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File 129072512994.png - (71.59KB , 700x700 , 75.png )
259786 No. 259786 ID: cf68aa

[My first adventure! http://quest.lv/kusaba/questarch/res/204114.html ]
[My Second quest! http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/230178.html ]

How did I end up in this situation...?
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No. 259788 ID: cf68aa
File 129072524840.png - (185.11KB , 700x700 , 76.png )

Hey guys, it's been a while. A week actually. I suppose I should recap.

So the Dwarves agreed to help us after realizing that the Dark Elves might actually attack them as well and enslave them. We were pretty happy for a while but then we heard a explosion nearby.

It was a fire, the same fire that had destroyed Chris's hometown. The dwarven village was already under attack. We all did out best to get everyone out of there but... Some people were lost..

We managed to kill the attackers and found some type of battle plan with the leader. Turns out they plan on slowly destroying each of the cities and expanding their empire. They don't want to enslave people, they want to utterly wipe them out. Our group has become bigger, with almost all the dwarves joining us.
No. 259789 ID: cf68aa
File 129072537056.png - (70.23KB , 700x700 , 77.png )

The attack has been pushed back as more and more places have been attacked...
Chris came up with a plan. He wanted me to see if someone could infiltrate the castle.

If someone can sneak in and kill the drow without detection then we can avoid all the battles.

Guess who that someone is..? ;-;

though, I did volunteer for it. But I don't wanna kill anyone.. If I can at least sneak in and give some info that'll be good enough
No. 259792 ID: 1854db

Is that a crack in the wall? Maybe you can hide your dragonscale armor under something and then sneak in through the crack.
No. 259794 ID: 40cb26

These are people that would kill you and everyone you care about, if you need to take someone out to succeed then that's what you'll do. Now then, you can certainly squeeze through small places or smaller ones without the armor so that is a good tactic, but you can climb too right? Or are these walls not made of the right stuff for that?
No. 259822 ID: 703865

>Sneak in
>Disable equipment
>Disable seige engines
>Disable clothes

And thus the war ended without casualties on either side.
No. 259826 ID: 67750a

You can do this by being made of ACID.
Find the armory and the sheds for the siege weapons, and 'eat' the ropes and leather and wood you can.

A bit ambitious, i know, BUT WE BELIEVE IN YOU!
No. 259827 ID: 701a19

This is something that mostly meets with my approval, but there is one more thing that must be done: Destroy as much of their stores of food and water as you can.
Everything else they can rig crude replacements, but hungry soldiers are ineffective. Destroy their supplies, then go back and have your forces cut their supply lines and lay siege to their base.
They'll surrender in less than a week.
No. 259835 ID: 40cb26

Destroying siege equipment is a great idea, but be careful making noise from falling or shifting pieces. Might want to only take out key mechanisms, and do so last. Seconding on destroying food and water.
No. 259850 ID: cf68aa
File 129074550629.png - (24.36KB , 700x700 , 78.png )

I hide my dragonscale armor and slide in through the crack. It leads me straight into the castle.

Hey yeah! That way I don't have to hurt anyone! You guys are geniuses!
Hmm.. It's dark in here and empty but I 'can' sense someone is around down here.
No. 259851 ID: 703865

Hide eyes in crack, look like puddle.
No. 259858 ID: 40cb26

Can you sense how far they are, and if they are moving? Do whatever you can to keep from being seen. Also there is something to the left of you... something transparent? Be careful.
No. 259860 ID: 1854db

I think there's a fake wall right there.
No. 259912 ID: b0d75e

the only thing that would be super effective against you is if they have any gelatinous cubes patrolling. luckily you can cram into cracks and evad them.
No. 271735 ID: fd384c
File 129512827265.png - (21.55KB , 700x700 , 79.png )

Huh? Oh it's just a piece of paper. I can't read what it says though but there's some drawings on it.

Anyway the thing doesn't seem to be coming this way.. I'm gonna look at it..

I turn the corner and peer cautiously...

Huh? It's another slime child. I can barely sense it though. Weird.
No. 271748 ID: 40cb26

Are you sure it's like you and not just... similar? Maybe something more dangerous?
No. 271866 ID: 1854db

Chances are if you can sense it, it can sense you. Be cautious. Observe.
No. 277064 ID: 69bfba
File 129655680953.png - (88.16KB , 700x700 , 80.png )

I don't think it's aware of me.. My kind can communicate somewhat with one another. It's like... Like it's oblivious to me, not ignoring.

I walk to to it. She(it's obvious it's female) turns around to face me. When she speaks it's in the form of a question, like she's unsure she's saying the right thing.

>"Help you? Clean?"

Oh... Oh no..
Her eyes.. They're completely destroyed... It looks like someone scooped out chunks of...
Oh god why would someone do this..?

No. 277070 ID: f88f02

Yes. Tell her you are cleaning. Tell her you are assigned to the armoury. Speak slowly and with clear dictation.
No. 277149 ID: 40cb26

They meant to make her an unthinking tool... "cleaning" likely means disposing of intruders. I don't know if she is too damaged to be saved but if we can get past her without conflict and prevent her from hurting anyone else she might be able to recover.

Try convincing her to go outside through where you came in. Tell her you are going to clean here for her and she has to clean the grass out there or something. It's her best chance.
No. 277174 ID: 701a19

Can you pick her up and move her?
No. 277199 ID: 45be60

D: Can this be healed by natural slime processes if she is given proper care?
No. 277331 ID: 4236c9

slaaaaaaaves. forking drows, how can they rape a acid slime monster.

you obviously can look for a slave pen and tell them what they need to know to make a escape. they may need tools so keep a eye on everything.

she shouldnt be able to recognize a armory. asking for a storehouse of metal tools may work better. i wonder if she would know where are the food storages?

remember to stay hidden, and pick some bones on your way, pretend to be a slime slave too.
No. 279524 ID: 75d7a9

i don't think so, pretty sure you need enough parts that you have one whole eye in total, she has 3/4s of an eye. like if you lost the opposite have of each eye it can recover... probably also can't reproduce since the eyes need to bud off. if she is worse off then dead then put her out of her misery, hard chop to the mid section to split her into two half size slimes and then absorb them. if getting her back to your village can make her somewha better then let her live.
No. 284351 ID: 9f25ed
File 129869433739.png - (53.54KB , 600x600 , 81.png )

I.... I'm really not certain if she can get better... I don't know, I've never seen this before..
I'm going to try to take her back home with me..

"I... I n-need to get to the Armory. The place with the metal weapons. I'm cleaning there."


"Yes, I need to clean there. Can you take me?"

She nods and leads me down the hall.


"Thank you. Listen, go down the hall. There will be a crack on the wall. The master wants you to go through that crack and to wait on the other side okay? Don't move from that spot unless someone sees you, then you need to hide. Okay?"

"Hide? Outside? Okay."

She walks back to where I was.
Poor girl...

I listen outside the armory.. I can hear someone inside but it seems like they're sleeping.
No. 284355 ID: 1a693f

Crawl inside his throat. Drown and eat him from the inside out. What they have done is Not Okay.
No. 284356 ID: 75d7a9

be ready to shift bone so it gets in front of an eye. as long as they only see one eye they probably wont think anything is up. then go in.
No. 284360 ID: 40cb26

Luckily for you a slime creature trying to be sneaky is probably the quietest thing possible. Ooze in carefully and look around before doing anything, try to get in without opening the door but if it its too tightly closed then you'll need to carefully open it just enough.
No. 284385 ID: b7ed58

i second silently killing whatever is inside. altho it may be a slave.

well im surprised you didnt hugged her. im guessing later on we will need a lot of healing potions for all the "cleaning" she will try to do on your friends.
No. 285069 ID: 25d645
File 129891877215.png - (82.59KB , 700x700 , 82.png )

I-I'm not gonna kill anyone! That would be wrong!
I mean.... I know that what they did was terrible... But..

I can't think about this now, I need to get in.
I quietly ooze into the room.
There's someone in here mumbling to themselves and writing.

>"Medor vaedi aezaelol ti sai pai eir si shys.... Damn liars... Cylaeria si mar sor shar kylae shi ei aeria byr..."
No. 285074 ID: f88f02

Well, the whole point of this is to manage a surrender. Get behind yon crates and hide.
No. 285077 ID: 40cb26

Hide in the corner of the room, listen carefully to what he's saying in case he mumbles something in common that is important. Hopefully he'll leave soon then you can get to work but if he doesn't you'll need to something about it.
No. 285084 ID: 75d7a9

okay, yeah. if you can't get rid of him then hide and wait until he moves.
No. 287054 ID: 251a14
File 129962171822.png - (49.25KB , 800x800 , 83.png )

"Better off them them..."

Okay... He's leaving! He goes out through another entrance and leaves the room.
He didn't even notice me.
I'm pretty sure I'm alone now.
No. 287055 ID: f88f02


No. 287059 ID: 8c73c8

No. 287064 ID: 40cb26

Remember no need to consume all the metal, that's difficult! Each away the edges and points, and where metal is held together eat the bindings and the bits of metal they bind to!

Just try not to be loud by dropping anything as you work you can't afford to be discovered yet.
No. 287086 ID: 00d3d5

See that box you're standing next to?
It says "RATIONS".

Destroy their food supply, their weapons, their armor, their siege machines, etc...
If you get too large for your mind to control, then start splitting off a bunch of little slimes so they can go around causing chaos.
No. 287087 ID: 28e94e

Start with the food, there's a big box of it right next to you. After that we should start disabling their weapons (not necessarily destroying, mind you) and maybe sabotaging their water supply if you can get to it.
No. 287101 ID: b38301

i wonder...

you should leave the food alone for now. if you can poisn it it would cause susbtantial damage to the soldiers until they notice it.

it would be actualy pretty much fun to let the slime slave ear all the rations and then tell her to eat anyone that complains about it. we should be however worried that she was contained somehow and that it could happen to you. so, we are staying under radar as much as possible.
No. 289444 ID: cc04a7
File 130058976098.png - (64.12KB , 800x800 , 84.png )

Okay! So!
I ate a lot, right!? But then I got super duper big and then I had to split off into different pieces and those pieces made other pieces and then they went around eating other things and I ate the rations and there was a thing called honey in there and now all my pieces are wandering around and some of them have left the room and went into the halls and I think I hear screaming!
No. 289449 ID: 1854db

No. 289450 ID: 00d3d5

Ok, yea, now would be a good time to escape with your new friend.
No. 289451 ID: 464c1d

what a cunning plan! and you thought of it all by yourself!

time to GTFO. lets get your friend there and we will try to not scare everyone shitless when your children try to hug them.
No. 289455 ID: 28e94e

Whatever you do, do NOT check out the sources of the screams.
No. 289456 ID: f88f02

You'd think something this dangerous and self-propogating would be better protected against.
No. 289457 ID: 8c73c8

okay move out and lead your army to victory!

or just go back through the hole you came in. if you see anything that ISN'T a drow, 99.9% chance it's a slave.
No. 289654 ID: 40cb26

Uh I think the "eat their food" plan either is already underway or just won't matter. You've done good now get out!
No. 290120 ID: 9ec53e
File 130082753181.png - (59.91KB , 800x800 , 85.png )

Fleeing sounds good!

I quickly make my way back out leaving the smaller bits of me behind. It seems all the stuff I absorbed stained my skin though. That should go away after a while.

I go back through the crack in the wall. My armor is lying on the ground and I see the red Slime Child standing outside.

No. 290122 ID: 8c73c8

get your armor parts and tell her to follow you to friends.
No. 290128 ID: f88f02

No. 290129 ID: dfb55a

take a peek at the surroundings first
No. 290137 ID: 40cb26

Get reequipped, look around, and tell the red girl that her job is to follow you and do as you say for now. Then the both of you need to sneak back away from there as safely as you can.
No. 290140 ID: 1854db

This man has the right idea.

Hmmmm... Curi, what would happen if you absorbed her and her core?

I wonder if the dark elves kept the core somewhere in their base? Ask her!
No. 290142 ID: 8c73c8

that's a good idea. if her other eye is still around then getting it would REALLY help her.
No. 290774 ID: 9ec53e
File 130109377436.png - (79.05KB , 800x800 , 86.png )

I.. I don't know what would happen if I did that.

"Uhm... Miss, is your other eye at in there?"

She shakes her head.


Oh... I feel so terrible looking at her. Like this is my fault..

I hear voices! They're coming from the entrance.

"Come on, we need to get out of here!"

The red slime child stands still.

>"But... I'm supposed to clean here... I can't leave.."

The voices get closer.

"Please, we need to go!"

>"I need to go back with my group..."

Even closer now. If we don't leave right now then...
No. 290782 ID: f88f02

"They burned your eye, now come with me and we can feed you and take care of you. please, now!"

No. 290787 ID: 8c73c8

wait, group? does she mean just slaves or slimes!?!? AAUGH no time!
tell her that this area is clean so we are going to clean up a new place but it's a secret place only you know of so she has to follow you to find it. and it really needs to be cleaned it is SUPER dirty!
No. 290797 ID: 9ec53e
File 130109659591.png - (112.36KB , 800x800 , 87.png )

"This area is clean so we are going to clean up a new place but it's a secret place and only I know where it is."


"it really needs to be cleaned it is SUPER dirty!"


I hear a voice shout at us. Suddenly some type of missile shoots out of my new friend. I look and see it came from the shouter.

"Please we need to go, NOW!"

>"Secret place is dirty..?"

"Yes! Now please just come with me!"
No. 290798 ID: 9ec53e
File 130109672369.png - (91.84KB , 800x800 , 88.png )


We don't have time for this!
I grab her hand and pull her along.
I hear more people shouting at us.

Oh no, my armor! It's still back there too!
No... There's no time.
No. 290799 ID: 9ec53e
File 130109698879.png - (53.17KB , 800x800 , 89.png )

I take the girl with me into a nearby cave. The entrance is too small for anyone to follow us and it seems they didn't see us anyway.
As soon as we enter she says she's sleepy and collapses into a puddle.
I pull my arm away from her.
... This may not have been my best idea. She absorbed my hand pretty quickly.. It won't rebuild until I eat a lot..
At least we're safe.

Unlike the rest of her group....
No. 290802 ID: 40cb26

Try not to worry about her group right now, you did what you could.

What about your friends? They should have been waiting for you to finish your mission so they probably have acted on the disturbance. You should go look from the entrance, stay hidden and maybe climb up the ceiling. It will be a good spot in case of invaders too.

But take a look around this cave first, make sure it doesn't have anything dangerous in it. Hopefully it's just a small empty cave. Then you can worry about finding more food and water.
No. 290803 ID: 8c73c8

i wonder what the group is. is it just slaves or slimes? sigh. just sit tight and later get back to the fighters.
No. 290807 ID: f88f02

Well, they did bad things. This is what happens when you do bad things, you anger people.
No. 290810 ID: 9ec53e
File 130109872949.png - (18.87KB , 800x800 , 90.png )

My friends didn't know how long I would take. I have another day before they assume I... Yeah..

Am I angry at them? I'm still not sure... I've never felt angry..

I suppose I should check out the cave. There's a bit of light near the entrance but the back is pitch black. I can't see or hear an
What is that?

My father used to make up scary stories and say that evil monster would hide in pitch darkness.
That if you stayed in it too long you would be eaten by the monsters.
No. 290811 ID: 8c73c8

just turn into a puddle. if something tries to drink you they would melt their tongue.
No. 290820 ID: f88f02

Is that a grue?
No. 290825 ID: 40cb26

Whatever it is, it already sees you so you might as well say hi. If it is a hostile monster it will go after you and not your friend, be prepared to dodge out of the way and fight.
No. 290863 ID: 1854db

You can't be eaten. You're vulnerable to magic and tools, not flesh and claws.

Call out, and see what it is.
No. 290886 ID: 00d3d5

Say hello, and ask who they are.

Slime children are probably one of the more dangerous cave-dwelling creatures in the world, and are certainly among the least edible. Oh, and grues are very vulnerable to acid, fire, and light. You ARE one of those.
No. 290916 ID: 4c3a1f

Is there any way you could merge with the red slime child to help her heal?

Beckon to the thing in the dark, see if you can get to come out into the light or get a feel for what it is.
No. 294460 ID: 654ecc
File 130213074834.png - (34.09KB , 800x800 , 91.png )

I'm not certain if she can be healed...

I call the thing to me. It steps out of the darkness and stares at me.
Huh. So that is a grue. My father said they were much more vicious and nasty looking. this thing is kinda cute.
No. 294462 ID: 8c73c8

it.. may be a baby. if so then momma grue may be around. keep talking and see if it responds to anything or makes any noise at all.
No. 294470 ID: 1854db

Introduce yourself. Ask if its parents are around.
No. 294471 ID: 40cb26

It might not recognize you as food, and be too young to see you as a threat. No matter, we don't want to be near it. Back up and head back to the entrance with out red friend. I don't think we need to leave, but better to be hidden somewhere not so dark.
No. 294480 ID: 28e94e

Forgot to change your name
Don't drop your guard, there may be bigger ones around.
No. 294485 ID: 45be60

that might be a grue I suppose, but then again, doesn't it sort of look like a slime child crawling around with eyes downcast? and glowing things in its hair-analog I guess.
No. 296616 ID: aca5e6
File 130276687246.png - (61.91KB , 800x800 , 92.png )

"Uhm... Hello."

The creature looks at me for a moment longer then leaves.
I think he was afraid of me. I'm not used to that.

It's really late now...
I'm kinda...

!!! I jump up and look around. Red's looking out the cave entrance.

>"Gotta go back... Shouldn't be out.."
No. 296617 ID: 00d3d5

"Yes you should. I need your help. Follow me."

Then take her back to your camp.
No. 296618 ID: 8c73c8

should the attack have happened yet? if so then you can accompany her back.
No. 296628 ID: 9a34be

Huh, she isn't very red anymore. Ask why.

On the note of asking her things, ask her if she remembers what it was like before she was captured(?). Might stir up some memories, and help her realize she doesn't need to clean for anyone anymore.
No. 296637 ID: 40cb26

Take this opportunity to talk to her a bit more, find out why she was there. If we can convince her to not go back that would be great, but the info may be useful regardless.
No. 297563 ID: 251a14
File 130312677966.png - (74.22KB , 800x800 , 93.png )

She sits down on the ground. I move a bit closer to her.

"So.. Why did you have to clean for them?"

>"..... I have to clean. It is my job."

"It's not. Not anymore. What's your name?"

>".... Red. I was called Red."

"I'm Curious as Cat. You can call me Curi."

>"That is a nice name. I had a nice name too. I can't remember.."

"Red.. What happened to you?"

>"I was taken from home..? I don't remember. There are more there too. I was a cleaner. I have other jobs too. And I.. I don't remember."
No. 297564 ID: 8c73c8

ask her to try really hard to remember where they messed with her eyes at.
No. 297565 ID: 40cb26

Tell her the people she was working for were bad people, and are probably why she can't remember. You're going to help her though, you're going to be her friend from now on.

You too should go and investigate what is going on, see if the attack has begun or ended. I really don't think the drow will be putting much effort into finding you two with all the other problems they have.
No. 297569 ID: 00d3d5

I wonder if powerful healing magic can regrow a slime child eye...

Tell her you're bringing her to friends, and you'll try to help her remember.
No. 302313 ID: f0e3ae

hug her, as a slime child she wouldn't melt.
No. 302315 ID: 8c73c8

but curi will. her broken eye has made red unstable and so she will try to eat curi by accident. her hand was taken off when she pulled red to the cave.
No. 302336 ID: 1854db

It's already established that the red slime can eat Curi.
No. 303304 ID: f0e3ae

how in the world would that even work... they are both... you know what, I am just gonna say "magic" and leave it at that.
Ok than, no hugs.
No. 303311 ID: aca5e6
File 130511061467.png - (66.71KB , 1000x1000 , 94.png )

Well I can absorb other slimes into myself but I can sorta control it. Red can't so she'll try to absorb me. Also her acidity seems to be pretty high...

"You were working for bad people before.. My friends can help you though. Maybe heal you."


"Yeah. I'll be your friend to."


I hear a sound outside the cave.

>"Curi? Curi is that you?" Someone is talking..
!!! It's Nalik!

She pokes her head in through the entrance of the cave.

"Curi! Thank the gods I found you! We thought you were dead or something! Things are getting pretty damn crazy in the battle front. We got rid of their food supplies and stuff but it seems they got some crazy beasts working with them, jelly cubes and stuff. And get this, an army of slime children! They pretty much wiped out our foot soldiers, your people are pretty damn hard to kill! Oops, that sounded kinda mean huh? Well anyway we're probably gonna retreat. Unless we can find out a way to get past those Children we're stuck."

A whole army of them...? How long have my people been in contact with land dwellers?

And how long have they been enslaved?
No. 303312 ID: 8c73c8

see, this is why we are telling you that sometimes killing is okay. if the dark-elves die then they wont be able to do this anymore. anyway for now we need to do sneaking mission 2. see if we can convert some of them to our side and stuff. tell them to try regeneration spells. they only listen cause they have been lobotomized, if they are healed then they shouldn't listen anymore. have her take red back to camp and see what a regeneration spell would do.
No. 303317 ID: f0e3ae

we know exactly how to deal with the slime children... heal them and they will turn to our side... and look, red here can be examined by our mages to find out the right healing spell to undo whatever they did to her. Since a major part of their mind control involves the burning out of one of the slime children's cores (eyes) crippling their intelligence.
No. 303353 ID: 1854db

Ask them how many eyes they each had. If they all had ONE eye, then the problem is obvious, and the solution is to heal them, not kill them. If they all have two eyes... well... I guess we'd have to talk to them.
No. 303372 ID: 40cb26

Introduce Red to Nalik first, explain who she is and what is wrong with her. You need to get out there and try to stop this. Hopefully they can be reasoned with or healed somehow. Just get out there and see how it goes.
No. 306159 ID: e6df26
File 130613679098.png - (104.89KB , 671x512 , 94.png )

"Nalik I need you to meet someone."

I point to Red.

"This is Red. I rescued her from the fort. She was a slave to the Drow. The reason being is that she was missing one of her eyes. Our core is our eyes and without them we can't think very well and lose who we are. Were the others who attacked damaged like this?"

>"You know what yeah I think they were. So if we heal them they'll stop?"

"I think so."

>"Well let's get you two back to the camp and we'll get a cleric to heal her. If it works then the battle is as good as ours!"

I nod and climb out of the cave. It takes a bit of convincing but we get Red to leave as well.
Nalik leads us back to the camp, talking about what's been happening along the way.
Suddenly someone drops in front of us from above.

"Two slime children and a goblin? Surely the gods have blessed me today."
No. 306160 ID: 00d3d5

Clasp your hands together like you're excited
"Oh, boy! Another member of the retard brigade!"
Sigh, adopt an annoyed and dismissive tone and posture, and start walking off to the side so he's not blocking your path.
"Lets just go before his incompetence gives me a migraine."
No. 306161 ID: e41ad5

Adopt :| face

"Sorry, I'm not into foursomes."
No. 306163 ID: 1854db

Yell at him to look out behind him, there's another one-eyed slime child.
No. 306184 ID: f0e3ae

We're allies... watch out behind you.
No. 306199 ID: cf65c1

Dodge, he's about to shoot out one of your eyes!
No. 306214 ID: 35e1a0

be ready to dodge and throw a small blob of yourself at him.
No. 306273 ID: f0e3ae

put your "arms" between him and your eyes, it is translucent so you could see through it, and should be able to disrupt an arrow.
Hold up your armor with one of them, not blocking your sight yet but be read to cover your eyes with it if he seems to drawn his bow (and rush him if he does).
No. 308937 ID: cd63e9

is that a drow or an elf?
No. 309401 ID: 6dcbfa
File 130732759388.png - (146.56KB , 893x658 , 95.png )

It's a drow and this is no time for jokes!

The drow fires an arrow right at me, luckily I'm able to block it just in time.

"Split up!"

Nalik and Red run off. I don't hear the drow follow them.

I quickly duck behind a tree.

That dark slimechild seemed to be following him..
And I can't get close to him at all, one good shot at my eye and I'm done.
No. 309402 ID: 35e1a0

can you drop a part of yourself and have it programmed to do something? like set it to slowly eat at the tree you are against and ooze around it. you then climb up and do your best to not ooze down. when he comes closer to investigate you drop on him. don't have to kill him but melt his hands badly enough that he can't hold any weapons. and maybe his feet so he can't run.
No. 309403 ID: 00d3d5

How accurately can you throw parts of your body? If it could even touch his bow or bowstring then he wouldn't be able to use them.

This works, but destroy his weapons instead. The bow would be rendered useless instantly, and then you can fall back to range and be safe.

OR you could always run away, then circle back around and head for camp.

Can you move your eyes into your arm? Then you could keep that moving so he would have a damn hard time trying to hit it.
No. 309478 ID: 1854db

Can you climb trees? That could be a good idea.
No. 312037 ID: cd63e9

even if we take out his bow he probably has a backup weapon, if we want to get away we may have to maim the drow. use acid spit on the arm he used to fire his bow. if you can hurt his arm bad enough that he can't use it you and your friends should be able to escape.
No. 315866 ID: 03212a
File 130864949096.png - (101.94KB , 539x475 , 96.png )

Uhm, I can't like split off my pieces to do different things. I don't want to hurt the guys either, maybe I can try climbing away..

>"Where are you slime!?"

I hear him get closer. I try to climb up the tree but the bark dissolves every time I try to climb it.
I hear leaves crunch and twigs snap as he moves closer.

Suddenly a blast of green fire hits him. The man screams and falls back

>"What the hell-!? A dragon born! Dark, get back, we're retreating!"

I peek out from behind the tree. As I do I feel a pair of arms wrap around me.


>"Hey Cutie. Nice to see you again. We missed you at camp."


My face is heating up again...
No. 315868 ID: 07416a

Wriggle back. Rub your butt against him. Make sorta flailing noises and motions like you're panicking to excuse it~
No. 315871 ID: 1854db

Apologize for losing the armor he gave you. You had to leave it behind retreating from the base.

Wait wait wait, before that tell him that you rescued a one-eyed slime from the fort, and that it and your goblin friend are around here somewhere. We need to find them before the dark elves do!
No. 315915 ID: 35e1a0

yes get friends and also watch out for that black slimechild. torin would also be REALLY good to join you, being acidproof means he can just tank the elves' slime army.
No. 315993 ID: 00d3d5

Yes, do this!

Then turn around and kiss him.
No. 316080 ID: cd63e9

lets keep it to just a friendly hug, also explain that the drow have been lobotomizing your people.
No. 322437 ID: d86347
File 130997952854.png - (82.64KB , 600x500 , 97.png )

W-w-w-what!? N-no! I can't do that!

"I uhm... I lost the armor... I'm sorry."

>"It's okay. Did you do the mission? How did it go?"

"Uhm... I uh... I destroyed their food supplies. I think it went well."

>"Okay. I was hoping to catch you before you left. Didn't think you'd be safe all by yourself."

"I was fine."

>"I knew if anyone could do it you could. You're the best Curi. Now come on, we gotta meet up with the others."

"B-but Nalik and another slime child I saved are around here."

>"That wannabee drow is gone so they should be safe. Nalik knows where we are, come on."


>"Trust me."

He grabs onto my ruined arm and drags me along.
I've never been dragged somewhere before...
No. 322439 ID: d86347
File 130997959454.png - (67.36KB , 600x500 , 98.png )

We walk for a while until we reach a clearing in the woods.
There's no one here..

"Torin, where is everyone..?"

>"At the camp."

"??? Isn't this the camp?"

>"No, it's not."
No. 322442 ID: b1f0e2

How long will it take your arm to regenerate? couldn't you shift mass from elsewhere to it?
No. 322449 ID: d86347
File 130998080766.png - (122.48KB , 600x500 , 99.png )

I probably could regenerate it by making myself shorter but it's better to just eat more.

"Are we meeting the others here?"

>"-sigh-... I hope not."

He moves closer to me and touches my side. I can feel my face get hot again.



He moves in closer and
No. 322453 ID: 35e1a0

to the instinctive part of you left in there RUN you are in danger and running as fast as you can is the only way to be safe run and heal!!!
No. 322461 ID: 78f052


ouch. I was expecting an entirely different kind of penetration to happen here.
No. 322464 ID: 380ccb

or you could try eating him. preferably starting by his face.
No. 322466 ID: 35e1a0

he is a half-dragon. specifically green. green dragons are immune to acid.
No. 322498 ID: b1f0e2

This is so terrible sad T.T... poor Curi.
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