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File 129485616840.png - (47.18KB , 512x512 , TorysTower7.png )
270896 No. 270896 ID: 9b6c31

[ Wiki ] http://tgchan.org/wiki/Tory's_tower
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No. 270898 ID: 9b6c31
File 129485628862.png - (65.09KB , 512x512 , 480.png )

Okay. New world, new tricks. The location of my tower is in a forest, pretty close to a sea.
It is summer here I guess. Sunny, warm etc.
So, I felt like going to scout a little with Helena. There was a town pretty near-by, so I decided to pay it a visit.
No. 270899 ID: 9b6c31
File 129485635688.png - (136.67KB , 512x512 , 481.png )

Everyone is fucking staring at me. Is it my clothing? I tried to take as proper clothing as I could based on the view I got from my tower.
Aaaa. What to do?!
No. 270902 ID: daeb45

You stand out.


It isn't the clothing, it's how you look. Your "normal" look is what they'd consider strange.
No. 270903 ID: 0405f3

Notice any humans?
No. 270907 ID: 55c4cf

Well you are a really awkward human with a ragged dread-locked mop on your head.

Your clothes are a minor issue. Is there any way you could pull off not looking like a crazy man?
No. 270909 ID: c71597

It's probably the fact that you're humans. Can't see any others on this street.

How are you for precious metals to use as funds? Because you might be able to take away a few of their suspicions by buying some stuff and acting like you're a trader. or atleast the agent of a trader. Although you might need some more information for that. Should probably hit up a bar and see what information you can get by simply listening a bit to gossip.
No. 270922 ID: 180ec2

How are you on languages? Do you have some sort of universal translator, or are they all inexplicably speaking a language that you know?
No. 270932 ID: 9b6c31
File 129486276571.png - (74.59KB , 512x512 , 482.png )

Well, I don't see any humans. I only see those fucking cats from that desert, flatfaces, bipedal handbags, goat-things and uh, I think I saw an elf too.
Yeah, no humans in sight. Shit.

I did take some gold with me. I can hear that they talk English. Actually, all worlds I have been in talk English. Must be shenanigans of the Ancients.
>"Those two kinda look like short deranged elves. Or more slender dwarfs..."
What. That is just outright rude.
No. 270933 ID: 55c4cf


Grow or emulate horns, maybe dress a bit different. Tory would make an A+ goatmans.

Alternatively, Dream Hat. With Dream Hat all will appreciate the Tory.
No. 270950 ID: c71597

Don't bother with them. Go to a bar and listen to gossip. Just sit there with Helena, drink a bit but not enough for it to have any greater effect.

Do that for an hour or three and then see what you have learned.
No. 270997 ID: 1854db

Just act natural. If anyone asks, say you're a dwarf. Or a half-elf, half-dwarf. Hmm, it may be a good idea to find out if such a crossbreed is possible. If not, research dwarven culture so you don't fuck up.

Also I don't think they're going to really attack you or anything. People will stare though so they will notice if you do something suspicious or taboo.
No. 271021 ID: 9b6c31
File 129487701056.png - (37.40KB , 512x512 , 483.png )

I already hate bars of this world. Things smoke like chimneys. It makes me kinda dizzy.
"If anyone asks, just that you are some sort of elf. Unless it's an elf. Then you say that you are a dwarf."
>H: "Bah, that is silly. I am going to get myself a drink."
"Get one for me too. Nothing too strong."
>H: "Very well."

It is now my time to spy!
>"...Eugene died week ago? Oh my. Did Aro receive a horn yet?"
Helena returns with the drinks. She took something that looks quite strong.
>...did ya hear that Antha managed to kill that mountain-monster? In one cleave no less! Heh, world needs heroesh like him.
>...your coushinh is attendingh Atlan mage-school? Damn, that's greath bhro. Really ghreat.
>...You found yourself a husband? Great! How is he? Does he look good, how well-mannered is he?
>...Really, that border uh is one big mess. Iusta Guards are probably ready to attack, now just seeking some sort of excuse.
>...Damn elves. I heardh thathh my dhear mother has trouble visiting hher grandshon bhecaushe ellvessh hhave blocked roads through the rhainfhorest. I hhope that their dicks roth.

>H: "Hey Toryh, I never told you thish, but you are really cool. Teachh me that fancy machine...crafting somedayh, ok?"
She is getting drunk.
No. 271024 ID: 180ec2

It seems that there are some political tensions, as well as powerful heroes in this world. It may help not to take the direct approach in attacking this world, which might get you attacked by something excessively strong, and instead incite the denizens of this land to war against themselves, then take them on when they are weak.
No. 271037 ID: 1854db

Drunk and undercover do not go well together. You should not allow her to continue talking when inebriated.

It seems elves are not well liked and peace is unstable. How about we tip the country into all-out war by provoking the border guards, and spy on the elves via drone to see what they're like?
No. 271039 ID: f6360f

You could really use some sort of cloaked UAV for scouting in the future. Or, alternately, I once again bring up the idea of easily launchable observation satellites. Randomly hanging out in bars isn't really an ideal way to gather information on unknown worlds.

>H: "Hey Toryh, I never told you thish, but you are really cool. Teachh me that fancy machine...crafting somedayh, ok?"
Well, she would be more useful if she had greater scientific capabilities... sure, tell her she can drop by your lab whenever you've got some free time, she can help out and learn by doing.

She is also drunk, but evidencing growing loyalty to you. The former is probably bad for spying, the latter both quite good and rather surprising.
No. 271045 ID: c71597

Ok, useful information has been found. Magic seems to be relatively common. There is a war brewing so your gadgets should have a market. I'm sure one side or the other would appreciate you dumping a nuke from your VTOL on the opposing sides capitol. And the elves are being wankers, maybe they're fun elves.

Also, grunt something noncomiticing to Helena about teaching her. Who knows, she might actually have the smarts for it. Otherwise she could be like your henchwoman or something. Like a less ugly Igor kind of.
No. 271074 ID: 10af19

We don't even need any kind of stealth system as long as it's fairly high-altitude. People of this period won't really look up often enough to notice it, and even then it'd look like a large bird from a distance.
No. 271146 ID: 9b6c31
File 129490430966.png - (45.18KB , 512x512 , 484.png )

"Shhh! Yeah, yeah. Please be quiet now, I am trying to listen."
>"Oh oh... ok."

Yeah, this may not be ideal, but it still gives us some details.
Hmmm! Tipping them into a war might not be hard! But having them to fight eachother with swords and spears is not very interesting. I should sell them PROPER weapons. To both sides!
Elves? Bleh, they seem kind of guys that just wank alone in the forest and annoying others.
Hm. I really need some more information. Maybe I should send Jan disguised as a goatman or whatever those are called?
Bleh, I am pretty sure he'd screw it up. What should I do?
No. 271148 ID: f6360f

The classic method of gathering intelligence in taverns involves buying people drinks. Be warned that this is also the classic method of attracting mates in taverns, so you'd best be careful what message you send if you try to use it. Unless you would consider either one a win, of course.
No. 271149 ID: c71597

Get your flatface fixed up and equip him with an earbud and eyecamera. Send him in as a merchant from some far off place, or possibly as a agent of a noble or something. Anyway, he's to look for a place where he can buy books, get a few on history of this place and religions and crap. Then we rebuild the VTOL and take it out for a spin to another place and do the same. Then we should be able to gather a nice amount of information. Oh, and get some maps as well.
No. 271166 ID: 180ec2

Here's the thing: selling them proper weapons is risky. Right now, you have a major technological advantage over them, and selling them higher-tech weapons will diminish that, at the benefit of increasing the casualties of their war. You should strike a balance that will give them something that will greatly increase the death toll but provide little danger to you. Something like world war one gunpowder weapons would be useful in trying to cause a bloody stalemate war.
No. 271216 ID: 9b6c31
File 129494197483.png - (61.72KB , 512x512 , 3_BEERS_HA_HA_HA.png )

Hm, maybe make weapons unnecessarily complicated and chip them incase they try to turn against me? WW1-guns are boring.

Also, I bought
3 drinks, but I could not convince anyone to drink them. One actually wanted, but he passed out before I could pass it to him.
The bartender was pretty cool bro. He did not give a shit about my race or looks.

Ezekiel's foot hasn't been fixed yet. Doc said that it better heal naturally. He is busy with his own health, or so I heard.
No. 271264 ID: 10af19

These guys don't have any mass-production capabilities, they're reliant on you for ammo. That means that if anybody tries to use their new guns against you, they'll run out of supplies in a week.
No. 271274 ID: c71597

Take one for yourself, one for helena and leave one for a lucky drunk. You could spike it with some drugs for extra hilarity.

So if mr Flatface won't be up and running anytime soon then I guess you're going to need to get some good make up to make you look like the locals. Or a wide elf, or something.
No. 271309 ID: e75a2f

Give one to The Count over there, he appears to be propositioning one from you.
No. 271310 ID: 1854db

If those drinks get consumed by you and Helena things are going to go bad on this simple scouting mission.
No. 271459 ID: 6040f7


Yeah, the better thing to do is just get a round on the house. When you offer someone a drink from your hand they're probably worried you drugged it...

You didn't drug it, did you?
No. 271462 ID: 55c4cf


This is truth.

I'm sure you and helena can down the three you have. DRINK LIKE A MAN AND GAIN RESPECT.

(from drunks)
No. 271562 ID: 0d095c

Why not sell Nuclear weapons to both sides of the war? Tell them how to operate the ultimate weapon, then sit back and watch the mushrooms rise.
No. 271564 ID: 180ec2

I am pretty sure selling nuclear weapons to somebody and then betraying them is the worst idea in the history of ever.
No. 271566 ID: c71597

They might not have a delivery system for it. And there is the chance that we don't get everyone who would be coming for us with everything they have left afterwards. Probably safer to just back one side and make yourself indisposable to them, and then make the other leaders disposable.
No. 272647 ID: 9b6c31
File 129538377884.png - (41.17KB , 512x512 , 485.png )

One for me, one for Helena and one for some lucky fuck who finds it.
I and Helena leave the bar. All that smoke there made me really ditzy. Helena seems to be quite intoxicated. Damn.

I don't really wish to give them nuclear weapons. I like nuclear weapons too much, and they probably wouldn't appreciate them.

So! Getting information is the first point. I might need to disguise! Ezekiel probably can waltz around without disguise and Jan might pass as goat-thing if he grows too horns. Or maybe I can get some information from library, provided this place has one. To produce weapons for two armies... I'd need a factory or something!
No. 272651 ID: 55c4cf

but the idea was for you to look like a goat man. are you allergic to costumes?

Find library.

Also, can you START a factory, or do you need to find one?
No. 272694 ID: c71597

To the library then. Find out if any place sells slaves.
No. 272920 ID: 9b6c31
File 129547421656.png - (75.84KB , 512x512 , 486.png )

I sent Helena back to the tower. She was drunk as hell, so I called Jan to pick her up ( he seemed very enthustiatic ).
To the library!
Hmh. Now I have to find some books and maps. No, no, no, interesting but no, no, what the fuck, no, 'Races and Cultures of Althera.' Hey! This might be useful!
>"Trouble finding something? Can I help you in an"
>"Woah woah! Wait. Are you adam? By name of holy mother, I cannot believe my eyes!"

What is he blabbering about?!
No. 272925 ID: 210f2d

He is wondering if you are a child of Adam, that being the assumed progenitor of the entire human race, Adam and Eve.
No. 272926 ID: 40cb26

I... don't think that was a name. Don't deny being that person, deny being human. An elf with a birth defect perhaps.

If that doesn't work you may need to restrain and concoct some other kind of story. Maybe something almost true.
No. 272930 ID: 1854db

Say nothing, just stare at her while she continues to feed you information.
No. 272933 ID: 5f0943

I thought it was established earlier that Adam=Human...
No. 272990 ID: 28e94e

No. 272993 ID: cd691a

Say no, then ask who this 'Adam' is.
No. 273007 ID: c71597

Humans are apparently extremly rare. Ask him what he means. Seems like a scholary fellow that you should be able to make talk.
No. 273093 ID: 9b6c31
File 129550757633.png - (67.25KB , 512x512 , 487.png )

"Who, what, no."
>"Come on, you really look like an adam! I have only seen few pictures, but I have the general idea."
"What the fuck are you talking about?"
>"Hey, chill. Empire of Agroth split long time ago, and dnaghabs are not in the power here. I was just curious since there hasn't been sights of adams after the extermination-war!"
No. 273094 ID: f6360f

....clearly we need a historical primer.
No. 273096 ID: 1854db

Just tell them you don't really want to talk about it, but yes.
No. 273125 ID: c71597

Extermination war... sounds like you and your crew might be the only humans in the world. Not sure if that's useful or not. Guess you could claim being gods or something that have come back for revenge or some shit like that.
No. 273136 ID: 176570

It seems that humans may have a kind of stigma attached to them here. We COULD explain it away as a freak deformity that makes you look like one. This would also give you a reason to avoid conversation about the subject as well, as you could pretend that your "deformity" is a touchy subject. I think we should at least convey this to him. We should also find out more about this so-called extermination war, perhaps by saying he seems to have an interest in it so as to get him talking and spill some information about the event.
No. 273140 ID: 9b6c31
File 129553844728.png - (53.88KB , 512x512 , 488.png )

>"But you have too white sk"
>"You don't have such narrow eyes eit"
>"And you are way too sho"
>"This is a library! Please be quiet!!"
"DEFE- I don't want to talk about how much defect I am! I am an outcast, an abomination, thrown away! I don't like talking about it."
>"Meh, elves probably would get off from that."
>"Nothing. So, 'elf', what were you looking for?"
"Tell me about that extermination-war-thingy. Sounds interesting!"
No. 273146 ID: 9b6c31
File 129553998866.png - (68.45KB , 512x512 , 489.png )

Yeah, it is damn time I become a god! GOD OF SCIENCE AND REVENGE! What concerns me the most is that if humans have some sort of stigma. Makes my work harder I guess.

>"Oh? For an 'elf', you seem awfully eager to know about that part of history! I thought elves were just bunch of lazy slobs who just focused on screwing each other and trying to hoard all the forests and jungles."

>"Anyway, many people don't even know about extermination-war. It happened around 1000 years ago during empire of Agroth. It was result of war between adams and dnaghabs. It was a short war and very unsuccesful for both sides. Little after that, emperor of Agroth, who happened to be a dnaghab, declared that the adams were the reason why war happened in first place. He called for exterminating all adams. Dnaghabs allied with cfeatalfs and catfolk. Us, elves and dwarves did not ally with them, which lead to problems inside the empire. We did not really want another war after one, elves were too busy and dwarves did not care at all. It was one hell of a bloody war. Adams got exterminated, and soon after that Argoth split up to two empires, land of Ragno and land of Asuan.

>"The interesting thing is that there is so few books about the war! Most of people have forgotten about the war already."
No. 273148 ID: c71597

Well the war was 1000 years ago. Makes sense people would forget about it. Anyway, ask him what's up with the Iusta. Oh, and get some info about religion here.

You might be able to set up a doomsday cult around the idea that the Adam's have returned and the gods are wrathful and submit or die or something like that. Might take some time though to get all that rolling though.
No. 273151 ID: 252e1b


No, it actually IS interesting that the genocide war wasn't studied in greater detail. I could tell you all about the Norman conquest of England, and that took place a thousand years ago. It was studied in detail, with thousands of different scholarly works on it.

It was not as important as a war that ultimately split an empire. I could see them not caring about the genocide part of the war, but the empire being weakened by going to war again so soon would have been very important.

That suggests a deliberate attempt at suppressing history, which means that there's someone who has remained organized for the past thousand years and has worked, and worked hard and affectively, to keep the genocide war out of the history books.

Sounds like something a determined group of human survivors would do, if they had enough money to manipulate publishing houses and scholastic journals. Tory, you need to find the survivors and work with them. Play your cards right and they'll treat you as a hero, come to help them secure their rightful place as the masters of all the weird elves and goat people and stuff.
No. 273166 ID: 28e94e

Yeah, I think you're on to something here.
No. 273177 ID: 6bb09f

Who is this guy anyway? A researcher? Tell him you're looking for books on general knowledge at the moment. If this fella seems all right then you could invite him back to your tower and just question him ceaselessly about this world.

Keep a sly eye out for anything magic related and also ask this guy if he knows anything about a race called The Ancients.
No. 273197 ID: 9b6c31
File 129555918261.png - (105.50KB , 512x512 , 490.png )

"Who are you anyway?"
>S: "Name is Saphs, husband of Karrsin. I am working here, keeping order and reading books!"
"I am hiring a bookworm! Are you bookworm enough to work with me?!"
>S: "Yes, I am! But sorry, my wife probably won't allow me to! Not to mention, I love this place!"
"Okay, do you know anything about The Ancients?"
>S: "Nope!"
>S: "So, what books were you searching for?"
No. 273198 ID: c71597

Stuff about elves, Iusta or other countries, general history and religion/mythology. See if they allow you to borrow stuff or if you need to read it there. If you can't take it with you then go back to the tower, grab a scanner or a camera, come back and copy the whole deal.
No. 273200 ID: 28e94e

No. 273208 ID: 6bb09f

Which books? I guess the one about races and cultures is a start. A good map or atlas, some kind of condensed history book and finally a dictionary so you can understand the silly words they use. Also look for a book about common military equipment and tactics.

Keep an eye out for books about magic, but don't ask. You'll look silly if you ask and they have no magic. You need to scope out the magical competition before building anything too awesome. I mean there's no point building a laser cannon if people have some simple spell that warps and reflects light.
No. 273209 ID: 40cb26


No. 273492 ID: 9b6c31
File 129565136869.png - (451.63KB , 512x512 , worldMAP.png )

I couldn't borrow any books, so I read my head full! Okay, what I found about races;
There are 6 'major' races, and some lesser ones.

- A walking handbag. Proud things, have funny noses and are quite tall compared to other races.

- Tall, dark-skinned, long-eared and squinty-eyed. Mostly live in the forests and jungles and are dicks about their territory.

- Cats. Fucking cats. Pretty darn similar to those I saw in previous world. Quite neutral and law-abiding?

- Flatfaces.

Ta-Ker-Fugocs ( usually shortened Ta )
- Goats. Quite happy and enthusiastic things. They have some sort of weird female-is-superior-system. What the fuck is that about.

- Mostly live undergrounds and in the mountains. Have large beards, love metals and live on alcohol. Usually they do not give a flying fuck about surface-dwellers. Hm.

And hey, I found a map too! I would like to pinpoint some info!

A - Land of Ragna
B - Land of Asuan
X indicates capital. Both lands seems to have mixed races.

C, D - Some other lands. Seem to be kinda divided between races. There is large desert there.

TS - Here be my tower

1 - Border between Ragna and Asuan
2 - Region of Iusta. Sapsh said that it is quite volatile area.
3 - Large forest. Large amount of elves live here.
4 - Mountains, home to dwarves.

No. 273494 ID: 9b6c31
File 129565172671.png - (409.08KB , 512x512 , 491.png )

Oh yeah, some more information.
Largest religion is some sort of sun-worshipping-whatever. They seem to have paladins and stuff. I hope they are not as annoying as in that other world.

And about lesser races. It basically seems to include some sort of races that are considered mentally or culturally inferior. Whatever.

I also found mentions of magic while reading. Argh.
No. 273497 ID: 28e94e

Head over to the dwarves. Sell them info on modern metallurgy in exchange for raw materials. Now you have TWO sources of supplies!
No. 273500 ID: 252e1b


First priority has to be hooking up with the human survivors. They'll make contact with you, if you keep running around without a disguise, but it will put your future relations with them at a disadvantage since you'll have potentially compromised their security through obscurity technique.

You need to find out who is running the history programs of the universities here, and which publishing houses refuse to print books about the genocide. The directors of those places will have contacts with the humans, and you can use them to make contact yourself.
No. 273508 ID: c71597

Sounds like you should head over to the dwarves and exchange some tech for resources and shit. Should be fun. I mean what can be more fun than surly drunks with guns?

If they're disgruntled then they can fuck off. We're not here to save them, we're here to enslave and subjugate the entire world under an iron fist of SCIENCE!
No. 273576 ID: 252e1b


The survivors already have a network for moving money and supplies around, they absolutely would need one to have survived this long. If Tory shows up and supplies them with the blueprints, technology, and training they need to get revenge for the genocide, he'll have a large group of ready allies. If Tory wants to just terrorize and be dumb and give the locals a chance to organize against him (like what happened when the dragon was killed) then he didn't even need to go to the library. But if he can connect with these survivors, and use them, he can have an effective set of allies for taking over the world. He will need an army if he wants to actually hold anything here; this world has two big organized governments that would be quite happy to wage war against a handful of humans working out of a tower.
No. 273608 ID: 1854db

Goddamned sun worshippers. Clearly what you must do is BLOCK OUT THE SUN!
No. 273609 ID: 252e1b


That would be hilarious, but expensive.
No. 273708 ID: c71597

But we don't know if there are survivors. Or hell, it could be that the dorfs are the survivors and they're hiding by being short, isolationist and drunk.

As for a army, if we just get the right materials then Tory can prbably use the Nano rifle he got to make a nanobot plague. Sort of like a zombie plague, only it's spread by tiny robots and the effects are a fuckload more horrifying because these bastards will still be intelligent and use tools. They will simply be 100% loyal to Tory and freaking terrifying.
No. 273717 ID: 221021

You might like the dwarves. They kind of remind me of you. They tend to spend their lives building things like magma cannons, volcano eruptors, and gigantic statues that breathe fire. Just because they are ridiculous and awesome.
Anyway, you might be able to trade with them. They tend to have stockpiled massive quantities of ores, metals, stone, as well as some very useful minerals, including pitchblende, and a rare impossibly strong metal called adamantine. They also have some technology that you might like, such as a thermodynamics-defying water generator.
You would probably be able to trade them things like machinery and technology. They are very unlikely to cause harm to you with any technology you sell them, because they are usually content to their construction and mining.
No. 273741 ID: 9b6c31
File 129571634782.png - (20.36KB , 512x512 , 492.png )

Saphs threw me out. It's night, so it is understandable.
Well! I did get much information!

Dwarves seem like cool bros. I read a bit about their history, and seems that they mainly come out just to trade or booze. They don't seem to give shit about anything that doesn't involve them.
Hm. I must prepare my journey! What should I bring? Who should I bring with me? What kind of attire should I use? And how should I meet them? In secret or what.

And by the way, luckily for us, self-replicating nanobots are not possible. Yet. So no gray goo for you.

This world has nice moon(s) by the way.
No. 273744 ID: c71597

Bring with you a few samples of TNT, gunpowder and a few muskets. Oh and possibly a pneumatic drill or two. Tell them that you're willing to trade those things in exchange for metal and various other minerals you need to build awesome shit.

So, no chance of making a nanobot virus that implants itself in the brain of the host and give you complete control of the body? Or possibly just makes them feel a shitload of loyalty and complusion to obey you? Because something like that would be awesome as fucking hell.
No. 273748 ID: 221021

One thing that would really be nice to sell to the dwarves is some modern geological technology, as well as information on some modern smelting techniques.
No. 273833 ID: 9b6c31
File 129574147645.png - (23.93KB , 1024x1024 , 493.png )

Hmm, sounds good! Dwarves will probably love drills and explosives! Explosives are so awesome!

And no, mindcontrolling nanobots won't work. Theory of multiplying nanobots is pretty simple, but application is hellish. There were some succesfull attempts, but those nanobots became extremely unstable after few replications. Not to mention mindcontrol is very problematic. So, it is pretty impossible for me to pull it off. For now.

So yeah, my questions still stand. How should I meet them? Who should I bring with me? Disguised or what?
No. 273844 ID: 252e1b


Your appearance alone will probably make the dwarves curious. Just show up with Helena and ask to talk to the king. No disguises, being human is why you'll get to enter the halls of the mountain king.
No. 273845 ID: cd691a

You might have to consider what to say if the Dwarves ask what you are. It's something of a cliche but in many worlds Elves and Dwarves don't get on well so your "I'm a mutant Elf" cover story may not impress them.
No. 273959 ID: 9b6c31
File 12957733807.png - (35.26KB , 512x512 , 494.png )

[ Later ]
No. 273960 ID: 9b6c31
File 129577350128.png - (58.09KB , 512x512 , 495.png )

Brbrbrbrbr. It's cold and there are tons of snow! I took me two hour to find this stupid gate! I decided to land here, since I am not too sure how will dwarves welcome my vehicle. Maybe I should just park inside and fuck what dwarves think.
No. 273961 ID: f6360f

Just pull right up to the door. Their curiosity at your vehicle will bring you additional cred as someone worth talking to. Don't bring it inside until after they say you can, though.
No. 273978 ID: c71597

Well head on over to their trader depot then.
No. 274052 ID: 9b6c31
File 12958178354.png - (94.57KB , 512x512 , 496.png )

Steady... Steady... Oh no too close!
Steady... Steady... And done!

I parked it right in front of the gate. I think it will be quite safe there for a while.
No. 274054 ID: 9b6c31
File 129581801932.png - (50.33KB , 512x512 , 497.png )

And now, onward!
>"Ohoho. Howdy surfacedwell!"
"Uh, hello all."
>"Wha might bring ya to the fortress of the dwarf-folk?"
No. 274056 ID: dad664

I would suggest you bribe them with the possibilities of inventing a machine that creates an infinite amount of super-powerful alcohol.
No. 274057 ID: c71597

Are they wearing sunglasses or do they have incredibly creepy eyes?

Time to state your buisness. You're there to trade some stuff for metals. Preferably large quantities of metals. And possibly set up regular trade caravans or something.
No. 274059 ID: f6360f

"I have come to trade! I will give you AWESOME STUFF, and schematics to make more of it, in exchange for RAW MATERIALS!"
No. 274118 ID: 441dea

I guess the dark eyes are just an adaptation for living underground in minimal light?

Say you came to see if they'd be able to appreciate your crazy inventions
No. 274122 ID: 28e94e

Offer them a sample of your advanced equipment. Tell them that if they can supply you with the materials you need, you'll give them that and more.
No. 274128 ID: 221021

I think they're just cave adapted. See if you can teach them the process for extraction of aluminum from bauxite. They'll find that to be very valuable.
No. 274929 ID: 9b6c31
File 129605574575.png - (4.45KB , 250x250 , ms1.png )

I ask them about trading, and they bring me to this really, really old dwarf. At least I think he is old. They all have beard. This dwarf has some sort of megabeard.
>"Welcome to Hammerdeep. I heard you are wishing to trade with us."
No. 274930 ID: 9b6c31
File 12960562709.png - (4.72KB , 250x250 , ms2.png )

"Yeah yeah, I do."
>"You are an adam? Hm, I thought surfacedwellers destroyed you all."
"Our numbers are small, but we are still alive."
>"Hm, interesting. You emit this... strange aura. Feels like magic is absent... It seems that you adams learned something when you were gone."
"Yeah yeah."
>"Hmm, what do you request from us, what do you offer?"
"I offer tools and techniques. I require large quantities of metals."
>"Hmmmhmhm. Now, what kind of tools are you offering..?"
"Well, what are you in need of. I can produce quite advanced tools, if you provide me with metal. I brought some samples of these tools with me."
>"Hmm, you wish for metal and metal? What about gold?"
"To produce these tools I need metal. Yeah, about gold..."

Hm. What about it? I did not really thing about it! Is there something I should ask or request them?
No. 274931 ID: 252e1b

While gold is nice because it is fungible, you want something they probably don't think they need. Uranium ore! You have three nukes, and while that's good, more is better, right? Plus you can make radiothermal batteries and other cool stuff with it! Well, once you have a breeder reactor going, anyway.
No. 274939 ID: 5f0943

Gold is pretty useful as a conductor, though I suspect you already have something better for that purpose, which means it would probably be mostly useless for anything SCIENCY.

However, gold is shiny, and people tend to like stuff that is shiny (especially when the shiny stuff is gold), and so could probably be used for things like bribery.

and lastly, but not least, there is always the option to use gold for decorative purposes.
People know you mean business when you are pointing a gold plated gun at them.
Or they will just be confused by a gold plated gun, distracting them from avoiding being shot.

So yeah, gold is mostly useless to you.
No. 274940 ID: c71597

Tell them that while gold is nice it's not a metal you need in your work. You build things, and gold is too soft to be useful in other than small quantities.
No. 274959 ID: 28e94e

You might actually need a certain amount of gold for electronics, unless you have some easily-accessible substitute. What you really need is steel and aluminum, plus titanium and uranium if there's any in these mines.
No. 274965 ID: 180ec2

In a pre-electricity civilization, aluminum metal tends to be more valuable than gold. It would be extremely expensive here, so don't ask for any. Keep in mind, though, that you could make a killing by stocking up on large supplies in a place like Earth and taking it somewhere to sell.

As for things besides basic metal, you might want to ask for pitchblende, or as you more likely know it: uranium ore. Saltpeter and brimstone might also be useful in the production of gunpowder.
No. 275005 ID: 28e94e

We're giving them some equipment, so mining aluminum shouldn't give us THAT much trouble.
No. 275010 ID: f6360f

That's only because they can't effectively refine the bauxite. We can- in fact, we could probably teach them how as part of a trade deal, if we really want more aluminum.

Gold isn't really terribly relevant. You should probably spend some time hashing out just what metals they have available and decide what you'll need in quantity, so that you can effectively make a good deal.
No. 275765 ID: 9b6c31
File 129624460327.png - (6.16KB , 201x212 , m3.png )

We got ourselves an agreement! For explosives and tools, I get iron, coal and such. Useful! As for uranium, they have some, but they really don't value it. I got some for two 100 kt warheads, but that's about it. Now I just have to keep my part of the contract.
To seal the deal, I show them some of my explosives. They are impressed!
They actually asked me to participate in their feast. Feasts seem to be pretty common, these guys love to eat and drink. Hm.
Should I participate? I could do something useful instead. Like uh. Something!
No. 275766 ID: dad664

Create the most awesome booze ever.
No. 275768 ID: 252e1b

Sure, enjoy the feast. Make sure you take this opportunity to train Helena in everything you train the dwarves in, since she asked to learn how you do some of this stuff and you need to be training people anyway.
No. 275769 ID: c71597

Teach them the ancient art of brewing 80%+ proof vodka. Then get ready to party like there's no tomorrow. Oh yeah, you should probably make sure they don't have any explosives or guns out while feasting.
No. 276453 ID: 276e18

Yeah go for the feast, but be careful in case their food or drink is accidentally poisonous. Maybe dwarves find that asbestos gives food a nice aftertaste or something. You never know (unless that book on races and cultures covered this issue). Try to question them on the current political climate. Do the dwarves have any enemies? What's going on in the world? There might be somewhere you can step in or land a nuclear warhead for maximum political upheaval.

See if the dwarves can sell you any phosphate mineral ore types in any larger quantities. Then you could get white phosphorous out of that, which is fun and effective. Maybe they would be willing to mine more uranium and rare metals if you'll trade them tools and refining techniques.
No. 276808 ID: 9b6c31
File 129649976633.png - (7.37KB , 250x250 , m4.png )

I stay for feast.


This feast is pretty nice. Alcohol, meat is pretty delicious and they are serving weird mushrooms. I suspect that most of the foods contain alcohol. Poor Helena, getting drunk once again.
My presence did not go unnoticed, some dwarves seemed to know my kind somewhat ( maybe they are THAT old, or they have books. I suspect latter. )
I see only dwarves, so they probably won't tell others.

Now, I have to plan my next move. According to our agreement, I sell them tools and techniques for metal. I will get enough metal for some weapons and a small factory, they will receive the tools and techniques. After that... I don't know. Somehow get land of Ragno and the land of Asuan buy my weapons?

Now, as for political athmosphere, dwarves don't have enemies and don't care that much about affairs of 'surfacedwellers'. The Asuan and Ragno are not too friendly though, and Iusta seems to be a very volatile area.

Also, what about nukes? I could make seven missiles with single warheads ( 100 kt ), or I could make one big and cool ( 700 kt )!
No. 276810 ID: c71597

Smaller ones are probably better. But that's less cool. Lets see what the market demands first. Then we can start plotting how many nukes will be needed.

And yeah, the plan is to sell weapons to one side. Then they will win wars and all will be fun and happy, while you get a sort of sweet position in the ruling council or something. Make yourself undisposable and when the time comes, everyone else very much disposable.
No. 276812 ID: 265f6a

Well I know it sounds crazy, but I think a couple of lower yield nukes will be better value. After all this world probably doesn't have many cities that are more than 3km in diameter.

How about you start off sending your flatface companion to offer a homing beacon for a nuclear hit to some insane, fundamentalist extremist group with good resources in Iusta that will surely use it on Asuan or Ragno? They'll hopefully claim all the responsibility for the blast. Then they'll want more strikes and then you can charge them a lot of money for it... Or offer one to the enemy for a charge...

From then on it should be a full-on war. The key here is to trick others into taking the blame while you sit back and enjoy some dwarven alcohol.
No. 276853 ID: 252e1b

If you could engineer 20 kT nukes, they would be the ideal size for cracking low-tech cities like the sort that are common here.

Sub-kiloton warheads would be ideal for actually fighting wars. The Davey Crockett design had a probable fatal radiation dose range of about 400 meters. Perfect for killing an entire low-tech army.
No. 276880 ID: f6360f

>Sub-kiloton warheads would be ideal for actually fighting wars. The Davey Crockett design had a probable fatal radiation dose range of about 400 meters. Perfect for killing an entire low-tech army.
Sub-kiloton would be great. You could have entire racks of nuclear missiles mounted on your helicopter. It's not like you've got a lot of enemies at intercontinental range anyway; most of your problems are up close and personal.

If you actually mount small-scale nukes on your helicopter, do not forget to upgrade its rad shielding.

>According to our agreement, I sell them tools and techniques for metal. I will get enough metal for some weapons and a small factory, they will receive the tools and techniques.
Some weapons and a small factory? Measly! Use some of the metal you get to build more tools, sell those to the dwarves, get even more metal, etc. etc. so that you don't have problems with running out of stuff to build stuff out of.

Make sure that you've got sufficient production up and running before you start selling weapons to anyone. Also, if you're going to play arms dealer you probably want a fair number of expendable minion types, lest someone get it in their head that they could shoot you and get your weapons for free.
No. 277103 ID: 9b6c31
File 129658123240.png - (41.08KB , 510x510 , 5.png )

Our contract is not permanent you know? I get enough metal to build a factory and some weapons and they get tools and shit. Fine enough for me. We can make a new contract about trading explosives. I'll think about that later.

Fuck yeah! That is a great idea! Sub-kiloton nuclear missiles sound good! Also, I probably have to use some of the uranium as fuel. So, lots of sub-kiloton nukes, 8 or 10 20kT nukes and some nuclear fuel?
And as for using nukes, I don't feel like using too many. Yet. It would be overkill.

Anyway, I got some info about leaders of the Asuan and Ragno.
Ragno is ruled by handbag-emperor and Asuan seems to be ruled by a goatman. Uh. I hope they have forgotten about extermination-war, or otherwise I might need a BRILLIANT disguise and a SMASHING alias!

And what I am going to do with Iusta? Build robots and weapons and attack the area with flags of Asuan/Ragno?
No. 277109 ID: 517631

Actually... The easiest thing to do is to continue increasing your dealings with the dwarfs. This way you can play both sides with Ragno and Asuan. Let them fight each other. Ragno first due to his demeanor. Then come to the resuce of Asuan. Worse come to worse, the dwarfs get the finger and you can continue to sell services all around. Its easier to get them fighting each other making any conflict easier for you.
No. 277366 ID: 55c4cf

Seconding playing both sides. It could get you more and different resources to help you fuel your ulterior plans. It also weakens defenses against you ultimately you little evil bastard
No. 278276 ID: 9b6c31
File 129667165767.png - (45.82KB , 510x509 , 6.png )

Hm, hm, hm~
Yes, let them fight eachother, those fuckers! Dealing with dwarves will be profitable, but I will probably need money so I can buy more metal from them. Getting funded would be wonderful. Anyway, start factory, start wars, build super-machine that launches nukes, destroy world. Easy!

So, how do I start this war-thing? What should I go do next? Wait and build the factory? Study those plans I got from the facility or teleportation? Choices, choices...

Also, getting back to tower, Helena is unconscious and I am little tipsy. Hahahaa.
No. 278278 ID: c71597

Start teaching Helena and further research on teleport. Because teleportation is awesome and has awesome military applications. Shoot through armour by teleporting through a bullet or a rocket. Take that you shitty armour.
No. 278301 ID: 252e1b

Makes sure you don't neglect the basics with her education. She was a bandit queen before she started working for you, she probably needs education in all the basics, like algebra and chemistry. Help her through the boring tedious stuff by showing her right away how it can be used for making awesome explosives and shit.
No. 278423 ID: 99433a

Hmmm. This place seems pretty chill, actually. Might want to stick around for a while rather than just port in and blow shit up as per your usual. Also, maybe Doc should upgrade Helena's liver or something, she seems to have a problem with the drink.

Anyways, dwarves are:
1. Politically neutral
2. Friendly to you
3. Enthusiastic about explosions and probably giant magma deathtrap superweapons

Again, rather than rake shit up immediately you might want to ask the dwarves about some locations of other fortresses and establish business relationships with them too. Maybe do some recruiting while you're at it? Take some fucking useless potash makers off their hands and start training them in the fun of chemistry and explosions?
No. 278444 ID: 252e1b


Her problem is that she weighs less than Tory and is trying to match him drink for drink. We don't need to mess with her liver, she just needs to learn how to drink a little less.
No. 278445 ID: 99433a

Sure, we don't NEED to. But we can.
No. 279042 ID: 9b6c31
File 129685004368.png - (39.90KB , 507x500 , 7.png )

Teleporting fuck yeaaah! Dwarves fuck yeaaah! Teaching Helena fuck yeah...?

And nah, she actually weights little more than I do. The problem is that her body is 66% water whereas my body is 74% water. Plus, she drinks lot more than I do! Drinking is bad for thinking and, most important of all,
I am driving!
No. 279043 ID: 9b6c31
File 129685006768.png - (26.25KB , 502x505 , 8.png )

No. 279044 ID: 9b6c31
File 129685043840.png - (81.84KB , 502x503 , 9.png )

Jan seemed to have knowledge of basic mathematics and chemistry, so he is teaching her for a while. I also got me a new fancy suit!

I managed to decipher some of the notes and began to calculate and build shit. But.. But...
My mind is bleeding. Oh man.

... I managed to get some results though. I managed to teleport a very small cube of iron 0.5 metres upwards. FUCK YES!
Now, I am tired as shit, but I think I am up to some shenanigans. I have some time before I have to do all that dwarf-stuff.
No. 279047 ID: 28e94e

Get some rest, we'll see about improving the teleporter tech later.
No. 279559 ID: 55c4cf

Become a crazy math mage, or rest and have crazy dreams.
No. 279562 ID: 26217d

Hey how about you test the defensive abilities of the people on this world? Mod up one of the CHOP-U units with some cameras, extra armor, a bigger power cell and rig it to self destruct if heavily damaged. Then set it loose on a seek and destroy mission somewhere far away and see how long it takes before someone takes it out!
No. 279568 ID: 252e1b

How portable is the teleportation tech? You could use it to teleport people's brains into jars!
No. 279571 ID: 28e94e

That's not how it works
No. 280540 ID: 9b6c31
File 12972722982.png - (5.96KB , 255x255 , 10.png )

Hehe, even I need to sleep from time to time!
So, Chop-U their faces? Haha, I like the idea! Now, how many Chop-U units should I send, and how big establishment should I send them to attack? Should I stick to establishmed pretty close to me, or try my luck in Ragno? Anything else I should do?

Ps. I forgot to tell you, but dwarves heavily implied that there are only few fortresses around the world. Most of them are on the other continent it seems. Sad.

Anyway, sleep.
No. 280543 ID: 5f0943

When you put the Chop-U units into action, people are going to want to look for the place they came from.
If you try it to close to your tower, people might stumble upon it and draw the rather sensible conclusion that the weird never before seen murder-bots might have come from the weird never before seen tower.

So yeah, a respectable distance from the tower, like hundreds of miles away or something.
No. 280545 ID: e6f418

Send two CHOP-U units. Call them Red and Blue. Give them different weapons and specs and equip them with cameras. Then place them equidistantly in the countryside on each side of a small/medium sized city (say 50km away?) and run a betting pool with a scoreboard in the tower as the two eager bots enter a fast-paced race to cause the most destruction and mayhem!

No. 280546 ID: 3fcd3d

I say, that sounds like a mighty fun idea. 50 on the red one.

That aside, take an establishment farther away. Don´t want pesky heros knocking on your door so soon
No. 280550 ID: 180ec2

Make sure that any locations you attack are rather far away, and if multiple are selected, in no pattern correlating with your tower. You don't want to get attacked if you can help it.
No. 280671 ID: b94730

Then I'll put 50 on blue if Tory equips it with an upgraded variable-focus laser so it can cut people or set their house and farm fields on fire using a wide spread heat beam.
No. 280720 ID: 9b6c31
File 129736600942.png - (159.20KB , 512x512 , 498.png )

Damn mathematics...
No. 280722 ID: 9b6c31
File 129736613658.png - (38.34KB , 512x512 , 499.png )

Good morning folks! That sleep sure did good to me! The dream was kinda strange though. I saw figures that reminded me of some people. Bleh.

Anyway! I found a suitable target, medium town, ~50 kilometres from my tower.
No. 280733 ID: 9b6c31
File 129736709162.png - (37.44KB , 512x512 , 500.png )

Hah, it did not take too long, flying 500 hehtometres is not a big deal.
Anyway, I have parked my MAXIMUM FUCK behind few hills. So, I guess I am quite safe.

I made two Chop-U units, Red and Blue ( Chop-Two, hahaha ). I equipped red with powerful carbon dioxide varialaser and few napalm-grenades ( ~10 of them ). Blue is equipped with more conventional weaponry, armor-piercing 12.95 mm HMG with shrapnel-grenades. They can operate for long times and are quite resilient compared to normal Chop-Us ( ceramicsteel ).

Now, is there anything else you wan

>H: "Hey Tory, there is a camp that way. Bandits or something."
"Uh, how far away?"
>H: "Hmm, uh, let me think. Converting these things are annoying... Kilometre or two I guess."
"How do you know?"
>H: "Hey, I know these kinds of stuff."

No. 280742 ID: 76915f

Well why don't you set off the CHOP-U units on a long seek & destroy mission, starting with this town.

Then dress up in some mystical looking robes, covering your faces pretty well. When the bandits come out to see what's making all the explosions and fire pop out of some bush and introduce yourselves as executioners of the void dragon society or something. Tell them that the presumably burning town is a show of your true powers and an act of vengeance as some ancestors of the towns inhabitants once hurt your society's founder. Then tell them you'll consider selling the bandits or whatever other weapons of great destruction and awe if they meet you again tomorrow. (Hint that looting the burning town is a great way to get money)

Outcome: Town is crushed and looted on your behalf and you hopefully get some pawns who can field test experimental weapons.
No. 280749 ID: fce931

Try to recruit Bandits, maybe over some loot of the soon to be gone village. Also use this raid to show your futur employes your powers, but without that mystical power crap. You´re a scientists, for crying out loud, act like one.

That aside, let the Chop-U Contest begin!
No. 280752 ID: 180ec2

Make sure your transport is secure. It would really suck to get carjacked out here. Aside from that, the bandits shouldn't be any of your concern.
No. 280754 ID: 180ec2

Also, it would be a good idea not to let anybody see you. You have a very distinguishing trait (being human) and you could get tracked down.
No. 280764 ID: c71597

Bandits ey. Sounds like possible recruits. Offer them to be in on the raid. They should be more willing to let you be the boss once they know what you can do.
No. 281130 ID: 9b6c31
File 129754726339.png - (55.91KB , 512x512 , 501.png )

Okay, I shall check that camp out from safe distance! That robe-idea was neat! I could call myself the SCIENCESORCERER or TECHNOWIZARD.
Maybe I could use that kind of disguise later.

Okay, I kinda see the camp. It is kinda small, there is a pole with something tied to it, and uh, the campers seem to be dog-somethings.
>H: "Gimme that."
>H: "Fucking gnolls. Annoying buggers."
"Is it any good to try to negotiate with them?"
>H: "Not really."

Well, what now?
No. 281131 ID: c736a3

kill gnolls
No. 281133 ID: 915cc2

To paraphrase a song I once heard.

No. 281140 ID: c71597

Kill them in ways that don't destroy too much pf their bodies and use their bodies to build cybergnolls that you can then use as soldiers.
No. 281141 ID: c736a3


cyber gnolls... win, do this
No. 281144 ID: f6360f

Having enslaved cyborg minions will only lend credence to your claim of being a technosorcerer. Plus it'll be awesome.
No. 281199 ID: 28e94e

Robot gnolls would be the most awesome thing ever.
No. 281505 ID: 9b6c31
File 12977010048.png - (69.20KB , 512x512 , 502.png )

Robot gnolls! Fuck yeah! ( whatever they are.. )
I will order Red, Blue and Helena to kill them smoothly, without causing too much damage on important organs or are

Oh goddamnit Red and Blue! No headshots!
No. 281507 ID: 9b6c31
File 129770139090.png - (15.63KB , 512x512 , 503.png )

Ah! They are screaming like hyenas! I hope no one hears that!

They are pretty flammable tho.

Uah, one almost hit me with an axe!
No. 281511 ID: 9b6c31
File 129770335881.png - (68.18KB , 512x512 , 504.png )

14 dead gnolls,
6 burning,
8 full of lead! I guess Blue won this race!
Blue scored 6, Helena killed 4 and Red slaughtered 4.

I think five of these are can be used for that cyborg-project. ( Zombie-cyborgs, now that is awesome! )

I gotta just preserve those corpses and then... then... then what?
No. 281512 ID: f7aa74

the ones full of lead? exoskeleton

burning? have them be robot skeleton gnolls, maybe spitting acid

generally dead ones? stuff them, robotocize, animate, kill things... or send them as valentine's gifts to girls you never liked
No. 281514 ID: b6c6fc

did any gnolls survive/escape?
No. 281517 ID: 55c4cf

You showed those gnolls who got the last laugh.

Well they're dead so you're going to need to control or spark the nervous system/brain stem, or entirely control their movement like a robot.

Since they're already dead, that makes them pretty expendable, you could make them explosive to maximize the individual unit's damage potential.
No. 281519 ID: f7aa74


dreamer, your a genius, i never even considered that... bomb's away then
No. 281520 ID: fb6601

Hey wait if Red has the varialaser and napalm then surely RED won the race with 6 burning gnolls since Helena took out 4 of the 8 lead-filled ones? Or have I got it wrong?

If you can create fairly natural looking, but powerful zombieborgs then you could send them out on suicide missions to assassinate world leaders.
No. 281527 ID: c71597

Use spare parts from the others to make up for any lacking organs or body parts. That should hopefully give you some extra bodies to work with.

After that it's pretty much like >>281517 said. Get their nervous system under your control and put in some mechanical parts to make sure that their body functions somewhat.
No. 281557 ID: 9b6c31
File 129771801547.png - (60.78KB , 512x512 , 505.png )

Yeah, Red won! Thank you for correcting me. 0.90kW laser sure cuts and burns nicely.

"Hey, Helena. I see 14 corpses. Did anyone manage to escape?"
>H: "Yeah, two of them. They ran to the forest, one was pretty badly wounded. He won't get too far."
"Oh, right. Well, I am going to land MAXIMUM FUCK here, so we can easily collect the bodies. If you could, please pile them up here."
>H: "Gah. Fine. Why did you not take Jan with us. He could lift those bodies easier."
"Hah, like you would have problem with lifting those. Now chop chop, I am off to get my MAXIMUM FUCK."


Okay, bodies are in the VTOL. Is there anything I should do before demolishing that town? Or should I just get them back asap so Doc can work with them?
No. 281559 ID: 180ec2

Darn, a survivor. Hopefully he doesn't do one of those stereotypical things survivors of mass slaughters often do.
No. 281561 ID: fb6601

You don't want survivors. Maximum Fuck probably has infrared sensors so use that to track and gun down the last escaping gnoll. It should show as a heat source moving away from the camp.

Send out Red and Blue on their full test run with their radios transmitting their progress so you can learn from their eventual mistakes. set them to move to a predetermined meeting point in a few hours/when lot on ammo/when damaged so you can collect them.
No. 281562 ID: c71597

Dump off the corpses to Doc first and tell him to keep them from getting too ripe. Then take the chop chop bots out for another test and hit the town as well. More material to work with is always good.
No. 281566 ID: b6c6fc

gnolls are simple creatures, all they understand is power and strength,

that surviver will likely tell the rest of it's kind of the new god like being in the area.
with any luck the rest of them will worship you out of fear, saving you the cost of the amminution needed to kill them, and earning you some handy slaves!

unlike more noble races they value their own skins more than anything fear will keep them in line now
No. 281586 ID: 28e94e

Hey, you, keep your canon out of our quest.
No. 281598 ID: b6c6fc

this has nothing to do with canon
they're primitive humanoids they all pretty much act the same

like cave men, they fear/obey the person with the best "magic"
No. 281599 ID: 28e94e

No, that isn't always true, and we really shouldn't be assuming things because we've only seen these guys for 2 updates and we don't even know if they're really gnolls or just something that looks vaguely canine and oh shit yeah looking back these guys do not look like gnolls close up
No. 281726 ID: 9b6c31
File 129779086440.png - (48.23KB , 512x512 , 506.png )

...Did I really say 0.90 kW laser? I meant 90 kW laser! Oops!

What? Helena said they are gnolls! I am pretty sure she knows better than I do.

Anyway, the corpses are in the VTOL, I am not going to pursue the gnolls because it would be waste of time ( Helena said that they are going to be killed anyways if they are anything like gnolls from her world. )
I leave Red and Blue to fuck this town's shit! I will go to pick them up in 12 hours.
Off we go!
No. 281731 ID: 9b6c31
File 12977944458.png - (70.72KB , 512x512 , 507.png )

Back at the tower.

"Hey Doc, I have some bodies for you. Can you make them into awesome gnombies?"
>D: "Let's--- see---. Jan, take--- them into my--- laboratory."
>J: "Okay! They don't seem to heavy aaaaaaaa"
>J: "I swear I did not intend to do this!"
>D: "Jan, you--- are hungry--- I suppose?"
>J: "Not that hungry you crazy man!"
>D: "Just--- absorb that--- and I'll carry the rest---. The zombies will be ready--- in a day--- or two."

Well, that went... well. I get 6 zombies ( Jan ate one corpse ).
Red and Blue are causing mayhem and I... probably should do something right now.
No. 281734 ID: fe21b4

Why don't you brainstorm with Doc while he works? Try to come up with a way to implant wired electronic reflexes and a computer decision making brain assistant. Then you should get programmable, superfast zombie gnolls!

Another thing to do would be trying to come up with a good disguise together with Helena and her comrades. Like call it the cult of Technomancy. You could even create a robotic double of yourself and have it take the blame for all the cities you're going to blow up.
No. 281747 ID: c71597

Get in on the zombie work with the doctor and see where you can stick cyborg parts and stuff. Like can you give them machinegun hands? Extra claw hands? Stuff like that.
No. 281933 ID: f92571

Aside from the cyborg stuff, is there a way to check on red and blue? From your tower?

If there is, you should look at it from time to time. I´m kinda worried leaving them all alone in world that doesn´t understand them and their desire to chop people up. That and it would be kinda bad if they were immeadatly destroyed by some heros
No. 282372 ID: 9b6c31
File 129806484476.png - (103.33KB , 512x512 , 508.png )

Oh! Oh! A double-bot! I once made one! I might as well make a new one! Man, it was sure hard to make, took me a month, but I think I can do it in three or two weeks now! Awesome!

And as for gnolls. I have six of them. So, enchance reflexes? Can do, but I think brain-assistant won't work too well.

Yeah! Let's arm them with some serious weapons? What kind of weapons tho? There are so many choices...
Anything else?
No. 282376 ID: 9b6c31
File 129806527749.png - (10.33KB , 1024x512 , dress_up2.png )

On subject of disguises, what kind of disguise were you thinking about?
No. 282380 ID: 1a693f
File 129806624391.png - (21.09KB , 1024x512 , BEARDS.png )

No. 282393 ID: a7a85a
File 129807004955.gif - (24.19KB , 1024x512 , ohmurr.gif )

You know you want to.
No. 282394 ID: 2563d4

This is the best possible suggestion.
No. 282398 ID: c71597

You know the gnolls are going to need more claws. And possibly laserz for eyes, as well as wristmounted flamethrowers or something awesome like that.
No. 282440 ID: 28e94e

Fake horns, local clothing.
No. 282450 ID: 1a693f

Goat people have backwards legs, dude. Doc could probably fix that for ya, but you'd stumble around and be clumsy as hell.
No. 282580 ID: 28e94e

In that case substitute "horns" for "elf ears"
No. 282631 ID: 9b6c31
File 129815378640.png - (33.44KB , 512x512 , pause6.png )

Yeah, those goatpeople are digitgrade.
Keep ideas coming!

[Tory's Tower paused for a week.]
No. 284436 ID: 001587

For Tory's disguise how about armored, red robes with circuit patterns on them? Then a dragonlizard type helmet so people could think you're a dragonlizardperson underneath.

For Helena's disguise make it skintight and lightly armored. Then a helmet with cat ears so she could be mistaken for a catperson. If she says "nyyaaa" every now and again it should be 100% plausible.

As for the cyberzombies make one with harpoon claws - like it's got extendable claws that fire off and are pulled back using wire. Then it can climb or swing between buildings or harpoon people.

Also put in some stuff to make them extra scary and disorienting - like speakers that can emit deafening bangs and shockwaves or powerful strobe lights so they can blind people with sudden flashing lights. The zombies can be made immune against this, but enemies might find it hard to deal with zombies when it's like flashbang grenades are going off all over. Then they get shot and torn to pieces.
No. 284445 ID: 28e94e

No. 284449 ID: 5f0943

For disguises, wear bulky, fully enclosed powersuits, that way no one will see your face, and people would have to guess but never be sure.
It might also give an intimidation factor.
No. 284450 ID: 9b6c31
File 129875258763.png - (80.53KB , 512x512 , 509.png )

Disguising as elves doesn't seem too hard. I quickly visited that town, stole a book and made us perfect disguises!
As far the book is concerned, Helena's are pretty common amongst elves anyway, green colours, etc. Book said that in elven villages they tend to wear much less clothing for some reason. I myself took this SMASHING RED ROBE! I am a mighty technowizard after all!
Of course, we had to colour our skin and hair. Bah. I also quickly made us elf-ears out of plastic material. People should mistake me for an elf now!

>H: "Oh. What are you going to do with your hair?"
"Huh? Nothing?"
>H: "It's a horrible mess. Comb it down or something."
"Nope. You can take off the disguise. I just wanted to check that our disguises are not silly or anything."
>H: "Ugh."

Anyway, Doc said that I cannot work with the corpses yet. He has to do some stuff with them and run some tests. After that I can install all kinds of wacky stuff on them! So, harpoon-claws, sound-generators and weapon ( lazer, flamethrower etc. )? Sounds cooool!

I probably should pick up my CHOP-U robots soon.
After that I'll begin the construction of the factory. It should not take too long since I managed to get dwarves to help me ( teaching them etc. ). I am still unsure where to locate this factory. After that uh, I suppose I should contact either Asuan or Ragno OR build that decoy-robot.

And back to the subject of fetching Red and Blue:
Is there any precautions that I should take? During midnight they will flee and drive to a specific clearing where I will pick them up.
No. 284485 ID: c71597

Just don't have any big bright lights on the Maximum Fuck when you go. And bring some heavy weaponry and stuff to make it easier to carry corpses. People might have decided to go there to investigate or something.
No. 284607 ID: 0e8ced

Are any of the major races cold-blooded? Scout out the pickup point from the air using some cheap drone with an infrared camera on it. Chances of Red and Blue being pursued are pretty high. If you get to the pickup point early you could plant some remote controlled fragmentation mines around it to take care of anyone who dares follow.

Is there any chance Red or Blue could have become damaged and unable to identify you and your guys as friend or foe?
No. 284609 ID: 28e94e

If Tory was at all competent at robotics, if the IFF system is at all damaged they'll just disable targeting altogether.
No. 284805 ID: 9b6c31
File 129884833040.png - (27.55KB , 512x512 , 510.png )

Hohoho, look at that! Isn't that beautiful? Red and Blue sure got them!
I am flying low and quietly, I don't want to be seen.

Okay, let's see.
Uh. It seems that Blue got destroyed. Red is damaged, but it made it to the clearing.
And as for kills?

Red - 76
Blue - 57 ( according to Red's data. )

You gotta remember that these are recorded direct kills. So I guess the actual amount of fatalities is higher! Cool!
Now all I just have to do is to get Red's video-recordings.

Before that, let's take a quick scan with infrared-camera.
No. 284806 ID: 9b6c31
File 129884838289.png - (55.67KB , 512x512 , 511.png )

Ffffff. They followed Red to the clearing.
No. 284807 ID: 1a693f

Blow them up and then bugger off for a while. Don't lead them directly to your tower, you don't want to get sieged again.
No. 284811 ID: 180ec2

Are you close enough that they might see or hear you? If not, keep well away from the area, but if so, maybe you can remotely reactivate red to kill the stalkers.
No. 285026 ID: 1854db

Do we really need to retrieve the bot? How about we just blow it up ourselves and make a new one? Someone would surely witness our attempt to retrieve the bot and blow the whistle on us here.
No. 285033 ID: c71597

Strafe the fuckers with sidewinder missiles and 20 mm cannon fire, or whatever else you have.
No. 285109 ID: c09866

Well, well, well...

Who's with you in the Maximum Fuck? If you can deploy Helena and other with silent weapons then you could stay back at range and coordinate them using your infrared vision and radio while providing some 'hand of god' cannon action when the people on the ground flush out the enemies.

Red is mostly fireproof since it had a laser and napalm grenades right? If the woods are dry enough then you could turn the entire area into a firestorm with MORE incendiary ammo and laser strikes and sweep in to grab Red in the middle of the blaze all dramatically.
No. 285110 ID: 9b6c31
File 129893173274.png - (101.21KB , 512x512 , 512.png )

I am alone, but Maximum Fuck is well armed!
I shall deal with these insects now! Preparing a high-power Dʹyavol-missile!
No. 285111 ID: 9b6c31
File 129893177754.png - (98.98KB , 512x512 , 513.png )

No. 285113 ID: 75d7a9

nice explosion.
No. 285114 ID: 9b6c31
File 129893195723.png - (53.24KB , 512x512 , 514.png )

A- Ahahahahahahaa!!! Hehehe! Did you see that?! Did you hear that?!
That was GREAT! Amazing! Intoxicating!
Let me fire another on- oh wait, only one left? Phooey.

Okay, according to motion-sensor, there are two objects moving away from the area. Oh those fuckers.
No. 285116 ID: c71597

Strafe them with some machinegun fire. And sic Red on them as well.

Bonus points if you can cut one in half with a storm of bullets.
No. 285154 ID: cf244d

These are just gnolls, right? Let them go. Inspiring fear in the local things is not bad. And it's unlikely that this slight breach of secrecy will have any negative repercussions, due to the primitive nature of these beasts.
No. 285155 ID: 07416a

Kill one, capture the other. Or capture them both. Information is nice and at the worst Doc might appreciate something REALLY fresh to work with.
No. 285726 ID: 9b6c31
File 129910015930.png - (69.72KB , 512x512 , 515.png )

Pow! Ha-ha! Priceless!
Okay, I downed one of them! Now I just have to capture that remaining one without killing him or her! Of course, missing limbs is a-ok!

How? He/she looks kinda strong!
No. 285728 ID: c71597

Well you said it yourself, missing limbs are fine. So lets get some heavy calibre shells flying at kneeheight and see how they like it.
No. 285758 ID: 8eab7d

Politely ask it to come to a tea party at your house. It will surely acquiesce. It doesn't have much choice.

I suppose if it were to not do so for some reason, you could commence with a more violent plan. But try the non-violent solution first.
No. 286141 ID: 9b6c31
File 129926146721.png - (129.99KB , 512x512 , 516.png )

I could have a teaparty with Helena, Ezekiel and Doc, but I think he/she would not participate.

Anyway, pow! Right in the kicker!
No. 286142 ID: 9b6c31
File 129926166117.png - (64.52KB , 512x512 , 517.png )

Okay. Cat's leg is pretty much useless now.
Now what? He/she still has his/her weapon, so approaching would be kinda dangerous.
No. 286144 ID: c71597

Kitty clearly didn't learn the first time. Shoot him in the elbow on the arm that's holding the spear. And be prepared for evasive manevoures. Might be some crazy hero shit that makes spears able to punch through armour platings and shit.
No. 286145 ID: 20fc85

We don't have anything to tranquilize kitty with?
No. 286151 ID: 28e94e

I really don't like where this is going
No. 286154 ID: 1854db

Order them to ditch their weapon or die. Make sure they know they need to toss it a good distance away.
No. 286327 ID: ed1c58

Take your time and load Red into Maximum Fuck. This guy can't run anymore and he'll soon be weak from the loss of blood so you can just sit back and explain what a futile situation he's in. Once he's too weak to fight back you can just club him over the head or something.
No. 286387 ID: 9b6c31
File 129936369885.jpg - (76.03KB , 512x512 , 518.jpg )

No. 286389 ID: 9b6c31
File 12993639444.jpg - (82.24KB , 512x512 , 519.jpg )


Ho.. Holy shit that was close! If I hadn't moved VTOL, that thing might have hit me! And it looked like it tried to trace for my head! It might have been my luck or anti-magic field that saved me.

Damn, the windshield is broken.
No. 286390 ID: 9b6c31
File 129936401879.jpg - (21.77KB , 512x512 , 520.jpg )

I leave the 'kitty' here. He/she should pass out or something. I gotta go fetch that Red...
No. 286391 ID: 28e94e

That spear went pretty deep. Make sure it didn't hit anything important.
No. 286395 ID: 9b6c31
File 129936495451.jpg - (69.02KB , 512x512 , 521.jpg )

Okay, I picked up Red. It is kinda damaged, but it still can function somewhat.
Great. Too bad I cannot see damage on Blue. Maybe video will tell me.
No. 286396 ID: 9b6c31
File 129936557535.jpg - (22.90KB , 512x512 , 522.jpg )

Now, I just have to get back there and get that cat.
I'll just run few scans of the area to be sure that-

Well fuck, there are some fuckers helping him/her already. Three of them! And four are heading to this clearing!
No. 286404 ID: 1854db

Launch a missile at them and retreat to a random nearby location to remove that spear. It may be possible for them to track you with it.

After the spear's out then you can return to base and review the footage.
No. 286417 ID: 221021

It's worse than you thought. KILL EVERYBODY.
No. 286419 ID: c71597

Dude, I told you about heroes. Should have shoot the fucker again while you had the chance before he threw that fucking spear. Now lets not repeat past mistakes. Fucking kill everyone except for some dude that possibly survives. He or she gets to come and be experimented on.
No. 286452 ID: 28e94e

Kill them all. Confirm that they are all, in fact, dead.
No. 286825 ID: 9b6c31
File 129953197353.png - (9.97KB , 512x512 , 523.png )

No. 286828 ID: 9b6c31
File 129953214775.png - (100.26KB , 512x512 , 524.png )

No. 286830 ID: 9b6c31
File 129953399210.png - (58.74KB , 512x512 , 525.png )

A-Hahahaha! Huahahahahaa! I will never get tired of hearing that roaring explosion or seeing warm glow the fireball! BEAUTIFUL! AWESOME! ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!

Hehe. Hehehe. Heh.

Anyway! All targets, DEAD! According to my scanners anyway ( motion, heat, EM )!

Oh boy. That was so great. I ran out of missiles... what a fucking shame...

What now?
No. 286836 ID: 9cc17e

You need better confirmation that they're truly dead. Find those corpses. Or spots of grease or whatever the hell you can find. These bastards could throw a fucking spear through the Maximum Fuck. Don't make assumptions about what they can or can't survive.
No. 286839 ID: 8c73c8

yeah, don't want one of the fuckers to have somehow made a magic forcefield or something at the last second.
No. 286842 ID: d67760

This was far too costly. We should avoid needing to expend so much munitions on such a trivial threat, in the future.
For now, restocking on missiles should be very high on our list of priorities.
No. 286955 ID: b6ca92

Run away. restock, resupply.
It seems that the natural law of magic is more powerful than the natural law of SCIENCE! in this world.
I'm beginning to theorize that there are only two kinds of worlds: magic heavy and magic light, seeing as how the physical properties of shit remains the same in them all.
I wonder why all the magic heavy worlds are always low-tech. Maybe since gods are able to exists they keep the little man down? I dunno.

Anyhow, the lesson learned here is 'never face off against the hero directly, or he will "PIERCE THE HEAVENS" your face in, no matter what's in the way.'
So go home, resupply, restock, and get ready to...

I was gonna say nukes, but fuck ICBM's! Lets go cheap and build us some automated robot artillary factories! Fifty mie accuate shots from the sky FTW.

By the way, Tory, if you have not played Total Annihilation then I have lost all respect for you.
You know why...
No. 287004 ID: 9b6c31
File 129960866412.png - (89.01KB , 512x512 , 526.png )

Hihihi. All witnesses dead, I don't have to worry about having my plans ruined by some legless cat or something!

Okay, going to resupply! I really have to get those subkT-nukes ready. Those would be pretty awesome!

And regarding technology-level of high-level worlds;
I am sure that there is some technological advancement, but it is damn slow. My theory is that magic stalls this technological development! According to some historicians the technological development in ancient Rome was slowed down because they used slaves to perform shitty labor. Fuckers here probably use magic and slaves.

Flying back to the Tower now.
No. 287007 ID: 00b009

Remember to watch the Red/Blue recordings. You might get a good clue of what you're up against. If they only hurt the killbot using things like spears and arrows then maybe some kind of active defense system would be a good idea. Like a mini-laser, reactive armor or some kind of force field I dunno.
No. 287019 ID: 9b6c31
File 129961384682.png - (57.34KB , 512x512 , 527.png )

Back at the Tower!
No. 287021 ID: 9b6c31
File 129961429455.png - (76.82KB , 512x512 , 528.png )

Mmm, popcorn...
This is some interesting material!

• Blue was cleaved in a half by some goatdude wielding a sword. What a prick. Blue self-destructed, but I don't think it took that prick with it. Kill-count I got from Red was pretty accurate.
• There were some guards in the village, but they defended kinda poorly. They landed few hits.
• Heroes were kinda interesting. There were one really strong one ( one with the sword ), and 6-7 weaker ones.
• Weapons were pretty damn effective. The units suffered some blasts from magic, but they were nothing too bad. They mostly used magic in attempts to extinguish burning napalm.

Hm, that was cool.
No. 287046 ID: a65f37

Yes it was. But there is still a problem with the fact that the bodies are not accounted for. Which is bad, potentially very bad. You need to beef up your defenses.

And those bots seemed like quite workable creations. So some more of those would probably be nice.

Oh, and ask Doc how alive looking he can make zombies without making another Jan. Would be quite awesome to make some infiltration units who don't smell of decay or look dead.
No. 287168 ID: b6ca92

>bodies not accounted for
That would be because they were VAPORIZED.

I support the innfiltration idea, but make it a side project. Also ask Doc about a classic zombie or pseudo-zombie plague. If we can land one of those elsewhere in the country as a distraction via Doc infiltrator, it would draw the heroes' attention away from us.
By the by, you should totally built yourself a legit Wizard's Tower not too far away, maybe learn some magic while you're at it too. It'll be a neat distraction, and a potential center for your new techno-magical empire. It's not the greatest idea for the peasants to bring tribute to your REAL lair and base of operations.
No. 287180 ID: 1fed72

You can still find data from them then. Grease, chemicals that make up a body, neat outlines on the ground or stuff like that. There's usually something to tell you that there was someone there getting blown up.
No. 287192 ID: 1854db

Make a Ruby and Sapphire! Improved versions of those bots. Make them faster.

Throw in an Emerald to give you a kickass strike team.
No. 287678 ID: 9b6c31
File 12998772348.png - (40.81KB , 512x512 , 529.png )

I am not sure if Doc can make another Jan. He had large team with him back in NSU. And making zombie-plague is currently out of reach. Doc has no tools, exprience or useable materials to create plagues or any shit like that. He is surgeon goddamnit.

And yeah, after I get factory online, I can mass-produce Chop-U units. But I am not sure if it is too bright. I could sell them to Ragno or Asuan whatever, and when time comes, make them turn against them! Hohohohoo!

Magic? Fuck that, I cannot magic. Humans from my world cannot magic. It is because of natural anti-magic field. It is supposedly main reason why my world was so low on magic. I thought I told you that? Well, I did now. It can be removed tho, but it supposedly involves contracts with demons and shit. Supposedly I and Doc have anti-magic field. Sister sold hers and Organist... Well, I am not sure if Organist is human.

Okay, I gotta work on my priorities.
Our plan: I have to get Asuan and Ragno somehow fighting eachother while supplying them both with weapons.
I have to build a factory pretty soon, and I also have to study teleportation-technology!
Maybe I should study the void as well?
I have to come up with some use for those particle-weapon plans.
Uh uh uh.
No. 287713 ID: 55c4cf

Get to building the factory then ffs. Study after it's built.
No. 287715 ID: 383006


It will give us time to see how our attack was taken by the locals. We should send Helena in costume to local towns to see what they are saying about the attack.
No. 287811 ID: c8f930

Getting them to start fighting should be quite doable. Just nab some soldiers from either side, get them zombified but still looking decently alive, then have them attack the opposite side. Should get them riled up and stuff.

Other than that you should probably work on the factory and teach Helena stuff. Oh, and a project for the future. A magic detector. You should have a magical spear still stuck in the Maximum Fuck, so you have something to work with.
No. 287857 ID: cf244d

The factory can produce things without our aid, yes? But it needs a design to produce. So getting the factory up and designing something to mass-produce there (using the particle weapon, perhaps)should happen first, but it doesn't really matter which of those two you do sooner.
No. 287914 ID: 9b6c31
File 129997151527.png - (70.74KB , 512x512 , 530.png )

Hmm, yes! Factory! I can use dwarves to build it! Mass-producing weapons should not be hard. And yes, I can take it kinda easy after factory is ready. Robotics are wonderful.

>D: "Oh--- There you are---. Reanimation of corpses--- succesful."
"Oh oh! That's great! You are a great friend!"
>D: "I should--- thank you--- for research--- material. Now if you--- excuse me---. I'll go--- catch some sleep---"

Oh boy, the bodies are ready! I gotta cyborg-ize them!
No. 287916 ID: f88f02

No. 287917 ID: 9b6c31
File 129997236623.png - (55.64KB , 512x512 , 531.png )

Hee hee! Everything is going so well!
No. 287919 ID: 9b6c31
File 129997268982.png - (47.91KB , 640x400 , Stage6_clear1.png )

[ Thanks for playing. Starting next thread soon! Stay tuned! ]
No. 287920 ID: 5f0943

Yeah just be careful saying that kind of stuff, or else you'll jinx it and suddenly there's a bunch of annoying heroes knocking on your door.

But yes, it's all going well.
No. 288005 ID: b6ca92

Doc sleeps?! I figured he had used some of his zombie-creation skills along with his team so that he had the benefits of tirelessness.
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