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File 127582661057.png - (184.74KB , 1000x600 , titleVI.png )
188909 No. 188909 ID: 426169

Chapter VI
The Crow's Nest

This is the story of Tiffany Blake.

Tiffany was approached by two witching families: the Rothwalds of Germany and the Kinsleys of Great Britain. Both offered her a membership in their family, as well as training and protection. After some thought, Tiffany accepted the Kinsley's invitation.
The group was attacked by the newly reconstituted Jakov, who wounded Gareth and stole his medallion. Tiffany was able to drive Jakov away using Thomas' lance. Afterwards the group fled east, to the airport and England.

It's time to begin.
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No. 188911 ID: 426169
File 127582670851.png - (114.18KB , 400x600 , 388.png )



Tiffany was running, her heart pounding from exertion and fright.

No. 188914 ID: a594b9

Don't worry, Tony the Grim Reaper will save you!
No. 188915 ID: 1ac39d

tiffany, it's a dream. since he can't get you in the real world he is after you in your mind. take control like when you first saw the reaper.
No. 188916 ID: 6a5a08

That would be so cool.

I think you're having a nightmare Tiff, wake up.
No. 188921 ID: 426169
File 127582747470.png - (152.07KB , 400x600 , 389.png )

Is that dad?


No. 188923 ID: a594b9

Don't run towards the darkness... Be careful, Tiffany.
No. 188925 ID: 1ac39d

IS IT dad? are you SURE? regardless, this is just a dream.
No. 188927 ID: 6a5a08

Don't let the nightmare consume you. Cast it away. I'll help distract you!
No. 188931 ID: 426169
File 127582830817.gif - (55.19KB , 400x600 , 390.gif )

Oh thank god you're here. I was so worried.



No. 188932 ID: 6a5a08

No. 188934 ID: 1ac39d

WAKE UP! grandpa is messing with your head!
No. 188935 ID: a594b9


No. 188937 ID: 426169
File 127582921241.png - (72.94KB , 400x600 , 391.png )

No. 188938 ID: a594b9

so obviously after you killed him

No. 188939 ID: 1ac39d

wake up.
No. 188940 ID: a594b9

Oh hey I've got an idea.

Tiffany, hide your spiritsong again.
No. 188946 ID: 426169
File 127583063443.png - (61.58KB , 600x400 , 392.png )

Tiffany wakes up, stifling a scream.

Where am I? What is this place?

Is dad okay?

Tiffany forces herself to calm down. She remembers the aeroplane and not much else. She's vaguely remembers dad carrying her, a robed man waiting for them, and a boat. The room feels very cold. Once her eyes adjust a little, she can see old but well kept furniture, and her bag on the floor.

Oh man where am I?

No. 188947 ID: 1ac39d

okay, let's think... you must of fallen asleep on the plane, dad carried you the res of the way. you went on a boat then got here. this may be the kinsley house.
No. 188948 ID: a594b9

Kinsley residence, obviously.

Take a more detailed stock of your room.
No. 188951 ID: 426169
File 127583305813.png - (33.56KB , 600x400 , 393.png )

Tiffany gives the room a second glance.

Just the bed, a small table, two chairs, a wardrobe, wall-to-wall carpet and my bags. There are a couple of paintings, but it's too dark to make them out properly.

Tiffany hops out of bed and checks her bag. Phew. The book's still here. Everything else is here too... apart from the clothes I was wearing and Thomas' lance. Oh.

Tiffany picks up a faded photograph from her bag and climbs back into bed with it.

It's me, mom and Tony. We were having a barbecue last year. Dad took this picture while he was working the grill. Burnt the sausages while mom was trying to hold us down for the picture. God I look bored in here...

I'm sorry for being mean to you, Tony. I would've been a better big sister if- if I had known. I- I just wanted to say I'm sorry. I got into this mess because of you. No that doesn't sound right. I got into this mess trying to help you. I just wanted to see you again.

Everybody's telling me it can't be done. Some ancient deal makes it illegal to bring you back.

Will I ever see you again?

No. 188952 ID: a594b9

Remember that you can travel to the underworld.

On the other hand, only the life force half of the soul goes down there... the personality half gets reborn.
No. 188953 ID: 1ac39d

maybe you can't bring him back, but at least talk to him one last time. just to tell him you are sorry.
No. 188954 ID: 426169
File 127583447521.png - (31.85KB , 600x400 , 394.png )

Maybe I can at least see him. One last time. I'm sorry Tony.

And mom, I'm sorry for letting you down. I should've told you about grampa. I should've run away when you told me to. I'm so sorry. It's all my fault.

No. 188955 ID: 1ac39d

no, it's grandpa's fault, he played with you like puppets, he knew you loved your brother and used that to get to you.
No. 188959 ID: 426169
File 127583593598.png - (70.05KB , 600x400 , 395.png )

No. It's not my fault. It's grampa's fault. It's all his fault.

GODDAMNIT YOU SON OF A BITCH! YOU. It was YOU who killed Tony. It was YOU who stole mom from us.

You're no grandfather of mine. Who would do something like this to their own daughter and grandson? No. You're not my grampa. You're just Alexander. And you're not keeping my mom. I'm taking her back. I'll make you regret hurting my family. I'll make you regret using me. I'll study your own goddamn evil book and use your own tools against you. You're going down you heartless asshole.

Tiffany's resolve increased significantly.
Tiffany's anger increased significantly.
No. 188960 ID: 1ac39d

make sure you focus that anger, only Alexander deserves it.
No. 188962 ID: b14128

Agreed. Keep it under control. Forge your anger into a weapon, a tool. Use it, but don't let it use you.
No. 188969 ID: a594b9

A spear.
No. 189011 ID: 426169
File 127584568522.png - (67.08KB , 600x400 , 396.png )

Tiffany wakes up to the creak of the door. Instantly fully awake, she eyes the door, ready to bolt and run.

A girl a few years older than her in a maid outfit. Not immediately threatening, so Tiffany relaxes a bit.

>"Ah you're awake, young miss. Your clothes have been washed, and breakfast is available downstairs. If you want to have a shower or a bath just head down the hall, the first door on your left. Anything else I could do for you?"
No. 189014 ID: 1ac39d

"where is my dad's room?"
and yeah, a bath should help you relax after such a stressful night.
No. 189029 ID: 02d2bc

Ask if she has bubble gum.
No. 189035 ID: 40cb26

I think that "Where am I?" is probably the most pressing question.
No. 189056 ID: 426169
File 127585026297.gif - (29.52KB , 400x400 , 397.gif )

"Where am I?"

>"You're in the Portside Inn, miss."

"No I mean, in a bigger sense."

>"Well that's a funny thing to ask. You're on Bardsey Island, of course. Off the Welsh coast some ways."

"Oh. I was asleep when we came so I wasn't sure. Is my dad around?"

>"He's in the next room. He's... definitely awake."

I think she stifled a giggle there.

"Ok... Do you have any bubble gum?"

>"I'm sorry miss. Maybe you can ask for some downstairs?"

"Ok. Do you have towels and stuff in the bathroom?"

>"Yes miss, just pick one you like. If you'll excuse me, I need to see to my duties."
No. 189057 ID: 1ac39d

"okay then, thank you." go take a bath.
No. 189079 ID: 99c96c

we should see dad first
No. 189103 ID: f95872

I concur.
No. 189116 ID: 02d2bc

It's time to kick ass and chew gum, and you're all out of gum.
No. 189150 ID: e3f578

>"He's in the next room. He's... definitely awake."
>I think she stifled a giggle there.

Either means she's an evil person and he's trapped against his will or he's got a visible mornin' plank
No. 189169 ID: 426169
File 127585898637.gif - (32.85KB , 800x400 , 398.gif )

>"Damnit woman, I though I- oh hey Tiffany."

"Morning dad."

>"Uh. Morning. One sec. Sorry. Yeah good morning."

"What was that about?"

>"Nothing. Just... spazzing out. You know me and mornings. Need coffee."

"Hey wait up. I'm a little bit fuzzy myself. What happened? Since the airport I mean."

>"Well... Gareth called up his folks, don't know how much he told em, but it didn't sound good. The next flight we could get on took a while. I guess you didn't sleep a wink until we were halfway across the Atlantic. Late last night someone from the Kinsleys picked us up from the airport, headed off to the ferry and we got here. Not much else to tell, I mean, the man or I guess he was a man didn't speak a word to us. Anyway Gareth went off to see a doctor I guess. I was pretty hazy myself by that point. Umm, let's see.... Oh yeah I wrote it down. Ok. 'Meet Gareth @ pier, 9am, dress nice.' Said something about meeting some people I think."

"So what do we do now?"

>"Well, assuming I adjusted my clock right, we still got about an hour. Wash up? Grab some breakfast? Beyond that... You might not want to wear my old hoodie, though."
No. 189196 ID: 426169
File 127586184654.gif - (22.60KB , 800x400 , 399.gif )

Man this is THE LIFE.

While Tiffany is splashing around like an idiot, Dad knocks on the door.

>"You going to be done anytime soon? I need to wash up too you know. You're going to miss breakfast."

"A minute dad."

Revenge. It's such a funny word. Seems innocent. But what's the cost? If I knew that pursuing this would get dad killed... Would I still do it? I don't know. Damn that creature. Why did it have to ask that? It keeps haunting me.
No. 189207 ID: 701a19

Monsters are defined by their actions; your goal is not revenge, your goal is justice. You are not out to kill him for what he has done, you are out to kill him for what he has yet to do.
No. 189248 ID: 426169
File 127586573782.gif - (89.47KB , 800x400 , 400.gif )

I'll have to think this through carefully. But yeah. I should strive for justice, rather than revenge.

Tiffany's resolve sustained.

After breakfast Tiffany and dad head outside. Twenty minutes to nine.

>"Oh wow. I didn't get a good look around the place last night. I love this view! If I'd known about this place I might've come here on vacation just for this."

"Yeah it's nice dad."

>"Ah, just smell that air."


No. 189249 ID: c4c313

I thought your goal was to bring your brother back. Sure Alexander was the one who took him away, but would pursuing the same person bring him back? Anyway, something to think about.

Another thing to think about is why are you and your dad so fuzzy on things? You need to clear your head. Something's odd about this whole thing. I would try suggesting a circle of protection, perhaps with enemy on the outside and that cradle on the inside, but with my skill it would probably turn you into a stack of pancakes or something.

mmm... pancakes...
No. 189251 ID: c4c313

<3 Mulder
No. 189281 ID: 45be60

I'm thinking the most likely reason for "feeling fuzzy" is "oh god been awake for 36 hours of interrogation and monsters and stress"
No. 189352 ID: f6c5c8


mulder was reassembled wrong?

either that or he is the first bishounen raven ever.
No. 189366 ID: f95872

No. 189368 ID: 6a5a08

That or he's an idiot because we brain damaged him by going out drinking.
No. 189387 ID: c4c313


If that's true then nobody should object to letting you protect yourself, or even teaching you to do it. I just want to be careful considering the last (two) times you felt fuzzy headed. I'm just worried the Kinsleys might be giving you the same treatment as their literature. They've got to know they can't fuck with you.
No. 189413 ID: a594b9

Get Mulder inside and away from the murderous seagulls.
No. 189469 ID: c00244

Ask where Thomas' lance is. It might not have been yours initially, but as it was basically the only thing standing between you and Jakov killing everyone and completely turned the situation around, a certain fondness for it is to be expected. Keeping it close would be best. Never know when you might need it again.
No. 189555 ID: 63ab82

Also casting dispel on self with the lance would be helpful incase grandpa is up to his mind control business again.
No. 189825 ID: 426169
File 127593812739.gif - (34.52KB , 800x400 , 401.gif )

Once Mulder was safely locked away in their hotel room, Dad and Tiffany went down to the pier and found Gareth waiting for them.

>"Hey! Good you're up."

"Morning Gareth."

>"How you holding up there, kid? What'd the doctor say?"

>"Meh, cracked a few ribs, few cuts. Nothing serious. Just need to take it easy for a while."

"So what's this about?"

>"The, uh, master chamberlain wants to see you. And you're both looking representable, good."

"Oh, ok. Do you know what happened to Thomas' lance? It wasn't in the room."

>"Oh the Artificier wanted to give it a look. We'll drop by his workshop later."

"Why'd he want it?"

>"I guess he wanted to check for damage or summit. You guys ready to head up?"

>"I am. Tiff?"
No. 189827 ID: 1ac39d

yeah, can't think of much else to do.
No. 189861 ID: 426169
File 127594161370.gif - (46.10KB , 800x400 , 402.gif )

"Yeah I'm ready too."

>"Wicked. It's a bit of a climb I hope you don't mind."

"So what is this place exactly?"

>"That's Crow's Nest. I suppose I could say it's the Kinsley ancestral home, but to be honest not that many of us actually live here. Still, the elders live here, the clan meetings are here, the library's here."

"Oh... How many Kinsleys are there?"

>"Here on the island? Maybe thirty, although I'm not too sure. Overall there's like a coupla thousand clan members, although we're scattered pretty well across Britain. Oh and only like three hundred are actual magicians. The rest didn't graduate."

"How come?"

>"Not enough spark I guess. Too weak to actually do anything. Still, we stick together. And there's always the chance that non-magicians have a kid who can do magic so... We keep an eye on things. Ok here's the castle now. Anything else you wanna ask before we go in?"
No. 189863 ID: b14128

Ask if there's going to be any particular formal stuff or customs you're going to need to observe beyond simple politeness.
No. 189880 ID: 40cb26

It's not like they expect us to be familiar with tradition or anything. But do ask for any sort of advice with approaching these folk, we do want to make a good impression after all.
No. 189897 ID: d1210a

Okay, honest appraisal here, because the only source to comment on it before was... grandpa, so:

"Hey Gareth, what do YOU think I should try to learn or do first? You have a better idea than me about where I fit into the whole Kinsly clan and all."

Trying to get a second opinion on where Tiffany's unsupressed magic potential ranks.
No. 189902 ID: 40cb26

That's all well and good, but this is Gareth we're talking about. Let's ask someone more magically competent.
No. 189905 ID: c00244

There's no reason we can't get a second, third, or fifteenth opinion on this matter. No harm in asking Gareth.

Also ask who the master chamberlain is, how important a post that is, and if he mentioned why he wanted to see Tiffany.
No. 189907 ID: f95872

Gareth's a kid, and a pretty chill bro. His priorities are more likely to be in line with our own.
No. 189909 ID: 426169
File 127594653151.gif - (51.52KB , 800x400 , 403.gif )

"Are there any particular customs I should follow?"

>"Not really, just be polite. Sometimes there's formalities, but they'll tell you what to do."

"Anything I can do to make a good first impression?"

>"Umm. Hm. Dunno. Just be yourself, be polite. I gotta say, there's quite a few Kinsley's who won't exactly welcome someone half Rothwald. We'll have to see how it goes."

"So Gareth... What do you think I should do? With studying I mean?"

>"Bugger me if I know. You'll need a mentor to handle your apprenticeship. It's not a matter of picking one, they gotta agree to do it. And we held the graduation a week ago, most of the people looking for apprentices have already picked one and left the island. So I dunno."

The trio reaches the castle gate. One of the guards is posing for a group of three young women, while the other rolls his eyes.

>"Halt! Who goes there?"

>"Gareth of Bardsey Island."

>"You may enter. Who comes with you?"

>"Tiffany and Gregory Blake. They come with Malcolm's invitation."

>"They may enter. OPEN THE GATE! So, how've you been Gareth? I heard you got Marcus. Not a bad choice."

>"Thanks. Got beaten up by a wraith two days back."

>"Pull the other one."

>"No, for real. Anyway, Malcolm is waiting."

No. 189911 ID: 701a19

Before you're out of earshot: "So, how much a spark does it take to light up Thomas's staff like I did? Enough to drive off a wraith like that, I mean."
No. 189946 ID: 426169
File 127594917433.gif - (109.57KB , 600x400 , 404.gif )

"How much 'spark' would it take to light up the lance enough to scare a wraith off?"

>"No clue, mate. Although I dunno if you really scared it off, if it was just after my medallion it could've just decided we weren't worth the trouble."

"... Point."

Gareth lead Tiffany and Dad through the seemingly identical castle corridors, until they reached a door. Despite it's simple appearance it was somehow ominous.

>"We're here."

"So what's a grand chamberlain? Is that an important position in the clan?"

>"Well, kinda. He's responsible for running all the daily business of the clan. He's practically the sixth council member even though he doesn't get a vote. He has a lot of pull with the clan for sure. Ok... Try to look presentable."
No. 189947 ID: c00244

Look at ourselves. Attempt to render presentable. Glance at Dad for confidence/reassurance.

Enter room after Gareth.
No. 189962 ID: 426169
File 127595223426.gif - (46.25KB , 600x400 , 405.gif )

I'm as good as I'll get. Dad's giving me one of those worried-but-don't-want-to-show-it smiles.

"I guess we're ready."


Gareth carefully knocks on the door and enters, Dad and Tiffany at his heel.

Beyond is a spacious room, with very sparse furniture. Behind a large desk sits a man, dressed in now-familiar Kinsley robes. Unlike the others, he is wearing a silver medallion outside his clothes.

>"So you have arrived."

>"Yes sir."

>"And this is the girl you spoke of?"

>"Yes sir."

>"Come closer. I want to see your face."

Tiffany obeys, if awkwardly.

>"So you're the miserable little halfblood, begging at our door?"

>"HEY. Don't talk to my daughter like-"

>"I was not addressing you. Hold your tongue or I'll have it removed. So, the little Rothwald whelp wants a free pass to our clan? Well? Don't stand there like an idiot with your mouth open."
No. 189964 ID: 1ac39d

"i am not asking for a free pass, i will work as hard as i have to to prove that i deserve being here."
No. 189965 ID: e3f578

Technically you're a quarter blood. You're mostly made out of Grade A Blake DNA passed down FROM GENERATIONS!
No. 189966 ID: e3f578

Also say that you really do need help defeating Alexander and saving your Mom.
No. 189967 ID: 1806cd

free pass? I saved Garreth over there from ALEXANDER THE HERITIC AND I WANT TO KEEP THAT BASTARD AWAY SO I CAN MAKE THIS WORLD BETTER... for my dad... and for tony...
No. 189970 ID: 701a19

"Sir, my mother renounced her Rothwald heritage because their corruption was as blatant then as it is now, and there are few people whose opinion I respect more.
Beyond that, sir? Thomas saved my life and died in my arms for it; I owe him a debt I can never truly repay, but at least I can honor him by taking up the staff he left me and trying to continue his work.
I'm not asking for a free pass, sir, I'm asking for a chance to prove my worth."
No. 189977 ID: c4c313


No. 189989 ID: 9e1d1b

One is only as miserable as one lets themself be. Sounds like this guy is more miserable than you'll ever be, throwing such a bitter statement at a child that chose his clan over the one he hates so much.
No. 189996 ID: c00244

Tiffany, gather yourself and show confidence and determination. This guy is being really mean to you, but you are not miserable, and no idiot. You are a necromancer, if a young one, and that means self-possession at all times.

You faced down a wraith that was preparing to tear apart a man much older than you just yesterday. This guy might be important, or even a powerful mage, but he's not going to kill you with blind prejudice and harsh words. He doesn't even speak for his whole clan- Thomas believed in you, not only in your promise but in your wisdom, or he'd never have entrusted you with his amulet and the book. Do not be intimidated by the master chamberlain's rudeness and scorn, and show no fear. Respond calmly and firmly.
No. 190003 ID: 426169
File 127595678481.gif - (46.77KB , 600x400 , 406.gif )

Ok. I gotta compose myself.

"Sir, I'm not asking for a free pass. I know I'm going to have to work hard to earn your trust."

>"Hah! Even being given the opportunity is a free pass. If I had a say in the matter, I would've set the Hounds loose the moment you set foot on the island. You're a wretched spawn of the Heretic, and part Rothwald to boot!"

"Look, I can't help my heritage. I didn't even know about either family until a few days ago. Both the Rothwalds and Gareth offered me a place in their family, and I chose you."

Malcolm gives a sharp look towards Gareth, who flinches visibly. He continues in the same harsh tone.

>"That offer was not his to make. And you do not simply choose to become a member of our clan."

"I... I know that. But I feel like I owe it to Thomas. I need to continue his work."

>"If you think for one moment that mentioning Thomas's death will ingratiate yourself to me, you are a greater fool than even I expected. Continue his work? HAH. Those are some very large boots to fill. They are out of your reach, little halfblood."

"All I want is a chance to prove my worth to you. Please, sir, let me show you what I'm made of."

>"Oh I think I know what you're made of. Not only have you managed to get one of our senior magicians killed, but you've also managed to resurrect Alexander the Heretic, and causing untold destruction and misery in your wake! Oh I think I don't care to see any more."


>"Unfortunately, the decision is not mine. The council has agreed to hear your case. You're scheduled for this afternoon. Now, if you'll excuse me, I would have a private word with my son."

Malcolm practically spat out the word 'son', and Gareth flinched again.
No. 190008 ID: bcf25c


What a dick.
No. 190012 ID: 620bfb

Man, I feel bad for Gareth growing up with that.
No. 190014 ID: 701a19

Say "By your leave." and depart.

Good thing this guy doesn't get a vote, isn't it?
No. 190015 ID: c00244

We'll have to offer our condolences later.

Good job, Tiffany. This guy's a dick, but you kept your cool and handled yourself well. Say something along the lines of "I look forward to it. Thank you for your time." Then respectful gesture- bow, nod, whatever you feel most comfortable with- and depart. Make sure Dad comes with you.

Then wait outside for Gareth, I suppose. If voices get raised enough, you might even be able to hear things through the door.
No. 190019 ID: d47be3

He's an even bigger ass than I thought. Thank goodness it isn't up to him.
Thank him, even though he doesnt deserve it, then be on your way.
No. 190020 ID: 6834bc

"The offer wasn't his to make. Okay. So you're saying you'd prefer it if I went with the Rothwalds instead, then.
Maybe I don't know just how strong my 'spark' is, but I understand numbers... One more for the Rothwalds is one less for the Kinsleys, sir.
Gareth, at least, had the foresight to try to prevent the Rothwalds from gaining any additional power."
Try to say this as respectfully as you can.
So how many people are going to flip out at me for 'trying to get Tiff killed'?
No. 190024 ID: c00244

I'm not going to flip out at you, but I do consider that unwise. It's clear that this guy has already made his decision regarding us; why attempt to debate with him and perhaps inspire anger? If we spend more time around here, we'll almost certainly run into people more sympathetic to us- perhaps some who are wavering and might actually be convinced. Save our arguments for them, rather than those who won't listen.
No. 190027 ID: d1210a

...Actually, if politely phrased, (maybe more so than already), I would advocate this as parting words.

Also, I personally still feel the Rothwalds would have been a better choice, but hey, we're here, let's make it a personal goal to get Malcolm to say at least one nice thing about us at some point, by constantly being polite, rational, and accomodating. Patience, tiff, patience.
No. 190030 ID: f95872

This is a stupid thing to say. I disagree with you, and thus you are clearly trying to get Tiffany killed.
No. 190061 ID: 40cb26

Maybe this would go over better:

"Don't be too hard on Gareth, he did good. It's not like he made any promises, the Rothwalds offered me a lot but I don't trust them. And Thomas was my moms friend, saved my life and gave me his medallion, so I feel I owe it to him to help the family."
No. 190066 ID: c00244

He will not take our attempting to influence his relationship with his son well. As he currently views us negatively, any attempt to speak in Gareth's favor will likely backfire (halo effect, or in this case horns effect, I suppose).

And we've already made that point about Thomas. He didn't respond well.

I agree that an excellent point is being made there, but I don't think that it would accomplish anything positive to point it out. No matter how polite we are. We can try to thaw out the chamberlain's opinion of us after we're in the clan proper; now is not the time.
No. 190074 ID: b14128

I agree with him. He shall win him over with our future actions, not our words here.
No. 190085 ID: 40cb26

How about this, as parting words: "The Rothwalds made the promises, but I trusted him."
No. 190097 ID: c00244

More delicate, but... He might well just use that to reinforce the fact that Gareth made promises as well, at least implicitly. My point here is that no matter what we say on this topic, someone determined to think ill of us can take it badly. Since this guy really seems to have it in for us, let's not give him more words to twist.
No. 190108 ID: 40cb26

I think it does more to remind him that what he accomplished was more about not letting us fall into the Rothwalds hands. As far as getting a bad opinion, I can't see it getting any worse from this for us or Gareth. And like he said, nothing is up to him anyways.

If nothing else it gives Gareth at least a try for a parting assist, after we pretty much screwed him over.
No. 190324 ID: a7a85a


Agreed. Tiff could become the greatest power in the Kinsley history and this guy would still ignorantly hate her.

Have as little contact as you can with this ass hat. Also, there was going to be someone like this on either family side.
No. 190359 ID: fc5f60

don't say anything else. just a sincere farewell, then leave.
No. 190382 ID: 426169
File 127599581357.gif - (42.80KB , 600x400 , 407.gif )

"Thank you, sir."

>"Go ahead, I'll catch up."

As Tiffany turns to leave, she touches Gareth's hand. He doesn't react.

Dad and Tiff close the door behind them.

You know... I bet I could hear what they're saying if I pressed my ear against the door. I know eavesdropping isn't exactly honest, but...

No. 190385 ID: 701a19

Don't. There's a very good chance that there's magic at work which would make trying it a costly mistake.
Just try to listen passively while you're waiting for your guide to be released.
No. 190386 ID: a594b9

If we listen in, remember that Gareth will be very likely to be putting up an act in order to not get in any more trouble.
No. 190410 ID: c00244

This. The information that you might gain would not be worth the risk and potential penalty of being caught. Wait outside the door and listen, but don't do anything which would say "I'm trying to hear what's going on inside" to someone who sees you.
No. 190411 ID: e2020c


This. Heh. Find some other game.
No. 190478 ID: c4c313


His dad is probably just chewing him out for bringing you here anyway. Nothing you don't already know.
No. 190503 ID: 426169
File 127602405696.png - (159.89KB , 1000x800 , 408.png )

... Yeah. Probably not worth the risk. He's probably being chewed out for bringing us here. I'll just wait around here. I can't really hear what they're saying, just muffled voices. And... A clap. Wood against stone. Sounds like a cane. And frantic footsteps.

A bald, black-clad man turns a corner and heads towards Tiffany and dad. Judging by his heavy breath, he's been moving too fast for his age.

>"Is it true? Is Thomas dead?"
No. 190505 ID: f95872

Don't put your ear to the door, but lean against it in such a manner that your skull rests upon the door. This won't look like eavesdropping, but it will allow you to get some of what they say through the vibrations of the door. Assuming no particular muffling and whatnot, anyway, but judging from the apparent nature of the walls, it should be a safe assumption. And even if it doesn't work, we lose nothing.
No. 190506 ID: d1210a

'Um.... yes, I'm sorry, but he is.."

Obvious followup questions from the old one of 'who are you/ how do you know'

"Thomas... died protecting me."
"My name is Tiffany."

Try and be helpful, consoling, and sorrowful, who knows, this guy might end up liking you.
No. 190518 ID: 1806cd

mention of Alexander the Heretic might be needed. He died defending you from Alexander. He gave his life for you to escape.
No. 190523 ID: 426169
File 12760271706.png - (191.98KB , 1000x800 , 409.png )

"It's true. I'm sorry."

>"That is... quite a blow. How did he die?"

"He saved me from Alexander the heretic. I don't know what Alexander did to him, but... I was with him when he died. I'm so sorry. Did you know him well?"

>"Yes we've... We've known each other for a long time. We've been friends since... Since forever ago. We were apprentices together under the same master. I think I better sit down."

The man sits down heavily on a windowsill.

"Oh. Umm, I'm Tiffany Blake. That's Greg, my dad, over there."

>"It is nice to finally meet you miss Blake, though I wish is was under better circumstances. I am Duncan of Bardsey- Kinsley I mean. I am one of the librarians here at the castle. I heard you are going before the council to seek membership in the clan?"


>"You've just been to see the master chamberlain? I take it young Gareth is still there."


A look of concern passes over Duncan's face, but it quickly disappears.

>"I expect that will take a while. His father did not take the news of the lost medallion well. May I offer you a cup of tea in the meantime?"
No. 190535 ID: c00244

"I would be honored to take tea with you, Duncan."

If this man is a librarian, he's one of the keepers of the Kinsley's priceless knowledge. That means that you want him on your side. Be respectful and be careful not to offend- keep a close watch on his reactions to what you say.

While it would be immediately useful to ask a few questions about Gareth and his father, it would perhaps be more appropriate to encourage Duncan to talk about Thomas as he knew him, since you didn't know Thomas that well and it would likely suit Duncan's mood. It might also provide us with information about Thomas which could prove valuable in the immediate future- our council hearing, specifically.
No. 190541 ID: 5eea01

"Yes, please. Earl Grey. Hot."
No. 190543 ID: 40cb26

Yes join him for tea. And have a little chat.

Ask him about the significance of the medallions, what it means if you lose one and what it means when someone gives theirs to you. Then show him Thomas' medallion.

And maybe ask him about the book... don't say you have it, but talk about the film negatives that Alexander has now. If you can get more information on the book without saying you have it that'll give us a better clue about what to do with it.
No. 190547 ID: c4c313


If a librarian doesn't know anything about the book, then we definitely are in a trap. But assuming that Gareth has unwittingly taken us to sanctuary it'll be very interesting to hear what he knows about it...
No. 190552 ID: 55e935

This, sweet Jesus, this.
No. 190577 ID: 660412

Take the tea.
I'm not sure if you've ever had anything other than tea from teabags, but there's a reason tea's so popular there. They do things right.
No. 190670 ID: 6e49b2

No. 190914 ID: 426169
File 127608677160.png - (287.66KB , 1000x800 , 410.png )

"Do you have Earl Grey?"

Duncan let's out a hearty laugh.

>"If it is Earl Grey you want, it is Earl Grey you shall get."

"It would be an honour to take tea with you, mister Duncan."

>"You don't have to be so formal. It's only tea."

Duncan climbs to his feet with the help of his cane, and takes the lead.

"Umm... Could you tell me something about Thomas?"

>"Well, what would you like to know?"

"When did you two meet?"

>"First year of school. Of course, we didn't become friends for a number of years. In fact, we were bitter enemies for most of our schoolyears. Ah the pranks we pulled. I remember this one time when he was pissed off at me for some reason, I think it was the ink trick, but that crafty devil snuck into my room in the dead of night, and stuck a needle through my hot water bottle! I was SO furious, well mostly wet, but positively fuming! Of course I got him back, the very next- oh. Forgive an old man for rambling. You would think that at my age you would get used to losing friends. Never gets any easier."

"No, it's all right. How did you become friends?"

>"I suppose we have Augustus to thank for that. He was our master. Augustus of Syracuse. An extraordinary man. Even now I think he was a wiser man than I'll ever be. He put a stop to our private little war. We became rivals, always trying to outdo one another, then eventually we became friends. We did not always see eye to eye on things, but still... He was my oldest and dearest friend."

Tiffany takes the amulet out of her pocket.

"Thomas gave me this. Could you tell me something about it?"

Duncan stops dead in his tracks, tears in his eyes.

>"He- He gave you his amulet? May I hold it for a moment?"

"Oh, sure."

With shaking hands Duncan picks up the amulet. He holds it tightly, feeling the engravings with his fingers.

>"Whenever you touch something, you leave a trace of yourself behind. The longer you hold it, the stronger the trace. This amulet still carries the feel of Thomas."

"You mean there's a part of him there?"

>"In a way yes. It's only a quiet echo, but it gives me a bit of comfort."

"Do you want to keep it?"

>"Hnh. No. Thomas gave it to you; it's yours now."

He offers back the amulet, and Tiffany quickly repockets it.

>"But thank you for letting me say goodbye. Thank you."

"You're welcome.... What are these amulets about? Why is Malcolm making such a fuss about it?"

>"Well... It's complicated. They symbolize membership of and commitment to the Kinsley clan. Besides their symbolic value, they also act as a key to quite a few doors, and many of our wards can be passed through if you're carrying one of those. Each bearer is expected to protect it with their life. In fact, the enchantments put on the amulet will destroy the it should the bearer die."

"Oh. I didn't know it was such a big deal."

>"There's more. In the event that someone were to lose the amulet, they're expected to commit suicide. Immediately."

"That's kinda... Harsh."

>"I'm glad you think so. I personally am very grateful that such barbaric measures are rarely used."

"But... oh no, is Gareth going to be killed?"

>"No, no. It would cause an uproar even worse than losing the amulet. Besides, it would be too late now. There's been enough time for the thief to subvert the enchantment. But there will be talk. Young Gareth has brought quite a bit of shame on his family, his immediate family I mean. I expect he won't get off easily. Ah, here are my quarters. Please, come in."
No. 190940 ID: 40cb26

You should sit and talk with him about everything that happened with Alexander. Try not to get bogged down in details but explain all the important stuff... except about the book, of course. But if you can bring up the subject of it's significance after explaining about the negatives.

The book is almost useless without someone who can read it, it's risky to just carry around with us, and if the Council knows about it then almost certainly it gets sealed away. So you might want to consider letting him in on the secret of the book, maybe even keep it for you. Ask him that if Thomas kept a secret from the rest of the family, would he do the same? But be very careful about doing this. Approach the subject cautiously, and not immediately after discussing the book if you can help it so that he doesn't guess.
No. 190941 ID: a594b9

We are not to speak of the book to anyone here. They will snatch it away and lock it up.

We should find some way to learn its language without them suspecting anything. Asking now about the language would be a bad idea too.

We should definitely tell him about Alexander and what he did to Mom and maybe find out if he thinks it's possible to save her.
No. 190942 ID: c00244

Take a glance around the room. Keep polite and mannerly while having tea.

Continue to speak to Duncan about whatever feels most natural- your history with Alexander, being sure to mention that Thomas freed you from a mind control spell in place for years; your curiosity about Thomas' lance and the use that you've made of it; your nervousness over meeting the council, particularly given the chamberlain's rather vicious reaction to you.

This is slightly manipulative, but I would recommend that you try to keep the conversation Thomas-centered, tying most topics back to him somehow. It's clear that Duncan cared greatly for his friend, and the more strongly we can associate ourselves with Thomas in his mind the more he's likely to favor us.

>You might want to consider letting him in on the secret of the book, maybe even keep it for you. Ask him that if Thomas kept a secret from the rest of the family, would he do the same? [i]But be very careful about doing this.[i] Approach the subject cautiously, and not immediately after discussing the book if you can help it so that he doesn't guess.
Very careful means say nothing at all on the topic of the book. We met this guy five minutes ago; sure he seems nice, but this is trusting him too much and going too far. Don't broach this topic.
No. 190945 ID: 40cb26

Perhaps, but there isn't going to be anyone we can trust more and learning the language ourselves may take years we don't have. And I'm concerned that if we don't hide it away safer soon, someone else will find it and none of this will matter.

But I suppose we have time to decide on all that.
No. 190946 ID: 1ac39d

bring up that alexander has some photocopies of a book not the book itself.
No. 190952 ID: c00244

>there isn't going to be anyone we can trust more
We don't know that. We should not be pouring out our secrets to anyone on the same day we meet them, no matter who they are or how trustworthy they seem. And even if Duncan decides to work on our behalf, he might not see hiding the book for us as to our benefit- it's a powerful forbidden tome, after all; a young girl just learning magic could be better off without the danger and temptation.

Yes, learning the language ourselves will take far too long. But we've been on this island for all of a couple hours; there is little need to take dangerous risks in rushing this matter. I too am concerned that someone else might find it, but not so concerned that I'm willing to gamble on the actions of people we just met over it.
No. 190972 ID: f95872

Let's not broach that quite yet.

>there isn't going to be anyone we can trust more
This is bullshit. We should be more able to trust this guy given more time of getting to know him. Or we might not. It's not a matter of talking to the first person we see who is nice and offers us tea.
No. 191033 ID: 426169
File 12761190567.png - (195.19KB , 1000x800 , 411.png )

The room was simple, small, but well cared for. One corner housed a small kitchen, another a reading table, the third a worn bunk bed. In the centre there was a small table with four chairs.

After ushering Dad and Tiff to take a seat, Duncan busied himself with the process of making tea.

>"Thank you for inviting us for a cup, mister Kinsley."

>"Duncan, please. And you're quite welcome."

>"The island is simply breathtaking. And the castle itself is very impressive."

>"Well, we do what we can. Although I must say, it does get terribly drafty in the winter. We keep trying to modernize things a bit, but getting the council to agree on anything is... well, like herding cats. But I'd very much like to hear about your role in the recent events. The are some rather wild rumours flying around, and I would like a first hand account. Don't worry, I don't intend to record it for the histories, the official hearing will be later."

"All right... I guess it's a bit of a long story, and I'm not too sure about all the bits, but I'll try.
When Alexander was killed he apparently had some sort of a plan that prevented him from dying, and instead hid himself inside his skull. Anyway, mom hid the skull in a mausoleum not far from where we lived. I guess he started messing with my head years ago, at least according to Thomas. He... mind-controlled me to bring him a picture my brother made, then used it to make him drown himself. I guess he did it so I would go to him to learn necromancy. I'm not sure why he didn't just mind-control me like he did earlier-"

>"If I may interrupt, from what you told me it's likely he wouldn't have had the strength to do that continuously, but do go on."

"... I guess that makes sense, yeah. Anyway, he taught me a little bit of magic from some photocopies he had of some book or another."

>"Undoubtedly from his stolen Grimoire."

"What is that?"

>"The Grimoire of the City of the Dead, or as the old translation goes, the Book of the Dead. He stole it from the Black Rose vault when he betrayed our clan. It is believed by many to be destroyed now. It was never one of those books you'd want to read before bed anyway."

"Ok. Well, the second day he had me create a familiar"

Duncan's eyes widen a little at that.

"- even though I almost died that time."

>"What happened?"

"Well... I messed up the ritual. I rubbed out the wrong hook from the soul trap, and when I completed the sevenfold seal I... I guess I died. There was this thread I climbed up though, uhh, then the grim reaper almost cut the thread, but I guess grampa stopped him. Do you know what happened?"

>"Well... I can't say for sure as I wasn't there, but it sounds like the soul trap kept a part of your soul in place while the sevenfold seal kept pulling it in, with increasing tension. Once the seal was completed, it tore the soul off the trap, and the feedback might've been enough to actually wrench your soul from your body entirely. Tell me, what happened to the trap?"

"It exploded, burnt the cloth right off."

>"That's a likely explanation then. As for your rescue, I think Alexander just reminded the Reaper Man about the Compact. The Reaper Man cannot slay the living, and since you weren't actually dead, he couldn't touch you."

"... Ah. Well... I guess sometime after that I had a vision of the past. I saw my brother's death, and a strange symbol on his head. After I told Alexander about it, the next morning he called me up real early and told wild tales about us being hunted by the Rothwalds. That turned out to be a complete lie. Anyway we ran away with me, Alexander and his friend or servant or whatever, Jakov the wraith. We set a trap for the 'Rothwalds'. Something called the Labyrinth of Hak'keth"

>"Quite a feat for a novice, I must say."

"Yeah but it was really for my mom. Grampa made me panic and call my mom to warn her about the Rothwalds, but in reality I just lured her to the trap. Then Jakov tied me up and threw me in the basement. That's where Thomas found me. He...umm what's the word? Disint- no dispersed. Yeah he dispersed Jakov, freed me, and removed Alexander's mind-messing from my head. Once I realized that my mom was walking to a trap, I ran off to try and save her. I was too late though. Alexander had already taken over mom's body. He would've killed me if Thomas hadn't intervened. He saved my life, but he was badly wounded. He told me to run, so I ran. He sent some kind of zombies after me, but I managed to get to a phone, and dad here brought me home. One of the Rothwalds showed up at our house, looking for some items he thought Alexander might've left behind, but Thomas arrived, scaring him off. He was bleeding bad, and collapsed on our porch. He didn't last long after he gave me the amulet, just told me to go to the safe house in Adeleine. Umm. Are you all right?"

>"I'm sorry, go on."

"Well... We went to Adeleine, to his safe house. Well, there dad got arrested and I was.... well I wasn't really kidnapped, more like forcibly invited to visit the Rothwald that we'd met before. He told me that the Rothwald shadow hunters are going after Alexander, whatever that means. Someone took dad from the police though. Someone was interrogating him, not the police, we don't know who. Gareth happened by, looking for Thomas I guess. He rescued dad. After we were reunited both Martin, the Rothwald I mentioned, and Gareth offered me a place in their family. I picked the Kinsleys. Oh and we were attacked by Jakov. I managed to get Thomas' lance working, and drove Jakov off. Not before he managed to steal Gareth's amulet, though. The rest you know."

>"Ah. That's... Quite a tale. It certainly fits with most of the rumours going around. The little girl who could wield a radiant lance. The walking dead near Adeleine. Well I've made you speak for long enough. Is there something you wish to ask of me? Oh and how's the tea?"
No. 191038 ID: 701a19

"The tea's quite good, thank you.
I can prove some of it. Mulder, my familiar, is around here somewhere, I know all the symbols and incantations involved, and if people don't believe Gareth I can relight the lance.
My questions are a bit dry;
Can anything be done to save my mom? Anything at all?
Has anybody gone to secure Thomas' safehouse? One of the immortals was in there, and I'd hate to see that fall into Alexander's clutches.
What rumors don't fit? I'd like to clarify anything I can."
No. 191045 ID: c00244

Be honest regarding the quality of the tea.

Ask if there's any way to save Mom.

Tell him that you're feeling a bit nervous about meeting the council, and ask him to tell you about them and perhaps give you any advice he can.

Ask what people are saying, and if it's bad. Tell him that we really want to fit in here, and learn enough to save Mom or at least stop Alexander, and the chamberlain made it seem like that could never happen. Again, ask for any help he can offer.
No. 191049 ID: 40cb26

"Can you tell me more about the reaper and the compact?"

"And... I sorta kicked grim in the nuts... and before that I made him kneel before me and demanded his loyalty... I had thought that might be part of the test or something. I'd sorta like to apologize to him, if I didn't have to get mostly killed over it.
No. 191064 ID: c00244

>And... I sorta kicked grim in the nuts... and before that I made him kneel before me and demanded his loyalty...
Let's... uh... not get into the specifics of what exactly we did that might have offended him, when speaking to others. It doesn't help us look like the sort of person they would like to teach. Just saying that we were rude before we knew anything about the Compact should suffice.
No. 191078 ID: 40cb26

You're completely right of course. But his reaction would be hilarious.
No. 191180 ID: 6e49b2

have we actually TASTED the tea yet? we've been talking.

ask if the kinsleys have dispatched anyone to deal with our possessed mother. We only know about the rothwald's shadow hunters at this point.
No. 191404 ID: 63ab82

Ask him about Kinsley's general attitude towards us. Do we stand a chance in the trial? Should we prepare a plan epic enough for them to believe us?
No. 191501 ID: 426169
File 127619918621.png - (93.57KB , 1000x800 , 412.png )

"It's very good, thanks. ... Is there anything we could do to save mom?"

>"I'm sorry, child, but I do not know. Hopefully. It depends largely on how Alexander did what he did, and whether we can capture him alive. I know this must be terrible for you, but the consequences of allowing him to roam freely would be very dire. Very dire indeed."

"So I keep hearing. What exactly would happen?"

>"At it's worst? He would seek to bypass the Compact and rebuild the City of the Dead regardless. The great lords of the underworld would tolerate it for a little while, but eventually they would consider the pact void, assemble their numberless armies and begin the Harrowing anew. You see, you can only play legal word-games with the Compact for so long, before you draw their ire. Alexander never understood that, even as a young man."

"You knew Alexander?"

>"Oh yes. Augustus, our master, was an extraordinary man in many respects. He was a very progressive thinker in a time when such thoughts were in poor favor. He spoke against the long-standing traditions of keeping dangerous texts hidden away, forgotten. He felt they should be studied, with caution obviously, but not forgotten. He also came up with the rather unpopular theory of common ancestry with the Rothwalds. He belived all the numerous families shared a common root, a source long forgotten in history. At the time we were once again at war with the Rothwalds, so you can imagine how unpopular such ideas made him."

"I can imagine. Did he say what caused the split?"

>"No, unfortunately. He did manage to date it to sometime mid seventh century. Anyway, after me and Thomas had finished our studies Augustus took on a new apprentice. A certain very ambitious young man. At first he proved a diligent student, not a very strong magician, but he had a certain sense of finesse. If he ever truly excelled at anything it was manipulating others, either by magic or by words. Anyway, it didn't take very long until he was caught sneaking around in the restricted archives. Augustus covered for him that time, and the next, and the next, thinking that he could handle Alexander himself. Of course, that lying snake abused his goodwill without shame. Eventually, the council had enough. They decided to strip Alexander of his apprenticeship, and send him away from the island. He did not take that well. That very night, Augustus caught him in the vaults, stealing books. Alexander killed him in cold blood. That night we lost one of our best, because of one arrogant and foolish young man."

"I'm sorry."

>"We all were. An even greater tragedy came after. His death was followed by the death of his dreams, of reform and peace in Europe. The concervatives didn't waste the chance to solidify their grip of the clan. Sometimes it feels like Augustus' death set us back a hundred years. Hardly anyone dares to voice similar opinions, now. Thomas was one such man, and look what it earned him. A permanent posting in some colonial backwater, uh, no offense."

"None taken."

>"With all that in recent memory, you can't really blame people for being wary of you. A decendant of Alexander, an exiled murderer, and part Rothwald. For my part, I know that Thomas had complete faith in you, enough to give you his amulet. To me, that is more than enough. But you shouldn't expect to see many friendly faces around here. Even those who would otherwise be fine with your background might not dare show it, out of political pressure. It should pass in time, though."

"Let's hope so. Um... So what's the situation in Adeleine?"

>"The Rothwalds arrived there a few hours ago. We have dispatched some of our American operatives to observe and secure any of our safe houses in the area. We should hear back from them in a couple of days, after that I expect the council will decide our next action."

"Oh yeah, the council. Do you have advice about speaking to the council?"


"A little."

>"Well, all I can say is 'be honest'. If they later find out you were untruthful you can... well, kiss your bum goodbye. But you shouldn't worry too much about the hearing, not everyone there is your enemy, and there's at least one who would vote against Balian just to spite him."

"Who's Balian?"

>"First Speaker Balian is the, uh, chairman of the council. A rather old-fashioned gentleman. He probably won't like you too much. Oh don't worry, council decisions are made by vote, all you need is three Aye's and you're in. Balian can moan all he wants but he only has one vote. Anything else on your mind, child?"
No. 191508 ID: a594b9

Mid 7th Century... well, there's the First Islamic Civil War. Also the introduction of Islam to Egypt.
No. 191516 ID: a594b9

"People keep saying I'm half Rothwald, but my mother rejected them."
No. 191517 ID: 1806cd

so magic may or may not have to do with the sunni-shi'a split?
No. 191522 ID: e3f578

Again, quarter Rothwald.

Anyway, ask about the immortal in Thomas's base.
No. 191528 ID: 426169
File 127620612365.png - (71.32KB , 1000x800 , 413.png )

"People keep telling me I'm part Rothwald, even though my mother rejected them."

>"Ah yes. I'm afraid it's a little bit more complicated than that. After the whole debacle with Alexander was over, or so we though at the time, your mother became quite the issue. She would have had automatic membership in both clans, which was absolutely out of the question in the prevalent political climate. The council of elder's eventually decided that since she was born after Alexander had been exiled, she had no business in the clan either no matter how strong she was. So it was decided in the winter Conclave of nineteen eighty two that she would be considered a member of the Rothwald family, while Kinsleys would renounce her. Then she went and refused. In public. And she wasn't too kind with her words either. Now you can imagine what an insult it was to the Rothwalds, being called quite a colourful variety of names by nine-year-old girl, in the presence of representatives from a good chunk of European families. I dare say Wolfgang took it rather personally."

"Oh wow. That must've taken a lot of guts."

>"It did. That was the only time I met your mother, but she was a very spirited young lady if I'm any judge. Anyway, the Conclave decision didn't specifically mention her possible children. So your introduction to our little community will undoubtedly cause some stir. The summer Conclave will start soon, and the Rothwalds might use the opportunity to object. After all, they do have precedent on their side. When they council decides whether to accept you as a Kinsley they also have to consider the political impact. They'd have to back you at the Conclave. Politics. It's always damn politics."

Duncan lets out a long sigh and falls silent.

"Umm. What about that creature we found in Thomas' safehouse? The immortal?"

>"Ah. Judging from the fact that you're still alive you chose not to tamper with the prison. Wisely chosen. Terrible beasts, those. Sometimes I think it would've been better if they had never been created at all."

"Could you tell me about them?"

>"Well, yes. You know of the Harrowing, yes?"

"A little. The war between mortals and the underworld?"

>"Exactly. The immortals were created as soldiers to battle the Lords. Horrible, horrible monsters. They know only destruction, feel only the desire to kill, and obey only one person: the Bone King. We do not know how they were created, or how to kill them. As far as we can tell, they are true immortals. Of course, even if we knew how to make them, it's specifically forbidden by the Compact. I'm afraid I don't really know much else to tell you, though. There hasn't really been much research into them, mainly because whenever someone tries they either are unable to examine the creatures or accidentally release one, and rapidly kick the bucket."
No. 191531 ID: a594b9

"What makes someone a Bone King?"
No. 191539 ID: 63ab82

(Our mom was just as awesome as us.)

Inquire about city of the dead. Would it be a city in this realm or the underworld?

What about other forces? Shadow hunters? Church? Inquisitors?
No. 191549 ID: e3f578

"My mother beheaded a necromancer when she was nine?"
No. 191559 ID: c4c313

Tell Duncan that Alexander slipped that he had access to your mother's power. Her haftsusha I guess. That should narrow down what kind of possession he used when she was helpless in the labyrinth. Knowing the guy though it was probably something nasty.
No. 191570 ID: c00244

>(Our mom was just as awesome as us.)
Indeed. Even more, since she managed to actually kill Alexander at our age. We really, really need to save her...

Also bring up that the immortal referred to Alexander that way.
No. 191701 ID: c4c313


The immortal referred to the "Bone King" as a source of the smell of "bones and dirt, blood and rotting flesh, sorcery and ashes." It also called him a "death lord". But it never mentioned Alexander by name. It's pretty bloody likely, considering that Alexander is the only one in the area raising an undead army to complete his selfish aims, but if we're really really really lucky, the Bone King will be someone else entirely.
No. 191703 ID: c00244

We are many things.

Really really really lucky is not one of them.
No. 191742 ID: a7a85a


True. Somehow I think if there was a separate Bone King he'd just...become Alexander's second in command or something.
We gotta see if we can buff or increase our luck 'stat'.
No. 191775 ID: f95872

We could try crossing our fingers, or wearing the front left foot of a white hare. We should certainly keep an eye out for four leafed clovers and lucky pennies.
No. 191804 ID: b05726


If they're true immortal it's probably because they weren't created.
No. 191866 ID: 426169
File 127627490789.png - (181.83KB , 1000x800 , 414.png )

"What makes someone a Bone King?"

>"I don't know. Most of the information about them is restricted, even from the librarians themselves. I believe there's some kind of a ritual involved. As most who have claimed the title have been substantially powerful, it's a fair guess that a lot of power is required to perform it. This is all just speculation from my part, obviously. I suppose I could dig around the libraries for something more accurate."

"That would be great, although I don't want to put you into to much trouble-"

>"Oh it's no bother. I spend a fair bit of my time down there anyway."

"Alexander let slip that he has mom's powers now. Also that thing in the pit said that a Bone King walked the earth. What do you make of that?"

>"Hmm.... That is worrysome. I know he tried to possess your mother before, back when she was a child. Perhaps he didn't have enough strength to claim the title himself, and decided to steal someone else's?"

"Could you tell me a little bit more about the city of the dead?"

>"It was one of the ancient city-states in the middle east, predating the Sumerians by at least three thousand years. They were the greatest necromancers ever to have lived. It is believed to be destroyed following the end of the Harrowing. No ruins have ever been found, unfortunately. I don't know what else to tell you. I can of course recommend some books on the subject, if you'd like."

"Maybe later. Are there any other significant groups that I should know about? Besides us and the Rothwalds I mean."

>"I suppose. There's Vatican, for one. They used to make a big fuss about hunting down witches and whatnot, but they've settled down after the reformations. These days we mind our own business, they mind theirs, and both keep their own problems in their respective territories. There are a whole bunch of magicians and mystics in the far-east, but we don't really associate ourselves with them. There's no hostility or anything like that, it's just a lack of interest from both sides. Our forms of magic differ too much to be comined in any sensible way, and they have their own problems, same as us Europeans. Pretty much the same with Africa. America and Australia have been a no-man's land ever since the European colonization and immigration and of course the near-extinction of the original populations. You'll have to ask someone else for details, though. I don't pay much attention to the goings-on of far-off lands. When there's trouble at home..."

"Yeah... Thanks for the info, it's always useful. But man, I still can't believe mom decapitated a necromancer at the age of nine. It makes kicking Death in the balls kinda lame in comparison."

>"Yeah she- You did what?"

"Umm... I kinda kicked the Reaper in the balls. Before I knew about the Compact 'n stuff."

Duncan glares at Tiffany with unblinking eyes, then bursts out in roaring laughter. Confused, Tiffany joins in. Dad joins in on general principles.

>"Hehe I really shouldn't encourage that sort of thing, but... Kicking the Reaper in the family jewels? It seems that being a spirited young lady goes in the family with you."

The laughter is interrupted by a creak from the door. Gareth stands in the doorway. When he speaks, his voice seems strangely toneless.

>"Oh. There you are."
No. 191871 ID: a594b9

"Are you okay?"
No. 191874 ID: 701a19

You might want to tell Duncan that the immortal called you master, too.
No. 191877 ID: c00244

Let's not. There's a better than even chance that it was trying to con us into releasing it, after all.

"Hey, Gareth. Are you all right?" It might be indelicate to push on what his dad said, given what Duncan's told us, so let's leave it to him to tell us other information or not.
No. 191884 ID: 426169
File 127627775121.png - (80.59KB , 600x800 , 415.png )

"Hey Gareth, you okay?"

>"Yes. Why wouldn't I be?"

The same flat tone. He's pulled the hood real deep too, I can't even see his face.

>"Ah, young Gareth. I assume you're here to steal my guests away?"

>"Yes master Duncan."

>"Well, young Tiffany, I hope you enjoyed our talk as much as I do. You're always welcome here for tea or a chat."
No. 191885 ID: c00244

Hrm. Apparently Duncan's title is "master", rather than "mister". Who knew?

"Thank you, master Duncan. It was very nice to talk to you. I hope I'll see you again."

Go with Gareth. I'm torn between wanting to say something like "You seem kind of out of it, anything I could do to cheer you up?" and keeping our mouth shut.
No. 191891 ID: 1ac39d

his dad is probably mind controlling him or something. his voice is way too monotonous.
No. 191894 ID: c00244

I would rather not assume mind control where simple verbal abuse would likely suffice. Besides, even if that's true it's not as though we can do anything for him; his father is a high-ranking mage in a clan of them, and knows what they will consider appropriate and what they won't.
No. 191902 ID: a594b9

"Gareth, let me see your face."
No. 191910 ID: 40cb26

He might be hiding his face because he got smacked around some. Still it's smart to be careful, just in case it's something worse.
No. 191911 ID: c4c313

Damn. Didn't think Gareth's father would stoop that low. Guess you should have listened to the door after all.

Just to screw with them both, refer to Gareth as "Malcom". Either it will distract Gareth from the lashing he just received (explaining his reserved demeanor), or it will thoroughly insult the man controlling his mind (explaining his reserved demeanor). If it gets really ugly you can always say you just got their names mixed up.

Ask where you're going next.
No. 191923 ID: 426169
File 127628312115.png - (83.00KB , 600x800 , 416.png )

"Gareth, let me see your face."

>"N-no. I don't want to."
No. 191929 ID: e2020c


No. 191932 ID: a594b9

Hmm... Okay. Let's just go.
No. 191933 ID: e2020c


Maybe Gareth lost his face!
No. 191935 ID: c00244

"...if you don't want to show me, you don't have to. Where are we going?"
No. 192035 ID: 426169
File 127629371053.png - (197.48KB , 600x800 , 417.png )

"Ok. Where are we going?"

>"I wanted to take you to see the Artificier. He's got Thomas' lance after all."

"Sounds good. See you later Duncan!"

>"Thank you for your hospitality, Duncan."

>"You're welcome. Now shoo."

Gareth led Tiffany and dad through the castle, down quite a few stairs. A poorly lit corridor lead to heavy oak door. A loud crackling sound could be heard within, even through the thick door.

"Is this it?"

>"Yeah. Let's just go in, he won't hear us knocking."

Gareth pulled the door open, and the corridor was filled with deafening cracks and a horrifying stench. AS the door opened, Tiffany noticed that the wood had been scorched black on the other side. The room beyond was gloomy, filled with strange, alien objects. In an alcove across the room a man was working on something, sending off flashes of light and ear-breaking cracks in rapid succession.
No. 192064 ID: f95872

Say hello.
No. 192077 ID: c4c313


No. Be quiet. You do not want to disturb this man. "the wood had been scorched black". You want to be very very quiet.
No. 192080 ID: c00244

Could be true. Follow Gareth's lead on this one, I think.
No. 192097 ID: b14128

Take a look over what's drawn on that big scroll and what he's working on. Might have spell stuff we can use.
No. 192542 ID: 426169
File 127634146773.gif - (1.23MB , 800x1000 , 418.gif )

Tiffany opts to remain quiet. She idly examines the laid out scroll. To be honest, they look like the scribblings of a maniac, and are completely incomprehensible. What else is there? Ohey is that Thomas' lance? It is! Suddenly, the man speaks in a gruff voice without turning around.

>"Keep your hands to yourself, missy."

"I wasn't-"


The man continues working. After a few more cracks he lays down whatever it is he was working on, and turns towards the door.

>"Well? What is it? Spit it out. You kids shouldn't be here anyway."
No. 192543 ID: 732129


Master is the traditional term for bachelors, to be used instead of Mister. It has fallen into use only in very formal language in the modern era, but the meaning is the same.
No. 192546 ID: 701a19

"I'm here to pick up the lance that Thomas left to me."
No. 192564 ID: 40cb26

Introduce yourself, and with suitable respect... don't embellish though as I doubt he'd care much for that.

Err are we supposed to be reclaiming it? Say instead "I'm the one who brought Thomas' lance back here. Could you tell me more about it?"
No. 192570 ID: c4c313

Oh my god he has a huge forehead.

Try not to stare at it.

No. 192589 ID: 7a6d72

Introduce yourself. Ask if there might be a better time for him? He does look like a busy guy, after all.

Babble a little about the lance, maybe. How come it's so heavy when not on, but when it's on, it's light? Do they break? Do you make them, or are they ancient artifacts that you maintain? Those sorts of questions.
No. 193054 ID: 426169
File 127643100146.png - (61.93KB , 500x800 , 419.png )

As the man turns, Tiffany can see that he's not wearing so much robes but the ragged remains of multiple layers of robes, spattered with scorchmarks, stained with soot and ash. He doesn't smell very nice either.

>"Ahem. Tiffany, this is Cain of Bardsey, high master Artificier to clan Kinsley. Master Cain, this-"


>"Umm... Excuse me?"

>"I'm not taking one of you snot-faced morons as an apprentice. I thought I made that clear to your father."

>"Umm, we're not here for that."

>"Good. Now get the hell out of here, before I throw you out."

>"Um, this is Tiffany Blake. With the lance?"


>"So you're the little twerp who's been mistreating the old lady. Do you have any idea what kind of damage you could've caused?"

"Umm. Sorry?"

>"The shaft core's got a foot-long crack, the shaft itself is badly bent and splintered, and it looks like some bloody amateur forced unstable primal down the third and fourth ventricles. The damned thing could've split in two!"

"Umm.. I think the last thing could've been me, but Thomas did the first two."

>"Ha! Thomas would've known better than to damage a priceless relic. What the hell were you doing tampering with it anyway?"

"Thomas is dead. He died fighting Alexander. And I had to use the lance to fight off a wraith."

>"... Well, I'll need to replace the shaft. Now shoo."

"Wait! Could I ask you a few questions about it? Who made it? How come it's so light when it's lit? What was the white cloud around the blade?"

>"Harrumph. White cloud you say? The old lady must've taken a liking to you. Oh fine, I guess I have time for a couple of questions. They were made by our ancestors, during the first century. Carved obsidian. It's lighter when lit because the spirit inside the blade carries most of the weight, part of the enchantments. Now stop bothering me, I have work to do."

As Cain returns to his work, Tiffany sneaks a peek at what he's doing. Every now and then a bright lightning arc extends from his finger, and strikes a stone sword, slowly carving runes along the edge of the blade. Meanwhile Gareth collects some dirty plates and leftovers from around the room, and motions towards the door.

>"Look, we don't have much time left before the hearing, but I guess I could take you to see one more of the senior wizards we have around the place. There's still Hakun the summoner and I think Joyce is still visiting for a few more weeks. She's one of the Hunters. Beyond that there's just the librarians, the elders, the guards and some staff."

"Umm, is there a reason to visit them?"

>"Well, the thing is, if things go well with the council there's still the issue of getting someone to take you as an apprentice. You'd have to convince one of the senior wizards here to take you on. I figured you'd want to meet as many of them as possible. So, you wanna go see Hakun or Joyce, or head to the council chambers?"
No. 193056 ID: 701a19

If the hunters are going to be the ones sent after Alexander, then you should talk to them.
Any information you can provide would help, and you can show them the exact circle he used to capture your mom, and knowing how it was achieved gives a clue as to how it can be undone.

Besides that? I'd so focus on rituals and dabble with necromancy. Also study every other circle that is capable of healing.
No. 193085 ID: a594b9

The entire hotel was covered with runes; the trap circle was a basic thing just to keep Mom from moving around.

If Joyce is only going to be here for a few more weeks, wouldn't it make more sense to see Hakun? I mean, Joyce wouldn't even be able to take us under her wing if she's going to bugger off somewhere. Now, if she's got her own private library or something, then maybe we'd have reason to try talking to her.
No. 193094 ID: 40cb26

Let's see Joyce, a wizard who doesn't get cooped up every day here is probably going to be more pleasant. And hunting seems more relevant than summoning right now, even if the other seems easier to get into.

If we get taken as an apprentice by her, either she'll stay here or we go with her. Both sound options fine to me.
No. 193123 ID: c4c313

He's arc welding with his bare hands.

Wizards are so badass.
No. 193126 ID: 426169
File 127645678588.png - (143.54KB , 600x800 , 420.png )

"Ok... I guess I'd want to see Joyce first."


Gareth leads Tiffany and Dad back up to the guest quarters, occasionally passing by a patrolling guard. They emerge into a brightly lit room, where a woman in her late twenties is reading a book.

>"Whatto, Joyce!"

>"Heeey if it ain't lil G! What are you doing here, aren't you supposed to be in America?"

>"Thanks for making me feel like the world's most wanted cousin."

>"C'mere you little-"

Joyce grabs Gareth for a hug, ruffling his hair.

>"What's going on? Who's the new girl? A little young for your girlfriend."

Gareth even sounds like he's blushing.

>"Not like that. Joyce, this is Tiffany. Tiffany, Joyce. She's Julie's daughter, you know, Julie the daughter of Alexander."

>"Hi there, Tiff! Mind if I call you Tiff? What brings you to these parts?"
No. 193134 ID: a594b9

"You haven't heard?"
I guess... explain it to her carefully.
No. 193136 ID: c4c313

"Gareth brings me."

No, no don't be snippish. "Something seriously bogus happened back in the 'states and Gareth brought me here to stop the Rothwalds from 'sperimenting on me."
No. 193164 ID: 426169
File 127646258046.png - (73.20KB , 400x800 , 421.png )

"It's a bit of a long story."

>"I'm all ears."

Tiffany relates to Joyce the same story she told Duncan. Joyce listens intently, suddenly deadly serious.

>"The old man should'a called us if he thought a wraith was around. Although I can't really blame the guy for being bored. I'm glad you guys are all right, but I gotta ask: why'd you come to me?"

>"Yeah thanks a lot, Joyce."

Joyce mock-punches Gareth.

>"Not you short-stuff. You two. How do I fit into all this?"

"Well... Gareth wanted to show me around. If I do get into the clan, I'm going to need find someone who'd take me as an apprentice, so-"

>"Wait wait wait, me? Take an apprentice? I mean, I suppose I've got the years but I've never handled an an apprentice before, and I'm always on the road! Me? A teacher?"

"If you don't want to-"

>"No, it's not that I'd mind having an apprentice, it's just... wow. It's a big responsibility, you know? I gotta give that some thought. It was nice of you to ask."
No. 193179 ID: 426169
File 127646384265.png - (33.34KB , 183x795 , 422.png )

>"Hey, aren't you supposed to be seeing the council in like ten minutes?"

Gareth checks his watch, then hops to his feet.

>"Oh crap!"

>"Tell you what, why don't I take Tiffany down to the council chamber while you and Gregory go find something to eat? That ok with you Tiff?"
No. 193180 ID: a594b9

Okay, sure.

(haha, Dad is getting the hook up)
No. 193181 ID: 1ac39d

sounds like a plan.
No. 193205 ID: 426169
File 127646625668.png - (81.20KB , 800x500 , 423.png )

"Sounds like a plan!"

Gareth and dad go out to find the kitchens, while Joyce leads Tiffany up the main tower.

>"How're you holding up? Must be quite a shock for you, all this."

"I'm doing better now, thanks. Getting used to things."

>"That's the spirit. When life kicks you in the head, just bounce right back."

"I guess. So how come you're visiting the island?"

>"Well I was here for Gareth's graduation, figured I'd kick back and chill for a couple of weeks. It's pretty quiet around here for the most part, if you steer clear from the politics. I swear, these old geezers gossip like washerwomen."

"What's it like to live with the Kinsleys?"

>"Dunno. What's it like living with Blakes? This is the only life I know, so... I gotta admit that I'll be glad to be out of this damp old pile-o-rocks though. Even glad-er to be out of these robes. Blasted things keep clumping around my thighs all the time. But I guess this is my stop."


>"We're almost at the top. I'm not going to talk to the council, so I'm heading back. It's just a few steps up from here, you can't miss it."

"Ok. Thanks for showing me the way."

>"Glad to help. See you around, Tiff."

>"See ya!"

Joyce disappears back into the staircase, while Tiffany continues her ascent. The top of the stairs is poorly lit, but she can see a massive wooden door loom ahead. A voice calls out from the darkness.

>"Halt! Who goes there?"
No. 193206 ID: 1ac39d

"tiffany, i have an appointment"
No. 193214 ID: 426169
File 127646686285.png - (82.78KB , 800x500 , 424.png )

"Tiffany. I have an appointment."

>"Who goes there?"
No. 193221 ID: a594b9

"Tiffany Blake. Let me pass!"
No. 193230 ID: 426169
File 12764673363.png - (51.55KB , 800x500 , 425.png )

"Tiffany Blake. Let me pass!"

>"Your words are not correct. Who goes there?"
No. 193239 ID: acb4cd

I think we forgot to say please.
No. 193242 ID: a594b9

Either "Tiffany Blake, of Bardsey Island" or it could be just "Tiffany Blake" or it could be "Tiffany Blake of America" or "Tiffany Blake, I come with Malcom's invitation"

One of those. I don't know.
No. 193252 ID: 426169
File 127646843959.gif - (266.28KB , 800x500 , 426.gif )

"Tiffany Blake of Bardsey Island."

No. 193255 ID: a594b9

Hooray! Let's go on in.
No. 193280 ID: 426169
File 127646948325.png - (63.99KB , 400x800 , 427.png )

Goddamnit, they could've warned me. Assholes.

Tiffany the Necromancer will return tomorrow at 13.00 GMT (assuming I can do the conversion right). That is, thirteen hours from now.
No. 193576 ID: 426169
File 127651553880.png - (246.94KB , 800x1000 , 428.png )

A disembodied voice announces Tiffany's arrival.
The robed figures stop talking, and turn to look towards the door.

No. 193577 ID: a594b9

"Hello... am I early?"
No. 193578 ID: 426169
File 127651590871.png - (245.06KB , 800x1000 , 429.png )

"Hello... Am I early?"

>"No. Your arrival is timely. You may approach."
No. 193579 ID: a594b9

Welp. Walk up there respectfully and stand before the council.
No. 193580 ID: 701a19

While you approach, let us get a better look at that banner behind them.
No. 193582 ID: 426169
File 12765170394.png - (124.01KB , 800x600 , 430.png )

Tiffany walks up to the council table. Behind the council there's the same emblem as on the amulet. The robed man in the middle speaks:

>"On the issue of the inclusion of Tiffany Blake into the Clan, the council will now hear Tiffany Blake."

A man from his left speaks out: >"Can't this wait, Balian? This is hardly an urgent matter. We must reach a decision!"

>"This shouldn't take long. She's the granddaughter of the exile, the conclusion is obvious."

The voice of an elderly woman calls out from the far right.

>"Not quite obvious, Balian dear. Hear her out. Go on, dear, tell us why you're here."
No. 193586 ID: 701a19

"Alexander is no family of mine. He is a monster, not a man.
He murdered my brother, and took my mother. More than anything else, I want to rescue my mother and stop Alexander.
Beyond that? Thomas saved my life, and died in my arms for it. I owe him a debt I'll never be able to repay, but I have to at least try to fulfill his dying wishes. He gave me his amulet, and left me his staff. I now understand what that means."
No. 193592 ID: 426169
File 12765190168.png - (62.80KB , 800x600 , 431.png )

"Alexander is no family of mine. He is a monster, not a man.
He murdered my brother, and took my mother. More than anything else, I want to rescue my mother and stop Alexander.
Beyond that? Thomas saved my life, and died in my arms for it. I owe him a debt I'll never be able to repay, but I have to at least try to fulfill his dying wishes. He gave me his amulet, and left me his staff. I now understand what that means."

>"Well said, dear."

Another woman from the left speaks out.

>"What guarantees do we have that she doesn't become the next Alexander? The vaults are forbidden for a reason. What if she, like her grandfather, will never see that?"

>"Eluned makes a valid point. Are you capable of following the rules set forth by the clan?"
No. 193594 ID: fdedb5

"I can't agree to that properly without knowing what the rules are. If I must give an answer now, I can only say 'I will do my best'. This isn't a good enough answer, but without all the information, it's all I can give.

That's another reason I want to join. To learn the rules, the big and the small, and the reasons behind the rules."
No. 193597 ID: a594b9

"Honestly, I'll probably break a few rules, either without knowing or because I felt it was a matter of life or death. I will try my best to follow them otherwise. I don't want to cause trouble.

Oh, but the vault? I heard there's some bad stuff in there. I don't want to get my face melted off. But I heard that not everything is like that. I'd never go in there on my own... but if others were to bring up the topic, I might support the idea of careful, supervised study."
No. 193598 ID: 701a19

"Yes. I chose the Kinsleys because they have rules and standards. From what I've seen the Rothwalds lack a moral compass, and those aren't the kind of people I want to align myself with."
No. 193606 ID: 426169
File 127652118966.png - (37.38KB , 800x600 , 432.png )

"Well, yeah. As far as I know them, I mean I can't help breaking a rule I don't know about. Beyond that I don't want to cause any trouble."

The man on Balian's right speaks:

>"The rules are basically: 'Do what the council says', even if some would wish they were 'Do what Balian says'."

>"Will you stop carrying on, Melmidoc?"

"The other reason why I wanted to join the Kinsleys instead of the Rothwalds is because you have the rules and standards. They didn't seem to have any kind of a moral compass."

>"Admirable, I suppose."

>"Look, is this going to take much longer?"

>"Patience, Alainon. Miss Blake, before we deliberate privately on this, I have one more question for you. Would you swear an oath, under the penalty of death, to obey the council decisions in all things?"

>Eluned: "This is folly. Her grandfather had no trouble breaking his word time and again, why should we expect her to be any different? A bad tree does not yield good apples."

>Woman on the right: "Oh come on. Do children always bear their parents' sins? Who among here can say their ancestors never did anything deplorable?"

>Balian: "Enough, Ymanue. We will discuss that in private. Miss Blake, your answer?"
No. 193608 ID: 701a19

"I would rather not.
I don't give my word lightly, and I've already suffered the experience of being slave to a monster's will.
But, if that is what you require, then I will reluctantly agree."
No. 193609 ID: a594b9

"In all things, and a penalty of death...? I wouldn't. I know myself. I'm young, emotional, rebellious... I'd break that oath. And well, I'd rather not die, you know."
No. 193610 ID: c4c313

"You're right this is silly. I don't even know any of you enough to say whether I could never disobey you. Sorry for bothering you..."
No. 193611 ID: fdedb5

In all things, no. Everyone has a point that they would disobey at. Even the most well-informed councils can be led astray with someone that can talk cleverly enough. However, the things that would not obeyed would be blatantly obvious and intentions understandable. I would strive to obey, as long as the orders were just.
No. 193612 ID: 426169
File 127652433887.png - (125.43KB , 800x600 , 434.png )

"In all things, and a penalty of death...? I wouldn't. I know myself. I'm young, emotional, rebellious... I'd break that oath. And well, I'd rather not die, you know."

>Balian: "Very well. In that case-"

>Ymanue: "Hold it right there, mister. You know damn well no-one would consent to that. Besides, she's a young girl, what did you think she would say?"

>Balian: "... As I was going to say, in that case I feel we must consult the Seer."

>Ymanue: "I guess so."

Balian takes to his feet, and heads towards a barely noticeable side door.

>Balian: "Would you kindly follow me, miss Blake?"
No. 193613 ID: a594b9

"Of course."
Follow away!
No. 193615 ID: 701a19

Go ahead. Seems like a good idea.
No. 193619 ID: 426169
File 127652498757.png - (109.41KB , 600x800 , 435.png )

"Of course."

Tiffany follows Balian through the doorway into a long, winding staircase. As they descend, Balian carefully observes Tiffany.

>"Now that we're alone, I have a further question for you, miss Blake. Why are you really here, hm? For knowledge? For power?"
No. 193621 ID: a594b9

"Both. I want to save mom, so I need power... and I'm generally curious about my own abilities, so I'd like to learn more about them and how to control them better.

Once Alexander is dealt with though, I guess I'd just want knowledge. I can't really use my talent very much in everyday life anyway."
No. 193624 ID: 426169
File 127652554318.png - (122.84KB , 600x800 , 436.png )

"Both, I guess. I need power to get back at Alexander. After that I guess I'd prefer just knowledge."

>"So, you seek to fuel your personal vendetta? Is that the purpose of your coming here?"
No. 193626 ID: a594b9

"I guess you could put it that way. That's my main goal... but it's short term. In the long term... I want somewhere I can live in peace with my parents, without having to hide my abilities."
No. 193628 ID: 426169
File 127652710847.png - (125.82KB , 600x800 , 437.png )

"I guess you could put it that way. In the short term at least."

>"I suspected as much. You would do well to remember that we are not a tool for your personal benefit."

"I didn't mean-"

>"Be that as it may. There was much hate in your voice when you spoke of Alexander. It will only cloud your judgement, you would do well to rid yourself of that hate. To maintain balance, a clear mind, is to survive in our world. Do not tarry, I must return to the council soon."

Tiffany continues walking with a 'sorry'.

>"You may have a modicum of talent, miss Blake, I do not dispute that. Thomas certainly thought so, if Gareth's account of the events is accurate. No, don't argue. My concern is this: Potential is a two-edged sword, it cuts both ways. While you might become an asset to our Clan, you could just as easily bring calamity upon it. Do you understand, miss Blake?"
No. 193629 ID: 701a19

"Personal? Hardly.
After Thomas saved me I ran to get help. I found a nice old couple's farmstead and used their phone to call my dad. Alexander... sent abominations after me. I ran, hoping that they would be left alone but... he murdered them anyway.
Killing him gets justice for his victims, and a monster like him will just keep killing and killing as long as it lives.
You and I both want him dead; spinning that against me just rings hollow.

But no, I'm here because I want to develop what I have. If I had a choice, then Tony and I would have been at school right about now - no magic, no monsters, no conspiracies, no blood feuds, none of it.
Knowing ritualistic magic would have let me save Tony, and kept my mother from being captured. Knowing healing magic would have let me save Thomas. Knowing fighting magic would have let me save the couple who helped me.

I'm fed-up with being defenseless and useless, and I'm not going to let myself get caught unprepared again."
No. 193630 ID: 701a19

"Yea. I've seen both edges, and calamity is just disgusting."
No. 193633 ID: a594b9

"I understand... if I focus too much on Alexander, I could do something rash and get myself and everyone around me in trouble... again. I don't know if I'm ever going to be able to think of him without anger..."
No. 193641 ID: 426169
File 127652905477.png - (68.05KB , 800x600 , 438.png )

"I understand. I'll try to not to let my anger control me."

>"Good. We're here."

>"Halt! Who goes there?"

>"Balian of Bardsey."

>"Who comes with you?"

>"Tiffany Blake, by the council's orders."

The black-clad figure opens the door without any further words.

>"All right. In you go. We will be watching."
No. 193642 ID: a594b9

"Um... okay."

Go inside.
No. 193643 ID: a7a85a


I just want to say this post is well written.
No. 193644 ID: a7a85a


Just wanted to say I thought this was well written.
No. 193681 ID: 426169
File 127654480642.png - (39.08KB , 800x600 , 439.png )

>"Oh and uh, don't cross the line."

Tiffany is ushered into the chamber beyond. Something stirs in the darkness.
No. 193682 ID: a594b9

Note the line on the floor, and remember to never cross it.

No. 193684 ID: a594b9

"You look rather strange. The Oracle, I presume?"
No. 193685 ID: 426169
File 127654535025.png - (38.32KB , 800x600 , 440.png )

"Hello? Are you the Seer?"

>"Light light light burning blinding wicked evil light don't hurt me mommy don't hurt don't hurt don't hurt please don't hurt me no more no more"
No. 193686 ID: a594b9

Hmm, should we close the door?
No. 193687 ID: aeade0

close door, get a little closer but not past the line.
No. 193690 ID: 426169
File 127654584549.png - (14.74KB , 800x600 , 441.png )

Tiffany closes the door behind her.

>"Sweet sweet silence the smell the smell let me smell you. Closer come I no hurt I promise mommy."
No. 193694 ID: aeade0

sit right behind the line
No. 193696 ID: c00244

Remember where the line was. How many steps would you have to take to cross it? Your best guess.

Move forward, and take two less than that. Then stop and maintain tight control of yourself- you don't necessarily know what to expect here. But Balian was right about one thing: A clear mind is needed here. Let nothing shock you.
No. 193697 ID: 426169
File 127654791595.png - (183.57KB , 800x600 , 442.png )

Yeah. Gotta stay calm. I've watched a bloody great mouth bite my hand clean off and doesn't afraid of anything.

Tiffany takes a few careful steps towards the line, when suddenly the figure leaps at her, stopping only inches away from her.

>"You smell good. Let me smell you, let me taste you, let me taste the darkchild, let me taste the first blood!"
No. 193700 ID: c4c313


No. 193701 ID: c00244

That doesn't help Tiffany much, here...

Yup, that's about the kind of creepy magical crap that is expected here. A bit startling even knowing it's coming, but you've got the experience and will to take it in stride. Great work, Tiffany. Discipline, control, and a clear mind will win out.

You were obviously sent in here for a reason, presumably to talk to her. Still, feeding your blood to random ravenous creatures seems like a bad idea. Let's ask as few questions.

"Why should I?"
No. 193705 ID: d47be3

That thing's nuts. It's crazy in the coconut.
No. 193708 ID: 426169
File 127655188239.png - (175.67KB , 800x600 , 443.png )

"Why would I?"

>"What does that mean? What does THAT MEAN? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN STOP STOP STOP IT STOP HURTING ME! Nunä liahian susiaiagan tanas! Hear me and despair, for the darkchild has come! The first blood has gathered, and the King of Bones will wear the Symbols of office, and take Death as his domain! The great pact will be broken, and the fields of the dead will be harrowed once more. The darkchild will seek the words of Erkunmannar, and hear the words of the Unseen! Kiauftana kiauftaa! THE WORDS MUST BE SPOKEN! THE DARKCHILD MUST SPEAK THE WORDS! THE WALLS MUST RAISED ANEW! SIAUNAFTA! SIAUNAFTA!"

With that the dirty, naked man collapses to the floor, writhing and twitching.
No. 193716 ID: c00244

It's times like this that I wish we had a bit more background in ancient languages.

Anyway, that sounds ominous. On the other hand, if we assume that we're the darkchild, it's not half bad for us, is it? The only "Unseen" I know of is "Khezet the Unseen", one of the Lords of the Underworld. If we're going to hear words from someone in that weight class, our life is really going places. No idea who Erkunmannar is or what words or walls are being referred to, unfortunately.

Admittedly, bone king, broken pact- the Compact, I believe- harrowed fields of dead, very nasty stuff. But even in that... if the pact is broken, maybe one day we really will be able to bring Tony back.

It seems that no one will stop Alexander, though. That's not good, but it does justify our conviction to prepare as much as we can to do it ourselves.

Anyway, getting back to immediate concerns, we can't cross the line to help the guy and he might say something else. Wait silently for him to continue or the door to open. Show no reaction/emotion to his words if you can help it.
No. 193719 ID: 426169
File 127655311573.png - (118.06KB , 800x600 , 444.png )

I gotta remember all this. Didn't sound too good, but it did sound kinda important-ish.

I guess I'll wait a while, he might say something more.

Ok good, he's stopped twitching, except...

Oh god.

Is he masturbating?

No. 193722 ID: c00244

What, you can stand ravenous crazy people asking for your blood and babbling in crazy languages, take on wraiths, and bargain with murderous immortals, but get squicked out when some crazy guy starts touching himself? Cope.

Step back if necessary.
No. 193726 ID: c00244

Oh, if things seem to have stopped happening, feel free to ask if he saw anything further, or anything else you wish to ask- I suppose that who he is comes to mind.

Balian said they'd "be watching", but that doesn't necessarily mean that they're planning to stop this at any point; they could be waiting for you to leave on your own or might have some other criteria for departure. If we stop getting anything useful out of the seer, though, I suppose that we might as well leave.
No. 193730 ID: 426169
File 127655389493.png - (111.38KB , 800x600 , 445.png )

Screw this, I'm done.
No. 193732 ID: c00244

A reasonable decision. Hey, at least you got some reasonably non-cryptic prophecy out of it, eh?
No. 193734 ID: 426169
File 127655453933.png - (120.66KB , 800x600 , 446.png )

Outside Balian is waiting for her.

>"A somewhat unusual incident, I should say."

"I don't see naked hairy guys jerk off every day."

>"Oh, I meant the prophetic passage. He's always doing that other thing. Poor bastard. But his words are a... a source for thought."
No. 193737 ID: c00244

"Yes. How accurate are his predictions?"
No. 193738 ID: 40cb26

Ask him what it all means. Be aware that the "words of Erkunmannar" may refer to the book of the dead you have. You might be stuck between a rock and a hard place concerning that particular secret now. But if that is the case he might have good reason to not bury it away.

I'm not saying to divulge anything, but be prepared to be confronted on it just in case.
No. 193740 ID: c00244

>Be aware that the "words of Erkunmannar" may refer to the book of the dead you have.
If that's true, then we're actually somewhat covered for regarding it- because it was said that we'd seek the words, presumably implying that we don't possess them already. We might yet seek for their meaning, but no one will be expecting us to already possess something that we're prophesied to go looking for.
No. 193741 ID: 426169
File 127655564312.png - (119.89KB , 600x800 , 447.png )

"Who's Erkunmannar?"

>"Now is not the time for history lessons. We must return to the council."

As they ascend the stairs, Tiffany continues her questioning.

"How accurate are his predictions?"

>"You must understand, the future is ever shifting. To see it with clarity is utterly impossible, especially with a mind as broken as his. That said, his accuracy tends towards the uncanny."

"Who is he anyway?"

>"Every now and again one of our clan is born with the curse of prophetic dreams. It invariably drives the afflicted insane. The man you saw was once my older brother."
No. 193743 ID: 40cb26

Perhaps, but how does that do us any good at all? We still can't read the damn thing. We need help for that. Duncan maybe can, but confiding in him is risky even if he'd agree to keep it a secret. Joyce is probably safer to trust but I doubt she can help us with the book.

Possibly the best result is if Balian decides we need to go find the book, and keep it a secret from the council so it doesn't get redtaped. In that case we might as well tell him about it. Not that I trust him but there may not be a better option.
No. 193744 ID: c00244

The fact that the head of their council has locked his utterly insane brother up in near-starvation is a somewhat ominous commentary on the ethics of Clan Kinsley. Admittedly, that sounds like a shit gift, but Alexander was able to close ours down with relatively little effort and the Kinsleys have an entire clan of ancient sorcerers on their side; no way would they be unable to block them off if it came down to it. They deliberately let that guy go crazy and reach that wretched state so that they could take advantage of his visions.

Do not let on that you've reached this conclusion. "Thank you for answering me" and a quiet back walk to council seems appropriate here.
No. 193746 ID: d47be3

You've learned two things: A wierd prophecy (which the Kinsleys probably also heard), and that creepy and dark things (the thing in the pit and this guy to name a couple) seem to find you drop dead sexy.

Perhaps you should ask about a shower.
No. 193747 ID: 40cb26

Ask him what he said in that other language, or at least what the language was.
No. 193762 ID: 426169
File 127655895082.png - (124.66KB , 800x600 , 448.png )

"What language was that? What'd he say?"

>"The language is nxtsaa'u. A language long forgotten by everyone but us. He said 'I/we speak the true words' with an inflection of absolute conviction. Near the end he shouted the name of a city long gone."

"Thanks for answering my questions. Sorry to hear about your brother."

>"I have long ago come to terms with his fate."

They didn't speak for the rest of the way.

Once Balian emerged back into the council chamber he was met with a tensed silence.

>Balian: "I assume you were listening. Good. Are you ready to vote, or do you wish to deliberate in private?"

>Alainon: "Oh come on, you heard the words! We must make a decision about Alexander, now!"

>Eluned: "I agree."

>Balian: "The matter of her inclusion has been officially opened, and must be duly finished. Are you ready to take the vote?"

>Alainon: "Oh fine. I'll take your damned vote. Everyone else fine?"

To a general nodding and lack of objections, Balian cleared his throat.

>Balian: "The council will now vote on Tiffany Blake's inclusion to the clan."

In the end, only Eluned voted against, with Melmidoc abstaining. With a three against one, Tiffany was accepted as a member of the clan, with full rights and responsibilities.

>Balian: "Malcolm will handle the details of your inclusion. You will be welcome in the family school once the Autumn semester begins."

>Ymanye: "I sincerely hope, dear Balian, that you haven't forgotten Thomas' medallion, and what it means."

>Balian: "It is only an ancient formality, it doesn't mean-"

>Ymanye: "Why, Balian, you shock me! Surely you haven't started scoffing at tradition?"

>Balian: "Well, no, but-"

>Ymanye: "Then she is approved for apprenticeship, am I correct?"

>Balian: "Fine. She may partake in the graduation ceremony next year."

>Ymanye: "That's hardly unnecessary, dear Balian, surely there are still wizards of suitable experience who could take her?"

>Balian: "They've returned to their homes across the country! We cannot waste any more of their time, especially with the current situation."

>Ymanye: "There are plenty of senior wizards who live here on the island. Surely you can't object to one of them taking her as an apprentice?"

>Balian: "You know just as well as I that none of them applied for an apprentice this year."

>Ymanye: "Well, I'm sure she could find one willing to take on the job. Won't you, dear?"
No. 193763 ID: c00244

"I will find someone. Thank you for accepting me into the clan."
No. 193764 ID: 426169
File 127656059586.png - (56.18KB , 800x600 , 449.png )

"I'll find someone. Thank you for letting me into the clan."

>Balian: "Fine. Go and see Malcolm for more instructions. Now leave us."

As Tiffany turns to leave, she detects the slightest hint of a wink from Ymanye.

Tiffany will return tomorrow, same bat-place, same bat-time. 13 GMT or so, twelve hours from now.
No. 193766 ID: 426169

[Spot the typo]
No. 193767 ID: e3f578

Ymanye wants you for apprenticeship derp
No. 193777 ID: 716eb0

(I am glad to see that N!xau still has a solid place in the public subconcious as the face of unfathomable foreignness)
No. 194012 ID: 63ab82

>"What language was that? What'd he say?"

>"The language is nxtsaa'u. A language long forgotten by everyone but us. He said 'I/we speak the true words' with an inflection of absolute conviction. Near the end he shouted the name of a city long gone."

Looks like we will be able to read the book after our apprenticeship.

The hunter lady does not seem bad at all. Apprenticing under the council member might be more trouble as it will bring you in direct conflict with the lady council member. On the other hand, it promises more power.
I would imagine most of the readers do not appreciate too much politics, so perhaps we can see who else we can work under without turning this into ParliamentQuest.
No. 194013 ID: 426169
File 127660535311.png - (119.29KB , 800x600 , 450.png )

Malcolm sat in his chair, staring silently at Tiffany. This had gone on for some time, and Tiffany was becoming quite uncomfortable.

There'd been no sign of Dad or Gareth, only a black-clad guard leading her back to the master chamberlain's office. The silent staring had commenced shortly thereafter.

No. 194015 ID: 701a19

Have you introduced yourself to him? If not, do so. If you have, then this is a staring contest and you must stare him down.
No. 194017 ID: 426169
File 127660575679.png - (119.14KB , 800x600 , 451.png )

"What is this, a staring contest?"

Annoyed, Malcolm snaps out of it.

>"It seems the council has finally gone senile. Accepting a Rothwald as a clan member. I cannot imagine what they were thinking."
No. 194022 ID: 701a19

"That I answered their questions truthfully, that I am a Kinsley, and that I should be given the chance to prove myself worthy of the name."
No. 194030 ID: c00244

We are no Rothwald. Happily, the council was able to see that. Now, we had been informed that he could give us some instructions on what to do...?
No. 194038 ID: 426169
File 127660907676.png - (119.05KB , 800x600 , 452.png )

"They thought I'm not a Rothwald. I'm a Kinsley. They also thought you had instructions for me."

>"Hmph. Unfortunately, this is out of my hands. You're entitled to the Kinsley name."

He looks like he's passing kidney stones.

>"Thomas' amulet is now yours. You are to wear it at all times, and protect it with your life. Not even the Rothwalds can protect you if you lose it. You are free to use the guest quarters here at the castle. Accommodations will be made for your family in the village. Your luggage and your... your robes will be brought there for you. I understand you've been given permission to try and find yourself a master. In the unlikely event of your success, tell them to come speak with me. Now, if you have nothing else to bother me with, you may go about your business. Gareth will undoubtedly show you around, if he hasn't done so already."
No. 194041 ID: 6834bc

Thank him before you leave. Even if he's an ass who hates you because of your heritage, you can be polite at him.

If you're lucky, it might drive him crazy.
No. 194042 ID: 701a19

"Very well. Good day to you, Malcolm."

Ok, head out and ask Gareth if there are any ritualists or healers around who could teach you.
I get the feeling that necromancy is something you should only dabble in, and even then only so far as it takes to help you counter Alexander's own necromancy and save your mom.
No. 194044 ID: c00244

I like the way that you put this.

Perhaps we should just ask for a quick summary of the various disciplines of magic, as recognized by Clan Kinsley. I don't think we've gotten a solid overview yet.
No. 194049 ID: 426169
File 127661232957.png - (125.11KB , 800x600 , 453.png )

You know... I'd much rather ask Duncan or Joyce about different disciplines of magic than this guy. 'sides, I'm kinda beat.

"Thank you very much. Have a nice day."


Outside Gareth and Dad are waiting. Dad's looking anxious, while Gareth is chilling.

>"Well? How'd it go?"
No. 194051 ID: 701a19

"I was accepted. Malcolm looked like he would rather make out with an immortal than do his job, but I'm now on the apprentice market.

So, are there any ritualists or healers around here?"
No. 194052 ID: c00244

"Great. I'm a full member of the clan, rights and responsibilities pertaining, need to find someone to apprentice to, all that. About as much as I could have hoped for."

>I'd much rather ask Duncan or Joyce about different disciplines of magic than this guy
Asking a non-Malcolm someone was in fact the intention of the suggestions.
No. 194060 ID: 426169
File 127661704950.png - (49.85KB , 391x600 , 454.png )

"I'm in!"

>"That's great honey!"

Dad grabs Tiffany for a quick hug.

"They're also giving you a place to stay in town. But yeah, I'm now in the apprentice market, about as good as I could've hoped."

>"Brilliant! It's getting kinda late, so how 'bout I take you guys back to town? I'll give you the full tour tomorrow, take you to see Hakim, then help you pick a master. Sound good?"
No. 194061 ID: 701a19

"Sounds good to me.
Um, sorry your dad took the term 'losing face' so literally. Is there anything I can do to help?"
No. 194066 ID: c00244

"Sure. Uh, who's Hakim?"
No. 194068 ID: 426169

Whoops, I meant Hakun. Got mixed up with Eldritch' token black guy.
No. 194073 ID: a594b9

"Your robe looks different."
No. 194083 ID: 426169
File 127662001540.png - (53.01KB , 391x600 , 455.png )

"Sounds good. What's with the robe? It's different than the others I've seen."

>"You mean this thing? Yeah it's an apprentice robe. Oh don't worry, you don't have to wear it all the time, unless your master tells you to. I'm kinda stuck with it, 'cuz of my dad. Gotta look keep up appearances and all that jazz."

"Your dad seems a little harsh."

>"He's not, really. He's a good man. He's just under a lot of stress."

That's odd. It's like I could hear a different voice while he spoke just now.
No. 194084 ID: a594b9

Concentrate on trying to hear the different voice. Keep him talking a little longer.

"What kind of stress?"
No. 194086 ID: 701a19

"Is that why your words are being puppeted to speak well of him?
Don't bother denying it; the tells are clear."
No. 194087 ID: 426169
File 127662054497.png - (42.09KB , 391x600 , 456.png )

"Huh. What kinda stress?"

>"You know how it is. All the business in America. He's a very important man, you're worthless and he has a lot on his shoulders. coward He just gets a little irritable that's all. I mean, he's normally a great guy, really. you should have died"
No. 194089 ID: 701a19

"So normally he would be cheery towards somebody of mixed heritage?"
No. 194092 ID: c00244

That's coming on a little strong, don't you think? We don't actually know that's what's happening, though obviously something is up. Besides, once again I point out that we're in mage HQ; if Gareth has been mentally modified in any way, they've almost certainly picked up on it and chosen to do nothing about it. As someone who's been in the clan for all of an hour and has all the exalted rank of a prospective apprentice, we can't really expect to help him in any significant fashion.

We can still try, obviously, but I'm just pointing out that we probably won't succeed in anything more than antagonizing some of our new clan members. And maybe making friends, if someone likes our attitude, but that's less certain.

Looks like his dad put some sort of mental torture spell on him which is now breaking down. Motion to go talk to that Hunter mage and ask her about it; she seemed like the friendly sort who might actually care about Gareth a bit.

"Gareth, if it wouldn't be too much trouble, could we stop in and see Joyce again before heading to town? I'd like to ask her a few questions, since we were kind of rushed before."
No. 194093 ID: b14128

Is this other voice coming from him? Are we picking up his thoughts on... Well, I'm not sure it would make sense for them to be on us... Maybe he's remembering what his father said to him?
No. 194094 ID: 701a19

Anybody who would do something like that is already an enemy. Also, it was probably Malcolm who did it anyway.
No. 194095 ID: a594b9

"Are you sure you're okay? I'm worried about you."
No. 194096 ID: c00244

My guess- which could be ridiculously off base- is that it's like that guy who everyone knows beats his wife and kids, but no one admits to knowing about it and the victims never complain and always make excuses. An ugly situation, but not something that most people will praise you for forcing to light. Particularly old-fashioned people, or those who have considered/used the same methods themselves in the past, will hold it against you.

That's my read of the situation, anyway. I refuse to believe that in freaking Wizard Central, no one is sharp enough to pick up on the fact that Gareth's been totally mindfucked. Duncan's reaction in >>190523 implies to me that he, and others, know that there are crazy harsh punishments being thrown around and for whatever reason don't want to interfere.

Even if we do, sticking your nose into a familial abuse situation is never pretty. There are a lot of strong emotions bound up in it, and people do not act reasonably.
No. 194097 ID: 426169
File 127662194633.png - (39.77KB , 391x600 , 457.png )

"Oh so he'd be totally cheery to someone with ancestry like mine."

>"It's not like that, Tiff. He's just really wound up."

"Look, are you sure you're all right?"

>"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?"

"What did your dad-"

>"Look, just drop it already."
No. 194098 ID: a594b9

"I can tell something happened. If you're sure you can handle it, fine... but we're here if you need to talk.

We wouldn't be here if it weren't for you. Remember that; you did something important. Not to toot my own horn or anything..."

I think his dad just said lots of very mean things to Gareth, and the voice we hear is him playing it over and over in his head. He didn't want us to see his face before because he was crying.
No. 194099 ID: c00244

I'll go with this as what to say, then >>194092 since I really do want to talk to Joyce before calling it a day.
No. 194102 ID: a594b9

You know what let's just tell him we can hear something behind his words, literally. I don't think he's going to open up about this unless we prove to him he's not properly hiding it.
No. 194106 ID: 426169
File 127662427621.png - (40.05KB , 391x600 , 458.png )

"Look, if you need to talk-"

>"Seriously, drop it. I'm fine."

"Well ok. Do you think we could go see Joyce before we call it a night?"

>"Don't see why not. What'd you want to talk to her about?"
No. 194107 ID: c00244

"You said she's a Hunter, and I'd like to talk to her about what they do, and what apprenticing under her would be like... that kind of thing. We got sort of cut off before."
No. 194135 ID: 426169
File 127662917263.png - (132.63KB , 800x600 , 459.png )

>"Hi there Tiff and G-man. Congratulations! Glad to have you with us!"

"Thanks Joyce. Do you have a minute?"

>"Sure thing, what's on your mind? Take a seat."

"Well, I wanted to ask you about Hunters. What are they exactly?"

>"Well, hmm. I guess you could say we're basically the soldiers of the clan. Mostly we hunt down whatever spirits, monsters or other boogeymen are wreckin shit up. Sometimes we catch em alive, mostly we exterminate. All in all, it's a pretty challenging job. You'd have to get your hands dirty and we're always on the road. Takes a lot of to be a Hunter, you need strong nerves, good reflexes, you gotta think on your feet. There's not a lot of time for fancy-schmancy rituals and complicated spells when someone's trying to pull your guts out through your throat. And of course we take part in any wars the clan gets involved in. Anythin in particular you want to know?"

"Well, what would being an apprentice be like? For you I mean?"

>"Hells if I know. I guess I'd take you along, show you the ropes 'nstuff. You'd be on the move eleven out of twelve months, but hey, if this is a career you're interested in, nothing beats field experience. I hear you handled yourself pretty well with a wraith the other day. O'course, I don't know how big it was, I mean I could pick that twig up with one hand-"


>"But didn't sound too shabby. Still don't know if I personally am ready to take an apprentice, but I'll think about it. Anything else you wanna ask?"
No. 194136 ID: 40cb26

Tell her about the prophesy and what she thinks of it. After that I dunno, advice about what you should do from here, who might be good teachers that don't get caught up in all the usual politics and stuff. Oh and mention that wink you got from the council guy, what's his story.
No. 194146 ID: c00244

Bring up what happened to Mom. The hunters would be the part of the Kinsley clan called to deal with Alexander, right? Is there any chance that they'd be able to somehow expel him instead of killing him, or would they just kill him since it would probably be easier and safer? Thus far we haven't had much hope, but... we could really use some.

Although based on that prophecy any chance by anyone to stop Alexander before he becomes crazy powerful is basically shot, so maybe it's not worth worrying about this.
No. 194190 ID: 426169
File 127663911587.png - (133.67KB , 800x600 , 460.png )

"Yeah. The seer said-"

>Gareth: "Wait, what? They took you to see the seer? That's pretty wicked."

"Yeah. Not a pretty sight."

>Gareth: "What was he like? I mean, I've only ever heard about him."

"Dirty and crazy as hell. I'll tell you more later."

>Gareth: "Wicked."

>Joyce: "Do go on."

"Ok, so the seer said all sorts of weird stuff. He said something about the darkchild coming, and that the first blood had gathered, and that the Bone King would take over death or something. Then he said that the pact would be broken, and the fields of the dead would be harrowed again. Something about the darkchild seeking the words of Erkunmannar and hearing the words of the Unseen. Right near the end he was screaming that the words must be spoken, and the walls must be raised anew. Does this make any sense to you?"

>"Well, I'm not exactly a scholar, but it doesn't sound too good. The darkchild does have a familiar ring to it, you might want to check the archives for older prophecies. And the first blood... Sorry. I swear I've heard that somewhere, but I can't put my finger on it. I'm pretty useless when it comes to understanding the seers."

"Oh well. I guess I could ask Duncan about it later. Is... Is there any hope for mom? I mean... Are you going to have to kill her?"

Joyce takes Tiffany's hand.

>"Now you listen up, girl. There's always hope. No matter how grim it might look, uou never know what's gonna to happen, even with prophecies. For all we know, the seer could be babbling about events a hundred years from now, or just plain old nonsense. All we gotta do with your mom is catch Alexander, bring 'im here and let the people here work it out. He might be a devious little devil, but we've got experts you wouldn't believe. Whatever he did we can undo. I'd bet money on that. So keep your chin up y'hear?"
No. 194196 ID: 40cb26

Even if they could... If you were in their shoes, with a dangerous enemy possessing someone you don't know or even like, would you go to the effort and risk to rescue her or just try to destroy them both?
No. 194210 ID: a594b9

"Thanks, that makes me feel a lot better."

Let's stop bothering her and go talk to the council member that winked at us.
No. 194229 ID: 63ab82

Hug Joyce and thank her. Soldier might not be the profession we want to be in, especially with the clan war bit.

I agree with a dismembered voice above that we should go for the healing route with necromancy on the side.

Random thought --- how about summoning? We seem to enjoy having minions. With our physique, summoned creatures may be more useful. And will provide an army against an undead army. That, or we can focus on undoing necromancy. Counter curse and all that.
No. 194230 ID: 426169
File 12766417636.png - (137.09KB , 800x600 , 461.png )

"Even if they could... Would they risk their own lives to save her?"

>"Now you're just beginning to sound like the emo kid over there."

>"Hey! I ain't- AARGH"

As Gareth turns to object, he gets ambushed by Joyce. She pulls him off his feet, holding him down while giving him a world-class noogie.

>"Aaaargh let me go!"

>"Make me, pipsqueak."

>"Tiffany, help!"
No. 194244 ID: a594b9

"Ok, I'll help!"

Help Joyce that is. Tickle him!
No. 194245 ID: dda57c

Nah, he's got this.
No. 194252 ID: 426169
File 127664373250.png - (131.71KB , 1000x600 , 462.png )

No. 194257 ID: 701a19

Snap your fingers "Thomas! He said that the Rothwalds and Kinsleys split off from the same family!
And I just heard something whispering to Gareth that he should kill himself...
Oh, fuck."
No. 194286 ID: 716eb0

Not that he should kill himself, that he should have died. Past tense. As in, he should have died to keep the amulet from falling into the hands of the family's greatest enemy. Like we have been told they are supposed to do. But it is too late for that now.
No. 194330 ID: 40cb26

An obvious problem with relying on powerful arcane seals set to ancient medallions, is it makes it really damn difficult to just change the goddamn locks once in a while.
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