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File 127404576887.png - (101.63KB , 800x400 , title2.png )
178378 No. 178378 ID: 426169

Chapter III

Trust and Betrayal

This is the story of Tiffany Blake.

Betrayed! Alexander Kinsley, her grandfather, had only pretended to want to help her bring her brother back to life. In reality, he had used her as a pawn to finally complete a ritual to steal her mother's power, and restore himself to life. Moreover, it was Alexander himself who had murdered Tony to lure her into helping him. Tiffany arrived too late to help her mother, and would have been killed herself if not for Thomas Kinsley, a member of the secretive Kinsley clan. While Thomas stayed to fight Alexander, Tiffany fled into the dark woods. Thomas' lone scream gave wings to her feet as she ran.

It's time to begin.
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No. 178381 ID: 426169
File 127404583645.png - (50.39KB , 800x400 , 231.png )

Tiffany ran and ran into the dark woods. When she finally collapsed from exhaustion, she had no idea where she was, only that she was lying near a shallow creek. Something hit the ground behind her, and she scrambled to escape.

>"Ey ey easy boss. It's me."
No. 178382 ID: a594b9

Ask Mulder to find a landmark or road or something. He should be able to see more from high up. We need to get back to civilization, and use a phone to contact Dad to tell him what happened.
No. 178387 ID: a594b9

Oh, and while Mulder is doing that, focus postcog and find the day when Mom killed Alexander for the first time. We need to find out HOW she did it.
No. 178388 ID: 426169
File 127404670472.png - (36.58KB , 400x400 , 232.png )

"MULDER! Thank god you're here! Can you fly up and see if you can find any landmarks? I gotta find a phone so I can call dad."

>"Don't really need to, boss. I can tell you right off that you're a coupla miles east of the road. There's a gas station to the north, three miles as the crow flies ahhem. The road curves east a bit there, see. There's a farm further east across the woods. Oh and we're about thirty miles south from your home if you feel like trekking it. So, uh, what's the plan, boss?"

Tiffany is having a lot of difficulty concentrating right now. Attempting postcognition would likely take a while.
No. 178390 ID: a85626


Let's not get ahead of ourselves. First thing we need to do is get away from "grandpa." Then we can plot ways to get him out of your mom's body.


It might not be a good idea to let Mulder out of your sight until you get back to some semblance of a town or city. Remember he was used to track you once. He could be used to track you again. Unless you can get your hands on some eyeballs that is.
No. 178391 ID: a85626


He'll probably expect you to go for the gas station. Go for the farm instead. It'll take too long for you to get home, to get the jump on him, plus I mean come on 30 miles walking? You don't even have a sack lunch!

[Actually with our luck he'll probably expect you to go wherever you go, so that we can walk into another trap.]
No. 178394 ID: c71597

Lets go to the farm. Daddy needs to know that he can't trut mommy right now. He also needs to be updated on what's happening.

Once you have your father Tiff you're gonna have to find some allies and teachers. You need to know more about being a Necromancer and grandpa isn't around for training any longer.
No. 178397 ID: a594b9

I agree, let's go for the farm. If there's no phone there, at least we should be able to get transportation.
No. 178403 ID: 701a19

Get to the gas station. Your first order of business is getting in touch with your GREAT grampa and enlisting his aid in killing Alexander. He may be too old to help directly, but if you tell him that Alexander brainwashed and murdered his daughter, then came back from the dead to murder his great-grandson and possessed his granddaughter then I have little doubt he'll use what sway he has to resolve this - which will likely include getting you to safety, if for no other reason than because you have information he would need.
The next step is to contact the Kinsleys and relay the same story to them. If they don't want him dead already, the fact that he probably murdered Thomas will push them past the tipping point.

Once you're safe, have somebody watch you while you slit your wrists so you can hang on the precipice of death in order to cut a deal with the reaper - his aid in killing Alexander for the sake of Alexander finally dying.
No. 178404 ID: 426169
File 127404787979.png - (54.40KB , 800x400 , 233.png )

"We're heading for the farm. We need a phone and grampa might show up at the-"

>"Boss, someone's coming. Over there."


>"Dunno. Smells like blood though."
No. 178407 ID: 1ac39d

hide and watch, it could be thomas, but is really hurt.
No. 178408 ID: a594b9

Oh god. It could be Thomas. But... is it still Thomas? You are not to be seen. Not to be heard. Be still.
No. 178412 ID: 426169
File 127404872345.png - (119.39KB , 800x1200 , 234.png )

Tiffany quickly hides herself in the nearby brushes, lying absolutely still.

The figure hobbles along the stream. Could it be Thomas? He certainly walks like he's wounded. The figure jerks closer, and a break in the clouds lets the moon shine through. Tiffany draws a sharp breath.

That's not Thomas.
That's not Thomas at all.

H-hey. I know who that is. That's the motel attendant. Or was.

Oh god it stopped walking. It's looking around. What should I do?

No. 178416 ID: a594b9

Mulder likes eyes, doesn't he?

Perhaps it has some eyes that he could have.
No. 178420 ID: 1ac39d

it's a zombie. they are useually slow and weak but they don't need to sleep.
No. 178421 ID: 426169
File 12740500704.png - (194.22KB , 800x800 , 235.png )



"Go peck it's eyes out."

>"Righto, boss."

The creature turns around too slowly to see the speeding raven. In a flash of claws and feathers Mulder tears out both of the creature's eyes. It emits a low growl and swings clumsily at the air. Mulder swiftly dives out of reach, narrowly avoiding the powerful blows.

The creature swirls around a few times, searching for his assailant. Then lets out a loud, high-pitched howl. A dozen or so similar howls respond from different parts of the woods.

No. 178423 ID: 1ac39d

start running in any direction that you didn't hear howls.
No. 178424 ID: a594b9


Run dammit. They can't all catch you. Maybe you could climb a tree? I don't think that zombies can climb.
No. 178430 ID: c71597

Damn, he is good. Raising so many undead in such a short amount of time. He himself said that was a very difficult thing.

Well time to run, luckily these things seem rather slow. But they're also the magical variant of a zombie, killing them is probably a bitch unless you have the proper magics to back it up. Something a necromancer should be able to fix easily, too bad you're not trained yet.

Get to the farm and see if you can't get some help and maybe some sort of transport. Then go get Daddy, after that I think you need to find someone that might be able to offer you more training.
No. 178440 ID: 426169
File 127405198387.png - (58.10KB , 800x400 , 236.png )

Tiffany takes to her feet. East seems the safest direction, as most of the howls came from the west and north.

"Lead the way, Mulder!"

>"Wighto, boff."

The creature attempts to pursue Tiffany, but stumbles and falls blindly.

Tiffany tries to think up a plan of some kind as she runs. Call dad, but what to tell him? What to do after?

Damnit I have to stop rushing headlong into things.

No. 178446 ID: 426169
File 12740526347.png - (85.54KB , 800x800 , 237.png )

There's the farm. Tiffany hasn't heard anyone follow her for a while.

A couple of lights are on outside. Thank god for that.
The building on the left looks more like a barn.

Just, uh, go up and knock I guess.

No. 178447 ID: c71597

Call Dad and tell him not to trust Mom if he hears from her, promise to explain everything once Tiff sees him again.

Then find a way to get back to him and start looking for a new instructor in the necromantic arts. It seems like necromancers are kind of rare, but there should be some around. There might be more of them over in europe and having an ocean between you and grandpa could be a good idea.
No. 178450 ID: 1ac39d

i guess, but be ready to flee if they go hostile.
No. 178452 ID: 426169
File 127405317612.png - (146.76KB , 800x800 , 238.png )

Tiffany walks cautiously up to the door, which suddenly opens before she has the chance to knock.

>"Now would yer kindly 'splain ter me what yer doin on mah property this time-a night?"
No. 178453 ID: a594b9

Tell him you got lost in the woods after getting separated from your dad, and need to use a phone.
No. 178457 ID: c71597

Yeah that should work. Even the most paranoid hick should help a scared and lost 11 year old.
No. 178459 ID: 701a19

Start babbling and break down.
"I was at the motel, and my mom, and this creepy guy, and he grabbed her, and started... Oh, god, the blood! Please! Please! You have to help! You have to-" - and break down into an inconsolable mass.
He will probably call the cops, and then you can ask to call your dad.
No. 178461 ID: 426169
File 127405395565.png - (138.23KB , 800x800 , 239.png )

"Umm.. I got lost in the woods and can't find my dad."

>"A likely storeah. Yer here theavin our corn aren't yer?"

>"Howard, who is it?"

>"It's nothing Maggie, go back to bed."

>"Don't look like no nothing to me, Howard."

>"It's just a corn-thief. Ah'll take care of it."

>"Don't be silly, Howard. And point that gun away, you're scaring the girl."

>"But Maggie, our cor-"

>"No buts, Howard. Oh come on in dear. What's your name?"

"Tiffany, ma'am."

>"Oh but ain't that a sweet name. Howard thinks so too, don't you Howard?"

>"Maggie- Yes, dear."

>"Oh but don't you look starved. Would you like a sandwich, dear?"
No. 178462 ID: c71597

Damn, that man really is an impressivly paranoid hick.

Hmm, accept sandwich and ask if you can borrow a phone.
No. 178465 ID: a594b9

Oh, but to be polite you should say you don't want to inconvenience them.
No. 178469 ID: 426169
File 127405491622.png - (88.42KB , 800x800 , 240.png )

"I don't want to be a bother."

>"Oh nonesense. I'll make you a nice corned beef sandwich."

With that the lady walks into the kitchen. Tiffany is standing in the dark living room, and the man sits down across from her. He's still holding the gun, and giving a mean eye to Tiffany.

"Umm, do you mind if I used your phone?"

>"Ah got me eye on yer, lil' thief."

>"I heard that, Howard. Of course you can, dear."

Tiffany hesitantly picks up the receiver and dials home.

>*doot.... doot...*"Hello?"

"Dad oh thank god."

>"TIFFANY! Are you ok? Where are you? Where's Julie?"
No. 178475 ID: a85626


Oh god cry.

I wish I could cry right now.
No. 178477 ID: a594b9

Go "She didn't tell you? Dad... she's..."

Then choke up. We're trying to get an idea of what he knows, here.
No. 178480 ID: 1ac39d

just tell him 'something bad happened, i'll tell you after you pick me up.' then ask what the address is and tell dad.
No. 178481 ID: e3f578

"Mom's having trouble with Grandpa. Her Dad, not yours. He's alive. Grandpa has some of his 'people' looking for me while Mom... isn't here. I don't know where."
No. 178482 ID: 701a19

"I'm sorry, but can we talk about that on the way home? I need you to pick me up at [this place's address]."
No. 178483 ID: 40cb26

Umm shit, how do we explain this? Actually lets not, have him come get us, say we don't know where mom is right now, and that you'll explain later. He can drive and get us hopefully without any trouble and then make our way back home. It still should be protected.

As far as explaining later, he might be more willing to believe us if he is face to beak with a talking crow.
No. 178484 ID: d47be3

We don't need a teacher for necromancy if we can control our postcog. We can just postcog watch how dear ol' grampa learned himself. So, we're still able to learn from him, only indirectly.

If we can't control it, nevermind.

We should find a teacher for other styles of magic if there are any.
No. 178488 ID: 426169
File 127405646259.png - (104.14KB , 800x800 , 241.png )

"Mom's having trouble with grampa. I don't know where she is. Can you come get me?"

>"Of course! Where are you?"

"Umm, what's your address?"

>"It's 1223 on the old Adeleine road, dear. The Foster farmstead, there's a sign on the main road."

"1223 on the old Adeleine road. Foster farm. Please hurry."

>"Just stay there! I'll come right away! I love you honey." *click*

Tiffany puts down the receiver and is handed a plate with a heavy sandwich on it. She attacks it ravenously, and has wolfed down about one half when there is a rustle from outside.

>"Well if it ain't one'o yer thievin friends."


>"Ah'll be damned if ah let em steal from me."

Howard stands up and heads for the door.
No. 178489 ID: a594b9

Better go with him, and confirm if it's Thomas or not. If it's the zombies you'd better tell him that it's okay to shoot them; they're already dead.
No. 178492 ID: 62781c

"Be careful! There were things howling outside earlier..."

Look around for a weapon or something, if it is zombies. Actually, if it is zombies you're in a lot of trouble, since you just called your dad here.
No. 178494 ID: 5eea01
File 127405708340.jpg - (189.85KB , 1600x941 , 06_sandvich.jpg )

>a plate with a heavy sandwich on it
>heavy sandwich
No. 178511 ID: 38cdb2

Seems like she'll need it for what the night will bring.

Anyways, yeah, go with him, if only to warn him of the danger.

No, wait, scratch that, stay in the house so he doesn't think you're trying to trick him.
No. 178515 ID: a594b9

I wonder if it would be better for him to not even open the door until we knew who was on the other side?
No. 178525 ID: bcf25c


"Don't open that door!"
No. 178542 ID: b3ee70

now would be a good time to befriend this man

He has a double barreled shotgun
They're zombies

It has been found double barreled shotguns are super effective at repelling zombies.

I suggest you open the door for him in a way that keeps you from being seen/attacked by a zombie if it's right in front of the door...

Of course, it may be Mulder... and if you could somehow... telekenetically tell him to get on top of the building, that'd be a good idea...
No. 178558 ID: 6d381d

tell him to keep the gun steady, you had bad man trying to kidnap you

and lastly, i know some farmers use shotguns with salt bullets to hurt instead of kill. lets hope its not the case.

also, we need to come up with something you can use against the undead. can you ward the place if we figure a ritual for you?
No. 178561 ID: b3ee70

do you still have the grimoire?
No. 178564 ID: 6d381d

im pretty sure we lost it. however we have a pretty good clue of what to make, thankfully gramps gaved a lot of info on runes last chapter. i dont think he mentioned anything on the vocal part however...
No. 178568 ID: b3ee70

so the best we can do for these people is make a protective trap circle for them.
A circle that won't harm them, but harm the zombies...

No. 178577 ID: 6d381d

it has already been stated that we cant find this stuff on the internet.

if i have time tomorrow we can check out the lessons on chapter 2, after makin a easy chart we should come up with something. maybe.
No. 178579 ID: a85626


Actually salt bullets would probably work better than iron ones. Remind the zombies of their grave soil and they just fall apart. You might also want to surround the house in a circle of salt. I don't know any more advanced sigils you might want to use... can you remember the one that grandpa had you use? If you use it, you can steal your mom's body back from him!

...might want to wait on that until you know a bit more about it.
No. 178580 ID: 6d381d

that is mumbo jumbo until proven otherwise. im pretty sure salt doesnt have magical properties.

also that was for witches and warlocks.
No. 178584 ID: c71597

Time to bring out the sanctuary runes. Magical zombies tend to remain standing even when taking a full load of buckshot in the face. So put up some runes around the house to make sure they can't get in, or atleast not get to you Tiff.
No. 178590 ID: a85626


Well, I don't know where you're gonna find zombie grave dirt bullets.

Also, your mom is mumbo jumbo until proven otherwise. :|

How about drawing some sigils on the bullets? I don't know how you would be able to do that in secret, but if you knew of a sigil that worked to disrupt other spells, it could destroy the zombies when the bullet hits them.

We need that grimoire...


I wouldn't bet on that. Luckier things have happened before though.
No. 178591 ID: 1ac39d

a certain deviousness about this i like. if that suppression rune grandpa taught you was real and connecting it to a circle does make it so you can't see what's in it then you can make a safe spot by making a circle and adding that to it. even if grandpa tries scrying you wouldn't be able to be found cause you are in a no scry zone.
No. 178600 ID: 62781c

It took a bunch of chanting which we may or may not have memorized in order to activate the runes- and most of what we learned is likely for the Labyrinth specifically. Still, we might be able to put together a concealing circle, at least. That seems simple enough.

Speaking of that... the moment we get a day or so to spare, I want nothing so much as to craft another Labyrinth and lure Grandpa into it.
No. 178601 ID: 426169
File 127408280246.png - (162.20KB , 800x800 , 242.png )

"Don't open the door! There was a bad man who tried to kidnap me!"

>"Ah'll be damned if ah let em walk'bout on mah properteah."

With that the man opens the door and steps outside.

>"All right, ah'm givin yer a count o ten ter get the hell offa mah properteah. One. Two. If yer even think o gettin closer ah'll give yer a new arsehole to shit through. Three. Ah'm warnin yer. Four."
No. 178602 ID: 903f16

Cue a zombie munching on his face before he reaches the end of his countdown.
No. 178603 ID: 426169
File 127408412775.png - (173.77KB , 800x800 , 243.png )

>"Fahve. Six. Yer come any closer an ah'll blow yer ter kingdom come ah swear. Seven. What the- what the hell happen to yer? Ey not a step closer ah mean it."

Tiffany stands in the doorway, holding her breath.

Oh god what do I do?

No. 178604 ID: e31d52

No. 178605 ID: 1ac39d

No. 178606 ID: a85626


Check the back windows. The guy will take some time to kill, and by the time he's got his butt whooped his wife can have the front door closed and locked, unless they make an attack from the back. If you can stop that, you can use the house to defend yourself from.

Also take note that these are the slow zombies. That means their controller does not have their loyalty, usually, but it also means that they're a lot easier to avoid. Fast zombies are the really dangerous ones. Those are the ones you will command.
No. 178607 ID: aa0ab8

Tell him to get back inside now! The only way they'd eat corn is if he had recently eaten corn, or if he had corns on his feet!
No. 178608 ID: 426169
File 12740857645.png - (251.46KB , 800x800 , 244.png )


The creatures lunge towards the man, who promptly unloads a barrel at one of them. Howard dashes for the door, and slams it shut behind him. There's loud banging at the door, as the creatures slam into it. The door is shaking on it's hinges, but holding for now.

>"MAGGIE! Get me mah ammo!"

>"What's going on?"

>"Just do it, woman!"

As the lady disappears into the kitchen, there's a loud crash from the living room. Sounded like the window shattering.
No. 178609 ID: e31d52

"I'm so sorry, mister! I'm so sorry! They were chasing me! I didn't know where to go!"
No. 178611 ID: 426169
File 127408701641.png - (67.30KB , 800x800 , 245.png )

"I'm so sorry, I didn't know what to do. They were chasing me and I didn't know where to go."

There's a growling sound coming from the next room. Shuffling feet over broken glass.

>"Maggie, where's mah damned ammo?"

>"Here you go. What's going on?"

>"Get to tha basement, Maggie. An take tha girl with yer."
No. 178612 ID: 903f16

If those zombies get him we do not want to be trapped in the basement surrounded by zombies while Gramps takes a jaunty stroll down here to devour our soul. Try and suggest we hold out somewhere else, like the second floor of the house. From there we could perhaps have Mulder help out by pecking out some more eyes.
No. 178616 ID: a7a85a


Basement? One route of escape? The living dead? That usually doesn't end well. These things seem to be advancing slowly, though that doesn't necessarily mean they're slow. None the less you should consider arming yourself and bolting down the road the direction your Dad is coming up, meet him on the way rather than forcing him to extract you.

Also I hate to keep using human shields but you don't have a lot of options, and this guy is slowing the advancing enemy down. If you just wait until he's corpse chow there's nothing between them and you at all.

And wherever you wind up, basement or road, force your third eye to do it's thing. Send out a psychic distress call to anyone listening. Can't be a lot of friends of necromancer heretics around.
No. 178617 ID: 426169
File 127408861641.png - (152.55KB , 800x800 , 246.png )

No! We'll be trapped!

Tiffany avoids the lady and dashes for what she hopes is a back door. The deafening roar of the shotgun echoes from the living room.

Tiffany slams into the back door. As it opens, she feels it hit someone on the other side. The creature falls down with an angry roar. A chance! The dirt track to old Adeleine road is right there!

No. 178618 ID: c71597

Keep going down the road that your father is likely to arrive from.

Once you met up with him you should be able to put enough distance between you and the zombies to get a breather. Then you have to find a way to get further in your training. You need alot more of it before you stand a chance against gramps.
No. 178620 ID: 426169
File 127408999258.png - (95.13KB , 1000x400 , 247.png )

Tiffany fled down the road, three creatures on her tail. There were two more shotgun blasts, a sudden scream, and silence.

The road rolled away beneath Tiffany's feet. Her chest burned like fire, but the creatures weren't slowing down.

No. 178621 ID: c71597

Time for Mulder to show his worth. Go for the eyes Mulder!
No. 178622 ID: 2eac65

Don't forget about our dad! We told him where we were and he's coming to save us now. Leaving without him would just make him worry more.
No. 178623 ID: 6d381d

wtf; i go to sleep and you guys RUN AWAY?

tiff, you NEED to defend that place, you dad is going there UNARMED.
No. 178624 ID: 426169
File 127409303526.png - (114.57KB , 800x800 , 248.png )

"Mulder! Distract them!"

>"I'll try, boss."

Mulder turns around and makes a few passes at the creatures. He can't really get close enough to do any damage without being pounded to pulp, but at least they're now focusing on him instead of Tiffany.

Gotta keep moving. Dad'll be here any minute now.

Tiffany, having caught a second wind, reaches the intersection. There's an old wooden sign proclaiming 'Foster' along with the number 1223.

There's a familiar rumble from the north.

No. 178625 ID: 426169
File 127409398420.png - (224.40KB , 800x800 , 249.png )

The motorcycle was going at a pretty good clip when the driver hit the breaks. Dad jumped off the bike as soon at it stopped, leaving it to fall.

Dad fell to his knees, pulling Tiffany to him.

>"Oh thank god. Thank god you're all right. Where's mom?"
No. 178626 ID: c71597

Tell him you will explain it all later. For now you have to get the fuck out of there. Explinations can wait until there aren't zombies breathing down your neck.
No. 178630 ID: 701a19

"No time to explain, we need to get out of here NOW! Mulder, to me!"
No. 178632 ID: 6d381d

we will do a recap later. has mom gaved dad anything to use against gramps?

even contact number to her frieds would do...
No. 178633 ID: 426169
File 127409673379.png - (18.86KB , 800x400 , 250.png )

"There's no time! We have to get out of here! Mulder, to me!"


Dad looks confused, but after having a look at Tiffany's face he doesn't argue. He lifts up the bike, and in a moment they are speeding through the dark countryside.

Tiffany hugs dad's back tightly, the cold air sweeping her hair. Her mind races. What happened to Thomas? Is home still safe? Where should they go?

No. 178635 ID: 6d381d

we need info on mom's old contact, possible magic users n crap.

then we can decide where to go.
No. 178636 ID: c71597

Home is probably safe for another hour or two. So get in there, pack down the necessities and then get the fuck out of town. Explain the basics of what has been going on to dad.

You need to find another teacher in the necromantic arts. So far the only possible lead we have is that the Rothwalds might have some, the Kinsey family seems to think that necromancy is an abomination and stuff. So help on that front isn't likley to come from them. So it's likely you're gonna have to take a trip over to europe, having an ocean between you and grampa might also be a good thing.
No. 178640 ID: 426169
File 127410199793.png - (73.43KB , 677x450 , 251.png )

Some twenty minutes later they were back home.

Dad collapsed on the chair across from Tiff. He seemed to gather himself for a moment, then spoke out, his voice a little shaky.

>"What happened? Where were you?"
No. 178641 ID: c71597

Tell him the short and condenscend verision of it. Enough to convince him that you need to get further away quickly, because Tiff I think he was telling the truth about your potential. And that makes you one of the few people that would pose a very real threat to him. So you have to get away and get some more training.
No. 178642 ID: 6a5a08

Explain to him all that has happened with Grandpa and such. If he wants proof, show him Mulder and other things from your Necromantic practices.

If only we had had a camera to get a picture of grandpa-mom.
No. 178643 ID: 40cb26

Time for the most difficult father daughter heart to heart ever. Remember you have Mulder to back you up. Just start with the basics, who your grandpa and mom really were, then go into details from the beginning.

Home should be the safest place for now, grandpa said it was heavily protected. Not that we are in the business of trusting him anymore, but in hindsight he was probably rather annoyed about it. And those wards should even hold against zombies and powerful possessed people.

Maybe they won't hold forever though... still it's safer to be here and use postcog and maybe make some phone calls before running out into undefended territory.
No. 178644 ID: 6d381d

yknow, im wondering if gramps didnt tampered with mulder...
No. 178645 ID: 701a19

"I don't know how much mom told you about grandpa and the rest of her side of the family, but right now we need to get in touch with the Kinsleys and grandma's father.
I really don't know where to begin, let alone how to prove what I'm saying is true. everything's so messed up it's like a bad movie about a spy infiltrating a lovecraftian mafia.

You remember last night? When I was carrying a box? You know how a bird wished you good night? That wasn't a dream, and it only gets stranger from there."
No. 178649 ID: 426169
File 127410659444.png - (112.31KB , 600x800 , 252.png )

Tiffany told dad everything. It took a good while, during which dad didn't speak a word. When Tiffany reached the part where Alexander stole mom's body, his shoulder sank, and his eyes closed. They only opened when Tiffany reached the part about Tony. His face was like stone. When Tiffany finally finished, he slowly removed his glasses and looked Tiffany in the eyes.

>"You know that's a lot to take in. In fact, I'm having a hard time believing any of it. But when I hear it from you, and see the look in your eyes when you say it, I believe you. All this sounds, well, crazy, but I... I trust you, Tiff. I know you wouldn't lie to me like this."

Tiffany jumps from her chair and buries her head in dad's lap, sobbing loudly as the tensions broke down.

"T-thanks dad."

Dad cradled her head, and said: >"I love you, Tiff. No matter what happens, remember that."

Some moments later, after Tiffany composed herself, dad spoke up again.

>"You know. There are a lot of things that make sense now. Mom's nightmares, the fact that she never spoke about her relatives. She used to mumble the strangest things in her sleep, too."

"Oh, dad, what do we do now?"

>"I don't know. Wait. Wait here for a moment."

Dad leaves the room for a moment, and returns holding a heavy iron key.

>"When your mom and I got married, she gave me this key. She wouldn't say what it was, only that it was in case something ever happened to her."

"What's it for?"

>"No idea. It was ages ago, too. Don't know if it's significant."
No. 178650 ID: c71597

Ask him if he knows where it leads. If he doesn't then use post-cog to figure out where it's to be used.
No. 178652 ID: a594b9

Ask if there's a box or something in the house that's locked. Like, in the attic?
No. 178653 ID: 701a19

She might not like her relatives, but they're the best options available right now.

Do it. If he knows where he needs to use it, then postcog the phone number of the last Kinsley Thomas called, leave immediately, and dial that number on the road.
If he doesn't, then postcog the lock's location and leave for it immediately.
No. 178654 ID: 426169
File 127410797062.gif - (166.39KB , 600x800 , 253.gif )

"So you have no idea what it opens?"

>"Sorry, Tiff. No clue."

Tiffany focuses on the key, attempting to see the last time it was used.
No. 178656 ID: 701a19

So, it's been shielded from postcog. Lovely.
Postcog the last friendly Kinsley phone number Thomas dialed.
No. 178657 ID: c71597

Ok so now we have a rune. Without knowing what it's for or what kind of chant goes with it that doesn't really help alot. I guess we could sketch it out and see if Dad recognises it or something.
No. 178660 ID: a594b9

Maybe she has some papers we can go through and find a phone number to call, instead of wasting postcog on it.
No. 178661 ID: 40cb26

Well the key itself is a dead end. Is there anything old and nearly forgotten in the house? Any other places or things from when your dad met her? There has to be something we can use our postcog on.

Or instead of figuring out what to look into, don't. Don't focus on just one thing, open up your mind and try to postcog answers to the important questions you don't know to ask.
No. 178662 ID: 40cb26

Oh and have Mulder introduce himself to your dad properly.
No. 178665 ID: 426169
File 127410975848.png - (145.96KB , 600x800 , 254.png )


>"What's wrong, Tiff? Are you all right?"

"I tried to see what the key was for. Someone put a spell on it protecting it from scrying. Game me a major headache. Ow. No more postcog for me tonight. Ow."

Some aspirin later, Tiffany and dad are in the living room, staring at the key.

"Ok, dad, think. Does mom own anything that would go with the key? Something old, probably?"

>"Hmm. I dunno, no wait, I do. She's got that old wardrobe up in th-"

Dad was cut off by the ring of the doorbell.
No. 178666 ID: 701a19

Check who it is via the windows.
No. 178667 ID: a594b9

The symbols visible there are very close to the ones on our pendant. HOWEVER the differences worry me.

I think we might want to destroy the pendant. Also we need to get all our personal items and take them with us or destroy them; if Grampa gets a hold of any of them he can control us. That goes for Dad too.
No. 178668 ID: 40cb26

Zombies don't ring doorbells at least. And uh, I really hope that's not mom. Please tell me you have a peephole on the door or something. Or just have your dad ask who it is, not like it'll make things any worse. Just get ready to run if needed.
No. 178669 ID: 40cb26

I don't think we even have it anymore. Besides, the similarities is probably just because they each do the basic job of sealing something.
No. 178671 ID: 701a19

I actually find the differences comforting.
This is one of mom's items, meaning that we can trust it. This ward blocks it from being scried, while the amulet blocks scrying.
The fact that they are similar with differences means that the amulet is likely legitimate.
Useless, of course, but legitimate.

So, while we should clearly develop Tiffany's necromantic abilities we need to decide how she should develop beyond that. Necromancy and healing have a lot of overlap making it an obvious choice, but what other options are there? Once we get in touch with either family, we need to look into this.
No. 178676 ID: 426169
File 127411271911.png - (118.50KB , 600x800 , 255.png )

Tiffany left the pendant in the basement, after she had the vision.

Tiffany motions dad to be quiet, then looks out of the peephole. There is a man in a black suit standing outside. He looks at the door impatiently, then presses the doorbell again. He's looking rather annoyed, and occasionally turns up his nose.

No. 178677 ID: a594b9

Well, I doubt it's anyone affiliated with Alexander. May as well talk to him.
No. 178678 ID: 62781c

Talk to him, I guess, but... be careful. Just because someone wears a suit doesn't mean they aren't some sort of hostile arcane powerhouse.
No. 178679 ID: c71597

Ah crap, black gloves, glasses, red tie and a black suit. I would bet he's some kind of arcane hitman, although hopefully one after grampa and not you.

Answear him through the door/windows. Don't open and especially don't invite him into the house.
No. 178680 ID: 701a19

Open the door, but keep it on the chain latch.
"Who are you, what family are you with, why are you here, and how much do you know?"
No. 178682 ID: 426169
File 127411416830.png - (66.80KB , 600x800 , 256.png )

Tiffany opens the door a little bit, keeping the safety chain on.

"Who are you, and what do you want?"

>"Ah, guten Abend. Mein name ist Martin Rothwald. Is deine Mother home?"

"N-no. She's out."

>"Can Ich have vords with dein Father, bitte schön?"
No. 178683 ID: c71597

Well that takes care of one problem, getting into contact with other mage families. Ask him what it's about, and tell him you know who your grandfather is, who your mother is and what they can do.
No. 178684 ID: a594b9

The Rothwald family HATES Alexander. He's an ally. We let him in.
No. 178685 ID: 62781c

This guy seems legit. He can come in.

Has Mulder gotten back yet? I'm worried about him.
No. 178686 ID: 701a19

Let him in, and ask "Do you have great grampa Wolfgang's phone number handy? I need to talk to him, and it really is a matter of life and death."
No. 178692 ID: 426169
File 127411741795.png - (155.85KB , 800x600 , 257.png )

Tiffany lets the man inside. Dad's waiting in the living room, looking somewhat suspicious.

>"Ah, but you must be ze Gregory Blake I am so much hearing of. I am Martin Rothwald, a relative to ze lovely frau Julie. How have you been doing?"

>"I'm sorry, but I don't have time for chit-chat. Why are you here?"

>"Natürlich. Zere ist ein situation mit dein Schwiegervater. Your father-in-law, as you say."

>"You don't say."

>"Quite. Ah, but zis ist kein conversation für kinder. Can wir in private talk?"

>"... All right. Tiffany, go upstairs for a bit, please."

>"Ah, am almost forgetting. Ich habe ein Gift für dich, Tifchen."

He digs around his pockets for a bit, then extends a hand towards me. It's a lollipop.
No. 178693 ID: 40cb26

Tiff, your dad was saying something about an old wardrobe. Now is a fine time to check that out, see if the key fits it. It's in the attic probably.

And don't eat that lollipop, you could postcog it later to see if you can get extra info on this guy when he came here. And then you can eat it.
No. 178694 ID: 62781c

I want to hear what he has to say... but I suppose we can pick it up later with postcognition if Dad doesn't tell us. A nifty ability, that.

Don't eat the lollipop. Candy from a sorcerous stranger, no thanks.

Go searching for that wardrobe, I guess.
No. 178695 ID: c71597

It's a prime chance to find out what's in that wardrobe. But you really should correct his image of you when you have the time for it. You father is going to have more trouble with this than you would have.
No. 178711 ID: b3ee70

I'd say postcog the candy if but to learn about this man.

And then off to inspect that wardrobe...
No. 178715 ID: 40cb26

She can't do that now because that key messed her up. We'll keep it for later, although it likely won't tell us much of interest.

On a more general note we should remember to collect things of interest to postcog with. It's the one useful magic thing she's truly proficient with.
No. 178716 ID: 426169
File 127412110572.png - (136.68KB , 600x800 , 258.png )

Tiffany takes the lollipop not wanting to offend the man, but pockets it still in it's wrapper.

>"Und what do you zay?"

"Thank you, sir."

>"Zat ist ein gut little Fraulein you haff there, herr Blake."

Dad is silent while Tiffany walks upstairs.

>"Now zen, mein herr, wir haben ein Situation wir muss talk about."

>"Go on."

>"Has deine frau told you of ihr Familie?"

Score! He hasn't noticed that the living room opens up to upstairs! Now, do I stay and listen or go search the wardrobe?
No. 178718 ID: 40cb26

Listen for a moment, but if he starts the long story we expect him to just head up to investigate the wardrobe.
No. 178719 ID: c71597

Have Mulder stay and listen, if he gets it exactly right down to every last word he can have some eyeballs. While he does that you go and examine the wardrobe.
No. 178726 ID: a85626


Yeah because eyeballs are just dime a dozen you know. Better not promise him that unless you can deliver.
No. 178727 ID: b3ee70

getting eyeballs is easy.
At least for me...
I did a project on cow eyes, and got some from a butcher for free.
Just go downstairs for a second and ask for your dad to put eyeballs on the grocery list.
No. 178729 ID: 62781c

Stay and listen for the moment. You can go searching if it seems boring.

Now is not the time for that.
No. 178731 ID: c71597

Actually yeah eyeballs are mostly a dime a dozen. They go into the garbage in most butcher shops, you can probably get cow, pig, and sheep without any greater problems.
No. 178736 ID: 426169
File 127412292082.png - (128.12KB , 600x800 , 259.png )

Damnit, where's Mulder when you need him?

Ok, I'll listen in a little bit.

>"I'm vaguely aware, yes."

>"Ah. Zat will make zis easier. Wir haff Reason to belief dein frau has been in contact mit Alexander Kinsley. You know zis name, ja?"


>"Dein frau had a number of items ins ihr loving care. Items zat belong to Familie Rothwald. Ich haff come here today to make sure zey are safe noch."

No. 178744 ID: a594b9

...does he mean the items in the chest, or the wardrobe? This could be bad... if he's talking about the chest then Alex has quite the advantage.

Also if you ask me, Mom gave the key to Dad. Dad should be the one to use it.
No. 178745 ID: a594b9

So just keep listening.
No. 178746 ID: babee0

No more listening in, check out that wardrobe.
No. 178751 ID: 62781c

I believe that Grandpa said he stole the statue from the Rothwalds... but we'd best go looking for that wardrobe. If it's theirs as well, we will want to at least get a look at it.

That said, the statue was supposedly fatal if touched, and without Mulder we won't be able to see what other items have some sort of dangerous magical powers. It might be more danger than it's worth to mess with them.
No. 178752 ID: 40cb26

Upstairs, now! Get whatever is in that wardrobe, lock it again and hide the key away. Or bend or break it, so he can't figure out that whatever was in there isn't.

Hopefully dad knows well enough to deny, delay and distract him. It's not like people claiming to be extended family has any business poking around in our shit.

Too bad we don't have time to make our own Labyrinth trap for him. The enemy of our grandpa isn't necessarily our friend, after all.
No. 178755 ID: 62781c

What's the value in having a magical artifact, if we don't know what it does or how to use it? I know that the gamer instinct is to acquire and hoard valuable items regardless of utility, but that may not be wise in this case. We're not strong enough to defend anything truly valuable which falls into our hands.
No. 178757 ID: 40cb26

I was thinking it was something able to protect us. Hopefully he is only here about the box, but whatever dad says about that he won't like the answer.
No. 178758 ID: 1ac39d

we gave the box to grandpa already, remember? we don't have the statue.
No. 178760 ID: a85626


My D&D gamer instinct tells me don't put on that girdle under any circumstances oh holy crap nooo
No. 178762 ID: babee0

We should see what it is. Remember, we have postcog abilities which gives us some information on almost anything. This fellow is a Rothwald, and there's been no indication we should trust them.

We need to find out what this is before this fellow gets ahold of it at least. Grampa may have been telling the truth about them gunning for him, we don't know. If they are, they may kill mom just because he's inhabiting her body.
No. 178770 ID: 899a94
File 127412676055.jpg - (36.58KB , 571x474 , Circle.jpg )

Yes if you've still got the key, take everything that looks important out of the wardrobe and hide it in your room.

Alexander gave us a hint on how to make a circle that prevents scrying and detection. Can we draw one around the hidden items and think of the right incantations to make the contents harder to detect? It may help to remove the "Absolute" symbol on the right side of the ritual. We just want the items to be harder to find, not invisible.
No. 178771 ID: 426169
File 12741270259.png - (43.48KB , 600x800 , 261.png )

>"Oh? What kind of items."

>"Ich haff been told zere ist eine Lade und ein Garderobe. Box und Wardrobe as you say."

>"I don't remember ever seeing those."

>"Oh? I haff been told zat deine Frau keeps zem in ze Attic."

>"Oh that wardrobe? We lost the key years ago."

>"Zat will not be ein Problem. Ich habe mein own key. If wir could move to ze attic to haff a look at ze items in kvestion?"

Dad catches Tiffany's eye.

>"Oh but I've been impolite. You must've travelled far, I simply must offer you something to eat, a cup of tea perhaps."

>"Zat won't be -"

>"Oh but I insist. Come on to the kitchen, I have some lovely chocolate cake in the freezer."

Tiffany sighs with relief and sneaks up to the attic. She never felt scared by the wardrobe, but it seems imposing somehow. Like a dark basement. Filled with monsters, ready to leap out, grabbing your hands in the dark.
No. 178772 ID: 62781c

Steel yourself and open it up. There's not a lot of time for ruminating on your trepidation.
No. 178773 ID: d1210a

No time, open it slowly, if possibly WD-40 the joints first to prevent squeaks, you need to open it slowly, cautiously, but get this done as expeditiously as possible.
No. 178774 ID: 1ac39d

if mom said it would keep you safe if something happened then i am inclined to believe her, she knew what grandpa was up to.
No. 178776 ID: 6d381d

its problaby a portal.

for fucks sake, let it be a portal.

he sounds like a pawn of the family, we need to tell him everything. tell dad to do that right now.
No. 178779 ID: 426169
File 127412870558.png - (62.30KB , 600x800 , 262.png )

With shaking hands, Tiffany turns the iron key in the lock. Heavy air seems to leak out from every crack.

The door feels heavy, far too heavy to be wooden. The hinges whine and groan, then give way.

Naked terror hits Tiffany as the door finally opens. Thick, black cloth covers the interior of the cabinet, with red symbols. Tiffany freezes in unnameable fear.

No. 178780 ID: a594b9

That symbol looks like it signifies a shield, or some kind of separating device.
No. 178781 ID: 62781c

At this point, I think you should probably trust your instincts (fear) and close it again. There's clearly a spell of some kind on this, and unless we recognize the runes we'll be playing with fire by messing with it. Mom gave us the key, but... that doesn't mean she ever intended for us to use it.

Close the wardrobe, and pretend that you never messed with it.
No. 178782 ID: 1ac39d

no, mom said 'if anything happens to me' as in she fully expected something to go wrong and this is the answer. reach in tiff.
No. 178790 ID: 62781c

Mom didn't expect things to go wrong, not like this. She certainly seemed unprepared for it when we called her on the phone. And she gave the key to dad, who thus far has not evinced a drop of mystical talent.

But hey, we've recklessly thrown ourselves into magical endeavors at every turn so far and it's worked out great, right? Why stop now? And Dad, paragon of good judgment, clearly expects us to loot the thing.
No. 178791 ID: 1ac39d

it's less i want to as we are out of options.
No. 178794 ID: d1210a

Push past the fear, calm your mind, and take pull the curtain back
No. 178798 ID: a594b9

After some investigation and discussion, I've decided that the symbols visible are meant to cause paralyzing fear in whoever views them.

So we don't really know what the wardrobe is for at all.
No. 178799 ID: 62781c

What did you use to determine that? I'd be interested in checking it out myself.
No. 178800 ID: a594b9

The big symbol there signifies enemy/threat/danger/attack. When Tiff looked at the runes, she was FROZEN IN FEAR. The known rune is causing fear, but she isn't simply running away so I'm guessing that the unknown rune is telling her to not move as a result of the fear.

The small circle is the person viewing the symbols, and it's connected (but not directly) to the others, in an offensive sword-shape.
No. 178801 ID: a85626

With experience you will learn to use the fear as a drug. It can save you but it can also destroy you. Proceed carefully, but do proceed. Pull back the cloth.
No. 178803 ID: b3ee70

this is a protective cloak....
Think about it. People are frozen in fear upon seeing it. Wearing it may be an entirely different ball game.

Close your eyes, and turn the cloak inside out.
No. 178804 ID: a85626


Oh, huh... I don't know if that's something you can just push through then. Maybe if you closed your eyes? That'd be way too easy...
No. 178805 ID: 62781c

You're right, that is the enemy symbol from the Labyrinth. Good eye. And... I guess the bottom circle and half circle above it indicates the requirements to be targeted? It vaguely seems like it could indicate grabbing people('s attention/emotions?), but that's pure speculation on my part.
No. 178811 ID: 426169
File 127413231044.png - (44.35KB , 600x800 , 263.png )

With all her willpower, Tiffany manages to force herself to close the wardrobe. The sense of fear abates, and Tiffany takes a few deep breaths.

Damnit. I need to get past that rune, but how?

No. 178813 ID: e31d52

A blindfold, maybe?
No. 178814 ID: a594b9

How about you just don't look at it?
No. 178816 ID: 62781c

Get a box. Open the door of the wardrobe a crack without looking at it, pull out the cloth, bundle up it up, shove it into the box, and close the box. Do it all without looking at the cloth or rune- you can use a blindfold if you want to play it safe, but closing your eyes will probably suffice.

Of course, this all assumes that the spell is visually based. It seems likely, based upon our knowledge of runes- a small circle at the base of the detection/warning rune in the Labyrinth indicated seeing/scrying, and there was a small circle linking to what was presumably the targeting system here. But we have only sparse knowledge of the workings involved, so that might be incorrect.
No. 178819 ID: 426169
File 127413342998.png - (51.85KB , 600x800 , 264.png )

Tiffany opens the wardrobe just a crack with her eyes closed, and the chilling fear returns.

Damnit, I have to get this over with quickly, I don't know how long dad can delay Martin.

No. 178821 ID: d1210a

push a stick through the cracked open door, hook about top of cloth, pull down so rune is covered, go, go!
No. 178822 ID: a594b9

I think we need to make some goddamn runes of our own. Some combination of runes that will shield us from the 'danger' effect.

I'm gonna try to figure it out on my own, but Tiff, please try it yourself as well.

Find a marker or something to draw with!
No. 178823 ID: 40cb26

Is there another wardrobe? Maybe you can surround this thing in the rune like
...but with the absolute rune, to make it invisible.

If there is another wardrobe for us to mistake it for that would be an easy way to excuse why it isn't there when he said it was. Otherwise it could have just VANISHED MYSTERIOUSLY.
No. 178824 ID: 701a19

Here's the symbol:

All you need to do is get a piece of paper, sketch a protective circle on it, and use that symbol for what it needs to protect you from.
Then stand in the circle on the paper and open the door.
No. 178826 ID: 6d381d

try this: open the door and say that your mom died in the hands of the heretic.

i can only hope that mom was smart enought to make preparations for this. above anything else, it seems it was destined to be opened by dad.
No. 178831 ID: a594b9

Oh, we know the rune for 'reversal/remove/prevent'. Draw a circle around the wardrobe, and put in it the 'prevent' rune and the 'threat' rune.

Hrm, I'm not sure where a smaller circle should be put in relation to it... we want to keep the wardrobe or anything in it from making us afraid.
No. 178837 ID: 62781c

I'm pretty sure that we'll need to activate whatever runes we use with chants in various ancient languages... which we don't know. Remember that the same symbols can have numerous different meanings, and without the ability to specify what we're talking about our magic might not work at all.

That said, it's a better idea than doing nothing, I suppose. We need to make some kind of protective/concealing item to carry around with us soon, if possible.
No. 178840 ID: a594b9
File 127413723324.png - (26.32KB , 600x600 , Ritual.png )

We need something like this, placed around the wardrobe. I'm sure Tiff can handle the little details, right?
No. 178844 ID: 426169
File 127413856580.png - (66.97KB , 600x800 , 265.png )

Tiffany quickly finds herself a red magic marker, and draws a quick circle around the wardrobe. Thinking back, she recalls that one of the runes inside the wardrobe is the same one as in the Labyrinth. 'Enemy', 'threat' or 'danger'. Ok, and then there's the reversal that was also in the labyrinth and her talisman. There... Connect to the circle. Ok ok, activation.

Tiffany focuses on the symbols and attempts a few of the lines previously used to activate the runes. Here's to hope.

Almost immediately upon speaking the words, the feeling of fear lessens. It's still present, but manageable.

No. 178845 ID: a594b9

Excellent. Now move the curtain aside and see what's in there.
No. 178853 ID: 426169
File 127413928426.png - (88.67KB , 600x800 , 266.png )

Tiffany pushes the heavy black curtain aside.

Inside the wardrobe is a black velvet bag with a sealed letter on top. It's addressed to dad, in mom's handwriting.

The velvet bag is roughly rectangular, and has the anti-scrying runes stitched in silver thread.

No. 178856 ID: 62781c

Read the letter before messing with anything else.
No. 178858 ID: 40cb26

And that's it? Pocket it, close the wardrobe, rub out the circle and get the hell out of there.

We're short on time, and besides it's addressed to dad so he should read it first.
No. 178859 ID: 62781c

We are short on time, I suppose... you're probably right. Scratch my old order, then; grab and dash is the order of the day.
No. 178860 ID: 1ac39d

agree, grab them, close it and try to hide your runes. then take it back to your room.
No. 178861 ID: a594b9

Alright. We need to get Dad alone and give him that stuff.
No. 178870 ID: 426169
File 127414135188.png - (48.35KB , 300x300 , 267.png )

Tiffany quickly grabs the bag and the letter, and hides them in her room. Afterwards she returns to hide the evidence.

Close curtain, ok. Lock wardrobe, check. Hide key, check. Rub out circle, rub out circle, rub out oh come on.

Oh. Whoops.

Tiffany hears dad and Martin heading upstairs. Oh shit.

No. 178875 ID: 1ac39d

scribble the symbol out out it loses power! then hide!
No. 178876 ID: a594b9

Quick, add the rune to it that hides the circle.
No. 178877 ID: a594b9
File 127414175195.png - (58.25KB , 159x251 , symbol.png )

It's this one, BTW!
No. 178879 ID: 1ac39d

that doesn't hide it, just makes extra sensory methods not work!!
No. 178880 ID: 426169
File 127414189356.gif - (60.18KB , 600x800 , 268.gif )

Tiffany quickly scribbles out the concealment runes on the outside of the circle. C'mon work damn it. Work!
No. 178882 ID: a594b9

Don't forget the incantations!
No. 178884 ID: 1ac39d

YEEEEESSSSSS!! now run!!
No. 178888 ID: 426169
File 12741426895.png - (86.14KB , 600x800 , 269.png )


Tiffany makes it to the attic hatch when Martin reaches the top of the ladder.

>"Ah, but what are you doing zere, Tifchen?"
No. 178891 ID: e3f578

"Just searching around for something to read before I go to bed. Mom keeps a lot of books up here."
No. 178892 ID: 40cb26

Say you come up here sometimes when you feel lonely or stressed. Then ask why he's up there.
No. 178899 ID: a594b9

Say you like being up high.
No. 178901 ID: 426169
File 127414487961.png - (78.31KB , 600x800 , 270.png )

"I was just looking for something to read. Why are you up here?"

>"Grown-up things, Tifchen. Run along now, ja?"

Dad gives Tiff a questioning look.

>"Ah, zere ist ze Garderobe Ich was talking about. You are sure you do not haff ze Schlüssel? Entschuldigen Sie, ze key."

>"No, it's been lost for years."

>"Es ist kein Problem. No matter."

The man pulls something from inside his coat, and points it at the door. A few muttered words later the lock snaps open. He then feels the door with his fingertips, muttering to himself.

>"Ah, zere ist eine Falle innen. Ist feeling ein bischen strange, like.... Kein Problem."

The man mutters some more strange words, and acrid smoke blows out of the wardrobe. When he opens the door, only tatters of the black cloth remain.

The man stands there for a moment, staring at the obviously empty wardrobe.

>"... Verdammte scheisse nochmal. Entschuldigung, Ich muss einen Anruf machen. Make a call."
No. 178902 ID: a594b9

I keep wondering if we should really be hiding all this from him. I guess we just have to wait and see if he can be trusted.

See if you can listen in on the conversation.
No. 178906 ID: 1ac39d

i think he is coming back down, hide the stuff in your room.
No. 178907 ID: b3ee70


Hide in room
Postcog that lolly. STAT
No. 178915 ID: 426169
File 12741469656.png - (157.81KB , 600x800 , 271.png )

Dad goes back downstairs while Martin takes out his cellphone and presses speeddial. Tiffany hides behind the chimney, hoping to listen in.

Unfortunately the conversation takes place in high-speed German, and Tiffany can't understand any of it. Martin seems very frustrated, and the other person very angry. Soon the conversation becomes just Martin nodding and going 'Ja' on occasion.

While the telephone conversation goes on, Tiffany fingers the lollipop Martin gave her. Her head is still throbbing from the last attempt at postcognition, so any further scrying will have to wait until morning.

Martin eventually ends his phone call, and leans on the chimney in frustration. He returns downstairs, leaving Tiffany alone in the attic.

No. 178916 ID: a594b9

Well, get downstairs.
No. 178926 ID: f95872

Return to your hidey-hole, recommence eavesdropping.
No. 178932 ID: 62781c

He blew up the cloth? A pity. I would have wanted to keep it.

Note that he didn't even look for the box. I'm not sure if that means he considered the box less important, or if as soon as there was nothing of value in the wardrobe he decided to call up instructions, or what. Something's fishy, though.

Still, at least he doesn't seem to have wised up to our deception, which is something.
No. 178940 ID: d1210a

Ask him how he blew up the cloth like a normal, curious child, remember to play your part.
No. 178942 ID: b3ee70

who expects to be decieved by a little girl
Note this

We are a little girl. This is just as much an asset as a liability
WE may not be strong
but nobody can comprehend the fact we can conjure some CRAAAZY shit
No. 178944 ID: 1ac39d

yes, feign weakness.
No. 179013 ID: 40cb26

...What cloth? We didn't see any cloth. Right?
No. 179014 ID: 1ac39d

oh yeah!! do not mention the cloth! only way we would know about it is if we saw it.
No. 179018 ID: 771080

The correct question is 'How did you make that smoke?'
No. 179020 ID: a85626

In this case, speak unless spoken to is the best strategy. Find a book to "read" and pretend to be engrossed in it. One with colorful pictures. And maybe some crayons.
No. 179025 ID: f95872

>but nobody can comprehend the fact we can conjure some CRAAAZY shit
Well, they can comprehend it, if they try. But they can't anticipate it. And it's not a conclusion they'll readily jump to.

People who know already include: Grampa. He's not on good terms with anybody, and is thus unlikely to go spreading the word.
Dad: We can trust him.
Thomas: He's probably dead. At best, he's detained at Grampa's mercy.

And us. That's not a lot of people. This is information that is not to be spread about unnecessarily.
No. 179026 ID: f95872

We are eleven, good sir. We read books without pictures.
No. 179033 ID: a85626


But the pictures are the fun part! ;_;
No. 179204 ID: 426169
File 127417896513.png - (127.48KB , 600x800 , 272.png )

Tiffany follows Martin to the second floor, and listens in from the balcony.

>"Zis ist most troublesome. Und ze Lade ist missing auch?"


>"Zen est ist probable zat Alexander has taken zem. Most troubling. Ich will give dich mein Visitenkarte, uhm, Calling-card. If you would be kind und gibst mir ein Anruf if you hear of deine frau oder Alexander?"

>"Will do."

>"Fantastisch. Ich muss jetzt gehen. Auf Wiedersehen herr Blake. Und gibst der kleine Unge mein Abschied-"

There is a knock from the back door.
No. 179205 ID: 2eac65

I think Grandpa found us. Start packing immediately. Make sure the things you took from the cabinet are well hidden in your luggage.
No. 179206 ID: 701a19

Go take a look at the back door, and motion for him to follow.
No. 179209 ID: 426169
File 127418128367.png - (113.50KB , 600x800 , 273.png )

Tiffany heads for the back door, motioning dad and Martin to follow her. She cautiously opens the door. Martin draws a sharp breath.

A familiar sight greets her! Thomas stands in the porch, blood-stained and ragged, leaning heavily on his lance.

>"Sorry for takin so long, boss."

>"Good evening, miss Blake. I-", he begins, but is interrupted by a ragged cough. He spots Martin as the coughing eases.



Martin looks like he just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

>"What, if I may ask, are you doing here?"

>"Kann ich meine Verwandten nicht besuchen?"

>"Is that so?"

>"Ja, und Ich was just saying auf Wiedersehen to ze very freundlich herr Blake."

>"Don't let me keep you."

Martin grimaces with annoyance, and turns to leave. As soon as Martin is out of sigh, Thomas lets out a hoarse sigh and collapses.
No. 179210 ID: 701a19

>"What, if I may ask, are you doing here?"

>[I can not visit my relatives?]

>"Is that so?"

>[Yes, and I was just saying goodbye to the very friendly Mister Blake.]

>"Don't let me keep you."


Tell dad the supplies you need for first aid and patching his wounds, and send him off to get some.

Then go to Thomas' side and quietly say "Healing magic. I don't know any. Give me a number I can call for help, because I don't think you can teach me some in your condition. I'm pretty sure it'd be a bad idea to wing it."
No. 179212 ID: 2eac65

"Dad, this is Thomas. He's the man who rescued me from Alexander."

It's best to mention this soon.
No. 179214 ID: c71597

Lets give Thomas some help. And find a good moment to give your dad the letter for him.
No. 179216 ID: 701a19

Soon, but not while he's bleeding to death on your doorstep.
At least wait for Martin to leave.
No. 179218 ID: 426169
File 127419174945.png - (143.00KB , 600x800 , 274.png )

Dad lifted Thomas from the floor, and carried him inside. After laying Thomas on the sofa, he went to look for bandages.

Tiffany reached in to examine the wounds, when Thomas suddenly opened his eyes and grabbed Tiffany by the back of the neck, pulling her close to his mouth. Through his raspy, labored breathing he spoke:

>"Did *hack* did he get it? Did- Did he get *cough*, the book? Is it safe?"
No. 179223 ID: 5f5f46

"No. He didn't. Now please, rest now. We'll take care of you."
No. 179224 ID: 40cb26

"He got nothing, all we have left here is this. My mother left it for dad in case something happened. Martin was upset that he didn't find it, I stole it out of the wardrobe before he could. Alexander already has the box..."
No. 179225 ID: 5f5f46

Got dammit we cant tell 'im the whole story, we can't just go trusting on anyone either. That's what got us into shit with Gramps.
No. 179226 ID: 62781c

I really, really hope that Thomas hasn't been possessed or mind controlled or anything. Last we saw, Grandpa had him, and while I'd like to have the faith in his abilities to think he got away on his own... well, we should probably play this safe regardless.

Go with >>179223.
No. 179227 ID: 701a19

Don't let him stop you from treating him. He's weak, so answer him while you break his grasp and keep working on him.
"I emptied out the wardrobe before Martin got to it. If you mean the grimoire, mom burned it. Alexander has a few photocopied pages from it, but that's all.
I am going to treat your wounds. Stay conscious, stay calm, and I won't have to use my unholy arts to drag you back from the dead. We need you too much for you to die now."

Call to dad to grab some potato flakes. That will instantly clot even large wounds and stop the bleeding.
You don't have a pair of MAST around, and I kinda doubt you could rig one up.

If he doesn't give you a phone number you can call for magical assistance, sketch a soul trap around him so his spirit can't escape.

Make a mental note to invest in saline IVs and a rapid infuser or two. I would strongly suggest you start educating yourself in medicine, since that has a lot of overlap with necromancy and healing.
Hey, you could be the most effective doctor ever:
"Doctor! The patient has flatlined!"
"Nobody dies on my watch! HEALING TOUCH R'LYEH WGAH'NAGL FHTAGN!"
"The patient is... fine?!? Bwah??"
No. 179228 ID: 701a19

Actually, correction:
"There wasn't anything here for him to take. I don't need to be multi-lingual to know he was spouting profanities in German.
Now, I am going to treat your wounds. Stay conscious, stay calm, and I won't have to use my unholy arts to drag you back from the dead. We need you too much for you to die now."
Then sketch a soul trap around him, followed by asking for a phone number you can call for help.

The rest is as previously stated.
No. 179233 ID: c71597

Ask him what book. Just because this guy saved you doesn't mean that he wants what's best for you, or that he should get the book, or even know you know about the book.

See how the wounds look, although sewing up a dead raven once isn't really enough to start working on humans.
No. 179236 ID: 701a19

Hence why I asked for potato flakes.
While it won't help the healing process, it WILL stop the bleeding PDQ. UNlike stitches and bandages.
No. 179242 ID: 6d381d

befre you answer him, get a knife and ask him what we discussed before running into mom.
No. 179257 ID: 1ac39d

the bag has the book in it guys
>The velvet bag is roughly rectangular
a book is that shape, she kept it in a secret compartment. grandpa is working with a cheap knock-off, we have the real deal
No. 179258 ID: a594b9

Before we tell him anything, we need to look at his face. The mind control runes are VISIBLE. So, if he has a rune on his forehead we tell him nothing.

If he's clean then "Yeah."
No. 179263 ID: b3ee70

check face
look for mind control
Point his lance at him if it is visible
if not, tell him all
He is apparently from the conclave, so he should be of help/tutorage.
No. 179271 ID: 701a19

Yes, they ARE visible.


Barring the 'hide/absolute' combo that Alexander taught us after he found out we KNEW what the mind control runes look like.
No. 179283 ID: 426169
File 127421435412.png - (159.88KB , 600x800 , 275.png )

Tiffany pulls back Thomas' hood and gives him an intent look. Thomas' skin is wrinkled and white, almost like marble. No runes were visible on his forehead.

"What was the last thing you said to me in the cellar?"

Thomas gives a dry laugh that turns into a hacking cough.

>"You are *wheeze* wise beyond your years, miss Blake. Your caution will serve you well. I said I couldn't recommend near Alexander at this time. Looks like *cough* I gave prudent advice."

"I- I'm sorry for-"

>"No, miss Blake. I can not blame you. What you did was *groan* only h-human. Now, is the book safe?"

"Y-yes. I took it out of the wardrobe before Martin could."

Thomas sinks back to the coach in relief.

>"Good. Your mother and I decided that keeping it hidden would be... advisable. Alexander *hack* b-believes it destroyed, and you would be wise to see that it remains so."

"What do I do with it?"

>"T-that will be for you to decide. I only ask that you... exercise wisdom."

"Who does it belong to, I mean originally?"

>"*cough* It was taken from the clan by Alexander, just b-before his exile. I- I did not return it because I feared it may be needed. The Librarian would have locked it away forever."

"I thought it belonged to the Rothwalds?"

>"That is one of their self-serving lies. They have... been a-after that book for centuries. They will return with smiles and promises, especially once they realise your awakening. Be wary of the Rothwalds, Tiffany."

Thomas closes his eyes for a moment, but seems still conscious. Tiffany takes a look at his wounds, which are still bleeding profusely. More than in the movies. A lot more. Tiffany isn't sure how much longer Thomas can hold on.
No. 179285 ID: 1d375b

Better get to sewing him up.
No. 179286 ID: c71597

Hmm, it's probably safest to keep the book hidden from everyone until we figure out who wants what.
No. 179288 ID: d1210a

....Well, unless he knows someone who could heal him, we might have to consider taking him to a hospital, despite the risks.

Does dad know any doctors, any way to call in a favor and get quiet treatment? It would be nice to avoid ER, but if we must, it might be worth the risk.
No. 179289 ID: e3f578

Ask him if there's anything we can do, even if only a comfort such as tea or hell a Dr. Pepper or Mountain Dew
No. 179298 ID: 701a19

I said potato flakes for a reason, Tiffany. Instant clotting. Described as "miraculous" by EMTs who have used the medical-grade potato flakes known as "TraumaDex".
Go get a damn box of instant mashed potatoes. Idaho will save his life.

After that, you'll have enough time to call the Kinsley's for help.
No. 179306 ID: bcf25c


"What can I do to help you?"
No. 179309 ID: 426169
File 127421757924.png - (120.14KB , 600x800 , 276.png )

"Is there anything I can do? A doctor?"

Thomas smiles faintly.

>"*cough, hack* It is sweet... of you to... ask. I fear I'm beyond the... help of any doctor. I can... still feel... his magic tearing at my wounds. I cannot fight his curse much longer. I- May I... ask a favour... of you, miss Blake?"
No. 179310 ID: a594b9

Of course. He's done so much for us already.
No. 179311 ID: 1ac39d

of course, he sacrificed himself to save us, it would be the least we could do.
No. 179312 ID: c71597

He can ask away. Asking usually doesn't cost anything.
No. 179333 ID: e3f578

"I want... I want... *cough cough*"
Tiff: "Yes? What is it?"
No. 179339 ID: 426169
File 127422019746.png - (189.07KB , 600x800 , 277.png )

"Of course! Anything!"

>"Take... this... back to the clan. They... will... know what it *cough* means."

Tiffany takes the medallion. It feels really heavy, and even though it's irregular, it feels smooth. Polished by a long line of hands.

>"There... is a safe... house in Ad...el...eine... You... c-can find help... there."

"Adeleine, ok."

Thomas draws Tiffany close and lets out a hoarse whisper:

>"T...iff..a..ny.... you m-must... pre...ser..ve... the... Com...pact... at.. all......."

With that, Thomas' eyes glaze over, and his chest grows still.
No. 179340 ID: c71597

Right, time to go talk with daddy. You have some plans to make for the immediate future. Like what to do with the corpse in your house and where to go. Oh and give him moms letter as well.
No. 179342 ID: a594b9

We also need to find out exactly what the Compact is. We might want to speak with the Reaper Man again... if we can find a safe way of doing so.
No. 179343 ID: c71597

We should probably stay away from him. He seems to have something against necromancers. I'm sure there are safer ways to find out more about it. If we for some reason need to talk with him we should probably do so through an intermediary.
No. 179351 ID: 1ac39d

only way we are seeing the reaper again is by accident and i hope it doesn't happen for a long time.
No. 179358 ID: 62781c

You and dad should really get out of your house. Quickly. It didn't take that long for you to get here from the hotel- how much longer do you have before Grandpa comes for you here?

Based upon the necromantic principles that we know, I don't think that Grandpa will be able to hurt Thomas now even if he gets the body, so just leave it. Search it first, with Mulder's help in case there is anything magical. A little macabre, but you can't let anything more than you have to fall into Grandpa's hands.

Then get the hell out of here. Grab some food, some cash, anything you consider essential and anything you would truly hate to lose forever from your house. Then leave. Get a couple states away, hole up in a hotel, and plan your next move (like figuring out where Adeleine is). Don't open up the warded bag until you've built an anti-scrying circle of your own to read it in, in case Grandpa is looking for it.
No. 179363 ID: c71597

There is a place in England called Adelaine atleast I think there is one. Hmm, can't find one though, closest one is a place in Austrailia called Adelaide.
No. 179384 ID: 426169
File 12742241463.png - (159.08KB , 800x600 , 278.png )

Tiffany checks Thomas's corpse for anything of use, but finds nothing. Looks like he travels light. Thomas's eyes stare blankly at the ceiling.

>"Tiffany! I foun- oh."

Mulder shifts his weight around on the couch.

>"Tiffany, get your backpack and pack your things. We're leaving."


>"I don't know. Somewhere not here."

"Umm, Thomas said something about a safehouse in Adeleine."

>"Adeleine? That's... If we drive all night we should be there by morning. Go pack."

What does Tiffany pack?
No. 179387 ID: a594b9

Hoo boy. Clothes, tools for necromancy, first aid supplies, food, water, some kind of weapon... Perhaps some string.

Obviously we need to get the letter and book (presumably).
No. 179388 ID: 40cb26

Clothes, supplies, useful things, and memories. Give us a run down of what you've got.
No. 179389 ID: c71597

Some clothes, toothbrush and other hygiene stuff, a couple of needles and thread, a scissor or two. MP3 player and Iphone or similar thing if you have one.
No. 179395 ID: 426169
File 127422526060.png - (39.63KB , 800x600 , inventory.png )

[Items on this list are assumed taken automatically. Anything else needs to be mentioned.]
No. 179397 ID: 93ebff

Can we give Mulder his eyes? Not like he's using 'em anymore. :3c
No. 179408 ID: 40cb26

Well for starters:



At least a couple changes of clothes. Assuming you have anything decent to wear, we really don't have the time to go by the mall again.

Eating our friends eyes? That would just be encouraging bad eating habits.
No. 179421 ID: 62781c

No. While it would be nice to Mulder, I don't think Thomas would have approved, and as a non-evil necromancer we should abide by others' wishes regarding their corpses' dispositions.

Bring a small knife, razor blade, or multitool. Make it sharp, something which you can use for cutting yourself and/or objects you wish to enchant. Also potentially useful for last ditch defense in a pinch, or for marring magical diagrams which you cannot easily erase (damned permanent markers).

Bring a notebook, a pencil, and a pen. You might have a grimoire, but you'll still want to write your own notes on magic (and anything else). Heck, you might even be able to work magic on torn out pages.

Bring a first aid kit, which should at minimum include needle and thread for stitching wounds, scissors, bandages, painkillers, and disinfectant. You will almost certainly be facing at least small injuries.

Bring a small flashlight and spare batteries. You'll be in the darkness.

Bring several pieces of chalk, in case marker is impractical.

Bring a lighter. Fire is useful in all sorts of situations.

Grandpa's original list of necromancy supplies also included a saw, candles, and a shovel, but those are probably too much to carry everywhere.

Bring one change of clothes, a toothbrush and toothpaste, and enough of whatever you ended up with to handle your period to take care of it until it's over.

Bring a picture of Mom and of Tony. This should require no explanation.

Bring a backpack or bag which you can easily use to transport all the above items plus the black velvet bag, without inconvenience.
No. 179427 ID: 62781c

Oh, and Thomas' medallion. I don't see that on the list. It would be highly awkward to forget that.
No. 179435 ID: 716eb0

Bring your stuffed animal. You know the one. The one that you are too old for, because big girls do not need such things, and yet mysteriously it has never been put away in the attic. The tattered old thing that your mother gave you when you were two, which still secretly brings you comfort in the middle of the night, when things are at their darkest. It is next to your bed, where it has been since Tony died.

Bring it.

If anyone asks, you don't want anyone who knows magic to find it.
No. 179452 ID: b3ee70

markers and tools for rune inscription.
A flashlight
Drop the Gothic clothes for things that make you look cute and innocent
first aid kit
pocket knife (multi tool is preferred)
money. copious amounts of money
hairspray (hairspray and lighters go hand in hand)
You should have a backpack somewhere. allow yourself more stuff to carry

tell your dad to get a gun... he could use it...
No. 179534 ID: 6d381d

shit i am too late. i wanted to get a message to death, we needed to apologise at least.
No. 179542 ID: 6d381d

ask dad if the house is insured. this may or may not involve fire.

get a cellphone, contacts, weapons and first aid kit. there may be zombies around. oooh, nail and hammer as well.

you will need to hide that book. if you have a schoolbag, put it in. replace the velvet bag with something similar in size and weight. and you will need to STUDY that book. i dont care who hates/loves it, we need to know what gramps can do, then we need to learn how to counter it nonetheless.

rations. for at least 2 days.

a knife, butterfly or something easily concealable and alcohol, dont want you discovering a severe infection in your finger or something like it.
No. 179547 ID: 6d381d

>Bring your stuffed animal
i wonder if a book would fit on it?

>Drop the Gothic clothes for things that make you look cute and innocent
yeah, this. you have to forget actualy looking like a necromancer now.

we may need to frame him for burning our house. just on that we would need to tear his jaws and actualy burn him. i dont rememeber in my head of any more methods to prevent him from being recognized, but we should do it.

consider that a man just died on our house and we are fleeing. what will the police think. we need to put a plausible truth to everyone.
No. 179548 ID: 6d381d

fuck, we need to make a mess out of everything in the house.
No. 179568 ID: a85626


>> you will need to hide that book


>> >Bring your stuffed animal
>> I wonder if a book would fit in it?
No. 179572 ID: a7a85a

Say guys, I hate to suggest this, but shouldn't we destroy Thomas's body, lest he come back as a powerful foe?
No. 179573 ID: 1ac39d

not entirely.
No. 179574 ID: a7a85a
File 127424212499.jpg - (10.48KB , 300x300 , 139-HeadlessHorseman.jpg )

>not entirely

Entirely. Better safe than sorry.
No. 179575 ID: 6d381d

since noone reads my posts anyway.

yes we should destroy thomas body. he died in our living room in a very suspicious way, in the very least the police will have too many reasons to hunt down dad. then there is child protection service, and we dont wanna go that path.

we should burn the dead guy, after breaking his jaw and ripping some teeth out. it will look like a crazy drugged cultist broke into our house and got burned anyway.
No. 179594 ID: 40cb26

I think we should consider burning down the whole house. Kinda drastic but it will prevent anything left behind from being used against us. Then again all those magical protections might be better left alone.

But in any case let's have dad read that letter before deciding on anything like that. It probably has instructions on exactly what we should do when hightailing it out of there.
No. 179701 ID: a594b9

Hey. Let's treat Thomas's corpse in a respectful manner. Regardless of whether or not we burn down the house around him or stick him in a pyre or something.
No. 179717 ID: 1ac39d

take thomas' lance, that thing seems to be a powerful weapon.
No. 179723 ID: 426169
File 127426408281.png - (100.36KB , 600x800 , 279.png )

Tiffany scours the house for things she needs. She took the following:

The Medallion.

Clothes, less dark.

Necromancy tools
-String, couple of needles, scissors
-Washable marker
-dry erase marker
-chalk sticks
-sharp knife

Flashlight and batteries.

Dad's guns&roses zippo.

Dad's leatherman.

Duct tape.

The first aid kit dad found.

Toothbrush and pads.

A photo of mom and Tony from it's frame in the wall.

Meanwhile, dad had attached the sidecar to his bike, and packed him own stuff.

>"Do you have enough clothes? Did you take everything you need?"

"Yes, I th- no wait! Thomas' lance!"

Tiffany runs to the back porch. Thomas' lance is lying in a pool of blood. The stone blade has gone entirely black.
No. 179724 ID: 1ac39d

it probably needs to be charged or something.
No. 179725 ID: c71597

Take it anyway. You can try to figure out how to make it work later.
No. 179727 ID: 6d381d

lit the dude. set the couch on fire, then the carpet.
No. 179731 ID: 40cb26

Err, I think you shouldn't touch that. If anything wrap it in a blanket. But it would be safer if left behind.

Might be a good idea, but let's hold off on that for a moment

Tiffany, before you go or do anything else your dad should see that letter. It may have some instruction for what to do when leaving home.
No. 179732 ID: 38cdb2

Torch the body. Hell, torch the whole house, too. It's unlikely you'll be coming back here anytime soon, and we don't want Grampa having an already set up place to work from.
No. 179733 ID: 1ac39d

we should take it because it's the only REAL weapon we have.
No. 179737 ID: 426169
File 127427381313.png - (60.47KB , 600x800 , 280.png )

Tiffany examines the lance a little closer. The shaft is ancient oak, bent and splintered, rough to the touch. The tip seems to be made of some kind of carved black stone. Deciding that it's their only weapon, Tiffany grabs the lance. She almost immediately falls over; it seems extraordinarily heavy, like the tip was made of lead. With great effort, Tiffany manages to half carry half drag it to the motorcycle. After some improvisation, dad wraps it in tent cloth and ties it to the bike.

>"Get in the sidecar, Tiff, and put your helmet on. There's something I gotta do before we go."

Dad takes a canister usually kept in the garage. He disappears into the house for a few minutes. When he re-emerges, he gives a long look inside. He then sets fire to a small rag and tosses it inside.

The smell of burning gasoline fills the air as dad climbs on the motorcycle.

No. 179738 ID: 1ac39d

let's ride.
No. 179741 ID: 426169
File 12742741592.png - (41.43KB , 800x400 , 281.png )

Next stop, Adeleine.
No. 179744 ID: 5f5f46

I guess that stole the words from us all.

The letter from mom to dad! We must read it before we leave! Well, at least make a stop somewhere in the road so we can read it.

I see dad is taking things... relatively well.
No. 179745 ID: c71597

Who knows, maybe he was a hardcore gangster who joined the french foreign legion and has been around some hardcore shit before he became Dad.
No. 179759 ID: 620bfb

Lance + Motorcycle? Excellent. Prepare for epic joust.
No. 179774 ID: e75a2f

You know how stories like these are. The dad is always secretly some hardcore badass.

I mean come on, he got a wizard of all people to marry him.
No. 179791 ID: c71597

So if Thomas hadn't come by and rescued Tiff he would have gone all commando and stormed Alexanders mansion filled with drug smuggling zombies? Man that would have been awesome.
No. 179792 ID: f95872

It's entirely possible that the shock just hasn't set in yet.
No. 179808 ID: 6d381d

he already sinked it.

he has a clear mind.

with vengeance.
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