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File 127328100315.png - (53.38KB , 800x600 , 87.png )
174740 No. 174740 ID: f98e0b

In Oren's dream
wait no Oren's not dreaming
why is that
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No. 174742 ID: f98e0b
File 127328107669.png - (56.42KB , 800x600 , 88.png )

oh right

Oren is unconscious.
No. 174743 ID: e973f4


No. 174744 ID: 8ce2bf

Is this sexy tied up time or has something gone horribly wrong?
If you're naked it's probably the first.
No. 174745 ID: e3f578

Well conscious the fuck up already.
No. 174746 ID: f21281


No. 174750 ID: f98e0b
File 127328159543.png - (29.06KB , 800x600 , 89.png )

Oren is not wearing anything from the waist up.
Due to distinct lack of Squires in black latex straddling him and a fierce pain in his back he reckons it's not sexy time.

He tries to focus his mind a little, and gets a good picture going. He's still fully unconscious, but he can somehow make himself out, like he's watching a movie through his own eyes. No idea how. Lessee.
Where is he?
Handcuffed to a chair, seems like. The room's bare but for an unlit lightbulb. The only illumination comes from a partially boarded-up window.

He thinks there's a reason he's here. Yeah.
Fuck if he can remember. Spirits. He's got such a headache.
No. 174751 ID: e973f4

Uh oh.

Get it together, man! This is no time for headaches!
No. 174752 ID: 6834bc

Don't say it out loud, but is it maybe related to the Red Marble 'eye' you gave to that wizard/mage dude?
No. 174753 ID: 1ac39d

i think your dreamfolk friend may have given you the ability to astral project or something. kickass.
No. 174754 ID: a693e4

Hold up. Where is your dreamfolk buddy, anyway? Give him a call. Maybe he knows something.
No. 174759 ID: f98e0b
File 127328288989.png - (53.46KB , 800x600 , 90.png )

[Shit. aaah. My head. Undertaker? You there?]

[o...n? ..r. L..er? ..e ... ok..?]

He's there, but he's faint. Oren can barely make him out.
No. 174760 ID: 8ce2bf

If you can feel that headache you must not be too far from consciousness. Can you try and concentrate on becoming conscious? If not, maybe you can still have some effect on your body, think of sexy things. You'll make anyone coming in to torture you feel real awkward, and be at an advantage!
No. 174761 ID: d6cb21

See if you cant summon up a dagger to cut those bonds.
No. 174762 ID: e973f4

Man, you gotta focus some more. Keep at it!
No. 174763 ID: 2c47db

He sounds like he's asking if you're ok. Try to reply with "no". Because you aren't.
No. 174764 ID: e973f4

No, man, no! That's Dio who can do that! Different quest!
No. 174785 ID: f98e0b
File 127328759530.png - (38.30KB , 800x600 , 91.png )

He concentrates, but the throbbing in his head prevents him from doing too much.
Okay, well, maybe try a different tack. Think of Miss October.
That worked. At least his subconscious and, ah, equipment are both alright.

The door to the room opens and a couple toughs walk through.
"He up yet?"
"Hold on, lemme check."
One leans in. Oren can smell the cheese croissant he had for breakfast.
"Nope. Out like a light. Sweet dreams, lawman."
"Spirits, Becker, you sound like a cheesy friggin' TV villain. So what, we just watch the guy?"
"Yep. Till the other guy shows up."
"Cool. Easy money, yeah?"
"Think he'll wake up?"
"He does we just clonk him till he goes under again. Don't worry. It'll be fine."
"Yeez. Poor sap."
"Well I mean don't feel too bad for him. If he was up he'd be killing your ass."
No. 174788 ID: f21281

I think Undertaker asked you if you were okay.

Which you clearly are not.

Might want to answer his question.
No. 174791 ID: 2c47db

>If he was up he'd be killing your ass
My my, what a splendid idea. Let's make a note to do this as soon as possible. He will join his friend, of course.

Now then, keep trying to get yourself together but don't respond to anything, they have to keep thinking you're asleep or you'll end up suffering brain damage.
No. 174792 ID: d6cb21

Kill them both. SLOWLY
No. 174798 ID: 0b2a05

You could either engage them now while they're still at the door and think you're unconscious, maybe by ramming into them and whacking with the chair, or you could wait and pretend to be knocked out to try and hear some more info. They don't sound like they know much though...
No. 174801 ID: 5a2e05

Well he kinda sorta still is unconscious.
No. 174813 ID: f98e0b
File 127329200243.png - (165.71KB , 800x600 , 92.png )

He'd do that if he was conscious. He ain't.

How did he get into this? He remembers, what. Um.

Joseph's orders had come from Anchorturn Pen, so he and Squires were taking him there in the cart. It was on around Route 43 and they were talking about how hot it was, all except for Joseph on the account of the fact that he was too sullen and pissed to be talking about much, and Oren made some lame joke or something and Nessie laughed and she said, "I
No. 174815 ID: f98e0b
File 127329205075.png - (114.72KB , 800x600 , 93.png )

Oh no. Nessie.

Oh fuck.
No. 174818 ID: 1ac39d

get so angry you regain consciousness and break the ropes off your arms!
No. 174820 ID: e973f4

Aw hell naw.

Okay we definitely got shit to do now, so your body better the fuck get cooperating.
No. 174825 ID: f21281
File 127329255357.jpg - (7.02KB , 170x195 , holly.jpg )

"She's dead, Oren, everybody's dead. Everybody is dead Oren."
No. 174826 ID: 701a19

Do we still have a CEO-in-psycho buddy, or did he move on?
No. 174828 ID: 6164e0

Oren, there are two paths to mastering the self:

One can stay above their emotions, and master themselves with logic, reason, rational analysis of themselves. These are the seekers of truth, who having mastered themselves seek new things to learn.

Then there are those who master themselves with passion, achieving incredible things with a zeal and emotional investment that carries them through hardships. These are the changers, those who dedicate their all to their endeavors, in a decidedly less rational manner.


BOTH offer you means of navigating this challenge, but they are mutually exclusive.

If your affect is simply too extreme for rationality right now, then choose the way of the HOTBLOOD, and be ready to truly see what your body can do.

If you are able to put aside your feelings about what may or may not have happened to Nessie aside in favor of collecting more data before you attempt action, then you are COLDBLOODED, and must remain aware, and NEVER stop thinking, lest your greatest tool be neglected.
No. 174839 ID: f98e0b
File 127329421656.png - (31.08KB , 800x600 , 94.png )

Oren don't feel much passion. He don't feel much anything at all.
[Undertaker. Get help. Go get someone. Arbock, maybe.]
[.ka.. ..t ..g..t, .r. ...pe. .... .e ..g.. ..c.]
The Undertaker flits out of his mind. Then the men close the door behind them, and he's alone again.
No. 174840 ID: 1ac39d

then hope. hope that she is alive. that she is, at worst, in a hospital, too hurt to help but otherwise okay.
No. 174841 ID: f98e0b
File 12732944608.png - (36.00KB , 800x600 , 95.png )

...until a petite lady, no, wait, just a girl, young, with a robe, a wooden mask, and a keen Elde Longsword strapped to her back shimmers into reality near the doorway. She folds her arms and looks at him, head cocked.
No. 174842 ID: 1ac39d

Dalia! triple threat ass-kicking is go!
No. 174843 ID: 8bb533

It's a cyclops. Get ready for some fuckery.
No. 174844 ID: 6834bc

Hopefully they're someone who will help, Oren. It would sure be nice to meet a helpful mage, unlike that Ark Fraternity guy.
No. 174847 ID: e973f4

Oh boy.

Can you manage a scratchy, low basic question word? Like, say, "whuhhhh?"
No. 174848 ID: 701a19

Start thinking of Orpheo helping you.
No. 174855 ID: 0fc814

Pretend to be all the way unconscious.

If they doesn't work, say "Hey, fuck you."
No. 174857 ID: 701a19

If you're going to try get her to help, say "Orpheo" or "Dio". She has an eye like Orpheo, not like the psychopath.
No. 174871 ID: f98e0b
File 127329681588.png - (33.18KB , 800x600 , 96.png )

"whuhuhhh?" Oren tries to say. Nothing.
Instead he thinks hard about Orpheo helping him out.
The girl lets out a little breath of recognition, then takes a closer look at the unconscious sheriff. [You're totally zonked out, but I can sort of see what you're thinking if you focus.] says an Elde-accented voice in his head. [Think I may be able to--hold on--] She examines the handcuffs he's in and gives the chair a solid kick. She starts looking around the room for something. He realizes her focus is lingering on his bare chest and feels a little proud about it. Then she gasps and pulls back, letting out a nervous giggle.
He still had that erection from a bit ago.

[That, um. Ahem. Can you see anything in here I could maybe use to pick those handcuffs? I'd just summon something but I'm maintaining like, three spells right now. You wouldn't happen to have a paperclip? No?]
No. 174872 ID: 8bb533

Nothin in your pockets, is there? Ask her name in your head.
No. 174873 ID: 6164e0

The light fixture above you can be deconstructed into some basic lockpick tools and sharp cutting devices, unless lights are made way different here.

Suggest to her the lightbulb and the string it hangs on, as otherwise the room seems bare.
No. 174874 ID: e973f4

Alright, lessee. You don't even know where you are, so I don't know how you'd know where a lockpicking implement would be. :/

So yeah, try to focus on asking who she is in your head. Since she seems to be reading that like a horribly-smudged book at the moment.
No. 174876 ID: 8ce2bf

Think to her that you might have something to help in your pockets, she'll have to reach in there and feel around.
No. 174877 ID: 701a19

I'm going to go out on a limb and assume "no".
Think of Nessie, and load as much concern into that as you can.

Then think of this girl puppeting your body to break the bonds and start moving.
No. 175057 ID: f98e0b
File 127334748860.png - (319.82KB , 800x600 , 97.png )

Oren wonders about her name.
[Me? Do you want to know my name?]
Yes. Affirmative. I do. Thumbs up.
[Call me Doll.]
That's a weird name. Oren thinks about Nessie, and the fear and concern sitting like a lead weight in his stomach.
[Who's that? She's pretty.]
No, listen. Look. He thinks she may have gotten blown up. Concern.
[Are you asking me if I've seen her? I haven't looked around.]
Fine. He'll look for Nessie himself. If they killed her

He thinks hard about the lightbulb.
[What, the filaments? That could work to get those unlocked, I guess. But the plan was unlock you then leave the cuffs on so you could still have the element of surprise. If I smashed the bulb they'd realize something was up. Do you want me to?]
No. 175061 ID: 701a19

Picture yourself unconscious on the floor in front of the chair with the words "Your plan?" under it.

Then Nessie with a heart next to her head, the white blast thing in the background, and the words "Save HER!" in large letters.

Sacrifice, Love, and Strength? Sending Dahl off to save Nessie meets all three criteria.

Once she acknowledges that, show her the marble, Orpheo with his mask on, and the Arker mage with a question mark next to his head.
No. 175062 ID: e3f578

Yeah, okay unlock the cuffs. Then you do a soft knock on the door to lure them in then BAM BAM BAM
No. 175068 ID: 701a19

No. She needs to find a way to uncuff Oren without ruining the plan.

If the plan is going to be ruined, it will be so that she'll save Nessie first. Hopefully, Nessie will be less well guarded.
No. 175069 ID: a594b9

Maybe she can just cut the handcuffs' chain? Or the chair?

Better not fuck up the plan, at any rate.
No. 175073 ID: f98e0b
File 127334903661.png - (849.53KB , 800x600 , 98.png )

[I think I can help you wake up quicker. I know a trick or two. Let's get you out of these cuffs, first. No offense but I don't want you wriggling around when I'm trying to unlock these. I'm sort of figuring it out as I go along.]
No. 175074 ID: f98e0b
File 12733491424.png - (797.90KB , 800x600 , 99.png )

[Look, I'm sorry, I know how you feel, but I didn't see her. Could we focus on one thing at a time? I'll get you back up so you can look for her. I can't go save her. I can't get involved in fighting these guys right now. It's a long story.]
No. 175076 ID: f98e0b
File 127334930939.png - (799.84KB , 800x600 , 100.png )

[Yes, that's Orpheo. He's a friend of my dad's. He's the one who asked me to help you out. I was in the area anyway.]
[The Oculus? Did you have it with you?]
Oren takes it wherever he goes. He feels small hands tentatively searching his pockets.
[Okay. Well. It's not on you so keep an eye out for it.]
[I don't think the Ark's behind this. There's another mage here but he's two-eyed, like you.]
No. 175080 ID: a594b9

Right, okay. Maybe she can put an illusion on the bulb to make it look like it's still intact.
No. 175091 ID: 701a19

Picture the words "Keep to plan. Drop lucidity spell, summon picks."
No. 176987 ID: f98e0b
File 127380045098.png - (31.44KB , 800x600 , 101.png )

[Okay,] sends Doll, reaching up with her scabbard and smashing the light. [Here goes nothing. I have an uncle taught me how to do this. I hope I was paying attention...]

She spends a few minutes bending the wires from the bulb, then starts fiddling with the cuffs. Oren hears a click sound.

[Yes. Thank you, Uncle Esroe. The bulb seems to be all fucked up, though. I've only got the juice for one spell, so I can either camouflage it and let you shake this off yourself in a bit or I can leave it the way it is and wake you up, if you want to start kicking ass. I'll lend you a blade if you promise to give it back.]
No. 176991 ID: 3416ec


Promise you will. Acquire blade.
No. 176992 ID: e973f4

Well, hell. Let's kick some ass, goddamn. We got shit to do.
No. 176995 ID: 1ac39d

imagine a thumps up next to sword.
No. 177005 ID: f21281

"I'm here to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and I'm all out of gum."
No. 177006 ID: 1ac39d

show a foot kicking someone in the ass and a pack of gum. then show a crosses out pack of gum. it may translate.
No. 177007 ID: 716eb0

The relevant question here seems to be how long it will take us to wake up without magical assistance. We ARE already this lucid, after all.

Also: why is it either wake us up or maintain a bulb illusion? It doesn't seem like a wakeup spell would need to be maintained like the illusion would.
No. 177351 ID: 9de922

I don't think we've ever really explored the limitations involved with heavy spellcasting. At least not with Dio.

Dahlia may have been casting all day just to get this far.
No. 179315 ID: f98e0b
File 127421830114.png - (32.82KB , 800x600 , 102.png )

Oren sends across a picture of a sword with a thumbs-up next to it.
[Okay. Going directly for the escape, huh? I like your style, mister. Sorry I can't help but-]
Her head snaps around to the door. There's yelling from the other side and a loud scraping noise. [Oops. Gotta go. Fireworks. Good luck and if I don't see you again goodbye.]
She reaches out and touches his forehead...
No. 179316 ID: f98e0b
File 127421830951.png - (231.10KB , 800x600 , 103.png )

and he snaps into consciousness. Ow. Fuck. His right side is on fire. He opens his eyes (one refuses to widen that much) and looks straight at a sturdy, sleek Elde longsword lying on the ground in front of him. The girl is gone.

The yelling outside is getting louder. He hears footsteps.
No. 179317 ID: e31d52

No. 179318 ID: c71597

Get up the sword and stand next to the door. On the side where the door won't slam into you if someone bursts through it. Whoever comes through gets a nice pommel to the neck and some interogation.
No. 179325 ID: a594b9

Quick, adhere yourself to the ceiling! Get the drop on them! (oh, if only.)

But yeah, ambush them as they come through the door.
No. 179329 ID: 6922af

This right here, except since you've heard voices and not just a voice, be wary of multiple enemies approaching. Since they seem to want you alive you can take a couple of different approaches: one being to gut the fuckers for daring to pull some shit like this on a Law Man, the other being to use the door as a buffer between your body and theirs to knock em down when they try to get in, or at least get em stuck.

Caution is advised since you don't know what's on the other side of that door, you're probably not at 100%, and you don't know how many enemies you've got to handle. I'd say if it's the two from before, put one down quickly (don't care how you do it) and beat the other bad enough that he can't fight back if you need to question him. If you can manage.
No. 179368 ID: 716eb0

You have recent experience with someone coming through a door to get at you. I suspect the effectiveness of a door as a surprise weapon is fresh in your mind. The choice is obvious.
No. 179419 ID: f98e0b
File 127422783123.png - (220.75KB , 800x600 , 104.png )

Oren grabs the sword and dashes to the other side of the door. He flattens himself on the wall and waits.

Two voices.
"Well what the hell do we do? Do we wake him up?"
"That or she slices Jimmy open."
"Do we negotiate with terrorists now?"
"Oh fuck off, Becker. She wants to talk to him, she can talk to him."
The door starts to open.
No. 179423 ID: bb43fd

Wait until guy or his arm is halfway in, close door on his arm so he drops sword.

From now on, this will be known as 'The Oren Maneuver'
No. 179425 ID: c71597

Seems like there are two of them. Let the first guy get in before the second one gets a facefull of door, first one gets a neckfull of pommel.
No. 179426 ID: a594b9

Sounds like Squires is causing trouble, too!

Good. We might be able to disarm them, but we shouldn't hold back. A sword isn't really meant to knock people out, after all.
No. 179433 ID: a594b9

Or it could be Dahlia they're talking about I guess.
No. 179442 ID: f21281

Should have busted the light first.

Anyways, let them come in just enough to confirm that it's an enemy, and not the mage from before, or Squires. We don't need friendly fire here.
No. 179443 ID: f21281

oh wait disregard that it already is.

Sorry. Anyway you should have the element of surprise (assuming it's pitch black in that room right now, and just an artist error)
No. 179449 ID: f98e0b

>The room's bare but for an unlit lightbulb. The only illumination comes from a partially boarded-up window.
No. 179505 ID: 0fc814

Slam the door as the first guy enters. That should either smack him with the door, or the next guy. Then take a hostage. Another hostage, from the sound of it.
No. 179524 ID: f98e0b
File 127423580277.png - (261.21KB , 800x600 , 105.png )

"What the-" says the first guy as he sees the empty chair.
Oren repeats what he did to Jopseh a few days ag
No. 179526 ID: f98e0b
File 12742358414.png - (258.90KB , 800x600 , 106.png )

No. 179527 ID: f4313a

First guy has a weapon. Disarm him. Literally.
No. 179528 ID: e973f4

You better not be on the floor.

Get off the floor, if you're on the floor.
No. 179529 ID: 0b2a05

Damnit. Okay, kick the door as hard as you can, if it won't hit him it'll at least knock him back probably.
No. 179530 ID: 1ac39d

okay, this guy is a lot stronger.
No. 179532 ID: a594b9

Argh, get out of there and start fencing his ass.
No. 179563 ID: 5f5f46

So much for advanced door-fu.
No. 179602 ID: babee0

I would've preferred a good disarming ambush (dis-arming, HAH!) to the Oren maneuver, which is now 0/2.

I'd say disarming him is still our best bet. Targeted shots to the hand or arm to make him drop that weapon.
No. 179718 ID: c71597

See that's why you should have been standing on the other side, doors are a two way weapon.

Well whatever, looks like he has a rather short chopping weapon, so you're going to have range advantage. IF you want to take him alive then I would suggest attacks aimed at the hand holding the weapon, cut off a few fingers and he won't be holding onto it anymore.
No. 179899 ID: f98e0b
File 127431797967.png - (180.21KB , 800x600 , 107.png )

Oren staggers out from behind the door. He's got a new, nasty pain on his chest. He grabs it and his hand feels wet. Looks like the door slammed his own blade into him. The cut's shallow but it hurts like hell.

"What's going on? What's he doing?" says the guy on the other side of the door.

"He's loose and armed," says Trenchcoat, delivering a swing with the flat of the blade that Oren barely stumbles out of the way of. "I've got him. Go get someone! Stall the bitch."
"Should I get someone or stall the bitch?" asks the voice behind the door, as Oren swipes at Trenchcoat's hand.

"Both!" says Trenchcoat, raising his blade and pushing Oren's away. Spirits, he's strong. "Just-shit!"
Oren slides his sword along Trenchcoat's blade and slices his forefinger. He feels his opponent's grip slacken.
No. 179901 ID: 0b2a05

He looks a bit off balance, kick his legs!
No. 179903 ID: a594b9

His grip is messed up? Great, then press your weight against that weakness.
No. 179904 ID: 457db1

kick him in the nuts
No. 179913 ID: b3ee70

We have more honor than that

Kick him over and Swing your SWORD into his nuts...

Much better...
No. 179918 ID: f98e0b
File 127432242222.png - (302.11KB , 800x600 , 108.png )

Oren gives a push to try to tip Trenchcoat offbalance, but every wound in his body screams in protest, and this guy is physically too tough. He lets Oren push him back for a moment, but only into a more balanced position, choking up on the grip while Oren focuses on his bull rush and delivering a swipe to Oren's midsection that sends him jumping back to keep from getting gutted. Oren flails with his leg to kick Trenchcoat in the nuts, but this only serves to throw his balance off more.

The balance, and therefore the advantage, is now on Trenchcoat's side.
No. 179920 ID: f21281

Regain and maintain your balance.

See if you can't communicate with Undertaker a bit clearer now. Some verbal weaponry would work wonders here too.
No. 179921 ID: 1ac39d

back off to regain footing, you are better then him your only problem is you are hurt. you may not even need to win, just distract him long enough for reinforcements.
No. 179922 ID: a594b9

Back away to regain your footing, and use the chair as a terrain advantage.
No. 179928 ID: 8ce2bf

Push his sword to your left, and then jab him in the nose with the hilt of your sword or just your left fist.
No. 179929 ID: e31d52

Your sword is longer.

Become aware of this fact.
No. 179955 ID: 6922af

Right, but a shorter blade means easier parrying and, depending on the weight, speedy strikes. If Oren wasn't bruised all over then he might have the speed to use his range to his advantage, but I don't think that's going to be a powerful asset in this situation if the enemy can push in after a big swing.

Since he's stronger there's no point in trying to overpower him. Make some space, put him between the chair and yourself. Don't go for big swipes as they'll leave you open, easier to throw off balance, and more likely to get gutted. Use small motions as precise as you can manage. You don't want to draw this out, so make him make a mistake by forcing him to come to you.
No. 180038 ID: 0fc814

He's reacting to a low attack, so feint low, then try a wounding slash at his sword-arm.
No. 180171 ID: c71597

Back towards the chair and regain your balance. Once you have a good footing again launch the chair against the asshole and follow up with more cuts against his swordhand. If you get into the contest of streangth block again then headbutt the fucker.
No. 180280 ID: bcf25c


Allow yourself to fall back, stepping away with the back foot. Push against his sword in a two-handed parry.

Shift to only expose your side and then using fencing. Try to keep him at arm's length. Exert yourself as little as possible. No more of this full-on parry nonsense, just deflect or sidestep.
No. 180285 ID: babee0

Being injured gives us a disadvantage and trying for non-lethal shots is going to make that worse. We have the reach advantage, that's deadly with swords.

His thick blade looks like its meant for slashing so we want to take a fencing approach since it would further extend our reach, which is our only real advantage in this fight.

If we can keep our distance we can make quick stabs at his legs to hobble him when he tries to close that distance. If he doesn't try to close the distance we can try to make disarming strikes.

And you or may not be aware but the femoral artery is on the inner thigh. A cut could be potentially fatal within a few minutes due to blood loss.

Don't lose focus on defense, but a stab about an inch deep on the inner side about a quarter of the way up the thigh should cause him to bleed out.
No. 180383 ID: 0f9dad

More or less, we hurt the other dude's sword hand. He's probably not swinging as hard now.

It is entirely ok to force the issue even if he's stronger, because that wound is just going to become more and more fucked up until he's feeling extreme pain.

I am completely ok with just trying to ignore the guy and get through the door and find out what's up.

Or we could McSorley the guy.
No. 180474 ID: f98e0b
File 127441126242.png - (406.37KB , 800x600 , 109.png )

Oren pulls back and braces himself against the chair as Trenchcoat advances. He uses his blade's reach to keep him at a distance, feinting toward his legs then swiping upward and forcing Trenchcoat a step or two backward. Trenchcoat grasps for his sword hand but Oren avoids.
Advantage is now tipped slightly in Oren's favor. He notes the cut he scored on Trenchcoat's hand is widening.

"Sit the fuck down, Loper," says Trenchcoat as they trade blows and he tries to close the distance. "Your deputy wants to talk to you and she's got a knife on my friend's neck. Let's talk about this."
No. 180490 ID: a594b9

"How about we talk and fight? Who are you guys?"

Strike a few strong blows at him, making him parry and thus hurting his hand further.
No. 180492 ID: e3f578

"You know, how about I just get outside myself out of here and shout for her to let 'em go? I'll be damned if I'm going to be part of a hostage transfer. I'm a man of the law and ordering to you drop your weapon and desist!"
No. 180493 ID: 534601

"Yeah right, so YOU can get me as a hostage? No thanks. Back off, and we'll talk."
No. 180517 ID: 0b2a05

Tell him it's not going to happen. Your middle is wounded, but his wound affects his grip. Keep braced and hammer relentless attacks on him, watch for tripping.
No. 180541 ID: 0fc814

"How about you start by backing the fuck away? Then we'll talk."

If he backs away, run out the door.
No. 180560 ID: bf0d4e

Sure, drop your weapon first.
No. 180615 ID: 4c09fe

Well our opponent just shot himself in the foot. If Squires is here and has the other guy at knifepoint then the situation is in our favour.

Get behind the chair and try to kick it into his knees. If he stumbles then sidestep and hit his less protected left side.
No. 180720 ID: c71597

Tell him to drop the weapon and kick it into a corner and then you can talk.

While saying that get a good grip on the chair and prepare to throw it at him the second he does something except for throwing down his weapon.
No. 180844 ID: dd3074

Tell him to drop his weapon if he wants to talk.

Point out that you are a lawman an won't strike an unarmed opponent.
No. 180995 ID: f98e0b
File 127448807573.png - (327.80KB , 800x600 , 110.png )

"You wanna talk?" asks Oren, still fencing Trenchcoat away while circling around and putting the chair between them. "Drop your weapon and slide it into the corner. That's an order from a sheriff of the Authority."
"Ain't never been much for taking orders," says Trenchcoat, trying to sweep in the middle and open up Oren's chest even further.
"Shame," says Oren, catapulting the chair into his face.

Trenchcoat stumbles back and throws his arm over his face to shield himself. He's disoriented and open. Advantage is now overwhelmingly Oren's.
No. 180996 ID: 0b2a05

He has a sword.

It really really sucks to lose your hand, but medical science is very good nowadays I hear, and this guy is almost certainly one of the ones responsible for your predicament.

Make it so he doesn't have a sword anymore.
No. 181001 ID: c71597

Sword to his sword hand. If you feel like being nice then just cut off his fingers. But if you feel like playing it safe then take off the entire hand.
No. 181002 ID: 86905f

I second this motion. I´d aim for the upper arm or lower arm instead, lower chance of ripping the entire thing out, and just as damaging.

Seriously, severing his hand out is just overkill. No matter how many sorcerers are there to put him back together.

... hey, what do you guys think about attacking at his lower leg? Would disable him allright.
No. 181003 ID: 701a19

Greater chance of a bleed out, and it doesn't prevent him from using a weapon.
No. 181006 ID: 72cd90

Seconding a strike at his hand, it'll disarm him quite effectively. No need to put effort into cutting it off but if he loses some fingers or his whole hand, oh well.
No. 181023 ID: f98e0b
File 127449046583.png - (241.01KB , 800x600 , 111.png )

There's a slicing sound, then a cream, then a crack, then a thump as something lands on the floor.

"Fuck. ow. Spirits spirits spirits fuck. Where is my hand." says Trenchcoat.

"Reckon it's mine, now," says Oren. "Want it back?"
"Fuck you," says Trenchcoat.

"Gimme your name. First and last," says Oren.
"Snake Danyon," says Snake.
"Real name."
"Leslie Danyon," says Leslie. Oren snorts. "Ha ha. Girl's name. Very funny. Fuck you. Shit, this hurts."

""Mr. Danyon, you are under arrest for the attempted murder of myself, Oren Loper, Authority sheriff, 'round a minute or two ago. Be advised at this time that any effort to resist arrest, perjure, or mislead will cause loss of some or all of the proceeding rights granted under the Authority Charter," says Oren. "These include the right to Personal Privacy and Safety, the right to Self or Peer Representation..."
"I've heard it before," says Leslie (heh), binding his stump as best he can with his sleeve. "Yes, I understand. Reckon all the reinforcements coming to kick your ass won't, Loper."
No. 181025 ID: e75a2f

No. 181026 ID: 701a19

Take his weapon and make him lead you to Nessie at point of a sword.
No. 181027 ID: 0b2a05

Don't kill him. Maybe knock him out and tie him up though, you don't want someone else in the way. There was a phone! You must get to the phone! After incapacitating him of course.
No. 181029 ID: 1ac39d

tie him up with his own clothes and use some left overs on your own wounds.
No. 181030 ID: e3f578

"I'm Oren Loper. I could take on a goddamn army with no shirt and bare hands."
No. 181109 ID: f98e0b
File 127450459490.png - (166.56KB , 800x600 , 112.png )

"I can take them," says Oren, gingerly touching his chest. It's starting to sting now that the adrenaline's wearing off. His fingers come away slick and sticky with blood.
"You barely managed to beat me," says Leslie.
"No talking," says Oren. He takes the blade and the trenchcoat, which he rips to bandage his wounds then puts on to cover himself up a bit more. It's heavy and it smells vaguely like cigarette smoke, but it's comfortable and thick enough to stop a sword if it's weak enough. He sticks the point of his longsword into Leslie's back. "Take me to the Deputy."

As they walk, Leslie says, "Becker was with me. He'll be back with more guys, you know that? Ever fought a mage?"
"No talking," says Oren, resisting the urge to laugh at him. He's feeling giddy from his victory, as well as from the knowledge Squires is still alive.
"This is the place," mutters Leslie as they reach a wooden door. "She's got one of us at knifepoint. Get him killed and I'll-" he glances at the half-naked wild man with a blade pointed at the small of his back. "Don't get him killed."

"I hear you out there," says Nessie's voice beyond the door. "I want to talk to Oren Loper, okay? If he's dead just tell me. My hand's getting a little shaky at Jim's neck."
"She's got a knife!" someone else says.
"I think we've already established that like five hundred goddamn times, Jimmy," says Nessie. "They are aware that I have a knife. Get me Loper, you creeps, or I give him mouth number two across his neck."
No. 181111 ID: 701a19

Walk until she can see you before you say anything. We don't want her to get distracted.
Anything goes wrong, skewer this guy.
No. 181113 ID: 3afd1f

Tell her you've got a hostage of your own. Say you want to take these guys alive, and how she wants this to proceed so she knows it's really you in charge.
No. 181114 ID: 1ac39d

have leslie open the door and have him stay facing his group while you back towards nessie
No. 181121 ID: 8bdb6a

Announce that you have a hostage. Get within a line of sight of Nessie.
No. 181133 ID: f95872

"Hey Nessie guess what? I have a knife too!"
No. 181134 ID: 2bbc4f

Um guys? The one being coerced into helping with a hostage isn't really the best person to be used as a hostage against them.

Think, what advantage do we have? We're both expected, but we aren't supposed to be up and armed. I suggest having him open the door and then we immediately kick him into the room as a distraction, and start kicking ass.
No. 181140 ID: 710b93

"What? You've already got a hostage? NOW what am I supposed to do with this present I got ya?"
No. 181153 ID: f95872

Yeah, that's better than mine.
No. 181219 ID: c71597

Sounds appropriate.
No. 181221 ID: e31d52

No. 181426 ID: f98e0b
File 127457326638.png - (226.46KB , 800x600 , 113.png )

"Hell, Nessie," says Oren. "You've already got a hostage? What am I supposed to do with this present I got you?"
There's a silence on the other side of the door. Then the lock tumbler clicks and Squires pokes her head out.

"You look like him and you sound like him, but I'd say there's a fifty-fifty chance you're just an illusion from that mage they've got skulking around." she says. "Prove you're you."
"That nick on your ear is from when we fought that one-eyed mage's clay goons," says Oren. "When you were fifteen I had to talk you out of getting a conch shell tattooed on your arm, and your favorite Gorebuckets song is 'Fire in the Lingerie Department'."
Squires' eyes widen. "Oren. Thank the spirits you're in one piece." She takes a closer look at his wounds. "Well, uh, for the most part."
"Hey, Deputy." he says. "I'm fine. It's not as painful as it looks. We've got a bunch more thugs on the way."

"What should we do? Want to come in?," says Squires. "This door's sturdy and it's got a good lock It's just me and Jimmy right now."
"She's got a knife!"
"Jimmy I swear to the spirits I will kill you just to shut you up."
No. 181430 ID: 701a19

If it's two of them and two thugs, then head outside and stealcommandeer their rides.
No. 181431 ID: 3afd1f

"Well, we kinda need to get the Oculus back."
No. 181459 ID: 2eac65

Don't say it like that. Nobody is supposed to know you have that.

We should tell her that the mage helped us escape.
No. 181464 ID: 8704fc

Whatever you choose to do, add this: "Ahh, and it's ridiculously unlikely, but turnabout's fair play, so can you prove you're you? Just so's that I don't get tricked into giving away some recipe for secret sauce or whatever."
No. 181467 ID: c71597

Hand her the machete and check out her hiding place.
No. 181468 ID: e3f578

Say "Yo, kid, you know where my lucky marble is at? IT'S BEEN HANDED DOWN BY THE LOPER LINE FOR GENERATIONS!" Flex your muscles for Nessie.
No. 181471 ID: c71597

There are two different mages here though. The two eyed one could be an illusionsit as well.
No. 181483 ID: f98e0b
File 127457856774.png - (301.10KB , 800x600 , 114.png )

"Prove you're Nessie, now," says Oren.
"Your favorite place to lick is right above the notch on my ear," says Nessie. "Or. You know. The obvious. Get in here."

Oren steps into the room. There's a guy handcuffed to a chair facing away from the door who he can only assume is Jim. "Just go ahead and put your friend somewhere," says Squires. "I've got another pair of handcuffs Jimmy had on him."
Oren looks over at her. "Your clothes are
torn. They didn't do anything, did they?"
"They were actually surprisingly professional about it all," says Squires. "Turns out not all gangs of armed men are perverts. Who'd of thought? I just needed to blindfold Jimmy and tie his feet together. They didn't take my shirt or anything like they did to you. Not that I'm complaining. Mrowr. I like the open trenchcoat look for you."
"How'd you get out?"
"I did the whole 'damsel in distress' thing to see if they'd get handsy, then when that didn't work I told Jimmy I had an eyelash that I needed him to get for me and when he leaned in I headbutted him in the face," says Squires. "You?"
"This swordwielding kid mage on their alienation saved me," says Oren. "I don't know what the fuck that was about or where she is. I think she's invisible now."
"So there's a ninja sorceress in here with us," says Squires. "Interesting."

"We could take their rides," says Oren.
"No dice," says Squires. "We're smack in the middle of nowhere and they have no cars or anything."

"We're periodically relieved and we make sure there's never an escape," says Leslie. "just in case something like this happens. You can sit and wait and let everyone else get here you or you can try to brave the wastes, sheriff. Wonder which one would kill you faster."

"No talking," says Oren, pressing his longsword hard into Leslie's back. "Well before we do anything we have to get back the, ah, thing we need to look after."
"Thing?" says Squires. "Oh. Yeah. The red thing. We could look around the place, figure out where exactly the fuck we are. Unless, of course, the murderous cutthroats turn up first."
No. 181484 ID: c71597

Sounds like it's time to put the pressure on Jim. Start asking him some hard questions. He seems alot more likely to crack than Leslie, hell you can probably get Jim to start talking without getting nasty.
No. 181485 ID: f21281

Maybe we should, y'know, find out who sent them and why.
No. 181490 ID: 701a19

Don't forget you've got a dream-buddy going for help.
Find out when their backup is getting here, then call undertaker back and see how long it'll be before help arrives. If A is less than B, have him ask Orpheo if he can help you find the Oculus and/or get out of there.
If that's a no-go then threaten to kill these two and have sex with Nessie on top of their corpses. If they can't offer any advice, then go ahead and do it minus the 'sex-on-corpses' part. Following that, gather supplies and head out into the wastes to give your backup more time.

Actually, Oren, how about you check to see if Dahlia is still around? She MUST have some kind of transportation, after all.

Worst case scenario? Steal their fridge, some boards, bricks, and other crap, head out into the wastes, build a shelter underground for you and Nessie someplace where the ground won't show it, and wait for help. After stealing food and water and burning this place to the ground, obviously.
No. 181494 ID: 8ce2bf

So they leave you half-naked while Nessie stays fully clothed? Oren I think these armed men are in fact perverts. Just not for Nessie. Look questioningly at Leslie and ask why he took off your shirt.
No. 181497 ID: 3afd1f

I say we stick with not killing them, unless we have a very good reason to. They called Nessie a terrorist earlier. What's up with that?

I wish we had some way of locking these guys in here so their backup can't rescue them. Probably better to just keep using them as hostages though.
No. 181498 ID: 45be60

...did you.. his arms... behind his.. How do you handcuff a man with no hand?
No. 181518 ID: f98e0b
File 127458288515.png - (319.92KB , 800x600 , 115.png )

Didn't cuff him. Oren's just holding him at swordpoint.
"Okay. Time for answers. Question number one. Why did you take my shirt and where is it?"
"Wasn't much of a shirt left," says Leslie. "When we pulled you out of the car all that was really there was rags. You took the brunt of the blast, seems like. Plus, you know, we had to cut some of it away to treat the wounds..."
"And Kim wanted a better look at your abs," giggles Jim.
"Shut up, Jimmy." says Leslie.
"So Oren gets oggled but you guys don't think of doing it to me?" says Squires. "I am strangely offended."
"Don't worry, hon." says Oren. "If I were a thug I'd strip you down and have my way with you right there."
"Thanks, babe," says Squires.

"Question two. Who sent you, and why?"
"We're highwaymen for hire," says Leslie. "Raid the traffic to Anchorturn every now and then, take some goods, maybe take a job to take some prisoners or a ransom or something occasionally. That's what this was. Some guy wanted you and he hired us to get you. We don't ask names in this business. it discourages customers."
"You seem awful eager to tell us all this," says Oren.
"I'm tryin' to live long enough to get me a hook," says Leslie.
"When's the backup due, then?" says Oren.
"Becker just needs to walk out of range of the cell phone jammer, put in a call, and get them here," says Leslie. "I'd wager 'round half an hour. You can try running, but we have no rides, no food, and no water here for you in here. All that gets delivered to the outpost hourly, and it'll be delivered right along with a bunch of trained killers. You're stuck, Loper."
No. 181527 ID: 3afd1f

Alright, ask where your stuff is. We want all our stuff back. ALL of it.

The guy still has one good hand so handcuff that to the other guy's handcuffs.
No. 181541 ID: f95872

We need to do something that will allow us to take out a bunch of trained killers. Then we take their rides. The only question is what we do.

I don't suppose there's a mangonel around here?
No. 181545 ID: dd3074

Yeah, we are going to need our bow for whats coming.

I'd say some traps are in order, but we don't know anything about where we are. If we are going to look around Leslie will be a liability. Knocking him out would be an excellent move.
No. 181654 ID: 55e935

If it takes their boys a half hour to get here, that means civilization is less than a day away. Even without food and water, you could brave that.
No. 181656 ID: 1ac39d

depends how fast they are going and what they are driving. like a hovercraft going 200 miles an hour.
No. 181750 ID: c71597

Sounds like it's time to set up barricades and traps, lots and lots of traps.

So handcuff Leslies remaining hand to one of his legs and lop it around so he's stuck in Jims cuffs as well. After that's done it's exploring time, look up the best spots for placing traps and what trapmaking tools that are availible.
No. 181885 ID: f98e0b
File 127464412842.png - (358.28KB , 800x600 , 116.png )

Oren demands their stuff, and Leslie replies that their weapons were all placed in the armory.

He cuffs them to each other, the furniture, and pretty much whatever else he can, and then he and Squires scout the building out.

There's four entrances, a western, eastern, and southern one, as well as a garage up in the northeastern corner. The doors inside and out all have locks on them, and are sturdy enough, but can be removed by Oren or Squires given a screwdriver and two minutes. They can be relocated then, or used to barricade other doors and increase their strength.

The entrance is bare except for a coat rack with a couple jackets on it.

The front room has a heavy looking metal table that Oren and Squires can work together to drag somewhere given three minutes.

There's a raised guard tower with openings to shoot down all around the house, and raised parapets for cover.

The Briefing Room is filled with about sixteen metal folding chairs and a projector with a slide-down screen set up in front.

The Garage has a workbench with screwdrivers, power tools, a hefty sledgehammer that can be used to knock holes in walls given five minutes.
There's also three oil drums. Each one can, given five minutes, be used to make a siege cauldron to dump off the tower or a flaming arrow stand. Or given one minute a barrel can create an oil slick that Oren can set fire to with an arrow. There's enough oil in each barrel to create two small slicks (which can cover the entrance of a door or a hallway) or one large slick (which can turn a room into an inferno).

The cells have no furniture or features but the chairs Oren and Squires were sitting in.

The armory contains eleven axes, six spears, four daggers, eight maces, five bows, twelve swords, two breastplates, three leather jackets, and a full suit of armor. There's also about two hundred feet of rope and enough planks of wood to barricade three doors or windows. The shelves themselves are too large to be moved out the door.

The only other room is the rec room, containing a pool table with billiards and cues, and a wooden desk. Oren finds the oculus inside it and pockets it.

There's two of them who can work to prepare (or run). Leslie maintains they only have half an hour.
No. 181889 ID: c71597

Ok lets start off by raiding the armoury for anything good. If you find multiple crossbows then load them and give them to Nessie, that way she can put down some fairly rapid fire without having to reload.

Then start barricading the doors into the area that has the briefing room and guard tower. Set up some oil slicks outside at likely places where they will park or approach the building. Then rig up some achilles tendon cutting traps in various places of the house.

Once they arrive Oren shoots whoever looks the most competent with an arrow as soon as they get out of their cars. Then light up some oil slicks, hopefully getting some of them when they're in the middle of the oil.
No. 181896 ID: 0b2a05

Wait, how MANY are expected?
No. 181903 ID: f98e0b
File 127464673699.png - (311.34KB , 800x600 , 117.png )

"How many of them?" asks Oren, keeping the blade inches from Leslie's face.
"You're not gonna kill me, Loper." says Leslie. "That's not how you oper-"
"'Bout fifteen, sixteen if you count the mage," says Jimmy conversationally.
"Fucking spirits, Jimmy."
No. 181905 ID: 3afd1f

Don't barricade any entrances. Put oil slicks at all the entrances to make them unable to just run out if they want to. Put a cauldron overlooking the hallway just past the western entrance. Set up a fire-arrow spot up there too.

Barricade the door to the guard tower using the metal table. Bring up the rope to the tower. When all the dudes come rushing in the western entrance, dump the oil behind them and light it. Then kill the guy guarding the car, use the rope to climb down the tower, steal their car, and GTFO.
No. 181906 ID: 0b2a05

How large are the spaces underneath the doors?

You could barricade one and dump oil under it, then light it.
No. 181911 ID: 701a19

Recall Undertaker if you can.
"Leslie, you're a damned idiot. We're under martial law, and you're damn far into the war acts. Help or I'll vivisect you. How are they equipped? Armor, ranged weapons, melee, whatever. What's the mage's specialty?"

Lets use Jimmy as bait. Have him lead them into the briefing room so they think things are ok, then steal their transport.
No. 181912 ID: 3afd1f

...how exactly is Jimmy going to lead them into the briefing room without us there to encourage him? If we ARE there, how exactly are we going to remain unseen? We can't use these guys to trick them without exposing ourselves. I mean, I doubt these two are close enough to lie to the others in order to keep the other hostage alive from perceived danger.

Also, how are we in martial law, and why would martial law even apply to local police forces, rather than the army? Granted there are a few laws Oren could bend to give him legal right to kill these punks because of the war but that's not how he operates, just like the guy said. It's not that he can't, it's just that he doesn't.
No. 181916 ID: f95872

Trusting them to act as we expect is a bad idea.

Where is the entrance to the guard tower? How are our firing angles?

Ideally, it would be cool to barricade each entrance, and put an oil slick so that when they tried to get in, we lit them up, and forced them to either charge through fire to bust the doors open, or wait outside for the fire to die down while we shoot at them. We could maintain that position until some made it outside. We could fight some in the tower, but we should prepare for an escape if the threaten to overwhelm us. I'm thinking our flaming arrow bucket could be tipped over, and we could have a rope out a window to go sliding down. Then we could jack their transports while they were busy being on fire, or we could hunt them out and arrest everybody, depending on which appears to be more viable.
No. 181933 ID: 620bfb

I say we go the dorf fort route and have one accessible entrance, trapped to all hell.
No. 181951 ID: 55e935


We're doing this the clever way.

Barricade the house's inner doors, leave the entrances open. Set fire to the place so that it's already smoky as shit. Wait in the guard tower for the hombres to arrive and take care not to be seen.

When they arrive, make note of the direction they come from and wait on the opposite side of the building. When you hear their vehicle stop, they'll have a burning building to look around in for you guys and their boys with a ton of barricaded doors on the inside. Meanwhile, you'll run around to their vehicle, kill whoever's left protecting it, and high tail out.
No. 181953 ID: 55e935

Oh, and they DO have to go into the building. Their target is the oculus, so they need to look for it.
No. 182069 ID: f98e0b
File 127466782088.png - (379.86KB , 800x600 , 118.png )

There’s three different approaches Oren can think of from the suggestions so far. Nessie provides the names.
In the first, Oren and Nessie hole up in the watch tower, barricading heavily the doors inside. They use bows and flaming arrows to keep the attackers at bay, and use boiling oil and slicks to discourage anyone who gets to the door. If they’re overwhelmed, they’ll rope to the ground and try to make off with a ride.
No. 182070 ID: f98e0b
File 127466784156.png - (380.44KB , 800x600 , 119.png )

In the second, they hide outside and set fire to the entire building, barricading every entrance inside and forcing their enemies to look for them in a smoke-filled, dangerous area. While they’re distracted, they kill the guards at the vehicles and make off with one. Leslie and Jimmy will just have to fend for themselves.
No. 182071 ID: f98e0b
File 127466785662.png - (373.69KB , 800x600 , 120.png )

In the third, they use barricades to funnel their opponents down a kill-corridor, filled with gas, tripwire traps (Oren reckons he can rig up a simple footslicer given some experimentation), and barricades. Hopefully that combined with their killing power will be enough to finish off any attackers.

These plans are all he’s got for the moment. If you can think of anything else, let him know.
No. 182074 ID: 3afd1f

That one was supposed to have the oil slicks inside the building. The whole plan is to get them in, searching for us and possibly trying to break down the barricade on the watch tower. Then once everyone is inside (preferably all of them about to storm the tower) we cut off the west exit then skedaddle.

It will take a long time for them to move through the building to get to the exits while we escape.

Additionally we could put some more oil slicks in and around the hallway next to the tower so that they really can't leave in a hurry.

Also, I would modify the 'burning down the house' plan so that the two hostages have a good chance of escaping. Like, put them somewhere that they can easily yell out for help, but it will take some time for the killers to get them from behind the barricade.

I like the killing corridor plan too!
No. 182099 ID: f95872

No it's not. That one is my plan. The point is to pick them off while they're outside. Once they get a way in, they'll all come in and then it should progress as you say. If only one or two come in and more stay outside for some reason, then that's still to our advantage, because we can take out the two inside (hopefully) and then shoot at those outside until they decide they're tired of being sitting ducks. The flaw is that they could decide "fuck this, we'll starve 'em out" and essentially siege us. But honestly, if they choose to not directly engage us, that fucks any of these plans.

This one takes the least time, I believe, so we might be able to set up a few hazards inside as in >>182071, to our advantage. Tripwires and barricades are ideal, since I believe we're out of oil, but if we do have some to spare, a little bit would not go amiss. There are some good ideas there, though it feels to me like the weakest idea overall.

This one is theoretically good, but there's just too many ways that it could go wrong.

Now for the thing we're not accounting for: The mage. Hopefully Doll will handle that. They're both unknown quantities, so there's not much we can do there.
No. 182121 ID: 55e935

I amend "Burning Down the House" as was suggested.
We don't let the two prisoners in on our plan and put the in a room with windows. (If we put them in the tower, it will be too obvious that it's a trap.) Leave the windows slightly open so their shouts will escape and set the fire in their room first so that they genuinely fear dying.

If we have extra time, try put the pool table up against the door in that room. Those things are ridiculously heavy.

And don't let Lesie think we found the oculus! Pretend we couldn't find it!

Last, but most important of all: warn the Undertaker that there's a mage coming and tell him to get into his head as soon as possible. Do something- anything to screw him up.
No. 182223 ID: 45be60

Undertaker is back yet? Haven't heard from him since we sent him for help.

I really like plan 2, because it accounts for a method of escape that does not require engaging in a prolonged fight to disable or kill nearly all of the attacking forces. And it has the advantage of being the unexpected tactic. They will come in here expecting a trap, and to find us holed up in a defensible position. A little encouragement along those lines, and we can totally blindside them.
No. 182234 ID: c71597

I like plan 3, got a sweet name and everything. As well as dealing with the opposition on the spot. I think it's a safer bet than trusting cold hearted criminal scum to go into a burning building to save two morons that couldn't even keep two tied up and knocked out people prisoners.
No. 182300 ID: a576f0

I need to point out one thing that should be amended to any plan. We need to take out the mage before they are aware of us. This might be very difficult.
No. 182353 ID: 55e935

It's a firm bet that they'll be willing to go in after the oculus, though.
No. 182354 ID: f95872

Easy enough from the watchtower, just shoot him first. We'll have time to line our shot up, so we're unlikely to miss.

Tough with Burn Down the House, because we have no idea where he'll be, and seeing as there's not exactly a lot of good hiding places in a a desert, everyone will know where we are as soon as we move to do something. We'd be better off not fucking around and just getting the hell out of there, in that plan.

In Highway to Hell, it's impossible.

Not really. If I were them, I'd wait until it burned down, then just comb through the ashes in roughly the right spot. It wouldn't even be that much trouble, since they know where it's supposed to be. Like I said, there's just too many ways for that plan to go wrong.
No. 182361 ID: 8bdb6a

Holing up in the guard tower seems the best. Setting fire to the place is second best, so you should combine those.

Fortify yourselves up there, then when people gather around, set the oil you've poured on fire with arrows and set the place alight, then head through the escape route to the vehicle in the confusion.

Laying some traps couldn't hurt, as long as you have sufficient time and memorize their locations. But only if you do have the time. Focus on the guard tower and the escape route.
No. 182394 ID: f67bb2

Plan 3 sounds good to me. Every good fortress has an entrance for the enemy to attack through.
No. 182395 ID: 1ac39d

would have to agree, kill corridor is go.
No. 182402 ID: d1210a

Well, I would say your best bet of survival is number 2, if you have the stomach for it. As has been mentioned, it has the benefit of you being able to rely on attackers expecting a fortified holdout to draw them into the very trap you lay for them, the fire trap.

While that much death may seem a bit extreme, do consider that trenchcoat DID try to kill you just a bit ago.
No. 182462 ID: 701a19

As a mitigator, you could hog-tie and gag Jimmy, and put him where you can use him as a human shield while heading for the vehicles. He's moderately safer there than in the building, after all.

Not voicing my opinion one way or the other, just providing additional choices.
No. 182480 ID: 716eb0

Our primary concern here has to be our own survival and escape. On this basis, the plan that has the least interaction with the enemy has the advantage. That sounds to me like plan two, though there is greater danger if something goes wrong, because we would be exposed.
No. 182497 ID: f98e0b
File 127475234792.png - (194.05KB , 800x600 , 121.png )

Oren and Squires are Burning Down the House.
They relocate the prisoners to a room with plenty of windows for them to call for help or bail out of, just in case, then spread gas all over the building and barricade the doors.

"What are you doing out there?" calls Leslie. "What's that smell? Is that gas?"
"Nope. Ripped one," lies Squires, pounding the last nail into the door.

"Okay, so we could just wait outside the house and light it up when they're inside...
or we could go up in the guard tower," she says, turning back to him. "We could snipe from up there, maybe take out the mage and some guards, then set the building on fire when we're ready."
"Except then we'd be in the fire," says Oren.
"Pansy," says Squires. "What's a little fire to the goddamn Authority? We can climb down on the rope."

Oren considers. He needs to decide whether to fight in the tower first ((as Test suggested)) or just wait outside ((the original plan)), as well as figure out what they're going to arm themselves with. Their weapons are of superior make to the bandits', but that armor looks mighty tempting. Oren only had a mace and his bow and Squires had her customary sword-and-board and ill-fitting breastplate. There are more options here.
No. 182499 ID: a594b9

Fight in the tower first. The mage is your primary target.

Get armor. Best stuff you feel comfortable with. Also, rig some weapons as booby traps scattered around the place.
No. 182505 ID: 8bdb6a

Fighting in a house you're setting on fire is awesome and ballsy and they'll never expect it. So, go for the tower.

Go for some armor. Make sure you're both armed with quality ranged weapons (with incendiary ammunition) in addition to melee weapons. If there's stuff like grenades or flashbangs around, go for that, too, if you can carry all that shit.

...and if there's obvious stuff like magical healing potions or invisibility crystals or something, definitely use those.
No. 182543 ID: b3ee70

You're good with a bow. You get in the tower and take out the prime targets (priority: those guarding transportation, magi, longbowers/snipers/ranged infantry)

Squires can use said time to rig a simple fuse trap (string, lighter, more string). Infantry gets in, pulls a tripwire, causes lighter to open and light fuse of toilet paper or something. Fuse lights extra gas, which lights more gas which sets place on fire when most infantry are in.

Of course, you leave when squires sets up the trap.
No. 182563 ID: f95872

Use the tower. That will keep them from staying outside, probably, and there's a lot less ways for shit to go wrong.

Armor is cool. On the other hand, Oren's looking pretty badass right now. It's a matter of climbing out of a burning building in sooty armor, or jumping out of a burning building bare-chested and with a trenchcoat flapping behind you. Sure, armor would be the most practical solution, but it wouldn't be the coolest.

Nessie should wear armor for sure though, she just looks like a kid in a T-shirt right now.
No. 182592 ID: c71597

Go for the tower, and get some armour and decent equipment, maybe a nice crossbow for squires.
No. 182973 ID: f98e0b
File 127482463982.png - (674.21KB , 1600x600 , 122.png )

Oren and Nessie scrounge the armory, and she grabs the heavy armor. What it lacks in showing off her figure it more than makes up for in protection.
Oren grabs a leather vest and throws it on under the trenchcoat. Chafes a bit, but he'll live.
They grab a compact, nasty-looking little crossbow for Nessie and climb up to the tower. Oren's got fifteen arrows and five incendiaries. Nessie's got twenty bolts but has no incendiaries (she doesn't trust her aim enough).

They wait for four minutes before the first car pulls up, rapidly followed by three more. One opens its door and two men step out. There's a guy in leather armor with a heavy sword slung to his back, and a tall one in a high-collared robe. They stand in front of the building and survey it.
"Don't see any armor or weapons on beanpole," says Nessie, pulling back on the string and loading a bolt. "That could be our mage."
No. 182979 ID: c71597

They're probably not expecting an ambush so it might be the real mage. Take Nessies crossbow, stay as low and out of sight as you can and then ventilate his skull.
No. 182984 ID: 1ac39d

have a second shot ready to fire as fast as possible though. guy could have a simple displacement spell going that makes him appear 2 feet to the left of where he really is.
No. 182988 ID: 8bdb6a

Try and snipe the mage.
No. 182989 ID: a576f0

As true as it is that he's dressed for the part, you didn't point out only one eye, or a mask. He's either an apprentice or a decoy (or a thug with terrible fashion sense).

I say we wait for a few more of them to get out of the car, but take the shot against him if it looks we will lose the shot.

I'm glad Oren's so good with that bow. I think we are about to find out how good.

Oh, and if the cloaked fellow IS wearing a mask or has one eye, and it just wasn't mentioned, obviously we should take the shot.
No. 182991 ID: c71597

There are mages with two eyes. It's mainly the Arcanapolis mages that are cyclops and have an occulus.
No. 182992 ID: a594b9

The mage won't be a cyclops. We're dealing with a regular ol' two-eyed mage here.

But yeah if he's a Dream mage then he's probably not actually standing there.

Why don't we wait a moment to see who else comes out?
No. 183021 ID: f98e0b
File 127483000729.png - (751.53KB , 1600x600 , 124.png )

Oren tells Nessie to be ready with another shot at Cloak if he doesn't drop him. He lets fly.

Cloak jumps in surprise, cussing, and throws his arm up. The arrow slows in its flight, adjusts itself, and whips past him. He stumbles backward. "Fuck! I think that came from the tower!"
"Wh-" says his friend with the sword, then grunts as Nessie's bolt hits him in the left arm, raking off his armor but cutting his arm open. "Spirits, I'm hit. Backup!"
Oren ducks back behind the parapet. Squires joins him, diving back into cover with a clank of armor, and does a little celebratory fistpump. He can hear car doors opening all around them.
No. 183022 ID: c71597

Randomely change positions and keep firing at the make. Keep an eye out for any changes on him.
No. 183026 ID: e75a2f

Circle strafe.
No. 183028 ID: a594b9

Watch out for return fire from the mage. Evokers can throw force bolts.
No. 183036 ID: f95872

So shoot the fuckers. It's pretty straightforward.
No. 183041 ID: a594b9

Maybe we should just fire at random targets to try to catch someone off guard.
No. 183109 ID: f98e0b
File 127483945259.png - (683.63KB , 1600x600 , 125.png )

"Shoot at whoever," says Oren. "Erratically. Surprise them. The mage is mine. On up, onetwothreeup"

They both stand. Oren lets another arrow fly at the mage, sending him reeling to defend. He fires a bolt of force at Oren, but it shatters against the parapet next to him.

Squires lets fly with a bolt as an arrow splinters against her armor's heavy pauldron. She barely flinches.
They dive back beneath the parapet as more arrows bounce off the walls. "This thing is a fucking tin can." says Nessie. "I love it."
She peers up over the side of the wall. "Got mine," she says. "He's on the ground. Didja get spooky?"
"No," says Oren, knocking another arrow. "He's got this thing he keeps doing to the arrows."
"That's two me, you zip then," says Squires as she snaps the string back into position and fumbles for another bolt.
"We're not counting."
"You're not counting."

There are still more men arriving. The ones south have been given pause by their fallen comrade, but over East they're nearing the door. That spiritsdamned mage is slinging spells to force Oren's head down.
No. 183111 ID: a594b9

Focus fire on the mage.

Also, it's strange... there aren't as many hitmen here as we were told.
No. 183112 ID: f21281

Is the mage near one of the cars?

If so, Incendiary to the car. Blow that thing up.
No. 183117 ID: ad2a4f

We'd need to somehow hit the car's gas can -- or at least, the en`trance to it. I know that works with guns, but I have my doubts about working with crossbows. If they have enough punch...

Maybe we can try to aim low, get the arrow on the floor? Nah...

We really need explosive bolts.
No. 183153 ID: e67080

Agree to shoot the incendiary at the vehicle and see if that works.
No. 183157 ID: 1ac39d

no guys, that is dumb. double shoot the mage, he can't do two spells at once he isn't dio.
No. 183189 ID: 55e935

That's right. Non-illusionist. Go for it. Then torch the damn building and break for it.
No. 183192 ID: e3f578

"I'm still winning at the groping game at least. Two to one."
No. 183198 ID: 701a19

No, it does not work. With guns OR crossbows.
No. 183219 ID: 45be60

Of course it does. what action movies have YOU been watching?
No. 183230 ID: ad2a4f

Both of you! Fire at the mage, now! Let's see if he can knock down two arrows at the same time!
No. 183348 ID: a576f0

Well, on the upside there's only about 8 of them so far, which is much better than the 16 mentioned.

Of course, more might be coming.

The people on the east side are going to get inside. At the point we get maybe three more shots before we have to light the place up. Maybe less. I think nessie should finish off the one close to the door on the south and then concentrate fire on the eastern ones, starting with both of you firing on the mage (one high shot, one low shot).
No. 183370 ID: 701a19

Sounds like a plan.
No. 183469 ID: f98e0b
File 127490697451.png - (599.26KB , 1600x600 , 126.png )

"Winning the groping game," says Oren.
Nessie snorts, and sneaks another look over the parapet. "Count, hold on, four-no, five new bandits. I think they got inside East."
"Okay," says Oren. "See if you can't take one of them down South then snap another one at the mage quick. Just enough to get him distracted so I can actually hit the motherfucker."

Squires lays the crossbow on the parapet and fires. There's immediately two arrows in response, but one clatters off the wall and the other rebounds with a ping off her armor.
"I think maybe I hit his leg," she says, winching the next bolt in. "but now they're at the door, Sheriff. They're almost inside down south. Mage now?"
"Mage now. Onetwothreeup"
They let loose at the mage, who fires off a blast of force, reflects one bolt, and takes the other right in the gut.

Oren's hit right in the face by the magic. If he'd been standing at less of an angle it would have snapped his neck. As it is he gets a tooth knocked out of his mouth. Don't matter. The mage is down.
No. 183472 ID: f95872

Damn. That was a good tooth.
No. 183474 ID: 407b5b

At this point it may be a good idea to go down into the building as there is no chance they don't have the tower covered anymore.
No. 183476 ID: 8bdb6a

Displace downward. Shoot at dudes as the opportunity arises.

Then you can set the place on fire and make a rush for the vehicles, hopefully.
No. 183490 ID: f95872

We can't break away through the bottom. We need them to com inside the building first, then use the rope like we planned.

With this in mind, we should shoot when it's viable to do so, but give the general appearance of being pinned and unwilling to get shot, so that they'll find entering the building to be the most viable option.
No. 183493 ID: a576f0

We can't climb down yet, as we have to assume there are more archers firing at the tower. The mage being down is a good start though.

I hope that blast didn't give you a concussion. We need you aiming straight.

Tactically our next targets are their archers, but this is where it gets difficult. They are going to be inside before we can fire another volley. The barricades on the door will slow them down but we have no idea how long, and we need to light the place up before they get through.

My suggestion is to have nessie take one more shot at the people on the south door and head down to light the place up, while Oren uses his sharpshooting skills to take out anyone armed with a ranged weapon. The Nessie rejoins him, they fire a few more volleys at anyone still in the open, and once there's no more obvious targets they climb down the rope.

It should take quite a while for the fire to cause serious structural damage. I'd imagine at least 15-20 minutes before anything became unsound, and more than that for any kind of real collapse.
No. 183645 ID: f98e0b
File 127492555845.png - (165.49KB , 800x600 , 127.png )

Oren will remain on the battlements to duel the archers while Squires heads downstairs to torch the building.

Whose shoulder will we perch on?
No. 183672 ID: a594b9

Are you asking if we want to switch characters?
No. 183681 ID: f98e0b

No. 183694 ID: e973f4

Man, have we ever gotten to hang with Nessie, yet?

Totally going with her, just for the changeup.
No. 183710 ID: a594b9

Sure why not.

Though, Oren should probably take up both the crossbow and bow, and make a habit of shooting both occasionally, from consistent hiding spots. Make it look like both people are still in the tower.
No. 183713 ID: 1ac39d

a bow uses both hands, crossbow uses one.
can fire them back and forth but not at the same time.
No. 183720 ID: a594b9

Wouldn't want to anyway. The whole point is to appear to be two different people.
No. 183723 ID: 5a2e05

I say Nessie.
No. 183735 ID: e67080

Is Dahliah/Doll an option? We need time on her shoulder!
No. 183845 ID: 8bdb6a

No. 184032 ID: c71597

Lets go with Nessie.
No. 184474 ID: f98e0b
File 127508082349.png - (239.73KB , 1600x600 , 128.png )

Nessie Squires grabs a sword and a flaming arrow and clanks downstairs. Her armor is loud, hot and sweaty as hell and ill-fitting to the extreme.
It's awesome. No offense to Oren and his plinky little bow, but this is how you're supposed to fight.
She shoulders open the door at the bottom and walks into the s-shaped hallway. The door she wants is jammed shut, but she can hear someone hammering on the other side. Sounds like they've gotten inside and are in the main hallway, trying to get to the tower.
No. 184497 ID: c71597

Circle around them through the garage and set the fire.
No. 184501 ID: 701a19

Is there a decent sized gap under the door? If so, then shove the flaming arrow through it so the oil they're standing in catches fire.

Also, Oren totally wants to do you up the butt. He also wants you to do him up the butt since he's freaky like that, but it ain't my place to judge.

No good; they're covering all the paths to the garage.
No. 184509 ID: a594b9

Wait quietly behind the barricade, wait for them to punch a hole through (or make one yourself) and throw the arrow through.
No. 184581 ID: f98e0b
File 127509568038.png - (261.38KB , 800x600 , 129.png )

>Oren wants to do you up the butt.
What? Again? Is now really the time to talk about this? Nessie can't really focus on her regular romps in the sack with Sheriff Loper when there's a bunch of hitmen trying to murder them both.

She waits at the door, as quietly as possible in her great tin can, while they try to break it down from the other side, grunting and calling out encouragement. The doorknob starts jiggling, violently. Then it's ripped loose from the door and pushed through. Nessie drops the flaming arrow right in the hole where it once was.

There's a whuph sound from the other side, and a surprised yell.

Then the screaming begins.
No. 184582 ID: 1ac39d

okay sweet.
No. 184588 ID: 8bdb6a

Check the other barricaded doorway. The one that leads to the garage (I think).
No. 184590 ID: a594b9

Poor bastards.

Oh well, it's not like we could really bring them all in to jail or anything. Get back to the tower and help Oren take out the rest of the folk outside.
No. 184598 ID: 7309e8

Laugh, Nessie. Laugh.

Laugh as you have never laughed before.
No. 184603 ID: 701a19

Did you miss the part about wanting you to do him up the butt?
Anyway, they're probably going to try to get in through the garage or the back door. Since we can't say for certain which one, take the ladder up to the roof and crouch down within blade's length of it. When somebody pops their head up, lop it off.
I'd normally suggest clearing the area beyond one of the other doors, but since that involves leaving an open route to Oren that's not really an option.

Oh, by the way, how reliably have you been taking your contraceptive pills?
And have you two started dating openly, or are you keeping your relationship a secret?
No. 184609 ID: f98e0b
File 127509816726.png - (230.05KB , 800x600 , 130.png )

Now is really really not the time, okay.
Nessie is not going to laugh. Nessie is listening to the horrified screams of the men on the other side of the door and smelling what she can't pretend is chicken roasting. She don't feel too good.

It shouldn't have been like this. She's killed folks before with swords and stuff and she's seen blood and viscera and she just came from shooting someone upstairs but not like this. Spirits.

She makes her way to the other doorway as the room heats up, listens at it; nothing on the other side. Someone howls behind her, louder, making her jump. The flames are starting to lick out from under the door. She feels the heat on her face and her armor's starting to sting.

she thinks she realizes she doesn't like fire why is she doing this she has to get out fuck

She makes her way upstairs to go get Oren before the fire spreads too much, getting away from the heat and the screams and the smell spirits the smell.
She runs and she thinks she's gonna throw up. Or cry, or something.
No. 184616 ID: 701a19

Get Oren onto the roof. Avoid the areas over rooms that are on fire while you sneak to the area over the garage.
Once you're there, jump and roll to get to the ground and run for the vehicles. You drive, Oren shoots.
No. 184626 ID: a594b9

We've got the rope for that kind of thing. Let's see what the situation is before we make any plans.

Get up on the tower and start getting the rope ready. Also, shoot them folks.
No. 184629 ID: 701a19

Rope is too slow. A jump-and-roll lets you keep your momentum as you hit the ground.
No. 184651 ID: b3ee70

I have a feeling they're a bit too high to try that. Most people can do it from a max of 3 stories... they're definitely higher than that.
No. 184652 ID: 701a19

That's why I said to get off the tower and on to the single-story roof below them.
No. 184675 ID: f98e0b
File 127510478478.png - (248.67KB , 800x600 , 131.png )

The tower is so high up that even jumping from it onto the roof could easily break a bone. They'd still be falling several stories.

Nessie takes a deep breath and gets back up on top of the tower. "Hey," she says to Oren, who's leaning gingerly against a wall in cover. "How's it going up here?"
"Not so great," says Oren. "They shot me."
"Yep. In the ass."
Nessie snorts. "They hit you in the ass? How did they hit you in the ass?"
"Ricochet. It wasn't all that deep. I'm okay."
"Okay, hell. Those bastards just damaged my property."
"Just help me walk around for a bit 'till I get back on my footing and I'll be fine. I'm good to climb. You alright? Didn't get scorched or anything?"
"'m fine," says Nessie, brightly. "The building's burning. We gotta skedaddle. You ain't bleeding, are you?"
"Nope. I had to staunch the bleeding with one of my pantslegs. Reckon I'll be okay as long as I don't sit down much. Which is unfortunate, since we gotta get a ride." He gestures to the parapet. "Come over here and take a look."
No. 184676 ID: f98e0b
File 127510481617.png - (74.57KB , 800x600 , 132.png )

“There’s cars East and South,” he says. “If we move quiet I think we can take one without alerting the other. South’s only got the one car and one guard, but it’s a pretty long ways away and I don’t trust him not to pull a bow or something if he sees us coming. Think he might have been the guy who shot me.
“East has more cars and guards, but I’ve been keeping their heads down and I don’t think they’ve got any shooters. Don’t exactly know how many of them there are. These are the only guys out here. Everyone else is inside.”
Ugh, don’t remind her. “Which ones did you reckon we go for?” she asks Oren.
((Control has returned to the Sheriff.))
No. 184682 ID: a594b9

I think going for the single car might be wise, as Nessie can just use her shield and superior armor to keep arrows from impacting the meaty parts of either of you. However... where'd that fourth car go?
No. 184685 ID: 701a19

I'm inclined to agree. Plus if you keep your crossbow out you can pop the guy in the face if he tries to get a shot off at you.

Of course, this is AFTER you verify the location of the fourth car, as they might be planning to run you over.
No. 184694 ID: f95872

Are you guys familiar with the idea of covering fire? I don't know how fast you can get shots off with a crossbow. But if you could do that, it'd make East the best bet. Otherwise...

Well, actually, there's no reason the dude to the East couldn't shoot at you if you head South, which makes East probably your best bet all around.
No. 184740 ID: f98e0b
File 127511293475.png - (453.08KB , 1600x600 , 133.png )

South it is.
Oren and Squires climb down as quietly as possible on the far side of the tower from the South guard. Looks like he's angled his ride to directly face the tower. He's lurking somewhere behind it.

Okay. The two cops are both on the ground. Squires is decked out in armor and is armed with the crossbow and a sword. Oren has Doll's blade and his bow. He also has a wound that's hampering his movement speed unless Squires helps him along a bit. Across from them, and about to be taken (hopefully) by surprise is a mook with (possibly) a ranged weapon and Oren's wounded ass on his conscience.

If they take him out, they get the car. How do they go about this?
No. 184748 ID: 701a19

Sneak up. Nessie first to provide a mobile wall, your following.
Keep your bow trained on his head. If he pops up, put an arrow through one of his eyes.
No. 184750 ID: a594b9

Nessie sneaks up in front at speed, Oren follows slowly and aims carefully.

If he detects us then we can shoot/slice him.
No. 184753 ID: 1ac39d

maybe shoot one arrow over the car to make him think we are still in the tower...
No. 184813 ID: c71597

This should work. Also depending on how heavy and large the shield is, Nessie might be able to keep the crossbow leveled at the car while moving forward to make sure he gets an extra nasty suprise if he pops out.
No. 184877 ID: f98e0b
File 127515604313.png - (470.67KB , 1600x600 , 134.png )

Oren and Squires try sneaking, but there's only so much sneaking you can do when you're dressed up in full armor. The guy behind the car sees them fairly quickly, and loosens an arrow in their direction. Oren couterattacks as Squires blocks. His arrow finds its mark in the guard's shoulder.

The guard looks to the advancing lawmen and makes a mad break for it, heading East.
No. 184879 ID: c71597

Can't risk him warning the others when you're so close. Take him down.
No. 184880 ID: 1ac39d

okay, full charge, get in the car and punch it. Nessie drives, Oren leans out the window and shoots any pursuers.
No. 184881 ID: a594b9

Get dat car!

Also try to take the guard out. We don't want him getting backup before we start the car.
No. 184882 ID: f21281
File 127515639963.jpg - (153.39KB , 540x338 , mortal-kombat-finish-him.jpg )

No. 184907 ID: f98e0b
File 127516045197.png - (326.87KB , 800x600 , 135.png )

Oren and Nessie rush to the car as the guard sprints toward the Eastern group, shouting, "They've got a car! Help! Stop them!" Nessie vaults into the driver's seat and Oren shoots an arrow at the guard.
"I'm hit, I can't take them by mys-uh" he says as it punches straight through his chest. Oren hears yelling from the other group, and engines starting up.
"Drivedrivedrivedrivedrive" he says to Nessie.
She floors it.
No. 184909 ID: f98e0b
File 127516062611.png - (97.01KB , 800x600 , 136.png )

It's five minutes before they realize they aren't being followed.
"What gives?" asks Nessie. "Why don't they try to stop us?"
"I don't- oh, horseshit." says Oren, looking at the gas gauge. "Is that enough gas to get us home?"
"That's not enough gas to get us anywhere," says Nessie. "I guess we know what those gas barrels were for now. Fuck."
No. 184910 ID: a594b9

That's okay, we just need to get out of range of the cellphone jammer and call someone to come get us.

...what the hell, where was the cellphone jammer anyway? If we had found that we could've smashed it and called for transportation EARLIER.
No. 184911 ID: 1ac39d

chances are all the cars are like that. head in the direction of the nearest place.
No. 184912 ID: e67080

Get as far as you can in any direction that might be a safer place, considering its going to get hot, make sure to remove the now unnecessary army.
No. 184913 ID: e67080

armor* wow typo
No. 184916 ID: f21281

After some inquiry as to an equivalent vehicle that I/we am/are familiar with, you should be able to make somewhere between 10 and 30 miles before the car will actually give out on you when it's actually on empty.

Granted, that's not enough to get you to the next town, but hey, anything that saves on hoofing it over burning barren wasteland is well worth it.

Drive that sucker until it stops, bro.
No. 184918 ID: a594b9

Any chance we could set the car to run along the road on its own, and just run off the side of the road, covering our tracks? Then they'd follow the car and have no idea where we went.
No. 184959 ID: 701a19

You have a quarter of a tank left. That should be enough to make it most of the way back to town.

Here, let me give you a tip:
Stay on whatever tracks you can find to reduce the energy lost into compressing the dirt.
Accelerate the car to about 50mph,then take it out of gear and let it coast down around 20mph. If the vehicle allows it, cut the engine while you're coasting. Don't even touch the brake.

This is a subset of a collection of techniques known as hypermiling, which are capable of cutting your fuel consumption by as much as 75%. In theory.
In practice you won't get that much, but you'll still get quite a bit more distance out of that tank.
No. 184964 ID: 701a19

Wait, check that. Head to where the 4th car went and find their base. Sneak in under cover of darkness and gas up, steal a skiff if they have one, and then torch their supply.

Alternatively? Turn around and engage in vehicular combat. Kill the drivers, run over anybody who flees, then siphon the gas out of their tanks and light their cars on fire.
THEN off-road your way to their base.
For extra morale damage, stick their weapons into the ground, decapitate the corpses, and mount the heads on them as a warning.
No. 184990 ID: a594b9

Oh shit I just realized..

We're thinking too much on the short term. If we just run, they're going to send more hitmen after us. We have to take the fight to them, and find out who sent them. Then we KICK THEIR ASS.

So turn around and follow their cars' tracks to their main base.
No. 184992 ID: c71597

How about sneaking back to the base at a later time with massive amounts of backup rather than two cops, one of which is rather beat up, in stolen not entirely fitting gear against a base of who knows how many cold blooded criminals. I think that sounds like a much better plan.
No. 185060 ID: b3ee70

this is a little more daring but may work.
Drive back to the area after waiting a while... but in a place they can't see you. They are likely to call backup or leave to chase you, which will net you some extra time to search the ashes of the building for more supplies... hopefully there'll be some gas barrels left behind as they follow in pursuit after said pause for you to stop due to no gas...

then again, you could circle around and get them while they don't expect it.
No. 185353 ID: a576f0

I'd say we killed about 6 or 7, and injured 2 more. That's means we took about half of them. Oren is injured, more fighting is a bad idea.

If I didn't know how incredibly difficult it would be I'd suggest going back and having Nessie drive while Oren pegs anyone guarding the other cars with arrows. We could take down remaining guards, siphon gas out of the other cars, which should give us enough gas to get to safety. It would take a lot of skill to shoot them from a moving car though (though it'd make you incredibly difficult to hit).
No. 185389 ID: f98e0b
File 127524643896.png - (323.95KB , 800x600 , 137.png )

Oren and Squires pull over and hide the car (and themselves) behind a dune overlooking the road.

She climbs up the dune and peeks just over it, using the brown side of her head to camouflage herself more.
"Don't see no cars on the horizon. How long are we gonna wait here?" she asks. "I was thinking we could head back at nightfall and maybe see where the mooks went, or steal some supplies. We need water for hydration, gas to get moving, and food, spirits. I am hungry as balls right now. Aren't you? Oh, and I forgot the pill a couple days ago so we'll want some condoms for the whole glad-to-be-alive sex thing,"
Oren raises an eyebrow.
"Don't look at me like that, Sheriff Casanova," she says. "I happen to know you want to hit this in the ass again."
"How?" he says, deadpan.
"I have my ways."

Oren checks his phone. Looks like the jammer was either destroyed in the fire or they got far enough away. He's got a signal and a battery with a bit of juice in it.
No. 185391 ID: 701a19

You have a few options here.
Call Orpheo and tell him you need either a pickup or Dahlia's phone number so you can regroup and escape.
Call one of your industrialist buddies and call in a favor for an emergency rescue - having Undertaker sent back would help, too.
Call the authority in a nearby town - attempted cop killers aren't looked upon too kindly, and police look out for each other.

Also, remind Nessie that tapping that ass doesn't come with long-term consequences.

So, Oren, I'm curious... What are we, anyway?
No. 185413 ID: a594b9

Allen is probably our best bet. We KNOW he has a skiff, whereas other cops might not.

Orphio would be great but he probably can't assist us directly because we've still got the Oculus and he wants to distance himself from us as much as possible.
No. 185415 ID: c71597

Call Orpheo first and see if he can get there in any way to make sure you stay safe until you can arrange for pick up.

Then call Allen and tell him you're in deep shit and need his help. He should be able to find a way to figure out where you're at, by tracking the signal or something, and he probably has connections that can set up a fast response team that can be there in a matter of hours.
No. 185429 ID: f98e0b
File 127525504033.png - (317.33KB , 800x600 , 138.png )

Oren pulls out Orpheo's card and calls the number on it.
It rings three or four times, then-

"Orpheo Diraiphe, how may I help you," says the voice on the other side.
"Yeah, hey Orpheo. It's Oren and I could really use your-"
"Ah, Diometricus." Orpheo interrupts. "How are you? How goes the alienation?"
"What? No, it's not Dio-"
"Good, good. I'm fine. Listen, Diometricus, I'm in the middle of a meeting with some extremely important people and I can't really talk at the moment so if you want to call me back in around half an hour I'm sure I'll get right back to you. Okay?"
"Okay. Good luck, Diometricus."

Oren stares at his phone for a second, then calls Allen.
It rings for a while then goes to a machine.
"Zis is zer phone of Jhonen Fortword, baby! I can't talk at zer moment, but leave a message and I promise you I vill get back to you faster than you could ever imagine. Ciao!"
No. 185432 ID: e75a2f

Remember the mage girl who saved your ass?

I bet she's with you right now all invisible.
No. 185434 ID: c71597

Leave a message for Allen. Then trust your gut instict and try the numbers 735-8645 and 686-2149 and hope for the best.
No. 185438 ID: a594b9


Try calling another precinct then and see if they have a way to get over here to assist you.
No. 185451 ID: 8bdb6a

I don't suppose there's an emergency number? Try it.

Check the car for food and water and a map.
No. 185461 ID: f98e0b
File 127526021650.png - (191.06KB , 800x600 , 139.png )

The closest precinct besides Oren's own is Blejwas'. Oren is sort of hesitant to contact him. Anyone else would take so long they'd be better off walking to Anchorturn on their own, and that's near suicide out on the wastes with no food.
Oren scrounges in the car for some, but he finds nothing. His stomach complains, loudly.

An emergency number, sure. Any time anyone gets in deep shit they can call 797 and connect instantly with the local Authority station.
Not a lot of good in this situation.

"All-uh, Jhonen. Listen. I need your help. I'm sort of trapped out on the wastes. Don't ask why. Could you maybe send your skiff, ah-" Oren scans the horizon. Nothing but the rising haze of smoke from the burning building in the distance and a black smudge on the horizon that suggests perhaps some kind of boulder or shack. Ain't even any mountains around this part of the wastes.
"Actually, just really out on the wastes, near the main road to Anchorturn? We need your help something bad if you could maybe give us a ride and some armed help. If I figure out any better just where we are I'll call you."

He has no idea who 735-8645 and 686-2149 are. It don't make any sense just punching in random numbers.
No. 185464 ID: e3f578

Call 555-5555, I'm interested into know if anything might help. Also, ask if Undertaker can manage to find a good soul nearby to help us.
No. 185466 ID: a594b9

Drive to the smudge.
No. 185468 ID: 8bdb6a

Turn off the cell to conserve battery and drive to the smudge.
No. 185489 ID: f98e0b
File 127526483228.png - (380.05KB , 800x600 , 140.png )

"So, uh, what do you think?" asks Squires.
"Big," says Oren.
"Yeah, reckon that about covers it," says Squires. "Think anyone still lives inside?"
No. 185492 ID: f98e0b
File 127526508068.png - (344.45KB , 800x600 , 141.png )

"Doubt it," says Oren. "But remember the last time we went poking around spooky old ruins and such?"
"Vividly," says Nessie, scratching the notch in her ear. "What do we do now? Call back Allen and tell him to meet us in Spookytown in the middle of Bugfuck Nowhere?"
"We could go inside," says Oren.
"We could stay out here," says Squires.
No. 185493 ID: c71597

Don't be a faggot. Call Allen again, leave him a message and then go on inside.
No. 185494 ID: a594b9

Of COURSE we're going inside.

And yes, we tell Allen to meet us here.
No. 185497 ID: e973f4

Go for it. Beats standing out in the desert.

And of course notify Allen that you're doing so via phone message. He is in all likelihood your ticket out of here if he bothers to check his messages at any point in time.
No. 185498 ID: 8bdb6a

Walk around the building's perimeter for clues first.
No. 185499 ID: a594b9

That is a good idea.
No. 185506 ID: f98e0b
File 127526754311.png - (116.43KB , 600x800 , 142.png )

One circuit around the building reveals no real clues as to its origin. Seems like no one has been here in a very long time, though.

Oren leaves Allen a message saying where they are, and that they're going to investigate, and then he and Squires walk through the ruined entryway. It feeds into a huge, circular chamber. They stand on the steps and look out into its depths, straining their eyes to make out the murky other side. The air here is cold, and every breath Oren draws goes down chill as a razor to his throat. Smells like desolation in here. Like death. There's a feeling in Oren's gut that bad things happened here once.
The floor is covered in carvings and rubble. The light lancing in from the hole in the ceiing (Nature didn't do that, thinks Oren. Siege weapons did that.) picks them out in sharp relief, and lances individual flecks of dust as they drift through the air. There's a breeze coming from somewhere. Ain't refreshing. More rancid. Clammy. Stale. Like the breath of a stranger standing right behind you. He pulls up the collar of his trenchcoat.
The center of the chamber houses a high stone pillar that's a fair bit more earthy than the rest of the room. There's two doors downstairs.
No. 185509 ID: 8bdb6a

Well, at least it'll take longer to desiccate in here.

Man, these guys are crazy prepared if they can send guards so regularly in cars only good for one way and all that.

Screw this. Let's call Blejwas. He hates you but he's... probably not going to kill you just because he can. His underlings might squeal if they knew he was killing members of law enforcement on personal whim.
No. 185511 ID: a594b9

I don't recognize any of those runes.

Ixnay on the lejwasbay. He probably sent the hitmen. After all, it wasn't the Arkers, and we don't have that many enemies really.

Well, whatever happened here it hasn't been used in a long time. Investigate further, but stay away from the carvings. There's no telling if it's still active or not.
No. 185513 ID: c71597

Go up on top of that pillar with Squires and see if you can get a better picture of the room from there.
No. 185515 ID: f98e0b
File 127526841063.png - (116.34KB , 600x800 , 143.png )

"This place creeps the fuck out of me," says Squires. "I gotta say."
"The hell with this," says Oren, digging for his phone. "I'm calling Blejwas."
"Blejwas? This is fuckface dicklicker douchewaffle Blejwas you speak of?" says Squires. "Why?"
"Maybe he can help us," says Oren. "The existence of crooks as organized as those were so close to his home city has to concern him, at least a little."
"I don't know, Oren," says Squires. "I guess if we don't have any other options..."
No. 185516 ID: f98e0b
File 12752684425.gif - (244.98KB , 600x800 , 144.gif )



The voice is so loud and echoing Squires clamps her hands over her ears
“what the fuck” she screams.
No. 185517 ID: c71597

Oh shit. Bring out your bow and prepare for trouble. Red eyed cyclops on top of the piller.
No. 185518 ID: 8bdb6a

Say "Well, it's either that or hope that this place has a car made of skulls somewhere HOLY SHITBALLS!"
No. 185519 ID: 1ac39d

awwwwww shit. an ark guy. big red one eye. careful, stay calm.
No. 185522 ID: 8bdb6a

Oh hey, you're right.

Also say "Hey, I'm not looking for any trouble, but I got to ask what all this is."
No. 185526 ID: f98e0b
File 127526924247.png - (117.40KB , 600x800 , 145.png )

don't panic?
who's panicking?
oren's not panicking no
"Look uh we're not looking for trouble," he calls, "but what is all this?"
"It is our home. Was." says the voice. "You are trespassing here. I am going to kill you."
"We can just leave," says Squires. "We'll get right off your property, promise."
"That is not why I am going to kill you. Would you like to know the name of the boy you killed?"
No. 185532 ID: 1ac39d

"oh? that guy? you would kill us for being cops? he was performing horrible experiments on people."
No. 185533 ID: c71597

Aw fuck. Ok go back to back and start circling slowly. That way you should be guarding in most directions at the same time. If this guy is an illusionist you really don't want to split up.

Yell out that it was self defense and he was commiting a crime in your jurisdiction.
No. 185537 ID: 0f9dad

Cover ears.
No. 185540 ID: 8bdb6a

Run away!
No. 185542 ID: f98e0b
File 127527045669.gif - (164.73KB , 800x600 , 146.gif )

Oren and Squires go back to back and slowly orbit. His hands are shaking like hell.
"He committed a crime in our jurisdiction and resisted arrest," says Oren. "We're cops. Would you kill us for doing our jobs?"
"shitshitshitshitshit" Squires is muttering behind him. "shitshitshitshit"
"He had such promise. Such astounding promise. I was fiercely proud of him. You have struck down what was worth a thousand times more than you, through sheer luck. Luck will not save you from me. He was my apprentice, Loper, and I was his mentor, and I failed him. I am going to take revenge on you."
No. 185544 ID: c71597

Aim a bit to the left and unleash the arrow alongside with a kick towards the nuts.
No. 185545 ID: a594b9

Shoot him in the eye! That's a bit left and up of where you're aiming!
No. 185547 ID: 8bdb6a

Run away!
No. 185548 ID: 6164e0

And what if I could learn even more than he, reach even greater heights?

...You DO have a supermage type gem there, from that wacko mage earlier, if he thinks you don't have enough mojo.

Yes, I know, drastic, but.... Dude, this guy seems more than a bit out of your league, so whatever will keep you alive is worth considering. And learning magic from him COULD prove useful on resolving your mage issues, what with the extra firepower.

Just a thought.
No. 185550 ID: f98e0b
File 127527144411.png - (54.61KB , 800x600 , 146.png )

Oren lets an arrow fly and hears a low grunt.
He sees it sink into invisible flesh and quiver in midair. Then it's gone.
No. 185551 ID: f98e0b
File 127527149964.png - (65.57KB , 800x600 , 147.png )

"Did you get him?" asks Squires.

"I th
No. 185552 ID: f98e0b
File 127527153856.gif - (523.09KB , 800x600 , 148.gif )

ink tha-"

No. 185553 ID: 0f9dad

I have the feeling we didn't get him.

Get the fuck outta there, unless we can start seeing him.

In the process of getting out of there, ARROWS IN EVERY DIRECTION
No. 185554 ID: 8bdb6a

Drop bow, draw knife, put knife in big red eye.
No. 185555 ID: e973f4

knife knife knife knife knife go go now now
No. 185557 ID: c71597

Headbutt that eye with all of your might and get out a knife if you have one. If not then grapple the bastard down on the floor and yell out for Nessie to stab the fuck.
No. 185558 ID: a594b9

Why aren't we dead yet?

He should have killed us by now.

Are we dealing with a poser?
No. 185561 ID: f98e0b
File 127527248789.png - (133.32KB , 800x600 , 149.png )

Oren reaches for his knife but it is not there
nessie, he says, do you have my knife? but nessie does not reply she just looks at him and then she starts to sob and she's crying blood as the skin peels from her skull and her body melts away beneath her, the breasts he has cupped and the hips he has run his hands along puddling on the floor in murky ooze and her eyes just stare
until they crack and hatch and they are eggs giving birth to snakes that crawl toward him but they are the two dead boys from the farm and the blood is running down their faces and the air is gnashing teeth and eyes red big eyes staring at him EYES and the boys are asking him why? why did we die and why did you kill us? what did we do? why were we chosen to be killed and have our futures taken for a glorified thesis? but they are
they are blejwas looming above him saying not so tough now, huh cowboy? huh countryside cunt? not so strong now but it's not blejwas either it's his father who has come home again from a long night out at the bar, drinking, and oren can smell the drink on his breath, and mom is in the other room crying and oren knows she's been hit again, dad's been hitting mom, and he's crying too he can't stop and dad's staring at him, grabbing him, saying "look at me kid stop crying i have a headache stop fucking crying shut up kate shut up in there or i'm going in there again stop crying oren be strong oren look at me [i]look at me LOOK AT ME YOU LITTLE PUKE
No. 185562 ID: f98e0b
File 127527251834.png - (78.29KB , 800x600 , 150.png )

oren is nothing
oren is no one
No. 185563 ID: a594b9

No. 185564 ID: e973f4


Oren are you there

You can't give up now
No. 185565 ID: 1ac39d

oren... remember that you were just fighting a mage. you are waist deep in an illusion.
No. 185566 ID: 70b00c

Godamn Illusionists... fuckeing wiff our dreams! I hate illusionists! Don't fight fair, never fight fair. It's never really there.
No. 185569 ID: f98e0b
File 127527309769.png - (72.24KB , 800x600 , 151.png )

Hey, guys.
It's good to finally look you in the face.

I guess it's over, now. We had a good run, all things considered. At least we went out fighting, right?
No. 185571 ID: f21281

You are fighting an Illusionist. They deal with altering your perceptions of reality, mucking with your dreams.

We have a Dreamfolk living inside our head.

I think we're on even ground here.

Say it with me, Loper.




No. 185572 ID: c71597

Fuck that mindfuckery bullshit. You're motherfucking Oren Loper, badass sheriff and upholder of the law. What was in the past is the fucking past. That shit doesn't matter anymore, what matters is that Nessies needs you back right now. So get your shit together and claw your way out of this shitty fucking illusion or mindfuckery or whatever and show that mage fuck who is the sheriff.
No. 185573 ID: a594b9

Are you kidding me? You're not dead. C'mon. Don't give up. You're just pushed deep into your own mind. Get up. DO IT.
No. 185574 ID: 1ac39d

you aren't dead, illusion guy is just fucking with you.
No. 185576 ID: e973f4

It's dark in here. Look for a light.

No. 185577 ID: 8bdb6a

Yeah. I think we did pretty alright. I can't think of anything we could've done much differently. No reasonable way to predict the cars wouldn't have had enough gas for a round trip, and lugging gas cans around just in case would be asking for trouble.

Probably shouldn't have entered the building. Ah well.
No. 185578 ID: f98e0b
File 127527343950.png - (77.04KB , 800x600 , 152.png )

Yeah, okay, so I'm not dead yet. But it's just a matter of time. The mage is probably killing me as we speak, or maybe Nessie.
I don't know. I can't really think about it. It hurts to think. It hurts real bad. It's safer here. It hurts outside. It's quiet here.
Here, I'll make us a cake. Poof. There it is.
No. 185580 ID: 1ac39d

oh? so you have power of this dream? then wake up.

P.S. the cake is a lie.
No. 185581 ID: f21281

Oren, if you can make a -cake-, what's stopping you from making something else?

Like, say, a giant cannon of doom.
No. 185583 ID: e973f4

This is probably an oddly metaphysical experience, huh?

Make a floodlight. Shine it at that back wall. It's awfully dark in here, you know.
No. 185588 ID: 70b00c

Dammit Oren you're a natural seer you know this right? You've even acquired a dream familiar so who is this mage to judge you less worthy than some pissant student of his who couldn't even take on a backwater town with the power amplification of an occulus!

You can't just lie down and accept the prison of your own mind! If it hurts to think then don't think... FEEL! Feel the anger... the indignation the wrath let it flow outward and cleanse your body of this weakness and shadow.
No. 185590 ID: a594b9


You gonna run from pain? You want peace and quiet? WELL YOU WON'T GET THAT FROM US!

99 bottles of beer on the wall
99 bottles of beer
take one down pass it around
98 bottles of beer on the wall
98 bottles of beer on the wall
98 bottles of beer
take one down pass it around
97 bottles of beer on the wall
97 bottles of beer on the wall
97 bottles of beer
take one down pass it around
96 bottles of beer on the wall
96 bottles of beer on the wall
96 bottles of beer
take one down pass it around
95 bottles of beer on the wall
No. 185591 ID: 8bdb6a

Maybe you could make a door and walk out of it.
No. 185594 ID: 5a2e05

It hurts out there? IT'S SAFER IN HERE? Oren Loper, you are to man up this instant. Nessie is out there. You know what'd make it safe? Taking down that mage and saving her. Are you a man? Are you a sheriff? That cake is a lie, and a safe life isn't worth living. Man the fuck up. It's hero time.

Hey Undertaker, you there?
No. 185598 ID: f98e0b
File 127527422589.png - (71.55KB , 800x600 , 153.png )

Fine, you want a light? There. There's what's waiting outside. What's waiting for me. Wave hi.

Stop it, guys. Jeez. Stop.
What, what'll happen even if we get out of this, if we miraculously take down this big spooky mage? I've made too many enemies. Too many people who want me dead. I am tired of fighting, okay? We're done. It is over.
So stop. Fuck. I've been pushed around by all these people who think I'm just a hick with a two-gilt badge. Don't you guys in my own damn mind start on me.
My head hurts. Stop it.
No. 185601 ID: 8bdb6a

>What, what'll happen even if we get out of this, if we miraculously take down this big spooky mage?
You could drink his blood.
No. 185603 ID: a594b9

Well that's your problem right there.

Better shoot that thar eye, Loper. Don't want it staring at your privates. You've got no clothes, Loper. He's staring. Staring at you with that eye.

Makes you wanna... just poke it with a big stick. A pointy, sharp stick. With a bomb in it. So that it explodes too.
No. 185604 ID: e973f4

I guess that is a legitimate thing to not want to see.

But, Oren...


... what about Nessie?
No. 185605 ID: 1ac39d

make a bow, shoot the eye.
No. 185607 ID: f21281

Then prove them wrong. Prove to them that you're more than just a backwater hick with a gun and a shiny metal star on your jacket.

You've already prove you can make things wherever you are here. What's stopping you from making a weapon, and stabbing that eye that's staring at you, huh? What's stopping you from making a door that lets you leave this place?

What's stopping you from doing anything you put your mind to?
No. 185609 ID: 35cea2

You don't really believe that. You've never ever thought like that before.

That's not you thinking here.

You're strong. It is vital that you remember that now.
No. 185619 ID: f98e0b
File 127527499655.png - (74.80KB , 800x600 , 154.png )

What's stopping me? What do you mean, what's stopping me? I'M stopping me.
This is my decision. It's what I've decided. It's over. I don't want it to continue. No more controlling Mr. Loper for anyone. For you. My mind, my decision, and I just want to...stop...stop it, okay?
Shit, my head is aching. Stop.
I don't want to think about hitting the eye I don't want to think about Nessie I don't want to think about aiming a bow or sword techniques or fighting any more I don't want to think. Why can't you understand that? Why can't you fucking leave me alone and let me have this?
No. 185620 ID: a594b9

he said 'don't stop fighting me' in case anyone is absolutely fucking blind

We will torment you for the rest of your miserable existence if you don't WAKE UP NOW AND KILL THAT FUCKING REDEYE ARKER.
No. 185621 ID: 6164e0

So then....

Don't think about.

Just DO it.

You love nessie, you love living, you couldn't stop yourself from fighting to the last even if you tried. See, right now, the only reason your head hurts is because you are running away from yourself, Oren. Thinking hurts because it makes you remember you aren't doing what should be done. No matter how small you may feel now, no matter how hopeless it looks, there is one thing that nullifies ALL OF IT.

No. 185622 ID: 1ac39d

just shoot the eye. seriously, do it. do it now!
No. 185623 ID: 70b00c

So what if your a small town boy, liven in a lonely world? We won't stop believen'!~
No. 185624 ID: e973f4

Oren I know you said you don't want to talk to us, but the most qualified guy we've gotten the chance to ask about what we are was the Undertaker, and he said he thought we were you. "The little voices everyone has that speak to them occasionally and guide them," he said. For what it's worth.

And let you have what?

What do you have, now?

What will you have left, if you give up now?

No. 185626 ID: 8bdb6a

Throw cake at eye.
No. 185627 ID: 5a2e05

There's also a 'you think' there in italics, but that one I'm not sure is a message

Then don't do it for yourself. If this is you, you're not worth doing it for. Do it for everyone else. You are the sheriff. You are the law. People need you. You have a partner. You have a lover. Nessie needs you. Don't do this for you, do it for them. Be stronger than this.
No. 185630 ID: 0b2a05

Oren this is not what you want, you only THINK you want it because some son of a bitch that is hurting you and Nessie is making you think that. There IS a way to fight back, and that way is to THROW OFF THESE FAKE FEELINGS AND SHOOT THE FUCKING THING IN ITS SINGLE GIANT STUPID EYE!
No. 185635 ID: a6a765
File 127527600655.png - (4.78KB , 800x600 , lkasksdk.png )

No. 185639 ID: f98e0b
File 127527630012.png - (89.54KB , 800x600 , 155.png )

I don't-
But that's what being dead is for! It's for forgetting all the people who count on me and all my stupid fucking responsibilities and the tiny paycheck that comes with it and even NESSIE, and how she needs me right now. And how she grins at me whenever she's screwing around with me so her teeth show. And how she's always plinking that guitar and I don't ask her to stop because she's actually getting pretty darn good at it and she throws stuff at me when I tell her to stop anyway. And how once she was practicing shield blocking on the spinning dummy and I played a practical joke on her, snuck up behind it and spun it faster and went BOO and it clocked her right in the forehead, knocked her on her ass, and I ran up thinking she'd yell or she'd get all quiet and mad and she just took a deep breath and started laughing her head off, that husky laugh of hers and I couldn't help but join in. And how she feels on the inside when she's bucking on top of me and she leans down and whispers in my ear that
Dammit. Dammit! Shut up! I don't want to care! I am done! I swear to the spirits I will kill you, kill myself, just be DONE with it!
No. 185643 ID: 1ac39d

now that is a bold face lie. if you didn't care would you be going on about how much you love her. shoot that god damn arrow at the god damn eyeball.
No. 185645 ID: 0b2a05


No. 185646 ID: 34470e

No. 185647 ID: a594b9

Oren. Don't you want to do Nessie in the butt?

We know you do. You can't do her in the butt if you've got RED EYE watching.

You don't want to disappoint Orpheo do you? He let you keep the oculus. He trusted you. You have to protect it. It's IMPORTANT, Oren.

So go on and shoot it. SHOOT THE EYE. Draw the arrow. Notch it in the string. Pull the arrow back. Line up your shot. Then let go. Watch the arrow fly. Watch it destroy your enemy.
No. 185648 ID: e973f4

I don't think you've got the guts.

You hick with a two-gilt badge.

In fact, I dare you. I double dare you, motherfucker.
No. 185649 ID: a6a765
File 127527684058.png - (33.48KB , 800x600 , lskalfjak.png )

No. 185653 ID: 70b00c

You can't kill us! You are a mere plaything, a bauble in our incalculably vast games of fate...

You will do as we command becasue despite what you may want, despite what you may believe, despite what you may feel... we want what is best for you.
No. 185657 ID: e3f578

Man, but those responsibilities get you sick pussy, man. You get to tap Nessie's ass as long as you keep on living. You're Oren Loper, just ride it out, lone star. You'll get a nice quiet retirement one day and it will be grand. Peace, dawg? Come on, YOU KEEP THE PEACE! Oren, you are the peacemaker.

Ass is waiting for you, Loper. You just have to reach out... and grab it. Let's be two points ahead of Nessie tonight. Grab DAT ASS
No. 185660 ID: e31d52

I know all these other voices are gonna try to insult you, try to give you long speeches and whatnot, but I'm gonna ask you...

Are you a man of your word?
No. 185661 ID: 5a2e05

There's a shape in the background near Oren. Is that Nessie?
No. 185662 ID: f98e0b
File 127527758427.gif - (104.07KB , 800x600 , 160.gif )



Aw, the hell with it.
No. 185664 ID: a594b9

Now... WAKE UP!
No. 185666 ID: f21281

(Nah, that's just leftover from the sitting Oren image)
No. 185667 ID: e973f4

Now! An opportunity arises!
No. 185669 ID: e3f578

Oh, well I guess its a bit late to sing "I can't live without you". Shame, because that probably woulda worked real good.
No. 185670 ID: 8bdb6a

Always remember: Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.
No. 185684 ID: f98e0b
File 127527958711.gif - (416.38KB , 800x600 , 161.gif )

No. 185686 ID: f98e0b
File 127527969956.png - (256.05KB , 1000x600 , 162.png )

"NO" howls the mage, firing blindly, desperately. The bolt catches Oren in the shoulder, spinning him round and sending him flying. "Sharpened sticks cannot kill me! They WILL not kill me!"
No. 185692 ID: f98e0b
File 127527985948.png - (121.39KB , 600x800 , 163.png )

Oren tries to get his footing, realizes there's no ground beneath him, and falls off the pillar of stone in the center of the room. He manages to turn his fall into a sliding descent, ending up battered and bruised, but safe, at the bottom. The mage up top starts firing beams of force anywhere and everywhere, knocking great holes in the chamber with his blind rage.
"Oren!" calls Nessie from the staircase, which nets her a beam shot wildly in her direction. She sidesteps it and it shatters the doorway behind her.
No. 185695 ID: a594b9

Let's get the fuck out of here!

No. 185696 ID: 2a421d

Exit, stage.... that-a-way!
No. 185698 ID: 1ac39d

start moving towards the door and make hand signs at nessie to evac.
No. 185699 ID: 8bdb6a

Gesture for Nessie to get out of here, displace, and shoot this asshole in the head again.
No. 185700 ID: e973f4

Exit stage the fuck out of here!

No. 185702 ID: 701a19

Peg this guy in the neck from the doorway.
Or, if you have a knife, sneak up on him and slit his throat - he's fighting blind, after all, and Orpheo WILL come if you text him saying "DEAD ARKER OCULII. GET YOUR ASS HERE.".
No. 185704 ID: 63a8b5

Ventilate the guy's braincase some more.
No. 185710 ID: a594b9

If we contact Orpheo we should probably not use a text. I mean, that's usually stored in the phone and also other people could be looking over his shoulder.
No. 185714 ID: 07fd71

has... has it been half an hour yet?
No. 185725 ID: f98e0b
File 127528450423.png - (250.44KB , 800x600 , 164.png )

Oren gesticulates wildly toward the door, dashing toward there himself. He turns around for a moment and sinks yet another arrow into the mage, who grunts and fires off another beam at were Oren is standing. He has to dive out of the way.
"You think you've won? I'll tear this entire building down on all of us!"
No. 185727 ID: f98e0b
File 127528459255.png - (250.65KB , 800x600 , 165.png )

A man in a red cloak with a heavy iron helmet steps out of the air next to the mage. "Oy. Spooky."
No. 185728 ID: f98e0b
File 127528463818.png - (182.43KB , 800x600 , 166.png )

No. 185731 ID: 1ac39d

i'll take it that that is an ally mage. remark on his timing.
No. 185734 ID: e3f578

Reply "Boosh to the Woosh"
No. 185736 ID: 63a8b5

No. 185738 ID: 1ac39d

maybe it will count as a group effort so you still get some.
No. 185743 ID: a594b9

We tagged him first. It counts as our kill.

Tell him to make sure the tough bastard is really dead! Then thank him for the assist.
No. 185749 ID: 8bdb6a

"He'd better be dead. There isn't enough paperwork in the world for how under arrest he is."

Then fall over.
No. 185760 ID: e75a2f

No. 185771 ID: a576f0

Ah, Oren. You should stop, sit down, and reflect on the fact that once again, you have triumphed over impossible odds with nothing more than superficial injury.

You are making quite the habit of this. I'd also say you deserve a week or two off.
No. 185772 ID: e75a2f

That's right.

Nobody fucks with the Brolice.
No. 185779 ID: c71597

Looks like Orpheo was able to send some back up. Or maybe they were just looking for this wizard anyway. Either case thank your rescuer.
No. 185796 ID: e973f4

Stick one fist in the air and shout "Woooooo."

Especially if you're currently on the floor from diving out of the way.
No. 185819 ID: f98e0b
File 127531641733.gif - (103.34KB , 600x800 , 167.gif )

The petite illusionist from before, Doll, pops into existence next to the red cloaked mage.
"Teh hessr an trabja grint," she says, kicking the ashes of the spook.
"Djeah," says the Red cloak. "Ille explodra com an firecracker."
They proceed to perform an elaborate handshake/brofist on top of the spire. Oren sticks a fist in the air and goes, "Whoo!", then sits down heavily, muttering, "There is going to be so much fucking paperwork to do about all this."
Nessie giggles. "I'd offer to do it all, but, uh, you know me."
His phone buzzes. It's a text message, from Allen.
>got msg holy balls getting over there now ill look for big black ruin place be there asap

Doll looks over to where the buzz came from and waves.
No. 185820 ID: c71597

Just chill and wait for Allen to get there. Figuring out who those goons were that kidnapped you and where their base was can wait. Right now you have earned some rest.
No. 185823 ID: e973f4

Wave back. :B

And yeah, besides that, just hang out until your friend Allen shows up with a ride out of here. You can sort through the paperwork later. Like, way later.
No. 185828 ID: 8bdb6a

Talk to these new guys. Figure out what the fuck is going on.

You've still got the oculus, right?

Well, I guess you've got two, now.
No. 185846 ID: f98e0b
File 127532141159.png - (243.00KB , 800x600 , 168.png )

Oren scoops up the oculus from the body of the mage, now little more than a fading greasy smear on the pillar.
"Uh, hi," he says, going to sit with the red cloaked mage, who has taken off his helmet and is swigging from a canteen. He's a cyclops too, with a piercing, blank green eye. His speckled color and prominent (for a vidder) mouth put Oren in mind of the Waan, which is weird because there hasn't been a Waani in Eldefolk/Furlesian lands for years, ever since they got near wiped out by Furlaia. "What exactly is going on here?"
"Verrah sorrah," says the mage. "Ah dun spikk Elde." He points to himself. "Pyramus."
"It's cool," says Oren. "I'm Oren."
"Nessie," says Squires.
"Good morning," says Pyramus, despite the fact that night is beginning to fall. He extends the canteen and sloshes it around. Oren takes it and has a long drink. It's some of the best water he's ever had. They pass it around for a bit.

"What's going on," says Doll, examining the runes on the ground, "is that an Arker Archmage looking for revenge for his apprentice stalked and tried to kill you. You handled yourself pretty excellent, all things considered. These runes are weird. They look pretty archaic. Hold on, I'm gonna text a great ritualist I know." She sits down and starts tapping away on her phone.
No. 185849 ID: 1ac39d

.... awww shit, everyone out of the magic circle, NOW! sitting in one of those is a bad idea.
No. 185858 ID: e3f578

Tell her the voices say hello and that the ritualist would know, whatever that means. I don't know if it actually would work or you'd actually do it out of fear of being called crazy.
No. 185864 ID: f98e0b
File 127532414742.png - (117.04KB , 600x800 , 169.png )

Yeah, Oren's not going to do that.

Oren raises the point, and everyone hurries out of the magic circle. Then Doll's phone buzzes with the rtualist's return message. She flips it open, reads for a second, then gasps. She sprints back onto the circle.
"What did he say? What's going on?" asks Nessie.
"The runes are of a portal, of opening," says Doll, scrambling around on the circle. "which means that somewhere around here is a portal, a, a door to something," She's getting excited. "And that rune is the dead city of Hardai also known as the second city also known as Eos which means...aha. Here we are." She presses her hand against the stone in a rune on the circle and mutters something.
No. 185865 ID: 701a19

"Uh, should we be sitting on this thing? He did bring me here for the kill..."

He probably is a Wann. He's a cyclops after all, and they can go where they damn well please.
No. 185866 ID: f98e0b
File 127532428255.png - (212.04KB , 800x600 , 170.png )

There is a loud rumbling sound and the pyramid on the circle rises up from the floor, becoming a three-dimensional block of stone. An opening flowers out of its center. "Which means," says Doll, "that we have just discovered a two thousand year old suburb of one of the lost cities of the Arkanopolitans. Hello, Alienation Project."
No. 185867 ID: e973f4

No. 185868 ID: e3f578

"Shame I didn't bring my camera."
No. 185870 ID: 701a19

Should she be opening a portal to a dead city?
Also, Eos is a goddess of the dawn, who is also known by the name Aurora.
No. 185871 ID: 8bdb6a

Say, "Well. Y'sure we should have the door sitting open like that? With mister death mage having found it first, and all that."

Point out that you're beat up enough to be a Bruce Willis character.
No. 185876 ID: 701a19

"Congratulations. So, you're going to stay here and investigate it?"
Also, hand her back her sword.
No. 185878 ID: c71597

Give her back her sword and then rest your weary head in Nessies lap. Tell them to wake you up when Allen gets there or if anything interesting happens. Then sleep.
No. 185879 ID: f98e0b
File 127532602863.png - (117.03KB , 600x800 , 171.png )

"Do you think you should be keeping that open if it's a dead city and all?" says Oren.

Doll presses her hand to the door and mutters something else. It sinks back into the ground.
She walks over. "Well, I mean it is a dead city as the name implies, but you're right. Better safe than sorry." She extends a hand. "I'm Dahlia zu Veltkrick."
"Oren Loper," says Oren. That's funny. She shares a surname with the zer Veltkrick crime syndicate. Coincidence, probably. They ain't mages, as far as Oren knows. Certainly not cyclopes.
"Congratulations, Dahlia. Good luck exploring the place," he says, handing her back her sword. "Sorry I didn't bring a camera."
"It's not a problem. Dio would probably have freaked out, but..." she pauses in contemplation. "Never mind."

There's an audible hiss outside, the sound of sand being crushed.
"Sounds like our ride is here," says Nessie.
No. 185880 ID: c71597

Be careful in checking it out. Might not be who you expect.
No. 185881 ID: 754d8d

show some care on your way out.. maybe send some cameras and stuff back here when yer safe again.
No. 185882 ID: 754d8d

If it IS a rescue party let them know that the mages here are FRIENDLY and not the ones that tried to kill you.
No. 185884 ID: 1ac39d

good plan for response check, have dalia make an illusion of you walk out. if they shoot it then it's bad dudes.
No. 185891 ID: f98e0b
File 127532933031.png - (247.41KB , 800x600 , 172.png )

Oren and Nessie creep outside as the sun sinks lower. There's a skiff parked in front of the temple, and several men with crossbows. At their front is Allen Arbock, wielding a heavy cleaver, which he drops as soon as Oren steps out into the light.
"Oren! By the spirits, I was petrified! Absolutely petrified!"
He grabs them both in a great bearhug.
"Can't really breathe there, Allen," says Oren.
"Right. Sorry. Hah." says Allen, letting up. "Didn't really know my own strength. And Miss Squires! Ravishing as always, I see."
"Hey, Allen," says Nessie. "Thanks for the lift."
"We are getting you two out of this dreadful desert," says Allen. "Augh, it's terrible. I've got sand absolutely everywhere already. Come on aboard and we'll get you back home in style. What do you want, dinner? I can have the chef whip up anything you want. A bed for yourselves?" He sniffs the air and takes a look at them. "Some clean clothes or a bath? The skiff's fully outfitted."
No. 185894 ID: 1ac39d

D: all of the above. also, pray that that mage didn't have a mentor of his own.
you thinking about coming back here and checking out these ruins?
No. 185896 ID: c71597

Bath, dinner and a room for you and Nessie sounds pretty good right now.
No. 185900 ID: 701a19

Meh, Dahlia might have a parent in it. Not that it matters, since she saved your asses and seems to be legit.
"Some help getting the people behind this would be nice, but I'd settle for a bath and clean clothes."
No. 185919 ID: f98e0b
File 127533479739.png - (408.98KB , 800x600 , 173.png )

Oren takes the longest, best damn shower he has ever taken in his life.
No. 185920 ID: f98e0b
File 127533482153.png - (196.95KB , 800x600 , 174.png )

Then he goes to the food cabinet with Nessie, and Allen sits down an entire damn pig’s worth of ribs in front of them and demands they tell him everything. Which they do, minus the mages and the oculus.
“You’re saying there’s a pack of highwaymen operating freely on the roads to Anchorturn?” says Allen when they’ve finished. “And they’re bold enough to capture two officers of the Authority?”
“Well, there were, anyway,” says Oren. “Plenty of them are sort of crispy-fried now.”
Nessie grimaces and pushes the rest of her plate away.
“Sorry, Deputy.”
“It’s fine, sheriff,” she says. “I- eugh. I think I learned I don’t like fire today.”
Well.” says Allen. “I’m going straight to the authority with this and demanding an investigation into it. And if they refuse, which given Blejwas is entirely possible, I’ll just have to deal with it myself. Where did you want to be dropped off, by the way? Back home at Hearthback will take until morning to get to, but there are rooms on the sleeper car. Anchorturn’s a bit closer."
No. 185921 ID: a594b9

We were taking Joseph to Anchorturn.

No. 185930 ID: c71597

Go on back home. You and Nessie can have some private time in the sleeper cars.
No. 185932 ID: 5a2e05

Good catch there, I forgot all about it.
No. 185934 ID: a594b9

We need to find Joseph... if he got away from the hitmen he might be in Anchorturn.

Where the hell is the Undertaker anyway?
No. 185998 ID: a594b9

Hey you. Vote for one of the choices properly.
No. 186006 ID: 5a2e05

Fine, check Anchorturn I guess for some reason.
No. 186072 ID: e973f4

Based on past experience, I would guess "still hiding in case we run into another mage."
No. 186118 ID: f98e0b
File 127535530927.png - (167.81KB , 800x600 , 175.png )

"We'll go ahead to Anchorturn," says Oren. "See if we can't find Joseph there. It's where I'd run to if I was him."
"Right," says Allen. "I'll set a course. We still won't get there until, I'd say, around five in the morning. So we'll just take the scenic route and give you two time to sleep off the day's events and, uh, catch up with each other. I'll bunk up front and ensure you aren't disturbed. Night!" He stands up and starts to walk out, then doubles back and grabs the last two ribs. "No sense letting these go to waste. Ciao." He shuts the door quietly behind him.

Oren and Nessie are alone. They take advantage of the fact almost instantly. After about a minute, Nessie's lips leave his. "Shall we relocate this meeting of the Hearthback Authority to the bedroom, Sheriff Loper?" she asks.
"Motion passed, Deputy," says Oren. "Have you considered what I suggested earlier?"
"Hmm? Oh. Fine, Oren, I give permission for exploration of Lands Further South. On one critical condition. Backrub first."
No. 186119 ID: f98e0b
File 127535534211.png - (365.08KB , 800x600 , 1.png )

“Mmm.” says Nessie. “Lower.”
Oren obliges. “So what’d you think about the mages? The ones who weren’t trying to kill us.”
“Well, the one in red was pretty damn cuteow” says Nessie.
“Whoops,” says Oren.
She laughs. “Worry not, Oren. I prefer my men with both eyes intact. Okay. Question for you. Not that I’m complaining that we’re on a big old skiff going to hobknob with your executive friends, but why do you reckon Anchorturn? How could Joseph have gotten there on his own? I mean walking would have been crazy. Maybe he’s out there dying of thirst on the wastes right now. It’d serve him right. Plus I’m kind of worried about getting anywhere near that Blejwas guy you hate so bad, to be honest. A bit higher and to the left.”
No. 186124 ID: f21281

Word of advice, Oren?

Lube. Lots and lots of lube. Trust me, Squires will thank you tenfold for it.
No. 186127 ID: 701a19

"Because if we check Anchorton and then trace our route backwards we've got the best chance of finding him."
No. 186131 ID: a594b9

Well... Anchorturn Pen is where his orders came from. That is where we were going before.

Just because we got kidnapped doesn't mean we're suddenly going to drop everything we were doing before and go home.

The way I think of it is that he took the car they ambushed you in and drove it there.
No. 186150 ID: f98e0b
File 127535658319.png - (365.12KB , 800x600 , 2.png )

"Because if we check Anchorton and then trace our route backwards we've got the best chance of finding him." says Oren. "Maybe he took the ride we were using. He could have been the one who hired those guys in the first place,"
"Makes sense, I guess," says Nessie, arching her back and rubbing up against him. The feel of her skin against his is too tempting. He takes one hand away and reaches downward, squeezing her ass, eliciting a surprised squeak from her.
"Four two," he says, kissing the back of her neck.
"Shut up," she says, then feels something firm pressing up against her. "Ooh," she purrs. "Eager tonight, aren't we, Sheriff?"
No. 186154 ID: f21281

Squires makes silly faces~ :3c
No. 186155 ID: 0f9dad
File 127535667410.jpg - (101.90KB , 1153x768 , thechariman.jpg )

Promotions, sah.
No. 186160 ID: 701a19

"I'm always eager for you, and when Dahl came to free me all I cared about was you getting out ok."
Give her a love bite on her shoulder.
"Think we should go public? Maybe with an engagement?"
No. 186168 ID: f98e0b
File 127535744720.png - (360.86KB , 800x600 , 3.png )

"Always for you," he says.
His arms wrap around her, drawing her close. She adjusts herself, lets him slide into her, adds her own motion to his. An ear brushes against his lips, and he's happy to oblige it.
They take it slow (since they're both still aching like hell) and they're quiet for a few minutes, until Squires speaks up.
"We haven't actually said anything about us us, really, have we?" she says, between strokes.
"Mumph," says Oren, his mouth full of ear.
"I mean like pretty much we're just fuckbuddies, right? And that's perfectly fine."
"But, um, Sheriff?"
"I think I love you. Have I ever said that? I don't think I have. But I think somewhere between the constant threats of murder and the making fun of each other I really mushy-gushy, cloyingly, happily-ever-after-etc fell for you. And you don't have to say it too cause I don't want to rush you or anything but I just thought I should let you know. Oren?"
No. 186170 ID: 701a19

-> >>186160
No. 186183 ID: a594b9

"When that mage was in my head... I realized I have those feelings for you too."
No. 186197 ID: 701a19

He realized THAT when he was tied in the chair.
Remember him telling Dahlia to save Nessie instead?
No. 186202 ID: f98e0b
File 12753595832.png - (77.76KB , 800x600 , 4.png )

"When that mage was in my head," says Oren, taking his mouth from her ear for a moment, "I realized I felt that too."
"Oh spirits," chuckles Squires, "we're really in for it now, aren't we?"
"Yep," says Oren, as they speed off into the night. "Isn't it great?"
No. 186203 ID: f98e0b
File 127535967832.png - (17.69KB , 800x600 , gaze.png )

And a hundred miles away he is looking up into the night sky.
No. 186204 ID: f98e0b
File 127535970060.png - (25.92KB , 800x600 , 5.png )

He hears someone approaching from behind him. One of his.

"Sir? One of the hired help wanted to see you. It's Danyon."
"Is it about Loper?"
"Let him."
No. 186205 ID: f98e0b
File 127536002855.png - (26.53KB , 800x600 , 6.png )

"Leslie, I'm disappointed, to say the least," he says as the highwayman approaches.
"This Loper guy you assigned us," says Danyon, his voice strained and with a desperate edge. "He was... I mean, he chopped my hand off, he burned our base down..."
"I wasn't interested in stories about the sheriff, Danyon. I was interested in his head. You were extremely unprofessional tonight. It will not happen again, clear?"
"Look, I tell you you're underestimating this guy," Danyon is saying, babbling. He is scared. "He's not some country hick. He's a monster. He burned us alive, some of us. He fucked us, Blejwas. He fucked us and he's going to fuck you too, okay? He's gonna
No. 186206 ID: f98e0b
File 127536005440.png - (59.84KB , 800x600 , 7.png )

No. 186207 ID: f98e0b
File 127536016370.png - (23.88KB , 800x600 , 8.png )

"You saw that, yes, private?"
"Resisting arrest. Textbook case. I had to do it. Now go and round up the rest of the gang and arrest them. They've menaced this road too long."
"And private."
"They all resisted arrest too."
No. 186208 ID: f98e0b
File 127536018749.png - (19.94KB , 800x600 , 9.png )

No. 186209 ID: f98e0b
File 127536020911.png - (34.27KB , 800x600 , 10.png )

Holy shitballs.
No. 186212 ID: f21281

No. 186214 ID: e973f4

I fucking knew it.


Sup, Undertaker!
No. 186215 ID: dafdb5

That explains where Undie was all this time.
Hey man. Glad to see ya.
No. 186216 ID: f98e0b
File 12753604326.png - (10.89KB , 800x600 , end.png )

No. 186218 ID: 701a19

Undertaker? Go tell Allen what you saw, and that Blejwas needs to meet with an 'accident' out in the wastes, then tell Oren what you saw - and mention that nobody can contest his testimony if he says the goons admitted to being hired by Blejwas.
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