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File 127522140877.png - (497.27KB , 1200x600 , titleV.png )
185345 No. 185345 ID: 426169

Chapter V
The Gathering Clouds

This is the story of Tiffany Blake.

After fleeing their home, Tiffany and dad made their way to Adeleine. There they found the safehouse previously inhabited by Thomas Kinsley. Therein they found an ancient immortal trapped within a dark pit, but wisely decided not to mess with it.
Tiffany and dad then decided to investigate an address they found, but before they could get in Tiffany attempted to scry on Martin Rothwald. The plan backfired, and they themselves were discovered by Martin. As dad was arrested by the police, Martin captured Tiffany and brought her back to his hotel room.
Perhaps surprisingly, Martin showed no signs of hostility towards Tiffany, and instead offered her membership in the Rothwald family. Martin also said that the Rothwald shadow hunters are coming to America, and they will hunt Alexander down. Unfortunately, they will most likely have to kill Tiffany's mom in the process.

It's time to begin.
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No. 185346 ID: 426169
File 127522147566.png - (247.62KB , 800x600 , 346.png )

The interrogation had been going on for two hours now. Dad's eyes were hurting in the bright light, and the handcuffs had broken the skin in several places. The interrogators sometimes changed, but the questions were always the same.

>"Ok. Take it again from the top. Where were you last night?"

"I want my lawyer."

>"Where were you last night?"

"Goddamnit, I'm entitled to a fucking lawyer. Get me my goddamn phone call!"

>"In time. Where were you last night?"
No. 185347 ID: 426169

Had a bit of a derp with the original thread, remade it. We had these suggestions before remake:

>"You have arrested me, and you have now denied me my right to an attorney. I refuse to speak."
>Following that, keep your mouth shut. Not one damn word.


>agree, maybe lean back and take a nap.
No. 185348 ID: 701a19

"You have arrested me, and you have now denied me my right to an attorney. I refuse to speak."

Following that, keep your mouth shut. Not one damn word.

Oh, and these aren't real police officers. They've broken quite a few regulations that would get the case thrown out and them fired. However, if you let them know that you know then they're going to do very bad things to you, so just play dumb to their ruse.
No. 185350 ID: 63ab82

I am in agreement with all that was said. They are probably Necromancers or people who works for either side. Perhaps Martin's side. Anyway, keeping quiet is the best option. Also, demand to see a judge within 24 hours or your arrest is not constitutional.

If they are necromancers, we may need some kind of mental barrier against scrying... try to think of irrelevant details such as how motorcycle works?
No. 185365 ID: c71597

Just clam up. Do some relaxation excersices. Find your happy place and stay there.
No. 185377 ID: 6164e0

Seriously, unless this guy gives you any reason to think he may be magical, you know your rights:


Also, unless they have explicitly told you why they are holding you, ask that too, as that is another thing they have to answer. Do not raise your voice, interrupt, or be rude, just keep reverting to 'Why are you holding me' and 'where is my lawyer?" and nothing else until either A: they tell you shit/give you your lawyer, or B: prove themselves magical, and thus beyond caring about the rights of detainees.
No. 185401 ID: 426169
File 127525105186.png - (251.35KB , 800x600 , 347.png )

"Fuck you. No lawyer, I ain't sayin shit."

>"Where is your daughter right now?"

"Fuck you."

>"Who is the man in your living room, mister Blake?"

"F-u-c-k y-o-u."

Damn. These guys seemed legit when they arrested me. No way real police officers would be keeping me from seeing a lawyer. Who the hell are these guys?
No. 185404 ID: a594b9

Ask them!
No. 185417 ID: 426169
File 127525367092.png - (45.91KB , 800x600 , 348.png )

"Just who the hell are you guys?"

>"... I see you are not going to co-operate. Very well."

"Hey! Where do you think you're going? You can't leave me here!"

No. 185420 ID: a594b9

Shuffle around pathetically. How are you restrained?
No. 185421 ID: c71597

Calm down and assess your surroundings. What does the room you're in look like now that the light isn't blinding you.
No. 185426 ID: 426169
File 127525472264.png - (45.01KB , 800x600 , 349.png )

I'm handcuffed with hands behind my back, and... yup, the handcuffs are attached somewhere. Can't see what it is, exactly. Lemme just.... ok yeah they feel a bit flimsy. I bet I could pull that off after a while.

Umm, let's see. What else... The room's pretty bleak, concrete walls, a table, two chairs, metal door. Not much light to see anything else.

No. 185427 ID: a594b9

Get to work pulling.

Wait a second. The room was empty, and there's no window? Who was talking to you?

I think we may be dealing with magic users, here.
No. 185433 ID: 426169
File 127525531899.png - (72.88KB , 800x600 , 350.png )

He left by the door before they shut off the-

Someone's coming.

No. 185437 ID: c71597

Stay calm and let them do the talking. Also keep your mind as blank as you possibly can.
No. 185439 ID: 426169
File 127525608083.png - (123.97KB , 800x600 , 351.png )

Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck.
No. 185440 ID: a594b9

Struggle with the chair! MOVE DAMMIT. Get free and keep away from that needle!
No. 185442 ID: c71597

Well that's potentially very bad. Unleash your inner badass and rip free from your restraints and disarm them of that very big syringe.
No. 185443 ID: e75a2f

When she gets near, pitch yourself forawrd and headbutt her in the ovaries.
No. 185463 ID: e3f578

If she gets close and you got a hand loose by then, say an awesome one liner. "Oh ho ho, my wife never wanted to play dirty before. Meeeerreeeooooww." Then jam that muthafucking syringe into her neck by grabbing her arm.
No. 185474 ID: 6a5a08

Unleash your Dad Powers and rip from your bonds, striking Nurse Creepy with your Fist of Awesomeness, then take the syringe and escape MacGyver style by making a hang glider out of newspapers from the staff lounge, and table/chair legs, keeping it together with duct tape.
No. 185486 ID: a594b9

If you can't get out and she's about to inject you, say "I'll talk, I'll talk!"
No. 185505 ID: 60477c

you should now be properly full of adrenaline. if the handcuffs felt flimsy before, you should be able to break free now. do so, and then find some way to escape. if you can avoid the woman, do so rather than trying to overpower her; the situation at hand is no reason to not be a gentleman while escaping.
No. 185587 ID: 63a8b5

Yeah... I don't think the cops have you. Time to pull out all the stops, then.
No. 185747 ID: e2020c

Fuck yeah! This is getting even more epic!
No. 185764 ID: 426169
File 127530092535.png - (64.68KB , 600x400 , 352.png )


I can't pull these off! Aaaaaaah!

"I'll talk! I'll talk!"

>"Oh I know you will, mister Blake."
No. 185765 ID: 1ac39d

No. 185768 ID: 426169
File 127530275760.png - (96.82KB , 800x600 , 353.png )

Dad kicks out in desperation, catching the nurse in the knee. The nurse loses her balance and stumbles back. At that exact moment a robed figure appears hesitantly in the doorway.

>"Stop it or I'll have you restrained."


A young man's voice calls out.

>"Oi! What's goin' on here then?"
No. 185770 ID: 1ac39d

crazy bitch gonna kill me!!
No. 185776 ID: c71597

That and then add that aside from that you have no fucking clue but you would really like to know.

Hmmm, why do I have the sneaking sensation that these guys are old style conservative Kinsleys.
No. 185907 ID: 426169
File 127533145789.png - (72.29KB , 400x600 , 354.png )

"Crazy bitch tryin to kill me!"

>"Well bugger me. What you doin that for?"

>"How did you get in here? SECURITY!"
No. 185908 ID: 02d2bc

Warn him about the needle
No. 185909 ID: c71597

Warn him about that needle she's concealing.
No. 185911 ID: 426169
File 12753335992.png - (70.58KB , 400x600 , 355.png )

"Look out! She's got a syringe!"

As soon as dad had shouted his warning, the nurse swung at the robed boy with the syringe!
Thanks to dad's warning, the boy reacts in time to deflect the thrust and lays a neat sharp hook to the nurse's chin. The woman goes out like a light.

The boy stands at the doorway rubbing his knuckles and says:

>"Sorry 'bout that, luv. Terrified o' needles. You all right there mate?"
No. 185912 ID: 1ac39d

"just peachy, could you help with these cuffs? rather apparent they ain't cops."
No. 185913 ID: c71597

Tell him you're gonna be spiffy soon as you're released from your bonds.
No. 185915 ID: 426169
File 127533438824.png - (77.38KB , 800x600 , 356.png )

"Brilliant. I'd be fantastic if you'd get these cuffs off me."

>"Weeeeeel all right. I don't suppose you know where the keys are? No? Well don't matter. I'll get em off in a jiffy."

The boy digs a couple of paperclips from his pockets and fiddles a few minutes with the lock.

>"See, I'm looking for this pal o mine. Tall fellow, kinda lanky, robe like mine, big stick, the name o Thomas. Seen 'im around? Older man."

With a click the handcuffs come off.

>"Ah there we go."
No. 185916 ID: a594b9

"I know where he is. Pardon me for being a bit paranoid but I think I'll tell you when we're out of here? Could be someone listening in."
No. 185917 ID: 1ac39d

say "Alexander killed him" neutral, doesn't implicate yourself, or tell him more then what he wants.
No. 185923 ID: 426169
File 127533583993.png - (26.38KB , 400x600 , 357.png )

"Yeah, ummm... I know where he is. I'll tell you once we get out of here. I might be a bit paranoid, but I they might be listening."

>"Wow, you're right."


>"It IS a bit paranoid."


>"Just havin' a laugh, chum. I'm glad SOMEONE knows where he is. Was a bit worried after he didn't show up to pick me up."

"So which way is out."

>"Left here. So how do you know Thomas?"
No. 185924 ID: 1ac39d

he would be an in-law as he is related to your wife.
No. 185926 ID: c00244

This. Then inquire as to who's running this place.
No. 185928 ID: c71597

Might wanna pick up the pace. There are two guys behind you. And ask him who the hell these people are.
No. 185935 ID: a594b9

"He saved my daughter's life."
No. 185940 ID: 426169
File 127533869038.png - (149.89KB , 600x400 , 358.png )

"He's a relative of my wife."

>"Oh yeah, you're that... ehmmm, that errr"

"Blake. Gregory Blake."

>"Blake that's right. The name's Gareth Kinsley."

"Nice to meet you, Gareth. You wouldn't happen to know who's running this place."

>"Haven't the faintest. Was trying to find the old man, must've picked you up by mistake. Err, we better get a move on, we've got company!"
No. 185944 ID: c71597

Sprint you bastard! Sprint like you were channeling the spirit of Usain Bolt, even though he's not dead.
No. 185952 ID: 426169
File 127534042045.png - (101.64KB , 800x600 , 359.png )

An hour or so later Dad and Gareth have reached the Adeleine safe house. Dad had hoped to find Tiffany there, but was sadly disappointed. It's already late at night, and he's getting very worried for no sign of Tiffany.

Where are you, Tiffany? Damn. I hope you're safe.
They took away my cell phone, wallet and gun when they arrested me. As far as I can tell, they took me to a legit police station first, then to that place. I'd rather not think about what they wanted to inject me with.

Gareth was idly examining the map while leaning on the wall. Dad noticed a small suitcase in one corner that hadn't been there when they left.

>"Dang. Gotta say that Thomas didn't mind spooky living. This summer's going to suck. Where's the old man anyway?"
No. 185953 ID: 1ac39d

"well, now that we are safe, i can tell you... alexander killed him"
No. 185954 ID: a594b9

"I'm afraid he's dead."
No. 185955 ID: a594b9

Investigate the suitcase.
No. 185957 ID: c00244

"I'm afraid that I have some ugly news, Gareth. A couple days ago, my wife was somehow possessed by her dead father. Thomas got my daughter out safely, but he was hurt very badly, and... I'm sorry."
No. 185958 ID: c71597

I think it's time to tell him about Thomas fate. And warn him about that creepy thing in the pit.
No. 185962 ID: 426169
File 127534129042.png - (100.80KB , 800x600 , 360.png )

The suitcase is probably Gareth's luggage.

"There's... really no easy way to say this, but... he's dead. Alexander killed him."

>"Come again?"

"He's dead, Gareth."

>"You're off your rocker. He can't be dead. The wiry old bastard is too stubborn to die."

"I'm afraid it's true. I'm sorry."

The young man's voice is breaking a little.

>"W- How? When?"

"A couple of days ago. Alexander killed him."

>"Who's Alexander? ... Wait, Alexander Kinsley? That's not possible. He's been dead for bloody ages!"

"He's back. He found a way to possess my wife. Thomas sacrificed himself to save my daughter."

>"... Well fuck me."

Gareth leans back quietly for a moment.

>"I gotta call my dad. Gotta tell the others. Where's Thomas' body?"
No. 185964 ID: c71597

Tell him you burned it along with your house. And there should be a medallion around here that he wanted his family to have.
No. 185965 ID: a594b9

"Well, we were being chased by an evil necromancer, so... we burned it. Along with my house."
No. 185969 ID: 510688

'Burned, along with our house. If we left an intact body Alexander would have animated him and, well, we owed him that much, at least. ... or was that a mistake?
No. 185979 ID: 426169
File 127534369720.png - (66.85KB , 400x500 , 361.png )

"We, uh, burnt it."

>"What, seriously?"

"We couldn't risk leaving it for Alexander to find. We burnt him along with our house, so he couldn't get his hands on anything he could use to track or control us. For all we know he could've reanimated Thomas as his slave."

>"Well... Blimey. Don't know how my folks are gonna take that."

"Sorry. We would've contacted you if we had any way of doing so, but... We really didn't even know you guys existed until a few days ago."

>"Ok I can see that. Our types keep to themselves mostly."

"Yeah no kidding. Julie never told me anything about this. All I got was a letter with instructions to come here if anything happened to her."

>"Well, maybe I can fill you in. If you've got any questions just ask."
No. 185981 ID: 6a5a08

Ask about the Rothwalds.
No. 185982 ID: a594b9

"What's your stance on Necromancy? Tiffany- that's my daughter- inherited that power. She could use some guidance in learning how to control it and use it safely."

Also ask about the Rothwalds.
No. 185986 ID: 510688

'What should we have done instead? Could you have brought him back, or was it more about a proper burial? Also, I could use a list of Kinsley phone numbers, and we need to get busy rescuing my wife from that monster.'
No. 185999 ID: 63ab82

(Why did he not ask about the medaline when we opened the door to the safe house? Surely Thomas would not part with it so easily, especially when he told us they will know what it means. It is probably plot hole, though, and our robed friend seems very trustworthy, so I will still trust the dude.)
No. 186002 ID: 426169

(Because Gareth opened the door, with his medallion. Thomas' medallion is in Tiffany's pocket at the moment.)

We're paused until tomorrow 16 GMT -ish.
I'd like a list of questions or even wider topics you're confused or curious about so that I know what areas need more exposition.
No. 186105 ID: a7a85a

How about, "What the hell is the thing in the pit?"
No. 186574 ID: 426169
File 127541714066.png - (110.46KB , 800x600 , 362.png )

"Well, what should we have done with the body?"

>"Look, I dunno mate. It'll probly be all right, cremation's the usual way we do it. There's a bunch of old ritual mumbo jumbo that goes with it, but hey, what's done's done."

"Yeah... Uh... Sorry."

>"I just gotta make a couple of phone calls. It'll be fine."

"Well, last night another of Julie's relatives showed up. Someone called Martin Rothwald. Know him?"

>"Not really, not that I need to. He's a Rothwald. That tells me everything I want to know."

"Could you tell me something about them?"

>"Well, they're the dominant power in central Europe. We've got a sort-a truce with 'em. O'course it's still a bad idea to take a holiday in Germany. They'd shiv us in the bollocks as quickly as... well about as quickly as we'd shiv em if they showed up to sunbathe in our beaches. At least it's better than what it was during the dusk war. We've got the conclave now, so at least the families officially talk to each other sometimes."

"What's this conclave?"

>"It's a big meeting that's held twice a year. Every family in Europe gets to send their representative. It's usually just old geezers arguing about who started what war and fighting about ancient crap nobody else gives a toss about. But at least they're not killing each other on sight. Well, usually. Well... they usually don't succeed."

"That doesn't sound encouraging."

>"Heh that's politics for you."

"Well... I probably want to ask more questions once I can think of a few more. In the meantime, there's something that's been bothering me."


"What was Thomas keeping in here? I mean, me and Tiff found something trapped in that pit over there. It seems pretty dangerous."

>"Dunno. Let's have a look, ye?"

[i]Gareth walks up to the runic prison, where the thickened darkness awaits. As soon as he enters the creature hisses sharply.[/]

No. 186576 ID: c71597

Tell him not to trust that thing. It's only after becoming a servant of the skullking or something like that. Which is most likely Alexander.
No. 186586 ID: f95872

It could also be this guy.
No. 186600 ID: 876498

PROCURE A PHONE, see if gareth has one, if not, find a payphone and use it with some of gareth's pocket change.
No. 186642 ID: c4c313


Bone king. Servant of the bone king.

That said, we're still trying to get it to distrust said "bone king" so don't emphasize this too much.
No. 186647 ID: b3d39b

Itm could be tiff's father...

The thing smelled the bone king upon first contact.
We assumed it was Alexander as his scent couldve gottne onto tiff. Yet with a seperate person, this monster registers the boneking.
Tiff's dad is the only shared variable
Tiff's dad is the bone king.
We need to know what the bone king is. A title? A given person?
No. 186677 ID: 426169
File 127545925976.png - (37.26KB , 400x500 , 363.png )

Dad throws a suspicious look at Gareth, who laughs nervously.

>"Look I dunno what he's going on about. Honestly!"

"Starting to look a bit suspicious."

>"Look, I swear I'm not anyone's master."

No. 186681 ID: 701a19

Meh, this thing's a jerk anyway.
"Who is your master? Names, not riddles."

Also, there's a good chance this 'Kinsley' is nothing of the sort, to don't trust him too much or give away secret information.

"So, what DO you know about this thing?
Oh, and ignoring Alexander, are there any necromancers in the Kinsley family?"
No. 186686 ID: a594b9

Looking at the runes here, the circle is designed to capture anything that's touching the inside of the pit.

Also, there's a reverse-'enemy' rune on the outside... perhaps forcing the circle to make anything in the pit to view those outside as friends.

This would explain its behavior.
No. 186691 ID: c4c313
File 12754610185.jpg - (227.29KB , 627x335 , 20532418_9615d23fc5_o.jpg )

Yeah because Dad totally knows that. Good thing to keep in mind though. Find out just which of your relatives are going to pull crazy sorcery type shenanigans. Might save your life one day.

However, I would make sure Gareth stays away from that circle. I would hate for him to explode into cackling as the pillar of darkness spreads outward and something emerges from the pit. (Pic related.) Just as a gesture of good faith, make sure this "Gareth" is away. You're probably the safest one to be close to that thing, due to your ignorance. Just don't touch anything.
No. 186714 ID: c71597

Don't trust that damn thing in the pit. Don't be to quick to trust Gareth either though.

Ask him what he plans on doing now, and if he can find Tiff in any way?
No. 186721 ID: 426169
File 127547180980.png - (95.47KB , 400x500 , 364.png )

"It's just trying to trick us again!"

>"Well yeah obviously. Heh. What did it say last time?"

"Something about some bone king or somesuch. Something about being an immortal soldier."

>"Hmm. You know, I've heard stories that our family caught one of the Undying once. That we've kept it imprisoned ever since. This could be it. You there in the pit, you an immortal? Whatcha hidin down there for, pansy. Come out you coward."

With an rage-filled hiss a creature rises from the darkness!


No. 186722 ID: 1ac39d

back up. if it could leave the circle it would of done so already.
No. 186730 ID: a7a85a


After sufficient distance is gained tell Gareth to instruct it. Maybe Maybe Thomas bound it to Gareth as well. Of course be wary, it may use false obedience as a means of further subterfuge.
No. 186733 ID: 426169
File 127547311033.png - (161.08KB , 400x500 , 365.png )

Dad takes a few steps back. The creature lunges forward, but the runes flash red and it is thrown back.

>"Don't worry mate, the circle is pretty strong."

"What the hell is that thing?"

>"It's a revenant. Looks a dark ravager, don't know which one though. It's one of the immortals."


>"Put a cork in it, bone job. Our ancestors used to make these, during the Harrowing. As soldiers. The only truly immortal things in the world."

"The hell is it doing here?"

>"Well, that guy he was calling a bone king? Waay back there were a bunch of city-states of sorcerers. The Bone King was the necromancer lord of the City of the Dead, the, umm, priest-king of sorts. These guys answer only to him. The trouble is that these days Bone Kings aren't around that much anymore, because of the Compact and all that. Without a boss to give em orders they tend to return to default behavior."

"Rip and tear?"

>"Rip and tear, yes. They go fuckin' ballistic all over the place, tearing through the place and wreckin shit up. There's not many around these days though. Even though they're supposed to be immortal they still get destroyed or lost or imprisoned or whatnot. Like this one. Imprisoned something fierce. I was wondering why they had a Ward Stone in here. I hear they're pretty hard to come by."


>"Yeah, right."
No. 186737 ID: c71597

Ok, lets do the opposite of what it says. Ask Gareth if there is any way to lock it up further or destroy it and make damn sure that Alexander can't get his non existant hands on it. I think everyone would be deep in the shit if he were to ever get that thing under is sway.
No. 186754 ID: 426169
File 127547607018.png - (32.37KB , 400x500 , 366.png )

"Is there any way we could destroy it?"

>"Look, you think that if we know how to destroy these we wouldn't have done so by now? It's immortal, mate."

"Well maybe lock it in further?"

>"It's already locked in far better than I could lock it. I guess Thomas lived here to keep an eye on it, but frankly I wouldn't even know what to do if something went wrong with this circle."

"I thought you were a wizard, shouldn't you know this stuff?"

>"Yeah I'm awesome. Totally a wizard. .... Well, honestly I just got approved for apprenticeship. I'm supposed to start learning proper magic this fall. I know a little, though, just not enough to mess with this kinda stuff."

"Oh great."

>"Hey I still know more about this than you. I graduated school. Well... Prob'ly only because the teachers got sick of the sight of me."

"You've got a school for this?"

>"Well duh. All Kinsleys go there. There's not that many students, and the teachers are about as interesting as drying paint, so it's not that great. After that they assign you as an apprentice to some wizard or other."

"Were you going to apprentice for Thomas?"

>"Nah. Marcus. My parents sent me here for the summer. I guess they hoped Thomas'd teach me manners. Or they got sick of the sight of me, whatever."

"I see.... Could you tell me a bit about this Harrowing I keep hearing about. And the Compact?"

>"Well... I wasn't that good with history, so I'm a bit fuzzy on the details. The Harrowing was a great war between mortal wizards and the lords of the Underworld. Mmmmm I think it started because the Underworld guys got sick of wizards extending their lives and resurrecting dead people and crap like that, denying them the souls of the dead. So they got mad and wrecked all kinds of hell. They were kicking our asses for the most part, from what I understand. Like, bloody murdering us. Umm... Then I guess we did something that made them agree to a peace. The treaty is called the Compact. I gotta admit I'm not too sure about what it says exactly. "All things that live must die" is pretty much the only condition I remember. There's a whole bunch of fine print in there. There was some stuff that dictated that we must create and maintain a border between us and the Underworld, and they assign a guardian of their choice to watch over the whole thing. There's a whole bunch of rules the guardian must follow though, in fact there's a whole bunch of fine print over every single clause of the Compact. That's about everything I know. You'll have to ask Marcus I guess."

"I'll try to remember. Hang on, you said that there are no more Bone Kings. But the thing in the pit said that one walks the earth. How is that?"

>"Yeah well. The old Bone Kings left a bunch of manuscripts behind. Every few hundred years some arsefaced jerk who got bullied in school makes a grab for the title. They're usually put down before they can cause much trouble, either by other mortals or by the Reaper. Sometimes they cause quite a bit of havoc though. For example, one of em managed to kill off the first guardian of the Underworld."

"What, you mean that Reaper's not the first?"

>"Nah, he's the third I think. The first was killed off by one of the would-be Bone Kings, the second was... I think he was eaten by one of the lords. I'm not too sure. The Reaper came after that, maybe from the fourth century BC to present."


Dad glances at his watch again.

"Look, I'm getting really worried about Tiffany. Is there any way you could track her like you did me?"

>"I can try, sure. You got anything that belongs to her?"
No. 186757 ID: a594b9

We do have a spare change of her clothes right? Or something like that. Tiffany did bring along some stuff.
No. 186789 ID: 426169
File 127548042734.png - (21.73KB , 400x500 , 367.png )

>"Heh, just look at how it melds with the shadows. It just... disappears."

"Yeah very nice. Look, could you use these clothes to track her?"

>"Those ought to work fine."

Gareth sits down on the floor, holding a random shirt.

"Won't the wards here stop you? I mean, Tiffany had to go outside for that."

>"Not if you know what you're doing. I can do this from here just fine."

He closes his eyes and his breathing slows down. It almost looks like he's sleeping.


"What is it?"

>"She's warded. I can't see her location, only that it's not very far."

"You sure it wasn't the wards here?"

>"Yeah. They aren't Kinsley wards, I can say that much."

"Maybe Martin?"

>"Could be. Haven't actually run across any Rothwalder seals, so I wouldn't know them from a horse ass. Any idea where he's at"

"No. He did give me his number, though."

>"Well that's something. Wanna go ring him up?"
No. 186792 ID: 1ac39d

don't think it can hurt.
No. 186796 ID: a594b9

Well there are a couple things to worry about...

One is that he might be able to figure out where we are from the cellphone's signal. Another is that if we leave to go somewhere they might be able to just scry us out...

I wish we could call someone else, then have them call Martin and put both phones on speaker.
No. 186821 ID: c71597

Give him a call.
No. 186847 ID: 5a2e05

If Martin took Tiffany right after you got 'arrested' and taken by those strange people, is it really a good idea to give him a ring and say "Hey, I'm free again."
No. 186863 ID: b3d39b

Or we can get outside to Tiff's last location and call...
that is if we know the last place she went to...
No. 186880 ID: 426169
File 127551005176.png - (89.88KB , 400x600 , 368.png )

Dad and Gareth ventured out to find a phone booth. Fortunately it didn't take too long.

>"Go ahead and ring up your Rothwald, mate."

"Don't you want to call your parents?"

>"Nah it's five AM there."

"Ok. Uhh, you have any quarters?"

>"A couple, yeah. 'ey, could you maybe not mention me to the Rothwald? I mean, we ain't exactly friendly with em."

"All right."

>*doot doot. doot do* "Hallo?"

"Is this Martin Rothwald? It's Greg Blake."

>"Wonderful! Tifchen es ist dein Vater! Ja, Martin here. Are you all right? Where are you?"

"Tiffany's there? Oh what a relief. Could you get her on the phone please?"

>"All right. Tifchen."


"It's me, Tiff."

>"OHMYGOD I WAS SO WORRIED! Martin told me you disappeared from the police station. What happened? Are you all right?"

"Yeah I'm fine. Some people were interrogating me, and they weren't police. I got away though. What happened to you, are you all right?"

>"Martin caught me at the same time the police caught you. I'm at his hotel room. I'm all right. Where are you? We'll come and get you."

"Corner of Derrington and the sixteenth."

>"Ok. Wait there, dad. We'll be right there. I love you daddy."
No. 186894 ID: c71597

That sounds pretty normal. Wait around for her to come I guess. Garreth should probably hide somewhere though, might not be the best of ideas to have him bump into Martin all of a sudden.
No. 186913 ID: c00244

Should probably ask Gareth how he wants to play this, since apparently Tiffany and Martin Rothwald will be coming by shortly. If he decides to leave, ask him for his phone number in case we don't get back in touch with him.

Otherwise, just wait around for Tiffany and keep alert. No telling if those people will be coming after you, after all.
No. 186917 ID: a594b9

I hope we don't have to remind you to tell your daughter that you love her too.
No. 186918 ID: 426169
File 127551406912.png - (208.01KB , 1200x600 , 369.png )

"I love you too, Tiff."


>"I tale it she's safe?"

"Yeah. Martin has her. They're coming here, so you might want to hide."

>"Righto. I'll meet you back at the safe house, don't bring the Rothwald though."

"Gotcha. Secret safe house. Lips sealed."

>"Jolly. Ta."

With that, Gareth disappears into the shadows.

After maybe ten minutes dad hears an approaching car. The cab pulls over at the intersection, and a familiar girl steps out.

No. 186920 ID: c71597

Make sure that it's really Tiff and then make with the hugs.
No. 186922 ID: a594b9

Caution is the name of the game. Ask her something only the two of you would know. Like uh... what the outfit was that you objected to.
No. 186927 ID: 426169
File 127551618512.png - (207.11KB , 1200x600 , 370.png )

"What was the outfit I objected to?"

>"Daddy, it's me."

"Sorry Tiff, you know I gotta do this."

>"A t-shirt at the gothic store. I guess you thought it was too short."

"Oh thank-"

>"Hold it. What did you always do in the attic?"

".... Point. Listened to my LP's."

>"Ah, ze joyous Familie reunion, ja?"
No. 186928 ID: a594b9

Go and hug your daughter.
No. 186929 ID: 701a19

Hug her.
No. 186930 ID: c71597

Bearhug time, she had better not touch the ground for minutes.
No. 186931 ID: c4c313


It would be good if you exchanged a shared secret between you two, in case you ever have to do this in the future. A random number, or a nonsense phrase, as long as you can remember it and others wouldn't be able to predict it. Oh, but shit someone could cognate it or something. Still they'd have to know the exact right time... your wife knew a good anti-scrying spell, but unfortunately she's indisposed at the moment.
No. 186933 ID: 426169
File 127551651146.png - (220.02KB , 1200x600 , 371.png )

This feels a bit more awkward than I'd like.

I hug her anyway.

"Sorry I doubted you, Tiff."

>"Me too, dad."

"I'm glad you're ok."

>"Me too, dad."

>"Of course Ich keep her safe, Herr Blake."
No. 186935 ID: c71597

Thank Martin for keeping Tiff safe. And ask him if he has any idea who took you from the police station and what they would have wanted.
No. 186945 ID: 426169
File 127551767548.png - (56.24KB , 400x600 , 372.png )

>"Thank you for keeping her safe. I owe you a big one."

>"Zink nothink of it, Herr Blake. So, Tifchen, sind Sie ready to come back to Deutschland mit mich now zat dein Vater ist safe? He ist invited as well."
No. 186953 ID: c00244

Don't let go of Dad.

"Do you mind if I talk to Dad about it first? We can call you in the morning."
No. 186954 ID: c71597

Ask him if you can talk it over a bit before making such a big decision.
No. 186955 ID: fe876f


two choices, two families, two schools of magic.

The way I see it: shit is going to hit the fan soon and it would be prudent to be as far from alexander and his battle with the shadow hunters as possible. germany is a safe bet and if the shadow hunters fail in their task, the rothwalds will be the first to know. plus, Tom Wai- i mean MARTIN did mention magic schooling in his homeland. then again, so did gareth, but he made it sounds boring.

I vote for dad and tiffany to tag along with martin, seeing as how gareth is rather inexperienced and has his own duties to attend to (returning thomas' staff to the kinsley clan, and bringing in reinforcements to watch over or dismantle thomas' safe house.)
No. 186957 ID: fe876f

do gareth and martin know about the heretic's new legion of dead and his phantom manservant? the hunters could be in for more than they bargained for.
No. 186958 ID: 701a19

"I'm sorry, but I can't leave my wife like this. For better or worse, we're staying here until she's free from that bastard's claws."
No. 186960 ID: c00244

We can't go with Martin until we've returned to the Kinsleys' safe house and picked up Tiffany's forbidden grimoire. That's where we left it, I believe.

That aside, while I agree that the Rothwalds sound like the better route to take in terms of learning magic, there is this against them: I've liked every Kinsley we've met. I don't particularly like or trust Martin. If they are taken to be representative of their families... well, going off to Germany sounds like it'd be stressful and dangerous as all hell, even if we do escape Alexander's grasp.

Look at the post name. We're Tiffany now.
No. 186963 ID: 426169
File 127552141720.png - (74.21KB , 400x600 , 373.png )

"I think we need to-"


A young man in a black robe suddenly appears from the bushes. Tiffany tenses but Dad holds her steady, whispering in her ear:

>"It's all right, he's a friend. He's Gareth Kinsley, he helped me escape."

>"Oh I KNEW you were up to no good. Taking her, a Kinsley back to Germany so you can fill her head with your lies? Not a chance."

>"Ah. Ich belief we haff not met. Allow me to-"

>"Enough with the sugary tones, Rothwald. You know these are the husband and daughter of a Kinsley, and they're going to England."

>"Do not speak to mich in zat tone, Kind. Julie Blake ist ein Rothwald, by ze decision of ze Conclave."

>"A decision she rejected. You know damn well she was never one of you filthy liars. And the even if the decision was valid, it says nothing about her family!"

>"You would deny wir ze right to our family? Sie ist as much Rothwald as sie ist Kinsley. Unsere Claim ist as legitimate as Ihre."

>"Why I oughta-"

>"SHUT UP! BOTH OF YOU! Tiffany isn't going anywhere against her will. She's entitled to her own choices. It's her goddamn choice. Agreed?"

>"Well... Fair enuff."

>"Zat ist acceptable."

>"Good. No more muttering from either of you. Tiffany, it's your call. I'll support you whatever you choose. And you don't have to make the choice now if you don't want to. So, what do you say?"
No. 186966 ID: d1210a

I'd LIKE to think the Rothwalds, as described, are better equipped, have better magic schooling, and might be a bit more rational, if potentially less altruistic.

But really, I vote Rothwalds for several reasons:
1:Tiffany will almost certainly start learning German in the process, and the more experience with languages she gets, the better she would be at adapting in new situations, as well as potentially being able to better understand the structure of magic and the language used with it.
2:Gareth immediately appeared when the offer was made, suggesting he was watching, and that he is fearful Tiffany might accept the offer. This does suggest dislike of the Rothwalds, but also suggests that he assumes that the offer, once made, will be accepted. Seems to imply power being in the favor of the Rothwalds.
-3: Tiffany's mom did NOT join the Rothwalds, that means that she (and by extension grampa) would not be as equipped to deal with someone properly trained by the Rothwalds.

Mostly speculation, but either way I vote Rothwalds. Bilingual child necromancer in an elitist mage collective, what is not to love?
No. 186967 ID: c00244

Ask if either of them can save Mom from Grandpa's possession, instead of just killing her.
No. 186968 ID: b3d39b

eh... the rothwald held his cool.
The Kinsley interjected...
Don't forget that Thomas was a Kinsley, and therefore prepositioned to dislike Rothwalds...

Then again, The dad got kidnapped by a bunch of... god knows whats...

I guess we could set up a switch system. Like those that divorced families have. A few months with one, then a few months with the other.
No. 186971 ID: e75a2f

That actually sounds like a good idea.

Voting for the joint custody system.

If it really gets down to it though, I'm gonna go for the Kinsleys. They'll know more about Grandpa since he was part of their family for a time, Thomas died for you as a Kinsley while Martin tried to jack your book as a Rothwald, and let's face it:

Gareth is awesome.
No. 186974 ID: 6834bc

A beloved family member of both families is being held hostage by Gramps. These families have been fighting for so long, they need to get over it and band together to make both families stronger.

And no trying to undermine each other. Both families have valuable things to teach; but if they're going to spend the whole time bad-mouthing the other, you're not going to learn anything.
No. 186979 ID: e3f578
File 127552304174.gif - (314.66KB , 400x300 , 1248531848386.gif )

This Kinsley and Rothwald stuff is lametastic. We're motherfucking BLAKES! We don't take no shit.

Ask them both if there are any magician families called the Blakes, even in ancient history. Because you fucking know you've got some badass magic blood in you because man, Tiff's got power out the wazoo and I don't think muddying up the Rothwald/Kinsley bloodline with the Blakes would make her as powerful as she is.

You cannot comprehend Blake's power!
No. 186981 ID: c71597

I'm gonna say go with the Rothwalds. For much the same reasons as these >>186966 but it's not exactly a final choice either I think. If we play or cards right we might be able to mend the relations between the families and get teaching from both.
No. 186982 ID: e3f578
File 127552339949.gif - (117.35KB , 460x320 , karatekid.gif )

oh wait, since voting time is go in here I vote we not do any three options here and seek out a hermit magician in the mountains and get a Karate Kid montage.
No. 186984 ID: d1210a

If training montage with an old hermit master is an option then this a thousand times this.
No. 186987 ID: c00244

>I guess we could set up a switch system. Like those that divorced families have. A few months with one, then a few months with the other.
That would make large segments of both families loathe us as a traitor, and even larger segments of both families unwilling to share their magical secrets with someone who might spill them to a bitter enemy. Sounds okay on the surface, but it's a terrible idea.

Hilarious but no. We get one side's secret family knowledge, THEN we declare ourselves an independent.

We have a hell of a lot implied things about the Rothwalds, but very little specific. Why don't we just ask them? This is a perfect opportunity to draw out a recruiting pitch.

1. Ask if either would save Mom's life rather than kill her.
2. Ask how long it would take us to learn enough magic to fight Grandpa, if we went to live with them.
3. Ask if we'd still be able to live with Dad while studying with them.

What other questions could prove useful?
No. 186995 ID: 9e1d1b

I'm sure both families have good and bad to them.

Perhaps suggest that the two of them switch off tutoring you until a conclave can be arranged for you to speak with? Or until mom is free of grampa's control?

Obviously, they might need to get permission from their respective families.
Those specific two. We like them.
No. 186997 ID: 701a19

"I'm not going anywhere until Mom is free. If you want to fight over me so much, then I'll go with whoever brings my mom back safe, sound, and free."
No. 187004 ID: a594b9

I agree that we should ask a few more questions.

How about: ask if Tiffany will have to wear those robes too.
No. 187010 ID: b3d39b

We could go joint custody for a small beginning

We say we'll do it only for two repeats (see each side twice to have an idea of how each place runs)

Then we choose.

We get a superficial idea of each place at the very least.

And then dedicate ourselves to the side that we find best.
No. 187013 ID: 5a2e05

I'm going to say Kinsley because an English accent is easier for me to read than a German one.
No. 187014 ID: c00244

I've actually been throwing everything Martin says into Google translator, just in case I missed something.
No. 187018 ID: 426169
File 127552921864.png - (58.24KB , 400x600 , 374.png )

"Would either family rather save mom or kill her?"

>"Ihr death may be inevitable. Sie ist ein casualty of war."

>"That's a bit cold innit? Look, I'm sure we'd do everything in our power to save her, rather than kill her. But if all else fails, we gotta take her out. We can't let another Bone King live. I hope it won't come to that."

"I don't suppose I could spend part of my time with one family and part of my time with the other? Like a switch system of some kind?"

>"Zat would be quite unacceptable, Tifchen."

>"Yeah. Either you're with us or against us, m'afraid. Well, that's how most of us would see it anyway."

"I see. Well... Honestly I don't know much about either family. Could you maybe give me some info?"

>"Zat would be perfectly all right, kleine Tifchen. Us Rothwalds are ze most powerful Familie ins Europa. We-"

>"Most powerful my shiny red arse."

>"Ahem, we haff ze majority support in ze Conclave und we are of course ze wealthier Familie. You would live in palaces, Tifchen. Unsere hexenmeister are unequalled, und we haff a large research effort into discoverink more of ze Craft. You would be learnink from ze best from day one."

>"Yeah, well you're a bunch of lying wankers. How many people've you killed in those experiments, huh? Or how about how you gave asylum to Alexander and helped him try to possess Julie the first time around? Didn't feel like mentioning that?"

>"Zose rumours are nothink but lies. Ich would rekvest that you do not slander us so."

>"Hah yeah right. You'd like that wouldn't you. From what I hear you guys thought he was pretty hot stuff didn't you?"

>"Zat ist enough."

>"Ahem. Well, quite frankly I ain't the best person to advertise us Kinsleys, but let's see... For one, we've got the largest collection of arcane writings in known history-"

>"Not zat they are ever used, only hidden away."

>"That ain't fair. Some of that stuff is extremely dangerous, like melt-yer-face-off-and-drive-yer-mad dangerous. Anyway, we also have the largest collection of ancient relics and powerful artefacts. Despite what mister Suit-and-Tie there says I'm pretty sure we can match if-not-surpass their level of education. We've got the oldest lineage of magicians, by at least a seven hundred year margin. If you came with us, you'd get to receive a proper education at our academy, followed by an apprenticeship under a senior wizard. The Rothwalds'd prob'ly just teach you a buncha spells that go bang without teaching you how or why it works."

"Would I still be able to live with Dad while I was there?"


>"Natürlich, Tifchen."

"Ok... I gotta think about this. Besides, I've got something I gotta give to the Kinsleys before I join either one."

>"Oh really? What is it?"

"This amulet that Thomas gave me."

>"... He gave you his amulet? Before he died? And it didn't crumble or anything?"

"Uh, no? Should it have?"

>"Well, they're supposed to crumble when the owner dies."

"Did he make me the owner or something? Can he do that?"

>"Umm. Dunno. Never heard about someone doing that. The only thing I can think of is if he.... No way. He did NOT."

"What? What is it?"

>"Huh. Looks like Thomas approved you for apprenticeship. I'm... not too sure how that works. Well, goddamnit!"


>"It took me YEARS to get approved. Goddamnit and you're like what, ten? Eleven? No bloody way."
No. 187020 ID: 1ac39d

looks like we get to skip the kinsley schools gotta say that's a big plus in there favor.
No. 187024 ID: c00244

Points for the Rothwalds:
-Only if we're studying with them will we find out if Gareth's accusations are true, and if so, who is responsible.
-We'd get the title "hexenmeister", which is awesome.
-It sounds like they'd let us study basically whatever the hell we want, no holds barred.
-Enough money to outfit us with all kinds of handy modern gear, in addition to magic stuff. It'll be Shadowrun all over again.

Points for the Kinsleys:
-Already being approved for apprenticeship gets rid of the "years of basic studies" shit. But that's more negating a minus than an actual plus.
-They would likely give us a more solid background in magical theory, though not practice.

On balance, I think I'm going to go with the Rothwalds. But we can't let that slip until after we've gotten our stuff out of the Kinsleys' basement.
No. 187025 ID: a594b9

...I think we should go with the Kinsleys.

Rumors or not, we have the most attachment to them. Heck, Thomas already made us an apprentice. It feels wrong to go back on that now.
No. 187030 ID: b94e61

Lament that two parts of your family won't get along due to old grudges that're probably stupid.
If you're pre-approved for apprenticeship, you might be allowed to learn at your own pace. Kinsleys so you can learn faster and hopefully save mom faster.

You totally need to work on getting the families to bury the hatchet. ...and not in each other.
No. 187032 ID: e3f578

No, I still vote for the mysterious mountain hermit that may or may not exist hehe.

Kinsley's if choice is totally unavailable. Thing is I don't want to leave the country. It's possible a Kinsley teacher might be stationed nearby as well. Ask about Kinsley's or Rothwald's in America that aren't these guys. I'm interested in that at least. Other Heretics in the country are also interesting topics.
No. 187033 ID: c71597

I'm gonna say stay with the Rothwalds. They're likely to have better info on gramps. And more practical magic. You also get a great chance to study languages. And they have the most resources.

And about the rumours on how they got some of that knowledge. They're probably not doing those things these days. And to not use that knowledge would be a waste, just as it would be a waste not to use the knowledge nazi germany collected on how to treat hypothermia.

And honestly, even if they're cold towards the possibly fate of your mother I suspect they're not going to succed. Grampa managed to stay away from them for quite some time, the old bastard is wily as hell and now he has your moms quite substantial powers to draw on as well. Chances are they're not even going to find the old bastard until he's ready to come out of the woodwork by himself, by then you will hopefully have learn enough to confront him yourself and save mom.
No. 187036 ID: 6a5a08

Kinsleys, definitely.
No. 187041 ID: b3d39b


locate heritics
Train with them.
lay out their forbidden magic for the conclave
open new corridors while being the master of these 'new' magics

Don't forget: Tiff is a necromancer at heart
She started with Necromanical magics, she'll need it to fight off Alexander.

I'm kidding about the training with Heritics, but the Rothwelds seem a lot more lax in what they spread into.

I'd vote Kinsley's purely from Thomas's dying wishes, but we need to bury the hatchet between everyone.

Going Kinsley and having a week every here and there with the Rothwelds in order to appease the "Family by blood" idea should content both sides

If we piss off one side, it'll close of the ability to get Alexander. Keeping some goodwill from everyone will at least not get you enemies when you ask the conclave for help against Alexander in the future.
No. 187042 ID: 1ac39d

No. 187043 ID: c4c313

Here's a fun idea. Let's assume they're both telling the complete truth. Both would let you live with your father, and protect you from Alexander to some degree. Both would try to save your mother, but more likely kill her left to their own devices. Both are old families going way back, which is really more trouble than it's worth. Trust me on this.

The Rothwalds would set you up for a posh education and not actually tell you how any of it actually works until you're so endebted to (and blackmailed by) them that you can't twitch a finger without their approval. You would live in palaces. You would most certainly learn to speak German. They wouldn't restrict what you can do, even allowing you to achieve a level of mastery comparable to Alexander, but it would be more likely to blow up in your face. More pertinently, if you stopped seeming useful to them (i.e. they got the book) you would quickly find yourself as one of their experiments. While this would admittedly be totally freaking awesome and give you three eyes and mutant powers, you are probably the kind of person who would pass up a chance like that.

The Kinsleys would give you a less structured but comprehensive education. They have access to rare materials and sources of information. From what you've seen so far, magic is Old, so the key to saving your mother is probably neither diligence nor ability, but simply whether you have access to that ancient fragmented knowledge base. The Kinsleys have not been accused of any crimes against humanity, of killing anyone, or of harboring Alexander (who tried to kill you, and stole your mom), unlike the Rothwalds. If they had been accused as such, I'm sure Martin would have been eager to bring it up. That means you wouldn't be in nearly as much danger, because nobody would be trying to kill or experiment on you, but your mastery at sorcery might not be nearly as marked or dramatic as with the Rothwalds. Plus they'd neglect your base education. Not cool man. How'd you like to get stuck in Calculus class, without even having taken Algebra? The Kinsleys have actually fought Alexander, unlike the Rothwalds whose only action so far has been to attempt to steal your mother's stuff and then kidnap you. Kinsleys would probably teach you the language of the Book of the Dead.

Oh and finally between the two of them they're probably powerful enough to give Alexander a run for his money, so telling them to fuck off because you're going to go study with the Man on the Mountain isn't going to work. They'd just compromise and each would take half of you, or something ugly like that. Neither can you go on your own, as your grandfather is still out there trying to kill you and you're really really really unprepared for anything like that at this point.

I'm going to say you should go with the Kinsleys. But that's not just because they've been nice to you and more worthy of trust. It's also because they have those sources of arcane knowledge that you want to learn about. They're more likely to be truthful with you (if restrictive) and that means less shit politics that you have to deal with. God damn there's nothing I hate worse than a web of political intrigue. The Rothwalds lose in the end, because they're just simply too complicated to deal with.


You should try to keep communication going with Martin. Try to make it seem like you might be willing to act as a double agent within the Kinsleys. I'm sure if he's into political shenanigans as the rest of the Rothwalds, he'll be happy to take you up on your offer. Then you can completely ignore it, but you will have a way to send out a distress call after the Kinsleys turn out to be a bunch of child sacrificing Satan worshipping cultists. (Assuming they do.)
No. 187044 ID: c00244

>Going Kinsley and having a week every here and there with the Rothwelds in order to appease the "Family by blood" idea should content both sides
No, it will make both sides hate our guts and think we're a traitor who doesn't deserve anything from them. The Rothwalds would treat us as a Kinsley and the Kinsleys would treat us as a Rothwald. When you're feuding, you take this kind of thing very seriously.

I agree that we should try to keep our options open, but that's frankly not going to be possible. If we end up with the Rothwalds, we throw Gareth a line saying that we won't forget what Thomas did for us; if we end up with the Kinsleys, we tell Martin... something which makes us sound like we're not cutting him off from his prize. I don't know what.

Looking at Thomas' death scene, he tells us that the Rothwalds will return with smiles and promises; they have done so. He also tells us that the book we have might be needed, but will be locked away by the Kinsleys if they get the chance. So either way we need to be on our toes and not fully trust whomever we're working with.

Upon reflection and analysis... as a player, I really want Tiffany to gain power as fast as possible, and am used to paying steep prices and taking risks for it- just a game, after all. But as a character, Tiffany just lost her brother, then her mother, and was betrayed by someone she thought she could trust. Would she go with the Rothwalds, knowing that she'd be putting herself in a position of vulnerability while surrounded by people whose clan has not done much for her? Even with the chance for faster power, I'm going to say no.

So Kinsleys it is. Dammit, Martin, I am sorry; it would have been cool to learn German.
No. 187064 ID: f95872

The Germans have money, and are less restrictive regarding study.

The Brits have powerful artifacts and knowledge, but are likely to frown upon us using them.

So we go with the Rothwalds if we want everything to be cleanly simple and academic. We go with the Kinsleys for greater eventual ability, but first some social striving.

Also, we have the strongest ties to the Kinsleys. I say Kinsley.
No. 187069 ID: b3d39b

well. Seeing as there's no way to really break this without having Martin become an enemy... Kinsley.
Great... Now we must deal with rich magical Germans...
(wolfenstien anyone?)
No. 187091 ID: ed1d6b

I'm throwing my vote in for Kinsley too. From What it seems, they're the better choice overall.
No. 187095 ID: c4c313


That's where my idea comes in though. If Martin thinks Tiffany might spy on the Kinsleys for him, he won't be able to risk making her an enemy. Only problem there is if the Kinsleys get an inkling of the deal, but considering how many rules we're going to be breaking by the time this mess has blown over, they'll think Alexander was a walk in the park!
No. 187108 ID: a7a85a

I say Kinsleys.
No. 187110 ID: c71597

There is another thing speaking for the Rothwalds that I forgot earlier. They're not as restrictive about teaching necromancers, and if Tiff goes there it's alot more likely that she will be able to use gramps stolen book even if they discover that she has it. The Kinsleys would just lock it up again and never let anyone near it, which would give grampa a very big edge since he most likely got most of his power from that book.

If we want to be able to fight grampa on an even footing I still think the Rothwalds are our best choice. If we stay with the Kinsleys we're probably going to have to become heretics if we are to fight gramps, partly because we would have to study magic forbidden to them and partly because we would need to get our hands on some of their forbidden artifacts. After all Thomas seemed to be one of their strongest mages, and he was killed by gramps with no real problems.
No. 187117 ID: 63ab82

Have anyone considered that we can learn other branches of magic that Grandpa is less familiar with? Other branches that is effective against skeletons, such as trapping or holding, or even elemental destruction? How about Holy magic? Summoning?

I believe Kinsley is the correct choice since a trusting family backing you is more important in a time of duress than a rich, but untrustworthy family. No matter how weak, you will know someone is always at your back. The strongest mage can die from a backstab, but two weaker mages will survive.

Or we can find a temple and specialize in anti-undead prayers.
No. 187126 ID: 5a2e05

Still saying Kinsleys.
No. 187177 ID: 426169
File 127558940623.png - (61.13KB , 400x600 , 375.png )

"I'm sorry, Martin, but I'm going with the Kinsleys."

>"Very vell. Zis ist ze last time will depart as Freunde. Ich bin saddened zat it comes to zis."

>"Coo'. Let's be off."

>"Ich will take care of ze matters with ze Polizei. As a last favor. Auf Wiedersehen, Herr und Fräulein Kinsley."

"Goodbye, Martin."

Martin stood and watched as Tiffany, dad and Gareth were walking back towards the church. As they disappeared into the darkness, he reached for his cell phone.

Tiffany and Gareth studied each other as they walked. Gareth was a a good head taller than her, and a few years older. Maybe sixteen or seventeen.

"So... Will I have to wear those robes too?"

>"Why? Aren't they simply fabulous?"

"*giggle* Not really."

>"Heh yeah I guess not. They're traditional, but not obligatory. You'd have to wear the formal robes occasionally, but otherwise it's up to you."

>"Got any eyeballs on ya, man?"


Mulder flew over from a nearby tree, and landed on Gareth's shoulder, startling him.

>"... Uhh, this a friend of yours?"

"Yeah that's Mulder. My familiar."


>"So you got any spare eyes, man?"

>"Umm no. Would you like a cigarette instead?"

>"What's a cigarette?"


Gareth lights a cigarette and passes it to Mulder, who promptly eats it. A curios look passes over his face for a second, after which he begins coughing and gagging.

>"OI! That's not how you smoke em!"


>"Just cough it up, mate. You'll live."


Gareth notices the look Tiffany's giving him, flashes a grin and offers her a cigarette.

Voting info:




3 vs 14 for the Kinsleys.

No. 187180 ID: b3d39b

Bad. No cigarette for you
They no good for you
No. 187181 ID: e3f578

Ahh goddamn, I thought Other's weren't a viable option, even if it involved just staying in America
No. 187189 ID: c00244

No cigarettes. Tell Gareth that we need to act seriously, and get out of here as quick as possible after picking up our stuff at the safehouse; Martin didn't look at all happy with our choice. Considering how easily he got us with magic the first time, I'd rather not see what he can pull when he's got actual hostile intent.
No. 187191 ID: f95872

Wasn't really a good option either way.

>Zis ist ze last time will depart as Freunde
You should have said that you could still be Freundes, even if you weren't the same family.
No. 187192 ID: 1ac39d

not sure if it would work but draw that rune he knocked you out with and put a reverse over top of it on a charm and wear it.
No. 187193 ID: c00244

He's not going to be using that one on us again. It's for people you don't want to hurt, not filthy blood traitors.
No. 187195 ID: e3f578

So uh, we didn't get to figure out who kidnapped us.
No. 187197 ID: c4c313

Since Martin doesn't want to go the spy game, I guess we'll just have to save his life or something. Inexplicable acts of kindness are great for shaking up dangerous family rivalries. He's probably going to try to kill us now. Crap. Oh well, the best way isn't always the safest easiest way!

You could've at least given him his lollipop back. :/

And yeah, if Gareth can't serious the fuck up we have additional problems. We need to know his plans next, that he wasn't willing to talk about with Martin. We have a safe house. The book is safe. The compact hasn't been broken, though we really really need to learn it so as not to bring about the next apocalypse accidentally.

Ask Gareth what "the compact" is, and remind him that Alexander is still after us so if he has any suggestions that would be welcome. Also tell him that the book is safe. I can't think of anything else to do at the moment.
No. 187198 ID: e3f578

No, book is ours. We keep it. Don't tell no one nothing about it.
No. 187200 ID: c00244

Indeed not. We never even mention the book unless we're alone with Dad in a secure area. Thomas made it clear that everyone else will try to take it from us if it's discovered, and that the knowledge within it is exceptionally potent.
No. 187204 ID: e3f578

inb4 Immortal mentions the book when we get inside the safe house.
No. 187206 ID: c00244

That is a risk, yes. All the more reason to get the hell out of the area as soon as possible.
No. 187226 ID: 426169
File 12756027814.png - (120.85KB , 800x600 , 376.png )

"No thanks. They're bad for you."

>"Suit yerself. I'm Gareth by the way. The Illustrious Gareth Kinsley, master of the arcane."

"I'm Tiffany. I do magic."

>"Nice to meet you, Tiffany-who-does-magic."

"Likewise, but could you be serious for a while. We need to get out of here as soon as possible."

>"When am I ever not serious? But I see your point. So you guys want to head off to the airport straight away?"


>"I guess. Don't know when the next flight is, but if all else fails there's a hotel next to the airport."

>"Coo'. Let's get our bags then."

A heavy mist was rising from the river flowing through the nearby fields. By the time the group reached the church it was getting difficult so see. It was eerily quiet around the church.

>"Could they have picked a creepier spot for a safe house? I don't think so."

"Come on, let's get the stuff."

Ok. Is there anything that we don't need? The lance, the book, the amulet, three bags of luggage... Anything else?
No. 187230 ID: 5a2e05

Can you bring a lance on a transcontinental flight?
No. 187231 ID: 40cb26

Ask Gareth how big a deal that lance is. We'll probably want to leave it behind. Besides that, the tents and other outdoorsy supplies can stay or just get junked.
No. 187232 ID: 1ac39d

well, Thomas got it here didn't he? also, in it's un-powered state it does not look that menacing.
No. 187233 ID: f95872

We never actually checked the other address. We got distracted by Martin's dickery.

Yes, just not in carry-on.
No. 187234 ID: b3d39b

did you consider that you may be followed?
No. 187235 ID: 701a19

That's not a natural fog, by the way.
Take everything you brought and get out of there, because you're going to be attacked.
No. 187237 ID: 1ac39d

see if Gareth knows how to light up the lance. from how it vaporized jakov in one shot it would probably deal with zombies easy.
No. 187238 ID: e3f578

"I sense a disturbance in the force."
"Tiff, I am you're grandfather... and mother coincidentally."
No. 187245 ID: 426169
File 12756046145.gif - (34.58KB , 400x600 , 377.gif )

They gather up everything they brought with them, being especially careful not to leave any personal items behind. It only takes a couple of minutes.

Once outside Tiffany examines the lance again. The blade is unchanged, smooth black stone, not a sign of it's former brilliance.

>"I wish I had a chance to try that out while Thomas was around. Never seen one up close."

"Do you know how to use it?"

>"Not really. I think it's supposed to work by itself once picked up. Feeds of your spirit, sort-o-thing. O'course, takes a long time to learn any sort of finesse. You can do all kindsa stuff with it too."

"Oh. Why isn't it working now?"

>"Dunno. I guess you aren't strong enough to use one."


"So you think we can just take it with us on the plane?"

>"Yeah, no problem. I've got a platinum card for the airline, they shouldn't give us any lip. And if they do I'll call the folks back home-ways, they'll sort it out. Oh, I don't think we'll get the motorcycle with us straight away."

>"Awwwwww, man."

>"Don't fret, I can ask the family solicitor to arrange for it to be brought back while he claims Thomas' remains."

>"That'd be great. And sorry again about Thomas."

>"Not your fault, man."
No. 187251 ID: c4c313

No. 187253 ID: c4c313

No. 187255 ID: 1ac39d

OH NO it's jakov! try forcing power into it like how you put power into runes, while warning gareth about it, then stab him!(stab jakov i mean)
No. 187263 ID: 426169
File 127560672461.gif - (52.05KB , 400x600 , 378.gif )



But Gareth turns too late! The dark creature grasps for Gareth and pulls him off his feet!



Tiffany attempts to force power into the lance the same way she did with the runes. The lance sparks and fizzles, but doesn't shine like it did with Thomas. Oh god what am I doing wrong?

No. 187265 ID: 6834bc

Try to visualize the lance as an extension of your self. It's not a tool, it's simply part of your arm. Allow power to flow into it.
No. 187266 ID: 1ac39d

you are putting energy into the lance but it's leaking out again. you need to put energy into it and then hold it there. focus on that. a ring of power in the stone, slowly getting more powerful as you add more.
No. 187267 ID: e3f578

Maybe you should believe in yourself? Maybe Dad has some hidden battle jutsu in his own veins his parents never told him about and he can handle that thing without knowing how?
No. 187274 ID: c00244

Stop panicking, Tiffany. Yes, Jakov is large and hostile, but you have things to try. You've been through much more threatening situations. Discipline and control.

Try >>187265 and >>187266.
No. 187282 ID: 426169
File 127560861691.gif - (355.93KB , 400x600 , 379.gif )

Ok ok ok I'm calm. I'm calm.

The lance is a part of me. It's a part of me. An extension of my arm. Aaagh, why is this so hard?
It just... It just wont spread. Like something's blocking it.

It's a little better than before, but OH GOD


Gareth screams as Jakov's claws pierce the skin.
No. 187285 ID: a594b9

That thing Alexander told you to do- the way you hide your spirit song! STOP DOING THAT.
No. 187287 ID: 701a19

Maybe you should stop hiding your aura?
No. 187291 ID: 6a5a08

Unleash your TRUE POWER!
No. 187292 ID: c00244

Regardless of if >>187285 works or not, you've got to attack now with whatever you've got. Strike Jakov in the arm holding Gareth; even if you don't have the lance working entirely correctly, maybe it'll still hurt enough that Jakov drops him.

You can do this, Tiffany. Discipline and will; you've faced the Reaper Man! Jakov is small potatoes in comparison, and you will act unflinchingly in his presence.
No. 187293 ID: 426169
File 127560969111.gif - (1.19MB , 400x600 , 380.gif )

That's it! All I gotta do is-

"YOU'RE SMALL POTATOES!" Tiffany screams as she stops suppressing her aura.

The lance seems to light on fire, burning with a brilliant white light! A moment ago it was so heavy that Tiffany could barely hold it up, but now it seems as light as a feather!

Jakov seems to cover away from the light ever so slightly.

No. 187295 ID: c00244

I assume that you do not need any encouragement to tear Jakov a new one in whatever portion of his anatomy is most convenient, save Gareth, and firmly prove yourself a badass.
No. 187297 ID: f95872

Ram it into him.
No. 187299 ID: 701a19

Cut off his arm to free Garth, then lop off his legs, then stab him IN THE FACE.
No. 187301 ID: a594b9

Don't just stab him with it. Try to control the aura so that it attacks Jakov's essence. Or perhaps... so that it blooms out and annihilates his entire form.
No. 187302 ID: ab04d4

Alright, if you can, send a stab at Jakov's arm, or shoulder. Hopefully this will have the effect of making him cringe in the opposite direction or to drop Gareth. If he does not move, shred his arm in any way possible to free Gareth.

A possibility, though, would be his escape. I'm expecting this guy to fade away to report back to gramps as soon as we do any moderate damage to him, possibly leaving Gareth behind depending on if we save him or not.
No. 187307 ID: 426169
File 127561116746.png - (117.31KB , 800x400 , 381.png )

Tiffany charges Jakov, lance aimed at his heart!

As soon as Tiffany begins to advance, Jakov backs away flinging Gareth towards Tiffany like a broken ragdoll. Tiffany can hear the sound of tearing cloth as Jakov loosens his grip. Jakov is careful to maintain a safe distance from the white fire.

Gareth moans in pain.

No. 187312 ID: a594b9

"Gareth, you gonna be okay? How do I disperse a Wraith? Or kill it for good?"

Try to use the spear's power to close his wounds.

Also, tell Dad to get in the light, it's safe there!
No. 187313 ID: 701a19

Motion for dad to get over here, then rush Jakov.
No. 187314 ID: c00244

Tell Dad to help Gareth. Stand guard while he tells you how bad the injuries are- mostly, if Gareth is okay to move.
No. 187319 ID: 6a5a08

Is it within our current aura capacity to fire a lazor?
No. 187322 ID: a594b9

So... what's all that stuff in the background? More enemies?

I wonder if Martin would be adverse to giving us a bit of assistance, here?
No. 187325 ID: b3d39b

i guess the best we can do is get on the run.... like now...

Tell me the house is locked... and rune protected...
Cause that imortal beast is about to get on your tail.

As weird and cliche as this sounds, you'll have to play Gramp's games to beat him in the future judging from what we're seeing.
No. 187327 ID: 426169
File 127561295028.png - (126.64KB , 400x800 , 382.png )

"Dad! See to Gareth!"

Tiffany steps up towards Jakov, shielding dad and Gareth. Suddenly, Jakov's shape shifts and he launches into the air, flying north with considerable speed! A rout!

"Hah! So he's a coward after all. Only goes after helpless little girls. Well I ain't helpless anymore!"

Gareth lets out a groan.

"How is he? Is he gonna be all right?"

>"I'll live, if you *cough* lay off the monologues."

>"Looks like the the cuts aren't very deep. I'm no doctor, but the bruises don't look too bad."

>"Ribs feel a bit banged up. Probably should see a doctor soonish. And he tore my robe pretty bad."

"Oh good. Come on, let's get a move on. We've got our stuff, the house is locked, nothing left here but to leave."

>"Yeah I think we got everything, and I locked the- oh shit."

"That is not a good word. What is it?"

>"My amulet! That big black sonuvabitch took my amulet!"
No. 187328 ID: a594b9

Oh god damn it that means Alexander is going to be able to do his mind control thing.

Ask if there's any way to stop it.
No. 187329 ID: c00244

That's not good. Is there any way that you can destroy your amulet magically from here? Or somehow render it unusable?
No. 187330 ID: 701a19

Damn, we can't leave now.

Have him call up the rest of the Kinsley family. We need a heavy guard on the safehouse until they can remove and relocate everything there.
Or change the locks.
No. 187332 ID: a594b9

Also, he will be able to use it to get into the safehouse which will let him get to the Immortal, which is BAD.

Surely there must be a way for Gareth to destroy it. It's linked to him, right?
No. 187333 ID: c00244

But we have to leave, because if Grandpa's coming and we engage him, there's a chance that he'll get his hands on the grimoire. We can't take that risk. At most, we can return quickly to the safehouse and invoke a spell or two to make it more secure.
No. 187334 ID: a594b9

Hmm, ask Gareth what that symbol was above the map. It's the one thing we have no clue about at the moment.
No. 187335 ID: 701a19

Go to a gardening store and buy bags and bags of blood meal, hundreds of feet of garden hose, Y splits and connectors, and other such materials.

Shape the hose into a giant hide/absolute circle around the entire building with the splits and connectors, check to make sure it won't leak, then fill it with a blood meal and water mixture.
No. 187336 ID: 716eb0

If he has a key to the door, how about we do our best to make sure he can't find the door? Drop some rituals girl. Hide the door, hide the keyhole. You know some runes for closing stuff? Make the door not wanna open. Jam the lock.
No. 187341 ID: d1210a

...That would actually work really well, as long as Necromancy just needs blood, not blood from something with sapience (or if this is a setting where animals don't have souls... well, souls), and let you make a BIG, POTENT circle on the cheap.

No. 187353 ID: c4c313


Obviously blood of different animals has different uses, according to their relationship with humans. Most notably large amounts of goat's blood was once used to stave off a necromantic plague.


Yeah, by dying. :p


This is... the best thing I can think to do at the moment. That and we can hope that Jakov didn't owe Alexander two favors.


Actually Gareth already cleaned everything out of there. Thomas's staff, that unusual stone, and the book. You were getting ready to hurry off to the old world after all. That still doesn't mean Grandpa would suddenly become a hell of a lot more dangerous upon discovering his devoted servant imprisoned in there.
No. 187358 ID: f95872

>Yeah, by dying. :p
Yeah, we'd be best of killing him, practically speaking. It's not likely to ingratiate ourselves to the Kinsleys, though.

>That and we can hope that Jakov didn't owe Alexander two favors.
It seems more like the "favor" thing was just a cover, and Jakov is actually bound permanently to Alexander's service.
No. 187361 ID: 5a2e05

Wait, killing him would destroy it? Can't we kill him long enough to get rid of it and then raise him somehow?
No. 187366 ID: c00244

While we should definitely consider this a great idea for large scale ritual workings in the future, I would point out that at the moment we are working with unknown time constraints. Setting up something that large would take quite a while.

If we cannot destroy or disable the amulet, we conceal the door to the safehouse and have Gareth call his family and explain the situation. They undoubtedly have numerous other assets which might be endangered by Alexander's possession of one of their amulets.
No. 187369 ID: f95872

No, because we don't know how.
No. 187372 ID: a7a85a

Use the same circle Grampa used on Mom to put Dad in The Immortal's body. Kill the immortal in Dad's body. Fix wounds. Reverse circle. Put Dad back. Immortal's body is an empty container. Take to England or use in familiar process.
No. 187376 ID: a7a85a

Wait, nevermind. I don't think Mom got switched to sitting in the skull. I think she's just in the back seat of her own mind.

No. 187390 ID: 63ab82

As funny as dad in an immortal will be, I think we should avoid this in the future. Again, seconding contacting Kingsleys and letting Martin know that Grandpa is nearby and for him to get out of town ASAP.
No. 187416 ID: c4c313


Dad would be like this giant lizard thing and he'd be all "Put me back in my body right this minute young lady!!" and you'd be like "But daaaad"
No. 187419 ID: f95872

That is a good idea, but it has a few issues. We don't know how Grampa took control, for one thing. It's not something that was inherent to the spell, it's something he did later using the control access that was built into the spell.

Also, we don't want to risk Dad for something like that.
No. 187463 ID: a7a85a


Ah, you're right, that was just a trap circle.

I was trying to think of a way to attack its mind. I think we're shit out of luck in any kind of confrontation.

Speaking of which should we go check on the pit now? Jakov could already be smudging the barrier circle. I'd rather flail the lance at him than the immortal.
No. 187763 ID: 426169
File 127567703495.png - (57.39KB , 600x400 , 383.png )

"Damn! Will he be able to use his mind-control?"

>"I don't think so, I only had it for a short while. But- damn. He will be able to get in the safe house."

"Oh NO. Ok let me think... Maybe... Maybe we can hide the safe-house? Like, put a huge concealment circle around it?"

>"Do you know how to make one? I sure don't."

"I can try."

>"Do we have the time? Alexander could be here any minute."
No. 187766 ID: e3f578

I don't like those lights in the background. They might be a legion of the dead. If its not, then we can put a concealment rune around it. I almost want to say for Dad and Thomas to get to a hospital quick and leave us here for the concealing. It's too dangerous to have to keep track of their location while doing our thing. Hopefully Dad will not pull a protective "NO I WILL NOT LEAVE MY DAUGHTER ALONE IN A TIME LIKE THIS" and then the author does it because I mentioned it. Derp
No. 187767 ID: c00244

Well, does your family have some kind of contingency in place for this? I can't imagine they'd lock up something as dangerous as that thing with nothing more than an amulet between any random crazy and letting him out. Ring them up!

In the meantime, we don't have to hide the entire safehouse- we only have to hide the glowing symbol on the door. If he can't see where to put the key, he won't be able to open it.

Also, how can you not know how to make a concealment circle? I thought you'd been studying this for years!
No. 187770 ID: 716eb0

The entire building sounds like a tall order. Are the walls sturdy/warded enough to prevent entry through means other than the door?

Anyway, while you are doing magic, you could have the others try to throw together a place that looks like it MIGHT have been a hidden safehouse once, but it was cleared out in a hurry and the door left standing open.
No. 187774 ID: 426169
File 127568085546.png - (56.67KB , 600x400 , 384.png )

"Don't you guys have a back-up plan or something?"

>"Yeah. Thomas!"

"ARGH. How can you not know how to make a concealment circle? I thought you'd been a student for years?"

>"Hey, I told you we weren't studying proper magic yet."

>"Will you two stop arguing? Look, if Alexander doesn't know about the safe-house, then he won't accidentally stumble across it. Hell we had difficulty finding it and we know the damn address! If he does know about it, no amount of concealment runes would keep him from finding it."

"... Yeah I guess that makes sense."

>"So, what do we do, Tiff?"
No. 187776 ID: c00244

If we're not going to worry about the safehouse, we leave as quickly as possible. Sitting around at the airport awaiting a flight with a crazed necromancer incoming is a terrible plan, so we get a car- rent, borrow, or steal, doesn't matter- and drive a couple hundred miles away, then check Gareth into a hospital. He calls his family on the way and tells them what's going on; they might have an opinion of some kind.

And Tiffany turns off her aura's singing, since it can supposedly be used to track her and she can turn it on again if she needs it.
No. 187783 ID: e3f578
File 12756827454.gif - (162.11KB , 278x400 , other_groovy.gif )

No. 187789 ID: 426169
File 127568338521.png - (42.22KB , 600x400 , 385.png )

"Ok. Mmm. I don't like the idea of having to sit at the airport for hours, waiting for Alexander to find us."

>"Me neither. Where's the next nearest airport?"

>"Dutchin. Hundred twenty something miles east."

>"That sounds way better. Do we rent a car or something?"

>"Nah. I got a better idea."
No. 187821 ID: 426169
File 127568740915.png - (1.01MB , 1271x892 , 386.png )

And so they put the wounded Kinsley in the side car, and rode towards the east, the airport, and safety.

>"Man I can't wait to fly in a plane. Salted peanuts, cocktails, stewardesses, man this beats the tail-feathers off flying by myself. Uh, boss, what's that?"

"This, Mulder, is a cage."

>"Whatsit for, boss?"

Tiffany tells him.

No. 187823 ID: 426169
File 127568761288.jpg - (174.86KB , 1024x768 , 387.jpg )

No. 187859 ID: c4c313

x3 Mulder
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