
No. 292402 ID: 1854db

Check in the bag, and wave some of the fumes of the liquid towards your nose to smell it.
No. 292404 ID: 6a9fdc

Don't go around sniffing weird liquids on a poison garbage planet, I mean really. Try asking your new friend what it is instead.
No. 292406 ID: e02378

it's probably the most common form that water has taken on this planet.
No. 292688 ID: b6c6fc
File 130169786881.jpg - (121.06KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin64.jpg )

the wheel is too big to pick up

Domonic: "Hey Lar, this bag yours?"

Lar: "uh no . . . it's odd I didn't notice it when I came in, I'm usually rather sharp when it comes to finding salvage . . . is there anything in it?"

Domonic: "some sort of alien tool with a bunch of lenses. What about you, find anything out about the boxes?"

Lar: "I think the boxes once contained food, but whatever it is, it is too foul for even my more deranged fellows to eat . . . the liquid appears to be a cleaning fluid . . . also I noticed what appears to be a trap door leading further down"
No. 292701 ID: 1854db

Bunch of lenses? Try looking through them.
No. 292703 ID: 2563d4

Trapdoor down sounds more promising that blasted, toxic landscape full of mutants, to be honest.
No. 292705 ID: 28e94e

Investigate tool.
No. 292714 ID: 8c73c8

neat. investigate tool. maybe it's a fur laser gun?
No. 292886 ID: b6c6fc
File 130171265359.jpg - (122.55KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin65.jpg )

it's got a handle some buttons and three slots

they're distorted of something can't see shit through em, each one's got a different weird pattern in the corner

well if the Furres did make this things, it's worthless to me
No. 292890 ID: 07416a

Oh, sweet. Looks like a special effects light. Kinda useless in the current situation but badass if you were a techie for a play.
No. 292891 ID: 1854db

I'm not sure... try putting in the first lens and turning it on. Point it at a wall.
No. 292892 ID: 8c73c8

i think it's a hologram emitter. put the lenses in a1 b2 c3 and try all the buttons.
No. 293097 ID: 644ca1

Aren't those guilder markings on the side of it?
No. 293099 ID: 8c73c8

oh yeah, good catch. in that case it was totally made by humans.
No. 293142 ID: b6c6fc
File 130176364263.jpg - (140.64KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin66.jpg )

now let's see I can get this to work

Lar: "Careful! those are Guilder markings!"

Domonic: "Ya? so what?"

Lar: "Guilder technology is very dangerous! it's likely to explode or shatter if used improperly!"
No. 293149 ID: 00d3d5

The proper order is painted on the wall a little ways up the stairs. I can't tell what it is too well, but it looks like pattern C nested in pattern B.
No. 293150 ID: f157b7

Can we get a close up of the lenses? It's hard to make out the markings from the first view.
No. 293183 ID: 8e2e95

two possible uses.
laser gun
holographic projector

see if there's any documentation or stuff on it. I have yet to see an engineer make something without documentation
No. 293228 ID: 1854db

That's right. Yeah, let's do B+C.

...unless there's more of that symbol we can't see from this angle.
No. 293269 ID: b6c6fc
File 130178301818.jpg - (120.54KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin67.jpg )

doesn't look like there's an instruction manual, just the device and lenses

can't really tell much more about em
No. 293292 ID: f157b7

Yeah, then it looks like the proper fitting would be C1B2A3 OR C1A2B3. Remember to point it away from you.
No. 293293 ID: 1854db

I don't think we should use lens A at all.
No. 293354 ID: 2563d4

I don't think we should touch this at all full-stop for now. We can play lenses when we're either in a dire if-it-blows-us-up-we-were-going-to-die-anyway corner, or if we're stupendously lucky enough to find someone else who isn't full mutant and has more brains than muscles.
No. 293358 ID: 8c73c8

hmmm... sure. pack it up and maybe we can find someone who knows what the hell it is.
No. 293405 ID: b6c6fc
File 130180604615.jpg - (189.56KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin68.jpg )

Announcer: "by the gods! are you still not dead yet? let us switch automatic recording to someone more interesting before the audience dies of boredom."

No. 293407 ID: cc04a7

Okay let's go to Peter and have him crouch in a bush for three days.
No. 293409 ID: 8c73c8

yeah sure. peter sounds good. snipers are good at waiting.
No. 293410 ID: 1854db

Sure, Peter.
No. 293411 ID: 07416a

I like this plan. Hopefully he's trained for his weapon.
No. 293413 ID: 4d32a2

I don't get why you guys aren't dying to see Midori and Janine in action again.
No. 293414 ID: cb45f0

Oh god, yes, this.
No. 293416 ID: 07416a

They're dying?
No. 293429 ID: 64eb2b

Then again, we don't know he's a sniper. For all we know he's a chef, and they just handed him a sniper rifle and said "Get your ass in there."
No. 293591 ID: b6c6fc
File 130187070628.jpg - (180.55KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin69.jpg )

elsewhere on the planet, a lone Pinkskin is left in the empty wilderness
No. 293593 ID: 8e2e95

Mysteriously open an upgrade menu, build towers, defend your position.Magically earn money from killing things.

Better question though: how good are you at tracking and navigation?
Cause if you're proficient, I'd like you to wait until nightfall, and begin trekking eastward.
No. 293594 ID: cc04a7

Naturally when our plan is to hide under a bush, what does he do? MAKE LAND DEVOID OF BUSHES!

Well then, at least we have a long line of sight on any possible threats coming up to us, as well as a weapon capable of utilizing such range.

Anyway, Peter, give us a quick rundown of your background and any applicable skills you might have.
No. 293601 ID: 28e94e

...This is all your fault guys

Head in the direction of the nearest geographical feature.
No. 293605 ID: 8c73c8

can you roll your pod so the doorway is sideways with the hinge facing upward? make it likea hut and need to wait until it's cooler, trekking accross the desert in the middle of the day is nuts.
No. 293607 ID: 2563d4

Fairly sensible.
No. 293633 ID: 8e2e95

also spend some time checking around every 10 minutes or so.

Cause knowing how these people are, they're not gonna just throw you in a tame desert
eg: scan horizon for crazy ass monsters
No. 293635 ID: 3b45c5

Sounds good, but remember to walk without rhythm, don't want to call the sandworms.
No. 293636 ID: 8e2e95

that pod just survived a crashlanding.
there's no way a measly sand worm would be able to breach a spacepod as strong as that.

hell, if it's large and eats it, he'll just have to stay in there for a while until it exits. Then he has access to sandworm tunnels
No. 293739 ID: b6c6fc
File 130189393024.jpg - (211.96KB , 955x588 , Pinkskin70.jpg )

Peter: this should make a fine shelter to wait out the day!
No. 293741 ID: ffd999

Shoot anything that moves.
No. 293743 ID: b6c6fc
File 130189488614.jpg - (434.44KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin71.jpg )

Peter is waiting . . .

No. 293744 ID: ffd999

I pick Rose.
No. 293745 ID: 8c73c8

yes, let's go with rose.
No. 293747 ID: f5c7b6


We're gonna heat this quest up.
No. 293766 ID: 2563d4

Yup, Rose.
No. 293771 ID: 2c5da4

Rose. We'll show those furfags what 'yiff in Hell' means. *shakes fist*
No. 293772 ID: 2563d4

...probably not, actually, since I doubt there are many Astranians on this planet.
No. 293779 ID: b6c6fc
File 130193413750.jpg - (82.64KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin72.jpg )

a pinkskin opens her pod door to find herself immersed in utter darkness
No. 293780 ID: 099247

Ignite end of flamer, use TINY FLAME to reveal surroundings
No. 293781 ID: f5e4b4


Inb4 room full of TNT or gas :3c
No. 293782 ID: 1854db

Whoa whoa, don't turn on your flamer until making sure you won't ignite fumes or something. What's it smell like? Also, can you hear anything? What's the temperature?

Just give us a full sensory readout.
No. 293785 ID: 00d3d5

One of the few possible wasy a drop pod could be in that kind of darkness is if it's night where you are.
Search around the pod to see if there's light coming in from the path it took. Consider sleeping until dawn.
No. 293788 ID: 8c73c8

we could also be sinking in toxic muck and trying to leave the pod will result in falling in. flame on.
No. 293813 ID: b6c6fc
File 130194451446.jpg - (82.90KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin73.jpg )

Rose: My flamethrower can't produce a tiny flame, I can do short bursts however

Rose: I can smell the odor of foul chemicals, I don't think it's gas though . . . I can also hear the sound of dripping water

it is pitched black here, seems a little too dark for night, but then again I don't know this planet


Rose: Woah, this pod doesn't feel very stable!
No. 293817 ID: 8c73c8

okay, make some light.
No. 293818 ID: 1854db

Shoot a burst upwards.
No. 293822 ID: e63234

Natural gas doesn't smell :<
Still, chancing an explosion is almost certainly better than trying to move around blindly, especially if the pod isn't stable. Small burst up, look around.
No. 293823 ID: 8e2e95

there should be a tiny flame on the end that lights expelled gas

but light would be good now

Primary objective: find a safe place
Sub Objective: find more dependable light source (torch, etc...)
No. 293827 ID: e3f578

Yeah, LonelyWorld man, you never seen Aliens? That bitching flamethrower-assaultrifle definitely had a flame at the end which ignited the stream of flammable gas from the fuel tank.

Oh wait, I figured it out why it isn't on. Switch the on/off button on the flamethrower.
No. 293874 ID: 07416a

It's called a pilot light.
No. 293880 ID: 28e94e

BTW, since LW is apparently not so well-versed in firearms, I'd just like to note that flamethrower fuel will stick to whatever it hits and burn for several minutes before dying down. Just pointing that out so we don't end up having to waste ammo firing every turn.
No. 293882 ID: b6c6fc
File 130195810555.jpg - (105.07KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin74.jpg )


. . .

*Creeeak!, Crack*

Rose: huh did the pod move?
No. 293883 ID: babdeb

No. 293885 ID: 1854db

Not teeth, rocks! There's a chasm, get off the pod, to your left!
No. 293887 ID: 8c0848

Jump left, the pods going off a cliff.
No. 293891 ID: 45be60

Or, since the pod is round, lean against the left wall and roll it over safely onto its side before crawling out. Less dramatic, but when chasms are involved, sometimes that's a good thing.
No. 293894 ID: 6a9fdc

Yeah, survival is priority number one. Being flashy and endangering yourself is what the AssTrainIans want.
No. 293895 ID: 8c73c8

yeah, lean on the door so it rolls into a better position.
No. 293897 ID: 29fbe3

I agree, let's not do anything hasty here. Thrusting out of the pod would undoubtedly push it right off the cliff.
No. 293913 ID: b6c6fc
File 130196344664.jpg - (95.47KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin75.jpg )

Rose has little time to think when when the pod tumbles off the edge of the cliff.

The pinkskin makes a desperate jump to her left and barely grabs onto the stone ledge.

Down below a distant splash can be heard as the pod strikes water.
No. 293915 ID: 8c73c8

phew. get up and let your heart stop beating a mile a minute.
No. 293916 ID: 1854db

Climb yo' ass up, giiiirrrrl!
No. 293924 ID: 28e94e

Climb up, get to steady ground.
No. 293980 ID: b6c6fc
File 130197875562.jpg - (94.99KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin76.jpg )

the pinkskin is able to climb up to safety
No. 293982 ID: 1854db

What's that flammable stuff? See if you can break off a chunk and hold it safely so you have a light.
No. 293989 ID: 8c73c8

hmm... ways to go are cave or along the ledge... needa good steady light for ether otherwise we could walk into something bad.
No. 294006 ID: 07416a

Flamethrower fuel.
No. 294038 ID: 28e94e

Fire another short burst to your left.
No. 294106 ID: b6c6fc
File 130203051532.jpg - (106.78KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin77.jpg )

Rose: well since I don't have that . . .

No. 294107 ID: 2563d4

Crevice it is, then.

And keep with the little bursts less we stumble into something hungry and tentacular in the dark.
No. 294108 ID: 28e94e

You're right, if that happens we want to catch every second of it
No. 294114 ID: c10fee

You're going to have to fire at the ground near the entrance of the tunnel and hope that the tunnel is short enough to get through with just that.
No. 294133 ID: 8e2e95

no we are not throwing fire the entire time
we will work in bursts and crawling while checking ahead
we sure as hell don't wanna run out of gas
No. 294153 ID: 1854db

Get into that opening there. Explore!
No. 294159 ID: 337b51

Find another light source as soon as possible. One of the ways flamethrowers are dangerous is their ability to suck up all the air in an enclosed space.
No. 294237 ID: b6c6fc
File 130206114198.jpg - (105.07KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin78.jpg )

the pinkskin travels through the passage
No. 294238 ID: 8c73c8

if you go to the lower ledge can you get back up? make sure before you try.
No. 294240 ID: 476456

I wonder if that purple stuff is flammable
No. 294251 ID: 2ebab5

if it where it wouldnt stay flammable for long.

anyway chemical harzard on fire will just make it more hazardous.
No. 294252 ID: ed0e32

Run away! Look at those two mysterious tube things, they are probably a monster. Last time something slightly shifted it was a monster, and those two tubes look like they have the capacity to shift slightly.

Instead run backwards, jump, and shoot the flamethrower like a jetpack to get extra propulsion across.
No. 294255 ID: 8c73c8

uhhhh... i don't think a flamer can do that. aslo checking if ledge can be come back up means she needs to get closer to the ledge which would make the monster move if is one. if so then we can leave.
No. 294304 ID: e3f578

Looks like standard tube things instead of a monster. If it is just standard tube things, it looks like the only thing we can make a bridge out of, so pull it out. I pray it's made of stable material. There should be plenty of gravel or some rocks to work as weights to keep the tubes from turning, or try your best to make some V-ish cut grooves in the rock to place it in.
No. 294383 ID: b6c6fc
File 130211287455.jpg - (104.78KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin79.jpg )

Rose: the lower level looks uneven, and I'll have to watch my step, but I should have no problem getting back up

if that thing is a monster it's real good at not moving
No. 294384 ID: a3fdb3

That waterfall looks delicious. You should taste it.
No. 294385 ID: 8e18cd

No. It's toxic waste... I wonder if those steel beams are worth any good. The one on the shore below
No. 294387 ID: 1854db

Under no circumstances should you touch the purple stuff. Attempt to pull up the pipes.
No. 294398 ID: 8e2e95


also toss a rock in the liquid so you can see how it reacts.
No. 294399 ID: 2563d4

Let's not splash about the toxic goop. We know stuff sinks in it.

Pull up the metal beams or whatever they are if possible from just holding the clean ends.
No. 294651 ID: b6c6fc
File 130216289041.jpg - (107.67KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin80.jpg )

Rose: *huff, huff* it's going to be really hard to maneuver them any more with out getting chemicals on me
No. 294654 ID: 8c73c8

test if goo on tube burns.
No. 294669 ID: 0d9cc4

If we start burning goo try to avoid inhaling the smoke, it may be toxic.
No. 294691 ID: 18743a

A few questions to help us understand the exact nature of the situation:

What consistency is the goop?

Are you carrying anything other than the flamethrower and your clothing?

Before you pulled up the pipe, did it feel like it was resting on the bottom? Or was the end that was against the rock supporting most of the weight?

How agile are you?
No. 294838 ID: b6c6fc
File 130222371858.jpg - (106.81KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin81.jpg )

>What consistency is the goop?
Rose: it's like mud, thin in some place chunk in others

>Before you pulled up the pipe, did it feel like it was resting on the bottom? Or was the end that was against the rock supporting most of the weight?
Rose: I think it was resting against the rocks

>Are you carrying anything other than the flamethrower and your clothing?
Rose: nope that's pretty much it

>How agile are you?
Rose: I wouldn't count Agility as one of my key skills, but I'm in decent shape, problem is it's really hard to balance while carrying this heavy tank on my back
No. 294844 ID: 1854db

...hmm. I think there's only one safe option here. Remove your shirt and wrap your arms and hands with it, then maneuver the pipe to go across the muck.

Then you throw your backpack across first, and tightrope walk over the pipe. You'll get some muck on your shoes but that should be fine.

Oh and use that other thing to wedge the pipe so it doesn't roll all over the place.
No. 294847 ID: 0d9cc4

Maybe try using the small piece to support the long piece in a lever setup. After you put the long piece on top slide it across the gap.
No. 294849 ID: 0d9cc4
File 130222507311.jpg - (12.70KB , 367x264 , sliiiiiide.jpg )

Maybe this will make more sense
No. 294977 ID: 081e71

Trying to tightrope across is doomed to failure. A more sane plan: pole vault. It's actually much easier.
No. 294981 ID: e3f578

With the weight of the fuel tank on her back? Practically impossible. Not to mention even without it she'd need to have some background in pole vaulting in high school or something... wait a minute

Rose, were you a great pole vaulter back in your high school or college days?
No. 294993 ID: 07416a

Try to lift the backpack over with the pole, don't throw it, then pole vault over. I agree, a balancing acts seems much iffier.
No. 294995 ID: 07416a

No, drop the backpack close to the edge, straps up, then pole vault across. scrape as much horrible goo off as possible on the edges of the rocks, then lift the backpack and slide it towards you.
No. 295033 ID: b6c6fc
File 130228312557.jpg - (107.84KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin82.jpg )

>Remove your shirt and wrap your arms and hands with it
Rose: I'm not wearing a shirt, this is a one piece jumpsuit . . .

Rose: this sounds like a good plan but it's going to be very hard to do without touching the chemicals on the pipe
No. 295034 ID: 8c06b9

Burn the chemicals off the pipe with the flamethrower, or wipe them off with your sleeve, then move it to the upper ledge, create a 'bridge'. Crawl across the bridge, don't tightrope. You should hopefully make it.
No. 295049 ID: e3f578

You mean you don't have a cliche, sexy tank-top under that jumpsuit? What the hell, that's standard prisoner stuff! Oh man, are the Astranians going to have to answer for this horrific deviation from standard protocol to the board of imprisonment... on top of inhumanly treatment of POW's of course.

No seriously, these people are monstrous. If Solars win this motherfucking war the REPRIMANDS ARE GOING TO BE SO FIERCE! All right, try your best to scrape most of the goo off with various rock edges around the cavern. It's harder and inefficient than cloth but it'll get the job done.
No. 295061 ID: 1854db

Burning it off sounds good but I want to go with my plan again.

Note: the pipe will be very hot after the fire treatment. Let it cool down.
No. 295079 ID: 07416a

Scrape it against the edges of the rocks.
No. 295095 ID: 517631

If you go with the burning idea, move the pipes away from the main body of sludge. This way if the chemical are flammable then the fire wont jump. Also, if the sludge is extreme corrosive/acidic, burning it will not necessarily take away this property as it burns. This would make for dangerous breathing hazard.
No. 295135 ID: 18743a


If you were to climb back up to the upper ledge, could you brace the bottom (goopy) end of the pole on the lower ledge and use it to sorta-pole-vault across the gap to the other side?

And possibly rip off one of your sleeves if necessary to protect your hands from the pole and/or goop.
No. 295140 ID: b6c6fc
File 130232069656.jpg - (114.64KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin83.jpg )

Rose: well I am wearing a tank top underneath but the material isn't thick enough to provide real protection


Rose: . . . Well it doesn't look like the chemicals are flammable
No. 295141 ID: 8c73c8

forget it then. lets go back out the way you came and check out the cliff path.
No. 295152 ID: 07416a

What the FUCK are you doing. Take that shirt off RIGHT NOW and wrap it around your face you don't want to INHALE this shit. Scrape it off, why... Agh. Scrape. Rocks. Walk away from this part of the area while you do it, don't breath the fucking fumes.
No. 295153 ID: 07416a

Oh, and rip a pants leg off, wrap it around the pole with handleholds that don't touch it then run the loop down, pushing all the goo off.
No. 295155 ID: 1854db

I'm gonna go with this.

Lean the pole onto the top ledge, then climb up and maneuver the pole so that you can basically pole vault across like that. Note that you will want to only touch the top of it... A bit of balance is required but it's only for a short time and your momentum should help a lot.

Do throw the backpack over first though.
No. 295201 ID: 2563d4

>pants leg
Fuck no. Her lower body is actually covered against momentary goo contact at the moment, which is pretty likely while we're dragging up and mucking about with things that were in said goo.
No. 295243 ID: 8e2e95

remove tank top from underneath
keep jumpsuit on you

bunch up tank top to create cloth barrier
use cloth barrier to hve hand contact on pole without getting fluids on you.
reposition pole as needed
No. 295311 ID: b6c6fc
File 130239032960.jpg - (105.54KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin84.jpg )

The pinkskin removes her undershirt to use as a mask to protect her from the toxic fumes, when the smoke and fire clears she puts the shirt back in her pocket in case she needs it again

* * *

Rose: it's a pretty far throw for something this heavy, should I still throw the pack across?

Rose:in any case how should I do this? what ledge should I aim for?
No. 295312 ID: 8c73c8

the lower ledge. the upper ledge is too high.
No. 295314 ID: 1854db

Lower ledge. Less climbing involved. Just be sure not to fuck up the landing, as that is a bit of a drop.
No. 295319 ID: 29fbe3

I agree with aiming the throw at the lower ledge, but I wonder if we wouldn't have more luck making it if we went down to the lower ledge on our side first? Looks to me like the trajectory could be cutting a bit short from up where we are now.

Or we could be better off just moving (lifting?) the backpack over by the end of the pipe instead, although it might possibly be a little too heavy for that sort of thing.
No. 295451 ID: b6c6fc
File 130245445512.jpg - (108.77KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin85.jpg )

The Pinkskin attempts to throw her flame pack to the other side


Rose: . . .
No. 295452 ID: 3046f0

No. 295454 ID: e3f578

It'll slowly sink thanks to the goop's thick consistency. We can drag it out if we want to. Hopefully when we get out of these caverns. We'll find some cloth. If it's dark in the next cavern then lets do the wait thing again for this shit to dry off while you wear your tank top for a mask again, switching to Akmed or Janine or Midori.

Otherwise, the two black people in this quest are weaponless and now we probably got a bunch of furry assholes laughing at us on the tele.
No. 295458 ID: e9214f

Oh God Fucking Damn it...

Quickly Rose, grab the pipe-thingy and see if you can loop it through the Flamethrower's straps before it sinks to the bottom! Or try to probe around in the goop with the pipe to find it.

If all else fails, get down on your knees and scream, "FFFFFFFUUUUURRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEESSSSSS!" and go into the next room.
No. 295470 ID: 28e94e

So why exactly did we throw away our only weapon and source of light, again?
No. 295473 ID: 2563d4

Because /quest/. It not like there wasn't clear warning.

Go on, get on with the polevaulting or whatever. I'll tell the effects department to ready their slide whistles. :V
No. 295498 ID: 411d3f

This planet has no edible food or drinkable water. Without those as a goal you are better off finding a non-hazardous spot, such as here, and lying down to sleep for a week.
Your best bet is to be as boring as possible so nobody will want to watch. At least then it will work against your captors.
No. 295499 ID: 29fbe3

Haha, oh wow. I still say we should've tried using the pipe first before attempting to throw the damn thing, but oh well. What's done is done and all that.

Let's see if you can at least get your sorry ass over to the other side without failing miserably, then.
No. 295509 ID: 1854db

What the... I thought we were voting on what ledge to swing to!
No. 295525 ID: 8e2e95

I believe it was throw from upper ledge to lower ledge but mehhh... fail...

time to make the jump
No. 295559 ID: 8e2e95

correction, use pole to fish it out,
thought it is now unusable
No. 295566 ID: e63234

Forget trying to fish it out from afar with the pole, that is a STUPID idea. Just vault over as best as you can to the other side, THEN consider getting it out with a pole when you aren't fighting against a horrendous leverage disadvantage.
No. 295569 ID: 8e2e95

not really... the more she waits, the less chance she can retrieve it (river flow)

all she needs to do is get the pole in a strap, use the ledge as leverage, her weight as upward force, and slowly drag pole back in with firethrower
No. 295572 ID: b6c6fc
File 130249635263.jpg - (107.63KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin86.jpg )

Rose: well here goes!
No. 295573 ID: b6c6fc
File 130249638976.jpg - (115.77KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin87.jpg )

No. 295574 ID: 00d3d5

You lived? Amazing!
Retrieve your flamethrower and let it drip-dry for now.
There is no edible food or drinkable water on this planet, and your captors have no reason to get you off this rock while they're getting entertainment out of you being here.
It is in your best interests to lie down and do nothing.
No. 295575 ID: 98a59d

Let's try and retrive flamerpack, if we can't then let's at least get out of here, breathing chemfumes can't be good, if we can't get our flamerpack then we may have to use a stick or something covered in this glowing chemical for a feeble light.
No. 295633 ID: 2563d4

Grab pole, grab flamer. Use pole for leverage if necessary. Then I guess climb up to the higher ledge and take five to examine the damage.
No. 295672 ID: b6c6fc
File 130255224575.jpg - (112.32KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin88.jpg )

the Pinkskin grabs her pack and climbs to a higher position

Rose: I've gotta do something about this pack, it can't be safe to bring toxic chemical covered gear around with me
No. 295676 ID: dad664

Sacrifice shirt to utilize as rag.
No. 295677 ID: 2563d4

Drag it a bit to the right so we can see the next room we've got to work with, just in case it's the land of flowing fresh water and succulent fruit.
No. 295682 ID: 2563d4

Losing the top of the jumpsuit would be a bad idea since it'll be protecting whatever residue survives our cleaning attempts from resting directly against her back.

Sorry people, no topless flamethrowering.
No. 295698 ID: 1854db

Check out the next room real quick.
No. 295926 ID: b6c6fc
File 130259129355.jpg - (115.77KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin89.jpg )

the Pinkskin travels right
No. 295928 ID: 07416a

Sneak up on the ledge, then jump down on him and kick him into the ooze.
No. 295930 ID: e3f578

or drop the flamethrower on his skull and scavenge shit off his body, maybe even a flashlight. Really, the flamethrower has been reduced to a heavy club thing.
No. 295933 ID: 8c73c8

so the HANDLE on the flamethrower is oozed? cause if not you could still roast the guy.
No. 295945 ID: 98a59d

Wait, is that a guilder? No, it's probably one of the origional inhabitants of this forsaken hellhole.

I wonder if we can call some kind of truce? I mean, it 'looks' civilized. It doesn't even have it's gun.

If we could sneak up on it and steal the gun maybe we could open up some kind of dialogue (before deciding to kill it or not.)
No. 295959 ID: 28e94e

He is a Guilder and he has a huge gun sitting right there against the wall.

Use the flamethrower to bash his brains out.
No. 296011 ID: 2563d4

>use flamethrower as melee weapon

Set the tank down gently and light him up. You should have plenty of range without having to sneak up, especially with the height difference. With any luck you won't cook his gun. Might lose the wrench but the same for trying to knock him into the goo.
No. 296041 ID: b6c6fc
File 130262531792.jpg - (116.93KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin90.jpg )

the pinkskin uses the undershirt to grip the ooze covered handle, and sneaks up on the unsuspecting Guilder

Rose: hah! he'll never know what him em
No. 296043 ID: 98a59d

OGODWHY! Fire the flamethrower UP directly up no questions just DO IT NOW
No. 296044 ID: 2563d4

oh hey look at that getting unnecessarily close with a ranged weapon was stupid, who could have seen that coming

Fire upwards, at least take it with you. :P
No. 296052 ID: 980ade

Fire up, die in flames and due to massive tentacles.

Not really possible to dodge quickly in your possition ;D

GGnoREkTHXbye :D
No. 296054 ID: 8394fe

Better to have a slim chance of survival rather than certain death. Fall off the edge the cliff to avoid they thing thats gonna eat you.
No. 296055 ID: 98a59d

Wait, what if we we drop down to the ledge and take the guildergun? Can we do that fast enough?
No. 296061 ID: 980ade


Yeah, that seems the better thing to do. We could also try to fall on the guilder with our flamethrower before us to hit him and throw him into the goo.
No. 296108 ID: cc04a7

Guilder's gun is probably just as genelocked as any astranian one. However, if Rose starts spurting flames the thing might not try to eat her and recoil instead, so why not combine several good ideas? Start firing the flamethrower while short-hopping off the ledge down next to the poor marshmallow and possibly sweeping the flame swathe upwards. Complicated but doable
No. 296110 ID: 8c73c8

fall on your back and fire fire fire.
No. 296125 ID: 28e94e

The gene-lock thing is only for Astranian gear. Guilder gear should be usable by humans.
No. 296231 ID: b6c6fc
File 130267593750.jpg - (117.73KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin91.jpg )

the pinkskin quickly hops down to escape from the fangus

Rose: agh! this thing wieghs a ton! and hitting the Guilder with that heavy tank didn't didn't even make it flinch!
No. 296237 ID: cc04a7

He looks like such a sad devil creature. Brutalize him with his own weapon as per standard Fuck Yeah Humanity tactics
No. 296238 ID: 8c73c8

she CAN'T it is heavy as fuck.
be all "i ain't afraid of you"
No. 296241 ID: 368b3d

Pick up the gun and threaten him with it. He might be able to help us, so don't kill him unless he tries to attack you.

If the gun is to heavy to carry, toss it into the waste.
No. 296246 ID: 07416a

If she can't knock him around and can't pick up his gun, the only option is to get all oozy and flame him. If she tries to run she'll just get shot in the back.
No. 296255 ID: e9214f

Throw his weapon into the ooze if you can't lift it, grab the Flamethrower with your shirt and fire away.
No. 296264 ID: 2563d4

He is down here doing repairs. That might just be an arc welder or grease gun or someting he's got behind him. Go for your own, familiar weapon for preference.
No. 296291 ID: 8c0848

Watch out for the barnacle creature on the ceiling too.
No. 296343 ID: b6c6fc
File 130272639284.jpg - (117.35KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin92.jpg )

the pinkskin tries to ready the heavy weapon, but before she has a chance to fire, is knocked out by the Guilders heavy swing
No. 296344 ID: 07416a

gon git raped.
No. 296347 ID: b6c6fc
File 130272668756.jpg - (190.14KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin93.jpg )

Announcer: "oh dear, it seems you've met a guilder, a loathsome bunch really, I hope you enjoy slavery Miss Pinkskin!"


No. 296352 ID: 07416a

Rose again.
No. 296353 ID: 3b8b55

I sense some Ahmed up in this bitch
No. 296356 ID: 98a59d

No. 296359 ID: 2563d4

Has enough time passed for Domonic (uh, wherever he was heading with his half-mutated accomplice) or Peter (nightfall) to be interesting again?
No. 296371 ID: b6c6fc

all non blacked out characters are availible
No. 296377 ID: 0d095c

Dammit. And by the way, Mr. Announcer, being forced to die horribly for others amusement counts as slavery.

Also, Dominic. Because his completely weaponless state makes him somehow more likely to survive.
No. 296379 ID: e3f578

No. 296388 ID: 07416a

Seeeecret level.
No. 296426 ID: 2563d4

Domonic, then.
No. 296433 ID: 28e94e

Secret level.
No. 296673 ID: 6a9fdc

Lecret Sevel.
No. 296717 ID: 352c3c

No. 296718 ID: 29fbe3

Let's see what his AK can unleash upon this hellhole.
No. 296727 ID: b6c6fc
File 130281464656.jpg - (154.39KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin94.jpg )

. . .The Pinkskin chooses not to use the strange device for now, and decides to explore the passageway down
No. 296735 ID: e3f578

Oh, huh, Guilder operation. I guess this is going to turn into an action movie where you and a sidekick face unbeatable odds and win miraculously, granted we're not idiots. So they decided that the humans were either going to get themselves killed for entertainment or take out the entire operation in a win-win scenario for the furs. Man, fuck those guys.

Just how are those damn furries recording down here. They must have the best scouting equipment invented of all time, these camera's can go through walls unnoticed and undamaged.

Keep hiding behind that pillar and get your friend to do that too quick, watch for openings to move to the next cover. With your experience, moving from cover to cover to hide from detection should be easy enough. Watch for cameras!
No. 296738 ID: 00d3d5

Motion for your friend to hide.
"Hey, you guys hiring crew? Furry bastards dumped a bunch of us soldiers here; get us off this rock and we'd be happy to join up."
No. 296759 ID: c01ff0


We don't exactly have a strong bargaining point, being unarmed and unarmored and outnumbered, for trying to join them when they could just kill/enslave then kill Domonic.
No. 296763 ID: 28e94e

Why would they kill us? They could just as easily put us to work as a laborer (in which case we would be relatively safe for the duration) or use us as an expendable meat shield/redshirt. For all they know we might be extremely valuable as a soldier, and worst case scenario they could still use us to soak up a few bullets/mutants/tentacle monsters.
No. 296769 ID: e3f578

Can we please just sneak up in this bitch please? Guilder aren't very good at noticing things, they couldn't hear Rose dragging the flamethrower over to the ledge (as badly as that turned out, I think sneaking is the best option here until we can get a weapon we have confidence in)
No. 296771 ID: 28e94e

We're walking on a metal floor, every step we take makes a ton of noise. Besides, the only place to sneak to is past those two heavily armed mercs, who we have basically no chance of going around and even less chance of going through.
No. 296946 ID: 980ade

1. Take of shoes
2. Sneak the fuck out of this shit (guilders don't seem to have good perception. Rose was dragging a metal flamethrower on rocks and one didn't notice)
3. ???
4. Sneak behind/sneak attack the guards/leave through another exit/other profitable options ;D
No. 296953 ID: 56ec40

Sneak behind the Guilder with the machine gun, then take him as a meat shield and fire his gun into the other Guilder. After that's done, see if you can interrogate your hostage into giving you info. If he doesn't cooperate or tries to break free, snap his neck or suffocate him.
No. 296990 ID: b6c6fc
File 130290073732.jpg - (153.99KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin95.jpg )

Domonic: there's no way in hell I'd be able to sneak behind one of those guilders, I'd have to walk RIGHT past em,

the machines are quite loud in this area, the two Guilders have to shout just to hear each other
No. 296991 ID: 00d3d5

Have your buddy hide, then walk right up to them and pitch your services.
At no point should you point towards your buddy.
No. 296992 ID: 639463

is there anything hefty lying near you that you can toss over them and to the other side of the room? that should draw their attention and give you time to surprise the gun totting guilder while their backs are turned
No. 296995 ID: e3f578

oh hey there's a corridor to the left can go down near you. If it looks empty you can probably bolt there without them hearing you thanks to the loud machinery. Just jump down near the steps.
No. 297008 ID: 28e94e

I think they're about to start shooting each other. Wait and observe.
No. 297018 ID: 2563d4

Yeah, this.

...I guess they're not arguing in English.
No. 297022 ID: 07416a

No. 297072 ID: b6c6fc
File 130292842428.jpg - (152.88KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin96.jpg )

the two aliens argue for a bit, but they are to far away for the pinkskin is too far to determine what's being said

then one of the two turns and starts heading straight in the direction where the pinkskin and mutant are hiding
No. 297074 ID: 00d3d5

Tell your buddy you're going to distract them, and he should head back while nobody is looking.

Walk down the stairs, walk up to the guilder, and ask if they'd like to have a bounty hunter on their crew, with however many furries collected.
No. 297077 ID: 5490a0

I though the Terrans and the Guilder had a strategic truce with one another? The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
No. 297085 ID: e3f578

Why are we assuming that they'll cooperate when they just enslaved Rose. I'd never vote for cooperating with these fuckers after that. Hell, they fucking enslaved Oken's group too the first time we tried to form a deal. I'll ever agree to cooperating with a Guilder without an entire army and appropriate funding to back us like in Commander Quest.
Just wait some more, might get the guilder weapon thing ready just in case he notices you, and in case it's a weapon.
No. 297113 ID: 00d3d5

First off, they CAPTURED Rose after she TRIED TO KILL ONE OF THEM. The announcer said slavery, and that is exactly what an Astranian like him would face.
Second, repatriation is more a more lucrative business. The pay is similar, but it makes you popular with the group in question instead of causing the sort of hostility slavers face.
Third, Oken is Astranian, not human.
Fourth, there is no safe food or water on this planet. Dehydration will kill everybody who doesn't find a solution.

Fifth, the alternative to relying on the mercy of Guilders is relying on the mercy of Astranians.

Yea, lets go chat up that space pirate.
No. 297119 ID: 28e94e

No. 297125 ID: 2563d4

Continue hiding for the moment.
If he turns left, great.
If he turns right for the stairs, try to move left and drop down out of his field of view. Hopefully the guy down the bottom is too goggled to notice.
No. 297127 ID: 0d9cc4

Those buckets of material on the conveyor make me think the guilders are running a mining or excavation operation. Its likely that if we are captured we'll just be forced to work for the rest of our lives.

We should lay low until we figure out what's going on.
No. 297128 ID: 28e94e

If we survive for a week, we'll be rescued.
No. 297152 ID: 8e2e95

bluff, point it at him.
make negotiations.
No. 297154 ID: 00d3d5

>death games

I don't think you thought this cunning plan all the way through...
No. 297166 ID: 28e94e

Hey, dying in a few weeks is better than dying in a few minutes.
No. 297240 ID: a41aaf

Set bluff to maximum: Step out, holding the thingie at the ready, but not pointing at them. "You guys really need to stop leaving these lying around".
No. 297272 ID: b6c6fc
File 130300680413.jpg - (152.89KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin97.jpg )

Domonic: screw this stealth shit!

the pinkskin whispers to his comrade
Domonic: "Lar, stay down"

and the leaps out in front of a surprised Guilder

Domonic: "You guys really need to stop leaving these lying around!"

guilder: "Gaaah! Solahs!? Buolked! Hehas th'torch!"
No. 297275 ID: 07416a

Laser him in the face with the torch. Whatever that is.
No. 297280 ID: 5e3923

Say: "Ahhh Yes! It seems I 'do 'have the torch now don't I? Now, there are a number of ways we can do this and the. choice. is. yours..."
No. 297283 ID: 7dda9a

we can't... it's not fixed...

it's a bluff, and we have to get outta there before they realize it...

It'd be nice if we tell them to lower their weapons, and have our guy collect said weapons.
No. 297285 ID: e3f578

Now assure them we can do this all-peaceful like. Notify that the furres have put you and a bunch of other humans down here for some entertaining bloodsport on TV. They probably are already aware of the operations in here and you want to team up to fuck the furries up in any way whatsoever and regret ever imprisoning your fellow humans and being big dicks to Guilders everywhere. This is a real chance to get 'em back good.

They want entertainment, we'll bring 'em fear.
No. 297382 ID: a41aaf

Whatever you do, do not tell them you're a furre prisoner or under observation. Act as if your only reason for being there is THEIR presence. Keep them confused and off-guard. Berate them for "taking so long", and that "the boss" is going to be particularly unhappy about it. There's a good chance the Automatic Underling Ass Covering reflex will set in and they'll give away why the hell they're here in the first place in the process of trying to explain why it not happening is not their fault.
No. 297462 ID: b6ca92

Both ideas are insane. Might as well try on or the other, considering this is a death world. Granted, its not Catachan, but that's a more active deathworld, where everything will TRY to kill you. Here, its more of a passive deathworld, less adrenaline, but even more poison.
No. 297507 ID: b6c6fc
File 130310194731.jpg - (137.53KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin98.jpg )

guilder: "yuar fool ,th'lenses arin wrong, th'esplosion will kill you!"

Domonic: "kill us both you mean!, tell your pal to drop his weapon"

guilder: "Buolked will not, heed sooner see me dead!"

Domonic: hmm this guy seems pretty afraid of me, but the one with the big gun doesn't even seem phased

guilder: "wier you heer? what do yuwant?"
No. 297511 ID: 07416a

Turn around and shoot Buolked!
No. 297514 ID: e3f578

it'll blow up
I say fuck it all at this point. "All furres to die in fire."
No. 297516 ID: 07416a

No, I meant threaten him with blowing the fuck up so the the other guilder turns around the shoots the asshole guiler.
No. 297521 ID: cc04a7

Basically "Kill your friend or I blow us both to hell". WE'RE TAKING THE MORAL HIGHROAD, BOYS
No. 297522 ID: e3f578

You know what? I can dig it.
I bet sure as hell Guilder would respect that too.
No. 297538 ID: 00d3d5

"I want transport off this rock for me an' my buddies. We can work in your crew killin' furries, or you can take us to a Solar planet an' get paid for our rescue plus a safe port a' call.
Free tip: The furries know you're here."
No. 297560 ID: 8c0848

The Astranians are trying to exterminate the Guilders as well as the humans. Why aren't they allied in the first place?
Just tell them that the Astranians are using this planet for death games and are watching everything remotely. They might be interested to know the furry little shits are spying on them.
No. 297593 ID: 7dda9a

"Safe passage from the Astrians. They know you're here and are trying to use you all to kill us off."
relaxen a bit, explain everything, hope they don't start shooting
No. 297621 ID: b6c6fc
File 130316834680.jpg - (140.13KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin99.jpg )

Domonic: "How bout you off big guns over there?"

guilder: "is thatta joke?"

Domonic: ""I want transport off this rock for me an' my buddies. We can work in your crew killin' furries, or you can take us to a Solar planet an' get paid for our rescue plus a safe port a' call.
Free tip: The furries know you're here."

guilder: "transport? crew? you think weer pirates?!"

Domonic: . . .

guilder: "heh, I call yor bluff, yuul not pull th'trigger. sorrender or die, PINK-SKIN"

the guilder raises his weapon arm
No. 297622 ID: f4873b


(note that it's probably best to punctuate this sentence with a thorough beating, try leaping over/beside him to use the high ground advantage as a surprise and a chance to get him between you and 'big guns')
No. 297624 ID: 8c0848

Hold on, hold on. Everybody calm the fuck down. Tell him you just want to know what the god damn situation is so you know how to deal with these fucking Astranians. If the furry little shitheads have the Guilders cut off from the rest, they might want/need some help. No use getting all crazy and blowing everyone up if you've got a common enemy.
No. 297625 ID: 7dda9a

Raise eyebrow and ask
"well if you aren't pirates, what are ya?"
No. 297626 ID: 7dda9a

there are six permutations
the current is wrong
five left
4 wrong
1 right
1/5 chance of workable weapon
worth the risk?
No. 297627 ID: c71597

The previous contestants, slaves of the furries, traitors to their own race and willing collaborators with the furries. There is a long list of options. If they had been pirates then the furry fucks would have cleaned them out by now.
No. 297631 ID: cc04a7

Fuck them, pull the trigger. Go down in a blaze of glory with your name living on as a curse for all that guilder's children.
No. 297664 ID: e3f578

"You kill me, you entertain thousands of furre scum everywhere in their bloodsport. Come on, spite them. Help me."
No. 297700 ID: 00d3d5

Lower your weapon, but keep the trigger at the ready. If it's just going to explode then that puts it closer to his face and further from yours.

"I'm a deathgamer. 's quick, and'll kill a fur-fucker.
Lower your weapon and make me a better offer."
No. 297826 ID: b6c6fc
File 130326396451.jpg - (160.34KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin100.jpg )

The Pinkskin lowers his weapon, but keep the trigger at the ready
Domonic "I'm a deathgamer. to those damned Furres I'm nothing but an expendable source of entertainment, all I'm looking for is some new employment, now Lower your weapon and make me a better offer."

The Guilder pauses for a moment, but barely has time to consider the option before it's partner opens fire on the pinkskin!

Domonic: "EYAARGH"

Announcer: "OOHH several Direct shots from a Suppressor shrapnel cannon! Though generally a non-lethal weapon the excruciating pain caused by the suppressor will render almost any target completely helpless."
No. 297829 ID: cc04a7

Now this is what I call entertainment!
No. 297838 ID: e3f578

Try and hold on, Dom, to the weapon. Your still a threat with your hand on the trigger. Yell a curse and that this is what the furres want, why would you entertain those sick bastards?
No. 297846 ID: 7dda9a

keep cover, lets get a look at those lenses once more...

puzzle teim!
No. 297853 ID: 1be5f2

For a second there, I thought you bastards got Dominic killed.
No. 297863 ID: 28e94e

Duck behind the support beam. We've got one shot at fixing our weapon so we've got to make it count.
No. 297949 ID: b6c6fc
File 130333254728.jpg - (148.64KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin101.jpg )

the Pinkskin falls behind cover and despite his suffering takes another look at the lenses

the current order is: C1, A2, B3
No. 297950 ID: 46c430

Uh... Ok, A1, C2, B3. That or B3, C2, A1. A or B is 'bring in', C is 'stuff', then B or A is 'blast'.
No. 297953 ID: 7dda9a

this is gonna sound weird... but I think that this machine has different uses...
I mean, why make a gun that allows you to switch lenses?
the answer is simple, it's to adjust its use.
therefore, one setting is probably self defence of some sort.

and the symbol on the side is our goal
No. 297955 ID: 5e3923

Actually, wait, wait, just ran an overlay on these. We CAN'T make the symbol on the side, what the hell? That configuration simply doesn't seem possible with these lenses.

We CAN however make the symbol from the stairs outside by combining only B and C!

Can someone doublecheck this using transparencies? The comparative sizes for these damn things don't seem to even line for me.
No. 297956 ID: 2563d4

The symbol on the side is all over guilder kit. It's also the top half of C and not possible to make from combining it with the others (not to mention that union is associative).

In lieu of any better ideas, this I guess. But I wouldn't pull that trigger unless you want to be a suicide bomber.
No. 297976 ID: 28e94e

At this point our only chance is to fire and hope for the best.

Do it.
No. 297988 ID: 7dda9a

current config is given to cause explosions
No. 297999 ID: 07416a

He could be lying.
No. 298001 ID: 7dda9a

well, that'd be a hell of a gambit, as it'd mean he's assuming we don't know anything about their technology. That and he was definitely afraid, and only called the bluff recently.
current config is almost certainly gonna blow up
No. 298022 ID: b6c6fc
File 130336854855.jpg - (188.83KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin102.jpg )

the pinkskin fumbles with lenses, and struggles with both the insane pain and the decision whether to pull trigger or not, in the end he concludes it's just not worth it, he then succumbs to the pain and blacks out

No. 298023 ID: 3416ec

Let's go with Saddam Ahmed.
No. 298024 ID: e3f578

Aww yeah, let's rock the AK47 and save the motherfucking day.
No. 298027 ID: 07416a

Janine. I'd like to lose someone I won't mourn this time.
No. 298042 ID: 980ade

Ahmed ;P
No. 298044 ID: 2563d4

Let's see how Peter's doing in the middle of that blasted, featureless plain.
No. 298050 ID: 28e94e

Midori, just to see how many turns it takes her to bleed out and die.
No. 298052 ID: 6a3226

Jihad upon these beastile scum, Jihad on them and all their families in perpetuity.
No. 298309 ID: b6c6fc
File 130351265428.jpg - (139.98KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin103.jpg )

after climbing the last couple of rocks, the pinkskin finds himself with a splendid view of the ruined city bellow him

Announcer: "do you see anything interesting pinkskin? no? then look more closely for you have been privileged with a glimpse into your race's future."
No. 298312 ID: cc04a7

Fire off all of your ammunition into the air while shrilly screaming nonsense words, as is the custom of your people.
No. 298321 ID: 28e94e

What's that to your left?

(Don't actually approach it. That path WILL collapse.)
No. 298351 ID: 26d95d

Do not listen to this man. He is an infidel spy.
No. 298355 ID: 15b51b

Examine all the ways someone might approach your current position. Establish a defensive position overlooking these routes.
No. 298358 ID: e3f578

Ahmed, prove yourself rational by talking to the sky and say how dumb that statement is. That it just proves how much of a dick and bloodthirsty that either he or his entire society is.

I mean really, a dead city. They're gonna murder millions of innocent civilians. Wow, well okay. Ahmed, you look like a tough, hardy stoic soldier. Show 'em a bit of your philosophy.
No. 298438 ID: 1854db

Check out the path to your left. Does it look unstable? Is there another path?
No. 298491 ID: b6c6fc
File 130354108577.jpg - (143.59KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin104.jpg )

Ahmed: I wish I could claim the moral high ground, but knowledge of what my people have done drowns all strength from such words, I wish I could even say that I was different from my kinsmen that I took no part in those things, but I am tired of lying to myself. no if I am too mock him it is as one butcher speaking to another.

the path looks quite safe and stable, it seems to lead to some old ruins
No. 298492 ID: e3f578

Whoa man, a warrior poet. I like.
Well, shit, let's go and explore those damn ruins.
No. 298502 ID: 1854db

Let's explore the fuck out of those ruins.
No. 298517 ID: 0bd0b0

Ruins seems the way to go, but what other interesting paths could we take?
No. 298539 ID: 980ade

Those ruins look interesting, but one should not choose an option without knowing his alternatives.

So, are there any other paths?
No. 298721 ID: b6c6fc
File 130361345766.jpg - (142.20KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin105.jpg )

Ahmed: the way I came from is a series of rocky cliffs, I could go back down to where my pod crashed,

there also seems to be a path leading down into the city

hmm, should I still go to the ruins?
No. 298734 ID: e3f578

Lets see...
Purple Toxic City
Pointless Crashlanding site of pointy rocks
Or some Ruins.
No. 298736 ID: 5e3923

There are probably guilder slavers in and beneath the city. If it's the same city Domonic fell into then they probably have him somewhere in there, the guilders also have Rose too.

Henry bit it due to carnivorous tentacle lurker fungus or something so watch out for any funny shaped or discolored walls, floors, or ceilings.

So, let's go check out the ruins, but with a mind to get are beings and perhaps some more equipments to visit the toxin laced city.
No. 298777 ID: 07416a

Into the city. Doomed rescue mission!
No. 298842 ID: 980ade

Why would you go to the ruins? You think we will find a magic armor +5? The only things to find in ruins are unstable ground and probably some predators (Like those tentacle things). So it's not a good idea. Maybe just a quick look to check if the guilder base is there.

The city on the other hand probably has Rose and Domonic in it. Rescue mission tiem? Sure it's dangerous but pinkskins need to stay together to survive.
No. 298854 ID: cc04a7

I'm really not feeling like we owe the other captured pinkskins anything, so my only advice to Mr Jihad here is to find a place to hole up for a few days.
No. 298930 ID: 7dda9a

no... the current goal is to regroup and push in afterward...

The ruins is a safe way into the desert, and probably is a good place to keep cover...

hell, it's probably a good point to regroup.
No. 298961 ID: 7dda9a

probably not, but the more the better
No. 299038 ID: b6c6fc
File 130370506425.jpg - (132.52KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin106.jpg )

the pinkskin travels to the ruins

Ahmed: looks like there's already someone here . . . judging by the size and height, looks to be a furre
No. 299039 ID: 3416ec

Approach it, but keep your ironsights trained on the furry.
No. 299040 ID: 5274e3

Approach it with gun down, but a finger on the trigger. Try to look as nonthreatening as possible while being ready to shoot it down immediately if something happens
No. 299048 ID: 00d3d5

Keep your weapon at the same level of readiness as theirs.
If they're on this planet then they could be an outcast or something, but more importantly it'll piss off the announcer to no end to see a 'bloodthirsty monster' having a friendly chat with one of their own.
No. 299052 ID: 1854db

Ask them what this place is.
No. 299053 ID: 0ec2e4

"I come in peace, comrade...but not defenseless."
No. 299217 ID: b6c6fc
File 130376659799.jpg - (135.76KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin107.jpg )

Ahmed: "I come in peace, comrade...but not defenseless."

robot: "welcome solar contestant, I was informed you might be arriving"

hmm a robot
Ahmed: "what is this place?"

robot: "this is one of the Nine Shrines of Unity, built three hundred years ago to commemorate the founding of the Astranian Alliance."
No. 299219 ID: cc04a7

It's worth asking whether the other eight are on this planet as well, or if this is the only one on the planet and the other eight are on others. Regardless, it's questionable why they'd build something with such a lofty title here of all places.
No. 299220 ID: 980ade

Guess this planet was destroyed by pinkskins. I don't see a reason for Astrians to destroy their shrine.

(Also: Wouldn't this be the time for the robot to take out his guns/self destruct?)
No. 299221 ID: 980ade

Maybe because it was the home planet of one of the core alliance members?
No. 299222 ID: e3f578

Ask if these blood games have anything to do with the humans finding these monuments or if this is some weird ass prophecy thing. He looks like he's been expecting you or other solars for a while.
No. 299224 ID: 1854db

Is that a weapon in his hands? Is he giving it to you? Ask him these questions.
No. 299229 ID: dad664

Complement him - or her - on their bitching armor.
No. 299234 ID: 5e3923

Or... The Alliance bombed out one of their client species, or this shrine serves to seal the victory over some foe who lived here.

Because I somehow doubt the Solar have been in conflict with the Astranians long enough for this world to have been a part of the current conflict.

That thing the robot has, looks like a really big key actually.
No. 299247 ID: 28e94e

"what happened here?"
No. 299256 ID: 980ade

This. Voting so hard
No. 299297 ID: b6c6fc
File 130379499457.jpg - (132.75KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin108.jpg )

Ahmed: the proper term is "it" and I am not complementing a tin can!

Ahmed: "why are were you expecting me?"

robot: "I received a transmission from a commercial source indicating that a "pinkskin" or several would likely arrive in the area"

Ahmed: "what is that you're holding, is it for me?"

robot: "this is a utility torch manufactured and used by the Titus Mining Guild, you may have it if you so desire"

Ahmed:"what happened here?"

robot: "over the years a great number of the statues in this shrine have been intentionally destroyed by the inhabitants of this world. I have tried to repair said statues but such work has proved impossible as the shards have been lost to the city below, thus the shrine is fated to remain in this vandalized condition"
No. 299301 ID: e3f578

Goddamn, do they ever even professionally call you a Solar? Robot is the only damn thing with a bit of slight respect.
Can we recruit it into the party? Does it have a signal on the others? IS there some great quest it's going to send you on?
No. 299302 ID: 8dd1ee

Where are the other eight shrines? Why was this one built here?

Also, what does the utility torch do, and how is it operated?
No. 299346 ID: 28e94e

Acquire torch.

Take a look at the statues, what are they of? Destroyed ones especially, they may be something significant.
No. 299546 ID: b6c6fc
File 130387924368.jpg - (143.34KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin109.jpg )

Ahmed: "so where are the other eight shrines?"

robot: "on other world of significance I would assume, you must forgive me if my data is limited on such topics, but central command did not feel the need to provide my with excessive information on other worlds"

Ahmed: "hmmm"

the pinkskin takes the torch

Ahmed: "so what does this thing do?"

robot: "The utility torch has a number of functions, though this one has only has the lenses for three. to create light, to start fires, and to blast apart rocks."

the pinkskin walks over to the statues

Ahmed: the broken statues are beyond recognition there's not telling what they once were. there are three remain the one on my left is of of an Astranian, the on the right appears to be a Guilder, the one in the center . . .

. . . the statue in the center is of an Obilisk
No. 299555 ID: f1972f

Isn't that a 'fallen' race of sorts? Used to be really powerful but now... arn't. Founded the Astranian Alliance?

Wait, you said Guilder? I thought the Astranians wiped most of them out, relegated to pirates, slavers and mercs. Didn't knew THEY used to be a member species.
No. 299618 ID: 2563d4

Examine the lenses. What do you mean, meta-knowledge? They're probably completely different symbols anyway. :P
No. 299809 ID: b6c6fc
File 130397229910.jpg - (146.58KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin110.jpg )

the Pinkskin examines the utility torch

* * *

Announcer: "Mr. Pinkskin I think it's time we played a little game . . . "

Ahmed: "hmmf"

Announcer: "Here's the deal, one of these three statues no longer represents represents the glory of the Alliance, I want you to use that torch to destroy it. If you destroy the right one I will send down my ships to collect you and all of your surviving fellow contestants and take you away from this horrible place."

Ahmed: . . .

Announcer: "Easy right? maybe. here's some food for thought though, do you trust my word? can a Pinkskin trust the promise of an Astranian? and to that point I am assuring you that the lenses in the torch are at the moment properly aligned . . . but if I'm lying in that statement the torch will explode almost definitely killing you

so what are you going to do Pinkskin?"
No. 299810 ID: 00d3d5

Ask the robot what alignments he knows.
No. 299840 ID: d61e55

Why do I imagine that the Astranians were the ones to destroy all this?

I can't see a reason why the bot would have had the lenses in a self-destructive alignment, unless each alignment only requires one lens, but that would be a profoundly retarded design.

I'd actually be temped to just rebuild the whole damn shrine out of spite, rather than destroy the guilder statue? I mean, all they are likely do is just drop us on some other shitty world, or into another arena, how is our death here any worse than elsewhere?

I think they need a better offer than just living another week for their mad games, then again Midori and Janine are unlikely to stand even a chance here, separated as we all are.
No. 299844 ID: bbaf49

I'd not trust him. If you DO trust him:

If you shoot at the statue, shoot it from very close. If the alignment is good, you cut it. If the alignment is bad, it'll go off, killin you, and destroying the statue.
No. 299851 ID: 980ade

Interesting... I do not really trust him. But it seems there isn't really an another way to save all of the humans in your group.

As for which statue to shoot that's difficult. Obilisks have fallen so that would be a good reason. Guilders would be a good guess to since now they are slavers, pirates and generally other rogue-ish jobs.

Also just for the record, for me the ones that are the farthest from the ideals and gloriousness of the Alliance would be Astrians themselves. You know for destroying this shrine and the planet (Because I suppose they did it to easily crush some resistane. And destroying a shrine that commemorates the founding of the alliance isn't really glorious)
No. 299852 ID: 980ade

Also playing with other creatures lives, stealing technology from other alliance members (I heard rumors about it from the others, not really sure of it), wanting to kill their own champion and a lot of other things also isn't glorious.

So if you do decide to break that astrian statue you might as well tell them they have become mindless beasts obsessed with blood and malice rather than proud warriors and conquerors.
No. 299876 ID: 6a5a08

This. I wouldn't trust the announcer at all.
Also, ask the robot if it would help you, in exchange for help rebuilding the shrine, or getting out of here. It may be a machine, but as >>299301 said, it's one of the only things we've encountered so far that doesn't automatically hate our guts. And from the sound if what it said, it's trapped here too, stuck on an impossible task forever.

Even if they do come and get you out of here as promised, you'll probably just be sent into another deathgame afterwards. We need to regroup, and find allies, especially ones that know what the hell is going on.
No. 299879 ID: cc04a7

If you play his game, the best-case scenario is you live another day under the thumb of these death games. True you might be saving some of the lives of the other humans, but do you really have any responsibility for them? Are you even allies, or merely companions only insofar as being put in the same mad world? I'm against playing the game.
No. 299929 ID: e3f578

No, don't shoot any of the statues. Robot guy will get mad. Potential ally. Can't trust announcer. Possibly homosexual. Must investigate further.
No. 299943 ID: 980ade

Actually these guys that say about "befriending" the robot first and asking if it would send you on a "Find pieces and rebuild temple" quest or something similar and then help you with finding/helping the others is a good idea. Do that before blowing stuff up :P
No. 300026 ID: b6c6fc
File 130403730231.jpg - (134.97KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin111.jpg )

Ahmed: "Robot, what are the proper alignments for the utility torch?"

robot: "I am afraid that I will not be able to help you in this way. I have been informed that such help would be detrimental to the nature of the "game" you've been asked to participate in, after reviewing the facts I find myself in agreement."

Ahmed: "if I destroy one of these statues, would you attack or try to stop me?"

robot: "no"

Ahmed: "If I gather the pieces for these statues would you help me in locating some of my allies?"

robot: " I am very sorry, but I have not been programed to make deals with solars. even if I decided to work around my programming there is a far less than 1% chance of you acquiring these statue fragments and returning them here. and even if you did some how achieve this feat the elapse time required would likely exceed the time the Alliance have set for you to remain here.
No. 300043 ID: 7dda9a

rig up a way to fire the torch from a distance.
line it up, find some vine or thread, pull the trigger from further away...

or get the bot to do it. If he fires it, it's not a deal, and it's allowed to fire the torch once as a safety measure at a rock.
No. 300189 ID: 7aedd2

We should ask it about the history of this planet. Might be fun.
No. 300199 ID: 980ade

Deleted my post because Z has a good idea... again. Let him tell us "the story of his people" :D
No. 300255 ID: b6c6fc
File 130412881137.jpg - (248.38KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin112.jpg )

Ahmed: "robot, I want you to tell me happened to this place"

robot: "over the years a great number of the statues-"

Ahmed: "No. about what happened to this city, about this planet, tell me how Daztren became the PoisonWorld."

robot: " . . . very well"

Announcer: "don't make delay your choice too long, trust me when I say you don't want me to get bored!"

Ahmed: "Robot, you where saying?"

robot: " . . . this world once belonged to a people known as the Titus. though among the very first to join a fledgling Alliance founded by Astramaar freedom fighters, the Titus always had the least to contribute. The wise Obilisk always spoke much of their potential but despite strong words the more powerful Alliance races could never see much worth in them, the Titus were eventually delegated to manual labor and positioned as front line expendable troopers in times of war. In the end the Titus where greatful, greatful for the chance to fight the incomprehensible cruelty that were the Sun Cults and to fight under the banner of the glorious Astranian Alliance.
for them this was enough."

the robot stops talking
No. 300272 ID: 7aedd2

Well you really oughtn't participate in the Announcer's 'Game', so don't worry about boring him. have the robot continue with his history lesson
No. 300275 ID: 7dda9a

his eyes went from blurry circle to sharp triangle.
Try not to die...

maybe the announcer just hacked the bot to fight you...?
No. 300328 ID: 1854db

Naw that's just his bored expression.

Right now I kinda want to blow up the Astranian statue.
No. 300413 ID: 980ade

Cool story, bro. Maybe tell us why it got so POISON DEATH WORLD? OR rather not tell us anything because what would that knowledge give us?

I'd rather not play the announcer game.

So either leave the ruins and tell him to fuck himself or destroy the Astranian statue. Maybe using one of the arguments I used before.
No. 300722 ID: b6c6fc
File 130428987719.jpg - (302.66KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin113.jpg )

Ahmed: hmmmm should I just ignore the bastard and wander off, the defiance might lose a bit of it's impact if I don't really know where I'm going

I suppose I could blow up the furre statue, it's clearly not the right choice and my solid justification will probably make him rather frustrated. but what if he expects that? what if he doesn't care what statue I destroy?

the robot's story doesn't really seem relevent to what I'm doing here, should I ask to hear more, maybe I should ask it about something else?

No. 300726 ID: 6930ef

Dag, bro. You are handsome.
No. 300734 ID: 7aedd2

Dag, bro. You are grizzled.

Have the robot continue, like I said. He's yet to give any indication how this became the POISON WORLD
No. 300759 ID: 980ade

Midori and Janine would probably die from seeing you :P

Yeah, it might be nice to know why it got so POISON in here.

Also: We do know that the Guilders are somewhere in the city. Going there would be a good way to negotiate a way out of this planet/shoot, kill and steal a ship. So that's a vote for the direction after we listen to the bot.

Also: It might be true that he just counts on you to destroy a statue so he might point that you are a savage beast that doesn't care dor culture. But even so, your arguments would then make an even better point for the audience. Sure the humans made some incredibly bad things during the conflict... but that doesn't mean one can not point it out to the other side that both of them could make the fight a lot more "clean". But that is of course only if you want to make some kind of message before telling them you are not going to play his game.
No. 300802 ID: 28e94e

This guy's got the right idea.
No. 301145 ID: b6c6fc
File 130441177749.jpg - (234.81KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin114.jpg )

Ahmed: "Robot, you did not answer my quesion, tell what happened to these "Titus" people"

robot: "in the early days of the alliance always were the Titus oppressed for their lack of quality, even onto the end of the first Cult War. Despite this abuse the Titus held no ill will to their fellow races and in fact would strive to impress them through sheer effort and toil. It was the Astranians who took notice that through countless losses in the cult war they had a developing loyalty, a determination and an endurance and the Astranians were indeed impressed. When the Obilisk began to fade and it fell to the Astranians to guide the future of the Alliance, they looked beyond the races of power and rewarded the Titus for their long service by appointing them as the new successor race and authority above all save for the Astranians themselves . Astranian scholars and scientists were dispatched to Daztrenian to teach the Titud of science and developement, through these new concepts mixed with centuries old Titus tradition the Commerce Guilds were formed bringing about a golden age that would last nearly two hundred years."

Announcers: "enough of this stalling Pinkskin! if you refuse to provide entertainment perhaps I should bring in new elements to motivate you!"
No. 301150 ID: e3f578

Tell the announcer that you just brought in the Historian market of audiences. Not every audience member is entertained by bloodshed.

But seriously, ask the robot to not follow orders from that punk if he's about to order Furry Robot Jones to fight you, who he is way better than. It's not a deal, just a polite request.
No. 301285 ID: 5dfd16

If we are to destroy the statue this is likely the last juncture to do so, and if we do we should fire the weapon at the Guilder statue, while standing next to the Astranian one. At least if we died due to 'lol furry lies' the irony would be acceptable in the destruction of the true 'race of shame.'

However, I'm doubtful about the use of even getting off of this hellhole, to fall back into the frying pan of another arena. The only reason I even consider it is for the possibility of more recovery time for the badly wounded girls.
No. 301325 ID: b6c6fc
File 130448225854.jpg - (259.98KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin115.jpg )

Ahmed: "honestly you should be happy Mr. Announcer, with all this history talk you now can pass this off as educational programming!"

Announcer: " . . . Very well, Pinkskin. enjoy your history lesson."

robot: " . . . for reasons still unknown, discontent began to develop, and the loyalty and courage that the Titus had maintained for long began to falter. and as the years press forward the discontent grew in into a seething hatred for the Alliance they once adored. Astranian diplomats tried to ease the aggression but the now blood thirsty Titus refused to see reason, and it quickly became apparent that this turmoil would end in but one way. Inevitably and predictably war broke out when the Titus assaulted the Astranian Colony Kalarscia. Astranian Commanders had long foreseen this bold move and had developed new weapons and technology to easily defeat their former ally. The Titus were out matched from the very beginning but despite the futility they fought on, for what goal remains a mystery as their madness and irrational hate would never end. The Titus Guilds would continue to pour soldiers into the fray even as their forces where pushed back to the Titus home world, Astranians had no desire to conquer the Guild Worlds and instead established a blockade in the desperate hope that the in time the Titus would recover from their mental ailments. the Astranians would come to regret this mercy . . . "
No. 301330 ID: 544dd4

Looks like the local weather is going to be hot and toxic with a 75% chance of meteor showers.

As for the torch, I figure it's probably in the correct configuration anyhow, but it seems we don't plan on dancing for out little puppet master in the sky.
No. 301383 ID: 00d3d5

Ok, it looks like the announcer is doing something.
Get right up next to the Astranian statue and shoot the Guilder one.
No. 301394 ID: 2563d4

Bah, if he hits you with a meterorite here, he'll wreck the Astranian monument. You may as well finish storytime.
No. 301408 ID: 5560e1

Stand next to the astranians statue and tell the announcer that if he does not verify the parts are in the right order then HE will destroy the astranian statue through inaction while you fire upon the statue of the guilder scum.
No. 301420 ID: 26d95d

If meteor strike imminent:
Duck and cover.
Finish history lesson then inspect the Obelisk.
No. 301992 ID: b6c6fc
File 130473247107.jpg - (280.91KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin116.jpg )

the Pinkskin moves into position

Ahmed: "Announcer! if you do not verify the parts are in the right order then YOU will be destroying the Astranian statue through inaction!"

the pinkskin is answered by silence

Ahmed: " . . . robot, finish your history"

robot: "what happened next has been subject to much debate and disagreement among Astranian researchers. What is known is that several months after the blockade was formed all communication with central command was lost. When investigation forces finally arrived they discovered the blockade fleet had been completely annihilated and the world itself had become a toxic wasteland, the agents performed a lengthy investigation, information classified . the final verdict was that the Titus as a civilization was no more, what remained of it's people somehow twisted themselves into cyborg warmachines living on as parasites to the Alliance."

robot: "Solar, you asked me what happened to this world, I have told you all I can, but in the end I suppose I do not truly know the answer myself."
No. 302002 ID: 28e94e

They made this world what it is now in order to cover up their acts of genocide. The survivors of that genocide became the Guilders.

Ahmed, we must find evidence of the alliance's crimes. That is our mission.
No. 302024 ID: cf65c1

I support this notion, but try to go about it in a way not likely to move the announcer to make things harder on us. There is nothing left to learn here from the robot, either test the torch or leave.
No. 302026 ID: 644ca1

Thank robot, blow up Guilder statue
No. 302082 ID: 7aedd2

I don't know... I mean there's also reason to suspect that the Obilisk, whatever that is, is the correct one to destroy, as the robot did say "When the Obilisk began to fade"
No. 302110 ID: 219e66

“It is obvious that the Titus were the instruments of their demise, and have fallen from the glory that is your Alliance. However I cannot help but wonder why they started the war, as even the most psychotic of people have reasons for what they do.”
“Though I doubt you have information on the subject Robot, what was the nature of the oppression that they suffered; and can you give me an estimation on how much of Astranian history is classified? It sounds to me that your race is trying to forget the horrors of the wars you have fought, while this Pinkskin knows very little about your history, there is a saying that has been proven time and time again: ”Those who forget their mistakes are destined to repeat them over and over again”.
Shoot the Guilder statue, and then start walking towards the city.
No. 302119 ID: ba1062

Destroy all three. He didn't say that we only got one shot, neither did he say that ONLY one of the three was the right one. They could have all fallen in their own way.
No. 302197 ID: 6b2b68

Shoot the guilder statue.
No. 302201 ID: 28e94e

Along a similar vein, it could be argued that none of them were directly responsible, and therefore all of the statues should be left standing.
No. 302203 ID: e3f578

alright, can you apologize to the robot for destroying his statues and that for an Astranian, he's the only respectable one you've met so far.

Okay, maybe that's not true, but well let's make the message hit home.
No. 302222 ID: a41aaf

Thank that robot, leave the Torch, and walk away from the monument. If questioned by the announcer, say "If I'm going to destroy the guilty party, I'm going to need a bigger bomb".
No. 302224 ID: 7d3083

Idunno, I feel like its ACB.

And I wouldn't destroy any statues. How can we destroy any of them "trough inaction"? Is HE going to blast one of them? Fault's on him then.
No. 302230 ID: 6a5a08

I agree, don't destroy any of the statues.

Take the torch if nobody stops you, though. Should you learn how to use it, it would be a valuable tool. For the record, I believe that each lens is a single function, and that the torch would explode because we're using more than one.

A- Create Light (it looks like rays of light)
B- Destroying Rocks (looks to be an explosion)
C- Start Fires (it's the odd man out, and the only one that could vaguely resemble fire, at least in my eyes)

So if we decide to try it, I don't think we should use more than one lens.
No. 302344 ID: b6c6fc
File 130480755962.jpg - (291.65KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin117.jpg )

Ahmed: “It is obvious that the Titus were the instruments of their demise, and have fallen from the glory that is your Alliance. However I cannot help but wonder why they started the war, as even the most psychotic of people have reasons for what they do.”

Ahmed: "in any case though, this is my choice!"

as the Pinkskin ignites the Torch it glows and rattles violently
No. 302346 ID: 544dd4

Ahmed, if this kills you, I just want you to know. I'm sorry, and it's been great advising you.
No. 302351 ID: b6c6fc
File 130480814601.jpg - (242.66KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin118.jpg )

the Pinkskin can feel his skin burn as the searing hot beam flies forth shattering the Statue ahead

Ahmed: "AAAAARGH!"

after which he throws aside the steaming burnt husk of the torch and falls to his knees in pain.

after a few minutes of silence the Announcer speaks to him

Announcer: "well done Pinkskin you've earned your life this day. The collection ships will be arriving shortly."
No. 302355 ID: 00d3d5

Spend the remaining time conversing with the robot. Remember that these robots are sentient beings, and while they may not have any moral drive to help you they also have no hatred for you either.
A human having pleasant conversation with an Astranian being, even a second-class one like a robot, would have an effect on the viewers.

"This shrine, loath that I had to harm it, must have been here before this planet suffered so. How long have you been its guardian? What have you seen?"

Alternatively, ask about the other species that were in the alliance, and what has become of them over time.
Or ask why the Astranians haven't accepted new species into the alliance as the Obelisk did.
No. 302732 ID: b6c6fc
File 130491812514.jpg - (447.10KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin119.jpg )

True to his word The Announcer indeed sent out ships to recover the four surviving pinkskins

and in the days to come they would be treated surprisingly well, given good food and medical treatment

. . . but none among the survivors where fool enough to believe this would be the end of their trials.
No. 302735 ID: b6c6fc
File 130491833773.jpg - (128.13KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin120.jpg )

. . . but whatever the fate of the four rescued, the two pinkskins left behind awaited doom very different . . .
No. 302738 ID: e3f578

I suppose we just unlocked a new quest type then for Rose and Dom?
No. 302739 ID: 275141

Is that... Is that a laspistol?
No. 302740 ID: b6c6fc
File 130491944919.jpg - (120.80KB , 957x590 , Pinkskin121.jpg )

lackey: "Mr. Announcer, two of the pinkskins appear to have been captured by Guilders, we won't be able to extract them."

Announcer: "send in the KillBots, order them to shoot anything that moves."

lackey: "they shall burn for the glory of the Alliance!"

* * *

No. 302784 ID: 544dd4

No. 302814 ID: 28e94e

>dropping down robots from orbit to kill the guilders
>guilders have all kinds of heavy military equipment
>said equipment probably includes anti-aircraft and anti-armor weapons
No. 302817 ID: 7dda9a

guilders vs. Astranians
pretty evenly matched... gonna be hell though
time to earn the respect of some guilders.
No. 302818 ID: e3f578

Alright, yeah, we have to escape this shit.
God I really hope there's an Escape Quest.
No. 302829 ID: 00d3d5

The announcer is infested.
This makes total sense.
No. 302845 ID: 6930ef

Oh my god.
No. 302856 ID: b6ca92

All astranians are infested.
The old empire before them were infested.
The parasites will always target the strongest civilization to leech into damnation, growing only stronger.
No. 302861 ID: 00d3d5

Err... What? Is that Randian dogma? Seriously?
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