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File 127435324577.png - (235.47KB , 1200x800 , title3.png )
180187 No. 180187 ID: 426169

Chapter IV


This is the story of Tiffany Blake.

Last night, a stranger by the name of Martin Rothwald showed up at her door. He was after an object that Thomas and Tiffany's mom had kept hidden for years. Fortunately, Tiffany managed to steal it away before Martin got his hands on it. Soon after, Thomas found his way to the house! Bleeding and broken, Thomas entrusted the book to Tiffany's care, as well as giving her his silver medallion with a request to deliver it back to the clan. With his dying breath Thomas told Tiffany to preserve the Compact at any cost.

Tiffany and dad packed their things, and left for the safehouse in Adeleine, setting the house on fire as they left.

It's time to begin.
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No. 180189 ID: 426169
File 127435339385.png - (114.64KB , 800x600 , 282.png )

Man this is so cool. So. Cool.

Mulder is sitting in Tiffany's lap as they drive through the night. Tiffany's fallen asleep.

No. 180190 ID: 0bbba3

Mulder! 'sup?
No. 180191 ID: 426169
File 127435406135.png - (105.36KB , 800x600 , 283.png )

So cool. Don't even gotta do nothin and we're still faster than flying. Flying's p cool tho.
But so's this.

Hey did you see that dead guy? He was totally bleeding and stuff. Why didn't boss let me have his eyes? Bet boss wanted em for herself. Well, she's boss.

.... Even tho this is p cool, it's kinda borin. Wanna shoot the bull for a while?

No. 180192 ID: 7e92ee

so. freaking. cool.

mulder, skretch wings and check out the bike's speed.
No. 180193 ID: 0bbba3

I dunno 'bout the others, but I tried gettin' those sweet eyes for ya. The man just gotta keep us down, right?

There'll be more in the future, at least.

So, what do ya think of the boss so far?
No. 180195 ID: 426169
File 127435591149.png - (87.96KB , 800x600 , 284.png )

Right, lets give this baby a - WHOA WHOA WHOA FAST OW OW OW MY WINGS BLOODY HELL.

Mulder manages to scramble back behind the windscreen before being blown off.

Ow ow ow.

Eyes? Who's got eyes?

The boss is p cool. More food would be nice but... hey are we stopping? We're slowing down. Are we there yet?

No. 180196 ID: 0bbba3

Take a good look around. See if ya recognize the place. Also, do ya actually need the food, or is it just awesomeness that must be enjoyed?

How's the boss's dad seem to be holding up?
No. 180197 ID: 7e92ee

the dude was a friend, its impolite to consume the dead bodies of friends.

and yes, ask dad if you can fly a bit. get us a aerial view of pursuiters as well.
No. 180198 ID: 426169
File 127435998948.png - (130.56KB , 800x600 , 285.png )

Yeah I need food. I needs it.

Dunno how the tall lanky one is doin. He's not bleedin, he's fine.

And why can't I have the eyes? He wasn't usin em, they were just goin to waste. Could I at least have a bit of guts? Maybe kidney or lung? Don't much care for liver myself.

Dad pulled over next to a motel, as the sun rose over the horizon. He gently picked up Tiffany, trying not to wake her. He took her inside, then came back for the bags. He came outside once more, just standing there. Mulder looked at him curiously, as he slowly took off his helmet and sat on the porch chairs.

Dunno. Should I do summit?

No. 180199 ID: 40cb26

It's your job to protect them. Even if you're hungry, you gotta make sure no trouble gets to them, at least not without warning them. Be on the lookout for anyone acting weird, and especially if they have anything shiny. You know, like that thing hidden in the box was.

And if there is any bad people causing trouble, you might be able to score their eyes! Don't be quick to do that though, hurting innocent folk would make boss upset. I'd say it's safe if the things are those not living or dead things you attacked before.
No. 180200 ID: c71597

Fly over to Dad and sit next to him. Keep your senses peeled for anything that seems strange.
No. 180202 ID: 40cb26

You could talk with him, if there's no one about to hear. You know ask if he's gonna be ok and stuff. It's bosses dad so you should try and get along with him. Then after you've been nice and all, mention being hungry.
No. 180221 ID: 62781c

Fly a quick loop around the place, looking for anything strange or shiny, then go sit next to Dad and play lookout.

Can Mulder talk with other people? I thought that required a specific ability, which he'd have instead of Sense Spirit.
No. 180225 ID: c71597

Dad seemed able to hear him in the last chapter.
No. 180228 ID: 426169
File 127437390571.png - (64.35KB , 800x600 , 286.png )

Mulder flies over to dad, who moves over to make room.

"You doin okay there, man?"

>"I- I don't know. I don't even know what's real anymore. Suddenly everything is fucked up. You know?"

"Yeah happens to me all the time. Just roll with it. Things are all so confusing, and you don't really know what's going on, but if you keep going-"

>"It'll start making sense?"

"Hell no. But there might be an eyeball in it for you, too."

>"We're in over our heads, aren't we?"


>"Magic is real?"


>"And Tiffany can do magic?"




>"... This is going to get really dangerous, isn't it?"

"Prob'ly, man."

>"I've got to protect Tiffany."

"Dunno 'bout that. I just do what the boss tells me to."

>"But... I don't know a damn thing about magic. What do I do?"

"Uh... What does yer gut tell ya?"

>"Keep Tiff safe. You're right. That's what I gotta do. I guess all I can do is help her the best I can, no matter how dangerous this gets. Looks like it's the only way to get out of this."

"Looks like that, man. .... Hey man?"


"Can I have your eyeballs when you die?"

>"... Sure. I need a drink. Do you drink?"

"Dunno, man."
No. 180230 ID: 62781c

Mulder, you are a great giver of advice. And good job getting those eyeballs marked for you; way to keep your eye on the ball.

Anyway, just hang with Dad for a while. It seems like he could really use the company. Keep an eye out for anything funny going on, and if he spends too long doing his own thing, remind him that he should get some sleep and check on Tiffany.
No. 180232 ID: 40cb26

Ask him to bring you back something to eat. He probably won't be able to grab any guts, but a piece of meat shouldn't be a problem. You liked that bologna well enough after all.

If you're gonna try a drink... I really don't recommend it. Not made for birds you know. Maybe try a little, later. But we need your mind and eyes as sharp as your beak.
No. 180233 ID: c71597

You can probably drink.

Hey I wonder if he actually has any magic potential since he can hear you and stuff. You shouldn't be able to speak in an audibly understandable way.
No. 180238 ID: a594b9

"Alcohol depresses the organ systems of birds and can be fatal."

No, you cannot drink. Unless you want to go visit the Reaper Man.
No. 180241 ID: c71597

He's already dead though. Or something, well maybe it's best to play it safe. Or just experiment with a small sip.
No. 180242 ID: d1210a

So, how much of masterdo you know as her familiar?

This guy IS her dad, if there's stuff you don't know, he probably knows it.

...Which is good, because gramps might have access to the wife's memories, so we should insure ONLY he knew about this place.
No. 180260 ID: a85626


It does that to humans too. Human tolerance is just higher. European tolerance, at least.

However if you can find a few well fermented berries you can probably get totally smashed!
No. 180271 ID: 426169
File 127438657440.png - (65.50KB , 800x600 , 287.png )

"... Maybe a little bit."

>"Cool. I'm buying."

Ok he's checkin that shiny metal thing on his hand. Ooh shiny. So pretty

>"Blah bla-blah blabblah."


>"It's past six so we might find a bar that's open. Come on."

"Umm, okay, whatever you say boss-dad-man. Dude."

So pretty.

Mulder hops onto dad's shoulder as they walk a little ways down the street. Soon they come across a pub of some kind.
As dad enters the man behind the counter calls out.

>"Sorry, pal, we ain't open until seven."

>"I'll pay double."

Quit lookin at those eyes mister, they're mine!

>"Aight. 'spose it's my call. What's with the bird?"

>"Daughter's pet."

>"'s a bit of a weird thing for a pet, ain't it?"

>"Gift from Grampa. He's out of his skull."

>"Pull yourself a chair and blah-blah-blah blabbity blah."

>"Blah blah blah, blaaagh blarg."

Oh man there's all kindsa cool stuff here. Like those spoons. I could totally score me some action if I had a pair of those babies.
No. 180272 ID: 701a19

Don't bother. If you ask Tiffany for shiny things she can get you the really nice stuff, but if you start taking stuff now it'll get everybody into trouble.
No. 180275 ID: 426169
File 127438759130.png - (70.00KB , 800x600 , 288.png )

Oh man, you think boss'd do that? Oh man boss is so cool. So. Cool.

WHOA! What's that? It's all black and frothy.

No. 180281 ID: 62781c

That's Dad's drink, unless I miss my guess. No good for you; stick to water. And maybe ask if there's some sort of meaty snack to be had around here.
No. 180284 ID: a594b9

No talking in the presence of the bartender. Maybe give the foam trickling down the side a lick.
No. 180288 ID: 426169
File 127438893920.png - (76.00KB , 800x600 , 289.png )

Ok ok I'm gonna give it a lick.

Hey man, this is some pretty good stuff. I'm gonna try some more.


Oh yeah man thash the stuff.
No. 180289 ID: babee0


Considering how drunk you are already you are going to need some water or you are going to be very hungover. I don't know what a bird hangover is like but I bet it isn't pleasant.

If the bartender leaves then ask dad for a glass of water.
No. 180290 ID: 62781c

That was not smooth, dude. Not smooth. It's never cool to drink someone else's drink or eat their food without asking. Or take their shinys.

This only applies if they're on your side, of course. (It's usually cool if they're not.) But point is, you shouldn't have done that. He might have given you some if you'd just asked.
No. 180292 ID: 393ffc

That guy's harshin' on ya, man! Don't he know you're just gettin' some of that awesome stuff? Hop on his shoulder. Tell him that stuff's awesome. He's awesome. The boss is awesome.
No. 180301 ID: 426169
File 127439071655.png - (125.25KB , 800x600 , 290.png )

"Quit harshin the vibes mishter. You got a lot more man."

>"Yeah but now I got beak-dirt in it."


>"Uhh, whatever. I guess I'll live."

"Damn shtraight man. You're okay man. In fact, I lovesh ya man. Yer orshum. An sho's bosh."

>"Maybe you need a glass of water?"

"Fuck water man, thish shtuff is orshum. Gemme a glass o that."

>"Uh-huh. Hey bar, can we get a glass of water in here? Looks like the bird got into my drink."

"Did I eversh! Oh man your sho orshum."

Mulder hops onto dad's shoulder. Or rather, at his shoulder. He crashes into dad, then falls promptly back on the table.

"Don't trick a bro like that man, it'sh not cool. Totes not cool. Defininitley p not-cool."

>"You all right there buddy?"

>"Hey, pet or no, if he starts throwin up he's outta here."


Whoa, things look way cool when you're upshide down.
No. 180303 ID: 6eb63e

well about the guts thing, some humans are attached to the person, so they are against the consuption of bodies of those signifcant others.

if you died for example, boss would not let another raven have its way with you. she would take care of your body anyway.
No. 180306 ID: 62781c

*sigh* Mulder, you're ridiculous. Rest for a while, drink some water, and hope you're not horribly incapacitated for too long because of your foolishness.
No. 180307 ID: 6eb63e

oh awesome. a lightweight, alcoholic raven.

dont drink and fly!

also keep your ears up. its possible we may get in trouble soon.
No. 180317 ID: 426169
File 127439327891.png - (75.59KB , 800x600 , 291.png )

Urrrgh I ain't feelin too good anymore.


>"All right, that's it. The bird goes."

No. 180318 ID: 426169
File 127439340273.png - (105.32KB , 800x600 , 292.png )

Oh man I gotta clear my head.

Mulder awkwardly flies up to a nearby power line, swaying a little as he goes.
Soon a crow flies over to the same line.

Oh man that guy is giving me a real weird look.

No. 180319 ID: a85626

So much for spoon stealing. Oh well, we got Guinness!


>"Gift from Grampa. He's out of his skull."

No. 180320 ID: eb6d46

birds are unable to vomit due to their digestive system, so technically mulder just shat himself.

biology makes quests funnier.
No. 180321 ID: a85626


That is clearly a lady crow. You must woo her with shiny things.
No. 180322 ID: a85626


You're thinking rats. Baby birds wouldn't last long if their momma couldn't vomit.
No. 180323 ID: 62781c

Ask him what's going on. Assuming, you know, that crows talk.

Hope that he can't sense that you're technically dead. Your eyeballs are not for consumption.
No. 180326 ID: a594b9

No. 180329 ID: 70b00c

Watch out for mist and skywhales.
No. 180336 ID: 426169
File 127439467232.png - (106.00KB , 800x600 , 293.png )

"You wanna pieshe of thish?"


With that, the crow flies off.

The hell?

No. 180337 ID: 62781c

That was highly disturbing. You should endeavor to be absent when he returns.
No. 180338 ID: 426169
File 127439476294.png - (93.36KB , 800x600 , oh god wat.png )

No. 180401 ID: 970b30

She's hitting on you.
You're about to get some tailfeather, dude.
No. 180404 ID: a594b9

That was another dude.
No. 180411 ID: 970b30

No, there is only one crow there besides Mulder. The same crow that "looked at him funny" also ran off to go get shiny things for Mulder after he asked her if she "wanted a piece of this".

Hopefully that piece hasn't rotted off yet.
No. 180412 ID: 716eb0

No, no, crowmanticar totally makes sense now. all the zombies everywhere, sentient black birds... this is a prequel!
No. 180435 ID: d1210a

Hey, boss said part of being her familiar might give you powers, and being cool and awesome in the eyes of others is one of them.... maybe you got a version that only works for other birds? You should totes check this out, dude!
No. 180457 ID: b3ee70

Yeah... but you may need to check if your clochea still works... You've been dead a while...
No. 180488 ID: a594b9

Erm. No... the familiar creation process heals that kind of thing.
Yes. The same crow. Who is also male.
>Oh man that guy is giving me a real weird look.
Guy. Male.
No. 180551 ID: eb6d46

look out for low flying nightmare whales
No. 180716 ID: 426169
File 127444247839.png - (69.13KB , 800x600 , 294.png )





>"Oh there you are, come on Mulder we gotta be getting back."


>"....'kay. Whenever you're ready."
No. 180719 ID: 0b8844

Well, I cant think of what else we have to do 'round here. We're awake and ready for another day.
No. 180724 ID: 426169
File 127444588647.png - (220.24KB , 800x600 , 295.png )

And so Mulder and Dad went home. To the hotel, that is.

It is now eleven in the morning. Tiffany's up, dad's asleep, Mulder is nowhere in sight.

Dad left Tiffany some breakfast money.

So. Adeleine.

No. 180726 ID: c71597

Check out the note on the desk. Then it's breakfast time, maybe buy something for Dad as well for when he wakes up.
No. 180727 ID: 701a19

Do you have an address to go to?
How about you read that letter to dad?
No. 180728 ID: 6a5a08

Call Mulder and go get something to eat. Maybe they have some foreign food, like cow eyes.
No. 180733 ID: 426169
File 127444796544.png - (85.90KB , 370x361 , 296.png )

Hey it's not a note, it's.... oh...
No. 180734 ID: c71597

That's a bit worrying. Get breakfast for you and Daddy, then wake him up and make your way to the safehouse.
No. 180747 ID: 62781c

That is a Bad Thing. This supposed safehouse had better be as safe as Thomas thought, or you could be in a lot of trouble. And how are you supposed to go about searching for it, when there are clearly gangs of zombies on the loose?

If not for your promise to return the medallion, I'd recommend fleeing to a different continent long enough to educate yourself in the fine arts of necromancy.

In the meantime, breakfast.
No. 180748 ID: 6eb63e

the good news is that the police does not belive your dad is a pedo, but that he is ded! isnt that pants-astic?

go get sumthing vein clogging to fill your heart.
No. 180749 ID: 6eb63e

what, the streets filled with undead can only be safer with a necromancer around!

its time to go necro-taming!

as soon as we figure a spell for that.
No. 180854 ID: 426169
File 127447515313.png - (117.45KB , 800x600 , 297.png )

I think dad would've told me if there zombies wandering the streets of downtown Adeleine.

Tiffany ventures out into the street. Things seem pretty normal, the people looking a little more worried than usual. After some walking around, Tiffany locates a waffle house!

Once her appetite was satisfied, she returned to the hotel, carrying some for dad too. On the way she saw Mulder, firmly parked on a power line. He was strangely quiet, and was swaying quite a bit.

"Da-aad, wake up dad."

>"Hrrrrrrm, whza?"

"Wake up. I got you waffles!"


After dad's brain had finished it's boot-up sequence, he nibbled on a bit of waffle while he spoke.

>"So there's supposed to be a safehouse in here?"

"That's what Thomas said, yeah."

>"Any idea where it is?"

"Umm... no."

>"So what do we do now? Any ideas?"
No. 180855 ID: a7a85a

Crap. I think Gramps may also have lied about the dead raising capacity. Or conveniently left out his own upper limit. Right now this is about as much as he said the strongest necromancer could raise, if not a little more, and I doubt he's burning himself out.

In short we may not know how massive Gramps undead army can get.
No. 180856 ID: a85626


I still say some way to spiritually remind them of the soil of their graves... oh I guess that wouldn't work since most of these zombies weren't buried.

If "grandpa" really has access to this much power we're fucked, but I bet he's going a little bit overboard and stretching himself thin. He did say "how can you not use this much power?" when we last saw him I mean.

I think it's time you opened up your mom's book. The labyrinth of the mad... whatever his name was is sure to be in there. If you can figure out what the spell actually does instead of what your grandpa told you it does then you can figure out how you could get him back out of your mom's body...

I'm worried about mom.
No. 180859 ID: 72cd90

Tiff, did Dad ever read that letter that came with the book? It may help us somehow.

If it doesn't we may need to use our second sight. If you can picture a house around here where Thomas has been multiple times that should be the safe house.

Don't open up the bag, we don't want the book unshielded. Only after we reach the safe house.
No. 180883 ID: 62781c

Even if raising zombies is difficult, Grandpa also made it clear that the more any given spell is used, the easier it becomes to use. If he's raised thousands of zombies in his day- not out of the question give his reputation- it might well take him a tiny fraction of the energy that another person would require for the same effect.

Have Dad read Mom's letter to him. If he's willing to let you read it as well, that would be good.

If there's nothing helpful in there, it's time to look for the safehouse. That could be in a mundane fashion- for example, looking up every "Kinsley" in the phone book and calling them up. Or you could try to make as many anti-scrying runes of your own as you can, throw them on a circle, and risk opening up the grimoire for hints.
No. 180887 ID: 426169
File 127447800677.png - (128.86KB , 800x600 , 298.png )

"Hey dad, umm, I almost forgot, but I found a letter from mom in the wardrobe. It's for you?"

>"Oh? Give it here."

After some tearing of paper, dad reaches out for his glasses and begins to read.

>"Dear Gregory, I'm writing this in case something ever happens to me. There are things about me that you need to know, things I've never been able to tell you. I know I swore never to keep secrets from you. I'm sorry. Every time I looked at you I wanted tell you, but the words wouldn't come out. But then you looked at me, and I could see that you understood. It didn't hurt so bad anymore."

Dad's choking up a little.

>"There are things in my past that haunt me. I can't describe it. I can't even make myself write it down. I see them. I see them every night. I know that you think that I'm just an ordinary student, but I'm not. I can't be more specific than that. You'd think I'm crazy."

>"If something really has happened to me, then I need to ask you a favour. This is important, more important than you could ever know. I'll leave this letter on top of a black velvet bag. Do not open. Under any circumstance. Do NOT open the bag. You need take it, as is, and bring it to my uncle, Thomas. He lives in Adeleine, number seventy-two Nightingale street. If he's not there, wait for him. He'll tell you everything else you need to know."

>"If you're reading this because I've passed away, then these are my last words for you: I love, Gregory Blake, with all my heart. No matter what happens, that'll never change. Goodbye, Greg."

Dad lies there quietly for a while, then whispers:

>"I never thought you were ordinary."
No. 180890 ID: 701a19

Ok, now we know where Thomas lived. We should find more information there.
No. 180920 ID: 6a5a08

Well, Thomas is dead. What do we do with the bag now?

Probably not open it, lest we unleash an ancient evil upon the world. Or worse, die. At least with the ancient evil part the story could continue.
No. 180923 ID: 1ac39d

the bag has the grimoire, it should be fine to read if we make an anti-scrying circle first so it doesn't lose it's protection while we look through it.
No. 180928 ID: 72cd90

No, under NO circumstances do we open the bag. We make our way to that address before anything else.
No. 180935 ID: f95872

We can open the bag under controlled circumstances, I think. But first, we go to the address.
No. 180945 ID: a85626

Thomas is dead. We can't follow her pleas no matter how hard we try. The next best thing we can do is make a protection circle of the type we are familiar, and open the bag in its confines. Hopefully that won't alert gramps to its existence Sauron-style.

Can you copy the anti-scrying rune on the key your mother left, or does it appear too briefly for you to be able to copy down?

Before doing any of that though, definitely go to Thomas's house, see what you can find there. If it's not the safehouse he mentioned, the location of said safe house might be there.
No. 180949 ID: 72cd90

Look if we want any chance of opening the book safely, we're doing it at the SAFE HOUSE.
No. 180966 ID: e75a2f

There's probably some other Kinsley we can contact for help. Thomas can't be the only one.
No. 180970 ID: c71597

Hmm, Thomas was probably Alexanders brother then. Gramps sure is a cold hearted bastard.

Well now you know where he lived. Seems like a logical place to check out.
No. 180980 ID: 426169
File 127448712691.png - (98.23KB , 800x600 , 299.png )

>"Sounds like Nightingale street is our next stop."

"Ok. Lemme get Mulder."

Dad was left to pack while Tiffany went outside.


>"Whazzaa? Ohai bosh."

"We're going, come on."

>"Don' wanna leave yet bosh."

Uh, he's so useless. I guess I could insist, but is it worth really worth it?

Meanwhile, dad was pondering what to take. He'd paid for a couple of days, so they could use the room to store stuff they didn't need. If that wasn't enough, there was a safe in the reception.

No. 180985 ID: 72cd90

No. 180986 ID: 6a5a08

Ask why.
No. 180988 ID: 426169
File 127448762074.png - (103.21KB , 800x600 , 300.png )


*twang* *bok* *silence*
No. 180993 ID: 72cd90

He's fine, just go scrape him off the ground and get back to dad. You guys should pack up everything and head off, no need to risk coming back here if you don't need to. If it happens that there is no where else safe to stay or just need to escape from elsewhere, then you can stay here another night.

I'd almost want to set up a bunch of defensive runes around in case of someone sneaking around intending to cause trouble, but it'll be likely be a waste of time and effort.
No. 181015 ID: 426169
File 127448962010.png - (159.24KB , 800x600 , 301.png )

I guess it's best if we take everything. No point in taking a risk coming back here.

I don't understand even half of this stuff. All I know is that my little girl is danger.
I may not know magic, but...

No. 181016 ID: 426169
File 127448963995.png - (298.80KB , 800x600 , 302.png )

... I'll be damned if I lose another child.
No. 181017 ID: 426169
File 127448964641.png - (191.28KB , 800x600 , pause.png )

No. 181019 ID: e75a2f

No. 181031 ID: 620bfb

Alternate-universe Liam?
No. 181038 ID: 6a5a08

You show 'em pa! Nobody messes with your little girl.
No. 181039 ID: 72cd90

Now I want to see what runes carefully inscribed on bullets might accomplish.
No. 181042 ID: 6a5a08


Zombie killing bullets?
No. 181043 ID: 1ac39d

if they have like 'disruption' on them or something it may be able to disperse a Wraith like Jakov.
No. 181061 ID: 6eb63e

bonk yeah lets make sum majikal bullits!

also hungover crowmanticar is best crowmanticar =3

you must take the book with you, since the hotel safe may not be safe (PUNS!). you could drop a fake in the safe and check out where you could hide the dammed book. like inside a mattres or some other crap.

take the spear with you. they must get the medalion as well.
No. 181135 ID: f95872

Liam's gun is a snub. Dad's got a full pistol.

I reckon we'd be better off inscribing the barrel.
No. 181185 ID: 2bbc4f

Maybe, but that might not let us do the same things unless it can imbue effects to the ammo or extend them in a line out the barrel. Worth looking into later anyways.
No. 181225 ID: 426169
File 127452104254.png - (153.72KB , 800x600 , 303.png )

Dad hid the gun in his pocket after making sure it was loaded. No point in worrying Tiff.

Some twenty minutes later Dad, Tiffany and Mulder found Nightingale street. It didn't look to be a very nice neighbourhood, a lot of the buildings were run down, most had at least one graffiti decorating the walls.

Seventy two, seventy two, there's seventy, and seventy four so...

Huh. This must be it.

No. 181226 ID: 1ac39d

it must have a secret passage, walk around the place with mulder and have him tell you if any parts are shining.
No. 181227 ID: 426169
File 12745224708.png - (138.46KB , 600x800 , 304.png )

There's gotta be a secret door I guess. But what does that look like? What am I looking for here? So far it looks just like a ruined church.

"Mulder, see anything shiny?"

>"Not so loud, boss. And no."

"Well keep an eye out."

>"I'll try, boss."
No. 181228 ID: 1ac39d

try pulling out thomas' medallion, it may react to something.
No. 181229 ID: 426169
File 127452383520.gif - (110.96KB , 600x800 , 305.gif )

Tiffany pulls out the medallion.

Dunno. Doesn't look like it's doing anything.

No. 181230 ID: 1ac39d

behind you an symbol started glowing when you pulled it out.
No. 181231 ID: 426169
File 127452613020.png - (77.09KB , 600x800 , 306.png )

Hey, it's the same as the symbol on the medallion! Umm, what do I do?
No. 181232 ID: c71597

Try pressing the medallion up against the symbols.
No. 181233 ID: 1ac39d

if that doesn't work then try poking it with the spear.
No. 181234 ID: 426169
File 127452859862.gif - (628.05KB , 600x800 , 307.gif )

No. 181236 ID: 1ac39d

go get your dad and help him bring in the stuff. a non-shining magic entrance and only you have the key sounds really damn safe to me. hopefully it has lights of some kind down there.
No. 181308 ID: 426169
File 12745553291.png - (112.76KB , 800x600 , 307.png )

The three descended into darkness. A runic inscription lined the doorway, presumably hiding it from detection. A short flight of stairs took them to a small sepulchre beneath the chapel. A chamber on the right had been turned into a serviceable if grim living area, while another chamber on the left was dominated by a dark pit.

Dad stood at the bottom of the stairs with a flashlight and a concerned look.

>"You know more about this stuff than I do, Tiff. Which direction do you want to check first?"
No. 181325 ID: a85626


Check the dark forbidding pit from which not even light escapes its hungry maw.

No wait, check the living room first.

No. 181330 ID: 1ac39d

just check the living area and if it's clear carefully look down the pit.
No. 181345 ID: 426169
File 127456501726.png - (93.74KB , 800x600 , 308.png )

A quick glance in the living area reveals it to be unoccupied. One of the larger shelves has a neatly spread bedroll in it, and another houses a duffel bag. The others still have their former residents resting quietly.

The opposite wall is dominated by a large map of the Adeleine area. A number of tacked-on notes and crisscrossing threads obscure most of the map. A yellow sticky note seems unrelated to the rest.

An empty stone basin is located in one corner, and a runic stone is attached to the wall over the map.

No. 181347 ID: 1ac39d

read the note.
No. 181348 ID: 3afd1f

Check out the runic stone. Anything familiar in it?
No. 181349 ID: 6a5a08

Read note, hug Dad.
No. 181360 ID: 426169
File 127456658726.png - (82.40KB , 800x800 , 309.png )

This is no time for hugs!

Tiffany looks over the yellow sticky-note. It reads:
>BHR 1021 21:35 4th, Adeleine a.p.

Tiffany examines the stone. Some of the runes are familiar, some less so. She copies it all down in her notebook, just in case.

No. 181364 ID: 1ac39d

... hmmm... i think it's absolute protection.
No. 181371 ID: 3afd1f

Hmm. Well, we can look up everything in the book in a moment.

Let's check out the pit now.
No. 181373 ID: 62781c

A trefoil knot, with some sort of outward-radiating pattern surrounded by numerous runes? Interesting, but I don't see how absolute protection is the result of it, >>181364.

At least two of the runes on there appear to be runes we know with very minor alterations. That makes me wary of falsely assuming that we know what's going on, since a subtle change in meaning could really screw things up.

What is the current date and time?

Examine the map and other notes on it.
No. 181388 ID: 426169
File 127456945231.png - (107.85KB , 800x600 , 310.png )

Today's June fourth, around noon.

Tiffany decides to examine the map a little bit closer. The notes are fairly cryptic, mostly just photographs of locations and, oh man is that guy dead?, and a few clippings from the local paper, about people going missing it seems. I'm guessing that the red string is supposed to indicate sequence or something. The earliest dates back like two weeks.

The map itself is fairly old, and has a lot of additions in black marker, including the interstate. The paper itself is full of pin holes.

>"Uhh turn out the light already, boss. It's too bright."

"Mulder, it's almost pitch black in here."

>"Nah, can't you see that? That lamp on the wall. It's hurting my eyes."


>"You goin blind, boss? Over the map."

Huh. Mulder closes his eyes, seemingly in agony.
No. 181391 ID: 3afd1f

He was trying to find out who was abducting people.

Hey, touch the symbol. GO ON DO IT. It's got a 'touch' rune on it after all.
No. 181392 ID: 1ac39d

okay, yeah. it is ungodly powerful. mulder good look at the statue and was fine.
No. 181394 ID: 62781c

While that could show positive results, it could also win us the Darwin Award for budding magicians. Let's not go fucking around with unknown mystical things unless we have to.

If you still have the newspaper, compare/contrast any disappearances listed there with the notes and locations on the map. There might not be any overlap, but it can't hurt.
No. 181395 ID: 6a5a08

The 'Lamp' seems to be making Mulder's Familiar Sense go off the charts.
No. 181396 ID: 3afd1f

He's got 'Sense Spirit'. Possibly also Arcane Eye since that's supposed to be the evolution.

It's weird, though. Is he supposed to be able to do this detection already?
No. 181397 ID: 6a5a08

Maybe Thomas' ghost is here?
Or another spirit.
No. 181399 ID: 1ac39d

he could see where the statue was hidden because he could see it shining. so yes, this is supposed to happen.
No. 181417 ID: 426169
File 12745727817.png - (123.38KB , 800x600 , 311.png )

Tiffany didn't take the newspaper with her, so she has no way of comparing the disappearances. Besides, there's like only one disappearance from a week ago, and the ones in the paper were more recent.

Tiffany decides it's safest not to touch the stone, as she doesn't really have any idea what it does. Instead she goes to check the other chamber, the one with the pit.

A feeling of tension seems to crawl up her spine as she approaches. A rune circle surrounds the pit, carefully carved into the ancient stone. The darkness of the pit is impenetrable, even with help from the flashlight.

>"Uh hey boss? I'm getting some seriously bad mojo from the pit. There's something down there, I can tell. And it doesn't seem very nice."

Umm, should I do something or leave it be?
No. 181420 ID: f95872

It's got runes around it, it's probably fine.
No. 181422 ID: 1ac39d

leave it alone, the runes around it probably keep it sealed.
No. 181423 ID: 3afd1f

Copy the runes but stay away from it. We'll figure out what it is before we mess with it.
No. 181432 ID: 6a5a08

Rip off a little scrap off a note, and throw it in to see what happens.
No. 181436 ID: 426169
File 12745742371.png - (117.99KB , 800x600 , 312.png )

Tiffany copies the visible runes from afar. Some part of the circle seem to disappear into the pit. She then tears off a little piece of her notebook, and throws it in the pit. It disappears into the darkness.

>"Hsssssssss that not verrry nice. Brrreaking in masssterrs chamberrs and thrrrowing thingsss at ussss. Bad little grrrrrl."
No. 181438 ID: 3afd1f

"I didn't break in. He gave me the key. Also, he's dead. Who are you?"
No. 181440 ID: 701a19

"Oh! My apologies! Thomas didn't tell me anybody would be here! Who are you?"
No. 181441 ID: 701a19

Don't say he's dead. That could have dire consequences.
First we need to ask the terms of its service.
No. 181444 ID: 62781c

Do not reveal that Thomas is dead.

I like this one.
No. 181445 ID: b3ee70

How about
"I'm his niece, Tiffany... who are you guys?" or some varient
No. 181454 ID: 701a19

Revealing relations might be a mistake as well. Don't let any information slip unless needed.
No. 181540 ID: a85626

"I didn't break in. He gave me the key. Who are you?"
No. 181543 ID: d1210a

Truthful, AND misleading.

Seems perfect.
No. 181706 ID: 426169
File 127460372274.png - (124.70KB , 800x600 , 313.png )

"Oh, sorry! Thomas didn't say there'd be anyone here. And I didn't break in, he gave me the key. Who are you?"

>"Hssssss ussss am the masssterrrrs little pet. Good little doggie. Massssterrrr been away too long. Usss am need walkiessss. Good grrrrl letssss usss out?"
No. 181713 ID: f95872

Tell Dad it looks like everything's cool, and get some lighting in the living room.
No. 181714 ID: d1210a

"I'm sorry, I wouldn't dare presume to walk Thomas' dog, he definitely give me permission, and I don't want to make thomas mad.
No. 181715 ID: 1ac39d

haha, you may be little but you aren't that stupid. besides, the hook on the side alone indicates the circle is a containment device of some sort.
No. 181719 ID: 426169
File 127460494311.png - (125.84KB , 800x600 , 314.png )

"Sorry, not that stupid. Dad, see if you can get some light in the living room."

>"Will do."

>"SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSssssssssssssssssssss ussss can help little grrrrl. Ussss can sssserrrve a masssterrr. Jusssst let usssss out and usss callssss you masssterrrr."
No. 181721 ID: 1ac39d

"if Thomas locked you in there he must of had a very good reason, so sorry if i don't trust you."

and tell dad about the circle but reassure him that as long as none of the lines on it get messed up it will stay active.
No. 181727 ID: 426169
File 127460732253.png - (128.17KB , 800x600 , 315.png )

"Dad, there's something locked up in here, but I think it's safe as long as nothing breaks the runes."

>"If you're sure. This place is giving me serious heebie-jeebies."

>"Ssssssssssss usss wantsss only to sssserve, letsss usss out! Letssss usssss out NOW!"

"Sorry, but if Thomas locked you up he must've had a very good reason."

>"Foolissssh little wizzzzard capturrresss ussss and hidess usss away. Fearrrrful little wizzzzard. But grrrrrl issssn't afrrraid, little grrrl brrraverrr than old wizzzzard. Little wizzzard. Sssskin and bone, nothing left to eat."

>"See what I mean, boss? Not very nice at all."

>"Sssssssss whatsss that little rrraven? Little rrraven sssserrrves wizzzard grrrl? NO FAIRRR! Usss make betterrr ssslave, uss sssstrrrrongerrr than little rrraven. Usss eatsss little rrraven forrr sssupperr."

Tiffany steps closer to the circle, careful not to disturb it.

"Not this one you ain't. Mulder's with me."

>"Sssssssss tassssty little rrraven, uss will-"

The voice stops, suddenly sniffing the air.

>"Whatsss thisss sssmell? Bonesss and dirrrt, blood and rrotting flessssh, ssssorrcerry and assshes? A death lorrd walkssss the earrrth? LETSSS USSS OUT! LETSS USS OUT! WE MUSSST SSSERVE THE BONE KING! LET USSS SSSSERVE! LET USSS OUT!"
No. 181729 ID: f95872

"I'm not letting you out to serve me, no matter how good you think I smell."
No. 181730 ID: e31d52

No. 181734 ID: 37ee00

Looks like grampa has a fan... Definitely won't let him out now.
No. 181739 ID: 426169
File 127461067199.png - (26.66KB , 800x600 , 316.png )

"SHUT UP! I don't want to be a stupid death lord!"

>"KSH KSH KSH KSH ussss not ssssspeak of little grrrl. Little grrrl issss a good little grrrl and letsss usss out!"

"So you're a fan of grampa's? Not letting you out. Sorry."

>"SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHH When the bone king rrreleasssses ussss ussss will hunt and bleed and kill and maim and rip and cut and slash you, little grrrrrrl. HSSSSSSSSS"

The creature withdraws into the darkness with an angry hiss.

>"Tiff, have I ever told you not to piss off strangers?"

"No, dad."

>"Well... Don't piss off strangers. Did you have a plan of some sort?"
No. 181740 ID: 62781c

If he hasn't escaped yet, I'm thinking that he's going to keep right on not escaping if you just leave him behind the runes. Do that.

Go search the living area in more detail, looking for anything you might have missed. Ask Mulder if he spots anything lit up other than the stone above the map.
No. 181741 ID: a7a85a

We need to look into permanent destruction of enemies. Acid, high grade fire, concrete burials, that sort of thing. I'm thinking acid for the flesh then destruction of the bones. Alexander might be first class, but I imagine raising a fleshless jigsaw puzzle is much harder than a standard corpse. Remember correcting Mulder before raising him?

And we know a little invisibility, don't we? The right runes in the unmarked grave and they may be a headache to find, let alone raise.

For this guy, alternately we could kill him and if Tiff's up to it raise his body with a new spirit. I predict a much high risk in attempting this though, let alone attempting to kill this thing in a less than obliterating fashion.
No. 181743 ID: 62781c

I agree with your points in principle. As a practical and immediate matter, however, I would rather not mess with this guy even to attempt to destroy him. Who knows if we could accidentally break his bindings?
No. 181749 ID: 5eea01

"You're a kitty!"
No. 181760 ID: 6a5a08


This. Also, write a note to research these runes later, and stick it to your forehead, so you don't forget about the note.
No. 181777 ID: b3ee70

woah woah woah....
We're a necromancer too... remember? We too are a bone king... or queen.
They just smell the use of Necromancy on us...
We can give away we are an aspiring necromancer... Maybe...

Did we lock the front door?
No. 181786 ID: 701a19

Necromancer=Death Lord
Bone King=something that is not us.
No. 181796 ID: 6a5a08

Possibly Grandpa is now the Lich King.
No. 181808 ID: 3afd1f

Our plan? We read the book. We study. Learn. Gain power and stop Grampa. Preserve the Compact.

We should probably find out exactly WHAT the Compact is. Ask the Pit Thing.
No. 181864 ID: 426169
File 127464118142.png - (87.34KB , 800x600 , 317.png )

Tiffany and dad have a bit more thorough look around the living area. The duffel bag had some worn but well kept clothes, no personal items. Among the clothes was note with an address on it. 1051c1 Carling street. Doesn't look like Thomas' handwriting. Dad found some candles and some weird jars on a higher shelf. Seemed to be full of different kinds of weird dust or powder. Left them as is, the labels weren't in English.
The door is still open, as there is no obvious way to close it. Any ideas?

Tiffany digs out the black bag and turns it around in her hands. It seems now is as good a time as any to have a look at the book. What precautions does Tiffany take?

No. 181869 ID: 3afd1f

Well, we could make another 'danger' warding circle to sit in while we check it out. Obviously we should check the index before anything else.

I wonder if putting in Sight or Touch would help?
No. 181870 ID: d1210a

Let's see.... Is there a way to insulate the book inside of some sort of containment field, and turn the pages with sticks or something while in said containment field to avoid breaking containment with magically charged flesh, or some such?

Oh, any you want dad to be watching you check it in a place where he can watch you but NOT read what is written in the book.
No. 181881 ID: 3afd1f

Oh, as for the door, try messing with the key again. You can probably close it from the inside somehow.
No. 181890 ID: a85626

1) Close the door

2) Make a circle, with as many protection signs as you know. Emphasize hiding over containment.

3) Sit in circle.

4) Open bag

5) Be prepared to cheese it when your wards fail the circle is shattered and whatever is in that black pit is released to seek out your dumb grandpa.

We didn't want the creature's help anyway.

Even if it is a kitty. *sniffs*
No. 181919 ID: 426169
File 127464914784.png - (85.42KB , 800x600 , 318.png )

Tiffany spent the better part of an hour trying to figure out how to close the door from the inside. Touching the runes, pressing the amulet against various parts, pulling the door, hell even rubbing the medallion. Finally, in exasperation, she yelled:


at which point the door sealed itself with a low rumble. The runes on the inside of the door flared for a moment, then went dark.

>"I'm guessing it wasn't the swearing that did the trick."

"No dad, sorry."

>"So what now?"

"Now... I guess I'll have to try and read the book. Umm... Could you keep an eye on me from somewhere where you can't look at the book? I'm not all that sure it'd be safe for you to read."

>"You're not sure it's safe for YOU to read either."

"I know, but I don't think we have much of a choice. A lot of people want this book, and I've got to find out why."

>"Ok, I guess I'll wait over there. Maybe I can figure something out from the map while you... do your thing."

"Thanks dad."

Dad moved over while Tiffany lit some candles and began to work. She thought it safest if she copied the runes from the velvet bag. She tried her best to come up with the right words. She's not 100% sure they're working right, only that something did happen when she performed the incantations.

Ok. Calm down. Don't get exited. How should I do this?

No. 181921 ID: 3afd1f

Slowly remove the book from the bag.
No. 181931 ID: f95872

pull the cinched end of the bag open, by inserting one finger of each hand as though it were a man's sphincter. Avoid touching the book. Then grab the back corners of the bag and tug at them in such a manner that you remove the bag and the book slides out.
No. 181935 ID: 426169
File 127465111429.png - (115.22KB , 800x600 , 319.png )

Tiffany carefully opens the bag and slides the book out without touching it. A faint hiss is audible from the pit behind her.

Hmm. The white covers are battered and dog-eared, and are suspiciously thick. It's likely they've been glued on top of whatever the original cover was like. What now?

No. 181937 ID: 6a5a08

Looks like we found the Book of the Dead.

Be wary of a Mummy that may be pursuing you for it.
No. 181938 ID: 3afd1f

Cross out that "ME" and write in your own 'ME'. Or maybe your name, if that seems wise.
No. 181939 ID: 426169
File 127465135223.png - (117.54KB , 800x600 , 320.png )

Ok, now what?
No. 181940 ID: 3afd1f

Open it to the first page.
No. 181945 ID: a85626

Yay, the Book of the Dead! That's how Egyptians went to Heaven if they were light hearted enough!
No. 181955 ID: b24d39

im guessing we are inside a warding rune? is it against scrying too, just in case we get peeked?

lastly its possible it has a warning like the one ring. you open it, gramps gets a clue of where you are. can you make a cancel any magical effect on it?
No. 181957 ID: 426169
File 127465373922.png - (136.44KB , 800x600 , 321.png )

>"Tiffany, did you just deface a priceless ancient tome?"

"... just a little bit?"

>"Ok, new rule. No defacing ancient artefacts without a damn good reason."

"Ok, dad."

Tiffany opens the tome, yeah there's definitely a double cover.

Okay let's see here oh crap it's written in some weird scribbly language.

I can't read this.

No. 181958 ID: 6a5a08

When in doubt, Mulder.
No. 181960 ID: 1ac39d

try telling it to "be in English"
No. 181964 ID: 426169
File 127465463458.png - (74.13KB , 800x600 , 322.png )

>"BE IN ENGLISH! Oh come on. Hey Mulder!"

"Busy averting my eyes, boss."

>"See anything?"

"No. Too bright."

Oh man is there nothing in here that's not shiny? I mean, I like shiny, but not that shiny.
No. 181968 ID: 1ac39d

look around the door, it was magic an not shiny, it may have an anti-shine rune.
No. 181971 ID: 426169
File 12746561047.png - (107.70KB , 800x600 , 323.png )

This is no time to be mucking about!


>"Tiff, calm down."

"I really thought we had something here. Dammit."

>"KSH KSH KSH KSH issss the little grrrrl having trrrouble with herrrr little book? KSH KSH KSH need ussss to help herrrr doessss ssshe? KSH KSH KSH. Letsss uss out and ussss rrreadsss it forrr little grrrrl."
No. 181973 ID: b3ee70

as a necromancer, we may be able to bind this monster to our will...
Some sort of unbreakable pact...
There oughta be magic for that...
No. 181974 ID: 0b8844

Hell. No.
No. 181975 ID: 1ac39d

yes, magic that does that may exist. problem is we don't know it. we are in a catch-22 we need to read the book to learn magic but to read the book we need magic.
No. 181977 ID: 701a19

"I'm sorry, you seem to have me confused for an idiot. You're staying in there until Thomas says otherwise."

Pack the book up and start searching for phone numbers of other Kinsleys. Also, create amulets for you, your dad, and Mulder that use the anti-scrying ward.

So, why exactly did you put the circle where the evil snake was capable of seeing it?
No. 181983 ID: 426169
File 127465796732.png - (112.76KB , 800x600 , 324.png )

"I'm sorry, you must have me confused with a total idiot. You're staying right there, until Thomas says otherwise."

>"KSH KSH KSH little wizzzarrd issss dead issssn't he? Yesssss ussss can sssmell the trrrruth on you. KSH KSH KSH sssssserrved him rrrright. Keeping ussss in chainssss, imprrrisssoned. Fearrrss us but can't kill usss, fearrrrful little wizzarrd. Ussss would ssssuck the marrrrrow from hiss bonesss and be happy."

"Oh shut up already."

>"KSH KSH KSH. Little grrrl amusssesss usss. Maybe little grrrl make otherrr deal? Ssssso many quesssstionssss, ssssuch a little grrrrl. Little grrrrl needsss anssswers, yesss? Trrrade anssswers to ansssswers. Little grrrrl like thissss deal, yesss?"

Tiffany paused to think. If she accepted that deal, what sort of questions should she ask?
No. 181990 ID: b3ee70

How do you make a binding pact?
No. 181991 ID: 0b8844

I'm more concerned with what this thing is gonna ask. And you can always go "Heh, if Thomas is dead, he'll never be able to give the OK to release you, huh?"
No. 182000 ID: 3afd1f

I don't like that question.

Question: How do I translate the book into English?
No. 182001 ID: f95872

There'd better be some iron-ass caveats on that deal.

"We shall trade answers to answers, but neither of us shall be compelled to give an answer which is unknown to the answerer, nor an answer which will lead directly to the answerer's harm."
No. 182010 ID: 701a19

"Perhaps. How about you ask a question and I decide if it's worth answering or not?"

Any question he asks tells us about what he knows. Even if we don't want to answer them, listening is to our advantage.
No. 182049 ID: 62781c

Answers for answers... maybe. Ask your question, and if I answer it I'll ask three in return. When you answer them to my satisfaction you can ask again and I may answer.
No. 182052 ID: b14128

Don't say this, it's phrased as a question.
No. 182229 ID: 426169
File 127469681268.png - (206.33KB , 800x600 , 325.png )

"Suppose I took that deal. What possible information could you have that is of use to me? You're trapped in a pit!"

>"KSH KSH KSH ussss wasss not allwaysss trrrapped herrre, little grrrrrrl. Ussss issss olderrrr than little grrrrl underrrsssstand. Ussss wasss therre when the book wass wrritten. Usss wass therre when the Compact wasss ssssigned! Usss has ssseen the rrrise and fall of yourrr little civilizzzzationsss. Ussss know morrrre than little grrrrl can everrr know."

"A question for a question, then?"

>"HSSS yessss."

"No tricks?"

>"KSH KSH KSH KSH of courrrssse not, little grrrl. A ssssign of good faith, ussss will ansssswer firrrssst."

"...Ok, I'll bite."

Ok, I gotta make these count. Really good questions, now. Think, Tiff, think!
No. 182232 ID: 2eac65

That's not a sign of good faith. If you ask first, then you're obligated to answer them afterward because they already answered one of yours. If they ask first, you can refuse to answer because they don't owe you anything yet.
No. 182236 ID: 426169

Or you could just, you know, walk away with that one answer. So could the creature.

To everyone:
You know what would be helpful? More actual questions to ask. I need a list of questions that you'd like to see answered, so I can pick the most relevant ones. I won't cheat you out of answers maybe much

But yeah, questions please.
No. 182237 ID: f95872

Well, the obvious one would be "How do I read the book". Followed by questions regarding its purpose and nature.
No. 182242 ID: c71597

Ask it who is the current greatest and second greatest necromancer that are active and where they are.

That should be gramps and someone else, so then we simply have to find this someone else and try to get some lessons from him or her. If gramps isn't one of those two then it's even better, then we have two possibly teachers.
No. 182260 ID: 3afd1f

"What are you?"

"Who or what was Thomas investigating?"

"How do I get Mom back in her body and Alexander out of it?"

"How do I kill Alexander?"
No. 182266 ID: 701a19

I already kinda pointed that out. She wasn't listening.
No. 182273 ID: e2020c


Awesome pose Nahkh


"How can I ally with Reaperman?"
No. 182286 ID: 62781c

This sets off all my "bad wording" alarms, but I suppose it's useful to ask and would serve as an acid test for if the creature is going to be a dick about this.

I would not ask this. Grandpa was clear that necromancers never trust and care only about themselves; while this may not be universally true, can we afford to risk it? We have no evidence that every necromancer isn't just as likely to mind control us into servitude as Grandpa was.

>"What are you?"
A good question, but probably not essential for our first few.

>"Who or what was Thomas investigating?"
I assume that you mean with regard to the map, since we already know he was hunting Jakov? I don't think that's incredibly important. We can be reasonably sure that whatever problems Thomas had were abruptly trumped by the appearance of one Alexander Kinsley.

If we're looking at questions about Thomas, I might suggest "What does the Compact say?" He told us to preserve it, and we don't even know what it does. And possibly "Thomas mentioned a clan. Where can I find them?"

>"How do I get Mom back in her body and Alexander out of it?"
This requires that we give him free information about Grandpa's status. I suspect that we will be able to make him pay for it prior to asking.

>"How do I kill Alexander?"
I would avoid this line of questioning. He's made it at least somewhat clear that he supports Grandpa, and this might alienate him- and he'd probably give us a bad and/or dangerous method in any case. Besides, we're not really strong enough to go up against Grandpa direct.
No. 182297 ID: c71597

That was granpa's way of necromancy. And even if it applied universally we could still find the second greatest or greatest one useful. Alexander may after all be a threat to their power, or standing in the way of their rise to power. I'm sure they would enjoy the delicious irony of using a rivals grandchild to bring down said rival. As for them backstabbing us, well we're simply gonna have to plan a better backstab and pull it off before they can get their plan rolling.
No. 182388 ID: f67bb2
File 127473900154.png - (35.79KB , 800x600 , 326.png )

"Ok. So. What is the Compact?"

>"HSSSS little grrrl knowsss not? KSH KSH KSH KSH Verrry well. The Compact issss a deal sssstrrruck between the sssorcerrorrs of old and the lorrrrdsss of the Underrrworrrld. Issss a trrreaty, a peace trrreaty that ended the Harrrowing. Ssssigned by all but two of the grreat lorrds, Hakuman the Drreamerr and Khezet the Unssseen, and by the morrrtal wizzzard kingsss of old. Essstablishes dominionssss. Ussss not know exact detailsssss, isss meaninglesss to usss. Isss not ssssubject to it."

"What are you? How can you not be subject to it?"

>"KSH KSH KSH Isssss usss turrn now little grrrl."

"Ok, fair 'nuff. Ask away?"

>"HSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS how little wizzzard die? Met hissss match at lassst?"

"Grampa put a curse on him. He died bleeding on my couch."

>"KSH KSH KSH KSH KSH KSH KSH how fitting. Agonizzzzzing death usssss hopessss.

"So what are you?"

>"KSSSSSSH a rrrender of bodiesss a rrrreaver of flessssh a drrrrinkerrr of blood a ssservant to the Bone King am ussss."

"A real answer, please."

>"Ksh ksh usss am of the Undying, a ssssoldier immorrrtal, sssslave to the willll of the masssster of death."

<Tiffany> -.-

>"Usss sssay nothing more of thissss. Ussss hasss quesssstion now. How long hasss usss been here? How many yearrrrsss?"

"It's 2010. You'll have to do the subtraction yourself unless you tell me when you were put here."

>"... Assssssk your quesssstion little grrrrl."

"Where can I find a teacher?"

>"Kssssssh, little grrrrl ssseekss out one of the morrrtal familiesss. They would trrrade knowledge forrr allegiance and ssservitude. One gifted little grrrrrl would be an assssset to any family."

"Even necromancy?"

>"Ksss usss turrrrn. Why doesss the little grrrrl oppose the Bone King?"

"Because he's evil, and he used me like a pawn." Don't wanna give away info about mom.

>"Sssssh evil issss only label, and the Bone King issss no worrrrssse a puppet masssterrr than any otherrr. Isss that enough to hate him?"

"Nu-uh, my turn. How do I destroy him?"

>"Ussss do not know. Cannot ssseee the futurrre."

"That's not an answer."

>"Then asssssk sssomething elssse."

"Ok... How do I read the book?"

>"Learrrrn the nxtsaa'u language. Little grrrl verrry bad at it, but can learrrn. Maybe twenty yearrrss of ssstudy. Orrr ssseek the blessssssingsss of Hakuman, orrrr the help of a morrrtal sssscholarrr. Sssso, isss being ussssed asss a pawn enough forrr hatrrrred?"

"He murdered my little brother."

>"KSH KSH KSH ssso little grrrrl issss out forrr blood. Doesss little grrrl want to assssk more quessstions?"
No. 182389 ID: c71597

Ask how you can get the blessings of Hakuman.

Also ask him if any of the houses would be interested in him.
No. 182391 ID: 55e935

Ask for how to contact the Reaper without killing yourself. And if he'd be willing to take an ally at all.
No. 182397 ID: f95872

How would he know that? He'll tell us what he believes to be true which is probably "it's impossible".

It might be wise to inquire as to the nature of Hakuman. Also the nature of the book.
No. 182399 ID: 62781c

Ask what he can tell us of Grandpa, of the Bone King.

Ask him to tell us of the Great Lords, the lords of the underworld that he mentioned.

Ask him to tell us of the sorcerous families he knows about.
No. 182405 ID: c4c313

If the kitty asks more about the "Bone King" you might want to inform it that Grandpa (don't call him the Bone King he doesn't deserve the title) misuses his puppets. He won't trust them. He tangles their strings and curses at them, when if he would simply use them in the way they are used best he would be unstoppable. Grandpa only lives for himself alone. Being his servant will only end in your own doom.
No. 182420 ID: b3ee70

Revenge is evil
Thing is evil
Statement of revenge has given you some pretty good respect in its eyes...
I still say that if you bind it to an agreement that involves dark magic, you will have a powerful ally...
Probably wouldn't work that well... but it's something...
No. 182429 ID: 3adf4a

how about some DRASTIC ACTION?

lets make a rune to bind him to our will. after some time we find something to buy him.
No. 182435 ID: 701a19

"Heh, believe what you want.
What are the phone numbers or addresses of the people in the Kinsley and Rothwald families who hold the most sway within their respective families? Excluding Thomas of course."
No. 182451 ID: c00244

We don't know binding/compulsion runes. Not as far as I'm aware, anyway, and messing around with him while he's in that magical rune pit doesn't appeal to me in any case- what if we fuck up?

Why restrict ourselves to two families? There could be dozens out there. Personally, I'd rather angle for a minor/fringe family and a minor/fringe person within that family than to shoot straight for the top within those we already know about as is implied here. We'd be more able to cut and run that way.

Don't give away advice for free. And we don't really understand his motivations anyway.
No. 182454 ID: f67bb2
File 127474640568.png - (142.37KB , 800x600 , 327.png )

It could be very useful to bind this creature to Tiff's service. Too bad she hasn't the slightest clue as to how to do that. And a mistake would probably result in her becoming a gourmet sushi dish.

"How can I contact the Kinsleys or the Rothwalds?"

>"Ussss not know."

"That's not an answer. Would either of them be interested in you?"

>"Perrrrhapsss, but uss hass no interressst in them. They ssssometimes try to experrriment on usss. Usss not cooperate. Little grrrl sssmellsss of guilt. What issss little grrl guilty of?"

"I... I helped grampa, I should have."

>"SSSSSSSSHK, tell trrruth to usss, little grrl."

"OK OK! I brought him the picture he used to kill Tony. I didn't mean to! He was controlling me."

>"KSH KSH KSH, the masssterrss contrrol the slavesss asss they ssshould."

"Shut up. ... Tell me about Hakuman. How would I contact him?"

>"Kssssh Hakuman the Drrrreamerrr issss the only of the thirrrteen who would conssssiderrr meddling in morrrtal affairrrs. He issss of courrrssse completely insssane. Issss ssssaid that Hakuman ssssees all, knowsss all, but rrrarely tellsss the full trrruth. If little grrrl wantsss to commune with him little grrrl musssst eitherrr trrravel to the Underrrworrrld or perforrrrm a channeling. Now usss asssskss a quessstion. Little grrrl wantssss vengeance. Badly enough to do anything? Would you kill yourrr father to kill yourrr marrrk?"

"I- I-"

>"Tiff, thing-in-pit, that's enough. Did you get what you need, Tiff?"


>"Ok. Let's move on."

>"KSH KSH KSH KSH usss am tirrred of thisss game anyway."
No. 182458 ID: 701a19

"No, creature. Dry bones can't bleed, and I'm out to do what's right, not seek vengeance. I owe Tony that much, at least."

Vengeance is an emotion he can turn against you. You need to control your self and do what's right, not what's easy.
Ask yourself 'Could I stand in front of my family I did this and not feel shame, guilt, remorse, and regret?'

If the answer is no, then you need to reconsider your options.
To put things in perspective, you just contemplated the option of murdering your father; that's a damn clear sign you're going down the wrong path.
Worse still? It's what Alexander would do.
No. 182479 ID: c00244

I interpreted her reaction as being shocked/startled, not seriously contemplating it. Tiffany's feelings on the matter might need a bit of clarification. For my own part, however...

No, of course you wouldn't kill your father. Grandpa was able to manipulate you into learning necromancy in the first place only because you cared so very much about your family; that purpose remains strong. To protect, rescue, and avenge them; that's what should be driving you here.

Harming any member of your family to accomplish that would go against your own reason for doing so; of course you wouldn't even consider it. That would be cutting off your nose to spite your face.

You don't have to say this if you don't want to, of course... you could just leave. But if you want to assert your confidence or show your resolve and purpose to Dad, it might help.

Once done here, put the book back in its shielded bag, and go into the other room. Speak to Dad in a low voice, so that the creature can't hear you; discuss your next move. It sounds like the families, whoever they are, would only teach Tiffany anything if she's willing to work for them, and making that deal would require Dad's approval. On the other hand, our only other known route to power involves either an Underworld journey or a channeling, whatever that is, and we've no idea how to go about those. Thoughts?
No. 182544 ID: 63ab82

Hands up who thinks contacting the Dreamer demon lord will break the compact and have us labelled as heretic? There must be a reason why other wizards are not jumping onto the train.

Also, ask Mulder where did he deliver the scroll for the wraith. For all we know, it might be one of the address or at least in Adeline.

I would say precog regarding where Thomas visits, frequently.
No. 182551 ID: 63ab82

As an addendum: do we still have the lolipop that German dude gave us? Time to throw it out, or at least have Mulder check it for magic. Especially hidden scrying magic.
No. 182558 ID: f95872

Dad feared that we would. That possibility is now in his mind. This is bad.
No. 182585 ID: c71597

One last question for it. How does one performe a channeling.
No. 182593 ID: c4c313


I didn't see that so much as advice, as much as a way to make the creature more uncertain of its loyalties.


No. No more questions. We don't want to commit to killing dear daddy yet.
No. 182595 ID: c71597

It didn't say anything about killing daddy for the answear to more questions. It just wondered how badly we want revenge with that question.
No. 182612 ID: c4c313

We don't want anyone to know we'd say "yes", especially not with Daddy right there.
No. 182745 ID: a7a85a


Don't forget to postcog it. It might all be in German but the more puzzle pieces we have the better, even if it's only visual.
No. 182797 ID: f67bb2
File 127479214616.png - (92.39KB , 800x600 , 328.png )

>"Tiffany, come check this out."

"What is it, dad?"

>"From what you told me, I'm guessing Thomas used to hunt down all sorts of creatures that were causing trouble."

"Yeah. So?"

>"So he must've used this map to track their movements, right?"

"I think so, yeah."

>"Now there's needle holes scattered all over the map. Except... here."

"Huh? Where?"

>"There are no holes in the map anywhere near our home. There's like a ten mile radius of zip, nada."


>"Yeah. I'm not all that sure I like the implications of that. And, uh, that note? I'm pretty sure that's a flight to Adeleine airport. Was Thomas expecting someone?"

"Don't know. Well, if he made a note then I guess he was. Or maybe he was going somewhere?"

>"Dunno. It looks like he was pretty actively hunting that Jakov guy. Too bad these notes don't show where he was hiding."

>"That's easy. He's campin out at the old hospital."


>"What? I took 'im a note from the skull dude. Remember, boss?"

"Why didn't you tell me sooner?"

>"Uhh, you didn't ask, boss."

Tiffany sat down to try to think of a plan. Investigate the hospital? Maybe. She might be able to at least figure a few runes out from the book if she studied it enough. So that's also a possibility. Postcog the lollipop, yeah it seems like she has to move away from the anti-scrying runes before she can do that. But it's possible.

So, what should I do? Aaagh there's probably all sorts of other stuff I could be doing too.

No. 182830 ID: 5a2e05

What about that address in the clothes, where precisely would that be? Anywhere near one of his hunting marks?
No. 183124 ID: 40cb26

You know, gramps said that the house was protected. I'm guessing it has a pretty wide ward against monsters. Or had, I doubt it still does that since it was burned down. Maybe it does though, not that it would make much difference now.

I think that whatever the next step is, we first need some help. Get a hold of one of the Kinsley family, however we can. It might be that the expected flight was of a family member, does the note say when the flight should have arrived? I can only imagine they would head straight here after arrival if they were family and Thomas didn't meet them.

If you can't tell when they were expected or if it will be a while, then you may as well try to do some postcog.
No. 183374 ID: f67bb2
File 127488923587.png - (475.54KB , 800x800 , 329.png )

"I honestly have no idea what to do. Wait here maybe?"

>"That isn't a long-term plan, Tiff."

"Yeah I know. We've got to get help from someone. So far it's looking like either the Rothwalds or Kinsleys. We've got a phone number to the Rothwalds, and I'm guessing that someone from the Kinsley clan is on that flight."

>"Well, I guess you've got to pick a side. Anyway there's still plenty of time left before the flight arrives, so... What do you want to do?"

"Investigate, maybe.... I'm sure Thomas won't mind if we use his map. I'll use the, uh, blue pin for this place, and a red pin for that address you found. What was that again?"

>"Carling street."

"It's pretty close. Mulder, what's the address to the hospital?"

>"Address? Dunno boss. I'll take you if you want. It's maybe twenty minutes of flight away."

>"So, Tiff. Which location do you want to investigate?"
No. 183382 ID: 701a19

Go with the Kinsleys. They're both going to use you, but with the Kinsleys it's less likely to be as parts.

Also? The first Rothwald you met tried to exploit your mother's capture by attempting to steal the book from you, meaning that they knew she was taken and decided to screw you over instead of helping her.
The first Kinsley you met suffered mortal wounds saving your ass after you did exactly what he warned you not to do, then went on to direct you to this safe house and forgive you for getting him killed before he died.

I'm not saying to burn any bridges, just that the Kinsleys are the only ones who would even consider helping you save your mother.

Meanwhile, I'd say it's a bad idea to chase down the openly hostile wraith that Thomas spent years trying to kill with no success. Lets go to not where it is.
No. 183398 ID: c00244

Backing this. While I'd like to find out more about the other families before committing ourselves to one, the Kinsleys have a much better record with us thus far.

That said, Thomas made it clear that basically no one would approve of our having that tome. Presumably, that includes his family. Before we go anywhere, seal it back up in the bag, and conceal the bag somewhere if possible. We don't want anyone even suspecting that we're hiding it.

Actually, if we could enchant a larger bag with a don't-notice-me spell, and put the existing bag inside that, it would probably be a good thing. Not as elegant as modifying the existing runes, but also much less likely to fuck everything up.
No. 183411 ID: c71597

I'm going to say go with the Rothwalds. If what grampa told you is correct they're a much more powerful and influential family than the Kinsleys.

You're more likely to find the necessary resources and training needed to defeat gramps and get mom back among them. You might also be able to use their influence to gain access to stuff you need from other families.
No. 183414 ID: a594b9

We don't know how to disperse Jakov, so check out the address nearby.
No. 183415 ID: a594b9

Also, I say we go with the Kinsleys. The Rothwalds want the book, so we'd have to be all secretive with them.
No. 183423 ID: c00244

We have to be all secretive with the Kinsleys, too. Thomas was clear that the Librarian, whoever that is, would take the book and lock it up forever if the clan got their hands on it. That means that we hide it from everyone.

They may be more powerful and influential, but we've also been warned against them- both by Grandpa and by Thomas. Sounds a bit ominous for me; either of these families could likely trap us in their service and take unpleasant steps to keep us under control, but which is more likely to do so? I really wish we'd been able to ask the critter in the pit for a briefing on the sorcerous families.

Thomas also noted that our caution would serve us well, however. Whoever we contact first, we should not think of our intentions as signing on with them, but rather checking them out. I hate to say it, but Grandpa was right about one thing- ultimately we're on our own side here.
No. 183436 ID: f67bb2
File 127489877139.png - (94.09KB , 800x600 , 330.png )

"Let's check out this other address before messing with Jakov. Maybe after we figure out how to use the lance."

>"Ok. Think we should leave the stuff here?"

"... Yeah, at least until the flight arrives. I better hide the book somewhere, though."

Ten minutes later Tiffany, dad and Mulder are standing in Carling street. Number 1051c1 seems to belong to someone called Elizabeth Rogan, at least according to the buzzer.

>"So, Tiff, how do you feel about that Rothwald fellow?"

"I... didn't really feel like I trusted him that much. I mean he was nice and all, but it's pretty obvious he was there to try and steal the book."

>"Yeah he was setting off all my creep alarms. So you're going with the Kinsleys then?"

"Dunno. I guess I'll have to give it some more thought."

>"Ok. You wanna buzz the lady or will I?"
No. 183460 ID: c00244

Tiffany should do it. While dad might be the adult here, ultimately Tiffany is the one who will have to deal with all the nasty supernatural stuff; having dad act as the face would give the impression that she's weak and not responsible for her own actions. We can't afford to give that image to anyone we're interested in allying with. Actually, the only time we want to look young is when we're actively trying to get others to underestimate us.

Before ringing the doorbell, have Mulder do a quick sweep around the house, seeing if there's anything blatantly enchanted. Shiny.

Also, weren't we planning to attempt postcognition on the lollipop? Perhaps you should make a short detour and try that, before doing this. A bit more information would be nice.
No. 183560 ID: 63ab82

I agree with postcoging lolipop, and ask Mulder to use detect magic.

What do we say to the person who open the door? How about something innocent like uncle Thomas asked us to come here to borrow ...

Something that would mean something to a necromancer but nothing to a common person....

I can't think of anything...
No. 183565 ID: a594b9

I think Dad should be the one to speak to whoever's in there. He is less likely to come under scrutiny. Remember, caution. If it turns out we SHOULD reveal our status as a magic user, then we can do the talking.
No. 183567 ID: c00244

Don't lie to anyone we might be planning to work with regarding Thomas' status, or attribute words he didn't say to him. That could really bite us in the ass.

But anyway, we have stuff to do before knocking, so we have a bit to think on the right way to spin it. And perhaps lurking down the street and watching the place might prove useful.
No. 184050 ID: 426169
File 127498174999.png - (182.03KB , 600x800 , 331.png )

"Keep an eye on the place dad. I'm gonna see if I can get anything out of this lollipop."


Tiffany steps into an alley and pulls out the lollipop. A familiar haze fills her mind as she strains to see through time.

On the good ship Lollipop, it's a sweet trip to... the... can-dy... shop...

What's this place? In front of a hotel? Ah! There's Martin. He's stopping by a candy stand. And he's talking with.... is that a police officer? It is!

It's all so hazy... What should I do?

No. 184051 ID: a594b9

Try to focus a bit more.
No. 184053 ID: c00244

Focus on the police officer. Try to hear what he's saying. I'd recommend that you focus on Martin, but I don't know how sensitive mages are to people looking through their pasts- you might want to stick to looking at items and people around him, rather than him directly.

Of course, I could be paranoid. But Thomas did mention that caution would serve us well...
No. 184101 ID: 426169
File 127499642070.png - (34.27KB , 300x400 , 332.png )

Ok, I'll try to hear what the officer is saying.


>"All right, I'll keep you informed."


>"You sure? That hardly seems necessary."


>"Well, if you say so."


Damn, Martin's all muffled. Can't hear a word he's saying. If I focused just a little bit more...
No. 184105 ID: a594b9

The officer doesn't appear to be saying anything interesting at all. Focus more on Martin now.
No. 184107 ID: 63ab82

No, watch for identifiable mark on the policeman. I think Martin has anti-precog shield.

We can find the policeman latter to find out about what Martin said.
No. 184112 ID: c00244

No, Tiffany. Play it safe. Martin could be shielded, or he might notice. In some situations taking risks is warranted; this is not one of them. It's simply not worth it to potentially tip your hand to the Rothwalds about your abilities at this juncture.

Keep your attentions on the policeman. Try to make out some sort of identifying marks, a name, wallet, whatever.
No. 184114 ID: c71597

Keep your attention on the officer and see what he does after he's finished talking with Martin.
No. 184118 ID: 426169
File 127500057375.png - (132.42KB , 300x400 , 333.png )

Ok, I'll try to keep my focus on the officer.

Oh crap, he's leaving. Losing it.

Damn, guess I can't focus on stuff too far from the candy bar.

No. 184119 ID: a594b9

Stay with the candy, then.
No. 184120 ID: 426169
File 127500092069.png - (50.34KB , 300x400 , 334.png )

Ok, staying with the candy.


Looks like Martin has it on him. I'm not picking up any sort of blocking tho- OH CRAP HE LOOKED RIGHT AT ME. Like, right at me. Can he do that?

No. 184121 ID: 5a2e05

You're looking at a vision of the past you picked up through a lollipop. If you can do that, be mindful that he can probably do more than that.
No. 184122 ID: a594b9

I doubt it. This is POSTcog so it should be impossible for people to see you looking at them in the past.

No. 184127 ID: b3ee70

Your postcog abilities have been noticed. GTFO NOW... or move your focus away from him fast...
You're gonna have to get moving if he did sense the cog.
No. 184130 ID: 426169
File 127500190248.png - (167.71KB , 300x800 , 335.png )

Shit, if he really noticed me-

>"You know, ist funny thing. Ich hatte ein Premonition a few days ago. Ich hatte so eine Ahnung zat wenn Ich would come here today Ich würde find ze kleine Tifchan. And zere you are. Wie komisch, ja?"
No. 184131 ID: c71597

Agree with him that it's pretty comical. Premonition and postcognition seem to work in pretty fun ways when they collide.
No. 184133 ID: 5a2e05

So is this talking to the him of now, or are we getting into TIME PARADOX territory?
No. 184134 ID: c00244

Keep your cool, Tiffany. Do not run away; at this point that would be a bit rude. Social damage control time.

Complement him on the effectiveness of his abilities. He's obviously quite good.
No. 184137 ID: 701a19

"You're quite skilled. So if you knew what Alexander was going to do to my mother and Thomas, why did you decided to come into my home and look in some silly empty wardrobe instead of helping them?"
No. 184138 ID: c00244

He left without finding out about Mom and Thomas. He never found out explicitly, anyway. So don't say this. Not only will not telling him make him probably know less, it'll also maintain the time paradox that he didn't do anything about it without forcing him to be a dick.
No. 184141 ID: 426169
File 127500385240.png - (23.39KB , 300x400 , 336.png )

"Yeah, it's pretty funny, huh. You're pretty good."

>"Danke schön, kleine Tifchan. Ich muss confess, ist most unexpected. Zat Ich did not detect deine kleine gift ist sehr komisch. Ich bin sehr gut at detection."

"Then you knew what Alexander was going to do. Why didn't you help mom?"

>"Ah, nicht misverstehen! Ich bin keine Orakel! Ich haff only ze tiny glimpse of what ist to come. What happened mit deine Mutter ist unglücklich. Wir will deal with ze Alexander Situation in time."

"My dad's probably waiting for me. I better-"

>"Ah, aber dein Vater ist ins Polizei... What ist ze word... custody. Ins Polizei custody. Zey found ze Body ins dein House."

"Oh no!"

Martin reaches out towards Tiffany.

>"Ich believe it would be besser, wenn Sie kommst mit mich."
No. 184142 ID: 3f82ff

*advice tiffany*
No. 184143 ID: c71597

Tell him that he's using a rather crude form of manipulation here, really you would expect something better from the great Rothwalds.

Inform him that you're not going anywhere with him or speaking to him until he gets your daddy out. And if he isn't willing to do that then you have some stuff that the Kinsley family would just love to get their hands on, and you're sure they would be able to get your daddy out of jail quite easily.
No. 184149 ID: 701a19

Tear your shirt open, punch yourself hard in the nipples, then run to the police and sob horribly about how he was hurting you.
No. 184150 ID: a594b9

Better get the hell away from him.
No. 184152 ID: 6a5a08

Say, "Shaddap, ya Nazi!", kick him in the balls, then run away screaming "HELP! RAPE!"
No. 184156 ID: c4c313

Not a-fucking-gain. Mulder! Go for the eyes!
No. 184161 ID: 426169
File 127500576526.gif - (125.28KB , 300x400 , 337.gif )

"I ain't going anywhere with you!"

>"Ich was worried you might take zat Einstellnung. Entschuldigen Sie."

Tiffany turns to run, when
No. 184163 ID: c71597

Reall I was expecting more from people priding themselves in being good manipulators. They should atleast be able to match grampa in it.

Oh well, lets see where we wake up and what's going on there.
No. 184166 ID: c4c313
File 127500645171.png - (4.84KB , 300x300 , Reversal.png )


OK dammit he used awesomeface against us. Nothing we can fucking do against that.

In all seriousness though, same thing as the wardrobe ward, a sort of shape like a blade or a window. The forks around it probably reinforce it. The double plus is sorta like the mouth in that Soul Anchor, and below is an absolutely rune, and then a bowl shaped rune we haven't seen yet.

Bite your finger! Attempt to draw a reversal rune on the floating...rune thingy he just summoned. Blow it up!
No. 184167 ID: 426169
File 127500722138.png - (84.88KB , 800x400 , 338.png )

Tiffany slowly opens her eyes, half expecting a dark cell somewhere underground.

What she sees instead is a luxurious hotel suite. Huh.

The smell of food wafts in from the next room.

No. 184168 ID: 701a19

Check the next room. He's going to try to ply you with niceties, most likely in an attempt to get the book's location out of you.
No. 184169 ID: a594b9

Follow the smell of food.
No. 184178 ID: c00244

Check inventory. Anything missing?
No. 184181 ID: 426169
File 127500940076.png - (128.08KB , 800x400 , 339.png )

Tiffany gets up and walks quietly to the next room.

It's a well-lit living room. A plate of food has been laid out on the table, covered by a dome. A nearby service trolley has a set of dirty dishes on it.

Across the room, Martin is reading the paper.

>"Ah, you haff awoken. Sehr gut. Do not be alarmed, es ist nicht mein Intention to be of harm. ... Ah, do not be giving me zat look. You are kein Prisoner. You are free to go, whenever you wish. Ich want only to offer mein Apologies, and offer dich Supper. Would Sie have eine kleine Talk mit mich?"
No. 184189 ID: 701a19

"I see the silver tongue of the Rothwalds is overstated.
Had you considered how menacing your approach would be? Telling me my father is in jail and then saying I'll go with you without even a 'would you kindly'? Hardly an ideal approach.

I'll overlook that, however, since we have business to discuss.
Forgive my brusque manner, but I'm sure you understand that I have much work to do and little time for pleasantries; what is it that you want, and what are you prepared to offer?"
No. 184190 ID: e3f578

I'm confused, are you physically or spiritually there? I mean what the fuck, did you just alter the past or was this meant to happen?

Can postcog save Tony in the past?
No. 184193 ID: c00244

Or... no inventory check, I guess? Knowing if we're missing anything would be nice, and a rather important conversation topic.

Inform him that he was been very rude, but that we will talk with him if he wants. Go stand close enough to talk with him, but far enough away that he couldn't immediately grab you.

We the players need to decide how much we're willing to spill here about our abilities. He knows we've got postcognition, obviously; has he also seized our forbidden tome? What about our notebook, with its notes on runes? Has he looked at them? If he has, there's little point in concealing our abilities as a young magician. But if he hasn't, would it be wiser to reveal them anyway, and attempt to negotiate?

Do not talk like we're thirty. We are not, and with possessions being thrown around it is to our advantage to appear young, if surprisingly capable and young.
No. 184196 ID: a594b9

Ask him what exactly he wants. (We already know but his answer should tell us how much he knows)

Ask him if Dad is really in jail, and if he thinks there's a way to get him out.
No. 184199 ID: 63ab82

Pinch cheeks. He may just have locked you up in a dream/postcog. Try to contact Mulder.

Make sure not to get mind controlled again.
No. 184204 ID: 5a2e05

Ask him in what the hell just happened, in a more polite manner.
No. 184207 ID: f95872

He already explained it. He has precog. Our postcog triggered it, so we saw him and he saw when we were looking back from. He used that knowledge to set up an ambush.
No. 184226 ID: c4c313

He doesn't know about Mulder yet. So hold that card ready for when you have the chance to make a trump. Though being a native German speaker does make him more likely to be descended from former members of the Nazi party than if he were speaking in Hindi, that's not a safe assumption to make yet. Let's look at what you know so far.

1) He is from one of two powerful families who might be interested in your life.
2) The first thing he did upon meeting your dad is lie to him. Once you lie to someone, you have to earn their trust back. That might not be all bad though, as your mom also lied to dad. And so did you, really.
3) He kidnapped you. That's pretty low on the trust scale.
4) On the other hand, you were admittedly swearing at him and running away at the time.
5) Thomas said that you should beware of the Rothwalds, that they're after the book, and that they would return with smiles and promises, and Thomas took a bullet for you.

So basically, you have no reason to trust this guy, and a lot of reasons not to trust him. Sweet talk that rat bastard right back, and try to emphasize the adorable young ignorant girl aspect. Don't tell him a thing about the book, about Thomas's hiding place, or about anything! You just were lost and were looking for your dad. You just want to go to the jail and see him right away!

Try to figure out if he's put any kind of hex on you or the nearby vicinity to try and influence your mind or your perceptions. When you get a chance (and a writing implement) without him watching, surround yourself in a circle and put "Detection" on the outside and "Seeing" on the inside. That's just a guess though. Anyone with better ideas please help!
No. 184232 ID: 6e49b2

Let Dad buzz the doorbell.
No. 184375 ID: c71597

Sit down and have some food. Tell him to talk if he wants to do that.
No. 184385 ID: 28047d

"Where is Dad?"
No. 184577 ID: 426169
File 127509484980.png - (151.06KB , 800x600 , 340.png )

Tiffany nods slightly and takes a seat near the food. She tries to sort through the confusion of the previous events as Martin takes a seat across from her.

The return to reality from her postcog was so sudden it left her disoriented, but she's fairly certain that when she heard Martin speak they were both back in the present, in the alley. Tiffany thinks he must've caught a glimpse of her when she was scrying him, and tracked it down. At least nothing was taken from her when she was unconscious, not that she was carrying anything much. A couple of felt-tip pens and the amulet. Dad put everything else in the safe house. There doesn't seem to be any spells put on her, or any magic around at all in fact.

"You wanted to talk, so... talk."

>"Ah. Well, Ich muss offer ein Apology für last night. Ich did not know zat Sie sind ein Magician. Natürlich Ich would haf taken you to ze Familie Wenn Ich had known om dich. Ich belieft zat you und dein Vater were safe while inside ze Wards. Ich war ordered to make sure zat Alexander would not find ze book. You understand, ja?"

"I suppose."

>"Sehr gut. Und Ich muss apologize also für makink you sleep. Ich did not want you to go to Polizei custody. Ich was afraid zat you would do somethink regrettable. You haff become sehr politisch. Verzeihen Sie mir. Umm, forgive, ja?"

"So dad's really in jail?"

>"Leider ja. Ze pistol zey found in dein Vater's pocket is makink things kompliziert. Umm, complicated. Ich will try unt get ze charges dropped. In ze meantime, you are herzlich eingeladen, hier zu bleiben, umm, you are velcome to stay hier if you wish. If you need anyzing, bitte fragen Sie mich. Ask me. In fact, Ich habe a little somezing für dich."

Tiffany eyes Martin varily as he takes a cell phone and an envelope out of his pocket, placing them on the table.

>"Eine junge Dame should haff her own Telefon, ja?"

"...Why do you want to help me all the sudden?"

Martin pauses, and gives Tiffany a serious look.

>"Deine Mutter ist mein Vetter. Mein Cousin. One Ich betreaut. Cared for. Was Alexander zu ihr hat, ist unverzeihlich. Unforgivable. But for now, Ich kann nur help dich. Ich bin nicht dein Feind. Not dein Enemy."

Martin motions to the phone and envelope.

>"Of course, zese come with no strings attached."

Tiffany sits quietly for a moment, thinking about this, the envelope and cell phone in front of her.
No. 184589 ID: c71597

Right, no strings attached. There usually are in these circumstances.

But time for some questions. Ask him what the Rothwalds stance is on necromancers and specifically training them.

Also ask him how he will get dad out if he can't get the charges dropped.
No. 184592 ID: 701a19

"Alright. I'll give you the benefit of a doubt.
If you're serious about helping, then I need you to do a few things.

The first is to help me contact the Kinsleys.
We both know that the Rothwalds are going to want Alexander stopped as quickly and decisively as possible, while the Kinsleys are going to do what they can to save mom.

The second is that you contact two Rothwalds; the most trustworthy ritualist and necromancer. I need training, and I doubt the Kinsleys would look kindly on the subject matter.

I'm not going to pick which family to support, if either, until this is over. This is too important for petty things like that.
No. 184594 ID: c00244
File 127509690624.png - (21.92KB , 203x392 , temp.png )

Well. As Martin presents the facts, there's little reason not to give him a chance. That said, fool me twice shame on me... let's go friendly, but try for more information and keep our options open. I suggest the following lines of questioning, in no particular order.

"If you cared for Mom, why haven't I ever met you?" [Objective: Get more data on that side of our ancestry and our relationship to them]

Take the phone, and check in the envelope. "Thank you. That is very thoughtful... as long as it's not bugged. I would like your phone number, and that of someone in Thomas' family, please. He asked me to tell them how he died." [Objective: First, get contacts. Second, demonstrate that we don't intend to be easily tricked.]

"All right, Martin... let's see if we're friends." Grab paper or a napkin or something, sketch out pic related with a pen. "This is what you used on me, right? Teach me how and why it works, please." [Objective: First, learn magic; second, learn how willing Martin and/or his faction are willing to teach us; third, demonstrate talent/raise our value as a potential recruit.]
No. 184696 ID: f95872

I agree with this.
No. 184805 ID: 426169
File 127512916766.png - (145.55KB , 800x600 , 341.png )

Tiffany takes the offered cell phone and envelope.

>"Ich took ze Liberty of adding some numbers."

"It's not bugged, right?"

>"Natürlich nicht. If you not trust Ich, feel free another zu kaufen", Martin said and gave a little nod towards the envelope.

Tiffany took a look inside the envelope. There's like two- three hundred dollars in here.

"... Thanks I guess. So how come I've never seen you around, if you so cared for mom?"

>"Zat ist a bit of long story. Politik. Deine Mutter wanted... Ruhe. To be left allein. Alone."

Ok, maybe I can mooch some magic off hi- is that Mulder on the windowsill?
No. 184806 ID: 1ac39d

try thinking at mulder to keep quiet.
No. 184811 ID: c71597

Seems quite likely that it is. Lets see if that mental link is good for something, think to him that he should be quiet and just observe and try to sense what magical stuff there is in there.

Ok, time to ask Martin on the Rothwalds stance on necromancy. That one is rather important.
No. 184851 ID: 426169
File 127514847093.png - (83.15KB , 800x600 , 342.png )

*Mulder, keep quiet!*

>*Roger that, boss.*

"Tell me, Martin, what do the Rothwalds think of necromancy?"

>"Depends on what you mean. Some aspects sind verboten. Others sehr gefärlich, very dangerous. But es ist nützlich, use...ful. Wir haff some people study zat. Auch es ist causing politisch Probleme. Warum fragen Sie?"

"I was wondering why you guys don't like Alexander."

>"Ah. Wir haben our own Reasons. Seine Knowledge ins ze Rituals of ze Stadt der Toten has nozing to do with zat."

"I see. Hmm.... That spell you put on me, what do the runes mean?" Tiffany asked, while drawing out the symbol.

>"Well, ze teaching of outsiders ist verboten, but... Ich guess Sie sind almost in der Familie. Ok. Ze outer symbol ist ze Blade. Combines ze runes inside. Umm.. Tightly. Inside are ze Sunset, Truly unt ze Cradle. Sunset ist close, nacht, Dunkelheit aber sleepink. Truly means, umm.... Very much? Ze Cradle ist gently, no harm. Ze little cross unter ze Blade ist Forward. Direction, ja? Haben Sie other kvestions?"
No. 184856 ID: c71597

Time to ask about dad and how he will get him out. Also ask about how to free mom from grampa.
No. 184857 ID: 701a19

Since my line of questioning isn't happening, ask how he displayed the rune in the air like that.
No. 184868 ID: e3f578

You may wish to apologize for being untrustworthy. While it is quite understandable and necessary and this man may be all smiles and polite, doesn't mean you shouldn't be polite. Explain to him that your don't trust anyone anymore thanks to your grandfather's betrayal and that it seems to be the best policy right now. He's a grown man, he should understand.
No. 184873 ID: c00244

That's not saying that we're untrustworthy, it's saying that we don't trust others. There's a rather important distinction. The thing to be apologizing for, should we do so, would be not trusting Martin.
No. 184905 ID: e3f578

'Swat I meant. Too bad we can't edit our posts.
No. 184919 ID: c4c313

Yes, apologize for not trusting him before.

Continue not trusting him, but still apologize.

Remember what happened with the last guy who apologized for knocking you out.
No. 184953 ID: 426169
File 127516655196.png - (145.44KB , 800x600 , 343.png )

"I'm sorry for being so suspicious. I'm having a hard time trusting anyone after Alexander."

>"Think nothink of it, Tifchen. Ist easy zu verstehen."

"So... How are you going to get dad out?"

>"Ich habe some Freunde mit ze Polizei. Ich will try to get zem to drop ze charges. Wir kann maybe visit later."

"... That'd be nice. I'm sure he's worried sick. So, uh, what are you planning to do about Alexander?"

>"Zey are sendink die Schattenjäger. Zey will handle Alexander."

"Oh... I... I guess they will."

>"Why so niedergeschlagen, erm... crest fallen?"

"I.... I guess I was looking forward to fighting Alexander myself."

>"Ho ho, battling wicked wizard ist nicht für kleine Mädchen. Nein, wir will handle zat."


>"If it ist training zat you are wantink..."


>"Zen you are velcome to come with us back to Deutschland. You can become a real member of ze Familie. Und zen wir can give you all ze trainink zat you wish. Und haff ze company of junge Zauberer like you. Would you like zat, Tifchen?"
No. 184955 ID: 6a5a08

"Perhaps, but I will need to learn more about everything before I get wrapped up in necromancy politics and such."
No. 184957 ID: 701a19

Shake your head
"Maybe someday, but I'm needed here.
How hard will it be for them to free mom from Alexander's control? The Schattenjäger have a ritualist that's skilled enough for that, right?"
No. 184961 ID: c00244

"Sorry, Martin, but I can't leave my dad. Maybe... once he's free, I could talk to him about it. But not right now."
No. 184971 ID: c71597

Tell him that you have some stuff to wrap up here before you can head over to europe. Which is probably something you would have had to do anyway, both the Kinsley family and the Rothwalds have their main branches and bases there.

Also ask him how they intend to get mom free from grampas control.
No. 184973 ID: a594b9

"I'd like to know all my choices first... what do you know of the Kinsleys?"
No. 185012 ID: 426169
File 127517686357.png - (202.07KB , 800x600 , 344.png )

"... Maybe. But not now. I've got things I need to do before I could go to Europe. And I can't leave my dad."

>"Natürlich. Vielleicht after zese matters haff been taken care of?"

"Maybe, but what about the Kinsleys? Maybe they want me to join them as well?"

>Ahhah, die illustre Kinsley Clan. Zat ist nicht sehr likely. To zem, you are nothink but spawn of ze heretic. Zey would not accept you easily. Haha, und wir haben all ze cool toys. Zey are sehr altmodisch. Old fashioned. Set in old ways. Wir haff so much more to offer für dich. What do you say, Tifchen? Wollen Sie mit uns kommen? Will you come mit uns, after dein Vater ist frei?"
No. 185015 ID: c71597

He still hasn't told you how they plan on getting your mom free. Taking down Alexander is not the same thing as freeing and saving mom.
No. 185019 ID: 63ab82

(Also, Schattenjäger will likely kill mom. We may have to the enemy of Gabriel Knight. Anyone remember his secretary's phone number from the game?)
No. 185023 ID: c00244

"If what you say is true... then I probably will, yes. But I'll want to see for myself that they would think that. Thomas died protecting me, you know... I wouldn't want to think his family would hate me."

"Anyway, how are those... uh... 'Schattenjäger' (is that how you say it?), going to save Mom?"
No. 185024 ID: a594b9

Ah, but we asked Thomas that exact question. He told us that the deeds make a Necromancer evil... although he did say that they were generally outcasts.

Inform him of Thomas's stance on the matter.
No. 185028 ID: 426169
File 127518040054.png - (119.57KB , 800x600 , 345.png )

"Yeah but... Thomas said that necromancy isn't totally forbidden by the Kinsleys... And he died protecting me, so I feel like I owe them."

>"You will find zem ein bisschen mehr verklemmt zan unsere Familie. But Sie can think on zat."

"So, uh... those Shatten-jegers -"

>"Ze Shadow Hunters."

"Right, how are they going to help mom?"

>"... Ich weiss nicht. Most likely zey... cannot. Zey will haff to use any method zu Alexander defeatink. Und... savink deine Mutter ist sekundär. Sie wird wahrscheinlich sterben. She ist likely to be killed."
No. 185031 ID: d4872d
File 127518162366.png - (68.66KB , 512x512 , uboa awsm.png )

ok so we are a carebearing, political necromancer that may be hated by all because we are the grandchild of alex the heretic.

oh and mom died. maybe.

let mulder in, try to find him food.
No. 185032 ID: 701a19

"Ok, I'm going to tell you something you know, so that you'll know I know it. Mom sided with the Kinsleys and thought the Rothwalds were power-hungry and amoral.
To be honest? What I've seen so far hasn't disagreed with any of that. Luckily for you I'm pragmatic.

Here are my goals, in order of importance:
1: Save my mom.
2: Stop Alexander.
3: Resurrect Tony.

If the Rothwalds aren't going to save my mom, then get me in touch with the Kinsleys. I don't care about the family feud, but if she dies I'm going to go with the people she supported in life."
No. 185033 ID: c71597

Well then tell him to get cracking on finding ways to save mom or you're going to have to do it yourself.

From what I understand Mom just tried to stay out of it all. I don't think she supported either family in any real way. Killing grampa was probably for alot more personal reasons.
No. 185034 ID: d4872d

she problaby had to hunt him down because he tried body exchange before. maybe not with mom.

we may need to face the fact that actual ressurection may be impossible. unless we develop it.

granpa did not ressurected himself, mom is claimed dead and a clan with necromancers havent stirred anything to save her. also its possible gramps has the skull w/ mom for extra safety.
No. 185036 ID: 6a5a08

I think Grandpa pulled a Voldemort with the skull.

Also, I say we ditch the Necromancer clans and join the Reaper.
We can learn Death-Fu and become his apprentice.
No. 185045 ID: 701a19

She was with the Kinsleys when shit went down, and said to seek out Thomas if anything went wrong.
Besides that? It works just as well as a bluff. He's precog, not postcog, so if we say she was with the Kinsleys he can't easily confirm or deny that either way.
No. 185047 ID: e3f578

Apologize that means you cannot take him up on his offer. Your goal is to set right what Alexander made wrong, which entails getting Tony and Mom back.
No. 185048 ID: a594b9

(psst guys the chapter just ended)
No. 185049 ID: c00244

I wouldn't mention resurrection. It could be impossible and that Grandpa was just manipulating us using it as false bait, or it could be forbidden... and anyway, we won't be able to manage it until we get more study, so it's a null point. Part of not trusting others is not sharing your goals with them.

Also, I would not recommend openly declaring that we're planning to side with one family or the other- as long as they think they can still recruit us, they'll use the carrot. We don't want to face their sticks. So moderate your words a bit, please.

We have seen no evidence whatsoever that the Reaper has any faction to "join". Every time we've seen him, he's been hostile to us. Why do you think that this is even possible?
No. 185050 ID: 6a5a08

We should go to the discussion thread.
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