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File 127191949250.png - (139.82KB , 640x480 , 1.png )
168360 No. 168360 ID: 96fb33

Select a route.
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No. 168363 ID: 7524b0

No. 168364 ID: cf68aa

No. 168365 ID: 059120

No. 168369 ID: d6fef9

I believe we have some gloating to do concerning a princess beam.
No. 168377 ID: 620bfb

No. 168401 ID: e31d52

No. 168403 ID: 1ac39d


No. 168472 ID: 6aff0b

Walter. For giant demon titties.
No. 168475 ID: 3441fa

Maria! We need to find out if we killed Tom with that laser beam.

Or, just as important, if we killed Maria with that laser beam.
No. 168522 ID: fe0817

Princess then Walter.
No. 168541 ID: 12f282

Maria x Tom!
No. 168907 ID: a7a85a

No. 176663 ID: 96fb33
File 127372664287.png - (30.78KB , 640x480 , 2.png )

No. 176664 ID: 3416ec


No. 176665 ID: 620bfb

It's not dead? HUZZAH!
No. 176667 ID: 96fb33
File 127372745415.png - (29.59KB , 640x480 , 3.png )

Am I scrying? It feels like I'm scrying.
No. 176669 ID: 241a2b

One way to find out! Run around like crazy!
No. 176670 ID: 3441fa

Check boobs. If they are not there or they are the exact size you want them to be, you are scrying.
No. 176671 ID: 3416ec


Examine your gradient torso.
No. 176672 ID: 96fb33
File 12737278433.png - (33.06KB , 640x480 , 4.png )

I don't seem to have a solid body.
No. 176673 ID: 241a2b

Run towards the light!
No. 176676 ID: 3416ec


Oh dear.

Who is that behind you?
No. 176685 ID: 3441fa

Attack the person behind you using magical scrying princess powers.

Failing that, check if you can fly.
No. 176689 ID: 96fb33
File 127372856669.png - (19.14KB , 640x480 , 5.png )

The boy with the knife.
No. 176690 ID: 1ac39d

try forcing yourself o be more invisible and get closer.
No. 176693 ID: 7d76bc

What is he looking at?
No. 176698 ID: 3441fa

Check if he can fly.
No. 176703 ID: 96fb33
File 127372954853.png - (6.85KB , 640x480 , 6.png )

"Come back..."
No. 176704 ID: 96fb33
File 127372956646.png - (15.20KB , 640x480 , 7.png )

No. 176705 ID: 96fb33
File 12737295931.png - (49.39KB , 640x480 , 8.png )

No. 176706 ID: 3441fa

...Did he die? D:
No. 176707 ID: 241a2b

Don't wake up! Continue forward!
No. 176708 ID: 3416ec

I don't understands! Are we dead or what?
No. 176709 ID: 96fb33
File 127373012142.png - (42.25KB , 640x480 , 9.png )

He's gone.
No. 176710 ID: 96fb33
File 127373014924.png - (98.10KB , 640x480 , 10.png )

No. 176711 ID: 241a2b

Kill it! Oh god, somebody kill it!
No. 176713 ID: 7d76bc

No. 176715 ID: 3441fa

No. 176750 ID: c71597

Give him a solid slap to show that you're awake and well.
No. 176759 ID: a594b9

Perhaps a push is more appropriate.
No. 176803 ID: 192956

No. 178872 ID: 445c48

Just blow a little air into his face.
No. 178966 ID: 476456

blow a lot of air in his face

blow his face off
No. 178968 ID: 620bfb

No. 183256 ID: 96fb33
File 127485426933.png - (120.49KB , 800x600 , 11.png )

Shut up, the lot of you.
No. 183258 ID: b056db

Get your foot off of him. It gives him pleasure.
No. 183259 ID: bde1b8

Alright, ask what is going on and where are we.
No. 183262 ID: a594b9

Your forehead is shiny. Like, more than usual. Cool.
No. 183276 ID: 7d76bc

Go see what Tom is doing.
No. 183520 ID: 96fb33
File 127491391429.png - (164.63KB , 800x600 , 12.png )

"What's going on?"
"We found you by the stairs and brought you back to our room and I'm sorry I couldn't protect you Mari-"
"I-It's fine."
"--And I would never betray you Maria, I was trying to get his book and I love you and please don't die or explode."

That...Whatever it was that happened must have spooked him quite a bit.
No. 183563 ID: 63ab82

I think the kid need a hug. Really need a hug.

Maria, don't traumatize the kindest brother you have. Hug him like a big sister.
No. 183747 ID: 7d76bc

That's not Hadrian?
No. 183767 ID: a594b9

Ask him exactly what you just did. Some kind of bright flash of light, right? Did he feel anything when that happened?

Also reassure him that you're okay but admit confusion about why he asked about polygamy.
No. 183771 ID: 445c48

Sit up, Grab his shoulder, look him in the eyes, say "It's ok. You did fine.", and then go back to sleep.
No. 183798 ID: bde1b8

"I'm not going to explode. Really."
No. 184046 ID: dda57c

Yeah, reassure him you're not going to explode.
No. 189147 ID: 96fb33
File 127585644379.png - (91.01KB , 640x480 , 13.png )

"I'm not going to explode, Hadrian. I promise." Hadrian looks slightly reassured, and his nerves appear to have calmed. "Why polygamy, though?"
He fiddles with the burnt ends of his hair.
"You said you don't want to marry... so I thought that we could be together for necessity and leave you free to do what you like in life. I only want you to be happy..."


Hadrian has admitted BLIND LOYALTY!
Hadrian will now follow indirect orders!

No. 189154 ID: 1ac39d

awwww, give him a forehead kiss, that earns one.
No. 189159 ID: b58b7e

No. 189166 ID: 3416ec


Hold his hand and say stutter out a thank you.
No. 189175 ID: 40cb26

Then tell him to go and get a hair cut, those burnt ends must smell something nasty.
No. 189209 ID: b58b7e

Give him a haircut with your PURINSESU BEEMU!
No. 189261 ID: 7d76bc

Kiss him on the cheek.

Then ask him how his hair got burnt.
No. 189302 ID: 40cb26

He got a face full of giga-princess beam, that's probably what singed him in the first place.
No. 193923 ID: 899719

I know.
I don't care.
No. 193954 ID: 92ee9e

Jesus Maria, I'd have jabbed a cue-tip in my brain until the voices stop by this point. How do you put up with it?
No. 194035 ID: b58b7e

We're huggable?
No. 194242 ID: 63ab82

Hug note, read Hadrian.
No. 195101 ID: 96fb33
File 127683243810.png - (213.82KB , 640x480 , 14.png )

It wasn't me. I think.

The details are fuzzy. Something about a bomb? Tunnels? Tom had shielded me and escorted me from the explosion right away, but the culprits were caught and punished.
No. 195124 ID: a594b9

Ah. So the Princess Prism was just a very bright flash. I wonder if it does anything special other than produce light?
No. 195128 ID: a7a85a


It's not that often you see anyone looking that pleased to be covered in blood and partially on fire.

You of course realize what this means.

He's awesome.
No. 195132 ID: 96fb33
File 127683733786.png - (79.86KB , 640x480 , 15.png )

"Hey Maria, do you want to talk to Tom? He's in a bad mood."
"He's not angry with the back burn pains still, is he?"
"With me, actually. I ended up damaging his book."

I'm not very good at talking to people.
No. 195135 ID: f82d85


Go and sit down next to Tom. Let him talk first.
No. 195150 ID: 96fb33
File 127683924810.png - (127.10KB , 640x480 , 16.png )


This isn't working!
No. 195153 ID: 9080f3

Just say "What's cookin' good lookin'?"
No. 195155 ID: bde1b8

Ask him what his book is about.
No. 195157 ID: 3d74a8

Lick his cheek.
No. 195512 ID: b58b7e

Shoot him in the butt with your Princess Beam!
No. 195517 ID: a594b9

I think... ask him if he's feeling okay. Thank him for protecting you thus far.
No. 195611 ID: 620bfb

Poke him while saying "Hey"
No. 204376 ID: df58f0

Ridiculous. Get out.
No. 204608 ID: 5696f7

This one is the most sane. If you happen to be a lover of literature, feel free to list one or two of your favorite books, as well.
No. 220400 ID: 96fb33
File 128237385764.png - (69.02KB , 640x480 , 17.png )

"W-what's coo--"
"What is your book about?"
"It's a journal on the flora of this country. I'm also recording the weather behaviors and the effect it has on the ecosystem."
"I'm a scholar. As you should have guessed by my superhuman ability to get pinned to the bottom of a bridge by people ten times weaker than me."
"You didn't seem to have an interest in books."

This is progress!

"Why did your star turn white?"
No. 220403 ID: a594b9

I'm going to say it was due to leaning Mind Pierce. As we develop more psychic power stuff, the star will also develop.
No. 220404 ID: e3277c

Say, "The star speaks to me. It lusts for the blood of demons... thick blood."

Or you could say that its just happens when you scry or whatever.
No. 220407 ID: 3416ec

Touch forehead star with finger to examine tactile alteration. If any.

Big words.
No. 220408 ID: 96fb33
File 128237495118.png - (70.68KB , 640x480 , 18.png )

"It happens whenever I...use abilities with my mind. I learned a strong ability, and it seems to have changed."
"I see."

He dropped the conversation!

And he's being very dismissive.
No. 220409 ID: e3277c

Ask if his back is okay or if there is anything you could do for him... maybe even to him.
No. 220412 ID: 059120

Wait did we even thank him? Gratitude is definitely important. I'm not really sure he'll be receptive to any conversation, though. You don't know much about wildlife or climate or any of that nerdy stuff, right? It might be best to just leave him alone for now, he doesn't seem to be in too bad a mood.
No. 220413 ID: a594b9

No. 220417 ID: 96fb33
File 128237840429.png - (74.05KB , 640x480 , 19.png )

No. 220418 ID: 96fb33
File 128237842427.png - (100.64KB , 640x480 , 20.png )

No. 220419 ID: 96fb33
File 128237851569.png - (76.21KB , 640x480 , 21.png )



It looks like Tom didn't notice.
No. 220422 ID: e3277c

Mind pierce him harder and faster!
No. 220424 ID: a594b9

Ask him if he has family.
No. 220425 ID: 059120

Sounds reasonable. Still advocating an actual "Thank You."
No. 220429 ID: 96fb33
File 12823809108.png - (67.22KB , 640x480 , 22.png )

I have to concentrate more on him, but...
"D-do you have family?"
"Parents, yes...I'm feeling a little pressure. What are you doing?"
"J-Just practicing with my scrying, since I don't have a tutor by myself."

The image doesn't change through the conversation.
No. 220430 ID: e3277c

Ask him if he has any siblings.
No. 220432 ID: a594b9

Two, perhaps three sisters?
No. 220454 ID: a6008c

Change the subject a bit, I think this is making him nervous. Thank him for all of his help with everything so far, and you could not have gotten this far without him.
No. 220455 ID: 059120

Yeah, stop prying. Invading someone's mind is definitely not a good way to improve someone's mood.
No. 220512 ID: d06fe5

say that he was so cute when he was little.
No. 233910 ID: 96fb33
File 128546617569.png - (87.88KB , 640x480 , 23.png )

"We...Well. Thank you for everything you've done so far, Tom. I wouldn't have been able to get this far without you. I don't think I would have recovered from even the Raven attack without you." Tom's face lights up like a bomb on a winter's night and his elbows slip.
"A-Ah, well, you were the one who made me c-come with you. I didn't do anything! You should be thanking, uh, thanking Hadrian or something! I wasn't even interested in supporting you!"
No. 233914 ID: 492153

hug him
No. 233915 ID: 990ee1

Oh wow that got him talking. Get all sad/offended. "Y-you didn't want to help me?" with big watery princess eyes.
No. 233927 ID: 96fb33
File 128546734536.png - (86.95KB , 640x480 , 24.png )

"Then you don't want to help me?"
"Well, uh, it's not that, but, I-I'm just not...wanting...to er, well, talk to any human and, uh, w-well...You're squishier than most humans, so I thought it'd be wrong to, uh, leave you. Alone."
No. 233929 ID: 990ee1

I think his head is going to explode. You should tell him not to blush so much. Last time you blushed this hard your face exploded, after all.
No. 233943 ID: 5a2e05

Well, that didn't seem to help the situation at all. If this keeps up he may learn a Tom beam or something.
No. 233944 ID: 9d463e

now get a little indignant and say "oh? so you think i need protection?" then when he tries to stammer out his next response say "kidding, i know you are just looking out for me"
No. 233954 ID: 445c48

K-kiss him! Not like make out or nothin', just a peck on the cheek.
No. 233967 ID: a36f32

Try to fluster him more. I'd suggest a cheesy pickup line, but I know you don't do that sort of thing.
No. 233970 ID: e31d52

Yessss it will be adorable!
No. 234025 ID: b5af8d

Best ending.
No. 235057 ID: 96fb33
File 128565020510.png - (91.16KB , 640x480 , 25.png )

>tease him
>engage in romantic actions
Maria has yet to acquire SLY WIT!
Maria has yet to acquire the title SMOOTH ROMANTIC!
Maria has become agitated.

Further agitation of Maria will put her into the DANGER ZONE.

No. 235059 ID: c71597

Just calm down a bit. Get him to speak a bit about his scholary pursuits instead. He might have found out something interesting.
No. 235060 ID: 0cddcd

That wouldn't be too good. Okay let's ask Tom when he thinks he'd be ready for the party to move on to where we are supposed to be going.

Hunting witches, that's what it was.
No. 235071 ID: 3416ec

>>Further agitation of Maria will put her into the DANGER ZONE.

I assume Kenny Loggins will be involved somehow.
No. 235073 ID: 476456

hee hee look how red he is~
No. 235075 ID: 476456

and you'll never acquire either without practice! go on~
No. 235080 ID: b18ccb

How about we fly stright in to the danger zone?
No. 235081 ID: 96fb33
File 12856528816.png - (109.48KB , 640x480 , 26.png )

"Did you make any advancements with your work?"
"Huh? Oh, no, it's more of a textbook than anything. For reference. I had to remake it since those 'adventurers' screamed something about black magic and tossed my old one in the river."
...I see.
We're going to the White City to examine their libraries, at Vandis' suggestion. Pay attention.

"When do you think we should leave?"
"Hm...Now is fine. The twins stuck around just in case, but they're already leaving so..."
"You have brothers?" Hadrian calls from the beds.

...Oh, I never did fully explain my connections to him. Oh well. Good conversation for travel, I suppose.

Tom has forgotten about the damaged book!

Maria social skill has reached a second level!
Maria's major abilities now include LADY-LIKE ETIQUETTE and SOFT PEACEKEEPING.

No. 235082 ID: 0cddcd

Proceed to next check point! Also for a laptop touch pad you are drawing ridiculously well, my god.
No. 235107 ID: 96fb33
File 12856566714.png - (150.93KB , 640x480 , 27.png )

The tale thus far.
No. 235110 ID: 96fb33
File 128565684394.png - (151.08KB , 640x480 , 28.png )

Maria, a young maiden of thirteen, is told to do the laundry. This horribly thought out chore was revealed to be the excuse of her mother, the Queen, to inform her of the existence of her twelve brothers.
Maria's insane father only wished for a daughter, and would have killed her siblings. Ever calm, Maria decided to locate her brothers, bringing her childhood friend and cousin Walter for company.
Their paths crossed with a powerful demon that is known as The Raven, and all but Walter's left arm was taken to be devoured.
Maria walked on in a horrified daze and came upon a bridge, under which was nailed a bitter yet strangely polite demon.
Promising to provide him Walter's arm and the kingdom's protection, he became Maria's replacement companion and recieved the name Tom.

No. 235118 ID: 96fb33
File 128565757756.png - (164.45KB , 640x480 , 29.png )

Tom and Maria enter The Queen's Keg, a bar owned by a Forest Folk man named Rhell. They learn the existence of Woman-Eater Forest, as well as a marriage taking place between a Winter Folk and a Human in Halland, causing the town to be barricaded.
The two suit up, Maria in a gender-disguising outfit, and leave for the forest.
Upon arriving, however, they are attacked by two of her brothers, Cain and Abel. Maria learns all of her brothers live there, along with a man named Vandis and the demon he is raising.
Her brothers refuse to come back, so Maria returns to her castle, bringing along Tom if only to fulfill her promise.

No. 235124 ID: 96fb33
File 128565847334.png - (183.07KB , 640x480 , 30.png )

When home, Maria is plagued with a vision of Walter falling to his death, possibly instigated by The Raven, purely for amusement. She is soon comforted by Tom's clumsy attempts at socializing with her and the appearance of a tenacious eighteen-year-old suitor named Hadrian.
Maria sees a young Winter Folk she has seen before in visions interested in training her recently uncontrolled scrying after she sorted through her suitors.
Neither events took place, however, due to an increased focus on "Princess Beam" causing Maria to explode with light.
In a conversation with Maria's insane father, Tom reveals she was concieved through a crystal that almost always births females, with the side effect of dangerous skin conditions. Angry with her own condition, Maria set off on a new quest to cure herself of it. She brings Hadrian along as well.
The trio go to Woman-Eater Forest to seek help from Maria's brothers, but only find Vandis' young RedEye Demon child, Leral.
Leral guides them to his home, where Vandis eventually arrives and discusses their quest. Vandis brushes them off with a suggestion to go to the White City to acquire medicine. His quickness to avoid them was revealed to be his discomfort with the pile of corpses in their cellar, which he uses to feed Leral.

No. 235129 ID: 96fb33
File 128565994832.png - (134.18KB , 640x480 , 31.png )

An explosion in the tunnels underneath the forest wake the three in the middle of the night. Tom managed to save Maria from harm, but the danger to her person triggered a blind rage in Hadrian that led him to eradicate the culprits. Perhaps already traumatized by previous events, Maria thought little of it.
Cain and Abel escort the group out of the forest and to an enormous hot springs establishment.
Maria discovered an apparantly blind child locked in a room. When he became violent, her panic caused her to learn how to delve into people's minds. Not expecting it, she fell down the staircase. The child did the same, but managed to injure himself with his weapon.
After this situation, Maria learned a new ability and a new skill.

Since then, the three traveled with nothing of interest occurring-

We fought a bear and ate it.

Besides a ferocious battle with a bear.

You can start watching us again, we've arrived. Where were you for the past two weeks? I didn't even know you could vanish for that long.
No. 235130 ID: 37d2ab

Mushroom convention at Walta. Shit was awesome. So what is going on?
No. 235135 ID: 3416ec

Looking pretty Solid Snake there, Maria. On a sneaking mission?
No. 235162 ID: c71597

Vacation, we need it from time to time.

So, are you there yet? I'm just gonna assume you are and say get on with it. Chop chop, that princess beam isn't going to cure itself.
No. 235170 ID: 620bfb

Our collective mind functions outside time and as such, we need occasional bouts of reflection to continue understanding what's going on and to remember all the hints and such the author has thrown as us.
No. 235207 ID: 19dce0

So where are you right now? Let's get our bearings. Speaking of bears you should've made its skin into a blanket, that would have been fantastic.
No. 235319 ID: 445c48

Bears scare the hell out of us.
No. 237122 ID: 96fb33
File 128604289711.png - (151.21KB , 640x480 , 32.png )

We're currently situated in the forest surrounding The White City, which is apparently closed off.

It doesn't look closed off to me, but Tom assures us that it is 'locked up like a starving Hilldragon with Heceydotis'. I'm not sure I want to know what that means.

"Alright, listen closely. The main thing about these guys is that they are insufferable pricks. They make up advanced technology and complicated architecture just so they have a reason to gloat. These guys are straight-laced and act like a military regime. And they fight like one too. If you screw up, they will make a serenade of despair of which the only instrument is your screams and begs for mercy."
"So stick to the plan, alright? Enter through the back garden on the upper level, and try to look for a guy with a scar running from his jaw to his neck. Tell him you're with me."
"What do I do?" Hardian enquires.
"Stay hidden in the garden. If she screws up, get ready to level the entire city."
"I can do that!"
No. 237123 ID: 96fb33
File 128604298575.png - (189.94KB , 640x480 , 33.png )

I decide not to mention the perilous climb.

I'm sure I can manage.

Honestly, the White City is not very white. Such things come with age, I suppose.
No. 237124 ID: f52552


Yeah, not feeling it.
No. 237132 ID: e31d52

Wait you can level entire cities?!
No. 237212 ID: 19dce0

I'm sure we can, with out powerful lasers and all, but... HADRIAN!? I am so confused.

Well Maria, get climbing.
No. 237245 ID: 620bfb

Don't worry, Hadrian can go all berserk mode or something.
No. 237487 ID: 644ca1

Don't you guys remember the time when he was surrounded with fire... and smiling. I think he might be able to level a city or two.

And if that fails we always have PRINCESSU BEAMU!
No. 239169 ID: 7a8549

No. 239478 ID: 059120

Maria: Climb that tower!

Cen: Go back to #fiveohfive!
No. 242214 ID: 96fb33
File 128684029260.png - (171.73KB , 640x480 , 34.png )

I'm assuming he meant Hadrian would decimate the entire population. No less disconcerting.
I never thought of Tom as attractive. He just seems kind of awkward and angry. Maybe if he smiled more.

Now that I think about it, I wonder what Tom thinks of me? He's only tagging along so he doesn't get attacked, but on this new quest, he seems much more helpful.
No. 242217 ID: dc80ab

he is starting to like you. maybe not LIKE you like you. but he definitely sees you as a friend.
No. 242220 ID: e31d52

He seems the type to reciprocate but not advance, so... he's warming up, I suppose.
No. 242244 ID: 96fb33
File 128684450560.png - (82.81KB , 640x480 , 35.png )

I hope he can open up to me, eventually.

Maria notes Hadrian has stopped moving.

"What's wrong?"
"I don't think Tom's brilliant plan was completely thought out."
No. 242245 ID: dc80ab

say "well, we are already all the way up here, you want to climb all the way back down?"
No. 242247 ID: 37d2ab

Leap over to that other tree branch thingy. Better yet, position yourself so that Hadrian is grabbing you by your legs and have him throw you over in a swinging motion, but first, have him build enough momentum so you can go flying into the sky with your girlish light frame. Trust me, this will totally work.
No. 242248 ID: 059120

It honestly didn't sound like it. ...Why are we sneaking in again? And not, like, walking the in front and asking around?
No. 242325 ID: 7a8549

Wait, why doesn't he think the plan is thought out?

Also, ask him how he can decimate an entire city by himself.
No. 242372 ID: 19dce0

We're sneaking in because the city is locked.

Clearly we needed a grappling hook to progress. Let's get down from here, and find ourselves a Forest dungeon. Those tend to have climbing tools in them.
No. 245387 ID: 96fb33
File 12873756586.png - (74.22KB , 640x480 , 36.png )

No. 245388 ID: 96fb33
File 128737569315.png - (74.79KB , 640x480 , 37.png )

No. 245390 ID: 96fb33
File 128737571655.png - (50.26KB , 640x480 , 38.png )

No. 245391 ID: 96fb33
File 12873757451.png - (55.46KB , 640x480 , 39.png )

Crazy plans are the best plans.
No. 245392 ID: 1b42c5

No. 245394 ID: 1854db

Inspect self for branch-related injuries.
No. 245398 ID: 6dec96

Maria, this is an espionage mission, so make sure you are fully camouflaged. Peer through the leaves and look out for any guards or anyone that you can steal clothes from to fit in.
No. 246458 ID: 7a8549

Maria: Try to remember the basics of CQC.
No. 246484 ID: 96fb33
File 128763497453.png - (138.77KB , 640x480 , 40.png )


No injuries.

This appears to be an orchard. The trees seem to have given their fruit already, or maybe they have yet to blossom. I don't recognize the type.

Despite how easy it is to sneak about in an area with the padding of grass and the cover of trees, there is only one guard.

...? Where are the rest...?

The guard seems to be thinking heavily on something.
No. 246485 ID: 3416ec

See if you can't land feet-first on his head.
No. 246486 ID: 7a8549

I'd say mind pierce him, but that might give away our position. If you think you can manage to get some information out of him without alerting him that you're there, give it a try. Otherwise, let's just continue with the mission.
No. 246489 ID: 6dec96

Fling something nearby like a stick and make a disturbance. Sneak by when you have the chance. If you really want to, you could just bash him behind the head when he turns around.
No. 246496 ID: 51f267

elves are ninjas. you only see that one but more are hidden.
No. 246498 ID: 93e8e3

You only see the one elf, but unbeknown to you, there are two more elves sneaking up from your flanks!
No. 246507 ID: 96fb33
File 128763782743.png - (173.44KB , 640x480 , 41.png )

Too far.
My arm is weak. A demon would not buckle.
MIND PIERCE is still at a low level! Maria can only retrieve IMPORTANT MEMORIES.

Continuing then.

The orchard becomes more and more like a forest the closer I get to the castle.

I think I'm within running distance to the door by now.
No. 246511 ID: 7a8549


Make a dramatic entrance.
No. 246512 ID: 6dec96

Too risky. Get closer to the ground and survey the area first.
No. 246514 ID: 3416ec

Locate a cardboard box.
No. 246545 ID: c71597

Might be a trap. Sneak up there instead.
No. 246601 ID: 93e8e3

You could MIND PIERCE him anyway. He seems to be thinking about SOMETHING. Let's find out what.
No. 251291 ID: 96fb33
File 128866461113.png - (287.96KB , 800x600 , 42.png )

I'll leave you to figure that one out by yourselves.

Well This is completely pointless.
No. 251293 ID: e31d52

No. 251297 ID: 93e8e3

Hahahahaaa, haaa. Ahh. Alright. Time to be a ninja. Sneak that shit, snake!
No. 251354 ID: 7a8549

Can you get close enough to peek in and get an idea of what you're up against?
No. 252807 ID: 96fb33
File 128898640641.png - (161.86KB , 640x480 , 43.png )

Maria has infiltrated the city!

So I'm looking for a man with a scar down his chin.

...This looks no less like a castle on the inside than it does on the outside.


There doesn't seem to be anyone in this area either. The garden seems to be an easy entry point. I'm a bit uncomfortable with this.
No. 252819 ID: 6c4937

Explore with caution. I am expecting an ambush.
No. 252955 ID: f56e4d

Put your ear to a wall and maybe you can hear something.
No. 252988 ID: 7a8549

It's occurred to me that we're supposed to tell Scar that we know Tom.

...but "Tom" is not Tom's real name!

I'm starting to agree with Hadrian that Tom's plan does not seem very well thought out. I hope we're just a distraction for him or something.

Since we're already in, Maria, all we can do is keep moving and try to complete our objective. Stay alert!
No. 252994 ID: 96fb33
File 128902255120.png - (96.28KB , 640x480 , 44.png )

No. 252995 ID: f56e4d

Okay now run around as fast as you can looking for whatever you are looking for. There are no guards around here and if they are, you can begin a fun chase sequence. Trust me, this will totally save you time.
No. 253006 ID: 3416ec


Make sure Yakkety Sax plays in the background whilst doing so.
No. 253690 ID: 96fb33
File 128915357193.png - (106.30KB , 640x480 , 45.png )

Is the music really necessary?

No. 253692 ID: 96fb33
File 128915360052.png - (167.62KB , 640x480 , 46.png )

No. 253695 ID: 5018f7

Panic, then Run Away.
No. 253698 ID: 27fe93

get a look of his face, if it's the guy we are looking for then YAY, if not then make bright flash (princess beam) to blind him then ether knock him out or flee.
No. 253699 ID: 96fb33
File 128915583477.png - (108.06KB , 640x480 , 47.png )

The man stares blankly at Maria.

Maria is panicking too much to release Princess Flash!

No. 253701 ID: 27fe93

say "i saw a broken tree in the courtyard"
No. 253780 ID: 6c4937

No. 253786 ID: 620bfb

Panic so hard you come back out the other side into calm.
No. 253797 ID: 7a8549

Running just makes you look more suspicious.
Say you're looking for a guy with a scar and it's very important.
No. 260590 ID: 96fb33
File 129101183499.png - (98.70KB , 640x480 , 48.png )

"Hablibabaleeblablugubloo," Maria blurts, in an attempt to say many things at once.

The man lifts Maria.

"It's dangerous right now. You have to stay out of the city."
"No going past here. Demons are dangerous."
No. 260606 ID: 3416ec

Try not to become ticklish.
No. 260667 ID: 6c4937

Kick him. "My best friend is a demon!"
No. 260775 ID: 644ca1

Or "Some of my best friends are demons" you know two right? And there is no need to get specific.
No. 260777 ID: 492153

Scream "Bad TOUCH" repeatedly
No. 261518 ID: 96fb33
File 129137281034.png - (163.52KB , 640x480 , 49.png )

Maria engages in a more polite variation of these suggestions.


Do you? I assume from your personality and previous reactions to suggestions that you would take this path. I wjust say it.


"S...Some of the best men I know happen to be demons. Following that, some of the most ruthless men are human."
"What boss says, goes," He mumbles, seemingly uninterested in Maria's rebuttal.
"Your boss seems to have an unfair bias against demons."
"...If you're for the demons, then it's best if I bring you to the boss."

Is that good?

No idea.
It isn't, at all.

No. 261552 ID: 383006

Well, we might as well go see what the boss has to say.
No. 261558 ID: 5018f7

Follow him for a bit, look for a chance to get away before you get there.
No. 261562 ID: 6c4937

Ask who the boss is. He might be able to help us find that Scarfaced man who knows Tom.
No. 261683 ID: 7a8549

...wtf, Mr. Narrator.

Maybe the boss is the man we're supposed to find. ONWARD.
No. 263562 ID: 96fb33
File 129204735765.png - (78.22KB , 640x480 , 50.png )

"And who might this...boss...be?"
"Not a clue. We just follow him around and listen to what he says."
"That's a little...Is that really such a good idea?"
"We're like lost dogs. We don't really care about the morals of anyone we're following. We just like to follow."
"And if he leaves you?"
"Then we get someone else to follow."

The hall contains nothing but the occasional instance of a door. No chance to escape.

The man stops at a larger door.
No. 263563 ID: 96fb33
File 129204742646.png - (113.84KB , 640x480 , 51.png )

The centre of the city seems to be a large downwards spiral, with doors dotting all the way down.
No. 263566 ID: 96fb33
File 129204769976.png - (67.64KB , 640x480 , 52.png )

A man comes out of a door to the left.
"You caught one?"
"A human sympathiser."
"I'm not defending all demons," Maria snaps. "I just meant that some are good people."
"I see why you took her in. We'll get the boss to judge her."
I'm beginning to get a good idea of what happened.
"Where are the Forest People?"
"Huh...? Oh, they evacuated once we got past the first layer of defenses. None of us are interested in manslaughter, so it's as good as a conquest."
No. 263582 ID: 7a8549

Point at him and shout "SCAR!" really loudly and embarrassingly.
No. 263648 ID: 5018f7

Doesn't that make these peolple the invaders?
No. 263797 ID: f59554

This guy has an eye scar... Unless he's got another scar on the other side of his face, ask if the boss has a scar.
No. 266905 ID: 96fb33
File 12934015502.png - (60.16KB , 640x480 , 53.png )

"Scars seem to be a theme with you," Maria says clearly. "Inside or out."
"And have you ever watched a loved one being torn apart before your eyes?"
"Yes.""And by what?"
"The Raven. He was playing music by a tower, threatened us, and then flew away with most of my cousin and our horses."
"And he didn't touch you?"
"I would assume he thought it was funny."

I would be monumentally shocked if he did it for any other reason, if I had to be perfectly honest.
No. 267003 ID: 96fb33
File 12934153024.png - (29.19KB , 640x480 , 54.png )

"It's rare to see a survivor of The Raven still siding with demons."
A boy not much older than Maria herself exits the door the red-haired man was standing by.
"Arms off your side, you're not trying to impress anyone. So what is a young boy like you doing here all alone?"
"I could ask the same," Maria says bitterly. "I came for medicine and the library."
He looks unimpressed.
"Do you have a mother?"
"I don't. All I have left of her is a cheap necklace she was going to sell."
"I'm sorry to hear about your loss."
"If you're not lying, you've experienced the feeling too. Shall I tell you of my goals?"

This is pretty stupid altogether, but why not.
No. 267041 ID: 96fb33
File 129342158569.png - (11.31KB , 640x480 , 55.png )

"My sources tell me The Raven lives in the kingdom to the Northeast, Jereda. I'm going there..."
No. 267042 ID: 96fb33
File 129342172156.png - (41.27KB , 640x480 , 56.png )

"...To kill him."
"If yer gurlfriend ain't dead, why go to th' trouble?"
"It's personal revenge, obviously. I'm not positive she's actually safe, either."
"If ya say so."
No. 267043 ID: 96fb33
File 129342183560.png - (70.91KB , 640x480 , 57.png )

"So how do I look?"
"Like I could beat ya down with a little spoon."
"But could you?"
"'Course not."
"Then I look perfect, don't I?"
"If ye say so. Me'n the kids'll be followin' ya until you get there though, arright?"
"Of course."
No. 267045 ID: 96fb33
File 129342214987.png - (98.77KB , 640x480 , 58.png )

"I thought you said you HAD THIS UNDER CONTROL."
"I did! I do! It's not my fault he attacked them! Aren't you his babysitter, or something?"
"It's none of my business if he gets his jollies torturing people, and the 'death' was obviously an accident! I had no reason to interfere!"
"Then it's the Guides' fault for promoting violence!"
"You're the one narrating to the Guides you imbecile"
"Listen, I got this! ...Augh, they delinked!"
"How do you have this in any wa--"
"Hey everybody! Listen, if Walter gets to Jereda, he dies. So continue as usual. Except convince him not to go there. Okay? Now, I'll see you next session!"
No. 267046 ID: 96fb33
File 12934221861.png - (109.93KB , 640x480 , 59 - end.png )

No. 267125 ID: 653ea0

Maria already thinks Walter is dead, so... What's the loss, Soul McRailroad?
No. 267804 ID: 7d76bc

Hehehe. Best name for Mr. Narrator ever.
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