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File 127206778458.png - (9.20KB , 479x364 , 1.png )
169057 No. 169057 ID: fbb632

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No. 169058 ID: fbb632
File 127206791912.png - (64.62KB , 759x456 , 2.png )

No. 169059 ID: fbb632
File 127206793285.png - (64.82KB , 759x456 , 3.png )

No. 169060 ID: fbb632
File 127206794238.png - (67.87KB , 759x456 , 4.png )

No. 169062 ID: 371e4a

God damn random encounters. Hide all visible signs of you being foreigners. Be prepared for violence but see what it's all about before doing anything.
No. 169064 ID: 701a19

If they've spotted us, it's too late.
I just hope you took my advice to disguise the princess as royalty
No. 169071 ID: fbb632
File 127207002487.png - (40.15KB , 622x389 , 5.png )

I don't have a clue what your talking about. Random encounters? If there was such a thing, I'd have died before the age of seven winters. The princess if fine with me as you can see. The wagons had no more space, so She is on the back of my War Wolyo. Love these things, combining speed and comfort, AND size. No wonder Eastaland cavalry is so highly sought after.
No. 169074 ID: 371e4a

Well hand over the princess to one of your men and go see what the fuck is happening and if you're going to have to use violence or can talk your way through.
No. 169075 ID: fbb632
File 127207046329.png - (53.37KB , 622x389 , 6.png )



This isn't what I'd call the most dangerous encounter, but it certainly is random.
No. 169076 ID: 371e4a

Refugees? Insane asykun escapees? A giant homosexual orgy by the roadside? Tell us, what does your acute vision see?

Judging by your facial expression you should be able to get past this with talking
No. 169079 ID: 3b6c92

You seem perplexed. What do we have to deal with this time?
No. 169090 ID: fbb632
File 127207148127.png - (24.00KB , 430x389 , 7.png )

Now what would a Naroubu general. A High general at that. A disheveled, evil smelling High general at that. Be doing deep in Hayaso lands? Alone?"
No. 169093 ID: fbb632
File 127207163621.png - (24.95KB , 430x389 , 8.png )

"-That is now running away. Like a one legged Golbin Elder with rhuematism."

Your call. Do I take him, or let him go?
No. 169096 ID: e2aba8

is he wounded? if so, follow if you cant just snare him or run him over.

if not, make haste. he had a little ambush and its likely he is leading you to it. even if the ambush fail he may just speed it up and remake it in front of you.
No. 169097 ID: 7524b0

Well we should at least find out why he's here. The mystery must be solved!
No. 169099 ID: 701a19

Take him down, but try not to kill him.
It should be pretty easy; he's worn out, so you can probably just chase him down and hit him with a bolo or net or something.
No. 169108 ID: 3b6c92

Yeah, see if you can't get an answer to your somewhat rhetorical question. :O
No. 169172 ID: 732129


Capture him! Even a disgraced general is useful!
No. 169199 ID: fbb632
File 127208131424.png - (18.18KB , 426x389 , 9.png )

Of course.


"Already got him sir."

"...Right. Shadeleaf check ahead for an ambush. Eveyone else back to the bamboo forest, I want to get whatever I can out of this man."

Slaves groan as whips crack. I guess they're tired as well. All the more reason to rest. I need healthy slaves to get a better price.
No. 169213 ID: e2aba8

uh huh. a ambush could be around the corner and you want to rest.

at least have a hour or two towards a better place to guard.
No. 169220 ID: 701a19

Pump him for information, and drag him along with you to neutral territory.
If he deserted, then he goes with you as a slave.
If he didn't desert, then you wait until you're a day or two away from the ship then send him off to Naroubu with your regards.
The reason for this is simple; a deserter is a coward that can be broken, but a high-ranking survivor of a battle is going to be all the more loyal.
If they'll make a poor slave then you can free them as a gesture of goodwill, which may could prove useful in the future but serves an immediate goal of being one less annoyance you have to suffer.
No. 169223 ID: 732129


They're not resting here. They're resting in the forest. The forest is a fine place to rest.

Let's see why this general is running from his army and duty. We want to know if he's being pursued, where pursuit will come from if he is, and why he's running.

Then we'll want to know army movements, the general defense plan for Naroubu (so we can avoid them) and whatever else he might think is useful information.

Let's make it clear he's a prisoner, but that if he cooperates he'll be given privileges and protection. Remember, a general works best when he's not motivated to sabotage his master.
No. 169241 ID: fbb632
File 127208403769.png - (35.66KB , 688x389 , 10.png )

Well, we'll see which type this man it.

"Now before you try and run away again, know that I have several bolt throwers aimed at your right now. You won't even be able to reach your weapon in time High general."

"I am not...general..."

"Oh? I thought the Full Moon Axe was the Honor Weapon of Naroubu's Generals. And the fact that this is has the Dragon's Claws on the side denotes High General rank. So either you kill a general for this, which I doubt, or you are lying. Which is it?"

"My leg...it hurts..."
No. 169247 ID: 701a19

Take him back to the Caravan and interrogate him while you move, because if he's telling the truth then this is a trap.
No. 169249 ID: 1ac39d

oh yeah, it could be a trap. the general gave him the axe to to throw anyone who found him off.
No. 169250 ID: fbb632
File 127208433913.png - (38.73KB , 688x389 , 11.png )

Uh, yes. Hi. We are already in the forest. You said we need to be fast. And we can be fast when we want to.
No. 169265 ID: 7524b0

Ugh. Useless. I'm half tempted to just kill him and be done with it.

Instead, how about you just make his leg hurt a little MORE, to get him to talk?
No. 169271 ID: e2aba8

was he bleeding? dropping something? maybe he smells funny?

the general could have given him the clothes to serve as a bait. by taking him you led the actual general to your camp.
No. 169279 ID: e2aba8

pick his weapon, check his armor, look for scars, ignore his ramblings until you confirm he is he. check what caused the leg wound.

im not sure if there is tecnology to repair broken leg, but its likely we will need to cauterize it anyway. do you have a thin powder, since starting a fire would warn of our location?
No. 169285 ID: 701a19

Sorry, our vision is poor. All we can tell is that he is sitting there, and you're standing around.

Anyway, there are a few other possibilities.
1: False flag action. Naroubu's enemies dress an agent provocateur like one of Naroubu's high generals and have him either abuse a town or convince some of Naroubu's own soldiers to commit atrocities. That trashes the morale of Naroubu's soldiers, and prompts revolt.

2: Plague-bearer. Infect a soldier with a virulent disease, then let him go back to his people. He infects everybody around him and the army fights less effectively.
Alternatively, Naroubu infects somebody with disease and disguises them to look like a high-value target in contested territory. Enemies capture the plague-bearer, then plague spreads through their troops.

3: Simple bait. Same basic premise, but with an ambush instead of disease.

There are several dozen ways this can go down, but it's very likely that you're looking at a grunt or civilian.

Patch his leg up and put some distance between yourself and here before you camp. Keep him away from the other slaves, and have one of your men question him while you're moving. They can tell you what they've discovered when you make camp.

Also, give the princess a swat on her ass, then ask if she's comfy.
No. 169298 ID: 732129


We've been on the road almost a week. That's long enough for an army to have been wiped out and for a survivor/deserter to make it this far.

He is probably lying.

Search him for personal effects. Even if you can't find anything that positively identifies him he should have things that he was using while he was traveling that will be indicative of his true station.
No. 169312 ID: fbb632
File 127208644875.png - (38.69KB , 688x389 , 13.png )

Unlikely. Ying Jian is preoccupied with his rival Naroubu, and Naroubu is not interested in looking for me...yet.

"I'll make your leg really hurt."

I jam the butt of his axe on his wound and put all my weight on it.


"I can make the pain stop. I can even fix your wound. But that aall depends on your cooperation. Now. Who. Are. You?"

"Told you...rrrrng...not a general...anymore..."


"Mika, search him."

"Yes sir!"
No. 169317 ID: 7524b0

Hah, he's a deserter! Or maybe they sent him away in disgrace? Let's fix him up and find out more of his story.
No. 169322 ID: 1ac39d

ah, 'anymore' is the operative word. he ether lost whoever he was leading, ran away, or was kicked out. if the first, then we may be able to use him to get past a part of the army.
No. 169330 ID: fbb632
File 127208733261.png - (39.54KB , 688x389 , 14.png )

Mika sounded a little TOO enthusiastic about searching him...I think Eastaland's bizarre fetishes is affecting my troops now.

"What do you mean you're no longer a general?"

I lessen my pressure on his leg, but I don't remove it.

"Ugh...I...used to be High General Kuta Minaga. Full name Kuta Minogata...I...disapproved of Naroubu's slaughtering of Hayaso civilians. Naroubu had me stripped and sentenced to execution...I escaped...ugh..."

"And what exactly made you think Hayaso would be safer?"

"I didn't. I have been wandering for several days now, I've lost track...of...how............long."

"I found something sir!"

"What is it?

"Uh let's see. A scroll...hmmm blah blah blah, Notice of Execution of Kuta Minogata. Dishonorable acts...something something...release of Hayaso prisoners of war...this word I don't know...confiscation and choice of honorable suicide..."

Well that's all on this side. We now wait for Shadeleaf. In the mean time I should let the princess have some fresh air, before she vomits in that sack.

"Keep an eye on him.


Again with the over enthusiasm.
No. 169346 ID: 701a19

Ah, so he defied his lord in order to do what he believed in.
Well, he would make a poor slave, but people of his type are very nice to keep around. Take him back home with you and see how things go from there. Besides, Mika seems to like him.

Give the princess a slap on the ass after you take off the sack and ask if she's comfy. I want to see how she's responding.
No. 169348 ID: 1ac39d

yes, he would make a poor slave, if he is telling the truth then he may assist if you tell him you have the princess captive.
No. 169351 ID: 701a19

No, not yet.
I have a plan for how to secure his earnest loyalty, but we need to bide our time.
No. 169352 ID: fbb632
File 127209016811.png - (48.50KB , 688x389 , 15.png )

Yes I thought about that. Most likely the princess will be able to identify him by name alone. She'll know if he is who he claims he is. But that isn't the main reason I am going. I have been thinking of it, and I do like the idea of getting her interested in me. It will be difficult since the average Tsang Naji can't tell one human from another, but if I can get her infatuated with me, it will make my journey leagues easier.

"I want complete privacy understood? Nothing is to interrupt me unless Shadeleaf returns."

"Yes sir(You think he's going to bed that Tsang Naji?)"

"Yes Sir!(Maybe...lucky...)"

I'm going to pretend like I did not hear that...
No. 169353 ID: 732129

(the first part of this was in 169350)


I don't believe that he is wandering aimlessly. I suppose he's carrying the scroll to prove that he was showing mercy to Hayaso citizens. It's likely he intended to go to one of the cities and seek asylum.

Too bad for him we found him. They may have taken him in.

Gyoji can probably positively identify him, if you don't mind him knowing she's your slave now.

If you keep him, you'll probably have trouble keeping Gyoji a secret from him anyway.

The bonus to keeping a general is that you have a skilled slave who can advise you. The downside is that if you want him to be useful as a general you'll need to treat him well. You may be able to talk him into going along with you anyway.

He has lost his job, his status, his nation, and very likely his family (I would be surprised if they had not yet disowned him, if they have not been punished as well). Falling in with outlaws like yourselves is the natural next step.

Let's try to convince him that being a slave with privileges and a shot at eventual citizenship is better than being dead or a prisoner in some Hayaso dungeon. Let's clean him up, assign Mika to keep an eye on him, and most importantly destroy anything he's carrying that could be used to identify him.

Be sure to make it clear that he'll be getting privileged treatment in exchange for his cooperation, and that you've got nothing against letting him try for citizenship later.

If he makes a fuss about you being slavers, acknowledge that slavery isn't fair, but point out the mechanisms in your society that allow slaves to rise to be full citizens, and that slaves are often better treated than free paupers.
No. 169354 ID: 701a19

Alright, we need to know how she's reacting first. Let us take a look at her, and tell us how she's behaving physically.
Is she excited? 'Excited'? Bored?
No. 169355 ID: fbb632
File 127209047061.png - (48.22KB , 688x389 , 16.png )

Now THAT, would be helpful. There are exceptions to the Slaving Laws. If I was to secure a man of military structure under me, I could have him immediately made a first class citizen should he defend my life during the Rite. Which would then officially make him my first underling as the new Lord Makag. Best let me know when the plan is ready...I could use a High General if the rumors of their prowess are true.

"Are you here to finally complete it?"


"You have broken my will, and stolen my spirit...now you want my body?"

"WHAT?! NO!! I-hold on..."
No. 169357 ID: fbb632
File 127209061739.png - (34.89KB , 688x389 , 17.png )

"Do you hear the voices too?!"

"What voices?"
No. 169358 ID: 7524b0

I'm going to hazard a guess and say she's horny as fuck from being tied up and in a bag. She seems to really, really like being bound.

It would be best to capitalize on that.
No. 169359 ID: fbb632
File 127209065639.png - (40.61KB , 688x389 , 18.png )

"Uh nothing, nothing...I was wondering actually if..."
No. 169360 ID: 701a19

Get a good look at her face.
"Perhaps. You don't sound enthusiastic about it, though.
Tell me, why is it that you are so indifferent at your deepest, most passionate fantasies coming true?"
No. 169361 ID: 1ac39d

no boss, if you poked her with the orb then yes she would hear us.

anyway... tell her you found High General Kuta Minaga. Full name Kuta Minogata
No. 169362 ID: 732129

Let's see how much of a pervert she really is.
No. 169363 ID: 701a19

Slap her ass and let your hand linger. See how she responds.
No. 169364 ID: 1ac39d

well, we do want you to tap that, eventually. but right now is the time of escaping.
No. 169365 ID: 732129

She's been behaving herself hasn't she? A reward might be in order.
No. 169366 ID: fbb632
File 127209162393.png - (33.97KB , 508x389 , 19.png )

>"Perhaps. You don't sound enthusiastic about it, though.
>"Tell me, why is it that you are so indifferent at your deepest, most passionate fantasies coming true?"

"That glow...where have I...what? Passion? FANTASY?!"

"Of course, Don't think I didn't hear you during our trip. Every bump, every time you felt me brush against you I felt it. I felt you shiver I heard you moan."

"Liar, I would neve-is that...a full moon axe? With the Dragon's Claw Honor? You have one of Naroubu's high Generals?"
No. 169368 ID: 701a19

"So his story goes. Says his name is High General Kuta Minaga, and claims that Naroubu sentenced him to death for refusing to slaughter a Hayaso town."
Set the weapon against the wall, move your face in close enough to look her in the eyes but out of biting range, then slap both sides of her ass at once with your hands, then squeeze them. Watch her reaction.
No. 169370 ID: fbb632
File 127209234114.png - (24.19KB , 556x389 , 20.png )

Isn't that coming on a little too strong?

>"So his story goes. Says his name is High General Kuta Minaga, and claims that Naroubu sentenced him to death for refusing to slaughter a Hayaso town."

"That sounds like Kuta...Though I still find it strange. Naroubu wouldn't begin such senseless killing. And Kuta is...was the most loyal officer of his."

Well I suppose the man is telling the truth...unless it is in imposter.
No. 169373 ID: 732129


You have to decide chief, is she going to be a slave or a romance interest? If she's a slave, it's all on your terms. If you want to woo her, you should probably reward her good behavior and find out what she would like.
No. 169374 ID: 701a19

You can take it slower if you like, but my intention was to provoke a reaction from her so she will confess her enjoyment.
"That is possible, but so is Naroubu lying to you so make himself sound nicer than he really is.
Well, since you have been so well behaved I think I shall reward you. I will bring him with us and give him an honest and fair chance to become a first-class citizen.
A fair reward, don't you agree?"
So, what other exceptions are there? Are there any that apply to captives taken with the intent to marry or keep on the side?
Specifically, are there any methods through which she could become a citizen?
No. 169376 ID: 7524b0

Ohhh. Maybe he was sent as a spy? A story such as this could pull at the heartstrings of whoever found the man.
No. 169377 ID: fbb632
File 127209357435.png - (61.93KB , 726x542 , 21.png )

Ach ka.....I suppose it couldn't hurt...me...much...

"Ju Gwah...what are you..yip!"

I slap her rear, a little harder than I mean to and pull her close to get a better view of her tail. It seems to be wagging furiously, a sign she's enjoying herself...I mask what I am really doing with a sly smile...well you got me into this. Now get me out.
No. 169382 ID: 732129


Well, you might as well pull her robe up/off and give her a spanking then.
No. 169383 ID: 7524b0

"That was for giving me such good information. A reward. It sounds as though this man is a spy, sent with a story meant to inspire sympathy in his captors. I wonder if he really is the person he claims to be, though? I will have to interrogate him further."
No. 169384 ID: 701a19

"Your step-mother told me all about your... peculiar interests. You've loved every second of this, and you relish knowing nothing about the future besides that your life is no longer yours to live. I could beat you, I could breed you, I could force you into grueling manual labor, and the thought of being degraded like that turns you on.
I've broken your will and stolen your spirit, now I want your heart and mind. I want you to, of your own free will, swear yourself to me for all time."
No. 169385 ID: fbb632
File 127209471498.png - (42.10KB , 726x542 , 22.png )

Er pardon me for asking oh jewel of infinite-if-not-questionable-wisdom, isn't this taking it a level too far?
No. 169386 ID: 701a19

I think mine is a bit better than that, and Gyoji should be able to identify him due to how much time she's spent with him.
Besides, she's a masochist so her rewards and punishments need to be creative.
No. 169392 ID: 732129


Push it to the limit, man!
No. 169395 ID: 7524b0

Wait no what are you doing don't just go along with whatever we say
No. 169396 ID: 476456

No, we'll tell you when to stop
No. 169405 ID: fbb632
File 127209585363.png - (45.55KB , 726x542 , 23.png )

Fine but only one more...spanking...I feel like I'm dealing with children.

>"You've loved every second of this, and you relish knowing nothing about the future besides that your life is no longer yours to live. I could beat you, I could breed you, I could force you into grueling manual labor, and the thought of being degraded like that turns you on."

"Consider this a reward...
No. 169406 ID: fbb632
File 127209595151.png - (48.29KB , 726x542 , 24.png )

"Venian sir, Shadeleaf has returned!"

No. 169407 ID: 0b2a05

Spit on her and rub it into her fur.
No. 169408 ID: 701a19

No, just drop her on the ground and tell her to be perfectly silent.
No. 169418 ID: 732129


Yeah just set her down. Maybe pat her on the head or something.
No. 169420 ID: 701a19

So, what laws can you use to fast-track her towards citizenship?
No. 169426 ID: fbb632
File 127209698770.png - (58.21KB , 648x542 , 25.png )

"Venian lord-"


"Ah. Uh. Of course lord. I have scouted ahead and found no evidence of soldier lying in wait. It is very likely the man is who he says."

"Ah very good. Very good. Yes. I think i shall...leave now...princess behave yourself."

"Ah...shershu...Ju Gwahrrrr..."
No. 169432 ID: 1ac39d

if se doesn't like, i know she at least doesn't hate you ether. of course she would never admit it, but yeah.
No. 169433 ID: 701a19

Ok, you just flubbed that horribly.

Do you want to know the number one rule of getting away with things?
Act like everything is normal.

If you had just dropped her and walked out like everything was perfectly normal, then everybody else would that it was perfectly normal.
This is a quirk of the mind, and the sooner you learn to use this to your advantage the better.
No. 169437 ID: 1ac39d

i got a quote
'when someone is expecting a lie, the truth will be dismissed as a falsehood.'
No. 169438 ID: 0b2a05

Kick her in the rump before you leave.
No. 169440 ID: 1ac39d

no, there is a difference between hurt and 'hurt'.
No. 169446 ID: fbb632
File 127209831186.png - (37.55KB , 405x542 , 26.png )

IT WAS SURPRISE! I was caught by surprise...never mind that though. With Shadeleaf's report, the chances of Kuta really being...Kuta have increased. if so, I want him as my cohort. And I'm going to need your cunning to make that happen.
No. 169448 ID: 701a19

You spook too easily, then.
Who's that with you? She looks disappointed and pensive.

Oh, and you're going to want to show us to the princess. She seemed to know what we are, and that would be very useful information.
No. 169449 ID: fbb632
File 127209887158.png - (18.28KB , 420x435 , 27.png )

She is always like that. Anyway, Kuta seems to be recovering. Mika tended to him well,redressed his wound, most likely put some scaroot on it, and even cut his hair?

"Kuta. I believe we can aid each other..."
No. 169453 ID: 701a19

"You're wounded and wandering between two lands that both want you dead, and now you've been caught by slavers.
We're taking you with us either way, but if you cooperate then I'll put you in a position where you have an easy path to becoming a first-class citizen, followed by a position of rank and stature.
There's also one other factor which, if I were at liberty to mention it, would entice you into accepting.
So, what do you say?"
No. 169471 ID: 6d5be7

Hayaso will most likely fall. Even if you were to aid them they wouldn't win. But you have a plan to set things right. But before that can happen you need to get out of here, and if he helps you with that he will find himself in quite a good position once you get back home.

Oh, and ask him if he has a family.
No. 169474 ID: 732129


That's Shadeleaf. She's a slave who will become a citizen if this run is successful. She's one of our man Venian's lieutenants.


"So Kuta, you're wounded and wandering between two lands that both want you dead; there's no hope of Naroubu rescinding the order to execute you, not if he is so far gone that he's ordering the wholesale slaughter of civilians. There's only a slim hope of Hayaso granting you asylum. It's more likely they'd pump you for information and leave you to rot in a dungeon. Or they could trade you off to Naroubu for some concession once the war's over. Either way, you're dead or worse.

"You're a bright man. I know you've figured out what we are. Well, even people like us have laws and rules.

"We're taking you with us, but if you cooperate then I'll put you in a position where you have an easy path to becoming a first-class citizen, followed by a position of rank and stature.

"I'm sure you have loose ends you will want to tie up eventually. Every man does. Stick with me for now, work as my cohort, and you'll have the freedom to come back and wrap up your old life. Naroubu and Hayaso aren't likely to give you that.

"So, what do you say?"
No. 169548 ID: fbb632
File 127213587171.png - (30.81KB , 590x435 , 27.png )

>"So Kuta, you're wounded and wandering between two lands that both want you dead; there's no hope of Naroubu rescinding the order to execute you, not if he is so far gone that he's ordering the wholesale slaughter of civilians. There's only a slim hope of Hayaso granting you asylum. It's more likely they'd pump you for information and leave you to rot in a dungeon. Or they could trade you off to Naroubu for some concession once the war's over. Either way, you're dead or worse.
>"You're a bright man. I know you've figured out what we are. Well, even people like us have laws and rules. We're taking you with us either way, but if you cooperate then I'll put you in a position where you have an easy path to becoming a first-class citizen, followed by a position of rank and stature."
>"There's also one other factor which, if I were at liberty to mention it, would entice you into accepting."
>"So, what do you say?"

"...What would you have me do? I am a disgrace. I have been stripped of my honor, my dignity. I am no use to anyone...much less a slaver. What do you Ju Gwah, have that could convince me otherwise?"
No. 169557 ID: 6d5be7

What you will give him is the chance to prove his worth, to regain his honour and to prove to the world that he is worth something.
No. 169558 ID: e2aba8

you can die here without any kind of honor if that is what you want. betrayed by the man you sworn to serve, simply because you wanted to protect innocents. what would these innocents say of this choice?

or you could just live another day. and then, eventually, you may just get your honor back. after all, the birth of a dictator is always bathed in blood. can you wonder who would take your side after that?

or you could help me. you know, we are going back to these lands eventually, who knows who we may encounter, or even chase, if you help...
No. 169595 ID: 701a19

Do you still have the symbol you got from Li Jue?
If so, show it to him and ask "I can tell you soon enough, but Li Jue handed this to me personally. Can you tell me what it means?"
No. 169627 ID: e2aba8

that he will figure out pretty quickly that we got a princess here. dont show the symbol yet.
No. 169629 ID: fbb632
File 127214585018.png - (39.33KB , 590x435 , 28.png )

"I can tell you soon enough, but Li Jue handed this to me personally. Can you tell me what it means?"

"That...if I'm not mistaken that's Shung-qai-luh."


"It is difficult to explain to a Ju Gwah. A father has the ultimate power over his children. He decides whether or not they are alive. This...this is the ultimate for of punishment. if issued from Father to child, it means they are no longer his living blood."

"Disowned in other words."

"More than that. It means anyone who kills the marked child will not be persecuted. It will be treated like killing an animal. The Child is no longer a family relative but a creature with no name. No identity. Like any wild beast. But why do you have that? Normally only those of Royal lineage ever bother with such cruel punishments, and the last one was over a generation ago...unless. Did you..."
No. 169635 ID: e2aba8

it is SO NICE to be ignored -_-

you may need to reinforce the security in the tent. she may means nothing now, but if e holds a grundge...
No. 169636 ID: 850bda

Tell him it's just something you came across. Might be important for the future. But something that is truly important for the future is that you're giving him a chance to restore his honor and show everyone that his life is worth something. With you he will have a chance to live and be someone that matters, all he has left here is to die uselessly.
No. 169640 ID: 732129


If you want him as your cohort, you better tell him the truth. Trust is going to be important between you two. In fact, show him Gyoji's unharmed.
No. 169647 ID: 842de6

We already said where we got it.
Instead, say 'It might be that the first mistress has aspirarions to be the first empress. That would explain the strange orders.
There's nothing that can be done about it now, but I suppose you might want to help insure the safety of the first mistresses gift.
Come with me; I'll show her to you.'
No. 169680 ID: fbb632
File 127215358223.png - (25.99KB , 380x435 , 29.png )

>"It might be that the first mistress has aspirarions to be the empress. That would explain the strange orders. There's nothing that can be done about it now, but I suppose you might want to help insure the safety of the first mistresse's...'gift.' Come with me."

"Very well..."

"Shadeleaf with me.

"Yes lord.

A good precaution, Kuta seems like an honorable man, but if he indeed holds a grudge...there may be trouble in the ranks should he lash out.
No. 169694 ID: fbb632
File 127215821024.png - (26.88KB , 536x435 , 30.png )


"She awaits Kuta.

"She? Gyoji?!"

"Yes...Long story short, I am to take Gyoji and leave the country with her..."

"So the emblem-"

"Was for her. If what you say is true, she is no longer Chang Gyoji."

"Who is she now?"
No. 169696 ID: fbb632
File 127215829670.png - (10.23KB , 355x293 , 31.png )

"Venian Gyoji Makag"

"And why is a disgraced daughter reason for me serving you?"

No. 169702 ID: 3b6c92

Uh, sorry, Venian, this wasn't my plan.

So I'm not really sure what you're supposed to say here at all. :X
No. 169704 ID: e2aba8

shit. i was completely agasint this because now he has good reasons to kill her THEN die in order to claim some honor.

tell him because the ones that ordered her death asked for you to safely remover her with life to outside of the country. you dont know why yourself.
No. 169707 ID: 7524b0

...I kinda wish Seven had told us exactly what this secret reason was.
No. 169708 ID: 732129


"Because there are wheels within wheels here. My instructions were to take her away alive. There's obviously some sort of crazy power struggle happening behind the scenes. Just what is going on isn't obvious, and we're in no position to find out right now.

"Once the dust settles we may be able to come back and carve out a proper conclusion to this odd story though. A high general disgraced, a daughter disowned, a war that makes no real sense? Aren't you curious?"
No. 169710 ID: 3b6c92


No offense to you, Seven, but you kind of have this habit of concocting a plan and then not explaining it to anybody else (like with whatever it was you were going to have Player do that would kill everything in the dungeon that I don't think you ever exactly elaborated on). It's not exactly conducive to cooperative problem-solving. :/
No. 169716 ID: 701a19

Lead him out of earshot from the tent.
"You said Naroubu sentenced you to die for refusing an uncharacteristic order, correct? At about the same time, Li Jue - not Naroubu - told me to make Gyoji disappear and never return and sent that symbol as proof.
This sequence of events bears the markings of Li Jue making a bid for power, be it for herself or her children. If that is the case, then Gyoji's dismissal was issued illegitimately and bears no substance.
More importantly, the cover story Li Jue is using is that Gyoji was taken by slavers and that Naroubu is desperately seeking to rescue her. The public does not and will not know of her dismissal.
Now ask yourself, if Naroubu's own mistress has turned against him and set about cutting away his family and support, and we have a legitimate heir that the public will accept, then does it not make sense for you to serve us for her sake?
You can do Naroubu no good yourself, but you can ensure that his line continues if he is indeed being betrayed."
No. 169720 ID: 701a19

OH! Also ask what "Venian Gyoji Makag" means. That information is useful.
No. 169739 ID: d6cb21

I second this.
No. 169748 ID: 1075c5
File 127216708048.png - (27.46KB , 467x460 , 32.png )

"You said Naroubu sentenced you to die for refusing an uncharacteristic order, correct? At about the same time, Li Jue - not Naroubu - told me to make Gyoji disappear and never return and sent that symbol as proof. This sequence of events bears the markings of Li Jue making a bid for power, be it for herself or her children. If that is the case, then Gyoji's dismissal was issued illegitimately and bears no substance.
More importantly, the cover story Li Jue is using is that Gyoji was taken by slavers and that Naroubu is desperately seeking to rescue her. The public does not and will not know of her dismissal.
Now ask yourself, if Naroubu's own mistress has turned against him and set about cutting away his family and support, and we have a legitimate heir that the public will accept, then does it not make sense for you to serve us for her sake?
You can do Naroubu no good yourself, but you can ensure that his line continues if he is indeed being betrayed."

"...And if Naroubu is just as guilty?"
No. 169751 ID: 1ac39d

then what do you have left to lose? you join us you stay alive and maybe one day you can be back in a position of leadership.
No. 169752 ID: 701a19

"If he's guilty, then we still have an heir the people would accept.
By the by, you said her name is 'Venian Gyoji Makag'. What does that mean, exactly?"
No. 169753 ID: 3b6c92

Uh, Venian said her name was Venian Gyoji Makag, yo.
No. 169754 ID: 701a19

Ah, misread it. Sorry.
So, what does that name mean?
No. 169755 ID: 1075c5
File 127216832190.png - (22.93KB , 467x460 , 33.png )

That is the rule of my society. A slave of a noble family takes its name upon becoming a first class citizen. The first name is the name of their superior, or father. The Middle their personal name, and last name the family name. Sometimes I forget you cannot read my head.

"If he's guilty, then we still have an heir the people would accept. "


"Either way you regain your honor. Your life will once again have meaning."
No. 169763 ID: bc15d1
File 127216902689.png - (24.52KB , 387x460 , 34.png )

"Very well. I swear loyalty to you, as Kuta Mi-"

"No. You will not swear by that name. that name has been marred by service to the corrupt. It denotes a mane disgraced, a man I will not trust."

"Then to what shall I swear by."

"Your new name...Venian Kuta Makag."
No. 169767 ID: e2aba8

>Gyoji's dismissal was issued illegitimately

interesting. maybe she is counting on buying the daughter from us, or simply tracking her to return with a prize for the family if all else fails. you would be hunted as the actual head on this plan to betrhone them, if she fails.

if Naroubu is indeed guilty, consider my original, far sample proposal on >>169558
No. 169769 ID: e2aba8

and once again i r 2 slow.
No. 169770 ID: 701a19

Ah, alright.
"Alright. Shadeleaf, take him to Mika. She seems to like him, so I'll let her decide where he should be kept."
So, would you be interested in taking the position now held by Naroubu?

Anyway, head back in to Gyoji.
We need her to love you for more than just how you treat her.
No. 169775 ID: e2aba8

to recap:

i just realized your plan is in essence to place a puppet disgraced princess that is masochist and bohemic to work as a backup plan that will maybe politically overthrow the government if the head of this dictatorship comes to fail/die, in the hopes that their allies wont simply pin you for all this mess if not simply the princess's kidnapping and thus save their faces. lets not forget that your alliance with the general implies that it IS possible that you had contact with him for longer (ie, he saved the civs for you) and thus is the head on this political shenanigans.

i mean, we ARE certain the "dishonouring" of the princess is legit, right?

oh, and now you have a general that has a consiousness, a blue orb thingie that wants to see you boning a 4-armed-maso-gnoll-girl-thingie wich automatically disgraces you, your families and your soon to be made children, a band of quick-paced, experienced enslavers for the general to command, even tho he wont agree with mercyless killing innocents, and possibly enslavering them as well.

did i forgot something? i mean, asides your common sense.
No. 169776 ID: 1ac39d

he disapproves of civilian slaughter, we do to. it's a lot easier to enslave people when they aren't dead. even if he has morals he isn't stupid, he already knows we are slavers and joined so he as long as we don't maim anybody for not doing something they physically could not do. like making old people carry giant sacks of potatoes, that's just mean.
No. 169782 ID: 701a19

No, we are not certain if Gyoji's termination was by Naroubu's will or not.

Venian is not going to do anything that will cause himself shame. Instead he will simply coax her into being devoted to him, see to her citizenship once he gets home, and then enjoying her company properly.
No. 169789 ID: e2aba8

by her you mean 4-armed-maso-gnoll-girl?

is that even enjoyable? i mean, if he discover it was what disowned her, can you imagine how disapointed he would be? he could even marry her to get to the trhone legally.
No. 169794 ID: bec8cd
File 127217686661.png - (39.95KB , 515x460 , 35.png )

Well the Makag certainly don't. the Venisa family maybe but not us.

"I understand if you will need some time to think of this. It is a heavy decision for you. Shadeleaf, take him to Mika. She seems to like him, so I'll let her decide where he should be kept."

That is basically it. Though that whole speech about regaining honor and overthrowing Naroubu was all a lie. I don't intend to come back unless I have no other choice. I have had as much as I can take of disturbing fetishes, deadly politics, and xenophobic people that believe themselves better than everyone else. I have enough of that at home. And that thing about me and Gyoji...it's not that I find anything wrong with her, it's just that I may seem a bit eager...something that well-you have to have grown up in Rezo to understand. We leave again soon, so it is best we leave. Best prepare Gyoji again.
No. 169797 ID: bec8cd
File 127217725524.png - (8.33KB , 253x226 , 36.png )

Ach ka, what did I just say? Was that a poem? I'm too tired to remember...
No. 169799 ID: 3b6c92

You seem like you could use some sleep. :O
No. 169809 ID: 701a19

Well, the plan was more along the lines of positioning yourself so that your children would have the choice of claiming the throne or not.
Gyoji's fetishes aren't disturbing; they're really quite common. Not to this degree, but that works in your favor since she's so easy to keep happy.
What's that about "seeming a bit eager"? You're going to have to explain that to us as best you can, since it would have a strong impact on how we go about everything.
No. 169823 ID: 850bda

So you have no drive or ambition? Here you have a chance to forge a new empire. One that will make your name live forever.

But that is for the future. The first step is to get out of here alive. Might be a good idea to take a break for the rest of the day. Let everyone catch their breath a bit and catch up on some sleep. Just make sure you break camp and are off again as soon as dawn breaks.

So back to your tent. Make sure Goyji is securely tied down and then sleep some.
No. 169832 ID: 1ac39d

or, after making sure she is tied securely, use her breasts instead of a pillow :3
No. 169834 ID: 1ac39d

oh, and to all you other voices, read this to get some good insights into non-sex S&M things

No. 169871 ID: 701a19

Agreed. She's been very well behaved, so you should allow her to share your bed. In the literal sense, I mean.
No. 169940 ID: e2aba8

in a society with strict social rules, it does not matter if the fetishes does not include baby making or not, its disgraceful.

he wouldnt SIMPLY bone a slave. he would bone a DISGRACED slave princess that has a horrible fetish up to the point that she got disowned for it.

the good side of this mess is if the dishonoring of the princess was a forgery, he can legally marry her, claim to have granted her safe haven from her family that prosecutes her and managed to get a "humanitarian" general to protect them. it could not get more politically correct, but this is based in a huge if, and then, if the remaining politics/insurgents would accept it.

go to sleep. you need to legally marry someone asap.
No. 169986 ID: bec8cd
File 127223536720.png - (28.57KB , 406x361 , 37.png )

What are you all saying?! I can't-I-...I..damn fog...where the hells is everything?!

"Get up! Up bitch, we move now! Werrre..."

Dammit, my legs aren't listening.
No. 169989 ID: bec8cd
File 127223555315.png - (24.42KB , 399x381 , 38.png )

"Get...get up dammit...danger...Move."

Why is everything so heavy? And this damn mist is clouding my vision, where is everything?!
No. 169991 ID: 732129


Oh no we broke his brain.
No. 169992 ID: 850bda

Did you suddenly get poisoned? Can't see any time recently where that might have happened. I think you need to lie down, on your bed. Alone.
No. 169993 ID: bec8cd
File 127223561292.png - (25.77KB , 399x381 , 39.png )

Hells...damn it all...unattural exhasdzxjchbadfsjknm
No. 169997 ID: 732129

Fight it! Stand up and be a man! Get out of the tent, fast! You need to see if it's just you, or if it has happened to everyone else too.
No. 170000 ID: 850bda

Oh shit. What if the Mo Sala are magical and shit? Have you entered into their territory yet?
No. 170007 ID: 701a19

Considering that somebody just got their throat slit outside, I'd say it's an attack.

Quick! Drop the symbol on Gyoji!
No. 170050 ID: bec8cd
File 12722422781.png - (15.48KB , 334x252 , 40.png )


No. 170051 ID: bec8cd
File 127224236319.png - (24.66KB , 334x252 , 41.png )

No. 170052 ID: 701a19

Put. The. Symbol. On. Gyoji.
No. 170075 ID: 7524b0

I think your buddies are all dying.
No. 170076 ID: e2aba8

we got cursed. but this makes no sense.

the general was a unwilling bait? we should have investigated how he escaped...

well im hoping you wake up in one piece. or taht you deposited the orb in the princess's robes.
No. 170146 ID: bec8cd
File 127225197217.png - (24.55KB , 464x268 , 42.png )

"My lord, get up, we're under attack!"

"Wha...wha happened?"

"Attack lord! They are heading for Mika's tent! Iagn has them preoccupied but we're still struggling. Get up!"

"But the princess..."

"She doesn't matter, they aren't here for her! GET UP!"
No. 170147 ID: 701a19

DROP THE SYMBOL ON GYOJI FACE-UP, then head for Mika's tent.
No. 170150 ID: 7524b0

No. 170151 ID: 732129


Magic to stupefy and slow us and our man's defenders. Bet they were following the general. This is probably the first time he's held still in days.

To arms!

Swallow our gem, you can't afford to lose it in the fight.
No. 170153 ID: 701a19

Oh? And if the drugs they used are designed to make people confuse friend and foe?
Such a thing would allow a single person to simply gas the camp and let everybody kill each other.

Try for non-lethal takedowns.
No. 170162 ID: e2aba8

give command to the general, hope he doesnt seem phased by this spell.

state as clearly as you can that you got drugged somehow.
No. 170197 ID: bec8cd
File 127225637987.png - (33.42KB , 613x370 , 43.png )

What? Oh right! I drop the symbol on the princess. I place it face up on her face, so anyone should be able to see it, and hurry out. Ach ka...what happened while I was out?

...It seems my troops have been doing fine on their own. Though non-lethal doesn't seem to be a possibility right now.

That's the trouble, I and Gyoji were also affected. Who knows who else was affected or even what that was?
No. 170202 ID: 732129


No. 170203 ID: 1ac39d

destroy them, we only need 1 alive to tell us who they are.
No. 170205 ID: 701a19

Head straight for Mika's tent. We need to make sure that both her and the former general are in good shape.

Now, out of curiosity, if a slave acquired on this trip saves the life of you or one of your subordinates, does that qualify them for citizen status?
No. 170227 ID: bec8cd
File 127225998616.png - (40.19KB , 613x370 , 44.png )

That's exactly where we are heading. Wha-why are you asking that now?!



No. 170233 ID: 701a19

Alright, might as well kill the assassins.
No. 170278 ID: 1ac39d

go for lethal. if one survives then question him.
No. 170283 ID: 732129


No. 170285 ID: 1ac39d

DUDE! he is not a berserker, getting that pissed off will only make him stupid.
No. 170351 ID: 86bece

Fucking kill their asses. That fucking mask there pisses me off so bad. Fuckers think they can try to assassinate one of your slaves and get away with it, you own that slaves life. So now kill their fucking asses and then ask Mika if he recognises any of them.
No. 170375 ID: 728ac7
File 127226893015.png - (36.01KB , 534x399 , 45.png )

Now normally I do not approve of slaughter. But there are times when I will resort to such messy action.
No. 170378 ID: 728ac7
File 12722689863.png - (22.76KB , 476x399 , 46.png )

I am Heir Apparent. And I will not be bought down so easily!
No. 170381 ID: 728ac7
File 127226903011.png - (68.36KB , 681x399 , 47.png )

Especially by clowns who attempt to ambush me! ME! The master of the ambush!
No. 170383 ID: 728ac7
File 127226910617.png - (37.50KB , 681x399 , 48.png )

Ugh...it will be days for me to clean the guts from between my blades...

"Are you done showing off Veni?"
No. 170385 ID: 86bece

I'm starting to like that weapon alot. Finish them off, see if there are any survivors to interogate and then ask Kuta if any of them seem familiar or if he can tell you who they were working for.
No. 170387 ID: 1ac39d

ugh, man. who made these masks? they are so bad.
No. 170389 ID: 701a19

Good. Now: If a slave acquired on this trip saves the life of you or one of your subordinates, does that qualify them for citizen status?

Also: Check on Mika and the former general, then help clear out the rest of these pests.
Take any captives you can hostage.

How are you set for medical supplies and healing magic?
No. 170393 ID: 7524b0

Disable that guy there.
No. 170394 ID: 728ac7
File 127226977534.png - (29.82KB , 681x399 , 49.png )

"Not yet."

You DID say let one live.
No. 170396 ID: 728ac7
File 127226984244.png - (47.97KB , 681x399 , 50.png )

"Now I'm done."

"Tch. Ach ka...now I got blood on my face."

He's screaming, which means he's still alive.
No. 170400 ID: 1ac39d

okay then. tie him up. maybe put a bandage on his arm so he doesn't die before you finish the questions then let's start asking.
No. 170401 ID: 7524b0


Make sure to tie up the arm so that he doesn't bleed to death.
No. 170402 ID: 86bece

Tie up the wound to make sure he doesn't bleed out to early. Then take off that retarded mask. Get Kuta out there and see if he can tell you anything about them.

Then it's interogation time. Start it off by simply asking questions. If he doesn't feel like answering then start it slowly with just open hand slaps, then go to punches on the soft areas. If he still won't cooperate then take either slivers of bamboo or reeds and shove them under his toe nails.
No. 170406 ID: 701a19

OR he could just hand us over and let us listen to his thoughts.
No. 170407 ID: 1ac39d

in theory that would work but too many in here don't know when to just shut up and listen.
No. 170410 ID: 86bece

That almost never works out. And I'm not very fond of that method.
No. 170415 ID: 728ac7
File 127227144083.png - (37.24KB , 681x399 , 51.png )

There will be time for that later. For now I would like to see the man behind the mask.
No. 170416 ID: 728ac7
File 127227152480.png - (65.92KB , 681x399 , 52.png )


"You would have learned nothing from him. Any questions should be directed to me..."

No. 170418 ID: 1ac39d

No. 170421 ID: 701a19

"Who were they, who sent them, why were they sent, and why are they after you?"
No. 170422 ID: 7524b0


I'm still interested in seeing under that mask.
No. 170423 ID: 701a19

Meh, the former general's right. These are mercenary ninjas. If they told you they would suffer worse things than you could imagine.
That's why I suggested using the stone, since simply asking the questions would have made him think of the answers.
The only reason I suggested captives was for the sake of more slaves.
No. 170424 ID: 728ac7
File 127227242052.png - (33.42KB , 571x399 , 53.png )

"Again with the blood! Now it's all over my pants! I just finished wiping it off my face for a second time!"

"Not important Iagn..."

"Kuta! What is the meaning of this?!"

"They are Naroubu's hired Shadow. Before taking initiation, they have their tongues cut out to prevent them from divulging information. They have been on my trail since I escaped. I thought I lost them but...foolishness on my part. They never lose the scent once they have it."

"Are they responsible for the deaths of my troops?"

"Actually lord, only one was seriously wounded, most only sustained minor wounds."

"For the serious wound of my troop?"

"Yes that was them. Their dream spell. It works on humans and Tsang Naji, but since your soldiers are not fully human, they we're perhaps unaffected."

"Well I felt lightheaded..."

"Enough Iagn."
No. 170430 ID: 86bece

Well unless they were illeterate as well we could have made the bastard write down what they knew. Bet they are illetrate too.

Anyway, now you know that they're after you and what they can do. You should be able to take precautions.

But tell Kuta that you would very much appreciate it if he had told you earlier. And ask him if there are any more nasty suprises that might pop up.
No. 170431 ID: 701a19

Stop yelling at him. He was in the right.

So, if a slave acquired on this trip saves the life of you or one of your subordinates, does that qualify them for citizen status?
Further, did Kuta save any of your subordinates?
If so, praise him for it.

After that, head back to the princess.
No. 170485 ID: d8111d

well thats that. since we cant really do nothing, either rest or continue the journey
No. 170515 ID: 732129

"Anyone else following you Kuta, or can we give my injured man a chance to rest?"
No. 170549 ID: 701a19

Don't ask that.
They send in small groups at a time. When this one fails to report back they'll just send another, but you have a few days before that happens.
No. 171457 ID: ee6d73
File 127244696648.png - (21.08KB , 374x399 , 54.png )

"Well good work anyway general..."[b]

As of yet he has done nothing to qualify for citizenship...though he was damned close to getting his head cut off for that action. Luckily for him I allow my troops to explain their actions before punishment.

"There is at least one more of them close by?"

[b]"What? How can you tell?"

"That spell, the Shadow are not magic users, they would have had to employ a magician to accomplish such a task...Considering the strength of the spell, he is somewhere close. We are not safe yet."
No. 171462 ID: 86bece

Ask him if he can point out where it's likely the mage is. Then send out your 3 sneakist most nonhuman followers to get the mage. They are to kill the mage before he can react.
No. 171468 ID: 701a19

Agreed. Kuta can direct them on dealing with the mage, then return to Mika's care.
Meanwhile, you have more work to do with the princess.
No. 171505 ID: ffbb5a

the mage by itself cant even tag us. im not sure if capturing him to interrogate later could be good, and he most surely cant be tookes as a slave.

killing him to set a example does make sense...
No. 172412 ID: abf449
File 127269706794.png - (29.64KB , 408x385 , 55.png )

I'm not sure this would be the best time for me to be with Gyoji, with a magic use on the loose.

"Kuta, is it possible for you to deduce where this mage might be?"

"...Of course!"

"I meant no offense."

"I am a High General. This Axe is more than decoration. It is drawn to magic, and absorbs it. that is why I remained unaffected. Give me a moment and I will find the mage."

"Uh...alright. Iagn! Shadeleaf! Meakl! Go with Kuta. Find this mage and bring him back to me alive. I don't care what you have to cut off, just make sure it doesn't kill him."
No. 172434 ID: 058671

Well the mage might not have a tongue either. Still could be good to have it to work out some frustrations on.

Order the rest of your men to loot the bodies and then gather them together to toss into a ditch or something.
No. 172500 ID: 701a19

Keep the mage OUTSIDE the camp and interrogate it at a distance. There's this little thing called "contingency magic", and you really don't want to get any of that on you.
Unless you're capable of blocking magic, you're going to have to kill the mage once you're done with it.
No. 173445 ID: abf449
File 127300767764.png - (38.95KB , 481x439 , 56.png )

Well if what Kuta says is true, I may not need to worry about any magi-?!

No. 173448 ID: abf449
File 127300816940.png - (44.36KB , 693x481 , 57.png )


Well now I know where the mage is.
No. 173450 ID: abf449
File 12730084659.png - (32.10KB , 442x481 , 58.png )

"Ju Gwah. I have been commissioned to find that man, and I will bring his head back. My quarrel is not with you but if you continue to interfere, I will end you as I will him."
No. 173465 ID: 5a2e05

I think that counts as saving your life quite well. Return the favor, take down the mage.
No. 173476 ID: d6cb21

Say thats okay with you, then tear his head off when you get the chance.
No. 173486 ID: d6cb21

Tear the mages' head off, that is.
No. 173531 ID: a594b9

I thought we were supposed to be interrogating him? Non-lethal takedown!
No. 173533 ID: 1ac39d

take alive if you can, kill if you have to.
No. 173860 ID: aa3757
File 127309543679.png - (27.16KB , 442x481 , 59.png )

Yes that does. I have no idea what that mage just said but I'm going to cut him to shreds.
No. 173864 ID: 2eac65

He said "Ju Gwah. I have been commissioned to find that man, and I will bring his head back. My quarrel is not with you but if you continue to interfere, I will end you as I will him."

How close is he? Do you think you can get to him before he fires another shot? If not, you should be staying behind Kuta while you advance; he can block the magician's bolts with his weapon.
No. 174121 ID: a594b9

Nonlethal please.
No. 174125 ID: 701a19

Only if that can be safely accomplished. The mage is too risky to take with us, and we don't have the time required to interrogate him properly.
No. 174556 ID: ee51c2

Look at that, the bastard can talk. Take down the mage, leathaly and very painfully. Not immediatly leathal either, something that would take an hour or two of very intense pain, that way you can offer him something in return for telling you what you want to know.
No. 175591 ID: f0aedb
File 127343792357.png - (40.49KB , 442x481 , 60.png )

Nonlethal? I will not take chances with a magic user. Too risky.

As much as I'd enjoy it, I'd rather end it quick. I'd rather not be on the recieving end of one of those bolts.

"Ju Gwah, you resist. What is this man to you that you would throw your life away?"

Damn, he can block it! Can you see a weakness?
No. 175601 ID: 1ac39d

it seems he needs to use a hand to create it, a two or three prong attack should be unblockable.
No. 175603 ID: a594b9

Try a high attack.
No. 175608 ID: 1ac39d

or perhaps a feint. almost attack and while they are making a barrier for that attack you hit him from a different angle.
No. 175613 ID: 701a19

Why, yes.
He appears to only be able to counter threats he is facing, and is limited in how many things he can do at once.
Continue attacking so he can't get an opening, and start circling around him so he has to expose his back to your allies.
Use rapid low-power attacks so he has to stay on the defensive and you won't be wearing yourself out too fast.
We have an anti-magic axe available; we just need to give it a clear shot.
No. 175841 ID: c5b357

Keep him distracted and force him to keep blocking, preferably with both hands. The rest of your team moves to suround him and then finish him off with attacks from every direction.
No. 175978 ID: f109f9
File 127354738578.png - (57.40KB , 737x411 , 61.png )


A feint would seem best but he doesn't seem ready to budge...


"His wounds are reopening Veni! He won't be seeing action any time soon!"

Ach-ka...I need that axe.
No. 175979 ID: 1ac39d

try getting super personal. get right up to him and use your fists instead of your weapon. also, it looks like he is about to attack with some kind of blast.
No. 176007 ID: 701a19


Sweep his legs, and try to attack while doing so. If you can force him to use both hands, then he has to drop the attack.
More importantly his shield seems to follow his forearm, so his ankles would be hard to defend.
No. 178516 ID: ccec2b
File 127406029618.png - (74.88KB , 789x412 , 62.png )

Damn. A three pronged attack didn't work.


No. 178521 ID: 1ac39d

be ready to dodge, it looks like he is holding a ball of power to throw at you again.
No. 178533 ID: b14128

Duck/dodge away under it, slash at his legs at the same time!
No. 178582 ID: c71597

He might drop the shield when he attacks. If anyone you brought along is good either with thrown weapons or have a crossbow or something similair then they should use it when he attacks.
No. 184144 ID: e55fec
File 127500459282.png - (23.58KB , 834x460 , 63.png )

From what I do know about magic, that's going to take some good timing.


"On it!"
No. 184153 ID: c71597

Prepare to dodge like a motherfucker. He's about to attack again. Keep him occupied until they can get there with the axe, if you can that is.
No. 184159 ID: 701a19

Roll away, slash from left to right across his ankles.
No. 184160 ID: c4c313


Dammit. Iagn is the most clueless retainer ever. He made you look away just as the guy dropped his shield.

If you survive this, make sure Iagn wishes he had not.
No. 184460 ID: e55fec
File 127507917373.png - (16.86KB , 795x374 , 64.png )


At this point I'm more worried about killing this jakzin!

Exactly what I was thinking. Need to time it just right though...

No. 184461 ID: e55fec
File 127507920970.png - (18.11KB , 707x374 , 65.png )

No. 184463 ID: e55fec
File 127507941099.png - (17.69KB , 542x374 , 66.png )

"No point Ju Gwah. Yo-"
No. 184466 ID: e55fec
File 127507946882.png - (19.84KB , 542x374 , 67.png )


Okay so I didn't cut his legs. My skills with a polearm are terrible.
No. 184467 ID: 1ac39d

well, at least he is down a hand and knows you now have an anti-magic axe. i think he may be willing to take a surrender now.
No. 184471 ID: a594b9

We really need to interrogate this guy. Make sure he lives long enough!
No. 184493 ID: e55fec
File 127508339579.png - (27.24KB , 905x541 , 68.png )

Well then I certainly hope you have a way of understanding him because I can't understand his dialect.

"Dammit..impossible! GRK!"

"Iagn find something to stem the bleeding."

"You sure Veni? Why not just kill him? He's magic, so he'll be even more of a handful than her Royal Pain."
No. 184494 ID: c71597

Don't take any chances with this fuck. He might have some sort of explosion suicide spell ready to activate. Slash out with your other weapon and take his throat out now. Then cut off his head with the axe as well as take off all the limbs and bury them at different locations, or feed them to carnivores or something. Make sure the bastard is dead and stays dead.
No. 184495 ID: 1ac39d

we can understand him just fine. inbuilt universal translator.
No. 184496 ID: 1ac39d

dude, he could give us info on troop positions or something. just keep the axe against him and he can't use any of his magic bullshit.
No. 184512 ID: a594b9

The axe has a hole in the middle. Can't you just slip it over his head and lead him around like that?

Or is the inside of it sharp too?
No. 184513 ID: c71597

Yeah, but he could also be a fantically loyal fuck. And even if you can break even those with enough torture and patience shit like that could take weeks, and he could be feeding us false information. Alot safer to just cut off his head and spread out his corpse over a decent sized area and be done with him.
No. 184520 ID: a594b9

Another reason to keep him alive is that he doesn't know we can understand him. He might let something slip.
No. 185062 ID: e55fec
File 127519135318.png - (25.53KB , 689x488 , 69.png )

"He may know something we don't. I'd like to...extract that info."

"Good plan. Big problem:None of us speak Eastaland High. The only guy that probably does is Kuta here and he's not gonna wake up any time soon. Plus knowing magic users he's probably got some way of keeping us from learning anything."

Damn...that's right he can't hear you.
No. 185063 ID: 1ac39d

tell him we are a translator sphere. permanent universal language understanding.
No. 185364 ID: c71597

Still think it's a mistake to let the mage live.

But if you wanna explain how you will understand him then tell your friend there that you will get the princess to translate for you.
No. 185380 ID: 701a19

The princess would actually have a very good chance of knowing his language. If she does, then hand us off to her and she can interrogate him while you keep the axe at his throat.
No. 185748 ID: e55fec
File 127528971987.png - (26.60KB , 689x488 , 70.png )

"There is a chance her higness will know his dialect as well..."

"Uh huh...and what exactly are we panning to learn from this guy that we can't get out of Kuta?"

He's got me there...remind me again why this is a good idea?
No. 185753 ID: 1ac39d

if he doesn't know anything good he get's his head lopped off and chucked some. if he knows anything good then he will just be tied up and left here and if he is lucky someone will show up before he starves. since we are stopped anyway we won't lose time from just trying.
No. 185774 ID: c71597

It isn't. It's a stupid fucking moronic idea and you should cut off his head, his limbs and chop up his torso in 3 parts and spread it out around a decent sized area.
No. 185806 ID: 701a19

Give him a look that says 'are you being serious', then say "Precisely that."
No. 186662 ID: e55fec
File 127545503817.png - (52.38KB , 768x550 , 71.png )

That look? But I-

"Ah Veni? Behind you."
No. 186664 ID: 1ac39d

disarm him again.
No. 186665 ID: e55fec
File 127545565498.png - (52.55KB , 768x550 , 72.png )

"What? Oh damn...rejuvenant spells. I keep forgetting those."
No. 186666 ID: a594b9

Fuck it, just kill him.
No. 186668 ID: 1ac39d

take both hands this time. needs at least one to cast.
No. 186671 ID: 701a19

Lop off both hands; this mage needs to learn the difference between effective use of resources and poor planning.
No. 186711 ID: c71597

Told you to just kill him from the start. Well now you have a chance to correct that little mistake. Cut his fucking head off, as well as various other body parts to bury at different places to make sure he stays dead.
No. 187250 ID: e55fec
File 127560557280.png - (41.48KB , 768x550 , 73.png )

Well if you're certain that will stop him then...but given what experience I do have with Eastaland mages, they always have an extra trick-Ach ka!

"Well that takes care of that problem then..."
No. 187252 ID: 1ac39d

quick! the brain can stay alive for almost a minute after being detached, stick us against his head and we'll try to suck his last thoughts out.
No. 187254 ID: e55fec
File 127560577176.png - (41.53KB , 469x501 , 74.png )

"Yes well that isn't quite what I wanted but it is preferable to him blowing us up or something."

"Yes...um so what should we do about the corpses Veni? Whoever sent them will probably wonder why they didn't come back."
No. 187257 ID: 1ac39d

quick! the brain can stay alive for almost a minute after being detached, stick us against his head and we'll try to suck his last thoughts out.
No. 187260 ID: c71597

Burn them. Or toss them into a ravine and bury them under a rockslide. Then you should probably get moving again. You're on a tight scheduel. And talk some with Kuta on the way, find out more about what people might come after you.
No. 187261 ID: 1ac39d

[when pressed against his head scan for anything related to 'supply cache' and/or 'troop positions']
No. 187271 ID: e55fec
File 127560777041.png - (25.80KB , 469x501 , 75.png )

Huh? That's you're oddest claim yet. But then again I have no better ideas.

Dump the bodies down a cliff and take their gear. Make it look like a rockslide claimed them and some lucky peasants took their items. And make sure it is far from here! Let me see this body first for a moment."


"Don't ask just do it! You can have this guys hat later."

"Aw...I like that hat."

This better work or I'll look like a genuine madman.
No. 187275 ID: 1ac39d

[suck recent memories from mage's brain, start with most recent and work backwards as fast as possible]
No. 187276 ID: e55fec
File 127560801097.png - (25.32KB , 469x501 , 76.png )

...now all that gold will go to waste rusting in this damn forest. Oh godss I hope the Ju Gwah do not find it! That would just kill me again! Oh woe I would have spent it on that cozy brothel, and now I can't! And I never got to experience the pleasure of a woman or feel a woman's bosom. Or feel a woman around my-wait! Another presense! GET OUT OF MY MIND GET OUuuuuuuuuuu...........

I think he's dead now.
No. 187279 ID: 5a2e05

Well, he was a virgin. We know that much. Also there's gold in the forest somewhere? I don't think we have much time to look for it, however.
No. 187280 ID: 1ac39d

oh my, a large amount of gold is nearby. anyone able to detect gold? magic methods or otherwise?
No. 187284 ID: 701a19

His final thoughts were:
"...now all that gold will go to waste rusting in this damn forest. Oh godss I hope the Ju Gwah do not find it! That would just kill me again! Oh woe I would have spent it on that cozy brothel, and now I can't! And I never got to experience the pleasure of a woman or feel a woman's bosom. Or feel a woman around my-wait! Another presense! GET OUT OF MY MIND GET OUuuuuuuuuuu........... "

It's a pity that he died like that. Perhaps a resurrection would be possible?
I mean, having your last thought be mispronouncing "presence" is just a horrible way to go.

There's always time for gold.

So, is saving a person's life the only way to get a pass? Could a slave, for example, buy their way to freedom?
No. 187298 ID: c71597

Yeah he's rather dead. And we didn't really learn anything valuble, except maybe that he's an idiot who thinks gold rusts. Oh yeah, there's a stash of gold somewhere in some forest. And he wanted to spend gold on whores.

Now lets get the fuck out of here. Like that head you're holding just found out, gold is fucking useless if you're dead. And right now you need to get to where you're going alot more than you need to be weighed down by gold. So get going.
No. 187304 ID: e55fec
File 127561068787.png - (30.19KB , 469x471 , 77.png )

Well it would be a shame to let such magic go to waste.

"Iagn! Preserve this one's body, we're taking it to a nekrokarver!"

"Sure...anything else?


Why must you dwell on that? Yes there are other ways but I don't remember them off the top of my head. They are a lot more complicated that simply saving one's life.

No magic but I have the next best thing: manpower.

"Yes the slaves need to stretch their legs, we don't want their muscles degenerating before we reach Rezo. Get them to search the forest for anything suspicious. Like a recently dug dirt pile or something..."

"Ah this mage was a merc yeah? He might have left it around here you think?"

"Yes. In fact I have a good feeling it is. And bring them back in an hour whether they find it or not. We're planning our next course afterwards."

After all this I need a rest.
No. 187320 ID: 701a19

Rest is a fine idea!
Use your personal slave as a pillow; she'll enjoy it.
No. 187400 ID: e55fec
File 127561946078.png - (39.42KB , 698x553 , 78.png )

I-forget it. At this point I am too tired to argue.
No. 187402 ID: e55fec
File 127561960687.png - (36.78KB , 698x553 , 79.png )

I swear ever since I captured that girl all you've been doing was inventing some strange new ways to put me in odd situations.


"What is it no-wait. What did you call me?

"My lord."

"...What is this lord shit?"
No. 187404 ID: 1ac39d

i think she is starting to show proper respect. also, i that means she wants to be serious right now.
No. 187409 ID: e55fec
File 127561980368.png - (38.19KB , 698x553 , 80.png )

"I-I saw the assassins lord...the ones here to kill me. I saw how you fended them off."

[/b]"Kill you?"[/b]

"Of course who else could such men be after? No doubt my father has already revealed what my fate is. Even sending his men to kill me it's...I don't know a proper word for it. And yet you my captor...are the only one who protected me. That is why I call you lord. Thank you."

Isn't she full of herself.
No. 187411 ID: b3d39b

she isn't full of herself
take it from her perspective.
she recieved a symbol that meant she's no longer part of the family.
and you are expected to kill a noble due to said symbol

What do you think she thinks?

Anyway, you're just tired. And she's just awed that you were 'honorable' and saved her life.

just go to bed. Explain you're tired from the fighting and ask if you can use her stomach as a pillow
No. 187414 ID: 1ac39d

well then, i don't think we have any reason to tell her otherwise.

tell her "well your mine now, and what kind of man would i be if i didn't take good care of my property?" and wink with a slight smile.
No. 187480 ID: d6cb21

This, but be sure to not say it harshly. I think weve got her loyalty secured.
No. 187483 ID: 1ac39d

pretty sure saying it in a more fun then mean voice was implied by the wink/smile combo.
No. 187496 ID: b3d39b

Doesn't have to sound like a come on.
No. 187503 ID: e55fec
File 127562673869.png - (50.37KB , 698x553 , 81.png )

>Well your mine now, and what kind of man would I be if I didn't take good care of my property?
No. 187505 ID: e55fec
File 127562681220.png - (46.05KB , 698x553 , 82.png )

"Afterall how can I enjoy damaged goods?"

No. 187506 ID: d6cb21

bow chicka wow wow
No. 187507 ID: e973f4

Well played. :V
No. 187516 ID: 1ac39d

good one... give her a kiss, just a little peck on the lips.
No. 187521 ID: a594b9

Continue to be a goddamn tease, and swiftly change the subject. Ask her what she was talking about before. She saw some kind of glow?
No. 187529 ID: 701a19

Yes, change the subject. Tell her that you need rest, and are not to be disturbed.
Then stick us around her neck so we can screw with her mind without annoying the piss out of you.
No. 187553 ID: e55fec
File 127563292629.png - (35.82KB , 698x553 , 83.png )

All very interesting, but honestly I'm too tired to care.


No. 187554 ID: e55fec
File 127563302997.png - (43.43KB , 698x622 , 84.png )

"Good night."

"Ah...lord-Ju Gwah...get off of me! Please! I-ah...ah...no~I can't breathe...Oh...ah-not so rough..."
No. 187556 ID: e55fec
File 127563322039.png - (60.83KB , 698x622 , 85.png )

No. 187557 ID: 1ac39d

[sleep mode activate, awaken when he does.]
No. 188066 ID: e55fec
File 127572075428.png - (63.09KB , 781x576 , 86.png )

Ugh...I have no idea how you convinced me that was a good idea. Now my back is all sore.

"Ah Lord Venian, glad to see you are still alive."

"You look like crap Veni."

"Enough of that crap. How did the search go?"

"Great, we found a cache of weapons, oughta fetch a good price for a collector, and a big stash of coin. Unfortunately it was all in local currency so it's ah...useless outside of Eastaland."

So much for that...

"Just show me the map."
No. 188070 ID: e55fec
File 127572108389.png - (69.53KB , 759x456 , 87.png )

"So Naroubu responded to Hayaso's attack in the usual way, according to Kuta. His main force routed Hayaso's forward armies which are now back here, and somewhat in our way. Moreso from what Kuta DID know about Naroubu's plans, was that Naroubu is pulling his armies back from Manjiku's lands to deal with Hayaso, and has placed a force of his troops to defend their hold on neutral territory, which we're guessing, now has a larger Hayaso presence than before."

"What this means Lord Venian is that our current route, should we continue shall be...problematic."
No. 188073 ID: 1ac39d

could we bribe them with that fat sack of cash? juast like 'here is a a sack of cash to just let us go through'. or is he a kill first ask questions later kinda guy?
No. 188079 ID: 701a19

Don't blame us for that; we said to use her as a pillow, not a mattress.

Take the cash anyway. It's useless to you now, but any raiding parties can use it next time they're here.
No. 188092 ID: 732129


Gold is gold, Boss. We can get a goldsmith to melt it down back home and make something nice with it. Maybe a nice salt cellar. Those always seem to be popular with goldsmiths.
No. 188132 ID: c71597

You might still be able to use that cash to bribe your way through some less important areas.

Hmm. lets see keep going towards the neutral territory. You might have to go through Hayasos forces and hug the coast to avoid Naroubus force. But you might get lucky and they annihilate each other or Naroubu pulls them back to deal with Hayasos forces that have invaded Naroubus territory.
No. 188593 ID: e55fec
File 12758002103.png - (71.01KB , 759x456 , 88.png )

I'm not going to ask.

"What if we continued along our planned route? Could we not bribe our way through?"

"Doubtful Veni. One this coin only works in Naroubu's territory, because it's all stamped with his face. Swear the guy has an ego bigger than Rezo. That and this is Hayaso we're talking about. Given their xenophobic nature, they'd probably just kill us and loot our corpses."

No. 188597 ID: a594b9

Well if we can't bribe Hayaso's men, let's bribe Naroubu's men!
No. 188807 ID: 732129


Are the coins made of mostly pure gold, or are they a really cheap gold alloy? Or are they composite, which is to say mostly a cheap metal with a little gold on the outside?

I ask because the coins can be re-minted at a later date, if the metal they are made of is worth the effort.

Were you not aware of this, or are the coins made of something else entirely?
No. 188879 ID: c71597

Well then we can try bribing Naroubu's men. And the front might have shifted them out of our way once we get closer.
No. 190033 ID: 8b3219
File 12759593478.png - (50.07KB , 781x576 , 89.png )

>Well then we can try bribing Naroubu's men. And the front might have shifted them out of our way once we get closer.

"Naroubu. The same man that dumped Queen Bitch on us, forced us to cut our test short, and wants us dead or gone by next month? And we are to try and bribe his elite corps? Veni, did you hit your head too hard?"
No. 190036 ID: 1ac39d

just look at our options, if we don't go through an army will will have to go around, and that would result in us losing time we don't have.
No. 190037 ID: 8b3219
File 127595962666.png - (51.81KB , 781x576 , 90.png )

"No I-AY!"

"No offense Veni but that was one of your dumber ideas."

"True lord, we would put a lot to chance. Something we Rezan cannot afford."

Fair enough. Remind me off the terrain.

Well we got the bamboo forest which we are hiding in currently. They're all over the place in Hayaso land and good for cover but the Mo Sala live here and are very cautious about humans, considering Hayaso's anti-nonhuman attitude...and then there are the plains of Naroubu's land which both nations avoid like the plague so we know they wouldn't follow us there...though for good reason probably.
No. 190053 ID: 701a19

Hey, here's a point: Didn't he say that nobody is to know she's been kicked out?
If you dress this up as a disguised royal procession then she can order her father's men to let you pass and give them cash to 'help maintain her disguise by having a lower officer pretend to take a bribe'. Alternatively, have her claim that she has taken an interest in you for 'diplomatic reasons', and give them a 'preemptive bonus' for 'aiding national security' by keeping her 'covert diplomacy' quiet. They'll understand the subtext of that.

Naturally, doing that would would require that she be fiercely loyal to you, meaning that you should spend as much time as you can on the approach building up your rapport.
Obviously, doing this would clearly be keeping your entire caravan from severe harm and thus meeting the terms required for fast-track citizenship.
No. 190056 ID: c71597

Hmm, you do have weapons and gold to spare now. The Mo Sala might be willing to listen to you and let you through now that you have something valuble to trade with them. And they might know paths through the warzone, I would say it's worth checking up on.
No. 190059 ID: 1ac39d

i want to ask Kuta what's up with the plains. he should know. but i do like >>190053
this plan. let her know that those other guys were super secret attack guys, most of the troops wouldn't know of the plan yet, but we are on a time limit, after time is up he wont bother with using a scalpel to take her out, but a sword.
No. 190245 ID: 732129


Arid plains are usually difficult places to start farming communities if the local aquifers are small or have been depleted. Expect to find large grazing beasts, and apex predators that prey on them. The region may support nomadic hunter tribes. Without more intelligence I cannot extrapolate further.
No. 191032 ID: 8b3219
File 127611904258.png - (58.40KB , 781x576 , 91.png )

"Hear me out, and don't you dare hit me again."


"When I said bribe Naroubu's men, I meant under disguise. They will never let us pass as foreigners, but as say the Royal guard for the princess..."


"Naroubu has not made it public yet that she's missing, so we can use that to our advantage."

"Well that's not enough to merit a whack on the head but, there are some holes. One we do not have about three sets of armor from Naroubu's men, and none of them have the colors of a Royal guard. Secondly, Naroubu was never too stable. There is no chance he might decide to cut our time short if he hears we passed through HIS lines."

"It's that or the Mo Sala."

"Yes but compared to the fighting force of Naroubu's men, they won't be as much trouble in my opinion."


"If we were to get our hands on some more uniforms, we MIGHT be able to pull it off...I feel there are too many variable with a factor as vague as the Mo Sala."
No. 191043 ID: c71597

Well maybe you can send out some people ahead of your main force with the uniforms you currently have. They could try to aquire some more uniforms before you get there.

The Mo Sala should be somewhere along the way right? If that's so you might be able to meet up with them before you encounter Naroubu's men. Then you can make an assessment of how likely they are to be able to help you.
No. 191051 ID: 701a19

No, not disguised as a royal guard, disguised as a royal guard that's disguised as a convoy of rabble.
That doesn't require uniforms, just a royal to escort. Further, you tell the elites that since her presence here is to be a secret no word of her presence should be sent - after all, it is a war zone and the enemy would move to capture her if their spies had even an inkling that she was in the area.

The entire plan, of course, hinges on her keeping to the story once they've separated her from you to ensure she isn't being intimidated into playing along.

The best part? This changes the timeframe for when she would 'go missing', and gives somebody for Naroubu to blame regarding her disappearance. The soldiers will hold their tongues until word of her capture comes down the line, at which point they'll tell the story we want them to tell.
No. 191060 ID: 1ac39d

double disguised?! that is as complicated as it get's. if we pull that off...
i say go for it. need to explain to the princess and have her understand her part to play.
No. 191472 ID: 732129

The disguise plan will be a great deal of trouble. Consult with Kuta about the Mo Sala and the plains If he doesn't know enough, then I suggest that you pump the slaves for information (offer minor rewards for information now, and substantial rewards if the information proves reliable). You need intelligence to make decisions about your next course of action.
No. 191563 ID: 701a19

It's a risk, but a rather small one.
The slaves are best kept uninformed, and Kuta's out of commission for now. Talk to the princess.

If she has the authority to order high generals around, then this is trivial. If not, then she can bribe them.
Really, if you can convince her to help then this is going to be quite simple.
No. 191692 ID: 8b3219
File 127622701818.png - (58.69KB , 784x576 , 92.png )

"I meant we go disguised as royal guard disguised as refugees."


"Lord that is a bit complicated, though we are indeed in no short supply of rags."

"But the determining factor will be the princess. Odds are Naroubu's men still do not know about her exile-excommunication thing. But even so I'll need to verify with her what we can do.

"Still seems risky..."

"I've heard nothing else so far. I'll speak with her. If she cannot help us then I hope one of you has a better plan when I return."

I'm not looking forward to this. I can't let her feel like she's in control. I'll need a little extra cunning from you now.
No. 191738 ID: 701a19

Oh, that's easy; she's not in control at all, and she knows it. If she betrayed you, then the soldiers will take her, her father will find out, and she'll suffer a horribly unpleasant death. Doing what you say is the only way she'll survive.
However, you can motivate her to be a better actress fairly easily.

Phase 1: The buildup.
Go get a tool for disciplining slaves that doesn't leave marks, then go to your tent and express your dominance over her by using said tool as a 'reward' for her good behavior.

You want to get her to the point where she's begging for you to claim her, at which point we move on to phase 2.

Phase 2: The letdown.
Once she's begging for you to lay with her tell her that you would love to, but her position is so low that it's actually a crime. Bringing us to phase 3.

Phase 3: The hook.
She'll beg anyway; take a moment to act like you're contemplating the idea, then tell her there are ways to improve her standing to make it permissible, but they're few and far between and you'll be on the lookout for them.

Phase 4: The cooldown.
Be gentle with her while her rush is wearing off. Firm, yes, but gentle. She wants to be treated like property, but it helps to show that you care for her.

Cycle through these phases on a daily or semi-daily basis to build up her resolve, but DO NOT tell her about the plan yet.

After a few days of this, take her on a walk in the woods alone. Once you're away from everybody, take off your shirt, release her from her bonds, chuck a knife at the ground in front of her, turn around, and say "I will give you one minute to kill me and escape. When that minute is over, I will take you back to camp and, having chosen a life of slavery, you will be my property for all time."
Wait one minute, then put your shirt on, grab the knife, and lead her back.
While this sounds risky, it really isn't. She has already decided that she wants to be yours, and the next few days will cement that. What this does is it forces that decision to the front and removes her ability to delude herself into pretending she doesn't want to be here or that she still has some spark of defiance left. This will secure her lifelong loyalty, and render her bonds optional - although since she enjoys them you might as well keep using them.

A few days before you reach Naroubu's forces, tell her that her chance to improve her standing has come and explain the plan to her. From then on, have her involved in the planning of this encounter.
No. 191878 ID: 732129

The double disguise plan will invite trouble. Plus, the plan to ensure compliance from Gyoji eats up whole days by design. If we don't have time to wait for Kuta to wake, then we certainly don't have time for that.

Get information on the Mo Sala and the plains, if not from Kuta then from Goyji or the other slaves. I am arguing, strongly, that you collect more information before you make your decision about how to conduct the last legs of this journey.
No. 191879 ID: 1ac39d

we don't need to ensure complicance right now. she is already putty in our hands. seriously making a complex plan to ensure the loyalty of someone already loyal is pointless. just approach her and tell her that you have come up with a plan to get past a blockade of troops and you need her help, she has no real reason to not help you. betrayal will result in her death.
No. 192074 ID: 701a19

Yes, it will eat a few hours per day. However, it looks like we have much more than a week until we hit their lines if we go through the no-mans-land.
Besides that? This is something that needs to be done anyway.

Oh, and we need to control the flow of information to the slaves, which means not using them as a source of intel.

Of course she's compliant. We don't need to establish compliance, and that's not the point of this exercise at all.
We need to establish framing and give her a solid sense of conviction. We don't want her going along with the plan out of fear, since that would make her act a dead giveaway. Besides lacking solid motivation to make her believable, it would cause her to be more flustered if and when the plan deviates from the script. No, what we want is for her to do it because she wants to do it; for the reward offered, to make her master happy, and because she's completely convinced that it's the right thing to do.
Then there's establishing in her mind that she's not in control even when she's the one holding all the cards, which my plan accomplishes.

Besides that? Preparing for this plan does not exclude any other plans.

Not that any of this actually matters yet, seeing as how no other plans have been suggested, leaving my plan - and thus myself - in control of the situation by default.

If there was a second plan on the table then we could talk risk v reward, but there isn't.

If you spot a hole in the plan or have a suggestion to improve it then by all means please do so, but so far the opposition basically boils down to people saying "I don't like this plan".

Oh, also, my plan can be started in a matter of minutes, meaning we can advance it before Kuta wakes up and gives us the ability to get more intel.
No. 192075 ID: 1ac39d

you also forgot that we are currently in camp and when we pack up we wont have enough time to stop and do the several hours a day your plan needs.
No. 192076 ID: 732129


>Not that any of this actually matters yet, seeing as how no other plans have been suggested, leaving my plan - and thus myself - in control of the situation by default.

Ever the insufferable ass.

Here's my plan: Get intel. Go through Mo Sala Territory and the plains. Go home. Fuck Bitches. BOOSH!
No. 192094 ID: 701a19

Of course, I have an excuse this time - I'm right!

No, I didn't.
Veni And Gyoji are riding, while most of the others are walking. The pace will be set at a forced march, but that is scaled for walking instead of riding. That means that they can do with less rest than the others without sacrificing their ability to function.
That's assuming that Veni doesn't pull himself off of watch duty.
No. 195248 ID: 7f1561
File 127684953595.png - (55.29KB , 781x576 , 93.png )

Well I suppose the riding crop may be used though it was designed for a riding beast with a hardened hide, not a pampered politician.

"LORDS! The last of the slave parties have returned! Hayaso is being pushed into the forest! We have an hour before they reach us!"

"Prepare for retreat."

"What lords?"

"Even a routed unit is more than a match for us by numbers alone."

"Your Orders Lord Venian?"

Put everything on hold, we'll decide as we move!
No. 195251 ID: 7f1561
File 127684965910.png - (52.48KB , 781x576 , 94.png )

"Round up the slaves! Gather our mounts! Get Kuta's body on a cart until he recovers! We have an hour before we are discovered. So we need to be gone in half the time!"
No. 195258 ID: 7f1561
File 127685017588.png - (54.43KB , 781x576 , END.png )

Total score 1600/1700

Bonus days(Combat situation): +2
Penalty(Movement plans dragged too slowly): -1

Final day passing: 11

Bonus unlock: Fushimu Nakata's Mural The Foreign Bloodwalker Defeats The Sightless Eyed Mage
Initial scribblings found among the gathered belongings from slave pits. For Complete Mural seek the Makag archives.
No. 195269 ID: 701a19

My plan is a multi-day process, so you can put it off until you stop for the night.
Remember to mask your trail!
No. 195330 ID: 620bfb

Aww bummer, we're short a hundred.
No. 195337 ID: 732129

With all the information we had at hand, we might as well have flipped a coin to decide which way to move on. Seriously, we don't know jack about the risks each plan presents, except that one is completely unknown and the other is outrageously complex and risky.
No. 195339 ID: 701a19

Why do people seem to think my plan is complex? It consists of disguising the raiders as refugees, and having the princess tell the commanders that she and her guard are hiding with refugees from the war zone.

We ride along with the princess when her act goes on to keep things going smoothly. If need be, we have her subtly suggest that she's having a fling and wants her dad kept out of the loop. With money.

This is not complicated.
No. 195356 ID: aeade0

it looks good on paper but we need to ensure that EVERYONE follows it perfectly. if it was 3 guys and princess it would be simple but we have a lot of peeps that need to do things.
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