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File 128397217516.jpg - (107.34KB , 960x600 , deckblatt.jpg )
228084 No. 228084 ID: ac9405


I'm so hungry....
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No. 228085 ID: ac9405
File 128397231434.jpg - (95.12KB , 960x600 , bild1.jpg )

Back then this wouldn't have happened. Every day somebody came to see me. I could go out and play with the others and I could go to the library and read all the books I wanted.

But then they send me down here and visited less and less. It must have been days since they send me my last meal. It must have been weeks since I saw another living being.

It seems that now they've forgotten that I exist at all....
No. 228087 ID: ac9405
File 128397252453.jpg - (112.39KB , 960x600 , bild2.jpg )

No. 228088 ID: ac9405
File 128397259316.jpg - (107.88KB , 960x600 , bild3.jpg )

I think I've heard something. Maybe my food finally arrived.
No. 228089 ID: ac9405
File 128397267986.jpg - (108.20KB , 960x600 , bild4.jpg )

No. 228090 ID: ac9405
File 128397272584.gif - (21.16KB , 960x600 , box.gif )

That's not my food...

That's kind of unsetteling. But at least somebody seems to remember, that I'm down here.
No. 228091 ID: ac9405
File 128397280442.jpg - (137.17KB , 960x600 , bild7.jpg )

Hello. I'm going to call you friend. My name is Herbert.

Can you hear me, friend?
No. 228092 ID: c71597

That doesn't loot particularly edible. Give it a nibble anyway to see if it's good.

Then I guess you should run. Although it doesn't really look like you can run away from that room.
No. 228095 ID: ac9405
File 128397332492.jpg - (112.05KB , 960x600 , bild8.jpg )

Well, you don't look edible ,friend, so I won't even try. Running away would be difficult. But I can see no real reason, why I should run.

Just because some stupid old box tells me to?
No. 228097 ID: ac9405
File 128397372724.jpg - (105.59KB , 960x600 , bild9.jpg )

On the other hand I am getting pretty hungry.

Could you help me?
No. 228100 ID: 0b2a05

Alright... what comes out of that faucet?
No. 228102 ID: ac9405
File 128397448823.jpg - (82.74KB , 960x600 , water.jpg )

Until yesterday, it used to carry water. But it didn't work anymore, when i tried it today.
Some kind of mold grows beneath it.
No. 228111 ID: 0b2a05

The hole in the ground near it... did you look into it?
No. 228113 ID: a594b9

Maybe you can crawl up the chute...
No. 228117 ID: ac9405
File 128397606463.jpg - (119.45KB , 960x600 , bild10.jpg )

The little hole connects to the sewers, i think.

I can't make anything out, when looking down there.


You're right, friend. Normally it closes, right after I take the food out. But it stayed here today.
No. 228121 ID: ac9405
File 12839766747.jpg - (111.17KB , 960x600 , bild11.jpg )

What do you think? Should I climb up there?
No. 228123 ID: a594b9

That seems to be the way to progress... but first, what else is in the room? Perhaps you can take something with you... Anything hidden under your bed or in the blankets?
No. 228130 ID: ac9405
File 128397830835.jpg - (109.92KB , 960x600 , bild12.jpg )

I'm not allowed to have anything in my room. There is only my bed, the plankets and my pillow.

Then there is the tab and the big glass painting, but i'm not able to remove any of those two. I suspect a small room or a hidden camera behind the glass. It sounds hollow, when i knock against the surface but i cannot see anything through it.

Finally there is the thin metal box you arrived in.
No. 228135 ID: a594b9

Smash the glass with the box!
No. 228141 ID: ac9405
File 128398035928.jpg - (118.08KB , 960x600 , bild13.jpg )

I throw the light box against the glas, but it bounces right back, without even making a scratch.

I guess its specifically made, so it can't cause great damage. I will need something heavier than this thin box.
No. 228143 ID: 0b2a05

You should try climbing up... might find some food.
No. 228145 ID: ac9405
File 128398171682.jpg - (116.17KB , 960x600 , bild14.jpg )

Ok, I will try to climb up.
No. 228148 ID: ac9405
File 128398196554.jpg - (62.74KB , 960x600 , bild15.jpg )

The way up is dark and long, but the shimmer of light gives me enough hope not to stop.
No. 228149 ID: ac9405
File 128398236854.jpg - (119.62KB , 960x600 , bild16.jpg )

Exhausted I arrive at a small metal door, that i push open.

It appears, that I'm in the facilities kitchen. The room looks deserted, but I can still smell the faint scent of food, so it can't be abandoned for too long.

It looks pretty empty though.
No. 228151 ID: a594b9

Retrieve KNIFE. Search shelves and maybe check out that pot over there.
No. 228152 ID: ac9405
File 128398311324.jpg - (125.43KB , 960x600 , bild17.jpg )

I take the kitchen knive and make my way to the one of the other corners of the room.
No. 228156 ID: ac9405
File 128398379597.jpg - (142.01KB , 960x600 , bild18.jpg )

In the right corner of the room lies a heavy saucepot. Whatever has been in there once, has now turned into a rotten paste of meat and unidentifiable other ingredients.

The shelves are empty, save for a roll of cord and a needle.
No. 228162 ID: f35afd

Take items, examine tiny crack.
No. 228167 ID: ac9405
File 128398502223.jpg - (145.60KB , 960x600 , bild19.jpg )

I take the needle and the cord, but unless you have an idea, what I could use the pot for, I'll leave it alone. It smells really bad.
The broom on the other hand is to big to be carried around the whole time.

The tiny crack looks like a mousehole. I can't make out anything inside there.
No. 228180 ID: c71597

Use the broom to root around in the mousehole and see if you can get anything nice. Who knows, maybe you will even get the mouse, some fresh meat would be great.
No. 228202 ID: ac9405
File 128399008058.jpg - (132.02KB , 960x600 , bild20.jpg )

I try to startle some mice, so that I can use their panic together with my awesome mouse hunting skills. To my disappointment the mice must be to afraid to show themselves.
They are lucky to do so. If I were a mouse i'd fear me too.
No. 228203 ID: a594b9

Let's ignore the mousehole until we have a flashlight or something. Unless you wanna stick your arm in it.

Let's check out the other shelves in the room. I thought I saw something on them.
No. 228209 ID: c71597

You could try to slam it around a bit and see if you could knock them out of kill them and then pull them out. But we have to face the possibilty that there are no mice in there.

So break of the broomhandle from the head and lets move on. A long stick can be very useful, and if you find some ductape you can make a spear.
No. 228211 ID: ac9405
File 128399108045.jpg - (138.01KB , 960x600 , bild21.jpg )

No. 228217 ID: a594b9

No. 228220 ID: ac9405
File 128399197240.gif - (22.87KB , 960x600 , not-alone.gif )

I think we're not alone...

No. 228221 ID: c71597

Looks like a big fucking rat. Stab it with the knife until it stops moving and then it's dinner time.
No. 228222 ID: ac9405
File 128399251971.gif - (52.12KB , 960x600 , rathide.gif )

Is it gone?
No. 228223 ID: c71597

Great, you just let dinner get away. Now you might have to eat your only friend if we can't find something else.

By the way, what's in that bag behind you?
No. 228237 ID: ac9405
File 128399333087.jpg - (154.40KB , 960x600 , bild22.jpg )

It wasn't my fault. It was at least twice my size and it ambushed us.
In a fair fight this monster wouldn't stand a chance against me.

The bag appears to be empty, but it will be great for all the stuff you want me to carry around for some reason.
No. 228239 ID: c71597

If you're a packrat then you won't have to facepalm because you didn't bring along something.

So, lets take one of the smaller pots and the handle from the broom. That way you hav something to store water in and drink or cook stuff if you find something to cook and you have a stick for poking, that can later be made into a spear, so you can safely poke rats half the size of you to death.

Anything else worth nabbing in the room before going onwards?
No. 228243 ID: ac9405
File 128399399933.jpg - (149.33KB , 960x600 , bild23.jpg )

There seems to be something on the higher shelve, just barely out of reach. It looks like some packs of the liquid food they used to bring me.
No. 228247 ID: a594b9

Hey, a pin.
No. 228258 ID: ac9405
File 128399500326.jpg - (154.55KB , 960x600 , bild24.jpg )

I add the pin to my growing pile of stuff.
No. 228265 ID: a594b9

Push the barrel over to the shelves and climb on it so you can get food!
No. 228270 ID: ac9405
File 128399660386.jpg - (146.67KB , 960x600 , bild25.jpg )

This barrel seems to be a full trashcan. I try moving it and pushing it over, but with all the heavy waste still inside, it doesen't move a bit. I guess I can't do this with my bare hands.
No. 228273 ID: c71597

Use the broom to knock down the stuff on the top shelf.
No. 228281 ID: ac9405
File 128399787236.jpg - (165.73KB , 960x600 , bild26.jpg )

I break off the head of the broom, like you adviced earlier. It's now much easier to handle.

I try to knock down the packs, but instead just manage to knock them further back. Damn.
No. 228289 ID: a594b9

Can you knock over the shelf? If not I suppose you could climb on it.

Failing that, retrieve the pot now that the rat is gone and use it as a stool.
No. 228296 ID: ac9405
File 128399892161.gif - (70.08KB , 960x600 , bild26.gif )

Knocking over the shelf isn't possible because of my hunger induced weakness. But climbing should be easy.
No. 228299 ID: ac9405
File 128399904496.jpg - (145.60KB , 960x600 , bild27.jpg )

Maybe I better go and get the pot I conquered from the monster rat.
No. 228304 ID: ac9405
File 128399918043.jpg - (115.92KB , 960x600 , bild28.jpg )

No. 228307 ID: 2eac65

Say hello. It might be friendly.
No. 228319 ID: ac9405
File 128400048337.jpg - (63.46KB , 960x600 , bild29.jpg )

"Hello, noble creature. It is I, Herbert Ratfriend - here to partake in a friendly conversation."

It only answers with a hiss. I guess that's a bad sign. But on the other hand it doesn't attack me and shows no intention of doing so.
No. 228320 ID: 97cb33

that means it is simply afraid.
No. 228321 ID: a594b9

You do know it's not actually twice your size right?
No. 228322 ID: 2eac65

Leave it be. Perhaps we could set the broken shelf up as a ramp to reach the higher one.
No. 228323 ID: a594b9

Use the broom handle to poke the handle of the pot, turning it towards the mouse hole. Maybe you can persuade it to go in there.
No. 228336 ID: ac9405
File 128400203934.jpg - (73.03KB , 960x600 , bild30.jpg )

It must be a powerful shapeshifter trying to trick us.

I poke the pot until it faces the mouse hole. The demon rat, facing my unstoppable wrath, decides to retreat.
No. 228339 ID: 5752b6

Well done Herbert. Now, use that pot based step stool!
No. 228340 ID: 97cb33

excellent, acquire pot.
No. 228342 ID: ac9405
File 128400246459.jpg - (88.90KB , 960x600 , bild31.jpg )

You may now call me: Herbert West, rat annihilator.
No. 228346 ID: ac9405
File 128400291331.jpg - (142.79KB , 960x600 , bild32.jpg )

Using the pot and the broken shelf together, I am finally able to reach the liquid food.
No. 228347 ID: ac9405
File 128400310988.jpg - (95.60KB , 960x600 , bild33.jpg )

Immediatly I open a pack and start drinking. The hunger fades - for now.
No. 228350 ID: 97cb33

okay cool. pack some in the bag and let's keep going.
No. 228353 ID: ac9405
File 128400341835.jpg - (139.27KB , 960x600 , bild34.jpg )

You're right, we can't stay here. But where should we go next?
No. 228359 ID: 2eac65

Well, what else is in the room?

Also, what's written on the juice packet?

And why are you stitched into a stuffed doll and a mask?
No. 228379 ID: ac9405
File 128400512971.jpg - (156.40KB , 960x600 , bild35.jpg )

I think the only thing left in this room is the door, but it looked closed.

There are some pretty complicated and long names on the ingredient list of the juice packet, as well as some warning labels, that it should not be consumed by pregant women and people with heart failure.

As for why I am in this suit...
I don't really remember the time, when i didn't wear all this. When I try to think back at the years before arriving here, it all gets pretty blurry, although I think I remember the most important parts.
The doctors used to tell me, that I have some medical condition. They used to make a lot of tests back then, but they grew more and more disinterested in me. Then, one day, they send me down here, and stopped their tests. Maybe they just gave up finding an antidote.

In the beginning I believed everything they told me, about my illness, but i grew more and more suspicious. Now i have my own explanaition.

If you're interested, I could tell you what I think really happened.
No. 228383 ID: d677cc

No. 228388 ID: ac9405
File 128400596553.jpg - (181.43KB , 960x600 , bild36.jpg )

Well, as far as I can trust my memory, I must have been something like the king of France back then.
I ruled my kingom wise and potent, and everybody loved me.
No. 228392 ID: ac9405
File 128400614280.jpg - (131.96KB , 960x600 , bild37.jpg )

Everybody exept my evil brother, wo imprisoned me and forced me to wear this mask, so that he could be king.

I think, that's a bit more reallistic, than a medical condition, don't you think?
No. 228395 ID: d677cc

Weeeeeeeeelllll... I guess it isn't completely unprecedented, anyway.
No. 228396 ID: 97cb33

would say it's a good story, but not entirely convinced. maybe we can find out what happened somewhere, like find a note or something.
No. 228402 ID: ac9405
File 12840068233.jpg - (113.90KB , 960x600 , bild38.jpg )

Ok, that sounds like a good plan. We'll find a way out of all this and solve the mystery of my past. This is going to be fun.

So where do we start?
No. 228467 ID: a594b9

Try opening the door!
No. 228469 ID: 96f818

Seriously, you don't want to go back to them; shit has hit the roof.
You've got baker's being hanged for hording, people in bathtubs being stabbed, fishery workers flipping out, and peasants using their countless dead as siege ramps to assault bastions.
Their national sport is the guillotine right now. Stay away.
No. 228514 ID: 644ca1

Don't be silly guillotine isn't a sport, there is a number of sports involving it. Everything from guillotine dodging to speed beheading.

Anyway, open the door.
No. 228518 ID: 83ddcf
File 128403152639.jpg - (72.82KB , 960x600 , bild39.jpg )

Without the rightful king, chaos and anarchy seem to be the only options, I guess.

Anyway, I go over to the door, but like I suspected earlier it is closed. A red lamp is blinking at its side.
No. 228519 ID: 97cb33

sweet, that is not just a lamp, it is a button. jab it with the stick
No. 228520 ID: 83ddcf
File 128403250163.jpg - (73.35KB , 960x600 , bild40.jpg )

The button turns green when I hit it, but the door still doesn't move. seems as if I also need a key.
No. 228523 ID: 97cb33

try pushing the door?
No. 228525 ID: 83ddcf
File 128403623755.jpg - (78.05KB , 960x600 , bild41.jpg )

I try opening the door by force. It doesn't seem to be very stable, but there is no way I can just push it open alone.
No. 228526 ID: c71597

There seems to be a distinct lack of keys in here, unless it's in the mouse hole.

So just try to push open the door. If that doesn't work then you must face the monster yet again.
No. 228529 ID: 83ddcf
File 128403709230.jpg - (117.54KB , 960x600 , bild42.jpg )

I'm not able to push open the door. Does this mean, I have to face my mortal enemy yet again?

I send a quick prayer to whatever god might listen at the moment and gather my strength. I know I might not be able to survive this final confrontation.

The rat is nowhere to be seen, but I can sense the gaze of its hateful eyes and smell the odor of its hellish breath.

What shall we do?
No. 228531 ID: 97cb33

tap the wall above the hole very hard. the sound will draw it out.
No. 228532 ID: c71597

Like a great general (and all great kings must be great generals as well) we shall use guile and misdirection.

Pour out some of your food in front of the hole while you wait some distance off equipped with two pots and your trusty broomhandle. As the beast emerges from its lair to partake of the feast you shall throw one pot to block the entrance of the vile creature. Then when it's desperate after having its escape cut off you will trap it in the second pot. Thereby claiming it's territory for yourself and allowing you to take the spoils back to your adoring subjects.
No. 228534 ID: a594b9

I think it's more likely that you need to push the button while also pushing the door.
No. 228535 ID: 83ddcf
File 128403887348.jpg - (113.27KB , 960x600 , bild43.jpg )

That's a great idea, but it would mean to battle the beast in the open. As you may remember, we barely survived the last time, so I should improvise some kind of armor and advanced weapon technologie first.

For now I'll just try tapping the wall, to see how the demon reacts.


Wow! Either the wall has been totally hollowed by the monster, or you were right and I really am not the king of France and instead some kind of superhero, trapped down here by some nefarious villain, who is taking over the world right now.
No. 228537 ID: 97cb33

obviously the only problem was you were simply hungry and so your power was suppressed.
No. 228538 ID: c71597

Why can't it be both?

But lets save out trusty lance for later. Grab a pot and use it to smash down the wall.
No. 228541 ID: 83ddcf
File 128404061525.jpg - (120.11KB , 960x600 , bild44.jpg )

Yes, that could be.

While tearing down what must be solid steel walls, build to contain only the mightiest of heros, I ponder about the possibility.

I am most probably of royal blood. As the offspring of the forbidden love of a Ninja and a Pirate, I dared to use my powers for the good of mankind, conquering my rightful throne in the process, only to be stopped by the intrigues of my evil brother, who is corrupted by his strength.
No. 228543 ID: 97cb33

makes sense to me. onward to glory!
No. 228545 ID: 83ddcf
File 128404176429.jpg - (118.01KB , 960x600 , bild45.jpg )

The hole looks like the open mouth of a screaming devil. Knowing, that the monster is still in there, I'm not sure whether entering would be wise.
No. 228547 ID: d560d6

Have Friend lead the way. He will give you early warning of peril.
No. 228550 ID: fe298c
File 128404415975.jpg - (112.37KB , 960x600 , bild46.jpg )

Ok friend, if you really wish to volunteer for this task, I can't stop you. We might not survive this mission, so if you have anything else to say, say it now, because where we are going, words will be meaningless.
No. 228554 ID: a594b9

Um... Good luck!
No. 228556 ID: fe298c
File 12840452922.gif - (20.71KB , 960x600 , throughdark.gif )

Well, that's a lot easier than I imagined. I guess the rat still fears me after our last battle.
It's all pretty dark, but I can see a faint glimmer of light in the distance and am reminded of the time I was a space marine and had to fight the demons in my base. After surviving that adventure, I guess a single rat demon is going to be a piece of cake.

No. 228558 ID: a594b9

No. 228561 ID: c71597

Holy shit, that's quite alot of them. Flail around wildly, they might have numbers but you have the power of a ninjapirateking of france, they shall most likely stand no chance against your might.
No. 228562 ID: e29e0a
File 128404671539.jpg - (29.68KB , 960x600 , bild47.jpg )

No. 228565 ID: c71597

Fear not brave king. You are armed with your trusty lance, surely some weapon of legend. Beat at the many eyes with it until they conceded defeat and hand over the key and whatever else precious good they might have,
No. 228567 ID: e29e0a
File 128404884188.jpg - (47.52KB , 960x600 , bild48.jpg )

My body trembles facing those terrible creatures. It must be my lust for a merciless fight and not fear streaming through my veins. Easily my unstoppable strenght could take out dozens of those monsters. Knowing this, they must have ripped open the gates of hell to ambush me again, this time with the whole army of the damned.

A part of me agrees with you and wants nothing more, than to jump right into this pulk of perversity, decapitating devils and demons all around me, drinking the boiling blood of those black beasts.

But the warrior inside me says, there won't be honour in this fight, for bathing in the corpses of corruption might turn me evil as well. So i choose a tactical retreat.

No. 228570 ID: a594b9

Run faster.
No. 228571 ID: e29e0a
File 12840497076.jpg - (186.13KB , 960x600 , bild49.jpg )


No. 228572 ID: e29e0a
File 128404986468.jpg - (187.66KB , 960x600 , bild50.jpg )


Once again, it seems, I have evaded certain death through skill and pure willpower.
No. 228573 ID: 644ca1

Monitors... showing corridors and stuff... JACKPOT! Check them out and see what we can learn.
No. 228574 ID: d560d6

As an added bonus, you have knocked down at least one key.
No. 228580 ID: 122d68
File 128405555855.jpg - (183.46KB , 960x600 , bild51.jpg )

I pick up the pair of keys i knocked down and go to investigate the monitors.
Two of them are broken, one being destroyed from in here, while the other only shows static. The monitor in the upper middle appears to show my room. I knew they had a camera down there.
No. 228582 ID: 644ca1

Hey, there is another puppet guy one the lower right monitor, we should go find him.
No. 228586 ID: 5d2c7b

We should, indeed.
No. 228587 ID: a594b9

What's up with the control console? Maybe we can do stuff with it.
No. 228590 ID: 122d68
File 128405788715.jpg - (129.71KB , 960x600 , bild52.jpg )

You're right. While everything else looks deserted, there appears to be someone who shares my fate. I guess it would be best if I started looking for him.
No. 228593 ID: 122d68
File 128405818387.jpg - (172.07KB , 960x600 , bild53.jpg )

I try pressing some buttons on the console, but nothing happens.
No. 228594 ID: 5d2c7b

Could you give us a better view of those other monitors?
No. 228595 ID: 122d68
File 128405899769.jpg - (144.30KB , 960x600 , bild54.jpg )

One monitor only shows an empty hallway. I can't make out everything, because something is blocking the path.
No. 228596 ID: a594b9

I guess that's about all we can do unless we wanted to try sticking the key into the control console (we don't, it might hurt the other prisoner)

Grab the other keys and let's make our way out of this room. Through the door.
No. 228597 ID: 122d68
File 128405995778.jpg - (211.13KB , 960x600 , bild55.jpg )

The other one shows some cages. I cannot make out, what is in them. I only can tell it's not moving anymore.
Pretty disturbing to imagine, that this room exists somewhere in this facility, somewhere on this floor.
No. 228601 ID: 122d68
File 128406052740.jpg - (169.35KB , 960x600 , bild56.jpg )

I use the key at the door. It fits and I hear the door unlocking. I try to open it, but it doesn't move.
No. 228603 ID: c71597

Press the button as well and then try to open it. Or open it while pressing the button.
No. 228613 ID: 122d68
File 128406149297.jpg - (169.34KB , 960x600 , bild57.jpg )

I press the button, but unlike the one in the kitchen, this one doesn't turn green. Instead some kind of voice message is played:
No. 228616 ID: c71597

Well that's not good. Gather up the rest of the keys and then, *gulp* you're gonna have to make your way back through the demons lair. But surely this time they will cower before your might and let you through without a fight. Especially considering what happened the last time.
No. 228617 ID: 5d2c7b

Looks like you'll have to backtrack through the rat-infested darkness. I'm sure you're brave enough for the task.
No. 228618 ID: d560d6

All levers must be pulled.
All keyboards must be mashed.
No. 228623 ID: 122d68
File 12840633253.jpg - (172.66KB , 960x600 , bild58.jpg )

I can't reach the other keys, and I've lost the stick to reach them during my last fight. I would go to retrieve it, but there's no way I'll return to the monster infested darkness without proper equipment. I don't even know whether I could find my way back to the kitchen or whether I would die in this labyrinth of terror that lies between the walls.


The console seems to be deactivated. I could try turning it on with the second key, but you were worried that it might hurt the other prisoner.
No. 228624 ID: c71597

He's surely sturdy enough to make it. And if he doesn't then surely he don't mind laying his life on the line for your august majesty.

So, lets get that console turned on.
No. 228634 ID: 8b41de
File 128406491816.jpg - (168.72KB , 960x600 , bild59.jpg )

Turning the key in the console, the light turns green. I start pressing random buttons, keeping the eyes on the monitors.
No. 228635 ID: 8b41de
File 128406494646.jpg - (139.82KB , 960x600 , bild60.jpg )

Something does happen.
No. 228636 ID: 8b41de
File 128406502217.jpg - (170.23KB , 960x600 , bild61.jpg )

No. 228637 ID: d5caa4

Well, either that's you from earlier, or there are more people like you in the building.

As for the keys - throw us at them! We can knock them loose! Really, really! Come on, we wanna help.
No. 228640 ID: d560d6

Give it a try. Then the door.
No. 228647 ID: c71597

Try opening the door now.
No. 228651 ID: 8b41de
File 128406660560.jpg - (177.93KB , 960x600 , bild62.jpg )

One of the hooks looks pretty loose and after several failed attempts, you manage to knock down one of the two keys for me.
Leaving the last key behind I turn my attention to the door again.
No. 228652 ID: 8b41de
File 128406685374.jpg - (185.24KB , 960x600 , bild63.jpg )

Opening the door I enter a new room.
No. 228654 ID: c71597

Well that looks a bit omnious. Look through the open door and see if you can spot anything there.
No. 228672 ID: 8b41de
File 128406880262.jpg - (22.82KB , 960x600 , bild64.jpg )

I open the door a bit, but I only find darkness. I can see another door leading to the next room, but without a source of light, I won't be able to make out anything more.
No. 228686 ID: d5caa4

Wait, the side facing the camera in the previous room... is that rubble? It looks like there's some long poles in there you could use for obtaining keys and pressing that keypad elsewhere in the hall.
No. 228693 ID: 8b41de
File 128407042259.jpg - (179.45KB , 960x600 , bild65.jpg )

Yes, there is a large blockade made out of some big chunks of rubble. But it's all wedged and pretty heavy. I don't think that I am able to free a pole out of the pile.
No. 228729 ID: a594b9

Are the planks too heavy to lug around? Hmmm, we need a light source of some kind...

No. 228742 ID: 8b41de
File 128407474091.jpg - (187.18KB , 960x600 , bild66.jpg )

Well, we just found out, that I possess superhuman strenght and possibly a wide variety of other helpful powers, so I can of course easily lift the plank.
No. 228770 ID: a594b9

Should be able to get the other key with that, then.

After we get the key, let's... uh... I guess we should try opening this other door.
No. 228776 ID: 8b41de
File 128407900473.jpg - (179.66KB , 960x600 , bild67.jpg )

I manage to knock down the last key.
No. 228778 ID: 8b41de
File 128407949013.jpg - (70.39KB , 640x400 , bild68.jpg )

The last door doesn't have a regular lock. It has some kind of number lock.
No. 228890 ID: 5752b6

Now armed with a multitude of keys and a wooden plank, I think you are ready to brave the darkness once more. Back into the rat-infested labyrinth with ye! Run in with the plank swinging, and you will surely make it through to the room you were in before. We have a door to unlock.
No. 228943 ID: a594b9

I'm thinking we use the plank to tap at the floor in the dark room to make sure we don't step on anything dangerous.
No. 229007 ID: 701a19

There's only 6,561 combinations. Get to it!
No. 229208 ID: 9e1214
File 128415408538.jpg - (26.84KB , 960x600 , bild69.jpg )

I guess I have no choice but to return to the rat hive. Armed we now may stand a chance.

But before I go back, I use the plank to pass through the dark room, tapping the floor to search for potential obstacels.
No. 229209 ID: 9e1214
File 128415411443.gif - (10.04KB , 960x600 , smile.gif )

No. 229211 ID: 40cb26

Say hello to the happy face.
No. 229212 ID: d560d6

A smile! Smiles are good.
No. 229215 ID: 9e1214
File 128415629935.jpg - (283.03KB , 960x600 , bild70.jpg )

I enter a huge hall and am overwhelmed by the stench of blood. I turn around to gasp fresh air and to maybe catch a glimpse of that smile you saw.

But the dark room is empty.

You must be seeing things. But I can't blame you. I thought too, that I heared somebody a moment ago. All this stress just isn't good for us.

And I was so looking forward to finally seeing a smile after this long time of loneliness
No. 229216 ID: a594b9

Well, there is a smile on that wall there.

Is there anything interesting in the cages?
No. 229224 ID: 9e1214
File 128415896363.jpg - (198.67KB , 960x600 , bild71.jpg )

The cages are, in sharp contrast to the rest of the room, very clean. Most of them are empty.
No. 229225 ID: 9e1214
File 128415900231.jpg - (290.92KB , 960x600 , bild72.jpg )

Except for the last two.
No. 229226 ID: 97cb33

don't get any closer but say hello. let's see if it is friendly.
No. 229230 ID: 9e1214
File 128416047768.jpg - (283.71KB , 960x600 , bild73.jpg )

Keeping my distance, I face the cage with the living inhabitant.


The creature withdraws even further back into the shadows. I can't see whether it's dangerous or not, but it's only slightly bigger than I am.
No. 229232 ID: 97cb33

grab that key on the ground and hold it up to the cage, see if it recognizes the key.
No. 229234 ID: 9e1214
File 128416108396.jpg - (293.69KB , 960x600 , bild74.jpg )

I hold up the key. The ceature starts to tremble slightly.
No. 229235 ID: 5752b6

Can you get a closer look at what's in the other cage?
No. 229236 ID: d560d6

Open the cage!

Don't be alarmed if it jumps out and gives you hugs.
No. 229238 ID: 9e1214
File 128416269573.jpg - (191.15KB , 960x600 , bild75.jpg )

The other cage contains a rotting corpse wearing the faculties uniform. It is missing its head.
No. 229241 ID: a594b9

Is that something in its pocket? Search the pockets regardless.
No. 229244 ID: 9e1214
File 128416413430.jpg - (109.33KB , 960x600 , bild76.jpg )

I find some coins, a couple of paperclips, a badge identifying the corpse as "K. Miller - lab assistant" and a flashlight, which is a bit dented at its side and has some small fractures at its glas, but appears to be still working.
No. 229245 ID: d560d6

Awesome; we can go find the smile in the darkness.

But g'wan. Unlock that cage first---after all, you were imprisoned here unfairly by nefarious forces!
No. 229250 ID: 9e1214
File 128416545867.gif - (13.18KB , 960x600 , cage.gif )

Well, I guess you're right. I shouldn't let whoever is imprisoned here die in the clutches of an evil mastermind. I open the cage.
No. 229252 ID: 97cb33

it's some kind of dog man. it probably fears your mask because it kinda looks like a skull. tell it that you mean no harm, you were imprisoned here as well.
No. 229258 ID: a594b9

Aww, it's adorable. Tell it you don't mean any harm. Ask if it saw someone that looked like you before.
No. 229261 ID: ea2a3c

You're like two feet tall. Use this opportunity to approach the figure menacingly hands raised overhead. Once they realize your diminutive stature, they'll probably find it incredibly hilarious.

...ask if she catches rats.
No. 229274 ID: 9e1214
File 128417076184.gif - (29.39KB , 960x600 , hello.gif )

The creature seems to be a girl and indeed some kind of mix between dog and human. She must be pretty terrified of me.
I guess I look a bit menacing for the unprepared observer. This intiminating physique is a natural side effect of my daily battle with demonic rats and various other devils and the mask doesn't help.

"Don't worry. I don't want to harm you. I was a prisoner here as well."

Slowly entering the cage, I raise my hands to show my good will and approach her.

No. 229276 ID: 97cb33

throw us over to her, we are small and therefore un-intimidating.
No. 229277 ID: ea2a3c


Aww, go give her a big hug.
No. 229299 ID: a594b9

Okay, I don't think she can understand what you're saying. Maybe we should just step away from the door so she knows we're not gonna attack her.

I would suggest against approaching the scared shitless cornered animal-person.
No. 229345 ID: 9e1214
File 128417663526.jpg - (79.83KB , 960x600 , bild78.jpg )

"Maybe you'd prefer to talk to my little friend?"

I don't think this is working. I step away from the door, so that she at least doesn't feel cornered any more.
No. 229348 ID: 9e1214
File 128417668061.jpg - (113.78KB , 960x600 , bild77.jpg )

No. 229352 ID: a594b9

Follow her at a distance. She might get into trouble!
No. 229353 ID: 97cb33

follow after her though. dangerous rat beasts everywhere after-all.
No. 229362 ID: 9e1214
File 128417870751.jpg - (171.41KB , 960x600 , bild79.jpg )

It's dangerous to run out there alone. We have to follow and protect her. It's my duty as a hero.

I have to admit, that she is pretty fast though. There aren't a lot of things that can outrun my battletrained legs.

While I run past the rows of empty cages, I hear screams from the hallway and quicken my pace. Shocked I enter the room. Am I too late?
No. 229363 ID: bcc322


Check if that is her!
No. 229364 ID: 97cb33

enter the door. it's the other guy in the mask you saw on the monitor.
No. 229366 ID: 9e1214
File 12841808213.jpg - (179.81KB , 960x600 , bild80.jpg )

I guess you're right. That doesn't look like her. Could be the guy from the monitor.
No. 229367 ID: e973f4

No. 229368 ID: 97cb33

dive and roll into the monitor room!
No. 229376 ID: 9e1214
File 128418275274.jpg - (185.70KB , 960x600 , bild81.jpg )

No. 229377 ID: 9e1214
File 128418278666.jpg - (177.99KB , 960x600 , bild82.jpg )

No. 229378 ID: 97cb33

slam the door and lock it!
No. 229380 ID: f4963f

Schon 82 Bilder? Du bist echt schnell.

Close the door and lock it, agreed!
No. 229382 ID: 9e1214
File 128418505163.gif - (44.92KB , 960x600 , door.gif )

I try to stand up immediately to close the door, but something is faster.
No. 229387 ID: f4963f


Fuck this, the rats are better. RUN RUN RUN
No. 229393 ID: 97cb33

you need your weapons! run!
No. 229398 ID: 9e1214
File 12841875921.jpg - (87.77KB , 960x600 , bild83.jpg )

I jump back into the rat hive and start running into a random direction, hoping fortuna is by my side so that I find my way back to the kitchen. I hear the creature ripping through the small hole and coming after me.
No. 229399 ID: edb273

No. 229401 ID: f4963f


Seriously, run before it squeezes through.

Guys, do we have a plan for when this thing gets to the other side?
No. 229405 ID: d3dfb8

My plan was stick our dick in it and hope it's allergic. But I'm open to suggestions.
No. 229406 ID: edb273

Not die? God I have no idea how to stop this thing...shine light in its face to temporarily blind it?
No. 229407 ID: 97cb33

we need our stick and the pot. defend against it's attacks and then counter. maybe chug more food to get a boost.
No. 229413 ID: 9e1214
File 128418868844.jpg - (55.59KB , 960x600 , bild84.jpg )

I don't know when I took the wrong turn, but this is a dead end. The only way out is a vent just out of reach and I cannot turn back with the creature behind me.
I hear it slowly coming closer.
No. 229414 ID: 97cb33

get out the flash light. wait for you to see it's face then turn it on and blind it.
No. 229415 ID: f4963f


Hopefully it's super-effective.
No. 229421 ID: 9e1214
File 128419091340.gif - (19.81KB , 960x600 , light.gif )

I turn around and ready the flashlight. I don't think it will do real damage, seeing how the shadow chased me through several lit rooms a moment ago, but it will certainly blind him.
No. 229423 ID: f4963f

Uh, hrm. Can you circle around him, while keeping the flashlight aimed at him?
No. 229426 ID: edb273

OH FUCK HIS ARMS. We need to get the light in his face somehow.
No. 229427 ID: edb273

Wait, it seemed to push him back a bit?
No. 229428 ID: 97cb33

okay run now. we need to get to the mouse hole.
No. 229445 ID: 9e1214
File 128419332833.jpg - (114.13KB , 960x600 , bild86.jpg )

I try to circle it, still blinding it with the flashlight. The monster screams, madly slshing around with its free arm. I can evade the claws but a painful collision with its ellbow knocks the flashlight out of my hand.
No. 229447 ID: 97cb33

forget it, RUN!
No. 229451 ID: 9e1214
File 128419552797.jpg - (99.91KB , 960x600 , bild87.jpg )

I try to run away, but the creature grabs me and lifts me up. A humanoid figure emerges from the shadows, but it seems as if a bit darkness still sticks att its body. I can now see directly into those two big soulless eyes and semiconsciously notice how it readys its claws for the final slash.
No. 229463 ID: d560d6

Tickle it under the armpit.
No. 229465 ID: 97cb33

head butt it!
No. 229474 ID: 0b2a05

Headbutt. Smack it with your mask.
No. 229476 ID: a594b9

Punch punch!
No. 229497 ID: c71597

Headbutt, punch, claw... no wait that stupid suit makes something like that impossible, kick then. Anything to get free.
No. 229535 ID: f4963f

... speak with it?
No. 229773 ID: babf39
File 128426775129.jpg - (113.16KB , 960x600 , bild88.jpg )

I struggle to get free and slam my iron mask in its face.
No. 229783 ID: babf39
File 128426897199.jpg - (115.36KB , 960x600 , bild89.jpg )

It throws me against the wall, screaming in anger. I nearly fall senseless, when the full force of the impact soaks through every part of my body.
No. 229791 ID: 97cb33

is that demon rat?
No. 229807 ID: babf39
File 128427160725.jpg - (97.99KB , 960x600 , bild89.jpg )

Irritated the Monster gropes its face, its finger running over the spot I hit.
No. 229809 ID: 97cb33

get up and ask for help from dog girl!
No. 229813 ID: 0b2a05

For the love of crap get up and get out of there! Look up, maybe there's help!
No. 229817 ID: edb273

Maybe it hates Iron, or getting hit in the face? Anyways look up!
No. 229834 ID: 4953e3

Quickly, rush it! Headbutt it in between the legs, while it's not looking at you!
No. 229844 ID: babf39
File 128427475498.jpg - (100.04KB , 960x600 , bild90.jpg )

I jump to my feet and turn around.


The girl flinches, staring down at me with fear. At least she's not immediately running away like the last time. The monster screams a second time, its voice filled with pure rage.
No. 229869 ID: 04b0cf


"Please help! It's going to get us!"

If you have to get on your knees and beg do it, we are out of time.
No. 229882 ID: 0b2a05

"Please don't leave me here with that thing!!"
No. 229918 ID: a594b9

Put your hands together in a pleading gesture.
No. 229966 ID: 00fad4
File 128430679794.jpg - (99.58KB , 960x600 , bild91.jpg )

"Please don't leave me here with that thing!!"

She hesitates, then takes a deep breath and reaches down.
No. 229968 ID: 97cb33

hold on tight and climb that wall.
No. 229980 ID: 00fad4
File 128430885936.gif - (24.85KB , 960x600 , flucht.gif )

I grab her hand.
With her help I am able to get hold of the vents edge and to slowly climb up.
No. 229984 ID: 97cb33

let's get out of it's range and then stop and talk to dog girl.
No. 229985 ID: d560d6

Crawl! Crawl like the strange little ragdoll-teddy-in-the-iron-mask thing you are!
No. 229995 ID: 00fad4
File 128431104565.jpg - (124.36KB , 960x600 , flucht.jpg )

We crall deeper into the darkness. I turn my head and see the beast trying to claw its way after us. But the tunnel is too narrow.
No. 229996 ID: 00fad4
File 128431107028.jpg - (26.44KB , 960x600 , end.jpg )

No. 229997 ID: 00fad4
File 128431109311.jpg - (91.84KB , 960x600 , ende.jpg )

No. 229999 ID: d560d6

No. 230043 ID: ea2a3c

Herbert 1 Happiness 0
No. 230052 ID: 0b2a05

Fuck happiness all it does is try to kill you and crap
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