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File 126656636038.png - (21.40KB , 639x595 , 113.png )
135207 No. 135207 ID: cf68aa

>Gods alive... I hate hangovers...

>I sense you've returned voices. I've been tinkering with the new Orb Alex built for me and it seemed to drive you away. It's been a week since we saved Nari, that's the Dark Elf girls name. I've been able to heal most of her wounds but it's a slow process due to my lack of healing spells.

>We've made it to northern inn and have rented two rooms. Alex sleeps in one of them while Nari takes the other. Normally I sleep outside but I felt really ill today. Alex is outside right now and Nari is in her room. She doesn't talk much but I like to think she's having a better life with us then the settlement she used to live in.

>So far my curse has stayed the same with no major changes both physical and mental. I pray it stays that way.

>There is something we must figure out...
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No. 135208 ID: 632862

How to kill Dart?

Also I've noticed... the blue mark is shorter now.
No. 135209 ID: 81e500

Well, it looks like time may be running short.
The mark is disappearing.
No. 135210 ID: 48ab8b

Do elaborate on what must be figured out. Also what's you relationship like with Alex and Nari?
No. 135211 ID: 81e500

Check your chest regularly today, you may be feeling ill because the curse is suddenly advancing.
No. 135213 ID: cf68aa
File 126656687511.png - (20.37KB , 639x595 , 114.png )


>Yes it has been growing steadily shorter. I pray this will not hinder me in any way

>Alex? She's been rather distant lately and I do not know why. As for Nari she does not leave her room except to eat or go to the restroom. I've been trying to give her some space.


>Exactly. What are we going to do next? We cannot stay here for to long and I am not sure exactly how I am to defeat Dart. What supplies will I need? What spells?

>My chest? I doubt the curse has advanced that far.
No. 135215 ID: 632862

Um. Yeah, you've got tits I'm afraid.

Shouldn't you have that orb with you at all times, even sleeping?
No. 135218 ID: 81e500

Well, I think this should spark a conversation with Alex.
No. 135223 ID: 48ab8b

That's not good, you should try to patch that up with Alex.
No. 135224 ID: 8ecfd4

Well first off you should learn a few knife fighting tricks. You did see how useful it was to have in your previous fight. That and short cantrips, the faster you can fire off spells the more likely you are to live, provided they're the right spells.

Learning a few high level illusion spells might also be useful. You never know when you might need a timely distraction. And ask Alex to teach you about poisons and acids. You have to learn how to mix up very dangerous poison as well as highly corrosive acids. And find a way to embed the orb into your body. That is because you might not be able to keep any supplies you take with you to infiltrate Darts fortress.

The plan should have simple basics. Get in, become a somewhat trusted servant. Find a way to get poison into his bloodstream and then dunk his head into a vat of acid. That should make sure he is dead and will stay dead. For the infiltration part you might also need something that can disconnect your morals, if he is going to trust you then you can't hesitate or question any of his commands. No matter what they are.

And remember. What you are doesn't change who you are. You are who you choose to be.
No. 135246 ID: 2eac65

What kind of spells can he cast? You said he uses dark magic, but that doesn't give much information about his capabilities.
No. 135247 ID: cf68aa
File 126657316821.png - (18.15KB , 475x751 , 115.png )


>I'm pretty sure I would notice if I suddenly got breasts. Ugh.. My body feels terrible... I think I'll take a bath or something.


>I know... I 'do' want to talk to her but she's not being her usual self. Normally she'd laugh and go mya but she's been so moody. Girls confuse me sometimes.

>I think fighting may e beyond my abilities. I'd have to be trained by Sir Norue himself to be even remotly good at it. As for the scids and poison I think Alex would be more then glad in helping me do that. She's really good at making such things and with a city nearby getting the ingredients will be a cinch.

>I'm working on my spells everyday now ever since that Wolfric thing. So far all I've managed to make even somewhat faster is my Air spell. I may need some new ones for my quest and the city may have some books or even teachers in there.

>Thank you again for your kind words. I still have some shred of my former body and so long as I have that I'll be fine.

>Dart? Imagine any of my spells times 25. Dark Mana makes them so much more powerful. I also confirmed personally that he knows Flare,Posses,Stone Gaze,Meteor and Meteor Storm.
No. 135248 ID: 632862

>I still have some shred of my former body and so long as I have that I'll be fine.

...Okay, cool. Yeah, I was just messing with you and stuff.

On a related but separate note... Why is it that you don't like the idea of being a girl? What exactly about it do you not like?
No. 135249 ID: 8ecfd4

Whatever your body looks like it's still you. The mind is what is truly important. Keep this in mind no matter what happens. Because your former body is not something you will be able to keep.

And you don't have to be a competent fighter, or even a half assed one. Just learn how to get a knife out quick and either stab or cut with it quickly. Coat it with fast acting deadly poison (and make sure you have the antidote with you at all times)and all you should need is a shallow wound and your opponent will die with a very surprised look on their face.

And Alex is probably just a bit moody because you haven't been that interested in what she's doing or what she wants. Take some time out and talk to her a bit and maybe get her engaged in getting Nari out of her shell.

By the way, would it be possible for you to focus a stream of water and air into a very small area at a high pressure? Because something like that could be very useful, especially if you can get it off fast.

And if you don't already know of any try learning a few spells that lets you manipulate things from a distance with decent presiscion.
No. 135273 ID: 81e500

Well, Alex is a bit disappointed that you haven't talked to her about that kiss at all.
No. 135314 ID: 48ab8b

>I'm pretty sure I would notice if I suddenly got breasts.

It wasn't suddenly, it happened over the course of several days, so it would be harder to notice. Just feel in that area. Is it flat? Doesn't look like it.
No. 135344 ID: a85626

That blue thing on your left eye. Is that a fuse? It's getting shorter.
No. 135363 ID: 2eac65

This was explained last thread. It represents the progression of the curse. When it disappears completely, the curse will be complete. Fortunately, the orb will protect him from the mental changes.
No. 135365 ID: a85626


oh, my apologies

well, at least it's almost done!
No. 135377 ID: 81e500

No, not good. If it's almost done, that means that the mental changes will start soon.
No. 135383 ID: 632862

That's what the orb is for.
No. 135390 ID: e3f578

I assume these mental changes would turn him into... just how did Dart treat ladies? Was he a proper gentlemen or...

BTW, feel your chest for a second. Don't ask why, just humor me. There's nothing going on there at all, just maybe looks like a manly scar or some weird thing like that that's creeping me out... yeah.
No. 135639 ID: cf68aa
File 126663541294.png - (29.82KB , 846x587 , 116.png )


>To learn these things I'll need to find a teacher. There isn't a single one in the area so the city would be the best bet for it.

>oh, the kiss. I'm afraid it may have changed our relationship... It was so sudden and I feel awkward bringing it up.

>It may be hard for a voice to uderstand but to slowly lose ones manhood.. It's just beyond words. If I ever became a full girl...

>??? Hold on there's a mirror in the bathr.....

No. 135640 ID: cf68aa
File 126663545872.png - (29.99KB , 846x587 , 117.png )

No. 135641 ID: cf68aa
File 126663553987.png - (30.00KB , 846x587 , 118.png )

No. 135643 ID: 8ecfd4

Well then go to the city. It's hardly like you have had the time to form any serious connection to the village.

And remember it's who you are that's important. Nobody can really change that, except you.
No. 135645 ID: cf68aa
File 126663567241.png - (29.85KB , 846x587 , 119.png )

No. 135646 ID: cf68aa
File 12666357048.png - (30.60KB , 846x587 , 120.png )


No. 135647 ID: cf68aa
File 126663576583.png - (29.92KB , 846x587 , 121.png )

No. 135648 ID: e3f578

Do you want some alone time?
No. 135649 ID: f52552

Or a bra?
No. 135650 ID: 632862

...well, you can always get them cut off.
No. 135651 ID: 3416ec



Why would you even suggest something like that.
No. 135652 ID: e3f578

A bright side to this is that now you can get to know what boobs feel like if you've never gotten to 2nd base
No. 135655 ID: b14128


What he said.
No. 135662 ID: 81e500

Don't cry, would a man cry over something like this?
No. 135665 ID: 8ecfd4

This was inevitable. But still, you have to hammer who you are into you. No matter what physical changes you go through it will not change who you are deep down inside. Not unless you allow it to happen.
No. 135667 ID: 1150ba

You're still you, the thing Alex made ensures that. You just got some new attachments, doesn't really change anything.
No. 135672 ID: 3a4a54

C'mon. Don't look like that. This is how Dart wants you to think. He wants you to give up all hope. Prove to that motherfucker that you can retain what makes you a man even without what makes you a man.
No. 135677 ID: cf68aa
File 126663744074.png - (10.25KB , 403x428 , 122.png )


>Thank you voices.

>I wish to be alone for now.
No. 135681 ID: cf68aa
File 126663767283.png - (13.92KB , 485x565 , 123.png )

>"see an thas why guys are so dumb! They can't see whun a girl likes em ya know? An es so stupid! Is stupid mya? Gah Sometimes I just wanna tackle him down. Well he's a she now but HA HA HA HA! Is a long story mya. What chu fink? Mya?"

"... Why are you talking to me?"
No. 135683 ID: a85626


You can never get rid of us WE WERE THE CURSE ALL ALONG HAHAHAHAHA

yeah, how about you just go suck on your friend's ball for a while. You said that cuts us off.
No. 135684 ID: 632862

Hey, stop giving away Cecil's secrets like that.

Also, he just grew boobs and is NOT happy about it. So we're giving him some time alone by focusing on you.
No. 135686 ID: a64482

He's crying right now. He wanted to be alone.

Don't you feel terrible?

(He could probably use some moral support)
No. 135687 ID: 8ecfd4

Have you ever told him how you feel? Because unless female cat girls have telephaty I don't really think it's fair of you to expect him to know how you feel without you telling him.
No. 135688 ID: a85626

On the bright side, he appears to be a B-cup.
No. 135689 ID: e3f578

He needs a friend right now, not a lover. Also, he's a lovable dork. Come on, you gotta love that.
No. 135692 ID: cf68aa
File 126663841755.png - (11.04KB , 485x565 , 124.png )

>She has breasts now? For real? Well that just sobered me up real quick.

>When did this happen? Is this why she was sick?

>and they're B-Cup? Wow.

>And now she's sad to... Mya, I was so focused on me I didn't even notice...


>How I feel? She's just a friend you know? Nothin special..
No. 135694 ID: 8ecfd4

Well how much time have you spent with your friend these last weeks?
No. 135696 ID: 4531bc

It seems that you have been, ahem, disregarding your friend lately. What is the cause of this?
No. 135697 ID: 632862

Oh come on, just a friend? You were just complaining to this random demon dude that he can't tell that you like him. You're also all upset because he didn't talk about your kiss. There is definitely something more than friendship here.

Also stop referring to Cecil as 'she'. He wants to remain a man, and you should give him enough respect to consider that.
No. 135703 ID: 4531bc

>Also stop referring to Cecil as 'she'. He wants to remain a man, and you should give him enough respect to consider that.
I am in concord.
No. 135705 ID: 1150ba

Well you need to assure him/her that s/he has not really changed in stuff that matters. That s/he is the same person. Its the right thing to do.
No. 135708 ID: 81e500

Yeah, she needs a shoulder to cry on, I'd say. This is really hard on her, her identity is being destroyed.
No. 135715 ID: a85626

Don't listen to these tightwads. You can refer to Cecil as 'she' all you want. It won't develop into any obsessive stalker sort of trans-sexual projection on him for you, really.
No. 135725 ID: 81e500

Yeah, we've already got that bit covered.
No. 135740 ID: 445c48

You can still think of her as a she, but try to say "he" when she's around.
No. 135753 ID: 81e500

Agreed. We don't want her getting defensive.
No. 135758 ID: cf68aa
File 126664475627.png - (14.08KB , 665x431 , 125.png )


>Look I know she's going through a identity crisis right now. I won't call her a she in front of her but I need you guys to help me to ease her into accepting it mya?


>There's just nothing to talk about. She hasn't mentioned the kiss in a week. It was my first one to ya know? Twenty one and I never kissed someone before then.

>Sure she's cute and funny and cool and a lil nerdy but she's just a friend. That's it mya.
No. 135774 ID: 632862

I don't know how far the curse went in affecting his perception of his own gender. Perhaps he can be convinced to be 'okay' with the change, but it would be better if we could find some safe way to get rid of those tits. He said that so long as he had at least some remnant of maleness, he'd manage.
No. 135778 ID: 81e500

It would help you to ease her into it by giving her emotional support.
She'll be more willing to listen to you, and will be able to come to terms with her change sooner.
No. 135798 ID: cf68aa
File 126664781486.png - (18.71KB , 558x595 , 126.png )


>I think it did affect her personallity mya. I saw her little pantie collection. There's no way she've worn that before now and with the way she acts it doensn't seem like she'd normally want to.

>I guess I should go ralk to her.

she goes across the street to their room. Cecil is in a corner.

>Aww she looks so sad. I guess she's taking it pretty hard. I wanna help her accept her new changes...

>what should I say mya?
No. 135800 ID: f52552

Go up and hug him around the shoulder, don't say anything.

...And the panties may or may not have been us.
No. 135808 ID: 81e500

No words, only hugs.
No. 135809 ID: 632862

You're not supposed to know what's going on. Ask him what's wrong.
No. 135811 ID: 1150ba

Just hug her, or sit by her and put your arm around her shoulders. Say something that reaffirms that she's still herself.
No. 135814 ID: cf68aa
File 126664937639.png - (12.68KB , 375x438 , 127.png )

she goes over and hugs her gently.

>I really don't know what to say. I'm terrible at these things...
No. 135818 ID: b14128

I'm not sure you need to say anything right now. Something comforting, maybe. But in any case, just keep holding him.

...Wait... Is... ...Is the blue mark completely gone?
No. 135820 ID: a85626

If I were in your situation I'd say something like "You know... you really don't *have* to go after Dart..."

People bite me a lot ._.
No. 135822 ID: 1150ba

No, just no, that's one of her long term goals, don't attack those now. Just say something like, "You're you no matter what".
No. 135823 ID: b14128

Eh, no offense, but I think that might do more harm than good. I know that he feels he -does- need to go after Dart, that it's his duty. 'You're not alone' might possibly work better. 'course, I'm not great at this either, so take my advice with a pinch of salt.
No. 135828 ID: cf68aa
File 126665027477.png - (19.07KB , 501x578 , 128.png )


>"It's okay Cecil. You'll always be you no matter what you look like"

He turns around to face her

"Oh don't worry I'm fine Alex. I'm feeling better now."
No. 135832 ID: b14128


...Anybody else get a sudden, bad feeling, or am I just being paranoid? ...Wait, does Cecil have the orb with him right now? Or does he not have it be wearing it for it to stave off the mental changes?
No. 135834 ID: 632862

More hug. Tighter hug this time.
No. 135837 ID: 33622e


Ask Cecil why it's suddenly alright, since it had been bugging him so much before.
No. 135838 ID: b14128

What I'm saying is, that was just a fast change in mood. I dunno, it might just Cecil putting on a smile for Alexis's sake... Maybe I am just being suspicious.
No. 135844 ID: cf68aa
File 126665137677.png - (19.12KB , 501x578 , 129.png )

>"Are you sure...? You look like you were crying."

"Don't worry Alex I'm fine"

>"But I..."

"Don't worry Alex I'm fine"

"??? Wh-"

"Don't worry Alex I'm fine"

No. 135847 ID: 632862

Go get the orb. Cecil is probably too far away from it.
No. 135849 ID: 81e500

"No, Cecil, I get the distinct feeling that you're anything but fine."
No. 135850 ID: 1150ba

Yeah, definitely something is not right, either she had a breakdown or she is too far away from the orb.
No. 135851 ID: b14128


Ah, shit.

Ok, either Cecil's been mindscrewed, or it's a programmed illusion, or something else. But whatever the hell is going, this is bad.
No. 135856 ID: cf68aa
File 126665232092.png - (16.73KB , 501x578 , 130.png )


>"No Cecil. I think you're anything but fine"

"Don't worry Alex I'm fine"

>.... This is weird.

>An illusion? Impossible.

She touches Cecil. Her hand goes right through

>Fuck! She ran off!
No. 135857 ID: 632862

Cecil can't use illusions. Check on the dark elf!
No. 135858 ID: 1150ba

Wait.... how come you didn't notice when you hugged her?
No. 135859 ID: f52552

Could Cecil have done this?
First thing to figure out is who did it.
No. 135860 ID: b14128

Wait, I was right? Wow, cool! ...Wait. ...I just remembered why I hate being right.

Ok, ok, this is better than the 'Cecil be mindscrewed' possibility, we just need to try and find out where he went, general direction at the least. Take a quick look around, see how much of his stuff he took. And tell our new friend, might be able to get some help there.
No. 135867 ID: cf68aa
File 126665308562.png - (16.50KB , 500x552 , 131.png )


>Already solved. Here's the little bugger. It's a airsprite. These things can make a pretty good doppleganger but it only lasts for a minute or so. Cost a pretty penny. She can't have run that far off.

>Her orb is gone and so is her cloak and her gear. Well at least she took the orb.

>Mya, why would she do this!? She's so stupid! Always trying to do things by herself! When I see her I'm gonna beat her up so bad.
No. 135870 ID: 632862

He said he wanted some time alone.

...gosh I hope he isn't running off to try to kill Dart again.
No. 135871 ID: a85626


I honestly have no idea. He didn't have anything in particular to do. Your meeting him basically gave him the inspiration to start living again.

He probably just went for a walk. But why her gear? O SHIT CHECK THE BAR
No. 135876 ID: cf68aa
File 126665421325.png - (19.15KB , 558x632 , 132.png )


>Fuck! She'd better not be doing either!

she starts to head out and bumps into Nari

>"Oh, Nari. Mornin'"

"Hi Miss Alexis. Is lunch ready?"

>"No I'm off to find Cecil. You know where sh.. He could be?"

"He told me not to tell you he went out drinking for a bit because you'd get mad and try to stop him. He also told me to make sure if you did find out to go to try and trick you into going into the Corent Bar instead of the Broken Wand where he's staying."

>.... She is such a bad liar it's adorable.
No. 135878 ID: b14128

...Well then. That was quick and easy. ...Should I be paranoid again and wonder if he didn't tell the kid this stuff knowing it wouldn't be a well kept secret?
No. 135879 ID: 632862

Let's just let him be, then. Unless you want to join him for drinks, instead of stopping him.
No. 135882 ID: 67c611

Join her for some drunk lovin.
No. 135889 ID: cf68aa
File 126665547546.png - (13.24KB , 571x514 , 133.png )


>No, you guys said she may need someone.
>... She's already passed out.

>Doesn't she know it's dangerous for a girl to just pass out drunk at a bar?
No. 135896 ID: cf68aa
File 126665631529.png - (15.91KB , 478x603 , 134.png )


>I'd better take her back..

She picks Cecil up and carries him on her back. She starts walking back

"mmmm.... Alex?"
>"Yeah it's me."
"I got drunk...."
>"I know."
"I... My body changed again..."
>"I know"
"I have breasts.. I'm a girl now..."
>"Cecil.. It doesn't matter what you look like it's who you are inside."
>Even if you are the single cutest girl ever on the outside.
".... You're so nice Alex... You're a great girl..."
No. 135898 ID: a85626

Man, she looks wasted...

Hope you don't mind her praising you for being a girl.
No. 135899 ID: cf68aa
File 126665667886.png - (16.39KB , 478x603 , 135.png )


"If I still had my thing I would so have sex with you."
>"!? Th-Thanks Cecil..."
>I'm going to assume that was the alchohol talking.
"The voices said there were ways we could still do 'it'. If you want to. I;m okay with it."

>I cannot accept this. It'd be like rape!

>"N-No Cecil I'm good."
"You sure? You could show me how to use this body..."
>"I... I..."
No. 135901 ID: 632862

Say you really want to, but not while he's drunk.
No. 135902 ID: 632862

Are there any spells to remove the effects of intoxication?
No. 135912 ID: 8ecfd4

Well you got what you wanted didn't you? He has atleast superficially accepted what has happened and wants to be with you. So sober him up and get going.

Or is it that what you wanted isn't exactly like you thought it would be?
No. 135948 ID: b14128

He's... Well, she's drunk right now, Alex. Don't take advantage of that. If she was sober and said that, yes, you could go for it, it'd be alright, but not right now.
No. 135958 ID: 67c611

"I'd love to but you would regret it when you got sober."
No. 135978 ID: d31d16

"You're a little drunk now, and that's no way to learn new things"
No. 135988 ID: e0b4dc

"Maybe once you're sober. Right now, you won't remember anything and I'd feel like I was taking advantage of you."
No. 136110 ID: a85626

Words from a master:
"Hey, if you're still interested when your mind is clear, I'll let you feel how attractive you are. Ciao~"
No. 136118 ID: f52552

Lock him in his room, then go elsewhere and masturbate furiously or something.
No. 136490 ID: cf68aa
File 126672515734.png - (16.40KB , 478x603 , 137.png )


>This doesn't count. She's drunk as hell... And I do not want her to have sex with me dammit! I am not a lesbian.

>"C-Cecil. A aprreciate the offer but... You're really drunk right now."

"... I don't care. Really I don't"

>"That's why. You don't even know what you want to do now mya. If you still remember in the morning you can ask but I'm not sure what I'd say."

".... M'kay... You're still a great person you know?"

>"..... Thanks."

>Mya!? N-Np way! I don't do that!
No. 136494 ID: 632862

You... don't... masturbate? I don't believe you. You're lying.
No. 136496 ID: b14128

Alex... Your first kiss was with a girl (Or at least a boy in the middle of turning into a girl). No offense, but... Really, did you ever want to kiss Cecil -before- he turned into a she, or did this desire develop -after- you found out about the Shoujen curse? And, be honest, were you at least tempted to take up Cecil on the offer?

(Also, side note... Whatever the case, thanks for not taking up said offer. I like people with morals.)
No. 136497 ID: e33b50

you should stay with him/her tonight
make sure he/she doesnt choke on his/her tongue and whatnot
No. 136502 ID: e0b4dc

Are you sure you don't want to have willing, consensual, sober sex with her?
To feel her under you? Squirming, and begging for more? Calling your name and proclaiming her love?
Mewling adorably, as your ministrations bring her to the heights of pleasure and contentment?
No. 136503 ID: e0b4dc

No. 136515 ID: cf68aa
File 126672781749.png - (20.85KB , 595x605 , 138.png )

>n-no mya. I don't do that. IT's... Not one of my hobbies. Some of you voices


>... almost make me want to.

She takes him back to his room and lays him down on the bed

"Alex... Tommorow... Resad... Kay?"

>"okay. You get some rest now mya."

>look I know I kissed her and stuff but one little kiss doens't make you a lesbian. I just thought she really really cute okay?
No. 136517 ID: e0b4dc

Of course one little kiss doesn't make you a lesbian.
Neither would two little kisses, truly.
Perhaps you should take another?
No. 136536 ID: cf68aa
File 126673122096.png - (17.27KB , 581x591 , 139.png )


>Mya? You want me to kiss her? But... I'm not sure mya..

>It's cuter when she's awake and all blushing and stuff you know?
No. 136539 ID: 632862

Yeah, you're right. Just a peck on the cheek, then.
No. 136541 ID: e0b4dc

Yeah, a peck should be fine~
No. 136545 ID: e3f578
File 126673179576.png - (13.80KB , 177x169 , na\'vi.png )

No. 136546 ID: 19ecf1

I think guy meant a peck on the cheek or forehead... not a makeout session...

I also doubt that could be considered one little kiss... Former-Guy said you were using tongue...
No. 136551 ID: cf68aa
File 126673250470.png - (21.79KB , 581x591 , 140.png )


>... Just a peck? On the cheek right? No harm for that. Humans do that all the time right?

>Just a little-MMMPH!?
No. 136553 ID: cf68aa
File 126673255249.png - (18.03KB , 581x591 , 141.png )


>aaand now she's passed out again...

>Mya, I think I need another shower..
No. 136556 ID: 632862

That was a success, I think!

Go have your shower, then. Sheesh, not masturbating must be inconvenient.
No. 136557 ID: e0b4dc

Well, that didn't go as planned...
Try to give her another peck.
On her cute, little, nose.
No. 136558 ID: 19ecf1

why do YOU need a shower? You can't jizz yourself...
And it is odd you don't masturbate. Most people do, even if it is not admitted. (if you do, go do it in private)
And he went up for you...

Go to shower if you have to... And it is odd you dont masturbate. Everyone tends to, even if they don't admit it
No. 136567 ID: 445c48

She could, of course, be lying to us.
No. 136572 ID: cf68aa
File 126673427920.png - (13.75KB , 351x603 , 142.png )


>Mya! I'm not lying! I just.. I don't do 'that'.

>Never have never will.

>Can't miss what you never had mya?

"Miss Alexis... Lunch is done?"

>"Mya! I completely forgot! Sorry Nari! I'm gonna take a bath then I'll get you something to munch on."

"May I join?"

>"??? Uhm... Another time kay?"


She leaves
No. 136574 ID: e0b4dc

Hmm, seems like Nari is a bit taken with you.
First, she tells you where to find Cecil despite being told not to, and now she asks to bathe with you?
No. 136577 ID: 1150ba

Probably nothing besides cultural differences, and the fact her father kept her locked up so she is clueless...
No. 136580 ID: 701a19

You've probably noticed that we aren't tied to Cecil's mind so much as anchored there. We're not a part of his psyche, so we have a neutrality born of distance.

You are in love with Cecil. We are not guessing, we are knowing.
You deny it because you are in denial, and you don't want to accept that fact because of what it implies.
Being in love with Cecil doesn't mean you are a lesbian, it means you are in love with Cecil. In all likelihood you've been in love with him for years but have been suppressing it.

Cecil knows he is running out of time, and believes that nobody would love somebody with an expiration date. This is contributing to his depression and alcoholism, and is makes it much less likely that he will survive.

We are not asking you to just suddenly love him, we are just asking you to set aside irrelevancies like gender and social moors and reconsider your feeling assuming you _do_ love him.

If the conclusion of your soul searching is in line with what I have said, then you need to act on it. You need to establish that you love him no matter what form he has, or how much time he has left.
No. 136581 ID: e3f578

Do you hate schlicking? I mean it sounds like you have some sort of beef with it. I mean its understandable just to say no and say it in a nervous way but you act like its evil or something.

Why won't you never schlick?
No. 136610 ID: 19ecf1

question is good one...
No. 136614 ID: cf68aa
File 126673891475.png - (16.46KB , 485x612 , 143.png )


>She's just an adorable lil thing isn't she? I wanna dress her up mya.

>... i just don't wanna try it kay? It's not like I have a problem with it mya. If you wanna do 'that' ya can but it's not my cup o' tea. Seems weird to touch myself..

>.... Look I'm gonna take a bath an I want some privacy. I'll see ya later voices.
No. 136618 ID: 632862

I guess we're gonna be in the dark for a while.

First though I should mention that Nari is probably older than she looks, being a Dark Elf and all. Plus it seems that she doesn't quite 'get' our culture so that bathing together thing could be something rather non-sexual.
No. 136619 ID: cf68aa
File 126673982263.png - (14.16KB , 485x612 , 144.png )

>Hello again voices. I'm sorry about the other day, I had a sort of a breakown. Seeing my chest suddenly warped like that... It shocked me. I talked with Alex a bit and I feel better now. They're actually kinda fun... She says I need a bra and she'd be glad to help me shop for one but I doubt I'm going to get one.

>We're on our way to the City of Resad. a mostly human city with a thriving shopping district. It also seems to be a haven for low lives as well so I must be on my toes. I also borrowed one of Alex's cloaks so it would be harder for those who know me to recognize me.

>Alex is coming with me but when I asked Nari she said that big human cities throw off her connections with nature. I respect her beliefs and made her enough food for the day. I think she can fend for herself for one day.
No. 136620 ID: 48ab8b

No you definitely want to get a bra. If you don't you'll get very bad back-pain along with other stuff down the road.
No. 136622 ID: 66da67

she did a lot for you yesterday, she deserves at the very least a hug and a thank you
No. 136623 ID: e0b4dc

You should thank Alex some more for not taking advantage of you.
You were completely drunk, and offered to have sex with her, if you don't recall.
However, Alex declined, even though she wanted to, and brought you back to your room without incident.
She did decide to give you a peck on the cheek while you were sleeping, but you suddenly sat up, so it was more than a peck.
After that, she just went off and had a bath before going to bed.
No. 136626 ID: cf68aa
File 12667412219.png - (8.82KB , 333x493 , 145.png )


>... Really? And she didn't do anything?

>"Alex.. Thank you, for everything. You've been a great help to me."

"Aww~ Thanks Cecil :3"

>She is such a great ally.

>No no no. I am not gonna wear it. But while we're on the topic of stores Resad has alot of stores and places where I can learn things. How should I spend my day?
No. 136627 ID: e0b4dc

You should give her a hug and a peck on the cheek as thanks.
You should also thank Nari, if Nari hadn't told Alex where you were, things wouldn't have gone so well.
No. 136631 ID: 445c48

Well, you need something. Going without a bra would be a pain, and could be revealing. Get something.
No. 136643 ID: 632862

Instead of a bra, how about just some wraps? It works about as well, and isn't as feminine.
No. 136653 ID: 8ecfd4

Get a couple of more small very sharp and easily concealed knifes. Then buy whatever Alex would need to mix very fast acting and very leathal poison as well as highly corrosive acid.
No. 136660 ID: cf68aa
File 126675314581.png - (17.80KB , 518x598 , 146.png )


>No. I never wore anything on my chest before and I won't start now. My cloak is sufficient coverage and they seem to be doing fine without that torturous device.

>Now the city is quite far so it may take a w------------------------------------------------

>??? Miss Alexis dropped her stone.
No. 136662 ID: 632862

Oh. Hey. We're uh... Cecil's spirit advisors. So, how have you been doing since leaving the settlement?
No. 136663 ID: 77e2a8

Trust us, you do NOT want your breasts to be constantly rubbing against the fabric of your shirt, cloak or have at you. They're more sensitive than manly chest.
No. 136664 ID: 8ecfd4

Hello little girl. How are you feeling this day?
No. 136670 ID: e0b4dc

Hey Nari.
I gotta thank you for telling Alex where to find Cecil yesterday.
No. 136747 ID: cf68aa
File 126679025317.png - (16.59KB , 661x557 , 147.png )


>??? My breast?


>Oh! You guys are like guardian spirits! That's amazing! I've always wanted someone like that! Mister Cecil is so lucky!

>I've been doing great ever since Mister Cecil rescued me from father. They always take such good care of me and Alex really likes me.
No. 136749 ID: 8ecfd4

So how come you spend so much time in your room? Don't you like Cecil and Alex?
No. 136750 ID: 632862

Alex really likes you? What do you mean?
No. 136751 ID: 701a19

I guess you could call us guardian spirits, but we're more like advisers.

We're horribly sorry about him leaving you before. We wanted to get Alex to help so we could all get away safely, but it just went so very wrong.
We'll try to find away to fix your eye. We owe you that much.

Also, you probably won't be staying with Cecil much longer. They have something dangerous to do, and they have to do it alone.
We'll do our best to help Cecil through it, and you can stay with Alex meanwhile.
No. 136753 ID: 4531bc

...breast? Singular?
No. 136757 ID: 445c48

Apologies about the conversation about bosoms, you picked us up in the middle of a conversation. Pay it no mind.
No. 136761 ID: cf68aa
File 126679341970.png - (15.70KB , 490x542 , 148.png )


>No I do like them. It's just my room is safer. No one comes in here.

>she just treats me so well ^_^. She always brings me food and tells me stories and even puts me to bed at night. She's really sweet. And she listens to me if I have a bad dream.


>Thanks. I'm used to only seeing with one eye though. It's going to be weird looking through two.
No. 136762 ID: 632862

Hey, what's that tattoo on your neck mean?
No. 136764 ID: 8ecfd4

But do you feel safe with them? If you do then it might be a good idea to contemplate going outside with them some times.
No. 136777 ID: cf68aa
File 126679636020.png - (7.83KB , 382x368 , 149.png )

>I do feel safer with them and I would have gone with them to the city but... I really don't like big cities. They're so far from nature it almost hurts to go in them.

>Those? The top one represents the spiral of life which all beings must go trhrough. My father put it on me when I was of age.

>The bottom one. Well.. That's the person who I want to be my Partner. But don't tell anyone kay guardians?
No. 136782 ID: 934ef5

It's a... C? For Cecil? Aww...

But try to realize, just being saved by someone doesn't necessarily mean they're the right one for you. And especially right now with how Cecil is...
No. 136794 ID: cf68aa
File 126679920633.png - (27.33KB , 820x563 , 150.png )


>But he saved me when there was no one. If he hadn't I might have killed myself... He came in there like a knight and rescued me, the princess. Just like in the stories Miss Alex told me. Before I turn 40 I want him to be my Soul Partner.

>And what do you mean 'how he is now'?
No. 136796 ID: 632862

On a COMPLETELY unrelated note, do you like boys or girls?
No. 136799 ID: e3f578

He's cursed right now. He can't really... its not our place to say... I mean is having children important to you? You can't as long as Cecil is cursed or even if he accepts his curse. Not to mention you've got some competition with Alex, though she won't entirely admit it or she's not entirely sure about the feelings.
No. 136809 ID: 701a19

Those might not be issues. She seems to get along well with Alex, so sharing might be an option.
Well, it's worth considering, at least.

Nari, would you be able to love both Cecil AND Alex?
No. 136829 ID: 701a19

*sigh* I had hoped we would keep that bit quiet.

Nari, he's not taking his curse very well. His self-esteem is low and he has been losing himself for awhile.
We've manage to help him stabilize his mind, but we haven't figured out anything to do about his body.

At this point the best way for you to help him is to remember that he's a man no matter what the curse does to his body, and treat him like a man.
No. 136831 ID: e3f578

Please, for the love of your innocence, don't tell anybody about his condition. He's heartbroken about it. And don't do what you did when you told Alex about him asking you to not tell Alex about where he went. That is rather counter-productive to keeping a secret. While it helped us find him and keep him healthy, I don't think embarrassment and sorrow are healthy. So please, don't also say "The voices told me not to say Cecil is cursed to turn into a girl" or any other way to say that.

... including "The voices told me to avoid telling you that the voices told me to keep quiet about Cecil turning into a girl"
No. 136837 ID: 934ef5

Uh... shit..
What if we all delete our posts?
No. 136878 ID: cf68aa
File 12668054774.png - (12.59KB , 428x592 , 151.png )


>I'm not sure.. Children would be nice but if Cecil doesn't want them I'm okay with that.

>So long as the feelings are true gender shouldn't be an issue. At least that's what i think.

>What do you mean?

>Cecil hasn't told me anything about his curse... Is he okay?

She goes over to grab some lunch
No. 136879 ID: 632862

Okay, go ahead and pursue Cecil if you like. Note that he probably won't live as long as you do, though. Dark Elves have a long lifespan don't they?
No. 136895 ID: cf68aa
File 126680633051.png - (17.15KB , 520x592 , 152.png )


>unless we're murdered us Dark Elves can live forever. And if Cecil becoms my Soul Partner we'll both be together forever~
No. 136896 ID: 632862

Who's that red-haired person in the window?
No. 136898 ID: 4531bc

I believe that is a painting. It also appears in >>135758
No. 136902 ID: cf68aa
File 126680710167.png - (19.35KB , 469x592 , 153.png )


>hmm? I don't know.

Knock Knock

>Hmm? Who could that be?

She goes over and opens her door

"Hey there. You happen to see some cat chick? A lil shorter then me? Says mya a lot."

>Miss Alex?
No. 136913 ID: 934ef5

Ask him who he is first. Don't say where she went off to, just that she left and should be back later. Give him a time a bit after you'd expect her to come home.
No. 136914 ID: 81e500

Ask why he's looking.
He may want to hurt her, better to find out if that's the case before telling him anything.
No. 136924 ID: cf68aa
File 126680850573.png - (14.85KB , 469x592 , 154.png )


>"Uhm... May I ask who you are?"

"Oh! Of course how rude of me. My name is Gawain, captain of the Royal Army. I am was sent to look for powerful magic users to recruit into the Army and was wondering if that girl, her name is Alexis, was around."

>What should I say?
No. 136925 ID: e3f578

Ahh, it's a boss. A BOSS!
No. 136930 ID: 445c48

"Apologies, but she's not here. Perhaps you can leave a message?"
No. 136931 ID: 19ecf1

"well... she's a he... or was a he... You may wanna come later. He... She just recently got sex-changed against his... her will. He... She still hasn't gotten over it yet and needs to get used to his... her new body."

You aren't lying, and it makes it clear that she won't be a good choice as of yet. Plus, it gives time to make a decision.
No. 136933 ID: 701a19

Is it possible to have more than one soul partner? Would a three-way binding work?

Tell him "No, she's on an important quest, something to do with the fate of the world, I think.
If you tell me why she's needed I can pass it along next time I see her."
No. 136935 ID: 701a19

He's looking for Alex, not Cecil.
No. 136939 ID: cf68aa
File 12668095626.png - (14.85KB , 469x592 , 155.png )


>of course you can. So long as the bond is true you can have any number of people as your soul partner.

>"No, she's on an important quest, something to do with the fate of the world, I think.
If you tell me why she's needed I can pass it along next time I see her."

"Sorry kiddo, no can do. This is top secret stuff. Well thanks anyway. I'll see ya around."

He leaves

>Something about him bothers me.... Guardians I need to take my Midday Nap. Please come by again.
No. 136941 ID: cf68aa
File 126680971920.png - (9.58KB , 395x587 , 156.png )

>Oh you're ow back? Please stop ow vanishing like ow that.

>well we've made ow it to the ow city of Resad. It's ow bustling with various ow shops and ow people. Alex is checking out ow the alchemy supplies ow. What should I ow do?
No. 136943 ID: 445c48

Get a goddamn bra, or at least tape 'em up.
No. 136944 ID: 1150ba

what's with the ow? Injure yourself? Alex punch you in the arm or something?
No. 136945 ID: 81e500

Why are you saying ow?
Also, Sir Gawain is looking for Alex.
No. 136946 ID: 1afd58

Your tits are tiny. There is no way they could bounce enough to hurt you even if you just jumped up and down. Walking would do nothing.
No. 136949 ID: 1150ba

Wait... curse might have advanced even more overnight, so they might be larger.
No. 136950 ID: 81e500

Unless they're chafing against her robes.
No. 136951 ID: e3f578

All right, if you can't find a bra stand or really don't want one, use a more masculine substitute, the ever famous bandage wrap.
No. 136954 ID: 701a19

I would suggest taping them down, Cecil.
It's not even close to as comfortable as a bra and makes breathing more difficult, but it flattens your chest out quite a bit and I think that's what you want.

Oh, and tell Alex we said she left her stone with Nari... and that Nari seems to love it.
No. 136955 ID: 934ef5

Whatever you did, you're doing it wrong. If it's tape on tits, what you should use is a larger body bandage to cover things smoothly and softly.

Or just man up and be a damn girl.
No. 136960 ID: cf68aa
File 126681111793.png - (16.08KB , 529x587 , 157.png )

>Thankfully they haven't grown any larger since the last time but the robe I'm wearing is heavy and they seem to be rather sensitive to scratchy materials. I assume they're more sensitive because they're new...

>As for the ideas of wrapping them up I refuse. Pain is weakness leaving the bidy and this is merely another thing I need to overcome. Besides I.. I just don't want to 'have' to do that.. My chest had been uncovered before my transformation and shall remain so after.

>Now, I currently have twenty gold, a small sum but it is all i posses. What should I buy? I've already purchased some knives on the way here.
No. 136964 ID: 632862

They're probably always going to be sensitive.
No. 136965 ID: 1150ba

Actually you still want to by a bra for combat reasons, as it is now you just need someone to punch in that area and you have a massive problem from jiggling, even if they are small. A bra will greatly reduce that as a problem. Think of it like a jockstrap for sports instead of undergarments I guess.
No. 136968 ID: 445c48

Aye, you need some support. Fights, hiding your womanlyness, etc.
No. 136969 ID: 19ecf1

agreed... And they are gonna be sensitive. Realize that they are now something to be covered. I assume most don't go around without underwear. At least get the bra to keep your boobs from being a liability
No. 136976 ID: 4531bc

He's a magician, why would he need to punch people?
No. 136980 ID: 1150ba

Someone else punching them, duh.
No. 136983 ID: 4531bc

Ah, that's a valid point.

...perhaps, if you're not willing to get a bra, a padded vest?
No. 136985 ID: 934ef5

If you can get a light and soft undershirt to put on, it may help much with the discomfort. Putting up with it will just get you sore and uncomfortable, not to mention always being reminded that they're there.

Besides that, what adventuring gear do you currently need? Small and useful things can go a long way in a tight spot.
No. 136988 ID: 1150ba

They have anything like a sports bra? Its basically like a smaller shirt that supports them.
No. 136990 ID: e3f578

Since when does making your tits incredibly uncomfortable make you stronger?
No. 136992 ID: 934ef5

No. 136997 ID: 701a19

First tell Alex about the stone. It's pretty important to her, and she doesn't need the stress from suddenly noticing it's missing.
No. 137001 ID: cf68aa
File 126681412278.png - (16.09KB , 529x587 , 158.png )

>For the last time i'm not getting a bra or anything!


>Though.. It would benefit me later.. And this scratchy feeling is getting annoying... Maybe just one. You know, so they don't get in the way of fighting.

>I'm certain they sell some around here.
No. 137002 ID: 632862

Who's the guy with the hat?
No. 137004 ID: e3f578

Just get some goddamn bandages. Old school and manly I think.
No. 137005 ID: 934ef5

I'm telling you, a soft enough shirt will do the job. But if everything is scratchy and tough here you may be out of luck.
No. 137006 ID: 3416ec


Make sure it is frilly and has cute patterns on it, like hearts or strawberries or teddybears or teddybears eating strawberries on top of hearts.
No. 137007 ID: 81e500

On that topic, why don't you have a hat like that?
No. 137008 ID: 81e500

I have to agree. This will ensure maximum combat effectiveness.
No. 137011 ID: 701a19

Ask Alex. She obviously has experience with this kind of thing, and we can assure you she will leap at the chance.
No. 137014 ID: cf68aa
File 126681535951.png - (12.17KB , 407x598 , 159.png )


>Ooh! And pink! Maybe some lace around it.

>Right. Oh! there she is!

>"Alex! Alex! I need a bra!"

"Mya!? I-I thought you didn't want one?"

>"Well you know I thought about it and I figured it'd be right to have one. I mean, it's one of those things girls wear right?"

"I.. I suppose. Uhm, what kind do you want?"
No. 137015 ID: 934ef5

"Whatever is most comfortable. And... that you think looks good."

She likes dress up, and she's been a good friend so let her have that much.
No. 137016 ID: 701a19

Something comfortable that you can fight in, obviously.
Also, since you're not exactly familiar with how they work, you want one that's simple to use. Either a sports bra or one with a clasp in front.

Naturally you should leave everything else up to her. She knows what she's doing you trust her judgement.
No. 137020 ID: a85626


Wow on/off. Better to get a soft shirt for scratchiness anyway. Yes it's possible to have insensitive breasts, not a pleasant or easy thing to accomplish though. Bra is for support, generally only needed if they flop around too much. That and for beautiful pink lace!
No. 137025 ID: 3416ec


Ensure this bra has straps that will slide down at inopportune and/or embarrassing moments.
No. 137029 ID: 81e500

This is a must, you should also take to wearing sleeveless shirts.
No. 137031 ID: cf68aa
File 126681661950.png - (19.79KB , 458x587 , 160.png )


>I agree ^_^


>"Whatever is most comfortable. And... that you think looks good."

She blushes and takes her to a lingerine store. Together they browse for a good sports bra. Alex goes with Cecil into the changing room to make sure he puts it one right

>Wow, this feels soo much better and more comfortable. I don't know why i didn't want one. And look, they're pink! No frills but they're pretty comfortable.

>It'll cost me about 2 gold but I think it's worth it.
No. 137033 ID: e3f578

Be careful Cecil, you might head down the dangerous road of looking at yourself in the mirror and asking "Would you fuck me?" start putting on lipstick and replying "I'd fuck me"
No. 137034 ID: 632862

Huh. Are you sure the orb is working correctly?
No. 137039 ID: 1150ba

Well, it is quit obvious that Alex has appreciated this.
No. 137040 ID: 445c48

I'm, uh. Not sure Pink's the best idea here. Your call, though.
No. 137042 ID: 81e500

You should thank Alex for her help.
A hug and a kiss on the cheek should do just fine.
No. 137049 ID: cf68aa
File 126681772514.png - (18.53KB , 458x587 , 161.png )


>Hmm... Maybe blue?

>It should be, I have it right........

>Fuck.... FUCK! I lost it!

>"Alex! I lost the orb!"

"Mya!? But Cecil that was my only one!"

>Without it I'm gonna...! Gods damn it! Why the hell else would I ever wanna wear this stupid thing!? Fuck! How much more of my mind has already been warped!?
No. 137052 ID: 632862

Find that guy with the black hat. You started to act differently just after I noticed him.
No. 137079 ID: 81e500

Take his hat as punishment.
Then stab him in the throat.
The hat is the main punishment.
No. 137080 ID: 701a19
File 126681983858.png - (14.44KB , 529x587 , 126681412278.png )

You're wearing it because it's a good idea, orb or no.

Your opinion shifted as a person walked past you. Hold on, we are attempting to plant his image in your mind - can you see it?

Should we attempt to force our viewpoint to the orb?
No. 137086 ID: cf68aa
File 126682084021.png - (15.56KB , 458x587 , 162.png )

>Right! I saw that hat! He can't be far!

>"Alex I gotta go! Please pay for this!"


He runs out of the store

>Damn.. what did he look like?


>Oh, right.

He continues running around. He spots him in the distance

>"Hey you! With the hat!"
No. 137088 ID: a85626


Damn the man in the black hat must have taken it. Now you're losing that delightfully anguished awkward tension that we depend on for our entertainment! You better go get that orb right away!

Er um, I mean, I bet it'll totally make you feel, uh, better, yeah. Go find the hat man.
No. 137089 ID: cf68aa
File 126682096067.png - (19.90KB , 458x809 , 163.png )


"oy! It's not Hat it's R.J.! An wha the 'ell do you want huh?"
No. 137090 ID: a85626


Wrong hat, Princess Charmless!
No. 137091 ID: a85626

It was totally a bowler, not a top hat.
No. 137093 ID: 701a19


They look awfully similar, but I'm a bit leery about the hat's shape. This might not be the right person, but you should certainly question them.

[Attempt to switch our focus to the orb, with a view that's facing it from about 1.2m away with Cecil being directly behind the orb relative to our view.]
No. 137094 ID: 701a19


The hat is not symmetrical. It curves in one direction.
Tell him that somebody stole a cursed artifact in your charge, and you need to get it back before "it" gets loose.
No. 137095 ID: a85626


>> somebody stole a cursed artifact in your charge, and you need to get it back before "it" gets loose.

No. 137096 ID: 701a19


"You look important. Listen, you need to evacuate the town. I've been charged with carrying a Lich's phylactery, and it managed to escape from me. If it convinces anybody to pick it up then the Lich will take possess them and unleash unspeakable horrors. It's a small crystal orb. Warn EVERYBODY to resist touching it and get the guards to search people as they flee!"
No. 137099 ID: 8ecfd4

Root him to the ground and then ask for your magic trinket back. If you just ask he is going to run away and you will have to chase him and then fight him and all sorts of shit. Just root his ass down and then ask.
No. 137107 ID: 632862

Just Seal him and search him.
No. 137108 ID: cf68aa
File 126682414562.png - (21.00KB , 619x592 , 164.png )


[View can only be changed from Cecil to the stone Alexis made. The Orb simply surpresses Cecil's more girly nature.]

>"I apologize. You see somebody stole a cursed artifact in my charge, and I need to get it back before "it" gets loose."

"C-C-Cursed? Wha, wha's it thas in this cursed fing?"

>"It is a Lich's phylactery, and it managed to escape from me. If it convinces anybody to pick it up then the Lich will take possess them and unleash unspeakable horrors. It's a small crystal orb. Warn EVERYBODY to resist touching it and get the guards to search people as they flee!"

"WHA!? B-But...! Uhmm.. I 'appened to pick up this fing! What do I do!?"
No. 137110 ID: 8ecfd4

He actually fell for it. Man what a sucker. Ask him to just return it to you. You have the proper spells in place to render it harmless to you and you were on your way to the place where it will be stored.
No. 137112 ID: a64482

You must give it to me, I've been sanctified by a priest so the phylactery won't affect me. Once it's back in my hands, the magic will be sealed, and you'll be free to go. But if the phylactery breaks, then you and I will both die.
No. 137114 ID: b14128

Guys, don't let on to him that we know he has it. Good suggestions, but just take out the 'You must give it back' parts.
No. 137115 ID: cf68aa
File 126682492045.png - (14.70KB , 619x592 , 165.png )


>"If you still have it you must give it to me, I've been sanctified by a priest so the phylactery won't affect me. Once it's back in my hands, the magic will be sealed, and you'll be free to go. But if the phylactery breaks, then you and I will both die."

"T-Take it! I didn' want the bloody thing anyway!"

He shoves the orb back into Cecil's hands then runs off.

>... I wish my fight against Dart had been as easy...

>The orb is back in my hands but I 'was' seperated from it. Shoujen has rooted itself even further into me...

>I must try to see how much of me has changed but right now I need supplies for my future battle against Dart.
No. 137117 ID: 632862

Well. How do you feel about wearing a bra or chestwrap now?
No. 137118 ID: b14128

Well, best head back to the shop. Pay Alexis back for her paying for the bra for you, maybe finish shopping (I don't care if you possibly no longer want to now that you have the orb back, a bra is just practical.) ...On that note, I think you should get your cloak back on if you have it right now.
No. 137119 ID: b14128

...Wait. That -is- the right orb, right? He didn't switch it out or do anything to it?
No. 137120 ID: 8ecfd4

Time to look into the wonderful world of magical surgery. You need a way to graft that orb into your body. That way you make sure that you won't just drop it and forget it or that someone will steal it.

Can you do combination spells by the way? If you can focus a small beam of water at very high pressure you can cut through solid steel without any big problems. Or pretty much the same thing but with air, it won't cut through steel but you can use it against someones head and it should knock out a pieace of bone and send it rattling around in their skull and liquify their brain.

Anyway, you have already bought knives, a bra, Alex has her alechemy stuff. Then lets go see what spells they're selling here.
No. 137126 ID: cf68aa
File 126682663387.png - (11.07KB , 586x606 , 166.png )


>that's the thing. I 'like' it now. It feels normal. This disturbs me... I don't know how much of 'me' is still left.

He puts the cloak back on

>And now it feels weird to walk around half dressed...

>Remind me to ask Alex that. She may know if I can make the orb smaller and easier to transplant.

>Now for some new spells.

He goes to a nearby magic shop.

"Welcome stranger. What can I do ya for?"

>Decision time. Each spell costs about 4 gold, which types should I master?
No. 137131 ID: 8ecfd4

Personally I have always liked air magic. But that's because I love throwing around lightning bolts. That and using wind to cut shit up. So I'm all for a bit of more air magic.

Is there also arcane grip kinds of magic? Like picking stuff up and tossing it around. Because if there is you should pick up some of that as well.
No. 137135 ID: fe0817

Antimage magic. Breach, dispel magic, true seeing... these kinds of things.
No. 137172 ID: d31d16

I'm going to guess this shop, being public, isn't a source of rare, powerful spells...

But see if there are any spells that deliberately target a person's Mana. If Dart has power beyond normal means, it could be exploited, though he likely has protection.
No. 137182 ID: 632862

What are our options here, exactly?

I think the most important thing we can get is a spell we can use instantly to get some distance from a close-ranged attacker.
No. 137201 ID: fb1d95

Yeah, get the fastest thing you can use to make distance between you and an attacker.
No. 137208 ID: 701a19

Right now we need to focus on utility more than fighting.
What kind of HEALING spells are available?
No. 137224 ID: e3f578

So when you fully transformed, would that make you into Dart's trap-whore or something?
No. 137228 ID: 701a19

No, we got confirmation that Cecil's 'manhood' was the first to go. There's nothing trappy about him.
No. 137266 ID: e9a4f7
File 126686958478.png - (10.37KB , 586x606 , 167.png )

>"What type of spells do you have to offer?"

"Stranger, we at the I Shop pride ourselves in being able to provide anything and everything for our patrons. If we don't have it it doesn't exist. Now, as for spells we have almost all of them but please be more specific on the type you want or you may have to wait a very very long time for a full list."

>"What healing spells do you have?"

"We have Cure All, a more potent form of Heal which can even cure things like burns or stone and Zeroon. That last one's a instant revive but it'll cost ya 18 gold pieces."

>"How about wind?"

"We have things like Aer which is essentially wind manipulation. It'll allow you to lift light objects. We also have more combat heavy spells like Gust and Tornado. Enemy getting a little close for comfort? Wind Walk will give you the boost you need and if you really wanna blast him away Sephram's Gale will tear apart anything for only the small price of G 20."

>"How about Anit Mage magic?"

"Hmm... That's a bit tougher stranger. We have the spell Rune Thought which forces the person it is cast on to cast only basic level spells. We also have Mana Drain and Dispell to get rid of illusions."
No. 137286 ID: 8ecfd4

So it's four gold per basic spell and you have 18 left right?

I would suggest Aer, wind walk, gust, heal all and mana drain. That should come to 16 gold and give you a nice mix of versatility.
No. 137302 ID: 81e500

I'd say Rune Thought, Cure All, Wind Walk, and Mana Drain. Costs 16, and kits you out to be more versatile.
As far as I can tell, you're pretty well set in terms of offensive, but not so well against fast opponents, so Wind Walk is pretty needed. Rune thought to keep Dart from doing anything that'll speed up the curse, or anyone else, for that matter. Mana Drain is generally useful if we need to fight another mage. Cure All is useful for obvious reasons.
No. 137335 ID: e9a4f7
File 126687647562.png - (10.61KB , 586x606 , 168.png )


>I had actually considered those as well. Before I make a decision I should see what else he has.

>"What about fire magic?"

"Stranger, we at the I shop have EVERYTHING. Fire magic is not an exception. In stock we currently posses Fire, Eat Firen which grants health after eating flames and torch which provides one with a smalll portable flame that cannot be put out."

>"Anything for illusions?"

"We have the spell Illusion and Greater Illusion with the latter costing 5 gold but being a bit more.... Reliable."

>"Any magical objects I may require?"

"We have here some cloaks for resisting magic. We can custom fit them for you miss."

>"...... Thanks."

>Damned shoujen....


>"Do you.... Carry Dark Mana spells?"

The man smiles

"Stranger, stranger. We at the I shop pride ourselves at getting anything our patrons may want. We may have such spells is stock if you're interested"
No. 137349 ID: 934ef5

...Be careful here buddy. Inquire about something that can undo a dark mana curse. Beware this may end up being more than you can currently afford.
No. 137350 ID: 620bfb

Ohnononono. We are not fighting evil with more evil. That leads to the dark side, man.
No. 137352 ID: 8ecfd4

Let's avoid Dark Mana stuff for now. Although it's silly to think of it as evil. Spells are just tools, they cannot be evil. For something to be evil there has to be intent behind it.

I still stand by my earlier suggestion of Aer, wind walk, gust, heal all and mana drain. I can accept others being left out but I really feel you should have Aer, the ability to manipulate things from afar can be used for all sorts of stuff.
No. 137358 ID: a85626
File 126687968671.png - (59.75KB , 170x226 , Shade_(Secret_of_Mana).png )


What do you mean now? You always walked around with a cloak on before.


Naw, the dark side is awesome, man. Fight fire with fire. If you can't stop using Dark Mana after the guy who actually wants to use it is dead, then just kill yourself. Easy!

On the other hand if Dart is using Dark Mana against his own will, you might have trouble justifying doing it yourself. I doubt he's a helpless pawn of his own spells though.
No. 137362 ID: 934ef5

Unless I'm misunderstanding how this works, dark mana simply overpowers anything less than it. Beating this curse can't be done with any other magic.

As for using it to defeat Dart... we'll do what we must I suppose. Better as a tool and a defense than a weapon. Whatever the protective uses of dark mana, we should look into it.


Is it just me, or does this mans grin look disturbingly similar to Dart's?
No. 137365 ID: 701a19

If I recall, the difference is that Dark Mana is powered by SOULS, and one of the reasons Dart cursed Cecil is so that Dart can use his soul for casting more powerful spells.
Needless to say, this is not something that Cecil should consider using.

Ask him about canceling or reversing Dark Mana curses and spells. While the world would benefit from ending Dart, WE are primarily concerned with the well-being of Cecil and friends.
No. 137367 ID: 934ef5

I know the costs of using the spells can be vile and destructive, but as a one time casting or in the form of an item that can perhaps be limited. It's not always souls, but I'm sure that would have stronger effects. If we could break the curse by consuming the energy of a tree or something I don't see the problem.

I don't suppose there could be a dark mana based item or spell that both protects and feeds off of against dark mana effects? Or some other workaround? There has to be a non evil way to go about this.
No. 137393 ID: 4531bc

How about anti-Shoujen magic?

No. 137475 ID: 79fd87


Get Eat Firen, and then buy the un-dousable torch and eat it. A long period of invincibility! ...the latter consequences might be... hot, but that's the price to pay for constantly regenerating health.
No. 137597 ID: cf68aa
File 126690435455.png - (10.37KB , 586x606 , 169.png )

>Dark Mana may or may not take away your soul if it is a small spell... I'm simply asking if he has any.

>"how about defensive Dark Mana spells?"

"Defensive you say? Hmm... We have only three. Ward, which can exorcise spirits. We also have Rewind which,depending on th amount of mana you put in, can rewind time itself. However it will not allow the present you to go back through time and space. It will simply put your mind into the you of before. Lastly we have Wish."

>"Okay. Is there anything that can rid one of a Dark Mana curse?"

"Heh, I thought I recognized that line. I do happen to have such a item in stock. It will cost you G 50,000"

>Dear gods... I do not have even near that amount
No. 137603 ID: e3f578

If Wish is what it is, can't you just wish this damn curse away? If not, which is actually obvious according to the tendency for the world to be more challenging than it should be (aka story tropes say so), ask the man about other means via information since we can't afford it. We may be able to afford information though.
No. 137606 ID: a85626


If I recall Cecil shanked a dark elf in the windpipe without hesitation simply because the man got in his way. Instead of just killing them, why not use their SOULS for something productive? I can't think of any negative consequences to using SOULS to accomplish your goals.
No. 137618 ID: 3416ec


Rewind sounds like a great way to correct a major mistake, a la Prince of Persia.
No. 137620 ID: 934ef5

Eech, that's alot of golds.

You know, in the stories of heroes when they can't buy what they need, they might strike a deal with the vendor and take on some quest in exchange. Of course this guy is probably more interested in coin than bartering services, but it's worth a shot.

Decide on what to purchase after asking him this, if you decide to.
No. 137629 ID: 701a19

He's a bastard.
There is no logical reason for him to keep something that costly around. His customers aren't going to have the funds to buy it, and he can't afford the level of protection a 10^4 item needs by selling 10^1 stock.

He's either lying about having it, giving it an insane markup to exploit your situation, casing you for thieves, or working for the guy who cursed you.
Well, there ARE other possibilities, but none of them are legitimate.

If you're interested, then get Alex over here to appraise it.
On the outside chance it IS legit, then you see if you can find another way to pay for it.
If it's not, then kill him and take everything - just make sure that he can't be resurrected.
No. 137637 ID: 934ef5

>kill him and take everything
Yeeeaaaahhh, I'm sure we don't want to assault the guy with the massive magical arsenal at his fingertips.
No. 137638 ID: cf68aa
File 126690804470.png - (10.81KB , 586x606 , 170.png )


>if I cannot get this item I'll buy Aer, Wind Walk, Cure All and Rune Thought.

>"I'm afraid I simply do not have enough for this item. Is there something else I can do in return for it?"

"It runs for around G50,000, a pretty hefty sum. A pretty girl like you... I'm sure I can think of something if you're interested."

he leans forword and grins again.
No. 137639 ID: 3416ec


Captain, I am detecting dangerous levels of Rape in this sector. Recommend mission abort.
No. 137641 ID: 81e500

Lean forward, knife hidden and ready.
"Oh? And what exactly are you talking about?"
No. 137646 ID: cf68aa
File 126690881362.png - (18.03KB , 586x606 , 171.png )


>"Oh? And what exactly are you talking about?"

"Nothing bad Miss. Just a simple date. A fine lady like yourself will fetch a high price at the dating service.
No. 137651 ID: 3416ec


Accept. I mean, what could possibly go wrong? :D
No. 137653 ID: 632862

>dating service

I think for a price that high, you'd think that would involve having sex with the other person. It's up to you but I'm fairly sure you wouldn't want to do it. Though, the way he phrased it did not actually imply sex. Perhaps you can get him to clarify what the dating service is about?

I think that Rune Thought spell is pretty nifty. If it works against Dart you should be able to at least level the playing field.
No. 137655 ID: 934ef5

This is so not the sort of quest I had in mind.
No. 137659 ID: 81e500

"I think I'd prefer not to. I'll just get some money in my own way, and return when I can afford it."
No. 137727 ID: 8ecfd4

Tell him that you're just not that kind of girl and buy the spells on your list. Although I would replace Rune thought with something else, Drain mana if it has to be anti mage. Sure Rune Thought makes it so they can only throw level one spells, but you said yourself that Dart has about 25 times the spell power you do, level 1 spell times 25 still equals one hell of a world of hurt.

Anyway, you can return to this place at a later time when you have the funds.
No. 137968 ID: cf68aa
File 126697078122.png - (16.07KB , 586x606 , 172.png )


>"I think I'd prefer not to. I'll just get some money in my own way, and return when I can afford it. I will however take Aer,Rune Thought, Cure All, and Wind Walk."

"Will that be all?"


"heh, I'll let you have one on the house, since you're such a pretty lady."

>"..... Thank you..."

He gets all those spell scrolls plus Mana Drain. He turns and leaves the tent.

>If he were a shop keeper I would've punched him...
No. 137972 ID: 632862

Hey! That symbol on his tent. That's the same symbol on Dart's robe!
No. 137973 ID: 8ecfd4

Petty revenge can wait until the non petty revenge has been taken care off. So now it seems like you have all you need. Lets hit a bar and look for some merc work that demands a magical touch. You need funds and the chance to try out your fancy new spells. And it gives you something to do aside from knife training, learning alchemy and getting hammered. Atleast until the blue lines vanishes completly, then it's time to fuck up Darts shit.
No. 137975 ID: d31d16

What does that tent's symbol mean anyway? If you didn't immediately freak out on sight then it must not be Dart's personal signature..
No. 137979 ID: cf68aa
File 126697207546.png - (16.90KB , 586x606 , 173.png )


>Oh, forgive me. I forgot you voices don't know much about this world. That symbol is just an eye. If worn by someone or on someplace it shows that they are above the law. No one who hasn't earned it would be foolhardy enough to wear it. If you see the other symbol, the one representing the soul, then I would have to worry. No one wears that symbol anymore except for him.

>A bar does sound nice and I may be able to get some work... Is there any other place I should visit? This City has prety much everything
No. 137980 ID: 8ecfd4

You have new spells, knives and the alchemy regents needed for acid as well as poison right? Then it sounds like you have everything you should need right now, except for more cash. So head on over to the bar and look for work, and don't get drunk. You're only allowed one mug of beer.
No. 138010 ID: 701a19

Now, aren't you guys glad we didn't try to kill him and take the counter-curse?
"Above the law" is a shorter and more diplomatic way to say "The law shits itself at the thought of taking them down".
No. 138012 ID: 8ecfd4

It can also mean that he did a very much appreciated favour to the crown. Or he has extortion materials.
No. 138017 ID: cf68aa
File 126697562234.png - (22.57KB , 586x606 , 174.png )


>Only one? Mm... I'm not in much of a drinking mood anyway.

He goes to a local bar

>There are several jobs available to civilians most of which seem to be paying quite a bit.
No. 138019 ID: 620bfb

I've got a guess but what's the 100k one?
No. 138024 ID: 1150ba

Fuck, there's dart's symbol on the wall with a job offer...
No. 138025 ID: 3a4a54

First, tear down the poster of what is certainly Nari. Secondly, what's that thing that looks like an evil goblin thingy that paying a whole lot?
No. 138026 ID: 81e500

Looks like there's a bounty out for Nari.
I'd say take the healing job. Seems safe.
After that, try the monster hunt. Pays well, and you're an able fighter.
No. 138030 ID: 701a19

I seriously doubt they're out for Nari; she's not the ONLY person in the world with long ears, and the only people who really know about her considered her useless and planned to kill her.

Besides, if that was put up there by her father then the obvious course of action is to slaughter him and claim his property for Nari by rite of combat. If other members of her clan claim it doesn't work that way, then the obvious solution is to keep killing people until they agree with your methods.
Also, this can all be filed under "Lawful Good", since it is actively countering unjust laws resulting in institutional abuse, and everybody there just LET it happen.
No. 138035 ID: 81e500

I think that it's more about the insult than the crime.
Other than that, I like the cut of you jib. Second.
No. 138040 ID: 934ef5

The healing job is for almost nothing... which tells me the ones posting it are poor and needy themselves. I say do it just because of that, perhaps don't even charge them. It would be the right thing to do, and grateful locals could prove valuable to you in other ways.
No. 138049 ID: cf68aa
File 126697760318.png - (19.81KB , 586x606 , 175.png )

He quickly tears down the poster with the Dark Elf

>I don't know if it's for Nari but it's better to be safe then sorry. It's times like these were I wish I had studied Elvish. Now, the remaining jobs are Heal a Unkown Illness, Bring Peace Between the Catfolk and the Tigerfolk, Slay a Dragon, Assist some Fairies, and Explore the Ruins of The School of Magic, which is the one that is partially covered.. Who in their right mind would use such a symbol these days?
No. 138059 ID: cf68aa
File 126697806972.png - (8.54KB , 392x606 , 176.png )


>Let's see.. It reads We need someone to heal our Heir. If anyone can perform even the slightest bit of healing magic please come to our area. We reside in the forest of Lucerin.

>That forest is near the Light Elves Forest...
No. 138065 ID: 81e500

You got Cure All. Go for it.
No. 138068 ID: 701a19

Look at the other ones first. They haven't posted a reward and light elves are dicks, so they might be looking to sacrifice casters with healing magic to power a Dark Mana healing spell.
Or they might just compensate you poorly for your work. Either way...

Among us are skilled diplomats and negotiators. Achieving peace is a reasonable goal.

Does it specifically demand that the dragon be slain, or do they simply wish to be rid of it? Sometimes there are alternative options that work out better for everybody.

We can't speak of the fairies, since we don't know what they need.
No. 138086 ID: 934ef5

The price on that dragon is obscured, check it out. Getting all the details there is also important even if we don't do it right away.
No. 138093 ID: cf68aa
File 126698008069.png - (13.42KB , 392x606 , 177.png )


>Going clockwise from the topleft Slay the Dragon! We at Resad have been plauged by this vile beast for the last time! If anyone can slay it our leader will pay you personally!

>Peace Between Us, I am tired of our two cities fighting! If anyone wants to help bring them together be at this bar at 3

>Search the Ruins, Hello, I need someone to help me look through the ruins of the old School of Magic. It will be a great experiene for the two of us and you may keep whatever you find.

>Help the Fairies. We need mana! We're running low on Mana crystals and if anyone can help us with some spells we'de appreciate it!

No. 138098 ID: 6faa8c

Ruins! Ruins!
No. 138119 ID: 632862

How much of a reward is killing that dragon?

I think we should do the medical one first regardless, but the dragonslaying might be something to do afterwards.
No. 138125 ID: 934ef5

>Peace Between Us
This may or may not be quick or easy, but the location and time to meet is convenient. Worth checking out.

>Help the Fairies
Doesn't sound difficult, but I'm not sure with magic enough to be sure. What sort of spells are needed? Do we just fetch them some crystals or what? If it's easy and in the light elf forest we could do this and the healing at the same time.

>Search the Ruins
Unknown risks and rewards here... but we may find something, perhaps items of power and value. If we are lucky it will sell for enough to cover the curse removal. If we are less lucky it will help us slay the dragon. If we are unlucky we find nothing but junk. Worth a shot I think.

>Slay the Dragon
If we gotta, we gotta. Let's at least be sure we can buy a full assortment of magic and equipment before venturing to do this.
No. 138191 ID: a85626
File 126698765544.png - (22.97KB , 987x607 , uh oh.png )

No. 138200 ID: 934ef5

Oh uh... does that more to implicate the poster or the place to be explored? If the ruins have something to do with him it may be of specific advantage... if the poster is HIM that would be very bad.

That seems unlikely though... I think?
No. 138204 ID: 445c48

You said
>No one wears that symbol anymore except for him.

Was this symbol big before? There's a chance that the ruins of this school of magic are just old, ruined before the symbol went out of fashion or whatever.

Alternatively, poster is bad man
No. 138211 ID: cf68aa
File 126699049691.png - (13.93KB , 586x606 , 178.png )


>I think I'll take the peace keeping job. It seems simple and it won't require much travel. After I get some more funds I'll try for the dragon one.

>That symbol was the one used by the School of Magic before King Ra----------------------
No. 138213 ID: cf68aa
File 126699072199.png - (16.00KB , 418x606 , 179.png )

>Oh Cecil, thank you so much for saving me.

>Would you... Be my Soul Partner?

>You will! Thank you!

>Let's bind our souls together....
No. 138222 ID: 79fd87

Hello again! I'm sorry if we're intruding on something... should we come back later?
No. 138225 ID: 81e500

Hey Nari, this might not be the best time, but there seems to be a 100000G bounty on your head.
No. 138227 ID: 934ef5

You should be careful where you leave that stone, if you want privacy keep it further away.
No. 138228 ID: 701a19

{Manifesting ourselves in her dream, taking the form of whatever she'd consider a Guardian, besides Cecil}

"Hello, Nari."
No. 138230 ID: 934ef5

Would that work? I think if we could enter her dreams, we'd see them already...
No. 138245 ID: cf68aa
File 126699244369.png - (17.07KB , 407x606 , 180.png )


>Oh! H-Hey Guardians. Uhm... You weren't intruding I was just.. Taking my Midday Nap.
No. 138247 ID: 701a19

Not necessarily. Doing something and being able to do something are two different things.

Nari, we need you to listen.
Stay inside, don't answer the door, don't go anyplace where you could be seen from a window.
Cecil has found that somebody has a large bounty out for a Dark Elf, but he can't read it to find out which Dark Elf they want captured or killed.

He will bring it to you for you to read once he can, but you need to hide until he can protect you.
No. 138248 ID: 81e500

Don't worry, we won't tell anyone :3c
However, you should stay inside, and away from windows.
Your father is after you. Dead or Alive.
No. 138256 ID: 701a19

No, that's what we fear. We don't know who the target is, who is hiring them, or what exactly they are being hired to do.
We are being cautious, not panicked.
No. 138258 ID: cf68aa
File 126699711830.png - (14.06KB , 407x606 , 181.png )


>Th-Thanks. Just don't tell Cecil...

>My Father wants me back?

No. 138262 ID: 632862

We don't know. He could just want you dead, or that poster could be for someone else. We have no details; the text is in Elvish and Cecil can't read it. Hide and wait until he brings it back.
No. 138265 ID: 701a19


We cannot promise that as we are not a single united being, but it is very likely that if he is told then it would be when it does the most to bring you two together.

The reward is 100,000G, and he was planning on killing you.
If it IS him, then he either wants you to suffer a horrible death or be returned so he can personally inflict a horrible death upon you.

Also, if it is him then we have little choice but to kill him and anybody who would honor his bounty. We are sorry, but your safety is a priority.
No. 138266 ID: c0f3bf

Yeah. It's very unlikely he feels remorse.
No. 138267 ID: a85626

Yes he wants you back and he loves you very much. He told me personally, with tears in his eyes, how much he loves his daughter and wants to reunite with her to live in peace and harmony forever more. He is so, so sorry.
No. 138269 ID: cf68aa
File 126700117936.png - (15.00KB , 407x606 , 182.png )


>N-No... There has to be some other reason... He would never k-kill me...

>Y-Yeah! That has to be it! He's sorry and he wants me back! And he's even willing to pay so much money!
No. 138270 ID: 632862

No. That was a lie that voice just told you.

You weren't awake when Cecil rescued you. You were going to be executed by Soul Petrification.

If that poster is of you, he wants you back so he can kill you, Cecil, and Alex.
No. 138277 ID: a85626

I'm a horrible person.
No. 138278 ID: 701a19

Can you distinguish individual voices?
I hope so.

Not all of the voices here are friendly. Some are mean, and some are even outright evil. We are good at our job because we can consider and reconsider countless options at once, and sometimes it's the most evil voices who can plot the right course.

I place great value on honesty and staying unbiased. When I speak to you I will not comfort you with lies or delusions, but my words will be as true as I can make them.

Your father was preparing to execute you via Soul Petrification when Cecil rescued you. I have observed no actions that support your belief that he cares for you, but many suggesting that he has a profound dislike for you.

You should know that Cecil was horrified by your father's actions, and was sorely tempted to kill him.

Here, I will pass some of our memories on to you:

"I want you to turn her ear into stone."

>Never since when I faced Dart have I wanted to kill someone.


>I feel horrible....

>"Do you want me to kill him?"


>"Sorry Sir, even if you brought an alchemist we cannot let you in. They are holding a execution today and it is forbidden for any outsider to enter."
>"Our Lords' daughter was caught trying to escape. She said she was just stepping out for a bit but she had a bookbag with several of her personal belongings. She has been sentenced to death by Soul Petrification. It will be carried out in thirty minutes or so. After that you are free to enter."

>He runs to the center building. The same guard is still sleeping in the same position it was sleeping in before. He sneaks inside and goes to the center room. The leader is their along with a giant metalic box


>"I'm here for the girl! Your daughter!"

"What!? Why does she concern you?"

>"I can't stand by and let this innocent girl get killed!"

"She is of my own flesh and blood. What I do to her is none of your concern"

>"You do not care for her, why should what happens to her be any of YOURS?"

"She is my daughter, I control what happens to her!"

>"Any real man would never harm a girl"


>"Now, If you value your life release her"

"Heh. She's in the box. But can only be opened with a powerful spell. I suppose you could open being a wizard but it would take all your mana, including the bit you need to maintain that seal for the curse on you"

>"Or you could open it for me. See, as it stands, I have control over the situation; you can't move, if you call for guards I can just take you hostage, and I could kill you at my leisure. Also, I didn't come unprepared."
>Thank the gods... She's still alive.
>"Before I go I want you to know that you daughter has her own life and own soul, she is not just a statue he can create and destroy or a toy you can play with then discard once it becomes boring.You are a sick man and a terrible leader."


That is what I can share with you. The words of Cecil and your father, images, and Cecil's thoughts at the time.
I am sorry, but there is no comfort for you here.
No. 138282 ID: 8ecfd4

Sorry to say but your father doesn't actually feel a thing for you. You were important to him so long as you obeyed him.

Once you started doing things for yourself he saw you as nothing but a burden. Now he only wants you back so he can restore his honour. Which would be done by killing you. Going back to him is something that would never work.

By the way, just out of curiosity. Can a soul binding be revoked afterwards or is it something that will stay forever?
No. 138290 ID: 701a19

I think it's safe to assume it's permanent.
The question I have is if it's one of those one-dies-all-die things.
No. 138464 ID: cf68aa
File 126707526918.png - (15.86KB , 407x606 , 183.png )


>..... Okay... I'll stay hidden...

>Cecil... My knight in shining armor... Please come back soon.
No. 138469 ID: a85626

I made her cry. It was me.
No. 138484 ID: 81e500

Don't worry, Cecil will be here soon, and he'll protect you. So will Alex.
No. 138492 ID: cf68aa
File 12670818759.png - (19.32KB , 670x606 , 184.png )

>It's already 3:15.... Where is this person?
No. 138493 ID: 934ef5

Next to you?
No. 138494 ID: 632862

Is it the thief? Also keep tabs on your orb, please.
No. 138495 ID: 632862

Ask him "Did you put up a help wanted poster?"

Don't tell him which one it was. Let him give you that information.
No. 138496 ID: 81e500

He's probably next to you.
You should hurry and get back to the room, Nari is worried.
No. 138497 ID: cf68aa
File 126708261075.png - (20.79KB , 670x606 , 185.png )

>Yeah that's the theif... I'll make sure the orb is well secured. He doesn't seem to notice me though.

>"Excuse me."

"..... Oi! You're tha priest fella from before! How'd tha lich fing go? You manage to seal it?"

>"Unfortunatly not. The sealing spell is quite expensive so I've taken several odd jobs to help pay. Where you the one who put the poster up?"

"Who me? Naw. I figgered I should get me some money 'fore I head out. Stea- Finding stuff ain't so easy so I came here to get some work. Whatcha doin?"

>"A peace keeping mission."

"Nu uh! I'm doin the same one! Weird ain't it?"

>Oh joy...
No. 138500 ID: 81e500

Team up!
Then gattai!
He'll form the arms!
Nari will form the legs!
Alex will form the body!
And you'll form the head!
No. 138525 ID: 8ecfd4

Well atleast now you have a scapegoat if it all goes shit.

And bring along Alex, she is a catfolk so she might be good to have along for convincing and understanding their side.
No. 138550 ID: 701a19

... or it might show bias.
She may or may not have an easier time convincing catfolk to accept an agreement, but that's still a risky proposition.

Cecil, take the first chance you get to head back to Nari and decipher the note. She's been informed of the danger, but she spent a lot of time exposed before the risk was known. Oh, and Sir Gawain spoke to her. I don't know how trustworthy he is in this.

Actually, would it be possible to send Alex to Nari with the note and more her to a new location? I get the feeling that Alex is more than capable of making Nari look different enough that she won't match the description.
No. 138560 ID: 8ecfd4

Oh, forgot about Nari. It's probably for the best to send Alex back to her with the note and then have Alex keep her company.

The poor girl doesn't really have anyone but you and Alex right now Cecil. And it must be awefully lonely when the two of you are out on town.
No. 138932 ID: cf68aa
File 126716624688.png - (17.48KB , 576x544 , 186.png )


>Heh, I am one step ahead of you voices. I sent Alexis out earlier. She should arrive at the base soon.

>I truly hope Nari isn't wanted...

>Gawain you say? He is a member of the Royal Army, a very trustworthy fellow.... Wait.. How did you know he went to go see Nari?

"So wha brings a fella like you ta the City of Resad? Not very offen we get holy peoples."
No. 138935 ID: 11df9c

"Well, I'm recuperating from a defeat by the forces of evil, and I need to get a little lost, without actually getting lost."
No. 138939 ID: 701a19

Well, I suppose there's no harm in telling.
Alex created a gem to spy on you, but all it can do is provide a conduit for us to speak with its holder. Nari is currently holding it, and we are thankful for that.
Oh, and Alex was justified doing it. You were acting like a raving lunatic at the time and she was worried about you.
We'll ask her to make another so we can communicate with all three of you. We can only talk with one person at a time, but even so it's incredibly useful.

Oh, and "You think we carry horrible artifacts around every day? No, I'm trying to keep from being found. I'm sure you can sympathize."
No. 138945 ID: cf68aa
File 126716742591.png - (14.64KB , 511x453 , 187.png )


"I am protecting a highly powerful cursed object. I needed a place where no one would think to look."

>I would prefer she didn't do such a thing... Well I suppose it would make things easier to have a three way communication... So long as they can't read my thoughts. and please don't tell her any of my secrets hmm?

"Only 2?"


they both turn to see a tiger girl standing near the doorway.

"I guess you two'll be good enough."

R.J. "Oi, was that supposed to mean?"

"Nuthin. You two ready?"

>Is there any last minute things I should pick up before I go?
No. 138948 ID: 701a19

She can't, and we'll generally keep your thoughts private.

...although in the interest of full disclosure, we replayed some of them for Nari when she thought the bounty meant her father wanted to apologize. She's quite taken with you, and your thoughts helped us convince her otherwise.
It was distasteful, but necessary.

I can't think of anything else to do. Go with her, we'll check on Nari.
No. 138956 ID: cf68aa
File 126716902457.png - (15.10KB , 414x598 , 188.png )


>Okay. Please keep her safe. I'll call you back when we g------------------------------------------------------------------------

>Guardians? I sense you're back. Excuse me I was changing, just don't look right here for a second.

>I've covered up all the windows and locked the door. No one can get in easily now.
No. 138958 ID: 11df9c

Good girl.
Sadly, Cecil has some business to take care of first, but shouldn't take long, and Alex will be here soon.
Just hold tight for awhile and you'll be fine.
Is there some way of quickly escaping, though? You should always have a way to retreat.
If you need to run, put on a cloak, and go to the tavern.
No. 138962 ID: 701a19

We needed to make sure nothing had happened to you, but since things seem to be ok for now I wouldn't worry. For now, put on one of Alex's robes on top of your clothes.
After that, can you give us a quick sketch of the area you've blocked off, showing doors, windows, and windows you're sure you could fit through?
No. 138966 ID: cf68aa
File 126717098887.png - (13.07KB , 702x559 , 189.png )


>Okay. I think she has a spare robe lying around somewhere...

>Ah, here's a mini map of the place. All the windows are in red and I can fit through all of them. If worse come to worse I can run into the bathroom and go through the little one near the top.
No. 138967 ID: 701a19

Ok, good. Do you know where each of the windows and doors lead?
Are you on ground level or above it?
Do you know any magic
What other abilities do you have?

Yes, I know this is a lot of questions. Take your time to answer them.
No. 138973 ID: cf68aa
File 126717237448.png - (14.96KB , 417x559 , 190.png )


>This place is kinda like a small cabin so all the exits lead outside. The bar is only a short run away.

>Spells? Uhm... Most of my magic deals with souls or using my own as a tool. I haven't been able to master any of them though...

>I'm sorry, I'm not very useful huh?
No. 138975 ID: 701a19

On the contrary, you're unbelievably useful. Unfortunately, your skills aren't exactly suited for this kind of situation.

[Can we get details on what these spells do? Also, are spells reversible, such as reversing open small locks to lock a small lock?]
No. 138978 ID: 632862

I dunno about that. That magic type is pretty unique. At least, humans can't use it.
No. 138984 ID: cf68aa
File 126717384829.png - (19.02KB , 589x601 , 191.png )


>Thanks. I wish now that I'd learned combat magic though...

Soul Bind- Binds the targets soul to the user allowing them to share the same life span.
Soul Lock-Places a small portion of ones soul near box or other such objects and prevents anyone from opening it. Soul piece can be retrieved.
Soul Slash-Allows the user to force their soul into a small focused point on their fingertip. It is very sharp and can cut through most things non magical.
Soul Block-Allows ones soul to form a thin shield around their body.
Soul Heal-Repairs damage done to souls.

>Only us Dark Elves have these things. There's a bunch more, even spells to make new souls but I don't have them... They can only be gained through wisdom and experience. Like all the other races we can learn elemental magic but none of the other two. Humans seem to be the only ones who can learn all of them but never master them. they just don't live as long.
No. 138986 ID: 701a19

Well, I suppose we'll just have to get you, Cecil, and Alex all together in a soulbind then, won't we?
Soul Slash and Soul Block are actually pretty useful if something goes wrong.

This next question is a bit harder, since you seem to be so innocent...
Would you be able to kill a person if we told you to?
No. 139008 ID: 8ecfd4

You know those are all quite useful things. You know Cecil might need a soul heal. He has gone through quite a few terrible things lately and there is a curse eating away at his sense of identity.

And you know I think I know why elves dislike human and elf unions. As you said yourself, a human that lives long enough should be able to master all schools of magic. That would create one incredibly powerful human, especially with the way these things can be combined, and if you add in dark mana to the mix you would get an individual that could pretty much do anything.

Which could be an explanation to how Cecils foe got so very powerful. Say Nari, I need to know three things. First of all, is there any way for a third party to break a soul bind? And second of all, is there a way to make a soul bind permanent, no matter how hard or dangerous it is? And if it can be made permanent is there any way to break it then?
No. 139011 ID: 701a19

An unrelated question:
Nari, do you love Cecil or are you in love with Cecil?
Does the fact that his body is fully female change anything? Do you care one way or the other if he stays female or reverts to male?
What kind of love do you feel for Alex?

Yes, I'm gathering information to help you with your love. It seems as good a way as any to pass the time, since Cecil is doing boring things and we need to talk to Alex when she shows up.
No. 139025 ID: 632862

Actually she's said already she doesn't care about gender.
No. 139029 ID: 701a19

I seem to recall her saying it doesn't bother her, but that's not at all the same as saying it doesn't matter.
No. 139035 ID: 632862

>So long as the feelings are true gender shouldn't be an issue. At least that's what i think.
No. 139038 ID: 701a19

Basically the same thing. Not having a dislike of one is not the same as not having a preference.
I want to know if she would rather he be male or female, or if it doesn't matter. It affects the decisions we make.
No. 139059 ID: a85626


Way to spoil the party bucko. Now we'll never live it down.
No. 139063 ID: 701a19

I'm not sure what you mean. Could you elaborate?
I thought it was pretty clear I'm trying to get the party started. In several ways.
No. 139066 ID: 701a19

Hmm... I have an idea.

Nari, would you object to having a fake eye until we can get you a real one?
It would help your disguise, and we can have Alex join it to Cecil too so we can guard you as well. Also, it would be less likely to be lost or stolen than a carried gem.
No. 139111 ID: a85626


She was supposed to keep thinking Cecil was a guy until a sudden and very embarassing unveiling. Haven't you watched any anime?


She doesn't want an eye already. It's no big deal. Don't promise anything until you know you can deliver. A fake eye is a good idea though, just for the purposes of disguise...
No. 139112 ID: e9a4f7
File 126721387216.png - (12.66KB , 683x440 , 192.png )

>SO many voices all at once O_o.

>Uhm... Where do I start?
>Well... I'm not sure I could k... Kill someone. I just can't... Sorry.

>And there's no magical means of breaking a Soul Bind. There are indirect means though like making someone fall out of love with the person their bound to. There is sucha thing as a permanent one but the Elders say it requires a act of love to seal it. They wouldn't tell me what it was, they said I needed to be older, even though I'm not a kid anymore.

>And..... Wait.... Cecil is a girl?
>......... Huh....
>I don't mind. I still love her anyway. Gender is not important to me. Is he a she forever or is it until the curse is removed? I think I can reverse it...

>I love Cecil so much, Miss Alex.. She's kinda like a big sister to me ^_^ I love her to.

>A fake eye? I have two eyes just the other one's kinda... Messed up. I can't see through it and it looks funny.
No. 139113 ID: 701a19

Somebody already let that slip.

I promised to try, nothing more. If we can't get her a real eye, then she can still use a fake one.
Also, disguise is secondary to the real intent. Alex can make the fake eye another stone like the one Nari is holding. Then we could check on her whenever we like and wherever she may be, and pass messages back and forth between them.

Hopefully Alex knows a way to bind her stones to flesh so that it can't pop out and get lost.
If not then we're going to have to rely on Nari's socket. Worse still, preventing Alex's stone or Cecil's orb from being lost, again, would basically require that they be implanted - messy and unpleasant.
No. 139114 ID: 701a19

[ FFFFFFFFFF... This is the problem with people deleting posts. Retcons mess-up continuity. :| ]

It's a Dark Mana curse that's corrupting his mind and body, but if you can fix it then you'll save Cecil far more than he saved you.
Although Alex seems to be in love with girl-Cecil, even though she tells herself it's not true.
Do you think you could change things so that he shifts between the two genders? Like on a monthly basis or something?

If your eye is useless, then would you be upset if it were, um, removed? I don't know if that would make it harder to heal or not, but it would be an excellent disguise and let us talk with you at any time.
No. 139116 ID: 8ecfd4

Cecil is a man. It's just that he has a curse on him that among other things changes his gender. If you want to be nice to him then continue to think of him as a man. And he would be very happy if you could remove the curse, but before it's taken away there is something he has to do.

And making the soul bind permanent seems rather easy. You will find out what it is in time, I don't want to spoil the surprise. But the reason I asked is because the on who cursed Cecil seem to have lived alot longer than humans normally do and mastered alot of magic.
No. 139393 ID: cf68aa
File 12672472583.png - (18.97KB , 670x606 , 192.png )


>A Dark Mana spell? Those are the most foul things ever... They feed off of souls of living beings... I'm not sure If I can reverse that now. But even so I will still call him him.

>I'm sorry but... I really don't want what's left of my eye cut out.. Sorry.

...the reason I asked is because the on who cursed Cecil seem to have lived alot longer than humans normally do and mastered alot of magic.

>No elf would ever bind with someone so evil. If he is immortal it is probably either more Dark Mana or he gained the Red Tincture.

...making the soul bind permanent seems rather easy. You will find out what it is in time

>??? It's a kiss isn't it?
No. 139396 ID: 632862

It's... probably more than a kiss.
No. 139398 ID: 11df9c

Red Tincture?
Do tell, please.
Any information would be useful.
No. 139403 ID: e3f578

A kiss, haha so innocent. I've got to tease you, it involves nudity. And don't think that no elf wouldn't bond with a man so evil. If mankind is capable of evil, so are elves. And this soul binding elf might be attracted to evil as much as your attracted to Cecil for being good.

There's all types of reasons to love somebody that don't occur to you. Remain open-minded. Don't let your previous lifestyle of isolation and your conceptions cloud your mind, you're not in your quaint, self-reliant village anymore.
No. 139409 ID: 701a19

>A Dark Mana spell? Those are the most foul things ever... They feed off of souls of living beings... I'm not sure If I can reverse that now. But even so I will still call him him.

That would help him immensely, and I suppose we can always hope that the curse will end on its own once his body has changed.

>I'm sorry but... I really don't want what's left of my eye cut out.. Sorry.

Completely understandable.
I wonder if it's possible to work with what's left... Would you object to using magic to alter your eye? Maybe shaping what's there so it appears normal? Possibly putting the stone in that to keep its shape?
I know it's not a pleasant thought, but you having a connection stone that couldn't be lost or stolen would let all of us worry less.

...Although I suppose it could be hidden somewhere else; inside your arm, replacing a tooth if you have one missing, etc...

Again, this is not a pleasant subject, but our worry for you outweighs our reluctance.
No. 139410 ID: cf68aa
File 12672491789.png - (3.82KB , 192x477 , 193.png )


>The Red Tincture, The Fifth Element, The Philosopher's stone. It's one of the mot powerful magical objects out there. Though I've only heard of two people making one, both humans. L who is said to have lived for over five hundred years and his master The Philosopher. I doubt Dart has one of these and if he does he's goig to be impossible to beat...

>But if they're evil why fall in love with them? I don't get it....

>And why would I get naked to kiss!?
No. 139418 ID: 701a19

Hrm... How to explain this...
Nari, think about how you would feel if you were naked in public.
Now think about how you would feel if you were naked in front of Cecil, and possibly Alex.
And if they were naked as well?

Nudity is vulnerability, and it's an act of trust to let others see you naked.

Also, it's not kissing.

On a related note, do you know where babies come from?
No. 139432 ID: 934ef5

Guys, we REALLY don't need to go here. Just let her be, jeeze.

Hun, just don't worry about it ok?
No. 139434 ID: a85626


>> They feed off of souls of living beings

Sounds like Soul Heal might be good for that.
No. 139436 ID: 701a19

I'm planning on wrapping that up shortly, since explaining the ways of the world to her is best done by those with whom she would share the experience.
No. 139452 ID: cf68aa
File 126725241877.png - (12.29KB , 439x594 , 194.png )


>Naked... In front of Cecil and Alex? ///

>And yeah I know where they come from. Babies come from the spirits that reside within this earth ^_^

>I'm feeling a little safer. I'll call you bak when Alex is here kay?
No. 139453 ID: cf68aa
File 126725251316.png - (23.44KB , 793x604 , 195.png )

R.J."Oi! are we there yet? I'm tired -_-"

"We haven't even been walking for an hour..."

"I'm still tired! Anyone got any water?"

>Gods alive... All this boy has been doing is complaining...
No. 139454 ID: 11df9c

It's his hat!
It's a complaint hat!
No. 139456 ID: 701a19

Tell him that he needs people to think he's a seasoned adventurer, so he needs to act the part.
Yea, it's not pleasant, but seasoned adventurers are tough enough that it doesn't bother them.

Don't say it as an insult, say it as friendly advice.
No. 139459 ID: e3f578

"Keep it professional, Tophat. You'll get tired trying to keep the peace as well, then you'll die because someone against us noticed an opening."
No. 139460 ID: 934ef5

"Quiet down or I'm blasting your hat so high it'll never come down."
No. 139479 ID: cf68aa
File 126725683290.png - (13.82KB , 460x604 , 196.png )

>"I understand you're tired but you need to stay alert. If someone were after us they would strike at the first sign of weakness."

"I suppose you're right... I jus don't like bein out in the sun to long ya know?"
No. 139481 ID: 701a19

What's that over his shoulder? It sure doesn't look like a rock..
No. 139491 ID: cf68aa
File 126725841129.png - (15.38KB , 460x604 , 197.png )


>Hmm? What are you-

No. 139493 ID: cf68aa
File 126725856455.png - (9.46KB , 460x604 , 198.png )

>A Soulless!
No. 139495 ID: 11df9c

Hold on.
First thing, ask the hirer what she wants you to do.
There's a small chance this is what she's negotiating with.
Or are Soulless insentient?
No. 139499 ID: cf68aa
File 126725980555.png - (26.72KB , 802x604 , 199.png )


>If she were working with these things she'd be arrested on the spot! The Soulless are just empty shells, remnants of the School of Magic that have hung around clinging to life. they live only to eat souls and just one touch will let them rip your soul out.

>This one right here is the second one ever discovered The Creeper. It slinks across flat surfaces waiting for someone to walk by so it can pop out. It's arms can extend quite far.

>What's worse, they can only be hurt with light magic and nothing but it's symbol,the thing that looks like a H, can be damaged.

>Simply put, we're kinda screwed.
No. 139504 ID: 934ef5

I don't suppose Aer can carry it off, can you use wind walk to effect all of you? Is it magically animated so Mana Drain could possibly disable it?
No. 139505 ID: 632862

They can't be hurt by anything but Light magic... but can you Seal it or lift it off the ground with Gravity, or use Air magic to blow it away?

If you can't kill it, make it go away.
No. 139534 ID: 701a19

Or, if it's immune to non-light magic, you can use gravity to gouge a hole out under it and bury it.

Either way, put some distance between you and it.

Also, your 'buddy' might see this as a chance to get rid of a 'lich'. Careful about that.
No. 139558 ID: b14128

...Um... If none of these clever ideas are going to work, run away? No point in fighting a battle you can't win.
No. 139600 ID: cf68aa
File 126730567126.png - (16.92KB , 802x604 , 200.png )


>of course!

He casts Seal around the Creepers' symbol. It is now locked inside.

>That was a good idea. However it is only temp. If I leave it alone the monster 'will' escape and try to attack other innocents. Should I continue on with my quest anyway?

"Oi, if your a cleric or whateva shouldn't you be able to do some light magic or somethin?"
No. 139626 ID: a64482

Sigh. "No, they sent someone who was expendable."
No. 139632 ID: 701a19

This, but also mention you were picked because of your seals.
Then use gravity to bury it deep underground and mark the spot with something to identify what's buried there (Maybe its symbol?), and say that you'll send word about it.

... OR you could take i with you and reinforce the seal as needed, then you could take it to somebody who can destroy it properly. If need be, you could also throw it at an enemy and dissolve the seal.
... Actually, that might be a decent way to deal with Dart...
No. 139634 ID: 11df9c

You are a devious bastard.
I like your style.
No. 139637 ID: 2eac65

"My light magic is bound up in a temporary sealing spell. I won't be able to use it until the ritual is complete."
No. 139652 ID: cf68aa
File 126731163078.png - (8.52KB , 339x323 , 201.png )

>"-sigh- No they sent someone who was expendable. All I can do well is sealing spells."

"Oooh okay."

>"Let's keep going before more pop up"

Without hesitation the two continue on. Cecil quickly take the soulless and stuffs it into his cloak pocket

>I'd rather not carry such a terrible creature but he may prove useful later. I need to keep it under constant watch though. One mistake can prove fatal.
No. 139661 ID: 8ecfd4

Is thera any way to make the sealing last longer?
No. 139669 ID: 701a19

Remember, it just needs to last until you find somebody capable of destroying the thing.

Sadly, I think you'd probably be in deep shit if you actually used it on anything BUT Dart...
No. 139894 ID: cf68aa
File 126733583628.png - (22.90KB , 668x599 , 202.png )


>No there isn't anything I can do other then keep it under constant watch. If I simply reseal it once a day it should be fine.

>If I get the chance I will use this to kill Dart...

"Well thanks anyway mister"


No. 139895 ID: cf68aa
File 126733586864.png - (17.56KB , 543x518 , 203.png )


>We won't speak of what happened.

They soon arrive at the city.

??? "Sorry about what happened earlier. Uhm... We don't have any rooms ready for you so if you could just wait right here I'll go talk to the leader."

She leaves

R.J. "??? If they sent out these here jobs then why you figger they don't 'ave any rooms ready?"

>... Good question.
No. 139899 ID: 701a19

Proceed with caution, but in the meantime check out the shops in the area.
If they sell magic, then snag a light spell. You need to be able to kill that thing if it gets loose.
No. 139900 ID: 632862

They didn't know how many people would be helping, if any. Who knows, the notice might have been up for weeks with nobody volunteering.
No. 139911 ID: cf68aa
File 126733757980.png - (13.36KB , 543x518 , 204.png )


>Hmm... I might just be acting paranoid. I'm sure there must be a magic store around.

They both walk a bit and find a store similar to the one in Resad.

"Welcome to my store nya. Is there anything I can get you?"

>"Do you have any light spells?"

"Of course nya. Which kind? We have Minor Light, Sun Burst and Holy."

>"How much are each of them?"

"Minor Light is G 2 while Sun Burst is G 25 and Holy is G 500
No. 139913 ID: 632862

Yikes. That's expensive! Well, get Minor Light I guess, since it's all you can afford.

Ask if Sun Burst does damage.
No. 139914 ID: 11df9c

Minor Light for now, after the job, come back and get something bigger.
No. 139916 ID: 701a19

Put the soulless up on the counter and say.
"Well, I can't afford sun burst, so do you think you could do something about this for me?"

You can always catch another soulless. Putting yourself in a position to haggle down a shopkeep is totally worth it.
No. 139917 ID: 701a19

I get the feeling that "Minor Light" does basically the same thing as a torch, and is not a combat spell.
No. 139918 ID: 632862

Still useful. At 2 gold it's also dirt cheap.
No. 139921 ID: 701a19

Oh, no denying that, but I'm pretty damn sure that somebody who consumes souls for power is going to have some soulless bodies around, and being able to do more than mildly irritate their vision sounds like a good idea.
No. 139924 ID: cf68aa
File 126733889153.png - (13.43KB , 543x518 , 205.png )

>Okay then. Holy would be so useful though and this store seems cheaper then the I Shop. Minor Light does what it says and produces a small light. It can be shot out however and deal some minor light damage.

>"Miss. The reason I need the spell is to deal with a dark creature. Is there anyway you could take care of it yourself?"

"Of course. the fee is G 10 nya."

>I'm almost broke right now and would like to save whatever I have left. I think maybe I should save my gold until after my quest.

"You know it's not everyday someone new comes around nya. I think you two are the first humans I've seen in a while. And I see pretty much any new face that comes in town."
No. 139929 ID: 701a19

Well, we're not going to destroy a useful thing like a soul-eating monster without getting something out of it, let alone pay for it. Pass on that.

How much gold do you have? If it's more than 2 then you're buying Minor Light. Trust us that a time will come where you will be thrilled that you did.

Tell her you heard about some kind of conflict with a neighboring town, and wanted to find out more about it. She doesn't need to know you're here for the job.
No. 139949 ID: cf68aa
File 126734120982.png - (13.54KB , 543x518 , 206.png )


>... Huh. I actually am broke. And I still own Alex for the bra.

>"Well I just heard there was a conflict with this city and another one nearby. Do you know anything about it?"

"Nya? Conflict? We haven't had any trouble in a while."
No. 139957 ID: 701a19

"No trouble with the catkin? That's strange, I came here because there was a job listing titled 'Bring Peace Between the Catfolk and the Tigerfolk', and it said 'I am tired of our two cities fighting! If anyone wants to help bring them together be at this bar at 3'...
But if there IS no conflict..."

Prepare to kill people. Lots of people. Hope you don't have to, of course, but be prepared to do it.
No. 139963 ID: cf68aa
File 126734217110.png - (16.31KB , 536x381 , 207.png )


>".... No conflict? With Catfolk? None at all?"


??? comes up behind them

"Hey guys, I got that room for you"
No. 139964 ID: 632862

Inquire as to what the job is about exactly while backing away from them.
No. 139966 ID: 701a19

Ask for her to explain how you can bring peace if there isn't a conflict.

Be ready to cast a Seal on her.
No. 139974 ID: cf68aa
File 126734292388.png - (9.33KB , 445x595 , 208.png )


>"Uhm, I'm rather confused about the job. You want us to bring peace where there is no conflict?"

"I'll explain it all in the room."

>"I'd rather not go."

"I insist."

>What shou--------------------------------------

>Guardians? Are you there? There's someone knocking at the door....
No. 139977 ID: 11df9c

Ask who it is, don't open the door.
No. 139978 ID: a85626


You know Cecil needs us to make some important decisions. You've got to make sure to only summon us to your aid when you need



No. 139980 ID: cf68aa
File 12673434863.png - (12.29KB , 445x595 , 209.png )




>"Who is it...?"

"It's me Alex. Can you unlock the door?"

>It sounds like her but... I don't know. I think I'm becoming paranoid.
No. 139981 ID: a85626


"Can't you unlock the door yourself?"
No. 139984 ID: a85626

Remember your exit strategies. Least likely to get grabbed if you lock yourself in the bathroom first. They may have sentries at the windows. Be ready to jump out fighting.
No. 139985 ID: 701a19

Oh, it's Alex. Well, probably.

Hide where they can't see you when they open the door, and don't respond.
It could be Alex, or it could be an illusion of Alex. No sense letting them know until after you know.
No. 139986 ID: 11df9c

Unlock the door, don't open it.
Go to the bathroom.
No. 139987 ID: 701a19

No! Don't respond! Don't let them know you're there!
If it's somebody using an illusion of Alex then you don't want them to know you're here!
No. 139989 ID: 632862

Ask for the password.
No. 139990 ID: cf68aa
File 126734405637.png - (11.80KB , 445x595 , 210.png )


She unlocks the door then runs into the bathroom. She turns off all the lights. After a minute the front door opens

"Nari? Where are you?"
No. 139992 ID: 632862

Okay, poke the crystal shard under the door to see if we can 'see' behind it.
No. 139993 ID: 11df9c

Open the door a crack, see if it's Alex.
No. 139994 ID: 701a19

Well, since she's still talking it's probably not an illusion. Open the door and check outside, but be prepared to cast Soul Slash.
No. 139995 ID: 701a19

It doesn't work that way. We see our host, not from our stone.
No. 139997 ID: 632862

We can see things our host cannot. It stands to reason we aren't just seeing through their eyes.
No. 139998 ID: 701a19

If Alex has her hood up, ask her to pull it down.
Oh, also, if you soulbind to somebody then can you sense where they are?
No. 140000 ID: 701a19

We've seen ourselves, too. We're not looking through the stone.
No. 140003 ID: 632862

WHAT are we seeing through then? If it's just a general 'area' around the stone or the host, then this could work. Stop trying to discount my ideas.
No. 140004 ID: cf68aa
File 126734470181.png - (14.69KB , 445x595 , 211.png )


She combines the two and opens the door a tiny bit then throws the stone out. Someone picks it up

>?? that's where you were. But where's Nari mya? I thought I heard her...
No. 140010 ID: 701a19

So it's really you? Ok, she's in the bathroom. We were concerned for her safety, so we had her take precautions. Think you could make another one of these stones so we can go between the three of you?
Anyway, tell her "I'm passing the stone back. Is there room for an A next to that C?"
Then pass the stone back to her.
No. 140013 ID: 632862

Okay. Yeah, she's in the bathroom. Tell her it's really you, and you can prove it; you're speaking with Cecil's guardian spirits right now.
No. 140020 ID: 701a19

Nari doesn't know what other people know, but she DOES know what she has spoken to us about. The phrase I provided works as a password, since Nari knows that only she and we know that information.
No. 140021 ID: cf68aa
File 126734564516.png - (11.05KB , 445x595 , 212.png )


Alexis convinces Nari to take the stone back and to leave the bathroom

>"I'm sorry Miss Alex. I.. I was scared. The Guardians told me someone was after me."

"Mya? Oh right, you've been peeping into Cecil's thoughts huh?"

>"N-No nothing like that. I just talked to them"

"Oh, well anyway we're not sure if it is a wanted sign so we want you to translate it. Can you do that?"

No. 140025 ID: 701a19

Good! Now, get some light in here. These conditions suck for reading.

Oh, and Nari? Give Alex a hug. She deserves it, and it'll help you feel better after all this worrying.
No. 140026 ID: cf68aa
File 126734588494.png - (14.61KB , 445x595 , 213.png )


>"Dark Elf Nari wanted for attempting to kill the leader of the Dark Elf settlement. Wanted alive. Broken limbs are acceptable.....

No. 140031 ID: 632862

Well. He wants you alive. Is that because he feels he must deliver the proper punishment of Soul Petrification?
No. 140036 ID: 701a19

Oh, I'm so sorry, Nari...
This is what we feared. He hasn't just put out a bounty on you, but he outright lied.

Nari, we are going to have to stop your father, and I don't think we'll be able to convince him to end this peacefully.
No. 140042 ID: cf68aa
File 126734728989.png - (12.00KB , 445x595 , 214.png )


>he... I know he lied but... He still wants me alive right? That's a good thing. He wanted to make sure they didn't kill me.

>And I don't want him to die... He's my father..

"Nari? Are you okay?"

>"Yeah. I'm fine Miss Alex."
No. 140044 ID: 11df9c

You need a hug.
Hug Alex.
You'll feel better.
She's warm and fluffy.
No. 140045 ID: 67c611

He wants you alive so he can kill you personally.
No. 140046 ID: 701a19

>"Sorry Sir, even if you brought an alchemist we cannot let you in. They are holding a execution today and it is forbidden for any outsider to enter."
>"Our Lords' daughter was caught trying to escape. She said she was just stepping out for a bit but she had a bookbag with several of her personal belongings. She has been sentenced to death by Soul Petrification. It will be carried out in thirty minutes or so. After that you are free to enter."

Nari... he wants you returned alive so he can kill you.
I don't know what "Soul Petrification" is, but it sounds like something worse than just death.
No. 140048 ID: cf68aa
File 126734839696.png - (12.46KB , 445x595 , 215.png )

>I don't want to think about it...

She hugs Alex

"??? Are you sure you're okay?"

No. 140049 ID: cf68aa
File 126734845243.png - (11.63KB , 882x431 , 216.png )

>I suck at being assertive...

>Well voices, I ended up staying in the room. and now I'm in one of their rather spacious baths.
No. 140050 ID: 34470e

Blow some bubbles.
No. 140051 ID: 632862

Well, just don't let your guard down.

Oh wait, you already did.
No. 140053 ID: 701a19

[Ok, to save everybody's time I'm going to avoid needless copy+paste and use ~ to indicate playing back everything between two points.]

"Oh, well anyway we're not sure if it is a wanted sign so we want you to translate it. Can you do that?"

It is the opinion of this one that the fetid piece of garbage be dealt with once you've finished the job here.
Also, since he seems to want to Soul Petrify her we need to know Soul Petrification works, and what happens when you attempt to Soul Petrify somebody who's in a permanent Soul Bond.
No. 140054 ID: cf68aa
File 126735008124.png - (18.72KB , 598x587 , 217.png )


>Sorry. Ever since my mind was broken I seem to be getting less and less capable of making crucial decisions alone.

>I feared as much... Soul Petrification is a terrible Dark Elf spell. It would have turned her Soul into stone. This ailment has no cure and a new one cannot be formed. It is a fate worse then death that leaves one as a mere doll. For a elf to go through it is worse because there bodies do not rot from old age.

>As for the permanent bond thing, there is no prior case of this happening so I'm not sure if it would work.

>Also to form a bond like that.... No, Nari is merely someone I saved, I could never do 'that' with someone so innocent.
No. 140055 ID: 632862

Do you know how old Nari is?

How fast do Dark Elves mature, anyway?
No. 140060 ID: cf68aa
File 126735111782.png - (19.33KB , 598x587 , 218.png )


>Good question... I never asked. She looks like she's 13 or so but to a Dark Elf she could be in her mid thirties. As for how fast they mature, metally she could be on par with many adults. However this is only on some things. While she may know alot about things like life, art, nature she may know nothing about more other things like economics or.. Well sex. She'll probably know more around 40 or 45 ish.
No. 140062 ID: 632862

There's something in the water behind you. I bet R-J is trying to peep on you.
No. 140063 ID: 701a19


Cecil, Nari has sworn to soulbind with you before she turns 40, and may be thinking of including Alex in that. Would you be opposed to that?
Not consummating it at this point, of course, but just establishing the bond?
No. 140067 ID: cf68aa
File 126735192819.png - (18.98KB , 598x587 , 219.png )


>... I didn't know she felt that way. I'm sure it's just a crush from me saving her. Forming a elf Soul Bind with her would only make the situation more... Troublesome. It's sweet but I really don't feel that way about her and it's my job as a man to not do anything to lead her on.

>And this is a all girls bath. I doubt R.J. is here.
No. 140072 ID: 632862

Regardless there IS a dark blob in the water. Please turn your head and see what it is.
No. 140073 ID: 701a19

Keep turning. There's a black thing in the water.

We're quite certain it's not just a crush, but it would humiliate her if we shared the details with you.

So what about Alex? How do you feel about her?
No. 140079 ID: cf68aa
File 126735281464.png - (17.24KB , 498x682 , 220.png )


>Okay okay.


>Alex? Again she's just a frie OH DEAR GOD!

"??? Sorry did I startle ya? I figgered is been a'while since I 'ad a good scrub so I thought I'd step in. The water here's pretty good huh sir?"

No. 140082 ID: 701a19

Ah, so she kissed you with tounge because you're just friends. I suppose that's also why she saved her first kiss for you, and why she keeps blushing when we talk to her about you, and why we - well, you don't have a word for it but it's the sense that detects strong feelings - her filled with romantic-love/lust every time she looks at you.
No. 140085 ID: 632862

Well... I guess Nari could just have a crush. She said you're like a knight in shining armor or something. Still, it's not like the temporary version of Soul Bind is a big dea- wait WHAT
No. 140106 ID: a64482

Your breasts are showing.
No. 140107 ID: 8ecfd4

So either RJ is a female or catfolk are fond of unisex baths, which wouldn't be that odd really.

But something strange is definately going on here with your job. Keep your guard up and expect treachery.

And about Naris father. Don't do anything she doesn't want you to do. He might be a cruel asshole but she still loves him, she really don't want you to hurt him.
No. 140128 ID: 11df9c

Show her your boobs!
No. 140141 ID: 4531bc

...I think Shoujen comes with a Garth spell, in addition o the 'break your mind' spell and the 'turn you into a woman, prompting all sorts of awkward situations' spell.
No. 140159 ID: 701a19

Don't forget being dismissive of the feelings of others!
If Cecil rejects Nari or ignores her advances then she'll be crushed.
No. 140172 ID: 11df9c

Nah, despite being a woman, Cecil is still too much man for only one girl.
I doubt that all of the girls so far will be enough to handle the C-BOMB.
No. 140174 ID: 701a19

Well it's blatantly obvious that Alex is also completely in love with Cecil, so I suppose between her and Nari they might be able to match Cecil.

Remember, Cecil, we're voices in YOUR head. Anything we're thinking is really something you are thinking.
No. 140178 ID: 11df9c

Don't forget about RJ. I doubt that only Nari and Alex could handle Cecil. Hell, even the three of them together may not be enough.
No. 140184 ID: 701a19

R.J. would need to show some redeeming qualities before (s/he?) would be worth considering.
A whining and foolish thief? No, that's not a person with which you want to share your heart and soul.
As of yet they aren't even worth sharing your party, but we'll see how they handle themselves on this job.
No. 140205 ID: a85626

OK question, did your Shoujen curse turn you into a girl, or did it turn everyone into a girl? Because I'm starting to wonder.
No. 140211 ID: cf68aa
File 126739577348.png - (18.51KB , 629x583 , 221.png )

>Can we please stop discussing possible romantic partners hmm? I don't want to start a relationship with anyone right now. In fact doing so while I'm destined to go against the most powerful Dark Mana wizard would just be cruel. "Sure Alex let's go out" "Yay!" Oh no I died. She becomes hurt. See? Tends not to end well. Not to mention the fact that I'm a g... I'm in a different form and Alex or Nari and I could never get together.

>I also believe that this mission seems odd. I can't see what their motive is though... Now that you're back I hope to avoid any more traps.

"Wha's wrong?"

>"... I wasn't aware you were a girl"

"Oi! That's rude! You coulda said it a bit diffrently ya know! I know I'm not the mos' fem person out there but I'm still a girl!"

>"Of course. I aplogize"

"'s okay."

>Truth be told this is the first time I've seen naked girl outside of books.
No. 140213 ID: 701a19

I don't think you quite understand.
Alex is already in love with you, and if you died then her biggest regret would be that you never returned her love. If you loved her and then died she would be crushed, but there's quite a lot of solace in her knowing that you died loving her and accepting her feelings.

Alex has told us outright that she thinks you're cuter as a girl, and will be a bit sad to see you turn back. She WANTS you, and don't tell her we told you this, but she's been having fantasies about, lets say, doing 'intimate things' with you.
Nari considers gender irrelevant, since it seems dark elves are attracted to a person's mind and soul instead of their body. I could say something similar about her fantasies, but going into specifics would humiliate her. Suffice it to say that she's not too innocent to know what she wants.

Anyway, ask RJ how old she is.
No. 140214 ID: 934ef5

Tell her that you can relate, not being all that feminine yourself. No need to get into specifics.
No. 140216 ID: 8ecfd4

Girls are people too you know, wether they're naked or dressed. So stop acting weird and apologize to RJ for being a bit blunt.

Ask RJ if she thinks there is anything weird going on here. I'm starting to wonder if that Soulless abomination on the way here might not have been an accident. Is it possible for the more powerful among them to alter their apperance?
No. 140218 ID: 11df9c

Really? The first time?
Anyway, you should get to know her better. Talk to her. Ask her about herself.
Don't ask how old she is, that's rude, but do ask what she normally does for a living, what her interests are, that kind of thing.
No. 140220 ID: 701a19

Better yet, tell her you wish you had her body since you hate this one and would rather be a guy.
No. 140222 ID: 934ef5

Their bodies are probably pretty similar right now, so that doesn't really work.

This, but more casual. Just saying "So, what's your story?" comes across as less nosey.
No. 140232 ID: cf68aa
File 126739794176.png - (14.30KB , 508x602 , 222.png )


>.... Hold on. She likes me better as a gi... Changed?

>"Again I'm sorry. You're much more femenine then me."

"Haha 's okay sir."

>"Why do you keep calling me sir?"


>"oh. So what's your story RJ?"

"My story? Like where I come from an stuff?"

>"Yes. We're working together so I'd like to know more about you."

"There's not much to my story i suppose. I was born in Central City I think an I lost both me mum and dad. I hated living in tha one place so I thought I'd be best on my own. I've been goin around for years now. But don't look at me like I'm some charity case or somethin. I've been able ta take care of myself for a while now."

>"Of course."

>There aren't any soulless that take human form. At least to my understanding.

>"RJ, do you think this mission is a little... odd?"

"I though as much from when tha thing attack us. They don't come 'round here to offen an that lady seem surprised you beat it."

>At least we're on the same track here. A thief sure but she's not dumb.
No. 140234 ID: 11df9c

Well, she said she'd been on her own for a few years, so of course she's not dumb.
After all, she's alive, isn't she?
No. 140235 ID: 701a19

Foolish, then.

And yes, Alex does like you more as a girl. She still loves you all the same, but she hopes to teach you to love your new body.
I'm pretty sure she meant that as it sounds...
No. 140237 ID: 8ecfd4

Ok so a soulless masquarading as a human or catfolk is not to be expected here. Still there seems to be a connection between the two somehow. The tigerwoman did really seem more surprised at your way of dealing with the soulless attack than the attack itself.

Without any more information I can't really give any concrete tips for now. So all I can say is keep your wits about you and your eyes open and have a healthy dose of paranoia. There is something strange going on here and if you're not cautious it might be life threathening.
No. 140244 ID: cf68aa
File 126739929064.png - (19.61KB , 648x601 , 223.png )


>"RJ, this might be dangerous. We need to keep our wits about us and our eyes open and have a healthy dose of paranoia. There is something strange going on here and if we're not cautious it might be life threathening."

"Bloddy 'ell.... I shoulda stayed in Resad."

>Good point. Well I think I'm done bathing. I still have most of the city to explore or I can try and talk to the girl who posted job notice.
No. 140245 ID: 701a19

Hug RJ and tell her you'll protect her from magic if she protects you from sneak attacks.
No. 140247 ID: 11df9c

Not a hug, not yet. A pat on the shoulder would be better.
Hugs should wait until they have clothes.
Cecil may be too much man for only three girls, but she's still shy.
No. 140248 ID: 632862

I think we should go around the city and ask if there's been anything strange going on in the area. Maybe check the wanted posters.
No. 140254 ID: cf68aa
File 126740085598.png - (41.08KB , 600x600 , 224.png )


>If we hugged now it would be very weird. I'm sure our breasts would push against each other..

>I asked around and there were really no such posters in the city.

??? "Well ladies I think it's time you both got some rest. You have a big day ahead of you tomorrow."
No. 140256 ID: 11df9c

You can still pat her on the shoulder.
And pressing your breasts against hers would feel VERY good, most likely.
No. 140257 ID: 701a19

Do NOT sleep there!
Do NOT sleep where they can find you!
If you have no other options, then sleep in shifts.

Get dressed, then tell her that you're not tired and wouldn't be able to sleep without knowing what the job is.
If she refuses to say, then thank her for her hospitality and say that you can't do a job if you don't know what it is, and that you can't work for somebody who won't trust you.
Be ready to fight, but don't show it.
No. 140261 ID: cf68aa
File 126740200074.png - (20.91KB , 648x601 , 225.png )


>Judging by the amount of pain these things have brought me so far I highly doubt that.

>"I don't mean to be rude but I won't be able to sleep until I know exactly what it is we're doing tomorr-"

"Oh before you go on my assistants found some very unusual things in your belongings. This seems to be a Dark Elf Gem. You know we heard someone 'lost' one recently."

RJ "Oi! It's tha Lich thing!"

"If you don't comply I'm afraid we'll have to take it."
No. 140262 ID: 4531bc

Tie her down with gravity, make a threatening comment.

Didn't we tell you to keep the orb with you at all times? The bath is no exception.
No. 140264 ID: 4531bc

an addendum. This is if she doesn't give it back to you right away.
No. 140268 ID: 11df9c

"That must be a different gem, than. I was given that as a reward for service to the dark elves."
No. 140270 ID: 11df9c

Demand to know what right she has to look through your belongings.
No. 140273 ID: 4531bc

This may be a better idea than the threatening comment. Perhaps use the lich story we gave RJ?
No. 140274 ID: 11df9c

Yes, keep it consistent, one comment could be seriously bad news otherwise.
No. 140278 ID: 701a19

If they're resorting to threat to coerce you then they're hostile. Period.

Freeze her, then take it back. No warning, just do it.

After that use gravity to take her someplace where you won't be found, wait for her to thaw, then interrogate her.
No. 140279 ID: 701a19

Any other spell, gravity included would leave her able to act enough to get off a spell of her own or to call for help.
She must do neither, Cecil.
No. 140288 ID: 632862

No. 140297 ID: 934ef5

"That orb is not stolen, and must be in my possession at all times. I will not comply and you will not take it."

Ready magic if she makes any motion that doesn't involve returning it.
No. 140316 ID: 701a19

Ah, wait, I see. You can't read the subtext.
Those gems are uncommon, but not rare. I doubt she even suspects that's the gem in question.
More importantly, if she were honest she would have asked you to explain why you have it. Instead, she's stolen something valuable from you and decided to use it as a means to bend you to her will.

In truth she doesn't care one bit about the gem beyond using it as leverage. She has shown herself to be dishonest, thieving, insidious, and manipulative.
The best course of action is to:
A: Remove her ability to pose a threat.
B: Remove her ability to call for support.
C: Retrieve the orb.
D: Flee the premises.
E: Interrogate her in safety.
F: Leave no incriminating evidence at the scene.

Gravity would help with D and partially with A, but does nothing to achieve task B, makes C and E far more difficult, and renders F impossible.
Killing her outright accomplishes A, B, C, and D, but makes F difficult and E basically impossible.

Freezing her accomplishes A and B instantly, and aids C, D, E, and F.
Greatest reward, lowest risk.
No. 140321 ID: 11df9c

Still, talking should be our first course of action.
There should be a definite implication that Cecil can deal with her.
No. 140322 ID: 11df9c

I know!
Cancel all other plans, tackle her, begins kissing.
She'll be unable to call for help, or attack us, and it will get us that much closer to the orb.
Also, if you so it well, she might help us.
No. 140323 ID: 701a19

I'm one of the strongest proponents of diplomacy first, but this is not a time for it.
We have one hostile person attempting to threaten us, we're in hostile territory, there are an unknown number of thugs supporting her, she likely has guards posted outside the door waiting for a signal, we don't know what kind of abilities she has, we don't know if she's supported by the power structure, she has an item required for our continued well-being, and taking quick action secures our cover story that the orb is dangerous.

The problem is that she already has the advantage, and she's in a position where her advantage will grow the longer we take.
By freezing her and taking her with us we can get out before we are overwhelmed, and can then have the position of power for negotiations.

You know I'm right, Cecil.
No. 140329 ID: a85626

Yeah freeze her in a solid block of ice including the orb!

No. 140330 ID: 632862

We can selectively melt out the orb.
No. 140335 ID: 11df9c

There's still the matter of the huge block of ice and the possibly dead person inside.
Not exactly easy to transport discretely.
No. 140337 ID: 701a19

That's what gravity is for.
Besides, freeze hasn't been lethal so far.
No. 140346 ID: 11df9c

Did we ever actually find out if it's lethal?
And there's no way it's sure-fire to be safe.
And even with gravity, it's still damn huge, someone is gonna see it.
No. 140349 ID: 632862

Cecil has explicitly said that Freeze isn't lethal.
No. 140364 ID: 11df9c

Oh, didn't remember that.
Still gonna be hard to sneak out.
No. 140387 ID: cf68aa
File 126742052631.png - (11.69KB , 642x353 , 226.png )

>"That orb is not stolen, and must be in my possession at all times. I will not comply and you will not take it."

"Really? And why is that?"

"It 'as a Lich in it!"

"Is that so? If you would simply come with me to your room it's yours."

>Damn... I could use magic but I don't forsee being hostile working to well for me. I also am not sure if she has others outside.
No. 140388 ID: 632862

Well FINE.
No. 140392 ID: 701a19

There's a reason I told you to get dressed first. Any kind of energy attack is going to be more harmful when you're wet, and IN water it would be devastating.

Motion for RJ to follow your lead, get out of the water, dry off, THEN continue the conversation. Don't talk while drying off and don't talk while getting dressed.

... Now that you're both dry and dressed, you do realize this is a trap, right?
And that the fact that she's trying to force you to go someplace else means that this place isn't as suitable for her as the other place?

Tell her that being openly hostile is not a good way to convince people to help, that you aren't going anywhere until you get the orb back, and that if she wants to get you to do anything then she needs to stop trying to manipulate you and start giving you at least some reason to trust her.
No. 140393 ID: 934ef5

You might as well tell her it is actually a protection from a curse. I'm assuming you are following her alone, this will avoid dealing with RJ on the matter. If she's still with you, oh well its still better than a story about carrying a lich.

Whether it comes up now or later, just tell RJ you knew she had taken it and made up the story to get it back, but you'd already forgiven her.
No. 140398 ID: cf68aa
File 126742206681.png - (18.78KB , 642x593 , 227.png )


>I'm aware that this is a trap but any hostile action on my part may result in her calling for backup and me being ambushed.

>If there are others hiding around I won't notice them until it is to late.

S/he get's dressed. He tells RJ to wait a minute before he follows them. He approaches the girl

>"I lied earlier. That orb is the only thing keeping my mind in one piece after a Shoujen curse was placed on me"

"Is that so? Hmm... Maybe you'll be more agreeable in that form"

>"Please, if I don't carry that with me my personality will die"

"Hmm.... I'll give it back. Just come with me first"

He sighs. RJ steps out of the bathhouse and walks behind them

>If she's taken the orb more then ten feet from me I may have already lost more of me.....
No. 140400 ID: 632862

I doubt it. The effect from when it was separated from you before was pretty obvious. She probably went through your stuff, found the gem, and carried it immediately to you to use as blackmail.

At any rate, go along with it until we find out what her intentions are.
No. 140401 ID: fe0817

Tell her that once your personality dies, you will go beserk and kill everyone in the city.
No. 140403 ID: 701a19

Be prepared to freeze or kill her at the first sign of trouble.

We will call Alex for reinforcements.
>Switch to other end of the link. Tell whoever is there that Cecil is being forced into a trap, his location, and that they should both hurry here. Then switch back to Cecil.
No. 140407 ID: cf68aa
File 126742310120.png - (15.16KB , 642x499 , 228.png )


>Already doing so.

>"You know once my personality dies, i will go beserk and kill everyone in the city."

"I know the Shoujen curse. You won't go berserk. Hell you'll probable become like a sex slave or something."

RJ "Shoujen?"

>"It's nothing"

They arrive at the place.

>"Tell me, what is it you really want?"

"Well at first we wanted to use your souls to give ourselves some magic to counter the catfolk. But seeing how strong you are I've changed my mind."

No. 140408 ID: cf68aa
File 126742316891.png - (11.63KB , 344x521 , 229.png )


"I want 'you' to kill the catfolk leader yourself"
No. 140411 ID: 632862

"Uh... why? I heard there's no actual conflict going on."
No. 140412 ID: 701a19

She is a user of Dark Mana, and she is clearly evil.
Once you get your orb back, wait for a time to strike. You're going to want to freeze her and carry her to the catfolk leader, and tell him what she told you. If you can kill or capture her compatriots then do so, and if you see a large group then give them a taste of soulless justice.

Actually, hear them out first. It would be nice to know their reasons.
No. 140421 ID: d31d16

Can you tell where the Soulless is right now? I bet it'd make a pretty good distraction.. unless tiger-bitch is the one that set it against you in the first place.
No. 140423 ID: 11df9c

Either this, or freeze her head solid.
Listen to their motives first, though.
No. 140424 ID: 934ef5

...I REALLY don't like the way she said that. If you've some way of defending against geas, domination or mind swapping get it ready. Rune thought is your safest bet in that case.

Perhaps the best first response is to seem agreeable to it, she might not bother subverting, coercing or threatening you if you seem willing. Start off by negotiating for a higher price.
No. 140427 ID: 701a19

Distraction? HA! No, you just let it go in the middle of a crowd and let it much on a few souls before they even realize what's going on. It would distract them, sure, but it's capable of giving a sizable boost to the death toll on its own.

Cecil, just remember to start off by freezing the filth that brought you here. As much as we would like to see her die for her crimes, she's useful enough to warrant not killing her immediately.
No. 140428 ID: dfe330

Play along for now. They're likely to give you the orb but keep RJ as a hostage for your good behaviour.

Without the orb you don't really have alot of mobility so killing someone would be difficult. Once you have the orb back there should be some way to screw over the arrogant bitch.

And you could inform her that your personality isn't all gone, if that orb goes further than 10 feet away from you you're already as good as dead. So if that happens you're going to flip the fuck out and kill everything around you, because you have nothing to lose anyway. Make sure you seem really determined and desperate at that last part.
No. 140589 ID: a85626

Hah that's true. You've inadvertently built what amounts to a soul grenade. n.n
No. 140954 ID: cf68aa
File 126750887084.png - (12.27KB , 404x496 , 230.png )


>"But why? I heard there's no actual conflict going on."

"Oh there isn't. See it's more of a personal score to settle. I want her dead."

>"But why?"

"Let's just say it's a old family grudge"

>There are several things I can do. I can comply and go to this city, freeze her and take the orb then run, or use my new Soulless Bomb.

>Depending on which one I go with good or bad things may happen. Please voices, choose wisely.
No. 140958 ID: 11df9c

"You know, I was coming here to help a peace agreement, not start a war. I don't have to put up with this bullshit."
Freeze her from the neck down.
"Now, I'll be taking my orb, and if you have a problem with that, I'll just lift the seal on this soulless."
No. 140959 ID: 632862

We didn't get hired to do this so we're not doing it. If she wanted mercenaries she should've just put that up in the help request!

Fucking evil bitch wanted to kill you and use your soul as fuel, just for a personal grudge. That's Dark Mana, Cecil. I'm tempted to just kill her and be done with it.

HOWEVER. If you freeze her and run, and she has people helping her, things could get ugly. If you use the creeper bomb, it could very well backfire and attack R.J. as well.

First, ask how much money she's offering. Try to haggle the price up a bit. Then tell her we'll do it, after looking like you're seriously thinking about it. She'll give the orb back without a fight. Then we'll go talk to the cat leader, and get her help to take this fucking evil tiger out.
No. 140963 ID: 701a19

Follow her and ask for more details about what the grudge is about. Maybe say something about how you're not going to assassinate somebody over something silly, like a stolen prize pig or a nasty comment about an unflattering hat.
She's already said she's not acting alone, so you want to appear interested until you're in a better position to act.

Actually, ask her how hard it would be for her to remove your curse. It's something she would reasonably expect you to ask. Naturally she would use her Dark Mana powers to try and take control over you, so you won't actually go for it, but you want to put up a believable facade.

Besides, I suppose it's checking into on the remote chance that this grudge can be settled peacefully. Or they might be rival families of Dark Mana users. Or etc...
No. 140968 ID: 934ef5

"Before I agree to anything, I need to know every detail about this 'grudge'."

It may be that she has a good reason for this, or it may be so unjust that you killing her can be considered a good deed. Who knows, maybe you can even find a way to bring this to a peaceful resolution yet.
No. 140975 ID: cf68aa
File 126751028511.png - (15.03KB , 556x584 , 231.png )

>"I wish to know more about this grudge you have."

"So are you interested in the job?"

>"Two things. First, how much am I looking to recieve as payment, then tell me your story."

RJ "Sir are ya really gonna do this!?"

>"I need money.."

"Heh. Okay. Normally I wouldn't pay you a bronze but I like you. I'll give you G 20,000 for the kill. Sound good?"

>"G 22,000"

".... Hahahaha! Okay, G 21,000.That's it."

>"Deal. Now please tell me why you want this person dead."

"A while ago the leader promised to send troops to aid my family to fight against a powerful dark wizard. But when we were supposed to meet the front lines we discovered we were alone. The dark wizard killed everyone.. My troops were like my family and they all died. I survived only because I played dead. When I returned I found that she had never sent her people out. No one even knew about our fight! I wanted her to die from the same magic that killed my family."

>A tragic past. Her vendetta is not without a just cause. But this is only one side of the story.
No. 140978 ID: 632862

Yeah, it is. We're going to have to talk to her about it. How are we going to make sure she's being honest, though...?
No. 140979 ID: 701a19

"Hmm... Then let me make you an offer. If you can remove this curse then I'll take that instead of cash.
I'll get you the 'closure' you need, but I have to ask... Was that wizard named Dart?"

If my suspicion is correct, we might be able to get a lot more out of this than she thinks.

Avoid killing her. For now.
No. 140980 ID: 934ef5

>dark wizard
You don't suppose that was Dart? Would it help matters either way? Perhaps she might aid you to defeat him if this was the case.

As for the job... one way this can come to a peaceful resolution is to take the job, and then talk to the leader rather than kill her. If they were faultless in this tragedy perhaps things can be talked out. It may be difficult to get her to listen though.
No. 140982 ID: 701a19

Oh, that's easy. We get Alex and Nari to meet us there, and have her recall the events while holding the stone. Naturally, Alex will claim that it's a lie detector. We'll be able to pull out the memories as she recalls them to make sure she's telling the truth.

If her reason is good enough, then we go back and hand the stone over to Killer Kitty here, then replay the events in her mind and ask her if she still wants to go through with the assassination.
No. 140985 ID: 934ef5

I like this line of thought, but what say we just have Alex and Nari go there and get the story, and we can relay it back here immediately. We can even let in our would be employer in on part of the plan, saying that we are collecting information before the assault.
No. 140988 ID: cf68aa
File 126751145728.png - (17.24KB , 556x584 , 232.png )

>"Was the wizards' name Dart?"

"!? How did you know?"

>"My body may have changed but my name hasn't. I am Cecil Von Central III, the one destined to kill Dart"

"To think I'd see you of all people... and to treat you so.... I apologize. The problem with that cat bitch still stands. Kill her and you will get your reward."

>"Instead of giving me gold is it possible for you to remove the curse? If you do so I will be one stp closer to killing Dart, the one who murdered your family"

"Consider it done. But I will only do this once she is dead."

>"Is there no other way?"

"NO. I want her DEAD."
No. 140992 ID: 632862

"I'll see what I can do."
No. 140998 ID: 701a19


"You'll get the 'closure' you need, then. Just give her name and location and we'll inform our associates begin preparations. I'll leave no allies of Dart alive.
Now, I feel comfortable enough to sleep."

We're going to want to switch over to Nari and Alex and send them to talk to the target tonight. With luck we'll be ready to wrap this up by tomorrow morning.
No. 141002 ID: cf68aa
File 126751247868.png - (15.62KB , 341x676 , 233.png )


"I'll see what I can do."

>I'. going to give you guys t----------------

No. 141006 ID: 632862

Awwww. That's adorable.

Wait are you grabbing her boob? That's NOT appropriate! She's too young to know about sex!
No. 141011 ID: 11df9c

Ignore the naysayer.
Squeeze gently.
No. 141014 ID: 701a19

Ah, young love. Sweet and innocent.
Whoo, does that take me back.


Hey, Nari? Alex? Cecil needs some help, are you up for some travel?

[Wait 30 seconds for a response, if not, then:]
No. 141020 ID: cf68aa
File 126751336661.png - (15.38KB , 341x676 , 234.png )



>Mya!? Who s- Oh. it's you voices again. I was sleeping mya.


>I was not touching her boobs! and if I was I was asleep okay?

>She's been feeling terrible and she wanted someone to sleep with.
No. 141023 ID: 701a19

I'm sure the fact that's she's young, innocent, cute, and adores both you and Cecil has nothing to do with it. I'm also sure that you didn't enjoy it at all.

Moving right along to things that aren't lies, Cecil needs some help as quick as you can manage. Some crazy tiger lady has decided to hire Cecil to assassinate the catfolk leader. He's playing along since her previous plan was sacrificing him to fuel a Dark Mana spell to do the job.
We need you to travel to the catfolk leader and get her side of the story in the hopes of settling this grudge without murder. We have until morning to get that done before the 'employer' gets suspicious.

Think you two can handle that?
No. 141026 ID: 632862

I'm not sure we should be taking Nari out on any adventures...

Alex, how good are you in a fight? Are your alchemy spells good for combat?
No. 141030 ID: 701a19

There weren't any posters up for her in the tigerfolk city, so I doubt they would have spread to the catfolk city either. Leaving her alone it too risky, and people in THIS town have already seen her.

Do you agree with that assessment, Alex?
No. 141045 ID: cf68aa
File 126751567970.png - (15.12KB , 341x676 , 235.png )

>For the last time I'm not into girls mya!

>Though Nari does looks so cute when she's cuddling against you. I think she knows about sex she must be in her thirties or so.

>Anyway I should be able to talk to the catfolk but taking Nari with me is out of the question. She doesn't like cities, she says they make her really sick when she steps in one. It sucks but she's gotta stay here mya.
No. 141047 ID: 632862

Let me put it this way. You know how Dark Elves can use Soul Bind to extend their loved ones' lifespans? She knows it's possible to make it permanent, but doesn't know what the ritual involves. We're pretty sure it's sex.
No. 141049 ID: 701a19

Well, don't let her know you know, but earlier she was picturing you, Cecil, and herself all naked together. I'm pretty certain that's a mental image you like.

Anyway, conjure up a new stone to leave with Nari, since we need the one you're carrying. If they only come in pairs, then plant the listening stone on Nari so you can tell what's going on on her end.

Leave her a note, get ready, and leave. We need to move quickly to get this done before all the killing starts.
No. 141061 ID: 11df9c

You're sure you can't take her into the city?
It would be even worse to leave her, I think.
After all, there are people who want her dead, and will pay a very large amount of money to make it happen.
She might feel bad in cities, but it's better than being captured and soul petrified.
Here, she's in alone, defenseless, and surrounded by people who know that, whoever she is, someone is offering 100,000 gold for her.
No. 141064 ID: 11df9c

Actual suggestion:
Wake her up, tell her that you need to go to the catfolk city, and ask if she would prefer to stay here or come with you.
No. 141081 ID: cf68aa
File 126751740090.png - (17.05KB , 545x535 , 736.png )


>Little Nari is thinking about that? I... I didn't know she felt that way about me.

>And don't worry there's another copy of the stone right here under her pillow.

>"Nari. Hey Nari."


>"Nari I need to go help Cecil in the city. do you think you can wait here until I get back or do you want to come with me?"

"A city...? I can't go..."

>"It's up to you sweetie."

".... Please, don't leave me"

>How can I say no to that cute face mya~
No. 141084 ID: 11df9c

"It's your decision, honey."
Something to that effect, reinforce that she can stay or come.
No. 141098 ID: 701a19

[Switch to Nari]
Nari, listen, Cecil is in trouble. He took a job listed as negotiating peace between the cat and tiger folk, but when he got there he found out it was a ploy so a vengeful tigerwoman could use his soul to power a dark mana assassination spell. He's managed to trick her into letting him do the job and letting him get a good night's rest first, so we have until tomorrow morning to get to the catfolk leader and work out a way to talk the tigerlady down.

We know cities make you ill, and we know you don't want to be left alone, but we wouldn't ask if it wasn't so serious.
Alex needs to go, and you might be able to help her, but you have to decide to take a chance on staying here without Alex's protection or going to the city with her and feeling ill.
I'm sorry, but we don't have many options.
No. 141100 ID: 632862

We're not leaving then. Cecil can handle this on his own, it'll just be a bit more difficult.

She thinks of you as someone who is very nice to her. She's got a bit of a crush on Cecil. I'm pretty sure nobody told her what sex is though! Don't Dark Elves age slower than other races?
No. 141121 ID: 701a19

Then Nari would feel completely horrible once she found out how serious it was.
The best chance of getting through this without a pile of corpses is to use our ability to record and playback memory to show the tigerkin what actually happened, and Cecil doesn't have a communication stone on him.
No. 141127 ID: cf68aa
File 126751964526.png - (14.09KB , 545x535 , 237.png )


>"It's you decision honey.."

"I don't know..."

>they age slower physically but to not know about something as big as sex.. That's not possible.

>"Nari, do you know what sex is?"

"??? Like male and female?"

>".... Nevermind."

>Thirty year old virgin...

>"Do you know what you want to do?"

"I don't know..."

>Sigh... Can you guys talk to her?
>I can't go to the city..
>But Cecil needs me...
>But I'll get sick...
>But he's in trouble...
No. 141128 ID: 632862

Maybe you could assist him from outside the city? Like, stay on the outskirts or something and aid him if he needs to run.
No. 141129 ID: 701a19

You don't have to actually go INTO the city. Alex can leave you in a forest nearby and you can hide in a tree. We're just worried about leaving you here alone.

Would that be ok?
No. 141138 ID: cf68aa
File 126752065736.png - (17.97KB , 545x535 , 238.png )


>Yeah.. If I stay far enough from it I should be fine. I just can't go inside. Normally I wouldn't go at all but this is for Cecil.
No. 141140 ID: 701a19

[Return to Alex]
She doesn't like it, but she'll go with you. Leave her in a forest near the city; she'll be safe there and can call us on the off chance something goes wrong.

The basic plan is that we get one of these cell stones into the catfolk leader's hands and have her remember the events as clearly as she can, then we take it to the tigerkin behind this mess and replay them for her.
Beyond that? We're going to wing it.
No. 141174 ID: cf68aa
File 126752442789.png - (8.72KB , 355x571 , 239.png )


>Okay. If I use my Move Earth spell we should be at that Tigerfolk City in about an hour. Tell Cecil to hold on til then. I'm switching back.------------------------------------------

>Hmm.... I don't trust drinks given to me by strangers but they said it's help me relax... And I am thirsty.

>Oh, hello voices. I assume everything went well on the other side. We, RJ and I, are in our rooms. She's fast asleep right now.
No. 141176 ID: 8ecfd4

And what if her memories are of hating the tigerkin and being happy at succeding to lure them to their death. Do we go through with the kill plan then?
No. 141177 ID: 8ecfd4

Do you know if tigerkin use drugs for recreational purposes? Because not everyone has the same way to relax and there are a few cultures that use drugs pretty much as spices.

By the way. I don't think you should cash in on the curse removal immediatly. Taking Dart down the old fashioned way of magic battle didn't really work out the last time, and although you actually managed to hurt him it didn't really look like any major wound. I still think your best bet is via infiltration and assassination. If you can manage to get him away from other servants, poison him with ridicously potent poison, pour acid down his throat and all over his face and unload every offensive spell you have at him he should probably die. He could probably survive any single one of those but all together should bring him down.
No. 141178 ID: 632862

Who is 'they'?

I would suggest not drinking strange drinks that are implied to be designed to make you sleep.
No. 141184 ID: 701a19

Well, yes, actually. That would be proof enough of evil actions to warrant inflicting messy justice upon them, and would simplify things a great deal.

Cecil: Then don't trust it. Conjure some water up and drink that or something.
Ok, Alex and Nari are on their way to get the Catgirl leader's side of the story. Alex is going to leave Nari in a forest outside the city while she goes in. They've both got cell stones so we'll be able to keep in contact.
For now, get some rest. Alex and us will take care of things while you sleep.
No. 141185 ID: cf68aa
File 126752571819.png - (8.63KB , 206x571 , 240.png )


>That is the plan so far. If I were to get the counter curse it would only be to save it for later use.

>The plan is so far coming together. Shoujen is doing it's thing while Alex can make the things I'll need for later. The only problem I have is one mentioned earlier. I'm not sure what to do if he asks for 'proof'.

>And it is considered rude to not accept things given to you by tigerfolk. Or so I heard. Not drinking it would be a insult.
No. 141187 ID: 632862


Alex is coming in an hour. Can you wait until she gets here before drinking it?
No. 141188 ID: 632862

Oh, Nari also thinks she can reverse the curse.
No. 141190 ID: 8ecfd4

Have a little sip then. Just be prepared that it's something horrible they trick into guests just because of the accepting gifts rumor.
No. 141191 ID: 701a19

If your host asks then just tell her that you need a clear head to work, and that drinks are for success.
No. 141199 ID: 632862

I've got another idea. Why don't you just stow it in your cloak instead? It will be accepting their gift, you just won't be drinking it yet.
No. 141204 ID: 11df9c

They're blackmailing you into murdering someone.
You can be rude.
No. 141222 ID: 30f41a

Not if you want them to believe you.
No. 141223 ID: 11df9c

Either way, don't drink it.
Pour it out into a plant, or out the window.
But DON'T drink it.
You do not drink mysterious beverage given to you by people who are KIDNAPPING YOU.
No. 141236 ID: 701a19

No, pouring it out would be an insult. Just keep it.
Cecil, we need to get you a bag of holding or something.
No. 141241 ID: 4531bc

That tiger lady is extraordinarily knowledgeable about Shoujen, and extraordinarily clueless about Dart. Be on guard. :/
No. 141242 ID: 701a19

Clueless? Because she couldn't recognize Cecil?
Sorry, not buying that.
No. 141400 ID: cf68aa
File 126759324572.png - (10.71KB , 330x571 , 241.png )

>Fine I'll drink it later...

>Oh, the 'they' I was refering to are that one tiger girls allies. When you left she introduced me. There were in fact several of them in the trees...

>Is everything going well with Alex and Nari? Has Gawain or a Dark Elf shown up?
No. 141402 ID: 701a19

-> >>141184

Nobody showed up, and Alex made Nari a a cell stone so we can keep in touch.

Now, what's bugging you, Cecil? Your face is doing that black-despair-aura thing, so we know something has you really upset.
No. 141403 ID: 632862

Naw. They just heard you were in a tough spot and decided to come assist. Though, Nari is not going to be able to actually enter the city. She's gonna hide outside, in the forest.
No. 141411 ID: a85626

Alex and Nari are fine. Nari did translate the wanted poster. The bad news: it is her name on it. The good news... okay the other bad news is her father wants her returned alive.
No. 141414 ID: cf68aa
File 126759431510.png - (15.04KB , 564x574 , 242.png )


>Good. I'm glad their safe. Hopefully they'll get here in time.

>I was simply reflecting on how the curse has yet again slipped into my mind and erased some of me. I haven't had much time to really think about it til now.

>I want a drink.


>...... Damn.
No. 141417 ID: 701a19

The worst news is that we're pretty sure he wants her returned alive so he can soul-petrify her and use her body for highly unsavory things.

I'm trying to prepare a mental attack that we might have a chance to use against an attacker, but it's not an easy task.
Nari is just going to have to be escorted around until we kill her father.
No. 141418 ID: a85626


How did it slip into your mind again? Did you lose the orb? WHAT HAPPENED?
No. 141423 ID: 632862

You weren't paying attention. Cecil thinks the tiger lady might've taken the orb too far away while she was using it to blackmail him.

Cecil, how about a test? How do you feel about putting bows in your hair or wearing a pretty dress?
No. 141425 ID: 701a19

Do you know what it changed?

Like I said before, conjure up some water or something. If you meant booze then no, that's why the curse was so advanced when we convinced you to actually do something.
No. 141464 ID: 8ecfd4

You can drink after you have figured out how to handle the tigerkin and catpeople situation. And how to implant the crystal in your body. If you remove your appendics it might have a nice fit in that area.
No. 141786 ID: cf68aa
File 126768352176.png - (14.60KB , 564x574 , 243.png )


>Bows and dresses...? Nope.
>But still..
>Gods I feel like I'm losing it..
No. 141787 ID: cf68aa
File 126768356393.png - (9.41KB , 273x574 , 244.png )


>I wish Alex where here..
No. 141824 ID: 701a19

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