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File 127240154268.png - (154.37KB , 500x500 , 918.png )
170974 No. 170974 ID: e9a4f7

>There's a reason we don't go into this school anymore.

>It's not because of the memories that haunt us. Or the realization that we were powerless to stop the slaughter.

>It is because within this school lay forces that are strong enough to kill even me, the Immortal Alchemist.

>Now, I 'could' move the rocks back onto their original position, but that might cause a cave in. Another option is making a new hole and reinforcing the walls around it. This might also cause a cave in.


>I could dig in underneath it. This may be more stable so long as I avoid digging through like a support beam.
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No. 170980 ID: 30fa59

Digging? Sounds like a plan, just be sure to reinforce the area as you tunnel through. Head for the area just past the door, it hasn't seem to have been damaged anywhere inside yet.
No. 171013 ID: 8ef217

Take the safest route you can, but get IN THERE
No. 171038 ID: 30fa59

Someone should really work on getting some kind of teleportation spell. Like that one Gaia used before he attacked you. Well, before we convinced him you were his master, then you attacked him and arrogantly walked off, and then he kicked your ass.
No. 171061 ID: 701a19

Oh, shush.

L, our limited vision suggests that there's no second floor for this area. You could remove the top without risking a cave-in.
Are you capable of making rock flow like water? That would let you restore the area to its original strength without the stresses caused by moving rocks around.
If you can do transmutation, then turning the structure into titanium or aluminum would give it far more strength than stone.

Otherwise go for digging.

So, now that we've shown it's possible to resurrect the long dead, would you be interested in helping us bring back the others? Including Lord Z?
No. 171251 ID: cf68aa
File 127242369659.png - (12.66KB , 400x400 , 919.png )


>yeah yeah, fuck you. I let my guard down okay? And I paid my price.. My stone is only a fragment of what it used to be. If I don't do any big alchemy I have maybe ten years left to live.

>Now, let's dig!

He begins moving the earth around him. He goes under the rubble and into the room where the circle is. He digs up and finds himself surrounded by fabric.

>What the!? Where am I- Oh... huh.
No. 171254 ID: 476456

Tickle feet.
No. 171258 ID: 1ac39d

prepare for a face-kicking. i think you just dug into Alex's dress.
No. 171259 ID: e3f578

"Helllllllo, Alex. Nice view from down here."
No. 171264 ID: a85626

enjoy the view, descend a few feet, move over, ascend dramatically. It never happened.
No. 171266 ID: 701a19

Smack the back of her feet to make her move. Just make sure you keep a straight face and act like nothing is wrong.

Why do you only have about 10 years left to live? Will you suddenly age to what you would have been otherwise? Will the shock of losing your stone cause you to die?

At any rate, there are a few options.
The first is to find somebody with a PStone who doesn't deserve to have one, and take it from them.
The second is to create more of it, which is an evil act but people seem to throw it around like candy. Also, some people are just outright evil enough to deserve it, like Dart.
The third is to find an elf that's willing to soul bind with you.
The fourth option is the kind of strange thinking that got us in this situation: Steal part of peoples' souls for Red Tincture, then use soul magic to heal the damage. The moral and ethical problems basically go away.

There are a few other options, but these are probably your best bets.
No. 171273 ID: 701a19

Wait, no, there's one more reasonable way. Get a time mage to create a spell opposite of "Age".
No. 171285 ID: cf68aa
File 12724257763.png - (27.00KB , 600x600 , 920.png )


Master L stays there for a few more seconds then figs back under. He moves a few feet and rises again.

Alex, Cecil & Gene "Master L!"

>"Where's the body!?"

Cecil leads him to the body of Amy

>"okay.. She's still alive.. Why the hell would you guys do something so reckless!?"

"Sorry Master L..."

>"Sigh... Well she's here now. Problem is we need to get back her soul."

"how can we do that?"

>"Well, when a magic user is killed by a powerful spell, whether by accident or intentional they are sent, not to the afterlife, but into a different place. A different world almost. To get there though we'd need an ancient artifact, the Goldeon Dagger. But that was lost years ago.. If we can find it we can go there and retrieve her soul.
No. 171288 ID: 7524b0

Well that's convenient. IT WAS RIGHT HERE IN THE SCHOOL.

I believe Cecil has it now. Instruct her in the proper use of it.
No. 171291 ID: e3f578

Well gee wiz isn't that convenient that Alex got it in her Magi test.
No. 171292 ID: 1ac39d

@Alex: go :3 and show it to him.

that must be the black place.
No. 171293 ID: 701a19

What, that old thing? Cecil's got it. The damn place was full of soulless, but the guy controlling the soulless seemed like a decent guy. I mean, he was rather friendly considering we skewered him last week.

So, that's where we've got to go? Lets go get all the souls in one go, then bring everybody here back. We've got plenty of skilled soul mages on hand to bind the souls into items, after all.
No. 171295 ID: 7524b0

Oh hey that reminds me. Master L, is Lord Z's soul somehow tied to this school? We are in contact with someone who has the Goldeon Watch and it points to this location. Also when the watch is in the building (which was a while ago, I admit) the direction was... everywhere. The hands just kept spinning.

Also I'd like to point out that there's another person we'd like to retrieve by the name of Laura. Her body should've been in a coffin somewhere in the school.
No. 171311 ID: 701a19

The Goldeon watch finds a person's body, not their soul. It seems Lord Z has been dispersed over the school, which could make finding a bodypart either very easy or very hard.
No. 171324 ID: 7524b0

Well at least Lord Z's spiral of life is normal. If we can find a body part then it'd be easy to bring him back.
No. 171326 ID: 701a19

No, it wasn't. It had the same mark as Amy and Laura.
No. 171327 ID: cf68aa
File 127242796374.png - (9.61KB , 500x500 , 921.png )

Cecil shows him the Goldeon Dagger

>"!? You have it!?"

"Yes, Alex got it during her Magi test."

>"But why is it even.. Never mind. You don't question gifts from the gods. Okay, that blade can cut into many different 'hidden worlds', one of which is the Dark World. We need to go in there and find the Soulless that belongs to her, the one that ate her soul. To do this we'd also need the Goldeon Watch which your friend has."


RJ "Uhm... Yeah.. I found it a while ago.. Sorry."

>"Now the question is, who will go with me?"

Gene "Count me out. I still need to explore."

>"well you guys need me to go to the Dark World so I'm going there. Who will join me?"
No. 171328 ID: cf68aa

Add to last update

>Sure we'll get this 'Laura' as well. As for Lord Z, I'm not sure what to do about him
No. 171329 ID: 701a19

Hrm... It's going to be dangerous, so RJ and Nari should stay behind. While I really don't like the idea of leaving her behind, we need Alex to stay and keep the structure stable while we're gone so it doesn't collapse.

Cecil, Chel, and Felix should go to the Dark World.
Alex and Nari should stay with Amy.
RJ can either stay with Alex and Nari or go with Gene.
No. 171331 ID: 701a19

Oh? Is there a reason why you'd be hesitant to bring Lord Z back?

I'm not disputing your motives, but he took most of the secrets to Sage magic with him, and we need that kind of power to face Dart.
No. 171335 ID: 7524b0

RJ can explore with Gene, since she's good at disabling traps. Alex goes too, to keep the building standing.

Cecil goes with Master L since he's really good at Sealing. Make sure he drinks (a) mana potion(s) to regain that lost mana.

Nari and her mom can stay and watch over Amy. I suppose Felix can stick around with them since he's a strong fighter and we want to make sure everyone's safe.
No. 171336 ID: 1ac39d

you know what would be maximum irony? if one of those souless you have already captured is the one we need.
No. 171337 ID: 701a19

Alright, screw all this nonsense.
@Master L, Alex
How much stuff is above you here? How hard would it be for you to shape that into a solid half-sphere dome that encompasses the room, with an aperture at the top through which we can enter and exit? Possibly with a stone staircase running down to the floor so no magic is needed to exit?
No. 171342 ID: cf68aa
File 127242984746.png - (10.07KB , 500x500 , 922.png )

>Well thanks to the law of conservation of that'd either leave us with no walls to support the roof, no floor or no roof. I don't think we should do that.

>Now, how does this look?
No. 171343 ID: 7524b0

@Cecil: Don't forget about those mana potions we've got. Drink up!
No. 171347 ID: 701a19

I was thinking more along the lines of turning the roof into a dome. That would make this room all but immune to collapse, meaning that anybody left behind would be safe while at the same time giving us an exit which couldn't collapse and trap us.

Oh, and I was thinking of asking King Rai for the aid of the royal army mages. This place needs to be excavated, sanitized, and cleared; Cecil's not going to leave his family's legacy a decrepit ruin, let alone a superfund site like this.

@Cecil: Mana potions. Use them. Offer some to L as well. Also, we were thinking of ordering more of them from the I Shop; can you give us a number to order?
No. 171352 ID: 30fa59

Ccecil fought and captured a soulless during his test... it appeared after Alex used the dagger and opened up that rift to the dark world... I don't suppose that could be the same soulless that ate her soul? ...Could it really be that easy?
No. 171355 ID: 701a19

Ah, yea, we should check that.
No. 171366 ID: cf68aa
File 127243414526.png - (2.02KB , 500x500 , 923.png )

Cecil drinks some Mana Potions and restores all her lost Mana. Master L tells the group about who will go where. They nod and head off. Master L takes the Goldeon Dagger. After feeling around he slashes the air, it rips open making another tear into the Dark World

>I'd rather not get King Rai involved in this. He tends to overreact.[/i]

>I would have sensed it. That'd be way to easy though.

>"Everyone ready?"


They step in through the tear. It suddenlt closes behind them. It is dark here.
No. 171367 ID: 701a19

@Cecil: Light.

@Chel: Can you still hear us?
No. 171368 ID: a85626


I was just gonna say. Didn't those helpful soulless on the other side go fetch her when we asked about it?

...keep an eye out for a girl with a weasel hovering around her.
No. 171369 ID: cf68aa
File 127243454194.png - (7.47KB , 700x500 , 924.png )

Cecil casts fire instead. She maintains the flame on the tip of her wand. There are stone monuments everywhere. Ahead of them lies a castle

>"A castle!? In the Dark World!?"

"That wasn't there to begin with..?"

>"No.Question is, who built it...?"
No. 171370 ID: 701a19

Probably the guy who can control Soulless.
Go check it out.
No. 171371 ID: 7524b0

Yeah, there's some kind of leader dude that we've met before. He doesn't seem to be completely hostile, so perhaps we can talk with him.
No. 171372 ID: 1ac39d

ah yeah, that guy. he claims to be a mercenary and when Alex cut through to here earlier he showed up. looks a lot like a souless.
No. 171375 ID: 30fa59

Just a thought... when RJ checked on the location of Zerin Aussa before it showed a weird spiral of life and pointed someplace, when she checked it in the ruins the direction went nuts. You think this is where Lord Z has been?

As for the soulless looking thing, I doubt a guy with a castle in the dark world would be wandering the real one as a mercenary. There could be some connection, but that isn't likely it.
No. 171376 ID: cf68aa
File 12724352482.png - (41.42KB , 800x600 , 925.png )

>That may be possible...

>Now, you mention some man who resembles a soulless and somehow had control over them? That's impossible. there's no way someone c- OH FUCK!

A Big Shield appears and charges at Master L


Master L tries to use Earth Spike, nothing happens

>!? I can't use alchemy!?

The Big Shield slams one of it's shields into him sending him flying.
No. 171377 ID: 701a19

@Cecil: Cast Holy, Bless, or Light on it. Whichever you have.
No. 171378 ID: 1ac39d

.... SHIT! earth as you know it doesn't exist here! pull out the golden knife, it can hurt them.
No. 171380 ID: 7524b0

The Goldeon Dagger is effective against Soulless. Defend yourself with it!

[switch to Cecil]
Alright, assist L. Can you freeze the Soulless? If not, blast it with light magic until you can Seal the thing.
No. 171391 ID: cf68aa
File 12724364027.png - (24.41KB , 600x600 , 926.png )


>Damn it!

He pulls out the Goldeon Dagger and slashes at the Big Shield. At the same time Cecil casts Holy on it. The Big Shield blocks the Holy but the Goldeon Dagger slices right through the shield. It roars in pain and glares at Master L. It charges for another attack
No. 171394 ID: 701a19

@L: Dodge, then slash at it again. See if you can destroy the other shield.
@Cecil: Hit it in the face.
No. 171395 ID: 30fa59

Dammit does any alchemy work here? Do you know anything besides alchemy? Can you pour your mana into the darkness, the way you can with every other kind of element?

If you can't do anything else, just keep fighting with the dagger. It's going to be gunning for you, so feint from it's attack and try to get beside it for the kill.
No. 171400 ID: cf68aa
File 12724375518.png - (28.06KB , 600x600 , 927.png )

Master L doges the next attack and jumps behind the soulless. It tries to swing around but before it can reach him he slashes though it's head. It's body crumbles away and a unkown greyish smoke leaves it's body.

>"Damn it... I was so not ready for that. And all my earth alchemy is useless here..."

"We still got it."

>"Barely. And that wasn't even a strong one.. In total there are 11 soulless seen in our world, with three more seen only in this world. The one we fought was only 8."

No. 171406 ID: 30fa59

Test if there's any sort of alchemy you can work with here. You have more than just earth magic don't you?
No. 171407 ID: 701a19

Clearly, you need to summon the light spirit if you fight anything more dangerous.
Go check out the castle. If that soulless-guy is around here then we might be able to convince him to help us. He was working as a hired thug last time, so we should assume he'll be reasonable unless provoked.

@Chel, Nari, and Alex: Can you hear us?
No. 171409 ID: 1ac39d

yes, another fact is he was 'hired' meaning that even if he wont help us for free just throw enough cash towards him and it should be good.
No. 171427 ID: cf68aa
File 127244182342.png - (25.02KB , 600x600 , 928.png )


[The message doesn't reach them]

>Of course I still have other spells on me as well. But earth Alchemy was my forte.

They walk closer to the castle. As they do they see a man sitting in front of it with to antennae sticking out of his head. He looks at them.

>A human!?

"Hmm? we don't get many visitors...."
No. 171428 ID: 1ac39d

say 'that could be because that shield guy attacks anyone that shows up.'
No. 171431 ID: 701a19

"Hello, I'm Master L, and my friend here is Magi C. Might I ask who you might be?
We're looking for some of our friends who arrived here about, oh, twelve years back. Can you point us in the direction of somebody who would know? Or at least tell us where we are?"
No. 171432 ID: 7524b0

It's not surprising that they don't get many visitors when the only way to get here is via a one-of-a-kind item. Plus the welcome wagon leaves something to be desired.
No. 171433 ID: 701a19

Oh, and that's not human; triangular irises and antennae.
It doesn't seem to be a soulless either, since the symbol it's wearing is wrong.
No. 171458 ID: cf68aa
File 127244702752.png - (8.32KB , 800x600 , 929.png )

>"That could be because that shield guy attacks anyone that shows up."

"Oh, they're only doing their job adn guarding our castle."

>"They should learn to be more cordial. Well, I'm Master L, and my friend here is Magi C. Might I ask who you might be?
We're looking for some of our friends who arrived here about, oh, twelve years back. Can you point us in the direction of somebody who would know? Or at least tell us where we are?"

"You're standing in front of our leader John's castle. The only safe place for humans in this whole world."
No. 171459 ID: 7524b0

Ask permission to enter and meet John.
No. 171460 ID: 701a19

"Ah, we would like to meet with this John, is he available to visitors?"
No. 171465 ID: cf68aa
File 127244814844.png - (29.56KB , 500x500 , 930.png )

>"So.... can we come in?"

"I don't so why not."

The man stands up and opens the door. The light from within almost blinds them. Their eyes adjust. The interior has a rusted look to it. They walk further in. Before them is a giant stairway leading up and several rooms in both directions.

>"Keep your guard up"

No. 171466 ID: 7524b0

That's a different symbol on the wall there. Get a good look at it?
No. 171467 ID: 701a19

Yell: "Hello? John?" and start heading up the stairs.
No. 171469 ID: cf68aa
File 127244912522.png - (4.44KB , 600x600 , 931.png )

They go up the stairs. The trip seems unusually short and after a few minutes they reach the top.

>"John? Are you h-"

"Come in"

The voice is coming from a door near them. They step into a dark room. There is someone sitting in a chair facing an open window.

No. 171470 ID: 701a19

"Hello, I am Master L and this is Magi C. We were wondering if you could tell us more about this land, and help us track down a large number of souls who wound up here about twelve years ago."
No. 171472 ID: 7524b0
File 127244958761.png - (14.05KB , 557x518 , 126940410728.png )

If this is the same guy we're thinking of he should look something like this.
No. 171474 ID: cf68aa
File 127245005568.png - (6.00KB , 600x600 , 932.png )

>"Hello, I am Master L and this is Magi C. We were wondering if you could tell us more about this land, and help us track down a large number of souls who wound up here about twelve years ago."

"There are thousands of soulless out there, constantly moving and shifting. Any direction I point you in will likely be wrong within a minute. As for my land, we simply refer to this place as the Dark World. We know nothing about it, only that it shouldn't exsist."
No. 171475 ID: 701a19

Ok, use the Goldeon watch to try and find the souls of Amy Sky, Laura Winselm, and Zerin Aussa.
"How do you keep this area safe? Are you looking for a way to the, er, 'light world'?"
No. 171476 ID: 7524b0

"It's our fault, isn't it? Using souls for power, creating soulless... that spawned this world."
No. 171477 ID: cf68aa
File 127245065689.png - (6.36KB , 600x600 , 933.png )

>"It's our fault, isn't it? Using souls for power, creating soulless... that spawned this world."

"The people of your world may have created this one but in retrospect I am thankful for it."

>I can't see very well in here!

>"How do you keep this area safe? Are you looking for a way to the, er, 'light world'?"

"Safe? You say that as though there were something to fear."

>The way he talks.. The fact that his back is turned.. It's unnerving.
No. 171478 ID: 7524b0

"Well you know the soulless around here kindof seem to want to kill us."
No. 171479 ID: 701a19

"The soulless don't take kindly to humans."
@Cecil: Say: "You seem familiar... Have we met?"
No. 171482 ID: cf68aa
File 127245198182.png - (7.11KB , 600x600 , 934.png )

>"Well you know the soulless around here kindof seem to want to kill us."

"I would as well. The souls of mages are taste far better then those of mundane humans."

Cecil "You seem familiar... Have we met?"

The chair turns slightly

"I highly doubt that."
No. 171483 ID: 7524b0

"What about... a catfolk alchemist? Pinned you to a tree? Or perhaps that was someone else that lives here."
No. 171484 ID: 701a19

@Cecil: "I can't quite place where, but I'm sure we've met before..."

@L: Cut-off Cecil into the second half of his sentence with "You seem to be able to keep them from harming anybody around here. Is that something that could be learned?"

@Cecil: "We took a look in here not even an hour ago, and I saw a man I had met before. He had a bunch of creepers with him and looked like a soulless himself, but seemed fairly friendly. Would you happen to know who that is?"
No. 171497 ID: 7524b0

Oooh, we could ask him if he knows why soulless are starting to appear in greater frequency all over the world. The royal army was looking into it...
No. 171553 ID: 701a19

Go read "The Red Stone"
No. 171556 ID: 7524b0

Yes, I know that and you know that but Cecil doesn't know that.
No. 172033 ID: cf68aa
File 127260963385.png - (6.89KB , 600x600 , 935.png )

Cecil "There was a man a while back that my teamat-"

>"So, you seem to have some control over these things. Is that something you learned? Can we learn it?"

??? "No.."

>"Why not?"

"You smell too human..."

>"huh? ... There've been a lot of soulless popping up lately. Any clue on that?"

"Unless they were manifested in this world I can not say."
No. 172034 ID: 7524b0

"Well at any rate if there's anything that we can do for you in exchange for helping us find the lost souls we're looking for, just ask."
No. 172037 ID: 49eee4

So what, are we just going to sit here and play around asking questions hoping to guess at something relevant, or is he going to turn around and introduce himself?
No. 172042 ID: 701a19

"If you can't help us avoid needless combat, then could we at least see your face?"

L, you said we needed the watch to find them. How does that work?
No. 172053 ID: cf68aa
File 127261125165.png - (20.92KB , 600x600 , 936.png )

>"Well at any rate if there's anything that we can do for you in exchange for helping us find the lost souls we're looking for, just ask."


>"So... Can you turn around? That way we can formally greet each other"

He turns around. As soon as he does so a soulless appears in front of him.


Without any hesitation the two of them leave

>"Cecil...Did you see that?"

"Yeah.. I've never seen that soulless before. It looked almost human..."
No. 172055 ID: cf68aa
File 127261130631.png - (9.80KB , 400x400 , 937.png )


>ah yes. The watch can show us what direction their soul is in, but it keeps moving around. Once I go one way it moves to the other.
No. 172057 ID: 7524b0

Perhaps it's above us. Or it could just be very fast! Does tilting the watch alter the direction it's pointing?
No. 172058 ID: 701a19

Well, try to average its direction out. Try for Amy first, since she's the one with a body waiting. As long as we get her we can come back for the others later.
No. 172060 ID: 49eee4

Check for Lord Z as well, see if it looks different from in here.
No. 172067 ID: cf68aa
File 127261307610.png - (23.91KB , 600x600 , 938.png )

>No, tilting it does not change the direction it points in. And making it point directly up or down just seems to turn it off.

>I think this was a lost cause... The soulless here are too fast for us. Maybe we should head back.
No. 172069 ID: 49eee4

Just giving up? What would it take to catch these soulless, Haste magic? Teleportation? Having some way to slow them down or call them? I don't think the Red Stone does time magic, but we've never tried it. We could tell it to cast haste, if you think it's worthwhile.

...It may not be worth anything, but whenever RJ tried to get the watch to make a function it wouldn't do, it gave her a strange rune instead. She or us couldn't make heads or tails of it, so we aren't sure it it does anything usefull. But everything brought about a different rune, so maybe it is handy. Tell it to do something helpful or ask it something and read what it shows you.
No. 172072 ID: 701a19

I think you're missing something, L.
If its angular velocity is that high, then that means the soulless is very close. Such as the one that's just off to your right at this very moment.
Head in that general direction and keep your eyes peeled for it.
No. 172078 ID: 701a19

[Switch to Cecil]
No. 172079 ID: cf68aa
File 127261611754.png - (30.13KB , 600x600 , 939.png )


>"Anything Master L?"

"Nada. this thing's going crazy..."

>"Damn... Should we head back and try again later?"

"Nah, we'll find Amy. I'm sure of it."

>"Okay.. !!! master behind you!"

No. 172081 ID: 701a19

Use Seal to create a barrier between L and it.
"Hello? Who are you?"
No. 172100 ID: 7524b0

@Master L: Confirm it is hostile before attacking it with the knife.
No. 173066 ID: 701a19

@L: Don't attack, just put some distance between yourself and it.
No. 173201 ID: e9a4f7
File 127291161285.png - (16.75KB , 629x665 , 940.png )

Both Master L and Cecil jump back from the creature

>"Who are you!?"

"Humans.. In our world? Don't see very often. I am the Creeping Death. ruler of creepers..."

"Ruler of the.... Wait a sec.. Are you a creeper?"

"close enough... looking for soul...?"

>"Yes. We're looking for at least two, both girls. Amy Sky and Laura Winselm."

"Know where they are. Can get them. Trade. Soul for a soul. Deal?"
No. 173202 ID: 1ac39d

oh umm... pull two souls out of the Alchemist stone.
No. 173203 ID: 19ecf1

Use US!... assuming we're a bunch of souls...
No. 173207 ID: 701a19

Ask if he can retrieve Zerin Aussa as well, and if so then include them in the deal.

As far as what to offer? This is a toughie...
Something you could try is ripping off a large chunk of your soul then Soul Healing the damage, and seeing if a soul chunk is acceptable. If it is, then you can offer to exchange some of the 'meat' off your souls and your creeper captive for the 'core' of their souls.
You don't need their entire souls, just the bits that contain them. Once you have the cores of their souls you can heal the rest back into place.

@L: We're working out negotiation tactics in Cecil's head, but we have a few questions for you. The first is the hardest: Who went into your Philosopher's Stone?
Can you add Red Tincture to your stone, or does it have to be gathered a specific way for your stone to work?
Can you turn a loose chunk of soul into Red Tincture?
What can you tell us about the 'anatomy' of souls?
Why are you slated to die in a decade? Is it that you will assume your 'natural' age when your stone runs out? If so, how old are you? Is it that tying your life to your stone makes them coterminal? Why doesn't ontological inertia function here?
Oh, by the way, you probably didn't notice but we had Chel Sils with us. If your affection for Amy isn't of a romantic nature, then you might want to consider romancing her. Your gift to Cecil helped him bring her back from Soul Petrification, so you would be starting off in pretty good standing with her.

From the size of it I would guess it has about one soul left, and when that goes away L's life goes with it.

We're not.
No. 173209 ID: 93fb3b

Negotiate, see if he might settle for one of the souls in the alchemist stone. Keep in mind he may just be trying to rip you off or set you up. Dealing with this thing is a bad idea, but what you need to buy is time. Master L is going to check if this thing just the souls we want. If it is you guys need to take him out.

[To Master L]
Check the watch again, confirm that this isn't the one who actually has the souls. If it is both of you just attack him.
No. 173212 ID: a594b9

Oh, I wonder if that guy Alex met those other two times was the Ruler of Shadows! If we can contact him we might get a better deal. Like instead of trading souls we could trade a favor of some sort.
No. 173230 ID: e9a4f7
File 12729207016.png - (21.51KB , 539x635 , 941.png )

Master L

>Look, I'm not gonna answer anything about how to make the stone or anything.
>And how do you guys know one of it's ingredients!?

Who went into your Philosopher's Stone?
>None of your business. No one important though.

Can you turn a loose chunk of soul into Red Tincture?
>No, likewise I can't make a stone out of just a piece. This'll answer another question but in order to make a stone I need the core of it not it's aura.

Why are you slated to die in a decade? Is it that you will assume your 'natural' age when your stone runs out? If so, how old are you? Is it that tying your life to your stone makes them coterminal? Why doesn't ontological inertia function here?

>ontological what..? Look, I'm hundred of years old, I stopped counting after I turned 200. Once I run out of the Stone my body will rapidly age to where it's supposed to be so I'll be nothing but a emancipated version of my beautiful self.

...Chel Sils.

>Wha!? I'm not doing that! I barely know the chick! Besides isn't she royalty!?

>"One moment"

Cecil takes Master L aside

>"Master, could you sacrifice two of the souls from the stone for this?"

"Sure. it'd only set me back about half a year or so."

>"Thank you"

They turn back to the Creeping Death. Master L pulls out two souls from the Stone and holds them out to the Creeping Death. He quickly takes them and stores them somewhere. He holds out two souls.

"Once you take. Soulless. Everywhere."
No. 173231 ID: a85626


>> emancipated

No. 173233 ID: 93fb3b

Confirm identity, we don't want to end up with the souls of two hamsters or something.
No. 173235 ID: 1ac39d

indeed. confirm, grab, use golden knife and make an escape point.
No. 173334 ID: 701a19

Oh, that. You're a bit late there, since we already bought the spell from the I Shop and helped Alex learn it. If it makes you feel better, then you should know she was completely horrified by it.

We don't care about how important they were, we care about what kind of people they they were. If you used the scum of the earth to make it then that's different than if you used innocent people.

Quick and dirty? "Ontological" means "State of being", "Inertia" means "Tendency to continue unchanged". The combined term means "The tendency of things to stay as they are until changed". In short I asked why you would suddenly age instead of simply starting to age from where you were.

Is it really that much to ask of you? Just spend some time around her to see if you're compatible.
As far as her being royalty goes you're far more concerned about that than you should be. Put that out of your mind and treat her like you would anybody else.

Anyway, confirm the identities of the souls, then use the dagger to cut your way back to the light world. Secure our exit so we can get out of here once Cecil takes the souls.
As long as we end up within a day of rock-surfing travel of the school it doesn't matter where we end up. Besides the obvious, I mean.

"Zerin Aussa. Do you have him as well?"
If it doesn't, then wait for L to cut a way home before you take the souls.
No. 173339 ID: a594b9

When we said Lord Z's name to the watch, we got a NORMAL spiral of life.

His soul is not in the Dark World. His body is just... difficult to find.
No. 173342 ID: 701a19

Wait, you're right! How did I miss that?
Yea, forget Lord Z for now.
No. 173444 ID: e9a4f7
File 127300704595.png - (93.21KB , 500x500 , 942.png )

Master L
>I need sleep...

Master L confirms the souls identity. He takes then and quickly cuts his way back into the normal world. Cecil thanks the Creeping Death then leaves with Master L. The tear in space soon closes.

"We made it... I can store the souls into my stone for a bit since they're whole."

>"Where are we?"

"Still in the school, but not in the same room we left from. Hell I'm not even sure what floor this is."

They look around. The only thing in the room is a single door with writing on it. It has no door knob and the writing says






>"It's a riddle..."

"screw this I'll blow the door off"

>"You taught here, you should know that won't end well."

"Any clue what it means?"

>"I'm working on it."
No. 173453 ID: a805a5

What are the major languages?
And what thirty-eight letter words do they have?
No. 173456 ID: 93fb3b

What I can translate: "Switching languages naturally makes things slightly more complicated. This is a thirty eight letter LHIAIUATNN word - NSUIUOESKUNIKSOIAISEAEJIACOBSPAUKIPLTE."

The first unknown word should give a hint to the longer one, it's the name of a language but I'm not familiar with it. If we know where the word came from we can probably look at the the hopefully small number of 38 letter words and find one that fits.

Or maybe the answer to the riddle is just "no".
No. 173460 ID: 5eabae

The first word is Lithuanian, and with some searching, the second word is NEBEPASIKISKIAKOPUSTELIAUJANCIUOSIUOSE.

It also seems that our Dear Author here played Perplex City!
No. 173498 ID: a594b9

What's that thing on the ground near the door? Piece of rubble?
No. 173552 ID: a85626


The sharpes had points and plates?

No. 173553 ID: a85626


Oh, Master L, we know its ingredients because of an alchemist in another world who got in some serious trouble over those stones, and we happened to hear about it. You probably haven't heard of Edward Elric. We could never get our hands on such a thing as a soul ourselves!
No. 173556 ID: 701a19

The claim it makes is a myth with seeds of truth. The human mind is very focused on pattern matching, and what is really happening is that the mind looks for the closest match. Combining the context of the words with the first and last letters being fixed gives the mind all it needs to correct simple scrambles.

@Alex and Chel:
Ok, we're back and we brought a couple of souls with us. What's been going on while we were separated?
No. 173557 ID: 701a19

[No. You keep that crap out of here. :|
We already translated the important parts of the spell, so you don't need to bring in outside sources to do it.

Also, as a reminder, we are fragments of Cecil's mind. We are not the OIP, we are not Legion, we are not Gion, we are not any of that.]
No. 173559 ID: 5eabae

Yes, because Cecil knows Lithuanian, and can make sense of that monstrous word.
No. 173562 ID: 701a19

[If they have a Lithuanian word, then they have the Lithuanian language.
Also, it's not much of a stretch for us to know things Cecil heard but ignored. This is one of those times.
The point is drawing a line between in-universe information and out-of-universe information.]
No. 173563 ID: 93fb3b

...I still think the correct answer is "no"
No. 173567 ID: e973f4

THE SPREHAS HAD PONITS AND PATLES = The seraphs had points/pitons and pleats/plates/petals.

NSUIUOESKUNIKSOIAISEAEJIACOBSPAUKIPLTE = NEBEPASIKISKIAKOPUSTELIAUJANCIUOSIUOSE = "In those of masculine gender who aren't gathering wood sorrel by themselves anymore." Probably not a useful word in Lithuanian.
No. 173809 ID: e9a4f7
File 12730850194.png - (30.82KB , 500x500 , 943.png )


With a click the door opens

".... How the hell did you know that?"

>"The voices in my head told me."

"Oh. I worry about you sometimes... Let's keep going."

They walk foreword into the next room

"Oh for the love of....."

There are three doors, each one has a different riddle on it.

"damn it... Well Cecil, your choice. Which one do we take?"
No. 173813 ID: 701a19

Look at all the doors and read the riddles. The way out is probably the easiest riddle.
Oh, and was there anything interesting in that last room? Especially anything worth taking?

@L: Do you have any idea where we are? Or which of the school's masters knew Lithuanian?
No. 173814 ID: 449077

Eh, might as well go with the middle, it's more likely going to lead out. Maybe.

Waaaiiit, use the watch to find out where our allies are, go to the nearest door to that.
No. 173816 ID: 0f8ef4

Pour monster blood on it.
No. 173820 ID: e9a4f7
File 127308639190.png - (32.87KB , 500x500 , 944.png )

Master L
>No clue where we are. And how would I know what languages they knew!? I didn't bother asking them.

>that... Seems like a good idea.

they use the watch to locate Nari. the watxh points straight ahead. Cecil walks up to the door and a riddle appears. It reads;

Consider the following equations:

1 = 0 + 12 + 34 + 5 - 67 +8 +9
2 = 0 + 123 + 4 - 56 - 78 + 9
3 = 0 + 123 -45 -6 -78 + 9
4 = 0 + 12 +3 - 4 + 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 + 9

The numbers on the left side of the equations are calculated by using each of the digits 0 through 9, in any order, exactly once and either concatenating those digits or separating them with a plus (+) or minus (-) sign.

What is the smallest positive number for which you cannot write such an equation?

>... I hate math. And I don't have the time for this!

"Damn. Who the hell came up with these!? I know it wasn't me."
No. 173825 ID: 449077

Oh bloody hell. You've got to be kidding me.

[To Gene]
Hey, you good at math? We've just got back from the dark world and we're stuck in a spot with riddles out the whazoo, and they are ridiculous. I don't suppose you're familiar with this little gem?
[Relay the riddle to Gene]
Hopefully you've heard of this before, or know a shortcut, because otherwise we might be here a while.
No. 173829 ID: 701a19

I'd say 0, but that's not positive.
211 would be the answer if we couldn't rearrange the numbers.

Try 99,464.

@L: You're currently talking to the voices in the head of a man turned into a woman by a megalomaniac sociopath, and then went on to undo an irreversible soul petrification on a long-missing princess, settle a blood feud between two cities, kidnap and cure on of said sociopath's most valued henchmen, become immortal, learn Alchemy in a day, learn Soul magic in 15 minutes, defeat a mage who used magic which died with Lord Z, cure death, and wind up in one of the most complicated romances of all time.
You have every reason to worry about him, but at the moment we're more concerned about your mortality.
So, you've got about 40 souls left in that thing. I wonder if we could heal those souls to give you a bit more time...
Bah, we'll just have Cecil craft a spell to make you a spry young 20-something so you'll be fine once your stone fails.
No. 173846 ID: a594b9

99464 is correct.
No. 173857 ID: a85626


Yeah, Cecil can do anything! :D

No. 173936 ID: e9a4f7
File 127310620267.png - (29.73KB , 756x566 , 945.png )


The door opens

"Damn... How did you know the answer to that!?"

>"Head voices again."


The move north. In the next room there is a large beast blocking the doorway into the next room, there's also a hole in the ground. Cecil pulls out his staff

>"What is that!?"

"A Behemoth. He was a lot smaller when we first got him though.. It's funny, you think he'd have died by now. A creature that size would require a rather large food source to support it."

>"How do we get past it?"

"Well I could blow it up or we could wait until it wakes up and decides to move. there's also the hole in the ground"
No. 173937 ID: 1ac39d

was he trained to do anything when the school was still around.
No. 173943 ID: a594b9

"Is it particularly aggressive?"
No. 173945 ID: 701a19

Take a look inside the hole. Use Light only if you can't see.

@L: The most important question right now is "What does it eat?", followed by "What is its name?".
No. 173974 ID: a85626

My only question is where can you get a large supply of pink ribbon on short notice :o
No. 173983 ID: 449077

I don't suppose we could use a gravity/aer combo and push that thing aside? Otherwise, we could do that along with light to explore down that hole.
No. 174104 ID: e9a4f7
File 127316946838.png - (43.07KB , 500x500 , 946.png )

>"Was he dangerous? What does he do?"

"Oh, we thought he was a Kem but he just started growing. Before we knew it we had a Behemoth on ours hands. He's not dangerous just... In the way."

>"Okay, we're heading down then."

She checks out the room below then jumps down. Inside there are the remains of a work table and a old bookshelf. The books in it have crumbled. Master L jumps down

"Oh hey! It's old Z's study room"
No. 174105 ID: a594b9

Carefully... CAREFULLY inspect the bookshelf for anything salvageable.
No. 174110 ID: e9a4f7
File 127317056379.png - (70.53KB , 500x500 , 947.png )

>most of the paper crumbles at the touch... Wait..

She carefully picks up a piece of paper.

>A spell card? A'ge- Used to push things away. Seems similar to Aer almost. Maybe the lack of versatility is made up for in power.
No. 174113 ID: a594b9

Cool. Make sure to preserve it so that Gene can get his hands on it too.

Let's head into the next room.
No. 174114 ID: 701a19

These books are neither old enough nor ill-kept enough to crumble on touch. You're looking at protective magic.
Cecil, learn that spell then check the door; ideally we'll find Z's corpse crushed under some debris in his room.
Actually, check his name on the watch to see if it has anything new to say besides the circle of life and wild spinning.
No. 174115 ID: 449077

>crumbles at the touch

Gene needs to be the one in here, he likely has ways to preserve or even recover these tattered records. Lets get a good look at this so we can relay it to Gene later if we have to.

Anyways, as nice as this all is it's still a dead end. Unless there is something non crumbly in here, head back up. Or is there a door from down here?
No. 174116 ID: 701a19

There's a door right there.

@L: Is there any way you could use your alchemy to strengthen the remaining paper so Cecil could read it?
No. 174123 ID: 449077

Ah yes, damn my eyes. Does it actually just open up and go somewhere, or do we have to deal with another sort of crap like a riddle or some fatass monster sitting in front of it.
No. 174633 ID: e9a4f7
File 127325672993.png - (73.43KB , 500x500 , 948.png )

>"We should let Gene have a look at these."

"Yeah. He might be more interested. Probably has better ways of preserving them then I do as well."

They go open the next door and walk dowen a hallway.

>"So master L, any clue as to what those things were in the Dark World? Not the Soulless, those... People."

"No clue. i've never even seen them before. They seemed human, they had souls and everything. But something was off. Not only their appearance but their souls structure was different from ours."

>".... Do Soulless mate?"

"No. At least not that I know of."

>"Oh, I was thinking maybe they were like half human and soulless."

At the end of the hallway is another door. They open it to find themselves where they started off. Nari and her mother are kneeling over Amy's body, Felix is missing. Nari looks up

"Cecil! You're back! I was so worried about you!"

>"Heh, Don't worry I'm fine Nari."
No. 174634 ID: a594b9

"Where'd Felix go? Did he decide to join the others?"
No. 174635 ID: 701a19

Hug Nari and have L restore Amy's soul.

@Felix: Where are you? Everything ok?

@Alex: How are things going for you?
No. 174645 ID: 835bc3

@Master L
Perhaps they are just partway to a soulless somehow? Like their souls were ripped loose but not removed, or pulled back because the person was strong enough? How much do you know about the creation of soulless anyways?
No. 174671 ID: e9a4f7
File 127326459924.png - (45.40KB , 500x500 , 499.png )

Master L

>Well once a soul is taken from a human they will go through a one hour trial. If within that time their soul is returned they will remain human. And more after that and they will become a soulless.

>Though this half soulless theory intrigues me... I may look further into it.
>Anyway this soul transfer may take a while so give me some time here, go with someone else. Oh! Maybe Chel can help..

>Oh, hey guys. Felix is with us now and he's fine mya. He said he wanted to stay with RJ. I think that's kinda cute mya.

>so we went down into the school. Gene has magic fire so we can see but we're in a uncharted area. A lot has been destroyed by the explosion mya and we've had to clear some rubble. We haven't found anything interesting yet though.
No. 174675 ID: 1ac39d

@gene: we found Z's room. the books were kinda falling apart so we left them alone, do you have any spells that will hold them together?
No. 174678 ID: a594b9

Well I don't have much to say other than... find something interesting.
No. 174719 ID: e9a4f7
File 127327480589.png - (13.06KB , 453x529 , 950.png )

>"Hey I'll be right back! Don't touch anything while I'm gone!"
Gene Leaves

>.. Like I said mya, nothing interesting.

RJ "Achoo!"

Felix "!? Are you cold?"

"A little.."

"Here, you can stay with me under my cloak"

"You don't have to"

"I would feel bad if you got sick or anything."

"Okay, thanks."

RJ and Felix hold each other for warmth

>... Those two.. Did something happen between them when I wasn't looking mya?
No. 174721 ID: 2c47db

Yes, it was adorable. And almost entirely not our fault!
No. 174722 ID: e3f578

I dunno, I mean they could be friends with benefits. That's just a guess though. They don't look too close to be anything more really.
No. 174777 ID: 2c47db

Well, they're thinking along those lines, I doubt it will work out that way.

Well Alex, Felix was sleeping like a log, and had RJ pinned. We heard elf ears were sensitive, and thought a rub would get her to wiggle off of her. And...
[Replay the scene from RJ being pinned to Felix waking up]
We let them be, and things got more touchy feely. And then Felix got his ring, and... yeah. Neither are taking it seriously, but they both seem so much happier. Not to mention cute~
No. 174845 ID: 701a19

You might want to have everybody head on back to rejoin the others, since Gene doesn't quite understand what's waiting for him; Lord Z seems to have been a huge fan of riddles and puzzles, so Gene has a lot of work ahead of him.

@Master L: You called it a trial. Perhaps they passed the trial.

@Chel: Are you excited to be helping in this historic resurrection of a long-dead person?
No. 175347 ID: cf68aa
File 127339107652.png - (20.16KB , 500x500 , 951.png )

Master L
>I need to study more on this.. I wonder if Cecil would mind having his soul ripped out for a bit...

>"Hey guys let's-"

"Help me!"


>That sounded like it came from the next room... Should we go?
No. 175352 ID: 2c47db

Investigate, but be careful. There really shouldn't be anyone else here right now.

There is someone up here with Alex, calling for help. We're going to see what's going on, you should get over here to back them up.

@Master L
No. 175354 ID: 2eac65

Well, it wouldn't hurt to ask...
No. 175355 ID: 701a19

Look into the next room, but DO NOT ENTER IT FOR ANY REASON.
Call out "Hello? What's your name? What's wrong?"
No. 175356 ID: 701a19

That's what convicted murderers are for.
No. 175371 ID: cf68aa
File 127339294115.png - (18.93KB , 500x500 , 952.png )

Cecil begins to head down to meet Alex
Alex goes into the next room to see who's there. A small person is flinging around water attempting to fight off some creature.

>That's a Denhider! Their sting is very poisonous mya!
No. 175374 ID: 701a19

Oh? Is it completely incurable? Does it prevent resurrection?
I'm betting it doesn't. I'm also betting this is an illusion created by something lethal in order to bait you in.
Call out "I need your full name in order to help you!", since with their full name we can confirm they exist.

We'll let Gene and Cecil know, though
[Stream this to Gene and Cecil]
No. 175377 ID: a594b9

Use Move Earth to slam the Denhider. Nonlethal takedown.
No. 175380 ID: 701a19

Oh? And if it's an illusion that's goading us into attacking the Denhider so we'll break open its confinement?
No. 175382 ID: a594b9

...you're second-guessing this a little too much I think.

If you want to try something unexpected, Move Earth could be used to create a shield for the girl instead of attacking the thing directly.
No. 175384 ID: 2c47db

I'd say block it off from her with earth alchemy, but can you do that safely? Maybe just drop a small rock from the roof onto its head.
No. 175386 ID: cf68aa
File 127339433494.png - (32.76KB , 500x500 , 953.png )

Alex makes a thin wall between the Denhider and the Merfolk. He(?) takes the opportunity and slashes both the wall and the Denhider in half with his(?) water. It falls to the floor dead. The merfolk leans against a wall and begins to heal himself(?).

>"Are you okay mya...?"

"I'm fine.. Thank you for your help. That's the tenth one I've seen today. they thrive underground.."

RJ and Felix enter the room with Alex

"Oi, everything okay in here?"

>"It is now mya"

Merfolk "Thank you again."
No. 175387 ID: 701a19

Who are they?
No. 175390 ID: 2c47db

Make introductions, and ask the merfolk what the heck it's doing in here.
No. 175392 ID: a594b9

Hrm, I wonder if that could be considered water-based Alchemy?

Well we're already in the room so let's ask if they got poisoned. Do we have any antidotes? Ask how they got in here.
No. 175393 ID: 2c47db

It's special merfolk magic, but probably analogous to alchemy in principle.
No. 175397 ID: cf68aa
File 127339512882.png - (31.17KB , 500x500 , 954.png )

>"Well my name's Alex mya. These are my friends RJ and Felix."

"Nice to meet all of you. My name is Mizuno."

>"So what're you doing her mya?"

"Ah, I was sent here to collect any artifacts that may have been left behind."

>"Sent mya? By who?"

"Heh, that's confidential. I can't really say who."
No. 175398 ID: 2c47db

We'll we're here for knowledge, although so far artifacts has been a better haul what with the goldeon dagger. Still our goals aren't mutually exclusive, maybe we can team up for a bit. Assuming he wasn't sent by Dart, but he doesn't seem like the sort.

At least ask him about his experiences thus far here, it might be useful info.
No. 175400 ID: 701a19

"Er... It kinda matters, since we came here with the rightful owner of the school and one of the teachers.
We're not strictly opposed to you taking artifacts, but we really do need to know what you're taking and where they're going. We need as complete an inventory as possible if we ever want to sanitize this place for future use.
Oh, also, have you seen any corpses around? We're collecting remains so we can resurrect the dead."
No. 175401 ID: a594b9

Maybe she was sent by Lord Z.

@RJ: Hey maybe you can ask about how to unlock any Mermaid-related potential you have.
No. 175403 ID: cf68aa
File 127339649556.png - (10.34KB , 500x500 , 955.png )

>"Er... It kinda matters, since we came here with the rightful owner of the school and one of the teachers mya. We're not strictly opposed to you taking artifacts, but we really do need to know what you're taking and where they're going mya. We need as complete an inventory as possible if we ever want to sanitize this place for future use. Oh, mya, also, have you seen any corpses around we're collecting remains so we can resurrect the dead."

"I'm sorry miss... I really can't say anything.."

>I don't wanna force the guy..

>"I guess it's okay mya. Can you at least tell us a little about what to expect down here?"

"Well mostly there's just Denhiders. But you also gotta watch out cause there's some shades around to. Those will really kill y- Oh no!"


"My cloak! It's ruined! Oh man..."

>"It's okay mya. I'm an alchemist. If you still have the pieces I can mend it."

"Really!? That'd be great! I think they're in the room"

>"I'll help mya."

Alex looks around. she finds a piece and picks it up

No. 175404 ID: 701a19

Is that Dart's symbol? Move to patch his cloak, and use the Cell Stone as material to form a thin blade and propel it in between the vertebrae in his neck.

@Everybody We've got a Cerin here.

[Use Red Stone to cast Thead on Mizuno]
No. 175405 ID: a594b9

Okay, this is WEIRD. If this person was under Dart's employ, why did they not recognize Felix? Or you?

Consider continuing to act friendly with the intention of finding out more about Dart's plans.
No. 175407 ID: 701a19

{CORRECTION! Everybody EXCEPT the ones in the room with Alex.}
No. 175408 ID: 2c47db

Looks like Darts symbol... time to force the guy to talk.

@RJ and Felix
This person may be with Dart, RJ try to steal his decanter of water and then Felix restrain in and put a soul blade to his neck. Time for interrogations.

Oh and Felix, on the off chance that this person is an unwitting pawn, try not to kill him right off.

Easy there champ, we want to question this guy.
No. 175409 ID: 701a19

[Do not let RJ and Felix know]

We have Phoenix Downs with us. We kill him FIRST, then restrain him, have Gene steal his mana, and THEN bring him back. Safest way for everybody.
No. 175410 ID: a594b9

[do not use Thead]
No. 175411 ID: 2c47db

Or we can just take away his water, bind him, and question him. Besides, Thread from the red stone is risky, what if it has some undesired effect?
No. 175412 ID: 701a19

[Show King Rai Mizuno, but not the location]
@King Rai: We have a member of the Cerin Squad here.
He doesn't seem to realize who we are.
Will you grant us a legal use of Thead so that we can capture him safely, with the understanding that we intend to revive him?
Also, is there anything we should know about Thead before casting it?
No. 175414 ID: cf68aa
File 127339814851.png - (18.52KB , 500x500 , 956.png )

>Okay guys WAIT!
>Before we do 'anything' lethal let's see if we can get more info mya.

>"So... How long have you been working for this person mya...?"

"Oh I just started. One of the other members of my group left so I filled in. Oh darn! I wasn't supposed to say group.."

>"It's okay, I won't tell anyone."

"Thanks. Fides would kill me. Oh darn it! I did it again.. Can you pretend you never heard that?"

>"No problem mya."

"Thanks. Anyway I 'really' shouldn't be saying more about them"
No. 175417 ID: a594b9

Okay, get to mending the robe and do a Spike from behind straight through the heart. Move Earth to pin the arms and legs and perhaps get that decanter away from them.
No. 175418 ID: 701a19

Alex, invite him to join our search party.

-> >>175412

@Cecil: Put your hood up. Can you try to seal a Shenjou curse on him and move it into The Child?
If it fails, then he's not cursed.
No. 175419 ID: 2c47db

This guy is an idiot, and I don't think he has a clue what he has gotten into. He could almost certainly be convinced not to help Dart anymore.

Let's worn this guy about a dangerous enemy that has been attacking us, enslaving and killing others, erasing existence and such. Out of concern for his safety, of course. Then mention who it is that has bee doning so.
No. 175421 ID: cf68aa
File 127339920269.png - (15.30KB , 500x500 , 957.png )

>"So mya... Have you heard about this evil wizard going around killing people and stuff mya?"

"Huh!? N-no I haven't..."

>"Yeah he'd pretty evil. Someone like you might get killed pretty fast. Surprised you never heard about him"

"Who is it?"

>"The Dark Mana Wizard Dart."

"Lord Dart!? He's not evil! Take that back!"

>"He kills and enslaves people. I'd say that's pretty evil mya."

"He's doing it for the greater good! He's saved people to!"

>"And killed scores more."

"Don't make fun of Lord Dart!"

Mizuno shifts the water to Alex. She quickly knocks him(?) out with a blunt earth spike and seals him to a wall. The alchemy causes bits of the ceiling to fall off. Mizuno lies pinned against the wall unconscious. A black stone falls to the floor
No. 175422 ID: 701a19

Move him out of the room and down the hallway a ways, then give him a Cell Stone so we can work his mind. The black stone could be another of Dart's traps, so we need to get away from it and wait for the others to get here and identify it.
No. 175424 ID: 2c47db

Ahh, the loyal, innocent idiot. Put a cell stone to him, we have things to show. As for that black stone it might be dangerous, don't touch it but try to use alchemy to determine its nature or just destroy it. A bit of alchemy to shore up the damaged room is probably a good idea too.
No. 175426 ID: a594b9

That black stone... could be anything.

It could be an improved version of the Time Erasure bomb that we witnessed at the Tigerfolk city. It could be some kind of communication device. It could just be an offensive weapon.

Better be safe. Put it in RJ's hat for now. That should contain the explosion if it goes off, and we can take it out when we have time to analyze it.

Or, can any of us here inspect it to see what it does? Without touching it. It could be some kind of prototype copy of the Cell Stones we have.
No. 175429 ID: cf68aa
File 127340019018.png - (11.83KB , 400x400 , 958.png )

Alex rushes everyone out of the room. They wit several minutes then cautiously enter again. The black stone is still laying in the same spot. Alex moves a bit closer then casts Manascir on the object

>That thing was made with Alechmy mya... It's similar to my Cell Stones.

She picks it up. Nothing bad seems to happen

>This IS a Cell Stone.
No. 175431 ID: 701a19

Hijack their network. Let US access theirs, but NOT let THEIRS access OURS.
No. 175432 ID: 2c47db

Shit... this could be bad, hopefully it isn't listening in. We'll interrogate the fool about what he knows of it. Can you shut it down until we're ready to deal with it?
No. 175433 ID: cf68aa
File 127340096228.png - (39.98KB , 400x300 , 959.png )



No. 175434 ID: a594b9

No. 175435 ID: 476456

so we can prank call dart?
No. 175436 ID: 701a19

Ok, attach a hijacker cell stone to this one so you can use it as a tap. Include a selfdestruct spell in it. Have L bury this thing DEEP in the earth.
No. 175437 ID: 2c47db

Oh wow... so they won't be able to hear us at all, right? We should at least check on each of the ones w2e haven't seen yet, so we know who they are. And maybe later try and hijack Gaia again, that's always fun.

Sounds good. Fides is seconded.

Of course, but it's hardly the smartest option.
No. 175446 ID: cf68aa
File 127340221186.png - (24.14KB , 500x500 , 960.png )


>Fuck! This guy.. I didn't think he'd be so strong... Damn.. I should retreat for now.

"Have you decided to stop attacking?"

>"Fuck you."

"So vulgar. You should try to be more like the snow. Pure and gentle."

>"Shut it!"

"If you leave I promise not to harm you any more. I do not like fighting"

>Damn... We need him dead in order for this to work...
No. 175447 ID: 476456

Have you tried punching him? I hear guys like that have a weakness to fists.
No. 175448 ID: 2c47db

(Haha got his ass kicked. Let's listen in as he reflects on his failure.)
No. 175450 ID: 701a19

He can't hear us, you know.
No. 175453 ID: cf68aa
File 127340322591.png - (30.07KB , 500x500 , 961.png )


"You're thinking you need me gone so Dart can complete his plans."


"I can assure you I won't stand in his way. This world is not a concern of mine. But heed my word. It will not be I or the other Masters who will try to stop Dart. It will be the hundreds who's lives he has ruined."

>"As if they're strong enough! The rest of the world are mere insects compared to him."

"Even the tiny bee can kill if they attack together."


"Now, leave my mountain. It is time for me to meditate."

>"Sorry pal. I need to kill y-"

"The only reason you are not dead is because I will it. Your life is in my hands. See the snow around you? Within it is tiny glass fragments. You've been breathing them in this whole time. They are tiny, minuscule, but I can have them all leave you body rather violently if I chose to. I ask again, will you leave?"


Fides glares at Fai then makes his way down the mountain

"Have a pleasant day."
No. 175454 ID: 701a19

[Switch to Lucius]
No. 175456 ID: 701a19

@Chel: So, what do you think of L? :3
No. 175461 ID: a594b9

No. 175462 ID: cf68aa
File 127340543410.png - (26.29KB , 500x500 , 962.png )

Lucius is reading

>Huh... So Merfolk can alter emotions. I need to see if this can be used by humans as well. Several branches of magic have been crafted in ways similar t No humans have their limits as we Hmmm.. No if w no that's not poss well it's worth a shot anyway. I'll put it on my todo list..
No. 175463 ID: 701a19

[Switch to Cecil]
Ok, we can spy on Dart's minions.
No. 175466 ID: cf68aa
File 127340629013.png - (25.92KB , 500x500 , 963.png )


>That's great! I'm assuming everything went well with the Cerin? Sorry for not getting there, we're stuck at a riddle door.
No. 175468 ID: 701a19

What's the riddle?
No. 175469 ID: a594b9

Yeah, everything's going well.

Speaking of the Cerin, they seem to actually truly believe that Dart is a good guy. Obviously we just knocked him out.

We also found out that we don't need to worry about Fai. He is apparently strong enough to fend off Dart's strongest minion without much effort. I think Nari might get along well with him though, if we went and visited anyway.

So. What's the riddle?
No. 175470 ID: a594b9

Oh, is Amy up yet?
No. 175471 ID: 2c47db

Alex set it up so we couldn't be heard. Spied on Fides who was trying to kill Fai, good news is he failed rather badly. Bad news is Fai doesn't seem to care about Dart one way or another. Spied on Lucius but he was just reading something about merfolk.

Speaking of which, the merfolk member of the cerin seems to be completely ignorant that Dart is a bad guy. We'll have a lot to talk to him about I think.

So what is this riddle about?

Ok, seal it off and restrain our merfolk friend. We'll give him a good talking to he's conscious and bound. Nothing like a captive audience, eh? And of course search him for loot.
No. 175472 ID: 701a19

@Alex: Oh, before we forget: Is there anything magical in Mizuno's body? Or spells on him?
No. 175474 ID: cf68aa
File 127340746276.png - (1.63KB , 115x247 , 964.png )

>Just a box mya. I can't open it though mya.

>Well here's the riddle. All it says is 'What does this represent?'
No. 175478 ID: 2c47db

Tilt you head left and look at the lines as if they were the far right edges of blocky capital letters.

Can you see the word LIFE?
No. 175480 ID: 701a19

"Life Lines"

@Alex Take it out of him, set it aside, leave the black cell stone there, and come back to the circle room. You don't want to be in the blast radius of anything Dart left behind.
No. 175482 ID: cf68aa
File 127340940338.png - (21.77KB , 500x500 , 965.png )

>"Life Lines"

The door opens. Cecil goes in to join Alex. They embrace and begin to talk about what had just happened

>"He.. Or she, I can't tell, seems to be okay. Dart probably brainwashed him though"
No. 175483 ID: 701a19

So? Dart's too lazy to use normal brainwashing techniques, so just move the Shenjou over to The Child. If that doesn't work, detect what magic was used.

After that, check up on L's progress.
No. 175484 ID: 2c47db

He didn't act anything like Felix did, so I don't think he's magically altered like that. Just lied to and sucked in on false pretenses. Not that we should make assumptions, try and see if there is a mind slave to transfer.
No. 175486 ID: a594b9

Perhaps we should find out what gender this person is.

...does anyone know much about Merfolk gender differences?
No. 175493 ID: 701a19

I really hope this guy isn't one of RJ's parents.
It would be so like him to do that, too.

@Alex: Plant a Cell Stone on Amy so we can talk to her as soon as she wakes up. You already put one on Mizuno, right?
No. 175504 ID: 1ac39d

i think felix would be best bet to talk to them.

@felix: explain how you USED to be dart's minion but were brainwashed and forced to do anything he asked. he had another minion cast a memory erasure spell so you wouldn't be able to reveal any secrets i learned, which is a blessing in disguise as you were apparently a crying wreak over some things you used to remember doing.
No. 175523 ID: 4531bc

Have we asked RJ for an aura check on the Merfolk?
No. 175700 ID: cf68aa
File 127346460127.png - (22.17KB , 500x500 , 966.png )

>I have no clue. I'd assume the difference would be obvious if we took down this persons pants but I'd rather not.

They wait until Mizuno wakes up. He thrashes around trying to break free.

"Let me go!"

>"Sorry. We won't kill you or anything but we can't simply let you go. Not after finding out who you are."

"Why are you doing this to me...? I'm not a bad guy."

>"No but the person you're working for is."

"Says who!?"

>"Says humanity."

"What has he done that's so bad?"

>"He's killed and enslaved countless people"

"So has anyone using a Philosopher's Stone. Yet they're praised as heroes"

>"He's trying to kill off the world leaders"

"to make this place better! With all the crime committed and all the hate, this world is a mess! If Lord Dart ruled there would be no reason to worry about things like racism! We'd live in a better world!"

>I can't get through to this kid...
No. 175701 ID: 476456


"he turned my boyfriend into my girlfriend"
No. 175703 ID: 2c47db

Put a cell stone to his head, we'll give him a showing of Dart's Greatest Hits.
No. 175706 ID: 1ac39d

is felix in the room? if so send him out and tell them 'i just sent out felix, one of dart's old minions. he was being mind-controlled and until his memory was erased by another minion he was an emotional wreak because he remembered dart ordering him to kill his own family to prove his loyalty. tell me, has dart made you kill your faimly yet, or will he tell you to do that later?'
No. 175711 ID: 1ac39d

and/or 'what makes you so sure dart would be a good leader anyway? let's say he wins, he kills the leaders and becomes ruler of everything, then what? he makes laws that say 'anyone who says anything racist will be killed' or some-such?'
No. 175714 ID: 701a19

Try to remove any curses he has FIRST. Brainwashed people aren't easy to convince.

"Stopping racism. Ah, so that's why he went out of his way to start a blood feud between the catkin and tigerkin that had progressed to attempts at genocide. Well, I suppose there could be less racism in the world if there were fewer races, but I doubt it.
Haters gonna hate.
And how about crime? Will he be taking away everybody else's free will to do so? You know, like he did for most of the Cerin squad? Tell me, did you used to be a girl?
Speaking of crime, isn't it murder to kill innocent civilians? Would you really want a criminal to stop crime?"
No. 175715 ID: 1ac39d

[i keep thinking up good ones]
'what is the difference between a knight and a bandit? they both kills people and get money from them. simply, a knight is given the money in gratitude, while the bandit simply takes it.'
No. 175726 ID: e3f578

Man, whatevs, he's being a dick to us. He's a badguy. Also uses brainwash magic. I don't give a fuck about the other leaders, yeah, they could be evil but they sure as hell don't brainwash people and switch their genitals around. I mean you can't be more obviously evil than that.

Think about it kid, he tries to enslave the party leader and make him insane. I believe we're a hell of a lot more justified than some ignorant idealist that may or may not be brainwashed. Ergo, fuck Dart we can say he's a bad guy. We got the props, dawg.
No. 175730 ID: cf68aa
File 127346991115.png - (21.15KB , 500x500 , 967.png )

>"what makes you so sure dart would be a good leader anyway? let's say he wins, he kills the leaders and becomes ruler of everything, then what? he makes laws that say 'anyone who says anything racist will be killed' or some-such?"

"People need laws. Without them and someone as strong as Dart to enforce them then there would only be chaos. Would you be evil if you knew you would die?"

>"Probably not but I am not evil anyway"

"But there are evil people out there who would hurt others. Lord Dart promised that he would stop them. He's saved so many people. He's good. The murders may seem evil but it's for the greater good!"

>"Tell me, did you used to be a girl?"

"Wh-what!? No! I've always been one!"

>Oh. He's a she.
>Yes. Maybe you guys can help.

He has Alex make a Cell Stone and places it on Mizuno
No. 175735 ID: 701a19

Hello, Mizuno. Please, tell us, what has Dart done to earn your loyalty?

Why are you using a person who admits to using evil methods freely, even if the goal they claim to pursue is noble?
Cecil? The one you were talking to? He challenged Dart after Dart murdered his entire family on a whim. No rhyme or reason, just killed them all our of the blue.

Felix? Dart placed him under the Shoujen curse, put him on the Cerin squad, then decided it would be fun to send him out to kill his entire family.
Here, we can show you what the guy you replaced was feeling around the time Dart was promoting you to his position.
[Expose him to the torment Felix faced pre-memory wipe]

[Also, the relevant parts of this >>175714 ]

You act like Dart is simply misunderstood, but you need to understand that he has been doing horrible things to innocent people for generations. We can't see his alleged motives, but his actions speak volumes.

So, what did he promise you? Returning your missing granddaughter? Immortality? Bringing back a loved one who died? Power?
No. 175736 ID: 2c47db

Hey there pal, we're your new best friends. And we've got some things to show you.

[Replay A series of events including Darts attacks, Felix's suffering, the erasing attack on the hospital, and add the emotions of those involved]

And just so you don't think we're just as bad...
[Replay our struggles, the good we've done, those we have helped, saving Nari and Chel and Felix and others]

So, any questions?
No. 175743 ID: e3f578

Also, has Dart ever helped you get laid? I think not.

[Replay RJ/Felix footage just before the sex started with us chanting "OH YEAH" Ferris Bueller style.]
No. 175746 ID: 1ac39d

[... no, just... no.]
No. 175747 ID: 701a19

[No. Very no.]
No. 175751 ID: 2c47db

[Thirding the NO]

But I did lol :3
No. 175756 ID: a85626


[My mind says no, but my fingers say oh god yes.]

It's nice to have a captive audience for once! Here, would Dart join forces with a luck goddess to travel the universe searching for adventure and bringing space criminals to justice? I think not!

[Replays episodes of the Lucky Bunny Bounty Show]
No. 175757 ID: cf68aa
File 12734740928.png - (21.42KB , 500x500 , 968.png )


>.... He is a good man.

>There was a small town where I used to lived.
>Everyday in that town was torture. I hated it.

>One day someone tried to kill me, he managed to cut off my tail.
>I ran away from the town bleeding. I knew I would have to go back. I had nowhere else to go.

>Then I saw him. He was walking by and he healed me. He asked me who had done this to me.

>He went to that town and destroyed those responsible. all the bad people died.

>And he gave me a place to live.

>Lord Dart is a nice man who truly cares for us halfbreeds. He may not be a night but he does what he can for those who can't defend themselves. In the end we will all be happier.
No. 175763 ID: 1ac39d

so ether your mom and dad didn't care that bad stuff happened to you or you were orphan that ended up at the asshole of the world.

i smell rewrite all over this story
No. 175765 ID: a594b9


I think we need a better understanding of exactly what Dart has done. Why did he cast Shoujen on Felix, for instance? Was he an assassin like Cecil?
No. 175767 ID: 701a19

Huh. That's interesting. Still, moments of kindness don't excuse or legitimize the sheer volume of innocent people he has murdered.
While we share many of the goals you have ascribed to him, his methods are as inexcusable as they are brutal. We aren't out to stop him out of revenge or to get justice for those he has wronged, we just want to stop him from destroying the lives of more innocent people.

You may be interested to know that much of our group is of mixed parentage. In fact, you know how you replaced Felix in the Cerin squad? He loved his family, they loved him, and Dart forced him to kill them all.
I can't see that as anything but an act of pure evil.

Now I'm curious... Have you ever had kids? If so, how long ago? Because we happen to know a girl who is a quarter Merfolk, and we would like to help her find out who her family is - even if you oppose us, you have to agree that is a noble goal - and there aren't too many half-merfolk people in the world...
No. 175769 ID: 701a19

@Cecil: Are there any curses or magical effects on this girl? Can you tell if Rewrite was used on her?
No. 175774 ID: 1ac39d

[passively listen on black cell stone, if anyone says or thinks about Mizuno then bring it up front.]

wait, you said you were replacing someone in the group yet you didn't recognize Felix?
No. 175776 ID: cf68aa
File 127347773037.png - (20.91KB , 500x500 , 969.png )

>I can't sense any magic on her.


>He's a nice man. It's everyone else who is evil... If someone is trying to make the world a better place and someone stands in their way doesn't that make them evil..?


>No. None that I know of.
No. 175777 ID: 835bc3

All the bad people died? What about the good people? Surely not everyone there was a horrible person. Did he just up and kill everybody?

Look there's a number of half breeds with us as well, and we've all been hurt and threatened by Dart. He does terrible things and towards terrible aim, just killing the bad with the good is not a good thing. Why not make peace, instead of killing everyone? We've made efforts to save everyone we've come across, both those who have been victims and those who have been enemies. What has Dart done to make peace, resolves difference, or prevent bloodshed.
No. 175778 ID: 701a19

Everyone else?
What would you call a person who spends all their time helping people in need and trying to make the world a better place? You said that is good, correct?
That's what we have been doing. Dart keeps trying to stop us.
By your own statements, that would make him evil.

Would you agree that reducing suffering is good, while increasing suffering is bad?

@I Shop: Do you have any spells that can reverse ReWrite? Even partially?
No. 175779 ID: 701a19

@Cecil: While we're working, could you go get that box Alex pulled out of her and, if they're done with Amy, examine it with L and Chel? Otherwise take a look at it yourself.
No. 175782 ID: a594b9

Evil is defined by deed AND intent. If Dart is indeed trying to make the world better, then standing in his way is not necessarily evil, if the person trying to stop him doesn't understand the situation.
No. 175783 ID: cf68aa
File 127347997178.png - (34.22KB , 500x500 , 970.png )

>See. But people all assume he's bad but he's really not.

>Well maybe not all of th-
>well suffering is bad but if Dart succeeds...

"Mizuno was it? Dart is not the man you think he is. He is a evil person who won't hesitate to kill y-"


She breaks free from her stone prison. Water spirals around her.
No. 175784 ID: a594b9

Stand down! We don't want to hurt you!
No. 175785 ID: 835bc3

Dammit we're trying to help everyone! Even you!

We managed to poke holes in her logic, but it didn't go over well. Put her to sleep or something, don't let her escape or get hurt!
No. 175786 ID: a594b9

@Cecil: Ice should work. As usual.
No. 175787 ID: 701a19

I can't speak for the others, but all I am saying is that Dart's methods are wrong, which is why good people have good reasons to act against him. If you want people to stop opposing him, then you need to show people his good side.
Also, it would really help if he started using less objectionable methods. There's a reason he has horrible public relations.

@L: You can redirect this kind of stuff, right? Can you use your Alchemy to control her water?

@Alex: Can you rebuild her restraints?

@Cecil: Use her own mana to rebuild her restraints. It's Dark Mana, but she should be fine with that.
No. 175789 ID: cf68aa
File 12734818775.png - (2.01KB , 500x500 , 971.png )

>"Mizuno stop it! We're trying to help!"

She begins to cast Ice

[i]The water tentacles thrash about and cut into the ceiling. It soon begins to crumble. Alex and Master L rush to hold it together but Mizuno is destroying it faster then they can rebuild.

A chunk of the ceiling hits Cecil on the head knocking her out.
No. 175790 ID: 835bc3

...? We still here? Hello? Anyone? Cecil, wake up!

No. 175791 ID: 701a19

[Switch to Alex]
Either use a bit of your soul to turn some of her blood into sleeping potion, or find a way to kill her.
Remember, we have four people here who can heal souls. Don't be afraid of using dark mana when you need to.
No. 175792 ID: a594b9

[switch to Master L]
No. 175793 ID: cf68aa
File 127348247587.png - (12.49KB , 500x500 , 972.png )

>...... Mya........?

>ow... My head..........

>I think something is broken.. What happened mya...?
No. 175794 ID: a594b9

She collapsed the ceiling. Can you determine a way to get everyone out without causing more damage to the structure?
No. 175795 ID: 835bc3

Roof collapsed it seems. You're probably under a mess of rock, move it aside carefully in case things aren't stable. Cecil lost consciousness, but we're still here so he's ok for the moment. Checking on the others now.

@the rest of the party
Head count! Who's awake, what is your condition? What is going on?
No. 175796 ID: 701a19

The room caved in.
You have a special Zeroon-like spell for Cecil. Cast that, then lie still and remain calm. We need to make sure everybody is ok and see where they are before we start moving debris to clear this place up.

[Check locations of all our stones and the status of the people who have them, like we did in the bath house.]

[Switch to Amy Sky]
No. 175797 ID: 835bc3

Oh and we can channel a healing spell if you can't manage it yourself. Always unreliable but it's an option if we need it.
No. 175798 ID: cf68aa
File 127348325518.png - (11.68KB , 500x500 , 973.png )

>When did the roof collapse...?

>I think I'm out of mana mya.
>... Yeah I'm out. Everything hurts mya. My arm feels numb and I think I broke a rib.

[Felix, Chel, Nari, Cecil and Master L are all unconscious and nearby. RJ is not on this floor. Amy is awake. Mizuno is awake and moving about slowly upstairs.]

>That would help out...
No. 175801 ID: 835bc3

Very well.
[Channel a healing to Alex spell via the Red Stone]

Doesn't help with mana though. Drink potions if you can. If you can't move the rubble we'll need Master L. I'm afraid we'll need more of the Red stones power to get out of this.

One thing we know can't wait...
[Cast Freeze on Mizuno via the Red Stone]
No. 175803 ID: 701a19

@Gene: You ok?
@Amy: Hello, how are you?
[Cast Zeroon on Alex]
[Cast Ice on Mizuno]
[Switch to Amy Sky]
No. 175804 ID: a594b9

[cast Heal on Alex via Red Stone]
Let's see if we can give you some mana...

[cast Magistra Mana Matra on Alex via Red Stone]

@Mizuno: Stop! You've failed your mission. What do you think will happen to you if you return to Dart?
No. 175806 ID: cf68aa
File 12734848571.png - (21.72KB , 500x500 , 974.png )

>N-No... Lord Dart will forgive me... He is kind...

She stumbles through the ruined ruins, blood pouring from her fresh wounds. She she nears the entrance she is hit with a Sub 0 spell at 98% from the Red Stone. She freezes instantly


No. 175809 ID: cf68aa
File 127348521513.png - (21.93KB , 500x500 , 974a.png )

A 28% power Zeroon spell heals most of Alex's wounds

>N-No... Lord Dart will forgive me... He is kind...

She stumbles through the ruined ruins, blood pouring from her fresh wounds. She she nears the entrance she is hit with a Sub 0 spell at 98% from the Red Stone. She freezes instantly

No. 175810 ID: 701a19

Hello, Amy? Are you ok?
I'm sure you're very confused at the moment, but you've been out for a rather long time and there's too much to tell to not know where to start.
What's the last thing you remember?
No. 175811 ID: 835bc3

Hi! Don't worry, we're speaking with you telepathically from a stone some friends left with you. There is.. much to explain, but right now you just need to stay clam and don't go anywhere. Ok?

Are you in good enough shape to move? Or is there too much rubble? We'll get Master L healed up so he can help with alchemy.

By the way, Mizuno is frozen solid... and Amy is awake. We'll take care of her, just do what you can. We'd rather not have to Zeroon the whole party this way but we will if we have to.
No. 175812 ID: 835bc3

[Cast Zeroon on Master L]
[Switch to Master L]
No. 175815 ID: 701a19


Amy is awake, and she can help. Also, consider the consequences of casting Zeroon when, say, a person's leg is broken and being kept in that shape by being pinned between two large rocks.
No. 175816 ID: a594b9
File 127348678468.png - (15.53KB , 640x400 , Hello.png )

No. 175817 ID: cf68aa
File 127348700890.png - (26.60KB , 500x500 , 975.png )

>There's too much stuff on me, it's really hard to move right now. And I can't cast alchemy if I'm stuck like this mya. Also the spell didn't fully heal me mya. Something cut off circulation in my arm mya and it's numb.


No. 175818 ID: 701a19

Yes, we can see that just fine, thank you.

You're not dead.
You ARE at school.
Something happened.
Rai is currently in Central.
Your trip with Rai has been indefinitely postponed, but I'm sure he'll be happy to reschedule at this point.

The school was destroyed. We don't know much about what happened, but all survivors have been accounted for.
The people that rescued you are trapped in a collapse, but they're all ok-ish. Master L is among them.

[Projects directions to the cave-in area, and directs her to Cecil, or whoever is nearest if Cecil is too hard to get to.]

We need your help to free them and heal them. Could you tell us what spells you know?
No. 175820 ID: a594b9

Additionally, if you find someone that's frozen solid in a block of ice, just ignore them. That's... well, it's complicated. There was a misunderstanding and we had to detain her. Don't thaw her out, she is a bit dangerous in her current mental state.
No. 175822 ID: 835bc3

Well uh... we'll explain everything later, right now we have friends how are in trouble. We will take you to see Rai soon though, promise.

Just stay here for now, when our friends are ok we'll talk more.

Where are you? Most everyone is under rubble right now, we're trying to help them now. Mizuno is frozen stiff, so don't worry about that.

[Switch ti Master L]
Wake up already!
[If he doesn't answer after a moment, cast Zeroon on him via the Red Stone]
No. 175823 ID: cf68aa
File 127348828385.png - (19.81KB , 600x600 , 976.png )


She begins to make her way through the destroyed rooms
No. 175824 ID: a594b9

You could say we ARE Cecil. Dart hit him with a Shoujen curse, and the mental damage caused us to come into existence. We're talking to you via a magic device.

We've dealt with the curse already, so don't worry about that.
No. 175825 ID: 835bc3

Well actually a lot of time has passed. There was an accident at the school and no one has been here in some time.

What we are is... sorta odd. Cecil had a bit of a curse on him which fractured part of his mind. That is us. We helped him get himself back together and get things done. The really problematic parts of the curse are broken now, but we're still here. Add in a telepathic magic rock or twelve and we serve as communicators advisers and guardians for a number of people.

Oh by the way, that curse also made Cecil female, but he is fine with it mostly. Anyways he isn't responding, but we're still here so he's he;s at least alive for now. We should be able to get everyone healed back soon even if our resources are low. We can even bring back the recently dead, if it comes to that.
No. 175827 ID: 38c71d

[No. We are not telling her how long it has been. Not yet.]
We aren't sure what happened. We think Rai might know, but he refuses to talk about it.
If by 'the' Cecil you mean Cecil Von Central III, then yes. We're actually fragments of his mind that broke-off when Dart beat him in battle and placed the Shoujen curse on him. Rai helped him keep his mind free, but some of the changes are beyond our power to heal. For now.
If you want to learn Alchemy, then you're in good company. Master L is here, as is Alex, and Cecil has the basics down already. There's another novice here too, but she doesn't want to learn more.
If you're interested in Soul magic we also have a certified Soul magic instructor with us, as well as three other people who are adept in its use. Cecil is one of them.

Feel free to ask any questions you have.

Hooo... Where to begin?
Lets start with the full group.
Alex is about the same as ever, although she passed the Magi test earlier today. She only really knows alchemy.
Cecil is currently female, and knows Elemental, Alchemy, and Soul magics. He's a Magi too, now. We currently plan to have him create a circle of magic focused around changing the natural form of things - that would let us cure ailments that are intrinsic to the person, like blindness, deafness, muteness, deformities, brain and heart disorders, and almost anything else that healing magic can't help. Would you like to help his research?
Master L is about the same, but he drank himself into a stupor after the school was destroyed. He was really broken up over it, but he rushed over the second he heard we found you.
Felix is a light/dark elf that used to be one of Dart's elite assassins, but Alex beat him in a fight and Cecil removed his mind control. Then Dart tried to erase his mind with a failsafe. He's doing surprisingly well. He knows Soul magic, and has a very limited understanding of Time magic.
RJ used to be a street rat, but she's surprisingly skilled. She knows very little Alchemy, but doesn't really use it. She's with Felix - they're such a cute couple~
Chel is that dark elf princess that vanished decades ago. It turns out she was soul-petrified, and that curing soul petrification is not actually impossible. She's a certified soul magic instructor.
Nari is Chel's daughter, who was born a number of years after Chel was soul-petrified. Yes it's basically how it appears; her father is in jail now. She knows soul magic, but we're thinking she should learn some elemental magic.
Gene is a jerk who has been reading Lord Z's notes and figured out Sage magic from there - it's a circle of magic Z came up with, but hadn't taught to anybody.

Rai and L were both so broken up over your absence that it's pretty obvious they love you. Do you know if it's like a daughter? Or romantic interest?
No. 175833 ID: 701a19

No, we are not casting Zeroon from the stone when we have a perfectly capable mage right here. Mana is cheap and renewable, Red Stone is not.
No. 175868 ID: a85626
File 127352243557.jpg - (154.47KB , 900x863 , useWordsOnPictures.jpg )

No. 175873 ID: a594b9

...no, you're the dumbass. It's been established that we don't need to do that. How else would she get the name 'Cecil'? ALSO MIZUNO IS FROZEN SOLID. Even a regular Freeze lasts hours. That was Sub 0, a level 3 ie spell. She's out of action for probably an entire day.
No. 175875 ID: 1ac39d

.... ow. my brain hurts from how dumbass that is. Mneme, she can hear us, she replied to our questions, we just hear HER a different way. and we are Cecil's head voices, no orbs needed.
No. 176054 ID: 701a19

Mizuno has been restrained. We would have done that before, but we were in Cecil when he was KOed.
How long did the battle last?
How's your arm?
Everybody else seems to be out like a light except for Amy, and we're sending her to dig Cecil out first since he's got plenty of mana.
No. 176056 ID: a85626

Oh, I guess not... the first orb Cecil got his hands on was that Dark Elf thingy that Alex used to safeguard his soul. Maybe I got it mixed up with another quest.
No. 176687 ID: cf68aa
File 127372852997.png - (23.02KB , 500x500 , 977.png )

She soon climbs out of the rubble
No. 176695 ID: 1ac39d

you have been out fr a long time, he's turned evil and wants to kill the world leaders and become the overlord of everything.
No. 176699 ID: 701a19

We're not telling you everything because there is FAR too much to tell. We'll answer any questions you might have.

Dart turned evil, declared himself the master of Dark Mana and Dark Magic, and slaughtered the entire Von Central family save for Cecil.

[Directs Amy to where her first rescue is]
Start digging; we need to get these people free quickly.
No. 176700 ID: 2c47db

It's not that we want to keep secrets, theres just a whole lot to go over, some is upsetting, and taking it all in at once won't be easy. For now just try to focus.

Alex, that's the fuzzy one, is a master alchemist. If you can pull her out and heal her up, she could be able to help with the rest... she is out of mana though. Master L should be near her though, if you can get him on his feet and healed that should be enough.
No. 176714 ID: e3f578

I like you Amy. You cut the bullshit. I can tell. Can you handle your way around a few brews? Because we are so celebrating when we get out, even though you might not be able to physically talk or something.

Yeah, Dart went evil. Probably because of you or something because you mean a lot to the teachers around here. Were you all the teachers' pet or just Rai's? Dart's mastered the shit out of the most draining and darkest magic in the world and we have no real idea how he did it.
No. 176718 ID: cf68aa
File 127373114049.png - (36.24KB , 500x600 , 978.png )

No. 176721 ID: 1ac39d

dunno, once we get you back to rai he would probably answer any question you could ever think of.
No. 176723 ID: a85626
File 127373230844.jpg - (135.21KB , 1000x672 , dart.jpg )

No. 176725 ID: 2c47db

Of course there are, but they can wait, and you don't have to bear the burden of them alone.

Right now I think the important thing to know is it has been a very long time, years even, since you last remember anything. How that happened and what came between is both troubling and somewhat uncertain to us. Master L will be able to explain better than us.

Also... these people with us, Cecil and our friends are all very good people. You would do well to call them friends yourself. I don't know how well you were able to communicate with people before but we can help with that through our special means. When you learn alchemy you should try to fashion cell stones similar to our own, to allow telepathic communication.
No. 176726 ID: 701a19

Your pupils or irises seem to be glowing red.
L and Rai love you; we're just unsure of what kind of love that is.

To be perfectly honest? We are withholding two important pieces of information from you, but it's for two very good reasons:
The first is that we need you thinking clearly long enough to free somebody who can continue the rescue work.
The second is that it's not our place to tell you; that duty falls to Master L.
No. 176730 ID: cf68aa
File 127373609212.png - (28.98KB , 500x600 , 979.png )

No. 176733 ID: 1ac39d

just seal the wounds if you can. the others have strong enough stuff to handle that. think L was near her.
No. 176735 ID: 701a19

You don't remember Alex? One of L's star pupils?
Anyway, dig her out of the rubble and retrieve her arm if you can. We'll heal her while you retrieve somebody else.
[Detect who is closest]
No. 176739 ID: 2c47db

Don't worry, there is a spell known as Zeroon now that can heal any level of damage, even from the smallest part of a body with enough energy. We just don't want anyone dying because securing the souls again isn't always easy. Just stabilize who you can and try to find L, he isn't limited in how much mana he can use.
No. 176756 ID: a594b9

Well, technically we don't really need to worry about people dying at all. We've got Phoenix Downs, and so long as their soul doesn't get stolen by a soulless we won't have any trouble.

If you can, find Cecil. If Cecil dies we won't be able to talk to you.
No. 176873 ID: a85626
File 127378345769.jpg - (48.59KB , 667x500 , nabad.jpg )

No. 176883 ID: 701a19

Well, he DID cast Black Hole on a hospital and then use ReWrite and Move Earth to attempt to erase all memories of the hospital and the people inside from existence. Fortunately we're immune to mind-altering magic like that so we helped people remember.
No. 176887 ID: a85626


What? He did what?

Maybe you are immune to mind altering magic, but...
No. 176888 ID: 1ac39d

you mean you don't remember the hospital disappearing?
No. 176890 ID: a85626


What hospital? Disappearing?
No. 176906 ID: a594b9

Just read the archives instead of acting like you don't remember. WE DON'T FORGET.
No. 176910 ID: 701a19

We ARE immune to mind-altering effects, but not to some of us completely failing to pay attention. Hold on a moment,


Seriously, were you sleeping when Dart's trap when off? Go look back through our collective memories and stop making a fool of yourself.


Just ignore that voice for awhile.

We can heal Alex once you dig her out, although it will be easier if you can retrieve her arm.

@Alex: Alex! Wake up! Amy's digging you out. Once you're free we're going to heal you, then you can down a few mana potions and go dig Cecil out.
No. 176934 ID: a594b9

I'd like to note that Alchemy is weakened if you can't use both hands.

So once she's out of the rubble, we get to cast Zeroon again. The Red Stone sure is getting a workout today!
No. 176949 ID: 701a19

Ugh, don't remind me. I hate using this thing, but we really don't have many options.
No. 177037 ID: cf68aa
File 127381245448.png - (24.31KB , 500x500 , 980.png )

Alex is soon dug out from the rubble



"---- ------ ----------"
No. 177038 ID: a594b9

You can't read lips or anything? Alright, we'll have to exchange messages.

[switch to alex]
Hey, this is Amy Sky. She's deaf and mute, so you'll have to talk through us, alright?
No. 177039 ID: 701a19

That was no ordinary merfolk, and don't forget it took-out Master L in the same fight.
[Directs her to Cecil]
We need Cecil up and about; he's the most versatile mage here, and can be frighteningly competent at times.

@I Shop: We would like to purchase a few dozen mana potions, delivered to the recently-collapsed section of the magic school ruins.
No. 177040 ID: a594b9

Let's just go with two dozen exactly. 24.
No. 177041 ID: cf68aa
File 127381393522.png - (26.74KB , 500x500 , 981.png )

She goes and continues to dig while Alex nurses her wounded arm. She soons finds Cecil and wakes her up. She gets up and rubs her head. Her and Alex begin to talk

I Shop
>Well I guess I'll I can give it to ya personally stranger. I was heading that way anyway. Also I got your ring. Be there soon.
No. 177043 ID: 701a19

We'll be right back; we need to check in with the boss.
[Switch to Cecil]
So, was that lovers Zeroon as good as he said?
Also, what's wrong?

@I Shop: Did you catch the thief? Or just stumble across the ring?
No. 177044 ID: 2c47db

Master L is the best for helping out, so get him first that will help the others all the faster.

[Pinpoint Master L's Cell stone position and direct Amy there.]
We've nailed Mizuno with a luckily strong Freeze spell near the entrance. Hopefully she should be there until we help everyone else, and if it doesn't her wounds might not let her much further.

And... sorry man, I feel we failed you all with this. Hopefully we don't need to hunt down any of our friends souls. Can you feel Nari through the bind? We can't well tell between unconsciousness and worse.
No. 177047 ID: cf68aa
File 127381478549.png - (15.38KB , 500x500 , 982.png )

>Hey guys. The Vel spell is great. with almost no Mana I'm fully healed. Most of my mana vials are broken but I have one left.

She drinks it and uses cast Vel on Alex.


"Much mya."

>"Alex.. I'm sorry this happened.. I.."

"No time for apologies. We need to find our friends."

>"Right... Nari!"

"Mya...? !!! Oh! I almost forgot about her mya!"

They use their bond to sense for Nari. Amy signs that she will be leaving to find master L. Cecil and Alex go to where Nari is.


>It's no ones fault but my own. I won't ever slip up like that again....

They reach where Nari should be. There is a bright blue orb surrounding her.
No. 177049 ID: 701a19

Ok, we're going to check this out...
[Switch to Nari]
Nari? Hello? Are you ok?
No. 177051 ID: 2c47db

Soul magic? Did Nari cast that, or did her mom? Is there anyone else in there?

[Detect who has cell stones there]

Hey wake up, Alex and Cecil are here to help.
No. 177052 ID: a594b9

I wonder if this is Soul Block?
No. 177053 ID: cf68aa
File 127381551432.png - (21.54KB , 500x500 , 983.png )

Cecil gently touches the orb. It crumbles showing a completely undamaged Nari underneath. She's resting peacefully. Cecil tries to wake her up but she won't move

>"Nari...? Nari wake up."


"Mya.. Cecil... Is she...?"

>"No. She's still alive she's just not waking up."

She gives Nari a few gentle shakes. She still won't budge.
No. 177056 ID: a594b9

Try casting Soul Heal on her. Or you could find Chel first if you're nervous about that.
No. 177058 ID: 701a19

Check on her soul, heal it if needed, then move her someplace stable. Head for the entrance, if you can.
After that continue searching for the others. Gene ran off and RJ fell through to the floor below, but the others should be on this level.
Meanwhile, we'll check inside Nari's head.

[Check the health of everybody on our Cell Stone network.]
[Switch to Nari]
No. 177060 ID: 2c47db

She must be drained from keeping up that spell. I think she'll be ok, with some rest and maybe a bit of mana potion. Try to wake her up a bit, otherwise get her someplace comfortable and look for the others.

[Try to locate Chel, RJ and Felix's stones and relay the positions to Cecil]

Hmm... I wonder if we can help rouse her...
[Send Nari happy feelings, the image of Cecil and Alex smiling, and the sensation of tickling]

Oh yeah we have the I-Shop owner on the way, we arranged a delivery of some mana potions, and he's found your ring as well.
No. 177061 ID: cf68aa
File 127381635391.png - (9.73KB , 500x500 , 984.png )


>Her soul seems fine.. She probably is just tired. I can sense the others through you voices. They're not too far off and seem to be stable. I think Alex suffered the worst injuries. I need to get Nari someplace more stable.

She carries Nari bridal style to the entrance. Alex clears the path as best as she can. They pass a still frozen Mizuno on the way. When they get to the entrance someone is already there.

"Welcome strangers. Got those Mana Potions you ordered."
No. 177062 ID: a594b9

"Holy crap! What ARE you?

Uh, I mean, thanks. Nice of you to deliver them in person. Uh."
No. 177063 ID: 1ac39d

nari probably used something crazy to protect herself.
oh and we ordered a bunch of potions. drink up!
No. 177065 ID: 701a19

Thank him!

@I Shop: Thank you! By the by, you know your teleport stones? Have you considered a variant where you have a pair of them, one a 'base' stone and the other a 'marker' stone, such that the owner can call the 'marker' stone and whoever is holding it back to the 'base' stone?
It would be quite useful as an emergency retrieval system. Or as a trap...
No. 177066 ID: 2c47db

...You're like that even in direct sunlight, aren't you? Anyways thanks, there's lots of mess to clear and people to heal, such a damn mess. All thanks to this brainwashed merfolk... working for evil but innocent of wickedness. What we get for trying to play the good guy all the time I suppose.

So what became of that thief?
No. 177071 ID: cf68aa
File 127381767394.png - (18.96KB , 500x500 , 985.png )

>"What the h-!? Uhm.. I mean, thank you..."

"No problem stranger. Oh, here's you ring back as well."

Cecil takes the ring and the Mana Potions. Alex and Cecil drink up and restore their Mana fully.

I shop owner
>Good idea stranger. I'll look into it sometime.

>"well I'll be outside if you need me stranger. Good luck"

Cecil "Thanks again."

>"It's just buisness."
So what became of that thief?

The I shop owner leaves
No. 177074 ID: 701a19

@Alex & Cecil: Alright, get to work digging people out and healing them.
Alex, we've got plenty of mana potions so use your alchemy to clear rubble in the least disruptive way. If that means crumbling rocks into gravel, so be it.
Cecil, stay in the same area as Alex and help free the others, but focus more on healing wounds.
No. 177076 ID: a594b9

@I Shop owner: Um, if you don't mind me asking... are you a Demon? I thought Demons hated humans.
No. 177077 ID: 1ac39d

my morbid curiosity is REALLY starting to flair up about the I shop. just WHAT is that guy? i also think fighting him is a bad idea, something tells he he knows every spell he sells by heart.
No. 177079 ID: 2c47db

Time for clearing out the others. And uh... not be sound mean, but dig out Gene last. He's going to be excitable and rather annoyed at the state of the school.

We should see how Amy is doing, and try to keep Master L in line when he wakes up.
[Switch to Amy]
No. 177081 ID: a594b9

I think Gene just plain ran away.
No. 177083 ID: 2c47db

Oh and Cecil, check on how long it looks like Mizuno will be frozen for. It was a strong spell, but we don't know if water bending merfolk maybe thaw out faster.
No. 177087 ID: 701a19

Agreed. If you need us you'll have to talk via the stones, since we can't hear anything when we're riding with Amy.

We really need to get you started on crafting a circle of magic that alters the natural forms of things; then we could cure Amy's deafness and muteness.
No. 177089 ID: cf68aa
File 127381978056.png - (6.92KB , 499x500 , 986.png )

>They are usually not very polite to humans..
>Mizuno is still sealed away thankfully

Cecil and Alex go to find and heal the others.

She is in front of a door that reads "Brothers and sisters I have none, that man's father is my father's son. Who am I to that man?"

No. 177090 ID: 701a19

Scrawl "Father" on the door
No. 177091 ID: a594b9

Try pointing to 'father' in the sign. Or tapping it.
No. 177092 ID: 2c47db

An easy riddle, compared to the others we've seen. Without brothers or sisters he can only be referring to himself. Try signing or writing "himself" somehow. Heck maybe it even responds to the thought of the answer instead of the sound.

Oh wait, your Will of the King can speak, and can understand you right? Have it answer for you.
No. 177101 ID: cf68aa
File 127382053197.png - (6.98KB , 499x500 , 987.png )


She writes Father on the wall.

Nothing happens.

She tries pointing at the word.

Nothing happens.

She keeps jabbing her finger at it and tries to say it. She starts getting frustrated and kicks at the door hurting her foot.

No. 177102 ID: 1ac39d

have will of kings say it.
No. 177103 ID: cf68aa
File 127382079244.png - (8.88KB , 499x500 , 988.png )


>"Ah... He.... Ba..."

She punches the wall again and turns away from it to find another way around it.
No. 177104 ID: a594b9

Oh. We can translate what you're saying for you. You said:

"Ah... He.... Ba..."

Maybe you can learn how to speak, kindof, with our help?
No. 177105 ID: 1ac39d

we been all over the place, unless an entire wall fell down since then you need to use that one.
No. 177109 ID: 2c47db

Amy no, please it's ok just calm down. These doors are everywhere, they even seem to close themselves again. Getting around them probably isn't possible without further damage.

You have a hindrance, and you do far more than make up for it with your skill and tenacity. This stupid door doesn't know or care about that, it just has a stupid trigger. Will of the Kings is your power, your tool, and right now your voice. There is no shame in using it.
No. 177110 ID: 1ac39d

oh yeah. we only need to jury rig it enough that it counts. start making noises and we'll tell you which ones you need.
No. 177114 ID: 701a19

This is one of Lord Z's puzzle doors. If you can't give it the right answer in a way it will accept it you can't get through, and any other ways around would be blocked by similar doors. Blasting it down would probably get you killed.

I'm sorry, Amy, I really am, but there aren't any other viable options at this point. Master L needs you, you need to go through this door to get to him, and the fastest way to do that is with your King.
No. 177119 ID: 1ac39d

okay, quick sound lesson. to make a 'F' sound place your lower lip against your upper teeth and blow between them. 'TH' is made by placing your tounge against your top teeth and blowing between them. now the 'ER' and long 'A' sound are hard to describe because they are all vocal cord no mouth. try making a few sounds and we'll tell you which ones are close enough.
No. 177121 ID: 701a19

Well, ok, MAYBE we can help.
Put your lower lip against your upper teeth and breath out through it, then open your jaw to pull them apart. That makes the "Fa" sound.
Move your tounge so it's against the bottom of your front upper teeth and breath out through it. That makes the "Th" sound.
"Er" is a little tricky, but you can do that by breathing out with a relaxed mouth and then moving your tongue up to partially restrict airflow.
Put it all together and do it in one breath.
No. 177122 ID: 701a19

She THOUGHT that. We're deaf while riding with her, remember?
No. 177125 ID: 1ac39d

no, her thoughts show up in the image, she said that.
No. 177126 ID: 2c47db

We felt her say it, didn't hear her say it... I don't think. ...We can see by another viewpoint besides the users, can we also hear from a deaf persons perspective?

Oh and Amy sorry for our ignorance, even us disembodied voices can be thick headed.
No. 177133 ID: cf68aa
File 127382301289.png - (20.43KB , 500x500 , 989.png )


Amy shakes her head at the thought.


She spends a few minutes practicing the sounds. She begins to say the sounds at the door. She mixes them up, says them at different speeds and even tries to say different ones

>"fu....Th...er.. Fu-th-er"

With a click the door swings open. Amy smiles and her heart beats a bit faster, ecstatic at her accomplishment.
No. 177136 ID: 1ac39d

[SQUEEEEE!!! so cute]
excellent! let's claim out prize!
No. 177137 ID: 701a19

Yep! Now, go find L and rescue him!

Well, it seems you're only mute because you've never had a chance to learn speech.
Well, that should be easy enough to fix. We'll just have Cecil use ReWrite to insert an understanding of Speech into your memories - you don't mind somebody screwing around with your memories like that, right?
No. 177138 ID: 1ac39d

but where would you put it? something like speech is picked up over YEARS of listening and mimicking. it's not something you can just FORCE.
No. 177139 ID: 2c47db


I... don't know it can work like that. I mean, rewriting new skills into someone? Maybe. I get the feeling she would rather do it the hard way though.

What do you say Amy? Want to find a magical way to learn, or we can help guide you as you do work through it yourself?
No. 177149 ID: cf68aa
File 127382465647.png - (19.91KB , 500x500 , 990.png )

She goes into the next room


She runs over to Master L and begins shaking him. He doesn't move.
No. 177151 ID: 701a19

Get the debris off of him, then back out of the room. Keep the door open though, and stand behind it.
Our spells can backfire, and we don't want you caught in that.
[Cast Zeroon on L.]
No. 177152 ID: 2c47db

Hold on that spell until Amy tries her healing magic. We don't want it possibly backfiring. If she can't do anything, let it be cast.

Amy try what healing magic you can for him. We'll try our emergency resources if there is no other way.
No. 177153 ID: 1ac39d

agree, no point risking it if amy can do something.
No. 177154 ID: cf68aa
File 127382584953.png - (19.11KB , 500x500 , 991.png )

She tries caster her healing spells but they have little effect. Zeroon is cast through the Red Stone but it only reaches 13% power. More b lood flows from Master L's wounds. Amy panics and tries to clear some of the debris away. Some of the rocks were pushing against his veins, once released more blood pours out.

No. 177156 ID: 1ac39d

@Cecil: get in here, now!
No. 177158 ID: 2c47db


[Cast Zeroon again]

Master L is in bad shape, and the Red Stone isn't doing well at all right now. We are trying again, but cast a Zeroon through the stones to him to back it up a little!
No. 177159 ID: 701a19

First: Stop panicking. This is nowhere near as bad as you think.
Second: Keep healing him. We've got plenty of mana potions, so don't worry about running out.

@Cecil & Alex: Come here. L's in really bad shape and we really don't want Amy to see him die.
No. 177160 ID: 701a19

[No. Not another Red Stone spell.]
No. 177161 ID: 1ac39d

[and i'm not entirely sure a Down would work on him, because of how far past his natural lifespan is.]
No. 177163 ID: 2c47db

Wait, let's try this first...

[Switch to Master L]
[Cast Zeroon from his Philosophers stone]
No. 177165 ID: 701a19

[NO! You could destroy Laura!]
No. 177167 ID: cf68aa
File 127382658711.png - (11.05KB , 600x600 , 992.png )


[Nothing happens]
Cecil and Alex rush to the door only to find it locked with a new riddle on it.

No. 177168 ID: 701a19

6 and 3.
Hurry up!
No. 177169 ID: 2c47db

There aren't many numbers like that, and the maximum is the biggest possible number. I think the ones you want here are 3 and 6, which is 3*6*6 which adds up to 108. 2*7*7 would be 98 and 4*5*5 would be 100 and anything further either way would be worse.
No. 177170 ID: 1ac39d

[Cecil gains new skill: Math wizz]
No. 177684 ID: cf68aa
File 127390684030.png - (18.98KB , 500x500 , 993.png )

>"I don't have time for this you damn door, my friend is dying you'd better let me through before I meteor your ass!"

With a soft click the door swings open. Cecil rushes in and begins healing Master L. Amy stands by and watches. Soon all of Master L's wounds are healed. He leans against the wall and breaths in deeply. He looks Cecil in the eyes

"What took you!? I could have died!"
No. 177689 ID: 701a19

Ok, now we can go rescue the others.

@L: Being unconscious under tons of debris, actually. Don't worry about it, we'll keep you alive. Is Laura's soul ok?
No. 177738 ID: a594b9

...that Philosopher's Stone is really tiny now.

Dammit dammit dammit. L's got like... 5 years left now probably.

@Master L:Hey, why is it so important that you stay alive? Aren't you basically annihilating souls by using that stone? I mean, the afterlife can't be that bad, can it?
No. 177757 ID: 701a19

@Master L: Ignore him. The not-crazy among us want you alive, meaning we'll secure a less evil source for your immortality before letting those souls go free.
No. 178142 ID: a594b9

How DARE you accuse me of wanting Master L dead! I asked why he needs to be alive. Why he uses the Philosopher's Stone in the first place. WHY HE WOULD ANNIHILATE THEIR SOULS JUST TO EXTEND HIS OWN LIFE.
No. 178145 ID: 701a19

I never said you wanted him dead, but trying to talk him into departing for the afterlife is not conducive to his survival.
No. 178154 ID: cf68aa
File 127398615271.png - (19.39KB , 500x500 , 994.png )

>I stay alive because I don't want to die. Simple as that. Also, for me, I don't think the afterlife will be all that great..

he gets up and makes new glasses. He also hands Cecil a box

>"This was on that Mizuno dude. I was gonna open it but I really don't have any mana left."

"Here, we have some potions on u-"

>"nah, save it for yourselves. I'm done casting anything for the day."
No. 178158 ID: 1ac39d

@L: unless you make or get another stone then your only option is to start hitting on some elves. also, we taught amy how to say 'father' because so she could get past the riddle. she had such a happy face about being able to actually say something, here look
[>>177133 show him her expression]

leave the box closed for now, only try it outside or it could blow up a wall, and that is the last thing we need. let's find chel and gene.
No. 178160 ID: 701a19

Ah, remorse. You've done some horrible things and don't want to face karmic justice.
The solution is to try and make things right.

Also, lets explore other venues for immortality, such as de-aging you with time magic, soul-binding with an elf, contributing to Cecil's research...

Have you checked the box to make sure it's safe to open?

Oh, and we could really use your help to dig people out of collapse. It's a mess.

@Cecil: Save the box for later. We need to rescue people first. Have Amy stay with Alex and stabilize the people she uncovers while you head down a floor to rescue RJ.
No. 178162 ID: 701a19

Oh! Right! I forgot!
[Forward Master L's hearing to Amy]
Ok, now she can hear herself well enough that she can correct her attempts at speech. As long as you're nearby, anyway.
No. 178164 ID: cf68aa
File 127398753165.png - (9.53KB , 500x500 , 995.png )

>heh.. That's pretty cute. I'm glad she's happy. She still looks happy.

>I don't want to face her just yet..

>The box could probably be opened by some type of magic. It's been giving off this low humming sound the whole time.

They go and start their search for the others. As they walk Alex begins rubbing the arm that wasn't cut off
No. 178167 ID: 40cb26

@Master L
Well I can understand you wanting to take it easy, but we were really hoping you'd help dig out everyone else. Unless there is something making spellcasting a problem for you right now we'd really appreciate you drinking a potion and assisting us. Otherwise you could head to the entrance and keep an eye on things. We've got Nari sleeping, Mizuno on ice, and the creepy I-Shopkeeper in that area. They all cause us concern one way or another.
No. 178168 ID: 1ac39d

FFFFFFFFFFFFFff!!! throw that box as far as you can outside! it could be another warp bomb like felix had!
No. 178170 ID: 701a19

Seal it and keep it with you.

@All: Cecil, go get RJ. Alex and Amy, you two stick together and rescue people up here. Start with whoever is closest. L, you're not going to follow our orders anyway, so if you want you can go find your old room and see if there's anything worth salvaging. Or use the watch to find Laura Winselm's body. Gene, it's safe again, so get back here - you still have Lord Z's section to search in your quest for number 1.
No. 178171 ID: 40cb26

This box friggin scares me, can you seal it away? Detect what you can about it? If it's something Mizuno found it shouldn't be immediately dangerous... but if he brought it I don't care to think what it'll do.
No. 178176 ID: cf68aa
File 127398890175.png - (9.54KB , 500x500 , 996.png )

>I can check real quick

She examines the box for a while. After finding no magic she holds it up to her ear and shakes it a bit A voice is faintly heard

'epeat, respond now. Mizuno respond now. Mizuno respond now. Densi keru'
No. 178178 ID: 1ac39d

it's some kind of back up to the cell stone. can anyone fake voices?
No. 178179 ID: 701a19

Interesting... Dart isn't using the black stones to give orders.
Seal it and go rescue RJ. We're going to do some spying.
[Monitor Dart]
No. 178182 ID: cf68aa
File 127398945755.png - (54.70KB , 1024x768 , 997.png )

No. 178186 ID: a85626

@ Master L: oh jeez oh jeez oh jeez he's at the school he's at the school. Maybe if we play dead he'll go away. It's motherfucking Dart!
No. 178187 ID: 1ac39d

No. 178188 ID: e3f578

@others that aren't Dart

That Dart motherfucker is outside the building.

[emulate Mizuno's voice]
I'm here.
No. 178189 ID: 701a19

@All Dart's at the school. Drop everything, get to the entrance, retrieve Nari and Mizuno, then go back and continue work. L, if you can call in a favor from Fai now would be a good time

@I Shop: I don't suppose there's enough money in the world to pay you to kill Dart right now. So, you're the philosopher?
No. 178190 ID: 40cb26



Can we cast a spell from the Red Stone through the black ones? I really want to freeze bomb his ass.

Are you still near the entrance? We've got what you might call a bad customer right outside, if you can hide away the little girl asleep there we'll be so grateful I don't even know how we'd pay you back.
No. 178193 ID: 701a19

[Bad idea. The speech patterns are just as important as the voice, and we haven't heard enough of her speech to pull that off.]
No. 178195 ID: 1ac39d

[agree, hopefully he will just grab mizuno and leave.]
No. 178197 ID: e3f578

[Stick to simple responses. Patterns are difficult to detect that way unless Mizuno never speaks with simple responses}
No. 178199 ID: 701a19

@All: Actually, new plan. Rush to the entrance, grab Mizuno and Nari, then head back to the collapse,cut a hole to the dark world, and hide there. He won't expect it since it's supposed to be impossible.
No. 178200 ID: a594b9

What about Felix, RJ, Nari and Chel? Would you leave them behind for Dart to get his hands on? We need more time!
No. 178201 ID: 1ac39d

no, we still have people trapped and he may find them, let him find mizuno while we get everyone out. if we get everyone out before he get's to our place we can cut a hole but not before then.
No. 178202 ID: 701a19

@All: Oh, and Alex? Leave behind a Cell Stone with a contingency spell on it so we can destroy it remotely. Don't bother making it a huge one since it won't kill Dart anyway, just make it enough to render the stone completely useless.

@King Rai: We have Amy Sky. She's alive and her soul has been returned. We are inside the school and half of us are trapped in a collapse.
Dart is at the school's entrance. Little help?
No. 178205 ID: 701a19

Nari's at the entrance. We're retrieving her.
@All: With Cecil, Alex, and L all working together we can rescue the others in minutes - before Dart finds us, hopefully. L, you go after Chel since she's most likely inside a protective bubble. Cecil, you head for RJ and clear a path for the others - you're best suited for that. Alex, you save Felix.
Gene, get back here before Dart kills you.
Everybody meet at RJ's location once your respective tasks are complete.
No. 178206 ID: 1ac39d

agree, with calling rai, this is the time to call in the big guns.
No. 178212 ID: a594b9

My plan is this:

Leave Mizuno behind for Dart to find. He'll thaw her out and talk to her. We'll be speaking to her at that point as well. Hopefully we can goad her into resisting the punishment, or at least delay him long enough for us to dig the remaining people out and escape.
No. 178217 ID: cf68aa
File 127399211212.png - (21.13KB , 600x600 , 998.png )

>It's been a while since I came here.. Nostalgia.
>I remember teaching here.. Helping students learn the wonders of magic in hopes that they will use it to help others.

>And I saw it be abused by their 'teachers'.

>I hope Mizuno is okay..
Master L


Everyone begins to panic

>"Shut up! I need to think! We need to get out of here fast!"

"But how w- OH! I have teleportation stones! They'll take us anywhere!"

>"Really!? Okay, this makes my life easier. Here, take this"

He pulls out a tiny shard of his Stone

>Voices, I can stall for time and maybe even take out Dart. It's a pretty tough to pull off spell but I think I can do it. Just gotta make sure everyone's outta here first though.

>"Guys, go find the others fast! Take them with you!"

Cecil and the party begin to spread out and quickly search for the others
No. 178218 ID: a594b9

[keep watching Dart]
No. 178220 ID: 1ac39d

@everyone: if you can help look then start looking, if you can't then use your stone.
No. 178223 ID: 1ac39d

... ow. i just got an anurism from shear stupidity. what's stopping him from thinking she is an illusion and just blasting her? he thinks amy is dead.
No. 178224 ID: 701a19

@L: No. I don't know what your plan is, but it's dumb.

@All: New plan. Amy, go say hi to Dart. I'm betting he'll be ecstatic to see you; he won't do anything to hurt you. That will give everybody else enough time to rescue the others - Amy, we'll meet up with you later, but no matter what don't lose sight of what actions are right and wrong, no matter what the goal may be.
No. 178225 ID: a594b9

I... actually like that idea. Except... we'd have to tell Amy how we brought her back.

She could be our diplomat. Our negotiator.
No. 178226 ID: 701a19

Simple. She has a soul, and he's smart enough to check before he blasts.
No. 178229 ID: 1ac39d

fair enough, second concern: are you SURE he wont? i mean REALLY FUCKING SURE.
No. 178231 ID: 40cb26

@Master L
Everyone who has thought that they could take him out has been violently disappointed, don't get cocky. And Nari is asleep at the entrance, for gods sake don't engage him until she's safe.

Can we channel a red stone spell through the black cell stones?

You by no means obligated to help us, but be aware that the dark mana master Dart is here. We're hoping to get everyone dug out and use teleport stones to escape in time. Act on this as you see fit, if you help us we'll owe you. The young girl Nari in particular is vulnerable and near the entrance.
No. 178232 ID: a85626

@ Cecil: Master L is gonna suicide bomb Dart into pieces. L has only got a tiny bit of helpless souls to sacrifice left, so he hasn't got much time anyway. You should just ignore him and escape while he blows up Dart, the only teacher who could be your ally.
No. 178236 ID: 701a19

Yes. I'm not sure enough to say with certainty exactly what happened, but I can say with certainty that we don't need to worry for Amy's safety.

@Cecil: Yes, L is planning on a suicide attack. Also, he has about 5 years of life left on that PStone whereas we could get him an alternate source of immortality by the end of the day.
Tell him his plan sucks and to help you rescue people and escape, then give Amy an extra Cell Stone and get to work.
No. 178245 ID: cf68aa
File 127399757951.png - (12.76KB , 500x500 , 999.png )

The groups begins to gather everyone up including Nari and Mizuno. Master L reluctantly agrees to let Amy try to stall for time. He gives her brief instructions and sends her out with an extra Cell Stone

She goes outside and waves at Dart.

>Can it be...?

No. 178246 ID: 701a19

[Switch to Dart via OUR cell stone network.]

Yes, which means she can't hear you. Hold on.
[Link Dart's hearing and understanding of sounds and speech with Amy's hearing and understanding of sounds and speech]

Ok dad, hopefully she'll be able to understand you now, and it'll help our attempts to teach her how to talk.

Also, she's alive because Cecil figured out how to revive the dead without horrible rituals or affronts to magic. Although I suppose you could technically call it an abuse of magic if you don't think people should return from the dead - in which case I would like to point out that she was being chewed on by a soulless, not at peace in the afterlife.

So, I suppose the real question now is "Why?".
Why are you trying to conquer the world?
Why are you using such horrible methods to do it?
Why are you keeping your motives secret?
Why did you turn from being a genuinely nice guy into somebody who would erase a hospital?

If we knew what your ultimate goal was, then perhaps we could help you achieve it without causing so much suffering along the way.
No. 178247 ID: cf68aa
File 127399875557.png - (19.78KB , 800x600 , 1000.png )


No. 178254 ID: 701a19

Ok, see, that? That was completely needless. She came here to talk to you, and hasn't taken sides. She didn't believe us when we said you turned evil, and she wasn't even alive when Cecil took-out Mizuno.
She's an innocent bystander here; she hasn't done anything against you.

We're here under a banner of peace, which is why we haven't attacked you. We listened to Mizuno's claims up until the point where she got pissed at us for insinuating you're not a nice person and started bringing the structure down, which forced us to neutralize her.
At any rate, she caused us to question some of our assumptions about you and thus we decided diplomacy was in order.
So, are you willing to talk?
Or would you rather not try to negotiate?

Perhaps a question that doesn't relate to you; who or what caused the demon incident that destroyed the school? Who or what ended it?

Oh, and in case you care:
Felix's memory was wiped to some point before he ever challenged you, and he seems to be doing quite well.
We know Master L has done some completely horrible things, and we're forcing him to set things right as much as possible.
We also know that Rai is far from innocent as well, although we haven't determined the details yet. We'll force him to fix the damage he has done once we've got enough information to do so.

@Rai: Dart just cast Shenjou on Amy.
No. 178266 ID: a594b9

Dart could have used it on Mizuno. We weren't allowed to see.
No. 178273 ID: e3f578

GODDAMMIT, why'd you have to go all super "why you doing this shit" in the middle of a goddamn emotional moment. We should have just opened communication networks between her and Dart and then he wouldn't have made somebody and freaking tranny mindslave.

It might have made him sorta good again. Hell, we go into his thoughts and see that he sorta believes in his own bullshit so he wasn't that far-off. Goddamn, it was the same with Alex.

Yoho, mister Ishop guy, mind redoing that over again with another time spell? No, everybody just gets one? Well goddamn son. Maybe if we go down to IHOP and get you some pancakes?
No. 178279 ID: 1ac39d

I KNEW IT!! I FUCKING KNEW IT!! i told you seven, i told you it was a bad idea and you were like 'oh, he would NEVER hurt amy' and i was like 'ARE YOU REALLY FUCKING SURE?!?!' and you told me you were sure. i knew it wouldn't work!!
No. 178285 ID: 1ac39d

also, from now one. no matter how big a sob story any of his minions spin we assume dart is pure evil and base what we think he would do on that.
No. 178295 ID: e3f578

Good advice, he's just got a almost good philosophy and intention, but he'll fuck everyone up in the process for his to be spread and stuff. He's technically an Ubermensch. You don't assume an Ubermensch will do something completely different from what their currently doing with others because of some girl he cared for a lot in the past.
No. 178308 ID: 701a19


You are right. I screwed up, and for that I am sorry.
Too bad nobody pointed that out before it was too late. :/

You are wrong. She's fine, and will either continue to remain fine or be restored to fine.
While I was hoping that it wouldn't come to it, I did in fact plan for this possibility.
Perhaps you wondered why I instructed Cecil to store a sample of Amy's blood, then attempt a resurrection using a different sample?

At any rate, this advances several goals. Chief among them being providing King Rai with a personal stake in these events. Further, we can use this entire visit as leverage to coax Rai into granting us boons, such as carte blanche to use illegal spells, take prisoners, and pass judgement at our discretion, as well as mobilizing the royal army mages to sanitize the school ruins and start recovery and resurrection efforts.

Oh, and there's nothing stopping us from Banshing the Shenjou on her.

No. 178309 ID: 1ac39d

we couldn't stop you because i was asleep, it was 4 am here.
No. 178320 ID: 701a19

Well, if you feel that strongly about it then you can ask for a Rewind.
However, Amy being captured is better than L dying, or Dart recovering Mizuno and/or capturing one or more of the others.

No. 178321 ID: 1ac39d

who says he isn't going to just grab mizuno as well?
No. 178322 ID: e3f578

You planned for this? What are you doing, playing a game of Xanatos Roulette? Christ, your not a magnificent bastard, you don't get to pull those off.
No. 178325 ID: a594b9

From what I understand, Seven means he just had a contingency set up in case anything happened to Amy.

I wonder what happens if we cast Zeroon on the blood when there's a larger corpse around? Do healing spells only work on the 'main' body? We might have to reduce Amy's main body to ash before we could recover her using the blood as a base.
No. 178327 ID: 1ac39d

but it would result in an interesting experiment, would the amy made from this blood only remember up to her time of death or are the memories stored in the soul?
No. 178330 ID: e3f578

My god, your going to implement a MY OWN CLONE scenario in a quest.
No. 178331 ID: 1ac39d

No. 178332 ID: a594b9

There's only one soul. We can't resurrect Amy while she's still alive, guys.
No. 178333 ID: 1ac39d

well yeah, but since we have a sample if she tries to kill us we can go full force on her instead of trying to make sure her body stays intact.
No. 178342 ID: 701a19

Technically, "Amy is alive" and "Amy's body is alive" are two different statements.

> if she tries to kill us.

Don't be silly! Amy only has ONE soul.

That's why I sent Amy out to meet him; to buy enough time to retrieve Mizuno and Nari, then dig the others out and escape to the Dark World.

Revisiting the Dark World has been part of my plans for awhile. Did you notice, by any chance, that locations in the Dark World equate to locations in the Light World but the relative distances are different?
No. 178359 ID: 701a19

Here, just in case it works:
@Cecil: Cast Miracle on the Red Stone. Quick!
[If Cecil can't cast Miracle on the Red Stone, then cast Miracle on the Red Stone]
[Cast Ol Rethono on Dart via the Red Stone]
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