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File 129541654346.png - (10.29KB , 785x458 , Chapter 3ish.png )
272793 No. 272793 ID: 1be9bd

Somewhere someone does something yadda yadda...
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No. 272795 ID: 1be9bd
File 129541672735.png - (119.75KB , 1800x1590 , Base Report 1.png )

The Battle of the Gretz Anomaly has concluded. The remaining enemy forces are in disarray and fleeing.

Losses are higher than was expected by the general populace, and morale takes a hit as a result.

The scientists on the Anomaly are rushing to finish unlocking the structure so Splinter forces can hopefully pull away from the hostile jungle. In 2 turns, the technology of THE NEXUS will be discovered.
No. 272819 ID: 15b51b
File 129542700752.png - (5.38KB , 512x273 , send_ships.png )

Build Order for Next Two Turns:

No new buildings.

Factories (576 BP):
12x Main Battle Tanks
6x Forge Casters (for Main Battle Tanks)
2x Dropships
1x Heavy Gunship
2x Fusion Casters (for Heavy Gunship)
1x Heavy Rocket Pod Loadout (for Heavy Gunship)
32,000 Nondurable Goods
4,000 Durable Goods

300x MinStr cyborgization for Gestating Clones (which finish in 2 turns, along with the nexus)
100x MinStr cyborgization for Light Infantry

Begin taking recruits from Rebel Dryads that want to join the Splinter.
Dispatch scout corvettes with instacomms (see attached). Give the Ira a dropship and some infantry plus a few Professionals to land and scope out the place.
Name the Cruiser 'Independence'

Anything I'm forgetting, guys?
No. 272824 ID: 1854db

What about making some more Beardy Bobs? They were very useful.
No. 272895 ID: 3d88dd

I agree with Test's pretty straightforward strategy above, but I'd pull back with the Light Infantry cyborgization. We don't really need a glut of super-infantry when we're beginning an exit strategy AND MaxStr are the only ones that stand a chance against Snarren in melee anyway. Those SCs are better put to use repairing our orbital guns if we haven't already.

One more thing: pack up the MOON CANNON and load it into the Infractus' storage. The only reason we would need it from here is if we used it to cover our withdraw from the planet for some reason- in which case we wouldn't have time to pack it up at all.
No. 272902 ID: 28e94e

We need to do something about morale as well.
No. 273079 ID: 60251f
File 129550388612.png - (148.00KB , 1800x1590 , Base Report 2.png )

Build Order followed, but Light Infantry remain unupgraded.

The starships are sent out. Vitium and Furor are given just enough crew to function.

The MOON CANNON has been dismantled and packed into the Infractus. It can be rebuilt in 1 turn and at the reduced cost of 400 METAL, 15 SC and 15 URANIUM.

Dryad rebels are encouraged by Splinter representatives to join. Most are terrified of the concept of living a new life so different than their own, and thus decline. There are a few desperate Dryads, however, that believe their revolution will never succeed and fear that there will be no amnesty for them after the rebellion is crushed. 132 of these Dryads have reluctantly joined the Splinter in the last 2 months.

The failed assault on the anomaly has made the enemy far more cautious, but they are not even close to giving up the fight against us. The rebels fear that the loyalists and Snarren are building up an army to crush them once and for all.

The Nexus is unlocked, and within two more strange discs are found. The building is contains some equipment that the scientists have studied. From the meager amount of information we could pull from their apparently wiped databanks, we have pieced together an interesting story.

The species that created these anomalies have apparently gone through a massive civil war that probably marked the twilight of their civilization. The winning factions appears to have gone through a massive intellectual purge. Most of the technology and recorded information of the civilization was destroyed by them, leaving behind only the things they needed to continue their war (mostly notable the teleporting anomaly structures). Their motives for this remain a complete enigma.
In one of our accessible universes, there is a structure known as "The Archive", a structure that contains the backed-up information of this race. It has apparently fallen to the knowledge-destroying faction, but hopefully we can still glean some valuable tech from this ruin.
In another universe, currently inaccessible to us, contains a enormously huge mothership belonging to the anti-intellectual faction, abandoned and set adrift in a nebula.
No. 273080 ID: 60251f
File 12955041099.png - (129.54KB , 1154x2480 , Tech tree.png )

The discovery of THE NEXUS has given scientists a glimpse into a possible future tech:
WARPSLUG AMMUNITION: These weapons fire kinetic slugs just like current standard human weapons, but instead of using electromagnetic fields or a chemical charge to propel the ammunition, they use a greatly simplified FTL engine to accelerate the slug incredible speeds.
No. 273091 ID: f6360f

While that sounds cool, I must state a preference for diverting all research to Neural Implants. Perhaps it or one of the following techs will allow us to cut down on the massive training time of our personnel by letting them learn more, faster. It would make replacing population thorough mass cloning far more viable.

As I believe we are now done with the Anomaly, let's reclaim our equipment there, strip it of any other available resources or information, and pull everyone out.
No. 273092 ID: 1854db

Alright, let's pull out our infantry from the anomaly. Also, we need to decide what to do next:

No. 273100 ID: 2f95f4

Wait. If the enemy is massing an army, then we can turn things right the hell around on them.

Pack up our forces and evacuate the Anomaly, but leave the walls standing, along with the stationary defenses. Leave all the equipment running in the structures and create the illusion that it's still operating. Maybe leave behind two or three MBTs stripped of any special weapons and leave their engines running. However, the ships that come to evacuate the outpost will also bring a nuclear bomb that will be buried just underneath the surface. When the Druids try to push the Anomaly again with the bulk of their forces, we detonate the decoy outpost. Whatever isn't vaporized will die in the burning forests.

Direct research towards... wait, do we still have Improved Motors free? Make a note to not forget that. Neural Implants for now, since Genetic Engineering needs the facility and Warp Tech won't do our dispatches any good until they get back.

For the Druid recruits, give them accommodations and offer them education to Professional status in exchange for medical examinations and non-intrusive study.

I think that covers everything. Let's cut back on the building and maybe start stockpiling resources, since options are bound to open up in a few turns. Current policy should be to not engage or provoke the enemy (aside from the decoy outpost), so we don't have to keep up with recovering battle losses.
No. 273101 ID: 676156

Remember Vietnam?

We need to pull the fuck out. We got what we came for. There are barely any superconductors on this god-awful planet, anyway. I think our next destination should be the archive.

The unnamed planet seems vaguely interesting, but I think going to the archive is a higher priority at the moment. If we can very quickly gain anything valuable from the unnamed planet that we could research later, then we should do that, and I'm fine with engaging in culture trade, in that case. Maybe we should have done this earlier. Maybe we could have traded with them for super conductors. Whoops!

Research order:
Neural implants -> warp tech II -> heatshell armor, although it may behoove us to get warp tech first, so we can high tail it out of here quickly. I can be persuaded.
No. 273102 ID: 2f95f4

Yeah, you know what? Changing my research vote to Warp Tech. This is an exit strategy, after all. It doesn't matter if it doesn't help our scouts- we need to make sure we have this. Better safe than sorry.
No. 273109 ID: 1854db

I agree we should research Warp II.

Also let's not use a nuke at the Anomaly site as a booby trap. If we do anything it should be with conventional explosives that won't completely ruin the land and forest.
No. 273117 ID: 15b51b
File 129551693032.png - (6.16KB , 354x304 , slowpoke.png )

Agreeing that we should leave the Nexus unless it serves another purpose. (Such as being a portal itself?)

Leave inside it an obsidian tablet engraved with "IOU: Two Key Discs" in every language, as an apology to the aliens who will bust in here in a hundred thousand years, in the same position we're in now.

With these forces freed up, deploy more to prop up the rebels. I think they're doomed, but once they collapse, the aliens will start attacking our island and we need to delay that until we're ready to leave. Agreed?

I don't remember what's at the front, but deploy there 50% of the forces that were at the Anomaly, including all the Bromeliads. Rotate troops normally. Also, I want at least 30 Main Battle Tanks out there blowing up poodles. And if the Commandos think Penji is wrong and they can do low-level sneaky scout assassination stuff, have them go for it. Also, we're gonna build a bunch of Starmakers (see factory production later) so drop 15-25 of them on targets of opportunity during this time as the situation dictates. (This leaves us a reserve in case things go Combat Time again)

>Ira and Vitium crawling at Warp 0
Oh shit what are you doing?
I guess Ira can keep going. It's halfway there already. Vitium, Occissor, and Medina Ridge go like in the pic.
Load Occissor with a Dropship, some Infantry, some Scientists, and 4 Commandos to explore the Archive. (just like old times)

Okay, let's see.

Build Orders: Turn 79:
Gestation Tanks: Begin growing 200 Nautil (we don't have enough of those little bastards, and they're well suited to space, which is where we're going soon) and 100 Dryads. (They're super strong. It's worth a shot.)
Labs: Begin research on Heatshell Armor.

Turn 81:
Labs: Heatshell Armor research completes. Begin research on Warp II.

Turn 82:
Furor has now been exploring UA for over a month. If they haven't found anything of note, head over to UB. Let's just trade the Galts our cultural information. What's the worst that could happen? The Snarren already found us. What more can they do?

Turn 83:
Labs: Warp II research completes. Begin research on
Shipyard: Cruiser Independence launches. Begin upgrading all ships with Warp II technology.

BP/IC usage during this time:
-42x STARMAKER munitions (build these first/early)
-140x LUVs (deploy these to the jungle as they're made)
-1x Dropship
-1x Bomber
-5x Hvy Gunships
--5x Rocket Pod Loadouts
-71k nondurable goods
-10k durable goods
-80 MaxStr Cyborgs (Light Infantry)
Cost: 1040M, 715C, 205SC, 98U, 210F, 1152BP, 16 IC

NOTE: If we've run out of Workers, shut down Fuel/Uranium production. (in that order)

NOTE 2: If we have any Professionals left over, can we deploy a team of them to a focus group designed to stop us from doing retarded things like sending our slowest two ships out as scouts after forgetting to upgrade them for years?
No. 273120 ID: 15b51b

>Begin research on [?]
Aw. Man, I don't even know. Robots or Sergals or something.

Also, on Turn 81, when 600 new soldiers finish training, put the 500 cyborged nonworkers into Light Infantry training.
No. 273121 ID: 9c6366

>Turn 83:
>Labs: Warp II research completes. Begin research on Sergals. I mean computing systems.
No. 273122 ID: 3ac661

Sergals seems like a reasonable sing to research with all the melle going on
No. 273124 ID: d6540f

>Perhaps it or one of the following techs will allow us to cut down on the massive training time of our personnel by letting them learn more, faster. It would make replacing population thorough mass cloning far more viable.

I'm cautious about clones. This isn't Star Wars, clone armies can have unpredictable consequences on morals.
What I'd suggest after Warp II is Neural Implants. It unlocks a new tech together with Gen Eng IV, and I want to see what we can do to make our combatants last longer and have lower mortality rate (kind of opposite to clone army concept).
No. 273127 ID: 2563d4

Sounds good. The rest as per Test, I guess.
No. 273133 ID: c71597

Sounds like a decent plan. Just make sure we get astronomical information from the Galts. They should have some, we can probably use it to figure out which stars might have planets we're interested in. And yeah, culutral information should be harmless enough.

The archive expedition should probably be stocked up with a silly amount of extra supplies. We don't know how long they might be gone so it's probably better to play it safe.
No. 273172 ID: 54af1f

So long term what's the plan here? Build up and win the war then go hit this Archive place?
No. 273196 ID: c71597

The plan is to leave. Find an airless rock where we won't be bothered by natives and then set up shop. Then we're going to wipe out the Breakers and kick the shit out of their god.
No. 273308 ID: 259738

Those three probably should be considered our most important options for research at this point. With warpslug rounds and whatever heatshell+breaker alloys leads to we should finally have weapons and armor that we can use to fight any small groups of breakers we run into without massive losses, and neural implants could help alleviate some of our problems with training new professionals and the like. Neural implants also lead to two new things, and anything that branches from neural implants can't be bad.
No. 273312 ID: f6360f

I really feel that we need Neural Implants a lot more than Heatshell Armor, even if Heatshell Armor is easier to get. I can put up with Warp II taking the first slot, but Neural Implants should not be delayed to more than our second tech from now.

So begin Warp II research now, upgrade our ships with the newest technology faster and research neural implants while that's ongoing.

Agreed that we should prop up the rebels.

We do not need to clone Dryads right now. We have all these rebels, and the more they get their asses kicked the more of them will be willing to abscond with us when we leave. That is our Dryad personnel input, not the cloning tanks. Clone something else.
No. 273323 ID: 15b51b

One other thing I forgot. We shut down one of the Large Labs to procure enough Profs for the Nexus mission. I'm not sure if we have enough guys to restart it (Attempt to do so by shutting down two Small Labs and one Medium to free up more).
If we don't have enough guys, let's just temporarily shut down the Gestation tanks since we can't decide what to grow in them and run 4 Large Labs, for 36 RP/mo instead of 32.

As for what to research after Warp II and Heatshell... let's just decide when we're done with those two. I think it'll still take 4 turns even with the boost from the above action.
No. 273328 ID: 676156

I really don't like the idea of sticking around on this planet. This is a losing war. I don't care how many magi we kill, more will come out of the woodwork to fight against us. It'll be like the Middle East. They'll fight us with guerrilla tactics. The only viable way to "win" the war would be to nuke all the population centers, but that'd be an atrocity, so let's not do that. Instead, let's leave ASAP and keep the no-man's land around our base free of men (well, Dryads) until we manage to evac.
No. 273330 ID: 676156

Also, since Test Pattern is such a regular poster here, why don't we consider making Tozols in his honor, instead of Sergals? Tozols are fucking awesome and way overpowered.
No. 273331 ID: 259738

We probably aren't good enough at genetic engineering to produce Tozols at this point. Maybe at genetic engineering V or VI.
No. 273355 ID: 2563d4

Ryxix is currently fine. It's just holding the anomaly that's a pain. Ryxix is also way more defendable because its desert surroundings mean no treeline and no treehugging suggesters trying to veto the use of nukes :3.
No. 273358 ID: 5cef15

I agree on shutting down the clone tanks for now. Focus on research, aim for Warp Tech, followed by Neural Implants. This comes with one important caveat: if Heatshell Armor also improves our ships and not just ground forces, then I'll take that over implants.

I still assert we should leave a nuke at the anomaly. The surface area of conventional explosives can be seen on the map around the anomaly- it's tiny compared to the amount of area the blast needs to cover. The nuke is much more cost-effective AND is guaranteed to take out an entire army.
No. 273464 ID: 676156

That's actually a good point. We can probably hold the desert for a good while. My concern is that, with portal magic, the dryads can clandestinely summon a huge army of Snarren at a trickle and mass up for a huge invasion that would bring us heavy losses. Also, since they're in cahoots with the breakers, there may be a large breaker fleet headed our way. I think we need to disappear, and soon.
No. 273465 ID: 676156

But we don't want to destroy The Nexus. It could turn out to be very useful for us later.
No. 273477 ID: 28e94e

If that happens we can wipe them out easily. Nice part about being in a desert is that all of our weapons are at maximum efficiency, while the attacking troops are severely hampered by the harsh environment.
No. 273665 ID: 03e599
File 129568506770.png - (132.91KB , 1154x2480 , Tech tree.png )

Finished tech:
HEATSHELL ARMOR: Powered infantry and all vehicles are now more resistant to weaker heat-based attacks.
WARP TECH II: Ships can be upgraded with the next level of warp engine, allowing the fleet to move 1 square faster. It costs 228 BP and SC to upgrade the entire fleet.

Techs Unlocked:
PLASMA GUNS: Humanity's answer to Breaker plasma-based weaponry. It is cheaper and consumes no SC when being used. It is less potent than even railguns when penetrating heavy armor, but is excellent against lighter targets and is expected to be even more effective against shields than either Breaker weapons or Warpslug weapons.
WARP TECH III: Last of the Warp Techs, allows fleets to move even faster.
No. 273666 ID: 03e599
File 129568663780.png - (139.08KB , 1800x1590 , Base Report 3.png )

(Fixed numbers a bit)

The ships are sent out as planned. Medina Ridge locates a nebula south of the Anomaly, Furor verifies that UA system is void of important materials and makes contact again with the Galts, and the Occissor enters the Anomaly and slightly explores the universe on the other side.

The Galts appreciate greatly the cultural information we shared with them, and is allowing us to research into theirs.

Ira reveals a planet that should be most suitable for our purposes: A slightly smallish, airless planet that contains metal and superconductors, but only uranium in low density amounts.

The new universe resembles our home universe greatly, so far at least. A yellow star called Hylios is discovered, and likely contains a few planets in orbit. There is no Anomaly-like signals emanating from it.

The forces we sent to aid the Rebels is greatly slowing the enemy advance into their territory, and the dropping of 25 STARMAKERS on key enemy positions has led to a fracturing of their command structure. Losses are still rather high and occasionally a very large force is massed from seemingly nowhere and completely overwhelms an allied town. More and more often we are forced to evacuate border towns with our dropships as a crushingly large enemy force arrives, and dissipates as soon as the town is razed to the ground.
The Gunships and Heavy Gunships are proving incredibly effective versus Snarren warriors, but supporting Dryad mages are shooting our aircraft down with terrifying regularity. In one instance, a stealthed group of mages managed to intercept a Gunship attack wing heading to reinforce a nearly-overrun town, downing 3 of the aircraft.

A steadily increasing amount of Dryads are requesting to be absorbed into the Splinter. The ones that arrive are very uncomfortable with the new lifestyle, but otherwise don't cause much trouble and make it clear they would prefer to face the unfamiliar and unknown than certain death at the hands of the enemy.
No. 273670 ID: 676156

I'm telling you, guys, I'm getting freaked out by this massive hit-and-run attacks. The enemy has portal technology and is seemingly capable of dropping large masses of Charlie into place without warning. When they strike, it will be hard, fast, and ruthless. If we're going to continue to stick around on this god-awful planet, we need to be ready to leave in a real hurry.

We need to prepare.
No. 273671 ID: cc0413

That's it. Evac remaining people, pick up whatever Dryad rebels are willing to join us. This war is costing us too much in terms of firepower.

Have we retroactively researched Snarren Autopsy? There's already an orange frame over it.
Research-wise, I'd focus on Warp Tech III, then Warpslug ammo. That is, if we're leaving. If we decide to stay to fight this uphill battle longer, Warpslugs > Plasma weaponry > Galt culture.
No. 273673 ID: cc0413

>Research-wise, I'd focus on Warp Tech III, then Warpslug ammo. That is, if we're leaving.
Err, sorry, make that Warp Tech III > Neural Implants.
No. 273679 ID: 15b51b

We don't really need Warp 3. We still haven't upgraded our ships to Warp 2. And it's expensive as fuck.

We can already get to prospective alternative sites in 2-3 turns. It'll still be around 2-3 turns with Warp 3.

Plasma sounds better than Warpslug. We need shield-piercing weapons.

That said, Intelligence Implants or Drones IV are probably useful, and cheaper than any of the above.
No. 273681 ID: 259738

Plasma sounds really useful. Warp 3 should not be a priority right now. I would suggest either Neural Implants>Plasma Weapons, or Plasma Weapons>Neural Implants as our research plans at this point.
No. 273684 ID: b2c118

Plasma weaponry, please. Also, we're still cool.
No. 273701 ID: 15b51b
File 129570205996.png - (15.06KB , 646x341 , idea.png )

For turns 83 and 84

Ira and Furor: Return to base
Medina Ridge: Continue exploring as planned
Occissor: Explore Hylios. Assess colony site feasibility.

Begin favoring Irontown's warehouses for resource storage, in case we need to evacuate Ryxix.

The plan for this time period is to basically go batshit crazy with firepower because fuck trees. Quintuple Starmaker usage, from ~6 per month, to 30. 75 starmakers are to be built in these two turns. Use 60 of them. Up to 70 are authorized if the situation mandates.
At the same time, deploy 12x MLRS vehicles to the front, along with 100 Light Infantry 100 and Power Infantry to replace losses.
Send 20,000 units of Nondurable and 1,000 Durable goods to Rebel territory in a flimsy and transparent effort to curry favor among the populace.

Training: Put 600 nonworkers (inc 497 MinStr) into Light Infantry training.

Labs: Begin research on Plasma Guns. (ETC: 4 turns)

Each food unit feeds one human for 10 turns, right? Not 1 turn?
If the latter, reactivate 1x Greenhouse and start building 4x more.

BP usage:
8x CAR BATCHES (total: 200 cars)

Cost: 463 Metal, 193 Ceramics, 111 Superconductors, 36 Uranium, 375 Fuel

Shut down / Deconstruct:
1x M Power at Irontown
2x Medium Factories at Irontown
1x Electrolysis Plant
4x M Derricks
5x Freighter-borne Space Labs

Note: Warp upgrades go to Freighters first.
No. 273711 ID: 2563d4

Yup. Let's get us some plasma and roast us some trees and poodles, a-yuk.
No. 273719 ID: c71597

This time, if the damn place is already inhabitated, can we try to find some other place instead?

Otherwise the plan should work.

By the way, what about giving the rebels a nuke as a going away present? Seems pretty clear that they're going to be fucked ever faster once we leave. They might want to take a large amount of enemies with them into death, and what better way to do that than a nuke?
No. 273722 ID: 0ea1df

All agreed on developing Plasma say aye.

Go with Test's mass bombing schedule and keep up the frontlines. The enemy's basically just a sneaky horde of troops now with the disorganization our bombs are causing and the increased use of those will accentuate that.

For us, this means we might actually be able to put this planet in rebel hands if we rouse enough of the populace. If I'm understanding this right, .288 of the entire Druid populace is in some way supportive of the rebels. If we can launch a massive propaganda/support campaign, we can bring the number of rebels much, MUCH closer to that figure. In that situation, I don't think the mages would be able to handle the combined forces of us and over a quarter of their population. We'd be able to turn the tables. Also, if the enemy's command is broken, that means that their morale could easily take massive hits, leaving them without the support of their civilians.

Is anyone else with me on this? Does anyone else we have the possibility of whipping the Druid population around on them? We could spend some RP on Druid psychology to this end with the rebels that joined us.
No. 273725 ID: 0ea1df

Let's not forget that the mages are a minority group that had to resort to dark magic to summon monsters from the beyond in a craze of religious fervor to even be able to get where they are. I can see how we can make a lot of civilians regard that with disgust if we become spin doctors here. I mean, hell, it worked on Earth through much of the 18th-20th centuries.
No. 273732 ID: c71597

Nothing dark about that magic. They simply opened up portals to another unvierse with a world filled by Snarren, who are also worshippers of their god, who is the god the whole planet worships. Hell you could make an argument that the Snarren are their saviours sent by their god to help them in their hour of need.

That coupled with the fact that there was a prophecy that said we were going to do pretty much what we're doing now makes it kind of hard to get good propaganda out of it. Hell it's a wonder that the enemy haven't used propaganda to show what asshats we are.

Besides, even if we do get more rebels on our side they will just get killed. We don't have enough manpower or resources to aid rebel bases everywhere on the planet and without our assistance the rebels are fucked when faced with mages and Snarren. And the bastard mages can bring in millions of Snarren, which is a fuckload more than we can handle.
No. 273742 ID: 54af1f

I suggest we start using a combination of artillery and specially trained light infantry to deal with the mage teams. Train them like commandos but less, and deploy them as snipers ahead of the gunships to find enemy mages, and kill them with long range direct fire.

At the same time let's use MRLS and the like to blast a path clear for gunships when they're in range (and start moving them so they almost always are.)
No. 273743 ID: cc0413

I still maintain that aiding the rebellion isn't worth the time and effort.
No. 273813 ID: 259738

We can't pull out yet. We don't have the necessary resources. So we have to stick around for a little while longer.
No. 273849 ID: 54af1f


This. Target the Dryads fortresses, safe zones and so on, let's try to really get them onto the back foot.
No. 273852 ID: 259738

Would it be possible to design a new kind of power armor for people with strength implants?
No. 273927 ID: 1854db

Let's research the Galts and their planet after the plasma weapons!

...that's in like 6 turns. Maybe we should evac soon. Like, really soon. Start packing things into the cruiser right now. We should have all our unemployed population on it for starters.

Meanwhile how about we start sending out Weavers to spot groups of mages, which we then use cheapass bombs on?
No. 274219 ID: 5455c1
File 129583909228.png - (150.36KB , 1800x1590 , Base Report 4.png )

Build Order followed.

As per the orders of
Scouting groups of Light Infantry scour the jungles that are within MLRS range for mage ambushes. This cuts down significantly on Gunship losses, but the job is risky for the Light Infantrymen involved and the small amount of infantry and MLRS deployed means only a very small portion of jungle can be covered at once, forcing the Gunships to be unable to respond to most emergencies.

This is covered, however, by the large quantity of Starmakers dropped on the enemy. Major settlements are held strongly by Splinter forces and the Rebels. Unfortunately the enemy has adapted to our heavy use of bombers by splitting into smaller groups and taking every small village that isn't held down. It will not be long before the Rebels are down to their last strongholds, at which point we can expect a massive final attack.

The goods supplied to the Rebels improve relations somewhat. Slightly more Dryads are requesting to join the Splinter than usual, the token of goodwill quieting some of the trepidation some Dryads feel about joining an alien faction. Some commanders present in Rebel territories fear that, come the rebel's last stand, too many of them will try to join the Splinter for us to handle.

Medina Ridge scouts out the UE star system, an orange star with mostly gas planets surrounding it.

The Occissor finds a planet that contains all the resources we need in the Hylios system. Unfortunately, this currently unnamed planet is highly volcanic and the atmosphere is thick and toxic. There are areas near the polar regions that are slightly less hellish. In terms of morale and build time increase, it is the same as an airless planet. The thick atmosphere will allow us to better hide our army and bases, but in turn will make any potential enemies harder to find.
No. 274239 ID: 676156

The volcanic planet sounds PERFECT! The plentiful resources means that we can build what we need quickly, and the thick atmosphere sounds ideal for hiding our forces. Really, what we need is some place to hunker down for a while so that we can power out as much research as possible to give us the technological edge. Steadily increasing our population is also nice.
No. 274241 ID: 15b51b

>but in turn will make any potential enemies harder to find.
I don't really like the sound of this. At least on the Airless Rock we know no monsters are going to pop out at us.

We could always make a backup site at the Toxic Hellhole. If anything comes at us, flee through the Anomaly to the backup site.
No. 274310 ID: 4907bd

My vote is that we do more thorough scans on Hylios's planet (call it Slag, maybe) before deciding. Watch that planet real closely, send some probes to look for life or other surprises.
No. 274329 ID: 54af1f

If they've split up into smaller groups, let's mass up a force in dropships, (4 MBTs, say 400 power infantry, with 6 MRLS covering and supported by gunships and heavies, plus whatever the rebels can get) and strike at whatever major town or city the rebels think is most likely to support their cause if we take it.

If they mass up we drop starmakers on them. If they don't they lose the town and we do it to another one until they mass up.
No. 274330 ID: c71597

Start searching Hylios for the archive. Watch out for any magma based life forms. Or whatever the hell we might find guarding the place.

Send the Medina Ridge to scout out UE. There is a Nebula fairly nearby, if the planet has delicious super conductors and no pesky natives then that seems like a much better choice than Hylios.
No. 274338 ID: 54af1f

Actually, I prefer UE because we stick in this universe, though we possibly need a Uranium mining base them.
No. 274354 ID: 676156

Our advantage is that we are adaptable and our strength continues to grow, whereas our enemies have fought and always will fight with exactly the same technology and abilities. We need to push this edge as far as we can and find some way to focus all our energies on research.
No. 274389 ID: 259738

We do want to eventually locate the Archive, though, since that is one of our only leads on more Nexus tech, which has been pretty great stuff so far. Might be another disk there, too.
No. 274391 ID: 259738

We could start providing the rebels with plasma weaponry once that finishes. The weakness of plasma is heavy armor-we have plenty of that, they have effectively none, so it isn't like they would be especially effective if turned on us. And the enemy is very very vulnerable to plasma.
No. 274397 ID: c71597

Those are probably going to demand a bit more maintenence out in the field than the rebels can handle.

But who knows, if they're dirt cheap to produce then we could probably do it. Although ammunition resupply could be a bit of a bitch. Might work better to just give them to 2000 normal infantry and have them support the rebels.
No. 275264 ID: 16cee5


Looks like the gestation tanks are empty. Should probably fix that.
No. 275274 ID: 259738

Produce some nautil clones!
No. 275293 ID: 16cee5

I advise more computing to be studied. This will increase research in the future, and perhaps make things easier. Moreso than weapons when it comes to long-term survival. AIs... hmm.

Still, I will throw my bid in for neural implants. I have the sneaking suspicion the next step is man-machine interfaces which should smooth out tech use for humanity (and make it hellishly inconvenient for anyone who shouldn't be using them to do so).

Peeking at the Breaker plague and the fact that the group of Dryad noble mages (along with what we know about magic) probably do not breed with the underclasses... are they sufficiently different to release a retrovirus on them? I very much doubt we could acquire enough samples or know enough about magic.

This war is sapping a lot of manpower that could be better spent on building ourselves up. Sad, but true. Speaking of infrastructure... it might be best to conquer this planet entirely by starting to build up rebel cities. Conquest through economics.

As it stands, with the incorporation of dryads the Splinter force (and other races) is becoming a Splinter Empire, if this continues.
No. 275335 ID: 676156

Interesting ideas over here...
No. 276053 ID: 259738

Is anyone going to put together a build order? Because I can't really find prices for a lot of stuff.
No. 276064 ID: 259738

I think we should produce some BRICs so that when we finish plasma weaponry we can deploy a bunch of them with it. Also keep up the bombing. How does this look for the next two turns?

Nondurable Goods x50k- 50 BP, 50 Metal
Durable Goods x5k- 30 BP, 50 Metal, 50 Ceramics
BRIC x30-90 BP, 300 Metal, 450 Ceramics, 60 Uranium, 60 SC
Starmaker x45- 135 BP, 45 SC, 225 Fuel, 90 Metal

Total-305 BP, 105 SC, 490 Metal, 500 Ceramics, 225 Fuel, 60 Uranium
No. 276075 ID: 259738

Do we have a bunch of unused forge casters we haven't bothered to fit onto MBTs? Because we should probably make use of those. Fit those onto MBTs and deploy them.
No. 276183 ID: 15b51b

Medina Ridge: Explore UE system for colony suitability.

Occissor: Explore the region around the Nebula for cool shit, then top off fuel tanks there.

3x Freighters With No Buildings In Them Which Have Been Upgraded To Warp II: Travel to Gulch. Sell enough of our outdated technology to purchase a full load of Metal (6,000 units)

Build 1x Medical Outpost in one of the Freighters that now has no building in it.

Get 200 worker and 200 military volunteers for a mission to build a preliminary base. Not to be launched for a little longer.

I hate to nitpick, but BRICs now cost 10BP, not 3. They also cost 3 SC. (I think)
Over two turns, we make 576BP, which is more than enough.
Build 62 Starmakers instead of 45, and 54,000 Nondurables and 6,000 Durables and that should be fine. Send some of these to the Rebels to try propping up their morale.
Total cost: 538M, 510C, 152SC, 60U, 310Fuel

Also: build 5x Tenaments at Irontown, just in case we suddenly need lots more living space. (Cost: 500 metal)

I don't think so, but if we do, we should deploy them at once.
No. 276184 ID: 259738

I was just going off prices in the wiki mostly, sorry about that.
No. 276703 ID: 524b67
File 129645739490.png - (154.40KB , 1800x1590 , Base Report 5.png )

PLASMA WEAPONS have been researched, and no new techs are unlocked. Plasma weapons are between regular weapons and railguns in terms of armor penetration and range, but are unparalleled in defeating shields. Ship-mounted "Chaos" batteries cannot effectively bombard a planet with an atmosphere, due to dissipation. Ammunition is made from negligibly small amounts of fuel, so long as we have a few drops of fuel left our guns won't run dry. Military leaders recommend ceasing further construction of Breaker weapons due to it's comparative inefficiency compared to plasma weapons.

The freighters Vesuvius, Enron and Dot Com have been loaded with old consumer goods and some outdated weaponry and sent to Gulch to trade for metals.

14,000 nondurable and 2000 durable goods have been sent to various rebel encampments. The morale in general stays about level, due to large casualties in the war. Still, recruitment is increasing.

Snarren attacks in the first turn have continued as usual, with lesser groups either being halted by allied Splinter and Rebel forces, and larger groups targeted by Starmaker-loaded Bombers. Despite these measures, there are still groups of enemies that manage to attack unguarded towns and do considerable damage before the Bombers or response Dropships arrive. The second turn was marked with a greatly reduced frequency of attacks. A group of Rebel scouts report that a massive force is being built up, and that they are currently spread out far enough that bombing them would be very inefficient. The last stand at the Rebel capital is expected to occur some time at the end of the next turn.

If we abandon the rebels, we can save the lives of our troops, but at the cost of the Dryads currently integrated into the Splinter to suffer a MASSIVE morale drop.
If we make our last stand side by side, it is unlikely anyone will survive, and the humans would likely suffer a morale drop.
If we try to evacuate the city, we run the risk of being attacked by enemies during the evacuation, and having to find a way to deal with 10,000+ Dryads that may not necessarily want to join the Splinter yet.

These, of course, are only a few options given by military officers. The course of action is entirely up to you.

The planet is given the nickname 'Slag'. It is scanned to the best of the abilities of the Occissor, revealing no signs of life or technology.

The Occissor fills up on FUEL at the nebula, and spots a binary star system, Conrix A and B. Still no signs of Anomalous technology.

The strike teams are formed, though the MLRS are pulled at the recommendations of the subordinate military officers: They would be largely ineffective as a rapid-response unit. May rebel towns are saved, or at least evacuated in time due to this maneuver, though intercepting Dryad mages have managed to down a number of Gunships and has gotten uncomfortably close to taking out a Dropship.

The unused Forge Casters are all attached to MBTs. This has helped their combat effectiveness against Snarren troops.
No. 276709 ID: c5628c

Is it possible to plant very high explosive traps without being detected? The way I see it, the enemy force may be so scattered that bombing is useless, but they all have to go somewhere. So I suggest (if possible) that we can plant these traps in hopefully major routes or key locations. And would be a great plus if these traps are mobile. Any thoughts?
No. 276711 ID: 259738

We could make maybe 1500 infantry plasma rifles, and 60 medium plasma guns, which would be enough to equip most of our fielded infantry and all the BRICs we just made. But it would take just about all of our BP, and more SC than we will make next turn.
No. 276712 ID: 676156

Neural implants next. I really want to know what those new techs are, and I bet neural implants themselves will be very helpful. Mind controlled magi, anyone?

As for our current situation, we have nothing to gain by throwing lives away defending the rebels. The dryads in our group are few in number. It was okay to keep this up when we were experiencing minimal losses, but I think it's time we pull our support. Give one last call for dryad recruits and get out of dodge. It's a harsh call, but it's what we need to do. It's about survival. Then we can get the fuck off this planet. We can always come back in case we need the nexus again, but as far as I'm concerned, Gretz's war is no longer useful to us. We'll probably leave the planet altogether in a few turns.

Who's with me?
No. 276713 ID: 16cee5

More side comments!

Snarren shields don't appear to deflect light. Has anyone tested using lasers, or at least some sort of light projector directed at their eyes to blind them?
No. 276746 ID: 1854db

I suggest we outfit all our ground troops with the new plasma weapons, and make a last stand. The snarren will be very surprised at our sudden ability to fuck their shields over.
No. 276750 ID: 259738

We can't outfit all our troops with plasma in 1 turn, and we definitely can't outfit all our vehicles and troops with plasma in 1 turn. And the enemy outnumbers us like 100 to 1.
No. 276759 ID: 54af1f

I suggest we talk to the Rebels and ask them if they want to win. Assuming they do and can agree to it, we nuke the massing enemy force.

Assuming our warheads have a yield of about a megaton each 10 weapons should be able to blanket even a very spread out enemy grouping.
No. 276760 ID: 54af1f

Actually let's save a couple of bombs. Maybe use 5, unless we need more. That way we can nuke them when they mass up to attack the rebel capital.

If they don't mass up we should put in armour and then defeat them piecemeal.
No. 276761 ID: 3aed86

An alternative would be to wait until the enemy commits to the attack, identify their main axes of advance, then nuke *those*. This depends, of course, on whether they'll bunch up further when they do attack compared to when they're in their staging area.
No. 276764 ID: c71597

Occcissor is to explore Conrix AB. If there are no natives and good resources on it then it looks very promising.

Offer the rebels a big fucking nuke. And some plasma weaponry, we probably can't outfit all of them, but we should be able to get a fair amount of them out there. They have experiance with guns since we gave them a big batch of ones earlier, and maintenece issues won't really be a big problem since they're not likely to stay alive long enough for that to be a proper issue.

We could also offer them a nuke. That can be both remotely detonated and detonated manually. Then tell the Snarren and the Mages that it's there. Might make them halt their assault for a bit and give us longer time to do what we need to. Mages and Snarren will probably attack anyway, but with a smaller more expendable force, when that one encounters plasma weaponry they will have to send in more guys, eventually enough to make the nuke worth it. And the rebels get to go out with a big fuck you to their enemies.

A tech such as a neural implant would nullify their magic. It's why their mind control mojo won't work on our soldiers. The technology cancels out most forms of magic.

No last stands for our guys. We need all the manpower we have, and losing our expeditionary force to a last stand would not be good. Especially not with the vehicles that would be gone as well. That shit is expensive and takes time to build.
No. 276781 ID: 15b51b

>We can't outfit all our troops with plasma in 1 turn
Sure we can. 2,000 plasma carbines = 133 BP.

What about guns for enhanced troops, though? Can they carry Light guns?

Dazzlers might make sense. Shame you only thought of it now that we have guns that can kill them.
No. 276805 ID: 28e94e

Actually, I can see this working out. Only problem is that they'd have to deal with fallout after the battle.
No. 276806 ID: 54af1f

Anyway, let's do this in detail

IF: the enemy is concentrated to the point where they're immune to conventional but not nuclear bombing

THEN: we drop 5 nukes on them. A one megaton bomb (I remember our nukes being one megaton) has a third degree burn radius of about 11 kilometres, so to be simple it should take the fight out of loyalist units within about a 20 kilometre circle. Blast, raging forest fires and radiation should put down anyone who survives the blast.

With five bombs we can blanket and area of about 100 kilometres with fire.

IF: the enemy is spread out over an area which is too wide to blanket even with nuclear weapons. . .

THEN: They're spread out over an area that's too wide for them to mutually support one another. We should assemble all the rebels we can, together with the bulk (36) of our tanks BRICs (80) APCs (20) and MRLS (20) and LUVs (100) Together with a thousand power armoured troops, and all our gunships in an area near the enemy and use the superior speed of our armour to rapidly overwhelm their pockets in turn. We deploy commandos and rebel dryad scouts to scout out their positions before we get to them.

Following this:

IF: they mass up and begin to launch a mass attack

THEN: we drop a nuke at minimum safe distance from our forces along their axis of attack.

IF: they attempt to outmanoeuvre us by creating a group of portals too close to us to nuke

THEN: we rapidly turn our armour into them and over run the portals before enough can flow through to stop us (using MRLS and orbital fire as necessary)

IF: they don't mass up

THEN: we over run them with our mass.
No. 276809 ID: 3ac661

sound like a solid plan
No. 276811 ID: 676156

This plan is way better than my plan. Hot damn, dude.

Also, we need to make a lot of plasma weapons.
No. 276825 ID: 28e94e

Excellent plan.
No. 276828 ID: 2dd482

Alternatively we could keep a token force at the rebel capital, enough to put up a bit of resistance and draw in the enemy forces. Then when the enemy is committed we evacuate the troops and drop the nukes.
No. 276847 ID: 16cee5


Well, to be fair, laser weaponry is useful (for point defenses) and you can use it for interesting optics-based computer technology. And considering the capacity of Snarren to teleport it is entirely possible we will encounter them in the future.

Can we get a new techline for that?

Keep in mind that the radiation will stick around for awhile in the area, and might make it otherwise inhabitable... This will probably result in a hit to dryad morale.

Humans probably won't care. Further, a re-education system needs to be set up for the magical(?) dryad, along with a test run of genetic engineering on a batch.

We want to see if just basic gene-tampering to make them stronger and faster will still allow them to tap into the boost they gain from magic (without nullifying it as magic does).

Tech nullifies magic. If we blanket-bomb the planet with something like microchips, will this suppress their ability to cast?

I seem to be coming up with a ton of ideas for this very, very late...
No. 276852 ID: 2563d4

Since their "magic" is just making requests/channeling power of the god who wants to kill us, it's well worth checking with the dryad refugees if they can even still perform any. Get them down the firing range.

...make sure the troops which know which end of the firing range to direct the Dryads too.

My name is USAF Brigadier General Jack D. Ripper and I approve of this plan.
No. 276876 ID: 15b51b

I would only go with this on the condition that the Dryads and Snarren have actual, meaningful rear area assets that we can attack. If we can actually fuck them up by attacking their camps, baggage trains, and so on, and they can't just move this stuff away faster than we can advance, THEN this plan has some merit.

If we are not absolutely certain that we can conduct a decisive blow of that nature, then we are just pissing in the wind and stringing ourselves out to get our ass kicked.

In the more likely latter case, we should just evacuate everyone, and not wait until they're damn good and ready. Make it absolutely clear to the remaining rebels that the war is lost and we are leaving. They can come along, but they cannot decide not to come along and then change their minds at the last minute.

Make it clear to them that if they choose to take the stubborn route, then we will have no choice but to deploy large numbers of nuclear weapons. Make them understand what this means. If they don't want us to nuke the shit out of everything, then they will cooperate and either leave or surrender. Make it absolutely crystal clear that their options are to either leave, surrender, or endorse a nuclear bombardment. These are their ONLY options. Make them come to a decision at the BEGINNING of the turn.

We have plenty of time to evacuate them all as long as they don't wait until the last minute.

This should hopefully entice them to evacuate in an orderly manner. The troops are to establish a defensive perimeter with wide, clear lanes of fire, to defend the settlement during the evacuation and/or stupid-bullshit. Deploy all our robots such that they can cover the retreat of the troops when we pull them out.

Deploy all spare fusion casters, priority: one per BRIC.

Medina Ridge: What do your elf eyes see?

1,350 Plasma Carbines (equip light infantry that aren't using rockets and stuff, and use the rest as sidearms for the power suits)
80x Light Plasma Cannons (priority: tanks)
4x Medium Plasma Cannons (give to heavy gunships / use freed up fusion casters on BRICs)
16x Heavy Plasma Cannons (give to all the deployed MBTs that don't have Forge Casters)
7x Nuclear Bombs
26,000 Nondurables
1,000 Durables
Cost:147M, 20C, 217SC, 140U

Shut down all 4 Uranium filters. Send 250 workers and 150 infantry to UC on some freighters (with 2x Frigates escorting) loaded with 2,000 Metal, 500 Ceramics, and 150 SC.
When they get there, they're to build:
5xL DERRICK (3x Metal, 2x SC)
Cost: 7000M, 400C, 128.5SC

They don't have enough Metal, but they can get started, and the ships trading with the Galts should come back loaded with Metal. They're to fly directly to UC to supply the rest of the needed materials.

Send all idle personnel to Irontown's new tenements.
No. 276886 ID: 15b51b

PS: We are not sacrificing our army under any circumstances. If they refuse to cooperate then that's just too bad.
No. 276897 ID: 89fb14

well if the problem is to know when to quit, this is somewhat easy. we just leave. taking some with us may actualy put some spies inside our ship, wich we may already have. i still want to know if they can survive leaving the planet anyway.

you know, it would be interesting to see how one of the druids would react to lack of gravity. we should test his body and all, or else we may end up with a lot of useless work to get people that could be better off dead.

but it seems we need to salvage the most of the situation, so here goes nothing:

we should reach all the rebel druids. we should explain we will respect their choice, be they choosing to come with us or not. we hold no anger to them, and if they do choose to come with us, we have nothing against their culture, even to the point if they choose to abandon us later on in a suitable planet, we can make arrangements.

after explaining that we cant spare enought personnel to actualy win in a last stand scenario, we should offer them a last "flip". to those that want to stay, we will give them the biggest grave they can get. a nuke.

i honestly know that they will dislike it, but its unlikely there will be amnesty after all the effort laid. they fought to have lands, to have a better life condition, and how that they are on the end of the rope, these rebels will either become slaves or outright die, with no possibility of ever climbing the social ladder again. even the spies would be either stranded or actualy hoping to go out with a whole ship, wich is unlikely.
No. 276900 ID: 54af1f


I endorse this.
No. 276924 ID: 54af1f

Of course all this relies on the Dryads letting us use nukes. If they don't wanna. We shouldn't.
No. 276930 ID: 16cee5


"Letting" us nothing. ATTACK WITH DEM NUKES.
No. 276999 ID: 8c3ae7

I'm going with Test's plan, the one that fleshes out this: >>276806

With the further addendum: as we're mass producing plasma weapons, any Breaker weapons not currently in use are to be disassembled and recycled to assist in the cost of the plasma.
No. 277013 ID: ebe5a3


Actually, the nuclear bombardment plan is a purely tactical level strike. It is unlikely that they have or need significant logistics trains to support what is effectively a prehistoric army.

Instead, the point of the nukes is to destroy the enemy's army as it is, forcing them to spend valuable time re-amassing the forces needed to launch another offensive.
No. 277105 ID: 15b51b
File 129658297755.png - (9.60KB , 249x220 , 1285044603204.png )

Ed confirmed that they have no logistics, no rear areas, and that deploying nukes would completely undermine our efforts here, completely invalidating the most popular present plan.
No. 277114 ID: 16cee5


...Why are we having troubles, again, and why aren't they dying due to lack of food and clean water?
No. 277116 ID: c71597

Because they have portals and shit. They don't need nearby supply dumps or supply lines because they can bring in shit from the other side of the globe or from another planet.
No. 277128 ID: 28e94e

The nukes were never meant to be used on their supply lines, they were intended for the armies themselves.
No. 277151 ID: 54af1f

Unfortunately the Dryad Rebels are a bunch of pussies and equally unfortunately we still need them.
No. 277153 ID: bb14e3

Whoops forgot my R&D.
No. 277175 ID: 16cee5


Gestation tanks are still empty. I thought the whole point was to be able to mass-produce soldiers.
No. 277176 ID: 5f0943

There's really no point in putting anything in the gestation tanks right now, since we are going to pack up and leave well before they would be finished.

That sounds reasonable, massive labs would be rather useful.
No. 277178 ID: 259738

They use Research Points, so we are spending the points on research instead.
No. 277216 ID: 676156

What about neural implants? I really want to know what those hidden techs are, and I bet the implants themselves will be phenomenally helpful! Besides, why would we want to research a large building project when we're probably gonna be leaving soon?
No. 277234 ID: 15b51b

The plan only works if they have something meaningful for us to attack. If they have no logistics, that means they can just scatter, conduct delaying actions and ambushes, and go around our massed forces.

It doesn't technically cost RP in itself, but we don't have enough Professionals to run the cloning tanks AND the large labs, so in practice yeah it costs RP.

>What about neural implants? I really want to know what those hidden techs are, and I bet the implants themselves will be phenomenally helpful!
Hopefully, yeah, but they also cost a lot more than Motors and Massive Labs combined. And the implants themselves cost SC, which we don't have a lot of right now.

Also, with the rebels defeated, the enemy must very soon turn its eyes on our planetside colony. Improved Motors might help us defend it. Maybe.
>Besides, why would we want to research a large building project when we're probably gonna be leaving soon?
That's the best time to research a building. We're building all new ones anyway!
No. 277246 ID: 8a3493

im actualy quite wary of leaving with dryads on board. they can literally continue the war from inside our shuttles, trying to flesh out spies now would really help in the case of teleporting dryads.

so i was thinking. theres a "about ok" way of using nukes to "win" a skirmish.

we set up a advanced base and do on it everything the dryad hates. when the base becomes under heavy fire, we can evacuate the living personnel and nuke it.

we can even defend it properly with orbital bombing until there are enought forces to justify nuking. problem is the living personnel we cant exchange for a machine of some sort.
No. 277323 ID: 54af1f

Bringing the War into the Desert might be the best thing really. We can use our armour's mobility and firepower way better there.
No. 277359 ID: f9c0e8


You're still not getting it. The point of the attack is to....

You know what? Forget it. This is a cinematic game. I was stupid to try to bring operational level planning into this. Plus, I doubt there's the political will to use the weapons anyhow.
No. 278146 ID: 2dd482


evacuate and withdraw all of our soldiers supporting the rebels, leaving only a very small force left in the rebel capital. Have a dropship on constant standby to pick up those troops (hell, have it sitting on the ground at the rebel capital ready to go). When the dyrads attack, the remnant force is to hold out as long as possible and thus draw in as many dyrads and snarren as they can. Once the enemy has committed large numbers of troops in the attack, we extract our troops and then use the nukes ON THE MASSED ENEMY ARMY. Not the rear areas, not their nonexistant supply lines. their core forces that have been committed.

Make the rearguard VOLUNTEER ONLY and really play up the honour and noble sacrifice and all that good stuff to limit the hit on morale. rebel dryads are completely expendable at this point.

Once that is done we focus on packing all our shit up and leaving this planet.
No. 278302 ID: 676156

How fiendish. I kind of like this.
No. 278407 ID: 35360e

So... exactly the same plan I had for the Anomaly. Only now in a population center.
No. 278448 ID: 2dd482

are we still at the anomaly and is that suspected to be the main point of attack?

if so then just replace all instances of "rebel capital" with "anomaly"
No. 278451 ID: 54af1f

Let's not nuke any dryad population centers unless the rebellion backs us.
No. 278494 ID: 676156

They'd never back us. It's sort of the point. It's like we're using the dryad rebels as bait and shutting the lid on the whole mess. It's also kind of the most evil option we have. I think it's bad enough that the Splinter dryads would rebel, and maybe even some fanatic humans. Of course, we ultimately control everything that the public hears, so we can make them think whatever.

Let's consider this as a good last resort plan but stick with Test Pattern's idea for the time being.
No. 279393 ID: 930231
File 12969518925.png - (216.79KB , 2440x1588 , Base Report 6.png )

MASSIVE LABS have finished researching. MASSIVE buildings take 5 turns to construct and generally don't have as large of an efficiency boost compared to other size increases, though they all gain secondary beneficial traits.

The Splinters first plasma weapons are produced and sent to the forces at the Rebel Capital. The population is evacuated first to Ryxix, and then to Irontown.

An enemy force tries to muster and assault the base during the evacuation, but according to the doctrine of
a surge of five nuclear bombs incinerates the forces as they are building up. The enemy was still spread out enough that only one attack wave was destroyed, but it damaged them enough that there are no further assaults for the remainder of the turn.

The 11250 rebel Dryads were evacuated from their capital, but only 2142 of them have decided to permanently join the Splinter. The remainder of the bewildered Dryads grudgingly accept their current refuge at the airless colony at Irontown, but demand to be returned to the planet as soon as possible. We can of course refuse their request, but doing so would give them a large morale hit as well as the tensions of having the Splinter become nearly 40% Dryad (Currently we have about 15% Dryad population already)

The Occissor scouts Conrix A and B to have a mostly rocky planets containing only metal, with the exception of one life-filled planet with superconductors and slight amounts of uranium. The planet is cold, with ice caps covering a large amount of the surface.
The Medina Ridge is returning to Gretz.
The fleet sent to UC merged with the fleet returning from UB and has begun work on a settlement on the planet. (The settlement and planet both requiring names)

Throughout the month portals have begun to appear across the planet, until the end of the turn in which the number of portals spiked massively in number. Thousands of sites dot the planet.
No. 279394 ID: 46c430

Well, I guess the obvious solution for returning the dryads to the planet someplace where they won't get attacked would be the islands. They're small, of course, but they also have few or no portals on them, would likely be easy to hold.
No. 279395 ID: 569ed9

Umm... If I remember correctly we don't have any real way of shutting those down when they're up, do we?
No. 279398 ID: f6360f

There are several green islands which have no portals whatsoever and are presumably quite livable. We could drop them there with minimal risk.

Alternately, several coastal regions are either mostly without portals or have only a few. We could use those. But definitely with you on the avoiding conflict concept; once our last few things are wrapped up we get the fuck out of here.

Do we have fairly detailed resources scans of the planets that we're considering moving on to? If not, we should get some to determine where to put ourselves and how many sites we'll need.
No. 279401 ID: 46c430

No, no coasts. They'd just focus their forces and attack. Again. Use the islands. The desert ones, if nothing else.
No. 279415 ID: c71597

What kind of life at Conrix?

And yeah, we can drop of the Dryads who don't want to tag along at the islands.
No. 279437 ID: 54af1f

Ask the Rebel Dryads and Galt if they'd be willing to live together.
No. 279442 ID: 54af1f

Actually, first, try to persuade them to stay, point out the massive portal activity, point out that maybe we can eventually liberate the planet but we need time to build up. Begin collecting as many samples of life as possible (we must have a bunch) and say we can perhaps recreate Gretz life on another planet for them.

Return the rest to an area where they can disperse into the population without being instantly hunted down.
No. 279444 ID: 46c430

I don't think there's even a chance of this working out, no offense. It's not the Dryad homeworld so they might not be able to survive on it, there's little land as it's an ocean planet and what's already there is probably already in use... Don't bother.
No. 279448 ID: 46c430

Hmm... Come to think of it, since there are portals on the islands, does that mean there are Dryads living there? Hmm... If there are, politely but firmly round them up (As prisoners, sort of, but let them carry along some personal belongings), and transport them to the mainland, so they can rejoin their people. Send a group along ahead including some of the refugees to inform them that they're delivering displaced dryads, not bombs, too, misunderstandings would be unfortunate. (Plus, I can imagine us getting some positive rep for taking the effort of moving them instead of, y'know, just offing them all. 'cause attacking civvies = Bad.)

I guess we could also simply occupy whatever cities/towns they have on the islands (Again, assuming there are people already there), less trouble in the short run, but likely more trouble in the long run due to saboteurs and underground resistance and having to police everyone and all that bother. So let's just move them if we can.
No. 279451 ID: 46c430

Adding on (Sorry for all the posts...)

For security, making sure they don't portal in and invade... We can probably divide responsibility. Have the rebels set up watchtowers, camps over the islands, do patrols, checking for invaders or such, while we have our own camp in/near the city. If invaders are found, the rebel troops call in, and Splinter forces roll out to deal with the problem.

Oh, and for dealing with the dryads already present? Include some dryad (Splinter or rebel) soldiers in the people taking the towns/cities (And the policing force, if we're occupying them), might reduce resistance a little. (And also maybe reduce the likelyhood of 'accidents', I do NOT want some trigger-happy and/or racist idiot to decide to open fire on civilians.) And yeah, send a gunship or dropship or something ahead with a loudspeaker and a diplomat or something on it to tell them what we're gonna do and to ask them to surrender peacefully.
No. 279467 ID: 676156

We call the unnamed planet Hephaestus.

No. 279486 ID: 2dd482

this is a stupid idea. It's practically a religious war for them. There are 3 large islands without any portal activity on them. We can drop the rebels there and then just turtle up at Ryxix while we wait for the new planet to be ready for colonization and get as much resources as we can carry.

and research NEURAL IMPLANTS
No. 279492 ID: 2dd482

thee large GREEN islands. not the desert ones. This is important.
No. 279502 ID: 2a46d0

I like Hephaestus for a planet name. My suggestion for the name of the colony is Thrace.

And yes, do we have scans of this new planet?
No. 279531 ID: 2ee9f4

Let's leave the Dryads on the green islands that have no portal sites so far. If they survive the conflict there, they can traverse water to move to mainland, and if they can't, well, they're to dumb to live.

I'm unsure whether or not we should give them weapons. They might help the Dryads defend themselves, but they might as well become a point of interest for the ruling mage class, if they restore their inflience; the rebels would be killed for having guns, even if they'd pose no threat without them, being isolated on an island. I'd go for not giving them any weaponry.

And it's time to beat feet.
No. 279560 ID: 28e94e

I say we give the rebels weapons, that way they have at least some chance at survival.
No. 279569 ID: 9ea6ca

We could leave them with the non-plasma firearms. We should have a large stockpile that we don't need anymore. Assuming plasma carbines have become the new infantry standard and you didn't recycle them all while I wasn't watching.

Speaking of which. Has there been a list of all infantry weapons designed/used to date? It would be really helpful when suggesting new equipment for or soldiers.
No. 279575 ID: aa5626

im seconding giving to the rebels our outdated wesapon surplus. i also liked the idea of sending the surplus rebels to the islands, hopefullly they will be safe and able to make a culture by themselves.

if they accept it, we should give them books about tecnology as well. the sample stuff that will make their life easier, mechanics, electricity, etc.

i think its time to worry with gates to irontown made by spies...
No. 279577 ID: 54af1f

Give the rebels guns if they want them. They'll need them, green Island seems the best drop point.
No. 279591 ID: 1854db

If we leave them weapons, eventually they will run out of ammo. Something to think about.
No. 279663 ID: 9ea6ca

They allowed us to rescue them. So if they refuse to come with us then they must understand that the best we can do is give them guns so they can die on their feet.
No. 279817 ID: 676156

Hey, how about developing some form of mass transit? I bet it'd be more efficient than relying on cars to get our citizens around town.
No. 279867 ID: 1a693f

THIS. I keep on forgetting to mention it. Cars are a terrible waste of resources. We don't even have to waste workers on staffing buses or anything- with a fully automated mass-transit only system the entire area can work like clockwork.

I'm split on whether to segregate our living quarters by job, though.
No. 279987 ID: 16cee5


You know what would be crazy? A space elevator that could be disassembled. You could set up a train system up and down it and have a "standardized" construction for mass transit and rails.

(Even more awesome: The transit "buses" can be dropped in from orbit)

Segregating based on job is a bad idea. It encourages castes, racism, and also cuts the flow of ideas from one group to the next. Placing people based on where they're going to go for work and the like, however...

E.g., all professionals and non-professionals that handle growing food.
No. 279991 ID: 1a693f

That's what I meant, just for efficiencies sake. Or maybe just put the scientist housing next to the research building and then have a bus to the entertainment district.
No. 280117 ID: 9ea6ca

I like the efficiency ideas. Ed will probably condense all of this into some kind of "Advanced Civil Planning" tech if he allows it.

It wouldn't be too hard to implement. We just need to place everything in districts and connect them with public transit. Put critical structures at core of city. Command Center, airport, hospital, etc. Divide housing into clusters spread around the central core and add one entertainment structures to each group. All the structures requiring staff should be grouped up and placed nearby the housing of said staff.

Mass transit in this case could take the form of a bus network. Easily automated. If you follow the pattern I described above you would only need a few bus routes. Each work district would be connected directly to the housing that services it. And housing districts would be connected to each other.

This entirely eliminates the need for personal cars which are inefficient on resources. Only an ambulance or other emergency vehicle would need to be free roaming. If you want to take this one step further, you could orient all of the structures in a donut shape and have one subway loop that connects everything at once. That might be overdoing it though, considering the density improvements of large and massive buildings.
No. 280188 ID: 676156

It might be interesting, too, if we eliminated individual structures and instead built everything as a single building with sub-units, much like a mall. This would be especially useful on Hephaestus, seeing as the atmosphere is unbreathable. Also, artificial sunlight to ward off depression.
No. 280677 ID: 676156

Also, when we're making clones, can't we be more selective with the clone gene sequences, or outright modify them, so as to create, say, more perfect soldiers or scientists? I think we should use our genetic engineering skills more aggressively on humans.
No. 280683 ID: c71597

Yes we could. But every small improvement comes with quite a hefty drawback. Which makes it not worth it.
No. 280768 ID: 676156

Oh. I didn't know this.
No. 281236 ID: 15b51b

IMO, it'd fit the naming scheme better if the planet was named Thrace, not the colony.

The build plan for the colony was called 'Baikonur.' So I think we should call the colony that. It's all space-ee.

Anyway... Drop the dryads off on the various islands that aren't full of baddies during the time we have left.

Vesuvius, (ugh) Enron, Dotcom, Fannie May: Return to Grezt

In 2 months: Take everyone and everything that isn't nailed down from Ryxix and fly to UC/Thrace/Baikonur. Bring everyone at Irontown who is not currently employed, but leave that colony functioning for now. If there's a spare freighter or two (which isn't necessary to bring everyone else to UC) then leave it stationed at Irontown in case we need to evacuate it. Don't bother deconstructing the buildings at Ryxix. We don't have time for that.

Also leave behind enough SC and dudes to continue refitting the last few ships.

There should be sufficient Flying School capacity for the 600 professionals in training to continue training on the way to UC.

Military: Fortify Ryxix in case we're attacked before we can leave. It'd take 2 turns to build any fixed defenses, so that's pointless. If baddies start teleporting onto the island, begin evacuating.

Build a COMMAND CENTER at IRONTOWN only if there is not one already there.

LABS: Research Improved Motors followed by Mental Implants.

3x Civilian Dropships
750x Plasma Carbines
80x Light Plasma Cannons
30x Medium Plasma Cannons
8x Heavy Plasma Cannons (distribute all cannons to whatever can support them, preference to vehicles)
25x Starmakers
5x Nuke Bombs
37,000 Nondurables
5,000 Durables
Cost: 704M, 410C, 200SC, 139U, 125Fuel
No. 281241 ID: 61b9b8

should we nuke rysis or leave it for the rebels?

im somewhat willing to leave books with tecnology behind. the rebels may not use it now, but who knows, 2 or 3 generations from now we may get a few daring duids that wont mind making new toys.
No. 281249 ID: 9ea6ca

Actually, if Ed would allow it. Could we salvage ONLY the portions of our structures that contain superconductors? Most SC would be tied up in things like machinery, which we could pack up and take with us. As opposed to the building itself which would have to be demolished and melted down into ingots, or another transportable form. SC is rare enough that the effort may be worth it. And our supply is going to be cut off until we can get a new colony up and running again.

I'm all for gifting knowledge to the Rebels. Its what got them in trouble in the first place. But we should probably turn Ryxix into a crater like we did last time. The Rebels will not be able to make use of it anyway.
No. 281617 ID: ab9388
File 129773290942.png - (168.05KB , 2162x1582 , Base Report 7.png )

The newest settled planet is named 'Thrace', while the budding colony is christened 'Baikonur'.

Due to labs being shut down, research has not been completed on Improved Motors.

Ryxix is abandoned, but not before as much SC-rich machinery is salvaged from the empty buildings. Huge numbers of portals begin appearing on the island where Ryxix was near the end of the 2nd turn, a mere week after the place was abandoned.

They Dryads who do not want to join the Splinter are relocated to an uninhabited island off the coast of the mainland. They have been equipped with plentiful ammunition and a good portion of our outdated equipment. (2000 assault rifles, 40 chainguns, and numerous other equipment such as grenades and radios)

Thus far it appears the Rebels are undetected in their new home.

A fleet of freighters takes the first wave of citizens from Irontown to Baikonur

The Large Orbital Factory's upgrading process is stalled due to Medina Ridge and Occissor being away.

An underground mass transit system could be implemented to eliminate the need for automobiles. It would cost 5 RP to develop a transit system. Automobiles consume no fuel and new mass transit hubs must be built for each new cluster of buildings, so such a system will not be more efficient at the time being.

Artificial sunlight has always been used, and constructing a single-building base will not be necessary as it will yield no major increases in efficiency.

The Dryads are less willing to live with an alien species they do not know at all, than with us. They at least have had plenty exposure to humanity.
No. 281618 ID: ab9388
File 129773307695.png - (66.78KB , 2124x1514 , Baikonur.png )

Also, a map of Baikonur for those of you who want to design the colony. The darker colored regions are mountainous terrain and cannot be built upon (except for Derricks).
No. 281622 ID: 28e94e

What are those red dots?
No. 281641 ID: aa4a55

Rocks, i think
No. 281710 ID: 54af1f

Super Conductor?

Can we see what's coming out of the portals on our orbital eyes?
No. 281713 ID: 9ea6ca

Sure those are not metal deposits? Then again derrick placement has never really been an issue.

I don't have time to copypaste a city design together. But if you take a shot at it, try to keep the overall shape of the city a line or donut shape. This would be a little more efficient than the haphazard grid we tend to use. Even without a transit system.

>An underground mass transit system could be implemented to eliminate the need for automobiles. It would cost 5 RP to develop a transit system.

Only 5 rp? Go for it! We are in the process of making a new colony so its the perfect time. It might not give us a huge bonus right away but we can expand on it in a multitude of ways.

Expand the system to shift cargo as well as passengers using the same tracks. Attach system to automated underground warehouses. Connect all industrial, agricultural and mining districts together with underground cargo hubs. BAM, efficiency increase.

I mean how great would it be if you could just press a button to order anything you need. And then have it rise out of the ground on an elevator. IRL? A pipe dream. But in a relatively small colony like ours, quite feasible.
No. 281728 ID: 54af1f

So do we have a source of Uranium yet?
No. 281746 ID: 54af1f

Anyway, let's get out while the gettings good. We should evacuate to Thrace ASAP before they try anything else.
No. 281782 ID: 676156

They can't reach us in space. We're fine. No rush.

But yeah, I guess there's no need to be in Irontown anymore, huh. Let's leave her behind. Don't destroy it, but do remove anything that would be considered sensitive technology or information. We can always come back to Irontown and make use of its facilities, should we need to. No one's gonna bother it there, and I bet it'd be almost completely undetectable when it's shut down. I bet breakers would have a hard time finding it unless they were specifically searching for it.
No. 281783 ID: 676156

And I doubt that the Snarren or the Dryad loyalists are even aware that it exists; when they were bombed by our rail gun, they just saw flak falling from the sky.
No. 281784 ID: 676156

And, now that I think about it, breakers would never use our technology, anyway. It's unholy to them. We can leave everything just like it is, except for any intel-bearing documents.
No. 281816 ID: 3df8ed

>They can't reach us in space. We're fine.

you dont say those things out loud.


as far as i know, we already have spies on our ship, ready to cast spells that will help them to make portals to our new bases.
No. 281823 ID: 28e94e

At which point we can just put on gasmasks and expose the compromised sectors to the toxic atmosphere
No. 281923 ID: 9ea6ca

Thrace does have uranium. Ed said "small amounts". So we will probably harvest it at 33% efficiency like last time. Not a big issue since we are leaving the ground war behind. Now we only need a little of it for power.
No. 282374 ID: 676156

By the way, speaking of dryad mage subterfuge, if they did manage to slip us some spies, then there will probably have to be a significant number of them to open up a Snarren portal. They'd have to find an secure an isolated area, like a warehouse. You have to remember, these portals take time to bring up and they're hard to miss. Let's not give them that opportunity, eh? Is there some sort of passive portal scanning tech we can implement here?
No. 282501 ID: a74ca1

well, we have a police force already. problem is that we may need to work with time windows lesser that 8 hours. with luck, they will come in very few numbers instead of a small army, giving out small warning like werewolf sigthings for us to beware of.

they could be making portals on their collective sleeping quarters. no amount of police search would work to detect by then, and to watch closely around 250 dryads would already pose a challenge, let alone the nearly 1500 we have. that without counting on the likeliness of legal and moral issues we may get, plus the actual labor required to pull it off.

its like a communist wet dream. they either hotdrop on us at their own peace and pace or we prosecute them for things that very few of them have done, thus making this a lost-er cause.
No. 282569 ID: 676156

Fortunately, the Dryad mages seem a little too elitist to actually bother with this kind of subterfuge, and I think they just wanted us off their planet. Of course, that's no reason to think that such a scenario is impossible.

Christ... Keep lots of plasma guns around and hope for the best, I guess.
No. 282570 ID: 259738

Just arm all the Dryads. Then if any of them turn out to be mages, the other Dryads will shoot them.
No. 282577 ID: 7e3a39

Aren´t portals and other magic tricks trackable by our radars?

Just put several sensors around the dryad compound and other nearby locations and send in the troops as soon as something comes up. Should the energy be tooo large, simply flood the areal with the planets athmosphere, even magic can´t help against a severe lack of oxygen.
No. 282594 ID: 72b443

it could work. give them slug ammo that we can peform forensics on and if shit gets real we can either track the source of danger or it will be restricted to pockets of resistance, easier to spy and watch over.

most of our facilities are already concrete and steel. radar will not help inside a city like it did in the forest.
No. 282633 ID: 28e94e

All we need to do is install sensors inside their quarters. That shouldn't be too difficult.
No. 282663 ID: 72b443

the problem is personnel, we need to get watchers for these sensors.

maybe psycholgists to make sure none of the dryads that we gaved a gun would go postal anyway.
No. 282682 ID: 54af1f
File 129816413556.png - (79.63KB , 2124x1514 , Baikonur.png )

Set up the settlement test already described here at the marked map location.

We can't do a build order till it's done I don't think. We've not got the SC.
No. 284925 ID: 0aa0e3
File 129886418255.png - (235.35KB , 2800x1590 , Base Report 8.png )

Yeah those are just rocks.

Since the order to evacuate has not been given yet, the buildings remain unsalvaged. Reclaiming 50% of the SC used in sensitive equipment will take 1 turn, but just destroying said equipment can be done very quickly.

Any major portal will be easily detectable to us, but smaller portals slipping observation could theoretically be possible. Surveillance has increased on the Dryad population, and the majority are them are given the same traceable sidearms that the other Splinter civilians use and ordered to keep an eye out for any potential magic users. Many doubt the effectiveness of this measure, however.

As for psychiatrists, there is already a large number of them in the Splinter and screening the Dryads should not be a problem. The destruction of Earth and the hardships the citizens of the Splinter faced afterward were hugely traumatic events, and as such the Splinter has developed a very effective and extensive mental healthcare department.

Due to lack of actions to take, the next two turns simply pass by. The buildings are constructed at Baikonur and the ships move around.

Occissor has discovered a Blue Giant star, currently needing of a name. All planets in the system are lifeless and devoid of useful materials.

The activation of the laboratories on Baikonur has allowed us to finish research on IMPROVED MOTORS, improving the effectiveness of all strength implants and power armor. No new techs have been unlocked.

On Gretz, the Rebels continue to evade detection and appear to be well fortified in their new capital. The portals used by the dryads are now bringing forth an old enemy; the Breakers. Most of the forces brought forth from the portals appear to be fast low-altitude aircraft, though there is small amount of space-capable fighters being brought through. Currently they are not going into orbit to engage us, appearing to instead continue to bulk up their forces. The Independence's jammer sytem is concealing our fleet position for now, but it won't be long before they wise up and find us.
No. 284930 ID: cf244d

>All planets in the system are lifeless and devoid of useful materials.
>Totally barren
Name it Chloe!
No. 284948 ID: 676156


And have we started settling that volcanic planet yet?
No. 284950 ID: 1854db

Evacuate. We still have no ship-sized weapons which can pierce their shields. Do we? Well, regardless I think we should leave. We don't really have enough firepower even if our weapons work.

Do whatever's necessary to ensure that we complete that job at the orbital factory RIGHT BEFORE we leave.

Re: Recovering SC: Only disassemble the buildings and shit to recover SC if we can do it and leave as soon as the job at the orbital factory is finished.

Research: Plasma Weaponry.
No. 284953 ID: 4e6eaf

No. 284964 ID: 259738

We already researched plasma weaponry, why do you want to research it again?
No. 284973 ID: 1a693f

Completing the engine refits is the highest priority. Scrap anything we're leaving behind for the necessary SC.
No. 284983 ID: 1854db

Whoops, I was just looking at the last time the tech tree was posted. On hindsight that was pretty dumb as it was like 5 updates ago or something. I'll go for neural implants, why not.
No. 285339 ID: 54af1f

We might need to consider evacuating to another universe soon, but yeah, let's evacuate now while the evacuating is good.
No. 290959 ID: 230559
File 130117265712.png - (205.09KB , 2800x1590 , Base Report 9.png )

NEURAL IMPLANTS is being researched.

The appearance of the Breakers on Gretz has forced the withdrawal of Splinter forces from the star system. IRONTOWN's structures have been stripped of valuable SC, and it's resources and population loaded into the fleet. The fleet is fully loaded and ready for movement orders.

The evacuation has left the populace in poor morale, though since they understand the reason behind this is preventing it from falling lower.

Portals are constantly bringing in more reinforcements, though as of yet they still seem to be unable to pinpoint the location of our fleet under the Cruiser Independence's jammer field.

Since it seems to be suggested that only the Gretz system is to be evacuated, Baikonur continues functioning as normal.

Meanwhile, the Occissor has detected a signal coming from a newly discovered yellow star system, similar to that of the other Anomalies. It is extremely likely we have found the location of The Archive.

The shipyard cannot finish as it is an upgrade for Medina Ridge and Occissor, neither of which are present at the shipyard.

The planet Slag remains untouched.
No. 290961 ID: 230559
File 130117322576.png - (11.49KB , 785x448 , Chapter 3ish Concluded.png )

On board the Infractus,Fleet Admiral Argus Ductor finally succumbs to the immense stress that pervaded his life since he took his role as the leader of the Splinter.

Gravely ill, the Fleet Admiral resigns his post and lets the Advisory Council select the next leader of humanity.
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