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File 126918289988.png - (134.33KB , 800x600 , 1.png )
150286 No. 150286 ID: f98e0b

Diometricus Phrale Eregiorium puts down his pencil and checks over his answers. He's almost entirely sure this is all okay but he doesn't want to be that guy who goes up first to turn in their test.

He's in Magic of The Material 4 and is itchy for the class to be over.
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No. 150287 ID: 8ecfd4

Double, tripple and quadropele check just to make sure. Once you're done with that someone else should have turned in their papers and you can turn in yours as well.
No. 150288 ID: 632862

Give the runes an especially close examination.
No. 150289 ID: f98e0b
File 126918322242.png - (134.88KB , 800x600 , 2.png )

Let's see. All the attributes are there, probably, he's got the runes down right, he knows that. He glances up at the clock. Ten minutes left in class. He wonders briefly if he could go out early if he turned the test in. He's got places to be.

He goes over the test a few more times, letting half of his mind wander as he does...
No. 150290 ID: f98e0b
File 126918345214.png - (283.60KB , 800x600 , 3.png )

A few things have happened since you first met Dio.

Operation Convert-The-Spook went well, and Everett has opened up a whole lot more to Dio and his friends. They all went down to some place on the outskirts of campus and generally partied for a while. The bartender just went into a back room and waited out, as he does whenever cyclopes show up. Everett's now spending less time with the arkers now.
Dio, for his part, had a great time.
No. 150291 ID: f98e0b
File 126918350883.png - (57.47KB , 800x600 , 4.png )

And he's proud of how well he pretended not to notice how closely Jai and Everett walked back to campus together.
No. 150292 ID: 8ecfd4

Awww poor little fellow.

But I'm sure he will meet a nice gal in the future.

So what are his plans now that the test is done?
No. 150293 ID: f98e0b
File 126918409163.png - (313.54KB , 800x600 , 5.png )

He's also had a growth spurt and shot up a couple inches, and is beginning to notice the interesting ways girls walk. His fantasies about them, and Jai specifically, have involved progressively more close proximities and progressively fewer clothes.

He's distracted himself by studying advanced illusionary techniques under Orpheo's tutelage. He's added another spell to his combat repertoire.

Blind allows Dio to sever an enemy's optic connection in his mind, tricking him to into thinking he's gone completely blind. The effect can be maintained with concentration.

Entomb causes the subject to suddenly forget how to breathe. Unless they concentrate hard on figuring it out, they'll asphyxiate shortly.

Both spells have full synergy with other spells, and new combinations will be possible.
No. 150294 ID: 8ecfd4

Entomb sounds like an evil and nasty combat spell. Pick that one.
No. 150298 ID: b05a5f

Blind. Seems less energy expensive, AND blind targets cant target anyone.
No. 150299 ID: 701a19

Since you can cancel the effects of Entomb, that seems like a decent choice.
It's useless against things that don't breathe, but Blind is useless against things that don't have an optic connection - like giant magic eyes.
No. 150302 ID: 6164e0

I would say blind, as this could lead to new spells with partial blindness. And what with most of the potent mages having a magic EYE that governs their magic, I would say being able to manipulate eyes would be very worthwhile, ESPECIALLY if there is any fallout for plan convert-the-spook from the frat.

Like making only yourself invisible in someone's eyes.
No. 150303 ID: 4531bc

I'd say entomb. It seem oh-so-very deadly.
No. 150304 ID: 632862

Blind is growing on me. We could combo it with glamors to make illusions harder to keep track of. Plus other uses.
No. 150305 ID: 4531bc

Can we make an enemy see our illusions if they've been blinded? If so, I'd change my vote, because then we could blind someone and simultaneously reconstruct what they used to be looking at with an illusion, so that they don't realize, and then pile on all sorts of crazy hallucinations.

Otherwise, entomb and glamors can make our enemy's life a living fever dream.
No. 150306 ID: 701a19

Brom confirmed that the magic eye is immune to Blind.
No. 150307 ID: 632862

No. 150311 ID: e973f4

I gotta say I like the idea of Entomb too.
No. 150312 ID: f95872

Blind is silly, as it invalidates many of our existing abilities.
Besides, Entomb provides a greater capacity to be fucking awesome.
No. 150313 ID: 6164e0

Well, in that case, Entomb.
No. 150314 ID: 1ac39d

combo entomb with a minor illusion of something holding them by the neck and they wont even think it may be magic making them forget.
No. 150317 ID: f98e0b
File 126919460076.png - (72.14KB , 800x600 , 6.png )

Entomb strikes a chord with the sadistic side of Dio's spirit, and he and Orpheo have been practicing throttling each other all weekend. He's eager to try it out, so he turns in his paper and heads out to where, at Jai's urging, he's been going three or four times a week. The arena.
No. 150318 ID: f306db

I like the idea of combining Blind with the glamours, they can make other types of sensations right? Touch, sound.....

Hmn, would using Blind with a visual glamour produce an exclusive visual feed? Like, cant see anything but the image we produce?
No. 150321 ID: f98e0b
File 126919516669.png - (178.91KB , 800x600 , 7.png )

Dio's assigned Arenamaster is Jean Luc, just like Jai, and he's extremely open about when his students can practice. His arena has an open door policy, so Dio can essentially head there whenever he wants. Jean Luc's fighters regard bouts as opportunities to hang out and talk as much as beat the shit out of each other, and Dio's gotten to know the people there a little better.

He's got an appointment for a fight today with...

Pyramus the evoker, who as it turns out after knowing him better for a while is a great guy. He tried teaching Dio a bit of swordplay but Dio has to admit to himself he's sort of hopeless on that front.

Jai, who Dio hasn't really gotten an opportunity to talk to ever since she and Everett started hanging out together a couple days ago. Dio is determined not to be jealous.

Dahlia the illusionist, still an apprentice like Dio. By all accounts she's a prodigy of combat and misdirection, but Dio hasn't fought her and doesn't really know her that well.
No. 150323 ID: 701a19

When you fight Dahlia hit her with an entomb right off the bat, followed by a glamor and some offensive magic.
No entomb for your friends, though.
No. 150324 ID: f98e0b

Oopsie daisy I forgot to include this as the subject
No. 150325 ID: 3c6c38

Dahlia. Illusions vs Illusions vs a near-stranger. An exponential learning opportunity.
No. 150326 ID: 701a19

Dahlia, then. Dio can talk to Jai after the match.
No. 150327 ID: f306db

Also an opportunity for exponential asskicking! Dahila it is! Jai later!

Why this seems so left-hand-ruley?
No. 150329 ID: 3c6c38

Dahlia's outfit is kinda cute, too. Is that her sparring outfit?
No. 150330 ID: 8ecfd4

Lets have a go at Dahlia to determine who is the real master of illusions.
No. 150333 ID: 3c6c38

but they're both students.. still in school.
Fight to learn. If you win, don't flaunt it too much, and be willing to share. Hopefully Dahlia will do the same if things go her way.
No. 150335 ID: 7d6918

You can probably learn some of your own weaknesses from fighting Dahlia.
No. 150345 ID: f98e0b
File 126920002381.png - (161.79KB , 800x600 , 8.png )

No, they both use specially designed suits to avoid killing each other.
Dio puts on his and enters the arena.
"Hi," says Dahlia, walking in from the other side. She's about as tall as he is and wearing something a little more, um, form-fitting. "It's Diometricus, right? I'm Dahlia." She summons a giant red hand.
"Call me Dio," says Dio, summoning a green one and shaking it.
"It's great to see another illusionist in combat," says Dahlia. "Usually we're too busy studying or meditating to have fun. Plus I don't have to crane my neck if I wanna talk to you."
"Spirits, I know," says Dio. "Everyone's gigantic around here."
"You're the guy who took down the shifter, right? I heard about that. That was sick."
"Well, I mean," says Dio, glad his helmet is hiding his blush, "I had help."
"Doesn't matter," says Dahlia. "You've got to tell me all about it later. I heard you did a replication feint combined with a snap-focus with a double material summons active."
"Gave me a headache."
"It must have."

"Okay, mon trèz petit illusionists," says Jean Luc. "You know zer rules, three deaths and done. I'll leave you to it. Begin."
No. 150346 ID: f21281

She's already playing mindgames with you, dude. You'll need to purge your mind of all sexual thoughts. She is the ENEMY. She is your FOE. There is no room in battle for matters of the heart.

Murder her.
No. 150347 ID: e3f578

Mind Jolt + Nerve Lock combo, the sample combo given in the last thread. Lets fuck. her. up.
No. 150349 ID: 632862

Entomb + Nervelock.
No. 150350 ID: 8ecfd4

Lets try out that fancy new spell. Hit her with a combined entomb/nervelock.
No. 150352 ID: 7d6918

"Alright, let's do this. Sorry if I hurt you."

Then get things started. I'd say that making a new friend/ally is more important than winning this fight, but both is better than either.
No. 150355 ID: a56bd0

Yes Dio remember to not be distracted by your burgeoning pubescent drives.

But as you draw from the power of dreamer's perhaps we can later find some way to exploit our your fantasies and dreams to power your combat prowess?
No. 150364 ID: f98e0b
File 126920368530.png - (205.93KB , 800x600 , 10.png )

Nervelock + Entomb=Autoasphyxiation
"Alright, let's do this. Sorry if I hurt you." says Dio, letting fly with his spells.
Dahlia tries to reply, but her arm suddenly shoots up of its own accord and her hand clamps around her own neck. She just nods instead, gasping for air, and extends an arm.

With a whooshing sound, an entire ballista bolt shoots out of her sleeve.
No. 150367 ID: a56bd0

Dodge to both sides (one an illusion the other you.)
No. 150371 ID: 8ecfd4

Maintain your focus while dodging to the side.
No. 150373 ID: 632862

An entire ballista bolt? Wow, she's fast with summoning items. Too fast. I think it's fake. That spell combo we just discovered is WEIRD though.

I like the mirror-dodge idea. Even if it's fake she won't gain an advantage from forcing Dio to dodge.
No. 150374 ID: 01c8a2


Try catching it!
No. 150375 ID: 632862

In addition, make a surprised noise come out of the illusion.
No. 150376 ID: 01c8a2


Alternatively, summon item + shield. Probably pretty obvious, but it might have enough solidity to hold more easily.
No. 150381 ID: f306db

To make mirror Dios, I think he'd need to let go of the autoerotic asphyxiation spell.

Just run and dodge! She'll run out of air eventually!

Hmn. Are physical moves allowed in magebattles?
No. 150386 ID: 632862

Apparently the asphyxiation only requires one half of his mind to maintain.
No. 150393 ID: f98e0b
File 126920901249.png - (119.33KB , 800x600 , 11.png )

Dio dodges one way and summons another Dio who dodges the other. He- wait. He suddenly feels a sharp impact in his side.
"Touchè," calls Jean Luc.
Wait what?

Dahlia's still gagging, trying unsuccessfully to regain control of her arm with one half of her mind. With the other half she pulls from her dreams a large curved blade, which somehow looks even bigger and more intimidating next to her petite frame.
No. 150395 ID: 6fd8ec

She summoned a real weapon and then displaced where it appeared. Clever girl...

Drop the Nervelock part for Mind Jolt, while keeping Entomb going. Back off, but don't otherwise worry too much about defense; that should be confusing enough to keep her off balance for a bit.
No. 150397 ID: 1ac39d

unless she displaced her whole body! she is standing next to where she looks like she is.
No. 150400 ID: 632862

WAIT a second

She's invisible, poking you while the illusion fires obvious attacks! Look at that ribbon on her ear. That's not the same ribbon as she was wearing before, and she also has no 'hit' marker on her back.

We're fighting blind. Fuck. I think we're going to lose. Ignore the 'Dahlia' facing you and listen for footsteps. Start running around, summoning more and more lesser phantasm mirrors of yourself.
No. 150404 ID: 6164e0

Take note of the fact her ear coverings now only have a single blue wrap, only on one ear, and she started this fight with one on each ear.

Now, as an illusionist, what possible reasons could there be for it to vanish so? Possibly a resevoir for premade spells? Or perhaps a side effect of creating this type of body double (should that be the case?)

Your mind is your weapon Dio, now think.

While maintaining the entomb (if possible, the nervelock too for the combo, but the entomb is most important). DO NOT LET HER GET A BREATH
No. 150406 ID: a56bd0

The one we can see has no hit counter... we are fucked.

Unless... unless she's faking us out by pretending to be a double?
No. 150410 ID: a56bd0

She can't be attacking us while actually invisible, but the one we see has no kill counter. Perhaps Dio should use his eye?
No. 150413 ID: f98e0b
File 126921223149.png - (101.06KB , 800x600 , 12.png )

The oculus simply improves vision. It gives no power to see through illusion. Dio, however, sees something is wrong with the girl in front of him and immediately shatters his greater glamor into a number of lesser mirror images of him.

Suddenly the fake Dahlia in front of him fizzles out of existence and she is across the arena, coughing violently, goring one of his clones. She guessed wrong.
No. 150414 ID: 8ecfd4

Keep choking her while making all of the clones and yourself keep your distance from her.
No. 150415 ID: 1ac39d

i think the choking ended, you can't cough when choking.
No. 150416 ID: 6922af

Maintain the Entomb for as long as possible, if for no other purpose but to shut down her options. Can't do much if you can't breathe. Still, she's proven pretty crafty, so don't think the lessor glamors will keep her at a distance forever. I'd suggest summoning up a knife or two, see if you can peg her at a distance. We still don't know exactly how she fights, so staying on your toes is a must.
No. 150417 ID: a56bd0

Drop the Minor Glamors (if we move our sound will probably show which is real anyway) and hit her with a Mind Jolt? She'll probably come out of that quick though being used to illusions.
No. 150418 ID: 632862

Drop the Entomb. She's not going to pass out from it. Keep your lesser glamours up, and have them take up knives. Summon Item knives yourself. Everyone throw at once!
No. 150419 ID: 632862

Oh, put LOTS of fake knives in the clones, and your hands as well. Just launch a goddamn hail of knives at her.
No. 150420 ID: 45be60

Why is she coughing? Are you not choking her any more?
How does a greater glamor realistically react to encountering another illusion? If your illusion were to smack full force into something that isn't there, would it pass harmlessly through, pretend to take damage, or perhaps fizzle illusions altogether?
No. 150421 ID: f21281

This is why you need AoE.

You can't make a quick modification of your choking spell to, say, completely shut off conscious input to one of her legs or something, can you?
No. 150423 ID: 632862

That's what Nervelock does.
No. 150424 ID: 299faa

You tried your new spell. Now fall back on the ones you're familiar with.
She was just starved of air. Physical activity will be tougher and more tiring for her.
No. 150425 ID: 8ecfd4

Dio, new plan. Drop the entomb and summon some throwing knives. Make sure the minor glamors have them as well. Quickly spread out in front of her and throw knives at her, making sure the minor glamors throw theirs as well.
No. 150428 ID: f98e0b
File 12692154029.png - (59.44KB , 800x600 , 13.png )

Dio drops the entomb, but enough damage has already been done. Dahlia drops to the floor, coughs shaking her small frame. "Touchè" Jean Luc calls out.
No. 150429 ID: 8ecfd4

Time for a follow up. Arrange the minor glamors and yourself in a half circle before her, summon knives for yourself and your glamors and throw at her.
No. 150430 ID: f21281
File 126921552192.jpg - (20.17KB , 538x424 , vreenak-fake.jpg )

No. 150438 ID: a1ac99

Unless it's an artistic error, the ribbon on her ear jumped sides (>>150364, >>150393: Left; >>150428: Right).
No. 150439 ID: f98e0b

(it is not artistic error)
No. 150444 ID: 45be60

ribbons is clues jimmothy. gots to find the real ribbonses.

Still wondering about what happens when illusions collide. If you don't know, maybe you should start throwing major illusions around and find out.
Or alternately, can you summon some dream super-balls and send them bouncing around the room at high speed, looking for real surfaces to impact?
No. 150446 ID: 632862

Goddamn it, another illusion. Unless she purposefully switched the ribbon...

No, it's more likely that she created another illusion. However, that sword is real, and she did stab your illusion. She is nearby. Throw one dagger at her, and another to the left of her.

Use Lesser Glamor + Summon Item to make sure she doesn't know where the real Dio is.
No. 150451 ID: a1ac99

So, her illusions are mirrored. The first one was wearing it on the left ear, and that one disappeared when the one with it on the right ear appeared and killed one of the glamors.

She may not know about this flaw. It also may not be a flaw and she could be planning to use it against us.

Hate to say it, but we should take the fifty/fifty risk and press the advantage.
No. 150461 ID: f98e0b
File 126921903276.png - (84.10KB , 800x600 , 14.png )

Dio duplicates himself and lets fly with a cloud of knives, two of which are real, just as another Dahlia, this with her ribbon on the original side, appears behind him and charges at him, sword out.
No. 150462 ID: eb74d4

Have one of the illusions dodge out of the way, while you and the other fakes continue your assault. Then, when she's distracted, turn and get her with a knife.
No. 150464 ID: 632862

The sword on the ground is glowing as if it's Focused. That means it is fake, because obviously one of the Dahlias is an illusion and you can't Focus something with half your mind.

So, this new Dahlia is either another illusion meant to expose the real Dio, or she's just going to slice up all three at once.

Scatter! Wait for the summoned daggers to hit their target before summoning more to throw at this new Dahlia.
No. 150467 ID: 632862

I would like to point out that it's a little odd for her to be able to destroy one of our illusions on one side of the field, get 'hit' by Entomb and then immediately come running from the other side of the field without catching her breath.

The new Dahlia is the illusion, I bet.
No. 150470 ID: 660412

Where you see her is frequently where she is not.
Stop using unidirectional illusions. Especcially with attacks. Maybe fuck with the room's geometry.
No. 150471 ID: 1ac39d

yes, have a fake act like it's trying to dodge while the other and you act like illusions.
No. 150472 ID: a1ac99

If it's not then that hit we got on her earlier was fraudulent. And it obviously wasn't because the guy in charge wouldn't have called if it was.

Best to be on the safe side, though. Make one of the copies dodge out of the way and have it start running away.
No. 150474 ID: a56bd0

Note this new one has a 'life meter.' if it's an illusion it's probably a fairly good one.

I am tempted to agree here... a panicked break with an illusion might work. We've already shown ourselves as less experience on the battlefieldm she may underestimate our resolve.
No. 150481 ID: 3c6c38

Mimic the sound of Jean Luc's voice crying out 'stop' or something Jean-luc like. She might hesitate.
No. 150490 ID: 4531bc

you could make a greater glamour of yourself appear behind her and 'accidentally' make a noise and, when detected, panic and try to run away, while you do something crafty like summon a crossbow and shoot her down.

Alternatively, you could summon some form of explosive or sharp object, ad the mask it as a copy of yourself and have it hurt dahlia when she attacks it, leading her to believe that that copy is real.
No. 150495 ID: 632862

I think that would be against the rules.
No. 150506 ID: f98e0b
File 126922345891.png - (102.39KB , 800x600 , 15.png )

The daggers fly straight through the Dahlia on the far side of the arena. The Dahlia charging at Dio ignores the scattering mirror images, dashes right up to Dio, and softly pokes him with the end of her blade.
"Touchè," calls Jean Luc. Dio throws up a hand. "Ten seconds," Jean Luc says.

"How?" asks Dio.
"You have a tell," says Dahlia, her voice much too clear for having had her windpipe crushed for half the bout. "We all do." Another ribbon fades into view on her other ear.
No. 150507 ID: 20a559

Start creeping one of the walls out subtly with lesser glamor.

Save it for a late game 'come out of the wall' trick.
No. 150514 ID: e3f578

Oh ho, fuck yeah. Become one with the wall Dio.

Also, Mind jolt the bitch. So Lesser Glamor+Mind Jolt combo?
No. 150517 ID: 45be60

I don't.

Anyway, screw this noise. Nobody gets to know where anybody is. Glamor up an obscuring mist.

Summon dream beartrap.
No. 150519 ID: 632862

So, she must've... broken out of the Entomb rather quickly. Then she threw a cloaked summoned item at the illusionary Dio to break it, and poked herself with her sword while 'revealing' herself.


Fine, let's try something different. Create MIRROR MAZE!
No. 150533 ID: 20a559

Unless you can knock a point off her in one second, she wins.

Either way, compliment her skills.
No. 150534 ID: 632862

also uh we should try to get the hell away while throwing daggers. Unless she's just going to rush us and hit us again, since she has two hits.
No. 150543 ID: 20a559

I know what happenned.

We forgot our one-liners.
No. 150558 ID: 362f0c

I think 10 seconds refers to the 'break' Dio called by raising his hand.

Anyhow... the wall trick or the mist trick sound good. I favor the wall trick as the mist would likely only put us even.

Obviously, the ear ribbons are her tell, can't tell what your tell is... then again if we could and corrected it then it probably wouldn't be a 'tell' now would it?
No. 150582 ID: 01c8a2


Spot her. Put an illusion spot that isn't visible on her; that'll put a stop to the invisibility and hiding shenanigans.

No. 150587 ID: 6164e0


The ribbons, they represent portions of her focus, perhaps?

So now that both ribbons are present, this is her real form, able to be harmed?
No. 150588 ID: 1ac39d

good idea! give her a highlighter-pink afro (short hair) or something.
No. 150706 ID: e75a2f

No, what happened here is Dio is relying on his fake images too much. Granted that's a big part of being an illusionist, but when you get to the point you are depending on your images to get you out of trouble, you've already lost.

They're distractions to confuse and catch your enemy off-guard and nothing more. They aren't there to keep you alive or use as a sort of shield; the moment they become so you are quite literally gambling on your life, which isn't smart.
No. 150720 ID: 8ecfd4

This plan sounds interesting and might work.
No. 150848 ID: a1ac99

An interesting thought has just occurred to me. What would Mind Jolt + Entomb do? I mean, Entomb makes them forget how to breathe, and Mind Jolt causes confusion/insanity, so a combination would..?
No. 150884 ID: fe0817


Why don't we do this, then colour her hair pink and do it up into an afro?
No. 151171 ID: f98e0b
File 126938789268.png - (256.27KB , 800x600 , 16.png )

"I'll tell you it after the match," says Dahlia. "This is really fun, Dio. Most people just give up and start blasting all over the place."
"Five seconds," calls Jean Luc.

"Why haven't we hung out at all?" she asks, as Dio gradually begins to extend the left wall out ever-so-slightly using Lesser Glamor. If he keeps the illusion simple he can easily sustain it. "Aren't you in my Languages class?"
"Yeah, I think so," says Dio. "We-"
"Begin," calls Jean Luc.

Dio and Dahlia both leap backward and blast spells at each other. Dio tries out a Mind Jolt/Entomb combination, but Dahlia throws up a block around her mind to keep him out and replies with a blast of jittering numbness that threatens to crumple Dio's legs from under him. He quickly splits his minds off at the cortex, becoming two separate people for a split second, then snaps back together and avoids her attack completely.

They stand across from each other, winded.
No. 151172 ID: 94b366

Either wait a bit to recover your breath, or try something simple. Any creative ways to confuse her?
No. 151173 ID: e31d52

Illusion away her clothing (make it look like it's gone) and attack her.
No. 151177 ID: bf49dc

...You could try making YOUR pants disappear...
No. 151180 ID: 6922af

Okay, she's proven she can close the distance between the two of you quickly. Her attacks have consisted of closing the gap between the two of you to get in a stab. I'll venture to say you aren't quite so skilled in close range combat so either:

A) Attempt to confuse her with a greater glamor while striking her blindside with a dream weapon that'll give you some range advantage or
B)Create some distance and pelt her with a mix of dream knives and lessor/greater glamor knives.

If she can block your mental attacks and reply with her own, it means she's getting a handle on your attack style. We STILL don't know the extent of her abilities, but based on what we have, you're going to want to put the pressure on in another way. You can still do this, Dio.
No. 151185 ID: 2eac65

Make an illusion of a sunflower sticking out of her head, but make sure it can't pass through her field of vision so she doesn't know it's there. That should help you keep track of her.

Also, pantomime throwing another bundle of knives in an arc, but don't actually make any, just to confuse her.
No. 151186 ID: e3f578

"Aww, now I don't get to see what Mind Jolt plus Entomb does! Forgive me for my curiosity if that offended you." While badassly dodging an obviously incoming attack. Try and make you go invisible so you can get into the walls without her figuring out you're IN THE WALLS WOO WOO
No. 151187 ID: 632862

I think nudity would be rather inappropriate to use here, even if it were effective. It would totally ruin Dio's chances with Dahlia.

So... I'm thinking... straightforward knife-tossan battle.
No. 151189 ID: 632862

If you do go invisible, make sure to remember putting in some Lesser Glamor footsteps going in all sorts of directions. And shadows on the ground.
No. 151206 ID: f98e0b
File 126939620696.png - (108.59KB , 800x600 , 17.png )

No no no, dammit. There will be no vanishing Dahlia's clothes, exposing her full, round rump and... and... perky... fucking puberty. If it's not invisibility it's your own weird teen libido getting in the way.

Summon Item + Lesser Glamor = Checkmate Da, Lesser.
Dio distracts himself by finishing the summons of the fake wall (it is now just large enough for him to conceal himself in), then hauling back and letting fly a full cloud of daggers, real and otherwise. Two Dahlias leap toward him, batting one of the real daggers away. However, another one goes straight through left-ear-ribbon Dahlia, marking her as the illusion.

Dio mimics throwing another, invisible knife, trying to fake her out, and Dahlia buys it. She dodges out of the way of nothing in particular. Her attention is off him for a second...
No. 151207 ID: 4531bc

Disappear behind wall, summon an anvil or other similarly heavy object atop real dahlia, and glamor one atop the illusion (if it's still there).
No. 151211 ID: 632862

Jump into the wall while creating some shimmer in the air as if you don't quite have a handle on turning invisible, and put a shadow on the ground a little ways away from it. Have the shimmer run off in one direction while the shadow goes in another. Add some footstep sounds too if that would be more convincing.

When an opportunity presents itself, throw a dagger.
No. 151215 ID: 3b6c92

This is not a bad idea.
No. 151219 ID: 6164e0

That is a fairly sound double feint.
No. 151231 ID: e31d52

This is good, too. Also another whole youdouble would be effective along with this.
No. 151241 ID: f98e0b
File 126940175218.png - (210.30KB , 800x600 , 18.png )

Dio dives into the wall right before Dahlia turns around, and hastily summons a few lesser glamors, a shadow, a shimmer, a footstep.
Dahlia turns back to where he was standing, cocks her head, then raises her hands and blasts both glamors. Dio can feel the waves of nauseating energy emanating from the spells throbbing in his own mind, even from this distance. He moves toward Dahlia as quietly as possible.
No. 151242 ID: f98e0b
File 126940184126.png - (91.58KB , 800x600 , 19.png )

He summons a throwing knife, takes careful aim, and throws directly at her side. It slaps into the protective magic encasing the illusionist's suit and flips off, end over end. "Touchè," calls Jean Luc.
No. 151243 ID: e31d52

Now keep a decoy in there, throwing more knives, and another coming out to attack her, while a third moves along the cover slowly and you yourself attack. If that's too much, then just use the first decoy and the second.
No. 151244 ID: 632862

Okay now have there be an illusionary foot sticking out a little ways away from you.

Then just throw another dagger at her when she goes for the foot.
No. 151246 ID: e3f578

"It seems like you've gotten... the shaft." Since you come up from behind with a knife for a backstab.
No. 151247 ID: 4531bc

isn't there a 10 second talk break thing?
No. 151248 ID: 2eac65

Combine these two. Send out one decoy to attack her, and leave a foot sticking out of the wall close to you (but not too close).
No. 151249 ID: e31d52

Already used.
No. 151253 ID: 632862

If we're making a decoy, make it look like someone who isn't us.
No. 151260 ID: 685f13

Whatever happens, do not try to attack her again immediately. She'll almost certainly be elsewhere by the time you do and it'll just give away your position.
No. 151271 ID: f21281

Should have gone for two knives. Would have gotten both hits then.
No. 151281 ID: 1ac39d

i think that it would have counted as one attack not two hits.
No. 151283 ID: f95872

Quick, spin around and shoot her! Use a single knife and catch her off guard. Assuming you can do this faster than the multiple knives and many illusions, otherwise, stick with that I guess. The point is to catch her off guard.
No. 151321 ID: bf49dc

Can you create an invisible platform to lift yourself up on while invisible while creating the illusion that you're still on the ground? Even if she notices your tell, she probably won't be able to guess where you are.
No. 151358 ID: 8ecfd4

Send an illusion out from the wall to attack her while you relocate to another area.

Lets see, I think trying to hit her with a knife a couple of more times won't work. But it will make her distracted and focus on physical attacks, so then we hit her with an entomb+mind jolt combo and see if it works this time.
No. 151417 ID: f98e0b
File 12694540176.png - (75.01KB , 800x600 , 20.png )

Dahlia spins around, looking for him. Dio crafts an illusion of himself that dashes out of the wall and flings a dagger at her. She glances at it for a moment, finds his tell, ignores it, then turns to examine the wall it leaped out of. She steps out of the way of the real dagger that flies out of it a moment later.
She pokes the wall and her finger goes through. "Now that's clever."
No. 151418 ID: 15d270

Hug hand, stab note.

Imean, grab hand, stab girl.
No. 151419 ID: 8ecfd4

Drop the illusion and hit her with a nervelock while summoning up a spear to stab her with.
No. 151420 ID: 1ac39d

now just have an illusionary arm come out a ways from her, and have it throw a knife, since it's just the arm it shouldn't have whatever your tell is on it, if it does then you know that your tell is now on your arm.

you could also make a greater glamour and give it a real knife and have it rush her, she may disregard it because it is just another illusion not expecting it to have a real knife.
No. 151421 ID: 701a19

Silently levitate up into the air, then make five hominid monsters and have four close in from behind her. Once she turns to look at them have a fifth try to sneak out from the wall behind her.

Then drop an anvil on her, then set the room on fire, then set asynchronous strobing kaleidoscope illusions on each of her eyes, then run up and stab her, then grab her from behind, summon a spike trap, and pitch her forward onto it, then tell her "You know, you're actually pretty cute" and kiss her on the nose before gut-jabbing her, then make a bunch of duplicates that are all slightly larger than yourself and hide in one of them while you bum-rush her with a zweihander, then fill the place with fake walls, float into the air, and inscribe a summoning symbol on the ceiling in your own blood.

If all that fails you should propose to her because you have met your match.
No. 151422 ID: bf49dc

Can you give an illusion a real knife? Because this would be a really good idea.
No. 151423 ID: 632862

Make the illusionary decoy have a different outfit to make it look like you're trying to find the tell.
No. 151427 ID: f98e0b
File 126945825599.png - (177.11KB , 800x600 , 21.png )

Greater Glamor + Summon Item = Baleful Glamor
Dio wills a real knife into the hand of his glamor, then flings it toward Dahlia, his illusion charging at her. She casually runs it through with a harpoon and starts to step through the wall to where Dio is hiding.
No. 151428 ID: 15d270

No. 151429 ID: 632862

She's close enough, can you just hit her directly?
No. 151430 ID: 8ecfd4

Summon a new knife in your own hand and try to get in close and stab her. She seems to favor large weapons and if you get in close enough she won't be able to use them on you properly.
No. 151431 ID: 15d270

Its the real her, don't grab! NEVERLOCK AND STAB!
No. 151432 ID: 4531bc


Summon an anvil above her, make yourself invisible or otherwise get yourself away from her, and if you have enough time, summon up a little note with a clever one liner like 'Checkmate.' or 'Look up.' or 'You're kinda cute, you know.'
No. 151441 ID: f98e0b
File 126946154293.png - (167.02KB , 800x600 , 22.png )

Dio snags Dahlia's sleeve and snaps her arm's connection to her mind with Nervelock. He swipes with a summoned knife, but she dodges just in time to make it skid off her, not doing enough damage for a touch.
She's casting
No. 151444 ID: f98e0b
File 126946164346.png - (44.51KB , 800x600 , 23.png )

Blindness + Lesser Glamor=Blindfold
Oh, shoot.
No. 151445 ID: e31d52

Blast everywhere with Entomb.
No. 151446 ID: 1ac39d

you still have her arm! stab sideways!
No. 151448 ID: 632862

Drop low to the floor and attack with a larger weapon for a bigger reach. Swipe her legs.
No. 151449 ID: 8ecfd4

Oh crap it's possible the one you got is an illusion.

Ok only two things you can do right now. Remember that you can see, she didn't actually do anything to your sight. You can still see just fine, the darkness is only in your mind. Will it away and it will be gone.

Second thing. What you grabbed may or may not have been an illusion. Not much you can do about that right now though. Get closer, push her down on the floor and stab. Hopefully it's the real one.
No. 151451 ID: 3a4a54

Use Autoasphyxiation on her now. If she's real, then you just took out her other arm. If she's fake, then at least you got to a point where it can be gone quickly.
No. 151457 ID: f98e0b
File 126946346157.png - (59.78KB , 800x600 , 24.png )

Dio can't really do much but dive forward, stabbing with the knife and firing off another Autoasphyxiation. The Dahlia he connects with is definitely not an illusion, and he bowls her into the ground. He flails at her with his knife...

"Touchè and bout," calls Jean Luc.

"Wait, who?" asks Dio.
"Miss Dahlia wins," says Jean Luc.
"Gack," says Dahlia.
No. 151459 ID: 632862

Well, turn off your spells, now that the bout's over.
No. 151460 ID: 8ecfd4

Congratulate her on her victory and ask if she would allow you a rematch once you have trained some more. Also ask her if she would be willing to teach you a few tricks and maybe train close combat with you.
No. 151461 ID: e31d52

Stand up, offer her your hand. You don't really need to see to do this...
When you feel her head is close, whisper, barely audible:
"You also won my heart."
No. 151463 ID: e31d52

Okay, that's a little sappy. Just ask her if you'd like to hang out more. I dunno what sort of thing you guys do for dating...
No. 151472 ID: 4531bc

Don't forget to exchange tells.
No. 151474 ID: 1ac39d

no wait! while you are trying to get up cop a feel! you're blind so you can just blame that.
No. 151478 ID: 716eb0

No. 151479 ID: e31d52

No. 151482 ID: f98e0b
File 126946675266.png - (78.86KB , 800x600 , 25.png )

No. Dio thinks he wants to get to know Dahlia. He's not going to grope her, no matter how dry the thought makes his adolescent throat. Besides, she quickly dispels the blindfold around his eyes. He clambers up and offers her a hand. I think we might be made for each other, he wants to say. No. You won my heart. No. wait. Want to hang out more. Fuck it, he can't. Instead he says, "Good match. We should do this more often. Maybe you could teach me some of those tricks?"
"Sure," says Dahlia. "I'll have to remember that wall thing. That was just a lesser glamor, right?"
"Yeah," says Dio. "Hey, so what was my-"

"Okay, children. Bonne combat." says Jean Luc. "Hit zer locker room and get back into civves, zen come see me for a pass to class if you need one,"
No. 151484 ID: 4531bc

Kill Jean Luc for perpetrating the strategic interrupt.
No. 151485 ID: 8ecfd4

Well go into the locker room and take a shower. And try not to think about her lithe athletic body, standing there with water and sweat glistening on her skin as she slowly rubs in soap. Yeah don't think about that, thinking about that body and the perky firm tits would just be silly.

Meet up with her once you're done with the shower, and she has taken her shower, the water running of her as she gets out and dries herself with a towel. Then talk a bit with her about tells and ask her again if she would like to train close combat with you. Especially grappling would be fun.
No. 151490 ID: 632862

...perhaps you should take a COLD shower.
No. 151492 ID: e3f578

in before your tell is a government secret, part of a large conspiracy that will lead to Dalia dying soon.
No. 151495 ID: 362f0c

Don't worry kid it's just the hormones... it'll settle down after while... somewhat.
No. 151500 ID: 701a19

Ask her what your tell is on the way to the locker room, and tell her when you're free from classes and where you'll probably be then.
No. 151542 ID: 6922af


I get that the situation with Jai has some of us ready to move on, but damn since when did we give up so quickly on love conquest? Just because she's showing interest in Everett doesn't mean Dio should just let years of friendship and awkward hormonal sexual tension go out the window.

Well, it was a good run. Best mosey on into the showers. Afterward meet up with Dahlia and chat. You can use wanting to learn more illusionary combat skills as an excuse to get to know her. Since, you know, you don't know much about her.
No. 151556 ID: f98e0b
File 126948168812.png - (202.56KB , 800x600 , 26.png )

Dio heads to his own ready room and takes a shower. He is completely ignoring, he likes to think, the visions of what must be going on on the other side of the arena, in Dahlia's locker room, despite the voices of puberty that whisper in his mind.
Afterward he changes back into his robe and heads to talk to Dahlia, but finds the door locked, with a note taped to the front. He hears running water and muffled music from the other side of the door.

The note reads:
"Dear Diometricas (Dio will ignore that),
Your tell was in your underwear. You were wearing boxers and I could see the seams on the bottoms making a bump on your pants. None of your duplicates had that bump because you didn't give them underpants. It's a v. common mistake to make. I'm sure when you're wearing a robe it doesn't even register.
I take long showers & I don't want to hold you for your next class, so maybe we can talk about the fight during Languages.

-Dahlia :)"
No. 151558 ID: 1d375b

Oh god she was staring at your crotch all fight man.
No. 151560 ID: 1ac39d

question if it would be a good idea to forgo boxers next match...
No. 151563 ID: 1d375b

Am pretty sure boxers don't make that big of a bulge. Might want to make sure our clones are anatomically correct next time.
No. 151568 ID: f98e0b
File 126948321150.png - (204.16KB , 800x600 , 27.png )

Okay well this here will be a fun moment to not ever think about or bring up again ever.

Dio heads to go get a pass from Jean Luc. He needs to go to a Bio Lecture across campus and he's probably going to be a minute or two late.
No. 151579 ID: f98e0b
File 126948413588.png - (100.87KB , 800x600 , 28.png )

It wouldn't have mattered, in any case. It's impossible for him to pay attention. He just gazes out the window, pretending to take notes and doodling spaceships and Jai and bunnies and swirls and Dahlia and bubbles and swords and Jai and Dahlia.
He thinks of how long he's known Jai, and of the faint smell of jasmine that follows her around and of her hand in Everett's. He thinks of how Dahlia flowed through the arena, how he has never cared less about a defeat than he did just now. He doesn't know. It's all fucked up. The professor looks up at him and he dutifully draws a kangaroo.

His next class is Languages.
No. 151585 ID: 632862

Remember what Jai said... Play the game a little. Test the waters.
No. 151591 ID: 362f0c

There is little worse than the feeling of knowing what you want, but not how you want it.
No. 151615 ID: f95872

It was an good fair fight, and you learned something. Why would you care that you lost?

More importantly, you need more attention to detail. The fact that you left visible lines is bad. Think what such a slip-up could have meant in a real fight.
No. 151654 ID: 1ac39d

dating is fine, if it does get serious then good for you, but for now you aren't looking for someone to spend your life with so if you do break up later then it's okay and you can still be friends... unless you got to 3rd base, then even if you do stay friends for a good time it's just gonna be awkward to be around each-other.
No. 151656 ID: 23e1aa


Stop over-complicating things. For eff's sake, your young, just hit puberty. Let yourself relax and become less clumsy before hitting things up. You don't have to make any choices now, and stop worrying so much. Just go with the flow.
No. 151666 ID: 8ecfd4

Well Dahlia seems you like you. And with her there is no stupid Everett around. See if you can't talk with her some during language class.

She has two tells by the way. She forgets the point counter and the ear ribbons get split up. Could be she is negating the underwear thing by not wearing any.
No. 151667 ID: e3f578

I suggest you try and "relieve some stress" soon. Making an illusion of an attractive stripper should help. Don't make it like anyone you know because that would make you feel like a creep or guilty.

Can... you feel and touch Greater Glamor if you know where I'm going with this? I'm not saying do anything creepy and sure, asking someone out is a much more productive and healthier, but in case your too shy the option is there.
No. 151680 ID: 49e700

Hopefully, you didn't get too 'excited' during that fight, because since she was constantly looking in that general area, she'd probably have spotted it right off. But then... maybe that's why she had such a nonchalant air about her toward the end, hm? 'seams making bumps in your pants' indeed. Nudge nudge wink wink.
No. 151721 ID: 45be60

congratulations. Yer fukkin creapy.

Hey Eivr, get ready for the woulda-coulda-shoulda regrets from the fight that teach you what to do next time! They are a vital part of the learning process, after all. You could have put up an illusion around yourself and jumped out of cover behind the illusionary wall. Then she would have seen your tell, whatever it was, and ignored you, so you could poke her. Man, don't you feel stupid now? Next time you'll get her, just you wait.
No. 151887 ID: 6164e0

No. 151948 ID: 23acb7

Alright kid. I've got a plan.

To compensate for a very embarrassing loss to a cute girl, we're going to restart Project Summon Ethereal Servant. We know how we fucked up with that Arboreal Star now, so we can begin again and get it right this time. Since the ritual preparation takes forever, we can get a head start now and scrawl the rune circle in your room with regular chalk and then trace over it again with the special chalk when you amass enough of it. You'll also have the time to double-check and correct all of your mistakes this way.

If you pull this off, bitches will be all over you. Everett may be tall and mature, but does he have a shapeshifting servant at his beck and call 24/7? No. No, he doesn't. Advantage: Dio.
No. 151957 ID: 3b6c92

I fully support this idea.
No. 151960 ID: 6164e0

But seriously, be diligent in checking your work and ensuring you have as potent of wards and bindings as possible in effect, even if it means it takes longer. You don't want to mess up again.
No. 151965 ID: f98e0b
File 126955376830.png - (149.79KB , 800x600 , 29.png )

Maybe you're right. Dio tries to take his mind off troubles by
planning out a second attempt at a summons. He's had to promise Orpheo not to do any more summons without asking him first, but he almost always says yes. He'll try summoning again tonight. Maybe he'll borrow Jai's crossbow.

He's sitting in Languages, sketching out the summons rune waiting for class to begin, when Dahlia enters, silently.
No. 151966 ID: 8ecfd4

Oh man oh man. Maybe she will sit down in front of you to the left. Then you can check out that ass without any problems.

Oh yeah and keep your mind on that rune. Wouldn't want to mess it up a second time. Although then you would have another kick ass story about beating dream things. Although messing up two times in a row wouldn't send the right message.
No. 151967 ID: 632862

Wave at her!
No. 151969 ID: 620bfb

When you're finally ready to do the summoning, ask one of the prospective ladies to be there. If you succeed she'll see you're awesome and be impressed. If not, you have backup.
No. 151970 ID: f98e0b
File 126955597373.png - (139.94KB , 800x600 , 30.png )

Dio waves at her as she walks in. She ignores him, brushing right past him on a beeline to the back of the room. She sits and takes out her notes, not looking up.

Class starts. The teacher's buzzing about present progressive conjugations of the Furlesian word for "To prepare apples in the way ideal for leaving as much of the flesh untouched as possible while removing the skin".
No. 151971 ID: 8ecfd4

Looks like she wants to check out your ass some more.

Make sure you have to correct runes and pay some attention to the teacher.

Also was all that just one word?
No. 151972 ID: 1ac39d

okay, is anyone else behind you? if not, illusion a 'sup?' on the back of your head. or, if you think you can aim it right, on the back of the chair in front of her.
No. 151973 ID: 717301

How's that pronounced anyway?
Looks like some /b/ faggot wrote graffiti on the back of her chair.

Shouldn't you not be distractedly drawing a summoning rune? Something bad could happen. Don't draw that in class.
No. 151977 ID: 4531bc


I don't think acting un-scholarly will improve your relationship with her, seeing how focused on learning she is.

...of course, it may be that the Dahlia you're seeing is actually an illusion, and the genuine article carefully is monitoring your reaction.
No. 151979 ID: 1ac39d

point. well then keep working.
No. 151987 ID: bf49dc

Keep working. This shit is important.
No. 151988 ID: f98e0b
File 126955828186.png - (136.14KB , 800x600 , 31.png )

Dio sets one half of his mind pondering the runes and the other taking notes.
Both are surprised to see words suddenly forming on the desk in front of him. Dahlia's projecting a glamor onto it.
No. 151991 ID: 8ecfd4

Read the rest man read the rest!

Hmmm, ask her how she removed the undergarments tell issue.
No. 151993 ID: 934ef5

Haha more smart than studious, I like this one. Read the whole message.
No. 151994 ID: 3a4a54

Tell her what you're working on. It might impress her.
No. 151995 ID: 4531bc

Awesome. How well do you understand the class? If you're all good, you could shift the note taking side to conversation, if otherwise, the rune drawing side.

Addendum: Make sure, when you reply to dahlia, that you do so under an awesome alias, such as xXDi0W1N237Xx.
No. 151996 ID: bf49dc

Ohoho, gonna skip class then? You could project an illusion to take your place while you leave, but if you get called on to answer a question... well whatever, you're already a prodigy in this stuff, and Dahlia could help you if you really screw it up. Can you make part of your paper invisible to only you to read the rest?
No. 151998 ID: f98e0b
File 126955872813.png - (118.10KB , 800x600 , 32.png )

No. 151999 ID: 8ecfd4

Tell her your plans of attempting another summon.

Also, ask her how she got over her beginner tell.
No. 152003 ID: bf49dc

Spread the joy. See if you can write "the game" on her desk in glamor.
No. 152010 ID: 4531bc

Getting your summon approved by Orpheo before telling her would be the prudent option.

That wouldn't be very attractive:
"So, wanna hang out sometime? I'm so bored"

How about replying with large semitransparent letters floating above her desk, and bending light such that only somebody looking from her angle of view could see it?
No. 152012 ID: 934ef5

Say you're good for some talking, you were working on other stuff anyways
No. 152013 ID: 632862

How about we set one half to taking notes and the other to talking to Dahlia? The rune sketching is basically done anyway right?
No. 152026 ID: f98e0b
File 126956127920.png - (123.36KB , 800x600 , 33.png )

Dio stops runing and responds, and they strike up a conversation.
No. 152028 ID: f98e0b
File 126956129223.png - (142.59KB , 800x600 , 34.png )

Dio tells Dahlia about the summons he’s thinking of performing. She offers to lend him some chalk but he’s fine, he says. Orpheo’s supportive enough on his own. This gets them off talking about mentors and teachers and then life.

And they talk for a full hour. About, well, pretty much everything. They trade illusion tips and combos and tricks. They stifle laughter over stories of roommates and embarrassing situations and stupid stuff they’ve done. They discuss homework then boys then girls then Arcanopolis politics (treading sensitively around the Ark Fraternity) and the Alienation and then spirits and what happens to us after we die.
No. 152035 ID: f98e0b
File 126956161226.png - (379.60KB , 1200x1000 , 35.png )

They introduce themselves to each other. Dio tells her about his fight with the dreamthing, and how he studies and has fun and about life in the slave markets a long time ago.

Dahlia is the daughter of two arcanopolis magi, so she’s a second generation Cyclops. She was born with the oculus already fully formed and on her, which has led to a lot of interest from the arkers but really, they’re creepy, doesn’t Dio think? She usually keeps pretty closely to herself and only really talks with people in her common room or who she fights with.
She’s a horror movie buff, the trashier the better. Well, she’ll watch most stuff, except Sports Networks. She doesn’t get team sports, somehow. Why watch when you can do? And why bother when the arena’s so much more exciting? She’s trained for combat magic since she was seven years old, and is an avid fencer. She listens to string music, swing, and speed metal. For bouts. Oh, also for fun she’s a techie for the Acting department. Did Dio ever see The Storm in the Summer? She did the lightning for that. It would have been so much more impressive if the leading man hadn’t been such a sissy. She tried dance, once. Thought it would have a lot in common with swordfighting. Didn't work out. No improvisation or imagination. Just the same motions over and over. And she felt so stumpy next to all those long-legged, slim ballerinas. She wonders why she told that to Dio when she hasn't even told it to her best friends. He's really easy to talk to.
By the way, speaking of scary movies, her common room’s watching The Metal Glen tonight. Does Dio want to come see it? It’s a classic.
No. 152039 ID: bf49dc

Sounds good, and now you know why she kicks so much ass, though it probably wasn't difficult to surmise. She probably told you that thing about the dancing because... well no offense, but you're pretty much as short as she is.
No. 152040 ID: 34470e

Yes. Dio wants to watch The Metal Glen.
No. 152043 ID: 3a4a54


I'm honestly scared to let you go see that movie, but too curious to let that get in the way of suggesting you go.
No. 152062 ID: 362f0c

You'll love it... psychological thriller. Just don't try summoning anything from it, seriously, trust us on this.
No. 152071 ID: 620bfb

"Easy to talk to" is a precarious position. If you're not careful you may end up friendzoned. Also go see the movie. I guarantee you'll be scared out of your wits.
No. 152110 ID: e31d52

Introduce yourself the same way, focusing on what you two have in common.
No. 152132 ID: 1ac39d

oh man. after watching that you will be scared of dummies and water coolers for weeks. also, no matter what, do not scream, you are the guy. screaming and clinging to your arm and accidentally pressing their breasts into your shoulder is what girls do.
No. 152138 ID: 5eabae

Watch it with her despite your possible revulsion at the content of the film.
No. 152141 ID: f98e0b
File 12695692073.png - (163.48KB , 800x600 , 36.png )

The class ends, and Dahlia waits for Dio at the door. She extends a sleeve and they walk out of class, talking about each other. Dio tells her about his friends and his ill-fated attempts at learning the piano and his love of scenic, sweeping landscapes and photography and about his insecurities about his height (she empathizes) and about his growing appreciation for the arena and battlemagic.

He's got about an hour before the movie, and his classes are done for the day. The campus is his oyster. He can go to the library or the gym or the arena or his common room. Jai's in class, but he knows for a fact Pyramus is going to be around the gym, punishing the dummies there. Dahlia says she's off to the theater to tech some illusions for a show. She'll meet up with him later unless he wants to tag along.
No. 152142 ID: bf49dc

Ahh you can hang out with her later. Go to the gym, you could use a workout.
No. 152143 ID: 1ac39d

yes, following her everywhere will make you seem a little stalker like. and now that you are growing maybe a work out would be good.
No. 152144 ID: e31d52

Workout and get some advice from your awesome pal.
No. 152146 ID: 632862

Holding hands! Good sign. Better not seem too clingy, though.

Let's go to the gym and practice a bit with various applications of our spells.
No. 152156 ID: 6164e0

And work out like MAD, too. helps clear the mind, give you time to mull things over.

Also, on the subject of Oculus, since she mentioned it, how WOULD one form in utero? Theoretically speaking, it would seem to be either because a marble was inserted and the forming child somehow anchored to it, a possible form of magical genetic influence causing guided evolution, or some form of grand spell applied pre-birth, possibly at conception.

But really, you know more about how magic works than us, Dio. So, as far as you are aware, what are the possible reasons for this? Figuring this out could be useful to your knowledge of magic and oculus in general, potentially useful to Dahlia, both for knowledge and to explain part of herself, and possibly this knowledge could lead to a better understanding of the Ark Fraternity and it's interest in her.

No. 152238 ID: f95872

Go masturbate furiously in your room.

Alternately, go work out. After all, think how nice it would be to take up fencing? that takes some strength. And precision.

Just FYI, you're going to be sore as hell tomorrow.
No. 152287 ID: 2eac65

Go work out at the gym. And if there are any nicely-built guys there, watch them and see if that does anything for you. You're young and in the middle of puberty; it's good to experiment with your feelings.
No. 152345 ID: 8ecfd4

Go to the gym and see if you can't practice some swordplay.
No. 152570 ID: 69f952

Or in your case, knife play.
No. 152657 ID: f98e0b
File 126963533792.png - (284.42KB , 800x600 , 37.png )

No. 152658 ID: f98e0b
File 126963535761.png - (299.92KB , 800x600 , 38.png )

No. 152662 ID: 34470e

POW! Right in the kisser!
No. 152664 ID: f98e0b
File 12696356812.png - (165.30KB , 800x600 , 39.png )

"Good hit, lad," says Pyramus. "Now nineteen more headshots and we move on to lifting,"
"Gah," says Dio.
"We're gettin' ye in shape for yer Alienation if it kills ye, lad." says Pyramus. "The ladies will be all over ye, swear to the spirits."
"Sounds claustrophobic," says Dio, stretching his already sore arm.
"An' after that we'll work with yer swordplay then head over to Common Room 5 for The Metal Glen," says Pyramus, nodding at the dummy. "You'll get a new hatred fer those things, right sure. By the way, Dio. Little bird told me. You and Dahlia, eh?"
No. 152665 ID: 362f0c

Don't know yet, we'll see how things work out.
No. 152666 ID: e31d52

"We have a lot in common. For instance, we can look one another in the eye."
No. 152667 ID: 8ecfd4

Tell him that it's to early to tell yet. But yeah you're kinda hoping it could turn out that way.
No. 152669 ID: 3a4a54

Try to dodge around the subject. Ask him about his Alienation. It's a strong enough subject that it's possible you can get your headshots in before he finishes.
No. 152672 ID: 1ac39d

man, seeing that dummy get knifed made me feel a lot better. just seeing one of those bastards get what the deserve is great.

also, being great at hitting things with non magically propelled daggers would be good for if you end up somewhere that your magic get's cut off for any reason.
No. 152675 ID: 632862

Don't forget to practice throwing with both hands.

Perhaps even two daggers at once.
No. 152692 ID: c66a08

"Yeah, good gal, smart. She looks like a promising friend."

No matter what you feel for her yet, be a bit tsun-tsun :3
No. 152699 ID: f98e0b
File 126963858619.png - (310.08KB , 800x600 , 40.png )

"Yeah, maybe," says Dio. "We'll see. She seems smart and I can actually look her straight in the eye."

"'Sright. She's, whatsit, petite. Puts you right on the proper level with most of the ladies tho, aye?" He laughs. "Luck to ye, laddie. She's a good gel. Smart. Keeps to herself, but she's one of the friendliest little combat maniacs I've met. And, ah, permission to speak freely about yer lass, Dio?"
"Speaking as a fully platonic friend of hers and not as any sort of competition, spirits, that arse. Have you seen her in a combat suit? Delicious thighs an' that sweet little round rump. The kind you wanna grab an' give a good squeeze. I mean, ladies like Miss Jai are more to me taste, but I can see the attraction. Hope ye know what ye're doing, though. She's-"
"Am I distracting ye? Watch yer aim, there, lad. Go for the face. There's plenty of things on the Arcane Plane that need a clean headshot to go down. That's where ye were thinking of going, aye?"
No. 152700 ID: c66a08

"No, I´m ok! In my alienation, I´ll have to get a clean headshot while distracted."
No. 152702 ID: 632862

"Yeah. Uh... go on though. What's that about Dahlia you wanted to warn me about?"
No. 152703 ID: 8ecfd4

Tell him that you're aware of how she looks in the suit.

Have you given any thought to were to want to go for your alienation though? And when is Dahlias coming up? If all works out you might be able to go together.
No. 152708 ID: f98e0b
File 126963911872.png - (101.71KB , 800x600 , 41.png )

“Yeah,” says Dio. “How was it for you, anyway? Who did you go with on your alienation?”
“Went alone,” says Pyramus. “I was young, stupid, thought I was hot shite. Ye remember.”
“You used to call me Weako Deeko,” says Dio.
“Sounds like me,” says Pyramus, laughing ruefully. “The Qal beat that outta me quick. Kicked my ass whenever I tried to pick fights. And they aren’t even mages. No one better for having your back, the Qal. Brave, loyal folk. Anyway, I ended up guarding an excavation into a mountainside, then when we found ruins in ‘em I led the investigation, found a bundle of old artifacts and such, and called it an Alienation.” He tosses the weight to his left arm and starts on that one. “I took a year or so. Fairly lengthy. It changes you, does the Alienation. For the better, usually. Ye’ll soar.”

"So what was that you were about to say about Dahlia?" asks Dio, sizing up another shot.
"Well, her full name's Dahlia Kria zu Veltkrick," says Pyramus. "Euro zer Veltkrick's daughter."
Oh, spirits.
No. 152711 ID: c66a08

Who´s the guy?
No. 152712 ID: 8ecfd4

I assume that person is famous, powerful and potentially scary.

Anyway, do you know when she will be going for her alienation?
No. 152714 ID: 632862

Completly fuck up the throw.

Also, who's that? The Dean?
No. 152715 ID: 701a19

Probably an Arker.

If she were the Dean's daughter I don't think he would have been upset. The Dean likes him, after all.
No. 152716 ID: 6164e0

Look at it this way:

Her father being someone of note probably means she's even more amenable to someone actually treating her like just another student, rather than being careful because of who her father is.

So in a way, this is a good thing.

And whenever you feel worried about who her father, repeat this mantra


You will find yourself caring less about who her father is at that point.

On a more rational front, name one other person who does similar magic to yours, and opened up to you that fast..... Yeah, so honestly, what does it matter who her father is? Worst comes to worse, she could still be a trusted friend, a peer to discuss magic with.

And if things go well... refer to the mantra.
No. 152718 ID: f98e0b
File 126963968414.png - (286.42KB , 800x600 , 42.png )

Euro zer Veltkrick is the Robber Prince of the Arcanopolis. He is behind every mercenary mage, artifact, and magic weapon that is smuggled out of the city and every contraband item that is smuggled in. He's a daring thief, a living legend, a symbol. He's a charismatic leader, ruthless gangster, and one of the most powerful and dangerous men in the city.

Dio is crushing on a daughter of the mob.
No. 152719 ID: 3b6c92

You sure know how to pick 'em. |3
No. 152720 ID: 632862


Quick throw that dagger at the dummy and totally not fuck it up to show how cool and determined you are.
No. 152722 ID: c66a08

Which means you should TOTALLY FUCK IT UP and LIVE IN FEAR whenever you are near her!

Huh. That explains why she didn´ lose in years.
No. 152723 ID: 8ecfd4

Oh man, nice pick. You had better keep up your training. A man like that won't let a wimp date his daughter. And she would totally be worth it.
No. 152726 ID: 362f0c

Ahhhh danger and power... the spices of life.
No. 152730 ID: 1ac39d

this changes nothing. even if you break up as long as you stay friends and her father KNOWS you are still friends then he wont put a hit on you because he knows that would upset her. you are still going to go out with her and silently hope you can at least get to second base.
No. 152731 ID: 701a19

Pfft, no big deal.
Just treat her like you would any other student, don't let hr know you know who her parents are, and things will be fine. After all, you only need to meet him if things work out well with her.
Of course, you could probably get on his good side pretty easily. "Dahlia and I first met by trying to kill each other. I strangled her, she severed my optic nerve, we exchanged blades; it was love at first blood."
No. 152741 ID: f98e0b
File 126964044265.png - (310.13KB , 800x600 , 43.png )

Dio finds that almost as incredibly sexy as it is terrifying. "Is that why she always wins in the arena?"
"That's more to do with the fact that she's a bloody little speedy bugger who gets in your head," says Pyramus. "Kicked my ass, that's fer sure."
His hands are trembling but he manages to sink a few more knives into the dummy's face. “Done,” says Dio.
“That was quick, tho yer all shaky. Arright, Dio, get yer arse to the weight room and we’ll work on them toothpicks ye call arms. Want to impress the gels.”
No. 152745 ID: 8ecfd4

Well follow him and lift some weights. Remember that for each one you lift you can impress Dahlias dad a bit more and hopefully her as well.
No. 152746 ID: 1ac39d

ask how badly his ass was kicked. if it was three to zero then you totally get some bragging right s for getting her down to one and almost taking out the third before falling.
No. 152748 ID: 6922af


Awesome. Now hit those weights, vary up your routine and make the weight room and the gym daily spots to hit up. Time to get you PUMPED, Dio.
No. 152837 ID: f98e0b
File 126965240499.png - (129.66KB , 800x600 , 44.png )

"How badly was your ass kicked?" asks Dio.
"Two zero," says Pyramus. "And that one off her was self-inflicted."
"Been there," says Dio.

After about an hour more of exercising they head to Dahlia and Pyramus' common room. There's already a small crowd assembled, most of whom Dio doesn't know. Pyramus heads and sits on the couch in the middle of the room, left open for him. Dahlia sees Dio, waves, and scooches over to make room. "Hey, Dio. We're about to start the movie."
"Has anyone else seen it?" asks the guy in the gold helmet.
"Who hasn't?" says Pyramus.
"Well me and Tara haven't," says the guy on the floor.
"Neither have I," says Dio.
"You're in for it now, then," says Dahlia in a spooky voice. "Get over here."
No. 152838 ID: 4531bc

You heard the girl. Get over there!
No. 152839 ID: 362f0c

Don't be intimidated. Besides, this movie is good.
No. 152840 ID: 632862

Sit next to her. Close, but not too close, you get what I'm saying?
No. 152848 ID: 8ecfd4

Well sit your ass down next to her. Horror movies can be great for getting close to chicks.
No. 152849 ID: 1ac39d

also, NO MATER WHAT, don't scream. cast entomb on yourself if you have to but do not scream.
No. 152850 ID: f98e0b
File 126965453271.png - (133.77KB , 800x600 , 45.png )

Dio assumes a distance he is pretty sure is an okay median between too close and too far away. They start the movie and skip through the outdated previews.

"Why is it just a bunny in a box? I wouldn't really call that a mindfuck," says Tara.
"It gets crazier," says gold helmet guy. "Give it a while.

"It's just this weird puzzle shit," says the guy on the floor. "It's sort of atmospheric, but if it's supposed to be scary...
"Shh, quiet. Here comes the closet part," says Dahlia.
"The closet part?" asks Dio.
"This bit gets me every time..." says Pyramus.
No. 152851 ID: f98e0b
File 126965467791.png - (147.34KB , 800x600 , 46.png )


"Gurk" says Dio.
"EEP" says Dahlia.
"Ew," says the guy on the ground.
"BUGGER" says Pyramus.
"Oh wow," says Tara.
No. 152852 ID: f98e0b
File 126965473446.png - (146.11KB , 800x600 , 47.png )

No. 152853 ID: f98e0b
File 126965479556.png - (146.20KB , 800x600 , 48.png )

"Could we maybe start seeing each other?" whispers Dahlia.
No. 152855 ID: 6164e0

Say yes.

Don't even let your brain have input, just say it.

You know what, hold on....


No. 152856 ID: 934ef5

Nod. Whisper "Happily". Then snuggle her a little closer, wrap your arm around her waist and watch the rest of the movie.

If she backs up a little she might not want it to be super obvious to everyone, so just play it cool.
No. 152859 ID: 1ac39d

or to be casual about it try 'sure'
or for more formal 'but of course, my lady'
No. 152860 ID: 2eac65

"I'd love to."
No. 152868 ID: 0b9c29

Yes. Yes, for the love of all that is good and holy in existence, say yes.
No. 152876 ID: 362f0c

To use an old but favorite movie reference "as you wish..."
No. 152877 ID: 3a4a54


No. 152878 ID: 9e1d1b

Live dangerously.
Say no.

Then break out into snickers and say, "Aw, who am I kidding? I'd love to."
No. 152890 ID: f98e0b
File 126966208940.png - (194.14KB , 800x600 , 49.png )

"I don't know..." whispers Dio, and Dahlia starts to pull away. "Who am I kidding? Yes, Dahl. I'd love to." She laughs, quietly. It's sort of raspy, like Grey Eldefolk voices are, but not unpleasant. He wraps his arm around her waist. She hesitates for a second, then squirms closer to him. He can feel the warmth coming off her.

Pyramus looks over for a second, nods ever-so-slightly, and gives them a little more room.

They sit like that for a while, and watch the movie.
No. 152891 ID: bf49dc

No. 152892 ID: 6164e0

Make a mental note that you HAVE to wingman Pyramus, he has been a total bro about this.

Also, as a long term thing, add in some running to your workout schedule. Strength, speed and flexibility are important, true, but endurance is every bit as importance, if not more so.

Plus, think how awesome it would be to kick the crap out of some beefy fuck because they couldn't last as long as you.
No. 152907 ID: 99b526
File 12696644242.jpg - (65.84KB , 500x412 , house_bumperCars.jpg )

TGchan, you big buncha softies.

Sagin' for non-quest related.

No. 153020 ID: 8ecfd4

Awww how cute. Remember to get her phone number.
No. 153049 ID: e31d52

>Hand on ass
No. 153055 ID: d86d2c

is a faggot

No. 153099 ID: 6164e0


No. 153102 ID: 362f0c

That seems a little bit 'too' bold for now.
No. 153108 ID: 1ac39d

yeah, this is nice for now. just relax and OH GOD THAT DUMMY!!!!
No. 153262 ID: f98e0b
File 126974095718.png - (203.04KB , 800x600 , 50.png )

It's a few hours later, around midnight. Dio stares out across the Amaranthine. He sighs, heavily. Figures something had to go wrong today, everything else was going so well. It's like. Whatsit. Karma.
No. 153264 ID: f21281

Ah. So you know about the Dreamfolk standing behind you, huh?
No. 153266 ID: 34470e

There isn't someone with 2 evil-looking eyes and a menacing figure behind you that looks like he or she is going to attack you. Not at all.
No. 153267 ID: 1ac39d

turn yourself invisible and make an illusion of yourself in the exact same spot so it looks like you aren't moving then flee.
No. 153276 ID: f98e0b
File 126974229451.png - (203.63KB , 800x600 , 51.png )

Who, that? That's just Thero. Yeah, he's one of the reasons Dio is melancholy.
Shut up.
Dio hopes his subconscious is okay with a new roomate.
Evening, fellas. Name's Thero, as Emo Kid shut up mentioned. He tried to summon some sort of minion thing and I ended up in his head.
He's not exactly welcome here. Dio's been trying to get him out for a while, but he persists in staying here. I told you, kid. I just need a place to crash for a bit and it's not like I can do any damage to you. Your mind's like a fuckin' castle. Anyway, fellas, the kid's convinced that just because I don't have a corporeal body and just because I'm not bound to his will he failed the summons or whatever. That's because Dio did. He was trying to summon another shifter and ended up with a squatter in his skull. I'm tellin' ya kid, I'm willing to pay my way. Isn't there something a guy like me can do for you? Maybe craft a few wet dreams about the chick with the thighs, send 'em your way?
No. 153281 ID: f21281

Ah. Apparently you're -not- familiar with Dreamfolk. Okay.

So here's the skinny. They're beings from another plane of existence, specifically the dream plane. The majority of them are quite friendly, and we know of someone who is in your own situation, and they quite the pair together. What you have is a boon man, not a curse. He can get into other peoples heads (though more than likely not other Wizards - y'all have impenetrable mind barriers), find out things about them, etc etc.

Dude, you're probably the luckiest Wizard around. Just set some ground rules like 'No peeking on me while I'm showering/masturbating' and you're golden.
No. 153282 ID: e31d52

How about something useful?
No. 153287 ID: 632862

No, goddamn it. If the dream comes from you it's more like they're wet dreams about YOU. If you want to make yourself useful you can help Dio understand Dream magic better. Maybe spar with him in his dreams somehow.
No. 153288 ID: e3f578

All right, Threo here can help pay his way by being respectful.
No. 153290 ID: f98e0b
File 126974370974.png - (204.99KB , 800x600 , 52.png )

Dio knows what dreamfolk are. He's a mage of the Dream, after all. He's met a few before, but none of them were ever quite as annoying as this one.
Don't be like that, kid. So ix-nay on the exydreams-say? I can help you out in other ways. Maybe see what someone thinks of you? Spy on your little ladyfriend? Can't say I know much about fighting, but I could always corral some nightmares in here if you want to practice on those.
No, Thero. Dio does not want to face his worst fears. He's already seen enough of that fucking dummy tonight. Maybe just a little respect.
Oh yes, mawster, of course. Lemme just work on my bow. I don't exactly do respect, no offense, kid. It's not you, it's me.
Dio needs to either think of some errand to get him to go away or figure out how to dislodge him. A hammer might work. I heard that.
No. 153292 ID: 6834bc

Dio do not think about sending Thero off to spy on some of the Ark Fraternity creeps or on Everett or to make Jai have a wet dream about you.

That's just silly.
No. 153294 ID: e31d52

How about sending him off to watch her? Make sure she's not in any trouble?
No. 153295 ID: 632862

Spying on the Ark Fraternity?

How about... Spying on Dahlia's father, to see what he would think about you getting with her?
No. 153299 ID: e3f578

Goddamn, not fancy smancy butler respect that demeans you. Sheesh, just no insults or crude gestures when unneeded. Only make sexy jokes if they're well timed so they're funny. You know, friendly respect?
No. 153302 ID: 1ac39d

i like this one. a simple 'find out what would i have to do for Dahlia's father to approve of me seeing his daughter'
No. 153303 ID: 2eac65

We could go and visit Dahlia in her dreams. Not to spy on her, just to visit.
No. 153306 ID: e31d52

Well, we should ask her first.

inb4 we walk in on a hot Dio/Dahlia dream
No. 153325 ID: f98e0b
File 12697470426.png - (198.19KB , 800x600 , 53.png )

Dio doesn't think Thero can get into Dahlia's mind. She's far too powerful an illusionist. The only way he got inside Dio's brain is through the summoning spell, anyway. Mught explain why he's so hard to get out.
Yeah, sorry, kid.
Whatever. Could Thero maybe spy on Dahlia's dad?
Guy's the king of the Arcanopolis underworld. I don't know what kind of defenses he's got against me and I'm not keen on finding out. Oh, and also I have no idea where he is.
Fine. What about seeing what Jai's doing? Can he handle that?
Sure thing, kid.
Jai walks down the pier toward Dio. "Whassup, Dio. Mind if I join you out here?"
Found her. Hot damn, I'm good.
No. 153329 ID: 362f0c

No. 153330 ID: 6834bc

Thero, if I didn't chuckle at that just now I'd be insulting you so hard.
No. 153331 ID: 34470e

"Go right ahead."
No. 153332 ID: 632862


"Hey Jai. Sure, you can join me. I'm just trying to figure out how to get rid of this annoying pest in my head."
No. 153336 ID: e31d52

Whatever you do, don't be bitter about her and whatsisface.
No. 153338 ID: c3fc1a


He can be plenty useful as an extra pair of eyes. Keep an eye out for people sneaking up, other illusionists, etc.
No. 153342 ID: 362f0c

I thought that was our job?
No. 153343 ID: 1ac39d

yes, but our view is affected by what our host sees. if he sees something that is not there we will see it too.
No. 153347 ID: f98e0b
File 126975008326.png - (45.94KB , 800x600 , 54.png )

"Go right ahead," says Dio. She sits down next to him on the pier and dangles her feet in the water. "I'm just out here trying to get rid of this dreamfolk guy who's sitting around in my head."
"A hammer might work."
Spiritsdammit, you people.
"So Dio," says Jai. "A little bird climbed out of a scuttlebutt on a grapevine and told me about you and Dahlia."
"She's a smart intellect and a scary arena fighter wrapped up in a curvy little package. I think you two are probably the cutest couple in this school right now. I'm already coming up with jokes about it. There goes Dio and Dahlia, the double D's. Who, them? They're way too tiny to be double D's. Ho ho ho." He punches her in the arm. "I'm sure you'll both grow a little more eventually. You may want to watch the family, though. I worked with her dad a little, once, like around half the battlemages at Campus have, so if you want to know more about him or his organization, I could tell you a couple things. He's scary. Polite and courteous and sort of sexy in an older guy way and scary. Don't let that stop you, of course."
"So you're okay with this?" asks Dio. "With the Dahlia thing?"
"Why would I not be okay with this? I'd be a giant hypocrite. You stick with Dahlia, and if things ever change just consider me an option. I'm not gonna say I'm not a bit jealous, but I'll get over it. You did." She shifts a little. "Are you okay? With Everett and me, I mean? I admit I haven't been around as much because of him."
No. 153356 ID: 701a19

"Sure! What's on your mind?"
No. 153358 ID: 1ac39d

'at first i kinda wasn't, you have been my friend for a long time and i kinda felt like he was taking you from me.'
No. 153363 ID: 6bf0ae

This, then "but I think I'm cool with it now. And not just 'cause of Dahlia. Now wouldn't have been a good time for us, and I can't expect you to wait out for me. Play the game and all that."
No. 153367 ID: 701a19

"I haven't gotten over you, and I'm not really ok with it... but I'm getting there.
Don't get me wrong, I really like Dahlia and I wouldn't do something crazy like dump her if you became available - I'm happy with her - but it'll take awhile.
Don't worry about it. I'm still here for you, and I'm not going to let this hurt our friendship."
No. 153374 ID: 632862

"Well, I miss you sometimes, I guess. You've got a good thing going though and I've got no right to take that from you."
No. 153390 ID: f98e0b
File 12697547529.png - (270.91KB , 800x600 , 55.png )

"Well I mean at first I wasn't, really. I mean, we've been friends a long time and it seemed like he was taking you away. Think I'm cool with it now, though. And not just because of Dahlia. Now wouldn't have been a good time for us, and I can't expect you to wait out for me. It wouldn't be cool to just expect you to drop everything for me. Play the game, right? Anyway, I'm not going to let any of this hurt our friendship."
"Bros before hoes," says Jai. "Anyway, if you want to know more about the whole mob thing Dahlia's got, or just more about the girl, I could help you. Just don't fuck with Euro, Dio. Please. By the way. Were you planning to, you know," she makes an illustrative hand gesture. "with, ah, Dahlia? 'Cause if you were..." she digs around in her pocket and pulls out a familiar looking necklace. It's the protection Dio helped her make. "I don't really think I'm going to go all the way with Everett. He's sweet and everything, but I don't really see, like, us, y'know? It'd be my first time, it needs to be more meaningful, dee dah dee dah. And I thought, well, you did the heavy lifting with this thing, I just supplied the arcane power. I can always just get another one. And if you really like Dahlia, well... gah, I'm making this too awkward. I feel like such a fucking teenager. Want some shining armor for your soldier-at-attention?"
No. 153396 ID: 701a19

Hug Jai, and accept it.
"I honestly don't know, but if we will then that's aways off yet.
...and if things don't work out between you and Everett, but I'm still with Dahlia, I suppose you could always ask her for permission~"
No. 153397 ID: 632862

"Uhhh... Well, like you said, it's like a crossbow, right?"

Also we should ask about the mob thing. We just want to be sure Dio doesn't wind up getting inflicted with bodily harm just for being near Dahlia. Or breaking up with her.
No. 153398 ID: 934ef5

We're a ways from even knowing if that can or should happen, but it certainly won't hurt to have.
No. 153399 ID: e75a2f

Have her hold onto it, and casually remind her that he is a man.

Men do not need birth control.
No. 153400 ID: f95872

Just be like "thanks". I guess you can't exactly smile with that helmet on, but see if you can't let the smile into your voice, anyway.

>Bros before hoes
That's not really what that means. But whatever.
No. 153401 ID: bf49dc

Don't ask about too much. It would be best not to know alot of that stuff. Tell her if it's any consolation, you think she and Everett are pretty cute too.
No. 153402 ID: 632862

It's not just birth control. The thing works for either participant. It's a general contraceptive.
No. 153403 ID: f95872

This strikes me as a bad idea. That sort of thing can happen down the road, but there's no need to discuss such possibilities now.
No. 153405 ID: 934ef5

I think it's more of a turn of the phrase. Right now, she's a bro. So to speak.
No. 153406 ID: f95872

If that was how she meant it, she would be asserting that she should be more important to him than Dahlia. This does not appear to be the case.
No. 153407 ID: 701a19

Neither one would agree to it. It's just playful flirting.
No. 153409 ID: 6bf0ae

"Well this will be a moment I will treasure forever."
No. 153421 ID: 1ac39d

i agree with this one. it both states he would like to have it while being funny about it.
No. 153435 ID: 362f0c


"Erh thankyou, but I wouldn't imagine wanting to move that fast on Dahlia either. Don't really know how that's going to work out and all.

I mean... just becasue you have steel toed-boots doesn't mean it's a good idea to run through a minefield ehh? And from what people are already telling, this could be a bit of a minefield... especially for a first relationship."
No. 153448 ID: f95872

I'm pretty sure it's not his first relationship.
No. 153495 ID: c3fc1a


You need to slip in a joke or comment about getting them both in the sack.
No. 153536 ID: 1ac39d

first in THIS way. he has had Jai as a friend for a long time, but only recently has he hit puberty and suddenly finds girls are a lot prettier.
No. 153558 ID: 8ecfd4

Tell her to keep it. You can make one for yourself easily enough and she might need it before you anyway.

Ask her for a bit more information about Dahlia and her family.
No. 153592 ID: fe0817

I believe she is using this as a proxy for asking how far we will go with Dhalia. If we accept, we are telling her that we are willing to bed Dhalia.
No. 153596 ID: 1ac39d

that's why i second the 'like a crossbow' statement when taking it, it will let her know that we MAY go that far but we honestly don't know.
No. 153717 ID: 0fc814

Be surprised and a little offended at the implication, but then accept the gesture.
No. 153728 ID: f98e0b
File 126980403021.png - (205.82KB , 800x600 , 56.png )

"Uh, thanks," says Dio, taking it. "Like you said, it's a like a crossbow, right? And if this relationship is going to have a meet-the-parents as scary as everyone's saying it is I could really use a crossbow."

"This meeting was a little less awkward in my head," says Jai, laughing. "Oh well. I'll sleep it off." She stands up. "There's a siege Spell exam tomorrow for Post-Alienation battlemages so I'm going to bed early. You coming in?"
"Nah, I think I'll stay out here a little longer."
"Night, Dio."
"Night, Jai."
No. 153729 ID: f98e0b
File 126980412576.png - (209.96KB , 800x600 , 57.png )

Dio sits.
Feeling all quiet and reflective, kid?
He's trying to.
Right. Shutting up now.
No. 153730 ID: 8ecfd4

You can be quiet and reflective in the common room as well. Doesn't have the same ambience though.

So what's in store for tomorrow?
No. 153731 ID: 701a19

Get some sleep, Dio. See if your unwanted guest can put you out so you're not thinking all night long.
No. 153732 ID: f21281

Think upon new mask designs for after your Alienation.
No. 153733 ID: 0fc814

Tell your stalker to get out of here.

What else is looming?
No. 153734 ID: 1ac39d

yeah, your eyes are almost useless now so swapping a two-eye design for the one-eye port would be good.
No. 153735 ID: 632862

Ask the dreamfolk for advice about having feelings for two women.
No. 153740 ID: f98e0b
File 126980820429.png - (187.12KB , 800x600 , 58.png )

Dio thinks about his upcoming Alienation. His eyes are getting worse, and it seems like it's just a matter of time, now. He'll look around for a new helmet with one eyepiece tomorrow, maybe.
Get one with bling on it.
Go away, Thero.
So hey. Two ladies caught your eye, yeah? Dio doesn't remember saying anything about that to Thero. Your subconscious did. Want my take?
So if you ask me what's important for you, a growin' kid in school right now, is keeping both of these relationships healthy. Let's face it, kid, even if we ignore the whole Dahlia-mob connection both these girls are badass fighting mages and you have to go to school in close proximity to both of them. Plus, they seem like pretty good friends and if you're gonna be a battlemage like it seems you're going for it'll be important for someone to have your back. So priority one for you should be making sure no one gets hurt. Priority two, I guess, if you end up really liking one over the other, 'cause you shouldn't let logic get in the way of that mushy-gushy lovey-dovey shit you materials do.Other than that all I can say is follow your heart, kid. Well no, not your heart. What's the part of your brain that controls attraction? Follow that. They both seem, I dunno, nice. The little ninja girl or tall brown and fireslinging. I couldn't tell you which one I prefer. What do I know, I'm incorporeal. All you people look the same to me.
And, uh, that's that then.

No. 153741 ID: 1ac39d

or maybe see if he or another dreamfolk can be around when you summon the dreamthing.
No. 153742 ID: f98e0b
File 126980829658.png - (159.35KB , 800x600 , 59.png )


Thanks, Thero.
No. 153743 ID: 8ecfd4

Sounds good. Head in a get some sleep now. Maybe ask Thero for some nice dreamless sleep to make sure you're well rested. And keep his tip on a new helmet in mind, nothing wrong with a little bling.

So what's the plan for tomorrow?
No. 153745 ID: bf49dc

You're gonna need a helmet with only ONE hole, yes?
No. 153746 ID: 632862

It looks like Thero is going to be able to pay his way after all. Maybe. It's a start, at least.

What's with the funny hat, anyway?
No. 153748 ID: d1210a

Hats have, from our perspective at least, been a relative constant for Dream things.

Hats are a large part of defining one's personality, and in absence of conventional contours and such (what with dreamthings being black shadowy entities), a hat becomes an even larger part of defining one's individual identity.

I theorize it is incredibly detrimental to dreamthings to remove their hat..... that or it will REALLY piss them off.
No. 153750 ID: f98e0b
File 126981024239.png - (9.84KB , 800x600 , 60.png )

Tomorrow's the weekend, which means no classes. Dio predicts Pyramus is going to keep him on that damn workout regimen, of course. Other than that his day is mostly free, besides a paper he needs to work on which can wait until Sunday. He's got a phone with Dahlia's number on it, an arena he has full access to, and a cult, his best friend's boyfriend, and a mob boss to generally avoid.

For now he's going to sleep. It's not exactly necessary, since he can sleep in halves, but it feels good to rest both parts of his brain at once occasionally, and dream.

Good night.
No. 153754 ID: bf49dc

Have fun!
No. 153761 ID: 0fc814

Think about how great your Ethereal Servant summon will be as you drift off to sleep.

Dream instead about Stitches.
No. 153784 ID: a56bd0

No. 153829 ID: 1ac39d

think about how much you look like Ruby with the two small eyes and one big central eye. dream you are in 'dio quest'
No. 154358 ID: d1210a

Hey Thero, I am going to go ahead and assume you are still cognizant....

What up? We (being the errant thoughts of Dio... and others... coalescing into a collective entity observing actions wherever we can) have met other dreamthings.....

You ever met another entity similar to yourself going by the moniker Undertaker? Wears a tophat, no hunch to his shoulders or anything? Sound familiar?

And beyond that.... you were able to get Jai's attention pretty easily, at least from Dio's perspective: How was that achieved? Did you just out and out reveal yourself as a dreamthing and tell her her presence was desired by Dio or some such?
No. 154379 ID: 785e8d

Perhaps one hole like a dash shape for a while? -

It'd let you use your old eyes until they're gone, but it'd let you use your occulus as it comes in.
No. 154413 ID: 2eac65
File 126984123549.jpg - (109.38KB , 503x613 , beak_mask.jpg )

You could get a beak mask like Orpheo.

beak mask





beak mask
No. 154432 ID: e2020c

No. 154434 ID: bf49dc

Must get fashion consultant.
No. 154736 ID: d1210a
File 126987284093.jpg - (257.54KB , 800x1040 , The Painter.jpg )

But to set yourself apart from others, rather than an outright beak mask, a PLAGUE DOCTOR mask theme might work.

But rather than just out and out plague doctor, maybe something with a bit more class, as even if the plague doctor type mask IS stylish.... some might object.

But if you look THIS classy....
No. 154781 ID: 482f1b

Get a shirt with the Ace of Clubs on it.
No. 154788 ID: f95872

Why clubs?
No. 154804 ID: 2eac65

Um, I was just trying to make a joke. And give Dio nightmares. I'd rather not copy our teacher's style. Our current helmet is fine.
No. 154805 ID: 632862

Let's not copy Orpheo. We want an original shape. Perhaps a sideways figure-8 to keep the general shape of the mask but allow seeing through the middle?
No. 157261 ID: f98e0b
File 127016017036.png - (185.99KB , 800x600 , 61.png )

"Watcha drawing?" asks Dahlia.
"New masks," says Dio. "For when my thing comes in. Oculus."
"That one sort of looks like Ace," says Dahlia.
"Shit," says Dio, crossing it out. "I was sort of trying to go for, like, a neo-plague-doctor look for it. What's it like, having one eye, anyway?"
"I don't know, I've never had two. What's that like? I mean, it already takes enough time to make up one. Do you see double of everything?"
"Should I maybe make some joke about how seeing double wouldn't be so bad if it were two of you?"
"That might be cute.
"It's a little sappy for the first date. So hey, what about this one?"
"That's a huge nose."
"It was supposed to be a beak..."
No. 157264 ID: f98e0b
File 127016067521.png - (188.10KB , 800x600 , 62.png )

Dio's just met up with Dahlia on the steps of her common room. It's around 10 AM on Saturday and fairly annoyingly cold.
“You’re counting this as the first date?” asks Dahlia.
“Did that time when I tried to choke you then we stabbed each other then you blinded me count?” says Dio.
"Well, for some people, maybe," says Dahlia. "There are those who would get off on that. So where are we going?"

Dio ponders. They could go head out into the Arcanopolis proper to eat something somewhere or go to the markets, or hit the library, the Student Union, or maybe head to the arena. The theater is putting on some trashy Elde Rom-Coms and a mainstage production of the poet Ryvix's complete works around now. They both have other stuff to do later in the afternoon around four, but for now they have time to spend with each other.
No. 157298 ID: 3b6c92

Go eat something.

Gives you a nice opportunity to talk, y'know?
No. 157329 ID: 559e17

Ok here's my suggestion:
Go grab something to eat, and try to acquire a thermos-equivalent with something hot to drink. Then head out to a park area and play a game where you both conjure miniature armies and have them fight it out. Should be fun and a good way to practice those illusions, no?
No. 157335 ID: 1ac39d

oh that's a good one.

or maybe you can play 'the oldest game' and when you say what you are you summon the image of the thing and have it defeat the other thing.
No. 157352 ID: 9a1fa4

You could try to out-sappy eachother.
No. 157355 ID: 8ecfd4

Sounds like a good idea.
No. 157455 ID: f98e0b
File 127016821976.png - (56.44KB , 800x600 , 63.png )

"Want to go eat something in town or whatever?" asks Dio.
"Sounds like a plan," says Dahlia. "Let me just go get something to wear besides the robe and this weird coverall."
Dio walks Dahlia up to her room and waits outside while she rummages through her stuff.

"Hey, uh, Dio?" someone calls up from the stairwell.
No. 157461 ID: 9a1fa4

Can you split your mind and put it in an illusion to go say hi?
No. 157465 ID: 362f0c

No. 157475 ID: f98e0b
File 12701688023.png - (81.06KB , 800x600 , 64.png )

The door's closed, an illusion can't open it.
Dio does instead. "Yeah?"

No. 157477 ID: f98e0b
File 12701688142.png - (78.57KB , 800x600 , 65.png )

No. 157478 ID: 9a1fa4

Hey Thero. You up?
No. 157479 ID: e75a2f

The Ark of the Fraternity.

That's no bueno.
No. 157480 ID: 8ecfd4

Glowy red eyes. Resist like a motherfucker!

Thero, time to show that you can be fucking useful, make it impossible for Dio to fall asleep.
No. 157482 ID: 362927

Quick! Try to split your mind in two so you'll have one that isn't affected by the sleep spell!
No. 157488 ID: 1ac39d

YES! put all the sleep inside one half but pretend you were fully affected.
No. 157491 ID: e75a2f

Good thing we rested both halves before this shit went down.
No. 157497 ID: 701a19

Good thing you split your mind and left the illusion behind with Dehlia.
Tell her what's going on.
No. 157540 ID: f98e0b
File 127017188081.png - (113.90KB , 800x600 , 66.png )

"Are we rolling?"
"Okay. Good. Hello, Miss Jai Vostra. We are initiates of the Great Ark, and we speak on behalf of its Sail and its Glory. If you are receiving this video, you are persisting in your attempts to turn our brother, Everett, away from us. You will call him, and you will break off the engagement and deliver him into our arms. We have undergone the ritual, and it is his turn. If you do not, we will begin to send your friend and his companion back to you, once a day, one piece at a time. It begins now. I think a finger from the male will suffice for the first piece. In an hour the rest, and then we move on to the hand."
No. 157543 ID: f98e0b
File 127017193116.png - (96.23KB , 800x600 , 67.png )

[Dahlia, are you there?] asks Dio.
[Yeah,] responds Dahlia. [I got your glamor and Mindsplit just in time. They barged in on me. I went along with it so we could take them on together.]
[Cool. So. Here we are.]
[Yeah. First date?]
[I think it’s pretty clear these spooky pricks have no idea just what they’re dealing with,] sends Dahlia, [if they just put two dream magi into a magical sleep. Two on three, but we’ve got the element of surprise, and we’re both battlemages. If you’re as kickass here as you are in the arena we’ll be okay. Just say the word and the one holding me is toast. How do you want to do this, Dio?]
No. 157546 ID: e31d52

Self defense time, motherfuckers. They just gave you justifiable cause to kick their ass.
No. 157547 ID: 9a1fa4

As nice as it would be to get the guy with his back to you, the ones holding you are the major concern right now
No. 157549 ID: d1210a

Attack the one holding you, Dio, with Entomb and Nervelock, try to take him down QUIETLY, and ask Dahlia to do the same.

If you do this quick, then the guy currently filming might not even notice until it is suddenly two on one.

Of course, this hinges on there being no one else in the room, but opening your eyes or moving would ruin the ambush, so.... I say go for it, both of you feel confident there are three people, go with your intuition and do what you can, swiftly, decisively. Don;t worry about killing the ones holding you, your goal is to maximize what you accomplish in the initial outset of combat, so that you are in an advantageous enough position to worry about possibly taking the third one as counter hostage.
No. 157550 ID: 362927

To her: As quietly as possible, hit these two! Then take the third while he's looking the other way and still unaware.

In our case... Mind Jolt + Nervelock would be our quietest one, yes?
No. 157556 ID: 1ac39d

double entomb so the guys holding you can't make any noise and alert the third, then something to knock them out. then gang up on the third.
No. 157557 ID: 701a19

Better idea. You have a dream spirit, and Dahlia has a powerful father.
Tell her father that the Ark fraternity has taken his daughter hostage and is threatening to dismember her.
The Ark fraternity may be powerful, but THE crime lord is not an enemy to take lightly.
No. 157558 ID: d1210a

Actually, splitting magic like that might make the ambush MORE effective.

Dio just does two casts of entomb on both, while letting Dahlia worry about actually taking them out while they are asphyxiating.

I imagine being hit by spells from two different sources as a surprise is hard as hell to deal with.

Doublecheck with Dahlia that this would work, then do it.
No. 157561 ID: e31d52

This, then
No. 157562 ID: f98e0b
File 12701730641.png - (97.79KB , 800x600 , 68.png )

[If I splitmind them both with Entomb to shut them up, can you deal with them?]
[Can you take the one holding you, maybe?]
[Yeah, probably. Just keep it silent.]
[Right. Are we fighting to disable or kill?]
No. 157564 ID: 1ac39d

disable if we can, kill if we have to. if they need to die to stop them, so be it.
No. 157566 ID: d1210a

Until we have a numbers advantage AND a better sense of what they can do, we should not waste our one bit of surprise.

Fight to kill, unless it is equally easy to insure they are disabled. The goal is to maximize chances of success and survival, not to be nice.
No. 157568 ID: 3b6c92

Going with this guy.
No. 157569 ID: 0fc814

They all have the oculus. You can't afford to hold back. Lethal.
No. 157570 ID: 9a1fa4

If it's equally effective either way, disable. If not, kill their asses dead, they antagonized you.
No. 157572 ID: 3de05a

I wanna say disable... keep the moral high ground. We know one is a Dream mage, as he used sleep. How would we disable him without using lethal force?
No. 157574 ID: 701a19

Tell Dahlia you're willing to do either, but if she wants to kill then she should have her father tell the fraternity that he does not look kindly on people who threaten his family, and that Dahlia showed great mercy by killing them herself.
No. 157583 ID: e3f578

"Never done it before, but I'm willing to 'experiment' if you are."
No. 157611 ID: 362927

Hit them as hard as possible. Don't try to kill them, but absolutely make sure that they aren't going to continue to be a threat.
No. 157634 ID: f98e0b
File 127017589185.png - (149.77KB , 800x600 , 69.png )

[If it makes it more efficient, kill them,] sends Dio. [We want to take away their numerical advantage as quick as we can.
[Those were the words I wanted to hear.] replies Dahlia.
[Okay. Three. Two. One. Go.]
Dio opens his eyes and closes the throats of both of the goons holding them. One lets out a quiet whine, that the soliloquizing leader does not hear.

Dahlia takes advantage of the surprise by sliding right out of her robe, leaving the choking arker grasping at a garment. She pulls a compact scythe from her dreams as she begins to fade out of sight.
[Do something about yours,] she sends. [This one is done.]
No. 157636 ID: 9a1fa4

Can you summon an object... directly inside of his body?
No. 157638 ID: 3de05a

Our hands are right next to him. Summon Item a spear right into his body.
No. 157641 ID: 1ac39d

i think you can only summon it to somewhere on your body.
anyway. replace your magic keeping him from breathing with a knife to the throat.
No. 157645 ID: 362927

Hm. I can't think of a good way to put him down fast and quiet that isn't cutting the throat. So, yeah, dagger, throat.
No. 157675 ID: d1210a

Summon a knife, plant in ribs while rising.

Or, do an upwards thrust/throw into the underpart of the neck and jaw, that can be quietly fatal.

Just act with the skills you have been gaining, act without hesitation and move with surety.
No. 157685 ID: f98e0b
File 127017796512.png - (162.02KB , 800x600 , 70.png )

Dio pulls a knife, but while he's fast, the Arker has recovered from the intial shock long enough to grasp at him, wheezing. He grabs Dio's arm holding the knife.

To his right, Dahlia steps out of invisibility behind the arker, spins him around with one arm, and, with indifferent brutality, slices his throat wide open. Dio hears a sound like velvet tearing and a gurgle. He feels a wet drop of blood splash his face.
The leader must hear it too, because he begins to turn around. "What-"
No. 157687 ID: e31d52

Quickly, fuck him up with spells. Choke him to death. no fucking mercy.
No. 157688 ID: 701a19

Create an illusion of everything being the way it was before.
Then throw your knife at his eye while making it look like the guy holding you did it.
No. 157690 ID: e31d52

This. This for the hilarity.
No. 157691 ID: 3b6c92






No. 157692 ID: 1ac39d

yes, he will be like 'what was that noise' the illusion of the guy holding you will shurg, then throw a knife, the confusion going through the leaders head will make him blast the guy
No. 157696 ID: 3de05a

I agree with the glamor cloak. Except, make it look like Dahlia is struggling and tearing her robe up. That would explain the sound.
No. 157717 ID: d1210a


You no longer are using a dual spell setup, since one target is now dead.

Correct that, by setting nervelock on the guy you are fighting with the entomb, and get the knife into a free hand.

You spent all that time throwing knives, show what you learned, right here. Hell, the target's right there, bottom of the neck, right in the spine, instant death, and your life becomes a bit safer.

Now act, and act without hesitation.
No. 157741 ID: f98e0b
File 127018174838.png - (126.71KB , 800x600 , 71.png )

Dio puts up a glamour, quickly, remembering the orderly scene that once was then pulling it from his mind and throwing it up like an oil canvas onto the real world.

"What the hell was that noise?" asks the leader.
His associate shrugs, then a knife, the sharpest Dio can imagine, comes flying from his hand directly toward his commander's face, hissing as it cuts through the air.
No. 157743 ID: f98e0b
File 127018191434.png - (244.17KB , 800x600 , 72.png )

But the snap glamor coupled with the summoned knife proves too much for Dio's already precarious entomb spell, which breaks, and air comes rushing into the gasping arker's lungs. He croaks out a warning, just in time, and the leader dives out of the way as the dagger punches past inches away from his face. He throws up a hand, and with a heavy, bass thump that reverberates in Dio's chest, blasts him, the arker, and the curtain behind them across the room, landing in a heap on the opposite side.

Dahlia is nowhere to be seen.
No. 157744 ID: e75a2f

Well judging by the pointy thing behind his head, I'd say she's about to kill him.
No. 157745 ID: 3de05a

Naw, that's the missed knife.
No. 157746 ID: e3f578

That's Dio's knife whizzing past his head. Well at least you're out of that guys grasp. Can you try an manage to mindlock the two arkers?
No. 157747 ID: e31d52

Fffffffffffuck. Nice fucking up there, Dio. Focus entirely on killing the minion that has you.
No. 157750 ID: d1210a

Okay, get BEHIND the crony you are meleeing with, spin him about, crawl, whatever, but get his body in between the two of you, and apply nervelock and mindjolt both to the crony so he is little more than a twitch meat shield.

At this point, stab, stab, stab him, while planning what to do about the other guy, and figuring out what Dahlia is doing.
No. 157751 ID: f95872

Oh my. With the unicorn avatar, this amused me greatly.

>Dahlia is nowhere to be seen.
Then she's probably fine.
No. 157752 ID: e31d52

>Fffffffffffuck. Nice fucking up there, Dio. Focus entirely on killing the minion SPECTACULARILY that has you.

Seriously, nerve sever his arm, and illusion it to make it look like you made it EXPLODE.
No. 157753 ID: 3b6c92

Dammit guys I said just throw the knife. I don't care what kind of wizard he is; I really don't think he was just gonna "deal" with a knife hitting him in the back of the head. Instead we gave him too much time, and now this is gonna be a lot harder.

I'm assuming the leader dude is probably more of a threat, but the other guy is physically in contact with us at the moment.

I guess I'll leave spells to you guys, since I'm not great with them, but seriously: stop trying to do so much at once. There's subterfuge, and then there's exhausting yourself.
No. 157770 ID: f98e0b
File 127018456464.png - (298.47KB , 800x600 , 73.png )

Why are you blaming Dio? You are asking too much of him! Your plans all involve too many different spells and effects going on at once for someone whose mind is split into only two separate areas, and Dio is bound to fuck up! Keep in mind he can comfortably maintain two and only two spells. Any more and he has to double up in one part or the other, and he has a good chance of failure. He's just an apprentice. He's already got a killer headache from all you've had him do so far.

Nervelock + Mind Jolt=MY LIMB
In the arker's mind, his arm explodes in a shower of blood and bone. He clutches at it and howls, convulsing.
"What are you doing?" shouts the leader, who sees the reality of his assistant simply panicking and grabbing at his arm.
"aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" responds the arker.
"Get out of the way! Snap out of it!"
No. 157771 ID: 9a1fa4

While he's flailing around, knife him.
No. 157773 ID: e31d52

Knife the bastard in the back, holding him up as a shield. Call for Dahlia to attack, and illusion her coming in from the side of the cloaked bastard.
No. 157774 ID: d1210a

Stab the apprentice in the neck, get a real deep thrust in, sever the spine even if you can while he is distracted. While stabbing him, deactivate the spells on him and thorw up a glamor of the apprentice still clutching his arm and screaming. Try to buy a few seconds having the apprentice 'shake it off' and begin struggling with you again while you give Dahlia time to work and buy yourself time to recuperate. Keep the head dude convinced his apprentice may be able to take you, but not enough he takes his eye off.
No. 157788 ID: f95872

Knifes are useful tools. Use your knife. But be aware of the boss man possibly interfering.
No. 157826 ID: 8ecfd4

Knife to the kidney. Then use the wall glamor trick. One illusion goes off to distract the last guy while you do the whole "Melt into the wall trick", get close to him and take him out, preferably in a painful, possibly crippling but non lethal way.

How good are you at using boomerangs or other blunt throwing weapons? Because I think Dahlias father might want that last one to imprint on people why you really shouldn't try to kidnap his daughter.
No. 157839 ID: 2eac65

The wall trick relied on us sliding the wall out slowly. He'll notice if it suddenly thrusts forward and engulfs us.
No. 157841 ID: 8ecfd4

We use an illusionary Dio as a distraction to get him to look away from his prone buddy. Once he has looked away Dio goes into the wall.
No. 157872 ID: f95872

Too complicated. Dio can't do that much at once.
No. 157875 ID: 8ecfd4

It's two illusions. He can do that once he has killed the guy in front of him. Then he won't have to keep up a mind jolt + nervelock anymore.
No. 157876 ID: 8ecfd4

It's two illusions. He can do that once he has killed the guy in front of him. Then he won't have to keep up a mind jolt + nervelock anymore.
No. 157922 ID: 69f952

Do you have any knives on hand? If so, ignore step one.

1. Stay behind the dude who thinks his arm's all screwed up. Very quickly, break the spell and summon up a knife.

2. Make an illusion that you're holding him hostage, whilst in reality, just stab him between the shoulder blades. There's no way you're going to outpower this guy.

3: Steadily walk the illusion/body towards the nearest wall. Melt into the wall, break the illusion, and wait for him to come along and investigate. You may then pull off the trick you pulled in the arena.
No. 157923 ID: 559e17

Draw the boss' attention to yourself while keeping the second underling under MY LIMB. Ask that headlurker of yours to warn you of the boss's attacks, and evade and deflect. Hopefully Dahlia has the good sense to circle around and stab him in the spleen while he's busy trying to hit you.
No. 157932 ID: f98e0b
File 127022948349.png - (323.82KB , 800x600 , 74.png )

[Dahl,] sends Dio, as he breaks from his combo into a knife summons and frantically stabs the arker to death. [Go for the cloaked guy. I'll mimic for you.]
[Already in position,] says Dahlia. [Hit it.]

She leaps into visibility, brandishing a heavy metal bat. Dio throws up a mirror flying at the cloaked man from the other side. He starts in surprise.
No. 157933 ID: f98e0b
File 127022953976.png - (321.28KB , 800x600 , 75.png )

"Bitch!" he howls, and surrounds himself and both Dahlias in a nimbus of shimmering force. She goes flying like a ragdoll.
No. 157934 ID: f98e0b
File 127022961633.png - (171.16KB , 800x600 , 76.png )

And then the real Dahlia steps into existence directly in front of the defenseless mage and runs him through.
No. 157935 ID: 69f952

High-fives are in order.

As soon as you recover, there should be a camera rolling. You might want to take that along.
No. 157943 ID: 701a19

Dio: Hug Dahlia, then give her a passionate kiss.
"This is going to be hard to top on our second date. You have such beautiful eye, by the way."
No. 157946 ID: 3de05a

Is the guy Dio stabbed actually dead, or just passed out? It'd be nice to have someone to interrogate. Or turn over to the authorities.
No. 157948 ID: e3f578

"It looks like you've been run through, old man."
No. 157955 ID: 69f952

Run through? It seems he got the point.
No. 157978 ID: f98e0b
File 12702330446.png - (913.85KB , 800x600 , 77.png )

No, he's dead.
All three of them are dead. They're already fading, leaving bloodstains and oculi behind. Dio's never killed another vidder. Another student.

Dio's shaking. He doesn't feel like a high five and he doesn't feel like a badass and he sure doesn't feel like the good guy.
No. 157980 ID: d57bb4

Really was looking forwards to survivors.

Neh, no need for kisses, although you two just did share something powerful. Now you have to cover up each other's crime life.

How often does this happen to her????
No. 157983 ID: e3f578

Dio, it wasn't your fault. These men were serious and sadistic. They would've done horrible shit to you and Dahlia had you not done what you did today. You could have disabled them but look at how much they managed to do when you didn't hold back.
No. 157984 ID: 9a1fa4

Sit down, man.
No. 157987 ID: 362927

Try to pull yourself together and remain calm for now. Don't worry about trying to show off how calm you are, so don't say anything.

Just relax... take a few deep breaths. Count to ten slowly.
No. 157990 ID: 3de05a

"What... do I do now?"
No. 157993 ID: 3b6c92

You need a hug, man.

Pretty bad.
No. 157998 ID: 69f952

Dio, you were afraid, surrounded, and outnumbered. I apologize that it went like this, but the fact that you're guilty means that you are still the good guy. If you had killed these men and felt nothing for it, I can't say much about your mental and moral state.
No. 157999 ID: 701a19

'Crime life'? Dio and Dahl did nothing wrong.

Dio, we know this is tough for you, but you DID do the right thing.
They kidnapped two innocent underclassmen with the intent of torture and murder.
The reason for the torture and murder was so they could force Jai to do things under duress.
The reason for the duress was so they could force a a fourth party to do what they wanted.
Yes it was a traumatic experience, yes it was unpleasant, but you did the right thing.

Have Dahlia gather their oculi so she can send them to her father, and he can send them to the Ark fraternity as a warning to never try this again. Take the camera so you can show the video to Jai and Everett.

Once you're out of there and back to the school go into one of your rooms and tell Dahlia that you've never killed a person before, and while you know it was the right thing thing to do it's still traumatizing. Ask her if you can spend the night together and just hold each other while you sleep.
Possibly dream-sharing, but more likely just ordinary sleep.
No. 158010 ID: f95872

Take a load off. It sounds like now that the adrenaline's wearing off, you're about going into shock. Ideally, you'd be able to just chill, and drink something. Preferably prone. But at the moment, you're in an unknown - presumably hostile - environment, so you can't really do much but get your bearings now.

How's Dahlia holding up?
No. 158011 ID: 362f0c

Don't forget to take the Oculi. We can figure out what to do with them later... they are least may prove useful as evidence... or something.
No. 158013 ID: f98e0b
File 127023805640.png - (60.89KB , 800x600 , 78.png )

"Well," says Dahlia, grabbing her robe and helmet. "That's that. We should grab the oculi, and the camera. It might-" She turns and sees Dio, sitting and staring at the floor.

She walks over to him, and, hesitatively, puts a hand on his shoulder. "Dio? Are you okay?"
"Yeah. I, um," he gulps. "I'm fine."
"Should we call anyone? I can call my dad. He's um, kind of a gangster. I didn't tell you. I'm sorry."
"I know. That he's a gangster, I mean."
"Oh. And you still-"
"Some first date, huh?"
"What now?" he asks.
"I don't know," says Dahlia. "I've never killed anyone either, before. Hey, hey," she says, seeing his eyes grow distant again. "It's not our fault. It's okay. Come here, Dio."
No. 158014 ID: f98e0b
File 12702380817.png - (49.97KB , 800x600 , 79.png )

No. 158017 ID: 701a19

Take everything and head back to school.
You should spend the night together - nothing sexual, just holding each other for comfort; it'll do you both a world of good.
We can worry about what to do tomorrow.
No. 158021 ID: c2c011

Take everything with you. The camera should be enough evidence to clear you of any guilt and both Everett and Jai deserves to know that they might get targeted.

And while it might not feel like it now there are other people who have gone through similar things that you just did. If there are any counselors or pshychic health people at school you should talk to them. Having someone to talk to will make the coming weeks more bearable.
No. 158024 ID: d1210a

what is that thing Dahlia is standing on?


Anyway, yes, I think you should start doing things Dio, it helps with coping in situations like this.

For starters: Logically, if Dahlia is now aware you know of her father, you may wish to suggest the plan concieved earlier, that of having him and his faction claim this was for having taken his daughter hostage. Phrase this as a thought on your end that you want to bounce off her, she knows her father better, and what he would/wold not do.

After you discuss this with her, comment that maybe you should start hitting the arena and gym both more often, as you kinda flubbed that. Still, good to see she had your back. Build from that.

The point is stay focused on other things, give your mind time to adjust, most organics are very adaptable when trauma is concerned.

So put it aside for now, and focus on what needs to be done: Namely, actually getting home safely, and what to do with the occulus (should also go to her dad if he does claim credit) are big concerns.
No. 158026 ID: d57bb4

As far as I understand, Everett, Jai, the Dean and Dahila's dad are the only ones who can see the tape.

I think the ocului (oculuses sounds wrong) should be disposed of in some permanent fashion.
No. 158027 ID: 362f0c

Don't get to carried away now but, it's quite okay to just sit until the shakes stop.

Don't worry to much about it, I hear only one in 10 people can kill their first without the post-combat 'difficulties.'

But yes, after you've caught your breath you guys probably need to gather up this stuff and GTFO quick. Somebody is going to know they are gone, and I doubt they were the only ones in on this.
No. 158028 ID: 701a19

Showing the video to Everett will probably be enough for him to break off ties to the Ark fraternity, since it clearly shows how little they value him beyond how they can use him.

Again, spend the night together in each others arms. It'll help keep you calm, and will make it far less likely for you to suffer a panic attack in the middle of the night.
No. 158033 ID: 3de05a

If you ask me, Everett will be freaked out that we killed some of his 'friends'. If you think about it, them kidnapping Dio was almost something like "Come back Everett we love you! Look at what we're willing to do to get you back!"
No. 158054 ID: e75a2f

Well, you should at the very least warn Jai, the Dean, and Dahlia's Dad. Jai should know since the Ark could possibly take some even more extreme action to get Everett back, Dahlia's Dad should know since even without the mob stuff, a father should know is someone just tried to kidnap his daughter, and the Dean because he's the one responsible for you two while you're at this school to begin with.

Show Everett too. It's not really our choice whether or not he joins the Ark, and he should know what they tried to do, and how fanatical they are about trying to get him to join.

Also scoop up those Oculi and get them to the Dean. We already know how batshit the Ark is about getting their Oculi.
No. 158067 ID: 701a19

Grab the oculi and the camera. Go to Jai and give her the video with instructions that the dean, Everett, and Dahlia's dad all need to see it.
Spend the night in each others arms in Jai's room. She's killed before, she'll be happy to guard you two while you recover, and she'll attest that nothing happened.
Tell Dahlia that tomorrow you two need to decide if the dean or her dad should get the oculi.

Decide who gets the oculi.
Dahlia should probably tell her father that you two are dating, since this is as good a time as any and you just saved each others lives.
Everything else.
No. 158546 ID: 2eac65

I hope Dahlia remembered to turn the camera off.
No. 158709 ID: f98e0b
File 127030491392.png - (279.53KB , 800x600 , 80.png )

After about half a minute Dahlia pulls away and pulls out her phone. "I'm calling Daddy. He'll help us out."

"And so I took out the pocketwatch, and-few people know this, but Nephilim go simply insane for anything shiny, it's true-and Lotheriax dived for it, right as the crossbow bolt hit where he had been just a moment ago. No, I swear to the spirits, it's true! I-"
"Who- ah. Pardon me, Duchess, I have to take this. Have you met my friend the Caliph Orbinaridio? He has the most delightful anecdotes involving thaumaturgists, don't you know."
No. 158710 ID: f98e0b
File 127030499856.png - (83.19KB , 800x600 , 81.png )

Euro Zer Veltkrick steps into a back room. "Hey, Dollie. You just saved me from death by boredom. What's up?"
No. 158720 ID: f98e0b
File 127030728879.png - (94.83KB , 800x600 , 82.png )

No. 158725 ID: 701a19

Key points:
Dahl is now dating Dio.
Dio and Dahl taken hostage by Ark fraternity.
Plan was coerce another student via piece-by-piece return and murder.
D&D killed their captors.
Have some Ark oculi he can have, and need a power player to prevent reprisal.
No. 158730 ID: c2c011

Someone is going to be up to their eyes in shit very soon.

You would think people do some research before they try to do the whole kidnapping, torture extortion thing.

Well Dio, atleast you should have Euros gratitude for helping his little girl.
No. 158733 ID: 362f0c

Let's hope that's not about you Dio... probably not... but still. Don't ever piss of this man without a damn good plan.
No. 158736 ID: f98e0b
File 127030859927.png - (55.53KB , 800x600 , 83.png )

"He wants to talk to you," says Dahlia, handing over the phone.
Dio takes it. "Hello?"
"It's Dio, right?" says Euro in a calm voice.
"Yes, sir."
"Yessir. I like that. Dahlia told me you were quite the fighter just now."
"Relax, kid. I'm not going to bite your head off, alright? Just call me Euro."
"You alright, Dio? First kill can get to you, I know."
"I think I'm okay."
"All right. You want someone to talk to about shit you can't talk to anyone else about, let me know. And send me your stained robes. In my profession it pays to have a knack for getting bloodstains out of everything."
"Yes sir. Euro."
"You saved my daughter's life, Dio. These were Good Deaths. You'll be repaid, somehow. I'm going to have a talk with some of my friends in the Fraternity. We'll figure this whole messy business out. So, what were you going to do with the Oculi they dropped?"
No. 158740 ID: 9a1fa4

Was GOING to try and give them to the dean... would that be a bad idea somehow?
No. 158742 ID: 3b6c92

What does he think we should do with them?

'Cause we were having trouble coming up with something reasonable, as I remember.
No. 158743 ID: 559e17

'Honestly, I have no idea. I figured I'd keep them until I came up with a good use for them.'
No. 158745 ID: 701a19

"Honestly? I'm happy enough that Dahlia's ok and you're alright with us dating.
We were planning on handing the oculi over to either you or the dean. What would you suggest?"
No. 158748 ID: d1210a

"I admit to being currently out of my league, and while I considered turning them over to the dean, that could leave Dahlia and myself potentially open to reprisals. Then I considered giving them to you, if you wanted to claim that the Ark members were killed for capturing your daughter and threatening her... again, I wish I had more experience about what to do in this situation, but in absence of that, I could use the advice of someone a bit more well-versed in more critical situations like this.

So, Euro, Sir... What do you think I should do with them?"

I think establishing a baseline of being an honest kid would probably go best right now, and in his partly shocked state, I can see Dio being very honest.
No. 158753 ID: f98e0b
File 12703097493.png - (63.50KB , 800x600 , 84.png )

"I don't know. I was thinking maybe of giving it to the dean. Would that be a bad idea?"
"Yes. A very bad idea. The Ark scare people. The Dean will just give the Oculi back if he gets them. Now I'll take them, and they'll be useful to me, but you should know I'd do illegal things with them. Black market, you know how it is. If you're not comfortable with that yet find a guy named Orpheo Diraiphe at your school. He's a professor. Big nose. Give them to him and he'll know what to do with them."
"Orpheo's my mentor."
"No shit? He's one of my contacts on Campus. Keeps me in the know, you know? You must be the wunderkind he's always talking about."
"Yeah. He sees himself in you, I think. Doesn't like your poetry, though. So. You're dating my girl."
It's more a flat statement than a question.
No. 158756 ID: 362f0c

"Yeah, but this wasn't exactly what I had in mind for a first date."
No. 158757 ID: 9a1fa4

Say "Yes sir"
No. 158759 ID: 3b6c92

"I... yeah?"

or something like that.
No. 158760 ID: d1210a

Moment to not stutter, OR sound scared.

You knew his knowledge would come when you entered this relationship. Answer with whatever courage you can.

"Yes, Euro, I am. Seeing as how I don't know what kind of father you are, I'll simply leave it at I like her a great deal, and I trust her. But then, I imagine you know Dahlia better than I do."

So, Thero, how good are you at sensing emotion in dialogue, even when someone tries to mask it? That would seem to be a strong point for beings dealing with a realm heavily influenced by impulse and the subconscious. Can you give us you best guesses for how Euro feels? And maybe Dahlia too? I imagine she is rather curious about the phone call's path as well.
No. 158761 ID: c2c011

Say you would like to if she sticks with you after this disatrous first date.

I think the occuli should go to Orpheo. He should know what to do with it.

And Dio, you never said you wrote poetry. You have to show some of your work. Just run it by Thero before you read any for Dahlia though.
No. 158764 ID: 701a19

"Yes. I'm one of the few people who have ever managed to land a hit on her in the arena, and she's one of the most ingenious people I've ever met. It came down each of us having one touch left, and she scored it first. She asked me out later that day, and I leapt at the offer.

As far as first dates go this was much more... exciting than I expected."
No. 158767 ID: f98e0b
File 127031089935.png - (17.24KB , 800x600 , 85.png )

"I'd like to," says Dio. "If she'll forgive me for the disastrous first date."
Dahlia laughs and puts her arm around him.

"I give you the blessings of the father, then, Dio." says Euro. "You'll be her third, but I don't think either of the others were all that serious. They certainly never killed cultists with each other, anyway. I'm not going to intrude on you two. I like you, kid. I don't fully know why, but my instinct tells me you're a good guy, and you learn to follow instinct when you do what I do. Have fun."
"Yes sir."
"Oh, and, ah, one more thing. I know she's sixteen now, you're around the same age, and things can happen then. Nothing I say will stop either of you, and that's fine. But if when you do, you don't use protection, and you knock up my little girl...
No. 158768 ID: f98e0b
File 127031092197.png - (30.97KB , 800x600 , 86.png )

I swear to the spirits they will never find the body.

Take care now."
No. 158773 ID: 559e17

'Thank you, sir. Euro. Sir.'
No. 158774 ID: 3b6c92

Right let's be sure to never get on this guy's bad side for any reason ever.
No. 158775 ID: 9a1fa4

No. 158776 ID: 15f6d6

Bring the oculi to Orpheo post haste. Also, fawning reply etc etc.
No. 158781 ID: 701a19

"I understand perfectly, sir. I hope your night improves." and hand the phone back to Dahlia.
You know, somehow that threat's actually less intimidating coming from a crime lord.

Tell Dahlia "He says he likes me and that I have his blessing... and that if we don't use protection and I knock you up then I'll wind up an unsolvable murder... I would be more intimidated by that if it wasn't completely expected.

He said we could give these to Orpheo, but lets do that tomorrow. Tonight all I want to do is go to Jai's room where it's safe, and sleep in your arms."
No. 158782 ID: 701a19

First? That line is expected when coming from accountants, and he's a crime lord.
Second? He's a CRIME LORD; fawning replies and sucking up are just going to make him lose respect for you.
No. 158788 ID: 49eee4

Keep it to a simple and serious "Yes, sir". No fear or fake happiness or anything other than confidence.
No. 158791 ID: f95872

"Of course, sir. Thank you."
No. 158796 ID: 717301

"Wouldn't expect anything less, sir. "

Give the oculi to Orpheo
No. 158800 ID: f21281

"Abstinence is sounding like such a lovely idea right now."
No. 158805 ID: 362f0c

(don't add aloud)
and if that fails I happen to have just been gifted a handy amulet in such circumstances...
No. 158814 ID: 5b6805

"I'm a responsible man, sir."

Before you hand over those oculii, memorize the way that they look. Every Detail. Disguising yourself, or others, as an Ark member later might be important.
No. 158816 ID: 49eee4

"I'm wearing protection right now."
No. 158821 ID: f95872

No. 158869 ID: 5eabae

Say goodbye as if that didn't faze you at all, and consult Orpheo about the Oculi.
No. 158872 ID: 6164e0

"Thank you, and I hope this news did not alter your own machinations overmuch. Fare well."

Let Uero hang up first, he is probably used to it. Then put the phone down, and make a promise to yourself: KEEP THAT GOD DAMN AMULET ON YOU AT ALL TIMES. There is no guarantee hormones and situational appropriateness can be avoided, so might as well carry what you need to keep her father from killing you with you at all times.

Beyond that, yeah, you should probably bring two to Orpheo, and send the other to Euro. The two serve to keep you in his good graces, allow you to inform him of what happened, and the third going to Euro will mean people will start to wonder if he had a hand in your escape. Should mea you get underestimated, which means your chances of survivinganother encounter like this go up.

Beyond that, Ask Dahlia if you could spend some time sparring with her, you want to work off some stress. It also will allow you to assess whether you are going to have any issues to work out from your first kill.
No. 158932 ID: f98e0b
File 127032184090.png - (62.88KB , 800x600 , 87.png )

"Of course, sir. Thank you. I'll be careful."
"I know you will, kid. Y'know, I think I see as much me in you as I see Orpheo. Bye."
He hangs up and gives the phone back to Dahlia. "What'd he say?" she asks. "Did he do the whole 'screw-her-and-I'll-find-you' thing?"
"He said if you get pregnant I'll end up an unsolvable mystery."
"Really? That's more leeway than he usually gives," says Dahlia, flipping the phone shut. "He does that with everyone, Dio, don't worry about it. It scared my first boyfriend away. What now?"
"Now? I'm giving the oculi to Orpheo, I think. Could you go get Everett and Jai and show them the video? They need to know."
No. 158935 ID: 15f6d6

Do this plan you just said. it's a good plan.
No. 158937 ID: f98e0b
File 127032234449.png - (167.28KB , 800x600 , 88.png )

Dio hands the oculi over to Orpheo, who takes them with more than his usual solemnity, for he knows what Dio had to do to get them. Dio tells him what happened.
"I see," says Orpheo. "Every battlemage has blood on their hands, Dio. If you had pursued this path you are taking you would have killed sooner or later. I am glad your first kill was so purely motivated. But Dio."
"Yes, master?"
"I respect your decision to see his daughter, but I worry about Euro. Our partnership is profitable for both parties, and I count him as a friend, but make no mistake, Dio. Euro zer Veltkrick is not a good man. Not by any stretch of the imagination. He is a criminal and a killer. Be careful. Please."
"Of course, master."

Pyramus, Jai, and Everett all see the video, and Pyramus promptly cancels the Gym training for today. It's noon, now, and Dio and Dahlia have the rest of the day open.
No. 158941 ID: 6834bc

We should probably do something like talk to Everett, see how he feels about all this.
No. 158950 ID: 49eee4

Spend time with Dhalia, talk about things including but not limited to combat techniques. You two will need to know how to fight together more effectively. No sparring today though, you should both rest and stay fresh for any further trouble.
No. 158951 ID: 362f0c

Yeah I don't think we've really talked to him yet have we? I mean, if he is going to be dating our best friend we should probably get to know the guy a little more than "oh hey we went to the same party once or something."
No. 158952 ID: 2eac65

Since we're getting involved with organized crime, it'll be good to have some sort of protection just in case. Making some friends in the Authority could be good for our health.

While we're thinking long-term, the next time you try to summon a magical servant, try to get one that actually wants to be summoned. That way, it's more likely to make a deal with you and less likely to to try kill all your friends.

Speaking of which, how's the squatter in your head doing? Maybe you could introduce him and Dahlia to each other.
No. 158958 ID: c2c011

Spend some time with Everett, Jai, Dahlia and see if Pyramus wants to hang out as well.

Having other people around you could be good. Also tell Everett that you don't blame him for what happened. It was the Arks fault, they're the ones to blame. Not him for wanting out of a fraternity that demands that their members mutilate themselves.
No. 158967 ID: 49eee4

>Making some friends in the Authority could be good for our health.
Or, you know, not. The only people we should be really trusting is our current circle of friends. Period.
No. 158969 ID: 15f6d6

Dio needs to talk with Everett and see how he feels about all this. It's pretty important to get his input.
No. 158986 ID: 717301

I think we should show the video to Orpheo as well.
No. 158990 ID: f98e0b
File 127032702259.png - (162.75KB , 800x600 , 89.png )

Dio has been generally avoiding Everett, but whatever. He asks around for him and finds him in the library.
"Hi," he says.
"Hey," says Everett.
"I'm sorry about, you know."
"It's cool."
"It wasn't your fault, man. They were just- you know."

That could have gone better.
No. 158994 ID: c2c011

Well tell him that if he ever needs anything or feels like hanging out he just has to ask.

Then find Dahlia and see if she wants to hang out. Maybe have Pyramus around as well. He's been on his alienation and has been a combat mage for some time, he should understand what you're both going through.
No. 159002 ID: 49eee4

Ah... hmm. Not much for small talk, but you still want to offer something as a gesture of goodwill, like being there if he needs help or something. A quiet bro is still a bro.

How about you just extend your hand and say "If you ever need anything, like for kicking ass or whatever, I'm there, ok?"
No. 159012 ID: 717301

We should talk to Jai first.
No. 159016 ID: d57bb4

"Say... what are you gonna do?"
No. 159049 ID: dc1dcd

Invite him to a movie night with the group or something. We need to let him know it's cool without outright saying it (again), and resuming normal friend behaviour is a good way to do this.

Then set to work inviting other people to said movie night. We're all buds here.
No. 159064 ID: 559e17

"Seriously, man. I'm happy you and Jai are dating. Don't let this get to you. Me and Dahlia are both battlemages, we can look after ourselves, especially now that we know to keep our eyes open.

Is there anyone else you can think of who might be targeted by those Ark guys?"
No. 159137 ID: 3de05a

Ask him how he sees out of that mask. I don't see any eye-holes!
No. 159170 ID: e2020c


No. 159295 ID: f95872

Black is see-through.
No. 159485 ID: f98e0b
File 127039476360.png - (158.92KB , 800x600 , 90.png )

Thaumaturgists don't need eyes to see.

"Seriously, man. I'm happy you and Jai are dating. Don't let this get to you. Me and Dahlia are both battlemages, we can look after ourselves, especially now that we know to keep our eyes open. If you ever need anything, like for kicking ass or whatever, or if you just want to hang out, I'm here, okay?"
"Okay. Bye." Dio turns to leave.
"Dio." says Everett. Dio turns around. "Thanks."
"No problem."
No. 159489 ID: f98e0b
File 127039493217.png - (214.74KB , 800x600 , 91.png )

And about a half hour later Dio's back on his favorite dock, watching the ocean with Dahlia.
"I had no idea there was a pier here," says Dahlia.
"Few people do," says Dio. "It's where I sometimes go to, you know."
"Feel all quiet and reflective?"
"Yeah. We killed people."
"They would have killed us, but yeah. We killed people."
They sit in silence for a bit.
No. 159490 ID: 1ac39d

+10 friend points.

dreamfolk: appear to bug dio about how him and dahlia sit in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.
No. 159491 ID: f98e0b
File 127039508649.png - (217.96KB , 800x600 , 92.png )

And then Pyramus and Jai show up out of nowhere.

"Hey," says Pyramus. "I brought turkey sanwiches."
"Not hungry," says Dio.
"Yes you are," says Jai.
"Yes I am," says Dio, taking one.

They eat in silence.
No. 159494 ID: 701a19

Talk to Dahlia about this. Her father might want to see the video too, eventually.

First get that birth control charm implanted inside your body.
After that, spend the day with Dahlia and Pyramus. Also, look into better ways of quickly communicating with each other and practice them.
It is not possible to overstate the utility of quick, secure, and/or undetectable communication. If possible, find a way for one of you to piggyback on the other's senses, and look into being able to show each other memories - not a general sharing, just making it possible to intentionally send one through the link.
No. 159495 ID: 1ac39d

oh wow, you are late as hell with those suggestions.
No. 159496 ID: 701a19

Dahlia is looking for reassurance. Move closer and offer to put your arm around her.
No. 159499 ID: 362f0c

>First get that birth control charm implanted inside your body.

That seems a little, uhm, extreme?

However, the ability to set up some kind of secure 'comm network' in case of threats sounds handy.
No. 159500 ID: 1ac39d

comm network = yes
implantation = no
No. 159502 ID: f98e0b
File 127039675471.png - (219.42KB , 800x600 , 93.png )

Dio will breach the subject at another time. He's not implanting the charm inside him, that's just weird. What if he wants kids, some day?

Jai says, "I remember my first kill."
"Aye, me too. Everyone does, I s'pose," says Pyramus, skipping a stone across the water, bouncing it aloft with Evocation every time it looks about to sink. "Sticks wi' ye."

"It was... let's see. On my Alienation. Bandit. He tried holding me at knifepoint and got all handsy. I didn't mean to. It was just supposed to push him off. I guess it was the stress or something but instead his torso ended up twenty feet away from the rest of him."

"I was guarding a caravan for the Qal," says Pyramus. "Looter. I told him to stop but he didn't. I grabbed him and he panicked, I guess. Pulled a knife and ended up a pile of ash. We all go through it. Ye're lucky ye both can at the same time."

"I just twisted my wrist and his neck opened and it just got everywhere," says Dahlia, suddenly. Dio puts out his hand and she takes it. "I'd practiced the move hundreds of times, on glamors and dummies and in bouts. It was so...easy to kill someone, even a mage. Just...slice, spurt."
"We're battlemages," says Jai. "Soldiers, sort of. It'll always be easy."
"But the first one's the hardest," muses Pyramus, flicking his arm and jumping the rock back into his hand, then throwing it again. "Ye're both growin' up, an' into some of the first promising damn illusionist battlemages we have. This'll pass, mostly."
No. 159504 ID: 362f0c

Odd, I suppose entire masses of people can get through their whole lives without killing. But that's because their protection, their killing, falls to us.
No. 159505 ID: e2020c


"Would it have been whole different if we were the attacker? Do those kills count? Being a killer?"
No. 159507 ID: 0fc814

That's a terrible thing to say. Don't say that.

Are you really the first promising illusionists? Act surprised at this at first (unless you knew about it beforehand) and then nod about how it's a lot less straightforward, y'know, sneaking up with knives via magic instead of just blasting with raw firepower.

Say that you want to try another magic duel against a standard battlemage soon. I know you just had a traumatic experience, but that's why you need to get back on the horse as soon as possible, before fear and guilt can start getting in the way.
No. 159509 ID: 1ac39d

agree on all counts. the sooner that horse is going again the better
No. 159513 ID: 6164e0

And, the sooner you find out about any potential psychological ramifications that may apply in combat scenarios, the better.

Don't want to find out you hesitate with a knife now when you DON'T have those battlesuits keeping you alive.

Oh, offer to teach Dahlia Entomb if she doesn't know it, and maybe she can teach you blind. I mean, both illusionists, so it should be teachable, and it would be a bonding experience.

Not to mention trying to teach someone else how to do something you know usually ends with you having an even better grasp of how to employ that knowledge yourself.
No. 159514 ID: f21281

"I think the one thing I'm afraid of the most is that I might have liked it."
No. 159516 ID: 54af1f


Sounds like a plan to me.
No. 159522 ID: dba7fa

Feel free to describe your kill.
Say you want to practice fighting as a team and fighting outnumbered.
Can you and Dahlia go on alienage together?
No. 159526 ID: a1721a

Give him more time, jeeze, killing people is bad, don't numb yourself to it.
No. 159528 ID: dba7fa

Except Dio DIDN'T like it. He was pretty clear on that.
No. 159529 ID: c2536f

Hell no.

He's going with Jai, if he's going with anyone. Not negotiable.
No. 159531 ID: e3f578

Dahlia might be the jealous type and not be fine with that. So you're going to have to talk about that later. Hell, it'll show you have enough balls and dignity to actually talk to her about stuff which would put you ahead so many boyfriends out there you'd make progress towards a sure-shot for Perfect Boyfriend of the Year.
No. 159532 ID: dba7fa

They might be able to go together anyway. We don't know if you can have two students to a guide.
No. 159533 ID: e3f578

Oh SHIT, mage squad with all our bros Jai Dahlia and Pyramus.
No. 159535 ID: 344ef9

Guys, he CAN'T go with Dahlia. She hasn't gone on her Alienation yet. Erm. Wait, when would she go on her Alienation? Her Oculus is already fully set in.
No. 159663 ID: f98e0b
File 127042632761.png - (217.59KB , 800x600 , 94.png )

"Mine was freaking out about his arm," says Dio. "I did something to his head. And I just stabbed and kept stabbing. Huh. He barely noticed. The first stab I wasn't sure if I could do. Then something just, I don't know, snapped. And I thought, what the fuck. And so I kept going, even after I knew he wasn't coming back."
"Sometimes I wonder if that's what happened to me, and I just never stopped keeping going," says Jai. "Because now I know there's no coming back. We do it so other people don't have to, you know? Everyone else would go through what we do if we didn't do it. That's...comforting to know, somehow."
"Anyway, it can be fun," says Pyramus. Everyone looks at him. "What, it can be. Ye can't let it control you, but there's an undeniable thrill, exercising all that power an' potential. Like a loaded crossbow or a wound-up spring. Just...whoosh."
"Whoosh," says Jai.
"Whoosh," mutters Dahlia, scooching closer to Dio.
"We've been through it and we'll keep going through it, lad," says Pyramus. "And sometimes I wake up with the shakes at night and I need to go outside and just blow something up, just get it all out and forget the face of that looter, right before the fire crawled up his body. We're in the shit, but we're in it together, lad. And we do good. If you need to talk to someone, sometime. I'm here."
"Me too," says Jai. She looks over at Dio and Dahlia, now gazing at each other. "But, ah, right now I have a test to study for. In that class."
"Aye, that class," says Pyramus, amused. "Think I'd better hit the books too. See you when I see you, all."
No. 159665 ID: f98e0b
File 127042634359.png - (214.74KB , 800x600 , 95.png )

And then they are alone again.
No. 159666 ID: 6bf0ae

Hug girl.
No. 159667 ID: 9a1fa4

Read note Hug her.
No. 159668 ID: 4531bc

*Slow, ambient piano music*
No. 159676 ID: 701a19

"Dahlia? I think I'd rather not be alone tonight. Would you be ok with holding each other all night? Just holding."
No. 159678 ID: 54af1f

Hug her
No. 159698 ID: f98e0b
File 127042980145.png - (214.94KB , 800x600 , 96.png )

Yeah, okay.

"I think we may have something here," says Dahlia. "I mean I've known you for two days, but I feel, like, a connection. If that's the word."
"Something beyond the usual teenage horniness."
"Me too."
"I don't want to rush this. But um. Be with me tonight? Not like that but just... be there? For company?"
"Okay. Yes."

"Well we've got the day ahead of us, first. The romantic mood's sort of deader than the arkers, though, isn't it?"
"Pretty much. So could you teach me Blindness?"
"Could you teach me Entomb?"
"I think so. We'll figure it out. Kick each others' asses all over the arena."
"I'm looking forward to it. Maybe this time you'll actually land a solid hit."
"I got two last time."
"My ass, one of those was me!"
"And one of those was the wall thing I did!"
"Well if we're counting the wall thing, that was a hit, but it seems more like luck to me..."
"Luck was you guessing which clone I was."
"It was the underwear!"
"Well maybe this time I'll go commando."
"Commando? Really?"
"No. Chafing."
"Figures. You get me all excited, and then..."
No. 159701 ID: f98e0b
File 127042983945.png - (212.96KB , 800x600 , 97.png )

And they chase each other off, laughing, to their distant, stained, uncertain future.
No. 159704 ID: f21281

No. 159707 ID: 1ac39d

shut it, he HASS the rock.
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