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File 124881477054.png - (35.44KB , 800x600 , 786.png )
16231 No. 16231 ID: fb5d8e


>Find previous chapters and volumes in /questarch/
>Textdiscussion in /questdis/
>Fanfiction in /txt/ and fanart in /quest/
>Join us on IRC as we masturbate furiously: Rizon, #rubyquest
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No. 16233 ID: fb5d8e
File 124881482335.png - (49.68KB , 800x600 , 787.png )

Mudy slowly awakes from his peaceful slumber.
His sister is already awake, a dreamy and content look on her face.
>"Good morning, Latral."
No. 16235 ID: 476456

"and a good morning to you, hot cheeks."
No. 16236 ID: 3fa7b7


"Good morning, Raital." Snuggle up with her. "I see you've finally gotten your nose under control."
No. 16238 ID: 9a71e2

What would you like to do today?
No. 16241 ID: b44a84

"What time is it?"

inb4 rape o'clock
No. 16244 ID: 6164e0

'Good morning, Raital.

Say, I was wondering, would you like to go explore the city with me a bit? Try some local foods, see a show, explore the local shops, all that?'
No. 16245 ID: e0845d

No blood = SUCCESS.

Concurring with >>16238 - we need a day off after all this insanity.
No. 16247 ID: 6164e0

Oh, and for this plan, two things:

We should ask Dagger for some money seeing as how saving the world as of yet has not been paying well, and we should have this outing later in the day when it isn't so crazy hot outside.

That way we have time to do the council meeting, check up on things, and all that, and still devote at least half the day (hopefully more) to Raital.
No. 16249 ID: 6164e0

...Why do we still have those eyelashes? Wouldn't they have gone back to normal after tub sex?
No. 16250 ID: 476456

No. 16252 ID: fb5d8e
File 124881584786.png - (50.84KB , 800x600 , 788.png )

>"And good morning to you, Raital."
Mudy snuggles up to her. She's warm and soft and so inviting.
>"I see you've finally gotten your nose under control."

Raital sighs contently as she gently presses Mudy against her.
>"A-after last night.. Mudy.. I feel like we've gotten so much closer."
, she replies.
>"I.. I feel so at peace with you.."

Mudy closes his eyes again and relaxes. The two stay silent in eachother's warmth.

>"What would you like to do today?"
, Mudy finally asks. He remembers Totenkopf and Darkmoon Dagger's wedding was planned for today.

>"Anything you'd like to do, Latral."
, Raital whispers back.
No. 16253 ID: 1afd58

How about we have a morning lovemaking? It's a good way to start the day, right?
No. 16254 ID: 6164e0

We obviously have to attend the wedding, but is there time beforehand to go out, maybe get some more formal attire for the ceremony?

And maybe get Mudy a Leopard spotted Banana Hammock?
No. 16255 ID: 72ee5e

How about we walk around town? take in some sights, show Raital smexy new outfit, maybe get money from Dagger and buy Raital something equally smexy.
No. 16258 ID: 476456

"Maybe i can introduce you to a little sport called beadspread handgliding"
No. 16260 ID: f44349

"I was thinking, we could just... idunno, hang around... enjoy the sights... have a romantic dinner and all that... Well, there is the wedding too, but I'm sure we've got some time to kill~"
No. 16262 ID: 778cb0


Get dressed and visit the clothing store, buy Raital erotic outfit.
No. 16263 ID: 476456

Hop out of bed,offer her your hand to help her out of bed...even though she is much..much taller than you.

Then get dressed, hilarity ensues.
No. 16264 ID: 3fa7b7


Go to check out the marketplace. See if there's any cool shit for sale. Maybe we can buy Raital a little present.
No. 16265 ID: f44349

Let's see how much time we have before the wedding.
No. 16267 ID: 6164e0

Oh yeah, she hasn't actually seen our new outfit, has she?
No. 16268 ID: 2abfb1

>"What would you like to do today?"
"Why, the same thing we do every day, Raital. TRY TO SAVE THE WORLD."
No. 16269 ID: 72ee5e

Mudy and the brain brain brain brain brain brain brain brain BRAIN! dun dun dun duh duh DAH DAH
No. 16271 ID: fb5d8e
File 12488175515.gif - (28.67KB , 800x600 , 789.gif )

Mudy rolls out of bed and retrieves the outfit given to him by princess Darkmoon Halberd.
He puts it on for Raital.

No. 16272 ID: fb5d8e
File 124881757711.png - (31.05KB , 800x600 , 790.png )

There is a knock on the door.
Raital halts her advances.
No. 16274 ID: 6164e0

'Lets check on who that is first, shall we, my sweet Raital?'

Open door, check who it is and all that.
No. 16276 ID: b2e99c

Play dead. Now is time for lovan.
No. 16277 ID: f52e4e

Try and wipe that blood off yourself before you awnser the door.
No. 16279 ID: bffa2a

Curse the bad timing.
No. 16280 ID: 82167e

>No blood = SUCCESS.


No. 16284 ID: 0d7c7c

You mispelled niatS.
Also, we ought to get out and about with Raital in our free time, but riddle me this. We had three wishes. If Raital is calmer and time has been reversed, it is definite that one has come true, and the other may have as well, unless it is related to our showing her affection. Which is left? A third wish must still have been granted, no? We should consider what it could be, of our many considerations, and prepare for it accordingly.
No. 16285 ID: bffa2a


"Should I answer that or not?"
No. 16288 ID: f44349

Express displeasure at being interrupted.
Wipe blood from face.
Answer door.
No. 16292 ID: e84119

You know, Raital actually HALTED her advances just now. I call that a rousing success!
No. 16294 ID: f44349

Well, not necessarily...
You'll notice she actually STOPPED when appropriate for once.
Also that the nose bleeding is back to the level it was at when we first met her.
No. 16306 ID: fb5d8e
File 124881891746.png - (35.12KB , 800x600 , 791.png )

Mudy sighs to express his displeasure at the bad timing.
>"Should I answer that or not, my sweet Raital?"

Raital puts Mudy back on is feet.
>"We should.. Let's continue later."

Mudy nods and opens the door.
It's Darkmoon Dagger.
>"Ah, Prince--- *SNRK*"
She stiffles a laugh.
>"P.. Prince Mudy. *PFFF* The meetink is startink.. Please comink to join."
She looks like she's about to explode.
No. 16311 ID: b2e99c

Hey! Stop laughing at our pseudo-lesbian shenanigans!
No. 16312 ID: f52e4e

Say you'll be there a second. Quickly go to the bathroom and clean that blood off.

Ask Raital if she wants to come. If she doesn't, tell her you'll be back with her as soon as you can.
No. 16314 ID: 1afd58

This shouldn't take more than about thirty seconds. Never has before.

Then close the door and RESUME LOVE MAKING.
No. 16322 ID: 96945d

"Yes, this is exactly what it looks like. Now that we have that out of the way, we'll be there in a minute."
No. 16339 ID: 6164e0

'Oh ha. ha.

I extended the courtesy of not laughing at you and Totenkopf when you went through the same thing. I would appreciate some discretion.'


'Unless, of course, you are laughing at my clothes, in which case feel free to continue, they are somewhat ridiculous on me.'

Tug at clothes a bit.

'Incidentally, can I get some pants at least?'
No. 16340 ID: 476456

Kiss her on the cheek in front of dagger. That'll disarm her.
No. 16342 ID: bffa2a


"Your timing is as impeccable as is your manners. Lead on then."
No. 16344 ID: 5e64a9

"It's okay to laugh. We know you know."
No. 16352 ID: fb5d8e
File 124882052014.png - (41.24KB , 800x600 , 792.png )

>"Yes, this is exactly what it looks like. It's okay to laugh."
, Mudy says.
>"Now that we have that out of the way, we'll be there in a minute."

Mudy excuses himself to the bath to wash off the blood, but Raital stops him.
>"Let me get that for you.."
No. 16354 ID: fb5d8e
File 124882059381.png - (47.02KB , 800x600 , 793.png )

Several moments later, Raital and Mudy arrive at the meeting hall, where a huge crowd has gathered. All the royal siblings are seated at the table.
Two signs seperate the crowd. It appears one side is for nobles and very important guests, while the other is for relatives.
No. 16358 ID: b2e99c

We're VIPs, right?
Take a seat on that side.
No. 16359 ID: f52e4e

Well we're not a relative so we sit on the Importat People side.
No. 16364 ID: 197650

Sit at the main table!
No. 16366 ID: f44349

This is the meetink about the crown right?
Sit at the main table and get ready to make a big ass speech!
No. 16374 ID: bffa2a

We are not rulers here and assuming otherwise is stupid. Vips.
No. 16379 ID: 67c611

Ask Darkmoon Dagger what we should do
No. 16380 ID: 476456

Check where the rest of your friends are sitting and go sit with them.
No. 16384 ID: 6164e0

Lets prompt Darkmoon Dagger for a headsup on where would be an appropriate place to sit.

Also HAH, the nosebleed is infectious apparantly.
No. 16387 ID: 8ce2bf

Sit on top of the table.
No. 16405 ID: fb5d8e
File 124882331069.png - (51.69KB , 800x600 , 794.png )

Mudy ponders for a moment, then confidentially strides over to the center table. He takes the one remaining seat.
Across the table, princess Darkmoon Bolt, the eldest, begins to speak.
>"My dear siblinks. Long vhe havink let petty disputink get better of us, but now vhe unitink under one goal: The end of Skullkink. Vhith tis, vhe shall strengthenink our co-operation and bonds, both vhith eachother and with foreign kinkdoms.
>For tis, vhe havink one man to thank, vho takink on mission of brinkink unity from Mother. Now, one task remainink for him."
She pauses, and Mudy feels all eyes at the table and in the crowd turn to him intently.
>"Prince Mudy Latral. In name of the Founder, the Matriarch, the Eclipse, the Nightengale - the Queen Empress Darkmoon Arrow - be namink successor to throne of Firevhater."
No. 16410 ID: 82167e

Good Rapier you look kind of badass.
No. 16413 ID: 476456

Divide it between them!
No. 16414 ID: 2abfb1

I like the entire royal family. They all bring something to the table, in terms of leadership, but they all lack something as well.

Let's propose they official share rulership of the kingdom. Break the diadem into equal pieces and give them each a fragment.
No. 16416 ID: 82167e

Bad Idea Drive activate!

We should do something symbolic like giving them each a piece of the diadem, or one of the gems from the oracle room. ESTABLISH DEMOCRACY.
No. 16417 ID: 93c708

Split the diadem into 5 pieces and give each of them a piece
No. 16418 ID: dd1710

This, totally this if they are all willing to work together finally
No. 16420 ID: bffa2a


Wut? uh... hm... out of the blue

"... But I'm not related or even the same race."
No. 16421 ID: f52e4e

Ohh... who to pick. Bolt may have some lingering hostilities to other races, so she's out. Katana... it'd be too hard on the guy, and I like him. So not him. Dagger... we like her in our party. Not her. Stiletto... not the best ruler. He's out.

Rapier of Halberd... Halberd will be better in the longterm. But Rapier is cleary the better military mind, and we need that above all or there won't BE a longterm. I say we pick Rapier.
No. 16425 ID: f44349

"I have met with each of you over this past day.
I have spoken with you all not just to unite you, but to assess what kind of people you were.
After meeting you all and seeing who you really are I have come to a decision.
There can be no other choice.
The new ruler of Firewater shall be..."
Pause dramatically
"All of you.
Each of you possesses something VITAL to a truly great ruler, but alone you would not shine.
Together, I believe you can make Firewater the best place it could possibly be."
No. 16426 ID: 67c611

No. 16428 ID: 2abfb1

Forgot to mention: If they object to you breaking the sacred diadem, explain:

"This diadem represents Firewater's founder, the Queen Empress' authority. But the Queen Empress is no longer here; Firewater cannot cling to the past forever, seeking the protection of ancient heroes. Instead, she has passed that authority down to all of you. Just as each of you represent a different facet of this authority, so should each of you carry a piece of this diadem."

And then make THEM break it.
No. 16429 ID: 6164e0

'If true unity among the royal family is to be had, I have a suggestion.

Rather than give the crown in perpetuity to a single individual, instead, it could be a temporary affair. By this, I mean that the royal family would vote among itself as to who should hold the crown. After a given amount of time, perhaps a decade or so, the crown is once again voted to a single member of the royal family. And to prevent abuse of power, if at any time all the other family members believe the one currently possessing the crown is abusing the power it bestows, then a unanimous vote by all the other royal family members would remove the crown.

Think of it: to possess the crown, you would have to gain the trust of the other family members, and to gain the support of enough of them, you would have to have the interests of Firewater and the people at heart.'

If this goes over alright...

'However, now is a time of conflict, and we must act decisively to stop the Skullking. To that end, I suggest that the crown goes to Prince Darkmoon Rapier first, as his military prowess is ideal for ensuring the future safety of Firewater at this time.'

IF, however, the plan for how the crown is used is NOT recieved well, I vote for Stiletto.
No. 16430 ID: f44349

>And then make THEM break it.
Ooh that's even better!
No. 16432 ID: 197650

"none of you are worthy invidivually, each of you prioritises different things. But united you will run this city better than anyone."
No. 16433 ID: 6164e0

Seriously, why is he way huge, dark and grizzled, compared to every other Dark Elf we have met?

And he had what appeared to be magic scars/tattoos.

Guy is badass.
No. 16435 ID: b2e99c

Screw alla this noise.

Pick Stiletto. His way is the way of world peace.
No. 16437 ID: 6164e0

If you say this, add that this is not to belittle them: Of course they focus on different things, no one can keep all facets necessary to keep a nation strong equally valued. I imagine the Empress relied on her husband and others for at least certain fields.
No. 16438 ID: 197650

Get the vibrator, if it doesnt work on the picture on the wall at least we'll have a fun toy~
No. 16439 ID: acdc9b

"Esteemed princes and princesses,

I have had much time to consider this choice. I hold the power to choose who leads this country, and I know the importance of my decision. It occurred to me along the way that I could pick someone who's views I agree with, who would make my overall goal easier. This would obviously be in my best interests... but not in the best interests of this nation.

Divided, we fall, together, we succeed. The whole is more than the sum of its parts. These sayings, though cliche, hold truth. Instead of cutting off and promoting one of the limbs, I instead have decided that the whole body should act in unison.

I put you all in charge, now that you have learned the importance of working together. I trust that you realize the weight of your positions, and are willing to take charge and carry out the duty you've been charged with. I have the utmost faith in you."
No. 16440 ID: 67c611

Epic solution incoming. Please wait for it to be posted.
No. 16441 ID: b2e99c

Guize this is obviously the best solution.
No. 16449 ID: 67c611

"Bolt, you are put in charge of the protection of the city.
Rapier, you are put in charge of the military.
Stiletto, you are in charge of diplomacy between other nations.
Halberd, you will be in charge of the people's wellbeing.
Dagger, you will help us bring the fight to the Skullking."

Sound good?
No. 16454 ID: 67c611

please tell me I got the names right >_>
No. 16456 ID: 06ed79

Except Dagger shouldn't be there and Katana should.
No. 16458 ID: 6164e0

Dagger isn't a child of the Empress, but Katana is. So I don't think skipping him would end well.
No. 16459 ID: f52e4e

You forgot Katana.

And Halberd should replace Stiletto with diplomacy, she knows economics and trade.
No. 16460 ID: fb5d8e
File 124882466323.gif - (34.46KB , 800x600 , 795.gif )

Mudy climbs onto his chair. He takes a deep breath and shakes off his nerves.
He holds up the diadem.
>"I have met with each of you over this past day. I have spoken with you all not just to unite you, but to assess what kind of people you were. After meeting you all and seeing who you really are I have come to a decision.
>There can be no other choice. The new ruler of Firewater shall be..."

No. 16462 ID: bd2eec

No, that's exactly what she'd be good at. Economics. Stiletto is a laid-back dude who is pretty worldly, so he'd better connect with diplomats.
No. 16463 ID: 6164e0

...we can't break it, can we.

Damn our wimpy kobold arms!
No. 16464 ID: bffa2a


But has that not been the way it's handled all along. They lack a president or something to set the general policy.
No. 16467 ID: 06ed79

Goddamnit Mudy, couldn't you change clothes?
No. 16468 ID: b2e99c

Okay, fine. Pick Rapier.
No. 16471 ID: 06ed79

Tell them to vote each year for one to be the ruler, with an unanimous vote from the other 4 being able to change this before the next year if needed, and if at some point the 5 of them could agree on who should inherit the crown, then so be it. The Queen Empress would've preffered it this way, she always intended for them to work together, instead of a single one ruling.
No. 16472 ID: f52e4e

Well what about trade negotiations? That goes under diplomacy, and Stiletto wouldn't know much about it except when it came to art. The Dark Elves would be exploited.

While he's pretty likeable some more stuck up cultures may even take offense by him and his lifestyle. Not diplomat material.
No. 16473 ID: 93c708

Crown yourself king, Mudy
No. 16474 ID: 96945d

I do hope you don't plan on BREAKING it, as it obviously has some power to it if a certain someone got killed over it. >_>
No. 16483 ID: f44349


...Actually I was sort of hoping it would magically break itself for us...
No. 16484 ID: 6164e0

Oh yeah.

Well, either it will work out, or all the Dark Elves assembled will tear us limb from limb.

No. 16485 ID: da5997

Seriously though, give it to Stiletto. His promotion of arts and culture will secure the backings of Katana who will appreciate the peace the arts hope to achieve, and the backing of Halberd, who will support the economic growth associated with an increased expansion of cultural growth and support. The focus on the arts will allow Bolt to focus on the heritage and contribution of Dark Elves to the society of the world as a whole, and promote that to friendly nations as a trade-emmisary.

Stiletto's stance regarding slavery will allow more citizens to enter the free market and the flow of commerce; which will provide a larger base from which to draw the army that Rapier and Dagger will be raising to defend this artistic and cultural mecca.
No. 16487 ID: 6164e0

Well, if we have to pick just one person, yes, Stiletto is the best choice.
No. 16490 ID: acdc9b

Agreed. If we must do one, choose Stiletto.
No. 16495 ID: 2abfb1

I for one am serious about this breaking them.

No. 16497 ID: f52e4e

I don't think Stiletto's the ideal choice. I suspect he might use too much money on luxuries for himself. I also don't think he's someone who would actually WANT the responsibility.

And I think at the moment of time the Dark Elves need a military mind. Givwe Rapier the military but be ruled over Stiletto and I think we might get a civil war.
No. 16498 ID: fb5d8e
File 124882594714.gif - (627.69KB , 800x600 , 796.gif )

>"..All of you."

No. 16503 ID: 6164e0

No. 16506 ID: d2ea61


This looks really sinister if you listen to O Fortuna at the same time.

Also, YAY!
No. 16507 ID: acdc9b

No. 16517 ID: 852e9c



No. 16522 ID: fb5d8e
File 124882735735.gif - (305.51KB , 800x600 , 797.gif )

The diadem's pieces turns to light, and place themselves on the heads of the royal family.

No. 16523 ID: 1afd58

Of course, they all already had power over the city, so way to not change anything, Mudy.
No. 16526 ID: f44349

But we DID.
We got them to work together and we gave them a reason to stop waiting for their mother to come back and take charge.
No. 16527 ID: fb5d8e
File 124882752487.png - (51.03KB , 800x600 , 798.png )

Mudy sits down.
>"I put you all in charge, now that you have learned the importance of working together. I trust that you realize the weight of your positions, and are willing to take charge and carry out the duty you've been charged with. I have the utmost faith in you."

The entire room erupts with loud cheers and praise.
Outside trumpets spontaneously sound. Mudy can hear and feel the entire city celebrating.
No. 16530 ID: 852e9c

Actually, it is very important.

This is psychological. Not only for the royal family itself. That is important to as it solidifies their will to lead as one rather than dragging their feet hoping someone takes the responsibility.

But it makes them legitimate co-rulers of the dark elf kingdom. No one can dispute their right to call shots.
No. 16541 ID: 6164e0


Well, lets go get some new duds for us and for Raital, and spend time together until it is WEDDING TIME.
No. 16543 ID: fb5d8e
File 124882887192.png - (39.46KB , 800x600 , 799.png )

Amidst all the celebrations, Darkmoon Rapier announces the marriage of his daughter and Totenkopf, and that the wedding will take place today.
Another series of cheers erupts. This day of celebration will be going down in history.

Raital runs over to Mudy from the VIP crowd and gives him a warm hug.
>"I'm so proud, Latral!"

A servant also approaches him, appearing much calmer than the surrounding crowd.
>"Excusink me, lordship. A friend of yours is vhantink to be seeink you. Please followink me."
No. 16544 ID: 96945d

...ask for a name.
No. 16545 ID: f21281

Bring Raital. Also, bring BACKUP. Could be another trap.

Possibly Calavera.
No. 16548 ID: 684c9b

Ask him what Kuhral wants.
No. 16550 ID: e84119

I have a bad feeling about this...

Ask for a name, ask for a description, and bring Raital along with you in case you need to kill something.
No. 16551 ID: 67c611

Oh fuck. Wait. This is a good thing. BET YOUR SOUL AGAIN!
No. 16552 ID: da5997

Mudy: Check out that BEJEWELED COLLAR.


Get your Posse, Mudy, and arm for Bear.

Kuhral's in town.
No. 16553 ID: b2e99c

Its dangerous to go alone. Take Raital.
No. 16554 ID: 82167e

In before he has his eyes closed because THEY'RE NOT THERE ANYMORE.
No. 16556 ID: 6164e0

Yup, definitely Kuhrahl's bound minion.

Well, lets ask for a name, and see what he says.
No. 16558 ID: f44349

Thank Raital.
And ask the servant who this friend is.
Also TAKE RAITAL WITH YOU. Every time we wander off alone we end up walking straight into a trap or otherwise life threatening situation eventually.
No. 16559 ID: 6164e0

...you do remember she cheats, right?
No. 16561 ID: 476456

we can psych kuhrel out. Trust me.
No. 16567 ID: fb5d8e
File 124882954214.png - (39.64KB , 800x600 , 800.png )

Mudy's eyes lock onto the collar.
He asks the servant what Kuhral wants.

>"Am not givink choice, prince Mudy Latral. Mistress not havink interest in Firevhater, but vhill comink to gettink you if you vhill stayink here."
No. 16569 ID: f21281

"We were going to be leaving after the wedding anyways. But, before you go and report back to your Mistress...tell me.

What the hell is the deal with the eyes? She have a fetish or something?"
No. 16570 ID: b2e99c

Then try and get us, if she dares.
What does she want, anyway?
No. 16571 ID: 476456

Ride on Raital's shoulders to go meet Kuhral.
No. 16573 ID: 9ac8e2

Kuhral is the second Blutjaeger. She is POWERFUL. More powerful than Raital, even.
That means she can kill Raital. And because Raital has more HP than the strongest Darkmoon, that means she can probably take out everyone in this room.
Tell Raital to hide. We don't want anything to happen to her, and Kuhral is after her, not us.
Ask the Darkmoons if we can have a couple guards, but don't expect them to be able to do anything. It's PURELY for the look of the thing. We need to be confident.
And... let's go speak with Kuhral.
No. 16574 ID: 476456

Raital will probably follow us out of jealousy.
No. 16575 ID: bffa2a

Raital is not going to be much help. In fact she will be in mortal danger. Leave her to relative safety.
No. 16576 ID: 67c611

entire city vs Kuhral

Seriously? Is that even right? Bitch would die so fast.
No. 16577 ID: acdc9b

There is a third option. We can move on, leaving Firewater alone and avoiding the Blutjaegers.
No. 16578 ID: 1afd58

Idiot. Totenkopf can take out cities alone and he's a shit load weaker than any Blutjaegar aside from Latral.

Kuhral is so far out of Firewater's league that it's just stupid.
No. 16579 ID: 67c611

Ride Raital over to Kuhral. Then have sex on the ground with Raital in front of Kuhral.
No. 16580 ID: a5d1e9

Stormplague has a problem with her. No dice.
No. 16582 ID: 6164e0

...Well, Raital can't defeat Kuhrahl without a great deal of luck, and bringing enough people to give a good chance of being able to beat her would likely destroy Firewater.

So, lets do what we always do: use diplomacy.
Lets go with a couple guards (ones who have survived a few campaigns and know when to duck, if possible) so that we appear formal, and go meet her.

But lets wear a robe or something, so when necessary we can reveal our sexy clothes to confuse her.
No. 16583 ID: bffa2a


To Raital: "Wait for me here, if I don't come back don't come looking for me. I love you, goodbye."
No. 16591 ID: 684c9b

Load up any available allies and go get her.
No. 16597 ID: f44349

"Tell her I appreciate that she's left Firewater out of our personal disputes.
Very well. Let's go Raital."
She saved our ass from THREE blutjaegers once, I'm sure she could at least whisk us away from ONE if things get bad. Plus things always go to hell eventually when we're alone.
No. 16599 ID: 684c9b

No. 16600 ID: 82167e

Something else to consider is that we might want to take this moment to make a dramatic exit - we don't want to get Kuhral into town, and we really don't need to confront her. We know what she's here for - she wants to off Raital and Mudy. She's also more powerful than us.

Our work here is done - we've united the Dark Elf Rangers against the Skullking, and they shall show up to form a giant mecha for the final battle. Time to go to the sea!
No. 16605 ID: 852e9c

We might need to go alone.

We can't risk Raital being in the middle of an extermination squad out for her REMEMBER? SHE IS BEING HUNTED BY THEM. WE CAN'T TAKE HER.

They don't know we are Latral either. We should probably go alone.
No. 16606 ID: 6164e0

...that actually might work. Her goal is us, so if we neither go to her nor wait in Firewater, she will have to pursue us. Thusly, we avoid meeting her while simultaneously sparing Firewater from her and continuing on our journey.
No. 16612 ID: 06ed79

Except there's no way Raital will let us. Even if we manage to escape she will try to follow.
No. 16614 ID: f44349

Y'know what I take that back. We could leave Firewater out of this another way...

"Tell her I appreciate that she's left Firewater out of our personal disputes.
And then tell her that I and my companions will be leaving for the Kraken Sea.
If she wants so badly to meet us she can meet us there."
No. 16616 ID: da5997

Take Raital with you. Grab as much of the Mudy-Posse as you can locate between here and where Collar-eyes leads you. Let the Darkmoons know there's an unfriendly Blutjager around, and they should take precautions.

STRUT in there, kick open the door, and find out what that fat cat-ass wants.
No. 16617 ID: 197650

Confront Kuhral
Lead her back to this room
Kill that bitch with the whole Darkmoon backing you up, or terminate the rule of this city after you just united it.

No. 16619 ID: 82167e

Whichever route we take, we absolutely need to go get Bladetree and Axebeard again - if we're going to leave, they're coming with us. Dagger and Totenkopf are staying, obviously and sadly.
No. 16635 ID: 5dd9f1

Also we should get somebody to grab her boobs.
No. 16639 ID: 9a71e2

Tell a servant to tell the high table that more of the family is apparently visiting, or do it yourself.
Head out after the servitor.
No. 16664 ID: 6164e0

...where did Reaver go?
No. 16666 ID: b2e99c

His intertron went kablooie.
He will be back soon.
No. 16667 ID: 197650

Im on the same provider he is, in the same city he is, my interbutts is fine :|
No. 16678 ID: 1b3eb5

As if we would trust the word of Satan!
No. 16682 ID: b2e99c

No. 16685 ID: 6164e0






(cue dramatic organ and choir music as a shit ton of buff as hell clerics wielding silver chainsaws that run on holy water charge)
No. 16697 ID: f44349

>He will be back soon™.

Fixed that for you.
No. 16781 ID: 961ddb
File 124884584464.jpg - (458.04KB , 999x1385 , Draculer.jpg )

Bitch, *please.*
No. 16796 ID: 6164e0

While I will not deny that influenced how I worded it,

Muscle Clerics with Silver Chainsaws fighting Satan =/= Belmont vs. Dracula
No. 16878 ID: fb5d8e
File 124886211975.png - (40.01KB , 800x600 , 801.png )

Mudy grinds his teeth.
>"Tell her I appreciate that she's left Firewater out of our personal disputes."
He tells Raital to get Axebeard and Bladetree from the VIP section and meet him outside.
No. 16880 ID: bd2eec

That seems like a bad idea, actually. Whenever we are left alone, it seems shit always goes the wrong way for us. I suggest keeping Raital with us and having a servant go fetch Axebeard and Bladetree whilst the two of us go outside.
No. 16881 ID: fb5d8e
File 124886281119.png - (62.05KB , 800x600 , 802.png )

A moment later Mudy and his companions have discretely left the gathering.
The servant leads them away from the palace.

Mudy runs the other way.
No. 16882 ID: 2dd482

This, keep Raital with us.
No. 16883 ID: a3b36a

Hopefully the servant doesn't have any abilities other than being able to see when having no eyes.
No. 16884 ID: bd2eec

Plan R for RETREAT: Super Run Away!
No. 16885 ID: fb5d8e
File 124886314653.png - (47.71KB , 800x600 , 803.png )

Before the servant can react, the party has left him in the dust.

Shortly after they arrive at the Sandworm docks to plan their escape.
No. 16886 ID: 2023c6

Do you think this is clever? Kuhral could destroy Firewater in her rage, when she sees that we're gone.
No. 16887 ID: a3b36a

The dark elves are pretty hardy. Plus, they've got several people that might be able to put up a fight while everyone else in the city runs away. ...but I dunno why Kuhral would do that, as it'd let her main quarry get even further away.
No. 16888 ID: bd2eec

wait a minute is that
It is.
Resist the urge to headbutt that fucker in the nuts and find Cheryl as fast as you can. Get to the Kraken Islands or Dorf Country.
No. 16889 ID: fb5d8e
File 124886462588.png - (58.54KB , 800x600 , 804.png )

Mudy cries out for Cheryl.

The ground rumbles as the massive creature bursts out of the sand.

No. 16890 ID: 2023c6

Make her take you far away. Dorfen lands sounds good to me.

I'll miss Tot and Dagger.
No. 16893 ID: bd2eec

We'll have to make it up to them with lavish gifts.

No. 16894 ID: bffa2a


"We need to reach Kraken sea fast, will you take us there?"
No. 16895 ID: fb5d8e
File 124886658317.png - (52.64KB , 800x600 , 805.png )

>"We need to reach Kraken sea fast, will you take us there?"
, Mudy calls out.


Cheryl already begins to move and speed up as the group climbs on in a hurry.

Mudy hears a familair voice behind him.
>"Muudyy!! Prince Muuudy!!"
No. 16896 ID: a3b36a

Stop the sandworm, if Cheryl isn't too single-minded. It might be Tot and Dagger coming along to put off their marriage until later.
No. 16897 ID: 82167e

That is either Totenkopf and Dagger or it's Calavera and someone with tits. But judging by the visible arm and the tits, it's probably Tot and Dagger.
No. 16898 ID: bffa2a


Uh oh, clean getaway ruined. Shouldn't leave without saying goodbye to them anyway.

"Tote, Darkmoon... I am sorry that I can't be able to attend your wedding but Kuhral has appeared. In order to spare the city I must flee right this moment. I wish you the very best luck and hope that we will meet again when all this is over. You have each other now and you should make the most of it. You two have been dearest friends to me, goodbye."

Or be interrupted as they board Cheryl?
No. 16902 ID: 2023c6

Let's not ruin their marriage.

"Let's go, Cheryl!"

"I'm sorry, we have to leave so soon! Don't let us get in the way of your bond!"
No. 16904 ID: fb5d8e
File 124886954944.gif - (92.95KB , 800x600 , 806.gif )

>"Tote, Darkmoon...! I am sorry that I can't be able to attend your wedding but Kuhral has appeared."
, Mudy calls back.
>"In order to spare the city I must flee right this moment! I wish you the very best luck and hope that we will meet again when all this is over! You have each other now and you should make the most of it! You two have been dearest friends to me! Goodbye!"

>"Farewell, Mudy! Thankink you for everythink!"
Darkmoon calls back, followed by Totenkopf.
>"Take good care of yourself! Farewell! Farewell!"

Mudy continues to wave as Totenkopf and Darkmoon Dagger disappear into the distance.
No. 16905 ID: 1afd58

Suggest to Raital that Mudy hopes they can be married in Firewater some day also. As soon as they are able to defeat the skullking.
No. 16906 ID: 2dd482

Turn to Raital, "So much for our date I had planned.."
No. 16907 ID: a3b36a

Bladetree: >8I
No. 16909 ID: 778cb0


Something to that effect seems appropriate to me for this situation.
No. 16910 ID: fb5d8e
File 124887056213.gif - (186.44KB , 800x600 , 807.gif )

As Cheryl continues to speed up through the immense desert, Mudy turns to Raital with a sigh.
>"So much for our date I had planned.."

Raital puts her hand on his shoulder and gently rubs it.
>"Then perhaps we can continue from this morning..?"

No. 16911 ID: 1afd58

Who did we just pass? Looked blutjaegary
No. 16912 ID: 0d30bc

Continue from this morning. Axebeard and Bladetree can deal with the shadow - It's about time they pulled their weight.
No. 16913 ID: 2023c6

I sure hope it ain't Mr. Japanese-Accent!!!

Draw weapons!
No. 16914 ID: bffa2a

Seems our move was anticipated. Assuming we noticed that better get ready to fend for our lives.
No. 16915 ID: d2ea61


Nah, that hat was pointy. It was a Blutjaeger hat.


Alternatively, remain unaware.
No. 16916 ID: fb5d8e
File 124887208535.gif - (235.49KB , 800x600 , 808.gif )

Mudy turns his head to look who they just passed.

No. 16918 ID: fb5d8e
File 124887214236.png - (39.66KB , 800x600 , 810.png )

Mudy suddenly comes down with a terrible fever. His head burns and hurts as if someone drove a sword through it.

He blacks out.

>End of chapter 27
No. 16920 ID: 13a0af

No. 16921 ID: d2ea61


Shit. Shit shit shit. Well, I guess it was inevitable. Seeing we've more or less been able to get by simply because they've not apparently bothered too much yet. And now they did. One glance and we're down already.

No. 16922 ID: d2ea61

It's moments like these that suddenly make people realize how very futile our quest is. Luhra Luhra isn't even the first heir, much less Skullking, and she knocks us out by just looking at us funny. She could probably kill everyone on the sandworm by waving her arm a bit towards us.
And yet, it must be done.
No. 16923 ID: bffa2a


Androgynous much?
No. 16924 ID: d2ea61


Goddammit. I was always under the impression that Luhra Luhra was a woman. Yeah, I'm a retard. Sorry.
No. 16930 ID: 7eda8b

An understandable mistake.
No. 16934 ID: 2cbe3e

Man. Those incredibly loyal subject of yours... weren't.
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