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File 124898653785.png - (131.77KB , 768x768 , deepopener2.png )
18085 No. 18085 ID: 8ffee7

Part 2
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No. 18086 ID: 8ffee7
File 124898672684.png - (202.09KB , 768x768 , dq118.png )

Since there's no discernable way back into the earlier cavern, Telwis agrees to lead you to the river. He begins walking back through the stalk grove.
No. 18090 ID: 9a71e2

No. 18095 ID: 55099b

Don't touch ANYTHING.
No. 18096 ID: f98e0b

Follow Telwis.
No. 18098 ID: 8ffee7
File 124898742176.png - (204.33KB , 768x768 , dq119.png )


Fortunately, nothing shocking happens on your trek through the Stalk grove.

Telwis leads you through a cavern on the opposite side with a very slight breeze passing through, and you emerge at the bank of what must be the river to which he referred.
No. 18103 ID: 9a71e2

"How much of this have you explored?"
No. 18106 ID: 8ffee7
File 124898841956.png - (201.78KB , 768x768 , dq120.png )


Telwis points across the river. He says that there's a tunnel over there that goes in for a while, but then there's a big dropoff over some water. He doesn't know if it goes any farther past the dropoff because he isn't sure if he could climb back up.

Then he points downstream, saying that the river keeps going that way with a few sections of rapids, but he's only explored about a day out in that direction.

Then, he turns and points upstream.
No. 18108 ID: 8ffee7
File 124898859620.png - (214.08KB , 768x768 , dq121.png )


And he says that once you go a few hours up that way, you'll run into a big waterfall. It goes up a long way and he's never been able to scale the cliff alongside it, partially because it's slick.
No. 18109 ID: f98e0b

Thank him for the advice.
No. 18111 ID: 9a71e2

How big is this place?
No. 18113 ID: 9ac8e2

Downstream seems safest; besides, civilization usually hangs around sources of water.
Thank Telwis for all his help. He's done so much for us, and has been very kind for a hermit.
Give him a little kiss on the forehead~
No. 18119 ID: 8ffee7
File 124899025519.png - (148.87KB , 768x768 , dq122.png )


Telwis looks at you strangely again. He doesn't understand what you mean by 'this place'
No. 18125 ID: 55099b

"You know... this, uh, cave we are in.
Might you know what a sky is?"
No. 18146 ID: 9a71e2

For that matter, do we?!
No. 18157 ID: 9b9b83

Take this opportunity to hug Telwis like a teddy bear, his protests be damned. He's just too adorable.
No. 18160 ID: 7eda8b

Yeah. Do we find this whole underground-is-the-world thing unusual?

If so, explain that the surface exists. Scoff at any skepticism. Make a dramatic pose if necessary.
No. 18161 ID: 8ffee7
File 124899190258.png - (158.44KB , 768x768 , dq123.png )


That 'sky' word doesn't mean anything to you at all! You wonder where such a nonsensical word got into your head.
No. 18185 ID: 55099b

Aks him: "Are there any stationary groups of sentient beings around here at all?"
No. 18193 ID: 7eda8b

In that case, reply with "Y'know. This general area which you are familiar with, beyond which is the unknown."
No. 18213 ID: 8ffee7
File 124899382450.png - (132.20KB , 768x768 , dq124.png )


You scoop Telwis up and nuzzle against him, thanking him for being such a nice hermit. He seems upset by this.


He says of course not, we're somewhere in the depths.


He seems exasperated. He says that he just told you that.
No. 18217 ID: 7eda8b

>He seems exasperated. He says that he just told you that.

"But you know what cities are, and stuff. You said every place has a daystone. So you've been to other places before, right?"
No. 18218 ID: 9b9b83
File 124899411682.gif - (4.69KB , 444x442 , 1227913448582.gif )

No. 18219 ID: 9a71e2

Put him down, thank him again, pat him on the head and head for the tunnel.
No. 18220 ID: 93c708

Ven rape Telwis
No. 18224 ID: 8ffee7

>Sidenote: Pausan gaemz, continuing later tonight
No. 18237 ID: 2abfb1

...take it a step further.
No. 18620 ID: 8ffee7
File 124901452194.png - (222.83KB , 768x768 , dq125.png )


Telwis says that he does, but he doesn't know how to get to them from here.

He asks why he would still be here if he did.

Telwis breaks free of your hug and begins walking down the riverbank.
No. 18621 ID: c01408

Ask Telwis if he'd like to work together to help find a way to reach the safety and relative security of a city.
Tell him there is a reward in it for him.
No. 18626 ID: 8ffee7
File 124901549839.png - (215.77KB , 768x768 , dq126.png )


Telwis would like nothing better than to get out of this place, reward or no.

Unfortunately, he says that he can't.
No. 18627 ID: 1afd58

Telwis! Don't leave me! I need you!
No. 18628 ID: 9a71e2

No. 18633 ID: 036360

So.. I guess.. that means we're stuck together down here?

Going to have to get used to having company Telwis!
No. 18637 ID: 806f2b
File 124901666718.png - (25.30KB , 128x128 , Telwis (1).png )

Chase after that little blighter! Alternatively, find matches.
No. 18640 ID: 8ffee7


oh god I wish I had the hard drive space to re-obtain spore right now.

No. 18641 ID: 806f2b

Sadly they do not have enough clothes in game D:, I'm buying the x-pac in a couple of days! So expect me to do that to all your beloved quest characters. None shall escape my fury! Oh and we totally need to ask Telwis "Why can't he help?"
No. 18648 ID: 8ffee7
File 124901842535.png - (118.31KB , 768x768 , dq127.png )

You pursue Telwis toward the building down the river, finding it quite a bit larger than you expected.

Telwis says that there's no way he would survive an attempt to get back. He was already 3 days down from the nearest town when he fell, and he has no idea how to get back to that point, let alone how long it'd take to get there.
No. 18650 ID: 1afd58

S-So it's just us? Just us, together forever? Finding new ways to love and to cherish one another as the days turn to years?
No. 18652 ID: 8ffee7
File 124901855552.png - (114.17KB , 768x768 , dq128.png )


Telwis enters the building
No. 18654 ID: 9a71e2

Follow, I guess...
No. 18658 ID: 806f2b

Follow, maybe he has some delicious food inside. (F* yeah, first space faring race I meet is totally telwis.)
No. 18661 ID: 8ffee7

>pausing for the evening, as I have become to tired to finish the next background. Will continue tomorrow afternoon.
No. 26839 ID: d6ca56
File 124993453450.png - (138.48KB , 768x768 , dq129.png )


You follow Telwis into the building. He is taking some sort of fish off of a spike.
No. 26849 ID: 7eda8b

We've been pestering Telwis a lot already. Let's give him a few minutes respite before bothering him more.

Examine surroundings for other interesting things.
No. 26859 ID: 1afd58

Go back to water. Use your aquatic form to help catch a few fish as compensation for being annoying to the little bugger. Showing yourself as useful is a good start towards friendship.
No. 26894 ID: d6ca56
File 124993771941.png - (146.90KB , 768x768 , dq130.png )


The building appears to be built out of Mason Stalks with some kind of clay-like mortar between them.

There is a chest in the corner with some small objects on top of it with the same general construction. There is a clay pot and a clay basin of water further down the room. There are several spikes propped on the wall, one with a fish speared on it. There is a pile of stakes in one corner.
No. 26895 ID: 7eda8b

"What are these basins for? Washing?"
No. 26896 ID: 9a71e2

Watch telwis, see if we know what he's doing and whether we can help.
No. 26906 ID: 1afd58

How is your fishing? Can you fish well? If so, it really might go far to help Telwish like you.
No. 26911 ID: d6ca56
File 124993893284.png - (149.77KB , 768x768 , dq131.png )


Telwis says that he keeps Roz in there.


It looks like he's eating.


As far as you know you've never tried. You should probably be pretty good at it, though.
No. 26921 ID: 1f5d37

Ask about Roz, and ask if we can have some fish. Tell him we will help him catch some more.
No. 26923 ID: 7eda8b

How hungry are you? I think you should catch a fish to prove you're worth keeping around. Or at least not a ton of trouble to keep around.

Ask what Roz is first.
No. 26944 ID: cd08c0

Maybe we should spend a day here, with Telwis. We'll help him fish, stock up on fish ourselves, and then when we finally leave, we'll have a nice supply of fish to keep us going.
Also, we can keep asking him annoying questions the whole time we're here. Y'know, remind him why he's a hermit.
No. 26951 ID: d6ca56
File 124994039736.png - (149.49KB , 768x768 , dq132.png )


Telwis says that Roz is his Dreamworm, and you can have a fish if you really want one. The things are easy to catch up by the waterfall.
No. 26956 ID: 7eda8b

Is Roz a pet, or are dreamworms intelligent? Or maybe he zonks out on their hallucinogenic venom? Maybe don't actually ask him that last part out loud.
No. 26973 ID: 45a47e

Eat some fish, it's just polite and something to eat can't hurt.
No. 26994 ID: d6ca56
File 124994218012.png - (154.43KB , 768x768 , dq133.png )


Telwis says that he keeps Roz as a pet. He finishes eating through the fish and starts walking across the room carrying the two parts.

He motions to the other fish on the stake, saying that you can have it.
No. 26996 ID: 9a71e2

Thank him, sit and watch.
And eat, of course.
How long has it been?
Make sure not to eat any bones.
No. 27000 ID: 1f5d37

Ask him what dreamworms do. When is he going out again, so we can look at the waterfall?
No. 27032 ID: d6ca56
File 124994350327.png - (153.00KB , 768x768 , dq134.png )


You grab the other fish and sit back in the corner. Telwis walks across the room and tosses part of the fish into the basin.

You honestly don't know how long it's been since you last ate.


Telwis says that mostly they just swim around and eat. Really old ones can come out of the water, but Roz is far too small for that.

They're also poisonous, but you've apparently figured that out already.

Going to the water shouldn't be a problem, Telwis doesn't have anything better to do. He can take you whenever you're ready.
No. 27066 ID: fdc826


First, take a look at Roz, to make sure it was a Dreamworm that bit us earlier.

Then, go see the waterfall I guess. And ask him what the liquid in the "strangely shaped vat" back in the hut we woke up in was.
No. 27067 ID: d6ca56
File 124994487270.png - (151.05KB , 768x768 , dq135.png )


this isn't working very well
No. 27070 ID: 9a71e2

Tear off a small piece, suck it down.
Peel the skin off first, if you can.
No. 27071 ID: 7eda8b

Oh, right! Underdeveloped mouth. We forgot.

...so what do you normally eat, and how?
No. 27075 ID: f21281

We should probably ask Telwis for his knife so we can gut, descale, fillet, and debone the fish.

And cook it, but I dunno. Do you eat raw fish?
No. 27080 ID: c6e67d

Say, do you have teeth?
No. 27082 ID: fdc826


Yeah, but they're "underdeveloped".

Do this:


Otherwise, try to remember what you used to eat.
No. 27094 ID: d6ca56
File 124994626617.png - (182.86KB , 768x768 , dq136.png )


Unfortunately the water surface is fairly difficult to see through in this lighting, and you can't get a good look at Roz.


You are able to peel off small strips of fishmeat with your claw and swallow them. The fish tastes extremely bland, and swallowing the meat is uncomfortable, but it's food. The sensation of eating makes you aware you of how hungry you really were, and you are glad to have it.


Mostly soups and aquatic plants. Crawlrocks are also tasty when you can get to the meat.
No. 27102 ID: 1f5d37

You could make a delicious stew. Cooked meat is actually more nutritious.
No. 27111 ID: fdc826


I'm going to assume a Crawlrock is some sort of crab/snail.

Either way, if there's nothing else here, go ahead and head to the waterfall while asking Telwis what that fluid was back in the other hut. Well, once you finish eating, of course.
No. 27112 ID: fdc826


Also, while we're at it, ask him what Roz looks like. I really want to know if that was a Dreamworm that bit us.
No. 27113 ID: 806f2b

Crawlrock would be snails or shellfish.
No. 27117 ID: d6ca56
File 124994782427.png - (219.15KB , 768x768 , dq137.png )

After you finish your fish, you head toward the waterfall with Telwis.


She looks like any other dreamworm. Long, thin, with a pointy head and lots of colorful fins.


He calls it 'Mason's seal.' It helps to prevent the stalks from getting brittle as they dry.
No. 27123 ID: fdc826


Just keep walking towards the waterfall, I guess. And ask Telwis how long he's been stuck here, as far as he can tell.

Also, just as a question to the OP, what's the general technology level in the world? I've seen the clockwork, but have guns/gunpowder been invented? What about electricity?
No. 27133 ID: d6ca56
File 124994947080.png - (170.67KB , 768x768 , dq138.png )


Telwis doesn't have much of an idea. He stopped keeping track after the first six years, and everything after that just blends together.

>The world is at a fairly low technological level overall, the highest technology around is the divinely-inspired clockwork. Clockwork has a number of fantastical applications beyond those of real-world clockwork. Magic does exist within the setting, but is difficult, uncommon, and requires certain components to work which lead to it not being used as a technological equivalent.
No. 27136 ID: fdc826


Six years, huh? Shit.

Anyway, just keep walking towards the waterfall. Nothing else to do, really.

As for a long-term plan, I suggest we eventually build some sort of boat/raft and head downstream, assuming nothing strange happens.

And another couple of questions for you: Are the years/days/etc. here similar (in length) to the Earth's equivalents? Also, how long, on average, do the sentient creatures here live?
No. 27147 ID: 1f5d37

We need to stockpile some foods before we decide which way to go. I think we should try to get Telwis to tag along, if possible.
No. 27161 ID: d6ca56
File 124995270797.png - (262.87KB , 768x768 , dq139.png )


You reach the waterfall.

> The year is shorter at 300 days (which are, individually, the same length). Most races live to an upper limit of about 60, though some live shorter and some live longer, barring the intervention of violence.
No. 27173 ID: 1f5d37

Can we see where the water is coming from? Also, is there anything behind the falls, or does the water just cascade over rock?
No. 27177 ID: fdc826


Look up.

If the waterfall is fairly short, berate Telwis for not building a goddamn ladder in over six years.

And, like that other guy said, check behind the water too.
No. 27196 ID: d6ca56
File 124995513341.png - (211.99KB , 768x768 , dq140.png )


It looks like the water just cascades over rock, there doesn't appear to be anything behind it.

And it doesn't look very short at all.
No. 27205 ID: fdc826


Well, shit. Looks like climbing's out of the question.

Take a quick look around, then head back the way we came if we don't notice anything interesting.
No. 27212 ID: 1f5d37

We needs to get us some fishes while we're here. Can we poke our head under the water and see if there is anything cool in the immediate area?
No. 27316 ID: 5dd9f1

I think we should have a look under the waterfall.
No. 27336 ID: fdc826



By the way, I suggest that, if we end up staying at Telwis's hut for a while, we send a message in a bottle downstream with details on our location. No sense making a long, dangerous trek if someone who knows where the hell we are can come get us.
No. 27342 ID: fdc826


Actually, if we decide to do the "message in a bottle" thing, ask Telwis if there are any hostile groups that could possibly be downstream first.

Until then, look underwater for items/fish/etc.
No. 27689 ID: 4b96a7

Go for a swim and plumb the murky depths for useful items.
No. 32236 ID: 5d5024
File 125082679052.png - (261.42KB , 768x768 , dq141.png )


You leap into the pool, not removing your clothes this time since Telwis is right next to you.

There are some fish here, and they don't actually seem to react to your sudden presence at all. It looks like there are quite a lot of pieces of old, waterlogged mason's stalks down here.
No. 32237 ID: fdc826


Woo! Fuck yeah!

...Anyway, search through the debris, but be really damn careful of anything that could bite you.
No. 32249 ID: 5d5024
File 125082821120.png - (263.21KB , 768x768 , dq142.png )


It looks like the only things down here aside from you are a bunch of fish, and they don't seem particularly dangerous.
No. 32250 ID: 5d5024
File 125082837469.png - (263.38KB , 768x768 , dq143.png )


No. 32251 ID: 9e9b47


Pat the overly friendly fish and go searching in the weeds at the bottom.
No. 32253 ID: 7eda8b

Is it TRYING to get caught?

And here I was worried you wouldn't have enough water agility to fish with your clothes on.
No. 32254 ID: ac4254


Cave fishes are usually blind :V
No. 32258 ID: 7eda8b

Blind cave fish don't usually have eyes. And there's consistently enough light to see in these caves.

...on the other hand, cursory evidence seems to point in your favor.
No. 32266 ID: 5d5024
File 125083007816.png - (212.81KB , 768x768 , dq144.png )


You're not sure what's wrong with that fish. It's still just cruising along in the direction it was already going.

You continue down.
No. 32267 ID: 98dab8

Even a blind fish would be able to feel the motion in the water. It did that on purpose.
No. 32268 ID: 9e9b47


Or it's just... really dumb.
No. 32269 ID: 7eda8b

Perhaps a dreamworm bit it. Be on guard.
No. 32278 ID: fdc826


When you keep going, make sure Telwis is paying attention. If something bad bites you, he can pull you out and probably save your ass.
No. 32279 ID: 5d5024
File 125083150461.png - (257.24KB , 768x768 , dq145.png )


You'll be careful.

You reach the debris, and start to look around.
No. 32280 ID: 5d5024
File 125083174294.png - (84.17KB , 768x768 , dq146.png )


He's still up there, but you're not sure how well he can see you
No. 32281 ID: 7eda8b

Well, nothing you can do about that. Keep looking for plot-related items. And food.
No. 32295 ID: 5d5024
File 125083324968.png - (196.10KB , 768x768 , dq147.png )


Unfortunately, you don't know what items are plot-related!
No. 32298 ID: 7eda8b

'Not fish, mason stalk, rock, water, or dirt' is a good start.

Crevices, glowing things, mysterious metal devices, vials, sealed mason jars, that sort of thing.

...Failing that, just catch a fish and go back to the surface.
No. 32301 ID: 5d5024
File 125083445095.png - (233.94KB , 768x768 , dq148.png )


Well there's something metal over here.
No. 32302 ID: 7eda8b

What is that thing? Examine it. How's your air?
No. 32304 ID: 5d5024
File 125083504618.png - (262.70KB , 768x768 , dq149.png )


On your way back out, you grab a fish.


It looks like some sort of small chain. You'll examine it in greater detail once you get out of the water.
No. 32306 ID: 7eda8b

That fish's odd behavior is worth investigation, or at least asking Telwis what's up. He probably knows every last thing about this place. Poor guy.
No. 32314 ID: 5d5024
File 12508359864.png - (143.51KB , 768x768 , dq150.png )


Telwis is here. He asks what in the depths you jumped in the pool for.


Telwis isn't sure why the fish do that here. They're all like that, though, which is what makes them so easy to catch.
No. 32317 ID: 5fe4a8

Just looking around. And hey, found something.
No. 32318 ID: 6faa8c

"Food and stuff." present findings.
No. 32319 ID: 7eda8b

Say "I thought it'd be cool to catch a fish with my bare hands like that. I didn't realize that was so easy here. Also, I found this!"

Show him the chain.
No. 32322 ID: 5d5024
File 125083670557.png - (171.82KB , 768x768 , dq151.png )

You show off your spoils.

Telwis says that he told you the fish were easy to catch up here, but also seems a bit confused.

Apparently, he is under the impression that Indahl fishing by hand is not an uncommon occurrence.
No. 32325 ID: 2f86fa

smack heem weeth the feesh
No. 32329 ID: 7eda8b

"Oh! You've met Indahl before. So we're common? I lost my memory, okay?"
No. 32350 ID: 5d5024
File 125083846830.png - (182.39KB , 768x768 , dq152.png )


You wouldn't do a thing like that! Telwis hasn't been the nicest guy around but violence is a bit much.


Telwis says Indahl are as common as anyone else.

Also you already told him about the memory thing.
No. 32352 ID: 2f86fa

well I didnt say hard...
No. 32355 ID: 7eda8b

>Also you already told him about the memory thing.
Well, he seems to keep assuming we know stuff...

"How common's that? What other species are there?"
No. 32358 ID: 1e1932


Get out of the water and examine the important-looking thing. Give Telwis the fish as a present.
No. 32446 ID: 64f8ae

That seems odd. Let's put the fish back and see where it goes.
No. 32449 ID: 9d41ab

Lets put the fish back and see if it just goes straight, or goes back to where it was. If they are going *somewhere* it might be a clue.
No. 32471 ID: a3b36a

No. 32480 ID: 954933

So that's how you make cross-board links. Neat.
No. 33821 ID: 5d5024
File 125113719424.png - (261.65KB , 768x768 , dq153.png )


Telwis says that there's just as many indahl as there are of the other races, though hey mostly stick to their own villages instead of mingling at the cities.

There were some Indahl at the city he came from, but they were from a different clan than you are.


You toss the fish back into the water.
No. 33822 ID: 1afd58

No. 33823 ID: 35edcc

Observe underwater wildlife. Stick your head into the water if you must.
No. 33830 ID: 5d5024
File 125113803027.png - (160.50KB , 768x768 , dq154.png )


The fish doesn't seem to be going anywhere in a hurry.

Telwis continues:

He says that there's also the Mok, those being his people. They almost always live in the cities.

The Sado are a bunch of big guys, but they're usually pretty friendly. They're spread around quite a bit.

The Oldon are mostly nomads, but a few of them live in the cities and towns. Telwis has never met one, but he's heard that they're very strange.

The Bzzers are just odd. Telwis has met a few, but never really tried to talk with them. He doesn't know much about them either.
No. 33837 ID: 64f8ae

Let's examine our object, the Fish Mystery can wait till later.
No. 33842 ID: 5d5024
File 12511397033.png - (207.91KB , 768x768 , dq155.png )


Telwis was ready for you this time.
No. 33843 ID: f4963f

Curses, foiled again!

Let's look at the object we dredged up, at least. The chain, I believe it was? Just keep an eye on our fish, see if it does something interesting.
No. 33844 ID: 2af4d3

Wait, what's this about clans? Inquire on it.
No. 33845 ID: cd08c0

Maybe there's something upstream getting in the water to make them stupid. Doesn't seem to effect Telwis, though. Too bad we can't get up the waterfall!
Or maybe they've just been here so long without predators that they've lost all sense of preservation.
Well, it probably doesn't matter.

Examine the chain. Ask Telwis about it. Is it pretty? Does it glint in the light?
Also ask Telwis why he won't come with you on ADVENTURE! Doesn't he like hugs?

Wait for an opening.
No. 33850 ID: 5d5024
File 125114059441.png - (177.10KB , 768x768 , dq156.png )


It is a weathered chain. The metals from which it is made look very familiar.

Telwis says that he found some things that resemble it.


Telwis says that Indahl tend to stick with their own clans. The markings on your face represent the clan that you're from.


The fish does not seem to have done much.
No. 33855 ID: 40540c

Ask Telwis about the things he found and if we can see them.
Does he recognize the markings on our face?
No. 33863 ID: 5d5024
File 125114159422.png - (208.22KB , 768x768 , dq157.png )


Telwis doesn't recognize them.


>Also ask Telwis why he won't come with you on ADVENTURE!

Telwis already told you that. He won't survive trying to leave.
No. 33864 ID: 5d5024
File 125114162477.png - (253.61KB , 768x768 , dq158.png )


Telwis leaves
No. 33868 ID: cd08c0

... aw. I feel bad now.
But we can't stay here forever. Right?

Still, just before we go to... wherever we decide to go, just before, we should take a moment to sincerely thank Telwis for everything he's done for us.

Maybe someday we can even come back for him, with help, so he will survive. Please? He shouldn't have to stay here all alone.

That will be our new quest: RESCUE TELWIS.
Add that to the quest log! ... do we have a quest log?
No. 33873 ID: bffa2a


Well, you are not going to be leaving alive in this direction either. Follow Telwis, let's check what is downstream.
No. 33881 ID: 5d5024
File 125114317320.png - (217.59KB , 768x768 , dq159.png )


Telwis appears to be going back to his house
No. 33883 ID: 2cbe3e


We may just want to leave him alone. Following him around is just gonna get him angry.

He's a smart little guy and can follow trails. He can catch up if he wants. Let's head on.
No. 33893 ID: 40540c

We can ask him for some adventuring supplies and equipment though.
He'll be happy to give it to us if we leave him the fuck alone after wards.
No. 33894 ID: 4902ae

There are fish in the river, which is made of water.
Did we see any tools for defense lying around?
Or should we just find an Immature Mason's Stalk somewhere?
Can't think of anything else we'd need...

Well, except a map and a clue as to WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON, but you can't find those in shops anyway.
No. 33953 ID: 1afd58

but.... t-telwis... I thought you liked me ;-;
No. 33972 ID: 5d5024
File 125115263715.png - (223.52KB , 768x768 , dq160.png )

You decide it's best to not bother Telwis, and continue on your way.
No. 33974 ID: 5d5024
File 125115316585.png - (216.21KB , 768x768 , dq161.png )


You feel strange. You can't really explain it, you just feel ... off.
No. 33975 ID: 1afd58

It is because you left the adorable mok behind.

But seriously, what kind of weird? It's important, girl.
No. 33976 ID: f4963f

Hrm, oh dear. I hope there wasn't something in the water.

Still, might as well carry on. Let's see what's downstream.
No. 33977 ID: 35edcc

Fix your bra strap, that should do the trick.
No. 33986 ID: 5fe4a8

...Did your face markings just disappear?
No. 33990 ID: 5d5024
File 125115530155.png - (216.44KB , 768x768 , dq161fix.png )


>no. My bad.
No. 34004 ID: 5d5024
File 125115612948.png - (230.11KB , 768x768 , dq162.png )


You really can't explain it at all. It's just ... bad.


What's a bra strap?


There's a ledge here. It would be troublesome, but there's a ladder as well.
No. 34006 ID: 099247

That's what they WANT you to think. Clamber up that ledge. Fuck that ladder.
No. 34007 ID: 35edcc

True, that. The ladder is nothing but a trap.
Use your claw hand to climb the wall.
No. 34013 ID: 5d5024
File 125115755842.png - (243.00KB , 768x768 , dq163.png )


You aren't about to let a ladder make a fool of you.

The wall doesn't have many handholds, but by using the rocks as stepping stones you are able to reach the ledge.
No. 34017 ID: 5d5024
File 125115820587.png - (243.28KB , 768x768 , dq164.png )


That was harder than you had hoped, but easier than expected.

You sure showed that ladder.
No. 34018 ID: 35edcc

Push that fucker over! Show it you mean business!
No. 34024 ID: 2abfb1


Wait, don't push it over, what if Telwis is following us~
No. 34028 ID: 5d5024
File 125115907392.png - (203.91KB , 768x768 , dq165.png )


The ladder clatters to the ground, defeated.


Better safe than sorry. You've made sure that that ladder will never hurt anyone again.
No. 34029 ID: f4963f

Yeah, leave the ladder be for now. Let's see what's farther down the river!

And please let us know how you're feeling. If the weirdness gets worse, you might want to find a safe spot. :<
No. 34034 ID: bde1b8

Let us proceed onward! With caution!
No. 34039 ID: 5d5024
File 125116233848.png - (246.64KB , 768x768 , dq166.png )


You had almost forgotten about the strange feeling, but thinking about it again it comes back. It might even feel worse now.

You proceed across the ledge. There is another ladder on the other side.
No. 34040 ID: 5d5024
File 125116237668.gif - (756.79KB , 768x768 , dq167.gif )


No. 34042 ID: bde1b8

No. 34043 ID: 4e0411

Oh shit it's the Aboleth equivalent of Pyramid Head! RUN!
No. 34045 ID: f98e0b

No. 34046 ID: 277ca6

hmm, I think we should ignore the ladder and jump! or slide if that is safer.
No. 34048 ID: 45afb1

Hug the strange new creature. Find and give fish as peace offering.
No. 34049 ID: fdc826


Run back to Telwis, or something, I don't know!
No. 34050 ID: 64f8ae

Oh fuck run! Run back to Telwis!
No. 34052 ID: 895bd3

No. 34079 ID: 5d5024
File 125116775444.png - (245.65KB , 768x768 , dq168.png )

>Do a Barrel Roll!
>Run to Telwis!
>I don't Know!

Ven can't decide what to do!
No. 34080 ID: f4963f

Your first goal should just be to get away from that thing! Seriously, it doesn't look friendly.
No. 34081 ID: 45afb1

No. 34082 ID: e53f80

No. 34083 ID: 2af4d3

I'm going to say run. In the direction of Telwis. While this thing might not be hostile, we don't want to take the risk and I doubt we could take it in a fight. Telwis may be able to inform us on what it is.
No. 34084 ID: 476456

No. 34085 ID: bde1b8

No. 34086 ID: 5d5024
File 125116813828.gif - (616.67KB , 768x768 , deepend.gif )

>To be continued when the artist's hand stops hurting
No. 34115 ID: 8e0a84

Goddammit, Duriel is the most annoying of the bosses. Stupid freezing aura.
No. 34316 ID: 6c80cf


Kick 'im inna nuts.
No. 34659 ID: 86dd76

Points in Blaze.
Frost resistance and lots of running.
No. 53222 ID: 5d5024
File 125417794338.png - (226.64KB , 768x768 , dq169.png )


You make a break for it.
No. 53224 ID: 7eda8b

Slash at his narrow midsection to distract him while you make your escape.
No. 53229 ID: b94893

No. 53235 ID: 8e18cd

Jump into the river. It won't follow you there.
No. 53237 ID: 8ce2bf

Duck back under his arm and make a jump for the river.
No. 53246 ID: 5d5024
File 125418005349.png - (224.65KB , 768x768 , dq170.png )


You take a swipe at its side as you pass.

Your claws tear through its flesh easily, but the creature seems unfazed!
No. 53247 ID: 7eda8b


Dive into the water.
No. 53248 ID: 950eaa

No, the water fucks you up, don't go into it.
How fast does it move? Can we outrun it to get to Telwis?
No. 53252 ID: f4963f

Run down to Telwis.
Pick him up.
No. 53254 ID: bffa2a


Run all the way to the shack.
No. 53258 ID: 5d5024
File 125418251610.png - (229.33KB , 768x768 , dq171.png )


You call out a warning to Telwis. He shouts back that he can see the monster just fine.

You jump down.
No. 53259 ID: 5d5024
File 12541825744.png - (237.65KB , 768x768 , dq172.png )

No. 53260 ID: bd36a1


Get to Telwis, try to work through the pain and get back to Telwis' shack D:
No. 53261 ID: 15f6d6

Ask Telwis if he sees the monster.
No. 53266 ID: 4553b2


He sees it just fine.

Now I think we should get back to the running and crying now.
No. 53268 ID: f4963f

Keep running! ;_;
No. 53272 ID: 5d5024
File 125418458649.png - (156.75KB , 768x768 , dq173shitty.png )


Telwis lunges forward to catch you.

You don't think you can do any of those things right now!
No. 53273 ID: af3e6d

Pick a god. Start praying for deus ex machina. Black out.
No. 53275 ID: bffa2a


Roll in water, leave a blood slick and dissapear from sight. Switch control to Telvis.

Telvis: Nooooooooo
No. 53279 ID: f4963f

Well... crap. Is it chasing you? Try to crawl out of sight, hope that Telwis can fend the thing off. :(
No. 53289 ID: 632862

It's just a flesh wound! Suck it up!
No. 53323 ID: b1e366

Through that sucking chest wound.
No. 53508 ID: 1c907d

Try and trick it into hurtling itself off the edge.
No. 54772 ID: 5d5024
File 125436875683.png - (204.53KB , 768x768 , dq174.png )

Telwis sets you down.

He suggests you try to get away, if you can.
No. 54774 ID: 9e9b47


"No! I won't leave you to the monster!"
No. 54777 ID: c80cec

"Yeah, come on! Let's get out of here!"
No. 54778 ID: 950eaa

Fend it off with the ladder if we can!
No. 54779 ID: 632862

Stay close to the ground. Those arms look long. Try crawling away.
No. 54780 ID: f4963f

Crawl away from that thing. Crawl for your life.
No. 54782 ID: aba0a3

Use ladder!
No. 54802 ID: 5d5024
File 125437195360.png - (226.13KB , 768x768 , dq175.png )


You muster your strength to begin crawling away, calling out to Telwis to escape with you.

He scoffs.
No. 54803 ID: f4963f

... I think Telwis knows what he's dealing with. Keep moving, Ven.
No. 54804 ID: 476456

in that case muster the strength to...throw rocks at the beast.
No. 54805 ID: 7eda8b

Try to gather the strength to help him out with your claws.
No. 54807 ID: aba0a3

Suggest Telwis uses the ladder to appear less short.
No. 54870 ID: 4553b2

The ladder is our enemy! There is no way we'll accept its aid, even in death!
No. 56206 ID: c0f3bf

Tend to wound and step back to watch Telwis and try to call out warnings when it's going to strike.
No. 56648 ID: 632862

I think anything we could do would just distract him, if he's that confident.
No. 58292 ID: bf1e7e
File 125479102827.png - (214.53KB , 768x768 , dq176.png )

The beast lunges toward Telwis, who seems eager to meet it.

You attempt to steel yourself to aid Telwis should the need arise, maintaining a cautious distance.
No. 58304 ID: aba0a3

Have Telwis lure the monster towards the edge. Use anything you can around you to help him get the creature into the abyss. It's doubtful either of you can fight this monster directly, even together.
No. 58340 ID: 632862

Let Telwis do his thing. He seems to know exactly what he's doing.
No. 58362 ID: bf1e7e
File 125479550068.png - (222.16KB , 768x768 , dq177.png )

No. 58363 ID: bf1e7e
File 125479554121.png - (260.83KB , 768x768 , dq178.png )


By the muse ...

It looks like you should have moved farther away before stopping to catch your breath.
No. 58367 ID: 950eaa

What is going on, is it rotting?
No. 58369 ID: 15f6d6

Can you do anything besides hold your guts in?
No. 58373 ID: 7eda8b

No way, jump on it and stab it with your stabby fingers!
No. 58388 ID: 632862

Slice the outstretched arm while it's distracted. See if you can keep it from stabbing Telwis.
No. 58390 ID: c0f3bf

Ask Telwis if he needs help. If you don't get an answer within one second try and stab it.
No. 58397 ID: bf1e7e
File 125479829859.png - (323.52KB , 768x768 , DQ179.png )


You're pretty sure Telwis won't hear anything you say at this point.

The two tumble towards you, skidding to a halt directly in front of you.


You muster your remaining strength to lend aid to your fuzzy companion, but where to strike?!
No. 58401 ID: 036360

Back of the head seems the logical choice...where it isn't plated like the front.
No. 58403 ID: 43d730

Grab the headish thing, hold it back so Telwis can get a clear shot at stabbin'.
Use your weight if needed.
No. 58425 ID: 7de41e

The back of its head does seem a good spot to aim.
Do we still have the hatchet? Using that might be better than trying to poke this thing.
No. 58494 ID: 7eda8b

Go for the midsection. Try to sever the spinal column.
No. 60928 ID: bf1e7e
File 125505119897.png - (313.23KB , 768x768 , DQ180.png )

You use your remaining strength to dive forward, lashing out at the apparently vulnerable back of what appears to be the monster's head. Telwis drives his knife into the creature's maw at nearly the same time, raking it across something at the back of it's throat.
No. 60935 ID: 476456

Hope its not your fingers and keep attacking.
No. 60943 ID: bf1e7e
File 125505197251.png - (323.60KB , 768x768 , DQ181.png )

No. 60944 ID: 476456

Attempt to halt the offending arm spearing telwis!
No. 60945 ID: 895b3e

yea, might want to pull back that thing slowly stabbing into Telwis btw. Or slice it off.
No. 60954 ID: bf1e7e
File 12550528125.png - (222.84KB , 768x768 , DQ182.png )


As your vision begins to fade, you reach out with your other hand to grab the arm which sprang forth from the monster's shoulder. You feel it slow against the limited muscle you have to bring to bear...
No. 60955 ID: bf1e7e
File 125505283397.png - (3.39KB , 768x768 , DQ183.png )


... but you have your limits
No. 60967 ID: bd36a1

pass out. Hope Telwis still has the strength after getting stabbed to carry/ drag you back to his house for some first aid :<
No. 60972 ID: bf1e7e
File 125505347173.png - (86.08KB , 768x768 , dq184.png )

You awaken
No. 60974 ID: 036360

Try to sit up, look around if you can.
No. 60975 ID: 476456

stay down and try to look around, you're kind of scratched up.
No. 60979 ID: 8ce2bf

Ask Telwis where our clothes went.
No. 60985 ID: f21281

You appear to be nude.
No. 60987 ID: c0f3bf

Full-body assessment: see if you can move your arms head and legs.
No. 60988 ID: bffa2a

Realize you're lying on your injured back. Feels good dosen't it?
No. 60991 ID: 950eaa

look down and see if you have boobs or not, I've been wondering this for a while.
No. 60998 ID: bf1e7e
File 12550552874.png - (97.01KB , 768x768 , dq185.png )


You sit up and try to look around. You can't really get your bearings, everything is still fuzzy and out of focus.


Everything seems to work, though it hurts to move your left arm and your back is quite sore.


It most certainly does not.
No. 60999 ID: bd36a1

W-what happened to your chest? what's that scar from? (if you can remember at all)
No. 61009 ID: bf1e7e
File 125505801335.gif - (159.75KB , 768x768 , dq186.gif )


You don't remember. You weren't even sure it was there.
No. 61010 ID: 43d730

Investigate the rest of you for suspicious things.
Also investigate the room.
Walk slowly and try not to pass out.
No. 61021 ID: bf1e7e
File 125505978471.png - (27.14KB , 768x768 , dq187.png )


You still can't make out much of your surroundings.
No. 61022 ID: 632862

Crouch down and examine floor.
No. 61023 ID: f21281

Politely ask for a bit more clarity regarding your surroundings.
No. 61024 ID: 476456

wake up
No. 61025 ID: bd36a1

call out to Telwis
No. 61026 ID: 476456

He's probably sleeping, chill out and try and find him on your own.
No. 61029 ID: f4963f

Is that a hole near your feet? Examine it.
No. 61063 ID: bf1e7e
File 125506096279.png - (50.35KB , 768x768 , dq188.png )


There is a small indentation here. It looks to be a slot that a gear or cog could fit into.


You call for Telwis, but only hear silence in response.


You're already awake.
No. 61067 ID: 43d730

This is probably some hugely symbolic thing.
Which is why you should poke around away from that hole as long as possible.
No. 61084 ID: 632862

Rub your eyes a bit. Surely you can get them to work properly.
No. 61107 ID: bf1e7e
File 12550620704.png - (69.19KB , 768x768 , dq189.png )


It helps a little, but everything still feels all foggy.
No. 61112 ID: b94893

Do you still have that cog from the beginning? Put it in.
No. 61122 ID: 43d730

You'll eventually have to do this, probably, but I'd take a better look around first.
No. 61123 ID: bf1e7e
File 12550626241.png - (102.16KB , 768x768 , dq190.png )


Of course, it's right in your tunic's pocket.

Oh, you don't have your tunic.
No. 61129 ID: 895b3e

pssst, behind you.
No. 61131 ID: bd36a1

retrieve cog from behind you
No. 61164 ID: bf1e7e
File 125506408441.png - (113.67KB , 768x768 , dq191.png )

You reacquire your mysterious cog.
No. 61165 ID: 632862

Ignore giant gear. Install cog in hole.
No. 61166 ID: 43d730

Get better look at giant gear.
What does it attach to?
No. 61226 ID: bf1e7e
File 125506623359.png - (166.43KB , 768x768 , dq192.png )


Walking to the edge, you see that you are not on a gear, but on a plate sitting atop a gear. In fact, there appears to be a whole stack of them.
No. 61230 ID: bf1e7e
File 125506629178.png - (51.38KB , 768x768 , dq193.png )


The gear thoroughly explored, you insert the cog into the whole. Almost immediately, there is a rumbling.
No. 61233 ID: 43d730

Insert the Spinner into the top of the pillar and press the A button in time with the pulses.

Also avoid giant flying dinosaur skulls.
No. 61257 ID: bf1e7e
File 125506757487.gif - (56.72KB , 768x768 , dq194.gif )


The gears on the tower begin rotating.
No. 61262 ID: 950eaa

try to not throw up
No. 61265 ID: f4963f

Wait and see what happens.
No. 61277 ID: 950eaa

Keep in mind you could be trippin balls.
No. 61302 ID: bf1e7e
File 125506992651.gif - (56.72KB , 768x768 , dq195.gif )


The plate isn't rotating, it must be resting atop a stationary column at the center of the gears.


You don't see anything changing, but you hear something. The steady ticking of the gears as they rotate is giving way to something lower and more pervasive, a steady pulse in time with the gear's rotations. It sounds just like ...
No. 61304 ID: bf1e7e
File 12550699585.png - (170.94KB , 768x768 , dq196.png )


your heartbeat.
No. 61307 ID: c0f3bf

Ask Telwis to hold up fingers for you to count.
No. 61308 ID: f4963f

Check up on yourself. How're you holding out there, Ven?

Ask Telwis how it went.
No. 61320 ID: bf1e7e
File 125507148595.gif - (89.43KB , 768x768 , deependpart2.gif )

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