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File 126847063338.png - (16.17KB , 619x541 , 402.png )
146617 No. 146617 ID: cf68aa

>"C-Cecil I need you to take N-Nari to a inn okay? Just get her someplace where she can be alone for a while..."

"Are you okay Alex?"

>"I'm fine... Just go."

Cecil leaves with Nari. She holds his hand tightly and leans on him as they walk

>Not good not good not good!
>Mya why didn't we leave sooner!?
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No. 146618 ID: 701a19

Fortunately for you, we are immune to mind altering substances.

Do you think you can handle collecting payment right now? Or would you rather go with Cecil to get out of the tainted air?
No. 146619 ID: 632862

Oh don't tell me you're being affected by the festival?

Sigh. Everyone's pent up except Cecil.

I don't think a cold shower is going to fix this, Alex.
No. 146620 ID: 11df9c

Aw, you missed an opportunity.
Nari wanted to kiss, and now she's likely going to kiss Cecil.
No. 146623 ID: 934ef5

Hey now hold on Alex, what are you doing? You would be safer staying with the others. Even if you are under some sort of influence, you don't want to be out by yourself like that.
No. 146624 ID: 701a19

Not a concern. There will be plenty of chances for people to kiss each other later.
No. 146632 ID: cf68aa
File 126847175396.png - (20.94KB , 738x578 , 403.png )


>Y-Yeah. I'll go with them and take a nice cold bath. That'll help mya...

She chases after Cecil. They enter a inn

"You're lucky you guys came before the fun started. So will that be one room for all three of you?"


Cecil "No, three seperate rooms please."

"Oh I see, expecting company huh? You guys can pay me in the morning."

>Gods... I'm out of that air but I still breathed in alot. I need to get somewhere now.
>My head's feeling light mya...
No. 146634 ID: 11df9c

Offer to share with Nari, to keep costs down and keep an eye on her condition.
No. 146638 ID: 701a19

Tell Cecil "No, one room. You're the only one who can keep a clear head here, and if you can't keep an eye on us..."

We'll talk to him. Don't leave his side.

[Switch to Cecil]
No. 146639 ID: 632862

We'd better switch to Cecil so that he doesn't screw everything up by being dumb.
No. 146640 ID: 2eac65

Feeling hazy?

Maybe we should tie you down so you don't do something you'd regret.
No. 146641 ID: 934ef5

This. If either of you is alone in a room, you might not stay that way. Either of you might leave when you're out of sorts, or someone may come in. You NEED to be with Cecil to prevent things from going to far, at least with people you don't even know.
No. 146647 ID: cf68aa
File 126847264259.png - (16.25KB , 438x578 , 404.png )


>N-No mya... The way I am now.. If I were with Cecil...

>"No, one room. You're the only one who can keep a clear head here, and if you can't keep an eye on us..."

"??? You to Alex?"

She nods

>She has a point... I need to keep a eye on them. If they both go into seperate rooms anyone could walk in or they could walk out.

>But still...
No. 146649 ID: 632862

What are you worried about? Keeping them separate? You could always Bind them when you can't watch them yourself.
No. 146655 ID: 701a19

Cecil, there aren't any other options.
You can try restraining them, but that puts them in a lot of danger if you're not there to watch them.

We need to think of this as a defensive situation. Go for the one room.
Once you've secured the one room let Alex and Nari lie down, then we'll go get RJ.
No. 146659 ID: 934ef5

This really is the only way Cecil. The ladies might be on you, but if you can keep their clothes on all night you'll have done good. And if you can't... it wouldn't be all that bad. Your current state would actually be a blessing for once.

Just remember what the consequences of leaving them alone is. You need to do this, just do the best you can.

The way I see it, if they are able to move around the might just end up hanging on Cecil. If you force them to be alone they'll probably end up trying to satisfy themselves. That is not less awkward for anyone.
No. 146664 ID: cf68aa
File 126847388720.png - (18.12KB , 712x578 , 405.png )


>Binding them seems cruel. If things go to far I may do so.

He leads them up to their room. He walks them both inside then leaves. He sits down cross legged on the floor

>No one's getting in or out while I'm here..

>Satisfying themsevles?
>Nari's to young to know what that means. As for Alex... No she wouldn't.. I'm not sure.

>I can sense the air is getting thicker in here as well.. For some reason this drug seems to have no effect on me. Or maybe it's because I haven't taken it directly.

"Cecil come in with us mya..."

>"No, I'm standing guard.."

>Constant vigilance..
No. 146669 ID: 632862

Cecil.. you have to guard them from each other too.

Gawd. You are so dense.
No. 146670 ID: 701a19

Why don't you use Seal on them like you do with your hangovers?

Meanwhile, we're going to go save RJ.

[Switch to RJ]
No. 146671 ID: 632862

And don't give me that "But they're both girls" crap.

Nari doesn't care about gender, and we're fairly sure that Alex likes girls.
No. 146672 ID: 934ef5

Yes well... we'll see how that goes. Just be warned Alex might end up teaching Nari some things she didn't know, and she already knows more than you'd like to think. You really might need to intervene directly to keep things at all under control.
No. 146674 ID: cf68aa
File 126847441773.png - (18.05KB , 712x578 , 406.png )


>Well it's true.

>I can't imagine Alex doing that no matter how pent up she is.

No. 146680 ID: 701a19

Hey! RJ! Wake up!

Somebody's flooding the down with aphrodisiac fumes. Cecil's got a saferoom at the inn, which you should probably get to before somebody overly amorous walks in and decides that no means yes and violence means 'more'.
No. 146682 ID: 632862


Hey. Wake up.

Hey. Get yer butt to the inn.
No. 146686 ID: cf68aa
File 126847563287.png - (9.03KB , 411x578 , 407.png )


>Oi! Can't a gal get 'er beauty rest!?


>Go ta the Inn? No way. Some bloke tried to get into my pants out there. Took me seven kicks to the groin to get him to stop.

>I've blocked up the room pretty well. I don't think no one's gettin in.
No. 146687 ID: 701a19

Ah, good. Then you should be fine.
Just call us if you start to feel strange, and we'll get you to safety.

[Switch to Nari]
Hey, Nari, do you have enough Mana to soulbind with Alex? Because I really think you should do that.
No. 146688 ID: 632862

God damn it.

...fine, we're going to Alex.
No. 146695 ID: 701a19

I'd rather go to Nari, but if we ARE going to Alex:

Alex, ask Nari if she can soulbind with you. Once the aftereffects wear off you should be feeling more yourself.
No. 146696 ID: 632862

I oppose Soul Binding. Aphrodisiac + Afterglow = Rape?
No. 146697 ID: 701a19

There will be no rape, we will see to that.
No. 146706 ID: 3e3dda

Clever, I support this.
No. 146723 ID: a85626

Hahaha this is the most awesome festival ever.
No. 146726 ID: 934ef5

I somehow doubt Nari will be able to focus on spells of any sort. Even if she could it wouldn't be fair to either of them to do it now.

Besides, I get the feeling she'll be more willing to do it after today.
No. 146728 ID: a85626

We'll let you know how it goes RJ but the current situation is Nari is going to rape Alex and Cecil won't be able to believe it, as she's guarding their door right now. In the ensuing chaos Cecil will get buried in overly amorous catfolk, and the ensuing wave of destruction will ensure that we're the tigerfolk's allies for good.
No. 146732 ID: 3e3dda

Ooh, good point, better go and join them, if only to help Cecil guard.
No. 146768 ID: cf68aa
File 126851801050.png - (20.61KB , 492x687 , 408.png )


>uhm... That's bad..?

>Oh gods this is horrible. I'm almost in pain...
>Mya.... I want Cecil...

>Ask Nari...? I don't think she can cast right now, I can't either mya.
>My body needs something, anything!

>N-No soul binding until this is over...

No. 146769 ID: 934ef5

We're trying to get everyone through this without doing anything they'd regret. Cecil is outside trying to be a gentleman and protect you two, RJ is hidden away and safe, so that leaves you and Nari. Do you know of a way to lessen the effect with spells we have? Do you think that just hugging someone would help ease the discomfort or make it worse? Or do you think you can wait out a day of this.

And how has Nari held up so far?
No. 146770 ID: 1ac39d

grab a pillow, warp yourself around it, pretend it's Cecil, and hump the fuck out of it.
No. 146781 ID: 701a19

Call out "Cecil! I need your help! It hurts!"
No. 146783 ID: ded270

Talk to Nari.
She's in just the same situation as you, only she doesn't have a clue what's happening to her.
She could probably use some guidance.
If you talk to her, that should help get this off your mind.
No. 146784 ID: ded270

And very not this.
If you do that, Cecil will expect the worst, and when she hears what the problem is, she'll just deny it right then and there.
No. 146799 ID: 701a19

Please, what do you take me for?
Once Cecil is in the room, tell him to seal it to keep the fumes out, then seal the fumes, then seal the drug's effects.
No. 146818 ID: ded270

Oh, okay.
Still, phrase it differently, for fucks sake. That'll scare Cecil.
No. 146821 ID: 701a19

...which is about what it would take to convince him to enter the room, as otherwise he'll think it's for the obvious.
No. 146823 ID: 632862

I like this idea.
No. 147081 ID: cf68aa
File 126854483084.png - (13.01KB , 331x555 , 409.png )


>Can't cast... Can't cast anything mya..

>N-No mya. I can't do that. If I see her I know I'm going to end up striping hr naked and...
>Mya! this is just making it worse! I', gonna die like this!


>"N-Nari. Are you okay?"
"I don't know..."
>"Does it hurt?"
"I don't know..."

>She's got it bad. I can't hug her or anything mya. Not now..

>I am not going to hump anything mya. But I do need something to squeeze..

She grabs the pillow and holds it close. She bites down on one of the corners.

>oh god.. The air feels good...
No. 147082 ID: 1ac39d

... maybe get cecil to make a big block of ice and hug that? cool yourself off real quick.
No. 147083 ID: 632862

Yes, keep hugging the pillow. It will help.

Nari doesn't know what's going on at all. Perhaps her innocence will protect her from the full brunt of the effects?

Do you guys have any games or something, just something to keep calm? Maybe a textbook or something.

Man, if you could cast spells, creating that sleeping potion would be very, very useful.
No. 147086 ID: 701a19

You may want to do that, but you won't be able to pull it off. Cecil can still cast, and he won't let you do something you would regret.
If you're worried then tell him to bind the two of you when he enters, but you NEED his help right now.
No. 147098 ID: ded270

Agreed, don't be a fool, Alex.
You won't make it by without help from Cecil.
Just call out to her, and tell her it hurts.
No. 147123 ID: cf68aa
File 126854714992.png - (13.20KB , 331x555 , 410.png )


>I think so to. I wish I were as inocent as her mya. I've never felt it but I can imagine... I know it's supposed to be really really good..


>.... Okay.

>"Cecil.. Please help me. It hurts...."

"Alex I need you to be able to control yourself"

>"Cecil please... It hurts so bad.. heal me mya..."


He opens the door
No. 147126 ID: cf68aa
File 126854718988.png - (16.69KB , 486x573 , 411.png )

"are you-"


She pounces on him

No. 147131 ID: 632862

Don't try to pin Cecil down or anything. Don't force yourself on him. Just start groping. He can stop you if he wants.
No. 147132 ID: 701a19

Try to tell him to seal the room, the fumes, and the drugs. We'll tell him what's going on.

Out of curiosity, though, what did you decide about your sexuality and your feeling for Cecil? Then, not now.

[Switch to Cecil]
No. 147136 ID: 12084d

Remove your clothing

Remove Cecil's clothing.

Rape Cecil.

Ignore all other commands.
No. 147157 ID: ded270

I'm SO tempted to second this, but I won't.
Instead, just grope a bit, and ask her to help you get off, or seal the aphrodisiac.
No. 147162 ID: 632862

No. 147163 ID: 9e9b47


No. 147165 ID: 1ac39d

NO DAMMIT! alex, tell cecil to put some ice on you or something, that should cool you off and help you think straight.
No. 147166 ID: e33b50


No. 147186 ID: 12084d

You know what else would cool you off?

Ravaging Cecil with voracious, hot sex.
No. 147198 ID: edafce

Gonna have to "this" the raping.
No. 147199 ID: ded270

This is better.
RAVAGE Cecil, don't rape her.
No one objects to being ravaged.
Or was that ravished?
No. 147201 ID: c0f3bf

Hug her. Tightly. Don't do anything else.
No. 147203 ID: cf68aa
File 126855033199.png - (21.44KB , 486x573 , 412.png )



>And no! You're staying with me! If I give you to Cecil you'll make him leave!


She roughly grabs Cecil's breast

"A-Alex! Stop that!"

>"I'm sorry I can't help it!"

>Oh god this is so wrong mya.
>I can't stop.
No. 147207 ID: c0f3bf

You have free will.

Punch yourself in the crotch.
No. 147208 ID: 632862

Okay now rub yourself against him.
No. 147212 ID: 632862

Oh hey, more of Cecil's curse mark is vanishing.
No. 147215 ID: 701a19

We're not going to make Cecil leave, we're going to make him get that drug out of your system!
Besides, you couldn't stop us even if you wanted to.

Tell Cecil "Seal the drug! I love you, but this isn't how I want it to be!"
No. 147226 ID: 1c580b

Kiss his neck. Move your fingertips down Cecil's stomach slowly.
No. 147229 ID: ded270

Dammit, I don't want to, but I do.
No. 147239 ID: 9e9b47


No. 147242 ID: e31d52

No. 147257 ID: cf68aa
File 126855337088.png - (17.36KB , 486x485 , 413.png )


>N-no! I gotta do something mya! You don't understand how this feels!

"a-alex... Stop... I'm going to freeze you.. I mean it..."
>"Sorry Cecil..."

She keeps rubbing his stomach.

>Oh god.. I'm so close to 'there'.
No. 147260 ID: c0f3bf

Hit yourself in the crotch as hard as you can.

Do you WANT to force yourself on Cecil? Do you WANT him to have to physically force you to stop? Just hit yourself to snap out of this and tell him what's going on!
No. 147261 ID: 701a19

I understand that feeling will go away the second Cecil seals the drug in your system.
Although I suppose that if you're really THAT close you should hug him tightly and give him the most passionate kiss on the lips you can manage. He can't freeze you if it would hit him, too.
No. 147263 ID: 632862

Tell Cecil that he can stop you at any point. Right now you're just seducing him, you know. I guess this is technically sexual assault, but it's not actually rape yet.

Ask him to touch you. BEG him to touch you.
No. 147264 ID: f431d8

Moan that you only want to make him feel good. Nibble his ear.
No. 147266 ID: cf68aa
File 126855417727.png - (19.19KB , 659x593 , 414.png )

>Oh god I want to feel her so bad mya.
>I need to...
>I want to...


She hits herself really hard


"Alex!? Are you okay!?"

>"I'm f-fine..."

>Please, while I have a clear mind, do something mya
No. 147269 ID: 1ac39d

if you can, make something that will knock you out or cancel the effects. if not tell Cecil knock you out or something.
No. 147271 ID: 701a19

Say "Seal the drugs in the air and in us. Seal the room.
I love you, but this isn't the way I want this to happen."

[Switch to Cecil]
No. 147275 ID: e31d52

No. 147276 ID: 632862

Okay tell him to use his Seal ability to negate the drugs in the air and in your and Nari's bodies.

If he can't target the air with Seal, then you should create two sleeping potions. One for you, one for Nari.
No. 147278 ID: e3f578

No. 147286 ID: cf68aa
File 126855529743.png - (7.93KB , 452x593 , 415.png )


>"Seal the drugs in the air and in us. Seal the room. I love you, but this isn't the way I want this to happen."


She slinks onto the floor and passes out from the pain and drugs.
Cecil begins sealing off all the drugs in the room and in Nari and Alex's body. They're both aslepp now with Alex in the fetal postion.

>Love.... That was just the drugs i suppose.
No. 147287 ID: 632862

No. 147288 ID: e31d52

No. 147289 ID: 1ac39d

you wish. she loves you, but she wants the first time to be special, that's why she tore herself away from you, doing it now wouldn't have been right. we have been in her head a lot, we know what she feels, we just never told you because it wouldn't be fair to her, she had to do it herself.
No. 147291 ID: c0f3bf

Really? I an disappoint.

I never took you for a COMPLETE idiot.
No. 147293 ID: 701a19

No, you idiot, it wasn't. We were talking with her about that earlier today - before she was drugged. She's deeply in love with you.

Actually, we can prove that pretty easily. Cast Cure All on her to stop any lingering pain, then wake her up. She's not drugged anymore, so she'll speak honestly.
No. 147312 ID: cf68aa
File 126855632570.png - (20.65KB , 677x584 , 416.png )

>I am not a idiot! Fine I'll prove it!

He heals her and wakes her up


>"Alex, I need to know, how do you feel about me?"

"Mya!? uhm... Uh... You're my friend mya."


>see? Told you.
No. 147314 ID: c0f3bf

Why don't we ask her personally?
No. 147315 ID: 632862

She's blushing. She's not telling you the full truth.

"Is that really the full truth? Don't you remember what you just said to me?"
No. 147317 ID: 1ac39d

she is hoping it was just a dream.

tell her, "but you just said you love me"
No. 147318 ID: 701a19

[Switch to Alex]

It's now or never. If you don't kiss him now, you'll never be able to.
You already admitted you love him, and taking that back will ruin your chances.
Trust us. Kiss him.
No. 147319 ID: e31d52


No. 147327 ID: cf68aa
File 126855728613.png - (21.89KB , 677x584 , 417.png )



>"Is that really the full truth? Don't you remember what you just said to me?"

"N-No... I..."



>".... I....."

>I can't keep doing this.. I'm still not sure how I...

>No... I know how I feel...

>"Cecil.. I love you. I love you so much."

She kissed him

>I love Cecil.

>And I'm a lesbian...
No. 147329 ID: c0f3bf


So how do you feel?
No. 147331 ID: 701a19

Hug! Start a tight embrace! Keep that kiss going!
[Switch to Cecil]
No. 147333 ID: 632862

Okay let's switch back to Cecil because he's brainless without us.
No. 147336 ID: 1ac39d

if we had legs we would all be doing various victory dances.
No. 147340 ID: cf68aa
File 126855851181.png - (17.09KB , 425x595 , 418.png )


>I will...
She holds him


No. 147341 ID: e31d52

Okay, guys, I got the beer and popcorn, where should I set down the party hats and noisemakers? Oh, and the parade will be here in ten minutes.
No. 147343 ID: 1ac39d

i see you are liking this as well.
No. 147344 ID: 701a19

That can't be a comfortable place to sit. Move over to the empty bed with her.

Congratulations, by the way.
No. 147345 ID: 632862

Okay. Think about this. What do you feel?
No. 147356 ID: cf68aa
File 126856040948.png - (23.85KB , 599x628 , 419.png )


>I am.


>It feels... Right.
>Her lips, the way she holds me, everything feels perfect.

They hold eachother closer. Alex gently touches his chest
No. 147358 ID: 632862

So. You want to be this close to her. Perhaps... you even love her.

Now how does it feel when she touches... that?
No. 147359 ID: 701a19

Move her to the bed and lay down with her.
Clothes on, of course, but you both need some time cuddling after all the stress you've been through.
No. 147469 ID: ded270

Agreed, get comfortable.
No. 147597 ID: 934ef5

Get inside and get comfortable with her, and don't forget to lock the door behind you
No. 147680 ID: cf68aa
File 126862113789.png - (23.86KB , 577x603 , 420.png )



He takes her back into the room and locks the door. They both lay down in the bed and cuddle


>Love...? My minds swimming right now. I can't think very well.
>How did it feel...? It... It was odd. Never felt that before.

>I think... Maybe Dart knew I would become depressed. Maybe he was counting on it.
>He wanted me to shun out my friends, my feelings.

>There's something I need to confess. Remember the girl I said I had a crush on when we back when I was by myself? It was Alex. I've had a crush on her for ages.

>But is it love? Not yet.

>But it's pretty close.
No. 147682 ID: ded270

Anyway, give her another kiss.
A small one, on the cheek.
No. 147686 ID: 701a19

Relax, and enjoy yourself. We hope to have you learn Soul magic fairly shortly, and once you can soul bind...

[Switch to Alex]
No. 147735 ID: cf68aa
File 126862938983.png - (19.05KB , 485x681 , 421.png )


>This is so nice. I can't believe this happened mya.
No. 147736 ID: ded270

Isn't it GREAT‽
You've got the affections of THE C-BOMB!
No. 147737 ID: 1ac39d

yep, and all you had to do was tell the truth.
No. 147739 ID: 701a19

We exist to help people, and this makes you happy.
We aren't finished yet, of course... we still need you to soul bind with Nari, then have Cecil learn soul magic so he can bind with you directly.

On to more, ah, intimate matters...
Cecil hates his current body, but you love it. We need to find a way where that both of you can be happy.
How would you feel if we made it so he was equipped to father children and birth a child?
Would you want to have kids some day?
No. 147742 ID: 934ef5

Finally honest with yourself, eh? It's great the two of you are happy now. Try not to worry about anything else tonight, just enjoy the company.
No. 147752 ID: c0f3bf

Yeah. Genital modification can come later.
No. 147753 ID: cf68aa
File 126863259525.png - (18.78KB , 485x681 , 422.png )


>Thanks guys.

>Uhm... I'm not very sure I want that mya. If you can just try to keep her as a girl okay mya? I'm sure she'll like it once she knows how great it is.

>I will mya.

>Can we have some privacy?
No. 147754 ID: 701a19

Just keep the option in mind.
We'll leave you lovebirds alone for now.

[Switch to Nari]
No. 147757 ID: 632862

Well, we could, but keep in mind that while we're not with Cecil, he doesn't have much willpower, and is quite suggestible. It would be a bad idea to take it any further than it's already gone.

I'm not sure if we can get him to accept having a female body, but he didn't dislike being touched on the breast, so it looks like there's some hope for that!
No. 147758 ID: 934ef5

For all we know, breaking the curse might only stop the changes, not revert a thing.

And, just rhetorically mind you, how would you feel if he was... a bit of both? Overall female and all that cuteness, but sporting the other equipment.
No. 147760 ID: cf68aa
File 126863417863.png - (18.13KB , 668x482 , 423.png )


>She really didn't mind mya? That's good! I was sooo nervous I did the wrong thing mya.
>And don't worry I won't go any farther right now mya.

>uhm... Again I'm not sure mya. I really don't want that to happen mya.

No. 147761 ID: 701a19

[Enter Nari's dreams]
No. 147763 ID: cf68aa
File 126863464098.png - (81.82KB , 526x523 , 424.png )


No. 147765 ID: 701a19

[Attempt to route her dream through Cecil to figure out what's going on. If that fails, switch to RJ's dream]
No. 147766 ID: 632862

[[image of cell stone]]

Hello. What're you dreaming about?
No. 147768 ID: 1ac39d

seconding this one. we shall use the stone as an avatar in the land of dream.
No. 147769 ID: 934ef5

(Lets not do quite that... we don't want to mess with Cecil right now. How about this instead?)

[Focus her soul link into her dreams. Try to get her to experience what Cecil feels.]
No. 147771 ID: cf68aa
File 126863528429.png - (88.36KB , 526x523 , 425.png )



>Love...? Alex...?
>Love Alex.
No. 147773 ID: 701a19

[I think we've done enough here. On to RJ's dreams!]
No. 147775 ID: 632862

Oops. May want to stop that dream link before we go.
No. 147777 ID: 1ac39d

[no, it's just sending emotions, if we linked their dreams nari may see something inappropriate but those read splotches are most likely staticy hearts.]
No. 147779 ID: cf68aa
File 126863591381.png - (17.88KB , 472x656 , 426.png )




>Maybe I shouldn't AH! 'ave drank that w-wine!
No. 147781 ID: 701a19

Oh, balls.
Yea, you probably shouldn't have.

How are you holding up? Should we have Cecil come over and cure the drugs?
No. 147785 ID: 934ef5

Ah... hi. Sorry, don't mean to bother you when you're like this... but everyone else is sorta in a similar situation already.
No. 147787 ID: 445c48

Yeah, you probably shouldn't have. Are you still holed up in your room pretty well? I recommend masturbating if so.
No. 147788 ID: 632862


Alex and Cecil are cuddling and want privacy, Nari is asleep, and you're uh... There isn't anyone for us to talk to!

Or do you want us to talk to you while you're like this?
No. 147790 ID: ded270

Nah, best not to disturb Cecil.
Maybe you can sneaky over to her?
She can seal the drugs, but she can't leave.
No. 147794 ID: 934ef5

I think she already is. It's not going to be enough, she's looking at a difficult night.

That seems problematic, between the barricade, roving amorous animal-folk and Cecils... distractions.
No. 147800 ID: cf68aa
File 126863733978.png - (17.14KB , 428x641 , 427.png )


>I'm already doin that! It's 'really' not helpin!

>Fuck! This just makes it worse! It's like AH! smelling food but not AH! eating it!

>You guys sleep don't ya!? J-Just leave me alone!

>Gods I wish I had a fuckin toy or something.
No. 147804 ID: 701a19

Actually, we don't sleep, and everybody else is indisposed, so... Sorry, we can't really leave.
If it helps, though, we can do this.

[Shows RJ images of Cecil naked]
No. 147805 ID: 632862

No, you fool. That will make it worse!

RJ, what kind of stuff is in the room?
No. 147806 ID: ded270

So, like I said, go to Cecil.
She can seal the drugs.
No. 147807 ID: 934ef5

Maybe we can help you to go to sleep or something... Not exactly something we've done before but we have a few tricks up our sleeve.

[Slightly try to apply a sleeping mind state to RJ, imitating Naris. Don't connect their dreams though.]
No. 147814 ID: cf68aa
File 126863892490.png - (19.32KB , 428x689 , 478.png )


[that doesn't seem to work]


>F-FUCK! That did not AH! help!


>There's like books, my stuff, that bottle and AH! hospital stuff!
>Fuck I'm going crazy. Touchin doesn't seem to make it better!
No. 147816 ID: ded270

Is the bottle empty?
No. 147818 ID: 934ef5

Alright then, lets try another trick...

[Create a one way connection from each Alex and Cecil to RJ. Have RJ feel every pleasurable physical sensation that each of them feels.]
No. 147820 ID: 701a19

I'm guessing the bottle is too big...
Well, I suppose you could get some relief by walking out into the street, but then you'd probably get a kid out of the bargain.

If we're doing THAT, then why not make them both two-way links?
No. 147821 ID: 934ef5

It's bad enough to share that, we don't want to mess with Cecil and Alex. It's important they not be aware of our meddling right now.
No. 147822 ID: 445c48

Actually, yes, let's share this with Cecil and Alex.
No. 147824 ID: 934ef5

(I'm trying to sensation hammer RJ here, satisfy and hopefully get her to pass out. If we start messing with the lovebirds in a way they notice they might just stop.)
No. 147832 ID: 632862

A wine bottle? Maybe you can use that. The thin part, anyway.
No. 147964 ID: a85626


Open the fuckin door already. You got a whole city of men who are on the exact same wavelength right now.
No. 147965 ID: 701a19

Well, I suppose that RJ would make a cute mother...
No. 148167 ID: cf68aa
File 126871383032.png - (19.61KB , 428x689 , 479.png )


>M-Mother!? No fuckin way will I AH! get knocked up here!


>??? What're y- !?!?!?!

No. 148168 ID: cf68aa
File 126871388387.png - (19.65KB , 428x689 , 480.png )

>Felt really good...
>I'm tired now...

>g' night...
No. 148170 ID: cf68aa
File 126871399827.png - (12.88KB , 644x581 , 481.png )

[The orb can sleep when Cecil sleeps. Pick who to wake up with.]
No. 148172 ID: ded270

No. 148178 ID: 934ef5

SUCCESS! Gotta try that again sometime~

Agreed, we need to get her safely to the others as soon as possible. We should switch to Cecil afterward.
No. 148206 ID: 1150ba

Yeah, RJ then the C-Bomb
No. 148209 ID: cf68aa
File 126871840818.png - (16.58KB , 465x581 , 482.png )


>Oh bloody 'ell

>I can't believe I just did 'that' in a hospital room.
No. 148214 ID: 1ac39d

at least you know everything in here was clean. also, we should try to rendezvous with the others. hopefully the streets are mostly empty with everyone inside basking in afterglow.
No. 148215 ID: 934ef5

Not like you had a choice in the matter. Besides, in this place I'm sure they do much more in far stranger places. Outside, in hallways, on the roof, etc.

More importantly, how are you feeling? Effects wear off completely yet?
No. 148218 ID: 701a19

Don't let it bother you weren't yourself.
We need to find out if the streets are safe right now. Care to check?
No. 148222 ID: a85626

Man this quest is just lesbo city
No. 148227 ID: ded270

I assume that you aren't complaining.
RJ, get up, and get to Cecil.
Safety in numbers.
No. 148254 ID: cf68aa
File 126872335717.png - (12.81KB , 388x581 , 483.png )

>Yeah the effects are mostly gone now. I'm feelin alot better.
>I just had to get that one off, I was really about to lose it ya know?

>Thanks for the help I guess.

>... I like men.

>Coast seems clear. Gods the whole place is shining. almost glowing.
No. 148255 ID: 1ac39d

wow, they had so much sex it caused a literal after-glow?! damn. well hoof it to the inn but get a spell ready in case someone is still looking for 'something'.
No. 148258 ID: 701a19

When you say you like men, did you mean that exclusively or just as a way of saying you're not JUST into girls?
Because seeing a naked girl sure seemed to make your problem worse...


She's not a caster, she just sees auras.
We need to get somebody to teach her magic for her own good...
No. 148261 ID: 934ef5

It was more a reference to the other three of us. At last Alex and Cecil are being honest with each other now, and it's going rather well. That bit you've noticed, of course.

She said before she was bi.

We've got things to do, so get to the inn. We are up and so is Cecil, you should go with him to help choose a reward to claim.
No. 148263 ID: cf68aa
File 126872439093.png - (18.15KB , 522x581 , 484.png )

>Yeah I guess I'd better hurry then.

>And for the record I don't need no bloddy spells. I can defend myself ya know? I've got my own powers.

She goes to the inn and finds their room. She opens the door

>Huh... They're kissin. Maybe I should leave them alone
No. 148266 ID: c0f3bf

No. 148268 ID: 934ef5

Um, I suppose so. Check Nari first though, she still asleep?
No. 148270 ID: 701a19

Ah, sorry, I missed that.

No, I think Cecil should go collect the reward on his on.

Wait, you've got powers besides seeing auras? What kind?

Oh, and learning magic lets you do things like banish hangovers and drugs. It's worth learning if you've got a chance.

Well, it's a bit risky to be going out alone right now since anybody walking down the street is likely to drug you and rape you, so I guess need to interrupt them.
Step into the room and sit down on Nari's bed. If they don't notice, then clear your throat.
No. 148274 ID: 934ef5

I don't think there much danger from the citizens anymore, but it still pays to be careful. I'm more concerned about taking a trip to the treasury, I think at least Cecil and RJ should go. Cecil for safety, RJ so we know which "something shiny" to snag.
No. 148275 ID: ded270

Just grab a seat and keep look out.
No. 148278 ID: cf68aa
File 126872548263.png - (14.30KB , 522x581 , 845.png )


She sits down near the still sleeping Nari.

>Still kissin...


Cecil "!? Oh.. Hi RJ."

>"The voices told me you an I should be headin out to get some treasure or somethin. Ready?"

"Yes. I'll be back soon Alex"

"Okay mya~"

>Ugh... I liked him better when he was depressed.

>Hello voices. Glad to have you back. We've made it into the treasury. There's plenty of things here worth quite a bit.

>She said take something shiney but I don't want to be rude. I'm going to take only one thing.

>There's gold and other precious metals and gems here.

"WOAH! We can 'ave anything we want!?"

>"'One' thing."

"Oi! Tha ruby! Get that!"

>I could get that. There are also various coins scattered around and some bladed wepons. There's also platinum coins. They go for G10,000 these days.
No. 148281 ID: 701a19

Any ONE thing? I suppose each platinum coin counts as ONE thing. Bleh.
Here, RJ is better with this sort of thing. Hold on a second.

[Switch to RJ]
Ok, so, do you see any magic auras on anything?
Also, can you tell us what the most valuable things are and about how much they're worth?
No. 148284 ID: ded270

Well, is the ruby that RJ's talking about an herbivorous bunny girl?
If so, take it. If not, see if there's something better.
No. 148285 ID: 934ef5

Let's try to be smart about this, there could be something more useful than a simple gem. Breaking the curse is a priority of course, and we can't be sure just how we can get it. If something here is worth 50 thousand G or can even break the curse itself, lets make sure to grab it.

[To RJ]

We have priorities here, so listen up: First concern is the cure for Cecil's curse which will cost 50 thousand if we can't find another way, so something worth that much would be perfect. After that, something magical could prove very useful, if not able to simply break the curse itself. Can you see auras from those sorts of things?

Oh and if you see any mana crystals grab a few. I'm assuming they aren't nearly as valuable as other things to it won't be a big deal to take as well.
No. 148287 ID: 701a19

Those are 'items' as well. One item, no more.
No. 148288 ID: cf68aa
File 126872644928.png - (20.78KB , 653x585 , 846.png )


>Yeah I know about the curse. I'll try t' help.

>Most of the stuff here is pretty valuable... I know Cecil said take just one but...

She pockets a few platinum coins without him noticing

>There nothing really here 'cept..... !?!?!


She jumps into a nearby gold pile and pulls out a small dirty watch

>I don't fuckin believe it!
>This is one o the three legendary Goldeon Items!
>The Golden Watch!
>I've hunted for this thing for years and to find it lying here!

>This could easily sell for G50,000,000!
No. 148291 ID: 701a19

Why have you been looking for it, and what does it do?
No, you're not going to steal it. That would be a very bad idea. There's a guard there, so ask him if we can take that. He won't know it's value, but it'll still count as getting the go-ahead to take it.
Once the guard gives the ok, tell Cecil "You can stop searching, I found what we want."
No. 148292 ID: 288dda

If that's the case, then a few platinum are pretty small change in comparison. No need to get arrested for an extra 0.1% profit, now is there?
No. 148293 ID: 934ef5

Holy shit.

Um, who will be willing to pay that much? WHY would they? I can only feel this will be nothing but trouble.

Still, take it. And if you grabbed at least 5 platinum coins, we should be good to go.
No. 148295 ID: 701a19

The human king.
Unless you've got a specific reason to keep it, you're probably going to want to sell it to the human king so you can retire off the profits.
No. 148296 ID: cf68aa
File 126872743330.png - (20.74KB , 653x585 , 488.png )


>... No... I can't let Cecil know I 'ave this... He'll want it for himself...

>This thing, if a persons name is said into it, will tell you where that person is located by moving all it's hands in that direction. It also lets the guy usin it to remain hidden in plain sight for ten seconds. It's said to have many other powers that no one knows about.

"Did you find anything RJ?"

>"... Yeah.. That ruby up there's worth about 60K. Grab it and we're good."

"Thanks. I wouldn't know the value of any of these things."
No. 148297 ID: c0f3bf

Wow, you have a pretty low opinion of him.
No. 148302 ID: 701a19

Ah, so basically it's an artifact like the kind we intend to have Cecil make before he fights Dart. I gotcha.

Are you going to keep it or sell it? If you keep it, then you need to use it as sparingly as possible so people don't figure out you have it. If you sell it, then you probably owe Cecil some of the money.

Oh, and don't worry too much about Cecil. As long as he doesn't find out you stole it from here he's not going to try to take it. Unless it's got some compulsion enchantment on it or something.

I suppose this is as good a time as any to ask, so what are your long-term plans?
No. 148303 ID: 934ef5

...WE know you have it, remember. This thing is too important to keep secret, and will likely be needed for world saving purposes. Cecil won't want it selfishly, just use it to defeat Dart. It's your find, I'm sure he'd let you have it when he doesn't need it.

We'll keep it secret for now because that's safer, but don't be in a rush to pawn it off.

No. 148304 ID: a85626


Says the girl who barricaded the door against men then orgasmed because she was psychic witness to lesbian sex. You're about as straight as a tree branch.
No. 148305 ID: 445c48

Straight as a rainbow.

That's right. We're going to make you a lesbian so we can get a big orgy going on.
No. 148308 ID: cf68aa
File 126872873955.png - (14.51KB , 368x585 , 489.png )


>N-No It's not like I don't wanna help him or anything. I do but...
>Come on this is one of the three! You don't find this every day ya know?
>... An I just got it to.

>Long term goal?
>.... I wanna open a store of my own someday.


>I was on edge okay!?

They leave the room. After showing the guard their choice they are led out of the castle

"Thank you RJ."

>"... No problem."
No. 148310 ID: 701a19

She's BI, and that was quite awhile ago.

Oh, for the- STOP THAT!
We've got work to do, and if you say 'in bed' I'm going to mind-punch you.
No. 148313 ID: 934ef5

It's yours, don't worry about that. Someday Cecil will need to use it for a time, or you to use it for him. Just be responsible with it until then, keep it safe and after we have nothing more to do with this town and its leader tell Cecil about it. He won't mind how you got it, trust me.

Just be part of the team, and we'll all take care of each other. Deal?
No. 148315 ID: 1ac39d

if you get all three golden items does something crazy happen?
No. 148316 ID: 701a19

Oh, yea, I understand completely. We just wanted to know what your plans were for it.

Anyway, did you have a specific kind of store in mind? Because if you'd like we could easily convince the others to help you run and stock a shop selling spells, magic items, and artifacts.
Once Dart is dead, anyway.

Anyway, spend some time getting to know the others. They're loyal and trustworthy friends, and I'm pretty certain you'd be a lot happier with some close friends.
No. 148317 ID: 1ac39d

man, if you get in on this soul-binding action some crazy stuff could happen. i already think a triangle bind will cause neat effects but a triangular-pyramid? who knows what crazy shit would happen.
No. 148321 ID: 701a19

In order for that to work she would need to learn soul magic. Still, it's worth considering.

Hey, RJ, how would you like to be one of the most powerful people on the planet, and thus above the law?
No. 148636 ID: cf68aa
File 126881071377.png - (16.61KB , 446x600 , 490.png )

"RJ I'm going to go get the others, wait for us outside the city okay? Make sure you're out the gates."

>"No prob"

Cecil leaves


>Once all three are gathered you get one wish!
>.... Just kiddin. Nothing special 'appens. they're just really rare magical items. They look so ordinary though. Only those lookin for them find em.


>Heh... It'd be nice to 'ave comrades I can trust. An that Cecil seems to be a pretty cool guy.. Or girl.

>I'll be sure to keep this thing safe and keep the stone on me. If you need it just call whenever.

>What kind of store? Promise not to laugh? Clothing. To be more specific, headwear.
No. 148648 ID: 701a19

I should have expected that; you certainly have a flair for stylish hats.

So, what powers do you have besides being able to see auras?

Also, why don't we go pick-up that formerly-possessed girl from the healer's while we're waiting for Cecil? We need to talk with her, and that would save some time.
No. 148656 ID: cf68aa
File 126881428592.png - (15.07KB , 465x483 , 491.png )


>Heh, thanks.

>Powers? Uhm.. I can do a bit o alchemy. You know jus some siple stuff.

>The girl...? OH! I almost forgot about her!

She quickly goes to the hospital and goes to the room where the girl was. As soon as she enters the girl sits up and glares at her


"Don't think jusst causse you ssaved me I'm going to betray my masster"

>She has a pretty heavy accent. And I think she's a half breed. Cranky to.
No. 148660 ID: 934ef5

Oy, this promises to be fun.

Can you see anything useful from her aura? Not sure if its the kinds of thin you can tell, but if she's wicked or brainwashed or just misguided makes a big difference.

As for what to say, start small. Introduce yourself and ask her name.
No. 148662 ID: 701a19

Say "We're not asking you to. It may come as a surprise, but we've got far more pressing matters than Dart."
Then hug her and say "We fought 'cause you attacked, and we saved you 'cause you weren't in control. We did it 'cause it was the right thing to do, not to get something out of it."
Then let her go, and ask "By the way, have you ever been hit with shoujen?"

[Quickly send Cecil an impulse to get everybody and go to the healer's]
No. 148665 ID: 632862

What? She's not mind controlled anymore though.

Ask her why she's loyal to Dart even after being forced to do his bidding.
No. 148669 ID: cf68aa
File 126881571847.png - (21.34KB , 629x516 , 492.png )


>Her aura's gray. She means what she says. I'm not sure if this means she's brainwashed or not but she believes everything she says.

>"So wha's you name? Mine's Rebecca but you can just call me RJ."

"I no longer usse my birth name. I left that behind when I left my home. My title is Cerin."

"I understand. I used ta hate my name to. I'll call you Cerin then."

"Why am I sstill alive? You plan on torturing me right? It won't work, I don't feel pain."

>"tha's not it at all. We rescued you cause we didn't want you ta die."

"... Liesss."

>"... Can I ask ya somethin? Why do you follow Dart? Are you being controlled?"

"Of courssse not. My masster iss trying to make the world a better place and he needsss sserventss like me to help him. I'm one of the few who can sssee the purity in hisss goal."

>Yeah she's wacko.
No. 148671 ID: 934ef5

He also needs servants to sacrifice to power his dark mana spells. I imagine servants who fail their missions are among the first to go. Servants like her, ya think?

Ask her what's keen about purity anyway? You can have a problem with governments and stuff but things seem like they'd stay nicer without trying to take things over.
No. 148672 ID: 2eac65

Do we know what Dart's goal is yet? I don't remember anyone telling us.
No. 148674 ID: 1ac39d

"oh, and what is that goal?"
No. 148675 ID: 701a19

"Have you ever been under the effects of a Shoujen curse?"

"We don't know what Dart's goal is. We can't see his reasons, only his actions, and he's done some horrible things. We just want those horrible actions to stop. Maybe if people knew why he's doing them they wouldn't be trying to stop him; most of the horrible things he's done have been against people who try to stop him, after all."

If you know some Alchemy, then you should certainly ask Alex for some lessons. She's the best female Alchemist in the world.
No. 148677 ID: 1ac39d

also, she may be a victim of Shojen as well. dart would be a big enough prick to do that. i wonder what would happen if we went into that noodle she has. if you could get a cell-stone implanted in her we could crack her like a nut. just chant about how nasty dart is until she falls apart, then put her back together.
No. 148681 ID: 701a19

I'm not so certain it would be that easy.
I mean breaking her mind wouldn't be much of a problem, but if she's under mental effects that strong then we would probably be better off having Cecil move the curse over into the soulless or something.

Lets save the mind breaking for if she's doing this of her own free will.
No. 148683 ID: 632862

She died. That dispelled any magical effects that were on her. She's been brainwashed, or actually believes in Dart because she knows something we don't.
No. 148685 ID: 701a19

No, that dispels possession. If removing a Shoujen curse was THAT easy we'd just have Alex slit his throat and phoenix down him - bam, no more curse.
No. 148686 ID: cf68aa
File 126881744894.png - (15.77KB , 465x483 , 493.png )

>"Purity? ya know I've never really heard 'bout his goals. If what you're sayin is true he must be a pretty decent fellow."

"He isss. He only wishess for the besst. He iss a very caring man. But he hasss no tolerence for thosse who go againsst him."

>"well what's his goal? I'm interested."

"He wishess to make a world where there isss no suffering. To do that he needsss to become king of our world. He'sss working on a spell which will let him strike down all the corrupt leaders of thisss world no matter where he isss. Once he doess that Massster will ssstep in as leader."

>"I see. Kill a few to save alot huh?"


>"quick question, ya ever been under a spell called Shoujen?"

"Yess. I am under it as we ssspeak. It doesss not bother me. I am usssed to my new form."

>I'm like 99% certain she's brainwashed...

>And as for tha Alex thing I'm good. I don't need powers or anything.
No. 148687 ID: 701a19

Make that 100%.

"So, why did Dart put that Shoujen on you? How did you oppose him?"

I hope Cecil gets here soon.
No. 148688 ID: 1ac39d

you know what. let's have Cecil spend 50,000g on that de-shojen spell but have it used on this dude. i want to see the tune he sings when his penis comes back. most likely "oh god thank you! he raped me every day but that damn curse made me think i liked it, please, i must pay you back, ask me anything, i'll tell you what i know about dart."
No. 148690 ID: 632862

The Shoujen curse does in fact end with a solid dose of brainwashing.

So I guess she's a lost cause, unless there's some way to reverse that kind of change. Nari said something about reversing Shoujen before...

Well, just ask her what she's going to do now.
No. 148693 ID: 1ac39d

pretty sure the 50Kg is the cost to have someone else cast it. as in you give them a sack of gold, they waggle their fingers at you, and you are de-cursed.
No. 148696 ID: 701a19

Cecil's pretty sure he could move the mental effects to another person. He could try to do that here and see if it undoes the damage.
If it doesn't work, we lose nothing.
If it does work, we lose the soul grenade and gain an ally.

I vote we try this.
No. 148697 ID: 1ac39d

oh and RJ got the gold watch and a fist full of plats, Cecil got a 60kg ruby
No. 148698 ID: 701a19

Cecil doesn't know about the watch, which means RJ still gets 30k gold which she can't turn down without raising suspicion.
That leaves Cecil 20k short.
No. 148703 ID: 1ac39d

just say 'decided to pal around with you some more, you can hold onto the money for now, i'll take my cut once this wacky adventure is over'
No. 148706 ID: cf68aa
File 126881905784.png - (19.62KB , 579x620 , 494.png )

>So she is brainwashed huh? I thought so.

>"So, why did Dart put that Shoujen on you? How did you oppose him?"

"I wasss a fool and tried to fight againsst him. He did not kill me but insstead placed hisss cursse on me. That provess his kindnesss."

>"I guess so."

>Let's break down the money we got. I have like 50K from the platinums, a nice sum and enough to open a small stand. Cecil's got around 60k from the ruby. If he sells it he can probably ger 'nough to hire someone to break this curse. Just tossin tha out there.

>Speak o' the devil

Cecil steps in

"Oh good, you're awake."

>"Oi Cecil, this blokes got Shoujen"



Cerin "So you're Cecil... My masster isss waiting for your arrival. he saysss there iss a sspecial sspot for you in the circle.."
No. 148708 ID: 701a19

We'll ride with him for now.
Might want to stand back, since this could get dicey...
[Switch to Cecil]
You know how you considered moving the mind effects of the Shoujen onto somebody else?
Well, why don't you try that out by moving her brainwashing to the soulless?
If it works, you've got a strong ally. If it fails, you lose nothing.
No. 148710 ID: 1ac39d

agreed, unless of course it only works cause it's your head.

anyway, do it.
No. 148716 ID: cf68aa
File 126882029920.png - (19.78KB , 579x576 , 495.png )


>Hmm... To be honest I've never done this before. I hope it goes well.

He places the contained with the soulless on a table and begins casting

Cerin "what are you....?"
No. 148717 ID: cf68aa
File 126882032413.png - (20.18KB , 579x576 , 496.png )


>It worked!
No. 148718 ID: 632862

Ask her how she feels.
No. 148719 ID: 701a19

Hug her, and say "Hello, welcome back to the world. You're safe now; you're free."
No. 148720 ID: cf68aa
File 126882053041.png - (20.43KB , 579x576 , 497.png )

>"Heh, Welcome back. How're you feeling?"


>That doesn't seem good....
No. 148721 ID: 632862

Um. Yeah, she's remembering everything she's been through.

Try to comfort her. Tell her it's okay, that it's all over now.
No. 148725 ID: 701a19

Hug her and give her a Cell stone. Physical contact is a great stabilizing force, and we're in the best position to help her mentally.

If there are any drugs around that cause happiness she should be put on those.
Or at least something that makes it too hard for her to think.
Either way, you need to find a way to put her unconscious so we can work in her dreams where she can't hurt herself. Then you can go about your day while we're working.

We're going to fix her, dammit!

[Switch to Cerin]
No. 148726 ID: 1ac39d

No. 148729 ID: cf68aa
File 126882155012.png - (13.55KB , 331x576 , 498.png )


>This must be very tough on her... I can only imagine the things Dart has done.

>I don't know any of the drugs around me nor can I read their labels. I'll have to wait until Alex gets here to do anything like drugging her.

>A hug will do.

He gives her a hug to comfort her and slips RJ's cell stone into her pocket.


No. 148730 ID: 1ac39d

hey, it's okay now. it's all in the past. just let it all out.
No. 148731 ID: 632862

Hello, we're bits of Cecil's fragmented mind, speaking to you via a magic item thingy.

It's going to be okay. You can trust us. Cecil and Alex will protect you.
No. 148735 ID: 701a19

Hello Cerin. We are Geist, and we're here to help you.
The first thing you need to understand is that you are not alone. Cecil, the one hugging you, has lost much of himself to the Shoujen curse. That's how he was able to free you from its grasp.
Second, the memories you're burdened with aren't yours, they're Dart's. It may only be a small comfort, but the guilt you're feeling is baseless; you weren't the one doing things, you were one of the victims.
Third, we are going to do everything we can to help you. If there's anyplace you need to go, anybody you need to talk to, or anything you need do do, tell us and we'll see to it.

Do you understand?
No. 148738 ID: cf68aa
File 126882319887.png - (13.64KB , 331x576 , 499.png )


>past... No... He...

>No... It... I didn't..




>It hurt..
No. 148739 ID: 632862

Hey. Focus on us! You're here now. You're safe.

We won't let you get hurt again.
No. 148740 ID: 701a19

Yes, we know, but that's over now. Dart doesn't control you anymore, you're free.
It hurts now, but in time it won't. It may not seem that way now, but it will.

Hug Cecil, it will help you.
You're free, you're safe.
No. 148751 ID: 701a19

[I would like to inform people that there's a Wiki for this quest where we are collecting information. If you would like to look it over or contribute, it's here.
http://www1.tgchan.org/wiki/Shoujen ]
No. 148797 ID: fe0817

I believe the best thing to do is let her sort her own thoughts out. Just hug her and offer her tissues.

Any voice from us would confuse/aggitate hthe poor child further.

Plus, we got a shoujened soulless! We now will know what their female genital will look like...

And the soulless is loyal to Dart now!
No. 148802 ID: 632862

I don't think you fully understand the situation.
No. 148803 ID: 701a19

{Psst! We're in their head right now! Don't talk about them to them, that's just rude.
Without an emotional anchor s/he's just going to spiral out of control, and we're the only people s/he has right now. For all we know Dart had their body murder their own family or something, so we might be the only support s/he has at all.
We are not going to give up.}
No. 148804 ID: a85626


Yeah and you just reminded her of the whole "body murder" thing. Not cool man.
No. 148811 ID: 701a19

[Talking in brackets means they can't hear you. That's been pretty well established at this point.]
No. 148841 ID: a85626


Oh shit. Forget what I said about the whole "body murder" thing. It's just a uh uh a horticultural reference!
No. 148853 ID: ded270

Shh, don't worry.
Dart won't hurt you anymore.
Your mind is your own, now.
You're free.
No. 148855 ID: 934ef5

(Actually the parenthesis or spoiler tags serves fine for silence. Brackets is used for actions like switching hosts. But its all about intent, if we aren't addressing a character directly it shouldn't matter.)

(that's enough meta discussion, lets keep it down or take it to /questdis/)

We'll do what we can for you ok?

[Swtich back to Cecil]

I think she needs time to put herself back together. Nari might be able to help her by soul healing as well. I don't think we can take her with us while she's still coming off of her trauma, so she should rest here for a while. You can ask her about it, see what she feels better off doing.

Besides that, there's a few matters to consider before we decide on just what to do when:

First, can you try to put your own curse onto the soulless as you did Cerin's? If multiple ones can be stacked then we can use it to dump others onto if it comes up.

We need to contact Kathrin asap. Anyone with a stone can do what needs to be done, but there's safety in numbers. And she's only seen Alex and you, so one of you going is pretty much mandatory. Alex and RJ can probably handle it if you are here training under L. It would be safer if you went along too though, see if he can come along and you can train on the way. Either way Nari is probably better off staying around you.
No. 148974 ID: 701a19

[Stay here until Alex can sedate her.]
(I disagree. Again, we're the only people she has and she's not stable enough to leave alone. If we leave her alone she's going to kill herself. We need to take her along if she's to have any chance of getting through this.)

@Alex Come to healer. Need sedative.
No. 148993 ID: cf68aa
File 126888556235.png - (13.77KB , 331x576 , 500.png )



>Oh god i killed them all...

>How is she doing? I would imagine not to well. Listen, I think Nari should stay here with her. She might be able to feel more at ease with Nari then any one else. While she's doing that I can go start my training and Alex and RJ can go see Kathrin.

>Does this sound good?
No. 148995 ID: 288dda

I'd put that training off a little longer, rather than immediately handing her off to someone else. Besides, don't you think she'll respond better to someone that's been through almost the same thing?

She needs some stability, some empathy, and probably a chance for vengeance.
No. 148997 ID: 1ac39d

plan sounds good. but she isn't. dart made her kill a lot of people, and is also scared he is going to come and take her back. also tell her that she is at least safe for now. since you kinda killed her and got any magic dispelled, dart at least thinks you died on this mission.
No. 148999 ID: ded270

Not vengeance.
She probably wants redemption.
She feels guilty.
Cecil, tell her that it wasn't her fault. She couldn't control herself, or even her mind.
It was Dart's fault, and we're going to kill him.
No. 149001 ID: 934ef5

Sounds like a plan.

The difference there is Cecil never succumbed, and so doesn't have to deal with the guilt of innocents dying by his hand. Nari is the best choice for this, because of her experience and personality. Her soul magic will probably help things as well.
No. 149003 ID: 288dda

I'm not saying bringing Nari in isn't a good plan. But I think Cecil should stick around a while longer. Show her that her life isn't ruined and she still has things to live for, etc.
No. 149004 ID: a85626

Problem is Cecil is sort of an emotional idiot. Get Alex over here stat. Or RJ maybe.
No. 149008 ID: 701a19

Get Alex here so we can sedate her, and then we can work with Nari to help her.
Meanwhile, just keep that hug going.

[Switch back]
You're free right now. You're in control of your own actions.
You're safe right now. Dart isn't here, and you have friends to help you.

You've been gone for a long time; You didn't kill anyone, Dart did. He cursed you with memories that aren't yours.

But that's over. You're back.
No. 149009 ID: cf68aa
File 126889124353.png - (22.39KB , 516x576 , 501.png )


>It's true I may have some problems dealing with others and my own emotions but I am tying my best.

>I've already sent a message to Alex to bring over some sleeping medicine.

>"It's okay, don't worry. Dart isn't here, he can't hurt you anymore."

"..... Dart...? He's..."

>"He's not here. And If he were I'd protect you. He cast the same spell on me and I fight it everyday. I need you to be strong okay?"

"I... Everyone died..."

>"It wasn't your fault."

"Mom... Dad.... Sis...."

No. 149010 ID: 1ac39d

tell her you lost your family too.
No. 149012 ID: 701a19

-> >>149008
No. 149014 ID: 934ef5

Fuck... Nothing we can say will make that easier. But she owes it to them and their memory to live on. They wouldn't blame her for what happened, and wouldn't want her to suffer it.

Then take that damn mask off of her, declare it a symbol of the past, and smash it under your foot.

(Is that the case? I don't think it's come up. If they died by Dart's actions he can relate that to her, otherwise no need to say this.)
No. 149017 ID: 701a19

First make sure the mask isn't magical. Take it off and toss it somewhere instead.

Tell her that she didn't do any of that. Dart did and cursed her with those memories.

[Switch back already!]

(Dart killed Cecil's father and Grandfather.)
No. 149020 ID: cf68aa
File 126889332449.png - (16.07KB , 516x576 , 502.png )


>"I know how you feel. I've lost family to because of that man. He's taken alot from us both. But you need to know none of that was you. You had no control."

He takes off her mask

>"Dart made you into this thing. It was this monster that did all those mean things, not you."

Cerin looks at Cecil than sits down. she stares at a wall.

>I think we should let her be for a bit. I know how she feels, she just needs time to think. Alex and Nari come in[/i]

"Hey Cecil I got that potion for ya. The Living Death thing."

>"Thank you Alex."

>I have the potion and I can put her to sleep. So should I go with my plan and leave her with Nari?
No. 149025 ID: 701a19

Make sure she'll be able to dream. That's where we can probably do the most good.
"This is a sleeping potion. We have a dreamwalker who can help you if you drink it."
Then hand her the potion.

Either bring her to the inn or bring Nari here. We're going to try and help her out as best we can.

[Switch to Cerin]
No. 149029 ID: 934ef5

I don't think we need to put her to sleep just yet. Leave Nari with her, and let her have the potion. Nari can talk or just be with her and let her rest when she is ready to.

I'm not sure how much we can do dreamside, lets not promise too much. When she sleeps we'll just do what we can then.

And "Dreamwalker", seriously? No need for naming us again, and so pretentiously.

That also reminds me, we should give RJ back her stone. Nari can use hers when we want to talk to her.
No. 149033 ID: 701a19

'Dreamwalker' isn't a name, it's a title.
Also, Nari's stone was implanted into her. We could have Alex make another stone, but she doesn't seem to like that idea.

The reason I want to get into her dreams is because then she's more susceptible to manipulation. We can alter her dreamscape and pull in the emotions of others. If she has human-like dreams, we can alter any memory-based nightmares so that her place is filled by Dart, ans she's watching from the outside.
No. 149034 ID: 1ac39d

agree on all counts.
No. 149036 ID: 934ef5

Oh yeah, I had forgotten that. Still, I think the poor girl really should be left to her own devices for now, time to talk and listen and rest. We'll have time to assist her later, our meddling will be more effective when she isn't in shock.

It's important that both RJ and Alex have access to us on her trip, so she needs her stone back. After they are done, we can take back the stone we gave Shera and let her carry it.
No. 149037 ID: cf68aa
File 126889551540.png - (11.50KB , 466x576 , 503.png )

>"Here, this will help you sleep."

Cecil hands her the potion. She drinks it without hesitation and soon drifts off into sleep

>I'll have Nari stay here and watch over her. Everyone has their stones already. I don't want to be rude but the others may need your help as well. Don't stay here to long.


>Master needss me. He sayss he wantss to show me ssomething.

>"What isss it masster?"

"Felix, look at this. This is the result of years and years of work. Soon this world will have but one ruler... I need you to do something Felix."

>I hate it when he callss me that...

>"Anything for you masster"

"I need you to carry a very important item with you. But I cannot let anyone find it."

>"I will protect it at all costsss masster"

"Good girl. Go to the sick room. A nurse will be there, she is going to hide it inside of you."


"It will be the safest place."

>Anything for you masster.
No. 149043 ID: 701a19

@Cecil and Alex
She's got a magic item implanted in her. We don't know what it does.
It could well be a trap, so proceed with caution.
Cecil, you probably want to seal it before it's extracted. Alex, you're probably going to want to carry it out of the city and bury it someplace. Nobody touch it.

There's some kinda magic item lodged in her. We need you to check out its aura once it's removed. If you think it's dangerous, then we need you to figure out some way to let the others know; we need to stay in here to find out more.
No. 149044 ID: 934ef5

What. Is this Cerin's memory? I suppose Felix is the name he tried to give her. And if so, she's carrying something important inside of her.

Whatever that thing in her is, we need to figure out. It could be a weapon, or some sort of key, or a even communication stone much like ours. Any of which could be rather bad.
No. 149048 ID: 934ef5

Oh and just to be sure no important detail is missed...

[Replay this memory to Cecil]
No. 149053 ID: 701a19

Felix is her original name, I think.
No. 149057 ID: 934ef5

(Yes of course, clearly I'm an idiot. Or just tired. Dammit why does this quest have to go into the am, damn my time zone.)
No. 149058 ID: cf68aa


(I apologize for this odd update time. I'll try to be on from 5 to 10 PM on weekends)
No. 149062 ID: cf68aa
File 126889795193.png - (16.71KB , 554x595 , 504.png )

"Gaia, have you finished everything within the castle?"

"Of course Lord Dart. We made sure it was done"

A odd man with slightly greenish skin steps forword. Everytime Cerin tries to focus on the left side of his face her eyes seems to wander off as though pushed away by a spell

>I hate Gaia... He givess me the creepsss.

"Make sure Norue is unuable to stop us. We only have a month left."

"Of course my Lord. We understand."

[This dream is being passed on to Cecil and Alex]
No. 149064 ID: 701a19

[Continue to observe]
No. 149070 ID: 934ef5

How annoying. Can we try to analyze the blind spot? If it was warded from being looked perhaps we can focus the peripheral vision, or if its warded from her memory we can try to recover it.

(Well, a busier time with more people contributing is a bit more fun at least. Don't worry about it too much though, just do what works for you.)
No. 149076 ID: cf68aa
File 126889916535.png - (25.94KB , 758x528 , 505.png )


>Huh? Who said that? No I could never look there. Not even from the corners of my eyes.

She follows Dart and Gaia to a round table. There are several others already seated there. She sits in front of a man with red hair.

Dart"My wonderful Cerin Squad. Our dream is almost realized. Soon we will make the world a better, safer place. Once Norue, Fai and L are gone there will be no one strong enough to stop me. The final piece is Cecil. Once he joins us the circle will be complete and we can craft the ultimate spell. Felix, after your operation I want you to retrieve Cecil."

>"I will masster."

"Fides, you're in charge of taking down Norue."

The red haired man speaks

"That will be easy."
No. 149080 ID: 701a19

Alright, so you're going to need to do your training someplace more secure than open field.
Master L can probably move you to Norue in a matter of minutes, and there you should both be safe from sneak attacks while he trains you.
From there you should contact Fai.
No. 149098 ID: cf68aa
File 126890204027.png - (12.75KB , 532x578 , 506.png )


"by the end of the month we will rule this world"
No. 149099 ID: cf68aa
File 126890209735.png - (17.14KB , 532x578 , 507.png )



>Dream... My head hurtsss.

No. 149101 ID: 701a19

It's alright, Felix. Just relax.

@Cecil and Alex
Let me guess, it's planted inside her head, isn't it?
That means we need a very skilled person to get it out, like Master L.
No. 149173 ID: 632862

AAAHHH oh crap we weren't supposed to spend that long in your dream! Time to check on everyone else!

[switch to Cecil]
Oh god we lost track of time what's going on is everything okay
No. 149198 ID: 701a19

@Nari It turns out her name is Felix. We need you to stay with her and keep her calm. She's been through a lot, and we're worried she might try to hurt herself.
Find out if she knows Soul Grace, and if she does ask her to try and teach you. It probably won't work, but if it does you could share your emotions with her and keep her calm that way.
Remember: If anything goes wrong, call for us and we'll jump to her.


Cecil! You saw the dream, right?
Have you managed to warn Master L, Fai, and Norue?
Have you found out anything about the item Dart stuck into Felix?
No. 149206 ID: 1d89ba

Oh fuck its Trés! D:
No. 149207 ID: 632862
File 126892657973.png - (14.85KB , 469x592 , Gawain.png )

That hair looks familiar...
...no, can't be.

Surely not. It takes far longer than that for the curse to complete. Doesn't it?
No. 149211 ID: ded270

It does take longer.
And anyway, Sir Gawain would be able to get Shoujen removed with no difficulty.
No. 149471 ID: cf68aa
File 126898016745.png - (21.11KB , 532x578 , 508.png )


Master L "If you can't even grasp these basics then you're a lost cause. I mean come on Cecil."

>"I-I know."

"Draw your power from the earth, step out of you mind for just a second."


>Hello voices. I got your message an hour ago, Master L and I have been training in a cave for a while now. I'm failing miserably.

>RJ and Alex should be at the tigerfolk village, I haven't heard from them since they left. I think I'm beggining to get a scale of how big this pot of Dart's is. I knew he was evil but to kill all the leaders...

>I don't know anything about this item in Felix and I have no way of contacting those people.
No. 149474 ID: 701a19

We have confidence in you.
Did you warn Master L about Dart's plot?

[Switch to Kathrin. Failing that, Alex]
No. 149475 ID: 632862

Okay. Focus on the earth beneath your feet. Relax and let the power flow into you.

Maybe you could take off your shoes? Get a more intimate connection with the earth.
No. 149479 ID: cf68aa
File 126898148419.png - (22.54KB , 680x578 , 509.png )


>Take off my shoes? Yes, maybe that will help. I'll keep training.

He takes off his shoes.

"Hmm? Heh, that's exactly what I used to do. Ready?"



"We sent you to kill someone, where is her head?"

>Mya... This girl just won't listen to reason... We've been stuck out here for ages.
No. 149481 ID: 701a19

Hand her a stone and say "Our leader wishes to speak with you directly."

It's true enough, and will make her pay more attention.

[Switch to Kathrin]

Hello, Kathrin. We've done a bit of digging as part of our prep work, and have discovered some very interesting information.

The first is Dart's actual plan.
Combined, your two cities were capable of actually hampering his plans, so he decided that the best course of action was to break your alliance.
All he needed to do was trick the Catkin forces off course and lead them straight into the forbidden zone. While your forces were fighting a losing battle, the Catkin soldiers were being melted and killed by some as-yet-unknown entity in the forbidden zone.
By the time the few remaining Catkin survivors returned home, the battle was over and you had suffered a major loss without their aid.
It appers that the Catkin leader was too proud and socio-politically inept to tell you what happened, which naturally lead you to conclude that they simply betrayed you.
While the city's records could have been forged, we recently captured one of Dart's assassin slaves and broke his control over her mind. This has lead us to believe this is an accurate portrayal of events.

So, how many years has this grudge been keeping you from interfering in Dart's plans?
I wish we could say this is the first time he's done something like this, but there's a reason he's considered the biggest bastard around.

We felt this was important enough that we should inform you and await further instructions. You can have all the time you need to think this over, just let us know if you would rather continue as planned or have us arrange for you to convene with the Catkin leader. We are fully capable of either.
No. 149495 ID: 1ac39d

the summed up version is: dart is a bastard. catfolk leader didn't want to admit they were tricked.
No. 149502 ID: cf68aa
File 126898356785.png - (12.71KB , 381x497 , 510.png )


>I see... This was was all because of Dart...

>I was a fool. I let my emotions get in the way. Tell Shera I would like to speak with her one on one. If need be I will meet her at her city.

>If you can though I would also like proof of this 'melting' thing.
No. 149506 ID: 632862

The proof of that will be obvious from just looking at her. She didn't emerge unscathed. She lost an arm.
No. 149509 ID: 701a19

He's played all of us at one time or another, and it's... very hard to think clearly when you're riddled with Grief.
We'll let her know you wish to meet with her.

Oh, and two other matters... We've also discovered that Dart plans to have assassinated every leader and Master magician in the world within a month's time. We're sabotaging that plan as much as we can, but stay on your guard.
The other is that part of our preparations involved letting Shera 'find out' that your planned attack was going to involve Meteor to throw her off balance. Do you have Meteor? If not, you may wish to claim you do...

As far as payment goes this is far easier and has fewer consequences than an assassination would have had, so I would naturally expect our compensation to be quite a bit less.
No. 149514 ID: 632862

Well payment really depends on if the others want to accept it.
No. 149518 ID: cf68aa
File 126898498566.png - (7.17KB , 270x455 , 511.png )




>I'm ashamed to say our earlier offer was false. We don't have much to offer... If things go well they I will forever be in your debt and if there is anything you need do not hesitate to ask.

>As for Dart... I thought I was done trying to fight him..
>But.. After hearing this..
>I will not rest until I know he is dead!
No. 149520 ID: 632862

Very well. Let Alex and RJ know of your decision and we can escort you back to the city when you're ready. Or you could just come on your own time, it matters not.
No. 149521 ID: 701a19

That will do.
Our goal is to kill Dart, and to be honest we have more use for allies than money. I'd still call this a net gain.

If that is all, then you can return this stone to Alex, and stay safe.

@Alex: We're done here. They can't afford too pay us, but it looks like they're willing to provide support against Dart. Would you please head back to the Healer's and look into that item Dart stuck into her?
Thank you for putting up with all this running around for us.

[Switch to Shera]
Kathrin is feeling pretty bad about this, and has agreed to meet with you at a location of your choosing, even within your own city.
Also, we have discovered that Dart is planning on assassinating all the world's leaders within the next month, so be very careful.
If you have no more need of us, then would you kindly have this stone returned to Alex?
No. 149527 ID: cf68aa
File 126898687628.png - (12.04KB , 528x450 , 512.png )


>No, I will go on my own time. Your catgirl will get her stone back.


>Dart is after us hmm?
>All the more reason to gain new friends. I consider Cecil and her group 'friends' now. We will offer you any support possible. I expect the same from you guys.

>I'm going to hold onto this stone.

>Now if you'll excuse me, I need to prepare for the meeting.
No. 149529 ID: 701a19

Very well.

[Switch to Nari]

Hi, Nari! How are things going?
No. 149530 ID: 632862

Okay. She didn't say when she was going to meet you though.
No. 149540 ID: cf68aa
File 12689880967.png - (21.16KB , 590x601 , 513.png )


>Knowing her she will be here very soon.



Felix grabs Nari and slams her against a wall


>"-COUGH- I-I want to understand"

>G-Guardians! I'm sorry, I was trying to talk to her, I tried to heal her soul but when I started talking about her family she snapped!
No. 149544 ID: 632862

Maybe it would be better not to continue trying to talk to her about her family, or comparing yours to hers. Just apologize profusely. Try to get her to calm down before anything else.
No. 149546 ID: 701a19

Apologize to her and we'll try to calm her down. Don't worry, we're here for you.

[Switch to Felix]

I know you're angry, Felix, but this isn't helping anybody; this isn't what you want to be. Nari didn't do this to you, but she's trying to help. We all are.
Please, would you set her down?

[Her dad doesn't want her dead, he wants her soul destroyed so she can be a 'living' doll for his own amusement.]
No. 149555 ID: cf68aa
File 126898951927.png - (20.16KB , 590x601 , 514.png )


>"I'm s-sorry! I'm really really sorry! I just want to know you better."


She sets her down and sits on a bed. She begins to silently cry again

>This is the second time she's done this. She gets mad then sad. I feel so bad for her, her soul has been destroyed. Not even my Soul Heal can help much. And Cecil is so tired it's making me tired to.
No. 149558 ID: 701a19

Hug her. If she cast Soul Peer on you, would that make her feel a mix of your emotions and her own? If you cast Soul Grace, would that help stabilize her emotions?

About the only thing we know will stabilize her is Soul Bind, but that's not really something you do for... this...
No. 149560 ID: 1ac39d

hmmmmmm, tricky. she may need to be reforged. melt the shards of scarp her soul is right now and create a new one around her core ideal. finding a core ideal is very hard as it could be something radically different then their personality suggests. but if it's as bad as you say it is, it may be the only way.
No. 149563 ID: 632862

Have you told her about yourself? About your father?
No. 149566 ID: 701a19

Again, no, that's not a viable choice. We're not going to make a new person in her shell; she deserves better than that.

Nari, she'll heal over time, and although Soul Heal isn't helping much it is helping.
This will be a long road to recovery, and we're not going to give up on her.

You've got a lot of recovering to do yourself, Nari. That you're able to function (let alone be happy) shows just how strong you are, but some day you're going to need to confront your father and your suffering.
Hug her, and let her cry on your shoulder. You could probably use some crying as well.
No. 149647 ID: 3c6c38

This is clearly beyond the ken of magic. She needs to be built back up naturally. It may take time, but the soul can heal on its own.
No. 149653 ID: a85626

{Dammit I didn't say Nari. Putting two traumatized people together does not equal a good thing.}

There might not be much you can do for her Nari, but the right person can help her. She's acting that way because she's hurt and broken inside. It's nothing about you that's hurting her. The fact that she's lashing out at you is a good sign. That means that while the foundations are damaged the castle itself hasn't entirely collapsed. Try to talk to her about neutral things, about things that don't involve her or her past. Tell her what your favorite foods are. Tell her about how the weather has been lately. That sort of thing.

...what she really needs is a puppy.
No. 149662 ID: e9a4f7
File 126903205846.png - (15.50KB , 439x568 , 515.png )

>what's a puppy? Is that medicine?

>"Uhm... The weather is pleasent today isn't it?"


>"I like it when it's really sunny outside and I can feel the warmth on my face"


>"Uhm... Are there any foods you like?"

"........... Mana Fruit."

>"Really? that's one of my favorites to! I think they're in season now."

"I... Used to eat those alot..."

A faint smile appears on her face

>She's smiling! Guardians I think I can get one of these fruits! Should I?
No. 149663 ID: e3f578

Woman bonding tiiiiime
No. 149667 ID: 1ac39d

yes! getting something she likes should help.
No. 149669 ID: 632862

Sure. Go get the mana fruits, and we'll keep her company.

[switch to Felix]
No. 149686 ID: 701a19

Should Felix go with Nari? I'm unsure if being in public would help or hurt.

Nari, does Mana fruit restore Mana, or is that just a name?
No. 149689 ID: 701a19

Ah, they must not exist on your island.
No, a puppy is a young canine. They're friendly, affectionate, and loyal, which makes them great pets. They tend to help people recover from traumatic events.

Nari, Felix can't be left alone right now. If you go get some Mana Fruit then she'll have to go with you.
No. 149703 ID: a85626

Ask her if she wants to go get some Mana Fruits. You know of a good place.
No. 149827 ID: cf68aa
File 126906021391.png - (18.07KB , 590x601 , 516.png )

>"uhm... I know of a really good place around where they grow. The earth told me."

"....... Want to go...?"

>"Yes. We can pick a buncj and you can eat as many as you like!"

".... That... Would be nice."

>I think she's starting to warm up to me.

She takes Felix's hand and leads her safely outside the village, carefully avoiding crowded places.

>"Can you see them?"

Felix nods.

>Mana Fruit don't really restore mana but wizards have been known to eat them cause they calm you down and help you charge mana so you can cast spells. And they glow blue!
No. 149836 ID: ded270

Let Felix get first pick.
No. 149837 ID: 288dda

Man, this is why I didn't want to have Cecil run off and leave Felix alone with Nari. Felix needs some stability right now. You can't just say "ok, you're cured" and then run off and dump them on a friend that's also broken.

Further, Felix needs someone with her at all times. She's on suicide watch until further notice.

To be a bit more constructive, we need to start rebuilding her. Maybe start by asking if we should call her Felix? And ask if she'd like to go fruit shopping - assuming the festival is over. We do NOT want her dealing with THAT right now.

(is the curse reversible once it's complete, or is she stuck?)
No. 149842 ID: ded270

We didn't just say 'lol you're cured.'
We put Nari with her because as broken as Nari is, she's happy despite it, and she has soul magic. Meanwhile, Cecil is still needed for other reasons, as is Alex, and RJ is hardly the best person for this.
Nari is attentive, caring, and understanding. She can empathize with Felix best, and there won't be any further problems now that she knows not to talk about personal things.
No. 149864 ID: 701a19

I see some purple ones. Are those the same as the rest?

And yea, let Felix go first.
No. 149942 ID: cf68aa
File 126907342994.png - (13.82KB , 414x607 , 517.png )


>They're not fully ripe yet. They're very sour and wake you up even if you're drugged.

>"Go on. you can take as much as you want"


Felix goes and plucks one of the fruit. She stares at it.

>.... Is she okay?
No. 149943 ID: 1ac39d

who knows. she wanted mana fruit and here they are, but now she is concerned. don't ask what's wrong, it may set her off again, instead just go and get one yourself. also pluck a few purples, if any of the group get knocked out they would be handy.
No. 149946 ID: 701a19

Crap. She's probably used to go picking then with her family.
Give her a hug. She needs emotional support and people form emotional bonds through physical contact.
No. 149976 ID: ded270

She needs a hug, badly.
Wait for her to pick a couple more, then pick some yourself.
After that, head back to the room, and try to feed her one, if she doesn't resist.
Whatever you do, though, make sure you hug her.
No. 150079 ID: 3c6c38

Give her a minute. She's probably reminiscing.

Maybe you could bring a few back for the others..

Actually, if you ate one of those, would its relaxation effect be shared with Cecil through the link?
No. 150109 ID: a85626

This might be a good time to tell her "I know things aren't going to get better right away, but I would like to help you." The reason is to acknowledge her feelings, without drawing too much attention to her problems.
No. 150176 ID: 8ecfd4

She is probably just remebering her old life. Go up to her and place your hand on her shoulder.
No. 150202 ID: cf68aa
File 126914307355.png - (16.07KB , 414x607 , 518.png )

Nari goes to another bush and begins picking a few herself. She takes a bite of the unripened ones.

>!!! It's so sour. I'm not sure if this will help Cecil though.

Felix looks at one of the fruits, closes her eyes and takes a bite.

>"I know things aren't going to get better right away, but I would like to help you... Okay?"


She goes over and gives her a hug

>"I know how you feel"

"....... Thank you..."

Felix gives Nari a small hug.
No. 150210 ID: ded270

Return it.
Hug her back.
You're not going to just let her one-up you, are you?
No. 150214 ID: 701a19

We meant the blue ones. The ones that help charge mana.
Ask her if there's any place in town she wants to go, or anything she wants to do.
No. 150218 ID: 701a19

I don't think there's much more we can do to help right now, Nari.
Should we go check on the others?

[If so, switch to Cecil]
No. 150219 ID: 934ef5

Too bad there isn't a reverse of soul drain, something to fortify and strengthen a soul so it can heal properly and resist damage. Like a splint for a broken bone.

How possible is it to create new magics like that?

The soul link isn't going to transfer that sort of thing very well I think. I suppose it's worth a shot, but it just might make them both tired.

We can gather a bunch and offer him some tomorrow. And keep some purple ones as well, never know when you might get drugged or enspelled to sleep or just need a quick pick-me-up.

After that, just try to hang out with her and keep her company. Just be a friend, that'll be the best you can do for her.

[Switch to Cecil]
Any progress?
No. 150223 ID: cf68aa
File 126915042258.png - (26.85KB , 855x560 , 519.png )

>I'll be sure to keep a few. They don't spoil very fast, even when they're warm.

>She seems to want to stay here so we'll be outside for a little longer. Make sure Cecil's okay.

"COme on Cecil! I know you can master this crap."

>"How the hell is beating me up helping!?"

"I'm beating you up with alchemy. Analyze it and see if you can guess why I'm able to do it and you aren't. We won't stop until you can move the earth, I'll train you until you die if I must."

>He's serious to...
No. 150224 ID: 701a19

Take a moment to clear your head, and focus on what he's doing. Obviously, you need to observe what he's doing and mimic it.
Perhaps he's projecting mana into the earth and then twisting it for his own ends?
No. 150225 ID: 288dda


Stop sucking. Are you even paying attention?

Learning magic should be like learning a new language, right? Surely there are enough points of similarity for you to have found some by now.

But if you've got your mind on something else, you're just wasting everyone's time.
No. 150227 ID: 934ef5

Feel what he's doing to you, feel the earth, feel it's power, and feel like kicking his ass with it.
No. 150231 ID: cf68aa
File 126915307192.png - (12.70KB , 372x578 , 520.png )


>I'm trying to focus but it's hard. He keeps attacking me and I'm not allowed to use any spells or fight except with alchemy.

>Pouring Mana into the ground? But to do that....


Master L comes at him with another attack. Cecil quickly pushes some of his mana below him and makes the ground around him rise up with his mana.

>"I did it"

Master L's spike hits it and it begins to crumble

>It's weak but I still did it.
No. 150232 ID: cf68aa
File 126915323996.png - (17.85KB , 540x573 , 521.png )

"Hmmm... It could use work but you're getting there. Took you long enough. You understand it though right? But adding mana to the ground, our own energy, we can move the mana around and thus the ground itself. It takes concentration and alot of mana. You have plenty of the latter but you need to focus more."

>"I understand"

"We'll continue this tomorrow. Or whenever I get up."

>I did it... I learned the basics of alchemy.
No. 150234 ID: 701a19

... and you hadn't thought of that before?

Cecil, I know we're probably the fragments of your mind that were splintered off, but I didn't know you were THAT far gone.
I wish there was some way we could safely restore your mind, but doing so would probably undo [b]us[/u], and we're too vital to your success to take that risk.

Congratulations, by the way.

Now, tell L about what Felix showed us. He's the only one here that can contact the other masters in time. If you have a cell stone on you, let him borrow it.
Oh, and ask if he can extract the item from Felix, since it's important to Dart's plans. Warn him that it's likely trapped, though.

... then ask him what the components are for a Philosophers' stone.
No. 150237 ID: 288dda

Man, where the heck would you be without us?

You know L's not going to stick around for long now that you've learned the basics. Best let him know about Dart's plans to assassinate him and the other masters and ask if he can pass the word along. That info needs to get out immediately.
No. 150240 ID: cf68aa
File 126915537284.png - (17.40KB , 540x573 , 522.png )


>Have you ever just woken up after a late night and just stared out for ten minutes at nothing? That's how my mind feels sometimes, blank. Try living with a curse that's doing everything it can to wipe you out. And then my other half just leaves me so I'm stuck wondering what the hell I'm supposed to do.

>But I digress...

>"Thank you again Master L. Before you go there's something I need to tell you."

He explains to L the dream Felix had and Dart's plot.

>"And something Dart may need is inside of her"

"Damn. Sucks to be her."

>"Is there any way you can take it out?"

"Of course"

>"Really? Thank you, she's over-"

"Could, but won't"

>"What? Why not?"

"To be frank I really don't care about her. Training you is my only concern and now that that's over I might not even stick around."

>"But Master L Dart plans on-"

"Killing me? HA! Good luck trying to kill someone who's immortal. This symbol on my head isn't for decoration. If he wants to send someone after me he's more then welcome. I could use the workout."

>"But the others ar-"

"They'll be fine on there own."


"Get dressed, it's late and you need your rest."

>"... Okay."

He begins getting dressed. L starts to walk away

>"Oh, Master L, what is in a philosiphers stone."

"..... Oh just this and that. Things you'd find.. Lying arund."

He leaves
No. 150243 ID: 701a19

Well, that's very useful of him.
If you have the mana for it, then how about you practice your alchemy by earth-surfing back to town?
The healer might be able to remove it, or at least refer you to somebody who can.
We'll go check on the others, now.

[Switch to Alex]
No. 150244 ID: e3f578

>Have you ever just woken up after a late night...

Nope, after all we're a fractured mind. We don't wake up at all or know what living, sleeping, loving, feeling, eating is like at all. Noseeriebob, we don't.
No. 150249 ID: 2eac65

Well, that was tremendously unhelpful. At least we learned that earth magic works by using magic on the earth.

How long did he spend beating you up, anyway.
No. 150250 ID: 701a19

Yea, I'm not exactly seeing how Alchemy so hard to learn. Alex should have been able to teach you that...
No. 150251 ID: 1ac39d

yeah, instead of finding a master to teach you soul magic next, let's have Nari at least TRY to teach you herself.
No. 150255 ID: 701a19

We should also try to teach them elemental magic. If my understanding is correct then your mana reserves are based on your understanding of magic, so learning more circles of magic would result in having a larger mana pool.
Also, it would be very interesting to see what happens. Especially if we tried to teach Nari Alchemy in spite of it being 'impossible'.
No. 150259 ID: 8ecfd4

Good work now get back to the others.

You know anyone able to remove whatever is inside of Felix is likely able to implant you with your crystal. Since it can change shape there should be a way to fit it inside.
No. 150261 ID: 2eac65

Alex already did that. She put it in his inner thigh.
No. 150262 ID: 8ecfd4

It's no inside his body though.
No. 150265 ID: 2eac65

I think it is.

Cecil, did she put the crystal inside of your body, or is it just stuck there? If someone looked where it was, would they be able to see it?

...Something just occurred to me. If Dart makes demons possess his slaves on certain missions, that could cause serious trouble for our "pretend to be mind-controlled and assassinate him" plan. We should be able to fake the Shoujen curse, but demonic possession would be much harder.
No. 150268 ID: 701a19

Yes, I've been thinking for awhile now that the current plan is very, very far from ideal.
Completely aside from the high risk of detection, we have confirmation that Dart has his minions kill their loved ones to prove loyalty. That is clearly not an option.

Several of us have begun work on alternate plans to kill Dart and some of them seem quite promising, but currently we don't have anything ready for presentation.

While that does leave us without a plan, it also eliminates our time limit. Our current primary objective is now to sabotage Dart's plans by whatever means necessary, with our secondary objectives being improving the overall capabilities of the team.

At any rate, you should still try to rock-surf your way back to town. Do you think the magic shop might have a way to contact the other masters?
No. 150270 ID: 8ecfd4

I suspected that Dart have his minions killed loved ones from the start. That's also why I very far back suggested that all of Cecils loved ones go into hiding before he goes to infiltrate.

If they're on another continent and Cecil doesn't know where then he can't really kill them to prove his loyalty. Then Dart will probably just use a baby or something similar.
No. 150308 ID: 934ef5

Did you ever try to transfer the curse to the soulless as you did with Felix? You should really get on that.
No. 150310 ID: 701a19

Currently, we believe that we are fragments of Cecil's mind which split-off as a result of the Shoujen curse.
If he removes the curse, what do you expect will happen to us?
Without us, what do you expect will happen to him?
No. 150319 ID: 1ac39d

not the whole curse just the last bit that makes Cecil a mind-slave.
No. 150322 ID: 701a19

There is no last bit. Until he got the orb it was eating away at both his gender identity and his willpower at the same time. They're both accomplished gradually over the course of the entire curse.
Even if they were, I don't think Cecil has that fine a level of control over it.
No. 150332 ID: 3c6c38

I suspect your master is a bit too cocky. It could be that Dart has been researching ways to steal, or negate, immortality, on top of everything else.

Or worse, cause so much Soul damage that L would be better off dead.

Also, for this alchemy thing.. is it possible to draw your mana back in after you're done manipulating outside forces? Give it a try if you still have the energy.
No. 150605 ID: 701a19

All that needs to happen is for somebody to steal his philosophers stone, thus making him mortal.
No. 150618 ID: cf68aa
File 126923634055.png - (15.30KB , 433x573 , 523.png )

>Maybe Alexis could have taught me this much, but certainly not in this way. My life was in danger and I 'needed' to learn this.

>Though I will have her teach me from now on...

>Please go check on her while I heal. I want to makesure she's safe.

>Mya.... Oh, hey voices. Never got a chance to thank you for last night mya. I'm sure it was you guys that pushed cecil huh? Thank you so much mya! Anyway we're on our way there.

"Oi... My feet hurt."

>"I', sorry RJ but i need to save mana mya. Moving the earth like that drains me mya."



>Mya!? That sounds like a human girl.
No. 150620 ID: 1ac39d

well we are the good guys here, check it out. but get you spells ready to attack what ever this girl may need help with, or to attack her if it's a trap. cause we know darts a bastard like that.
No. 150621 ID: 701a19

We actually didn't push him that much. Really, you were the one who needed pushing; once you laid your cards out and took the initiative, his currently-submissive nature took over.
Also, it turns out he's had a crush on you for years.

Screw saving mana. Rush to the girl and render aid.
No. 150622 ID: ded270

Time to be a hero and save the cute, helpless damsel in distress.
No. 150623 ID: 632862

Believe it or not we didn't have to push Cecil to do much of anything, except make him ask you for the truth. He's not actually that bad off, as far as accepting the changes to his body are concerned. I don't think we can truly call him a girl yet though. Not until he decides he's fully okay with it.

We should definitely find out what's going on.
No. 150636 ID: cf68aa
File 126923814587.png - (21.89KB , 593x573 , 524.png )

She runs with RJ to where the screams come from

"Please! Someone!"

>"We're on our way!"

RJ pulls out what looks like a broom and Alexis gets ready to fight. As the get closer they can see a beast with various blades growing from it's body. it turns to them. A small girl cowers below the beast.

No. 150638 ID: ded270

Get its attention, hold it off, we'll contact Cecil.
[Switch to Cecil]
Alex and RJ have encountered a soulless.
No. 150639 ID: 632862

Summon the Light Spirit!
No. 150641 ID: 701a19

That's one of the symbols Dart uses.
Impale it on a boatload of spikes.

Oh, and this is FAR too 'convenient' to be believable. Assume it's a ruse or trap.
Don't trust the girl, just take them both straight to the rest of our group and sort it out there.
No. 150645 ID: 934ef5

Crap, what alchemy is effective against a soulless? Only light can damage it, and the the only alchemical light spell is a healing one.

Try casting Diamond to seal it, if you know the spell. Barring that, Land can block it away from the girl.
No. 150647 ID: cf68aa
File 126923860591.png - (18.61KB , 593x573 , 525.png )



>Where!? What kind!? Does she have light magic!?

No. 150649 ID: 701a19

[Flash Cecil the location, then switch back to Alex WHO WE SHOULD NEVER HAVE LEFT]
No. 150650 ID: 632862
File 126923892554.png - (12.28KB , 593x573 , soulless.png )

RJ pulls out what looks like a broom and Alexis gets ready to fight. As the get closer they can see a beast with various blades growing from it's body. it turns to them. A small girl cowers below the beast.

This is the image we have.
No. 150653 ID: cf68aa
File 126923933745.png - (21.70KB , 593x573 , 526.png )


>??? I've never even seen that one before.
>Tell her I'm on my way!

the beast runs forword to attack. He strikes down only to be blocked by RJ. It's blades slowly cut into it.

"Do somethin! I can't hold him back dammit!"
No. 150654 ID: 701a19

Impale it on a ton of spikes, hit it with a light spirit, then move earth to entomb it in an earth pillar.
Cecil is on his way.
No. 150655 ID: 632862

Move Earth to create a rock prison for it!
No. 150657 ID: 1ac39d

your goal is containment. just put as much rock in front and on top of it as you can.
No. 150658 ID: 288dda

[to RJ]
Nice work. I know you're kind of busy, but what does its aura look like?
Might give some clues as to weaknesses, hey.
No. 150659 ID: cf68aa
File 126924049486.gif - (32.54KB , 400x387 , 527.gif )


She encases him in earth

>Gods alive... These things don't die to easily and my light spell only heals mya!

No. 150660 ID: 701a19

You haven't hurt it yet, so it's worth a shot.
If it fails, then try impaling it with rock spikes.
After that, try encasing it in mud.
No. 150661 ID: 632862

Spike the crap out of it.

Tell RJ to grab the girl, then if it doesn't die we can just Move Earth to run away.
No. 150662 ID: 934ef5

Just keep encasing it in earth, hold it back as well as you can. If that girl isn't running yet yell at her to get away. And keep some distance yourselves!
No. 150663 ID: 934ef5

Wait, can you create a golem? That may do a better job of distracting it.

As dark as they may be I doubt healing magics do damage, it needs to be an attack.
No. 150665 ID: cf68aa
File 126924148632.png - (15.08KB , 593x573 , 528.png )


>A golem would take to much time to make right now and I need to act fast.

>"RJ! Get the girl and run!"


RJ grabs the girl and runs away. Alexis pours her mana into the ground and forces it into spikes. The spikes hit the beast stabbing him in the torso and arm, he becomes pinned to a tree.

>Got him! But that won't hold for long mya.
No. 150666 ID: 288dda

Alex, how are you doing on mana? Do you think you can keep slowing that thing down for several minutes until Cecil arrives?

If yes, keep harassing it with alchemy.

If not, you need to try your light spell anyway. I suspect that this thing has a severe light allergy, and medicines that heal can also be made to kill.

[to RJ]
Alex is going to buy you some time. Check that girl's aura, as quickly as you can. If she seems trustworthy, time to rescue the hell out of her.
No. 150667 ID: 632862

Alright let's get moving.
No. 150668 ID: 701a19

Knock its mask off. This may not be a soulless at all - Cecil's certainly never seen one like this.
No. 150675 ID: cf68aa
File 126924327210.png - (13.78KB , 420x497 , 529.png )

>I don't wanna get close to that thing mya. It seems pretty stuck but I need to keep my distance, I'm really low on mana now.

>I've never seen this soulless either..
RJ still runs while holding the girl.

>Aura check? Hmm...

"Thank you so much for saving me."

>"No problem.... Name's RJ.."

>It's black. This girl is evil...
No. 150676 ID: 701a19

Lovely. Don't let her know.

"What happened, why was that monster after you?"

@Cecil The girl has been rescued. She's evil and it IS a trap, but she doesn't know that yet. Once the soulless is gone you're going to want to freeze her with no forewarning.
No. 150678 ID: 288dda

Right, best keep it under your (fancy) hat for now that you're onto her. Best keep an eye on her for the moment rather than dropping her off at a safe distance.

Do you / we recognize that spiral mark under the eye from anywhere?
No. 150679 ID: 934ef5

[To RJ]
Fucking hell. Look, if we knew what your other skills were we might have more useful advice. Keep your distance from her, make up some excuse about waiting for Alex or just looking out. Keep your hand on the watch, get ready to vanish at a moments notice.

Personally I suspect this trap is for Cecil specifically. Ask her if there is some safe place of hers to take her, or if she wants to go back with you to join your group. If shes eager to join you that's a BIG warning sign Cecil is that target.

Another thing... Felix never looked evil to you, even when possessed. But she does. Don't hesitate to kill her, this isn't one I don't think we can save.

[To Cecil]
Something is really suspicious about this girl, it may be a trap. We have RJ taking all precautions.
No. 150680 ID: 1ac39d

.... is it really a soulless or something that just LOOKS like a soulless?
No. 150683 ID: 934ef5

One of Darts minions in the dream had a lightning mark in a similar location, this one could be another in that theme.

No sort of living creature has or should have remotely that shape. And few could be so dangerous. If it's not a soulless it isn't much better.
No. 150684 ID: cf68aa
File 126924513228.png - (10.87KB , 343x497 , 530.png )

"My name is Bella."

>"Nice ta meet ya Bella... So... You want me ta take ya back you your group?"

"uhm... Can I stay with you guys? I don't feel safe anymore."

>Oh bloody 'ell. She's gonna kill us huh?

"Here, won't you accept this? As a token of my thanks."

>Huh? It looks just like me.
No. 150686 ID: 934ef5

No. 150688 ID: 288dda

I do not think it is a good idea to take that doll.
No. 150689 ID: ded270

"Heh, wait 'till we're safe. Don't want it gettin' damaged or anything."
No. 150690 ID: 701a19

"I need to be able to use my hands, and this ain't the time. Keep it until we're all safe, a'ight?"
That doll is either carrying a curse or is rigged for one. It looks like a voodoo doll, which is very bad news.

Run towards the town so you'll meet up with Cecil sooner. Don't accept the doll, don't comment on how strange it was that she had it handy, pretend you suspect nothing.

@Cecil As soon as you see the girl with RJ, freeze them both. It looks like they may be using an item loaded with a possession curse, so we can't be sure that RJ's clean when you get there.

[Switch to Alex]
Lead it towards the catkin city so that you can meet up with Cecil sooner.
No. 150691 ID: 1ac39d

oh god, it has stiches on the heart! you touch it and she pulls the heart of and bet your heart stops!
No. 150695 ID: 701a19

How far are you from the Catkin city?
No. 150697 ID: cf68aa
File 126924620179.png - (11.33KB , 343x497 , 531.png )

She runs with her faster to the city

>"Heh, thanks. W-wait 'till we're safe. Don't want it gettin' damaged or anything."


>"I need to be able to use my hands, and this ain't the time. Keep it until we're all safe, 'kay?"

"I insist...."

Bella grips the doll tighter. RJ stumbles slightly

>That.... That didn't feel very good.

"Take it."

She no longer sounds like a cute little girl

"It takes a whole lot less mana if the victim takes it willingly. Take the doll."

>Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck. Why did I leave Resad!?
No. 150699 ID: 1ac39d

smack her in he face with your broom and fucking run. take off your hat and change your hair. looking less like it should mitigate some of the effects.
No. 150701 ID: 701a19

What abilities do you have?
Don't accept the doll.
Drop her torso so her brain hits a rock.
Try to step on her windpipe.
Don't let go of her.

Don't accept the doll.
Kiss her passionately.
Don't let go of her.
Drop her torso so her brain hits a rock.
Try to step on her windpipe.
Still don't let go of her.
No. 150702 ID: 934ef5

Turn invisible, hit it out of her hands with your weapon, and get the fuck out of there. If you have any offensive skills use them.

[To Cecil]
Freeze the girl at the very first opportunity, she has a doll that is hurting RJ

[To Alex]
Where are you? RJ is in trouble, but just concentrate on staying safe. Having the girl and the soulless at the same place won't help anyone. If you are nearing the city with the soulless we'll let Shera know to mount a defense.
No. 150704 ID: 701a19

No, the closer we are to her the harder it is for her to use magic and the easier we can fight her.
If she gets range then we're in trouble.
No. 150705 ID: 934ef5

Wait, what am I thinking?

[To Shera]
Emergency! We're being assaulted by a strange girl and a soulless, we're split up but trying to regroup. Alex is slowing the soulless and RJ is being afflicted by a magical doll the girl has, of all things. Cecil is the only one of us who can contain the soulless, we're not sure when or if he'll make it in time, if you can mount some defenses quickly it could make all the difference.

[Convey everyone's locations]
No. 150714 ID: 8ecfd4

Well that was a pretty obvious trap. To bad you're all spread out and nobody thought about checking the aura earlier.

I'm guessing the less you look like the doll the more power is needed to hurt you. So throw the bitch down on the road as hard as you can, throw off your hat and cut off as much of your hair as you can. That along with some distance will hopefully keep her from using enough power to kill you. Will probably hurt like a motherfucking bitch but not kill you.
No. 150718 ID: 701a19

Superior messages:
Dart left a trap outside town. Staged attack by unknown soulless on a caster disguised as a little girl. Soulless is unusually fierce, but we should have them under control soon.
There's a chance it's a feint; consider going to alert and putting casters with light magic on guard.

Don't forget to call us if anything goes wrong. Alex and RJ ran into some trouble and Cecil's on his way to help them

Girl was a trap. Lead the soulless in the direction of town to meet up with Cecil. Conserve mana; cast defensively.

[ Switch to Felix, and show her this image >>150675 ]

She says her name is Bella. Is she cursed too? Can we save her?
No. 150885 ID: fe0817

Wait.... Put our hat on her, cut our hair as the previous posters said. Now she will hurt the both of you!

When she is confused, kiss her passionately while slitting her throat. You can't cast magic when you are breathless.
No. 150886 ID: ded270

The throat slitting isn't necessary, could be mind-control at work here.
If there is, we should get rid of it.
Bam, new intel on Dart.
No. 150900 ID: cf68aa
File 126929634338.png - (18.39KB , 540x573 , 532.png )


Everyone gets their messages.

>No... Don't trust her... Kill her now.

RJ drops the girl,steps back, tosses her hat aside and quickly cuts off a small chunk of her hair. She runs closer to attack. Bella grips the doll tightyl, crushing its small body. RJ falls onto the ground in pain

"Hmm... That should've killed you. I don't have time to waste on weak little girls like you, i need to save my mana. Do yourself a favor and just don't move"

>Oh god... It hurts. I-I can't even breath.
No. 150901 ID: 632862

Focus. Look past the pain. Pain is just an illusion. Force yourself to breathe. You need to breathe.
No. 150902 ID: 8ecfd4

Give her some pain of her own to think about. Throw a dagger at her.
No. 150903 ID: 632862

Better not. RJ's nearly helpless here and the only reason she's not dead is because the mage wants to save mana.
No. 150905 ID: 1ac39d

no, the reason she isn't dead is the doll no longer looks enough like RJ for it's signal to be full power.
No. 150917 ID: cf68aa
File 126929876355.png - (24.51KB , 946x600 , 533.png )


RJ ignores the pain. She breaths in deep and raises the dagger in her hand.

"Oh no you don't"

Bella bends the dolls leg. With a sickening snap RJ can feel her own leg bend beyond its limits. She drops the dagger and Bella starts walking away from her

"Try not to move. If you do some marrow might enter your blood and you wouldn't want that. I'll be back to kill you later okay?"

>"Y-you bitch..."

She leaves RJ behind

>Oh god... I think it's broken.. Or fractured at least..
No. 150920 ID: 632862

Just keep breathing. Alex will be along shortly to get you back up and running.
No. 150921 ID: 934ef5

God DAMN IT. Stay still. If you feel the influence of the doll act up again try using the watch to vanish, it might count as you not looking like the doll anymore.

[To Cecil]
RJ is hurt pretty badly, but she should live for now. At least until the girl comes back.

I don't know if this will work, but try to cast a healing spell though us to RJ.

[Attempt to create a direct connection between Cecil and RJ. If Cecil casts a healing spell try to transfer the healing energy, or if that doesn't cast the spell from RJs stone directly. Use whatever mana we can muster from either of them or anyone else.]

I hope this works.
No. 150931 ID: 8ecfd4

Stay still until reinforcements get there. Then the creepy vodoo bitch is going to get her ass kicked.
No. 150933 ID: 19ecf1

as a magical voice...
couldn't we find a way to channel mana from another person? Maybe we have our own source... or something...

Either way, RJ needs help fast. Mana flow might be an option, so we may as well try...

If we pull this off, the team may have the advantage of a shared mana pool.
No. 150937 ID: 934ef5

(Indeed, it would be a game changer. I picture it working like the alchemy magic Cecil just learned, but channeling energy into us instead of the earth.)

(But if this doesn't work I have another idea, to use our psychic nature to make a spell form in one mind just as it forms in another. That will require more focus from both parties though, and not help with mana reserves at all. Between the exhaustion, confusion and the pain even if it could work it might not work right now.)
No. 150956 ID: fe0817

RJ, can you cut off more of your hair so that you no longer have a bang covering your eye? As well, if you take off your cloth it might help disrupt the voodoo spell.
No. 150957 ID: cf68aa
File 126930967671.png - (22.94KB , 946x600 , 534.png )

RJ tries to focus on her breathing.

>This is nothing... I've been through worse..


>What is it now!? I'm almost th..
>A long distance spell through the cell stones? I've never tried that, I'm not sure it would work.. Well I'd better try anyway.

He casts Heal and tries to channel it through the magical fragments of his mind. A small piece manages to reach RJ, roughly %5 of the spells full power.

>Huh? It... It feels a bit better now. It's no healed or nuthin but it's alot less painful.

>Jus forget about me now, focus on the others.
No. 150961 ID: 632862

Let's [switch to Alex] then.
No. 150975 ID: 934ef5

We'll have to practice with this method later then.

[To Alex]
RJ is hurt but stable, the girl Bella is likely on her way towards you. Have you escaped the soulless?
No. 150980 ID: 4531bc

Perhaps we should begin considering faking having succumbed to the spell at this point.
No. 150987 ID: 701a19

Bella already walked off, so there's no point.

RJ, we're going to go clear this up. We'll be back soon.

[Switch to Alex]
No. 151063 ID: 8ecfd4

Well lets see how Alex is doing.

[Switch to Alex]

Still alive? That soulless thing still giving you trouble?
No. 151068 ID: 19ecf1

well... it shows it works. We oughta practice this later... or something...
would be pretty cool if WE could casts spells... likely not to happen...

Anyway, pain gone, chances of shock drop.
No. 151257 ID: cf68aa
File 126940410728.png - (14.05KB , 557x518 , 535.png )

>You're back mya! How's RJ? Is she okay? Where's the girl mya?


>The soulless? It's just been standing there mya... I don't think this is your typical soulless. It's not traching about or anything mya.

>I've gotten a chance to rest and regain a lil mana though so that's good.

>I don't like the way it's glaring at me mya...
No. 151267 ID: 632862

That's weird. The symbol on its head is different than it used to be. Do you think you could somehow get that mask off its face via Move Earth?

Also, the girl used some kind of weird doll on RJ that basically allowed her to manipulate RJ's body. She decided not to kill RJ though, as it seems that it takes quite a bit of mana to do whatever she was doing. RJ's hurt bad but stable.
No. 151269 ID: 445c48

Kiss it.

No wait this is a stupid idea
No. 151270 ID: 934ef5

This was all a trap, the girl Bella tried to kill RJ with some doll that looked like her. She ran off, probably on her way towards you so be on your guard.

As for the soulless.. I'm not sure what to think. Something new created by Dart? You could try to talk with it, it might be created from a person or something.
No. 151272 ID: 701a19

I'm not sure it is a soulless. We've been assuming that's what it is, but none of us have seen one like this before, and Dart isn't about using his servants for disposable tasks...

Regenerate your mana, and be on guard from both it and Bella.

[Switch to Cecil]

The spell was slightly effective.
The 'soulless' is just glaring at Alex.
Bella wandered off from RJ, so we don't know where she is.

[Larro: IRC?]
No. 151276 ID: cf68aa
File 12694066394.png - (19.07KB , 641x562 , 536.png )


>".... Uhm... Can you understand me?"

"But of course"

>It talked!!!

>"Who are you? Are you with Dart mya."

"No. I am nothing but a hired hand. After this you will never see me again. I hope."

>"You look a lot like a soulless mya."

"Do I? I get that often."

>"What were you hired for?"

"Since my job is done I might as well tell you. I'm a distraction. My purpose is to keep you right here while Bella does whatever it is she was sent to do. It's worked well so far. I'd imagine she has a pretty good head start on you."

>"What!? What was she sent here for!"

"That I do not know."

The creature goes silent again
No. 151278 ID: 934ef5

A mercenary? His job is done, so why not hire him ourselves? I wouldn't count him as an ally, but if he can get us out of this with everyone alive why not enlist him?
No. 151279 ID: 632862

Well it's a good thing you're not the only one involved! Get going in the direction that RJ went, and try getting her healed. We'll see if we can get Cecil to intercept Bella.

[switch to Cecil]

It's not a Soulless. Right now we need you to catch the girl before she does whatever she was sent to do.
No. 151286 ID: 701a19


Spike through the heart. A quick death.
Later on we can revive him for questioning.

... THEN take off the mask.

[Larro: Check the discussion thread]
No. 151289 ID: 934ef5

Lets not, he isn't a threat right now.
No. 151290 ID: cf68aa
File 126940837761.png - (16.95KB , 641x562 , 537.png )


>Maybe mya.. But I don't trust killers for hire.



>I think I already found her. I'm but a ten minute walk from the main city.

>Other then this doll power is there anything else I should know about?

It seems to get darker now. The girl is nothing but a shadow against the trees.
No. 151291 ID: 701a19

If he leaves our sight he will escape, and we need to question him.
Besides, he chose to work with Dart knowing full well what that meant. A quick but painful death followed by revival and interrogation is probably better than any of the bad outcomes he could have expected.
No. 151292 ID: 701a19

Rune thought, then ice.
No. 151295 ID: 934ef5

This, but be wary in cause she isn't where she seems to be. A shadow would be the simplest of illusions.
No. 151299 ID: 632862

She's evil. Don't hold back. Ice may not even be appropriate here; use something more deadly, like a stonecraft missile barrage.
No. 151302 ID: 701a19

... unless that's RJ.
Rune thought to cut back her abilities, then ice to trap her.
If she breaks the ice then seal the air from her lungs.
No. 151303 ID: cf68aa
File 126941089752.png - (13.14KB , 641x562 , 538.png )

He casts rune thought followed by ice. She sidesteps and manages to dodge most of it. Her arm freezes over.

"You still resist? I guess that explains why Felix has yet to return. You're not fully cursed yet are you? Your sealing powers are as good as they say. Didn't help much during the Devil Accident did it?"

>"Shut up! Did Dart send you to claim me!?"

"No not really. I just came to check up on Felix's progress. I assumed you'd be done by now but I guess not. Tell me, did you kill her?"

>"Of course not."


With her free hand she pulls out a dark object. She presses something on it

"If you didn't kill her and she isn't with you then I can assume you've broken my lords curse on her. Ah well, even though she was very powerful she can be replaced."
No. 151304 ID: ded270

Open with rune thought, trap her ice, then impale her with alchemy.
Even if part of it doesn't work, she's still rune thought'd.
No. 151305 ID: 701a19

Dammit, Cecil!
If they ask you if you killed their victim, you say YES! Now she knows Felix is alive!

Bind her to the ground, seal the air from her lungs, and smack her with Light.
No. 151306 ID: ded270

Be sure to aim for the flat-top.
No. 151308 ID: 701a19

Well, WAS alive. I guess we know what that does now...
Cecil, Cast banish on the orb in Felix's head through the stones. Pour as much mana into it as you can.

Get Felix to the healer as fast as you can.
No. 151311 ID: cf68aa
File 126941454188.png - (12.84KB , 485x606 , 539.png )

[Nari gets her message and takes Felix to a healer]

Cecil begins casting spell after spell. Bella manages to either dodge or block most of them

"Hey stop it! My mission's already done an I'm not supposed to kill you or anything!"

>"Than that just makes it easier for me to defeat you!"
No. 151312 ID: cf68aa
File 126941463370.png - (10.70KB , 399x606 , 540.png )

"Okay screw this! I can't kill you but he never said anything about you missing a limb!"

She gets ready to pull out another object when something stabs her from behind

"Wh-What the...!?"

??? "I apologize for the delay."
No. 151313 ID: 701a19

She doesn't know you have Alchemy. Move a spike of rock up into her from a bit behind her to impale her while keeping the other spells going.
I'm thinking Lightning and banish the air around her.
No. 151314 ID: 701a19

Oh, nevermind then.
No. 151315 ID: cf68aa
File 126941480151.png - (18.44KB , 524x606 , 541.png )

Shera "But you can imagine how hard it is to get around my city at this time."


Bella "Another one!?"

Shera pushes her blade deeper into Bella

"F-Fuck! This is to much!"

"What's wrong little girl? Not so tough now are you?"

"Dart will turn your city into ash!"
No. 151316 ID: 701a19

"What makes you think he'll ever know?"
Then freeze her.
After that, cast banish on whatever magic she hit Felix with through the link as hard as you can, then minus-gravity/aer carry Bella and thank Shera.
Then do the same for the 'soulless' and RJ, and head back to the healer's as quickly as you can. If Alex can move earth to get you there, so much the better.
No. 151318 ID: cf68aa
File 126941706658.png - (13.40KB , 481x606 , 542.png )


Cecil manages to do most of this, but as soon as Cecil turned to try and heal RJ the 'soulless' escaped leaving nothing behind but cut up fragments of the spikes Alexis used to bind him. Using Move Earth the party reaches the city in only a few minutes. Cecil rushes to the healers tent.

"Good evening mya. What can I do for you?"
No. 151319 ID: 701a19

"Two elves, one dark one mixed. Can you tell me where they are?"
Rush there and banish whatever curse Bella hit hit Felix with, then see about extracting the orb.
No. 151393 ID: cf68aa
File 126944265480.png - (14.26KB , 481x606 , 543.png )


>"There were two elves, one dark one mixed. Can you tell me where they are?"

"Oh those two. They're inside resting. The older one seemed to be going through some type of curse so I did my best to patch it up. She should be fine now."

>"Thank you"

>Cecil and Alexis goes inside to see Nari and Felix asleep on two seperate beds. Felix seems to be fine, whatever was bothering her is gone now.

>She seems fine. But there's still that thing inside of her.

>"Alex, do you think you can take out whatever's inside of her?"

"Mya? I'm sorry but healing and surgery are not my thing mya."
No. 151395 ID: 632862

Maybe the hospital can.

What are we going to do about Bella? Felix doesn't trust her.
No. 151396 ID: 8ecfd4

Well before taking it out you should see what it is and where it is. Just cutting her open and starting to look for foreign objects is a very messy and unsafe way to do things.

So do you know of any scrying spells or similar things that would allow you to see the hard materials of her body or just look around inside of her?
No. 151400 ID: 934ef5

Alex is familiar with putting magic rocks in people though, as in us. How would you take us out? If it can be removed or broken down by way of alchemy that would probably be safer than cutting into her.
No. 151401 ID: 701a19

Still, try to banish magical effects from her. We don't know if the healer missed something.

Then thaw, heal, and banish magical effects on RJ. Keep Bella on ice for now.

After that, tell the healer about the object and see if she can remove it.

Once your part in that is done, I want you to try something.
You know how you tore a piece of your soul off to cast spells with Dark Mana? Well, what happens when you give your soul a gentle nudge? Can you manipulate it like you can Mana?
(Ask Nari about this once she wakes up, since you may not actually need to learn from a master.)

After that, see if you and RJ can sell that ruby for what it's worth.
If the healer couldn't dig the object out of Felix, then see if the magic shop owner can. See if you can get that as a freebie while negotiating a fair deal on his entire library of Basic, Elemental, Alchemy, and Time magics (In tome format, since scrolls are inefficient if you're carrying a lot of them. One tome for each circle of magic). Make sure you get a list of the components for a philosopher's stone, and information on the circles of magic we haven't seen so far.
Also see if he can train Nari in the Soul spells she doesn't know, since it seems those can't be learned from scrolls.
No. 151403 ID: 934ef5

I say we should first sell the ruby, then collect spells, and after all that we can play with learning soul magics or whatever.

But that's all for later. Right now we just need to get everyone stable and rested.

If Bella is still alive she needs to be stripped of any magical items and abilities, and secured for later questioning. Or she can just be allowed to die for all I care.
No. 151406 ID: 701a19

First we need to determine if she was also cursed with Shoujen. If she is, then we can fix that.
However, if she isn't, however, then we use her to make a philosopher's stone.
No. 151407 ID: 632862

If it's even true that a philosopher's stone is made from people.

Come to think of it though, you could interpret what Master L said to mean that. You would find people... lying around.
No. 151565 ID: cf68aa
File 126948290761.png - (15.01KB , 481x606 , 544.png )

Cecil is standing outside of the his party's rooms. He's switched back into his old robes.

>Okay, RJ and Felix are being healed right now. The healers here are amazing and RJ is making a full recovery. This person, Bella, only fractured his leg so it was a easy fix.

>Felix seems to be suffering from no visible damage but she won't wake up.. We're not sure what's wrong with her and I can't sense any trace of magic..

>Bella is still frozen, I need to refeeze her every hour and I resealed the soulless.

>I also got the chance to buy the magic tomes. After selling the ruby I got a tome for Elemental Magic, Soul Magic, Time Magic and Alchemy. I also bought a book on different types of magic in the world. Now only the Elemental, Alchemy and Time magic can give me spells and they seem to go over the basics fairly well though a master may still be needed. He also gave me a spell crafter 'on the house'. He said with it I can combine two spells to create a new one. This new spell costs the same amount of mana as one of the spells but I need to have it looked at by the King. I can only use it once.

>About this attack... Almost my entire party has been wiped out.. Everyone was put in danger simply because they were with me at the time and that was only by one of these 'Cerin' people. Imagine if there had been two? Or three? I may need to travel on my own very soon.

>Also, I never realized how girlish my old robes looked..
No. 151572 ID: 632862

Do you have enough money left over to buy the Philosopher's Stone spell scroll? Or is that beyond your understanding?
No. 151592 ID: 934ef5

We will try to probe Felix's mind later, maybe if we can perceive what magic and medicine cannot. Our power may be too little to do anything but even a little insight could make all the difference.

Has everything Bella had been removed? That doll of RJ could have killed her, and she seemed to have one for you and perhaps the others. Besides the obvious concern of the items power itself, the fact that they were custom tailored for it's victim is worrying. Dart is watching us.

For spell learning those books will be invaluable, but we might have another trick to help anyone learn new kinds of magics. We already knew we could transfer thoughts and feelings, and tonight we found out we can transfer a little bit of magic too. So what if one of us formed a spell in their mind but didn't cast it, and we put an impression of that spells form into someone elses? Alex could focus on an alchemy spell you don't know, and through us you could try to imitate the thought behind it. No one is up to this right now I think, but we should try it later.

A spell crafter? That's interesting... lets not be in a rush to use this, but we should consider possibilities. Having it checked out by the king seems problematic as well.

One last thing, have you transferred your mind control part of the curse to the Soulless yet? We know it works already so there's little reason not too.
No. 151602 ID: 934ef5

>I may need to travel on my own very soon.
And about this... you really should know better. Dart is a threat to everyone, no matter how far or close, if they hide or fight. Your allies make you strong, and you them. You will all stand together or die alone.

There are lessons to be learned from this though. We need to keep closer watch on each other, stay near, stay aware and stay protected. No one travels alone if it can be helped. We need to learn more teamwork not only with our skills and magic, but on a personal and emotional level.
No. 151609 ID: e31d52

>Also, I never realized how girlish my old robes looked.
Eh, you got them after the curse, or before? It might be effecting your clothing.
No. 151613 ID: 632862

More likely it's that Cecil's new body shape is causing the clothing to be worn differently. It looks more girly because he's more girly.
No. 151645 ID: 701a19

First: Philosopher's stone. It's 1pp, but it's completely worth it. Doubly so if Bella turns out to be guilty, since then you can use her to make on. If it uses people, anyway. Get that before you deal with Bella.
Second: Felix still has that item in her. That needs to be removed.
Third: There's no Basic magic? Huh, that's kinda strange, actually.
Fourth: If you leave people behind, they will die. If you travel alone, you will die. There's strength in numbers, and if you had all been together Bella would have been harmless.

We can investigate Felix's dreams later. That should give us an idea of what's wrong.
No. 151668 ID: 8ecfd4

We're pretty colorblind, but unless they were pink they weren't that girlish.

Ask them to do a complete scan of Felix body. What was hidden might not have been truly magical but rather something that when activated by magic would make minor damage to a critical system and slowly kill the target.

Hmmm, you know you're in a hospitol now. Perfet time to get the stone with your true mind implanted deeper into your body.
No. 151675 ID: ded270

Man, don't you know that pink is the color favored by people with absurdly powerful magical lasers and explosions?
No. 151679 ID: cf68aa
File 126949696199.png - (25.46KB , 675x606 , 545.png )


>Oh, I'm sorry I forgot to mention I already bought it. It cost me 10K which leaves me down to G44,000. I can't understand a word in it though...

>I guess you're right about being a team. Maybe we should just spend a say getting to know one another better. A day off from this. With Alexis... Alone..

>... I digress.

>The object in Felix is one of my priorities but I can't do anything right now other then keep guard. I'm the only one with full mana and not injured.

>I'll be sure to check on Felix later.
>Also remind me about that orb thing when everyone's healed.
No. 151686 ID: 701a19

See if Alex can understand the spell.
Also, you know how you put mana into the earth to move it? Could you put mana into her to give it to her?

Also, why are you wearing something that accentuates your breasts so much? Is it for Alex?
No. 151696 ID: ded270

Hmm, have you tending your hair?
It looks nice.
No. 151698 ID: 8ecfd4

Due to the strange circumstances of magical headvoices I'm not going to be around later. So I hope either you or someone else remembers to get Felix a full body scan of all spectrums and to get your orb implanted into your body.

And if you're going to get the team together for some bonding and teambuilding then you should include the entire team. Not just Alex.

I think it's also time for you to get a haircut. With the current style it seems very easy for your hair to block your vision, which is bad in a fight.
No. 151699 ID: 632862

Who's that walking past? Anyone we know?
No. 151705 ID: ded270

A hair cut isn't needed.
A few clips will do just fine.

Maybe one with an eye pattern...
No. 151712 ID: 8ecfd4

Well a change of hairstyle atleast. Something to keep hair out of the eyes.
No. 151717 ID: cf68aa
File 126950036020.png - (16.83KB , 384x600 , 546.png )


>I'll be sure to ask her later. And I think this mana transfering thing is a spell. Hold on.... Ah yes, Magistra Mana Matra. That's on the top of my To Learn list.

>My breasts? I didn't do that on purpose, my cloak is tighter around my chest now.

>Thank you.


>Just the healer.


>Of course. I was just thinking about things. question is what should this bonding thing be? I'm afraid I've never really had one before so this is all new to me. You voices seem to sometimes know more then I do.

>As for my hair it is getting a bit long lately... I really don't want to cut it though, it's really the last piece of my old body.
No. 151727 ID: 701a19

Go for a leather trenchcoat and a hood. Plenty of pockets, provides protection from wind and debris, and has an intimidation factor. Sadly, it would be quite a bit heavier than simple cloth.

If you don't want to cut your hair, then try styling it so it doesn't cover your eyes.

As a stopgap solution to transferring mana directly, just fill the small mana gem you have and let Alex drain it.

Did Shera head back to the castle? Did it look like she increased the guard?

As far as bonding goes, it's just spending some time enjoying their company. Relax and play around.
No. 151740 ID: 632862

You could all go to some hot springs and relax. That would also be a perfect place for you to be alone with Alexis~
No. 151741 ID: e31d52

oh yes, definitely seconding the hot spring!
No. 151742 ID: ded270

I agree completely.
No. 151751 ID: 288dda

Well, there IS one more thing to do before you head to the hot springs.

You either need to get the "mind slave" part of your curse transferred, or you need to get your orb thoroughly implanted in your body.
No. 151753 ID: 701a19

The personality changes, the fragmented mind, and the mind slave are all the same part of the curse.
If he removes it, there's a good chance we'll go away for good.

No, in reality we just need to deal with Bella before leaving.
No. 151754 ID: 632862

Well we also have to deal with Bella, and get the hospital to remove that object in Felix. Implanting the orb isn't that important, really. It's physically attached to Cecil and that's what matters.

Also make sure to show that super scroll to Alex to see if she can make sense of it.
No. 151756 ID: cf68aa
File 126950450739.png - (50.59KB , 550x600 , 547.png )

>A hot spring?

>That sounds like a great idea! We could relax in the springs and maybe even stay over the night. I haven't been to one in years and I think we could all use a nice relaxing soak.

>You guys are clever.

>I'm going to go and scan Felix again to see if there is anything I may have missed.

>In the meantime go with someone, just don't enter Felix's dreams right now. Wait til I'm done with my work.
No. 151759 ID: 701a19

The philosopher's stone spell is in the alchemy tome, right? Give that to Alex and ask her to learn how too make one.
We'll go check on Nari, since she's probably worried.

[Switch to Nari]
Hey, Nari! How are you doing?
No. 151769 ID: 632862

Why don't we talk to RJ for a bit? I'm curious as to what that broom was about.
No. 151777 ID: cf68aa
File 126950604574.png - (22.32KB , 300x500 , 548.png )



>hmm? Oh hey guardians!
>I was just resting in here a bit. I was kinda worried about what's been going on and stuff but Cecil seems to be really happy about something.

>I think he's planning to surprise me with something!

>That would be so sweet~
No. 151781 ID: 1ac39d

yep, of course we can't tell you cause it would ruin the surprise, so don't ask.

anyway, how you doing? could you tell if what ever happened to felix was soul related? if not, then okay.
also Cecil got a bunch of magic books to learn all about different magics.
No. 151824 ID: 934ef5

Heya Nari, we haven't had much time just to chat. How have you been feeling since everyone was drugged and stuff? Sleeping well?

[To Cecil, for a moment]
Nari is expecting you to surprise her with something nice, and we aren't telling her otherwise. You owe the poor girl some attention too, regardless of how you feel about anyone else.

Don't worry about it too much, we'll help you with that later. Just don't forget she's part of you too...
[Send Cecil an impulse of Nari's current feelings along the soul link]

[Back to Nari]
Cecil has a book of soul magic as well, when you're feeling up to it you should learn a few more things. I know some of them aren't as nice to use, but might be important to know.

Don't worry too much about it right now, just wanted you to be prepared for that.
No. 151837 ID: 701a19

It's a surprise for all of you. You, Alex, RJ, and Felix.

Sorry we couldn't explain what was going on at the time. We knew you would be worried by that, but you would have been more worried if we told you.
Dart laid a trap for Alex and RJ, and they barely avoided falling into it. Things were pretty tense.
We had you take Felix to the healer because one of Dart's minions did something and implied it was going to kill her.
Things are ok now though.

Anyway, Nari, we would like you to try to teach Cecil Soul Magic. It might not work, but the attempt would be really helpful.

Also, one strange question... Back in the village, were there any places you weren't allowed to go? Particularly in your house?

[To other voices: What if Norar did to Nari's mother what he had planned to do to her? I have a few ideas on how to reverse a Soul Petrification, so if that's the case then we might be able to bring back her mother when we kill her father. It's a lot of ifs, but it bears investigating.]
No. 151856 ID: ded270

Hey, Nari.
How's the eye coming along?
You know...
You have an adorable smile.
No. 151892 ID: 8ecfd4

Looking good there girl. Please remind Cecil to get the orb ensuring his personality remains implanted into his body? He worries so much about others that he somtimes forgets things for his own saftey.

Oh and he has a rather nice surprise in store for you all. By the way, how does Dark Elf family units often look? What are your peoples view on bigami?
No. 151897 ID: 701a19

Polygamy, really, but that brings up another important question.
Nari, how have you been feeling about Alex since she and Cecil confessed their love? Are you growing to love her the same way as Cecil?
No. 151899 ID: 8ecfd4

What? Oh fuck. Right of you, damn spelling.
No. 152265 ID: cf68aa
File 126958014955.png - (28.88KB , 500x600 , 549.png )


>I'm feeling better now! Those drugs were so weird though! They made me think weird.

>Cecil's trying to be a soul mage? I'd love to teach him! We should spend a day together to learn! And we can make our bond stronger~


>Places I couldn't go? My fathers room. He never let me in there. Why?


>Aww thank you ^_^
>Almost all my scars are gone to! Once my eye heals up all that'll be left ar-
>Nevermind ^_^


>Huh? Bigami? Polygamy? What're those?


>It's weird but because of our bond some of his feelings pass on to me. I try to not peek into his soul but sometimes it just slips through and I feel his love for her to.
No. 152282 ID: 934ef5

>and I feel his love for her too.
...And are you ok with that?
No. 152283 ID: e3f578

So your not jealous, at all, with his now confirmed love for Alex? Hrm, your soul bond seems much more deeper than a romantic relationship.

You can tell us what's scared. Being healthy is always important. No need to be bashful, we're mature and concerned.
No. 152291 ID: 701a19

"Bigamy" means "Two lovers".
"Polygamy" is the term used for having multiple lovers.

Cecil's not just trying to be a soul mage, he's trying to learn all the different kinds of magic he can.

Also, we need to do something about that bounty, and any place you couldn't go is likely to have something that could help us.

What scars are you talking about?
We know they're embarrassing, but if we know then we can help. That's what we're good at.
No. 152296 ID: 632862

Do you remember how your mother died?
No. 152300 ID: ba7c76

You should definitely spend a day teaching him about soul magic. He'd love that.

Also, if you don't want to talk about your scars, that's fine. Really.
No. 152306 ID: 288dda

In a nutshell, Nari, Cecil and Alex are likely to want a soul bond before this adventure is over. We don't see any reason this should change the bond the two of you have, and in fact may strengthen it immensely if you were to bond to Alex as well. It's something to think about.
No. 152316 ID: 1ac39d

well you see, in most cultures it's often frowned upon to be in love with more then one person at the same time, those that do are called polygamists.
No. 152324 ID: cf68aa
File 126958292192.png - (34.15KB , 500x650 , 550.png )


>Uhm.. I don't really know if she's dead though... I just never see her.


>of course I'm okay with it. Love is love no matter what form it takes. I'd love to form a bond with Alex if Cecil wants to. That way we can all live together ^_^


>My scars...?


She takes off her shirt.

>Just don't tell Cecil okay?
No. 152326 ID: ded270

Actually, someone who's in love with more than one person at a time is considered polyamorous. A polygamist is someone with multiple spouses.
No. 152327 ID: e31d52

I'm sure Cecil would just say that they are part of what makes you special.
No. 152329 ID: 632862

Oh no. That's terrible. We've got to get those scars healed too. Especially the ones on your lower body.
No. 152333 ID: ded270

Hmm, Cecil will eventually find out about those, even if we don't tell him.
It's up to you to tell him about them.
Or, if you want, get them removed first.
It's your choice.
No. 152336 ID: 701a19

Your father did that to you?
How horrible...

Well, ask the healer to treat those scars. She's a professional, so she's used to working on this stuff.
Also, we have plenty of money to cover the treatment. Just get them all healed and we'll tell Cecil to pay for it without telling him what it is.
I'm glad you showed us, since it would have tainted the surprise otherwise~
No. 152338 ID: 934ef5

We won't... doesn't mean he shouldn't know, though. That will be your decision to make.

Those are extensive though, even if you never mention them you should still have them taken care of. We want you to be healed inside and out, you deserve that.
No. 152341 ID: 1ac39d

does that bottom one interfere with going to the bathroom at all? if it does then you should definitely get that fixed otherwise you may get an infection.
No. 152347 ID: 701a19

*Claps to get people's attention*
We have plenty of money right now, and this is a high priority.
Nari, ask the doctor to heal the scars. We'll handle paying for it.
No. 152349 ID: 934ef5

It may take a while to be treated though, maybe we shouldn't rush this just yet.
No. 152351 ID: 701a19

We have the time. This must be done before we reach the next town.
No. 152353 ID: 288dda

Nari, please listen. This is very important.

Cecil is not going to think any less of you because of those scars.

You should still have them healed, if that's what you want to do, but they're not your fault. Don't blame yourself for them. They're just an outward sign of your inner strength.
No. 152354 ID: 934ef5

...She won't feel comfortable in a big city, of course.

Nari, if you're up to it we can arrange for you to start treatment right away.
No. 152360 ID: cf68aa
File 126958441735.png - (19.73KB , 500x500 , 551.png )


>A little but I'm used to it now.


>I guess I should get them healed.. I just didn't want Cecil to see them so I didn't let him heal them.

>But there's doctors here so I can get it done now.

She puts on her shirt and goes up to a nurse

>"Excuse me."

>This might take a while. I don't want to be rude guardians but some of my scars are in embarrassing places. Can I have some privacy while she heals me?
No. 152364 ID: 701a19

Of course! Thank you, Nari, you're always so helpful to our peace of mind.

[Switch to Alex]
Alex! Cecil bought some magic tomes, and we want you to look over the Philosopher's Stone spell to see what it requires.
No. 152372 ID: 8ecfd4

Don't worry girl. We can go talk to someone else while you get those scars checked up. It's rather amazing that you're so stable and gentle despite what you have suffered through.

[Switch to Alex]
So how are things going? Please remind Cecil that he needs to get the damn crystal with his personality implanted into his body. And sadly not in the fun way you would do it.
No. 152379 ID: 288dda

Good luck Nari.
You should still talk to Cecil. I'd say she'll surprise you, but it shouldn't really be a surprise at all.

+1 vote to both previous suggestions.

Particularly the stone. There's a... situation coming up, you might say, where she's either going to need it shrunk and attached to a body piercing, or just implanted in the body.
No. 152390 ID: ded270

I'd say an earstud.
No. 152393 ID: 701a19



It's the size of a cueball. That's about 2"/5cm in diameter.
No. 152395 ID: cf68aa
File 12695861711.png - (16.25KB , 400x600 , 552.png )


>Mya.... I can't make heads or tails of this thing...

>Hmm? Oh hey guys. I've been readin up on this stone thing mya. It's so difficult. I can't even translate these runes.


>.... A belly button ring would look adorable. I don't think she'd like it but I'm sure I can convince her~
No. 152399 ID: 632862

Right now it's attached to his outer thighs, right? Doesn't that look kinda goofy?
No. 152401 ID: 701a19

"Magister Manas Tarun Tu Seht Malhydra Deroon Al Alberia Tu Es Cremenius Purifico. Mori Etus Vivier."
That part translates to "The master of Mana, water to heal the wicked, The white wings of the pure. To live is to die."

Does that help?

Also, right now we mostly just want to know what the spell components are. Some of us believe that the spell turns a person's soul into a gem. If that's true, then we might know of a few people who deserve it.
Besides Dart, I mean.
No. 152405 ID: 1ac39d

inner thigh, not sure how it's attached. magic glue? anyway. most of us think somewhere in between his intestine would be best. or between his lungs under his heart.
No. 152409 ID: 8ecfd4

It's the philosophers stone. If it wasn't tricky as fucking hell to figure out even with the manual then lots people would be running around with them.

The point about implanting the personality crystal is to make sure it's no easily lost. Making it a piercing isn't good enough. It needs to be put safely somewhere inside of him.

You could still get him a belly button ring though. I'm sure we could convince him it's a good idea. Or atleast not a bad idea. Unless he's going to do some brawling, then piercings are a terribly painful idea.
No. 152416 ID: 98d7ca

need get cock back

get cock back
No. 152422 ID: cf68aa
File 126958846924.png - (12.71KB , 400x250 , 553.png )

>Hmm... I'll try to ask the nurses to implant it in her body mya.

>But before then I need to shrink it a little so it'll be easier on them.

>As for the stone I know what the spell is but.. I don't know what it's made out of mya. I can't read it.
No. 152427 ID: 8ecfd4

Well it grants immortality and lots of power and shit right? Then chances are you need some pretty powerful sacrifice to fuel it. Probably lives and souls, that's usually how these things go down.

So if you want to make one I would suggest finding some hired killers and other hardened criminals to use. Nobody would really miss them or be that upset if they vanished from the surface of the world. That is if it uses live sacrifice, could be you just need some insanely hard to find metals and then process them into an alloy through some incredibly expensive and annoying process.
No. 152431 ID: 1ac39d

wait.... i think i've seen that code before! hang on i'll dig up my code sheet.
No. 152432 ID: ded270

Well, it looks like it requires veal, at least.
That's all I can make out.
No. 152435 ID: ded270

Man, what are you smoking?
That's not the objective at all!
Our objective is set up Cecil with a lesbian harem, and maybe stop Dart in the process, or if we have some time left over.
No. 152439 ID: 1ac39d
File 126958953073.png - (33.26KB , 1394x878 , codesheet.png )

damn, this is all i remeber, not sure what order the last 8 letters go in the lower section.
No. 152440 ID: 1ac39d

will keep working on it. so hold on a bit.
No. 152441 ID: 8ecfd4

With his cock back. Cecil is us. He wants to be a real boy again and then we damn well make sure he is a real boy again.
No. 152450 ID: 1ac39d
File 126959057689.png - (49.17KB , 1394x878 , codesheet.png )

done, fixed for grammer and spelling mistakes

"to create the stone you must use a soul a 'lost' soul"
No. 152451 ID: 632862

Okay we got it. This is a bad copy of the scroll, but it's supposed to say:

No. 152452 ID: 288dda

Ok, Alex. Took a while because there appeared to be some clerical errors on the transcription of the formula you have. So I can't guarantee this is 100% correct, but it's the most likely fit.

But you're not going to like it.

No. 152453 ID: 1ac39d

No. 152454 ID: 632862

I don't think Cecil will want to be a man anymore. He loves Alex, and Alex likes girls. Thus, Cecil will have to keep that female body in order to stay in a physical relationship with Alex.
No. 152457 ID: 701a19

I don't see why she would object.
If Bella was acting out of her own free will, then she's a perfect candidate.
Not to mention our suspicions that Nari's father is keeping Nari's Soul Petrified mother in his bedroom, or the disgusting things he's done to Nari.
No. 152467 ID: cf68aa
File 126959190528.png - (26.21KB , 800x600 , 554.png )

>Use a soul....? But that's like Dark Mana mya.
>Does that mean my master...!?


>And what does it mean by 'lost'?

>Well here's the next page, you guys can read it better then I can.

Cecil has gained the ability to decipher this code
No. 152469 ID: 701a19


Also, either he did it or he took it from somebody else, but I'm not about to judge him for it with so little information.

Still, the reasons for your actions are as important as the actions themselves. If Nari's mother IS soul petrified, then it's going to take a lot of mana to restore her. I see no reason why the person who did it to her shouldn't be the source of that mana.
Or Bella, if she's not under a curse. Dart is the master of Dark Magic, and he goes through souls like your people go through 'happy drugs'. That's not allowable.
No. 152474 ID: cf68aa
File 126959321289.png - (24.38KB , 500x580 , 555.png )


>Use a lost soul... Use a soul..

>I can't do that mya. I'm sorry but... No, this goes against everything. Against alchemy itself.

>It's saying that I need to not only seal the soul away but constantly use it over and over. The pain it must be going through mya...

>I'm going to burn this scroll and forget I ever saw it.
No. 152475 ID: e31d52

Good girl :3
No. 152476 ID: 632862

Burn it? But we spent 10k on it...

I don't suppose there's any way to sell it back is there? Do spell scrolls like this get used up once the spell is mastered?
No. 152477 ID: 632862

Also, the Philosopher's Stone is supposed to give infinite mana and eternal life. How would that be possible by simply using a soul as fuel? I mean, wouldn't it get used up after a while?
No. 152479 ID: 632862

Wait, what if we used the soulless as fuel? Would that even work?
No. 152483 ID: 288dda

Man, what the hell are you doing?
Stop betraying people's trust like that.
Moreover, stop encouraging a hideously evil act as revenge for another hideously evil act. If all we want are results, let's just have Cecil cast Meteor and flatten Dart.

There's a line in the sand here between right and wrong. You're standing on the wrong side at the moment.
No. 152484 ID: 701a19


[Shows Alex this]

Alex... She refuses to talk about it, but we're fairly certain Nari's father raped her. Repeatedly.
We know for certain that he scorched her genitals for fun. He cut out her eye. We're pretty sure he petrified her mother so he could use her body as a sex doll, seeing as how that was exactly what he was about to do to Nari when Cecil interrupted him.
Soul Petrification is supposedly irreversible, but we have a few ideas on how to change that. The problem is that it's going to require a massive amount of Mana. Would giving Nari back her mother be enough of a reason?

Even considering that we are only contemplating people who have themselves destroyed and tortured souls?
Even considering that it would make it possible to rescue Dart's slaves and remove their curses?
Even considering that we only need the stone until Dart is defeated, at which point the soul can be released?

Don't destroy the scroll, Alex; if you do then we'll have to have Cecil learn it.
You don't need to learn it, let alone cast it, but we need to keep our options open.
No. 152554 ID: 8ecfd4

Burning it seems rather extreme. We spent money on it and this is hardly the only copy in existance. Other people will find other copies and make it wheter you burn it or not.

It is simply a means to gain power. Just like everything else it's neither good nor evil. It simply exists, the way you use it determines how other people will view you. You don't consider Master L to be evil do you?

That lost soul part is making me think it's not as easy as just picking any random soul though. So what would a lost soul signify in this isntance?

[To Cecil]
Hey Cecil, do you happen to know if you could single out the mindslave portion of the Shoujen curse and cast only that part? There might be some use for it in the future.
No. 152556 ID: 701a19

I think it means a soul which is beyond redemption; one so horrible that the circle of life doesn't even attempt to stop it from being cut away. Or perhaps circle of life has cut the soul away on its own in order to protect itself.
More research would answer these questions, of course, and if you asked Master L I doubt he would hesitate to give you honest answers.

Oh, and please say nothing of Nari's past to Cecil; we promised her we wouldn't tell him.

However, you need to keep the fragmentation and your gender identity. I know you don't want to have a female mind, but suddenly being fully male mentally in a fully female physical body would probably be very bad for your psyche. Keeping your gender identity the way it is would allow you to function normally until your body can be restored.
Simple pragmatism.
No. 152571 ID: 8ecfd4

I guess it could also mean someone who has lost their way spritually or something like that.

Alex you're probably going to have to do some research about that to clarify what they mean.

Hmm, I wonder if creating a philosophers stone would also create a soulless? If so do mind domination spells work properly on it? Because I can think of a few uses for a mind dominated soulless.
No. 152709 ID: 632862

If someone gave up their soul willingly to be used for this... Would it still be painful for them?
No. 152817 ID: 4531bc

No. 152824 ID: 934ef5

Despite the evidence, there could be something we are getting wrong here. Let's hold judgment on this spell and those who use it until we know for sure.

...We'll have to have a serious talk with Master L, I think.
No. 152919 ID: cf68aa
File 126966641152.png - (25.49KB , 500x600 , 556.png )

>Oh god... That's how Nari...? Was she....?


>I... I can't do it. I won't do it mya. I can see what that man did to her, and it is evil, but to use someones soul to get back... I'd be as bad as Dart.


>That's true! I'm going to go talk to him later!
No. 152926 ID: 701a19

Yes, her genitals were mutilated; she said it makes it difficult to relieve herself.
Alex, Nari has amazing mental strength, but she needs somebody who can understand her body and comprehend what she has gone through. Don't let on that you know, and don't treat her differently, but if she needs to talk to you about it then you're not going to be caught unaware.

Again, we're not asking you to cast the spell, we're just asking you to not destroy the scroll. Cecil has used himself for Dark Mana before and knows Meteor, but that doesn't make him any less of a good person.
Information is, itself, neither good nor bad; it is only the application of information that has a moral value.
Besides, learning the spell would deepen your understanding of magic and souls. That has value even if you detest the spell itself.

I believe Master L is still in town, but we don't know how long that will be the case. You had best go speak with him immediately.
No. 152931 ID: 934ef5

There is some speculation in all of this, but the pieces do fit. But no matter how exactly Nari was or wasn't abused, we know that she was. Don't go making a big issue of this just yet, especially to her. She is healing well right now, physically and emotionally. We all need to help her be stronger, not complicate things and make her feel worse.

No, I wouldn't want her to confront him alone, just in case. Wait until Cecil's next training session, then both of you speak with him.
No. 152933 ID: 701a19

He said his job is done and he was going to leave.

Besides, he likes Alex. He's not going to do something horrible to one of his students for asking him a question about his subject.
No. 152934 ID: 934ef5

>"We'll continue this tomorrow. Or whenever I get up."

Otherwise I guess I'd agree, he's not going to be a threat to us. Nonetheless we should get them both to talk to him at once. He can be... evasive, and I think that together they will get better answers out of him.
No. 152943 ID: cf68aa
File 126967109359.png - (22.45KB , 800x400 , 557.png )

>okay.. I'll learn it mya. But I don't want to use it. Ever.

She spends several minutes studying the scroll

>Mya... There's something hand written in the margin. Was this sroll used?

>I can't read runes.

>When you translate this I'm going to need some time to myself so please visit the others or sleep or something.
No. 152945 ID: 632862

No. 152950 ID: 701a19


[Switch to RJ]

Hey, RJ. How are you holding up?
No. 152953 ID: cf68aa
File 126967320690.png - (28.93KB , 450x550 , 558.png )

>Mya...? What does that mean...?

>'Ello again. I'm going pretty well.

>Jus admirin my new watch is all.
No. 152954 ID: ded270

How do you look so snazzy?
No. 152956 ID: 701a19

I assume you're not looking at it in public.
Sorry about the broken leg, by the way, but you might be interested to know that Cecil just purchased a bunch of alchemy spells and two of them happen to be of the healing variety...

We're even more sorry about getting you mixed up with this whole Dart business; we honestly thought we were out of his sight. Worse still that doll means he's willing to go after you, so you're kinda stuck with us until we resolve this. We feel terrible about doing that to you.

How are you holding up?
No. 152961 ID: 632862

I still like how you look.

Have you tried using the watch's abilities yet?
No. 152966 ID: cf68aa
File 126967586021.png - (26.20KB , 400x500 , 559.png )


>Heh, thanks. An' no I 'aven't tried it out yet. Just kinda been admirin it.


>Oh don't worry 'bout that. I'm all patched up now, even my hair's grown back.

>As for the whole Dart thing. Yeah I'd rather not get involved but I figure if I stick with Cecil I might get my hands on some good treasure.

>'Ell jus look at all the stuff I got now. And this is from one day!
No. 152967 ID: 701a19

I seriously doubt all days are going to be that profitable, but yea, sticking with Cecil will net you a nice take. However, befriending the others would be pretty valuable too; it's nice to have somebody you trust at your back.

Also, I'm pretty sure Dart would go after you if you left. You're kinda stuck.

Anyway, have a good night; we'll see you in the morning.

[Switch to Felix's dreams]
No. 152968 ID: 2eac65

Don't switch to Felix's dreams. Cecil told us to leave that to him.
No. 152971 ID: 701a19

OH! Sorry! Forgot!

Well, then that's everybody.

[Switch to Cecil]
No. 153041 ID: 8ecfd4

[To Alex: Probably means that creating the stone also creates a soulless]

If all of my plans go through without any problems then there will be alot more treasure in the future.

Say how good are you at finding out information and keep it sorted?
No. 153095 ID: 934ef5

You should get some practice with that thing, it could have helped last night. Why don't you open it up and see what you can do with it.
No. 153154 ID: 701a19

"All"? You do not have "all" plans work. It does not happen.
Aside from that, stop promising treasure we don't have. RJ isn't some kind of thug, she's a person with wants and needs, and motivation besides money.
She already has plenty of cash to meet her needs for now, so she should be looking to get some good friends who will look out for her.

Oh, and RJ: Healing magic lets you fix broken bones and such, and you've got one of the world's best alchemists with you. Think it over.
No. 153162 ID: 8ecfd4

I'm simply promising the potential of treasure. And it won't require all plans to work. Just one really, the other ones would just add to the pile.

RJ, if things work out right there could be alot of oppurtunities for you in the future. Getting to know your current companions a bit better could be very beneficial down the road.
No. 153354 ID: cf68aa
File 126975082323.png - (23.91KB , 400x500 , 560.png )

>You want me to try it out?

>Let's see then..


The watch doesn't move

>Hmm? Aww don't tell me this is a fake! One more try.

>"Rebecca Joslyn"

Now the hands on the watch turn to face RJ

>It works! This thing is legit! Ha! The real Goldeon Watch! Oh man!

>Just two more...
No. 153355 ID: 1ac39d

wait... what's Cecil's last name? that's probably why it didn't work, it's like 'which Cecil you talking about?'
No. 153365 ID: 701a19

So you need their entire name. Good to know.
However, we don't know if it requires their real name or if a pseudonym will work.

Say the following:
"What can you do?"

After that, just play with it.

[Switch to Cecil]
No. 153369 ID: 934ef5

Hey let's wait a bit on that, we still need to try out the vanishing trick, and maybe see if we can find out if it does anything else.

Try a few more people, and saying names different ways. Like for yourself, use RJ or just say "me" and see how it reacts.

Then try turning invisible, make sure how long it lasts and if there's any odd effects with it.
No. 153371 ID: 632862

Cecil's full name is Cecil Von Central III.

So try that!
No. 153383 ID: cf68aa
File 126975402671.png - (2.95KB , 100x100 , 561.png )


>"Cecil Von Cetral III"

The hands turn this time facing outside.

>Okay. I guess I gotta know their full name for it to work.



Nothing happens

>Okay so nicknames and such don't work to well on it then.

>"Turn me invisible!"

Nothing happens

>Hmm? Aw man... I just realized I don't know how ta work the thing...

>"Instuctions, help, commands."

Some weird markings appear on the watch. They shift and move around across the watch's face.

>Huh? I don't understan any of this.
No. 153386 ID: 632862

Erm... touch the watch?
No. 153387 ID: 701a19

Ah, lovely.
Sorry, RJ. It can tell you what it can do, but not in a way we can understand it.
Cecil could probably figure it out, but that would require telling him.

Also, try holding it and thinking "Invisibility".

[Switch to Cecil]
How's progress?
No. 153393 ID: 934ef5

I'd like to try a few more things with the watch, but we can check on his progress.

Play around with that a bit, we'll come back to check on you and help you some more. Some things might only work right if you are actually holding it, so do that. And if it has any little buttons or nobs like regular watches have play around with those.

[To Cecil]
Any luck?
No. 153411 ID: 632862

Oooh, try naming a time.
No. 153416 ID: cf68aa
File 126975611080.png - (25.67KB , 400x600 , 562.png )

>All right. I'll keep fidlin around with this thing.



>Well they found the item and got it out after I did a more complete scan. We have no idea what it is or what it does.

>As for Felix herself she's still asleep. Everyone one in a while she starts crying but other then that she seems fine.
No. 153417 ID: 1ac39d

yeah, we need to get in there, she must be fighting a losing battle. confronted with her past or something.
No. 153418 ID: 632862

Where exactly was the item? Its location should give us insight as to what its purpose is.
No. 153426 ID: 934ef5

Well that sounds good. She's still a mess of course but that's to be expected.

That attack had me wondering if that is a divination device of some sort, it's hard to imagine how Bella pulled out an RJ doll without some sort of spying going on. It might even be some nasty version of the psychic stones we use. I would try to seal off the object from any possible influence or communication outside of itself.

As for Felix, we can try to probe her dreams. I'm not sure if we could gleam more information or be able comfort her somehow, but it's a thing worth doing. It might end up with us distracted all day again though. It might be better to just let her rest more.

Your call, boss.
No. 153427 ID: 701a19

We can tell you that it's a magic item, and that it likely contained or contains a remotely triggered spell.
When we saw it it looked a bit like a Dark Elf Soul Gem, like the one you have.

Actually, do a complete scan of yourself to make sure he didn't plant something in you as well.

Also, we helped Alex decode some of the Philosopher's Stone scroll.
It reads:

There was also a scrawled note:

We had to convince her to not burn the scroll on the spot. She's planning on asking Master L about his Philosopher's Stone and what the text really means.

Anyway, if that's it then we'll start seeing if we can either help Felix or get more information on Dart. Meanwhile, can you try to move any curses on Bella over to the soulless? Just in case she's under a Shoujen?
On a related topic, pick up some more Phoenix Downs; it's probably easier to kill her and keep her body in good condition than it is to keep her on ice.
No. 153429 ID: 701a19

[Switch to Felix's dreams]
No. 153433 ID: 934ef5

I wonder if we can monitor her dreams passively, without jumping in there completely. It slows us down severely, as dreams do. Let's see what Cecil thinks we should do first.

Oh and Cecil, if we get stuck with her and you need us, just take the stone away.
No. 153436 ID: 632862

...I don't want to know what happens if we take away someone's Cell Stone while we're talking to them.
No. 153440 ID: 934ef5

...Nothing? The focus should switch to whoever grabbed it. We just communicate, it's not like we're in her brain such that we'd tear it up on the way out.
No. 153442 ID: cf68aa
File 126975770069.png - (27.97KB , 400x600 , 562.png )

>I know you guys have only the best intentions in mind but I believe we should let Felix rest. Some demons can only be defeated by oneself.

>As for the object it has been sealed off. It was found inside of her stomach behind several organs. Again I have no idea what it does but I sense some type of power coming from it


>So Alexis is messing with the stone? Please don' push her to do something she doesn't want to okay? If need be I'll learn it to spare her.

>That message troubles me though. The only 'Zone' I can think of is the forbidden one.

He takes off most of his clothes and lays down on a bed next to Felix

>I'm very tired. I've had a rough day and I need some rest. You should rest as well and try not to pry into peoples dreams. It's rude.

He begins to fall asleep
No. 153443 ID: 632862

Ahhh. That's not a very dangerous place to put it... Then this item is something Dart does not want us to find. Keep it secret. Keep it safe.

We must find out what it does. Perhaps Master L can tell us?
No. 153444 ID: 632862

Oh and you know your blue line is shortening again right?
No. 153447 ID: 934ef5

I believe she will need our help, but for now you are probably right. We'll help her when she can agree to it herself.

Goodnight Cecil. I wish you pleasant dreams, however odd that seems coming from a voice in your head.

[Switch to RJ]
Anything new?
No. 153459 ID: cf68aa
File 126975928244.png - (5.31KB , 400x500 , 563.png )


>I'll be sure to keep it safe. But it will still need to be sealed up until we know what it does.

>Again? -Sigh- I need a drink....


>I'm sure in time she'll pull through.

No. 153461 ID: 632862

Haha, you managed to figure out how to turn invisible, I see.
No. 153462 ID: 1ac39d

well, not see, you're invisible
No. 153464 ID: 934ef5


Umm, I'm guess we wouldn't be looking here if you weren't around. Hello? Can you hear us? Move something maybe.
No. 153472 ID: cf68aa
File 12697606505.png - (5.37KB , 400x500 , 564.png )


>Well movin around won't do me no good seein as ta how I'm invisible and stuff.

>Whoever said to think it was right. All I 'ad to do was think and it happened. I can do it non stop but there's like a slow down time. After I do it twice in a row I gotta wait a minute and there's a 2 second pause between the them.
No. 153473 ID: e31d52

I'm assuming you aren't naked, so anything you grab might turn invisible too.

My god, the shenanigans you can pull.

Like running in the streets nekkid, or stealing things, or scaring people...

so much fun!
No. 153474 ID: 632862

Right, right. I wonder what the symbols on the watch meant when you asked it for instructions...?

Maybe there's another function nobody's discovered?
No. 153475 ID: 934ef5

Oh ok, well that sounds like a pretty convenient way for it to work. I was just saying to move something, because I was wondering if it could have made you incommunicado to us somehow. Also, does grabbing something afterward make it invisible too?

Pick up the watch, hold it and put it in your pocket.
No. 153487 ID: cf68aa
File 126976257883.png - (2.84KB , 400x500 , 565.png )


>Forget all that, with this I can become the master of theives! This is like a god send!


>Probably. No one's done much study on these things yet.


She picks up her broom and the watch. They both vanish

>Huh, I guess the things I got on me turn invisible an the stuff I grab to.
No. 153489 ID: 632862

Hah, this sure would make you the best thief ever. So long as you don't get caught while the watch is recharging, anyway.

OH. I just remembered that you used that broom as a weapon. How exactly are you doing that? What kind of fighting style do you use?
No. 153490 ID: e31d52

Well, yeah. Master of theives and all that. I just like to think of fun applications.
No. 153493 ID: 934ef5

I suspect there may be far more to it than this. Thievery may be only smalltime tricks.

Experiment time! Let's see what this baby can do. Try to command it to do some of the following
-Put it back down on the bed, and see if it can find you while you are invisible.
-Turn the bed invisible.
-Show you Cecil.
-Make your area silent, then tap your foot.
-Cause yourself to levitate a couple inches off the ground.
-Create a small ball of light hovering in front of you.
-Summon one gold coin from the treasury you got the watch from.
No. 153501 ID: 701a19

Well that's nice and all, but I'm a bit troubled here.
You see, all magic is powered by something. Usually mana, but powerful magic requires things like souls - specifically, the person using it.
Turn visible and see if you've aged at all. That's another common thing for magic to take.

Perhaps this is something you should be careful about.
No. 153502 ID: 632862

Or try to envision the location of the person that it's currently 'pointing' towards.
No. 153508 ID: 701a19

Wait, there's something that needs to be tested...

First, find out if it can tell you where a dead person is:
"Wolfric Von Kaisen"
Then find out if it can use people as references instead of targets:
"The person that is soul bound to Cecil Von Central III"
If that works, then:
"The mother of the person that is soul bound to Cecil Von Central III"
No. 153512 ID: cf68aa
File 126976510962.png - (23.94KB , 400x500 , 566.png )


>I just whack people over the 'ead with it. It's just a style I picked up on my own.


>Well I was fiddlin with it. I tried to make other things I wasn't touching invisible but that didn't work. And for most of the other commands I've been givin it those marks appear again. If I could read them I might find out more about it's powers.


>I don't think it's bad or nothin.


RJ tries all those commands. The watch shifts again, showing the weird markings.
No. 153517 ID: 701a19

Alright. I think you need Cecil's help if you want to figure out how the watch works, RJ.

[Switch to Nari]
No. 153518 ID: 1ac39d

try 'reboot' 'reset' or 'restart' and maybe 'change language'
No. 153525 ID: 934ef5

Suppose it could just be doing that to show an error... Or perhaps it could be made to do other things somehow. Like you could write new effects into it, if only we knew how. Could be commands for it, or some ritual or something.

Maybe putting in a bit of magic creates a new effect. Think of "hovering", it makes the weird symbols, you put "air" and "earth" and you've got a new effect. I dunno, it's probably not that easy to guess. Or maybe not even safe to try.

Is the design different for different commands, or is always the same symbols?
No. 153542 ID: cf68aa
File 126976731335.png - (14.67KB , 800x200 , 567.png )


>I really don't know much magic though. Can't push my mana or anything.

>Each of those commands gives it a different look. It shifts but if I give it the same phrase it goes into the same look ya know?


She tries all of those. Other then some new swirls the watch does nothing.
No. 153545 ID: 701a19

Ok, yea, you're going to need Cecil for this. We're pretty sure he could read it, but that would require he know about it.
That's your call; we're not telling him your secrets.

[Switch to Nari]
No. 153552 ID: 445c48

Ask it "Time?",

I want to know if this watch will actually tell the time.
No. 153557 ID: 934ef5

(Before I forget, I would like to try to do something for Felix. Not switching to her, or anything meddlesome or overt. Just a psychic hug of sorts.)

[Send Felix gentle positive impulses of things like courage happiness and hope felt from Cecil Alex Nari and RJ. No direct connections or interference, no thoughts or images, just a good vibe. Continue this as long as we are able.]
No. 153560 ID: cf68aa
File 126977138939.png - (23.82KB , 400x500 , 568.png )


>.... It doesn't tell time.


She gets some of these emotions. Cecil notices that her crying has stopped as he falls to sleep.



>G-Guardians!? I was changing!
No. 153562 ID: 8ecfd4

Good for you. But you know... wait forget about that, lying to some of us can be a good idea at times, we can easily get distracted.

Onto buisness. Does these runes mean anything to you? And damn it I can't get them to show. Well someone else should be able to manage that.
No. 153563 ID: 701a19

Ah, sorry! Cover yourself with a sheet!

We were going around checking on people, and wanted to see if you were healed yet.
How did it go? Are you all healed?

Also, you know how you could tell the drugged feelings from normal feelings? Well, we need to test something. Does this feel real or fake?
[Project Cecil's love for Alex onto her]
No. 153565 ID: cf68aa
File 126977284896.png - (21.65KB , 400x500 , 569.png )


>Runes? I can only read elvish.


>The doctor said there were still some wounds inside me so she needed me to stay a little longer but it should all be done soon. She looked worried and asked me a lot of questions but I couldn't answer them..

>Their love? I've felt it lots of times now. It's very pure and old. It's as pure as my love for him.
No. 153568 ID: 8ecfd4

Well lets try anyway, I hope it works this time.
Can you see them? Do you recognize anything about them?
No. 153569 ID: 701a19

So the feelings we project seem just as real as any others? Thanks, that's actually REALLY good to know.

... OH! Ack, sorry, we should have been prepared for that. Is there a Cell Stone around there you could hand the doctor? We need to talk to them and clear up this misunderstanding.
You see, doctors can tell what made wounds like that and how they were made, but not who made them. I'm pretty sure the doctor thinks one of the others did that to you.
You can't convince her otherwise; people who have been abused tend to defend the ones who did it, because they think the abuser loves them and that the abuse is because the victim did something to deserve it.
She won't be convinced until we explain things to her properly, and that means showing her a few of Cecil's memories.
Sorry about that. D:
No. 153571 ID: 701a19

Actually, can you tell us what questions she asked? We can figure out a lot from those questions.
No. 153577 ID: cf68aa
File 126977646812.png - (22.28KB , 400x500 , 570.png )


>Uhm... I can't read them.. Sorry.


>She was just asking things like how I got them and when and if anyone touched me. I didn't tell her anything though.
No. 153580 ID: 701a19

Ah, ok then.
Well, do you feel like soulbinding with Alex tonight? If not, then go ahead and get some sleep.
[Switch to Alex]
No. 153581 ID: 8ecfd4

No problem. We will find another way, but you never find things out unless you ask.

You could just tell her that your father did it to you.
No. 153593 ID: 1ac39d

if you know the answer to any question then tell them, if not just say you don't know.
No. 153650 ID: 934ef5

Sorry for being curious little chatterboxes... and sometimes pushy ones. We're just trying to make everything right as well as we can. Get some rest. Better days await!

(Let's keep the awkward and painful issues for later. I want her to sleep with happier thoughts, it will help Felix as well. I daresay her positive impulses will be more important for her than the rest combined.)

(Alex wanted privacy tonight, I don't think we can accomplish more there now anyway. We've done enough to upset her already.)

[Switch to.. sleeping I guess? Maintain the psychic hug, regardless.]

We're just communicating what others have, it's no surprise everything is authentic. Besides, they're bound already so it's not like we can much confuse that or deceive it.
No. 153661 ID: 701a19

We needed to know how accurate our emotional playback is. It wouldn't have been much use if it felt either fake or distant.
Nari knows what the real thing is like, but it's not her own emotions. That combined with her emotion-centric mind makes her the best person for this kinda test.

I suppose sleep WOULD be the best option at this point, then.
No. 153680 ID: 934ef5

Ok, that's actually a good point. Good to have solid feedback on what we can do.

(Before we used the soul link to piggyback that sensation, being sure we can do that effectively without it is of some use. That she has felt it often is interesting, I wonder if that is normal this long after the soul bind or if the previous meddling enabled it? If we can strengthen the power and capabilities of a soul binding that could be helpful.)
No. 153707 ID: 632862

Why didn't you tell her? She's a doctor, she is obligated to keep any information you give her private.
No. 153726 ID: 934ef5

Maybe maybe not... if it comes up again Nari, you should just say something to the effect that it was all in the past now, you're free and things will never be like that again. No need for more details than that.
No. 153771 ID: cf68aa
File 126981225997.png - (0.99KB , 100x100 , Sleep.png )

>but I'm not supposed to tell people this... I only told you guys cause you're guardians..

>The doctor's coming back again, I'll see you guys in the morning.

Pick someone to wake up with.
No. 153773 ID: 632862

Nari. We need to get her to understand that she shouldn't be following her father's orders unless she knows and agrees with the reasons behind them.
No. 153774 ID: 8ecfd4