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File 127562077119.png - (287.28KB , 640x480 , 84.png )
187426 No. 187426 ID: 4cfc69

Now exiting dormant state

While that Narus is asleep, I thought you might like to accompany me, as I do not sleep. Perhaps we can get to know each other better. Presently you are with a part of me that is far away from Narus.

We can spy on someone somewhere, play pranks, make friends, prey... As long as it has nothing to do with the affairs of Uis or its inhabitants. What would you like?
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No. 187429 ID: f21281

Who is your daddy, and what does he do.
No. 187439 ID: 1ac39d

hmmmm.... when presented with infinite possibility it is easy to be overwhelmed at the possibilities.
anyway, how about we get some ice-cream with flails breaker?
No. 187446 ID: 0b2a05

That's a pretty big range of possibilities...

Hey, can we see where we were made?
No. 187447 ID: e973f4

That's, um.

It's rather difficult to pick from "anything that's not related to Uis."
No. 187448 ID: da125f

i wanted to make a witty taste the rainbow joke, but i noticed i do not recognize previous threads.

what is the name of the quest again?
No. 187459 ID: a594b9

Oooh, finding out the origin of the device sounds good. Then again that might fall under 'affairs of Narus' so...

Hmmmmm. What about our world? Earth. Are you capable of complete stealth? I imagine it would cause quite a stir if anyone detected us.
No. 187462 ID: 6a5a08

Become the vessel of the God of Chaos, and spread unresta nd confusion throughout all of creation.

Except Uis.
No. 187465 ID: d5dd74

What we must do is find a civilization that is newly beginning, late stone age or early bronze, where the foundations of science are just taking hold... and influence them, become a god that they worship, a source of their wisdom and morality. We shall become a thing that will shape their society for millenia!
No. 187541 ID: 0b2a05

How about where YOU come from?
No. 187695 ID: 4cfc69
File 127565794019.png - (133.91KB , 640x480 , 85.png )

Look at the Inside The Quest thread.
I will see what I can do. At this moment, that is not an option.
You would probably know it as "Narus' Quest."
You wouldn't learn much from going there, and you can't fully percieve it besides.
Your world... I can take you to fantastical facsimiles of Earth, but I cannot take you to the place as you know it. Do note that I am not omnipotent, nor omniscient. I will do my best to take you to wherever you would like, as long as I do not find it objectionable.
I come from many places.

I've done things like that before. Let's.

Here we are. How shall we approach this... subtly, or unsubtly?
No. 187698 ID: 1ac39d

we are always being subtle. let's go with a nice big flashy "GREETINGS MORTALS!!"
No. 187699 ID: 6a5a08

Give them cake. Cake gets friends.
No. 187706 ID: 6834bc
File 127565982128.jpg - (14.18KB , 400x267 , grand galactic inquisitor.jpg )

Can you shapeshift? If so, appear before them as an extremely tall version of their own species, clad in spectacular clothing. Speak loudly, and tell them that you are here to "make sure the time-stream remains intact", and they should "IGNORE ME". Make sure you say "IGNORE ME!" a bit louder than the rest of your speech.

Pick one at random and follow them around. If they start to converse with you or otherwise acknowledge your existence, simply say "IGNORE ME!"
No. 187707 ID: 1ac39d

that is both subtle and unsubtle at the same time!
No. 187708 ID: 6a5a08

Changing vote to this.
No. 187717 ID: c71597

Yeah that sounds like it could be fun.
No. 187731 ID: d5dd74

Oooh wait. We should think about what kind of influence we should give them, what sort of nudges to effect, that sort of thing.

Should we be a good or evil god?


No subtlety, we must make them truly believe we are really powerful if they are to follow us.

Can you light up the night to be as bright as day? That's a classic.
No. 187741 ID: 059120

Playing God is cliche, boring, and morally conundrumous (not that I'd expect you to care about that last one.)

Mysterious insane figure who will become part of myth, on the other hand...

Oh, hey, you're aware of Narus' Quest. I'm guessing you're also aware this now Szierkhogh Quest. Any idea why the naming schema skipped from identity to species?
No. 187742 ID: 1ac39d

true, if anything this should be Dessen quest.
No. 188239 ID: 4cfc69
File 127576806370.png - (91.78KB , 640x480 , 86.png )

I like this...
and this...
But it seems we'll go with a pop-cultural reference...? Yes, I can shapeshift. It should be noted that I do not like to speak vocally. I will make do with mental communication, but they will perceive it as vocal.

"A giant!?"
"[[holy shit]]!"
|IGNORE ME! I'm here to make sure the time-stream remains intact.|
"Uhh-"Dessen walks behind another random person, who tries to ignore it but is having difficulty doing so
"Uhhh so anyway Jop and I were in the neighboring [[multiple-building structure]] and Ilek said he would offer himself for the next sacrifice..."<I hope this giant goes away...>

The others are having thoughts similar to his They are all extremely confused.

This is but one civilisation. We can affect others in different ways.
I am aware. Your device decided to name it like this.
It would be "Dessen's," I think. Possessive.
No. 188241 ID: 6a5a08

Continue listening in...

Also, begin to eat cake. They will become hungry and want some. Simply tell them to ignore you again and keep listening.
No. 188242 ID: 1ac39d

yes, just be as obvious as you can.
No. 188426 ID: c71597

Just stay in the background until some appropriately climatic moment turns up. Then you fuck it up in some way and just leave. Hang around the world a bit too see what effects your actions have.
No. 188436 ID: 0b2a05

Ahh don't be mean, just annoying.
No. 188441 ID: 701a19

Wait until the next sacrifice, then say "YOUR OFFERING PLEASES ME!", take the sacrifice, and send it to hang out with Narus.
We will tell him it followed us home, and ask if we can keep it.

So, what can you tell us about our device?
No. 188646 ID: 0b2a05

Hey, uh, are we inside your body right now?
No. 188649 ID: a594b9

Go "Sacrifice? That's not right at all. No, the time stream is already altered! Tell me more about these sacrifices."
No. 188957 ID: 8d7dd2

Demand to know what the meaning of this sacrifice is, and who or what it is being made to.
Once the explanation has been received, politely explain that you frown upon such sacrifices and they should cease.
That is, sacrifices to entities that aren't you.
Point out the sacrifice should be redirected to you.
No. 194482 ID: 4cfc69
File 127666777335.png - (140.16KB , 640x480 , 87.png )

I'm going to show you a few of your device's features while we're here. Don't be surprised.
Dessen begins to eat something cakelike
"Ilek? I guess we have other craftspeople."<What's that giant eating? That food wasn't there before. Is this a test from the gods?>
"Jop seems convinced that Heama will be pleased, and I'd say he's a better choice than Nosc..."<What's that smell?>
"Nobody thinks N-...Nosc is a good choice. There's nothing to her! She's young, too."<what in the name of the gods is going on WHAT IS GOING ON IS HE EATING!?>
someone walks in. "Did I hear-WHOAH that guy's tall and who is this?"
|IGNORE ME!| Dessen eats more in a very conspicuous manner, dropping crumbs all over the place.the person he is standing behind looks increasingly distressed
"Um." the person walks back out

I will consider that. However, if Ilek is the sacrifice, he will not make a useful ally. Nor will Nosc.

I can tell you that it is very glitchy. Already there has been at least 1 errors in transcription.

You can think of it that way. I am carrying your device with me.
I imagine that will confuse them further.
|Sacrifice? That's not right at all. No, the time stream is already altered! Tell me more about these sacrifices.|
One of them ponders whether or not to respond to me.
he grimaces and says, "Aren't we supposed to ignore you?"
|I demand to know the meaning of this sacrifice, and who or what it is being made to.|
"Aaah Heama the Earth deity will destroy us unless we deliver a sacrifice!"
|These sacrifices must cease. Ones not directed to me, that is. Redirect your sacrifice to me.|
"We'll have to talk to Heama about that! I can uhhhh go ask right now."
Now... Do I tell him to IGNORE ME?
No. 194492 ID: 701a19

"I will speak to Heama directly. IGNORE ME!"
Most societies worship lesser beings than Time Lords, and we seem to be somewhere 'round that ballpark. Maybe we can convert Heama into a follower and send her back?
No. 194493 ID: 0b2a05

Hey Dessen what does sacrifice mean in this instance?

And who the hell is Heama?

...Talking to it directly actually sounds kind of interesting, depending on what it is.
No. 194557 ID: a594b9

Oooh. Hey, if you know about our features... can you explain in simple terms what [[unable to translate]] does? We basically understand that it does some kind of... chaotic scrambling of matter that looks like it's boiling, but... I dunno, seems like there's a little more to it than that.
No. 196084 ID: 4cfc69
File 127700732547.png - (188.17KB , 640x480 , 88.png )

|I will speak to Heama directly. IGNORE ME!|
<how can I ignore someone like THAT?> he closes his mouth and taps his fingers together
These people believe Heama exists, but until we visit the sacrificial pit, we won't know if that's true or not.
They are going to toss someone into a pit where the person will be eaten.
Heama is an Earth deity, like the fellow said.
Yes, let's do that.
Dessen leaves for the pit
Even as I appproach Heama, they discuss the matter of my presence. One of them has been following me.
The basic idea is that it grinds pieces of space into nearby pieces, folding them together.

There is something intelligent living in this pit.
No. 196089 ID: 0b2a05

What is its relationship with the surrounding environment? Can we scan that?
No. 196093 ID: 7630d5

Could you do another bio scan like the one earlier to see what's inside of the pit? Or better yet, try and initiate a communications link, mental or otherwise.
No. 196102 ID: 701a19

Hey, we're both basically indestructible, right?
Jump in!
No. 196116 ID: a594b9

Just say "Hey. What's going on down there?"
No. 197008 ID: 456b55
File 127717772761.png - (157.32KB , 640x480 , 89.png )

|Hey. What's going on down there?|
I'm too far for Heama to hear me.
Sure, let's go. it does
The one who was following me is now convinced that I must be an avatar of some god. I'm too large and outlandish for any other explanation.
Heama dug a system of tunnels. It's quite extensive.
I'm not sure what you're getting at, exactly.

it lands on the ground of a tunnel almost softly due to its body's surface area/mass ratio and positioning, then gets up. |Hey. What's going on down here?|
<whaaat> "What?"

Heama is confused. Any observations by senses say that I am one of the creatures from the surface. My garb and size throw that into doubt.
No. 197011 ID: 0b2a05

Hey, could you ask it to stop eating people in ways that kill them? Cuz that's not cool.
No. 197017 ID: 059120

Dessen don't you regularly eat people in ways that kill them? I mean, not that I don't want it to stop, it would just be nice if you weren't being a hypocrite about it. Because you stopped eating people too.
No. 197018 ID: a594b9
File 127717964396.jpg - (32.68KB , 400x578 , mindflayer.jpg )

I don't think there's any point in keeping up this pop reference when talking to Heama. Go for something a bit stranger, more intimidating. Maybe something like this?

Introduce yourself as... an Outsider. Ask it what purpose it serves on this world, and why the surface dwellers sacrifice to it.
No. 204769 ID: abb30a
File 127856619762.png - (247.58KB , 768x480 , 90.png )

Yes, I could do that.
Two of this question. Interesting. I eat people in ways that kill them very irregularly, and infrequently. I only do so when I feel that it is appropriate, except for the times when my hunger overpowers me. It doesn't seem hypocritical to me to ask Heama to stop. A problem is that regular sacrificies are a major source of nutrients that are hard to find elsewhere.
it changes shape over the course of a few seconds.faster than you could do it.Heama's mind is altered to feel as if Dessen had always had its current form
|I am an Outsider. What is your place in this world? Why do the surface-dwellers sacrifice to you?|

<strange thing>"Thing. I am a tunneler. I will destroy their structures otherwise. Are there other Outsiders?"
No. 204776 ID: df7322

oh so it has the old fashioned regular threat of destruction. which always fails in the long term due to the fact that one day the populace get's tired of that shit.let's see how it like's getting eaten!
No. 204777 ID: 0b2a05

People shouldn't be major sources of nutrients, that's just... dumb. There has to be alternatives. How about dead people, why do they have to be alive? If not that, maybe an invasive plant species they can help take care of? Possibly introduced?
No. 204797 ID: a594b9

Eat it? I'm not sure we should. This thing could be the last of its kind or similarly rare.

Tell it that there are no other Outsiders here at the moment due to company protocol. Then ask it more about itself. Like, what exactly it is, and if there are others like it in this world. Ask if it could eat livestock or something instead of people.
No. 204799 ID: df7322

why would being rare make it not edible?
No. 204896 ID: c2c011

Tell it that there are, and you can call them to you at a moments notice.

Then ask it why the sacrifices need to be alive. They would probably be alot more regular if they changed the burial customs to being eaten by him instead of whatever else they do.
No. 208635 ID: abb30a
File 127923477428.png - (131.74KB , 640x480 , 91.png )

All things fail in the long term. This particular one would probably go on for a long time.
I should eat something before you return to Narus. The something doesn't have to be Heama.
They don't have to be alive.
|There are no other outsiders here right now because of protocol. They can be summoned. Are there other tunnelers?|
"There are other tunnelers."
|Can you eat other things instead of people?|
"Yes." <why> "Why are you here?"
|I've come to end the live sacrifices. You don't care what you eat as long as it tastes good and you have enough, yes?|
"Yessss. What will there be, instead of live sacrifices?"
|Dead sacrifices and Certain [[plant-equivalent]]s. Tell them at the next sacrifice.|
"Why should it change?"
No. 208637 ID: c2c011

Well yes all things fail eventually. But some fail more spectacularly and more painfully than others.

Anyway, tell it that it should change or else outsiders are going to find out how diggers taste.
No. 208638 ID: 0b2a05

Because killing people isn't nice, if there's a better alternative you should go with that. Specify that they die from natural causes, not killed for the sacrifice. Also they should probably take up farming of the [[plant-equivalent]]s in case their death rate drops. Viva agriculture!
No. 208647 ID: a594b9

The natives will be more cooperative if they do not need to sacrifice living beings. More food might be given, in fact. Eventually, the tunnelers and natives might be able to cooperate with eachother. Like, they could mine out mineral deposits and such in exchange for food. A more mutually beneficial relationship can last... well, longer than the current one anyway.

>see more.
No. 214094 ID: abb30a
File 128054846765.png - (137.75KB , 640x480 , 92.png )

This one could well end in an unspectacular and painless way without our interference.
|Killing people isn't nice. They will be cooperative for much longer if you don't ask them to make live sacrifices. They might even give you more food.|
<more...> "I will make an offer at the next sacrifice. If there is not enough food I will go back to the way it was."
|There will probably be enough food.|

more is being displayed

We can go to another place of civilisation on this planet, either of this civilisation or another. Alternately, we can go somewhere else entirely. The next designated time of sacrifice to Heama will not happen for a while. The sun will rise soon, and the people here will go to sleep.
No. 214099 ID: 0b2a05

Hungry, eh? Think you could scan for xenophilia and hone in on it? Give an unsuspecting member of the populace a wild ride and unbelievable story to tell?
No. 214119 ID: e973f4

I think you should go traumatize some cutebolds...

...potentially while folding this into the concept. :V
No. 214181 ID: a594b9

Hmm, while we have this free time I think we should start working on some advanced weaponry.

[begin work on giant orbital energy beam cannon]
No. 214922 ID: e973f4

Also it should involve hugging somehow.
No. 216014 ID: 8d5850
File 128115359111.png - (277.54KB , 640x480 , 93.png )

Performing trophobiosis on a random xenophilic cutebold, hugging and traumatizing along the way… That sounds like fun. Here's one now, with a friend. The scariest (without being cruel) thing to start would be to sneak up on them and then suddenly make loud noises while adopting a frightening pose. Or perhaps I could assume the guise of a cutebold, run up and hug him, and turn into something else. Of course if you think you have a better idea, go ahead and say it.

specification of "giant" is an insufficient indicator of the scale intended.greater specificity required
No. 216016 ID: 0b2a05

Guise of a cutebold. Hug them both! Then slowly start to go back to your old self while rubbing a nose or two.
No. 216018 ID: e973f4

I support this plan!
No. 216030 ID: f9649b

I agree! However, if impulse weight is relevant here, make sure not to hug too tightly or thoroughly (lest the cutebold suffocate)!
No. 216053 ID: a594b9

[how about... have it be 2% of the mass of the moon it's on? That should be pretty damn huge.]
No. 217898 ID: 8d5850
File 128167160818.png - (169.36KB , 640x480 , 94.png )

Not to worry. Your device doesn't affect me that way, no matter how much impulse weight you have. I won't suffocate the kobolds.
"H..hiii!" The female is hugged.
"Hugs? eee!" The male (the xenophile) is brought into the hug. It's all quite delightful. I begin to rub their noses.
"Wha~! Who are you?" I don't respond to her question.
"hmmm~" I'm definitely not a cutebold now.
"Aaaa!" she makes to break free.she is only lightly restrained, and can get free.the male continues to be transfixed
He had a vague fantasy for something like this to happen… He's… well.
Yes, I suppose that's to be expected.
process is begun
No. 217899 ID: e973f4

Well, if he had an idea, however vague, of how this was supposed to go, I guess you could run with that?

... Unless it involves something like dying. That is not really what you're going for, I don't think.
No. 217900 ID: 7bdeff


No. 217905 ID: 40cb26

Soften her up, make her enjoy it despite herself... I suggest tickling! Not too much though, just a little bit. Wrap around her body a bit while you're at it just so she's surrounded by it all. Leave the guy a good view for now and we can pull him in later.
No. 217906 ID: e973f4

Come to think of it this is an okay idea too.

... Can you multitask? :V
No. 217907 ID: a594b9

Tell them you're not going to hurt them... it's just a little fun. Allow the female to break free if she insists.

Earlier when you said prey, did you mean willing donors (like perhaps this one), or like, hunting animals that wouldn't be considered people?
No. 217908 ID: f9649b

I'm going to have to agree with Typo again. Fulfilling others' fantasies sounds like fun, as long as you're comfortable with it!

I wouldn't suggest restraining the female, as causing people unwanted sexual pleasure (or giving unwanted sexual contact) is highly unethical by my standards.
No. 217932 ID: 40cb26

Thus the tickling, show her we're trying to give her a good time. By surrounding I meant being around her but not all the way and with some distance.

What can you tell about her tastes specifically? Cater to them if you can work it in.
No. 218035 ID: c2c011

Well this is certainly quite freaky. Just don't eat either of them, even if the male wants it to happen. Toy with him instead and don't make his dreams come true.
No. 218258 ID: 0b2a05

Keep her only lightly restrained, and... moderately restrain the male. Lick 'em both a bit on the noses.
No. 218892 ID: 8d5850
File 128199184857.png - (184.34KB , 640x480 , 95.png )

|I'm not going to hurt you! It's just a little fun.|
"I… like fun…" The female, Gdchralbis, responds. Kladaatrilus, the male, has a mind that is spinning too quickly for him to say anything.

As to your question, I meant both.
Alright. She's embarrassed, but doesn't know why, nor what to do. I'll give her a good tickling.
|Then you'll like this.|
Gdchralbis is no longer held, but is tickled.she laughs, a little concerned at first but then enjoying
Of course I can multitask! I'm being Narus' bed while we're doing this, as well as a few other things. He's so soft and warm… These kobolds are too, if a bit less so. It's nice.
Other than a lot of noserubbing, it wasn't a fleshed-out idea. I suppose I could incorporate that into something like what I usually do with my other trophobionts, like Narus. It would probably have been a sexual fantasy if he had some idea of what that was.
I like this line of thinking.
it engulfs most of Kladaatrilus, giving him a sensual massage with emphasis on the nose
"oooh~" He's trying hard to think of something to say. Silly kobold.
It's not my intention to make this into a sexual situation. She likes the tickling just fine, and I'll stop before she finds it unpleasant.
She's not picky with the species of friends… However, she would not consent to having some fluids sucked out. She's not the xenophile here, after all.
No, he certainly doesn't want to be eaten. He will be quite interested in this, however… it extracts some of his fluids, which makes him squeal in surprise
Delicious kobold juices… And now Gdchralbis has had enough tickling. I'll give her a moment to regain her breath.
Some other kobolds are coming to see what the commotion is about.
No. 218904 ID: e973f4


or... something.
No. 218906 ID: 40cb26

You could keep going a while despite the onlookers... or maybe you can do something to keep them from seeing this? Ask the female if she wants to have more fun, maybe give her a rub. Err, backrub.

Otherwise I think it's about time to wrap this up, you could have more fun with them but you don't want a big crowd. Give them a last bit of embrace, and then move them together before letting them go. Tell the male something along the lines of enjoying things like this is ok, but love those you are with. In whatever terms his simple mind can understand.
No. 219005 ID: 0b2a05

Nom nom cutebolds. The more you eat now, the less you'll have to eat later! Stick to nondamaging trophobiosis, yadda yadda you know the drill. Reach a tentaclething out and pull one or two in. Don't take too many or they might have difficulties getting food and such, but a few won't hurt.

Say Dessen, ever tried apples?
No. 219056 ID: a594b9

It may be time to make our escape soon. Or at least start winding it down. I don't think we want to try a group hug with more than 3 people! That's just awkward.

[see more]
No. 219207 ID: ad7ce3



No. 219219 ID: 117dce

Eat dem cutebolds! Sho am good!
No. 219234 ID: e973f4


Okay sure why not.
No. 219313 ID: 849796

I disagree.
Mutate the xenophile into some kind of tentacley thing, with fifteen noses on the ends of tendrils and approximately thirty more to facilitate their use.
Rework his digestive system to process embarrassment and pleasure, then include appropriate instincts.
No. 219362 ID: f9649b

I'm going to have to disagree with cutebold eating! If it ends a life / their sentience / anything else, that's no good.

I'd suggest slipping away while you have a chance, if you're worried about capture.
No. 223401 ID: abb30a
File 128312268864.png - (200.06KB , 640x480 , 96.png )

Oh, a message incoming from a friend. Ey is a Proetelikesan. Ey does not mind if you eavesdrop.
Zynraex: What goes on?
Dessen: I'm eating. It might involve predation; I'll have to get direction as to whether or not that is acceptable.
Zynraex: Excellent. I hope it is. Care to join me afterward?
Dessen: We are on a mission of exploration, and not one you would be interested to participate in.
Zynraex: Unfortunate. Do let me know how your present endeavours go.
Dessen: I will.

You may talk to em, if you like.
The female runs away, but she's not scared or resentful. This is just a bit much for her. I have taken some fluid from the male, but he is just too small to provide much without damage. it releases him
|I must go. Remember that it's OK to like things like this, but you must love those whom you are with.| That's so… sappy.
"… Thank you."
I have never tried apples.
displaying more
>>219207, >>219219, >>219234
Is it acceptable to eat cutebolds?
I think not.
I have no worry of capture. Nonetheless, this does seem like a good time to leave. Where to next, and first, what is the consensus on cutebold eating? There are plenty here.
No. 223405 ID: 40cb26

>That's so… sappy.
Well, yeah. These are simpler creatures, need some simple words for them. Wouldn't want to make them into some wacked out xeno-hugger cult. Probably.
No. 223406 ID: 855a26


Also we can't freakin see anything. Those little meter jobbies are nice and all but it looks like half of them just stopped working, and they're nowhere near as interesting to look at as you nomming on cutebolds.
No. 223407 ID: 0b2a05

Of course killing them isn't acceptable, they're people. Predation doesn't explicitly mean killing them though! If there's a lot of them you can drain a little from each to get more fluids without overall damaging them.

So you've never had apples... what about other fruit in general? How exactly do you use the fluids you drain?
No. 223408 ID: d677cc

Well, not like kill them eat them. But you seem to have a way around that particular problem, and there are a bunch of them here, so, I mean...
No. 223412 ID: 40cb26

I say we go find more xenophiles, ones that aren't so naive and innocent. We could have a lot more fun with them.
No. 223413 ID: d677cc

Hahahaha, sure.
No. 223418 ID: 40cb26

What can I say? I'd say go for full on tentacle action, but it seems like a wasted effort with these guys. I like em willing and eager and not totally clueless.

...Think you can find some xenophilic dawwblins?
No. 223447 ID: 61507d

What's the closest you can get to outright eating them without killing them? You should do that.
No. 223548 ID: a594b9

I don't think it is acceptable to fully-eat cutebolds. They're a bit dim but still... people. I think the others meant just... limiting it to the safe kind of fluid taking thing. I hope so anyway.

Proetelikesan? Tell us more about that? Or we could ask em. What kind of pronoun are you using? It is unfamiliar... Just the basics would be good. What type of creature, visual appearance, usual activities, mannerisms?

As for where to go next, how about... where you come from? If you don't want to do that, my second choice would be... hm. Can you survive in a black hole? I've always been curious about what's past the event horizon... Wait, would WE survive the trip? Maybe that's not such a good idea. Instead of that, how about we find a planet where a bunch of obviously decent people are fighting an army of nasty folk? Then we help fight the good fight!
No. 223549 ID: a594b9

You've never tried apples? Here, have one.

[spawn at least one ripe apple of a random variety appropriate for eating raw, extra impluse weight used to spawn more/tastier ones]
No. 223551 ID: f55a21

+1 impulse weight towards apples.
No. 226665 ID: abb30a
File 128374608734.png - (20.89KB , 640x480 , 97.png )

That's an amusing thought.
I've not ingested what you call "fruit." There have been similar things which I have eaten, some that I have enjoyed.
As to these fluids, they are used largely to maintain control over myself. It's not as effective as devouring a victim, nor as satisfying, but certainly can be a worthwhile compromise. Particularly so when the other party is someone I would rather was not killed.
task completed.dessen eats the apple
Quite tasty. Not completely dissimilar to some things I have had before.

It seems there won't be death involved.
Zynraex: Now that is a pity. Why not?
Dessen: I'm taking some people from another universe on a tour, which they are directing. They don't seem to think it's acceptable.
Zynraex: Humph. Culture clash.
Dessen: It is so.

I'll just take a little bit from some of the kobolds. They won't even notice.
Someone did say they wanted to see more. You certainly didn't contest it. The meters are working just fine. Some of them are simply not applicable to the cutebold.
Proetelikesans have one sex, but it's not hermaphrodite. I'm using your neologistic "Spivak pronouns."
They look like large, dark, metal skeleton beasts with arms, legs, a tail, a torso, and an head. They have many sharp angles, and a culture that focuses greatly around death due to their harsh history. Ask Zynraex whatever you like.
I wouldn't say these kobolds are innocent. Some of them have seen battle, and blood. Experienced losses, hardships, et cetera. Some have even brought it upon others. They are simply, in large part, amoral.
Now we find nasty xenophilic dawwblins, trying to clear out a tunnel system that's already occupied. Should we infiltrate the goblins' ranks? Attempt to fit in with their opponents?
Why do you specifically want me to find goblins that are xenophilic?
No. 226696 ID: d677cc

That's a really creepy whatever that is there.

Uh, sure, try to fit into their ranks or something.

And I suspect the "xenophilic" aspect is because, um, no offense, but to your standard issue humanoid you're kinda freakin' weird, especially in the form we usually see you in, so it's I guess a way to try to work with that. Or something. I'm just going with whatever sounds funny, honestly.
No. 226713 ID: 0b2a05

You have control problems?

Anything you'd like to talk about?
No. 226736 ID: 40cb26

Transform and infiltrate, find and isolate one or more of the xenophiles. Then you want to not transform back completely, but extend a tentacle and wrap them up a bit.

If we come across their opponents we can probably just go ahead and eat them. No need to stop any other activities we may be engaging in. Check what they are first, they might be fun in other ways.

>I wouldn't say these kobolds are innocent.
Right, I meant more like "well developed sexual behaviors" The other aspects are a non-issue.

>Why do you specifically want me to find goblins that are xenophilic?
So that instead of trying to run away from you they'll cum to you. I mean come to you. Well... you certainly want both, right? It works out, trust me.
No. 226750 ID: d677cc

Oh, right, we're here to fight the good fight.


Got a copy of the New Testament handy?
No. 226753 ID: 059120

+1 impulse weight to Evangelism! We're in a new culture, it's our God-given duty as humans to make sure we tell them how wrong it is!
No. 226787 ID: 40cb26


+1 Impulse weight to No what the hell is wrong with you?!?
No. 226842 ID: a594b9

I think the others are expecting sexytimes. I get the impression you're not really into that though.

I think we should do a straightforward defense and drive back the goblins, then infiltrate them and see what kind of fun we can have.

Zynraex: What do you think happens to people after they die?
No. 226843 ID: a594b9

I'm against bible-thumping by the way. That is... not what we came here to do. We're here to get some ACTION, not be silly.
No. 226962 ID: d677cc

Y'know, you really ought to look up what a phrase like "fight the good fight" means before you throw it around and make it the POV character's goal.

It only has one meaning (look it up!), and that generally doesn't have much to do with a battlefield.
No. 226973 ID: a594b9


No, that is not the only meaning. It is generally used to mean fighting for what you believe in. Or just warfare in general, apparently: http://thesaurus.com/browse/warfare Plus, I didn't make it the POV character's goal. Like he said, he's giving us a tour. It's MY goal.

Now can we please keep religion out of quests?
No. 226981 ID: ad7ce3

Hahaha, what?

Fuck. Sure. An eldritch horror preaching to goblins seems just so deliciously wrong.
No. 227740 ID: 0b2a05

I'm pretty sure Dessen is just dicking around. So in that case, being silly IS what we came here to do. Who is saying it has to be one of OUR religions, can't we make one up? Think of how much fun that would be!!
No. 227743 ID: a594b9

...that does sounds kinda fun, but I want to make stuff with our powers. Speaking of which, what's that vaguely visible thing in that corridor there?
No. 239130 ID: abb30a
File 128633670251.png - (17.06KB , 640x480 , 98.png )

Yes, isn't it delightful?
They'll surely notice if a new goblin comes in. I could do something like go in and be invisible and intangible to them, but that's easy. You lot have had more experience with goblins than I. What are your thoughts for an approach?
I don't find your statement offensive.
There are circumstances that can cause me to go berserk if I am insufficiently fed. This goes unpleasantly. Fortunately, I greatly enjoy eating and it doesn't take a lot to secure control.
Have you missed an important detail? The goblins are the enemy here.
You may have gotten another wrong impression. It's not at all my desire to make this encounter a sexual one.
I do now. I can even perform some "miracles." What fun.
there is insufficient impulse weight to complete this task
Your impression is correct.
Yes, I think I can incorporate that plan into our agenda quite nicely.
Zynraex: I believe that Death is the only eternal. People simply do not exist after they die! Their bodies become used by other things, until Time succumbs to Death as well.
Now, now. There's no reason we can't do both.
A fine response! Most excellent. Our journey will start with the gnomes, and then we will infiltrate the goblins.

|Hello, sir! Have you heard the good news?|
<A stranger? Bringing news?>thinks the gnome.he grunts, then says "What news?"

That was a gnome.
No. 239184 ID: c6fa0a

Religion is often said to be one of the greatest instigators of violence and injustice in modern human society. Therefore, one must assume that using religion for nefarious purposes is... easy. Child's play, if you will.

Therefore, I challenge you to create a religion that will do the opposite. Convince multiple species to be tolerant of each other, secular, and work together to make life better for all involved. Convince them to be diplomatic and tolerant, but yet not weak or pansyish. Create a superculture of peace and prosperity while still allowing ancient subcultures and (non-violent, non-discriminatory) traditions to flourish.

*That* sounds like a *real* challenge.

In the context of the goblins and gnomes... use this force to make peace and work together. Eliminate those who oppose peace if necessary, but always attempt rehabilitation first.
No. 239276 ID: d677cc

He wants to know what the good news is.

You can tell him what the good news is, right?
No. 239704 ID: a594b9

Zynraex: We have good reason to believe that in some universes people have souls that persist beyond death. On a different note, what's your favorite method of killing? Is there anything else you do for fun?
No. 241627 ID: abb30a
File 128675295645.png - (13.19KB , 640x480 , 99.png )

Zynraex: Ah, the multiple universes. You are correct on that count. I have no one favourite method of killing! Oh, I don't kill for fun. I kill for fulfillment, and it's a rare occasion. I observe the unfolding of events for fun.
Dessen: I'll take your idea into account.
|This book has all the answers! What to do in case of a flood, how to become a god, accounts of ancient events with lessons relevant to today... Everything you need to get to heaven. Or hell!|
"'s that so! What're you here for, then?"
|I'm here to spread the gospel, like the good Lord intended.|
he grunts again, then "S'pose you'll be wanting to come in. What's your name?"
|That's right. My name's James.|
"Mine's Lester. Follow me, then." he sinks into the stone wall beside him.dessen follows.they come to a chamber with gnomes relaxing and talking.they stop the latter upon seeing the newcomer
"Oi! We have a fellow here who's got a book of religious tales. Why don't you share some, James?" This is a test. I could tell them of the Exodus, Adam and Eve, the Great Flood, or some stuff about Jesus.

Oh, a temporal anomaly is approaching. You can avoid it if you wish to stay with me, or not avoid it if you wish to put our adventures on hold in favour of a bit of time travel. It won't reach you for a while yet.
No. 241689 ID: c6fa0a

The Flood sounds like it could be particularly thrilling for gnomes - however, it might not be very threatening to them if they can just phase through solid rock...

It may actually be a bad idea to use Old Testament legends on them, since they wouldn't know anything about them, and on the whole they're just pretty silly.

Maybe a little about the wisdom of Jesus, adapted to a gnomic audience?

And a temporal disturbance sounds fine. You're doing a pretty bang-up job on your own, and it might be fun to see what you do while we're away. You have to admit that it can be fun to be surprised from time to time. :)
No. 241836 ID: e973f4

Iunno, some stuff about Jesus.

And, sure, time travel sounds fun.
No. 242388 ID: 1854db

Zynraex: What's your society like? Centered around cities, clans, what? What kind of architecture do you have, if any? What kind of things have you killed before?
No. 242439 ID: abb30a
File 12868664575.png - (66.69KB , 640x480 , 100.png )

Zynraex: We have some cities, which are mostly for the tourists. We often prefer very spread-out communities. Our architecture, by and large, is carved out of the walls of deep caves, with vast, intricate etchings and glowing paints. The cities have more structural and decorative pieces combined with the carved parts. Along with that, more electric lighting. That's the "modern" look. It looks nice, in my opinion. I have killed an alien before, who had attacked me as part of some deadly ritual. It knew what it was getting into. My other kills have been, nearly to the point of exclusion, accidental crushings of tiny creatures, and hunting for food. We've many other ways to acquire food, and yet we do that sometimes. Killing is a part of us.

Dessen: Jesus and eventual time travel it is.
|I will tell you a story written by a man named Jesus. He has his own important part to play in the scheme of things other than as a storyteller, but I'll save that for another time. This first story is short and to the point: Lazarus was a poor guy who people thought was dead because he was poor. But then he found some money and everyone thought he came back to life. That parable illustrates the idea that people are dumb.|
this is met with chuckles
|Actually, there's a lot of resurrection involved in this book. Jesus can be resurrected with the proper setup, but no-one's gotten it exactly right for a long time. For example, in the far-off land of Egypt, King Ramses tried to resurrect Jesus in an event called the Exodus. He needed frankincense, but he accidentally used the wrong ingredient... Frankenstein.|
the gnomes don't know what to think, but the absurdity of the situation makes them laugh more
|Instead of Jesus, this summoned An entity of immense power that had once been sealed away... The Forbidden One. And it Obliterated. That was the end of the Egyptian civilisation.|
"What's the lesson in THAT one?" It's another gnome.
|ALWAYS read the recipe.|
"You hear that, Verne?" from the distance in the caves, comes the reply "Shut it!"
some gnomes laugh.others merely roll there eyes
"You're alright, James. But do you believe this stuff?"
|I wouldn't interpret it all literally. Supposedly this was transcribed from a time when God's hand appeared and wrote it on a wall, but who knows? The lessons are good anyway.|
"Seems like a book we could use around here. Why don't you stick around?"
No. 242507 ID: e973f4

You are very silly. :B
No. 242510 ID: e2020c


Otherwise good except this! SoooOOO○♪↔♪◙ silly!
No. 242619 ID: 1854db

Well that's an interesting take on things. Yes, let's stick around. Gotta do that defending thing right?

Zynraex: You kill a lot less than I expected... The impression I got from your earlier comments about predation made me think it was a regular thing for you.
No. 245617 ID: abb30a
File 128743013093.png - (5.76KB , 640x480 , 101.png )

[>>242439 Oops, "there eyes" should be "their eyes." Phooey!]

I'm only attempting a compromise between the suggestions.
|Sure, I'll stay-|
"GOOBLIINS!" echoes a shout.Lester speaks to Dessen
"You've come at a funny time. It's these goblins, want our caves. PAH! Been pestering us for a while; that's all they can do. You a fighter?"
|Sure, I'm willing to assist. Anyone want to read this book meanwhile?|
"Here, I'll take it," a gnome comes out from the shadows to claim the book.another gnome comes up
"Come with me, and I'll show ya what you can do."
|Sure thing. Coming, Lester?| I know he isn't. He's just the doorman. However, he'd expect me not to know that.
"I'm just the doorman. But maybe we can share a drink after ye give those goblins what-for."
|Fine plan.|
Dessen is led to where the goblins are making their attack, and debriefed along the way
"They just showed up one day and tried to claim our home. Nasty creatures. Being they're just a nuisance, we don't want to kill them, but if that's what it takes to get them to leave, why, that's exactly what'll we do. And diplomacy hasn't done anything for us. So we've been holding 'em back until they leave. Come back every time. You said you're a fighter? You seem more like a talker to me." the sound of explosions and commotions grows louder

Zynraex: Dessen and I both enjoy predation. I was commiserating, you see.
No. 245621 ID: d677cc


I suppose you could use your, uh, obvious abilities to try to scare the goblins off.
No. 245640 ID: 1854db

That's not a lot of fun. I was thinking we set up defensive devices. Like this!

[create mobile turret]
No. 246653 ID: abb30a
File 128769253684.png - (14.81KB , 640x480 , 102.png )

I will do this while putting the light of god into their lives.
task is begun
|Thanks to the book, I can work miracles, just like Jesus. I'll make them see the light one way or another. Words first.|
"Mi-hiracles, y'say? Huh! Well here's a goblin now, hidden behind that crate."He gestures "Show me a miracle."
|Ho there, goblin! I've come to talk peace!| it walks toward the goblin.the goblin tosses a small bomb at it, but Dessen is completely unharmed by the explosion.it is soon upon the goblin and grabs him by the ears, ceasing his struggles shortly
"Aaugh! Let go 'a me!"
|Did Lot's wife let go of the apple after she turned into the ten commandments from biting it? She sure did. She was WEAK.|
|You can learn all about it in this book!| Dessen raises a hand and a new bible appears in it, with a flash of light. it lowers the book to the goblin
|Take it. Read it. Learn its lessons and see the light.|
<What the... ffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkk> "get away from me!" the goblin tries to swat the book away but it does not move and he hurts his hand instead
We need to expose more goblins at once.
No. 246752 ID: 1854db

Okay I was wrong, that is a lot of fun. Is there anything we can do that you can't, Dessen? Hmm, how do we flush the rest out...? I guess you could try yelling and taunting them.

...I can't accurately predict where this will go and when the turret will be done (if we even need the thing), so I'll just make sure that it doesn't pop up at the wrong moment. Heck we may even be able to use it for Narus!
[standby turret placement when complete]
No. 247398 ID: a69a1d

I'm all for "exposing" goblins, but I don't think that's what you mean.
For reference in the future, when I'm more mentally agile and knowledgeable, I'd like to peruse the pages you've stored. Maybe I'll learn something interesting! Or perhaps I'll learn better jokes about one's mother, or one's face.

Both would count as a win.
No. 247399 ID: e973f4

Taunting is a great idea, probably!
No. 250639 ID: abb30a
File 128855152254.png - (10.40KB , 640x480 , 103.png )

turret placement will standby upon completion of turret

|You really must be converted.|it says to the captured goblin
Let us try that.
|Hey other goblins! You seem pretty cowardly, hiding in the dark! Come on out! I'll bet you can't rescue your buddy over here!|it walks in the direction of more goblins |Not even if I come to you.|
a few goblins come out with daggers.one snarls
|EXPERIENCE RELIGIOUS FULFILMENT!|the daggers are replaced with bibles.the goblins drop them and are momentarily stunned with surprise
|That's what I'm trying to save you from. God loves you, but you can only be saved if you will turn to him.|
I don't think this is going to work without brainwashing. We could do that if you want, or try something else entirely.

available stored pages:
culturally Significant Events
culturally Significant Events>First Contact
Anatomy and Culture
Anatomical comparison of Enials and Cyrals
Index of pornographic materials
Anatomical comparison of Enials and Cyrals >Differences of Reproductive Organs in Enial and Cyral species query results
Anatomical comparison of Enials and Cyrals >Enial/Cyral Hybrids query results

Whatever you choose, I'm going to put in the discussion thread.
No. 250642 ID: d677cc

Brainwashing? Why didn't you say so earlier?

That seems like it would work pretty well.

No. 250742 ID: 1854db

I'm more inclined to kill a few gobbos, so that they stop the attack. Afterwards we can excuse ourselves from the gnomes, and go walk amongst the gobbos to see what they're like.

As for stored pages, display all that have not been displayed yet. Then we can add them to the wiki! Or if I must make a single choice... uh... Anatomical comparison of Enials and Cyrals >Enial/Cyral Hybrids.
No. 250746 ID: abb30a
File 128856630684.png - (52.38KB , 640x480 , 104c.png )

Then they will be forcefully bent to this god's will. The pages will be appearing in a while.
Maybe I will kill some later.
dessen releases the captured goblin, who is now obedient.the others pick up their daggers-turned-books
"Guys, we have to convince the others to turn from their evil ways!"
"Yeah! They must repent! We'll show them the truth!"
"Thank you for making us see the error of our ways, stranger! How can we repay you?"
|Just spread the gospel, pray, and do as the good book says. It has instructions for worship, so definitely read that.|
a chorus of 'thank yous' comes from the converts as they leave
|How was that?|it asks the gnome
"Mr. James, I don't know what just happened, but if it gets those buggers to leave I really don't care. I'm Samuel, by the way."
|Good to know you, Samuel.|
"Hmm. you too. I think, though, that those guys might have just said that to get away from you. Eh?"
No. 250777 ID: d677cc

Maybe, but they're gone either way, right?

So now what?
No. 250790 ID: abb30a
File 128857249455.png - (102.05KB , 640x480 , 105.png )

|I believe that they're really on the way to living better lives.|
"So... Believing in that religion gives you magical powers? You brainwash them or somethin'?"
|It sure does. All I did was indoctrinate them. A good show can really convince people, even if it takes a moment to sink in.|
"Yeah... ok. Let's head back and see what the goblins are doing in the other tunnels, then."they do so.goblins are arguing
"What's gotten into you!?"
"Just read the fricking book! Come on, we're wasting time here!"
"I don't WANT to!"another goblin approaches and with the other convert, drags the protester away
"That was fast."says Samuel
|Yes. Faster than you'd expect.|a scream echoes through the halls.the gnome and the false gnome look at each other
|It sounds like it's working.|
"You're a real strange fellow."
I can go and infiltrate the goblins at any point. If that is your desire, just give an indication as to how you want it to be done. I could evaporate right now in front of Sam, or return to the rest of the gnomes and take a more formal leave.
temporal anomaly detected
Now your device has noticed it, too.
No. 250814 ID: 1854db

I'm thinking formal leave.
No. 250818 ID: d677cc

I am too.
No. 257062 ID: abb30a
File 128995034422.png - (295.25KB , 640x480 , 106.png )

Then it's that.

|I need to be going, at least for a while. Where should I make my goodbyes?|
"Uhh. You go back to the room Lester took you to. I'll meet you there."
|Sure.| this is done.some gnomes gather, not all the same ones as before.only the torches can be heard
|I'm afraid I have a bit of work to do elsewhere, but nearby. You'll be seeing me again soon. Thanks for your attention; that is all.|before anyone can speak, Dessen disappears with a flash of light.

It wasn't bright enough to hurt any of them, just disorienting. Now, the goblins. You never stated how you'd like me to approach them, besides "infiltrate" so this is your last chance before I do it my own way.
No. 257064 ID: d677cc

Well, heck, let's see what "your way" of infiltration is. I'm intrigued!
No. 257114 ID: 24a9bd

Uh jeeze, could you tell us your way before we decide? Nothing that hurts anyone, right?
No. 257120 ID: 1854db

I don't care if you hurt the goblins.

I was thinking you could either possess one of the goblins or abduct one and shapeshift into their form to impersonate them.
No. 259373 ID: abb30a
File 129057493523.png - (380.24KB , 640x480 , 107.png )

I'll let you figure out which question or questions that answers.
Bodily possession, excellent. I'll do that, and... you'll see the rest.
Ah, this one will do.
"Guys, guys! Check out this book!"
"A book? What's in it?"
|Yeah, what's got you so excited?|
"It's magic! You can learn how to do resurrections and stuff, like!"
"What? What's the catch?"
"You have to believe in the one true God, and no others. He'll grant your wishes!"
|Yeah right.|
"Just one god? That's dumb."
|Yeah, everyone knows there's a bunch.|
"Forget them. It's not like they've done anything for us recently."
"What was that?"
|I... I ffeelll all...|
"Hey, you look-"
"Oh FUCK!"
"What IS THAT?!"
cutscene 1/2
No. 259672 ID: 8d5850
File 129065912025.png - (205.03KB , 640x480 , 108.png )

Dessen emerges from the goblin, in the form of a demon
|I AM A DEMON! The cruel, angel's antithesis!|
"Demons can only hurt you if you turn away from the Lord! But I BELIEVE!"
"Let's take Zusto's corpse and get outta here! Maybe we can do a resurrection."
"Yeah!" they rush toward the body at Dessen's feet as Dessen swipes at them, hastily hoisting it and carrying it off.Dessen flies away after saying |We'll see!|
"Let's get the others. We have to make sure they don't get demoned."
"And they can help us carry this body."
the party busts a move.

temporal anomaly is about to arrive

Anything you want to say before you go?
cutscene 2/2
No. 259686 ID: e973f4

Hm. Like... what kind of thing?

Like "this was kind of weird but interesting, nice talking to you?"
No. 259689 ID: 1854db

Silly Dessen, that is not how you infiltrate!

It's been nice hanging out with you, I guess. Have fun hunting the gobbos.
No. 261437 ID: abb30a
File 129133926882.png - (411.87KB , 640x480 , 109.png )

Yes, like that.
I infiltrated them for a short time! Then it segued into something more overt.
No one else will speak up? Oh, well. I'll see you on the other side.
dormancy activated (option 01100)
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