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File 127129943335.png - (18.06KB , 304x500 , 1.png )
164403 No. 164403 ID: cf68aa

>F-Fuck.... I didn't think... He'd be so strong...

>I still have my Stone though... So long as I have the Red Tincture I can still win...
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No. 164404 ID: cf68aa
File 12712995421.png - (14.75KB , 304x500 , 2.png )

"You are... quite brave. But nowhere near powerful enough to take on me. If you want, I can heal you."

>"I would rather die then be healed by a heartless bastard like you Dart...."

"Ouch, such harsh words. Shall we end this then?"

>"I w-won't lose..."

"Says the man dying of blood lose. Just give up and submit."
No. 164406 ID: cf68aa
File 127130034089.png - (5.33KB , 304x500 , 3.png )

>My spells... This is all I have to cast.

>I spent years training and still it isn't enough
No. 164409 ID: 1ac39d

did you try all of them? if you did then you are kinda boned. if not then try miracle, maybe you will get lucky. or omega.
No. 164412 ID: 7524b0

Omega requires casting Alpha, then Beta, then Gamma first.
No. 164413 ID: 701a19

Zeroon, followed by Zerin, then another Zeroon, then by Giga Dondo, then miracle, and then a Spirit of Light right into his eyes.
After that, push your mana into the earth and use it to collapse the ground under Dart and pushing the displaced rock on top of him.

While he's distracted from that, use Aqua to water-spout yourself into the air and use Black Hole to propel yourself away; use yourself as the target with an offset so it will be above and in front of you. It'll clear everything from your path, including the air, and accelerate you to absurdly high speeds.
Head for Central. He won't follow you if it means he has to confront King Rai.
No. 164427 ID: cf68aa
File 127130456619.png - (57.04KB , 800x300 , 4.png )


Charles jumps back and casts Zeroon on himself. He is now fully healed

>Lord Zerin's spell eh? Fine, I need to give it my all!


He casts the spell, Dart has no time to react as it hits him at full power
No. 164429 ID: e3f578

"It's seems like you just got blown outta town." Cue sunglasses and YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHH
No. 164433 ID: 701a19

Ok, cast Aqua water-spout you into the air and use Black Hole to propel yourself away.
Dart's not going to be distracted long, so you need to focus on escape and survival.
No. 164434 ID: 1ac39d

assume he is still alive.
No. 164438 ID: 7524b0

You know Lord Zerin? What's his last name?
No. 164439 ID: cf68aa
File 127130566995.png - (26.71KB , 500x500 , 5.png )

>He's dead. No one can survive a point blank Zerin....

>My I'm fully healed, it's just half my Max health is gone...

>My Lords last name? It was Aussa.
No. 164442 ID: 701a19

He did. We have seen the future and confirmed this. We are trying to change our past by preventing you from dying.
Also, the Cerin have snuck up behind you.

Cast Aqua to water-spout you into the air and use Black Hole to propel yourself away.
Once you're airborne cast Miracle, then aim yourself towards Central.
No. 164444 ID: cf68aa
File 127130628193.png - (10.90KB , 800x600 , 6.png )


>That could work! If I weren't underground...

He jumps back away from the two Cerin members. The tall male one runs after him while the girl begins making some kind of doll
No. 164445 ID: 701a19

Irrelevant. The Black Hole will eat all the earth in its way, allowing you to reach the surface.

You will not survive this fight. You must flee.
No. 164446 ID: 7524b0

Don't let the girl make a doll. Blast her with lightning. The man...? Use fire.
No. 164451 ID: 701a19

Hit the girl with Blazen to destroy the doll before it becomes active, then Flare on the man.

Then escape.
No. 164452 ID: 1ac39d

voodoo doll, if she makes it then she can kill you with just a squeeze. the only protection is to radically alter your form upon completion so the doll no longer resembles you.
No. 164453 ID: 701a19

Or destroying the doll before it's complete.
No. 164460 ID: cf68aa
File 127130818276.png - (21.86KB , 600x600 , 7.png )

He casts Flare on the big greenish man. He is incinerated instantly with only ashes to show where he stood. Charles casts Zaken at the girl but it is quickly blocked by a another man wearing an odd mask

"What's going on Bella?"

"Nothing my Lord. Just some wannabe trying to kill Lord Dart."
No. 164462 ID: 701a19

Your death is imminent, escape now.
Once you have used Black Hole to fly clear outside, you need to throw your robe into the Black Hole and light your hair on fire, then cast Miracle.
No. 164470 ID: 7524b0

Use that ROCKS FALL spell to collapse the ceiling on them. Then use a fire spell to superheat the rocks into magma. Cook them with a landslide.
No. 164475 ID: cf68aa
File 127130991492.png - (8.73KB , 300x400 , 8.png )

Using a combo gravity spell he manages to propel himself to the top of the dome. He casts Zerin on it causing it to cave inward as he escapes. He lands outside of Dart's Citadel

>I.... I made it outside... But I have no mana... Every cell in my body hurts... I should've never used two Zerins....
No. 164476 ID: 701a19

You have the Red Tincture. Use it to cast Miracle, then fling yourself towards Central.
No. 164479 ID: 7524b0

Recover mana. Get yourself up and moving. You can't stay here. Dart's men will find you.
No. 164481 ID: e3f578

Once you get to Central you must live as a hermit or under a false identity where you were assumed to die at the hands of Dart, otherwise you may suffer this timeline being "corrected". Time always finds a way to fix itself if certain factors aren't met.

If you have family, say hi and visit as a friendly stranger, possibly helping them from the shadows in extreme cases. Once Dart is truly dead then you may be free to being Charles.
No. 164485 ID: 7524b0

If you can't reach Central, then go for Fai's Mountain.
No. 164489 ID: cf68aa
File 127131083865.png - (14.24KB , 300x400 , 9.png )

He casts Miracle on himself. He tries to stand but can't move.

>I think this is it... I can't move at all... I'm so tired.......
No. 164492 ID: 701a19

Draw mana from the Red Tincture and use it to fling yourself towards Central. The Miracle should ensure that you survive the trip even if you pass out.
No. 164500 ID: cf68aa
File 127131140929.png - (4.69KB , 400x400 , END.png )


Using his Stone Charles casts the gravity/aqua combo. He tries his best to steer himself to central.

>Damn... I thought I could beat him.... I need more spells...

>I need to gain more power...

>I need to kill.....

He soon blacks out
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