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File 129474032368.png - (59.32KB , 600x450 , Title 3.png )
270556 No. 270556 ID: 6547ec

Thread one: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/233213.html

Thread two: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/247108.html
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No. 296427 ID: f88f02

If you can't be certain about what to say, tell him you need time to think. Better than saying something you'll regret.

I'm all for asking him to live up to his word, though. It would be an excellent gesture of trust if he removed all the points from boobs and put them elsewhere.
No. 296431 ID: d677cc

Is Roz even in charge of those at this point?

Actually, who is in charge of the stats now that they're maxed? Are they just going to stay there?

And... apparently negative emotions cause Roz's health bar to start going down. That's... interesting.

Anyway, more to the point... I don't know what you should do, honestly. Maybe you oughta punt until you've made up your mind.
No. 296432 ID: 28e94e

Hug Roz.
No. 296434 ID: 8c73c8

i'm not sure the points CAN be moved. her stats are MAX. can only get higher with a boost.
just put him on a trial basis for now. and look up what couples do on that laptop.
No. 296435 ID: e2aee5

Maybe you need to consider if you two are really compatible, Venji. I know he's said the boobs thing isn't a dealbreaker, but what about you? What do you want? Specifically, does it involve a pervy dreamworm who lives according to how he wants things and with little regard for how others feel?
No. 296437 ID: d677cc

Actually, y'know what?

You guys' relationship has been pretty bizarre at best due to the extenuating circumstances of trying to escape an evil science facility, leading to weirdly timed jokes and him constantly burning out all his energy so you could fight robots. I say you two give it another shot (with you perhaps giving him more clear messages about what you want from him) once you figure out what the hell you're doing after you get out of here.

You have thought about that, right?
No. 296438 ID: e3f578

Lament that it was just mainly annoying on top of making you think that was all he cared about. Tits tits tits, all in italic.
What if Venji went all "muscles muscles muscles" or "cock cock cock" all in regular font in the midst of his potential death?
No. 296447 ID: 1854db

He said he'd stay with you even if you didn't have boobs. That's the right answer. I think you can forgive him for being a bit too focused on them, and now things are cleared up enough that you can just whap him or something if he gets out of line again instead of having to Talk with him about it.

It's okay if he likes boobs and says so often. They are your boobs after all, and so long as both of you know that it's not all there is to this relationship it won't cause problems. Sure, you've only just met but you like eachother and that's what's important.

Now, you just had a small argument. It's not a big deal. Kiss and make up a little and let's go! Onwards, to freedom!
No. 296460 ID: 8e2e95

any moment now, he's gonna dissapate into energy
and it's gonna be your fault for doing that Venji

(I'm here for you Roz)
No. 296481 ID: 07416a

Maybe you should unattach for a while, just to see how you feel after some alone-time.
No. 296484 ID: 29830c

Give him a second chance. And call him on what you don't like from now on. Let him know what's okay and what's not. Shoot him a disapproving glare whenever he messes up.

>"Seriously, you're as inconsistent as the voices in my head."
Roz didn't even blink when you said that, Venji. Perhaps you're not the only one with conflicting voices running interference with your psyche? Actually, maybe you should ask him that. Then both of you can break the fourth wall again and give the camera a dirty look for playing havoc with your relationship.
No. 296565 ID: 15b51b

Tozol the fuck up.
No. 296589 ID: 7d7069

No. 296590 ID: 9a34be

Except then he'd be really, really long mostly-aquatic creature, which would probably be awkward.

This, and tell him you'll glare at him or whap him if he screws up.
No. 296700 ID: 28e94e

No. 296725 ID: 180ec2

Think about all Roz has done for you at his own risk and expense. When he merged with you, he wasn't even sure he could get back to normal again, but he did it anyway to save your life. He wouldn't have done all of that if he didn't really love you. You can't really blame him for not knowing how to act around girls; he's lived in a little pond for most of his life away from people. If all he wanted was to take advantage of you, he could have just taken you over or one of many things, but he didn't. If not for the natural laws of love or the voices in your head, do it for the two of you. Not only has he shown that he truly loves you, but at times you have felt love for him back. It's the kind of love you can only get once in a lifetime, through surviving a harrowing ordeal together. You two were made for each other, and it's not something to so quickly toss away. Give him another chance. You both deserve it.
No. 296726 ID: 1854db

Dude they just met
No. 296817 ID: ba4fab

both biology and real life teaches you that love at first sight is easily possible ;D
No. 296839 ID: e3f578

Both psychology and history teaches love at first sight is unreliable at best.
No. 296858 ID: cfc019

has everyone forgot that he merged with her to keep her from dieing from his poison?
No. 296938 ID: 180ec2

That is irrelavent. The disposition of this universe's creator-god as well as the general laws associated with it make it a strong possibility, if not a certainty.
No. 297045 ID: d6ae01
File 130292029532.png - (229.92KB , 760x730 , 620.png )

"I want to believe you, but... I don't know. I need time to think."

"Maybe we should find a way to detach and be apart for a while."

"What? But I... I wasn't lying!"

"I know this is hard to hear, but we're probably not compatible anymore. I'm not the naive girl I've been the past few days. I don't think you'd like being with this new me."

"Yes I would!"

"You just think that because you're emotional right now."

Roz starts to cry. "I'll stop saying things about boobs, I promise."
No. 297046 ID: d6ae01
File 130292033356.png - (221.67KB , 760x730 , 621.png )

The poison left my system ages ago.

Being in complete control of my stats, I'm able to remove points from MILK. I do so, then hug Roz.

"Think about what you really want, Roz. There's a good chance I'll decide to stay like this. Are you really okay with that?"


I think about everything he's done for me. I don't think he's ever meant any harm, he's just young and immature. That might have been fine back when I was also young and immature, but now... I just don't know.

"I know this is hard to hear, but I think I'd prefer someone who was more grown up. Someone who respected me, not the things sticking out of me."

Roz whimpers. I sigh.

"Look, I'm just saying we need to take some time to be friends. If you really think about what you want in a relationship and show me that you've grown up, I'll..."
No. 297047 ID: d6ae01
File 130292040102.png - (262.47KB , 760x730 , 622.png )

"...I'll be willing to give it another shot."


"You have to show me you've grown up first, and I can't promise I'll feel the same later--"

"But but if I do that we can still be together?!"

"What I'm saying is--"

"There's still a chance?!"

"I'm not saying it'll happen, but... yeah, I guess there's a chance."
No. 297048 ID: d6ae01
File 130292042856.png - (228.87KB , 760x730 , 623.png )

Roz coils around me happily, possibly the first time he's ever hugged me back.

"I'm so happy! I'm going to be all the mature, you'll see!"

"Now, Roz, I really do want you to think about what you want. You might find someone who actually likes being 'complimented' on their body."

"I'll be mature city~ and I mean the good kind this time~"

I sigh. He's at least proven that he's not a complete jerk, so I'll just see what happens--

"Ah-hah!!!" I hear from behind.


"I knew it! I knew if I came back I'd catch you two in the act!"

"No! I was scolding him for being a pervert! Honest!"

Titzi's snarl turns into a look of confusion. "Wait, you actually believe me now?"

"Yeah, I guess you were right, at least partially."

"So I was right."

"Uh, well it's not just--"

"You're saying I was right."

"...Technically, yes."
No. 297052 ID: d6ae01
File 130292057238.png - (345.16KB , 760x730 , 624.png )

"I see," Titzi says.

"You're gloating."

"No I'm not."

"You're doing a little dance and everything."

"I can't hear you, I'm too busy being right."

I sigh again.

We sit and chat while waiting for the others. Maybe I was wrong to give Roz hope, but who knows? Maybe he really will turn around.
No. 297053 ID: d6ae01
File 130292059220.png - (144.34KB , 760x575 , 625.png )

Before long, Betsy comes into view, with all the other hybrids in tow. Ashe waves at me, looking a bit happier than before

They all watch me expectantly.

"...Well?" Titzi says.

"Well what?" I ask.

"You're the reason they-- we are all here. Ashela said she'd be sure to let them know they had you to thank."

I blush slightly. "Ah."

"Well, go on! Say something!"

What should I tell them?
No. 297054 ID: d677cc

Obviously you have to go through and have them all introduce themselves.
No. 297055 ID: 868a23

group hug, now.
No. 297058 ID: 70d9eb

No. 297060 ID: 1854db

Psst, Venji.

Remember how Ashe reacted when Roz complimented her? Maybe they would work better together. While you and Roz continue your 'relationship', try encouraging those two to talk.

Introduce yourself, explain what was going on, and be sure they know that they're free now and we're gonna go find somewhere all of you can live productive and peaceful lives.
No. 297062 ID: 221021

<Shiitake> Anyway I think at this point it's obv that Ashe is a better match for Roz
<Shiitake> buuuuut we'll see
<@Slinkoboy> the original text was going to have venji suggest ashela <:x
<Asplosionz> Well, we obviously have one solution.
<Asplosionz> Venji x Roz x Ashela
<Asplosionz> See if we can get Slinko to do this whole thing again~

Venji, you totally need to do this. You can be intimately bonding with Roz and Ashela at the same time. I'm sure fate can be convinced to let this happen, it wouldn't be the first time.
No. 297063 ID: f123de

After you group hug, you should also give everyone one of the plushies you've been carrying around all this time. Make sure you do it on camera so we can see their expressions!
No. 297373 ID: d6ae01

Stretch him way out from Venji, and then bury him face-first in Ashe. Easy enough.
No. 298197 ID: d6ae01
File 130345369516.png - (192.73KB , 760x575 , 626.png )

Not quite knowing what to say, I decide to give everyone a plushy instead!

Okay, this is the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Fighting the urge to cause a Huggonance Cascade, I ask everyone to introduce themselves, suggesting they also let us know their species because I'm really curious for some of them!

"I'm Selis, and I think I'm a dreamworm/Indahl," she says. "If you're really against the scientists, then consider me an ally."

"I go by Kevakiv. I'm a Tozol/Vertai hybrid, I suppose. I can't believe I never realized they were experimenting on us!"

"Well, not anymore," Titzi says with a grin.

"Um, my name's Lyrsis, and I was told I'm a Cyral/Enial. I dunno what's going on. Is there any food? I feel like I haven't eaten for weeks."

"Kenike! Cenesu/Seltwil! I kind of miss the scientists, actually!"

"How can you miss them?!" Selis asks.

"Took fairly good care of me! But you guys look nice enough so I'll bunk with you!"

They continue to talk amongst themselves, but I find myself distracted by other thoughts...
No. 298198 ID: d6ae01
File 130345374071.png - (210.00KB , 760x575 , 627.png )

"You know," I say to Roz. "I think you'd actually be a lot happier with Ashe than with me. I know you like tits and all, but I think you two would get along much better than we would."

"Awr~? You're giving him to me after all?" Ashe asks cheerfully.

"Um well I dunno I mean I can still mature up and um"

"Awwwr, don't worry, I'll take good care of you. You can compliment me all you want," She chuckles.

"Um, erm..."

"She's right," Titzi says. "You'd be much better with Ashela."
No. 298200 ID: d6ae01
File 130345377567.png - (207.78KB , 760x575 , 628.png )

"Hold on a second," I say, "How come you're not giving Ashe a hard time like you gave me?"

"Ashe is a big girl," Titzi says. "She can take care of herself."

"I'm a big girl!"

"Mhm. Besides, I think she'll whip him into shape."

Roz whimpers slightly. "Oh, don't worry~" Ashela says, "I won't be that rough."

"I um really need to think about this I still really like Venji and this is so sudden and um you're nice and all but um"

"Rrr, there's no rush. I'll let you think about it~" Ashe says.
No. 298201 ID: d6ae01
File 130345381751.png - (134.83KB , 760x575 , 629.png )

It's really nice seeing Ashe acting more like her old self again. The past few days have taken a real toll on us, but all the tension is gone now, and we can just be ourselves.

As Betsy continues flying, Titzi looks at me.

"What is it?" I ask.

"So, you have full control of those things on your chest?"

I nod.

"Are you going to keep them? If I were in your shoes I'd just get rid of them."

"I don't know. I might, I might not. I'll probably experiment for a while and decide what suits me best."
No. 298202 ID: d6ae01
File 130345386220.png - (204.38KB , 760x575 , 630.png )

"After all, it's my body, right?" I say, patting Titzi. She doesn't object and instead gives me a smile.

"That's the spirit!" Ashe says, giving a ...thumbs up? With her antennae.

"Indeed," Titzi says. "Now let's get out of this damned cave."
No. 298203 ID: d6ae01
File 130345389954.png - (194.73KB , 760x575 , 631.png )

"Onward towards that gradient!" I say triumphantly. "Next stop: freedom!"

A peaceful life. That's what I've chosen for myself. I know I'll return one more time, to bury David's body, but after that I will put all of this behind me and start a new life. A good life, with me in control of my own destiny.
No. 298204 ID: d6ae01
File 130345396042.png - (124.35KB , 760x575 , 632.png )

I head into the future with no regrets. I will cherish the time I spent with Ashe, Titzi, Mantis, Betsy, and even Roz as long as I live.
No. 298207 ID: d6ae01
File 130345411950.png - (194.90KB , 760x575 , 633.png )

For now, it is time to enjoy my third chance at life.

I will--
No. 298209 ID: d6ae01
File 130345415577.png - (161.53KB , 760x575 , 634.png )

No. 298210 ID: d6ae01
File 130345418690.png - (259.47KB , 760x575 , 635.png )

No. 298211 ID: d6ae01
File 130345420823.png - (35.82KB , 600x600 , The End.png )

The end.
No. 298215 ID: 3416ec

No. 298217 ID: 8e18cd


No. 298224 ID: 28e94e

No. 298282 ID: 29830c

Normally I despise this sort of ending, but this time... this time it's pretty much perfect.
No. 298286 ID: 6930ef

"This is horseshit."
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