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File 124924899248.png - (77.34KB , 505x500 , AQ0.png )
20835 No. 20835 ID: 7eda8b

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No. 20838 ID: 7eda8b
File 124924908534.png - (102.18KB , 500x500 , AQ1.png )

It is very bright here. It is very hot.
No. 20841 ID: 335096

Well of course its hot, we're covered in fur.
Where are we? We'd best not be in a box. Take no shit! Start punching!
No. 20842 ID: 3bff57

Wake up.
No. 20843 ID: 9a71e2

Cover eyes so we can see what we're doing.
No. 20845 ID: 6faa8c

Wake up now.

No. 20846 ID: 8d5a55

Alternatively, go into the light.
No. 20870 ID: 7eda8b
File 124925021629.png - (108.53KB , 500x500 , AQ2.png )

Head hurts. Very thirsty. Can't think too clearly.

Okay. Awake we go.

No boxes. Thank you, higher and lower powers, no boxes.

This is Goshen Rane Atral, a Northern Sergal. Goshen is trying to remember how he got here, or where here is. He has now remembered that he is in the Sailzane desert. That would explain why it's hot, but not why he's bleeding or why his armor is missing. Nor why everyone around him is dead.
No. 20872 ID: 6faa8c

Scavenge armor from the fallen.
No. 20873 ID: 335096

Loot corpse. Aquire clothing and armor.
No. 20874 ID: 9a71e2

Where are we specifically-ish?
The Sailzane's a big place.

If you were a dorf, I'd tell you to find some alcohol, but it seems food will have to do.
No. 20899 ID: 3bff57

Asses damage, look around.
See if anything beside you is moving.
No. 20912 ID: f2de2f

There seems to be a crack in it!
No. 20917 ID: 7eda8b
File 124925180694.png - (119.45KB , 500x500 , AQ3.png )

"When you're wounded and left on Afghanistan's plains,
And the women come out to cut up what remains,
Jest roll to your rifle and blow out your brains
An' go to your Gawd like a soldier." -Kipling

...Everyone looks pretty dead.

Granted, Goshen looks pretty dead, but the others didn't move when he shook them, and they don't seem to be breathing. They also smell like they've been dead for several hours.

Goshen feels awful, but gets to work looting the bodies. Between them, and his helmet, he's got a mostly complete suit of armor, and a spear, which is his preferred weapon anyway. The others got looted pretty good. Apart from a few extraneous armor bits that he found more of than he can wear, and this one weapon, there's not much left, apart from meat and clothes.

Goshen remembers he went into Sailzane with seven other Sergals. They were going south to raid gnolls. There's three corpses now. Goshen guesses the missing ones were eaten, though some might have run.

Current inventory:
-Decorative dealie Goshen wears around his neck.
-Mostly complete suit of halfplate.

Current status effects:
-Very thirsty.
-Mild bleeding.
-Mild heat stroke.
-Undiagnosed pyromania.
No. 20920 ID: 9a71e2

Was this an official mission?
Also, are we too deep to head back north and find something close to shelter and sustenance?
No. 20927 ID: 3bff57

Well, you asked for it.
It might sound silly, but remove your pants and tie them on your head, under the armor, to reduce further heat stroke.
No. 20929 ID: 7eda8b
File 124925249191.png - (149.59KB , 500x500 , AQ4.png )

>Where are we specifically-ish?
>The Sailzane's a big place.
Well, obviously we're, uhh...

>Was this an official mission?
Not really. Fun and adventure and treasure and meat and killing and... y'know, walking across a gigantic desert. It seemed like a good idea at the time.
Right. Of course. Goshen needs to focus. Gotta think clearly.


No. 20931 ID: 13a0af


Look around the bodies for some kind of MAP we could use to find pools of water or some crazy shit.
No. 20933 ID: 9a71e2

I'm sorry that I have to do this, but *facepalm*.
Do you at least know how long you've been traveling?
I mean, you obviously had to go some distance in the desert to get here...
No. 20940 ID: 18a06a

That might be political incorrect, but ain't Sergals also cannibals? At least in times of need. Maybe you should look if some of the corpses are edible.
No. 20948 ID: 7eda8b
File 124925389518.png - (166.91KB , 500x500 , AQ5.png )

Goshen is in a tight spot.

>Do you at least know how long you've been traveling?
Hard to remember anything between setting off into the desert and the fight. Other than "probably not far from the middle," Goshen can't be sure of his location.

>It might sound silly, but remove your pants and tie them on your head, under the armor, to reduce further heat stroke.
Goshen would rather trust his helmet. His shorts are currently necessary to keep sand away.

It seems whoever looted the corpses was just as eager to obtain cloth as Goshen. He could use their underclothes, but he doesn't want his hair to smell like dead sergal genitalia.
No. 20951 ID: 571eb4

Tsch. Camels don't wear pants and they spend their whole lives in the desert.
No. 20956 ID: 3bff57

Of course, what's dying a slow and agonizing death compared to stinky hair?
This way or another, can you navigate by the sun? Which way did you come from originally?
No. 20957 ID: 9a71e2

Well, burying them won't do much.
Any official or unofficial last words for your friends or companions?

Anyway, first order of business should be finding some sort of cover.
Food and water can wait for night, when you can move around without sweating to death.
No. 20964 ID: 335096

Search for tracks.
Use forensic evidence to investigate which way attackers came from/left to
No. 20965 ID: 18a06a

Check the surrounding area for tracks.
No. 21032 ID: 87583b

What kind of sergal wears shorts?

Wear a skirt like a real man.
No. 21923 ID: 7eda8b
File 12493312835.png - (64.11KB , 500x500 , AQ6.png )

>Use forensic evidence to investigate which way attackers came from/left to
Goshen can normally track by scent. He's actually pretty good at it. Unfortunately, between dehydration and the smell of death, this is difficult. Goshen nevertheless surmises that the attackers included at least one Gnoll, Human (or Elf. They smell similar), Southern Sergal, and Talyxian. This is an unusual mix!

There are visible tracks, but most are from the fight. Assuming that it's still morning, and the sun is to the east, the attackers either arrived from the north and departed to the south, or vice versa. Wind has rendered the tracks into featureless depressions in the sand. They lead to the north and south.

>What kind of sergal wears shorts? Wear a skirt like a real man.
Goshen insists it is purely for comfort.
No. 21933 ID: 9a71e2

Head north.
Unrelatedly, what the hell is a Talyxian?
No. 21935 ID: ab6d62

North says I. North is best.
No. 21946 ID: d292e9

That wound looks really bad, have you seen anything that could used to bandage it?
And yeah, North sound like home. Obvious choice in your situation, try to avoid confrontation.
No. 21948 ID: 1afd58

I've heard that shorts are comfortable and easy to wear~
No. 21965 ID: 9a71e2

Carry some comrades back home then.
In your stomach, I mean.
Should be safe unless you've been out longer than we thought.
No. 21968 ID: ab6d62

Chop up some limbs from those you disliked most with your spear. Begin eating while walking. Staying in one location is hardly ideal in this situation.
No. 21969 ID: 7eda8b
File 124933331098.png - (58.47KB , 350x350 , AQ7.png )

>That might be political incorrect, but ain't Sergals also cannibals? At least in times of need. Maybe you should look if some of the corpses are edible.
Incorrect? The Empire wasn't built on being nice. The ideal soldier of Silvorum is fast, strong, professional, and ruthless, and raiders like Goshen all the moreso. Hit fast and hard, eat the enemy's stocks. Eat the enemy. Eat our animals, our belt leather, our dead, all in the name of the advance. Raw flesh and blood will sate the army's hunger and thirst, be there need.

>That wound looks really bad
You mean the one on the dead guy? Agreed. It's probably why he died.
No. 21970 ID: 87583b

Eat your friends!? That's barbaric!

Maybe if we find someone we DON'T know...

Also, how do we know which way is north?
No. 21975 ID: 87583b

Oh, so we're a raider. Like some kinda privateer, hired by the ruling council but they won't claim our existence? Sweet.

Okay. Let's head north.
No. 21979 ID: ab6d62

>the sun is to the east
No. 21980 ID: 7eda8b
File 124933359394.png - (58.60KB , 350x350 , AQ8.png )

>Carry some comrades back home then. In your stomach, I mean.
Right. Of course.
No. 21982 ID: 9a71e2

Preemptive banditry is just kind of a hobby/occupation for young sergals.
Unless I miss my bet, Goshen, you recently finished with basic training in or at the very least have some experience with the military?
No. 21987 ID: 87583b
File 124933387095.png - (35.42KB , 350x350 , john face.png )

Eating your comrades? You'd better not. Rain is watching you on her throne made from the skulls of the lesser gods.
No. 21988 ID: 87583b
File 12493338948.png - (31.42KB , 350x350 , john face closer.png )

Rain is always watching.
No. 21989 ID: 7eda8b
File 124933399321.png - (58.27KB , 350x350 , AQ9.png )

No. 21990 ID: d292e9

I doub't she'd mind some cannibalism.
No. 21991 ID: 53905d
File 124933405858.jpg - (75.38KB , 630x788 , 1158429114283.jpg )

Rain can go eat a bag of dicks. She's not lost in the middle of a fucking desert with no food or water.
No. 21993 ID: 87583b

>I doub't she'd mind some cannibalism.


But she'd be pissed if you didn't give your fellow honorable soldier of the People's Glorious Northern Empire of Tatola a proper burial.
No. 21995 ID: 53905d

Eat your fallen comrades, head South.
No. 21996 ID: 9a71e2

Ignore them and head north.
You'll either find the attackers, or a place where they camped, and hopefully water at some point.
No. 21997 ID: d292e9

Eat em already.
You need the food and they'd do the same.
No. 21998 ID: 87583b
File 124933456427.jpg - (8.39KB , 200x200 , John facepalm.jpg )

No. 22000 ID: 5dd9f1

I wonder if she eats them raw or cooked?
No. 22006 ID: 87583b

Wait a minute.

Goshen, identify gender.
No. 22017 ID: 9a71e2

see >>20870
No. 22082 ID: 7eda8b
File 124934051746.png - (120.79KB , 500x500 , AQ10.png )

>Eat em already. You need the food and they'd do the same.
Right. Yes. That makes sense. Goshen desperately needs the liquid and the meat, and the corpses are fresh.

He brings his hand close to the head of the spear... a guisarme, technically. He approaches the body that looks like it's lost the least blood.

Yalal. He met her in Silvorum two months ago. They traveled south together before the raiding party assembled. She was almost his equal with a spear. She owned an exotic looking curved sword, now gone along with her other possessions. Goshen makes a cut. Yalal liked to tell stories when the group set up camp. She was part of the way through one about a Nevrean girl.

As her lukewarm blood oozes onto his parched tongue, Goshen wonders how it ended.
No. 22086 ID: 9a71e2

Eat and drink your fill.
No. 22094 ID: 1afd58

It is a horrible thing to have to do. Still, what you don't use goes to waste. Eat of her body and remember her.
No. 22097 ID: 53905d


Vow to avenge Yalal's death.

Eating her may be grim, but you cannot wreak vengeance if you die here. At least this way, she will be with you - in a sense.
No. 22099 ID: d292e9

It's better to help you survive than rotting or being eaten by scavengers.
I'm sure she wouldn't mind.
No. 22119 ID: 87583b
File 124934302738.jpg - (15.21KB , 300x480 , Mr_ Freeze oh dear god.jpg )

No. 22121 ID: 7eda8b
File 124934321610.png - (173.63KB , 500x500 , AQ11.png )



Goshen doesn't feel very good right now, but he feels much less thirsty and not at all hungry.

His bleeding is down to what seeps through the scab under his left arm. Very minor.

Goshen remembers that he's closer to the southern edge of the Sailzane desert than the north. However, the north contains more trade stops, depots, Southern Sergal forced labor camps, and the like. There used to be an extensive network of military stopover points, but they have grown few and far between in the last several decades.

Soon, he might be feeling up for a more thorough search of his surroundings, or doing something else.
No. 22126 ID: 1afd58

You did what you had to do. Never forget that.

When you are able, scout the immediate area. We need to know exactly what is around before we can plan anything.
No. 22127 ID: d292e9

Ok maybe clean yourself a little bit up, I think sand could work.
And searching the surrounding area before deciding anything further might be the most reasonable thing to do.
Considering you're sated now, you're not longer under time pressure.
No. 22155 ID: 87583b

Head north. Home is where Goshen needs to go. For some rest.
No. 22158 ID: 87583b

Bury the rest.

Take the names of all the fallen so you can report them to the general in charge.
No. 22213 ID: 7eda8b
File 124934881447.png - (171.20KB , 700x514 , AQMap.png )

After some searching, Goshen finds an entrenching tool and a map.

He estimates he's somewhere near the 'n' in 'Sailzane'.
No. 22222 ID: 1f5d37

Lets head south. It looks like a good direction to go in.
No. 22225 ID: 53905d

Fort Ji sounds good.
No. 22230 ID: 55e935

Head to Seitch Tabar, find water-hoarding rebels, kill them and take their supplies.

Beware their leader, though. I hear he sees the future.
No. 22267 ID: 87583b

North to Ghada.

North means friends. North means support.
No. 22273 ID: 9a71e2

Yeah, with a map now, head south.
At the very least racial pride should spot you some water and a place to sleep.
If not, at least you know how to work, and can catch a caravan heading wherever.
No. 22301 ID: 7eda8b
File 124935276446.png - (97.99KB , 400x400 , AQ12.png )

Goshen isn't sure which way to go. To the north is friends, but there's varying degrees of friendship. He's out of money, and he isn't sure how the Southerns of Ghada will behave with, say, a lone and near-dead Northern stumbling across them without their masters to watch. Assuming he can even FIND the place. Desert navigation isn't his expertise. In any case, tired through he might be, he decides his friends need burials.

Yalal. Her brother Jelal. The raid leader Haru. It's hard work, and the grave is shallow. Goshen has to pile more sand on top to cover them properly. It's not a very good grave, but he's already expended too much water and energy.

Goshen decides that it's time to go. The sun is LOWER in the sky than before. It's afternoon. He must've been unconscious for most of the day.

Goshen decides to go south. He probably wouldn't have been able to correctly navigate to Sietch Ghada anyway. The southern grasslands and forests might not be friendly, but they're certainly easier to find, and filled with water and food.
No. 22311 ID: 9a71e2

You have decent night vision, yes?
Travel mostly at night.
You might find gnolls, but you run that risk anyway and there's little point to exerting yourself in the day anyway.
No. 22453 ID: 7eda8b
File 124935996636.png - (25.61KB , 450x450 , AQ13.png )

>Travel mostly at night.

They should have been doing this from the beginning, frankly. It wasn't a big problem when he was in a group with plenty of water. Reversing one's circadian rhythm is difficult.

Goshen is getting used to doing difficult things.
No. 22491 ID: 53905d

Indulge in a travel montage
No. 22495 ID: 7eda8b
File 124936382835.png - (108.82KB , 500x500 , AQ14.png )

Goshen sleeps through the day as best he can. His entrenching tool serves him well, letting him reveal cooler sand beneath the top layer to lay in. Still, it's troublesome and uncomfortable. He doesn't sleep well.

He walks another night. In the morning, he sees something.

He's lost the trail of his foes. The wind obscures tracks. Might be them. Might not.
No. 22496 ID: 476456

Get close but stay downwind, and stay stealthy.
No. 22497 ID: 9a71e2

Are we in need of food or water?
We probably need water, but that will probably be raiders, either southern sergals or gnolls.
Unless you feel like going native or getting killed, it's probably best to avoid it.
No. 22501 ID: f4963f

Scout the situation, keeping a cautious distance and staying downwind. Don't allow them to see you before you can assess who they might be.
No. 22503 ID: 7eda8b
File 12493647783.png - (106.12KB , 500x500 , AQ15.png )

>Are we in need of food or water?
Yes and yes. Especially water. Goshen could kill for some water right now. The question is if he will.

>>22496 >>22501
>approach but stay stealthy
Goshen wishes the sun hadn't come up. He's incredibly tired and it's now much harder to stay hidden. He can try, though...
No. 22515 ID: 9a71e2

This is going to sound stupid, but put your weapon up and make your approach obvious.
See if you can request hospitality first.
If it fails, though, you'll have to leg it like a sidhe with the runs.
Your choice.
No. 22524 ID: 7eda8b
File 124936599140.png - (115.61KB , 500x500 , AQ16.png )

>See if you can request hospitality.
That... sounds nice. Goshen is very tired. Very thirsty. This has all gone so wrong, and he has little left to steal. It is very tempting to roll the dice and hope they're friendly, or at least merciful.

What can they do to him that's worse than slow dessication under the desert sun?
No. 22526 ID: 806f2b

Slow death in a completely dark room. :/ But go for it anyway!
No. 22540 ID: 9a71e2

Horrendous torture for representing the hated oppressors of their race.
You know, bits cut off, things stretched, burned, doused in acid, shaved into sashimi with a razor, etc.
But at this point, it's either a chance for shelter, a horrible death in the camp, a horrible death out here, or the longshot of making it to a legitimate authority before dying.
Up to you.
No. 22556 ID: 7eda8b
File 124936716350.png - (116.33KB , 500x500 , AQ17.png )

>Horrendous torture, you know, bits cut off, things stretched, burned, doused in acid, shaved into sashimi with a razor, etc.

That's very helpful.
No. 22561 ID: ed8d8a

Though, it is important to note, the horrendous torture would be *later* and in the mean time they would have to either give you water, kill you mercifully, or let you thirst to death. Net positive!
No. 22562 ID: 9a71e2

You know how your imagination always vividly shows you the worst of a situation?
It's like that.
No. 22613 ID: 79c12a

Don't you have good senses?
Maybe you should circle the camp and try to pick up an scent or hear something. This way you'll at least know what kind of people they are.
Could make your decision easier.
No. 22648 ID: 5dd9f1

See if we can scout the camp without alerting anyone to your presence.
No. 22959 ID: eeaac7
File 124943771115.png - (120.15KB , 500x500 , AQ18.png )

Goshen stealthily approaches the c-... Oh.

That would explain why there was so much smoke.
No. 22964 ID: 9a71e2

Well, check for survivors, food, and water.
A slim chance of those last two, but...
No. 22975 ID: 5dd9f1

Careful, it could be a trap
No. 22986 ID: eeaac7
File 124943962990.png - (159.51KB , 450x450 , AQ19.png )

Most of the cargo is on fire or missing, but you see two crates and a barrel that seem fairly intact. There could be water! There's also a large sheet that you could use to help keep the sun off.

There's a Southern Sergal laborer. You can't see what's wrong with him from this angle.

"No. No. Get away," he says. His voice is a pained whisper.
No. 22987 ID: 9a71e2

Is this 'get away, these barrels are full of gunpowder', 'get away, I don't want you eating me', or 'get away, there's a guy behind you with a rusty knife'?
Either way, I think the best course of action would be to throw sand onto the fire.
No. 22990 ID: 5dd9f1

No. 22992 ID: 476456

Pull him away before he dies of smoke inhalation or catches fire.
No. 22993 ID: eeaac7
File 124944041827.png - (175.00KB , 450x428 , AQ20.png )

Sounds like a little of all three. The barrel seems more for liquid storage than for any silly ol' fireworks nonsense, though. Could be water or booze.

The Southerner is giving you a thousand yard stare.

"No. No. Run. Not another one," he says. His voice breaks.
No. 22997 ID: 9a71e2

I concur with >>22990
Turn around, and keep a watch in all directions.

I dunno, though. Would they have something on fire for an ambush, other than to get the smoke going?
No. 23000 ID: 87583b


Sergals are the best runners in all of Vilous, get the FUCK away!
No. 23003 ID: 9a71e2

Well, when the elves aren't trying to invade.
No. 23004 ID: eeaac7
File 124944116590.png - (200.74KB , 500x500 , AQ21.png )

But you haven't heard a single sound from b
No. 23006 ID: 9a71e2

No. 23010 ID: 476456

Defend, dont swing until you have some distance otherwise he can parry and stab you with his offhand!
No. 23013 ID: 87583b
File 124944170925.jpg - (24.36KB , 640x288 , Captain Smirk.jpg )

No. 23014 ID: cde660

Stupid skaven...
No. 23016 ID: 5dd9f1

Kick it in the nuts with your massive leg! Fight dirty!
No. 23089 ID: 6136db

Keep her at a distance with your guisarme. Don't let her get close.
No. 23092 ID: c64d63
File 124947051169.jpg - (292.98KB , 977x766 , spear.jpg )

Chances ain't that bad.
Your advantages are half-plate, greater reach and your, I'm assuming, greater physical strength. Your opponent looks faster than you and it's most likely rested.
First try to keep it on distance with your spear, hoping for an lucky hit or that it'll go away, if it realizes you're not an easy target.
But you can't do this for to long in your exhausted state. If you see a chance, surprise charge it and finish it with tooth and claw. It's risky, but your vitals should be protected by the plate.
You should probably try to help the Southerner, assuming we survive. He's your inferior, but you could use some company and he tried to be honorable in his own way.
No. 23093 ID: c64d63

Before I forget, look out for more enemies.
In this case your probably fucked anyways, maybe really try to leg it.
No. 23164 ID: f4963f

Defend against incoming blows, then pull back. We want to use our reach to our advantage.
No. 23211 ID: eeaac7
File 124949880925.png - (195.64KB , 450x450 , AQ22.png )

She's fast!

She's inside Goshen's reach before he knows it. If he'd taken a moment longer to turn around, he'd have steel in his neck right now.

Goshen desperately fends off a hurricane of blades and backpedals.

Goshen isn't sure if he'd be able to outrun her in a sprint. He hasn't fought a Talyxian before. He's not sure if they're all this fast, or just this one.
No. 23213 ID: 9a71e2

Haft-shove and back up.
Hope the half-plate does its job.
No. 23232 ID: 6faa8c

Not a whole lot of armor...

And even though she's fast, she can;t be strong. Go for a grapple and rip open her neck with your teeth!
No. 23233 ID: 9a71e2

Yes, use your superior strength to your advantage.
A good hit should break something, at least.
No. 23236 ID: 476456

use the space between your hands to slam her back.
No. 23239 ID: c64d63

You'll have to engage it, if you try to turn around and run you'll get stabbed in the back.
Really not sure what to do. Maybe attack it's leg with the blunt end of your spear to get it of balance and shove it backwards.
Try to "parry" the blades with your plate, they look rather flimsy.
No. 23244 ID: 5dd9f1

Kick sand in its eye! Trust me, this is effective.
No. 23294 ID: eeaac7
File 124950524350.png - (187.25KB , 500x500 , AQ23.png )

>Haft-shove and back up.
>use the space between your hands to slam her back.

Goshen gives a forceful shove with the shaft of his guisarme. The Talyxian tries to duck it and catch it with her main gauche, but gets a thwack to the jaw and collarbone. At the same time, she stabs her sword underneath Goshen's arms. The point glances off his chest plate and slides off to his right.

She's somewhat off balance and off guard, but is recovering quickly. Goshen can push his advantage or open the range.
No. 23295 ID: 5dd9f1

Fall back, use your weapon's reach to gut that bitch before she can close in.
No. 23297 ID: 9a71e2

Back up and menace.
If you feel lucky, you could try a full swing; if it hits, it's definitely going to break shit, but if not you're buggered and off balance.
I would play it safe and keep it at a distance with stabs.
No. 23300 ID: 53905d

Remove codpiece

Make an Intimidate check
No. 23303 ID: 87583b

Open the range. You're a spear user, range is your strong point.
No. 23304 ID: 6faa8c

Back up as far as you can and stab the shit out of her.
No. 23386 ID: d2ea61


Push down, bind arms with weapon shaft, headbutt. Kick to the knees and suchlike will be good here.
No. 23427 ID: cde660

Genre sense, tingling! We must show her kindness and gentleness and she will fall in love with us.
No. 23432 ID: d2ea61


Excellent! Let's throw down our weapon and smile stupidly!
No. 23433 ID: 9a71e2

That can wait until she's not trying to kill us and has a good chance of doing so.
No. 23482 ID: 55e935

Look at her legs. She's got chain mail, meaning a piercing attack is going to be highly ineffectual unless we go for the face.

I suggest we keep going for the bludgeoning moves and beat her unconscious. This way we can interrogate her later and find out where she's getting her food and water from and if she has any buddies we need to look out for.
No. 23545 ID: 7eda8b
File 124953765776.png - (146.94KB , 450x450 , AQ24.png )

>Push down, bind arms with weapon shaft, headbutt.
Tempting, but she's fast and has two very maneuverable weapons. This could very easily result in one or both of them going into Goshen's throat.
>Fall back, use your weapon's reach to gut that bitch before she can close in.
>Open the range. You're a spear user, range is your strong point.
Goshen moves back, and puts her at the point of a spear. He makes an effort of driving his spear into her, but she's very good with her blades. Goshen is stronger and is using two hands, but her short weapons give her a mechanical advantage to compensate.

Goshen can try for a fierce attack to blast through her defenses with Sergal power, but his opponent flows like water. If she can get past his guisarme's blade and hold the shaft aside with her main-gauche, she could end this fight very quickly.

>We must show her kindness and gentleness and she will fall in love with us.
Goshen isn't sure you understand the situation.
No. 23546 ID: 476456

Keep retreating and thrusting. You're in a desert, you can keep it up for a very long time.
No. 23548 ID: 6faa8c

Go for behind her knees and lift. It should send her on her back, at which point you stomp her neck and drive your blade into her skull. She can;t jump, it'll only make her fall harder.
No. 23550 ID: 7eda8b
File 124953904749.gif - (138.57KB , 500x500 , 25.gif )

>That can wait until she's not trying to kill us and has a good chance of doing so.
Goshen isn't sure you understand the situation at all.

No. 23554 ID: a3b36a

How about that. A sergal on the receiving end of a rapeface. Too bad it'd be more stabstabstab instead of unfunfunf.
No. 23557 ID: d2ea61

Kick sand into eyes suddenly, proceed to use the distraction. Doesn't even need to be fully succesful, it'll still distract her.
No. 23562 ID: 7eda8b
File 124955686365.png - (196.95KB , 500x500 , AQ26.png )

>Kick sand into eyes suddenly, proceed to use the distraction. Doesn't even need to be fully succesful, it'll still distract her.

Goshen lunges, scooting his foot forwards to kick sand into his opponent's face. It doesn't work quite as planned. Aiming sand at their swerving face, past their flowing robes, is troublesome.

>Go for behind her knees and lift. It should send her on her back, at which point you stomp her neck and drive your blade into her skull. She can;t jump, it'll only make her fall harder.
Goshen tries to make the most of the movement to sweep the Talyxian's legs out from under her.
No. 23564 ID: 7eda8b
File 124955718029.png - (182.34KB , 500x500 , AQ27.png )


No. 23566 ID: 099247

No. 23567 ID: 1afd58

Man, she's fast. And cute.

Pity about the first one though, because she outclasses you HARD.
No. 23568 ID: fb5d8e

Surrender, seduce, and tap that asssssss
No. 23570 ID: 54af1f

Fall back and get your spear point between her and you
No. 23574 ID: a3b36a

If you can't dodge, try to at least take it in a non-vital area. She jumped, so she can't alter her course very much until she lands. Try to use that to your advantage.
No. 23577 ID: 87583b


If you are ANY spearman worth your salt you can kill her now. While in the air she can't change direction and has highly predictable movement. There's no reason why this is not a fatal mistake on her part.

Let's put all those spear classes from Silvorum State University to good use, hmm?
No. 23583 ID: d2ea61


This. She's perfectly well impaling herself for us. Brace and thrust, no amount of being a super ninja will let her evade that.

Except the tail. But she doesn't have enough time to react.
No. 23584 ID: d2ea61


Oh wait, that tail is pitifully small for that. No matter then, brace and stab.
No. 23594 ID: 54af1f


Well, she seems to be inside the spear right now, it's going to be difficult to actually stab her
No. 23599 ID: d2ea61


Except if we just leap back and shorten the grip. Fuck graceful movements.
No. 23649 ID: 54af1f


She's already coming down, we don't have time to do all that. The only way we can go is over backwards and put the spear in the way so she can't finish us off.
No. 23651 ID: f4963f

Weave to the left.
No. 23679 ID: a3a671

Step left, impale her as she lands.
No. 23694 ID: 9a71e2

Smack her out of the air.
Try not to die.
No. 23702 ID: 5dd9f1

Drop down, thrust up. if you miss, keep going into a roll and then you'll be behind her.
No. 23712 ID: 63f46a

Sidestep and punch her to the face.
After that, get some distance to her.
No. 23721 ID: cde660

No. 23731 ID: 476456

Hold her sword arm back with the pole and roll back, she'll probably go with you but you'll probably end up on top of her.
No. 23777 ID: d2ea61


And we have bigger mass anyway.
No. 23888 ID: f2de2f

>you'll probably end up on top of her.

With sexy results.
No. 24102 ID: 7eda8b
File 124967152965.png - (156.11KB , 500x500 , AQ28.png )

>Fall back and get your spear point between her and you
>brace and stab.
Goshen tips backwards and tries to raise his spear, but the Talyxian's too far inside her reach. It throws off her aim a bit.
It doesn't work as planned.
No. 24105 ID: 5dd9f1

Oh fuck! Try to disembowel her with your rear claws!
No. 24106 ID: 54af1f


try to knock her feet out from under her, don't let go of the sword you're biting down on.
No. 24107 ID: 6faa8c

Tilt head sharply so you wrench the sword from her hands.

She's really good at fighting spear-users... Also, kick her in the bewlly if she's that close.
No. 24121 ID: cca243

Fucking watch out for the small dagger. Try to grab her arm with your hand and attack her with your claw-feet.
Also keep biting down, even if it hurts.
No. 24156 ID: 9a71e2

Don't shout.
Try to get the weapon away from her and yourself also away from her.
No. 24157 ID: 7eda8b
File 124967695890.png - (97.72KB , 350x350 , AQ29.png )

>Fucking watch out for the small dagger. Try to grab her arm with your hand
It's hard to do both!

>and attack her with your claw-feet.
>Try to disembowel her with your rear claws!
She's wearing chainmail!

Goshen lifts a leg to try anyway.

The Talyxian knees him in the groin.
No. 24159 ID: 7eda8b
File 124967699988.png - (156.68KB , 500x500 , AQ30.png )

Goshen's situation has not improved!
No. 24162 ID: 9a71e2

Try to flip her over you, and keep the haft striking.
No. 24164 ID: fb5d8e

Surrender and seduce!
No. 24166 ID: 54af1f

suddenly let go and roll away to the side, try to gain distance.
No. 24167 ID: 54af1f

Or better yet, just roll away, if she's too strong and doesn't let go, then let go, otherwise, try to yank the blade away.
No. 24168 ID: bffa2a


You are the worst spearman in sergal history! Really, you should have been a farmer.

Mayby all is not lost.. your glaive seems to have an egdge to the side. Shifting your arms slightly would bring that to cut her sword hands armpit. Mayby enough.

If you're feeling desperate enough you can always let go of the spear and drive your thumbs in her eyesockets. You'll also likely bleed to death from multiple dagger punctures after getting her.
No. 24179 ID: 476456

she's inside your spear range, let go of the spear, grab her knife arm with your left hand and grab some sand with your right, apply sand to her eyes.
No. 24182 ID: 7dcac7

Your spear seems to be pretty useless right now, since you appear to be in a bit of a grapple. Left hand, grab her dagger arm.

Right arm, beat her in the goddamn face.

Nice set of teeth, btw.
No. 24191 ID: 7dcac7

Let me put it this way:

The position you're in now, if you don't stop her from stabbing you with her FREE DAGGER ARM, you are going to die. Grab it. If that means ditching the spear, so be it.
No. 24215 ID: f4963f

How has she not stabbed the heck out of us yet?

Spear's no good at this range. Drop it and try to control where that dagger goes; IE: Not your throat.
No. 24285 ID: 7eda8b
File 124969014668.png - (198.49KB , 500x500 , AQ31.png )

>How has she not stabbed the heck out of us yet?
Goshen pushed her arm back with his weapon. Managing to catch her wrist with it through his watering eyes was sheerest luck, however.
>Grab it. If that means ditching the spear, so be it.
Goshen releases his spear and flails around. After painful fumbles, leaving the Sergal's arm bleeding in half a dozen places, he manages to get ahold of the Talyxian's wrist!
No. 24288 ID: 4b96a7


No. 24289 ID: 9a71e2

Right, we have a free hand.
Punch to the ribs, holding her in place with mouth and other hand.
No. 24293 ID: fb5d8e

Surrender, plead for life.
No. 24295 ID: 476456

Throw sand in her eyes and start swinging.
No. 24296 ID: bffa2a


No. 24297 ID: dc3ed5

Scratch out her eyes!
No. 24298 ID: dc3ed5

It'll be really hard to do that with a sword in our mouth
No. 24302 ID: 42e290
File 12496913394.png - (122.77KB , 407x405 , selfdefensedog.png )

No. 24303 ID: 62ec90

Pitch your head to your right slightly and grab her hair/head with your free hand.

Then impale it on the sword point.
No. 24306 ID: dc3ed5
File 124969216348.png - (31.02KB , 199x183 , Kermit Frowns.png )

No. 24316 ID: 67c611
File 124969262059.jpg - (31.26KB , 570x575 , 1235571196381.jpg )

No. 24320 ID: bd2eec

Easy out.

Hit your internal Berserk Button like you were trained to, Goshen.

White out, wake up to dead enemy.
No. 24321 ID: 42e290

"She's inside Goshen's reach before he knows it. If he'd taken a moment longer to turn around, he'd have steel in his neck right now.

Goshen desperately fends off a hurricane of blades and backpedals."


No. 24327 ID: 7dcac7

Excellent work!

Uncomfortable as the position is, you now have more options. Use your free hand to grab her other wrist, and roll. If you can reverse so that you're on top (or at least so that she's not on top of you, and thus can't put her weight into her weapons), you can probably overpower her.

You're one successful maneuver away from having this.
No. 24330 ID: d035e1
File 124969295413.png - (79.34KB , 640x400 , rw_003.png )


This isn't MudyQuest. This is a real battle. No faggotry.

Cunt punt the bitch.
No. 24338 ID: 42e290
File 124969347118.png - (9.37KB , 704x342 , goshenflowchart.png )

look guys, I drew you a flowchart
No. 24346 ID: 7dcac7

I'm in agreement. Non-lethal force is for when you have a significant combat advantage. Not when you're struggling to not die via angry catperson with knives.
No. 24366 ID: 87583b


Yes. And at this point, fight dirty. CLAW OUT THE BITCH'S EYES!
No. 24446 ID: 033b20
File 124969984446.png - (12.46KB , 704x342 , yer5jklheulhtuklheruklghleja.png )

No. 24471 ID: 42e290

wow you could not be more incorrect
No. 24510 ID: 7eda8b
File 124971509370.png - (199.09KB , 500x500 , AQ32.png )

>Scratch out her eyes!

The Talyxian's head is startlingly mobile atop its long neck. She weaves out of the way, as if she isn't even tired, and knees Goshen in the groin again.

The pain is incredible. The blood loss is not extreme, but Goshen was dehydrated already. The Sergal's movements are growing sloppier and less coordinated.

It's harder to think. Everything tastes and smells like blood. If Goshen doesn't find a way to turn this around very quickly, he will lose.
No. 24512 ID: 6faa8c


No. 24513 ID: ed8d8a

Her entire torso is being held up by your arm on her wrist and the sword in your teeth. You control her center of balance, though this may be difficult to capitalize on.
No. 24515 ID: ed8d8a

idea: are you strong enough to straight-up break an arm? her sword arm is not going anywhere unless she is willing to give up the sword AND risk falling face first onto it. Even if you are not strong enough to do that, you should still be able to break her grip by reaching inside and sweeping your arm out hard against her wrist. Then sword facings!
No. 24517 ID: 7dcac7


He's already told us he's confident that he's stronger than she is, but breaking a limb isn't exactly easy.

Again, as long as she's on top of you, you're at a severe disadvantage. You have both of her weapons disabled, and one arm free. If you can't strike her face, then grab her sword-wrist and BARREL ROLL LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER.

Once you're on top, you're greater mass and strength will be easier to bring to bear. Also, it will become significantly harder for her to keep putting her knee to your groin if you're braced on top.
No. 24521 ID: 033b20

Wow does not look good.
Umm QuickLoad?
If not then go for her Neck?
No. 24526 ID: f2de2f

Develop masochistic tendencies and become aroused from the groin kneeing, then when she tries to flee from your terrifying erection, stab her with whatever seems like the best thing at the time.
No. 24527 ID: 5dd9f1

Knee her in the groin. Try to rake her with our hindclaws. Roll over on top of her.
No. 24545 ID: 87583b

Roll her under us.

Try that arm-breaking thing with the arm you have in your grasp.
No. 24565 ID: 62ec90

Rotate your hips sideways if you don't want to get hit in the balls.

Or better yet lock your legs around her to keep her from moving.

Or better yet just fucking knee her in the kidneys.
No. 24571 ID: ff4eda

Fuck no, we already did that and failed.

It's actually easy now, we already have her right arm grabbed.
Now we have to grab her left arm, with our right arm. Either she tries to avoid it and looses her sword, or we have both her arms grabbed and then she's at our mercy. For killing of course.
Try to keep your legs together, that groin kicking can't be healthy in the long run.
No. 24573 ID: ed8d8a

>stab her with whatever seems like the best thing at the time.

I see what you did there
No. 24580 ID: 54af1f

Bunch your feet up against her and kick her away suddenly, at the same time letting go of the sword in your teeth and grabbing for your spear
No. 24586 ID: 7eda8b
File 124974817188.png - (205.67KB , 500x500 , AQ33.png )

>Roll her under us.
Goshen hooks his arm against her side and pours his ebbing strength into flipping over. She can't dodge THAT!
No. 24588 ID: 54af1f

Try to pin her arms
No. 24589 ID: 5dd9f1

She is going to try to bite our hand. If she does, fish hoot that bitch.
No. 24590 ID: 5dd9f1

*fish hook
No. 24605 ID: ff4eda

Make sure to grab her left arm with your right arm when the opportunity shows.
And don't let go of the sword until you have her secured.
No. 24932 ID: 9a71e2

Grab her arm, let go of the sword, go for the throat because there's a shitton of throat there.
Imma be honest here: You're probably going to either die or end up incapacitated, but at least she'll have some holes in her neck to remember you by.
For the few minutes she has left to live, anyway.
No. 25274 ID: 7eda8b
File 124978892046.png - (152.47KB , 500x500 , AQ34.png )


Goshen is an instant from grabbing her, when the Talyxian's poise and direction changes. She twists out of Goshen's grip, abandons her sword and scrambles out of the sergal's reach. He grasps after her, but gets a fresh slash in his arm for the trouble.
No. 25276 ID: 6faa8c

There, now all she has is her dagger. Toss the sword away, and try to get her knife away from her.
No. 25277 ID: 9a71e2

She's only got a dagger now!
Press your advantage, and bind your wounds later!
No. 25279 ID: 476456

You now have a sword, get to your feet while swinging.
No. 25280 ID: 87583b

No! She can move faster than us right now! If we tossed it she'd run and grab it and use it against us again!

Grab the sword and keep it handy. You can use sidearms, right Goshen? Keep it in your good arm and get some distance between you.
No. 25287 ID: bffa2a


Well then are you good for anything with that spear Goshen? She has her back to us and is close enough so her speed shouldn't matter.

Throw that spear and skewer her.
No. 25302 ID: 87583b

Too close for the spear, use that sword that's in your mouth.
No. 25305 ID: bffa2a


I'm assuming she's running away now.
No. 25306 ID: 9a71e2

Or to the other guy to use him as a hostage.
No. 25310 ID: 7eda8b
File 124979171040.png - (211.99KB , 500x500 , AQ35.png )

>Well then are you good for anything with that spear Goshen? She has her back to us and is close enough so her speed shouldn't matter.
Goshen isn't sure he's impressed upon you just how fast this creature is. He didn't even SEE her switch the dagger to her left hand.

By the time Goshen's bloody hands have fumbled for his spear, she's turned to defend herself and is backing away.
No. 25314 ID: 9a71e2

Don't alert her to his presence.
Just soldier up, grab the sword and spear, and charge.
No. 25330 ID: 6faa8c

Close in with your friend. Two will probably die here, make certain one of them is ratbitch.
No. 25334 ID: 7eda8b
File 124979323667.png - (150.65KB , 500x500 , AQ37.png )

No. 25337 ID: 87583b

That snack is worthless. Luckily he just bought you some time to get up and stab the bitch while she's kicking him.
No. 25341 ID: 9a71e2

At least she doesn't have weapons now.
Spear & sword, charge.
Hold spear like lance, hope that hits.
Strike with sword if no.
No. 25348 ID: 5dd9f1

All she has is a puny dagger. Get the sword so she can't take it. Don't charge, just stab like the fist of the north star.
No. 25349 ID: 98dab8

No. 25352 ID: 7eda8b
File 124979418220.png - (51.21KB , 350x350 , AQ36.png )

>All she has is a puny dagger.
Technically, now she has two puny daggers.
No. 25357 ID: 476456

Get ready to dodge a kick when you come up behind her.
No. 25366 ID: 87583b


Pick up spear.

Roll out of the way.

Tell the snack to make himself useful.
No. 25385 ID: bffa2a

God, the bitch just wont die.
No. 25393 ID: 7dcac7

Yeah, so it seems.

Do NOT take your eyes off her. Do everything you can to keep her at the point of your weapon, because if she gets in close like that again, we're boned.

She may have two weapons again, but both have functionally no reach. Judging from the way this fight's been going, and the creature's sheer agility, limb shots aren't going to cut it if you don't have something to distract her. She's just too much faster than us. Body shots are gonna be harder to dodge.
No. 25403 ID: 7eda8b
File 124979729215.png - (176.21KB , 500x500 , AQ38.png )

Goshen's body will not cooperate.

>Do NOT take your eyes off her. Do everything you can to keep her at the point of your weapon, because if she gets in close like that again, we're boned.
No. 25405 ID: 7dcac7

How is your other guy? Does it look like he'll be of any further help?
No. 25424 ID: 7eda8b
File 12498000572.png - (117.93KB , 500x500 , AQ39.png )

>How is your other guy? Does it look like he'll be of any further help?
No. 25425 ID: 476456

...Ask if we're done fighting.
No. 25436 ID: 7dcac7

Well, alrighty then. Since she seems to be playing this defensively right now, what with backing up, see if you can't circle around so that she's between you and the burning wreckage of the wagon. If you can force her back into it, you might be able to limit her mobility and land a hit.
No. 25443 ID: 7eda8b
File 124980153196.png - (50.57KB , 500x500 , AQ40.png )

No. 25444 ID: 7eda8b
File 124980155816.png - (38.53KB , 500x500 , AQ41.png )

No. 25445 ID: 7eda8b
File 124980157967.png - (38.30KB , 500x500 , AQ42.png )

No. 25446 ID: 7eda8b
File 124980160566.png - (20.04KB , 500x500 , AQ43.png )

No. 25447 ID: 7eda8b
File 124980162346.png - (37.98KB , 500x500 , AQ44.png )

No. 25449 ID: 476456

Oh..I guess we are.

go stumble to that other sergal and pass out on top of him.
No. 25456 ID: f44349

Wait, what?
No. 25464 ID: 7dcac7

She was impressed by our expert battle tactics.

Or she decided it wasn't worth her time. Either way, you handled that like a champ, Goshen.
No. 25465 ID: 7dcac7

Much as passing out sounds like an appealing idea, I would recommend using cloth from the wagon top to bind that arm and stem the bleeding. Also, check for water.
No. 25466 ID: 6faa8c

How's buddy brown doing?
No. 25471 ID: 98dab8

Seems like GM fiat saved our ass...
No. 25483 ID: 031d13

Guess this continues tomorrow.
No. 25592 ID: 9a71e2

Try to fall forward so you don't choke on the blood.
No. 26622 ID: 7eda8b
File 124989239648.png - (48.25KB , 500x500 , AQ45.png )

It is very bright here. It is very hot. It is no longer early morning.

Goshen is awake.
No. 26627 ID: 476456

Ask if brownie is ok to establish toughness.
No. 26637 ID: 53905d

I know how this works. Goshen, start walking. Walk until you can't walk anymore, and than walk some more. When you wake up, you will find yourself to have been miraculously found near death and brought to an exotic oasis inhabited by an itinerant master of war who nurses you back to health. Commence training montage and plot.

It's just how these things go.
No. 26649 ID: 7eda8b
File 124989406192.png - (161.02KB , 500x500 , AQ46.png )

The dustback's not dead. Hasn't woken up, though. If there's something wrong with his neck, Goshen doesn't know how to fix it. He tried cussing at him earlier, but it wasn't as satisfying as he'd hoped. The little guy had a stake snared to his collar, keeping him laying the way he was. He'd dug it out of the ground during the fight. Yelling at the dead mule behind the cart proved no more satisfying.

Goshen has been trying to stay awake, but he's dozed off a few times. He's been sleeping during the day and traveling at night until now, but he's worried the Talyxian will return.

Even without her sword, it was a miracle Goshen was able to put up a strong enough guard to convince her she couldn't safely get through it.

Goshen's gotten a few things done. He bandaged his arm, and bent out the wire bands of the cart to make a little tent. The barrel's full of high-proof whiskey. It had a little channel poked in it to pour a steady stream onto a pile of charcoal and ashes. A clever rig to keep a fire pouring black into the sky. Goshen put it out.

The cart had a few waterskins in it. Goshen didn't dare drink his fill. He doesn't know how long they'll have to last.

The crate is filled with dried fruits and tubers, plus some cloth and some useless wooden crafts. Southern sergals are omnivores, but northerns are carnivores. Like many carnivores, Goshen can eat other things if he absolutely has to, but it's not a good plan in the long term.

Goshen found a cubbyhole built into the cart, where the dustback had been hiding his dagger, plus eleven copper pieces. Enough for some supplies, or maybe a few nights at a cheap inn.

Goshen needs to think of what to do if his useless new friend doesn't wake up.
No. 26651 ID: 53905d

>Goshen needs to think of what to do if his useless new friend doesn't wake up.

...Seems kind of obvious. Another meal, another comrade to avenge.
No. 26652 ID: 98dab8

If he doesn't wake up, eat him.
No. 26654 ID: 476456

Drag your friend over to you and cradle him while you rest and think. Soft fluffy things help clear the mind.
No. 26658 ID: 476456

Oh, try and figure out which way the cart was pointing before it overturned, that should lead to some sort of checkpoint or landmark.
No. 26668 ID: 7eda8b
File 12498952893.png - (126.76KB , 400x400 , AQ47.png )

>Oh, try and figure out which way the cart was pointing before it overturned, that should lead to some sort of checkpoint or landmark.
Goshen isn't sure that would matter. It's not unheard of for a lone dustback to be tasked with shipping goods from settlement to settlement, but the Talyxian staked him to the ground and set a fire going for no purpose but to make smoke to attract targets. She dressed this whole scene up.

Goshen isn't sure if he should continue resting here until nightfall... maybe even hazard some shut-eye, or press on now.
No. 26671 ID: 1ed7b6

Is the mule still fresh enough? If so eat something and cut some pieces of for later.
You should probably try to help the dusty if possible. We could need some help and he, at least, tried to be helpful. Have you tried to remove his collar? Maybe give him some booze, it will do "something" with his throat.
No. 26674 ID: 7dcac7

Indeed, you have god-knows how much food in the form of that mule.

Also, he did try to help, fail as hard as he did. Also, if he traveled this route with any form of regularity as a wagon-driver, he might actually be able to tell you how far away the nearest settlement is.
No. 26676 ID: 1ed7b6

It's probably for the best to make your stand at the wagon. She could easily track us and ambush us when we are even weaker.
Could you set up some simple traps? Improvise some caltrops or something.
No. 26686 ID: 7eda8b
File 124989768744.png - (122.65KB , 450x450 , AQ48.png )

>Maybe give him some booze, it will do "something" with his throat.

Hey, it worked!
No. 26694 ID: 1ed7b6

If he seem to be healthy and alert enough, tell him to stay guard and try to sleep a few hours.
It's a risk, but eventually falling unconscious wont help yo either.
No. 26712 ID: 7eda8b
File 124990147954.png - (103.85KB , 450x450 , AQ49.png )

The dustback pants and gasps for air. He doesn't seem mad at Goshen, nor even afraid.

"I'm alive!" he shouts.

"You! You're alive!"

He laughs, ecstatic, then he regains his composure.

"Did you kill the monster? Did you kill Shadran?"
No. 26714 ID: 476456

"Eh no, she just kind of walked off...She'll probably be back..people like that never just walk off forever"
No. 26718 ID: 7dcac7

"No. It apparently decided the kill wasn't easy enough, and fled."
No. 26720 ID: 45a47e

"I defeated but didn't kill her. She's gone for now. Tell what's going on here, why did she set up this trap?"
I'm also still for risking some hours of sleep, we really need it.
No. 26721 ID: 4b96a7


Be dramatic, pull a sad face, close your eyes and look away slowly.
No. 26722 ID: 54af1f

Tell him no, she escaped after you beat her.
No. 26727 ID: 45a47e

Oh yeah almost forgot, tell him who's his new boss and ask him if he got a name.
No. 26728 ID: 7eda8b
File 124990277010.png - (95.10KB , 450x450 , AQ50.png )

"Eh no," says Goshen with a shrug. "She decided she couldn't kill me safely enough, and walked off."

Some of the color drains out of the southern sergal's face.

"Oh..." he says. "Well at least we're alive. I thought you were dead for sure. And me not long after, for giving warning. Thank you. Thank you, sir. I'm named Aphek."

Goshen gives his full name.

"Nice to m- Wait, what was that second one?" asks the southerner.

"R-A-N-E," Goshen spells.

"Oh. Okay."
No. 26729 ID: 4b96a7



Anyway, request that he take up guard duty and let you rest.
No. 26731 ID: f2de2f

Wouldn't Silves be the last name he should be worried about?
No. 26732 ID: 45a47e

Yawn terrifying before sleeping.
No. 26738 ID: 87583b

I think it's wise not to scare someone before sleeping next to them, essentially entrusting our livelihood to them.

GOSHEN: Say "Gesundheit" whenever Aphek says his name.
No. 26744 ID: 7eda8b
File 124990467529.png - (99.70KB , 500x500 , AQ51.png )

Goshen knows the enemy could return at any time, but he also knows he's more tired than he's ever been in his life. Even the trials to earn his elite raider sigil wasn't nearly this bad.

Besides. They should have time to run.

>Yawn terrifying before sleeping.
Goshen yawns, but forgets the box is in the way, so it doesn't look scary.

Goshen sleeps, and has a dream about sleeping in a more comfortable location.
No. 26747 ID: 54af1f

In the morning, ask Aphek about Shadran like, how does he know her name?
No. 26748 ID: 54af1f

Or when you wake up at least
No. 26750 ID: 7eda8b
File 124990739173.png - (70.87KB , 350x350 , AQbonus.png )

>In the morning-
No. 26751 ID: 4b96a7



Try and cover face with cloth or something to help you fall asleep.
No. 26752 ID: 87583b

Oh god. That is the funniest sergal image since SDF left town.
No. 26753 ID: 54af1f

either way sleep then ask
No. 26755 ID: 45a47e

I'm not your mother, but sleeping in half-plate seems like a bad idea.
No. 26759 ID: 7eda8b
File 124990863787.png - (70.69KB , 350x350 , AQbonus2.png )

>I'm not your mother, but sleeping in half-plate seems like a bad idea.
While it's not like there are nightmarishly silent talyxian assassins stalking this desert or anything crazy like that, Goshen just doesn't feel comfortable stripping down to his drawers in front of the southerner.

>Try and cover face with cloth or something to help you fall asleep.
Goshen tries dreaming about being on an adventure where he gains vast riches and has a lot of sex and doesn't lose so much blood and also sets things on fire.
No. 26761 ID: 87583b

>Goshen tries dreaming about being on an adventure where he gains vast riches and has a lot of sex and doesn't lose so much blood and also sets things on fire.

You are a man among men.
No. 26768 ID: 5dd9f1

A sergal among sergals?
No. 26775 ID: 67c611

A Sergal among men!
No. 26777 ID: 98dab8

It sounds like he's just trying to dream of a time when things didn't go wrong.
No. 27420 ID: 9a71e2

You could try not covering your nose...
No. 28275 ID: e98c4f


Rape other Sergal upon waking up.

No. 28397 ID: 7eda8b
File 125006958581.png - (94.20KB , 450x450 , AQ53.png )

Goshen dreams.
No. 28403 ID: 7eda8b
File 125007054762.png - (169.18KB , 500x500 , AQ54.png )

This isn't a very good one.
No. 28413 ID: 54af1f

scramble away from the horrible shape shifting dream monster
No. 28414 ID: c06332

Yell out while sleeping to disturb the dusty.
No. 28415 ID: 7eda8b
File 125007414438.png - (97.00KB , 450x450 , AQ55.png )

>scramble away from the horrible shape shifting dream monster
Goshen scrambles all the way back to reality. It is now dusk.

>Yell out while sleeping to disturb the dusty.
"Nnnnh... Ugh. Fuck," says Goshen.

The Southern Sergal makes a sound.

"G-Goshen? Are you alright?" he asks.

"Yeah. Awake now."

"Oh," says the Southerner. "I was just going to sleep."

"That's a real shame," says Goshen, without conviction.
No. 28416 ID: 476456

ask "Before you go to sleep, what do you know of the chick who just tried to kill us."
No. 28417 ID: 1f5d37

Respond "no, you aren't. It is too dangerous to stay here. Now is the time to travel."

Begin making preparations to gtfo.
No. 28419 ID: 342fb8

Yeah we should start to move as fast as possible.
I think the dusty shouldn't get his own weapon, he'll just loose it to the enemy again. Better have him do the heavy carrying.
Let's check what supplies we've got and how much we can carry. And also if we continue on our way, ask Aphek if there's something nearby.
No. 28424 ID: 7eda8b
File 125007631180.png - (85.54KB , 450x450 , AQ56.png )

"Hey, Dustback," Goshen starts.

"Aphek," the Southerner corrects.

"Gesundheit," says Goshen. "Listen... You knew that Talyxian's name."

"Shadran," says Aphek. He sounds afraid even to speak it.

"How do you know her name?"

"I was part of a real caravan. Seven wagons, under a Northern driver... My owner. Two or so days ago, we were set on by a small band of foreign warriors. Two elves, an old southerner, a gnoll, and Shadran. The others seemed impressed by her, even though she didn't fight, then. The southerner wanted us all freed," Aphek says, clearly guarding his voice not to sound sympathetic.

"The southerner took six carts and headed to the east, towards ferals. The elves wanted the rest of the group to head north for some reason. Shadran had business to the southwest, she said. Only words I heard her say. She took me, I guess the idea was she needed my supplies, and headed off."

There's a pause.

"Uh huh?" Goshen asks.

Aphek continues.

"Not long after we were out of sight of the others, she killed my mule, pushed my cart over, beat the shit out of me, tied a a wire to my collar, and tied that to a stake she hammered under the sand, so I was stuck on my back. Then she rigged up the whiskey to dribble into the fire to make smoke, and hid. A pair of Northerners found me later that day. Shadran burst from the sand and cut them down in moments. I don't know where she dragged them off to. When I saw you, I thought you were about to die... I'm... so glad you didn't."

Aphek falls silent.

"Suck it up," Goshen says. "We're marching tonight."
No. 28431 ID: 342fb8

Pack as much food, water and booze on the dusty as he can take. Take your own share, but only as much to keep you combat ready.
Teach him this old Tatola marching song to cheer him up.

"The beast behind our eyes is loose,
The day has come, the day has come,
We march to Armageddon, hungry for the war
I see the hated enemy, I see what I was taught to see

And one of us will bend the knee
We understand the law

The blood lust jerks our legs to march,
Fife and drum, fife and drum
Our eyes are fixed and fearless
Searching for the war

So March or Die, March or Die
The stench of death is in the sky
We never fail to satisfy
We rend with tooth and claw

Sword and shield and jackboot heel
We love to kill, we love to kill
We love to taste our own blood
Squirm in our own gore"
No. 28438 ID: 1f5d37

If he was part of a caravan, he should have some general idea of how far away from civilization we are.

Lets ask him that.
No. 28448 ID: 7eda8b
File 125008224965.png - (81.01KB , 450x450 , AQ57.png )

"Hey," Goshen says. "Tell me where we are and how long to get to Fort Ji."
Aphek points to a a little below the 'n' in 'Sailzane' on Goshen's map. He says they'll make much better time on foot than a horse can pull a cart. They are Sergals, after all. It still might take a week or two. Maybe more, since Aphek is not much of a navigator. Neither is Goshen.

>Pack as much food, water and booze on the dusty as he can take. Take your own share, but only as much to keep you combat ready.
Goshen is much stronger than Aphek, though less well adapted for the desert. Together they can easily carry all the water they have. This is not a good thing. The only meat available is the dead mule, unfortunately. That's going bad already.
No. 28449 ID: 342fb8

Ask Aphek if it's possible to find or hunt food in the Sailzane.
Think loudly about different sources of "food".
No. 28452 ID: 7eda8b
File 125008410149.png - (89.99KB , 450x450 , AQ58.png )

"There much to hunt around here?" Goshen asks.

"Not... MUCH to hunt. There's animals here and there, but I'm not much of a tracker, or a hunter."

"Well, I can think of something I could eat if I had to."

Aphek goes dead silent. Goshen's teeth have survived the sword catch fairly intact, and quite sharp.
No. 28456 ID: 342fb8

Eat your fill of the still unspoiled mule meat, pack what we can and then it's "March or Die".
Keep an eye on your provisions, I mean companion.
No. 28458 ID: 7eda8b
File 125008520763.png - (99.22KB , 450x450 , AQ59.png )

"Goshen?" Aphek asks, staring at the darkening sky.

The Northerner says nothing.

"I know we've got more to worry about," says the dustback. "But this is really bothering me. Am I still a slave?"
No. 28460 ID: d2ea61

No. 28462 ID: bffa2a

Oh, this always happens. Give them a little taste of freedom and they can never go back to the way it was. He's probably going to be executed for deserting or something equally stupid in the future. Tell him you don't care one way or the other.
No. 28465 ID: 5dd9f1

That kinda depends on whether we make it out of here...
No. 28466 ID: 342fb8

"I don't really need a slave. If you do what you're told you're free to go when we're back to civilization. But not a moment earlier or you'll regret it!"
No. 28467 ID: d5b2d6

No. 28468 ID: d2ea61

Let's tell him he will be a slave, but that we're a kind enough master should he do what he's told. See, he's not even in chains.
No. 28471 ID: 7eda8b
File 125008709756.png - (87.27KB , 450x450 , AQ60.png )

>He's probably going to be executed for deserting or something equally stupid in the future.
Goshen isn't entirely sure how this works. He's never been big on laws. Aphek's owner is dead. If it were a sword or a bag of rations or something, Goshen sure wouldn't waste time finding the rightful owner's next of kin...

And being killed for getting captured? That's just stupid. It's not like Goshen's going to punish Shadran's sword for being held by her.
No. 28472 ID: d2ea61


Right. Finders keepers. Slap him upside the head for thinking he even has the right to ask.
No. 28473 ID: d5b2d6

Well he's a slave, and we rescued him, so that makes him now our slave.
No. 28474 ID: bffa2a


No, Goshen. I meant he's going to be having those thougts of freedom forever and he's going to do something stupid in the future to attain freedom. He's spoiled goods. Nobody wants a Spartakus.
No. 28475 ID: d5b2d6

He was never free, and freed slaves can /always/ be reconditioned. Don't give up on gold because you don't like the tinge.
No. 28476 ID: 342fb8

He obvious belongs to you Goshen.
By Tatola Right of Salvage. You found him and he's yours now, you just have to decide if you want to keep him. Don't forget he helped you with Shadran, kind of brave for some dusty.
No. 28482 ID: 5dd9f1

I say we let him go if he helps us out, which he already has. I'm sure he'd be more grateful if we freed him than if we owned him.
No. 28485 ID: d5b2d6

Well, he's a pre-conditioned slave. Besides, we can always free him if we run out of need for him.
No. 28486 ID: 7eda8b
File 125008819859.png - (87.96KB , 450x450 , AQ61.png )

>Finders keepers.
That's the kind of legal system Goshen can get behind!

...still. He's never owned a slave before.

They must be really useful or else people wouldn't bother, right? Goshen hasn't thought about this very much.
No. 28487 ID: d2ea61


By "free" you mean "gut him in his sleep and eat him when there's nothing else to eat", right?
No. 28488 ID: d5b2d6

No. No I don't. If you really want to put words in peoples' mouths, why don't you go play PoliticianQuest.

Well, first we should notify him of his current status.
No. 28489 ID: 5dd9f1

...Or tell him you'll let him go if you reach safety. That'll give him incentive to be extra helpful.
No. 28490 ID: d2ea61


They are. They're not supposed to be beaten overly much or otherwise abused. A happy slave is a slave that doesn't try to brain you with a rock when you sleep, after all. But as to whay they're for, the answer is "everything you don't really want or can't do at the moment."

For example, hauling heavy things. Which would be pretty nice on this desert.
No. 28491 ID: 54af1f

A companion you can trust is more useful than a slave out here, tell him that he's not a slave but you're in this together now.
No. 28492 ID: d5b2d6


I guess you weren't paying attention during that part of the history lesson. Slaves were abused like HELL, and they didn't dare act up because they'd get the fucking shit murdered out of them. They had no rights, and everyone worked together to keep them enslaved.
No. 28493 ID: d5b2d6

We can't get his expectations too high you know, if we decide to keep him as a slave after being his companion for such an extended period of time, it would really crush him.
No. 28494 ID: 342fb8

You're a raider, do you even need a slave back in civilization?
You should free him, as long he promises to help you until we're at Fort Ji. This way you don't have to guard him all the time.
And honor should be more important to you than a few bucks you might sell him for.
No. 28495 ID: d2ea61


That would work if we had more than us, who needs sleep (which is an awesome time for a slave to decide he wants to try freedom) and isn't really in the best shape anyway. Too bad we don't, so there won't be any "working together to keep him enslaved."

That comes, naturally, later.
No. 28496 ID: d5b2d6

God damn it you motherfuckers, can you just drop the bullshit and let us experience something new for once? If you want companions so god damn bad go check out KaraQuest, they're spilling out her ears.
No. 28497 ID: 67c611

"It's complicated. In a straight up fight between me and you, I'd win. I don't like getting stabbed to death in my sleep. I'd be just fine without you. You might be in trouble without me. The less freedom someone has, the less useful they are. I saved your life. You saved mine."

"So as of now, no, you aren't a slave. Things might change later. We'll deal with that when we get there."
No. 28498 ID: d2ea61


Uhh. Ok, who took a shit in your cereal today?
No. 28499 ID: d5b2d6

Windows Vista.
No. 28501 ID: 9dd38f

I say we don't keep him as a slave; he's going to help us get out of there anyway, so it's not like it matters.
No. 28505 ID: 1f5d37

"As long as you do exactly as I say without complaint, you can keep your freedom."
No. 28506 ID: c42be6

"Do you think you are?"
No. 28507 ID: 67c611

Protip: That's slavery.
No. 28509 ID: 1f5d37

Nah nah nah, guy. He would be free as long as he did exactly what he was told. Totally different than slavery. C:
No. 28512 ID: 5dd9f1
File 125009133865.jpg - (61.75KB , 382x423 , antislavery sergal.jpg )

No. 28517 ID: 954933

I loled hard. Well played.
No. 28519 ID: bffa2a


That's wonderful. Don't be treading on my fellow brah.

All this for our mobile food ration who probably won't have good resale value. Goshen, just say you don't care one way or the other. Hurry before we start calling it by name and begin a bromance.

No. 28520 ID: 67c611

Do I smell a fanfic?
No. 28521 ID: d5b2d6

No, no you don't, go die in a god damn fire seriously my fucking god.
No. 28523 ID: d2ea61


No. 28524 ID: 1f5d37

Can we keep a goddamn romance subplot out of at least one of these quests? Please?
No. 28527 ID: d5b2d6

Seriously, Jesus fucking Christ, what is WRONG with you fuckers?
No. 28532 ID: d035e1


MudyQuest and Romanticar happened.
No. 28539 ID: bffa2a


Hahaha, why are you raging. It's the quest maker who ultimately decides everything he likes and does it for fun. Not us.

Also, the reason why most people are not fine with abusing the dustback is the same reason why most don't do the evil playthrough on crpgs. If you want to be completely wicked then the qm's going to have to pick the answers with a heavy hand until only the correct opinions remain. It can work, Muschio will make it work.
No. 28540 ID: d5b2d6

You can't pin retardation entirely on Reaver.
No. 28543 ID: f4963f

We really could use this guy's favour. I don't believe enslaving him will endear him greatly to us or our cause.

Let him know that he's free as long as we both can get to civilization.
No. 28544 ID: 67c611

Don't be so set in your opinions. Some people treat their slaves well.
No. 28545 ID: 2cbe3e


Maybe not, but the amount of "try to make out with it/rape it/marry it/kiss it" suggestions have been appearing MUCH more ever since those two quests started going into touchy-feely territory. Try and deny it. Every quest is fucking littered with them now.
No. 28551 ID: 216b76

Tell him he's free to go as soon as we get to the fort. Though, does he really want freedom? Where will he go, what will he do?
No. 28552 ID: 954933

No. 28558 ID: 67c611

We can agree to protect him or whatever if he helps carry our stuff etc. Even if he is just cannon fodder it will be nice to have him around.

There are just so many options in this situation.
No. 28561 ID: 7eda8b

Debating the course of action is okay, but let's try to keep things on-topic. We've got a discussion board and IRC.
No. 28562 ID: 67c611

Ok, if I had to go with one thing.
"Short answer, yes."

Don't bother explaining the long answer until you figure that out for yourself. If he pushes it past being told to shut up, tell him you really haven't decided yet and he should assume and act as though he were until told otherwise.
No. 28566 ID: 98dab8

"Well, you're gonna do what I tell you, so I guess so."
No. 28626 ID: 67c611

Quick question Goshen. What is your sexual orientation?
No. 28627 ID: 5dd9f1

Well it started with him eating out a chick so we can assume he's straight.
No. 28631 ID: 87583b

I lol'd
No. 28642 ID: 9a71e2

We'll both have to work like shit to get out of here and inform the authorities.
All I can promise you is consideration after that happens.
No. 28666 ID: 476456

He seems like the kind of guy who has nowhere else to go even if you did set him free..
No. 28688 ID: d5b2d6

Don't pull this shit
No. 28770 ID: 67c611

Totally pulling this shit.

Take it easy. I find it funny.
No. 28771 ID: d5b2d6

I don't. There is a slim but very real chance that because of you being retards this shit will actually happen, and will utterly ruin the quest.
No. 28773 ID: 6faa8c
File 125012198946.gif - (5.53KB , 650x450 , 00359.gif )



No. 28797 ID: f21281

Think of him more like a Squire.
No. 28798 ID: 9e9b47


>Think of him more like a Squirtle.

No. 28811 ID: 87583b
File 12501289044.jpg - (151.07KB , 848x694 , Squirtle.jpg )


Ashek just got a whole lot more awesome.
No. 28874 ID: 2abfb1

Now, let's be fair, the guy warned you about the ambush even though he knew he'd probably be killed for it, and also helped you out during the fight, earning a throatkick for his trouble.

It be pretty dickish to make him your slave after all that. Not to mention, he might not be so helpful the next time, if you make him your enemy. Plus, aren't you headed to the southern lands? Having a southerner to vouch for you would be a pretty big help.
No. 28875 ID: 9a71e2

On the other hand, if he's our slave, we can also go easy on him.
It all depends on the setup around here.
No. 28878 ID: ed8d8a

You don't especially need a slave, but you could sure use a helper right now. A servant to help you carry stuff would be appreciated, and you will probably want to teach him how to have your back in a fight. After a while you won't need his services any more and he will have learned valuable skills from you. That sounds like an apprenticeship to me, and in a pseudo-medieval military setting, that means he is called a squire.
Squire squire squire.

(incidentally, the implication that all slaves are treated like the African slaves brought to America is misleading. We were especially shitty to those slaves, and modern slavery follows that example. Up until that point in history, many slaves were more like what we now call indentured servants, and the rest were often treated like they were, because that was just how you treat a slave. No random beatings for the hell of it, proper medical care (such as it was), decent living conditions, and also the hard work. Some even got paid, albeit very little. So he is not necessarily gonna cut us first chance he gets to escape, it's just, ya know, be nice to not have to work so hard)
No. 28883 ID: 6164e0

Arm the Dustback with the dropped sword of Shadram (check it to see if it is the exotic sword you recall your deceased comrade carrying). Give him some basic training with it (non-combatants frequently don't even know how to swing a sword efficiently to get the most speed and power out of it, and this knowledge can be imparted fairly quickly to make him significantly more capable of combat than he previously was. Sure, he will still be no match for you or your prey, but he could still be of use.

In the process, tell him he is being taken as a warrior slave. If he successfully aides us to defeat out foes, we will ensure his freedom and a place back home (after all, if he is useful and survives, he will have demonstrated enough strength to be useful to you).

When teaching him how to swing a sword properly, be exacting, but don't be as harsh as you would with a fellow northerner. Remember, you need a reasonable assurance that when you command him to stand watch, he will do it not just because he fears you, but also because he believes following you will lead to his freedom, and revenge for his current situation.

Also, be sure to cultivate light sleeping habits, just in case. If you are to have any real hope against your foes, you must become more focused, more aware, more lethal than you were when they left you for dead. And this is one step along that path.

Become the type of raider that little ones look up to in awe and fear, and come home with the blood of these foes in your gut.
No. 28893 ID: 7eda8b
File 125014027760.png - (179.06KB , 500x500 , AQ62.png )

>Like 60 posts of arguing.

Goshen's too tired and has lost too much blood today to decide. He climbs over the crate.

"Aphek," he says, using the southerner's real name for the first time. "I don't really know, alright? Let's just focus on making it to Fort Ji. Then we can worry about that."

There's a pause.

"I understand," says Aphek. "And I really am glad I'm with you and not Shadran. But... I think I already know what's going to happen after we get to Fort Ji."
No. 28895 ID: 476456

"and that is"
No. 28896 ID: 5dd9f1

That being?
No. 28904 ID: 7eda8b
File 12501412614.png - (178.51KB , 500x500 , AQ63.png )

"That being...?"

Aphek says, "I think you're going to need some money."
No. 28909 ID: 476456

"I'm not going to sell you if thats what you're implying"
No. 28915 ID: bde1b8

Add "I'm not an omnivore. If anything I'd have to eat you before we get there. But hopefully it won't come to that."
No. 28927 ID: f4963f

His behavior during the ambush was noble. We should consider repaying him in kind. Dustback status notwithstanding.

Ask him what he would do, if it were up to him.
No. 28964 ID: e98c4f


No don't sell him pleasssse! He can be our super buddy! I mean, our other friends already got ultra murdered so we need some friends. Yup, yup.
No. 28969 ID: 448a65


"They allow male prostitution there?"
No. 28972 ID: e98c4f

No. 28975 ID: e388b3

We sure need money. Is there anything valuable in the cart we could sell later? I assume Fort Ji has soldiers and soldiers love booze.
Tell him we don't really want to sell him.
No. 28994 ID: e98c4f

No. 28999 ID: 6164e0

Okay, it looks like night now, when it isn't nearly as hot. Since you are not built for desert life (at least not to the extent of Aphek), now might be a good time to ask Aphek if he has any martial training, and if not, start teaching him some each night, when neither of you will lose as much water to heat.

While practicing with him tonight, ask him if he has thoughts on how to make some money for when we get to the fort.

Actually, we should probably move by night as much as possible, since the lowered temperature and reduced glare would mean we will retain water and burn energy much more slowly for the same amount of travelling.

So, night time travelling, start daily practice with Aphek to get him used to that sword Shadram dropped, and discussion of how to make money at the fort, preferably without selling Aphek, who did risk his life twice to assist us against Shadram, and deserves some measure of respect for the strength of mind he displayed.
No. 29000 ID: e84fc5

"Aphek, I only need money to buy food and you're made of food. Mobile food. You're far more useful than money"
No. 29003 ID: 67c611

We don't need to TELL our food that. It's best kept to ourselves.
No. 29004 ID: 6164e0

If it comes to it, we will eat him.

He knows it, we know it.

There isn't a need to keep shoving this bit of data in his face.

Besides, by leaving him alive we keep the food fresh for later.
No. 29011 ID: 54af1f

"I'm not going to sell you one way or another. I need you to help me get out of the desert too much"
No. 29035 ID: 01383e

tell him quite simply that it may very well be that you need money

but you just lost most of your blood, and do not want to think about hard things. to the march.
No. 29072 ID: 87583b

No. 29078 ID: 7eda8b
File 12501946312.png - (177.62KB , 500x500 , AQ64.png )

>We sure need money. Is there anything valuable in the cart we could sell later?

Goshen thinks. There's still a fair amount of whiskey left in the barrel, but it's rather large for two exhausted and thirsty sergals to leg across the desert. They can fill some of the empty waterskins with it, perhaps. Odd way to transport whiskey, but it should keep.

If the cart was carrying any other real valuables, they've all been looted. The things he found here with the most resale value would be Shadran's sword, and of course Aphek. The southerner doesn't seem to have particularly valuable skills, but Goshen could still pawn him for real gold.

Aphek knows all this. Goshen wonders how right he is. At present, selling him seems a poor decision. He can use the help, and someone adapted to the desert, familiar with it... But, after he gets to safety? After the desert's behind him, and he gets his strength back... Will he still want to keep him?

Goshen pauses briefly to get his words together.
No. 29081 ID: 87583b

Ask him what he wants to do, or what he thinks he can do once he's freed. If he has no skills, he might as well stick around you for a while and do some merc work. Tell him you're not technically his owner, the real question is whether or not they should try to look for his owner's next of kin or see about hiding Ashek from said next of kin.
No. 29082 ID: e388b3

By home you mean all the way back home in Tatola, right?
That's a long time away. And you really shouldn't bother with this decision now, the sword and booze will make enough money for your travel.
Tell him you won't sell him in Fort Ji, that should calm him down for now.
No. 29084 ID: c42be6

There's no reason to make a decision yet. Regardless of whether we're keeping him, freeing, him, or selling him, he'll still need to travel with us through the desert. See how things turn out once we get to Fort Ji. Until then... "Let's go."
No. 29086 ID: 7eda8b
File 125019584227.png - (177.83KB , 500x500 , AQ65.png )

>by home you mean
Home? Goshen wasn't thinking about that.

Sure, the raiding group is dead except for him, but surely he can still get SOMEthing done on this side of the desert. Has he come all this way just to turn around?

...on the other hand, everyone IS dead. That's often a good reason to give up.

>(check it to see if it is the exotic sword you recall your deceased comrade carrying)
No. Yalal's sword was curved. Goshen wonders why Shadran wasn't carrying even one of the weapons her group looted from his party. Come and think of it, dragging off four big sergal corpses to eat is strange behavior for a band made up of two elves, a gnoll, a southerner, and a talyxian. Maybe it'll make more sense later, when he can think more clearly.
No. 29090 ID: bffa2a


Dammit Goshen, less consideration for feelings and more Conan. Live for the moment. If he proves honorable we might grant freedom. If he tries to stab us in our sleep we eat him. If we really need to get drunk in the fortress we sell him. And all this can wait for when we have something else to expect than slow death in the desert. Let the weakling prove himself.

"I'll think about it."
No. 29091 ID: e388b3

>Has he come all this way just to turn around?
That's a decision for when you're safe again.
>dragging off four big sergal corpses to eat is strange behavior
Maybe they ain't dead. Do you like em enough for some wild rescue mission?
In this case we really could use some friendly southerner to help us out.
No. 29093 ID: 6164e0


Okay, here we go.

'Aphek, my first concern right now is to track down and slaughter those who felled my fellow raiders. If you are willing to assist me, I will teach you how to fight, and if you live to see the last of them dead, I will free you. If you do not have the stomach for it, I will sell you at the fort. Choose.'
No. 29106 ID: 67c611

Nice one there.
No. 29155 ID: 7eda8b
File 125020225839.png - (177.96KB , 500x500 , AQ66.png )

>'Aphek, my first concern right now is to track down and slaughter those who felled my fellow raiders. If you are willing to assist me, I will teach you how to fight, and if you live to see the last of them dead, I will free you. If you do not have the stomach for it, I will sell you at the fort. Choose.'

That's not bad. Goshen gets that in his head, but what he actually says is "Hey. I'm just here to kill folks. You wanna help? I'll keep ya."
No. 29156 ID: 67c611

No. 29159 ID: f4963f


Wait to see what Aphek says.
No. 29160 ID: 67c611

I'll teach you how to fight as best I can. Better than being by yourself, right?
No. 29164 ID: e388b3

Are southerners even allowed to wield weapons? We don't want him getting hauled away as rebel or something.
No. 29168 ID: 7eda8b
File 125020333593.png - (177.51KB , 500x500 , AQ67.png )

"So. I'm to be your Janissary," says Aphek.

"Uh. Sure," Goshen replies. "If you can handle it. I can teach you how to swing a sword."

Aphek says "I don't know how good at that I'm going to be. I guess it's better than some things."
No. 29174 ID: 87583b

Yeah, you could be sucking on big swords instead.
No. 29175 ID: 6164e0

'Know that the more you try to learn from me, the more likely you will never get used like Shadram used you again. This is your chance to become strong, I suggest you not squander it.'
No. 29176 ID: e388b3

First things first, you guys should really use the night for travel.
Are we still going to Fort Ji for supplies or do you want to go after your friends.
I think some civilization first would be a better idea.
No. 29177 ID: 1f5d37

Janissaries had their balls cut off. They were a badass eunuch slave army, fyi.
No. 29197 ID: 6164e0

And yes dear god we have to be smarter about water consumption. Night travel will leave us with a lot more water retained in our body each day, extending the amount of time we stay mobile with our current supplies. So lets switch to night travel/training Aphek at camp, day sleep sheltered and camouflaged by sand.
No. 29203 ID: 7eda8b
File 125020653087.png - (177.01KB , 500x500 , AQ68.png )

"Yeah, you could be sucking on big swords instead," says Goshen.


"I said we should start marching tonight."

Goshen ponders how much stuff he should burden the two of them with. All of the remaining water and money, of course, but what else? There's mule meat, but it's already going bad. Most species would consider it quite inedible by now. There's food in the crate that will keep a long time, but it's not meat. Goshen can carry the barrel of whiskey... but for days on end? With little water or food? He'd have trouble even if he were carrying nothing.

>So lets switch to night travel/training Aphek at camp
Goshen's been traveling at night. That's why he was so exhausted this morning, even before he was ambushed. He'd been marching all night!
No. 29205 ID: 9a71e2

Have Aphek carry half the water and as much of the crate food as he wants.
Carry the other half of the water, the money, and see if you can set snares in the daytime. Check for rope.
No. 29208 ID: e388b3

Don't carry the barrel, just fill whatever extra wine skins you have with whiskey.
And eat as much of the mule meat as reasonable right now, make sure to act extra scary and feral about it.
We'll just have to look for some hunting opportunities. Is it really impossible for you to eat some non meat stuff?
Take as much of the dusty food as necessary, ask Aphek about it.
No. 29209 ID: 6164e0

Get some canvas to use as shelter during the day. Will definitely pay off.
No. 29214 ID: 87583b

See if you can start a fire and cook the meat into strips of jerky.
No. 29215 ID: bffa2a


Ask Dustback to keep an eye out for proper prey for us. Otherwise we might have to eat the dustback before we lose the strenght to do so.
No. 29239 ID: 7eda8b
File 125021251233.png - (32.34KB , 500x500 , AQ69.png )

>And eat as much of the mule meat as reasonable right now, make sure to act extra scary and feral about it.
No. 29241 ID: 7eda8b
File 125021260351.png - (156.20KB , 500x500 , AQ70.png )

"Schlorp schlorp om gomrrrngh *RIP* schlorp schlorp schlorp."
No. 29242 ID: 476456

invite him to join you! make it a dinner date!
No. 29243 ID: fdc826


And from now on, sleep in shifts, and try to use sand-covered canvas as both shelter and camouflage.
No. 29244 ID: 6164e0

Advise Aphek to eat as much of the dried fruits and whatnot as he can without risking using too much water to digest it all, as he will only be able to carry so much. You must keep a survivalist outlook to exist in a setting like this.
No. 29247 ID: 7eda8b
File 125021378987.png - (141.87KB , 500x500 , AQ71.png )

>invite him to join you! make it a dinner date!
"Schlorp nom *GULP*... Oh, did you want some?"


"Hahaha. Well, eat more of your plant garbage. We've got more than we can carry."


"*RIP* schlorp om nom..."

>See if you can start a fire and cook the meat into strips of jerky.
Say! That's not a bad idea. But jerky takes six to ten hours to prepare. Goshen really wishes he'd thought of that before he went to sleep.
No. 29256 ID: 6164e0

Okay, lets finish eating as much healthy meat and organs as we can (especially heart and liver, both are great long term energy investments), and then assess how much night we have left. If we still have most of the night, lets pack up, start heading to the fort with all the water, as much of the food as we can, some canvas for coverage during the day.

If possible, have Aphek help you use some of the wrecked cart to make a stretcher type device to rest the barrel of booze on so that both Goshen and Aphek can share the load, hopefully making the carrying easier. It will make travel a bit slower, but the boon of the canvas for daytime coverage should make up for it in terms of energy/water spent in effort.

Plus, we really need some capital, and the booze is the most expensive thing we have we can part with right now.
No. 29265 ID: 7eda8b
File 125021649047.png - (34.98KB , 500x500 , AQ72.png )

After some thought, Goshen decides the barrel is too much work. If he were a little more confident of how far they were from anything, maybe. Besides. It's not even full.

While Goshen digests, they salvage what they can from the cart:
-Canvas and struts, to work as a tent
-All the water. Hard to judge how many days' worth, but they're going to try drinking about one seventh of it each day, in hopes they make it out in a week.
-11 copper pieces
-Shadran's sword
-Goshen's stuff
-Flint and tinder
-Small sharpening stone
-4 waterskins full of whiskey
-Some cloth from the crate
-40 feet of rope
-30 person-days of not-meat

The two set off across the desert.



"You ever cross the Sailzane before?"

"Just once. Few years back," says Goshen. "Well, twice, but the other was when I was very young."

Aphek goes quiet for several minutes.

"Goshen? Uh. You ever actually... eaten sergal flesh before?"


They walk in silence.
No. 29266 ID: 9a71e2

Use the first or last hour of sunlight for teaching him how to swing the sword a little.
It looks a little thin, but it should hold up for a few days.
No. 29267 ID: 6164e0

'If you fear for your own hide, be aware that you are currently considered an ally, and as such I will go to significant lengths to avoid eating you unless it becomes absolutely necessary. And one thing that could improve the chances that such a time never comes is learning to fight and be useful in combat to me as quickly as possible.'
No. 29275 ID: 67c611

The real question is, how can we convince him not to kill us in our sleep?

This is getting very complicated. It would take me thirty minutes to explain every angle. I think that this is the most fucked up scenario that /quest/ has been in so far. I'm enjoying it.
No. 29277 ID: 9a71e2

I have an idea.

"We taste horrible, by the way."
No. 29279 ID: 6faa8c

"Make yourself worth it and sure."
No. 29281 ID: 7eda8b
File 125021897934.png - (36.05KB , 500x500 , AQ72.png )

>'If you fear for your own hide, be aware that you are currently considered an ally, and as such I will go to significant lengths to avoid eating you unless it becomes absolutely necessary. And one thing that could improve the chances that such a time never comes is learning to fight and be useful in combat to me as quickly as possible.'

Goshen decides to dazzle the southerner with high-falutin' words, to establish himself as a respectable knight. A warrior-poet.

"Relax," he says. "I'm pretty full. I'm not gonna eat you."

Aphek, clearly stunned by Goshen's incredible charisma, gives pause.

"Hey," Aphek says after awhile. "You really promise to keep me around? Take me on raids and adventures and stuff?"
No. 29282 ID: 6164e0

Keep in mind, Goshen doesn't yet seem to be a sufficiently devious minded individual to think that far ahead, he is too raw yet to play out all these hypothetical scenarios to pick the optimal way to interact with Aphek.

As far as I can tell, Goshen would tell Aphek the blunt truth, and expect Aphek to obey, but still sleep lightly the first few nights while you get a sense of whether he really does decide to stick with you.
No. 29285 ID: 67c611

"No promises. We'll see how it works out."
No. 29288 ID: 9a71e2

"We're on an adventure. Enjoying it yet?"
No. 29289 ID: 87583b

"What are you, a cutebold? You can come along if you want but you're going to have to woman up quick if you're going to be a merc."
No. 29291 ID: 476456

"Sure why not."
No. 29295 ID: f4963f

"If you can fight, yes."
No. 29296 ID: 6164e0

'I am alone, tracking foes that already bested my comrades. Even if you doubt my intentions, necessity forces me to need you. So I suggest you live up to my expectations and learn quickly. Just because I am giving you a chance at freedom does not mean I will coddle you.'

Harsh, but fair. Giving a slave a chance at freedom if he proves himself strong and useful enough. It seem like the Northern, martially minded thing to do. If he proves himself strong and an able ally, then there is no reason to not treat him with the respect any warrior deserves. If he is proven weak or dead weight.... well, I imagine Aphek knows what a Northerner would do with a useless southern slave in the desert.
No. 29299 ID: 7eda8b
File 125022088173.png - (36.86KB , 500x500 , AQ73.png )

"We're on an adventure," says Goshen. "Enjoying it yet?"

"This might sound crazy," says Aphek. "But... I think I just might be."
No. 29301 ID: 7eda8b
File 125022097089.png - (66.62KB , 500x500 , AQ74.png )

No. 29302 ID: 6164e0

Just remember to train Aphek every day at dawn and dusk (so after setting up camp and first thing after waking). Don't just do it to teach him how to fight, also use it as a way to try and become more familiar with your own shortcomings, and improve yourself. Sometimes teaching someone leaves you learning nearly as much as your pupil.

After all, you nearly lost to Shadram, and that was only one of your targets. You must become faster, stronger, hungrier for victory.
No. 29315 ID: 98dab8

This quest has fucking awesome dialogue. Just thought I'd throw that out there. I didn't notice how awesome until that last line, which was somewhat cheesy. Not badly, but enough that I noticed.
No. 29349 ID: 8a66e4

I noticed it around >>29203
No. 29366 ID: 7eda8b

This will continue in a new thread. Can't guarantee when it'll be. Classes are starting up again and I have some things to take care of.
No. 29369 ID: f98e0b

It's also currently tied with KaraQuest for combat awesomeness in my opinion.
No. 29396 ID: 67c611

What is with the different views?
No. 29434 ID: 4e0411

Northern Sergals are carnivores, southern Sergals are omnivores.
No. 29471 ID: 98dab8

I think he meant "Why is one all black with just the open bit of the mule visible, while the other depicts the entirety of the scene.
I believe that was just to show focus.

Also, I'd imagine that southern Sergals are more like dogs; they can eat vegetable matter, but they mostly eat meat.

On an entirely unrelated note, I've just realized how similar
looks to a picture of Don Quixote that I've seen. No idea if that's intentional.
No. 29472 ID: 6164e0

I know pretty much nothing about sergals, so bear with me if these questions seem to have obvious answers.

About how big are the average male/female northern/southern sergals, and how long do they live?

What would be some defining traits of sergal biology that make them stand out, like not doing well in the cold or being prone to illness in certain regions.

What is the story of how Raiders (which Goshen seems to be one of) compare with military units back home, and how do they fit into command structure if at all?

Do Southerners and Northerners interbreed at all, or is it either genetically nonviable or taboo for one or more of the cultures?
No. 29475 ID: 9a71e2

Northerners are larger and stockier than southerners.
I think it's 40-60 years or something, been a while since I waded through the moonspeak.
Northerners are better with cold, and southerners are a mite faster.
One of the unofficial/official pastimes for youngsters just out of basic training is the basics of adventuring: Find some buddies, head out to other countries to kill things and take their stuff. Raider I assume was his specialisation.
In the original moonspeak, there is indeed a crossbreed example, but it ends up getting curbstomped.
No. 29477 ID: 571eb4

http://goldring.wikia.com/wiki/Vilous_Wiki You should be able to find everything you want to know in there.
No. 29481 ID: 6164e0

Ok, then basically, we are trying to keep Goshen alive long enough to stop being a rookie and return home with his fellow Raiders avenged, a good bit of spoils, all his limbs/organs, become a much more capable individual and maybe have some bastards left behind.

I don't know, that sounds about like what we are shooting for, assuming that the quest lasts that long.

I am going to go through that, maybe learn something useful for the quest.
No. 29493 ID: ffc576

The stuff in the GoldRingWiki is based on the ideas by the original artist.
/tg/ did it's own, but very similar, stuff with them http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Unified_Setting , also worth a read.
No. 29504 ID: 476456


and possibly obtain a princess leah slave outfit for Aphek.
No. 29572 ID: 6164e0

It is fairly patchwork in design....
No. 29575 ID: 9a71e2

Not the time or the place to discuss that.
No. 29586 ID: 87583b

It's all the ideas of the original artist unless it's labeled as such. Look for the little canon boxes.
No. 29597 ID: 98dab8

Just judging by what's on the respective wikis, I'd have to say that it's actually better that the Vilous setting. It tends to get a lot of criticism that it doesn't deserve, if only because the issues people bring up tend to get fixed but nobody tells people.
No. 29600 ID: ffc576

Yeah that's what I meant, bad communication on my side.
The orig. Vilous stuff has lots of unrealized potential.
No. 29603 ID: 87583b
File 125030121284.png - (36.81KB , 350x350 , John is not sharing his pudding.png )

Different strokes for different folks.

But, folks deserve to know the truth. The unified setting's entire existence was to make sergals more famous and preferably popular on /tg/, by mixing them in with other stuff /tg/ liked and not painting them in a completely flattering light.

Worked pretty well for a while, if I do say so myself.
No. 29606 ID: 448a65


What!? It was all a conspiracy!?
No. 29608 ID: 9a71e2

Well, it started as a justification to have sergals in a setting, yeah.
Then to collecting all the stuff that /tg/ had lying around that could slot in anywhere and bind it all together, hence the name.
Now, of course, it gets used as a roundabout way of calling something furry.
No. 29616 ID: 98dab8

Most DnD spells started as stuff Gygax's group thought it would be fun to have. Those random ideas then became a comprehensive cosmology. That doesn't mean it's only fun for Gygax's group, and likewise the US isn't inherently faggotry just because it was created by faggots. There has been a fuckton of work done on it since then, and these days it's actually a perfectly acceptable setting.

Though I do notice that the sergal empire is a bit flat. Presumably this stems from nobody having good ideas regarding them since the dullettes, and that they had no real society prior to the Empire thing, and since then they've been wholly military. I guess we should work on fleshing out US sergal culture.
No. 29631 ID: 87583b

It was fleshed out a lot back in the day. Pottery and ceramics were the biggest exports along with mercenaries, they grew mushrooms and cattle, etc. I'm not going to post it all right now, too lazy.
No. 29661 ID: 7eda8b

I don't mean to be a dick or anything, but we've got a discussion board. We've got two, if you count /tg/.
No. 29676 ID: 98dab8

It developed in this thread, so I think it's fine, seeing as the next chapter will be in a different thread.

That stuff is mostly summarized on 1d4chan, yes. Even so, it's nothing compared to how the other races are now. Mostly. Doobies are still more one-dimensional than Sergals, even if their relation with the Gentry allows for interesting stuff.
No. 29693 ID: 1f5d37

I'm still of the opinion that the source material/Vilous stuff is cooler, and I was extremely happy when I figured out the author was using that as his canon.

Although less is explicitly spelled out and detailed, what is written is a lot more engaging.

You don't have to write 10,000 words to write something interesting, and you can write 100,000 without saying anything worthwhile.
No. 29694 ID: 119488

Doobies are fucking retarded
No. 29707 ID: 98dab8

That's kind of the point. Of couse, they now have a reason for existing as well as for being so fucked up. But as a race, they're still kind of underflavored. I would imagine that this is because people have a hard time taking them seriously even while working on them. They've become the gnomes of the Unified Setting. Except that gnomes really don't have a reason to exist.
No. 29711 ID: 6164e0

So, I noticed that the stuff on Vilious noted that the Talyxians are usually better one on one fighters than the Northerners, now is this some sort of biological thing, such as the Talyxians just being better made for it or some such, or is it because of a difference in training? It was phrased somewhat ambiguously on the site.

Hrm, I wonder how old Goshen is? I mean, the site said they are largely mature by ten.

...I somehow get the feeling that Goshen is YOUNG, like barely ten.

Doing raiding stuff like this is popular among the soon to be adult age range as a means of proving oneself.

The fate of the raid party seems to point towards a lack of experience on their part, possibly because they were new to it.

Never fought a Talyxian before, and if he had gone raiding several times before, it would stand to reason he might have done so by now.
No. 29717 ID: ffc576

AfterQuest gets lots of discussion, so I made a thread here. This one will get archived soon enough.
No. 29779 ID: 1f5d37

Talyxians are better one on one because they are much more dexterous and fast. In large numbers, individual maneuverability always suffers, so the Sergal's larger size and much stronger bodies give them a much stronger edge.
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