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File 129117807743.jpg - (145.67KB , 957x590 , CommandTitle.jpg )
261042 No. 261042 ID: b6c6fc

discussion thread
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No. 261044 ID: e3f578

Where the hell is your goddamn cigar? Ring up your secretary to bring them your fuckin' cigars. We got a galaxy to take over.

Goddamn take a sip of that coffee and review the battleplans.
No. 261045 ID: b6c6fc
File 129117829237.jpg - (129.22KB , 957x590 , Command1.jpg )

>JUCHA-19 ,hour 1

Halsner: "DAMNIT ALL, I'm too fine an officer to die in on shit hole like this!"

"I gotta find a way off this rock!"
No. 261046 ID: 383006

What is the situation?
No. 261049 ID: 0d1fe9

Find a ship and fly away, simple.
No. 261050 ID: 25e2c8


I'm in agreement in that you are missing your cigar. A cup of coffee will substitute until you find your cigars.

Anyway, what is the current situation? Shouldn't there be transports just for evacuation purposes?
No. 261053 ID: 701a19

Not saying you should shoot yourself, but if you were a good officer you wouldn't be in this mess.
That's what you get for listening to the bugs.
No. 261054 ID: f82d85

No. 261062 ID: d677cc

Well, you're an officer, right? What are your options here?
No. 261063 ID: 25b0c3

Well first you'll need to find a gun, some troops, and a cigar and you're ready to roll.
No. 261065 ID: 3416ec

That's right! We have tiny deer to rescue!

Escape through the fireplace.

Also, stop being butthurt and suggesting we kill ourselves.
No. 261066 ID: a09a03

What's the sitch?
No. 261068 ID: 80bb9a

What's the situation? Where are you? Where's your cigar?
No. 261069 ID: c99f30

A fine hatted man hat such as that cannot die in such a shithole, if we 'must' take the mans way out, the let it be fighting the good fight, or at least drunk aw waving our pistol menacingly at something.

Anyhow, what to we have at our disposal.
No. 261071 ID: ceacd2

Page your secretary and ask her loudly where your damn coffee is and pictures of spiderma-uh, reports on bug infested areas.

If all you want is off this rock, there's more than one way to skin a cat, so give us the skinny on the situation.
No. 261073 ID: 0d1fe9

Shoot yourself non fatally and get medevacced off world.
No. 261074 ID: c71597

Sounds like a shitty situation. Where does the enemy have their nearest starport? Any chance that you can rally some men and punch through to it to grab a ship or two?
No. 261079 ID: b0ab2e

Status report, Officer.

Also, get a flamethrower and a stun rod, there will be bugs to kill.
No. 261088 ID: b6c6fc
File 129118155998.jpg - (101.18KB , 957x590 , Command2.jpg )

>Halsner lights a cigar

the furres, have a couple warships stationed round the planet, ready to blast any transport cruiser heading out

I've managed to trick those furry fuckers into thinking we actually got an army down here

I give it bout a week till they realize we got shit all as defence, a couple thosand men a few tanks and nothing else worth noting

Halsner: "Kathy! brew me some more of that shit you keep trying to convince me is coffee"
No. 261089 ID: d677cc

Well, shit. That doesn't sound good as far as getting the hell out of here goes, and probably only gives you a week to try to do anything.
No. 261090 ID: a09a03

Well, we have two basic alternatives. Either you can scatter the troops and try to hide in the mountains (if you have some mountains around) or you can try some big last stand.

Can we see a map? What can those ships do to you from orbit?
No. 261092 ID: c71597

So, you're trapped far from home, don't have the manpower or the supplies to beat your enemy. Learn from Paul Emil von Lettow-Vorbeck, the greatest guerilla commander in existance. You can't beat them in a regular war in the field, so you need engage in a irregular one.

Once they're done they will have their own troop transport ships here. Your plan should be to get your hands on one of them, or several. Get as many men as you have left on board of it, get the correct codes and everything to be able to get through the furry lines, and if you're lucky there might be a oppurtunity to dock with one of the warships and board it and take it over.
No. 261094 ID: c99f30

Curses, are they bombarding? Or just holding fire so they can send in those damn marines of theirs to mop us up with ray-tech and shield generators?
No. 261095 ID: ceacd2

Aw yeah. Now we're talking.


No. 261096 ID: 6c4937

We might need to resort to hiring mercenaries to buff out the ranks. Any pirates around these parts?
No. 261097 ID: e3f578

How are our communications? Are they jammed or useless? We should try and gather up some of the smartest strategists on our side to go over our resources and possible plans. If we could get an Astranian ship ID, we might be able to pass off as one of them. Space is huuuuuuge they must have systems designed to detect Friend or Foe from distances. If we can trick those systems we're outta here.
No. 261106 ID: b6c6fc
File 129118537325.jpg - (141.81KB , 957x590 , Command3.jpg )

they haven't started any bombardments yet, lucky for me, Parlshima and Alsgrad are far better initial targets, leaving my base a little breathing space.

for all the damn good it'll do

>a voice crackles in through the intercom

Kathy: "General, I'm getting a transmission from Sergeant Rickens apperently he's found a crashed Pirate ship outside of Parlshima"

Halsner: "where the hells, my coffee! aw hell with it, bring me my wisky! I'm not nearly drunk enough to deal with this bullshit"

Kathy: "Sir, I am your ComOfficer, not your secretary"


Kathy: "Sir, the transmition?"

Halsner: "tell Colonel Gibly, I want the man found and shot, who's wasting our precious ammunition shooting down the closest things to allies we got in this whole god damned sector!"

Kathy: "General, Sergeant Rickens says it's important . . . "

do I have time to waste talking to this meat head?
No. 261107 ID: d677cc

Well, you can at least let the sergeant say his bit.

It better be good, though.
No. 261108 ID: 6c4937

What else are you going to waste your time on? Go see what meat head wants.
No. 261109 ID: ceacd2



No. 261111 ID: bb52e7

I'd say you have all the time in the world.
Listen to what he has to say.
No. 261116 ID: a09a03

Yelling at people for actual fuckups is better than yelling at them for no reason. Send him in and let him say his piece.
No. 261128 ID: 644ca1

Give the man one last chance to save his sorry ass. Listen to what he has to say.
No. 261129 ID: e3f578

you know what fuck it

it's something to do at this point, might have some decent sprout out of this
No. 261131 ID: 8555c2

If he says it's important to an asshole like you, he is certain it's important.
No. 261137 ID: 70e5c6


Uh, I mean, the pirates could have some awesome weapons on board you could use, you know? And maybe they were shot down by the furres, not you?
No. 261138 ID: fba40f

If I'm correct that ship contained several people who are very valuable to us. If they're still alive they could give us some useful information.
No. 261144 ID: 81ce59

It will give you something to focus on other than the impending invasion. And who knows, might even be important. Might not have been your side that shoot down the ship, the ship could have been trying go blockaderunning and been shot down by the furry bastards.

Oh, and don't get shitfaced. A wee bit to take the edge of the feelings of Doom is ok, a bottle is not. You have to remain close to fully functional.
No. 261165 ID: 620bfb

If he has the balls to say it's important to you instead of just dealing with it himself, it's probably important.
No. 261175 ID: 12cc58

agreed! get a parrot.

but yah... listen to his opinion. you might learn a thing or two.
No. 261179 ID: 8e18cd

First of all we need some rules of engagement. First of all:

1) Promote Kathy to Lt. Chief Coffee Fetcher. Her codename from now on is "Ms. Brant". She's responsible for your daily caffine intake.

2) Why didn't the recon squad give you the damn recon photos of the crash site yesterday. They're a bunch of incompetent leeches.

3) You didn't have your daily bottle of whiskey yet. If whiskey isn't anywhere near, complain to it to Ka... Ms. Brant.

4) Get a parrot and train the parrot to lecture Ka... Ms. Brant about the importance of your daily caffeine intake. You're not made out of money to give Ka... Ms. Brant the lecture everytime. Running a military outpost is hard work.

5) Where are the damn recon photos?!!!?
No. 261247 ID: 52b82c

Ignore the parrot for the time being, plenty of time to train a parrot to get you a damn cup of coffee or whatever the other headvoices are telling you to do after we get off this shithole.

But surely the pirates aren't crazy enough to try and get off the planet without some way through those furred bastards! We must investigate the ship immediately!
No. 261306 ID: b6c6fc
File 129127289180.jpg - (136.09KB , 957x590 , Command4.jpg )

>clicks on radio

Halsner: "you've got a moment of my time Ricken, as I pray to god my soldiers aren't so stupid to waste a generals valuable minutes on some damn Pirate ship!"

Rickens: "actually sir there were two ships-"

Halsner: "god lord soldier! now it's two ships, what part of "HOLD FIRE ON PIRATES" did you dipshits manage to misunderstand!"

Rickens: "Sir, no man in any of the platoons would have betrayed your orders."

Halsner: "So what, The furres shot it down?"

Rickens: "Sir, all do respect sir! but we have good reason to believe they weren't shot down at all!"

Halsner: " . . . you've got my attention boy"

Rickens: "sir everything about the crashes is wrong, one of them looks like it exploded at least . . . 20 minutes after impact, the other one is almost perfectly intact, no weapon damage. what's more everything about it is wrong, first glances and scans would indicate a three man Pirate gunship, but the markings don't make sense, sure they all look like Pirate symbols, but normally the symbols mean something . . . this, this is all gibberish."

Halsner: "Son, there's only one army that employs three man gun ships, and it ain't the damned pirates . . ."

Rickens: "S-sir one more thing . . . there aren't any bodies aboard the ships . . ."

. . .

Rickens: "Orders Sir?"
No. 261308 ID: d677cc

Obviously, the crashes were separate, and the pirate ship was forced to crash due to some sort of explosion. The other ship...

And no bodies means they're still on the planet somewhere.

You'd better send someone in. It'd be real nice to know what the hell's going on here.
No. 261309 ID: 701a19

They're in the middle of the desert, so they couldn't have gotten far on foot. Check the area for missing patrols and vehicles.
No. 261311 ID: ceacd2





No. 261313 ID: c99f30

Active security for all forces operating in that area. With those gibberish markings we may be looking at some kind of biological/memetic hazard.

Take any encountered forces into cautious custody, orders not to let them touch your units.
No. 261315 ID: c71597

Order them to alert level "There are potential hostiles in the area and if you lose to them I will find a way to rip my way into whatever fucking aferlife you end up in and I will drag you the fuck back and make you scrub latrines with your fucking tootbrush for a fucking year!".

Then you should probably get whatever brainy fellows that you have to go check out what they can salvage from the ships. Always salvage what you can and blow the rest up, deny the enemy anything they might be able to use.
No. 261319 ID: e3f578

Tell Ricken's to look for some goddamn tracks or evidence. Then Kathy to suit up your personal tank because you're going furrie hunting... and getting those damn keys and flying that damn ship off planet.
No. 261338 ID: 70e5c6

Does Rickens have any remote-controlled drones/robots he could send in to investigate? The whole thing could be some kind of trap to capture your troops and torture them for information on your defenses.

You should try to download data from the ship's computers on what the heck it was doing.

If you can capture this thing, it might be a way off this rock if worse comes to worse...
No. 261340 ID: a09a03

Have some mooks investigate the intact ship. If it's not trapped or full of monsters, maybe you can haul it in and use it for something.
No. 261345 ID: b6c6fc
File 12912994771.jpg - (135.77KB , 957x590 , Command5.jpg )

Halsner: "forget the ship Rickens, I'll get someone with half a brain on it, find those "bodies", I'm giving you authority to utilize every recon squad in the area, I expect that desert combed over so well they'd hide my father's horrendous bald spot
I want those "bodies" found Rickens!, and I want them found NOW!"

Rickens: "Sir, understood sir!"

>clicks off radio

Halsner: "Kathy! where the hells my-"

Kathy: "your coffee sir?"
No. 261347 ID: c71597

Sincerely thank her for it and tell her that you couldn't possibly get stuff done without her.

Consider taking a tour of the troops to see how they're deployed, asses levels of combat readiness and survey the land so you know what areas might be valuble in drawn out guerilla campaigns. Oh, and maybe go and take a personal look at the spaceship to see if it can be used.
No. 261352 ID: ceacd2



No. 261361 ID: e4c4d8


Ah, Good. Ask her if she's put whiskey in it already. If not, open the drawer in your desk that contains your secret stash o' alcohol and make irish coffee. Then take a swig from the bottle and put it back.

After that, I think its time to inspect the base and the men. Don't forget to pack your sidearm, never know when you might be attacked.
No. 261363 ID: fba40f

We should give the order to leave no survivors. Let's see if we can't break causality
No. 261370 ID: 3416ec


This, except without the sexual harassment.
No. 261380 ID: 2563d4

This, if only because it focuses on something more important than coffee.
No. 261381 ID: e3f578

"Actually no, I want my tank. But thank you very much. I'm going hunting for furres. I could make a hat out of one if you'd like. Dear old Pa' taught me how to skin one as a wee lad. And by Pa I mean my wife."
No. 261432 ID: b6c6fc
File 129133695451.jpg - (120.49KB , 957x590 , Command6.jpg )

Halsner: "it's about damn time!"

>the General grabs a bottle of scotch from the top drawer, takes a large chug, pours a healthy amount in the coffee, and downs the cup in one gulp.

it may be time to inspect the vehicles, if we have to leave this place in a hurry, I want everything in tip top shape

like any smart Officer I carry my side arm on me at all times, but should I bring anything else, my body armour?, a rifle?, perhaps my warhammer?

what about Kathy should I drag her along, or have her hold down the fort?
No. 261449 ID: ceacd2


No. 261450 ID: 644ca1

Kathy can stay, but you should pick some private who you can yell at when things aren't going good enough.
No. 261457 ID: 445c48

Of course you want to bring your body armor. I'd also recommend taking your rifle.

Have you got a swagger stick? Bring that.
No. 261474 ID: e4c4d8


Nah, leave Kathy here, in case scouts call back in. Take whomsoever is below her in the chain of communications command. Armor is always important in the field. Also if you need so blend into the crowd, armor makes it easier.

Actually, what's the likelyhood of snipers, out to get you? That's a very important factor on how much shit to bring.
No. 261475 ID: 46c430

I say bring all of it. You're going to be ordering others to shoot, sure, but it helps if you can shoot stuff too, and there's the off chance you may end up alone or just part of a small group, in which case the ability to kill things and survive hits is rather useful.
No. 261484 ID: c71597

Body armour and warhammer. Tell Kathy to hold the fort and that if any incoming messages are extremly important she should send a message to you on the encrypted signal in a encoded message.

Oh, and get some brainiacs on that somewhat intact pirate ship. Could be useful to have.
No. 261487 ID: 2563d4

Body armor, underling for general whipping. Kathy is staying here because if you cripple your own comms network you may as well USE sidearm ON temple already.
No. 261493 ID: 2fa820

Those worthless wimps can't shoot a canteen from ten feet anyway. If the situation arises when you really need to take someone down, you're gonnahave to do this yourself. Take the rifle and armor. Leave the hammer.

Kathy stays here and makes sure that no reports go unnoticed and that there's coffee ready when you're back.
No. 261524 ID: 383006

Bring everything but Kathy.
No. 261532 ID: 70e5c6

+1 vote to "bring everything except Kathy". She may be nice, but she's only a comm officer. She's best left to coordinate the troops from the main base. She can probably just relay info to you if you need it.
No. 261547 ID: f504f7


No. 261568 ID: b6c6fc
File 129141317813.jpg - (245.22KB , 957x590 , Command7.jpg )

Halsner: "hold my calls Kathy, I'm heading out"

>the general gathers up all his gear and leaves the office

Kathy: "sir! don't forget your hand radio!"

>the General receives hand radio
>the general grabs a random private and travels to the armory

Halsner: "ah my engines of destruction, fills you with pride just lookin at em, right boy?"

private: "sir, yes sir!"

now what, am I done here, should I carry on to the aircraft bay, head back to the office, or do something else?
No. 261570 ID: 146bca

We've already been in one of those Rampaging Giraffes, i say we take one of those tanks on the right.
No. 261571 ID: e3f578

This Private's nickname is now Parker. Just go down to your commanding officer menu, select him and under the name option retype his name
No. 261581 ID: c71597

Ohh, lets pick one of those missile launching tank things. They look like they could be handy. If we need to get anywhere fast we can radio in for a airlift. Meanwhile a tank sends a nice message.
No. 261635 ID: dda667

No. 261642 ID: b6c6fc
File 129143612852.jpg - (192.94KB , 957x590 , Command8.jpg )

Halsner: "Parker! assemble a tank crew we're heading out in style!"

private: "actually sir, my names Driver"

Halsner: "Damnit Parker, THAT WAS AN ORDER!"

Driver: "Sir, yes sir!"

>a tank crew is assembled, the GuardianTank is now ready for battle

hmmm now what?
No. 261644 ID: 2563d4

We're off to inspect the 'crash' site of the perfectly intact ship personally, it would appear.
No. 261649 ID: e4c4d8
File 129143705199.jpg - (89.85KB , 750x600 , drive-me-closer.jpg )

No. 261652 ID: f504f7

agreed. do you have a sword? if not get one. a halberd would to too
No. 261653 ID: e4c4d8


C'mon man, he's an officer. Clearly they'll have issued him a saber.
No. 261656 ID: 2563d4

...it was a joke aside, guys. And he has a warhammer for a melee weapon, should we somehow fuck up bad enough that command staff are ever that close to hostiles. >>261432
No. 261658 ID: e4c4d8


Dude, we're pretty close to swimming in the shit here. If it goes down, our side might not get to pick what range we are engaging the enemy. Though that particular fact might make a saber a better choice in some circumstances.

Anyway, I was just supplying an image to fit your line.
No. 261711 ID: c71597

Tour of the defences, check out their deployments, talk a bit with the common soldiers and see how they're doing. Reinforce their belief that they're going to kick so fucking much furry asses that they're going to be washing out fur and blood from their shoees for months.

Work your way to the crashsite, and check for good terrain on the way. Won't be able to try to hold ground or use classic defences, the fighting will most likely be a guerilla style affair, need to know the ground well if you're going to make that work.
No. 261728 ID: b6c6fc
File 129147752993.jpg - (125.38KB , 957x590 , Command9.jpg )

>the general directs the tanks in the direction of the crash site

a sword? hah! in my experience I find a hammer a far more suitable weapon for crushing those smaller than yourself.

my warhammer for example has been specifically crafted with the purpose of crushing furre skulls. It is made from solid Adamantium and can withstand 6 second of full sheild discharge before taking any structural damage. the shaft of the weapon is perfectly scaled to give great range and balance, but also keep your hands out of shield range, though gauntlets are still recommended. it boasts 2 heads a bludgeon to shatter the opponents weapon, and large spike to not only crack the helmet but to impale strait through into the skull.

don't even get me started on how to take on unarmored targets, let's just say Wack-A-Mole takes on a whole new meaning

>the hand radio sparks to life
Kathy: "Sir, I'm receiving a transmission from Sergeant Rickens, do you want me to patch you through?"
No. 261735 ID: 146bca

Let's hear what the knucklehead has to say. Maybe he's already found some of the "Bodies."
No. 261741 ID: c71597

You sure as shit want to get it patched through. He could have an update on the crashed ships and shit.
No. 261744 ID: b6c6fc
File 129149508798.jpg - (181.07KB , 957x590 , Command10.jpg )

Halsner: "Rickens! so you've found my bodies?"

Rickens: "not exactly sir, we found the dune tower that went missing this morning, we have good reason to believe it was stolen by the very people we seek, and after examining the tower I can only conclude this the work of Furres NOT pirates."

Halsner: "I don't give a damn who they are, I want them found AND I WANT THEM DEAD, If they're not in the DuneTower where the hell did they go?"

Rick: "Sir! we believe they've entered a hatch leading into some old furre ruins, but if they are down there it would be the perfect place for an ambush"

Halsner: "hmmmm"

what orders should I give Rickens?

Rickens: "sir one more thing, did you send a GuardianTank to reinforce us, because we've got one on visual headed strait for us"
No. 261745 ID: 146bca

Wait, we're in the tank going to inspect the wrecks themselves, right?
No. 261746 ID: c71597

Tell him to hold position. You're going to get some reinforcements up to him.

Check what forces are nearby and which one would be suited to a task like this.
No. 261748 ID: e4c4d8


Call in the Tunnel Rats. Send them into the ruins.
No. 261749 ID: 7dfd39

Explode the ruins from far away.
No. 261755 ID: 80bb9a

>Call in the Tunnel Snakes.

No. 261756 ID: a09a03

Blow open the entrance with demolition charges and flamethrower the shit out of everything.
No. 261764 ID: a41aaf

Nuke the site from orbit, it's the only way to be sure curse the lack of space superiority!
No. 261766 ID: d84e06

This. You don't want them captured and interrogated, you want them fried. Depending on how valuable ammo is, either fire a tank rocket at the entrance or demo-charge it.
No. 261767 ID: e4c4d8

Well, we might get an idea what's on the enemy's mind... but I changed my mind to this. New Plan;

1. Close entrances
2. Insert Napalm
3. ????
No. 261886 ID: b6c6fc
File 129152750720.jpg - (199.49KB , 957x590 , Command11.jpg )

>the general gives his order

Rickens: "alright men, you heard the general, let's throw in some fire bombs, toast everything inside!"

>a couple minutes later, a burst of flame comes shooting out the hatch

>the hand radio sparks to life

Kathy: "Sir, I'm recieving a message from Colonel Gibly, will you take this call now?"

Rickens: "sir, do you want me to send a couple squads down, to make sure they're dead?"
No. 261887 ID: 7dfd39

No. 261892 ID: a09a03

Yeah, and to see if anything survived which might explain what's going on.

Make sure to quote Aliens a lot.
No. 261897 ID: 283fa9

Are those coconut trees? See if you can smash a coconut with your war-hammer. So it can taste VIOLENCE. ...and coconut.

And take the call while you send some people down to cleanup. Tell them to be careful of low ceilings, too. And potentially crispy corpses.
No. 261952 ID: b6efbd

I find it hard to believe an army as advanced as yours doesn't have a recon drone or two to scout. Send one in.
No. 261961 ID: c71597

Tell Rickens to get on it, and to be fucking careful, furry fuckers might have left some traps or activated some shit. If he does well then there might be benefits, if he does bad then he's not going to be happy.

Tell Kathy to put Gibly through, fucker had better have something important to say though.
No. 261983 ID: 8a43e8

accept the message, though find some way to make "gibly" into an insult about his sexual orientation or ability to please a woman.
No. 262013 ID: b6c6fc
File 129156871297.jpg - (188.67KB , 957x590 , Command12.jpg )

Halsner: "Order confirmed, send in those squads"

>pulls out hand radio

Halsner: "Charles!, your missing all the action, we're leading the charge, taking the offensive! hitting those furres were it hurts!"

Gibly: "sounds fun Jack, but we've got some seriously weird shit going down here. all the the crawlers just dropped dead, I'm not shitting you here."

Halsner: " . . . god damn, ALL OF THEM?"

Gibly: " neck grafts, slayers, lose crawler nodes, every bug here in Alsgrad just dropped dead. I contacted the commissioner in Parlshima, same story."

>Rickens reports back to general Halsner

Rickens: "Sir, you're not going to believe this but we just found hundreds of dead crawlers down there, several slayers too, . . . the bomb may have killed a lot of them, but there's no way it killed this many . . . do you want us to keep searching?"
No. 262024 ID: 7dfd39

Tell them to clear the way and get down there to check it all out yourself.
No. 262029 ID: c71597

Tell him to get to the bottom of that shit and find out why the little fuckers were in there.

Tell Gibly that you're coming over to see for yourself.
No. 262031 ID: 1854db

Tell them to make sure they're dead. If they're faking it we'd be fucked to just leave them alone.
No. 262052 ID: 644ca1

Just so we are all on the same page, is this a good thing or a bad thing?
No. 262053 ID: a09a03

Yeah, try to find some evidence of what's going on. Check any surviving computers, hard drives, anything.

Also, is all the bugs dying a good thing?
No. 262112 ID: 701a19

So the body horrors that made slaves of you all are dead?
Shit, if that's what the furballs did then you should throw a damn parade in their honor! Then immediately put all your labcoat schmucks on researching poisons to kill those damn things in case they come back.
No. 262125 ID: fba40f


(But wait, I thought we were the bugs?)
No. 262309 ID: b6c6fc
File 129160417554.jpg - (153.17KB , 957x590 , Command13.jpg )

Halsner: "Rickens, your mission is to find those bodies, nothing has changed, keep searching soldier!"

the TechLeech and her minions were valuable asset to our establishment here, hell we were damned with em, without em we don't stand a ghost of a chance, still I'm damn glad they got what they deserve

but what the hell happened to em, I suppose if the TechLeech bought the farm maybe the nodes die too . . . but to punch through a TechLeech hive, the fire power you'd need . . .


but if they knew about the TechLeech . . .

Rickens: "Sir, we've found a perfectly intact furre starship! it's impossible they would have come this far and not used it to escape-"

Halsner: "escape was not their plan sergeant . . . "

Rickens: "Sir?"
No. 262312 ID: 2563d4

Continue to deliver exposition while enjoying cigar.
No. 262316 ID: a09a03

Maybe they didn't escape because the place was completely full of bugs.
No. 262320 ID: 46c430

Obviously, they are experienced commandos, here to soften up our position before the main strike force enters, and to scout our positions.
No. 262337 ID: c71597

Tell Rickens to get that ship out of there, oh, and that you need one of them alive. That ship could be useful, but for that you need the codes to not get blown up.

Then move on towards Gibly.
No. 262359 ID: 283fa9

Oh noes, you think this might have been a suicide mission? ...maybe we should look for bombs then.

And hey, they might NOT be a highly trained group of operatives, they might end up being a group of greens who got very, very lucky. The beat the bell curve, you need to remember to look at both ends. :V
No. 262415 ID: b6c6fc
File 129165126286.jpg - (200.43KB , 957x590 , Command14.jpg )

Halsner: "these furres are clearly Commandos of the highest skill, they're here to scout out our strongholds, Rickens we need to know how much they found out! I want at least one of them ALIVE!"

Rickens: "understood sir!"

Halsner: "Driver, take us to Alsgrad I need to-"

Rickens: "Sir! my men have found a survivor"

Halsner: "already? excellent work sergeant!"

Rickens: "no sir, not a commando, a Solar, one of ours"
No. 262418 ID: e3f578

"Well Hooo-ly shit Ricken's, where do we bury our survivors? Give me the right answer and I might just give you a treat. GET THAT S-O-B SOME GODDAMNED MEDICAL ATTENTION! If you had some fucking initiative it would have been here yesterday when all the bugs were having some tiny deer for breakfast for all I know. Blasted damn furres and there Solar planet similarities. WHERE IS MY FUCKING MEDIVAC SOLDIER! WHILE I WAS HERE BLABBING ABOUT FURRY SPECIES YOU COULD HAVE BEEN CALLING IT IN!"
No. 262420 ID: 2563d4

Well, get him medical attention, and get him debriefed.
No. 262433 ID: a09a03

Stabilize him and bring him up for debriefing.
No. 262441 ID: c71597

Tell Rickens that you want a full debriefing on everything the guy knows in 20 minutes, and he better not fucking die. Then get a move on over to Gibly, need to make plans for the reorganisation of the defenses.
No. 262481 ID: fb10df

Too bad Enrad's kind of a retard
No. 262484 ID: 701a19


Whoever it is, they get a medal for killing the bugs.
Even if it fucks you up like a stampede of Turkish prostitutes you want people to think this was planned long in advance.
No. 262519 ID: b6c6fc
File 129168184038.jpg - (129.37KB , 957x590 , Command15.jpg )

Halsner: "Well Hooo-ly shit Rickens, where do we bury our survivors? Give me the right answer and I might just give you a treat. GET THAT S-O-B SOME GODDAMNED MEDICAL ATTENTION! If you had some fucking initiative it would have been here yesterday!"

Rickens: "R-Right away sir!"

. . .

>the survivor is brought to the surface and given medical treatment

Halsner: "this man has information, invaluable to the Militia! I need words with him medic!"

Medic: "Sir I could use stimulants to wake him, but this could greatly risk his health."

should I do it?
No. 262520 ID: eb46cf

Certainly not. You should wait for him to recover before you risk killing him and losing all the information.
No. 262523 ID: 553b85

Do it. Time is of the essence and you need info in order to act.
No. 262524 ID: d0d015

Don't do it. Time is of the essence, but if you lose all the information, it's pointless.
No. 262526 ID: 6a0f18

Yea, we need this information and we need it now, it might save the skins of many man, most important, yours!
No. 262527 ID: 197650

Intell is important, if he dies before he can tell you the whole story you'll have lost your intell AND another gunner.
No. 262529 ID: 45be60

intel can wait a few minutes. We don't even know if what he knows is going to be useful. Get the guy hooked up to some life support first, then worry about waking him.
No. 262538 ID: 46c430

Don't use the stimulants.
No. 262560 ID: 55c4cf

Treat him properly without the stimulants. The information gained in such a hurry won't be very useful, especially if he dies from it.
No. 262562 ID: b6c6fc
File 129169248299.jpg - (121.46KB , 957x590 , Command16.jpg )

Halsner: "I want that man alive, the debriefing will have to wait"

>the general hops back into his tank and prepares to drive off towards Alsgrad

Rickens: "Sir! would you like us to escort you, or are we to continue the search?"
No. 262564 ID: e3f578

escort the survivor. you'll be fine on your own.
No. 262595 ID: f504f7


yup. you'll be fine. you have your hammer.
No. 262600 ID: c71597

Tell him to continue the search. Whoever the fuckhead is that they left behind could have been left to halt the search after them, sort of like throwing him to the wolves, only now they are the wolves and shit.

Anyway, he can keep his fucking escort, you don't need em. Now full speed ahead!
No. 262649 ID: b6c6fc
File 129172199119.jpg - (115.61KB , 957x590 , Command17.jpg )

Halsner: "ta hell with your damn escort boy!"

>one of the transports has to head back to Alsgrad to give the survivor proper medical attention, the general let's it tag along

. . .

>the hand radio buzzes to life

Halsner: "Kathy, have you contacted the other cities about the bug death, we need-"

Kathy: "with all do respect General, we have no time for that! I've just recieved word, our scanners have detected the furre warships decending from orbit!"
No. 262650 ID: e3f578

Frown. Frown at the sky for your life. Maybe you'll scare them off if you just look grimacing enough.

Then ask Kathy if we got any nukes or if we could makeshift one. If so, get Kathy to organize whatever the hell we can do to make a big boom and get her, you and Parker to the crashed intact furre/pirate ship to stall for time or scare 'em off until the wounded soldier wakes up.

Does Kathy speak even a little bit Astranian as a communications officer?
No. 262651 ID: 701a19

Tell her to take pics of the dead bugs and send them along with the words
"We're free now."

It's a gamble, but you can play it off as having been under their control. If they respond, tell them that the damned things all dropped dead and you currently believe an Astran commando unit killed the techleech brood mother. Add that they have your thanks if that's the case.

You can't fight them off, but you might avoid a genocide if you pin the blame on the dead guy.
No. 262657 ID: c71597

Well fucking shitslurping diseaseridden dickloving furry fucknuts sure know how to pick their time.

Ok, tell Kathy to send out a general alert. All forces are to go to maximum alert, we can't let them just set up a beach head unoposed.

Tell the driver to fucking step on it, maximum fucking speed. You need to meet with Gibly to get this shitty excuse for a defense set up, you need time and new plans for how to deal with this clusterfuck, beacause right now it seems like this shit is truly FUBAR.
No. 262663 ID: e4c4d8


Please tell me you have some Triple A. Because it is time to employ that shit.
No. 262810 ID: b6c6fc
File 129177993416.jpg - (119.42KB , 957x590 , Command18.jpg )

>the general frowns and looks to the sky

Damn you Furres. God damn you all.
there's no way we can win this battle, not even guerrilla warfare will cut it, we don't have the men nor the supplies

>the general sees a starship launch skyward,

Damn fool pirates, there are furre ships in orbit, he'll get blast before he can leave system, heh pirate bastard should know better.

the Astranians don't dick around, and they don't fire warning shots

Kathy's a Comm Officer, they all can speak fluent Astranian. hell I'm not half bad at the language myself.
problem is the damned furres don't like to talk, all we've managed to do is piss them off, and after the whole damned "Doraun Incident" they've got pretty solid reason to be a little annoyed . . . but I'm pretty sure the "tiny dick" jokes we kept making didn't help matters.

these bastards didn't come here to win a war, we've hurt the Alliance worse then any army has in the last 300 hundred years, they're out here for blood, to they're here to sooth their damaged pride, they're here to please the folks back home, and they're here for revenge.

if I send them a message, it better be a damned good one, because I'm pretty damned sure they can track the signal back to the source.
No. 262824 ID: e4c4d8


Well, if you insist on transmitting something (Not that you have to mind, if it's not in your best interest), make sure it's impressive. Like "Bring It."
No. 262837 ID: 701a19

Yes, that's why we play pin the blame on the bugs.

First, order your forces to stand down and retreat. They can't win, but if you can prevent a genocide then at least they'll live.
Second, there's no way the bugs and their mind control powers escaped notice. If you blame the bugs for everything and thank the Astarans for killing 'em then you'll at least confuse the fleet long enough to buy some time. You might even damage their morale.
No. 262872 ID: c71597

Fuck messages. They're not going to listen to shit you have to say anyway. Although it's possible that you can get them to waste ammunition. Set up a proxy, pre-record your message and put it in a far off place where you only have a transmiter.

And the goal isn't really to win on the ground here. You need to get your hands on one of their troop ships, get the friend or foe codes. Then you're going to either run through the barricade, or you're going to get some sweet ass fucking boarding actions done after you have disabled their comms systems. So tell your cyber warfare gang to get on a method of hacking and shutting down furre transmissions.
No. 262903 ID: a41aaf

Activate bluff mode!
Claim the failure of their 'covert' strike team to be your doing, along with the death of the bugs.
No. 262987 ID: a9a46d


Send one word to them, just one word.

No. 262991 ID: fba40f

Good idea.
No. 263031 ID: b6c6fc
File 129186495486.jpg - (140.04KB , 957x590 , Command19.jpg )

>using a delay beacon, the general manages to send off a distraction message to the Astranian warships

I reckon that'll keep em busy for at least a couple hours

>the general has arrived at Alsgrad city
>he has about 5 hours to prepare a plan

hmmm now what I need is a plan

let's review some facts:
the planet is filled with magnetic rock, scanners have trouble working underground and near large rock deposits like cliffs and mountains. harsh winds make atmospheric flight impractical. this planet is a huge wasteland making it unpleasant to live on, as well as hazardous

Fact B: the forces at work
Solars: my people, there aren't a lot of us here, other than Alsgrad and Parlshima there's only a few other settlements around
Furres: the enemy, bastards are out for blood, I doubt we can talk them into reason.
Bugs: they've got great intelligence on everything, and they seem more than willing to provide it for free, to bad they all seem dead now
Pirates: greedy bastards, they can't be trusted, but they've got serious combat resources on the planet and they really seem to hate the furres a whole bunch
StarPolice: an ancient race or something, they could take out the entire Furre fleet with the flick of the wrist, and they're every where watching . . . but I've got no way to contact em, hell they've got no reason to listen to me even if I could

1: if I wanna fight a strait up war, I'll need allies, allies with heavy arms
2: if I take the guerrilla approach, we'll need somewhere to hide, and a way to obtain supplies
3: we might be able to run the blockade, but we'd need some way to survive long enough to jump into warp drive, once we reach orbit
4: we could try to steal/sabotage Furre equipment/vehicles but we'd need to find Guilder or Furre agents to do the job,

No. 263048 ID: 8c0848

No. 263080 ID: c71597

Allies and heavy guns you lack, but the magnetic interferance and problems with atmospheric flight suggests great possibilities for a guerilla campaign. Extra supplies can be obtained by confiscating pretty much anything useful that's owned by civilians. That and looting dead furres.

Meanwhile you should use the ship in the furre ruins to get a few crews familiarised with the outlay of the bridge and how it works.
No. 268083 ID: b6c6fc
File 129383512047.jpg - (144.11KB , 957x590 , Command20.jpg )

>JUCHA-19, somewhere in Magnitite caverns, hour 6

my scouts, my snipers my spies all of them are in place

our fortesses have been abandoned in favor of secret smuggling caves, I have ordered all soldiers on the planet to engage a guerrilla campaign against the Furre invaders
No. 268084 ID: b6c6fc
File 129383543210.jpg - (134.09KB , 957x590 , Command21.jpg )

the Doc says the survivor's ready to talk

I've left Gibly in command while I do a little debriefing

* * *

looks like the kid's a little out of it

how should I go about this?
No. 268086 ID: 2563d4

Paternally reassuring yet appealing to his sense of duty due to the urgent military situation.
No. 268097 ID: 701a19

"Hey, kid. How ya feeling? What's your name?"

Since he's in bad shape you want to keep the questioning easy. If you stress him then he might black out or something. You don't have time to screw up like that.
Start slow, and make him feel safe and calm.
No. 268131 ID: 197650

You need to be the father figure when your men need you to.
"Treat your soldiers like your beloved children and they will follow you into the deepest valleys"
-Napoleon Bonaparte

Ask about him first, name, how he's holdin' up, etc. Get to the intell when he's ready.
No. 268156 ID: c2c011

Get drunk and shoot. Him, no disregard that. I'm drunk, and you should be as well.
No. 268259 ID: b6c6fc
File 129391324753.jpg - (138.38KB , 957x590 , Command22.jpg )

Halsner: "by the looks of it son, you've had a rough day, hell your damn lucky to be alive, how are ya feeling?"

????: "huh, uh what?"

Halsner: "I asked how are you feeling?"

????: " I-I feel numb, I CAN'T FEEL ANYTHING!"

Halsner: "calm down, that's just the pain killers, you've been cut up pretty bad"

????: "the voices, I can't hear the voices!"

Halsner: " . . . what's your name son?"

????: "but-"

Halsner: "your name boy!"

????: "Enrad, William T. Enrad."
No. 268291 ID: 1854db

Tell him the bugs are dead, and ask what the last thing he remembers is.
No. 268293 ID: c2c011

Ask him why the fuck he was cooperating with the enemy.
No. 268296 ID: 197650

He was a prisoner, fighting a common foe, don't give him shit for that.

's good he can't hear the voices, now he can focus. compliment him on a good well job staying alive.
No. 268298 ID: c2c011

He was fighting against our allies.
No. 268299 ID: 90f16d

We can't be sure he fled to the Astranians. He could've been a hostage, a POW, or a spy.

Tell him that noone hears the bugs anymore and that voices have disappeared. Tell him where your men found him and ask how he ended up there.
No. 268302 ID: 701a19

Remember, sympathetic and fatherly. Keep calm and maintain your bedside manner no matter what.
"Ok Will.
Head voices aren't my field, but not too long ago all the bugs dropped dead.
I can't begin to imagine what happened to you in that hole, Will, and that's part of the problem.
As much as I want to give you the time you need to recover, I need to know what happened down there.
Please, tell me what you can."
No. 268305 ID: ce2dba

Ask him what the hell happened down there.

Don't metagame, guys - we don't know anything Halsner doesn't.
No. 268318 ID: 283fa9

Re-read the thread, and we DO know about bug deaths.

Yay, a name form him. Be friendly, but remind him that he is a SOLDIER and you are a GENERAL. You are here to protect him, but he is to do what you tell him, right?

Inform him of all the dead bugs, and ask if he knows anything about that. And ask what he remembers, period, before we found him.
No. 268387 ID: b6c6fc
File 129395023917.jpg - (119.25KB , 957x590 , Command23.jpg )

Halsner: "Ok Will. Head voices aren't my field, but not too long ago all the bugs dropped dead. call it a hunch but I don't think you'll be hearing their whispers for a while"

William: " . . . oh"

Halsner: "Will, can you tell me what happened? what the hell were you doing down there?

William: "we were escaping from the bugs, hundreds of them, then we were attacked, a couple of them attack me, then I blacked out"

Halsner: " . . . after which the bugs all died. rather convenient for you, like I said you're lucky to be alive. can you think of any reason for them all to drop dead? did they look sickly? anything at all?"

William: "no they seemed fine, vicious and deadly, I don't- . . . wait, the Furre leader said something about killing them, he had some sort of plan . . . I don't rember what he said"

Halsner: "hmmm"
No. 268390 ID: 197650

Just curious... how safe is this location, and is he holding up well enough to be moved? You need to be ready to abbandon your control nodes at any time. Losing Enrad would lose us intell that could be valuable.

I think it might be a good idea to tell him what kind of a state your forces are in, and make him aware he might need to be moved, just so he knows what to expect.

Telling him he'll be alright and then telling him there's a furres army descending on them might not come across very well.
No. 268392 ID: 1854db

He said the furre leader. Ask him who he was with.
No. 268402 ID: 701a19

"That's fine, Will. What can you remember about the furres you encountered? Skills, equipment, disposition, anything could help."

Why would they be running from the bugs if they were going to take down the brood mother? If they didn't have the firepower to fight off the bugs then they'd have no chance at getting to the hive and even less chance of taking it down. That suggests some kind of specialized weapon that required proximity and a suicide mission.
No. 268584 ID: b6c6fc
File 129401321084.jpg - (119.54KB , 861x531 , Command24.jpg )

God DAMN, I KNEW it! Furre insurgents hiding right under our very noses!

Halsner: "boy, what in the burning hells were you doing chumming with god damned Furres?"

William: "no sir, I was a prisoner! I nev-"

Halsner: "save it boy, tell me everything you know about those damn critter spies and I'll go lenient on ya"

William: "b-but sir-"

Halsner: "the spies Will, tell me about the Furres, Skills, equipment, disposition, anything
our very lives may depend on it."

William: "um the were 7, there were 3 that brought me down into the lab, there were 4 more waiting down there but 2 had been killed by something, there was sort of a funeral thing"

Damn, that vault's probably been a listening post for years! I've been such fool, the Astranians have been spying on us all along!

Halsner: "wait? you were inside the vault? how did you get out?"

William: "they must have known the bugs were coming, we fled through an escape tunnel, for a bit, I got stuck so they left me behind"

Halsner: "couldn't they fight them? hell you said they had some sort of plan, surely they had the fire power to take em out"

William: "ya they were packing some serious heat, their leader must have be some sort of expert commando, he killed least a hundred bugs with nothing but a handgun"

Halsner: "but still they ran? why didn't they fight, you said their leader had a plan WHAT WAS HIS PLAN BOY!"

William: "I-I can't remember, I dunno maybe he didn't tell . . . no wait I remember to Furres arguing about some sort of bomb. but the leader got real mad, I think he was angry about what I'd heard."

of course, it all makes sense! only a fool would drop a bomb from the air!, they knew the only way to kill brood mother was to plant the bomb in her hive itself, clever bastards. and that would explain their fleeing, the needed to conserve ammo for the big push into the hive!

Halsner: "Will, tell me more about their leader."

Enrad: "he was huge for a furre, at least five feet tall, a dark blaze in his eyes, he told me his name was OKEN"

Oken? I know that name! why the hell do I know that name? where did I hear it . . .
No. 268606 ID: 701a19

Ease up on the kid. The furres slaughtered his squad, and the doc said his missing limbs were taken off by RayTech. It's pretty damn obvious they hit a militia patrol for transport and intel, and since he wouldn't have access to the TechLeech's location they must have pumped him with questions that he wouldn't have known enough to not answer.
Shit, they probably demanded info on nearby places to hide so they could get a list of likely targets.

Ease off on him.
No. 268610 ID: e3f578

Don't you remember sir? She's the one that shot your son down in space combat! Had the big words OKEN WUZ HERE right on his bird too. Probably went off to get some stupid Furre medal for it, getting pats on the back for a well placed shot from the the other Furres while you had to attend his funeral without a body. The manly tears that ran down your face that day were least the shameful tears a man could make.
No. 268621 ID: 644ca1

Maybe the bugs mentioned him... him? That sounds a bit off somehow.
No. 268634 ID: 197650

Remember that intell from post-trauma soldiers isn't always relyable, you can assume there were furres, and what happend was true.
don't trust his word on how skilled they were, what their motivations might have been, etc.

He was just millitia, he can't cope with this sort of stress.

Eitehr way, calm down a bit, even if they gahtered intell, all they got was how you normally operate. If anything this will make the furres attempt a head-on assault, meaning they'll be right where you want them to be.

They won't know what hit 'em.
No. 268783 ID: b6c6fc
File 129403712162.jpg - (114.60KB , 861x531 , Command25.jpg )

Hmmm no Furre have a ton of war heroes but they're rarely important enough for someon of my status to worry about

yeah maybe I heard it from the bugs, they're always spouting nonsense!

eh I'm sure it's not important.

what ever tactical info those Furres got, it's probably now out dated and not really much to worry about.

am I done here, or I should I ask some more questions?
No. 268790 ID: 644ca1

Ask what kind of animal this Oken looked like.
No. 268818 ID: 5f0943

I don't really think there are any more questions you can ask that has anything to do with the situation.
Let the guy rest and go find something important to do.
No. 268830 ID: c2c011

You're probably done here. This blubbering failure of a soldier doesn't seem to know anything else.

Lets go and review the tactical situation.
No. 268857 ID: 2563d4

Don't forget to have him put through psychological screening or whatever to make sure his experience hasn't left him a Furre sympathiser. That last thing you need right now is some poor confused and mislead rookie going turncoat amongst your number.
No. 268994 ID: b6c6fc
File 129411279037.jpg - (113.15KB , 861x531 , Command26.jpg )

this kid's probably half delusional, should probably wait till he recovers more before I press him again

>the general leaves

Rickens: "Sir, the Colonel's sent me to find you it's urgent, also the Governor has called again she seems quite angry,"

damn that Governor Kensak, bitch needs to shut up and let me do my job!
No. 269008 ID: 2563d4

This is war. Colonel has priority.
No. 269009 ID: 701a19

Go see the colonel. Have this guy tell you what her beef is on the way.
No. 269060 ID: c2c011

Go talk to the colonel. On the way call the governer and tell her to shut the fuck up and let you do your fucking job.
No. 269106 ID: b6c6fc
File 129417349142.jpg - (115.04KB , 861x531 , Command27.jpg )

Halsner: "Charles! what's our situation?"

Gibly: "it's bad man,the furres must have got wise to our plan, Occupational forces have already landed,

Halsner: "already? damn those bastards! it should have taken them at LEAST another 2 hours!"

Gibly: "they must have pushed forward their schedual, they've already taken Cliffside command and Parlshima, I guess they felt Alsgrad was a lost cause."

Halsner: "Damnit!"
No. 269112 ID: c2c011

Well shit. Ask him which landing force is the strongest and how they're acting without their heavy air support.
No. 269123 ID: 197650

We don't want them to find our bases, what's going on? How are they finding them?

We're meant to be aggressive, assault and aggitate their forces, but only when we WANT to.

Anyways, look on the bright side, if you had made any of those commanders your central command, the battle would've been over already.
No. 269260 ID: b6c6fc
File 129420050335.jpg - (123.54KB , 861x531 , Command28.jpg )

Halsner: "Well shit. Charles do we know which landing force is the strongest? how are they fighting without their heavy air support?."

Gibly: " looks like they've got a 90% heavy focus on Parlshima, Cliffside is defended but not heavily more, of an outpost landing.
They're fielding the usual array of infantry we've come to expect from the Furre military, a mostly robotic trooper core, supported by the occasional Furre specialist squad.
Now here's where it get's interesting you've heard of the Astranian Mech/walker patrols?"

Halsner: "out dated scout forces, Furres barely ever use em, too expense and impractical I think"

Gibly: "well not today, we've heard reports confirming at least 200 BattleMechs , on top of that the've been decked out with heavy armour, condensed shielding and some crazy new weapons systems"

Halsner: "good good, what the hell do they need that much fire power for"

Gibly: "guess they really don't plan on losing, here's where things get REALLY interesting, they've deploy a small number, of huge new walkers. I'm talking tech like we've never even seen before!, my guess is that these are some sort of mobile command stations, reports indicate 4 total 1 at Cliffside, and 3 in Parlshima."

Halsner: "well sounds like we've got one hell of a war to fight"

Gibly: "oh ya one other report, apperently they've brought in some mining equipment"
No. 269267 ID: e3f578

Then they didn't come for us really, they're here for whatever's inside this entire fucking planet. Taking us out is just the second bird in hand man! The second bird! Quickly, we got to figure out what the hell our bush is going to be. Maybe if we say Oken to their radio's out loud they'll listen to something. We could lead them to a trap or something. Think we could send an infiltration squad or some stealthy shit like that and commandeer us some big high tech command centers?

Big high tech command centers are probably what will turn this battle.
No. 269291 ID: 1854db

Where's the mining equipment heading?
No. 269319 ID: 701a19

It looks like the density of their forces is unrelated to anything but proximity to that bunker.
They sent in a squad of commandos to take-out the brood mother, and now it looks like they're going to dig-up the hive and destroy it to prevent any of the larva from becoming a new brood mother.

Find out what's happening inside the occupied zones; if they're not killing everybody then they're on a bug-hunt.

Oh, by the way, how do you know it was the furres that destroyed the gate back to Earth? Could it have been the Tech Leech backing you into a corner so you'd accept its brand of 'help'?

Go see what the governor is whining about. It could be useful information.
No. 269322 ID: 197650

This is starting to sound like a fight we can't win, you should concider pulling a bluff that you have one of those planet destroying bombs underground, and it JUST finished being built. If they don't leave you'll blow us both to hell.

Alternatively, we need to figure out how to fight this shit off. Do we know how any of their weapons operate? steam, electricity, magic?

Is there some kind of command that they control these mechs from? If you can preform an ambush to take it out you'll win yourself a lot of time, maybe you can even re-wire some of the mechs to turn on the furres.

If it's the ship you can pretend to be a sell-out human or a stranded furre or something, and attempt to convince the enemy that you're on their side, sacrifice a few small bases, or some supply stations you don't need to get em to trust you. Then get them to redirect their forces away from their command center, and take it out/over.

Relying entirely on a force that is remote controlled COULD give us a massive advantage.
If we can't get the control centre, we can attempt to disable them with EMP, if we have access to the technology.
I still recommend putting down traps, antitank, anti infantry, anti-rodent, anything.
No. 269329 ID: c2c011

Hmm, cliffside seems like it could be a trap. But also a too good target to miss. Lets send in some scouts to check it out and maybe a probing attack.

If we can get a command centre we might be able to find out some stuff about why they're here.
No. 269352 ID: b6c6fc
File 129425894948.jpg - (116.12KB , 861x531 , Command29.jpg )

Halsner: "where are they taking the mining equipement?"

Gibly: "no where Jack, looks like they're planning on mining right in Parlshima"

Exellent! clearly they're here for the Tech-Leach, not us. which means they aren't going to see us as much of a threat.

That Command walker at Cliffside is an Ideal target, an opportunity like this is unlikely to come round again I'd hate to waste it.

I don't need to send scouts to Cliffside, I already had them in place,

Halsner: "Charles, I want a full report, on the base at Cliffside, I want EVERY detail, damn I better know what toilet paper they prefer!"

Gibly: "Ha, Ha, you got it Jack, I won't let you down"

no matter how I look at this, we're going to be needing an infiltration team, wether we're capturing or bringing it down the best way is always from the inside

so if we're going to do this, we've got to start preping now!

the question is, do we really think we can do this, all that macho bullshit aside, should we really take this chance?
No. 269354 ID: 2563d4

...do you need to? If you're not the target, the smart thing might be to just stay hidden until they're done with their bughunt and blast off.

Unless they then blast the planet in half with a subterrainian bomb or something. You need more intel.
No. 269355 ID: c2c011

The oppurtunity is too good to miss. Just make sure the team you send in is expendable. Highly expendable. But still good, might have to look at what kinds of people you have in the penal platoons and stuff.

Should probably also call up that guvenor lady before reviewing files for the mission. If nothing else so that you can shout at her to stop fucking bothering you with civilian horseshit.
No. 269359 ID: 197650

A small number of soldiers, prisoners of war, managed to take down one of their champions, they were using regular guns in a terrain the furry champion knew.

This time, you will only have to attack who you want, catch the enemy offguard, and you have the choice of where to fight them. Your men will be better supplied, have a better morale, and will be fighting weaker troops than the people that took down their champion.

At this point, all you really need to worry about is how you're going to get in, and how you're going to get your troops there without drawing attention.

If you can gather the men, assault the enemy when you want, on your terms, and outnumber them, they will be utterly slaughtered.

Your scouts and snipers should determine what the best way to assault exactly is, and how many men theyre likely to have. On top of that, entry points and weak spots in the defenses should be noted.
No. 269361 ID: 3297aa

Might as well talk to the governor lady, she might actually have something important to say.
No. 269429 ID: 701a19

Take that call from the governor now.

Heavy mechanized infantry deployment in spite of how unwieldy they are in combat means they want the armor for the armor. If they're mostly leaving the people alone then that confirms this is a bug hunt.

Depending on what the governor says you might want to set up a series of relays so you can talk to the furres directly.
No. 269449 ID: b6c6fc
File 129429279648.jpg - (125.59KB , 861x531 , Command30.jpg )

Time to see what that governor shrew wants now

>the General pulls out his hand radio

Halsner: "Kensak, this better be important, I'm in the-"

Kensak: "HOW DARE YOU PUT ME ON HOLD FOR A WHOLE HALF HOUR! I'm governor of this entire planet personally chosen by the Gate Lord himself to represent the people. a people you have chosen to abandon in our time of greatest need. how is it even conceivable for you to take away our very defenses? how can you be so neglectful as to leave the people of a whole naked and defenseless against our mortal enemies the diabolical furred monsters. is it not your soul duty to protect us from harm? what could possibly be more important then the defense our species, have you no compasion the . . ."

Good god this woman needs to learn how to shut her trap, hmmm damn civilians what should I do about this?

Kensak: " . . . is one thing, but our reserve forces as well, what kind of deranged madman are you? do you have any Idea what this will do to the economy, not to mention crime rates, there will be riots on the streets, burglaries, vandalism every were, and we have no recourse to stop this. and what about the Pirates? even if we assume the furres will leave us alone, which is a HUGE assumption on your part! the pirate guild will have no such mercy, they would kill for this kind of opportunity, and will, they could probably raise all of Alsgrad and there's absolutely nothing we can do to protect our selves in the slightest. even if they don't attack the city directly they . . ."
No. 269452 ID: 701a19

Tell her to have the proper police institute a curfew, then call the furres. Have her tell them the military has left the cities and only civilians are left, and surrender. She's free to work out the terms of the surrender herself since she doesn't have a damned clue where you are.

The Furres won't move on the cities because it's a poor allocation of resources with negligible returns, and they're smart enough to avoid urban combat like the plague it is.
This doesn't change much, but the furres hate for pirates makes their feelings towards humans seem like a mother's love; if the pirates move then the furres will respond swiftly and brutally.

If she protests then point out the furres would have no qualms about nuking the cities to prevent opposition and threat management is the only way to keep that from happening.
No. 269453 ID: 197650

Tell her to shut her trap and read the Art of War, generals must have complete and utter control if they are to succeed.
Your men are everywhere, protecting them as best they can, but it is vital they remain unseen, this is partially a war of information. Any intell they get is a nail in the coffin of this entire planet.

Wether she likes to admit it or not, this planet is now in a state of total war, and you outrank her. If she can't deal with that she can either resign or you can have her executed and replaced.

It is her responcibility to take care of the people, so she is meant to set up a police force, the military should never be responcible for law enforcement to begin with.
She can surrender to the furres and have them keep order, if they do so you can use whatever the civilians hear to your advantage.

This isn't about crime rates, vandalism or anything stupid like that, this is the survival of every single life on the planet we're talking about. If that costs a few bucks in propperty damage, so be it.

If the enemy attacks your city, you surrender.
No. 269455 ID: 15b51b

If these guys have 200 experimental tank-equivalents and are an infantry-centric army, you are clearly outnumbered a fuckton to one. Actually conducting a spirited defense isn't even an option.

Still, objective one is trying to get an idea of enemy numbers. And maybe the location of that massive deer.

This is a crude and oversimplistic question, but what kind of kill ratio do you guys tend to get against furries in infantry engagements?
No. 269487 ID: c2c011

Tell her to shut the fuck up and that you don't give a flying shit about her problems. If you try to defend her shit then everyones shit will get fucked up. You need all the forces you have to be mobile, not bogged down trying to keep the fucking order among a bunch of panicy fucking civvies who would do more harm than good. Or trying to defend her and her friends fucking assets. Your goal is to drive the furre fucks away from this planet. If you're going to do that then you can't sit around like a good little boy and defend some civilian shitheads until the furres bring down some superior firepower and blow the shit out of all your men.

So, since she is the civilian governor, she can deal with the civilian side. You deal with the military side. And she will shut the fuck up about what you should be doing on the military side of the whole deal.
No. 269490 ID: 2563d4

This is not the time to try to educate irate people on military strategy. Just cut the radio off.
No. 269516 ID: b6c6fc
File 129434784335.jpg - (159.27KB , 861x531 , Command31.jpg )

bahh, I can't afford to waste time on the Irrational, I've got a war to win!
>the general puts away his radio

(the general has 200 resource points, his team's maximum size is 15)

Characters: (all characters come with they're own equipment)
General Jack Halsner- Free
Colonel Charles Gibly- Free
Seargant Rickens- Free
Private Driver- Free
Private Enrad- Free

Draftee: 1 point (Low weapon skill)
Soldier: 2 points (medium weapon skill)
Veteren: 8 points (High weapon skill)
Medic: 4 points (medical supplies included)
Specialist: 4 points (required to use bombs)
Mercenary: 20 points (mercenary, guilder and Astranian come with their own war gear)
Guilder technician: 50 points(required to use/steal RayTech tech)
Astranian agent: 150 points (required to use/steal Raytech tech)
(a Guilder or Astranian is required for the mission plan: steal the command walker)

Light armour: 1 point
Medium armour: 3 points (protects from poison)
Hazard suit: 3 points (protects from poison and radiation bombs)

Bombs: (at least one bomb is required for the mission plan: destroy the Command walker)
Plastic explosive: 2 points (can be used by anyone)
Poison bomb: 10 points (can poison food/water or can releases poison gas)
Radiation Bomb: 30 points
Tactical Nuclear Bomb: 100 points

weapons: (each weapon comes with plenty of ammo)
stun rifle: -free
stun pistol: -free
battle club: -free
shotgun: 1 point
grenades: 1 point
revolver: 1 point
combat shield: 2 points
assault rifle: 3 points
sniper rifle: 3 points
flame thrower: 5 points
Rocket launcher: 7 points
gatling gun: 7 points
No. 269523 ID: 644ca1

I'm not sure what to pick with the exception of one thing, despite it being the most expensive thing I would like us to consider picking the Astranian agent. First of all he/she would be most familiar with the technology, and secondly if you run into other furres your agent might be able to talk you out of trouble if the rest of you can stay hidden, where a pirate would make you a priority target to be wiped out with the fury of a thousand suns.
No. 269526 ID: 20fc85

well, the way we want to set up is a wedge formation, highest armored outside and most heavily armed on the inside.
that's so if we get caught, we can make our way out.

Infiltrationwise, you'll at least want a techie.
2 plastic explosives
1 poison bomb (for your escape... I assume it's a gas grenade)
1 specialist
1 medic
1 Tech
3 vets
4 soldiers

That's 101 points on filling the rest of your team and bringing bombs.
assuming you 5 already have armor, we're armoring the rest of the team in medium armor. That's 30 for armor, bringing the total to 131.

this leaves 69 for arms.
every one of the others on the team (cause you 5 definitely have weapons) should have a standard issue assault rifle except for your veterans.That's 21 spent leaving 48 points. Your veterans are your heavy weapon specialists. So gattling gun + rocket launcher + flamethrower= 19. This leaves 29. give seven soldiers combat shields (to make a cover shield if shit goes downdown. that leaves 15. Give someone a sniper rifle to cover from afar, 12. Everyone else, minus sniper, gets grenades and revolvers based on your preference until we've used our budget...
Then drop stun pistols on all of them, as it's better to not leave blood in a place it can be seen. Stun, drag somewhere, execute.

I do have a reservation budget if you want to save resource points... if, you know, there's some way to put them in the bank and earn interest...
No. 269529 ID: a41aaf

>mission plan: destroy the Command walker
Whoah whoah whoah. We're already instigating Crazy Probably Suicide Mission plans, why not aim high?
Mission plan: capture the Command Walker.
No. 269533 ID: 45be60

Do the stun weapons (or any others for that matter) happen to be silenced?
No. 269534 ID: 259738

We should pick this BECAUSE it is the most expensive thing.
No. 269536 ID: 259738

Also that is an option, but we need to bring a Guilder or Astranian with us to do it.
No. 269537 ID: 20fc85

If we have silenced weapons, other than stun weapons, I may revise my budget plan
My plan contains a guilder tech in it...

My plan:
No. 269679 ID: b6c6fc
File 129441683582.jpg - (116.04KB , 861x531 , Command32.jpg )

this would be a damn fine unit, but if we're going to take an Astranian, we're going to have to make some serious cutbacks.

also personally overseeing this mission along side Charles, would indeed increase the chance of success, but it would also be putting all our eggs in one basket
(named characters are optional)

also it might be handy to take along some other light gear, like silencers (can be used on stun rifle, stun pistol, assault rifle, sniper rifle, shoutgun, revolver), gas masks, combat knives, scopes, binoculars etc.
(all this kind of stuff is free, be careful not to weigh down your men!)

also we should either prepare for a Capture mission OR a destroy mission, it's unlikely we have the supplies to be ready for both
No. 269692 ID: 5f0943

Suggestion for full 15 man team

1: Guilder Tech (50pt)

2: Veteran (8pt), Medium Armour (3pt), Gatling gun (7pt), Binoculars (free) (total: 18pt)

3: Veteran (8pt), Medium Armour (3pt), Flamethrower (5pt), Gass mask (free) (total: 16pt)

4: Veteran (8pt), Medium Armour (3pt), Sniper Rifle (3pt), Grenades (1pt), revolver (1pt), Silencer+scope+binoculars (free) (total: 15pt)

5: Veteran (8pt), Medium Armour (3pt), Assault rifle (3pt), Grenades (1pt), stun pistol (free), Silencer+binoculars+scope (free) (total: 15 pt)

6: Medic (4pt), Medium Armour (3pt), assault rifle (3pt), revolver (1pt), grenades (1pt) (total: 12 pt)

7: Medic (4pt), Light Armour (1pt), Stun rifle (free), grenades (1pt) (total: 6pt)

8: Specialist (4pt), Medium Armour (3pt), Shotgun (1pt), battle club (free), Gass mask (free) (total: 8pt)

9: Specialist (4pt), Light Armour (1pt), Shotgun (1pt), battle club (free), Gass mask (free) (total: 6pt)

10: Soldier (2pt), Light Armour (3pt), Combat Shield (2pt), Grenades (1pt), shotgun (1pt), Revolver (1pt), Silecer (free) (total: 11pt)

11: Soldier (2pt), Light Armour (3pt), Assault rifle (3pt), Silencer+scope (free) (total: 9pt)

12: Colones Charles Gibly (free)

13: Seargent Rickens (free)

14: Soldier (2pt), Light Armour (3pt), Shotgun (1pt), Grenades (1pt), Battle club (free), Stun pistol (free) (total: 8pt)

15: Mercenary (20 pt)

Bombs: 3x Plastic explosive (total: 6pt)


GRAND TOTAL: 200pt (unless my math is wrong)

MISSION: I say, capture that walker, it would likely be more beneficial than simply destroying it (and in any case, it would still deny the furres the advantage it gives).

Feel free to point out anything I might have overseen/done wrong/errors of any kind.
No. 269715 ID: 45be60

I generally like this equipment layout, especially the part about giving a shield to the guy who doesn't shoot so good anyway. I do think Medic #1 should consider handing his revolver to Medic #2 though. And the guy with the heavy, mid range, bullet storm weapon should hand his binoculars to... anybody but the flamethrower guy really. Just from a number of free hands standpoint.

But that said, fifteen men is a lot of people for an infiltration mission, and not enough for an open assault. I'd prefer to have at least two explicit teams, either with assigned roles, or redundant equipment. It looks like it wouldn't be hard to set this squad up for redundancy, there's two of everyone but the guilders.
No. 269721 ID: 5f0943

Those are all good points, especially the 'give the other medic the revolver' part, I had overlooked that.
I also just gave the gatling gun man the binoculars because I couldn't think of anything else to give him.

And the squad was built up for redundancy (mostly from the thought that everything can happen in a battle, and putting your hopes on that your only medic or specialist is going to survive through it all is rather risky).

The team could potentially be split in two, one part providing covering fire/suppression/distraction/whatever, while the other part breaks in (the flamer and the shield guy was mostly built up for tight quarters, where they will have more of an impact than in the open).
The sniper is, of course, just going to camp somewhere and shoot hostiles like they're fish in a barrel (or do that shoot, move, shoot, rinse and repeat thing that snipers in real life do).

Also: I just noticed a typo on the list.
On soldier 10 and 11, the list says light armour for 3pt.
The light armour is actually meant to be medium armour, just to make that clear.
No. 269775 ID: 20fc85

I'd think it'd be a good idea to have enough people (5) to shield wall, and give cover to those behind them...
It was the reason I designed my plan my way, in the idea of a capture mission.

assault rifle being standard issue, and side arms being stun pistols and revolvers alternating depending on person.

Your teams, however, have the added bonus of being able to split, as there's enough people in each team to split separately.

Also, if there's anyone who needs armor, it's the medic and specialists. They're the most integral to the mission. Giving a single one of them light armor is a waste of credits.

Other flaw, though it's only cause my plan looks at shields this way, is the lack of shields. Combat shields are probably able to fend off arms from our opponents. If set up properly, we can create a shield wall...
So we could get something like this


-= shield
A= assault
G= gattling
S= sniper

Shields give gattler the cover to hold back large numbers of hostiles
Sniper is for counter sniping.

But I dunno...
No. 269829 ID: 5f0943

The problem with having a lots of shields for a shield wall, is that a shield wall (especially when used by as few as five men), is that it can be flanked easily.

What I am saying is that the shields will only actually be useful in tight quarters (where flanking isn't a viable tactic) or when holding a choke point (which isn't the objective of the mission at all).

And on the armour issue, I could always swap the snipers armour for light armour (he's a sniper, if he is inside the range of where regular infantry can reliably hit him, something has gone wrong anyway), and remove one plastic explosive charge, which would free up enough points to swap the light armour of the medic and the specialist for medium armour.
No. 269878 ID: b6c6fc
File 129452070075.jpg - (123.37KB , 861x531 , Command33.jpg )

>JUCHA-19 ,hour 10

it took a while, but Charles was able to find all the men and equipment we need

I'm meeting with the last 2 right now:, the mercenary, and the guilder technician

Mantis: " . . . if we run into any space marines, they will pose no problem, I assure you general."

Halsner: "and you guilder tell me, you can do this, are you sure?"

Darglok: "if you can get me to the control room, this vehicle WILL be yours."

General: "exelent."

hmmm well with these 2 on board, we're set to go, anything else I should do before I send out this team?
No. 269928 ID: 1854db

Tell us more about the tech-leech.
No. 269933 ID: 15b51b

Whatever you do, make sure to bring stunners. Being able to stun someone without killing them is extremely useful.

>shield wall
I am voting against this. RayTech beams are going to go right fucking through those shields.
No. 270000 ID: 20fc85

then why even take any?
No. 270003 ID: 632d47

Shields are mostly for police work, where your opponent is going to be using a normal gun at best.
No. 270125 ID: b6c6fc
File 129464081396.jpg - (115.99KB , 861x531 , Command34.jpg )

the Tech-leech . . .
they have done nothing but help us, infact they have done very little at all, they frequently provide us with information . . . to much information, things we should know, knowledge on weapons never invented, battle plans the Astranians had written no more than the night before . . . exact casualty counts on whole worlds vaporized. and it is only ever about war, war and science . . . and they never tell us anything about themselves.

despite the horrible incidents of brain leeching
the Tech leeches assure us these rare occurrences are all accidents . . . and I believe them, their swarm of crawler always seem barely controlled, and the Tech-leeches have far more than enough power to enslave us all. but for some reason they seem dead set on us maintaining our own autonomy.

ever word they speak is lie, as if like a parrot speaking words that it doesn't truly understand. and then they tack on an artificial mock kindness that just makes me sick. of all the aliens I've ever seen they are the most vile, I could die a happy man knowing they're all dead. but even if Brood-Mother IS dead, there are still many more Tech-Leeches out there . . .

>the General is lost in thought for some time

the furres generally use 2 types of weapons, ray type, and laser type, our armor and shields are reflectively coated and can deflect a ray shot or two before being compromised, Laser are much harder to protect against, but generally are not so good at taking down infantry
No. 270129 ID: 197650

If you want to concider negociating with the furres, sir, obtaining the command mech would give you conciderable power. With the status quo in your favour, they might actually be prepared to listen.

With the bugs dead on this world, as far as we know, this could be a window of oppertunity that will not present itself to you again very soon.

It's possible the bugs are going for a very simple principle. Great generals throughout the ages all agree, willing obedience is always better than forced obedience. If they enslaved your race, it's possible you wouldn't have the strength or the motivation to actually wipe out the furres. They might believe that with willing obedience, are are capable of that.
No. 270144 ID: b6c6fc
File 129464338677.jpg - (171.04KB , 861x531 , Command35.jpg )

bah enough thinking! now is the time for action!

the team is prepared, the men eager
today we show our furre "guests" a proper Solar welcome . . .

Chapter 2: END

(feel free to shuffle around the squads/ equipment if you want, if you have any questions feel free to ask)
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