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File 128434861933.png - (94.80KB , 500x500 , 47.png )
230178 No. 230178 ID: cf68aa

[My first adventure! http://quest.lv/kusaba/questarch/res/204114.html ]

Hello again! It's been a while since we last talked!
Right now Eirik and I are crossing the stream on out way to the nearest human civilization. He put me in a metal barrel and we're heading there now.
We made some small talk along the way and I found out the ones who burned the town down was a group of orcs. He says it would be a open closed case but the Orcs had some sort of magic fire. There are a few theories on who gave it to them but he says he needs more info to really figure this out.

I may be a smart girl but most of this is going over my head @_@
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No. 234445 ID: cf68aa
File 128556002189.png - (75.53KB , 600x600 , 68.png )

He lifts my head up so that I'm looking him in the eyes.

>"Well you're welcome to give me all the hugs you want."
No. 234456 ID: e31d52

He's trying to seduce you, Curi!
No. 234461 ID: 5c8f91

More like succeeding. Thats probably the first time she's ever been able to touch someone without eating or merging with it.
No. 234467 ID: a594b9

Oh jeez. I guess you should ask him about himself. What is he, a dragon? Are there more people like him?
No. 234468 ID: a594b9

...and ask his name too.
No. 234470 ID: 5c8f91

FUCK! He's a half-green-dragon! O.O!!!
Wait. Aren't black dragons the acid ones, and Green the poison ones? That kinda stuff keeps changing all the time...
No. 234509 ID: 6d0eeb

he is so dreamy~ and it is nice that you finally managed to hug someone. but chris got bonus points for hugging you even though it hurt. that is a sign of a true friend, being with you in spite of the pain.

anyway, ask where we are going first.
No. 234516 ID: c71597

Nice, a halfdragon. Awesome, and with him watching over you I'm certain you can do anything.
No. 234522 ID: b5af8d

Black is disintegration, I thought.
No. 234524 ID: e31d52

Black is a cone of acid, green is a line. :V
No. 234542 ID: 620bfb

Be careful, he's dangerously pretty.
No. 234552 ID: cf68aa
File 128556433787.png - (46.50KB , 600x600 , 69.png )

"U-uhm.. I... Uh..."

>"Oh! I gotta go back and meet up with Len! I'll see you guys later."

He winks at me.

>"Later cutie."

He jumps in the air and flies off!
A minute passes.

".... bye.."

Chris >"..... Anyway Curi let me tell you the plan."

He takes a stick and begins drawing in the dirt.

"We're going to meet up with another group who has the same goals as us halfway. From there we're going to make a direct attack on the Dark Elf. It's our best shot. We'll be leaving in groups of ten. Torin and myself will be in a group. I want you to come along as well. Gather up anyone you want to join us and we'll head off tomorrow, okay?"

No. 234561 ID: 0cd718

the elf dude would probably want to come, the one thing elves hate more then goblins is dark elves. bring goblin girl as well.

be careful though, dark elves have been known to ride gelatinous cubes, which are pretty deadly for you since they are large ooze things.
No. 234677 ID: 40cb26

Go tell your new friends about this, but probably only Eirik is any kind of a warrior. He might know some people though.
No. 234682 ID: a594b9

Oh god we're going? We need some combat training! Ask someone to help you spar. Um. With a training dummy of course.
No. 235006 ID: 20f4c6

While you're in the town, it might be a good idea to see if you can hunt down an alchemist. He/she might be able to concoct some sort of potion that will neutralize your acidic properties for short periods of time. It would make for a decent stop-gap measure for the time being.
No. 238577 ID: cf68aa
File 128625031488.png - (107.11KB , 700x700 , 70.png )

Yeah... I think I need to train and..
Wait what am I saying!? I can't fight!
I'm not supposed to be fighting!

Oh man... I should still talk to the others about this..
I go to where Teri said we were all staying and push open the door.

Oh, Sersi is here.
No. 238592 ID: a594b9

Say hello and express worry about being sent to fight, as you have basically no skill in combat.
No. 238600 ID: 701a19

So don't fight. Instead, sneak into their camp at night and dissolve their equipment. When they go to fight the next day their armor and weapons will be useless.
No. 238615 ID: 127c1a

well since your people live in the caves eventually the dak elves will meet up with them, and they will capture them and use them as slaves, not just kill them. they have people who ride gelatinous cubes. they know how to control slimes.
No. 238625 ID: 701a19

The solution there is to ally with the Dwarves. Dwarven construction would benefit greatly from acidic intelligent slimes, and they're sworn enemies of the drow.
No. 238722 ID: e31d52

Rather, dissolve their clothing, the straps of their armor, and the handles of their swords. they will be forced to fight naked with unweildy, painful to hold weapons, or to just give up. Either way, no wholesale slaughter! Yay!
No. 239095 ID: cf68aa
File 128633517342.png - (152.47KB , 700x700 , 71.png )

I walk next to her.

"Sersi... There's gonna be a big fight soon and i don't know what to do.."

I explain the situations. Sersi listens to me and about my own beliefs on fighting.
After a while she nods.

>"Okay, well the way I see it there are three options.
A. We go see some dwarves and try to convince them to help us.
B. You learn how to fight.
C. You and I run far far away.
Which do you think is better for you?"
No. 239096 ID: e31d52

D: Melt the armor and clothing in the middle of the night so no fighting happens! :3c
No. 239098 ID: 127c1a

running is a no no. would just be abandoning everyone. we should try to find some dwarves but learning how to fight is not a bad thing. so do both. learn how to fight while going to the dwarfs.
No. 239150 ID: 6547ec

If by 'melt' you mean 'eat', then go for-- wait. Curi can't melt OR eat metal. :(
No. 239161 ID: 127c1a

metal armor isn't solid metal. it has leather straps holding it together.
No. 239188 ID: 40cb26

Curi you may not be mentally of physically capable to be a warrior, but some basic self defense is still a good idea. If you can disarm an enemy or cause it pain quickly you can avoid getting yourself or your friends hurt, and just being able to avoid blows will keep you safer. So that is something that you can do... it won't do all that much about the battle though.

Go visit the dwarves, they're the best help you can get right now. We don't know how the dwarves feel about other races, we can guess they don't care for orcs but what about humans and catfolk and goblins? We should make sure to bring someone they are more willing to trust. And hopefully they'll be a bit less prone to freak out when they see you.
No. 239343 ID: 482dfd

Can you give us a smiley face :p
No. 239369 ID: a594b9

Curi, you've almost been killed twice now because people didn't know what you were. You need to at least learn how to dodge and/or deflect attacks properly.

That said, your mission shouldn't involve fighting. In the end, going to talk to the dwarves is the best option. You can remain relatively nonviolent, and the coming battle will be easier.
No. 246764 ID: cf68aa
File 128772701177.png - (145.68KB , 700x700 , 72.png )

The groups have split up. Right now it's me, Eirik, Chris, Nalik, Sersi and Torin.
I told Chris about the dwarf idea and he agrees that it seems reasonable.
Extra help in the battle would be great and it is somewhat on the way there.
So we got packed and head off.
Over the past few days I've been training and I've gotten a few new skills.
I can Acid Spit no a long distance and even throw acid at a short distance. The throw gives out more acid but it's less accurate and less range.
Torin also got me Light Green Scale Leather which I can place within myself to protect my main body a little bit more.
All in all I'm pretty combat ready. However I have no idea on how to approach dwarves. One slip and I might ruin this opportunity..
No. 246765 ID: e31d52

Ask for advice first, then approach with caution.
No. 246768 ID: a7a85a

Run at dwarves yelling, "I love you, please don't hurt me!"

Okay, not really, but you're just so d'aww I can't help but thing it might work.
No. 246769 ID: 5c4201

dwarves respect Strength. but you should approach with caution. approach with your whole group, should make them not think of attacking right away at least, and let you explain what is going on. make sure to include how your people also live in the caves and you worry that if the drow meet them then they will be enslaved.
No. 246774 ID: 40cb26

Look into how to be diplomatic with dwarves. It's not something I support guessing on.
No. 246790 ID: 701a19

Dwarves respect alcohol. Bring them a barrel of quality ale.
No. 246803 ID: a41aaf

Etch a nearby wall/door/etc with an engraving using your acidic fingers. Any sort of frieze will do. Dwarves like that sort of thing.
No. 246831 ID: e31d52

No. 247334 ID: cf68aa
File 128788361914.png - (112.77KB , 700x700 , 73.png )


The dwarf guarding the gate seems unimpressed and confused.
No. 247342 ID: 5c4201

excellent. initial intro is only time you need to worry. since he hasn't attacked, you can now talk normally.
"hello, i'm a representative of the race known as 'slime children', we wish to make an alliance with you since we fear our home will come under attack by the Dark Elves. we would be willing to do work like this in exchange for your protection, this was simply a 10 second job while some would be able to do an unparalleled level of detail."
No. 247423 ID: 6547ec

Do you still have whatever you used to make the writing on the sign? Draw a tankard. They'll get a lot friendlier real quick.
No. 247455 ID: 1854db

Introduce yourself, ask if they hate Dark Elves, and if they wouldn't mind helping us kill some.
No. 247540 ID: 8093cc

He didn't attack you on sight, that's a huge plus.

Tell him about the Dark elf army and the small settlement on the verge of being attacked.
No. 252120 ID: cf68aa
File 128887142621.png - (191.74KB , 700x700 , 74.png )

"hello, I'm a representative of the race known as 'slime children', and we wish to make an alliance with you cause we fear our home will come under attack by the Dark Elves. we would be willing to do work like this in exchange for your protection, this was simply a 10 second job while some would be able to do an unparalleled level of detail."

The dwarf looks at us for a second then motions for us to enter the city. He leads us deep deep underground.
Eventually we reach a small chamber decorated with gold. The dwarf says that inside is their leader.

We step into the room which is noticeably darker then the hallway outside.
Sitting atop a golden throne is their leader.

We explain to him the situation.

>"Hmmph... Well slime child, as it stand we dwarves have yet to be attacked or even bothered by these Dark Elves. Tell me, why should I risk my men and my people's safety to help you?"
No. 252153 ID: 31e5bb

from what we know it could be simply a matter of time, they left you alone just so you would have no reason to enter the conflict so that what they are already fighting would be destroyed. also if all the towns around here are gone then you would have no one to trade with, so all your dwarven crafts will just sit around gathering dust.
No. 252194 ID: 701a19

"They have been eliminating entire towns full of innocent people on the surface and we can't tell why.
No towns means no trade, no trade means you won't be able to sell weapons or buy alcohol and other foods you can't produce underground."
No. 252211 ID: fba40f

No. 259133 ID: 4cfe95

No. 259153 ID: 45be60

I suppose that wasn't QUITE necromancy, since it was under a month, but on the other hand, you didn't actually contribute anything new, so SHAME! :p
No. 259164 ID: e674ff

That sounds good in theory, but he might try to trade with the dark elves.

I think it would be best if she'd try and convince him that the dark elves are eventually going to turn hostile to the dwarfs. If the dwarfs help us now, the casualties would be much lower than if they had to defend from a dark elven attack all by themselves.
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