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File 126973692198.png - (87.66KB , 701x683 , 01-start.png )
153225 No. 153225 ID: 0576eb


Hello, dear reader. This is my first quest. I have decided to call it "MintQuest". I hope you will enjoy it.

The little guy on the left explaining what's going on is kind of my avatar, you could say. He won't take any part in the quest. To begin, simply read the very small insight of Mint's life and you will be good to post after the next picture which will set us up inside of her school.

Enjoy yourself, for I know I will.
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No. 153228 ID: 0576eb
File 126973705871.png - (38.09KB , 701x683 , 02-mint classroom.png )

It's currently lunch time. The class is empty, everyone has already left to eat and play until 1 PM. Mint is still inside because she was spaced out, looking through the window earlier. Now she got her school bag on and ready to go.
No. 153229 ID: 8ecfd4

Pick up the note on the desk and read it.
No. 153230 ID: f43c35

Read the note on the desk, and then carefully climb out of the window. No-one will expect such a thing!
No. 153231 ID: 6550ad

You kinda look like Tom. So read the note and hug yourself. That'll do it.
No. 153234 ID: 3cbbfe

Take a look at the note, and tell us what's in your backpack.
No. 153248 ID: 0576eb
File 126973878925.png - (43.00KB , 701x683 , 03-mint classroom.png )

The note on the desk is actually the class' schedule. Since Mint already has that, it's useless to take another.

The building is not very tall, so Mint could probably walk out by the window. It would actually be different than usual; so, fun. She tries to open it, but it's locked shut.

In Mint's backpack, there is her school stuff. Three pencils; one being a pen, a few binders along with some blank sheets of paper. There's also her MP3 player and her cell phone. Nothing strange there.
No. 153249 ID: 632862

Go out the door, then.
No. 153250 ID: 8ecfd4

Go get some lunch then. Food is important.
No. 153252 ID: bc1727

Is that a light switch by the door?
No. 153253 ID: 3cbbfe

Take out your cel phone and give David a call. See what he's doing for lunch!
No. 153269 ID: 0576eb
File 126974145997.png - (41.00KB , 701x683 , 04-mint classroom.png )

That is a light switch. It's currently turned off since it's the day and the classroom doesn't need to be lit. There was a flaw when it was fixed to the wall and now when it's in the On position, it actually is Off.

Mint decides to go get herself some food then. And while she's at it, why not eat with her best friend? She takes the cellphone from her bag and opens it. She dials the number while she walks to the door. Soon, David answers.

"Hello, Mint." He says. "What's up?"
Mint asks him about lunch, to which he replies, in a very excited tone: "Today I'm going to eat in the computer lab. I've got a very cool online virtual game and I can't wait to test it."

Mint ponders if she should join him or not. Guys and their games... While she thinks about it, she reaches for the door knob. Surprisingly, the door is locked. Wait, that's not the classroom's door. There's no window and you can't lock it from outside, but it's the only door in sight.
No. 153271 ID: 1ac39d

turn the camera around so we can see the forth wall.
No. 153278 ID: 23ebea

Here we see a picture of a young girl, as content and carefree as any other, with little conflict showing on her brow. A locked door is nothing, you might think. A barred entryway to what lies beyond. But soon Mint will find that it is only the beginning of terror as she finds a way past this obstacle... and into the Twilight Zone.
No. 153280 ID: 34470e

Get a piece of chalk and write "You Just Lost The Game" on the chalkboard.
No. 153283 ID: 3cbbfe

>Wait, that's not the classroom's door. There's no window and you can't lock it from outside,
Pardon? I'm not quite sure what you mean.

Let's see if there is anything on the far wall. Also, check the desk; there might be a key for the door inside.
No. 153285 ID: bc1727


He means there is no window "On the door". You know how most schools have windowed doors so you can see what's going on outside (or inside the classroom).

So yeah, show us the 4th wall. If there is nothing there, bang on the door and yell for help.
No. 153314 ID: 0576eb
File 12697463496.png - (37.90KB , 701x683 , 05-mint classroom.png )

Mint decides to take a second glance on the far wall.
No. 153315 ID: 0576eb
File 126974637775.png - (38.23KB , 701x683 , 06-mint classroom.png )

No. 153316 ID: 3cbbfe

/me waves back?
No. 153317 ID: 632862

Well? What is it?
No. 153318 ID: bc1727

What? WHAT?
No. 153319 ID: 0576eb
File 126974649180.png - (37.06KB , 701x683 , 07-4th wall.png )

... ...?!?!
No. 153320 ID: 0576eb
File 126974650121.png - (30.63KB , 701x683 , 08-mint bed.png )

No. 153321 ID: bc1727

Huvva-wha? Are these familiar surroundings?
No. 153323 ID: 3cbbfe

Good... morning? Evening?

Where are you now? What happened to the school? What's going on?
No. 153324 ID: 0576eb
File 126974703275.png - (30.18KB , 701x683 , 09-mint bed.png )

At first glance, the room seems dark. Mint blinks a couple of times, and soon, she remembers. Oh... That was a dream. She remembers now. She no longer studies at Carolyna Highschool. Right now, it's her sixth... no, seventh... actually, she doesn't know for how long she has been there. It has not been for very long, though. She only slept about six times ever since she was brought there. By who? Why? That, she has no idea. All she knows is that she is in an almost empty room with a single door. Sometimes when she wakes up, there is food nearby. This time, there is not. It feels like a prison.
No. 153326 ID: 23ebea

This is no <i>good</i> morning, I assure you.
No. 153328 ID: bc1727

Sixth or seventh what? Inventory check! Do we have anything?
No. 153333 ID: 3cbbfe

Give the room a once over.

What are you holding?
What are you wearing?
What is in the room, beyond the bed and door?
What in is the bed?
What is under the bed?

When was the last time you remember seeing David?
No. 153334 ID: 632862

Can you open the door?
No. 153345 ID: 0576eb
File 126974979172.png - (43.08KB , 701x683 , 10-mint prison.png )

Mint has already tried multiple times. The knob just refuses to move. There's no lock or anything either, which makes the task of escaping quite harder.

'What are you holding?'
Mint is holding the bedsheets. At least there were some on this crudely fabricated bed.

'What are you wearing?'
Mint is wearing her usual clothes. After all, she had nothing else to put on while in here, so she kept her shirt and skirt.

'What is in the room, beyond the bed and door?'
There is not much else beyond those. Sometimes there is food, wrapped in plastic wrap. Now that she looks around the room another time, she actually notices a little hole on the other side of the room. Some water trickles down.

'What in is the bed?'
The bed is made of durable metal bars, upon which lies a very thin layer of bed sheets. The thickest one is below another, allowing Mint to not hurt her back when she sleeps. The pillow is just an ordinary pillow.

'What is under the bed?'
There was nothing the last time Mint checked, but she had noticed some corrosion in the metal bars a few days ago. Now, a part of it easily comes loose and she can carry it around now. Under the bed, there's also her hidden stash of plastic wraps that she kept after each meal.

'When was the last time you remember seeing David?'
She doesn't know exactly how long it has been. She estimates the time of her capture to be one week ago. To her knowledge, David is still alive and studying at Carolyna Highschool.

Sixth or seventh day. As for her inventory, she has plastic wraps along with a broken metal tube she just got.
No. 153346 ID: 632862

Investigate the hole.
No. 153349 ID: 3cbbfe

What is on the 4th wall this time?
No. 153352 ID: 2eac65

How exactly were you captured?

Have you looked between all the bedsheets? What about under the pillow?
No. 153357 ID: 0576eb
File 126975113271.png - (20.94KB , 701x683 , 11-prison 4th.png )

There is absolutely nothing. Mint only sees darkness before her. Her eyes allow her to see the empty wall nonetheless.

The hole is much darker than the darkness that fills this room. She can't see or hear anything, even though water is clearly trickling down the hole and onto the floor, slowly. Very slowly. Maybe that's why she can't hear the sound of water.

Mint woke up in this bed after drifting off to sleep in her bedroom. She has no idea what happened that got her there. The first days she yelled for help, but nothing happened and she gave up afterward. She spent the other half of the time searching the room over and over, including the bed, and nothing useful could have been found. She did not notice the hole beforehand, though.
No. 153359 ID: 0576eb
File 126975132594.png - (24.15KB , 701x683 , 11-zpause.png )

No. 153360 ID: 701a19

That's because it's new.
What are the walls made of? Try stabbing them with the metal spike to find out.
No. 153361 ID: 1ac39d

knock loudly on the door then hide next to it so anyone looking in can't see you. get a plastic wrap ready, and when they come in to check leap on their back and put the plastic over their face and suffocate them.
No. 153362 ID: 3cbbfe

There seems to be a slot on the door. Do you have some way of opening it, or looking out?

Have you had the dream of being locked in the Carolyna classroom before? Was it the same, or were there any changes this time?
No. 153379 ID: 632862

Stick your hand in the hole. Drink some of the water.
No. 153606 ID: 0576eb
File 126978473067.png - (28.79KB , 701x683 , 12-mint prison.png )

Mint could never do this with her young figure. She had seen enough movies to know kidnappers are buff and strong, she'd stand no chance. She had already knocked on the door before, and nobody answered. Before she tries again, though, she wishes to look at the new hole first.

As far as Mint knows, this water probably runs over a long distance. She looks at the water carefully. She can pick up a strange smell that usually does not belong in water.

The walls look pretty much made of a very bland stone blend. They look a little like bricks, but stronger, and the blend is so well-made that from afar it doesn't look like there's bricks at all.

Mint doesn't recall this dream anytime before. Usually to have dreams she thinks about good stuff like cakes so she doesn't have nightmares. This time, it did not work it seems.

As for the door...
No. 153607 ID: 0576eb
File 126978478415.png - (29.20KB , 701x683 , 12-smint prison.png )

Mint takes a peek through the little opening, which seems to be placed there for air. It's very small, Mint could fit her hand through it, but that's all. She can't turn the knob either, it looks stuck.
No. 153608 ID: 0576eb
File 126978479394.png - (8.31KB , 701x683 , 12-zdoor view.png )

No. 153611 ID: bf49dc

Uh oh... Wave hi.
No. 153612 ID: 701a19

Shout "Hello! Can you hear me?"
No. 153615 ID: 0576eb

Mint waves, but there is no answer. She can't see anything else in the room other than that either. The word "Hi" seems to be engraved in the wall. Speaking doesn't yield new results either. Mint's voice echoes through the room, but nothing happens. When she tries to listen to see if there is any answer, she can hear the very faint sound of metal clank. It's very faint though, probably comes from another room.
No. 153616 ID: bf49dc

Stand on your tiptoes, can you see any more of the figure?
No. 153621 ID: 701a19

Try to use your third eye to look around the room.
Then try closing your eyes and using your spirit vision to look around the room.
Then try using your Psychokinesis to knock the door down.
Then try hypnotizing the guards to open the door.
No. 153622 ID: 8ecfd4

That's odd. Try to move your bed over to the door so you can get a better view.
No. 153624 ID: 0576eb
File 126978615546.png - (8.42KB , 701x683 , 13-door view.png )

The bed is stuck to the floor. When she first awoke she felt fear and tried to block the door so she could be alone. The bed didn't move.

Mint doesn't have any psychic powers. She doesn't believe in the supernatural either, she has read enough to know what is reality and what is fantasy. Magic and spirits? Nonsense!

No. 153625 ID: 1ac39d

if spirits don't exist, then who are we?
No. 153628 ID: bc1727

Say something and see if there is any movement or response.
No. 153631 ID: 8ecfd4

Move the bed over then to get a better field of vision.
No. 153632 ID: 701a19

Try to use the metal fragment to dig into the wall, both right next to the door and near the water-spewing hole.
No. 153633 ID: bf49dc

Look in the water hole.
No. 153645 ID: 0576eb
File 126978883690.png - (29.58KB , 701x683 , 14-mint prison.png )

Probably Mint's little voices in her head that suggest possibilities of action.

Mint already tried both, and none of them worked.

The metal fragment is actually not that sharp. It's empty too, almost like a little cylindrical container, but nothing can be stored in it since it is open on both sides.

Mint bends down to look in the water hole once again, only to see darkness. However, a finger touches the water already dripped down this time and she suddenly pulls back. It burned, as if it was acid. She sits down against the wall to rub her hand slowly to make the pain go away.
No. 153647 ID: bc1727

Look at door.
No. 153648 ID: 1ac39d

what's that light?
No. 153649 ID: 73d42c

Are the hinges for the door on your side?
No. 153657 ID: 0576eb
File 126979048135.png - (31.51KB , 701x683 , 15-light door.png )

The door has no visible hinges. They probably are on the other side.

What light? Oh! Someone must have lit up the other room. Well, then...
No. 153658 ID: 0576eb
File 126979050032.png - (10.01KB , 701x683 , 15-wut.png )

Let's take a peek.
No. 153660 ID: 73d42c

That does not look good. What is he doing to the bunny person?

I don't think attracting his attention right now is a good idea. Watch and see what happens.
No. 153662 ID: 701a19

Wrap some plastic on the flat end of the metal tube to form a seal.
Use the metal fragment jar to collect some of the acid.
Pour the acid into door's lock and the view slot.
No. 153663 ID: bf49dc

Not the view slot, not attracting attention is a plus right now.
No. 153667 ID: 0576eb
File 126979233149.png - (10.11KB , 701x683 , 16-awut.png )

Mint can't see what he did to the bunny person, but as she waits to see what happens, the tall and strong-looking figure walks away to the right. Soon the sound of a door closing is heard.
No. 153668 ID: 0576eb
File 126979240842.png - (30.08KB , 701x683 , 16-mint acidknob.png )

Using her PLASTIC WRAP and the METAL TUBE, she fabricates a very crude SMALL CYLINDRICAL CONTAINER! Using it quickly, she gathers the acid and let it drip around the knob. There's no lock, so she pours it on the base.
No. 153669 ID: 0576eb
File 126979248559.png - (29.82KB , 701x683 , 16-mint noknob.png )

Victory! The knob comes loose, and a new ray of light comes from the other side, indicating that the knob on the other side also came loose. Sadly, the container consumed itself in the process, along with the many plastic wraps (only one couldn't have be sufficient to hold the acid) but she probably could open the door now.
No. 153670 ID: bf49dc

Look through the opening again, check to see if there's anyone else.
No. 153671 ID: 73d42c

Open door, examine new room
No. 153672 ID: 8ecfd4

Carefully open the door just enough so that you can see into the other room.
No. 153673 ID: 701a19

Pick up the knob and the remnants of the shard and wipe them off on the bed.
Then open the door and look outside.
No. 153675 ID: 1ac39d

also cover your mouth so you don't scream.
No. 153676 ID: 73d42c

Wrap one of the bedsheets around yourself like a toga.
No. 153681 ID: bc1727

I hate to say this, but taking a sheet and pillow case might not be a bad idea before leaving. a Makeshift container and extra cloth couldn't possibly hurt, considering you have an empty inventory now.

Loot room, then go through door, be ready to run!
No. 153687 ID: 0576eb
File 12697946578.png - (31.94KB , 701x683 , 17-door open.png )

She quickly loots what she can, happy to finally get out of this room. Now she has a PILLOW CASE and a BEDSHEET.

She looks again, nobody except the bunny guy. That's good. She opens the door slightly, to see outside.

Mint doesn't feel much cold right now, so she doesn't need to, but when she will feel cold she will wrap the bedsheet around herself.

(Note: The thickest bedsheet is still on the bed as it is too big to carry around, and the pillow without the case is still there too, since it would overburden her.)
No. 153689 ID: 0576eb
File 126979471643.png - (13.64KB , 701x683 , 17-other room.png )

Forgot to say she also has a DOOR KNOB.

She takes a little while to get her eyes used to the light. After all, earlier there was only a little slot so she was okay.
No. 153690 ID: 0576eb
File 126979474453.png - (74.74KB , 701x683 , 17-real room.png )

No. 153691 ID: 0576eb
File 126979477890.png - (33.11KB , 701x683 , 17-scared.png )

Scared shitless, Mint heads back in her room after dropping the items clumsily, breathing heavily and keeping herself from screaming.
No. 153695 ID: bc1727

Get back in there. There is only one way out and it's not through staying in this room.
No. 153697 ID: 701a19

Take a moment to compose yourself, then go back out there and collect your items.
Then take a look at the wedge.
Then head to the left.
No. 153698 ID: 8ecfd4

That's odd. How is the torso staying up like that with straight arms? Whoever did it must have spiked it to the wall as well but there is no visible spike. Must be one on the back that is probably inserted into the skull to keep the torso up.

Anyway, scary room confirmed. But it's also the only one with doors in it so Minty is going to have to go back in there and test those doors.
No. 153699 ID: 1ac39d

now you HAVE to get out or you may be next. jam that thingy on the floor under the door to the right then exit left.
No. 153700 ID: 0576eb
File 126979516023.png - (70.70KB , 701x683 , 17-zpause.png )

No. 153702 ID: 73d42c

Okay, take a deep breath and go back in. We won't get anywhere hiding in this room.

Pick back up the Bedsheet, Pillow Case, and Door Knob. You'll also want to examine the triangular thing to the right.

What is going on with the two doors?
No. 153703 ID: 701a19

That won't do anything if that door opens outward.
At this point we want people to not know she's missing, which means closing the cell door behind her and not touching anything in other rooms.
No. 153705 ID: 73d42c

(Just a note to self for later, but 1100100000 binary = 800 base ten.)
No. 153835 ID: 0576eb
File 126981800668.png - (70.76KB , 701x683 , 18-next room.png )

Mint re-enters the room after taking a breather and composing herself. It's not a simple dead body which is half missing that will scare her... She's only a teenager! And she saw a dead body with blood pouring out of it!

Upon closer inspection of the room, and after getting her DOOR KNOBs, PILLOW CASE and BEDSHEET back, she notices the blood is actually dry. It has been some time since this bunny died. The door on the left is a sliding door that is not fully closed. The door on the left has some very thin planks nailed over. The object on the ground is a little case, oddly shaped for sure, but a little case nonetheless. Mint wonders what it could contain. It looks made of wood.

Mint's Sanity Level: Mild
No. 153839 ID: 0576eb

Sorry, corrections, door on the RIGHT has thin planks over it.
No. 153841 ID: bc1727

Can you open it?
No. 153846 ID: 73d42c

Strange. Check the contents of the case, then.

Does it look like you could take the case with you?
No. 153852 ID: 8ecfd4

Open case. Prepare for cut off penises.
No. 153875 ID: 0576eb

The case is stuck to the floor. It looks like some sort of strong, very strong substance is holding it there. It cannot be opened, as well, since there's a little lock only visible from above or the other side onto it. Mint has never seen a key that could fit on there.
No. 153883 ID: 0576eb
File 126981954927.png - (76.07KB , 701x683 , 19-wooden case.png )

My bad, it's actually this lock. I should check the details before posting.
No. 153889 ID: 8ecfd4

Forget about the case for now then. Check out whats behind the door to the left.
No. 153904 ID: 73d42c

Test the planks on the right hand door. How strong are they? How strong are they nailed into the wall?
No. 153930 ID: 0576eb
File 126982056389.png - (71.31KB , 701x683 , 20-doors.png )

After a quick look through the left door which reveals that room to be some sort of dining room, Mint tests how hard the planks are nailed. They are indeed small, but they are nailed hard, and without a hammer or a MANLY PHYSIQUE, she won't be able to take them down. She begins to dismiss the possibility of the tough-looking dude leaving through this door considering how blocked it is; but then again when he left, he definitively left on that side.
No. 153934 ID: bc1727

Peek through the left most door.
No. 153937 ID: 8ecfd4

Peek through the other door.

And do some push ups to get a more manly physique.
No. 153938 ID: 73d42c

Examine dining room from doorway before entering.
No. 153962 ID: 0576eb
File 126982171375.png - (13.80KB , 701x683 , 21-food room.png )

Why not? Mint decides to look through the opening while doing push-ups. Might as well occupy that time while being cautious.
No. 153963 ID: 8ecfd4

Looks like a caffeteria. Open the door wider and see if you can recognize it.
No. 153965 ID: bc1727

Slowly open door to keep it from squeaking or anything.
No. 153971 ID: 73d42c

Quietly open the door and look around the room. See if anyone else is there.
No. 154260 ID: 60477c

get the other doorknob, put them both in the pillow case. you now have a bludgeon.
No. 154619 ID: 0576eb
File 126986089354.png - (75.42KB , 701x683 , 22-weapon.png )

Mint decides to make herself a weapon first so she can defend herself in case anything happens. She takes the other door knob and stuffs both inside of the pillow case. It is too large to be wrapped tight around and used as a stick, but she can swing that cloth around with the two knobs inside, making a PILLOW FLAIL. Then she checks the left room once again and prepares herself to enter it.
No. 154627 ID: bde1b8

Well, see if you can't pillow flail at the wooden planks on the right door. Maybe we can open it!
No. 154633 ID: 7c9e49

I don't think attracting a lot of noisy attention to ourselves at this point is such a good idea. I vote for exploring the cafeteria further.
No. 154792 ID: 0576eb
File 126988653019.png - (72.58KB , 701x683 , 23-mint angry.png )

Mint checks if she can, but she doubt she could do it. After all, even if she didn't mind making noises, such an impact could potentially tear the cloth and destroy her PILLOW FLAIL. She likes the odd weapon, so unless it is absolutely necessary, she won't use it.

Speaking of absolutely necessary, now she prepares herself to enter. She checked first and there was still no sign of life, but in case someone is hiding, she readies her PILLOW FLAIL.
No. 154794 ID: 0576eb
File 126988657039.png - (60.27KB , 701x683 , 23-zcafeteria.png )

Well, that proved to not be useful. There is absolutely no one in the cafeteria and a dead silence reigns in the air.
No. 154795 ID: bf49dc

Aaaand open
No. 154796 ID: 8ecfd4

While bursting through the door would be more dramatically approrpiate the situation demands stealth. Caustiosly open the door and enter the new room. Prepare for it being your normal school cafeteria.
No. 154799 ID: 8ecfd4

Check the kitchen. Upgrade from pillow flail to hefty knife.
No. 154800 ID: 701a19

Check the kitchen
No. 154812 ID: abf2ca

Look around the cafeteria throughly. Is there anything beyone tables and chairs? I notice one of the chairs in knocked over.

Check to see if the water cooler is amused.

Check the signs/posters on the wall. What are they? Is there anything that gives the date or location you are at?

What time is it? Is the clock working?
No. 154820 ID: 0576eb
File 126988964727.png - (61.41KB , 701x683 , 24-before.png )

>Is there anything beyone tables and chairs?
It doesn't seem so. Or if there is, then it is hidden.

>Check to see if the water cooler is amused.
The water cooler is barely amused.

>What are they? Is there anything that gives the date or location you are at?
The poster on the wall is the menu from before. It gives the date, March 29th, along with some food orders we can get here. The list isn't very long.

>What time is it? Is the clock working?
The clock seems to be stuck at 8:00.
No. 154823 ID: 0576eb
File 126988970835.png - (24.55KB , 701x683 , 24-kitchen.png )

Mint decides to take a look in the kitchen. She goes cautiously as before and peers inside, however, right now, all there is that contain things is a cupboard and a fridge. The cupboard is open and there is nothing inside.
No. 154824 ID: 0576eb
File 126988974475.png - (59.15KB , 701x683 , 24-peek.png )

No. 154826 ID: abf2ca

Just a quick check: assuming you have been gone for 7 days, is March 29th the correct date? Also,

Hide in kitchen!
No. 154829 ID: 8ecfd4

Step into the kitchen and hide to the left of the door. Transform pillow flail into pillow garrote and be prepared to use it if anyone walks through the door.
No. 154834 ID: bc1727
File 126989145653.png - (74.36KB , 701x683 , 126988653019.png )

Check this when you get the chance. Obvious note is obvious.
No. 154842 ID: 0576eb
File 126989469699.png - (27.95KB , 701x683 , 25-kitchen.png )

>Just a quick check: assuming you have been gone for 7 days, is March 29th the correct date?
Mint doesn't remember what day it was when she last slept at home. She knows there was still snow, so that board might be wrong; but snow often stays late in march, so it might not be wrong either.

She steps inside of the kitchen and hides against the wall. Footsteps are heard outside but nobody is walking inside. A little peek confirms that whoever was coming in the room from whatever direction entered the room with the dead bunny.

Now that she thinks about it, there was something odd about that. She will check it next time she can.
No. 154843 ID: 8ecfd4

Go check out the fridge and brace for mind fuckery.
No. 154849 ID: 0576eb
File 126989613319.png - (29.51KB , 701x683 , 26-fridge.png )

Mind fuckery? There's nothing in the fridge, at least that we can see right now.
No. 154850 ID: 0576eb

As a side-note

Mint's Sanity Level: High
No. 154851 ID: 8ecfd4

Go up to the next floor then where the guy came down from.
No. 154852 ID: 701a19

Even in the freezer?
No. 154853 ID: abf2ca

Are there any other cupboards in the kitchen?

For that matter, where the heck did the other guy go? He went into what is effectively a dead end, and hasn't sounded an alarm despite your cell being open. Prepare PILLOW FLAIL, and check the cafeteria and previous rooms.
No. 154856 ID: 0576eb
File 12698972586.png - (28.83KB , 701x683 , 27-fridge.png )

>Even in the freezer?
Even in the freezer.

>Go up to the next floor then where the guy came down from.
Mint ponders this possibility, but she is also curious about >>154853 >where the heck did the other guy go?
No. 154858 ID: 0576eb
File 126989730544.png - (60.19KB , 701x683 , 27-zcafeteria.png )

She checks the cafeteria. Nothing new here, apart from the sliding door being closed. She can hear some little quiet sound on the other side... kind of like someone humming a little tune.
No. 154859 ID: 8ecfd4

Hmmm, place door knob in the middle of the pillow, then twist the corners of it and create a pillow garrote.

Lets not disturb him while he's cheerfully humming in the same room as a bisected corpse. Lets check out the upper floor instead.
No. 154860 ID: abf2ca

Agreed on checking the upper floor. Also, is that clock moving backwards?
No. 154863 ID: 2eac65

The minute hand twitched slightly.

Go back and check those drawers at the bottom of the fridge. If they're empty, close the refrigerator doors on the way out, but leave the cupboard open. Also, look in the sink.
No. 154908 ID: 0576eb
File 12699002502.png - (40.56KB , 701x683 , 28-yay.png )

Mint is still intrigued by the fridge since it hadn't been fully explored before. To her surprise, in one of the containers there is an ODD KEY! The other is empty. As for the sink, there is a tap for water, but there is no way to get some flowing: the controls are missing. It looks like someone pulled hard on them and ripped them off.
No. 154919 ID: bc1727

Check on the status of the musical man.
No. 154929 ID: abf2ca

Close the refrigerator back up, then make sure the cafeteria is still clear.
No. 154936 ID: 0576eb
File 126990273948.png - (60.49KB , 701x683 , 29-peer.png )

Upon noticing that the cafeteria is still clear, she opens the door just a little, juuuust a little to check on the man. He's apparently crouching down and fixing some tape on a note on the wall. There's also a bunny guy near him, watching him fix it.
No. 154946 ID: bc1727

Something is seriously wrong with this picture...Go up the G-17F stairs. Your only other obvious path is blocked.
No. 154960 ID: abf2ca

Agreed. It must be obvious that you're out, but he's casually taping something to the wall? Let's put as much distance from the two as possible, at least until we have a better idea of what is going on.

Upstairs, and keep your eyes open for a place to hide.
No. 154966 ID: 2eac65

You did remember to close the refrigerator, right? If so, look around the stairwell. Don't go up just yet. There might be a place to hide there.
No. 155066 ID: 0576eb
File 12699187454.png - (66.44KB , 701x683 , 30-ohmy.png )

Mint decides to let the two guys alone for now. She peers around the corner and notices the staircase is really small in width. Nowhere to hide. Making her way quickly up the stairs, she finds herself in a new room which apparently only has this door as an exit. The staircase was really long to ascend, even if she did such quickly.
No. 155070 ID: 34470e

Enter and close the door as quietly as you can.
No. 155074 ID: e8b6dd

Enter and hide behind the open door.

Wave at the bunny person behind the glass.
No. 155081 ID: 0576eb
File 126992021483.png - (68.49KB , 701x683 , 31-david questionmark.png )

Mint hides behind the door, noticing a lot of interesting things about this room. She remembers that bunny guy from somewhere... her memory is a little jogged... A wave was given in his general direction, but he seems asleep. She closes the door after she discovers that the handle can be locked from this side, locking it, and thus giving her an invincible hideout to hide in.
No. 155082 ID: 0576eb
File 12699202288.png - (87.83KB , 701x683 , 31-paused.png )

No. 155267 ID: 701a19

Move so we can see the pattern on the door. While you're at it, push the buttons in the sequence shown on your left.
No. 155270 ID: 0576eb
File 126994648481.png - (68.07KB , 701x683 , 32-buttons.png )

Mint moves over and presses the buttons in the order shown by the middle diagram. Nothing happens. She then steps back a little to consider this puzzle. There are two diagrams with different button pressing orders, and four buttons that are real.
No. 155271 ID: 701a19

Blue, red, yellow, gray.
No. 155272 ID: 34470e

Yellow, red, blue, white.
No. 155277 ID: 0576eb
File 126994709368.png - (67.01KB , 701x683 , 33-more buttons.png )

She tries both combinations. Then she tries other combinations, all at random, that don't work. Yellow, blue, gray, red; red, blue, gray, yellow; yellow, yellow, blue, blue, red, red, gray, gray. Nothing works. Meanwhile, the bunny guy there seems to be awakening.
No. 155278 ID: 34470e

Greet the bunny.
No. 155280 ID: 1ac39d

yellow blue red grey. seriously, it's so obvious.
No. 155335 ID: bde1b8

Well let's pull that lever that says "No" and set it to "Yes," and then try again.

Also say hi to David, even if that's not his name.
No. 155341 ID: 2eac65

Pulling levers without knowing what they do strikes me as a bad idea.
No. 155342 ID: bde1b8

So was hitting random buttons on a wall, and we've been doing that for a while now. A lever won't be any more dangerous than the buttons were.
No. 155350 ID: 2eac65

And we were lucky enough not to trigger anything dangerous. Let's at least ask the bunny kid if he knows anything about it.

Remember Tom? If we hadn't used caution back then, we might have electrocuted or gassed him.
No. 155357 ID: 183dc4

Talk to the bunny before pressing any buttons.
No. 155385 ID: 0e8ca6

Stop pressing puttons and pulling levels. Greet the bunny person and ask his name.

While we're on the subject, would he happen to remind you of your BEST FRIEND David, by chance?
No. 155438 ID: 0576eb
File 126998212293.png - (65.76KB , 701x683 , 34-david awake.png )

Mint notices the male wakes up. He reminds her of someone, but she's not quite sure. Of course, she saw the name David up there, and he indeed was a bunny. It might be him... So she waved at him. He replies with a wave. Seems friendly enough. She is still curious about those buttons and the lever, but she's unsure what to do with them, so she lets them off for now. "David?" She names him. He blinks, surprised. "How did you know my name?" Even though I can somehow recognise him, he does not seem to recognise me. It's a good thing there are these holes in the glass, that way we can speak through, though they are too small to for either of us to reach to the other side.
No. 155439 ID: bf49dc

Tell him it's on the door. Ask him where this place is.

Is your head bleeding?
No. 155443 ID: 0e8ca6

What? You're not sure if this is your best friend? Mint, do you even know what your best friend looks like?

Anyways, tell David that his name is written on the door. Ask him if knows where the two of you are. Also, ask about the buttons and lever.
No. 155459 ID: 0576eb
File 126998522847.png - (60.77KB , 701x683 , 35-mint ponders.png )

He kind of looks like David, but he's different. After Mint was kidnapped, he probably changed a bit or something, having lost his best friend. That's how things go. The bunny downstairs definitively looked like him too, that is why she was a bit surprised when she talked to him earlier.
No. 155461 ID: 0576eb
File 126998529348.png - (64.03KB , 701x683 , 35-zlittle chat.png )

None of their heads are bleeding. They don't look crazy either. Mint asks him about the lever and buttons, but he says he doesn't know what they are for. He woke here about a day ago and now he's a bit lost: he has no idea where he is either.
No. 155462 ID: 0576eb
File 126998533615.png - (64.74KB , 701x683 , 35-zwait what.png )

While David explains that he hadn't seen his name on the door before, there were heavy steps heard from above them.
No. 155463 ID: 34470e

Ask him what he knows about the things on his side.
No. 155464 ID: bc1727

The power of love will propel you upwards! FLY.

Or just pull that lever and see what happens.
No. 155467 ID: 0e8ca6

Move to the corner next to the door, so that anyone from above won't notice you immediately. Listen and try to make out voices.
No. 155477 ID: 0576eb
File 126998672081.png - (70.34KB , 701x683 , 36-fall.png )

Before Mint has even time to do anything, something falls into the water from the hole in the roof. She only has a glimpse of the thing. It looked round, as if it was curled up. The water, oddly, did not splash.
No. 155482 ID: 34470e

Okay, NOW ask him what the things are.
No. 155485 ID: 1ac39d

if the water didn't splash then the water or the thing were not real.
No. 155486 ID: 0e8ca6

Is it... floating? Did it sink to the bottom? Ask David to check the pool to see if he can see the thing.

Also, check if you can see anything about the floor above from where you are standing.
No. 155505 ID: 0576eb
File 126998824982.png - (50.45KB , 701x683 , 37-nothing.png )

David nods and heads close to the pool cautiously. The thing sank down: it looks endlessly filled with water. However, he can notice it slowly getting back to the top of the water hole. He still has no clue what the lever and buttons do.

As for Mint, she moves over as well to look up at the hole in the ceiling. She doesn't see much of the room above except a calendar that says the date is March 30th. The fact Mint moved as well reassures David somewhat; he seems at ease when there's someone with him, even if they are separated.
No. 155507 ID: 34470e

What about the two items on David's side? What are they?
No. 155508 ID: 0e8ca6

I, uh, don't think that's a good sign. Don't freak out, though.

Ask him about the rest of his side of the room. It looks like he has a glass, plate, and some kind of hatch behind him. What does that do? Does he know of anything else in the room?

While he's doing that, let's examine that key from the refrigerator.
No. 155510 ID: 0e8ca6

Also ask him to keep an eye on the thing in the water. We may need to move quickly if it is hostile.
No. 155514 ID: 0576eb
File 126998968823.png - (51.70KB , 701x683 , 38-bnothing.png )

Mint quickly asks him what the chute is for. He says it's for food, and before it comes, usually a little rock drops down to announce it. The plate and glass were in this room when he woke up, probably to take water when thirsty or catch the food as it comes down.

Mint also quickly looks over the key she found earlier. It looks like it could fit in the locker from the second room, if only she could get back there now.

Mint doesn't freak out.
No. 155515 ID: 0576eb
File 126998970326.png - (52.97KB , 701x683 , 38-nothing.png )

No. 155516 ID: 0e8ca6

Position thyself by the lever. The buttons didn't seem to work last time. I have the feeling we will need to get David out of there quicking sometime soon.
No. 155522 ID: 632862

Get over to the lever and be ready to pull it in case the thing in the water tries something.

Or you could push the buttons in the order of red-blue-yellow-grey. Because adding up the numbers, that's 3-4-5-8.
No. 155525 ID: 482f1b

Ruby and Tom what the fuck are you doing here
No. 155531 ID: 0e8ca6

We also haven't tried the obvious red-yellow-blue-grey.

On another thought, the 1100100000 from the earlier room. That could be 11 00 10 00 00, or 30200: or 34244 if we're cycling. That's a bit of a stretch, though.
No. 155532 ID: 632862

why is that obvious? I really don't see why.
No. 155535 ID: 0e8ca6
File 126999247369.png - (62.62KB , 701x683 , 1001.png )

Has not been tried yet.
No. 155539 ID: 632862

We've tried both codes.
No. 155540 ID: 0576eb
File 126999289940.png - (60.03KB , 701x683 , 39-AAAA.png )

As the THING walks out of the water, it actually is the buffed up man from earlier. He leaves a trail of water behind him. Mint hurries over to the button and tries this sequence, which makes a click sound and something appears on the lever. David obviously freaks out more than Mint, even though Mint's Sanity Level has lowered to mild, and he falls back against the far wall in a vain attempt to get away from the THING.
No. 155542 ID: 0e8ca6

PULL LEVER. Quickly.
No. 155546 ID: 0576eb
File 126999388847.png - (64.11KB , 701x683 , 40-lever.png )

Mint hurries over to the lever to pull it...
No. 155547 ID: 0576eb
File 126999390617.png - (73.07KB , 701x683 , 40-plectricity.png )

Electricity crackles behind the glass...
No. 155548 ID: 0576eb
File 126999392099.png - (60.01KB , 701x683 , 40-whew.png )

And a loud thump is heard.
No. 155551 ID: 0e8ca6

Well, that certainly explains the electricity symbol on the level. What kind of sick freaks stick an electrified swimming pool is a jail cell?

Make sure David is alright, and ask him if he's prefer you leave the switch on, or turn it off.
No. 155552 ID: 1ac39d

flip it on and off a few times. then leave it off and try to calm him down.
No. 155561 ID: 0576eb
File 126999517782.png - (62.24KB , 701x683 , 41-sanity.png )

Mint flips the switch a few times, that way she makes sure the man is dead. David rises up afterward, a look of fear still on his face, but he rises up either way. Mint asks him about the lever: he prefers it ON. He wishes to have a better look at the man too. Mint presses her hands on the glass while she watches him hug himself, helpless to comfort him much. He has to make sure the man won't rise up so he can calm down.
No. 155563 ID: 1ac39d

oh god! another symbol appeared. it may have one shows up every time someone dies in a room.
No. 155567 ID: 0e8ca6

Let David know you are happy he is safe, but you aren't sure how to free him right now. You need to check on some of the other rooms first.

Unless anyone else has any better ideas, arm yourself with the Pillow Flail and head back downstairs. This was the only room on this floor, correct?
No. 155578 ID: 0576eb
File 12699970045.png - (57.73KB , 701x683 , 42-heading away.png )

Mint heads to the door so she can check the other rooms once again. David moves over to the body and looks down at it, giving a little shiver of fear as he sees the man closer. He nods as Mint tells him she has to go check the other rooms so she can find a way to free him.
No. 155579 ID: 0576eb
File 126999702437.png - (64.83KB , 701x683 , 42-what.png )

Then, David lets out a scream.
No. 155583 ID: f98e0b

Toast marshmallows on his crackling, burning corpse.
No. 155585 ID: 0e8ca6

So much for the death theory.

Switch! Off! Now!
No. 155595 ID: 0576eb
File 126999814527.png - (62.90KB , 701x683 , 43-blood splortch.png )

Mint runs as fast as she can, closing her eyes as she does so, not wishing to see the possible gruesome scene. She grabs the lever and pushes it to off quickly, at least stopping the possible pain. With a very sickening splortch, there is a huge, red mark over the glass now. David was, without a doubt, probably annihilated.

Mint's Sanity Level: Low
No. 155600 ID: f98e0b

Toast marshmallows on his chunky, red, salsa-like corpse.
No. 155601 ID: 701a19

Push the buttons in this order:
red, blue, yellow, grey
No. 155602 ID: 701a19

And yes, I do mean now.
No. 155603 ID: 1ac39d

yellow blue red gray. that is what i think is the best. it has yellow first which it isn't in ether, blue second, which is also not in ether, red third not in ether, and gray last, in both.
No. 155608 ID: 0576eb
File 126999957268.png - (59.53KB , 701x683 , 44-head.png )

Mint is way too busy mourning her lost best friend to do anything at the moment. While the horrible monster of a man pushes David's head against the glass, a hand wipes up some of the blood.
No. 155609 ID: 0576eb
File 126999959525.png - (57.99KB , 701x683 , 44-O.png )

The man then stares at Mint.
No. 155610 ID: 0576eb
File 126999960586.png - (70.37KB , 701x683 , 44-zend of Cone.png )

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