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File 126865365557.jpg - (35.64KB , 800x600 , evolve.jpg )
147917 No. 147917 ID: e2020c

Good news! A new sentient race has emerged. Did we become genetically stuck up females in the Golden age?
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No. 147925 ID: e2020c
File 126865446984.jpg - (60.04KB , 800x600 , ep0race.jpg )

No. 147927 ID: 8ecfd4

Power hungry of course.
No. 147928 ID: 1ac39d

is it partial parthenogenesis or total?
No. 147932 ID: e2020c
File 126865668890.jpg - (61.16KB , 800x600 , ep0raceb.jpg )

Toads can still reproduce with frogs if you asked about that. Umm, frogs can also choose to later become males which makes them more agile and creative. The males almost solely refresh the genepool.

Toads and frogs are one species.
No. 147934 ID: 701a19

Some frogs are capable of changing genders to keep a viable balance.
However, in this case I think hermaphroditism would be the best trait to pick.
No. 147935 ID: e2020c
File 126865790150.jpg - (49.88KB , 800x600 , ep0racec.jpg )

Just to have a closer look.
No. 147936 ID: e2020c
File 12686582355.jpg - (61.35KB , 800x600 , ep0raced.jpg )

No. 147938 ID: e2020c
File 126865874286.jpg - (62.56KB , 800x600 , ep0racee.jpg )

No. 147943 ID: e2020c
File 126866013227.jpg - (48.19KB , 800x600 , ep0racef.jpg )

No. 147945 ID: 701a19

Hermaphrodite frogs.
No. 147946 ID: 8ecfd4

Yeah lets go with a power hungry hermaproditic frog.
No. 147955 ID: e2020c
File 126866738299.jpg - (77.92KB , 800x600 , ep0raceg.jpg )


Half-toad half-frog hermaphrodite chosen.
No. 147956 ID: e2020c
File 126866789371.jpg - (87.93KB , 800x600 , ep0raceh.jpg )

Choose phenotype. It doesn't restrict to only colors.
No. 147959 ID: 8ecfd4

I say camoflague. With grey black colors.
No. 147971 ID: e2020c
File 126867487810.jpg - (85.92KB , 800x600 , ep0racei.jpg )


What the heck. Let's go with this.

We are the descendants of those female albino frog commandos who upon raiding a black toad star destroyer became fertilised by the enemy. Instead of slaying every of their spawn, the females chose to sustain their abominable offspring.

Black toads have evolved to generate skin patterns alike their space ship interiors because looking like that has given those toads significantly better chances to survive and pass on their genes than their uncamouflaged comrades had. This is because frog commando squads frequently wipe out almost entire crews of toad star destroyers.

Camouflaged fro-toas are superb frog commandos. They posses great natural strenght and some of the telepathic capabilities of the toads. If they're accepted by frogs they can wield the perks of both subspecies - genetic superiority and sociotechnological ingenuity.
No. 147976 ID: abb061

So it's a stealthy herm, well at least it's partially different to the common decision.
No. 147979 ID: 8ecfd4

Damn, schkli looks badass. We're gonna fuck up some shit with this one.
No. 147980 ID: e2020c
File 126867828223.jpg - (84.50KB , 800x600 , ep0racek.jpg )

Is this okay? It's just logical... and it's a fighter cannon.
No. 147983 ID: 8ecfd4

Fuck yeah. Cyborg commandos. Shit will get fucked up.
No. 148021 ID: 34470e

I vote this as well.
No. 148046 ID: ba41e5

Star ship pilot, because we haven't had one of those yet.
No. 148050 ID: 5a2e05

No. 148051 ID: 285a4b

Electrician, man. We will be the sneakiest electrician alive.
No. 148067 ID: 817cd3

Electrician. Praise the machine spirits.
No. 148082 ID: 9227c5

i can feel the author grunging at the thought of making a "eletric frog".

if we can make a demoman id go for it. sneaky asplosions!
No. 148114 ID: c0f3bf

Whatever you think is best
No. 148365 ID: e2020c
File 126875644315.jpg - (75.86KB , 800x600 , ep0racel.jpg )

Our parents were from the highest hiararchy of the frog and the toad societies. They were the ones responsible for organising the continuity of Ragnarok, the limitless battle. It is beyond common thought that behind the scenes toads and frogs are allied. Such short lived is the frog or toad life and so guided for eternal combat and self-destruction. In contrast to this common behaviour, the elite of both subspecies lead harmonious and elated lives, guiding the politics, trading with the known alien races, developing new technologies and discovering the secrets of the universe.

We are the millions hands of the rulers, we are the electricians - the chosen family members of the elite to work the unthinkable, the unconceivable and unintelligible powers that the frog empire has a hold of. We understand the battlecarriers and the star fighters and the star destroyers of our side and those of the enemy. We master the arts of mashine force. Wielding this technology we are invincible outside Ragnarok. Indeed, this unending battle is our graveyard in the end, but our lives don't end in agony of the common frog. It ends in the perfect understanding of what has to come, and in the grand vision of the greatest achievements in our great lives as the electricians. We are not mere mortals, but true gods.

Something has yet to be known about how we meet our ends before we continue. During the trials in which we yoke into oneness with the greater life force of the mashine and the living, we loose all our memory and grip of that which we have learned earlier in life. In trade we achieve a deep connection to the electromagnetic fields surrounding our physical bodies. Like newly born we can talk with the mashine spirits, loosing ourselves, but finding the guiding light of the ones gone through Ragnarok before us. But we need a guide to the physical world too. And to this mission we have chosen an apprentice. To lecture us about our achievements and enlighten us about our understandings of the frog technology and giving us advice on how to go on with that which concerns our fellow frog warriors, the commoners in battle.

The vote is still open. Votes: 3 electricians, 2 for pilot, 2 for commando and 1 for spy + 1 undecided.
No. 148368 ID: c073bb

That's not exactly what I thought an electrician would be, assumed it would be a technician kinda dude.
Changing to pilot, also deleting old vote cause changing ID.
No. 148369 ID: 632862

Describe Pilot please.
No. 148373 ID: b208d1

author just badassed electrician.

consider it a techmage. id go with it.
No. 148374 ID: e2020c
File 126876081985.jpg - (85.76KB , 800x600 , ep0racem.jpg )

We are the most agile and self-aware of the frog spawn. Because of these abilities we have earned the honor to fly star fighters in battle. Often these deal the most shocking damage during the battle. Our skills don't only limit to using the fighters like we were born into their cockpits, but we can also fly anything that flies really. After we learned all the basics about how to make a fighter work for us we learned all the advanced stuff. We don't need a mechanic in the cockpit to know whet the shit is going to blow up or when an engine is going to fail... or if there's no power to a gun and even what to do to fix it. Most pilots do have mechanics, but some of the older pilots have no other lives, but those spent learning about their vessels in detail. Some pilots get the honor to fight under electricians and fly bigger ships, like battlecarriers. Because of their wide knowledge about the technology, pilots also man cannons on capital ships.

It is sometimes very elating to fly as wings into the battle and solve battles co-operating in the communications channel. Each voice i'll hear in battle is not a mere chatter or disturbance, but is actually in control of another fighter and may be seen to take their shots or smth on the enemy target after they've voiced it out.

In other words all suggestions to the thread are from other pilots, wheter become insane or not, and do affect but the fighter in which the camera is set, also to the fighters co-operating around the main character. Lines like "I'm going for the turrets" will affect the plot and will be shown as a peek towards a fighter which takes a run against the turrets. I general, the suggestions are advice from the other pilots, about what to do next, as the pilots are connected by voice links. The other pilots may ask on the main character's channel all sorts of things, like "what's in the cargo manifest/inventory" or like "what's on the left?" or "what's on your left?" or "fly back in formation".
No. 148375 ID: 632862

So if we picked Pilot it would be like that Flower quest?

I'm thinking Electrician.
No. 148376 ID: 8ecfd4

I'm still voting for the cyborg commando. Boarding mission are badass.
No. 148388 ID: e2020c
File 126876650134.jpg - (80.66KB , 800x600 , ep0racen.jpg )


Flower quest? Not exactly? But here's an electric flower to help resolve the vote.

The vote is still on and unresolved. It's now 3 for electrician 2 for commando and 3 for pilot
No. 148389 ID: 19ecf1

Going commando...
No. 148398 ID: c073bb

Now all have three.
Just roll a dice if there's no resolve anytime soon.
No. 148402 ID: 0fc814

No. 148403 ID: bf2bdb

No. 148404 ID: 632862

We can't decide, apparently.

Give us some info on the Spy.
No. 148407 ID: 4ff111

underwear sucks

votan commando
No. 148444 ID: c0f3bf

Psychic electrician?

No. 148630 ID: e2020c
File 126880996818.jpg - (82.76KB , 800x600 , ep0raceo.jpg )


We are the agents that sneak into toad battleships before they enter the battle. Then we steal or destroy their plans, sabotage and spread panic aboard the enemy space ships. To avoid attention we use disguises of many kinds and often bring with us explosives which we plant near critical functions of the ships we infiltrate.

Some of us work with the alien races bringing valuable information for the rulers of the empire. Some of us are diplomats sent to the toad empire on missions to ensure the continuity of Ragnarok. Some of these missions include political assassinations.

*last time i was in a hurry and this got pretty messed up
No. 148655 ID: 701a19

Psychic cybernetic electrician.
No. 148766 ID: e2020c
File 126883403851.jpg - (18.96KB , 300x300 , vote.jpg )

I'm elongating the vote because of one voice still pondering choise.

Commando votes:


Pilot votes:

Electrician votes:


>>148375 (maybe)

>148051 (discarded vote)
No. 148792 ID: 06d3d9

I'll throw my vote in for commando. Let's just get this over with already.
No. 148796 ID: 8965a2

Hmm, I vote Commando.
No. 148840 ID: e2020c
File 126885846721.jpg - (66.73KB , 800x600 , ep0racep.jpg )

The quest may continue 2 am - 4 am this night or the next...
No. 149594 ID: e2020c
File 126899534125.jpg - (76.49KB , 900x900 , name.jpg )

Oh, one last thing, we didn't choose a name yet. What shall we be called?

Fribbick. Fribbick is an extremely ancient and simplistic frog name. Change it yes?
No. 149605 ID: 34470e

Rana Clamitans
No. 149608 ID: 19ecf1

No. 149617 ID: e2020c
File 12689982545.jpg - (56.08KB , 800x600 , fntitle01.jpg )

Episode 1

Lone Wolf

The space is dark... and grim.
No. 149618 ID: 34470e

Feel around for a lightswitch.
No. 149620 ID: e2020c
File 126899876949.jpg - (155.26KB , 900x900 , int01ckp.jpg )

The pilot speaks up.

>"Captain Clam. We are still approaching it with null thrusters. From the profile it looks like a medium toad destroyer. They had no chance noticing us. Orders?"
No. 149625 ID: 8ecfd4

Lets board. Take over enviormental, the engines trap their armory and then give them an ultimatum to surrender or we will cut off all of their air and cut off all of their power.
No. 149626 ID: e2020c
File 126900271917.jpg - (154.29KB , 900x900 , int02brd.jpg )

"Engage in boarding maneuver to board the ship."


"Float over Engine compartment. Wait for us there in the shade."
No. 149628 ID: 8ecfd4

Go suit up and prepare the team.
No. 149631 ID: e2020c
File 126900464632.jpg - (153.47KB , 900x900 , int04brd.jpg )

[cutscene] (reuploaded because of some disturbing typos)

>"They won't see us coming... We'll wait for you there."

Now it is time to get prepared for a space jump! Which weapons should I take with me? I have in the armory my frog assault beam rifle, two cybernetic pistols, a portable ion cannon which ionises the air and sends electric shocks throught that channel, basically it's a "lightning weapon" - good for quickly rapturing electronics, also a plasma launcher, a rocket launcher, a projectile assault rifle, a huge cybernetic railgun, smoke grenades, toxic grenades, EMP grenades, a laser gun, a tachyon rifle, a neutron blaster rifle... Or... Maybe I just take explosives and a cyb pistol and some grenades.
No. 149635 ID: 8ecfd4

Damn, all of those sound good.

Hmm, lets take the assault rifle, the pistols, the ion cannon and a mixed bag of toxic and EMP as well as fragmentation grenades as you can carry.

That should let you handle most situations.
No. 149639 ID: e2020c
File 126900961759.jpg - (108.79KB , 900x900 , int05amr.jpg )


I head for the troop pods, assigning the team to prepare. We go into the small armory of the Valkyrie and lift off the weapon stockpile covers in the floor. It reveals our rather magnificent collection of weapons with different specialisations, each good for its own purpose.

As I arm myself with my assault rifle, both of the pistols, the ion cannon and a mixed bag of toxic, EMP and fragmentation grenades, I can't but feel Death itself strenghten our ranks. The space jump is made easy with our magnetic grapplers. If we're unnoticed, we will cut through the hull, the radiation shield layer of water and get the initial strike, which will be deal the neccessary shock effect to our enemy.

But I'm not sure how many reactors they have aboard. Do we have to advance through dozens of corridors or just a few, I don't know. We could go through a hundread. I know it. These fellows are as deadly as I am.

"Ready CREW!!?"

>"We bring DEATH, captain!"

As we get into our jump suits a clear voice crackles through the speakers.

>"In position, captain Clam."

"Al'right squad! To the aerlock!"
No. 149644 ID: e2020c

*which will deal
No. 149645 ID: 8ecfd4

Divide them into 3 strike forces. One is to go for the armory and make sure the enemy can't get to it. One is to go to disable the engines and one is to go and take control over life support and enviormental. The enemy is then given an ultimatum. Surrender or you will vent all of the air and suffocate them all. You guys won't be affected thanks to having suits with closed airsupply. You do have that right?

I would suggest that you lead the life support team yourself. That is one of the more critical tasks.
No. 149670 ID: e2020c
File 126903317227.jpg - (48.41KB , 900x900 , int06arl.jpg )


We move as a squad into the airlock. Our space suits have two small autotargeting and autofiring projectile weapons attached to them on the shoulders. We see in the dark like it was a bright day because of our cybernetic interfaces that are connected to low-light cameras on the space suits. We have equiped ourselves with cutters and grappling equipment. I speak the following to the strike team.

"Squad, we need to divide into smaller three teams. Ismael, Lara and Tomi, you will cut into the Engines section and capture it under your control. Lizbet and Lazarus, you will head for a smaller reactor in the latter junction. Icarus, you'll come with me for the hot zone in the front sections of this toad crap. Let's put it on its knees. We will do this by tapping to their power and life support systems, and then giving them an ultimatum. Do not destroy them unless I say so. Stay above the toad frequencies."

Icarus, Lazarus and Ismail acknowledge my mission briefing.

>"Sure as hell, capn' Clamitans! Let's roll em'"
>"Let's do it, captain!"
>"Good luck, captain!"

I chose Icarus because he's cold as space and sharp as the horrible diamond blade motorsword he wields. He's well trained in using it. That monster cuts through most things in a blink of an eye, but for distance jobs he uses a miniature plasma autocannon. Icarus was a gift to me from the Fro-toa Electrician that raised me up. He goes for a lifeguard and I'm honored to fight alongside him.

According to my brief analysis, this assault might cost me Lara and/or Tomi who are the most inexperienced of this squad, but can still fight long enough even though they would be clinically dead. If I loose Icarus, Lizbet or Lazarus I will turn this ship into a blazing hell and a worthy grave for them for a proper funeral... Damn. Let's do it. I have a good feeling about the honor this raid will gain us. More honor will mean more and better toys.

>(Current honor 37)

Should I configure my cybernetics to impact level? This would make me loose consciousness often because of strenuous metabolism, or should I run in safe mode, having a full conscious influence on my actions instead of autodriving combats by computer guided motorics? The AI is lucently faster in everything than me alone, true, and I'm not completely turning it off any time soon, but it's sometimes unable to solve problems of my level of consciousness. In the impact mode, I will always be a hundread times faster than anything the toads can assemble to oppose me, but if they somehow trap me and I happen to loose consciousness, the A.I. might not realize that it has to level up. This might end up in my semi-serious injury, but not neccessarily to my death.

>(our current metabolism is 100, where -100 is instant death)
No. 149676 ID: 8ecfd4

Leave it as it is for now. If you run into heavy opposition then it might be necessary to change it. But you should have suprise on your side and if you move quickly you should have them beaten before they can really get a proper response team suited up.
No. 149954 ID: e2020c
File 126907958617.jpg - (98.94KB , 900x900 , int07cud.jpg )


Time for disco. I'm ready to dance.

I elevate the cybernetic HUD to see better in the dark and at the same time instruct the pilot to drop us into three different locations. Each drop location next to a spot of assumed power reactor or control point.

Lazarus and Lizbet both look at me curiously as our "rookie" team, consisting of Lara, Ismael and Tomi, gets ready behind them.

>"Switching off the artificial gravity fountain to save power, captain. Be ready."

"It's your go Ismael.", I tell to strike team 1. The airlock opens and team 1 pushes towards the surface of the destroyer. Soon after Lazarus and Lizbet thrust towards their target with their grappling engines. Then it's our go.
No. 150089 ID: 8ecfd4

Tell them to hit the enemy like a ton of fucking bricks and kick ass.

Lets cut our way into the ship and ruin their motherfucking day.
No. 150297 ID: e2020c
File 126918512735.jpg - (76.98KB , 900x900 , int08jmp.jpg )


"Hit them like a fucking orbital railgun squad. We're that one shot they never saw!" I broadcast on our communications channel.

Icarus starts feeding a hole to the steel plating of the destroyer with his miniature plasma autocannon. Shit's coming out of the fissures.

The hull of water forms a tunnel of ice as we cut through it with our plasma cutters and weapons. We get through those tunnels deeper into the hull of the toad destroyer.
No. 150320 ID: e2020c
File 126919472136.jpg - (95.40KB , 900x900 , int09cdr.jpg )

We infiltrate an enemy corridor. Stuff starts to suck into space but we use magnetics to push through the hole. I see no toads so far, but they should soon know we're coming. Strange how they build this thing. I think we're in some kind of a maintanance corridor, but the floor is separated from below by a thick glass floor! Stainless steel and some sort of panels surrounding this. We float towards a corner which seems to appoint a corridor that goes deeper into the structure. Should I move first or Icarus? It doesn't matter much. We'll always have the first strike. But more importantly, which way? I would go where we're going and turn right at the point where the corridor seems to
No. 152490 ID: e2020c
File 12695961542.jpg - (52.63KB , 900x900 , int10pss.jpg )

As I'm passing the partly molten door we quickly made upon entering the ship, it seems to be glued to the wall by a magnetic force but the other part which took contact with the glass has been attracted by the vacuum in the ice tunnel and is very close to crushing me against the wall. This is bad! My cybernetic amalgamation rapidly focuses on the "door" plate, identifies it as a threath and IS ready to piece it with my plasma cutter and all immediate weaponry at its disposal. But I'm not in impact mode, so the computer can't override my willpower. Should I just try evade it instead? The metal has stuck to the wall and might hold against the pull for a moment or two.
No. 152492 ID: 34470e

Try to get out of the way, but be ready to blast it if you think you're unable it avoid it.
No. 152502 ID: e2020c
File 126959895746.jpg - (383.09KB , 900x900 , int11brs.jpg )

Before the hot metal plate launches towards me I rapidly switch the magnetic grappler around my wrist into exhaust mode, consuming two times 5% of its fusion cell. I glimpse past Icarus and then the magnetic grappler stabilises the speed. We come to corridor branch. A corridor leads deeper into the core section of the ship, another one leads under a ring of gravity, which is a circular construct that creates a gravity inside it by centrifugal force or something. I guess that deeper in the core are the supplies and the ring of gravity has an entry point to the populated areas of the destroyer.
No. 152507 ID: e2020c
File 126960014644.jpg - (609.22KB , 900x900 , int12map.jpg )

Also, here's a froggin mind map
No. 152508 ID: 34470e

I guess you should hop on over to the core. That's where your intended destination is, isn't it?
No. 152515 ID: e2020c
File 126960110326.jpg - (654.04KB , 900x900 , int13map.jpg )

We discovered two reactor rooms!
No. 152516 ID: 34470e

Examine them.
No. 152539 ID: e2020c
File 126960608352.jpg - (578.17KB , 900x900 , int14cre.jpg )


We plunge into a junction between two reactor rooms. Those reactor rooms are spheric and giant rods hoist a blackened bottle of some extremely heat resistant material, which still doesn't blacken the light emanating from the reactor. The reactor room is plated with solar panels.

Shit shit shit. We'll have to gain control over those millions of solar panels and the RODS, those rods that suck and/or pull, can't say for sure which, the shit inside the reactors. I see only two of the rods operating and guess that the additional rods have something to do with the big beam weapons of the ship.

"Reached the reactor, captain. Lazarus out." I hear through the speaker implant inside my ear."

I can't see where Lazarus is. I can only see toads concentrated on lifting some sort of hull from a storehouse on the other side of the junction.

"Changing fire with toads, captain! Ismail - out."
No. 152615 ID: e2020c
File 126963031966.jpg - (425.64KB , 1100x900 , int15cre.jpg )



We plunge into a junction between two reactor rooms. The reactor rooms are spheric and giant rods hoist two giant blackened bottles of some extremely heat resistant material around the fusion reactors, The bottles don't even blacken the light emanating from the reactors. The reactor rooms are plated with solar panels.

Shit, shit, shit! We'll have to gain control over those millions of solar panels and the rods all together. I mean of course those rods that suck and/or pull - can't say for sure which - the shit inside the reactors. I see only two of the rods operating and guess that the additional rods have something to do with the big beam weapons of the ship.

"Reached the reactor, captain. Lazarus out." I hear through the speaker implant inside my ear."

I can't see where Lazarus is in the giant interior of the core. I can only see toads concentrated on lifting some sort of hull from a storehouse on the other side of the junction.

"Changing fire with toads, captain! Ismail - out. Got that one... Harhar"
No. 152686 ID: 632862

Kill the toads and see what that hull thing is.
No. 152970 ID: e2020c
File 126967718628.jpg - (243.53KB , 800x800 , int16att.jpg )


We aim at the frogs with no seconds lost. They haven't noticed us yet. There are six of them against two of us, but they're hardly armed, and hardly fit for this combat as their accuracy is not lethal at this range. We'll cut them in half before they've got their greasy hands on their guns.
No. 152976 ID: e2020c
File 126967989436.jpg - (106.72KB , 400x400 , int17kll.jpg )

I see blood. Lots of blood. Lots of toad blood. One of them seems to have positioned his hands on the sides of his head, like trying to telepathisize, maybe?

It will take some time to gap the distance between us and the six tody corpses and their cloud of blood. Should we really get that close? I think the blood looks gore and messy.

Do we have time to examine what they were doing or should we continue somewhere else. And I think Lazarus is waiting for further instructions and details on the other side of the core interior. He and Lizbet will eventually find a way to take control over the second reactor in the core on their own, same with Ismael, but it would make it faster if I could figure out something.
No. 152978 ID: 34470e

Examine the reactor thoroughly to see if there are any weakpoints. Are you okay with blowing them up?
No. 152986 ID: e2020c
File 126968217418.jpg - (66.63KB , 401x302 , int18rct.jpg )


The reactor is a fusion reactor that I know. There's a fusion reaction going on inside the reactor chamber. It is impossible to turn off the reaction. The reaction can be manipulated though into a disaster. The reactor is held by eight rods that guide its power into their power plants. Those rods are essential parts to the ship we might be able to disable right away, but if we went further into the ship, we could disable or takeover their power plants and cause less hazard, but more control.

But right now I'm thinking that we could cut the reactor chambers on loose, that wouldn't turn off the solar panels, but would end up in the chambers clashing against the walls - that would destroy the ship.

We can destroy the axle from its tail and its nose. That would float the two weapon reactors. I suppose that the engines of the ship with power still put in them would cause it to still accelerate against the floating reactors. That would possibly break the reactor chambers and wreck the ship.

Also, if they have stuff aboard that will react with the heat in the reactor and I'm talking about warheads and such, that would probably cause a small holocaust on the ship. I don't know how the solar panels are working and examining them too gives the toads more time. This is a bad place to fight a war against an army of toads.

The toads possibly don't use telecommunications, but if they do, they're probably on the lower frequencies, we could broadcast the ultimatum to their flightdeck from the Valkyrie.
No. 153016 ID: e2020c


*aim at the toads
No. 153682 ID: e2020c
File 126979381827.jpg - (244.65KB , 800x800 , int19hed.jpg )

>"We've come to this huge cylindric engine room. Killed a dozen of toads that were monitoring the processes down here. We didn't catch a scratch in the fight although one beam was pretty close to Tomi. There's this huge fusion rection in the middle, never seen so big a reactor before. What to next, captain? Ismael out."
No. 153696 ID: 717301

can we synchronize them both to explode at the same time?
No. 154476 ID: e2020c
File 126984720818.jpg - (96.35KB , 800x800 , int20plan.jpg )


I'm not an electrician. The reactions look like being in fire. We could try collide two of the reactors, because the third one in the engine room is harnessed to thrust the ship forward. That would push the ship and the other reactor against the one that we could make float by itself. I don't believe toads have any warheads aboard, those could be used to overload the electromagnetic shields that should be around the nuclear fusions.
No. 155377 ID: 8ecfd4

Fuck up reactors and then get out of there. Use you ship to punch a couple of holes in their hull and generally mess up their ship and then go away and watch the fireworks.
No. 172124 ID: e2020c
File 127263818763.jpg - (109.00KB , 810x500 , int21done.jpg )

Job done.

+100 honor gained

What shall be our strategy following this occasion? Shall we stick to the training fleet, return to the frog homeworld for a new assignment and better equipment and more implants or move towards the toad space and closer to Ragnarok?
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