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File 129628259868.jpg - (142.68KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard1.jpg )
275888 No. 275888 ID: b6c6fc

over two thousand lives have been placed in my trust. I am their guardian and it is my duty to protect them all . . . I can only pray that I am worthy of such a task

another Adventure featuring Pelendina Zane!
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No. 275891 ID: b6c6fc
File 129628278675.jpg - (89.17KB , 489x311 , ColonyGuard2.jpg )

I am Star Gladiator Pelendina Zane and Space Marine of the Astranian Alliance. Under the watchful guidance of my Master Sergeant I have been appointed sole security commander of this colony ship and leader of the 10 marine specialist assigned to defend her. this assignment is designed to test my worthiness of command pending a promotion to the prestigious rank of Space Marine Sergeant.

the Only problem is there is absolutely nothing to do! how am I ever to prove my worthiness if there is not a single crisis to solve!

what should Zane do?
No. 275892 ID: c5628c

So, tell us about yourself and the colony.
No. 275893 ID: 701a19

That's easy, Zane.
We know what you are like, and what you are like is a bucket of stress. You need to relax so you can be ready when something finally does happen. Go get laid or something.
No. 275894 ID: c5628c

What's your destination? And if possible, ETA?
No. 275895 ID: 15b51b

First, tell us your current equipment loadout and skillset, so we'll know what you can do if there is an emergency.
No. 275896 ID: c5628c

A good workout is great for stress relief.
No. 275897 ID: 1aa4f8

Kick over that robot.
No. 275898 ID: 9cb4b3

First, tell us what's happened since your gladiatorial match and your head injury.

Second, go around and introduce yourself to everyone under your command if you haven't already as well as any superiors you may have and ask everyone about the status of all of their current assignments/tasks/duties/etc. Filling us in on who exactly is under your command, what they do and what their credentials are might help. Also, the limits and protocols that are associated with your task of defending the colony ship, as well as your resources.

Let's get this shit going. If there isn't a current crisis, we should prepare ourselves for the next one to minimize it's effects on the populace and the colony ship in general as much as possible, and be absolutely certain we can handle any situation at any time as possible. For now though, let's get ourselves acquainted with everyone under your command and what they do.

Also, how big of a ship are we talking here?
No. 275899 ID: 45be60

Maintain readiness, drill your team.
I know you have gotten used to the regularity of the arena, but remember, real war is long periods of boredom randomly broken up unexpected moments of panic. The boredom is the nice bit.
No. 275901 ID: 815cd1

Why, the answer is quite simple. If there is a lack of crises to solve, create one. Shoot out all the windows.

Or do these, I guess. If you wanna be RATIONAL about everything.
No. 275903 ID: 9cb4b3

Maintenance isn't boring at all. We can always make things more optimized and continuously get better at what we do.

This endless vigilance is also what makes a good soldier a good soldier, as well as a responsible leader.
No. 275906 ID: 55c4cf

Kick over the robot into other people to keep them on their toes.
No. 275908 ID: 4551bd

Don't kick over the robot. Irrational actions like that will make Gore question your abilities.

Also hey, how's your brain? No amnesia or anything?
No. 275913 ID: a919be

Inspect your new ship, a map layout would be handy. Also, do you have any sort of wrist-mounted PDA or Helmet HUD that can display said map, status of security officers and communicate with them easily?

Oh, and a schedule of your average day on the ship would be handy. You know, wake up at X time, breakfast at X time, etc. I'm assuming the officers work in shifts so who is your second in command? Kimb?
No. 275914 ID: a919be

Oh, and don't kick over the robot. That's stupid.
No. 275915 ID: 252e1b

What's that robot carrying? A crate of stuff?
No. 275921 ID: 9cb4b3

>How big of a ship are we talking here
By this I mean, how big is the ship itself in general, are the colonists in suspended animation in little (hah) tubes or are they active and moving around in living quarters and etc?

And is this a transport ship TO a colony or is the ship itself the colony?
No. 275927 ID: 252e1b


Call the robot over, ask what it is carrying, and if the package isn't volatile THEN kick the robot.
No. 275929 ID: 45df4f

Grab the robot and drop kick it
No. 275930 ID: 64eb2b

No crisis to solve? You're not looking hard enough. There's always something wrong if you look hard enough. Maybe someone's showing signs that they might screw something up at some indeterminate point in the future. Maybe the robots are showing signs of developing sentience and starting an uprising. They call it paranoid schizophrenia, I call it proactive security measures. Tomato, tomahto.
No. 275933 ID: b6c6fc
File 129628612353.jpg - (113.14KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard3.jpg )

634 hours, 45 minutes and 21 seconds ago we departed from the ForestWorld: Yerrot-X, in 327 hours 19 minutes and 59 seconds we will arrive at our destination the FarmingWorld: Kydalaska, at which point my mission will be complete

I have since made a full recovery, fortunately as any sort of brain damaged would have greatly limited my ability to serve the Alliance.
regardless I have chosen to take some time away from the competitive circuit. it might be best for me to hone my skill more before entering the ring again

the Robots are all loyal servants of the Alliance and deserve no such disrespect

SkillSet is almost exclusively limited to combat training, though I have being practicing my public speaking, and enemy negotiation/interigation skills

I am wearing a Mk5 light shielded combat suit, to replace me Mk4 suit that was recently destroyed, on my person I am carrying a TurboLaser, HandLaser, CutterAxe, 3 ion grenades, and mounted ScannerLight, I am also wearing a condensed powerpack on my back.

normally I also carry a disintegrator gun, but it is currently being Optimized by my team engineer
No. 275938 ID: 8d8786

As the person in charge (at least of security), and since part of the reason for your assignment is to climb the political ladder, you need to be recognizable. As a result, I suggest lowering your helm-visor thing unless necessary, thus allowing your face and person to be associated with the safety of the populace.
No. 275941 ID: 15b51b

Check up on the rest of the team. Are you pretty integrated, or was the team only formed for the mission?
No. 275960 ID: 4551bd

I agree with lowering the helm visor. Being a faceless astrakhan among billions is great for fear tactics and combat but here you are dealing with civilians and your own squad, where it's better to have a face to go along with your words. Of course drop the thing at the first sign of combat down to the closed position but while it's safe you might as well have it up. And yeah, check on the team and fill us in on who is who.
No. 276006 ID: b6c6fc
File 129631862192.jpg - (161.06KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard3.jpg )


this ship has the capacity to sustain it's populace for over 3 years, though most of the 2317 passengers will be departing once we Reach Kydalaska, 300+ citizens have permanent homes on the ship. All passengers are conscious and active, in the civilian sectors there are restaurants and stores set up.

I shall check up on my team
Kimb appears to be in engineering as usual
for Some reason Hoft is in the civilian sector
Huro is on the Bridge, I assume "protecting" the captian
Nizk, and Master Sergeant Gore appear to be in the female and male rest chambers respectively, Nizk is probably spleeping, Gore is probably drinking . . .
Pike, Koza and Dosk are all in the main hanger bay, gambling again I assume.
Powl is in the gym working out, I went there with him, I didn't stay too long, I prefer swimming, most Astranians don't, so this ship doesn't have a pool.

should Zane contact one of her team mates or do something else?
No. 276007 ID: 4232fe

A test of worthiness? Sending off a combat-oriented champion to look after a bunch of civilians on a colony ship?

Zane, have you ever pondered that maybe, just maybe, this isn't a promotion at all, but a demotion? Because, you know, 40 days might be enough for them to do something they don't want you to have your say in. Make decisions, sign papers, and BAM! You're stuck on a distant world "guarding the rear" for the next decade.
No. 276013 ID: 9cb4b3

Of your team, which are on duty? Or do they just sort of are on duty/off duty depending on what they feel like doing? Or is it your job to assign them to be on duty or off?

Why is Kimb usually in engineering, and what do you mean Huro is "Protecting" the captain? When you say it like that, it sounds like they're having an affair.

Also also, what are the robotic forms of security on the ship and can you be notified of any abnormality at once by the ship's robots, cameras, scanners, etc?
No. 276014 ID: 9cb4b3

Also, not everything is a conspiracy. Placing her in a team of ten sent to protect two thousand seems like a legitimate leadership test to me. For now, we should focus on the tasks we've been given and not let maybes of the future cloud our judgment.
No. 276023 ID: 2044dd

Zane: It seems like you're pretty far along in your mission already. What have you been doing so far?
No. 276025 ID: 8f7ec0

Wait, hey, does the MK5 suit have less shields than the MK4? I noticed there seems to be more plates but less shield boob things.
No. 276031 ID: 701a19

Go check on Hoft.

Also, "optimizing" is techspeak for "screwing around doing stupid things", like mounting a scope to the side so you can hold it sideways while firing. Or shooting cans of chemical propellant to watch the blast.

Really, would you honestly expect some random tech is going to be able to improve on the work of the best minds in Astartian weapons development? The mere thought of that is bordering on sedition!
No. 276049 ID: 4232fe

Oh, right. I forgot this isn't Planetfall.

I was just hoping to get Zane a little insane :<
No. 276062 ID: 9cb4b3

>Also, "optimizing" is techspeak for "screwing around doing stupid things", like mounting a scope to the side so you can hold it sideways while firing. Or shooting cans of chemical propellant to watch the blast.

No. No it isn't. That's called wasting supplies which is no doubt a violation of protocol regarding excess equipment. Besides, you're on a starship, shooting anything without a very good reason is a very bad idea.

Holding guns sideways is only what idiots do. They are made to be held properly and a soldier knows better.

If you desire to practice targeting there is no doubt a firing range somewhere on the ship and your team engineer can help you with weapon maintenance if you want to know more about how to do that.

In fact, if you want a task right now that wouldn't be too shabby of something to do, so maybe next time you can work on your disintegrator gun yourself.
No. 276073 ID: 28e94e

The joke is that IRL the US military is known for wasting resources stupid pointless projects like that, and despite being much more advanced the Astranians do exactly the same thing

Zane: Find Hoft, make sure he isn't going crazy and/or trying to steal heavy weapons from the armory, then admire his hairdo
No. 276081 ID: 9cb4b3

Hoft is a clan name, pretty sure he's a different Hoft than Oken's Hoft.
No. 276085 ID: 28e94e

One can hope
No. 276087 ID: 28e94e

Disregard these, site was acting up
No. 276111 ID: b6c6fc
File 129633661612.jpg - (124.81KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard4.jpg )

usually half of us are supposed to be on duty at any given time, but since we literally have nothing to do, most our "on duty" consists of wearing our suits while we waste time with whatever activity seems most productive

Kimb knows what he's doing, there have been a lot of small advancements in RayTech weapon design since the Disintegrator Gun was produced, Kimb's just bringing it up to code

Zane decides to contact Hoft

Zane: "Hoft, Status report!"

Hoft: "Hey Zane, did you know they have fresh Skrynn Trout? they've got a tank set up and everything! damn this tastes good you should totally have some!"

Zane: "I'm not really hungry . . ."

what should Zane do now?
No. 276116 ID: 15b51b

Is it acceptable in your culture for 4 of your 10 teammates to be drinking and gambling? I'm just asking. That's quite a lot of drinking and gambling by some standards, but is pretty rigid and uptight by, say, dwarven standards.

You should go talk to one of the ship's engineers about a defensive plan in case of boarders. Figure out what parts of the ship are likely to be used by enemy boarding teams, what areas are best able to withstand smallarms fire and where the best choke points are.
No. 276117 ID: 1aa4f8

Zane should go drink and gamble.
No. 276118 ID: 8e18cd


Why not go see Geral... Hoft? That sounds delicious.
No. 276120 ID: 8c0848

Go get one of those trout. Nothing is happening and you could hold it between your paws and dip it in a stream between bites.
No. 276123 ID: e3f578

You've got nothing but time. Don't worry when you waste a little time and have some character exposition some bad shit will go down.

Trust me.
No. 276125 ID: 9cb4b3

Don't drink or gamble at all while you're on duty.

Fraternizing with the colonists might be a good idea, but let's check up on Kimb first.
No. 276141 ID: 0600c2

What're you going to do once you're done your mission?
No. 276171 ID: 9cb4b3

Actually, let's just call kimb as we make our way over to Hoft. If there's anything pressing we can just take the elevator/tram to a different part of the ship.
No. 276369 ID: b6c6fc
File 129637452852.jpg - (138.92KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard5.jpg )

Zane: "Kimb, Status report!"

Kimb: "what do you want now? I already told you I'll have the gun ready in another couple of hours"

Zane: "just making sure you're not slacking off"
No. 276373 ID: 15b51b

Let's go talk to some engineers about where enemies would likely try to board the ship.

Failing that, let's go talk to some civilians. Interact with them. Let them see your face.
No. 276381 ID: 45be60

Zane, you are eager to make a good impression for your superiors here, so let me give you some advice. You know that an effective leader has the respect of their subordinates. But I fear that your strict, cadet like adhesion to formal protocol in even casual down-time situations may be negatively affecting your squad's opinions of you. I am not suggesting that you "lighten up" or participate in their leisure activities or anything so unseemly as that. That would only make things worse. I just mean vary your approach from time to time in conversation. Lets start simple.

Contact Huro. Ask "Huro, is anything worth reporting happening up there?" Don't yell like you have a stick up your ass. Sound bored and mildly annoyed. Shouldn't be hard, given that you ARE these things.
No. 276401 ID: 9cb4b3

Bah, no, don't contact anyone else on the way there, they seem to have things under control.

Do lift up your helmet visor though before you go to talk to these people.
No. 276464 ID: 64eb2b

Those people look mighty suspicious. Find out what they're up to!
No. 276475 ID: 4e6f2b

thats some light military discipline.

uh. maybe thats what your boss wants? you could try to organize at least a bit of trainnning.
No. 276498 ID: b6c6fc
File 129642239676.jpg - (129.15KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard6.jpg )

Only the Master Sergeant is Drinking, he is my superior officer, I am not about to question his personal habits.
Pike, Koza and Dosk usually gamble in fully gear, the card games keep them alert, they could be ready to fight in a second

Zane approaches 2 crewmen

Zane: "pop quiz cadet!, if we're attacked by Pirates, what is the best location for them to make a boarding attempt"

Crewmen: "Sir! The Wishing Star's main weaknes is it's top center viewing deck, and bottom center main hanger bay. if approached immediately after a warp jump, we won't have time to shift our main cannons, creating an effective blindspot, on top of that. those location are also our lowest points of shielding, Sir?"

Zane: "very good, and I assume the extra deffence bots are still in place?"

Crewmen: "Sir, yes sir"
No. 276501 ID: 701a19

Zane, go looking for somebody attractive and ask them out on a date. Your social skills are sub par, and being able to interact with people beyond barking orders would make you much more valuable to the alliance.
Beyond that, your high-strung nature is going to result in ulcers. Your duty demands that you use down time to maintain a healthy psyche, which you have so far failed to do.
No. 276502 ID: 9cb4b3

That seems like a big design flaw. But oh well. We can only work with the cards we're dealt.

If you feel like you are completely ready for anything, go ahead and go socialize with Hoft.
No. 276571 ID: e18f6d

*furiously takes notes*

okay so maybe you should see some of the off duty personnel and bond with them, since the discipline doesnt seem to upset you?

>If you feel like you are completely ready for anything,
if this line doesnt set off any bombs that is.
No. 276637 ID: 20fc85

if you are continually stressed, the time you have to actively serve will be cut (stress causes faster aging)

Stress when it is time to stress, as we have found our weaknesses and prepped for anything.

Now is time to at least do some idle chatter or something...
No. 276638 ID: 28e94e

The hangar contains dozens of men in close proximity to an equal number of heavy gun turrets. I don't think defending it will be a problem.
No. 276673 ID: 192c6d


Hoft, eh? How's Oken doing? Has she been around at all or is she stationed elsewhere?
No. 276677 ID: b6c6fc
File 129645250812.jpg - (130.98KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard7.jpg )

I suppose a little break won't hurt

Zane chooses to join Hoft for dinner

Hoft: "it's soooooo tasty, I've had 5 already! num num num"


Ok fish time to see if your worth all the hype-

beeep, beeep, beeep

ugh, it's Huro, he's been an insufferable prick ever since the Sergeant placed me in line for promotion rather than him

Should Zane take the call?
No. 276679 ID: 9cb4b3

Always take the calls. Your subordinates wouldn't bother you if it wasn't important, and if they do bother you and it isn't important, you can chide them so they don't do it again. Win-Win.

Excuse yourself from Hoft and take the call.
No. 276682 ID: 1aa4f8

No she should ignore it and order a drink.
No. 276684 ID: 9a9984

Take the call. Don't risk missing something important.
No. 276685 ID: 6967cc

Take the call. If he's an insufferable prick this time pull rank on his ass and punish him for talking shit to his CO. What's a normal reprimand for this sort of thing? Only punish him if he called you for no reason of course.
No. 276693 ID: 15b51b

Zane: Accidentally drop a piece of food into your suit's collar. Spend ten minutes trying to fish it out.
No. 276700 ID: 8d8786

And proceed to smell like fish for a week.
No. 276726 ID: 6967cc

She has a muzzle and a tongue she could fish it back out with those
No. 276780 ID: b6c6fc
File 129649520419.jpg - (127.06KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard8.jpg )

Huro: "Zane! wasting time in the Colony hub I see? it's only a matter of time until Gore realizes how unfit for command you are, even drunk off his ass he's bound to notice sooner or later, you better watch yourself, and actually do your job for once"

Zane: "Jealousy doesn't suit you Huro-"

Huro: "whatever, I need your damn access permission to pick up some worthless piece of space trash, you gonna let me do my job? or should I get that bitch Captain to start whining at you for the next hour?"

Give access permission?
No. 276783 ID: 48cc5b

No. Fuck his shit. Go out and do it yourself.
No. 276784 ID: 44e94c

Inquire of said space trash.
No. 276785 ID: bf1e7e


If he wants to whine about you not doing things through the proper channels, don't give him permission until he describes the mission according to all regulations that one would normally require in order to request access permission.
No. 276790 ID: 8c0848

This. If he's going to bitch at you to follow regulation, bog his ass down in bureaucratic bullshit.
No. 276791 ID: 624c8c

"Butthurt" isn't the tone with which you ask access permission from a superior.

Ask him the details. What trash, what's he doing with it, when he'll be finished, all that stuff. Try to sound neutral and emotionless and ignore any insults he sends your way.
No. 276792 ID: 701a19

Are these conversations recorded? Could you play that "bitch captain" comment back?
If so, then play it back and tell him his disrespect will not be tolerated.

He's openly hostile and asking for permission to do something he left unspecified. There's a decent chance he intends to do something malicious and then claim he was acting under orders.

So do this!
No. 276793 ID: 15b51b

Yes. Give him access permission to go pick up space trash. Do not give him access permission to fuck anything up.
No. 276794 ID: 1aa4f8

Write him up for insubordination.
No. 276795 ID: dad664

"If it's such a worthless piece of space trash, why does it need security clearance?"
No. 276799 ID: 6967cc

First reprimand him for talking to a superior in such a manner, then relieve him of his post awaiting further punishment while assigning someone else to his duties.
No. 276829 ID: 701a19

No, that would seem petty.
Instead reprimand him for speaking of a superior officer like that.
No. 276838 ID: b6c6fc
File 129651333945.jpg - (215.29KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard9.jpg )

Zane: "for one criticizing my lax int duty, you seem to be over eager not only to breach protocol through shortcuts but to also show disrespect to 3 venerable officers, it's a small wonder you haven't found yourself in front a firing line yet"

Huro: "hell I was just trying to give us all a break from dealing with this shit,but if you wanna waste your time over analyzing trash, be my guest."

Huro disconnects

Captain: "Zane perhaps it will be best if I detail the situation for you, we've receive a beacon signal, from what appears to be some sort of old RayTech storage unit, the Beacon is in high military code, I doubt even the Master Sergeant has access to it. anyways a seeing as your chief security officer, I need your permission before we pull it in"
No. 276842 ID: 20fc85

This reminds me of something...
anyway, be sure to analyze thoroughly and take it in slowly. Have the cargo bay anti-hazard disintegrators ready in case it's hazardous.

I suggest being there while it's pulled in.
Explain your situation to your pal, eat up (like... just eat fast. You should have some food in you before any situation) and get to that cargo bay.
No. 276844 ID: 2563d4

You wanted to prove yourself, didn't you?

Go ahead and pull in the pod infested with alien mind control parasites. Your disaster has arrived! :3c
No. 276845 ID: 1854db

Get dat trash. Take every possible precaution however. Could be ANYTHING in there.
No. 276849 ID: 701a19

"Negative. Send out a shuttle to pick it up but do not bring it on board."

This could be anything from some old RayTech munitions, to a bioengineered weapon, to a trap set by pirates. There's no compelling reason to bring it onto a ship with 2000+ civilians on board before it's been properly inspected and found to be safe.

Have them wrap the fish in wax paper so you can eat it while you walk, and have Hoft accompany you.
No. 276861 ID: 8c0848

Bring it aboard under quarantine and alert your squad. They need to be there with their pew pew laser guns.
No. 276862 ID: 15b51b

Take a shuttle out with a team to open it up at a safe distance from the ship, in case it's a bomb.
No. 276893 ID: 642287

Send out a shuttle and have a team specialized for this sort of thing open it in EVA or on lard the shuttle. Make absolutely sure there is nothing in it remotely hazardous, explosive or alive before bringing it aboard and then keep it in quarantine until it has been thoroughly investigated a second time.
No. 276909 ID: 89fb14

finish feeding later.

a top secret sattelite is sending distress calls. you will either get vampires, zombies, mutants, mutant vampire zombies or killer robots to play with! its a win-win scenario!

also hail your home base about the sattelite. have it quarantined until they drop a line. and NOONE get to peek inside!
No. 276925 ID: b6c6fc
File 129652765295.jpg - (269.08KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard10.jpg )

Zane: "give me a moment Captain, I need time to figure out how to proceed"

hmmm our shuttles are little more than landing/docking skiffs, they have no salvage ability, let alone the cargo space to bring it aboard,

I could call Command, but it would take a couple hours, and I doubt they would have any practical advice

Zane: "Captain what have you learned about the pod?"

Captain: "the pod is built with magnatised Carbosteel, it's impossible to get a solid read on it, anything could be inside"

if I bring this thing aboard, what should my quarantine team consist of?
No. 276929 ID: 2563d4

>if I bring this thing aboard, what should my quarantine team consist of?

Why, your most trusted expendable personnel, of course.
No. 276935 ID: e85269

again with the uncredibly lax discipline. if it werent for the huge armor and the rank marking id say this is a mercenary army. oh wai-

hail command now. warn them of the pod and that you are just gettting it on board, without opening it. and lets hope that does happen uneventfuly.

get 2 engineers, a doctor and 1 3 redshirts as your team. if the operation demmands more, it neeeeeds to be nameless conscripts that are irrelevant to your fighting capatibility.

i swear, zane. a redshirt or that greedy fellow of yours will open the pod. and everyone will die because of some contrived military experiment gone wrong.

you need to make sure your greedy idiot friend gets the blame if that happens, so get him guard duty on the sattelite. if you wanna add him to the team, its not a bad idea.
No. 276940 ID: 476456

take people who totally dont want anything to do with strange space junk
No. 276956 ID: f6360f

If anything could be inside, have a security team on standby. Doesn't have to be anything big, just, say, make those guys do their gambling a bit closer.

If the beacon is in high military code, procedure probably dictates that you call up Command after getting it onboard and request the appropriate codes to open it. If that's not procedure, and instead you're just expect to crack it open, then just crack it open while being wary in case it's full of killbots or bioweapons or explosives or something similarly nasty.

People might get annoyed if you're overly cautious, but as chief of security it's your job to always recommend what will keep the ship safe.
No. 276957 ID: 252e1b

Did you bring any robots to kick? If you did you should send those.
No. 276976 ID: 67750a

I'm going to have to support this plan.
To fellow posters, if you ever played Homeworld: Cataclysm, you know that he only reason you survived the initial Beast infection was because the ship was designed to be able to break off parts due to it's modular nature before the infection spread.

We have no such modularity on this ship.

Send an expendable team with one trusted subordinate on a shuttle, along with scanning and forensic equipment. First insure safety, then analyze for origin.
Keep the shuttle at arms length from the ship for X hours for quarantine and protection from ambush in case we run into it's owners, or worse.
No. 276977 ID: f6360f

>if you ever played Homeworld: Cataclysm
>Homeworld: Cataclysm

Definitely keep the capsule well away during initial investigation.
No. 276980 ID: 383006

Zane you need to wash that in a tiny bowl what are you doing?!
No. 276992 ID: 67750a

Quick side question: Is the fish as good as advertised?
No. 277008 ID: b70394

We could always pull it onboard and NOT open it, just send it back to command if it looks dangerous. Either way, personnel should be in full EVA gear with magnet hoots so we can swiftly shoot anything dangerous out the airlock if need be without harming personnel.
No. 277055 ID: a41aaf

Perform the initial investigation in the airlock, with all personnel suited up and tethered. At the first sign of trouble, blow the outer doors and space the capsule. It's a a lot easier to retrieve a capsule on a known slow trajectory after a false alarm than to get rid of something nasty loose in the bowels of the ship.
If there's no precedent of living creatures preserved in capsules, I'd further suggest evacuating the airlock prior to opening. That way, any blast can only cause damage via shrapnel, not concussive effects.
No. 277090 ID: a8c77e

you may be paranoid. we can peform a small check with probes on the shuttle to see if it isnt any form of grey goo. the signal is encoded and functional, meaning that if it is a trap, its either inside the device or outside of it waiting to attack the ship.

wich is why most of the good soldiers should stay with only tecnical personnel on duty. so most of our fighting capatibility wont go away if we get grey goo'd.
No. 277099 ID: b70394

better safe than sorry better safe than sorry
better safe than sorry better safe than sorry
better safe than sorry better safe than sorry
better safe than sorry better safe than sorry
better safe than sorry better safe than sorry
better safe than sorry better safe than sorry
better safe than sorry better safe than sorry
No. 277217 ID: b6c6fc
File 129660149126.jpg - (341.21KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard11.jpg )

Dosk: "the pod is now secure in hanger bay 3, guarded by 12 BattleBots, and ready to eject into space at the first sign of trouble"

Zane: "good work soldier, you may now return to your pathetic gambling"

Dosk: "sure thing Zane"

I've sent a message to Command, asking for more information on this sort of thing, until I receive their instruction I suppose it's probably best to leave the pod unopened

what should Zane do now?
No. 277226 ID: a41aaf

>I suppose it's probably best to leave the pod unopened
SOMEONE is going to want to take a peek. Trying to hide the existence of the pod, or conceal it's nature, will only serve to increase curiosity. Worse, the crew, and guards especially, are so bored that even 'opening an old pod' has enough excitement to liven up the monotony.

Make it totally and explicitly clear that anyone attempting to open the pod will constitute a target for the BattleBots. AND actually program the BattleBots to do so (non-lethally if possible).
No. 277236 ID: 8a3493

you should have some humanoid watching over it.

last thing we want to discover is that it is indeed grey goo and the bots are now collecting materials for it.

put huro in charge of shift 1. hes more likely to get the blame if crap happens.
No. 277250 ID: e4bbab

Put the person fucking up in charge of something? Fuck no! We don't want to reward bad behavior. Send Hoft down to watch over it along with one other. Also, refrain from calling their gambling pathetic if it keeps them sharp. Go check up with the captain and your soldier keeping an eye on the captain, ask them about how everything is going on their end and if they've heard of crates like this being left out in deep space before.
No. 277255 ID: 701a19

Inspect the pod personally for any signs of damage or tampering. See if there's any label or other information on it. Keep your suit sealed, go in and out through decon.

Obviously you shouldn't open it.
No. 277341 ID: 3bd8af

You know what? Just go down with Hoft to take first shift personally and make small talk with him.

Ask him about his family, if he eats at that place often, what he thinks of your matches etc
No. 278103 ID: 815cd1

>12 BattleBots
Ziggo, Deadblow, Diesector, Biohazard, Backlash, Ginsu, Chin-Killa, Toro, Overkill, Son of Whyachi, Rammstein, and Vlad The Imapler?
No. 278110 ID: b6c6fc
File 129663276665.jpg - (303.43KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard12.jpg )

actually it was quite good, I didn't realize how hungry I was, I should make a note of eating more often

Zane and Hoft choose to go hanger bay 3

Hoft: "wow that's a pretty big pod"

Hmmm, everything looks fine. still It might be best if I assign someone else to guard this pod other than me. something feels very wrong with this thing and I'd prefer to keep a good distance from it. besides as chief of security, my other duties may make it difficult to pay full attention to guarding . . .
No. 278111 ID: 259738

'something' feels very wrong about it? It says DO NOT PRESS!
No. 278120 ID: 44e94c


I refuse to go my entire life without knowing what that button does.

We wait for someone to press it so they can have the blame.
No. 278122 ID: 197650

Do you guys have something like X-rays or some advanced sonar? It'd be best if you could take a look inside to see what the button is connected to before pressing it.
No. 278124 ID: 8d8786

No. 278131 ID: 45be60

Do not station anyone capable of boredom or curiosity in the room with this device. Robots guard the inside of the room, any living guards get stationed outside the door.
No. 278140 ID: 701a19

>something feels very wrong with this thing and I'd prefer to keep a good distance from it.
That's probably because it's a giant RayTech container with a big red button surrounded by text that says "DO NOT PRESS" in Solar.

Move this on to a shuttle crewed by robots and tow the shuttle behind the ship on a nice long tether. I'd say space it, but it's both potentially important and potentially hazardous enough that you can't leave it for somebody else to stumble across.
Putting it on a tethered shuttle gives you the option of cutting it loose if something goes wrong. Ideally this tether would put it outside the shield so the colonists would be safe if it were full of, say, antimatter. Or strangelets. Or The Marker. Or Grey Goo. Or any one of the countless other oh-god-everything-is-dead-and-on-fire-even-space causing hazards.
No. 278148 ID: 3bd8af

Yeah, station only robots in here, no living soldiers. Whatever you do do not press the button.
No. 278151 ID: 3bd8af

Also go make more small talk with Hoft, he seems friendly enough.
No. 278152 ID: 644ca1

That button looks like, sounds like, smells like and probably tastes like doom. don't let anyone who might give in to temptation and push it be in the room while you aren't present.
No. 278224 ID: 93f10d

inb4 the ship gets shaken and a robot accidentaly the button.

then, the whole ship.
No. 278230 ID: eeea64

The might of the button compels you. THOU MUST PRESS THE BUTTEN.
No. 278231 ID: f5e4b4
File 129666598394.gif - (189.10KB , 200x200 , Press_the_button.gif )

Do. It.
No. 278252 ID: 2563d4

Remember to say "oooh, what does THIS button do?" first.
No. 278256 ID: 8c0848

The only way to be sure the button is safe to press is to press the button. Press the button, Zane. You know you want to. It calls to you? Can you hear it calling? "PUSH ME! PUSH ME!"

Seriously though, don't push that tempting, tempting button.
No. 278261 ID: 28e94e

Do this.
No. 278283 ID: 3bd8af

Do not press the button, that's retarded. It is imperative to your success in defending this station that you do not push that button.
No. 278284 ID: 099247

No. 278285 ID: dad664

Security Bot #44320: Suddenly have a gyroscopic malfunction causing you to flail optics-first into the button, pressing it.
No. 278288 ID: ca2d52

Don't touch the button, Zane. You aren't retarded.
No. 278290 ID: 252e1b

Dismantle that button and make it safe. Or, weld a cover over it.
No. 278292 ID: 15b51b

Have most trusted subordinates stand guard in shifts.

Handle your other duties while waiting for word from your superiors about what this is. Check computers for schematics of this model of pod, specifically if you can unbolt and disable that button panel without triggering a failsafe.
No. 278293 ID: 259738

Let's be honest, we all know the button is going to be pressed, we just don't know how. Press it yourself.
No. 278321 ID: b6c6fc
File 129667936849.jpg - (304.49KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard13.jpg )




Zane: "NO! ARRGh ,Get out my head! AAACK!"

"Only the button will make the pain go away!, PRESSSSS IT!, press it or the pain will never go! PRESS IT! it is the color of your tasty blood, the color you love, PRESS THE BUTTON YOU LOVE!"


"Your Mind appears not be working properly!, I will fix it! I WILL MAKE YOUR MIND A BEAUTIFUL THING!"


No. 278326 ID: 15b51b

Vent the compartment into space.
No. 278327 ID: ca2d52


Container is full of evil psychic bugs. Don't push the button, get out and seal the place off. Nobody goes in to push the button.
No. 278328 ID: b6c6fc
File 129668017683.jpg - (290.10KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard14.jpg )

my name is Beltero Tsen-Hoft, I am a space marine serving the Astranian Alliance

my Boss Zane, just ran out of the room screaming
and I'm not sure what to do



"press the button Hoft"

but Zane, I think maybe she's hurt

"she just needed to use the wash room"


"yes now push the button, there is nice freshly cook fish inside"

there's fish in there?

"YES! all you need to do is press the button and all the tasty food inside will be yours!"

. . .

"Also Snakey Cakes, dry wahfer, sparkle beats, and luscious delicous symphony vines, dozens of them . . ."

S-symphony vines?! but those would cost . .

" . . . more Vapins then you'll make in the next five years! can you really afford NOT to take a look?"

. . .
No. 278330 ID: 8e18cd



I think it's a good suggestion!

You should look into BDSM stuff when you get back. That way you will be more prepared next time.
No. 278331 ID: ca2d52


Again, evil psychic bugs. No touch butan. Leave room and seal.
No. 278332 ID: 46c430

...Yeah... Calling bullshit. Don't push the button.
No. 278333 ID: 8c0848

It's actually space bugs. Horrid, blade-clawed, psychic space bugs. Delicious, delicious space bugs. Tasty, wonderful candy bugs.
No. 278334 ID: 2563d4

Can you afford to take the chance that it's not a space-symphony-vine-dispenser? You'd never forgive yourself if you passed up such an opportunity.
No. 278335 ID: 15b51b
File 129668055998.jpg - (26.69KB , 233x240 , 264116795_790ffce202[1].jpg )

Subversive threat detected. Immediately seal the room, vent the area into space, and eject the offending artifact. Do not under any circumstances allow the button to be pressed.
No. 278336 ID: e3f578

There's even ladies. Space aliens of many colors, all attractive and desperate to understand the emotion called love.
No. 278338 ID: 644ca1

Inform the captain that the pod is most likely full of BAD STUFF, really, really BAD STUFF. And that you guys should probably destroy it rather than risk it getting onto the ship. Don't mention the part about the pod speaking to you.
No. 278339 ID: 252e1b

Hoft, evacuate everyone from the room and then order it to be vented to space. Hurry, you've only got a few seconds before the thing in that can starts lying to other troopers. They can't all be as strong willed as Zane or as clever as you, and one of them is bound to push the button. Which would be bad. So evacuate everyone and vent the room.

If anyone starts moving toward the button, don't wait. Just vent the room (your suits are all space-proofed right).
No. 278340 ID: 45be60

Bad box! Vent it into space, fire ship's weapons at it.

Be surprised when what is inside survives and latches onto the hull, because if it was easy to kill, it wouldn't have been shot into space.
No. 278354 ID: 701a19

Hoft, this is central command.
Your superior is under psychic attack. You are ordered to immediately evacuate all non-robotic personnel from this room and seal it.
No. 278367 ID: 3bd8af

Do not press do not press do not press do not press DO NOT PRESS GET ZANE TO VENT THAT SHIT NOW
No. 278378 ID: 20fc85

I've seen this situation before.

Best course of action is to fire it outta here... back into space... Where it goddamn belongs.
No. 278398 ID: 65c1e2

vent the device to space. do not touch it, do not look at it, do not think of it, do not shoot it.

just shit it to space.
No. 278403 ID: d5c481

Stay Strong Soldier. Astranian Strong. Do NOT press that button.

Your mind is being attacked by vile forces of the void. This canister must be carefully guarded. Do NOT fire on the canister, a break could release something awful onto the ship. The ship full of civilians.
No. 278416 ID: 28e94e

No. 278417 ID: 099247

No. 278421 ID: 8e18cd


Press the button...

No. 278424 ID: dad664
Audio Chemical_Brothers_-_Galvanize.mp3 - (6.10MB , Chemical Brothers - Galvanize.mp3 )

Push the button.
No. 278506 ID: 1854db

Do not push butan.
No. 278511 ID: c53d36

What are you retarded? Don't push it. That's idiotic.

Fight the bugs and space the damn thing.
No. 278542 ID: 3d92dd

Do not under any circumstances open the pod.

Toss the thing out into ships and get Zane to get the Captain to fire on it.

Also comfort Zane and get her to someone who can give her some mental help, pronto. If there's nobody like that on the ship, get her to a lounge or other sort of rest area and get her some brandy or whiskey or something to help calm her down.
No. 278553 ID: 192c6d

Tell it you're onto its games and that you won't push the button unless it can give you certain undeniable proof that the mystic voice has fish and snakey cakes and those vine things.

Also, if it's so magical as to talk to us like this, can it make Zane show you her boobs? (Because you must admit, Hoft, you've been thinking...)
No. 278592 ID: 644ca1

I just got an idea, launch it into a star. Nothing can survive that.
No. 278596 ID: 197650

Use some damn logic, anything launched into space for that long wouldn't have anything edible left on it. Either rotten or eaten if there's anything in there.

Do -not- press the button, but perhaps you can lead this voice on, find out more about what it is and what it wants.

Other than that, see if there is a way to look inside that thing without opening it. X-rays, advanced sonar or something, get to it.
If you have the time, see if Zane is alright, it might be best to send her to sickbay.
No. 278616 ID: 5fe6bf

It's reverse psychology. They try to make us push the button in order to not make us push the button.
We will not be fooled by their schemes. Push the button to bring GLORY to the Astranian alliance!
No. 278634 ID: b6c6fc
File 129672470369.jpg - (301.29KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard15.jpg )

Hoft: "get out of my head you psyker freak!"

". . . no matter, I'll simply open this myself"



Huro: "What the hell are you talking about?"

Hoft: "THE POD! It's got one of psycic things inside the sarge was talkin about! we gotta space it NOW!"

Huro: "I'm authorized to do that Hoft . . . "

Hoft: "there's no time! ZANE'S down man, now it's ripping apart the POD! YOU GOTTA DO THIS NOW MAN!"
No. 278636 ID: b6c6fc
File 129672486985.jpg - (323.45KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard16.jpg )

I am Vensendrian Huro, Space Marine. with Zane down now I'M in command

Huro: "Captain, there's no time to to waste, we've got to eject that pod!"

Captain: "insert your security command code in that terminal over there, from there you should easily be able to give the eject command
the safety launch should only take ten minutes . . . "

Huro: "we may not have that kind of time!, can't I override the security process and launch immediately?"

Captain: "well yes but that could greatly endanger the lives of your teammates Hoft and Zane

hmmm should I do it anyways?
No. 278639 ID: 8d8786

Gotta do it. It only MAY endanger their lives, and not launching immediately WILL endanger the lives of many more.
No. 278641 ID: 252e1b


Tell them to button up their suits, it's cold outside.
No. 278642 ID: 45be60

"If you say so. You have as much time as it takes me to run the override to get clear."
No. 278643 ID: 701a19

"Bots! Open fire on any pod breaches! Hoft! Get Zane, seal your suits, get clear, and brace for sudden decompression!"

Their suits are rated for 0atmo. As long as they're sealed the worst danger is getting sucked out into space and hitting something on the way. If they've got magboots or something then that's not even an issue.

Keep in mind that you're dealing with psychic attacks; Hoft's perceptions are compromised, and what he sees is suspect.

Oh, and kick yourself for screwing up; you were planning on just pulling the damn thing on-board and cracking it open, but Zane called it right and probably just saved every man, woman, and child aboard this ship from a fate worse than death.
Suck up your pride, soldier. Anybody too proud to admit they fucked up deserves to get slapped back to basic.
No. 278645 ID: c53d36

No. Contact them on the comma and make sure they're clear first. Zane should be clear, if Hoft isn't clear and his mind is taken over you do what you gotta do. Keep yelling at them and talking to them to keep their minds focused.
No. 278646 ID: c53d36

Wait, isn't Zane clear already? What are hoft's chances of survival?
No. 278647 ID: 3d92dd

Zane should be clear already, yell at Hoft and get him to grab hold of something while getting the folks working the tractor beam to be ready to grab him and possibly Zane if they go flying out with it. Also yeah, tell them to seal their suits.

Bypass any security measures and blow the thing. Worst case scenario, Hoft dies, but if he grabs onto something or the tractor beam people do their job he should be fine with a sealed suit. Zane SHOULD be clear, she's behind those blast doors behind Hoft, and both of them should be fine with sealed suits. Either way make sure there's a shuttle team on standby if you have a free moment, they can catch them if the tractor beam fails.

If Hoft can just grab hold of something though, you might be able to save the station using your new CO's precautions with zero casualties instead of, well, tons.
No. 278657 ID: 644ca1

Let's not have safety protocol and the lives of two soldiers risk the entire ship, activate the emergency launch!
No. 278658 ID: 28e94e

2 men < the rest of the crew.
No. 278660 ID: 3d92dd

Right, but if we can save them too we should try too, even if it just means telling Hoft to hang onto that rail and Zane to stay put behind the blast door.
No. 278683 ID: 47c18a

zane is clear, hoft isnt. tell him to grab on somehting and vent the crap to space NOW
No. 278697 ID: 15b51b

They're in space suits. Vent it now.

Hoft: Run for it!
No. 278707 ID: dad664
File 129675986837.jpg - (32.83KB , 630x446 , spock1.jpg )


"The needs of the many...outweigh the needs of the few."
No. 278719 ID: cf6435

If Hoft runs he could open the blast doors and kill them both. Tell him to stay there, hang onto something and boost shields to maximum output.
No. 278720 ID: b6c6fc
File 129676166238.jpg - (364.13KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard17.jpg )

Huro: "Hoft. Zane I'm ejecting the pod brace for-"


Huro: "wait, wha-"


No. 278723 ID: 28e94e

All crewmen: Restrain the captain while Huro ejects it.
No. 278724 ID: 28e94e

And substitute "restrain" with "knock out" or "kill" as needed
No. 278725 ID: dad664

"Priority Alert. Hazardous Telepathic Waveform detected. Organic life-forms at Risk Level 7. This is not a drill. Repeat, this is not aBZZZZZZZZwheeeeeeeeeeeeeeevrp.

M-m-malfunction detected in-n-n-n Shipboooooooooard Sen-Sen-Sensor Suite. Internnnnal Scanners powering do-down. Haaaaaaaaave aaaaaaa niiiiiiiice daaaaaay~"
No. 278728 ID: cf6435

Huro: BE A HERO! Release the pod! Then kill the captain if you can!

Zane: pull it together, get all troops on alert and lockdown, order battlebots to restrain the captain and lock him up
No. 278729 ID: 20fc85

Huro... Captain is insane... but there's no time
You need to eject that thing, even if it costs you your life.
The crewmen should attack the captain long enough for you to get that thing launched.

It was a good time knowing you, and if you eject that thing, you may have saved your civilization.
No. 278731 ID: 15b51b

Huro: Turn your shields on!

Hoft: Turn YOUR shields on!
No. 278733 ID: 8d8786

No. 278745 ID: 701a19

All guards: Activate shields!
Huro: Shields up! Push the damn button!
No. 278751 ID: d5c481

Shields up. NOW!

The pod must go.
No. 278766 ID: b6c6fc
File 129677898569.jpg - (361.89KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard18.jpg )

Hoft and Zane remember that their shields can protect them from Psychic attacks, they activate their shields
Huro begins charging his shield

Crewman: "HELP! HELP! the Captain's gone insane!"

G-Gotta launch pod, can't let creature into ship!

Huro types in Code
Computer does not respond



Huro: "GYAAH"

Huro's shield is now online and will protect him from harm
No. 278771 ID: 1aa4f8

shoot him back, damn it.
No. 278774 ID: 48fdd0

Hoft: engage manual override!

Zane: get to the ship AI core!

Both of you get engineering personnel with you to help.

Order all available troopers to go to the docks and bridge, shields up!
No. 278783 ID: 3d92dd

Zane: Pull it together and put on your gladiator face. Get to an intercom system, Tell everyone who can get a shield to wear one, civilian or otherwise, give the orders to lock down the decks and restrict access to security forces and robots. Seal ventilation if possible as well as maintenance areas, if the bugs get loose this could get messy. It won't be safe to seal ventilation for too long but the ship SHOULD be equipped with emergency equipment for gas leaks and such, that should sustain them for a while more once the air gets carbon dioxide rich.

Hoft: Try to manually override the pod, get someone from engineering down there to help you, chief engineer if possible.

Huro: Shoot the captain, order robots to attack the captain, get robots to help you get to medbay.

Crewmen: Get Huro to medbay as fast as you can!
No. 278794 ID: 3d92dd

Also: Call Kimb and tell him to meet you there, Zane. Tell him to get his shields up and bring you your gun or a working one if that one doesn't work yet. If he can work on it on the move or set up a small workshop in the AI core, that'll be perfect.

We need our troopers to stick together when possible. A single trooper is a dead trooper.
No. 278801 ID: 28e94e

This, basically.
No. 278836 ID: aa848d

Hoft: tell everyone to put their shields up, we are under attack by a psychic force.

attempt to peform a launch on sight. preferably with explosive decompression. be careful on the bots turning rogue.

Zane: get a grip and put shields up. panic as horo is dying, everyone without a shield is now zombie and the computer seem suceptible to psychic shenanigans.

Horo: earn that promotion and live to tell. shoot the cap, peform the launch codes as you can and stop the bleeding. if you can, order everyone in station and on team to power up shields.
No. 278837 ID: 46c430

No. 279039 ID: 28e94e

No. 279040 ID: a41aaf

Activate the BattleBots and order them to train fire on the pod, but set a self destruct timer for a minute or so. Computer Shenanigans have already occurred, and even if military hardware is more intrusion hardened the civilian shipboard networked systems, it may not hold forever. Best not to take chances.
No. 279050 ID: 701a19

Yes, there has been a computer intrusion. It was intruded by weapons fire.
Lets review:
This is a psychic attack.
They are causing hallucinations.
The Captain claimed that Huro pulled a weapon on them. We can reasonably conclude that this is a hallucination.
The bugs appear to be bursting out of the container, for which the proper response would be to rupture the container with weapons fire. This is most likely also an illusion, as the bots haven't opened fire on the thing they were ordered to contain.

Do not kill the captain; Huro's shields are up.
Do not order the robots to fire on the pod; order them to fire on any thing leaving the pod.
No. 279065 ID: 28e94e

No. 279268 ID: 51e377

Do these two
No. 279272 ID: b6c6fc
File 129692254075.jpg - (385.09KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard19.jpg )

No. 279288 ID: b6c6fc
File 129693022461.jpg - (314.35KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard20.jpg )

wait! what if it's all an illusion! just psychic stuff trying to trick me!, maybe it's not breaking out at all!

Hoft: "hey robot dudes, by any chance, do you happen to notice anything going on with the pod?"

BattlBot: "yes, there appears to be an Alien organism breaching the pod door"

Hoft: "well dang, uh why aren't you guys shooting at it?

BattleBot: "we have been ordered expressly to not damage the hull integrity of the pod, it is impossible to fire on the creature with out endangering the pod"

Hoft: "right . . . I'm gonna go now, god luck robo dudes"

No. 279290 ID: 701a19

Hoft: "New orders! Kill those bugs!"
No. 279297 ID: dad664

>green blood

No. 279299 ID: 203527


Hoft: Reunite with Zane!

Zane: where's that kickass speech and giving orders for lockdown and stuff like

Add ordering the bots to kill any bugs leaving the pod disregarding hull safety of the pod.
No. 279301 ID: 203527


Hoft: Reunite with Zane!

Zane: where's that kickass speech and giving orders for lockdown and stuff like

Add ordering the bots to kill any bugs leaving the pod disregarding hull safety of the pod.
No. 279302 ID: 1f84ec

hoft: claim authority due to disabled superiors and order the bots to fire at the bug

use explosives on the door that leads to space. you gotta vent that things for yesterday.
No. 279303 ID: e3f578

The hull's already been damaged by the bug, your lasers will do minimal damage in comparison. Overwrite command, overwrite command! If the robots say they can only do so bu the commanding officer that gave that command just say she/he's incapacitated and can't give proper judgments or something.

Please don't have your robot AI's be incapable of being smart enough to not follow every order to the letter
No. 279305 ID: 15b51b

Hoft: Pull the emergency ejection thingy. Pull some kind of lever to blow the pod into space. There has to be SOMETHING!

We specifically chose to locate the pod where it is now so we could rapidly get rid of it in case this happened! Do THAT thing.
No. 279365 ID: b6c6fc
File 129694375751.jpg - (282.02KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard21.jpg )

Hoft: "uh Robots you should probably shoot that thing anyways"

BattleBot: "Order Confirmed!"

Hoft exits

the sounds of Alien hissing, BlastGun fire, and crunching metal can be heard

wait a second what if the robots confirming they saw something was ALSO an Illusion!

maybe there were no robots, maybe there wasn't even a pod!, maybe what I'm doing right now is even an illusion! this hole day could be nothing but a dream!

Hoft: "Oh Hey Sarge, are you an illusion too?"

No. 279368 ID: cc04a7



is what I'm gonna suggest for now, assuming the cutscene is over and the [cutscene] in the second post is supposed to be [/cutscene]

Basically we gotta get the lockdown going, Zane needs to go LEADERSHIP mode, Huro needs medical attention, Hoft needs to try to get that pod out of there preferably by getting someone from engineering on this pronto and stay safe, seal the blast doors behind him and order the battlebots to shoot, if he can't do that Zane needs to give authorization for them to shoot the bugs, etc etc etc
No. 279373 ID: cc04a7

Oh hey, right when I post the other thing.

Uh, listen to what the sarge has to say and group up with him? Where the fuck is Zane?
No. 279376 ID: b6c6fc
File 129694568138.jpg - (320.40KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard22.jpg )


Kimb: "Sergeant, Override successful, Pod Launched"

Gore: "Kimb, that is irrelevant now, but we will debate how lack of vigilance and slow reaction time has doomed all aboard the ship another time"

Kimb: " . . . understood"

I am Master Sergeant Magmatharius Gore, Space Marine Commander in Service to the Astranian Alliance,
I have passed over Promotion more times then I can count, my place is here instructing the next generation

but now we are all doomed, A Verroxi Tech-Leech has escaped onto our ship, I have fought this leech before I believed I had killed it, apparently I was gravely mistaken
It refers to itself as InfestorLord, it is a vile creature that single handedly caused the death of millions of Astranian Lives
it is a plague bearer it kills through disease, and from the bodies of the dead it creates monstrosities of the most depraved kind, these are his servants, and his servants will be our people

It is up to me to find and destroy this creature, and quickly

[cutscene over]
No. 279377 ID: 701a19

Huro: Tell the bridge staff to call for medics, contact Zane privately and tell her the captain was under bug control and that you can't space the thing from here, report these events to command, and finally turn your shield OFF so the medics can help you.
No. 279379 ID: cc04a7

LACK of vigilance? Slow reaction time? Zane did everything she could here. What the hell. We even prepared for this and yet couldn't stop it.

Again, where the hell is she, why haven't we locked down all sectors and ventilation yet, goddammit get moving. YOU complain about slow reaction time when YOU people aren't following our suggestions!
No. 279381 ID: 197650

Sounds like your average zombie outbreak with a queen alien bug, don't worry bro, we got this.

First what you need to do is get your shit in order, a save haven will be the most valuable thing you can have in this sort of a situation. Get an area that's open and large enough to put your shit away in, aswell as sleeping space.
Barricade the entrances, and/or have them heavily guarded.

Soon it will be a matter of holding out. You will need to make your position strong enough for you to outlast the enemy. For that purpose you will need food, water, sleeping spaces, etc. That's what your safe haven is for.

Act fast and have all unarmed and unarmored personal retreat to a safe position and have every non-military person escorted by armed soldiers.

Everyone needs to be on their toes now, every second counts.
We cannot prevent it from spreading now, we can only hope to minimise the amount of people that get infected.

With a safe haven established or being built you need to put together a small strike force that can move around the ship freely without being detected.
With that team you are to find the queen and blow her ass up.
There is a good chance all of that team will die, but it's either that or the whole ship.

No. 279382 ID: 221021

The situation is still salvageable, but for future reference, if all else fails is there some kind of selfdestruct type function on the ship that would guarantee that everything on board, including the tech-leech, would certainly die? It sounds like something that should be kept from escaping at all costs.
No. 279403 ID: 8d8786

Set the colony to self destruct in T-Minus 0 Seconds. It's the only way to be sure.
No. 279419 ID: 701a19

The captain was infected before the pod was pulled onboard.

Close all the emergency bulkheads and seal vents as if you were dealing with hull breaches.

Contact command and inform them of your situation.
No. 279434 ID: 18aeca

gore, should we evac the soldiers or just nuke the place?

we need to vent that room, can our guns combined work for that?
No. 279696 ID: b6c6fc
File 129704387224.jpg - (237.86KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard23.jpg )

Zane is Standing right next to me, being quiet and obedient like the well disciplined child that she is. she knows when she's failed the alliance, and that is why she could have a future as an officer.

this might be an interesting plan but I have strong reason to believe the corruption has yet
to begin, InfestorLord always infects the initial victims through injury. it will take at about one hour before those victims become contagious, contagion tends to be limited to injury, but just to be safe it's probably best to keep helmets down anyway.

Of Course there's a self destruct! it's funny, if we activate it now, killing the Tech-Leech alone would be well worth the sacrifice of losing everyone aboard. then again that would be a major breech in protocol.

there's no way to flush the chamber other then through void suction, and by the time we set something else up, our bug will be long gone

another note of interest, a Tech-Leech can burrow through solid CarboSteel, meaning it could come from anywhere . . . even right bellow our feet where our shields are least effective
No. 279699 ID: 71e780

Just an odd question, why is this xeno-form species titled 'Tech-Leaches'? Actually when did we start seeing them?
No. 279700 ID: cceefd

HOW did Zane fail the alliance? She was careful and had no orders or protocol, she did her best and would have gotten this taken care of had the captain not been infected. Check up on Huro, see how he's doing, he can verify all of this if he still lives, and if not, sending a crewman up to look at the captain's green blood should be enough.

Oh. Make sure he gets medical attention and all.
No. 279711 ID: 57537a

im guessing it was where we actualy approached the pod without protection.

well i dont know much on what to do. waiting sounds wrong, why not barge in and shoot it? im sure the drones managed to pot shot it a bit.
No. 279713 ID: 57537a

also please tell me everyone has their shields up.

and that the captain always had green blood.
No. 279722 ID: 701a19

All proper protocols were followed.
If there is blame to be had then it is with the protocols, not with her.

Consider places where the self destruct could be disabled, and either bypass or guard those with shielded personnel who you can confirm are not bugged.
However, before that I want you to seal the deck as if from a hull breach then use whatever highly radioactive materials you have to fill the deck with lethal levels of radiation at as many times normal pressure as the hull can take, and then some.
If the techleech has breached the deck then it'll get blasted with hot rads at high pressure and hopefully sucked back out as the section if dug into depressurizes. At the very least you'll be able to tell where it went from the radiation and the pressure loss.
If it's still ON the deck then it'll be bathed in high radiation and be easy to track directly.

Actually, screw it. Fall back and vent the reactors into this deck. I want those walls to be melting before those bots stop firing.

If none of this is applicable, then seal every possible seal on the damn ship, blow out the hull in that bay somehow, and follow the depressurization. Casualties are regrettable, but acceptable.
No. 279785 ID: a41aaf

How quickly can it burrow through bulkheads, and how quickly can you have cutting charges set up to excise any areas of the ship it may have reached? Blowing a large chunk out of your vessel is preferable to blowing up the whole thing. Prudence does suggest setting up numerous independent self-destruct timed fail safes.

Can the Tech Leach survive limited/long-term vacuum exposure?
No. 279787 ID: 190467

>Tech-Leech can burrow through solid CarboSteel, meaning it could come from anywhere
Well then, we have to eliminate the threat before the ship resembles an ant colony. As if the dead contagious comrades weren't enough.

Can we somehow ensure the rest on the ship command isn't going to turn on us? Does a full-bodyt scan reveal tech-leech?
No. 279797 ID: cceefd

Gore: Contact Huro and the captain, when they don't respond contact the crew and find out what everyone else already knows.

Huro: deactivate your shield before falling unconscious
No. 280002 ID: b6c6fc
File 129713435327.jpg - (123.82KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard24.jpg )

despite our best efforts to contain the Tech-Leech it some how found a way to elude not only our blasting attempts but to hide it self completely from our scanners
we have since sealed off every deck and subsection of the ship, we have our damage sensors on if it so much as scratches a metal plate we'll know

but even this is has proven ineffective thus far

As it turns out, our the stalwart Captain Anithia Perl has been exposed as Crawler MindSlave, the gods only know how much damage she's durring her month on board.
the doctors predict it will be at least another couple hours untill she will have recovered enough to survive a proper interigation

on top of that, one of my best men Vensendrian Huro was critically injured in the struggle to subdue the Captain, the doctors have explained that it could be weeks before he is able to fight again, as they will need to regrow him several internal organs including the heart

I've sent word to Command, but there's little they can do to help, for this we're on our own
No. 280007 ID: b6c6fc
File 129713463633.jpg - (461.74KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard25.jpg )

Dosk: "why are they called Tech-Leech Sarge? seems an odd name for a Race"

Gore: "only the big one is a tech-leech every thing else is just a drone, as for the name means who knows, it's just what the call themselves."

Pike: "Sarge, so how are we supposed to know who's infected, can it be picked up on medical scanners?

Gore: "trust me on this one boy, you'll know when someones infected"

Zane: "Master Sergeant, what do we do now?

what is Gore's game plan?

1. full offense: split into 3 squads of three and tear this ship apart until that bug is found and dead

2. full defense: find the most defensible position and bunker down until the Alliance Reinforcements arrive (1 week approax.)

3. split force: divide team into a 5 man hunter team, and 4 man bunker team, hunter team will seek and destroy all bug life signs, Bunker team will establish a defensive position and focus on protecting the crew

4. Abandon Ship: evacuate the must valuable personnel and equipment (escape pods and shuttles carry a maximum of 100 people). then set ship full self destruct, incinerating everything else on board.

No. 280012 ID: cc04a7

Split into two teams, get Kimb to give Zane her rifle back if it's ready and get everyone combat ready. Scan everyone for infected that you come across, no exceptions, don't trust Gore's assessment as nobody knew the captain was infected and everyone was around the captain for a while.

Have all robots on full sentry mode. As soon as the robots or scanners of any sort find something non-astranian have them put as many rounds into it as possible.

Should be the same policy with the troopers. If it's not astranian, shoot to kill.

Non-astranian of course includes infected astranians.
No. 280014 ID: 8d8786

If anything leaves the ship, there's a chance that there can be drones or the leech itself on the lifeboats. So while it's important to lock-down all such lifeboats and make sure NOTHING escapes (the ship now basically being under quarantine), it may be that EVERYTHING must go, and you might wish to set it up so that in an emergency such may be done quickly and before any infected individuals may reactivate the escape pods or whatever and get away.
No. 280023 ID: 701a19

5 on bunker, 4 on hunter. If you don't keep an escape route clear you're already dead, so position where you can cover the self destruct mechanism and your escape route.

You've got a bunch of bots left, and even non-military ones can do medical scans, right? Have all bots ignore all non-vital tasks in favor of wandering around scanning everybody at random for any signs of injury or ill health.

Anybody with any medical problem is then escorted to the medical staff for examination. Anybody who resists is to be incinerated or disintegrated immediately. Shooting them first is optional.
Anybody with medical problems that tests as clean is then put into a quarantine section under guard and more frequent medical scans.
If somebody is shown to be infected then either cure them or incinerate them as is appropriate.

Your ship can detect lifesigns, albeit not those of the techleech, so you can use those to spot anybody that's trying to avoid the areas where the bots are searching. Further, keep a database of all passengers and have the robots report when they scan a passenger. Track how frequently each passenger is scanned, and have them track down anybody who hasn't been scanned recently. Inform the robots that this duty takes priority over all other duties, and they are to kill anybody who attempts to override their orders, tamper with their data collection, or impede their work. Further, that anybody who does not have a clean bill of health is to be considered an enemy for purposes of issuing orders until they have been cleared by medical.

You've got 200 robots, right? If people are being kept locked in different sections then you should be able to reliably scan everybody in fairly short order; you should be able to check each person a few times per hour.

Have every guard check in with command every hour, and whenever they witness another guard being injured or are injured themselves. If one of you gets a papercut right now then command should have nine calls to nine different agents at command; this is a crisis-level event involving the number one enemy of the state, so they damn well better be willing to commit a crisis center to this.

Oh, and disable the ship's propulsion and weapons systems beyond your crew's ability to repair them; if you fail then the ship will be both dead in the water and helpless when backup arrives.
No. 280093 ID: a41aaf

Corral the civilians,and all possible personnel, into one area. Spread out you'll quickly end up with an exponential infection rate and any other smaller strongholds will be quickly overrun by sheer numbers. Together, either nobody is infected or everyone is.
No. 280094 ID: 15b51b

Hold out for a WEEK? These guys tore you guys a new asshole in an hour.

Go full offense now now now.
No. 280104 ID: 701a19

You split them up so that if an infection gets out of hand in one section you can vent that section to space without losing them all.

Besides, the infection will spread slower through bulkheads and this prevents a sudden zombie apocalypse.
No. 280165 ID: 252e1b

The cautious thing, the right thing, the honorable thing to do, is to set the ship on a course to hit the sun, and then spend all the available delta-v to make sure it's too expensive for anyone to catch up to the ship and attempt a rescue.
No. 280203 ID: 099247

We have to give this thing zero quarter.

>1. full offense: split into 3 squads of three and tear this ship apart until that bug is found and dead

Gets my vote
No. 280250 ID: c9d907

as you have described the enemy, there is no actual safe place to bunk up. the self destruct may already be tampered with, and unless you under estimated the enemy again, its safe to say that the damage detection mechanism was also hacked and is now not functional. wanna test it?

split in 2 forces.

one will screen the population as possible and eject them as they are clear. its imperative for them to be ejected safely in orbit of something that wont kill them but would allow for the survivors to remain restricted while the army cant arrive to pick them up and screen them again.

the second force must force a manual detonation of the ship. get to the engineering, explode what you can and GTFO as its possible. in a way or another do not count on the ship working properly, and as far as i know, everyone the cap had contact with could be infected.
No. 280305 ID: b6c6fc
File 129720911830.jpg - (292.40KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard26.jpg )

Gore: "we have no choice but to strike immediately not only for the lives we'll be sparing from infection, but because it is our best chance at defeating this monstrosity.
he has no army and is trapped in a limited location, right now we have mobility numbers, superior firepower and complete control of the ships systems. I can not guarantee for how long this will be the case
I've contacted an old friend, we fought side by side against this bastard once before, assuming we don't make it he's sent out a warship to blast this hull strait to hell
If we die here, we can die knowing this freak will never leave this ship."

I'm dividing us into 3 squads, squad Blaze, Squad Flame and squad Inferno
I will be Heading Squad Blaze, Zane will be heading squad Flame, and Pike will be heading Squad Inferno

assign remaining team mates (all Soldiers are fully trained combat Marines, only secondary traits are listed)
Hoft (SubLaser weapon)
Kimb (Engineer)
Dosk (Cutterblade Bayonet)
Koza (Focused Com-link)
Nizk (Medic)
Powl (FireGun weapon)

No. 280356 ID: 28e94e

You get Hoft and Kimb. Second squad gets Nizk and Powl. Third squad will get Koza and Dosk. First squad will go for various important objectives (mobilize bots, evacuate vital personnel, protect vital systems), second will hang back and give support as needed, third will roam around hunting parasites.
No. 280358 ID: 28e94e

(By the way, what specializations to the squad leaders have?)
No. 280360 ID: 8d8786

I think that Koza should stay on the Bridge or somewhere well protected and begin transmitting the status of the colony to other planets, just in case. If he's the only one really capable of such transmissions, we really can't afford to lose him. Btw, some other Astranians are armed with raytech, clearly (as one of them did help zap the Captain)... is that just certain officers/members of the flight crew, or are some civilians armed? About what percentage of the rest of the colony might have access to weapons like that?
No. 280515 ID: cceefd

These two combined is a solid plan
No. 280574 ID: b6c6fc
File 129729454163.jpg - (441.08KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard27.jpg )

Zane: ". . . I think we can safely bet the bug went into the starboard Colony Hub."

Kimb: "Of Course!, that would explain why we didn't get any damage reports. the WishingStar wasn't built as a colony ship, it's a modified RayTech WarShip, hell that's the only reason it even has advanced damage scanners. but the colony hubs were made by ThirdWall the scanners are all crap, and can't give exact locational damage reports, what's more even THOSE sub-par systems don't even sync up with the RayTech MasterControl."

Dosk: "So what does that all mean?"

Zane: "the Hub is filled with over a thousand people our scanners will be flooded with life signs, what it means is that there's no way we'll be able to find this thing except by visual tracking."

Dosk: "well that's just fantastic"

Gore: "believe it or not this is actually good news, this is cut and dry proof that both PortSide Colony Hub, and the main ship are entirely clean, it also means we no longer will have to detonate the ship"

Pike: "but I thought you said the Captain was infected, who knows how far that's spread during her time on board!"

Gore: "try to keep up Soldier. The Captain's Clean, she had a parasite clasped onto her, but there's no infection"

Pike: "Well if that's the Case, why don't we just eject the entire Hub, fry it and call it a day, and label it as acceptable losses?"

Gore: "that's the same plan I thought of, last time I fought it, I'm not sure how it escaped but it found a way. No not this time, this time I say we go in full force detach the hub just in case and systematical track down this bastard"

Kimb: "both these plans, seem a little too hasty we can't even be certain it IS in the Starboard Hub. if you give me a couple hours I should be able to readjust the Scanners and pin point the location the Alien creature, in the meantime we can guard the hub entrances, and get some bots to patrol"

Gore: "we may not HAVE a couple hours! . . . Zane what's your take on the situation?"

what plan does Zane support?

1. Pikes plan to detonate the colony hub killing everyone aboard hopefully including the Tech-Leech.

2. Gores plan to detach the Hub while all three squads are aboard, and hunt it down.

3. Kimb's plan to tweak the Scanner until it can detect the aliens.

No. 280578 ID: cc04a7

Can Kimb and the rest of his team stay back while he adjusts the scanners while the other two teams hunt the thing? Seems like that would be best.

Also, Kimb, ETA on Zane's disruptor rifle?
No. 280580 ID: 8d8786

I really don't think there's any actual proof that the target is where they think they are. Yes it would make sense, in a way, but there's no actual evidence to support it. Why don't we start off with something a bit less drastic? My suggestion is to continue to split into three teams, but with drastically different objectives.

Squad Blaze, with Gore, Dosk, and Hoft, are the team initially in charge of taking out the target. Approach the starboard colony hub, round up civilians and begin searching for the target and/or infected.

Squad Inferno, with Pike, Kimb, and Koza stay on the primary ship in a well-defended area and try to create a proper scanning procedure for the target and infected individuals. Once this team has completed the scanner and has CONFIRMED that the target(s) are limited to the Starboard Hub, we can detach it and declare the rest of the ship free from infection. If failure results, either on their end to create an adequate detection method for the target(s), or if the other squads are overwhelmed, Koza can transmit all known data to relevant receivers (HQ, nearby planets/stations/ships, etc).

Squad Flame, with Zane, Nizk, and Powl in the meantime play both sides, effectively trying to preserve quarantine in the Starboard Hub, making sure no infected get out while the scanner's still being worked on, but ultimately not so entirely engaged that if our guess proves to be incorrect and the infected are NOT limited to the starboard hub, they'll be able to move. Also, with our medic in this group we'll probably have a better chance of making sure civilians are not infected before shuffling them out of quarantine (Sue me for trying to save lives). If it's believed that the medic would serve better in Gore's assault squad, then swap Nizk and Hoft.

A lot of this is based on presupposition that we can control the entrances/exits to the hub (at least those accessible to Astranian civvies... I doubt we'll be able to hamper the movements of the bugs) with just one squad, and can seal off other entrances/exits adequately to engage a quarantine.

This is the brief period that, under the presumption we're operating under, we'll be able to evacuate the non-infected civilians outside of the section of the ship that may be detached. If, when the scanner's complete, we're able to confirm limitation of infection, that's when we cease rescue operations, have Squad Flame officially move over to the Hub, and detach. We probably won't have adequate time to move Squad Inferno over as we'll want to detach the infected section of the ship as soon as we receive confirmation on it.

Also, let's make a general note to update the distress beacon, reaffirming our status for stations that can hear us, as well as potentially asking for psionically-shielded reinforcements if possible. Remember, however, that our shields are pre-programed not to fry other Astranians and will shut down when in close proximity to them, so we must be extra careful when in close contact with potentially infected individuals. Our shields won't keep them at bay.
No. 280584 ID: 45be60

adjusting the scanners may not be a viable option on a disconnected piece. Still, putting all our eggs in one metaphorical basket doesn't seem like a good idea. Two squads go over, one stays here, at least until target's location can be confirmed.

(If standard comms don't work across separated sections, work out some sort of highly noticeable signal that will work.)
No. 280586 ID: 28e94e

No. 280590 ID: 46c430

Hey, everyone has a piece of cool gear or specialist training, what did Huro have? If it was a piece of gear, could we nick it for somebody that's on their feet?
No. 280592 ID: 099247

We've already seen theres a few lightly armed engineers and whatever staff wandering about. So I suggest we make Kimb earn his strips and to tweak the scanner solo backed up with whatever personal he can muster on the way. Meanwhile the rest of the team goes out on the hunt to try and track the thing down before it can entrench itself further. On that note STOP TALKING AND START DOING!
No. 280657 ID: b6c6fc
File 129732134580.jpg - (447.90KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard28.jpg )

Zane suggest a Plan

Gore: "Hmm, an Exellent plan Zane, you surprise me, perhaps there's hope for you yet"

Zane: "Thank you Sir!"

Gore: . . .

Zane: "is something wrong?"

Gore: " . . . no, just old memories . . ."

Zane: "Sir?"

Gore: "Bah! let's get a move on!"
No. 280658 ID: b6c6fc
File 129732148617.jpg - (375.04KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard29.jpg )

A short while Later

Gore: "this is Gore, we've entered the hub."

Koza: "understood Sergeant, we will inform you on any update from our end"

. . .

Dosk: "Where the hell is everybody, Sarge I thought you said there were supposed to people round here"

Hoft: "Maybe they're off on lunch?"

How Should Team Blaze proceed?
No. 280659 ID: 8d8786


So we've confirmed that they ARE in the hub, but not that they're ONLY in the hub. We need to know how many exits there are from the hub to the main ship and if they're controllable. Once we control those we can go about looking for uninfected, VERIFYING that they are indeed uninfected, and then moving them onto the clean sections of the ship. Of top priority otherwise is neutralizing any methods in which the target and/or the infected may use to escape the quarantine and/or the ship, such as escape shuttles, private vehicles that may be used to rush barricades, etc.
No. 280665 ID: 27c8eb


Contact confirmed! Enemy is in the premises! Bugblood in the broken tube and astranian blood to the north at the corner. Retreat and detach hub!
No. 280685 ID: bdbd42

>"Maybe they're off on lunch?"

I hope you don't actually believe that. This section's been compromised, proceed with caution.
No. 280730 ID: 1854db

Question: Why was the section of the colony with the bug on it not ejected while it was still trying to get out?
No. 280755 ID: 8d8786

By the way, considering the tech-leech has more maneuverability than us (insofar as it can both fit into vents and whatnot where we are unable to follow as well as walk on walls and ceilings), ultimately the idea of even all ten of you trying to hunt it down is likely to fail. Instead, if possible, once the area is successfully quarantined, you'd begin making loud announcements for survivors to evacuate the Hub in a calm and orderly fashion(use the FireGun to make sure that not everyone rushes the checkpoint where the Medic clears them before letting them out of quarantine).

As I said, in all likelihood the premises offers too many hiding places for your target to be found without that scanner, so ultimately for the moment you're probably here just to evacuate survivors and make sure it doesn't escape to another section. When the scanner's up or when we've evacuated a reasonable percentage of the uninfected, you retreat, detach the entire section, and annihilate the entire hub. Sadly there will be no direct confirmation of the destruction of the target, but given your lacking numbers and the covert nature of the tech-leech, such a face-to-face encounter is already unlikely.
No. 280829 ID: 099247

All of you head right and at the T-junction Hoft and Gore round the right corner where the blood is, weapons ready, Dosk covers the left of the T-junction where there is no blood. Report back to the rest of the gang that everybody here has fucked off.
No. 280835 ID: 64eb2b

Seconding this, there's no way you're gonna be able to hunt that thing down in here.
No. 280881 ID: b6c6fc
File 129741052214.jpg - (391.66KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard30.jpg )

Gore: "Koza, what's the Status on the other gate ways, into the Starboard Hub?"

Koza: "Kimb has detonated the charges in them, the main access is now the only way in or out of the hub"

Gore: "Good, I want you to send an evacuation message to run through out the Hub, Ask Zane if you need more details."

Koza: "you got it Sarge"
No. 280889 ID: 8d8786

Now, ironically, your job becomes much easier. Due to the infeasibility of actually FINDING your target in this mess with only your small squad, it's best not to even try. Your target also probably knows this, and based on what it senses it'll probably learn and adapt its gameplan. While it might be NOBLE to go search for survivors, once the evacuation order goes out throughout the hub, there's going to be a WAVE of people trying to get out of there. If your enemy is smart at all, it'd try to use that confusion to break quarantine and escape itself, so we can assume it'll mix infected individuals into the rush. It's that, really, or just wait til you exterminate it. Let's not presume our quarry to by anything other than as smart as we are. Team Blaze, you're now the outer buffer of the quarantine ring and have the task of giving a quick glance-over all people coming your way to see if they're infected or not before passing them through to Zane's Squad, Squad Flame, where the Medic will confirm their status before letting them through to the ship. Quite frankly, I can't think of anything else effective for you to do until that scanner's up and/or we've evacuated a sufficient number of civilians. Perhaps you could upload/acquire a detailed map of the hub?
No. 280890 ID: b6c6fc
File 129741650465.jpg - (387.99KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard31.jpg )

Squad Blaze travels down the right hand passage, and then turn right again at the T-junction

Gore: "hmm, something tells me we're not going to have to much trouble tracking this thing"

Hoft: "Holy crap that's a big hole!"

Dosk: "what's the matter, getting scared?"

Hoft: "Hell yes!, this things gonna eat us for lunch!"

. . .

Civilian: " I saw it Sergeant, I saw it with my own eyes. it was a Shadow Watcher from the dark ages, nothing-

Gore: "That is NOT to be spoken of! you could be shot for speaking of the forbidden times"

Civilian: " Go ahead, shoot me. the Shadow Watcher took my wife, death will at least spare me the agony of knowing what it will do to her . . ."
No. 280893 ID: e3f578

Really Gore? Really? Is the ancient times that horrible enough to talk about that referencing it is worth a death sentence? Silly words of silly history we don't like talking about like little itty bitty pussies oh deary me, little piggy. Oinky oink oinkers.

Can you get a decent visual down that hole and properly judge where it could lead? Sonic sensor or elbow grease specialized for rubbing on intuition. Hell, if you get a baby temper tantrum from mention of the Dark Times just use the anger and yell down the hole real loud and bring a Bat Astranian.
No. 280894 ID: 8d8786

Wow, way to totally forget that you've got a child right there... Seriously though, give him the once over and then send him and the kid on his way. Though he might also be placed in a holding cell for HERESY and whatnot. Back to the matter at hand, though, how exactly did that hole get there? No rubble on the outside suggests it's not something that came from underneath and burst out... Gore, you've said you've encountered this creature before, what do you know of its physical characteristics, abilities, and limitations?

Also, Hoft, seriously you need to get your head looked at. So far everything you've said has had to do with eating, one way or another. It's pretty creepy.
No. 280896 ID: cc04a7

Gore: Grab the man and lift him up, pressing him against your helmet.

Tell him "You would abandon your child when it would need you most, in an emergency like this, simply because your partner has already been taken? This is the COWARD'S path. She must and will live on through you and your child. Seek shelter for now, until we have killed this beast. There will be time to give her a proper funeral once all this is over."
No. 280901 ID: 644ca1

Check their necks for those leach things.
No. 280909 ID: d5c481

I like this tough guy approach, helps shake him back to reality. and also allows you to surreptitiously check for parasites ala
No. 280922 ID: b6c6fc
File 129745062353.jpg - (291.39KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard32.jpg )

Gore: "You would abandon your child when it would need you most, in an emergency like this, simply because your partner has already been taken? This is the COWARD'S path. She must and will live on through you and your child. Seek shelter for now, until we have killed this beast. There will be time to give her a proper funeral once all this is over."

Civilian: "Y-yes Sergeant!"

they both appear to be clean

Gore let's the man go, and the two civilians head towards the main gate

the hole appears to go two levels below

using our GravBoots, getting down shouldn't be a problem.
No. 280928 ID: 1854db

No. 280934 ID: 8d8786

What about getting back up? And what IS two levels below, anyway? We need one of those three-dimensional map thingies.
No. 281097 ID: b6c6fc
File 129752810373.jpg - (459.90KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard33.jpg )

we should have no problem getting back up

Gore loads up his map of the hub
No. 281102 ID: f7aa74

go down, that sounds plot sufficient... creepy things always go down into deep dark places
No. 281129 ID: c65456

Down we go, two in the hole, and send one down the nearest elevator, time it as closely as possible. I don't 'like' the idea of splitting up, but it provides opportunities for surprise flanking.
No. 281132 ID: c736a3


and the ability to be raped in mid transit... hold flanks together and just drop down
No. 281134 ID: 8d8786

The access hatches go outside, right? As in, outside of the ship? The tech-leech has no ability to survive in a vacuum, does it? Still waiting on all the info you can give us on it, Gore. Physical characteristics, abilities, weaknesses, even how big it is and what it looks like would help.

Oh, and Huro's status popping up again and again is probably a hint for us to go check on him. Team Inferno's on the bridge, right? Is he still there? Is he okay? Stabilized, at least? If there's nothing Squad Inferno can do for him, perhaps Pike can bring him over to the Medic over in Squad Flame.
No. 281136 ID: c736a3


i agree with Z, check on huro
No. 281226 ID: b6c6fc
File 12975863819.jpg - (350.30KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard34.jpg )

>The access hatches go outside, right?
normally they lead onto the ship proper, but right now all the lower level hatches have been disconnected, and thus indeed lead to space

I have a strange feeling being exposed to vacuum won't kill the creature, it would be to easy

I've spent a life time hunting this thing, 40 years, yet I could never get a good view on it, even when I thought I'd killed it, I'd simply trapped it in a ship and blew it up, I never got the killing blow
I never got the chance to even fight it face to face . . .

It would always run, it would always flee, I have been haunted by this creature for so long yet I can barely recall it's shadow
it is hulking beast yet a beast is all it is, I am certain our weapons can hurt it that's why it flees. it knows it can not match our fire power and has no way to protect it self from the Astranian wrath

Gore contacts squad Flame

Gore: "Nizk, how goes the evacuation?"

Nizk: "they've only just begun to filter through, I've scanned and clear 20 citizens so far"

Gore: "hmm, hows Huro doing?"

Nizk: "he's in MedLab 4, regenerating his internal organs, according to my interface he's stable and making a steady recovery"

Gore: "thank you Nizk"

Nizk: "Sergeant . . ."

Gore: "Yes?"

Nizk: "please be careful in there"

Gore: . . .
No. 281228 ID: 099247

[S] Gore: Descend.
No. 281233 ID: a41aaf

Gore: Are you certain you are fighting physically the same creature? With all the Psychic Shenanigans the techleeches enjoy pulling, jumping their mind from one body to another (or all sharing the same mind) might not be out of the question. You may have successfully slaughtered tens of their number, but not ended the life of one.
No. 281235 ID: e3f578

So when you say weeks do you mean galactic standard weeks? or 1 hour in solar terms? Relax guys in 2-3 hours Huro will be up and running like a suave motherfucker if my hypthesis is correct. Could we also speed up the process harvesting the captain's organs or making him a cyborg?

I'm sure Huro wouldn't mind too much being a triple death mech of death.
No. 281243 ID: 28e94e

No. 281252 ID: d5c481

>speed up the process harvesting the captain's organs

I doubt that would even be feasible, much less help given they are technically separate subspecies (remember interbreeding is already becoming a bit difficult for the astranian phenotypes.)

Besides, she was being mind controlled via the neckhuggers, she may be of more use in information.

Also,>>281233 brings up a good point, hiveminds are real bastards to put down for good without the use of sorcery or psychic shenanigans of your own.
No. 281525 ID: b6c6fc
File 129770877397.jpg - (386.22KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard35.jpg )

it IS the same creature, I KNOW it!

team blaze descends

. . .
No. 281531 ID: 28e94e

Do not lose control.
No. 281533 ID: 644ca1

So it knows we you are coming? Well of course it does, expect an ambush, no expect TWO ambushes.
No. 281576 ID: 8d8786

First off, lest I forget, make sure all you have activated your shields so you won't be under any of it's mind-affecting abilities. Secondly, how does this target know you? I mean clearly by
No. 281577 ID: 8d8786

First off, lest I forget, make sure all you have activated your shields so you won't be under any of it's mind-affecting abilities. Secondly, how does this target know you? I mean clearly by 'PIGGY' it's referring to you specifically, but one wonders how it knows what you look like under the mask....
No. 281678 ID: 099247

Shields up, open fire through windows.
No. 283219 ID: b6c6fc
File 129833620527.jpg - (329.92KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard36.jpg )

progress is slow but thorough, so far we've cleared 31 citezens
not one of them has detected as infected

Zane: "Nizk! are you sure these scanners are working."

Nizk: "of course Zane, I trust the MediScanner, besides Gore DID say we'd know an infected person when we saw one"

Zane: . . .

Powl is looking rather unmotivated, Boredom has never sat well with him
I should probably find a way to keep him interested and alert . . .

hmm? it seems Pike is contacting me
No. 283220 ID: 8d8786

I'm surprised how orderly this evacuation is proceeding. Powl certainly WOULD have had quite the time had people rushed the barricades, each wanting to be the first out. Still, this shows the benefits of a very disciplined society. If you've proof of Powl's laxing vigilance, reprimand him... We can't afford someone not paying attention.

Afterwards go ahead and patch Pike through.
No. 283228 ID: cc04a7

Tell Powel to double check people's necks and interact with the citizens, explaining the situation briefly and reminding them this is for their own safety, along with some "For the Alliance!" propaganda talk.

But be sure to keep all interactions brief. We can't hold up the line any further than it already is.
No. 283230 ID: e3f578

tell powl to start dancing a jig if he's so bored
or to tell a comedy routine for the civilians
He probably has secret ambitions to be a comedian anyway. That or to be a badass, maybe both.
No. 283242 ID: 28e94e

It's less that they're naturally this orderly, more "oh shit he's got a flamethrower nobody make any sudden moves".
No. 283280 ID: 197650

put on your cool face
No. 283316 ID: 644ca1

I Powl has time being bored he has time double checking everyone's necks for bugs.
No. 283380 ID: b6c6fc
File 129839995991.jpg - (340.57KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard37.jpg )

Zane: "Powl, I want you double checking the neck of every citizen here!"

Powl: " . . . sure"

Zane answers her com

Pike: "Zane, I searched the records on this "Anithia Perl" as it turns out, the registered Captain for this trip was supposed to be a man named Winsestrian Gaul."

Zane: "Who the hell is she then?"

Pike: "why don't you tell me, and save us all some time."

Zane: "What? your not-"

Pike: "this fraudulent captain has implemented over 2 dozen system overrides and over a hundred protocol breaches, ALL OF them granted access by the chief of security."

Zane: "That's impossible! I never authorized any of that!"

Pike: ". . .the first granting access to a XenoBiologist by the name of Anithia Perl, and one alien life form!"

Zane: . . .

Pike: "I don't Know why you've betrayed the alliance Zane, but I'm giving you this chance to come peacefully, please don't force us to kill you"

I gotta find a way to convince Pike of my innocence!
No. 283382 ID: 2563d4

Powl, shoot Zane quickly, before she has a chance to cause more damage trying to escape! All that nationalistic fervour was an obvious attempt at overcompensating for her traitorous nature!
No. 283383 ID: 701a19

"Is your shield up, soldier? Check the records for tampering, confirm the identity of that chief of security, and look for signs of stolen security codes.
If you were doing your job right then you'd have contacted Gore with this information so he could move a team into position before confronting me.
Get back to work, and don't bother me until you've properly done a full investigation on this. If you don't like then take it up with Gore."
No. 283385 ID: 8e18cd


Ponder how good will you look in a prison uniform and some chains. SEXY CHAINS.

Just kidding of course...

Ask her to check the terminals where the authorizations were delivered from. I mean... they could track down where you were at that time, right? If not at the terminal, then someone was tampering with it.
No. 283387 ID: 628a05

"Gore can verify that I had no hand in any of this, and if you honestly think that I, star gladiator Pelindina Zane would ever betray the alliance, you're going to need to get your head checked when this is over. If we are over accusing each other of betrayal when we know none of us are traitors we can get back to the tasks at hand, the safety of the citizens and this vessel. Now get back to work before I cite you for insubordination, Out of all the soldiers in the astranian military the last I would expect to accuse ME of betrayalit's someone from my own squad... Has not my fame preceded me? I would gladly give my life for this cause a hundred times over and I have more than proved myself loyal by my actions in the ring. Get off the comm and back to work, Pike, and next time think before opening your mouth."
No. 283388 ID: 628a05

Also powl: don't be a retard, don't shoot Zane.
No. 283406 ID: 8d8786

How fascinating. Well anyway, most people have given satisfactory suggestions as to what's to be done. Gore has ultimate command and so decisions should be made by him, and as long as Pike's shields are up and he's not infected or being mind-controlled, then Pike's only slightly out-of-line, here. Regardless, 'surrendering' would at the moment merely deprive your task force of one of it's members, and you're not exactly in a position to place anything huge in jeopardy so I see no reason why your immediate removal/interrogation is necessary. At the most, one of your other two team members should be placed in charge over you while this mess is sorted out by confirming the veracity of that first system override and whether or not you can be proven to have had anything to do with it. I wonder if anyone's checked your neck lately? Or, for that matter, the necks of any of the other Guards in Powered Armor. Easy place to hide a bug, I'd imagine.
No. 283663 ID: b6c6fc
File 129844460978.jpg - (348.41KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard38.jpg )

Zane: "I'm Pelendina Zane, Star Gladiator! why of all people would I betray the Alliance?"

Pike: "I don't pretend to understand traitors!"

Zane "don't be an idiot Pike. if you truly need proof of my loyalty, simply check my Card access"

Pike: " . . . um one second"

Info uploaded!

Zane: *sigh* "you dimwit, do you have any Idea how much of a pain it's going to be to revalidate my Security clearance?! anyways as you can see my card has Zero uses, meaning I'm not the one who authorized all that stuff."

Pike: "oh . . . wait are you saying that I terminated your clearance? I don't have the authority to do that, infact the record claim that this card hasn't been active for weeks . . ."
No. 283671 ID: 8d8786

No. 283681 ID: 9a5057

You uh... you probably better check who has chief of security access there Pike.
No. 283688 ID: 099247

Pike: First find out who has security clearance. Then pull up everyones ID cards, even your own, check for anything out of the ordinary and also check to see what uses they've been put through. (Then set the AI Laws so you're the only Astranian on board the vessel)
No. 283869 ID: 701a19

"So you didn't think to check this before you called. Fortunately, I have sense enough to know you aren't a traitor, just an idiot.
Since your job is beyond your understanding I'll give you a little help.
The next step is to find who has Chief of Security access. Check Gore's card first, then the other guards, then move on to people who could have tampered with the system.
When you finally find who did it use that damned fishhead you call a brain and DON'T TELL THEM."
No. 283972 ID: b6c6fc
File 129853319385.jpg - (318.82KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard39.jpg )

Zane: "if you didn't terminate my clearance, I need you to find out who did! find out who is currently in command, and there's a good chance we've found out . . . something I guess . . . just do it"

Pike: "yes Zane I'll see what I can find out"

Zane turns off her com

Zane: "Nizk continue with the evacuation"

Nizk: "what was that all about?"

Zane: "just Pike spazing out again, try to stay focused"

Hmm who could have done this, not Gore, he gave me HIS security card when we came aboard as part of the test, as far as security clearance goes he might as well be civilian
Pike and Huro could have combined their clearance to terminate mine . . .
or four other soldiers could have done the same to similar effect . . .

Arggh! I'm a soldier damnit! I'm not qualified for this kind of detective crap . . . I'm starting to think leaving the arena was a big mistake
No. 283980 ID: e3f578

At least here you're saving Astranian lives honorably rather than having the dishonor of brutally murdering Solar Prisoners of War for the sadistic pleasure of an Astranian audience. Solars don't even have an option to participate in that event, it's fight or die. You on the other hand had the right to decline at least.
Huro would be a possible suspect were it not for the fact that he just got his ass nearly killed by the captain for trying to launch the pod into space. Pike's proved himself both an idiot and not having any testicles and should be innocent and not caught up in complex shenanigans. Our best bet is four soldiers...
The fuck is Powl? He should be double checking these civilians.
No. 283989 ID: 8d8786

...Is someone missing?
No. 283997 ID: 4784be

Powl has wandered off. Or fled.
No. 284026 ID: 556804

Well, nothing worth doing is easily done.

But on another note, I don't like AT ALL how creepily quiet all of this is. That bug is doing something and we have no idea where it is, worse, it's an inside job. The beast has more help than a infested lunatic captain.
No. 284123 ID: b6c6fc
File 129860408340.jpg - (333.76KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard40.jpg )

Damnit, where the hell did Powl wander off too?

[Zane prepares to contact Powl]

BattleBot25: "Pelendina Zane, you are to surrender immediately"

Zane: "what?"

BattleBot25: "Ranking soldier Terzked Pike has declared you traitor to the Alliance, if you do not surrender immediately we have been ordered to implement lethal force"

Damn that idiot!
No. 284128 ID: 8c0848

Kick Pike in half, he's obviously infected or retarded or both. Either way, he's a lost cause.
No. 284129 ID: e3f578

When was this order? If more time has passed since the order and the time you convinced Pike you're not a traitor, simply ask to recontact Pike and Gore to reconfirm the order because you just discussed this with Pike over radio. Say you'll stand down peacefully if the robots comply.
No. 284138 ID: 1854db

Drop your weapon and tell them to talk to Pike.
No. 284146 ID: 644ca1

Tell them to confirm their orders with Pike again and that you will surrender if it checks out.
No. 284149 ID: 8d8786

What exactly does surrendering entail? I mean,it might be safe enough to do so without placing everything in jeopardy. By the way can you put on something like a Conference Call where you're not just contacting ONE person at a time? Can we open it up to everyone so it's not just a 'He said'/'she said' deal? I mean, as someone else suggested this might be just a hiccup that Pike initiated before contacting you, or Pike might really WANT this to happen, or maybe someone's using Pike's authority without his permission, the same way someone accessed your authority to make those chances that put the new Captain in charge and whatnot. Either way, you need to make sure everyone knows what's going on. Something or someone has been misusing security access codes, Powl's gone MIA, and perhaps internal securities have been compromised to the extent that we ought call off the hunt for the bug entirely and merely destroy the hub.
No. 284152 ID: 917741

Tech leech.... oh god if it's the Blight, you guys are so fucked.
No. 284182 ID: 701a19

Drop your weapon.
"Your orders are in error. Contact Pike for confirmation. I'll wait."

Wait, ranking officer Pike?"
No. 284186 ID: 099247

So Pike just bumped his rank up and put out an arrest on Officer Beepski. Right. Fuck his shit. Open fire. There are three bots there, your shield can take two hits from a laser, if you get the jump and take out three with Nizk you should be able to survive this. Pike has clearly shown he's not interested in negotiations. So don't negotiate.
No. 284187 ID: 701a19

...unless he sent these bots BEFORE he confronted her.
No. 284188 ID: 644ca1

Learn to count there are 6 of them not 3. Which makes us outnumbered 6 to 1, unless Nizk helps us which we shouldn't count on, we are going to end up fried if we go against them.
No. 284195 ID: 099247

Learn to comprehension. If I thought there were three then what would there be left to survive against? We'd have won. Drop the three, get shot at by the REMAINING three. Open fire and kill them.
No. 284202 ID: 0a7c80

{Message}"Oh come on what the fuck Pike? Did you just send damn battlebots down here. We don't have time for this shit. Are you TRYING to weaken this checkpoint?"{Message}

Try and get Nizk to toss an Ion grenade on one group while you 'act' at putting down your weapon, then move to take out the other group.
No. 284233 ID: 039a70

Tell the robots to confirm the order with Pike. Don't shoot them just yet.

Do robots have shields?
No. 284285 ID: b6c6fc
File 129868375536.jpg - (377.74KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard41.jpg )

Nizk: "Pike! what's going on?!"

Pike: "Shut up! Zane's the traitor! she's responsible for all of this!"

Zane: *sigh* " Pike I'm NOT the traitor I-"

Pike: "we'll have plenty of time to discuss this Zane, AFTER you've surrendered! you have 10 seconds, make your choice"

Hmm Pike doesn't seem in the mood to talk.
my shields are up so taking down these bots wouldn't be much of a problem
. . . but if Nizk turns on me, I'm not sure I can take all of them

for me to surrender I would have to power down my shields, if I do that theres no changing my mind . . .
No. 284288 ID: 2563d4

Surrendering is for cowards.

Hey, if you close in on Pike, will all the innocent civilians in the way discourage the military bots from firing? :3c
No. 284292 ID: 4e6eaf

odds are the fuckers will just shoot you anyway if you power down your shields, they seem to be all too eager to kill
No. 284299 ID: e3f578

(ugh didn't read he isn't willing to talk)
You have a job to do. Fuck him and fuck his shit. Tell him shove it, you're not a traitor, and that you've got people to save and scan right now. Just tell Nizk that the infector is creating distrust within the group like in the movies. Remember to mention the movies, no one ever does, it'll help because this kind of shit happens way too fucking much and points out how idiotic Pike is acting. He is acting like a dick from a movie. If Nizk is naive enough, she might take up on that point alone and help you. Otherwise you're going to have to get sentimental up in this bitch and ask her to trust you, Pike is just being really fucking dumb and is being a gullible prick.
No. 284300 ID: 701a19

Call to the civilians "Clear the area!" and motion for them to get against that wall.
"Pike accused me of abusing security credentials I don't have. He wants me to drop my shields so he can kill me.
No trust required Nizk, you can check my card yourself; zero uses. Hold on a second."

THEN destroy the bots. Hand your weapon to Nizk.

@Nizk: This makes no sense. Pike has intentionally put civilians in the firing line and is violating dozens of protocols. The bots said this wasn't under Gore's orders, which makes this mutiny.
His demands are illegitimate. Destroy the bots to protect your superior officer.
No. 284301 ID: dc5c54


Say out loud how if you lower your shield, you become vulnerable to mind control. Drop your weapon, though, or if you can't, point it up and away or hold it reversed or otherwise in a position that makes it clear you are not going to fight.
No. 284309 ID: 6b2b68

"This is a ruse to get my shields down! There is no way I'm powering down my shields in these circumstances! Get GORE On the line you fucktards!"
No. 284320 ID: 45be60

"A minute ago Pike found something suspicious and he was ready to arrest me. Ten seconds ago we got done talking about how it couldn't be me, and he agreed. Now he is doing it all over again. What did you find Pike? Who does the computer think is in command?"

Call up someone else on Pike's team, see what their status is.
i.e. confirm they are not dead in a closet.

Anyway, with Powl MIA, we can't leave this checkpoint under the watch of a single soldier anyway.
No. 284322 ID: 4784be

>> Shields Down
>> Vulnerable to Mind Control

Contact Pike's team. Check Shield Status.
No. 284374 ID: b6c6fc
File 12987033979.jpg - (469.02KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard42.jpg )

Zane: " I will surrender."

Pike: " very good, now-"


Zane opens fire
No. 284376 ID: d75cab

Continue firing, tell Nizk why you are doing this.
No. 284378 ID: e3f578

Can someone get some decent battle music up in this bitch? Because I'm seriously getting a vibe for some badass music that needs to compliment this moment and I got nothing.
No. 284405 ID: 8d8786

Well this has taken a less than desirable route. The best way to insure Nizk stays on your side in all this may be to specifically NOT ask for her help, instead tell her to contact Gore and tell him what's happened, that Pike has started some sort of mutiny and that we're not even sure if the rest of his squad is even alive
No. 284417 ID: 099247




>Convulsive Madness

No. 284423 ID: cc04a7

Agreed, get Nizk to contact Gore while you dispatch these battlebots. Still got an ion grenade or two handy, Zane? You forgot to turn those in for frags when you fought pinkskins so you probably have them now. Make sure the bots aren't near anything important and throw one if you have them.
No. 284656 ID: b6c6fc
File 129879192373.jpg - (390.23KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard43.jpg )

as a telepath it probably read the minds of a few of the civilian victims to find out more about local threats, my physical appearance is common knowledge

after a short laser barrage

Dosk: "area cleared, detecting zero life signs left alive. what ever was in there they're dead now."

Gore: "very good"

Hoft: "Sarge, those screams, they sounded Astranian!"

Gore: "that's because they WERE Astranians"

Hoft: "W-what!?"

Gore: "calm down soldier, they were infected, a quick death was best we could do for them anyways"

Hoft: . . .

Dosk: "what now Sarge?"

Hmmm good question
No. 284691 ID: 8d8786

Fuck, man. I mean, seriously man... fuck.

(note: this is not a suggestion, this is a reaction)
No. 284702 ID: 701a19

You said they could easily tell if somebody was infected, so take them inside so they can see the remains for themselves.

Right now they're thinking those people could have been saved, or you could be mistaken, or any one of countless noble thoughts. They need that knocked out of them in order to focus.
No. 284709 ID: cc04a7

Check in on Zane.
No. 284716 ID: 099247

Gore: Get searching. Check inside the shop(?) for CLUES. Failing that get lurking around this level.
Zane: Is there any other alternative route to evac the survivors to a safe part of the ship? One where Pike can't track you to? Or would find it hard to send robots?
Pike: Keep on trollin'
No. 284718 ID: d4e5b4

Gore: Check on Zane, learn pike is a dipshit, restore Zane's access stuff and call off the robots.
No. 284719 ID: 3f8223

Yeah, uh, Gore, check on Zane and call off those robots. That's kinda something you need to do right now.

This isn't out of character knowledge either, as a team you should be initiating radio contact frequently and should be all on the same frequency, if you're not on the same frequency that's just retarded and you need to rectify that immediately. Communication is the key to victory after all.

Anywho, you haven't checked in on Zane in a while so do that and then call off the robots.
No. 284724 ID: 644ca1

Check in on the other teams to make sure everything is going well for them as well.
No. 284979 ID: b6c6fc
File 129887504980.jpg - (172.56KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard44.jpg )

team blaze looks into the building

Gore: "look at the bodies Hoft. when infected the venom first flows quickly into our body's various liquids, early visual symptoms include venom drooling from the mouth and a discoloration of the tears in the eyes. notice that in this early stage of infection the blood is still red, Astranian blood is the purest part of our bodies making it the hardest to corrupt fully, but it does corrupt in the end . . .
these people were beyond saving Hoft, do you understand?"

Hoft: *whimper*

Dosk: " . . . gods be damned"
No. 284993 ID: 1854db

Hey! One of them is still alive, and escaped through that door. Form up and have someone open the door so you can fire into the room.
No. 284997 ID: 4d7f8c

I thought you could detach bugs and the victim would recover? Does this venom work by a different mechanism?
No. 285032 ID: 6b2b68


Check in on your teammates, communication between other members of your team should be your top priority. Once you have learned of the situation with Zane, call off the robots and tune everyone into the same frequency like you should have been from the start. It keeps everyone in the loop about everything and makes it so you don't have to explain shit over and over to everyone.
No. 285041 ID: cc04a7

Check in on Zane. Tell the robots to stand down. Don't railroad.
No. 285043 ID: d4e5b4

Oh not this again. Check in on Zane and tell the robots to stand down already.
No. 285053 ID: 2044dd

Gore: Contact your teammates, learn of Zane's plight, reprimand Pike and restore Zane's access card privileges.

There is no in-character reason why you shouldn't be maintaining constant radio contact with your teammates and you should have heard this stuff going on over the comms already. Any military worth their weight in bullets in a post-WWII tech level should have near constant communication unless circumstances arise where they cannot, and given you are using astranian coms on an astranian ship during lockdown all channels should be clear except for your own, and a ten man group should only have one channel between them. There is no reason you should be ignoring these suggestions.

[spolier]Unless taking decisions and actions and responsibility away from the players is your thing, in which case, all aboard the train.[/spoiler]
No. 285055 ID: 701a19

We don't exist in-quest. Gore doesn't know about what's going on until somebody tells him.
I can't fault you for trying, but don't bash LonelyWorld because he's not letting you get away with blatant cheating.

No. 285061 ID: 6b2b68

Wow. I think this is just about the dumbest thing you've ever said, Seven, and insulting to the people who want to see this quest succeed.

Read the posts above you again. Especially >>285032
which detail how you are completely and utterly wrong in every sense of the word. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.
No. 285062 ID: 099247

Gore: Enter through the left door and get a SITREP from the other teams. If not already done so, have everyone switch to the same frequency. This may be a long shot but if Pike is truely misguided and not an outright traitor he should listen to Gore so ... Tell Pike to block (somehow) all private communication between marine. First step to acting like a team? Be one. Everyone hears everything. Nobody is left out.
No. 285095 ID: 8d8786

Clearly at this point we need to engage in complete radio silence. Not even within teams. In fact, no talking at all. And military hand signals are out too. OPERATION: CHARADES is in effect!
No. 285156 ID: b6c6fc
File 129894306436.jpg - (186.15KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard45.jpg )

Gore is too distracted by the task at hand to bother with redundant tasks like contacting all team mates, besides if there was a problem they would contact him!

Hoft busts down the door


infected: "kshrrrk, tehk leeeechhhh hashhh wordssshh fohr you, HEEEEERRR THEHM! kryah!"
No. 285157 ID: 8d8786

Oh, the tech leech has words for you?


No. 285159 ID: 6b2b68


No. 285160 ID: 701a19

Your call.

If you're gonna say no, then say it with style: "Tell him to send a letter."
Then vaporize its face
"From hell."
No. 285166 ID: dad664

"Please ensure that you enunciate those words clearly and slowly into the barrel of my RayTech rifle."
No. 285189 ID: e3f578

Shoot it's head off with style.
No. 285196 ID: 28e94e

No. 285302 ID: b6c6fc
File 129896615169.jpg - (433.76KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard46.jpg )

Hoft: "Yeah fuck that! DIE you alien freak!"

Hoft opens fire

infected: "KRRAAAHH!!"

Dosk: "Sarge! I'm detecting multiple life signs closing in on our possition"

Gore: "charge your guns boys this might get a little dicey"

Gore's com unit all of a sudden lights up with dozens of communication and danger reports

what the hell?

Powl is trying to contact Gore's com
Nizk is trying to contact Gore's com
Koza is trying to contact Gore's com

No. 285303 ID: 07416a

Start a conference call!
No. 285305 ID: 75d7a9

shit, looks like everyone is freaking out at once, all the things must be coming out of the woodwork at once.
No. 285309 ID: 8d8786

Well you need to be in a defensible position before you start dealing with calls that, in all likelihood, are completely irrelevant and should be handled by their respective squad leaders in the first place, so take your time in finding a proper location and fortifying it before answering any of those. Then it's really a question of who ranks highest priority, and seeing how Nizk and Powl are both calling you they clearly aren't the sole-surviving member of a squad ambush that suddenly killed all the others, so perhaps Koza is the one we ought listen to first.
No. 285319 ID: d4e5b4

Get everyone inside. Press the table shaker the doorway and concentrate your fire at the smaller opening that leaves once they get in view. Answer Nizk.
No. 285320 ID: d4e5b4

Get everyone inside. Press the table against the doorway and concentrate your fire at the smaller opening that leaves once they get in view. Answer Nizk.
No. 285443 ID: b6c6fc
File 12990178803.jpg - (361.11KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard47.jpg )

team blaze sets up a defensive position

Gore: "Hoft!, get back here!"
Hoft: "yes sir!"
No. 285478 ID: 1ac973

Erm would it be more effective for Hoft to provide flanking fire from the side room, or does it also have an open or windowed front and thus just expose him?
No. 285509 ID: 9bef2f

Hoft: get back there

Gore: open comms with Nizk
No. 285641 ID: b6c6fc
File 129905092540.jpg - (361.74KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard48.jpg )

there is infact a window in the room, Hoft decides it's too dangerous to hide in that room

Gore answers Nizk

Gore: "what ever this is Nizk, it better be important"

Nizk: "Pike and Zane have gone crazy! Pike thinks Zanes a traitor and sent a whole bunch of Battlebots to kill her, and now Zane's on a robot killing frenzy and won't respond to her com!"

Gore: "Damnit! I don't have time to deal with this kind of idiocy!"
No. 285644 ID: e3f578

reprimand Pike real quick for being a imbecile and a danger to the team. No one is allowed to surrender while you are the commander of these teams, because surrendering requires shields to be down, which risks infection and mind control.

YOU are the detective, judge, jury, and executioner on this ship until every last bug lies dead at your feet or you are literally foaming at the mouth green blood. You are the PO-LICE. AND THE PO-PO DOESN'T LIKE IT WHEN HO-HOES GET IN ON ITS BUSINESS.
No. 285663 ID: 8d8786

Well, you have no reason to believe that Pike's wrong about Zane at this time, barring your previous encounters and relationships with them. Each will, obviously, declare himself/herself the one in the right... So now that we've discovered an issue that needs taking care of, I suppose it's time to get the facts straight. If Nizk is unable to contribute anything useful, take the calls from Powl or Koza to see what they can offer (Probably Koza since you've already heard from a member of Zane's team).
No. 285664 ID: 75d7a9

tell Nizk to get to a secure area and just wait until the idiots kill each other, you are busy.
No. 285668 ID: 9bef2f

Tell Nizk to tell Pike he's on probation until further notice and restore Zane's access privileges right quick. If Zane won't respond to the comms broadcast a message to everyone's comms for her to stand down and for the robots to back off, you know she's no traitor, she's just gone into full gladiator mode. This is a perfect time to hit that public comms button, because they don't have to choose to accept general alerts, they'll get those automatically.
No. 285683 ID: cc04a7

Ignore Zane? Traitors and heresy!

Do that general public address thing, that sounds like a good idea. Mostly do a public comm to all robots telling them to stop fighting Zane and run, and a public comm to Zane saying you know she's no traitor and to stand down.

Meanwhile, position yourselves in a semicircle against that back wall ready to take on all comers and then accept Powl's transmission.
No. 285684 ID: 701a19

Zane's a gladiator; her response to somebody trying to kill her is entirely expected.

Pike, though? He ordered his superior officer killed without your approval. That's abnormal and completely out of line.

Contact Pike. Tell him to stand down and withdraw the robots. Then tell his squad to make sure he complies.
No. 285713 ID: d0c8a0

Agreed entirely.
No. 285759 ID: 6b2b68

Double agreed.
No. 285763 ID: b6c6fc
File 129910958214.jpg - (396.35KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard49.jpg )

Gore: "Pike, what the hell are you doing!"

Pike: "I have strong evidence that Zane is in fact a traitor!"

Gore: "what ever evidence you found Pike, how ever convincing is still incorrect!"

Pike: "No! there is a second traitor! and she's the only one it could be, I tracked who terminated her access, and it was Zane herself, she shifted her authority to a second card thus deleting her own authority but secretly keeping it under a second hidden identity!"

Gore: "Zane is NOT the traitor, I assure you this is a fact!"

Pike: "How would you know? you've been busy tracking bugs, I've been doing all the research!"

Gore: "I. DON'T. CARE. call off these robots!"

Pike: . . .

Gore: "Powl, Report!"

Powl: "Sergeant, I've got visual on the enemy Alien, it's stuck digging through floor in the main access lobby, the enemy is defenseless, requesting permission to engage"

Dosk: "Sarge, 5 seconds till the enemy enters firing arc!"
No. 285764 ID: 8d8786


>Pike did not, in fact, acknowledge your order to stand down
>Pike does have a point insofar as you don't seem to have any evidence supporting your assertion of Zane's innocence
>What the heck is Powl doing apart from Zane's squad that he's requesting YOUR permission for what he's doing?

Anyway you're busy. Get Pike to confirm he Heard Understood Acknowledges your order, tell Powl to take it up with the leader of HIS Squad. Also request his position, since it seems he's been trying to do YOUR job.
No. 285765 ID: cc04a7

"Pike, Zane is not the sharpest cutter in the equipment locker, someone probably did it for her, likely someone of authority when she had to present it at some point. It is HIGHLY unlikely she did it herself. Do you really believe a gladiator did all this, someone trained to fight, rather than a technician?"

Powl, if you believe you have the manpower and the equipment to take it down, engage it, if you do not, regroup with your squad and then try to take it down. Keep your shields up and take it down fast and as a group."

Engage the enemy.
No. 285766 ID: e3f578

Permission denied. Tell Powl to rush back to Zane and help her out with the damn bots if Pike wont tell them to stand down. It's too damn risky to piss it off when Powl is on his own. Then to fucking hightail the evac
No. 285771 ID: 40cb26


We can't waste time on this when lives are on the line.
No. 285773 ID: 383685

obviously someone jacked zane's authority to another card to keep zane unaware of the theft of identity.

we need to know who zane had contact that could peform such, possibly before boarding the ship. asides gore.

...uh, so! i heard you are a veteran fighting those things?
No. 285782 ID: 701a19

"Powl, that's a trap. Take pot-shots from where you are if you'd like, but don't close range. Get away if you can."
No. 285796 ID: 75d7a9

good point, it probably is a trap.
No. 285834 ID: 20fc85

First off, pike would likely know people who could do that...
Pike could also be a traitor...
But don't go shooting random people yet...

And the alien is too smart to just magically come in range. It's a trap of some sort... I don't know what exactly though...
No. 285977 ID: cc04a7

Probably the kind where the alien baits them and then it's minions claw up at them through the bottoms of their shields, where the shields are weakest.
No. 286109 ID: b6c6fc
File 129922828739.jpg - (321.58KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard50.jpg )

Gore: "permission denied Soldier! regroup with team Flame immediately!"

Powl: " . . . yes Sergeant"

Gore: "Pike! confirm my order"

Pike: "order confirmed . . . sir"

Gore: " I don't-"

Dosk: "Sarge! here they come!"

????: "KRRRAAAH!"

Gore: "OPEN FIRE!"
No. 286110 ID: 8c73c8

keep shooting until they stop moving, then shoot them a little more to make sure they aren't faking.
No. 286111 ID: 8d8786

Engage killing... This is your business, this is what you do. While you're doing that, can we switch to Kimb, perhaps? Or someone in Pike's group?
No. 286148 ID: b6c6fc
File 129926650461.jpg - (360.50KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard51.jpg )

I am SpaceMarine Terzked Pike, grade A technical tracker. I have served the Alliance Military for 9 years, and I have score Score higher on the command Exams then anyone else in the unit

But none of this matters because I am not a psychotic pop Star from deranged world that has done nothing but damage the Alliance.

it's not fair!, Gore always agrees with whatever Zane wants. to his eyes I barely even exist . . .

One day I will prove my value to the Alliance, and Gore will finally see who his favorite SHOULD have been!
No. 286149 ID: 820cab


Why not make that day... Today?
No. 286150 ID: 07416a

Have you considered that your own over-eagerness may be self-sabotaging? Imagine what would have happened if you had explained to Gore your suspicions and the results of your investigations rather than confronting a trigger-happy maniac during a tense combat situation...
No. 286152 ID: 8c73c8

yes, get at least a single piece of hard evidence and press it as hard as you can. prove you were right all this time and that his vision was clouded.
No. 286153 ID: 701a19

Gore smacked you down because you tried to kill or capture a superior officer without his approval. Regardless of your reasons, that's mutiny. You violated protocol horribly, and ordering you to stop is very magnanimous of him since he's supposed to order your team to shoot you.
Not only that, but you royally fucked up your attempt on Zane's life and destroyed several robots in the process. You test well, but you just fucked up really badly.

Lets put all that aside for now, though, and instead go over all the evidence you've found. Lets assume for the moment that Gore has absolute proof of Zane's innocence, since you've been so focused on her that you've neglected other possibilities.

Now, go over the facts as you know them - without trying to determine who is responsible.
No. 286157 ID: e3f578

You know, I really don't think you'd listen to us about how awful you are. So I'll just suggest that you go kill some bad dudes to become a bad enough dude for Gore to respect.

It's obvious he really only cares about officers who can carry themselves and their team in a fight. Let's find the goddamn bug already, Pike. By the way... they're in the vents above you. Trust me.
No. 286167 ID: e58621

Basically this. You may do well studying but you are shit in the field, Pike. Zane isn't his favorite, you are just an incompetent dumbass. It's time to start thinking things through before doing them.

First thing's first. Find Zane and apologize. Gore sent the stand down orders over public comms so she should have heard them.
No. 286169 ID: 701a19

What? No, Pike needs to figure out where the security breaches are so he can fix them. Finding Zane would cost too much time, and there's no point in saying sorry if you don't mean it.
No. 286184 ID: 20fc85

Observation and deduction...
You haven't considered all the other possibilities yet, and you appear to have some bias.
We'll need to get the bias out of the way if you want to earn some respect.

that said, who might want to make Zane look like a traitor...

Don't forget that the captain was traitor at one point
No. 286191 ID: e58621

True, finding her now is a waste of time. Still, say sorry at the next opportunity.

The obvious answer for who would want to frame Zane is currently in medbay. Check his records first.
No. 286200 ID: cc04a7

Why is everyone jealous of Zane? You'll get your turn to prove yourselves, stop whining. Through diligence and hard work you will eventually get noticed, especially if you put your life on the line for the alliance right now. Zane? She's put her life on the line every time she's stepped into the ring, and nearly lost it last time, surviving through sheer luck that her opponent granted her mercy rather than kill her.

Until you've been through all she has, shut the fuck up and get back to work. She's Star Gladiator Pelindina Zane for a reason.

Now spill the beans. What all have you researched so far? You seem like you're all talk and complete shit in practice, so prove us wrong and do more tracking. Figure out who could have swiped Zane's card and done all this, possibly the captain.
No. 286227 ID: 8d8786

Unless Zane and Gore are BOTH traitors, working together.

You did, after all, find several pieces of evidence supporting a theory stating Zane was engaged in dubious maneuvers that made the ship extraordinarily vulnerable to the bug attack, evidence that was dismissed without any discussion or explanation. Let's not even forget that Zane refused to surrender peacefully to be questioned but instead opened fire with civilians present, destroying valuable military equipment. She's clearly lost the control and respect of her own squad members, one who has apparently wandered off and the other who didn't even have the confidence in her own leader to assist her in resisting arrest.

But NO, no matter the details it looks like Gore's willing to give her a blind pass and refuse explanation or question. Why would that be, you think? Why would he go so far for this woman who has barely any experience as an actual military asset? Is it love, or is it something more sinister, something the two of them share that they don't want you to know about? You don't need me to tell you something's fishy. You don't need ME to tell you that you clearly can't trust either of the two other ranking squad leaders. It's up to YOU to save the Alliance ship, and you know what must be done.

Detach and separate the Hub.
No. 286228 ID: cc04a7

Uh, what the fuck? Ignore that post, Pike. Gore is no traitor, and neither is Zane. If you consider anything from that for a second you need to shoot yourself to prevent yourself from being a danger to yourself and your surroundings.
No. 286235 ID: 8d8786

Search your feelings, Pike. Think for yourself, look over what YOU know to be true, from both short and long term experience. YOU are the one in charge of your destiny, and you clearly can't trust anyone else, certainly not the other ranking officers who have shown themselves to be incapable of rational thought, nor biased head-voices which berate your very existence with no evidence to actually suggest that you're wrong. Search within yourself and you'll find the answer. And I know what it'll be.

Detach and separate the Hub.
No. 286255 ID: e58621

Don't detach the hub, that's a terrible idea.
No. 286278 ID: ae7cb6

is it crazy theory time yet?

gore is the spy. he was the only one that could have switched so many authority cards and ignored a wrong captain for so long.

he never survived his last encounter. he is infected.
No. 286297 ID: cc04a7

Well he does seem jaded on the whole alliance thing and has talked about the astranians ending themselves before...

Pike, track where Gore has been on the ship so far, and compare it to the path someone swiping Zane's ID card and changing shit around on it with would have taken.
No. 286415 ID: b6c6fc
File 129936842747.gif - (254.72KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard52.gif )

if any day is as good as another, then it shall be this day I prove my worth!

Gore never listens to me, he'll just dismiss any allegations I can find on her.
. . . still I probably should have got more of my team mates to back me up on this, Gore can't ignore us all!

I HAVE hard evidence!

Zane instructed me to find the data info on whoever deleted her card's Access she told me herself that the person responsible must be the traitor. the records show her authority was terminated automatically when when she copied it onto another card. card transfer is done through bio scanner, there's no way it could be done by anyone else.
No. 286422 ID: e3f578

There could have been some sort of minor mind control done on her where the controller made her do it and blocked it from her memory. Remember the situation your in, you're dealing with the universe's absolute masters of deception. Every situation calls for critical thinking and proper strategy.

Speaking of which, why did you order her to surrender in the first place, which would lower her shields, that makes the soldier vulnerable to it! Even if she is a traitor, the techleech could have went like "Nope.avi", took her over, and killed many civilians as a result. Nizk would have promptly take care of her then but still, we would lost lives! What were you thinking, man! I don't mean to take the filthy Nokkin bitch's side, but you put a lot of people in danger.

Oh man, I'm getting paranoid. My fucking senses are going through the roof man, do a scan or something while you have this meaningful discussion with yourself. Something dangerous is nearby, aren't you getting any nasty vibes?
No. 286429 ID: 00d3d5

Unless, of course, somebody replaced the bioscanner's entry for Zane with their own for the process and then changed it back. Or rigged a bioscanner to give flawed readings. Or added extra machinery to a bioscanner so that the transfer would happen when she next used the device.

The point is that it doesn't make sense for Zane to tell you how to find evidence of her guilt. Since she told you exactly where to look next when tracking down the culprit she must know enough about the system to know what you would find if she had done it.
The most likely explanation, then, is that she was unaware of what her advice would uncover.

The evidence is contradictory, ergo there are pieces of the puzzle still missing.
No. 286442 ID: cc04a7

Remember that Zane took a direct hit from the mind control bug with her shields down earlier, she could have done it then while under it's influence. She is no longer under it's influence and no longer is affected by it.

You do need to listen to your superior officer's wisdom though. Zane is definitely not the traitor, she is not exactly subtle at all in anything she does and has a long standing history of not only extreme loyalty, but a history of not being subtle ever. She's a gladiator, if she was going to betray you all she'd do it by killing you all with her cutter axe, not through sneakery.
No. 286445 ID: 517631

Its all information, information no matter how secured can be tampered. Why would she copy her own card and leave all that info and, then tell you to find it. She sounds more like a scapegoat at the moment. Her ability and means, she could have used more direct forms of being a traitor. Sneaking around and changing things here and there all the while leaving a large trail behind her.

At this point, stop looking for the traitor. The traitor has already done a great deal and the time you spend looking for him/her/or more they can deal even more damage to the situation. Now is the time to start moving ahead of the traitor, find the things that can worsen the situation and prevent further issues from arising.
No. 286673 ID: b6c6fc
File 129945882855.jpg - (357.23KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard53.jpg )

I may not be an engineer, but being born on Vin-Malor has still taught me a thing or two about ray tech. the stuffs really hard to tamper with, not anyone could fake those scans.

Zane's always been a little slow, I'm guessing the Captain was the brains behind the operation! that's probably why she messed up her bluff,

Koza: "the Sergeant preoccupied at the moment, Kimb and I need a judgement call"

Pike: "Yeah?"

Koza: "shields are reflecting minor radiation from outside interference, it might be nothing, but it's odd for radiation to just start sweeping against us like that"

Pike: "are they a threat to the ship?"

Koza: "Heh, not even close, but with our scanners down for modification we have no telling what's causing it. We're requesting permission delay modifications so that we can scan the surrounding area to find the source."
No. 286677 ID: cc04a7

Do it, and really, don't trust in the scanners too much. Zane's slow, you said it yourself, there's no way she would do any of this willingly and you should probably accept the sarge's judgement on that.
No. 286679 ID: 07416a

dooo ettt
No. 286686 ID: e3f578

I don't know. The bugs might be causing the mysterious radiation so we'd delay the modifications to investigate. Is it possible to make a quick makeshift scanner with what's around us?
No. 286734 ID: 00d3d5

Oh, for the- If your shields are reflecting the radiation then you're the subject of active scanning. Ask what kind of radiation it is, and a rough estimate of where it's coming from.
There's a good chance it's pirates, but there's a chance it's something the tech leech set up to keep you from modifying scanners to detect it.

... wait, if these are scanners, plural, then why are they all down?
No. 286806 ID: 198908

what if zane's biosignature was never his?

he claims to have never used the card, the card also says that. all you need to do is to find the replacement card and check on what it was used.

but before, how about checking the card signature to the computer's signature? you may find the mastermind anyway.

radiation in the outside huh? either you are close to the sun or its a nuclear warzone in the outside. im guessing you are near the techleech's homeground.

i still think gore is tainted. at least one high ranking officer was involved on it to clear the captain's code and zane never handled those kinds of authentication tasks.
No. 286915 ID: b6c6fc
File 129955837891.jpg - (322.16KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard54.jpg )

>at least one high ranking officer was involved on it to clear the captain's code

.. ack, NO! it WAS Zane! it HAD to be her! she must have found a work around, or maybe Kimb, Yeah she must have got Kimb to hack the crew personnel file! Kimb must be a traitor too then!

Koza: "um Pike, about reactivating the scanners?"

Pike: "who's bright Idea was it to turn off all the scanners anyways, let me guess Kimb!"

Koza: "well yes . . . he said it the only way to make the scanner net fully functional was to realign them all simultaneously. it will only take minutes to bring them back up, but it will delay Kimb's progress-"

Pike: "Permission denied! Gore's order was to get that scanner working right, and Gore's order stands! this is the top priority!, we NEED to find those bugs!"
No. 286920 ID: 6b2b68

Okay, uh, investigate Kimb then.

There's an old saying that Sherlock Holmes once said. "When you eliminate the possible, the impossible, however unlikely, must be the truth."

Zane we know is no traitor, so the impossible, someone else mush have done this, must be the truth. Whether it's Kimb or Gore or whoever, we don't know, but only through not listening to reason would we ever consider Zane.

Where is she now anyways? Best contact her and say we've determined she is not the traitor before she, you know, tries to kill you.

Also if it'll only take minutes, be sure you align the scanners properly instead of hastily.
No. 286932 ID: 00d3d5

No, it did NOT have to be her.
You are letting bias cloud your judgement.
Zane got her position because the higher-ups saw qualities in her that make her officer material. Gore himself said that Zane's going to be a good officer because she realized when she failed.
You, however? You blame other people for everything that goes wrong, and take credit for everything that goes right.
Do you really want to know why you're not an officer?
You're not an officer because you repeatedly ignore, disobey, and disrespect superior officers.
You're not an officer because you have failed to engage in any planning before acting.
You're not an officer because you are inept at managing resources.
You're not an officer because you put your desires over your orders.
You're not an officer because you let your own petty biases interfere with your orders.

In short? You're not an officer because the brass knows that you would get every damn person under your command killed.

Zane is not a traitor. You have been ordered to believe that.
The next step is to find more evidence that will let you identify traitors. You are not to attempt to determine guilt, you are only to find as much evidence as possible.
No. 286993 ID: 517631

Pike, ever hear of a "witch hunt". Not in the direct meaning but philosophically. Your using your judgment to find "traitors" but whenever you find any evidence of the possibility of someone being a traitor you automatically assume they are one.

"If you search for something you will find it, even if it doesn't exist". Try hard enough and soon everyone but yourself will be a traitor. It almost seems your doing what someone wants you to do, conduct a witch hunt to hamper efforts aboard the ship.
No. 286995 ID: 816cc6

Pike, we all know you want to be the little gladiator girl famous worldwide.

its time to let go.

or, uh, admit you love zane and try to gain her trhu usual means. whatever floats your boat.

you actualy need to consider that gore could also be tricked. what if the actual culprint is safe in a space station light years away laughting his ass off of how he framed one of the most famous gladiators on his planet along with the possible death of one of the most skilled war veterans that your country had?

also those sensors will have to aim outside. we are going inside a radiation zone, if the shields fail, every civilian dies and it will be your fault we couldnt work against it.

the newer order overwrites the old order. do it, pike, dont be a renegade.
No. 287006 ID: dad664

[ ]Told
[ ]Toldlerone
[x]Told001: A Space Odyssey
No. 287018 ID: 4d7f8c

No, one is going to stop you from 'beliving' that that anyone you please is a traitor. However, you have not been ordered to apprehend them, merely to relay information as needed. This is a time critical operation, we may try and execute traitors later. Should we have anyone left to execute.
No. 287159 ID: b6c6fc
File 12996509775.jpg - (357.93KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard55.jpg )

>Pike, we all know you want to be the little gladiator girl famous worldwide.

n-no it's not like that . . .

>In short? You're not an officer because the brass knows that you would get every damn person under your command killed.

no, I could do better, I could be a good officer . . .

>but only through not listening to reason would we ever consider Zane.

it has to be Zane, it HAS to be . . . it can't be someone else

Koza: "what's up with you Pike?, it not like you to be this irrational"

>the newer order overwrites the old order. do it, pike, dont be a renegade

NO! Gore's the best Commander! he's always right . . .

>It almost seems your doing what someone wants you to do, conduct a witch hunt to hamper efforts aboard the ship.

no! I'm doing what's right, I will find the traitor . . . I have to find another traitor!

Koza: "geeze Pike, are you even listen to me?"

Pike: "SHUT UP KOZA!, I'm trying to think-"

GENERAL ALERT: "this is Powl, the TECH-LEECH is breaking through the main access hatch, Repeat, the TECH-LEECH is breaking through the main access hatch!"

all team members have received the alert, you may suggest actions for any team member
No. 287160 ID: 00d3d5

@Koza: Tell pike to leave his shield up, but open his helmet and show you his neck. He's acting abnormal, and you need to make sure he hasn't been compromised.

@Pike: You are being erratic and irrational. Stop it.

@All available combat robots: Report to the main access hatch; unleash hell on tech leech.
No. 287162 ID: e3f578

Pike, you are acting like a teeny tiny boy who isn't getting his way. Does Daddy Gore have to put you into timeout again, wittle baby? Your getting cranky. It sounds like somebody needs a nappy wappy.

Powl, bro, you make it back to Zane and Kizk yet? You guys have to get this fucking evac done on the double!
No. 287165 ID: b38301

it actualy made a bit of sense. there is at least a influence in the ship for some time.

do the shields protect against long therm telepathic suggestions? its possible pike is not only stressed but under attack.
No. 287439 ID: b6c6fc
File 129974923610.jpg - (171.63KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard56.jpg )

I am Elmundio Koza, Space Marine. My team mate and superior is acting foolish, sometimes it feels that I'm the only rational man in the unit

>Tell pike to leave his shield up, but open his helmet and show you his neck. He's acting abnormal

Koza: "Pike, can you show me your neck?"

Pike: . . .

Pike complies

Koza: "your clean"

Pike: "no Koza . . . you're wrong"

Koza: "What?"

Pike: "I know who the real Traitor is, I think I knew from the very beginning"

Koza: "Pike! we have more import-"

Pike: "I'm the traitor Koza. I placed my own filter over reality, blocking out the truth, I've hidden behind an Idealistic dream, we all have. but I knew better, I'd seen the facts, the lies between the lines, but I was too afraid Koza, too afraid to confront reality and I hid from the truth and now every one will die on account of my cowardice . . . "
No. 287446 ID: cc04a7


No. 287447 ID: cc04a7

Okay, apparently Pike is unfit to even be a soldier.

Powl: More info please, can we get a map of the area surrounding the main entrance hatch?

Zane: Pull yourself together, resist the urge to kill the incompetent asshole just yet, we'll get him shot later in front of a firing squad and/or sliced apart by your axe soon enough. Get your group together and ask Gore for orders.

Gore: What would the most practical allocation of troops be at this time? How many troops would it take to bring down the tech leech itself through sheer firepower right now? Also, in your experience fighting this thing, has it ever done something like this to lay a trap before?

Oh yeah, Also Zane: Check in with that guy about your disintegration rifle. You're gonna need it.
No. 287449 ID: 4d7f8c

Pike... doesn't take stress well does he? Man pull yourself together we have a job to do, Bring sensors back online and KILL THE TECH LEECH.

We need to dispatch a group to intercept the leech at Main Access.
No. 287453 ID: 4784be

Looks like Pike has caught himself a case of the Space Madness. How adorable.
No. 287456 ID: dad664

Koza slap Pike.
No. 287458 ID: 6ba8b3

"Sir, everybody already knows about your crush to Zane. Stop being a melodramatic sissy."
No. 287459 ID: f378c5

pike: freak out after relieving command to koza. apologize and declare your love to zane anyway.

zane: be affraid pike will kill himself/others because of his freak out and try to not refuse his advances.

koza: redirect sensors, let pike have a beer without taking out the shields and check out the outside.

gore: claim to puke from all of this mess. command everyone to be soldiers.
No. 287467 ID: b5ebce

Zane: refuse any and all advances made by pike and report in.

Gore: what does your experience and instincts say about this?
No. 287494 ID: b6c6fc
File 12997856078.jpg - (182.56KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard57.jpg )

Koza: . . .

Pike: . . .

Koza: " . . . Right, I'm going to take over command here now."

Pike: "yeah . . . good Idea."

Koza: . . .

Pike: "I have to go find Zane, goodbye Koza"

Koza: "goodbye Pike"

. . .

Koza and Kimb bring Scanners back up
No. 287496 ID: 28e94e

Pike and Koza: Notice the angry-looking crewman entering the room. Make sure you're not about to get shot.
No. 287497 ID: 1854db

That's Kimb I believe. He wandered off briefly and then came back.
No. 287499 ID: 00d3d5

Have pike hand over his weapons and report to the medbay. He's more likely delusional than a traitor, but they're the best equipped to keep him contained either way. Give him a robot escort.

Next up is finding out what that radiation is.

Oh, and if it's a pirate ship that is outside your main guns line of fire then don't move the main guns. Instead have robots go where they're most likely to try to board, dump bug corpses all over the place, splatter transfusion blood all over the area, then scar up the place with weapons fire. I doubt pirates would want to invade a ship with a bug problem.
No. 287520 ID: b5ebce

Do not under any circumstances let pike go off to find Zane alone. Get him to hand over weapons and go to medbay, give him a robot escort instructed not to harm Zane under any circumstances.

Try to contact Zane and fill her in on how much of a dumbass pike is.
No. 287530 ID: a41aaf

At the very least, inform Zane and Gore that Pike has become unhinged and has wandered off.

Then make sure you're not being painted by targeting radar.

Finally, get on the intercom to the areas surrounding the main access hatch. Order any crew/civilians in the area TOWARDS a point away from the main hatch, do NOT phrase it as an order away from the hatch. An ordered evacuation will be much faster than a panicked one, and it also makes for a rather macabre locator for the TechLeech: the hallway with the screaming coming from it is the one it went down.
No. 287655 ID: b6c6fc
File 129987061871.jpg - (468.13KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard58.jpg )

Koza: "Team Blaze, Team Flame I have taken over command of Team Inferno, Pike has become unhinged and has wandered off, he mentioned looking for you Zane."

Gore: "understood, carry on as normal Koza"

Zane: "if Pike chooses to attack me, it will be the last mistake he ever makes"

Gore: "Zane it seems your feeling better now, Good. it seems your be facing the Tech-Leech rather soon"

Zane: " the enemy will be breaching Access hatch within moments! we have no training fighting this sort of creature my, Sergeant team needs orders!"

hmmm, it's odd for the Tech-Leech to be engaging in direct combat, we have no information on it combat capabilities whatsoever
hell we're not even entirely sure what the damn thing looks like . . .

. . . it must be pretty desperate if it's abandoning it's standard pattern
No. 287656 ID: 00d3d5

You don't know what it looks like, which is how Powl knew what he was looking at.
This is a trap.

Nizk, Zane: It has baited you into an ideal pincer trap for herding you into a stronger ambush position. Move so you have LoS on the access hatch, but focus on covering the hall it connects to. If and when the pincer attack comes, focus fire on ZANE'S hallway and punch through no matter how bad it looks.
No. 287666 ID: dad664

Or it's a distraction.

Think Gore, what is on this ship that would look like a big thick juicy steak to the TechLeech?
No. 287672 ID: 6e331f

Gore, send a man down to add firepower and give Zane her disruptor rifle.

It's definitely a trap, they need an extremely defensive position.
No. 287675 ID: 6e331f

How defensible are the rooms nearby? Facing it there is going to get you all killed, there has to be something more defensible nearby. Until you get to that position form a triangle with one man focused in the front and the other two to the sides and back.
No. 287677 ID: 8d8786

Are there civilians still present? If so they should be removed and, obviously, all movement through the quarantine checkpoint should be halted. It would be rather disastrous for an infected to get close enough to disable any of the team's shields during the upcoming fight. Powl should be up front with his flame weapon with Zane positioned further back, Nizk in the far rear to make sure no civilians or other third party interferes.
No. 287685 ID: 45be60

By infected, you mean mind controlled, right? Because none of the civies are shielded and all of them are vulnerable to such tactics. Any defensive line needs to be someplace where they cannot get to.
No. 288017 ID: b6c6fc
File 129999988670.jpg - (418.20KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard59.jpg )

Gore: "Kimb I need a status update on the condition of Zane's Disintegrater!"

Kimb: "Sergeant! I've detected a 10% power loss in the main reactor, I would like to investi-"

Searge: "I need that status report NOW!"

Kimb: " . . . well there's a couple stabilizers that still need-"

Gore: "Good enough! have one of the engineering bots bring Zane her weapon immediately"

Kimb: "Sir! about the reactor I-"

Gore: "Try to focus boy! we got much better bigger problems then a power leak! I want those Scanners optimized!

Kimb: "but Sir Koza told me-"

Gore: "that was an order soldier!"

Gore ends communications with Kimb

Gore: "Zane, this likely a trap of some sort, be ready for anything!"

Zane: "understood sir"

Gore: "Also get those civilians out of there!, the Tech-Leech is bound to use them as weapons against you"

Zane: "Order confirmed Sir"

Gore: "I wish I could help you further, but even my experience only extends so far . . . Good luck Zane."
No. 288021 ID: 20fc85

Pike needs to be found...
I think shooting down his hypothesis on Zane made him realize something mind-shattering.
If it's as important as it seems, the tech leech is going to prioritize him as a target.
get him back. Listen to him, even if it's kooky.

that said, maybe the powerleak IS the issue at hand...
No. 288044 ID: fb96ac

Power Leak.
Tech Leech

Godamnit its in the power systems.

Find Pike and get down to the reactor and shut it down.
No. 288057 ID: cc04a7

Zane: Can you fix the stabilizers yourself with the engineering bot's help? Can the engineering bot fix the stabilizers on the way? That'd all be great.

We do need a team to either shut down the core or find a way to get it off of there. How the hell is it getting around so quickly?

Apart from that, find the most defensive spot you can and hole up, Zane. Make sure there's room for all three of you.
No. 288071 ID: 539ee6

kimb: before peforming investigations about power leak, check security cameras of said place.

koza: how is the outside looking? any reason why the radiation is piling up?

pike: get some nice flowers for zane. the ones that wont explode or try to eat her.

gore: be the badass that will save everyone

zane: do the disintegrator thing
No. 288188 ID: b6c6fc
File 130008790054.jpg - (362.55KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard60.jpg )

Nizk: "How do you know it was a Tech-Leech if no one's every seen one before!?"

Powl: "it was pretty big it's not like-"




Zane: "we're going to need more than luck sergeant . . ."

Zane ends communications with Gore
No. 288192 ID: 07416a

No. 288195 ID: 3416ec


The green things. Shoot the green things.
No. 288196 ID: 45be60

Spread out, cover it from the sides too. If there's no cover, the least you can do is not let it hit all three of you at once, or ignore just you and go tearing off down one of those giant corridors to either side.
No. 288232 ID: cc04a7

Everyone run SOUTH! South as in towards the camera! RUN LIKE HELL!

Toss grenades, turn and shoot for a while as you're retreating and get into one of the hallways, that thing looks too big to get into one of those smaller hallways easily. Aim for those goo sacks if possible.

Actually, Zane and whoever is next to her should run to the far side while the last guy should run to the closer to the camera size, this way you're all retreating and then at least one of you gets a clear shot at those goo sacs. Either way, you guys need to run like hell into one of the smaller hallways.

I WOULD suggest going into the medbay there, but we don't know if the medbay has an easily accessible exit to the other side and we do NOT want to get trapped in there. If there is a clear shot to the other side we can go through medbay and maybe pick up another set of arms for firepower.
No. 288257 ID: ed4039

Everyone run to the sides, Zane with a friend and the other solitary, have it surrounded and attack it's back. Whoever it goes after should run into the hallway while the other maintains LOS and attacks it's back.
No. 288264 ID: a41aaf

Resist the temptation to shoot at the suspiciously exposed sacks of highly effective mutagen. Spreading that stuff around everywhere seems like a very bad idea. It's armoured sections seem oriented towards an assault from the front or above, so splitting up to flank it would give at least one of you a clear shot into it's vulnerables.
It's not as if blocking the door with your bodies is going to appreciable slow it down anyway.
No. 288581 ID: b6c6fc
File 130024249036.jpg - (521.46KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard61.jpg )

Zane: "Nizk, Powl keep your distant, spread out, and unleash hell!"

Team Flame attempts to Surround the Alien Creature,

as Zane opens fire on the beast, from the corner of her eye she watches as Powl is impaled by the lightning quick tail, Powl's energy pack is ruptured resulting in a devastating ball fire sending both chunks of marine and bug tail flying in all directions

No. 288586 ID: 383006

TRY TO SHOOT THE BALLS ON ITS BACK. Also everyone should retreat down a hallway as well to make it harder to hit everyone.
No. 288591 ID: 383006

Nizk should retreat and try to stabilize, actually.
No. 288592 ID: 8d8786

Screw shooting the venom sacs or whatever they are, aim for the goddamn HEAD. Blow out its eyes and brain and whatever else is precious in there.
No. 288594 ID: 6b2b68

EVERYONE KEEP MOVING! Keep attacking the back! Try to dodge everything as best you can!

Zane, do you think you can take this thing!? If you keep running, if you keep moving, can you take this thing or is this a losing battle? It's already taken out your two comrades, my best suggestion is to just run, but goddamn...

Get into the shelter of a corridor but try to maintain line of sight, get away from where you can get easily maimed by the thing.
No. 288595 ID: 6b2b68

Also yeah, if you're a sniper can you take out it's eyes while you move? Get it some lasers to the brain whenever it's safe?
No. 288598 ID: 6ba8b3

Venom sacks seem to be connected to some big ass pair of weapons. Taking them out might not be a bad idea in the long run.
No. 288600 ID: 00d3d5

WHATEVER ROBOTS ARE AVAILABLE: Take Nizk to receive emergency medical attention.
COMBAT ROBOTS: Converge on Zane's location. Open fire on hostile life form.

ZANE and COMBAT ROBOTS: Important parts are armored! Shoot it the head!
No. 288601 ID: 6b2b68

No. 288674 ID: cc04a7

MOVE, girl! Keep attacking those bulbs and go for the eyes if there's a free moment, but whatever you do keep moving! You can move and shoot properly right? That thing is probably going to dive for you, you need to be WELL out of the way if and when it tries to attack you!

That corridor to the right looks like a good spot to go. If you ever can't get to the unarmored eyes/bulbs, the other unarmored parts will have to do.
No. 288734 ID: a41aaf

Ignore the venom sacs, they're outside it's carapace and completely exposed, so obviously expendable.
Your laser fire seems completely unaffected by it's shell, so backing away and firing at it's back as it attempts to rip through the bulkhead will be just as effective as firing from the front. Keep aiming for the head.
No. 288740 ID: 6483d7

Um no, shoot the weak points for massive damage and keep moving, back into the corridor if possible
No. 288925 ID: b6c6fc
File 130037791924.jpg - (431.15KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard62.jpg )

the creature grabs a few of it's dismembered pieces and scuttles down the far hallway
No. 288930 ID: 9dab30

No. 288934 ID: 8d8786


I'm guessing you no next to nothing about being a medic, since, you know, Nizk was the medic. Instead, call for medibots and attack-bots in general to take care of Nizk and hold this checkpoint in general while you pursue the tech-leech and try to make up for your failure in killing it. Also see if you can rendezvous with Pike on the way, since he's got a gun and should've been heading your way anyway.

Gore's team needs to get its shit together and finish off those minions so they can actually do something useful.
No. 288936 ID: 6483d7

Tell medibots to help Nizk and go afte the thing, unload into it's back when it's back is turned though be sure to maintain your distance.
No. 288957 ID: 28e94e

Nizk: Try to not die.

Zane: Help Nizk. Call in any robots in the vicinity.
No. 288976 ID: 45be60

Get on the radio, update them with the situation. Powl is dead, Nizk is hurt, and the leech is damaged, but it got through.
No. 289025 ID: 00d3d5

Medic bots: Help Nizk
All other bots: Follow that hostile! Combat bots shoot it! Non-combat bots track it to see where it goes!
No. 289107 ID: b6c6fc
File 130043325778.jpg - (430.77KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard63.jpg )

the Medibots rush to aid Nizk, but the way is block by intense fires!

noticing the trapped robots, Zane abandons her chase on the creature and instead chooses to quickly clear the fire so that the medical bots can pass.

No. 289109 ID: 00d3d5

Radio call! Tell robots to track it down!

... Wait, isn't this the warship part of the ship? Doesn't that mean you can track it using the more advanced internal sensors?
Regardless, go kill that thing! Keep it off balance with harrying fire! From range!
No. 289110 ID: 6b2b68

Okay. Help Nizk and give her some inspiring words of courage, something like "You're not dead yet, soldier! Hang on while we get you fixed up."

Then contact Gore and fill him in on the situation. Tell him that it retreated too quickly to chase after and so you managed to save Nizk's adorable life. Also get an ETA on that disruptor rifle, the restoration of your head of security status, and some more battlebots to help protect yourself and your comrades.

Also check on that guy the captain hurt earlier. You know, Huro. He's in this medical bay, right?
No. 289117 ID: 8d8786

HEY ZANE YOU'RE LOOKING PRETTY COOL. Seriously though, if the medibots can take it from here resume your pursuit. If the tech-leech has breeched your checkpoint then it's kind of your responsibility to keep that thing tracked.
No. 289119 ID: a41aaf

...Call Gore, give him a hood description of the SIZE of the thing. He's the only one who's actually fought a TechLeech before, and he seemed to imply it relied on stealth, climbing through vents and such,and sending in it's thralls rather than direct combat. That was definitely not a sneaking-through-small-spaces creature.
No. 289147 ID: 539cbc

i dont understand

even if it had amazing regenerative powers that was a almost suicide attack. if there were some forces left, hunting it down now can provide a strangely easy victory, even considering a nest filled with traps.

is it trying to abandon the boat? just... what is in the outside?
No. 289149 ID: 0b2786

It's not the tech leach, call gore and tell him you need backup. Squads of three won't cut it anymore. Fill him in on everything, get Nizk to safety and check on the other dude.
No. 289153 ID: 4d7f8c

Oh no nonono. The Venom, that's what it uses to make more resurrected slaves.

Powl may be worse than dead.
No. 289216 ID: b6c6fc
File 130051359538.jpg - (364.88KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard64.jpg )

Powl is barely more than a smear on the ground now, I don't think we need to worry about him becoming infected . . .

Zane contacts Gore

Zane: "Sergeant, Powl's dead and Nizk is down, the creature overpowered us it's escaped into the ship proper requesting orders"

Gore: "Zane! don't let the TechLeech Escape! track that thing down!"

Zane: "Sir I'm not sure this thing IS the techleech, it was the size of a small house! there's no way that thing could have hidden from you all those years back-

Gore: "It WAS the Tech-Leech Now follow that order!"

Zane: "how do you know Gore? you weren't even here, you never saw it!"

Gore: "We'll be there momentarily, right after we finish mopping up the last couple stragglers"

Zane: "Sir! it doesn't make any sense!, why would it risk it's life on a frontal assault? those actions go against everything you told us!"

Gore: "Damnit Girl, shut yer damn mouth and wait for my arrival then! you know I'm growing rather tired of this unit's constant disobedience and incompetence!

Zane: . . .
No. 289217 ID: 07416a

Damnit Gore, Zane is being the sensible one for once! That's CLEARLY a sub-boss!
No. 289218 ID: 8d8786

Well the alternative to it being the tech-leech would be that it'd be something that it 'acquired' (infected) HERE, and unless you've got some huge beasts that could get infected and turn into that thing, at this point it seems logical to assume it's the tech-leech. Perhaps it knew that it was only a matter of time until either Gore's team tracked it down within the quarantined zone, Kimb's scanner was ready (how's that going by the way, quick jump to Kimb just to get a status report on that, please), or we evacuated all of the uninfected civilians and we detached the hub. Ultimately it didn't really LOSE much in that frontal assault, as other than losing a bit of tail (from one of your own deaths) it didn't really sustain any damage that'll cripple it. And now it's free. Send a message to Koza to gather all combat bots at the checkpoint and to cease processing civilians from the hub to the rest of the ship. Or, if it wouldn't take too much time, order the bots yourself. Then get back to hunting that thing down!
No. 289227 ID: 00d3d5

Zane: It doesn't matter if it's the tech-leech or not. It's massive in both size and threat, so you need to keep track of it. Follow it.

Also, why have you not ordered robots to track it down and kill it?
No. 289233 ID: b184e3

Zane: be badass and go gladiate the shit out of that fake techleech.

Gore: order someone to check the outside sensors like a boss. general. whatever.

techleech: twirl mustache as you explain your convenient plan to the audience.

Pike: prevent zane from moving into the next room with a attack of flowery bouquets and fine chocolates. dont forget to wear a tie.
No. 289276 ID: 715835

Wait for Gore, attacking it alone is suicide. Tell Gore that it fled too easily and is likely trying to bait you all into a trap.
No. 289282 ID: 6b2b68

"Sir! Attacking now will be pointless, the creature knows how to use cover to hide it's weak points and has fled into a corridor, where it can bend low and use it's heavy plates to protect itself. It's trying to lead me into a trap! I can give you it's coordinates and you three can attack it from the rear while I distract it from the front but otherwise attacking it now will be completely pointless! Sir, this is the opposite of incompetence, this is using field data to make a judgment call! Besides, Nizk needs attention now and we don't have enough men to just throw people at it, we're already three men down, four if you count Pike's insanity, and I am the last member of my squad standing. I need backup before we even think about engaging directly!"
No. 289284 ID: 6b2b68

Oh, also Zane: Grab some frag grenades from a security post/weapons locker nearby, you're going to need them if the leech crawls towards you low to the ground in one of these corridors.
No. 289288 ID: 0331e9

Zane: Tell Gore that you're in charge of your squad, and right now your last squadmate needs help. The tech-leech can and will be found again when you have the manpower to destroy it, because currently you do not. Tell him that he appointed YOU to be head of security in this mission, and you're making a judgement call here.

Zane: After you have spoken with Gore, contact Pike. Tell him to scan Gore. Gore has fought the tech-leech many times before, right? Someone above Zane's authority had to have changed her clearances and such, right? It's entirely possible Gore is the traitor. He could possibly have been infected this entire time, and is simply a very good actor, or he could be actually trying to destroy the alliance he seems to hate so much.
No. 289474 ID: b6c6fc
File 130059592968.jpg - (296.93KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard65.jpg )

Zane chooses to wait for Gore, as attacking it alone would be suicide

I'm not certain the BattleBots will be very effective against the target, I should be cautious not to waste assets . . .

I'll take Nizk's MediScanner, this should be able to tell me if Gore's infected once he arrives

Pike: "Hello Zane. I think we need to talk."

Zane: !!!

how does Zane respond?
No. 289475 ID: dad664

Point both gun and scanner at Pike, use scanner to determine infected status.

"Do ya feel lucky Pike? Well? Do ya?"
No. 289480 ID: 6b2b68

"What do you want, Pike? Have you come to your senses?"
No. 289489 ID: 20fc85

sheilds up NOW

I'm assuming he's not that great a fighter also.
that said, be alert, don't shoot until shot at... and if shooting, shoot to injure.
No. 289495 ID: cc04a7

Welp, by letting the leech (or whatever it is) go through the ship unchecked and untracked, you've just sacrificed pretty much everyone and the entire ship as a whole. All because you, Ms. Star Gladiator, were too afraid to go after it. I hope you resign, coward.

Pike: I'd tell you to shoot the traitor, but we don't have time for that. Or talking. Go after the tech-leech, it should be easily tracked by the trail it left, at least for a while. It probably regenerates quickly or some bullshit like that. Time to lift yourself up by your own bootstraps, to lead by example, to overcome your previous failures and all that. GO AFTER IT
No. 289503 ID: 00d3d5

We don't give a damn how effective they would be! We're not trying to use them to kill it!

We're using them to deny it the chance to regroup!
We're using them to deny it the chance to plan!
We're using them to deny it the chance to heal!
We're using them to deny it the chance to escape!
We're using them to deny it the chance to hide!

I know you're a gladiator and thus the concepts of strategic thinking are alien to you, but you need to understand that you can't win here if you only strike as a killing blow and hold back for everything else!

"Medibay's right there, Pike. Get your head together, we need you."
No. 289536 ID: f39522

Don't go after the leech it is long gone. Tell gore about the weak points at the next opportunity.
No. 289561 ID: 84de01

well i fully support checking pike with the scanner. its unlikely something happened anyway.

oh and tell him to lift his shield.

pike, remember, theres always more fish in the sea
No. 289567 ID: 644ca1

Don't tell him to life his shield, that would make him vulnerable to mind control dammit.
No. 289584 ID: ccdaf9


You mean more cats/raccoons in the forest
No. 289624 ID: 20fc85

well, clearly, if Pike wanted Zane dead, he'd have fired...
consider the fact he hadn't been noticed till he spoke. That's reason enough to give some leniency. that said, still be cautious and make sure shields are up on all sides.
No. 289634 ID: 84de01

oh damm, i misspoke.

i mean his visor on the helmet. the thingie that hides the face.
No. 289663 ID: 20fc85

But the Cover over his head is already up...
No. 289667 ID: b6c6fc
File 13006601574.jpg - (311.30KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard66.jpg )

Zane Scans Pike

he's clean

Zane: "What do you want, Pike? Have you come to your senses?"

Pike: "if I am truly insane how could I ever answer that honestly?"

Zane: " . . . you're not filling me with much confidence, anyways I'm guessing what ever you wanted to say must be important for you to walk all the way over here"

Pike: "I'm sorry Zane, I'm sorry for accusing you of treachery, I knew you weren't the traitor, I always knew better."

Zane: "you've just admitted to a capital offense Pike . . ."

Pike: "I just hated you so much, you were everything I had dreamed of being, I thought if I could get you out of the way I could replace you."

Zane: "so you're the traitor?"

Pike: "An incompetent one but yes, but I'm only a traitor for framing you, and you weren't even the real reason I lied I accused you of treachery because I didn't want to face the reality."

Zane: "what is this reality?"

Pike: "think Zane! you know who Traitor really is."

Zane: " well Koza said-"

Pike: "Koza is an idiot, a hacking all that RayTech without a single technician noticing? that's a lot of work, it's possible, but why hack the card system when you can just hack the master control computer? it's actually a lot easier"

Zane: "well maybe that what's they did?"

Pike: "then authorizations come from? hundreds of them! and why the second card at all? No the traitor didn't hack the computer nor did they cards,"

Zane: . . .

Pike: "The traitor didn't hack the systems because they didn't need too!"
No. 289669 ID: 1854db

The... the system itself?
No. 289670 ID: 8c73c8

so someone who had access to do that anyway?
No. 289674 ID: dad664

Gore is the traitor? He's certainly got a vendetta against the TechLeech. Not so far-fetched to think that he'd purposefully set this up so he can finally have his 'revenge'. Or to hunt it for sport.

Maybe he's the Van Pelt of space-furries.
No. 289677 ID: 46c430

...The bigwigs who organized this entire mission?
No. 289683 ID: 5fab7c

"I don't understand what you are saying, unless you mean Gore. Or... Do you mean the same bigwigs that organized my fights back home? Do you mean that my last fight WAS fixed, and Command is out to get me?"
No. 289711 ID: 20fc85

>"The traitor didn't hack the systems because they didn't need too!"
>they didn't need too!

oh shit...

also, this is where you use your femininity and kiss him on the cheek for basically solving the entire goddamn mystery.

This is a group that did it. This is your own command.

And that is why he broke earlier...
No. 289716 ID: 45be60

uh, "they" has become a common way to indicate gender ambiguity in the post-feminism english language. And it doesn't make much sense for it to have been the entire command structure. Where's the motive?
No. 289723 ID: 6b2b68

Kissing him on the cheek is a silly suggestion to make to an adorably repressed space lesbian.

No but really, don't kiss him, that's a terrible idea. Just tell him that he is not insane, his vision and judgement were simply clouded, and if he repents and makes damn sure this never happens again that will be enough. Tell him we all make mistakes, it's the ones we don't learn from that kill us.
No. 289725 ID: 20fc85

kiss not cause he's a guy
kiss cause you can use your gender to your advantage?
or you could get pissed off for the suggestion

And he could have said "the traitor didn't need too". He's a military officer, he's going to keep to the point and say things in detail. They is they.
of course, I can be wrong...
> authorizations come from? hundreds of them! and why the second card at all? No the traitor didn't hack the computer nor did they cards,
I believe this is important to finding the traitor...
But the traitor screwed Zane over... and how do you do that without cards or hacking the main computer?
it's simple, we're dealing with a digital entity of some sort.
The station is against us. The one thing that can be referred as a singular and a plural.

of course, I could just be retarded.
No. 289728 ID: 84de01

hey i had the theory of gore being under control before most dudes jumped that bandwagon >>286995

well, either him or his superiors.

it actualy only makes sense if he was infected for quite a while or if this was his actual intentions all along, to kill the tech leech that he had once found.

coming to think of it, if he IS infected, he replaced the captain with a infected to better control the ship. this means the tech leech is exactly where it wants to be, because gore unintentionaly directd the ship there. i want a pic of the outside ASAP.

also PIKE, CLOSE THAT HELMET. you look like a zombie ffs.

uh. theres no way he will escape court martial. at the very least he will be demoted.
No. 289750 ID: 00d3d5

"You think it was Gore. His actions say he's out to kill the leech, and he'd blow up the damn ship if he thought that'd do it. He had the motive and means to make it so we have no choice but to kill the leech.
Problem is he's damn good at his job and we don't have a choice. If we do anything about it now we'll only hurt our odds.

I'm going to keep this quiet until the crisis is over. I'm not going to order you to do the same, but I ask that you think very carefully about the consequences before you say or do anything about this."
No. 289772 ID: a41aaf

Or it could be whoever was painting the bridge with ranging/targeting radar.
No. 289896 ID: b6c6fc
File 130075718583.jpg - (277.70KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard67.jpg )

Zane: " . . . Pike, I'm no technician but this nonsense, this Treason you are speaking . . . I don't even know what to say . . . I-I can't-"

Gore: "Pike! I'm done putting up with your treachery. I don't know what's come over you, and quite honestly I don't rightly care! your madness ends here!

Pike: "ah good Sergeant I've been waiting for you. and it seems we at least share one opinion after all!"

Zane scans Gore

he's clean
No. 289897 ID: cc04a7

Where's the rest of his squad?
No. 289898 ID: 207b57

Even though he is clean he still could have set this up for some bizarre revenge scheme.
No. 289901 ID: 5f09c0

The rest of his squad is on the ramp above him.
No. 289904 ID: 5f09c0

Tell Gore to hang on, Pike seems to have found something. He was not mad, but his vision was clouded and rendered temporarily insane from a revelation.

Zane, tell him to back away from Gore and tell us all who the traitor(s) are. Back away from Gore yourself just in case.
No. 289914 ID: 28e94e

Break it up quick before people get stupid. Don't get shot in the process.
No. 289952 ID: 20fc85

Tell him amends have been made and that Pike had just figured something out.

Gore cannot kill the subordinate unless he strikes against him. he's already in submission, so he is of no harm...

He needs to drop his weapon now before Gore makes it an excuse to kill him.

(... why did manbearpig just come to mind)
No. 289969 ID: 00d3d5

"Gore, Pike, stand down. We need to kill the bugs, not each other. Everything else can wait."
No. 290097 ID: b6c6fc
File 130082232562.jpg - (359.24KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard68.jpg )

Zane: "Gore hold it! Pike's figured something out-"

Gore: "Zane you are only discrediting your self by listening to this fool"

Zane: "Pike don't do this!"

Pike: "I'm sorry Zane, but this how it has to be."

Zane: "Wait-"

Pike: "I've told all I can, it's now up to you to determine who the traitor is."

Gore: "Traitor?! there IS NO TRAITOR! only your twisted delusions!"
No. 290098 ID: dad664

No. 290104 ID: 00d3d5

Stop being a passive pile of mush and get your head in the game. Here, repeat after me:
"Gore! Stand. Down. He's MY subordinate, and you WILL leave this to me.
Pike, I want you to listen very carefully and trust what I say to be the truth. If Gore says there are no traitors on this ship then there are no traitors on this ship. That means every single person on this ship is following orders.
Isn't that right, Gore?"
No. 290108 ID: 5fab7c

"No you haven't you fucking asshole! Tell me what you know! And GORE! A good sergeant listens to all of their troops, no matter how insane, and then decides what to do WITH that knowledge! We know there is a high ranking traitor, Pike, display the information you have gathered, including and especially that my card has been used zero times, and what we have figured out so far. DO AS YOU ARE TOLD, SOLDIER."
No. 290119 ID: cc04a7

Let's waste time talking about shit. I'm sure time's not an issue.
No. 290132 ID: dfb55a

first tell pike gore is clean

MEANWHILE the boys scream at each other, scan yourself and pike. then verify if the scanner wasnt tampered.

we have real reasons to belive there is a traitor. and gore should calm down, pike only had a nervous crisis in a critical moment, it happens with tecnical personnel.
No. 290133 ID: dfb55a

gods dammit. i forgot. i want to know what is in the outisde of the ship to be giving so much radiation.

also what do you think about bluffing, saying the scanner is broken and pointing everyone as infected?
No. 290135 ID: 20fc85

tell them to both stand down.
If pike attacks, incapacitate him. shoot his arm or his legs so he is unable to fight. He can then be carted off.

Still... bit cryptic... oughta keep a closer eye on Gore...
No. 290144 ID: 28e94e

Say this. Avoid blades and/or gunfire.
No. 290147 ID: b6c6fc
File 130083231951.jpg - (374.19KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard69.jpg )

Zane: "GORE! A good sergeant listens to all of their troops, no matter how insane, and then decides what to do WITH that knowledge! We know there is a high ranking traitor, Pike, display the information you-"


Zane: "that's-"

Gore: "and stop waving that damned scanner around, what hell are you expecting to find? neck bugs?! THERE WAS ONLY ONE! and it is DEAD."

Zane: "You don't know that Gore! where there's one there's more! and there IS a traitor someone disabled those systems, and they used my Security card to do it! Pike-"

Gore: "How many times do I have to repeat my self? THERE IS-"

Zane: "How Do you know! Tell me Gore, you do you know that there is no traitor?"

Gore: "Because I'M the one who disabled those systems, I'm the one who let Perl and her disgusting pet on board and no one stole your damned clearance card because I never gave it to you."

Zane: "W-what-"

Gore: "remember, I AM IN COMMAND OF THIS MISSION! what, you don't like that? then draw arms, because if I hear a single further word of protest, I will slaughter you like the trash eating vermin you are, right here and right now! so do us all a favor and SHUT YOUR DAMN BITCH MOUTH, while I crush this Maloran worm!"
No. 290150 ID: 0230d0

... Bastard, FINE, let's go have your goddamn bughunt. Seriously, fucking lunatics and using ENTIRE COLONY SHIPS AS BAIT. Could have at least let me know! Huh?
No. 290151 ID: cc04a7

Anyone know what a Maloran Worm is?
No. 290152 ID: cc04a7

Scratch that, I figured it out. It's from Ice World: Malor, right?
No. 290154 ID: 07416a

...Zane. Please tell me that you have recording systems. Either way, shut your mouth in front of the crazy, help him with his macho bug hunt, then report the fuck out of him to the higher ups. He's the traitor.
No. 290155 ID: 28e94e

Thanks for admitting to treason, pal. Arrest him. Use force if necessary, and if he gets violent shoot him where he stands.

You did record everything he said, didn't you?
No. 290157 ID: 0230d0

Actually, he 'may' have authorization do to this, this whole mission may have been planned to catch this particular bug, the perfect bait.

Not something I'd consider tactically sound when your race's reproduction is barely replacement rate, but still it would make sense given their 'whatever the cost' mindset.
No. 290165 ID: cc04a7

If that were true, why wouldn't they have just issued orders to annihilate the space beacon the bug was in the moment it was detected on radar? This sounds more like a personal vendetta, that perhaps Gore, having failed to kill the bug previously, now wants to be the one that takes it down mano a mano, as it were.

Also, OH SNAP LonelyWorld just confirmed that by by 'crush this Maloran Worm' he means to murder Pike. WE CANNOT LET THIS HAPPEN. Well, at least, I'm against it.
No. 290173 ID: 5fab7c

Zane: open a private comm with pike. Tell him to flank the captain. If he makes any movement tell him to cut his power cables from his power pack.

Zane: Open public comms.

Say the following in the most authoritative, disgusted manner possible and shout over him if necessary, do not let him interrupt you. Back away from him as well and under no circumstances get close to that sword.

"Sergeant Gore, you ADMIT to putting the lives of thousands at unnecessary risk and have likely doomed us all, you have usurped my authority on a mission meant to be MY responsibility and deliberately sabotaged our efforts to save these lives. It is with a heavy heart that I declare you to be a TRAITOR to the alliance, and the penalty for TREASON is DEATH. EVERYONE! I am the acting sergeant now. I am the acting head of security and I command all of you to execute this traitor to the alliance!"

Also draw your axe to parry that sword if you absolutely must, but try your damnedest to simply stay out of the way.
No. 290176 ID: e93286

so he did it to purposely lure out the tech-leech, sacrificing an entire colony ship on this sole purpose. lets hope it was worth it and that it doesn't just escape like last time. kinda clear he plans on destroying the ship if it is needed to defeat it, taking his life w/ it if needed. Traitor no, asshole & genocidal yes.

The only thing is that he thought he killed it before, so he wouldn't of gone to all this trouble unless he was purely trying to exterminate all of the tyranids- err- bugs, by any means necessary.
No. 290180 ID: 45be60

Worry about dealing with traitor charges in the formal proceedings which will occur AFTER the giant bug is dealt with. He may have done bad, but he wants this creature dead more than anyone else on board, and he has the best equipment and most experience. Arresting or attacking him now dooms more innocents.

No. 290187 ID: 8e18cd

"Gore, for fuck's sake. Listen to yourself. You're blinded by revenge. We already lost one guy to the leech. Do we need you to kill another? We need all the hands we need to kill those worms. And you're certainly not helping here."
No. 290189 ID: 8c73c8

tell to forget pike and go after the god damn fucking leech. it went down the hall.
No. 290197 ID: 28e94e

This guy puts it way better than I can.
No. 290199 ID: 192c6d

Commander Gore has just confessed to a breach of station and the endangering of the entire colony. He has betrayed the Astranians, caused the death of many, and put the entire colony at risk.

It is time he is put down.
No. 290200 ID: dad664

Zane, start thinking of whatever military protocols you can do to relieve Gore. There has to be some sort of "Unfit for Duty due to BEING CRAZY IN THE BRAIN" thing you Astranians have, that would require the majority consent of the rest of the troop.

'course, there's always Mutiny for the Greater Good.
No. 290205 ID: 3f8223

Seconded. Do all that one guy said but also if he moves to strike Pike cut his wires from his power supply yourself. careful not to hit the supply itself though!
No. 290223 ID: 8bfdb8

It's time for an epic speech and an execution, Zane. Just be careful you don't get killed by that sword or that nasty gun he has in the process, getting close means your shields won't block shit as they'll combine with gore's. Stay out of reach unless he turns for pike, in which case do the thing where you cut the wires.

Godspeed, Zane. Time to be all ASTRANIAN up in this bitch.
No. 290236 ID: 14f566

i was right. gore actualy wanted to kill that worm so much he fucked everything.

also ask him why he should be obeyed with such a care for the protocols. his shenanigans alone made pike snap.

cue boss fight theme.
No. 290265 ID: 20fc85

We can't kill Gore, even with recorded footage.
We have to play along until his hand is played.

No need to have two powerful enemies at the same time. You need to pit them against one another.

Plus, killing him will make you a fugitive for the rest of this mission... at least until you get out.

And please tell me those two others aren't with Gore on this considering the fact he just admitted to treason.
No. 290271 ID: f82d85

Kill that Gore dude. In the face.
No. 290273 ID: 6b2b68

A fugitive? From who? We ARE the security team. The four of them can convict him easily posthumously.

His hand has been played, he just revealed his hand and what he has been doing all along.

Above all this, apart from being a capable fighter he is useless given his experience hasn't helped him do anything but aid the other side and help the other side kill the people he is sworn to protect.

He needs to die right now. Everyone gang up on him, it'll be fast and easy.
No. 290291 ID: 00d3d5

Use private messages.
Tell Pike to run back to the bridge. Tell the others Gore admitted to treason.
Then, openly: "The bug went that way, sir. We need to hurry if we're going to catch it."

We want Gore to fight the tech leech. We can kill whichever one wins after that, but that's the biggest threat for now.
No. 290313 ID: 517631

Gore has stepped beyond a traitor. He has willing sacrificed the lives of his soldiers, the ships crew, and the ships passengers all for a vendetta.
Whats possibly worse, it may have been an order from above him.
No. 290318 ID: 00d3d5

This a military dictatorship. It's not treason if it's an order from the brass.
If they considered two thousand people acceptable losses for baiting a tech leech into a trap and ordered it to be done, then treason is doing anything to interfere with that.

So command sent over two thousand innocent civilians off to die just for a shot at killing a tech leech. If you fail then they will try again. The only option to reduce the body count is to kill the tech leech now.
No. 290321 ID: 252e1b


There's one other potential option. She could get conclusive proof of those orders, and expose this to the public. It would result in her being tried for treason if she were caught, and the public may or may not believe civilians were sent into harm's way deliberately, but if they do believe it, some of the brass responsible for this are going to hang high. It really depends on public sentiment about being used as live bait.
No. 290326 ID: b6c6fc
File 130088629787.jpg - (377.97KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard70.jpg )

Zane: "ARGgh . . ."

Gore: "I'm warning you-"

Zane:"NO! S-Sergeant Gore, you ADMIT to putting the lives of thousands at unnecessary risk and have likely doomed us all, you have usurped my authority on a mission meant to be MY responsibility and deliberately sabotaged our efforts to save these lives. It is with a heavy heart that I declare you to be a TRAITOR to the alliance, and the penalty for TREASON is DEATH. EVERYONE! I am the acting sergeant now. I am the acting head of security and I command all of you to execute this traitor to the alliance!"

Gore: "you will come to regret this decision girl!"
No. 290328 ID: 8e18cd


Well now you fucked up, Zane.

The most experienced combatant is gonna seriously wound or kill your squad, while the Tech leech is still at large.

No wonder you lost to a Pinkskin if you can't think tactically.
No. 290330 ID: f7166d

Let his execution be at the hands of the monster on the loose. You really can't afford to go killing powerful fighters that you need to kill horrible monsters with. That is stupid as shit.
No. 290334 ID: feb857

zane. there is no mission to begin with. everything is FUBAR.

nuke the fucking ship and leave with whoever you can.

altho we have to check the outside. i think we are on a very dangerous territory.
No. 290338 ID: 00d3d5

Yes. Execution via mortal combat with the EVEN WORSE threat.

I'd be all in favor of letting him live if he weren't so damn insistent about murdering Pike.
No. 290339 ID: 5fab7c

Too late to change your mind now. Execute him together.
No. 290343 ID: b6c6fc
File 130089719325.jpg - (368.74KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard71.jpg )


Gore: "What th-"

the sergeant turns in time to see the betrayal of his most loyal soldier. He is stunned by this deep wound and the hungry predators take note of this momentary weakness. the pack of wild beasts then fall upon him and tear their once proud leader apart

No. 290344 ID: 00d3d5

Preserve his shield cores! You can throw those at the tech leech to harm it severely!
No. 290345 ID: 3f1b5c

Try to salvage any equipment possible from him, gunna really need it in a bit, maybe the scanner packs or something.

Can't waste too much time, heaven knows we've wasted enough on this treachery.
No. 290351 ID: 1c41f5

Get Kimb on salvaging his power armor immediately, seems to me it's time to give Zane another suit upgrade.
No. 290353 ID: 192c6d

It is for the greater good that this one dies.
No. 290357 ID: 1c41f5

All I can say is fuck yeah! Colony Guard!

Okay, what we need now is to raid the armory, get some volunteers and conscript able bodied folk until we have a man for every rifle and finish sending off the shuttles until two are left, a ways apart from each other. Scan everyone to be sure everyone left is clean, get the makeshift militia to defend the shuttles and get everyone possible off the ship before getting yourselves and the militia out on the last two shuttles.

It's also almost time to rig the ship to blow, hopefully we can do this all while the shit is still wounded. Don't forget Huro or Nizk either.

Get someone to direct the scanners to determine the source of radiation.

Get all remaining bots on your position and the shuttles. Including a few medical bots.

Zane: acquire disintegration rifle.
No. 290360 ID: 20fc85

save anything that can explode...
and anything that's deadly...
No. 290365 ID: b6c6fc
File 130091094595.jpg - (330.79KB , 977x622 , ColonyGuard72.jpg )

I-I have slain my commander,
the illusion of command is gone
replaced by the cold reality
I'm am now sole commanding officer!

I suppose in a way Sergeant I passed your test after all . . .

No. 290366 ID: feb857

it is done.

now all you need is to make sure this tomb ship gets trhown into the sun

by the way, we are headed to a sun, isnt it?
No. 290371 ID: 28e94e

Finish evacuations, then completely destroy the ship.
No. 290381 ID: 51d388

NO! The techleech had escaped before, we need to destroy it, it's the only way to be sure!
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