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File 129919999755.jpg - (118.00KB , 966x606 , hg1-01.jpg )
2001473 No. 2001473 ID: 3fdb7f

The way up was long and dark.

Isabel crawls through the small opening, knowing that the monster is dead, knowing that the exit will be here somewhere and knowing that there's nothing to be scared of anymore.
Yet, standing in the dim flickering light, she can't stop trembling and wincing at every noise.

It has been a long time since she was able to sleep or eat something. But the exhaustion and the hunger aren't the worst part of Isabel's situation.

The worst part about all this is that she's alone now.
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No. 2001474 ID: 8c73c8

... we working yet? isabel, you aren't alone, just hold on a bit longer.
No. 2001475 ID: 701a19

Did you climb that elevator ladder yet? Go do that! It's important!
No. 2001476 ID: 259738

Real monsters don't die. Continue to be cautious.
No. 2001477 ID: 3fdb7f
File 129920119762.jpg - (135.04KB , 966x606 , türen-01.jpg )

The feeling of being watched still lingers.

Isabel stares back down the emergency exit she just climbed up, expecting something horrible to start crawling towards her but nothing moves in the darkness back there.

Pulling herself together she turns back towards the hallway. She can't allow her fear to slow her down.

Two doors lead out of the short passage. Both appear to be open.
No. 2001478 ID: 56b86c


That green bulb probably means live fire rounds.

Best to go through the other one.
No. 2001479 ID: 07416a

Happy green door or horrible mutant black door? The choice is excruciating.
No. 2001480 ID: 2563d4

It's a octuple bluff. The nice, brightly-lit door without the evil black tendril decor. And if it's open the smashed codelock shouldn't be an issue!
No. 2001481 ID: 180ec2

The light is better. Note, though, that the panel for the left door is damaged. The light may indicate that it is locked. Perhaps shorting some wires might break the lock? It's not like anything else would work for that door. The other looks like it's weak enough to be destroyed, but Isabel may not be strong enough.

Wait, we don't even have the ability to suggest to Isabel, do we?
No. 2001482 ID: 8c73c8

guys, remember, herbert as black tendrils growing around his machine parts. black tendrils do not mean evil.
No. 2001483 ID: 6ba8b3

Stay away from dark. We don't want to run into him again just yet. Try the bright happy green door.
No. 2001484 ID: 3fdb7f
File 129920660227.jpg - (147.98KB , 966x606 , blut-01.jpg )

For some reason something in the back of her head makes Isabel consider trying the vein-covered door first, although the thought of stepping into the darkness again makes her hair stand on the edge.

In the end she chooses to try the well lit door. Isabel slides it and, after carefully looking for any danger, steps into the room. Her body tenses up, as she notices the blood stains on the wall.
No. 2001485 ID: 07416a

Close the creepy ominous tube. It's polite, after all.
No. 2001486 ID: 8c73c8

pull the open thing open more, but be ready to slam it shut if something moves.
No. 2001487 ID: 464971

Disregard both suggestions. Do a happy dance instead.

You know you want to.
No. 2001488 ID: 701a19

Look inside the tube. See if you can tell what's in there.
No. 2001489 ID: 653ea0

Those are the stains of something being hurt and taken through there. Don't follow.
No. 2001490 ID: 6ca10f

Hey look live wires. Maybe if you stick Herbert in there he'll turn on again!
No. 2001491 ID: ace2ca

Take a careful look into the open tube. Can you make any sense of the labels, Isabel?

Let's not do anything with Herbert's head or the wires. We might shortcut him or something.
No. 2001492 ID: 3fdb7f
File 12992389546.jpg - (151.22KB , 966x606 , röhre-01.jpg )

Immediately Isabel rushes over to the tube. A little number is the only thing written on its panel. She can't see anything in there and she doesn't know where it leads, but it might be best to close it.

She tries pressing and pulling the metal door, but it doesn't move in either direction.
No. 2001493 ID: 2563d4

Look for bloody fingerprints on the keypad of the opened tube. They've made a mess everywhere else, after all.
No. 2001494 ID: 8c73c8

hmm, nothing much can be done then. probably computer controlled. see about the second door in this room.
No. 2001495 ID: 2563d4

...number as in combination, or as in tube number?
No. 2001496 ID: 1854db

Crap. How old is the blood?
No. 2001497 ID: f78cae

Probably the number of the tube, or is it?

Examine the machine on the other side of the room. There are wires hanging out. Does it look like it's totally destroyed?
Examine the panel on the side of the machine. Could there be something beneath it or is it just part of the machine's frame?
No. 2001498 ID: ca5311

Maybe have a look at the screen in there, and then the door next to it.
No. 2001499 ID: 3fdb7f
File 12994488455.jpg - (145.56KB , 966x606 , tür-01.jpg )

The little number seems to be just the tube number, but Isabel tries typing it into the control panel nontheless. Nothing happens.

She looks for bloody fingerprints that could hint at the combination, but there are no traces of blood on the keys. The dribbles of blood instead lead to the machine on the other side of the room and from there to the closed door.
The machine is not working. Somebody has removed a part of the front and cut through some cables. There's also a loose panel at the machines side, but Isabel can't remove it with her bare hands.

The door is locked.
No. 2001500 ID: e3f578

Maybe if you ran into the panel hard enough it would pop off? Do it butt first to minimize pain and maximize force. Applying enough force should make it bounce right off itself or something. Is there anything else notable in the room? A vent or something. I doubt anything is notable on the fourth wall but it's worth a shot looking at it. We don't seem to have a lot of options and I'd like to not go to the door covered in dark growth.
No. 2001501 ID: 1854db

We've exhausted all opportunities here. Time to enter the other door.
No. 2001502 ID: 00d3d5

Herbert had those black vein things in him, and I don't think they ever did anything harmful.
Maybe those black veins are good?

Any idea where Crazy McStabbyPants got off to?
No. 2001503 ID: 221021

Actually, if that is the case, maybe something good happens if you use his head on them.
No. 2001504 ID: 8cd4c8

So, the door's locked, the tube's empty, the machine's broke and the panel's unmovable.

Let's go back and take the other door.
No. 2001505 ID: 3fdb7f
File 12995108238.jpg - (127.46KB , 966x606 , zurück-01.jpg )

Not knowing what she could do to open the door, Isabel heads back to try the other way, but as soon as she stands in the dark corridor, her courage vanishes.

In the flickering light it almost seems as if she could see the veins slowly growing and coming closer.

She takes a look at Herbert's head, a deep breath and a step forward to peek into the next room.
No. 2001506 ID: 3fdb7f
File 129951093063.jpg - (130.50KB , 966x606 , gang-01.jpg )

No. 2001507 ID: 8c73c8

wait, weren't all the other heads at the end of this hall? are they growing together?
No. 2001508 ID: 6ba8b3

There's an open door with less darkness. Go there.


That would be 12 stories up after elevator ride of doom. I know all corridors look the same but damn.
No. 2001509 ID: bbdc8f

Are those black things... creatures ? Or just really thick growth? Are they moving?
Be careful.

Isabel, proceed to the door on the left, which seems to be open and illuminated.
No. 2001510 ID: 3fdb7f
File 129961317187.jpg - (169.69KB , 966x606 , ratten-01.jpg )

Isabel runs towards the light, to leave behind the dark hallway as fast as she can. She avoids the thick black dots on the floor and after passing through the door, tries to see through the dim light what they are. It seems as if the veins grew over something on those places, but she can't make out what it is.

A loud screech makes Isabel flinch and spin around.
No. 2001511 ID: 00d3d5

Just experimentation rats.
Check the two cupboards for anything interesting or useful. We're going to move from here into the green-light room at the back.
No. 2001512 ID: 2563d4

What is that black mass with a red dot in it opposite the rats/behind you?
No. 2001513 ID: 8c73c8

use the control panel and let all the rats out.
No. 2001514 ID: bbdc8f

Nothing to fear. Only little animals which were mistreated by the scientists...

Anyway, ignore the rats and try to open the locker on the right.

Dead rat.
No. 2001515 ID: 3fdb7f
File 129963916561.jpg - (170.30KB , 966x606 , nahrung-01.jpg )

On top of the small cupboard lies a dead rat. The poor little thing has been cut open some time ago. Some small metal instruments next to it.

Isabel slides open the door beneath the death rat and grabs one of the objects stacked down there. The cupboard is filled with the same liquid food packs Herbert always carried around.

As soon as Isabel holds the first one in her hand and before she can turn her attention towards the big locker, the rats behind her lose it and start to throw themselves against their locked cage doors.
No. 2001516 ID: 00d3d5

The rats are starving; put a food packet in each cage.
No. 2001517 ID: 6ba8b3

Whats that little Lassie's? Something bad is coming? No? They must be hungry enough to eat a puppy what with no one there too feed them. Probably cannibalized the dead ones already. You'll want to give them those packets, hungry rats are dangerous.

If the racket dosen't stop with that then you'll want to leave quickly through the door.
No. 2001518 ID: bbdc8f

Throw a few of the liquid food pack into the corner of the room.
If anything *cough* happens, which sets the rats free, they'll be occupied with that.

If you are hungry, take one of the packs for yourself.

After that, look into the next locker near the door.
No. 2001519 ID: 1854db

Feed the rats.
No. 2001520 ID: 8555c2

No. 2001521 ID: 3fdb7f
File 129973026186.jpg - (158.41KB , 966x606 , schrank-01.jpg )

Deciding that there's enough food for everybody, Isabel drops some food packs into the cages. Maybe she can free the rats when they've calmed down a bit.

Meanwhile she takes a look into the locker. It doesn't hold anything of interest. There's a broom and a little bucket half filled with dust and rat droppings. Somebody left his working clothes as well as his briefcase stashed in there.

Curious whether the briefcase holds something useful Isabel opens it, but all she finds is a mouldy sandwich.
No. 2001522 ID: 1854db

Leave the sandwich out, perhaps a hungry rat will get to it.

Grab the broom and try sweeping up some of those black vine things.
No. 2001523 ID: 8c73c8

try that big red button.
No. 2001524 ID: 4b4e54

Examine the contents of the sandwich for the *Item that's probably not there* just in case.
No. 2001525 ID: 6ba8b3

If the pockets of the clothes are empty you should continue through the door with the green light. Oh, and free the rats just as you go. Herbert loved rats. Really.
No. 2001526 ID: a52496

Ive learned from experience that broom handles can be somewhat (though not very) helpful in this facility. Take that broom with you, preferably minus bristles.
No. 2001527 ID: 3fdb7f
File 129997279548.gif - (2.33MB , 966x606 , licht.gif )

Isabel leaves the sandwich in the open briefcase. If the rats want it they can just take it from there.

She screws the bristles off the broom handle and turns her attention to the trapped rats. The locks on the cage doors are probably controlled somehow by the device with the big red lamp, but Isbel doesn't see any way to turn it off.

There is however a loose plate at the side of the box - this one loose enough to be taken off by hand - and a tangle of different cables behind it.
No. 2001528 ID: 1854db


Get your ass through the green-lit door, Darkness Man is coming.
No. 2001529 ID: 8c73c8

rip the loose panel off the red lamp machine and swing the broom handle around inside it breaking shit. then go through the green light door.
No. 2001530 ID: ccdaf9

Wait a second, if you can use the rats like Herbert did...but is it worth the risk?
No. 2001531 ID: 180ec2

Don't look back. The lights behind you have gone out. Run, just run, for the love of all things sane, RUN!
No. 2001532 ID: 62b032

Agreed, Isabel isnt as sturdy as Herbert was so I suggest we make like a nose and RUN LIKE HELL!
No. 2001533 ID: 3fdb7f
File 13000017913.jpg - (175.38KB , 966x606 , frei-01.jpg )

Isabel suddenly feels uneasy. She notices that the light in the hallway has gone out and that the rats near the door are starting to panic again.

With the sudden urge to leave, Isabel grabs Herbert's head and stabs the broom handle into the machine.

A sudden shower of sparks make her stagger backwards covering her eyes.

She can hear the cages opening and she can hear somebody else entering the room.
No. 2001534 ID: 1854db

Turn around and ask what he wants. Tell him to stay away. Grab the broomhandle and activate the door, ready to run.
No. 2001535 ID: 8c73c8

run, go through the green bulb door and close it behind you and break it.
No. 2001536 ID: 653ea0

Okay, now run.
No. 2001537 ID: 226fa7

Attempt to command the rats to attack then run as fast as you can down the south door regardless of effect.
No. 2001538 ID: a7d678

You are no threat to him, dont make yourself out to be one. You need to make yourself seem like you will never cause any sort of problems for him on your own.
If he wants to talk, he will stop us. He's fully capable of catching up to us, and the rats stand no chance against him.
No. 2001539 ID: 3fdb7f
File 130008243332.jpg - (109.66KB , 966x606 , flucht-01.jpg )

Isabel starts to breathe heavy as she hears the footsteps coming closer. For some reason she doesn't dare to turn around. She grabs the broom and starts to slowly open the door, hoping not to aggravate who- or whatever is standing behind her.

The light begins to flicker.

At this point Isabel can only form one coherent thought.

- Run! -

In panic she bolts out of the door. The thing picks up speed to and over the sound of its footsteps Isabel can hear a hoarse laughter.
No. 2001540 ID: 8c73c8

move your adorable padded feet!!
No. 2001541 ID: 1854db

Keep going. Burst through those double doors and find someplace to hide.

[hold on tight]
No. 2001542 ID: 20cb8b

Bash through those doors at the end of the corridor!
No. 2001543 ID: 3fdb7f
File 130014481979.gif - (1.70MB , 966x606 , verfolgung.gif )

Isabel bursts through the door and stumbles to the ground. The voice behind her has stopped laughing and screams somewhere in the darkness behind her.

No. 2001544 ID: 8c73c8

get up there is a door over there
No. 2001545 ID: 2015fb

If you can, close the door and use the broomstick to lock it! Do it! NOW!!
No. 2001546 ID: 3fdb7f
File 130016765379.jpg - (134.60KB , 966x606 , Barrikade-01.jpg )

Isabel slams the door shut and jams the broomstick between the handles.

Something crashes against the door and the stick begins to crack.
No. 2001547 ID: 221021

That hanging ceiling fixture might be used as a trap. Is there any way you could cause it to collapse on somebody?
No. 2001548 ID: 07416a

No. 2001549 ID: 8c73c8

grab the doll and run like the wind.
No. 2001550 ID: 1854db

Take doll, hide in cabinet... but not before leaving the opposite door ajar. Make him think you kept running.
No. 2001551 ID: 6ba8b3

Grab the doll and open your eyes. You can't see where you're are going with your eyes closed.
No. 2001552 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130032605228.gif - (880.16KB , 966x606 , renn.gif )

Isabel grabs Herbert's doll and starts running towards the door on the other side of the room.

She can hear the broomstick shatter behind her and the now light starts flickering in here too. She can't outrun this thing. Her only chance is to crawl inside one of the cabinets in the hope that her pursuer won't find her.
No. 2001553 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130032664824.gif - (1.09MB , 966x606 , renn2.gif )

Isabel opens the door then spins around searching for a hiding place. The doll slips out of her paws and falls to the ground, but she doesn't have the time to pick it up again. She tears open one of the locker doors and slips in.

With a loud crash the last remains of the broomstick fall to the ground and the door slowly swings open.

"Yes - you may run if you want to. In the end, you won't esacpe me."
No. 2001554 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130032704788.gif - (2.57MB , 966x606 , versteck.gif )

Trembling Isabel squeezes herself deeper into the cupboard, as the thing passes leisurly through the room.

"... - and you may hide if you want to. In the end I will find you."
No. 2001555 ID: bee785

If you believe in that sort of thing, stay silent and pray.

If it opens the door, ask it what it wants from you. Remind it that you're no threat, that you're just a frightened puppy.
No. 2001556 ID: e3f578

You of the darkness, stop getting mad at experimental subjects.
They didn't do jack shit to you and think and have their own spirits and goals. They have meaning.
Sincerely, Cool Dolly

Will the real tgchan dolly please stand up. Please stand up and cast magic missle at the darkness. I know you can't really move all that well but please stand up.
No. 2001557 ID: 1854db

Uh... Yeah. We should stand up and... DO SOMETHING OH GOD
No. 2001558 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130041977762.gif - (4.18MB , 966x606 , schrank.gif )

Isabel curls up into a ball and holds her breath as the steps draw closer to her hiding place.

"What I'm going to do will hurt. A lot. You may scream if you want to. In the end it is the most fun when they scream..."
No. 2001559 ID: 917741

We will defend fair Isabel from this fiend!

Oh wait, Herbert's dead we don't have to keep pretending.

No. 2001560 ID: e3f578

fuck you

Isabella, the balls! Use your natural instincts and go right for the balls!
No. 2001561 ID: d70ea9


Holy shit I actually jumped when I saw that thing!!

Not cool man!

okay... okay... let's think. We are a doll, Herbert is a motionless head and Isabel's only weapon right now are her hands, feet and teeth.
But what if she throws us at it? We messed with Herbert's mind, we can fuck up this dude in a matter of seconds!!

No. 2001562 ID: 8c73c8

open herbert's mask and have herbert's goo lines mix with this guy's goo lines.
No. 2001563 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130042853996.gif - (478.02KB , 966x606 , schrank2.gif )

No. 2001564 ID: 9dd0ec
File 13004294046.jpg - (117.74KB , 966x606 , lugen-01.jpg )

Isabel hears a the door of the locker next to her being slammed shut followed by a shout of rage.

The thing outside kicks against her hiding place and departs, dashing to the ground whatever it is able to grab on its way out.

After a few minutes have passed and it hasn't come back, Isabel dares to peek out.
No. 2001565 ID: 6ba8b3

Good girl, best friend. Had me worried. Did you hear which way it went as it knocked things down? Go opposite to that.

Also find a knife, lighter fluid or equivalent and matches if there are any around.
No. 2001566 ID: 265d3d

Weird... Do you see how the goo lines avoid the doll completely?
No. 2001567 ID: 8c73c8

good job! how did herbert's head fair?
No. 2001568 ID: 1854db

She had it in her cabinet. What you see there peeking out is a sack of flour or something.

Also... I noticed... he's carrying a head. Remember the head we found in that room behind the coded door? I'm thinking that's his...

Let's poke around in this room for a moment. Is there anything metal we can pick up?
No. 2001569 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130046834346.jpg - (154.22KB , 966x606 , küche-01.jpg )

Isabel crawls out of her hiding place. After a few tries she manages to stand up despite her shaking legs.
Avoiding the black veins she approaches Herbert's puppet. It is fortunately the only thing there that hasn't been overgrown.
No. 2001570 ID: 4d2459

Oh yes, equip KNIFE.

Then look at those black things which were hanging on hooks and are now located on the ground.
No. 2001571 ID: 6ba8b3

Empty a sack for carrying stuff. Get knife. Find something flammable and a book of matches. I want to set somebody on fire.
No. 2001572 ID: 1854db

Experimentally touch the puppet to a vein.
No. 2001573 ID: 8c73c8

sure. maybe it will make them shrink away.
No. 2001574 ID: dd7d55

And since this is a kitchen, let us serch for provisions that are not infested with this grotesque overgrowth.

On a side note I am disappointed in the lack of sammich jokes considering the irony in this situation.
No. 2001575 ID: d70ea9

Well, we do need a way to fight back just in case, so the knife would come in handy.

Also do this.
It also brings the next question: Are the doll, Happiness and the black vein dude related somehow? It could be like a rock, paper, scissors thing.... maybe.
No. 2001577 ID: 653ea0

Look in each cupboard, matches and a bag for Herbert's head would be useful... Oh, and how about a disguise? A dirty sack could make you blend in with trash.
No. 2001578 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130065171620.jpg - (169.42KB , 966x606 , küche2-01.jpg )

Seeing that the doll seems to be the only thing unaffected by the veins, Isabel holds it against one of the veins to see whether it's some kind of antidote, but nothing happens.

Grabbing one of the knives that has been knocked down to have at least a bit of protection, Isabel decides to quickly search the room although all she really wants to do is to run as fast and as far away from the thing that just chased her.

Pots and pans are lying scattered on the floor. The lockers contain mostly different tins and dishes as well as several bags. Isabel slices open one of them. Maybe she can use it for something. It contains rice.
No. 2001579 ID: 1854db

Bleh, forget it. Keep the knife and go back through where we came from, away from the monster. Is there another door down the hallway?
No. 2001580 ID: 29fbe3

Well, there's our bag already. Just make sure that you get all of the rice out of there to avoid them from clogging up Herbert's delicate inner workings (or something, i'unno).
No. 2001581 ID: 4f9f14

Very well, move on if you are not particularly hungry.
No. 2001582 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130074650271.jpg - (123.48KB , 966x606 , spur-01.jpg )

Most of the lights in the corridors behind are dead now and it's impossible to see where they are leading to or what might still be lurking in the darkness there.

Isabel doesn't want to explore them anyway. As fast as she can she feels her way back, picking up some food packs in the rat room. As soon as she finds a safe place, she can rest and eat something.
No. 2001583 ID: 1854db

...that blood trail wasn't there before. Wait, is it blood? Or oil?



Peek carefully into the room. Make as little noise as possible.
No. 2001585 ID: 6ba8b3

I think you mean happiness.

You're surrounded from both sides now.
No. 2001586 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130076493926.jpg - (180.84KB , 966x606 , zerstörung-01.jpg )

A burned smell is in the air and an unidentifiable liquid has been smeared on the floor.

Since touching black liquid has proven unlucky for Isabel in the past, she decides against examining it closer. Unsettled she sneaks to the door and peaks into the room.
No. 2001587 ID: 8c73c8

the other tubes are open get only close enough to tell if they have cloth bodies like herbert or are robots.
No. 2001588 ID: 1854db

Keep an eye on that barely-open door while you give a very brief inspection to the now-opened tubes.
No. 2001589 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130083863791.jpg - (126.68KB , 966x606 , Leiche-01.jpg )

The tubes are now open. Isabel approaches one of them to look inside.
No. 2001590 ID: 8c73c8

okay, nothing we can work with. move on.
No. 2001591 ID: 73a0c6

*does their best to feel like a cold-chill filled with dread, hopefully enough to startle anyone wanting to look into those tubes away before they can*
No. 2001592 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130090693862.gif - (689.53KB , 966x606 , leiche.gif )

The black trail is leading out of the room. Herbert did bleed black, so maybe it's somebody like him in need of help.

Isabel decides to investigate.
No. 2001593 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130090706250.jpg - (125.23KB , 966x606 , leiche2-01.jpg )

A second corpse lies out here. The black trail stops somewhere in the middle of the hallway.
No. 2001594 ID: e3f578

Oh, Happiness is here. He's collecting heads again. Happiness also bleeds black blood, lets NOT follow it now.
No. 2001595 ID: 1854db

OH GOD DAMN IT. We do not need zombies on our list of problems!

Go into the door with blood on it.
No. 2001596 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130117413513.jpg - (141.26KB , 966x606 , krankenzimmer-01.jpg )

There are some blood stains on the first door to the left. It's not closed and slides open without any resistance.
No. 2001597 ID: 1854db

Quietly call out to see if anyone's here, then check in the first aid cabinet to see if anything's left.
No. 2001598 ID: a67bb1

Check what's behind the curtain to your right.

No. 2001599 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130124547199.jpg - (141.10KB , 966x606 , krankenzimmer2-01.jpg )

"H-hello... is anybody here?"

Isabel cautiously pulls back the curtain. Two beds are behind it, both of which are empty. Since she's alone here, Isabel puts away the knife and takes a look at the first aid cabinet. It's nearly empty. Somebody must have been here before. The only thing left in there is a pack of plasters.
No. 2001600 ID: 1854db

Check the curtain to your left now, then go through the door next to it.
No. 2001601 ID: 89a300

Take the plasters, something is better than nothing at all.
No. 2001602 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130134301217.jpg - (140.41KB , 966x606 , Akten-01.jpg )

Isabel takes the pack and turns her attention to the second set of curtains. As she pulls them, they turn out to be just a blanket covering a wheeled metal table. The blanket shifts and a used roll of bandages falls to the ground rolling to the open door to the tables right.

Isabel approaches the door and peeks into the next room.
No. 2001603 ID: 07416a

Acquire bandages!
No. 2001604 ID: 180ec2

I don't know, they look kind of bloody. Don't want to get a wound infected. Read one of those books. Perhaps they can provide information on this place.
No. 2001605 ID: 1854db

If you can get rid of all the blood on the bandages or at least tear off the bloody bits, I suppose we could keep and use them.

Take a look at that file that's lying around. Actually no, first cautiously approach the file cabinet. It MIGHT be possible for someone to hide in there.
No. 2001606 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130136137963.gif - (392.61KB , 966x606 , Akte.gif )

The bandages are dirty and partially covered in blood. Nontheless Isabel ponders picking them up, but decides against it for now.

She inspects the room just in case somebody is hiding in here.

The file cabinet at the windows side would be big enough to crawl in and stay unseen, especially since somebody has taken most of the files it once contained. It's nearly empty now.

Isabel picks up the one file left outside. It's a patient record of one of the facilities doctors. He had been injured in an accident, didn't recover and apparently died.

At the end there's a note stating that his body has been transfered to the neurological research deparment.
No. 2001607 ID: e3f578

Isabel hide!
No. 2001610 ID: f88f02

We must find this location! They might be able to fix your friend!
No. 2001611 ID: 1854db


Okay someone's out there but it's NOT the dark viney monster. Hide in the cabinet anyway. Better safe than sorry.
No. 2001612 ID: 8c73c8

No. 2001613 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130141201164.gif - (519.03KB , 966x606 , beobachtet.gif )

The neurological research deparment... Were they able to help the man even though he died? If so, maybe they also have a way to help Herbert and maybe...

Isabel's thoughts are interrupted by a sudden feeling of panic and the urge to hide. Is somebody behind her? Or something?

Slowly she turns around.
No. 2001614 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130141280685.jpg - (153.76KB , 966x606 , allein3-01.jpg )

Was there a big spot of blood on the window before? Isabel rubs her eyes.
Yes - yes it probably was. There's nothing to be afraid of here. The light doesn't flicker and there were no black veins outside. There was a dead man in the hallway, but his corpse looked really old. Whatever killed him has left this place long ago.

Isabel looks at the drawer. Maybe she should hide nevertheless - just in case.

No - it's just her nerves. She just needs a bit of sleep. There were beds outside. She can't remember the last time she could sleep on a real bed. On the other hand it might be dangerous to sleep out there. Maybe she should just grab a pillow and come back.
No. 2001615 ID: 1854db

Grab a pillow, then come back and sleep in the cabinet.

Be sure to look around in the room and peek out in the hallway to make sure nobody's around to see you go back into the room with the pillow.
No. 2001616 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130144756542.jpg - (146.30KB , 966x606 , Allein4-01.jpg )

Nobody is out here, it was all just in her head.

She'll have to get some sleep and everything will be alright again.
No. 2001617 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130144806421.jpg - (137.60KB , 966x606 , bett-01.jpg )

Isabel decides to just grab a pillow before heading back. Although, after she has seen that there was no danger outside and touches the comfortable matress, the idea of sleeping in a real bed is becoming more and more tempting.
No. 2001618 ID: c5cc97

What's that on the far bed's pillow?
No. 2001619 ID: e02378

i REALLY hope that person is kinda normal or something. and not a monster.
No. 2001620 ID: 1854db

Knife out. Back slowly away. Best to avoid it.
No. 2001621 ID: e3f578

Your getting too comfortable, Isabel! There's significant probability of danger if you sleep in the open. Something is making you mellow, fight it!
No. 2001622 ID: 8a7e69

Just grab the pillow, yank off the covers too.

Think about it, this is a hospital wing you're in and there's blood on things. You might get some terrible disease if you sleep in the beds!
No. 2001623 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130151077687.jpg - (151.08KB , 966x606 , frau-01.jpg )

On the other hand there probably wasn't anybody who had time to clean those beds before the facility was evacuated. Maybe sleeping in the locker won't just be safer but also more comfortable than sleeping in the bodily fluids the last patient has left behind.

Isabel takes a step forward to grab a pillow and immediatly stumbles back when something moves in the dark. She takes out the knife and waits until her eyes have adjusted to the dim conditions behind the curtains.

A young woman is lying on the second bed slightly rocking back and forth and covering the face with her hands. She doesn't seem to notice Isabel. Is she praying? Or crying?

Isabel's first thought is to just silently leave and get away unnoticed, but she can't just go. Maybe this person needs help and can offer help in return.

Maybe this woman knows how to get out or how to restore Herbert.
No. 2001624 ID: 1854db

Get the pillow first before doing anything. You want a pillow, and you also want to be able to run away if things go badly.

Also take note of what she's wearing... that's a BODYBAG. I suggest not trying to talk to the zombie.
No. 2001625 ID: 3f1b5c

I agree with this gentleman, however I say that after we have out pillow we might as well try talking to her, perhaps ask her what is wrong.

I wouldn't try to stay out of arm's reach though, dangerous possibilities and all.
No. 2001626 ID: 544e94

Looks like it might be a labcoat, not a bodybag.
No. 2001627 ID: 24dd8d

If I've learned anything from horror movies, it's that crying girls dressed in white are BAD. VERY BAD.
Just take the pillow back with you.
No. 2001628 ID: cad5bc

Earlier examination states that there was no one there earlier, Given the fact that there were no other beings encountered other than OMG FACE W/BLOODY HAND and the fact that there is also a blood stain on the curtain surrounding the beds I will guess that this is the person who was seen just a moment ago. Caution is of course (As if it hasn't been.) advised.

...Still...I'm curious. And the facial expression she displayed was not one of malevolence.

I say we are either looking at a new person of interest or Crazy Mcstabbypants II.
No. 2001629 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130161223996.gif - (438.50KB , 966x606 , verletzt.gif )

Isabel grabs the pillow and gets ready to run at the first sign of danger.

There is something strange about the white thing the woman is wearing.At first it looked like a labcoat. But as Isabel takes a step closer she sees that it's made out of normal fabric. It looks like some sort of plastic. This woman doesn't seem to be one of the people who worked here. Maybe she was one of the patients and was left behind as well.

"H-hello... Is everything alright?"

The woman lifts her head a bit without turning around or answering. There are several bloodstains in front of her on the bed. She's clearly just hurt and afraid and no threat. Isabel gathers courage and steps closer.

"Don't worry. I won't do anything to you. Maybe I can help you. Are you wounded?"

She keeps approaching the woman who sits motionless on the bed.
No. 2001630 ID: 2563d4

No. 2001631 ID: e02378

No. 2001632 ID: 18a328

Isabel has startled the witch!
No. 2001633 ID: 3f1b5c

Do NOT approach that... thing. Just stop making noise and back away slowly.
No. 2001636 ID: f23097

That is not a person anymore, Isabel.
Back away. If that thing as much as turns around an inch, run as fast as those little legs of yours can carry you.
No. 2001637 ID: 00d3d5

Slowly back away.
"Sorry, I'll leave you alone."
No. 2001638 ID: 6a9fdc

Don't say ANYTHING else. Just back away and leave.
No. 2001639 ID: 897302

Verletzt mean 'injured'. I advocate caution, but don't just run away.
No. 2001640 ID: 1854db

...you know what? She already saw you. Talking to her at this point is not going to expose you to any extra danger.
No. 2001641 ID: e4f78c


Everyone, Meet Happiness' sister; Sadness.
No. 2001642 ID: 86e64c

Seriously, ugly does not mean evil. Herbert looked like a monster, Isabel is a dog creature. This is just a very ugly victim.
No. 2001643 ID: 40c013

Yes it does, it means precious seconds wasted by not fleeing.
No. 2001644 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130168493548.jpg - (155.11KB , 966x606 , aufstehen-01.jpg )

A sudden feeling of panic makes Isabel stop. All she wants to do is to just run away.
"It's just an injured woman. It's just an injured woman." She starts to whisper as she forces herself to take another step forward. "She won't do anything to you."

The woman slowly gets up and stands in front of the bed swaying back and forth and still facing the wall. Isabel backs away again.

"If... if you don't want me here I can leave you alone. I justed wanted to help..."

Instead of an answer the woman groans and blood drips to the ground. It seems as if she's not able to talk due to her injury. Isabel takes a deep breath and steps forward again. She can't let her irrational fears prevent her from helping someone in need.

"Listen! I'll come closer now. Don't panic. I'm just going to help you."

She takes one more step forward.
No. 2001646 ID: 66e2c1

She was feasting on them! Get out now!
No. 2001647 ID: 00d3d5

Take a few steps back.
No. 2001648 ID: 1854db

Ask her to turn around so you can see her face, while stepping back a little bit. If she is hostile, you should remain out of reach.

Isabel. Remember, you can help someone while making sure they aren't an enemy first.
No. 2001649 ID: 6a9fdc


STOP LISTENING TO THE SUICIDE VOICES TELLING YOU TO GET RIGHT UP NEXT TO SOME FREAKY MONSTER. Whether it's friendly or not can be determined FROM A DISTANCE. I swear, so many posters have the survival instincts of a Disney lemming.
No. 2001650 ID: 9e75f3

As much as I would love winging it and support conversing with her. I believe it is time to SLOWLY WALK AWAY AND DON'T MAKE ANY SUDDEN MOVEMENTS.
No. 2001651 ID: 8c73c8

No. 2001652 ID: 57000f



No. 2001653 ID: e973f4

No. 2001654 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130189332344.jpg - (171.69KB , 966x606 , hunger-01.jpg )

Something black on the pillow catches Isabel's attention, but before she can make out what it is, the woman grabs it.
The skin on her hand is shriveled and burst open on several places, revealing peaces of rotting flesh and the bones beneath.

Terrified Isabel takes several steps back, bumping against the bed behind her and falling to the ground. The woman's hand vanishes out of Isabel's field of view and the sounds of something cracking can be heard while more blood drips to the floor.

Isabel crawls further backwards.

"What are... - c... could you turn around?"

The woman doesn't react.
No. 2001655 ID: 8c73c8

keep moving.
No. 2001656 ID: cec0a6

She's still eating. It'd be rude of her to talk with her mouth full.

Isabel dear girl, Have you no manners?

No. 2001657 ID: e3f578

Isabel come on, be afraid! What is making you so calm, fuck run away. I like that your trying to be the nice girl but now is not the time to be a nice girl. Be a little inconsiderate if it means you'll get to stay alive, you got enough brownie points getting Herbert to release the psychotic chronic backstabbing scientist, do we need to forgive a rat eating monster too?
No. 2001658 ID: 1854db

If she isn't reacting to anything you're saying perhaps she is not of sound mind. Do not interact with crazy people, Isabel. Go and sleep in the cabinet.
No. 2001659 ID: 1854db

...Isabel. Use your nose. What does your nose tell you?
No. 2001660 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130195144059.jpg - (161.94KB , 960x600 , vorhang.jpg )

After having seen that hand, Isabel begins to notice a faint smell lingering in the air behind the curtains. It's the smell of a body beginning to decay.

Isabel scrambles out into the light as fast as she can, when suddenly the thought crosses her mind, that the whole time she may not have been talking to an injured woman, but to something that stopped being a human being a while ago.

She grabs the curtains and pulls them close.

"S... sorry. I didn't want to disturb you. I'll just leave you alone."

Maybe the thing will ignore her if she doesn't disturb it anymore.
No. 2001661 ID: 1854db

Oh thank god.

Yes, Isabel. You should be fine if you stay away from it. If you're feeling tired, you can go to the cabinet. If you're not, try checking the door in the back of the room.
No. 2001662 ID: 8c73c8

agreed. also look a rat.
No. 2001663 ID: 8ad704

I don't think it's a good idea to sleep anywhere near our new found monster.
No. 2001664 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130202631435.jpg - (158.31KB , 960x600 , ratte.jpg )

Isabel starts gathering her things in a hurry. The only thing she wants to do now is to get away from this room as fast as she can to hide somewhere else. Now all the fear she had suppressed because she saw a possibility to save Herbert comes gushing back.

Something starts squeaking in front of her. One of the rats she has freed earlier runs out from beneath the curtain and stops in front of her looking up.
No. 2001665 ID: 180ec2

Accept its offer of friendship!
No. 2001666 ID: 8c73c8

seems the rats are friendly at least.
No. 2001667 ID: cec0a6

Pick it up and run or you'll both be lunch.
No. 2001668 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130212177722.jpg - (158.05KB , 960x600 , dieb.jpg )

Isabel can't stifle a smile as the rats jumps around squeaking in front of her. Maybe not everything is hostile down here.

Cautiously she bends forward.

The rat suddenly hisses, grabs friend and starts running away.

No. 2001669 ID: 8c73c8

hey rat, where you taking us? to the rat king?
No. 2001670 ID: 1854db

Follow the rat.
No. 2001671 ID: 00d3d5

What's that Lassy? You want me to follow you? OK!
No. 2001672 ID: 180ec2

(attempting to control the rat now)
Alright, go back to the dog lady.
No. 2001673 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130213427024.jpg - (97.74KB , 966x606 , griff-01.jpg )

Isabel stumbles forward to catch up with the rat running towards the exit.

No. 2001674 ID: 00d3d5

No. 2001675 ID: 18a328

You should probably run now. Fast. Go!
No. 2001676 ID: 1854db

Move move move!
No. 2001677 ID: 9762bb

Chase the rat and while you're running yell "Oh, so NOW you want my attention!".
No. 2001678 ID: 1854db

No. 2001679 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130221724415.jpg - (160.27KB , 966x606 , griff2-01.jpg )

Isabel gets back to her feet and starts running after the rat.

She can feel a small air draft in her neck and picks up the rotten scent again.
No. 2001680 ID: 8c73c8

just keep chasing the rat, the person behind the curtain probably just moved and made the air waft over to you. just keep chasing the rat.
No. 2001681 ID: 1854db

Don't. Stop.
No. 2001682 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130227173484.jpg - (80.64KB , 966x606 , rennen-01.jpg )

Ignoring whatever is happening behind her Isabel storms out of the room chasing after the thief.
No. 2001683 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130227182046.jpg - (73.89KB , 966x606 , eingeholt-01.jpg )

After running through some dark corridors the rat finally drops friend in the middle of an unlit room.
No. 2001684 ID: 435f1e

Probably just a small idea here, but maybe HIDE.
No. 2001685 ID: c66903

Plunge ahead, into the darkness.
No. 2001687 ID: 1854db

Perhaps the zombie followed you, Isabel. Remember that draft of air and rotten scent... Decide to hide for a while, and listen to see if it followed you.
No. 2001688 ID: 29fbe3

Better pray that the monster doesn't have a keen night vision...
No. 2001689 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130230663553.gif - (490.88KB , 960x600 , schlaf.gif )

Isabel feels her way through the darkness. Several big file cabinets are standing at the walls of the room. After opening some of them Isabel finally finds one that is empty and crawls inside.

Nervously she listens to the sounds outside until she slips into a fitful sleep.
No. 2001690 ID: e3f578

goddamn rat, pushin' us to the side.
what an ass.
No. 2001691 ID: 8c73c8

hey, he managed to save isabel. he get's ONE. he does it again then it's on.
No. 2001692 ID: 1854db

Sweet dreams, Isabel.
No. 2001693 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130234412745.jpg - (110.93KB , 966x606 , aufwachen-01.jpg )

Isabel awakes. Somebody seems to have switched on the light outside and a single beam pierces through the door slit.
No. 2001694 ID: d38f25


Or not, Peer into the crack slowly so as to not make a sound, be careful not to bump your knees and what not against the metal. So you know, not make sounds.
No. 2001695 ID: e6b25f

Can she see through the crack from her vantage point without moving?
No. 2001696 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130244479782.jpg - (108.43KB , 966x606 , wach-01.jpg )

Outside something seems to be standing motionless in the middle of the room.

Isabel slowly rises to get a better look at it. It looks like a desk and something else in front of it but it's impossible to see whether that thing is a living creature or just a desk chair from here.

It doesn't move or make any noise though.
No. 2001697 ID: f23097

It should be safe enough to take a closer look
No. 2001698 ID: 1854db

Be as quiet as possible while opening the cabinet. Look around in the room, and take a sniff.
No. 2001699 ID: 8555c2

Use your sense of smell to help identify it.
No. 2001700 ID: 282611

Don't open the door just yet. It's suspicious. Try to get a smell in though.
No. 2001701 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130264382095.jpg - (103.57KB , 966x606 , schreibtisch-01.jpg )

Isabel strains her nose but all she is able to smell is the scent of liquid food. After some moments she discovers a little hole in one of the food packs she had taken with her. Most of its content is now missing.

Under those conditions the only thing Isabel can tell is that nothing in the room has a strong odour.
After waiting and listening for a while, she silently stands up and slowly pushes open the doors.

A figure is sitting slumped in front of the desk with its back towards the hiding place.

Isabels begins to follow her first impulse which tells her to crawl back closing the door to wait until this being leaves the room, until she notices, that this thing is just an old corpse - gross but harmless. It was probably already here when Isabel arrived - just hidden in the darkness.
No. 2001702 ID: 1854db

I'm not so sure, Isabel. Is that the same material the other creature was wearing?

Be very very quiet. It's resting, or something... Don't get too close to it. Perhaps we should look around in the room briefly now that it is lit.
No. 2001703 ID: 1be1b5

Take pills.

No. 2001704 ID: 221021

That doesn't sound like a good idea...
Do examine them, though. They might explain how this person died.
No. 2001705 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130272349235.jpg - (139.77KB , 966x606 , pille-01.jpg )

Although the person is dead, Isabel is hesitant to approach it for some reason. She gathers her belongings and crawls out of the hiding pace, keeping a distance to the body.

The corpse is wearing a suit made out of the same kind of plastic material the woman was wearing too. A little pack of pills is lying opened at its side. It looks like some kind of medicine, but it's impossible to make out what those pills are or whether there are any left in the pack, without getting close to the corpse.
No. 2001706 ID: f23097

Bodybag again? That means he moved to that chair after being dead. Not good. Stay away.
No. 2001707 ID: 1854db

Alright, check out the cabinets for supplies. Be quiet though and keep an eye on the corpse.
No. 2001708 ID: 9e67b3

Poke the body with a pencil :3
No. 2001709 ID: d38f25

Take one Pencil and inspect Picture frames and Cabinets.

Or just move on if you guys think the corpse is gonna jump up and attack if we stay here.
No. 2001710 ID: 282611

Just remembered. There're zombies in this area. No only that, zombies that've already laid there seeming dead. Definitely do not approach corpses.
No. 2001711 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130283263776.jpg - (139.77KB , 966x606 , foto-01.jpg )

Keeping a safe distance from the corpse, Isabel takes a pencil and a look into the cabinets. They are filled with document files.

Two photographs are standing on top of the cabinet and a third is lying on the desk, too close to the dead person to take a look at it without approaching the body.
No. 2001712 ID: e3f578

Does any of your doggy empathetic senses say anything about these people? The guy on the right with the rat a good guy or just pretending to look like a good guy for the camera?
No. 2001713 ID: 1854db

Keeping a close watch on the corpse to see if it moves at all, check the photo, then the pills.
No. 2001714 ID: d38f25

Skim through the documents for any terms related to our situation. (Herbert, Isabel, Happiness, etc.)
No. 2001715 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130298008024.jpg - (259.62KB , 966x606 , foto2-01.jpg )

Isabel takes a closer look at the photos behind her. There's a person she recognizes in one of them.

She has seen the old man down in the laboratory. He would sometimes pace in front of the cages before ordering one of the occupants to be brought away to the next room. They never came back.

Isabel is barely able to force back her tears as she remembers the video documantation of what had happened, but this is not the time or the place to think about this. She'll have to be strong until she's out of here.

To bend her mind to something else, Isabel starts flipping through one of the document files. It contains records of a series of experiments conducted on rats. She picks up something about the observed side effects, something about the slow decay of all inner organs, but it's impossible to read all the documents - especially standing out in the open, easily to spot for every monster that crawls through the dark corridors.

Unsettled Isabel stares at the body again. It hasn't moved, but it still makes her feel uneasy. But maybe she could gather enough courage to get closer and take a look on those pills and the third photograph.

In the end it is nothing more than a corpse.
No. 2001716 ID: 1854db

...nah, we should just leave and come back later with a long stick or something that will let us move the picture and pills close to us without getting within reach of the zombie.
No. 2001717 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130333978503.jpg - (114.96KB , 966x606 , dunkel-01.jpg )

On the other hand Isabel doesn't want to get closer to the corpse just to get a random photo that will most likely not help her with anything.

After a last look at the body she opens the door and slips out into the hallway.

Out here it is still dark. Isabel feels her way through the long and empty corridor, desperatly searching for a working light switch, while her fear transforms every shadow into the fangs of a monster longing for blood and every little sound into an evil bloodthirsty growl chasing after her. She tries to tell herself that there's nothing here, that she is alone and that all of those shades and noises are nothing more than mere figments of her imagination. Yet She can't shake off the feeling that there is something with her in the darkness. That there is a strange noise, a buzzing and something that sounds like a whisper.

She holds her breath and listens.

>"Hello... I know you are there. Don't be afraid. Come in here. We have to talk."

Something lights up in a room nearby.
No. 2001718 ID: 8c73c8

look into the room, cautiously.
No. 2001719 ID: 1854db

Peek in before moving. If it's not a monster then I suppose we can go in, but stay near the door.

On the other hand, we can talk without moving fully into the room.
No. 2001720 ID: 327303

Knife at the ready girl.
No. 2001721 ID: 180ec2

If they're making their presence known, and speaking normally, there's a better chance than most that they're friendly. Go speak with them.
[Also, the faint sensation of somebody watching her in the darkness might be us]
No. 2001722 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130343555973.jpg - (119.22KB , 966x606 , monitor-01.jpg )

Clutching the knife, Isabel crawls closer to the door. The light stems from a monitor in the middle of the room illuminating the entrance but leaving everything else in the dark. Isabel can't pick up any scent or sound that would indicate anybody being in here.

The voice starts speaking again. It is only a whisper, sounding strangely mechanical and somehow familiar. After straining her ears Isabel can make out the source of the noise being somewhere narrow to the ceiling.

>"Come closer. I want to help you. I have watched you for some time now."
No. 2001723 ID: 1854db

I think that is an AI... but look up, just in case. If there's nothing on the ceiling we can probably get closer safely.
No. 2001724 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130359925554.jpg - (155.41KB , 966x606 , monitor2-01.jpg )

Isabel slowly steps closer, closely observing the ceiling.

>"I've watched you. I've seen what you are carrying. There is a head in your bag."

The voice pauses for a moment.

It definitively stems from the ceiling, but there's no living creature up there, maybe it's a loudspeaker hidden behind the walls. Confident that she is alone, Isabel enters the room as the mysterious speaker starts talking again.

>"Why are you taking a severed head along?"
No. 2001725 ID: 8c73c8

he is a robot, if i can find a working body i may be able to turn him back on.
No. 2001726 ID: 180ec2

Tell the truth. This thing doesn't seem to be hostile, and getting an ally may be helpful, if only to stave off lonelyness.
No. 2001727 ID: 1854db

There's no harm in revealing this truth.
No. 2001728 ID: cec0a6

"Do you know of a way to fix creatures like him?"
No. 2001729 ID: 00d3d5

"His name is... was, Herbert. He was some kinda robot, I think, but I've never met anybody braver or more loyal.
I couldn't abandon him, even if there was no hope of fixing him."
No. 2001730 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130366088561.jpg - (112.84KB , 966x606 , monitor3-01.jpg )

"His name is... was, Herbert. He was some kind of robot, I think, and the only friend I had down here before he was ripped apart, trying to save me. I thought that, if I found a working body, I might be able to help him."

The buzzing sound sound stops. Isabel approaches the screen, waiting for some kind of reaction.

"Hello? Can you still hear me? Do you know of a way to fix creatures like him?"

The buzzing starts again and shortly thereafter the voice starts whispering interupted from time to time by a mechanical crackle.

>"... Yes... I can fix him for you. There is a metal hatch in the hallway outside. Just turn right and look for it at the left wall. Open it, throw the head inside and... come back to me... I'll explain you where you can pick up your friend afterwards."
No. 2001731 ID: 1854db

Hey, that's pretty cool. Hmm, yeah, may as well. What do you have to lose? Herbert can't get any worse off...

Ask their name before we go.
No. 2001732 ID: 9a9f95

Agreed, its not like he can get deader or something. I doubt we'll get another chance like this one.

Do it, be on the lookout for monsters while you're out there. Also, ask this guy's name and what he is (and why he wants to help us).
No. 2001733 ID: e3f578

The screen has Happiness on it. The title says Vs. Happiness. Dramatic pauses in speech, ergo motives are questionable. It has it's own agenda, but fuck it all. Let's do it.
No. 2001734 ID: 8c73c8

not all the way. let's see if the hatch has anything written on it. like 'incinerator'
No. 2001735 ID: 40cb26

If we're going to trust this person, can we at least know who it is? Maybe see them?
No. 2001736 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130369017358.jpg - (176.49KB , 966x606 , klappe-01.jpg )

“Who are you and why do you want to help me?”

There’s a longer pause again.

>“I am… I wasn’t given a name. I guess you can call me… you can call me Acolin.”

“Ok… Acolin… And why do you want to help me?”

>“… I’ll explain it later. There is something I need your help for. Let me prove that I’m not your enemy first. I’ll give you back your friend. Hurry. There’s not a lot of time.”

Unsure Isabel turns around, stopping in the doorframe.

“I don’t know. Can I really trust you. Can’t you show yourself before I consign Herbert to your care?”

>“It is… complicated. Listen! I can understand that this place drives its inhabitants mad and paranoid. It makes you see monsters and liars everywhere you look, but you shouldn’t give in to this fear. Please. Trust me.”

In the end Isabel figures that she has nothing to lose. She steps outside. Some of the lamps begin to flicker until dim light covers the hallway. The big metal hatch is easy to spot even from this distance. Without success Isabel starts searching for some kind of inscription on the walls, concerning this hatch, as she walks towards it. Its big metal door swings open without any resistance, revealing a small compartment and the faint scent of garbage.
No. 2001737 ID: 8c73c8

does it smell like burning garbage or just random stuff? if random then i guess we can just... roll him in there.
No. 2001738 ID: 180ec2

Do it, it's not like he can get much worse, and there's no way you can fix him yourself.
No. 2001739 ID: e5eca8

Even if it's just a trash chute, and nothing more, at least we can say we tried. And, we could still retrieve him by sliding down there ourselves if this guy is lying.

Aaaand, if its an incinerator its better than just carrying an irreparable head around with us. Almost a proper burial, even.
No. 2001740 ID: 1854db

Even if it is a garbage chute, it is possible that Acolin has control over it and can do stuff down there to repair Herbert.
No. 2001741 ID: d35800

Fun fact: Acolin is a river in france.

If the inside is just a small compartment and not a tunnel downwards into blackness then it's safe to assume that it is actually dumbwaiter.
No. 2001742 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130377946140.jpg - (161.66KB , 966x606 , monitor4-01.jpg )

Isabel takes out the head and puts it into the compartment. Something rumbles downwards as she closes the hatch.
Suddenly the lights go out again and only the distant glow of the monitor remain as a point of orientation. Isabel hurries back to Acolin.

"Ok. I've thrown Herbert in there. Was this the right hatch? It smelled strange."

>"Don't worry Isabel. I'll take care of everything now. Just wait here, while I repair your friend."
No. 2001743 ID: c7052b

Stay with Acolin, but near the door and to the side. Be on constant alert.
No. 2001744 ID: 1854db

Ask Acolin how they know your name. You never told them.
No. 2001745 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130386467629.jpg - (72.58KB , 966x606 , dunkel2-01.jpg )

Isabel keeps standing in the doorframe, staring at the monitor.

"... Wait... How did you... How did you know my name."

>"... You told it to me."

"No, I... I didn't."

>"... I... Yes you did... You just didn't notice it back then. I told you that I've watched you. I picked up your name back then at some point. That's all."

Isabel tries to think back when she last spoke her name out loud, but she can't remember.

"When did you... ?"

"Listen!", the Acolin interrupts her, "I'll explain everything to you later. Just trust me now. I'm currently your only friend down here. You have to trust me. Just wait here."

The monitor switches off and the buzzing stops.

"Hello? Are you still there?"

There is no answer.
No. 2001746 ID: 221021

Next time we speak to him, we'll have to explain to him that if we want him to trust us, he has to be totally honest with us. We need to know who we can trust.
No. 2001747 ID: 1854db

"Acolin" huh?

It's Nicola. I should've checked her name earlier. So... she got to a control room, made herself look like an AI, and now we've thrown Herbert's head down a garbage chute. Still, I suppose she *might* have been telling the truth. ...ugh.

We should set up an ambush for her in the dark. Back out into the hallway and flatten yourself against the wall.
No. 2001748 ID: 212ab8

Go in the chute.
Prepare for epic rescue.

No not really, grope around till you reach the corner of the room away from the door and wait quietly there in case of monster attack.

Whoever "Acolin" is, s/he's got Herbert now and if we want him back we're gonna have to do what s/he says.

Or should we go for the epic rescue?
No. 2001749 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130395018316.jpg - (82.13KB , 966x606 , sitz-01.jpg )

Maybe trusting Acolin was a mistake. Or will it turn out to be fine in the end?

Unable to decide what to do, Isabel stumbles out into the hallway, only to stop and turn around after some steps.

In the end she sinks down to the floor, clutching her knees and pressing herself against a wall, trying to decide her next action but unable to concentrate.

As the light vanished her fears returned. She sits in the darkness, again listening to the noises in her surrounding.

Are there noises coming from the chute or is it just her imagination?
No. 2001750 ID: 8c73c8

work your way towards it, lift up an ear to hear better.
No. 2001751 ID: 1854db

Go take a listen to the chute.
No. 2001752 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130410288664.jpg - (73.08KB , 966x606 , lauschen-01.jpg )

Isabel takes a deep breath and starts crawling forward. Everything is quiet as she arrives at the chute, maybe it really was all in her mind.

Pressing one ear against the cold metal surface she waits for a moment. Now she can hear something. A distant and irregular clanging, stopping from time to time.
No. 2001753 ID: 1854db

She IS fixing him. She lied to us about who she was, but she is doing what she said she was going to do.

Let's go wait in the room.
No. 2001754 ID: 6930ef

We DID save her life. She's probably doing it out of a sense of owing us something.
No. 2001755 ID: d7fda2

I still don't trust her completely. For now we should go back to the hiding spot, I really don't like the idea hanging there in darkness waiting for something to happen...
No. 2001756 ID: cb627a

Agreed, go back to the room and wait. That might be Happiness just climbing up the chute. I know it's unlikely, but its never a bad idea to be too careful.
No. 2001757 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130436332853.jpg - (138.62KB , 966x606 , geblendet-01.jpg )

Isabel crawls back to the room and waits. The light doesn't go on again and Acolin doesn't come back for a long time.

Nervously she starts walking around, approaching the monitor from time to time to see whether it is just broken or whether Acolin lied and never intended to contact her again.

When the screen suddenly turns on, Isabel stumbles back trying to protect her eyes from the bright light.

>"You did the right thing. I told you you could trust me."

Still covering her eyes, Isabel slowly steps forward again.

"You mean you fixed him. I can see Herbert again?"

There's a short pause.

>"... No, not yet. You'll have to do something for me."

"But you said you'd take care of him first... "

>"There have been some changes... Somebody down here is draining my energy supply. You'll have to activate the emergency generator. Something was damaged. I can't do it from here... I'll explain you the way and contact you as soon as you arrive.
>Don't worry. It isn't far and there are no dangers around. Just hurry and I'll be able to give you back your friend."
No. 2001758 ID: e3f578

Alright, let's do it. We're already on this path, no going back now. It's being iffy with the pauses and all but whatever, let's turn on that damn generator.
No. 2001759 ID: 1854db

Alright. Fixing the generator sounds like a good idea regardless of who wants it fixed. Accept directions, but also tell her about the monsters you've been seeing, and that you're scared.
No. 2001761 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130455842363.gif - (800.91KB , 966x606 , Gang.gif )

"Ok. I'll try to do it. But there is something out there. Some kind of monster. Are you sure it's safe? I'm scared to have to go out alone."

>"Don't worry. I can see what happens everywhere and there are no monsters and no dangers. Nothing will harm you as long as you do everything I tell you. Just trust me. Go out and follow the lights."

With a sudden buzz the screen goes black, while at the end of the hallway outside a light is turned on. Isabel would have preferred to be told a bit more of what she is supposed to do, but she doesn't have much of a choice.

Approaching the light she peeks into the next corridor. There really doesn't appear to be any danger around. Acolin told the truth. There are no monsters here. She hurries towards the next lit room.
No. 2001762 ID: 1854db

Holy fuck... Isabel, hurry. You need to go fast.
No. 2001763 ID: 7b2258

Is...is there something behind you?
No. 2001764 ID: 8c73c8

follow the lights fast.
No. 2001765 ID: a97586

I knew it!! We shouldn't have trusted her!! She said there was no danger, yet as soon as Isabel left, SOMETHING showed up. Nicola is trying to get rid of Isabel for good!!

Do we still have the knife on us? If not, as soon as we reach wherever we're going, we should get something to protect ourselves. And if we hear ANY weird sounds.... RUN LIKE HELL AND HIDE!
No. 2001766 ID: e3f578

Let's not jump to conclusions. For all we know Acolin wanted us out of there to avoid the monster.
Maybe it isn't Nicola, I mean it is one of those -gram things that switch around the words and now that I think about it is incredibly likely, but we'll deal with that when the big scary monster thing isn't fucking behind us.
No. 2001767 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130465771695.gif - (913.87KB , 966x606 , verfolger.gif )

Unable to shake of the feeling of being followed, Isabel grabs her knife and turns around.

Nobody is behind her, but an undefinable fear makes her run nontheless.
No. 2001768 ID: 1854db

Alright, keep going. Follow the lights. Stay away from the doors that lead into dark rooms, just in case.
No. 2001769 ID: 37fd02

Oi god, oi god, oi god...

Keep moving. Stay in the lights. Move those little paws of ours!
No. 2001770 ID: 9dd0ec
File 130474997805.gif - (226.35KB , 966x606 , Aufzug.gif )

The lights behind Isabel go out again as she runs through the hallway, staying away from the doors on both sides even though she knows that there are no real dangers around.

The corridor leads towards an elevator right besides the door to a stairwell. A paper pasted over the elevator buttons states that it is broken and should not be used, yet the door slides open and Acolins voice sounds from inside.

>"Come in. This will be faster than the stairs."

The lights in the hallway are now completly out.

"But there's a note saying..."

>"Just ignore that. You know you can trust me. Now enter."
No. 2001771 ID: 8c73c8

go in and push the 'door close' button.
No. 2001772 ID: 1854db

Do it.
No. 2001773 ID: a01cf8

On one hand the note says "Out of order"
and on the other you probably won't make it to the stairs
No. 2001774 ID: d4c788

It's dangerous either way and we can't turn back.
No. 2001775 ID: 79d0a1
File 130516693917.gif - (1.58MB , 966x606 , Aufzug.gif )

Isabel enters the elevator looking for the button that closes the door.

Acolin would have probably closed the doors automatically in a few seconds, but it's nice leaving the dark corridor behind a bit faster this way.
No. 2001776 ID: 1854db

Isabel, are you alright?
No. 2001777 ID: 2239f7

Isabel, count your limbs and dolls.
Also feel around for the buttons or something to help you get back up.
No. 2001778 ID: 79d0a1
File 130542596295.jpg - (128.53KB , 966x606 , eingesperrt-01.jpg )

The now dark elevator stops its fall with a sudden jerk.

Lying on the ground, Isabel waits for the room to start shifting again.

After nothing has happened for a while, she sits up fumbling for one of the walls, trying to get up. Luckily the fall didn't hurt her too bad.

Her hand briefly rests on the panel as Isabel lifts herself back to her feet and there's a short burst of static. The doors start to open but jams after having shifted only a few inches and won't move any further.
No. 2001779 ID: 1854db

Repeatedly push the open button.

If that doesn't work... put the knife between the doors and pry them open a bit further before you go sticking your fingers in there.
No. 2001780 ID: e3f578

You're not too physically weak Isabel, you should be able to open it. The elevator mechanism shouldn't be locking them too tight.
No. 2001781 ID: b04176

Peek through the crack before you open it.
No. 2001782 ID: 180ec2

Look through the gap, and if it looks safe enough, and not too dark, you can probably open it with your hands. Most elevator doors are made so you can do that.
No. 2001783 ID: 79d0a1
File 130550448534.jpg - (228.96KB , 966x606 , Röhren-01.jpg )

Isabel crawls to the gap and peeks out.

She can't see a lot. It seems as though there's a series of bright tubes surrounding the outside room on both sides. Something moves in the shadows and Isabel flinches backwards.

As she dares to take a second look, whatever moved seems to be gone. It probably was nothing more than another rat searching for food.

Gathering her strenght Isabel grabs the door's edge and starts pulling. With a loud metallic creak it opens a bit further.
No. 2001784 ID: 35e1a0

okay, get out and stick to a wall. i suggest left.
No. 2001785 ID: e41ad5

Bet you thirty henry heads that one of them will break out or scare isabel by slamming against the glass.
No. 2001786 ID: 1854db

Sticking to the edge of the room means there's less directions for something to ambush you. Of course it also means there's less directions to run... but that matters less I think.
No. 2001787 ID: 0b6d17

Don't tell me you've already forgotten Herbert's name!

I agree, keep your back to a wall and wall all your open sides, be ready to bolt.
No. 2001788 ID: 22b4a5

Say Hello to the Eldritch Abominations.
No. 2001789 ID: 79d0a1
File 130572439988.gif - (761.21KB , 966x606 , Röhre.gif )

Isabel decides to stick to a wall. She steps outside and starts passing the rows of glas containers thinking from time to time to hear or see something moving inside the tubes, but she has to be mistaken.

The people and things inside of them are all clearly dead and their sight is oftentimes gruesome to the point that Isabel has to stop deeply shocked until she is able to recompose herself.
No. 2001790 ID: 35e1a0

don't look in the tube to your right, you don't need to see that. just hurry past it.
No. 2001791 ID: 1854db

Stop looking directly at the tubes. Just look ahead, to where you're going, and listen.
No. 2001792 ID: 79d0a1
File 130592386631.jpg - (150.72KB , 966x606 , kartenschloss-01.jpg )

Isabel averts her eyes and rushes through the room without looking at the tanks any longer.

The room ends at a closed door.
No. 2001793 ID: 35e1a0

get out your knife cause a broken container means something is free, then rifle through the guy's pockets for a card.
No. 2001795 ID: 2563d4

Isn't that one lying right on his chest? (You know, where worm-things will erupt from, given the tanks.)
No. 2001796 ID: 35e1a0

looks like a document to me.
No. 2001797 ID: 544dd4

Draw knife, acquire card from dead fellow.
No. 2001798 ID: 1854db

Yes, something has definitely escaped. Snatch the card from that guy, and step away from the body a bit.

...don't we have an ID card already that we can swipe the door with? Getting through the door should be a high priority.
No. 2001799 ID: 79d0a1
File 130709116014.jpg - (137.83KB , 960x640 , Untersuchung.jpg )

An intense stench surrounds the corpse. A plastic card is lying on its chest.

Isabel draws her knife and steps closer to pick it up.
No. 2001800 ID: 9ad220

Ooh, Colors...

Move away from the corpse and surrounding tubes and examine the card.
No. 2001801 ID: a2ac3c

Use the plastic card on the door opener, the box with the red light beside the door. Pull the card right through the slit in the box.
No. 2001803 ID: 1854db

INCOMING WORM! It just crawled out of the drain. Open that door, quick! Be ready to defend yourself with that knife.
No. 2001804 ID: 4814f6

No. 2001805 ID: 35e1a0

go hard stab style.
No. 2001806 ID: d043f7
File 130748305458.jpg - (135.84KB , 960x640 , dreh.jpg )

Grabbing the card Isabel heads back towards the door.

A sudden movement makes her spin around. Something lunges through the air towards her face. She yanks up the knife just in time.

The steel hits somethin soft. It bursts and sprinkles blood over the blade and the floor beneath.
No. 2001807 ID: 35e1a0

nice one! [positive reinforcement waves!]

let's try that card on the door and get out of this room.
No. 2001808 ID: 1854db

There was more than one. Don't let your guard down.
No. 2001809 ID: 0d7a83

No. 2001810 ID: 83a2d2

Nice catch. But now, it'S really time to leave.

Best try the card on the door opener.
No. 2001811 ID: 2d4823

Am I the only one who thinks that Isabel looks freaking badass here?
No. 2001812 ID: aa1c6e
File 130765968911.jpg - (235.91KB , 960x640 , wasser.jpg )

Isabel rushes to the door, sliding the card through the door opener without averting her eyes from the room. Something crawls out of the sewer and starts climbing up the broken container, while the door slides open behind her.

She steps backwards, nearly falling down a set of stairs, as a sudden splash and the cold wet feeling of water on her legs nearly makes her look away from the creature. The room seems to be partially flooded but Isabel can't go another way, as in this moment the worm reaches the container's top and reveals a set of razor-sharp teeth.
No. 2001813 ID: 35e1a0

stab it when it jumps and then keep going.
No. 2001814 ID: 180ec2

Oh, it just wants a hug. And by that I mean NO IT DOESN'T, RUN! With our luck staying to fight it will result in getting bit or worse.
No. 2001815 ID: 1854db

It's gonna try to jump at you. Also that thing can probably swim, so don't let it get into the water you're standing in. Once the door closes you'll be safe from the worm though. Then we can look around.
No. 2001816 ID: 349502
File 130923244494.jpg - (284.11KB , 960x640 , unterwasser.jpg )

Isabel raises the knife and waits for the worm to attack. The creature seems to sense her alertness and instead of jumping slowly slides back towards the drain it crawled out of, vanishing out of Isabels field of vision.

Alone again Isabel relaxes a bit and takes another step away from the now automatically closing door.
Suddenly something touches her legs and a sharp pain runs through her left foot. Isabel drops the plastic card in panic and yanks up her leg. A wriggling body lets go of her and drops back into the water.
No. 2001817 ID: 35e1a0

No. 2001818 ID: a3e92f

Continue down the corridor. Leap as far as you can with each step so the thing won't catch your feet.
Also, HURRY!
No. 2001819 ID: 00d3d5

Grab the card and run. We don't want to have to come back to get it.
No. 2001821 ID: 8555c2

Grab card and run.
No. 2001822 ID: 1854db

Grab the card if you can do it quickly, and run.
No. 2001824 ID: b78a0e
File 131360236644.jpg - (175.60KB , 960x640 , würmer.jpg )

Isabel quickly tries to grab the card. It takes some moments until she is able to feel it out in the murky fluid, while with increasing frequency she feels something touching her under the surface. Finally her paws touches the smooth palstic and she stands up, but before she is able to run away from the thing now circeling her, the water all around starts splattering and foaming as dozens of little wriggeling and blood-covered bodys begin to appproach her.
No. 2001825 ID: 00d3d5

No. 2001826 ID: 35e1a0

MARCH run. leg's high in the air and crash straight down while moving forward . let's you move as fast as possible in this depth of water.
No. 2001827 ID: 4e48cb

And put the card in your bag, so you dont drop it again.
No. 2001828 ID: 1854db

Oh god, why are there so many.

We have to get out of the water as fast as possible.
No. 2001829 ID: b78a0e
File 131371945495.jpg - (133.58KB , 960x640 , würmer2.jpg )

Isabel slips the card into the bag and starts running.

The water slows her down and makes her trip. She staggers towards the darkness in front of her, hoping to spot safe ground somewhere yet seeing nothing but the endless water-filled corridor.
No. 2001830 ID: 4a7c5d

The pipes, the pipes they are a callen~

Climb up on them wall fixtures girl!
No. 2001831 ID: e19bd4

Agreed. You need to get out of the water right now, and that seems to be the way to do it.
No. 2001832 ID: 1854db

Swipe the jumping worm real quick.

Then let's see if we can get up on the pipes.
No. 2001833 ID: b78a0e
File 131379406321.jpg - (160.05KB , 960x640 , Leitung.jpg )

Wildly slashing at the slimy bodys Isabel gathers her strenght and jumps.
She manages to get hold of the pipe and slowly starts lifting her body out of the water.
No. 2001834 ID: ec0bf5

There's one on your bag I think, knock it off.
No. 2001835 ID: 216a33

Get the worm off you bag and lift your legs as high as you can! There's one lunging for them!
No. 2001836 ID: 1854db

Knock off the worm on your bag with the blunt edge of your blade. Don't cut your own stuff.
No. 2001837 ID: b78a0e
File 131432576587.jpg - (133.67KB , 960x640 , leitung2.jpg )

Bracing herself, Isabel lifts her legs away from the water and climbs onto the pipe.

Out of the corner of her eye she notices one of the worms crawling up her bag. With a quick movement she swings her knife at it, managing to knock it off.
No. 2001838 ID: 35e1a0

there is another one fighting rat-friend!
No. 2001839 ID: 1854db

Be careful, don't hurt the rat with your knife.
No. 2001840 ID: 9c538a

eeeee we shall fight the terrible worm beast together with rat-friend!
No. 2001841 ID: b78a0e
File 131439013986.jpg - (328.30KB , 960x640 , verschreckt.jpg )

Another movement on the bag startles Isabel and she raises the knife ready to smash it.

At the last moment something in the back of her head makes her stop. A scared rat jumps away from her.
No. 2001842 ID: ddcbbc

How many worms are still hanging out under you?

I say we keep moving onward, but stay on the pipe. Inch along like a caterpillar or something.
No. 2001843 ID: 1854db

He's got it handled. Get a good purchase on the pipe and catch your breath.
No. 2001844 ID: 6b6016

Getting a good grip on that pipe and inching your way across is your best bet.
No. 2001845 ID: b78a0e
File 131440991114.jpg - (318.29KB , 960x640 , kriechen.jpg )

Isabel clings to the pipe while the worms beneath her keep raging. After a while they stop and the water calms down and once again gives no sign of the creatures lurking beneath its surface.

Slowly Isabel catches her breath and starts puching her body forward bit by bit always fearing that her shaking hands may slip on the wet metal surfcace.

After a while she reaches the metal door at the corridors end.
No. 2001846 ID: 1854db

Open the door via the card, but don't stand directly in front of it when you do so. We should peek in carefully.
No. 2001847 ID: ddcbbc

Be ready to hide behind the pipe in case something is on the other side of the door.
No. 2001848 ID: b78a0e
File 131459529703.jpg - (313.64KB , 960x640 , offen.jpg )

Staying on the pipe Isabel slides the card into the slot and the door slides open.

There's a short silence until a mechanical whisper from inside the room can be heard.

>"...is somebody there?"
No. 2001849 ID: 1854db

There's veins in there. Entering the room might be risky...

Answer them. Say it's you.
No. 2001850 ID: ec0bf5

Announce your presence but don't go in; that room looks super spooky even without those poison black vein things that hurt you last time.
No. 2001851 ID: d7edd3

Dont say who you are, ask who they are.
No. 2001852 ID: 00d3d5

The only time I remember her touching the veins was when she retrieved Herbert's head, and that only scared her, not hurt her.

I think it's time to consider that while the veins are intimidating they haven't caused her any harm, whereas she's currently suspended over water that happens to be boiling with a throng of flesh-eating worms that keep trying to kill her.
Also, she is in a hallway between the vein room and a wide-open flooded room with even more worms, so the choice is certain death versus possible harm.

Isabel: Softly say "Yes, just a moment", then grab the door frame and use it to fling yourself into to the room.
No. 2001853 ID: b78a0e
File 131466149442.jpg - (314.34KB , 960x640 , offen2.jpg )

Isabel hesitates a moment before answering.

"Who... who's there?"

>"Ah... it's you... it took you long to get here... now hurry and come in."

"... Acolin... is that you?"

>"Yes... What are you waiting for? Come in. You'll be safe in here."

"Are you sure? There are those black veins everywhere... I don't think that's a good sign."

>"Don't worry. It's just mold. Now come. You do want to help your friend don't you?"

Isabel looks back the corridor she just came through. She doesn't have much choice unless she wants to face the worms again.

"Yes, just a moment."
No. 2001854 ID: b78a0e
File 131466175188.jpg - (176.41KB , 960x640 , eintritt.jpg )

Grabbing the door frame she swings into the room as the door starts closing again behind her.

The room is pitch black and Isabel can't see anything besides the distant monitor.

>"Come closer. There should be an emergency box over here. There will be a flashlight."
No. 2001855 ID: 1854db

Watch your step.
No. 2001856 ID: 413b11

Feel for the veins as you make your way toward the box
No. 2001857 ID: ccd30c

Ask him why the hell he can't move on his own.
Also consider jamming the door open with the knife.
No. 2001858 ID: 413b11

Dont waste your only weapon like that
No. 2001859 ID: 9c538a


Stand with knife at the ready. Let your eyes adjust to the darkness. Don't approach the voice. Use those big beautiful brown eyes Isabel you can do it.
No. 2001860 ID: b78a0e
File 131509772036.jpg - (211.00KB , 960x640 , sicherung.jpg )

The door closes, leaving Isabel standing alone in the darkness. An eye-stinging smell lingers in the air.

"Can't you come here or make light?"

>"Isabel, I'm not here. I'm with your friend, ready to take care of him as soon as you switch on the electricity. Come closer. There is no danger here. Trust me. You could trust me in up to now, couldn't you?"

Isabel doesn't move, trying to sense whether what Acolin claimed was true. After a while her senses adjust to the new situation, but she can't make out more than the vague outlines of big machines covered in the black growth.

Slowly she starts approaching the screen, trying to avoid the veins covering the floor.

"What do you want me to do?"

>"There should be some metal boxes right at my side. One of them a fuse box and one for spare parts. Try scratching the mold off and replace the fuses."

"And that's all?"

>"Yes, it worked with the elevator, so it should work here."
No. 2001861 ID: df9bc2

Use something to scrape off the mold. Preferably not your knife or bag, in case its corrosive, but maybe the card or something useless if you've got it.
No. 2001862 ID: 35e1a0

to the left. use your knife to scrape the mold.
No. 2001863 ID: 1854db

"Well the elevator kindof broke."

Try to find the flashlight. That would be quite handy to replace the fuses.
No. 2001864 ID: b78a0e
File 131543174819.jpg - (196.68KB , 960x640 , leuchtstab.jpg )

The wall to the left is covered with particularly many veins.

Isabel finds the emergency box right besides the fuses, containing some small tools, spare fuses and some strange tubes, but no flashlight.

As long as she doesn't have to do anything more complicated than scratching off the black growth, she can probably work in the monitor's dim light though.
No. 2001866 ID: 35e1a0

are the strange tubes plastic? if so then bend one a bit until you feel something inside it break.
No. 2001867 ID: 1854db

Yes, that is probably a glowstick, and they activate by bending.
No. 2001868 ID: b78a0e
File 131597224852.jpg - (338.40KB , 960x640 , reparatur.jpg )

By some kind of instinct Isabel bends one of the tubes. It suddenly starts emitting a bright green light.

>"Hurry up! I don't want to wait any longer"

Isabel readies the knife and starts removing the veins.

>"Good. It's working."
No. 2001869 ID: b78a0e
File 131597227497.jpg - (198.04KB , 960x640 , tür.jpg )

Isabel takes a step back after having finished the repair.
"Did it work? Can I see Herbert now."
>"... sure... I'll take care of him now. I'll talk to you later."
"Wait. Don't just leave. How do I get back."
There's a short pause, then a door opens.
>"Just go through there and you'll get back unharmed."
"But this isn't the way I came here and there are things out there, huge worm things with sharp teeths."
>"This is a shorter way and there's no danger here. Just go now, hurry!"
No. 2001870 ID: 1854db

Better go. Though... it looks like the dark scientist went that way. Hurry but try to keep quiet.
No. 2001871 ID: b78a0e
File 131600938263.jpg - (340.85KB , 960x640 , raum.jpg )

The bright light is blinding Isabel as she steps into the room. With a sudden bang the door closes behind her and the lock klicks. At the same moment the lights go out.

Frightened Isabel takes a step back, pressing her back against the cold metal door. There were some strange tracks leading in here.

"Acolin are you still there?", she whispers, but either he can't hear her, or he isn't listening anymore.
Hesitantly she raises the glowstick to get a better look at her surrounding. This room too is flooded, and Isabel can make out the same glass containers, she encountered earlier.
No. 2001872 ID: 6902ae

Go as far as you can without touching the water and see if you can find a visible way out.
No. 2001873 ID: 1854db

She said we should hurry. First thing to do is figure out which direction we need to go, second thing is finding the safest path to take.
No. 2001874 ID: 35e1a0

keep your knife ready and move slowly down the first set of steps.
No. 2001875 ID: d03ce7

Can you see an exit? If you can, try to hurry toward that. The faster you get out of that room, the better for everyone, eh?

Just be careful and keep your knife ready, just in case.
No. 2001876 ID: 9c538a

Ha ha, owned.
No. 2001877 ID: b78a0e
File 131607671783.jpg - (347.88KB , 960x640 , raum2.jpg )

Isabel steps down the stairs as far as she can without touching the water to get a better look at the room.
No. 2001878 ID: 1854db

The door has a compromised panel. It might work, it might not. There is a vent up and to the right we could reach though. It seems the dark scientist took that route as well... or whatever was in that tube.

Let's try the door first. Then go directly to the vent if it doesn't work. Keep in mind we must hurry while in the water so as not to get chewed on too much.
No. 2001879 ID: 6cfd2a

Agreed, head to the door first to see what's up with that and be careful about the water. Lake high, quick steps so that little of your legs is in the water for very long.
Try to be quiet as well as you can, that broken tube has me nervous.
No. 2001880 ID: b78a0e
File 131638025846.jpg - (358.58KB , 960x640 , tür1.jpg )

As fast as she can Isabel starts wading through the water as fast as she can, awaiting the worms to attack her again any moment.

The water stays calm.

Maybe the worms haven't noticed her yet. Maybe they never reached this room or where chased away by rats. Isabel doesn't want to risk anything and keeps going on as fast as she can. Something in here still doesn't feel right.
No. 2001881 ID: b78a0e
File 131638029455.jpg - (429.34KB , 960x640 , tür2.jpg )

The door is locked and the black growth is covering the card slot. But getting rid of it shouldn't be a problem.
No. 2001882 ID: b78a0e
File 131638032209.jpg - (281.82KB , 960x640 , tür3.jpg )

No. 2001883 ID: e3f578

No. 2001884 ID: 35e1a0

turn around to check if anything moved behind you then clear it quickly.
No. 2001885 ID: a2fa74

Turn around and hand the creepy thing the light
"Oh, hi! Could you hold this for me while I get the door open? Thanks!"
No. 2001886 ID: 1854db

There's a thing behind you. Determine what it is before reacting.
No. 2001887 ID: 3b9af0

Press appropriate quick time event buttons, evade!
No. 2001888 ID: b78a0e
File 131646361538.jpg - (301.96KB , 960x640 , tür4.jpg )

The veins are nearly completely scratched away, when Isabel notices something moving in the corner of her eyes.

Grabbing the glow stick she spins around, only to see some ripples on the water surface. Slowly she steps back towards the open vent in the corner of the room.

"Hello... Is somebody here?"

There's no reaction. Maybe it was nothing, but still... Isabel wants to get out of the water as fast as possible now. She takes another step towards the vent. She could just crawl up there, but the opening up there looks suspicious too.

The card slot should work now, she could still try the door. It would only take a few seconds.
No. 2001889 ID: 35e1a0

keep your knife out and put down the glowstick and try the card. if it doesn't work then start climbing.
No. 2001890 ID: f70e5e

hold the glow stick in your mouth while your try the card. that way you'll have full illumination while you try the key card.
No. 2001891 ID: b78a0e
File 131647230060.gif - (975.10KB , 960x640 , tür4.gif )

Searching for the card, Isabel turns around one last time, but she is still alone. It was probably nothing. Holding the stick in her mouth she reaches out for the slot.
No. 2001892 ID: 35e1a0

No. 2001893 ID: 9c538a

No. 2001894 ID: 1854db

Knife it to death!
No. 2001895 ID: b78a0e
File 131664588754.jpg - (353.39KB , 960x640 , kampf.jpg )

Isabel struggles as best as she can. Clawing and stabbing the thing that pulled her underwater, but it doesn't seem to affect it in the least.

Helpless she is pulled away and then suddenly lifted out of the water and flung onto a flat surface.
No. 2001896 ID: b78a0e
File 131664591720.jpg - (442.81KB , 960x640 , würg.jpg )

"Good. Fight back. I like it when they struggle and I don't care if you damage this body."

Isabel gasps for air as the creatures finger constrict her throat.
No. 2001897 ID: f70e5e

stab him! stab him in the arm!
No. 2001898 ID: 35e1a0

No. 2001899 ID: 1854db

Stab him right in the eye. Can't think without a brain.
No. 2001900 ID: a2fa74

[To creature:This one is ours. Do not interfere.]
[Hit it with a jolt of whatever it is we are]
No. 2001901 ID: dd1be9

No. 2001902 ID: b78a0e
File 131674551152.jpg - (479.10KB , 960x640 , würg2.jpg )

The kitchen knife is not sharp enough to cut off the hand and the thing doesn't even seem to notice when it is stabbed in the arm. Thrashing around Isabel tries to hit its face, but the creature avoids her weak blow.

As her lungs begin to burn she starts hurling whatever she can grasp towards the rotting face above her, without any effect.
No. 2001903 ID: b78a0e
File 131674553918.jpg - (322.60KB , 960x640 , freund1.jpg )

"Yes ... keep on fighting... it has been far too long..."
No. 2001904 ID: b78a0e
File 131674556841.jpg - (318.78KB , 960x640 , freund2.jpg )

"The last one didn't even scream. A disappointment... but you..."
No. 2001905 ID: b78a0e
File 131674561116.gif - (2.29MB , 960x640 , freund.gif )

No. 2001906 ID: 1854db

Yeah, that's what you get when you mess with our friends. Now let go of her.

Isabel, struggle like your life depends on it because it DOES.
No. 2001907 ID: 35e1a0

it's weakened! push the hand off isabel!
No. 2001908 ID: 9c538a

We'll distract it while you... oh good, you already did! Well, now he's got no eyes left. hmph...
No. 2001909 ID: 0c9952

Rip and tear, Isabell. We need to get to Herbert!
No. 2001910 ID: 0c97ee

[She is ours, and you tried to hurt her...]

[now nothing awaits you...b̛u̧t h͝o̧rro͠r͜s ͠bey͡o͡nd̴ ́you̶r DAR͝KÉS͢T̴ NÌG̶H̨T͝M͜ARE͞S!}
No. 2001912 ID: f70e5e

I don't like you, but you simply haven't existed long enough to possibly deserve what the others are about to do to you. so i'm going to give you some advice. run, run far far away, find a deep dark hole to hide in, and never give us our those we have claimed reason to seek you out.
No. 2001913 ID: b78a0e
File 131682732471.jpg - (493.08KB , 960x640 , tritt.jpg )

No. 2001914 ID: a2fa74

[Disconnect the corpse-puppet from its controller]
No. 2001915 ID: 180c73

Isabel! Take a deep breath, grab the doll, and RUN to the exit!

No. 2001916 ID: 1854db

Hmm, he let go. Do we have control?

Move away from Isabel.
"Testing, testing."

Isabel, keep an eye on him while you get to opening that door. You'll need to retrieve the keycard from the water again. Or just run for the vent...
No. 2001917 ID: 180c73

He let go because Isabel stabbed his eye. I dont think we can do much with ourselves aside from falling off small ledges.
No. 2001918 ID: 35e1a0

we caused a very good distraction though as we melted the veins off the arm.
No. 2001919 ID: b78a0e
File 131703872933.jpg - (220.73KB , 960x640 , los.jpg )

The creature stumbles backwards holding its bleeding eyes. Isabel raises panting and grabs Herberts's doll.

"CHRR... you dirty little thing. Did you really think blinding it would stop me. I won't need its eyes for what I'll do to you."
No. 2001920 ID: b78a0e
File 131703877973.jpg - (377.81KB , 960x640 , los2.jpg )

"It can still sense the smell of fear on you, it can still hear your panicked breath. That's enough for me. You won't get away"
No. 2001921 ID: f599e6

leap on top of it and hold the doll against one side of it's head and stab the other.
No. 2001922 ID: 1854db

Thing: Lean over slowly and kneel.

Isabel: Calm down and focus. You need to pierce its brain to take it down. It can't see you, but it can still hear you. It won't be able to predict your movements but you can't hide. This is a good chance to attack and take it down.
No. 2001923 ID: 120bdc

Apply stabbings directly to forehead.
No. 2001924 ID: b78a0e
File 131726070177.jpg - (332.57KB , 960x640 , blick.jpg )

"Down here I am the most terrible thing you'll ever meet and there's nothing you can do to get away... nothing..."
No. 2001925 ID: b78a0e
File 131726073635.jpg - (347.63KB , 960x640 , blick2.jpg )

No. 2001926 ID: b78a0e
File 131726075879.jpg - (377.63KB , 960x640 , sprung.jpg )

No. 2001927 ID: b78a0e
File 131726078624.jpg - (321.58KB , 960x640 , messer1.jpg )

No. 2001928 ID: b78a0e
File 131726081961.jpg - (384.02KB , 960x640 , messer2.jpg )

"Grrrgh... You..."
No. 2001929 ID: b78a0e
File 131726087559.jpg - (397.59KB , 960x640 , griff1.jpg )

"You don't seem to understand. There's norrhrgh way you could stop me. But keep fighting. It is more fun this wrrghrh ... anrr more time to plarghr..."
No. 2001930 ID: b78a0e
File 131726090975.jpg - (397.95KB , 960x640 , griff2.jpg )

"The more you'll hurt this body ... tewz more satisfaction it will be when I dhgfzufsguias... andbdjf uzsf..s us ... ... ans it will hurtdzsd ... . ... you. .. can ... not... jifhuha ... ... ..."
No. 2001931 ID: b78a0e
File 131726093624.jpg - (395.05KB , 960x640 , griff3.jpg )

No. 2001932 ID: 120bdc

Test test, is this thing on?

Hey buddy, if you can hear us you should remove that pesky grasping hand.

Or at least move it away from the girl
No. 2001933 ID: 1854db

Thing: move away, take doll and press it against any further black veins to remove them. Speak- "Fear this corpse no longer, Isabel. It is now mine to control. I will assist you directly with it, rather than whisper advice into your subconscious."
No. 2001934 ID: 35e1a0

i am pretty sure we can't control it. we just melted the veins. the thing that was controlling it was the thick mass on the back of the head. which melted.
No. 2001935 ID: a841d5

Why do you guys think we can control? We havent controlled it to this point, and we never will.

Isabell, push arm away, retrieve knife, and run.
And dont forget anything behind you. Especially the doll or your bag.
No. 2001936 ID: f70e5e

you noticed how the black stuff on its head receded? I think the body's too damaged for whatever that thing was to keep controlling it.
No. 2001937 ID: 1854db

We caused that. Directly. Look at the sequence of images when the corpse first grabbed us in its hand; some black stuff disappeared there too.
No. 2001938 ID: b78a0e
File 131760806189.jpg - (314.12KB , 960x640 , tot1.jpg )

Isabel keeps pressing her back against the wall, frozen in terror. The thing stopped talking and doesn't move any further but it still twitches from time to time and silently moves its lips...
No. 2001939 ID: b78a0e
File 131760809934.jpg - (313.22KB , 960x640 , tot2.jpg )

... then collapses.
No. 2001940 ID: b78a0e
File 131760823233.jpg - (309.32KB , 960x640 , tot3.jpg )

After a while Isabel dares to move aagin. The thing seems to be dead now. She grabs the knife as well as the puppet and manages to fish the key card out of the water.
No. 2001941 ID: 35e1a0

is that rat friend in the vent?
No. 2001942 ID: 1854db

Ah, hang on, I bet the dark scientist went through the door, and came in through the vent. That is why there are vines on the slot on THIS side. So go through the vent, that means we won't be following (and thus getting closer to) the dark scientist who will kill us.
No. 2001943 ID: b78a0e
File 131769033974.jpg - (213.02KB , 960x640 , schacht.jpg )

Something small moves in the vent and skitters into the shadow when Isabel raises her head. It looked like a rat.

Since all Isabel wants is to get out of the water and away from whatever causes the black growth, following the rat seems like a good idea.
No. 2001944 ID: b78a0e
File 131769050039.jpg - (289.35KB , 960x640 , müll.jpg )

After a long time of crawling through the dark and narrow steel tunnel, always following the sound of little feet running somewhere in front of her, Isabel finally reaches the next room.
No. 2001946 ID: 78b9fc

Mental note: never trust Acolin again.

Oh, but hey! You found the garbage cans. I bet Herbert's head is somewhere in there.
No. 2001947 ID: 13f9b9

Be careful climbing out of that vent, there's bits of tattered labcoat in that puddle of gunk!
No. 2001948 ID: 1854db

Oh, we've found where the head went, indeed. Do a quick look around the room. Inspect that puddle over there with what looks like that pipe the female scientist was using to brace her leg.
No. 2001949 ID: 2fc5d9
File 131780520592.jpg - (293.31KB , 960x640 , müll2.jpg )

Cautious Isabel climbs down into the room. She appears to be alone in here, but that's what she thought about the last room too.

At least there are no veins in here.

Passing the big metal containers, Isabel goes further into the room. In front of one of the bins are several piles of junk. There doesn't appear anything useful in there, though. Some scraps of cloth, apparently from a labcoat, a bent pipe, a soggy piece of cardboard and the like.

It seems as if something threw all of this out of the container. A trail of gunk leads to the room's only exit.
No. 2001951 ID: 1854db

Are there scraps of cloth on top of the dumpster too? How much blood is on that lab coat?
No. 2001952 ID: 29e6ea

Can you get a look in the container?
No. 2001953 ID: 2fc5d9
File 131821006238.jpg - (251.53KB , 960x640 , müll3.jpg )

On top of the container hangs another piece of cloth. Like the one on the floor it is splattered with blood, as if someone was lightly wounded.

Isabel climbs up to peek inside the dumpster. At a first glance it contains the same garbage in here, that is lying in front of it. It looks as though someone has been in here searching for something though.
No. 2001954 ID: 1854db

Alright. Confirmed, Nicola actually did grab Herbert's head, and poked herself on some debris. What was it she poked herself on, though? Shine some light on that pointy thing. Also I wonder if we could make some use out of that pipe.
No. 2001955 ID: 78b9fc


Sniff the cloth. Now you have her scent.
No. 2001956 ID: 2fc5d9
File 131831534824.jpg - (318.83KB , 960x640 , müll4.jpg )

Several pipes are sticking out of the dumpster, those not as bend as the one lying outside. Isabel currently has no idea what to do with them at the moment. She sniffs at the piece of cloth to see whether she can figure up what happened here by the scent, but all she is able to smell is sweat and blood. This thing can't be lying here very long.

Raising the glow stick, Isabel tries to illuminate some of the things at the back of the container.
No. 2001957 ID: 78b9fc


Wha kind of defective bloodhound dog woman thing are you? You sniff it not to tell what happened, but so you can follow the scent to the bearer of the bandages. Or at least recognize it the next time you encounter them! Probably what happened was that as Nicola reached in to get Herbert's head that hand came out of the sludge OH GOD--HAND--BACK UP BEFORE IT GRABS YOU
No. 2001958 ID: 5eb69d

No. 2001959 ID: 1854db

Bleh, dead body. Possibly moving dead body. Let's move along. Follow the trail of blood or whatever.
No. 2001960 ID: 8a30f7

But... Im so curious...
At least snatch the tag off the thumb, but do it quick so it cant grab you.
No. 2001961 ID: 1854db

That's not a tag. That's the piece of lab coat from when Nicola was grabbing Herbert's head and got snagged on the claw.
No. 2001962 ID: 2fc5d9
File 131846651553.jpg - (312.59KB , 960x640 , rückzug.jpg )

As soon as Isabel spots the hand she lets go of the ledge and stumbles backwards towards the exit. The hand didn't move, but after what happened down at the emergency generator, she doesn't want to take any risk.

From what she could see it seems, that Herbert landed here and that someone picked him up. There's a bit of blood so maybe the person got injured or into a fight, but it's not that much blood, so whatever happened couldn't have been that dangerous.
No. 2001963 ID: 35e1a0

turn around.
No. 2001964 ID: 2fc5d9
File 131846659188.jpg - (254.52KB , 960x640 , rückzug2.jpg )

Absorbed in thoughts and worries, Isabel suddenly slips on the wet floor.
No. 2001965 ID: 2fc5d9
File 131846662206.jpg - (414.09KB , 960x640 , hand.jpg )

No. 2001966 ID: 2fc5d9
File 131846664192.jpg - (353.59KB , 960x640 , erschossen.jpg )

No. 2001967 ID: 35e1a0

apply doll to her head to prevent ZOMBIE.
No. 2001968 ID: a2fa74

Hold doll to her body while you roll her over.
We need to get a positive ID and search for anything useful.
No. 2001969 ID: 1854db

Careful, now. Get up and look around the room first before you do anything.
No. 2001970 ID: 78b9fc

Well this is just great. We take all this trouble to get Nicola to steal Herbert's head so that she can do entirely benevolent things with it, and as soon as she gets it she turns up dead! This is Nicola, right?

That's a lot of blood...
No. 2001971 ID: 1854db

You know... I don't think this IS Nicola. That doesn't look like a lab coat at all. I think this is one of the animated corpses. Looks like someone shot it in the head, though, which... probably means it's dead for good?
No. 2001972 ID: 1854db

Also, it's got a knife. Get that away from her before you mess with anything.
No. 2001973 ID: 6cfd2a

Nicola wasnt a platinum blonde either, folks. -_-

Roll body over, keep doll and knife at the ready.
No. 2001974 ID: 2fc5d9
File 131879186159.jpg - (341.05KB , 960x640 , schreck.jpg )

Isabel's first instinct is to hurl something at the corpse before running away, but she resists the impulse.

The body isn't moving and gives no sign of live, but she doesn't want to step any closer than necessary.

Pressing the doll against her chest to calm her nerves and keeping an eye on the corpse, Isabel takes out the knife before trying to make out what the rest of the room looks like.
No. 2001975 ID: 2fc5d9
File 131879189102.jpg - (241.17KB , 960x640 , rot.jpg )

No. 2001976 ID: 35e1a0

a room full of bodies, dang. any other doors?
No. 2001978 ID: 1854db

If any of them have black veins on them, leave immediately and light up a second glowstick. If not, reach slowly in and get the one that's already lit. Let's find a different exit.
No. 2001979 ID: 2b479f

Well, this is a real mess, might not be the best path of exit.
No. 2001980 ID: 2fc5d9
File 131980033122.jpg - (222.70KB , 960x640 , geräuch.jpg )

There doesn't appear to be anything strange about the corpses. Isabel slowly reaches for the light still clutching the knife to stab the body in front of her if it suddenly starts moving. It doesn't.
Isabel is able to retrieve the glowstick and starts backing away from the room. Something shifts in one of the containers behind her. Nervously Isabel gazes into the darkness surrounding her.
The door in front of her is the only one leading away from here, but she really doesn't want to go into the corpse-filled room. The only other exit is the vent came from. It's a bit hard to reach, but she could stack garbage in front of it to climb back inside and search another way.
Of course this would mean abandoning the only trace to Herbert's head, but she would feel a lot safer.
No. 2001981 ID: 1854db

You have to go forwards, then. Do so carefully, and quietly.
No. 2001982 ID: 6fa1ef

Doesn't look like much help for it, if you want Herbert's head back. But be on the watch out for whatever created those corpses and/or brought them here.
No. 2001983 ID: 78b9fc


Remember the last time you felt safer? The lights went out, the door slammed shut, and a remote controlled walking corpse dragged you under the water intending on torturing you to death. You shouldn't feel safer until you can see the stars above your head. Either way is good. The threat through the vent is as neutralized as possible and there might be more doors through there. The room full of bodies doesn't seem to be particularly dangerous either. Don't stay where you are though because you heard movement. Any movement is dangerous unless it is a rat friend.
No. 2001984 ID: 2fc5d9
File 132009196356.jpg - (328.18KB , 960x640 , leichen.jpg )

Isabel closes her eyes and slowly counts to three. There's no other choice. She doesn't want to lose Herbert. She'll have to go through the room.

Taking a last deep breath she steps in. The blood sticks to her paws and it's the only thing she is able to smell. It appears to be pretty fresh, while all the bodies seem to have been killed a long time ago.

Isabel doesn't want to take a closer look and concentrates on avoiding possible dangers, but from what she can see, most of the people here have been shot and are already rotting.
No. 2001985 ID: 2fc5d9
File 132009206792.jpg - (532.73KB , 960x640 , tropf.jpg )

Finally she reaches the door on the other end. There are still a few corpses out here, but it's a vast improvement.
No. 2001986 ID: 1854db

Follow the bloody footprints. Be careful around the corpses.
No. 2001987 ID: d0428d

What's in the tanks?
No. 2001988 ID: 78b9fc

Shot? Really?

...how mundane...

Watch out for those morgue shelves on your right. Zombies like to hide in them.
No. 2001989 ID: 53edd1

And the tanks. Worms like those.
No. 2001990 ID: b6edd6

Be especially careful about the everything. It has it in for you.
No. 2001991 ID: 2fc5d9
File 132019520960.jpg - (456.49KB , 960x640 , tropf2.jpg )

Keeping a save distance to the corpses and the shelves Isabel approaches one of the tubes.

Through the dirty glass and the thick fluid inside she can hardly make out the thin creature swimming motionless in its center.
No. 2001992 ID: 2fc5d9
File 132019531586.jpg - (408.90KB , 960x640 , fall1.jpg )

A sudden loud noise followed by a short scream startle Isabel. Out of the corner of her eyes she sees something falling down from the ceiling.
No. 2001993 ID: 2fc5d9
File 132019534096.jpg - (439.21KB , 960x640 , fall2.jpg )

No. 2001994 ID: 2fc5d9
File 132019536206.jpg - (340.85KB , 960x640 , Schädlingsbekämpfung.jpg )

No. 2001995 ID: 1854db

Was that Nicola that just got axed?

Ask the masked person who they are, while backing towards the door you just came from.
No. 2001996 ID: a2fa74

"Hello, there! I seem to be a bit lost; could you give me some directions?"
No. 2001997 ID: 6ba7db

I hope he doesn't plan to 'axe' us a question. You might want to position yourself somewhat behind one of those tubes, just incase they are a good throw.
No. 2001999 ID: 2fc5d9
File 132036544728.jpg - (159.06KB , 960x640 , gespräch.jpg )

At first glance Isabel doesn't recognize the corpse, that just dropped in front of her feet. She doesn't look at it very long though as she notices the armed person above and starts backing away. The figure leans forward, silently staring at her.

She ducks behind one of the tanks. Trying to think of something to say.

"H- hello... Who are y- you?"

The figure starts walking up an down the railing, looking around, maybe searching for a way down.

"C- c- can you help me... I think I am lost."

The figure stares down one last time, then turns around and vanishes out of Isabel's field of vision. All she can make out any more is an irregular clicking, slowly disappearing in the distance.

Maybe the person or thing in the suit can't talk or hear anything wearing that helmet. Or maybe it isn't capable of understanding any language at all.
No. 2002000 ID: 1854db

Unnerving. We should avoid it.

Get back to following those footpr- wait a second, examine this new corpse.
No. 2002001 ID: 2fc5d9
File 132053278951.jpg - (236.27KB , 960x640 , nebel.jpg )

Isabel decides to take a closer look at the new corpse, although her inner voice tells her to stay away from the bodies. Maybe this one will have some kind of clue on it, explaining what is happening down here.
Like a lot of the others, it has a pale, nearly grey skin. It almost looks like the man has been dead for a while, but the blood spilling out of his wounds tells otherwise.
Although he probably didn't survive the blow that crushed his head Isabel decides to play it safe and pokes him with her knife.

A sudden twitch passes through the corpse, as if it was coming to life again. Isabel jumps up and staggers back until it stops moving again. A keycard slips out of the dead man's pocket, but before Isabel is able to muster her courage to approach the body again, a nearby door opens with a hiss.

click... click... click
No. 2002002 ID: 453e62

grab the card and get behind a tube.
No. 2002003 ID: 1854db

No. 2002004 ID: 2fc5d9
File 132063071143.jpg - (141.94KB , 960x640 , verstecken.jpg )

Isabel grabs the key card, throws everything into her bag and jumps behind the next tube.

As the clicking sound slowly comes closer, she strains all her senses to make out what happens. As it has nearly reached her hiding place, the corpse starts coughing and then faintly whispering.

"Why... why did you lie to me... you said if I helped you you could...

There's a loud crack and the voice stops.
No. 2002005 ID: 2fc5d9
File 132063095132.jpg - (285.53KB , 960x640 , spuren.jpg )

With a click a light flashes on. Isabel can hear the creaking of rubber as something starts investigating the corpse.

She is able to pick up a scent. It's the same scent the scraps of cloth she found at the container had.
No. 2002006 ID: 2fc5d9
File 132063097348.jpg - (311.03KB , 960x640 , entdeckt.jpg )

No. 2002007 ID: 453e62

circle! keep a tube between it and you at all times and try to get to the door!
No. 2002008 ID: 1854db

Hmm... Well, we know there's a human in there now. However, we also know they lied to that greyskin there. Also of note is that apparently not all the should-be-dead people here have gone feral.

Hmm. Also this person has a gun. Do not expose yourself for any length of time. If it follows you, ask them what they want from you. If it merely stands still shining the light at you, ask who they are.
No. 2002009 ID: 078f7c
File 132096377868.jpg - (260.70KB , 960x640 , nebel2.jpg )

Circeling the tubes Isabel tries to stay out of the person's line of sight. The figure follows her movements with the flashlight, then starts limping after her, increasing its pace with every step. Isabel stumbles through the door into the room, where the fog immediatly clouds her sight. The only orientation left are the clicking steps, getting closer every second.

"W-What do you want? Who are you?"

The figure emerges from the mist but doesn't answer. Insteads it just stares in her direction and starts raising the axe.
No. 2002010 ID: 078f7c
File 132096379940.jpg - (311.91KB , 960x640 , besuch.jpg )

No. 2002011 ID: 78b9fc


No. 2002012 ID: 453e62

i think those are good zombies, look, ratfriend is on one's shoulder and he has yet to lead us astray, go towards the group.
No. 2002013 ID: 1854db


Wait, is that... ratfriend? What's going on here? Well, we know that the zombies can talk. Perhaps the crowd behind you can talk as well.

You're pinned in. Is there any direction you can go? Just try to avoid getting struck by anything, and determine objectively who is an ally here. The suited person has chosen not to speak, and is essentially chasing you. This crowd of... undead has not yet made a threatening action towards you. Be cautious, but remember that the rats have been fairly good at determining who is an enemy and who is not.
No. 2002014 ID: a2fa74

Run to the side!
No. 2002015 ID: 078f7c
File 132159818382.jpg - (286.10KB , 960x640 , umzingelt.jpg )

Isabel tries to evade the figures stepping out of the fog by jumping to the side only to run into more of them.
No. 2002016 ID: 078f7c
File 132159825394.jpg - (197.52KB , 960x640 , umzingelt2.jpg )

Panicking she yanks up the knife to maybe scare them away. She'd rather try her luck to get past this group than to get back to the axe wielding maniac.
"Stop. I... I don't want to harm anybody. Just stay away from me."
No. 2002017 ID: 078f7c
File 132159828036.jpg - (234.33KB , 960x640 , vorbei.jpg )

No. 2002018 ID: ab6b15

Ooh! It's Herbert! These really ARE good zombies!
No. 2002019 ID: e3f578

I have absolutely no idea what is going on
s'cool though
No. 2002020 ID: 1854db

Ask if that's Acolin. Or Nicola, perhaps. And lower your knife.
No. 2002021 ID: cdb8cb

I... I think it's about time for you to pass out.
No. 2002022 ID: 453e62

herbert was full of black veins too, i think his made these zombies. is why they know you. i think you are safe.
No. 2002023 ID: a2fa74

It's Herbert! Lower your weapon!
No. 2002024 ID: 078f7c
File 132183173199.jpg - (294.22KB , 960x640 , gestellt.jpg )

Still shaking Isabel lowers her knife.
"Wh... who are you? A... are you Acolin or..."
The group ignores her as they start approaching the person with the axe. They start murmuring, while their target slowly starts backing away.
No. 2002025 ID: 078f7c
File 132183176592.jpg - (358.37KB , 960x640 , gestellt2.jpg )

The group starts murmuring as they corner the man in green. One of them steps forward and whispers:
"... murder... you have... killed so many... I don't know what you told him but... you have lied to him ... now he's dead too"
No. 2002026 ID: 078f7c
File 132183179549.jpg - (273.02KB , 960x640 , gestellt3.jpg )

"... all just for this... we have made hundred of those... why did you do it?"
"you will... pay..."

Nobody seems to pay any attention to Isabel.
No. 2002027 ID: 453e62

take out the little doll, and hold it up. also, the little girl seems to have noticed you.
No. 2002029 ID: 1854db

Wait. The one with the axe retrieved Herbert. That's Acolin. Nicola. Speak up. We know that person, they want to escape and are apparently paranoid as fuck. Tell the story as you know it so far. Or if you're still not getting it that Acolin is Nicola, tell the story of what you know about Acolin.

Oh, and Nicola's about to push a button of some sort. Perhaps you'd better get out of the crowd so that you don't get caught by whatever thing Nicola's about to trigger. Warn the zombies if you feel you should.

There's an adorable zombie kid looking at you, too.
No. 2002030 ID: 505b82

Looks like it's confrontation time, fortunately the dead don't seem interested in us for now.
seems to have the right idea though.
No. 2002031 ID: a2fa74

Try to rescue the little girl zombie from whatever that horrible suitwoman is going to do.
No. 2002032 ID: 453e62

oh SHIT, everyone run!
[wide range broadcast on all frequencies, danger DANGER SUITED PERSON PRESSING POSSIBLE INCINERATOR CONTROL]
No. 2002033 ID: 40cb26

Shouting EVERYONE WAIT is first thing, maybe it can prevent this all from getting worse. Depending on whether anyone listens to you either start talking or start running.
No. 2002034 ID: 078f7c
File 132220934291.jpg - (216.21KB , 960x640 , vor.jpg )

Every head turns to Isabel. She stumbles back, wondering what overcame her and desperately tries to get her mouth to speak again.

... What... do you want... go away... this doesn't concern you...
No. 2002035 ID: 078f7c
File 132220937087.jpg - (325.60KB , 960x640 , erkannt.jpg )

"N.. no... I... that's the head of my friend you're holding and... I want to repair him...and that person in the suit. I'm not sure but I think i've met this person already. I think I know her..."
Isabel stares at the person in green, unsure whether her intuition is right, suddenly realizing that this figure is the only one not concentrating the attention on her but rather on the control panels.
No. 2002036 ID: 078f7c
File 132220939733.jpg - (271.31KB , 960x640 , welle.jpg )

The floor starts rumbeling as alarm sounds fill the air. Isabel notices the little girl standing besides her and grabs her hand to safe her from wahtever is happening. She looks around, trying to spot the danger and a way to escape it. A big wave of black liquid emerges from the mist, pulling over whatever is in it's way and dragging it along.
No. 2002037 ID: 453e62

is the mist dissipating near the liquid or appear to just be pushed? if dissipating then that means it is very hot and you need to climb the big guy. if it isn't then it's just goop so you can just hold on to the big guy real tight.
No. 2002038 ID: 453e62

... unless it's the same black stuff that was in the barrel that made you sick, then you REALLY need to start climbing.
No. 2002039 ID: 078f7c
File 132249189525.jpg - (199.98KB , 960x640 , heben.jpg )

Isabel grabs the coat of the big man and tries to start climbing up to evade the black wave.

Somebody clutches her neck tight and lifts her up, as the liquid crashes against the massive body.
No. 2002040 ID: 453e62

catch the rat!
No. 2002041 ID: 1854db

Aw man, there goes Herbert's head. Ask the big man to catch the head while you get the rat.
No. 2002042 ID: 57d760

No. 2002043 ID: 078f7c
File 132258522954.jpg - (216.02KB , 960x640 , tragen.jpg )

Isabel spots the rat and leans forward to safe it from drowning in this ocean of toxic waste.
"The head...! We... we have to get it! Please, it's important. It's important to you all too somehow isn't it?"
The big man stands there for a moment, then slowly turns and walks to where Isabel is pointing to.
No. 2002044 ID: 078f7c
File 132258525471.jpg - (277.92KB , 960x640 , stiefel.jpg )

At the beginning it is hard to spot Herbert's path amidst the black waves, but soon the alarms stop and the fluid level starts dropping while everything calms down and the head slowly starts sinking to the ground some steps in front of them.

"There! It's over there..."

click... click.. click
No. 2002045 ID: 078f7c
File 132258527694.jpg - (261.00KB , 960x640 , begegnung.jpg )

No. 2002046 ID: 5ad903

skyrim anyone?
No. 2002047 ID: 453e62

i am pretty sure a fight is bad for all of us, there is a chance you could fall off and land in the goop.
No. 2002048 ID: 453e62

but if it does come to one then catching their wrist when they swing the axe and then grabbing their helmet and pulling it off would be rather effective move.
No. 2002049 ID: 5ad903

a serious suggestion...an axe is not easy to swing, if you can avoid astrike you can do this
No. 2002050 ID: 1854db

We can't even step on the floor at this point. That limits our options.

I'm not sure why we'd WANT to fight this guy, assuming they are in fact Nicola. Nicola was going to repair Herbert, right? For that goal, we want her to acquire the head. Hearing about all the murdering this person's been doing is quite disturbing however.

If possible I would like for them to be disarmed and restrained so we can talk without fear of the axe.
No. 2002051 ID: 5ad903

I was suggesting disarming it?
No. 2002052 ID: 55c4cf

At the very least move across the wave of people to keep out of range of an axe strike.
No. 2002053 ID: cdb8cb


You're serious. You seriously think Nicola is going to repair Herbert. After she attacked Herbert, killed him twice, had his head thrown down a trash chute and sent Isabel into a death trap? Please tell me you're fucking kidding.

Right now the best strategy would be to think of Nicola as Samus Aran and you as a Space Pirate. AKA don't get any closer, cause much hurting, and close the doors in her face. And the big guy can be uh... like... that one bug that looks like a croissant that you can freeze and use as a platform.
No. 2002054 ID: 453e62

i ment the Big guy catches her wrist and we pull of the mask.
No. 2002055 ID: 078f7c
File 132278788031.jpg - (341.28KB , 960x640 , angriff.jpg )

Isabel initially gave the head away thinking that whoever had contacted her would repair it, but after all that has happened she has serious doubts about this. But whatever the intentions of this person are, it might be best to keep a safe distance from the axe.
"Hey maybe you should stop..." she tugs on the old labcoat. "Hey, stop!"
The big man keeps staggering forward, not showing a single reaction.
The green figure takes a step back.
"Can't you hear me? He... She... It is is going to attack us! WAKE UP!"
The figure raises the axe and lunges towards them. The big man doesn't seem to notice. There's only one chance now. Isabel sits up, keeping an eye on her opponents wrists as he clumsily lifts the axe over his head.

She tenses her legs, takes aim and...
No. 2002056 ID: 078f7c
File 132278791116.jpg - (332.74KB , 960x640 , entwaffnet.jpg )

No. 2002057 ID: 078f7c
File 132278794208.jpg - (364.57KB , 960x640 , fang.jpg )

No. 2002058 ID: 078f7c
File 132278796721.jpg - (271.65KB , 960x640 , liegen.jpg )

No. 2002059 ID: 453e62

watch where they are going. get out your knife, not much but it could help.
No. 2002060 ID: 1854db

I think the blonde one was somehow able to communicate with the big guy through touching his head. If we can get him back on his feet by returning to a more stable position, we can continue pursuing the axe wielder. With the axe dropped, we won't even have to worry about getting too close.

(the knife fell into the water- we're not getting it back in time)
No. 2002061 ID: cdb8cb

The big guy is probably dead. Uh... again. From that fluid. Declare angrily from helpless atop your zombie turned raft that "you won't get away with this!" That way Nikora or whoever will start bragging, which will give you precious seconds to get Herbert's head back.
No. 2002062 ID: 078f7c
File 132313279890.jpg - (251.98KB , 960x640 , abschied.jpg )

"The axe is gone... Maybe we can get closer now."
The big man tries standing up, wobbles and falls back into the black water.
"Hey, what's wrong?"
The green figure turns around and starts limping away.
"Hey stop! Come back! You can't just leave. Don't you understand what you've done? You can't just... you won't..."
No. 2002063 ID: 078f7c
File 132313281745.jpg - (279.72KB , 960x640 , pistole.jpg )

"...You won't get away with this... I've found... something... something else you shouldn't just have left behind... You can't run anymore... you... will answer our questions... and then... I'll decide what happens..."
No. 2002064 ID: 1854db

Looks like they're not immune to the toxin. I wonder if they'll die, or just get sick for a while? It's a bit of a strange state they're in.

Request the gun, since she looks like she may collapse, and if that happens then Nicola will escape.
No. 2002065 ID: 453e62

yeah, if they are sus, explain they just tried to kill you, you don't want them to leave ether.
No. 2002066 ID: 078f7c
File 132346661653.jpg - (295.62KB , 960x640 , pistole2.jpg )

The woman falls and starts coughing blood. Isabel holds out her hand.
"Give me the gun. You're not well. I'll do this."
"Please, trust me. I'm on your side"
Isabel stares into the dead blank eyes in front of her.
"Please... I... I just want my friend back."
The woman slowly raises her arm and hands over her weapon.
No. 2002067 ID: 078f7c
File 132346664871.jpg - (232.12KB , 960x640 , nähern.jpg )

The green figure takes a step towards them. Isabel jumps up and points the gun at it.
"Stop don't come closer. I'll shoot."
The figure freezes and stares at her, then takes another step forward.
>"Put it down.
The voice is muffled and barely understandable beneath the iron mask.
"No... why should I?"
No. 2002068 ID: 078f7c
File 132346669037.jpg - (252.73KB , 960x640 , helm.jpg )

The figure drops Herbert's head and grabs the mask.
>"... because one doesn't point a weapon at a friend. Don't you remember me? I've saved your life. If Herbert hadn't pushed you over the ledge we could have escaped together. So put down the gun. Because down here..."
No. 2002069 ID: 078f7c
File 132346670884.jpg - (405.01KB , 960x640 , nic.jpg )

>"...I'm the only friend you've got left."
No. 2002070 ID: 1854db

How dare she make that claim? Herbert was the one that gave his life to protect you and defeat the monster! Tell her she isn't anyone's friend, and certainly not yours after SHE pushed you over the ledge. Then say she is going to answer the questions this ailing lady has to ask.

If she moves again, shoot her. She is crazy, betrayed us like three times, and we have other people we can get help from now. The situation is no longer desperate enough to treat her as anything more than an enemy.
No. 2002071 ID: 1854db

Actually you know what, just shoot her now.
No. 2002072 ID: 453e62

shoot, even if you miss it will show you are serious.
No. 2002073 ID: 0d7a83

She was out of second chances about 40 chances ago. She is pure evil. She also just flooded a room your in with a deadly toxin.
Squeeze the grip, pull the trigger.
No. 2002074 ID: 453e62

indeed, she knew you were here and did it anyway, if the big guy wasn't so nice you would be dead.
No. 2002075 ID: e3f578

Shoot her.
I'm done, we're done. We are fucking done with this bitch. Honestly, if we let her go, she'll have an ego of a powerhouse saying "Oh man I'm the best manipulative bitch out there. I should be a busineesswoman!" if she makes it out of this alive.
No. 2002076 ID: d158fb

Distract her by starting to say something, but shoot her halfway through your sentence.

Shoot her in the gut and chest. Then the knees. We dont want her dying too quickly after what she did to Herbert, right?
No. 2002077 ID: cdb8cb

Actually if you shoot her in the knees she's likely to die on the spot as she's currently hip deep in a sea toxic goo. Anyway third time's the charm this lady sounds totally legit SHOOT TO KILL SHOOT TO KILL
No. 2002079 ID: 063c28

Do exactly this. She doesn't deserve any more chances. For your own safety, and for that of any other survivors, it's critical that you do away with her before she commits any more murder, and releases any more monsters. If there's even any way to recover and repair Herbert's head now that it's been contaminated by the sludge, we'll have to find it ourselves. The life of one AI is not worth all the death she has sowed and will undoubtedly continue to sow.

Be sure to aim very carefully. Two in the chest/gut, two in the head to be absolutely sure. Who knows what might interfere after even just the first shot.
No. 2002080 ID: a2fa74

Shoot her in the gut and in one lung, then line up her head for a final shot.
"Before you die, you should know you're both an idiot and a terrible liar. We humored you.
The funny thing? Herbert wanted to save you, and if you hadn't backstabbed us every chance you got then Herbert would still be alive.

And so would you."

Then shoot her in the head.
No. 2002083 ID: 20f620

Shoot to kill. Don't bother with 'clever' quips that will give her time to react. Most important thing: she must die before she fucks the situation up any more with her crazy.
No. 2002084 ID: 1854db

If somehow the gun doesn't work, we can have the big guy grab her and shove her face in the poison water.
No. 2002085 ID: cdb8cb

Just shoot her in the head. You don't need a madwoman's slow agonizing death on your conscience Isabel, however tempting it might seem now.
No. 2002086 ID: 078f7c
File 132374369643.jpg - (363.33KB , 960x640 , näher2.jpg )

"That's a lie. You're a terrible liar. Now stay back."
>"No, it's true. And you're about to make the same mistake again. Can't you spot a monster when it's sitting right beside you? Just take a look at those rotting corpses and tell me they don't want to tear you apart. Those things just want to trick you the same way as Herbert did. Don't make the same mistake again. Just trust me and give me the gun."
Nicola takes another step forward while talking. Without hesitation Isabel aims at her head and pulls the trigger.
No. 2002087 ID: 078f7c
File 132374373021.jpg - (227.85KB , 960x640 , schuss.jpg )

No. 2002088 ID: 078f7c
File 132374377677.jpg - (225.15KB , 960x640 , schuss2.jpg )

Click... Click... Click
Nicola breaks out into laughter turning towards the blood-spitting woman.
>"So you really just picked up my old empty gun? Why did you think I left it behind?"
No. 2002089 ID: 078f7c
File 132374382167.jpg - (320.83KB , 960x640 , axt.jpg )

>"This was the wrong decision, Isabel."
She circles Isabel, dragging her left leg behind, then bends down and picks up her axe.
>" I can't let you things just walk around if you want to kill me, can I?"

"Hey, are you able to stand up?"
Isabel whispers into the big man's ears. Shakily he sits up a bit.
"I don't know how much you understand of what I am saying, but I think I can help you. I think there's even an antidote to this poison. But you have to help me... you have to try to stand up."
The man raises a bit higher.
"Listen, I'll think of a way to handle her, but if you see an opportunity to grab her, you have to push her head under water... ok...?"
The man stands up, still not uttering a single word as Nicola carefully approaches them.
No. 2002090 ID: 1854db

Tell her that Herbert saved you, and defeated the monster in exchange for being defeated himself. How else would you have his head? Why else would you want him to be repaired? She is lying, all the time. She lied about her name, calling herself Acolin to get you to give her Herbert's head, lied about it being safe down here, lied to that lady she killed just minutes before. She lied to Herbert, too. Lied about wanting to help him with his wounds, about not trusting Labyrinth, and lied about trusting HER.

She pushed you. Herbert saved you. She thinks everything wants to betray her, because she can do nothing but betray others!

We still have our pack. We can throw stuff from it- throw stuff at her wounded leg.
No. 2002091 ID: a2fa74

[Friend powers - GO! Empower the big man! Also, Protection from Poison if that's a thing we can do!]

Buy some time by distracting her. She loves talking, so talk!
"Don't you dare slander Herbert! I heard you say you were sacrificing me for your getaway! I felt your huge hand and its fingers on my back! I saw Herbert throw himself into a fight he couldn't survive to save me!
You're a liar, a backstabber, and a murderer.
There's only one monster here, and I'm staring right at it."
No. 2002092 ID: 252e1b

The gun is still a heavy hunk of metal. Even if you can't shoot it, you can throw it. You'll only get one chance though, so throw it just as she's getting ready to swing the axe. If it hits, or makes her flinch, it will spoil her attack. When that happens, Big Guy has to grab her, and shove her down.

If possible, grab the axe and finish her off.
No. 2002093 ID: b65283

Say... can we use the bag to scoop up some of that toxic goop and toss it in that bitches face?
No. 2002094 ID: 84b916

That would work.
Dip the Gun in the Goop to avoid contamination, throw the Gooped Gun at her face.
No. 2002095 ID: e2d21e

No. 2002096 ID: a2fa74

That would take time, and would leave Isabel open.
No. 2002097 ID: 3c054e

Cant we have the big guy sling some at her face while Isabel hangs tight?
No. 2002098 ID: 078f7c
File 132425172796.jpg - (337.26KB , 960x640 , opfer.jpg )

Isabel puts away the gun and rifles through her bag searching for something she could use as a weapon while desperately trying to come up with a plan.
"You're a liar, a backstabber, and a murderer. Herbert's not like you, he never would have pushed me. I saw how he threw himself into a fight he couldn't survive to save me!"
>"Some people might give their live to save an abomination made out of dog corpses. Some people might risk theirs to get back an irreparably broken computer part. Tell me: Are those people really proud to be that way? Think about it, when you lie dying in this ocean of poison. Ask youself whether giving your live for somebody who, in your position, would have just abandoned you, really was the right choice."
The grey woman staggers towards Nicola.
"... go away... leave them alone"
No. 2002099 ID: 078f7c
File 132425176435.jpg - (338.57KB , 960x640 , krack.jpg )

No. 2002100 ID: 078f7c
File 132425179345.jpg - (234.82KB , 960x640 , erschlagen.jpg )

>"Tsst. You should have just sacrificied them to get away yourself, stupid thing. Now you're dead."
No. 2002101 ID: 078f7c
File 132425181239.jpg - (241.16KB , 960x640 , erschlagen2.jpg )

>"And now it's your turn Isabel..."
No. 2002102 ID: 078f7c
File 132425184516.jpg - (316.44KB , 960x640 , wurf.jpg )

No. 2002103 ID: 078f7c
File 132425187169.jpg - (275.46KB , 960x640 , treffer.jpg )

No. 2002104 ID: 078f7c
File 132425189308.jpg - (219.62KB , 960x640 , treffer2.jpg )

No. 2002105 ID: 453e62

need a one liner!
"guess you have to FACE the music"
No. 2002106 ID: 1854db

She's disarmed. Now would be a good time for the big guy to grab her.
No. 2002107 ID: 0d7a83

"Have a TASTE of your own medicine!"
No. 2002108 ID: cdb8cb

No. No one liners. Jesus you guys.
No. 2002109 ID: f31dfc

Sometimes the best one liners is simply silence after a poetic and possibly ironic death by some big guy plunging her head, face first into some nasty black liquid.
No. 2002110 ID: 32e092

Yeah. Now's the time for fatzombie to fall over onto her. Or just push her down, if he's got enough strength/dexterity to do so. Whatever gets her head beneath the surface for good.
No. 2002111 ID: a2fa74

She's poisoned. This is good.

Zombie! Use Tackle!
No. 2002112 ID: 84b916

I get it now. She's a legitimate clinical sociopath.
She is physically incapable of sympathy.

Kill her. Grant her no remorse, nor hate, for she-or rather, 'it'-cannot comprehend either.
No. 2002114 ID: d3e5dd
File 132866093034.jpg - (75.86KB , 920x640 , angriff.jpg )

No. 2002115 ID: d3e5dd
File 132866094987.jpg - (77.34KB , 920x640 , angriff2.jpg )

No. 2002116 ID: d3e5dd
File 132866096259.jpg - (92.11KB , 920x640 , angriff3.jpg )

No. 2002117 ID: d3e5dd
File 132866097933.jpg - (72.95KB , 920x640 , angriff4.jpg )

No. 2002118 ID: d3e5dd
File 132866099728.jpg - (83.14KB , 920x640 , angriff5.jpg )

No. 2002119 ID: d3e5dd
File 132866100793.jpg - (59.57KB , 920x640 , angriff6.jpg )

No. 2002120 ID: d3e5dd
File 132866103464.jpg - (73.68KB , 920x640 , angriff7.jpg )

The big man runs after Nicola, coughing up more and more blood as he takes up pursuit. Eventually he stumbles and collapses, barely reaching a room, that isn't covered in poison.
No. 2002121 ID: 1854db

She is now running full tilt to where she knows there is a cure. We follow. It's the best chance we have to get the antidote for this guy.

Also we have to get Herbert back.

Don't touch any of her stuff with your bare hands. It's all been in the poison. That axe would be useful though. I wonder if there's a way to touch it indirectly? Maybe if you put on a glove?

Hmm, though she got dunked in the poison too, I wonder if the insides of the glove are contaminated too.
No. 2002122 ID: 1b0f2f

Oh god why do I feel sorry for her what a horrible way to die why didn't the gun work why why why
No. 2002123 ID: a2fa74

Pat the big man on the shoulder "Thank you."
Then get up and start running after her "She's going to go for the antidote. You two stay with him."
No. 2002124 ID: d3e5dd
File 132925005816.jpg - (44.76KB , 920x640 , verfolgung.jpg )

Isabel pats the man on his shoulder.

"Hey, hang in there. I'll... I'll try to get the antidote for you. Thank you for everything."

She jumps to her feet and starts running.

"You two stay here! I'll be right back."
No. 2002125 ID: d3e5dd
File 132925007727.jpg - (51.00KB , 920x640 , verfolgung2.jpg )

Isabel runs down dark corridors, following the irregular sound of footsteps and the trail of blood Nicola left behind.
No. 2002126 ID: d3e5dd
File 132925011290.jpg - (53.23KB , 920x640 , verfolgung3.jpg )

No. 2002127 ID: d3e5dd
File 132925018006.jpg - (55.88KB , 920x640 , verfolgung4.jpg )

Finally Nicola stops running, either because the poison is taking its toll on her or because she arrived at her destination. Isabel silently crawls forward an peeks around the corner.
No. 2002128 ID: 1b0f2f


A ...shower? I don't follow...

What is your left hand touching?
No. 2002129 ID: ed57e8

decontamination shower.

are those bodies? think they are, you need to find one that is whole and stick herbert onto it.
No. 2002130 ID: a2fa74

Stab her in the kidney.
There's a screwdriver there if you need a weapon.
No. 2002131 ID: 539be7

we should try to trap her inside the shower
No. 2002132 ID: 1854db

Keep following quietly. We need to find some antidote before killing her. As cold-blooded as it is, we really cannot afford to let her keep walking around killing people in her paranoid fits.
No. 2002133 ID: a9f1dc

I don't want to sound like a creep, but in a place like this, avoiding contamination is important.

Destroy anything nearby that could be used as clothes. Or steal it.
No. 2002134 ID: 8486d0

either simply watch for now, or go ahead and try to trap her inside. also don't listen to a THING she says.
No. 2002135 ID: d3e5dd
File 132935559727.jpg - (59.43KB , 920x640 , körper.jpg )

Nicola drops Herbert's head and the door closes behind her. Isabel rushes forward, grabbing the screwdriver. She doubts that she'll be able to do seriois injuries with it, but it's better than nothing and might just be enough to overpower somebody weakened by the black poison.

Behind the door she hears loud coughing, the sound of breaking glass and shortly afterwards the sound of running water. A chemical scent starts filling the air.

As Isabel ponders whether she should open the electronic door and risk alerting Nicola of her presence or to sabotage the door to trap Nicola in there, she begins to notice her surroundings and the bodies hanging from the ceiling.
No. 2002136 ID: ed57e8

do any of them look ready but off? if so take that one and take off it's head and put herbert's on it.
No. 2002137 ID: 1854db

Hmmm... It looks like she was trying to prepare a body for the head, but it's not ready. Or she was going to mess with it to bring Herbert under her control when the head got put on.

I say we open the door and stab her with the screwdriver, or use the wrench. Isabel's choice. Trying to trap her in there would block us from... whatever she's got in there that helps against the poison, and she might get out anyway. A direct confrontation would work best.
No. 2002138 ID: bf9d18

Open the door Partially so we can see whats going on in there. if it turns too risky hit her with the wrench, in worst case scenario stab her with the screwdriver. Watch out for her nasty tricks... shes a sneaky one alright.
No. 2002139 ID: d3e5dd
File 132992166202.jpg - (76.71KB , 920x640 , dusche.jpg )

For a moment, Isabel is tempted to try repairing Herbert immediately, but ultimately decides to deal with Nicola first.

She grabs the wrench and the screwdriver and activates the electrical door and slips into the next room as soon as she's sure, that her arrival hasn't been noticed.
No. 2002140 ID: ed57e8

get a cleaning product and a syringe, fill syringe with product, inject it into her.
No. 2002141 ID: a2fa74

Too slow! She used the antidote and destroyed the rest!
If you had a knife I'd say cut her achilles tendon, but since you don't just skewer her in the kidneys with your screwdriver.
No. 2002142 ID: 1854db

How about we inject her with something nasty? Wait. She's probably got that planned for US. She opened the supply cabinet... and there are syringes... she might have one full of bleach or something, waiting for us to come in there and attack her.

How about we see if we can scrounge up a little of the antidote into a syringe? Failing that, check the supply cabinet a little closer.
No. 2002143 ID: b0e86e

She destroyed the antidote!!

Before you proceed, put the glass shards from the thing on the left in front of the shower entrance. If she showers naked (and I suspect she does), she will step on it without shoes.
No. 2002144 ID: d3e5dd
File 133065234376.jpg - (199.58KB , 920x640 , nic.jpg )

No. 2002145 ID: d3e5dd
File 133065236914.jpg - (221.11KB , 920x640 , nic2.jpg )

No. 2002146 ID: d3e5dd
File 133065240540.jpg - (213.88KB , 920x640 , nic3.jpg )

No. 2002147 ID: d3e5dd
File 133065243341.jpg - (223.41KB , 920x640 , nic4.jpg )

No. 2002148 ID: d3e5dd
File 133065246093.jpg - (236.18KB , 920x640 , nic5.jpg )

No. 2002149 ID: d3e5dd
File 133065248932.jpg - (174.58KB , 920x640 , nic6.jpg )

No. 2002150 ID: d3e5dd
File 133065251999.jpg - (175.68KB , 920x640 , nic7.jpg )

> "DIE!"
No. 2002151 ID: d3e5dd
File 133065254938.jpg - (209.87KB , 920x640 , nic8.jpg )

No. 2002152 ID: d3e5dd
File 133065258389.jpg - (189.81KB , 920x640 , nic9.jpg )

>"GO AWAY! What do you want? The head? You can have it. It's broken anyway. Just... just leave me alone...."
No. 2002153 ID: 50e7bc

No more apologies or false promises.

Kill her.
No. 2002154 ID: a9ba96

Yeah seriously this bullshit has gone on far too long. Do it.
No. 2002155 ID: 1854db

Still lying. If it was broken, she wouldn't have gone to such lengths to retrieve it.

Now, we could shove a needle in her eye or... uh... dammit. You know, if those veins have been there all along then that explains a lot. Those are the influence of that dark doctor, and so she may be emotionally/mentally manipulated. I say we should grapple and hold the needle to her neck or something, to make sure she doesn't fight, tell her not to move, then press the doll to her black vein infection to remove it. After that we can ask her some questions that she would normally respond to with lies. If her personality changes drastically then she would be... not to blame. Ugh.

But jeez, that's... risky. She could get away again or attack us with a glass shard, and that's the last thing we want to happen.
No. 2002156 ID: ed57e8

jump on her back place a needle on her right arm, that is over the broom, and then apply doll to neck. ask her questions again
No. 2002157 ID: e3f578

Stab her once. Ask her wherever some antidote might be, maybe you'll stop. If she says nothing, take off a finger. If she says something, take off a finger because she lies all the time and probably isn't telling the truth and NOT taking you seriously at all. From her perspective, your a naive, trusting fool that won't take the measures necessary to survive.

Prove that and that sociopath will cave. Make her cry, even if it crushes your spirit and morality, you have to make her suffer. Then slit her throat. Torture doesn't work much, but it's really our only shot with her. We'd have to just go with whatever lead she gives us or give up. That big scientist your trying to save will never have a normal life anymore anyway, he only sought vengeance against this betrayer. It may be the most merciful option just to give him that and let him pass on. Then take your new friends and move on, try and survive this and find a way to repair Herbert.
No. 2002158 ID: ed57e8

you see the other things yet? she has a black vein infection. which could of manifested itself as horrible psychosis.
No. 2002159 ID: a2fa74

Cut her Achilles tendons. She'll be unable to walk anymore.
Cut her armpits. She'll be unable to use her arms.

THEN start talking.

"I want Herbert back.
I want the one who cured my poisoning back.
I want the people you just poisoned to death back.
I want the antidote you just destroyed.

But that's all beyond you.
You destroy everything you can simply because you can. You're a monster wearing a suit of human flesh, and the fact you were born in it changes nothing.
We are defined by our actions, Nicola. Our choices, not our origins, are what determines who is a hero and who is monster.

I am going to kill you, and there is nothing you can say or do to stop me.
I will let you have last words with which to make peace with the world. I suggest you not waste them trying to patronize me with lies."
No. 2002160 ID: c4a1fc

Armpits have some pretty major blood vessels. That's why they're so soft, protected, and sensitive. She'll be unconscious in 30 seconds and dead in 2 minutes. Not long enough to have a speech, methinks. No time to waste talking. Kill her.
No. 2002161 ID: ed57e8

black veins may mean she is currently under the effects of EXTREME INSANITY. you condone insane people being killed instead of getting treatment? the treatment is black vein removal.
No. 2002162 ID: c4a1fc

In a world where damn near everything tries to kill us, yes, yes I do. Why waste time and mercy on her? Just kill her and apply the doll to her head.
No. 2002163 ID: ed57e8

this isn't the world where everything tries to kill us. the freakin ZOMBIES were rather peaceful. it's the black veins, anything those are on HAS tried to kill us. destroy them and the killing response dies.
No. 2002164 ID: c4a1fc

Hmkay. Still, she may not always have been infected. Keep this in mind. Also, the black veins seem to be on her sternum. They may have worked their way into her heart, in which case she's screwed.
No. 2002165 ID: ed57e8

if healing the veins kill her then it's win win.
No. 2002166 ID: c4a1fc

I thought we wanted her to give us information if we could?
No. 2002167 ID: ed57e8

i mean, since half the people want to kill her then it will give them hope that the more sane idea will get what they want.
No. 2002168 ID: c4a1fc

Ah. Logical.
No. 2002169 ID: 5bfcc1

We should keep in mind she was suprised to see the veins below her neck.
Maybe the infection has just begun and her actions were, in fact, NOT influenced by the growth.

Shit. What to do now?

Okay, mentally responsible for her actions or not, she has been a major pain in the ass, almost killed us several times (directly or indirectly), is responsible for the death of Herbert.

Either she was insane the entire time and opposed us or she will become insane in the future and will be danger to us.

I don't like saying this, but I think it's too dangerous to keep her alive.

Do it Isabel. Think about what she did. To Herbert. To you. To the zombified people.
It's hard. But this is an opportunity we will never get.

Kill her, Isabel. Kill her. True monsters never die, but she can, and she is as close to a monster as one can get.
No. 2002170 ID: d3e5dd
File 133110822790.jpg - (223.32KB , 920x640 , mord.jpg )

Nicola crawls a step further through the shards. Isabel isn't sure what to do to her. Somewhere deep inside she even wants to help her...

A hand shoving her over the edge; a body torn in two;

Maybe Nicola has changed...

The feeling of blood beneath her soles; poison filling a room;

Isabel definitively doesn't want to kill her...

Cut the Achilles tendons and she won't run away; cut off some fingers and she might talk;

... but there are all those voices in the back...
No. 2002171 ID: d3e5dd
File 133110824718.jpg - (143.78KB , 920x640 , wahn.jpg )

The screaming has stopped.
Flowers bloom.
The roots grew too deep.
No. 2002172 ID: 1854db

Ah... I'm sorry Isabel. We know not what we do.

There's no more antidote now, is there? We can't save the big guy, so... There's nothing pressing at the moment. I won't suggest you do anything. Maybe you can recover if we don't influence you.
No. 2002173 ID: a2fa74

Ah, shit. This is bad. She was pushed too far, and now her mind has snapped.

Is Nicola dead, or just unconscious? If she's not dead then try to patch her up - our goal was only to remove the threat she posed, and death was to be a last resort. Alive or dead she's no threat to anybody anymore.

I suggested cutting tendons because it's a very good mix of certain disabling and low threat to life; there was no intent for sadism or cruelty.
The threat of death was just a threat to change her responses, not a call for action. If I wanted her to die I would have said so directly instead of merely threatening.
No. 2002174 ID: a2fa74

Time for a long-shot, maybe?
Isabel, set us down on her.

[Force black veins to drop control over her mind and focus on closing her wounds and keeping her alive]

If it works and she's still evil, then we just stop and she dies. Also, we have no pressing business since without the antidote there's nothing we can do to help the big guy. All this costs us is time, and that's something we've got.
No. 2002175 ID: ed57e8

and this is why you don't tell a peaceful person to kill.
No. 2002176 ID: ed57e8

ut the doll on the flower bed.
No. 2002177 ID: ed57e8

she's dead dead. the flowers are blood. her back is covered in flowers. only thing we can possibly do now is make her a good zombie rather then a evil one.
No. 2002178 ID: ed77db


Let's see what we can do.
No. 2002179 ID: 365adf

...And then Isabel was monster.
No. 2002180 ID: 3e85e3

That's all very well and metaphorical, but could this be somewhere else? Somewhen else? Examine the flowers in your hand Isabel. Are the plants that flower dangerous?
No. 2002181 ID: d3e5dd
File 133128412150.jpg - (181.53KB , 920x640 , blumen.jpg )

The flowers are bad.
The body is still warm.
But there's nobody who can help her here.
She is alone.
No. 2002182 ID: d3e5dd
File 133128414075.jpg - (207.05KB , 920x640 , blumen2.jpg )

No. 2002183 ID: d3e5dd
File 133128416779.jpg - (197.93KB , 920x640 , blumen3.jpg )

"I'm coming for you..."
No. 2002184 ID: d3e5dd
File 133128420806.jpg - (205.59KB , 920x640 , blumen4.jpg )

"We are all coming for you..."
No. 2002185 ID: d3e5dd
File 133128422577.jpg - (209.60KB , 920x640 , blumen5.jpg )

No. 2002186 ID: d3e5dd
File 133128424233.jpg - (152.18KB , 920x640 , blumen6.jpg )

No. 2002187 ID: a2fa74

Hello? Anybody here?
Isabel: Snap out of it!
Nicola: Start being good and alive!
No. 2002188 ID: 1854db

[pull ourselves up higher on her torso]
No. 2002189 ID: 365adf

...Did you just make out with her?
No. 2002190 ID: 3e85e3

Nicola's not going to start being good and wait she's not bleeding anymore. Or wounded. OH SHIT NIGGA
No. 2002191 ID: ed57e8

[heal everything we can.]
No. 2002192 ID: a18021
File 133167273207.jpg - (126.74KB , 920x640 , besuch.jpg )

Time passes.

The flowers have stopped growing, but the body still doesn't start to move.

Isabel tries pulling herself together and shakily sits up.

Some noises can be heared from the next room.
No. 2002193 ID: a18021
File 133167275998.jpg - (143.12KB , 920x640 , besuch2.jpg )

Isabel jumps up as a figure stumbles into the room and towards her.
No. 2002194 ID: ed57e8

herbet's head wasn't put on, that one is false.
No. 2002195 ID: 1854db

There are others here. It's possible that someone else put Herbert together.

On the other hand we should probably confirm that's him, and not a black vine-infested bot. Ask if that's really him... then HUG WITH FRIEND.
No. 2002196 ID: ed57e8

no one else here has technical knowhow to put together a robot.
No. 2002197 ID: 1854db

Fine then, I guess this would have to be a black vine-infested robot. Use doll on robot.
No. 2002198 ID: a2fa74

Is the body breathing?
Use doll on robot.
No. 2002199 ID: 3e85e3

Throw us as hard as you can. TACTICAL HUGULAR STRIKE

Seriously if it's anything like Herbert you'll knock him on his ass. They're only dangerous once you open the grate on their face mask.
No. 2002200 ID: a18021
File 133195162672.jpg - (235.28KB , 920x640 , schlag.jpg )


The figure doesn't react and keeps moving towards Isabel, its arms stretched out towards her.

Isabel is starting to get a bad feeling about this.

"S- stop!"

The figure stumbles forward, trying to grab her.

Without thinking she rams the doll into its metal face.
No. 2002201 ID: a18021
File 133195163981.jpg - (178.22KB , 920x640 , schlag2.jpg )

No. 2002202 ID: ed57e8

they can't do much. just hold the doll on them for a moment and the black will die and they will lose power
No. 2002203 ID: 1854db

You've got the right idea. The doll will disable these infested robots.
No. 2002204 ID: a2853b

Could it be that she is acting as a conduit for the darkness now?
Or at least if not a conduit, then as a an anchor?
No. 2002205 ID: a18021
File 133230281423.jpg - (102.17KB , 920x640 , sieg1.jpg )

The vines vanish as soon as the doll touches them. Isabel steps into the dark of the next room.
Not so long ago she would have felt fear in this situation, but that is gone now.
No. 2002206 ID: a18021
File 133230284263.jpg - (90.95KB , 920x640 , schwarz.jpg )

"Weak... so weak... no wonder you took a new one."
No. 2002207 ID: a2fa74

"Can he be fixed?"
[Attempt to pull Isabel's mind back together]
No. 2002208 ID: ed57e8

brandish doll
No. 2002209 ID: a5d129

Brandish the shit out of that doll.
No. 2002210 ID: 3e85e3

Hey, she poked us buddy. We didn't take no one who wasn't asking for it.
No. 2002211 ID: 1854db

Oh dear. I'm not sure if we can face this guy.

Regardless, it seems there is a big clump of black vine right where his heart would be. If we can get the doll in contact with that...
No. 2002212 ID: a18021
File 133239224784.jpg - (247.38KB , 920x640 , schwarz2.jpg )

Isabel staggers forward wielding the doll. The world around her feels numb and cold.

"Can he... be fixed...?"

"Maybe, but why would you want to fix it? It is of no use to you. You can have it if you want. I'll take this little puppet of yours as a trade... and don't say no, because I'm going to take it anyway."
No. 2002213 ID: ed57e8

"it destroyed the dark veins, it will destroy you. but you can have it anyway."

throw doll at where heart would be.
No. 2002214 ID: affb00

Yay, you made it out of the facility! Wait, shit.
No. 2002215 ID: a2fa74

He's talking about Isabel, guys.
[Fix Isabel's mind]
No. 2002216 ID: 1854db

Oh wow, he's carrying his own head. I never noticed that before.

Isabel, you may have only one chance. Hit his heart with the doll. Hmm, or maybe his head. It's hard to say which is the better target.

You could knock his head away to make him blind, first. He will lash out immediately if you do that, so be ready to dodge. Then you can attack again while he is blind, and press the doll to his heart.
No. 2002217 ID: e3f578

"It has a will of it's own. I don't think it will like you taking it. And it has weird consequences when it's unhappy. I'm willing to trade Herbert for it, definitely, but... it doesn't sound very advisable. This thing is real weird. It's also indestructible, it's withstood a lot of action. I think it's cursed."
No. 2002218 ID: bf9d18

What ever you do DON'T give hem the doll!

We don't know what he wants it for but it cant be good and separating us from you will cut off the communication.

Try to get info out of hem on why he wants it for. if situation turns for the worst (and it will using the fact that he has in the past with this guy) do a tactical retreat away from hem.
No. 2002221 ID: a18021