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File 126805117155.png - (25.01KB , 600x400 , 140.png )
143775 No. 143775 ID: 4b1405

>Hope hope hope hope
I'm going to trust you guys with Hope for now, but... Well. I'm still unhappy with you, but I'll get over it.

You guys are the only friends I have.

Don't make me throw you into the ocean.
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No. 143777 ID: 4b1405
File 126805125057.png - (32.52KB , 600x400 , 141.png )

>glass prosthetic
I'll see what I can do. I imagine it can be done.

>A much better plan is to get the chunk back with a spell. I mean this crap has to happen a lot with magical artifacts, it breaks, you lose a piece, oh shit gotta teleport it back. Be sure to ask at Arcanitech or The Sorcerer's guild next time we are there.
Huh. Hadn't thought of that. Well, we're going to go back to both Arcanitech and the Sorcerer's Guild, so I'll be sure to bring it up.

>Tell Vresch about this
>Don't tell Vresch about this
I'm gonna lean towards the latter here. Letting him know about any kind of fuck up would be... a bad thing.

Well, here we are. Remi's room, according to that note. The name on the door agrees. "High Priestess Remi Leda."

I knock twice. "Come in!" is the reply.
No. 143778 ID: 4b1405
File 126805125874.png - (51.54KB , 600x400 , 142.png )

So I do.

Remi: "Oh! It's you! I didn't actually expect to ever see you again."

Umm... How do you respond to something like that?
No. 143781 ID: da4d07

With a smile and a playful tone "Too bad, I'm here :)"
No. 143783 ID: 3b6c92

>How do you respond to something like that?
Depends on what angle you wanna go for. You could go with the guy above me, or, I dunno, you could act all hurt and look at the floor to try and draw out some pity?

Shootin' in the dark, here.
No. 143787 ID: 8ecfd4

Simple, you just ask "Why not?" and hopefully get a normal enough response.

And Cora don't worry, I'm sure you will get lots of other friends than us. And I'm sorry but some of us can be colossal jerks at times, just think of us as a friend with a severly split personality.
No. 143790 ID: 632862

She didn't think you were into girls. Plus it's been a couple days, right? Hmm, smooth line, smooth line...

"I guess with me you should expect the unexpected."

No. 143798 ID: 7857d9

Is she wearing clothing? All that wiring makes it hard to tell, given we usually see in high contrast black and white.
No. 143804 ID: 4b1405
File 126806620521.png - (51.90KB , 600x400 , 143.png )

>Is she wearing clothing?
Well, she's not wearing pants, but yes, she has clothing on.

"You didn't? Why is that?"

Remi shrugs. "I had a hunch you wouldn't bother with the invite. Its nice to see I was wrong."
No. 143805 ID: 4b1405
File 126806625972.png - (61.67KB , 600x400 , 144.png )

She takes a moment to extricate herself from her wire prison, and then greets me more properly.

"So hi! Welcome to my room. Anything I can... help you with?" She smiles slyly.
No. 143806 ID: 5a2e05

I am steadily more convinced this is a convent of lesbians, especially if what's on the computer screen is what I think it is. At this point it's probably best to shut her down and do the usual journalist routine, ask her a few questions about her group here.
No. 143808 ID: e31d52

>Shut her down
Unless you want to experiment. Your call. I mean, you do with worse than her, amirite?
No. 143809 ID: 79f646

Wait, doesn' she knows already that we know about what her faction's all about? What we be doing here, social visit? Keeping our disguise's cover?

Imean, does she knows about all the stuff behind the scenes with Raistin and Vresch?
No. 143810 ID: 42f03c

Ah, that's a point. I doubt she knows about Vresch, but you might want to ask what her visit with Rastin was about the other day, or more tactfully, how it went. Remember, you were supposed to know him before he rose to power.

This... is also something of concern. Perhaps you could ask why you didn't see any men on the way in? Unless you did, in which case you might have to think of another way to breach the subject of why all the girls were hitting on you.
No. 143811 ID: cfad4e

"Do guys not like cybernetics, or what?"
No. 143812 ID: 7857d9

I don't understand, Coralina. It's like you're a babe magnet by virtue of simply existing. I mean, DAYUM. Have you met a woman in this goddamn city that DOESN'T want you?
No. 143820 ID: 8ecfd4

Is that porn that she left strategically visible on her computer? The future seems alot more relaxed about sexuality.

Ask her about the lack of males. This is really getting me curious, Nihilism shouldn't be something that scares away men.
No. 143822 ID: 362384

Well, just ask for a place to sit.
You could use some relaxation, especially with all the flak some of us have been giving you.
No. 143823 ID: bffa2a

She's as subtle as a ton of bricks. At least she won't probably try to rape us like the last one.. I hope. Hey, at least this has got to be good for your self confidence. Just remember it's up to you if you want to take up her offers at some point if she seems nice like the last time we met her. Don't let us decide that for you.

I guess we tell her we came as we don't really have friends in the city. We've been doing the rounds for our new "job" but we're taking a break to meet our new friend? Mayby she would like to show us around?
No. 143828 ID: 192956

Is she looking at porn
No. 143829 ID: 2cbe3e

No. 143830 ID: bcf25c


Maybe they are male, from an organic standpoint.
No. 143833 ID: a85626


This. Thisthisthis.
No. 143836 ID: 476456

Use your alibi to fake a reason to be there

...then break down into casual conversation.
No. 143863 ID: 2eac65

"Our last encounter got me interested, so I came to learn more about you."
No. 143866 ID: 3084d0

"Actually, I was hoping we could just... talk."
No. 143886 ID: 701a19

"Officially? I'm going around interviewing the faction leaders. Just in case anybody asks.
Unofficially? I've been really looking to seeing you again... and I hope to be seeing a lot more of you in the future."

I can't remember if she knows who really runs things or not.
No. 143889 ID: 4b1405
File 126809640342.png - (61.70KB , 600x400 , 145.png )

"Actually... I was hoping we could just... talk."

Remi picks up on something in my tone of voice, and her attitude changes significantly. "Oh, sure thing. You alright, hun? Cora, was it?"

>Is she looking at porn
It seems to be her desktop, and also a bikini model of some anime girl.

>What we be doing here, social visit?
Yeah, we're here because Remi invited me, pretty much. And following up on the invite seemed like a good way to get these guy's favor.

>Have you met a woman in this goddamn city that DOESN'T want you?
Yeah, I have. There was that girl at the front desk of the pharmaceutical place, and also Hope. I haven't met a lot of girls during my time here either.
No. 143890 ID: e3f578

Ask her how sexual relations work when a lot of people are all teched the fuck up. Do they plug in jacks at the back of their skulls and go at it like that episode of Futurama where Bender dated the Planet Express Ship?
No. 143891 ID: 601a90

while that would be interesting how about no.

sit down on that thing over there and just talk about how it's been going.
No. 143894 ID: e3f578

If we HAVE to be serious, ask her if she likes Ghostbusters. Because Ghostbusters is always serious.

If there's something strange
in your neighborhood
Who ya gonna call?

If there's something weird
and it don't look good
Who ya gonna call?

I ain't afraid of no ghosts
I ain't afraid of no ghosts

If you're seeing things
running through your head
Who can ya call?

An invisible man
sleeping in your bed
Who ya gonna call?

I ain't afraid of no ghosts
I ain't afraid of no ghosts
No. 143895 ID: 701a19

Start off by giving her a hug. Physical contact is great for building bonds, and helps build trust.
If nothing else, you DO need friends who won't get intimidated once you take over, and Remi's that kind of person. Eventually, she might become more than that to you.
No. 143896 ID: 601a90

i suppose you could also just ask her "remi, are you a lesbian?"
No. 143900 ID: 00b11b

Neither Hope nor Rastin's girl have shown interest. But they're the only two, and Rastin's girl hasn't had much opportunity.
No. 143903 ID: 987386

"Thanks. I've been getting hit on ever since I walked into this building. It's nice, don't get me wrong, but I don't know them. I'd like to get to know someone before... um... thinking on such things."
No. 143909 ID: 783063

Be honest. As much as you can, anyway. You're new here, you don't really know anyone, you're looking for friends. You feel like you're getting pulled a million different ways at once (sorry 'bout that).
No. 143921 ID: 192956

That is incredibly inappropriate to ask, but now that you mention it I must know.
No. 144073 ID: 8ecfd4

They're not all teched up yet though. Part of her meeting with Rastin was getting premission to get all teched up, right now they just have accesories that look like they're all teched up.

Ask her how the meeting went.
No. 148472 ID: e4e9c3

Ask her about the group in general first. The knowledge could prove useful. If you want to hit on her, do so -after- some time of casual conversation.
No. 148714 ID: 2eac65

Express reluctance to talk about your troubles, and ask her to keep them between you two.

Then you can tell her what's bothering you.
No. 149241 ID: 445c48

Kiss her.
No. 149436 ID: ded270

No. 149440 ID: c00011
File 126897056667.jpg - (8.14KB , 200x200 , scruffy.jpg )

No. 149831 ID: 4b1405
File 126906044551.png - (48.29KB , 600x400 , 146.png )

>Are you a lesbian
>Robot Sexings
...I am not asking about that.

"Yeah, it's Cora. And... thanks. My life's been a bit crazy since I got here, and um... I was wondering if you just

wanted to... hang out? I'd rather not just... whine at you, you know?"
No. 149832 ID: 4b1405
File 126906046297.png - (63.38KB , 600x400 , 147.png )

Remi pauses a moment, apparently thinking it over.
No. 149833 ID: 4b1405
File 126906047785.png - (69.13KB , 600x400 , 148.png )

Then she shrugs. "...Sure, I've got nothing going on tonight. Wanna see a movie or something?"
No. 149834 ID: 4b1405
File 126906051183.png - (57.30KB , 600x400 , 149.png )

"Oh... sure. How did that meeting with Rastin go...?" I ask.

"Oh, it went well. I signed some stuff, and now Technotics people will be on hand during emergency surgeries. We are one step closer to meeting our goals." She says, while rummaging through her chest.
No. 149835 ID: 4b1405
File 126906052441.png - (45.37KB , 600x400 , 150.png )

"Then he put me in a big black bag and had a robot drag me back here. It was all very formal. Here, hold this."

She hands me a box like thing. "I've got a real nice place for watching movies, especially on nice days like today."

>Kiss her
...Not yet...
No. 149839 ID: 059120

"Nice days"? It's outside somewhere? What movie you guys going to watch, anyway?
No. 149840 ID: 1ac39d

that means you may at some point, which is probably almost the best we could have gotten, yay!!
anyway, how about asking her what's up with wire-mummy look she has going on.
No. 149843 ID: ded270

"Uhh, I'm a bit out of the loop... What type of movie would we be seeing, exactly?"
No. 149888 ID: 445c48

Oh yes, kiss her during the movie. Depending on the type of movie, of course. If it's horror, just grab her close, pretend you're scared, etc etc you know what to do
No. 149891 ID: ded270

If it's a romance, kiss at the climax.
If it's an action, ignore the movie and just make out, unless it's really good.
If it's a lousy comedy, reevaluate your taste in girls.
If it's a good comedy, wait until the end.
And so on. Basic rules of movie make-out etiquette.
No. 149998 ID: 9bac64
File 126910104393.png - (51.09KB , 600x400 , 151.png )

"What type of movie are we seeing?"

"It's called The End, just came out. Here, hold this too, it might get cold out." She tosses me a blanket. "It's an Action/Comedy, I haven't seen it yet. Had good reviews. If you'd rather suggest something else, we can watch that instead."
No. 149999 ID: 9bac64
File 126910107583.png - (67.19KB , 600x400 , 152.png )

"So, this is outside?" I ask.

"Probably. I think we're ready to go then."

"U-umm... Shouldn't you put on some pants?"

"Oh. Yeah, I guess so. Wait in the hall for me?" She asks, tilting her head slightly.

No. 150000 ID: 9bac64
File 126910108698.png - (51.15KB , 600x400 , 153.png )

>Make out during movie
I don't plan on-

Sigh. Okay. Maybe. But! I am mainly looking for a friend. Not a girlfriend. I'm... willing to try that, but I need people to talk to who aren't you guys.

...No offense.

...I'll ask her about the wires on our way to... wherever we are going. Anything else I should ask?
No. 150001 ID: 476456


well yeah we tend to phase out after a while, so racking up the friends is a good idea.
No. 150002 ID: 2426a0

Not really.

The End sounds fine, but I'm wondering; did they made that movie adaptation of Tozol? Was looking forwards to something actiony later.
No. 150004 ID: e3f578

You didn't ask her about Ghostbusters, you have failed. You will not make out with her until we know she is worthy!
No. 150006 ID: 059120

Nothing important I can think of. Get to know her better, I guess? Ask about her background, how she got to the top of Nihilism, her interests, that sort of stuff. That probably means you'll get some questions of your own, so how are you planning on covering up your past? I mean, it's probably not a good idea to reveal you summon the demon that destroyed the world, but it's not a good idea to start a friendship off with boldfaced lies, either.

Oh, it just occurred to me. Does the world even know about Vresch at all? They don't know he's running Neotis, sure, but did they know he was summoned in the first place? If they did, what do they think happened to him? If not, what was blamed for the general nuclear destruction and warbots and stuff?
No. 150009 ID: 476456


haha and dont worry, you can (And should) take it slow. we're just giving you a hard time.
No. 150017 ID: ded270

Nah, man.
That's for later.
Now, the movie is mostly just an excuse for make outs.
No. 150019 ID: 701a19

Yes, you DO need people you can talk to. However, you can't trust a friend with the kind of things you need to talk about.
If you become romantically involved, however, then you can build trust rather quickly. At that point you can actually confide in your partner and have somebody share your concerns instead of keeping them bottled up all the time.
From a practical perspective, Remi likes you, you like Remi, and the faction she leads is one of the best backings you could have in your 'coup'.

If something real develops from this relationship, then all the better - for both you and your subjects-to-be.
No. 150024 ID: 8ecfd4

More friends are good. You should probably try to get a few more, just having us to talk to would probably drive you crazy pretty fast.

Just get to know her better. You know stuff like how old she is, what her intrests are, how she got involved with Nihilism. What she was doing before the world ended, her take on magic and shit. You know stuff that is good to know about potential friends.
No. 150032 ID: b711d3

> I am mainly looking for a friend.
How about Naveen?
She seems nice.
No. 150047 ID: ded270

Nah, that'd never work.
Cora's a dom, not a sub.
No. 151079 ID: e4e9c3

Find out as much about her organization as possible, while not seeming too demanding or nosy. We may be here for a social visit, but that doesn't mean that you can't find out something important/interesting as well. Insert a few personal questions too, and try to build a friendship. Because you're spending a lot of time talking to an orb filled with crazy perverts, and you need some other convosation to help you maintain your normal rational.
No. 159298 ID: 555832

Okay first of all I am a new voice and you are very cute, and do not deserve to listen to our less mentally endowed voices.

And not really, go along with it~
No. 159323 ID: 2eac65

All this talk might seem overwhelming to you. This is because we experience time differently. To us, it's been about two weeks since you agreed to see the movie.
No. 159602 ID: 4b1405
File 127041834745.png - (54.55KB , 600x400 , 154.png )

>The End sounds fine, but I'm wondering; did they made that movie adaptation of Tozol?
I have never heard of a Tozol.

>However, you can't trust a friend with the kind of things you need to talk about. If you become romantically involved, however, then you can build trust rather quickly. At that point you can actually confide in your partner and have somebody share your concerns instead of keeping them bottled up all the time. From a practical perspective, Remi likes you, you like Remi, and the faction she leads is one of the best backings you could have in your 'coup'.
It's... practical, yes. Possibly even pragmatic.

>Ask about her background, how she got to the top of Nihilism, her interests, how old she is, what her interests are, how she got involved with Nihilism in the first place, what she was doing before the world ended, her take on magic and shit. Just get to know her better.
That all sounds good. I'll ask her all those things during the travel montage.
No. 159603 ID: 4b1405
File 12704183666.png - (54.54KB , 600x400 , 155.png )

>Does the world even know about Vresch at all? They don't know he's running Neotis, sure, but did they know he was summoned in the first place? If they did, what do they think happened to him? If not, what was blamed for the general nuclear destruction and warbots and stuff?
As far as I can tell, Vresch's entire existence is a big secret. The warbots were blamed on Rastin, and the armageddon was blamed on the trigger happy American and Russian governments. We're currently somewhere in the Midwest, if you're curious. I don't really know exactly where Neotis is, but it wasn't built on top of any major city. He picked a spot that was clear of radiation problems, so he could build as soon as possible.

>That probably means you'll get some questions of your own, so how are you planning on covering up your past? I mean, it's probably not a good idea to reveal you summoned the demon that destroyed the world, but it's not a good idea to start a friendship off with boldfaced lies, either.
I um.... huh. I barely have a cover story for what I'm doing here. We should probably come up with one for before I got here. I'm thinking, "I was a scavenger in the wastes before this, and then I got picked up by one of those robots." Mostly true, but I should probably think of... more to add to it. I can probably mention I'm a conjurer without anything bad coming of that.
No. 159604 ID: 4b1405
File 127041838164.png - (67.93KB , 600x400 , 156.png )

Ah, there she is...

...I think she dressed up a little.

"Well, let's go!" she says.
No. 159611 ID: 445c48

Compliment her.
No. 159616 ID: 6e4310

Tell her the outfit looks good on her.
Optional: "But so does everything, I'd imagine."
No. 159632 ID: 445c48

If by "Optional" you mean "Mandatory", then yes, I agree with you.
No. 159634 ID: 6679d0

"I bet nothing looks good on you" :3c
No. 159636 ID: 701a19

What's she leaning on?

"Dressing to fit in? It looks good on you.
I'm curious, though... how many of those aftermarket add-ons don't come off?"
No. 159640 ID: 192956

maybe you were assigned a temp job, however where unsatisfied with it, so you've been kinda masquerading reporter in order to find out a bit more about jobs you may want.
No. 159644 ID: 6679d0

"I bet nothing looks good on you" :3c
No. 159645 ID: 701a19

If you're going to use cheesy pickup lines then at least go with something that can't be taken as an insult.

"You look good in those clothes. You'd look better without 'em."
No. 159655 ID: 5024b4

She looks very mature when she's not wrapped up in wires. Looks like she has some pretty strong worry lines under her eyes.

I think some of the voices fail to realize that any relationship should be for the sake of the ones actually IN it. We're on the sidelines. Good relationships bloom from friendship.
No. 159960 ID: 4b1405
File 127048335750.png - (60.29KB , 600x400 , 157.png )

I decide to keep it simple. "That looks nice on you."

"Thanks :3"

We begin to walk.
No. 159961 ID: 4b1405
File 127048339729.png - (18.90KB , 600x400 , 158.png )

"So, Remi... how old are you anyway?"

"...24." She says, after a moment. "How old are you, Cora?"

"22." She's not much older than I am. "How did someone so young get to the top of this entire movement, anyway?"

"Ah, well, I had the idea, and started everything. So I am kind of the leader, but I don't do most of the actual work anymore. The high priest does. I'm mostly in charge of public relations at this point. I do the meetings and stuff, and he actually runs the place. So, I have a lot of free time interrupted by working my ass off."

"And what's his name?" I hadn't heard anything about a High Priest. It's not even on Vresch's print out he gave me.

"Robert Jameson." Well that's... a generic sounding name.
No. 159962 ID: 4b1405
File 127048340743.png - (66.52KB , 600x400 , 159.png )

"So... what are we carrying?" I nod to her pole thing, and gesture with the box like object I have that I assume is a projector.

"I'll show you when we get there!" she says cheerfully. I think she might have needed this as much as I do.

"Where are we going?"

"A place with a nice view."
No. 159963 ID: 4b1405
File 127048341755.png - (65.70KB , 600x400 , 160.png )

"So... what were you doing before the world ended?" I ask.

"I was a senior in high school. Halfway through my last year. I was only a refugee for about a month before I got taken here. This place isn't all that bad, really. What were you up to?"

Well Remi, I was ending the world by accident!

...We need our cover story now.
No. 159965 ID: e31d52

You were with your boyfriend on a date. A sophomore in high school.
No. 159966 ID: 1ac39d

well we need some elements of the truth. you being a summoner and messing up on a summon and getting sealed can be revealed.
how about 'me and a friend found a magic book and started learning to summon, screwed up once from overconfidence and got my eye sealed. ironically, knowing summoning really helped out cause i could make a big gorilla to lift rubble and stuff.'
No. 159967 ID: 2eac65

Revealing that much would be bad. It should be safe to tell her you were practicing magic before the big event, as long as we don't specify "summoner".
No. 159968 ID: 1ac39d

why? no one knows Vresch exists so being a summoner wouldn't reveal anything. and if we take that teaching job then everyone would find out anyway.
No. 159971 ID: 701a19

"I found a magic book, screwed up a summon, and lost my eye days before everything fell apart. I went into hiding and stayed there until one of those robots caught me.
I wish I had I known the person who destroyed the world would be so hospitable. Then we could have met years ago~"
No. 159990 ID: c2c011

Tell her you found a magic book. Tried it out and it cost you an eye and your best friend. Shortly after that the world ended, you scavenged the wastes until one day a robot picked you up.

Now you're here and you found out that you're way better at magic then you thought at first.

Ask her if she was one of those creepy goths quoting Nietzsche in high school.
No. 160002 ID: c2536f

"I was a summoner-in-training. This <points to eye> was a botched summon early in my career. One of my first attempts. It's a very good reminder about taking more care next time I'd try anything..."
No. 160009 ID: 362384

"I was just messing around with some magic. Summoning, specifically. I screwed up trying to impress a guy, and now I'm half-blind. Pretty much swore off guys, too, since the prick ran and left me hanging."
No. 160016 ID: 059120

You were just an ordinary girl with an interest in magic. Don't even bring up the eye, especially not when it broke. What else were you doing around then? Where were you living? How were you doing in school? Did you have any other hobbies, or a job? There had to be more to your life than just that summoning. Talk about that stuff.
No. 160355 ID: 2eac65

Tell her about your normal life. Don't bring up magic or summoning. If she asks about your eye, just tell her it was from a miscast spell.
No. 160356 ID: 6e4310

Just a small town girl.
No. 160357 ID: f95872

Never meanin' no harm
No. 160358 ID: 5a2e05

Livin' in a lonely world.
No. 160379 ID: bcf25c


Summoner in training is the best bet. Since you were in a small town, your master and everyone else died; you did your best with books and practice. You've recently discovered you're a surprisingly high-tier conjurer.
No. 160394 ID: 2cbe3e

Ask her what she means by "isn't all that bad." I thought people liked it here.
No. 160396 ID: 192956

"She took the midnight train going any where."
No. 160929 ID: 362384

Knew that'd work.
No. 160946 ID: 192956

Just a city boy.
No. 161001 ID: 4b1405

Okay stop it.
No. 161021 ID: f95872

Hey, I went with an entirely different song.
No. 161088 ID: 6e4310

Sorry Cora, I just had the overwhelming need to see if that would work.
No. 161107 ID: 476456

Well what were you doing beside accidentally the whole world.
No. 161116 ID: 2eac65

Actually, saying you were a practicing magician before the catastrophe would work well, since we're planning to have ties with the mage's guild.
No. 161748 ID: 6e4310

Exactly my thoughts.
No. 164192 ID: e4e9c3

Tell her about practicing magic, and whatever other details of your life there may be that do not directly relate to the summoning of Vresch. Making up an entire false history would be too complicated, leave too much room for error/discovery, and would be difficult to back up. Keep falsehoods to a minimum, using them only when necessary to cover over the Vresch incident.

There is little doubt that she will ask about the eye in time, so there's no need to jump right into telling her.

If the conversation diverts from history to current developments, a mention of the Mage's Guild, and the offer you have received from them, would not go awry. It would help "build up" your entry into the guild, should you decide to do so. Just try not to seem -too- proud about it, yes? No one likes egomaniacs. :P
No. 168775 ID: 3441fa
File 12719974462.png - (68.76KB , 600x400 , 161.png )

>I found a magic book, screwed up a summon, and lost my eye days before everything fell apart. I went into hiding and stayed there until one of those robots caught me.
Well that conveniently sums up everything without giving away anything sensitive. I reword that like so:

"I was a practicing mage since early high school. I screwed up a difficult spell and lost my eye a couple weeks before everything fell apart, so I went into hiding. I was wandering the wastes until a few days ago. It's pretty nice having hot food and running water."

"Hah! Oh yes, yes it is. You're a spellcaster, huh? Got a specialty?"

"Yeah, conjuring."

"Hey, that's pretty cool. You should show me something some time."

"Sure! I would be glad to." I do so love spellcasting.
No. 168776 ID: 3441fa
File 127199750652.png - (15.12KB , 600x400 , 162.png )

I tell her a bit about myself, and we have a few laughs. And then we reached the place she wanted to take me: The roof. Well, the almost roof - there is a higher one, but this one is pretty close to the top. She likes it better because the view is just as nice here, and, well...
No. 168777 ID: 3441fa
File 127199753737.png - (141.82KB , 600x900 , 163.png )

...She keeps a couch out here, under a stone ridge. So I pulled that out with the help of a summon, while she set up a projector. Apparently, that tube she'd been carrying was a canvas screen. In a matter of moments, we have an outdoor theater set up! It's pretty nifty.
No. 168778 ID: 3441fa
File 127199755878.png - (79.74KB , 600x400 , 164.png )

We share the blanket, and then pop in the movie. We talk a bit more, and have a few laughs. The movie is pretty good, really. I'd recommend it. We talked about school from before the apocalypse, and school now - apparently I am actually supposed to go finish high school at some point. We talked about my offered position as a Conjury teacher, and she says I should go for it, it sounds like something I would be good at.
No. 168779 ID: 3441fa
File 127199760752.png - (148.32KB , 600x700 , 165.png )

After the movie, I thank her for taking the time to see me, and she gives me an open invite to stop by any time. She might be busy sometimes, but she is usually free after 7pm. The majority of her PR work is done during the day. We hug, and then I leave. All in all, that wasn't so bad! I might just stop by again.

>Cora's STRESS has been drastically reduced! Cora's CONFIDENCE has risen!
No. 168780 ID: 3441fa
File 127199762270.png - (13.32KB , 600x400 , 166.png )

I found out several things over the course of our conversation.

>Ask her what she means by "isn't all that bad." I thought people liked it here.
She doesn't like Rastin at all, but after I asked her about it, she said overall Neotis is a very nice place. Apparently she was speaking cynically before. It is a habit of hers or something.

>Ask her if she was one of those creepy goths quoting Nietzsche in high school.
I did NOT ask her that, but we spent a bit talking about high school. She was indeed a gothic kid in high school, but also a computer nerd. She's one of those kids who was convinced that all humanity will be replaced by robots. She says she is pretty sure that won't happen, but apparently she has back up plans for it just in case.

>What is up with the wires
She just likes how they feel, apparently. That is... really all there is to it. Why she wears it as part of her PR outfit, she didn't say. She just smiled strangely at me.
No. 168781 ID: 3441fa
File 127199764385.png - (127.11KB , 600x400 , 167.png )

>End of Day Options
New option unlocked!
You can't actually pick Remi this time around. Well you could but it would be horribly awkward since Cora just left and all.
No. 168782 ID: 059120

Hope. We should figure out what's going on with her in there now that she's possessing something outside. Maybe we can actually sever her connection, somehow.
No. 168783 ID: 1ac39d

let's see hope and tell her that you know what she is up to. but you aren't going to stop her, if she is willing to work together a little we can have both our goals work at the same time. she makes it so the group supporters you when it comes time and you can provide open assistance for them.
No. 168785 ID: 192956

No. 168789 ID: 701a19

Remi. Cora needs to head back and ask her out on a proper date.
No. 168793 ID: f95872

A free invitation to come by whenever is better than a single date. Let's leave it at that for now.

Let's swing by the Crystal, see how Hope is.
No. 168799 ID: 2eac65

If we talk to Hope, let's not mention our plan to recall her half of the orb with a spell for reassembling objects. The last thing we need is to make that mistake again.
No. 168811 ID: 7524b0

I've had enough of Hope. Let's talk to Vr.. Ra...

Hmm. Okay the choices aren't very good right now are they? Gonna say Rastin though, let's see what his deal is.
No. 168814 ID: 3441fa
File 127200122639.png - (19.47KB , 302x192 , Vresch Ah Yes.png )

You can suggest another option, should you think of it, such as wandering around Neotis or something. These are just the people you currently know how to contact.
No. 168817 ID: 701a19

Forget talking to people. Spend some luxury tickets on bodymods.
They have some to improve your mind, don't they? That should help with your spellcasting.
No. 168820 ID: 1ac39d

she already got highly experimental bust enhancement pills.

which reminds me, are you making sure to take them on time? if the side effects for doing it right are kinda bad then I'd hate to see what happens if you mess up.
No. 168821 ID: 7524b0

>body mods

Oh no, don't bring that up again. If Cora wants to do that kind of thing she'd better leave us behind so we don't argue about it incessantly.
No. 168826 ID: a805a5

No. 168856 ID: ac85b8

Return that syringe. Tell Naveen "Yeah, turns out it wasn't needed. ...but careful with that stuff." Maybe see about asking for advice on teaching or something. Let her know you think you'll need to make a safety class or something. Never hurts to get some good press, right?
No. 168870 ID: f95872

It seems like something that could be extremely useful down the road. Let's keep it. There's no reason it can't provide an immoral advantage in situations entirely unrelated to our own lusts (or whatnot).
No. 168872 ID: 1ac39d

indeed. law of irony dictated that the moment we give a tool like that a situation will arise that would be easy to fix if we had it, and that as long as we have it no situation that would be good use for it will happen.
like carrying an umbrella but it never rains, and the one day you leave it behind it does.
No. 168877 ID: 059120

Well, I am rather curious how Jacob is. We haven't seen him since you first arrived. I'm sure you have, how's he been? I'm still in favor of investigating Hope and the Crystal, though.

Speaking of Chekhov's guns, you've still got that doorknob, too, right?
No. 168915 ID: 371e4a

Go talk with Jakob.
No. 168921 ID: 743851

Shouldn' we continuing the interview cycle? The day's already over?
No. 168983 ID: 0fc814

Hope. We probably won't be able to convince her of anything, but there's no way she'll be able to resist blurting out her evil plan.
No. 169138 ID: 445c48

Rastin, he's a pretty cool guy.
No. 169139 ID: f98e0b

Let's talk to Vresch
He is a pretty cool guy
No. 169157 ID: e3f578

It's been such a long time that I miss Rastin a little, that lovable troll.
No. 169314 ID: 17600c

No. 169876 ID: e4e9c3

Agreed. While Hope may have super-magic-awesome-powers, she also has an ego roughly the size of Jupiter. Finding out what she got up to when she got away from us shouldn't be too hard...

There's just the issue of finding her. Perhaps the crystal she resided in could help somehow?
No. 188487 ID: bde1b8
File 127579207920.png - (59.92KB , 600x400 , 168.png )

Jacob is doing fine, as far as I can tell. He makes my meals. Not much more to say about that. So, the plan is to go visit Hope, and see if I can't find out more about what she's doing, and just generally check up on her. Then I'll-
No. 188488 ID: bde1b8
File 127579213915.png - (94.58KB , 600x400 , 169.png )

Rastin: "Cora! Good timing. I was just about to head out. I was gonna have Jacob tell you about it, but there is a council meeting tomorrow. All the guild leaders will be there. You should probably check it out. Here's the address, it's at noon, make sure you come early."

Cora: "Uh, um, thanks?"
No. 188490 ID: bde1b8
File 127579216636.png - (114.56KB , 600x400 , 170.png )

"Now I need to be off! Rob, LeVerne, let's go."

I wonder how long it'll take her to notice.
No. 188491 ID: bde1b8
File 127579218563.gif - (89.26KB , 600x400 , 171.gif )

Cora: "...Huh? Hey, wait!"

Rastin: "Toodles!"

Not very long at all.

>Poorly animated
No. 188492 ID: bde1b8
File 127579220286.png - (84.62KB , 600x400 , 172.png )

Oh wow, I didn't know she could summon stuff that big. Scary scary. But thankfully, she has a range limit. And these transports are fast.
No. 188493 ID: bde1b8
File 127579222368.png - (96.47KB , 600x400 , 173.png )

"...That went well enough. Hello, Sparkleball. I'd rub you between my giant green tits but you have grown so ugly and jagged since I last saw you, and I do not love you anymore. What's Cora been up to?"
No. 188494 ID: a594b9

Hahaha! Hey there, Rastin. Taking us for a trip are you?

She's kinda mad at us right now anyway.
No. 188496 ID: a83ce3

Hey Rastin this is totally just between us, but Cora wants to jump your bone if you know what I mean.
No. 188497 ID: 783063

Yeah, well, you've gotten pretty ugly yourself.

Pickpocketing? Really? You used to be great, man. What happened?
No. 188498 ID: 059120

Not much. We've mainly been having her run useless errands based on our slightest whims. We pretend we have a plan, but it pretty much changes every time she even moves.
No. 188500 ID: 9c88ce

Especially the parts where we fucked up.
No. 188502 ID: 3d74a8

She went on a raping spree downtown.
No. 188503 ID: 8bdb6a

Not much. Just talking to people about what they like.

PS: Your tits are rubbish.
No. 188505 ID: 6834bc

It's just as well, green's just not our color, you know.

And no, we're not going to tell you why.

shut up

...But enough about Coralina, what about you? Got any plans for life after Cora takes your job, Big R?
No. 188506 ID: 701a19

Well, yea, but just that's because she got that anti-rape condom with platypus venom filled needles.

No. 188523 ID: bde1b8
File 127579380358.png - (59.48KB , 600x400 , 174.png )

Yeah, I figured as much.

>Hey there, Rastin. Taking us for a trip are you?
Yup. Going to a birthday party. Should be a swell time.

>...But enough about Coralina, what about you? Got any plans for life after Cora takes your job, Big R?
I do. And you're going to help with them. Vresch should really know I'm not one to play by someone else's rules by now, and I think I've got just the thing to knock his pegs out from under him. You interested?
No. 188525 ID: a594b9

We're always interested in shenanigans.

...why are your eyes red? Are you a robot?
No. 188526 ID: 8bdb6a

Yeah. Cora's mostly interested in fixating on the small details of a plan Vresch made for her, and gets upset at minor details like unnecessary cyborging, almost getting raped, or letting us accidentally set Hope free.
No. 188527 ID: 059120

Of course we're interested. That's not much of a guarantee we'll be helpful, though. Not even us saying we'll be helpful is a guarantee of that.
No. 188528 ID: 783063

>birthday party
>help with a plan
>not play by the rules
>knock Vresch down a few pegs
We love you too, you big lug.
No. 188530 ID: 701a19

[Dig our obsidian-sharp edges into his delicate skin.]
No. 188531 ID: 9c88ce

Why would you tell him that?!
No. 188533 ID: bde1b8
File 127579492461.png - (60.67KB , 600x400 , 175.png )

>Of course we're interested.
Why wouldn't you be? We're going to troll the most powerful guy on the planet. And there is nothing he can do about it, because he doesn't know anything about you. And all I need you to do is keep it that way. As long as Vresch doesn't know what you really are, everything will be just peachy. Everything else, you'll understand when we get there.

>Screw ups
Oh, Hope's free? Well that will make everything even easier.
No. 188534 ID: a594b9

Well, she's only partially free. She's possessing a body. She's still in her crystal at the same time.
No. 188535 ID: 059120

>get there
You mean this birthday party? Who's is it?
No. 188536 ID: 8bdb6a

Dude, you picked us up just to tell us that the only way your plan can fail is if we tell someone about it?

It seems much more likely that your plan hinges on us telling someone!

Why we gotta have a reason for everything?
No. 188537 ID: 783063

>As long as Vresch doesn't know what you really are, everything will be just peachy.

You've noticed how good we are at secrets, right?
No. 188547 ID: bde1b8
File 127579616130.png - (96.16KB , 600x400 , 176.png )

>Dude, you picked us up just to tell us that the only way your plan can fail is if we tell someone about it? It seems much more likely that your plan hinges on us telling someone! You've noticed how good we are at secrets, right?
Keeping secrets isn't that important for this. If Vresch ever gets his hands on you, he'll know. And that's just about the worst thing that could happen to you. Right now, you're a wild card. You can get things done outside of Vresch's system. If you compromise that, you'll never accomplish anything in this city ever again.

I think this is the one secret you can be trusted to keep. The only one. Which is why I can't tell you anything else.

>Get there? You mean this birthday party? Who's is it?
No, not the birthday party. That's entirely unrelated to anything at all. Well, anything you'll have anything to do with. It will be very important for me, but you're not coming with.

Ah, we're almost there. You know what? I'm feeling generous. This might be the last time you see me for a while, so go on. Ask me anything you like. I'll answer just one question, so go ahead and waste it.
No. 188550 ID: 8bdb6a

Which organization should Coralina take over?
No. 188552 ID: 059120

You know him better than us, what are Vresch's weaknesses?
No. 188553 ID: 3d74a8

Why are your eyes red?
No. 188556 ID: 2eac65

Of course you're planning to wreck something. That's all you're good for. If you can't make someone love you, you might as well set her on fire. I suppose that's just how it goes for people like you.

You want a question. There's nothing about you worth asking about. You're a pointless bit of trivia, a one-dimensional hollow caricature. You're merely a waste of time, and you're going to keep wasting time until you die and everyone can say "good riddance", toss your body in a dumpster and forget you were ever born.

Actually, I do have a question for you. Who cares how you feel? I don't think anybody could.
No. 188557 ID: 783063

How can Vresch be manipulated? Surely the master troll has some idea of that by now.
No. 188560 ID: 783063

Whoa, who pissed in your cheerios this morning?

Wait, you're one of us. Who pissed in our cheerios this morning? We don't even eat cheerios. That's crazy.
No. 188564 ID: 6547ec

How do you want us to go about the whole deposing thing? Give us the word, we can have some awesome hot-blooded giant robot action in the middle of the city.
No. 188583 ID: bcf25c


What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
No. 188585 ID: a594b9

I like that question.
No. 188588 ID: 2eac65

There's something more to him than he likes people to think. If I can get him to be defensive, we might find out what.
No. 188600 ID: bde1b8
File 127580152975.png - (146.72KB , 600x400 , 177.png )

Vresch's weaknesses, eh? Well, he's such a control freak, for one. He runs such a tight ship. Put one tiny little hole in the side, and he'll panic until it's all better.

He can't stand surprises. And you know how much I love surprises.

>You're merely a waste of time, and you're going to keep wasting time until you die and everyone can say "good riddance", toss your body in a dumpster and forget you were ever born.
"Ah hahaa. AH HAHAAHAAAA!" Oh, I like you. But you're a bit off base. My death is going to trigger something big. And I'm going to make sure of it.

And you're going to have front row seats. I hope you enjoy the show.
No. 188601 ID: bde1b8
File 127580154613.png - (125.44KB , 600x400 , 178.png )

"LeVerne, follow these instructions to the letter. You're going to go inside this tiny little compartment inside Rob, and you'll be let out at an appropriate time. I'm going to assume you can't talk to robots, and in case you can, Rob, ignore anything this orb tells you."

"Yes, Master Rastin." They both respond.

"Good. Now, I have a date to attend."
No. 188602 ID: bde1b8
File 127580156390.png - (39.13KB , 600x400 , 179.png )

"Happy birthday. Would you like some tea?"

"It's not my fucking birthday."
No. 188603 ID: bde1b8
File 127580158231.png - (16.12KB , 600x400 , 180.png )

"I know."
No. 188611 ID: 2eac65

And now I know your weakness. You love to feel important. You need attention because you know you don't deserve it.

That doesn't make you worth anything. Five tons of garbage is still garbage.
No. 188617 ID: 701a19

Did you know we are the property of Coralina? Did you know she will confirm this fact?

[I'm betting Rob has standing orders to return lost property, and Rob was given orders to ignore anything we told him, not anything he was asked.]
No. 188690 ID: 6547ec

Hey, didn't we have a robot body at one point? This'll be cake.
No. 188734 ID: c1b520

I think we should get this news to Vresch. And before you start complaining, Rastin is an ass hole and anything that he's excited for this much can only end badly for us... well not us specifically... more like all the people we have associated ourselves with over the years... months... time... You know what screw it, I just want to help out the lawful neutral demon.
No. 188754 ID: f95872

But I strongly suspect that Rastin's plan will be awesome if it works. Also, he's right that we don't want Vresch to know about us.
No. 188794 ID: 701a19

[Dig our obsidian-sharp edges into his delicate skin.]
No. 188917 ID: 2eac65

Rastin's last "awesome" plan almost got Coralina raped. I don't feel like waiting around for his next.
No. 188926 ID: 1ac39d

agree, his plan will end in something going wrong. let's blow it up.
No. 188967 ID: 059120

...That conversation. Calling it now.

Kara is back.
No. 189089 ID: f95872

You guys are no fun at all. Cora didn't actually get raped, because she wasn't in a situation she couldn't handle. Vresch is a big boy, he'll be fine. Probably. And if he's not, well, then he'll just have to learn to deal with that.
No. 189097 ID: 1ac39d

no, you see. that time he was just playing around. this looks like a serious plan.
No. 189099 ID: 275a5d

If thats "playing around", then a serious plan probably involves blowing up all of Neotis and leaving the survivors scattered around the wastes.
No. 189102 ID: b58b7e

Umm... Cora still got almost raped, which is just as bad because Rastin WANTED her to get raped, and if something happens to Vresch, then that pretty much means the collapse of civilization, again.
Which, in turn, will likely result indirectly in Cora getting completely blinded, or dying.
No. 189151 ID: f95872

Nah, I doubt it.
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