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File 128735505641.png - (184.86KB , 700x500 , 103.png )
245129 No. 245129 ID: 93e8e3

First thread: http://quest.lv/kusaba/quest/res/220690.html
>FX: 7
>Current funds: 1700$
>Villainous Rank: B-List
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No. 245130 ID: 93e8e3
File 128735507683.png - (153.58KB , 700x500 , 104.png )

>Injuries: Severe, but not incapacitating

"So, let me get this straight..." Mayor Bloodwick asks, in response to my barrage of questions.

"You want a regeneration power to heal those cracked ribs of yours? Really? You didn't even think to ask about worker's compensation?"

"I didn't think I had worker's compensation for villainy."

"Well duh. Of course you don't. But don't you think it'd be reasonable to ask for compensation before asking for super powers?"

"...You've given me 3 super powers in as many days. I don't see how-"
No. 245131 ID: 93e8e3
File 128735509128.png - (83.76KB , 700x500 , 105.png )

"No excuses!" He suddenly shouts, pointing at me viciously. "Besides, you already have regeneration. Do you really want more for something as tiny as cracked ribs?"

"I do? Since when! I never bought that power." I reply in disbelief.

"Bah! It's in the contract! You should learn to read before you sign things, stupid kid."

"I've never even SEEN my-"

"No excuses!"
No. 245132 ID: 93e8e3
File 128735510479.png - (91.29KB , 700x500 , 106.png )

After a lot of talking and pointless bickering, I eventually get the stubborn old mayor to tell me the logistics of it. Turns out that everyone who enters this... "program" of his gets a few things just for signing up. Their reflexes, strength, and endurance are all brought up to above the human average, and they heal at a significantly faster rate than normal. Specifically, for about every day a wound would normally take to heal, it takes only an hour. For instance, my black eye that should've lasted 3 weeks or so was gone within a day and a half. This fast healing isn't perfect, however - I'd still need medical treatment to set the bones in place, in the event of a broken arm or whatever, but the time stuck in bed is drastically reduced. It seems this basic suite is just complementary, to help rookie survivability. I am not entirely sure I like the sound of that.

"Kid, take 3 days off, go rest in bed. They might be healed by 2, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Now get out of here, my secretary says the Hollow Queen is here and I like her more than you."

"Ah, wait! I still want to improve my powers quick."

"Gah, fine! But make it quick."

I was really thinking of spending my FX to get regeneration, but with this sort of fast healing in place, I don't think I need to. It's not like I'm so busy I can't afford a few days off.

I'm leaning towards fire control powers, but improving my teleportation some more might not be bad either. I really feel like I am lacking oomph when it comes to hurting things, but that line about "rookie survivability" makes me think pumping defense isn't bad either. Not that I particularly want another stalemate like I had with the Don.

Man, already having regen threw all my FX plans for this meeting right out the window.

>The Mayor informs you that your initial list had a typo on it! Superweapons are only supposed to be worth 2 FX per use. You can only use one Super Weapon per encounter, however. [The wiki has been updated appropriately]
No. 245133 ID: e31d52

I'd say more firepower, more finesse of the fire, then teleportation, in order of importance.
No. 245134 ID: d3dfb8

Super strength to put some power behind your punches, and either we spend a lot of money and get control of fire or improve our teleport.
No. 245135 ID: d3dfb8

We could also improve our regeneration so that it's actually useful in combat.
No. 245137 ID: 500f1c

Teleport string and minion six pack would be nice.

Also buy more FX and get super strength.
No. 245139 ID: c71597

Some extra defense and some super strength to put some extra power behind those punches. Doesn't have to be anything truly spectacular in way of strength, just a little something to make sure that people will feel it when we punch them.

If we got anything over after that we can upgrade the teleportation a bit.
No. 245141 ID: f4963f

Bedrest is the better option, boy.

Alright. So that $1700 can be channeled into 5 more FX (with $200 left over), giving us a minumum of 7 and a maximum of 12 FX.

I suggest one upgrade to Teleport Range for 3 FX. That gives us 100 meters per second of charging, which is good for getting around in the city, and much faster than we can run or fly.

I also agree with any firepower or strength upgrade to give us more oomph to our blows.

And then you know what? Let's get minions. I get a feeling we're going to be seeing our old friends again soon, and we'd hate to put on a disappointing show.
No. 245143 ID: 40cb26

Down for a few days? When your boss just gave you a sweet new job? You are Baron Obsidian, and you should be a goddamn phoenix of rage! See if we can't bump up regen by another x10 when enflamed, and be able to quickly recover bad wounds with FX on the fly.

And then we need to shoot fire somehow or another. I say flaming obsidian projectiles would be cool.
No. 245145 ID: 8c8502

Buy at least one minion as some kind of bodyguard. He can do all the little things you're too important and occupied for.
No. 245146 ID: 5a2e05

We're fairly squishy so far, as evidenced by being punched by a mob boss. We either need to shore up our defenses, get more mobile to dodge attacks, or add firepower so we don't even need to defend. I vote firepower.
No. 245148 ID: 500f1c

What about teleport string over range?

I think chained teleports would be good for those close fights.
No. 245157 ID: 644ca1

Let's spend money to gain as much FX as we can and spend half of it on teleporter range, then we should be able to reach the moonbase after our next heist.
No. 245166 ID: 56dc25

I'm definitely backing this. Being able to teleport as frequently as we can think to do so is highly desirable and would improve our survivability immensely. Throw a range increase on top of that, and we'll have enough FX left over to buy ourselves the ability to, say, flare our aura up into a proper flamethrower attack. That's nine, save the last three for our next fight and go home.
No. 245179 ID: db967a

we don't even know what's in that moonbase. There could be a whole load of good stuff in there just waiting for us. I say we try to get to that little treasure trove as soon as possible.
No. 245183 ID: b20e4e

true true.

Looks like we have to pull of another heist today.


Rob a jewelry store.


Find some random mooks off the street and make THEM rob a jewelry store, while you rob the museum to get the generic priceless gem being displayed there for one week only.
No. 245287 ID: 328dfb

Better teleportation, some ninjas.
No. 245302 ID: 26b34e

Fireballs. Also, minions. Minions are awesome, as evidenced by last fight.
No. 245353 ID: 24d39f


Minions are good. Especially if we're gonna do that heist. In fact, let's use minions in >>245183
plan, as opposed to trying to pick random mooks off the street.
No. 245358 ID: 370f77

Pyro Troopers and some extra toughness. Regeneration won't matter if we can just shrug off the hits.

Teleportation is a silly way to get to the moon. Blackwick's a villain, he should be hijacking the Space Shuttle.
No. 245365 ID: 1854db


If nobody else wants them then I guess fire control.
No. 245542 ID: 1ef7bb
File 128738947656.png - (112.44KB , 564x333 , Minion_Shoppe.png )

In order of importance,

I'm going to vote for Minions ahead of anything. They are handy, loyal, and apparently expendable, if the Don is to be believed.
We should also get Fire Control, so that we can actually manipulate fire and throw it from our shield. It would also be useful for actually dousing and spreading flames.
I don't think we can teleport to the Moon Base unless we actually blow all our FX and most of our money on that in one go. But we could probably upgrade it a couple times and be able to get to that Villain's Shop that was mentioned. I'm prone to do that and/or upgrate the teleport stringing frequency before just blowing everything on the moon base. Guys, we can't even breath in space yet!
Also, didn't we already decide not to use Super Strength? I think we could be a little more creative than that. If we're really going to upgrade something physical, I vote for Super Speed and/or Reflexes instead. It doubles as defense, and we can throw super speedy flaming punches, and do all sorts of cool tricky stuff. Looking cool is important!

But I vote for Minions most of all.
No. 245545 ID: 40cb26

I want to see fire elemental minions and a giant obsidian boss eventually. But that should come after Blackwick himself is tougher.
No. 245547 ID: 701a19

"Out of curiosity, what do heroes get for their work?"

Teleport range boost: 3fx
Pyrokinesis attack: 6fx

9FX spent, $1100 left.

Superweapons are interesting, but we're not really to the point where we have goals big enough to make one worthwhile. Unless...
Hey, could we get a superweapon that terraforms our moon base by stealing the terraform of the earth?
No. 245550 ID: 6547ec

It was mentioned in IRC, but I want to bring it up here.

Get minions. Minions that are swarms of bats. Bats that are, optionally, on fire.
No. 245551 ID: 754124

Well, if we don't need the regeneration, we can pump it all into Teleportation and be able to reach our moon base with an hour's concentration. That sucks up like all of our resources except for $200, but we'll have an awesome moonbase to chill at while we recuperate. And we'll be able to commute from there. I suppose if people really wanted, we could hold off on that last upgrade, or use it for something else instead, and then we'd be able to get to the moonbase, but it would take the better part of a day to get there. But nothing else that we could do with the FX really compares to the moonbase.

HOWEVER SINCE EVERYONE IS FAGGOTS AND DISAGREE WITH ME perhaps we could stick with just a few upgrades, giving us easy access to the villain store and contributing to future growth.

Personal offensive enhancement is not a good priority right now. Combat is inherently limited.

Since folks want minions, even though we don't have any infrastructure to support them, I guess that's cool. But we'd need a good bit of time between the next and following updates to actually design them, since it seems everyone disagrees about what they should be. (I suggest bug burly dudes on fire with macahuitls! Or with macahuitls that are on fire, that works too. The burly grunts reinforce our leadership "Baron" aspect by being human, the fire reinforces the "fire" aspect, and the macahuitls reinforce the "obsidian" aspect.)

If we spend 5 FX on minions, that leaves us with seven. Getting to the base with teleports takes us 6FX, minimum. We thus will be left with $200 and 1FX or $500. I'd recommend the latter, so we can perhaps buy something there. It depends on how much things tend to cost.

Also this downtime allows us to craft a gift for our fairy princess.
No. 245555 ID: 6ad08e

No, no super-strenght. It's just not our style.
My suggestion is:

5 fx: minions (to help us set up jewel robbery)
3 fx: teleport string
3 fx: teleport range

After this heist:
6 fx: ranged fire attack (pyrokinesis/fireball/flaming obsidian projectiles)
2 fx: superweapon details in /questdis/ soon
No. 245582 ID: 93e8e3
File 128741348232.png - (125.57KB , 700x500 , 107.png )

>500$ remaining, 0FX

After a long, internalized debate, I decide to go with Teleport String, Improved Teleport Distance, and a batch of Minions. Now... what kind, though?

Regular Bats could be useful, as they come in large swarms and can block vision, see in the dark, and distract the living daylights out of people. And, they are hard to deal with if you don't have some kind of area attack.

However, Fire Bats would be tougher, larger, and in theme, but I would not get swarms of them. They would be an excellent, fire based ranged attack, although with limited usage. They can apparently not be on fire if they want to, for easier storage.

I could always go with the classic of Ninjas. They can appear from anywhere, so I don't need to actually bring them along ahead of time, and they aren't terrible in a fight. However, after the initial surprise attack, I can't expect them to last long.

I could get Black Knights. They'd actually be pretty tougher, tougher than any of the other minions I've seen or listed, and they'd have a pretty strong attack (obsidian macahuitls, because that is how I roll). However, they are also slow and large. A fast enemy can easily ignore them to focus on me.

Decisions, decisions...
No. 245585 ID: 644ca1

Black knights, we have worked well with the Obsidian part of our theme, now let's show we are a Baron.
No. 245586 ID: c71597

Motherfucking dark knights. You're a baron, a baron doesn't have some fucking nancy ninjas or some pansy ass bat swarms (ok, maybe they do, but those will come later) he has some hardcore fucking knights to command. One that kick ass and take names, with some badass stone weapons. So get those Black Knights and be happy about it. Then we're gonna go explore that moon base and see if it's a total dump or if there's some good stuff left there.
No. 245587 ID: 40cb26

Well, you aren't a ninja or a vampire, you're a Baron and as such the Black Knights are better in theme. Power wise a fast and flying guy will ignore them sure, but that's the kind of thing you deal with yourself better. Tanking and direct damage is your weakness and minions that make up for that is a good idea. Just imagine your last battle if you had bats fluttering around everywhere annoying the Don. Then imagine it with a few black knights bearing down on him.

Besides, bats and ninjas were your dads thing. Be your own villain.
No. 245588 ID: 3377dd

No. 245589 ID: 1e1f94

Get knights, that's awesome. You should be able to teleport around anyone who tries to just avoid them. Or lay traps, like sitting in the middle of them and then teleporting away when the enemy has charged in.
No. 245590 ID: 2044df

Fire Bats
No. 245593 ID: 701a19

It's a six-pack, right?
2 bat swarms, 2 black knights, and 2 fire bats. Ninjas are not something a Baron would use. They're also terribly overused.
If we can't mix and match, then anything but ninjas.

Also: Ask the mayor for a copy of your contract, what the heroes get in their starter pack, and how hero income and FX are handled.
No. 245595 ID: 6a9fdc

Definitely knights.

Though I was sad when you said it wasn't a chainsaw sword.
No. 245597 ID: 32994e

Go for the knights. There are several reasons.

It's kinda unique and noble whereas bats and ninjas are for underhanded types. Not that you're not underhanded, but rule #1 of deceit is not to seem like a deceitful type.

Humanoid minions can also do things animal type minions can't do. Like operate machinery and make sandwiches.

You'll have to spend an FX to get at least one extra color in your costume soon though. Just black and white can't cut it too much longer!
No. 245598 ID: 5a2e05

We got teleport chain, we're speedy enough to make up for the slowness of the knights. Also macahuitls are awesome.
No. 245601 ID: 5f0943

Black knights.
Bats and ninjas are just soooooo overdone, plus, knights are way more badass than all of the other options combined.
No. 245604 ID: 9618e3

We still lack straightforward hitting power but Black Knights will cover that.
No. 245610 ID: 915b70

Knights. We can get fire bat pets next time. Or a huge freakin' mutant fire bat boss.
But for now, Black Wick's Black Knights are a go.
No. 245620 ID: 754124

Yeah, Knights are best. No contest really. Bat swarms are only really useful for tying up enemies with mobility issues, and knights can do that too. Firebats I guess we could use as a ranged attack, but we'd be better off just getting a proper ranged attack later, if we even want that. Ninjas are not useful at all; they merely mitigate a logistical difficulty that can be overcome in other ways (a few upgrades to teleport capacity would allow us to always bring our knights with us anyways).

So yeah. I vote Knights
No. 245648 ID: 93e8e3
File 128743531619.png - (124.67KB , 700x500 , 108.png )

This choice was a no-brainer. After looking at all the options, Dark Knight just jumps out at me. The mayor and I go over some details about their weaponry and armor. I ask about mixing and matching minions, and he says no, you can't do that with the 6 pack. However, you can buy a singular minion for 1 FX. I'll keep that in mind for later.

I sign the forms, get it all signed off, and he says I'll have them sent to my place tomorrow afternoon. Excellent.
No. 245649 ID: 93e8e3
File 128743532844.png - (130.41KB , 700x500 , 109.png )

The mayor's door suddenly crashes to the floor behind me. I look over my shoulder to see a supervillain staring back at me. Her eyes are like empty pits of hell.

"I do not like to be kept waiting." Comes a deep, slightly resonating voice. The mayor swiftly replies, "You're paying for that."
No. 245651 ID: e31d52

She just FX'd to get into the room, for no reason.

Watch out for this one she is dangerous and also hey I wonder if we could 'team up' with her her?

eh? eh?
No. 245653 ID: dad664

No. 245654 ID: 1854db

Compliment the Hollow Queen on her outfit. Very stylish. Say that we're basically done here.
No. 245655 ID: 40cb26

Apologize for the wait and compliment her on her style. Do NOT shake her hand or give her a high five. Mind her personal space in general. Say nothing of pumpkins or Halloween, and do not make squash jokes.
No. 245657 ID: 1b42c5

No. 245659 ID: 1ef7bb

Seconded. Might want to be ready to teleport to the side if she's particularly moody. Otherwise bow graciously and let her have the room. After all, we're trying to cement a persona here, and that includes around other super villains!
Only Mayor Bloodwick need know how truly clueless we are.
No. 245662 ID: 32994e

This must be the Hollow Queen then. Get in character! You've just finished the paperwork anyway so apologize for selfishly occupying the mayor's time as you were aware of how much he wanted to see her.

Perhaps you can do something to make up for the delay you've forced upon her...? (like get in on her next confrontation)

And for gods sake make sure you're ready to teleport out of the room at a moment's notice!
No. 245672 ID: e31d52

No. 245684 ID: 93e8e3
File 128743922485.png - (147.22KB , 700x500 , 110.png )

I bow graciously. "My apologies for the wait, Hollow Queen. I hope you can forgive my selfishness. My business here is essentially completed. The mayor's time is yours."

She does not take her eyes off of me. "...Get out of here."
No. 245685 ID: 93e8e3
File 128743923734.png - (74.90KB , 700x500 , 111.png )

"As you wish." I say, taking my leave. "Your outfit is absolutely stunning."

"...Wait." says the Hollow Queen before I go. "Who are you?"

"I am Black Wick, the Baron Obsidian."

"The Baron Obsidian? Your manners are befitting your position." She smiles a creepy smile. "I outrank you."

"...In name, yes. You do."

"Oh come on! Stop flirting and get out of here." The mayor shouts impatiently. "I have a door to fix."

"Call me "your liege," and give me your card." She commands me, ignoring the old man. "A candle themed Baron sounds deliciously appropriate for my court."
No. 245686 ID: 1854db

Cards away!
No. 245687 ID: ce526e

do it. just think of the kinky stuff that she might be into
No. 245689 ID: 754124

o god she is a jack-o-lantern and we are a candle
she wants us inside her

Decline and leave. Say something like "Pardon, but you don't have my fealty at this point of time."
If she attempt so detain you, teleport away like it ain't no thing.
No. 245690 ID: 1b42c5

we already are going out with someone. dating someone else would be a bitch move. but just cards is fine.
No. 245692 ID: 6ad08e

Hey now, we should set up every alliance we can. She may be trying to act intimidating, but she could be bluffing as much as we , for all we know.

Give her the card (you have cards, don't you?) and reply "I eagerly await our next meeting... your liege" (italics for slightly sarcastic tone).
No. 245695 ID: 1ef7bb

She's obviously a more experienced villain, we're still starting out, every leg up helps, and it wouldn't do to make enemies we don't need to.
Not unless we're getting paid.

Besides, think of the plot opportunities!

This'll definitely help us carve a niche for ourselves.
No. 245696 ID: 40cb26

"Theme alone will not make me your servant. Even so, I like your style and it would be an honor to work together... my liege."
No. 245697 ID: 6bf291

No. 245698 ID: b8883a

Say you'll give it some thought before making such an important oath, but give your card anyways.

Also, drat.
Someone beat me to the candle inside her joke.
No. 245702 ID: a1591c

No. 245705 ID: 56dc25

Do not call her your liege. That's moving really fast and we know virtually nothing about her except that she's impatient, can slash through doors, is kind of creepy, and the Mayor likes her better than us. That's not enough to accept her as our boss. Tell her politely that she does not have our fealty at the moment.

Card, though, sure, she can have our card. Leave one behind as we teleport away.
No. 245708 ID: c71597

Call her your liege and giver her your card. It costs you nothing and makes her think that you can be pushed around. Making a turnaround all the more delicious when we usurp her court.

And it's hardly like you have to keep your word or anything. Your a freaking villian, honesty and honour are only tools to be used for as long as they're useful. The second they're a hindrance you can simply discard them.
No. 245711 ID: 32994e

Have your card appear in a burst of flame! Stylish! Don't burn it.

What oath? You're both villains. She won't be expecting any loyalty, she just wants someone to back up her queenliness. Do drop a hint that she'll have to call you soon so you can test your... mutual bonds.
No. 245713 ID: 24d39f


Yeah, let's just do like she says, it's not like it has to mean anything. Besides, did you see what she did to that door? Let's not piss her off while we're still healing. We like our organs right where they are, thanks. Ooh, ooh, kiss her hand when you do it too, all suave like. She'll like that. THEN, disappear in a flash of flame.
No. 245794 ID: 701a19

Once again, we find out nothing about hero income or benefits.
This is unfortunate, since we need that information in order to try to bribe heroes into looking the other way.
No. 245800 ID: 370f77

It obviously means a great deal to HER. Let's handle this like nobility: don't say something you don't mean, and don't outright refuse either, just sidestep the issue. "It would be an honor to work with you, your highness. I look forward to building a court of villainy together.
No. 245802 ID: 93e8e3
File 128745506868.png - (206.88KB , 700x500 , 112.png )

"My apologies, but theme alone will not make me your servant. Even so, I like your style, my liege."

I vanish in a flash of fire, leaving my card behind. I'll probably hear from her again soon.
No. 245803 ID: 93e8e3
File 128745507978.png - (103.60KB , 700x500 , 113.png )

I head back home to rest. I call my boss and tell him I need tomorrow off. I was going to take the next two days off as well, but after thinking about it, I decide to send a minion in my place.

I take this time to pay the rent and get some groceries. I'll be set on rent for a month, and groceries for half a month.
>Current funds: 0$

I should get planning my next heist.
No. 245805 ID: 1b42c5

can't go wrong with a jewelry store robbery. save the biggest best looking thing as a gift.
No. 245806 ID: a9a46d


Yeah, let's go with the jewelry store. Might as well go for a subtle geology theme while we're at it.

Also, what's with the Boba Fett looking guy in the background?
No. 245807 ID: 701a19

I think we're all pretty much in agreement;
Send your minions to rob a jewelry store while you go into a museum and quietly make-off with whatever priceless gem they have on display this week.
Just use a disguise that's different from your alter-ego.
No. 245809 ID: 93e8e3
File 128745602118.png - (7.55KB , 252x180 , 114.png )

Also, you should probably see the card you guys hand out.
No. 245810 ID: 93e8e3
File 128745604349.png - (7.81KB , 252x180 , 115.png )

As well as the one you have been given.
No. 245824 ID: a76809

So what are you going to do is she goes to pay your moon base a visit? Its on the card, after all. She may well have the resources, and be most displeased when you are not home, and indeed noone has been there for a time.

A further incentive to really boost that teleport!

Along that line, I suggest something a bit bigger than a jewelry story Try a bank, you got minions to back you who are durable as hell, and can immediately bounce with improved teleporting capacity. And a bank heist is FAR more likely to yield FX, and to render more cash. Gotta have style, if you want to move up, and not just sputter out.
No. 245828 ID: a9a46d


I agree with the teleporting, that's on the list as far as I'm concerned. As for the bank, well, it's just too cliche for me. I like our geology angle.

See this, do it: >>245807
No. 245829 ID: e3f578

haha awesome we have at least three moon neighbors
No. 245836 ID: f4963f

You know, I don't know why we didn't ask this sooner, but-

We really should figure out how /our dad/ got there and back. I mean, there might be a more economic way we haven't thought of. We don't even know if the guy could teleport at all.

Just sayin'.
No. 245842 ID: 27c9d9

Consider putting this stuff on matchbooks, too.
No. 245845 ID: a9a46d


Now now, no need to look desperate. We're a Baron after all, they can come to us.
No. 245846 ID: 6547ec

>Nathaniel Bloodwick
>Mayor Bloodwick
Mental note to be real careful using that card, and to scratch earlier 'use card to soften up otherwise insurmountable target' plans.

I like the jewelery store, but try to pick one with another soft target nearby. If someone shows up and we don't think we can handle them, it might help to have another nearby place to hit on the way home. Or, failing that, it'd be nice to be thrown against a soft target than hard.
No. 245847 ID: e38c07

How about a little terrorism? You know any corporate executives? Or better yet, their offspring? A couple of kidnappings sound like fun. And ransom money is nice too.

Follow it up by smashing into the ritziest hotel in town and commandeering it for your guest's stay. Best to accommodate your wards and you don't yet have the means to do so. This is nice AND high profile.

Entertain your guest in between capture and release like a proper man of class. Perhaps even talk some politics, like your intention to create your own barony in the future and the potential roles that need to be filled in such a doings (we are planning on making a land grab, right?).

With all the hubbub we hopefully get a hero encounter at an appropriate time. We then beat him down, secure the ransom at location x and release the hostage. Of course, that's all best case scenario. We need an escape plan.

In the case of eminent defeat, you call your cronies who just so happen to be positioned ready to hijack a limousine. As they come your way you climb up the hotel at a suitably dramatic height and, when the car's in position, you leap off the building with a parting remark to the would be hero and then dive into the getaway car as the swat teams pour bullets into the retreating vehicle.

Oh, and rob the hotel while you're there, of course. Not you yourself, the minions. That's 2 minions with you, 2 to get the limousine and 2 to secure the ransom. Whaddya think?

tl;dr - Kidnap rich people. Ransom them. Be classy.
No. 245849 ID: b0dd28

You have half a month set at least?

Ok then, train with your minions for a week and a half, run through the plan for whatever heist you decide on, get team chemistry up.
No. 245854 ID: 903f16

I'm liking the museum heist idea. It's fairly classy target with a bunch of high value items to nab. And the museum opens the option to do a rather creative robbery. We've got these new Dark Knight minions, what if we were to crate these guys up and disguise ourselves as a delivery boy bringing in some new exhibits? They take our guys in and set them up in the museum and at night when everyone leaves they can open the place up for us and we can rob the place blind. I don't know if plan would work since we don't know if our guys can stay immobile for that long or if they're even actually human, but whatever if it works it works and it'll be amusing.
No. 245856 ID: a9a46d


I read Dark Knight minions and thought Batman minions. We should get on that after the moon thing.

Anyways, I like this plan. Scruffy says Second.
No. 245859 ID: e31d52

Yes! This is fucking awesome!
No. 245868 ID: 56dc25

Okay, first, guidelines. Do NOT attempt a heist without:
-Knowing how you're going to transport whatever you get away with; teleportation won't work, since we can't carry much yet, and running off with armfuls of loot in our (slow-moving) minions' hands has a lot of flaws
-Knowing exactly where you're going to sell whatever loot you end up getting away with; particularly at museums, it'll be hot after we take it, which lowers value; arrange sale in advance if possible
-Knowing where you're going to store your loot until you can get sell it successfully; putting everything in your apartment is a BAD idea, and we don't have any sort of other secure storage

Logistics may not be fun, but they're key to success. And a reputation for incompetence is something that we don't want at all.

Other considerations. We should try to scout out the area we're going after in advance; learn the layout, good places to station sentries or place traps, potential escape routes for our minions, inaccessible/hidden places to teleport to if things go south, where security stations are (you may be able to disable guards and use cameras to monitor for incoming heroes, which would be awesome), potential traps for heroes- security doors we might be able to activate, anything explosive we might be able to blow up, and of course what loot looks most valuable to grab.

This is a solid plan. A week of hanging out with our minions and learning exactly what they can and cannot do, plus perhaps setting up a few basic maneuvers between us- code phrases for things like like "charge in and I will teleport in to flank your target", "some of you attack while others leave with the loot", whatever other maneuvers strike our fancy- we got the toughest, most combat-capable minions, so we'd best be able to make good use of them.
No. 245884 ID: e31d52

>-Knowing how you're going to transport whatever you get away with; teleportation won't work, since we can't carry much yet, and running off with armfuls of loot in our (slow-moving) minions' hands has a lot of flaws

This is solvable with giving our minions copies of some sort of the item in question and having them all go in different directions. Meanwhile, we distract the hero!

>-Knowing exactly where you're going to sell whatever loot you end up getting away with; particularly at museums, it'll be hot after we take it, which lowers value; arrange sale in advance if possible
>-Knowing where you're going to store your loot until you can get sell it successfully; putting everything in your apartment is a BAD idea, and we don't have any sort of other secure storage

Don Dice may be able to help us if we split the money we acquire from the job. Fencing items and hiding them seems right up his alley! Just make sure to plan it in person, in a secure location, not over the phone.
No. 245886 ID: c71597

Call up the Don and see if he's up for a good old mafia smash and grab. Some jewelry store is going to get their shit slapped, and it would be nice to have someone experianced with you as well as someone to give the heroes an extra target.

Oh, and the goal here shouldn't be to fight a hero if they show up. Just keep them occupied and distracted while you and the Don get away with as much loot as possible.

Oh, and make it clear from the start how you split the loot. Something like 50/50 is probably a good idea. Oh, and if one of you get arrested then the other one keeps their part of the loot safe until it can be handed over.
No. 245889 ID: 754124

yo guys, Gnome prefers that people make only one post in the thread, and discuss only in the discussion thread. Please do so from here on out.
No. 245892 ID: 40cb26

First off give your would be girlfriend a call. You're in no shape for a date but she should appreciate a chitchat. Mentioning that you are still recovering from cracked ribs is a fine way to play the sympathy card but don't dwell on that subject.

Problem with the sneaking in minions to the museum: they wield macahuitls. If we're going that route the weapons would need to be snuck in separately, or the lot of them tossed in storage. If they can grab something else or just make do with their bare hands that's fine, but all the same more complications for an already tricky heist.

As for teaming up with the Don for a jewel heist that's a great idea... but didn't us and Angel get him taken by the cops? He might be behind bars still, but him making a jailbreak is at least as likely.

We may end up just getting a ring from the Queen before any of that, how long is it until halloween? Because you just KNOW she's going to pull something then.
No. 245947 ID: cd7581

What about the Earth Defence Force from our very first encounter? lets look into them a bit, or otherwise plan to harass them, perhaps with our new minions.
No. 246057 ID: 8bc216


I gotta second this, after all we are their registered nemesis.

In fact maybe we should find out if they have any other registered nemeses we could team up with for our next caper, or at least give us some dirt on the EDF.
No. 246070 ID: 644ca1

Maybe send them an invitation to our heist, something about us trying to get something "to melt the heart of the most precious glazier on earth" or something like that. What they will think is that we are destroying the earth, therefore fitting their theme, but in reality we are talking about getting a gift for Angel Frost.
No. 246379 ID: 93e8e3
File 128761993579.png - (112.89KB , 700x500 , 116.png )

"I'm sorry, Greg, but your powers are just too unique."
No. 246380 ID: 93e8e3
File 128761995120.png - (137.66KB , 700x500 , 117.png )

"But the notice said you need a strong guy for the Red Ranger! I'm strong! I'm tough!"

"Well yes, but... your best talent is your building, and we can't really work that in. I'd be glad to work with you sometime, but I just can't see it working out as a permanent member. You just don't fit the Red Ranger motif we are going for here."

Wrench Monkey sighs. "Fine, fine. I get it. I'll just... leave, I guess."

I sigh in response. It's always hard turning people away, but the EDF has a very specific membership criteria. We can't just hire anyone who wants a spot! "Look, I'm sure you'll find your own niche. You're a pretty smart guy. You'll think of something."

"Yeah, yeah. I'll see you around, James."

"You too, Greg."
No. 246381 ID: 93e8e3
File 128761996525.png - (55.42KB , 700x500 , 118.png )

I show him out, and wave. He's a nice guy, really, but he just doesn't fit the Red Ranger attitude and skillset. I mean, he could branch into it, but he's got a good thing going already. Besides, I can find a Red Ranger eventually. I'm in no hurry.

Oh hey, there's a letter here! And it is addressed to us, the EDf, by our real names! This can only be...!
No. 246382 ID: 93e8e3
File 128761997742.png - (102.43KB , 700x500 , 119.png )

Dearest Earth Defense Force,

You are hereby invited to attend and attempt the prevention of the first grand heist by the Baron Obsidian, Black Wick, scheduled to take place on October the 23rd at the Adventure City Museum of Priceless Artifacts. The target of this heist will be used in a most diabolical plot to melt away the heart of the world's most precious glacier. I expect your best behavior.

James Blacwick

...! That's tomorrow! I need to tell Maria and David about this immediately! Blacwick is trying to end the earth, just as we suspected! We need to plan how we're going to thwart this most heinous plot!
No. 246388 ID: c71597

Only one thing to do then. Call together your companions and whatever allies you have to call on and make sure the heist doesn't happen. The fate of the world hangs in the balance here, so you can't be cheap about it, all availible resources need to be put into this. And remember how he humiliated you before? He must be made to pay!
No. 246389 ID: e3f578

Quickly, use your communicator watch! All good hero teams have them! Your marketing agent for the EDF toys needs you to make sure all your fans know about how you can buy them at your local toy distributor and that buying them helps you save the world.
No. 246390 ID: 45c9f1
File 12876207644.jpg - (137.18KB , 638x539 , you dick magnet.jpg )

his name is Whitewick?

no wonder they are our mortal enemies.
No. 246408 ID: f4963f

Be sure to put the suits in the wash tonight. They're going to need to be squeaky-clean for all the villainous BUTT you will kick!
No. 246411 ID: 445c48

Well, most precious doesn't necessarily mean "Earth ending". It might be the most beautiful, or the most famous, or hell he might be trying to levitate it over a drought-stricken area before he melts it to get you to stop him and be a dick that way.
No. 246412 ID: 644ca1

The most precious glacier in the world must be the Northern Ice Caps. And he is going to melt a hole in the very centre of it! Because without the north pole where will kids believe Santa lives? Truly he is a villain, time to gather the team and prepare to stop him.
No. 246414 ID: cd7581

I wander how teams handle FX, is it different than a singular hero or villain? ah well, your obvious course is to GO TO ACTION!
No. 246418 ID: 21515b

Prepare coloured smoke bombs for your entrance.
No. 246420 ID: 701a19

Did you take some stupid pills this morning and wash them down with a big ol' jug of failure?
Even the largest glacier wouldn't raise the ocean's water level enough for you to measure the difference without specialized equipment.

It's far more likely for him to extort money out of bottled water manufacturers.
No. 246421 ID: 56dc25

First order of business: Team meeting! Be sure to recap your powers and personalities when acting in-character, so that you can pull this off as well as possible.

Second order of business: Find a list of artifacts in the museum, and figure out what he might be after.
No. 246452 ID: e3f578

>Santa's workshop dissipates

Oh no the merch sales will die without our consumerist icon! The economy will be in shambles, Cats and Dogs living together, mass hysteria. That fiend! That merchandise is your method to balance to lower hero rates per encounter.

Not only is he planning to destroy the world, he's planning to destroy your paycheck!
No. 246503 ID: 754124

So call your buddies up, let them know that the Baron is throwing a party and you're invited. Then show up at the assigned time and defeat that heinous fiend at is heinously fiendish plot.
No. 253527 ID: 6c4937
File 12891075521.png - (101.39KB , 700x500 , 120.png )

James Whitewick, the Blue Ranger of the Earth Defense Force, explains the contents of the letter to the other two members of the team.

Green Ranger, David Whitewick, exclaims "That villain! I'll stop him with my myriad of powerful ranged attacks!"

"Good, but remember to hang back. You can fly now, so don't sit still." Blue reminds him.

"Of course!" replies Green.

Maria Gelinskiwick, the Pink Ranger, adds "But don't you rush ahead yourself, Blue! I know you're our leader, and super speed is your power, but I'm the tough one. I can take his hits better than you can, so you need to let me draw his fire."

"Yes, of course, Pink. I need you to keep a level head. You know me, I'll just rush into things like an idiot if someone isn't keeping me in check."

"Yes, exactly! So stick close to me." She says.

"Everyone ready, then?" Blue asks. "Yes!" they reply.

"Off we go!"
No. 253528 ID: 6c4937
File 128910759451.png - (156.74KB , 700x500 , 121.png )

We rush to the location listed on the letter at the time listed on the letter. The three of us rush in to stop this most heinous crime!

"Blacwick! We'll destroy you, and put an end to your evil plans!" Blue shouts, as the three of us charge in.
No. 253529 ID: 6c4937
File 128910764232.png - (125.01KB , 700x500 , 122.png )

"Well well..." Blacwick replies, sitting atop a throne. The museum guards must have been defeated already! He has the gem!

>Control has been returned to Blacwick.
No. 253530 ID: e31d52

"I have to thank you for the other day." Get up. "If you hadn't declared yourself my nemesis, why, I'd have never discovered this whole thing my father left me. Thanks to you, I now have riches, (hold up gem), cohorts, and even, dare I say it, a woman. But most of all, I have a purpose, and that purpose is to take what I want, when I want, how I want to! Let's go, EDF! Show me what you got!"
No. 253531 ID: 620bfb

All right, time for some evil gloating followed by sending in the minion.
No. 253533 ID: 112b25

Evil gloating.

Reveal the two knight you had guarding the door as they shut it.
Have the rest of your minions come from behind the pillars they were hiding behind.

Classic villan surround.
No. 253534 ID: 880ed2

Change that last sentence to "Show me your moves!" and it's perfect.
No. 253538 ID: 754124

We should apologize for the inadequacy of our last encounter, and insinuate that due to us being prepared, they will now stand no chance against us.

Then order your minions forward and teleport around punching dudes or something.
No. 253540 ID: dad664

Chainsaw Swords.

No. 253543 ID: e31d52

no, they're macahuitls or however you spell it.

Long planks of wood with obsibian stuck along the 'blade'.
No. 253548 ID: 56dc25

...this is getting out of hand...

Begin with a villainous speech, obviously.

Afterward: Battle tactics!

Since the EDF has several members, if's probably safe to assume that they've diversified their powersets. Accordingly, take careful note of how they're trying to arrange themselves- their bricks/bruisers will try to close, while their blasters/healers/psychics/whatever will likely hang back. Take careful note of who charges in and who doesn't, then use your teleportation abilities (and prepared minions in hidden positions, if applicable) to whomp on the back rank rather than the front. Your strengths against their weaknesses. Your minions should be tough enough to delay their smashy types while you dispose of any support characters. After their presumably squishier members have been dealt with, you'll hopefully have a good idea what their melee types' abilities are from watching them fight your minions and will be able to engage them with enough tactics to give you a fighting chance.

And an excellent part of this is that the leader/hero character is almost always part of the charge-in group, so after eliminating everyone else you'll be able to have a moment of dramatic mockery.

If everything goes horribly wrong but you've downed at least one enemy, consider teleporting over to you fallen foe and engaging in a hostage scene. Presumably you have a knife or other implement which could be held threateningly at the throat.
No. 253559 ID: 46c430

Ahh, a backstab, hm? How properly VILLAINOUS! Maybe a one-liner while doing it. "You know, you heroes really should learn..." Teleport back behind a support member, and then attack as you shout, "TO WATCH YOUR BACKS!"

Ooo, ooo! If they accuse you of being greedy, say "What is a man?", throw your wineglass at the floor in front of them, and then say, "A miserable little pile of avarice! I dare expect you believe I defeated the guards here by force, but notice they are not present! That's right, I BRIBED them to leave! And these are the people you -defend-? And you call -me- evil, at least I am HONEST about my selfish intentions! But enough talk, HAVE AT YOU!" Possibly switch in the 'Show me your moves!' line for the 'Have at you!' one if you think it's more fitting. And I know we might not have bribed the guards and are lying, but hey, it's a good, dramatic lie!

Yes, it's cliche, but cliche seems to be the best for this sort of thing. A pity we don't have any FX to spend on this. We really should save more. Try to have at least 2 minimum on hand for fights and heists.
No. 253571 ID: 6c4937
File 128911526242.png - (91.88KB , 700x500 , 123.png )

I begin with a villainous monologue, the traditional way to appreciate your nemesis. "I really should thank you for the other day. If you hadn't declared yourself my nemesis, why, I'd have never discovered this whole villainy job my father left me. Thanks to you, I now have riches, cohorts, and even, dare I say it, a woman. But most of all, I have a purpose, and that purpose is to take what I want, when I want it, and how I want to! Just think about it! If I end up destroying the world one day, it's all your fault! Ahahahaaa! Let's go, EDF! Show me your moves! Knights, get them!"
No. 253572 ID: 6c4937
File 128911530176.png - (110.46KB , 700x500 , 124.png )

My knights burst out from hiding, slamming the door behind the EDF, and stepping out from the pillars beside me. They'll have to fight through a wall to get to me! Ahahahaaa!

"Blue!" shouts Green.
No. 253573 ID: 6c4937
File 128911531094.png - (172.66KB , 700x500 , 125.png )

Ah, the blue one has already rushed past the knights. "Villainous cur! I refuse to be held responsible for your greed!" He throws a punch, which I barely block. He doesn't hit nearly as hard as the Don did, but with the speed behind the blow, it had some oomph.

I think I have my opponent.
No. 253574 ID: 754124

oi kick 'im in the balls, mate

use the fire
No. 253576 ID: 56dc25

Hmm. If he's a speedster he'll be able to respond to your teleportation with some effectiveness. Best to dispose of him quickly, before even tipping your hand regarding your teleportation tricks.

Fortunately, you have no less than four knights extremely close by. Their objective should be to grapple and hold him- speed will do him no good if he cannot escape their grasp! At that point you'll be able to whomp on him while he's unable to resist, preferably whilst making mocking comments. He may also serve as an excellent hostage in a dramatic scene for the others.

To facilitate this, you must keep his attention while they close in and surround him so that he cannot use a burst of speed to escape. Suggestions:
-Flare your fire aura up abruptly, as far as you can. Hopefully the abrupt brightness and roaring of the flames will dazzle him for the few seconds you need, while also harming him if he presses the attack with more punching.
-Use disconcertingly villainous commentary to enrage him and keep his mind fixed upon you rather than his incoming doom.
-Hold your ground while fighting rather than retreating; this might make him more inclined to assault you directly than to maneuver.
No. 253577 ID: e3f578

How petty does he think we are, calling us greedy. Little bastard needs a fire slap to the face. Man, we stealing this for out of a fiery passion of charity or some pun like that. Greed my ass
No. 253580 ID: 46c430

Ok, -now- do the spiel I posted about avarice, with whatever editing is needed to make it fit in this current situation. Yes, it's rather long, but talking is a free action, you know. Send our knights at the other two heroes, turn it into a side-battle, the tide of which will by the laws of drama hinge on the fight between you and Blue. Now activate your fire aura to burn his arm that you've blocked. With it on, any contact he makes with you will hurt him. Even if he hits you, he'll get pain! AHAHAHAHA!

...But yeah, I don't think we're going to be able to land any outright hits on him. The outcome I'm seeing is that we play defensive as we banter and taunt one another, teleporting about as he follows and attacks. Right as it's noted he's beginning to wear down, Green and Pink shout for help, and then we attempt to make our escape, pinning him to choose between stopping us from getting away or helping his comrades! With any luck, the fact this would simply be the 'first act' of a villainous plan will work in our favor; They will think that losing here won't matter, and that good will triump at the last minute by stopping our melting superweapon! So they will not give it their all, and save up their FX for the FINAL BATTLE!

...Of course, that's not actually what we're doing, we arn't going to make a polar melting ray, and there isn't going to be a chance to stop our further plan after this (Assuming we -don't- actually use it for EVIL PLAN before giving it to Angel), but they don't know that. And this is only one possible outcome, and one of the one that favors us instead of us going home with our butts kicked, but y'know. Positive attitude and optimism and all.
No. 253585 ID: 40cb26

Bring the fight with him near one or two of your Knights, darting behind and around them and throwing him into their waiting blades can be great fun.
No. 253591 ID: 56dc25

You can't count on drama working in our favor that way. Remember, our minions are just minions and we're working against heroes, here; while they may be strong as minions go, they will still inevitably be defeated. They can only buy us time or work in concert with us to give us an advantage, not tackle heroes on their own- and your plan there has our minions actually beating Green and Pink with only a 3:1 advantage.

Our plan must account for the fact that we will likely have only ten, fifteen seconds- thirty at most- before our knights engaging Green and Pink are overcome. Blue must be defeated by them, lest we wish to face them all head-on (and we do not). No drawn-out duel can be afforded here; go for the quick win in this small conflict to bring us overall greater advantage in the larger battle.

Besides, if we start beating Blue up he'll likely burn an FX to keep going, and I'd rather they use as many of those as possible before we end up fighting all three at once. 3v1 against us with FX on their side and not ours seems like a quick formula for a loss.
No. 253603 ID: acf695

He's pretty HOT HEADED isn't he? At this point he's just feeding the fire. He should really cool down or he's liable to get burned.

You should totally engage Blue. He's the leader anyway. If he gets too injured, the others might take him and flee. Or go on a rampage of revenge. Either way is pretty fun, right?
You should start out pretty small time, basic moves backed up with the usual flame aura. Make them think you're not that tough. Use your ability to flare up and teleport to catch them off guard, preferably separately, preferably in a way that actually turns the tide of battle. We don't have any FX so we're going to have to fight smart.

The minions are just minions, even if they're tough, and will fall or be useless without management. We basically have two options:
The first is to bring the nearest four to help you with Blue. This will make the fight with him easier and you can hide behind the minions if neccesary. If speed is Blue's only power, I doubt he'll even be able to hurt them. The two distracting Green and Pink won't last very long at all, though, which means he'll get backup if you don't beat him quick.
The other option is to send some or all of the knights after Green and Pink. If you send all six, they MIGHT even be able to take them down themselves, although that's questionable. At the very least, though, this will buy even more time for you to fight Blue. But obviously you have less backup.
As an added bonus, if you take Blue on one-on-one, you'll get points for chivalry.
No. 253613 ID: 4ad9b2

Use your limited ability to fly to do some physics-defying martial arts moves! Leave awesome-looking burning lines in the carpet from your sweeping low kicks.

At some point throw the gem up onto the air or to the side to distract the EDF, get in a free hit while they're open and then teleport to snatch the airborne gem out of the air yourself as they try to grab it.
No. 253625 ID: 701a19

Burn an FX for this:
"Yes, how could I consider holding somebody responsible for their own actions? My father abandoned me so long ago I never even knew what he looked like, but it seems killing him wasn't good enough for you. No, I suppose I should follow your heroic example and blame your children!

Really, you should know why I became a villain better than anybody. You were there, after all; you were the ones who signed the papers saying you wanted to kill me, you were the ones who hunted me - then an innocent civilian working an honest job for a living - down and tried to murder me in cold blood, you were the ones who forced me to find a way to defend myself!"
Then break his arm.
"Lets see how brave you are now that I'm not a helpless innocent, shall we?"
No. 253627 ID: 112b25

Grab his arm
Teleport to the second floor
begin fight
No. 253650 ID: c71597

You have an excellent chance for a throw here. Try throwing him into the air, then hit him while flying. Burn an FX to teleport with him quite high into the air, grab him, fly towards the ground at high speed and slam him into it. Lets see him use speedster tricks to get out of that one.
No. 253654 ID: c71597

Oh wait, we don't have an FX. Well ok, just try to keep him airborne so he can't run really fast.
No. 253781 ID: 1854db

I think we should upgrade our outfit soon, it looks really drab.

Also I have an evil plan. While trading blows with Blue, charge up teleport and look out for an opening in the fight Green and Pink are having. Then teleport over and haymaker one of them.
No. 254073 ID: cd7581

alrighty, I agree that we should keep our teleportation out of the enemies minds until we absolutely need it, the knights should be able to tie up the other two for a while, and the ones near us can help with blue-boy, and yeah we should think about adding colour to our cape at somepoint.

Also be wary of green, he had a chargable ranged attack last we saw him, and I doubt he's left the charge time so abysmal as last time.
No. 256596 ID: 6c4937
File 128983134241.png - (275.06KB , 700x500 , 126.png )

"What, heroes are too good for responsibility? Is that it?" I continue to pester him, hopefully blinding him to the approach of my knights. "BLUE!" Green shouts, trying to get his attention.

"I'll not have your slander!" Blue counters, continuing to assault me. His friends' shouts go unheard. Perfect. His anger shall be his undoing. I hold my ground, blocking less than half of his incredibly rapid attacks. Thankfully, without the charge behind them, none of them is particularly strong, and my fireshield helps absorb most of the blow. He is probably taking as much pain as he is giving, if not more, since the fire aura still hurts him on blocked attacks as well. If I didn't have a shield like this, this would be horribly devastating.
No. 256597 ID: 6c4937
File 12898313787.png - (181.00KB , 700x500 , 127.png )

"Slander? But it's true, isn't it? I'm no liar." I say, pulling my arm back. "You can't protect anything." I teleport.
No. 256598 ID: 6c4937
File 128983141292.png - (279.42KB , 700x500 , 128.png )

And grab Green by the face, slamming him to the ground as he begins giving Blue supporting fire. "G-green! No!" Blue shouts.
No. 256599 ID: 6c4937
File 128983150744.png - (109.43KB , 700x500 , 129.png )

Pink seems to be handling the two knights here on her own, but they're holding her up. It looks like Green is the only one here who can deal decent damage - he took out one of the black knights while I was distracting Blue. But now Blue is boxed off from his friends, Pink is barely stopping the other two knights from getting to Green. I've got probably 30 seconds before Pink or Blue can give him back up. This is going beautifully.
No. 256605 ID: c71597

Give him a solid kick to the head to make sure he stays out of it. Then fly up with him, throw him at blue to tangle him up. Blue might dodge that, which is why you're going to have a teleport charged, if he dodges then you teleport in behind him and deliver a kick to the head, followed by tripping him up so your knights can beat his ass. Then you and all 5 knights turn on green. Either kick her ass or tell her that as a gentleman and noble you don't particularly feel like beating her, she's free to go and drag away he two failures of comrades if she feels like it.
No. 256611 ID: a86c5f

Prepare chain tele

teleport behind Pink

"ohh a tough one hmmm? Lets see just how tough you really are"

grab her, teleport to the ceiling (inside for more dramatic effect) and drop her.

No. 256612 ID: f4e4f9

Haha, ouch. Green again? He seems to be becoming our number 1 punching bag in the EDF.

Remember, though. Everything going brutally well just means theres all the more likelihood for them to get backup from other hero-types groups. Them heroes always got other hero friends, so don't let them blindside you.

Still, a little Villainous taunting is in order. Is Green unconscious? If no, smash his head into the floor a time or two more. If yes, lift him up by the back of the neck (if your strong enough), or just look to blue with your hand on the back of his head pressing into the floor, and taunt.

Following that, teleport behind Pink and kick out the back of her knee. Let the knight take a swing.

Blue seems like the leader, so how perfect would it be to take out his friends and set him up, alone, against your incredible prowess?
No. 256625 ID: 8c06b9

Tempted to say we should flee. I mean, things are already going well, it looks like we've got a clear shot at what appears to be a side door behind you, and our technical goal is theft, not to beat the entire team into the ground. If we get away we win, and we've already done a good job humiliating them. Let's not get overconfident and stay long enough for them to pull themselves together. Taunt them a little more, then leg it in the beautiful 30-second escape window.

...On the other hand, if we -are- going to stay and fight, I object to getting near Pink. She's the bruiser, she could probably take any attacks we threw at her, and could likely do a lot in return. I think the best option would be to switch with one of our knights, so there's three on Pink, while we tank Blue again. Heck, if they're not of much help, maybe even have the other two knights on Blue grab green and drag him off as a hostage or distraction or something. Might be able to dial up Don and ask for a 'favor', and borrow a warehouse to set up an easily-escaped deathtrap in, to stick the heroes into.
No. 256636 ID: 701a19

"Are you really so much of a coward as to bring a gunman to a fistfight, Blue?"
Pick up green and toss him into a corner, then smash his gun.
No. 256645 ID: 40cb26

Pink is wide open right now, teleport behind her and kick her in the damn head. Don't stick around after that though, you don't want to take her head on until blue is done with. Or if she goes down from that you can lure blue into being surrounded by even more knights.
No. 256653 ID: 0c1ef6

Was that the equivalent of a FX use from the genious villain dialogue?

Where's the gem? Did Blue steal it with his speed punches?

Hug Pink, apply fire. Mock Blue EVEN MORE to emphasize that he left his friends in trouble!
No. 256665 ID: 099247

Pummel the shit outta green then in the last 5 seconds teleport over to pink and just mop the floor with her.
No. 256667 ID: 263430

This is good, but we can improve the villainous timing. Give them a chance to rally - it would be dishonorable not to, after setting that trap - then teleport away with a hostage just as they think they've won.

These are our rivals. They deserve better than the one-sided fight we've given them. They deserve to have their hopes built up before being utterly crushed.
No. 256676 ID: 1854db

Pummel Green into unconsciousness, then help the other two knights take out Pink. After those two are out, then beat up blue a bit until he's almost knocked out too, then pause to gloat so that he can grab his two buddies and escape. We must ensure that they come back to fight again!
No. 256710 ID: 6c4937
File 128986129923.png - (102.11KB , 700x500 , 130.png )

I step on Green's face as I stand up, and take a moment to survey the situation, and decide on what I'm doing next.

First, doing something about Green. He doesn't have any sort of gun for me to destroy. He conjures energy blasts of some kind - fried one of my knights with it, while I was distracted by Blue. He's still conscious, and struggling. And conjuring a blast now, let's stop that.
No. 256711 ID: 6c4937
File 128986131677.png - (93.95KB , 700x500 , 131.png )

That oughta do it. He lets out a shout as my foot burns through his armor.

I consider teleporting out with Green as my hostage, but I don't have the teleport capacity to take someone with me, and I don't have any FX to temporarily gain that sort of capacity. I didn't spend any FX, but I seem to have discovered some other way to get that same sort of detail out of a shot. I might need to ask the Mayor about this later, but for now I can experiment.

I could just flee. I mean, I have the... where's the gem!?
No. 256712 ID: 6c4937
File 128986133335.png - (201.79KB , 700x500 , 132.png )

Ah fuck, Blue must have taken it! I'll need to go and deal with him persona-
No. 256713 ID: 6c4937
File 128986134537.png - (131.90KB , 700x500 , 133.png )

No. 256715 ID: 6c4937
File 128986135763.png - (122.49KB , 700x500 , 134.png )

Ow. Okay, that hurt. Right in the jaw, too. Ugh, I think I lost a tooth. I really thought I had more time than that. My 30 seconds ended up being about 6. He charged right past my knights, with no concern for their blades. The mayor did warn me they were slow, but I thought their strength would actually stop him...

He's already rushing me, I need to act NOW.
No. 256719 ID: 1963d1

He mad.

Teleport behind him. Or away. Or something. Just do it quickly!
No. 256721 ID: acf695

See, this is why you shouldn't get cocky. The heroes have FX! But the fact that you can hold your own without them has to count for something. Right?
Wait until he's right on top of you, about to strike, then teleport... somewhere. He's super fast, it's possible he'll slam into or at least punch the wall.

We should probably actually do something on top of that. Hug/flaming Pink might be useful. She's 'tough', so it might not do too much damage. ... we can't teleport with her, but do you think we'd be strong enough to carry her as we fly? Flying and burning at the same time.
I'll bet Blue can't fly.
No. 256722 ID: 701a19

Stand up and prepare yourself.
Say "Why do you blead upon the floor?"
Teleport to his left side, grab the wound, and flare your aura "I'll cauterize your wound for sure!"
No. 256724 ID: 69bee4

oh come on, were a villain, and Green is still dazed. This calls for a human/hero shield! Teleport to where green is, pick him up, retract your aura, and say that unless he gives the gem back your going to crispy fry his friend.
No. 256734 ID: c71597

Teleport off at the last second and kick Green in the face again. Be away before blue can charge again though. He needs built up momentum for those really punishing blows, so deny him that with the use of your teleport and hit him when he has lost his momentum. Keep moving with the teleports and try to aim for tripping up blue in among your knights.

Oh, and he's hurt now, the knights did get him. He's got quite a cut on one of his arms and his helmet got smacked off. He should already be a bit dizzy from the bump on his head that took off the helmet. If you keep him working then he should keep bleeding, eventually that will make him dizzier. Shouldn't be too hard to take him down then.

Make sure Pink stays preoccupied with the knights.
No. 256743 ID: 56dc25

We need to get our knights beating on Green. He's not fast enough or tough enough to take them on, so multiple knights+green is one of the heroes basically taken out until relieved. Easiest way to do that: Wait for Blue to be almost up to you, then teleport back to Green and punch him towards the three knights that Blue escaped from. Be aware that Blue will be coming for you immediately, so don't take more than a second or two- after moving Green in the right direction, teleport again, this time to engage Pink or Blue with an amped fire aura while you try to figure out where the gem is.

Blue will have to go and try to rescue Green from your knights, which will give an opportunity to hit him from behind- hopefully, you'll be able to grab him at that point and do the burning grapple trick. He might be fast, but hopefully he's not strong enough to get free before severe burns if you can get a decent grip on him.
No. 256761 ID: e7afbc

He's blindly charging. You're against a wall. You can teleport away at the last instant. Time for a classic bit. Make him punch the wall. Either through teleporting or through just dodging.

Long-term goal: Try and finagle a way to get him so blinded by rage that you can make him punch pink. Don't hit pink yourself, of course. You're a gentleman. But those rules don't mean you can't make OTHERS hit women. Hopefully, it'd cause enough of a shock that he can't gather the will to fight.
No. 256768 ID: 2679f4

There is, of course, only one way to deal with this.

Stand up, make as if you are going to intercept his blow, then teleport FORWARD and hit him before he gets there.

This guy seems to have a 'one-track mind', at most seeing one step ahead.

From all your other moves, it will appear as if you would get behind him and try to attack, no one would expect you to go INTO the attack.

My guess is that whenever you do something PARTICULARLY villainous that fits with your character you reproduce the FX effect.

go get em tiger.
No. 256788 ID: cd7581

be careful when teleporting away from blue, it looks like if he has enough distance to speed up to you, he hits far harder, with that in mind maybe we should stay close to him during the fight to prevent a repeat of the rocketfist thingy? that being said now we've revealed we can teleport we should abuse that power like a red headed stepchild, we can string two together right? teleport behind him, then when he turns around, teleport back to his front and suckerpunch him!
No. 256900 ID: d3dfb8

Are you sick of your opponent rushing you?
For only 19.95 you can rush your opponent right back! They'll never see it coming!
No. 256918 ID: 754124

Priority number one is getting the gem back. A teleport->frisk combo would work wonders, hopefully. But we need to figure out where on Blue's person the gem is. Keep your eyes open.
No. 256978 ID: c71597

It's easier to frisk them when they're properly knocked out.
No. 257178 ID: 1854db

Oh man I have another evil plan. While he's busy fighting you, make sure he's distracted enough so that he doesn't notice your Knights going over to the downed Green and restraining him.

Oh also say "It seems I underestimated your anger. Yes, feel it. Fight me! Hate me!" then once your knights have Green, tell him "ENOUGH! Give me the diamond or your friend dies."

If he coughs it up, then we release Green and teleport out, laughing.
No. 257180 ID: 0a6eab

Everyone is too focused on teleportation, molotovs are where it's at. Throw some at green and pink, that'll force him to him to protect his comrade. If he doesn't, that's fine, let them burn. Actually, if you're so hung up on teleporting every, why don't you do some sneaky tactics, such as teleport behind him and leave a molotov while feinting an attack. In my opinion though, it would be more fun to just throw molotovs everywhere while teleporting. It doesn't matter if your knights get caught up in, no, in fact, it's better if they do because then you will have flaming hell knights. Oh, and if you do kill someone, don't forget to mock him about not being able to protect anyone.
No. 257182 ID: a09a03

No. 257186 ID: 445c48

"You mad."

Break out two mollies, toss one at green. He'll probably catch it or something, so teleport over to Pink and light her up with the other one.
No. 257287 ID: fb7332



Do what Falcon said except instead of punching him with your fist punch him with a molotov, or throw it at him point-blank so the explosion doesn't hurt your hand. The fire shield should negate fire damage and the glass damage should hopefully be minor if you aim it right. In any case, put up a stronger fire shield in front of you to prepare for the blast.
No. 257454 ID: 40cb26

Hold out the molotov, and light it up just as he gets to you and as you teleport away. Tricky timing to get right but as long as you get more singed than slammed you're doing ok.
No. 263126 ID: 6c4937
File 129192088228.png - (77.56KB , 600x400 , 136.png )

I push myself to my feet, using the momentum to begin to charge towards Blue. But, he's basically on top of me as soon as I am off my feet. So, I teleport...
No. 263127 ID: 6c4937
File 129192089313.png - (132.64KB , 600x400 , 137.png )

...right next to Green. With a swift punch, my fist slams into the side of his helmet. The blow dazes him, and he looks unsteady.
No. 263128 ID: 6c4937
File 129192090393.png - (107.70KB , 600x400 , 138.png )

I take this moment to wrap an arm around his neck, stand up with my hostage, and turn around. My 3 knights have surrounded me now, giving me an impressive amount of bargaining power with my new human shield. Pink has tossed the two knights she was fighting into a pile, temporarily putting them out of combat until they can untangle from each other. Blue slammed into the wall, but it looks like he somehow braced himself or something, because he is still standing and looks mostly okay. I wasn't watching at that moment, I was busy punching Green in the head and taking him hostage.

I smirk at the two of them, glaring at me. "I underestimated your anger, Blue! Very impressive. But you made a mistake. You took something I want. So, I had to take something you want. I think you understand the terms."
No. 263129 ID: 6c4937
File 12919209164.png - (95.37KB , 700x500 , 139.png )

The two of them pause, next to each other. They look like they're whispering about something. Probably a plan, or maybe desperate frustration. This seems like a good time for some villainous taunting, or maybe the beginnings of an escape plan. However, with how well this has been going, I might just want to see if I can crush all 3 of them here and now. Sometimes I think I am too indecisive for this villainy thing, but if worst comes to worst, I can always just set something on fire and call it a day.
No. 263132 ID: 701a19

Too bad you don't have any FX; if you did you could teleport two of them into jail cells and claim you caught them stealing from the museum, but sadly their leader got away...
Then when blue protests his innocence to the police you burn another FX to teleport a second bauble into his pocket, thus prompting him to wonder what it was and reach down to check, and...

Oh, right.
Don't make the rookie mistake of letting your minions hold the hero; they will screw up.
Instead, use your heat to warp the helmet and visor so he can neither see nor remove it. Once their plan frees him he'll still be incapable of fighting.
Then ambush pink with a solid kick to her kneecap.
No. 263134 ID: 45c9f1
File 129192302946.jpg - (48.87KB , 402x371 , shits on fire yo.jpg )

Escape plan favored, this fight has gone on too long for us to easily get a victory. If they make any rapid motion drop a smokebomb or molotov and port out of there. Your minions should cover while you do. If they go for the hostage thing more power to you, then do the same.
No. 263137 ID: 172de5

I hope Blue does have the gem. If he just knocked it away in the confusion then things could get silly.

"You DO have the gem do you not? I'm quite certain you stole it from my very hand like some common cutpurse when we traded punches earlier."

Try to goad Blue into showing the gem. If he does then try out your new teleport string by doing a teleport/grab/teleport to steal it.
No. 263144 ID: c71597

Hmm, lets engage in some villanous taunting to make sure they don't get a chance to calm down and make up some sort of plan. Stuff about how weak and helpless they are against even one enemy, how they're the ones that pushed you onto this road by barging into your shop and attacking you without provocation. How they are doomed to continue to fail in every encounter. Stuff like that.
No. 263150 ID: e3f578

"I tire of these heroic acts and your convoluted plays. I've decided not to let you to even try to burn my deal. I get it, no 'We're gonna get Green out of this by sheer goodness and willpower'. I'm leaving you all to your bullshit with Green. I hope he loves being the height of the drama."

Then teleport to the top of the outside of the building, push him off, and call it a day and leave.
No. 263168 ID: e4c4d8


Don't let them plan. Call out, "Don't tarry now, else your comrade may find himself needing a new neck." Obviously, as a classy villain, you're bluffing, but they don't know that. They think you're going to destroy the world. Force them to act, and act rashly.
No. 263269 ID: 2222da

Seconding visor warping. If it turns out to be heat resistant, then take the helmet off as a prize. Trophies are good, yes? And it should serve to further inflame Blue's rage.
No. 264110 ID: 22d5a9
File 129223609195.png - (128.74KB , 600x400 , 140.png )

"Now now, don't tarry! If you wait too long, you'll need to get a new Green Ranger, because this one's gonna be fried soon." I say, flying off the ground with my hostage, my hand burning into his helmet, warping the material beneath my touch. My knights advance, forming a wall between me and them. "Show me the gem, Blue! I know you stole it from me. You're far more devious than you let on!"

Blue clenches his fists tightly, staring up at me with impotent rage. Man, he looks like he really wants to kill me! Quite the temper on this one. "You let him go, Blacwick, and I'll show you the stone."

"Let me see it first! What do you take me for, some kind of fool?"
No. 264111 ID: 22d5a9
File 129223611753.png - (64.00KB , 600x400 , 142.png )

He grits his teeth angrily, and after a long moment, looks away. "FINE!" He shouts, pointing at a spot on the ground behind me.

Oh wow don't I feel silly. I dropped it during his assault! Oh my. "Hah! Well. Alright, I'll keep my end of the deal. I'll let him go! Catch!" I say, dropping Green from 40 feet up, before teleporting down to the stone.
No. 264112 ID: 22d5a9
File 12922361293.png - (144.23KB , 600x400 , 143.png )

Everything suddenly happened at once, after that. I teleported down to find Pink right there, but double teleported out of the way. Blue managed to catch Green using his super speed, but the catch brought the two of them tumbling to the ground between my knights. Pink lingered a moment, forced to choose between assisting her comrades or chasing after me, but chose her comrades. A wise decision.

I then escaped. None of my minions made it, but that's acceptable. They'll all be back in perfect form by the end of the week. It'll take Green a lot longer to recover from all those burns.
No. 264113 ID: 22d5a9
File 129223613926.png - (249.08KB , 600x400 , 144.png )

Mission Accomplished.
>Paycheck: 1300$, 8 FX
No. 264115 ID: e43bfe

>8 FX
No. 264117 ID: 2222da

>8 FX

Oh. Oh my yes.
No. 264118 ID: d4f98d

Good god, that was a FINE spot of villainy. Bravo.
No. 264119 ID: 22d5a9
File 129223759826.png - (159.58KB , 700x500 , 145.png )

I made a slight miscalculation in how much funding Baron Obsidian got from the mission. It should have been $1550, because they are his nemesis. So,

>Current money and FX: $1550, 8 FX

Also, a convenient image of what Blacwick knows about his nemesis from his off screen research of them.
No. 264120 ID: 701a19

By previous agreement, we're spending 3FX to boost teleport range.

I vote we also spend 3FX on doubling our teleport capacity before the next date with Angel Frost.

Rather than spending our FX and cash now, we'll be able to use the 1000m/s teleport to drop in on the mayor and buy what we need later. Even in the middle of something interrupting the date.
No. 264122 ID: 5ecc4e

Upgrading in the midst of battle? When the heat of combat is at it's peak?
That's,That's... Devious.
No. 264126 ID: f65749

The mid-scene upgrade trick doesn't work if the mayor is busy or at home though, but it's as good a reason as any to keep spare FX handy.

Go for the teleport distance and carrying capacity upgrades. Then Blacwick can negotiate another raise or get an even better daytime job by doing instant deliveries (or smuggling). Also being able to teleport others is a must for impressing the ladies and getting people in/out of harm's way. As a second priority the reduced impact fire shield upgrade will hopefully stop Blacwick from being knocked about so much.

We're also overdue spending 1FX to buy a color for Blacwick's costume. I say either some blood red for the cape + highlights or a golden yellow for the royal look (and maybe some awesome blonde hair)
No. 264127 ID: e43bfe

RED. Our knights have it, so we should too. On the inside of the cloak, preferably.
No. 264136 ID: c71597

I still think we need some more close combat staying power. Our shield allows us to take quite a punishment, but we're still a bit weak on the dealing of it. Some extra super strength would be nice for that. Something to make sure we can hurt them when we land a nice punch.
No. 264142 ID: 39d300
File 12922540682.png - (14.53KB , 135x200 , colourwick.png )

> By previous agreement, we're spending 3FX to boost teleport range.
We agreed on that? Oh, it was something like... 'boost range by one every heist until moonbase is go'. Wasn't it? Anyway, go ahead and do that.

I'm going to ask that we buy a single Minion, at a cost of 1 FX, and that it should be a NINJA BUTLER. The description for ninjas said they can appear on scene instantly, so we don't need them to follow us, and I stand by my belief that a servant would be extremely useful and high class. We'd have someone to do all those little chores for us, like carry the bags, or pull the lever, or pour the wine for our date. Just one ninja. He can be our classy Igor.
We can dress him up in a little suit, with little Blackwing cufflinks or something, and it'll be neat.

After that, I don't care what we do. I was thinking, we could add a stripe down the back of our cape, to go with the whole candle motif, so, if we colour our hair, from the back it kindof looks like our hair is a flame. Of course red is an obvious colour to use, but I really think we should go with blonde for the hair. Red hair on a fire-themed character is just so... stereotypical. And blonde just looks more noble, don't you think?

After that, I really think we should upgrade our personal offensive power some. We still don't have a ranged attack, and that was one of the first things we were thinking of getting. If we blow some money on FX, we can probably gain some kind of FIRE CONTROL, which would allow us to throw flames off our aura. Then we'd just have to gradually upgrade the aura itself to upgrade the damage or amount of fire, or upgrade the control to upgrade the amount of manipulation. It would be very utilitarian, as far as burning the shit out of everything goes.

Alternatively, if we want to be more 'creative', I think someone suggested some ability to stonecraft. Kindof like Monkey Wrench's power, except focused around pulling things out of types of rock (particularly obsidian, but others would do in a pinch), and therefore much more badass. We could form swords out of concrete on the fly.

Or we could just upgrade the hell out of our current powerset as is, why not. But I'm voting for something we can use to hurt people.
No. 264144 ID: 2222da

>Ninja Butler

This. This. A Million Times, THIS!

Also, can we upgrade existing Minions? If Ninja Butler (Proposed name: Walter) is to be our Igor, we want him to be as awesome as possible. Perhaps equip him with something tailored to the Obsidian side of out title? Obsidian shurikan? I dunno.
No. 264152 ID: e4c4d8


Much easier to make Obsidian Kunai. And that would be a real bitch in a fight. There's a reason ancient cultures used obsidian as scalpels.
No. 264158 ID: 40cb26

Yes on ninja butler (but maybe not right now), and the colors are ok but no cowlick please.

Between the two, I'd rather boost our ability to carry now and catch up with range later.

Maybe we can spare enough points for a proper fire manipulation power for offense?
No. 264160 ID: e3f578

Aww man did the Mayor have anything to say about your fine display? I'm always eager to hear his commentary.

If we're having a Ninja butler we definitely need to give him a personality upgrade. Our right hand minion can't just do our work without a single word or funny comment!
No. 264162 ID: 0f61f4


Throwing my vote behind ninja butler, with a little extra power/personality than the standard. Not for helping us out in fights so much (except maybe the casual "quick backhand over the shoulder" type) but more for busting us out of prisons and so forth, if needed. Capacity for wry quips is also essential.
No. 264174 ID: bc9415

also being a single ninja will grant him extra power due to the conservation of ninjitsu rule.
No. 264190 ID: 22d5a9
File 129227101657.png - (68.84KB , 576x720 , Black Wick copy.png )

>Teleport Range upgraded!
>FORGE OBSIDIAN power obtained!
>WALTER, Ninja Butler Minion obtained! Currently lacks personality: Costs 3 FX (define personality when making purchase)
>Mayor Commentary

"Eh? What? You did good, what do you want from me? A dog biscuit? Feh, fine. That was a good show, kid."
No. 264191 ID: 22d5a9
File 129227103717.png - (110.74KB , 700x500 , 146.png )

I set to work practicing my new Forge Obsidian power to create a perfect sculpture for the gem, to give to Angel Frost. I am interrupted.

"Hello, Baron." comes the sinister voice of Hollow Queen. I turn to see her perched in my window. "I've got a job for you." She smiles, a sinister smile.
No. 264192 ID: 2222da

No. 264195 ID: c71597

Well don't just stand there like some fool. Teleport up in front of her (not too close though, don't want to make it seem like you're preparing to attack), offer her your hand to help her in and give her a slight kiss on the hand once she's in. Then ask if she wants anything before you talk buisness.
No. 264196 ID: 5ecc4e


Flare up as you do you costume change.
Charming smirk.

"Hollow Queen, I'm honored. Though I wish I could have prepared..."
Step closer
"...a more fitting reception"

Offer her some wine if you have it.
If not, you gotta get some bro; red wine.
No. 264200 ID: f4e0e7

Does she ever use doors like a normal person? Or call ahead even? You gave her your phone number and everything. This is probably just her way of letting you know that she can get to you where you live. Don't let it affect you. In fact, be visibly unimpressed.

Anyway, better do the magical costume change thing. It'd just be silly to talk about villain business while wearing a shirt with a video game reference. Not classy at all, Baron.
No. 264202 ID: bdf739

Aw, Queenie, you found us! And here we were worried the moonbase address would throw you off. You should've called ahead, we would've dressed up for you, or perhaps prepared some tea.
What was that about a job?
No. 264204 ID: 69bee4

Flare up, teleport to the window, and call up Walter


state this, and that Walter is to service any of the hollow queen's needs.

Also, be happy she didn't use a door, else you likely would not have one at the moment.
No. 264209 ID: 701a19

Get in costume!
"My apologies! I was not expecting company. This is an urgent matter, I assume?"
No. 264213 ID: e4c4d8



Well, gotta stay classy. "Oh, your majesty. My apologies, I was not expecting you, otherwise I would have prepared a more grandiose reception for your arrival". Say this while switching to costume mode. Then just snap your fingers and have Walter appear next to her, help he climb in if she needs it, ask if he her if he can get her anything. Assuming he talks. If he's all stoic and stuff, I guess you'll have to do the asking.
No. 264232 ID: 40cb26

I'm going to have to vote against overtly hitting on girls before seeing their real faces. Seems like a good policy. She might be goblinfaced or something. Still, be charming and all that.

"Is this going to be how we usually keep in touch? Because while I could teleport into your bedroom window it seems a tad unwise."
No. 264237 ID: c71597

Hey, she doesn't have to remove her mask. One chick for the masked life and one for the civilian one. That's the way to roll.
No. 264248 ID: 45be60

...weren't we supposed to ask the mayor what that apparently free FX in the last fight was about? Or are we just saying it was for giving a sufficiently evil monologue and leaving it at that?
No. 264314 ID: 22d5a9
File 129231956132.png - (166.79KB , 700x500 , 147.png )

"Is this really how we're going to keep in touch?" I ask, flaring into costume as I stand up. "If I need you, am I supposed to simply teleport into your bedroom window?"

She laughs - a dim, hollow sounding rasp. "Kyeheheh. If you feel brave, you could try. I don't suggest it."

"Walter! If the Hollow Queen should need anything, be a dear and get it for her."
No. 264315 ID: 22d5a9
File 129231957698.png - (118.21KB , 700x500 , 148.png )

Walter appears with a bow, acknowledging the command. The Queen laughs once more. "Kyahah! You have your own servant! How cute. But I'm only here for a proposition, and then I'll be out of your hair, Baron."

"A proposition?" I ask.

"I'm going to attack Iron City tomorrow. I've already got Blood Knight and Delirium in on it. You want in? I could use some more fire power."
No. 264316 ID: bc9415

hmmmm, we doing anything tomarrow? if not then sure. make sure that gem is put somewhere safe though.
No. 264318 ID: 35bba5

Probably do it, but they sound like they might be something of a rough crowd. Don't participate if they are going to be killing people. We aren't resilient enough to survive if we get on the radar of big heroes.
No. 264321 ID: bdf739

Why are we attacking Iron City? Just for fun? We could get in on that. But it's good to know what the plan is in advance. Still, we get paid no matter what we do, right?

We should probably make it clear right out that we don't like to kill people. It's a waste of resources (and also we're genre savvy enough to know it leads to the heroes actually trying). Property is replaceable, people are not.
Her reaction will give us some idea of what we're in for. If she flips out or voices disgust, we know she's not the kindof person we want near us. If she laughs or thinks that's 'cute', we can expect some lethal force on her end, but probably won't have to do much ourselves -- a tentative ally, might be safer to have her think we're a friend. And then of course, if she has no problem at all, we're golden.
All in all, I think it's a good opportunity to get to know the other villains out there, compare notes, get some ideas on power and style, that kindof thing. We should just stick to our morals and be on guard.

If Queenie can't find a use for a teleporting flying firefighter/mage who can conjure obsidian, that's really her problem, isn't it.

This might be more dangerous than we're used to, so maybe we should consider 'borrowing' one of our Knight's helmets, or getting our own. I'm sure it wouldn't look too bad if we left the visor up. Maybe with a gorget.
No. 264325 ID: 701a19

"Interesting. I'll understand if you can't provide specifics, but are you expecting to leave a bodycount? I find killing to be... distasteful."
No. 264330 ID: 263430

"You need some fire power, huh?" Make sure she knows you noticed that pun! Chicks dig that, man!

The Baron doesn't attack cities for no reason and doesn't shed blood. If she expects you to join the attack as part of some fealty thing and is just asking out of politeness, she's going to owe you a royal boon. Otherwise, go ahead, just to help a fellow villain out. Provided you're not busy, of course.
No. 264332 ID: d8049a

It looks like the Queenie is imposing her authority on the city, or at least so it would seem by her attitude. In that case offering our help might be worthwhile. If that's just some Chaotic Stupid parade about burning shit down and gloating in the suffering of others, politely decline.

Also, >>264330
No. 264334 ID: c71597

Well you're reasonably fresh, and scaling the ladder and gaining more power requires work. So why the hell not.

Tell her that of course you will be there. How could you refuse when there is going to be such charming company.
No. 264338 ID: e4c4d8


Hrm, she seems a bit less haughty then when we first met her. Probably means that like with us, it's part of her Villain MO. I'd also say based on this and her bad pun, she's probably younger rather than older.

Anyway, we can probably lend a hand. We can field test our new obsidian powers. Know anything about Iron City? Any obvious spots we can do our usual Trollin'?
No. 264345 ID: 1854db

We're game. What's the target?
No. 264348 ID: 22d5a9
File 129234575684.png - (118.40KB , 700x500 , 149.png )

"You need some fire power, huh?" I say, igniting my arm for emphasis. She simply stares at me. Tough crowd. I cough, and clear my throat before continuing. "...Your offer is certainly interesting, but can you provide any specifics? I'd like to know what I'm getting into."
No. 264349 ID: 22d5a9
File 129234576982.png - (223.03KB , 700x500 , 150.png )

"Tomorrow, Iron City's having a parade for their stupid Hero's Festival. Mana, Happy Time, and Law Legs are going to be making a showing on the floats." The Hollow Queen smiles a sinister smile. "I was thinking it'd be nice and demoralizing to crush them in front of their beloved fans~!"

"Aha. You're not expecting a body count, are you? I'd rather not kill anyone, if I can help it."

"Kyeheheh! You're so green, Baron. But that's part of what makes you so cute. No, there aren't any deaths in the plan, but if someone gets in the way, well... we can't really be responsible for what happens. We ARE supervillains, after all. If anyone dies, it'd probably be Delirium's fault. She's not particularly careful. Maybe you should come along to keep her in check...?" I feel like her smile got a little wider, there.
No. 264350 ID: db967a

wow. these guys are kind of fucking insane. And spooky!

I'd suggest we go along with it if only to learn more about other heroes and villains, but I'm not entirely sure if we really want to get mixed up with these psychos.
No. 264351 ID: 5a2e05


Well, if your schedule's free I don't see a reason not to work overtime.
No. 264354 ID: e4c4d8


Well, incidentals aren't so bad, especially if they aren't caused by us. We're trying to be a higher class of villain, not killing people willy-nilly, but we can't be held responsible for other villains doing it. Especially when we're not the one organizing this show.

The plan is acceptable. Tell her you'll be there, and once you've said your proper goodbyes (Assuming she has nothing else to say), finish your statue. Then call Debbie/Angel Frost. It's been a few days, and your first date ended with her fighting a giant ape. Plus we got to get her a statue. Ask her if she wants to go out again tomorrow night.

Yes, I'm telling you to plan a date the night of the day you're going to get into a brawl in another city. You're just that classy.
No. 264356 ID: f24eb1

Aw man if Blacwick had some extra FX then I'd suggest getting a superweapon to raise the stakes. Maybe The Queen or one of her allies can provide some. The heroes could have or will have surprises like giant robots hidden in their floats after all. Point out this fact.

Also sounds like it's going to be a 4 on 3. Blacwick's going to be the most mobile by far so suggest taking on a support role where you assist your allies by doing teleport surprise attacks. If everyone gets tiny radio ear pieces then you can strike on demand anywhere in the battlefield and also chat with the girls during the downtime.
No. 264357 ID: 40cb26

Remember you not killing people isn't just a matter of queasiness, it's part of your shtick. Classy, restrained, giving heroes doubt about the rightness of their own actions. Plus there is the matter of Angel Frost not likely putting up that sort of villainy from you.

"Sounds like fun, I'm in. Oh and Queen, please don't mistake restraint for weakness, I just know what kind of villain I want to be. Cold blooded killers can't well make heroes doubt their cause, let alone turn them to your own."
No. 264359 ID: 8c06b9

Eh... I'm against going with. Again, we don't want kills on our hands, both as a matter of morals and as part of our image. If we go, and delerium kills some folks, we're going to be tied to that image because we were fighting with her. And if we move to stop her, that just gives the other villains more limelight. We're already doing great by ourselves, I don't think it's worth it to tie ourselves to The Hallow Queen and the other people on the mission... Particularly if they're more powerful than us. The only way I'd agree to this is if we have a way to stand out, as is, we're not that powerful, and as it'd be 4 vs. 3 if we went along, we would be doubling up with another villain against a hero... Likely a villain more powerful than us, regulating us to support. So, we'd be secondary, somewhat 'background', a very very bad position to be in for a supervillain, as it makes us look weak. Again, we need to -stand out- to be successful. Lastly, if we really want to make things safer for the civvies, that'd be best served by not going along at all, as contractually we 'should' help out by harrying the heroes, even if that means cheap shots while they try to save civvies from the odd attack.

So. This seems a bad crowd and a bad gig, both; This is short term gain for long term loss, never a deal you should take unless it's an emergency, which it isn't. My vote: Politely decline.
No. 264360 ID: 8c06b9

Why do we need to go along with them to get a sense of them? Just watch the fight on the TV, read about it on the internet after it happens (Or just read about heroes and villains in general, there's GOT to be more than a few websites), or ask our boss at our day job about the villains (He -did- say he's a fan of villains, knows some stuff about them. Speaking of which, didn't he ask us to hit his business competition a little? Should we go for that?)

No, we -can- be held responsible, because working with people with murder on their rap sheet shows us as willing to work with killers. Actively restraining other villains from attacking civvies is 'Lawful Neutral' and not all taht villainous, not giving a damn is 'Neutral evil' (And yes, standing aside while other villains we're working with kill -will- affect our image). Evil with honor, is 'Lawful Evil', which I believe is what we're shooting for. And working with dishonorable people is not particularly honorable, unless you manage to set yourself as 'standing off to one side' and look like you've managed to manipulate them to your own ends.
No. 264391 ID: d8049a

All good points. However:
1). Their creepiness doesn't necessarily mean all big villains here are batshit insane. I have a feeling Queenie is trying to look more villainous than she actually is.
2). Is has to start somewhere. We can't instantly become the classiest, ever-confident, not-giving-a-fuck-about-your-hero-powers baron. That will come with more FX and victories. For now, we should establish our presence on the scene. A dubious public image is better than no public image at all.
3). It would seem that we're being pushed over to a sidekick status, but it doesn't have to be that way. Instead of assisting a stronger villain against a single hero, why can't we fight all heroes at the same time? We're a floating, teleporting, ranged-type guy, we can handle that.
No. 264394 ID: c71597

Of course you should tag along. This will get you some name exposure. And deaths would probably be more likely if you're not there.

Besides, it's a chance to get more connections in the super villian community. Which could be really good to have.
No. 264410 ID: d4f98d

Go for it.
No. 264414 ID: 5ecc4e

Do it.

But give Walter the gem and unfinished statuette first.
No. 264438 ID: f6360f

>Maybe you should come along to keep her in check...?
Hmph. We're a villain, not a watchdog. We're not going to wrestle our cohorts into not hurting people; that's the heroes' job. It would simply be nice to avoid.

Anyway, accept. Make sure that you know where to meet the others and that there's a general plan going in beyond "beat the crap out of some heroes".

We don't have to be a sidekick/support role. With our powerset, we can make a fair shot at stealing the show.

Step one, be the one to open the fight by teleporting in and dumping gasoline all over the float. Then lighting it up for that "start with a bang" feel.

Step two, laugh a loud and villainous laugh in full view of the crowd. Do not get shot while doing this.

Step three, proceed to let the other three villains engage while we teleport between the fights, assaulting whatever hero happens to be showing weakness. Continue until the fight is either won or lost.

Have a stock of weaponry on hand nearby somewhere that we can teleport to- at a thousand meters a second, it can be quite a ways away. That'll let us quickly leave the fight, rearm or switch our armaments, and then enter it again with the best weapons that we can manage. Ideally, we'd use a variety of molotovs, melee weaponry, and more creative things like high-strength nets, smoke grenades, and perhaps another major gasoline bomb if things really go south.

I do like the idea of communications for everyone, but as the junior guy here I have trouble seeing how we'd suggest that in a politic manner. Perhaps next job, if this one goes well?
No. 264448 ID: f4e0e7

Sounds like a party. Let's go.

In response to the naysayers, yes, there is a chance that our name could be associated with some bad people. We're a villain. It's practically in the contract. Heck, maybe it IS in the contract, we never read the bloody thing.

We could use a little name exposure, and if we need to fine-tune our image afterwards, so be it. At least we'll have one.
No. 264450 ID: 1854db

Dooooo iiiiiit!
No. 264776 ID: 9667fc
File 129253129923.png - (153.26KB , 700x500 , 151.png )

"Hah, please don't mistake mercy for weakness. I choose not to kill because I'd rather make the heroes doubt their cause. It's hard to take a moral high ground when you commit every sin under the sun. You can count me in, but I refuse to be a mere watchdog. The Baron Obsidian takes the stage and takes some names. He doesn't sit in the back and support. That's not me." I say confidently, letting it be known that I'm not afraid of her. Even though I kind of am. Hollow Queen could probably rip me to shreds if she caught me. But hey, we'll be on the same side, and I need to get my name outside of this city.

"Kyehehahahaa!" Her entire body shakes with malevolent laughter. "Very good. You're on the team."

"Do we have a plan? Where are we meeting for this?"

"I'll come pick you up tomorrow morning. We'll make one tomorrow, when all of us are there. I'd rather not have to repeat myself. You'd best be ready when I get here!"
No. 264777 ID: 9667fc
File 129253131024.png - (312.05KB , 700x500 , 152.png )

Suddenly, my apartment is filled with bats. I cover my face as the swarm fills the air. "Kyehehahahahaa!"
No. 264778 ID: 9667fc
File 129253132254.png - (105.39KB , 700x500 , 153.png )

...and she's gone.

Well, let's see. I have 2 FX, I could bring a super weapon of some kind along, if I wanted to, but then I'd have none for the fight. With as much backup as I'll have, though, I'm not sure I'll need it. The fight is likely to be pretty hectic... meaning I might not need any kind of super weapon, either. I'm already on the numerically superior side.

I take this moment to call up Angel Frost and ask her on a date for tomorrow evening. Things ended on a sour note at the end of our first date, but not so sour that they can't be salvaged... I think. After the fiasco with the Don, we talked a bit more and worked things out. She seemed a little upset with me still, but significantly less so than she had been. Anyway, she agrees to the date tomorrow. Perfect. We make plans for 7pm at the movies.

I set to work on finishing up that statue immediately, but wonder if there isn't anything I should do before the mission tomorrow.
No. 264779 ID: 701a19

She left a bat behind.
No. 264780 ID: d3dfb8

Well, we could do an impromptu encounter with a random no-name hero and earn some extra FX.
Just throwing it out there.
No. 264781 ID: e43bfe


I know our entrance already.

We have our knights man one of the blimps. Knock out the workers beforehand, etc. Then when the time comes, they pop out, and ambush the heroes.

And then the whole SUPERVILLAINOUS team assembles, with you and the Hollow Queen in the lead, and oh man so tasty. Too bad the EDF is recovering, we could totes ask them along for more epic battleness.
No. 264783 ID: e3f578

Oh shit, the bat! What if its a spy for the Queen! It knows about you and Angel Frost dating! Then the Hollow Queen romance sub-plot will inaccessible. Get Walter to trap that motherfucker!
No. 264786 ID: 62061c

She spyin on you bro.
No. 264792 ID: 46c430

Hey. Is our teleport power good enough that we can check out that villain-shop I remember mention of? Like, out in the pacific or something?
No. 264802 ID: e4c4d8


I uh, think she left a little something behind. Get Walter to poke it with a broom, shoo it out.

As for a dramatic entrance, we got a real easy one. Since, y'know, we appear in a flash of fire. I don't suppose we kept the guitar from the very first heist, did we? Stealing a blimp would be boss, though. Especially if we could get on with a TV screen on it, but that's for tomorrow.
No. 264803 ID: 40cb26

I don't think you need a super weapon boss, besides the knights remember you also have obsidian crafting skills for quick weaponry. Practice a bit with making small sharp throwing knives and hollow spheres meant to shatter into many sharp pieces.

Oh and have your ninja butler nab that bat and shoo it outside. Try not to freak out about it, but do give it a look.
No. 264863 ID: 644ca1

Glare at the bat and tell it "Return to your master", if it doesn't move, get Walter to take care of it.
No. 264879 ID: e43bfe

Small orb with a divided hollow center keeping apart two chemicals that react in a volatile manner when combined.

Orbs full of a flammable substance, to douse the target.

Orbs full of homemade napalm.

The possibilities, man.
No. 264881 ID: f6360f

>wonder if there isn't anything I should do before the mission tomorrow.
Call your boss and get online. Find out the low-down on all the smiles and frowns that will be at the dance tomorrow.

Because someone who goes into a major fight without doing any research deserves to get his ass kicked.
No. 264905 ID: bdf739

Go ahead and ask your boss if he wants anything while we're out. We're basically going to a big supermeet. We might be able to get an autograph or snap a photo for him.

I mean, there's not much we really need from him, but I bet it would make the guy's day.
No. 265059 ID: cd7581

that's a point, your boss knows all the 'bad boys' right? check with him who you'll be working with exactly, tis a gewd idea. also, deal with bat yes.
No. 265425 ID: 6a9fdc

Gotta go with gathering intel. It never hurts to be well informed.
No. 268957 ID: a6008c
File 129410409064.png - (166.37KB , 700x500 , 154.png )

First things first. I have Walter shoo out the lingering bat, and then go about to finishing my gift for Angel Frost. The wand is a bit longer than intended, almost more of a shortened rod by this point, but I think it looks nice. The gem I nabbed is too big for a smaller wand, unless I redesigned it as a centerpiece instead of a headstone but I think this works. I hope Debbie likes it.

I'd learned earlier from the Mayor that I can get some pretty detailed information on my Nemesi, or on any villains whose card I have, by perusing the City Hall archives. It's how I knew about the various powersets of the EDF before that last battle. However, unless I have their card or the Official Nemesis Paperwork, I can't get any info.

Thankfully, I have a different source for that. I call up my boss and invite him to dinner, on me.
No. 268958 ID: a6008c
File 129410410480.png - (180.07KB , 700x500 , 155.png )

I ask him about the people I'm working with, starting with Blood Knight.

"Blood Knight, huh? He's a strange one. He's not in it for power or riches or anything. He just wants to prove he's the strongest guy around. He keeps challenging people to duels to the death, heroes and villains alike. It doesn't matter to him, as long as you're tough. He's killed 3 somewhat prominent heroes already, and 2 villains. He's lost a few times, too, and been in the obituaries a few times. It seems he keeps coming back somehow."

Hmm. He sounds interesting. I might have to look out for him at some point, when I get good enough to be on his radar. I ask about Delirium.

"Delirium? She's bad news. She makes a unique drug, that she calls 'Deliria Dose,' that makes people hallucinate bad. She forcibly injects people with the stuff, which is pretty bad on its own, but I hear she takes the stuff herself, too. Nothing definite there, but her criminal record certainly makes it look like it. She's not all that focused. She robbed a waterslide once, for chrissake. I'd steer clear of that girl, if I were you."

Hah! Working with her sounds like playing with fire. My kind of supervillain.

"So, uh, James... what are you asking about these two for? They're not even from here. Is something up?"

Ah, right. I don't know if I should tell him about our plans for tomorrow. If that info got leaked somehow, the heroes could set up countermeasures or something. On the other hand, he's certainly been helpful.
No. 268965 ID: 40cb26

First pause and make sure he's looking right at you then say "Can't say there is." but with a little wink, just enough so he notices. "I've only just heard of them. But I'll likely cross their path sooner or later, and I'll be sure to let you know how it goes. Since you've had helped me survive it."
No. 268968 ID: 259738

Feel free to imply something might be going on, but don't give out details.
No. 268969 ID: 45be60

"Yeah, there's something in the works, but that's all I can say for now. Watch the news closely."
No. 268972 ID: db967a

You know, if we have more time before the heist, we may want to look into testing our obsidian crafting abilities some more. An obsidian face shield, mask, or helm for one thing- if nothing else it would help us hide our identity.
No. 268974 ID: 701a19

"Oh, a colleague name dropped them in conversation - said something about knowing what kind of villains to avoid, and I figured if I'm going to learn about who plays the game I might as well start by getting some idea what the heck they were talking about.
Oh, I bumped into somebody pumpkin-themed at the mayor's office the other day; he said her name was Hollow Queen or something. She's local, right? What d'ya know about her?"
No. 268977 ID: f6360f

That shirt. It is awesome.

Obsidian crafting... I want an obsidian gauntlet. With nasty spikes on it for stabbing.

If we lie about this, he won't be willing to serve as an intel source in the future. When he sees us in the news he will know exactly why we were asking questions; make sure that nothing we tell him now will make him think we were dishonest.

That said, "don't lie" doesn't mean that we have to tell him anything. And any more details than we've already spilled- like where we're doing something, when it is, or what it is- would be a bad plan. Vague hints should suffice.
No. 268982 ID: 4bdb13

Telling him that they're doing something is still giving things away. But I think that much is okay.

"Don't spread it around, but they might be in town some time in the near future."
No. 269005 ID: 45be60

>"Don't spread it around, but they might be in town some time in the near future."

No they won't. Is it your intention to lie? The job is going down in Iron City.
No. 269015 ID: 48b5fc

Just tell the truth: a truncated truth.
We met the Hollow Queen, and she invited us to a little get together, and we wanted to know what we were in for.
If he asks, we can say we don't know what it's for, but we'll tell him about it after. We're still technically a newbie villain, play that card.

Really, there's no need to complicate everything in a web of lies. Our shtick is noble villainy. A good way to do that is to just tell the truth... and leave out a few bits here and there when appropriate.
No. 269064 ID: c2c011

Just tell him that you have some new connections and if he's lucky you might be able to get a them to autograph a few things for him. Oh and thank him very much for his help.

Seems like an interesting bunch. Don't touch anyhting Delerium has touched. Or go anywhere near her. You should probably bring a rebreather or something along as well in case she has upgraded to airborne drugs. And, and under no circumstances anything that involves exchange of fluids with that one, no matter how hot or willing she looks.

Red Knight seems pretty straightforward. Just don't get in his way or be too awesome and he should only focus on beating the tar out of some hero he's got his eyes set on there.

Also, most excellent. That should be enough to melt her heart of ice.
No. 269179 ID: f6360f

>You should probably bring a rebreather or something along as well in case she has upgraded to airborne drugs.
If we show up with a rebreather we will be the subject of supervillain jokes pretty much forever.

...have one on hand, but stashed somewhere a few hundred meters away. In case it comes up.
No. 269236 ID: 4bdb13

My mistake. Belay that, then.
No. 269246 ID: 18743a

If you have time, make yourself a nice mask/helmet thing and build a rebreather into it.

It can serve dual purposes of keeping you from breathing in drugs and keeping you from breathing in smoke when you set things on fire.

Alternately, invest in a power that purifies all air that you breath.
No. 269902 ID: 7979e6

Oh totally a cool obsidian helmet would be boss, and when we get totally serious, we can take it off and hold it under our arm, like magneto.
No. 269912 ID: 93ebff

No. Helmets.

You remember the last dweeby one we had?

I reccomend some headgear that's kinda crownlike and regal. Plus, our hair should show some.
That's the whole reason we got the cape design we did, right?
No. 269915 ID: f6360f

>I reccomend some headgear that's kinda crownlike and regal.
And which preferably serves as a power amplifier of some kind. Let's leave off getting any until we can get something useful and functional.

Better still, a power that stops him from needing to breathe at all. That'll help a lot with our moonbase.
No. 270488 ID: a6008c
File 129471664645.png - (134.94KB , 700x500 , 159.png )

"Well!" I say, leaning in closer to give an air of secrecy. He leans in closer as well. "I didn't tell you this," I say softly, "but the Hollow Queen has been organizing a get together. I just wanted to know what I was getting into beforehand. I'm not sure what we have planned just yet, but keep your eyes on the news tomorrow. It should be exciting."

Mr. Bewick seems pretty excited, but I calm him down and tell him to make sure no one hears about any of this. I ask if he wants an autograph from any of them - he says he'd like Hollow Queen's, if I can get it. Apparently she is pretty big among the local supervillains... which I had already guessed, really. We finish up our burgers and go our separate ways.

Hmm, it's getting late. I should be up early for when Hollow Queen comes to pick me up, but first...
No. 270490 ID: a6008c
File 129471666276.png - (65.61KB , 700x500 , 160.png )

...I make an obsidian sword, for tomorrow. It takes me a while to make anything larger than a dagger, so I need this made up in advance if I want to put it to use. I make a matching obsidian sheath. They are a bit heavy, but they'll work. I discovered earlier that my aura can cover anything I'm holding, so now I have a fire sword of supreme sharpness. I am sure it will be useful.

I turn in for the evening. I have a big day ahead of me tomorrow.
No. 270493 ID: a6008c
File 129471669973.png - (1.18MB , 700x4402 , 161.png )

No. 270494 ID: a6008c
File 129471671527.png - (177.01KB , 700x500 , 162.png )

"Alright, everyone's here." The Queen says, releasing me from her hold. I find myself in a small room, with a well dressed man getting coffee and some fat girl lounging on a couch, her legs over one of the arm rests. She laughs at me as I look up at them. "Aaaheeeeheeheeheeee! Lookitim! He's so cuuuuute! Look! Look!"

The other man looks at her as he pulls the cup away. "I can see him just fine, thank you."

"C'mon, cutie! Come sit by me!" The woman says, patting the couch once more.

I have no idea how I could possibly turn this into something less embarrassing than it already is.
No. 270498 ID: e3f578

shake it off like a man and ask for some coffee first before doing anything (mainly it's an excuse not to sit by the chubby clown lady without being rude). Hell, make a small chuckle. Making it nothing at all will make the situation not embarrassing.
No. 270499 ID: f4e0e7

Politely, and above all with a straight face, ask for some of that coffee.

Confirm that it's not decaf. It's probably going to be one of those days.
No. 270500 ID: c71597

Hey, it could be worse. You could have had incredibly long lived morning wood, or the whole kidnapping deal could have made you soil yourself.

Anyway, time to regain some dignity. Teleport yourself upright besides the couch and get your costume on. Tell Delirium that you would consider it rude to seat yourself while your liege remains standing. Which might lead to later complications, but that's something to worry about at a later time. Oh and ask the guy that might be Bloodknight if you could get a cup of coffee as well, since your breakfast was sort of interupted. Don't look cross at queen or anything about that, be sauve and aloof. Like you get kidnapped by villians all the time and it's not something that flusters you in the slightest.
No. 270502 ID: f6360f

These would appear to be your partners in crime.

Don't act embarrassed; a proper villain must remain composed at all times, even remarkably undignified ones. And obviously you were willing to let yourself be snatched, or you'd just have teleported out of her arms. Act like the current state of affairs is normal, if inconvenient.

I would recommend sitting up, brushing yourself off, and commenting that you hadn't realized her 'pickup' would be so literal, or so abrupt. Request a minute or two of warning in the future.

Then you might ask if a cup of coffee is available. It's going to be a long day, I can tell already.
No. 270504 ID: dad664

"I don't know if I should be glad or upset that I don't sleep in the nude."
No. 270505 ID: 45be60

No sense in trying then. Grumble about your poptarts and take a seat.
No. 270512 ID: 40cb26

Ah yes, crazy druggie lady. Stay on her good side by humoring her. Ask if they having any toast, you wanted toast. If not it would be fair to poit back for it, but I don't know if you can when you've been blinded. Make some toast if you need to, then suit up after you eat your goddamn toast, because you just don't give a fuck.
No. 270514 ID: f6360f

>Teleport yourself upright besides the couch and get your costume on. Tell Delirium that you would consider it rude to seat yourself while your liege remains standing.
Don't suit up or use powers. That's an aggressive move and we're in the company of villains who are likely to be quite paranoid. Also, this is the planning meeting, not "let's kill everyone right now" time.

Do not refer to the Hollow Queen as our liege, because that's a seriously close relationship and we hardly know shit about her right now. We can use the same line and say while 'a lady' remains standing, if we must, although I think casual is a better way to play this than over-the-top in character; everyone else seems to be acting pretty laid-back at the moment.
No. 270519 ID: 7979e6

get some coffee, if those are your PJ's, it'd probably be an idea to suit up.
No. 270520 ID: 644ca1

Get into your costume, that look is not suited for a meeting with super villains.
No. 270521 ID: 99433a

Call up Walter and have him fetch us our toast. Also, a chair.

FUTURE BREAKFAST PLANS: Heavy, dark bread. Strawberry or raspberry jam.
No. 270522 ID: b94e61

Obsidian coffee mug if you ask about coffee!

Man. That power is turning out to be so awesome.

Also. Hold off on suiting up. Your sleepware is modest enough.

And it would be rude to refuse a lady's request, even if that lady is full of psychadelic drugs.
No. 270523 ID: 45be60

Its not? I mean that girl is wearing a mismatched sweater and sweatpants. Hollow Queen appears to be the only one dressed up. She may never get UN-dressed.
No. 270527 ID: b28ada


I bet she looks either real plain or very unvillanous without her shadow hat.

Arise, brush self off. Mutter about leaving the milk out. Acquire coffee as soon as possible. Make sure that Delirium doesn't get it for you. Acutally, better idea. Summon Walter with your toast and some coffee. Then dismiss him again after telling him to put the milk back in the fridge.
No. 270528 ID: 8250d3


Refuse to suit up until you have had your coffee and/or toast.

(I really hope that walter puts up that milk)
No. 270533 ID: 40cb26

He lacks personality not intelligence so I wouldn't worry about that.

Also, that looked like orange juice.

Oh yes, this is classy as all get out.

But a question comes to mind with all these obsidian knick-knacks we'll end up making, can we destroy obsidian as well? Seems like it might start getting messy otherwise. Even if our butler picks it up having a trash bin full of sharp rocks might get hard to explain to the garbageman and his busted machinery.
No. 270534 ID: 99433a

It's an honest job! We're getting paid PERSONALLY from the MAYOR. Also, we need "Breaths in space" power NOW, Delirium is creepy as shit. I don't want to ruin our first big thing by getting high off of our own teammates fumes.
No. 270537 ID: 701a19

>Summon Walter with your toast and some coffee. Then dismiss him again after telling him to put the milk back in the fridge.

This. Fuck yea, this.
No. 270540 ID: c328b9

No. 270569 ID: 600079


You MUST do this!
No. 270570 ID: ecbfa1

Don't immediately suit up in the presence of other villains. We don't want to pass as a show-off or an upstart, do we?

Make a coffee mug with your logo (or a candle, if we don't have one) and ask if you can leave it here for future meetings. Then >>270537 .

Do all this in your pajamas, that's totally nonchalant. We don't lose our cool after being kidnapped.
No. 270704 ID: 6a9fdc


Stylish and awesome.
No. 271394 ID: c9dd37

Join Delirium on the couch, and get dressed in a little flash of fire.

I concur as well.
No. 272240 ID: a6008c
File 129526665961.png - (151.39KB , 700x500 , 163.png )

I sigh as I get up, brushing myself off. "Is that coffee for everyone?" I can tell it's going to be a long day.

"Yes." the man who I presume is Blood Knight replies. "Would you like some?"

"Please. Walter!" I call, and he appears momentarily. "Can you get me my toast? Oh, and ah, please be sure to put the milk away." He vanishes with a nod. Right. I'm just gonna make no big deal of this and everything is fine.

"Eee! A ninja!" Delirium says, laughing maniacally. "Aheeheeheeheeheee!"
No. 272241 ID: a6008c
File 12952666738.png - (80.61KB , 700x500 , 164.png )

I get my coffee, making my own mug as I do so. Hollow Queen takes the floor. "So, tonight we have a new face. Baron, introduce yourself."

"Certainly. I am the Baron Obsidian, with powers of fire and stone. Pleased to make your acquaintance."

Walter returns with my toast. The others introduce themselves, the women as Delirium, and the man as Blood Knight. I take the offered seat next to Delirium, not particularly concerned with her poisons right now. If she had any crazy gas attacks, now would really not be the time to use them anyway. Without further ado, we get to planning.
No. 272242 ID: a6008c
File 129526669094.png - (170.66KB , 700x500 , 165.png )

"So." The queen begins, pulling out a map and placing it on the floor, crouching beside it. A single, bladed finger details the particulars as she mentions them. "The heroes will be on the leading float of the parade. They're the stars, so they're leading, but there will be policemen and a firetruck in front of their float. Behind them are more floats, and pulling up the back are several large balloons. They're taking the route outlined in red, here, starting at an underground parking complex and turning onto 3rd street. They'll turn left at the movie theater onto Main Street, passing the local hospital. They'll take that for most of the parade, then turn down first, before taking backroads back to the parking garage."

She looks up at the rest of us. "We need some way to deal with the police. The heroes are our primary goal here, and having one of you taken out by a random, stupid officer would be embarrasing at best. We need a plan of attack. Any suggestions?"
No. 272244 ID: 2222da

Hm. Rooftops would give us a nice vantage point. The hospital in particular would prove useful, as they would not wish to fire back at civilians, let alone the sick and injured.

If they're attacked before they pass the road just after the hospital, they may attempt to use it as a shortcut to get the parade back to the start as fast as possible. Reversing the entire parade would take too long in an attack situation... So placing some minions in that road would give them an unwelcome surprise. Be sure to have a few following the parade from behind too, just in case they do decide to start heading backwards. Alturnitively, some kind of quick forming barricade (falling building, or underground explosion) could be used to help keep them where we want them.

Something to block the 4 way intersection with the aforementioned road, and the 3 way intersection just before the hospital would be ideal. The minions blocking shortcut road could then move in to reinforce the blockage on that side, the back troops could do the same at the back blockage, and we could assualt them from the hospital confident in the knowledge that they will be unable to use too much force due to the possibility of civilian casualities. Use of the building opposite the hospital would prevent them gaining any high ground, though it should be noted that the "don't kill innocent sick people" benefit shall not help anyone on that side.

Finally, is there any sewers or other tunnels beneath the area? That would make the underground explosion idea easy, and the mental image of popping open a manhole to assualt from below, even while the heros have to dodge projectiles from above, gives me a delicious tingle up my spine.

Finally, Delirium's gas attacks. Assuming that they don't affect her, and she doesn't mind hanging about in the sewers (Maybe send Walter down to set up a nice dry camp area, with tea, crumpets, and entertainment as she wishes), she could flood a section of the sewers with her gases. Meaning when the manhole pops, concentrated super gas would flood out.

I'mma stop now. Just throwing ideas out.
No. 272252 ID: b0f151

Distractions and minions seems like a decent way to deal with the cops. See if you can find some anarchist scumbags that love to mix it up with the police. Convince them to go there and trash the floats and attract police attention with a combination of cash and promising sweet drugs from Delirium. Or possibly use minions to get the cops.

For the heroes I guess you should get some more information on them first. Blood Knight probably has his eyes set on one of them already or chances are he wouldn't be here. Since you haven't trained as a team it's probably safer for you to not get into each others ways. So see which heroes are left after Blood Knight has told you who he is after, then you can decide which one you're most likely to prevail against.

As for the location of the fight, probably best to have it in a fairly open area. Gives you more room to maneuver as well as less chance that the crowd gets stuck.
No. 272257 ID: 7979e6

Maybe we could set a building a few blocks away on fire ahead of time? that should draw some firemen and police away, though there's a risk of it spookin' the hero's I suppose?
No. 272259 ID: 701a19

Hit the area with a drug that induces fear and cowardice. The police, being normal humans, will scatter while the heroes would probably just ignore it.
After that have minions block the road to keep people back far enough where they can't do anything stupid but they'll still be able to see what's going on.
The goal IS to harass the heroes and humiliate them in front of a lot of people, after all, right?
No. 272265 ID: 259738

We should probably ask what exactly Blood Knight and the Hollow Queen can do, exactly. Besides the Hollow Queen having those claws.
No. 272278 ID: d3dfb8

"The firetruck could cause some problems for me, if they decide to interfere."
No. 272288 ID: 61eb90

We use the hospital and building opposite it as our ambush hides.

Delirium hits the cops. However she wants, she knows herself best.
Your knights jump off a building and land on the firetruck, relieving it of it's attendants.

The police cars and the fire truck can form a blockade.

You(Blackwick) can stay on the balloons to monitor the situation, since you can teleport you can move away from there instantly if needs be.
Keep a few knights with you.
Two sounds good.

If the procession tries to retreat you can throw Molotovs, send the knights down to stop em or have them puncture the balloons so they sink behind them.

If those are like normal parade balloons, they are big and heavy when deflated.

Heck if they are filled with an explosive gas you can ignite em to make a nice bomb/distraction.
No. 272293 ID: 259738

>However she wants

Delirium is the one who sometimes kills people. Don't tell her to do it 'however she wants'
No. 272297 ID: 4531bc

block the door to the parking garage, collapse it on the parade! :D
No. 272307 ID: 99433a

Wait, I thought the police legally aren't allowed to intervene? Are the rules different in Iron Town? If they're not... It might be good to start with an INTRODUCTION. When they reach the hospital bust out some FX to deck it out in black candles and pumpkins and crazy multicolored things of swampgas or whatever for Delirium, then explain exactly what we're here for, then tell everyone to <i>enjoy</i> the show.
No. 272309 ID: 99433a

Then the others burst out of ambush while we're on top of the hospital and we split our time between running interference on anyone who tries to intervene and commenting on the matches. I doubt we're strong enough yet to really make a dent on the actual heroes.
No. 272343 ID: c9dd37

Well, the obvious solution would be to tie the cops up with minions. I mean, that's kind of what they're for. If they were concealed in the surrounding buildings, that would probably be ideal for deployment.

I don't think we can really afford to divert our minions to such a non-essential task, especially since the event which we'd be guarding against might not actually happen.

I suspect that it would not successfully do anything beyond reducing collateral.
No. 272467 ID: 40cb26

Hmm creating a distraction would be a good way to get police away from an area, but the problem is that most things that would get the polices attention would do the same for the heroes. Deflating a balloon on their head would work for starting things off but there'd still be gun wielding police officers

We could try a hostage type of situation, just tell the cops to stay out of it or we'll release the poison gas on the crowd. But of course we only have smoke bombs or something or maybe nothing at all. But if delirium is there they will believe it. Of course there's a fair chance she'd fallow through on it just for shits and giggles so that's risky. If we did this we need to get her to really like the idea of not actually killing random people with poison.

Remember the point here is to make fools of the heroes, if after everything is said and done they fail to stop us, get beat down, and then the gas bombs go off and all it does is smell of farts that'd be perfect. Imagine the headlines! Should be funny enough to satisfy Delirium as well.

During our entrance the Baron should play as the MC, give recognition to the heroes before giving introductions to their unexpected guests. Moments after their first attacks are made, of course. That'll be when he makes the poison gas threat as well.
No. 272468 ID: 15b51b

Everyone but Blackwick hides under the street in a manhole. When the float is directly above the manhole, as observed by Blackwick, everyone scrambles out and hides against its underside. Then, on cue, everyone bursts out of the decorations (except Blackwick, who teleports) and fights the heroes in front of everyone.
No. 272742 ID: f6360f

In this situation I would not speak up until after you've heard the others' plans. As the junior partner in this endeavor it's only polite to let them speak first- not to mention that it will give you an idea of their styles, capabilities, and intentions here. Give you much better odds of avoiding saying something which they would find ridiculous.

So hold off until after someone else has proposed something, then contribute your own ideas with whatever of the above plans seems most suitable. Or don't, if for some reason none of them would work or you're suddenly made incredibly uncomfortable.
No. 273667 ID: a6008c
File 129568892190.png - (172.89KB , 700x500 , 166.png )

While formulating my plans, I realize that my Knights are back in Adventure City. I don't have the time to fetch them, and they're way too slow to get here in time even if I sent Walter. The Knights are better at defending places than they are at attacking them. They're just too slow to use effectively in a strike force kind of capacity. They'll have to sit this one out. I still have Walter, but I don't think he'll be of much use.

Blood Knight points a finger at the intersection beyond the hospital. "This looks like a prime point to stage our assault. I can lie in wait beneath the streets, in the sewage system, and collapse the road at this intersection after the police cross the road. This will prevent them from fleeing down any side roads. I will need a spotter, to tell me when to stage the collapse."

I lean forward to offer some insight of my own. "The hospital. I'll watch the parade from there, and I can give you the signal. After you take out the road, I'll rain molotovs from above, and close off their retreat backwards. I think the heroes would be hesitant to attack a building full of injured civvies, so it's a good place to launch an attack from, as well."

Delirium cackles. "Eeeheheheee! Then I'll come in from the front! I'll blend in with the crowd, and after you guys strike, I'll leap out and cause a panic! Stab, stab! Aheheheheee! Those police won't see it coming! Or much else, really, after I'm done with 'em!"

The Queen nods, considering our plans. "...That sounds solid. Delirium, I'll leave the police to you. Just use enough force to send 'em running, before the heroes start attacking you, as well."


"Blood Knight, you'll stop their advance by destroying the roads at this intersection. Law Legs was your target, right?"

"Correct. I intend to challenge his 'justice.'"

"Baron Obsidian, you'll handle their escape route. Be sure to give Blood Knight the signal at just the right time, or this will all be ruined. Then burn the float behind them, and they'll have nowhere left to turn. You'll need to make sure not to attack until after Blood Knight has destroyed the street. You got that?"

"Yeah. I got that."

"Perfect. I'll use the roof of the store across the street from the Hospital to stage my attack. When they get into position, I'll dive onto the float and strike at the heroes. Baron, that's your signal to tell Delirium and Blood Knight to strike. All of you will need to move quickly, before the heroes have time to stop any of you. Is this clear?"


"Good. You have an hour to get into your positions and get ready, everyone. I will see you then."
No. 273668 ID: a6008c
File 129568902584.png - (236.52KB , 700x500 , 167.png )

...And that's how I got out here on this rooftop, dressed in my pajamas, in a city halfway across the country, at 10 AM on a Saturday. Thankfully, what with it being a hospital and all, EVERYONE out here is in their pajamas. The hero's float is almost in position. My radio at the ready, I look over the job before me one... last...
No. 273669 ID: a6008c
File 129568905092.png - (185.36KB , 700x500 , 168.png )


Why is the hero float followed by the Orphans with Cancer float? Now what am I supposed to do! I can't burn that!
No. 273674 ID: df5a09

Burn them, it's just business and they happened get in the way.
They are going to die due to the cancer anyways, also they are orphans its not like anyone will miss them.
As a bonus the burning might also occupy some of the heroes' attention.
No. 273675 ID: f6360f

Be sure to give Blood Knight the signal at just the right time, or this will all be ruined. You CANNOT afford that kind of black mark on your villainous resume. That's your first objective and you must complete it well. After that...

>I can't burn that!
Sure you can- and you should, because that's your job during this plan and you should damned well do it. The question is, how can you burn it without burning the cancer orphans inside it? That will be the tricky part.

Perhaps teleport onto the float and kick the cancer orphans off with a villainous laugh before lighting it on fire. That should be both suitably evil (kicking cancer orphans is just hilarious) without being REALLY evil (burning cancer orphans to death is somewhat less hilarious). Return to the hospital via teleport quickly after you've accomplished that so that you can get back to the plan and do some firebombing.
No. 273677 ID: 5b95eb

Get Walter to tell them to run. Be sure to get him to mention that you're terribly sorry and you'd be most appreciative if they did not say that Walter warned them. Perhaps they saw you before everyone else, that's the ticket.
No. 273680 ID: 259738

We don't burn terminally ill orphans. It's not 'just business', that sort of shit will get us killed. Fast.
No. 273682 ID: d4f98d

Tell Walter to detach the rear float Carriage with the orphans in it when they're about 5 seconds from hitting the strike point. Assuming it's moving between 2-3 mph, fairly typical of a parade float, he'll put about 15 feet between the carriage and the pickup truck. He's a ninja, and ridiculously fast and sneaky judging from what we've seen of his butlering. He can do it.

That will leave you with the larger half of the float, the car. Light it as it hits the point, before they notice the detachment.

The driver, at least, will have a better chance of escaping the fire than the Cancer Orphan cargo.
No. 273687 ID: 644ca1

Could we use FX to teleport them away maybe? Killing cancer orphans is double evil, we don't do that shit.
No. 273689 ID: a6008c
File 129569463688.png - (234.29KB , 700x500 , 169.png )

ARGH. I'll just need to get them off the float first. They're just ruining EVERYTHING. I'll have to burn the float just to feel better, once I kick them off of it. God this is going to make me such a dick. I'll have Walter apologize for me.

"Delirium, Blood Knight. Hollow Queen has made her move. Time to strike." I say, as Hollow Queen pounces onto the float, immediately beginning to maul Law Legs.
No. 273690 ID: a6008c
File 129569466044.png - (147.99KB , 700x500 , 170.png )

I teleport down to the orphans' float.

"AGH! YOU ARE RUINING EVERYTHING! Get out of here, orphans! I will kick you! Get! Go! You are in my way!" Walter stands aside, apologizing and helping the orphans get off of the float.

"You have my most sincere apologies. I am deeply sorry about this. Please, come this way, children. I am terribly sorry for the circumstances. Let's get going, now. This way, madam, he's not quite in his right mind."
No. 273691 ID: a6008c
File 129569467711.png - (280.48KB , 700x500 , 171.png )

Alright, Walter's getting the kids out of here, float's on fire, everything's peachy. Next... I'm not sure what's next. The plan didn't have a next. I just need to figure out what I want out of this fight, and go wherever helps me get that.

Hollow Queen is still fighting the heroes alone. It's just her and Law Legs right now - Mana is moving to flank her, and Happy Time seems to be preparing... something.

Blood Knight seems to have destroyed a large portion of the street with what looks like a fuckton of blood. I don't even see him.

And Delirium seems to have ripped her shirt off and... and I have no idea what the hell she's doing right now. She's just running around in a miniskirt and a bra in the middle of a bunch of cops. I can almost hear her stupid laughter from here.
No. 273692 ID: 259738

Go after Happy Time. Blood Knight has dibs on Law Legs, and Mana is a chick. Not that we can't fight girls, it just makes the decision easy.
No. 273694 ID: f6182e

Fun thing about teleportation: you can fight everyone at once.
Pick a hero, any hero, and attack. Then pick another hero, teleport, and attack. Repeat throughout the battle. Nobody will have any idea who you're fighting, and it'll be extremely disorientating.
You'll be able to pick your moments, giving you a better chance to sway the battle and look completely awesome! Or you might be completely terrible at keeping track of the battle and be a minor distraction at best. Either way. Fun!

I say lay off Law Legs for the moment, he's covered by Queenie, and Blood Knight called him anyway. That leaves either Mana or Happy Time.
No. 273695 ID: d4f98d

Agreed. We were originally brought in because Holow Queen thought they need some more "firepower". Lets give it to them.

Huh, wasn't Delirium a bit weightier than that? Must be the distance. Now that everything's blocked off, teleport behind happy time: Draw your sword, flame-on, and flourish the blade at his calf.

"Now, now. She has her own playmates for the moment, jester. Why don't you entertain me?

I wonder, can you do that fire-eating trick?"
No. 273696 ID: d4f98d

Also, by flourish I mean draw and strike at.
No. 273706 ID: 18743a


Seconding this
No. 273709 ID: c71597

You got teleportation. Time to do two things almost at once. Tepelort up to the no-drill side of Mana and give her a solid uppercut to the jaw. Thene teleport to Happy Time and kick his fucking ass.

May not be classy to fight women. But you're going to get your ass kicked by your nemesises if they realise you have such an obvious weak spot. And you can justify it with the fact that if you don't move in then she's going to hit Hollow Queen, and you can't stand by and let that happen.
No. 273716 ID: 46c957

Go for Happy Times First. Grab him, shove your hand down his collar and fill his clothes with obsidian shards as you leap back off the float while still holding him. Then teleport yourself 70 metres up into the air before you hit the ground and look for your next target.

After that try to help Hollow queen by
No. 273720 ID: 6a9fdc

If the Baron battles the clown, he needs to make sure he is not subjected to dignity-destroying pranks. It is hard to be classy when no one takes you seriously.
No. 273728 ID: 701a19

Grab Happy Time.
Teleport to a bar.
Happy time for happy hour.
Point out that this keeps you both indisposed, but with less things on fire.

Tempting a hero to shirk his duties has to be worth something, right?
No. 273730 ID: c71597

Don't think that will get us paid or get us any FX.
No. 273734 ID: cd691a

Follow Happy Time. Trust Hollow Queen can handle herself until Blood Knight shows up.
No. 273745 ID: 00b1bb


Teleport behind Mana.
Wrap your arms around her, whispering sweet nothings in her ear (in french if you can pull it off).
Flame aura.

Then this >>273695.
No. 273757 ID: 99433a

Port under Happytime and punch up. He's falling, he can't dodge.
No. 273759 ID: 40cb26

Oh let's do that later, but right now stopping whatever the fool is doing takes precedent.

How about we send Walter to give our regards? He can't fight but only a moments distraction is enough. Have him deliver a message regretting our current distractions but that we are looking forward to working with and/or against her in the near future. P.S. "you're kinda cute"
No. 273777 ID: f6360f

The most important thing here is combat awareness.

Whenever any of your villainous compatriots is in trouble, you teleport in and attack the hero that they're fighting- not necessarily for long, but long enough to turn the tide.

Whenever any of the heroes looks like they're putting together something big or effective, you teleport in and fuck it up. Sword and molotov are your tools of choice here.

Stay nowhere long enough for the heroes to effectively fight or target you. Do not hesitate to go away if you're in any trouble; you can teleport out of the fight and back in easily.

Do not send Walter into combat. Or into any situation which others are likely to interpret as combat; a suddenly appearing ninja when fighting villains is going to trigger the heroic blast-it reflex.

Restrict him to entirely noncombat operations for now. We can have him do the sort of thing you suggest post-battle, instead.
No. 273791 ID: 99433a

We do NOT interfere with Blood Knight, except to prevent interference.
No. 273797 ID: d4f98d

I wouldn't recommend putting the moves on Mana. This is probably televised, and while ANgel Frost is aware of our Villain status, I'd hate to put all that effort of grabbing that jewel from the museum and fashioning it into a present to waste.
No. 273798 ID: 31ce47


I agree. Stay classy, keep your attentions on only on Angel Frost, don't put the moves on Mana
No. 273826 ID: 7979e6

I'm for taking out happy time, the happy bastard, Noone has the right to be that happy, or dress that horrifically.
No. 273863 ID: 1854db

Keep an eye on Delirium. She's got some kind of weird shit coming out of her. Granted you also don't want to get NEAR her since you will get hallucinofied.

Main objective is to keep Hollow Queen from getting ganked however. Definitely fuck up whatever Happy Time is preparing.
No. 275200 ID: d7dc84
File 129611163917.png - (169.93KB , 700x500 , 172.png )

My target decided, I teleport after Happy Time, bringing my blade to his side. "Now now, jester, stay here a moment. Entertain me, won't you?"

He freezes, his hand reached into a large bag kept under the side of the vehicle. "Eheh... w-why don't we be more r-reasonable about all this, eh? Eheheh?" Happy time asks, his voice nervous. "There's n-no need to be so... v-violent, is there?"
No. 275202 ID: 9a5057

Why a clown? nobody likes clowns! He should be a villain. This is totally a trick. Begin charging teleport for swift reaction.
No. 275205 ID: 701a19

Say "Why, no!" then teleport him to a bar.
He'll be put off-balance, and whatever he was planning on using will now be in the middle of a bunch of civilians and thus probably no longer an option.

Challenge him to a drinking contest; you both drink until one of you is unconscious.
If he agrees, then pick something over 100 proof and slyly use your fire aura to burn the alcohol away while it's in your mouth, throat, and stomach where he can't see it.
No. 275206 ID: 259738

Do not underestimate him. That's what he wants. Otherwise he wouldn't be clown-themed.
No. 275207 ID: f6360f

He is a clown. His hand is in a bag of unknown items. He's a hero worthy of riding that float, so no way in hell is he actually as spineless as he seems.

He's probably about to pull something which will make a mockery of the Baron Obsidian. Be wary, and don't let yourself look foolish. Move forward with a snarky comment; when he turns to get you with whatever it is, teleport around behind him to evade and simultaneously put yourself in position for a second attack.
No. 275208 ID: 7979e6

is his bag of trix flammable by chance? keeping your important shit in a flammable bag is punishable by having it burnt by the Baron Obsidian.
No. 275215 ID: 40cb26

Don't let him move, speak or react at all, point your sword right into the back of his neck. "Don't. Move. Walter! Take this poor fools bag from him and return home with it. He's lost his toy privileges."

Be ready for a underhanded attack or reaction, if you pull it off say this: "A need to be violent? Perhaps not. But being a sniveling coward, for that there is no excuse. Not for a hero nor a villain, even as bluff. Now I would challenge you to a more honorable duel-" Create an obsidian form of brass knuckles on your off hand as you are saying this, and then say "-but you aren't worthy of it." as you punch him in the face.
No. 275245 ID: 18743a



If possible, either steal his bag and teleport with it, or teleport him without his bag somewhere (possibly back on top of the roof full of hospital patients). Or get Walter to steal it.

One way or another, separate him from the bag, and try to get him into a situation where he is hampered by being surrounded by innocents.
No. 275289 ID: c71597

He's about to do some clownish trick on you. Go for a knockoutblow to his neck. Might not knock him out completly, but it should make him groggy.
No. 275308 ID: b28ada


Ah, snap, here comes the squirting flower gag.
No. 275318 ID: d09485

Oh, shit, a clown... I've got a bad, bad feeling about this...
No. 275338 ID: 55c4cf

Are you sure it's not a funny feeling?
No. 275385 ID: 263430

Teleport to his side, put a fatherly hand on his shoulder, and look out at the crowd.
"Of course not, I'm a very reasonable man. But everyone loves a good fight. It's much better than a silly old parade, it's going to bring smiles to the faces of all the little girls and boys. Now, let's get on with it."
I want Happy Time's little mind ready to snap by the time we reveal that nobody actually likes clowns.
No. 275439 ID: dbe949


He's a clown. Watch out for the Seltzer water spray he's bound to use to try and douse your flames. Lull him into a false sense of security with a joke

"Knock Knock"
"Who'se the..." *Then knock him out with a blow to the back of the head*
"See? And who says comedy isnt about the Timing?"
No. 275823 ID: 15b51b

Steal his bag. Give no warning. Turn around, act like you're about to bullshit some more, but then teleport right in front of him and yoink it away. Actually say "yoink!"
No. 278369 ID: a50866
File 129668636466.png - (185.28KB , 700x500 , 173.png )

"Of course not! I'm a reasonable man." I reply, pulling my sword away. "But you know, everyone loves a good fight. It's so much better than a silly old parade, and it's going to bring smiles to the faces of all the little boys and girls. C'mon, now. Let's get on with it!"
No. 278370 ID: a50866
File 129668639636.png - (239.67KB , 700x500 , 174.png )

I throw out a left hook, catching him in the jaw. A solid hit.
No. 278371 ID: a50866
File 129668640814.png - (285.42KB , 700x500 , 175.png )

He spins around from the blow, using the momentum to give me a ridiculously powerful backhand. I stagger backwards on the tread, reeling from the hit.
No. 278373 ID: a50866
File 129668646581.png - (150.66KB , 700x500 , 176.png )

"...If it's a show you want, I can give you one of those. I hope you're ready for the greatest show on Earth, kid..." He seems to have changed, a lot, and he pulls out a bunch of knives from his bag. It looks like I'll need my sword here. "I'm not feeling Happy anymore. In fact, I'm feeling a little ANGRY. I wonder if you'll be able to make me happy, Baron?"
No. 278374 ID: 259738

...The clown uses knives? What kind of terrible clown is this guy?
No. 278376 ID: f88f02


But in all seriousness, you still have that helmet? flame it on, if so, and start teleporting behind him and to the sides, punching him in the face.
No. 278377 ID: 5eea01
File 12966875289.gif - (53.49KB , 650x450 , 03357.gif )

No. 278382 ID: 99433a

"Happiness isn't really my schtic. For what it's worth, I apologize for the orphans. An unfortunate consequence of teamwork is a lack of adaptability. I really didn't think upsetting my new friends would be a healthy decision."

Then bow, try not to get knifed/kicked in the face and get Delirium to deal with this nutjob. I'd much rather fight Mana.
No. 278383 ID: b28ada


Make your own knives of Obsidian and say "Two can play that game". Then do something completely unrelated. Maybe like what >>278376
No. 278385 ID: 46c430

Teleporting behind is a classic move, he's probably expecting it. Teleport out -above- him and strike downwards.
No. 278386 ID: 929eaf

Looks like he enjoyed the pranksters gambit in this exchange.

You have to one up him if you hope to get FX from this.

wait a minute... HIS HAIR CHANGED COLOUR!
He must have some kind of split personality deal goin on. Like hulk, only not a green (whether he is as dangerous remains to be seen)

Lunge at him and teleport above, then slash/kick down.
I'll leave the one-liner to someone else.
No. 278412 ID: 1854db

Make him happy? Maybe we should try tossing jokes at him through the fight. Get him to laugh and he'll power down again.
No. 278418 ID: db967a

"I shall try my best, lord jester. Until then, let us make it up to those orphans with a show, shall we?" bow while saying this, then tele, yadda yadda
No. 278432 ID: 99433a

This. Except wait for him to throw his knives, then teleport up as a reaction. We need some situation awareness. Get Walter to steal his bag while he's focused on us.
No. 278602 ID: 263430

This, but with more puns. "Alas, making the whole world happy is the burden I'm baron. Such is my magmanimity."
No. 279205 ID: a50866
File 12968974834.png - (142.84KB , 700x500 , 177.png )

"Oh please. Bringing the world happiness is the burden I'm baron! My magmanimity is legendary." I quip, bringing my blade to bare.
No. 279206 ID: a50866
File 129689750081.png - (373.09KB , 700x700 , 178.png )

Happy Time rushes me in response. "Those puns are TERRIBLE!" He takes a swipe with his blades, far faster than I can react, but I was anticipating the attack and teleport backwards a step.

"Hey! At least I make jokes-" I lunge forward, thrusting with my blade. He sidesteps, parrying with a handful of knives.
No. 279207 ID: a50866
File 129689753337.png - (291.75KB , 700x700 , 179.png )

Happy Time uses the momentum of his movements to pirouette, spinning around with both arms extended, a whirlwind of eye-level knives.

Because I like keeping my eyes, I immediately teleport above him, coming down with a solid kick to his skull, flattening him onto the tread.
No. 279208 ID: a50866
File 129689754264.png - (118.59KB , 700x500 , 180.png )

"-unlike a certain clown I could name!" I say, finally finishing my line from earlier as I land back on the tread, turning to face my foe.

"Ueheheheheheheheh!" He begins laughing maniacally as he picks himself back up. "You want a laugh? I'll give you a-"
No. 279209 ID: a50866
File 129689755521.png - (205.42KB , 700x500 , 181.png )

Hollow queen goes flying overhead, crashing down on Happy Time with altogether too much blood everywhere. Well, that just kills the mood I had building here.
No. 279211 ID: 58db22

Oh man! Rush over to her and offer your hand!
No. 279213 ID: 259738

The Hollow Queen is making you look bad, figure out who did that to her so you can beat them down.
No. 279214 ID: 701a19

Grab her and teleport to the top of the hospital. We need to get her out of the combat zone and make sure she's stable, and hopefully the heroes are going to think twice about attacking when you're on a hospital.
No. 279216 ID: 259738

we can't teleport people with us, we don't have that upgrade.
No. 279219 ID: 1854db

Hey, whose blood is that? Hollow Queen's? I thought she was a badass!

Well, we currently have 2 FX to burn during this fight. If she cannot continue, then we can evac her by burning an FX. DO NOT DO THIS WITHOUT HER PERMISSION!

Can we summon our minions here? Maybe we should do that too.
No. 279230 ID: 40cb26

Teleport beside her, positioned defensively to the direction where she fell from. "My Queen, can you speak?" If she can ask her "Shall I be your sword or shield?" as a quick and themey way to ask if she needs you to cover her or go on the assault. If she can't defend her from whatever threat is near and try to get her to safety. Use FX only if the situation seems dire.

Oh and while you're standing there give the clown a burning boot the head for good measure. Don't want him pulling anything if he's still conscious, and a burned face will put a damper on his fun.
No. 279231 ID: 693d88

Okay, look up and to the right, see what knocked her down. We've got Happy Time, but there's also Law Legs and Mana to worry about. We can pull Blood Knight in if we can find and contact him - Walter could deliver the message. I don't know if he could find Blood Knight by himself, though.
Delirium might be done with the cops, I don't know. If she hasn't got them under control, let her be. If she's got all the cops incapacitated (and they're likely to remain so for the immediate future) then she can come and help us as well.

With regards to personal tactics:
Happy Time is surely winded, but we can't expect him to stay that way long, and the other two are presumably in good condition. So we need to worry about all three of them; we can't get surrounded.

Seeing if Hollow Queen is something that should probably happen, but getting ourself fucked up isn't going to help her. It's three on one now, and we need to remain defensive until we can even the odds a bit.
No. 279232 ID: 259738

Was the giant monkey in a suit Don Dice had a miniboss, or an upgraded minion, or what?
No. 279256 ID: 7979e6

Take a glance in the direction she came flying from, there's no point being prince charming with her if we're about to get flattened too.
No. 279259 ID: 4c705d

Just... ask her if she's okay.
If she's not, we can burn an FX to get her out of here. If she is, we'll just stick around in case she needs backup.
No. 279270 ID: 76891f


Teleport over there and knock Happy time on the back of the head with your sword hilt, or a cup, whatever suits your fancy.


Check on her... and look up.
No. 279275 ID: c71597

Wow, looks like either Law Legs and Mana got too much for her or Blood Knight really dislikes interference. You should probably kick the clown a few times while he's down to make sure he stays down and then check on Hollow Queen. See if the wounds are deep and stuff. Then check out what's going on up on the hero float.
No. 279284 ID: f6360f

This emphasizes the fact that we cannot afford to only look to our own battle. Figure out what just hit the Hollow Queen and where the Blood Knight, Delirium, Mana, and Law Legs are. This is a fine note on which to end your combat with Happy Time, I think; any more and you'll end up fighting only him through the entire battle, when you SHOULD be practically everywhere at once since you're more mobile than just about anyone else on the field.

If Hollow Queen is too injured to handle herself, give her a teleport extraction and go after whichever hero hit her. Even though they'll probably outclass you.
No. 279469 ID: d3dfb8

As you kick the clown;
"Need any help cutiepie?"
No. 279581 ID: 55c4cf
File 12970126355.png - (399.51KB , 745x440 , killallpumpkins.png )

flip your shit
No. 280189 ID: a50866
File 129719378317.png - (353.38KB , 700x500 , 182.png )

"...Hey, you okay?" I ask, looking up as I take a step closer to her. I see someone's leaped up and is coming down now. It looks like he's going to land on the queen! Screw it, can't wait for an answer.

I rush forward, grabbing Hollow Queen and teleporting her with me up to the roof of the hospital. It costs me an FX, but that's fine. I still have one more.
No. 280190 ID: a50866
File 129719380193.png - (169.39KB , 700x500 , 183.png )

I look at the Queen. "Are you alright, my Queen?" She certainly doesn't look like it. Her left leg is twisted at a strange angle, and the bottom of her left arm is... gone, to put it nicely. Happy Time left her a parting gift, as well.

She props herself on her good arm. "Pfeh. He doesn't hold anything back..." She coughs a few times, then points at me with her injured arm. "Gimme a minute. I'll be fine. Get back down there, Baron."

"...As you wish." I hesitate a moment from the extent of her injuries, then nod and look out over the area.
No. 280191 ID: a50866
File 129719381754.png - (254.86KB , 700x500 , 184.png )

I see Law Legs had landed on top of Happy Time. That... looked like it hurt. I doubt he even knew Happy Time was there until I got out of the way. Law Legs is checking if Happy Time is okay. They look particularly vulnerable right now.

Delirium seems to have the cops situation under control. She's just... wandering, now. I think she is going in the direction of the float, but its hard to tell. She might have lost focus on what we're doing here.

Ah, I see a creepy red dude, that must be Blood Knight. He's on some kind of platform thing? Or maybe that's part of him? I dunno. Looks like he found Law Legs.

Mana's still on the float. She's noticed Blood Knight, and it looks like she's got some sort of ranged weaponry trained on him.

Where to...?
No. 280197 ID: c71597

Behind Mana to give her a sweeping kick to the knee. Then slam her into the float while she's collapsing. Don't interfere with Law Legs vs Blood Knight for any reason. Even if it looks like Blood Knight is going to die, from what we have heard he doesn't like it if others butt in on his fight.

Also, Law Legs is most likely responsible for fucking up the Queen, fighting him should be something to avoid.
No. 280198 ID: 7979e6

Take out Mana, let blood knight take on the distracted duo, he'll probably get annoyed if we get involved with his fight with law legs anyway.
No. 280201 ID: d4f98d

Mana. Teleport next to her and slam your blade down on the end of her weapon. Knock her aim a little closer to Happy Time and Law Legs. She might have an itchy Trigger Finger, and that would be just beautiful. Follow it up by grabbing her gun's barrel and flaring your aura, see if you can't warp the barrel or superheat it, make it dangerous to fire.

Let Blood Knight take advantage of Law Legs and Happy Time's distraction.

These heroes are pretty Vicious, so I see no reason to go for anything other than max damage potential.
No. 280221 ID: 1a693f

I'm thinking port to Mana, yoink the gun from her, then port back up here with it and blast away at Law Legs and Happy Time.
No. 280226 ID: cd691a

Looks like our next opponent will need to be Mana.
No. 280227 ID: 10f195

Behind mana, in the air.
Kick to the side of the face, followed up with obsidian manacles to her arms.
No. 280233 ID: 8bc1ac

Teleport behind Mana, and try to redirect her shot so it will catch Delirium's attention. Avoid dealing with Law Legs if at all possible. Blood Knight won't appreciate any interference with with his challenge, and there's an element of self preservation if he really did that to Hallow Queen.
No. 280234 ID: 259738

Avoid Law Legs, deal with Mana for now.
No. 280249 ID: 40cb26

Port over to Mana and kick the gun she is wielding. Try to make it fire at Law Legs and Happy Time as you do so by kicking it to their direction. They are close by so it's more likely to work, but an FX would make that go much smoother. At worst the shot goes wild and you can still try to disarm her.
No. 280259 ID: 701a19

Port over to Mana, put your hand on the gun, and put an obsidian plug behind the trigger so it can't fire.
"Bad plan; he's not preoccupied."
No. 280278 ID: 1854db

Definitely ambush Mana. Call Delirium over; try to get her attention and get an assist. Try to keep her out of the records store.
No. 280281 ID: 8e5432

Okay. So Happy Time is down, that leaves three points of interest.
We can go behind Law Legs and give him a good solid blow to the head - if we're lucky, drop him easy, both because he is not aware of us and because he has likely already sustained significant damage from Hollow Queen. We also get a chance to make sure Happy Time won't be getting up any time soon.

We can also do the same to Mana. The fact that she's participating in combat doesn't mean that she's not focused on defending herself. The urgency of dealing with her is not as heightened as might be immediately surmised, because it looks like she's well within Blood Knight's field of vision, and he will be able to defend himself against her attack in whatever his usual manner might be.

We also need to get Delirium headed in the right direction. That might be tough, it seems like she's pretty high. We could pass this job off to our ninja, but he might not have the capacity to be sufficiently assertive. I thus recommend we do this personally for the sake of efficiency, as well as for the sake of battlefield placement. We should do this after hitting Mana (since that looks to be the popular choice out of those two), because it leaves us out of danger and getting her to where she should be could take a while. This is important. Getting bogged down in a melee is not our role here. It's not what we've planned to do, and it's not what we should be doing. Not getting bogged down in melee is the whole reason we got that rapid teleportation upgrade.
No. 280283 ID: adf746

Teleport somewhere near Delirium first, and remind her that she should be doing... something. What the hell is she even doing. What should she be doing?
We're taking Mana and Blood Knight has Law Legs so ask her to go play with Happy Time.
Hell, use that terminology. "Go play with Happy Time."

Be polite about it and make sure you're out of range, y'know, in case she decides to get too 'friendly' with us. Us and our fire. And... there's a joke in there somewhere.
Damnit, Baron!

Anyway do that to make sure Delirium doesn't go off and be useless, and then pop over to Mana like everyone else says to do. It's such a good thing we can teleport and do multiple things at once!
No. 280315 ID: f6360f

Whatever you do, avoid fighting Law Legs like the plague. No matter how vulnerable he looks, he just tore the shit out of Hollow Queen- and she's rather terrifying in melee. Look at her- she's missing a hand! You don't have the right powerset to take him on, and if he really doesn't hold back... you might well end up dead.

Since he's right next to Happy Time, that leaves exactly one valid hero target: Mana. Which is nice, because popping in and tearing up ranged opponents is a classic teleporter trick. Either make her blast the other heroes, or at least not hit your fellow villains. Once that's done, carve her up a bit and then teleport out to get Delirium back in the fight.
No. 280373 ID: 6a9fdc

Redirecting Mana's shot into Law Legs and Happy Time is just so appealing. I mean, they're all RIGHT THERE.
No. 280513 ID: 1a693f

Oh, and this is worth a FX.
No. 280598 ID: 6a9fdc

What about teleporting, hitting the weapon to cause it to fire at Happy Time and Law Legs, then using the FX to escape with it? Assuming of course that it's not some kind of summoned and/or personalized weapon that will vanish and/or only work for Mana.
No. 280601 ID: 1a693f

I think it's a superweapon. I think the mayor explicitly warned us that they were stealing.
No. 281449 ID: a50866
File 129767462836.png - (322.88KB , 700x500 , 185.png )

That cannon of Mana's is all too tempting. I teleport in, spending an FX to ensure my success, and hijack the cannon to aim it at Law Legs and Happy Time. "Hello, m'dear! Let me help you handle this..."

...Ah. I can't see them over the edge of the tank from here. Screw it, plan B! I spent an FX, I'm taking this gun with me!
No. 281450 ID: a50866
File 129767464062.png - (153.10KB , 700x500 , 186.png )

I teleport over by Delirium, the cannon coming with. "Delirium! Just where do you think you are going? The battle's over by the tank!"

"Oh, did you come all this way for me, cutey?" She says, stopping her prancing. "My, you didn't have to do that~! Eeheeheeheee!" Huh. She has tentacles.

"Please release my cannon. I don't even know you."

No. 281451 ID: a50866
File 129767465674.png - (188.23KB , 700x500 , 187.png )

No. 281452 ID: 55c4cf

tentacles = 100% legit.

you can trust her
No. 281453 ID: 259738

huh. She is fast.
No. 281454 ID: 45be60

well? introduce yourself!
No. 281456 ID: f88f02

SHe's not fast. THe cannon is part of her.

No. 281458 ID: 259738

oh, that makes more sense.
No. 281460 ID: c71597

Guess she picked an integrated cannon power option. Well lets to what she says, throw her towards Delerium and tell her to catch, they can play around with each other. Then we have a clown to make sure stays fucked up.
No. 281461 ID: f6360f

That demands an introduction. Make it classy.

Also, apparently you can teleport with Mana even though you can't normally teleport with people. Score. This means you can use the "teleport way up high and drop them" move; hopefully she can't fly.

Also as long as you're holding her you can probably burn her rather badly.

And... aside from that, I suppose that teleporting with her cannon and trying to get her to blast the other heroes is still potentially on the table. Probably won't work, but hey, worth a shot. If nothing else you seem to have her tied up rather effectively.
No. 281462 ID: 6834bc

"My apologies, I didn't realize you were quite so... attached to it."
(Make a face as you realize it's actually part of her arm, like some sort of mana-buster.)

"Still, I couldn't have you attacking Blood Knight - his quarrel is with Law Legs, not you.
Oh, where are my manners here; I've forgotten to introduce myself! I am Baron Obsidian. I suppose you could call me a sort of... rock man."
(You may wish to try plugging her cannon with some summoned obsidian as you say "rock man", for extra effect.)
No. 281464 ID: 701a19

"Oh, my apologies! I didn't know it was part of you! I must respect such politeness."
Let go of her cannon, but stay away from the business end.
"As much as I hate to impose on one with such a delightful demeanor, I must ask you to not interfere with Blood Knight's duel. If he survived he would only come back to try again, doubtlessly on a worse battlefield with more innocents at stake.
He's a killer, Mana; he's killed countless heroes and villains, and will keep killing until the day he dies.
Of course if, say, he was facing away from you, and maybe distracted by Law Legs, then you could take careful aim make sure blood knight never. gets. back. up. Nobody would question it; heat of battle, unfortunate accident, say some sad words, and life goes on with one less murderer in the world..."
No. 281465 ID: 259738

I'm pretty sure our teleport only worked because of FX spending.
No. 281466 ID: 259738

this is a terrible plan. we don't even know how Blood Knight's powers work.
No. 281468 ID: 1a693f

This, only turn around and bow to kiss her cannon- The top, not the business end, and hold the megaman pun.
No. 281470 ID: d4f98d

Huh, I guess her looking overweight was just the tentacles stored under her clothing?
No. 281477 ID: 8e5432

You know what

Don't fucking let go.
No. 281479 ID: 1854db

Okay, how about we just beat the shit out of Mana instead of trying to use the cannon that's attached to her?
No. 281480 ID: 1a693f

It seems impolite at this point and it doesn't really matter how we occupy the heroes attention, does it?
No. 281485 ID: 1854db

Oh, but... she said she didn't know you. Fix that. Introduce yourself.
No. 281497 ID: 882664

Release it only if she gives you a smile.
I want to see if it is even possible for her.

Obviously her smile will be one of the most resplendent beauty.
No. 281501 ID: 40cb26

With Mana out of the fight the stakes have been turned in your favor. No need to be rude about it now, and you can't use the cannon anyway if its a part of her body. "Then surrender, hands behind you." Teleport behind her with your sword at her throat and your other hand at her hands creating obsidian shackles or just a thick block to bind her. At that point we can see what the deal with the cannon is and make any apologies and preventive measures that are appropriate.

Make sure the cannon is pointed away from your allies before doing anything.
No. 281513 ID: f7aa74


i agree almost verbatim, but keep the cannon, enrage her, hen have her fire at herself
No. 281515 ID: 644ca1

Agreed, we might be a villain but we are also a gentleman. Introductions are now a must, preferably followed by an attack of some sort.
No. 281518 ID: f7aa74


nope... i rather like rude villanny, gives us manly character

-plus, i'm an ass
No. 281523 ID: 31ce47


I like to think rudeness does not equal manlyness, so I would object to being rude to her. We are after all a baron, and she is a lady. Be polite, introduce yourself.
No. 281536 ID: cd691a

I like this.
No. 281560 ID: 5b95eb

Continue making that face.
No. 281594 ID: db967a

Apologize and lower the cannon obviously. Bow while doing so, introducing yourself. And, of course, introduce Mana to our female friend Delirium of course. We are a Duke after all. We must remain civilized and courteous, especially while off in foreign lands, I.E. cities other than our own. Do not, under any circumstances, LET GO OF THE CANNON however. Hold it with one hand, with it pointed to the ground. We do not need to be shot. These people seem to play for keeps. Law Legs ripped off one of the Hollow Queen's arms. We do not want to know what would happen to us if we were shot by Mana's cannon.
No. 281596 ID: adf746


Combine these. Introduce yourself politely while quietly forming a plug or cap onto her cannon, since you'll need time and a distraction to do that anyway. Tell her you'll let her go if she smiles.

If she smiles, let go. If she doesn't, attack.
No. 283005 ID: ff4c1b
File 129826334961.png - (192.18KB , 700x500 , 188.png )

I turn to look at Mana, adjusting my grip on her cannon, and pointing it upward to ensure it can't be fired at anyone.

"Aha. Ha!" I laugh nervously. "My apologies, I didn't realize you were so... attached to it. Haha. My name is Black Wick, the Baron Obsidian. I'm sorry, but I can't let go."
No. 283006 ID: ff4c1b
File 129826336813.png - (116.21KB , 700x500 , 189.png )

"At least, not without seeing a smile from that pretty face."

"A-a smile?" She says, taken aback by the comment. "Pretty? Ah, er... sorry!" She says. "But I really need you to let go of my hands."
No. 283007 ID: ff4c1b
File 129826338541.png - (213.79KB , 700x500 , 190.png )

Suddenly, the cannon shifts under my grip. I hold it tightly, trying to keep her occupied, but when her arms shift into buzzsaws, I am forced to release her.

My right hand and left arm are gouged open by the blades, and I stumble back, shouting out in pain, my sword clattering to the ground.
No. 283008 ID: ff4c1b
File 129826339998.png - (150.52KB , 700x500 , 191.png )

Delirium catches me. "Don't worry, Wicky, I gotcha! Eeeheheeeheeheheheheee!" She laughs maniacally, and puts a police handgun to Mana's face with one of her hand tentacles.

"Oh." Mana says.
No. 283009 ID: ff4c1b
File 129826342028.png - (268.90KB , 700x500 , 192.png )

P-pow p-pow!
No. 283014 ID: 8e5432

Gnome says we shouldn't be nice to girls, so:

If you're fast enough, axe-kick her. If you can land that before she's ready (and it looks like you've got a good chance to do so) then she'll be down on the ground for you to kick the shit out of at your leisure.

Otherwise, punch her in the face I guess.
No. 283018 ID: d28732

If that does her in she was a crappy hero...
and I am sure she isn't

"You should not have done that"

(alternative, make some quick spiked Obsidian knuckles and give her a nice Karate Right"
No. 283019 ID: f6360f

Damn! Injuries are sure to put a damper on your date later. How unfortunate; I trust that you can still operate decently, though.

"Thank you, Delirium. I appreciate the help."

Launch an immediate kick into Mana's middle to follow up the attack, then pull a molotov and hit her with it while she's on the ground. When that's done, retrieve your sword and stow it, and assess the overall combat situation and your injuries. If you can leave Delirium engaged with Mana, you could assist against Law Legs/Happy Time if it looks like the Blood Knight and Hollow Queen are having difficulty with them; hopefully a quick teleport-molotov-teleport could shift around the situation.

Remember, your proper role here is one of battlefield control. You're not specced for full-on direct combat; you've sunk enough upgrade into mobility that your role is keeping your allies fighting and winning more than engaging the enemy yourself. Also, these fuckers play for keeps and you could get seriously hurt if you become heavily engaged at any point, so avoid that like the plague.
No. 283026 ID: 69bee4

Do keep in mind though this is Delirium, so if shes not letting you go (highly possible), be sure to as politely and as non fiery as possible teleport out of her arms before you attack, and possibly out of the immediate firing area for that gun.
No. 283028 ID: 7cd8f0

Make sure to thank the lady for her help. If Mana's down for the count, suggest she go for the tank.

Shackle Mana with obsidian shackles if she's down. I'd say encasing her entirely from neck down, but that would take a while.

If Mana isn't down yet, I'd say leave Delirium and Mana to play for a while, hitting up the tank yourself.
No. 283029 ID: f6360f

>Shackle Mana with obsidian shackles if she's down.
The woman has shapeshifting buzzsaw arms. Somehow I think shackling her would be a pointless gesture.
No. 283032 ID: adf746

Blackwick, we told you to attack if she didn't smile you doof. That is not attacking.
That is the opposite.

See if you can't throw some obsidian shards at her while she's reeling. If she stays down or retreats, retrieve your sword. If she stands her ground or advances... uh.
No. 283055 ID: c71597

Thank Delirium for the save, that was rather nice. You're going to need something to tie up those wounds with, the cut on your palm might not be so bad, but the one in your arm could be nasty.

And Mana is probably not down for the count. I think she somehow managed to dodge that. Or if not, she's a freaking robot and a couple slugs to the face is probably not enough to keep her down.

So we're going to need to take her down in another way. Could be possible to use the fire aura to melt her joints solid. But that's going to involve getting close and grappling, which seems like a really bad idea. So I guess we might have to settle for teleporting around her and trying to hit the same joint repetedly with something heavy until it gives out. And get Delirium to keep her distance. Poisons and drugs are probably not very useful against robotic people.
No. 283075 ID: 701a19

"Thank you, Delirium."
Ok, re-assess the battlefield. Who's up, who's down, who's fighting who?
No. 283080 ID: 40cb26

Well.. that could have gone better. Next time let's first make sure the ladies hands we hold can't turn into buzzsaws and cut us to pieces.

I'm pretty sure her shiny metal face can handle a weak cop bullet or four, hopefully it will knock her out. We don't really want to kill her in cold blood because that isn't our style, so if delirium gets that notion tell her to go take care of more pressing matters. But if she still has some fight in her by all means let them play.

In any case restore some dignity with a one liner. "You see now, you should have just smiled." Get out of the fight but don't just leave port some distance away and be thankful you can move so easily when hurt. You may not be in fighting form but you can still drop a molotov one a nice open target if you can manage to spot one.

Also when you are relatively safe create obsidian around your arms to hold the blood in and your flesh together. Not the best of materials for this purpose but it'll do for the moment. See if Walter can't help out with something as well.
No. 283627 ID: e5a28c
File 129843539745.png - (253.87KB , 700x500 , 193.png )

"Thank you, Delirium." I say, stumbling to my feet as she pushes me away. Mana is already back up, but she seems to have paused a moment. "Really, now, you should've just smiled!" I call out to her, tossing a few obsidian shards at her. They stick, but don't seem to do much.

"Eeheehee. I got this, Wicky." Delirium says, pushing me aside. "Don't you worry your pretty little head over it."


She laughs, and I teleport off to reassess the situation.
No. 283628 ID: e5a28c
File 129843541029.png - (211.65KB , 700x500 , 194.png )

From where I just left, I see Mana charging Delirium. I'm not sure how well she'll do against a robot with customizable weaponry, but she said she'll handle it. I might want to go back and help anyway, and my sword is still down there.

In front of the tank, Law Legs and Blood Knight are fighting it out. I can't tell who is winning, but they are both definitely quite a bit stronger than I am.

On the tank, Happy Time is fighting it out with... Hollow Queen.
No. 283631 ID: 1a693f

Does Happy Time have his bag of tricks? If he does, two a two-step teleport to grab your sword and then slice open the bag.
No. 283633 ID: 1854db

We have had encounters with everyone but Law Legs. Blood Knight basically called dibs on him, so go teleport and grab your sword then assist Hollow Queen against Happy Time, who we know can throw a good punch but probably is closer to our strength at least, and it'd be fun to trade jokes with him (if he actually bothers to joke). Also we know he took a big stomp from Law Legs. Let's fuck with him a bit. Strike with your sword but fight defensively. Our main role is to distract Happy Time during the fight.
No. 283637 ID: f6360f

I'm thinking that you should teleport down to grab your sword, spend about a half-second drawing Mana's attention with a faked attack, and then quickly teleport away before she has a chance to hurt you and carve up Happy Time from behind. Blood Knight/Law Legs is a thorny fight that you don't want to poke your nose into.

Be careful when hitting Happy Time, though- his earlier ability to turn your own attack onto you was fairly significant; I wouldn't be surprised if he tries to make your attacks end up hitting Hollow Queen or vice versa.
No. 283644 ID: 4bf475

>Threat, Nah

Ok, that's it.
Call Walter and have him retrieve your sword.
If that's not a good idea, do it yourself.

IMPALE SOMEBODY and shoot off a one liner.
No. 283649 ID: adf746

If we can get our sword, we might be able to land a good hit on Mana, seeing as it's sharp and heavy. But without it we'd be pretty useless, only a diversion at best, or even a liability.
On the other hand, we've more or less proven our ability to stand toe-to-toe with Happy Time even without our sword.

Attempt to retrieve sword. After that, go beat on Happy Time for awhile. Have fun with it.

Make a note to come back and IMPALE Mana with your sword at some point right when she's distracted. She's a robot and technically doesn't count on our 'don't kill people' policy.
Nobody cares about robots, right? Right.
They can probably just rebuild her anyway!
No. 283650 ID: 40cb26

Yeah I'm just going to go with this. If his bag isn't handy just give him a good slice at his back.
No. 283652 ID: 9a5057

I suspect it's because we are cute and were polite to her as much as the lack of damage we caused with a few casually thrown rocks. Don't take it personal.

Good call on Walter though. That's the sort of thing he's good at.
No. 283670 ID: 8e5432

Everything is going perfectly now. I'm not sure what that leaves us to do. I guess just make sure the battle goes in our favor, meaning our best bet would be to aid an individual fight.

In that case I guess our best bet is Happy Time, since Hollow Queen is our closest ally and we already fought him, and I also get the picture that both of them are weaker than the other two setups. They're at least weaker than Blood Knight/Lawlegs, and we just left Mana behind so rejoining that fight would be really awkward.
No. 283683 ID: 802f47

Ooh! Ooh! Let's modify their sign by chopping out the CIT from IRONCITY as we check if Hollow Queen needs a (no pun intended) hand. Never hurts to belittle them. "Heroes of Irony"

Perhaps you could monologue a bit at people to toy around with that mechanic until we get more details about it from the mayor. Something about how the city should look at their beloved heroes and how ironic it is to rely on them for protection when they can't even protect themselves.

You could keep it up until it's obvious that one of your allies needs a hand or if they ask for it. Plus, glowing and flying, you'd be reeeeeeeeal noticeable for your demoralizing speech!

Have fun with it!
No. 283687 ID: 644ca1

>Heroes of Irony
FUND IT! Mocking the heroes will be so fun.
After that we should aid the Hollow Queen, she was in pretty bad shape before so she can probably use some help.
No. 283691 ID: c71597

Time to get back to the old favorite. Kicking a clown, preferably when he's down. Time for a flying kick to the clownhead and then work out some pain and frustrations on his kidneys.
No. 283699 ID: 701a19

>Heroes of Irony
Fuck yea!

Send Walter for your sword, edit their sign, then steal the tank.
No. 283730 ID: b4097b

We don't have to retrieve our sword. We can just make a dagger and attack the clown's bag with that.
No. 283731 ID: b4097b

Also, save the big speech and the Heroes of Irony" sign for after we actually beat the heroes. It's a totally awesome idea, but making a big speech and then getting punched in the face isn't very good.
No. 283792 ID: d87c4e

I say, after Walter gets your sword, just have him change the sign. Afterall, better now then later. The speech can wait till after we trunced the heros.

>After that we should aid the Hollow Queen, she was in pretty bad shape before so she can probably use some help.
That and we don´t like clowns. Especially those that don´t make jokes.
No. 283870 ID: b46135

Check on Hollow Queen to see if she's doing OK. Take care of that bleeding once you have a free moment.
No. 284000 ID: af1170

But the mechanics of the monologue might not apply after the fight is finished. Remember the last monologue? It boosted what we did immediately after. And what better point to prove the speech than if one starts trying to shut you up? Not like we can't dodge around as we talk.

Plus... there's just 3, right? They're all occupied with someone.
No. 284003 ID: 0dfa81

Thats actually the problem. The civilians probably all fled, the heros are busy fighting our allies and vice versa. Nobody would take notice of our epic speech. It could even distract the villlains and lead to their defeat.
No. 285604 ID: 6a9fdc

I recommend the following course of action:
1. Ready molotov
2. Teleport to sword, grab sword
3. Throw molotov at nearby Mana, chain teleport behind Happy Time.
4. Impale Happy Time with sword, we didn't make that thing so we could NOT use it
5. Hit Happy Time across face with molotov, possibly while dropping one-liner, making sure the fuel spills onto him in the process rather than flying off into the air
No. 288881 ID: be23b1
File 130034783896.png - (1.07MB , 700x2000 , 195.png )

First things first. Time for a bombing run! I've a pair of molotov cocktails, and an enemy not on fire. I teleport to Mana, tossing my molotovs her way before Delirium gets too close.

Mana forms a shield with one hand to deflect one molotov, but the burning gasoline splashes around it. The other strikes her square in the shoulder. A pair of direct hits!

I grab my sword, and teleport over by Happy Time and the Hollow Queen. Obsidian sword in hand, I take a haphazard swing at Happy Time's back. My attack catches him by surprise, and I score a shallow cut across his shoulder. The distraction interupts his block, and Hollow Queen scores a strike.

Hollow Queen cackles as he falls. "Thanks, Baron." She says to me, as she pulls a pair of knives out of her side.
No. 288882 ID: 00d3d5

Can we steal the tank now?
No. 288883 ID: e3f578

Man, for a clown, this guy does not screw around. He goes for the kill straight with knives, not even a single water cannon or explosive pie.

I feel like we should express our disappointment.
No. 288884 ID: 1854db

Briefly ask if we should help Blood Knight in his duel. If not, everyone dogpile Mana!
No. 288889 ID: 5b95eb

Yeah. Nudge him with your foot and say something along the lines of "Knives aren't very funny."
No. 288899 ID: c71597

Express your disappointment in how boring Happy Time is by kicking him a few times. Then string him up like a pinata and leave something to hit him with there and tell the orphans to please go ahead and hit him until it stops being funny. Which is going to take a while.

Then we can go a wreck Mana's shit some more.
No. 288907 ID: 96a5b7

This. String him up a lamppost, make the kids some long obsidian poles/golfclubs and announce that "It's Happy Time for me now, Happy Time."

We get: Epic trolling, corrupting kids' minds and humiliating a hero. Fits with the fact that we're trying to be a classy person, but if they start to be uncivilised about it, well, we can be uncivilised too, and be better at it.
No. 288915 ID: f6360f

Two points here:

Happy Time is down, but may not be out. Do not try anything which assumes that he can't fight back.

Mana is a robot, and is not running around screaming when on fire. Check to make sure that we didn't actually make things worse for Delirium; if Mana is fire-immune we could just have turned her from killer robot into flaming killer robot. If that's the case, we have to help bail her out.

So my recommendation would be to say something charming and/or witty to the Queen, then leave Happy Time to her and go back to checking on the overall status of the battle. The Queen is much stronger and much more resilient than we are in a straight-up fight; if Happy Time starts burning FX to make a lethal comeback she is much better suited to take the hits.
No. 288993 ID: cf244d

How does the battlefield look?
If there's nothing else that could use our attention, commandeering the tank might be fun.
No. 288996 ID: db967a

bow, and say

"Merely doing my part as a Baron of your court, Queen."

and then look down to the clown and say, kicking him,

"And you, clown, are an appalling jester."
No. 289011 ID: 40cb26

I'm for binding him, but forget any kind of pinata shenanigans, as fun as they may be. Just put his hands together behind him and create a block obsidian around them. Feet too, so he can be hogtied in stone and probably useless without help. Obsidian is breakable, but at least it should cut the fuck out of his hands when it does.

Tell the queen Delirium could use help getting her fight over with quickly. But see how the duel against Law Legs is going, first.
No. 289034 ID: b00bec

No reason we can't bind him and pinatafy him, just put a hook on the obsidian shackles, or a big ball of obsidian over the rope. Any excuse to give kids bludgeoning weapons as souvenirs is a good one.
Maybe we should tone back on the formality a little bit until the fight is over.
No. 289038 ID: f6360f

Let's not assign ourselves quite so firm a role as her underling, please? We don't know how ridiculously psycho she is and how much she'll demand that we play to it in the future. We can be charming without pushing the serving-the-queen angle.
No. 289065 ID: 65a373

Jeez, freaky pinata people calm down please? The fight's not over, and crazy stunts during a fight that don't involve attacking someone or (good) taunts from a safe distance are liable to backfire and make Obsidian look stupid. Making a pinata, which is complex and not more effective than simple binds, is the kind of thing that should be done when you know noone's gonna get ya while you're busy. And I personally think the idea is stupid. :p

I suggest we check to see if Crazy Happy Time is down, and if he is then maybe we can bind him with some obsidian. There's not much we can probably do to hurt Mana or Law Legs with the sword, and we can't drop cars on them because we can only telly with hand-held weapons. I think we should check the clown for weapons. See if he has a bomb or something else we can telly-throw at someone.
No. 289137 ID: 78f1d2

place obsidian manacles on HT,mold it from your sword if you are strapped for time.

Don biker helmet, acquire tank.

I would recommend against this course of action. Hollow queen's mindset doesn't really work well with our own, so It would be a better idea to leave her with the impression that this is a one time(or few times) gig and we are not going to become her super mook now.

This one as well.
Too much time.
A)to string up
B) to make obsidian poles
C)the kids might just stare at us in horror and we just look even worse ("but at least that butler is a great guy eh?")
No. 289307 ID: 6a9fdc

-Recommending something neutral like "Just pulling my weight." and/or "I can't let you have ALL the fun."
-Seconding kicking Happy Time. And by "kicking" I mean punt that lunatic in the face, or whatever it takes to put him down without killing him.
No. 291986 ID: 5d54a5
File 130154188567.png - (393.90KB , 700x1008 , 196.png )

"Just pulling my weight. I can't let everyone else have ALL the fun, now can I?" I smile at her, doing a light bow. "Now, I do believe Delirium will need a little help with Mana, else she might burn out. I need to stay here a moment, to shackle this poor excuse for a jester. You mind going ahead of me?"

"Kyeheheh." She laughs, and jumps over me, towards Delirium. Well, that went well.

Moments later, I have Happy Time's hands bound in an obsidian block. He seems to have woken up again, but his hair changed back to blue and he's crying. Not sure what is up with that. "Hey, clown? Your jokes suck." I say, before turning to-
No. 291987 ID: 5d54a5
File 130154190652.png - (324.84KB , 700x500 , 197.png )

No. 291989 ID: 5d54a5
File 130154195636.png - (249.70KB , 700x500 , Untitled-3.png )

No. 291994 ID: dad664

Oh fuck. It's Jaffa Priest Raiden!
No. 291996 ID: ec2864

Blacwick: Duck because your face is against THE LAW.
No. 291999 ID: 07416a

I am terrified.
No. 292006 ID: dad664

>Blacwick: Duck because your face is against THE LAW.
>Blackwick: Duck
>Blacwick Duck
No. 292010 ID: e3f578

Ask Blood Knight if it's okay if you can get on his action now, instead of having to save this hero all for his glory.
No. 292060 ID: 197105

Prepare to teleport.
Any one of these combatants may kill you accidentally.
No. 292074 ID: f6360f

You are outclassed and should know it. Worse, from what Hollow Queen said earlier, this guy does not fuck around- if he acts against you, you'll end up seriously fucked up.

You must not fight him, particularly in melee. On the other hand, if you can buy Hollow Queen and Delirium about fifteen seconds, maybe they'll be able to take out Mana; then you'd be able to pull back while everyone gangs up on Law Legs again.

So. I'm going to recommend that you teleport quickly so that you have a view of Blood Knight while keeping an eye on Law Legs; see if Blood Knight's still alive. If he's getting back into the fight, don't interfere. If he looks deceased, give a comment about tagging in for a bit and start kiting Law Legs with thrown obsidian sharp things and repeated teleportation- you don't have to seriously hurt him or even make any significant impact, as long as he focuses on you and you don't get hurt. After about thirty seconds of holding his attention, or if you think he's wise to your tricks and is about to pound you, warp over to Hollow Queen and tell her what's going on. Hopefully Mana will have been dealt with and you'll be able to tag out.
No. 292081 ID: 1854db

I agree, except we should not wait too long to draw Law Legs' attention.
No. 292082 ID: 1fb1b0

I fully agree wth this statement. By the way Legs just kicked Bloody, you don´t want to end up in contact with him
No. 292090 ID: 745790

Agreed. Give Blood Knight a glance, and if he isn't on his feet, start kiting Law Legs.
No. 292119 ID: 7927a7

Does that guy only have one arm?

I'm pretty sure Blood Knight's motivation was to duel Law Legs so I wouldn't interfere until their fight is clearly over. You're probably better off helping Hollow Queen and Delirium focus on Mana.

If you think you will have to engage Law Legs then make an obsidian shield that looks simple from the outside, but is actually filled with thousands of obsidian shards. Then coat it in your fire aura. Then when he attacks just teleport away and watch as he kicks a hidden wall of hot spikes, sending razor caltrops all over the battlefield. Not a bother to you since you can reshape them at will and fly, but someone barefoot could be seriously inconvenienced by it...
No. 292128 ID: c71597

Get out of there first. Then observe if Blood Knight is still up and gunning. Law Legs is not among the people you want to fight, even with teleportation. He fucked up Queen quickly even when Blood Knight was involved in that fight, and you don't have her regenerative powers.
No. 292138 ID: 00d3d5

Grab Happy Time and run. "Just moving him out of combat, don't mind me!"

Drop Happy Time off on the sidewalk, then join the fight against Mana. You don't want to leave him behind where Law Legs could free him or Blood Knight could kill him, since either one would be bad for you.
No. 292145 ID: 644ca1

Since Law Legs is out of our league, we should probably stall for time. Either until the Blood Knight is ready for round 2, or until Hollow Queen and Delirium are done with Mana.

Perhaps it's time for modifying the sign to say "Heroes of Iron y" followed by a villainous monologue of some sort. It should give us some time and allow us to take the centre stage for a while.
No. 292326 ID: b46135

Do not provoke this guy. Indications are he can seriously fuck you up in a fight. Wait for him to make the first move. If he goes after you stay on the defensive and keep your distance. Teleport and shield, DO NOT attack. If he challenges you verbally say you're not allowed to fight him because he's Blood Knight's mark and you are a man of honor. Our goal is to run the clock until our allies show up to help.
No. 293346 ID: 5d54a5
File 130179264435.png - (124.85KB , 700x500 , 198.png )

I quickly glance over to Blood Knight, and open my mouth to ask permission to fight Law Legs now. However, I don't say a word. He's down for the count.

I look back to Law Legs, preparing to teleport if he makes a move. He stands up tall, and stares at me, a hard look in his eye. "...You seem too young for this battlefield. What is your name, child? Why do you fight?"

...I am sweating bullets just standing here.
No. 293349 ID: f157b7

Why do we fight?


Also for the money.
No. 293350 ID: 2bdeb9

Why fight for anything? Why bother? Why care? We fight because we want to. We do what we want. What's the point of anything else?
No. 293355 ID: 6a9fdc

Because it's FUN! As long as no one gets killed or permanently injured, and nothing irreplaceable is lost, it's just a big game. Besides, villains such as the Baron keep heroes sharp, instead of growing rusty and dull from inaction.
No. 293359 ID: ec2864

We fight to find out the reason for fighting. Also, do something unexpected, like ask for his autograph, just to change the pace of this interrogation.
No. 293361 ID: f6360f

Ignore the sweating of bullets. Ignore the fear. You are Baron Obsidian. You are a true villain, with a steel spine and a flair for the dramatic. And he's just invited you to do a full-on villain rant, thereby gaining FX like nobody's business AND buying time for your compatriots to finish off Mana. Win-win!

Introduce yourself cordially, using your full titles. It looks like he wants to talk, so don't worry that he'll alpha-strike you just yet; there will be some indication in his expression or words before he moves to take you out.

After the introductions, prepare to launch into rant mode (with an eye on him). We fight because we were given a chance to break free. To leave behind the banal, pointless life of a mindless corporate drone, the life of the masses whose souls are being ground into dust by the heartless machine that is the world. To take our life into our own hands, and do what WE want with it instead of being constantly held back by limitations- lack of money, of influence, of popularity and power and meaning! We fight because we've had enough of NOT fighting, of embracing mediocrity and obscurity because it's easy and because everyone tells you that's the way things are supposed to be done. We are the Baron Obsidian, and we are free!

Close up the rant with an invitation for him to make his own speech. "And why, Law Legs, do you wish to stop me?" Delicious FX, and hopefully him doing something other than kicking our head off.
No. 293362 ID: 6a9fdc

Glorious. Seconding this.
No. 293363 ID: 00d3d5

"Because a bunch of so-called heroes try to murder me for being the son of a man I never met. Since I want to live I have no choice but to play the game, and if the moral high ground is nothing but lip service..."
Have NINJA BUTLER do the IRONY thing now.
"Then I'll pick the one that pays more."

He can't really attack you unprovoked after that kind of speech without looking like a total dick, and this will have him thinking he can redeem you which will give you an edge if you ever want to screw with his head.
Besides, this is winding down and you'll look better if you can walk away instead of running.
No. 293365 ID: 45be60

"I am Blackwick, the Baron Obsidian. I fight because it pays a hell of a lot better than my job working the checkout counter ever did. I fight to find out about my father, and I fight to find out who *I* am. And today I learned that this... *gesture at the aftermath around you* ...is not for me."
No. 293366 ID: 07416a

Because I never knew my father. This is what he did instead of raising me. I wanted to find out what kept him away.
No. 293369 ID: 40cb26

Ok take a moment to calm down, he isn't going to smack you around mid sentence so take you time and talk.

"Black Wick, the Baron Obsidian" Give a little bow here. "And yes, the name is more prestigious than my efforts justify. Still I feel I've done well for myself so far, in this role I never expected to be in. Why do I fight here today? The Queen asked it of me, and she can be very persuasive. And for myself, fighting along and against new faces is valuable experience. Now then as for why I fight at all... well perhaps I am still finding my purpose. But I can tell you that I am not like these others here. Malice, deranged pleasure, inflicting pain... not my style. I am not an evil man."

At this point you teleport away and upwards, hopefully out of reach of whatever he would do to you.

"Now then, I submit that you are stronger than I, and I really would rather not miss my date tonight due to the grievous wounds fighting you would certainly result in, so I will take my leave. Take care, hero." At this point you want to teleport again and go warn little miss pumpkin head of our bloody friends loss. It's about time to wrap this up, I think.
No. 293370 ID: 6a9fdc

Also seconding the way the first "heroes" you met tried to kill you while you were just a civilian. Maybe point out how the Iron City "heroes" responded to your nonlethal attacks and attempts to talk by trying to gauge out your eyes and carve you up with buzzsaws, respectively.
No. 293451 ID: cf244d

"My name is Black Wick, and I am the Baron Obsidian. Why do I fight here today? I was asked to. Why do I fight at all? That's more complicated. I never fought as a child. But my father, whom I never knew, was a villain. He lived the life I've recently seized, and he fought. Then one day, when I was working my minimum wage job like every other slave to the system, I was attacked. Who attacked me? Why, men who would be heroes, of course. My father had been killed, and these so-called heroes tracked me down intending to end my father's line for good. He was so loathsome to them that they would see none of his blood left on this earth. Why? I know not. They told me merely that they assaulted me because I am a villain, and that I am a villain because my father was. So I fight because I am beset, and I fight because my father fights no more. And I fight to learn why it is that my father ever fought." [Insert dramatic action here] "Besides, villainy pays well."
No. 293454 ID: c71597

Tell him that you fight to regain your family's honour, or something like that. Then teleport the fuck out of there. This guy is one we don't want to mess with in any way.
No. 293570 ID: 56348c

"Heroes" killed your father and then tried to kill you, so you fight against them and the order for which they stand.

Make sure you come off as a vengeance-seeking badass and not a kid making excuses. Spend an FX towards this end if you have to.
No. 295538 ID: 330059

Gentlemanly taunting, then sophisticated assholeishness.
No. 295548 ID: b00bec

Leggy aimed his kick to not snap your neck, and he's taken the time to make the observation that you're a little outclassed. He's not going to kill you (probably), and you have the villainous healing power to recover from anything else. Try not to fight him, but if you have to, fight honorably and go down classy. Not every battle can be won.
No. 295607 ID: 5d54a5
File 130251179731.png - (98.45KB , 700x500 , 199.png )

I continue to sweat. My legs shake with fear. My wounds sting. It is difficult to hold my sword. But I bow anyway, lightly, and smile like the devil.

I have been invited to talk. It is time to dance the dance of words, that I may live to dance the dance of blood another day. Actually that was an awesome metaphor, I need to remember that one.

"My name is Black Wick, and I am the Baron Obsidian. The name may be more prestigious than my efforts justify, but I feel I have done well for myself so far, in this role I never expected to be in. Why do I fight here today? It was an invitation from a friend. Why do I fight at all? Well... that's a tad more complicated."
No. 295608 ID: 5d54a5
File 130251181874.png - (133.34KB , 700x500 , 200.png )

I swallow my fear, and stand up. My legs stop shaking, as I build momentum. I begin to rant.

"This destiny is not one I asked for. I was not expecting to ever become a villain, an enemy of society. I've always been a peaceful, quiet, useless man. But one day, not too long ago, when I was working my minimum wage job like every other slave to the system, I was attacked. Who attacked me, you wonder?"
No. 295609 ID: 5d54a5
File 130251183026.png - (144.60KB , 700x500 , 201.png )

It feels natural. My rant strengthens, and I shout the next line triumphantly, a crescendo reached, momentum built. I can't stop now.

"Why, men who would be heroes, of course! My father had been killed, murdered, and these so-called heroes tracked me down, intending to end my father's line for good. He was so loathsome to them that they would see none of his blood left on this earth. Why? I know not. They assaulted me because I am a villain, and say that I am a villain because my father was. My father, a man I had never met! And they tried to kill me for it. What choice did I have, but to accept these powers I have been granted?"
No. 295610 ID: 5d54a5
File 130251185330.png - (316.79KB , 700x500 , 202.png )

I lean back a little, returning to a more reserved stance My grip tightens on my sword. I can't feel my wounds anymore. They don't exist to me. I was born for this. I feel something carrying my words... confidence.

"But I do not blame them. In fact, were it not for their assault, I'd have never left the reverie that was my old life. I have since abandoned the life of the mindless corporate drone. For the first time, my life is truly mine. I don't need to be held back. I can press onward, with anything I should desire! I am a villain, because I despise my old self. My old limitations."
No. 295611 ID: 5d54a5
File 130251186822.png - (167.98KB , 700x500 , 203 AdviceWick.png )

Words I never thought come from my lips. Phrases I never knew come to mind. I am carried onward, carried away.

"But that's all gone. I can't possibly go back now. The old me is dead. I fight on because I must. I fight because my father fights no more. I fight to learn just exactly why my father ever fought in the first place! I fight for this new life, for this role that has been thrust into me beyond my will. I will not run from this destiny. This world is mine to seize, and I refuse to let go."
No. 295612 ID: 5d54a5
File 130251188693.png - (173.01KB , 700x500 , 204.png )

My wounds are no more. My weakness is gone. My fear has vanished. In this moment, I am invincible, and I am carried away.

"I am the Baron Obsidian..." I draw up my sword, pointing it at Law Legs dramatically. "...And I am free. There is nothing in this world that can stop a free man. Would you bother to try, Law Legs?"

He stands silent. He has stood silent this entire time, his left sleeve whipping lightly in the wind.
No. 295613 ID: 5d54a5
File 130251190296.png - (119.14KB , 700x500 , 205.png )

His eyes narrow, and with a look of profound sadness, he breaks eye contact, and answers.


The moment passes. Law Legs looks back at me, the mask firmly back in place. Whatever I saw in that one moment is gone now. He loosens into a fighting stance. I do the same, but as I do, I ask one more question.

"And why, Law Legs, do you wish to stop me?"

The answer is simpler than I had expected.

"Because I can stop a free man."

I smile. The air is charged. The stage is set. "Is that so? We shall see. We have danced the dance of words, hero. It is time to dance the dance of blood. Show me your worst."
...Did I just say that? I just said that. Well, too late now. The Baron Obsidian does not go back on his word.

...does he?
No. 295614 ID: 1854db

Oh god we're going to die

Well, maybe not. Fight defensively. Have a teleport prepared at all times. Do not use teleports offensively ever, as your goal here is to stay conscious until your two allies are finished with Mana. You could try blocking one of his regular kicks but NEVER let him connect with a power attack.
No. 295617 ID: 8bc1ac

He totally does. He dies if he doesn't. This guy just danced the dance of blood with a guy entirely made out of blood and kicked his ass. We don't stand a chance. Besides, you're a man free of everything. That totally includes your own word.

Leap towards him with a strike, but teleport as far away as you can during it. Maybe still somewhere you can see how Deli and the Queen are doing, but only if you're sure you won't be found.
No. 295621 ID: 46c430

Of course he doesn't. Are you really going to back down now? This is who we are. Fight till the last.

Use this for tactics.
No. 295628 ID: c71597

Not after such a speech he doesn't.

Doesn't mean you have to fight like a moron and take his hits though. Use your teleports defenively. Keep alive and try to get a feel for him, how does he attack, how does he move and where and when can you strike? Once you have the information you think you need it will be time to unleash the counter attacks. And don't try for a big god damn hero/villian strike. You're unlikely to be able to end it in one glorious move, you will have to wear him down, make him tired and try to get him to make mistakes.
No. 295636 ID: 2bdeb9

We are totally going to die.

Fight defensively. Like, really defensively. None of that "Suddenly I am behind you!" stuff that's worked before. If he attacks, suddenly you are at least ten feet away. Have your sword ready only for that brief moment when he closes in, before you move away. Throw obsidian shards. We really need a ranged attack.

He said he can stop a free man? Let's make that a challenge. He has to catch us first.
No. 295640 ID: 56ec40

These these these. Fight ultra-defensively while observing his tactics. Try using forge obsidian to blast shards as makeshift buckshot if possible, perhaps you could even make them incendiary blasts using your flame aura. Whatever the case, wear him down heavily with a ranged hit and run strategy if you wanna stand a chance in melee.
No. 295642 ID: 8c06b9

Oh, yeah, and we can fly. So don't just hang around ground level either, absolutely no reason to.
No. 295646 ID: 9029dd

Your flight leaves after images, use this to your advantage.

Start flying around him and teleport whenever he attacks.
Don't always teleport behind him, keep a random-ish pattern going.

Throw Obsidian shards when you can.

Whittle him down.
No. 295685 ID: d4f98d

Sorry, after that speech, I'm afraid you're not allowed to chicken out.

Lets sum up what we know of this guy thus far:

-He's a kick-fighter.
-He does not hold back in combat.
-He's currently breathing rather heavily from his fight with Blood Knight.

Normally, I'd say we don't have a chance, but given the exertion he's been under: Fighting both Hollow Queen AND Blood Knight in rapid succession...we may have a fighting chance. Just don't test the waters by getting hit. Both Blood Knight and Hollow Queen went at him, full-out offensive. They got fucked up. Try to bait him into dangerous situations using your afterimages and teleportation, as was mentioned.

If you EVER lose sight of him, TELEPORT. I don't care where, just somewhere.
No. 295767 ID: cf244d

That was a pretty good speech.

You agreed to dance, but you have no obligation to focus overmuch on harming him. You're better off avoiding attacks as much as possible. Since he kicks and you fly, your waist should absolutely not be bellow his head ever. You should only be even that low when directly attacking. If we're lucky, Hollow Queen and Delirium will be able to incapacitate Mana, and will reinforce us.
No. 295771 ID: b6ca92

Good news, everyone!
With that little speech you just made the win condition change into: ESCAPE. IT is now no longer dishonorable to simply run away and hide.
Why? Because you challenged him to stop you, to catch you, and he accepted. This fight can only end in one of two ways: he catches you, or you slip from his grasp to fight another day.
So let's run away, DRAMATICALLY.
No. 295795 ID: 82479f

Utilize smoke bombs, if you have any. When you get fire control, if you don't already have it, remember that fire is always the best blinding weapon. Always always always. Especially with your teleport ability.
No. 295852 ID: bd2a40

After the speech you made, you should probably avoid out right fleeing.

Fight defensively for as long as possible, hoping your allies can come to your assistance.

Of course, you should not forget a few simple things. Namely, your allies are villains, which means that if they deem it necessary. they can just abandon you, so do not completely depend on them coming to help you.

The second thing is that you are also a villain. If during the fight it becomes obvious that you are about to lose rather painfully or terminally, just get the fuck out. Who cares what happens to the other villains, as long as you remain in relatively good health. The escape has to be done in a suave and dramatic fashion, of course.
No. 295867 ID: 40cb26

Teleport upwards, just within earshot.
"Oh wait I forgot, I have a date tonight. I don't mind having a epic battle leaving us both with concussions, but it simply would not do do disappoint a lady. Take a rain check?"

Villainous? Every long term villain knows when to run, ones that don't never get there. Practical? As not getting the snot beat out of you ever is. Classy? Nothing wrong with punctuating drama with a quick bit of funny. Theme? Ladies are your villainous soft spot, and this fits fine with that.

Port over and let the queen know how things went over here.
No. 295907 ID: 07416a

Seriously, people, run away? This is NOT the time to run away. We aren't being support right now, we're the main attraction. We have to stick this out. Fight defensively until we get backup, but do NOT run away.
No. 295911 ID: 081e71

Blacwick ain't gonna pussy out now. Fight!
No. 295918 ID: f6360f

No, the Baron Obsidian does not go back on his word.

That said, your whole speech ended up with you declaring yourself free- and he's said that he can stop you. As long as you make at least a respectable effort to fight him, you'll be keeping your word because you are, after all, as free to escape as you are free to stay. He might try to hunt you down and kill you, though; stopping free men can't be all that easy. Might want to keep an eye out after this is over.

Anyway. You know he'll slaughter you in melee, so keep on your toes and on the defensive. Teleport to a random place somewhere not to his front if he's closing on you, kite him with obsidian missiles, and keep your sword/shield ready to take the impact of any blow if you absolutely must. Keep to the air so that he has to keep leaping at you in order to engage, and if you ever lose track of him teleport to some distance away to reassess the field of battle immediately.

While doing this, steal a glance at Hollow Queen, Delirium, and Mana. If you can manage to delay this battle until theirs is over, you've effectively won- you'll be able to either rely upon your allies to defeat him, or be able to withdraw gracefully from combat with a quick one-liner after having made a good showing against a superior opponent. So all you need to do is survive for a while and make it clear that you're fighting (even if not terribly effectively) while not completely getting your ass kicked.
No. 295921 ID: 07416a

We can regenerate. We're a total newby on this scale. He's a big name. Even totally getting our ass kicked is impressive as long as it's one on one.

On the other hand, running away after a speech like that?.. We might as well hang up our cloak right there, we'll never get any respect again.
No. 295939 ID: 3566ec

Kite! Kite for your freedom, kite for your life.
No. 295983 ID: 5d54a5
Audio Shadowlord's_Theme_-_Unknown.mp3 - (5.33MB , Shadowlord's Theme - Unknown.mp3 )

No, I can't back down. Not now.

After a moment that feels much too long, he charges.
No. 295984 ID: 5d54a5
File 130261207244.png - (2.17MB , 700x5000 , 206 copy.png )

I immediately teleport up, 40 feet into the air. I watch as my after image disintegrates before his kick, and as I prepare a second teleport, I throw out a few shards with a taunt. "Oh c'mon, you're faster than that!" He follows my voice, and steps back to dodge my attack, before leaping up at me.

I teleport again, over the hospital this time, well away from him. "I thought you said you could stop a free man!" I taunt, preparing another obsidian shard. He looks to me, and kicks off the air. A small green burst appears behind him, and he is propelled towards me. The sound of a church bell echoes in the air. Well, that's not quite flying, but it might as well be when he can kick the freaking atmosphere.

My teleport needs another moment to charge. I toss an obsidian shard, and he deflects it with his book, using the momentum to turn towards a kick. I fly with the direction of his motion, swinging my sword in a desperate attempt to deflect the blow. It connects, and a loud crack splits the air.

My blade snaps, the top half sent flying, the bottom half falling from my grip under the force of the blow. I cry out in pain as I'm sent spinning through the air, but I recover, over the next building over. My wrist is broken, but I'm certain I managed to cut him with that. Law Legs lands heavily on the hospital building, slumped over for a moment. It doesn't last.

Law Legs raises his book up to me, and a runic circle appears on the floor around him. That... that can't be good. He begins to chant something, but I can't exactly hear it. The runes begin to glow, and I immediately teleport away, down to the roof of the next building over.

A giant green cross flies through the air where I was but a moment ago, the sound of bells ringing through the air once more. I don't know what it would have done to me, but I'm glad I dodged it. I look back to where Law Legs was, but he's gone! I teleport back 20 feet, to the other end of the roof, out of paranoia...

...just in time to see Law Legs slam down on the roof, right where I was. The roof crumbles under the blow, and Law Legs collapses into the building under me. My breathing hitches, and I'm sweating bullets. I need to move, but my body won't reply. I'm terrified.
No. 295985 ID: 5d54a5
File 130261209133.png - (1.32MB , 700x4000 , 207 copy.png )

The ground underneath me erupts, and I am knocked flying up into the air. I don't have a chance to respond before he's in the air beside me, delivering a hard kick to my ribcage. I'm sent rocketing over to the middle of the street. I open my eyes to see Law Legs above me, gearing up for another kick...

...And the next thing I know, I'm in Delirium's arms. "Why hello there, Wicky! So good of you to drop in!" And she laughs her maniacal laugh over her own pun. "Eeeheheeeheeheheheheee!"

And then the world becomes very... quiet. Delirium keeps talking to me, but I can't understand her. I try to make out the words, but it's very difficult... and I am very... tired...

...The world fades to black around me. Dark, silent black.
No. 295986 ID: 6930ef

Is Mana dead?! Oh my goodness!
No. 295987 ID: d81168

Forget Mana, are we still alive? DAMN, that guy kicked our ass, epic music by the way. Seriously though, the power diffrence was beyond belivable. Espeacily with the FX use by Legs there.

O GOD DAMMIT, I JUST REMEMBERED! Don´t we have a date later this day with Angel Frost?
No. 295989 ID: 6930ef

Of course we're alive - Delirium is saying 'Okay, good' in the penultimate panel. But yeah, shit was pretty crazy.
No. 295991 ID: 701a19

WAKE UP BLACWICK! You aren't dead enough to miss a date!
Don't you dare be unconscious at me young man!
No. 296017 ID: bd2a40

Wonder if you can use FX to wake the fuck up, because you will not fall pray to a stupid cliché.
No. 296023 ID: 644ca1

Fuck yeah that was awesome. Hope we can wake up before our date though. Why the hell did we put the date the same day as our epic battle anyway?

She can be rebuilt, they have the technology.
No. 296029 ID: 8cb188


Because we're Baron Obsidian, and that's how we roll.


Let's hope we wore him out a little, because wasn't Hollow Queen missing a hand from the last time she was fighting Law Legs? Even if she did get better..
No. 296182 ID: f6360f

You did well, Blackwick. Not perfectly, but as well as anyone could ask. Held your own with attitude and class, like a true villain should.

Now there's nothing left to do but hope that Delirium gets you out of there and that you wake up in time to date Angel Frost this evening.
No. 296211 ID: 9029dd


You did well baron.
You did excellently.

Deserves a movie deal.
No. 296213 ID: f88f02

Fuck you are NOT missing this date.
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