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File 12852895269.png - (10.03KB , 800x600 , 1.png )
277774 No. 277774 ID: 950529

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No. 277775 ID: f24a28

No. 277776 ID: 1501e9

Yes to both. Hermaphrodism, ho!
No. 277777 ID: 950529
File 128529201323.png - (30.31KB , 800x600 , 2.png )

No. 277778 ID: 445c48

No. 277779 ID: f24a28

No. 277780 ID: 950529
File 128529432627.png - (22.00KB , 800x600 , 3.png )

No. 277781 ID: 445c48

No. 277782 ID: 49d6d7

No. 277783 ID: f24a28

No. 277784 ID: 701a19

Servant to a hermaphrodite.
Yea. That kind of servant.
No. 277786 ID: f24a28

champion sounds good
or scoundrel i guess..
No. 277788 ID: cf68aa

No. 277790 ID: 543aa6

No. 277791 ID: 445c48

No. 277792 ID: 950529
File 128530021825.png - (22.65KB , 800x600 , 4.png )

No. 277793 ID: 950529
File 128530227093.png - (43.52KB , 800x600 , 5.png )

No. 277794 ID: 543aa6

I bet his mom cut his hair.

Well I guess we should go look for castles or something. We should probably be praising a king
No. 277795 ID: 950529
File 128530413867.png - (84.90KB , 877x620 , 6.png )

Bert Windleflood, son of the late Bert Windleflood Senior, had been accepted into the court of Kindlespirit as a squire many years ago, as his father requested this on his deathbed after defeating the Lowland Barbarians under the Kindlespirit banner.
And so Bert has remained most of his life at the Kindlespirit estate as a kind gesture. Now that Sir Kindlespirit prepares to the Crown's request, Bert has completely faded into obscurity.

Right now he is enjoying the afternoon sun with an apple, as soldiers get some last-minute training in behind him.
No. 277796 ID: 543aa6

Go train with them, dumbass.
No. 277797 ID: f24a28

that is a tasty looking apple.
No. 277798 ID: cf68aa

so tell us a bit about yourself, any goals you wish to accomplish?
No. 277799 ID: 950529
File 128530732657.png - (65.76KB , 874x590 , 7.png )

Bert decides it's time to stop loitering and get some training as well. He'll need to be of great strength should be ever win a championship and win a proper noble title, even if it's a minor one. Or perhaps he'll be able to impress a lady and marry his way into nobility.
He doesn't want to mooch off sir Kindlespirit forever, but going to live with his family in town again seems like too much of a step down, and quite disrespectful to his fathers last wish!

Bert goes to have a few swings at the training dummy when he hears a familiar voice.
"BERT! Keep that sword down! Do you want to kill what's in front or behind of you?!"
It's milady Elissa Kindlespirit, the lord's youngest daughter, tasked with training the estate's soldier with her older brothers riding out at her fathers side.
"Your stance is terrible! Keep your buckler in front of you! Deflect with it! Have you learned nothing?!"
No. 277800 ID: 27df22


You will one day be a great warrior! It is with dedication and determination that you will shine through!
No. 277801 ID: 0b2a05


No. 277802 ID: cf68aa

Listen to her. Her words may seem harsh but she simply wants the best out of you.
Do as she says and fix your stance.
No. 277803 ID: e31d52

Follow her words!

Impress her!
No. 277805 ID: 950529
File 128533869449.png - (46.85KB , 874x590 , 8.png )

Bert shakes off his hesitation and gets into the proper stance. It certainly is an honor to be trained by milady, though it kind of feels like it's just a continuation of the bullying he put up with when he first arrived.
Deflect, deflect, and thrust-- A sudden boot to the back forces him forward.
"Step forward when you strike or you'll come up short! Use your feet! Sidestep, backstep! Just because the dummy doesn't move doesn't mean your foe won't either! If you're gonna waste my time go make yourself useful elsewhere."
Bert feels like he may never impress this lady.
No. 277806 ID: cf68aa

Don't be down. Like I said, they only want to build you up. This training will either make or break you.
Rise up and give it your all! Show her what you're made of!
No. 277807 ID: 543aa6

eh, she's a dick, you don't want her. how old are we anyway? and you need a mohawk.
No. 277808 ID: 543aa6

then we can be badass bert.
No. 277809 ID: 950529
File 128534201262.png - (33.31KB , 874x590 , 9.png )

What are you even talking about?
Ofcourse he won't be able to woo her, nor does he particulary want to.
And he already showed his best. It just wasn't enough.
No. 277810 ID: 543aa6

let's run away then. why are you working there anyway?
No. 277811 ID: 543aa6

No. 277812 ID: 950529
File 128534517625.png - (34.50KB , 874x590 , 10.png )

Bert is in the courtyard of castle Hilltop, in the Kindlespirit estate.
He just had a bit of a rest before continueing his training, but the scolding of his superior has left him in a sour mood.
He can take a look around the castle.
What should he be looking for?
No. 277813 ID: 543aa6

chicks. or maybe stuff to swing our sword at to practice our training! maybe we'll find THE BLACK KNIGHT.
No. 277814 ID: f24a28

dont feel too bad, she probably yells at everyone. if they are sending the army out they would need help in the armory handing out gear or in the stables getting horses ready. or i suppose you could sneak into the war room and see if any messages need delivering.
No. 277815 ID: 950529
File 128534990248.png - (41.29KB , 874x590 , 11.png )

It's more likely for chicks to be present at the war room than at the armory or stables, so Bert decides to go there.
Halfway he comes across a small group of other squires, those who do have minor nobility.
"Hey, Bert! The Crown's champion has arrived at the great hall with lord Kindlespirit. We're all going to have a look. Will you join us?"
Well, this does mean that the war room will be empty at the moment.. but that need not be a bad thing.
Bert ponders what he should do.
No. 277816 ID: 543aa6

bros before hos
No. 277817 ID: f24a28

yes go see.
No. 277818 ID: 1037c7

the babe search can wait. let's go check out that champion!

hell, the champion probably has ladies swarming him, so two birds with one stone, there.
No. 277819 ID: 950529
File 128536101872.png - (29.64KB , 874x590 , 12.png )

Bert and the other squires quickly make their way to the great hall. It's quiet as anything, and only the lord and an unknown figure have an exchange.
"Those must be the final orders.", one of the squires says, "We'll ride out by the morrow."
"Bert won't."
No. 277820 ID: 543aa6

wuh oh. why won't we ride out?
No. 277822 ID: 950529
File 128536334654.png - (30.70KB , 874x590 , 13.png )

Bert has no knight to ride under. As a squire he should assist the knight on the field, but without one he has no place there.
The only reason he is a squire is as kindness in his fathers memory, but he is not important enough to recieve special attention, and yet not unimportant enough to serve as a regular soldier.
Bert can't help but sigh.
With the scroll handed over the champion salutes.
Sir Kindlespirit nods gratefully and breaks the silence, "Then would you stay here and ride with us to meet the Crown?"
"If you would have me, your lordship.", the champion responds polity.
"Of course, it will be an honor to receive you as my guest. Will you be joining us for dinner, or would you prefer that I send a meal to your room?"
"I am sad to say I must retreat for the rest of the day to prepare. Please accept only my gratitude for the offer."
"It's quite alright, I understand being the Crown's champion is hard work. One of our servants will show you to your room. I'll have it be known that they may provide you with anything you need."
"Most gracious, your lordship, thank you."
No. 277823 ID: 543aa6

Well, shit.
No. 277824 ID: 543aa6

maybe we can knock out one of the other guys and pretend to be them so we can go too
No. 277825 ID: 40cb26

Well on the other hand, being knightless means you're available to join up with any squireless knights that pass through here.

Hint hint, nudge nudge.

I mean it's not likely to lead to anything, but try and see if you can help this champion with anything later. Something about offering any services they may need.
No. 277826 ID: 4922f7

What do we know about the Crown's champion? Is he a nice guy? Brave? Courteous? Female?

Let's go ahead and ask our fellow squires if they know anything about him, and then go say hello. I'm sure there's nothing wrong with giving him a warm welcome to the castle, after all.
No. 277827 ID: 543aa6

why can't we just beat someone up and pretend to be them :(
No. 277828 ID: 543aa6

also how old are we?

(let's go get wasted)
No. 277830 ID: 950529
File 128537389828.png - (45.07KB , 874x590 , 14.png )

"Do you know anything about the champion?", Bert asks the other Squires.
They just kind of shrug.
"I'd say she's cold but well-meaning, if you catch my drift.", one of them replies, "I heard they're only nice cos' their religion tells 'em to, but that's it. Well, I dunno."
Bert shrugs along with the others. Then as their attention begins to falter, he steps forward.
"Excuse my disturbance, milord, but perhaps I could take our honored guest to her room.", he says as politely as possible.
Sir Kindlespirit looks a bit surprised, but nods with agreement. "Yes, I believe that will be more suited to our guest than a simple servant. You know where the main guest room is, yes? And mind your manners, boy."
The Champion silently looks him over.
No. 277831 ID: 4922f7

Well that was a bit... foward. Go ahead and bow to her, and say that you show her the way whenever she is ready.

Hold off on introducing yourself until she has said goodbye to the lord, though. No sense interrupting if they have something else important to say.
No. 277832 ID: 543aa6

>show her the way whenever she is ready.
No. 277833 ID: 94bae0

"Please, This way milady."
No. 277834 ID: 950529
File 128537663242.png - (43.19KB , 874x590 , 15.png )

Bert takes a deep bow to the Champion.
"At your leisure, milady."
Sir Kindlespirit nods to her, "If there is nothing else, then I will see you in the morrow."
The Champion nods in return. "It was an honor."
"The honor is all mine." The old lordship walks off to join his sons in the war room.

Upon noticing the Champion's patient look, Bert quickly gestures towards the guest wing.
"Please, this way, milady."
He leads her down the first hall.
"Er- I am Bert Windleflood, knightless squire.", he offers as the most awkward introduction.
"I am Lady Almond of Refferbay, Champion of the Crown. Well met.", the Champion replies politely.

A most awkward silence soon follows.
No. 277835 ID: 543aa6

sing a song
No. 277836 ID: 4922f7

I would recommend against dancing, though.

Well, ask the Lady Almond if she frequents... where are we located again? Ask her if she has the chance to come here often.

Also, it seems polite to offer to bring her things to her room, once you've shown her the way. After all, that's the way of the squire!
No. 277837 ID: 543aa6

We probably shouldn't talk to her unless spoken to. Other than like, here's your room bitch
No. 277838 ID: 40cb26

Don't need to be a chatterbox, just do your job respectfully. When you arrive, offer your services for whatever else she may need. If she does or doesn't take you up on that say this: "Thank you, Milady. Even if I shall never be assigned to a knight, at least I will have served the Champion in some way."
No. 277839 ID: 950529
File 12853776942.png - (40.28KB , 874x590 , 16.png )

"Do you have any luggage, milady?", Bert tries, "I could bring them to your room..?"
"No need.", the calm reply goes, "I have all on me here."

Another seemingly endless time of awkwardness passes.

"So, uhm.. Do you come here often? Would you like to? Uh, I mean..", Bert stutters.
"I have not visited this area before. Usually I stay close to the coast."
"Oh.. Uh.. Is it nice there?"
"It is different."
"..Would you, uh, want to visit this area more often...??"

Tis' only a few more steps to the room, and Bert needs a plan for those last few moments he can talk face to face before outstaying his welcome.
No. 277840 ID: 543aa6

when you get to the room "well here's the room. is there anything else I can do for you?" then she'll be like, actually this metal corset is a bit tight~
No. 277841 ID: f24a28

"well its been a pleasure meeting you and if you need anything im available to help. just ask for bert."
No. 277842 ID: 4922f7

This one sounds good. A nice and respectful way of ending your meeting. You can try to take off her corset if she invites you inside.
No. 277843 ID: 950529
File 128537957686.png - (43.56KB , 874x590 , 17.png )

"Here is your room, milady.", Bert says as he opens the door as politely as possible.
The Champion steps inside, but pauses for a moment to take a silver coin from her pack and pushes it in Bert's hand.
"Thank you for your trouble."

Bert stands around a bit flabbergasted until he can finally utter, "Uh, thank you, milady. Can I provide any other service?"
The Champion eyes Bert again in a way that makes him uncomfortable.
"But you are a squire?", she finally asks.
"..Y-yes..? A knightless one."
She stops to think for a moment. "Hm, it couldn't hurt.. How much will it cost me, boy?"
No. 277844 ID: 543aa6

How much will what cost me?

dude, you're gonna get some brown ass
No. 277845 ID: 4922f7

"N-Nothing, ma'am. This is more than payment enough, and I do it for the honor of Hilltop Castle."

Try not to look too nervous while waiting for her to respond.
No. 277846 ID: 543aa6

no we should find out what she wants first. she could be playing coy. she's a woman after all.
No. 277847 ID: 94bae0

Generally one doesn't get paid to be a squire.
No. 277848 ID: 40cb26

"I'll do whatever you ask of me. I won't ask for payment, but will won't refuse compensation if you wish to give it."
No. 277849 ID: 950529
File 128538246932.png - (44.88KB , 874x590 , 18.png )

"I ask for no compensation, milady. It is my duty and my honor to serve you.", Bert says proudly.
"Hm-hm." The Champion removes her armor. "Then I'd like a massage first."

It was the first time Bert saw womanly bits.
No. 277850 ID: 4922f7

No. 277851 ID: 543aa6


play your cards right, don't let her know you have a boner, and rub her down, motherfucker
No. 277852 ID: 94bae0

Try not to say much and you won't sound too stupid.
No. 277853 ID: 4922f7

You might want to shut the door first, Bert. No sense making this even more awkward than it already is.

Other than that, massage oil sounds like a good idea. Just avoid grabbing anything inappropriate.
No. 277854 ID: 40cb26

Oh man up, don't be a faggot. You clearly won't know what you're doing, so just ask her where she is tense and try to smooth it out. Keep getting feedback on what works for her and you'll do fine
No. 277855 ID: 950529
File 12853842036.png - (46.71KB , 874x590 , 19.png )

Bert quickly closes the door.
"Well, uhm, I'm not that experienced in massages but I'll do my best! Just, uhm, let me know where you're tense! Uh! Do you have massage oil?!"
The Champion nods to one of her packs as she lies down on the bed.

It was the first time Bert touched a woman.
No. 277856 ID: 543aa6

don't spoodge in your pants, bro. just keep massaging and SLOWLY see how far she'll let you go. keep cool.
No. 277858 ID: 40cb26

Up and down, rhythmic and firm. You know, like if you were masturbating.
No. 277859 ID: 94bae0

uhm try not to freak out, try not to say too much, and remember to breath.
No. 277860 ID: 950529
File 128538524613.png - (27.83KB , 874x590 , 20.png )

After an hour or two or perhaps three of intensive massaging, with little more than a few discreet words exchanged, Bert notices that lady Almond has fallen asleep.
This strong mysterious exotic woman has found peace at his hands.
Bert's stomach is all a flutter.
He thinks he may be in love!
No. 277861 ID: 543aa6

dawww. well you probably shouldn't touch her anywhere. maybe leave her a note on where she can find you when she wakes up and give her a kiss on the back of the head
No. 277862 ID: 40cb26

Don't do anything here and now. Just put yourself together and be on your way, you can probably talk to her tomorrow after she rests and offer her further... services, as she may need.
No. 277863 ID: 94bae0

Look kid don't get all head over heels yet, you just met her and you are still just a squire. It was your duty.
No. 277864 ID: 950529
File 128538669554.png - (35.24KB , 874x590 , 21.png )

Bert constrains his excitement. He's had enough for today anyway. Perhaps tomorrow brings a kiss?
He writes a short note for her and placed it at her pillow as he gives her a soft peck on the head.

Full of butterflies he makes his way down the hallway back to the Squire quarters. But just upon entering the opposite wing, he hears a familiar roar rumble down the hall.
"Bert! Where did you take off to the entire afternoon?! Do you think you're above training like the rest of us?!"
It's milady Elissa Kindlespirit, a bit little very much angrier than usual.
No. 277865 ID: 543aa6

you were given a special mission from that old dude, you bitch
No. 277866 ID: 40cb26

Tell her the Champion had tasks for you for some time. Try not to smile like an idiot as you say this. In case you aren't sure, that's what you have on right now.
No. 277867 ID: f24a28

"please for give me, i meant no disrespect. i was asisting the champion"
No. 277868 ID: 543aa6

500 GET
No. 277869 ID: 950529
File 128538942682.png - (24.79KB , 874x590 , 22.png )

"Forgive me!", Bert exclaims, "I was performing tasks for the visiting Champion."
"Are you telling me I wasted all these years training you to see you become a bloody servant?! FORGET IT! Get outside and keep running laps around the courtyard until I'm back from dinner! And if I even SMELL that you took a break, I will break your knees! NOW GET OUT OF MY FACE!"
No. 277870 ID: 543aa6

what a cunt
No. 277871 ID: 543aa6

Well okay you should probably go run laps. Maybe Almond will come out and be like, o what a sexy little squire runnin around all sweaty like. oh squire! comere and get me sweaty too~
No. 277872 ID: f24a28

go do laps. before she eats you. try for her heart strings and say "i just wanted to be useful" when you run off
No. 277873 ID: 40cb26

Tell her "You trained me to be a squire, who serves a knight. I was honored to help her." Then fucking book it.
No. 277874 ID: 543aa6

nah we shouldn't make her angrier
No. 277875 ID: 3531db

It may be prudent not to let anyone know you took it upon yourself to serve the champion.. too late now though. But, in any case, I suggest you get your ass to training without a complaint, you may have a shot yet! YOUR EFFORTS SHALL BE POWERED BY LOVE, then fear of Elissa, BUT MOSTLY LOVE! To becoming a champion's squire!

..or servant. Though I suppose a champion's servant is better than a knightless squire.
No. 277876 ID: 543aa6

champion is higher than a knight isn't she? so he could be her squire? 9_6
No. 277877 ID: 950529
File 128539086968.png - (48.09KB , 874x590 , 23.png )

"You trained me as a squire,", Bert tries to reason, "so I wanted to put your efforts to use--"
A swift backhand later, Bert finds himself running laps around the courtyard.
The butterflies, those still alive, in his stomach are apt at keeping hunger at bay, but after a full day his limbs begin to ache, and his head feels light, with the bruise not helping.
He's not sure how much more he can run, but he's not sure about getting his knees broken either.
No. 277878 ID: 543aa6

go hide
No. 277879 ID: 3531db


A champion's all well and good, but they're not inherently noble. To my knowledge, they own no land and have no title past champion. A knight on the other hand, does.

Still, a champion could always be knighted somewhere down the line I suppose.
No. 277880 ID: f24a28

ouch. run till those knees buckle. then crawl.pray she gets drunk and forgets about you for the day.
No. 277881 ID: 40cb26

Technically you aren't taking a break if you walk or do a light jog.
No. 277882 ID: e31d52

Just keep on running.
No. 277883 ID: 3531db


..Say, does the guest chambers face the courtyard? Maybe your champion is watching you train.

..or at least she'll eventually be disturbed by the noise of your equipment clanking and come get you.
No. 277884 ID: 543aa6

No. 277885 ID: 950529
File 128539228012.png - (46.13KB , 874x590 , 24.png )

Bert keeps running...
No. 277886 ID: 950529
File 128539229386.png - (45.17KB , 874x590 , 25.png )

...and jogging...
No. 277887 ID: 950529
File 128539231138.png - (36.45KB , 874x590 , 26.png )

...and walking...
No. 277888 ID: 950529
File 128539239581.png - (22.78KB , 874x590 , 27.png )

...and wakes up in bed to the sound of horns.
Sounds like Sir Kindlespirit and his sons are riding out.
Bert feels awful. His muscles ache all over.
No. 277889 ID: e31d52

oh noes

they're gonna leave without you~
No. 277890 ID: 40cb26

Eh, good riddance. Sore as you may be, try to stretch out a little and loosen up. You'll be better off if you suddenly need to do something.

So, somebody picked you up and put you in bed. I get the feeling Elissa just would have left you there and maybe kicked you a bit. You don't suppose Almond took you to bed this morning? Is she still there in the room with you? Did she strip you naked?
No. 277891 ID: 543aa6

I bet almond helped you. Let's look for her or wait for someone to come in and pretend to be asleep still
No. 277892 ID: 950529
File 12854373706.png - (36.61KB , 874x590 , 28.png )

Bert looks around for a bit. He's relieved to see it's just his room.
He doesn't smell horrible, so someone must have stripped and perhaps even bathed him when he was out, and a cold meal and mead waits on the bedside chair.

Bert gets up and does some stretches to lessen that terrible aching. He's feeling a bit unsure of what to do now.
With his lordship and the Champion riding off to battle, that leaves Lady Kindlespirit and her two daughters Elissa and Maribelle as the acting command.

Bert wouldn't mind 'pretending' to be asleep some more, or 'pretending' to eat that cold meal.
No. 277893 ID: 543aa6

dude you're surrounded by bitches. you gotta bang one. let's eat a little food and then lay back down like, oh woe is me, my poor little body. maybe elissa found you and felt bad about yelling at you because she found you passed out and you were all dead and she put you in your room and all that shit. maybe she's not as cold hearted after all
No. 277894 ID: 50dc5b

Yeah, milady Elissa Kindlespirit sounds like she may be the tough love type. Perhaps she was worried about you riding out and getting killed in battle? It still doesn't excuse her from running you into the ground though, especially without a meal.

Quit pretending and eat the meal. You're probably starving at this point. There's nothing wrong with taking your time eating, though.
No. 277895 ID: 950529
File 128544013041.png - (32.16KB , 874x590 , 29.png )

Bert finds it hard to believe Elissa would do that. At best, she'd tell someone else to do it, but more likely is that someone else found him before Elissa did.
From the moment he arrived at the castle, when she was still a teenager, she had been cold to him. Everyone else treated him with casual indifference, since he had no knight to look up to and no noble background to call on, but she always went out of her way to make his life difficult.

Bert eats his meal with delight and gets back into bed. He's sure no one will notice if he sleeps for another hour..
..or two..
..or three....

A sudden scream breaks him from his slumber.
As Berts eyes adjust to the light, more sounds of battle reach is ears: steal on steal, yelling, screaming, the subtle thwang and whistle of arrows. A brave "HOLD THE LINE!" suddenly silenced.
No. 277896 ID: 543aa6

we should probably get up and go check out what's going on outside. Look out your window maybe
No. 277897 ID: dad664
File 128544037052.jpg - (91.07KB , 453x690 , 453px-HighTemplar_SC2_Head1.jpg )

No. 277898 ID: 50dc5b

We are so at war with somebody. A quick look outside might give you an idea of the situation, but make it a QUICK look. You don't want your head taken off by an observant archer.

Either way, let's get out of bed and get moving. Where the heck is your clothing (and presumably weapons and armor)?
No. 277899 ID: 950529
File 128544301159.png - (49.53KB , 874x590 , 30.png )

Bert's armor and weapons are probably in his closet. He has a small room and all his belongings have always stayed in there, unless someone purposely took them from him.
He looks out the window. The crest- It's the Crown's men! With over half the force riding at sir Kindlespirit's side, the castle is quickly being overwhelmed.
No. 277900 ID: 50dc5b

Plus side: Lady Almond looks like she's doing alright.

Minus side: This is a lot worse than we though.

Get over to the closet and get suited up. Let's hope that Elissa drilled you in putting armor on quickly and efficiently, because we can't take our time. Be sure to look both ways in the hallway before leaving the room - we don't want to get ambushed on our way out.
No. 277901 ID: 40cb26

You aren't a enough of a warrior to jump into the middle of all that, but you still have a duty to do what you can. And besides being unarmed and unarmored isn't going to help you survive so get equipped as fast as you can and head out. If you armor is too fiddly then just grab your weapon. You should focus on saving fair damsels if it comes up, or otherwise just not dying.
No. 277902 ID: 543aa6

Even if you aren't a great warrior, you should try to be the support and get new swords for the better fighters or help our people get more *war things*. basically being their bitch and fetching things for them. Obviously, put on your armor and shit
No. 277903 ID: 3531db

The Crown, as in THE CROWN? It's not just some pompous baron or something? What in the hell did your lord Kindlespirit do to piss off the king? We need more information!
No. 277904 ID: 543aa6

wait so almond is a bad guy?
No. 277905 ID: 3531db


Bad girl. Woman. Lady.


It certainly seems that way though. You think she waged war on hour home just for us? That's so sweet~
No. 277906 ID: 950529
File 128545349746.png - (43.14KB , 874x590 , 31.png )

Bert has indeed been drilled into putting his armor on quickly, and this is simple padded cloth with a bit of leather. He puts it on in no time, straps on his buckler and grabs his sword.

Bert ponders if it may have been imposters, but there's no mistaking the soldiers superior arms. These are the Crown's men, paid for by the kingdoms worth of taxmoney.
It certainly looked like lady Almond was fighting alongside them in the courtyard. She is a Champion of the Crown after all.

Stepping out into the hallway, Bert sees that the soldiers already passed through her. It looks like they only missed his room because the fellows from the next room gave them some trouble. Jan and Jon, twins with a promising future, lie diced to pieces in the doorway.
No. 277907 ID: f24a28

proceed with caution. if these are really the crowns men and weapons that shield wont hold up to more than one or two hits.
No. 277908 ID: 50dc5b

Well, that causes problems.

Actually, that doesn't make sense at all. Why would she stop at the invading castle shortly before an attack? To announce the intent to attack from an invading army merely a day away? To lead Sir Kindlespirit into an ambush? Whatever happened, it looks like Kindlespirit was routed or overwhelmed in the fight, for the combat to fall all the way back here.

I wonder how Lady Almond will think of us?

Well, regardless of what is happening, we should probably be doing SOMETHING. There are likely to be noncombatants stuck in the castle (Maribelle?) and since we won't accomplish much by jumping into the middle of the melee, let's see what we can do to help them. Where is the kitchen or servant quarters? That would be the first place to look.

Do we know of any tunnels or escape routes to take?
No. 277909 ID: 40cb26

Who here among your people are not warriors? Servants and children? If you can find someone you might be able to help escape that would be a good thing to do and might not be total suicide.
No. 277911 ID: 950529
File 128546066140.png - (51.01KB , 874x590 , 32.png )

Bert figures that if he hurries to the servant's wing, he might be able to occupy any of the Crown soldiers while they escape.
As he rushes down the halls, one of the doors to the courtyard suddenly opens. Bert freezes and is ready to dash the opposite direction, but it's Elissa, breathing hard in awful gurgling way, her hand still holding on to her blade.
It takes a moment for her eyes to focus on Bert.
"Bert?!", she scrapes, "You survived?"
"Y-yes! But no one else from my wing d-did.", Bert manages to reply.
"The- Ugh-- The Crown's men systematically butchered all of our soldiers remaining here. They.. augh.. They've passed through the barracks and your wing and are heading for Father's tower now- Uhn-- But they won't- They won't find anything. Mother and Maribelle already got away. Come on.. It will buy us time while we evacuate the servants-"
No. 277912 ID: 50dc5b

Help her! The two of you need to move quickly if you're going to evacuate anyone.

That wound looks pretty bad, though. I'm not sure how well she will hold up after the fighting is over...
No. 277913 ID: 40cb26

Agreed, help her. She may not have much breath to spare, but ask her why this is happening.
No. 277914 ID: 50dc5b

Or at least ask her what happened, even if she doesn't know why.
No. 277915 ID: 950529
File 12854711585.png - (57.48KB , 874x590 , 33.png )

Bert rushes down the hallway to the servant wing with Elissa.
"What's going on? Why is the Crown attacking?", he finally dares.
"We've been betray- uh- betrayed! Father was just given the order to move out so the Crown could easily overtake the cast- ugh- castle."
Bert opens his mouth to speak, but closes it again, unsure of what to say.
He continues with a lump in his throat, ashamed that he can not do anything to help.

As they reach the kitchen the harsh stench of blood reaches them. Elissa kicks in the door, her sword raised.
The servants are strewn across the floor, all their wounds similar, as if executed. Lady Almond stands in the middle.
"You still live. Will you tell me where Lady Kindlespirit is now?"
Elissa's reply comes without hesitation. "Shut up and die, traitor!"
No. 277916 ID: 94bae0

She betrayed your lord, your trust, and your hospitality. You know what you must do.
No. 277917 ID: f24a28

flank her as best you can. elissa will need all the help she can get right now. are there any loose utensils you can throw? it is a kitchen isnt it? see if there are any coals or embers
No. 277918 ID: 40cb26

...This is out of your hands, boy. Your only chance now is to pray for a miracle that won't likely come, then run like hell or hope for mercy. Almond may indeed spare your life, her fellows would not. But then, harmless servants lay dead...

Shout to her "WHY!?!" that may distract her for a critical moment. It's the most you can do to help Elissas chances.
No. 277919 ID: 950529
File 128547566735.png - (63.97KB , 874x590 , 34.png )

Bert realizes this is completely out of his hands. The best he could do is run away and leave milady to die.. but it doesn't feel right at all! Only yesterday he first touched a woman and fell for her, and now the same woman is destroying all he knows.
It's not right at all!
"Why?!", suddenly escapes from Bert's mouth as swords clash, "Why are you doing this?!"
The Champion, easily keeping the exhausted and wounded Kindlespirit heir at a distance, glances over to Bert, a lack of emotion in her eyes.
"Waste your breath not with questions, boy. Upon facing death the weak should pray for their and their protectors souls-"
"BERT IS NOT WEAK!!" Lady Elissa's sudden roar rumbles through Bert's spine - The Champion flinches just long enough for the Elissa to strike down with the last of her strength. Foreseeing her imminent death, the Champion lunches forward, driving her sword almost entirely through her opponent.
A mist of blood sprays in all directions. The women stand, shaking with the last of their strength, then drop to the ground.
No. 277920 ID: 50dc5b


Go check on Elissa, Bert. A sword in the side isn't immediately fatal, and you should at least see what you can do for her.

And I'm sorry to say it, but it looks like your relationship with Lady Almond is over. It turns out she was a bit of a dick anyways.
No. 277921 ID: cf68aa

First aid! do something! Heal her! Is there anything around to stop the bleeding!?
No. 277922 ID: 543aa6

Good lord what did I miss while I was at the mall?

Bert, you need to get out of there with or without milady Elissa. Lady Almond probably wouldn't kill you though. I just get the feeling she won't.
No. 277923 ID: 40cb26

Go and comfort Elissa if you can, if she is still there. She really did care about you...
No. 277924 ID: 950529
File 12854800316.png - (37.85KB , 874x590 , 35.png )

Bert drops his sword and rushes over to Elissa's side.
She gargles and chokes up blood, shivering wildly, but at least it means she's still alive.
Bert kneels before. Elissa's grabs him by the shoulders, her hands shaking. "B-bert.. uh.. I'm sorry.. I'm s-so sorry- uh-"
"W-what? What are you saying, milady?"
No. 277925 ID: 950529
File 128548027610.png - (39.75KB , 874x590 , 36.png )

"When you first arrived h-here... All those- uh- All those y-years ago.. You looked so scared.. s-so vulnerable, in the m-middle of a new place.. no one you knew.. I- ugh- I just.. I wanted to give you a hug.. I wanted to take c-care of you.. But- But then I realized, w-what if I wouldn't be around-- ugh-- You- You'd get trampled by everyone.. You had to be- You had to become strong.. and- and independent-- Bert.. Oh Bert.. I tried to be a good example-- But even now you get mocked-- And now I'm dying.. Oh Bert... Bert.. I'm so.. I'm.. I'm so sorry... so... sorry...."
No. 277926 ID: dfe339

No. 277927 ID: 543aa6

No. 277929 ID: 950529
File 128548213497.png - (35.96KB , 874x590 , 37.png )

Bert can't find any words as Elissa's figures slowly slumps against him. He hesitantly wraps his arms around her.
Her gargled breathing stops.

She suddenly looks so small.
No. 277930 ID: dfe339


No. 277931 ID: f24a28

she said her mother and maribelle already escaped. they are probably already in hiding. you should try to escape and alert lord kindlespirit. he probably isnt even aware of this yet.
No. 277932 ID: cf68aa

lay her body down and grab your blade.
It's avenging time!
No. 277933 ID: cf68aa

Actually this sounds better.
But still take your blade!
No. 277934 ID: 543aa6

No. 277935 ID: f24a28

see if there are any surviving servants, let them know they aren't taking prisoners and that you need to escape (with them)
No. 277936 ID: b5ca89

Sir Kindlespirit and his sons rode out with the rest of the troops before the Crown's men arrived. They've either been misled elsewhere, killed in ambush, or are currently fighting in defense of the castle. Unless there is another Lord Kindlespirit that I forgot, I don't think he needs alerting about anything.

Our first priority would be getting out of here alive. We can save any servants we come across, but the way the Crown's men are acting, we will just get killed if we run around looking for survivors. Hopefully, some of the servants found a way out on their own.

Try to ask Elissa where you should go. Having a destination when you leave the castle will be better than wandering aimlessly.
No. 277937 ID: 950529
File 128552931279.png - (42.70KB , 874x590 , 38.png )

Bert carefully lays Ellisa's body on the floor and closes her eyes. It's time for him to get moving again.
He grabs his sword and heads to the servant's entrance, which he assumes was where Elissa and the executed servants were heading as well.

There is no opposition between the kitchen and the exit. They must all still be busy in the lord's tower.

Bert makes it to the castles back yard, where only a small gate leads to the outside. Two of the Crown's men stand watch at it, and Bert can hear the ringing of more armored men out of sight.
No. 277938 ID: f24a28

youll probably need a distraction of some sort or to move real fast. how good are you with horses?
No. 277939 ID: 543aa6

it looks more like a mule than a horse, which would be good for out-running as they're usually faster than horses. anyway, we should sneak over and saddle up and escape
No. 277940 ID: 950529
File 128554220541.png - (95.74KB , 874x590 , 39.png )

Bert makes a mad dash for the horse and grabs the reigns, pulling into into a gallop. Between his own ambition and Elissa's intensive training, he has between proficient in many things one may need on the battlefield, handling horses being one of them.

The cart storms through the gate, and before the soldiers can respond their yells already sound like distant whispers.

Bert keeps the horse running, only letting it slow to a hasty gallop when the castle passes out of sight.
No. 277941 ID: 543aa6

k once we're like, in a good area, maybe slow him down a bit more and see what's in the cart
No. 277942 ID: f24a28

they probably dont want any survivors soon as you can id get off the road and try to hide till you can come up with a plan
No. 277943 ID: 950529
File 128554703940.png - (33.21KB , 874x590 , 40.png )

Bert gets a considerable distance away from the castle before he feels comfortable to think.
Simply getting off the road won't do much to hide him, as the Hilltop area is mostly rolling grassy hills.
He'll need a destination, unless he's going to set up camp at a random location.
No. 277944 ID: 40cb26

We need to figure out where the crowns forces are least likely to find us. You can head to the northan coast village, it isn't the nearest but more likely that the crown isn't there yet. If you are really close to the western one head there but be ready to dash at the slightest sign of the enemy. Either way look for shelter as you go and be damn careful.

Also, check the contents of the cart.
No. 277945 ID: 01285d

Taking stock sounds like a good idea.

From there, our primary concern is not getting caught. Does this road lead directly to the next village? Because as soon as they finish up in the castle, they will begin looking for survivors - and the road we took will be a very high priority on their list.
No. 277946 ID: f24a28

until we can confirm that lord knightly is actually dead we need to find him and alert him to the attack, i would head in the last known direction of his army
No. 277947 ID: 543aa6

well I assume the king's in the castle at da bay so we should find where the wimmins is hidin first and not go to the bay
No. 277948 ID: 950529
File 128555932314.png - (41.81KB , 874x590 , 41.png )

Bert figures it's best that he get off the most obvious route and head north, the unassuming fisherman's village. With rocks and shallows, the northern coast allows little oppertunity for large ships, and is thus dominated by independent fishermen, whose produce heads through Hilltop to the rest of the island.
He has no idea where sir Kindlespirit was headed. Right now he just needs a place to rest and make plans.

Heading up the north path, Bert lets the horse trot at a peaceful pace so he can turn around and check the carts contents. Lifting the sheet he finds it is mostly filled with produce and a little bearded figure, wearing a large hat and coat, and carrying a crooked wooden staff.
It calmly nibbles on an apple while Bert stares in disbelief, until it finally talks in a highpitched voice. "Well, you haven't killed me yet, so I assume you're on the run too. Good youre here. I can't handle horses, you see. Hiding was the best I could do."
No. 277949 ID: dad664

Obtain apple.

Eat apple with your new bro.

No. 277950 ID: 01285d

Ask if the bearded fellow is a gnome. Gnomes can bring good luck on a journey, after all.
No. 277951 ID: f24a28

apologize for the rough riding ask the old man if he knows of any nearby settlements he'd like to be dropped off at.
No. 277952 ID: 543aa6

I see a lady's leg.

oh yeah.
No. 277953 ID: 950529
File 128556248620.png - (52.96KB , 874x590 , 42.png )

Bert has no idea what to think of this. It is confusing and a bit unsettling at best.
"Uh.. Wou- Uh, would you like to sit on the front with me?", he finally stutters.
The girl nods and he helps her onto the seat, where she happily continues eating her apple.

A moment of one-sided awkwardness passes before Bert can speak again. "So, uh.. Are you a gnome..? By any chance..?"
The girl shakes her head. "No, I'm Greybrow. I'm a lorekeeper."
"..I.. I see.. I'm Bert Windleflood.. Uh, I'm heading to the north. Is there anywhere I can drop you off?"
"No, that's okay, I'll go there too."
No. 277954 ID: 01285d

Well then, at least she seems content for the moment.

You really need to work on your conversation skills there, Bert. You break out in a sweat every time you start talking to a woman. How about asking her how she ended up in the back of a cart, for starters. Also, you might try asking about what kinds of lore she has collected.
No. 277955 ID: 40cb26

Little girl with her hair tied in a fake beard and wearing a wizard outfit. Yeah... umm... we should... probably call her on this eventually. I don't suppose you recognize her through as someone in particular through the clever disguise?

But dude whoever it is you should feel proud of yourself. You saved someone.
No. 277956 ID: 543aa6

...touch her boobs
No. 277957 ID: 950529
File 128556897091.png - (39.74KB , 874x590 , 43.png )

This isn't something Bert can be proud of. The rescue was simply by chance - Though he is certainly happy that chance turned out this way.
Socializing isn't one of his strengths. Bert has spend all his time training for any kind of honorable encounter, as long as they are violent.
"So, uh- How did you, uh, how did you end up in the cart?", he tries again.
"Well, I was hungry." Greybrow takes another bite of the apple.
"Did you see any of the fighting?", Bert asks, surprised at how oblivious the girl seems.
"No, I was hiding already. It sounded pretty bad, though. I'm glad we made it out."
Bert nods. He is reminded not everyone experiences the world like he does.
He clears his throat and swallows the memory for now. "Can I ask what kind of lore have you collected?"
"Oh! Well, I can tell you!" Greybrow's voice increases in pitch with enthusiasm. "You know the island is called Dwemer Torn because they thought the builders of all the ruins destroyed themselves with magic? That's not true at all! The weather changed and all the crops kept being ruined, so everyone took up and left. They knew as little about dwemer as we do!"
No. 277958 ID: cf68aa

Ask her where she is headed.
No. 277959 ID: 01285d

Interesting. Was it natural weather that ruined their crops? I mean, it seems strange that a place where people were living long enough to begin growing crops would suddenly develop different weather patterns and force everyone out.

Perhaps both histories are accurate, and there was some magic involved that drastically changed the weather?
No. 277960 ID: 40cb26

Chat with her for a bit about whatever interests her, then say something along the lines of "Aren't you uncomfortable with your hair tied in front of your face like that?" If she continues to play dumb, just call her out. Nicely, as well as you can manage it.
No. 277961 ID: a41aaf

Huh. If the weather has changed again and crops are failing, the Crown maybe attempting to carry on as usual in order to avert panic and maintain control, but would swiftly be running out of food and capital. That could be reason enough to wrest control of wealthy (and fertile, it is a farm after all) estates from mostly independent nobles. If this is so, it's also likely that some sort of trumped-up charges have been made against Sir Kindlespirit and his family and estate, so you may want to avoid revealing your identity, at least as a resident of the Kindlespirit estate for now. It sounds like you weren't too well known outside oft he estate, so you may well be able to use your real name.
No. 277962 ID: 543aa6

I think she's lying and she was hiding for a reason. Why else would she be dressed up? I didn't read the other responses but I'm sure they'll tell you something better
No. 277965 ID: 950529
File 128561651160.png - (47.76KB , 874x590 , 44.png )

"I see." Bert nods politely. He clears his throat. "Where were you heading?"
"Oh, well, I was on a quest to gather lore, of course. I have done so for a long time."
Bert goes silent again. He can'tt ake this anymore.
"Uhm.. You know, I don't mind, but..", he dares, "Your disguise is easily seen through. It looks rather uncomfortable too."
He braces himself for the response, but Greybrow just unties her hairmustache and pushes the hair out of her face. She silently stars.
Bert breaks the tensed silence, "Why did you disguise yourself?"
"Little girls aren't lorekeepers."
"Then what were you doing at Castle Hilltop?"
"I ran away from home to study with aunty Maribelle. She's not an old man but people still listen to her, so, you know.. Well, I guess you should just take me home."
No. 277966 ID: 40cb26

"And where is it you live, miss...?" If she's family to Maribelle she and her family might also be in danger, the Crown seemed hell bent on eradicating her family there and who knows where that might stop? Don't say so much yet though, we don't want her to freak out. If she lives close maybe we can try to do something before the crowns men arrive.
No. 277967 ID: 950529
File 12856224928.png - (50.13KB , 874x590 , 45.png )

"Where do you live?", Bert asks.
"Wargold Keep, across the swamp. But you were going north, right? Well, maybe I could find a caravan to join.."
Bert realizes Wargold Keep is home to Sir Glorybuck, who had a fierce rivalry with Sir Kindlespirit for as long as Bert can remember.
"Might I know your real name now, madam?"
"Huh? Oh, I'm Annarose Glorybuck. I guess my brow isn't really grey anyway.."
No. 277968 ID: 950529
File 128562300826.png - (34.12KB , 874x590 , 46.png )

New location unlocked.
No. 277969 ID: 40cb26

Well it's not like you're going to stay in that village, it's just the nearest safe place to avoid the Crowns men. If you really wanted to get to Wargold Keep it would be better to get a boat at the village and sail back around the swamps and nearby isles. But let's get more info before doing anything hasty.
No. 277970 ID: 06e919

>"I guess my brow isn't really grey anyway.."
"No, it's not. You make a good lorekeeper, though."

Do we know anything about the village we are riding towards? At the very least, a name would be good. How long it would take to get there would also be desirable, so we know how long we have to travel.

Beyond that, I think we need to start planning on how to get away from our daring little escape. We left the castle on a mule-driven cart while wearing the heraldry of Sir Kindlespirit. Simply wandering into a town with a mule-driven cart full of produce, which we don't plan on selling, wearing the heraldry of Sir Kindlespirit would be rather memorable to the townsfolk, unless it is closer to a large city. Disguises, or at least removing your armor and thinking up a cover story, are something we need to start considering.
No. 277971 ID: 950529
File 128563179698.png - (41.49KB , 874x590 , 47.png )

"It's alright.", Bert replies, "We'll just make a stop at the village and I'll escort you home from there."

They continue their travel north and hit the village at dusk. Bert lets the horse graze just outside. From here he can calmly decide on what to do.

Bert has no idea what the village is called. He has spend no time on learning topography.
No. 277972 ID: cf68aa

First thing we should do is check any available boats. See if there are some for rent/sale and the prices.
No. 277973 ID: 06e919

Do either of you have any money? Probably not, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

Is there any money on the cart? Unlikely, given that it was hauling produce inside the castle, but it is possible it is a merchant cart and there is a small amount stashed into a corner.

If it is evening, we should be looking into a place to stay after checking to see when the boats will leave. Unless we can find some money, this may mean camping out a little distance from town, or even working for a place to sleep.

Also, take off the armor. Two kids transporting fruit is a lot less suspicious than a young soldier just happening to walk through town.
No. 277974 ID: f24a28

i would go to the market and sell the produce, then auction off the wagon get a good saddle with the profits and some traveling supplies like robes,bed rolls and rations. do not sell the horse unless absolutely necessary. tavern may be a good place to get some information but i would hide the crest till you know whats going on politicly.
No. 277975 ID: 40cb26

Marketplace and auction? Inventory and funds check! What do we got? Besides the horse and cart, of course. We can probably sell those if we aren't using them from here on.
No. 277976 ID: 950529
File 128563591041.png - (20.68KB , 874x590 , 48.png )

"Do you have any coins on you?", Bert asks Annarose.
She shakes her head silently and looks down. Bert pats her on the shoulder reassuringly. "It's alright."

Bert is no good at disguises, and hiding, and smooth talking, and what not. He's no socialite and certainly no scoundrel!
He'd rather keep his hauberk where it is. It makes him feel more confident.

Bert can't stand in the middle of the marketplace and sell things! That's what the auction house is for!
He enters it. An old man is still doing paperwork. "Can I help ya?"
"I have a horse and wagon to trade for a boat."
"Hm? You don't mean the other way around? No, you don't look like you're from here. Most people try to leave this craphole instead of moving in, mind my words. There's a lot of offers of boats for horse and wagons. Shall I sign you up so people can bid their boats and whatever extra on your horse and wagon, or shall I just look up the best offer thats available right now?"
No. 277977 ID: 06e919

This guy seems to have the remarkable capability of not caring, which I guess is a good thing for us. Ask him if he knows how much it would be to get a ride on an outgoing ship, or at least what ships are leaving soon.

We'll probably want to sell the cart A.S.A.P. in either case. We kind of need to stay mobile, not to mention the money.
No. 277978 ID: 950529
File 128563826230.png - (21.24KB , 874x590 , 49.png )

Bert scratches his head a bit unsure. "Well, I didn't exactly plan to move in. I need the boat to get somewhere quickly. Do you know how much it will be to charter a trip?"
The man looks at him as if Bert is an idiot. "Are you simple, boy? This is Erdsalt. The water is too shallow for any big boats and our little fisherboats can't handle the high seas. Well, sometimes some Easterners come in with their outlandish vessels from Pandum's Landing. I don't trust them, though, and they probably can't use your horse and wagon."
No. 277979 ID: 40cb26

You won't need to cross the ocean, only to travel around the land. Ask him if the local boats can manage that much.

You've got a choice here, we can let this guy know you're on the run and why and hope he is more helpful, or avoid it in case it causes us problems now or later. I say don't mention all the facts to him, but if you need more cooperation you should inform whoever is in charge of the militia office about the actions of the Crown and see if they can help move things along somehow.
No. 277980 ID: cf68aa

ask if there are any alternate ways to get to Wargold Keep
No. 277981 ID: 06e919

I would say avoid mentioning anything. If it is a fishermen's village, then letting them know you are on the run from the crown won't suddenly get a large merchant vessel there. He seems helpful enough so far.

Well if we can't get there by boat, we will either need to hike there or travel there by cart. Apologize to the man for your ignorance, and see if he knows which direction a port town is located.
No. 277982 ID: 06e919

I would avoid mentioning our origin or destination, at least unless he becomes curious. Making it public knowledge that we are heading to Wargold Keep might be bad for our health, not to mention Sir Glorybuck.
No. 277983 ID: 950529
File 128564100252.png - (21.05KB , 874x590 , 50.png )

"Which way is the nearest portcity?", Bert asks, ashamed of his ignorance.
"Head south to Dwemer Bay. Only place the big ships can dock. There's Pandum's Landing, but that's full of Easterners."
"I just need to cross the swamp quickly."
"Why didn't you say so? The fisherboats can cross the swamp, but you won't find anyone willing to make the trip. Tales say the place is haunted. So you'll have to make a deal with the Easterners. They stop here to stock up wether theyre going east or west, but like I said, they don't want horses or wagons. Now I gotta get back to work. Come back when you're ready to do business, boy."
No. 277984 ID: 06e919

Thank him for his time. One last question, though: are there any Easterners currently in Erdsalt?

After that, let's head back to the wagon and Annarose. She might know another way through the swamp. Plus, we need to decide what we are doing for the night - no money means no staying at the inn.
No. 277985 ID: 950529
File 128564187872.png - (34.84KB , 874x590 , 51.png )

Location unlocked: Pundam's Landing
No. 277986 ID: 40cb26

See if you can sell the horse and cart or auction it for just money. No trading and you don't care about it being a fair deal. Just whatever you can get.
No. 277987 ID: 950529
File 128564451687.png - (41.48KB , 874x590 , 52.png )

"Is it possible to auction the horse and wagon off for just money?", Bert tries.
"That'd mean someone'd have to sell their boat to get that much money first, and no one wants to pay for another boat around here."
"I see. Well, uh, are there any Easterners in the village now?"
"I wouldn't know. They haven't come in here if they are. You'd have to check the inn or the militia office."
"Alright. Thank you for your time."
"Right. You come back when you want to get rid of your horse and wagon."

Bert heads out to the wagon again.
Annarose is eating her full of apples.
"Do you know how to get through the swamp?", Bert asks her.
"Huh? No? Why would I know that?"
"Well, you came from the other side."
"Yeah, but I went to Dwemer Bay first. It takes longer, but the main roads are best patrolled."

Bert is standing outside the village again.
No. 277988 ID: 40cb26

You could probably sell it fast for some small amount, but that's rather suspicious. Like, selling stolen goods suspicious. Which it sorta is. If we're going to be anything but subtle, we should take it to the militia office. But for now let's head to the inn and ask if any easterners are around.
No. 277989 ID: f24a28

well if we are gonna take her home shortest route would be thru the swamps a wagon probably wouldnt make it but a horse probably could save some of the food and sell the rest with the wagon (hopefully theres someone out there who really needs a wagon) try and get a saddle some camping gear and basic survival needs (compass bedroll ect)along with some rope then see what you can find out about the swamps from the inn or militia whether theres a known route or at least a partial route and anything you can find out about it being haunted would probably be useful too.
No. 277990 ID: 950529
File 128565334477.png - (62.89KB , 874x590 , 53.png )

No. 277991 ID: 950529
File 128565335650.png - (17.43KB , 874x590 , 54.png )

No. 277992 ID: 950529
File 128565336437.png - (13.30KB , 874x590 , 55.png )

No. 277993 ID: 950529
File 128565337365.png - (5.17KB , 874x590 , 56.png )

No. 277994 ID: 543aa6

I baw'd
No. 277995 ID: 28d4bd

And then Bert and Annarose lived happily ever after? ;_;
No. 277996 ID: 40cb26


Just... skip a bit until it picks up again? Please? ;~;
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