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File 128674708151.png - (84.91KB , 640x480 , 01.png )
241441 No. 241441 ID: 7c97d9

Goblins are such morons... They'd prefer dying than get jailed.

And this one won't tell anything about my target.
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No. 241443 ID: e40e60

Then threaten him with the possibility of jail.
No. 241446 ID: c59f60

yes, if death threats get nothing then threaten them with something they fear more then death.
No. 241447 ID: a09a03

Carve your initials into his forehead and ask again.
No. 241449 ID: c2c011

Well then. Steal all of its crap and lock it in the basement for a couple of hours. Then ask if it feels like talking now.
No. 241451 ID: 6ab386

Crack open his skull and bring the fresh brain to a blackmage to read the informations directly from the source.
No. 241454 ID: e3f578

"I'mma jail you so bad, your greatgrandkids will be setting up visits"
No. 241458 ID: a4b4e3
File 128674766785.gif - (24.15KB , 691x881 , THE WEAVER.gif )

No. 241459 ID: f82d85


Goblin: Be very sad.
No. 241461 ID: 70d9eb

Okay so if good cop isn't working you should move onto bad cop.
No. 241471 ID: 135871

rip out his other eye
No. 241484 ID: e4a16b

Most humanoids can't talk that well when you have them held by the throat.
No. 241548 ID: 7c97d9
File 128675088568.png - (74.07KB , 640x480 , 02.png )

It's non-sensical to threaten this one with something they aren't afraid to receive whole-heartedly.

"Answer me, you green-skinned slave! Where is your boss?!"


No. 241549 ID: 7c97d9
File 128675089335.png - (74.07KB , 640x480 , 03.png )

... Well fuck, I think this one's dead. So much for the torture we had in mind...

There goes the last of them, yet my target's nowhere to be found. Somehow, she has them forced not to say a thing about her whereabouts.
No. 241551 ID: e31d52

Too bad. Can you resort to magic and make the body talk?
No. 241554 ID: c59f60

wait... you are SURE it was THIS group of goblins that knew about her and not the tribe one town over?
No. 241630 ID: 0b2a05

Dude, you suck at this.
No. 241703 ID: c6fa0a

Ah, still warm, then. Fancy a little necro? :3c

Actually, have those goblins, you know, said ANYTHING the whole time you were slaughtering them? Could they be cursed to silence?
No. 241725 ID: e40e60

You caused a meme. Are you proud of yourself?

Rape it, eat it.
No. 241865 ID: 135871

so who is your target anyway?
No. 241892 ID: cd44d9

This lead's dead. Let's start at the beginning.

Who are you?
No. 241934 ID: 7c97d9
File 128677233279.png - (94.29KB , 640x480 , 04.png )

Man, diplomacy isn't my thing. I learned that it's you get more stuff with kind words and a weapon than just kind words. Hey, it works everytime.

I'm positive. These were the same raiders with my target. Recently, she hoarded lots of resources from a small settlement of kobolds that I was in, and they ran off to this particular cave. See? Same cheap leather suits that she's infamous for handing over to the grunts that she coaxes for a short period of time.
Even after managing to trace them, I couldn't find any sign of her. Damnit, she probably already ditched these guys after the raid.
I can probably salvage something from the loot she left for these goblins, though...
No. 241941 ID: 7c97d9
File 128677267830.png - (94.29KB , 640x480 , 04 filler.png )

She's a goblin going by the name of "Maomar". Bounty is 10,000 coins. Known for raiding small villages and amassing thousands of coins for an unknown reason.

Introductions will be for later, after we're done with this area. Don't get me wrong though; I just don't want to get distracted while our target's on the loose.
If it helps you, I'm a bounty hunter myself. I've been one for a few years.
No. 241942 ID: 701a19

Perform CCR on that goblin. You might be able to bring it back.
That will leave it completely terrified, since not only are you something that can kill it, you're something that can kill it multiple times
No. 241982 ID: 510612

>Perform CCR on that goblin.

You must revive him with the power of CLASSIC ROCK!
No. 242044 ID: 0b2a05

Ahh at least try to bring the thing back to life.
No. 242579 ID: 7c97d9
File 128691524099.png - (77.49KB , 640x480 , 05.png )

Eh? You want me to revive this one back to life? But Maomar-
If this is going to help me find Maomar, fine! But don't blame me if we lose track of time.

... Well shit, this goblin's as good as dead. Been pounding on the chest area for a good five minutes, and not getting any response. It's like I'm waiting for an old corpse to rot.
... Huh? What's this?
No. 242580 ID: 7c97d9
File 128691525015.png - (91.63KB , 640x480 , 06.png )

Ha! At least this goblin left something useful for you! They've stolen some stuff that I can place on you, and this one, I recognize. It's a Sight Upgrade that lets you see stuff beyond normal sight perception.
Hey, try it on and see what happens.
No. 242581 ID: 7c97d9
File 12869152596.png - (28.87KB , 640x480 , 07.png )

... Well? Found anything?
No. 242582 ID: 40cdbe

yeah, apparently there is a secret passage back there.
No. 242664 ID: 701a19

Yes. We found you're a shortsighted asshole.
Oh, wait, you meant with the UPGRADE! Yea, there's a trail going over that way.
No. 243638 ID: 7c97d9
File 128710933925.png - (148.88KB , 640x480 , 08.png )

I don't want to make you feel bad about me. I just bought you from that town before we went off here. See, you're my Scout Watcher now.
Look, at least just stick with me for this once, and I'll try to be nicer to you, okay?
... Fine, if it'll help cool things off between us, I'll let you know more about me. I'm Sanya, and...
No. 243639 ID: 7c97d9
File 128710936810.png - (36.82KB , 640x480 , 09.png )

(You can now choose the body build and start-up ability/perk for Sanya. This is a permanent change.)

Choose a body build:
Agile: +2 Might, +3 Agile, +1 everything else
Normal: +2 Might, +2 Tough, +2 Agile, +1 everything else
Strong: +3 Might, +3 Tough, +1 everything else

Choose one from these:
Suave (Perk: +2 Charm)
Haggler (Perk: Get better offers)
Repair (Ability: restore an object's durability with resources)
Battlecry (Ability: intimidates targets and gains temporary bonus)
No. 243642 ID: 80bb9a


Charm build charm build charm build
No. 243643 ID: 17b5c0

>I'm Sanya, and...

...despite my name I'm totally a MAN!

Seriously though, Normal archetype has highest statistical bonuses and otherwise I'd take the Haggler trait as there's no telling what type of better "offers" you might get.
No. 243644 ID: 4643fd

No. 243646 ID: bf1e7e


Actually, strong has the highest overall statistical modifiers. +4 over a base '+1 all' while agile and normal only offer a total +3.
No. 243647 ID: a1591c

Agile, repair.
No. 243648 ID: 701a19

Normal Suave
No. 243651 ID: 1854db

Agile Haggler.
No. 243652 ID: 7470bb

strong, battlecry, male
No. 243653 ID: 8555c2

No. 243655 ID: a09a03

No. 243656 ID: a17cca

No. 243658 ID: 0d5620

No. 243663 ID: 24a9bd

Runoff voting.
1: Agile, repair
2: Normal, suave
No. 243665 ID: 7c97d9
File 128711179770.png - (47.45KB , 640x480 , 10.png )

(Voting's off. "Normal" and "Suave" are chosen.)

... and sometimes, I wish I could've worked myself out some more. But then again, I can be very charismatic at times... Not all the time, though. Especially not now.
Urgh, these footprints lead to a fork, and looks like Maomar's trying to keep us guessing.
The left path goes to the crossroads leading back to my hometown, where the League of Bounty Hunters is located. I doubt she would go to such a dangerous place, though she's probably expecting me to think like this.
The right path goes to a nearby river, deeper into the woods. The safer path among the two for Maomar, albeit she can manage to slip off easier.
Where could she be going? I'm not sure...
No. 243669 ID: 4643fd

look at the bushes closer. someone walking past them could of broke a twig on them. the one that has more growth on the break is older. take the path with the more recent break.
No. 243684 ID: a09a03

Go to the town of Town.
No. 244284 ID: 7c97d9
File 128726979615.png - (86.54KB , 640x480 , 11.png )

I can't do a thorough search right now due to time restraints, but there seems to be no broken twigs whatsoever. Whoever this Maomar is, she's trying not to leave even more traces of her.

We move to the left path, which brings us to the crossroads. From afar, you can already see my hometown. No sign of Maomar anywhere, though these footprints still look fresh.
The Tonberry on the ground's in pain. Did he bump into Maomar?
No. 244294 ID: 197650

well, go check him out.
No. 244304 ID: 1b42c5

maybe, and NO choking!
No. 244305 ID: 146c5a

Well, someone looks familiar. Just walk up and ask Gezno how he's doing, use his name too. He'll probably understand.
No. 244348 ID: 7c97d9
File 128727464229.png - (30.78KB , 640x480 , 12.png )

We approach the Tonberry. He doesn't seem to be badly hurt, though he looks like he never had a nasty bump before.

"You okay, kid?" I start to help him out. He begins to look at me and notices something.

"It's nothing! Just someone was running off from your direction and bumped into me..."
"Do you recognize who that was? Was it a goblin? Possibly carrying lots of stuff?"
"Sorry... Everything happened so fast... Whoever that was took off from the direction opposite of Silberg."
No. 244349 ID: 7c97d9
File 128727464914.png - (33.11KB , 640x480 , 13.png )

He tries to stand up, but falls back down again. Looks like one of his ankles got the worst from the bump.

"Argh... Just great, just unluckily great."
No. 244354 ID: 1b42c5

don't have time to help him out, but we also can't leave him like this. run over to a tree, break a branch off, and make a crude walking stick and give it to him then follow his directions.
No. 244360 ID: 80bb9a

Take him with us!
No. 244361 ID: 197650

rob that fucker
No. 244368 ID: 40cb26

Nah, too much trouble. This guy looks light enough just grab him and his hat and hoof it to town. He'll owe you a favor or something.
No. 244370 ID: fd6d7e

steal his hat steal his hat


this, then steal his hat
No. 244386 ID: 0040d8

No. 245233 ID: 8555c2

"I can take you with me and go to a town when I'm able or you can stay here. I've got someone to find. Ten thousand coins worth of someone."
No. 245389 ID: 1854db

Keep going and follow the footprints.
No. 245706 ID: 7c97d9
File 128744213326.png - (205.84KB , 640x480 , 14.png )

I have my lead on Maomar, but I'm not sure leaving this guy to his own fate would be worth the capture...

"I'll help you up, but I can only bring you back to Silberg. I've got someone to find: a particular someone with a ten-thousand coin bounty."
The Tonberry looks down with a worried look on his face. "Oh... I feel like such a burden to you..."
"It can't be helped. I don't really want to leave you here like that, anyway."
The Tonberry, realizing my own dilemma with the situation, lets out a comparably huge sigh. "I'll repay you for any setback this might've caused you, helpful hunter. It might not be ten thousand coins, but bring me back to Silberg and I'll try to help you in the best way I can. Information, supplies... anything!"
No. 245712 ID: 1b42c5

hmm, sounds good.
No. 245952 ID: 8555c2

No. 245991 ID: dde931

Can you Ride?
If the goblin's on foot, a steed will help chew up the distance between us.

On the other hand, we don't see many hoof prints, so I'm guessing horses aren't that common.
No. 246080 ID: 7c97d9
File 128752744935.png - (23.05KB , 640x480 , 15.png )

Horses are actually very rare around here. Only some of the elite bounty hunters ride on one, and they acquire them from far places even. I think a few foreigner merchants also use them to pull their caravans with.
We bolt off towards Silberg and enter the Inn. Here, we are greeted by the guy who owns the whole thing.
"Sanya... I don't remember Maomar being a Tonberry..."
"Zip it, Tumar. I just found him injured and had to bring him here. Can you call someone to check his ankles out?"
"Right away. That'll go from your pocket, though!"
No. 246081 ID: 7c97d9
File 128752747152.png - (28.14KB , 640x480 , 16.png )

I put the Tonberry down and he looks at me with a sad face. Looks like he can't get over the whole thing.
"I mean no offense when I say this, but I think I've held you back for too long. Whoever bumped into me was really fast. I don't think you'll be able to chase them..."
"I'd like to thank you by paying for a week's worth of expenses, though if you really wish to continue the chase, I can get someone to lend you a horse instead..."

The Tonberry has a point: we're not even sure if we were heading towards the right direction, let alone be able to catch up to our target. We can call this lead dead and get another bounty instead...
But then again, ten thousand coins...
No. 246110 ID: 40cb26

Well see if you can't find some kind of a fresh lead on him. If the trail is really cold and dead then give up on it. That guy had a head start and was probably faster than you anyway. So long as no one gets him first you can still maybe find and collect him. You need to wait for him to slip up so you can corner him or lay a trap or whatever.

Tell the tonberry you'll ask for what you need depending on what you find out now.
No. 246111 ID: 197650

obtain horse continue tracking
No. 246165 ID: 732129

Riding is a learned skill. You don't have time to fuck around with trying to learn how to handle a horse.
No. 246499 ID: 51f267

bounties are never dead until the person is caught. and thank him for paying the expenses. follow the trail a bit more and see if you can find anything.
No. 246657 ID: 7c97d9
File 128769368057.png - (27.94KB , 640x480 , 17.png )

You're right. A bounty isn't dead until it is caught. And if I let her loose now, I might not get another chance again.

"My bounty couldn't have gone too far; she's at foot. I might be able to catch her."
"Then you'll need a horse. Bring me to my place for awhile. I'll get the people there to lend you one."
"I believe we haven't formally introduced ourselves to each other. I'll make things brief. I'm Meron, a mid-division L.B.H. merchant. And you?"
"Sanya? Daughter of the late elite bounty hunter Janus? Looks like the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, huh?"
"Please, not now..."
No. 246659 ID: 7c97d9
File 128769374425.png - (51.27KB , 640x480 , 18.png )

We walk to a place near the League of Bounty Hunter grounds. It's actually a bazaar exclusive for bounty hunters, where they get their equipment for discounted prices. We approach the stables, where Meron drops off and talks to unknown guys.
"The ones who own this stable are going to give you a horse you can ride. It can follow basic one-word commands, so all you have to do is keep your balance while riding him."
"Thanks, Meron."
"Well, I need to get my injury inspected by the Inn. Enjoy your ride."
No. 246660 ID: 7c97d9
File 128769390778.png - (73.36KB , 640x480 , 19.png )

A few minutes later...
Man, this feels great! Though it's only for one day, I get to ride this horse for this chase!
I follow the direction of the tracks from the fork and it leads me to a part of the woods. The sound of chirping is the only noise I get. The trees are abundant, making just looking from far away hard to accomplish without a light.
Something doesn't feel right about this.
No. 246664 ID: 1854db

Looks like someone made cuts in those trees. Possibly to flee into the forest without getting lost.
No. 247040 ID: 8c0848

Ask Gezzono if he's heard anything about the next magic stone.
No. 248039 ID: 7c97d9
File 128804513115.png - (43.95KB , 640x480 , 20.png )

These cuts follow a certain direction. Looks like even Maomar needs some kind of note to remind herself of where to go.
The hidden path is riddled with too many trees and shrubbery. The horse is having difficulty navigating around them. Eventually I step off the horse and venture the path myself.
No. 248040 ID: 7c97d9
File 128804514127.png - (116.32KB , 640x480 , 21.png )


Shit stings! My arm!
Fucking arrow, gah!
No. 248041 ID: 7c97d9
File 128804516462.png - (68.56KB , 640x480 , 22.png )

Haa... Haa...
... Okay... The arrow isn't that big, and it didn't felt strong enough to penetrate through the leather around my arm... But DAMN, that still hurts!
It came from behind, but with all these obstructions, where could the shooter be firing from?
No. 248042 ID: e31d52



No. 248043 ID: 1854db

Try looking up.
No. 248050 ID: 197650

was it a crossbow bolt or a regular arrow?
if its a regular arrow he'll be able to fire again son.
if its a crossbow, it'll take him longer.
Get to the nearest cover if its an arrow, if its a bolt go toward the direction of the shot's origin and take cover as close as you can before he can reload.
No. 248055 ID: 8c0848

Absorb the arrows with your body, so that he won't have any to shoot.
No. 248056 ID: 8e18cd


Then when he's out of arrow, we cut his head off. He'll be defenseless
No. 248064 ID: 5c4201

get behind a tree,
No. 248205 ID: 7c97d9
File 12880633043.png - (112.12KB , 640x480 , 23.png )

The arrow seems to be too small for a normal bow, so yeah they could be bolts.

No. 248206 ID: 7c97d9
File 128806333619.png - (76.96KB , 640x480 , 24.png )

Just barely, I jump out of the way. I can hear the sound of the spear lashing just near my face as the figure lands in front of me.
It's another goblin, though her clothing and armor looks very unique compared to the ones in the cave. The dark green color of her skin matches the description in the bounty, and the fact about her clothing gives me a hunch.
"Maomar?" I ask bluntly.
"Who's this Maomar you're mentioning?" she says. "I'm just a passerby, can't you see?"
"I've never heard of one that shoots bolts and lunges at a stranger."
"You smart-mouthing eartwat! Can't you tell already? Of course I'm Maomar! Now, I suggest you'd better head home before I add your skull to one of my collections. Judging by your actions, you're a bit wet behind the ears in this."
No. 248216 ID: 24d39f


She insulted you, you must bite her face off.
No. 248218 ID: 5c4201

engage battle mode.
No. 248220 ID: c16ebe

She has a point. You should probably turn around to go home, that way she can just stab you in the back and not worry about actually facing you in combat.
No. 248225 ID: 24a9bd

Tell her you unfortunately can't do that, because she is clearly a bitch. break her weapon, then break her bones.
No. 248226 ID: e7b76d

"That wetness is the blood of the mercs you paid to help in your last spree, mustev paid them well, they didn't break and didn't tell, admirable loyalty, for common thugs."
No. 248459 ID: 197650

she's using a spear like a slashing weapon, she doesn't know how to fight propperly.
No. 248618 ID: 11b861

kill destroy
No. 249826 ID: 7c97d9
File 128839184478.png - (75.80KB , 640x480 , 25.png )

I can tell she's trying to provoke me. I don't think that's a good idea; I thought running was her best option.
Could it be that she's trying to avoid something other than me?

I quickly take note of that. She doesn't seem to be a great fighter, judging by the way she holds her spear. If I engage her in a fight, the odds would probably favor me.
"Those thugs you've talked into serving as grunts seem to be very loyal to you. I didn't get any information from them about your whereabouts."
"What can I say? Or rather, what can't I say? I know my way around people, especially men. Tell them the right words and you get what you want easily."
"... Just drop your weapon, Maomar. You're not a fighter."
"Ha! Give up to you? Fat chance!"
No. 249827 ID: 7c97d9
File 128839185214.png - (60.84KB , 640x480 , 26.png )

Maomar jumps towards me while holding her spear one-handedly, but her swings are wide enough for me to block them with my spear. It's not hard to block her attacks, but she's not giving me any chance to get closer. I was hoping that she'd tire herself out instead, but I see her other hand reaching towards her back, as if trying to get something.
I jump back in response, not knowing what she could have behind her. A concealed weapon would pose a danger for me.
No. 249831 ID: f5d873

get out a dagger and throw it at her leg. if you have no daggers then brace for anything.
No. 249929 ID: 197650

She's trying to basicly hit you with a pointy stick, take the damn hit and put a speartip in her shoulder.
No. 250051 ID: 24a9bd

She's distracted. Slam your spear down on hers and put your footclaws on her neck. If she tries to push you off balance, kick her backwards.
No. 250782 ID: 7c97d9
File 128857062135.png - (56.27KB , 640x480 , 27.png )

I thought making Maomar tire herself out is an easier way to capture her. Still, subduing her right now is faster, it seems.
I take advantage of Maomar's delay and disarm her with a swing from my spear. Her inexperience starts to show as she does not react fast enough to dodge my spear, piercing her shoulder.
Maomar gasps, dropping whatever it is on her hand as well as her spear. She eyes the spear on her shoulder with a stunned look on her face.
"... It's over, Maomar. I got you already."
She breathes heavily, unsure what to say. Looks like I broke her usual charismatic attitude.
"... Don't move much, or your condition will worsen. I'll get your wound treated, so don't make any thoughts of escaping. The bounty on your head's as good as mine."
No. 250783 ID: 7c97d9
File 128857063799.png - (176.83KB , 640x480 , 28.png )

(An hour later...)
I bring the shocked Maomar to my horse and carry her back to town. She's bound by her wrists and ankles using some makeshift rope, so she won't get away.
I spend little time wandering around and head quickly to our headquarters. One of those guys who manage the bounties see me and Maomar and approaches me. His filthy stench and unmanaged hair repulses me, but some say he knows a lot about bounty information.
"Eehk, Maomar, huh? A Level-C bounty with an unusually high price." Though he is talking about Maomar, he clearly looks at me with an unknown intent. "You don't seem to be a respected bounty hunter: this must be a huge catch for you!"
"... Yeah, I'm not licensed to take anything higher than 'Alive-Only' bounties, but hopefully this changes those guys' minds about me."
"Oh, they're going to really think a lot differently about you after this... Eehk!"

The league here has a respectable way of treating bounty hunters who have brought in a possible bounty: the hunters are allowed a considerable amount of money while they wait for the capture to be officiated. The guy in front of me gives me 200 coins for this.
No. 250786 ID: 31e5bb

just be ready for disappointment in case this is a body double.
No. 250795 ID: 24a9bd

Hey, why don't you go watch the officiation? Not like you have anything better to do, and it might give you some insight.
No. 250897 ID: 7c97d9
File 128858337197.png - (62.37KB , 640x480 , 29.png )

It'd better not be. I spent an awful amount of time tracking down Maomar. Besides, I could use a drink after this!
Who watches an entire officiation? Most of the time, they're just making sure I got the right person for the bounty, and that is usually off-limits even for the hunter unless they need information from the hunter himself. And even after that, they just flat out tell me if I had the right bounty or not.
Besides, I think I have a better use of my free time. I'd better get you something. I don't think having you around my chest would do any good for the both of us.
No. 250898 ID: 7c97d9
File 128858337832.png - (62.46KB , 640x480 , 30.png )

... Hey, uhh... Were you totally surprised by what I did inside the cave, earlier? I know this is out of the blue, but... I've never heard of a Scout Watcher complain about their owner's actions... And I just bought you this day from the bazaar... It's just weird to hear that from someone like you.
I figured since we'll probably have to stick together for awhile, I'd like to learn more about you. It's for the best of us, I guess.
No. 250903 ID: c99f30

Depends, what do we look like, I have a feeling we are a bit more than just a 'scout watcher'.

Also, I find it odd that "live-only' bounties are for lower level hunters. I mean generally it takes more skill to take em alive than dead.

Besides, there was that matter of all those other goblins that you killed to get to her. Seems like a weird system.
No. 250906 ID: fd6d7e

Makes sense to me. The system isn't to protect low level bounty hunters. It's to protect the organization from stupid bounty hunters, putting them under a higher standard before they can be trusted enough with its full resources. Prove you can drive without killing anyone and then we'll give you the tank.
No. 250907 ID: 24a9bd

The very first thing we saw you do was kill someone we knew nothing about. It's kinda jarring. We don't follow your opinion alone, if we did you'd just hear agreement, despite how good or bad your ideas actually are, and you would get nowhere new.
No. 250908 ID: e31d52

>Were you totally surprised by what I did inside the cave, earlier?

You bet I was.
Killing you only lead just because you could? Shameful!
No. 250917 ID: 7c97d9
File 128858638264.png - (75.64KB , 640x480 , 31.png )

> bounty system
I don't really know much about the bounty system myself. I think it's there just because "Dead or Alive" bounties usually comprise of very dangerous criminals who cannot be captured so easily, and that they issue them to hunters who know what they're doing. I've heard that elite hunters get exclusive benefits from the league like being able to own their own transport just for tackling those dangerous bounties.
I... I don't know...
Those goblins were Maomar's grunts, and I got frustrated when none of them even spoke up. They just jumped right off and attacked me. I had no choice.
Now that I think about it, I acted very irrational. I could have given time processing all these things, but my impatience got the best of me...
... I guess this isn't becoming an elite hunter, going all angry when things don't go your way...

(As the conversation continues, Sanya walks into the bazaar. She talks to a particular merchant and requests for a "Movement Upgrade".)
No. 250918 ID: e31d52

>... I guess this isn't becoming an elite hunter, going all angry when things don't go your way...

You bet yer brown ears, it ain't! Next time show a little more discipline!
No. 250920 ID: 24a9bd

You also mentioned torture.

Are people not allowed to have their own transport unless they're bounty hunters
No. 250922 ID: fd6d7e

You also mentioned we. Who's we? You and someone else planned the torture?
No. 250928 ID: 7c97d9
File 128858848070.png - (75.50KB , 640x480 , 32.png )

I have no excuse for thinking about torture, and I take full and sole responsibility for my temper getting the best of the situation.
Beside bounty hunters, I think travelling merchants can have transport as well. And of course, I've seen some foreigners around here with their own.
... Discipline, huh? Heh, you just reminded me of my dad... Always berating me for being too quick to anger...

(You hear a voice saying "Here it is, that'll be 150 Gold". Sanya pulls out the coins and takes the item.)

Here. I think this will help you move around. You can look at the mirror to see for yourself.
No. 250929 ID: 7c97d9
File 128858849397.png - (34.97KB , 640x480 , 33.png )

(You look at yourself and see a peculiar small-sized creature with very limited senses. However, you are somehow capable of reasoning and logic.
This does not seem right, however. You know your body isn't white. You remember your body color is...
No. 250936 ID: 1ef7bb
File 128859049886.jpg - (12.56KB , 225x186 , spongebob-imagination.jpg )

No. 250937 ID: e31d52

For the eye. Our body will be deep dark green.
No. 250945 ID: fd6d7e
File 128859350790.png - (40.40KB , 640x480 , obviously.png )


Dress-up time!
No. 251544 ID: 7c97d9
File 12887349597.png - (45.17KB , 640x480 , 34.png )

(Dark green body with rainbow eyes, it is.)
No. 251545 ID: 7c97d9
File 128873497365.png - (23.54KB , 640x480 , 35.png )

Having bought everything I need, I head back to the Inn just before dark. Tumar the Innkeeper greets me as soon as I enter.

"The tonberry from earlier's all fine and well. He wanted to thank you personally but he was in a haste to return to his place."
"... Yeah?"
"We talked for a bit while he was being checked, and he left a message: he wanted to know if you're interested in escorting someone. He said he'll reward you handsomely if you're successful."
"Why doesn't he go to the league instead? I know they sometimes offer that kind of service there."
"He said it's too confidential for him to involve the league on this. He wants to know your response as soon as possible: he said he'll have to be out of town by tomorrow morning."
No. 251546 ID: 31e5bb

meh, got nothing better to d, take it.
No. 251583 ID: 7c97d9
File 128873960241.png - (70.91KB , 640x480 , 36.png )

Tumar said I need to talk to Meron right away. I meet him by the bazaar, where I see him pack his stuff in a caravan. Seems he's really going out of town.
"I heard your offer from the Innkeeper. What's this about an escort service?"
"Ahh, Sanya! First off, I'd like to thank you for everything today. Even if it seemed like I just tripped, you've helped me get back up."
"Second, I see you want more details about my offer. Basically I want you to serve as a temporary bodyguard for a friend of mine who is going to a place far from here. He is to meet someone 'important'."
"Why not ask the league for some elite bodyguards, then? I don't see why you have to keep this confidential."
"It's a matter of complication. Let's just say my friend is not in good terms with the league. Don't worry, though: I promise you will be rewarded for your fine effort."
No. 251590 ID: 31e5bb

will you be guarding against bandits, or cops?
No. 251601 ID: fd6d7e

Bad news is this won't help your rank in the league. Good news is, just think of all that reward, all for yourself!
No. 251609 ID: 7c97d9
File 128874216113.png - (33.98KB , 640x480 , 37.png )

"Who am I protecting him against? Bandits? or someone with the law?"
"I wish it would be no one. Your destination is Migrowle Manor, which is between two warring barbaric tribes. The place is very chaotic because of the tribes, and so the safety of anyone in the Manor is usually at risk. There have been numerous reports of abduction in there."
"I am sending you there mainly for safety, but you are to do everything to keep your client safe."
No. 251610 ID: 31e5bb

ah, grunts that attack random targets.
sounds good. take the job.
No. 251619 ID: 7c97d9
File 128874409461.png - (32.01KB , 640x480 , 38.png )

We're talking to a guy who basically lent us something rare like a horse. Who knows what reward he can give us?!
"I'll take it."
"Ahh, good! I am so glad to hear that! But no need to rush on things, Sanya. Take this night as you see fit, as I will bring my friend to the Inn before I go."
"Sadly, I cannot aid you this time, as I have to bring all of my possession towards my destination. I will inform my friend to bring anything that might assist you during your tenure. The whole job will take only three days, and we shall meet here for your reward when you have returned with my friend."
"For now, please have your night to yourself. Perhaps your bounty earlier have been officiated successfully, so someone must be waiting for you at the Inn by now."
No. 251698 ID: 7c97d9
File 128875405756.png - (25.93KB , 640x480 , 39.png )

This is a tiring day for me, but things turn out for the better. Turns out I actually had Maomar, and they paid me the bounty: 10,000 coins right by my pocket. This is my major break; I've never had something this rewarding ever.
However, I have lots to think about before I retire for the night. Migrowle Manor, huh? An escort service for a friend of Meron. I don't know what business he has in such a chaotic place, but as a bounty hunter I have no obligations whatsoever to find that out.
And finally, looks like I'll have myself some real company in years. Even if that comes in the form of a peculiar creature like my Scout Watcher.
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