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File 12757028763.png - (56.15KB , 640x400 , 01.png )
187904 No. 187904 ID: f35d0a

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No. 187906 ID: f35d0a
File 127570295567.png - (44.16KB , 640x400 , 02.png )

It hurts...

... Where are you, voices?
No. 187910 ID: ad15db

What happened to you?
No. 187912 ID: 0b2a05

We're here. What happened to you?
No. 187921 ID: f35d0a
File 127570368693.gif - (119.82KB , 640x400 , 03.gif )

My usual headaches...

... No, actually... I probably overworked myself from last night, trying to think of a way to help Mister Raynald...

... But it's okay... Mika already headed out to the village to get something for this...

... Sorry, voices. I couldn't think of anything...
No. 187923 ID: 1ac39d

it's okay. as long as you try your best we can't blame you.
No. 187924 ID: d3dfb8

Everything will be ok if you show us your itty bitty titties
No. 187935 ID: 2eac65

Usual headaches? You have incapacitating headaches regularly? That's a very bad sign. You should see a doctor about it soon.
No. 187945 ID: f35d0a
File 127570618923.png - (68.60KB , 640x400 , 04.png )

It's like whenever I spend too much time thinking, these headaches appear. Gladly I only need some time off my work to cool my head, but recently they've been very strong.

Maybe it's because of the multitude of work I've been doing these past few months, way before you came here.

"I got the medicine, Agga. Drink up."
"... Did my mama get worried?"
"As usual. She doesn't want you experiencing this, you know. She wanted me to tell you to come to her house whenever you're feeling better."
No. 187946 ID: 0b2a05

Wonder if you're cursed. Probably not, but worth checking out, yes?
No. 187959 ID: 2eac65

This looks to be even worse than I thought. It sounds like something's actively trying to keep you from thinking. Maybe it has something to do with your past. Are there any noticeable gaps in your memory?
No. 187966 ID: a594b9

Sounds like migraines to me. But yeah, we should find out what's causing it if it's getting worse. Perhaps you should find someone who knows healing magic?
No. 187984 ID: 8bd7e4

This quest is bad and you should feel bad
No. 187993 ID: 5a2e05

That's not thinking like a tinker. We need to find some healing science.
No. 188013 ID: f35d0a
File 127571376040.png - (56.17KB , 640x400 , 05.png )

My mama actually makes my medicine based on several herbs, and she's usually the one to be asked about medicine and sickness. I guess you can say she's a doctor, but she's not really recognized like that.

Still, she's probably our best bet.

We could also ask Shirly in the Bar if there's someone there who can help me with this.

Or maybe the head of the village can point us to some place we could go to ask about this.
No. 188014 ID: 0b2a05

Try Shirly first.
No. 188016 ID: a594b9

Ask the one who's currently treating you, before you go wandering off.

Talk to mama. Tell her your headaches have been getting worse, and if there's anyone else who could help you.
No. 188059 ID: 732129


Let's talk to mama, and find out what's in her special blend of herbs and spices that brings your migranes under control.
No. 188133 ID: c71597

Your mom wanted to speak with you anyway. Go there first and then check out the bar.
No. 188217 ID: 0003ac

You're still growing and developing. It could be these headaches are because your mind is trying to adapt to the workload you're putting on it.
No. 188484 ID: c4c313

OK first order of business. Invent a cure for migraine headaches.
No. 188529 ID: d16009

Go talk to mama, bear with your headache in a more hardboiled manner.
No. 189707 ID: d6cb21

Adk her if she can give you the formula for the headache meds. That way, later on you can maybe do something with it or something.
No. 189936 ID: 804620

The proper response is to invent/find SMART PILLS. Then, you'll be able to cognate as much as you are now without nearly as much strain.

Simple, no?
No. 190274 ID: c4c313


That's what the inventor of LSD said...
No. 190379 ID: 732129


Well he got a massive dose of the stuff by mistake when he first made it. Funnily enough he rode his bike home while he was on an acid trip.
No. 190621 ID: f35d0a
File 127604332887.png - (79.59KB , 640x400 , 06.png )

We go to mama's house. We see her outside, watching her herbs and crop.

Mama: "A little water will quench the thirst~"
Mika: "We're here."
Mama: "... And a little sun will energize~"
No. 190623 ID: f35d0a
File 127604352874.png - (30.74KB , 640x400 , 07.png )

Mama: "How's your headache, dearie?"
Agga: "Still hurts a bit, but I'm fine now."
Mama: "Hon, you know it breaks my heart not to be able to share the pain with you, and it worries me so. All I can give you is my undivided attention and my herbal medicine, but it's hard to deliver these with you far away."
Agga: "But mama, we've been through this... The head of the village wants me to have my own place so I can work in peace and not endanger the village."
Mama: "... Still, my mixture of menthol and feverfew helps you overcome this pain. I just wish it could overcome my concern for your health."
No. 190626 ID: 1ac39d

oh god. feverfew? that's the problem! menthol alone would help but feverfew makes it worse!
No. 190628 ID: 1ac39d

here we have a list:
"If feverfew is taken for any length of time as a medicinal herb, sudden discontinuation can result in a withdrawal syndrome consisting of headache, irritability, trouble sleeping and joint pain."
No. 190630 ID: 1ac39d

think i should clarify what that means, the tail the feverfew cures headaches is a result of taking it undoes the headache IT causes. you are going to have to work through the pain for it to stop.
No. 190634 ID: f35d0a
File 127604573311.png - (30.58KB , 640x400 , 08.png )

I... I didn't know her medicine makes my situation worse...

... I don't know how to break that to mama. I'm afraid she might be depressed if she knows...

What should I tell her?
No. 190635 ID: acae47

Take the medicine with you, but don't take it - tell her you'll take it when you get home.

Also: Your mom has an awesome rack.
No. 190638 ID: 1ac39d

yes... that is a toughy. we should let her down easy, maybe tell her you have head-voices with visons of another world and they have done many many tests on plants and have disproven many false assumptions. let her ask what you are trying to get at then tell her that the story of feverfew treating headaches is false, don't say it makes it worse, and that it would be better to use both plots for menthol.
No. 190639 ID: 1ac39d

wouldn't work. would of never started if the headaches didn't exist at all still needs the menthol.
No. 190651 ID: d6cb21

That you did some tests and you found that menthol alone should do better for headaches. And that doing X to it should produce better results. Try to make it sound as if you are helping her.

In place of the X, just put some verb that wont actually affect the menthol, kupo.
No. 190661 ID: 701a19

Tell her you've discovered that replacing feverfew with extract of white willow bark is much more effective.
No. 190680 ID: 1a99f0

this. make up a new mixture using menthol and some placebos or something, just get feverfew out of the recipe.
No. 190687 ID: 701a19

Extract of white willow bark is not a placebo.
No. 190697 ID: 1a99f0

didn't say it was, but what's important is getting the feverfew out, and the menthol would work on it's own, right?
No. 190699 ID: f35d0a
File 127605158710.png - (45.30KB , 640x400 , 09.png )

Okay, I'll try telling her to replace the feverfew.

"Mama... What if you use extract of white willow bark instead of feverfew? Wouldn't that work better?"
"Oh my... I've forgotten all about the white willow bark! Where'd you learn this?"
"Uhh... Some non-goblin cleric who came here last week?"
No. 190701 ID: f35d0a
File 12760516684.png - (50.08KB , 640x400 , 10.png )

"You're so cute when you give me new information, Agga! Let mama give you a big hug!"
"... So you're going to replace the feverfew?"
"Sure thing, hon. Everything for you! But I'm keeping them around my house, though. I love their appearance!"
No. 190705 ID: 1ac39d

well as long as she keeps them tended it would be fine, if untended they can get out of hand.
also you may be a bit achy for a bit after the switch while the feverfew get's flushed from your system.

P.S. your mom is hot.
No. 190706 ID: e67080

Awwwww, cute.
No. 190710 ID: d6cb21

Well, thats one thing down. So where were we before the headache?
No. 190712 ID: 701a19

Hug her back.
No. 190715 ID: f35d0a
File 127605334357.png - (30.58KB , 640x400 , 11.png )

Mama does the hugging, not me. And besides, it'll be hard with how my arms are positioned.

I was working on the pump for Mister Raynald... or so I was trying to. I couldn't really find a way to utilize my current resources to drain a potential mine flood out.

... I might trigger my headache back if I think about it again. Happened to me a couple of times before, wouldn't want to experience that again.

... I'm curious about my headaches, though. Is it plain fatigue that causes them, or something else? I'm not really that proficient in the knowledge of a living body, so I wouldn't know.
No. 190722 ID: 1ac39d

no, thinking alone should not cause a headache. you may have been cursed or something.
No. 190727 ID: 40cb26

Well it conceivably could, but that's only a matter of stress and it wouldn't do anything like that. Something external may be effecting you, be it physically or magically.

Was your headaches like this before you started taking the feverfew mix? If you had a headache for other reasons and started taking it... well I'm not sure. Being tied to thinking is still weird.

When did it start happening to you? Did anything else happen around then?
No. 190730 ID: 2eac65

>I might trigger my headache back if I think about it again. Happened to me a couple of times before, wouldn't want to experience that again.
That magnifies makes my earlier suspicions. I'd guess that it means someone doesn't want you thinking about certain things, and that someone doesn't have your well-being in mind. This is all the more reason to think about whatever it is that's being blocked.
No. 190817 ID: 701a19

Think about how cute Mika is, and how great a couple you two would make.
No. 190818 ID: 732129


A screw-type pump is a simple way to deal with a flooded mine, though it's not terribly efficient and needs to be rather large to move a significant amount of water. There are other pump designs that waste less energy, or which are smaller, but which are correspondingly more complicated.

When you work on new things and get a headache, are you actively doodling the diagram out?

Are those goggles just protective, or do they correct your vision as well?
No. 190922 ID: 883396

If it's thinking about the mine that triggers the headaches, there may be a good reason why the mine is flooded. Too deep. Too greedy. Some things are better left buried.
No. 190943 ID: 1ac39d

that's a good idea. draw while you think so after the headache you can pick up right where you started instead of having to start over.
No. 194667 ID: f35d0a
File 127673043649.png - (47.33KB , 640x400 , 12.png )

I was planning on making a diagram for my idea, but I wasn't able to think of anything to draw before my headache appeared. Maybe you can give me something that I can work on, now that you're here?

I have very sensitive eyes. Even a small amount of dust irritates them. I wear my goggles almost all the time because of this.

Mama: "Since you are here, why not come inside the hut? It's been three weeks since your last visit here. Can't I have some quality time with you, at least for awhile?"
No. 194668 ID: 0b2a05

Aww, be with your ma.
No. 194678 ID: c2c011

Multitask. Be with your mom while thinking about a pump system for the mine. And remember that you can use draft animals in the plans.
No. 194751 ID: c4c313


An interesting thing about headaches is they are not usually in the brain! The circulatory system that feeds the brain is the most common culprit, with strained or constricted blood vessels causing pain. Second from that are the sinus passages, irritated by allergies or other toxins. The brain itself has no built in way to sense when it's being squeezed poked or prodded it has to rely on the senses from your eyes nose ears and skin. Bypassing those senses directly to the brain can cause... very strange effects. Nothing to toy with, since it could partially eject your soul and that gets very nasty!

Anyway my point is that the brain can cause headaches, even simply by working too hard, but the pain is from the blood vessels at the surface who were overly taxed by the mighty machine therein.
No. 194935 ID: 8c0848

Do you have tiny eyes? All the other goblins have much larger eyes than you.
No. 195083 ID: f35d0a
File 127682541720.png - (60.41KB , 640x400 , 13.png )

I will, once I get back to my house. For now, we go inside Mama's house.

I'm not sure how that will clarify the cause of my headaches. What you said is general information of them, right?

Oh, they really think I have small eyes, but I wouldn't be covering them if they weren't sensitive in the first place.

You haven't seen my eyes yet, have you?
No. 195084 ID: a594b9

Nope. Maybe you could show them to us?
No. 195089 ID: f35d0a
File 127682803429.png - (41.89KB , 640x400 , 14.png )

No, I'm just asking. My eyes aren't something that one would normally see, you know. Besides, it's no use having seen them if I always cover them with my goggles.

Mama: "Hon, what do you want for lunch?"
"... I have nothing specific in mind."
Mama: "Okay then, I'll just steam some vegetables for you. A growing kid like you need lots of nourishment, you know!"

Mama really cares for me. She's rather overprotective about it, but I know she's worried for my health. She told me that I was the reason she started 'experimenting' with medicinal herbs and such, but to be honest, she hasn't gotten that far compared to the clerics that pass through our village.
No. 195090 ID: 0b2a05

What about you? Ever think about trying to help yourself?
No. 195091 ID: 8c0848

Maybe the strap on the goggles is putting pressure on your head, giving you the headaches. Better take them off.
No. 195093 ID: aeade0

addendum: you can close your eyes when you do, just need to see if you have any pressure marks.
No. 195094 ID: 732129


Imperfectly crafted lenses for the goggles could be another potential source for the headaches, though if you've been using them a long time it seems unlikely. Bear it in mind should we happen to meet an optics expert, since such a person could confirm if your lenses would cause such trouble or not.
No. 195098 ID: f35d0a
File 127683210297.png - (90.50KB , 640x400 , 15.png )

I can't really help myself. I'm still too young to live on my own, but my expertise requires me to be far away from the village so I can work in peace. Mika always brings to my house some food, sometimes from Mama herself.

... I guess they want me to have my entire attention on what I want to do.

... If you really want me to take my goggles off for that reason, I guess there isn't much choice. But I get to keep my eyes shut! I don't want to irritate them.
No. 195099 ID: f35d0a
File 127683214210.png - (46.53KB , 640x400 , 16.png )

... Okay, here it goes...

... Is it okay? No pressure marks from the goggles, right?
No. 195104 ID: 34470e

No. 195107 ID: 2eac65

Doesn't look like it. What about the back of your head?
No. 195108 ID: a594b9

Say... are your eyes yellow, or a different color?
No. 195110 ID: 701a19

You look fine.
Now, go hug Mika.
No. 195111 ID: f83b4e

That bit about your sinuses that was mentioned before.. those goggles put constant pressure on them, even if it's not that heavy, the passages inside your head are very narrow in places, so it could be restricting your circulation in ways that could cause headaches..

Of course, at the same time it could be some sort of force that despises technology that's trying to ruin you before you make a breakthrough. >.>
No. 195118 ID: f35d0a
File 127683509568.png - (31.93KB , 640x400 , 17.png )

My eyes are yellow, silly! I'm a goblin! Though I kind of figure out where you're going with this...

I swear, I just have a weird set of eyes for a goblin!

The back of the head's the least of my worries. I doubt there would be any significance of it being the cause of my headache.

Looks like my goggles are in the clear, then. I get to keep it, right?

Then I'll just make my goggles loose, then. Instead of having it snapped around my head, I'll just start using my old one that I have to tie around.

Would that be better?
No. 195120 ID: a594b9

They're probably fine. I was just curious about your eye color because if they're a strange size they might be a strange color too.

Anyway, how'd you get goggles like that? Seems pretty sophisticated.
No. 195121 ID: 701a19

Did the headaches happen with your old goggles?

Also, go hug Mika.
No. 195127 ID: 4531bc


No. 195130 ID: 2eac65

Where did you get those goggles?
No. 195144 ID: c4c313
File 127683795721.jpg - (132.94KB , 942x466 , Hypercium.jpg )

The cause of your headache is probably simply, stress. (That and Feverfew.) Thinking too hard. It doesn't matter so much what causes the headaches, unless it's something you can eliminate from your life like chocolate or cheese. It's good to pay attention, to see if there is something external causing it, not just overthinking, but the question we really need to answer is what to do to help with the pain?

I was reading some more into the process of such a severe headache. They said that it happens when a spasm of the blood vessels feeding the brain cuts off the blood, causing what they call "aura" which is vision acting oddly producing spots, flashes or rings of light around things. Then the blood vessels open up, but too much, and the increasing pressure causes the headache, despite the brain now getting enough blood.

When blood vessels open up too much, that's called "inflammation" so any anti-inflammatory plants should help, like willow bark, turmeric or licorice. Willow bark also is a pain reliever so that's good. I would also recommend you get some Hypericum perforatum. It's a very well known herb around here to help with mental overload. It has yellow flowers with long stamens, and thin round leaves with little dotted perforations in them. Finally simply something to help you relax such as chamomile or valerian should help. Cultivating a relaxed steady state of mind is the best way to avoid the horror of those kinds of headaches.

Oh uh, and you probably should just find some Hypercium and ask your mother innocently what kind of plant it is. She can fill in the details after that. Unless you want to try to explain that the voices in your head are researching how to help your headache.
No. 198928 ID: 7c97d9
File 127750735728.png - (57.77KB , 640x400 , 18.png )

Mama got both sets for me. She said she found them when she used to be a traveller in some faraway land. When I started as a Tinker, she gave both of them to me so I could protect my sensitive eyes.

Other than that, she's rather reluctant on giving me more information.

I've only used the second set of goggles twice ever. I figured it's faster and more efficient to just have one around my head most of the time. So yeah, I can't answer you straight on that.

I'll remember that later when Mama's actually focused in trying to improve my medicine.

Mama: "It's here! My ultra-mega-deluxe steamed spinach!"
Mika: "Now that's what I got here for! You make the best food around here, Mama!"

Mama might not be a great herbalist, but she does make some awesome food. I'll chow down to this anytime!
No. 198931 ID: 711ab4

... wait, do you get a lot of sugar and/or meat? a brain runs almost entirely on sugars.
No. 198932 ID: e31d52

>Mama might not be a great herbalist, but she does make some awesome food. I'll chow down to this anytime!

Actually, aside from seasoning, chemical reactions and whatnot play a big part in the kitchen! So.... there's more overlap than you might think. |3
No. 198982 ID: c029a6

you know, i do recognize foreshadowning when i see it.

eat it up, we gon get back to work.
No. 199001 ID: 7c97d9
File 127751365869.png - (53.17KB , 640x400 , 19.png )

Mama grows sugarcane just behind her hut. She uses the extract to sweeten some of her delicacies.

We rarely eat meat, though. There isn't a lot of livestock around here, so we rely mainly on crops and vegetables. And of course, fishes.

So it seems.

"Mama, were you inspired by cooking to take up herbal and medicinal studies?"
"Not really. I once met an alchemist who needed some help getting herbs for his experiment. I learned a lot about herbs from him, and I thanked him by fetching him some of his needed ingredients."
"Do you think I'll be able to meet that guy?"
"... Not if you're sickly and unfit for travelling! Now eat up and be healthy. Mama wants you to grow big and strong!"
No. 199002 ID: 01e059

as long as you are getting a good diet then it can't be a vitamin deficiency. down to only two causes left, just thinking to hard, and magic.
No. 199007 ID: c029a6

you are forgetting foreshadowning and the fact that his eyes may be suffering a disease. or magical transformation.

you know, foreshadowning. lets get the plot moving.
No. 199071 ID: 8c0848
File 127752550629.png - (8.10KB , 392x289 , whattheshit.png )

>We rarely eat meat.

You call yourself a goblin? Don`t you get meat when you bite people? Just, like... accidentally gnaw off a piece of someone? HOW DO YOU NOT EAT MEAT? EAT MEAT! EAT IT!
No. 199078 ID: c4c313


thhhh fishes are meat.
No. 199212 ID: 0b2a05

Ehh, fine line. Doubt their diet is biologically problematic at least.
No. 199236 ID: fdaabb

Oh, Atu... Your antics warm the cockles of my cold and withered heart...
No. 199237 ID: 9bddc8

Your heart, or your nether regions?
With Atu, it might as well be both.
No. 199292 ID: c2c011

Ask her how long ago she it was she met this guy. By the way, how old are you?
No. 203346 ID: 7c97d9
File 127829341787.png - (38.84KB , 640x400 , 20.png )

I am young by goblin standards, though I do not know my exact age. I can try asking Mama about it, if you want.

"Mama, how long ago did you last meet this guy?"

Mama lets out a sigh and slouches a bit.

"Let's see... about twelve years or so? That's a year before I met your father, but I can't be pretty sure."
"Hey... How come you got interested in this alchemist all of a sudden?"
No. 203357 ID: 2a421d

Well tinkering does have some relation to alchemy, boompowder, pyrotechnics and such.

Also, wouldn't have taken you for being quite so young, although you are pretty short.
No. 203364 ID: 9f4050

just idle curiosity, for all we know over focusing on one subject could be the cause of the headaches.
No. 203367 ID: 9f4050

wait... did you get the headaches before you started as tinker? if not then it definitely could be stress related.
No. 203403 ID: c4c313


Master Reynald said he would be able to get me some more metal, so I can make things with it!
No. 203405 ID: 7c97d9
File 127830103310.png - (45.43KB , 640x400 , 21.png )

I wouldn't know. I wasn't subjected to much mental labor before the whole tinker job. I never had a headache then.

"I'm just curious, Mama. I never knew you helped someone with alchemy. Why, that's a word I've never even heard of! But it sounds so exciting!"
"Alchemy is somehow like tinkering, only with chemicals and such. I'm not surprised your attention's all on it."
"But Agga my dear, for one to learn more about their profession, you have to travel and meet other people who shares the same interest. Sometimes, I don't think we should be restricting you to working in this village."
"If you want, you can go to the Bar and ask Shirly to get you someone to help you with your profession. Maybe you'd get to travel someday. But make sure to tell Mama before you do that, okay? Don't get me worried!"
No. 203410 ID: 86745d

Wow, your mom is pretty laid back.
No. 203411 ID: 9f4050

in that case, yeah, it's just stress. you start thinking too hard but can't get anything so you get stressed. when we get back to your house you can just ask us about any of the things you don't understand so you don't get so stressed.

anyway, agree to tell her if you ever go anywhere. but you wont right now, you just got an official job helping the smiths and backing out of an already made agreement would be bad.
No. 203416 ID: 2a421d

Uhm, this is kinda awkward to ask but, how is your father? I just realized we haven't seen him, and we haven't asked about that so...

This isn't going to be one of those happy answers is it?
No. 203428 ID: 7c97d9
File 127830285452.png - (28.86KB , 640x400 , 22.png )

"I actually have an agreement with someone near the village... I'll be staying here for a bit longer, I think."
"No worries, dear. Just be careful, and always stick to Mika for help if you need to, okay?"

It's not a happy one, but it's definitely not a sad one, either. I mean, I can't even remember what my dad looked like before he just... left me with Mama.

It's hard to get sad by something you haven't experienced.
No. 203431 ID: 9f4050

well that's good, at least you didn't suffer that heartbreak.

and tell her 'okay'

anyway, it looks to be about time to get going, thank mom for the lovely meal and one more hug and say goodbye.
No. 203476 ID: 2a421d

Still would be smart to check up on making some possible connections with peers in the same field.

Even if you have a contract to stay here others may be able to supply you with more exotic materials, ideas, and processes without you having to leave yourself.

Most tinkerers and alchemists get adventurers to do those 'fetch me this random thing' quest when they can.
No. 203678 ID: 732129

Hey kid, is there anywhere in the village that makes jelly doughnuts?
No. 207012 ID: 7c97d9
File 127899333461.png - (125.68KB , 640x400 , 23.png )

You're right on that. Sadly, I'm the only one around the village who is in this kind of profession, so my only chance is to meet a non-goblin tinker.

"You know Mika's like a big sister to me, Mama. I'll always be near her!"
"Good to know. Now, I don't want to keep you here for too long. You must be ecstatic about going back to your work. Be careful, and good luck."
"See ya sometime, Mama!"

... Now I remember Mama suggesting us to go to the Bar and talk to Shirly. We could do that, unless you have other plans.
No. 207015 ID: d78b61

i suppose asking Shirly if she knows of any other tinkers couldn't hurt.
No. 207026 ID: 7c97d9
File 127899571462.png - (38.95KB , 640x400 , 24.png )

To the Bar, then!

Shirly: "What's up, you two?"
Mika: "We're looking for tinkers. Agga wants to meet one."
Shirly: "... Well it's rare to see a wandering tinkers, actually. They usually settle down in places where they'd get the best resources. There's this pair of a Tonberry and a Kobold who came here before, and I've heard the Tonberry is actually a scholar. They're probably your best bet."
"Too bad they've already gone back to Sutaria due to an emergency case. I can probably get you a party who's going there, but it will take awhile."
No. 207027 ID: c4c313

Did they say what the emergency is? We don't want to walk into a situation that might endanger our cranium!
No. 207035 ID: d78b61

yes ask if they said anything about why they left. and yeah a while sounds like it would be good. get a few things for the smiths and when you say you are going someplace to get better at being a tinker they wont mind because having you BETTER at it would be good for them too.
No. 207036 ID: 701a19

Sure, go ahead.
Meanwhile, seduce Mika.
No. 207069 ID: 7c97d9
File 127900131551.png - (83.73KB , 640x400 , 25.png )

Mika: "An emergency?"
Shirly: "Something about water shortage. Since Sutaria's in the desert, they're always on the lookout for water supply."
Mika: "You think they'll be fine?"
Shirly: "The Tonberry told me it's just a break in their system, and it caused some minor spillage. He said it's easy to fix, though it needed his supervision."

... Okay, if we go to Sutaria, we'll have to start packing up, right? So maybe we should head back to my house, unless you have something to ask Shirly...
No. 207074 ID: d78b61

well, not quite yet. after we get your pump done then we can go. just get clear schematics so that if the smiths need it they can make one. then you will be fine to head out.
No. 207200 ID: 22f0f6

Looking a bit shy all of a sudden Agga. Shirly's being very helpful, and hiding like that is childish, and a little disrespectful. You'll be stronger for talking to her directly. And be sure to thank her, too. Mika is still there to help you if you're worried.

As for packing, for a trip across the desert, you'll want head covering, some warm clothing for nighttime (sand transfers heat easily, so its hot when the sun's out, but suddenly becomes very cold when night comes. Come to think of it some blacksmith techniques use sand to quench hot metal. )
And of course, you'll need extra water, firewood, since any tree growing out there better serves as shade, and a harem girl outfit to blend in with the local culture. Mika will need one too. And yes, this applies no matter what your gender is, you cheeky thing.
No. 207249 ID: 84ad66

>and a harem girl outfit to blend in with the local culture. Mika will need one too. And yes, this applies no matter what your gender is, you cheeky thing.

no no no no. why the hell would you assume what the culture is like out there? just be out of towners. unless the place is invested with bandits you will be fine. especially since you wont be traveling alone.
No. 207302 ID: 0b2a05

They have water problems, do they?

...Hm. Maybe you could do something about that.
No. 207424 ID: 7c97d9
File 127907511385.png - (40.34KB , 640x400 , 26.png )

I don't mean to... It's just... I can't see Shirly in the same light after that accident that made her look this way... I can't help but be afraid of her...

"I'm... I'm sorry, Shirly... I'm scared... But thank you for everything..."
"Don't thank me yet, sweetie. I still have to get you two to Sutaria someday. After that, you can thank me."

My design for our village well only works because we're on solid ground. I think stuff works differently in a desert, and so I'll have to change the schematics, or even make a new one.
No. 207425 ID: 7c97d9
File 127907512882.png - (90.25KB , 640x400 , 27.png )

We go back to our house... But Mister Raynald is there. He looks dirty...

Raynald: "How's the walk, girls? Having fun? Well I'm not here to dilly-dally on that matter, 'coz I have some bad news."

He sounds a bit furious, but he seems to be trying to calm himself down.
No. 207426 ID: 7c97d9
File 127907514246.png - (57.04KB , 640x400 , 28.png )

Raynald: "... Seems your friend's right. After striking on some veins of iron, we got ourselves into an underground cave. Worse, it has a lake in it, so we had to stop working on it in fear of polluting a nearby water source."
"Looks like we'll have to get you two to examine the cave and see what you can do about it. I don't want to abandon the mine; it has a lot of igneous rocks in it that we can extract some ores from, and it'll take months to find another potential mine like this."
No. 207427 ID: 701a19

What happened to Shirly?
No. 207429 ID: a594b9

Tell us more about the accident.

Also, agree to inspect the mine.
No. 207436 ID: 6bd277

yes, let's go look at it. got any small mirrors and a few bits of glass along with an adhesive? if you have all that then take it with you. make a little item that helps with under water surveying when you get there. if not then we'll have to try something else.
No. 207440 ID: 0b2a05

Well shoot. Bring some tools and go check out that cave.

What happened to Shirly? She seems pretty peppy for someone that suffered an accident, I don't think you need to be afraid of her.
No. 207468 ID: 7c97d9
File 127907886167.png - (94.67KB , 640x400 , 29.png )

They said she got caught in an explosion when she was out scouting the nearby area for bandits. Mama tried her best to fix her face, but all she could do was disinfect her wounds and bandage her up.

We go to Mister Raynald's place. He shows us the cave with the underground lake. What caught my attention are the plants near the edge.
No. 207472 ID: c4c313


Wow, plants? How are they growing without sunlight?
No. 207474 ID: 0b2a05

Inspect those plants closer up, is the ground slippery?
No. 207479 ID: a594b9

This place rises and lowers with the tide. There's an outlet to the sea or something.
No. 207485 ID: 7c97d9
File 127908011257.png - (39.63KB , 640x400 , 30.png )

The ground's all dry up to a certain portion, then it gets a bit slippery. Not enough to stop me from inspecting the plants by the side, though.

I have no idea how they're still surviving without sunlight, though they look a bit wilted. They most certainly won't grow a lot in this environment.

... The water seems to go pretty deep, as well.
No. 207490 ID: 0e676d

taste the water, and do you know how to swim? if so then you can get partially undressed and swim down, the robe is the only part that needs to come off, large flowy clothing makes it hard to swim. with those goggles you can open your eyes underwater and look around.
No. 207495 ID: 0b2a05

Do you know what they are? Maybe you should take some samples.
No. 207511 ID: a594b9

If that's seawater, the problem should be easy enough to fix. Find where it's coming from and seal it off.
No. 207547 ID: 7c97d9
File 127908441498.png - (110.92KB , 640x400 , 31.png )

I don't really know what they are. Maybe Mama knows. I'll take some samples.


I don't actually know how to swim, but Mika does. I tell her to check the water for me.

"It's freshwater! At least, it used to be... Looks a bit murky, but still reasonably clean!"
"Come on, Agga! The water's lukewarm, but it feels good!"
"Maybe not, Mika... Maybe you shouldn't be staying there for too long..."

Anything else?
No. 207549 ID: a594b9

Where'd the seeds come from...? This water didn't just seep in here. There MUST be a relatively large fissure somewhere.

Hey you're wearing goggles, why don't you try looking under the water?
No. 207557 ID: 9ccc15

yes you can try that. look around under there. a source is indeed needed for plants. regardless, get a good enough pump and we can drain this out. pump it right into the stream.
No. 207561 ID: 7c97d9
File 127908710782.png - (94.98KB , 640x400 , 32.png )

I told you, I can't swim! What about I just give my goggles to Mika-

Hey, where'd she go?
No. 207562 ID: 7c97d9
File 127908711962.png - (117.17KB , 640x400 , 33.png )

... Even Mister Raynald's missing!

"... Mika? Mister Raynald? Where are you?"

It feels a bit hot around here all of a sudde-
No. 207563 ID: 7c97d9
File 12790871337.png - (152.99KB , 640x400 , 34.png )

No. 207565 ID: 0b2a05

BITE IT! Use your teeth!
No. 207566 ID: 9ccc15

BITE IT! use you teeth and rip and tear it apart! just get REALLY REALLY mad!
No. 207588 ID: 7c97d9
File 127909150051.png - (152.73KB , 640x400 , 35.png )

I try to bite whatever's pulling me into the water, but I can't! It's like ethereal or something!

I can't sink my teeth into it!
No. 207589 ID: 7c97d9
File 127909151168.png - (107.01KB , 640x400 , 36.png )

I see Mister Raynald and Mika now, they got pulled down as well.

... And those creatures around them... They're glowing...

"-plsshh sebbbr hhh, wrrr chhhn hlp yyyy-"

... Is that Mika pleading?
No. 207590 ID: 7c97d9
File 127909152362.png - (136.22KB , 640x400 , 37.png )

Urgh, I can't hold my breath much longer...

I feel warmer and warmer...

No. 207593 ID: 61910a

SON OF A BITCH!! god damn water monsters.
No. 207594 ID: a594b9

I wasn't expecting this at all!
No. 207653 ID: e31d52

No. 207656 ID: 22f0f6

... And when Agga woke up, she realized she had to change the sheets again.
No. 207789 ID: 7b0fcf


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