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File 127843000861.png - (29.01KB , 466x500 , 1.png )
204114 No. 204114 ID: cf68aa

Wow... This is my first time out in the real world!
No more dark caves for me, this is the day my adventure begins!
Out in the open air and away from my slime kin! The wind feels so good.
Oh, I forgot to introduce my self. My name is Curious-as-Cat but you can call me Curi.

Wow there's so much light here.. Everything looks different. What color am I?
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No. 204115 ID: c2c011

No. 204116 ID: 4c7b39

No. 204117 ID: 4531bc

Well, that depends. Are you in AMERICA? If you are, then you should the GLORIOUS COLORS of red, white, and blue.

Pick green.
No. 204118 ID: 6a5a08

No. 204119 ID: 8ce2bf

No. 204120 ID: 67c611

blue, duh. All good slime girls are blue. You don't want to be a bad slime girl do you?
No. 204121 ID: 67c611
File 127843053694.jpg - (476.14KB , 871x1200 , slime.jpg )

No. 204122 ID: e973f4

Blue is best choice.
No. 204126 ID: cf68aa
File 127843117579.png - (51.53KB , 500x500 , 2.png )

No way! I wanna show everyone my people are good!

And seeing as how I'm a good girl I must be blue!

So... What color was my hair again?
No. 204127 ID: c2c011

Hmm, lets go with Purple this time around.
No. 204128 ID: 701a19

No. 204130 ID: 67c611

I can't tell if that is dark blue or purple. That color.
No. 204131 ID: 4531bc

I like it as it is: white.

Then again, red would be an alright choice, too. You can't get it in a red/white stripe, can you?

Alright, if I had to pick one, I'd choose white.
No. 204132 ID: e973f4

Actually I rather like the look of white as well. :V
No. 204139 ID: 6a5a08

I agree with Mister America.
No. 204141 ID: 67e8ff

I like the red, although I'd prefer it to be darker.
No. 204143 ID: e31d52

No. 204145 ID: cf68aa
File 127843495241.png - (83.67KB , 500x500 , 3.png )

White? I've never seen anyone with that color before. I'll trust you on this one.

Now back to my mission! Ever since Daddy split into me and my brother I've had a desire to learn about the world outside my cave. No one seems to like us slime folk very much but I think it's just cause we don't really talk to other races. So I read up as much as I could about all the races here like dwarves elves and humans.

I've decided I shall bridge the gap between landfolk and the slimefolk!

But... I have a small problem... I kinda tend to break down things... My body is acidic. I've been leaning against this tree here for a few seconds and the bark is starting to peel off...
No. 204146 ID: e31d52

Well... is there a limit to what you break down? Wear stuff you can't destroy. Or just be up front about it and be careful to avoid crowds.
No. 204147 ID: d98e9d

Can ya develop a membrane of some sort?
So you don't digest stuff until you glup it in?

Is there anything you don't digest? Rock? metal? Puppies?
No. 204149 ID: e973f4

I don't think any of us really know offhand how to fix that, if that's what you're getting at. It does give you an obvious goal, though. :V

So yeah, for the moment, if you interact with anybody, just be sure to, y'know, tell them that you kind of have a tendency to burn through organic material that contacts you.
No. 204150 ID: 701a19

Well, the obvious options are to meet a band of adventurers, or befriend a green dragon.
Adventurers are the most likely ones to find a green dragon, so it looks like you're looking for adventurers for now.

You would be so useful to adventurers! You can slip under cracks, dissolve traps and locked doors or chests, scout the area, etc...
You're a natural rouge!
No. 204151 ID: 6a5a08

What about mithril clothing? Expensive and rare, but should stand up to your acidic body.
No. 204152 ID: c2c011

Lots of ways around that little problem. You just need to find some magic users. Just make sure they're not of the insane and evil variety, even though it was one of those that gave birth to your species.
No. 204155 ID: cf68aa
File 127843639792.png - (44.22KB , 500x500 , 4.png )

I do have a membrane, I'm using it to keep myself from just spilling everywhere.
The things I can't digest are rocks, metals, glass and anything like them. Like gems or sand.

I'll be sure to warn them! Don't want my new friends being turned into mush!

Hmm.. I read up on some of these things but I really don't know where to find wizards or dragons or adventuring folk.

Where I stand I can go to a bunch of different places. They're all withing walking distance and it shouldn't take me more then a day to reach them. And if none of these are good I can keep looking elsewhere. Where should I try first?
No. 204158 ID: c2c011

Lets start with the humans. After all your distant ancestors were humans. You're probably going to feel more at home with them.

And humans are a rather curious bunch, I'm sure you could find some alchemist or mage among them that would be interested in looking into your little problem.
No. 204159 ID: 701a19

Agreed. Humans are also the most likely to have adventurers wandering around their towns.
No. 204161 ID: 6a5a08

Humans are assholes.

Go see the dwarves and get some kickass mithril clothing.
No. 204162 ID: c2c011

That shit is expensive as hell though. She is gonna need to get a crapload of cash before she can afford that.
No. 204163 ID: e973f4

Seconding the various suggestions to go check out the human village or whatever.
No. 204164 ID: 6a5a08

Who needs money when you're a NATURAL ROGUE?!
No. 204166 ID: e31d52

Have you considered BECOMING an adventurer?
No. 204174 ID: c2c011

Well she can slip through small cracks as a small puddle. But it's hard to bring a set of mithril chain with you like that.
No. 204175 ID: 6a5a08
File 127843842386.jpg - (21.60KB , 376x276 , Frodo\'sMagicalShirtofInvulnerability.jpg )

Not chainmail, I mean more like this.
No. 204211 ID: 08aa7e

yeah, go humans ward but stay hidden until we get a good look at them.
No. 204215 ID: d6cb21

Thats not chainmail, its plot armour.
No. 204222 ID: cf68aa
File 127844794761.png - (105.33KB , 500x500 , 5.png )

But I am an adventurer! This is my journey to unite my people with their long lost cousins!
With my help people will be able to overcome that barrier. Still haven't worked out how though...

Humans it is.
It took me a while to get there (I had to rest a rehydrate along the way) but here I am!
A real live human city! There's so many people!
And stores too! And they're not just selling mushrooms either! Oh I didn't bring anything to trade with me... I can probably go back and get some.

There's a bunch of signs in Common and I can read a few of them. There's Pub and Inn and General Store to name a few. There's also a fountain in the center of the town, now I have a place to rehydrate at least!
So.. Where do I go from here?
No. 204224 ID: 6a5a08

Find a pub and join an adventuring party.
No. 204226 ID: 08aa7e

move to the fountain slowly so they know you are not hostile and get a drink. make sure you don't bump into anyone.
No. 204227 ID: c2c011

Go to the pub and see what's up.
No. 204230 ID: 701a19

Go to the fountain to rehydrate, then go to the pub or tavern.

Don't step on the floor if you'll dissolve it, though. In that case just wait outside.
No. 204231 ID: c2c011

Most places should have a packed dirt floor. Which should be ok. She's probably going to dissolve the straw and some of the less plesant stuff in it.
No. 204237 ID: c4c313

Hide in the fountain!
No. 204315 ID: a594b9

Can you speak? See if you can find someone who's not in a crowded area, and try talking to them. It might be wise to speak to a guard first if there are any, so that you can get an armed escort around town.
No. 204319 ID: 701a19

Yes, she can speak. No, she does not need an escort.
However, they might know where she can get some scrap metal or old plates she can use as coasters shoes.
No. 204322 ID: e973f4

I'd wait to see what kind of response she gets before I'd assume she doesn't need an escort, personally.

Speaking of which. Anyone taken notice of you yet?
No. 204367 ID: e31d52



You could work as a maid! :D You're like, the perfect cleaner, so long as what you're cleaning is inorganic! Oh man!
No. 204375 ID: a594b9

Dishwashing. Of course you'd need to be in a place with stone floors and countertops.
No. 204426 ID: 40cb26

First off, do you know if slime folk and humans get along at all? It wouldn't do for you to be attacked as a dangerous monster as soon as you are seen. And to be fair, as corrosive as you are you're technically hazardous to them. Your best bet is to befriend a single human to help you out. Maybe you can find someone living alone along on the outskirts of town who is peaceful and thinky and you can manage to talk to before things get violent or otherwise complicated. Look for someone with books and glasses.
No. 204427 ID: 08aa7e

that is actually a good idea.
No. 204480 ID: cf68aa
File 127849066944.png - (83.37KB , 500x500 , 6.png )

The fountain sounds like a good idea. I really could use some water.

First thing to do is get some water.
I think I'll skip the fountain, it's too public. There's a small stream in the nearby woods, I'll drink from there.

Anyway humans and us slime folk don't really interact much so I'm not certain if there's any hostile feelings to us right now.
Oh! There's a human by himself! He seems kinda lonely. I think I'll approach him. This'll be my first time talking to a real human!

"Hi! My name is Curi and IOH GOD MY ARM!"

He cut my arm off!!!

>"An Ooze eh!? Thought you could sneak up on ole jack when his parties gone eh!? Well prepare to be.... Uhm... FIGHT!"

No. 204482 ID: a594b9

Uhhhhhh split up into a bunch of little slimes and scatter! He can't catch them all!

Also begin crying pathetically. Men tend to have some problems dealing with crying women.
No. 204483 ID: 34470e

"You cut off my arm!"

Then interrupt him by saying the same thing again. And then once more.
No. 204484 ID: c4c313

Protip: avoid humans carrying swords

Grab his sword. It can't cut you if you're stuck to it!
No. 204493 ID: df7322

turn into puddle form and just start crying. don't attack him. maybe try to get your arm back with a pseudopod. make sure your eyes move around so he can't stab them.
No. 204494 ID: e31d52

Puddle form, cry and weep, and whimper about your arm.

Move as fast as you can away from him!
No. 204495 ID: a594b9

No. 204496 ID: df7322

i suppose screaming that while in puddle would be acceptable as well.
No. 204501 ID: cf68aa
File 127849688546.png - (64.35KB , 500x500 , 7.png )


Puddle form! Right! Let me jusOH GOD HE KEEPS CUTTING ME!

"Please stop! Please please please!"

>"A parrot ooze eh!? You're not gonna fool me!"

He keeps cutting chunks off of me!
River! Gotta run!

I run to the nearest river and sink in.
.... Okay... He's gone..
I lost like half my body though. I'd better find the pieces before they become Ooze.
No. 204502 ID: c2c011

Well get some more water into you. And eat some of the grass as well. You know it might actually be a bit easier if you appproach some kids first. They're not as prone to fear based violence when faced with unknown things.
No. 204504 ID: df7322

okay, slowly go back to them and absorb them and stay away from any people for now, hide behind trees so no one can see you especially that stupid guy with the sword. stop and hide behind a tree if you see someone with books and a robe and call out "excuse me sir, i think i need your help. reason you can't see me is because last time i showed myself too soon someone tried to kill me so you should understand my caution'
No. 204505 ID: df7322

a kid would be too curious and would try to touch her, have their finger melted off, tell their parents who would get the guards and then we have a bunch of guards chasing us.
No. 204508 ID: e31d52

Life is tough~

Go find something to eat while chasing down your bits. avoid the stabby guy!
No. 204512 ID: 40cb26

What are you saying about oozes? If your cut up parts turn into little monsters, that is something to be worried about. Try to go and catch them, but if they get away you'll need help somehow.

Either way, from now on only approach people without being seen. Hide somewhere, start conversing, and talk to them without revealing exactly what you are, but that you need help. And then if they seem helpful reveal yourself.
No. 204514 ID: e31d52

Yeah! If you hide yourself as an ooze and sing
"Nobody loves me / everybody hates me / Guess I'll go eat worms~"
No. 204517 ID: a41aaf

Is your acidity vital for, well, vitality? If not, finding something to neutralise it (alkaline, e.g. limestone) could help with that.
No. 204518 ID: 701a19

Collect your pieces, then head back to town.
Announce your presence to the guards before you come within range of attacks.
No. 204537 ID: 6a5a08

I told you humans were assholes Curi.

Alright, heal up, make sure Mr. Choppy Stabbity Cutty isn't still around, then gather your pieces.
No. 204542 ID: cf68aa
File 127851446119.png - (122.85KB , 500x500 , 8.png )

Please don't say that. I'm sure not all humans are bad.

First things first, I need to catch my pieces. Most of them are trying to run away but a few of the smaller chunks are too weak to do anything.
I manage to get back most of me, and after a quick soak and some grass eating I'm back to full health.

I think this time I'll find someone less scary, and try to not show myself as well.
After a while a human rests by some rocks. He doesn't look armed...

"excuse me sir, i think i need your help."

>"Hmm? Who's there?"

"Oh, the reason you can't see me is because last time I showed myself too soon someone tried to kill me so you should understand my caution"

>"Haha I would be cautious as well. You have nothing to worry about, I'm rather harmless. What is it you need help with?"
No. 204543 ID: 701a19

"I'm looking for a way to make it so I don't dissolve everything I touch, so I can make some friends and explore the world."
Then step out where he can see you. Slowly and cautiously.
No. 204544 ID: e2d0a6

remember to make whimpering sounds
whimper=guilt= deed to offset guilt
No. 204545 ID: 6a5a08

He looks like a kindly wizard or apprentice wizard, much better than that impetuous warrior. He should be easier to communicate with. Still, don't pick a fight or provoke him, a wizard'll just burn you alive, no cutting necessary.

This sounds reasonable.
No. 204546 ID: c2c011

Tell him that you're a slime child that has come out of the caves to reconnect with your ancestors people. But you're having some difficulty to interact with them due to your nature, so you're hoping to find some people to help you with that interaction.
No. 204553 ID: 67e8ff


Looks like a Black Mage. These guys are the master of elemental magics and yeah, can torch you with the power of a sun, however, if you can get him on your side, then he would be a strong ally.
No. 204557 ID: 6a5a08

Don't worry, if he was already a full Black Mage he'd be less... human. Our power comes from chaos, pain, misery, destruction, and love, and tends to make us masses of living negative emotion in a somewhat human form.

And by love, I mean we sap love from the world and turn it into a force of destruction and hatred.

We generally aren't very well-liked.
No. 204570 ID: e31d52

You are making assumptions about someone else's universe.

Stop that.
No. 204576 ID: df7322

after you say those things start by holding out your arm and saying 'i'm over here' if he shoots a magic at you then run, if he does not then you can slowly come out all the way. if he tries to poke you to see what you feel like make sure you tell him that it would be a bad idea as you are covered in acid, can't control it, it's just how you are.
No. 204578 ID: 6a5a08


I am assuming, that I am, for assumptions are all I have to use at this point. If I am incorrect, Curi will correct me should she herself know, and then I will know and no longer need to assume. If she does not know, then having caution cannot hurt.
No. 204579 ID: e31d52

Never ever fucking try to shove your own quest lore into someone else's. I'm going to tell you this once. And then I'll ignore you. If you don't know, ask. Don't throw in your own "well this is what they are in my lore so surely this is what they are in yours" because guess what? Assumptions can kill characters, confuse us, and honestly, I'd rather avoid the whole situation.
No. 204594 ID: a41aaf

Never have I been more tempted to use a 'Y SO SRS' imagemacro. Seriously, it's a quest on the interwebs. Calm down.
No. 204598 ID: e31d52

I am calm. I'm just sick of how he shoves his lore everywhere he goes, assuming that's what it is, as if nothing else makes sense.
No. 204602 ID: a594b9

>our power
What did I tell you about this? You're a suggester, not a black mage. Posting in this forum is not like the roleplay threads in /tg/. Keep your character in your own quest.
No. 204775 ID: cf68aa
File 127856670361.png - (87.29KB , 500x500 , 9.png )

"I'm looking for a way to make it so I don't dissolve everything I touch, so I can make some friends and explore the world."

>"Hmm? Dissolve everything? I don't mean to sound rude but what race are you miss?"

He sounds nice... I think I can trust him.
I stick out my arm for him to see. I can hear him gasp and stand up. He walks over to me.

>"You're a humanoid slime."

I nod

>"and you are.. A lot taller then I pictured."

"Heh. So... Do you think you can help me?"

>"I can see why being acidic would be a problem. I guess a Minor Ring of Energy Resistance.. That would repel most acidic damage done to people. But that would only make others immune to damage done by you... Hmm. This is a tough one. Oh, look at me going on and on, i haven't even introduced myself yet. My name is Chris. and yours?"


>"Curi, it's nice to meet you."

He holds out his hand and I back away.

>"Oh, sorry, I forgot."

"It's okay."

>"Now.. about your problem.. I'm sure there has to be something out there to negate your effect. Do you want to go into town with me?"
No. 204779 ID: df7322

tell him you would like that, but you are worried that you would get attacked again. perhaps he has something to help with that?
No. 204780 ID: d3dfb8

Well there might be some way of improving yourself built into your biology.
Evolution and whatnot.
Can you regenerate lost ooze somehow? If so try thickening your membrane the same way.
No. 204783 ID: 701a19

If you walk into town with him then people shouldn't cause much you any problems. But tell him you'll need metal plates or something in order to enter any buildings.
No. 204785 ID: e973f4

Tell him what happened earlier. If he still thinks it's a good idea, go with it.
No. 204848 ID: 45be60

I am trying to make sure I understand, so correct me if I am wrong. Minor energy resistance protects the wearer, doesn't it? So we would have to go around handing out rings to everybody, and still cause damage to things that can't wear rings? That is the problem?
No. 204853 ID: df7322

that and they cost 12000 G each. a wizard with ring craft can make his own cheaper but it still costs quite a bit.
No. 204854 ID: a594b9

...what? Where did you get that information?
No. 204858 ID: 40cb26

Well it's certainly safer to go with him, but it could still be trouble. Maybe for both of you. I don't think he appreciates the response you'll have there, and you are still acidic so you're likely to accidentally damage things and maybe hurt someone. It would be best if he went ahead and figured something out, and maybe somehow arrange for you to visit town without surprising everyone.

Or maybe he knows a quiet and secure place to go where no one should bother you or be bothered by you. Just ask him what he means to do, if it sounds safe enough go with it.
No. 204866 ID: 701a19

Minor Ring of Energy Resistance
D&D 3.5e.
The rings are specified to a type. In this case it would be acid, so the proper name would be "Minor Ring of Acid Resistance"
Slime Children aren't nearly caustic enough to exceed the protection factor of the ring.
No. 204869 ID: e674ff

Lets just wait and see and not make any assumptions, ┬┤kay?
No. 204870 ID: df7322

[it really is that way, an IRC with the author confirms it]
No. 204883 ID: 40cb26

[Accurate or not, it's way OOC here. Let's keep the discussion to things our slime friend might actually be aware of.]
No. 204901 ID: c2c011

Tell him that you would love to, but you're worried that someone might freak out and attack you.
No. 204908 ID: fb3d3e

Perhaps you could get a cursed-type item like a ring of reduce energy damage? You'd have to be able to remove it though.

Also you need something to mark you as a friendly slime. Maybe something like a collar and a light chain belt? Maybe even an acid resistant shirt with some cute hearts on it. You could experiment to see if there are any other slime resistant materials you haven't encountered yet
No. 204915 ID: 701a19

Steel plate armor.
You'll destroy the padding and straps, but since you can just flow in and out of it you can just have them weld it into solid pieces.
One piece for the torso, plate steel boots (You might be able to use them like buckets for your feet-like-things), and leather-on-mail gloves.
Optionally, you could also get a set of mail or mail-and-plate chausses with a leather-covered back, and some mail sleeves.

Of course, all this would do is make it so you can interact with the world without eating it on touch. The only protection you need is a helmet with a visor. Even then, that's just to keep your eyes safe.
No. 204916 ID: c2c011

Good idea except for one little problem. Slime Children can't use heavy armour.
No. 204920 ID: a41aaf

Find blacksmith, offer to buy any armour that would be otherwise too thin to sell (e.g. that made by apprentices). Or offer your acidic services in cleaning up tarnished metal in exchange for custom forged armour. You can form to the armour rather than vice-versa, so it shouldn't be too hard for him to do it on-the-cheap.
No. 205039 ID: d586b6

This all sounds complicated and difficult. Plus, it'd limit our shapechanging options quite a bit.

How about something simple, like bracelets and anklets? It might slightly limit your shapechanging and ability to get through cracks, but you should be able to simply carry the rings of metal inside you when you don't have limbs.
No. 205317 ID: 63ab82

Metalic gauntlets?
No. 205318 ID: 40cb26

What about... clothes? Just clothes that resist corrosion, so if she can walk around in pants and shoes, wearing a long sleeve shirt and mitts, she should actually do ok.
No. 205321 ID: 701a19

The armor is so that people recognize her as an intelligent life form and to keep her from accidentally dissolving things, not for protection. If she needs to squeeze through a crack then she can just leave it behind and come back for it later.
These things aren't even issues.
No. 205324 ID: e31d52

Clothing would be better for this!

Armor implies battle-readiness. Clothing implies civility.
No. 205326 ID: 701a19

Metal, stone, and glass clothing? Yea, that would basically be armor.
No. 205327 ID: e31d52

She eats organic material.

There is such thing as inorganic cloth.
No. 205330 ID: 5ccac3

Indeed there is. Unfortunately it is made of spun plastic, which is cripplingly rare in a fantasy setting.

Man, everything I can think of to suggest requires world knowledge which slime girl simply does not possess. Go with the dude, he seems legit.
No. 205332 ID: e4e9c3

Hmm... Say, if we really get in trouble, we could suggest that Chris say that he cast a charm spell/dominate monster/equivilent on us? Explains why we're following him, and may help stop townsfolk from going stabbity stabbity. If he isn't a mage, see if he can pass himself off as one.
No. 205333 ID: cf68aa
File 127868598211.png - (40.44KB , 500x500 , 10.png )

"Well... Someone already attacked me earlier calling me a Ooze. I'm worried if I go I'll be attacked again."

>"Hmm... And you're acidic as well? I can probably stop the guards but it's the civilians that I'm worried about. Some may be confused or frightened. Tell you what, wait here til night and I'll come back for you. okay?"

"Really? Thank you so much Chris!"

>"It's no problem. Just helping a damsel in distress."

He said that a while ago.. I've been waiting here for a few hours now. I'm losing water but I'm afraid if I leave he'll come by and think I left him.

You're talking about armor? I can wear some plate metal but it has to be really really light. If it's too heavy it'll just sink into me. Rings and stuff are easier.
No. 205335 ID: e31d52

Maybe get some plate metal that says I WILL NOT ATTACK YOU engraved on the front. In big letters.
No. 205336 ID: e31d52

>I've been waiting here for a few hours now. I'm losing water but I'm afraid if I leave he'll come by and think I left him.

Leave a message somehow. Melt some lettering into the nearby grass. I dunno.
No. 205337 ID: 701a19

He said to wait til night, so that works.
If the water is too far away, then eat some grass. That should replenish some moisture.
No. 205338 ID: 6a5a08

Or some sort of lightweight mithril mesh shirt or something to that effect,

Say, Curi, is there anything of that sort around? Like, even possible to get?

Also, I have a few solutions to your water problem:
A) absorb water from nearby plants
B) Dissolve plants into a written shape as a sort of note to Chris that you will be right back, and just went to get some water.
No. 205349 ID: c2c011

Keep waiting. But you could look around for any plump looking plants or barrels of rainwater nearby. Either of those two should help you get some water back.
No. 205355 ID: 6ef727

That would just make people think its a trap.
No. 205379 ID: 40cb26

How bad is the water loss? Are you still going to function ok for a while? Get whatever moisture in the area you can without leaving. It might help to reduce your surface area, ball up against the rock maybe. Or partway under it of you can.

What happens as you begin to dry up, anyways?
No. 205406 ID: a41aaf

>>Rings and stuff are easier.
How about finding a jeweller, and asking them to make some filigree work from cheaper (and more robust) metals. A mesh of filigreework would be much lighter than plate, and avoid the armour connotations, while still allowing a reasonable degree of impact without direct contact.
No. 205412 ID: 8e7d2a

Gaah, we should just put this clothing business on hold until we talk to dwarves or elves. Elves are really good at making gay, lacy, light shit, right?

Some sort of gloves to be able to touch things and shake hands would be really useful, though.

Sadly, most gauntlets are partly made out of leather...
No. 205438 ID: c4c313

OK I've got a super easy solution. Have Chris bring back a big glass flask. Get in the flask. He can carry you safely into the city, with nobody attacking you. Problem solved!
No. 205455 ID: e31d52

A person-sized flask he carries on his back would be awesome. Also our face inside it would be adorable.

I am all for this.
No. 205457 ID: 6c9d14

Write "Went to get water, Be right back" in the grass by eating it, if there's any grass. Otherwise butts.
No. 205477 ID: e973f4

This is a terrible long-term solution but a very pragmatic short-term one.
No. 205481 ID: d3dfb8

Look around! Investigate!
No. 205513 ID: 40cb26

I like the idea for if she needs to get one place to another without notice. I'm just worried we weigh a fair bit too much for him to just carry around. It would have to be a barrel with wheels or something to that effect.
No. 205585 ID: 63ab82


I like the way this disembled voice thinks.
No. 206513 ID: cf68aa
File 127889530421.png - (87.61KB , 500x500 , 11.png )

The water loss isn't that bad. It just makes me feel really sluggish. I need water to maintain my form and it helps me think. If I lose all my water I'll die but before that probably turn into a mindless Ooze until I rehydrate. Not pleasant at all..

I do so and get a nice drink. I feel a lot better now and I can think better.

Barrel with wheels.... A wheel barrel? I suppose I could ride in one but I wouldn't want to be a burden to h- Oh! He's here!

>"I apologize for the delay, I needed to wait until most were asleep. You can come into the town now, I have a place set up for you already."

"Th-Thank you."

He's so kind. Together we walk back to the town.
I notice him giving me the occasional glance as we walk, I must be a fascinating being to him. He breaks the silence.

>"So you said you wanted to bridge the gap between your kind and others right? This seems like a great idea. I must admit I wasn't aware Slime Children traveled much."

"We don't really. It's dangerous out in the world. But... If we don't move how are we ever going to make any progress?"

>"Heh, you're quite wise. so tell me, how do you plan on accomplishing this?"


Oh wow... I really don't have much of a plan. I guess I kinda rushed into this. How can I do this...?
No. 206521 ID: 701a19

"I plan to travel around and meet people. Just making friends will do a lot of good.
Once people know that we're not mindless like the other oozes we might be able to be a part of the world instead of apart from it."
No. 206532 ID: c2c011

Tell him that you kind of just planned to meet some people and see where that takes you.
No. 206535 ID: a6e87d

we can start with the ones with fetishes and work our way up to the royals.

eg: cult of personality
No. 206547 ID: 93151f

sounds good.
No. 206548 ID: 40cb26

Meeting people, learning, teaching... nothing more specific than that right now. But wherever you go from here it'll be based on those things.

As far as the wheel barrel.. that name is for a tool that is made for carrying dirt and other heavy piled material. Effective at moving weighty stuff but it's rather wide open, you'd be quite visible and sloshing around. A regular barrel on a sort of pushcart could get you around without being seen. Hopefully it won't come to that but keeping such things around could be good for safety reasons.
No. 206552 ID: 8e7d2a

"I don't know! I like people. You're a people, right? I thought we could just be friends. This is hard."

Offer to let him study you if he'll help you become accepted.
No. 206555 ID: a594b9

The first thing you need to do is establish contact with an authority figure. Some diplomatic relations can go a long way. Second thing is to find out how you can contribute to the global trade and stuff. Like maybe the acidic nature of slime children can be utilized for some purpose... possibly wood carving? Might be able to make good wooden instruments like flutes or ocarinas.
No. 206572 ID: 8e7d2a

Metal etching. We can totally do awesome art with metal etching.
No. 206574 ID: 93151f

her acid isn't strong enough to effect metal. it only effects organic things.
No. 206577 ID: e31d52

Wood carvings then
No. 206578 ID: 8e7d2a

Do we know that for SURE? We know it doesn't destroy metal. Any acid that strong would have SOME effect, you know!

...Unless, of course, HURR DURR MAGIC
No. 206764 ID: a41aaf

It might not be strong enough to etch metal, but it could work damn well to remove rust. Village pays slime children to drop by and unseize all their equipment?
No. 206784 ID: 40d117

Well you haven't made any plans since you don't have enough information. You need to learn how the terraces form a society and then you need to find a place for slime in it. You mentioned that your people sell mushrooms. Maybe you can scale up the mushroom production and start trading? Slime proof clothing would also be good as it'll let you travel more safely. Perhaps you could take up alchemy/chemistry for that purpose?
No. 208564 ID: cf68aa
File 127922460277.png - (33.60KB , 500x500 , 12.png )

"I plan to travel around and meet people. Just making friends will do a lot of good. Once people know that we're not mindless like the other oozes we might be able to be a part of the world instead of apart from it."

>"Ooh I see. That may very well work. Not many people know about Slime Children, seeing your kind walking about is quite rare. I'm sure many people would be interested in you."

That sounds like it would be an uncomfortable ride... I need something.. Something to let me control my acid.

Those all seem like great ideas! If I can't do them I could at least be a great cleaner, so long as it's dirt floors.
Our kind may have a niche here.

Chris leads me into a sort of barn. It's got just three walls and a roof but it also has a dirt floor so I can sleep here. As I get comfortable on the floor Chris pulls out a metal barrel.

>"Here, this way your moisture won't be taken away by the ground."

"Oh, thank you"

I climb it. There's some grass and stuff in here so I quickly eat that up.
It's pretty comfortable. I like being in this closed space. I feel safe.

I need to go talk to the person who runs this place tomorrow.. anything else on the agenda?
No. 208566 ID: e31d52

Find a glass blower to make you a huge flask for a bed. Since you like enclosed spaces and all.
No. 208567 ID: d586b6

Food isn't much of a problem...All I can think of is a water source, a way to contact Chris, and something you can do to repay him for his generosity and help.
No. 208570 ID: 856e3c

well then, nothing else seems to be needed at the moment, good night.
No. 208574 ID: cf68aa
File 127922710918.png - (18.13KB , 500x500 , 13.png )

That would be pretty cool and it'd be easy to carry me around.

Yeah. He's been so nice to me. I need to do something in return.

Mkay.... Night night...

Hmm? Is it still night? I can feel myself moving.
No. 208575 ID: 716eb0

Oh this had BETTER not be a double-cross. You might have to cry.
No. 208576 ID: d586b6

Uh-oh. I think you may want to get out of the barrel and look around.
No. 208579 ID: 701a19

Look around, but don't get out of the barrel yet.
If something bad is happening then you don't want them to know you're awake.
No. 208580 ID: 856e3c

look around. be ready to over charge your acid and melt your way out.
No. 208583 ID: c2c011

Someone might have missed that the barrel was occupied or you might have been doublecrossed. See if there is a lid on tight.
No. 208585 ID: cf68aa
File 127922775353.png - (26.96KB , 500x500 , 14.png )

I can't see it's pitch black in here.

Yeah it's on tight. My jelly arms can't push it open.

I could do that but it'd take away a lot from my moisture.

But... But... ;_;
No. 208586 ID: e31d52

oh god oh god oh god

No. 208587 ID: c2c011

Take it easy. Find out what's going on before you freak out. This might not be the best time to escape if that's necessary.
No. 208589 ID: d586b6

Knock on the can! Maybe they don't know that it's not just water!
No. 208590 ID: 40cb26

Try to stay calm for now. If it's a mistake sudden actions could make the situation worse. If it isn't then whoever is doing this would be ready for you to fight back. Or it could be done for your best interests somehow, and you could screw it up.

Be ready for anything though.
No. 208591 ID: 856e3c

she can't knock, you need knuckle bones to knock.
No. 208592 ID: d586b6

Uhh...Good point. Try calling out, then?
No. 208594 ID: 701a19

Sounds about right. Do that.
No. 208659 ID: cf68aa
File 127924044739.png - (21.57KB , 500x500 , 15.png )


I pound against the walls. It just sounds like hitting it with... Well, jelly.

"Hello! Is someone out there! I'm stuck in here!"

Someone hits the barrel. It's not like they're opening the lid, it's more like a 'quiet in there' hit.

I... I don't know what's going on, I'm scared.
No. 208660 ID: f7652d

telling you to be quiet but not loud. you are being moved somewhere stealthily. try to stay calm. i really hope he is taking you somewhere good.
No. 208661 ID: c2c011

They're probably moving you through an area where it could be dangerous if you're found out. A bit odd that they didn't tell you beforehand though. But there might have been some emergancy so that they didn't have time to tell you.

Do as they say for now.
No. 208663 ID: b71223

Hmmm.... you may... you may have been captured.
Shi- uh uh...
wait do you recognize the voice if not..
Whatever you do don't stop talking you might be able to talk yourself out of this. or piss them off enough that the lid will open and you can begin your counter attack.
No. 208664 ID: a594b9

Shit. I don't know if Chris is behind this, or... Maybe you're just being carted through town right now? Perhaps Chris is taking you to the leader, or... Ugh, it's impossible to tell if you SHOULD try to escape or not.

Just be quiet for now.
No. 208670 ID: 40cb26

Well, we know that they realize they are moving you around and not just some water, so that's something. From here I see three likely possibilities:

>The best case scenario
You are being quickly moved for your own safety, and Chris is involved and in control of the situation.

>The worst case scenario
You are being captured by those of ill intent to you, despite or because of Chris' actions. He probably didn't mean for it to happen, but we don't know him that well.

>A more likely scenario
Chris talked to someone about you, and they agreed to listen, but are not taking any chances so you are being sealed and transported somewhere they can better control. Probably not what Chris had in mind, but that doesn't mean it will end up bad.

No matter what, just stay calm as you can. Panic will not help, especially when they open you back up.
No. 208672 ID: f0641c

I don't like this. Remember what Chris said...
>I'm sure many people would be interested in you.
Reading that again, it sounds extremely ominous. Surely Chris would have told us before moving us if his intentions were good; since he didn't, we have to assume that they are not. And it would be foolish to move us without some form of effective containment at our destination, meaning that getting out before we arrive may be our only opportunity to escape for a great while.

That's my read of the situation, anyway. If you guys are more trusting... well, I doubt that there are any plans to kill us, so even an error in judgment here is unlikely to be fatal.
No. 208678 ID: c2c011

I'm not exactly trusting by nature. But the other option is to expand almost all of Curi's water to get out. Which would leave her very weak and very disoriented without any idea where she is or where she can replenish her water.

Waiting simply seems like the best option right now. A chance for escape might present itself later if it becomes necessary.
No. 208712 ID: d98e9d

Fuck that, bore a hole into the barrel so you can look outside.
No. 208723 ID: cf68aa
File 127925346736.png - (7.38KB , 500x500 , 16.png )

Captured!? No! Chris is nice he wouldn't-!
No no no! I'm gonna run out of water in here I can't stay in here for too long! I gotta get out!

Okay. Just a tiny hole. It'll take some of my liquid but a small hole can't hurt...
We've stopped moving.
I can hear someone... They're speaking in.. Orcish!? why am I with Orcs!?
Thankfully I can understand them.

>["Hmm? What've you got there?"]

>["Is some barrel with this water chick in. Some wizard has 'er with 'im and I took it. Wimp didn't put up much of a fight."]

>"[Where ya taking her?]"

>"[Figured I might get a pretty penny for 'er or something]"

So... So Chris didn't do anything bad? That makes me feel better. But I'm still trapped....
No. 208725 ID: 701a19

You're a slime. You just need to make the hole a little bit larger than it would take for your eyes to fit through, then you can pour out of there.
Once that's done, eat the Orcs faces down to the bone. They hurt Chris in order to kidnap you, so they need to learn how big a mistake they made.
Also, you could replenish some of your water from them.
No. 208727 ID: f0641c

Agreed. Put a small hole on the far side of the barrel from wherever they are, and pour out of it as rapidly as you can manage. Hopefully by the time they notice most of you will have escaped, and you'll be able to take it to them.
No. 208728 ID: 984a05

yes, wrap around someone and keep your eyes out of sight. they can't hurt you if you do that without hurting the other. you may want to make friends but people this bad deserve it.
No. 208746 ID: a594b9

Hmmm. You could wait until they go away, and sneak out.
No. 208761 ID: d98e9d

I agree with the wait go away then sneak out plan.

Heh. I guess he was right about people being interested in you, in the end...
No. 208764 ID: 3fd1ba

if we wait we could end up on the other side of the continent or something. we need to strike now!
No. 208778 ID: c2c011

Pour out through a small hole and sneak away. Multiple orks there and they're likely to be armed. Your acid isn't really strong enough to take them down quickly enough to fight them with it, and you got nothing else to fight them with. So it's better to just run away.
No. 208779 ID: e31d52

Well, if you become an ooze in the process, at least the effect won't last, because blood is mostly water anyway :V
No. 208781 ID: a7a85a

In before Chris is there but knocked out until Curi melts some faces and horrifies him.
No. 208782 ID: 9560c6

she can wrap around an ork and hide her eyes somewhere, and then just let another ork beat the first one up trying to get her off.
No. 208783 ID: e31d52

It's self defense, man.
No. 208800 ID: c2c011

Except she takes damage that way. The guy with the sword earlier would have killed her if she didn't run.
No. 208830 ID: a6e87d

Just leak yourself out near a water-source. He shouldn't be able to feel the difference in weight...

Also, who the hell buys slimes?
No. 208832 ID: 8e7d2a

Are you saying you wouldn't buy a cutie like Curi if you had the chance?
No. 208838 ID: e31d52

I would court her myself. Buying isn't my style.
No. 208852 ID: 40cb26

And if you were so minded and saw the slime girl on sale, you would have to first either purchase her freedom or fight for it.
No. 209820 ID: cf68aa
File 127949271315.png - (34.20KB , 500x500 , 17.png )

No no no! I can't hurt them! I'm supposed to be friends remember!?
I gotta run instead...

I use up more water to bore a hole through the barrel.
The Orc carrying it sets it down complaining of a sore shoulder. I use that moment to run out and slide into a nearby brush. I'm really low on water now and everything looks kinda hazy...
No. 209823 ID: 8e7d2a

Eat the grass and absorb the water in the grass. Just hang low for a while.
No. 209824 ID: c2c011

Suck up some grass and bushes to gain extra moisture. They don't have a huge amount in them but there is some. Then try to find some water.
No. 209825 ID: a594b9

Eat a lot of green vegetation. All plants contain water to a degree. Continue moving away from the orcs, and look for some source of water.
No. 209827 ID: 701a19

Are there any sources of water nearby? If so, head for them. If not, then slink away through the brush and hide in whatever tall grass you can find. From there, start traveling around the grass at random with a bias towards away from them and eating the occasional swath of grass.
No. 209828 ID: e3ff7f

yes. once you area bit away try to follow the orc's footprint's back to the town. what if chris is hurt?
No. 209863 ID: 40cb26

Eat grass and plants for water, but do NOT start that right away. It won't do you any good to create a path of devoured vegetation from the barrel to you.
No. 209911 ID: a594b9

She can't really avoid making a trail, unless she finds some bare dirt. She automatically eats grass that she 'walks' over.
No. 210768 ID: cf68aa
File 127975559284.png - (40.61KB , 500x500 , 18.png )

I don't see any water nearby. My eyesight isn't great rightnow though...
After a while the orcs just pick up the barrel and leave. I wait about an hour and come out of hiding.
The grass helps but it's only a little water. I need to take a big gulp and soon or I'm gonna...

I don't know where I am now, it's been maybe 8 hours or so since I slept so assuming they went at 7 miles an hour I've been moved... I can't do math right now. I'm just far.

I can't make out much but I think there's a cave ahead of me. I can either stay in the small forest or move there.
No. 210771 ID: c26c01

caves should be damp and cold so you will slow down your water loss.... is that a stream in front of the mountains? may be best to check that out.
No. 210774 ID: 701a19

Eat all the grass you can on your way to the cave. It's about 80% water, so it should do you a lot of good.

At 7 miles per hour they could have moved you 56 miles in 8 hours. However, we don't know how long you were sleeping when they attacked, and they probably took a few breaks.
No. 210777 ID: e31d52

Hey, can you stick to walls or ceilings? If yes, go to the mouth of the cave and wait on top of it, then watch for one of them to come out ands land on him. Eat his head and drink the blood.
No. 210778 ID: e31d52

Another note: You'd probably make more friends by killing orcs than by letting them be. They're almost all assholes, usually.
No. 210781 ID: 40cb26

Caves can collect water, and are often actually formed by it, but they don't have much vegetation and any water could be deep inside. It's still a gamble but your best chance.

Also, pay attention to the moisture of the air. If you feel a breeze that's a little less dry than normal that could be a water source.
No. 210785 ID: c2c011

Cave is probably a decent bet. There should be some water or moisture there for you.
No. 210834 ID: a7a85a

Can you spread out into a puddle? Maximize your surface area and eat masses of grass all at once.
No. 210843 ID: cf68aa
File 127976815382.png - (132.73KB , 500x500 , 19.png )

That's a great idea! With this I absorb a lot more grass.
Man... my mind is really messed up right now..
No. 210846 ID: cf68aa
File 127976831371.png - (135.33KB , 500x500 , 20.png )

Okay Cave got it.
And now... Wait what c-Oh that one!

I crawl inside. It's very moist in here and cold.
There's a mini lake! Yes!
I go inside and absorb as much as I can without bursting.
I really needed this...

Okay... So I'm in the middle of who knows where with some possible orcs after me... What do I do now?
No. 210847 ID: 701a19

Can you tell what direction the orcs were coming from? It would be great if you could head back to town.
No. 210848 ID: e31d52

Make your way back outside and move to the top of the cave mouth! Then make some noise.
No. 210849 ID: b71223

Okay we gotta think here.
If it's still day we can use the sun to tell direction,the orcs were probably using a road... so we go in the oppisite direction they were traveling. barring crossroads or forks we should end up where we were. even if we don't, All roads lead to somewhere. If there are no roads I say we just go east.
No. 210850 ID: bd2931

This is your power area. If the Orcs come in here, you can kill the shit out of them. Then eat their corpses. Nobody will know what happened to them. Then you can spread a rumor of how stealing friendly slimes is fatal.
No. 210851 ID: 40cb26

>absorb as much as I can without bursting.
...Is that just an expression, or could you really absorb so much you loose cohesion?
No. 210852 ID: c4c313


What? Why?

You need to figure out a way to get back to town, because the human who was nice to you might be in trouble! The orcs said he "didn't put up much a fight". He could be hurt!
No. 210854 ID: b79cb0

yeah hide on the ceiling a bit and if no one shows up in while then it is safe to leave.
No. 210855 ID: 40cb26

Combine these two ideas. Stay in the cave while its hot, hide yourself near the entrance so you can easily escape or defend yourself if needed. Hopefully they won't bother following you but you probably left a very easy trail to follow. When you leave see if you can travel for a while without eating any vegetation, on rocks or whatever is available.
No. 210856 ID: e31d52

These orcs might chase us if we leave. I don't want them becoming a problem later.
No. 210859 ID: cf68aa
File 127976943899.png - (59.86KB , 500x500 , 21.png )

I soak up and climb to the top

"Rawr! Rawr!"

I stay there and wait til night but nothing happens. I go for another drink and head off into the night.

Okay... There's a trail leading the opposite from where I came and another small cave. This one seems to have signs of life though.

Yeah if I take too much my membrane might break. But that never happens unless I force it to. It makes a mini acid splash attack.
No. 210860 ID: e31d52

Huh. Hurry to your friend! Hurry! He might be hurt!
No. 210861 ID: a594b9

So... you could either try for the humans again and find Chris or you could check this out. I say check this out real quick to see who they are. Could be the orcs, but hey. You can be sneaky, right?
No. 210862 ID: b71223

Can you see whats going on?
those symbols on top may be a sign to a kind of random cave shop...
or a warning to stay out. I don't know.
Can you see whats in the cave?
No. 210863 ID: 40cb26

Hmm you don't want to take long, but investigate the cave. At least find out what sort of thing lives there. It's probably not a friendly useful talking sort... but it might be.
No. 211026 ID: c2c011

Investigate the cave as stealthily as you can.
No. 211190 ID: cf68aa
File 127987062621.png - (115.45KB , 500x500 , 22.png )

I go into my puddle form and make my way to the cave.
It looks like a storefront, there's only a very bored looking goblin girl in it though.
No. 211192 ID: e31d52

Is she selling sex toys. What the hell.
No. 211194 ID: c2c011

Hmm, that's a somewhat interesting thing to sell. But you don't really have any money with you, so you can't really buy anything from it.

Hmm, she looks relatively harmless. Shouldn't be any danger in popping up and say hi to her and ask what's going on.
No. 211195 ID: a594b9

Go and ask her what those strange items are.
No. 211199 ID: ecd947

wait, are those... oh my, they are. since she is not armed she should be okay to approach, just say "excuse me miss goblin, but you seem really bored. can i cheer you up somehow?"
No. 211204 ID: 0b2a05

Sounds like the best way to go. Be nice and completely nonthreatening, move slow.
No. 211247 ID: 4531bc

Eh.. Maybe they're musical instruments!
Yeah! That must be it! Musical instruments!
No. 211285 ID: 40cb26

At least she doesn't look all that threatening. Hopefully you two share a language, it will help from her running away in fear. I don't think you can buy anything right now but see if you can get some directions. And let her know to get the hell out of there if pissed off orcs come by.
No. 211688 ID: cf68aa
File 127996666695.png - (109.49KB , 500x500 , 23.png )

Sex toys? What're those for..?
Only one way to find out huh? I go up to the store and make myself known

"Excuse me."

>"!?!?! Who said that!?"

"Uhm... Please don't be scared. I'm a slime child."

>"A slime child?"

I go out of puddle form and show myself to her. Her eyes go wide and she looks a lot more excited.

>"Woah! That's awesome! I didn't know there were things like you out there!"

"Heh.. Uhm... I'm looking for a human village nearby. Are there any?"

>"Human village? Uhm... I think there's one further down the road. Probably like a 5 hour walk ish. Why?"

"I was kidnapped and need to return there."

>"Oh man.. That sucks. You traveling on your own?"


>"See that's the problem. A girl goes on her own she's gonna get kidnapped and raped and stuff. Gotta watch out for that. You don't want that to happen to you right?"


"Exactly. That's why you need a guide. And I happen to be free."

>"But.. What about your store?"

"I know a dozen girls who'd be more then glad to take over this old stand."

>"Okay.. Are you sure?"

"Hell yeah! Let me pack some stuff and we can head off!"

She seems forceful.. Best to not say no. oh!

"Uhm.. What are you selling? These objects."
No. 211691 ID: cf68aa
File 127996676758.png - (61.09KB , 500x500 , 24.png )

>"Uhm... They're called dildos. They're sex toys. You know, for in bed?"

"??? How do you use them?"

>"Are you for real? You put them in your..."

She looks down my body.

>"Oh... Well that's a shame... Anyway I'll be back in a bit. Don't go nowhere okay?"

I nod and the girl runs off. I'm still not sure if this is a good idea... I might be able to sneak away now...
No. 211694 ID: 0b2a05

And do what, with whom? Just go with her, you really don't have anything better to do, and she seems nice and accepting enough.
No. 211698 ID: a594b9

Wait at the entrance. If she comes back with a bunch of armed people, climb up the side of the mountain to get away.

Sounds like she's just more excited to get out and into the world though. Like she said, a single girl wandering around is not safe. She also seems like a business type, so perhaps she plans to set up shop in the human village.
No. 211722 ID: 15f517

puddle form and hide somewhere that you can see the cave but can't see you easy.
No. 211726 ID: c71597

Could be a good idea to have a guide. Makes it less likely that random people attack you and think you're an Ooze.
No. 211745 ID: a7a85a

When she gets back smile and tell her that as a slime girl your entire body is a sexual orifice. I look forward to her wild take.
No. 211747 ID: 788388

not with the fact that anything touches her it melts.
No. 211750 ID: a7a85a

Details, details. 9_9

Death by snu snu is still snu snu.
I'm not saying anyone should try it before she gets her antacid ring. I'm just saying it would be fun to tell the gobbo.
No. 211751 ID: 788388

well in that case sure :P

just be sure to mention the acid thing.
No. 211952 ID: 23a6ec

Why are you so paranoid about the excitable goblin woman? Working a sex toy stand is exactly the kind of job they'd take any excuse to get out of.

Are you the viscous sort of slime? If so, become a puddle and crawl up to the ceiling and wait for her there. If she means any harm you'll be able to tell and get the drop on her.
No. 211967 ID: cf68aa
File 128002267681.png - (73.57KB , 500x500 , 25.png )

Sexual Orifice..? What's that?

You're right though... Maybe I am being a bit paranoid. She seems like a friendly girl.
I wait at the entrance for a bit til I see her come runnning out.

>"Let's go! It's adventure time!"

"Wait, before we go any further you should know I'm kinda Acidic.. So don't touch me or anything okay?"

>"Huh... So you can't do it huh?"

"Do what?"

>".... Never mind let's just go."

So we started walking. For a while now we've just been chatting. I've been learning a lot about her culture and race and she's learned about mine.
While this is fun I still worry about Chris..

>"Oh and I even brought a dagger cause we might need to kill some people and stuff!"

"Uhm... I'd rather not.."

>"It's just in case~"
No. 211969 ID: a594b9

It's best to be prepared. Running doesn't always work.
No. 211971 ID: 0b2a05

Give her a hug--wait don't, uh, instead ask her where you're going.
No. 211973 ID: 788388

tell her about Chris.
No. 211976 ID: c4c313


It's a fancy way of saying "pleasure hole".

And no, your body's not that. What were we even thinking.
No. 211978 ID: 8e7d2a

Slimes have culture?
No. 211980 ID: 701a19

Ask if she knows anything about minor rings of resist acid.
No. 211982 ID: 40cb26

Curi, are you familiar with the mechanics of reproduction among most species? Or the enjoyment of physical contact sentient beings can share? This all... relates to that.

You know what, just as the girl about it.
No. 211983 ID: a594b9

A 'sexual orifice' refers to how humans and other humanoid races reproduce. Up to you if you want us to tell you about that.
No. 211990 ID: 63ab82

Tell us about your culture so we can help you better please.
No. 212089 ID: cf5e15

Wow, she seems incredibly nice and eager to help you. I wonder if maybe she wants something. Perhaps she finds you naivety charming.
No. 212113 ID: 2eac65

If you really want to know what to do with those weird things she's selling, you can ask her to show you. I think she'd be happy to.
No. 212128 ID: 445c48

Oh damn, you should have grabbed one of the toys.
No. 212134 ID: 0b2a05

She probably did.
No. 212152 ID: c71597

Ask her if she has ever been on an adventure before. Oh, and ask her what a sexual orifice is. That will be fun to see.
No. 212162 ID: cf68aa
File 128006109198.png - (83.55KB , 500x500 , 26.png )

Of course we have a culture. We have our own gods and out own code of ethics. Our race is young though and we have not been out in the world so out culture is not as advance as others.

"So it this your first time outside?"

>"Mmm hmm. I've been living in that fort my whole life now. It is pretty damn boring in there you know?"

"I know how you feel. I left my old cave as well. How much further?"

>"Oh we should be there in no time! The village isn't that far off from what I could tell."


"Uhmm.... What's a sexual orifice?"

>"Woah! What brought that up?"

"I was just asking. I am not familiar with things like that or the 'dildos' you sell."

>"Are you for real?"

I nod. She looks at me and gives a odd smile.

>"I didn't think I'd need to give you 'the talk'."

She goes through her bag and pulls out one of the objects she was selling.

>"Okay all girls got this hole between their legs, that's an orifice. And for us girls it feels really good to touch it or to have things put in it."

A quick check down below reveals I have no such hole..

>"So the people where I live make these toys cause a lot of people like how it feels so they'll buy things like this to feel good. Get it?"

No.. I think this is just gonna go right over my head
No. 212163 ID: a594b9

The hole is about the same size as that thing she's got.

Maybe you could ask to see hers.
No. 212164 ID: 788388

ask for an example. seeing it for yourself should help clear it up.
No. 212166 ID: e31d52

No. 212174 ID: 69a775

No. 212182 ID: 5a2e05

Well, this is one way to learn about the world. However, it's probably something to do later when you're not in the middle of travel.
No. 212195 ID: c4f405

This man has a point.
No. 212201 ID: 7f3ffd



Also add this.
No. 212202 ID: 8e7d2a

I hate you so much, /quest/
Ask why they have a hole and you don't.
No. 212221 ID: 701a19

For now just tell her that slimes enjoy things being put inside them anywhere, as long as it's gentle. If she wants to test this claim, then remind her you're acidic. If you want to compare your respective parts, then ask if you can do so later.
No. 212225 ID: c4b8a2


And ask what it's for
No. 212235 ID: 445c48

Do you know what slimes do to reproduce? If so, you should tell her.

Also request an example of her story.
No. 212252 ID: 33946b

[she doesn't know that, she is young by slime standards]
No. 212255 ID: c71597

Hmm guess that helps with the boredom.

Oh well, keep going and exchange stories of how it was to grow up in your seperate caves and stuff.
No. 212270 ID: cf68aa
File 128009616099.png - (68.58KB , 500x500 , 27.png )

"I'm not sure I understand.. Can I see yours?"

>"What? No."

"??? Why not?"

>"you don't just go off showing 'that part' to random people! It's private! And we're in the middle of a road!"

"Oh... Sorry."

>"It's okay."

An awkward silence follows us. We travel another 20 minutes without saying a word til I decide to break the ice.

"So.... Uhm... Tell me more about you. I need to learn as much as I can about other races. How's it like being a goblin?"

She brightens up again and begins telling me all about her people. They seem quite violent actually, maybe she's an exception?
There's still no sign of the human village though and I'm starting to feel thirsty, we've been travelling on a dirt road for a while now
No. 212271 ID: 8e7d2a

Ask if there are any nearby sources of water, of if there's a stream that leads to the human settlement, or something.
No. 212272 ID: 660619

maybe she will show you when you get inside a building.

anyway, ask if she has any water.
No. 212275 ID: c71597

Ask her for a water break. You could tell her the story of your people as well. That way you both get to learn new things.
No. 212282 ID: cf68aa
File 128009833221.png - (79.11KB , 500x500 , 28.png )

We stop and take a water break. She drinks from some type of skin flask while I just soak up some grass. It's not much but it helps.
As we drink we talk more about our lives so far. My story is short but hers spans years and years. I think maybe we've become friends in our short journey.

Our break ends and we continue on our way.

>"We should be there by now."

"Really? I don't see anything. And I have pretty goo vision."

>"No it should be right.... Oh no..."

she runs ahead of me.
No. 212284 ID: 701a19

Follow her! People may need help!
No. 212285 ID: cf68aa
File 128009849557.png - (41.25KB , 500x500 , 29.png )

I rush after her to see what's going on.
The entire village has been destroyed.. Turned into nothing but ash with a few small embers here and there.

The winds in this land must have carried away most of the ash. I stand there stunned.

>"Curi, there's tracks leading out from here! Some people left! Ah... They're all going in different directions. If we follow one we'll catch up with some humans."

I look and she's right, there are a bunch around us but there's at least 5 and I don't know which one Chris went down.

Or if he even made it out.
No. 212287 ID: 701a19

If she's been in a fort the entire time then she's probably not a tracker.
Does she know where the next closest human town is?
If so, go that way. If not, then follow whatever path has the most tracks.
No. 212290 ID: 8e7d2a

Ask your new friend what landmarks lie in each of the directions of tracks.

More importantly, ASK HER NAME.
No. 212291 ID: 5a2e05

>pretty goo vision

On a more serious note, do the different trails have anything to really differentiate them?
No. 212292 ID: c71597

Wow, the orks really did a number on this place.

Follow the tracks that follow a road. That should take you to some more civilised areas.
No. 212300 ID: e34bf6

which path is closest to chris' place? take that one.
No. 212357 ID: 40cb26

Remember where you waited for him before? See if any tracks head that way!
No. 213376 ID: cf68aa
File 128037617077.png - (39.33KB , 500x500 , 30.png )

Most trails look the same to me... I'm not good at tracking.
One is heading to where I met chris though so I go that way.
Once I get there I notice that it just leads further into the woods. If Chris were here he might've left a sign or something..

>"Hey there's another village like a day away from here!"

Well... I could either go there or continue down this path..

Oh her name's Nalik.
No. 213377 ID: 701a19

There's water nearby, so fill up. After that go down the path aways to see if anybody is there. If not, then turn around and head for the next town.

Don't forget to call out for not only Chris, but other survivors as well.
No. 213378 ID: a594b9

Where was your barrel? The orcs fought him there. THAT is where you can find his trail.
No. 213396 ID: eeaa5e

ah yes, near there would be a good starting point.
No. 213493 ID: c71597

Fill up on water and then follow the path you're on.
No. 213859 ID: cf68aa
File 128048490374.png - (50.75KB , 500x500 , 31.png )

I continue along the path and shout out Chris's name as a go. Further into it I see someone ahead. I move as fast as I can to them but when I get there I see it isn't Chris. Any other tracks stop at this point.

The person is bleeding and asleep

>"Curi... You'd better not think of taking this kid along,"

"Why not? She's hurt."

>"Cause that's another mouth to feed and I don't have any rations."

The person is still asleep and probably wouldn't notice if I left...
No. 213860 ID: e31d52

Take her!
No. 213861 ID: 18169f

tell her you wont be taking them with you everywhere, just tell them that the orcs are gone and point them to a more densely populated path.
No. 213862 ID: 445c48

A day away? Can go without food for much longer than that, ok the injured person will slow you down, but still.
No. 213864 ID: 40cb26

It's not like you're going to keep her as a pet, but she needs help. Just tell Nalik that you can just help her get to that village, it's where you're going anyways right? Besides she might know something important about what happened here so you should at least talk to her.

Remember why you are out here in the first place! You don't prove your kind the friends of the land races by leaving them bleeding by the side of the road.
No. 213869 ID: 701a19

Take her with you. You're going to be heading to the next town anyway after all, and if Nalik doesn't have any rations then she's going to have to scrounge up food anyway.
You, as usual, will be eating grass and such.
No. 213872 ID: 0b2a05

If it helps, show her your devious side by explaining that injured folk can't afford to be picky about their rescuers, and the more people indebted to you, the easier it'll be to help your race!
No. 213875 ID: a594b9

Say that by saving the girl, she'll be indebted to Nalik. Appeal to her greed!
No. 213883 ID: 732129


Information has value. Should the girl survive, she could give you relevant information.

If food is a problem you can go hunting. You should be a rather deadly ambush predator, even naked and unarmed. If that's not the case, your goblin friend should be able to tell you what sorts of forage in the area the human could eat.
No. 213889 ID: 364db8

Bring her along and try to slip into a rabbit burrow to hunt down a few rabbits for food. You should be perfect for that.
No. 214799 ID: cf68aa
File 128075740857.png - (46.12KB , 500x500 , 32.png )

"But the nearest town is only a day away."

>"No, we can't be slowed down like this."

"If we save her she'll be in your debt."

>"...... Fine, but we're dumping her off at the nearest inn. Can you carry him."

I pick up a twig and press it against my skin. It dissolves completely in a few seconds.

>"Oh, right."

She picks up the beast girl and we head off the road again. The nearest town is a days walk. I hope the Chris made it there..

>"So this Chris guy must mean a lot to you."

"He is... A friend."

>"Uh huh~"

the beast girl seems to be stable but she's still unconscious.. It's late now so we can either pitch a tent near the stream or continue on our journey.
No. 214800 ID: 243525

ask Nalik how she feels about traveling at night. if she wants to keep moving then keep moving.
No. 214803 ID: a594b9

Discuss it with your traveling partner.
No. 214835 ID: 0b2a05

Ask her, only fair. Uh, do you roll over in the night?
No. 215012 ID: cf68aa
File 128081542011.png - (62.74KB , 500x500 , 33.png )

"Do you want to stop and set up camp for the night?"

>"Hmm.... Yeah. We'll continue walking in the day time. I'll pitch the tent for me and the kid."

she sets up the tent. I wish I could help but all I can do at the moment is stand by and watch. Once she finishes she wishes me goodnight and drags the girl inside with her.

I don't really mind sleeping outside. It's a bit lonely though.
No. 215013 ID: cf68aa
File 128081545477.png - (64.88KB , 500x500 , 34.png )

Still... After such a long day falling asleep will be easy...
No. 215014 ID: a7a85a


Without opening your eyes make ghostly noises. You'll thank me later.
No. 215015 ID: 45be60

Quick! don't do anything and pretend to be a puddle!
No. 215018 ID: abe198

be ready to melt someones feet off.
No. 215037 ID: a7a85a

Okay, call for help now.
Sounds like it's that one jerk again.
No. 215039 ID: cf68aa
File 12808205769.png - (83.77KB , 500x500 , 35.png )

What!? What's going on!?

I lay there in puddle form and stay there. I hear footsteps come closer and closer. Soon I feel a boot step on me. I hear a sizzle as leather is melted off the man screams in pain and jumps back.

>"OW! What the hell!? An ooze!?"
No. 215040 ID: 701a19

Call for your buddies to wake up, then reform yourself behind this guy.
No. 215041 ID: 445c48

"This is GOD speaking. This is holy ground."
No. 215044 ID: eededc

What does this fellow look like?

Also, out of curiosity, could you completely envelop a person if you had to?
No. 215050 ID: d129a7

get a good look at him but stay in puddle form. "well excuse me, maybe you should watch what you are stepping on"
No. 215087 ID: cf68aa
File 128083012632.png - (83.30KB , 500x500 , 36.png )

"th-this is g-god speaking. Th-this is ho-oly ground. Please go away"

>"What the hell!? Magic Missle!"

The spell hits me and I feel myself ripped apart into a bunch of pieces. Some of the smaller ones die while the bigger chunks try to move away.

>"An enchanted Ooze!"

The person attacking me is a taleish male wizard and... I can't think well right now.
No. 215090 ID: e31d52

Cry out for help from your mage friend. Scream as loud as you can. Pain, agony, etc.
No. 215093 ID: 4398fd

ugh, claiming godhood is never a good idea, jeez, this sucks. only option now is to eat his legs, so do that.
No. 215098 ID: eededc

Beg for mercy! Say you're sorry! AND RUN LIKE HELL.
No. 215100 ID: 5c7574

No eating people!

Much better, yes. Call out for help!
No. 215103 ID: a594b9

Also say you're a Slime Child, not enchanted or anything. And gather up your pieces!
No. 215105 ID: c71597

Tell him you're a slimechild and beg for your life.

Try to gobble up the pieces trying to escape as well. Don't want them free out there terrorising the countryside.
No. 215107 ID: 852a87

GUYS! our only help is talik and she is sleeping, we may be able to wake her up but she will be too groggy to do anything fast enough.

if you REALLY REALLY want to stay non-confrontational then grab any parts of you that are in range and move behind the tent as fast as you can.
No. 215145 ID: 701a19

No. 215251 ID: a6e87d

"HEY! I had my acid removed. Mind being nicer!?"
No. 215277 ID: 20895c

Mumble "I come in peace, take me to your leader".
No. 215304 ID: c4c313

Don't tell him anything. Don't think hard. Get your blobs and make them you again. Find water. Hide.
No. 215311 ID: 445c48

"Just a joke, jeeze"
No. 215355 ID: 30154d

If you can manage it, tell him you're sorry and mean no harm. Otherwise/Afterwards, gather yourself and form up.
No. 215443 ID: cf68aa
File 12809144568.png - (98.04KB , 500x500 , 37.png )

"w-wait! I'm a slime child! Don't shoot me!"

>"!? Magic Missle!"

The second missle hits me again sending more pieces flying. Some slide far away and out of my reach, others lay there dead. I try my best to run but I can hear him catching up.

Why won't anyone help me?
No. 215446 ID: f835c3

get behind the tent and just hide. maybe eat a tree. also, you may really need to reconsider your stance on not hurting people. some people don't care what you can say or do, only that you are a slime, they deserve leg melting.
No. 215448 ID: e31d52

I think a one or two warning system would be best.
No. 215455 ID: 701a19

No. 215459 ID: a7a85a

Okay, this is kind of a last ditch effort, and it might make things awkward in the long run, but at least you might have a long run.


Later you can claim loopiness from trauma.
Hopefully it will put him off balance and make him consider what he's doing. If not at least you might be able to run a bit further. Maybe enough to drop into the nearby stream as a last, last resort.
No. 215465 ID: cf68aa
File 128092131477.png - (67.49KB , 500x500 , 38.png )

"Help! Someone!"

>"Get back here monster! Magic Mi-"

He stops. I look back to see someone holding the wizards arm.

>"Garret, what are you doing?"

>"Uhm... Killing the ooze..."


>"... cause... It's an ooze.. ya know?"

>"Did it attack you at any point? Is it attacking now?"

>"Well no.. But it could!"

>"Your logic is flawed. Cease this attack now and return to camp. We need our rest for tomorrow."

The wizard humphs and walks back to where he came from. I see my savior, he is a elf wearing travel gear. He carries with him a small sword but little else.

>"Go on little creature. My men will bring you no harm."
No. 215467 ID: e31d52

Thank him. Tell him you won't forget this favor.

Also warn him about what happens to bits of you when they stay severed for too long.
No. 215468 ID: c71597

Tell him that you were just sleeping when someone stepped on you. You didn't intend to harm anyone but that freaking hurt and you really need some help to get back the missing pieces of yourself and some extra water or food.
No. 215469 ID: 701a19

Ask if they have seen a wizard by the name of Chris, and if they could help the girl.
No. 215470 ID: a594b9

First priority: collect your pieces before they get away!

Second priority: thank the man for saving you.
No. 215478 ID: f835c3

yes, tell him that you need to suck up the bits and anything organic is edible, it's fine if he has nothing, you'll just eat a ton of grass or something.
No. 215483 ID: 0b2a05

Thank him, for the love of everything sacred and pure. Wait, they didn't attack your green friend too did they?! Wouldn't put it past them!
No. 215484 ID: cf68aa
File 128092225490.png - (94.40KB , 500x500 , 39.png )

"P-Please, we need to gather my pieces!"

without a moments hesitation the man uses his blade to carry the pieces of me back. A small part are dead but most of it is okay. I reform and look at the man. He studies me for a bit then gives a small smile.

>"A humanoid slime hmm? I'm afraid I couldn't gather everything, would you like something to eat to make up for what you lost? It is the least I can do."

I nod and the man produces a small brown square. He hands it to me and I waste no time eating it. When I'm done he gives me another square.

"Thank you."

>"It is the least I can do. Tell me, what are you doing out here?"

I explain my story again. The man listens and nods, he does not interrupt except to ask the occasional question. I ask him if he's seen a wizard named chris.

"If he is lucky he would have escaped the attack. Most residents have fled north for protection."
No. 215486 ID: c71597

Ask him if they're heading north. And if they would possibly be capable of taking care of a poor injured beastgirl.
No. 215488 ID: f835c3

ask if he has anything or knows anyone that can heal the person you picked up.
No. 215489 ID: e31d52

Curi, we have discovered your most effective weapon against aggressors.

No. 215492 ID: eededc

No. 215496 ID: cf68aa
File 128092355550.png - (73.08KB , 500x500 , 40.png )

"Are you heading north as well?"

>"Yes. I have a small group with me. I am their guardian for the trip."

"Oh. Oh! My name is Curi, yours?"

>"Eirik, nice to meet you."



"If it isn't too much trouble.. Could you help me with one more thing?"


"I have a injured companion. She's very ill, could you-"

>"Say no more. Lead me to her and I will see what I can do."

I lead him to the tent. He takes a look inside.

>"..... Hmm."
No. 215497 ID: e31d52

"It's the one with the fuzzy ears."
No. 215498 ID: c71597

Tell him the goblin is fine, it's the other one that needs help.

Also ask him if you could tag along to the north and see if you can find the wizard dude.
No. 215499 ID: 701a19

No. 215500 ID: eededc

I'll throw my weight behind "the one with fuzzy ears:3".
No. 215503 ID: cf68aa
File 128092423573.png - (36.38KB , 500x500 , 41.png )

"Uhm... It's the one with the fuzzy ears.."

He looks somewhat relieved.

>"Oh okay. Let me look."

He gives her a quick look over.

>"Hmm.. Her wounds are terrible but it will be best to dress them before they become infected. We have medicine at the campsite."
No. 215505 ID: 0b2a05

Thank him for showing compassion to three such unique folk such as yourselves.
No. 215506 ID: f835c3

say sure, but ether he needs to carry her or he needs to wake up talik and have her carry.
No. 215507 ID: eededc

This. I'd suggest hugging him but that would burninate him and be bad.
No. 215509 ID: 715fb7

Say you'd hug him, but that you're afraid of hurting him.

Or that you'd let him use your orfice if you had one...
OR something of somesort...
No. 215542 ID: 445c48

Say thanks, and inform him of your inability to help carry her, though he prob'ly knows since you ate a boot.
No. 215610 ID: 40cb26

I agree that say that we would hug him if we could is a good idea, and we can also use the opportunity to ask if he knows how to prevent our acid damage to people. Who knows, maybe he can do something?

...No mentioning orifices, though.
No. 215809 ID: cf68aa
File 128104026294.png - (45.81KB , 500x500 , 42.png )

"Thank you. I would hug you but it would burn you."

>"It's okay."

"uhm, my companion Talik, would you like me to wake her up so she can help?"

>"N-no. That's quite all right."

He picks up the injured girl and steps out of the tent.

>"I'll bring her back shortly."

And with that he leaves. For some reason I think he doesn't like Talik..

Darn.. He left to fast for me to ask.
No. 215810 ID: c71597

Hmm, wake up Talik and tell her what's happened. Then when he gets back you can ask him if you can travel with their party to the north.
No. 215811 ID: 672901

it's called racism, elves and goblins don't really get along. but the fact that he didn't attack outright shows that he is able to restrain himself though.
No. 215817 ID: a594b9

We don't even have a way to wake people up, do we? Can't hold anything or touch them.

How about we just wander around a little and eat grass or plants and drink water to recover from the Magic Missile damage?
No. 215818 ID: c4c313

It's not racism. It's just the snoring was hurting his delicate ears. you can see the amazement in his eyes that your fuzzy eared companion was so injured not to wake and slap the shit out of that gobbo in attempt to drown out the elephantine sonorations. I mean goddamn watch out or you might start attracting moose.
No. 218901 ID: cf68aa
File 128199385870.png - (95.29KB , 600x600 , 43.png )

Racism? Why would there be such a thing? Is there a point?

hmm.. I can't wake up Talik so..
I just spend about an hour soaking on grass and water to fix and other damages. I should be back to my original form.
Eirik comes back.

>"Your friend is resting within our camp. We will be sure to bring her back to you in the morning."

"Thank you. I was wondering, do you think it is possible for my group to travel with yours."

>"I see no reason against it, sure."

At that moment Talik stepped out of the tent.

>"Hey Curi what's goin.... Who's the fairy?"

"Uhm.. This is Deirik.."

D >"Hello goblin."

>"Greeting to you too you fairy."

Uhm... I'm sensing some anger going on here... I don't think he'll let Talik join him.
No. 218903 ID: e31d52

Explain to the goblin that this man saved your life.
No. 218909 ID: d3894c

they hate each other because a long time ago goblins and elves fought each other. and while the war is over they haven't forgotten about it. the fact that they live so long means that they could still have members of the race who were in it. racism is irrational so no matter what you say it wont help them make up.

and yes, explain to talik that he saved your life so he deserves SOME respect.
No. 218928 ID: a594b9

They don't have to be friends. We're not going to be tagging along for that long.
No. 218933 ID: c2c011

He might. But there's probably some bad blood between elves and goblins. You could try pleading and reasoning with them. Put on your most naive and pathethically adorable face and ask them why they're being mean to each other and if this means that you won't get to find your friend again.
No. 219839 ID: cf68aa
File 128225139785.png - (118.01KB , 600x600 , 44.png )

"sniffle Why are you guys being so mean to each other...?"

>"Uhm it's.. Well he's a..."

"Does.... Does this mean I can't see my friend....?"

I put on a very cute face. It looks like they'll be more willing to listen to reason now.
No. 219840 ID: 313c42

okay, cool. now ask if we can all go to the town together. strength in numbers and all that.
No. 219851 ID: a594b9

Remind them they don't have to talk to eachother or really interact. We're just going to be traveling in the same group.
No. 219963 ID: 701a19

Ok! Now lets head to town! Gogogo!
No. 219965 ID: 0b2a05

"You don't need to hug each other or anything but... could we all get along and go to the town? And... and a bit longer after that maybe, if you could?"
No. 219967 ID: eededc

Beam and seem very happy and glad that everyone can be friends! Say this very loudly! Then march off before they can say anything! Yay!
No. 219978 ID: cf68aa
File 128227373778.png - (58.02KB , 600x600 , 45.png )

"You don't need to hug each other or anything but... could we all get along and go to the town? And... and a bit longer after that maybe, if you could?"

>"..... sure."

I smile at them and hold my arms out for a hug, this just causes them to jump back.
I wish i could hug..

Eirik pulls out a map.

>"Listen, we leave at sunrise. It will be a full days journey to Blackhelm but once there we should be safe. If my guess as to who did this is correct then he may come back later and at Blackhelm we will be safe."
No. 219979 ID: 701a19

If they try to do to Blackhelm what they did to the town, you're going to melt their faces off. :|
No. 219982 ID: f0fd8c

looks like a plan.
No. 220006 ID: a594b9

That's where the survivors went, right?

Hm. Are we going to have to cross the river? How fast is the current? It could be a problem for you...
No. 220013 ID: cf68aa
File 128227586926.png - (51.12KB , 600x600 , 46.png )

"Uhm... Is the current going to be strong?"

>"Oh don't worry, I'll be sure to have you carried in a metal container for that bit. The two of you get some rest, we'll be leaving soon"

He gives a short bow then leaves. Talik looks a little annoyed. She kicks over a pebble, grumbles then goes into the tent.

I tell her good night and lay down on the soft ground.
So much has happened in such a short time, I feel like I've learned more in the outside world then many of my kind would learn in a lifetime.

I need to reflect on all this later, but for now I need rest.
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