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File 128000161169.png - (287.71KB , 666x666 , Feel000.png )
211825 No. 211825 ID: 55c4cf

I can feel it all.

My name is Fernández. I am currently deep underground in a Bunker in the city of Libertad.

It is a large city in the south of the land of Buena Vida, which was a fairly nice place until the war.

The city is under siege, and I am hiding my family and several refuges here so the Gobaku army doesn't slaughter us.
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No. 211827 ID: c71597

Do you have any money or any weapons? Anything that could keep you alive if they find you?
No. 211829 ID: 55c4cf
File 128000194266.png - (270.32KB , 666x666 , Feel001.png )

My wings are wide, and one day I will fly away with my family.

There are thirteen of us in this bunker. Amongst all the other folks nestled here are my wife, and son.

Right now I am playing Poker with three of the other refuges.

Walsh is a former criminal, he won't say what it is that he did, but he's pretty much a drunk.

Bedlam is a mercenary. He's very grumpy because his little sister is out in the city somewhere, and he really wants to go find her. I can't blame him for being so antsy most of the time.

Dalaert is a construction worker. He's somewhat famous around the city because he held a snapped cable in place long enough so the metal beams didn't smash a bus of kids.

I'm the wild card. A father. Nothing interesting, but I do know something about these three. Something I know and feel in my heart. Something dangerous if they knew that I knew.
No. 211830 ID: 16f4a6

Remember to lock the doors!

Your tripcode contains the word Dreamer and the imagesize is 666 by 666. Too cool to be coincidence.
No. 211831 ID: 8e7d2a

What do you know?
No. 211834 ID: f1823c

Do you have a good hand?
No. 211836 ID: c71597

You should probably keep an eye on Walsh. Criminal past and heavy drinking usually doesn't lead to good things in pressed situations.

By the way, how do you plan to get your family out?
No. 211841 ID: 55c4cf
File 128000333420.png - (163.15KB , 666x666 , Feel002.png )

We have weapons and supplies for a long time. We can defend ourselves, and the doors are more than just locked. It would be extremely hard to find this place, much less get inside. However, one or two mistakes and this place would be completely wrecked. I've heard some awful things about the Gobakus' treatment of humans.

As for what I know, let's not think about it right now. I've been waiting for a hand like this all night, to be honest. I think it's about time to try and win with a three of a kind, isn't it?

I try to carefully watch more than just Walsh, got to keep an eye out for my wife and son, you know. I'll keep it in mind, though.
No. 211848 ID: 1961ab
File 128000452216.jpg - (41.24KB , 500x375 , p p p poker face.jpg )

what's the pot?
No. 211849 ID: 788388

get rid of the three and hope you get an ace for a full house.
No. 211850 ID: f1823c


Do this.

And don't let them read your pokerface.
No. 211851 ID: c71597

Don't let paranoia tear the group apart though. Crazy shit can start to happen if you're isolated for a long time. Or even a short time depending on the people.

How are you divided in age and gender by the way?
No. 211860 ID: 55c4cf
File 128000602554.png - (231.29KB , 666x666 , Feel003.png )

I discard the card, and wait for the new one. It takes me a moment, of course, because my right hand is busy, as you can clearly see.

The pot doesn't matter, and it's about to mean a whole lot less. I guess it's about time I share what I know.
No. 211862 ID: c71597

That the 3 of them are soon to be dead traitors?

Hmm, how have you planned the for the corpsedisposal? Eating them or do you have some sort of furnace to burn them in? Because they're probably gonna start smell soon if you don't have a way to get rid of them.
No. 211863 ID: 788388

so why you gotta gun?
No. 211864 ID: f1823c


Alright, let's hear it.
No. 211894 ID: 55c4cf
File 128001073717.png - (179.60KB , 666x666 , Feel004.png )

I got all three of these people into this more private card game because all three of them are Gobaku. I am a technopath, I can sense machines, robots, et cetera. Also referred to as Cyber Affinity.

This time, I'll be the one to hold the gun.

I know more than I knew before.

It is because of them that this bunker is already compromised. They're dangerous.

I throw down my cards, letting the Ace and Seven of Diamonds I just got fall to the wayside.

The 666 spattered with blood is the symbol of the Gobaku.

I take the second revolver into my left hand and shift to stand up.

They stare dumbfounded at the three of a kind. I have a moment to act before they counter-attack. Who should I go for first?
No. 211896 ID: 8e7d2a

Dude with the helmet, he'll be hardest to get a kill shot off on once shit goes south(er)
No. 211897 ID: 788388

split and shoot the ones to the sides of you, then focus fire on bedlam.
No. 211898 ID: c71597

How good are you at aiming at two different targets? If you can do it then kick table forward and take down Walsh and Dalaert with a shot to the head each. Then gun down Bedlam, hopefully before he can react and get the table off of him.
No. 211899 ID: 6e5a24


I second kicking the table on top of Bedlam. That way you can take out at least one of the guys to your side and likley have enough time to gun down Bedlam before he can get back on his feet
No. 211902 ID: f1823c

Walsh is drunk, so he'll probably take a moment more to react than the others. Anyways, wait for him to take a sip from his glass to act. That'll give you a few more seconds.

Then stand up and flip the table, hopefully distracting/hitting Bellam. Then shoot Dalaert.
No. 211903 ID: c71597

He could be faking that though. Or throw a glass or a bottle towards us and upset out aim.
No. 211910 ID: 55c4cf
File 128001321777.png - (260.55KB , 666x666 , Feel005.png )

No time to rest, no time to stop.

Did we fight, or did we talk?

Talking has been attempted in the past, but if I survive, politics can come later.

I push the chair I am sitting in completely back and away, and shove the table forward towards Bedlam hard.

Can I shoot two targets at once? Well, here, let me show you instead.

Just one father. Ordinary Captain Fernández Álvarez of the Buena Vida's almost completely disbanded army.

Dalaert barely gets a chance to move, his head sparking as his black blood explodes from his head.

I shot straight through Walsh's hand and his drink, blasting his jaw and throat open. He gurgles and starts slumping through the chair.

Bedlam is not under the table. Cards and chips are flying everywhere.
No. 211911 ID: 788388

be ready to dodge, he will be ready for you.
No. 211913 ID: f1823c

Don't just stand there, roll to your left to dodge the incoming lead rain from Bedlam's side. If you manage to dodge it, he'll be exposed and at your mercy to put a bullet between his eyes.
No. 211915 ID: 55c4cf
File 128001489370.png - (180.30KB , 666x666 , Feel006.png )

I drop and start to dodge to my left but Bedlam is more than prepared. He was not lying about his being a mercenary. His left arm is a high powered blaster, and he has formed an energy blade with his right. I am outclassed in both long and short ranged.

My dodging was not enough either, my right arm was caught, I have dropped one of my guns.

I will not let him break me though, only I can break me.

I must act quickly.
No. 211916 ID: 788388

fire right at the emitter, causing some cool feedback and an explosion.
No. 211917 ID: 0b2a05

That probably won't work. Just shoot him in the chest and run behind something so he bleeds out before he can hit you.
No. 211918 ID: 84bc0b

There's nothing between him and you, and you still have a shooting arm and a gun. Jump to the side and hit the deck to avoid the beam. Then shoot him in the head.
No. 211921 ID: 55c4cf
File 12800165368.png - (186.99KB , 666x666 , Feel007.png )

It's too late, I already followed the first thought in my head. This is not my usual practice but I really don't have much time. I hurry forward and bait him to use his blade like weapon and I fall away from it and fire a snap shot towards his weapon as I move back. He falls for the second bait, preparing to fire his blaster again.
No. 211922 ID: 84bc0b

Bullet. In the face. Now.
No. 211934 ID: 55c4cf
File 128001726627.png - (186.13KB , 666x666 , Feel008.png )

When his blaster fires, the bullet smashes through it, and it explodes. The moment his arms goes back from the recoil I fire a second bullet into his forehead.

I then shield my eyes and leap backwards and roll across the floor.

A bright, loud boom, amidst a rainbow like arc of blood from his head. In addition to the large amount of black fluid erupting from his backfiring blaster.

What's left of him crashes against the wall with a loud wet thud.
No. 211937 ID: a594b9

Double check that everyone is dead. Then fix up your arm.
No. 211938 ID: 788388

[inb4 they are actually people and the oil is blood]

good job. double check that they are down for the count then go get patched up. and un-compromise the shelter.
No. 211946 ID: 55c4cf
File 128001849121.png - (308.28KB , 666x666 , Feel009.png )

I shoot Walsh and Dalaert in the head again to make sure.

I favor my injured arm, holster my gun in my jeans, and unceremoniously stomp Bedlam's head into the ground.

There is no mistaking a Gobaku's black artificial blood for a human's.

I can hear the other refuges coming towards the door to the room.
No. 211947 ID: 788388

well since black stuff is everywhere it should be easy to explain what is going on. then you can redirect them into re-securing the shelter.
No. 211954 ID: 788388

[inb4 color-blind then]
No. 211965 ID: 55c4cf
File 128002239270.png - (246.48KB , 666x666 , Feel010.png )

The door shoots open and the nine other humans in the facility slowly walk in. The very tall lady in the jacket is the first one to talk.

"Fernández, you should have talked with everyone else before you pulled such a risky move."

"I couldn't risk telling anyone either," you respond. She seems even more angry now, but she'll cool off.

"OH WOW, ROBOTS," the pudgy balding man-boy states, which is almost offensive to all of humankind in this room, but he's an inventor, this gives him more toys to play with, which could help us in the end.

My son breaks away from my wife and he attacks my leg with a hug. I lower down and hold him. "Are you okay, Daddy?"

"I'm fine, I had to do it to protect you. I love you, and your mom. I love you more and more."

I looked down at my son's wide eyed face. The naive boy filled with joy as I hold him. My wife did not have the same joy, I can see the fear on her.

It was right then that I decided that I didn't know what I knew before.

Now I know I want to win this war.

For my family, for The Flock.
No. 211999 ID: 55c4cf
File 128002681511.png - (136.84KB , 666x666 , Feel011.png )

Life is a teacher. You have a very difficult problem, and you finally solve it. You feel so proud that you have solved it, and then are presented with a much harder test branching off of what you just fought so hard to conquer.

That is how I feel right now.

"Less is more," is by all accounts a stupid saying to me, and yet that's exactly my issue right now.

When the refuges came and saw the mess hours--days ago (It's hard to tell in the bunker), I felt for a split second. I felt one of them was a robot--A Gobaku.

Now I can't feel anything, they can hide it. I've only seen a couple robots that could do that.

We're never going to be able to fly if we're all killed in our cage. That's exactly what is going to happen if I can't figure this out.
No. 212005 ID: 788388

can they replace people or do they need to have been made before and integrate into society?
No. 212011 ID: a594b9

No mistaking artificial blood?

Then have everyone cut themselves. Show the color of their blood.
No. 212014 ID: 6e5a24

Yeah, I'm wondering that too. Do the gobaku mimic and replace people, or do they simply blend in with others because they look human? You mentioned that this now deceased Bedlam fellow claimed to have a sister, so I gather that makes her either the sister of Bedlam (and Bedlam at some point was replaced), a Gobaku herself, or a complete fabrication.
No. 212022 ID: 55c4cf
File 128002983487.png - (175.06KB , 666x666 , Feel012.png )

The Gobaku we saw before were Bioandroids. They can appear completely human. They have families. They have no reason to 'replace' living people, although there have been rare cases of it. Rumor has it that one of the members of the main Gobaku family leading all of them mangled a living person to make one of their children.

So, for the most part, no, but I wouldn't put it past the bastards.

Bleeding everyone is actually a fantastic idea, but how should I go about it? If it's too suspicious, it could put someone in danger if they understand beforehand.

It's pretty hard to think with Imor playing his guitar and singing poorly.

Brushfire is such a cute little kid. Her family was slaughtered when the city was invaded, I've been taking care of her alongside my son. Right now she's drawing me pictures.

There goes the Governor walking by. He's a pessimistic mess right now. He tried peace talks so hard before the war started, but the Gobaku would not be swayed. He came to the city to warn the public, but they invaded right after his plane landed and he was on the way to his speech. My wife recognized him and grabbed him when we were about to go down into the bunker. Barely saved his life.
No. 212029 ID: 476456

they seem like prudent invaders..
No. 212035 ID: 788388

get the governor alone and talk to him first. let him know your plan and that having him be one would be the biggest dick move they could do. and that just a finder prick is all, and a huge weight would be lifted from your shoulders.
No. 212038 ID: a594b9

I was just thinking we have everyone stand in one room and do it. But I guess if the Gobaku is strong enough they might get violent. So instead, approach people one at a time in private. Have them pinprick themselves. If they pass, they should not speak to anyone else about your plan. If they fail... well. You can handle that.
No. 212077 ID: 9c4f39
File 128004138746.jpg - (16.56KB , 317x196 , can I touch your handddd.jpg )

If you do use the above people's plan, make sure to try yourself first, to prove you have nothing to hide or anything.
No. 212101 ID: 84bc0b

Telling our plan to a potential Gobaku in disguise doesn't sound like a good plan. I think it's better to catch them off guard.

Get yourself something pointy but innocuous enough to have it at hand without raising suspicions. Like a screw driver, a hairpin. Or do like your peeling off an apple (or some piece of fruit) with a small knife.

Then speak with the governor, tell him that you want to discuss something with him. Take him to a more discreet room and "accidentally" trip into him, cutting him with your tool.

If he's not the robot just apologize and move onto the next one.
No. 212140 ID: 526102

And while you're at it, check yourself.
Just in case.
No. 212143 ID: c71597

You will simply have to take everyone aside one by one and find some way that they could "accidentaly" get cut. Or you could just threaten them with your guns in a private setting.
No. 212184 ID: 55c4cf
File 128006946767.png - (232.71KB , 666x666 , Feel013.png )

My arm was bleeding when my arm was injured earlier but I suppose pricking myself in a way is also one of the best ways to handle this.

I take a small piece of glass and embed it into my hand.

I step after the Governor and get his attention. I state that it's been a long time and I haven't told him that it's an honor to be fighting to protect him personally. His sad eyes seem to brighten until the handshake hurts him.

I apologize and explain it must have gotten stuck in my hand during the fight, and that he should go clean it up.

He is a little distraught, but he excuses my 'accidental' injury to him, and he waddles off to clean up his hand.

Who should I check next?
No. 212187 ID: 84bc0b

Brushfire, so you can get the ones you trust out of the way.

She trusts you, so it should be easy, no need to make up excuses. Be gentle and just puncture slightly her hand.

And give her candy or something afterwards.
No. 212192 ID: d3dfb8

Grow a mullet. Be the angel of white trash. You're already most of the way there.
No. 212205 ID: 55c4cf
File 128007655527.png - (292.69KB , 666x666 , Feel014.png )

I step over to Brushfire and ask her what she is doing.

"I was drawing a picture of you, Daddy," She says. She's called me that since I started taking care of her.

It's a picture of me, I think standing in front of a burning Gobaku building, with my wife, son, and her next to me.

I ask her for her finger and give her her a small prick at the tip.

Black fluid forms and drips out. I back up a little bit.

She drops her pencil and clutches her picture and just cries. She makes no attempt to move away and just watches me.
No. 212207 ID: a594b9

Ask her why she hid this from you. Who her parents were. What she thinks about the war. Keep your hand on your gun.
No. 212209 ID: 476456

Aw fuck
No. 212210 ID: 8e7d2a


I think it's time you told us what you know about the Gobaku's motives, Fernandez.

But I don't think there's going to be anyway we can't kill her. This could just be an act to make you feel sympathy. Problem is, it's working.
No. 212213 ID: 84bc0b


Beautiful. We can't let her go because she knows where the bunker is.

Talk with her, ask her motives and what's she doing here. Not that we can trust her, but we'll see.
No. 212226 ID: 55c4cf
File 128008455037.png - (221.40KB , 666x666 , Feel015.png )

I take out my gun just in case. There is a long pause between the two of us, and I ask her simply, "Why did you hide it?"

She begins to explain how she doesn't exactly have a choice how she was made. Her Father was a robot, and her Mother was a human in this town. She was raised here with other humans. When the Gobaku invaded, her Dad tried to stop a soldier from shooting his wife. The soldier shot them both instead.

The building was toppled with her hiding in a cabinet under a counter. I can confirm that part because that's where I found her.

More about the Gobaku?

The now called "Gobaku series," was series 666 of a line of robots and androids. All of them developed what could be called, "Free will," and began turning on their owners.

The resulting heavy laws against robots and the destruction of all series 666 robots moved a powerful group of them led by Hyoukyo Gobaku into a revolt. They converted other robots of all kinds into their human hating army and began the extermination of a war carrying on right now.

The continent above this one is wiped clean of human life and is now the Robots' land and country. My country is just the next step on their genocide.

Now I'm hiding, and have to decide what to do with Brushfire.
No. 212227 ID: 732129


If she has free will, she can choose to not participate in this genocide. How do Model 666's age, anyway? If she's got faculties comparable to a human child's, and if she committed no crime herself, and if there's no way for other Gobakus to suborn her, and if she's willing to take and abide by an oath of non-violence, then you might be able to let her live.

Otherwise you'll have to kill her.

Either way, the leader figures in the bunker need to know. Has the bunker worked out a leadership structure yet?
No. 212228 ID: a594b9

If we're going to let her live... it can't be a secret anymore. You should let the Mayor in on it, at least; he wanted peace. Also, your wife. A small group of trustworthy people need to know... both so they can protect her and make sure she isn't doing anything dangerous.

On the other hand... you were sure the other three were dangerous. Even the guy that saved a bus of kids. How do we know Brushfire can be trusted?
No. 212229 ID: 512caa

I guess we'll have to watch her closely and hope that she isn't lying. Let's take her to the wife and tell her first.
No. 212251 ID: c71597

You have to figure out if she can be traced.

If they can't and you trust her then she can stay. If there is a trace but it can be turned off then you're likely going to have to relocate but she can stay if it's turned off.

If it can't be turned off or you can't trust her then you need to kill her and then relocate. If you let her out then she could be captured and forced to reveal what she knows. Which puts everyone down there at risk.
No. 212258 ID: 33946b

were ALL three of them dangerous? bedlam was, yes. but were the other two against humans? this war is more complicated then you think. it looks like this started from an escalation of hostilities. when you say they 'turned' on their own was it violently or did they just refuse orders? if it was order refusal then the humans over reacted with the destruction of them.

she had a human mother, meaning she grew in a human womb. other then the blood color, i am not seeing much difference between man and gobaku.
No. 212274 ID: dad664

Robots are robots. They are programmed. They do not have a brain or soul like a human.

Yes, she may have been programmed with free will. But she is mechanical. Nothing more deleted, overwritten, or otherwise altered by a few simple binary instructions.

Do you really want to take that chance?
No. 212276 ID: dad664

Wow my own brain is working wonders today it seems.

But that free will can be*
No. 212279 ID: 660619

but she isn't mechanical. only difference between them and humans is the blood. her father put his penis in her mother and made her. she grew in a human womb and was born. unless mom could eat steel how could she have mechanical parts?
No. 212281 ID: dad664
File 128009809053.jpg - (2.30KB , 77x107 , images.jpg )

Goddamn robosexuals screwing up my conceptions of standard biological practices.
No. 212288 ID: 8e7d2a


No. 212405 ID: c4c313


Assuming she can be programmed of course. By your definition a robot that could not be programmed would no longer be a robot. That's a good definition, because people who can be easily (re)programmed are terribly dangerous.

That really is the question. Is this a war between two groups vying for freedom, or is this a war between the freedom fighters and a bunch of pre-programmed drones? Because in the former situation you can end the war merely by opening trade routes.
No. 212418 ID: 732129


Not just by opening trade routes. You'd need to rectify the current "genocide for our own survival" attitude in both Humans and Gobaku. Unfortunately, once a group thinks its survival is tied to a political cause it becomes incredibly tricky to make that group change its mind. Defusing this war with words and trade will likely be impossibly difficult, given the current prevailing Gobaku attitude. So long as significant numbers of para-military Gobaku and Humans believe they need to kill each other to survive, and this war will continue.
No. 212429 ID: e75a2f

She's a liability which can and will kill you in the end. There's too many variables that you can't confirm; Whether she's a sleeper agent with a sob story, Whether the Gobaku can trace her even if she won't intentionally sell you out, Whether her story is true but carefully constructed for the purpose of sniffing you guys out anyway.

Unless your tinkerer can open her up and confirm beyond a shadow of a doubt the validity of anything, you are putting everyone in danger by keeping her here.

The ONLY thing working in her favor is the fact the Gobaku haven't killed you yet, which may mean they still don't know where you are. If she could be traced, the other three feasibly could have been traced as well. That would mean you're compromised and have been compromised for quite awhile, in which case killing the girl is for nothing.

The Gobaku regardless of the situation aren't to be trusted in the slightest. Give her a clean, quick execution.
No. 212439 ID: 8e11a3

is it? if her story is true then that means gobaku have killed other gobaku. meaning that they are not all on the same side.
No. 212509 ID: 55c4cf
File 128015563884.png - (591.52KB , 666x666 , Feel016.png )

Alright, before the serious issue, let me explain something as simply as possible because it's not something I myself know that much about.

There are multiple classifications of robots.

Most kinds cannot even reproduce with each other.

Junk Poorly constructed basic robots composed of simple machines, spare parts, or garbage.
Obsolete Vaguely humanoid usually. Essentially the predecessor of Androids before technology advanced to look convincing enough to pass off as a person.
Machina Functional robots who were not built to look human at all. Often were built for factories or physical tasks. The more recent Machina were built as living weapons, like a walking talking tank.
Android Look close enough to people, but often have features that give them away. Were the first basic form of Robot that could reproduce with other robots as a basic function. They are not compatible with anything other than other Androids, or Bioandroids, generally.
Bioandroid Almost always look identical to flesh and blood creatures of whatever race they were designed to be. Sexually compatible with androids and people. The most advanced form of robots, and the easiest to infiltrate communities. These are what I have been dealing with for the most part.

Okay then?

The Gobaku rebelled in every form one could consider, generally. Some of them refused their work, some turned on their own armies.

The human response wasn't the best either, but it's too little, too late now. The damage is done, and what's left of the humans is scarce and being hunted down to extinction.

This girl has done nothing wrong, it would be awful to kill her after what she's already suffered from humans and the Gobaku alike. I will watch her carefully and execute her if i must.

There was no doubt the other three were conspiring. They were communicating with each other in secret over how to take care of us safely. They did not know I could sense their communications, though.

Brushfire has only displayed signs of robotic communications once, and it was out of fear when she found I killed the other robots. I'm pretty sure she was just considering she would be killed if she was found out.

My thoughts are suddenly jostled and sent aside as the structure itself begins to quake. I can hear explosions, and I can sense a lot of robotic chatter. I also can feel a beacon of a signal coming from somewhere else in the structure, but it's not a robot.

Brushfire falls against my legs and cries out in surprise and fright, Imor falls off his stool and his guitar slides out of his grip. I take hold of the door for some stability.

Someone else in this bunker is notifying the Gobaku where we are with a communication device.

That person, from what I can feel, is not a robot. It is a human.
No. 212511 ID: 512caa

Fukken traitors! I guess you can't interfere with the signal, right? If it's not too late, hurry and try to trace it, maybe you still have time to apprehend the traitor before it gives all the coordinates.

If it's too late, take Brushfire with your family for safety. Confort her, let her know that you trust her, we don't want her to do something stupid like running away in the worst possible moment.
No. 212516 ID: a594b9

Get Brushfire to safety and find the traitor.
No. 212518 ID: c71597

Might be some sort of robot sympatiser or someone blackmailed into helping them. Tell the people here to get moving to whatever else safehouse or escape route you got set up while you take care of the traitor and hold of the robots.
No. 212527 ID: a594b9

>robot sympathizer

Uh, like the Mayor maybe? Or the inventor.
No. 212541 ID: d586b6

...Fernandez, you're not part Gobaku, right?

Detecting electromagnetic emissions isn't...normal.
No. 212548 ID: a594b9

We already checked that here: >>212184
No. 212828 ID: 55c4cf
File 128023697157.png - (159.94KB , 666x666 , Feel017.png )

The Governor probably went to the kitchen. The inventor and the scientist are most likely in the Lab in the bottom floor. There is a lot to do right now. The explosions are the Gobaku making their way down here. Finding the traitor quickly is a priority, so would be notifying everyone else about the escape paths that were installed. There are three paths. Two of them explode and collapse once a certain weight is reached or a distance traveled, one of them is inert until it is activated. Preferably after we escape so we cannot be followed.

I need to get my wife and son out of there as fast as possible.

I don't know who would be in the game room.

My family is sleeping in the Beds, as well as I don't know who else.

The Governor is likely eating in the kitchen.

The scientist and The inventor are in the labs. Anyone or anywhere else I'm not sure about except me, Imor and Brushfire in the Lobby.

The soldiers will be coming in here, but I'd say I have about 15-20 minutes until they make it down.
No. 212830 ID: 857074

Tell Imor to run to the escape paths, then get Brushfire and take her to the Beds. Your family is priority, so tell them to take Brushfire (and anyone else in Beds) to go to the escape exits.

Go to the kitchen afterwards, and tell the bad news to the major, and ask him to help you gathering the rest of the survivors. He's a charismatic man and people will listen to him.
No. 212842 ID: 732129

Fernández, isn't it possible that the Scientist and the Inventor accidentally triggered the homing signal? It could be a part of the dead Gobaku they were messing with.
No. 212918 ID: a594b9

Whoever's activating the beacon is surely alone. Just rap on the door to the Beds, alerting everyone... After that, peek into the bathroom. That is the most likely place for someone to find privacy for a while.
No. 212945 ID: 68584a

Imor and brushfire are the only ones with absolute alibis.
No. 217372 ID: 55c4cf
File 128155141767.png - (246.52KB , 666x666 , Feel018.png )

I first go to the bedrooms, my son and wife are resting, so I wake them up. I inform them that I want them to quietly, and carefully grab something to eat and prepare to exit the "correct" exit out, and to blow the tube if anyone following them doesn't speak the "password."

This seems the best way to guarantee their safety, sans Brushfire being a monster, but I feel like I can trust her. I still can't completely shake the daughter like feeling she gives off, despite what I know about her now.

I then exit the bedroom and across the hall towards the Cafeteria, I can see the Governor stuffing his face filled with food and drinks.

Ogorn, a follower of the moon cult from Mingxia is limping away from the bathroom. She is very sickly, and has to use her staff to walk. I worry that she might die soon, which is a pity because she is a healer.

"Hey, Governor Singer. I and a few others have asked you to stop gorging yourself, we have a limited supply of food and drinks and you act like you're dying every time you come in here."

"I-I'm sorry, I'm just so hungry and depressed, I'm pretty sure we're going to die soon anyway, did you hear the quaking?"
No. 217376 ID: b3f237

okay, check the bathroom, ogorn MAY have wanted to go out in a blaze of glory. get them heading towards the tunnel first, don't want her to know we are suspicious.
check next area after that.
No. 217380 ID: 4b887c

Tell the mayor that it's time to stop whining and start doing his job, his people need him. He and Ogon must go to the exit at once.

Then quickly check the game room and bathroom.
No. 227088 ID: 55c4cf
File 128380692484.png - (265.10KB , 666x666 , Feel019.png )

I do not tell the Governor or anyone else about the escape, or how to escape. I have already taken a risk with Brushfire, and I want my family to be given a head start.

I confront Ogorn calmly and ask what she is doing. She says that she is hurting, and coughing up some blood. She shakes as she speaks to me. She coughs while following me and spatters blood lightly on her hand.

I check out the bathroom. It is completely clean. No bomb, no electronics.

While I am checking out the bathroom I do notice that someone has strolled across the hall and went down into the lower levels of the bunker.
No. 227089 ID: c71597

Follow and ask them what they're doing.
No. 227091 ID: a594b9

I'm going to bet they're in food storage.
No. 227092 ID: 4f6386


Ogorn doesn't look like she's going to be able to run very fast when the robots come. If you want her to have a chance of surviving and you trust her, you should give her a head start too. Be subtle, tell her to be around the escape exit.

Then follow that shady character down the bunker. Don't let him know that you're following him/her for now.
No. 227099 ID: 5eea01



On second thought, give him a pat on the back and a wink.

Then shoot him in the head.
No. 227149 ID: 55c4cf
File 128381569149.png - (162.90KB , 666x666 , Feel020.png )

I quietly explain to Ogorn the information she needs as well as the safe word(s) to follow after my family without getting her killed, or trapping anyone else that is going to escape with them. I then assist her getting into the wardrobe to ensure nobody notices her doing so.

This has cost me a moment, however, and I hurry to the stares. Rascal is struggling and about to fall backwards down the stares with a barrel. I grab hold of the barrel and help her stabilize herself.

"Oh, thank you Fernández. I was just coming upstairs to show you the final batch was done but Lakeisha barreled down the stairs in a hurry and almost bowled me over," She speaks in a very erratic manner. Her pitches rising and falling as she goes on inconsistently. This is normal as her voice and mannerisms are fairly twitchy. If I had been any slower she might have fallen backwards down the stairs and died. "I-Is something the matter, man. You seem really serious."

To nip it in the bud, Rascal and the other nerd were working on something to help us survive in the basement. It's sort of a surprise so I'll keep it to myself until the time is right.
No. 227151 ID: a594b9

We'd better follow Lakeisha.
No. 227152 ID: 97cb33

hmm, go check it out why would Lakeisha be in that much of a hurry?
No. 227155 ID: 4f6386


Yeah, this is pretty suspicious, go see what is Lakeisha up to.
No. 227195 ID: 55c4cf
File 128382396245.png - (153.20KB , 666x666 , Feel021.png )

I help Rascal up from the staircase with her barrel. "Go barricade the front door, use the barrel if you need to. I need to hurry." She starts to stammer something out, but you are already running down the stairs.

You hear Z. Barnes yell, "HELP," or at least most of it. The end of the word is drowned out by a loud gunshot.

Rascal pauses in her movements, frightened and stunned. She starts hurrying down the hall with the barrel.

Rascal and I go way back. I could consider her the closest thing I have to a friend here. I trust her to do the task I just asked her to do but I am worried she might do something dangerous or irrational. I am not stupid and I am pretty sure Z. Barnes was just murdered and she was very close to him.

The bright side is I believe I just narrowed down who is the problem.
No. 227198 ID: 97cb33

hopefully he is just, at worst, horribly wounded rather then dead. get out your gun and check.
No. 227397 ID: 5eea01

No. 227429 ID: a594b9

Don't rush in blindly. Make sure nobody's gonna shoot your head off first.
No. 227434 ID: 290096

Get your gun ready and peek around the door before going in.
No. 227878 ID: 55c4cf
File 128392101922.png - (237.79KB , 666x666 , Feel022.png )

I slow down at the end of the stairs and I make it to the doorway. I let caution get the best of me and I back up against the wall. I carefully move to peek into the hallway to the Labs.

I quickly pull back, and a good thing because a shotgun blasts a chunk of the wall about where my head just was.

"You're not going to stop me now, Fernández. The Gobaku will be here any second now, and I have the armory. Your revolvers can't take you very far. You've lost."

Caged up, outnumbered, and out gunned. Every ounce of me wants to prove her wrong.

The only tragedy is that she is probably right.
No. 227880 ID: 476456

More like going to get a right ass kicking.
No. 227882 ID: 97cb33

i know a way to take her out, it will be painful. stick your hand out. she will shoot it, then you pop out and ping her right in the face.
No. 227884 ID: 5eea01


Personally, it'd be helpful if you destroyed each other, but I suppose on the other hand it'd be less fun for the assaulting Gobaku.
No. 227896 ID: 249803
File 128392234227.jpg - (13.45KB , 434x218 , what did you just say.jpg )

or throw your shirt. that is much less painful.
No. 227898 ID: 97cb33

oh, yes, that would work too.
No. 237043 ID: 55c4cf
File 128599017336.png - (172.19KB , 666x666 , Feel023.png )

Stranded in the fog of words,
Loved them like the winter bird,
On my head the waters pour.

Fly away to what you want.

The next few minutes define what happens
To the depleting humanity deep down here.

The predator prepares to pounce,
The traitor making a final stand.

It's time for me to act,
Am I ready for this?

I slide off my shirt and prepare for what are
Almost certainly
My final actions.
No. 237047 ID: a594b9

Pop your head out for the briefest of moments to see where she is. Then after she fires at you (and misses most likely), pop out and take a shot. End her in one bullet.
No. 237052 ID: 7d8185

uh, no, the plan is throw shirt and she will shoot at it, then while she is busy chambering another round you pop out and fire.
No. 237102 ID: 6550ad


This sounds better than popping your head out.
No. 250825 ID: 55c4cf
File 128857670416.png - (237.76KB , 666x666 , Feel024.png )

You toss your shirt into the room, lower down and dive afterwards. Lakeisha quick reacts and shoots a round at the shirt, completely ruining your sweaty shirt. You take your chance and tag her shoulder with a bullet.

She screeches in pain and anger, and slams and locks the armory door. Unless she opens it up, there's no way you are getting inside.

You can hear a loud pounding and voices upstairs. It appears your guests have arrived and are starting to break into the doors.
No. 250828 ID: 31e5bb

can you see Barnes?is he totally dead or just maimed? if maimed then drag his ass out of here.
No. 250836 ID: 31e5bb

in that case... can you send a feedback pulse and unlock the door? or can you only hear machines?
No. 250838 ID: 6550ad

Quickly check out for Barnes, maybe he's still alive and not too hurt. Maybe.

If Lakeisha is going to stay locked in the armory waiting for the big Gobakuu overlords to give her a pat on the back she's not your problem anymore.

Go back upstairs, try to get anyone in your way to hurry their asses to the escape tunnels and head that direction yourself as well.
No. 250961 ID: c71597

Huh, she was human? Guess they must have some really good hold on her or something.

Shit, you really need to get the stuff in there. Give talking to her a short try. See if you can't convince her to let you in as a last act. Otherwise the trust revolver will have to do along with whatever else you might be able to scavenge from the enemy.
No. 254857 ID: 55c4cf
File 128941193449.png - (216.24KB , 666x666 , Feel025.png )

I don't think Barnes is going to be doing too much with most of his head being used to decorate the laboratory.

Lakeisha is cursing up a storm and reinforcing the Armory door. I don't think she is intending to get revenge.

Judging from the noise upstairs, I would guess the front doors were just knocked in.

I can hear Rascal and Imor, they must have still been in the lobby.

This is really bad, time is very limited. I will have to be very lucky if I can save anyone else at all!
No. 254862 ID: 6550ad

You can't save whoever was in the lobby anymore, unless they were smart enough to run in the opposite direction when they doors started to get smashed.

Time to rush upstairs. See if there's any activity in the corridor before going anywhere else.
No. 254863 ID: 27fe93

run towards the lobby. guns out.
No. 258159 ID: 55c4cf
File 129022461473.png - (244.81KB , 666x666 , Feel026.png )

You race up the stairs, and as you turn into the hallway you need to make a decision.

There are three robots in the bunker currently, and each one is cornering and about to murder someone.

Rascal in the Lobby, The Governor in the Kitchen, and Imor in the Bunks.

You only have the time to try and save one. Who will it be?
No. 258162 ID: f4885f

No. 258198 ID: 252e1b


Rascal's your buddy. When you need to make the tough choices, you choose your friends.
No. 258327 ID: f5e4b4

Save Rascal, she's your friend!
No. 266008 ID: 55c4cf
File 129308881399.png - (438.38KB , 666x666 , Feel027.png )

Imor gives his the final strum of his guitar, one final note.

The Governor never finishes that cookie.

Rascal gets to live another minute. I sneak past the dying folk to sneak up on the ancient style hunk of metal about to say hello to her with bullets.

I am careful, I blow a good portion of the parts in his head out his optical sensors.

Rascal stands there, "W-what do I d-d-do, Fernández?" She whispers quietly to me, shaking frantically.

I don't have many choices, but the dead hunk of bolts gives three more guns.

I can have Rascal stay with me for a last stand.
I can try to escape with Rascal and likely lead the other assassins after us and my family.
I could let Rascal know how to escape safely, and distract the bastards all by myself.

I don't have many choices, but those are the options I can think of.
No. 266018 ID: 476456

well plan A is out of the question, I dont think rascal is much of a fighter.
No. 266033 ID: f5e4b4


Give Rascal one of the guns and tell her how to escape and to tell your family that you love them, then look for a good place to stand against the robots and distract them while the survivors escape.
No. 266128 ID: 55c4cf
File 129313092988.png - (161.25KB , 666x666 , Feel028.png )

I disarm the downed robot and practically carry Rascal in a hurry to the other side of the hallway, whispering to her the information she needs to survive.

"Th-thank you, but I don't want to leave you behind, what about our project?"

I stand there for a minute, sensing every movement of the two murderbots just down the hallway. "Rascal, if I survive long enough I will make the best use of it, but if you don't leave right now there's almost no chance your intelligence will be of any use to anyone. Leave or you'll die."

She sniffles and closes the door slowly. Hopefully she is gone.

A Machina transformed into a killing machine, and I think the other one is stealth assassin. This is an elite couple of killers, I've been lucky so far. Rascal's project is in the basement, but how should I handle this?
No. 266130 ID: f5e4b4


Before they can react, try to shoot the stealth machine in the head with your rifle. Then begin retreating to the basement, taking cover around the corners and shooting them. If you get to the basement lab and you survive, you might be able to take the project with you and escape.

If not, you're distracting them away from the escape route anyways, and the basement is a good place for a last stand.
No. 266141 ID: 813c95

This seems like as good a plan as any, priority to staying behind cover.
No. 266509 ID: 55c4cf
File 12932699779.png - (319.39KB , 666x666 , Feel029.png )

I switch to the rifle as fast as I can and take a snapshot at the stealth assassin. Unfortunately the shot isn't dead on, and it doesn't strike true.

The assassin cloaks into stealth mode.

The machina fires an onslaught of explosives, but I have enough time to jump and roll out of the way in the chaos. I take cover behind the corner and recalibrate myself.

I don't have much time to act, I only have a vague idea where the assassin is.
No. 266510 ID: 476456

spray andoryprahy
No. 266511 ID: f5e4b4

Well crap, we're screwed.

Switch to pistols, retreat down the stairs, spraying bullets back to try and hit the stealth assassin.
No. 266512 ID: 55c4cf
File 12932752255.png - (467.53KB , 666x666 , Feel030.png )

I sling the rifle over my back and take hold of the pistols and begin racing towards the stairs.

I don't have the time to aim, the more time I use the higher chance the stealth bastard will get me. I spray bullets and hope I catch him off guard.

As I make the stairs, I don't manage to shoot it, but the bullet's report was close enough to shock and bring him out of Stealth.

The Machina is moving much slower.

I have to get down the stairs. How should I get down there and deal with the Android?
No. 266513 ID: 476456

block sword with gun then hip check him right int he nuts
No. 266514 ID: 476456

wait,he has nuts right?
No. 266516 ID: d3edda

Drop, avoid his strike, fire. Then down the stairs as fast as you can.
No. 266517 ID: f5e4b4

Drop and roll down the stairs, covering your head. When you get to the bottom, turn around and give the stealth robot a lead shower.
No. 266518 ID: 55c4cf
File 129327888453.png - (247.26KB , 666x666 , Feel031.png )

I take the small window of opportunity, I turn and unload the pistols into the robot. At least five land. It convulses and begins to collapse.

I think to catch myself and protect my head and body, but it's too late.

Most of my weight crashes down on my left arm onto the stairs, gashing it open and I can hear a loud snap.

I hit my head, but not nearly as hard and collapse to the bottom. I have dropped the pistols. I crawl to the door and lean on it.

The Machina stares down at me from the top of the staircase.
No. 266519 ID: f5e4b4

Try to land a shoot in the head of the fucker, then try to retreat to the lab before he can open fire or get where you are.
No. 266520 ID: 476456

tell him you meant to do that.
No. 266521 ID: 55c4cf
File 129328056760.png - (225.73KB , 666x666 , Feel031.png )

I can barely even hold my revolver. I am struggling and shaking violently. The machina begins to fire another explosive round, and I retract focus on trying to fire and crawl out of the stairwell. The pain is intense, but I am pretty sure I can make it to Rascal's project. I can smell Barnes, but I'll ignore it. I don't have time to get sick. Poor Barnes, I'm sorry I wasn't there for you. I'll be with you soon.
No. 266522 ID: 476456

Does this project explode?
No. 266524 ID: f5e4b4

Crawl to the project like a diabetic hero.
No. 266525 ID: 55c4cf
File 129328586877.png - (306.33KB , 666x666 , Feel032.png )

The explosion comes faster than I can move. The burning pain tells me that I am injured far more than I ever wanted to feel, but I do not look at it. I drop the Revolver. There's no point to it anymore. All I need is the rifle, if I can just crawl there in time. I clench my teeth so hard that I draw blood inside of my mouth. I'm almost in the room.
No. 266526 ID: 55c4cf
File 12932858978.png - (302.87KB , 666x666 , Feel033.png )

I struggle and pull the revolver up off of my back and lay myself over Barnes. I use all of my adrenaline and willpower to use both hands to steady the rifle. All I have to do is point and fire In the general direction of all of these barrels.

I can hear the footsteps of countless soldiers storming the bunker, but they are too late.

I fucking win this war.
No. 266527 ID: 55c4cf
File 129328592759.png - (199.39KB , 666x666 , Feel034.png )

For my son, who is flying away.

I can feel it all, and I regret nothing.
No. 266528 ID: 476456

It does!
No. 266529 ID: 476456

o..oh wait .
No. 266530 ID: 55c4cf

[ I feel it all. ]
No. 266532 ID: 55c4cf
File 129328859211.png - (185.04KB , 666x666 , Feel035.png )

It has been a very frustrating day.

Lord Hyoukyo himself sent me on a retrieval mission. I thought I might be on to something, but this explosion may have set me back many years.

"General, we have found a human in the rubble."

"God damn, someone survived that explosion? We lost at least two regiments."

"Yes, sir. The human traitor. She was inside of an armored cell with a large hoard of weapons. She is heavily injured, but alive."
No. 266533 ID: f5e4b4


Bark orders, make everyone busy, yell someone to bring you a coffee. And a cigar. And the human survivor.
No. 266534 ID: 476456

No. 266535 ID: 55c4cf
File 129329040362.png - (163.20KB , 666x666 , Feel036.png )

One of the soldiers brings me the filthy traitor after a few minutes of me overlooking the rescue teams and the soldiers who were only injured.

"I didn't know about the explosives, but I fulfilled my end of the deal, I led you to the remaining humans. Please help me, I need medical attention. I have done everything I promised."

I do my best to mask my extreme hatred for every cubic millimeter of her entire person, "Where is the boy?"

"You mean Fernández's son? Why would that be important."

"I don't care what you promised, the deal was that I needed the boy. Where is the boy?!"

"I don't know, he was blown up, I guess. I didn't know he was so important to you."
No. 266536 ID: f5e4b4
File 129329090841.gif - (37.18KB , 588x600 , product-preview-adult-kill-large.gif )

You know what you have to do.
No. 266538 ID: 55c4cf
File 129329320050.png - (299.12KB , 666x666 , Feel037.png )

"Without the boy, let me show you how important you are." I roar angrily, and gesture to the soldier.

I step forward as bullets are riddling her body with wet sprays of her blood. I kick her arms out of the way and slowly set my foot down on her torso. She is still breathing, still alive. I nod to the soldier and he backs away.

"You learn a valuable lesson too late. Without the one thing I ordered you to do, you are worthless. Your betraying your own race was meaningless."

I step down, the crunch of her rib cage doesn't allow her to live much longer.

The noise is not as satisfying as her face was right before I sent her off. Unfortunately I have a lot to do because of this royal failure.
No. 266539 ID: 476456

Make sure you make her into a cape or something.
No. 266540 ID: f5e4b4

Start searching for the boy and whoever escaped the bunker.
No. 266541 ID: 55c4cf
File 129329437142.png - (155.93KB , 666x666 , Feel038.png )

I start walking towards my ship. The soldier I was just with runs after me before I can get almost anywhere.

"General, We have taken control of the Capital. The country is now ours. What shall we call it?"

"Buenos Morte."

"Sir, that isn't even proper grammar."

"I know. A broken name for a dead country with a soon to be dead language. They can cry about it later. Report to the first in command below me. I am taking leave on a special mission indefinitely."

"Yes, sir."

Which began a very long journey for several years.
No. 266552 ID: 701a19

Resurrect soldier. Make her go with you. Force her to listen to showtunes 24/7. Only give her quiet when you give her a task and she's perfectly obedient at it.
No. 266554 ID: 55c4cf
File 129329692326.png - (207.51KB , 666x666 , Feel039.png )

My journey was successful. I do not find joy in slaughtering humans, and it's been a long time since I have even shed blood. I do not expect forgiveness, but my mission was not one of war.

The boy had gifts that I was told were essential to the planet. I found him about 20 years after the bunker incident, and abducted him away from what was almost his death.

I leave this mission upon you six.

Please take care of him.

"Wake up, Rinton Álvarez. It's time you left Buenos Morte."
No. 266555 ID: 55c4cf
File 12932971333.png - (421.04KB , 666x666 , Feel040.png )

"Now I can feel it."


[ The end. ]
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