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File 127952009262.png - (12.07KB , 674x483 , 1.png )
210053 No. 210053 ID: 46201e

'The Rezan people are superior to all others. There is no doubt. Others must be shown the glory of the Rezan nation, and its people. If they resist, then subjugate. If they rebel, then kill. If they submit, then help.'

-Makag family teaching, pupils becoming slavers are forced to recite this daily upon their fifth birthday.
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No. 210054 ID: 46201e
File 127952023210.png - (36.40KB , 674x483 , 2.png )

"Ju Gwah?! What the hell are you mongrels doing here?! No matter, you will die with this nonhuman bitch! I Oematsu Takai shall be your opponent and dea-"
No. 210061 ID: 46201e
File 127952052253.png - (57.79KB , 674x483 , 3.png )

"Shut up. Annoying native."

"Lord Venian the slaves are ragged. Any longer and some may fall ill."

"We need to put as much distance between ourselves and Hayaso as possible."

"Hey Veni, mind letting me have the sword?"
No. 210064 ID: 46201e
File 127952073154.png - (33.27KB , 674x483 , 4.png )

"You really have an odd obsession Iagn."

"Well what can I say? I can't let this stuff go to waste."

"You...are. What you are?"
No. 210065 ID: 46201e
File 127952080992.png - (60.00KB , 802x595 , 5.png )

"You are human. But you are not human. What you are?"

"Uh Veni...this thing is staring at me...is it coming on to me?"

"That's some old Eastaland dialect, I can barely understand it."
No. 210068 ID: 46201e
File 127952091472.png - (85.65KB , 802x693 , 6.png )

"Yes...sister speaks truth. What you are? I not see ever humans like you. And some not human at all. What are you?"
No. 210072 ID: 46201e
File 127952106178.png - (64.37KB , 802x780 , 7.png )

"So once I again ask now. What you are?"

Ugh...my head. It hurts trying to understand them. What is he saying?
No. 210075 ID: db1d0e

we got those words
she said
"You are human. But you are not human. What you are?"
other guy said
"Yes...sister speaks truth. What you are? I not see ever humans like you. And some not human at all. What are you?"
then he said
"So once I again ask now. What you are?"
No. 210076 ID: 701a19

He said "So once I again ask now. What you are?"

Repeat this: [Slavers, but we're just passing through right now. What do you want?]

Lets leave these people alone unless they actually want to come with us. Our supplies are already stretched thin enough, and they'll be more inclined to help without the point of a sword.
No. 210080 ID: db1d0e

we can't be just passing through, the slaves and everyone is tired. we need to make a camp here so we must parlay. also i meant what are they literally. as they are not quite human.

[we are demi-humans, created from the joining of man and monster. we are looking for a place to rest, may we stay here?]
No. 210090 ID: 46201e
File 127952498569.png - (58.80KB , 802x636 , 8.png )

In my experience the first thing I should say shouldn't include the word slavers.

Ugh, some of those words don't exist in that dialect...um

"We are Almost-Humans. We are children made from Human and Other....uh...we rest our heads needing...for food lack thereof...help please. Who you are?"

"I am Kamagan. I am Mo Sala. She my sister Minujia."

"Your ears. They are Mo Sala. But they are not Mo Sala. You come from Human? You come from Mo Sala?"

"Veni, help...She is throwing off my internal balance, and I'm getting queasy..."

"Quiet Iagn. These are the Mo Sala. I think the only reason they haven't killed us is because of you. So stop blubbering. It's unbecoming of a representative of Rezo."

"May help we have please?"

"Your tongue is tied. Very odd."
No. 210091 ID: db1d0e

it seems Iagn is part Mo Sala. they can recognize thier own.
he said
"I am Kamagan. I am Mo Sala. She my sister Minujia."
then she said
"Your ears. They are Mo Sala. But they are not Mo Sala. You come from Human? You come from Mo Sala?" which is why i propose his heredity
then he said
"Your tongue is tied. Very odd."
try this
"come from other land with different tongue, know this one but hard because not raised among it"
No. 210127 ID: c2c011

Seems like the Mo Sala are some sort of elfs or something. You can probably use this to your advantage.
No. 210306 ID: 4d3427
File 127960117798.png - (47.06KB , 802x636 , 9.png )

Iagn isn't Mo Sala. He's...actually I'm not too sure. He says Kobold but he's a tad too tall to believe that.

>"Come from other land with different tongue, know this one but hard because not raised among it. Please be....ugh...help of us?"


"Brother, what this person be?"

"Sister interested in you. You are not human. I trust you. But favor must beget favor...you help us if we help you."
No. 210308 ID: 545839

we got
"Brother, what this person be?"

"Sister interested in you. You are not human. I trust you. But favor must beget favor...you help us if we help you."

so a favor trade, if it is just more dumbasses like that Oematsu guy this will be easy. don't see anyway out of it even if we wanted to though so i guess you need to accept.
No. 210310 ID: 701a19

"Brother, what this person be?"

"Sister interested in you. You are not human. I trust you. But favor must beget favor...you help us if we help you."

So reply:
"That's fair. What do you need?"
No. 210335 ID: 4d3427
File 127960565349.png - (57.99KB , 802x636 , 10.png )

"Fair enough. What...of requirement of you want?"

"Not safe to converse here strange tongue. Follow me. Minujia we go."
No. 210336 ID: 4d3427
File 127960566970.png - (70.42KB , 759x456 , 11.png )

No. 210337 ID: 4d3427
File 127960570476.png - (73.93KB , 759x456 , 12.png )

No. 210341 ID: 701a19

"Not safe to converse here strange tongue. Follow me. Minujia we go."
No. 210356 ID: 4d3427
File 127961120618.png - (64.11KB , 736x632 , 13.png )

"We have arrived Strange Tongue."

"Eh...all I see is bamboo wall."

Ach ka I hope I said that right.
No. 210357 ID: e15df4

you said it right. he is pointing up, look up.
No. 210360 ID: 4d3427
File 127961174769.png - (65.31KB , 736x632 , 14.png )

"You are not sensitive to Mo Sala magic yes, no? Fake wall you see. It is this why we still live."
No. 210361 ID: 248de8

ah yes, magic. that would make sense. and i suppose iagn wouldn't be part mo sala then, otherwise he would of sensed it.
No. 210367 ID: 4d3427
File 127961314740.png - (31.01KB , 602x632 , 15.png )

"Behold, our home of Mo Sala."

"This is all interesting, but what the heck are we doing here?"

"I'm about to find out.

"What help you want?"

"First of all, a question. How large a force do possess of you? And what really you are? Know, I do of you and you Almost Humans. But from where you are? Where going to?"
No. 210375 ID: 574b26

"First of all, a question. How large a force do possess of you? And what really you are? Know, I do of you and you Almost Humans. But from where you are? Where going to?"

i guess give him a rough number or 'many' if you can't get a number. and that you live on a land across the ocean or 'big water' or something. you were here for a test to show that you are worthy of being a leader to your people and are on your way back home.
No. 210410 ID: c2c011

You can probably tell him. And mention that you're not exactly a friend of the local rulers.

Hmm, you know, it might be a good idea to bring along some of them as honored guests. And I do mean as guests, not slaves or anything. For a sort of diplomatic exchange. Could give you valuble allies here if you ever return with a claim on the throne.
No. 210514 ID: 4d3427
File 127967420163.png - (132.05KB , 1304x742 , 16.png )

I can't see that happening, though I might be able to part with some of the more miscellaneous supplies...

"My...army has thir-twenty strong peoples. We all come from beyond the uh...(dammit what's the word)...ocean. We here for test. We finish test and home go."

"...And what help need you?"

"Rest. Place to hide. Humans here not friends. Enemies. We bring prisoners of them. And-"

"You capture live humans? Hah! I like this odd one."

"Now we are going home while the...chiefs fight each other. But we need rest, and a place to hide from the human soldiers."

"We could give for you the place of rest. But you must aid us while here."

"Helps you how?"

"Human peoples fighting...coming too close to land. We need to move our people somewhere new, and fight humans who come too close, make them think our home is elsewhere."
No. 210544 ID: 4d3427
File 127968234431.png - (53.64KB , 863x742 , 17.png )

"Right so you want me to fight for you? This is a bit-"


"These ears of yours are so odd. So skinny. So cute."
No. 210546 ID: 3602d0

tell him "no, she says you are cute"
No. 210547 ID: 732129

Ask if he can stand the attention a little longer, since she's not hurting him or anything.
No. 210562 ID: 4d3427
File 127968612544.png - (61.04KB , 863x742 , 18.png )

"I'm a bit busy. Besides she likes you. Can't you deal with it for a while?"

"No I told you she's throwing off my equilibrium. I'm getting sick..."

"Eki. Eki. Eki. They bend so easy."

Anyway...it seems the Mo Sala want me to distract Hayaso patrols or something. I'm not sure about this. While I don't doubt my soldiers skill, I don't know if we can risk spending the time staying here. but at the same time, I can sense the aversion in the Mo Sala, the one right next to me is just waiting for an excuse to kill me...
No. 210565 ID: f798ff

so our options are decline and possibly die here, or accept and do stuff for a bit?

state that once your group have recovered enough to start moving again you must leave but before then you will do your best to assist them in their endeavor.

best relocate and distract plan would be not to move in the opposite direction but at an odd angle from it so that if they catch on that you are trying to mislead them they will still fail to figure where you have moved to.
No. 210598 ID: a594b9

Getting sick? You'd better inform the girl that if she doesn't stop messing with his ears soon he's gonna puke.
No. 210612 ID: 701a19

Tell them that she should probably stop doing that, since to his people that's a proposal of marriage. They'll make her stop.

If they want to move, then the simplest solution is for them to accompany you as far as the contested lands.
No. 210623 ID: 467ba4
File 127969997158.png - (67.85KB , 862x592 , 19.png )

"You know...you are proposing to be his (I can't remember the word) lover when you pull his ears that way."


"Minujia, stop that!"

"In any case...I think that by us coming with-"

"I barely understand you but I understood that. We already know where to go. We have many places of hiding. But we need help protecting our weaker and unarmed people. Humans are passing through our lands and there good chance of detection. You are required to distract humans. Attack them in directions away from people of ours."

So we are a distraction.
No. 210624 ID: 3578a1

fair enough. got anything that could make you extra distracting?
No. 210642 ID: c2c011

You can probably make that work out. Just ask them to take the slaves along with them and keep them safe while you deal with patrols. And ask Iagn to stay with the slaves and make sure they don't do anything stupid or try to run away, and make sure the Mo Sala don't just slit their throats.
No. 211186 ID: f1a9e6
File 127986974965.png - (59.26KB , 862x660 , 20.png )

"Is there any specific plan? Something we can use?"

"There is Odd one. Kamagan shall stay behind to aid you. He already has a plan, all you need is decide who should follow through."


"It may be difficult with our prisoners about. Some are still restless and may try to escape while we are fighting. Perhaps if they went with you..."

"You misunderstand. Until arriving of you, Kamagan was meant to be abandoned. We are leaving and do not expect of anyone to follow. Kamagan was meant to fight until he goes to the Heavens. However with you, we are hoping he need not sacrifice himself."

[b]"So you are telling me we are all going to die?!"

"Not at all. With you present we believe Kamagan can give an illusion that an army hides in the forest. When they do, the humans will run. They always do."
No. 211202 ID: c2c011

Hmm, seems like a decent plan. You and your men can sort of strike as ghosts from the illusions and make the human forces hopefully piss themselves in fear and run away quick as hell.

But in case it doesn't work out you should probably look for some alternate way out.

And you could probably keep the slaves in the abandoned settlement under guard. That should hopefully keep them calm.

Oh, ask what Kamagan is to do after you have driven the enemy away. Will he rejoin his people immediatly or is it possible that he could help you on your way to the coast. Having an illusionist around sounds like something that could be useful.
No. 211216 ID: 46a397
File 127987535990.png - (47.28KB , 922x768 , 21.png )

I suppose. Considering It's that or face Hayaso on open ground.

"Is there plan to fight?"

"Yes. Humans are marching to west for fighting. They want to cut through our land to gain faster. The plan is to lure them down this road with mountain ranges next to. I make illusion copies of me and your best defender to fight. When they are lured under cliff, someone will drop rockslide. But we must wait until the leader human is on the other side. Then we kill leader, which will make other humans run. They will want to bring army to fight us. And they will bring army to fight us but will find only wind and dust when arrival. Who good for fighting?"

I could barely make that plan out but I think he is asking for my best warrior well...Shadeleaf is more ambush from afar. That would leave me, Iagn, and Kuta if he wakes up. But each of our fighting styles are different though.

"Will the humans magic bringing of?"

"I know not. This is small force. Sometime they bring mage. Sometime it is not important enough to bring one."
No. 211219 ID: 8dc279

is a good enough plan, but plans never survive contact with the enemy. let us have you with the guy and shadeleaf and iagn hiding nearby in case something goes wrong.
No. 211293 ID: c71597

Ask them if they can wake up Kuta. Have you, Kuta and the guy grab their attention while Iagn and Shadeleaf find a good spot for a possible ambush of a mage if they have one.

With Kuta there you can deal with any magic they have. Disguise him a bit though so that they won't recognise him.

And make a plan for getting out of there alive if everythning goes to shit. Kamagan is welcome to stay and fight to the death but you need to get back home alive and with your merchendise.
No. 211294 ID: 5c0e65

he can't have the axe with him. iagn can have it though. but having an anti-magic axe while having an illusion spell cast on you sounds like a bad idea.
No. 211297 ID: c71597

It could be nearby. As long as he's not holding it things should work out decently.
No. 211311 ID: 701a19

Sounds like a fine plan, but have the people who are attacking disguised, and have a squad of people 'rescue' the leader instead.
Then you have the option of keeping him, or keeping up a pretense of refugees while he's with you then repatriating him to his own side as a 'show of good faith' in order to secure passage.
Also, he likely has current troop movement information.
No. 211319 ID: 2f7195
File 127992678793.png - (59.24KB , 922x768 , 22.png )

"The...(they don't have the word elf in their language)...pointed ear human named Shadeleaf shall place here to rain arrows upon enemy. This should allow us to retreat if bad things go...

"And what of the warrior? Who shall i subject to my magic?"

Well Iagn is certainly good when it comes to extended battles. I am more preferable to a hard attack and finishing the battle quickly. As for Kuta...I don't know, I still haven't seen him in action.
No. 211328 ID: b124fe

hmmm, well i think you would be best then. want to have this quick.
No. 211401 ID: 2f7195
File 127993927119.png - (61.78KB , 922x768 , 23.png )

Well first I'd like to explore all my possibilities.


"I have a man who may prove useful should a mage arise. But he has sustained many injuries. Do you have an apothecary?"

"Minujia is skilled very well in the healing arts. Let her see him, and he should be well enough to fight. At least for the time now."

Well that means Kuta is now available...

"How exactly are we going to attack?"

"From here. My magic should cloak us well enough. And it allows us to move rapidly between the two ambush points, where I have the upper hand. But I do not know where the leader will be. He may be the sort that hides in the back (Meaning it will be a long battle), or from the front(My specialty).
No. 211403 ID: 2ab682

hrmm, so we have a roughly 50-50 chance of it being good for one of you and a unknown chance that kuta would be good. since the odds are 50-50 we should choose in a way that is fifty fifty. get a coin and flip it. heads you go, tails iagn goes.
No. 211459 ID: a594b9

The illusionary fighter is going to be a distraction. Have Iagn do it.
No. 212293 ID: 2f7195
File 128009998226.png - (52.16KB , 690x674 , 24.png )

"I'll be the distracting soldier. Will the spell being difficult?"

"For you? No. You very susceptible to magic I see. You have a crytal of blue yes? Come from Tsang Naji? Chang family?"
No. 212294 ID: 701a19

See? I toldja you should have let us talk to the princess directly. Now you're caught flatfooted.

"What of it?"
No. 212299 ID: 2f7195
File 128010168864.png - (51.82KB , 690x674 , 25.png )

Alright alright, I get it. I should listen to you more often. Wait what am I saying? If I did that, I'd be sleeping with the woman!

"Perhaps. What of it?

"I know Chang family, may I see the crystal?"
No. 212301 ID: e34bf6

you say that like it's a bad thing~

regardless i guess we should say hello to him. hand us over.
No. 212325 ID: 2f7195
File 128010585369.png - (73.17KB , 1010x768 , 26.png )

Very well

"Here it is."

"Ah. You do have it."

Hello in here! Do the beings of this vessel hear my thoughts? I am Kamagan of Mo Sala!
No. 212329 ID: c717de

hello Kamagan. we greet you.
No. 212336 ID: 6834bc

Are you well, Kamagan?
No. 212344 ID: 2f7195
File 12801107272.png - (32.87KB , 539x716 , 27.png )

About as well as any man planning his demise. But I am curious. Last I saw this bauble was in the hands of the Chang clan of Tsang Naji. How does an artifact of Tsang Naji find its way to a human, a strange human with stranger company.
No. 212347 ID: 54ea06

we were found in the same place the prisoners were obtained. it seems that if we are not held for extended periods of time our memory fades away. our first memory is being picked up by our current owner.
No. 212350 ID: 2f7195
File 128011177291.png - (39.68KB , 539x716 , 28.png )

Yes...that does match with your nature. But what of your Tsang Naji owner? What happened to the Chang?
No. 212353 ID: 701a19

The man before you is... Well, for lack of better words we will call him the princess's consort. Former princess, rather.
These are dire times, and we have been seeing to her well-being and happiness. He has been protecting her and keeping her happy, and aiding him has proven to be in her best interests.
As far as her family, we cannot say for we do not know. However, an ill wind blows when a princess's family renounces her life. Be wary of their lands; troubled times approach.

We will do our best to help you survive, Kamagan, but we are too unsure of the outcome to make promises.

Do you have a request for us?
No. 212361 ID: 2f7195
File 128011393948.png - (52.65KB , 539x716 , 29.png )

Former princess? Hah, serves those proud bastards right. Gods my foot. Yes I do have a request. I notice how the human's eyes seem to change. I know that is you controlling him. I ask you to be vigilant. If he dies, my illusion is broken. I can't have that. Is he aware of your control over him?
No. 212362 ID: 8c6efb

somewhat, he knows that we hold an influence over him, but we are both unsure how deep it goes. some things he staunchly refuses no matter how hard we try to convince him to do so.
No. 212367 ID: 732129

Thus far reasoned arguments have worked best for getting him to commit to a course of action.
No. 212399 ID: 2f7195
File 128012246158.png - (53.41KB , 838x650 , 30.png )

Right well you'd best make yourselves more convincing. In case you've also forgotten, forcing your will on a mortal too many times destroys their mind. If you have to do it with the human please wait until I am done with him.

"Yes, this jewel is Chang. Hold on to it, as luck shall be bought to you."


"Patrol shall arrive upon one day. I will need time to prepare illusion ritual. If you need preparations, make them tonight."

Well you heard him. Prepare. Not sure how though, there are many loose ends that need tying. Which ones are most important?
No. 212417 ID: 8e11a3

let's see... getting the slaves in the town and assigning guards and selecting troops for the mission is good. telling shadeleaf the plan is a good idea too. how about the progress you have made on the princess, is she your loyal slave willing to die at the drop of a hat for you?
No. 212482 ID: c71597

Sounds like a good idea. You should also make yourself familiar with the area where you will be fighting. Look for good escape routes and stuff like that if you need to get out of there quickly.
No. 216279 ID: 071cb7
File 128124736653.png - (66.79KB , 838x650 , 31.png )

Well not exactly THAT much, though I do think I earned her trust.



"I will need you overlooking the village. We have respite here, but in exchange we need to divert a Hayaso force heading in this direction."

"Lord you know we do not have the resources to take on even a scouting force!"

"But the men hear guarantee me that we will have a magic that will give us an advantage. In any case your task is to find the leader as we lure him into open ground and you will kill him. That should send the forces running. But I need you to scout the cliffside overlooking the village because I need to to kill him as soon as possible."

"Very well lord..."

Well with that done I should look about. There are the north and south exits of the village, the square,where my troops are setting camp, and the Chieftan's home both where the Mo Sala are organizing the exodus of their people and the Guest Quarters where I have the princess held. There are no other places that could be used as an escape or of any importance to me.
No. 216290 ID: 701a19

Right now you have everything well in hand, so would you please hand us over to the princess? We need to work her a bit.
No. 216305 ID: 071cb7
File 128125554037.png - (31.96KB , 623x436 , 32.png )

With Gyoji? What business would you have with her? How do you even know if she'd hear you?
No. 216307 ID: cdaced

so far everyone who has touched us could hear us, even that dying dude.
want to see her because she seemed to recognize us.
No. 216310 ID: 701a19

She recognized us, meaning that she can probably tell us more about how we work. Such as side effects and the like.
Besides that? People can't keep secrets from us, so we'll be able to tell how devoted she is to you. We can also explain the plan to get past her father's troops and her part in it.

There is much work to do. You have your part here and now, while we have to arrange things in advance.
No. 216337 ID: c2c011

I would rather supervise stuff here. Oh, and you should give someone you trust back in the village orders to prepare for a hasty retreat if it becomes necessary.

You should always make back up plans in case the first plan fails, and then back up plans for the back up plans and so on. Have to make sure there is virtually no possibility of getting surprised.
No. 216480 ID: 071cb7
File 128132236017.png - (31.03KB , 623x436 , 33.png )


Well I suppose it is best to think ahead. Chang Naroubu is indeed the biggest threat to me on this damned island. Very well, glean what information you can from her. And if possible, try and get her to see my ways. It will be much easier to have an ardent slave.

"Up woman."

"My lord?"
No. 216491 ID: 1062a1

hold us out and ask if she recognizes us. if so then hand us over.
No. 216522 ID: 071cb7
File 128133387664.png - (33.99KB , 623x436 , 34.png )

"Do you by any chance...recognize this?"

"Wha-I...where did you find that?! That's my family's Zui-hu! Quickly hand it over! It is dangerous in the hands of anything besides Tsang Naji!"

"The Mo Sala beg to differ..."


"What does this do? So far it has been bombarding my head with voices."

"You what?!"

Something tells me I may know more about you than she.
No. 216524 ID: 4c7b39

Well, by that logic, you should drill her for what she does know about it.
No. 216533 ID: 548535

yes, figure out what she thinks we are, a kernel of truth may show up that lets us use another power or something.
No. 216563 ID: 071cb7
File 128134396191.png - (58.15KB , 674x550 , 35.png )

"And honestly, I would appreciate some silence. Here, let them keep you company. I have a battle to plan for."

"Ah! No...lord...I'm still sore from the ride here...it hurts..."

Ah...why? Why does he do this?
No. 216569 ID: 701a19

Oh, no. She's quite right; we're a rather dangerous artifact. The Mo Sala said we would bring luck, not that we're harmless. However, that just makes it more important that we know more about what we are and what we can do.
Drilling her for information would be fine, except you have a battle for which to prepare.

Hand us off to her and we'll see about getting the information we need.
No. 216570 ID: 0b2a05

Why do you think~?
No. 216571 ID: 701a19

Because you enjoy it.

Hello, Gyoji.
What can you tell us about ourselves?
What is it that you desire?
No. 216573 ID: 4e6685

well for one he does think you are pretty.
two, because we told him to.
anyway, hello Gyoji, we are the orb of infinite psyche, or as you call us Zui-hu. what exactly were you told we do?
No. 216599 ID: c2c011

Hello Girly, was it really necessary to go so overboard with your fetishes that your father feelt forced to exile you into slavery? I mean you could just have been a bit more discréte about it.

Anyway, what do you think of your current master? Sexy devil isn't he.
No. 216627 ID: 732129

Hello Gyoji, I'd really like to see your skeleton! Or at least one of your species. Which set of ribs was converted into a second set of shoulder blades? Where does all that extra muscle mass hook up? How strong is your second set of arms anyway?
No. 216870 ID: 071cb7
File 128141047394.png - (41.96KB , 674x550 , 36.png )


"Wha?! Skeleton?! What fetish? Slavery?! What is? What are?"

"Judging by your reaction, I'm guessing you hear them now. And judging further this is your first time hearing them. Ach-ka. Get acquainted and such, I have work to do. And you voices! I know you can hear me. Don't get distracted!"

"Wait! Lord!"

No. 216871 ID: 071cb7
File 128141053521.png - (40.83KB , 674x550 , 37.png )

So this is where my Zui-hu went...wait. What did he mean distracted? By what?
No. 216873 ID: a594b9

By you, girly. We're a bunch of perverts in here.
No. 216876 ID: 09de1a

yeah, a bit pervy :P . we'll try to stay on track though.
so what does Zui-hu translate to?
No. 216890 ID: 67c611

Us getting distracted by the fact we are in a woman. A perverted woman. A perverted woman we can now influence.
No. 216895 ID: b9bd4f

Magical trinket with voices inside. Lots of them. Ya know, the thing you're holding?
No. 216897 ID: f62611

Yeah. We have a track record of getting people laid and having breasts revealed to us. Cause we're a collection of spirits I guess. And apparently, most of us enjoy lewd activities.

We're also the ones who got him to treat you the way he does. Mainly cause it appears you enjoy it, and we want you to enjoy what you can. You're on the run after all.
No. 216900 ID: b9bd4f

But it's really just because we have no body, so that tends to put us off quite a bit. Frustrating, really.
No. 216913 ID: 071cb7
File 128142154743.png - (53.83KB , 674x742 , 38.png )

Oh...well Zui hu...it means literally wisdom ball and- oh what?!

"AH! I-I-I don't! I-perverted?! I d-d-don't know what you're talking about!
No. 216914 ID: 620bfb

No. 216932 ID: 40cb26

Well... maybe not QUITE that, but an indefinite number of minds that can communicate directly with your own is pretty damn close.

(It's not like it would make sense for an all knowing thing to ask a bunch of questions, anyways.)

Know this: we are many who are one, each voice distinct but fleeting and any of us may cooperate or disagree with one another. Our overall nature is to assist and guide by suggestion, to the benefit of all we ally with. We offer many possibilities but in the end your decisions are your own.

Now then... tell us all you know that might interest us.
No. 216937 ID: 071cb7
File 12814287066.png - (48.70KB , 674x742 , 39.png )

"Ah...Ah-ha. Didn't lord...what is his name? Didn't the lord -ah- request something from you?"

Father never said the Zui-hu would act in this way...
No. 216941 ID: 023ff6

simply wanted to know what you know about us. what did your father say we did?
No. 216947 ID: 732129

That's Lord Venian. He's pretty cool, have you seen him fight yet? His bones hold no secrets though, he's as human as they come.

Your skeleton though, what stories do your bones tell, princess? Have you studied anatomy, or will we need to get a book later on this?

Also, we asked to talk to you and Lord Venian granted that request. We're hoping to get to know you better.
No. 216948 ID: 40cb26

Just a little reminder, we can hear your thoughts. The surface ones at least. Makes it simpler than speaking out loud, and as a bonus you look less crazy. So, how did you father describe us?
No. 216969 ID: c2c011

Well you didn't seem to listen to closely to your father. If you did then I don't think they would have found a servant spanking you.

Anyway, why does that bitch of an advisor that your father keep around hate your guts so much? And your siblings as well it seems.
No. 216981 ID: 701a19

When did your father hand us to you, and why?
Further, what do you know about us? Our abilities? Our nature?

There's no sense denying your perversions, as we have been with Veni the entire time and seen your behavior. You would do well to be honest with us, first and foremost about your attraction to Veni and your desire to be his love slave.

Beyond that, we have created a golden opportunity for you. You see, Lord Venian is a Rezan nobleman, and among the Rezan it is an abomination to sleep with a slave that is below a certain rank. If he indulged in you then at minimum it would mean disownment on par with your own, but there would be a decent chance of execution.
In order for you to properly have the place you desire - and don't insult us by trying to deny it - we have arranged for you to have a chance to advance your rank.
In a few days you will come within range of your father's forces. The basic plan is for everybody to disguise as refugees, and have you and Lord Venian ride out to meet with their officers to secure passage. They will not know about your dismissal, so you will be able to very easily convince them that you and a few royal guards are traveling with refugees fleeing the war zone. If they express concern over Lord Venian's obviously foreign nature, then tell them he's there for 'diplomatic talks' in such a way as to suggest that you are sleeping together and that the officers should keep that information to themselves. There is a decent supply of money should you feel a bribe is appropriate.

This plan proves to Lord Venian's people that you are loyal, and it meets the criteria for improved rank by saving the lives of Lord Venian and his troops. This is the situation you need to be in if you want to have a happy life.

So, what do you think of this plan?
No. 216990 ID: f62611

The more honest you are, the better we can tailor your enviroment. Or we can just berate you fo' info. That isn't nice though
No. 217265 ID: 071cb7
File 128151282569.png - (57.91KB , 674x742 , 40.png )

Well father told me how the wisdom of this orb guided him to victories that increased his territory tenfold. he never told me how...crass you were.

Oh...well i was in heat. And-and normally I stay locked in my room until the urges pass, but my door was unlocked and well...I lost control. But that was the only time!!

And what advisor are you talking about. My father has many of those.

I couldn't make out the first part...ah...I see. I suppose that plan could be effective...though normally I am expected to stay out of sight of the commoners and have a royal guard speak on my behalf...perhaps Lord Venian-jin
No. 217277 ID: 732129


We speak the way people need to be spoken to, Princess. Calculated crassness can help shock a woman out of old modes of thinking, help her evaluate things as they are instead of how they ought to be.

So. Why'd you steal us if you weren't going to use us?
No. 217281 ID: 701a19

Oh? So you've been in heat the entire time you've been his prisoner? You've been enjoying this treatment, and it's rather bold to claim otherwise.
We've been altering events to get you the life we think you want, but if you cooperate with us by telling what you desire then we can do a far superior job of it.

We heard that anecdote from Li Jue. Chang Narobu's Third Strategist and First Mistress.
That said, I'm curious why your father would let you have such a valuable artifact when he was so displeased with you.
It might be that Li Jue is manipulating your father in preparation for betraying him, in which case we would like you to make one small alteration to the plan. Namely, that you make the officers swear on their families honor to tell no one but your father himself that Li Jue is planning on betraying him and has already made a failed attempt on your life, as well as that if you are missing or dead within the month then it means she has succeeded. True or false, that works to your advantage.

Beyond that, there is a decent chance that they will try to separate you from your entourage in order to be sure that you aren't being coerced. If that happens then your story needs to match what Lord Venian tells them.
No. 217295 ID: 071cb7
File 128152079032.png - (52.16KB , 674x742 , 41.png )

Steal? I never stole it. I was transporting it and some other supplies to my brother Chang Quan before he began his push to Hayaso. Plus I wanted to visit the Yang Quay mansion. I so missed it's beautiful view.

I don't understand...Li Jue was so kind to me...why? I thought she may have resented my mother but...I never knew it stretched to me or my siblings...And now here I am. Slave to a Ju Gwah lord, to be subjected to I don't know...I don't know why she would do this. I don't know if my father really wanted me gone. But if he did-it hurts now. Please stop making me dwell on such a subject.
No. 217301 ID: 805b7e

okay then, sure, we'll stop. so hat do you want to talk about? we do know many things about many subjects.
No. 217312 ID: 701a19

I never suggested you stole it. Quite the contrary, I was mulling over how contradictory those two actions are.

Regardless, you need to tell us what you want from this life. You're currently on track for being Lord Venian's personal plaything; does this please you? How would you like your relationship with him to be? What position would you like by his side? Or not?
Answer completely and truthfully.
No. 217313 ID: c2c011

Don't worry about it. We will make sure that bitch pays and you get a good life. We got some grand plans for a bright new future. I'm sure you will grow to appreciate it in time.

By the way, do you have any insight in how your father might move around his troops in this invasion. Anything that allows us to bypass them would be helpful.
No. 217401 ID: f62611

wait wait wait, this is making less and less sense.
Why would your dad tell you about us if he wanted it delivered. You could have been a liability if he wanted you dead...

I have a feeling you were expected to have us, and that he sent you out for your own good.

On that note, we didn't see the king at all, just that witch. And that the guards and people follow what she says.

Either your dad is foolish.
Or he's very wise...
No. 217532 ID: 071cb7
File 128158478791.png - (60.92KB , 674x742 , 42.png )

I don't know what you mean. My father used give us stories since we we're youths, regaling us with his tales of narrow escapes and close calls. I wasn't simply told on thw spot what it does. I was fully aware of what it did when my father was sending it to my brother.

Plaything? You mean he? And I? I-ah-ah"ah-ah-ah-EEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHH?!"
No. 217533 ID: 071cb7
File 128158491345.png - (80.21KB , 822x976 , 43.png )

"NO! Nonononononononononononononononononono!!!"
No. 217534 ID: 071cb7
File 128158496730.png - (64.28KB , 1065x976 , 44.png )

"Woman, I thought I told you not to leave your qua-"
No. 217537 ID: 071cb7
File 128158507331.png - (90.51KB , 1065x976 , 45.png )


"What the hells are youtalking abou-AI!"
No. 217539 ID: 071cb7
File 128158523552.png - (47.14KB , 600x706 , 46.png )


"...Uh. Yes. Stay in your room. That's better.

I'm not sure how to take that but I'm guessing you said something you weren't supposed to...well what DID you learn?

"Now what make Tsang Naji act crazy odd so? maybe you ugly? By human standard, you ugly are?"
No. 217540 ID: 701a19

She's aware of the plan and has agreed to it.

We're nearly certain that her father is being betrayed by his mistress, but haven't informed the princess of this fact. This is important, since it requires us to make changes to the plan to account for divergent loyalties.

Also, she may have been in heat since you encountered her. Interesting, but not particularly useful. Wrap some velvet on your iron fist when handling her.
No. 217542 ID: be9b1b

ugh, one in here thought it would be funny to say how much you want to bang her. and as you know everything is said, we can't silence another.

anyway. it seems this may indeed all be a ploy of Li Jue, as she was on a mission to give us to her brother when you got us. she also claims that the rumor was just somehow her door was unlocked while she was in heat, resulting in her wanting to bang the first thing that walked in. still has a spanking fetish though, her denying it SO hard means it is true. you don't react like that to falsehood.
No. 217546 ID: 67c611

She says no but she means yes.
No. 217576 ID: c2c011

She was just overcome with joy over the future. Anyway, we didn't really learn anything massively useful. Just that her brother was supposed to have us and that we apparently helped her father at some point.

Anyway, how's it going on your end?
No. 217596 ID: 732129

Not just at some point, but apparently we helped him with his meteoric rise to power.

We didn't remember this because of the nature of our enchantment. Who knew, huh?

Anyway Gyoji was blind-sided by her expectations of how we would behave.

I suspect there's a reason why her father stopped using us. A good one, not just that we're crass and rude. She said she was to deliver us to her brother. I wonder if he is a full-blooded brother, or a half brother by Li Jue? I didn't get a chance to clarify before we upset her.
No. 217927 ID: 071cb7
File 12816777551.png - (33.05KB , 564x636 , 47.png )

Well apparently Kamagan needs to 'prepare' my body for the illusion. Saying his spell needs to learn my movements or something. I can barely understand him even with your help so I'm not sure that's what he really said.

Well it's good to know she agrees. It means she's becoming less resistant and easier to manipulate. Which means less hassle for me. Now that the um...'inscribing' thing is done, that paint is cold especially in my nethers, what else should I inspect? Kamagan said, at least I think, that I needed to move about the town with this paint on my body for the spell to start learning...
No. 217951 ID: 40cb26

Our communication with him is just a touch easier what with reading thoughts and all. If you have any confusion about what to do hand us to him and we'll sort it out. Otherwise just go along with it, understanding it or not won't change much.
No. 217971 ID: c2c011

Go around town then and what buildings there are. If there are any good defensive positions and such for a rearguard action if you have to pull out and they're a bit too close for comfort.

And you know just generally see how the place looks. Architechture can sometimes reveal interesting things about a people's origin.
No. 218238 ID: 071cb7
File 128176903436.png - (35.77KB , 733x429 , 48.png )

Well there's the south exit which we'll use as an emergency escape, the north exit which we'll use if all goes to plan, and the square where my troops are camping. That is where I am organizing my own troops. At least the ones being used in the upcoming battle.
No. 218239 ID: f92102

a spar should do good, get lots of different movements.
No. 218250 ID: c2c011

Check for sturdy defendable buildings and make sure people know to use the southern exit in case everything goes to shit. You should always have a clear line of retreat and an exit strategy planned.

After that I guess you should warm up for the upcoming fight. Can't be stiff or something when it's time to fight them.
No. 218512 ID: 071cb7
File 128185032660.png - (43.77KB , 699x598 , 49.png )

A good observation. If the fight does go into the city, I want to know where we can defend ourselves. Iagn has been exploring the village to get rid of his nausea, so if anyone has a good knowledge of the layout it's him.

"Iagn, I-what happened to you? You look different I-"

"Hat hair. That's it."

"Right. How does defense look in the village should fighting pour into here?"

"It's the worst place I could possibly be. There are no walls, the only defense they have is this barrier and it allows anyone in. The buildings are flimsy, flammable, and aside from the Chieftan's house, can be easily surrounded. The only plus I can see is that all the civilians are leaving before the fighting starts. That way I don't waste any energy killing them if they get in the way. My best suggestion for defense is do NOT allow it to pour in here otherwise it will be a bloodbath."
No. 218521 ID: 6867a2

thank him for that. so letting it get here is a bad idea.
next up is the location the battle should be at. see if it has any nice rocks and stuff.
No. 218522 ID: 6867a2

derp, i mean, nice rocks to hide behind for an ambush.
No. 218539 ID: c2c011

Well that's good to know I guess, don't fight in the village. Possibly torch the whole place if you need to withdraw and hope it slows down pursuers.

Hmm, maybe you should actually put the slaves and the people who won't be fighting to the south side of the village to make sure they can withdraw easily, and order a few of them to be ready to torch the entire place at your order.

Once that's done lets go see how preparations for the ambush is going.
No. 220025 ID: 071cb7
File 128227874784.png - (19.79KB , 430x324 , 50.png )

That's seems best.

"Iagn, have the men place the slaves and their guards here. Get them out of the way. And if I die, at least they can finish their test."

"You really think you can die?"

"I'm facing a patrol of armed, trained soldiers that outnumber us. Chances of me dying are slim but that is a lot higher than they have been in a long time."

All that's left is the square and the North exit where I am to meet Kamagan.
No. 220027 ID: 699284

hmmm.... think you can rig up some quick traps? like the classic rope-tree-slingshot thing.
No. 220091 ID: c2c011

Well, sounds like it's time to meet destiny then. Tell Iagn that you're happy to have him along with you and that there is going to be a monster party when you all get back home alive.
No. 221677 ID: 071cb7
File 12826399932.png - (42.52KB , 611x537 , 51.png )

No I'm afraid nothing springs to mind. Hopefully whatever kamagan is conjuring will be enough.

"Now stop being so glum brother, after all we have quite a celebration waiting at home. And I don't intend to miss it."

"Course Veni...that's...odd of you to say."
No. 221693 ID: eb65b7

Tell him that there is nothing quite like constant mortal peril to encourage a few changes in your outlook on life.

Anyway, onwards to glory and stuff!
No. 222846 ID: 071cb7
File 128297914773.png - (61.99KB , 877x699 , 52.png )

"Well facing life threatening situations, you gain a new view of the world. Just get things ready, and bring Shadeleaf over if you find her."

"Sure Veni...sure."

Ach ka the paint came off. Hope that didn't do anything bad.
No. 222847 ID: 071cb7
File 128297928783.png - (53.18KB , 748x816 , 53.png )

"Well you done then? Spell finished lucky for you....erm. I must ask. Are you man or woman?"

"Am I hearing correctly?! Did you just ask-"

"Yes...I can't tell. All humans look like women so I don't know."
No. 222850 ID: 701a19

Go ask. It's important, after all.
No. 222851 ID: 97cb33

okay yeah. just tell him. maybe sigh a little when you do?
No. 222852 ID: 701a19

"Human females have two bulges on their chest, over their pectoral muscles.
How are the preparations?"
No. 222862 ID: 071cb7
File 128298169031.png - (50.56KB , 748x816 , 54.png )

"Human women have two large lumps on their chest and men don't."

"You mean there is nothing in the difference of height?"

"Not much."

"You race is so pitiful."

"I'm not here to be of discussing my race! Are preparations ready?"

"Why not you be telling me?"
No. 222863 ID: 071cb7
File 128298180850.png - (76.94KB , 748x816 , 55.png )

Ach ka! He looks exactly like me!

"Yes you surprised. And there are some hundred more like him."
No. 222864 ID: 97cb33

he is good at his job. very good.
No. 223599 ID: c71597

Quite impressive. Now lets get on to buisness. And ask him if that paint was important.
No. 223607 ID: 732129

The paint recorded Venian's movements, that's why it was important. Now they have a good record of how he moves, and his phantom warriors will be able to serve properly as mimics.

Anyway don't let the blatant racism get you down. Low sexual dimorphism is a sign that both parents in that species contribute near-equal amounts of time and energy toward rearing the young, meaning that neither sex has a distinct advantage in mate selection. Not that you really needed to know that, I guess.
No. 224815 ID: 71721d
File 128339752717.png - (79.11KB , 748x816 , 56.png )

"This illusion? He solid!"

"Well yes. He will fight. He needs solid if he wants to cut."

"I need to say, very good. And ho many more now?"

"A hundred others of course. This is humans we fight. I want to inspire fear. Our preparing is done. The time is shrinking. You are ready for ambush yet?"
No. 224823 ID: 97cb33

yes, i guess we are. get into position.
No. 224901 ID: c71597

Ok, lets get into position and prepare to kick some motherfucking ass.
No. 234080 ID: f2d7bf
File 128548641371.png - (262.59KB , 1542x1108 , 58.png )

"Oh I am ready."

"Good because it looks they are coming. See. Your friend Shadeleaf sees them. This what she see. Reminds me, you need to learn to block your minds better. I can learn her entire life now and she know not I in her brain."

"Wait that's it?"

"What? No be stupid. That's scouting force. If all come back alive, main force moves in with less caution."

"Well then let's get going before the main force arrives."

"Ai-hya good! Good fun killing humans again!"
No. 234122 ID: c71597

Well then, lets go out there and prepare to recieve them. Oh, and tell Shadeleaf to stalk after them and observe them from a distance. If we figure out what path they take and how they're formed up we can prepare a much better welcome.
No. 235198 ID: d50925
File 128569308211.png - (108.43KB , 1206x768 , 59.png )

Good plan. Though I have no means of communication with her except maybe...

"Kamagan. Can you speak with Shadeleaf?"

"No human. She not know I can be in her mind. Shock of discovery may block her from my sight. You should think of this think before make her run off. Why you need to anyway?"
No. 235199 ID: 6f044f

ah oh well, it isn't a necessary thing but it would of been nice. explain to him that shadeleaf could of observed them and told us their formation.
No. 235836 ID: d3a752
File 128575045089.png - (107.26KB , 1206x768 , 60.png )

"It would be nice to know their formation. She has a perfect view of the field. Perhaps even spot the leader."

"I told you. He be loud, and very stupid looking. Right there. See?"
No. 235837 ID: d3a752
File 128575054369.png - (56.75KB , 624x650 , 61.png )

"Stop laying about scum! Naroubu is pushing towards our lord's lands. Are you to lay aside while the nonhuman trash sweeps over our homes?"

"I see what you mean..."
No. 235861 ID: c71597

So the guy with the bug helm then? Ok, lets kill that fucker. If nothing else because of his horrible sense of fashion. And take the mustache spear dude while you're at it as well. He looks like maybe he has two braincells to rub together.
No. 237699 ID: d3a752
File 128609398299.png - (69.25KB , 782x678 , 62.png )

True he does seem smarter than his superior. Though the original plan is to wait for Kamagan's signal. Right now, all I am to do is to wait for Kamagan to move the dolls into position.

"Humble greetings soldiers!"

"What the-? Who-Ju Gwah! An outsider there! Why has the scouting force not encountered you?!"
No. 237737 ID: c71597

Looks like it's go time. Kill bughelmet as an answer. This is the time for murdering fools, not talking.
No. 237739 ID: 13cc3a

uhhhhh, did you miss the part where we are stalling until Kamagan get's the illusion copies in position?

try some like... oh, wouldn't you like to know, i'm sure i could tell you how, for a price.

if they think you have something they want they won't attack. also they think they outnumber you so they will feel secure in their position.
No. 237741 ID: c71597

I thought that was one of the illusions. Guess the murdering will have to wait a bit then.

Ok, stall for time then. You know tell them they're stupid and ugly and you're awesome and all that.
No. 238652 ID: d3a752
File 128625876092.png - (71.97KB , 782x678 , 63.png )

Well the illusions is one part. Personally I want to bring that general here where I am standing. It will give Shadeleaf a perfect shot at him. FAiling that close enough so my blades can shear that ugly face of his.

"Well what do you expect? Hayaso military is so substandard I could stand right in from of your, ahem, 'scouts' and they would not notice me."

"Watch your tongue outsider scum. Do you know who you mock?!"
No. 238664 ID: 701a19

"Mocking? Oh, no, I would never be so arrogant as to insult a Hayaso commander. However, I would like to point out that I am standing here and your scouts somehow failed to report not only myself, but also my entire caravan.
What I said was simply my appraisal; no offense was intended. If you disagree with it, then I'm sure you can tell me why they didn't consider my companions and I worthy of mention."
No. 238672 ID: 701a19

That's what I'd suggest you say, anyway.
No. 238733 ID: c71597

"Some pompous fool with no fashion sense?"
No. 238778 ID: 732129

Thrust your crotch at them in an insulting manner, too. Get them really mad.
No. 240250 ID: d3a752
File 128652362466.png - (68.19KB , 752x835 , 64.png )

Well remember I want him angry. And I don't want to assume he is smart enough to understand that is an insult.

"Some pompous fool with no fashion sense?"

"You...disgusting degenerate! I am not some fool as you are! Who are you? You-you were sent from Naroubu weren't you?! Only a disgusting creature like he would go as low as to hire foreign blood like you!"
No. 240252 ID: c59f60

oh, i you could say that if you wanted to.
No. 240261 ID: 701a19

I'd say something like "If he had then you'd be dead already. I'm just here looking for fresh meat for the slave paddocks back home. Too bad you're all so incompetent I wouldn't even trust you to muck stables properly."
No. 240281 ID: 732129

"A mercenary! You wound me, you couldn't hire a set of hips like these. I came here looking for you. You see, you are my son. In a night of drunken debauchery," thrust your crotch again, "your mother pulled her top down and I just couldn't resist those saggy tits of hers. I spent the rest of the night laying pipe, if you know what I mean," thrust your crotch again, "and I bet you do!"
No. 240302 ID: c59f60

... that's just retarded.
No. 241159 ID: d3a752
File 128669725734.png - (73.31KB , 782x678 , 65.png )

While I do want to anger him, I need to provoke him to attack. If I did that, he would probably send his entire troop against me, which isn't the plan.

"If he had then you'd be dead already. I'm just here looking for fresh meat for the slave paddocks back home. Too bad you're all so incompetent I wouldn't even trust you to muck stables properly."

"Upstart! You shall regret those words soon enough. Kajiro! Punish him!"

"Oh? Must the mighty general hide behind his lackeys?"

"You have not earned the right to die by my blade! That tainted blood of yours would sully a weapon such as mine beyond use. Kajiro, what are you waiting for strike him down!"

"But my lord surely this is a tra-"

"You are not here to think! You are here to fight! Kill this vile creature!"

It seems your initial guess was correct, this old man shows some intelligence. Now it seems I must face him. I just hope Shadeleaf does not mistake him for the leader.
No. 241169 ID: c59f60

HA, i like mustache dude. it is saddening that he is about to die, just a little. if you can i suggest trying to make it look like it's a close match for a little. warm up on him.
No. 241175 ID: 701a19

This guy realized it was a trap, which means he's both smart and clearheaded. My advice would be to try to avoid killing him; the fact that the leader called him by name means that he's a direct subordinate, which means he would be taking the position when his commander fell.

You can use this.
If he lives and the leader dies then you can suggest he have his new command avoid battles that wouldn't harm his real enemy.
No. 241219 ID: c2c011

Tell mustache dude that you can make an exception for him. He could get some quite nice position, he just needs to surrender.

If he doesn't then kill his old ass. If he does then further insult the leader and tell him that he's so incompetent he turns loyal soldiers into turncoats, because they can't stand serving under such a moron.
No. 242021 ID: d3a752
File 12867855877.png - (60.37KB , 752x714 , 66.png )

"You can obviously see where the wind blows. Why not-"

"There are no words to be exchanged Ju Gwah. My loyalty is to Hayaso, regardless who he may choose to lead me."

"I see a real shame."

It seems diplomacy won't go anywhere. Though I do not want to kill him. I suppose merely injuring him will benefit me.
No. 242022 ID: d3a752
File 128678562612.png - (62.62KB , 752x714 , 67.png )

"Ju Gwah! What is this?!"

"A duel."
No. 242023 ID: d3a752
File 128678564966.png - (74.33KB , 1082x986 , 68.png )

"And you lose."
No. 242024 ID: dc80ab

those copies in position yet?
No. 242040 ID: 701a19

Now you can say something like:
"So, 'commander', you obviously didn't get your position for your wits, sending others to die in your place means it wasn't for your honor or bravery, so that leaves few options.
Tell me, was it your skill in combat, or did your mother sleep her way into you inheriting this position?
Or maybe you and your lord has an unseemly fondness for men?"
No. 242048 ID: c2c011

He can still use his arms. Better take out one of them as well.

Then we can keep insulting the commander. Something about how it's a great shame that his incompetence cost him such a good subordinate. Not that it was any real challenge, but the guy obviously had more smarts and a better fashion sense when it comes to helmets.
No. 242153 ID: 701a19

No. He lost his foot, and that's enough. Beyond just making him unable to fight effectively, it very clearly shows that he is completely outclassed. Doing any further harm to him would be taken as uncertainty.
No. 242155 ID: c71597

He can still present a threat. He could throw the spear or use it as a crutch to hobble over and distract us at a most inoppurtune moment. Safe thing to do is to make sure he's completly out of comission.
No. 242158 ID: 701a19

You haven't spent much time around limb loss, have you?
The chance of him being conscious is very low, we can take a few steps and keep him within our field of vision, his morale and loyalty are in the pits right now due to his commanding officer giving him an absurdly stupid order, and there is a small army of unharmed people there who are more than capable of interfering.

Attacking a crippled man would be taken as a sign of uncertainty and weakness. Besides, we want him alive and in fairly good condition.
No. 242190 ID: c71597

He hasn't lost that foot though. If he had, then that would have been fine, nothing else would be neede, he would likely pass out or be catatonic from chock. But it's still attached. Which is why we should make sure he can't do anything stupid that would force us to kill him. If we have to we can explain our reasoning to the others.

Even if we do cripple him for life he can still be useful. He seems pretty bright and observant. We should be able to find somehting nice for him to do where he can use those smarts for something good.
No. 242191 ID: dc80ab

how about you stop arguing about it and let him decide?
No. 242408 ID: d3a752
File 128686394076.png - (77.22KB , 782x678 , 69.png )

I was hoping to let him take command after This imbecile is killed, but that is all conjecture now. Looks like Kamagan is ready.

"And thus your champion falls. How many more men will you cower behind?"

"You weak-blooded bastard. Your bones will feed the furnace to forge my new blade!"
No. 242409 ID: 43103c

signal shadeleaf that it is go time and start the slaughter.
No. 242487 ID: c71597

Seems like it's time then. Give the signal and then kill them all.
No. 244683 ID: d3a752
File 128730480469.png - (231.86KB , 1508x1152 , 70.png )

"Well then I believe the act is over."


"What is this?! Mo Sala?!"

"Come now little man, show me your skill."

"You! Hayaso will reward me greatly when I present your heads to him. Now be a good dog and die quietly!"
No. 244710 ID: 1b42c5

well dang, kamagan isn't just illusions, that is some high class magic right there.
No. 244806 ID: c71597

Ok then, signal Shadeleaf to take down the leader. Then kill that guy with the ponytail and the sword. He doesn't quite look as panicked and incompetent as the rest, might be a problem if he makes it, he could rally them or something.
No. 251731 ID: 6c34b1
File 128876349340.png - (48.46KB , 722x558 , 71.png )

Easily done, he does not seem like the difficult type.

"Oh Gyasu style, it's been a while since I've seen such beginner's swordplay."

"You won't think it so festive when I cut your head off!"
No. 251736 ID: c71597

Hmm, seems like ponytail guy really is quite dangerous. Looks like he cut down one of the illusions. And where is Shadeleaf's arrows? That moronic leader is still alive and in the way, he should be dead by now.

Guess you're going to have to take it into your own hands. Cut him down and then take down ponytail guy, he seems dangerously capable.
No. 251753 ID: 6c34b1
File 128877137068.png - (97.57KB , 1070x705 , 72.png )

Well Shadeleaf does like to be dramatic from time to time. Though it may seem it may come down to melee.

"You have skill I give you that much Ju Gwah. Feel honored that your weapon shall be reforged as my new blade."

"Not if I kill you first."

"Fool! A Hayaso General reaches his rank through skill! What do you have?"
No. 251774 ID: 701a19

I'd say "Intelligence."

Hopefully, Shadeleaf will get him so the timing will be right for that to be suitably impressive.
No. 251795 ID: c71597

"Help." could work. Or just don't say anything and kill his ass as quickly as you can.
No. 252058 ID: 6c34b1
File 128884731735.png - (57.62KB , 872x631 , 73.png )

"I have help."


"Lucky for me Shadeleaf has such good vision. Though her aim is slacking. Normally it's between the eyes."
No. 252061 ID: 31e5bb

it was probably less aim and more didn't want to chance his face doodle was armored.
No. 252182 ID: c71597

Nice. Chop off the head just to be certain. Then lets go take down the ponytail dude. You could throw the head in his face and then slash him immediatly afterwards.
No. 252597 ID: e26b69
File 128893689252.png - (58.03KB , 934x631 , 74.png )

As appealing as that would be, dead men can't spread fear.

"Behold! I killed your general!"

A little help please?
No. 252623 ID: 31e5bb

could try:
you have only two options, stay and die or leave and have a chance to live, i will grant you three seconds head start. then count
No. 252637 ID: 701a19

Maybe something like:
"He was a stupid man who lead you all into an ambush and didn't think to walk away."
Point to the man
"He figured it out and wanted to avoid the fight, and I rewarded him by sparing his life.
Tell me now, are you smart enough to take your fallen and go?"
No. 252643 ID: fd6d7e


Point your sword at them and exclaim "Who's next?!"
No. 252660 ID: c71597

Well decapitation works here. Cut off the head, tell them he was a moron that has lead them to their death. Throw the head into their middle and then laugh, ask them who is next. If anyone steps up then kill them. Repeat. If the illusions and other stuff keeps killing them while all this is going on then they should break pretty soon as long ans there's nobody among them to rally them.
No. 253556 ID: e26b69
File 128911179796.png - (47.76KB , 794x537 , 76.png )

"He was a stupid man who lead you all into an ambush and didn't think to walk away."

"So whose next?"
No. 253560 ID: e26b69
File 128911192196.png - (61.83KB , 770x577 , 77.png )

"A good talk, but already they run. Told you Hayaso humans are cowards."

"I see that. The last question I suppose is what to do with the man they abandoned..."
No. 253624 ID: c71597

Well, either kill him or make a slave out of him. Full physical function isn't really necessary for a slave, well depends on what task they have, but there are tasks that can be done without it.
No. 253629 ID: 701a19

Probably treat his wound as best you can and take him with you. Now that they've run they'll accuse him of betraying them if he comes back.
Anyway, head back to the princess. You need to talk.
No. 255474 ID: e26b69
File 128954648190.png - (40.06KB , 835x625 , 77.png )

That's just it. He shows the skills to be a slave but...

"If you think I will talk Ju Gwah, then you will be disappointed. My loyalty lies only with Hayaso, the true Emperor of Hangzung! Kill me already and take my head to your abomination of a leader."

...that springs up. Eastaland soldiers are in general fanatical to their lord, Kuta being one of those rare exceptions. Yes a Holdmaster can break that near unbending loyalty, but it's costly and time consuming. This is why I'm conflicted. I can gain valuable insight into the Hayaso nation, perhaps even a staunch bodyguard, but until such a time I will have a rebellious spirit more difficult than the princess.

"Listen to him, he still thinks I serve Chang Naroubu. Oh you poor little man."

"You...are not loyal to your lord?"
No. 255550 ID: c71597

Inform him that you are a lord. Because you will be, eventually, but he doesn't have to know those details.

If he refuses to play nice then just tie him up and dump him among he packs. Let him out a few times per day to get food and take care of bodily functions. Then tie him up and dump him among the packs again.
No. 255596 ID: 701a19

"HA! You really have no clue, do you? Naroubu wants the lot of us dead!

Here, lets make a deal. We want to leave these foolish nations. If you tell us what you know about where the various forces are, then I'll let you take your fool commander's corpse back to your men and you can tell them you bravely fought and slew us all or some such nonsense."
No. 255597 ID: 40cb26

"I am loyal to myself, that's the only way I live. And if you want to live, you will be loyal to me as well. Now, you may not agree to that, but I am a kind and forgiving and I will not kill you today. Of course that isn't to say I will let you go... "

Tweak as needed, you know what buttons to push. You'll probably end up just trying him up for a while. Even if you don't put in the effort to win him over, he still might be of some use.
No. 256570 ID: e26b69
File 128982119197.png - (38.79KB , 835x625 , 78.png )

"I am loyal to myself, that's the only way I live. I am my own lord, an soon you will learn to serve me. Now, you may not agree to that, but I am a kind and forgiving and I will not kill you today. Of course that isn't to say I will let you go...Kamagan, bind him, we are going."

"When did I be servant of you?"

"You oppose?"

"I prefer to kill human, but you make me curious...fine I restrain of him. Go back to village to your human friends and Tsang Naji concubine."

Wha? What did you tell him?
No. 256583 ID: c71597

Umm, various things that he choose to misinterpret. No need to worry about those. Now lets get back to the village and prepare to move out. You got a very real deadline to work with.
No. 257636 ID: e26b69
File 129006382567.png - (31.33KB , 835x625 , 79.png )

True. I've wasted enough time.

"Behold, the triumphant champion returns!"

"Hah! I knew you would survive Veni! Where's the big guy?"

"No matter, he will be along soon enough. Now, gather everything together we must be ready to leave soon."

"How soon?"
No. 257680 ID: e26b69
File 129007256896.png - (19.31KB , 472x616 , 80.png )

"Now. Bind the princess. As soon as Shadeleaf returns we move.
No. 257681 ID: e26b69
File 129007266920.png - (10.50KB , 479x364 , End 3.png )

Total score 1450/1500

Final day passing: 10

Days remaining: 8
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