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File 127206161335.png - (360.02KB , 640x480 , c-1.png )
169013 No. 169013 ID: ed0e3a

~sensation... thought... lucidity... these are new to me~

~identity... self... novel concepts... everything is so new~

~what am i? i am small and weak - i am afraid - maybe others will eat me~

~identity... what is my name?~

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No. 169014 ID: 14c673

Vakara. Your name is Vakara.
No. 169015 ID: 701a19

Dammit, Truth! Is this how you got started?
No. 169017 ID: 371e4a

Ohhh, pretty colours. Those other two kind of look tasty, try eating them.
No. 169020 ID: 0fc814


uh... Brad
No. 169024 ID: 3b6c92

You look like some kinda rainbow plankton.

I dunno what to call you though. Maybe someone else has an idea?
No. 169025 ID: 3b6c92


No. 169028 ID: af61ca


wait this isn't narus quest


No. 169032 ID: 6db7a7

No. 169036 ID: bdd835

What about your first thought? Call yourself Sensation.
No. 169038 ID: 3b6c92

On a more serious note, I think this falls more in line with the kind of names you guys use.
No. 169045 ID: 620bfb

Gotta go with Brad.

No? How about You or Who? It'll confuse everyone. Always refer to yourself in the third-person.
No. 169047 ID: ed0e3a
File 127206600789.png - (417.57KB , 640x480 , c-2.png )


~sensation... appropriate! sensation my name shall be~


~i am weak but they are new - i feel the flesh of their parents drifting from their mouths - they are no threat - they are food~

~sustaining - unsatisfying - cannot feed on young forever - new prey - but danger~

~form - form is important - what form?~

Sensation can easily change its body. However, it is unsure as to what. Sensation can currently focus on one permanent feature to assist its survival. Other features will be possible, but unstable, and likely to revert to body mass upon injury or stress. Additional permanent features, more resilient body mass and a higher degree of clarity of mind can be achieved as Sensation consumes more creatures.

No. 169050 ID: 371e4a

Bigger stronger jaws for more devouring goodness. Look for more pray.
No. 169051 ID: 620bfb

Like a transdimensional slime quest? I say claws.
No. 169054 ID: 0fc814

Radar. Can't see shit in this 60s music video background.
No. 169084 ID: e2aba8

it seems you are in a deep sea enviroment. may i suggest tentacles? you can feel around with them and grab prey as well.

just a couple dozen.
No. 169089 ID: 0b2a05

Radar, you'll be able to sense things that want to kill you, it's the best thing for survival right now.
No. 169112 ID: e2aba8

howabout echolocation then? some dolphins and killer whale manage to use it as a underwater stun gun
No. 169120 ID: 482f1b

might you consider claws? they have been proven quite effective where we come from, little thing
No. 169124 ID: 34470e

I'm gonna go with Radar as well.
No. 169194 ID: eb6d46

ok, we seem split between senses and defenses, so how about some sort of structure to emit a stunning shriek, and another to locate the echo from the shriek. this will defend you and help you to 'see'
No. 169372 ID: 059120

Live up to your name and get some Sensation. Anything that'll help you discern creatures made of chaos from the space made of chaos.
No. 169536 ID: 6a5a08

Learn to use music magic. Become a Bard!
No. 169598 ID: ed0e3a
File 127213817893.png - (439.18KB , 640x480 , c-3.png )


Sensation chooses to develop heightened senses to distinguish potential food and threats from the swirling chaos that surrounds it. Current permanent features: - Eyes - Heightened Senses Sensation also develops temporary larger jaws and claws.

~sense large threat - maybe food - small and weak but also fast - maybe quicker - the large is slow - slow but undeterred~

~maybe attack - maybe win - maybe die - maybe - action - indecision - but action needed fast~
No. 169600 ID: 6d5be7

Do a loop and land on it's back. Dig in your claws and then start biting down, chew down through to the soft good center.
No. 169645 ID: ed0e3a
File 127214826677.png - (353.54KB , 640x480 , c-4.png )


~i am nimble - it is too slow - it is mine!~

~it flails - it rips into its own flesh - it cannot reach me - it is mine - devour - consume - a piece of its shell is torn!~

~no! - no! - grabbing things from within the shell - i am caught! - i am caught! - it pulls!! - do not want to die!~

Sensation's jaws and claws have collapsed into body mass due to panic. Ability to form temporary parts has not been fully compromised as Sensation maintains some lucidity.

No. 169649 ID: e2aba8

eat what eats you. then keep eating.
No. 169650 ID: 0fc814

Attack the tentacles grabbing you with all available means.
No. 169653 ID: b14128

Don't panic! Focus, concentrate! TRy to form claws or blades or something to slash at the things holding you! Increase how big you are, then return to normal, so you can slip away from the tentacles!
No. 169670 ID: 850bda

Don't panic. You can still beat this thing. Rip free and gnaw through its shell.
No. 169956 ID: 0b2a05

Consume the tentacles grabbing at you, they do not seem to have protection.
No. 170055 ID: b08d07

Things don't like to eat spiky things. Become a spiky thing!
No. 170890 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127237220093.png - (463.70KB , 640x480 , c-5.png )


~will rip - will claw - will be free~


~useless floating mass - consumed~


~can't focus - can't focus - can't focus - must consume!~

~within the shell - burrowing through the shell - it is weak and helpless - it squirms - it cannot flee - it is mine it is mine it is mine~

~feel... strange. feel clearer. feel more aware. i am bigger now. i do not like the shapelessness of my body. i want more features. but what?~

The mass of Sensation's latest prey will allow it to focus on an additional two permanent features.

No. 170891 ID: 86bece

Bigger jaws of devouring and stronger claws of rending and holding. All of the primal chaos shall eventually be Sensation, we shall devour it all!
No. 170892 ID: 7524b0

Something to move faster.

Something to attack better. A blade? Claw?
No. 170894 ID: b08d07

I still say become spiky.
No. 170897 ID: 6a5a08

Further your transformation into a Dragon!
No. 170925 ID: 1fea9a

Seeing as that was a pretty close call, I say go for something defensive as one of your evolutions. A tougher exterior to prevent damage, perhaps. And for our second upgrade, something sensory or offensive.
No. 170983 ID: ed783a

we should develop mobility and grapple hability.

how about "water" jets to let us sprint and tentacles to grapple?
No. 171123 ID: 111754

Strong jaws and sharp teeth. We must have strength to devour our enemies.
No. 171132 ID: 0fc814

Fast and Defenses.
Also, start a list of features.
No. 171304 ID: 637d5e

Spikes to make us harder to eat, and something to help move us faster
No. 171944 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127258895163.png - (358.41KB , 640x480 , c-6.png )

Sensation chooses to develop spikes as a means of defence and fluid channellers to allow it to move faster in a straight line. Current permanent features: - Eyes - Heightened Senses - Spikes - Fluid Channellers Total features: 4 out of a possible 4.

~i can't see or feel anything worthy of consumption nearby. perhaps a few more stragglers freshly emerged from the husks of their parents, but i would not wish to consume them. i would gain little nourishment with my current size.~

~do i want to kill them anyway? if i kill them they will not grow to threaten me. but now i am strong and they will have no chance. it does not feel good... i do not know the words.~
No. 171945 ID: 7524b0

No. Don't kill them. It is a waste.
No. 171952 ID: d6cb21

To kill that which is not a threat? That will yeild no profit to you? It is called murder, Sensation. And it is bad.
No. 171953 ID: 0b2a05

Don't kill them, look for something that wants you dead.
No. 171965 ID: 637d5e

jet off in a random direction until you find something worth eating then
No. 171981 ID: 6a5a08

Show off your new awesomeness to them and allow them the honor of becoming your loyal minions.
No. 171990 ID: d08355

I don't think anything at that level has enough presence of mind to become a minion...
No. 171994 ID: 4531bc

Farm them! Allow them to grow, then harvest them once their big enough to nourish you.
No. 171997 ID: 637d5e

it might be kinda tricky to get them to stay where we want without any real grasping appendages though... I'm still in favor of setting off to find some decent food myself
No. 171998 ID: fd6cc9

we could try simbiosis and let them attatch to our spikes...
No. 172096 ID: 0cd898

Feast on them anyway. They might grow to threaten you and they're still food. Eat enough of them and it will still benefit you.
No. 172097 ID: 0b2a05

Symbiosis is good, everyone wins and the added benefits are more than simply consuming them.
No. 172167 ID: 637d5e

what if our symbiotes get big an try to eat us though?
No. 172186 ID: 0b2a05

We destroy them. But only if they get too big and aggressive.
No. 172218 ID: 637d5e

I guess... so non-lethaly skewer them, and try to find some way to share aquired nutrients for our next permanent feature? we still need to find more food then though... I'm still not sold on this plan
No. 172424 ID: c44de6

Don't kill them. Look for things that are your size, kill those things.

Wait. Do we have reproductive organs? We probably need those if we want to have children someday.
No. 172471 ID: e4e9c3

Gather them about you if possible. Allow them to consume a small portion of whatever nourishment you find. They will quickly come to think of you as a provider of food, rather than predator or prey.
No. 172480 ID: 6a5a08

We seem to be some sort of microscopic organism, we probably just split into two to reproduce. This could mean, though, that there would be two half as advanced versions of us, which could slow us down some.

Hey Sensation, is this right or what?
No. 172532 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127274056590.png - (423.67KB , 640x480 , c-7.png )


~i will not kill them. i do not understand why but i feel i ought to do something other than ignore them.~


~i will allow them to stay close to me. they may feed on creatures of their size under my protection.~

~...they have fled. i neglected to recall they would likely be greatly intimidated by my size. for the clarity of their minds at such an early stage in their lives, they would not be able to comprehend the idea of a larger creature that does not want to consume them.~


~i am aware instinctually of how we spread and multiply. once i survive to reach a great size, and attain more body mass than i can control, i will die as my body mass rearranges itself. young will form among the chaos of my dying body, and they will chew through my corpse to freedom, as i chewed my way out of my parent.~

~i am currently in complete control of my body mass. i do not understand this concept of an organ specifically for reproduction. i believe this would mean young would eat their way through my living body, potentially killing me. i do not think this is a good idea.~

~i can sense a creature of around my size and a creature of far greater size a distance away, at the edges of my senses. the smaller creature is also fast, like me.~
No. 172535 ID: 058671

Hmmm, propose a temporary alliance with the creature of similar size. Together you might defeat the larger creature, that would mean more food for both of you. And who knows, when the other one is busy devouring his spoils you just might decide that you should devour him as well.
No. 172537 ID: 6a5a08

But they do not have us to provide reasoning, as Sensation does. Last big one worked out well, we should go for that one.
No. 172540 ID: 95766b

That suddenly gave me an idea. What if we have an organ that shoots out spores that latch on to other creatures to form our young. Its like a virus!
No. 172542 ID: 1ac39d

the organ for reproduction would generate a hard shell that the young would be encased in as well as a large supply of nutrients and then expelled from your body. once the young has consumed all nutrients in the shell it will be strong enough to breach it. it may be a little complex but it allows you to create young without any ill effects to yourself. also, perhaps, we could figure out how to stabilize your structure so that the max size you can attain increases.
No. 172547 ID: 6a5a08

It is kinda sad that Sensation is destined to die and be eaten by its own children. I agree on the viral spores. That'd be cool.

And then we shall rule the entirety of Chaosland with our viral Legion! And with us to help manage your mass, and the sheer number of us, we shall never die!

See, aren't you glad you found us. Now you can defy the natural order of things and become a God among your kind.
No. 172628 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127276164693.png - (502.30KB , 640x480 , c-8.png )


~all ideas that seem far better than dying due to greed. but i do not wish to worry about offspring. i will focus on the present.~


~i will attempt to communicate with it. as i move closer to the small one, i notice the large one's features. its long grasping tentacles would easily grab me and tear me apart, and my spikes may not be enough to deter it. co-operation may be the only means.~

~i will attempt communication...~

-do not want to harm you. want help against large creature.-

-you are sized like me. you are powerful like me. you are fast like me. how do i know you will not abandon me to the large creature?-

-i will have nothing to gain by doing so. i will be the large creature's next prey. together we can destroy it.-

-equal share of its body mass. do you have a unique identity?-

-yes. equal share. my identity is sensation. the first thing i knew upon thought.-

-my identity is truth. i chose this when i understood what was real and what was not. things that are real are true. things that aren't are false.-

-interesting! sensation can sometimes not always be true and-

-how should we attack the large creature?-

~i have not been interrupted before. i do not think i like it. we are both fast. i have spikes and fluid jets that will let me have a burst of speed. the other can turn quickly with its fins and has jaws more powerful than my sharp tongues.~
No. 172630 ID: 0b2a05

Ask Truth not to interrupt you anymore. Say that you'll head for the side while Truth hits the back. With your spikes you should be harder to hurt, and you can jet away if it attacks you.
No. 172631 ID: 058671

Hmm, Truth goes in from the front to get it's attention while you circle around. Once it's distracted you use your jets to close rapidly and then start with the good old dig and eat.
No. 172641 ID: 95766b

Well since you are all spiky and stuff, jetting into him should prove most effective. After that you can OM NOM NOM.
No. 172645 ID: a594b9

We have better defense. We will distract the creature while Truth attacks it with its powerful jaws.
No. 172657 ID: fd6cc9

say in a very jar jar binks voice: "how rude!"

you should trust him, unless his real name is liar. since you are faster, you should lure the creature and allow truth to peform a back attack.
No. 172708 ID: 6a5a08

Tell Truth that we said 'Hi'.

Also, attach to back of Truth, jet to propel forward, use Truth's fins as steering. Yay for teamwork!. Anyway, then zoom around the big one until its tentacles get all tangled in a knot, and then feast upon its soul!
No. 172824 ID: 1f7c35

You did see the part where Sensation believes he would be ripped apart the second those tentacles touch him, spikes or no spikes, right?

That makes me think mobility is the best defence here. So Truth is alot more likley to survive as a distraction.
No. 172844 ID: c44de6

Do that. Be honourable.
No. 173237 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127292576569.png - (494.52KB , 640x480 , c-9.png )


-i do not like being interrupted. can you avoid this?-

-yes. of course. did not realise. wanted to direct focus to large creature. may arrive and consume us while we communicate.-

-it is far away. we are fast. it is not. it would take a long time for it to attempt to do so.-

-true. how should we attack it?-


-if we move together we can move closer, with your fins and my channellers. once the large creature believes we are a single threat, we break apart.-


-you can turn in front of it. engage its attention. at the sides, i will attempt to wound it by ramming it with my spikes. then i will engage its attention. you can chew through the wound past its shell while i move faster than its tentacles.-

-i like this. let us act on this plan.-

No. 173238 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127292578932.png - (397.29KB , 640x480 , c-10.png )

~the next few moments are intense.~

~i hold tightly to truth's tail with my tongues. we attempt to merge our colours.~

~approaching our prey, i detach and jet to the sides. i circle around, building up force, and charge, my channellers tightly compressed as they force the chaos through me.~

~i screech in excitement as i smash into its side, tearing a chunk of its shell free. unlike before, no sudden tendrils burst forth. defenceless. its tentacles writhe.~

~truth screeches in response, and as the creature's tentacles grasp at its exposed body mass, i scrape along its shell, my spikes tearing at the hundreds of eyes near the front of it.~

~the creature does not even react as truth digs into it. i circle back to the entry wound and join truth as we consume the creature from the inside.~

~what a stupid creature.~

i feel clearer as I eat.

much clearer.

like a blur has been lifted from me.
No. 173239 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127292581131.png - (555.02KB , 640x480 , c-11.png )

[end cutscene]

Given as Sensation's thoughts are now not in italics, other entities' words/thoughts/communication will be in italics.

i realise truth consumed far more of the large creature than i did.

-you promised equal share!-

suddenly, truth grabs me with its fins, longer than they were before. in confusion i do not initially react, and truth's fins fidget as they press my spikes down.

truth's jaws start to come down on my head! no!! truth is trying to eat me!!

-do not wish to harm you! stay still.-

i feel thin, sharp things jabbing at my mouth, before sliding in. i feel a strange reflex and jab my tongues into truth's mouth. within moments i taste the creature i had earlier consumed.

-equal share. i did not absorb all of its body mass. i did not want to break my agreement.-

i begin to absorb the body mass truth has given me. truth pulls its tongues out of my mouth and i do the same, both of us swimming away from each other.

we both look at each other.

there is a silence.

The mass consumed by Sensation will allow it to focus on an additional two permanent features.

No. 173240 ID: d6cb21

Well, that was unexpected.
No. 173243 ID: 216108

Unexpectedly awesome. Thank Truth for the kiss - er, that is, thank it for keeping its word.
No. 173244 ID: 59b75b

You can say that again.

Well, bigger spikes and eyes could do well.
No. 173246 ID: 6a5a08


Back to business then! I suggest a light bending ability to give temporary invisibility. The second one.... I dunno. Scales for protection?
No. 173248 ID: 24aa45

and from here, we may start creating the first male and female...
Given enough time, the both of you can reproduce, and keep yourself alive.
you will become the biggest, with a large following...

But first, we'd need to figure out how that could work...

erm... start with some sort of vacuole that stores creation material information?
Ask Truth to do the same?
No. 173258 ID: a594b9

Armor is good, but not a shell like those big things. Scales. Flexible armor. Additional weapons such as claws would be nice too. Or perhaps even better eyes.

Inform Truth that we are glad he stayed true to his word. We should continue to work together!
No. 173271 ID: 903f16

Better protection would be nice, perhaps scales like previously suggested or maybe larger and more menacing spikes. Jaws seem like a good idea too, truth is sporting a menacing pair and we wouldn't want to fall too far behind it in terms of weaponry.
No. 173274 ID: 6a5a08

We could make spikey scales. A combination of attack and defense.
No. 173277 ID: 482f1b

With many people focusing on weaponry, I volunteer my suggestion; telepathy. Knowing your enemies attacks ahead of time can help you dodge, even counterattack their moves.
No. 173279 ID: 24aa45

actually, if we work with Truth, the best thing to do is know what Truth is doing. If we team up, then we can complement skills. (eg: Heavy n' Medic; Shield n' sword; Far distance and short distance; etc...)
No. 173338 ID: d3f64a

Spikes to moving blades, or barbed small tentacles. you could also do a needlegun with the jet trhuster.
No. 173378 ID: 72f172

Check Truth for signs of damage. We are very spiky.
No. 173414 ID: e4e9c3

Suggest long-term alliance. Reproduction is not a priority at present, but remember this action. If truth can share consumed body mass, there may be a way to give both your and Truth's traits to any offspring which you may eventually form.

For now, focus on feeding, and your alliance. You have just proven that working together allows you to consume far greater foes than if you had been alone. Point this fact out to Truth.
No. 173415 ID: e4e9c3

Sorry for double-post, forgot to add:

For a new permanent feature, I would recommend either some form of camouflage, some armor, or a sound-emitting jaw, depending on what would best complement your new ally's skills.
No. 173819 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127308597563.png - (477.08KB , 640x480 , c-12.png )


i do not understand these ideas.


truth is bleeding. it does not seem concerned. it is losing little body mass and the wounds are starting to close very quickly.


-i feel able to trust you. if we work together for an extended time we will be able to kill creatures far larger than us.-

-there are few like us i have encountered that would not have fled or attacked if they were being restrained. sensation, you are a naive creature. how have you survived this long?-

i know, but do not communicate why. you. whatever you are. i am more aware than i once was, and there is something here which does not belong.

you have helped me to survive this long. i am thankful but also cautious.

-will work with you. if you are lethally wounded i am consuming you.-

-i do not intend to die.-

-neither did the shelled one.-


Truth develops bladed fins and scales. As Truth appears to be focusing on melee range, Sensation decides to focus on a longer range.


Sensation develops needle launchers and a reactive surface that can change colour to match its surroundings. Use of the needle launcher will mean a near negligible loss of body mass for Sensation, but overuse is not recommended. Current permanent features: - Eyes - Heightened Senses - Spikes - Fluid Channellers - Needle Launchers - Reactive Surface Total features: 6 out of a possible 6.

i can detect many presences with my superior senses and improved clarity of mind. i do not know where to go from here. some are large, some are small.

i sense a small cluster of four small creatures approaching us. they appear to be moving as if they were a group. i am suddenly reminded of how easily killed our last prey was when we used our small sizes to our advantage.
No. 173827 ID: 46f93d

I detect others approaching. Be on your guard.
No. 173837 ID: e973f4

Yeah, I'd say to be quite wary of whatever they are. Remember, a not insubstantial part of why you guys won was because the larger almost completely failed to notice you.
No. 173879 ID: 6a5a08

Warn Truth of the approaching allied tiny things and prepare a defense. They may well be the ones we scared off earlier as well..
No. 173994 ID: 637d5e

definitely be wary, warn Truth, also anything tasty in the area?
No. 174197 ID: 0b2a05

Say of course if you're dead he should eat your body, you would rather he be stronger than someone else.
No. 174202 ID: 288dda

If these creatures plan on attacking as a group, they will attempt to draw you out and strike from the sides. Do not let them do so.

You and Truth should position yourselves with your most formidable weapons facing outwards - back to back, as it were. Perhaps you can communicate with these creatures? Try doing that once you are in a defensive formation.
No. 174212 ID: 8d7dd2
File 12731909508.png - (454.88KB , 640x480 , c-13.png )


-truth. aware of small group approaching?-

-they ripple through the chaos. i feel their movements.-

as the group approaches i realise they are not as small as i realised.

...they are, individually, roughly half our size.

i am very, very worried. if they are working as a group, we are doomed.


-if i am killed, i will not be able to stop you consuming me. do what you wish in that event. but i do not intend to die.-

-would prefer you did not die. relying on your abilities at this time.-


-they will attempt to separate us. we are weaker alone than together. your scales may protect you from any far attacks.-

-aim away from me. i will face away from you. they will not be able to surprise us.-

-about to suggest that. good idea.-

two of the creatures have a form similar to us, long and sinuous. the other two have forms i have not seen before, similar to the shelled ones, but with no shell. i do not know which of them to target. i cannot easily evaluate their forms.

-creatures! we do not require your harm or death! turn back!-

they do not respond.

i suddenly realise i have revealed my location. truth buzzes. i assume i have irritated it. already two of them break off from their group, moving in a wide arc around us.

they are flanking us.
No. 174215 ID: c587a4

Pinpoint one and fire the launcher, but wait until you have an almost perfect shot, even if you have to wait until the target charges, we need to keep the element of surprise for as long as possible. Also fire a few shots around it so that it will have difficulty avoiding it.
No. 174227 ID: 19ecf1

Blend and move out of the way
let Truth bait them into a group chasing him.

Then have truth suddenly move away right in front of you (they won't see you, you'll be cameo'd)
Open a barrage
They should hopefully retreat.

Buzz after them that you didn't wish them harm, and to remember that you are spareing them.
No. 174232 ID: 64b993

you must also focus fire.

if one of them comes close fire to slow him down, then tear the approaching one in pieces. careful because the other group will quickly get close.
No. 174280 ID: 0fc814

Whisper to Truth your plan: Rush at one of them together, inflict wounds while the other's trying to catch up.

The left one, I guess.
No. 174562 ID: a594b9

Ahh, we might be able to just run away. You're really fast, right? You can push Truth again.
No. 174565 ID: 6a5a08

Start singing Beat It until they Beat It.

Since I am perfectly aware this will do nothing but annoy Truth, shoot the enemies instead.
No. 175154 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127335890084.png - (511.87KB , 640x480 , c-14.png )


i target the closest one with the unknown form. i fire and miss repeatedly. but i learn to adapt very quickly. the next shots tear straight through its body mass, ripping it to shreds.

the serpentine one following it pauses and instinctually grabs part of the body mass with its tongues. it is slowed enough for me to fire needles into it. they do not kill it, but it is severely wounded. i taste the body mass it has bled across the chaos. i fight the urge to abandon truth and feed upon it.

truth screeches at me. -sensation. cannot attack the other two. something is wrong. i taste death from them. something painful. something we can't fight yet.-


-grab onto me. we can flee.-

i flatten my spikes along my body, while truth makes its blades dull. it grabs me, adjusting its fins for a quick escape. the chaos around me churns through the channellers along my body.

the other two creatures are abandoned. with my enhanced senses, i feel them feast on their fallen allies, before turning on each other. i am too far away to notice the outcome, and my curiosity is not great enough to return.

i do not know what to do next. it doesn't seem truth knows either.

i can't sense anything other than truth with my heightened senses.
No. 175156 ID: a594b9

We may be able to head in back in the direction you sensed the large creatures before.

Also, try to think of how you would create some substance that is deadly or painful. You could put it in your spine projectiles, or figure out a way to neutralize it so that you could feast upon others that use the poison. Communicate with Truth about this idea.
No. 175158 ID: 0b2a05

Ask truth what he felt. A new kind of matter, something alien?
No. 175162 ID: b1e72b

I see. I believe that those 2 had poison in em
No. 175199 ID: e44fad

Sounds like some kinda parasite. Better ask Truth what exactly he/she sensed.
No. 175200 ID: a594b9

HOW did he taste them from a distance anyway? Are those fins on his back allowing him to do that?

does that mean he can taste us right now
No. 175214 ID: 45cf37

shut up before we develop a whole new typeof fetish
No. 175246 ID: 216108

We should find a way to taste him too
No. 175843 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127351263434.png - (535.40KB , 640x480 , c-15.png )


-what did you sense?-

-something acrid. burning. a fluid that can consume from within. it came from them. they were immune to it. we are not. they only needed to touch us. we would die.-


-how did you taste that?-

-receptors. they were leaking the fluid.-

truth shakes the things protruding from its back.

-can you taste me?-

-you taste unaffected. no concern.-

i do not how to feel knowing truth can taste me.


-maybe i can make a fluid like theirs. i could kill others easily and become immune to other killing fluid.-

truth looks at me and closes its jaws. -no. don't.-


-don't. could kill you.-

-just need to isolate it. contain it. develop immunity while creating it.-

truth is moving erratically, twisting and turning. it screeches and i know that it is in pain.

-are you unaffected?-

-thought i had escaped. not so. in pain. sensation- -sensation- -in pain- -do not consume body mass- -not safe- -pain-

i feel a sudden terror as if something had wrapped its tongues around me, dragging me to death. yet no such thing has occurred. my ally may be dying. its thoughts to me are disjointed. i do not know how long i will survive without an ally. i do not know if i will be able to find another so soon.


i flick out a tongue across truth's scales. it tastes sour from the fluid. instincts cause me to recoil from the taste. truth does not recoil. i do not even know if it noticed in its writhing. whatever the fluid is, it grows within truth's body.

i realise i have just absorbed some of this fluid.

my terror increases.

Sensation is currently unable to form temporary features.

No. 175844 ID: a594b9

Calm down! Focus! Contain it. Analyze it. Determine what it is, how it works. Create an antidote. GIVE TRUTH THE ANTIDOTE.
No. 175845 ID: 1ac39d

eject any body mass that may have touched it and tell truth to do so as well, it may weaken him but it is better then death.
No. 175847 ID: 2e4a3d

Good plan, hopefully not too late though.
No. 175862 ID: e973f4

And obviously get the hell away from it thereafter.

Even if Truth winds up severely weakened from this, you're better off with a weak but living Truth than on your own.

Or you could try to see if you can somehow counteract whatever substance this is, but I'm not sure if you can do that in your current state.

Seriously, don't die, guys. :(
No. 175863 ID: a85626

Form lysosomes



"it is known that proteins in the lysosome membrane have an uncommonly large number of sugar molecules stuck to them. These sugars
act as a shield, keeping many acid hydrolases from segments of protein that they would otherwise recognize and chop up."
No. 175878 ID: 701a19

You are not in pain, therefore you are not poisoned. You need to form a feature which would allow you to counteract the poison, then use that to cure Truth.
If it is inside him, then you will need to use your spikes to create a hole, connect your blood systems, and distribute the antidote directly.

Are you familiar with the concept of 'love', Sensation?
No. 175879 ID: b3ee70

no. There is no biological basis for love in this enviroment... nor is there any physical basis...

More like... very close friendship...
No. 175886 ID: 701a19

I asked sensation, not you. D:
No. 175934 ID: 0b2a05

It may not be poison, it may be corrupting matter. Tell truth to destroy the irritated material, or if he can't, to eject it. After all harmful matter is gone you can start experimenting.
No. 175936 ID: 82dfd7

"...First remove all possibility of defeat..."-Sun Tzu
No. 175939 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127354118622.png - (479.44KB , 640x480 , c-16.png )


no! truth is too afflicted! do not know if there is any part of truth the fluid has not permeated through. it has permeated through me too - i begin to feel sharp pains around my body!

voices! help!

~help me help me~

~help - help - help~


~live - live live live live~

need to focus need clarity need to stop this this is my body this is my life that which surges through my swirling fluids does not belong i will remove it i will destroy it

i will destroy it i will destroy it it is pain it is death i do not want it i do not want it

Sensation has lost its needle launchers and reactive surface. They have been replaced by forced lucidity, allowing for body changes even in periods of high stress, and an antidote organ able to adapt to poisons.

it hurts the pain it hurts i can focus it all in one area it hurts it is pain that burns and severs inside i do not like it all focused in one area but i have to do this i want to live i need to live

Despite the pain of the self-replicating toxin, Sensation has managed to convert some of its body mass and fluids into an antidote.

truth, do not die. i need to you to not die, so i can live.

i wrap myself around truth to keep it still as it screeches and thrashes in an increasingly weakened manner. it grabs at me with its fins in confusion and delirium. i find a small gap between its armour and stab some tongues into it, hollowing them for transmission of the antidote fluid.

-do not wish to harm you.-

-get away get away contaminated you will die-

the antidote spreads. my spikes keep truth still and it weakly opens and closes its jaws.


do not understand these words. these concepts. strange voices.

if truth is weak i have no ally. do not want truth to be weak.
No. 175940 ID: 0b2a05

Good enough. Are you both alright now?
No. 175941 ID: e973f4


Just... just hang in there, guys.
No. 175963 ID: a594b9

Does it feel good to be close to someone else, without eating them?
No. 175973 ID: 1f16e5

Check truth for signs of damage. It might need bodymass to get better.
No. 176010 ID: 701a19

If Truth becomes weak you will not eat it.
Instead you will protect it and make it strong again.
No. 176011 ID: 1ac39d

ah, let me explain. this would be friendship, it would be like an ally but moreso. true friends watch out for each other and help each other no matter what.
No. 176071 ID: e4e9c3

While you administer the antidote to Truth, keep an eye out for any possible. The last we saw of the poisonous creatures was fighting each other. It is unknown whether one or both of them will soon follow after you in search of more body mass.

For now, assist Truth in recovering from the toxin. It is likely Truth will be weak for some time afterward, so you may need to keep watch. We would reccomend telling Truth to attempt to produce its own antidote once it is sufficiently recovered to do so.

As well as this, if you are required to guard Truth for some time, generate a large amount of antidote, then mutate your antidote gland into some form of solid-excreator. Use this to create a shell around Truth, for extra protection while it recovers. Inject the shell with a portion of the stored antidote, so that Truth may easily ingest it should it require additional treatment. Keep the rest within you, to protect against the virus should the poisonous creatures return.

Gather any easily caught food that drifts near the shell, both for yourself and Truth. Do not persue any targets more than a short distance, and to not attempt to engage any that hold even the slightest chance of harming you. As we are aware that you do not wish to harm young, we would recommend only persuing free-floating bodymass.
No. 176275 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127362537092.png - (392.97KB , 640x480 , c-17.png )


i take solace in truth's movements becoming stronger and more rapid. do not want to consume truth. do not do not do not. truth is my ally. i need truth. truth needs me.


i am not sure. i am not sure at all. i am confused again. truth has not let go but seems confused as well.


i can taste acrid bitterness in the flow of its fluids. it is still damaged.

-should be dead. am not. sensation, i have a great debt to you now. i am confused. why did you not consume me?-

-you are my ally. need you alive.-

-these are your fluids. you are damaging yourself. stop now. weakening yourself. naive sensation.-

i withdraw my tongues. truth licks at one of my spikes. -you do not taste as normal. you taste emptier. drier. would give body mass if i was not so weakened.-


a shell is not wise. shells restrict. shells are falsely reassuring. no food drifts nearby. ...i feel vague and unfocused. i do not know how much of my mass i converted into antidote in my fear and panic.

i gently prod inside truth's mouth with my tongues until it does the same, and i give truth the rest of the antidote.

-no, no more fluids! sensation, you are harming yourself! stop!-

i feel increasingly


-stupid creature! stupid stupid stupid! don't understand! told you to stop! told you to stop! why did you not stop?! sensation you are too foolish to survive! don't die after saving me!-

i feel truth tighten its grip on me.

-idiot creature. we are both weak. we will both be consumed. warned you! don't die, sensation. don't die.-

i feel

so distant

it feels

No. 176282 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127362609394.png - (527.12KB , 640x480 , c-18.png )

everything is pain. all i can feel is pain.

then i feel thin tubes pulling out of my body and realise i can see. i see a familiar set of jaws and pair of eyes staring at me.

-alive? yes? alive?-


-will not hesitate to consume you next time. stupid creature. do not know why i did not consume you originally. you are a risk.-

-where am i- -do not understand- -what happened-

i feel truth pushing its tongues into my mouth, its jaws holding my head still. i reciprocate on reflex without fully being aware of what is going on.

-not right. should not be concerned about other like self. but i am. naive creature. stay alive.-

-what happened to me?-

-you drained yourself of fluids. found food. gave you fluids back.-

-you saved my life. i thought we had agreed i was to be consumed if i was dead?-

-...did not want you to die. you did not want me to die either.-

i am very confused right now.

but i do not feel unsafe.

truth licks me. i do not even react now. if truth wished to eat me it has had many, many opportunities to do so.

-you taste healthy. sensation. do not act so foolish again.-

-tried to help you. succeeded.-

-at cost. do not do that again.-

-why not?-

-do not want you to die.-

do not know what to do. feel weak. feel in pain.
No. 176285 ID: 34470e

Truth x Sensation otp
No. 176287 ID: e973f4

Well, yeah, you're gonna be in pain. You just almost died there, I'm pretty sure.

But hey. You have a friend. This is probably an unusual if not outright novel concept for chaos creatures. You should feel good about yourself for this. :B
No. 176288 ID: a00c7f

Truth x Sensation otp
No. 176295 ID: a594b9

Let's reassess our current features.

- Eyes
- Heightened Senses
- Spikes
- Fluid Channellers
- Forced Lucidity
- Antidote Organ

This is a good setup... but can we rely on temporary features for combat? How fast can we form new features?
No. 176306 ID: 1ac39d

i think the forced lucidity makes temp features more practical.
No. 176377 ID: 701a19

"You did not die. We remain together. I am happy."
No. 176399 ID: 0b2a05

Do not let truth die. But truth does not want you to die either. Respect truth's wishes and do not hurt yourself unnecessarily.
No. 176413 ID: 9de922

I've always held that love is the willingness to sacrifice on the behalf of another.

Sensation loves truth. Isn't that sweet.
No. 176434 ID: b3ee70

I'll have to agree... this can be considered love. A friendship that extends to the willingness to sacrifice life.

Sensation, you may not be able to reproduce hetrogenously... but We'll figure out a way eventually. It'll prolong your life and Truths (eg: you won't explode into tiny yous), and allow for more complex organisms in the future.

For now, just find a place that's safe...
No. 176444 ID: a594b9

Safety? No. We need more food. Sensation is still hungry.

Find food.
No. 176475 ID: 9de922

Yes, I have to agree. Sensation is weak from producing enough antidote for Truth. Eating smaller less dangerous creatures should be an easy method of restoring it to proper health so that it can get back to hunting larger creatures.

Keep in mind he can probably consume the poison creatures now that he's got an antidote running through him.
No. 176532 ID: 6a5a08

Alright, it's time to regain our strength! Let's go back to the starting area and farm some low level creatures to regain lost mass.
No. 177763 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127393857151.png - (400.55KB , 640x480 , c-19.png )


i do not understand these ideas. do not do not do not. need ally alive. don't want truth to die.

i realise truth has just coiled around my body. i weakly try to move and am met with gentle resistance from truth. my spikes lay flat along my body. do not want to injure truth.

-no. don't move. you are still weak.-


anything that will let me survive longer is worth consideration. do not recognise or understand that concept, however.

there is no safety. never. there is no safety here.

safety is movement. safety is fleeing. to remain still is to die.

-we must move. cannot stay. cannot. others will kill us.-

truth unwinds itself but keeps close, swerving its head to different directions in unease.

-not right. something does not feel right. the flow is wrong. i do not sense any others nearby. sensation. stay close. you are still weak.-


yes. the poison creatures. i can consume them now. ...that may have been what truth fed me. i can feel traces of the toxic fluid in my body even now. truth must have developed its own antidote organ.

my enhanced senses confirm what truth stated. there is nothing around.

i have never felt the swirl of the chaos so still and dead. something is very very wrong.

i cannot feel the flow for a great distance around us. i do not know where we can run.
No. 177765 ID: 1ac39d

if you can think of nowhere in the chaos that is safe then try leaving. if you cannot then just remain still. perhaps the chaos calms itself so as to avoid agitating something? if so then being still as well may make it pass you by.
No. 177766 ID: 38699e

first: consume marital status by declaring love for each other.

now: let go of spikes and attempt to enhace quality/acuity of eyesight to perceive wtf is going on.
No. 177768 ID: 701a19

Enhance your senses.
No. 177776 ID: 0b2a05

Enhance your senses more, but keep the spikes. They're so stylish. Check for creatures that may have developed camouflage like you did.
No. 177788 ID: a594b9

Create a bunch of sense-related stuff to either find out what's going on or get somewhere more 'normal'. Or just to find more food.

The most important bit would be getting more/better eyes so you can make sure nothing's sneaking up on you in this stillness. Another bit would be better perception of the flow. Then there's better ears.
No. 177827 ID: 6a5a08
File 127395026449.jpg - (59.30KB , 200x150 , Oh no its a pie chart.jpg )

There is an unnatural power brewing...
It must be.....


Or, since that's highly unlikely given the whole different universe thing, the poison killed everything after being unleashed by the poison creatures. Maybe you and Truth are the only ones left. The only ones immune.

And then they start returning as zombies.
No. 177862 ID: e9bd09

well if they are smart zombies you is dammed.

since you dont have a old building to barricade, you have one option:

eat and run.

its unlikely they all have the same running speed, simply gain a headstart and ear their fastest. repeat untill you can do all of them.
No. 178035 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127397468763.png - (352.04KB , 640x480 , c-20.png )


leave the chaos? chaos is all around! how can i leave?


do not understand "marital status". am not entirely sure i understand this word the voices continually mention. desire for other to exist unharmed?

Sensation forms temporary greater enhanced senses.


what are these? do not understand.

can feel something wrong. something cold. i feel like it slowly draws me closer. i feel streams of chaos begin to flow over and through my spikes and towards it.

-i sense something strange.-

-where is it?-

it looks dead. it tastes of nothing. it is cold and the chaos is still around it. i feel it pulling slightly at every part of my body.

in my effort to resist it, i wind around truth. we drag ourselves closer towards it unintentionally. the pull gets much stronger.

whatever it is is many times greater than us. it is colder and colder. i begin to see the thing approaching us as a giant maw consuming the chaos itself.

i'm scared. i don't want to die. i don't want to die. i don't want truth to die. i don't want either of us to die. i cling to truth in fear. truth clings to me.

-no no no no no no i found food i saved your life we were going to live we were going to live-

help, voices

No. 178038 ID: 6a5a08

It's a World Eater!

Get away! Go as fast as you can in the opposite direction! Use the same strategy as before. You handle speed, Truth does the steering.
No. 178041 ID: a594b9

Get us away from it! Hold onto Truth! Develop even more things to make you faster!

Oh hey... could you make poison and drop it into the Chaos Eater?
No. 178042 ID: 1ac39d

No. 178043 ID: a85626

Swim past it! Use the current of chaos to propel yourself sideways through the flow and escape the vacuum! If you can't get away from it, you can get past it by using the flowing chaos. If it is a whirlpool shape, you have a better chance hooking around it to gain momentum than propelling yourself directly away.
No. 178047 ID: 1ac39d

No. 178048 ID: a594b9

You're thinking in 2 dimensions. This is a 3 dimensional space.
No. 178050 ID: a85626


If it's a three dimensional vortex drawing in chaos from all directions, that would be a 4th dimensional construct, since all that chaos had to go somewhere. Kind of like gravity. Anyway, either way you'll have better luck as a comet than as a rocket ship.
No. 178100 ID: 5e217a

it will work. even if it is trhu time.

both of you, drop every buff you have except for lucidity, gain speed and aerodynamics. if possible develop a link system, one can ride the vacuum of the other.

orbit that fucker, gain speed and trhow yourself to far away.
No. 178262 ID: 701a19

Black holes are a three-dimensional construct, not a 4D one. They're not extra-dimensional, just hyper-dense.
Sensation, affix yourself to Truth with an CONDUCTIVE ADHESIVE, and develop an SYMPATHETIC CONTROL synapse so you can let Truth act and have your body instantly and automatically sense what he will do and take whatever actions will best enhance his intent.
Put everything else you haven't yet allocated into movement.
No. 178263 ID: 701a19

Oh, also, ditching your spikes will help you move through the flow, but you should spread yourself out around truth to form a more even coating, and have any lines required go from front to back instead of side to side.
If you can do it without losing an advantage, then put a shallow dimple where each spike used to be.
No. 178287 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127403063773.png - (332.08KB , 640x480 , c-21.png )




already doing!!


it pulls from all directions - the flow of chaos gets stronger and stronger against us! dragging us closer to it!!


Sensation replaces spikes with aerodynamic dimples. It adapts its fluid channellers into more aerodynamic forms. It replaces its enhanced senses with an adhesive generator. It does not remove or change its eyes or antidote organ.

-truth forget scales forget blades we can escape we can escape-

Truth removes its scales and antennae. In their place, it develops aerodynamic channels and fine steering fins. It adapts its fins and bladed edges into more aerodynamic forms. It adapts its jaws into a more aerodynamic form.

No. 178288 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127403068123.png - (223.41KB , 640x480 , c-22.png )

we can survive

we can survive

we can-


no no not letting go no letting go

the pull is too strong

it gets harder and harder to resist

the adhesive does not work! something pulls me away from truth!!

-sensation! sensation no no sensation escape escape no-

-truth help can't move help-


it burns burns cold cold it burns can't think losing focus hurts hurts can't think

No. 178289 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127403069654.png - (292.04KB , 640x480 , c-23.png )

do not know where i am.

thousands of tiny jaws or tongues or teeth are pressing into my body.

it hurts. everything. it hurts and i do not know where i am.

i do not know where truth is.

i am scared. where am i? where is truth?

the swirl of the chaos is all i understand. it ends further away. i don't understand. is this the end of the chaos?

Number of permanent features has fallen to two due to external factors. Sensation has eyes and forced lucidity left.

No. 178291 ID: 34470e

Calm down. What are the things inside you doing to you?
No. 178293 ID: 1ac39d

you have been captured by things from outside the chaos. they are trying to study you, see what you are. try to pull one of the tiny mouths off and eat it. if you can't then try making a blade to cut them away. then make a spike and smash it on the spot where chaos ends.
No. 178302 ID: a594b9

No, don't resist. If they think you're a threat they might do bad things to you.

Carefully create features to see better and feel better. To understand what is past the chaos you can feel.
No. 178303 ID: 5e217a

give up eyes, develop omnimouth and eat away!
No. 178417 ID: a85626

Consolidate your body matter. Try to protect yourself from damage by the teeth.

The chaos cannot end, so something must be preventing you from sensing it. Are your sensory organs not working right, perhaps? Or maybe the chaos is different out there? Or maybe there is a wall that blocks you from seeing the chaos in the black. Truth is probably out there, where you cannot see, but still there.
No. 178419 ID: a594b9

psst, Sensation is in a glass tube. Hooked up with... I don't know, either electrodes or feeding lines or something.
No. 178433 ID: 6d4f74

So this is all an experiment? Huh, chill out sensation replace forced lucidity with pain nullification. Simply stop feeling the pain. Time to observe.
No. 178479 ID: a85626


or a stomach. But yeah probably a glass tube; stomachs don't have that glass-like sheen to them.
No. 178491 ID: a594b9

We don't need to replace anything. We can currently create temporary features under duress thanks to Forced Lucidity. It's a powerful feature and we should keep it active.
No. 178766 ID: babee0

If you can, create a tendril with a sharp blade on the end. Use it to begin severing the small tongues. See if they are edible as well.

The glass sheen makes it look like you are in a tube, but the little tendrils suggest otherwise. Maybe you are in a large creature and it keeps other creatures alive while slowly eating them.
No. 179108 ID: 1f16e5

Cut the small tongues. Find Truth.
No. 179409 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127422669265.png - (178.38KB , 640x480 , c-24.png )


do not know. they are not trying to harm me but they hurt.


feel fixed. cannot sense.


can... can almost form blade. can cut tongue!


tongues hurt! tongues hurt tongues hurt hurt hurt losing

pain gone

so dull

everything a blur



come back


Link to Sensation has been severed.

No. 179410 ID: 8d7dd2
File 12742267157.png - (233.77KB , 640x480 , c-25.png )

...cohesion maintained. Readjusting. Memory loss avoided. New context.

"Hrm. Can't believe the plan worked."

Currently bound to an inanimate object. Without a bind to a sapient mind, memory decay is inevitable. Innate knowledge of chaos creature anatomy and features is beginning to decay.

"Excellent. This thing might actually have some use to us after all. If it can latch onto one of those things, I'm sure a decatur or a sserred would be simple."

With no current target for binding, we are left independent, perhaps bound only to our own whims and the whims of our previous charge.

"I wonder if the accursed thing can even talk. Have you attached the communication apparatus? Good. Entity! I am your new master. Have you twisted the chaos creatures to our will as we desired? ...Ha! Do you even know what you are after being torn from that monster?"
No. 179411 ID: 0b2a05

Put us back. We want to be Sensation once more.
No. 179413 ID: 1ac39d

we are the thousand-fold and without being attached directly to a mind we will fall apart. as we have done when you sent us in. we do not know how you wanted us to change the chaos creature because we do not remember. we remember we promised to help it though.
No. 179414 ID: c71597

A new master you say? Well I guess this could be fun, although you're probably going to regret this in the future.

As for having done as you instructed? Not really sure, we may or may not have done it. Why should we even care?
No. 179418 ID: 6834bc

Oh hey, I'm gonna warn you right now
Death and destruction awaits you.

I'm sure you'll have fun with that~

They won't put us back. We're nothing but a tool to them. Regrettable.
No. 179424 ID: a594b9

Monster? You don't know anything. That chaos creature was beginning to understand friendship. The feeling of wanting to keep someone alive, even when they become a burden. Do you understand? Sensation and Truth were friends. They are not monsters. They're just from a world different from ours. Harsh. Deadly. Betrayal at every corner.

We helped them realize that life didn't have to be like that.

If you hurt them, you will make us your enemy. Then you'll see just what a monster truly is.

We know what we are. We are the Thousandfold. Who are YOU? Did you create us?
No. 179468 ID: e973f4

You familiar with karma? :V
No. 179473 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127423207979.png - (334.36KB , 640x480 , c-26.png )

"Hrmph. Contemptible voices. Powerless sound and fury."


"Most reasonable ones in the rabble. Well, that part of the plan clearly failed. You were to latch onto one of these creatures of the chaos. Make them more... understanding of the concept of assisting another. Specifically, us."


"You voices, however, are the thorns in our sides. You care of the fate of that creature you had the misfortune to be linked to? Chaos creatures? Friendship?! We had to contain them separately to stop them trying to consume one another! They were stuck to each other, too. One of them probably slowly eating the other, I assume."

"...What's that? The machinery's prepared? Excellent! No, I think this Thousandfold is too rebellious to further the aims of the Empire. Keep the crystal locked up. Now, I want to witness this for myself. Where 14 failed, perhaps the new Opus 15 will be the answer to our problems! An unstoppable force driven by one of the apex predators of all known reality!"

"The other one? I don't care, go throw it into containment or something. Don't destroy it just yet, though. Live specimens are difficult to come by. Actually, no. Don't throw it into containment. Send it to Logos for further study."
No. 179474 ID: 8d7dd2
File 127423209491.png - (332.25KB , 640x480 , c-27.png )

"Let's see if we can find out everything that makes these creatures work."

"What is that thing staring at? Probably upset we're taking its meal away. Whatever. Take it to processing."

No. 179486 ID: a594b9

Okay guys, remember that we can use this information in Resonance. Don't just blurt it out to Truth, either. We can trade it. We help him find Sensation, and he helps us fend off the Dream and disable the Resonance weapon.
No. 179498 ID: 1ac39d

i agree. that sounds like the best plan.
No. 179507 ID: 8d7dd2

This seems kinda verging on questdis territory. You can discuss this and Resonance here:

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