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File 12776272608.png - (99.05KB , 500x500 , 1272.png )
199735 No. 199735 ID: cf68aa


>This is not good candy.

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No. 199736 ID: e31d52

No. 199738 ID: 445c48

We're hard candy we don't break we get sucked on
No. 199743 ID: 445c48

oh and if you bite and break hard candy that is not how you eat hard candy lady >:|
No. 199745 ID: 701a19

Hi! We're inedible! Want to be friends?
No. 199747 ID: 05c9fd

Get your tits out
No. 199750 ID: 40cb26

Oh hi what's you name you've got nice teeth oh god STOP THAT
No. 199751 ID: 701a19

How are you feeling, Anu?
How are things with your sister?
No. 199757 ID: cf68aa
File 127763535985.png - (98.85KB , 500x500 , 1273.png )


>An inedible cell stone eh?
>I shall name you Kip! I'm afraid you do not know the password so we can not be friends, instead we shall be partners in crime!

>Not in the mood and you're the most unsexy stone I've ever seen.

>I shall keep that in mind for later usage!

>Though I am sad that you are not candy perhaps you can be of use to me Kip.
>I'm Anu by the w >>199751 HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT!?
No. 199758 ID: e31d52

god damnit

is your whole race adorable
No. 199759 ID: 40cb26

We helped discover you and get you out of that damn box, so we know about you already. Not many details though, why don't you talk about yourself? And in the meantime rather than crime let's just see if we can find you some real candy.
No. 199760 ID: 701a19

We live in Cecil's head - you know, Nari's fiancee?

So! Tell us about yourself!
No. 199761 ID: 445c48



We are the sexiest goddamn stone around. What other stone do you know that talks, that sings, that serenades? We are the sexiest stone.

Now get your tits out.
No. 199762 ID: cf68aa
File 127763744241.png - (53.96KB , 500x500 , 1274.png )

>Yes, yes we are.

>You make a good argument... Fine, this thing was in the way anyway.

She rips her shirt into shreds and throws it on the floor.

>Candy and talking! My two favorite things!
>If you must know Cecil, Sis and the fluffy chest saved me from the box like a month ago or something.
>I stopped trying to kill them long enough to let em talk me into stayin here. And here I aCANDY!

She runs over to the shelf

>Curses, foiled by my stature yet again.
>Kip, why do they always put the good food on the high shelves?
No. 199764 ID: c2c011

Because otherwise it would be easy to reach for everyone. See if you can't make a lasso out of the remnants of your shirt.
No. 199766 ID: e31d52

>Kip, why do they always put the good food on the high shelves?

So you can't get at it, natch.

Also, if you didn't like the shirt, then isn't everything else in the way, too?
No. 199767 ID: 701a19

Because they're 'responsible', or something like that.

So, how much do you remember from before the box?

@Whoever is closest:
Anu just tried to eat one of the cell stones, and wants candy.
Also, she's calling us Kip.

@Cecil: So, what's up?

@RJ: Hey, RJ. How's the husband and kid?
No. 199768 ID: 40cb26

So you have to earn it. If can't climb up there maybe you can pull it down. Is there a long piece left of your shirt? Maybe we can use that to pull it down. If not you'll need something to stand on so you can reach.

What do you remember about the box and before then? And where is "here"?

Alex's name is now fluffy chest.
No. 199786 ID: a594b9

Where is 'here'?

People put candy on high shelves so that they can control how much you get. If you were able to eat candy all day, you'd get very fat! They're just watching out for your best interests.
No. 199810 ID: cf2480

do you have any magic? we are experts an magicking stuff.
No. 199951 ID: 732129

f you want the candy, take your pants off and tie a leg into a knot, and then swing the knot at the box of candy to knock it down.

No. 199977 ID: 445c48

No. 200013 ID: cf68aa
File 127768503758.png - (85.35KB , 500x500 , 1275.png )

>Hmm.. I am trying to maintain my girlish figure. I suppose only one box won't hurt though. Don't wanna get chubby like fluffy chest. Or maybe that's just her fur.

>'Here' is where I am and where I am is a small house within the Dark Elf kingdom. They said the energies here would help me recover or something.



Anu strips to her panties and fasshions a sling out of her pants. She knocks down the box of candy and grabs it


>!!! Caught in the act! Must think of a good lie...

>"I know this looks like a box of candy but really it is a cleverly disguised box of animal brains. I doubt you would enjoy them"

"...... No Anu. That's the candy box. the one you're not supposed to eat from."

>Damn that man lady is smart... What should I do?
No. 200017 ID: e31d52

>Damn that man lady is smart... What should I do?
>Man lady

Give us to him. We will explain as best we can.
No. 200019 ID: 701a19

Offer to trade the stone you're eating for a piece of candy.

I think we suffered some drain bamage; our memory is fuzzy, how did the rewrite go? And other events since the battle?
No. 200021 ID: 701a19

Wait. No. Then we couldn't talk to you.

Offer to trade your pants for a piece of candy.
No. 200024 ID: a594b9

@Cecil: Hey bro, long time no see. Is Alex pregnant now~? Any progress learning Song Magic or developing a new circle? Hey, I've been wondering... since the Shoujen curse was lifted after Dart died... why are we still here?
No. 200027 ID: 31cbfc

And why are you still called the man lady... Alex got her way after all, eh?
No. 200033 ID: 445c48

Toss pants in her face and run like the wind
No. 200053 ID: 5eabae

Indeed! Run like the wind, Bullseye!
No. 200057 ID: 732129

No. 200070 ID: 2f1dab

No. 200116 ID: cf68aa
File 127769840870.png - (95.33KB , 500x500 , 1276.png )

Anu grabs her pants and throws them in Cecil's face.
She then runs like the wind while laughing evilly.

>So.. I see you've met Anu. I was hoping to keep you guys away from her a bit longer.


>Woah, uhm. Guess I can recap for some of you newer voices..
>Alex and I have been doing great. The rewrite was a complete success and she's gotten over her phobia of men and her own body. However she still prefers women so I have a special ring handy that works as a mini Shoujen for me. As to her being pregnant I highly doubt it, though she has put on a bit of weight lately.

>Everything else after that battle has gone according to plan. But I've still yet to perfect this 'Body Magic.'

>As to why you guys are here while my Shoujen is cured I have no clue. It's one of the few mysteries left that still haunt me.
No. 200127 ID: a594b9

Jeez you look terrible. Are you okay? Is the stress of taking care of Anu getting to you? Why's she not supposed to have the candy anyway? Is it just the usual "eat too much and you'll get fat and/or lose teeth" thing?

If it's important you could easily stop her with a Gravity to lift her off the ground.

Oh speaking of magic, I thought of something. If you're looking to gain a lot of power without much effort and without hurting anyone, you could head into the Dark World and hunt Soulless, collecting the souls they're eating and using them to make more Red Cell Stones. Then you can sortof work around the week-long cooldown of using Blessed spells by just having a whole lot of them on hand.
No. 200130 ID: 732129

Does Anu do this often? Steal candy and run around naked?
No. 200133 ID: 2f1dab

It's because we lurrrve you!
I don't think you understand how much everybody loves you!
I'm gonna sing a song!
~Please come down from your crystal fortress/o~
Oh, Cecil/o~
No. 200134 ID: 701a19

Yea, you do look pretty haggard.

I have a few hypotheses as to why we're still around:
1: Our existence was cemented when Rai sealed the Shoujen curse.
2: We are the result of a breakdown due to stress, or brain damage from alcohol abuse.
3: We're a part of your nature.
4: We have become a distinct entity.

Anyway, how much progress have you made on the magic to create a three-parent child?
No. 200137 ID: e31d52

Sorry, we couldn't resist. Any progress on Raivenge?
No. 200138 ID: 40cb26

We never made much sense to begin with, no one else with shoujen had this as far as we know, right? It might be a complication of the spell with your unique heritage. And we seem to have had a... lack of continuity since all that happened. Have we been around or just haven't had anything to do? It might be that we are indeed fading. Which is a shame since we've been so handy in the past... I wonder if Alex could just put us into our own stone, and leave you with a bit more room in your head.
No. 200143 ID: 701a19

I still maintain that's a horrible plan. He'll die eventually, and what we know of the afterlife suggests that his will be quite unpleasant.

Besides, there are far more important things to worry about. Like finding out who rewrote Nari, then getting them to tell us enough information to layer some more blur on her trauma. Probably followed by ripping away their powers for being completely amoral.
No. 200147 ID: e3f578

Oh, we're just a bunch of people posting online to a bunch of pictures of you and your friends through the use of your author. This thread is still going so that's why you can still hear us. "online" is a term for communicating through technological devices that distribute information of various types like images and text, not unlike a cell stone but not magic. Just normal abuse of physics that technology is.

The will stop when your done with all your business, with at most an epilogue. Your author's name is Larro, this website is called tgchan and frequent suggesters are called Shot, Mneme, Dirtbag and seven as well as other unnamed individuals. Feel free to use this information to your advantage. You may or may not get this message dependent on your author's decision to incorporate it.
No. 200148 ID: 40cb26

>who rewrote Nari
Her dad? Duh?

>layer some more blur on her trauma.
Cecil, this voice here? Full of bad ideas. If Nari is ok now, no need to mess with her any further.
No. 200153 ID: cf68aa
File 12777023826.png - (84.99KB , 500x500 , 1277.png )


>That is a great idea however I've long since ended my plans to kill Dart. I'd gain nothing from it. He's been looking pretty bad these days, old age is catching up to him now. When he dies I will step in as leader.

>The fact that my life is merely the product of someone imagination is not that far fetched. Hell who knows how the universe works.


>Well your connection to me has been getting weaker over the months. I'll attribute your amnesia to this weakened connection.
>In fact we discovered you can only directly communicate with one person at any given time.

>no progress has been made on a baby from three different parents. As for the stone idea I'm looking into it as we speak.

>The candy stealing she's only done recently but she says she hates clothing.
>I guess it's a good thing we're pretty isolated from people cause she sometimes escapes for a bit. The Goldeon Watch makes certain she doesn't get very far.
No. 200154 ID: 701a19

Norar doesn't even know basic wizard magic, so Dark magic is clearly beyond him. He ordered it, but didn't do it himself.

ReWrite is a curse, and when the caster of a curse can no longer maintain it, such as by dying, the curse fades.
Given what kind of person would do such a thing there's a good chance that they will be hunted down and die horribly. At that point Nari's memories would come rushing back and most likely drive her catatonic.
We need to make sure that her memories won't burst out.
No. 200156 ID: 2f1dab

Find some type of clothing she likes.
Try armor.
No. 200157 ID: 701a19

Yea, ok, the whole 'gradually losing cohesion' thing is more than a little upsetting.

Talk to Rai. He's the one who altered everybody's memories of Dart, so he needs somebody else to take up the spell in order to prevent it from collapsing.

How's progress on getting some population mixing in every city and town?
How are L and Amy doing?
RJ, Felix, and their kid?
No. 200158 ID: c4c313


Don't be so sure Cecil. You could just as validly say our imagination is merely the product of your life. It's logically impossible to determine which of us is real and which is imaginary. The two of our worlds could both be imaginary in fact, imagined by a third of which we are only reflections. Or all three situations could be completely true. No way to tell really, and there really isn't any difference. You'd be surprised how real imaginary can be.

At any rate, good job uh... not killing everything. I was really confused near the end, but you managed to pull it off rather conclusively. Don't worry if we go away now. Rest assured when there is trouble afoot we'll be right back in the action, and if we leave you there are plenty of other strange conflicts for us to entangle with and hopefully, solve. We're kind of like superheroes that way. With super boredom powers.
No. 200161 ID: e3f578

Well business isn't finished anyway. I expect a plot device heading to your door soon. Or shenanigans or something. Drama is about to happen, so be prepared boyo.
No. 200162 ID: a594b9

Hey, did you bring back Laura? Also, did you figure out what the Alimentor can do? Ah, you did retake Chel's trial for her and cure her memory alteration, right?

Wanna visit the Dark World to find out what's up with the people living there?
No. 200164 ID: 40cb26

The Goldeon Watch, every babysitters best friend!

Anyways how is everyone else? Help us catch up man. What became of Gene, Chel, RJ and Felix, Master L and Amy? And did Mizuno vanish? And what was that thing the I Shop guy was going on about before? As far as having children... just have one with both of them. The three way would be cool but it's hardly necessary.

...Err, way child I mean. I assume the other meaning hasn't been an issue. And tell me, how does that go? How did Nari react to seeing Mr. Cecil the first time?
No. 200165 ID: 2f1dab

And we still want to see your girl-crotch.
No. 200169 ID: cf68aa
File 127770499633.png - (106.86KB , 500x500 , 1278.png )

>No she really just hates wearing things.

>Well I do hope to have children with them some day, though Nari seems to be more... 'Eager' about it heh.
>Uhm.. She was kinda shocked at seeing my restored body but she's ok with it now.

>Oh man.. so many question about people. Uhm, you 'can' just go check up on them yourselves and come back when you're done.

>Laura is alive and well and we did redo Chel's trial to gain her spells back. On a related note some boy came and stole the book I had. I still have all my spells but I kinda liked that book..
>Master L and Amy are married now and so are Felix and RJ. RJ gave birth to a baby girl they named Elle. She is so adorable! But she grows up just as fast as when she was in the womb. She looks like a six year old now.

>I'm sure your sudden reappearance was not just a coincidence. Something has happened..


"Cecil, look what I dragged in"
Alex enters the kitchen with Anu encased in stone

"You cheated you cheater!"

"Alchemy isn't cheating mya."



Alex tightens the stone around her.



She loosens it

>"Alex don't kill her, she was only playing around about it. You look fine"

"Thanks Cecil :3"

"You know he's lying right?"
No. 200172 ID: 991823

i know how to answer that "you could be the biggest woman in the world and i would still think you look beautiful."

after you finish that last thought we'll get right on that.
[after seeing what that I- was about switch to RJ]
No. 200175 ID: 701a19

Oh, yea, the holder of Item 7, the one that lets you track the other items.

Go hug them both.

So, what did the I Shop give you after the battle? The mini-shoujen ring?

Did Chel keep the other spells?
Have you been using infertility magic to prevent 'accidents'?
No. 200181 ID: a594b9

What happened? Also, any idea what's keeping Anu from going through the proper transformation?
No. 200185 ID: 40cb26

What is up with Master L anyways, last we recall he had a blue stone instead of the red Philosopher's stone. What happened to them during all that.

And yeah we'll jump around the network in a bit, it just helps to know beforehand what the situation is with everyone. At this point we wouldn't even know if someone had a cell stone or not.

Tell Alex the voices say hi, and we'll talk with her after our grand tour. But before we go, continue with what you were saying, what happened?
No. 200196 ID: 31cec4

Cecil, Alex + Nari can you do a :D face a hold the orb with all of your hnads togehther.
No. 200202 ID: cf68aa
File 127771068072.png - (58.50KB , 500x500 , 1279.png )

>No he said he had something else to give me. As for your other questions the answers are no and sometimes I forget. It's a heat of the moment thing and when we're done I tend to pass out. Oddly enough that doesn't happen to me as a girl...

>Well I'm trying out Soul Magic to go in and repair her soul myself. It seems that while she was transforming someone tried to keep her in her previous form.


>I was about to say I sensed something. it happened just earlier, right before you guys appeared again...
>As for the blue stone you can ask him yourselves.

>"Oi! Felix get one of them fancy top hats! Elle don't touch that one!"

>Man I'm beat.
No. 200203 ID: e31d52


oooooh it was a girl let us see let us see :3
No. 200204 ID: 701a19

Hey, RJ! How's life as a wife and mom? Is the hat shop all you wished it would be?
No. 200207 ID: a594b9

Heeey RJ. How are things? Did you get to meet your parents? Maybe learn a bit of Song Magic?
No. 200251 ID: cf68aa
File 127773021662.png - (102.76KB , 500x500 , 1280.png )


>!?!?! Voices! You're back! Oh man I was about to put the stone away for good too!
>I missed you guys so much!

>Life's great, Felix and I are married~
>Bein a mother was nothin like I expected. Especially since my baby became a young girl in a few months!
>Nearly killed me givin her milk the first month I'll tell ya that much.
>Felix an I use protection now.


>Oh, here she is now.

>"Yes sweetie?"

"Mommy I fixed up the hats like ya asked me to."

>"Thank you. You did a great job. Hey, remember how mommy said there were people in the rock? Well they came to say hi and they wanted to say hi to you to. Say hi Elle."

Elle looks at the Stone then looks away blushing slightly.

"H-Hi.. I'm Elle."

>Isn't she the cutest little thing?
No. 200252 ID: c245f1

OH GOD! if i had a heart it would be having an attack out of cuteness overdose.
No. 200253 ID: e31d52

Oh god the hat and the shirt and the ears and the eyes and oh god my heart
No. 200255 ID: 701a19

She is. She really is~

We're not in the best of health at the moment. We've been having some trouble, and that's why we haven't been around. Cecil is trying to find a way to help, but things aren't looking so hot at the moment.
Still, you could always wear the stone like a pendant; hold on hope for us.

So, how's the hat shop and life as a hatter? Everything you hoped it would be?
(Personally, I look smashing in a fedora, but I seem to lack a head to put it on. Such is life~)

Have you met your mother? And Felix's family?
No. 200256 ID: e31d52

I submit a challenge! Make a tiny hat for us!
No. 200259 ID: 2f1dab
File 127773082355.jpg - (73.22KB , 600x400 , Dawattack.jpg )

No. 200260 ID: 701a19

Yea, see, that's not going to work, seeing as how we have no head.
Or a physical body at all, for that matter.
Or did you mean to have Alex make the stone into a tiny little figure so RJ can put a top hat on that?
No. 200262 ID: e31d52

That last bit is a deffo possibility.

give it joints so it can walk... :DD
No. 200263 ID: c245f1

oh god no, would explode first time it get's conflicting orders.
No. 200264 ID: 701a19

I suppose Alex could give it eyes that glow red while it's in use...
No. 200265 ID: 31cbfc

Why not encase us in a blue orb shape, with the ability to shine and project images of its expression on the surface? Then give it a top hat.
No. 200490 ID: 0d154c

I hope growing up fast isn't a sign of a short lifespan.. Merfolk live a long time right? She's adorable. And already talking quite clearly!
No. 200501 ID: 445c48

Put the stone instead a little head-shaped figurine and put a hat on that.
No. 200502 ID: 010554

she is half elf, roughly 25% each kind so her life span wont be anything to sneeze at.
No. 200755 ID: 2f1dab

Oh, also:
@Alex: You do look fine, but you're getting a bit of a belly. Either you're a bit preggers, or you could use thirty sit ups a day.
No. 200758 ID: 701a19

We can't do that at the moment.
No. 200778 ID: cf68aa
File 127782464785.png - (61.85KB , 500x500 , 1281.png )

>Oh no.. That's terrible.. if it weren't for you guys I woulda never met Felix or opened a shop or even got knocked up.

>i hope you guys get better soon.
>Tell ya what, I'll make you a top hat just like mine. Business is boomin so I got lots of money to spare. Don't wanna brag or nothing but I've become pretty darn famous around these parts.

>Heh, you know she gets all that cuteness from me.
No. 200780 ID: 701a19

Yes, except the ears. You can't tell me those don't make her even cuter. ^^

Glad to see you're doing so well. With a hat like yours we knew your awesome taste would make you equally awesome at this.
Have you and Felix soulbound yet? And have you met each others families? Or your own, for that matter?

As far as ourselves? Don't worry too much, we'll figure something out.
No. 200806 ID: e3f578

Oh paleeeze, we're just a bunch of nerds bellowing orders around on the half chance they'll work. Most of your conflict is solved, ergo, less reason for us to be around. For a story to continue requires a conflict resolved or a question answered.

In other words, yeah, right now the only reason this thing went quiet is that much hasn't happened in regards to conflict. The C-Bomb sensed something so no we're not leaving, we're up the hell right here. Even through the medium of explanation, we're not fucking gone. Cecil has been helping you this whole time because, through explanation, this set of voices is his shattered mind from a curse that got lifted. Cecil helped you get knocked up, set up a shop, and get married.
No. 200881 ID: 40cb26

Well you can't really put a hat on us as we are now... maybe you can put us into a hat?
No. 201065 ID: c4c313

something tells me you would've gotten knocked up anyway...
No. 201083 ID: cf68aa
File 127786610372.png - (66.89KB , 500x500 , 1282.png )

>Sod off.


>Okay.. Just try to take care of yourselves.
>And yeah I met my mom. It was pretty crazy she was crying for a while and she just hugged me for a while. She's still living at the Lakes and I visit her whenever I can.
>As for Felix's parents... It was weird seeing a Light and a Dark elf together. Felix was crying a lot too when he saw they were alive and stuff.

"Excuse me."

>"Oh! Uhm hello, what can I do for you?"
>Sorry guys I still gotta run my store. I'll tell Felix you said hi.
No. 201087 ID: 00160c

[switch to L]
No. 201097 ID: a594b9

No. 201144 ID: cf68aa
File 127786907228.png - (69.94KB , 500x500 , 1283.png )


No. 201148 ID: 7a28df

No. 201149 ID: a594b9

Wake up, sleepyhead...
No. 201150 ID: 00160c

[i eat this post, don't want him freaking out]
No. 201153 ID: 40cb26

No. 201154 ID: c4c313

No. 201159 ID: 732129


No. 201162 ID: a594b9

What the crap? We were never this rude before, what's happened to us?
No. 201173 ID: cf68aa
File 127786996337.png - (71.09KB , 500x500 , 1284.png )


>oh.. It's you guys...
No. 201174 ID: e31d52

Yep! How are things?
No. 201176 ID: 00160c

sorry bout that, some are overly enthusiastic about it.

so hows life been treating you since dart died?
No. 201179 ID: a594b9

We're rather excitable right now.

What's that new, blue stone you've got?
No. 201183 ID: 445c48

More importantly, does it have a stone-boyfriend?
No. 201200 ID: cf68aa
File 127787095758.png - (64.24KB , 500x500 , 1285.png )

>How's life? Here, can you see this?

He nudges the stone so it faces Amy. She's sleeping peacefully by his side. Naked

>Life has been fucking great.
>Almost glad all this crap happened. Almost.

>As for my little blue stone.. It's a psuedo PS Stome. I made it from some junk I found in Dart's castle. Turns out he's been practicing immortality and stuff.
>So I stole all the notes and made this out've it. Keeps me young but offers none of the powers and stuff.
No. 201202 ID: a594b9

Does it burn souls or anything?
No. 201207 ID: 00160c

that's pretty good. you are living the life man.

where are you that you are sleeping still? i thought it was mid day.

anyway, just wanted to come over and say hi, we'll let you get back to sleep.

of course not, it is super designed for only one goal. probably cycles his own mana.

[hrmmm, who next?]
No. 201211 ID: 701a19

[Switch back to Cecil]

Cecil. Idea. Shoujen yourself. Repeat the process to stabilize it. We live.
No. 201216 ID: a594b9

Oh hey, I just realized... you're immortal, but Amy isn't. Might I suggest learning Soul Bind?
No. 201241 ID: 40cb26

Our memory has been kinda lacking... we seem to have forgotten everything since that final battle. Got any ideas on preserving us somehow? We can suggest the ideas to Alex later.

I'm glad you're playing it straight now with that new stone. Burning souls has always really bugged us, even as we did it ourselves... How easy is it to make more of those things? I can think of a few people who could really use them, and a few that mustn't ever.

How has Amy been? Has she learned how to speak better lately? Communicating with her has always been fundamentally different, we could "see" her thoughts but not "hear" them like everyone else. I'm curious how she's developed since.

What happened to you two after getting taken with the Temple?

And one last question: how in the hell do you SLEEP with those shades on?
No. 201243 ID: c4c313


The 2010 World Cup happened that's what.

Proceed :3c
No. 201248 ID: cf68aa
File 127787558062.png - (80.56KB , 500x500 , 1286.png )

>I can't really explain how they work, I'm still knew to it myself. It seems to use my own mana to fuel itself so I really can't cast much anymore.
>But yeah this stuff is brand new. I'm the first test subject.
>As for Amy, I've been trying to teach her but it's kinda hard to teach a deaf girl how to speak. So far it's just been her making a sound and I signal if it's good or not.
>Also I got no clue how you guys function. You seem to be a curse but not one I've heard of. Maybe you appear only when some bad stuff is goin on? I don't know
>The glasses thing? Only the manliest of men can do that.
>And now I sleep. See ya all later.
>I don't know Shoujen. And I'm kinda in the middle of dealing with something right now!

"You do think I'm fat don't you!"

>"All I said was you may have gained a few pounds!"

"See! I look terrible!"

Alex glares at Cecil then suddenly starts crying

"I'm sorry mya... I didn't mean to yell...."

>"Uhm.... It's okay."
No. 201249 ID: e31d52

You know what

you two should spar or something

do something athletic once a day possibly with the kiddo

I dunno

chase her around or something
No. 201251 ID: 00160c

...yeah she is totally pregnant. that is a powerful mood-swing.
No. 201252 ID: 701a19

You have a grimore on Dark Mana.

On a related note, you have a grimore on sex magic. Cast "Detect Pregnancy" on Alex and you'll understand what's going on.

She needs a hug.
No. 201253 ID: a594b9

Hmm. How about we talk to her?

[switch to Alex]
No. 201281 ID: cf68aa
File 127787759299.png - (80.35KB , 500x500 , 1287.png )

>I have no idea how to say that without upsetting her...

>"Uhm.. Alex here!"
Cecil tosses Alex the Cell Stone

>Mya?? oh! Hey guys!
No. 201286 ID: 00160c

alex, you're pregnant. you have at least three signs point towards it, larger belly, larger breasts, and some mood swings. dig out that sex magic grimore if you want to confirm, it has a pregnancy detection spell.
No. 201289 ID: a594b9

Hey there! You look well.

Say. You've got some mood swings going on, among other things. Did you try out that artificial insemination idea we suggested...?
No. 201290 ID: 701a19

Hey, Alex? How have things gone since the battle? I understand that Nari has integrated into the relationship well, so how do you feel about her now?

Also? Breast growth, mood swings, weight gain, and stomach bulge.
Would you happen to have a 'Detect Pregnancy' spell?
No. 201295 ID: 0d154c

Not sure what she's so worked up over. Curvy girls are hot.

Tho in this case, baby might be go. Given the physical nature of her worries, a lil' physical affection should do wonders in affirming that you find her attractive. <3
No. 201297 ID: 40cb26

Hi Alex, we missed you! We don't remember anything since the attack now, it's a bit disconcerting. How have things been for you?

Have you tried fusing the dark elf stone into a cell stone and putting us in there? If it could store a part of Cecil's personality before, maybe it can save us now.

This voice is a bit blunt, but it still has a point, you should check in on it... You know we're only jerks to you because we care, right? ...Right?

No. 201312 ID: cf68aa
File 12778809226.png - (87.26KB , 500x500 , 1288.png )

>.... Nooo. That can't be mya.

>"I'll be right back okay Cecil?"

Alex goes into another room. She finds and flips through the book on Sex Magic

>"There we go, detect pregnancy."

She places her hand over her stomach and casts the spell.
A few minutes pass then a green plus sign appears.

>.... No way....
No. 201314 ID: d3dfb8

Flip the fuck out.
No. 201315 ID: a594b9

Why were you so certain you weren't pregnant? You never experimented with Cecil's male body?
No. 201316 ID: 00160c

life is ironic like that, nari wanted a baby more and yet you have one first, she is gonna be so jealous.
No. 201317 ID: e31d52

Whelp time to tell Cecil and Nari
No. 201324 ID: 701a19

RJ and Felix learned the hard way to always use birth control.
'Usually' - like how you and Cecil used it - just wasn't good enough.

Ok, tell Cecil that his new priority is to find a way to add Nari to the child's parentage. If for no other reason than because a 1/3rd elf won't grow old and die.
No. 201326 ID: 00160c

no dude, too late for that. maybe just after conception it would of worked but the baby is far too developed to do that without risking it and Cecil's spell to do that is untested, could hurt the little thing.
No. 201327 ID: a594b9

Well, Cecil has some Dark Elf and Light Elf heritage in him... but yeah I dunno. That doesn't seem like it should be something we need to focus on.
No. 201328 ID: 31cbfc

How exactly did this happen, if Cecil has been using his sexchange ring with you...?

Rude of me to suspect this, but you'd better make sure that you didn't, you know... get too playful. If that is the case then you don't want to know how bad your life we're going to make for doing something like that to C&N.

And we do appear when there's trouble, so pray it's not from your side, 'mya'. Apologies again for jumping to conclusions, of course - in the world where we come from, half of us can't be certain of who's their father so I believe you can understand the concern.
No. 201335 ID: 00160c

what are you talking about? just because she likes women more doesn't mean she NEVER did it with male form Cecil.
No. 201336 ID: 701a19

We've been having Cecil research body-altering magic.
It still wouldn't cause any problems at this point, so stop worrying.
No. 201337 ID: 00160c

well regardless, it's in alex, so it is her choice about that.
No. 201345 ID: 2a61e1

If you are pregnant then :D That means you are finally going to have a child and this would mean that we get another person to join the nari

< Switch to Nari >

Nari guess what, Alex is pregnant :P
No. 201348 ID: 0d154c

Knew it. You're getting curves for all the right reasons. Go share the happy news with the rest of the family. Demand tummy rubs from Cecil.

And as for the rest of ya voices worrying about the kid's mortality: Cecil's an immortal. There are apparently multiple ways to extend a person's lifespan, with new ones being developed.
No. 201350 ID: 31cbfc

OH, sorry. Big logical fallacy on my side... Cecil is the only one who'd have any chance to knock you up either way. My apologies, kittygirl. I'm sometimes very paranoid about these things, by reasons already explained.

Also, please do find a way to make it related to all three of you. Doing so will save, well... a lot of trouble coming with the existence of a child of just you and Cecil.

I already thought of a way of making this possible, but you being knocked up already makes this so much more complicated.
Look up magic on having it work out, Alex. FAST.
No. 201369 ID: cf68aa
File 127789491873.png - (48.38KB , 500x500 , 1289.png )

>No no no no no.
>I can't be pregnant mya! I used protection and everything mya!

>Oh god...

She goes up to a mirror and rubs her stomach

>This is just fat right...?
>Maybe the spell was wrong.
No. 201370 ID: 701a19

You SOMETIMES used protection.

No, it is not fat.

No, the spell is not wrong.

We know you're not ready for this, but things will work out fine.
No. 201371 ID: e31d52


No. 201373 ID: cf68aa
File 127789657847.png - (81.80KB , 500x500 , 1290.png )

>B-But maybe.....

>... Yeah... You're right mya...
>I'd better tell him now.

Alex goes back to Cecil.

>"Uhm.... Cecil.. You know how we have sex and stuff...?"


>"And you know sometimes i kinda like rushed and we forgot protection...?"

"..... Yes....."

>"And like if you forget protection girls can get all pregnant and stuff mya. You know what I mean...?"

".......... Yeah...."

>"And... Yeah so we.. We did it and I think we forgot to use protection... And now i'm pregnant mya."

No. 201374 ID: 701a19

[Switch to Cecil]

Well, at least you'll eventually be able to use Body magic to make Nari another parent to the kid.
Heck, with a miracle on the baby and a miracle on yourself you might be able to pull that off now.

Oh, Also: Mizuno is innocent, and once Rai dies her mind control (via false memories or whatever) will go away. She's probably going to try to kill herself when that happens, so we need you to capture her before Rai dies, befriend her while waiting, and rehabilitate her after he goes.
It shouldn't be that hard to befriend her; just tell her that Dart's plan was a success, and he manipulated events so that you would kill him and unite the kingdoms, and be a friend to her.
Rehabilitation basically means explaining to her that she didn't have a choice, telling her Felix's tale, introducing her to her mother, and generally providing her with the moral support and emotional anchorage she needs.

Also, you need to track down your father and ask him 'What the hell?'.
No. 201376 ID: cf68aa
File 127789805940.png - (41.65KB , 300x300 , 1291.png )

No. 201378 ID: 476456

Gee you think that might have been a bit too much to process
No. 201379 ID: e31d52




No. 201380 ID: 701a19

[Mindslap Cecil]
Nari's been trying to get pregnant for awhile now, and you didn't have any problems with that. So what if it's Alex instead?

Here, let me help you with that.
"Yay! Yippie! I'm gonna be a dad!"

While I'm contributing to your spiral into madness: Dart is your great-great grandfather, Mizuno is Dart's daughter, the person who stole items 21 and 112 is an evil golem on a quest for power, and L is sleeping with Amy who happens to be about 1/100th of his age.
No. 201382 ID: cf68aa
File 127789864917.png - (37.03KB , 300x300 , 1292.png )


Cecil faints
No. 201383 ID: 476456

ok so it might be several babies

a litter maybe
No. 201385 ID: 701a19

Mental overload.
Don't worry, he'll get over it after he's taken the time to process the revelation that's he's going to be a dad, Dart is his great-great grandfather, Mizuno is Dart's daughter, the person who stole items 21 and 112 is an evil golem on a quest for power, and L is sleeping with Amy who happens to be about 1/100th of his age.

Actually, give him a few minutes before you wake him up.
No. 201389 ID: 9bd42b

Cecil ok let's run this by you. Now you are now going to be a father and that means that you will have new responabilites. One of the first things you need to do is to get Nari and ALex together and discuss how you are gonig to look after the child.

The other thing you may need to figure out in the long term is how the parent thing is gonig to work because when that child gets older they are going to be asking about Mum Dad and Mom. You will have to have each of each teach the child different things so that when the child grows up, that child will have the tools to make it in the world.

Now coming to Majic the thing is though that the child will probably gain a lot of natutral talents because of the capicity of the parents's genetics. From what I can understand, Dart made you much stronger by imbued with certain traits and those will pass down onto the child so you will have to teach this chikd how to conrol his majic. Also when the child the young, you need to teach him morals properly otherwise that kind of power could make the child decide to do a few serious bad things.

Now we have to look at another problem that might come up as well. I call it the triple trouble situation. Let's say that your kid decides that he wants something and then he comes to you. Now you say no to him, well he then goes to Nari and asks, she might say yes so finally he goes to his mum Alex and says that he didn't get what he wanted. He also adds that you were mean to him, of course what happens is that she comes to him and asks why you were nasty and then bam an arugement and finally after all the fioghtng you give ni to the child. This might happen and you wouldn't want to be used that way so when you are wit h your women, talk to them about standing behind a united front so that the kid doesn't run rings around you. Still though give a gift here and there when they aren't looking. You are human after all.

Now another thing go to Alex right now and hug her and say you are happy that she is pregnant and that you will be there for her. Also put your face near her tummy and kiss it and then tickle her. You will in reinforcing your love to her and you will be using the tickling to strenthing her bond between you. Finally call Nari in and tell her the good new and have her put her hands on Alex's tummy and then have her hag Alex. Finally get everyone to hug each-other.
Also bring the other members of the group in and tell them the news.

That will clear any tension in the air :)

Another note as well though, Cecil the voices in your mind aren't acutally part of you as you might think. We acutally come of another world which is outside your reality and we are send to sort out problems but here's the thing we can exist in mulitple worlds all the same time.

You are acutually just one of the cases that we are currently dealing with. Still though your quest has been one of the more interesting ones.
Cecil we always be here for you and if you or your children ever need us you will find us and we will guide you once again.

Good luck Cecil.

( Switch to Nari )

Nari we need you to come to Cecil right away. Alex and Cecil have a surprise for you.
No. 201391 ID: a2ca20

[GOD DAMMIT!!! stop breaking the forth wall guys, it's retarded.]

he'll be fine soon.
No. 201401 ID: 237610

No. 201443 ID: 31cbfc

If this world ain't an overpopulated capitalist gutter of slavery like the one I'm from, I'd say you can only be happy.

You gotta see Alex and Cecil right now. And be prepared for anything... your gender-changing sweetheart got in quite a shock because of this, actually.
No. 201605 ID: cf68aa
File 127795122389.png - (77.52KB , 500x500 , 1293.png )

[The voices are attached to Alex right now. The @ command no longer works]
Nari rushes into the living room and sees Cecil spread out on the couch with Alex sitting next to him

>"Alex? What happened?"

"Uhm.. I kinda shocked him mya."

>"Shocked him? What'd you say?"

"....... I'm pregnant."

>"!!! Ohmigod! No way!"

Alex nods her head. Nari gives out a squee and hug Alex tightly.

>"That's great Alex! Oh I'm so happy for you!"

"Nari...! Crushing...! Baby...!"

She lets go

>"Oh! Sorry about that. That's so cool though! I'm jealous~ Cecil and I have been trying for one for a while"

"Yeah I know"

>"Can I.... Rub your belly?"

"Go ahead"

Nari rubs Alex's stomach. Instead of soft fat she feels the distinct hardness of pregnancy.

>"Wow... See I told Anu you weren't fat"

No. 201612 ID: 833299

life is ironic like that. the one trying hard get's beat by the one not trying at all. oh well, since you are immortal you have all the time you need to get one.
No. 201629 ID: a594b9

Hey Nari, how have you been? It looks like you haven't transformed into your final body. Maybe that's why you can't get pregnant?
No. 201630 ID: 7c97d9

I'm guessing this calls for a celebration, then.

No. 201632 ID: 70c36a

what? she changed way back when, shortly after she confronted her dad.
No. 201640 ID: e31d52

Babies! Babies ever after!
No. 201644 ID: 40cb26

She's in her young adult body, it was implied there was at least one more form. Not quite sure on that though.
No. 201664 ID: 701a19

Hey, Nari!
How have things been going with Anu?
What has your mom been up to since the battle?
What have you been up to since the battle?
No. 201701 ID: 2f1dab

Well, you'll just need to try EXTRA hard to get pregnant!
Start trying right now, in fact!
No. 201713 ID: b99e13

>.> It's ok though.
No. 201721 ID: cf68aa
File 127796815096.png - (59.57KB , 500x500 , 1294.png )

>I've been doing great! Everything's been erfect now. I have Cecil and Alex to love and now a baby!

>My mom's been doing great. She was sad but now she's happy. and we live close to each other so now we can visit!
>Anu... Anu is a little wild.

>Oh! I know exactly what to make!

>"Alex I shall cook you the Dinner of Motherhood!"


>"It is a tradition of the Dart Elves! I think I still remember how to make it! First we need some peppers...."

"I can't eat spicy..."

>"Oh it's not that bad. I think there's some outside!"

Nari gives Alex a kiss then steps out.
She bumps into someone

>"??? Hello there. Can I help you?"

"Hello. A strange man told me I would find people who would help me h

Things get darker.
The lines seems to blur as the world slips into darkness

No. 201722 ID: cf68aa
File 127796822559.png - (37.63KB , 500x500 , 1295.png )

>" name?"

"My s Tikka."

The voices seem to be slipping away yet again.
No. 201723 ID: cf68aa
File 127796827392.png - (3.89KB , 500x500 , 1296.png )

No. 201724 ID: cf68aa
File 12779684029.png - (44.44KB , 500x500 , 1297.png )

>"Damn it...."

"Cecil come to bed.. Cecil... Come on."

>"Alex I can't.. You told me that they were still out there somewhere"

"It was just a theory mya. Cecil it's been over a month already.. Come on"

>"No.. They've been with us through everything. I'm not letting them down."
No. 201725 ID: cf68aa
File 12779684495.png - (83.04KB , 500x500 , 1298.png )

>Hello? Hello?

>Can you hear me?

>Please answer...
No. 201726 ID: e31d52

wE'Re h-Here.

oh god im dying cecil
No. 201728 ID: bd369c

Cecil? what happened? last we remember is nari running into someone saying their name is Tikka. she had Tattoo that looked like a partial possession mark like dart had.
No. 201729 ID: e3f578

My name is Robert Neville. I am a survivor living in New York City. I am broadcasting on all AM frequencies. I will be at the South Street Seaport everyday at mid-day, when the sun is highest in the sky. If you are out there... if anyone is out there... I can provide food, I can provide shelter, I can provide security. If there's anybody out there... anybody... please. You are not alone.
No. 201732 ID: a594b9

Whoa. That was pretty scary. It actually got DARK. That's never happened before.

I think we don't have much time left. There's one thing I feel we need to do. Can we still access the Black Stone network? If possible I would like to see if we can contact some of the members of Dart's group that haven't turned up yet.

Oh, I guess we didn't ask. Who out of Dart's group is still unaccounted for? Here's a full list of those on the Black Stone network, some of whom we never met:

Obviously, Dart, Lucius and Bella are accounted for. What about the rest?
No. 201742 ID: 701a19

No. 201747 ID: cf68aa
File 127797427569.png - (90.03KB , 500x500 , 1299.png )


>Yes.. I'm afraid something bad has happened. While I am no closer to finding out what you voices are I do know that you were not meant to move around so much.

>The Stones that Alex crafted seemed to drain away at your life force with each jump.
>Anu has a very unstable soul and gave you guys some energy but it is drained again.
>I'm using Dark Mana just to keep you guys connected to me, your original host.

>As for the odd girl I have no clue who she is. She just popped up and said that she was told to come here. She's living with us now until she regains her memories.

>The Black Cell Stones were destroyed and even if they weren't you simply lack the energy to move about.

>You guys have been with me from the start. If not for you I would be long gone by now.
>These past few months have been some of the best in my life thanks to you.

>I swear I will do everything in my power to bring you back to this plane.
>I... I'm so sorry. I wish I could do more right now but it is beyond me.
No. 201749 ID: bd369c

too bad dart is gone, he seems to know something about us. if you find his soul somehow, you could find out.

even though the cell stones messed us up in the end it has made you very happy, and that is all we really wanted. if you can find out how, great, if not, then remember to live your life to the fullest and don't regret losing us. something tells me we wont be dying, just going somewhere else.
No. 201750 ID: 701a19

Cecil, I suppose now is as good a time as any to tell you that it is the connection that's dying. We will be fine, and we'll work to reestablish the connection somehow.
Don't let this drag down everything else in your life; hold on hope.

You have the watch and can easily find out Mizuno's family name from her mother. Find her. Save her.
No. 201751 ID: 6834bc

Look, Cecil, it's okay. Like Seven said, it's only the connection that's fading. We aren't going to forget you, and you aren't going to forget us.

And besides, we've been kind of a crutch for you to lean on; but (to continue the analogy), your leg's healed. It's time to stand on your own.

Don't worry. You'll do fine. You've got two women to stand behind you, support you, and roll their eyes at bad jokes you make. You've got a bunch of friends all over the place who will be there for you.

Show the world how good you are.
...And maybe turn the stone into a necklace or something, if you think it'll help you remember us better.
No. 201752 ID: a594b9

Awww. Well, it's been fun. Don't drain your soul too much trying to keep us here. We'll be fine. I'm glad things turned out so well for you.

It's too bad though... I wanted to find out more about the Dark World with you, since you've got all the Goldeon items and it'd be pretty easy to survive there. Maybe our next host will be able to answer our questions.
No. 201761 ID: 212d3d

Cecil listen we can still keep going in theory but our link to this world is failing but it is possibile for us to regenerate but you need to cast us into a light reflection mana mirror.

The idea is simple really, put us in front of a mirror that reflects mana, this are the elven mirrors. You can get them from the light elf capital. Get 4 or 5 of them and postition them near the cyrstal in a semi circular dimaiond but leave a gap in one of them so that we can still discharge energy. This will allow us to create a positive feedback thus giving us a chance to recharge.

However, though this is only a stopgap until we can a way to perserve us. Cecil if it is possbile can you please help us. Some of us still want to see more before we go and leave you.

Cecil we need your help and we wish we can see the world and see your children grow ;)
No. 201783 ID: 40cb26

Cecil, our best bet for someone to help us is probably the I Shopkeeper, have you talked to him lately? He was making something for you, what was that? Maybe it had something to do with us, or not.

If nothing else hey, at least you should know you aren't crazy with the head voices. You are hearing us from another... something. I guess Nari was right, we are Guardians after all and our job here is done. The job we set for ourselves at least. And I'm sure Magi C can handle things from here, so don't stress over it.

If we loose touch completely just know it's been a good ride, and we'll be fine by ourselves. You'll be around a good long time so maybe we'll meet again somehow... and we won't experience the time we aren't around at all.
No. 201791 ID: e31d52

Cecil, whatever you do! Don't forget who you are, and most importantly, family comes first unless it's the world that needs saving.
No. 202354 ID: cf68aa
File 127811414770.png - (121.22KB , 500x500 , 1300.png )

>I will be sure to honor your last request no matter what.

>I know... I wish you could see them as well.
>There are many events in my life I would love for you to stick around for, Alex giving birth, me becoming a king. So many things...

>... Your kind words ease my pain.
>While I know this is goodbye I also realize I am immortal. I have infinite time on my hands and as 'guardians' I'm certain you do as well.
>I know we will meet again in the future.

>Until then just know that you all have been not a curse as I once thought but a blessing.
>I will miss you.

>Oh, one more thing. Here.
>RJ made this for you.

>Good bye.
No. 202355 ID: 7324e7

.....*sniff*... so... happy.
No. 202357 ID: 701a19
File 127811441669.jpg - (441.32KB , 750x665 , professor_k_final.jpg )

What's that? You think I just made all that up?
Ha ha ha!
Sure. sure. okay. But watch out! Someone just might have their sights on Shibuya-cho again!
On the street, there's no such thing as 'The End!'
No. 202359 ID: 701a19

I hope we latch onto Cecil/Alex/Nari's kid next time.

No. 202381 ID: 4531bc

This was great. Excellent job, both author and suggesters. :)
No. 202492 ID: 5a756b

And they lived happily ever after.
Fuck. Yes.
No. 202721 ID: 2f1dab

Don't forget to write!
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